Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1842 Page 1
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TFT'.; : ** / . i I th: Vel. VIII.?No. 153.?Whole No. 30O3. REGULAR TACKETS^ T Z NEW List brthvesfosttackv.TST l v* ^jjfr >:a X9}/i York on thr 2oth ?im1 Liverpool 011 the 13th I of each month. t M. M. M. && ^^FHTS NEW foHK. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain V. A. lloiwy.rer, 25th May. Ship OARfUCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th Juue. Ship ROSCIUS, Captain Jebn Collins, 25th Jirty. Ship 8IDDO.NS. CanUin E. B. Cobb, 25th August ! Krom LirvapooL. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb. lJth Juno. i Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Deiwyater, ilth July. Ship tiARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. 1 JthAugust. Ship ROSCIUS. ? vplatn John Colliua, 13th Se|>teinhor. i These ships aro all ol the Hrst claw, upwanli of 11)00 loua, built la the city of New York, with audi improvements as combine I great speed with unuaual comfort for uitasengers. Every care haj boon taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The pace of passage lienor ia SllKl. for which ample atorea \< ill i bo provided. These ships are commanded by experienced . maatera, wlio will make every exertion to give general vain.faction Nvither the eaptaini or owners of the ships will be rrsp.iuii- , blr f?R any lertets, loreels er packages aenl by them, unless regular b 'la of lading are signed therefor. Thr. nipo of thia line will hereafter go armed, and their |>ecu- ' liar eouatructioii givea lliem security not poaaeaaed by any other but rrutlt of war. [ por firieht oi passage, apply to ' E. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 Sqnth at., New York, or to WM. A IAS. BROWN & CO.. Liverrmol. Letters by the packets will bs c! trged 12>{ cents pur single ' sheet ; 'jO cents per ounce, end newspapers 1 Cent each. ui7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. 1 {SECOSV USE.) JhM M M' iijw ol this line well Ueroullerlearti New York uu the j latsnd Havre on the lttli of each month, a* follows : < /Vow AVut York, from Havre. , The new eliip ONEIDA, ( 1st March C 16th April , Captain < 1st July < 16th Augusr , James Furuk, ( 1st Novemberf I6tlt December , Ship BALTIMORE, I 1st April ( 16th May 1 Captain < 1st Aiitiut < 16th September SdwardFuuck, (1st Deccem*r( 16th January tip UTICA, Cist May (16th June Captain < 1st September < 16th October : Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January r 16fn February New ahipST.N ICOLAS, C 1st June C 16th July Captain < 1st October \ 16lh November. I J. B. Pell, ( 1st February f 16tn March i The accommodations of these ships are uot surpassed, com- i biniuft all that may be required for comfort. The price of ca- I bin passage is $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the enception of wines and liquors. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the anbsrribera, free from any uther than the expenses actually in- I eurred on them. For freight or passage, apply ta BOYD &. ftlNCKEN, Aleuts, aft 9 Tontine Buihliugs. , FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. < I^^^m^^er ac<:oiiiino<^n^^^Tship|iei!k it i^^^^^^d t>> despatch a ship from this |Mirt on the 1st, 5lh, fcth, lith, 30th, anJ 2Stii ot each month, commencing tlir 10th October and continuing until May, wht-u regular days will be appointed far the re- . maiuder of the year, whereby great delay* and disappointments will b> prevented duriui); tlie Rummer moullis. The followiug hips will commence this arrangement : Uhjp YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPF.AKE, Captain Miner. Sliip OASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULQEE, Captain Lravjtt. Ship NASHVlLLF.. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Cuptaiu Knight. Ship LOUISA, Cap tain Mulfur-I. These ships were all built in tha city of New York, axpressy for packets, are of light draft of wxtor, have recently been i wly cogrperrd and pat iu splendid order.with accommodations lor passengers unequalled (or comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exrrti?u to give general satisfaction. _ They, will at all times be towed up aud down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated wars, or few say It lie is, parcel or leakage, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading sua ukeu for the same, and the value thereon expresaed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO., 5S South at., or IIULLIN & WOODRUFF. Ag.nt in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goixl* to their ajdress. The ships of this line are warranted to tail punctually as advertised, and great care will be takeu to have trie goods correctly measured. ml STEAM NAYIoi^^Pll^WEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VTA? S OUT11A MP TOK. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. KE*!?K, Commoidc*. The days of departure of this well-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows : From Antwerp. From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav. IMS. On 7ih May, 1442, On 7th June, 1A42 . 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7lh Sept. " 10*h Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, ta Southampton or Antwerp, *70? Steward's fees, $"J f>2,^. The meals will be served oai beard, on the plau of a continental hotel, in the best manner, aud at rued and moderate prices, pam,eiig--rs being only -hargea when partaking ol the same. The pr ce of passage to either of the above ports csn slso lie engared if preferred, with meals and steward's fees included ft* $97 62>i cents, exclusive of wiuet. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship.'' For freight or passage, or any further information, apply to hTw. T. * H. MALI, Agents, a22 8m*r 41 Beaver street. _ ?^ _ FOR HAVANA-Via-CHARLESTON ?The line and well known steamship NATy^jjgffJTJri^CHES, Win. Miller, cominader. will sail for the above ports about the litli of June. sosBBBHrn For passage only, haviug elegant and superior accommodations, apply to ^ JOILN B. LASALA St CO., m3017tm PJ Broad street. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Trausiairlation of Goods between Philadelphia and Pitts hiirg. This improvement in trausrortation aff.nds to Western Merchants peculiar advantages. The goods briar carefully packed in the boats at our warehouse. No. J6J Market street, are carried over the Columbia and Portnee Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and crews are employed, who take cnaryr of the roods at Philade l|iltia, and continue with thrm the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of Iota being separated on the way. N. B.?Passengers forwarded la Pitts bunt and Foitaville, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS. Atent, a12 Sm* 7 Washington street. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIOHT LINE. cam csaga-SMfr^D. rpHE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transi-ortation Com* ratty have established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ruu permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at S A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, si I P. M. l'e country dealers and merchants the above line it very desirable for the speedy ana cucep conveyance ot merchaudie of every description, aud more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who can have 1J0 head of rattle conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rates for the transportation of cattle, hersea, mule*, sheep, hogs, he. snd all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this liue is not subject t? any extya charge in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adioawgg the Railroad Depot, which will always keopen for the reccjKion of meichaiulise. Puonyru .lurrhaaing their tickets at tlx- ticket offices, will receive forty tickets gratis. m 14 Jm FREIGHT AND" PASSAGE TO PITTSBBUO. The proprietor* el" Htnqhww's Transportation Line tc Plttsbm?, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and alt ether nersona sliinrinx to the West, that their line is now iu arrive ajxrminr (loooa consigned to them (or sent lo go in their lir..,; will bo lorwarded wkli despatch. Owner* or Hipper* of rood*, destined fhr th* Western Bum, who, here no agent or miueigaee *t Piiubnrg, will please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will utead to utippwg all such consignments without ioMT. B|A ojCldt* mar^"'^ distinctly on eaen package /w a* of Height, which are a* low as any other line, apply _ wM. TYSON. Agent. _ No. i Weit street, opposite Plrr No. a, N. R. N. B. rttpiiftn forwarded to Pittsburg and 1'ntbriUr.etHT day, Sunday* eicepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nicoll Front street yPhehjs, Undue It Co.. Fulton etreet ; St. v date gage A Co ; Win. Rankin, Dnryee la Co, Newark. mn tin jSE. j?& PASBAGE FROM ENOLAND.JRELAND, RCOWXND AND WALES. DRRSONS desirno* of making engagements for frienda to. i emigrate from UM Old Country to the United State, .ad who may wiah to aero re for rhrm despatch and comfortable accommodations, will tind lt their interest to aptdy to the subscribers, who ate at all timea prepared lo make such arrangement* aa will guarantee sat,, tact ion. The vessels cnn.|>oa ng this Hue are all of titefiral class, one of which leave* Litrryixl weekly, consequently all delay at the |*rrt of embarkation I* avoided. As has alway* been rustnmarv with this line, when those settled for decline coming o*t, the passage money is refunded, without any deduction. Passage per steamer from the various iwrta of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be arch red. For (hither particular*apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, J73 Pearl st, rs-?,. c. o RIM Shaw a co. 10 Qoiee Fiattaa, Lirorpool. Eiohanje or drnlt? at and for any amount, can likcwue h? fiirniihrd o? the National Bank of Inland. Northern Banking t>i'., National i> tnao| tyenti uM, riaynnic at m I neir leiiw ti v-l>r. ,i hni elan, on R. C. tMjrn k Co., Bankera, London, nil 0 flrimanivr V y<.? Liverpool in:t lin*c MKOll LIVF.RI'OOl ? New Lin IWular packet of Jilh June.?The aplrndid tweket ?i?M OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy.of :n (l loo*. aeifl ail aa almvr, her regular day. Kor freight or pnaeajre, lnvinu accommodation* u?ei|iiallrd lor aplcndor or comfort, apply on board, al Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itceet, or to ( E. K. COLLINS It CO. it South MrweL Jfc r?* , Captain ColTlna, of I lot) tuna, will ueecvd the (Jarrick, and sail 15th Jnly, her reenlar dtv. Piaacnaen may rely on the *hi|>* of ihii line tailing puuctu tjfy a adrerttaed. mJIc I' - J E NE! JNJ BOOKS AND STATIONERY"" TO PAPER MAKERS. ~ PKRSEE 8c BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street, between Broadway and Nassau street. New York, import direct Arum the Manufacturers the following article*, viz:? Bleaching Powder of Boyd St Sou's m ike?warranted, for luiiormity and strength, equal to any in this country or Great Britain, and for the sale of which "they are sole agents in the United States. F.nglish Cylinder Machine Felting of very superior quality, J6. 40, 45, 66, 72, iud 81 inches wide. Dryer Felting of stroug fabric, and of widths usually .rejuircd. Blue Smalts.?I laving the agency of the Sutton CompanvY Blue Smalts^ they are enabled to supply FFFE, and FhFFE; m any quantities. Wires for Foq/drinier and Cylinder Machines, manufactured from the purest metal?also. Jackets?Wet and Press Pelts. Pulp Screens, No*. 1. 2, It. of brass metal. Orders f?r any of the above articles, together with Foreign ind domofttic rags Soda A?h, Vitriol, AInin, Twine, kc. See., k* ill meet with prompt attention ni 31c New ouitahTmusic?george h. ukkvvour, professor of the guitar, No. 138 Caual street opposite the lit. John's church, has the honor to acquaint his friends and the vublic that he has t?uhluhed a variety of new and popular, imaged with easy accompaniments for guitar. Mr. D. will alsc arrange and coinj?ose music for orcliestr^ iuitar, and other instruments, and give instruction* to ama:ctirs on thn piano forte and violin.* my2 6w*c LJ\ ntiiuR a lk I or may, imu.?t>outams *r r?u case* 01 B?ukiuptcy. presenting the subject in all its various phases : fhe Batik nipt Law ; the contested seat of Ma. Levy : Chief Jit. i:ct Marshall ; Lort) ; American Jurist ; Shukie Evidence ; Ne w Rules in Equity : Grecnlcaf on Evident* : danUr^ft. ill New York (trf>0) ; Bankrupts in Mais. (lfk>) 5tc. Judge Story's opinion at length upou the e(f?M of attachment* mid iii.on the property of a bankrupt previous u> his beirr; do:Urml juoh will appear in the June uuinbcr. AUo, Judge Bucu's ?t?tut<>M in the case of Kassou (wife's'jewelry) will apmuj iii full in *,he July number. The proprietors will o?aitiiuie the lLt >f Bu*arupU in New Bork awl Massachusetts which will rente r th* work valuable toefeiv buriuess man. What mviclnut would ifudjfr 26 cents a month for such information 7 The May i waiter commence* a new volume, and oifers a favorable op [KMtntucy to subscribe for the work. BRADBURY, SODfcPi k CO. rnlft .*i?t 127 N?***u st. N. Y. and 10 School st, Boston. PAPER HANGlNGSr |V| A. HOWELL & CO., 337 rear! street, arc now receir' ins from their manufacturer* at New Brunswick, an extensive assortment of Paper Hangings, Borders, kc. of the latest sud most approved pattern* and styles, suited to the city and country trade , which they olfer to dealers at the net manufactory prices. Also, their usual variety of French Paper, Borden, Fire B<vro Prints, Views, &c. Tne best workmen to put on paper in any part of the city can be had at the shortest notice. al3 eod2m*r O 4?EI'a1hIA8 WORKS^Ju.t^il by WM RADDE, 322 Broadway, John1* New Manuel oi Homae[>sthic Practice, edited, with annotations, by A.Gerald Hall, M. D., second American, froin the third P.tri* edition. This inrtispecisable book to hom<?j>a?hisu is now complete iu 2 vols.? Pnce in |>ap?r $t>?a full l>ound cony $7. The jhauiily Ouide to the Administration of Homer.pathi* Remedies, third edition, from the second London edition, with Additions?Price 25 cents. Popular Consideration* on Hommpatiiia?by Win. Culled Bryant, Esq., belivered before the New York liomacpathic Society, Dec. 23, 1841?Price 18^ cents. Also, just published, H yam tics, or Manuel of the Water Cure, as Practised by Vincent Prtessiiitx, in Orcefeuberff. com niled and translated fVoin'rhc writings of Charles Mundc, D. Aesiel, D. B. Hirschcl. and other practitioners, by Francis Graeter-^-Price $1?neatly bound. Thu little neatly printed bookcontain* an exposition in what manner this simple age d has been found remedial. ml4 tm#i B O 0 K B11C]DIN G PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau street, having an entire new stock of Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery, of the Intest and mou approved natterns, is now prepared to execute all orders in the most durable and handsome manner. Merchant* Acccouut Book* and all other kiutls of Blank work ruled aud bound to aiiv uattern*, and in a style that is wsrraiited to eivr satisfacti 'M. Any work ordered oao In* done in'ihe F?ntf* lish mode if requi-ad, >a 11. 1. has had long experience in botli methods. KOli 8ALK?Two second hand Gop;>eri)late Presses. Ap? ply as abort . in 18 tm ? ? ?n iijrse m l fKgsii yxypwp?n?? HATS. HATS! I i ATS! HATS !! "DROWN & CO":"- t'ue P. ire Hat Storr, wholesale and re! L. tail, 179 CI' Sj'iire, comer of Mott street, w herij fashion, beauty, dur i Jity mid economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietor have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unprOTi d shirt unp;>ed Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which ?o closely reseniole* that of ill fur? the most costly and beautiful, tint the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, whieh enables as to furnish a vert superior Hat for the price chanted. In presenting tlie?e llats to the public the proprietors think they hare reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheaimeu and comfort. m-t 3m* - jewelryT WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. fPHK Subscriber is rellinir all descripti >'ts lI'Kllttd Silver A Watches, Gold and Pencils, licil Lrno, Keys, ic? at retail, lower than at nnv other rln# ir Ipr ;t!y.? Gold Watches as low a* tl.irly to forty ) jlie 11 etch. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All sicfei sis titinnf ed to keep *oo.l time, or the money it turned. ?^irtfi?s and Clocks repaired in the best manner, lud wen trie I, >1 much less than the usual erlcss ay >a< < j r.he finest wcramcn in the city. G. C. ALLEN, Imi? rter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and retail, 30 Well street, up stairs. m23 lm*m \ITATCHE8j JEWELRY. CUTLERY, fcc.-The sub*' aenbers being delimit of materially reducing their slock, offer for sale at importation coat, for cash or approved short paper, gold and silver watches, uold chains, pencils, rimes, and broaches, diamond inn* and rings, unset diamonds, paste stones, plated, Japan, and German silver ware of cvtj-y description; ra tor* ou cards and in dozens, pen, pocket ana dirk knives, scm* sors, arts of table cutlery; alio, silver spectacles, thimbli a, Iiencil.i, tooth nicks, pickle forks, plated cartings, chains, rings, ockcts, eye glasses, motto seals, pocket books, segnr cases, cork screws, kc. kc. S. J. NEU6TADT k BARNETT, m7 Im* c 42 Maiden lane, rpo JEWELLERS. MINIATURE rA1NTER9~*c.A C. k J. HARTNETT. No. 2 Courtlandt streer, near Broadway, Wholesale and Ret til Manufacturers of Travelling, Writing, Dressing and Jewel cases, miniature case*, and settings, llutc, locket, watch, ring, and pin cases; cases fur silver Plate, neatly arranged to order. Also, trays made and fittcu to Jewellers' show cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, kc. kc. kr. A variety of the above articles constantly on haud, and made to order, with iicvtness and desjiatch. No. 2 Conrtlandt street, New York. m24 lmfc "P EMOVED.?HILAIRE WALTER, agent and partner of R the house of Beruer Walter, the only manufactory of Watch Glasses in France. No. 27 Parsdis Potssonniere street. Paris, has the honor of informing Mm, kllltl in Vttk WOntm, and all articles connected with the line, as also Mssrs. dealers in cat glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy articles, kc. kc. kc., has lately Ueeu ic moved from No 40 Maiden Lanex to? No. 00 William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only deoot of the facmay. are respectfully invited to call at our rctabii-.h"****?, wknre will be found an unrivalled assortment of the above mry turned goods, which will be disused of ou the most reasonable terms. ml 3m* r "noticesT Nkw York .-d Rail Road Co. ) O.Tioe V.. 2, Park Place. S 'M'OTICEi. hereby siren to L'.- Stockholder, of the New H York and Albany Rail Road Company, llmt ?n election of Director* to ?aiil Company, will take place it their Office, No. 2 Park Place, ou Monday the .ixtli ofjuue next. The Poll, will be open at 10 o'clock, A. M., and continue open anal I o'clock, P. M. The Book* for the transfer of Stock Are cloatd, and will an eoutinue until the 7th day of Juns next. Bv or ler of the Board. mS tj6 c JOS. E. BLOOMKIKLD' Secretary. CORPORATION NOTICE.?Public notice ii hereoy jiren that a sale of |<roi>ert)' for unpaid Ulwl trill take place at public auction at the CitV Hall of the city of New York, .m Tuesday, the JGtli day of June ueat, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be eoiriuurd from day to day until the whole of the aaid pro|ierty liail oe a Id' and that thie detailed atatrmrnt of the taxes and property to tv -old is |iuhlished in the New Era, a newspa|>er printed and issblishcd in the citv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptr ollei. Comptroller's Office, V|.ril Sti, 1812. a28 lawliwtKjyr OPECIAL ELECTION.?The Sheriff has issued the folkJ lowilie notice to the lus|iectors of Election; ami the CottiSon Schools will, of course, be hereafter controlled by new jrernors : ? " NOTICE or SPECIAL ELECTION. " ffHr.iuri'a Orrict, Citt IIall.) Niw Yoaa. May 21st, 18s2. J " Notice i* HerebT firen, that a special election will he held ui the City and County of New York, on the first Monday ol Jane next, nuruaeul to " an act to extend Ui the City and County of New York tlie prorisioaeof the O-neral Act, in relatiiin to Common Schools, pusaed April 9, 1M2. Tlie first section whereof is as follows : ... ... " f I. There sliall lie elected in each of the wants of the City andCoantt of New York two Com nissionsrs, two Insprctom, and lire Trustees ef Coin<So> Schools, who shall lie elected by ballot, at A s-watsl election, to be held on the first Monday ef J;i,,e, in ?tch . ar, b. Oi- persons ipialilied ??> rote for Charter Oifici is in it sat Y'.i and to le? couduetcd in the same n hum , by it ' ' If us, st the same Ward Districts, and su'njs n r. ov I ;u *. rules and reitnlations as now gorern th-? I El. . n . ii .id city." " It is r. uoinen.ii il ii.flic boa-i md tickets nsed at this election ! . a.f.c ! ? ' e words " Common Schools." m27tojl. i.i iN MOUTH B. IIYRT an - ar BANK in IT< 1 '. MTK.L ovvkn, hu rewted t ? .. > mnu street, th.- corner of John, where be inv 1- . <? ?u *il mi Urn in Bankruptcy. m28 I mend* re pNU?V\Xi > li "Vh& O.MN1 GRAPH MACHINE.-Ej BURR, JONF.1 CO., 19* Broadway, conisr of John treet, N.Y.,arr prepared to r^rxr* all kind a of Maps, Charts, Plans ami Surrey*, or any Work of thai cU?s, in the most brmtiful stylr, with uupamlU l"il tpedition, an I at prices far lie low kAkmh* charye<I for similar work executed by latw enfrw* ?the co?t of An** ?u*tl or copper plates not exceeding Li* th^m^lcwmdL w.. ^ ... ...... wr|^ US tn vnr won mure uy nir: u..m-VT' ""m bv t-nmint-d ?t rhe offirr in Broadway rn ^qimr PlANtrFORTES. , QOUTHF.RN DF.ALKHH ? dtCTirwi. ?o;seraUy litl fad O it to mlTviiu*. to coll ti ntiiuw a rl??:.:. iWirmoiit of ih. hIkit. compittai * T-mtr .?< 0 jnJ < tn??, of rooewood and mahogany, Witi. .r/ul ction. icntll miios, and .r.ry Modern impfoytttnlX i iwm imtra ufi'j nr. warrtnltd to li? mju.I to *ny ii Ir.v arty. ?u>! Wilt b? ti l ot loo low it poMibl* pn?.i for cub. at tr.? man if ant r.y, 44 W.?t Forrt.'nth trrot, between Film .ml Fittt- 'vuno.. N. B.?Piinn Fort., for Miro?A *o*>d iiw'vi.t of P..|o Fn.tu lor lure a' lb. mm* it *. <*! .1 SHIRTS. SHIRTS moil. ?o order. after tli. mmt ap{rrnrrd French O fwhioiM. Otntl.m.uS of oil dr.enpttoua madeto "^fVt'r'rrin^ Foruiihuic Store 47 ?n.l M Maiden I MM, toTiwr ? m* *t/"U WILLIAM r.OH.lNS, riOLLEf flfrTTS n.ll part. Ol lh? Lmu. States, miu or. U the ino.t farotable y SYLVESTER, 23 Wall it, and IN Broadway VY YO EW YORK, THURSDAY I oculIstsT the eye. DR. WHEELER, OCULIST. INFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EYES.?DR. A WHEELER, Occulist, 33 Greenwich street, New Yorkrespeetfufiy inform* the public. in cousequenee of Ids practice having become ?uUr<eJ to ?o great in extent, he is compelled to confine his office attendance strictly between the hours of 8 A. M. to 1 P. M., after which houn he visits out door piti fiits. Notwithstanding tliat anions the many hundreds of cases which Dr. Wheeler his attended, many have been operated on by other professors without success, aud pronounced by the in incurable, yet he has never Jailed to eradicate the disease, and effects perfect cure, despite of every disadvantage which may ! have pr?seuted itself, and in many instances almost against j hope. It is tliis u iprccedeiitcd success iu his treatment of the various?hitherto considered incurable?diseases of tlw eye, that enables him *}lh confidence to refer the afflicted win. may be unacquainted with him, and his mild mode of treating the disorders of this organ?to numerous restored patient.* iu the first class of' society, respecting his ?kill and abilities as being pre-eminent for his success, as a scientific Occulist. Chronic iuflaim.iation of the eyelid or sore eyes, however Ion.; standing, can be effectually and permanently cured, films, and specks .removed without surgical o??e rat ion. ? I K A d IS JY1 U S. Cdmmr>Jf ealle.i H.|nnuiir;t and CATARACTS, safely re moved?iu * few minutes?with scarce*) any inconvenience or pain to the patient. To save trouble. correspondents a re informed that letter*, addressed 10 Dr Wheeler, '1 r~ will not be taken from tn? Poet Office, Qllleii pout paid-^Ol rr The vast number of caae-a which nave been cured by Dr. Wheeler, have already giv*i him a wide spread reputation, and fixed it U(*w a basis as listing as the urautude of those whom lit- lias rescued from a 11 living death. Of the number of cer- ! lificau-s, which patients have offered Ui him of their own acoord, he selects Uie followiuu. tot that the cases are more re* maskable than many others, ntath??eatis? the persons who wrote then) appeared to be actuated by a coma?eunable spirit of phi* l&nthropy, in seeking to inike known for the good of their fellow-ineu, the benefit which they have received from Di. Wheeler's treatment. New, March 15th, 1012. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 03 Ursviiwica it. Dkak Sir 1 hat >ou miy, if you thuik proper, make publicly known the high estimation in whian I nolo yen as an or* enlist?I bei^ to riie yon, ill addition w my vrual acknowledgments or the benefit you have conferred upon me as a patient, this written avowal of my great indebtedness to you for restoring the sight of mv poor little child Horn the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its sight The child was of such tender years, and its disease r/aa of sucl alarmiuc a character, that I despaired, until told of your skill in such matters, ol ever obtaining any remedy for her, and die more especially as other physicians had afforded her no r?iief. I am hippy, how ever, thus to confess that you have efftcru illy cured her. and 1 cordially, heartily thank you, for your highly successful eiei* tious. Yours reaper.I fully, MARTIN WATEKtf, llO.Haininexslcy at. City and County ol New York : to wu ; lu the hope o! being serviceable to *.?me of nry afflicted fel low creatures. I hereby voluntarily offer my grateful testiino Dials to Dr. Wheeler, the t cuiist, for restoring n?e to perfect sight, (from total blindness,) after having before been unsuc easafuily treated and operated upon by upwards of twenty o( the most eminent ana celebrated medical ineu of this city and different parts of the United Stifcs. (u witness whereof, I make deposition, under oath, to its tilth, and hereunto subscribe mv name. JAMES O. FAR R EL. 78 3d Avenue. Ueo. Ireland, Com. Deed*. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : as. David Powell, 158 Jackson street, Brooklyn, being duly worn, says, thai ho was afflicted eight years with the Egyp Dan npthalmin, and ulcers in the eyes, and though under oue ' I Uie first oculists at the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne experienced no relief, but became bliud, in which state he was placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green rrich street, who has entirely restored his sight. DAVlD POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 31st day of March, 1*42. John Bulklev, Com. Deeds, 21 Wall street. City and County of New York: as. Mary Ann I*irley, daughter of Mrs. Wim*lcs,No.94 Catharine street, beiug duly sworn, say*, that she a short time suffered dreadfully from a disease'known, technically, (as deponent is informed) to be Avniurosis, which rculered her quite blind. Although she had the best assistance that could he afforded her at the Eye Infirmary, (as as fton an eminent oculist in tfvis city, wl?o eventually told her the sight could never In* restored) she never received anv essential benefit until she was placed under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, whose kind and skilful treatment, has entirely restored MARY ANN PIRLEY. Sworn before me, thU 15th dav of April. 1842. Isaac P. Martin, Com. Deed*, 14 Wall street. City and Connty of New York: as. Mr. S. Cady. 85 High street, Providence, R- I., being duly sworn, ssys, that he was totally bliud iu his left eye, for nine years; the cause of the blindnesa was cataract; that he applied to Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Or*anwlch street, who, [by an o;>eration attended by vcrv little pain and inconvenience, and w ithout danger,] has perfectly restored his sight. Under sU^h oreuinstances, ne fe-ls it his duty, to stite his grilitmU, to the Doctor, for the inestimable benefit which his skill has conferred upon him. 8. CADY. Sworn before me, this 25th day o fApril, 1842, Okorue Ireland, Jr., Com. Deed*. 7 Nassau street. City snd County of New York, > : On the 9th of last month, I placed my little daughter, three years old, who had sore eye*, and was completely blind of the left, under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich st. To the astonishment of all who knew her,her sight is perfectly restored, and her eyes are well. In the hope of leading others to the same blessing that I have enjoytd, I voluntarily make this statement under oath. CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand strr *t. corner of Thompson tlreeL 9worn to before me, this 28th day of April, 1812. . W. R., Com. Deeds, mlQ lm*r 81 Nas?*u street. " MISCELLANEOUS. SHARON SPRINGS. T^HE PAVILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will be open for the reception of visitors on and after the first of June neit. at the Village of Sluron Springs, Schoharie Couuty, New York. Tlie clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have be mi proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Iliutous and Dysiwptic complaints; and in the cure of Erwitpela*, Saltrhrnm. Hrrnfnla. I.iv#?r f'oinnlninf. and central dt-hilifv. and in many other respecta. |>oucii (as certiAed by some of tl?? most eminent medical professors in the United States) medicinal and heal ins: properties mum r loused, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the rid.-* in the vicinity, numerous village#, extensive views, wighborioi nvei aud romaetie scenery ale among the many attractions olie red to these seeking in the Ik At of summer,either health or pleasure. These springs arc but a few hours ride froi.1 Sarotogs, Troy, Albany. Ice., and are accessible from Caniioharie on the Albany ana Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the mcrning can from Scncitectaey and Utica to carry visitors to th?- Spring*, a distance of al>out eight milr*. arriving in time for dinner; al?o by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike hv daily stages, being about forty-five inilca west of the city of Albany. Warm, colli and shower Baths furnished at all limes, either of th ?mineral or fresh water, and every atleution given to render the stay of v*?itors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain siting-Ioe is stored for tlie season. ISAAC G. WILLIAMS. THE 8rKINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel w.ll b.: opened at the above Tillage of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer residence. _ *29 10w2taw*r WILLIAM K. JONTA. THE COLT'S PATENT REPEATING^ I'IKK AHA16 ?* ?Rifles with Erht Chamber*. Carbines with Six Chambers. Shot Outis or Fowling pieces, with sit Chambers. Pistols, Pocket, Belts and Holsters, with five Chambers. And an extra cylinder with live more charges. As also, percussion caps, balls and powder, improved cap primers and powder flasks are now offcrsd for sale at reduced rrires, at No. 171 Broadway, 2nd door b-low Courtlaudt street. Purchasers from abroad can be supplied with any reasonable quantity on short notice. The great advantages of these fire arms over any other fir* arms now know n, A* well as their superior workmanship ami quality of materials, is so well established that it is not necessary to describe the same now. ?*1 tnt*r A WONDER AND A BLESSING TO CLEAR THE SKIN. THE ITALIAN CHEMICAL HOAP.-l?*rf thi? re.olaA lion pasted by the Medical Council of Paris " W? consider M Vesprini th': gruales' philanthropist of the age, and Ids Italian Chemi* si Soar as a perfect mirae'e to core say smptiou or d sfiguremcnt of the skin. The Italian Chemical Soap is confidently recommended to the public to cure the following : Cimples, 1'recbits, silt rheum, scurvy, ran, morphew or sunurn, erysipelas, or any eruption. It Will change the color of dark yellow or sunburnt skin to a beautiful healthy clearness? th- public mav rely on it, it never fails.n Sold oy T.Jones, sign of the American Kurle. *2 Chatham strssf. price M cents a rake?observe on each label the signature ofjM. Vespriuo, the inventor, and T. Jones as tha General Agent. Aleuts?129 Fulton street. Brooklyn; 87 Dock st. Phils.!* I obis. ft S'ate it. D<xi?u ; llu Baltimore ?t. Baltimore; 37 Ht*tc %i. Albany. jl ltn#c PAt"ENT RUESKKVKIJ I'OKTABI.K KlifcaH I'KO* V I3I0NS, Warranted to kren any Icutcilj of (One, and In ur elimate, ri* ? Preserved LoWn, Hallibait, Shad, Halmou, Oyitera *?1 Clam.? Beef, Million, Lainb, Duck, Chickno, Turkey, Oogse?B-*f Soup, Broth, Chicken Soup, Oi Tail Roup, Vegetable Houp, Mock and Oram Tnrtlr Konpe ?Orcen TYas ami Milk, for t.a voyages. N. B.?The* provisions are aU ready cooked. free from bona and can be wad cold, or, if rrrf'rred, warmed in a faw rainulaa. Maliafactored and sold wholesale and mail, by ml lm* m W. MU LI-ANK, M.lg Nassau St., New York PkarsaLT7f~() aR~KsTafiF.VsITMK.NT, tnnn.ied 11.18, i! ml Water afreet, tin doors above I'slliaiine mar ket, the only establishment of the kind in the United 8iatr?. continnei to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, and Spanish war steamers?-has mpplKfl all the raec boata and alnh boats for the I .tat fonr y-ara? uel haa now tlia largest assortment of oar*, aweepa^atid srulla ever collected in one place. N. B ? The .S'ore on the North Riser side, is hut up, and removed to itw Wall r .trret; and ai I n? all the eipeiiaci of one store. I will aell enough cheaper to thoae who come from ilie North Hirer aide to pay thetn for their tlOHhlt. Race hoati, club boats, oara and acnfla sold 30 per cent lees than laat year. mi 3m-e OTA IN E D GLASS A^D WINDOW SHADES.?HAN ij NINOTON k CO, 2W Broadway, near Head* ?t, dim Htainerm and decorative t'ainters. re?|iectfully aolicit families and others, fitting op their dwellings, to iHepert their stock, wlueli fur atyle aud erecaition of work is not to be aarpaaied. and at prices to -lilt the times, Waahahle wiinlow thadea from one dollar to the ri.h.-t styles, equally cheap in pro|eirtion. Architects and ofhara fbmi.hed with designs for stained glass lor chiti-ch windows, dwellings, Ur. on the shortest notice, and or<lt r* fipruita nun ccmminy ?w*j nr?|?,u i>, WANTED?An artist, used to decnratire painting; alao an apprentice. mylM Imr 1 OilA nnn PICKLES, in ntluiu hi nut catumrn? 1 )4vU.UUU Assorted Pickles, Catsup, Saicea. Pre Hitti, and Eiixliah Mnatard, Of a superior quality and low price : Cider and Wliite Vinegar, by th?- gallon or barrel ; Hour Krout t>v tbe barrel or keg ; Preaerred Mean. Soup*. Oysters, Kowls, Milk, fcr., aearnnted to keep any length of time, and la an v climate, excel lent for ship atojrr a, ax tliey afford a great Usury ala reasonable price ; Ground Coffee, warranted pure ; Walnut, Mushroom and Touiato Cataap, by the gallon or ilnun. N. B.?Large sue Pickles for grocers, by WELLS % MILLER. Wholesale and Reuil Wars bo wees foe Pickela, an Jm* lot Water and >1! Kront afreet FRENCH CANARY SEED for Sale, at No. fU Knltn* at * wholesale and retail. mi im*t 4 RK 1 MORNING, JUNE 2, 184! Lexington, Ky. [CorK*?pon?lfUCe of tiio Herald.] Lexington, May 25, 1842. Grand Entrfc of Mr. Can Rurtn into Lexington? Colonrl Dirk Johnson?Van Buren's Reception by Clay?Van't Visit to Ashland?Visit to the Race Couch?Lour, Politics and Religion. J. <r. bennett? For Home time past, our citizenj have been anxiously expecting h visit from Mr. I an Buren. Nor have they been disappointed. On Friday morning last, intelligence reached us that hi.s Majesty would exhibit himself? Deo Voltaic?the same day at five o'clock, P. M. In accordance with his wonted punctuality, he made his appearance in an open barouche under the protection of the venerable Col. 11. M. Johnson, the most extensive wool grower and the most amiable man in all Kentucky. The Kind reception which the Ex-President has met with from old Fayette must have proved very gratefnl to his feeling. Escorted by several military companies in splendid umtorin, ami several thousand citizens of thisand tin: adjoining counties, of both sexes, including whigs, conservatives, nnd locofocos, all delighted at the opportunity of doing honor to the man who lud till -d with touch dignity the highestoffice within the gift of a free people. The well disciplined and elegant looking company of grenadiers, under the command of the distinguished Captain McM. C. (distinguished for the invention of a new bear skin cap much longer than the bodies of some of his men,) drew the especial notice of Mr. Van Buren. What a pity the spirit of Frederick W illiatn could not bo called up to get n single |>?ep at (hem ! what rapture and bliss it would ere* ate! It is generally believed here that if this company were sent out by government to Kngland, in one of our sicaui frigates, and Ushered into the presence of the British ministry, our negotiations would be brought to a speedy and happy termination?but this is a digression. Mr Van Buren WbS escorted down Main street to the Dudley House, where preparations were made for his reception. //ere heimx rearm!;/ greeted by Mr. Clay, tc.'io vat ready to rereirc rrith n]>.n arms, and a cordial invitation touccompanyhim to Ashland, which he did on the following day. In cool,' calm, shady, delicious retreats of Ashland, these two distinguished men enjoyed themselves ' much, evidently delighted with each other's society. Whether they both slept in the same bed, 1 doit t know?but they eat from the dish, and drank of the same bottle. Their appearance on the race track added much to the sports of the occasion, and delighted every body. < They themselves anticipate a much more interesting race in 1844. though if is extremely doubtful whether either of them will live to see that period, as they are evidently much bro- | Ken Hi cnnsiiiuuun, iook oia ana curc-worn. cuen are the effects of political ambition. On Monday Mr Van Buren railed on one of oar most eccentric citizens, I>r. C. W. C.4 who was thrown into such un ectusy of bliss by this murk of condescension, that he considcrj tli" millcnium has begun. Notwithstanding the efforts made to conceal it, the friends of Mr. Clay cannot avoid exhibiting symptoms of alarm at the visit of Van to Kentucky, and appear anxious for his departure, which will 1 take place on Thursday, for the residence of Col. Johnson, in Scott county. Much speculation has been made respecting I h is visit. Some say it is for pleasure, others tor electioneering purposes. On this point Mr. Clay and. myself pay nothing. The ladies declare he is' hunting up a wife. One of our lovely buxom widows, Mrs. M?e, mude a most powerful impression on his heart, and had she not completely lost the power of speech in his presence, would ere this have been led to the altar. Thursday, June 9th, is the day appointed for the Clay barbacue; multitudes, without distinction of party, Hre exacted, as the invitation is general. It would be unkind in the locos to fail in reciprocating the favor, received from the whig*, manifested in the attention shown their chief oil his late visit to Kentucky. It is likely to prove a very interesting affair, the proceedings of which shall he reported in full for the Herald, in order that both parlies may have a fair shake ut the next election. The friendly meeting of the two chiefs has given a friendly tone to their partizuns. On Sabbath next, thejnew Methodist Church will be consecrated by H. II. Ba.scont, through whose instrumentality thousands ure expected to be converted to the Melhodiatical faith. A desperate struggle?Satan himself being neutral, is likely to ensue between them and the Cainpbcllitcs. who nn- prodigiously jealous of each other. The weather and water has been entirely too cold as yet, for the opera tion.s of the lufter. The Presbyterians, Episcopalians and Catholics, are in s/ulu quo. Priest McM. appears to be distressed, at the large amount of meat e; t on Fridays, eggs and fish being so plenty, und Rt the small numbers ol ladies who attend <u confession. Who would not like to he a well fed Priest anion? pretty woman 1 How sweet to grant indulgences, confess and administer absolution 7 Thi' old Baptists are getting along in th"ir usual quiet way. Their kind shepherd gets a very comfortable subsistence by preaching, entertaining boarders, and teaching a number ol young ladies, whose muaical voices electrify the whole neighborhood in which thev prosecute their studies. Business of nil kinds is very dull, and were it not for the scores of eastern duns who are prowling about us, our innkeeper" would star%-e, regardless of their reduced prices to suit the times. The duns, poor fellows, they bring more money into the Slate than they will carry out. 1 regret to say that Morrison College is likely to sink, regardless of the ellbrtu made by the Methodists, with President " Magna Viscera" at their head. The valuable library belonging to the institution is now advertised for sale. Sham-! shame! on th* literati of Lexington. The ladies of Lexington, especially tho members of the Venom Club, will be most happy to see Mr. Bennett at the Clay barhacue. Thousands of our citizens are taking the benefit of the curbed bankrupt law, which makes our worthy brokers grin likeso many bears with sore heads. 8am Patch. Lexington, May 26, 1812. Mr. J 'an Burcn in Isxington?Hit Reception ly Mr. Clay?Great Doin\t. DEAR Bennett? Lexington continues to be on the </ui rive us to what the writers for the Herald shall say about her. You can have no idea of the excitement that pre -1 . ...i is i . 1 -- si. .. _ 1 ... 1.^ 1 vaiLi wiitrii 11 i* iviiiiwu uiui u unci nu? B|i?uicu.? All the old grannies, male and female, rush to your subscribers, with the usual cry of " lend me the Herald." Indeed, so voracious have they baconie, that those who take your paper, unless tiiey read it before they leave the Post Otfice, stand no chance of reading it at all. Do read them a lecture. This desire lor news bespeaks the character of the place. Once we were justly called tli?- Athens of the West, but now the most apt cognomen is the Western School for Scandal. Scandal, its [troductions and propagation, constitute hi fact the meat, drink, and life of us. If, therefore, any of your western friends should wish to become an adept in creating and circulating scandal?if he would be a goNsip, recommend him to n six months' residence in Lexington. Among the on dil* now in circulation, is the supposed captivation of Mr.Van Huren by the lovely snd accomplished Miss M. S. of our city. Mr. Van Buren made hi ?entrf.r here in great state a few days since, followed by a vast collection of negroes, uttering shoure of blew you massa"?"he's a gemmen, etc etc., while the px-Prrsident was dressed in a coat that touched him no where, breeches hat, and vest to match. It was emphatically n sight.? After remaining in town for some time, he fled from the grip of unclcan y puws, to Ashland, where he at present is. Dr. Cloud, our great democratic apostle, who, by the way, is ratiirr a fiery cloud, owing to the imbibition of a few hogsheads ot aqua vitnr, look a horn extra upon this joyful occasion.? Daniel Bradford, animated with a desire to clear his brain, that he might |H?u an adequate description of Mr. Van Buren'sstifiVc took so many extraglawes, of Blue Lick water as to throw him oil aback. Otir cold water army is visibly decreasing; the list of h ipksliders is awfully long ; they excuse their recession by pleading dial their union with the VVashingtonians, deprived them of spirits. We had a phrenologist here lately, wlio told Judge Dwier that it was impossible for hint not to be a father lo the lather.L - f I I,..,,.) A,|n I' .triareli Jl nuy, l lie .1 lingf* riiny ur rwciliru a I nil I II. Your correspondent mnde r slight mistake asm the officers of our iJriivertity. It is in adilapidatedatate; Mr. Chiplcy wan appointed Pre*i(lfni, n(il of the l"niversity, but of a committee to till tip cracks, wliicK his ample size will enable lurn to do with ease. [)r. Kishack, of whom honorable mention ban often been made, ji few evenings since issued proposals for the establishment of a sect to be known liy the title of " Fishbackers"?whereupon, a piece of fl-sh and bone, taking the name of the sect literally, requested to be examined as to the likeness of his back to a fish. Rumor saya the Doctor became angry, and declared it was worse than marrying a woman who had had four hu&bands, of which the Doctor haa had experience. Pichwic*. M. - .ill ... .tui ..i . | A [ERA 2. TlDINUS ok THK StKa.MSIIIK Pl'EMDK.NT.?We take the following description of a wreck fallen in witli at sea, front the Boston Daily Mail, of the ult. It will be read with interobt. Extract of a letter dated llitixt, May 10, ld4d. Conversing last evening with Capt. lloldos of the. Spa nish polacca Jtouda, he told mc thai in the latter part of July last, being in the latitude of the Grand llanos, lie descried what ho thought to be a vessel, and called to his mate, who also thought it was a small vessel. A little while afterwards they concluded it might be a fishing boat, and kept the vessel away for it, and soon after seeing the sen break against it, the captain fearful it might be a rock, examined Ins charts, but finding uo reef laid down anywhere in that vicinity, and conjecturing it might be a wreck, bore down for it, and as they ueared, found it was tho wreck of a large vessel, burnt to the water's edge When within hall u cable's length 01 it, they liovc the vessel too, lowered the bout, and Capt. lloldos went to reconnoitre the wreck. Ho lavti it must have been a very large vessel; and the thing w hich first at.racted bis attention, were two laree columns ol wood (so hecalled them), 1101 very far apart, painted black about uine feet from the bottom, and then white about three feet to where they were burnt oil", anil that there were marks of lire also on the part li ft standing. These "columns'* projecting: above the rest of tho wierk, ha.', the appearance ut a distance of tw o small sails, lie also aw on the bottom of the vessel just under w ater, several very large timbers, secured strongly together by iron clamps ami braces of very extraordinary sir e, and ft out these concluded that it was tho wreck of n largo steamer, and that this bed was made to support tho boilers. He also rays, that the floor Umbertof the vessel w ore t erv heuvy, some two feet square, as near as he can recollect, ami very near together, uot inoro than four or llvo inches apart, tho ends of these, as well as the iiooiing or ceiling iu most places, w ere very much- charred. The head and stern were gone, at least the extreme parts, and ho could not tell how long she w as origiuallv but he paced the part remaining, by stepping from one timber to another, and thinks to the best of his recollectionitwas about 120 feet loug. He examined the wreck carefully to see if he could find any paper or article by which to identify her, hut could find nothing ; and he tried to pry otf a part of one ol the iron braces, but without success. Daring the voyage tho occurrence passed out of hit mind, an l on his arrival in Spain, he did not think to mention it to any one, and probably would not have done so now, had uot some casual remark in the course of conversation induced him to folate It. My uttention was immediately uttrnrtod by the unusual si/.o ol the vessel, her materials, and the " columns," which I presume to have been stnncbeous ; and as any incident, nowevor remote, which may tend to throw some lighten the late of the unfortunate steamer President, I communicate the above information, that you may make any use of it yon think proper. 'dhat it wns the wreck of a steamer, and that of large site, both appear certain, nml I have thought that perhaps some one well acquainted with the steamer, might recognize in the size of the wreck, her timbers, the formation of the bud, the unusual size and paint of the " columns," or stancheons, the remains of the lost President. I give you the description of the w reck, in the captain's own words, as nearly as they can be translated. He further nays, that tho wreck at the w ater's edge, w os about 36 to 40 feet wide, nv near us he can rocollorl, an I that the copper on her bottom w as still in n good state of preservation. . I took pains to go on board of his vessel to get her exact position, at the time ol falling in w ith the wreck. The Spanish polacen Ronda. Jaime Roldos, master, sailed from Havana, Jttlv 1, 1S41, bound to Corun?; and in Iter log book, on the 30th dav of tho same month, is noted the fulling in with this wreck, her latitude that day being 42 3 N. und her longitude 36 43 W. of the meridian ol Cadiz. This wreck, we do not hesitate to an)', must how been that of the ill-starred steamship. All (lie particulars given in the letter are almost conclusive to that point. And it may be recollected by our readers, that this statement, with its facts and figures, nearly agrees with that given by Capt. Mowant, of the brig Poultney, published several months ago, in the Herald. Wc have some consolation at last, in knowing the fate of the President, and those who left here in Iter hut a few months ago, in the prime and buoyancy of life and spirits. InTEnF.iTiKO fiiom Bi'esos Arrts.?By the Thorwaldsen, at Boston wo have received Buenos Ayres papers to March 23. The " Packet" of that date hail the lollou ing :? " It is now known that Orike, with the main hody of the column under hit immediate command, ha* reached the Quebrachito, situated on tlic frontier of Santa Fe, and distant 30 to 35 leagues from it* capital, w hilst hi* advanced guard under the intrepid Andradahas penetrated considerably into the territory of that province. Pachcco with his division is already on Arroyo del Medio?these force*, in combination with those under the command of Echague and Urqitiza, form a body so overwclming in number and discipline, as to render even the slightest attempt on the part of Lopez of Santa I'c to oppose them quite prepojteious. In fact, the campaign can scarely l,c said (o commence on this side of the Parana. In the council* of the enemies of this government, jealousies and contending interests have done their work? nnd the coalition of Ferre, Rivera, and hope-/, of Santa Fe. from which so much lias liccu anticipated, has virtual!* ceased to exist. Rivera, whose whole operations ill the territory of Kntrrrlor, it is alleged, have partaken more of the character oftlie ancient border forays, than of any serious eflort to further the primary objects of the party in array against the present government of the Confederation, ho3 retired to the B.inda Oriental. The invading force of Corricntcs, under Par, said id one time to ainouiit to 3 -00 to 4000 men, through desertion had, according to the last accounts, diminished to tome 2600; and the morale of even this limited lorce has been destroyed by a recent misunderstanding between Paz and Ferre, which it i- understood led theformer to resign the command, against which step, however, the principal chiefs have entciud an euer. getic protest. From present appearances, in a few weeks the federal lorres will again lie in secure possession ol Ihe Province of Kntrerios. Latest rnoM Araics.?By the IUruld, nt Boston, from Montseiado, Africa, we hove received Africa's Luminary, published at Monrovia, to the rttli of April. The Herald brought the Rev. Dr. K. Barron, and Roi . A. Constantino and lady,of the Liberia mission as passengers. The concerns oi' the Colony appear to be in a Itoui mhing condition. The colonists are at peace w ith the natives. The tribes in every direction, we are told, recoiv the missionaries kindly, and manifest n great desire to receive instruction. "Such 11 willingness to hear 'God pain ver,' in the natives' toe ns within and beyond the limits el' the colonial territory, has never lteen u itness" ! befort. Our brother K. Johnson, an old colonist and preacher, vv ho hqs recently been some distance in the interior, to'King Governors Town,' assured its, at our late love-feint at l'pper Caldwell, that whenever he went, he found sonic o( the fruits of the work that had been wrought at Hoddirigtou and Robertsville, and all inquiring, 'when you go, bring dat God-palaver rny town V Oh, that we had preachers and teachers to till these open doors ; but it is far otherwise. Who of all we have left behind will 'come over and help us V " The Rev. S. Chase has txjeomo the eilitor of the Luminary, in place of the Rev. J. rteys, and Dr. 8. M. K. Ooheen. In the Luminary of the tiih April, we find an account of the examination of the Baptist Mission School. The native scholars are said to have acquitted themselves in a manner "which would have done honor to the youth of any country or parentage." Ill the same number, the death of the Rev. Moses Jacobs, of the Methodist Episcopal Church, is announced, lie died on the 3d, after u lingering illness. Ksom Florida.?lil'ivtdisT nr I'a.iors.?The Colonel Harney has arrived at Havnnnah from Florida, with four Companies of Ike 21 Regiment TT. B. Infantry, destined for their new posts on the Niagara frontier. The following are the Companies under command of Lt. Col. Riley Company F, Captain Day; Company A. Lieut. Lovell ; Company C, Captain Casey ; Company D, Lieut. Long. This detachment was to leave the next day in the Nicholas Biddln for New York. i ne other companies or the Regimen' are enno'n r.s. ting at Palatkt. Throe of thom have loft era thl? in the Newborn, ?nd the remaining three will leave in the Charleston The t ompaniesof thio Regiment ?ore <? }? >ratad at Backet's Harbor some twenty years slure. and will aooti lie concentrated at fhivemur'a Island lor the lint timasince their dispersion. 1st Lieut, and AdjlAnderson, A?at. Surgeon Simmons, and Id Lieut. Hodman accompany the detachment. The 7th Infantry was still in active pnranit of Oetea chce and his hand of Creeks. Its departure for the posts on the Oitlfof Mexico now occupied by the '( I Artilli ry. is left to the discretion of the Colonel commanding. Nothing more has vet been heard of the Creeks engaged in the late attack on Lieu'. Baker's party. Their numU r wan from ten to fifteen. The messenger sent to this hand hv Halleck has not yet returned. As for Mullock himself, Col. Worth does not'think it proper to trust him out of his light. Tigrr Tail was supposed to he with the Creeks. Settlements have been made in Florida at the following places, vii ;?Auniltteliga, Choocho hattee, Ilir.iu s .sa, Charle O'Ma'hla's Town, Black Hammock, between Lake Monroe and Lake Jeittp, Fort Mellon, F.chSucknec Spring", Fort King, Fort Holmes, and No. 4. Oppoaite (>. Jar Key. They all, to lar at known, are in a prosporous state. ril.iklikabo, eomo forty miles S. F..of Fort King, offers one of the moit advantageous plac-s for settlement, and will soon be occupied?.S'm annah Rrpnhlicmn, ".f?y >u. Tim |idu*a ( athoi.ic Ci r hoy hat.?Th" R>man Cnrholir Bishop of Vinci-nnt'n, Inrimnn, Dr. D? 1? Hnilan* dicre, Km written it letter, declaring hl? eonviction of the innocence of Mr. WelnMBphleii ; .1 conviction, he iny?, no strona, that nothing hot the confection of the nortnied could shake it. The Bishop lias sp? nt comedays a* K.< tinsrille. and investigated thfl chnrfp of hia having insulted a young married woman nt the coofestioaal thoroughly Got n Worm.?Thin worm huHravaged somewhat on the eastern shore of Maryland. To be Hin*o.?D. C. Burr in Jefferson, Mo , fhr murdering his wife with pounded glass. For Robbiw the matl.?The Postmaster rt , South Durham, N. V. has been arrested. ' LD. Price Two Onto. City IiltcllU<'itc?Polick.?Nothing doing but small business, such a* would be ol little interest to the public, and therefore not worthy of record. Thi IIlm nox in the Twelfth Ward terminated yesterday, in the selection of Kniiiuel Osgood for the olflceof Assistant Alderman, in place of Mr. Allerton, whose place was declared vacated, on account of his being a non-resident of the Ward, at the time of his election. | Common Council. Bosun ok Aldcbmck?Wednesday, June 1st.?The Whig members, w ith the exception of Alderman Danes, who is absent up the river, appeared in then -seats, mrlti ding Alderman (jnlney, el the F.ighlh Ward, end pioceeded to buriucM?Alderman Woudhi'll, Piesident, in the chair. The Board ol Assistants having been Informix! that the Board of Aldermen were rwidy to inert them in joint meeting, they appealed, preceded by the recently elected Serjeant-at-Arms at their head and proceeded to JOINT BALLOT. At this juncture, the lobbies of the room wm crowded to excess by the anxious expectants ol ollice, and all the energiesof the officers were required to keep order. The Alderman of the Fourteenth Ward rose on tho concludingof the reading of the minutes by the clerk, anil stated that the appointment of David Perrine, as deputy keeper of it lack well's island, was intended to have been in the place of John B ?gert, instead of Daniel Kearney, as announced yesterday. The minutes were therefore amended to that effect. He also stated that the appointment of Stephen Curry, as inspector of hav, as announced yes'erday, was in the place ol Mr. Hughes, who now occupies that office. A. I.. Merchant tendered his resignation us insneetor of election or the tint district of the Fourteenth Ward, uud Aaron Swart/ was appointed in his place. On motion of Aldennun Bai.ii, of the First Ward, Thomas*'. Do) le, dock master ol th" Foui th Ward w us removed, lint no appointment made in his place. On motion of the Assistant Alderman of the Sixth Ward, Samuel ITtty was appointed street inspector of tbfl Sixth Waul in placrof F.dwnrd Gallagher, removed. Alderman Balis,oftlu- First Ward said something about a mistake in the nomination of the two scalers of weights and measures?that the one appointed for the first distrirt should have been for the second, and vice versa, but no action w as taken upon it by the Common Council, which then adjourned till Wednesday alternoon at five o'clock, as did also the Board of Aldermen. During the day yesterday, a number of applications were made to the Mayor by persons who were appointed by the Whig Common Council, to receive the oath of office, which he refused to administer, giving the same reasons as published in reply to the Clerks of the Boards of Aldermen. The President of the Whig Board, Alderman Woodhull, in conjunction ? ttli Recorder Tallmadge, then proceeded to the tea-room in the City Hall, and there administereil the oath of office to all who made application. The Clerk of the Board issued a number of writs of supersedeas during the day, which were served en those w ho hold office by the persons recently appointed in their place ; but wo heard or no instance where the keys or papers of any of the present incumbents were delivered up. They all seem determined to abide by the decision of the Court of Krrors, in accordance with the recommendation of the Democratic Members, as published in the Herald yesterday morning. Wm. Jones, Esq., appointed Keeper of the City 1'riion, waited upon Mr. Hyde and demanded his keys and papers, but received neither, although backed by the legal aid of Justice Merritt. The only dispute of the ins and the oufs that war, likely to end in bloodshed, took place between Cornelius Boca man, the newly appointed, and John Peterron, the present incumbent, of the office of Superintendent of Public Privies attached to the City llall, tic. Considerable incising took place, as w e understand ; but John still holds on to the office in spite of Cornelius or the mandamus. IBdamd el- Assistamt At.Dr.sms?June 1.?T he whig members of the Board met as yesterday, pursuant to adjournment, Assistant Aldentum Alum, president, in the chair. The minutes of the last meeting were read ami approved, immediately after \t hich .Mr. Hays, sergennt-at-arms of the Board of Aldermen, rame in and stated that body as being ready to inert this in Joint Ballot. On motion of Assistant Alderman Wa. Dunor, a recess wns taken, and the member* proceeded to the Board of Aldermen's room. On their return, Assistant Alderman Brady presented the following petition, signed by twenty -five persons in the 16th war.l, being a portion of those whose houses had been broken into and robbed :? To xiir Mkmbciis ok yiii: Commox Cocxcil? OisTLtsts?Wc beg leave to call vour attention to the unprotected state of the upper part of the city, mid to ask you to provide a remedy. Within n short period, about tifly dwelling houses in* the vicinity of Eighth ami Ninth streets, Broadway, and Wai erly I'lace, have been entered at night, mid n largo amount oi property carried oil. Tha inhabitants find themselves under the necessity of organizing a private watch for the protection of their prop?r*y, until a moreetlicicnt system hall he adopted by the city authorities; and they beg leave earnestly to solicit your immediate attention to so important a subject. The petition was referred to tho committee on police, watch, and prisons, ailcr which the Board adjourned to Wednesday next at 5 o'clock. The police justices and otticcrs have been laboring for weeks to efl'cct the arrest of these burglars. I'liltcrl States Diatrlrt Court. In Bankruptcy?Before Judge Bctts. Derisions.?The following are portions of the opinion, and contain the views ol the I ourt:?In the cast of George I rown?On the examination of the petitioner, before a < enimisMoner, it appeared that lie is now employ cd ill thn store of Muir & Co., in this city, as clerk and general agent, under an arrangement to receive filftCO per nnntiiu s; lary, and one-third the net profits of the business, if any, as compensation for his services This privilege or emolument, it is contended on behalf of tho c reditors, is an interest in property which tho bankrupt wns hound to specify in his sciie till*?. Upon the proof* it dors not appear that any profits have been realised in the business of Muir fc Co., w hich may be the subject of division under the agreement, or tlial the bankrupt lias any other title or claim to them than In payment for his personal services, while lie continues a clerk and agent in the business. The rase before the Court only demands judgment whether such expectancies are property or interests w ithin the general scope ol these terms. I think not, and accordingly decree against the exception, -.iitiei J?". Eh*?The question i:i this ease is whether oiii'-lialf of a tiurving vault owned by petitioner in tha New| York Marble Cemetry, should pass to the Assignee. Tlie Judge, in his opinion, rtr.'ed that a family burial place belonged rather to the dead than to the living, and was not a specie* of property that the act contemplated to pass upon. It is an interest identified with a humane "ind pious purpose, and one in which public sentiment and policy harmonize w ith ever* feeling of private *j mpntliy to sustain and consecrate. " I do, therefore, decide that, the interest of tho bankrupt in this vault thall not pass to the assignee, and the motion to deliver up the evidence of title is nrrnrdintflv denied." Court of Common Drat. Before u full Bench. Junt 1,? Importaut Dtcmon tl'm- .V. Jirthur vs. Thtoyhilu, Maritlii and John Qtmi.?111 is was n motion to sot aside ? fi fa, issued on the 30th April, on a judgment which w as docketed .list March. The <|ui stiou presented was whether an execution could he issued at n aliortm period than thirty days after j crfecting judgment. T ho opinion in so generally interesting, thai w give it entiia " The act A3.I session, page Xi-s, sect. M4, provides, 1st, that fi fat may he h'ued and testified at anytime in term or vacation after thr upiraHon nj ,tO doyi irom the entry of the judgment, ad, such writ* thai! lie made returnable AO days from the receipt thereof b> the Sheritl. 3d, the same may he made returnable w ithout mentioning any particular place where returnable. " If it appeared in the present rase (which it does not) that thr/i fa was issued and tested in vacation, I suppose it eon id only he valid in rn?o 30 day s intervened between the judgment and the issuing of the li fa, because preciously no such execution could i- uc in vacation, and because it could therefore be regular only in the case proscribed bv the now law. I" But as this process probably was issued and returnable interni. annas the act only ttsss the words ' may be issued,' it does not take aw ay the previously misting right ihut ii ji ja in ivrm, iiiiuui v. n.un^ .iu nay*. 11 11 nppoured that the fl fa ?H issued and toted contrary to the previous prartira, ns well ss contrary to the statute, then the lame might still he sat aside. B it aurh dor. uot on these papers appear to he the case, ami as the art in the Jirtl ami third provisions is merely prrmiaslve, whereas it is positive in r> g ird to the strand wo ought not to say thnt the change of language, or difference between way and thnll was not intentionally used. There j hall he (V.i ilsys between the time the process ia given to the Sheriff, ami the return day thereof, hut. it may he made returnable w ithout designating the place of the' return, and it way tie issued and tested in term or vacations! any t me sOor 30 days from the entry of the judgment. It does not takr ntroy th-previous right to issue in term before 30 dtivs, butthe plaintiff'may wait 30 days, and then issue and tift his execution either in term or vacation.?a Coweu 166? IhH. 18 Wend. 60'.!, Shews that the right may lie independent of the statute. " Apart from this view of the en?e, I suppose n judgment entered onSlst Msrrli would not Justify an execution on the 30th April, iiecrone the words nf < thr trpiratim of 30 days prohibited the execution from being issued until the SO day s hud expire i. J Co wen 0 id, 108.112, Note A. ACosr.ffdO. fl Co wen 280. ft Wend. 137. " Heil itrfs I HiUfrtA tlanlirupf SOI'THLRN DfSTBI' T OK NEW YOflK. Jamc. B Danforth, fortnorlj of Philadelphia and Louis vllle now of V. York, compulsory, on eomt-laiut ol Tleiss, Unithrr* k Co- ?nil Fraririj* & Hull?July (1. Jamo* Auchinclo**, tor chant, N. York?August ft. Orrin II. Sim*, mason, N. York?July fl. Robot* Tenur, Jr.. talesman ?July Court Calender?This Day. ("in. t IT Cor*T.?No* -100, 10ft, I Oft, Aft, in. 146. Mft, l.AO, |ft?, 157, 1 AS, 1?A, 180, 140, 141, 143, lfift. 167, 1:W, 1(19, 170, 171, 173, 173, 171. CoMiioa Pt.?:*?.?Part I?No*. 8, 7, 31, 61,6ft, 1M. Part 3, at 10 o'clock.?No*. W, 10ft.114. Bn run.? Selling for ion eenfe at R< V ' r.-? Think of that, ye extortioners.

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