Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1842 Page 3
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oijl' iiiimi i in ?mum ii thousand pertain p.-uscut. I hi-, lo.usdermg that tac no Uco was vary abort cud imperfect, mutt bo considered a evidencing a eery decided feeling on the subject Th< truth ia, Una station haa boon so long neglected, nnJ be<i undo the object of the Commissioners' displeasuro, tha oar citizens cannot help feeling and apcakiug with indig national the recent movement of oppression against tlx workmen. A committee of influential men has gone b Washington. There has been an arrest here to-Jar c! a man giving VW..K at. r i .? V ? uiuavvti iuv uuismuiar uppenuuun oi jouri aroiin, on i Charge of being engaged .a tome extensive counterfuitiat operation!, not oni) iu thi* State, but alto in Msssachn ?ett?. He i? said to be one of the gnug partially discovers recently at Lancaster, In thii State. A follow by the narot of Hawkins, an alleged fugitive from your State for burglary, was also arretted here and committed. The alleged abduction of a negro waiting woman fron the United States Hotel, a few evenings since, hv a persoi claiming to be her master, is exciting considerable feeling here. The cabman was arreati-J to-day ou a charge 01 committing an assault and battery on the woman. Tin officer who assisted in carrying her oil", it is now asserted had no warrant. Extensive preparations are making for the complimentary concert to Mrs. Watson to-morrow night, at whirl. De Begins and several others are to appear. It bid* fair to be very numerously attended. Nothing of moment was done at the Stock Board. IdaotciiT i.n Louisiana.?Ths colton and com crops in the vicinity of Opclousas are suffering from drought. 5tJ- CHATHAM THEATRE.?John Sefton made his first appearance at this house last evening in his unrivalled character of Jemmy Twitclier. ami attracted a numerous audience. He appear* again to-night in the same part, ond the new and successful drama of Zembuca, and the antertaining interlude of the Lady and the l)evil, constitute the attractions of the evening. (?? SHERMAN'S LOZENOES IN ST. LOUIS, IN faffTin ulmnaf PV?rv nflrt ftf thn U'Orlil nro tha nmct rwirxii. lsr medicines Known. Many thing* become popular lor n time from fortuitous circumstances?not so with Sherman's articles, they have become popular from ex porience and intrinsic merits, and therefore they will not be soon forgotten. We only speak of Sherman's Lozenges, as they alone arc known. Warehouse, 10(i Nassau street, and (Ledger buildings, Philadelphia: and 8 State street, Boston. fjZJ~ AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The immense crowds which constantly throng this place of amusement, hear sufficient testimony of the popularity of the establishment and tho indefuligahility of Mr. Barnum, the manager. The greatest degree of neatness and order prevail here, and the endless number of curiosities, together with the extra attractions put forth on the stage, renders this the most attractive place of amusement in the city. Since the caperof Master Diamond. Barnum hat engaged a pupil of Whitlock's, whose heel and toe powers are fully equal to those of his predecessor. The Gipsy Girl still remains here. This establishment has never'been opened on Sunday nights, and never will be. So says the manager. BUFFALO RASCALITY.?One Coleman, of Buffalo, has stolen from our wrappers the certificates long owned by us, and attached to our Hewes' Nerve and Bom Liniment, and put them on without the least right, mors or legal,to some preparation of his that he calls by tin samu name. The whole wrapper is in a style to countai fuitours, description, certificates, Ac. verbatim?only leav ing off our signature or fac-similc. The public are can tinned against being deceived by such rascality, and cau tinned to buy none without our name on it. We hat expended thousands in making this known, and thus it i that this man uares to depredate upon our rights. Th true Liniment may he had of Williams A Co., Hollister t. Co., A. Reynolds, Jr., and A. G. Ramsdull, Buffalo; am only at 71 Maiden lane, New York. Everyone who at tempts to sail this vile imitation shall l>e exposed. Coinstock k Co., wholesale druggists. "Health?The Poor Man's Riches?The Rich Itlan'a Bliss." (0- MESSRS. J. I'EASE & SON', 45 DIVISION ST. Gentlemen?Under the blessings of Divine Providence your invaluable Compound Extract of Horeliound Cam!) has done wonders. 1 have, for the last three or lour year* been afflicted with sickness. My symptoms were severe pains shooting through the top of my shoulders, pain and fainting at the pit of my stomach, dry and hacking cough, great distress in my bjck, uiuch spitting of matter, streaked with considerable blood, tightness of the chest, loss of appetite, respiration often dillicult?ih short my physician pronounced my ca?o decided consumption.?1 continued in this way for about two years, sulfering at times the most excruciating agonies. I give yon this certiticate, gentlemen, as I consider it e debt of gratitude which i owe to the virtues of your incomparable remedy. Your grateful friend, Mrs. Ann Godwin, 419 Cherry street. Each envelope of the. genuine Uorchound Cuinly i* signed J. Pease Sc Son, 45 Divisiou street?-Agents?Rushton kAspiutvall, 1U Aster House, llo Broadway, 98 William street : Agnew, 300 Hudson st; Allen,corner Eighth Avenue and Hu,Don street ; Locount, junction of Grand and Division streets; Hays, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn : Handly, 15 High street do ; Stiles, 153 Fulton st. do. (0~ ATTENTION 13 CALLED TO THE FOLLOWing facts, as they do most conclusively prove the genuine Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort the very best article that can be made to cure coughs and all diseases of chest, lungs, ad liver. Read :? Cough and I'ain in tut. Side.?Mv wife wusmuch troubled with a violent pain in her siie and breast, and h) physicians pronounced to hare the Liver Complaint. 1 cruld not get any relief lor her until I obtained Taylor'* Balsam of Liverwort iroin 375 Bowery. This remedy bateared her in a few weeks. I believe if ail so troublec would use it, they would meet with the same happy result. John II. ilvin-v, 66 Attorney-street. Mat. Oaks, 13 (Jarrisou- street, Brooklyn, was so very ill with a dangerous discharge of blood, that she was not expected to urc. Site had to t>e supported up in bur to breathe, when she commenced this medicine from 37.' Bowery. Incredible as it msy appear, she was entirelycured br only one half bottle. In consequence of thi multitude of countcrleiu, the gcuuinecan be obtained only of the sole proprietor, 375 Bowery ; in Brooklyn of Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton-atrcct ; ur. Loweroe, ."ncwoik; u. Mitchell, N. Haven. (&- CLIREHUGH9 TRlCOrHEROUS in the only established remedy ever known lor preventing baldness. " gray hair, and the removal of acurf or dandritf. Aw ai ticle tearing the same name is attempted to be forstt-d on the public at a less price ; but the original mi 1 genuine it secured by letters patent of the United States, and ol source no one dare use any of the ingredients in the same formor for the same purpose. Purchase the genuine at CUrehugh's Hair Cutting Rooms, 936 Broadway. (Om THE KREMLIN DINING SALOON', 111 Baoapwar?AND THE GREAT WINE BALE AT 8. DRAPER'S, Ja.?During our preregrination about town yesterday, we dropped into 9. Draper's Aaction Store, where we found a number of the " Wall street gentry * tasting the samples, but very few purchasing. The auctioned kept orvingout, Going, Going. Gone?Kremlin! Kremlins ! We looked round the room to see what biped would answer to such an extraordinary name, the mvstory was soon solved, as wo readily recognised the individual who presides at the above establishment, telegraphing winks and blinks to the knight of the hammer. This fully accounts for tho quality and chcepneas of wines at the Kremlin Dining Saloons, for we witnessed many epicures yield to his judgment in the selections made yesterday. Therefore, gentle reader, if you want a good dinner, cheap and excellent wines, a splendidly furnished private room, where, as a witty and a facetious gentleman observed, " you oan sec even beyond the grave," go to the Kremlin, 111 Broadway. (ItTO THE PUBLIC.?Not to injure the fair business of others, b?t to protect our own rights, we caution against the following Druggists. We have at an immense expense, and by vears of toil, made an extensive demtin., for the " Balm of Columbia," for the hair, and " Hays' Liniment" for tho Piles, fcc?when one Burritt, in New York, nas stolen the names of the Liniment an t Balm, aud attached tltem to article; which he trie; to sell on the character of ours; and in Philadelphia the following parsons hare been found to hare them, and refuse to refrain from keeping or sellling them, viz: E. A. Hoakins, George W. Carpenter, W. W. Clark, Cave It So.halter, Meredith It Henderson, Clement Cresacn, G. D. Witherill It Co. Warder Morris, Frederick Klett It Co. Witherill k Bro. We leave the public to judge whether those persons will tell counterfeits of other medicines. We caution dealers to buy only in Philadelphia of our regular agents, E. B. Vaughan, corner third an 1 Ki o treeta, end O. W. Rilgew.iy, comer Chesnut and Nititli, aa the imitations will be followed and all exposed by name who offer them. The names of those in New York, doing the tame, will be published in a few days. COMSTOCK It CO.. Wholesale Druggists, 71 Maiden Lane. (W- CAUTION CIRCULAR.?To DrujgisU and CountryHClere.hauU.?Those valuable articles, Oldridge's Balm of C olumbia for the Hair, and Hay's Liniment for the Piles, be., have been extensively counterfeited. Those wanting these preparations will please alwaya write.whea ordering from any other house for Comstock's articles.? The true articles have that name or signature always on the wrapper, and venders will do will to remember that, when ordering, as the imitations are so exposed, in nearly all the ncwt|iai>ers throughout this country, that they rouhl not be sold, should they be so unfortunate aa to get them. Our friends throughout the Union are requested to give us immediate notice, by letter, should any of the counterfeits appear in their respective places. Respectfully , COMSTOCK fc CO. 71 Maiden Lone. Tnr Wcst Ixntr*.?The barque John W. Cater, arrived yetterday at Philadelphia from St. Thomai. The ateam packet Medina arrived at Hridgctou n. Rnrbtuloe* on the 7th, having the Karl and Count.-** of Klgio and tuite a* pasaengcr*. on their way to Jamaica, for which island they emlmrked forthwith. The Medina mide her passage in 17 ttaya and l'J hotira from Falmouth, including calls at Corunna and Madeira. (ty-A CUOWD OF ENTERTAINMENTS AT THK New York Museum evert afternoon and evening. The celebrated jx.lyipaatca View* nro attracting great attention. Nothing < an b--cone ived more trnly beautiful ; tic riagnifieeneo of the last tableaux is heyon'l description.? Never was a m.-re surprising illusion created. Yankee Hill appear* every evening in the Lecture Room. Lxliibition of Painting* et cry afternoon at thiee, and in thr evening. City Deapatch P??tf 48 Wii.i.i tm Sraccv. PainctVAL Orncr.?Letter* deposited before half-past ?, hal(-pa?t IS, and half paat S o'clock, will be aent out foi delivery ? h, i, ana e o ciocn. i Brakcn Orricn?Letter* depo?itrd before 7,11, and 9 i o'clock, will be tent out lor delivery at !>, I, and 4 o'clock. I ALEX. M. URE1U, Agent. 1 MOSUCY MAKJtirr. W?duetday, June 1?tt P. M. The dock market preMnted >?? new tkaturea to-day. Th< alea at the Board wore imall nt fluctuating priori. Dela ware and Hudson fell M; Harlem roic j; Indiana 5 s J; Mohawk 1J; Kentucky J, Now York Statu O's J per cent. The Loan of $.260,000, which u as authorised to be mad' by a law of the last session of the Virginia Legislature; iaot yet taken. The Board of Public Works hare limited che price to 90?and no otters which have been made to th Bauk of Virginia, (the constituted Agent of the Loan i hare yet reached that ultimatum. Incase the negocir. Lion be not completed, the $600,000 worth of State Stock, now pledged to the Morrisons, will not hn redeemed?the interest due on the 1st July will not lie paid, and the credit of the State must suiter. The Board of the James River and Kanawha Company was to meet to-duy to endeavor to take some steps to meet the emergency. The insurance effected on the large book establishment of Harper Brothers was as near as could be ascertained to-day, as follows ;? Mutual Safety 10,000 Jefferson 5,000 Equitable j,0o0 Kirnnsn's 5.000 Orcriiwicli .,,000 Bowery 5.C00 Hartford ottict-a Ill,000 Sprint; Gardens, Phil.* 10,Olio i Total $55,000 1 The election for directors of the Greenwich Bank, Is to take place on Monday the 6th inst. The Aona fid* stock- ^ ijvaukib, umi in me men 01 real property, no in*w j money in itock for the purpose of lending it, and not of making the institution an instrument of borrowing, are about to make a last attempt to procure a change in the management of the hank, before claiming the interference otthc Bank Commissioners to save their property framut" terruin. They alleged that the management lias been such as to destroy public confidence in the institution, anil consequently that depositors have withdrawn their funds, tnereby depriving the concern of the most valuable portion of its business; that the price of the stock haa fallen 35 per cent within the year; that the means ofthe hank are locked up in the renewal of accommodation notes; that large amounts of the assets, which might have been collected, remain uuprotitably suspended, through the neglect of the present directors; that many losses have been sustained through the same cause; and that a system of favoritism exists, at war with the best intercuts of all concerned. Under these circumstances they have adopted a " reform ticket," the success of w hich, they hope will remedy the evils complained of, and .restore the stock to something nearer its par value. The present directors have nominated themselves for re-election and are " Joying pipr" to unsure their success. This is a matter that should not be neglected by those interested. The manufacturers and advocates for high protective duties, who are now making such immense efforts to procure the imposition of an extravagant tariff, seem entirely to overlook the fact, that the duties which they covet for their protection may prove only a bounty to encompass heir ruin. Under high duties in the United States the fabrics and wares or Great Britain will llow into the t^an. ida* and bo smuggled across the lakes into the weitern States in quantities and at prices which will defy all competition from those manufacture; s at home uho cannot iive without protection. Already the produce of the west '4 flowing into Canada, with an increased impetus, derived rom the prospective operation of the new British tariff, and the imposition of high duties on British goods by the Cnited States will cause all the supplier, of the western States to reach them by the same route. All efforts at preventing smuggling must lie ineffectual along such au immense coast as the lake navigation presents. A singular instance of the operation of smuggling, induced by high ' revenue laws, exists at the present time in the trade between France and Spain, and between the latter country ami England. The commercial cods of the Spanish government is perhaps one of the most illiberal in the world, aud the consequence is that in 110 country is smuggling carried on to so great an eitent. It has become regularly systematiscd, notwithstanding the strict police aud expensive line of custom houses lately established liy Espartero along the French frontier and other quartersThe amount of English good* smuggled into Spain through Portugal and Gibralter,; is computed at 1100,000,000 francs per annum, or ? 18,740,000. In the towns of llayouuc, Oloroii, aud Pcrpignan, large insurance companies ure established who receive heavy premiums for insuring goods smuggled into Spain, and these insurance companies are extensively engaged themselves in the illicit trade. The loss to the revenues of Spain, by the system of contraband in French and English oottons, is equal to $2,000,000 sterling per annum, in comparison with a protective duty paid of thirty per cent.? As an instance of the operation of the " protective system'; we may state that the importation ol cotton manufactured goods into Spain from France is prohibited by the Spanish cu.itoin-Uous? regulations, and yet it appears that France curries on a very extensive contraband trattic in that commodity. Thu trade in question is conducted by "contrabandists*" of the Pyrenees, by whom the goods are smuggled into Catalonia, where they are ttampod^as of native origin, and so pass current as real Spanish manufacture*. The extent of this traffic was as follow* :? 1S37 the importation of cottons was.. 16, k*6,600 francs. 1838 30,647,32b " I83i? 33,409,457 ' 1810 .# 34,351,009 " The expense of this contraband trade is not quite so great as uould be a moderate revenue duty consequently all that is imposed above that is a mere government bounty to the smugglers to be paid by consumers. The facilities for smuggling into the United State*, via Canada, are much greater than those which exist in Spain, owing to the great extent of frontier and the facility of communication. The principal articles of trade betwern France and Spain in 1840, were as follows :? Ki port! fin Franrt to Spain. Import!fm"Spain to Franc!. Cotton m?nulV-V- fil,2jl,i*K Oil ia.ll/.tiS Linen ditto 11.1.M.J9I Lead 7,3l0,7tn Silk ditto 8,913,433 Wool 8.176,307 Woollen ditto- ?.919,760 Cork 3,086.061 Other articles. 37.020,490 Other article* 17,110,70 Total 104,6.9, Ut 43.864,761 The Commercial intercourse between the two countries for a series of years, was as follow* Imports into Franre Krporti to Spain from Spain. from Franrt. 1838 3V46l,7b8 franc/; 71,Sf7,3l7 franc*. 183!) 37,311,914 82.6M.08n 1813 42,634,761 101,679,111 Therefore, the esports from Fiance into Spain Fiona. beiUrf ; 104,679,111 And the imports from Spain to Fiance 42,684.761 There appears a diffctencc in favor of France of ft>l,9E)t,330 This present* the singular fact that nearly the whole iuterrourae carried on between the two countriea ia contraband. The amount of revenue* derived by the Spanish government from duties, is scarcely sufficient to maintain the very expensive, but totally inolficient police, supposed to be necessary to tnforro absurd tariff laws. And this is the policy which politicians and interested manufacturers would in ge upon this government. It is a well known lact no protection con be extended to manufactures Deyond thru v> men a simple revenue uuiy can jnum. /v? toon a? the rate ritea above that grade, it become* an offset to the danger* and riaka of smuggling. If the profit* of smuggling are largo?no danger* will deter the introduction of good*. Formerly by the law* of Spain the ex. port of the prociou* metal* was made a capital crime, but the metals went abroad in spite of the enactment, to as great extent ai at the present day. In England the silk weavers of Spitalfuddi have bee.i mora protected by statu* torj law thau any o herclasx of manufacture*. On their account the silk* of France v ero prohibited. The remit was, that in tend of having to contend against the fabric* of France at a reasonable duty, they had to contend against the same articles duty free, because the high pries* cousc<|nent upon the prohibitive duty afforded an immense prolit to smugglers. The reverse is thn case ill France, where the only case toward* which a liberal system ha* been a implied is the manufacture of siik. Foreign cotton good* are excluded, foreign silk gooda from any part of the world pay a duty of ISto IS percent; yet ao sound and healthy is the manufacture of silk upon the whole, that France is able to export four fifths of the whole of the silk goods she produce*, fto that while of cotton, protected in every conceivable way, the amount of her exports is trifling, and principally growing out of other circamstaiicvs, that of her superiority in taate, her export* of silks are large. These facta afford matter not only let the consideration of the public at lgrge.htit also of those manufacturers who are clamoring lor high tarirt*. Let them pause and reflect whether high duties will really be a lx*telit to them or not. Sales at the Stock Exchange. V ?;?' 6's, lor,? 91'. tf ,1.1 do -.1 9-1 ? !* !> ! " 91 >4 too do N VLlkT 1.30 W limn I lliln fi's I UfJl ? ? tr.n -I L' I a. >?! uynn <10 i'?, 71^ jj o L li? * Tnut ? 1000 Kentucky *1 71V, .? .!.. Jeff l,i??rane.- "Ik. 2o0iiIIIui.ii* Bond* la'. 12 do Sy k ITilm W 2I*>0 do 'I" 18% IjO do jjoni I land Jo do blO 1?'7 i doftohawk RJt 4'u. .',000.10 .lo bCO 18't J <lo <lr, 42'4 1060 ilo Hi. I!)'* J(1 Hi, .In 42 yiOO IlllUlM RiilKW 21 30 do Hi, !2 *100 do do 71 \ 2, do <|o b.,0 12 2000 do on 21 \ no .jo r?{. moii n.R boo :ii-, 5000 (lo do Ion 21*4 '.II Hn ill, *711 :,| 20W1 do 't> . , 2111 50 Ho .III 51 50 ?Iim Mechanic*' Bit 02 JO do do 1^0 JO Ho Union Bank 102 100 do llailem RR 1,3 1.5 j Ho Bank of Aim 31 100 do Ho 15 10 d.1 Bulk of Com ? 40 do Ho 14'., 25 Ho Del k Hud h30 Stt 111 do Ho *10 14'. 75 do Ho Mk* ? <}o do 14k: 50 do Ho "J 35 IV) do do b3 15 jj do do 50 do do 1,30 15 25 do do ?4 I'l Second Board. 25n I. R R M VI Ho do ?? UA, 541 do Harlem R R '? U "no do do * 2% Ho do H to to ?1 ?1 25 Ho to b 11 \ 3i to to b3 M* s \ . > "Sip 'W? C" * MHBF M?i? of Tr?4o< The number of bai .-i of Hour shipped from Roehost*' en the Erie Canal fror.i he \!4lh of April to th.- ?Sd 6' Ma(79 days,) 1811, 49,96 Kroin the 20th April to 20th May, 1942, (30 days) 40,63 In tutor of 1941, 8,31 Amount of produce cleared ut the Collector'* Oltieo, Rochester, from fist of May to 23th, mukiug 7 days : r lour, barrels, 9.117 Wheat, builitls, 6,71 I'urk, " tii Com, " 3,Ui Potash. ' 418 Short*, ' l,ftO> W hukey, 1(K) 0*U, " 1.13 Buttar, pound.. (7.189 Lanl, pound*, 'j0.H3' In this market sates of Poti have been made ut $5. 13 j In cotton the prices have nearly recorereii the rates cuirent before the arrival of the last strainer. The tranaac ions embrace-13jt) bales Cpland ami Florida at ft-j a 9c 700 MobilcO a 9j ; 300 New Orleans, On'.); and 30 Texas i|, short price?togother 3180 bales. Provisions?Ohio Cork, is selling at $7.30 for Mess, and 1>ft,ft0 for Prime; Low er County is held at yi.'b for Prime, and $9.60 for .Mess aid Ohio Prime is offered at $3, snd Mess at 7. Western Lard is selling at .> { a 6, and City Rendered at 7 cents Smoked Hums command 1J a 7, according to quality, tin dock of u hicli is lnrge : and Smoked shoulders, 7J a 3c Sugars?There have been sales of 300 hhds I'orto Rico, a' 11 a 6 cunts, with a few very prime 61; 48 New Orleans t]|; 340 Cuba Muscovado. 4j a 4j ; 7ft 9t Croix, ft} a8( . Ia300 boxes Brown Havona and Trinidad, ft} r6I : 7ft whi lo 7* a 9. Married. On the 1st instant, at Newnrk, NJ., by the Rev. Mr. KdJy, >1r. James L. Palmer to Miss Saiiam A. Ball, both ol that place. May happiness dwell in their abode, May sorrow never enter there ; But love and joy for e. er h!es?. The home of this young married pair. *c On the 37th ult., at St. Stephens Church, by tho Rev. J. H. Price. Jr., J. La. Bacxto Mita Amelia S. Lokcxaratc all of this city. "i Died, On the 30lh uit., in this city. William Ashe Alstom, hi wuui uuuiuih, w y t ars. On the 3Ut ult., Schema Auclaiuc, only daughter ol James V. (yd EmetineC. Rich,aged S yean, 2 months am 5 days. The friends of the family are invited to "ttend the funeral Irani No. 44 Rirington street,this (Thursday! afternoon at 4 o'clock precisely. The remains will be taken to the Greenwood Cemetry. On the 1st instant, in the 7 id year of his ago, Wilms* Lkof.b, for many years a resident of this city. The relatires and friends of his family are invited to attend his funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, without further invitation, from No. 673 Broome street. ?'tMwa????????M?was Passengers Arrived. Nf.wcastlf.?Brig Neptune?J Winspear Havana?Srlir Ad lint?S J Vickery, John Sliair. Matanzai?Brie C ispar Hiuser?vtr Stutord, lady, t children and 2 nurses; Mrt Willlam?. Mata.nzas?Bark Isidore?Wm UuIid.IN Oikes, W It Saffnrd, J W Howard, C M Clark, J K Si ring. r ik Son, V Mil uier, Master (J Hicks. Savannah?Brie Uhsrles Joseph?Mrs Kitchtll, Mr and .Mr. Pierson, Mr Webster. Savannah?Biig Madison?Rev Gravei. and ten children, J S Graver, lady and two children, Mm S D Jinlah, Jas Ellensvood?23 in steerage. Pnssrngvrs Sailed. Livebfool?Packet ship South America?Mitt Mmia Jo??s. Dr Cainochair and servant, A D Lo,'an, Vlr Holmes, NYork Charles Coffin. Portsmouth. Nil; Edwin Shtiv, Yorkshire; Ri ' M .Vlaher, Rhinebeea; St nor L. Norma, Spain. London?Packet shin Mediator?Mr Hii'ks, ladv, two children end tenant; Mr and Mrs .Miller, two Mi ires Miller, Mi-A Warner. Passengers to Arrive. GKonaETow.n, 9C? Brig Mary?Rev Mr Howard, lady and 2 children. A Myers and ladv, Mrs E A Pnner and soil. John Hidlef.on, son and daughter, Mrs Poll". Mrs W J Monroe, MrGt ard and two ilaueht r?, Mrs Boueer, Miss Sirali L Smith. Miss Toomer, Miss F. S - nith, Miss A Myers, Miss F. Porter, Messri Troy. B.Ortn H t. Portlgn Imjeortnt Ion*. Rio dv. Janeibo?Sehr Joliann Conrad? IKOO Itsgs coffee Howland Ik Aspinwall. Nswr??tl.i:?Brir Neptune? 270 tons coal Cunningham k Buchanan?16 eks sal soda ft! cks soda G B Morewuodkco?20'' bids Venetian red Masters Markm tkCo?loldi.s lamp black G Meyer k Son?2J do A Hurst?90 bbls Venetian reil E Met 'ormean?160 es buttles E S Inn.--?26 hhsls lamp lilack Poultney & Jenkins?21 bscanvass A Bell kCo. Domestic Importation*. Savannah?Brijc Mtdiion-ll casks rice Williams St Herriman?Mldo rice J Bowen Snrtli?3, do riot Ili'l Uowdy ? 111: hxs tobacco W C Pi"kcr-.*ill St co?1 bale avool John.on Sn der?3 pkg? Biown, Omit-n St co?37 biles cotton North, Mannine St Hoyt?102 bags Crtton Lawrence St Trimbli?33 do coltoll Simoo Murett?21 do cottou Gaboon, Ki-Huy Stco?108 b it; cotton order. Savannah?Bris Chart s Joseph??1 bales cotn, rarmelcr, Kilbtirii st Kodgrrs?3! m iCarle?ii h Coil st Co?23 s Bronson?31 Wm Hanim in?::: Oeo Collins?27 Manton St Fisher. Proa- R 1?30 Wilbn Ki ll, y, do?3 pkg* indr.e M Hilgar?Hanmar St Hilton I box?I'm b Irs coin order?I 111 ordei?117 order? 12 order?II ord r. Mob i.r.?B irk Hehrui; -230 bales cotton, Center St co?111 Ogden St co?37 Brisse St i ?62 J Whitfalirr St co?203 Hicks k ce?23 H Coile St cr? 1 S Hsiri??21 J Juilil it Son?15 J. S. R Bridje?13 H McLean?10 Martin, St co?38 bidet 2 lulls ileer skins, I ba R"bern St Williams?200 cedar logs J J S Hnrvey? 120 b ties cotton to order. New Orleans?Brig Tom i'a> m?11170 l>rl< pork it) do beef Snyilain. S.isee St 0(1?33 liluls sugar Robert St Williams?200 kegs laid J St K Mil bank ?195 sacks corn 1 do Timothy seed Churchman St Roberts?10,000 galls molasses Ncsinith, Leeds Stco. ~ mTritime herald^ Departure of tlte Atlantic HM-amera, kfloat uncii.and. fkom amkhica. O. Western, Hosken May 21 Jane iii Columbia, judkiiu May 13 June 16 Britannia, Hewitt Jane 3 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 19 July 16 Acadia, Ryrie July 5 Aug. 1 O. Western, Hosken July !l * H. B. M. ale liner British Queen,CapL M. M. Keane.will leave this port on Tuesday, June 7, lor Southampton, England, and Autwerp. To Whip Masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if cantaina of veaacls arriving here, will give to Commodore R. S. Martin, of our news fleet, a report of the shipping left at the port whence tliey sailed, the vt.-?els spoken on their passage, a list of iheir cargo, and an\ foreign new*|iaprra they mav bale. Commodore Martin will board tliem immediately ou their arrival. We will reciprocate he" favor in anv way. PORT OF NEW YORK, Ml IB, 1S42. ?ui? sum 4 38 i Moos rises 12 40 sunsets 7 22 i mi.h 3 0 Clearer*. Shins Alabainiau. Lane, (Jcuoi, E. O. Hurlluit It Co; Brunswick. Webster, New Orleans, K. O. Thurston St Co ?Barks Fra iklin, (Hsmli) Bleehooin, H uiibuyg, Schmidt fc Bib h n; Lady of the Lake, (Br) Jame-on, tllasrnw, A'e*. Knox St Co; R pid, Ward, Havana, M >scs Taylor; Byron, Prar.oii, J oneRiier, J. Atkins St Co.?B igs F. pie: ; ris?, (Swed) Lnf-t din-, 1 .?4 Um..Ll . In, V.' VA'. ;. = ?,. P.r.,l,? W. Philadelphia, Nesmith, LwS & Co.?Sehrs Compliance, H.iar ow, Boston; hue rr.iuklin, Brown, IVotincetown, K. P Buck. A i rlveil, H. B. M. frusta War-pi'e R ght Hon. Lord John Hay, C. B., Captain. from Birbadoes, May 21. Riilish shin flitprrh, Hsmiitou, from Liserpool, April ! .), in haltn t, to Glover & McMtnray ?223 |*s.en*er?. Brltiili-htp Mountaineer, C.arv. front F.[month, Enf. April 1C., with 2(i0 tons to Barclay k Li'inntoi?92 passengers. B irk Science. Adams, (of Portland) 32 ilnyi from Liverpool, with 87rt bags salt to master? 62 passengers. B irk I-arli-re. Springer, (of Portland) from Mstantas, M y 21, with 3"6 hhds molasses 3 tea honey 10 F. Q. Thur?tou k Co. 22-1 tilt, off D. H. Shot Keys, n>oke brig Havana, NOdenu for NVork. Bark H. bron, Wood, (of Bo.ton) 19t!ayi from Mobile, with rortr r, kc. t0 mt,ter. B itish brig S'rp nn-. Atkinson. e2 da.s from Newcastle, K.. with mdse, to Cunningham it Buchanan. 17tii May, lit t2, Ion .''8, spoke bark OvniJcn hrnce lot A ilsveip. Brig Caspar Hvtis-r, Adsms, from Matanzas. May 22, with TOO bxs suitar 8 tcs honey ion dot pine applra to (Spotfeml, Tileston & Co. Brig Havaua, Oijintrick, 14 days frotn New Orleans, with m-da-sc , to N'er-nitli. Leeds k Co. Brig VauJclia, Wail, fiom New Or!- 11 . with 2tJ) Mel 1, I t r< molasses ])e re rater t. Whit ma rib?00 do J Ogden Woodruff? JU do John fl Bctts?Benj II Firld?lisl hbls corn meal loorler. May 23th, Cape Henr1' W.NW, wu b -i il-.ll by I. S ship War'rn, from Peinieola Uth. for Norfolk. Spoken by the Warren off Havana, 21st, ship Thtacian, for St Prtcndran : ship Natchez, Cowes and a m rkr'; har;ua Mary Frances, Hotter dj-o^vvho wished to he repo tcil. Brig Tom Paine, Lend-, 19 days from New Orleans, with su ir, to mister. Brig Chs lea Joseph, Mauran, 6 dryt from Sai in-iah, wiiii coll. 11, :o n.ater. Bii.- Vadi on, Bulkl- y, 4 dvyi from S ivannah, with cot'.- u, t-> Stur?- kCI a-in.111. B tn ti sell J hi 10 C-ntrod, P|on h-r, .31 di from Ro dI oiril.n cofTi e. to F.. St T. Pop m (too higs II W* tid It A 'tis at Lit 30, Ion 21, s, okr slop*, Il.l New a le 1 S f I II er . Sehr Adeline, Linsrott, (of B'fl ) 12 days from H 'ana, with 22:1 molasses to Bp-ill'i rd, Tilesion It Co. Vessels left before reported. Sclir Direct, Brigg-, 3 dsys from Bilti no-e, with indie, to J. St N. Brio's. Ilelow. Two ship*, one bitk. three bri If talis <1. Ships South Allien a, liserpool; Mediator, London, and Uentral Krrnnl. l.riTint ro? Hams.?The Hi. N c daa, for liver . will tail to-.Ur. Hrr letter Uaja are at I Jilpin*. New t Homo, in tiie Cwlitti|t. Murine.?There wan a mutiny on hoard tin* whaler Jaaper, at N>-w Bedford, U,t Monday. Nine of her rrt ? were llnow.i into priaon. Kalli.n ijt with AitaiT.?An arrival at Hi Thomn from St Vincent, repoita that the Miry Ann, Irnin Nova Scotia, on In i put n;,' oul, Anril 6. fell ill u itli the Salailin, abandoned. I ?l< n wilh coltou. Took frmn hrr III, balei (cotton, after whirh ?-t liar oil tiir. Whalemen. Pheni : reporti in addition;?Heard fiom in Dee, on the line. Sarah. Nam. low. A letter from llaiali j .rit her at TomlKI Feb 0, with 100 turn?hound to Off So (.round. Loat ovcrlwaord, near Cape Horn, Thoa S Print' Brunette, at h'alinoe iiortai? Spoke nU inat. Tarter Br.itton. Proelucetow u. 37 ?, in; Wm Henry, alar. 60; 9th. Rmiyrttiit. Bri-tol, ICO; no date, la' 21 29, Ion 79 >1, VI >.a\aoil, B ,th, 7 n<u, jll lililt. S|Hiken M ly 17, lat ti 41. Ion 71 10. Pavilion, Bdipirt ivrn, 1W bh1t; in aiaht tame time, lirnr . I in .VI attapniaetf, I montht, clean: I'.ilh. lit 17 !?, loll 71 In, aaw a whaler in the inidat of .i trhool of w Itali a. Hid fin Bav oi Itlan It Oct 2ii, Win Hamilton, NB. 2j0"?( been reported with 27i?l, <> mot rarlier.) Spoken. T i a , of N'ewl er;i, for Drmarvra, May it, lat '?: 17, Imi 7*. l orrljn Porto. HrTnovna Ma !* ? In y T. IV n-or li, from I'inl "l-'phi . iliar; Pi ilim . Baltine, fo IV orrhtr; Tyleaton, <wh) ' Mil., to - ol - in e d.i- on , r i ; Ann, tcr <iotvnma, aami J?) to |,,.i i for N Vo'W; H. d Ihoer. I r I'rt or elitr; < urrein ; . from B irhtil- tin *, in aeareh ol Irt; Ann R?-l?err!, fin Ant'cva lo f 'herryttoiie. nnr. Condor, foi NYotk lor Porto Kieo, aid llth Kaale fo- do, till Ith, to load with ?ux ir; Hienti, for Maiarai u?. aid lltli, to load for Boat on; St Tliomat, for Porto Rico, aid 12th, with outward car/". _ MaTaiexaa, May 22?In purl. Almira, for New V ork. 3 dat a; Ell.wi.el, It ardnv.: Diiii. I Wehater. for St. PeTcrtluiry, in rnni|?nr; WiIm. N.-w York. Ipmillnf; ( oiii. Hi?rh?rKiiiK; BoHrnm, jo; VnroM, loUIM. DonUp, Hi-fhr Arm ? AtVira M?rch 9?In [?>rl, fcilw Burlrv. erf Bi verly. line. h|j M try I'anlinii, Tor Pnitm* Itlunl anil Bo?toii. mmmmmmmmrnmmmmmmmmmen CmH li?luPsrt.O.cdMjaf NYark, f l#c*tr<J; rvernliM, un?-. Heftier, frooi taewara, mr at M*ar< via Fab 20, and ?ld 24lh, fo iln, Mary Carver. fin , vrr M'wct '.it, >'iiH aid 29tli for do. St?l fu? Monro* i i F? 1? 23, Rodrrir Dhn. leeward. United States Porta. ( UTi kr, May 21?Arr Sa\oy. Lab?-c f..- N Yo.k; Two Up fheni, Uootlil?a> fordo. Da?iari<*cot ra, May'itr? Sid Panumcotta, NOrlcaus; Wi! iai i, d ; (fibrah ur, o| I i": oui 8 - . anu P.IHlLtM. Vln v '*U- A r A IK?.. f II. ? I- U.I.J-,..... Zephyr. N/w York; Ruth, Ma^are*. B'diimoit 1 frlobc, Philadelphia. Cid 2tth, Kmrlior, Cuba; GetJ Scott. Cienfuegot. An 27th, Radius, Philadelphia; Lucy Blake, N. ' Yoik. Pubtsmoi Tir. Mh> 27?Arr IU lasi*k, Philadelphia; &xh Bhck Hawk. Baltimorr. May 27? \vr Fairfield, V \ "?W: 28th, Danl Goodw?i Philadelphia. Sld2mh Angei-erra, Work. AnrWth, Oil. nu. Georgetown. D('. Boston, May31?Arr Scicnre, Philadelphia. I hi IVnkmjfJ, NOrleans Manto. Hyilncv. ( B. ami Filfrmo; Trenton, Ma.seilles. Arr 30th. Edwin. Mar**ctlles; Token, Baltimore; 11. tld, Africa; Antilles, Work; Sea Serpent, do for Mt Deaeit; ArlNth, Pallia, Norfolk: 23th, America, hi i Adventurer, New Yoik. Nkw Bkdporo, Mav3Q?Arr Win rtiwll, Work. NaifTtM-KET, Miv Vrr KJitalwth, Philadelphia; Philadelphia, do; Prudent, Albany. Sid August?*, Philadelphia. Ar !9th, En ul< ii?, rk. Holmis Holi:, May 2 >? Arr Mary Ellen, from Boston for N. Vork. Fall River, May 2i>?Arr Dodge HeaK, Camden; T?l a*. ILxm|oui . 1 h B >rd< n, \ id <m? New Y rk; Ya iki do 11 Pro 11 deuce. Providem k, May 30?Arr Otra> Tift, Charleston. B V . Cuba, I'm NOilcans. ( Id Penguin, Fayal. Sid Union, Baltimore; John Jay, Philadelphia. Bristol, May :t0? Arr 28th. Ex?el, Work; Will.ird, Provikuco for do. std 29th, Sain Albany IIartforh, May Ul?Arr Em liauge, Richmond. ( Id Tryall. N N 1I k. PHI! adj i phi . J uu I? in John W iu ,0t( ?\ and Bi Thomaa; Mary !' Su u uit, II irtfoi I; Cl< opati jB >. re, Ctur oa; Armer Patton, Wilminel id, Nl . I Id Madrid, Kin rt >n J m; ' odih il 8ti in er, and inc ? ? Boatoi .1 >j . ( Im I Fnilf" ?, Ip-wioh; Comn?hn, Norwich, C?am. Bai timphk, M 31? CM Powlnttm. Rotterdam; Hamilton. U rmuda; H ury leak it , Kin iton, I m. Chabli ro* M I - V- L? I ?nd, B 1 n ( 11 riei Jeaalo.Livery cm: \ ;i ey, NY 1 k. Bid e Ft rt, 1 rieaie. SI tl \ nl NY Or.oRr.f.T , w v, SO. M M- 27?Arr Mary, Guadaloupe. ( M

Ibt, ttilcyon s'Bi Iford; Auu, Nautucket; E7th, Mary, New i ork. Sa VAMMAII. \1*V 2fl?Arr MVrtrlf riil 97?h Ditmii. as Boston; Madrid, NV^'n; Amirdo; < Bath. Slil O iwlli', Liverpool. An Nicholas Biddle, NYork. Dabikn, M y 27?Sid Imperial, NYork. Apai.aciiicoi.a, May 12?Arr Aimed*. NYork; 10th, ManHaft in, m . ( u Iivm K PI .i !(Kh, Wrtttupki. do; Mir) Ailibtc, do; Uticm, Mobile. Clu ! Ell i;. NYork; 19th, Robt Bn di, l ? i;Ii ida, s \ ork; 20tb, Ann KUta?. P ton; Lion, !s\ rk: 2tit, Mirimni. do< In i>ort?Formosa, foi 11 jv i , u ,,<;. > Sltofteld, do do; undtr cbirtrr; M- iH'V. Liverpool. Id;;; fclri^le*. do d<?; Virginia, NYork, do; Thus P Hart, fin Bopton, wt*..'; Ltrh, Sf Ma?lc.,do. New pRLCAiti, way 14?Arr Qen Veaile, L'Andellt, Catpiia, ind Hannibal, Havre; Qnmei . Adams, uui <i . ?. Lirerpool; Timokon, St Lotus, and Iris, Boston; rlobart, Bor* deanx; Beaver, Rotteream; Mary Jane, Richmond; Genesee, Beaton; Empraaario, Havan Lad); fn.?- L ike. do; Ivanhoe Baltimore: Ajax, CharWti o; -1 irj \ Ejisibi th* Tol aico. Cld Panthen, Hovre; Mis Flower. A nut roam; Tiger, Antwerp; John ( ? Coati r, N York; Will, Martinique; Cornel, Kingston, Jam. PORTUGTJESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHEBE fkr-femad and calebrsted. Fills, from Portugal, are, a we perceive, to be obtained in this country. Set* advertisement f?n the last column of fourth paste. intl U |SlO AME*' ALEXAN DERHOU *TON has remove) JL/ hi* Con?i*ltixu Office, to No. 3 Ilcnun Buildino. corner of Naniu an I Fulton streets j*2 Mm in; c GRAND TEMPERANCE CONCERT AM ADDKESSES TNELEVAV INSTITUTE FOR REFORMED INK VJ BRIATES.?The New V. rk A id msr of Hiered Mode, vill vive i Concert at the Umvdwav Tnbernicle, ?? ? Kiido veiling, 3d Inn**, it ? quarter be fori 8 o'clock, for the b< m of the above lostitu'ton. PROGRAM M K. I?Introduction?Anthem, louh Psalm. ?Prayer. 3?Anthem??6th Psalin. ?New Temperance Son;, written by Mrs. Dma, Temp. Lyre. .*>?Duet and quartet?1'Strike the Harp.' 6?'Temperance H> mi?.~ Chorua?'Disperse the midnight boisterous crowd And tike the maddming b?wl awav.' 7?Original Temperance Ode, written l?v Mr*. Dim, lor the Temperance Lyre, and dedicated to the Hon. T. F. Marshall, who is expected to be prcs nr. 8? Address. 9?Chorus?'Glory be to (J ^d in the highest.' 10? Original Temperance O le?w ritten expressly for this occasion by II. D. Holt, Esq. II?Temperance Ode?written expressly lor this occasion by Mrs Dma. 12? Duet and Chortle?'D* cp is the sleep of the hero.' 1.1?WIIKHIJI * * ...1-T .aiiic ouuii-^iiuru uy a t in; < Lyre. H?The Tempt ranee Pledge. 15?Grand Hallelujah Chorus. BenJictinn. Tickets 50 cents, admitting a. gentleman and laily. Me ml erP ticket* admit ouly one?To be hid at the II til of the \Vashiimt ,n Bencvoh nt Temperance Hociely, corner of White and Centre .Ntrect. The office of the Te in iterance Union, Clinton HiH. II til of the Hope Temperance Society, corner Broadway and Or ud. 1). Plll?l|tw, 1121! tt. .1 dni S.TavIor fct Co. 145 Nur-ni at. Firth 6l Hill, No. 1 Franklin Squire. Pavtou St. New in tn. comer Nassau and Fulton sts. K.J Dmfortli, 15** Water street, cor Fletcher. George Miller, 617 Broadway. Saxtou St Mile*, 205 Broadway. The principal inuoe stores, and at the door on the evening of performance. je? 2te FUiSONS, CHEMICALS AND FIREWORKS. r\R. LEWIS FEUCHTWANGER, No. I Wall street near l-' Broadway, has very extensive agencies from large Chetnical Works and F.iiglish, French and German Importing Houses, and is enahh d to sell every article uncommonly low to make it ut object for the cash payments in these golden times?Iodine, hvdriodate of |?ota*h, iodide of iron, bromine, iodide of sulphur, mercury, lead and tine, lunar caustic, oxide <d stlier, Libarraque's chloride of soda, copaiva capsule*, leeches,?DaKtierreoty pe apparatus, plates and nil the chemical preparations; pure muriatic and nitric acids; spirits of hartshorn and nitre; ether, 6tc; nitrate of strmitiaii. baryta, soda and fireworks for Jnl> Ith, of the most approved manufactories, such as rockets, Ionian candles, w heels, signal fires, suns, Ate. Poisons warranted the only original and safest ingredients to destroy and exterminate the moths, bed bugs, rose bugs, calerpillera. cockroaches, rats, mice, mosclietoes, Ilea*, llies, ants, lice, and every other vermin <>r I lifter anioiala, n irtanted to rm? dicate and to perform all w hat it is intruded. Thousand* of persons can certify to tin-superior virtue and quality of nil m> preparations, and corroborate to the truth of all the statements. Apply to DR. LKWI* FEUCHTWANGKK. jc2 1in*c 1 W >11 str? ef. T F.CTURE?The subscriber will delivers Lecture THIS EVENING, und Friday. Snturdav and Sunday,at the lOtli ward Military Hall, at 7 o'clock. The subject matter of th* Lecture will he toe Antiquities of Rout hern, Central and North America, lie it ill endeavor to reconcile them with the Mosaic account a of the creation of the world, and w ill also attempt ir, j i,v? Ib t' lb' . ;.i rli In > ,ddvr that! iT is "vii"rally i oi.? puted to Ih*, tofrthr with an exposition of Mormouism, show;ing the fallacy of the hook called the Golden or Mormon Bible, or Joe Smith's Book; toe* thei with the rise and pvonr . of Joe Smith. Should time jwrmit, the subscriber may alanre at various other subject*,of importance tothc human family, such as conscience may dictate at the time. Admittance 25 cents. , fcf JOHN FOREMAN. Ticket* at the bar of the Hail, and at the Buret*/ ?tru?t IIo re). . :*t*r PARTNERSHIP DIS'-MLUTIUN.?N. tiro n i.< A v> u th't CWn JI. Bl ur h i*id;; vti.uuUitly wi(!id,*iwi from Lnr fm of C. C. W.i.,1.1 A Co>| M (Im 13th imttat, tlir und rtirocd ar? authorise * 'op:y ami rtctivn all .1 omi ? 111 ? ttlr all acc-unls < onneuti'd therewith. Thr snhaciihrn will continue th<; minuf'.rture o" STFEL PENS in thr tit' nl'NVw Y, r'i, unil-r the firmofC. C. Wri^iit At Co.. A<rurv O.Ticr, No. 'Ji Maidi-u Nor. C. r. WRIGHT, j2 1w'c JEREMIAH HOTCHKISS. TO FIREMEN?Th* mrnhefi of tlir Fire Dcpnrtnirut iricndlr to the t lrcuon of thr ticket headed Jo> u Rj lo r, Jr fur Chief f.n{iimr,m ir^lltiUd to atreml meeting ?t the illli Ward Hotel. rurner of Grain! aid Elizabeth atreeta, on Fridn rreniuc, Id June, at 1 o'clock |ireciael)r, on butine .* of the utmost iinpoitanCe The to keta will be read'/ it that lime for drlieerv. E.rli* Gil I roller, Elijah E Kin?, Jo?c| h Muhwill, John heutnr >t Win 1, W00J, Win M Mcfit>r 1 Allen R Jnllir. Jarob Leonard, Jr. Wm Forrii, Wri I ,aw retire, EdwardTennis, Win W Wo .Jruff, ;r2 2fr Th'. Dnd.p. NO. 4 PECK SLIP. T^jR. CARPENTER, at hi? old tnosf-covcruri Dupemary. No. Peck dtp, ?ir?ir ff *ri-*:rt (T .continue* to administer to the afflicted and iiMbrtun*? , and to extend to them *uch relief** an ?nrlv call ".'ixtf and .-ocular medical education and -: ' M I (Uily I I . \ rv j. riide and variety of OMcaat *o ? *.. n'iillv enable# him. Dr. Carpente r ;*a licentiate of th? N*w-Vork State Medical Society, (claim* t?o equivocal foreign hoin?n)~ha* ?rpciritc private office* and entrance* forth" privacy of patient*, who .'an never conn- in contact?keep* no aoi^UliU or sho/*boys, ana devote* himself i eraonally to the welfare of hi* patron;. ti? .vare of ail nostrum* and <i?ecirte nostrum vender*.? Patienf .?are uailv falling victim* to their baleful rffV*ct?. Tit* The <uddeii inniiiiom of the si n* of Crispin to those of H?cu* I ipius are * caution fo ih r< guf ir practitioner, hut more im|K)*taut to thr tiifferiti. anddeln led victim. I m? lm>r Pit. ('AHPF.V'TF.R, | TI1R PRIVATE TIIKA TISE.?ibis is ; httlt ?oiu?n<*> j I certain di ia? <. in which the most convent r?t and priv t inr-iii of oilm ir< t t' ! 1 the pl??!e?' , o?*t|i?le hi Hit" r. id no* onlv it direeM ! ? vi??it u?r the simple and r e? ar C4.-MS, but th* which fi.len iliv iinprotnT Ivi't'U, mj?1 roipiutie on frotn month month, ore p tficuWlv dwelt? g Such iH iion, will iinmediatt ly the dfftcnltiev which m iwilr their cure, whate ver they may ??c| t* well a* the plan to Ih* pursued in each particular cave. It i? obtained only of tin nut no p. Dr. Rainh. ),fi Ofeenwich *t. Price $1. Dr. f< ilph alio take* this opportunity oUninf that he may Se consulted on the peculiar disease* abort referred to, at Kit private residence, at any hour. Aw in*. however, of the deep and juA mliritudc which many frel to couault a person of integrity aa well aw experience m these iN'Ctiliar enrnpUinta, the rnlhor d? inj it pmi>cr to giie the following .iiort sketch of the np*>orfatiitirs hi; haa had to fit himtr-lf for thii tru-t. And thi* he la thr m?Vrc in<*!i;u d to, a* many have assured him tlwt, for want of information of thia kin'!, fbey hive selected from a liat of advertising people tlx one who had boa -fed most of woiairotn f?tr?'??but not without the bit? next repent* nee. H" therefore beg* to ftat* that, beaide hia rank aa graduate of Kdenhtirgh, Ur. Str. Ike., he !mbeen watching the." di?c**ea, both in h<?*ptul and citv practire, for more than thirty year*, and haa published two edition* of a W I. v' I ll I them \ I hal he has t, I % .. I, I lettri from th- tn?*l eminent physician* of Kumpe, to the mi>it minerst in America?as Sir A*t|?y Cooper to Dr. Motr of N. V., and Dr. I'hy-ieU ol Philadelphia, and wthera ; and, further, that lie ha* the privilege of r? l< rriiiK to almost every phyatciari ol "min nrc in this citv. Nothing can be ntated, he conceive*. a> better ground of confidence to thoae who are atran/rra to htm. Consultation* may be made by j>oaf, and for aitrh lie ha* a little private o lie if, containing everything necessary for a ap? ed) and priv^fe cure. It is forwarded as may he directed. Pnc* $10. mP?Im*r ft< M'AK'I NT~R5lTli'.~TW- Uhiifr?i7nc.n n t. V-/ lair firm uf Durf'-' . Ti.iNIr St ll.liirht, Mt* "'t'.j'V .... .. I t. r .1.. ...I. J riSKA .K k BORDEN, fir tlie imum liuK nf * (l.nml ' mmi??ion Buniitr.a, at Nn. 218 WMi i ?trrr'. WILLIAM S. TISOAI.K, WILLIA .1 BORDEN. Nt w Ynrlt, 1?t Junr, 1812. Nnli.-r.?Tlir K.II Riirrln.n W..rlt?f - f K.II K.f. t < t.l.l.?l..d :m urnc\ ' No. ill ] ~fr.-. f, 1... t.i. tnuM.riiiw "f ?' .'J < " k"l. .uu.itlv ..n l.m-l llK.r .1 full ?? t'.' Ut of Nulr, ' 11 ' . . K k BO HI) K.N \ nu I II. i L~ < | | . i H r.-?- 1 EK.I HM - i i".' I i L hr' I ill y 8m ro'i hi..I (>. ,m?n L.r i..;. I;....le , , iery^n orr.rrl.ilh-?|.|?!ir<l'n n w>j WATHON, On nun x I'li.rimcuti.t, mJ? 1m*e A|*?lir.irlr?' lf.ll, * (l.tharliirrtirrt. 1>|I? [RON ?Hi ton? of N<). I <Jirt?l.rriie Wf Iron, l iri iliiu SiKiniffll', ( i<niiniiix?. r nr "W* by R OC HE, BROTHER* k ( O., ? Kwltnn ?tr?rt, I ,. nrtt door In lh- Kullnn li?iik. 'I'llK NOTE* of il.r MOSTMOI'TU BANK, Nj-w Jrr?ri I nrw irr puifhutQll 11 Wall .trrrt, by EARl. k C0? Oar iwt 0?cu ml lm*r mmmsasBmsmsammmmKtmrnmm HOW CURE DYSPEPSIA ? P)K BRANDAETH'S I'iLL* Dy^wfm.-Theyfi. blf tiit (iLcitivc uifttni to thtir 'Uolud duty t** * motii - '??"? b* r fr*t born )um to wdk. I? i> bv by gui '*?i ??i?l ihui ?r irli. u i-g tb?? u.n-h and 'lOwi-U, that THE BUANDKKTH' ? PILLS ir?* ?o ' s?lui\rv . an.I luvi^ontint: t'? thf* bitntjir owtituiioii It i i:..?. hat fb? ?m .! i ... o wt%ki> it : " |i i1 ' i i 111 illi,.i.. i n.. Pi... ?l - ihui u , li-lj.'<vf?) j At of the Lh dilv fram?*. It tj abxlutWv i pa.* ibli* Uraiiireth'a hllscBit (nil focure tl?r Dyapvptir Individ ? i. i>i?>viU?d tliu powtri of tl?c frame are liot entirely beyondn> human aid. TO BE REMEMBERED? ftf.1'1*4 L*. opou it THREE COrV KIOHI LA DEL 8. iliat parli L1..-I !.? rw.i hlgtujuri'gnf l)r. Btnlnmin Hnud. reth uj-on it. That there.must be* uikhi e*ch has tldr* ' eitTUMtires, thut:? B. BRANDRETH, M.T). Ana ihre?? si^naturm, thus BENJAMIN BRANDRETH. Besides the label* are full of small piintiin; done in red ink. tlirrr be in* oa tl?*- labels nearly three hundred impression* of B' i>i tiiiin Brandr* til's Pills. Tli? HttANDRETH BILLS are sold^it 23 ceuu |M?r hoi, at Dr. Brandrrtli's prlucil'tl ollirr, No. 211 Broadway In(v*?ri Park I'l ire .".nd Murray street ; also at hit retail offices. 274 Bowery, IM9k? Hudson street, near Canal, and 175 Second street N< w YArk. .it-2 1. *c THE MAGIC MIXTURE TS considered the safest, most speedy as well the most pleaa sunt rented.* for the thorough rslin^uhhmeii' of gonorihoci and analogous affections of the urinary organs. It is not like the most of advertised medicines, a chimerical one, hut i ? the sternal result of twelve years practice. If has never failed to cure in a siug'e instance. Hold at C. If. Rintf'a,53 Fnltoo street, corner oft lilf; Dewar, corner Church stud Chamber; auJ at dru7 stores 4l'< Bundw iv corner Lisnetiird street; 63Bowery cor Walker; 77 F.?d Broadway co. Market, and IBlAa Fulton street, Brooklyn. Price Si. j^2im*r A REAL ~BENEFACTOR TO MANKIND.?Call at Xk Clinton.fid), !3> Nassau street, or 138 Fulton street, and \ ru m.iv have yonr corns cured for 25 cent*. Amon.r the thous in h wh?>hatc u?<-d P-. A. Cooi tei's Infallibh Corn Stive, not a failure hastier Seen known. It. merit* were will known ' nd its ikU|icriority o\cr ;11 other.* was fully j ir.vcn hv a I'm*, tut I 1 uc (VI uiih befort the ilk>( h of offering ii to the public, in this jre-ie.rjl m <uuer, w.v? entertained; end it is, th. icfore. r?.'cuted w ith du honest confidence. N. B. Warranted in .ill eases to effect a:? entire cure, or money refunded. je2 IWm QPLEN'DID CARNATION PINKS AT ACCTIONc* JOHN II. GLOVER will veil at auction this day, June 2, at 12^ o'clock, in Bioacl iireut near Wall wtrcct, 300 ver choice Carnation Pin*?;, in bloom, comprising some new and rare VHricue*?Joins Seedling, Tlnsc Flake, white striped with red, Double Yellow, True Scarlet, Monthly Citmson, and many others. )2 HV HUM AM HAIR RESTORATIVE. THE llATE OF THE HEAD CAN BE HE STORED. D FAD THIS, judi;e impartially, *ce the testimonials, b? ir in TV Blind that no misrepresentation is offered, but a tail truthful statement. The following will suffice?a thousand other testimonials could he offered:? From J. S. Baker, Esq., F R S I, Fellow of the Royal Scientific Institution. The Royal SeCntific Institution has been favored with n specimen of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia, for the purpose of tcsting ils recommended qualities. nd r* i oris as follow*:?'1 We l.avi miuutoly examined and tested Jones' Oil of Coral Circa*?ia and find that it consuls of compound* decidedly favorable for i.iliri.hin1' i.. .I'liMinir r.iiuiir' iriAwtli nirin ilnnilrnfF mnl c it. iu< a dark a-ipearancc to tht hair, be??i? the qualities most r?commended ny Mr. Jone*, which thu Society find pt*11* c*ly true, at d in virtue thereof award Mr, J>ne* th** bote testimonial." (Siqhed) J. 9. BAKER. F. R. S. I. P. rtniau *treet, Potman S inarm Lo irion. Sold by T. Jotir*, sign (if th? American E i-r'c. fl' fh th im r-'t t. N. Y., at tli reason tble mi of?, 5 or 8 anill'tegi ? hottl?. IJi C". ful to are ihat T J n?'? in aiirn <1 i hmdw ritiiiv ? ?. adi 1 IkI?th?- loHowi'.g art- x i i-??-1 ;?0 F !tr:i at, BrooU n, 37 Dock *t, Pi t'ad l.Uia; 1*0 I) ltiino.e it, Bi'.tim r ; -7 Stat ,t. A !U aU v ; 0 Staff sf, Boo..,i. j? i lm^v_ I LNIENCH HF.STAl.' H \ T'T, ' . ".Vi-TnirnVV. t' ..." I ;I|- ('ii.i< .;i II .in, .-J. UMXNAIID .V IJF.I.AkO T'PK a;i tli' honor to info*in tiu-ir a? ju lint nice* pd the pubin in {cncra', ihil th?*\ have ad Inl to then old tabliihint at, known for urw-oiU of two years under fin* firm rf J. Bontiard, the treat Saloon on th firat lloor of the simi' honae, and have litaides arranged aeveral leaser Snjooiu for the a? eu.nmodatinu t private paifiesaud society dimnrH. They w ill pay the greati it attention toordc: for Dii ncra md Simpers in anv iwrl of tin* city. Room* and Omce# in tlie upner -.toriea of the s .me house may he had of them at very morteiite rent... j t I 1m* CMH EMKN'3 TICKET? . * F<?r Chief Efi'JMiepr. JOHN HYKKR, JR. Vnr Aiid-itant Engineer*. Archibald Noble, Entitle Company No. 31. Henry Wmebttrn, do do No. J. William H. Cobanka, do do No. 33. Daniel Cmj?*r, Hydra lit do No. 'i. MjiI ichi F?Mou, Engine do No. 3:1. Charles J. Htrri*, * do do No. n. (teonfe W Varian, do do % ;. Ahran un Bnga t, J".. do do No. ?7. Wm. H. Colwell, "Harlem" do do No. 3-?. je Ic A rnOBLEM-AND TIl'.Wll 't -Oi.v t. Il-wi.v do tlie iuiitUoM of m Tablet Razor Strop allow me to r u* , off the premium tin dil and di. loma, Piotn ih?* Ameiiean In*titti'e, vear after year, without ever submitting their own lor f Oh ye of tender chins and toujh Iwudi, answer the ibovc by bringing idull pair of RiMr% and f"?f for ynm?rlv? lie truths of tlif certificate* of the moat scientific l eiitier.o u i the country, * ia: i'rofeaaor Gri .i oui, Dr. Molt, Oct). J. Tailinadge, and others. (J. 8AUNDKIIH, Sole iiivetiUu and inu-ill"icinrer of the Metallic Tablet Razor Strop, with four aides 163 Broadway, New York. jel 3tin**c THK ECLIPSE, 100 C-dar stri-t, (a few doora not of * Broadw ay.)?1The aubaeriber would re spec! fully inform his frifinU and the puhlie, that he has fitted un the above hoiuc with every attention to comfort and nesttness, having the adt illtajjei of a quiet neighborhood, and yet so mar the meal tl?orou-ihfare ?>f the city. Welih llarchiu, Cold Cuts, St *.; Ale?, Wines, &r. of an|?ertor quality. F. EVANS. jel2tu*r HORN'S PATENT AliGANl) LAMPS AND IMPERIAL BURNERS. r|MIr, Subscribers would call the attention of the public to the A sujterior qualities of their kIrhI fountain shadowiest susfteud" inc. side and other L%mn?. Their nl-iss fountain* beint( non-conductors never become heated like those of bras* which are in use, consequently tln-re is no ei|Mtn*i<m of the coutmt* or escape of uiicon?omed vapor into th room, wholly different from spiiit tbei compound* for illumination. Horn*! new Ckenic I Oil is iioionlv transparent and stainless. but devoid of scent or stnell duriit^ coinbtisliou, and entirely free from stuokr ordure KOrof explosion, yielding a li>ght which for steadiness, inf entity, clearness and beauty cannot be equalled by the host carburetti u hvdroigrii go?. Theseglass fountain lamp* require no attention aAer being once tilled arid ignited, and will continue to burn ten hours in succession, gii injr dining the whole time n light eqnivalciil to the flame* of not less rltan t? n spermaceti candles, and this too at the low price of only half a cent per hour; Horn's patent burner*# brim; so constructed that a fresh current of air is constantly circulating w irhiti the very l?t>dy of the oil, that liquid ? thus kept constantly cool in all temperature. N. D?Horn's Chemical Oil, globe*. lamp g!asses, wicks, can*, kc. ic., sold wholesale and retail hr EDWIN B. HORN &Co. jc%1m?aw is*c '?!> Fulton street, corner Cliff. PERJURY, PERJURY. rFHE above am** chart?Ins, for t' e especial (gratification of A ? few malignant and *eifc?m?ndcd individuals, been published indifferent turcnin reference to m , dest ite circumstances and facts which give the direct lie to so unfounded and in' in u? an accusation. charge, i.lthough cuntiinaly designed, and closclv pursued, his fallen to the around, and 1 hav* been triumph* nth e*on rated froin ail censor , ev? n by the parsons who Wt re chiefly instrumental in *t< king to involve m* i" difficulty. I' is due, under such circumstances, not less to mvsrlf th?.n to nay very large f niily of inn -cent an I unMf.ii'Jiiu? children, tii *t I should thus publicly " nail to the nnr.t," irid strike the "ii -atli blow" of th villainous cab mn\ that hn* been o indiistri; lid circulated against me; and I Mua that, here 'ftcr, th* re w ill be found no one desperate or v'le ? 11 ugh to aft* or ?to injure my f-ir f?me, or tamper with the'cter* st* and feelings ofthoae who are much dearer to me than me own life. LEONARD GOSLING, Rupenutendint of Henry G ? ling'* F.xtenaivc F'rench and jel ??*c American E itfn? House, 61 and 66 Nassau st. LEARY 6c GO'S FASHION?SUMMER?1842, TOR GENTLEMENS' HATS, wtli. nr. ivntodfrrn Naj' ?o?h, AT NOS. 4 & r, ASTOR HOUSE, :n?T Iwnc _ l<n Nnrmii Hffftri, r A NO ED from th* brig Ohio, from Havana, nf rnpcrio J t|?t Jiiy, for a*h? iii hit* to sinf purchaser*, at r*u*i imLI pric. -i, by M. RADKii, <6 Ch.'tbtn ?tK eu mlO Irn* 'I'M | Mr. LilVr.ks-OK 'SL'f'V.iifO:: BLACK 1 K\A Hnwi) :a'< Mietite This extremely Helicon* nml in ?rllrl'il T i, ?o liitjlily iif-l-b;T"(t in Chiiu uti I flu ju t im ( rti'I. i? new Cor sib -f tli? (' ni i T?? C.i:iit>~.ii,'? Orm ml re* EitaMishm' ?ii, BII Cluthim ilmef, New YoiV?m Chi nue r?U ge?. Prii't !0 anil $i. milliter "HIE SOUTH AMF.HICW COAL COMPANY. ! VTO'2 ICE <t rr lie i"> . n : > .->t ). .ohlin m i. " . t'li *-X Am r: m C -I i u; [ r i|i*lci,tli'i|f"r Klinefi 1) r || the -ilil ( m HI. V, will ii li-til if III i ulli V.H j I i|-'r'V itf- i-t,on'I'liiiiiil ly'Ii. I'll'hilty i.fJuiii- neat, t Im i i m|i i i . -n Cr in KuVloo'i M.Ui i n" Vnrk. i?i. n'lii' li aaetri b ok will o i ! il lio i Jm i.'tli t Jiti, I , . IMS. B> I r I U . r . B. Alt.MIj Aiit. Htf.-riarv. j Nmi York, M, IMS. mil : MEDICAL AID. A niVSICIAN long acenjtormJ to pr< -# ?il>?? f.?r diae m a of * private natuiv, rt aidi t . r .11 Mot! afreet. !! haa familiar with thojf complaiuU for iniay )-#a/j,<uid Laving been a particular atnl clone observer oi cawae and c.Tc *f. h u obtained a thorough practical knowledge .f thia biinrl. of hk pvofe??*on, whir.h Im* enabled him to inU<"i Hi* <tne t.tholde i improvement* into liiw iwactic*. II?? d?.?e? i?.?t of mul ?'if j rapid a nil ImsI'i cure*, tut liii Minr^tiia u I > pcrlopo !u>: j iborough and radical cure*, #and in ** short * iiim'c <i( time an ; II can possibly be done will* .id* nitagi an?l*a*e'y to lie \ ti? nf. Ami generally ?|w*kror, it i? m?i ?ht, . v for ?tv Imliei.t to I'bacrve .my ehingr lb Imaine** .'etf fuhfl*, Vkeepinc in view, of conrtr. tbe n.itr e of rl?" + ***9, cote <tituti<>M 01 rt?? patietiY, -ltd the vmpt?*m? tint ifiay h.^pp-n, a? well ?? pH-arm. li.-iv, J . ... .. curt-*arc ill' oitrcr from wl.- ii'r r. a.tlt -. > mi. . ' iitf*-.tiij| cur* of eon* mi** or wfOBuur/ > . .u.i I liken,u,i f.i <|tif->iiIjr follow* tWiw of many rcmi lirfor thi? ntmg. rh?( uy mrdli-iw. how?cr food hi tlw fi?t < . primary ?ta*e* ofaae, eatmui b- "ippoacd u> iter* :!* urn. oarer and irflnt iter o\?-r the ulunrul '?/?> ' tlv dtaea.. . mil thu* while the patient i? ?wnlloyrinc tl\.-dl> iu< a from d..y to day, hi# diae?*e, if It i* n?l cbatufintt to * chronic form, lo any Utr leatt. it i? trry likely t? terminate in a permanent dabilily. or perhapi o.i.tothitfX ww* <* for in-.tencr, ? .-.i -tt,.i? ln.w many hut* IrH lt*ir may he hi rhi* rrrv lime tahtiir me.hrinr *ikW tirmnat*Mrt that apt1**' diactinuin.r, when, il rh< mal hcu of the ( * < wiif known, the diaea*e tin <hf prore to l>e i ?irictu/v, and tin mid tin cia?, it i* important fo 'ho patient In know tlut medii ine alone nei. r ili>l, not in ' e ran cure a atrieture. Dr Oregon i? the author of a little book on put air div .an, which impart* much valuable inbornni?.u to il.o-. about to aelect a medical adviser. It i* complne in lis detail, ami enable* the reader to treat hi* own eaae ,a* privati ly a, he rh ?>?e*. lu lan.Dife ta n il only l? rfecily plain, but it it dled Willi eiuiaiinya, nil >>1 which ar. full, replanted. rnci* Ttwj Doctor do?? not limit Um iiu to a ft \% Imr bin hr niiy In* found ?t hovnr At any hour of tin day ' ? iifiCl (. !(ub*enrr tliAt No. ?1 I* not -t drug itorr)? Il?? room* ? w?rll .irrinKfd for tb? rrct'i lion of |*ti?*iiU, tud lu* ch*r*c? ? *> J?* i ate Letters from the country, dctcribfiw symptoms, end ei? cloftitiK a fee, will be ixiuctually Attended U> if po?t i*?d. a 'it I ?n MO riCK.-tln Oflkr for i'KAN<*'IS' PATItNT LIK ? BOAT u rrmnvrri from 11'? !" ?l Drool* *. DAY WAT>;it.-ju?i wwiVrlffro'in Siini tmxiwo h?in<1n i D M||?n, ofB.y w .t. r, * ...|*rior . r.?-|j. ><Ji ? e bv ?1? boufr, tf.llun, or narrcl, I Jr i t m31 7t*r ?17S 8ou;h?tn?. ,1 AXCTluN SA1 BY TtlOMAH ftfcl.L ' Sform . .'u?t ami Ht hSilioi. ) i JuisiA v. ~ ... ?,i n.-n .owiy,corner unit . sale of k?nHii.ii ii .. , ,1 jir um, ,iii Hi 1. "i ? ? iV" - J> villi Willi .lit /re,'ha HMnf troll Vilu.Mil. ??? * 1 "lit Will I. . Vk I. J he bioc ric? and -v. i. i'i in tr? .1. , ?rtin> ..I n- <1 i'... I uul freshest'|U JiUea; Hi* - i-rTi-Jly rrli ]ii.*ltil .ii'i i.iril no pufin/ ^o?nl desrni ' .oil can !>?' ?< u : i . ,? or sale rooWi.,?u<l affords *? opiortunu lot families and otic. <, a* Ilia "lock w ill be until iuhy^tosivi l u?ii*->rt. Al 10 o'rlork iu tin -al? m.Ins. Piano Forte*, (.lupins, Pnmtiiuts, k.e 5.e.~V\ itlioat rear rre, iq splendid rokrWMOil ?nd pukMinv new and second ,iuio f.iri.i. by the Kaffli.h, French end Am. in mmulViun,..; u vein rble organs. guitars, music itooh, tlwi>tori?ii.>l paintine. suit 1-ujra* intra, about 200 villa valuable book ., Jut. See. Alt". uuinherof valuable Books, including Bull's edition r.f till' Theatre and Porta, wit!, the original la it, ami very tare. Aim, two trunks Clothing. At 11 oVIock, at 22 Ann atrert. To blacksmith*, boiler makers, 4cc?A complete aat of boiler malo-r'. ton!., amain punchline machine, goose neck do, I pair shears, 1 casting for .mall do. truck wheels, bvniinci.., sledges, Sic. . .... AUo, a complete art of blacksmith'i toola, anvils, vices, stinks, l..p? and dies, together with au asaortim-nt ofiiona, holla nu'.a, Sic., in lou to tnit liurclia-er SATURDAY. Sale of elegant Furniture of all draenptioua. iu roiilinnaUnu from Wedneaday. . BV FT~J. BKARNS. Auctioneer Tin llisiJA r, At 10 o'clock at the auction room. Furniture?A lar-'." end vain hie assortment olhonv I arid ani kitchen furniture. Marshal's ale? B> virtne of a fi. la. exrcu tiou. a lot of tallies, chairs, looking, Sic. Al o?by virtue of a landlord's warrant, one coffea ura sua coffee atati.l, tallies, stools, drainers, lot of crockery, twi FH1UA*. At 10 o'clock at the auction riMiHi. Groceries?A lsr?. anil ire urn I a.sor'tnent of croccnra. lew . wines, lUk' iri. cell e, liquors, Stc., by v iitut of a mortgiac, se, by ordi ' th- a . Also?:0 11 I is M tlroii Sujar: 24 hats Java ( of[. ana II half box :v yeuug hyson tea, hv order of the Sh?:ifl. '1 UfciNDr. V , At !1 o'cUirk, iu front of the store 139 kniion .. Package Sale of liarthrnwan?92 cratea of Tierbvalwre u Stone Yellow Wire, assorted in packages; 2V enitaa nrtsi-. ware, and 10 package* glass, nosv landing, fiomship notuu* n r, loot of Frasklinat, N. IT. Also a largo quantity oi us>? warn. BY RIFLL It ARCULABJila. ~ HIS MIIK>.|N? At 10.H o'clock, in the nii> mom Elegant Furniture,> ami Paiutrngt?A Urge a .or.incur CI" bcM made U'hionable furniture, including Cull an I half French mahogany chain;, |>irr, dining, lea and centre i.lble>, wardrobes, bureau., luilet tablea, looking glaeaea, tuf.ed and apring anar aolat, otto mam. divan., rockert, dreaiirg bureius, feather bede, nmtlre.aea and pillowa, oll.oc detlca, Jte. Plain. Fortra?Alan, a. vrral aplenuid piuno foil.., by celeb, ted maker., coirhiuiii,: all (h< modrra ini|.rovcinciit??may ).? cf mined one day pre v ion ? lo the tale. Valuable Painting.?Alao, b oil |?ifi(ing., aome at a great ci|K .ne by a genircmun travelling in Kurort-, including two t>aii..borough., one of whirl. coat JliyO; I Van (Jogin; I Moreland; 1 Angelica Kautrinaii. Th-,c picturea will hear a critical cvanil notion?the attention oi ( noiaaeura it particularly invited?may he examined one da/ prerioua to the vale. j2 If c \UCTION NOTICE.?Sale ?i" Piano Forte; organs. 'i > aa. goods, hooka, |>ainiiuga, clolhina-, Ur? on Fridavat tl)'? o'clock, in the large rcom?, 32 Ann and H'. Fulton atreta. je2 2tr _ THO^. BELL, Auct. A I l.'TION N O f it. ' ode ot F fy H ce.7. * y choice Win^s, Pre crrea, K>uu?, INelclca. R.incea, s Liquors, and orher superior ?rt r!? < iu th' . r<> ? ? o .. ? Thu"4?lay iu th'-old estibhshod st-">r?\ corner rt Wmic m. i "i.l B1' ulw .y, wi'l hi found df'eirin' paitirulfir -tree r. i ? Th" Wines and L;qu??rs ai" s*s" !*? limiul. *..? ? ... to -, auil nil pi?r?* iiH iinj It is con?hh x*'d tin;?? ? .??? . .r.v- it df script) ?>'! ili V.i ids'er'ii f*?r *?, ?,<. . ami r >? ? in :iiiv . .! th" sto ' I 1 t?n r ? i : "- . jtI Jtr _ J UO ?1AH HCf L. v? \ (T'iT( K T?> FUHNITLKJ i'V k iW.WfiiiV % TON .Y1LLKS, N/ . 3I.S B-vm-wuh n. *r i u >, !, w? 'ihl Iciw I In* atieutinu of the public t'.u !i?? w.Jl I! ? fid r ibinrt FurmTuri *t 10 tier cent. I# tUo tin ? .no- on .1 i:/ of work in ti \v soiling ni t i?e .ui.tii'i*?coiisistp oi Di-v.r, Cn-ilie*, Si>f?i, rov? i*ed in li'l'. i. nt ctdoit.') plupht*:.. ui'.., a hi heir i loth, of 'h*- Im? st Sprin ? put ' ... did t> NEW YORK AND SEWAR K % FiirTftiiVuM d lo :irjwcciTtn From tin* foot of Cenrtlnndtrtrtet, N Vork. (Kviv; ?1a\ ?Hundu> M.- v," *'1 ^ Lenvui N# ?' V'm U L- m i * >sarl' At R A. M. At I T. M. At 7% A. M. A* !*{ P. M. 9 do. 4 do. ?J d ?. S? : do. II 4X do. !0>< do. 5N% d. . 6 do. 7 tin. 8 do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the foot of Lihi-ffy ?rreff. LnTf S sv York. I ' iv? N? *.r?.k. At f> A. M. irnd . r. V Ai l? Nocn id lb P M. yilW VOttX. KL!XAnFTHTOWN. UAHWAY AV Nf.w nutsswirU. V.ue r? diic? ?i. From *hn foot of Lih? rtv dei'y. Leave New Vork. L.'*r N - e Bm^wii-k. Ai u V. \1. Ax M A. M. ilj ? . \\. it A M. SOMEHV iFLE Stices connect with r;f ... liuca each \ v. Faie Hrtween New York and Sonicrvillt*, 5r> r? Do do New Bruusw't.k, "? c*ms. RnliMfny. M c'eii"* Kiiub' UitOWBi 2.V cehta. Thu fare in the 71% A. M. tr?iri from New Braniwkfa. ai ?J P. M. ir on from V* w York. !n? been rrdnri d fcetwveu New Yu*k and New Bintowick, to ecnta. _ " and nalji'vij fo 3734 11 The j>1.i \ mailfpm pwn* through New bmn'.v,u k for New York t\cry evrnilL ji 9 o'clock. 011 Sunday* the 7), A. M. tripe from NcwHrunswick U omitted. Passengers who procure their ticket* at llie licki t sdhcc, receive a ferry ticket Krjtis. Tickrii are received l?> il<c rundoctor nnl\ nu the day win u purchased. mJS '.tin ,wen *Ci FOR ALBANY and TROY direct-Tim <^i> .tlty, ,~iJa splendid low pressure steamboat PF. WITT TT gr "if CLINTON. Ca|itain 8. H Roe, will I vft the foot of Cortland! street, Thi* ( afternoon, Junu 2d, ?t 7 o'clock. The SWALLOW, Opt. A. McLean, will leave at above, on Friday, June 2d. at S o'clock. The above are substantial boat*, fitted up with deran: Statu Rooms, and for auuomimxUlioii* arc unriralled on ihe Hudson. j*-2 4??- PA8SAOE FOR LfVEKPOOL?United Lute.? MEW^- The splendid, fut sailing packet ship. ROI'HEf.SMMfcw TEH, Cmt. Wood bo use, is now In idiot, and will and will sail positively on tin- litb June, her regular day. This ship lias unsurpassed accommodation* for cabin, aeeond and steerage passengers. For passage early application ahonld be made on board, foot of Burling Slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 49 Peck Slip, J'2 r corn*r South street. Affg- PA98AOE FOR LONDON?First rtckat.-Tha iJflMFy.splendid packet ship ROYAL SOVF.REION. Cait. JngkijHIsaWallter, sails posithely on 4th of Jane, her regular day. Hiring very superior accommodations for rsbin, second cabin, and steerage pa srmtrrs .at low istes for par-sage early application should be i on board foot of Old Hlip, i to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. 1-2 r 42 Peck slip, below Souih at. FOR LONDON?Packet of tha 10th June?fho YPJM'W<l l-ndid. fast sailing regular packet thin WF.LLIN<>^"JwImTON, Cai t. Chadmrh, will tail as above, her recti" lar dav. i n? arcommorrKlcina ni tins ?iiip inr rauin, si ronn cauin, ami ?trr r- is,- n-i-ra, are nut eic-lh d bv any packet in port. Therefore. rh ije <lc?irciM of 31 curing bertha aliouid make im* medulla application to OLOVER k Mc.MURHAY. 100 Pin* ?t, ronier of South. P. S?Triton* wi?him to tend for their friend* rrtidio* in ill-old nniitry, can hatp them brought out by the abore ahip, or \ny of the aainr line, by applying u abor*. (if by leilar no*' paid.) jal h FOR LIVERPOOL.?Regular packet of the 7th MaJfjiVJnn.p?The ?t.|endi<l new. faat railing iiaekcl rhin -S?S?SloEOROE WASHINOtfON, trill "ail at above, This ship*! accommodation* for cabin,*ecmd cabin, and ntp?t? age paaeyngrm, arc fitted np in a moat inperiot *tyle, and herd.t can he veenred on rnniii rvtr term*.by apply!?!* on board, tort < f Maiden lane, or to OL(TV ER St McMI'itRAY 100 Pine *treet, toruei of Souih P. S.?Permit wiiluncto acitd for their friend? teiidjne intha old cco"i?ry, ran have thorn brought ont by the above *hij , or auvof hp regular packet*, by applying a? al?ovc, (if by letter do*t |>ai, ) jeli FOR LIVERPOOL?with desp?t< h ?The tt'en hfyWrV'li.l t\ !I known fe?l tailing uliip Rl SSEL fJLOV ER, >d|K4liA?aC'apt Hrvvra, at ill hate 01 nndiate dog.tJch. For pan-ate in cabin, aecond cabin, and *t> < rage, liavmj; splt nJid ai coininoda'.ioti*. ant It on laiard foot of Pine re. t, or to OLOVER St McMPRRAV, jo 1c inn One atreet, r?r of South, fjat F(Tk~~NEW ORLEANS?Litnlaiaaa and w HSjlSVV.jik |.i?e?To iiirc?cd the _ Straloc The 1 i-t Wi TmIIii i i'i packet ahip OCONEE, Caj* laraaou, tvi.l poaitiveiyaaii aaabote. For freight or pnittge,' avii* hand?otne liirriitdird uccnmr ' datioin, app'j on bo nil. at Orli an wharf, foot ol V rII atieul, E. K. COLLINS k CO. X * ?;!. at. On at care will lie l?ki 11 to h?Te the km>d? by tlu? line c if r?- tly meaaured. , , . _ Agent? in New Oi'ean?, llnllen at ? nod-tilf, who Will promptly forward all K"nd? to hi* iddr-?*. m3 < FOR LIVERnX L?'1 -tel t. V h..- ?v fcwMV Sl.ii I'I' i'- no will "ie?? u i,.. 't jSSfifrT.i., .,?t. I.., . | f , ;,.l, . m, ' < o ij.j lit T .- .lit it* . , *'*l?tv ??N ! 'f'J fI; ... ' ' '. . > Hi" . li? JUii.N ' AN uI k i ' . >*. 11 * m Girjt h '- I? 1 L l? w riii * . II * l?? ? ? ui. i|^ .? n u>r nf iitr m tin tij.h' lit tin I Uitci! ku>r?i' u* by pj?Ki.i.', \s aim v. _ _ ui_ VOtl ^AlC fclLLK.H-Tfc . priior UrU EVERkr^S^TO>, C M ?y *. w ill <ii?i on - Wii re &m*0ukci?t?w l./th Juno. Kor lingU: r,? l ?n.., m B0YD?*TT\<K! . w**lr N'??.9T' ? ?*i?? IJ ' J ' - I- \< KK fg ? (<i: H YVRE (? ... I I > . 1 m-^T^,r V Oi^iJ*, Jm.u Vnf?cl<, v*ili m I ??ti th* Ju:>-. BOYD a IllNCKKN.A nu. J '?*: _ _ 9 Ttu.tinr RMM :ir . S!HI P MJHANNAH ISTlttr m*?trr, I'rurn TJ* Vt rp e? ol hf t?ii? nhtp will r?.tif<rr i litor t?y tin-it i?? vit<, *v*?!u?i?r ilotv- o?i t?o:kr?l ut J iJ.r< mI'VI, F>. R.. ort-ithi ofn? f ''"it;I*. no. ROCHK BilOTlUVIM ? O M' :u?aju. jf o V *t ?! ?;?i t? tho Kiift '? Ti ClW *AIVT Ml HOUAH.-TM , " xi* will l" lYr So f, th iiiti i, t ?\!? .1. *i. '1 li Mail \ull t \i th?* P..41 Oft"*, !?! I r. b* tikt-ii fooni fto JUa ! '?; Ho nut ! |, A. M.f J- n<?. ft" j?- m V.AVi I I)- A Farm I ?' ut uv m ?" txHiaT^eiid Si r? i? I i i'l.withx ?"?! '.'wlltju. ' I'lrn' * nrfniM.hou o^ * . ut on; w*r, witli'Vij t J*(* pur'liVvi'iw' it at ? % i wiiliin ?h T- Am i/< r i t. 103 Rru'h Kr ut frrrr, |1iib"Mph ' f> t 3t t '' I- LlOini . FA i'lLV " ' ' ' ? * r..'j .... ... ,v ..r! V Ml 11 1. " nt. U* t r. ir . i'itt Hr. vlv. ij. !'' ??> i n ntr b? bad inimediir lv. f t |u?rfl( il in apply n' V. T: ' . a'.' Iw hI in?*rr t 'l (> jlK \ f? /'he ?li(l' or pi t of >lir ir-min aterv >fin V>. II. *! ? Th< prr?ent o?.n I nt will, if'I 'r'll n em ? li ird with Hi liMi ly. Kmnif" '' II-' ll'i't'O" '*ir liaml. I?ii?r RED HOUSE TROTTIVG COURSE. AM ATCII for on* luinlfilcl il'llir, to romr off tlii? day, o'clock, between Mr. Ilelin'i Hlrfrm Bo> ami ConHin Carl'* bay mart Beta) B-her. jrl ll*t