Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 2, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 2, 1842 Page 4
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__ amusements. > I HI.O'S (JAKUK1. \i.hf of tlie 8ntv>?. THiS EVENING, Jun< - J'he rvi-ojogi performance to coin in, nee n ill TIGHT ROPE EVOLUTIONS, B, the Wonderful liivel Family. After wliieli Mm and Mr H \Vell? will dine- i Pn de Deux. 1H ill an liouri intermiviinti'] THE PROMENADE MUSH.ALE. YV Lull gave \o much aaiu.action livi waiuli w ill again enliven ill- ptriod of intermix ion To conclude witli tliCONJUROR'S GIFT Don Pane hi, Jerome Ravel lavalmo Urinaldt. Antoine Ravel Colorao, Gibriel Ravel Living. Mine Welle Myrrha, M'me Jerome Ravel Tickets?6u ccnu. Unorv one 11 at lull past aeitu o'clock, Eiilrrtainmrnta lo cum ncnce *1 ' i<hi. _ ___ ? ? fTkk thkatrb. THIS EVENING, Jul" 2?The performances commence THE MAID*OK SAXONY. Count Dam.ka, Mauvtra | Karl C. E. Horn. Hmold. Mr. Seguin \laiuftald, Mrs. C. J?. Horn. To cimcludu itli THE qUADRUPKDS. FraiuiiCo. Fiiher | Pearcy, Pearson Tiltilinda, Mr. Pritehard Mopjierella, A. Bedford Doors open ml .even?iwrfortnances will commence at hall put scaou. Boat . $1 ?Pit, 50 r.iiM?(i.illery, 25 cents CHATHAM THEATRE, The Old Price. He.timed. THIS EVENING, Jan1 2?The pertbrinaure will coui GOLDEN FARMER. Jemmy Twitcher, John Scftou Golden Farmer, Thorns Elisabeth, MiasMrstayir After which LADY AND THE DEVIL. Wihllove, Ilield riaudiau, llall Zophrina, |Mr< Thome To conclude with ZEVIBUCA. Hrlim, Kirbv?Mirxa: J R Scott Ebra, Miaa Meatayer Doors will o|mn in future ,u a quarter px?t 7 o'clock, and the curtain will ri.,e at 8 o'clock punctually Dress circle, 50 cent.?Buses, 25? Pit, Uhj?Prii ale Boron, SC OLYMPIC THBiTRBi Ticket Nii;ht. THIS EVENING, June a.?The |>crfurnisuc?s will com men", with RINGDOVES! llarrv Riiirdose, Ilorncastlc | Muoiu-y, NicUiusoit Mi... Lonaclackut, Mr. Tinim A Jut which, SAM PAH ! Sim Parr, Mitchell I Mr Kilter, Houcastle Dan Dolorous, Grahiun | Dc Monso, Hiker Becky, Mr* Tiinin Mr* Kilter. , Shuleion After which SARATOGA SPRINGS. Timothy Tapcwell, Mr Mitchell Peter Pos<m , Homca^tle Nil* Tape well, Mm Timm Mi*s Bluestocking, Mr* Watt To conclude with M ARUIF.D BACHELOR. Sir Charle* Court all, Edwin Trus?, Graham Orico, Mr* Moasop Lady Courtall, Mi*s Singleton Ores* Circle, 5o wuu-Upj>er Boxes, 25 ceuts? Pit, Is.?i'rr : x ., f Th* Dtxisi will in futuie open at 7 aud the Curtain will rue a hsIt'iaslT pterixflv illLL'S SEW YORK MV9KUlfl (Formerly known a* Praia's,) Vc. *2.VJ Broadway, opposite the City Hall. TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION !?INCREASED NO VELTY ! Two Performance* Daily. MONDAY, May 3n ind every eveuimr during the week .YANKEE HILL AT HOME. Gran I Exhibition of the womb rlul POLYSPASTKS VIEWS, Jxiat imported from Europe, by Mou* J Martin, and to be pre Afiited to the public for the first time in thi* country. Last wLhc* of the Emperor Napoleon, re pre ttuted in ten initniificeut Polvsp.istes Tableaux. > f jjAmoiig the other view* to bc.t xhibited will l>? found? 1st?La Tour de Nede 2d?Campo Veechio at Home, al?Ruins of the Abby de Saint Bertin at St Omer. 4th? Loueche, and Li Gem mi in three Tableaux. On this occasion will also be exhibited a new Daguerre's Diorama. Mr. Hill will deliver hi* lectures on tli* habits , customs, man ner*, A< ., of the Down Rasters?ami conclude with a tiuinberol in* popular Yankee Stories, Anecdotes. Imitations, Ac. The wonderful Dwarf for one week longer. Two exhibitions daily. The afternoon exhibitions commence! at 3 o'clock P. M. The eveniug jK-rlorm nice* at half-j>ast R. Admission to ill 25 cents. n?30 ~ AnimiHw jui'smijit. OORN'KR OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? V-y P. T. BARVUM, manager. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, commencing on Monday, May W. Best attraction in the city! Day visiter* admitted the same evening FREE, MASTER JOIiS DJAMOXD, the great and original ne gTo dancer, whose renowu has induced others to assume his name, has just returned from alwo year*'absence at New Or leans, and will appear in his woud*rful dances and breakdow us, accompanied hv the celebrated W. 11'lltTLOCK, with Ins nnrivslUt] Ethiopian Melodies and Extravaganza* on the B+1NJO. One more week <rf the mysterious GIPSEY GIRL ! She can he privsiwly eotistilh d during the day. ti INDIAN WARRIORS and SQUAWS! dressed in the NATIONAL COSTUME, are engaged for this week only. MISS ROSALIE, the Vocalist ; L.4XSTXG, the Comic Sing.-r ; CELESTE, the Dtiie.-r : ANIMAL M.1GXETl$M VIAGA It A KALL3, ALblNO LADY; GLASS BLOWING. tttaud Coimonma, and more NOVEL CURIOSITIES than a re contained tu any five museums in America. A ?plendid day ja rforniauce every Wednesday and Satun't* afternoon Ad:nittauce to the whole 25 cent*?children half price. RlS'i C p!H':i'S-TKIj H It MANN will |day iu Rochester, on Moud.iv, Tuesday and Wednesday, 2Id. 24th and 25th; Caledonia, 30th; G<-u<w? . , 27th, and 9 part v 22tn. CARD AND NOTICE 'fo TRAVELLERS, aud the Public generally, resident iu the State of New \ork *u Western Division of the country, Messrs. WELCH & MANN hope and believe they can pre sent to the lovers of the noble science, Horsemanship, a mot splendid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked eipiesuuu and a star in his own dejwirtmcnt. Tin- Grand Tent Saloon is new, spacious, and highly arcorn mod it i tig; the housing and decorative trappin;* are rich, novel and of the very first order. The Orchestra com prises the best available Native and Fo reign Talent, and will enable the lovers of music to hear tin finest compositions of the Great Masters admirably played.Among the performers will he found the lnm- i of the nnivrr illv celebrated J. ROGERS, the Star of the Sou.h, m al ki* beautiful $hJk?i>eare4ii and magical one horse ,?e t?? J. J CadwaiUder, and his wonderful pupil. John Glen.oy, jvtll|<oiir trav their beautiful one, two and three horse acts of operatu ballet, aided by the four Misses Wells, the most talented am interesting children in the Union. The astounding Italian Gvinmutic Sceua of Mr. Riihy anj hi* infant son, must electrify all who behold a series of sucl The PMvnilireQt Poses of the four Hungarian Consina 1 The fashionable anil astonishing Equnation of an tlerao company of Ladies. headed l?y the accomi dished M|. J & f 1 *" SMITH, cannot fail to e?rit?* a sensation a* surprising a* ii light ful. The fie?t?**t Itvirg Acrobat, Mr. G. Sw eet. wil) ?1m i?Uy his ?U|?crb Equilibriums and spU-udid Duicesoti ln? Tigh Rope. The first Comic Singer of the Day, Mr. Dickinson, will o< caaionaily introduce * scria* of the tn/ist popular songs? th great East Indian Necroinatic Keats by Mr. J'-nuinirs. Moat suiwralatia * Egyptian Pyramidieal Vaultiug by a full taleutrd trou|?e?single horse acts of dash and dare, by Mi Howard. Tweuty performers will represent Grand Historical Cava! cade Pageants, with Cm* beautiful stud of H im ?. And in accordance with the taste of the day the most ei el lent and popular specimens of Negro Hone and Dauce by tha monarch of Heel and Toe, the incomparable John Smith, tubby light heeh d Tommy Coleman, the rreat Banjo Plsye*, W Chesnut,and the Prince of Pagan?nn?es.H M * ?? pARK 'THEATRE.?A 1 AKD.-Mti. shut ..* T lease respectfully to inform his friends and the public tha his Benefit will take place on Friday nest. June :ul, on whir occasion will h?- |xr formed H roM't romantic Open of /AM PA ! toe R.*d Corsair, or the Maihle Bride. Sirs. Scgtiiu (f<< this night only) as Camilla?Mr*. Knight (first time) RittaMr. Manrers (last time in America) is Z unpa? Mr. 8eynii? a Bnino. Alter which Mr. & Mrs. C. K. Horn, Mrs Seguin ?t? Messrs. Manners ami He gum, will appear in a Musical Olir To winch will be added a favorite entertainment, particulars o which will he inserted in future adafrti?emei)U. jel jtr FIREWf)RKS, CRA(3KK RS.?( FOURTH J UL Y, 1842. COUNTRY and city dealers in firework*, w ill find it to thei advantage to call and examine an extensive assort men of the best quality, at R. AYLIFFE'SJ old establishment, f Chatham street A large quantity of fire crackers iu*t receivei Remember th? sigu of the two mammoth sky rockets and col key m?l t iv4*r NEW HATH. JRABIVEAU informs his friends and the public that h N'cw B ith is VOW OPEN, at his old station, south side < Caatle Girden Bridge, at the Ilitterv, Whare he will be pi ran to see them all. He might aid much in reference to In* f re *ud extensive Hwnnrniog Bath, the very OLimmodtous Pnvat Baths, the neat, retired, and safe Ladies Baths, with a pin sweeping run of water through the whole building. But com and see?judge fur yourselves. Added to all this is the eiuoj me nt of one of th* plea*<ntest a lews and coolest seats abon New York in the Gnat Ha loon over the building?well snpplic with every comfort, from a dish of good coflFre to the sparkliu champagne. Directions for bathing, under ??i experience ? tVnrtv .Mid years, always freely given. Also Shower Baths d Hsu u and im| i ed. 1! tin r TR,A\S,,,.AKKN r i rAUIAN WTNDOVV BHADESTT? OLIVER W. WOODFORD. 06 Cathariue vt, will oi?ei tSm WCi-kliniu.M Tr..,* \V.ww.,|n. fc'.r,.,!.. \?h> \w>t not m, , UfU i\\t tiKclvr i with Blind* tin* Sprint? wil fiuU * coll-. tion of tV m<wt b-aulifiil |*aiutiru? ever offered ti the city. A? the ae.vtnn u advancing. a further reduction ii the prieej will o- mad.*, nairely?L*indacai?? $1 fi per p?ur.Flaiti Scrolls $? '?0. Sr-.ll* and Lin.Ur ?n^< $J. MtHmlitfh Scenes ltyiau #rri?tnf Resign*?Italian Vicnctt**Drapery B irderml md He roiled and full |,and?r ta?d?about 30 l?air Ltn Iscapcs at the low mice r?t f I ?, , pnir. N. B?In conaoqurn *.- ol nmre|wrM!iiUitioiis tnativ hare Vci deceive.t, while h* thing for No. <*? iel3t*r PIANO FORTES Yf ANUF UTCRF.D bv A H OALF. V CO.. lit. N. V e?l I'tino F rt* Co.?Pnr. haTr. are invited to n mine t'nei fllm.iie ??.? !? before pitrchivim: elae where, at tb. tr \l mufar tory and Ware Room., Third \veuocomer of Thirt. .m atrret. N. B. Pticea to n.iit the timea. iel Im'm. r tOieciianical Uamps?removal.?ti? iVl Imi to inform hi. cmtomrra and other., that he i.v. r moved hit DEPOT from J:P Broadway, to the new warehou ISO. 20 Jolin .trert, n?ti Broa.lwa*. where ln? ratablishme ha. increa.ed accomm 1 and he i? prepared ?? hem fore to IWui.h all the variety of thue m> <t beautiful Laini anj every article apperlaiiiiul to them, at the lovi eat "V,f would particularly invite the attention of the pr?priet< of Hotel*. Libraries, public Of private, and ail other larze i tabli.hmenu to the crrat inducement, he U MW prepared .iffrr them to liitht with hi. Lunia, which are eiuiiwly fi from any tlilna olfen.ive. and produce the inovt a*reeaWle ! . l*?oble, at about one half the coat of^ai^ ^ ? ?.... r>. II. BAA IIIA, Bncce??nr to A. Diaeon, ItiJnhn mrcc! The ugenej at l^iMalphll i* cnniwur-d .a heretofore, At Clieetiut utreet, end in Boaton, .18 Treinnnl Row. Itifli l?i? camphene; WF.BB. through hii invention* nl the article* humen Cam|<heiie Bil l Webb1* Burnera. mi thrown ton > ,? light throughout thi? country for >c.ira (.i?i. to . unit m mi i lightened public being l-d ?w?y k\ any ilreru-rmeuia win may e?em to conrcy the idea tha; tlye genuine Cimpttruv be ohtaineJ ?t *0)' '. itaMHhment in lhi? city, eaceig it the < ouhliahed EMPORIUM OK LKIHT. ?l* liindtrir, con Canal ?lrrel, w hich i? Conducted under the immedlule aH|iet tendenee of the tnbecflbnr, who 11 well known to be the ori lie I inventor of th? Mine. ? A. V. H. W F. BB, General thipt* mt22wi?*c 41a Br.>1 twiv. r .r. r.n?t ? TIOARDTVO.?A few lekrt board-la will n. iu ? H teel end reapecluble fntuir. Ap.My at No. MM Fulton el. 0>7 Iraia r PKRKUMERY. OWEN'S AMERICAN HA III IJ Y E. THIS Dye ietlie only infallible liaii Dve now in oar. Many I there are who offer article* to the public bearing the uiim of Hair Die, that are not only wnrlhleaa, l>ul often iujuii?u> to the hair. The aubacriber pledges hunaclf that the American Hair Dye ia perfectly hannleaa in ita nature, and infallible in Hi effect, a? it will color the hair only. The liahteat hair, led or rrjy. can iu a few lioura lie changed to any dark ahade from a brown to a black. Thia dye ia uaed eery lurcetafullv in chatntiny red or frey whiakora to rorree|iond with dark hair. Be aure that the uanie of Ferria Owen ia written ou the label of each bottle, aa all olliera are worthleaa. If in any caae the dye abould fail to produce the deaircd effect, the money will b< returned. Manufactured and for aale by Kerria Owen, No. 3 Bilth Aeetnie. Axenta i'^H. lliug, 63 Fulton atreet; H. 1'. nicr*ieut an oroauwiv; c,. uiuiicuy, itujfc iSowery;ti. Lind-*v. 36 Siitli Avenue. Drug-gut*; and Mauucl, Ihir-dresser, 566 Hroadway. Also at AimstronjV Drugstore, tut Kulton Mn-ct, Brooklyn. Siecinieus of hair colored may be seen at any of tin agents. mlfi 1 win* 3wos*r vvHGS CLEANED instill: AN-!) OUT, EQUAL TO N/AV. llflQB tn-i ? v r? d? i. ri ?ti'?n of ornamental liair cleaned, slreUt u t -red t > its original beauty, by a chemical wrofti? iiiv tot' . . WM. BATCHELOK, praeu i wi * linker au?l hair cutter, 166 Broadway, New Vorlt. Pa? i. <"* fr? ? the country mu t he lop-paid to ensure prompt atit ..!* i T ? lr?nd*ome?t and best assortment of Wig* and tin.;e?' in t e I uited States, w ill b? found at this establishment u?6 lnt#n CLlKfc: HUGH'S TRICOFHEROUS, 0J{ MEDICATED COMPOUND, FOR TIIK HUMAN HAIR. know acknowledged by thousand* mIioUhh itiliilv, to be the ONLY REMEDY TO PREVENT BALDNESS an 1 to restore lint hair w hich has fallen off or become thin; TO PREVENT OBEY HAIR; To cine and remove Jver\ ippi-siince of St THE AND DANDUIKK tVoin the head and to k- ej? the hair in the most HEAI.fllY, SOI' I' AND OLOSSY STATE. Yet free from all oily and greasy appearance. Price $1 i??r bottle Sold wholesale anil retail at CLlRly HUGH'S liiir Cutting Ilooms, 20 *> Boidwav, and of his agents?J. IL Dodd, druggist, corner Sleeker street and Broadway; Win. Milnor, druggist, eor. Deyst, Franklin House- Mrs. ir;.:.. I L... 11 i. Mr- W ..Li-i, Le .mr.. way; Wm. Armstrong. druggist, 1K4 Fulton n, Brooklyn; j. Jones, hair tlrcwr, Fulton at, Brooklyn. m23(?risr 41 In Cutler*' lloiiw's Wooden Knives." 1*1118 Spaninli proverb applies moat excel I ntly to aoniu of J- tin -a ^ rk Hair <>iJ miowfiicturef) who arc making itreai noio-bv tli' ir vrrainl ? o'fn .siiiotH, vthen they have bill loads rberosclvc.i. Bur PASTOR'S Oil, is n it only good for every body's hair, to destroy dandruff and nreveiit hair froin .turning grey, but j> aim an e xceilent Oil rq keep his own h<dr equ il to <in> hair in the world. This boosting is not intended for the city of New Vork, where, for the last sixteen yen* I ha*e been practising the h.or cutting business, hut aa | am selling a great quuitity of oil for the eouiitrv, I want to put them on their guard nyainst some bald head fools tint are making c\ i \ body's h?Tr grow cic ; i their own. A. Pbstor's Oil hag heen the nrodnee of21 years' exja rieiicr. For sale, wholesale 4pd retail, at 1G3 Greenwich struct, New York. A. PASTOR. Mew, 30 cents per bottle, highly perfumed. mgg 1m* c L'K.MAbK TY-CULPABLE NEOLECT?It hm " been observed by vbii. from all other countries, as Well as by |*raon* of the best cultivated taste in this, that in no country is there J larger share of female beauty and excellence than in this city. Yet, while the shoe-fittar, dress maknrand niilliiicr are ?m<axed in adorning 14 nature's best $ift toman," one part appear# almost totally neglected?the Hair, llow frequently do the ravages of lay waste the delicate form of the fai r and beautiful, and though restored again to health, yet these flowing locks which oiwm ado rug <1 o.eii heads, fall off, aud m ver again returns to their original beauty. {; is ipcon* crivalde how any pur ion, more especially a htiy, can manifest so much iieglet f on this point, when a NEVER FAILING REMEDY ? io bp obtained by calling at No. 20 South Third street, Philadelphia, and }<king for Jay lie's H.tir Tonic, which will perfectly restore tins oj.!> negjreted part of female orns 'Murder?Murder?At all liim s will arouse the mcut stupi*1. Yrt. murdi-rs are daily perpetrated which ? icite verv little atteip'on. Is uot consumption daily murdering thousands of human beiji ' jDo^i uot asthma render life ? burthen, and Oien de?t-oy its victim7 Does not bronchitis j <r alvze the use fulness of in;.uy of on* most eminent divines and other public speakers, to say untiling oj tilt* thousand*_of al!_ ages and sexes who are swept into eternity by it f Millions ol human beings sink dowu and die, hv attacks of the above and similar affections of the lungs ond throat. Fortunately for mankind. J vyne's Eiiiectorml lias nevt r been known a; fail in giving relief, ami lias, in thousands of instances, effected pernum nt cures alter al] other m-niu had faihul, OMAFE! LIFE!! LIFE !!!?**All that a man bath will lie give foi his life"?so we find it recorded in the most ancient and b? <i of book#, but when we srr thousands dying around us, w ith Cotismui lion, Croup, Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, Spitting Blood, ami other pulmonary affections, we are^ led to doubt the correctness of the above assertion, especially since it is so well known (hat a certain itinedy may be obtained, H hjt'li always arrests those diseases' Dr. JAYNE'S Expectorant never fails to xiv4 relief, and cures after every oilier means have failed. This can be, and has been proven in thousands of instance#, where it has effected radical cures, after the jntient had been given up by all his iririHM ana pilVSlCl UlS. lUIS ?.iin HM< r.xiir. uiiai.i 131-n only by Dr. JAYNE, No. 2(r South THIRD sueet, rbiudelnhii M id i ii? r (i^BALD HEAD ft AND HARD HEXDS frequently unit" in tin- same individual; that vs. person* predisnoiyn to caily Baldness arc tnttro lie iVnn, and too oflen self-willed and stubborn- JAY^'S HAIR TONIC is the very thin* for the first, bur influence it may have on the latter remains to he tested l#y experience. 1 it not, however, worthy of a trial ? Ladies v.Vio have husband* posses sin;; cither Bald or Hard Heads, are invited to make a liberal application of this Tonic to the heads of th*ir lords and if it do not make them more flexible and in instable, w ill at least restore their hair, ant! add much to the comfort and beauty of the gentleman. Payne's Hair Tonic, Expectorant, Vermifuge, nnd Carmi native Balaam for sale by the agent* A. J5. it D. Sands, Drug* gists, No' 1'J Fu Iron-street, corner of (Joh1*streel, afjd 100 Fnlton-ftfr?.ei-at wholesale and retail ; also sold by David Sand* and Co.. No. 77 East Broadway, corner of MarKot-strcet; and Abraham B. Sands and Co., No. 273 Broadway, comer of Chamber>street. miO jm a CAHIIJS TOOTH WA9H?Prepared (Vom tin- 6HxiMl C/ cipe atNo.S Gold street, New V'rok?The Orris Tooth Waahis pure!) .< v?|i t .'.'i- tux pai-iti?>n. pomm itiw the proper* ! tics of cleaniu : the teeth inu mouth, restoring tin *uir,., to a , healthy slate, and preveipiug any unpleasant taste or tnlour in \ the mouth, whether aridu-g from deca>ed teeth, or from a de* ranged state of the stomach. a It is designed to be used withafooth brush, and will be found to supersede the necessity of a powder, Luepiir* tb t teeth clean and preventing the wearing away of the gums fr ill the teeth. I It u narticul my Useful in cases of spungy guin* vectoring the in to a healthy stale, &ud causing them to contract around the teeth. In painful affcciioui of the teeth and gums, arising from t exposure to cold, it will be f'oiiud high!v beneficial. It is pari ticularly serviceable to use the Orris T?oth Waah ar night just Ix fore retiring ti> rest. This method is ro commended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles of food which mccuf ovulate during the d?y arc entirely remove d, and the inoutii keri through the night in a eh-an, sweet, and healthy state. Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portions i of poor humanity: but how many neglect the attention lieci mr) for their prusi r\ ition, even wit p tnrtonndsd by -ill the means needed. Atnontr these we know of none more pleasant J and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wj*Ii?it cleanses and whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purifies the mouth, and sweetens the breath. We recommend it* use to all, young and c old.?[Boston Morning Tost. j The Orris Tooth W*?h is the best detergent we ever used on our enamel.?[Boston Transcript. 1 Kor sale by die principal druggists in (he city m4 r [ _^NMANSlUlh " <n \ (r- o 3 t I ?e e ( - STENOGRAPHY. A NEW ami complete ayatrm of tlir art of ?ritit:* 9liort \, lor liking down mry word a. fun a? nuy peraou can apeak, with duli?l>llnl accuracy and certainly, |o<. I tun aermona, trials at law, rnn.'rt'iiioTial debit Vr. Sc., ' I - .. .i . ?... *?? gnii'rntv ,.r i i..? ; ? , MUKIH Ifiicui) oy .?n. w??i" v/ > tuiiix of lessons. Academv No. 214 Broadway, near Park Place. TEH MS REDUCED from twelve to sii dollars. Tim* bmiwim; the science within the means of every intelli gent young person of either set. , N. B. A work of the author is presented Jto every pupil for ,i iheir permanent guide. Lesions given morning. afternoon and eve .in}*. my!4 lm* j MISCELLAXKOl'S. ~ STOLEN. I AN .K-ssnt lon< bUck 8ILK VELVET CLOAK, with *?-n hood, line I throughout with Pnusi.ui blue satin, trimmed ,j with deeo silk fringe, a mixture of blue and Mack, also cords and tassels of bine *?id Mark, from No. 21 Hudson street, when j- r liberal reward will be gir? ii to any person wli > w ill restore it |P |nc m 1 m!U) 3t*m L KM ON SV KUi\ . GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICES. 1 -HO Boies Letuon Syrup, first, second, tliird, and fourth 1 jOvU qualities, ir 1000 botes Ssrsanarilla nnd Ilaspber v Syrup*, it Gtsi do Pine Apple, Ginger, and Strawberry S> rups. tt 100 do Onteat Syrup. I. 400 do Stnughtou's and Wine Bitters, d looo do Assorted Cordials, Cordeaui, Martinique, Am _ sterdam, and Italian 400 bids and half 1>!>I? Cordials. 10 do Liquor Coloring. 2 10 botes Hock Candv, red ami white. 2 hi gross Ettract of Lemon. All put up in tine shin pin; order, a id for sale at reduced prices at the ol ( e*tabliifun?-nt of JOHN B. REV, 33 Burlirr Slip. N. B.?Dealers will find it for their iatc. e?u to call U fore purchaiiug elsewhere. m251m*re \\T?BB'9 IMPROV I) li' ::M,|;r u . five per cent, less than I eretofore. The subscriber has now on hand agrurral assort neut ol the imported Humeri, which lie now often at the above ieduced pri A Inn-mi discount allowed all 1^ dealer*. Best quality ? f Camuhine at 40 cent* per gallon. Camphorated Ui? 75 cents. Call md rianiine for yourselves at No. Ill Grand street, one door f. un Brc*?iway. JAMES HINDS. N. B.?All kinds of Lampsaltered, brouxed, gilt and r*-p:?iiej at the shorti notice, ou reas mat h t< rms. I Im+l JVT EW STtfAM SAW MILL. - I nhe , . having their mill in full ojwratioa, and a complete stock of white oek, white pine. Georgia nine and hemlock timbers on hand, end are prepared to furtiisn the same by the raft, crib, or single IOC, or MWfil 10 oraer, mr snip n?mu?r?, njnrr uutiucn. an i " other*, on the mmt reasonable term*. and ?t the aborted pnaublc 0 notice. Prr.4nn? requiring any . article in oar line hu?itte?a, m.iy drjHml upon liciiin' supplied >t once by a|?pl) inii at tl?? 11 mill, fo ? of 1Mb afreet, North Hrrer. m il rod LKW1S B. OHIFFKN k CO. M A Moath without Teeth, i* a month without charms." Mil. A. S. VAN i BAA#, Saner u Don'wr. offeri hi* pro fc*sion*I amice* to ilie, Indie* and ijeiitleinrn < f fh? ei > rI of New York, and iit vicinity, in all lb.* branches of M> den i" 1 I)f nriitrv, . m , . # " i Mr. A. S. V. P. In* ken rvgnUrlv fdnmtid to fnewofrt ! tion in Li yd* ii, Holland, and Ins hern honored with a Uiplom* of the Medical Schools of both North and South Holland, am t I alto certificate* of the moat respectable families wrfienj r i he Ii i* mriicrd intlit United State*, which he presume* will ** I entitle him to the confidence of the American public, lie aa nt j auret Oiom- who may be pleased to honor liitn with their pa1 ? | ironur, Owl lie itrfurmi every ope ration in the moat consist1 ?* 1 TP1 "J5'i wdenti* manner, ami on the moat reasonable leimt b Hi* Office ii hi N ... 57 Warr n *tr t. New York. N IJ.-At alt mm * on hand. Tooth Towiler, Tooth Taate T* Mru?cin?* ida, ted tv? the cure of the Dltrlnea of thl ??; Mouth irriterallv. in?' Im* r 1 ' 1 1 41 " \ I S will ha received by thr (/OBlfM* [In tlTVn* r,V l,n* ,1U l',r Haih ni liner Bild<e on Section f* of the I r ?ii A imluel, until the fir*I day of June ncit, at 3 o clock, F. M at thetr office, at *.*.d section, for fiirnthtn* the ! Inil? Um,e lK)l ?^ady contracted for to complete the i.,t aain oriole. The pier. for t]?r .looe, r*, mHic foot, ,nrl?Hf .11 tlir - "HTf* I'T'"" ,1~ *"?? l?<l imn tlwbridf ?nJ Miveriiu ?'?? ??r ,1 lb- ? ? ,,f Wri.U.-. .wordin/ I." ihr |.|.1W *n.\ .nvrti:c*tinu?, thu ?i|1 1M- urr.ri.lrd for r? ** amtnMtiou a* hm-maitcr *ientiotird. T??r plMM ..rtlw bn.lir <.?..! ll? , I0,,,.ml > and th*_? uriir of |irr|?n?/ tHr xmr nnv ) . ?...i > .1 . cii OIB' r oi the < ilMC!..r?, .?t ni l eetio.i, i in t ur lit': , to the a,, of May i'?? *'?' 1| York. M? *th, I. ,"r"* ftKOHK LAW, *' SAML'RL Kohf.RTH, AKNOt.t) MASON, t'<>Wr?eu>n for lot i Mint: "f the ( i-n A.,u' rlnd.MI the buiMtn* of tor Br.ilgr Orr, lh. JUrtcnt Hj.rr ... said taction* ?? .1 ??g- ??K" , 77 pOHK-W?T^i f! clear, eW wr*% mi l mmp Pork, ?t m ' mT* f" V'!e ^ ? K- COLLINS, * South ?Ui?. HOTELS, BOARDING, &c. KnglUh AdTcrtlMnunl, NOTICE TO RAILWAY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No. 164 FLEET STREET, LONDON. Will torn narding, Proprietor, i.;. .u. .1 men, and the public for lb? libera! support he lias received since occupying the abive named Hou?I. and hopes by unremitting attention to retain the patronage hitherto so generously afforded. W. H. assures his patron* that no endeavors shall be spared to promote their comfort, and flatter* hiui>ell that few can compete with liitn as far as regards Wines and Viands, it being his ambition to procure the choice*? fordo sppioval ol' his sup|M>riers, and conducting busim on the most liberal system. The daily bill of fare, containing the grt Vest variety, combined with moderation of prices, cannot ail giving general satisfaction. Breakfasts (plain) Is :td each; lodgings 2Us 6d i?er week. Public Meeting anu Committee Ho. .ins. a28 3m* gyi WADAWANAi K HOUSE, 9tooington, (Conn.)?* I *|h This truly splendid house has been much improved in sp I ' itK | ?-> and is now open for company. Its location having a view of the ocean. Long Island sound, and adjacent shores?its advantage of cool and refreshing air, the facilities ol communication by rail road from Boston and Providence, aud steamboats from New York?the delightful sport of fishing and fowling, (the waters abounding with various kinds of luh) serve to render it oue of the most desirable places of resort, not only for the summer mouths, but for the greater pait of the >?-ir. A hoo p for sea bathing has been erected near the shore, and tooui.i ii. the hotel for warm or cold baths, are of the first order. peiithniien wishing to hqc* ipuMNi for their fhmiln?. will do well to apply eail^. Trrms uiodcrale. The uud?r*iguud on lalciitg the direction and management of thij liotuu, a-.*11 res the public that the comfort and pleasure of hti w ill bchis study, rather than rules and regulations arbitrarily enforced. in U jiv * in _ HORATIO BLAKK. PA V I L ION, 11 TREMONT ROW, BOSTON. Ijl h.VbAN 1 LY ami centrally situated on I remont iv>w. I (No, II) capable of accommodating 80 persons, is well *upplicd with private parlor* and large and airy chambers?the Imii A1 i>?* w ell (uruuhed as any house in the city of Boston Tie subscriber* liavt lived lie- *? reral years in New York city, (at the A?tor and Howard'*)?of <u>ur?? the table will alt* be wt 11 supplied with the best o'Jr market affords, the cellar i* well stocked with clunee Wine* and Liquors. LE FAVOR A F1BK ltelV r to C. A. Stetson, Astor House , D. D. Howard, Ho*aid'* House. ayw 1*> MARSHALL HOUSE, BROADWAY, NEW YORK.- ?The subscriber rcudly from the National Hotel, Troy, will re-ooen tka Maishall House on the :i0th instant, hm a hotel and hoarding bout? ; it i-i undergoing a thorough repair, and will be put ia complete order, and furnished in handsome style. The locatic* is ci utral, being on the w est side of brOitlwar, No. 8811, at the cr.r'uer of Rcade street, a .short distance from the Park and Po*l Office, and but a few minutes walk Irom Wall street and ti.< business |?art of the city. The rooms are commodious ai.d pleasant, and i^s tll^e intention of the host to accommodate the travelling conSiuuily and boarders, i??a manner that shall be s?l is factory for the prices charged. Hating long experience in entering for the public taste, lie can assure all that may favor hiui with their patronage, tint his best exertion* will be made to please; and from the situation, it is a desirable location for Boarding, and cannot but offer many inducement* to pcrsnt* visiting the city,to make the Marshall House their hom ? The bar will be furnished with choice liquors, and the lardrr w ith lie* substantial* and d? llcaefct of tllU WMQi, and with ttf? ntivt servants, and every regard for the comfort of his guest*, the undersigned hoi>e* to merit and receive a share of natronaee. inyltf 3m#c E. S. MONROE. CHANGE OF RE81DENCE.-NAPOLEON BUNEL has the honor of informing his friend* and the public in go nep*!, that lie ha* renins ed his Restaurant to No. 3 Broad street, at (lie corner of the Custom House public store. This eOablishment which will bp known under the name of EU ROPEAN HOTEL, is located in the centre of business,ueai Wall street and tbe banks. It has some beautifully decorated saloon* lor private parties, and furnished rooms at moderate prices. The Restaurant will be kept on the plan of the be*t es t ddjkhuieiiLs of Paris ; and the Bill of Fare will always con tain the greatest and newest variety of dishes. m2 lin? LM) ItTL E tTPA VIL L" iON.-Thia beautiful and summer I 1 residence, is now open and in readiness for the reception of visitors ; the house being fitted up for gentleman boarder* :u?d private parties. STEPHEN ANNK1T, the proprietor of the establishment, returns his think* to his friends and the public, for their jmtronage bestowed on him fur the last year, and he tiatters hnnsell Utat by hi* usual care and attendance to bis business, to please those who may honor him either a* boarders or visitors. The bar ia fitted op with the choicest liquors, wines, Ac. Relishes and refreshments on hand at all times. Private parties can by aCCf)i>liiiodafed#with dinner at the shortest notice. Target excursions and mil^t V comi?nics, cau be furnished w ith cfinnen and w ine on short notice, The public may depend ou the boat running according to her advertisement. . Refer to the advertisement in the Sun _naper, for the trips the boat runs during* the month of May. The steamboat Boston w|)J make lour trips per day duriug the mouth* of June, July, and August' m!8 1m*r REMOVAL. T CRISTADOTIO, (lale of 2IC Broadway under the AmeriJ. can Mu.euni) biKS to inform hi. numerous patrons and friends, that hohas taken the beautiful store, No.r> Astor House, iu liroadiyay. next to the mam entrance, where he will be most happy, to wait <*u in hjs well known first rale style. J. C. likewise takes tins opportunityt of tliankii)g his friends for ihe singular patronage he lias met with during a period of ten,years in hi* old stand, and flatter^ himself that it is only by a strict a'ten!ion to his business, that it is so, and in his new and elegant store, his customers an ill find it is not diminished. Back room room open. J. CRI9TAOORO, Gent lemon's Wig mil linr* Maker and Dresser, G Axtor House miss cowan R E8PECTFULLY inform, the lathe, of New York iirvl it* XV vicinity, that ?lie continue, civinsj lemon, on tlie Piano Port,-, llirjt, Guitar, slid in sinking. Mis, C. will It happy to receive tier |)U|>il? at No. fit; White street, or if preferred will attend at tire rosp?cli;l.otjae, of those ladic, who may honor her with their jiatrnnage. H tip, and Piano Forte, for ule and lure. AU?, a very splendid Piano Forte, of su|*-rior quality and ton.-, lor vale. mlT 1II.* r refrigerators. VENTILATING. REFRIGERATORS. REED k SMITH. Veutilatorv Rnfriitvralur,, the only article ever inaniifaernied which can be kept tonic u illiout atquirmpc an offluvii which will eom'nnuirate to every thinir plaeeil iu it to an to taint it ami make it milt for Uae. But the strove article t, mufiihntlv offered to the Public e, one thoroughly tested, and prov rrl to lie entirely free from the obiection, usually found to those of lire old coiutniotiim. Their ventilating, purifying, and cooling properties are 50 combined as to make it a veiy rleairthie arti-le for a family in warm weather. They can be Inrl at ih. igencv, 832 Bi tauwav m!3 lm*r great temperance depot?not tetotal. rPHE subscriber offers the following Wiucs as pure Tempt* -I ranee Wines 5? M ADKIRA, (of the highest ffrsdet,) in wood and in i; SHERRIES, do, Pale, Gold, Browu, and AmoulilUdo, iu w??'vl and gl iss. PORT, do. in wood and ftass. direct from Oporto. BURGUNDY, iu cases, Cliainbertln, Komaxicc Clos de Vrotweot. (.'LARET9? Chateau Marce?int and varion* other brands. HOCKS?JohanuesbeiSteinberg, Hockheimer, Gelsenhimer, Rhrude-thimer, Assmanshausen, Marcobrunuer, Hiutclinmrr, Cbarzbeixer, Bomcber* and IV* it porter. SPARKLING HOCKS; do CHAMPAGNE, various brands, 61c. &c. Two pipes very old pure Cognac Brandy, Cost 1200 francs each. A few pipes Holland Gin. The Brandy and Gin is only of fered in case of sickness. Apply to GILBERT DAVIS, 45 Pine street, vn121rndfcw tonwrof William street. deWistry7~ No. 4 I'ark Place, onr door from Broadway, and at No. 37*4 Broadway, Next to the Union Club. TO VISITORS AND THE INHABITANTS nv KM YUM K. IMPORT-1 NT NOTICE. MOSS. MALI.AX HAS ARRIVED. IMPROVED MlNER.1L WITH PEP M.INENT INDESTRUCTIHLE WHITE ENAMEL, Nut distiiiyuis'nable from the natural Cortex or Enamel of the Teeth. FOR FILLING DECAYED TEETH, mons. mallan & sons, Surgeon Dentists, No. 372 Broadway, between Kmukliu and White streets, New York?No. 'in Chester street, Bel grave square, Piinlico: 32 Great Russell tt. Bloomsbury, London; Bold st. Liveqiool; find 8 Rue de CAsliglionc, Pari*, BcjfUivc to apprise their ptttenu, and die public generally, um llicy nave luccrruiu ill ouceiuiu uic miutc uniiiiiiur improvement. INCORRUPTIBLE ARTIFICIAL AND NATURAL! TEETH FIXED, FROM ONE TO A| COMPLETE BET. WITHOUT WIRES OR IJO.ITURES. GUARANTEED FOR MASTICATION AND ARTITICULATION. QtJ- LOOSE TEETH eecurehj and effectually fattened 372 Broadway, New York. Moi.', MALLAN rrtu.ns thank* for the, eery liberal patronsite he hu received, ami continues to receive, imlirularly U> the Mrdieel Prol'eoion nl N'W York, for their kind rreommeudatioiu, and adrucatiim Mous. M.'s improvement in DentiaS r RG IC A L A N I) I) K N T A L' INSTRUMENTS A/fANUFACTURED by WM. R. OOULDINO, * Gold R* itm t.-A iioneril assortment of the almvp Instruments kept on hand Hiitl to order, of the moat approved intlwiu. Tin- medical proh ssort in ip or ral, ami Healers are invited to call and rumuir before mirchasiuitelsewherr. Syruutrs, stomach and cuppintt putn|w, stdinta and fracture api*<-itai?Instruments for clamp feet and oilier distortions oa hind and made to order. , Cutlery and Surgical Instruments repaired in the beat poaaibit ininnir, and on reasonable terms. References?'Valentine Molt. M, D. ; Orsneille Sharp, Paltersou, M. D. ; Alfred C. rust, M. D., and John C. Cheesemao, aM 3m* m "DENTISTRY. " \\fM. THORN, DENTIST, solicits the attention of these ' who wear artificial Teeth, and those who may icijinre tliern to Ins method of suptdyin{ the Maxillary family, v it., . the Teeth, Knowiuig that there is a disagreeable taste in the m nth of those who nvhihte in a'ids. resultiiiz frcitn the action of the arid on the Gold Plate. In all cases that admit of it, he ins. rt' teeth from one to i complete set, without usiiu one psrtide of metal of any description I HI Chambers street. mga Im*c ARTIFICIAL TEETH." Oil TttK PRINCIPAL OP ATMOrfPHKI! IC PR KSSITRE. [ Piom the Nrw York 1,inert. ] IT affords in ?rvH tatisl teflon to t'.nd that the science of Dentistry ismikni.' such npid progress in this conn try. Many ? valuable improvemr lit* have <?f late year* been in'roduced; amongst them dint of inserting teeth on the principle of "atmosph< rie pressure,* is eminently worthy of mention. Wr believe that to rnr talented townsman Mr. Levett, the errdit belongs of | introducing this improvement, which hit deservedly received the unequivocal approbation of many of our piofessional brethren. nJFrom the Courier and Enquirer.] ENTISTkY.?It is not often that we permit ourselves to ip? ik in terma n tulog ? d i do not come within our province. We have uot iuIKi irnf knowl?!ze to do it, in the unit place, unless indeed the objec b? visible or tan<able,*ii<l tin* is the case iu the present instance. I Sir. Levett, Surf eon Dentist, who arrived .some time since from London, Was Imnuhr with hiui a new method which he nt in fnl practii a here, of ippl y in tlx I we -t ei ri >t i m il' h ' i n m if . eesoria melt a* ligature*, spring* or pegs, now in ordinary use; uor it th? operation when completed followed by any lufUunn itt*>n or pain. He can best describe his method himself. We w ill how ever add, that many patients whom he has provided with s??tH of these very m e? sssry embellishments, are so dflifHtnl I, " mi wirtii iiMi tnry n*ff i^rmiurn nun u? n-in n?M...n. ?? I Uin:i nlm dn not from i<lU curiosity, but with * ?M I of i<mAitmg by tha conviction ah aetaal nniainntiou will 1 1 rroducs. 1 M. LKVETT, Dmiiil, I in?.i lm'c ft* Broadway, cornet ol Winru ft. FOR SALE AND TO LET ' TO LET? ImmediatePossession?The three lolu of the Brick Store, No. J New street, one door frotn Wall J^ULstreet, has two eicrltent office* communicating the second floor. . For Sale, or to Let, the superior new Brick House. No. 58 Fourteenth Street, nviir Sixth Avenue, with counter cellar. basement and attic. This House is very excellent, and will be eichauzed for improved Property in the lower part of tire city, or for'vacant lots. For Sale, one of the best Pew* in the South Dutch Church, Muiray street; also, one-half of a Pew in middle aisle of Dutch Church, street. Each pew is uear the |iulpit. Apply at office No. 9 in t>S Wall street or to Wl A. CARTER, mI8 lm#k 5 N- w street. KOft SALE?A Country Residence, Esrtn, Mills, I Sic., lite residence of the late Jolin Win. Holly, at the L'ove, Stamford, Conn. House is targe, commodious and genteel, beautifully sitiitied and in good order, aihacenr and in lull view (if the Sound. Summer hntue. carriage house, barns, Ike. A large garden, handsomely lain our; the beat and fnest ol"spring water. The whole on an island (tonneclod with the main by a *toue bridge) of about 40 acres. Nine-sixteenths of two large mills, alio on the island, which prujiortion is now rented for (1200 per ami. with an unlimited w ater power. Farm contiguous of 200 acres, uuder good cultivation, well fenced; valuable orchards, lartu houtri, barus, Sir. rorjeueral I mfoimatioil reference is made to Thouiaa R. Sinitn, Esq. 130 Thompson street; or John Bisrell, Esq. 75 Nasuu street; Henry Hudson, Esq. Hart lord, Conn. Eur e lamination, terms, tic. a! the premMerTto WM. WELLES HOLLY. Foi a more particular description, tee Courier aud Euquuer. invi9 lm*t _ ROOMS. q^WO single cmtleuieu can have a parlor and bed room ad* joining, I andaoiiu ly furnished, for the small sum of dure dollars i>er week?only $1411 each iu a private family, where Ilici are uo hoarder*, and in the uioat central location iu the citv; 76 Chambers street, second limua west of Broadway ; also, a large room on ?rcoiid floor, furnished, for $3 per week. Tea and brevkfaat can be had if ibuirad. jel 6tin?*c rirfi LET?The splendid .Hires on the aeennd lloor of stora 1 No. 21k Water silent. Fur terms apply to TISHALE St BORDEN, jel lw?rc 218 Water street. A SMALL Private Family can furnish bre.ik ant, lea and room* for four gcntleim n, if applied for aoou; or the rooint li t to s mall family without rhiluieii. Apply at 406 Hudarni in er near Saitit Luke's t lunch. jel lW >iiu r tp5 8INGLK OENTLEME.V?An elegant suite ol rooms 1 can bo hoi tot-etlioi or iypnmirlyt furnished or unfurnished, and writli or without board, iu a private family, at No. 8<i While siravl. AI?o. an upper room, on meliorate >rnu. mIT lm?r | A CARD.?HOARDING, at Jamaica, Long I-iliud. N. V ? | Persons desirous ol passing the so minor mouliii iu tl.e country, cau lie accommodated with ploasaut looms and hoard, at Fulton street, aecuiul door from the corner of Washiuglou street, Jamaica, L. I. Dislanee from the city 1* miles. Communication lay Railroad and Stage four times per day. Reference tan Ire made to JAMES llEKKlMAN, Esq., Fulton street, Jamaica, L.I. Railroad D-pt one mtuutra walk Irotn the House. m38 2vr*c HOA RDINiJ.?A few single geutlnneu can he accommoilatod w itli "i?od board and iilenaaut room* hy applying immediately a( 198 Walker street. Applicant* w ill find It to their advantage bye tilingtoon, a* there will he no |iuiu* or expense spore d to make a comfortable and pleasant horn for boarders. Room* to let. furnished or unfurnished. m31 Jw*m MEDICINES. OAND'S REMEDY FOR SALT KHEUM,WARRAN TED TO CUKE.?Sufferer* from tliii disease are leqursfcd to read the following, and from the person* named, particulars in relation to their cases. Miss Almira Gardner, of Montrillc, Great Plains, has for more than two year* been entirely cured, after being confined to her room and preveuted from laboring lor twenty-live year). She hae paid hundreds of dollars for advice and all the medicines of tne day, without benefit. Sirs. Murphy, opposite the new brick clinreli, v-'as cured of a alt rheum ulcer, which had rendeicd her almost unable to walk for a year. A daughter of Mr. Watroni, in West Chelsea, was afflicted to null an estenl that her bead was nearly a continued sore. She tried the Thomsotiiaiiplan, which only increased her sufferings, and was entirely cured in a short time by using oue half box of ebis mcdiciue. .... Many ollie r cases can be learned and reference* obtained by calliiut upou the agent. . . U, W. MATHEW80N. Norwich Ct Messrs. A. B. It D. Sands. Gentlemen : Keeling indebted to you for the valuable service you hare rendered myself and family. 1 do most cheerfully inform you that my wife is entirely cured of salt rheum, by the use of your remedy, and syrup of Sarsaiur'lla. She had been severely afflicted w ith the disease on her hands from her childhood, and commenced the use of your medicines without much eonlidedcr. but only half a box had been used before there was great amendment, and by continuing it a few weeks longer it was entirely eradicated. There iias been no appearance of the disease for more than a year. Tours, most respectfully, Catskill. Oct. mil. NATH'L. H. HINMAN. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by A. B. It D. Sands, TO and 100 Fulton street, 77 East Broadway, and 273 Broadway, N. V. Also sold h1 if. Hawls 4c Co, Albany ; J. E. ratten, New Haven ; E. \V ./Juil, Hart fur d ; J. A. Wadiworth, Providence; Win. Brown, 481 Washington street, Boston; and by druggist* generally in all tlie principal towns in the United States. Price $1. N. B.?Merrhaiits supplied on the most liberal terms. A. B. Si D. SANDS, Druggists, \1 in Imr TO and IIIO Fulton !. and 77 East Broapwav. pKANU SPRING MEDiCINE.?WHTrWELL'S TF.MUT PEHANCE BITTERS, WITHOUT WINE OR ALCOHOl..?Reader, have j on no appetite 7 Do you not relish your food 7 Theu use these bitters : they will also greatly msist digestion, and of course remove dyspepsia,jaundice, weakness of the stomach, debility. He. They purify the blood and the whole system. The bitters ate extremely mild and pleasant. Try them. Price 2J cents. Sold by A. B. in D. Sands, druggists, No. 79 Fulton, corner of Gold street, and 100 Fulton, corner of William street. Also sold by A brain. C. Sands (k Co., No. 273 Broadway, corner of Chambers street: David Sands & Co., No. 77 Broadway, corner of Mara, t street. a22 3in*m "ALL THE WORLD'S A STAGE." T^HUS said Sl.akspcare, and no one doubts its truth. The a Drama of Health, in our climate, may be comprised iu three scenes ; Colds, coughs, Consumption? A chill throughout the human frame, Thrilling the joys of life ; W- f?ar its troubles but in name, . "1 ill comes in? psiiuni strut Vet, the Cold tint affects the body ?nd limbt; creates su iri'ilalioii auil lassitude?painful, yet ru/ei-bliuK, il works its <*a> slow-?eating kilo the system iinpeiccptibi)?until filially, we are alfliclrd with a Harking Cough ! A cough ! the fatal signs arc near, That tell of dangers 111til ; Brst-ciim; soon the filial bin. That waits for those who die ! A rough has set iu ; hoarseness follows: the voice is only neard iu a whisper; respiration is more difficult ; the lungs are affrrtrd ; a physician is called in ; he tampers with the complaint n little, and discoren that Consumption has set in ; nothing is of no avail Alas ! thinking of hntnan aid, Swift llics each ebbing breath ; Consumption comes with direful shade, To close the eyes in death. At the first symptom's of that fatal Cold, one or two packages of J. PEASE ft SON'S Cutmwiuiid Lgtrsct "of Hoarhound would have ended all'fears of CoiP'uinption ! Death! Thenare yet thousands afflicted w ith a cold, similar ; delay not ; bui provide yourselves w itli a remedy iu tune. Sold whole,ale and retail at 44 Division itre.t, 10 Astor House, 110 Broadway, and 86 Willitm street. AuritTS?Zieber, 87 Dock street, Philadelphia, Pa. Redding, No. 8 State street, Boston, M e s. Robinson, No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md. K iwis k Co. 47 State street, Albany, N. V. Jobxm. No. 36 St. Charles street. New Orleans. Cook, No. 81 Fourth street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Bui', Hurtford, Ct. J. C. Duboise X Co., Mobile, Ala. .It/*" Each enreloe of tbe genuine Horehonnd Candy is sign- d J. PEASE X SON, 44 Division st?*et. MERIT WILL FIND ITS WAY. This is to certify tlat t, have used tbsac's Hoarhound Candy fur hoarseness, and found immediate relief. 8. WELCH, 114 Gold st, Brooklyn, Agent for the Brooklyn Tern. Society. I can recommend J. Pease II Son, Compound Hoarhound Candy, as a valuable remedy for coughs, colds, and hoarseness. Rev. Mr. WHITTAKER, Kstor of the Presbvt?iriau Church* cor. Catharine and Madison sts. Dear Sir?My wife was lying at death's door in the last stage of Consumption, nod she made use of number!?** remedies, ail to no eilVct, and your invaluable Compound twrinrmed a radical cure. JOSEPH SUDDEN, 20 Avenue D. Sold wholesale and retail, 45 Division street. Agent*, TimpsOn,corner ol* Pulton and William street : Wendover, 1118th Avenue ; Kcag, 755 Broadway ; Dodd, i;i3 Broadway ; Clark, 330 Hudson street : Young, 111 VaricU atreet; Pastor, 165Grecuwich struet; Brig/tain, cor. Houston and Avenue D.; Martin, cor. 2lst street anil 0th Avenue. Alt'nu in bitmikivu, ixi r niton street: Mindly, LS High street; Stuart, 73 Fulton street. Each envelope of tin- genuine Candy is sigued J. I'KHSK It SON. mil r DR. PETERS' MEDICATED LOZENGES. NO uirriieinos ever discovered have risen ?o rapidly inp >pnlu Mlinumn n Prtrn' Lozenges, ami for (hr sufficient reasons that iioue have but n at the same titnr so pleasant to lha i t.if, so easy in tlit-ir operations, ami to rt-itain in llirir efforts. These pro|H-rti. s are not thr result of chance, hnt of ei|>erience hist d upon MNM and tested bv tint'-, ft r (In- piopiirtpr.whoM life has neen deeoted to the study of medicines, and whose universally known success in the varying and combining of them so as to inllut nct- thr great mass of human diseases, it almost without a parallel, yavr up his entire attention for a whole year to the ltrilrctiiiK ol tin in.and never made hit tli-.COTrrirs public until llicy w en. beyond Uiv reach or the requisition of improvement. PF.TF.RS' TVORM LOZENGES. These are the desidomtumt so long required. They are so perfectly pleasant to the taste and gentle in their operations, that they may be fearlessly administer! d to the youncrsl infant, and yet uo medicine heretofore discovered can be named in comparison with it at a destroyer of worms. It has an attraction lor tlieut which they cannot resist; oid listing once listed it thev become powerless and dir. Thr Worm Lozenges an- to be administered in doses sufficient to iirndnrr 1 cathartic effect. Thr attention of |eirenta is especially solicited iiifavoi of ihu uuris tiled article. PETERS' COUGH LOZENGES. For concha, colds, wboopinc coughs, and all pulmonary complaints these arc a truly invaluable article, auil must be successful if used as directed. Neither do they keep path lit a in sus-c-nsr, but relieve them at oner,almost proving their efficacy before the taste has passed away from the mouth. Dr. Peters courts the rradri's trial of this, and w ill hazard hit reputation on ihe resnlr. PETERS' COROL1L LOZENGES. Dr. Peters almost fifars to speak at these Lozenges as they deserve, Irat he V.-nHd startle ffic reader's credulity, for in claiming for them thr power of invigorating the mind, of div lulling melancholy anJ low spirits, of subliming the im^no' lion, of itrfUi;th?iiin< tli?? uervei, of tw?etrniiii( the breath, ffivlnf thereuiito i balm) fnirmof, and or almost instantly curing the lieadache, and correcting nervous affections, he attn* bates to the in no virtue which they do not (Wily poitm ! 1 in. 11, they are the most delicious of all Lots&fM, ami are e-jual to i.ivtninir yet discovered for curing seasickness, toning the stomach, and slniriMuiiiitf the appetite. DR. PETERS* VEGETABLE SHILLING STRENGTHENING PLASTER. TWELVE HUNDRED THOUSAND SOLD YEARLY. Peters' Shilling Plaster is an easy sod effective remedy An in the lireajt. side or stomach: weakness or pnin in thi chest, loins or hick, stiffness or the noek, affections of th? limhs or ioinls, whetner produced by rheumatism or othei enuses, iMhifiMl pnin of the head or stomach, colds, cou/hs, livoi complaints, weakness of the spine, predispsiitio* to hrenk oni in biles and pimples, listlessuess of the frame, and for genera! debilitation. Children as well as adults, may derive great advantage fn?nr Peters' tih ill?ng Plaster, especially when suffering fromrou ;hs colds, teething, w I moping conxh, and such like, as in all thess ease; it is a simple, sure mid speedy remedy. Dr. IV fers' pnneipil off! s, iM Broad wav, 115 Fulton street ?nd 90 North Sixth street, Philadelphia. Agents?150 and i:n Bowtv. 51 Fulton street, 416 Hudson street, and <10 Chill,am ?tv et, N. Y. ________ mf9 Im r lii.t'iruiMii POWDER, of " Boyd's" maker, aonetsntiv J on trauil, im for?*l<? ]i>' _ . , mlflrr JPF.KMI. fc BROOKS, tl I,i>wrt? ?t. W 11. I.I All AHNOI.D, M. I). OKNTIST-r.-i-uillv 1,11'. firtm hi? fri. rt'l. vol Ihr politic tli \i In in?v l?- i niinilt.-.l a? M-ti.ll til all Krunrhri of hu prufrwion, it rrtiil.-nra. No. i Wurcu ?Uett. I m?J ln?*m MEDICAL. DR. MORRISON! NORTH RIVF.R DISPENSARY,2WKruit<mstr?st.naar Ureeuwich. D? Mori in. member of the Royal Collrge of Physicians aw' 8u./(eoo?, Loudon, and formerly Suigeou lu the British Navy, conltuees to he consulted daily on diseases of a delicate nature, aud 111 ft*<*e diatraaaitut symptoms consequent on injudicious treatment aud llir imprudent use of quack medicitrs. Mr. M. has haa an experience of 23 yean in treating delicate diseases in all tl eir various and complicated forms, aud uses s mild, safe and infallible substitute for mercury, rradirat ?"? ISMBIWII mm nuu luiauik), Wiuioui ?UUJCllll|| uir patient to any risk, or restricting him in his usual diet or pursuits, while his medicinft are agreeable in taste and smell.j Permanent obstructions in the urethra, such as strictuees, and accompanisd with much irriution and dull pain, are some of the consequences of mal-treatment, and leadiug ultimately to urinary fistulas. Dr. M. treats swictures iu a scientific manner, rradually promoting absorption of the thickcrcd membrane without pain. CONSTITUTIONAL DK.BILITY.?*. housauda of young men are ?u lit rim; from isie consequence sof indulgence in a secret destructive habit, and whose nerves are further injured from the use of nostrums and pretended specifics which stimulate only to induce greater depression. Dr. M. treats such on purely pathological principles, aud never fails iu establishing a! cure ; cases the most obstinate yield to his j?lan of treatment. Letters, )?o*t paid, and couuiumg a suitable fee, will ensure the corresjioudent full advice and medicine toauy part of the Union by his giving a history of his case iu detail. The strictest ho nor and confidence observed. 201>? Fulton at. ml) in* e c NO CUKE NO PAY. ! DK. COOPER, No. 12 Duaue ?treet, war Chatham, take. I hi. m tliod of informing the public he .till affoid. relief to the afflicted, and may be alway. consulted with the utmoat conhdtiice, 10 the wor.t cite. of delicate diaea.e, mercurial affection., aud the nuuierou. symptoms arising from the disease. Dr. Cooper, from a residence of many years iu the Hospitals ol? Euru|>r, devoted to the treatment of this disease, and horn au eileiwive practice for the list eight year, in that particular branch of tire profoasiou, guarantee# a safe and spt cily, and effectual cure to audi pefaont as jait themselves under hi. treatment. Keen, t casea cured in a lew day., without the use of mercury or any oilier dangerous medicine. Ur. C.'a mild and judicious mode of treatment will renuite no interrui>tion from biiMiirsa, or alteration iu the mode of living. Person. afflicted with protracted and deplorable case., need not dust-air ?f a complete recovery. Attendance from 7 in the morning until 13 o'clock at night. Office No. Id ljuine street. m4 lm*r DOCTOR BELL. T\OCTOR DELL devote, liij personal attention (dally, Juntil 9 P. M.I to the removal oi irritate diseiucs in every aUgc. AH ??ffurinsunder protracted cases, aggravated nr uiisucci-sfully treatetfby inexperiei.Mud or pretended prnctitiouurx?those laboring under the dusfciictit c cftecl* of mercury or iini k nostrums, and all who snrje-rt the remains of disease linking in the system, may consult Dr. i). always with a guarantee of a cure. fl V" Persons contemplating maniac*I who have been tlie ?u'o{ jects of delicate diseases. inay consult l)r. bull with honorable confide nec. I'oit rnu letters, describing tlia case of persons el a distance, have his prompt attenti">u. Di. B.'s treatment never exnoses to suspicion, and is well known to he sale and perm Went. O* I'tivafe offlce. 4 COURTLAMDT STREET, two doors from Broadway. ni<!7 lin*c A COMMUNICATION. I CANNOT refrain from mentioning to the public, that I am actually astonished and surprised at the injury done in this city by taking the spurious pills, dro|is, and mixtures, indiscriminately, which are represented to act as a "cure all'' in a certain secret disease. These lacta I have ascertained to my entire satisfaction, fioiil the hundreds of patients which 1 have cured, who were suffering from the effects of medicines injudiciously laken. Thus one man will sev he can cure himself as well as any doctor; another will say rhat he will buy Doctors A, B or t'l mixture for one dollar, which will cure liirn, without knowing at the time, whether it be put up by a doctor or not, and a third will sav that he would not give a bos of pills, to be bought at such a No. for 10 cents, for all the physicians' advice in the city, and thus are the constitutions of hundreds of young men ruined, who would have comprised the greater part of the bone and sinew of our country,. I would say to you, gentlemen, that those things in ay, for the time being, check your disease, and if you wish, in after life, probably after yon are married and have forgotten those days, to hare chronic rheumatism, weakness of the spine, a nervous tremor all over, dull nervous headaches, occasional deafness, loss of sight, and scrofitlo us children, then go on, if not, you should consult a Physician ; visit Into every three or four days until you are well, snd probably he may not charge as much as you anticipate. Should you seioct me as your Physician, you will Ibid my office at 91 Broad street, corner of Stone, Open from 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. my 17 lm* r J. PROVOST, M. D. MEDICAL OFFICE, 34 LISrENARD STREET, N. Y. CITY. A/f ADAM E COSTELLO, grateful for the extensive patron i'4 age so liberally bestowed since she opened tlie above Office, respectfully solicits the attention of females and mothers i?.... >i._ ?CI. .. ... which have proved so effectual in remedying the diseases for which they recommended, rir. Madame Costello'* I'ile Ointment, a certain cure for the Pile* in all cases. Herman Soothing Syrup, prepared expresaly for children teething, will effectually prevent tit*, acrcaining, Sir. Madame Costello's Nipple Paste, die moat aticceasfu! remedy for sore nipplea, and which no mother ahould he without. Diarroea Cordial, the most effectual remedy possible, gene* I rally requiring but a few doses tsi effect a perfect cure. Lip Salve, Cream of Amber, for removing pimplea, blotches, redness, tan, eon-bum and freckle'. Hair R? novator, a positive preventive to the Hair falling oat, will restore it in bald places and give it a rich dark, glossy a|>? poarance. Also, a Beautiful Dye for the Hair, dors not color the akin, but will turn red, grey or light hair to a benuliAil black. Ladies can have it applied at tlic office by Madame Costello, wai? ranted. Madame C.'s Ointment and Lotion, a positive cure for th? salt rheum, tetter, ring worm, scald head, and other eruptions of the skin. Cases of Liver Complaints which have heen standing for years, have been cured 111 a very short time by Madame C.'s excellent remedy and restored to perfect health. Madame Costello's Syrup -for after .pains a never failing re mody. Each and all of the above medicines prepared and sold at 34 Lisjie nard st., and where con be obtained such proofs of these facts as will convince'dhe public there is no fancy in these assertions. Madame C. would inform ladies that good nurses may be obtained at (he shortest notice by applying at her office. All communications and letters ust be postpaid, rail lm*e MEDICAL AID. NO. 4 TF.CK SLIP?Doctor Carpenter, as am.a I, dr votes hit entire iiertniial attention to the relief of the afflicted and unfortunate to the effectual and speedy cure of all diseases, at his old established and well kunwn I'eck slip Diatieuxary. No. 4 Peck slip near Pear! street. Dr. Carpeuter begs leave to apprise those III whom he is utilruown, that he is a regularly educated fihyairiau and surgeon, a graduate of Union College, and a icentiale of the New York State Medical Society, nud obtained his diploma in this city lit the year 1813. But what is moat itmiortaut to the patient to know is the fact that he speedily and effectutlly cures his patients, a* thousands might and many will testify. Ilis offices and entrances are conveniently adapted to the comfort and privacy of |>ntirnts, who are never exyioscd to observation, and hi* charges will be found reasonable. DR. CARPENTER. Ofliee open until 10 o'clock P. M. tn2? I in * c PRIVATE CURE. fPHE MONITOR.?This is tlie titlegiveu to a treatise showT ing the nature, symptoms, coiiseum-nces, and trrattneiit of the diseases railed private ; their oest modes of treatment pltiuly described : the remedies most proper for their different stages, with useful hints, important advice, and all necessary directions to enable the patient to effect a private, prompt, and immanent eure. To the unfortunate, Dr., Jordan offer* lite Monitor with the fullest confidence, containing, as it does, the fruits of many years devoted et|ieneiice, extensive practice, and successful treatment. Nor does he deem it necessary to say more than this, that the Monitor has reached the seventh edition. Sold for the proprietor, onlv at Ai*ithecaries' Hall, SO Prince street,eor of Marion,where also may be had Dr. Jordan** Specific ('nurses, No. I, for the cure ofc?p, gleets, aud all urethral discharges ; and Course No. 2, for the permaueut cure,of venereal diseases in all its stages. These packages comprise every medicine, wash, and requisite ever needed, either for internal or external use. They excite no suspicion .31 use no loss oftime, and arc used with safety and unvarying success. IT/"- 00 Prince street, corner of Marion, 3 blocks east ol Nflilo's Hardens. Private entrance Gil,14 Marion street, next door to tlif uru^ ?torr. ntfUro* c WONDERFUL RECOVERY. I I1AVE been saved from the dark precipice of *n untimely death, and from the miseries and torture* of a most vexations and |>rotrarted illness, which I suffered for nearly seven year*, and by the blessing of C' -d, I am rnalded to offer my public thanks to Dr. Joseph H< ,ne, a young U-rman physician of the German Di?i>ensary, No. Ilia Hudson ?l. By the direction of a superintending Providence, 1 was lad to that excellent and charitable institution, to receive the assistance of the young and kind benefactor, who administered to my afflictions; until then 1 obtained neither help nor assistance in mv most miserable ..ulferiugs?to him, the re fore, am I most justly Ixinnd in ever lasting gratitude to return a must lasting and public acknowledgment. I applied foe relief in vaiti to some of the most eminent of the medical faculty^ some of whom advised country air, oth? Manipulation of my limbs. Under their treatment 1 received no beneficed effect, hut grew worse and worse, until my legs and arm', were uearly covered with malignant ulcers, and presented a spectacle awful to look U|tnn. By the timely aidof the above physician, 1 am not only healed, but even' vestige of this fnrmidabl disease rooted out of my system. I publish this for the benefit of snffcrimr humanity, and advise all to seek relief from iny lasting benefactor. JOSEPH POURCH, 17# Hudson st. I certify to tlie above fact*. JOHN AXFORD, Newt Office, It} BoweryI certify to the above fart*. JOHN KIRKMAN, 31 Catharine si, N. Y. Soap and Candle Man's*. This is to certify that Joseph Pourch has been in my employment both before and since his affliction, and 1 do not hesitate to say that the above acknowledgment is true in rverv particular. J. W. BUSH. St. Inspector !Hh Ward. 1 believe the above statrmrnt to be correct. FREEMAN CAMPBELL, Aldermiu oi tltli Ward. N. II.?Tli' Doctor has removed to 1CI Canal street, where the mcdi* inrmay In- obtained fur the cure of ill long standing complaints?is ; u; no with full directions, price (10. w hich is w arranted to cure?if not, the money will De returned. It mat' ters not whether the thront,bones, or any other part is the scatoi the disease?it will likewise eradicate all the bull rffects of mercury. The mrdirinrs will be forwa'dedto all parts of the United States, by addressing a lett. r, post paid, enclosing the aboss sum to Dr. JOSEPH HEINE, 104 Canal st. Paiivuu will be att< ndr J to as u.unl. The Dr. ban more than 300 certificate* in his {-caseation which may be seen at hi* office. miff Ini'c A NEW ARTICLE FOR THE HAIR.-M AC KAY'S XX Vegetable Eirract for cleansing and beautifying thr ban ?HerurHi by Islten i^itrnt of the United 8l*t^i. This prep* ration is composed entirely of vegetable imawlieiiU wvrr be fore used, will remove dandruff or scurf, lesving the skin o! tlie he.ii! perfectly clean, end a beautiful bright gloss pre rent* the hair falling off, r? stores lost hair and rentes el short or fine hair to grow to uniformity, is n positive cure foi scald head, ke., and prevents rccarrence of diseases ?d all kindi 1 to whir h the head i* liable. Tbc proprietor, in offering ihii valuable article is actnsied by results arising from etpericnee It will be fouud by all who use it to be the most effectual ever before discov* red or offered to the public, and may be bad, *1 i wholesale and retail, at C. A. Ring's 53 Fulton st, cor. Cliff and sold at retail by D. Rands k Co, 77 East Broadway Rotton, 1W East Broadway; Onion's Baraar, 173 Broadway , A. H. Bands k Co., 173 Broad way; Wood worth. late Bonfauti'i 325 Broadway; II. King k C'\ 4GI Broadway; J. B Dodd, 61' ami771 Broanwayj Beheffelin 114 Canal*'. J. P. Clat4?ain, IHI i Canal st; J. k J. CoddingUm* til Hudson st; E. Gu io i. cornet Grand and Bowery; Burrelf, 271 Grand st. and 210 ( hafham \ corner Doyen st; < olby, 351 Pearl st; J t. Ifart, 313 Grand st; Moss, 50t. tod 508 Grand st, corner Canon; and in Brooklyn, by J. W. Smith, l-tf Fulton st, corner Cranberry. Price SI per bottle. _____ m36 lm*r R II. CURTIS, Veterinary Surf eon .member of the Royal Veterinary College, C^oudon, and Fellow of the I..onion Veterinary Medical Society, begs to inform the inhabitants ni New York and its neighborhood that he has just arrived from r England, .and intends carrying on the practice of the Veterinary , Art in all its branches, at 13ft Canal street, near Varies , street, where he respectfully solicits their support. R. II. C. r hts brought with him his diploma and every otner certificate in me power oi ih? t ollrr** to grant ; also the highest recommendatory t - rinaoniah from Un- different Professors, these, combined with It) years ettensire practice, both town an<1 country, will, he trusts, entitle him to tin* confidence and *u\* l?ort of th< \in# rir*u Public. Hone tnd Cattle medicine* *?nl to ai?\ i?hit of the country. P. S. R. If. < . h-u had considerable eijiencnce in the epi* dem c which hu hern so prevalent amongst cattle in England d ' ina the last two yi am *r nISF.A&KH OF THKKYK ANU K.1K.-J. SHANKS M. I). reaprclfolly annowteea to the public that "fj1** P' moved hii office to I7i Hnd.on .trrct, near Canal, will, u urn i|, devote raperial attention to the aurincal, mciticai anil operative tiratinriit of all diM-ave. incident UL'bf "j"** eye and ear, and delecia of vtaioa. onMcwfi Weoneeoayi ami Friday., from ?to U o'cloclt, morning. . Advice and medicine to the poor (iinlu) " t'lt cveninu nl the i.hoee daya. from J to o'clock. . , __ N. B. At all Other time. Dr. S. atleodato the renrralymc tiCc of hu profeaaiou. *" ?** MEDICINES. LUCINA CORDIAL. TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. rp is nowbwly dire* years since tee general introduction of l)t? Luc in* Cordial into the Lulled States, mm) iu that period it has not only spread iU usefulness throughout this.hemisphere, sud siutained the vast reputation which it had previously acouir ... .u ??' ~?Y ? ? ! 10 UK renown of its illustrious inventor by tlic unrivalled powers ?t has been discovered to possess iu the cure of incipient consumption. The knowlrtkeot its wonderful influence in renovating and invigorating the outrun frame, first suggested the idea of using it in this wav - and the result is, tLal a medicine has beenHddt d to the catalogue tor the cure of incipient consumption, which places the disc it* with due precaution, under the control of the patina. It hi scarcely ueceaeary, st this period, to recoinnteud the Lucius Cordial, as an all-sufficient remedy in case of Gleet, Kluur Albu?. difficult or painful menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where so impulse, or a restorative is wanted; as throughout Uu United Slates it has taken precudenre of all other medicine in tnch cases, and leaves nothing further to be ho|wd for ; its cuita being speedy, |*;rfect, permanent, and effected without paiu or trouble. Should there, how ever, be any person laboring under the above romtdainta, who are dnubtM of its almost universally tested merits, I recotuinniend it to them with all confidence, and ou my ovrii jersena' sespnusibiUly, feeling asauved if they give it 1110 required IliiL that health tv> the alliictrd paroes, and grau-ruluess to Dr. Mattein, will lie llie result. But, as u also the case ill K.HrO|ar, the immense American reputation of the Lucius Cordial, is princi|*illy based oil its thoroughly in. Testigated, indubitable, and generally admitted power to etublo female-, who Icwl been considered barren, to I war offspring and to restore virile powers in males, when reduced to utter and up. paicutly hopeltia prostration, to perfect health and activity. When I first received tie- agency of the Luciaa Cordial, frwm Dr. Ma in i ii, notwithstanding its immensaf oreimi oelebrfty, and thr great amount of iei|?ctab'.e testimony that accqn>|isuiud it, I declined committing myself individually, 1>y giving any pvsotiol assurances in these particulars ; hut uow after the enormous sale uf upwards ol one hiuidieil thousand bottles, coupled with the receipt and certificates and testimonials innumerable, and much knowledge founded on personal obsci ration, I Ran utiliesitalingly wanaut it as far exceeding my most sanguine hme-s, or ever tips illu.trious inventors promises, iu the fulfilment of the most important cuds for which it is recommended, and has become ao justly and universally popular. To be as explicit as possible, I repeat, and hold uivcelf personally responsible for the assumption, that the Lucina Cordial can invigorate the virile i?\ver* Hi males, and inahe tiiem locutidant. where nature has been dcfiataul, or ivheu they have lieeit prosIra P-d by artificial means ,- sad also iltsl it cap preduce ttiatstate ot the system in female?, whs had liern previously unfruitful, and imagined barren, which will enable th. m >? loan rhihlren 1 (h*t I have to so plainly, on audi exceedingly de Iicnu- mitt am. but feel w lie J upon to do to, lent it might bo misunderstood, and as a full guarantee (or the treat resLonsibility which I have cheerfully atjuroed. With feelings of aincero ciltUude lovthe eatenalie IMUwuvta which, as the agrht of th? Lucm* (/orilwl, nu bei'iuifviwi U|w>n me in this country, I re Miiu, tne Public's rpry ono<1w?pt humble ?>rvsur JOHN WINTEU8 UOLDRRWtLL, M. D. P/ior S3 per bottle, b or sale at 450 Broadway, and 92 Na?sau street, New-xork,and 1)0 North Sixth street, ftuUdchihin. mi3 lm*r valier's french pills. ON K ho* nf these inestimable Pills are worth all the Quack Medicines in the world, for the cure of a certain disease. Comjukkt.?If we esainiue the nature of the above disease and the situation of the pail* affected, wa must considt i it a vcry iii||H)rtaut object to he able to obtain i remedy at once certain in iu action, and at tbc same time composed of stirh ingredients as will |ireveiit #>e jouihihty of discovery while using it. It u a fact well known to manv, that moat of the remedies offered for these diseases are romnosed of such Nauaaona droits, as to render it almost impossible to continue their use without creatiiut a sickness at tne stomach or other unpleasant consvqueue. ?. Such being the case, there lean be no doubt but such a remedy aa VALIKR'S FRENCH P1LL8 wilt meet the universa! approbation, being cutirelv fret from those ohirctious, pleasant in their operation and prompt in removing the disraar. The propiietor would here remark, that (be efficacy of these Tills in ti e ilisonlers alluded to, are not based upon supposition; on the contrary, it is founded upon rational exiierience, having used ihrtn in a sacressful practice for upwards of ten years he feels confident of their superiority over the remedies hitherto employed sold ut No. 92 Nassau street, 4.M Broadway, and 90 North Sixth street, lliiladelidiia. l'rice $1 per bo*. mix lm*c "drTsherman's medicated lozenges. rVHESE celebrated articles have now I wen used for nearly J- four years, and tire greatest proof of their efficacy in removing the various diseases for which they are recommended is, that the demand for tiiem has been rapidly increasing, and persons who liavr once used them uol only continue their use, but recommend ihrm to their friends. COUGH LOZENGES. Are the best medicines in the world for Coughs, colds, cod sumption, asthma, whooping cough. Ite.. ever discovered. ThE WORM LdZENGES Are the only articles which never fail in rrmoving worms of every description. both Irom children and adults. THE CAMPHOR LOZENGES Are a anrereign remedy for ara sickness ami nervous headache, palpitation, lowuesx <>l spirits, and all nervous diseases. The Hon. Aaron Clarlc, lion. Edw. J. Poiter, R?v. Mr. Handcock, Rev. Mr. Dunbar, of the McDougal street Church, have used litem. Office 106 Nassau street?Agents, Rushton It AspinwalPs three stores', S.lids', 273 Broadway ,77 Eaat Broadway; Cod Iriuglon. 22' Hudson. rn22c success guaranteed to all. "T^HE AMERICAN MAGIC MIXTURE" has been i. hailed as one of the greatest discoveries of the present ( are stid ax lunr as medical seienee exists will be considered tha most invaluable diseorefy for dise-ises of the urinary icissacos, as well >1 the kidneys and bladder. Its effects are absolutely effectual iiiiwrfonnmg a radical cure in a short time, while the ordinary remedies take even montlis. One dose caunot fail to enlist the hesitating and over delicate in its favor, and out of the hundreds lliat |iut their faith in it, lintone has beeD disappointed nor (liscnrered while nsimr it. J.jas safely convev ed all beyond the pale of suspicion. The Magic Mixture has Ion* stood unrivalled, and has withstood the glittering imagery so pompously and so ubiquitously displayed by a host of uupr>ncipled imitating quacks, whose only aim has been 11 dui-e aud deceive the unfortunate. Hold bv appointment at King's Ding Store. a:l b'ultoa street corner of Cliff; Duvar, cor. ofChuien and t^iaanhais, anil at drug store 413 Broadway cor. Li*pen?-d; <3 Boavww cor, of Walker. m2 lm*t_ A/f 11)WlKEftV.?Mm. RUS9EI.I,, licensed bv tlie Fatuity . lu of I'liyaicians and Surgeons, (tlvsgow, Hcotliud, to prat- I rice midwifery, and to treat the diseases of women and children, hcea leave to intimate, for the convenience of her nnmeious iitrons, that she may be consulted at her own house, 96 Wooatcr street, from 9 to lit A. M., and from 7 till 9 P.M. Ladies attended at their own houses, any hour, night or day, Mrs. K. has the liest of references from many of the most rei|iertable Physicians of Glasgow and New York. m'SI lm"c TV/J ANGANESE?ill casks ground black oxide of Manganese, 1V1 formic by rEKSSE k BROOKS. mlS c 61 Liberty arret. AJEVER" KNOWN TO FAIL!?FEVEK AND AGUE d-v CURED!?("hill Fever, Dumb Ague, Intermittent and Remittent Fevers, and all the vaiioua forms of Bilious Diseases, speedily and thoroughly cured by Dr. Charles Osgood's cele brated INDIA CHOLAOOOUE. _Thh. article lias-for several years been in high repute in those districts ofcountry where the above named forms of disease are most prevalent. Numerous certificates of its efficacy fan be shown at the warehouse of the wholesale agent* in litis ettr, No. 83 John street, by P. BOWNE k CO. bOr sale alto by J. k J. Codriiiigton, corns* Spring aud Hudson streets; Sainl. Rolton4 1J9 East Broadway; W. M. Tharman, corner Canal and \ trick sta; J. W. Baasctt,614 Broadway; L. A. Roscnmiller, 31! Bleecker st, corner of Christopher, N.Y.; and Wm. Baifrv, 49 Fulton street, Biooklyn; John Brier-, Boo kiwi;and 8. B.Bovvne k Son, Westchester, fcc. kc. ml6 3aw3mc TjE~WATcHFFL 0F YOUR HEALTH.?Dr. BltXT?(7 DRETH'8 office is now 274 Bowery, having removed it from 276. He requests his frieuds to be careful of rogues iud irmaistors, who are amicus to deceive the unwary. Remember Dr. Brandreth's Office is 274. not 276 Bowery. mv!8 lm?c <tl PiOO rtEWXRD.?c-ffcrtiS'HSPE('!FiCMIXTlTRt.V For the Cure ot Oonimrrbiea, Gleets, Strictures anu analogous complaint! of the orv-ans of gcneraliou. Of all r-'inediet yet diacorercd for the above complaints, this is the most certain. k makes a greedy and permanent cure, without the least re- I striction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to bu- | ainesa. We give no Ion* qnackish recommendation* to "deceive the < public. If the medicine does not not apeak for itself, no eue hall speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can be had, aud the proprietor challenges a single case of recent Oocnorrhoea to be brought, in which the inixtuie will not effect a rapid csire. under a forfeiture of SjtW. This is a disease that unlortunately pervades all ranks of so cietv?high, low, rich and |>oor. matrimonial and single. They are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exposure in the shortest time possible. Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a doss uf tha mixture is taken at night on going <o bed when exposed. It is imi up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at St a bottle- One bottje lasts a week, which generally cures? ' many are enred in two days. For sale only at Wm. It. Mflnor's, 192 Broadway, corner of John street, op|msite Franklin House, New York; J .Jones, corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J. M. Smith's 138 Washington street Boston. my 13 tin* rPO THE ADVERTISING DOCTOR'S.?Gentlemen A when touched with ? little accident, should not apply to thepulfing nicknamed doctor's, such as the " Magic Mixture," " Pneuii Bitters," " if you doobt, die," drop*, fee., fee., who sell death at a low rale ! or shall we go to the celebrated doctors who celebrate themselves in the daily pai>erx, and on ?very lamp post throughout this city. How long, gentlemen, do you intend to gull us of our money, health, kc.( with vour mercury, copal?a, spirits of nitre, ciihi*bs, fee. I will tell you whst we want? sn old regular acienlilic doctor, accustomed to cure such com plaint. Such ia Dr. Laurel. 103 Canal street, who cures a new case in 24 hours, and an old one in less than a week. ml Im* c OR. DAVID BRENNA has the honor of informing his friends and the public that he has n moved from the Granite Building to 175 Chambers street, where he will, without the use of mercury, cure radically, and in a few days, the twist inveterate cases of syphtlic diseases. D'. Brrnm's remedy is en tirrly free from any corrosive or |e>uou >ui mineral, a.wi when j taken according to his directions, will remove the painful symptoms which invariably follow the abnse (or r?th-r ine use) r of mercury, and other noxious medicines so nnir. milli sdininistered in those cases. Dr. Bienna's remedy is so simple that it can b" sdmiuistercd without the Iraat danger cf had cons*, qocnqoa, the patient being able during the treatmeut to attend to his business and lire as usual. Dr. Breuua's practice is not confined to the rure of tli? abnsa . diss ate, but will continue to five hi* mOMHOMl a'sire- to |Wtienls, ami to administer medicines on the bono opathic system, the only one that ha* or can ever enre chronic diseases. I Oilier hours, from 10 to t o'clock, and from 5 to 7 P. M.? r Chambers street 17^ mZI linr M A n A M F FFSTFT T\ PEMAl.t Pliviichn, otfir. mil rr.i <l?ne? 148 Ur<xnwich | A fttivet, txtwcn t Tiirilandt arid Liberty rlfeeU, where r .lie ran be consuIlN with the strict..! cuiirnlenee, end where , alvi lw r rrlrbraird niruicinen ran lie nhi-iin d. All Inter. must , be ix*-t |>?iil and ?d<lrr?*?d to bo, Kit. N. York city. Medicine* forwarded by mall. Bo.ion olbce No. 7 F.?aci tlreer. mil lmr ! PORTUGUESE : FEMALE PILLS. ItTKRTKD A*D PftErAftKD . . M. PE BOUpKLOQUfc, M. D., LISBON, PORTUGAL. 1 'TMIK Si ivntiftc combination of inKrtulh nt* of wWcli * Pills are composed, have mvle them the wondfi and admij ration of the world. They are known ?H aver Euroi* to be ' tin* only |'tr|?nitiitn evrt wiruvcml tint lita |iwved iiniritbjT certain in pi?Hhicir;^ the monthly turn*. Their certainty, intll pmp?, brinK mrh tlot th^' mn?t not bf turil ilnring jirfjfnMicv, for though mild. **fe, ami healthy, they are certain to prod* # miacani.tge if u*rd during that jwrion. .... , 1 The direction* air truitWd into English, and are enveloped L round wim the seal of the ;jpi*Wt*f, *tamped. Each l*i* contains the signature of M. de BwdiJeiU'-,/IfLvS. English di rection* have the signatni* of l>r. V. MELVEAu, authorised agent for the continent of America. tT . . They can be transmitted by mail to any part of the. United State*. Letter* directed to J)r. K. MeUeau, 1?m* 24, New , 1 York, will meet with immediate attention. Sold by appoint- I mailt at 120 Chrrry, near Catharine street. Price 15. Hail f I boiea $3. No half bote* tent by mail. myM) nw*<ik* PUBLIC HI D DA?LY BY | JAMES GORDON BRNNKTT. yjT rubiu.i a n i nr.r. i ." . I Thk Nf.w Yon Hcnti.n?A daily paprr, iuurd rrrry momiuK of the wrck-tntt hot crnU |*r copy. Country ?ulr acnbrr* forniaVtd at the ?mr rate, (a* any ?i>*cifir period, o? I t remittanre in atlranrr. N" p?l?' rent, unlt-ta | aid in adtanre. , Thr Wrnir tlrnip-I??n*d rtery Hatnrday mnmiu* ?t , nine iVrldck?prir* tit end a <ivartte rrnlt )<er ropy?fnroieoed to country eabacrihr r? at ?J.2i per mmum, in advance, or at tha r am? rat* Tor any apeeilied |*lW. ConnttmeBrfiTa are ro noted to addrra itirir l*tt*r? ! Iini ? Oiiapot BtKttTT. |*irtor aud hdilor?and all of, d?ra oa bonnet* mvl U puat ^.jd.

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