Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1842 Page 1
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TH V?1. VW.?lfo. 13?Whole So. 300-1. REGULAR PACKETST ~ Kzw LINE OK I.I V Kill :>(?!. PACKETS. tUOom New Vori on llie liith and Liverjaiol mi the 13th I of each month. M. ^ fillip SUEHIDAN. Captain I', a" yster, 2.',th M*f. Ship OAR KICK, Captain Win. Shidily, 2Ml. Juue. Ship ROfiCIL'S, Captain John Collins, 2Sth.liMy. Ship 8IDUONS. Camain K. H. Cobb, ruli August From Liverpool. Ship BIDDONS, Contain K. II. Cobb, nth Jimp. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deu? yster, 13th July. SIlip OAUHICK, Captain U'm. Ski.My, IJtli August. Ship ROSCIL'S. I it tain John Collins I3tli September. These ships are ail ol the first class, upwards ol llJOOtous, built in i he city or New York, with such improvements as combine speed with nnusuai comfort for pa-?emo rs. Every care nu be> ii taken iu the siranuement ol their accomnio.i itioiis. The price of passags hence is $100, for which h,np!e stores w ill be provided. These ship* are commanded by experienced masters, who will make erery exertion to give general sau&laction .Neither the captains or owners of the s!iij?* will he respmsible for any letters, parrels or lockages seut by them, aides* regular b '.ls of l&diugare signed therefor. The* ,vip* ol this IIIH' will nereaiier go armed, .inn ineir pcruliar ciinitruetion gives them security Dot possessed by any other but Trmrli of war. For freight 01 pasaage, apply ? E. K. COLI.INfi & t./O., 56 Smith sr., New York, or to WM. 4 IAS. BROWN it CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be cl trged I2S c<t?ta per single sheet ; 50 cent* [-*r ounce, aiul newspapers 1 cent each. iu7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOXD LIKF..) 0k m m Tne>hi|^>f this huevwIT hereafterleare NevvYorkun the Island Havre ou the lClh of each month, as follow* : From .X'W York. From I{avrt. i The new ?hip ONEIDA, f 1st March ( IGth Ai>ril Captain s lit July v 16th August James Knock, ( IstNovrmberr 16th December i Ship BALTIMORE, I lit ApHl \ 16th May Captain < lit August < 16th September Edward Funck, (lit Deccem'rr ICth January Ship UTICA, t lit May ( 16th June Captain < 1st 9einemb'r< 16th October Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January ( 1' th February NewihipST.NICOLAS, V 1st June i 16th July Captain V lit October < lbsh November. J. B. Pell, ( lit February ( ICtn March The accommodation* of these ship* are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will be intpplied with every requisite. with the esception of wines and liquors. Crouds intended far these vessels will be forwtrde I by the iibseribsirs, free from any other than the el]>euses actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, apply to BOYD Si ftlNCKEN, Agents, aS 9 Tontine Buildings. KOR S K W ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PA'_KET8. Jit Jat 0k For the better accommodation ,,f dipper, " > int. ml ul to do snatch a ship from this port ou the 1st, .Mb, Ki ll, 15th, Sllrh, and 2ill. ut each month, commencing the tilth October and continuing until May, when tegular day i will he appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby del \ys mid di.iippoiiitnwnts will bt prevented dining the Y,m,nur uiolitlu. The following ships will commence this arraugeineut : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jickson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Htiliard. Sltip LOUISVILLE, <. (plain limit. Ship SHAftSPEARE, Lapttiu Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLK. Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMVLOEE, Captain Learirt. Sliiii NASHVILI.F,. Capt,ain Dickinson. Sliip MEM'HIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Midfopl. These -hips were all built in the city of New York, expressa fin packets, are of light draft of water, have receutly been i wly coppered and put. iu splendid order,w ith accommodations I or passengers unequalled lw comfort. 1'hey arc commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertieu to give Seneial satisfaction. Tney will at all time* be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboat*. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be re*j>?iisible Cor jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated wari , or fitr any letters, parcel or rnckagc, sent by or put on board of tliem, unions regular bills of lading arc taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS ?t CO., 56 Souths!., or HULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who wilj promptly forward all goods to tlieir addiest. Tlie ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken ?o have the goods correctly measured. m4 STEAM NAVIO.^^^^B^T^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, FIJI? SOUTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kt.Ot, C()MM A > D K n. The davs of departure of this w ell-ltuown Steamship, hire been fixed as follows : From Amwerj'. From Southampton, From New York, On 4th Mav. 1812. On 7lli May, 1812, On 7th June, 1 a 12 ,u>. 10th July, " 7th A'nr., " 7th Sept. " Iftth Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of pasiajre, meals not inclutlrd, to Southampton or Antwerp, $70?Steward". IVea, > I C2,S> The meals will lie served on board, on tin- plan of a continental hotel, in the best manner, ami at hxed ami moderate |vricrs, passengers being only -barged whi n partaking of the same. The pr ce ol paasajteto ,Ither of the al?ove ports can also he engn-cd if preferred, with meals and steward's fees included for $97 62)4 cents, exclusive of w incs. Ail exi>erienceil burgeon aceompai.ies the ship.1 For freight or iiassagc, or ins further information, apply to II. W. T. it II. MALI. A stents, a22 6m*r 41 Beaver street. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTAULE IRON DOAT LINE For the Tr*ns|*)rtatiou of GtxxU between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improvement ::i f. in-.p^: '(i. >n id i<L i W*" % ! ,4 rrhints peculiar advantages. The poods briiiff carefully packed in the boats at our warehouse. No. 3?i5 Market street, are carried over the Columbia ami Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and crews are eniploaed, who take emr?t' nf the cond* Rt Philjrlelnhia. ntul rrmfitmr with iin.>n llii' entire route, thus avoiding delays ami the liability of lots beingscparated on the way. N7b.?Passengers forwarded ts Pittsbnr; anil rottsville, every (lay. Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, al2 Jm* 7 Waahinaton street. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. NEW HP 'JN.-W'ICK A S L? NEW YORK. THE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation f'nminny hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ruu i? naauently. Leasing New Brunswick at 5 A.M. daily, (Sundays e?Cfpted) and the foot of Liberty street. N -w York, at J P. M. To country dealers and merchants the above line is very' desirable for the speedy aim ciieopconveyance ol merchandise ol every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Sloe!:, who can hate ISO head of cattle conv ey ed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. Tlye rates for the transportation of ca'tle, horses, mules, sheep, hogs, Stc. and all other kinds of merchandise are very ; low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject ta any extra ' charge in crossing the North River. The Company have titled up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adioming the Railroad Depot, which will always ! keopen for the reeepuon of Passengers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will taceivr ferry to k, is gratis. mil 1m* FKKIGIIT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. h i v <; i.n \ Th* proprietor! of Biuzham'f Transport*! ioti Liiip to Pitts- I burg, give notice to tlir Merchant! of New York, and \J? other iWpniKtotill West, that their Ho mntt^ O " i < MtfigaH to them (or scut to ?o in their lir;c,i will be forwarded with desputrh. Owners or shirp'-n of goods, destined for the Western Suites, who have no Agent or consignee ut Pittsburg, will |>irl?r < riastpu I ,1 it inn II lo It II I tin innw till r luf'tl lie, who will aimi I tt> nnipping all tin li cotuigninetiti without . delay. All i ?><1? thonlil lie marked diatinctly on en*n package DINOHAM'fl UN!".. far UM of fitly!", which am a* low a* any other line, apply W.M, TJSON, Agent. N?. MWlf afreet, opposite Pltr No. 2. N. H. N. B ra-??ntt>'' forwarded to hUiblnt and Pottarillo,every day. Suiultrj i -r""l. liefer ?o II. Crot Kt, Ami'Hnn Fur Co. s 8. T. Nirolt, Froiit Mnr?t \Phelwa, Dod.-t It Co., Ful'nn ilrcet ; Ftiydatn Urge k I o i Win, nankin, Dn.-yee A ' o, Newark. mi". Jin M>#$ rAS'fcACX FRO.hi N < ;T7\Nn~TltF.1 7A."JD, rt'AllAND AND WALES. PF.RSONS drairout of making m.-ni'mrnti for friends to emigrate from the Old Country to the United Stt#ra, anil who may with to a?cura for th-m dtpiitch ami comfortable acoointnouaboru, will find it th. ir iiiter-?t to anpiy to the tnb eriben, who arc at all timet t.rc|iared to make ancli arrange- I mctita at will guar Mice tti. lair nut. Til* *e-. I? r >; r g thia line are all of the firal clii?, otic of which Iravee Liver|?.t,J i Wfkly, oouaerjaeutly all tic 11 ( the |Hirt of rmbtrkatioii it avoided. At haa alwayi liccn customary with thia liri*. when ! thoac nettled for decline comitnt out, the pu-.go tr. > it refunded, without any deduction. Panagr per steamer from the ' variant porta of Ireland and Scotland, can likcwme be accuretL For farther particular* apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Ertab'uhrit Taaeape Office, 273 Pearl at., Or to C. OR1MSHAW A ro. 10 lliuee PiaXMs, Liverpool. Eiehanip* or dralu at tight, and for any amount, can liaewiae ' he furutthed on the National Bank of Ireland. Nohhern Rmk- , I mi Lo., National bine >1 v..: , ,i.i ur u an ( oeir reiptc11ve branches: alio, on II. Olyn A Co., Duiatrt, l.otnlon, .mil Onmthaw k v.... uit t-riaKi' mS lm*e . Kill LlVEni'OOL?New Ctm Regular kvfV9^koark'-r nf 7.'ith Jinn ?The inl.-ndid n.acket thin IARKICK, < iplain Win. skiibl >. of loon tona, ? .II tail aa abore.hpr regular illy. Kor freight or piiiagC, bavin* accommodation* urn in tiled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wli of, fo e , f W.?|| street, or to | K. K. COLLINS x CO. m South street. Price of paaaat-i- MK>. Tin- p.-icirt iln|i IIOSI II S, Captain Collim, of 11(10 tnn?, will MMrrnJ tlir (hrrirk, mil_ nil 21th July, Iter regular day. Puii-Mrn may rely nti the ships of this line sailing punctually ' ? ailter'i id. m titMS PAS-i.-VOK. KiiH LoMxiN-I IN. i,-, : .--The vWI^V - jendial packet liip KOV AL SOVtiHEION, Caiit. i 4*MMH?X\'alk< r. nili |a <.itiiilv on tih of Jn-ic, her rf-guur my. TTinna very sti.ierinr accommodations for cabin, seroml cabin, anil steerage passengers, at lmv rales for passage parly application should b< mailt- on i> -inl loot of Olil Slip or i to W. It J. T. TAP8COTT. )pl t 41 Peek aiip, below South at . E NE RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. HARNUEN A CO.?fiERM VN AIJKN'CV-Tlie subicinb?n KipoctAillv announce in i nutemcut wnich (Imv Ii n racenll} made with S muel H . t, Esq., U. S, ( omu it Antv/crn. for tin* purpose ofe >ribli<?hitig a uenkhal continental agency it tl t {Hue, i'or tli* ; iou ifFoi . uill n n i Bu>irt*j >>, rmtl tur^ I'l-'ilititiir^ t!i in_ ? . >min' u i*?| int< r- i ?O? m between this coo utry mil CotitiurutVl Eai A? Antwerp is tutted in tli-centre of tli?* manufacturing j region of Europe, is .tt only If! lionrs ?ii>t 11?'* . "it I hours fi >in Paris, in ths itnin* -m a \ II .ilan I and?? * many, and directly connects with "l by railroads i steam pi.dots, if* loiMtion alfor Is the irrrat-st adv.iuL'Ut-a lor pur- ! chafing and forwwdiiii; Continental goods. All orders received at. our nftic?s in Boston, Albanv. N*w i York and Philadelphia. in season lor that purpose \%il( In* for- i a ded bj the Belgian stesmei BRITISH QUEEN, i t m 7th f J ma Di at, and a .1! u< ill. ? s cuti I in if uou f< i 1 I th< return of tlie steamer, which will leave Antwerp on ! up mm JUiy. Importers of German books art* particularly requested to notice ilii.t. HARDEN 1 CO. New V . Ma - 17th, lilt?. tnUr POMERtT? c 073 ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CJIICAGO EXPRESS. SSssss Plie subscribers are now ruiutin:^ a re-.nlar Express ov-r the j Rnihoads to and from Albnnv and BuiTilo, and the interne- j dia'e places, for FOK\VAlUJlN'G, at ln>v rates, with the lit* most speed, regularity and sal'erv, choice Good-., Spe- ie, Btuk | Notes, Important Paper* and Valuable Packaip.? Will attend i to the negotiation, trailsI'r, collection or payment ?!' liilUol Exchange, Notes, Drifts, Acceptances, Account*, See., at rt*a? soiiable per cental?*?execute orders for the purchase or saleel Merch.xidise, Produce and .Manufactured Aitirh * of every description, j* laonallv, in the t*wiis on their rout , through Messrs. IIA11NDEN GO'S EXPRESS to NewYorkand Bo-.ton.anjl Messrs. IIAWLKV St CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, D> troit ami Chicago and in- j termcdiate places?forming at once the iuo-.t direct, speedy and | perfect communication to and from the eastern and ?\ster:i cities, for the u? Kotiation ami transaction of all mercantile and i professional business, remittances, exchanges, &c. References?Erast.-s Cotnimr, Thomas W. Olcotfj Watts ' Sherman, A. D. Patcliin, NethLce, James Taj tor, '1 iieodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies-?Bennett, Backus St Hawley. Utica ; T. A. Smith, ' Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Firgo, Genevi ; J. G. , 'Shepherd. Canandai.rua : P.avid Iloyt, Rochester; John McKeoster, Lockport; J.A.Clark, B ma via; Thoma- Blossom, Buffalo. POM ERG Y fc. < <>\ No. S Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 1 U'.l! : !, \\w Yok. FAtLE AND FKK1G11T tt EDL'C E I >. RF.Gtl.AR MATT. LINE FOR i R'JVGDF.Ni itA.nD BOSTON, vi;t STONING TON' AND NEWPORT, .0111 |v>dfU oi the loiiovring superior steamers, running in eounec- | tiou with the Stouiugton ami Providence, and Boston irnl I'ii> . vidtmcc Railroad ? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHOOK ISLAND, Captain Tlnyer. N A It 11 AOAN8KT T, Captain \V oolsey. MOllKl JAN. Captain Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at lite o'clock, T. M. Fare to Boston, $1 no Deck leasinge, $2 25 do. Provide J (id do. do. 1 60 s <n \ 'cjr.MENT. The NAP.". s T, u? Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for * Tie MA ' TTR, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday*. Pawi': vjl of the steamers at Stoningtnn, may take . -s and proceed immediately to Provi deuce ami . the accommodation of persons travelling bet - . ' arid Newport, the steamboat trains will stop at nough to leave and receive pasacnfMk Freight t\k? - wing much reduced ran** To Boston, . eighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic loot, n ??? per t?>u, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on meamremeut goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles is ^ r tarif to he obtained at office 22 . Broadway. mSItm OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED ! Pn?.a-n<> 90 rents?Berth. 50 cent.. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. commodious Steamboat WASHING* fc ^ \ i d*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having marie yT~. ^yf hi7 arrangements to change Iter divs of leaving New \ ork, will hereafter leave the foot of Hotiinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, cverv Timsdav. Thnrsilav. and S? turday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing onWr passive vnoli way at the loot of Hammond street, Newburf;h, Foughkeepsie, Kingston Point, CattskiN and Hudson. F?>r freight <>r rossase, apply to the Captain en hoard, Or to D. IIANDOLI'HJSI ARTt v. No. lfii West street. m9c T. POWELL & CO.'S LINE. jg2j FOR NEWBURCiH, landing at CALDgL. WEST POINT AND COLD -ir, ?' * SPRIN(t.-? HIOMLANDER, Captaia Robert AVardron, will leave the foot of Warren street, New York, every Moiidav, Thursday *nd Saturday afternoons at 4 oVIock. Returning, the Highlander V ill leave New burgh every Moiid ty morning nt 6 o'wlock, and Tuesday and Friday a'-'.ernoon at'?o'clock. For freight or passage, apply to the captain on bonrd. N. B.?All bik'^agt* anil freight of cverv description, hank billj orsnecie, put on board this boat, must be at the risk of the owners thereof, unless a bill ol lading or receipt is signed for th??< a rn??. rn2^ aa PEOPLE'S LINETOH ALBANV"AND T ItOV. daily at seven, #tloclc, P. M., lro?n a hSLmmrnZmmthe Steamboat Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty srteets, (*tmdays excepted.) The steamboat ROCHESTER, Cap!. A. P. St. John, leaves Monday, Wednesday, and Friday* afternoons, at seven o'clock. The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, C |?t. L. W. Bernard. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at seven o'clock. The steamboat NORTH AM ERICA, Captain M. II. Truesdcil, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at live o'clock, for Albany and intermediate places. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with elegant state rooms, and in all resects are unsurpassed among the Hudson River steamers. For p ink aye or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schulfz, at lis ofhee on the wharf. hi 30c OA THE RAINBOW MOKNINO'LINK for p . *AArAL BAN V . The low pressure Steamboat i mm R VIN BOAV, will leave the foot of Robinson street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. m.A Iim * r FOR LIVERPOOL.?The first well known Ship Talbot, Captain Storey, will meet with quick i"j) tflti 1 1 "iT 'li for the above Port. For freight or passage in Cabin, second Cabin or Steerage, having excell ntaccommodatiocs, apply onboard the ship, at Pier l->. East River, or to JOHN HERDMAN. ?il South st. N. B.?Passage from On:?t Britain and Ireland, (via Liverpool) can at all times he securer', and drafts furnished for any amount payable throughout the Uuitcd Kingdom by applying as * ^'ov>>TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, Ii removed Hum 1 l'i Brn.idw >v to N.i. 7 Aitnr H ti?e. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garment* of a most EWaut and K.viitnnUc kind ?t a saving of CO per cent for iMsh. ''pHE advertiser deetns it unr^jcesaary to resmt fj the h.ackl n">*ed system of giving! lift of unntiiial prires, pre*.iming that the length of tiin he has been established. together with the extensive patronage bestowed on nim, win pm\- * stun ?ient voucher for his capabilili/**. Posses invr the advance ol being connected with an exunsiv* cloth ?. itabfislunent in Kuropc i he confidently asseti that h" ran furnish clothes which* on cornVinson, will he found lower than any other house m iking up the be?r descriptions of g? Mlqjprn*s dress. mylSm s PIIII.WlP*v 7 Ac. r!|o:r.. Vtrxdwav RETKEXCHMEXT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. rPHE Subscriber, with a view of meeting the exigencies of ^ the time*, has made, arrant incuts whereby he wSl henceforth ho enabled to furnish garments of the very best quality, at an immense saving from former charges. Haying made ins | purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to compete with the chea|M*a*t,(on the ready money ; nciple only,) while he , pledges ItitnsellTo continue tne same oosrrvance of elegance | and nunctuality which for the last fifteen years has character!- . red his establishment. Ocntlbmen are referred to the annexed j list ol prices, with tlm assurance that the articles d shall be equal in quality and style to the most costly. Dies* COsti <?f super wool dyed cloths, from $1,9 to 21. Pants, do do cassimrre, 8 to if). Vests, of rf r- fashionable variety, 3 50 to .5 50. Gentlemen * rurnish their own materials can have their garment noted in tht same at) le ol elegance, in i rouortion ' N. p.?Mi kn-wi m one of die most fashion i tble cutter* establishment. j Sii,,i of the Golden Fleece, f m .5 lro Jns- ? street, near Maiden lane. 1 E POETRY. \ ' ' MI.OB. ti-x hy ,?nd. J 'I 1 'n hi, frirudt, ; ()i ' >u, irny, \V I, it < ?r m?ry. Tbr; ' >fh far and iiMf, . H? v i . i onf In h?*r, ! ( Thi' ii Ji-' id * ly lie In, , .hop, In wh;t Ii h--'d lilii't > K??? thrm pop. I r Sad (kouM iIkv v. mil, ??*l or pant*, I a No .in- infill- m if hr curt. i rrici-t low to .ail the liinn, a r.lntli, tun varimi, for thr .n rhyme,; s:,V^um:U^;^v;AWIVK!:I.kii. ; mlllmc |f.7 II.. a.1* <v. up a'aire^ ,i MARTIN'S i Catth Talluilntt Eitntollahment, j( ft Rrmortil In 1M Willi* ? $lrtrl, r.irner nf . Inn ?'>>'' .j r|MIK. nbmriher, in nnnnttn itnt the above ti> hi* Irion i oid (; I the public ill ril, tak?** Imve to return l.nn.N I >r the liberal iwlmn^Kr lic*tnwril on liiin it lii? former pi ice "I I? net*, and entire* tltem lint urerv article ordered ol him *h til. a m hiTt'lnfoff, !? cut, mul'', cti'1 tr*nitn"il in the If' it'*!! in . ino*t *ti li*h rn.mner. Th? mat-rial*. the newc*t and h"*t in the marlo t, iikI it a pn*itiv ?n?iiu! of 30 per cent. Stranitert ? ?re reipie?ted to call lui] eiainiiie. " (i ntlemcn who prcf-r pnri-hieine their own cloth, 3te., can H life them mide *nil trimmed in the iityle that hi* eitren ?uch t, ;en?ral *ati*factin:i dtirini tin l,i*t f ur year ,. Kvrn sirmi-iit I' w .irranthl to lit, and m.ije by the hot workmen at the follow- ll init i iiti, ri*.:? >i Dm* C ut* $7 W) to Sfi .'ill * Finch Coat* R (in to 9 Sfl ii Pant-, mil e*t? I 7i to 2 Wl _ Or. r Coat* I"".'"'.'. 9 00 to II 00 " No yarmrnt* ready mail.?all made to oril? r, ami a unit C 'urin?hed, if neccnanr, in 21 hour*. f nit IIAKI. V. MA11TIV T'KANsrARF.NT IT M.I \ N IVIMiuW siiadks'v - I OI.IVKIl W. WOOtlFORD, rr, ( ,Murine M, * ill hi. n hi* w. t four ca-e* Trm- nt Wind w*. F .milie* * who In*e not -.lipidI' .1 tliem*el?i with tlii* Spnn*, w ill *1 ii I a collictii .j i the moat b* antilul |ai itlnt|* ever offered n b K cur. A111 u- i -mi if faviuiring, a furtbrr rrilwiioa { lirii'i'f willh" mad', nurflj?Lanil??M|n-? SI 2% |?-r |nir.? ? ?hiii So roll a <i ,'ni. RrrolU an J I. ind?.-ai<-? SI. Moonliicta I, s,-en"? ? i Mi. I' llmi H ih'tiin- D. ltilinn Vittiriir .? .1 Di <|>. i, r,..n]< ."I "id s, II. J mill full I,anil" i|w.l -almm vx) |, air ? .it ll.? low jn< ?' f il 2V |?r |?iir, >< N. II.? In ' ii". |m rv I mnr?|'i'??ntiri< n? inany lurr b?rn t< lerrirfd, whilr |ni|cin? for N" )?l T#C fl W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY M FURNITURE. I GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale ami lit tat I J**nrniture and General f\irnixhing Warehouse, JVo. 67 Chatham streetf corner of lhianc street, IVew York. TITIIEHK In* keep* for .>.?I? a 1 ir^?* nv?oiiiiu nt of the follow* ? iti4'tfticles.vU.: Sideboard*. Cuhmiu, Bcdstuads, Cots, Tables, Chans, Otfict and Portabh Desk*. Glass Cases. Bouk C ;<va, Look i tit* Glasses, Dicing, Centre, 'lea and Pier '1 aides, Pianos, Sofa*, Sol i Bedstead.*, Beds, Beudtiiw, PaleaHers^ M ?tt fist-H. Camels, Oil, Cloth, Matting u?d Fire Irons, \V.i:.h St*, '1 ouet T.?bhs, i,.indie St.Ciu*, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Safes, Sic. Also, a Uw assortment of men and women's Wearing Apparel, new dml second handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at very low prices. Person* in want of said articles w.mld find it to their advantage to nuke au early call at the above csunlishment. Shipping orders punctually attended to and inched col the shortest iitnice, and on rca?ouab! terms. Mattresses, Bedding, fitc. for fitting nut fes-.els, cotiMsnlly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be punctually attended to and thank fully received. Furniture, and Gentlemen*! ami Ladies'cast oir CJolhitift. Ill [OSEPll I K< K()VKU, Faury Uttiiu.r Maker, Mathematinl aim N utical Inurnment l'w? Manufacturer, 2G9 Water Stroet, Nf'f York. C-hmnniHcter boxes of a superior make, barometer, theimorm et?T frames, fyiailnnr, sexl uit; survi vors, surgical, dentist and fir iwiii^ iji-u nmt iit boxes, mule rltd packed in a neat style? timepiece, dock, giro and pistol cvu-s of all description; da?ue*rotyp apparatus and medicine chests, surveyors rods, of any length and make All Linda of fancy work, made of the best in iti'i i.tie and workmanship, warranted. # ftf pairing of every dt'?cripti?>u execntdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch. French and varnishing. Manuf.ietor* n it. 'iVglealmu's Establishment, between Doi*r slu t ad IVck slip. Itr.rF.Ri-.rrcrs. Messrs. IC. St O. W. Blunt, corner of Water street and Bttilinn >lip. Mr. A. Mi ; ?rcy, 190 Water street. Mr. Dcintlt, 2.fJ Pearl street. ml* lm?C VTEW STORE of Rich Cut and Plain Glass, >fo. 35 John next door to eortmr of Nassau street. STOUVF.NF.L ('0. have the h ju ?r to inform th' ir friend# and the lubltc, that they are opt niii* the above store, tvjtert I hoy can rimi i Inrgc and beautiful .vraortment of all description? ?r-urh is astral and ball l.unps, -iiI complete; porcelain, at the manufactory t rices, by the communication of their ?h? p, No. 29 Oold trcct. w It ind retail?cit> md count ti h ? ill goods packed to go in *uy put of the country?all articles match f? p ittero* Please call at 35 John street. m? lm *c " CHINA GLASS AND EARTHENWARE. BASTOIt HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services. 115 pi $35 i Whip- tirrmte. do do 112 do 13 00 Frmi'd., nr Kn,ii*h Foraclain Tea S *t*, 32 do 1 00 Dinner Plates, Fretich Pmcclxin. per dozen, 1 91 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 1 CO Soup, do French F.?rci lain, do ? Co Do ^ do (iranite. Mu?'or white, <!?> 1 00 Tim Copland Saucers, (itt j-i' T -s) irreiicU Porce! aiii, I .V' K^l? CllpJ, <lt> ti'J 3< Glass. Cut Wines. per, from 1 .V) Do Tumblers, do do 2 (?t? Lemonades, handled, do 2 Z> Tahl' Cutlkry. Of flu* finest discretion*, in >ets or dozens, fit the low i?rice of S12 thn set. Just open ml. a haudtotne assorttrvtif of'I oilet Ware. It. S'MPSON. N. B.~Acent for the seh of Simpson'* Ear Cornets, for the relief of deafttet. m8 lw^C CH1-AP i IA k'l )\V \ R K STORE. rPHE Subscriber is pom o?h nhiy hi* Sprint: suppl} ol a HARDWARE AND CUTLERY^ novived per late arrivals from Birinin-rlnn hh(1 Shi die Id. Po^cllicr with a Kcnr* ra! SLs< ?rtu:e?.?. of IHuur rii-? Jimhin, woirn he is prepared to ofler nt tire very; LOW E9T CASH PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, &e., is solicited t-> an examination of hit stock and prices, as he is.confident they will find it to their interest to favor him withacfll. ALFRED F. LAGOAVK, 210 Grt nwirh. corner B iret r . New York. A regular sari ly of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooper * Glue. Also?t compote assort me lit of Mechanics' Toon, J tme*1 Sen wi ,kc, ml Sro-* 'T'llIAL OF HOOK "SAVKS trial, U|x>ii l.nn A Balas, ofdifierent maker-., in v? Veen bad in tin nod certificate-* iriveli by re meettide M ;i nuts, ill livor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander S if'\ The Safes so tried, t??sether with the Commitfe***' report, and Oilier testimonial*, cm be secii at the Iron Cheat Wi rehouse of j the Subscriber, the only place in the city wnrre Wilder'* Sal a mnnder Safe* can he had. Chests (,f other makers, such a , ha\ been t ikon in part pay meat for the Saltunaiulc r, for sale at I ?s than half of th _* lost cost. m SIL \S C. HERRING, m22 2wC 139 Wit I ' ' OTT*iTT>ATENT PORTABLE FURNACE, and 1*1 Wash Boiler, admirably adapt *'d for hm;iinyr, i m I e placed in the fire-place, the area, or the yard. Patent Agriculturists, Furnace and < ' oildron, in si7? sof 30, 40, .'>0, 60,:.0, 100,J20. and JdO. Tlivt* furnaces ie j ir *?u?!e piece of pipe to lit them for u*e. No article hi? vn ,'iveii net* lor satiafa'-ti-Mi to those farmers who hn\e used them. Patent Hard Coal Kurinee, a new arte le lor s '.mrner use? w ill m ik a neat litil* stove for winter. Pa ent 4'hip or Charcoal Furnace* from new pattern?, much improyed. These are lined with lire brick. ALo a very low priced furnace without Iinine. Combination and Fuel-Saving Cook Stoves, at siimnvr price*. i Mr romiuiiatinn in tli only I" mtimatp stove that e.?nuucts the Khims and smell from the huchu. I hey arc ci-jii 111 > well adapted for stimim r an winter. D -aler* suindi d on liberal terns. J. I.. MOTT, jel lm*c 261 Water and !.'> Bowery. DRY GOODS, &c. SHIRTS. TTNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY',77 WilY liam street, corner of Liberty, N. V Notice i* hereby Riven to Merchants and trailers in general, that the proprietor* of tin* above establishment have adopted a ne w method of m.inufactoring which enables them to sell their shirts ar >\ ch? aprr rare than any other house in this city. This statement will he affirmed by the li?t of prices a.> follows:? Per Do*. Fin?* Muslin Shirt.*, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,'?o Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored one paterns, Iirge sixes 7,00 A1m>, * Grge nuanJitv of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, wliieh will he offered cheap to cash. in?) In?*r THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW ami important article for use in the nursery and a* a fastening to ladies' shawls, cloaks, &.C., patented in the United States anil in Europe, for sale, wholesale, by W. II. CAHV CO., 196 Pearl street, New York, and by the patentee, u the manufactory, 146 Jay st, Brooklyn. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal terms, in 14 lm*r STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and * English Straw Goods, respectfully^ informs Irs customers that he Iwis removed his establishment from 0*# William and 26 Piatt, to TJ John street, win re he continues to keep a splendid French and English Duur,tables, ftaliau Kutlamls, fine Tuican, Fancy Shellworka. Prince Albert Straws, Str. &tt. i Alto, an entirely :iew article, the White Siberian Hair 1 Bonnet, lor the summer?it impasses all the styles as y. t intro uuced, being eitrcmcly I, beautiful, white and durable, in 21 1 m_*m "TO TI1K LADIKS. T7A9HIONABLE MILLINERY (iOODS.-The prnnrif. I tress. Miss S KINO, daughter of the celebrated C.ul King, nff* ri for sale a most select and choice assortment of Milliner .Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented f,> the pair lie, both .14 regards the quality and cheapn-sf of i!ie untie* The assortment consists of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED < APOTTE D'OR- ( LEANS, as worn by Li DuchesM D'Orh-aus, of I* .mee , SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AM) ORIGINAL , STYLE And Lawn Hata do do?An tntire new style o Hats called 44 MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGE.* I Parisian and English FANCV STRAWS, of the finest tea- . inn. in ra it variety. _ ' The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her , with a call, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Milinerv for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it . will Ik* a great savin* to them in price tnd a great advantage a* fgmdsthc variety and qnaiity of fh? goods. MlbS S.jKlNG, Maga/.ine de Modes, Bill lm*T Broadway. Si 'MMER STOCKS, SCAHFS. CUAVATS. AND (JtOVES, TUST RECF.lvEI)t a rich srmdv of the above articles, com I silting of .? vcrv light and eristic stock, esprrssly for the umnvr toontln. Also? Scarfs and ('nvsu, in great v?iiciv, \ large assortment of bilk, Thread, Cotton ami II.m'jm llr?Tf??at the old establishment ? 1! Broadway between Fvli "ace and Murray street PAUSF.LLS, Agent for J. AOATE, ? N. P. f ."ona'nntly on hand ari asteiisirc assoitment f Linen t nd Mial'r Shins, Linen Press t roots, Limn (olios, Under J?riri nt?. Ate. fc.\ mil l?n#?M MILLINERY GOODS. 'NAFL KINO, the well known and celebrated Millinery ami j Ladies'Straw list Manufacturer to Har Majesty the ( QUEEN Or ENGLAND. fl rsner'fully bog* leuve to announce to the Ladies fh.M he h^s n nan la rrwwf <w|? ndid and fashionable assortment of Ladi'V Itraw ml Silk llats. The Straw Hats are manufactured to a lost fascinating and becondng shape, called ^ THE ELsipiR COTTAOE. rith Oipaey sides and a Swiss Flare around tne fruit. Tin* _ raids these H its *r? mdt Ot ia of tht I < . gent patterns* j ie Albert Straw in particular as pitr>nt?ed fcy QUEEN VICTORIA. w !*hc silk department is conducted by the most ingenious ami uty milliners, not to be equalled. Thej*ilk.% are of the new* t I v le, |V? sh iinjiorted. Trimming and Flowers to correspond. I 'h*-<,e who wish to convince thcrnolv** may call at No. jO *t anal, n ?r Broadway; and 17 Division street. p N. B.?His Paris Ribbons and French Flowers, are ?rf the rj iti -I le, and run be purchased at eir r of his esf.ibli iiincnU, j, t w ii< !* lie md retail, on ressonalde terms. ml t lm *r u Jhmrt DRESS" BOOTS?LATEST FRENCH 11 ST V LK.?The subscriber make-, to order, Boots Mm l?ove drs*ription, of the finest qmlity of French Calf _ belli tyl nd it vei nabn prices.? h ntler r n who have been in the habit of y .yinc extravagant rices for inferior anodes arc requested to call and be conv inced ia* Iii^ prices are from t* n lo twenty per r ent b'dow otln r ^ tore* in the nrightwnliood Dntwitisa b?-i ,* t?k*.11 of the i#-et, M ' llroj U?t? krpt lor c??h ciintomer, titer* u u.i ililt.culty i e * hatiioiini- yet raav fit. ?l f n-r on IhimI, * 1st* aaanrfnvnt of f\?'.tenable r< ?<ly "

ml. at iirirn varyingfrom TWO DOLLARHFIKTi n KNTS TO SIV DOLLARS; I Ml 1).' r?, Gmrrt, Shorn, '' 'um:<, Slii i'crt, ttr. ht.r, ?t "iinHy low ihm i. !? JOHN L. WATKINS, 114 Fulton at.. Between Naumiand Dnlcli it*. e Jfrp* KKKNOI "iMPOilTBD fAITKKS of nil < ? g ' 1 of Kmhimi; kr !i !.o. .onl |niint liith.r .1. , on n li.>1 ?, giutrra, ? linn ' li in I | oi:i|lot in. 11, ? oy< iinl oliillri n. M*ut* ImjV cli* 0 ' f in ,i_i ,, 1 l. % mill Si |i?r iwir. Men* lun-a ?i in Km ami 12. p. r m air. B >v? alum. io 10 7S rriiM ami g!, mi l w rarit* 1 irnml. "Ilia, nnwi ami rlui lruiia' can. I 1 - r 1, t kit , \v .!. in* o( io.-? an.| -!ii t- n ?>f all cnlma mwl ?i/r?, 1*1.I fi i.i n. ' ?, iUUiii anil ' lijia, 7ICniU to ll,| ml ,'i |i, I in, .. ir,J r !' a Itonrt aaaiiTiniiitil of the m.ote arln !, . 1 42 'Ian 1! .tr. 1 1, (. onii r of Broadway, and it 20? 4 anal .1, north-Went n mh r o| wwii at Winimi m 1 1 .n?e RR I ORNING, JUNE 3, 1842. ISOOKS A.N"I) STATiONKIlY.^ T?) I'APER MAKERS. 1)KRSK.K IIKOOKS. \<i. I'.l I.i!> -rtv ftri-rt, ImIwci-ii | 1 Broadway ni.t Nassau >trcet, N< w York, iiiii>ort direct Iron the M uiiif- cturcn the follow ntjj urt ?*!? >, viz:? lil. aching I*t>nv?1? r of Boyd Son's mike?vrsmiiteilj for tiiiifni'iAiiy *iiil -t?t'U'-th, ? jiml lo in in tin* country or Orrat Britain, and for if. sale of which tli-y are sole agents in the United Sut . English*limler Machine Felting of fry sii;?crior quality, 'JG. 40, 15,. 77, ami ;tl inches w ide. Dryer Kilting of strong fabric, and of widths usually required. Blue Smalts.?llivnu; the agency of tin* Sutton thonnanv's Blue Sm ilt s. they arc enabled to supply FFFE, and Ft* FFE; hi am quantities. Wires for Fonrdtinier and Cylinder Michiii"*, manufactured from the purest im t il? dsn, .1 ickets?Wet and Press Fell*. Pulp Screens, No*. I. 2, t, of brass metal. Orders f??r any of thM above erticlus, together with Foreign and domestic ng?. Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, Sec. &r,, w il) in. ei wi'li prompt attention in 31c NEvS U IT AH tyt/BM ' .k. r. ll. UEHVi ()RT, professor of the guitar, No. l!W Canal street opposite the St. John's church, hii the honor to acquaint his friends and the public that lie his published a variety of new and popular music, arr urged w jth tasy accompaniments for suiur. Mr. D. will .dsc arrange auu compose music for orchestra, guitar, and other instruments, ami give instructions to .Amateurs on the piano forte and violin. n?yl(lw*t! j\ >? ivr.i uni mv i.u Any, i n f.??i.i mii* >? u-u e <0 B mkruptey, presenting the subject in .ill its various phase* ; nir Bankrupt Law ; the r mi tested seat of mi Let y: Chief JiiNtjrr Mar>hdlI; Lord Re.lesdab; ; A'neriitti Juri-t ; Strrliir on Evidence ; NVw Rules in Hhjuity : <ireenle?tfon Evidence : Bankrupt* in New York ('?"< ); Bankrupt. in Mash. (1110) kr. Ju U?- Story1:! optuiou .it length ti|>oii the effect of attachments laid ui*m the prope.ty of a bankrupt previous 10 his lie hue declared jdeh w lil ui the June number. Also, Judu'e Betts's opinio#* in the cat* ??f Ittuunn (wile's jewelrv) will appear in full in .be July number. The nr?uirie(nrs will continue the list of B uikruirfs in Nf w Dork and Massachusetts which will i ntier th? work valuable to every bu.sim ss man. vVlnt mu reliant would *nid??e ')'> cent* a month for such information ? The May numb* < commence* a new volume, and offers a favorable op porfuu.ty to subscribe for the work. BRADBURY, SflDft* k CO. lift .1. ? 187 Niitau st. V \ . ana 10 School it, B 1 >toau PAPER HAJNGINGST JMT A. HOWELL & CO., 3G7 Pearl street, are now rceeivins; from their manufacturer* at New Brunswick, an exten ?ive assortment of Pa pur II u?;rini;s Borders, kc.. of the latest h:j?1 most approved patterns and styles, suited to the city and country truue , which they offer to dealers st the net manufactory | ! I Also their usual variety of French Paper, Borders, Fire B tei i rri itView s Ike# Tip- bf.t p oikinen to put on ]iapor in any part of the city can he had t the shorti t ui it i< *. ?''t T' '?* > Ui i ? \ , 11, \ - WORKS.?Just publidu : WM U YDDE, 322 Broadw ly, John's New Manuel of I bun reoathic Prartiee, edited, with annotation*, bv A. (Jer*ld Hill, M. I)., secmi 1 American, from the third Paris edition. This indispensable book to houpppathists is now complete in 2 vols.? Price in paper $(>? * full bound cony $7. The ! onily Guid" to the A imiuistration of Hornnapatbia llcttu'dies, third edition, from the second London edition, with additions?Price 2;> emit*. Popular < ration* on Hovnnepntliift?bv Win. Gulleti Bryant, K<b'liur* il before the N? w York Homeopathic So* CtCt v, I), e. 3, I:' * ' -Pi 18 1CHUt . Aim, ji?*?t published, Mydriatics, or Mnnurl of the Wan r Cure, as nra? tiod by V inernt Prmssnitz, in Greefenherg. com piled ami translated from'the writing* of Charles Mumfe, D. A itrl, I). B. Hir-jchrl ? i?l other practitioners, by Francis Graeter?-Price SI?neatly bound. This little neatly prinud bookconMrn an exposition in what manner this simple t ha* bem found remedial. in 14 lin*r BOOK B1 X DING I'APKK. K IJLl'NG. r.T 1RKLAND, No. !20Nmsiu v. t r, hnine .inenfir,p d\v II. Binding '?o?>U and Killing M *. l.m. ry, ?. the latest and ino>r appro! <! patterns, ii now prepared to execute ail orders in the most durable and Ii Mid*onic niruin r. Merchant* Areconnt Book* nnd all other kinds of Blnnkwork ruled ni ! bound to ,uiy jiaUerns, ami in a style tlv?t i* warranted to sjive h itIsfaetioti. Any work ordered e ?n be done in4!:;- Kiielish mode if riMpiiicd, is II. I. lias had loin; experience in both methods. FOR S ALK*?Two second lend Copperplate Presses. Ap11\ ib mil In ums f.1 ji.vL'Ksr,1. i >xiii?j?miiaa.vm'WJ.mnwrntw5eajjTHATS 1 HATS! HATS ! I niKMVN 8c GO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale *ndr?: O i ni, 179 Cintb o Sipnre, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adom the head. The proprietors iiate the ideasure now to offer in addition to their rer? fitly in.; ved snort npped Mat, a new ?rylr, the imitation of Imaverr, which so closely reseeinles that < f all furs the most '.:ost!v and beautiful, tint fie- diflVrence is not emilj jM'reeivc?!. P;ice three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one Hat for the price charged. In on* *entin * e II it* to the public tie propni tor* think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, ?i tirabilify, cheapness atul comfort. in I 1mf bp? awnaaerrspbb???mm wsmam mmm raw?m JEWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VEitY T/JW. rPMF. 8 ibscriWr is eUiiur all 1. scriptt r\i if f litT J ?iWer A Watches, Gold and riher Peuci'i, Of 11 ( ri;n, Keys, tie. at r? tail, I >w r t! ? i at anv other ilit . it: ti * ;i?y.? (vc*d Watrlies as low k>*y to fort v I h- n r? n , tVatcn? * and Jrurlrycv! cr bought. AM ?V r/-i ei a?ff r, ?rranted to keep goo-I tin e, cr the money Mturr.cJ. vV i and Chicles rtii/ifrJ c tt.3 be?f in nnsr, itii /furrtrtei. it much leas than the *i "V m. tj i.he finest ;vcrn.r?? ri in the city. G. f\ Ar.LF.N, Importer of Watches and Jewelry, w holesale end retail, JO well street, n;? stairs. Ml hn*m W \ n Ml B, JEWKCKk . ( i; fXKKV, fcc.-The subscrib rs !>ei:ig desirous of materially reducing their stock, offer for sale at importation cost, for ca*di or approved short paper, gold and silver watches, fold chains, pencils, riniri, am] broaches, diamond i ins and rings, unset diamonds, pH??e stones, plated, Japan, and German silver ware of ev? t v description; ra /. vs on cards and iu dozens, pen, pocket and diik knives, scissor*, sets of table cutlery; also, silver spectacles, thimbles, pencils, tooth i i ks, pickle forks, plated earrings, chains, rings, lockctf, t ito 1 pocket 1 ? . u caw cork screws, &c. itc. 8. J. NEUh FADT II BARNETT, m7 lm* c 49 Maiden lane, rno JEWfc U 1 KS m: Si v id RE I UN ' r.i;s. ... ... * ('. 'a J. IIAR FNETF, No. 2 Courtlalidt street, near Broadway, Wholesale and It* tail Manufacturers of Travelling, Writing, Drwing and Jewel cases, miniature ca?e?, and settings, tint'*, locket, watch, rimr, and p u cases; rases for nil; i r mate, i ' I to Icr. klao, traya nuuh jum! fitted to Jewellers'* show cases, to contain witches, chains, rings, keys, pins, lliimblcs, jieiiciLf, lite. &c. fct<\ A variety of the above articles constantly on hand, and inade to order, with Witness and despatch. No. 2 ( ?u lisle All . V-w Vorlc. in?? Im*c REVIOV ED.-I\H. 1BIE WALTER,m i ind partnerof the h -me of Berber Walter, the only manufactory'of Watch Glasses in France, No. 27 Ptradis Foissonniere street Paris, h is the honor ol' informing M irs. dealers in watch worlr?, ana all articles conn*ct^d with the line, as also Mssrs. dealers in ?;las*, that th?*ir establishment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy articl***, Itc. 4ic fcr., has lately been ic moved from No 10 Maiden T. ?ne^ to1 No. 90 William street. (Gentlemen desirous of | urrhftsing from the only depot of fh? factory, ar * r?rpec?fully invited to call r.; our * a. w mi will he found annnrivajlrd assortment of the above mci> toned foixL, which will be disposed of on tlie most reas<uiah!e t rmi. m12in#r If IfWiU!1.- a -J1L1SWJU JLUWIV JktiSWJ.M.'T jg. IB)S||>|| 1 J_J NOTICES. Nr.w Vork s.xu At.rant Rail Road Co.) Office N<*. 2. Park Place. ] VTOTIt'-F. i? hereby civen to tlie Stockholders of the New is V.. I. . Ah.n .11 I? .9-1 f', fh.f ... ..i.. r [>irect#.r* t.? aid C nnnanv, will take placv at their OUiee, No. 2 P?.'k i'Uf'*, on Monday the sixth of June nnt. The Polls will be open at 10 o'clock, A. M.v and continue 3|?- ii untal 1 o'clock, P. M. The Books b?rth?* transfer of Stock are closed, and will so continue until the 7tl? day of Juno licit. Bv order of the B"i)d. m ' JOB. E. hi.' >OMF IKL1V S cr? fa . pfOHFOIUTION NOTICE.?Public notice UHei n . ren tint sale of property for unpaid tales will take puce at anMic auction t the <%it\ Hill of the city of New Voik. on Tuesday i the 25th day of June tie it, at 12 o'clock, noon, ami he o.i utued from day today until the whole of the said pro|ierty ilnil s I J* and tint the detailed statement of the tax* , ami roj ?m ty to r> ? ?*dd i' published in the Ne w Kra, a news|ia|?cr 'Tinted and pnbli.n ' in the citv of New Y ork. , ALFRED A. SMI J 11. Comptroller. ( mpt Her1 OiTirr, %.pril 26, 18-12. tawMwtlfjvr , PPEC IAL ! I.I ffloj I'i.i si. ,i i '11. i .'lucl lb. fi?P 1 ' lowing notice ?o f < Insp'rfori of Election; and the Corn- J c ui School* will course, be hfreaitfr cotiti oiled by n w ' JMveniors 1 NOT" !. OF SrF.CIAL ELECTION. 1 ' Snr.airr'i Orrici:. t itt Hall, > ' N'f.w Yon a. May 21st, in?. 5 ' " No'ice is l?"p ' n. th it a special 1 lection will he held 1 1 the City and ( of New Yorr. on th* first Monday of < no next, urn uant ? " an set to est* ml !'?lli < ity and Conn* "I New York le" "rofisionaof the (L iteral Art, in relation ' L animon Srh D, pasted April 0, IS12." The first section -h-W ?< .is'm- ; 1. There *lisll 1 " fitcted in each of the wards of the City 1 nd Loom v of New Y ork two ( ..mnnnmntiv |e !u?pe'b?r1 ud fire Tiuste-s of ( ommon Srhoo's, who ?h ill he ?Jecf?d bv allot, at a snttcial election, to he held 011 the tint Monday of 1 i?ie, io ca ireraotw puitilied 1 ote I Chattel tflicers in the said Win Is arid to b* conducted in the tame snner, by the sam" Inspectors, at the Sam" Ward Districts, j I subject to the same I iws, rnjes and regulations as ii<>w ?o- 1 n the Char er Elections in said rify." It is recommend* I that the box*-, tickets used at thir; rr?27 to i lr MONMOl 'TH B. IIMIT. Kh.r.>." j , >ANKHUPT( V-HAMl Ki. OWKN, Counselor at i,aw, ' hi* r to >v? (1 to 67 N mmii street, N?r corner of John, , Ii< . lit- miv be c?>n?i?!lrtl < it all null r? in 13 ittkiuplr v. m?3 Iineml+rc / N \ I <i rTv THE OMNIOHAPH MAI HINK.? J HI. till, JONKS tk CO., l'.t'i Brnnlway, corner ot John rcet, N.V., are prepared to etigrarc all kinds of .Maps, Charts, hits and Surveys, or antr wo.U of that class, in tin- most beanfill style, with uiiiiaralh h d capoclifion, an I .?* prices I n f>e 1 .* tftOf* I ' if' 'I f< , il v.... k K ('I'll. i . I | i tc?th?? co?t ol t?ne strcl or copp? r pUtea not rtceediiitf Li# to rji?hir work. N. B.?Specimens of the w^r'< done by the Omnic rinh can i ftaintiicd at rlc- office m Bmtdwiy* ii'ltmr PIANO F0RTE8, JOUTHEHN DKALEHS ?? drsrtnw^ir-.^Mtly will And 7 it to fheir ml re tit at I > o*!l v. tS MaMiPe I * issritment I" the clio* e article, romp i:\,.i t i srRtt* ?'and ?ij>? i ctat cs, r rosewood ^ id mahot(.ir.y,Jfi tt;? swiui rem.I ??aiids, i I cvciy inod rn imprn uttiJ. Toe"' ir:?tr?iii.'.ii* wariit' d to !?? . in -.1 to Any ii (r,e oi?.' o ? 1 * >1 I tne Imr. pice* for ? ? d? a' th" 'ow-if ?.;tW# 41 VV U h o/rrnt?iatrri-fib.-twe?.nKillh*nJ^ntt!^VUWM _ , ^ ] B.-Piano Kortrt T i M?ru?1\ u* * i t v (^o off** (or liir?* it the miiiM(?r torr " ^ SHIRTS. 1 "fllTtTS in- !? I" ""It. ifl" lJ??* most fiprrovril French ti ^ f iHion. , : n". t? irmenu ofull drtcriptiiiM mmltio i l*-r .?t ill" ! ' 'V'' "i _ .. . , I" < # -i*n . - ? F i i I" i S- rr 67 ! ?- ? W Maiden l.inr, enr'iar JV'tl^n -tie WII.L! \M Cni.UN!?. ?OHl * ' i JOS ^ r.ti Til p.; rr* f.| tlo I nil. il H'?( *, um.;. , j s die mml fi?ur*U!r i?-r:Tt*,by S. J. AYLVEflTER. r m2H?* 23 Wall tl, in<i !'K? Bm*'lv? 1 y, |4 IER A. OCULISTS. THE EYE. nil. WIIKLLLU. OCULIST. TNFI.AMKD. D1SKASKD AND WK VK KY1J3.?DH. ' 1 VVIIKKLKIi, Occuliit, TJ Gicrii\vi? || r?M New York- I respectfully, informs the public. lint m c?u?. 4 !?? < ol hit ' practice having become enlarged to r".:riMi m rxh-nt, lie i? J comj>elle.1 to confine hit office attendance utrietly t>,-twecn J I lie hours of 6 A. M. to 1 1*. M., alter which hours he visit* out j do< i patterns. Notw ithslauditu that anions the many hundreds of nu s which Dr. Wheeler ha it! . : I man) In by other protessons without success, ami pronounced hv them me'liable,) rt he has never failed to eradicate the di.*r ?se, ami j effect a |H?rlt?ct cure. de.ipile of every, disadvantage which mv have present 1 itself, an 1 in many instances almost against hope. It is this unprecedented success in his treatment of tin various-?hitherto considered incurable?diseases of th* eye, tii it enables him with confidence to refer the afflicted who m i\ be unatvjuainted with him, and his uiibl mode of rrearinv tin disorders of this opjan?to numerous restored patients in the first class of society, resjiectiinj his professional skill ami abilities a* beim* pre-eminent for his success, as a scientific 0 'culisu Chronic inflammation of the eyelid or sore eyes, however loirj standing, can be effectually and pi rm inenlly cured, films, and specks, removed without surgical operation. S T R AB 1 S M U S. calleu S]uintiu<, and CATARACTS, safely re moved?in a few minute*?with scarcely any inconvenience or pain to the patient. To save trouble, correspondent! art informed that letters, addressed u) Dr Wheeler, >" will wot lie token from the I'ost Office, unless post paid. /."(] The n Hit number of casus which nave been cured by Dr. Wheeler, h ave already given lilin a wid? spr?* \d reputation, and fixed it upon a basis a* lasting as the grHciturie of those whom he has rescued from a "living death." Of the number of certificates, which patients have offered to him of their own accord, In* '.elects the followdug. not that the are more remarkable than many others, but because rhe rvr?on< who w rote them appeared to be actuated by a com?aen<lable spirit of philanthropy, in seeking toinihe known foi the good of their l'el1ow-;ni?ii, t!?? bene'.t which they have received from Di. Wheeler1* treatment. New Yt ik, March 13th, 1512. To Dr. Wheeler. Oculist, 33 Oreenwic?t st. Dkar Sir :?I hat you may, it* you thank proper, mane publicly known the hi,rh estimation in whim I hold yr.ii as an orenlist?1 be*; to irivr vou, in addition i?? my veual acknowledgments ol' the benefit von have conferred upon me as a patient, this written avowal of my ftreat indebtedness to you for restoring the siuht of mv poor. little child iom the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its mikHc The child w is of such tender y?ar?, and its disease was of sucl nlutmiiic a character. 1 despaired, until told of your k?11 in such mutters, ol ever obtaining any remedy for her, and .he more especially as other physicians had alfordeil her no micf. 1 am happy, how ever, thus to confess that you have effectually cured her, and 1 cordially, heartily think you, for your nimbly successful exertions. Yours respectfully, MARTIN WATERS, 11R Hammtrxley st. City and County ol New York : to wn ; lu the hope of beini? serviceable to s.,iiic of my afflicted fel low creatures, 1 heieby wdunt.irily oiler my grateful tcstimosi nix's |o Or. Wheeler, the t enlist, for restoring me to perfect si^lit, (from total blindness,) alter having before bemi uitsue ccstfully treated and opertted upon by upwards ol twenty of the most eminent and celebrated medical men of this city and different parts of the United Slates. In witness whereof, I make deposition, under oath, to its truth, and hereunto subscribe mv name. JAMES (). KAIMIEL, 78 3d Avenue. Sworn before me, the 3l)tii day of March, Hi 12. LffcO. 1KI LAND, torn. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City ami County of New York : ss. David Powell, I5fi Jackson street, Brooklyn, being duly sworn, says, that he was afflicted eight years with the Egyp tun opthalmU, an I ulcers in the eyes, an.I though under one We first oculists at the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne experienced no r< lief, hut became blind, in which state lie >va> placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green tvich street, who has entirely restored his sight. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 31st day of March, 1*42. John Bi'I.klcy, Com. Dreds, 21 Wall street. City and County of New York: ss. Mary Ann Pirlry, daughter of Mrs. Wimbles,No. 94 Catharine street, being duly sworn, any?, that she a short time suffered dreadfully from a disease "known, technically, (as deponent is informed) to he Amaurosis, which rendered ner quite blind. Although she had the best assf'Voice that could be afforded her 5 ?l the Eye Infirmary, (as w.ll as from an eminent oculist in this city, who eventually told her the sight could never he restored) she never received anv essential benefit until she was placed under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich s'r-ct, whose kind and skilful treatment, has entirely restored Or. MARY ANN PIRLKV. Sworn before me, this 1.0th dav of April. 1.112. Isaac P. Martin, Com. Deeds, 14 Wall street. City and County of New York: ss. Mr. S. ( adv. 8a Iligli street, Providence, R. I., being duly sworn, says, that lie was totally blind in his left eye, for nine y?Mra; the e mse of the blindness was cataract; tlyt he applied t?? Dr. Wheeler, Oeuliit, of 33 Greenwich street, who, [by ?u operitiou attended by verv little pain and inconvenience, ami without danger.] has perfectly restored his night. Under such r? ii'list ine-s, be feyls it his duty, to state his gratitude, to the for die inestimable benefit which Ills skill has conf-rrcd upon bun. 8. CADY. Sworn before rnc, this 2.0th day o fApril, 1842, Gronor. Ireland, Jr., Coin. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. Citv and County of New York, ss: O i the 'jth of last month, 1 placed my little daughter, three years old, who h*d sore eye-*, and was completely blind of the left, under the ran? of Dr. Winder, Oeuli t, 33 Greenwich st. To the astoni ihmeitt of all wl?c knf,w her, her sight is perfectly rentoied, and her eye# arc well. In the hope of leading othci . to the same blessing that I have enjoyed, I voluntarily inake this statement under oath. Christopher burns, Grand street, corner of Thompson street. Sworn to before me, this 28fh day of April, 1 :i2. W. It., Coin. Dredi, ml9 lm*r 81 Nassau street. 'It IIS I IISPl?IWHIS I WP'I i MISCELLANEOUS. SHARON SPRINGS. rT,UE PAVILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will b? I * open for the r e# nrion of visitors on and after the first of I June next. *t the Village of Sharon Spring*, Schoharie County, New Vorfc. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved to he highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, HiIiiouf and Dyspeptic complaint*} at id in the cure of Erysipelas, Siltrhnim, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and central debility, uid in many nther resiiects, |K>?m (as certified hv some of iInmost emin nt medical professors in the United States) medicinal and healing properties unsurpassed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive view*, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are among the m n> attractions ottered to the*.* seeking in the heat of siiinmt r, either health or pleasure. These sprimts are but a few hours ride from Sarotoga, Troy, Albany, lie., and ar ace- stable from Canaioharie on tin Albany and Utica riilroad, wlere carriages daily await the arrival of the nioriiimr cars from Schenectady and utica. to carry visitors to th" Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany and ( lo rry V alley turnpike by daily stages, boing about forty-five miles west of the citv of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of th . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain s; ring Ice is stored for the aeascti. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, arid combining .all the advantages of tins delightful summer residence. d - low It < a -r WILL! 1M K IONI *. 'PHE.COL'T* PATENT IVEPEATIN?i FTuF: ATTSTS A ?Kiilrs with E/hf Chambers. ( lrhines w ith Si* Chambers. Shot Gnus ??r Fowling pieces, w itli six Chambers. Pistols, Pocket. Belts and Holsters, with fiv# Chambers. And an extra c> litider with five more charges. A* alio, jM-rctiM 011 c?p?, halls and powder, improved cap prjmers and |*?wdrr llisk.*, are now offered for sale at reduced prires, a? No. 171 Broadway, 2nd door below C 'irthn If *tr??*t. rurr|is*er? from abroad can be stipulird with any reasonable The great advantages of these f.rc inns over inv other fir? arms now known, n well as their aujterinr worUm in?hi;? and iju.ilif> of materia'*, is ro well established that it i s not n#crf ary to describe the tame now. .i*l lm*c A WONDER AND A BLESSING TO CLE AH THE SKIN. -TMIE IT A LI V V CHK.MICAI, S'.iAP.-*.^ thi, .....Ini tn>n i?iav<i !iv iV' Medical r.otmril of pari*:?" We onBid? r M V? rini th grcifst phil uifhroiiiu of tin? ago, and l is [till in f hemic il S.?T|? a* a perfect mine', to cure anv t rot 'ion h d sf* rureinrnt of ? ? <!;:n. The I tali in Chemical Soipi* confidently peoinm'-nded to rhe public to cure the following : [ iinplfA, fit< 'tie*, silt rheum, scurry, rati, morph *tv or sun burn rrysi; !.??. or any rujition. It will change the col ir of lark v !!.?'. . or sunburnt to a beautiful hea'ihv eb am en th public mar r If on it, it nrvrr fails." Sold fty T. I n ?. tign o| the A m? rirtn Kttfle fu! Chatham stro t. piicr '-O n nfr- i *akr?ob*?M?e on each label the signature of M. Yeiprinr th# j 1 nv ntor. I' ll T. Jones as the Getcral Agent. 1 A gen's '.'H f ulton ?tr ct. Brooklyn; H? Dock *f. Philadelphia: Scale st. 1'ottou ; 110 Baltimore st. Jj.illine re; Si Sf if- Al- I M| j! hnV J PATV^i^frLsKftvkin roirrAni.K hu.sfTriyrf- , * VISIONS, w.iri oitr I f" keen nny length c?l iiiit. I'M in j iny climate, vi/ ?^reserved I.ousters, llillibtit, Shadj ? i! won. Ojib'm lid Ch'n*?fh i*f, Mutt ?ii, Lamb, Onck. ( hirk* ! it, Ttirbey, (ir mi? |j. cf S cip, Mil?f jn Bi ?th, Chicken P .up, r Da '1 nl Smip, V# c. t ,hle S.nip, M"? 1 and Oreeti Turtle *on|* . . ?Oreeu IVas and MilU, for sea royageA. V IS ? T! pr. ? i .... ire aM r# I, cook- I. free from bfirt | f ind c.?ri he usi .1 r*ild, or, if preferred, wanned hi a few minutes. VlanuiVf -d mil-old wholesale and retail, by I nil Itn* m W. Ml LLANK. h'>? hliimi.. N#? at Vorb T)K MIS \ I. f. V)AII KSTA I!LISH.M IL.NT, iouTid* d M 1 I i:, : t it I* 1 \\"itf*i sircct, f'v? d"on altove P.ithirinr rrnr y I . . t the kind in the I nite 1 8l i'es, < -ottti'i ? > 1 the N ?v v, the American, Russian, ami Spanish w ir ? :.';s ii;-;-!i< I all the rici boat* and club >oat i 'or the 11 t four > r>? o>d b is now the largest assortment v >fmn, sweep*, and sculls ever collected in one place. I V, n-Tb Branch Oir S'-.roii the North lliv#rvi fe, is bin up, s mI rem v d to 4<i2 Wat# r street; and is I save all the vp# n?? s of on?-storet I will sell enough cheaiwr to those who ' ome from 'be North Hivi r side to piv them for their fro ihle. t lace b#. >u, club U>ar?, oars an?) sculls s<-)d 50 ;?er rent less Ii|in fast v* ar. m5 1rn*c ' JTMM'.!) cJl.Av WU WINOOW SIIADKS-H AN ' ^ MM) I'D \ fit ('(), Broadway, n? ?r IC-ide at, <?'** Itaincr* and decorative Painter*, respectfully solicit* ?! * nd other*, bt'inf? tip their dwellings, to inspect their ??ot k, rhich forst) h* and exreutinii of' work i* not to he surjia . .f d, t nd it wires m ?uit tV tiim ?. \V?*hnM window abides from n lie doll tr l ? the riche t stvlea, ?quailv ch< an in proportion. ,rehitert* r 1 other* lurid died with designs tor unified k'l u* ri 'in ch window *, dwellifitr, on the shortest notice, and *' rthrx v\< cittcil with economy and despatch. v WANTKD?An artist, used to decorative painting; al o an a pf Ti'ic#.. wyH Imr f> Onn nnh KL."'.H. .I packages losnit customers? ?4iv/VJ,v/VJyl Assorted rick|c?, ( itsup, Sauces. I're fe Ties, an 1 Kiujluh Mustard, of * ?;njH*rior <i?? *!if\ and low fh ice ; Cider and White Vinegar, bv tlie jfillon or he " ? ; ?|? ur Krotit hv the h,irr? I or !.? / Preserve I Meats. S -mps, < u y?t( r*. Fowls, Milk, fitc.t w ar. tuted to k?-? p , ' "J me, and in any climate, ea lh-nt for hip *t > . ?"ir> .? : a r* if t'lfirvat \ r. i ? liable j?t ; '?r nnd f 'r[ V, , ue; Walto I, Mushroom and Tomato Catsup, ha flier,;; 1 sn fd>tan. n V B.-Untr.iMriOVffcu'^h^ v M?LERi ?i| wt- I'. < .nil n-f-l v.- 'f. iiofv. tot TV w.f. rwji'r..? foi ?KV.NI II CANARY ??> " f ' " Nrt 5I. 1 ?ml mJ ,m r 1 LD. Price Two Cent*. ltmxlalpli. [Com s|?'ti'l' in''1 of tli - llt ral'l.) 1! AND'ir.rii, Vt., May 2<>, 18-12. Tm /P.i> Parti/ in Vermont?A New Party?The Ah,lit to,i ift i?Mr. Tyler? Srott? fVt I iter? Via y ? The Jxidiet. FniENti Be w kit? Among the inany interesting Inters published in your valuable paper, giving the public so vivid a notion of the times, 1 believe few, if any, have been t't.'in Vermont. Perhaps a short chapter upon theaff.iiis of the " (Ireen Mountain Hoys" may not be uninteresting to your readers. The political situation of the whig party in this strong hold of whiggery, is by no means the most agreeable. Not that loeofocoism is increasing, but the whig* arc becoming disgusted, and care littla about the result. Besides, the general want ol union among the whigs proper and conservatives, a considerable faction of the whig* here are disposed to .... ...... "i'- iiuoiiuonibt plalloriil.? Slavery is to be the paramount question with tlietn, and they are to have no connection with either of the other political parties. Our present governor is excessively unpopular. He was not elected hy tho people, and never can be. If he has not sense enough to take himself out of the way as u candidate, the State must go loco this fall. His appointment ot Mr. Crafts to fill the vacancy in the United States Senate, has not been very well received.? We have better men for that station. "Captain Tyler" has some friends among the moderate minded men of both parties in this State; but neither he nor Mr. Clay can ever receive the electoral vote of Vermont. Scott will he our choice, and Webster before Clay. There is much jealousy of the south among the whigs here, to go for any southern man. Hut I will take into consideration the course of the political abolitionistsut another time. Shall 1 say something about our ladies 1 God bless them. They are angelic creatures. They are just wh it you might expect?just what the invigorating mountain air, and a rural life, far from the contamination of cities,has made them?the most healthful, bcautilul, cheerful, true-hearted, good tempered ladies in the world. There is nothing to render them sickly,languishing,helpless and sentimental. They do not lace too tight?not one of them, if we muytake their word for it, and they are often ready to sub stantiato it, if required, by a declosure, an actual examination. The sense of the community, too, is decidedly against late hours?so much w? itmf ? ? ?? the ancient practice of " night courting," to which perhaps, inure than anything else, New England has been indebted for the ability to sustain, una even increase, Iter own population, while colonizing the great west with emigrants, and tilling the whole world with Yankee adventurers. Even this practice is falling into disuse. Where it still prevails the parties are not apt to he up late. i'orhaiw our comparatively rustic gtrlsare less facinating, less bewitching than some of the more accomplished " works of art" in great towns; but they really have hearts that have not been chilled into selfishness by contact with a heartless world. They love just us ail honest man would he loved. No flirtation, no coquetry about them. You must satisfy them that you are in earnest, before you can expect any favors; and then you are forthwith rejected in the kindest manner in the world, almost uh if they loved you, or else repaid for your homage by a warmtu and durability of affection, suflicient to satisfv the most unreasonable man. If our ladies were net very modest, they might sometimes be tempted to forget their place, and make some advanees, instead of waiting patiently till called for. I wonder they do not sometimes ? Ouryoung men are so prone to emigrate usually hefore marriage, that there is always a large surplus of spinsters. It i- impossible, without the introduction of polygamy, to furnish everv lady with that one thing needful,a husband ; and as few of them are di-posed to sacrifice themselves tgKin the altar of -ingle wretchedness, they are apt to he very kind and agreeable. The fear of belonging to the jllstarred tribe of old maids, makes remarkable fine girls of them, flow much jample, excited by n strong motive, will accomplish. This same state of things, 1 sometimes think, promotes tcandal. If a I idy here docs not shun the very shadow of the appearance of evil, Iter whole -ex pounce upon her at once, nnd read her out of the "decency," without judge or jury. They aecm to think that virtue, like any other commodity, is valued in proportion to its scarcity, and you would suppose some of thetn ItHtl monopolised the article, were you to hear them talk of their neighbore. The statement that other poods in the market arc damaged and unwholesome (and specially when there eould be no evidence of the truth of the assertion hut faith), might |>erhapsfacilitate the sale of one's own wares, were it not " n game that two can play at." As it is, the ery of "stinking fish" makes purchasers verv wary. I know of no other reason for the great number of old bachelors in a community like this, where a fHinily is so easily provided for. I hope our ladies will "take an 'int,"and spare each other. Truly yours, T. M. Wilmington. [Cnrr??|M>inl>'iicc of the ll'rsld.] Wiuminoton, May 24th, 1H42. Business?Ri I it; ion? Trm/fratur? Odd Felloiri, or Goat Hiding?Crimp Mrrtimtfr. , Mr. J. (I. Hkvnktt :? Dear Sir :?When I look at your paper, and see every town and place represented by some, I cannot hut try to represent mine. Hu iness is dull at present, and prospects worse.? The Ranks* have resumed specie payments, but will not discount for any )>erson except the President of the bank's son, who is in business in this place. We nre now building a gutter for the good of the town, running down two squares of Market street. Religion is tailing oil'rapidly ; we have not had any bap tizing for two or three weeks, hut ex|>eet some next Sunday. Temperance has taken quite a fall. Two or three of the Society were seen staggering about the streets drunk as n coot. There has been n committee appointed to wait on them and fry and get them to come back to the Society again. The .Juvenile Temperance Society is yet alive, and flourishing as well as could be expected. They have got prettv nnirlt all the iiivenilcfl of th<- pltice, and are hoping for more. They moot Ih?- third Monday in every month. They deliver addresses every meeting, which make* them verv tnt'-reeting. They appoint their meetings in the churt lies, and go through the iime '"eremonies aa the senior Society. The < ?dd fellows are flourishing here. We had m address on odd Fellowship from the Mev. Mr. VlcC'.the on Saturday v. eek last, which was very afeetin;:, and r mscd n great number of the town to (He di'- < loat ; ' tit unfortunately, cry of the riders vhtle riding look hold of his horn ; the goat threw lim, and lie broke th hom of the goat off, and they tad to ?end ofl for another goat. They are now flotiisliieg very lair, and are taking in from six to v elvr members every meeting. They are all the ;o now. (htr glorious camp meeting begun on lost Wedirsday morning at (Mil Brunswick, between Wellington and Smithville ; and I wish we had had on here to h iv? taken a sketch ol it, and have if an in a (date. | thought of vnu wherever I went tnongst them. There were not manv whites cntirrted, hat it would he tolly in lite to pretend to sav tow many blnek* and mulattos there were. 1 countd fifty-two that were lumping tip and hallooing ' glory !" 1 have not tnneto give vou a longer hisory oi this at present ; hut yon may look out for iext meeting time. 1 remain, with respect to the alitor of the Herald, his friend forever. Boot Black. I ;ons ASn Pork?Theraii'eol tin g neral extension of he noble cause of torn iterance i? 1>egiiining to atfect very eiMitily the priee of n? least two itn|>ortant agricultural tat>le?-to wit, corn and pork. The average price of the trmrr'h n been lor the la?t 'J1 years about one-half that of ib'-of. ft is now north in this market less than omlitd the price of wheat, ami is ni perfect drug at the west I any pi ice, since it is no longer in demand for the mamilOtiirc of whiskey. formerly, w hen com was worth 2V cents a htishel to ?! sain 'and make inio pork, the I slop of a bushel of e same grain was w orth six cents lor the -ame purpose. ho*e farts, drawn from nerso- it otwet vntion, show that h< n t'ir distiller* could tur n on* ICO*) barrels of fan k ma given lot ef corn, the Itirmers ran now send fo nrket 11*10 bxrrela by jjrintlinir and feeding en'ire, the mn Tb ' aornonta for 'h nnprecedrnfed rheap " of thix important article of Wexfeim export. The fnal triumph of tumpcr.inri principle* hn? filled the holernnn'n .< ith rnn nil per' t'.very person who rmerly drank hi pint of whirl < y ? lay d"?trn\ ed thnre two pounds of meal. Ma n ? tor-tu'allrr once poured wn daily hl? quart of the liquid i*?i?on?Huft'iln (.>n?.