Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 3, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 3, 1842 Page 3
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WW*' loco, founded upuu a snaking event iu the historical th( country, ia announced for to-morrow evening. .Mousing house of course- It ii announced that Mi a Fisher aiu the Thayer* are engaged for McArann's Garden. Thert are an immense number of idle players floating round here just now. The Raincni will Open a series ol quartet dollar concerts to-morrow evening. They w ere not very numerously att aided at iheir last appearance here. I heai no more of May wood taking the Chesnut street Theatre. It is rumored here, though I know not 0:1 what authority, that the Gerard Uruk i* to he converted into u City Post Ottioe. It is about the right size, and admirably located for such an olycct. Out iu these retrenching times would such a move be economical I The cost of thu G; raid ilauk must lie nearly as much again as that of tilt - room now employed in the Exchange. There are some surmises b re as to the cause of the paid publications iu behalf of tha Camden and Ambov Railroad When that company was kaown to bo in a favorable wa\ it uttered oot u ? aril of its condilon. What's the cnutcol tho change in this particular 1 All mav be right, but the recent general wreck of matter has made people suspicious of every zealou? movement, an.I taught them, sorrov.fully enough, that all is no, gold that glitter*. Still thi Road may be all that is t>ai<! of it. The business iu stocks as light at prices much tin same as yesterday. Yeitcrdnv, William Wi/.e, a painter, while at work p the garret window of a house, at or near Frank ford, wai precipitated to the ground, aud instantly killed, lie wa? 23 years of age. Appoixtmexts nr tiie Psesidemt.?Ocrrard N. Causin, Receiver of Public Moneys at Little llock, Arkansas, vice Peter T. Crutchlield, whose commission will expire June 10, 1?42. Henry M. Watts, to bo Attorney of the United States for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, in the place of Wm. M. Meredith, resigned. Fire in Comiton, N. II.?The extensive tannery und the grist and saw mills, owned by Clark and Cutter, were destroyed on last Sunday morning ? Loss, eight or nine thousand dollars. Smaij, Potatoes.?New potatoes were served up in Boston, last Wednesday. Kipe hut small. MssaBSBssspHsaiHsamBBaasi (X?~ A LAMENTABLE FAt "P.?Thousands of persons have diod yearly by Dyspepsia and Lung complaints. who might have been saved by thu timely tine of COVERT'S BALM OK LIKE. For these diseases it will bear rcrommending. We have never known nn instance w here it has not Riven relief. We do not consider it a cure for every disease, hut we do consider it n cure for dyspepsia and where the lungs can ba relieved, this medicine will do it. On this statement the public may rel) with confidence. Principal office 135 Nassau street; also 143 Wa'er, 79 Fulton, 36 William, 110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, 373 Broadway, 243 Greenwich, 63, l ioj, 183 Bowery, 39 Division st., 36 3th Avenue. OV IT IS PERHAPS NOT UNIVERSALLY known physicians and others in the 17th century made such great objections to tartar emetic, now their pet medicine, that parliament passed a decree prohibiting its use. Rut the utility of this antimonial preparation has been universally recognised. For once at least let prejudice submit to tne power of evidence. Mr. O. Sicklv, 501 Atlantic street, Brooklyn, was most distressingly ill with a bad cough and raising of blood; he could not get any thinp to help him uatil he used the genuine Dr. Taylor's Bnlsam of Liverwort, from 370 Bo we ry. It relieved him immediately on takim? it. Mr. William Orey, 142 Rdvington street, was given nj< by his|physicians, and he never expected to Ret well of 'discare of the lungs." He was very weak when he commenced the use of this medicine from 373 Dowery ,but this vegetable remedy has entirely cured him. To this medicine alone is he indebted to a return to health. Coughs nnd colds yield in a few dnvs when this medicine is used. None should be without it, and especially thase travelling. Remember, buy only at the old office 375 Dowery. Beware of counterfeits. Markay,s Vegetable Extract, secured by Letters Patent of tlie United States. New York, June 1, 1042. Mb. Mackat?Dear Sir:?I have no hesitation in saving that for reproducing the hair, for relieving the roots from all impurities, such as dandruff, scales, Sic., thnt obstruct its growth, causing premature baldness and grey hair, I consider your Vegetable Extract superior to any prepnra tionofthe kind over offered to the public. 1 am perfectly satisfied from my own experience and that of mv fnmily, that this scientific preparation possesses not only the above qualities, but gives the hair a smoother appearance than any article of the kind I have ever used. There is no doubt every person who applies your Vegetable Extract will form a similar opinion. I am, dear Sir, vours very respectfully, J. WORSTER, M.D ,35 Bleccker street. Soli, wholesale and, by C. H. Ring, 53 Kultou street, cor. Cliff", and retailed in Broadway by Guion 173. Sands, 273 ; Woodworth, la'e Bonlnnti, 32ft ; King St Co., 4S1 ; J. B. Dodd, 043 and 771.?D. Sands St Co. 77 Ens: Broadway?Brooklyn, J. Smith, 142 Fulton street, and by Jruggists* generally*. Price $1 a large bottle. Between the fell destroyer and the grave, There still exists on earth a power to save. (ejf- THE OPINION OK THE CLERGYMEN IN RELATION TO TEASE'S HOARHOUND CANDY.?Wt have used J. Pease St Son's Compound Hoarhound Candy , and freely recommend it to those afflicted with coughs, colds, hoarseness, and consumptive complaints, as an excellent remedy in those cases, and for the use ol the voice wfaMlMi.ll.' ...... AS'.. ? 1 ... our brethren throughout the Union. (Signed) He v. Mr. Liudsey, Pastor M. E. Church, Second street. Elder Knnpp. Rev. Mr. Crawford, Pastor M. E. Church, Forsyth street. Rev. Mr. Luckcy, Chaplain at Sing Sing Prison. Rev Mr. Whitnker, Pn'stor Presbyterian church, corner Catherine and Madison streets. Rev. Mr. Gritiln, Pastor M. E.* church, Bedford struct. Rev. Mr.Hart, $11 Pearl-street. Rev. Mr. Gills, 111 Third Avenue. Rev. Mr. Barry, Pastor Wesleyau M. church cor. Grand and Chrystie streets. Rev. Mr. Lyon, I'astor German Mission church. Rev. Mr. Lucky, Chaplain ol City Hospital. And numerous others can be seen at -15, Division street. Aof.nts?Zic' er, 87 Dock-street, Philadelphia, Pa ; Red ding, No. 8 State s'reet, Boston ; Raw Is, 57 State stree', Albany ; Haldeman, Louisville, Kv. (C7- A REAL BENEFACTOR TO MANKIND? Call at Clinton Hall, 138 Nassau street, or 138 Fullon stree', an l you may have your corns cured for 35 cents. Amonc the thousands who have used Dr. A. Cooper's Infallible Corn Salve, not a failure has ever been known. Us merits wore well known, and its superiority over all others was fully proven by a long, faithful and successful trial, before tne thought of offering it to tho public, in this general manner, was entertained ; and it is, therefore, presented with an honest confidence. N.B. Warranted in all cases to effect an entire cure, or money refunded. ft?- THE CREDITORS OK BENJAMIN F. WHITNEY , of Seneca Falls, will learn something to their interest by calling on J. Thompson, 53 Wall street. C$7- THE MOST POPULAR RESORT FOR LADIES during the day, and for all the world at night, is the Ame. rican Museum at the corner of Broadway and Ann street. Tha mysterious Gipscy Girl is privately consulted during the day, and astonishes all beholders. Then we have the Indian's and squaws, Whitloek, the Banjo player, an.I his pupil Master Frank, Miss Rosalie, the vocalist, Bonnie, the dancer. Morris, the comic sinirer. Celeste the charm. ing danseuse, Animal Magnetism, Niagara Falls, Albino lady, and 400,000 curiosities, all for n quarter of a dollar. This place is never opened or Sunday night*. Great preparation* are making for opening the garden on the top ol the MuReum. HILL IN THE FIELD AGAIN.?Yankee Hill who is of him*elf a host, find* by experience, that at tinNew York Museum hi* personal efforts are more appreciated by the audience than any other amusement he can offer. "He ha* again taken the field, and in consequence the house is daily and nightly crowded. Those view* too, than which nothing could be more enchanting, oxcitethe wonder of all admiring visitor*. There's now no greater source of amusement than the New York Museum. (XJ- CHATHAM THEATRE.?The drama or Mobb the Outlaw, or Jemmy Twitcher in France, is produced tonight, John Seflon enacting his unrivalled part of Jemmy Twitcher. Ha also appears in three characters in the farce of the Widow 's \ ictim, which, together with the successful drama oftlie Shoemaker of Toulouse, in w hich Scott, Hi eld, Mrs. Thorne. and the entire company appear, constitutes a most attractive hill. OP- SEA SICKNESS CURED BY SHERMAN'S Camphor Lozenges, a* has been fully proved in many rnses. They have been long known a* a sovereign remedy for headache, palpitation and lowness of spirits. Who has not heard of Sherman's Lozenges ??They arc literally in the month* of every body- Dr. Sherman's oltice is at 108 Nassau street. Agents, 8 State street, Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Philadelphia. City Ds-spntch Poet, 46 William Street. Prixcual Office.?Letters deposited before half-part 8, half-past 12, and half past 8 o'clock, will be sent out lor delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Braisch Offices.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 2 e'elock, will besentout for delivery at 9, I, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OREIG, Agent. MOJfKY MARKET. Thumlny, June '4?T> P. M. The tales at the Stock Board to-Jay wore exceedingly mall, and prices did not materially vary. Delaware and Hudson improved 1; percent; Mohawk declined J; liar, lem, j ; Long Island, J , New York State f,'?, _i | Pr cent. The Farmer*' Bank of Orleana free hank, which topped recently, has made arrangements for the redemption ol it* hill". Those of the Farmer*' Bank <>f \mst?rdam, are also to be redeemed. At Baltimore, the rate for Virginia money i* rapidly improving. being now 3J per cent, anil for Wheeling 13 per cent. Thi* i? an indication of a preparation for resumption on the part of those institutions. V. M'Knight, F.vp, President of the Bank of Kentnrky. arrived yesterday in Philadelphia, w ith the new certifl rates to be exchanged for the spurious stock of the hank. A New Orlean* paper contain* a detailed statement op the affair* ol the Exchange and Banking Co. of that city, by the comir.iisionera in charge. The results are a* follow* i En iiafor *1*9 Biikixu Cowetxv. New Oitain 1?T. IH1J. Total nmmint of A.?aet?, 41.811,182 The I -ill ifiri. Ut?Tlir Cin illation, 483,112 2ml? BmiJ? to .1. Higan. for the ground <,n wlucli tli - Hotel nt'tiil. due ill On- year, 'il.fiOfl 3nl?Dur to Puik* in the city, nt.S'W tth?Pin- M B ink* abroad, re; Sth? Due for Uivid' n?l?, No?. I ann 2, J',7 Cth?Uui'for Intrreni on instalment*, paid in advance, 1,221 833,t*T L?a?ing an t??c?? of t*1u?i over Liabilities, iff" It it now the month of June, and Congress ha* been in I'uriou iix months without having accomplished any one f those important measures, which, fifteen months since vere considered so pressing that an extra session of Con'ross was celled, at great expense, to perfect them. The "edcral government is heavily in debt, without funds ithuiit a revenue adequate to its ex[>enditurc,and no reguar system of fiuance cxista. In the six months which has 'lapsed since Congress has been in session, the only important bili which has been passed is that authorizing (lit ecretary of the Treasury to seil the ere lit of the govern nent to broken fur as much as he could git for it. This iieasure being vicious in itself has not succeeded, and the mtarrossmeats of the department are greater now than ver, and are al>out to be enhanced by the operation o1 hat ill-judged measure of the extra torsion ?we allude to lie distribution of the public lands. The first pay ment to the States, under that law, is to he made on the 1st day of Inly proximo, to *urh persons as the legislatures of the several States and territories, or the Governors shall appoint to receive it. The amount of money due each State will not be large ; but the aggregate sum to pay will be very embarrassing to the federal government in its present condition. The amount of the sales of tho public land, bus far, hat not yet been made public, but it is understood to be nearly the s?nic as during the corresponding season flast year, which was $730,OW. Assuming the amount to be $700,000, there is, according to the law, to be deducted the expenses of collection, surveying, salaries, Su*., and I the five per centum to the new States. From the remainder is to be deducted 10 per cent of the amount sold within the limits of erch of the following states:? Ohio, Indiana. Illinois, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Michigan. The sum of this 10 percent is to be given to each of the States named, and the balance of the whole is then to he divided pro rait among all the states and territories accord" ing to their federal representation, The quantity of land sold in each of the states named was nearly as follows :? 1cre?. Valut. in prr rl. Ohio, 7j,onn oi.nno o.tno Indiana, lot,.'.00 I30.IW0 13, Oil' Illinois m (urn ? v'.n sr.". Alabama, 40,(100 01, iVi 6,125 Missouri, 77,500 06,075 9,607 Mississippi, :io,non 37,500 3,756 Louisiana, 0,000 0,750 375 Arkamaa, 2,000 2,50(1 250 Michigan, 21,000 26,250 2,625 Total acres, 301,000 $180,975 lit,KIT If wc allow $100,000 for the expenses of collection, and the original 5 per cent, to which each state is entitle,1 by the terms of admission into the Union, there remains $600,000 from which this 10 per cent is to be deducted1 which leaves $5,51,103 to be divided among the statesThis will entitle each to the following sum :? Estimated Amount to iie Received by Evcii State Under the Distribution Law, July 1, 1R12. -Vi). of Reps. Ratio of hi rev. in ;i r< per hill. Tola!. Vermont, 5 11,375 11,875 Maine, R 11,009 19,con New Hampshire, 5 11,975 11,975 Massachusetts, 12 211,500 28,500 Rhode Idand, 2 4,7.50 4,750 Couiiecticnt, (i 11,250 14,250 New York, 40 95,000 115,000 New Jersey, 6 11,250 14,250 IVimsvlvania, 28 66,420 66,420 Delaware, I 2,375 2,375 vlarvlnnil, 8 19,0<H1 19,0(10 Viniinia, 21 49,875 19,875 North Carolina, 13 30,875 30,975 Smith Carolina, 9 21,37 5 21.375 Oeontia, 9 21,375 21,375 Alahaina, .5 11,875 6,125 18,000 Mississippi, 2 4,750 3,7.56 8,506 Lou Liana, 3 7,125 375 7,5.10 Arkanzxs, 1 2,375 250 2,625 renuesaee, 1.1 30,87 5 30,875 Kentucky, 13 30,875 30,875 Ohio. 19 45,500 9,100 51.900 Michlitail, 1 2,375 2,625 5,0011 Indiana, 7 16,625 13,063 29,607 Illinois, 3 7,125 3,625 10,7,50 Missouri, 2 4,750 9,637 14,137 Florida, 1 2,375 2,375 Wisconsin, 1 2,375 2,375 Iowa, 1 2,375 2,385 235 $569,870 $618,767 These moneys being the proceeds of the lands, are according to law, to revert to the Treasury whenever the tariff shall be raised above the twenty percent duty of the compromise act, which comes into full operation on lie 1st of July. This first instalment of moneys due the States, has accrued without any such intervention, and must, therefore, be paid over at flic appointed time. Some if the States have, indeed, very justly refused to receive heir proportion, being unwilling to become parties to such a public robbery and national disgrace. The other States will, however, eagerly seize their rhares. The jucstion then arises, is tha Treasury prepared to pay it ? l'he probability is, that it is not, and the failure of the federal government may be the result of this progeny of he extra session. Another imjiortant event takes place on the 1st proximo, and that is the .fulfillment of the compromise tariff set, and n general reduction of all articles of foreign import to a horizontal duty of 30 per cent. I'n.ler existing circumstnnces, this event will be attended with serious inconvenience to the government, and may also bo a -ause of disturbance in tlis financial world. The stocks if foreign goods in this market have been this spring very large, and dull of sale. These goods are now to a very great extent under process of re-export, some ol hem for sale in foreign markets, but a large quantity for re-entry after the reduction of duty takes place. This -auses a demand upon the treasury for the drawbacks, and | -vill diminish the revenue by the difference between the drawback paid now, and the new duty to be paid on the reentry of the goods afterthe 1st of July. The practical result of this operation will be to deprive the Treasury of a large sum of money, to glut the markets with goods for :omc time to come, and thereby ensure a continuance of I low prices, nnd possibly to cause a demand for the preI clous metals for export in payment. -mere are evm wnicu nave ineir rue solely in a vacil latino system of legislation. If the spirit of the compromi.-.e act were faithfully ami honorably carried out, nnd he duty continued at 20 per cent, a proportion of the large :tock of Roods no'.v on hand would seek foreign markets for sale, nnd relieve the markets; nnd, at the same time create balances in favor of the country. No forced and unnatural importation of goods would take place in order .o escape higher duties nhotit to he levied, hut a regula and steady increase ol trade would attend the enterprise of merchants, laboring under no fears of government interference with the value of their personal property Rales at the Stock Exchange. 51000 N V Stale 7's 100 SO do do slO OS li'luo do h's, 1100 91'i 200 do do !I6 hmo do do, lltOt 9125 do do btms 90 >000 d > do, 1H62 91 Ki 10 do Ohio L Si T 62 io<M do 5V> ID-it "S 10 do Lafayette Bk.Cin SO 3000 <l? S'? titSS 0! JO "lo N J Railroad 90d 07 12 OhioO's, 1060 711 7S do 11 irlrm RH ||L 70 sh u Mechanics' Bk 62 200 do do 13 V ill do do Gl'a 100 do do I3>2 25 do Am Fs Bank SO SO do <lo sto 1 :ix_ SO do Del Si Hu I 95 SO do do ?1S 13)j Second Board. $1000 Indiana Bds 21 25 shaa Mohawk RR 33 Ntntc of Trade. The business on the Albany and Boston Railroad : The receipts for the week ending May 28, for passengers $3,020 Tho receipts of freight, Mail and Harn.len ft,st2 Total Car the week $10,832 Total for the month of May 11,007 In the markets nothing material has taken plaee. Ashes ?A few small parcelsot Pots have been taken at $.'>}, hut hoi hirs now demand $3.25. About rtObblsof Pearls liave been sold at a fraction above $3.50. Cotton?The sales yesterday amounted to al>out S00 boles. Flour?The receipts of flour are yet small for the season. We quote canal (lour at $6}, but it has been sold at $6,133, and dull at either price. Michigan $6 to 6} for common, and some fancy at $8}. Ohio ?t $0 to 0J, as to brands. Georgetown dull at $3J, Ohio via NewOrieant, $3J. Wheat sells at $1, in n-auiij , ur go>?i lumiy, mm ua'i 10 cents lor prime. Tiir. Artucincoit>?The Chamber of Commerce have recently adopted resolutions respecting false parked Cottons, M I ibo pweribtog Ike manner In whieli teMfld or unmerchantable Cotton (hall be disposed of. These regulations to be enforced on and alter the commencement of the next business season. 1st. All cot'on discovered after sale to lie falsely packed and to pronounced by a committee of tho Chamber, shall be branded as " lulsely parked " and sold as such at public sale, on Recount of the original sell Jd. All co'ton which is found of mixed quality?all water-packed, or wet, and believed to be intentionally so packed, to lie condemned as unmerchantable, and sold as such. 3d. Cotton with better iunlity on the outside of the bales than inside, to be deemed falsely packed. Ith. Cotton sold a' sound, if In part afterwards discovered to be unmerchantable, the buyer can only return the bad when not over one in ten is so damaged ; if the prolan ion of damaged exceeds ten per cent, he may return the whole parcel,?provided the seller be notified within three days. With the view of stimulating planter* to greater care in the preparation of their crops for market, (n subject which we have often pressed upon the attention al the cotton growers of our own State,) the Apalachicola Chamber of Commerce offer the following liberal premiums :? For the best lot of 50 bales cotton, a Silver Pitcher of the value of SijOO (X) For the second best lot of ao'bale*, a Silver Cop ' of the value of ' ?n nn iv.r 11... w. i-. ~r v.,.. ' * "" . ... vi jo iiaie?, a silver Pitcher, of the value of 100 no For the rerond be?t lot of 50 bale*, a Silver Cup, of the value of fiO 00 For the best lot ol |0halc*, n Silver Pitcher, of the value of 75 no The premium* to l.e awarded an the firat Monday of April, ICI3. Cotton Statrnrnt?,V<iy 14. ileceipl* of the ?.'??on 77,417 bale* fix porta " " 44,314 " Htoek on hand, Jte 13,0,3 " Middling Cotton ftj a 6|c. Freight* to Liverpool J a 0-16 ; Havre 1} a 1*C. Exchange on New Vork at *ight ? i>retn, ''ormolu ami tJeorgu Hkofield, loading for Havre ; I bark Mersey, and brigs Kaglc and Itohrrt Burns, for Liverpool. In port,3ihips, 1 bark,9 brigs. Brighton Cattle Market. Monday, May 30?At market -250 Beef Cattle, 13 painWorking Oxen, 13 Cows and Calve.', S00 Sheep, anil 1060 twine. Prices?Beef Cattle?l.aat week's prices were fully sustainc.l. A few extra at $3,00. Kit at quality $3.30 a 3,73; -eiond quality 3,40 : third quality $4,76 a 6,23. Working Oxen?Sales at $80, 790, $03 awd $08. Cows and Calves?Sales at $ > ?, '43, '49, SO and S3. Sheep?Hales of lots from $1.50 to $3.00. Swine?Lots to peddle at 3 a 3 jc lor Sows, and 4 a l}c for Barrows ; large harrows 3 a JJc. At retail from 4 to SJ cents. Married. On the evening of I ha 1st instant,by the Ho v. T. J. Sawyer, Mr.Km<ii'iiC. WiTTtntititn loMlis Sarah, daughter of Philip Snivel], Esij., all of this city. *r Utrd, On the id instant, after a idiort but severe illness, Mr. William M., late deputy sheriff, in the 3Sth year of his age. The relatives an 1 friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this (Friday) afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from his late resi lence, t-0 Barrow street. On the-yd instant, William II. Brasher, in the 'Pid year of his age. His relntivcs and friends, and also the members of the New York Society of Lett'-m, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, P?5 Sullivan street, this (Friday)afteruoon, at 5 o'clock, without further invitation. Puitnigeri Arrived. Charleston?Bris Moses?Mrs Baker and child, Mis? McNish. Messrs Holcomb, Stearns. Me Karl Kiel, Burehard, Franeis, f)ivies, Tregaskis, Cassiuy, Matter Lee?anil ,'i in the steersKc. Passrngrrs Soiled. IIatrv?Picket shin St. Nieolis?Felix t'olloinh, 1 aar Smith, J uni x T Sinitli, E Didier, Alfred De Luxe, F P ltii r, Mi?x Flam'iti, Rer Mr Jonei, Hirvpv Lca.Ii, Mrs Huvey Leach and sister, Master lliinley, all of New Yoik; Ales milei 1 f iliii 11.lit, I Brevoorl, Secret tries of American Ambassador to Spain; Win B Murray, Edward Motto',Charleston; FSt A>re, MrChaman, Mr Bnind, Sir Bordies and lady. Mr D.amare,I idy, Master, NewOrle.nx: Mrs Sriilf. >1 n s M Scull, Mi s K Scull, Mis* C S'UiH, Mr I'll.-it md m rv a i it, Mr Fligne. Jr., Hivina; Clurlei Joly, Pari*; J J Vasqiiex, Portugal: PlueiuCiit inx, V Dttral, Mr McCormac, Mr Horndecker?-17 in flic steerage. Halifax and Liverpool?Steamer Acvli i. from B>*t in? For Liverpool: Rev Henry Giaaeft, Oeo W All-u. .1 MeMur* rich, Ah;xr Wood, Mm John Oivid.sou, Robt Mortis, Canada; Jimes Oih.pitt, Jamaica; Fredk Brown, Vera Cm/.; Charles F Will, Pbrto Rico; Mi Scotland, Trinidad; John F IJ x i ^ t , Lou* don; Alfred Cope, Julian Vazquez, New Grenada t Viacount Craul>otmi and servant, Mr Faithful, W S Jones. England; Fredk W S Co. lid.rr, of Boston, b?* trn* of despatches to our Minister at London: E F Hewhail, E II R Lyman. I? wton: Mr Sampson and lady, 8 J Wyeth, Mrs Vf Smith, A A Crawford, F W Roberts, Jaa Robertson; Win Whitewntht, Jr? NYork; J Lawton, Charleston; Herman Haeedorn, NOrlean . Charles Barnes, Leicester. Mas?31. For Halifax: J Lomrley. 8 K <? Nrllis, N V >rL; M F Whit head, Capt Jas <vtit, S V White, Thos A Ritchie. Foreign Importations. Newcastle?Brij? England's Queen?200 cks painter* colors E & C Yernel!?27 hales canvass A Bell &co?52cks K McConnin?00 cks 1% pkt?s 25bbds lampblack (* B More wood & co?JO ke^s white paint Porter &. Cnlgatt?j| grindstones 251 tons coal Barclay St Livingston?100 cks carbonate of soda to order. Antwerp?Galliot J. Lomucnh'in?274 tons coal II W & T H Mali?10 c* C AhreuiVhlt? 1 E Ih'duiiije?2 cases 1 Inle FO Bertcau?17 cs 22 pic,' i to order. Domestic Importation*. Charleston?Bri? Moses?10 tierces rice, Geo Buikley? 15H tierces to M isters, Markoe & Co?24 tierces L Levrricn? 95 tierces rice, 109 h tlescott- m, John Jeaumrett St Ct?(i3 bales Lowuie & Trimble?2 cases S N Helie?1 box G'oHxstiii*s? l.'l bids S Robinson?1 box Downing & B ildwin?I baskets J A F Kuchati? | pktf Btigbee Sc KneeUn i?7 b.iij* feathers Purinelee, Kilbutmi& Rogers? pk^s Capt E R Sbubrick. MARITIME HERALD. Departure of the Atlantic Steamers. ritOM rPKlLAMD. FROM AMEIIICA. G. Western, Ilosketi May 2! June 16 C'nlumlna, Jittlkin* M.y 13 June 16 Britannia, Hi June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lot! June l'J July 16 Acadia, llyrie July 5 Aub. 1 vj. western, iioskcn* .luly 9 Aug. 4 II. B. M. steamer British Gueen,C.ipf. M. M. Keane.wiu leave this port on Tuesday, June 7, for Southampton, Kuglund, and Antwerp. To Ship MilUyi* We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of ves?i Is arriving here, will give to Commodore It. S. Martin, of our new* Beet, a report of the shipping It ft t the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Martin will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate Mikvor in nni wm PORT ORJiEW YORK, JUNE 3, IHi^. SUff RISKS 4 37 | MOOS RISES I 2 gu!f SETS 7 23 I water 3 69 Clnirnd* Ships Agnes, Cameron. Amsterdam, Pfrifrr 4; Wissmann: Orleans, Sears, NOrleans, Wm Nelson: Alabama, Wood, do, John llerdmau; Sou ill port, Herhest, Charleston; Rowland, Bhueharil^ Portland, Nesmith, herd*It Co.?Baik Ainhitae, Wilson, \ era Cruz, Hii rc mi Brotlu :> < !o.-~Brigs Berartidtan, (Bi) Saunders, We*t Indies, via Halifax, R. S. Tucker; Wilson Fuller, Cobb, Savannah; Benjamin. Cunt, Philadelphia, Badger & Peck; Jacob Story, Html, do, do do.?Schr Warren, Wooster, Lubec, Badger Peck. Airtvccf. Swedish bark Oscar, Berry, from G<?tteuburt, and 6fl days fin Norway, with 100 tons irou to Dixon & Co. The (hear ban on hoard the mate ami 10 men from the wreck of bark Anna Lifley, Capt. Lyle. Ten days hence for Antwerp, at 3 a m, in lit 43 8, Ion 49, whilst running before the w ind at the rate of 8 knots per hour, weather thick, the Anna Liliey ' truck an island of ice with so much force as to run the heel of the bowsprit clear aft, capsized the windless, and took stern, cutwater, Sir. entirely off. The crew and passengers, 2i in number, used every exeition, with crowbar* and handspikes, to clear the w reck of the fragments ol* ice which fell on deck. The iceberg was as high as tne fore yard, founded the pumj*, and finding her sinking, took to the boats, in which they remained until 2 p m. when it cleared away, ami they were fortunately fallen in with by the Oscar. Capt Lyle and 8 others went on hoard the British Inrk Ganges, bound to Liverpool. Uriti .il brig England's Qn> 1-11, Tnllock, E4 days from Newcssrlr, En*, with md?c, to Barclay Si Livingston. Brili-'i brig ('lie. tab, Lock, from C irtlftf, Wale*, April 18. with 1211 tons iron 20 do coal to Hunt St Brock. Brig Pedmia, Hutchinson, 10 days from .Mavaguci, PR. with M9 hhds sugar to Peter Harmon)" Si. for. Left, 2.tdult. brigs Silentu, M.imon, for Boston, Sdiyi; Hibernia, Thurston, NYork 10; Arni'wan, Jenkins, do i; I'orto Rico, from Boston, just arr; srlir St Thorn is, Brewster, for NYork. 10. 27th lilt, ajKihe brig Onrtipi. for Savannah. Rrik Oeul Marion, Bliffcns, 9 ilays from St. Johns, I'R. w ith 1:m> hnds suirar to Mason it Thompson. Left hriss Eugene, just arr; Water Witch, for Baltimore, G days; sehr Joseph, wailing freight. British brie Sylph, Trodden, 10 days from Bermuda, in ballast, to A. J. IVnnieton. 11,is Stir, Einiham, 21 days from Tobasco, with logwood, Stc, to Howlati' It A?|iinw.ill. Brig Mi ?. s, Lovi l.ind, 6 days from Charleston, with cotton, to (i. Bulk lev. Bnc alutnolia, Si aman, 10 days ftom Markadarie, NB. with 160,000 feet lumber to Brett Ik Vose. Belgian galliot Jeande Lfti.'ueiighien, Pether, J9 days from Antwerp, with tn-lse, to H. A. Van Damme. Sehr Halcyon, Patterson, 7 days fr m Georgetown, SC. with lumber, to Badger St Peck. Sehr Washington, Diiott, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to Mitchell it Co. Si hr Orion, Giskilt, from Waihiugton, NC. vv ith naval stores to master. Sehr Time, Mceliins, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to master. Sclrr Patron, Ha.T, from Washington, NC. with naval stores, to master. Sclrr Vi luntrer, Cardoti, from Windsor, NIL with cotton, to master. Sehr S| leudid, Lnbcc, plaster. Below. Two ships, two brigs. The Warspite cot under weigh yesterday from the SW. Spit, sod came to anchor at Quarantine. Sailed. Ship. Spring, Himilton. Marseilles: Timor. Eldridge. Havana; harks Stillintn, Tiinidvd; Industry, Quebec, and others. ~ Ship St Nicolas. Pell, for Havre, was towel down by steamer Jacob Bell, vcsti May, and came to anchor at the SW. Dpi l? Marine CorrcHponcIenre* Office or the It modi ) N?wiH?rt, Juue I. 1812. S Arr May 31. Wallace, Wilmington for Bristol; Joiks Krelrr, rtulaJrlphi \ lor Fall River. Arr June 1, U 8 revenue cutter Jackson, Vera Cruz, Miv 10; Exile, Fall River for Philadelphia; Independence, do (or New York; Dorcas, Gardiner, Me. with lumber for a markt; Charles, N York lor Providence. Sid Meridian, and Yankee, NYork. General Ileconl* Baki Tallmsdoe, of Portland, for Philadelphia, an l achr Geo Byron, of Eden, both from Luhec, with plaster, came in contact 2T>th ult. near Weil Quoddy Head, and the Geo Byron sunk almost immediately?the crew were saved in their boat.? Th- brig was obliged to our back to r -pair. Bnio Selma. at Middle from New York, saw a Irrif ashore on the NE |Hiint of Tortugas, 20th ult?wreckers alongside. Commerce ok Boston.?Arrival* during the month of May, 1812:? Sliijs. Barks. Brigs. Bchrs. Sloops. Total. Coast wi ;e, 11 11 G8 -4 1 28 4r,7 Foreign, II 13 4G t 112 182 Of tne foreign arrival*. 2 barks. 5 brigs, and 0G achrs were Biitish; 2 brig* Danish?both from Buenos Ayres; I brig Norwegian, 1 brig Swedish. Clearances; Ships. Barks. Brigs. Sehra. Sloops, Total. Coastwise, Hi 8 VI MO 8 211 Foreign, M 12 4J 11?? l? Of the foreign clearance* l hark, 0 brig*, an 1 07 ichi* were British; 1 ship Brcrmn, via Baltimore. The Hoyal Mail steamer Britannia sailed on the 1st. The Caledonia arrived on the 5th, and sailed on the 16th The Acadia arrived on the 21st.? The *t"amer North America ha* during the month |H*rformed lo r regular trip* to and from St. John. The revenue cutter v ..i ... r #?.. v : ~ j -i ? it,, .,r ,, mim ii on me z.i, anu w is j s hint mictionon fIf 12th, with armament, for OJO'K). Tim lr S ship lii<l? |?fndfiic;' arrived on thr 19th from New York. .\o!l?e to Marl tie ra. Sr.TTLrMr.iT at L<?m> I low it's Di.shd.?Notice it hereby riven, thrft a station aed store is formed at Lord Howe's Maud, (situated in lat 31 30 8, and Ion I5.'l K) where whaling and other ves.cls ran he provided with lue stock, fish, potatoes and other vegetables, slops, lie. on moderate terms Vessels approaching the island, can be communicated with by a lent, wh'ch i< kept for the purpose of conveying supplies.? N. B. Th?* settlement is on the WB1V side of the island.? [By (Incy, B-pt. 10, 1911. Whalemen, Arr at New Bedford May 31. Wm Hsimlton, Bay of Islands, sritli 2300 sp. Keixirts at hin* a Mill Group, May 30th. Gideon Howlatid, SB. 23jA; S pt 10, Draco, FH. 550; at Biy of Islands Oct 20, Omens, do. 1.700; Beinrct, do, 1.70; Dec 15, Ploughbov, Nant. 1000; Jan 3, Minerva, NB. 1700 wh; 25th, Lagrange, FH. GO bbls. Abo arr, Pacific, F^rilr Ocean, 8f Carlos March 10, wiih 164M? bbls, 000 si?. BnoUe on roast of Chili, J in 10, N ivy. New buryporf, fm New Z .aland, 700 wh too sp; 22d, Statin, Nant. 2200sp; 20th. York, Kl?ait->v.n, l.'rf)s| ?*?w h?r take 2 wh?lei afterward-; Feb 22, Zen > Coifui, N int. li'.o sp, 2 daya from M Carlos, hound fo leeward?reported MarlIn, Nant. clean, had a boat and ci w by des rti vi in Hi I trios'. alto. Wade. NB 000sn. In port of Ban ( ar!o?, Feb 21,1 ?t ?w In, Nant. I2i , } ; NsiiKStor, do, 3W!s|?trm?n*p.?rt I John Adams, Naut.outsi V. clean. A I: o air, Marc Arm, Pacific Ocean, llaratoriea J?*i 20th, with 2230sp. Spot .- J).. 10,1st I 10 S, lot, 100 37 W, Rm-rald, NB. 1200 bbls; Sr George, do, l'{.>0; Jan 3, Int 3 GO 8, 1< n itjf,, Jolm, 1150; .May 20, lit 10, Ion 71 7, Pavilion, Kdgartifwn, I At Nantucket, May 31?At the Bar, Constitution, Pacific I Ocean, Juan Knruiuat* Kfb 19, with ItMt ap, Spoke an<l I i en, Oct 1. f'irUir, ND. I'.'jO: Nov, nil C.tll*n( Kdward, llw i. M i >-, 180; Dec 10, ( I tries, NB. I JO; Iiu S3? '?{! Ma mI ro, Horn', do 1800; Virgin I . do, 1100. Heard from in Jan, El vi, Sao ini 60*, B' tu Ru*h, warren, now; Canton, NB. 22ft ( e, id Dec 2-t, 2i'?0;) America, Biifttoi, 300; Jj? Milium . KH Il?rri?oii, NB. 3u0; Feb II, Miry. Naur. 1100; Hmry A*U?i sr .iv Feb 17, Magnolia NB. 1100 ipSWwIi; Men 17, off Cain* Horn, Susan, N tut. no ?p. \u il s?.:.. i at June I, Pilgrim, Atlantic Ocean, a 11 >b)a oil-?reported to havt rvtu I oi c on I o obh deft -t . rudder. v i ?iMarch |T, F ibtii it N*ttL 1100; 1 ithajinn, d . 101 Japan, do, 150; Adeline, FII. 110; Btleni. NB. 60. S| ten J in 29, M in u? _ I1'; l. K Starhti Nant. It in M in li 13, 1'hilip Tabb, Warren, 2tH)0 vvb VM *p. .\ idate. IU i. ii 90 i, Fiauklia, i'. ?. 11rt nn, wth I jSU ap and 2 w h.tle*. A lette. Iroin Columb':;, KH. report* her Feb J, lit II S, Ion Gil E, itli 1300 bids. A ! tt*i ''mm A i Jieon,* her it 1 de of France, J u | I J, with 120 bbl.i, boun 1 to ychcllc Inland-. K|H)k?n? B illiaur. II iUyi from WLshiugton, SC. for Boston?by th? pilot boat J.miev Avcrv. New England, Rio Janeiro for New Orleans, April 20, l it 2 12, Ion *.25. On -. i , of Boiion, fr >in N'York for Cuncoi, May 15, lrt 2' 30, Ion j') 35. Foreign Forla, Fictoi*, May 18?Arr Casco. NYork; 20th, Trojant 9t John*, NK; Kituces, NYork; 22J, Pelon, Kow???,and Washington, do; Vandalicr, and !' r.ia, Boston; Martha Kinsman, do; 23d, John Fairfield, do; Rebecca, d.?; Bostonian, Th'ow.asroii. Cld 17ih, Nichols lin>\v;i, Provid.10th, Bo,ton, K ill River; CIarion. do; Arcturiift, Boston; 20th, Lincoln, do; 2l?t. Hhamiock, K ill River; 0|K-n ?.u^o, NVwnort; 23d, Marv Clarke, Two Brother;., and Laurel, Boston; \\ m Spraguc, New York; Hum th, New Bediord. United State* Porta. Llbkc, May 27?Arr Melvill, NYork. Sid 26th, Fred Pearl, lor Moose River, to load; Julia, Richmond; Sonhronia, New York. Bangor, May 20?Arr Geneva, Now York; Centuiion, Havana. Portland, Mav 31?Arr France* Louis*, Ilav ana; Lorinda, Krederiek.s'mi^; Margaret. NYork. Cld Franklin. Guayatna; s lunders, tt ton. sid 3flth, Snow, N? w OrU ant; Enu lint. Bl Jatro; 3N(, Ocnl Scott, Cienfuegos. Gloucfstfr, May :w?Arr Bride, from Fredericksburg, tu Boston. Halkm. May 31?Cld Carolina, India; Lotos, Matanzu. pottoiti June i?( Id Aeuii, (i) Liverpool; Falco. Monte* video and Buenos Ay res; Ktrax, NOrlcans; Gallio, Philadelphia; Sylph, do; Saul, Savannah: Eliza Maria, Washington, NC; Fair Dealer, Philadelphia; Grecian, Challenge, limner, vud Cambridge, NYork. Nantivkit. May 31--Arr Champion. NYork. EuoARToav.M, Nhv 20?Arr Exact, Norfolk lor Nantucket; 30th, Win Henry, Black River for Newcastle In port, tin above, ami Register, for Newbcru. HoLMrs Holk, May 30?Arr Oriole, Havana for Boston. Fall Uiykk, Mav 30?Air Ode on. Pieton for Snmi-ni i: K*. ile, Philadelphia; Win Baymrd, do. Sid Meridian, and Meed, NYork. Providf.ncf., May 31?Arr Volant, Albany; Glide, Hondout; Vigilant, Rhode Island, Amity, and NYork. Below. 2 fore and all srhrs from Philadelphia. Cuba is still Inflow. Sid Soulhport, NYork. Gone below, Penguin. Hartford, M?y 31?Old R L Parker, Albany; June I, Mary Elizabeth, do; C b Stockton, Philadelphia. Pitii.adk.i.i'Mia, June 2?Arr Notu*, Wirelnm: Ninetti. Providence. Cld Eliza Nicoll, New Bedford; S R Pavnter, rrovidenre; Oregon. Kill River; Pmnpiuo, Lynn, Ms; Henry, Boston; Piauei, N York, j Baltimore, June 1?Anr D inte, Hsvsm. Cld Hannah, PerI nambueo; Gallant Marv, Mayaguez. Ai.kxardria, May 2>?Arr Lenity, NYork. I IV.TKRSBl'Rfi. May 29?Arr Madison. Bremen. I I Norfolk, May 211?Arr Pearl, Bristol, Rl; Velocity, Richj mond, to finish big for Bontou. B low, Ilarnueelcet, fin James River for Boston. A.r 31st, Smithficld, York River, to finish Id^ forB ?ton: BimtiTiylor, Bucksport; Benj II Field, 11 u : de Graee for NYork. At Se well's IVint, Hie lie 3t Eliza from Alexsudrit for New Yoik. In II vmpton Roads, Helen St Elizabetli, Deinarara for Alexandria^ also, a bark with painted ports, and 2 brigs, sui posed from Baltimore. MeBtLK, May 25?Arr Selma. NYork* Cld Gtaeen of the Ocean, I.ivei*|.oo|; Pioneer, NYork.f Arr 23d, Greenock, LivcriKiot; Mary Phillips, NYoilt; Chaire*, do; Alhainbra, Chevalier. and Senator, Bv?sti ii. Cld Mary, Boston. Nf.wOri.kans, May 21?Cld Nnnnntuin, Liverpool; Renown. Philadelphia: Hero, Havana; Angus', NYoik; Louisiana, Providence. Arr Lord S. aton, Liverpool; Kbcii Preble, tloi Wakona, Newcastle. Me; Stephen Baldwin, Philadelphia; T Korner, Rotterdam; Lucretia, Boston; St Clottd, Bucksport; Clarissa, NYork. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 'TMIESE far-famed and celebrated Jills, from Portugal, are, we perceive,;<?obtained in this country* oat uVtrbif* meat on die last column of fbtuth page. m3 is TEN DOLLARS REWARD-Lost Uat Wednesday evenJ ing at Niblo's t i.udeu. a r- d morrocco book of large .size, containing h tier*, bills and other pii?ers, of no value or use to any one but the owner. Whoever will return the same to No G> Liberty street, up stairs s1. ill receive the above reward. j. j St*o THE MOST DELIGHTFUL KE.SOHT /"^P-the citizeni of New York,ia beyond doubt HOBOKEN* *J The most fashionmle and fivorite excursion in the summer, is to its extensive and beautifully diversified public walks and ground*. These hav" reeeiitly been gr* illy embellished, by which Ihp l.lac 1??, Ilia >r>. I.1V..R. I? fore. At the F.lysitn Fields, there in the additional attraction of excellent music, in the afternoon, on Monday's Wednesday's and Saturday's. The Hohoken Kerry Boats are handsomely prepared for the summer, and ply coustantly from Bar 1 iy, C.iual, and Christopher street4. A ferry boat runs to Canal street in the evening until 10 -A lock. jc3 2w ins* re rrHE~MI^,Jl Total Abiliiieiire 5m i? ty will hold its first J- nu ptiiiir on Friday evening next, 3d instant, at the Green st. C-htireli, two blocks west of Bioudw iy, a few doors ?bove B oome, cm which oeca- i-m the Hon. Tlios. F Maishall, iti com sideniion of the ranch ty having called itself after his name, his kindly consented to defivc a !< cture apon tot u abstintneo. Oth r Addresses will be delict red hv some of the l?e?t speakera in the i itv. Tic ket 12k cei tto be hod it tbo once of the V n \ ark Wt ihiugtonitn, 162 N una street, sad at the door* DURE VIRGIN W 1NK.?The subscriber h?* now landing -t direct from ( sditione butt of wine, mode front the pore Virgin 'J spe, from the moant dm of Andeltme, w ithout alee hoi; this is for church u*e, or any other n?e. Also, fne Port for summer use, and a little of that verv old Brandv for sick people. Apply to GILBERT l)AVh, 46 l ine street. Ten quarter casks Amartillado Sherry, superior quality, I?ndi;u from earn iesec 1. jet 2tr PARTNERSHIP PfRfrOLUlM ON.?Notice it hereby given I thst JOHN REYNOLDS and SAMUEL ItAlNF.Y. have this first day o( June, i;M2, dissolved partnership by mutual consent of each; and that the said busmeaa will be hereafter conducted by and under the name of Samuel Rainev. JOHN REYNOLDS. SAMUEL HA INKY, N. B. All those having claims against th" foiiner firm of Heynnlds Ik Riiicy, will be so kind as to present them, and thou indebted will svtt'e with the pr-sent propii to*-, j- i Itaw Iw SAMUEL R MNKY. HOT A Nl) COLi) SALT WATER BATHS. 1>ABINEAU'S New Hot and Cold Salt Water Bith?, at the foot of Deshrosses street, (third pier south of ('anal street. North River,) are now open for th" accommodation of both ladles and gentlemen. Open from sttnriee nnul II o'clock at ninlit. N. 13. The water where the baths are stationed has been deepened, which renders it as pure as am* otlvr situation in th vicinity of New York. On Tuesday's the Bath is exclusively devoted to ladies until!) P. M. A bind of music will he in attendance every pleasant evening. Piiee of a cold barh 12^ et-, v. mnbaths 2S, je33m*r r[UlE GREAT RACE MrFashionand Boston, Fsshiouis J now ill the go hi the Now York Boys. Free Concerts w ill be given every evening the Cafe, No. 1 Barclay street (Rttmlay.* excepted)?Mr. THORDECKE, an wellent Pianist, will preside, iieeomnanied with Mrs Shnrpe and siiter. The entertiinmeuts will he interspersed with five Comic Ronys by excellent voralis'f in that line. The subscriber has attached to his Co.'fee Rooms a fine Billiard Room, w ith as good Tables hi any in the city. His Bar Will Iw furnished with the beat Lt?iuor* and Nc|jars that can be procured, ami refreshment* of all kiu?J<< in their season. No pains will b?* spared on bis part to in?ke things comfortable ami agreeable to ill those wh may fe? I iliiiimvd to give him .1 call. Lunch will be on th? Table at II A. M. jc3 line JOSEPH MUNS. FOURTH WARD. rPHE Elector* of tbc Fourth Ward, without distinction of J- party, who are in favor of dispensing the ble**ingsof Education alike to all; in favor of a reform in the presentSchool system, ami in fa*or of giving the new law a fair nml impartial fna', are r' <jn? ate 1 tf? mret at the Bhakspeare Hotel, corner of William and Dtimi* streets, on Friday evening, Jun?* 3d, at 1% o'clock, for til** purpose of selecting suit ible persons to be supported at the ensuing election for the office* of Commissioners, Inside1 tors, and Trustees of Public Schools. K S Or tit, Samuel Smith, Dr Pentz, John D Keating, A H Dnnconbc, Abraham Salter, Sen., Win Vic Douiiell, Jonathan B tmi, A N Brewer, H?*nry Topping, John II Wi -van I, Lnmnnl Garrets, (' N C >giw !1, Win IITines, I sue Guild, J im? s Peach, W H St i'i", A led Smith, Michi l Kerrigan, J im? s Stothard, faracl B Purely, S S Cliatterton. DanielWest, QELKTpROTEi TORS?TO I'll AVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS-PA PENT 8ELF-COL KING REPEATING PISTOLS?For Travellers, House and Store keepers, Captainr, Planters, Public Officers, Contractors, and others, they are an indispensable article, as persons, both male and female, can with this pistol protect tlieir lives and property ifatfac'" d by tnauy jwrsmit, as one of them is equal to near a d"?cnnflhe rointnsui kind. This niatol can be discharged si* ticiea with almost the rabidity of thought. The whole operat?on of cocking and dirchirgurj is done merely by pulling Hi" lugger; the chsmbcr and barrel are in one piece, and therefore cannot blow apart lik nnnt repeating pistols. The construction of th<* pistol ?s iwrfectly simple?Pev can he drawn from tlie pocket and used with one hand without the lo?s of a momerit?nt shots can be fired aj last as a man can coook his ting-r. They are 110 larger than an ordinary (rocket pistol. Gen:I -men arc ii.vited to c ill and e* inioe th same, as their simplicity. being warranted not to get out of order, and their perfect safety wi I certainly recommend themoter all othe rs, r or ide wholesale ami retail, bv J. O. BOLEN, 101 Broadway, je3insf?t*r between Wall arid Pine at. nKNJAMIN BR \ M Hi KH I ll's fl I. LS.-'i '.. V, and truly innocent medicine PURIFIES THE BLOOD, and immediately stavi the further froorkss of imr.Asr. 111 the bodies of those whoso powers of life arc not already exhausts !. Where hu nan means? 01 i\ . 11. il.? i< *r i? 1. 1. am complaint, or form of sickness, that the Br**i>r>:tii Fills do not r* 1 . 1 em illy i are. AI though that pills i" nIii i KNOWN EFFECT, that effe t ii not to prostrate the body, as with ruber medicines, hut the fmrne is invigorated by the removal .?f the cvtise of weakness, the morbid, the vitiated hu mors from III" blood. llirmlfM in tlicin?"lves, they merely ASSIST NATI.KK to throw out the oreyion of lirkuru from the body ; and they require no alteration in the diet or clothing. in fart, the human bodv i* better able to sustain, without in* jnrv, the inelrmeticy of trie weath*r, while tinder the influence of thh ivrr.' nnv distrovino, disease i.haoh ati*u ??1eDic irtF., than at any other time. The important" of Brandreftrs Pill< for seamen and trat eller* it. therefore, self-evident. By the timely us* of this medicine how much anviety and sicklies* might we not prev? nf. Colds, Bilious Affections, Typhus, Si-?rift aii I Fevers of all kinds, would he uuknvwm. But wh*re sickness does rtist, let no time b* Inst, It th* BRANDRKTH riLLH be at once sent lor, th&tthe Itemed) may he applied, without further loss of time. TO BIRKM K\ IB F.It K D? Tint Brando-tlP* I'ills have stood a seven years' test in the Uirted States. That they are a vegetable and innocent medicine, yet all powerful for the removal of disease, whether chionic or recent, infectious or otherwise. That th"V purify the hlooil, ami stay tj1#! further progress of dh? i*? in the human body. That in many case* wlore the dreadful ravage* of ulceration had laid bare ligament and bone, and where, to all nnpcamnrr, no hmnan means could save life, have patient* by the use of these pills, been restoied 10 good health, the devouring disease having been completely eradicated. That each of the genuine has upon it TIIRK.K COP* right labels. ? , Tint each label has two signatures of D . Benjamin Brandreth upon it. That there must be upon each hot three signatures, thns:? b brandrktht m. d. An?l three signatures, thus bkxjAmin brandrbth. Basides the I duds are full of small printing done in red ink. there being on the lalHs m aHy three bundled impressions of Be??jainifi Brandreth's Pill*. ,, . The BHANDHKTII PILLS are sold at 26 crnts per hot. at Dr. Bni.d.rh'i piinciid office, N?. 2tl Broadway betwreii Park Place and Murray street; a|?o at his refill officM. 271 BoWrry. IIW1* Mud o street, near ( anal, ana 176 Second street N' w York. jel B*r 200,000 I-it Norm* Srcnrs, JANDKD from tliw brig Ohio, fr?,m Havana, of superio J <;uaijty, I' r s.Jf "i I'Hj to suit purchasers, at reav'tiahl M KADTH tf 'l him treet POISONS, CHEMICALS AM) FIREWORKS. | )K. I K\\ is FEU< II I WAIfOKn, No. 1 Wdl tlre< ^ Broviwiy, hki very ritriwivi icfncii IVom I i u-mi I n rk lud Eiulith,Freiuhand (? rnuui Importin H him uidiaenabli *???. 11 - .. i . uticN uncommonly low i kc ii ti ol?jrrt for flic ri*li i.aytiieuta in f sjold- n tiin?*. ? I.>*Iin?*, I ' ilrt tilatc of ioitiil cf iron, kornin , i??!i.1 v?l >ul liur, meirury, li nt . ui! zinc, lunar can tir, oniur ol silver. ;u rn lyjx aj iratu . , ! I nd ill t - u > ; * I ' : 111 muriatic aud nil (c i i 1 ; apirh I I rti auu nitre j ether, fee; nitrite o( (. utian. b&ryti^ iqkU io<l Afewonu Ibi Jul] Ith, of die moat i^provea miauiocioriei, such u rock ronuii candles, wheels, si,'nil Arc*,sun*, he. ^ | Poisons, ware luted the ouly original and sifu*t iugrcdi?nU to I r v attii Kifruiiititi tin mot ha had 1 ig , row be.. . - ill i l . , mice, tn he toei tlefti, fli< tots Mr I i very other v. imiti o. 1 i.'?" r Miim .li, ivaiiuiilcd lo eindilate ana to p? rform til what if U lnteudeiL da of pet u. cm certify to the wperio rill d It y of 311 my ; rep u tl , .in 1 > >-.< rate to h truth ol .ill ihv rt t.-rn i?*h. Apply to DR. LEWIS FEUCHTWANOER, jet lm*c No. I wall itirat, | EC TI RE riu . > 1 i <1 1, t I.? run '!' H I S I ^ EVENING*und Friday. Satu ' int 8 ida . " ird Vlilitit. Hill. it7 o'clock. I ub ct matter ot th< Lecture will be tne Anti yuitu i S< utlu rn, i i nti ' uid Nort America. H- will end? ivoi i?rvcoo il t m with t) i Moe i. t? nnti of the creation of die world, and will alio itterapt to prorc thai f Iearth la vaatly I k than it u tn i illj com pitted to be, totfeth-r with an exposition of MorinotiUin, show * l?tf the fallacy of tin hook called tin- O ddrn or Mormon Bible, or Joe Smith's Bookt together with the rise anu progress of Joe Smith. Should time permit, the subscriber may glance at various other subject* of import nice to the human family, such as conscience may dictate at the time. Admittance 25 cents. . JOHN FOREMAN. Tickets at the bar of the Hall, and at the Barclay street Ho tel. J-*-Jt#r PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.?Notice ? > hereby gi* veil tli?t Charles H. Bl iir having voluntarily withdrawn from die firm of C. C. Wright ^ Co^onthe 13th instant, the umb'Tsicued are authorised to pay and receive all monies md settle all accounts connected therewith. Tht uibacrihera will continue the manufacture of STEEL PENS in the city of New York, uiid??r the frmofC. C. Wright Co., A:< ncy Office, No. 93 Maiden lane, C. < . WRIGHT. j2 1w?c JEREMIAH HOTCHK18S. 'po FIREMEN?The members of the Fire Department I hit n illy to die election of the tickt t beaded ' din It-. k? r, Jr for Ch?ef Engineer,are requested to attend a meeting at the 1 Ith Ward Hotel, corner of Grand aid Elisabeth street#, oil Friday -veiling, .lu JUlte, at ,? o riiick prerisel v , oti uusiiH'ss oi tin* nrmoyt impoitaucc. The ticket* >vill b- ready .?t (h it time lot delivery. Kccles Gillrnder, Elijah E King, Joseph Dlarkwell, John Suttu'ii, Wm L Wood, Win M Mcluty re,: Allen R Jollic, Jacob Leonard, Jr. Wm Fmii'Is, Win Laurence, Edw ard Tennis, Win W Woodruff, j?*2 2tr Tims Dunlap. NO. 4 PECK SLIP. T^R. CARPENTER, at his old moss-covered Dispensary. No. 1 Peck slip, near Pearl-street .continue* to administer to the afflicted utd unfortunate, and to extend to them such relief as an early collegiate and regular medical education and nearly !)0 year*1 constant practice and daily familiarity with every '.trade and variety of disease so essentially enables him. Dr. Carpenter is a licentiate of the New-York State Medical Society, (claim* no equivocal foreign honor?)?has separate private offices and entrances for the piivacy of patients, who can never come in contact?keeps no assist nils or sho,?ooys, and devotes himself personally to the w elfare of his patroni. Beware of all nostrums and specific nostrum venders.? Patients are daily falling victims to tin ir baleful effect*. The The sudden transitions of the sons of Crispin to those of H tctilipiu* are a caution to the regular practitioner, but more imf>oataut to the suffering and deluded victim. m22 lm?c PR. CARPENTER. ( 1 COPARTNERSHIP.?The undersigned, kncceasors to the YJ late tirm of Durfee, Tisdale & llihicnt. Iiav- tui* day entered into co-partnership under the title of TISDALE V BORDEN, for the transacting of a (Literal Commission Business, ai No. tit Watsr stri rk WILLIAM S. TISDALE, WILLIAM BORDEN. New York, 1st June, 1812. Notice.?The Fall River iron Works Company of FjII River, Massacluifti its, having established an agency at No. 21# Water street, lor the transacting of their business in this city, will keen constaiitlv oil baud liicrc a full assortment of Nails, Rods, Shai?e*, Hoopes, &c. jel 1 w *ic TISDALE A BORDEN, Agents. T EEt'HES! LEECHES! LEECHES.?G0?0 very fine large I-' healthy Smyrna and German Leeches, for sale wholesale or retail, very reasonable, or can*full v applied by WM. WATSON, Chemist Ic Pharmaceutist, m2Q lm*r Apothecaries' Hall, W Catharine ?rr?.?o. HUMAN HAIR RESTORATIVE. TIIF. HAIR OF THE IIEAD CAN BE RESTOKED. READ THIS, judge impartially, see the testimonials, bear in mind that no misrepresentation is offered, hut a fair truthful statement. The following will suffice?a thousand other testimonials could lie offered:? From J. S. B iker, Esq., F R 8 I, Fellow of the Royal Scientific Institution. The Koval Scientific Institution lias been favored with a specimen of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia, for the purpose of testing its recommended qu ditie*,and reports as follow s:?"We ti-iv. mimit. I .v .mill...I ....I I.ft.I J'C,,,-,! r?.a. . i . and find that it covi^i.^t ^ of com rounds decidedly favorable for nourishing, noHriiinit, causing growth, curing dandruff, mid j;iv* iiut a dark ajmcannce to th** lnir, being the qualities innut recommended by Mr. Jones. which this Society hud perfectly true, and in virtue thereof award Mr. Jones the above testimonial." (Sighed) J. S. BAKER, F. R. S. I. Portniaii street, I'ortman 8 pure, London. Sold by T.Jones, sign of the American Eagle. Ri Chatham street, N. Y., at the reasonable price of It, 5 or 8 shilling* a bottle. Be careful to see that T Jones is signed in hand writing ua each label?the following are agents?130 Fulton st, Brooklyn; 87 Dock st, Philadelphia; 110 Baltimore st, Baltimore; 67 State st, Albany; 9 State st, Boston. jel lm*c T7RENCH RESTAURANT, No. S Nassau street, nmhmivc r ihr < 'ii,i,.in Ho?<e.-J. BONNARD it P. DEI.AMO T'f K have th" honor to inform their acquaintances and the public in general, that they have added to their old establishment, known lor upwards of two years uuder the firm of J. Bosnian), the great Saloon on thM first Boor of the same hous", and have besides arranged several lesser Saloons for the accommodation of prii iti parties uid a >ch ty dituu ?*. They will pay the greatest attention to orders for Dinners and Bunpci ^ in ini nan <>i the < it v. Rooms and Olnccs in the upper stories of the saine house ma) be had of them at yen mocUv to vents* jsl Im* EMREMEN'8 TICKET? A For Chief Engineer. JOHN HVKKH, JR. For Assistant Engineers. Archibald Noble, Engine Com phi y No. 81. lb ini Wist burn, do do No, S* William !!. Cohanks, do do No. 32. Daniel Coirer, Hydrant do No. 2. Malachi Fallon, Engine do No. 33. Charles J. Harris, do do No. 8. (if ore c W. Vaiian, do do No. 2.'?. Abraham BogS't, Jr., do do No. 27. Wm. H. Colwell, "Harlem" do do No. 35. jc If TNDIA CASHMERE OR CAMELS HAIR SHAWLS.? * E. F. NKWIVALL, 192 Washington street, Boston, has for sale fifty India Shawls; colors green, red, and white?long and square?prices from twenty-live to five hundred dollars. Al*;>, se veral Embroidered Canton Crape Shawls. jp3 T&TIi 2taw L'ni ins*r rP<) THE LOVERS OF SUPERIOR BLACK TEAA Howqua's Mixture !?This exttemeIy delicious and unparalleled Tea,so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just im ported, is now for sale at th** ('uHm Tea Company's < teneral Tea Establishment, 121 Chatham street, New York?in Chi nese Packages. Prices 60 ceata and St. m2l lm*r UNDOUBTED PROOFS OF THE EFFICACY OF V DR. MOFFAT'S LIFE MEDICINES-'IVae. medicines have acquired tin ir present high .ml tunable distinction not by the ttsuil arts of puffing and extravagant pret lis ion, hut by their prompt and decisive efficacy in * great var ety of human dise ases. Tli ir renown has sp cad from one individual to another, and from family to family, until they have become known in i very town and village in the Union. Tin* following letters lately received speak volumes in their f tvor, and are snl murks:? biDrtctifirom a letter received from Jhin?mm B. Deris, Sjlmi, Columbiana county, Ohio, 5tl? month [May,] llth. 104 : Friend W. B. Moffat?I have sold at retail during the list four year* in this town, eight to ten hnndred dollars a irlh of thy Life Pills end Phoenix Bitters, end the demand foi the past peer has hern greater thin thai of any j r vioiu; year. I mine* a few *ir merits which may 't\> to give a feint idee, perhaps, of the i in iti< ii in whit !i thy meuiclnt * are held, wtM .? ti| id . end have bet n for fire rears i.i p w ml ttsi. s mtielDuhlc, of Qoehen township -uk that th t m li* cineshere reliefed him much ofpe Lfi r Comidaint. He hid tin- Krysipelas which proceeded from it. Tin- Doctor* cur d the letter but (Uled to core die forms r, which continued till he used the Pill*. His motherdn*1ew li is ijeobt n afflicted with.LiverComphlnt- She foundmuch relief from using the medicines, ind thinks they would cure h r if continued. This family my they pre for thcin to any thin; they have ever tried . * I HI ?1 Jonri Ball, mar Salem, h id the dyspep- io in the summer of 1838, > a* to be unable to do any. Of but little labor, Hi ? <>! found a benefit from the im* of .M-iffst'i Pills and Bitter*, and b? ntjnuing their use a hort time, becanne nearly a? stout a* ever. The gp* it cli imp? in his Appearance is the best recommendation of thy in'dirine in thia obstinate disease. He itu** the uvdii nie in hi* firnily in preference to any other. The eff ct produced unon this man has induced several of his neighI bor?, who hav? been afflicted wilh the complaint, to try it,and I I believe in each ease, the result was an efiYc.tu d cure. I w ill name Thomas Webb as one of these. B *ni irnin Hawley says he uses no other kind of pills in his family: he considers them the heat medicine he c .n get : lie was uiiwi II and feeble in the soring of by getting wet feet when ploughing ; he cnntiiitlfd weakly till harvest. He gives thy medieines th- credit of curing hirn. He has sent several persons to me to | orchis- the in. I isi ih Fawcett was for a long time afflicted w ith dyspepaia, an rl sore eyes: he bee sine u.iabV to work, tried various nrt scription.s without success, was recommended to Moff,it's Medicine by several per. ons ere he consented to try, hiving no faith in them. He came at la*t to ask my opinion concerning them. I told him I liad myself been cured of that disease, by tin use of this medicine, fand felt it to be my duly to recommend to others, afflicted with it. He comm? need the use of the Pills an 1 Bitters, in earnest aa I directed hirn. He called in again in a few day< quite changed in app :r ?ncc, and said Fir felt better. Took another bottle of Bitter* end a l?os of pills. Ill shout thr? * week* he was ready to take hold of the plough liandles again. He h<s continued health) , and asm\? * bis recovery to thy medicines 11 ? declin * giving a certificate not wi*h tig h;s name published. I informed him that as hi* was a striking instance, which he ?d nitted, it seemed du#- to the public, to hive hi* '' iso published. Not making further particular objection I use his name. John Murphy sav s h- wis affii' fed all last w nit# r. w nh a pa n his hr* a?t, that Mich wim i'? severity that he could not turn himself in bed without ruing up. (In raking a dose of Moffatt's Pills, he found some relief, the second dose removed it entirely. H had no faith in the medicines till his wife with aome |*r*uv*i"ti induced him to take them. His wif is subject lo spells of rvn icknei - -I Imm found nothing t 1 ffoi i her Mich relief as these Pill*. Her husband **\s she is a smart W' insn in 'M hmira after taking a dose. These persons I believe, all eve tone, *till reside in this country t and tlic foreyfirig are mostly voluntary and unsolicited testimonials in behalf of th< mcdici 1m nbei il others have given simtlaj . videin cs in fav??r of thy medicines, hut it was hut seldom I wrr at leieiire m ",,lr iwin imwn, iihi i ii"i vrimir?- n relit" f<?r trutli what lm become dim on iny mi morv, II I )v\\r miniated any particular I am confident that it Wiu not Im ri by coloring fliern higher than tin* troth would warrant. Of tht? I am eufi?ftrd thit til*1 relator* themvlevce shonhl lie judge*. for tH'y will do thtjea* ?rc the?c mcmortwU, for they are all through tlx- grace of < ? >?l, viil thy inralu <hh mcdicin* * itill life, and for audit I know in the enjoy inert of healtl. Signed, BENJAMIN B. DAVIS, for eal# at the office of the proprietor, 17.* Broadway, near White etrret. DR. W. B. MOFFAT, Alao by hi* a;>|?ointed vg?ni*. je3ftt ina#r J. BRADEN \ITOULD moat rcipectfnlly bet leave to inform hia friend* ' ? and the public gem r illy that nc ha* completely renovated 1 rtud hi Saloon fa* tht rt((| !> > ? 1 i thoft w!h? may be r|e\*? <l to lienor him with their patronage. II* liitteia himacu it will he tufneiem to *ay to inou wF.nhae* fwen acquainted with the eetablivhed reputation 1 I Creatne, fcc. for the la*T nine ycire.that nothing ahall jeriaii 1 it 1 rt t iin "1 1 ; U< * vi lorn 1 Me ?till crnctnnea tlx manufacture of ( oufecftoiiajT in H? brai h ind i? r?rci red to ?i?pl familn n 1 d* 11 ' 1 ' 11 ill 01 retail Not forgetting J ' J grateful acktiov IrdrnetiU for the jaitrotiaire be ha? receive a. Re truau by hie future efforte to deaervt continuant!* of in j I "',"01 BBADKN. TJ Cm.1 c AUCTION SALES. BY THO VIA8 BELL. \Slnrti .Yoi. K .flnn and ll'i Fulton ilrttt.) MUD AY, ? Ai 10 oVIm-li mi (lit- room*. I I ii" r iirt"., Oixriw, Piintiri -., Si." (i Wilhonl mrri', 10 iplrliili I n<<"WiniiII mij up,!, n-i* an,] I hind piin i Vi 'li'li, K i, li a,i<i Am-rican in-.uuf?:iu,i, ; ?i va il M - i r iam, yitt.?, , mii.ic i l-.;n'it original punting, uhI injj, a n! :.M v.,I. ??!u,ble Wki, fc.\ Si-. AI-.,'. a uiiitib. rol *#J 1,1,1.. U,M.|<?,HH'|ii.Iin< u, ll'a edition of til" 1,. ill.ll I In; ttn . ..,! i'ortlic origiui,] ti lt, al.,1 VPI V rue. Alio, tu <> uui.k. Cli.lliinz. At II o'clock, ?l ?? Ann itrcet. r.) Warliimltlis bode, union, k complete .a of boil, Mill.' r'.? tool', a mini | urielin ? m ,. , go,.. , , , k do. 1 pur ihetn, 1 ceiling for mull do, tru-. li mUi!,. bii'iiiiere s'.rd Si.-. Alio, a complete *et <-f blick?iuitY? t m>Ii, .until,, ?p:, ?, .lock*, topi endilyee, together ttitli mi i>. ?,,. .u >!'uoii.. bolt! nun. Sir., in I"U to ?uit Lurcbi-r-r<. SATURDAY. ? ,1 ,.r r?rt<iri.... .if ill ,1. ? ' rit.t ii ill it. r,?, i n Wt dm j by rief l It A11C1 L.a: h THIS Ar l()^ oVInrl-. in the sale* r ;? Paris Milliner v iiid Fancy O >o.U?A l-irtr Mid elegant assort inent of Paris made millinery, See., jiu.t received pc i Ut?* aj rival*,, cniidsmwc of lich -silk, fincy straw and chip hits; Freu h I tvvn do; fill" lac c ijm >, head dr? * ;??, flowers and ribbon i, ?*l?*g ynt mnioidi << '1 miu .1 ,i <ir , ... . Tin ! ulh ? u? p.rti< ul-trl> in v ilnd to attend the - lie. Jy i It* by f. ' bkahnh. Awfttiopccf THIS l>A\, At 10 o'clock at the auction rooaatt Groceries?A lance and general assortment of groceries. tea*. wine*, sugars, coffee, liquors, &CM by viituo of a mortgage, and by order of the assignee. "Alio?'20 barrels St Choi* Sugar; 25 bags Java ('offer, awl 21 half bone* young hyson t' a, bv order of the Sheriff*. TUESUA*. At 11 o'clock, in front of the store 130 Fulton si Package S.d?* of Earthenware?52 crates of Derbyshire iron Stone i cllow Ware, assorted in |>ackagcs; 25 crates printed i ware, and 10 packages class, now landing, from ship Hotting* 1 ner, foot of Franklin at, S. K. Also a large quantity oi open ware. Catalogues arc now readv M If) Fulton ?t f?ATl KDA i, At 10 o'clock at the auction room. I By virtue of an execution, a general .t??ortmriit of household furniture. u3 |t*c It. II TI ?1P8()N, \mi 1 Hardware, cutlery, fancy goods, &<*.? Jiroli 8. Piatt'* twenty-third spiin: trade sab*, will take pher this day, at 10 o'clock, at No. 21 I Matt ??ircet, consisting of :u?0 packages casks and lots id* Birmingham^ Sh Hie Id, French. (terinan and American hardware, among which are vires, trace I mid log rkini, hooks and hinges, nod irons, butt* and screws. mwi, shorn!* and snides, lock*, Ate. Als**, C case* table an?1 desert knives and forks, nocket and peukmves. scissors, i a an re, bread, butcher, au.l -dine Kiiivcs. Also, sett* ol ivory and while In)ue knives and lurks, of AO and A'i pieces. Also, AO pattern card? ol" Van wart & Najlor's ; superior pen and pocket k hit* ? ami scissors, (Jeinnu silver fable and l a spoons. Also, an invoii ? of gold and silver jnl/'Ut lever watcne*, gold and gilt jewelry, St?\ The above sale is well worthy the attention of the country a" well as the ritv dealers. j;i lt*i V i TlON NOTICE.?Sale ol piano Fortes; orgam, dry goods, books, painting*, clothing, See., on Friday at 10)t o'clock, in the large rooms, 3? Ann and MA Fulton strets. ji I u runs. BELL, Auct. VTOTICE TO FURNITURE BtlYERS.-WASHING TON MEEKS, No. 3IA Broadway, ueit the Hoapi:,'Jt would draw the attention of the public that he will sell splendid (Cabinet Furniture at 10 per cent, less than the same mwility of work is now selling at the auctions?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, entered in different colored plushes, satiiu, and hair cloth, of tlie latest Spring patterns. did 6m ^ -- FOR HAVANA-DIRECT.?fi. fine aud w*li known steamship NATCHE8, Wm. Miller, commader. will sail for the abore port about the I Atb of June. For passage only, having elegant aud stipviior accommodation*, apply i<> JOHN B. LASALA 8t CO., m30 17tr 49 Broad street. statknTSJ~\^ Foot of Whitehall street, The steamers STATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows, until further notice :? Leave Htnten Island Leave New Yflrk. At 134 o'clock a. it. At 8 o'clock a. M. M p II I. p .( II M ,0 II II I. l0 I JJJ II M II ,, II II m \*a 44 y. M. 44 2 44 r. M. II 3 II II II js/ (I II :* !! i! :: * I. c II II II ft II II All goods snipped are required to be |*irticuUrly marked, and are at the i i h of die ow new tfwrtof. je3 c f**\ FOR ALBANY, TROY ami inierrncfflm mediate places.?The ?p|ciidid low nn ssuro SWALLOW. Captain Al'Lean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street, tins (Fiiday) after* noon, June 3d. at A o'clock. Thr DE WITT CJ.INTON, Capt. 8. R. Hoc, will learo as above, to-morrow, June 4th, at 7 o'clock. The above are substantial boats, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and for accoinmodntious are unrivalled on the Hudson. >3 1^' FOR L!VKIU'O'OL?i'h fust cUsVwrll known JmmPtV "kip ST. LAWRENCE, Cajt. Brown, cojmm t fas. j Tiii'Hjii teticd and newly cojmereu previous to (caving Liv'-rpooTTon Iit last "voyage, will be dispatched on cr about the 13th in its ut. I?a ? ige in cabin, 2d cabin, or steerag", apply oil board the ship at Murray1* wharf, loot of Wall street ,or to JOHN HEED MAN, fil South street. N. B.?Passige from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool, can at all tiin? * be secured, and diafbt furnished for any amount, payable throughout tin* United Kingdom, l?y applying , i!?.?\ a. join ~?fjF PASSAGE FORTTVV:HPOOIT-United Line The splendid, fast sailing packet ship ROCHESirflnfrJfTa TEH, C'ant. Wood house, i*. now loading, and will ainTv.ijl tail positively on the Gtli June h?r regular day. This ship ha* unsurpassed Accommodations fur cabin, second and steerage passenger.*. # For pauiute early application should be made on board, foot of Burling Slip, <>r to W. St J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck Slip, ? jc2 r corm r South street. te&tr FOR' LIVERPf K)L?-w~ith de.jMtcl.-The - hi." f3\W?Vd'd well known fast sailing ship RUS8EL GLOVER, MMsUapt Howe*, will have immediate despatch. F*n passage in cabin, second cabin, and steerage, having splendid acc .minod itious, apply on board foot of Pin* street, or to GLOVER St McMUURAY, je lc 100 Pine street, cor of South. ??? FOU NKW CHILEAN H-Uu sihiia and New MH^rWYoik Lite?To succeed the Saratoga.?The fast JEmKmbw' ailing packet ship OCONEE, C <>.t Jackson, will positively sail a# above. For freight or passage,having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO % South st. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hiillen It Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his address. in3lc 011 IP SUSAN N AI f0 U M M IN OH Salter master, from LiO v? r[Hn>l.?Consigner-s of goods by this ship will confer a favor by seiuliiiK their |>erinits, without delay,on board at Judd's wharf, K. II.. or to the office of the subscribers. ROCHE BROTHERS & CO. 3S Fulton ?t., ji< Neit door to the Fulton Bank. egjJfc WANTET)?A Farm of about '0acres near Long Island ^^Soi.nd or Stiteii Island, witli good dwelling, barn, tenant1* ita. house, kc., to rent for one year, with tne privilege of purchasing it at a given price w it hi n the year. Address ' D. P. 103 South Front street, 1'inl <<1. Iphi]? 1 It r lk/TECHANK AL LAMPS?REMOVAL.?The mbscriter lvl begs to inform hi* customers and others, that he lias re moved his DEPOT from .137 Broadway, to the now warehouse No. 20 John street, near IJroadway, where hi* establishment Ins increased accommodations, and he is prejwired a* hereto fore to furnish all the variety of these most beautiful Latni*, and r very article appertaining to them, at the lowest poasiulo rates. He would [Miticitlarly invite the attention of the proprietors of Hotels, Libraries, public or private, and all other large establishments to the great inducement* he is now prnwired to offer thein to light with his Lamps, which are entirely free from any thing offensive, and produce the most agreeable light l?os*ible, at about one half the cost of ?'?*. F>. I). SAXTON, Successor to A. Diacon, 20 John street. The agency at Fhilad< Iphia is roniiutied a* heretofore, at 12A Chj smif street, and in Boston, 39 Trcniont Row. m2G I wis11 c UAMrJti.hJ>IJ?. TI7 EBB, through hi* inventions ol the articles known a* Gamphene and Webb's Burner*, ha* tnrowti loo mum light throughout this country for v? in, to admit of *n rn lightened public being li d away ny any advertisements which may term to convey the idea thr the genuine Cainpnrne can Ire obtained atanv ratahlishmcn' in I hi* city, except at the old uhlinh-d EMPORIUM OF LIGHT, tin Broadway, corner Canal street, which is conducted nuder the immediate tuperintendenca of the subscriber, w ho is w ell knowu in be the original inventor of the same. A. V. II. WEBB. General ftnpt. m22tw?*C tin Broadway, cor. ('anal it. \ PROBLEM \M? rHE WA\ T<>*nt.v K IT?Why -t*- do the imitator* of my Tablet Rar.or Strop allow me to rarry off tln? pre in iu in medal and diploma, from the Amrtican Institute, \ ar alter year, without ever submitting their own for trial ? Oh ye of tender chins and tough Ireaid*, answer the above by bringing a dull pair of Raton, and teat for yourselves the truths of the certificates of the most scientific gentlemen in the country, v it: Professor Gri we in, Dr. Molt, (sen. J. Tallma.lge, amlothcn. () ?AUNDER8 Sole inventor and mivufictiirer of the Metallic Tablet Razor Strop, with four sides, 163 Broadway, New York, jd 3tios*c TIIE NORTH AMERICAN COAL COMPANY. N'OTICK i* herrh given to the Stockholders of the North Ain? lican Coal ( "inp .ny that an election for Eleven Director* ol the said Company, will in* held a* their office. No. 31 Liberty atr* et, on Thursday the jo h day of June nest. The }h>11 w ill be open from 12 o'clock M. to 2 o\ lock, P. M. ' 'he transfer book will be closed from Jaw 20th to July 1st, I?I2. By order of Director*. B. ARMITAOE, Srcrrury. N> ? York. M.v *>, Iff P. m3l l>w<w in PKRJURY, PERJURY".' r|MIE above er?)M charge ha*, for the especial gratification of 1 a few malignant and weak-minded individuals, been pule li*hed in different paper* in reference to m , de?pite cirrurvtst oic ? mid fact* which give the direct lie to so unfounded and in' in u< an accusation. That charge, although cunnitielv designed, and closely pursued, h?* fallen to the ground, and I have been triumph*litl\ ? ! OH- rated from all re noire, i ven by the person* w ho were chiefly in?trum* ntal in at? king to involve me indiffn ulty. It i* due, under *uch circumstances, not le?* to myself than to my very large family of innocent and unoffending children, that I should thus publicly " nail to the in l%t,,, and strike the "d? st?i blow* of th villainous calumny that In-* been *o iiidastru u?ly Circulated against me; and I trust that, hereafter, there will he found no one desperate or vile enough to -Iteinpt to injur'- my fair fame, i taint <r with the inter* t* and feeling* c?f th* ? who are much dearer to me than m\ own life. LEONARD GOSLING. Superintendsnt of Ifenrv Oo*lii?g*s E*ten?ivc French and jel 3i*r American Eiting II ?'i.e, 04 and 66 Nassau st. HORN'S PATKNT AKOANP f. AMI'S AND IMPERIAL BURNERS. rPHK. HnWrilxra w ould rail the attention of the public (o tit1 *n;ieriur<|iialitira nfthrir fountain ahadqtrlcaa llaprnding, wlr in,| other Datura. Their glata fountairia liein* non-con. dnrtora never become heated like tboac of braaa w hich we in nac, conaequt ntly thrrr i? no rapanaion of the content* or cacape ofuncontnmeil into the room, wholly different from ipirit ja? or other compound* for illnminwioo. Iforn'i ro w Chemical Oil a not only tranaparrnl *nd atainle#*, but devoid of ?ccnt or ?in?-j| during combiiatinn, and entin lv free from ntnnke ortlaiir*'r of erplmion, yielding a li-.rhr which for ttradincaa, intensity flearnea? and bcanty cannot he quailed hv the teat cnrbnrrtteil hvdr-i.-cn **?. Theee rl"? fountain lamp* require no attention rter In in it once tilled and ignited, and will continue to Intrn ten Itonra in ancc-aM-n, ttiritiK diiiint; th?wh<d, time alight ettui* 111 n. to the If am, . of not Icaa than |, n aperntareti rand lea, and hia too at the low price of only lull a cent per hour; Horn'a tent I trntr'r firing <o i nai'uctt d that a frrth current of air a , nil;circulating w ithin the aery hotly of the oil, that ijrid'a fhtia (- j,f con tatjtl; cool in all temp, latorra. N. II ? M n't f Lrihu-al Oil, rlohrr, lamp glaaaea, wi-ka, an', kcr. St , aolil wliolracle and trtail hy EDWIN B. HORN fcUo. iel-lm?na I.'c M Fultonatrret, comer ( liff. f)f< iAvif.s \I.K\ Hal's HIV 1,1- rem,.. *3 I ' hit t ,,\at>,? lit i n i, No. .' Ilr.r.ani Bl ttnidd omeiof N'aa??n and Fulton tied je? 3tn iQa a

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