Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1842 Page 3
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30-?TtlK S?' NDAY MERCURY of To morrow will contain No. XIII. of the graphic sketchesof city character. Theodore Marthhuuseu. The continuation and con* cluiiou of the Criticism on the National Academy ; Foreign Ncu s by the Columbia, latest of the Ring, something ol the History of Broome and Bungaree from the Londoi. Sunday Times; Christian Welf, a true story from the German, from Block Wood's Magazine; Lecture on Macbeth by a Frenchman, frightfully funny; Chit Chat, containing ull the news of the week ; the'Common Council and their misdeeds; Life iu Taris by Charivari; all sorts ot things No. V. by Ladle, distressingly humorous; a beautiful and moral sermon by the ever fresh and iuevhuustiblr Dow, Jr., bless his old pate; morn Machine Poetry by Spoons; The Progress of Liberty; Editorials on all sorts ot subjects; the latest Local and General News. Office 13 liet-kman stri'et?Price3 cents nsingle cony, $1 for eight mouths, sent in n wrap|?er to any part of the world. Editors E. G. Paige and Sum. Nichols, who hare no connec lion whatever with any other weekly or with any daily paper published in this city. Do you want m clear Skin, or a flue head of Hair 1 07-ALL CAN HAVE THIS?INDEED WE HAVE lieeu surprised ut the almost sopeniaturnl effect the Italian Chemical Soap has on diseased or disfigured skill. It gives the finest healthy clearness to yellow, blotched, sun-burnt, or dark skin, completely changing the color, cures eruptions, acurvy, erysipelas, kc. Jones' Oil 01 Coral Circassia, will (wehave seen it tested, and assure the public these are it* real qualities)?it makes the hair grow, stavi it falling out, cure* scurf or dandruff, and make* light, red, or grey hair, assume, a fine dark look, and grows dark from the roots in time. Both the articles are sold very reasonable. We advise all to try them, for , they arc excellent?they arc sold by Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 89 Chatham street. Let Bone have bad skin or hair now, 'tis their own fault, if they do. 07- AMERICAN MECHANIC OK TO-DAY, JUNE 4th, is rich beyond compare. It contains four original engravings, with descriptions, viz.:?Self Acting Klood and Waste Gates?F,spy's Ventilation?Improvements in Block Paving and Improvements in Blacksmithing. In addition, it contains Man and Money?Married in spite of their Teeth?The ettects of Labor Saving Inventions?News by the Columbia?Extracts, important snd interesting?Domestic news?Anecdotes, Comicalities, Poetry, (kc. The " Mechanic" is decidedly the most useful and valuable paper for the working classes of any now published. Price 3 cents single ; $1 SO per annnm. Office No, 37 Ann street J. A- Tuttle, agent {?- DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT FROM 375 BOWERY.?This fine vegetable remedy for Cough* and Coldi, and all diseases of the cheat, lungs', and liver, has attained a reputation and demand, and which never withiu the annals of medical history has one article met with such unbounded success. It is recommended by phyaiciaifs of the first standing as being at once the mildest in its operation, yet the best remedy that can be madu for these diseases. Professor Anderson, of Jefleraon College, has used it in a number of cases for the liver complaint, and always with unbounded success. Col-ohs axd Colds yield as if by magic, as coughs of months' duration have been cured in two days. If people will suffer, when this medicine is to be had, with these complaints, then the testimony of thoso who have been relieved is of no avail. Counterfeits aro issued In every direction. Never buy at any place but nt the office of the only true proprietor, 375 Bowery; in Brooklyn, only of Mrs. Hays, 199 Fulton a'; Dr. Lowerre, 877 Broad st, Newark: H. Rawle It Co., A bany: E. W. Bull, Hartford; 9. Powell & Co., Boston; L>. Mitchell, New Haven. ft?- WE FULLY CONCUR IN THE FOLLOWING from the Journal of Commerce We are satisfied that the most remarkable article that has ever been started in this country in the way of external rumudioe, is a salve of Mr. Dalley, which he calls his Pain Extractor. It appears to have a controlover fire in the form of burns and scalds, aud over all inflammatory sores, that is to us perfectly unaccountable. The cases he has exhibited to us, of officers of steamboats, and other respectable individuals, that have met accidents by fire, even of a very alarming nature, and been healed in so short a time without a scar, are to extraordinary, that we never would have believed them, had he not brought the persons to us and showed us the facts. They are also put in form of affidavits, and the person sworn before an officer. Mr. Dalley is at 71 Maiden Line, and will cause the salve to be applied gratis, to all cases that can be found,and as he is uot a betting man,he will bind himself to pay to the Orphan Asylum in this citv. * 50 for any case be undertakes and fails to cure, provided, indeed, that no vital parts of sutterer by burns is absolutely destroyed, ao as to make life impossible. He takes this course to make people know that there is no putting or nonsense about this article, nnd we feel authorized to recommend its use to our readers, and advise every family to keep it in the house, that it may be used instantly in case of aocldent.?Iftw York Exprcii. (&- HOLIDAY AT THE MUSEUM.?Families, children, and strangers will remember that a splendid variety of performances take plare at the American Museum this afternoon at 3 o'clock. First and foremost on the list of performers stands Mr. Whitlock, the Ethiopian melodist, and banjo player. Thera is more humor in his "nigger verses" than ever Joe Grimaldi could boast of, and the melody which he brings from the banjo, that celebrated Southern instrument of music, is perfectly enchanting; it throws the guitar or piano entirely in the shade. Whitlock is quite equal if not superior to Bweenoe; and off the stage he is a gentleman, and is respected by all who know him. His pupil, Master Frank, is quite as cood a dancer ns Master Diamond, and possesses none of his bad habits. Then we have the Oipsey Girl, Miss Rosalie, Celeste, Bonnie Morris, Animal Magnetism, Indians and Squaws, and lots of other attractions?all for 95 cents. OCT* CHATHAM THEATRE.-This is the last night bat two of the re-engagement of John Sefton, whon he appears as Price Pretty man in the Vaudeville of He's not AMiss, and in the celebrated drama of the Night Hag. A new drama of powerful interest, entitled Wilbert the Deformed, is also produced for the first time in America? Scott, Hield, Mrs. Thorne and Miss Mestayer sustaining the principal characters. City Despatch Poet, 4tf William Street. P*inci*al OrriCK.?Letter* deposited before half-past 8, half-put 19, and half past t o'clock, will beaent out tot delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Orrica*?Lettersdepoiited before 7,11, and 9 o'clock, will beaent out for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIO, Agent. MONET MARKET. Friday, June 3?O P. 91. We have to-day later accounts from England, being to thelBthult., via Boston. The market* had changed for the worie, and the rate of intcreat had luddenly increased from causes which it was difficult to trace. At the date* of the lut advice* money wu worth 2$ per crnt in the discount market; during the week ending on the 19th it suddenly rote to 1} in the oisoount market, and 10 per rent in the stock market Thl* was mostly ascribed to a go pay moots into the exchequer, on account of the tises by the receiver*. This effect was heightened by the disastrous Great Hamburg, which laid one third of that city in ruins, an account of which will be found in another column. The rito may alto in some measure be ascribed to a reaction, money having fallen to an exce dingly low rate without sufficient cause. The following^* a comparative statement of the currency of the kingdom r*rta Circulation or the United Kinodom. April 2 May lit. Inc. Dec. Bank of England circulation. i21fi.S7l.ann mini nnn I 7m mm rririle bank* circulation, 5,789,030 5,iS2,18f> 193, l? Joint Stock I)ank? circulation, 3,047,C36 S.IM.WIO 113*44 ScoTTann. Chartered, privste It joint atock bank? circulation, 2,070,290 2,390,713 - 79.373 lltURD. Bank of Irelaud, 2,074,123 3,100,023 28.300 Private It joint "lock bank", 2,239,336 2,111,322 ? 148.234 Total, 33,014,000 34,049,731 1.133,074 Bollion inthe bank, 7.006.000 7,032,(001 76,000 The circulation of the Bank of England io new greater than at any period aince the return* hare been published in the prcaent form, commencing July, 1341, which waa the next highest, being $17,976,000. The lowest point was January in the present year,when it was but ?16,293009. In July last, the bullion was ?6,011,000, from which it gradually declined to ?4,319,000 in November; in December it had increased to ?6,031,000, and ha* been accumulating regularly until it has reached the present amount. The payment of the quarterly dividends fully accounts for the expansion by the Bank of England. If there be any ground for doubt upon that subject, it can apply only to the private and joint stock banks of England and Walaa; where united circulation show* an increase of ?306,333. This is relatively so trifling an emount that it is not at all adequate to account for the rc dunilawj of money in the London market and it* consequent low value. The cauae of that increase may be fairly aacribed to the partial atimulna that waa Tor a short time given to mercantile operations by the publiaation of the new tarilT, aided by the additional demand for varioua description* of eommo litiea in the spring, compared with the winter month*. This conclusion is also borne out by the fact that the partial movement in business was, in a great measure, confined to England; and accordingly we find that the circulation of the banks in Scotland and Ireland which diJ net participate in it,presented a diminution and not an increase. The exception of the trifling expansion of ?J6,300 by the Bank of Ireland is scareely worth notice, for it is accounted for by the payment of the quarerly dividends in the same manners* that of the Bank of England. In the manufacturing districts the accounts were, if possible, (till more discouraging than before. Many millers continue to talk of a farther redaction in work and wages. Some of the government pspcrs sfleeted to escribe this to a design of driving people to desperation, with the view of embarrassing the government; hut that the distress is real is made evident in the fact of the failure of a large print house in Manchester, whose liabilities Amounte l to ?30,000, end their nsset* were ?83,000. A decline of |-^i fruiin!! in cuo i qunnuea 01 ?i twiit, had aho taken place. Three wore caidoncee of real di?tre??, and their influence waa felt upon the cotton market, w hich aufTeretl a depreeeion. The awful conflagration at Hamburg, introlving the drttruction of property eatimatci at from fCOOOOtHOto *3.1,000,000, of which vra* 10,000 <11? of corn, had c,a?t a gloom orer all the market* of the continent, * well as of England, and had sensibly affected the ex hanges; they were at Loodon as follows on the 19th iast. ImUerdun, It 4>a? 4 Rottcrdiui. it ?K> <K Vatwrru, It. ?>??? Hamburg, ltll>*alIS rank/art, It. ly S, . ,A,I? *82'* >'irons, tOtHiUX Madrid, J6. >?? S American credit does not seein to be iu the ascendant <pon the London change. A leading journal remarks as [ illows Thtt rhifff fi>oturi> ofthe United fttnto* T nan P I I no .it. inguuhed from that of lest jear, is, that it allows a rate x-low par. This concussion is a most important ouo, ami mleo 1 would never have been made had it not been felt hat the money markets were in a most desperate condilou, as far as the negotiation of a loan is concerned. On .he spot the easiness of money in England seems to have loen regarded with Some eagerness, as if that afforded a chance of a |>ortioa of the loan being taken here. This topehiumost forlorn one, and the people of the United .States may be fully persuaded that there is a certain class of securities to which no abundance ol money, however {rent, can give value, and tint iu this claw their own securities stand preeminent. At. ho * evr , tuc hope might b? followed he ar. offer, it ? !H he a weli '"or the Lontou capitalists t??l?< on ih< ir guard, and to remember the tpecimens they hfi.e already had of Aoierican securities. This is very gratifying, if they will,onlj persist iu their determination to tako no more stock, but that hope may prove fallacious. The accursed paper system is the instrument Vy which England has rapidly advanced in the procesa of enslaving other nations. She is now in the annual receipt of $50,000,000 per annum from other countries, as a tribute for money and credit loaned by her, and squandered by the dissolute and improvident of other nations, and it is natural for her to feel uneasy when a whole peo lite, wun prompt sagacity and rough stroke, burst by the simple process of repudiation the meshes that were woven around them. If the threat succeeds, and future loans are stopped, the people will redeem their honor by eventually paying tho debts already contracted. In our article of the '19:h of April, we exposed a plot of the finun cicrs of London, with their agents on this side, to compel the federal government, by making an instrument of its necessities, to do something for the benefit of State credit. The London papers copied that article, and with the duplici'y which is becoming a feature of the British character, charged the plot upon us sa a proposition ofouri. The London Times remarks as follows:? The assurance of this proposition, which is coolly set | forth in the journal In question, would of itself be enough to damage the credit of a country which could tolerate such doctrines, were not ell thoughts of advancing money I already set aside by the fate of the United States Bank, | find the famous system of repudiation. People are begin- | uiup also to reflect on the warlike tone towards England, which is ro popular when assumed in Congress, and this I is an additional reason for a disinclination, already well founded, to hare anything to do with American securitiea. In this market to-day a very small business was dono, and prices generally gave way. Delaware and Hudson j percent; Illinois fl's, 1; Indiana 6's Kentucky #'? rose }; New York State 6,1860,1 per cent. On Monday next, the election for directors of the Orecnwich Bank takes place. The following is the Reform tioket. Oacsxwicii Bsxa Rr.roaal Ticsf.t. For Director*. Isaac L. Varian, Mordecai Myers, James N. Wells, Laurent Bonncfoux, James Pollock, Lewis B- Griffon, Timothy Whittemore, Garret Green, Horatio Mott, W. 8. Hunt, Pierre Jarvis, Joseph J. Van Bcuren, Charles Yates, James Munrce, Abram Coursen, For Inepector*. f'toi.!.! v e t>~_1 1 m r* t?l i ? t?1 ,-* ut iwf iauu, tt . v. nuini'inuaiT, Stuart F Randolph, On the success of this ticket it thought to depend the remedy for those abuses which have during the past year sunk the value of the stock of this institution 35 per rent in the market. A remarkable fact in relation to the existing board is, that during the year they hare hcen constantly tolling the.r own stock. For instance, a few weeks since they held collectively 090 sham; they ntfw hold but 730, having sold 360 sharer. Is this a mark of confidence in their own management? Indeel three of the directors hold but the number which qualifies them for office, and four others hold but very little more than the necessary I .lumber. On the contrary most of those on the reform ticket are largely interested, and of course will attend to thobost interest of the institution, with a view to the improvement of the stock. It is an amusing fact that some of the old dis^Drs are soliciting proxies under pretenceof favoring the reform ticket. All who are able should vote themselves, and trust no one with their proxies. Bstlea sst the Stock Exchange, tinoo N Y Sixes. 1862 92 25 do Am Ex Bk si 58>i jftOO Kentucky 6's ftfl 25 do Mohawk RR li30 42 5000 do j's 65 25 do do 41 \ 1000 Illinois 6's, 1870 1111* Ml do do blO 41 loon do do 18 150 do Harlem RR >3 13?* 2000 do do 17V 125 do do esh 11*2 2000 Indian* 5's 20?? 70 do New Jersey RR f,7 25 shas Del k Had c*h 95s 25 do P?tersan RR csh 50?* 50 do do b3 95>? 50 do Canton Co 23 25 do do _ _.sli 95 25 do do *39 23 61 oo mcciuinica' ?K ti'4 23 do do >3 23 30 do Manhattan Co GO Second Board. SI000 Ohio 6's 7S'i 173 do do *3 13 1000 State 6'?. 1S63 91V 2.) do do 1>3 13 2} aha* Mohawk RR 4134 323 do do 13 30 do Harlem RR I3l2 >3 do do >3 12V 30 do do 131% 30 do do 13 State of Trade. The new* from England loomed to increaae the business of the markets to-day, but no marked decline in prices took place. In A?he??Since our lait about-J00 barrels of Pots iiavt been tak?n at $6.26. No rales of Tearls have come to our knowledge. Kiour and Grain?Canal can be bought at $6,131, though held higher generally, and Ohio at $6 a $6,13} : Michigan common brands in good order at $6. Southern flour Is dull, without change in price. Wheat continue* in ijeod demand, and is sold at $1,38 a $130, according to quality. Rye is worth fi6 cents?not much here, nor much wanted. There is not so much Corn in market. A lot of Western, not sound, was sold at SO cents, weight. We quote sound Southern 61 a S3 cents, and Jersey at S6 cents, both measure. Some small sales of Cotton only were made, at firmer price*. A sale of Teas took place with the following results V? Tarms?Note* at six months, to be mido satisfactory to the sellers. Torso Htsow. Cents. fish. 31 hf chests St 70 do 48 6 do S3 13 do 47>$ 33 chests 00 M do 47 33 do M 40 do 401$ 33 hf chests 33 20 do sod 33 chests 40 20 do 343$ 149 hf cheats 433$ 32 chests 34 32 de 44S 33 do 13G hf do 333$ 1IW Jo 43S 11 do 33 10 cheats 413$ 43 do 323$ 23 do 41 30 do and 40 cheats 31H 30 do 403$ 38 hf chest. 31 3] do 40 38 do 303$ 33 do and 38 lif do withdrawn in uu W llVSO!*. 26 cheit* 40 10 do 44>* <0 do 47* 1IT?ON Rkir. 23 ?'?< ?? 63 34 do 34'i 39 do 13 14 do It) hf chest* 44 !79 do 31 Hi clit-KU 3** 632 do withdrawn S7 do 37* Ovnrownca. 7 hf rhc?U 60 4 cbest* 43 11 do 49 Ikpmuu 6 hf chest* 68 6 do 48 V, 7 do 66 Soi'CHONO. 20 Ikf rhe.ts 43 46 do and 167 chsits 3'?S 26 do 42 40 chcs t? 4) 100 do 40 30 do and 471 hf do withdrwn CilMl, 1900 mat* 20 Provision Market. We thought last week, hi recording the Tact that prices had fallen in the retail market, that Privisions wu down 64 low a* could well be, but thi? week every thing i a (till lower. Thla indicate* a scarcity of moncr, as people generally economise in any and every thing bat edible. 7n. (tead of fire or six different kinds, we must now be content with one or two sorts of vegetable*. Any quantity of Pigeons have been brought to market from the County of warren, Pa., and Fulton County, N. Y. Five thousand came in the Dewitt Clinton laid Tuesday; they fetch 7 cents a bilL oiiBniroi no aicunuug JIHMUJ-, HlfO V-UCIUnDPIH ana Green Pom. The lew preventing the sale of Oysters in the market took effect on Tuesday j they will be eolJ and eaten neverthelee*, ns usual. The time for supplying house* with plant* 1* nearlyover. We notice the ladies patronize the flour girls on the north side ol Washington market extensively. A morning walk there, for our rity belles is quite as animating a* | a promixade on the Battery. I Pan si or raovuion. Beef, per lb 6 a 10 Tripe, lb ...? a ( , Portrr House Stakes 12 *? I'stiluses ? a ? < Sirloin, lb ? ? ? Brrti.buneh ? a S bef, per ewt' - $4.Vt * f> Honey, lb ? a 1R utlon J a 8 Pork, |*t cwt $G?a $8 Lamb, per lb i a 8 Veal 4 a 7 4 E'.'rk, per lb 6 a 8 Freih Cod ? a iU 1 Blarkftah, " 6 a 8 Ollery, bnrirh 8 a l?>J ' L ? * 5 Hickory Nutti ? a J I Militia*** - . - ? ? , ? i, wat*rcre??e?, ql ? a 0 1 Salmon, lb ? I l*?k Potatnr*, bn?hrl 31 a? ' Shad, a pair It a? Tnmit?, 11 a SO ' Striped B?a?. lb-6 a? A"|de?, " J?1 a #t\, , Cape Cod Lofoten- a a? <lam?, 100 Zi a 37'j I'raha, ilor It'^a ? Outer*, 100 CI aii K'l? t a 12,S Cranberries, qt ? a ? Rock It a IS Km, dot ? a 10 Fowls SO a$l Unr.l Aiqilna, lihl a SIS Chickens J7Sa 70 Dried Peaches, lb a 10 Todi" ",|l ?$1 Tim, roasters ? a SI f rt??n Bntt^r, a SI A^nnraicns 1.1 a ? Firkin It a? Tickle*. 160 . .. V) a 62'i | SaiiMffr* ? a 10 Rlinbarb, plant ? a I2S Salad. <|t ? a Titcona.dhnm...... ? a SIS Radishes. hunoh ? a 2 fireen Pea*. hfpeck? a 11V Cherries, lb II,'t* IS New Potatoes, hfpk.? a l?\ Incumbers, dot- .? a .10 On f hose be rrics, qt.? a C ? Oreen Currants, i|t-? a 6 Now Potatoes of good aire aro for aale la market. A I few Water Mellon* have been aold, from the South. Married, ! On WediieadaT the 1st of June, at New Brigh'nn, Bta- ? ten Inland, hy the Rev. Dr. Wainwright, Wm. Cowry..* Boito*, Captain L'. 8. Navy.toMaar Hcaair.TTa, dstigh tor of Henry l.yneh, "r | fin the Jnd instant, hy the Rev. 8 D. H irrhard, Ai it t J. CaatwaioHr, Jr. to Euts A. Va* Wtr, f.ith of thi* J city. f On lioaril tin I'. 8. ?hip North Carolina on the l?t in?tan: t ?v the Rev. Mr. Htrrii, Chaplain of s?m ?hip Frkd. c. Waao, u. 8. N., sou of Prufes.or K. c. Ward, V. S. n., to wunAuomi, daughter of David Merry, of Booth Bay, Died, On the 3ril immni 4... li .u.,?i,iur ,.r Abby H. Montcague, aged 3 years. The friendi of the family ire invited to attend her funeral thia uftemoon, at 6 o'clock, from the residence ot her grnndf.Hbe.-, No. 12 North Moore atrect. On the 11th of March, on lioanl the Lugllsh bark Wil Irish Uirl, on hia passage from Madrasa to St, Helena. Jo>trn K., youngest son of Henry R, and Nancy L. Hoisingion. age.l 1 year and 3 month". On the 2nd inatant, in the 74th year of her age, Agnes JoHttaoia, relict of the late Uuac Johnson, formerly of Nev Brunswick, NJ. On the 3d inatant, MaaurHtt Cokban, after a abort illness, in the 39th year of her age wile of William Corhan. - ' IkllhM liTiifnia" naiaaii ? n? Lateat Artvlcca RECEIVED Al- T1IE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa April ; .Macao Feb. 11 AnxCayea April 22 Madras Feb. 2d Anrigus May 1 M nulla Jan. Jtl Bombay A|?il 1 Montevideo -| April 10 Batavia J mi. 8 Marauliaw Match 2 Bermuda May 18 Matanxia May 21 Jonairt Aifil !l Maysipirx May 23 Buenos Ayrea March 28 Maracaibo April j Bahia M-rcli 1 Matamoras April 17 Brlixe, Hond. May 7 Neurits* May 20 Barhadocs May 13 Nassau. N. P. May 4 Boeota Dec. 19 Oahu, 9. 1. l>ee. 37 Bcrbiee Feb. 20 Paris May 17 Cape Haytien April 6 Port an Prince May 13 "urmcoa March i Ponce, P. 11. May 13 Cicnfut-rros May 10 Para May 3 Carthagrna May 1 Prrnambuco May 4 Caraccns April 12 Panama Feb. 20 Cliagre* July I Rio de Janeiro April 16 t'allao Jan. 22 Bimtaport I)ec. 20 Calcutta March 22 Sydney. N. 8. W.. Aur. 11 lremavara M ircli 9 St. Helena March*! Fayel May 2 8(. Thomas May 19 Gibraltar April 19 St. Baits Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jsgo dr Coba April Ja Oiiayams, P. R. May II St. Joluu, P. R. .34 ty 3 Gonaives May f? St. Croix April 18 Galveston May 16 St. Martha May 4 Havre May 16 St. John, N. B. May 18 Havana May II Surinam April 27 Halifax June 1 Tampico April 22 Jeremie March 22 Tobaaco April 23 Jarinel April 20 Turka Island May 12 KiiiKstoa, Ja. May G Trinidad de Cubs May 14 Loudon May 19 Vera Crux May 12 Liver)<ool May 19 Valparaiso Feb. 6 La Quay April 22 Yucatan April 3 Lima March 20 Zanzibar Dec. 19 Puttiigcri Arrived. Ln rarooL a*d Hanrax?Steamer Columbia, at Boston? From Liverpool to Boston* G W Hauler. M Mtirlrr, Mist Lcc, T Hart, Mrs Hart, R Edwards, H Shnav, Mr Simpson, Mr Co<>k. To Halifax: Mr Bi ll, Mr Grassir, Mrs Grassir ami servant, Mr Whitlen, Mr Yance, G R Symmrs, II Chapman.? Halifax to Boatou: Mrs Cassitly, Mr Oxley, Mn Oxley, J D Havocs, Mio M ignomtee. Calcutta and St. Helena?Shin Charlemagne?Mrs.Marv Packard.Mi I Mary Hamlin, New York; Mr S C Holbrook, Boston; Treligrue anil servant, E P 3 Vaacy, Rev H R Horsiiig'cn, lady, 2 children uud scrTant; Miss Harriet J Pern*. Kingston, Jain?Schr Alabama?K Reiacllhach, I Espedes, F II March , A Shaw, F.lleu Shaw, Maria V Savage and t>*rv*t, A ill steerage ?. ? ? . - --rr i ?l. l. - -aju Foreign Importations. Liverpool?Ship I.ivrrpool?300 tons coal 300 sacks sal; 6000 fire bricks Gondhm* St co. Calcutta?Ship Charlemagne?1912 bags saltpetre, 43 chests shellac, 361 'pi-ces redwood, 600 hiiles, 200 lours ginger, 12.373 funny bags, 281 bales gunnv cloth, 113 bab s hides, 100 hunilles twine, 30 do cord, 2u do lamower, 19 do mntta, 330 bales jute, 200 bays linseed, to order. Oc atama? Brig J in'?30 cks molassrs Meyer St Rtncker?13 do A Naylor?10 ilo B Deforest St co?20 do F O Thurston St co?243 cks molasses order. NlAntCAino?Brig Union?823 bags coffee I486 bides III bags Cocoa 1100 goal skins 13 libit balsam capaiva 34 bags bark 1 bbl old cop|ier 1 bill tiger skins A Arrenguera. MARITIME HERALD. Departure of the Atlantic Steamer*. 4 rom england. from america. Columbia, Judkins June IS G. Western, Hoskua May 21 June 16 Britannia, Ilewritt June I July 2 Caledonia, Lotl Juue 19 July 16 Acadia, Ryrie July 3 Aug. 1 O. Western, Hosken July 9 Aug. 4 II. B. M. steamer British Qneen.CapL M. M. Krone,will leave this port on Tuesday, J line 7, lor Southampton, England, and Antwerp. Packets to Arrive. | Packets to Depart. mum ..Kr.nruQb. fun 1.1V ?: HTOOL Sbrllbld. Alltn, May 2 O.Wmihiugton,Burrows,Jn;ie7 N. America, Lowber, May 10 U. Suit s, Briti<m, June 13 Roscitis, Collins, May II England, Wait.-, June 1!) rioM roRTsMpuTii. for roitTssiouTH. Swirzerlaiid.Coadwick, May I Wellington.Cliadwiek, June 10 H. Hudson, Morgan, May 12 Quebec, He herd, June 2U FROM HaVRC. FOR HAVRE. Francois I, Ainsworth, May I Dnchesse d'Orleans, June 8 Burgundy, Wotten, May in Sully, Thompson, * June 16 Kim-ralil, Howe, May 16 Iowa, Tell, June 21 To HHIp Blasters. We shall esteem it a favor, if cantains of vessels arriving here, will give to Commodore R. S. Martin, of our news Heel, a re|K>rl of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their |>a.ssage, a list of iheir cargo, and any foreign newsi>aiien they may have. Commodore Martin win board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate he favor in any war. PORT OK NEW YORK, .TVNE 4, 1844. tun site* 4 37 I moor ntar.s I 20 SUW SETS* 7 23 I HIGH WATER 5 0 QWMb Ships Natchez, Waterman, S America, How land St Aspinwall ; Emily, Crane, St Croix Chas Morgan: C&hawha, Smith, Rotterdam, Scnmii't It Bilrhen ; Hope, Collins, Frovidence, I'rarce Si Bullock.?Brigs Roarer, Conway .Maraiiham Si Para, E Corning Si Son: Edward Whitney. (Br) Skaling, Windsor, N S ; Maricer, (fir) Freeman, Liverpool, N 8, Barclay Si Livingston ; Briton, (Br) Liglitfoot, Quebec, R Irvin ; Trripiina, Ludlam, St J ago de Cnba, Thompson it Adams; Wm Neilson. Morris, Port-au-Prince, Skrfdiror Si Ferris.? Scius Fairfield, Burr, Salein ; Matm i, Taylor, Philad ; Red Rover, Smith, Phila ; Friend, Lon ll, Boston ; Amanda, Hudson, Pliilad. AlTlTCd. Ship Charlemagne, Packard, from Calcntta, Jan. 14, Sand Headi 21st, and St Helena April II, with indse, to order. An English shipat St Helena rr|>orted that the Dovet, from Calcutta for Boston, put into .Mauritius for medical advice. Vessels left before reported. 22d ull. 1st 23 18, lou 38 32. spoke Br schr Coquette, I] days from Baltimore for Demararn; 26(h, 1st 29 13. Inn 63, saw an American schr standing SE. showing signal O. D. British ship Liverpool, Speueer, 49 days from Liverpool, with coal. Sir. to Ooodhiir It Co?201 passengers. British bark Sh#lmslierk Pierce, from Limerick. April 22, with 300 tons coal to R. Irvin?73 passengers. 8th ult. lat 47. Ion 36, fell in with tha wreck of Br bark Jefferson, dismasted and abandoned. Belgian bark Adele, Cornelins, 39 days from Antwerp, with 300 tons coal to Schmidt It Bale lien. Belgian brig Commerce, Oravr, 30 days from Osteud, with 200 tons coal to Schmidt It Bilrhen. Swedish brig Utile, Hanson, 00 Jays from Trapani, Sicily, with 400 t?ns salt to order. Colombian brig Union, Rincoo, 18 daya from Maracaibo, with coffee, tkc. to A. Aranguera. Brig Star, Prince, 20 .lavs from Neuviua, with 219 cka molasses to Nesmith, Leeds It Co. Brig Atlantic, Ward, 18 days from Trinidad de Cuba, with sugar to Rowland It Aspinwatl, and it eks molasses to Moses Taylor. Left Canton, for NVork, 3 da: Cordelia, of and for Boston, 3 ds; Old Colony, of and for Portland, liQ; U W Oiflord, disg; Casilda, for Europe, ldg; Adamant, for NYork, via Cienfneeoa. Cuba vld 9 dav.,- Vt.? --V- P.:?- I rose. of Nl'ilnckel, w?? lost on Twelve League Key about 12th May. Part of the crew arrived at Trinidad in a boat frem >he < wreck. 1 Bri* Jane, Safford, 1J dtya from Gnayama. PR., with angir to Thompson (k Adams. Lefl Cnndrr, nnc; Panthca, for New I Haven, 6 da; Tuscan, for NYork, 2l?r; Ann, do do, just arr; < Fanner, do do, aimn. Brijr Aanea, Wilaon, 17 da fm Gnayama, PR. with sugar Jcc ( to F O Tnnr.stou. 221 hlwls sugar, I jO cka molasses B Deforreat St co. L-ft brig Jane, for N York, in 3 days. and others uot recollected. 23th May, lot 33 30, Ion 74, spoke brig Dinion, hence i for Charleston. Brt* Commodore Hull, Small, 43 daya fm Oporto, with wine ( to J F Lnlie St ro. '.10 pipes 20 hi'do 280 qr cka wine Hicka k ro ; 123 qtl* cork wood J F Knlre ; 20 |'i|>ea wine 14 or cka 3 hhda wine A Soltcn ; C do 2 qr 1 cave wine W Pa^e ; 120 qr 2 hhda do to order. Left no Am veaarla. The bark Navarino for 1 Liabon and Rio Orande tailed 9 da before. Schr General Cobb, Hammond, 13 da fm St Barta, with 46,100 dnvrn pine apples, 17 cka 14 ba w ine, 3 labia limea to maater. Sehr Alabama Harris. 18 d? fm Kingston. Jam, with nimt nto < to Dunarnmb k Berkwitli. Left brig Pandora, fm Baltimore, 1 juat arr; Br bark Mary, of Boatnn, with a cargo of ice, do. Schr Kegului, Hawkins, Wilmington, h C, 3 u*ys,navr.l < atorea to Powell k Milla. Off Cape llatteraaa aookc whaling brig Edw?rd, of Mattipossett. ' Schr Atlantic, Hickman, 3 da from Virginia, pine wood to 1 maater. Schr Imperial. Reed, 6 da fm Darten, tya., cotton to R M ' Demill 8t co?306 bga cotton Jnhn?r>n k co Schr Tioga, Tyler, 4 da fm Wilmington, NC, naval atorea to captain. Schr Voln?ia, Haff, 4 daa fm Xewbern, NC, naval atorea to ' D?pey?trr k Whitmarah. 1 Schr Svlaia Htgby, lligby, 2 da fm Norfolk, 1 Schr Chief Sacneui, Lougthorne, 7 da fm Eiatport, lath to 1 matter. Schr Wolcott, Ryder, I da fm Boaion, to John Steven*. S'orp Louisiana,Dtrrow, 4 days from Kennebec River, with | f. ea'i 'altr.on, to M. Rogers k Co. Below. ' Two shir*, two biig?. ? Also, a painted port bark with Holyheal signals, aai J to be t Cynthia, Johnson, from Cantou. t Marine Corroipondonet. ' ( own, May 17, 1842. | 1 lag to hand the following liat of arrivals ami aailmga of a American vraaeU since mv Uat:? a Arrived?April 28, Grand Turk, Brazil', for ordera; May 3, d Hector, St J igode t uba, do: Itli, Tuscany, M.itanzas, do; t Lima, Havana, do; 7th, Croiistadl, do do; Bachelor, Kirhmond, r lo; loth. Talma, Matanr-aa, do; 14th, Swin Boy, do do. j Sailed?May 4, Grand Turk, Amsterdam; 3th, Hector. Lon- a Ion; 10th, Tuscany, Trieste; Lima, Antwerp; 13th, Bachelor, n Jhent; 16th,, Antwerp. r Whalemen. h Arr at Portsmouth June 1, Ann Parry, from Aareunon Island 4 data, with 230U bbls oil (I7u apm) and 1300 I ha lioue. Spoke '' Dee 20, 1841, 1st 41 30 8, lon 117 E, Emerald, Salem, 400 a|>, too 7 *h (rep'd Dec 24 . 600 wli, 200 an.I Dec 26. 1st 42 S, Ion 117 :M> i C, G-ld Hunter, FR. 8 wha; f eh 20, lat 23 2(1 8, lon 16 E, .Mar- ' law. Hudson. 200 so: Mar 11. lat 30 S ton ai V ~t., Iv- V ridence, 38 tiblaep; Tilth, 1st 31 jO H, Ion It JO E. Mtrcia, Klj. [' l>-an, bound rul( amall i*>* on board. A Inter from Cicero, NR. rr|K>rtn her at Port Nicholaon in 'J September laat, with IA rl win ami I <|>. ?' Off Chatham lalanda July 18, Rebecca Sim*, ND. with Sic >bl< ?p and 100 wh. * Hpoken. " Shak'peare, Liverpool for NYork, Mrh ult. off the Salter*. fl (tor I?.iri?, Liverpool for NYork, 3d alt. I*t 38. Ion 20. r Hannibal. Liverpool for NYork, April 30. off Cork. Marion, Charleaton for Antwer|<, April 2fi, I at 43 3D, Ion | 17 38. Anaoti. Liverpool for Boaton, April 22. Lincoln, Linbon for Boaton, Aptil 22. Bronlea, no date, lat 48, Ion If. * Alabama, Irom New Orleana for Malaga, May U, lat 28, Ion p| 11 E New Haven, of ami from Nrw Han nfor Btrhadoea, May 29. Block laland N 2.7 milea. Foreign Porta. LivtaroOl May 7?Arr 9t Mark, New York; Imlepetai.nor. E lobi aki, L Wright, J Bull. T Hub r*bv, Columbia, Waahim I on, Monrnnnth, Victoria, Alhmia, and Sector. NOrleana; |th. Cm. rloi Hebe, do; Abercrnmbir, Mobile; Mi, Neva York, V rl fork; J I), in.| ,ri i'ni.c. a* Victoria ami ( cthaimc, Mobile : R Iwanton, John (a H?!x n, ami R William*. New Orleana; Hit. teat Wealrrn, I a) NYork; 9 Ho k?, do; I2th. Kdinbury. Mm 1 ?le; I3th, Mcmphi*, NYo li; 14th, Siddona, do; Herman, Mm o?e; 3ylr.mii* Ji-nkinv do; l.ltli, ll< h n. do; Brit mine, (?) " " ton; lath.Ckaoa, NOrleana; Laurel, iavannah. Arr ttn "l aleatine, N Orleans 7lh, South Ca'oiina, do: Athena, Urr*' (ueen. and K lleiitlv Mobile. <th, S.-otl I, In* and R.oi k.V^rvnij; ?Vu"",h- Riu...., AoaUrhicol.. ,W- lU.n?jrwdJ?ffer??u. J?i.e? Rivar: liiii, 0li7?Braaol, imf iT ' "JTj|nill|hj HoiP, auU Robt Isaac, A(>alachi* ^i JSth AUicii. James Hirer ria OUafow. ,} "[ ld5 "*h' '*' ?'<> Phil?WI.J.SI7 llth, Columbia, do: 1- '' V n ',: lai,hi,KVr4e'J. NY..A; 13th, Gnat Britain. ..I V 5 V ! ?4 fvtf1? Alri^drr, ftilt.mure; Mth. Hol!2li ???' I-Htei-.wl.-Mco.. do; CJd Adirondack,N York; tilth, knrope, do; Tan lima, do. v !c. V Vi NorthumDtrUi.d, N. i.i \ i PtuUd?l|ihia; Brumal, R.wtou; Aiitolt'oii, do; 'Itli. J ant Anifoata, New iork; L-?iido,, do; 12th. DJiwur ->haki|i arr, and Utac Newton, .Work; IJtli, Os'?oU,ito; lull' dueqaehaiuia, PhilaiirMiia; Utlt, Koaetua, NYnrk: New York] lo; l'.lh, UkIm-IU, do; 17tli, Otrnriew. -o; I llth, Cornelia, do;, ufiuiii. nm iiin.i orouer, >vnmiutfion. lllh. r'.?- i : ind Sobi iki, NOrii in*; ICth, H ury Bus , Nlork usa QttrlN li, S( MiHc. Sar&iuiih. Hi ll, Mty 16?Axr Humber, B<>*ton. ! -1 Dili f : ; : 1 ( ?.it irio, N * ^01 k; I i, Jo, J at inwti I llib, ii uuli LinI - . h i ili iton IGlli, .11. . do; i*rf, ! , Mb. fU ? " > it w (?. I iu Wi lliuitti i . ( irli U n;7tb| t uriol ? Ualiimorv. ( i I 11 >g|y, Calcutta. Portsmouth, May j;?Off, Westminster, NYork. Arr lain !1. nd<i? W K..d,..n, uoiliiou, AU'i ?id foi N 1 ufki Plymouth, May n?Off, Columbus, Bremen for New \o?U; Manhattan, \ York lor AmUi-nlam. Dlal, May 13?Arr Columbia, Bremen for Baltimore; Hu?|ion, Bf i e n for Ni'? Y..ik. Sid i.'jtb. llortPiisi?. (from Biltimore) Amsterdam. Air llih, Ambassador, Loudon. auii aid for Km Jjjwiro; tph, Cseeili, Stockholm, and aid for New Yoik.? Arr 2d to ith, Kaniii. NYork, and aid for Amsterdam; jlli, N,ptuiie, Charleston. Ohavlslmi, May 7?Arr Hebe, St Domiutto. Falmouth. May II?Sid Concoidia, Lynn. Off, previous to 8th, Thetis, N Of leans for Cronsladt. Dartmouth, May C?Olf, 'Washington, Now York for Hamburg. Orr TtioniMVTN, May II?Elir-n Keith, New Orleana.and aid for Hull, alter briutt supplied with provisions. I Cowcs, May 7?Arr Cionaudt, Slalaniaa; 11th, Talina, do; I lib. 8*i? Uoy,<lo; 17th, Cauntiirus, do. Stlir.Liis, May 0?Arr John, Roaton. Oft Swahagk, May 7?Grace Drown, Baltimore for Amsterdam. In Pkhtlahu Kami, April 29?Ann 8t Mary, from Stockton for NYork, with |>assrugrra. Dublim, May II?A:r SirC Napier, from Liverpool for New York. CoBR, May 14?Put in, Nnrmaudic. for New York?inaater beingsick. Shi llih, Loiil Ruinsey, NYork; 8th, Tho* Bell, do. Off 1th, Win Olen Anderson, Savannah and Bermuda. Belfast, M iv II?Arr Constitution, NYork; 'Jtli, Clnrles, L? e, Liverpool for NYork, with passengers?lost topaud mizen masts *ft#h-iuK tln-ee weeks at tea,has come up her, to repair. KlJstli, Lord Stanley. NYork. LoMDj.vns.aRY, Mays?Sid Indus, Philadelphia; 10th, Lady Colehrook, NYork; 3d. Lord Maidstone, Phil ulclphia. Oalway. May 4?Sid Redwing, NYork. uitEKxnt-*, iv j?Put in this day, the Mersey, of and from Liverpool I'ur N \ ork, with lutsseticcis, leaky ; put back from lit 40. Ion 33, mil mint eo into dock for repairs. The Mersey sailed I'm Liverpool 3d ult. Tlii* ia the second time she Ima put back?her cargo ha* b:en on board nearly five inonthi. Clyde, May J?Arr American, Charleston. 9ld I3th, Janet, New York; llth, Pheitix, do; Lochilbo, do. Arr 3th, Dideford, Marseille*. Gottkisbi'SO, May 3?An Gazelle, New Oileaui; Chulotte, do. Htockholm, May 4?Arr Laura, Ilio Janeiro and NOrlcana; 3th, Tapperheteu, ( haileston. CorEwiiaOKi, May It?Arr Nautilus, Matanta* for Riga. Tkiel, May 9?Arr Cynosure, Boston; Heriilia, Charleston; Trenton, do; 6th, Grand Turk, Brazil; Manhattan, New York; Kama, do; 7th, Anielinne, do; nth. Ocean, NOrleans; Gissce Brown, Baltimore; 3d,Commissary, Charleston. *. May fi?Arr Levaur, Havana; 12th, Bntiih King, N York; 7ih, Julio, Charleston: Apollo,do; Paoli, Baltimore; Marianne, do; Copernicus, N Oriel lis; klinma, NYork; Vesta, do; Rth, Luoutine, NO leans; Powhattan, Virginia; Willing** Iv, Mobile: 5th, Ferdinand, NYork; Caroline, Richmond; 3d, Republic, nivalis; R- liecea. Bal'linor*; 1st, Westphilia, New York, tdiil Albert, B iltimore. CuiiitVEt, May I?Arr Henrietta It Loui<e, Boiton; 5th, Catharine, do: nth, Junius, Havana; Merchant, Mitiutss; 7th, Experiment, Philadelphia; Washington, NYork; Stli, Ospray, Havana; illi, Rira( do; Gtli, Godt ffroy. New Orleans; Princess Louise, do; Charles, do; 7th, (.'alder, Matanz**; Stephsui, N York; 4th, Hermann, do. Heltobt, Mav t>?Art Paris, NYork; Mentor, do; Herald, Baltimore; 7th, Wallace, do, after being a.hore near tlie Kwark Point; 9th, Najsde, NYork; 5th, Maria lit Adrians, New York; Gen Hirrison, Charleston; 3d, Carlotta Colons, NYoik. Llsixoki:, Auril 20?Arr Ann, Wi?msr for B uton; 30th, Audacea, Stettin for NYork; 27lh, Baltimore, Chriatiansand for H"rnosand. Orr WamiBMrNDE, April 27?Dclnhin.Charle*ton. TnaTixvifDE, May '.'?At Arab, Cli uleston; Helena, do. Amstv.lit)ist, May 10?The Thornn Meyrick, fin Philad for Hamburg, according to a letter fm Niew Diei* of the 7th May, was str iiided early in the morning near Calaudsoog, and will probably be loit, the fore put ol the ship bring high on the strand?cr w sated .and hopes were eutertaiued that part of her cargo also would he secured. Antweuf, May 10?Arr Hriurich Theodore, New York; nth, Nat mater, do; Tlieseu*. NOrlrans; 7th, Albree, Boston; 12th. \l.t'i.,.1... k ?*-.i :? ii-1.: ?-l it *' York; Antonius, Charleston. Dt'iXRlRK, May t?Arr Agora, Charlrston. HitRE, May 4?Arr Emerald, NYork; Shannon, Rnhiron, Y'illi-dr Lyon, Eliza Thornton, and Augusta, NOrlraiia; Venice.Mobilr; Hrnry, do; 6th, London, NOrlraiia; Konuliaaart, do: J as Perkins, Charleston; fith, Warsaw, do; Statesman, New Orleans; New England, do; Kensington, Savannah; Glendow rr, Apalarhicula; Tlh, Caiio, ami Creole, Nrw Orlraua; Persia, Charleston; 8th, Frinconia, Mohilr; 8t Clair, ami Rorhratrr, NOrlraiia; 9th, fi tltimorr, and Rhone, NYork; 12th, Washington, NOilrana: Mary Kimhall, St Josephs, Fla; 13th, Drdance, rharlraton; Allioth, A;>.alachirola. Vessels up?Emrralil, N. York, Ifilh; Warsaw, do 20th; Baltimore, do 21th; Rhone, do, Julia t; Augnata. NOrlraut, a<ion: Eliza Thornton, do do; V. dr I'aria, do do; K* ioiii';toii, Charleston, do. Arr I ttli, Sweden, NOrleana. S|.| loth. Burgundy, Bombay, Flora, and Burning; ham, NYork; Roger Sherman, NOrleau.; 11th, Jupiter, Savannah;, Constitution, Philadelphia. .Marseilles, May I?Air Banror, NOrlraiia; 5th, Gen Harrison, Cl.urh ?ton; 7th, Tilwr, N Oilcans; 9th, Nashua, NYotk; Ciiiz. il, and Eh auor. NOrlraiia; Julia, Mobile. Boupraug, May 10?Arr Natchez, NYork. Koto, May II?Arr Adelaide, Cnerleaton; Victory, do, Fowtr. May (I?Arr Honor, Charleston for Rouen, with loss ofbwrprit. Cadiz, A"ri! 30? Arr Clyde, NOrlrans; May 2, Cumberland, do; Henry Kiiccl.and, Liahou. Sid April "3d, Victoria, Nrw York. FataI., May 2?The Silsbee, fm NYorkforCadiz, put in lirrr 2l?t ult. leaky, and mult discharge. Thr .Fcdiis.fin Oporlofor Nrw York, also put in 21st, with loss of rudder, and must discharge. Madeira, A| ril 13?Arr Mexican, Gibraltar; Sally Ann, Virgins*. OihRaltar, Apiil 3d?Arr Elizabeth, New Oilcans; Niagara, do; May l,Cha< Williams, do, Malaga, April211?Shi Macon, Leghorn. Smvrra, April 211?Arr Catharine, Boston. Ov.soa, MayG?Arr Pilot. Boston; 8th. Bexia, NYork. Sid 3d, Th dia, Leghorn. Trieste, May 5?Arr Italy, New York; Concord, Jara and Boston. Ora.r, April 23?Arr Oscar, Antwerp; Gangrs, do. Sid J Ernest, NOrleam. Algiers, previous to April 21?Arr S Eli,a, NOrleans; Maria Celine, no. Cape or Good Ho rr, March 13?Arr Griil Scott, Sydney, NSW. Horart Town, Dec 8?Arr Maria Thareaa, Boston., May 30?Arr Irene, NYork; 27th, Jabez, Philadelphia. Nbutitas, May 20.?Iu port. Washington, loading for New York ; Mozy, do dodo ; Amanda, do do do; Heurirtta waiting cargo. i nnrn simici roris. Portland, June 1--N0 arrival or clearance. Art May 31. Arrnzaint udi, Richmond. Old Franklin, Uuayaina, PH?and llMi Portsmouth, Outer Harbor, May 3D?An Southerner, Altai* apt*. Boston, June 2?Anr Colnmbia, (?) Liverpool 13th ult, J p m ?Ha<Hax. (where she arr 3lal, 3 p ni) 3lst,7X P m?Mw "team ship Acadia last night at 12 o'clock Arr Phsrsalia, NOrlrana; Congan-r, Charleston; Ware, Richmond; Ganges, and Havana w, Alhanv: John B, NYnrk; China, do. Signal for 1 ship, 3 brigs. Cld Wm Schroder, Nrwhamnil; Levant, Portland.? Arr Mary- Ellen, Canton, via N York; Shaw mat, Rio Janeiro; Engineer, Elizabeth City. Kdoartown, May 3H?Ait Ksaet, Norfolk for Nantucket 10th, John Sponord, N York for Boston: Inrrra**, do for Portland. Sid 31st, Lima. Pacific Ocean; Ksaet, Nantucket, anil others bound east. In port, Waldo, and Recitti-r. Pkovidcisce. June 1?Arr Indiana. Philadelphia; Columbian, do. Came up, Cuba, fin NOrleans. Sid Penguin. F?yal; Olivia k Virginia, Fredericksburg; Calcutta, Philadelphia. Bristol, June 1?Sid Sarah Let, James River; Emetine, Pictou. Hartford, June 1?Cld Oregon, Philadelphia; Merchant, N York; Celeste, do. Philadelphia, June 3?Arr Wm I Watson, Savannah; Wm Pitt, Pearl, and Russell, Boston; Mandarin, Matins is; Sarah, NBeiKord; Harriet k Hannah, Troy, Premium, NYork. Below, Alleghany, Liverpool. Cld Echo, Uirbadoes; Iinogeue, Portland: Packet, Port.mouth: David Duffel, Fall River; Me*''o, do; Oen Tacon, Boston: Cleopatra, Wrst Indies; A Lord, Hwtford; Powhattan, Provid-nep; Onenls, NYork. Bali imosk, June 2?Cld Irad Ferry, Cowet; Mary, Kington, Jamaica; 1st, Sarah, New York. Slil Powhattan, Ilottei1'irn. Uaratama, La. May 12?Arr Warsaw, NYork. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. THIESK far-famed and eelehraird Pills, from Portugal, are, we iwrcetve, to be obtained in thia country. See acTvrrtiaensnt on the laat column of fourth page. ml is rfR. BRANDRETH'S PILLS.?" There are faeulnea.bodily 1' and within us, with which certain herbs have iffinity. and over which they nave power." Let all who arr afflicted with sickness give the BRANDRF-TH PILLS 1 trial; they arc recommended by thousands whom they hive : tired, when all other means aud medicines had proved unavail rur. L-l invalids r- ad the following account of a Sailor cursd of a implication of affliction* in nineteen dayi bvtheuscof the Brandrcth T*ill.>. There arc herbi in nature which hive affinity or the came of the disrate, and Braudreth'a Pills are made of :hrm. R.-ad and be convinced. Take the medicine and be -ur"d EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF RHEUMATISM. DIARRHCEA, AND AFFF.C I'lON OF THE LIJNOS. Jon* Shaw, of Pembroke, Washington county, Maine, being Inly sworn, says. that he wu taken violently tick about six nonthr since. The pains ir hit head, breast, luck, lefl side inil iitatep, bring to hail that he was nnable to hehi himself, ami ?aa tak- n iuto the Chelsea Hospital in the city of Boston. That iftrr being in said hospital five weeks, Doctor Otis said he did ot know what was the matter with lorn, and that he rouhl do lothin; for him, nor could he pri scrilie any medicine. That lr, therefore, was ennreyed from the Ch' laea Hospital to the lnlorV Retreat on Staten lal ind. That he was there phyaiced eilh all aorta of medicine for a is-nod of four months, suffering ill the time the most heart-rending .niaery. That, besides his ifferlions of liia hones, he was troubled inneh wirh a disease of he lungi: soinriimrs h -would si it a ouart of phlegm in the lay. Besides this aff-ction he ha.l a hid diarrhoea, which Ind noreo less attended him from the commencement of hit tirku-ss. Tliat at times he dreaded a stool worse than he would iave dreaded death ; that he cm compare the feeling to nothing avr that of knives passing Ihmngti hit bowels. After suffering vorse thin death at the bailor's Retreat on Ht .ten Island, the loctor told him that medicine was of no use to him. th it he must ry to-stir ahoni. At this time lie was suffering thr greatest aisery. Thtt hit bones were so teiiiler lie could not bear the east pressure upon the elbow or npon the knee, that his instep ras most painful ; thai as the doctor tanl he would give him no aorc medicine he determined to procure some of Dr. Brandrib's Pills, which h" did, from 211 Broadwae, New York ;lhat e commenced with firs pills, and sometimes increased the use to i ight. The first week's use so nmeli heiu-hted hint lhat lie doctor, not knowing what he was using, said, "Now, Shaw, mi are111,mill'.' iikp a iikii kchii; il ynn improve in lliu ?<>', I oil will infill he well." Tliit he found rvrry dose of Ili?- i Iramliwth Pills rrli've him?first they rurrd him of the rain i rlirn at stool, nn.l thi'y not rnrr d the diarrhrra, and finally' tlir sins in hit boors: tli medicine ?> i m -d to add streiiKth U> I mi rvi-rv d?y. He told llir doctor yesterday, the 11th instant, ! lathe frit himtrlf Wrll and ilso that hr owed Inn rrrorrry to IrandretlTs Pills iimlrr Providrnr ;rlnt lie hail taken tin innliin> rrry tin- for I!) (lays; ihal th- il.rtor tobl liioi if hr had i imwn hr hail brrn ukihy I hit iniiliriir lir should not Inn \ ayrd another day in the Iminr, ||r considers it i< hit duty to r lake this imblir statement, for thr benefit of all tiinihiny af- [ irted, that thry inay know wbrrr tn And a medicine that will j ore thrm JOHN SHAW. John Shaw In-in? hy mr ilnly awnrtt thia litli day of Ajiril, 142, did ilrpnar and aay, that the fot?iein|^it^iajW^yf|Jt' CommistioiK-r of Draas. brandrkthh, tills s ro sold at 25 rent* per lx>?, with direction?, it the folio win* a, 'ii'vrantikktm's principal office?j11 Broad- jp way. Rowrry Offirr,/?l B.-wrry. _ IW, Hudson tlreH I7i Second ttrrrt. I Ol-tetve tlir w-w labels, each haain* upon it two tnciiuiiret ol * lr. Brandreth. So each bo* of thr uninina hat ?t* lumturr'hrer Betuamin Brindrrth afld thrrr B. Brandrrth npon it. Hrtidrs th. labels arr full of small printing done in rrd ink lerr bein* on the labels nearly three hnndted imprrssinua ? enjsmin nnndreth'i Pills. jet ll?r NPIA f AHHMF.RF. OR CAMELS HAIR SHAWLS.1' F. NEWHALL, IM Washington itrert, Boston, h>a fo ilr fifty India Shiwla; rolora treeu, rrd, and white? long siv inair?(nires from twenty-five to fiar hundred dollar'. A'so. srvrral F.mhroiilerv I C>ntnnf'ra|>* Shawl id ThTh ?taw km ins*r L"KK\TH DYEING AOfcNf'lE~ r Maiden laur, N. Y.; J. O. H?? J. let Kulloa a(, Bruvkl> >.? A. Hn.v.ii, New Hueu, Dyer.?Trie public are reaper tii.ll> iitrnrmcii th?( ilit above tiUDliihrnrnt Iim breu in MPCvwiul apt ration lor uuiuy ye^rv aud lull conhdenca cau Im? f'Uct'd *? iu-in for ricliin-st of tinuh au4#nnctuality in returning go ?d*.? m? rrhant? and the nublic g|Krally mil find it to their udvao I 1 "i uirii ""IwMi jri lm?e \I7-ONDKRKUI. DiaC5vi.TftV.-A. ( AT, ti..- .n-l rele ? b rated Cloth Seowrrr ana Ruov \ ?r of th j day, ?r i?apny to announce to bii old eiMomrr* and their fricndi, that ?e \\k returned to thi< country,alter an ahariicc of ?j& \ ear*, and loo tod hiinsaif it No. 18 Centre street, thr**e doors from Chunbers, near tin* Post New York, fi r thr inirpixir *1 an ii. i_ 1 mia111 .on i ai- v. , i. . . i-mi, i.?rl'?c?? V hy Inviitir had (Im tdtan'vtc of \ &*itiiavr tin* manu.'Vr., n?n town* in Kuronr, and obtaining a knowledge of the nut'me**. .... .. ... ...t HwuiKiui* .11, .11111 irarnmK me nun! I, unless preparations to rrilore rul r with, ill injury, lie lia bei u ctuiMed constantly in the bu?iurn in Londoi. .liiriDc lii aturnco fr.nn this city, where lie met with th, moil littli riin; sun-ess and ruei urrntein-nl from the irihility,gentry. end commercial community, and h.. bow li n . attain to inn with that liberal i-almm.' which has ercr Vei n extended te bint by tliu New Yorker*. All tr>kr;'yatti n V11... hvdi-rctins to A. < 0\, Nn. i? O?.rc street. Hepajrinj anil alti-runr done in the m-ati-at manner and on the moat rrsaoiwlde linns. To the Public?Caution?A. rox i-itha oifriuil Cost Itrnovator in the United States. tel2l*r TO LET?The whol# or part ofiTTintia*, with furniture for I tha summer, about two mil#? ftnjn the Hob 'ken Ferry. The situation is eery desirable. Kor further witu-tulais, address country at this office, staling train, and address. jetlw* \\T ANTED?A Chief Cook with an unexceptional)! charae'* trr, for II. B. M.'a steamer "British Queen." Apply on hoird hetweeii the hours of 10 and 12 ori and 7 Jel It* ARCH STREET THEATRE, in Philadelphia-To I.rt the Areh Street Theatre for the seasons of 1812 aud 3. Airly to P. M. Lafourcade, 100 Crown street. KAMI. BRAL'SON, Secretary. June i, ih?. jc s inn \\T ANTED?A Boy in a Lawyer* office. Apply *t the office * ? of Bigelow Si SicheU. No. 77 Nassau between the hour* of three ami four P.M. jet lt*r Vif ONMOUTIi BANK.?The note* of the Monmouth Bank. ."A New Jersey, (new issue) are icilreuitd ar 14 Wall at. by jel lro*c _______ EARL 8t CO. BRITISH QUEEN.?Letter bags for the Mramei British Queen, for Antwerp and Southampton, Ens", will rinse at Hirndeii A Co.'s Express ami Foreign Letter Office, No. 3 Wall at. on Tueaday, June 7, at 10 o'clock, P. M. jet^lt r HARNDF.N k CO. VrALENTlNE Ins removed hi* Card En'raving and Printim Establishment from .VI John at. and 100 William alrert to 1 jl Broadway, nearly owoaiti Tnttcrsall's. Waddni anil tuition Cards, executed in the first style ofrhe Art, aa regarsls the superiority of the engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteness and brilliancy of the cards. Cards minted from engraved plates, in the most approved and fashionable style, silver plated and brass door plates and numbers, seals, stam|>*, Ac. Firemen, Temperance ana Society Indues and inedals. Temperance Societies throughout the United Stiles, that intend celebrating the Fouith of July next, the glorious anniver| sary of our natioual independence, can he supplied with badges suitable for the occasion, on reasonable terms, liv sending a letter to the subscriber, stating the name of their Society, ami tlis-tf motto, or any inscription they wish printed on the badge ; aud if they wish, the portrait of the Father of their country, th> immortal Washington. Those badges nn rlegs.n'Iy printed on ' blue or white satin ribbon, in the most beautiful style. The portrait of Washington alone, after the procession, to frame, is worth twice the amount of the price of the badge. Address VALENTINE, Engraver and Priutrr. Jl It* c 431 Broadway, New 1 orlt. T3ILLS OF EXCHANGE on all parts of England, Ireland D and Scotland, in sum* of ?3, ?10, ?13. ?20, to anv amonnt, for tale at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, j?*4c 22 Wall st, ami 130 Broadway. SPANISH k PATRIOT DOUBLOONS, Sovcreiug. ^ English Silver, and Bank of Rowland Notes, bought .and told at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, jrlp 22 Wall h?, and 130 Broidway. COLLECTIONS on all part* of the United States made on the best terms. Treasury Notes wan'ed at a low discount it H. J. SILVESTER'S i iu 22 Wall st, ind 130 Broadway. A X itfTEWsTTNcTWORK ON'.THE EASr.-Jua' a L publi hed, by Carey Si Hirt, Notes of a Tour through Turkey, O.eeee, Egypt. Arabia, I'et'iei, to the Holy Land, including a Visit to Alliens, Splits, Grand Cai'o,Constantinople, Thebes, the Red Sea. Mount Sinai, Prtra, the Edom of Scripture, Sic , by E. Joy Mortis, in J volumes 12 mo., with plates. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. We rommend it to the public as a sterling work of travel.? U. S Giselle. Tlx' author has contrived to give to his descriptions of places, scenery, and events, a apirit.of freshness and vraisrmldance, til*' cannot he too ranch admired.?Spirit of the Times. We doubt not but these two interesting volumes will be eagerly sourht fur by the public.?New World. The work is precisely -ueh an one as a man is glad to lake up when In- desires information upon the subject of which It treats.?Brother Jonathan. j\ very piriuaiu. itit|>r.'iiuiiu nt; arcooiu 01 rammes through regions about which every iiuelligent tniuil d-sires information, anil it is furnished in a ?t> It which ever)' one will fiuil agr-.-cabl< . ?I'rnnsylvanian. Tli< re ii not a page in the work tliat ia not interesting and inatru'tive.?Del. Journal. We think this book destined to become extensively popular, and we cordially join with our brethren m' the press in commending it to iiopular favor.?l)aih Chronicle. For aale by WILEY St. PUTNAM, jet 3w*r New York. shakspeare. 11 PARK ROW. nMUS old and well known establishment, having been thorouKhly renovated, will be opened, for the ion oft he public, on the evening of Mondty the June. It will be conducted under the immediate perional superintendence of the tubacriber; who plcdg-s himself to use every riertion to ideate thoae who may favor him with a call .The Larder will always be supptird with the choice^Jdelicacies of the sraton; which will be served up iu a superior manner, at prices in accordance with ihe times. 1 he Btr will he stocked with wines, liquors, Ac., draught and Scotch ales, London porter, anj aegars; .ill of the very best quality. The proprietor touts, by the cscellence of his viands, liquors, wines, Sic., with strict personal attention to business and moderate chances, to maintain the huh reputation that the shakxpenre enjoyed even in its roost palmy days. Private rooms for the accommodation of dinner and supper parties. (Signed) EDWARD WINDUST. 3d Julie, 1812. )e4 l*rc billtards: rPHF. proprietor of the Saloon in the Arcad- at Philadelphia. I lias fitted up one of the most extrusive and elegaut rooms in th' world. Its i-eittral locality. (Chestnut street, imm< distely opposite Jones' Hotel,) wilt be found convenient and worihy the attention of gentlemen travelling, who iudnlge in the healthy exei. cise of Billiards. Philadelphia, June 2d, UM2. jel 3t*r ^cR0LIUS, boat establishment. 400 WATER STREET, FOUR DOORS EAST OF CATIIARINK MARKET. ry HF, Subscriber having in his nianufuetorv, and under hie A own immediate superintendenee, some of the oldest and most experienced buildup in this citv; ami the brat of material, for building ever)- description of boats, which enables nim to furnish, at the shortest notice. Boats of the most approved model and workmanship, on the moat liberal terms. BUILDER of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Wave, Oazelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, Itc. Also, the Ann, of Peekskill. Washing ton, of roiulikeenaia. Duchess, ol I Hyde Park, Sylph and Wave, of Moo'le, Geo 8ttw <-t. ol Louisville, Madaine Celeste, of New Orleans hr. Also ? The sail boats Wm. Crolius, Fashion, Zanoui, Star, and Edwin Forrosi, fcc., fcc., Ice. jetlm?r medical aid. A LL tli?Mie who Arc in ne?<) of mwdical aid of a certain d< ?rrii>ti<>n. *houl<l. without fail, obtain a conv of a litilr Imok entitled the Rubicon, with engravings. This little work w?? written and imbli?he<l by Dr. Gregory in 1839; In 1(41 he ptiblifheil a second edition, with many valuable improvement* anil alterations; and in 1842 it haa baen Will more imprnsed anil enlarged. The engravings arc beautilully done, end arc accompanied with suitable eaplanitnry remarks. The author is unw Hi eitenaive city practice at 31 Mott street, nearly opposite the stone clmrch. His having been constantly engaged in combating diseases of this chaarater for many wars |>a.t, enables him to treat his subject,not only theoretically hut practically correct. The parieut is here guidcJ in the selection of remedies according to the rcs|ierti*e circumstances and condition of the case. The plan of the book is to show the ordinary symptoms occurring in common cases, with the best method of cure. It then shows what other symptoms may and do frequently najr pen, with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adopted in cose these bad symptoms should occur. The price of the book is M) cents. It is worthy of remark that many persons instead of being promptly cured, continue on from day to day taking various nostrums under circumstances where medicine alone could never make- a pure. Now it is very iini?itarit to the patient thai he inform himself upon this lenticular subject, and as it is one which cannot he more particularly eiplsiiicd in a public priut, those interested will find it in detail on pcrnsing the little honk to be had at the drug stores in Fulton at, number* 53, 70 aud 11,0; and also at both corners of Chamber* st and Broadway. Dr. Gregory haa established himself in the practice of mcdicine ami stirgetjr at 31 Mott street, which is not a drug store, about lOOyards from Chatham square, nearly opposite the church. Dr. (J. does not limit his attendance to a few hours; he is at home and may b? consulted al any hour of the day o' evening. Letter* from the country, describing symptom*, and enclosing a fee, will be punctually attended to if poat paid. jel Im't T EC TUIIF?The subscriber will delivers Lecture Tills 4-a F.V ENING, iind Friday. Saturday and Sunday,at the 10th ward Military Hall, at 7 o'clock. The subject matter of the Lecture will lie toe Antiquities of Southern, Central and North America. He will endeavor to reconcile them with the Mosaic accounts of the creation of the world, and will also attempt to prove that the earth is vastly older than it is grnerally com puted to he, fogeth'T with an exposition of Mnnnouisin, slio*irn? the fallary of the book called the Golden or Mormon Bible, or Joe Smith's Book; together with the rise and pnajress of Joe Smith. Should lime permit, the subscriber may visiter t various other subject*.of import>nre to the human family, such as c./nseienee may dictite at the lime. A.I...OI liter 9S rrnf. _ JOHN FOREMAN. . Tiekrta at the bar of the Hall, and al the Barclay jtrert Ho tel. jt Jt*r 'PEN DOLLARS REWARD?Lot! laat Wedeeaday ?rnf 1 in? at Niblo'a liird. n. a n d inorrooco Imok ol lance aiie, containing I. ttera, billa and other iMiirra, of no value or nac to any nnr but the ttwtitr. Whoever it ill return tlie nmr to No ?) ' Liberty atreet, up alaini, ?Vall receive the above reward. jt-3 31 *c 1 PURE VIROIN'WIVE.?The anlwrriltrr li? new landing 1 * direct from Cadir., ore- butt of wine, made from tlie |iore Virgin ( Jm|w, from tic- mountaina of Andeltitia, witlmut *lrohol; tbia ii for chnreh nae, or any other ure. Alan, fine Poit lor aiitnnin uae, and a little of that very old Brandy for licit peoidr. Apply to GILBERT l3AVI"t, 4J bine atreet. Ten ipiarter e?ka Amartillado Sherry, auperior quality, land. 1 in? from ?am? veaael. j>1 3tr PARTNERSHIP HISs'f)fXTlftS.-Notiee i. hereby iit,n that Charlea II. Blair hat in? voluntarily withdrawn from the firm of C. C._Wri?ht it Co.. on the Ijth inataut, the >in I rearm d are antlmriaed to pay and receive all i.-nniea and lettjo all aceminU connected therewith. Tin anbacribera will l oi tinite the minnfactnrc of STEEL PENS in the eitv of New V'ork, nnder the firm of C. C. W.-i?ht It Co., Agency Oifii.e, No, Iti Maiden line. V. r. WRIGHT. it lw"c JEREMIAH HOTCHKIHH. "Kt-I'ARTNKRSIIIP.?The tiii(|eraitiied. anceeaaora to the <-* late tlrm of Ditifee, Tiadale ft Hihicht, have tt.ia day "trJT>'"'o eo-i^rtn-rahip nnder the rirlr of T1SDALE k IOKDEN, fi>r the triniwttn? of a O ntral Comtniaaion WILLIAM 8. T1S0ALF.. i WILLIAM BORDFN. Nrw York. lit Jon*. ll?2. ( N.,?rr.- Tlx- Fall Ri< ft Iron Work.Lom, 'iiy of K?ll Ri"r; i 1??., I..,., tu. b??in* r.ublubeH -.n r? N . - wi , r, r? ,.vf f?,r IrnHRArting of Ih^ir hntliie%? in tn??cl y. ^ ? ?11 ?Mn-.fAiitlv on livnl lh<*r*' a full aMOrtim l,:Vin -\r *' h TinnAI.K. k. BQROF.N A^"^- I 7k n M i; N'T Tl ("J F. T- . J; ' For CWf EfldP"! u i JOHN RYKF.R, JH r For A?*i?t*nt F.oxiur. n. Nn ? ArrhibnW NoMr, Eni in* ' <'7 "r No. T , H.-nry Wij.-bi.rn g ?*?. r?. William H. Cobankr, Ho j IWl Corrr, Hf*"* No. 31 vUlarhi F? 'on. Kn?" No. ?. m Ih.rlo, LHyr... * rf? No. f,. lirofjt* W.Vwfcn. H ,}.> No. r. Abraham Bo?rt, Jr.. ?" , A >l?. 3J. 1 Wm M Tolwrll. "M?rl?m HO f, I' H , amusements. MHIjO'H oarde.v. rum mrviu/1 UukI Oal> Ni(hl, rHIS 1. V E> 1 NO, Juu- I?Thf rvrmnci |>rrfuraianc? Uiooin mrucr will THE PROMENADE Mlr8ICALE, inch gave Ap much *a isftrilon I oil Alter wi???h. * fcU?>?*r ? m ibitiori of KIKE \?0?KS. T-i rotu-lud'- will! \ SKCO.nD f ROMK \L H MUttiCALK. Tickcii-^> ecu ?. Doon upvii it )wi ptn i ' tiimM&ti to in:nc iCv ?' t-i? *. ~~ PAAA TH&VIUK, THURSDAY. Juu* Rli, Tllr r? i. t--Uuil> ill'urinoil llmt the Theatte VI ill l.r . lo?r.l tlm eveninir in eoilie jiirii ? ci the iit'^uy for* niiil.t If liinr- il .'I' the ballet of LA SONNAMBLLA. Moudiy?M Muitn1 Farewell Brnefit. Th fl.MMsrr !;n the; plf-naur* ofamiminriujr an f-^rm nt for kit nights an ' p ai'ivrly no long* r, with M'LLK KAiNNY EL8SLER. w|io?f I r*? ?>i i irancr will iaL" place on Wrdn'rula* , June f'.h in tIm ' liet ol LA SONNAMBULA. A M'lle Fanny Flstler CHATHAM THKATH?. The Old I'rio* Resumed, rII13 LA ENTNO, Juat- i?The performance will com inn rr with AVILBERT THE DEFORMED. \\ llbert, J R Heott | Walter More. Ilield Lucie Lambkin, Mr* Thome A Iter which .. ? . ONE HOUR OF A 80EDIER'S LIKE. Mr Price Prettyman, John 8cfloii | Kred'k FitzaHea. Hield Mr? Prettyman, Mr* Blaika To cnnchiil* with ^ , , THE NIGHT HAO. Dary Logan John H. fion | K. ritui Caoinhell, Hield Jennie Login, Mhs \Je?tayrr Doon will ?|irn in future it i quarter pait 7 o'clock, and thu curtain will ri*? at 0 o clock punctually Pre** circle. iO cent*? Boiei. 2i?fSr, 12>*-Priv*leBu*e?, (I OLYMPIC THEATRE, B*n^f?t of Mr Cofbvn. THIS EVENING, June l,?The^ perfonnancui will ton. i a jib- nuwr nbHAMBLEH. SwrWino, ilduin | Rhcdtl^ho, Kqm*11. Li "T. _ _ ... MrtTitnm Alto whirh. NATURE & PH1L6SOPHY. Father Philip, Mi Eretard | Colin, Mm llooi Maria, Mxi Timrn After which PLEASANT NEIGHBOR. Christophar Strap, Graham I thorn*-, Erarard Lady Eliiabrth Howaril, Mra Watt To conclude with THE WIDOWS' VICTIM Mr Twitter. Edwin | Jeremiah C lip, Graham Jane ChatUrly, Mra Tunm Dreaa Circle, M cenla?Upper Borer, S3 centa?Pit, to.?rirnl rale Borer, $5 ,)r|i The Door* will in future open at 7 and the Curtain will rir.Hr..a half-put 7 preciaely. "J IIILL'S NKWVoltlt MT7MBCM ^,1 (Formerly known ar Tiale'r,) No. 969 Broadway, opyotitt the (Sty Hal' TREMENDOUS ATTRACTION !?INCRE VELTY : Two Performance! Daily. _ a f ROM r i.omn MONDAV, May 30 nu?l every eeeniue durie, on their wuy I YANKEE HILL AT HO.V%niea of the id P Grand Erhihition of the worn three m/ POLY8PASTES VlEVKji," , Juat imi>orted from Europe, by Mons J h.. 'n, and to be prej tented to the public for die iirat tune in thu country. I.aat wither of the Emperor Napoleon, represented in ten magnificent Polvapeatet Tableaux. Amoni the other viewr bo be exhibited will be found? l?t?La Tour de Ne?lo 2d?Oampo Vecchio at Rom-. 3d?Ruins of the Ahby de Haint Bertin at St Omer.' till?Loueehe, and L Oemmi in three Tableaux. On this occasion will al.-.o be exhibited a new Daguerre'a Diorama. Mr. Hill will deliver his lectures on the habiu, customs, man I ner*, fcr., of (lie Down Easterr?ind conclude with a number of mr popular Yankee Stories, Anecdotes, linit itious, Ire. The wonderful Dwarf for one week longer. Two exhibitions daily. The afternoon exhibitioni rummrncaa at 3 o'clock P. M. The evening performaucea at half-past I. Admission to all 23 cents. m3fl AMERICAN NIHKV.H. pORNER OF BROADWAY ANI) ANN STREET ? P. T. BARNUM, malinger. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WfcEK, commeucinit on Monday, Mar 30. Best attraction in the city! Diy visiters admitted Lbs me evening FREE. M~'1STER JOHN DIAMOND, the ever t and original na fro dancer, whose renown hu induced others to wumr hi* name, huju<l returned from a two years' absence at New Or leaiu, and will appear ill his wonderful dtncei and breakdowns, accomnanied by the celebrated Rr. WHITLOCK, with his iinrivaRed Ethiopian Melodies and Eltravaganias on th? H.1NJO. One more week of the mysterious GIPSEY GIRL ! Hha can be privately consulted during the day. 16 INDIAN WARRIORS and SQUAWS! dressed tp the NATIONAL COSTUME, are rnyaited for this week Only. HISS R0S*1 LIE, the Vocalic ; IANSING, the Comic Sineer CELESTE, the Dancer : ANIMAL MAGNETISM, NIAGARA FALLS, ALBINO LADY; GLASS BLOWING. Grand Cosmorama, and more NOVEL CURIOSITIES than are contained in any lite niuaeunia in America. A splendid day performance every Wednesday and Sattuicy afternoon Admittance to the whole 25 cents?children half price. m22 c VEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY-Oratorm of La Divid and Goliath.?In rons-rjueuce of the unfavorable state ol the weather on the eteninic of the I4th ult., and at the earnest miuest of a lante nnmlier of the friends and |Mtrons of the Society, this splendid Oiatorio will be reiwated on Tuesday evening, June 7th. 1SI7. ar the ]tm dway Tsliernaclr. CHA^LACtERS REPRESENTED. SiMrrof David, Mr* Strong MichaV, daughter of Saul, Madun<* Otto Pvvid, Mr fom??i (roliatii, Mr Brnnrtt Saul, . . .. ... Mr Munrli Jonathan. A Member High Prifit, Mr Bell Metatngrr, ; A Mrmbcr Chorus of Shephr rili, Warriorx, Lcrites? Male mud Female Attendant!?by ihe Society. Condnrtor, Mr U C Hill. Orgsmit, Mr D II Harrison Performance t> commence precisely ?t g o'clock. Single tii kcts, Si. TickeU ailmittintt m lady anjgrutleman, $I,V); to be ha'l atthe Music Stores, and at the nlbee of J A. Sparks, Secretary, 111 Nassau Street, and at the door, jet Jt*e FIRlwoIS^AcXlRSr&c". FOURTH JULY, 1842. COUNTRY and ctry dealers in fireworks, will find it to thair advantage to call and examine an extensive assortment of the l?e?t quality, at R. AYLIFFE'S old aatabliahment, K Chatham street. A large quantity of fire eraebers [net received. Remember the aigu of llse two inaramotii sky rockets and raid key mOI ljy4*r SELF-PR0TEGTQR8?TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS-PATENT SELF-COCKINO REPEATING PI8TOL8-For Travellers, House and Store keepers, Captains, Planters, Pulilie Officers, Contractors, ami nthers, they are an indisjiensahle article, as persons, both wale and female, ran with this pistol protect llieir lives and property if attacked by many persons, as ona of thrm ia equal to near a doien of the common bind. This pistol can be discharged ail limes with almost the rai idity of thought. The whole operation of corking and discharging is done merely by polling the trigger: the chamber and barrel are in one piece .and therefore cannot blow apeit like some repenting pistols. The construction of the pistol ia perfectly simple?they can be drawn from the pocket and nsed with one hand without the lose of a moment?>ix shots can be fired as fast as a man csn cook his linger. They are no larger t ban an ordinary pocket pistol. Ocuil- men are lurited to call and el mine the same, as their simiilieity, being warranted not to get out of order, and their perfect safety wi I certainly recommend them over all others. For aalr wholesale and retail, by J. O. BOLEN, 104 Broadway, jrjins gt*r between Wall and Tine at. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.?? foticers hereby riven *. that JOHN KEYNOLDSand SAMUEL RAINEY. have this first day >f June, IMS, dissolved psrtnership by tout oil eonsent of each; and that the taid business will he hereafter conducted by and uudvr the name of Samuel Rain* ^ ?%?u IT*v;iiUo, SAMUEL HAYNEV. N. B. All those having claims against die former firm of Reynolds k Rainey, will be so kind as to present them, ami thou indebted will rattle with the present proprietor, jeJItawtw'r HA.MUEL RAINEY. THE MO*T DELIGHTFUL RESORT aF the citizens of New Vnrk, it beyond doubt HOBOKEN The inoet fashirmanle aud favorite ezrursion io the aummrr,. is to its eziensive and beautifully diversified public walks and ground*. These hare recently been greatly embellished, by which the place has been tendered more lovely than it ever was before. At the Elysiau Fields, there is the additional attraction of escelleat instrumental music, in the afternoon, on Monday's Wednesday's and Saturday's. The Hobokru Ferry Boats are handsomely prepared f'r the summer, and ply constantly from Barclay, Canal, and Chriatoplwr street'. A ferry boat runs to Caual street in the evening until 10 o'clock. ji) ?w ins're JtATH JRABINEAU informs his friends aud the public that Ins New Bsth is NOW OPEN', at his old station, south tide of Caetle Garden Bridge, at the Bittery. where he will be pleased to see them all. He might add much iu reference to his great and attentive Swimming Bsth, the ve'V atxninodious Private Baths, (ke neat, retired, and safe Ladies Hatha, with a pure sweeping run of wster through the whole building. But come ind see?judge for yourarlrea. Added to all this ia the enjoyment of one of the pleasantest views and rooleat seals ahnsst New Vork in the Great Saloon over lire building?well vapsdiud with every comfort, from a dish of good coffee to the sparkling champagne. Directions for baihiiig, under an eiprrveneu of thirty odd years, always freely given. Also Shower Baths as iisnsl and improved. jtl lm*r "campheneT" 1UKBB, through his inrentiona ol the article* known a* vv Camphene and Webb's Burners, lias thrown too marn light throughout this country for years past, to admit of sn lightened public being led away by any advertisemenu which inay seem In convey the idea tha*. the genuine Camphene eau be obtained at snv establishment in thii city, ricria at the old Mtabliihed EMPORIUM OF LIGHT, tig Broadway, corner Canal street, which ia r.mduoteikarul r the immediate ?U|? ruitendenrc of the subscriber, wlioia well knowu u> be the agigv isrsl inventor of the same, A. V. H. WEBB. General UnpC jr#lwi|Ve 118 Broadway, cor. Canal at. human hair restorative. THE HAIR OF THE HEAD CAN BE RESTORED. DEAD T1II8, tm|Mkrti*lly, %** iki bf?r ??i The follow in < will laUcf-t thousand of her ir?umoniala cmiiM be offfrrd:? From J. 8. Baker, F.vp, F R ft I, Fellow of the Royal Scientific Inattention. ^ ... Trie Royal Si-nntiAc li.?f ififtion haa been larorrd with a perimen of Jon**' Oil of Cora! ( re* ill, Tor the |mrr<iw of tracing n? rreomtm tidedqualities ml " ' >r**aa follow* ?" Wo have minutely nam mod nri?f fe?trd Joee*'Oil of (oral Circaaeia ml find that if con?i?f.? of o mp?iin<N drridedlv favorable for noilrifthitiff, aiDminr, c*u?iny arowfh, runn* dandruff, and rivinff a dark appearance to the flair, Iwiu^r the qualities inoat rerommcod* (I hv Mr. I?>nc?, whi h thi? Society find perfectly (me, and in virtue (hereof awird Mr. Jonea the above testimonial." (Siffhed) J. 8. BAKKH. K. K- H. I, Portoi.m ?treett Pi*rtnian 8 anrr, Condon, ftold by T. Jonea. * *?? "fthe Amcri-an Kafle. t? Chatham Ifret t N. v.. thr reasonable pne- of J, i or II uhillinr* a be*, tie. Be careful to are that T Jonra ia orn d in handwriting oa ach Inbel?'he following are arenta? i:r> Fulton at. Broohh n; 17 Dock ?t, Philadelphia; 110 B dtimorc sf, Baltimore. J7 Mtatn t, Albany ;^ State at, Ronton. j*I |m#c ^RKNCII UJ.hTALRANT, No. i N*?**u afreet, nppoaito tb. Cnatom II -nw.-J. BONNARD k P. DEI.A.SlOTTK arc the honor to inform their acquaintances and the public in rneral, t hat tli y have added to their old e?t*hlj*h'n? nt, known ?r opwartH of two yean nndcr the firm of J. Bcnnard, the pea* Siloi.n on the fint floor of the aainc hona**, and hate belli 4 amnvred several lc*?rr Saloon*for the accommodation of I " ?H id, diiMMin. I hef will pay th- rr* atr?r attention toordcra for Dinncra and (im*r. in tnr tmrt nr the ctry. , , R .limn unit l)Hlr I m the upner itonet cf the *ame hofl?e> iv be had nl (hern *1 very moderate rente. jel liti' \K j\MKs \u;xAndf.r not; Axon ..? hmnI ' hui'iivivnivij Ornc*, to No. 1 llriuu Bi iiciv*1 truer of Niunii and Fulton ttr-rM je2 tnwtl

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