Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 4, 1842, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 4, 1842 Page 5
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ft'JLU 30-4TiIE SUNDAY MERCURY of To morrow will contain No. Mil. of the graphic shetchaeof city character, Theodore Marshhausen. The cootiouation and conclusion of the Criticism on the National Academy; Foreign News by the Columbia, lateat of the Ring, something ol the History ol Broome and Bungaree from the Londoi Sunday Times-, Christian Wolf, a true story from the German, from Blockwood's Magazine-, Lectin e on Macbeth b\ a Frenchman MshfAitfi rwa ing ull the news of the weelt ; the l.'ammon Council and their misdeeds; Life iu Tarii by Charivari; ail sorts ol things No. V. by l.ndle, distressingly humorous; a beautiful and moral sermon by the ever fiesh nnil inexhaustible Dote, Jr., bless his old pate; more Machine Poetry bj Spoons; The Progress of Liberty; Editorials on all sorts ol subjects; the latest Local and General News. Office 13 Beekman street?Prices cents nsingle copy, $1 for eight months, Kent in n wrapper to auy part of the worlJ. Elitors E. G. Paige and Sam. Nichols, who base no connection whatever with any other weekly or with any daily paper published in this city. Do yoa want a clear Skin, or a One bead of Hair 1 Cry-ALL CAN HAVE THIS?INDEED WE HAVE Iweu surprised ut the almost sujairuatural effect the Italian Chemical Soap has on diseased or disfigured skin. It gives thu finest healthy clearness to yellow, blotched, sun-burnt, or dark skin, completely changing the color, cures eruptions, scurvy, erysipelas, Sic. Jonea' Oil ol Coral Circassia, will (we have seen it tested, and assure the public theso are its renl qualities)?it makes the hair grow, stars it falling out, cures acurf or dandrutr, and make* light, rod, or grey hair, assume, a fine dark look, and grows dark from the roots in time. Both the articles are sold very reasonable. We advise all to try them, for , they arc excellent?they are sold by Jones, sign of the American Eagle, 83 Chatham street. Let aone have bad skin or hair now, 'tis their own fault, if they do. . i AMERICAN MECHANIC OK TO-DAY, JUNE 4th, is rich bevoud compare. It contains four original engravings, with descriptions, viz.:?Self Acting Flood and Waste Oates?Espy's Ventilation?Improvements in Block Paving aud Improvements in Blacksmilhing. In addition, it contains Man and Money?Married in spite of their Teeth?The effects of Labor Saving Inventions?News by the Columbia?Extracts, important and 1 interesting?Domestic news?Anecdotes, Comicalities, i Poetry, Ac. The " Meohanic" is decidedly the most useful and valuable paper for the working classes ofaay now published. Price 3 conta single ; $1 50 per annum. Office No, 37 Ann street J. A. Tuttle, agent. (O- DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT FROM 375 BOWERY This fine vegetable remedy for Coughs and Colds, and all diseases of tho chest, lungs, and liver, has attained a reputation and demand, and which never within the annals of medical history has onearticlo met with such unbounded success. It is recommended uy pnysiciam of the nrst standing at being at once the mildest in its operation, yet the belt rcmodv that can be made for theie diseases. Professor Anderson, of Jefferson College, has used it in a number of casos for the liver complaint, and always with unbounded success. Couohs and Colds yield as if by magic, as coughs of months' duration have been cured in two days. If people will suffer, when this medicine is to be had, with these complsdnts, then the testimony of thoso who have been relieved is of no avail. Counterfeits aro issued in every direction. Ncvor buy ot any placo but at the office of the only true proprietor. 873 Bowery; in Brooklyn, only of Mrs. Hays, 189 Fulton o'; Dr. Lowerre, 877 Broad st, Newark: H. Rawla It Co., A bany: E. W. Bull, Hartford; S. Powell ?t Co., Boston; l). Mitchell, New Haven. WF, FULLY CONCUR IN THE FOLLOWING from the Journal of Commerce We are satisfied that the mast remarkable article that has ever been started in this country in the way of external remedies, is a salve of Mr. Dalley, w hich he calls his Pain Extractor. It appears to have a control over fire in the form of burns ana scalds, and over all inflammatory sores, thnt it to us perfectly unaccountable. The cases he has exhibited to us, of officers of steamboats, and other respectable individuals, that have met accidents by fire, even of a very alarming nature, and been healed in so short a time without a scar, are so extraordinary, that we never would have believed them, had he not brought the persons to us and showed us the facts. They are also put in form of affidavits, and the person sworn before an officer. Mr. Dalley is at 71 Maiden Lane, end will cause the salve to be applied gratis, to all cases that can be found,an J as he is not a betting man,he will bind himself to pay to the Orphan Asylum in this city, $50 for any case be undertakes and fails to cure, provided, indeed, that no vital parts of sufferer by burns is absolutely destroyed, so as to make life impossible. He takes this course to make people know that there is no puffing or nonsense about this article, and we feel authorized to recommend its use to our readers, and advise every family to keep it in the houso, thnt it may be used instantly in case of aocident.?\ew York Exprcsi. HOLIDAY AT THE MUSEUM.?Families, children, and strangers will remember that a splendid variety of performances take place at the American Museum this afternoon at 3 o'clock. First and foremost on the list of performers standi Mr. Whitlock, the Ethiopian melodist, and banjo player. There is more humor in his "nigger verses" than ever Joe Orimaldi could boast of, and the melody which he brings from the banjo, that celebrated Fonthern instrument of music, is perfectly enchanting; it throws the guitar or piano entirely in the"shade. Whitlock is quite equal if not superior to Sweenc*", and off the stage he is a gentleman, and is respected by nil who know him. His pupil, Master Frank, it quite as good a dancer ns Master Diamond, and possesses none of his bad habits. Then we have the Oipsey Girl, Miss Rosalie, Celeste, Bi-nnle Morris, Animal Magnetism, Indians and Squaws, ami lots of other attractions?all for 95 cents. 00- CHATHAM THEATRE.?This is the last night but two of the re-engagement of John Seflon, when he appears as Price Prettv man in the Vaudeville of He's not AMiss, and in the celebrated drama of the Night Hag. A new drama of powerful interest, entitled Wilbert the Deformed, is also produced for the first time in America? Scott, Hield, Mr*. Thorne and Miss Mestayer sustaining the principal characters. City Despatch Poet, 46 William Strekt. PaiscirsL Office?Letters deposited before half-post 6, half-past 13, and half past > o'clock, will be sent out foi delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Offices.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 9 o'clock, will beaent out for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIO. Agent. BIONKY MARKET. Friday, Jane 3?0 P. BI. We have to-day later accounts from England, being to the 19th ult., via Bsston. The markets had changed for tho worse, and the rate of interest had suddenly increased iron causes which it was difficult to trace. At the dates of the last advices money was worth 2 J per cent in the discount market; during the wock ending on the 19th it suddenly rose to Sj in the disoount market, and 10 per cent in the atock market. This was mostly ascribed to a-gepaymeats into the exchequer, on account of the taxes by the receivers. This effect was heightened by the disastrous fire at Hamburg, which laid one third of that city In ruins, an account of which will tie found in an. other column. The ri?o may alao in aome mcaauro be asrribeJ to a reaction, money having fallen to an exce dingly low rate without sufficient cause. The followingfis a comparative statement of the currency of the kingdom Pafer Circulation or thi: United Kingdom. Jipril 2 Map 1 it. Inc. Dtc. Bank of England circulation. ?16,871,000 11,401,000 1,730,000 Private banks circulation, 3,289,030 3,482,180 191,139 Joint Otock Banks circulation, 3,047,630 3,180,900 113,244 Scottand, Chartered, private It joint stock banks circulation, 2,670,290 2,390,713 ? 79,373 Ibbland. Bank of Irelaud, 3,074,123 3,100,(03 26,300 Private It joint stock banks, 2,239,336 2,111,322 ? 148,231 Total, 33,014,000 14,849,731 1,833,074 Ballionia the bank, 7,006,000 7,032,wo 76,000 The circulation of the Bank of England is new greater thsn at any period since the returns have been published in the present form, commencing July, 1341, which was tho next highest, being $17,970,000. The lowest point was January in the present year,when it was but ?10,293090. In July lsst, the bullion wss ?6,011,000, from which it gradually declined to ?4,319,000 in November; in December it had increased to ?6,031,000, and has been accumulating regularly until it has reached the present amount. Tho payment of tho quarterly dividends fully accounts for the expansion by the Bank of England. If there be any ground for doubt upon that subject, it csn apply only to the private and joint atock banks of England and Wales; where unitod circulation shows an increase of ?300,333. This is relatively so trifling an amount that it is not st all adequate to account for the redundancy of money in the London market and its conse quern low value. IM cause of that increase may be fairly ascribed to the partial stimulus that was for a ahort time given to mercantile operations by the publication of the new tariff, aided by the additional demand for various descriptions of commo litirs in the spring, compared with the winter months. This conclusion is alao borne out by the fact that the partial movement in business was, in a great measure, confined to England; and accordingly we find that tho circulation of the banks in Scotland and Ireland which did net participate in it,presented a diminution and not an increase. The exception of the trilling expansion of ? J6,J00 by the Bank of Ireland is scarcely worth notice, for it is accounted for hy the payment of the rptarerly dividends in the same nannor as that of the Bank of Eugland. In the manufacturing districts the accounts were, if possible, still more discouraging than before. Many millers continue to talk of a further reduction in work and wages. Some of the government papers affected to ascribe this to s design of driving people to desperation, with the view of embarrassing the government; but that the Hiv trcaa ii real it made evident in the fact of the failure of a large print home in Manchester, whose liabilities amounted to ??,000, end their asset* were ?t?,000. A decline of }d per pound in goo 1 qualities of 40*t twist, had alto taken plicc. These wore evidence* of rrnl distress, and their induenoe was felt upon the cotton market, which suffered a depression. The awfnl conflagration at Hamburg, in. solving the destruction of properly estimate! at from fOO 000 OtOto $35,000,000, of which was 10,000 qrl of corn, had cast a gloom over all the markets of the continent, ? w ell u of England, and bad sensibly affected the ex I hinges j they were at London a* follows on the lfth iaat. UntUrdam, It. 1 Rotterdam, It. (Ma Vutwrrji, It. tV~ Hambarg, ItdljaaltS raahfoit, K. S r*n? tf.80 a82!, /irnua, !Ot>? l5J3? Madrid, 36. >t? S American credit dora not aeem to be iu the ascendant ipon the London change. A lending journal remarks as IjIIowi | The chief feoture of the United States Loan Bill, xs Jis. | inguished from that of leat year, is, that it allows a rate irlow par. This concession is a most important one, ami | ndeo l would never have l)?e:i made had it not been felt hat the money markets were in a most dea nerfltfi rnmli. I ion, as far as the negotiation of n loan i< concerned. On .he ?pot the easiness of money in Bugland seems to have >oen regarded with (onie eagernuM, as if that afforded n ] chance of a portion of the loan being taken here. This tope m n most forlorn one, and the people of the United t states may be fully persuaded that there is a certain cluas t of securities to which no abundance of money, however i frrat, can giv e value; and tint in this claas their own securities stand pre-eminent. As. hovtcvr , me hope might be loliowed W an oi'er, it w ill 'ie well for the Lon lou capitalist v.. b. on lh< ir guard, nnil to remember the ipecitnens they hn.e already had of American securities. This is very gratifying, if thoy will.only persist in their determination to tako no more stock, but that hope may prove fallacious. The accursed paper system is the instrument Vy which England has rapidly advanced in the process of enalaving other nations. She is now in the annual receipt of $50,000,000 per annum from other countrlea, as a tribute for money and credit loaned by her, and squandered by the dissolute and improvident of other nations, and it is natural for her to feel uneasy when a whole people, with prompt sagacity and rough stroke, burst by the simple process of repudiation the meshes that were woven around them. If the threat succeeds, and future ioans are stopped, the people will redeem their honor by eventually paying the debts already contracted. In our article of the 3?:li of April, we exposed a plot of the finan riera of London, with their agents on this aide, to compel the federal government, by making an instrument of its necessities, to do something for the benefit of 9tate credit. The London papers copied that article, and with tha duplici'y which is becoming a feature of the British character, charged the plot upon us as a proposition of ours. The London Time* remark* a* follows:? The assurance of thi* proposition, which i* coolly *et forth in the journal in question, would of itself be enough to damage the credit of a country which could tolerate such doctrine*, were not all thought* "f advancing money already set aside by the fate of the United Statu* Bank, and the famom (yitcm of repudiation. Teople are beginning alio to reflect on the warlike tone toward* England, which isro popular when assumed in Congress, and this is nn additional reason for a disinclination, already well founded, to hare anything to do with American securities. In this market to-day a very small business was done, and prices generally gave way. Delawaro and Hudaon j percent; Illinois fl's, J; Indiana 6's j; Kentucky fl's rose j; New York State 0,1960, I par cent. On Monday next, the election for directors of the Oreenwich Bank takes place. Tha following is the Reform tioketGxeexwicii Bans Reform Ticxet. For Directort. Isaac L. Varian, Mordecai Myers, James N. Wells, Laurent Bon'ncfoux, James Pollock, Lewis B. Griffen, Timothy Whittemore, Garret Green, Horatio Mott, W. 8. Hunt, Pierre Jarvis, Joseph J. Van Beuren, Charles Yates, James Monroe, Abrnm Coursen, For Impectori. Charles N. 8. Rowland, W. C. Rhinclander, Stuart F Randolph, On the success of this ticket it thought to depend the remedy for those abuses which have during the past year sunk the value of the stock of this institution 30 per cent in '.he market. A remarkable fact in relation to the existing board is, that during the year they have been constantly idling the.r own stock. For instance, a few weeks since they held collectively 090 shares; they now hold but 730, having told 960 shares. It this a mark of confidence in their own management 7 Indeed three of the directors hold but the number which qualifies them for office, and four others hold but very little more than the necessary .lumber. On the contrary most of those on the reform ticket arc largely interested, and of course will attend to thobost interest of the institution, with a view to the improvement of the stock. It it an amusing fact that tome of the old dis^fe* sre soliciting proxies under pretenceof favoring the reform ticket. All who arc able should vote themselves, an ) trust no one with their proxies. Sales at the Stock Exchange. tlflOO N Y Sixes, 1863 97 do Am Ex Bk *9 5S'i , j?0<) Kentucky 6 s fin 25 do Mohawk RR h30 42 5000 do 5's 65 25 do do 41 \ 1000 lllinoit 6'?, 1070 18% 50 do do blO 41% 1000 do do 10 150 do Harlem RR ?3 13% 2000 do do 17% 125 do do csh 13% 2000 Indiana 5'a 20% 70 do New JersryRR 67 25 ahaa Del h. Hud csh 95s 25 do Peterson RR cah 30% 50 do do l?3 95% 50 do Canton C? 23 25 do do >45 95 25 do do >39 23 63 do Mechaniea' Bk 62 25 do do >3 23 50 do Manhattan Co 60 Second Board. $1000 Ohio 6'* 78% 175 do do a3 13 1000 State 6'i, 1062 91V 25 do do b3 13 25 ahaa Mohawk RR 41% 325 do do 13 50 do Harlem RR 13% 25 do do a3 12% 50 do do 13 % 50 do do 13 State of Trade. The news from England acorned to increaee the btitineea of the marketa to-day, btit no marked decline in prices took place. In A?he??Since our last about 600 barrels of Pots have been taken at $6-25. No rales of Pearls have come to our kuowledge. Kiour and Orain?Canal can be bought at $41,121. though held higher generally, and Ohio at $6 a $6,12$ : Michigan common brands in good order at $6. Southern flour Is dull, without change in price. Wheat continues in good demand, and is sold at $1,38 a $130, according to quality. Rye is worth 66 cents?not much here, nor much wanted. There is not so much Corn in market. A lot of Western, not sound, was sold at SO cents, weight. We quote sound Southern S3 a 63 cents, and Jersey at 66 cents, both measure. Some small sales of Cotton only were made, at firmer price*. A sale of Teas took place with the following results ; ? Tarms?Note* at six months, to be made satisfactory to the sellers. Yov:?o ,, , Cmit. C*nts. 31 hf chests 81 70 do 48 6 do 63 25 do 47},' 33 chests 60 56 do 47 35 do 56 40 do 46% 55 hf chests 55 29 do and 32 chests 46 26 . do 64% 149 hf chest* 45% 32 chests 64 32 4* 44% 36 do 136 tif do 63\ ISO do 43S 11 do 63 10 cheat* 41 s 43 do 62K 13 do 41 30 do and 40 cheats 61H 30 do 40U 38 hf cheat* 31 33 do 40 38 do 60bi S3 do and 38 hf do withdrawn 84 do 60 Hr?ow. 30 cheat* 60 40 do 46K 30 do 47* llrio.i Rata. 23 elir.ta 63 36 do 36?? 39 do 48 16 do 34H 10 hf choat* 44 f79 do 34 86 cheat* 38t? 632 do withdrawn 87 do 37H tiu.erowocn. 7 hf chcau 00 6 cheat* 61 31 do 69 IMPBBUL. 6 hf cheat* 68 6 do 68 >a 7 do 06 SoCCHONU. 20 hf cha.ts 43 46 do and 167 ch*H* 36S X do 42 60 che* t< 66 100 do 40 30 do and 471 hf do withdrwn Caaai.t. 1000 mat* 20 Provision Marks*. We thought Inat week, rn recording the fact that prices had fallen in the retail market, that Priviaiona was down as low as could well be, but this week every thing is still lower. This indicates l scarcity of money, u people generally economise in any and every thing bat edible. Jn. stead of five or aix different kinds, we must now be content with one or two sorts of vegetables. Any quantity of Pigeons have been brought to market from the County of Warren, Pa., and Fulton Countv, N. Y. Five thousand came in the Dcwitt Clinton Inst Tuesday; they fetch 7 cents a bilL Strawberries are getting plenty, also Cucumbers and Oreen Peas. The law preventing the sale of Oysters in the market took effect on Tuesday ; they will be soli and enten nevertheless, as usual. The time for supplying houses with plants is nearly over. We notice the ladies patronize the flour girls on the north sideot Washington market extensively. A morning walk there, for our city belles is quite at animating as a promi-tode on the Battery. Trices or raovisinvs. Beef, per lb 6 a Id Tripe, lb ? a 6 Porter House Stakes 12 a? Cslibsres ? a It Sirloin, lb ? a? Bret?,bunch ? a 5 Beef, per ewt $4.50 a $r, Honey, lb ? aid Mutton j a n pork, |*-rcwt SOfca$r> Lamb, per lb J a it Veal 4 a 7 rork. net lb 6 a K Fresh Coil ? a Si i ..' 6 s 8 Cellery, bunch I a 12)5 lounder* a 5 Hickory Notts ? a J Halibut, ? a f. Waterrrrsscs, qt ? a 8 jlmos, lb ? a I8?< Potatoes, bushel II a ? aS&Jii ik*'"''! -*, ? a 50 C.^Er.SiT'iL Anplos, " JO a?l'a r'jy/'f1 Lohstera- la ? Chmi, ion 2> a 374? VeU* ? Oysters, ll? CI a 7i iJ-.l',' J Cranberries, qt ? a 8 J| sgv Kegs, do i ? a in Chickens .WWW 'Si/ iPM Apples, bbl a $1* T?rck,g?d^h~> ,k ? i? Fresh Bnlter. lb ? 1V\ f."."S \%1 naMd.qt ' "~~ s Pigeons, do*. ailt? Radishes, hunoh-- ? a 2 (ireen K-aa kr~.L .is/ Cherries, lb- - 12?4a 13 New Potame, hTJfc ? fi' Cucumbers, dot....- , jo ?? OooaeEJ&eS, 5?._ '* (irt*en Currant*, qt* ? a t? w New Potato** of rood tire am fnr <_. . few Water Mellon?"have been eold, from the South*"' A NutM. On Wpdncaday the lit of June, at New Brighton, Staten laland, by the IU>?. Or. Wainwright, W?t. Compto* Bolton, Captain U.S. Nary, to Mart HcaatrTTt, daughter of Henry Lynrh, E?q. *c. On the Jnd inatant, by the Rev. S D. H treharil, Alll. J. CaaTwRicnr, Jr. to Ei.i*t A. V** Wir, hoth of tliir city. On lmard the U. S, ?hip North Carolina on the l?t inatan: >y the Rev. Mr. Harrii, Chaplain of said ?hii> FaiD-C. Vaau, U. 8. N., (on of Professor K. C. Ward, lt. 8. N., to Suiaw Auoi'in, daughter of David Merry, of Booth Bay, Me. Died, On the 3rd instant. Am II., Jaughtur of Josiah and Aldiy II. Monteague, aged 3 years. Hie friends ol the lainily are i 11 \ ited to attend her funeral thi? afternoon, at 6 o'clock, from the residence oi lier grandfather, No. I North Moore ?treet. On the 11th of .March, on tmard the English bark Wi' Irish Girl, on his passant- from Mudrtua to St, Helena, Joi?:rn K., youngest son of Henry H, and Nancy L. Hoisingon.age l 1 year and 2 month"." On the 2nd instant, in the 74th year of her age, A owes Iohksok, relict of the lute Isaac Johnson, formerly of Nev limitstvick, N'J. On the 2d instant, Margaret Cokrar, after a short i 11tess, in the 30th year of her age wile of William Coritn. Latest Ailvlrri RECEIVED AT THE VKW YORK HERAI.D OFFICE. Africa April li Macao Feb. It AiitCayrs April 22 Madras Ftb. 20 Antigua May I Manilla Jau. 20 Bombay Apiil 1 Montevideo -| April 10 Batavia Jan. 8 Maraiiliain March 2 Bermuda May 18 Matatizas May 21 Jonaire April it Mayaguez May 23 Buenos Ayres March 28 Marscaibo April S Bahia March 1 Matamoru A|>ril 17 Belize. Hnnd. M?y 7 Neuvitas May 20 Barbadoes May 11 Nassau. N. P. May 4 Bogota Dec. 19 Oahu, S. I. Dec. 27 Berbice Feb. 20 Paris May 17 ['ape Haytten April 6 Port an Prince May 13 l^uracoa March J Ponce, P. It. May 13 Cirnfuegos May 10 Para May 3 Jartliagena May t Prrnnmbnco May 4 Caraccas April 12 Panama Feb. 20 Chafres July 1 Kio He Janeiro April 10 "allao Jan. 22 Singapore Dec. 20 Calcutta March 22 Sydney, N. 9. W. Aug. 11 Demarara M irch 9 St. Helena March Id Fayal May 2 St. Thoinaa May 19 Gibraltar April 19 Si. Darts Jan. 3 fillrWamiil pfh. 13 Rt Iaim <i? P.ith i . . . A I?ril 9.1 Diuyanu, P. It. May 11 St. Johns, P. R. ..-May 3 | Qonaivea May 6 St. Croix April 16 CHI retina May 16 St. Martha May I Havre May 16 8l John, N. B. May 18 Havana May II Surinam April 27 Halifax June 1 Tampico April 22 Jeremie March 22 Tobaaco April 25 J seme I April 20 Turin Island May 12 Kingston, Ja. May G Trinidad de Cuba-. May 11 Loudon May 1!) Vera Cmt May 12 Liverpool May 1!> Valparaiso Fob. 6 La Ouayra April 22 Yucatan April 5 Lima March 20 Zanzibar Dec. 19 Passengers Arrived. LivrRrooL a*d Halifax?Steamer Columbia, at Boston? From Liverpool to Beaton' G W Harder. M Murler, Miav Lee, T Hart. Mix Hart, R Edwards, H Shaw, Mr Simpson, Mr L'o-'U. To Halifax: Mr Bell, Mr Graatir, Mra Graaair and servant, Mr Whitieu, Mr Vance. G R Symmet, H Chapman.? Halifax to Boston: Mix Cassidy, Mr Oxley, Mm Oxley, J D Havuet, Miav Migiiorntre, Calcutta aivo St. Hklkna?Ship Charlemagne?Mrs.Marv Packard, Mi.? Mary Hamlin, New York; Mr SCHolbrook, Boston; T retijrrue and servant, EPS Vascy,_ Rev H R Horainc'on, lady, 2 children und servant; Miss Harriet J Perrv. Kimgstotv, Jam?Schr Alabama?R Keisellbach, 1 Espedes, F H March , A Shaw, Ellen Shaw, Maria V Savage and serv*t, 4 ill stccmRe Foreign Importations. Livirfool?Ship Liverpool?300 tons coal 300 sachs sal; 6000 fire bricks Goodhue Ik co. Calcutta?Ship Charh-macne?1011 bagssaltpetre, 43chests shellac, 561 'pieces redwood, 600 hides, 20(1 hags ginger, 12.373 gunny bags, 281 hales gunny cloth, 113 hah* hides, 100 bundles twine, 50 do cord, 20 do salflower, 19 do matts, 330 bales jute, 200 bass linseed, to order. Ouayama? Brig J -ne?30 cits molasses Meyer A Strieker?15 do A Ntvlor?10 do B Deforest & co?20 do F O Thurston St co?243 cits molasses order, Maiiacaibo?Brig Union?823 hags coffee I486 hides 18 bags cocoa 1100 goat skins 13 bbls balsam capaiva 34 bags birk I bbl old co|>|ier 1 bill tiger skins A Arrcntruera. ""maritime herald. " Departure of the Atlantic Steamer*. anal rsouso. rnoM amfrica. Colmnhia, Jtidkins June 16 G. Western, Hosken May 21 June 16 Britannia, Hewitt June 4 July 2 Caledonia, Lott June 10 July 16 Acadia, Ryric July 5 Aug. 1 O. Western, Hoaken July 9 A.itsr. 4 H. B. M. steamer British Queen.Capt. M. M. Krnne.will leave this port on Tuesday, June 7, for Southampton, England, and Antwerp. Packets to Arrive. Packets to Depart. riOM LIVCRPOOL. FOR LIVF.RFOOL Sheffield, Allen, May 2 G.Washiuirton,Burrows,June* N. America. Lowber, May 10 U. States, Britton, June 13 Roscins, Collins, May It England, \Vsite, June 19 FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR fOHTSMOUTH. tawirzerlaud.cnaaw ick, May 1 Wellington,! hadwiek, June 10 H. Hudson, Morgan, May 12 Quebec,, June 20 from Havre. ron Havre. Francois I, Amu worth, May I Duchesse d'Orleans, June S Burgundy, Wotten, May 10 Sully, Thompson, ' June 16 Emerald, Howe, May 16 loW3, Pell, June 21 To Ship Mnstrri. We (hall esteem it > favor, if cantaina of veurls arriving here, will Rive to Commodore K, S. Martin, of our news Heel, a re|K>rt of the shipping left at the port whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their |>asiage, a list of their canto, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Comtnodorr Martin will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate he favor in anv way. PORT OK NEW VORK, ,TH\K 4, 1W4*. SUNRISES 4 37 I MOON RIIF.I 126 SUNSETS- 7 23 I HIOH WATER 0 Cleitrsid. Ships Natchez, Waterman, S America, Howland ii Aapinwall ; Kmily, Crane ^ St Croiz Chas Morgan ; Cahawlia, Smith, Rotterdam, Schmidt A B lichen ; Hope, Collins, Trot idence, Prarce St Bullock.?Brigs Roarer, Conway,Vlaranham A Para, E Coming A Son: Edward Whitney, (Br) Skaling. Windsor, N 8 ; Mariner, (Br) Freeman, Liveriiool, N S, Bar- I clay A Livingston ; Briton, (Br) Lightloot, Quebec, R Irvin ; Tirquina, Ludlam, St Jsgo de Cuba, Thomiwon A Adams ; Wm Neilson. Morris, Port-au-Prince, Skelding A Ferris.? Sclirs Fairfield, Burr, Salem ; Magnet, Taylor, Philad ; Red Rover. Smith, Phila ; Friend, Lovell, Boston ; Amanda, Hudsou, lfiilad. AiTlrcd. Ship Charlemagne, Packard, from Calcutta, Jan. 14, Sand Head 21st, and St Helena April II, with tndse, to order. An English ship at St Helena reported that the Dover, from Calcutta for Boston, put into Mauritius for medical advice. Vessels left before reported. 22d nit. 1st 23 18-lou J* 32. spoke Br schr Coquette, 13 days from Bihimar* for Prmarara; 26th, lat 29 13. hrn^lS, taw an American schr standing BE. showing signal British thin Liverpool. Spencer,49 days from Liverpool, with coal, Ac. to Goodhue A Co?201 passengers. British bark 8haltnaliert Pierce, from Limerick, April 22, with 300 tons coal to R. Irvin?73 passengen. 8th ult. lat 17, Ion 36, fell in with the wreck of Br bark Jefferson, dismasted ami abandoned. Belgian bark Adele, Corn?ltn?, yi days from Antwerp, with 300 tons coal to Schmidt A Balchen. Belgian brig Commerce, Grave, JC days from Ostend, with 200 tons coal to Schmidt A Blichen. Swedish brig Utile, Hanson, 00 days from Trapani, Sicily, with 400 t >ns salt to order. Colombian brig Union, Rincon, 18 days from Maracaibo, with couee, etc. uj a. Aranguera. BriK Star, Prince, 20davs from Neuvitaa, with 219 cka roolasact to Nesniith, Leeds k Co. Brig Atlantic, Ward, IK dava from Trinidad da Cuba, with sugar to Howland It Aspinwall, and II ck? molasses to Moacs Taylor. Laft Canton, for NYork, 3 da: Cordelia, of and lor Boaton, 5 da; Old Colon)-, of and for Portland, h^;; O W Giflord, diaf; Casilda, for Europe. ldg; Adamant, for NVork, via Cienfnegot, Cuba, aid 2 daya before. The whaling achr riimroaa. of Nantucket, waaloat on Twclrr League Key about 12th May. Part of the crew armed at Trinidad in a boat frem the wreck. Brig Jane, SalTord, 13 dtya from Ouayama, PR., with augir to Thompson It Adams. Left Coudrr, unc; Panlhea, for New Haven, 6 da; Tuscati, for .Work, 2l?t; Ann, do do, juat arr; Faimer, do do.soon. Brig Africa, Wilson, 17 da fen Ouayama, PR. with sugar kc to F O Thurston, 221 hlids sugar, I jO cks molaaaea B Deforreat It co. Left brig jane, for N York, in 3 daya. and othera uot recollected. 29th May, lat 33 30, Ion 74, spoke brig Dimon, hence for Charleston. Bri* Commodore Hnll, Small, 4J daya fm Oporto, with wine to J F Emze fceo. 90 piima 20 hf do 280 qr cks wine Hicks k co ; 123 qtla cork wood J F Enlze ; 20 pipes wine 14 or cka 3 hhda wine A Soltcn ; 6 do 2 qr 1 case wine W Page ; 120 qr 2 hhds do to order. Left no Am vessels. The bark Navarino for Lisbon and Rio Grande sailed 9 da beforr. SchrOeneral Cobb, Hammond, 13 da fin St Barta, with 40.000 doten pine apples, 17 cka 14 ba w ine, 3 bbla limes to master. Schr Alabama Harris, 18 da fm Kingston, Jam, with iiiinmto to llunscomb It Bcckwilli. Left bri<t Panuora, fin Baltimore, juat arr ; Br hark Mary, of Boston, with a cargo of ice. do. Schr Regtilos, Hawkins, Wilmington, S C, 3 days, navel stores to Powell k Mills. Off Cane Haltcrass aooke n haling brig Edward, of Mattipossett. brhr Atlantic, Hickman, 3 cli from Virginia, pine wood to master. Schr Imperial. Reed, 6 da fm Darten, iia., cotton to R M Dcmitl k rn?300 )>gs cotton Johnson k eo Sclir Tioga, Tyltr, 4 da fm Wilmington, NC, naval stores to captain. Schr Voln?is. Haff, > das fm Newbern, XC, naval stores to D?peyati-r k Whitmarsh. Schr Sylvia Higby, Higby, 2 da fm Norfolk, Schr Chief Sicnem, Longthome,7 ds fm Eastport, lath to mastei. Schr Wolcott, Ryder, I da fm Boston, to John Stevens. 8'<m p Louisiana, Dsrrow, t days from Kennebec River, with fica'i <almon, to M. Rogers k Co. Jlelow. Two shins, two biig?. Also,a painted port Iraik with Holyheal signals,sai l to be Cynthia, Johnson, from Canton, Marine Correapondrnre. Cowca, May 17, 1112. I tx ? to liaml tlx- following Iiat ol arrivals and sailings or American vessels ?m< > in> 'niiArmed? April 22, Grand Turk,*, Tot orders; May 1. Hector, St Juodr C'alta, tlo; Hit, Tuscany, Matanzas, do; 1th, Lima, Havana, <lo; 7th, Cronsladt, do dot Bachelor, Richmond, do; KMli, Talma, Mataiiaa*, do; 14ltt, Swits Boy, do do. Sailed?May a, (Land Turk, Amsterdam; Itn, Hector, London; Iflth, Taacany, Trieste; Lima, Antwerp; 16th, Bachelor, Ghent; 16th, Cronsladt, Antwerp. Whalemen, Arrat Portsmouth June I, Ann Parry, from Ascemioii Lland 44 days, with 2300 hbls oil (470 som) and 1100 Hit bone. 8i?ike Dee 20, 1811, lat (I ,V> S, Ion 117 E, Emerald, Salem, (00 tp, 100 wh freptd Dec 24, 600 wli, 200 an.) Dec. 26, lat (I 8, Ion 117 ;M E, G- Id Hunter, rR, 8 whs; Feb 20, lat 21 20 9, Ion 16 E, Marthe, Hudson, 200 sp; Mar 11, lat 30 8, Ion 34 E, Caasaader, Providence, 30 libit ap; 30th, lat 34 10 S, Ion II 20 E. Marcia, KM. clean, hound cut, small una on board. A letter from Cicero, NB. re|iorta her at Port Nicholaon in September laat, with 18 rt win and I tp. Olf Chatham Island* Jqly 21, Rebecca Sims, NB. with 910 bills ap and 100 wh. Spoken, Shalt'peare, Liverpool for NVork, 14th nit. off llie Kilters. Gov Davis Liverpool for NVork, 3d nit. lat 18, Ion 20. Hannihal. Liverpool for NYork, April 30, off Cork. Marion, Charleston (or Antwerp, April 26, lat 43 30, Ion 17 30. Anaon, Liverpool for B'??ton, April 22. Lincoln, Lisbon for Boston, April 22. Bionics, no date, lit 48, Ion 16. Alabama, Irom New Orleans for Malaja, May 16, lat 28, Ion 81 19 New Haven, of and from New Havr n lor Barliadoes, May 20, Block Island N 21 miles. Foreign Porta. Livtaeoot, May >?Arr 9t Mirk, New York; Independence. Sohi ski, L Wright, J Bull. T Bittersby, Columbia, Waahitu ton, Monmouth, Victoria, Alhinia, and Nnlor, NOrleaiia; 8tn. de.i, do; Hcl>e, do; Abrrerombic, Mobile; 0th, New York, \. ton; j ()<niM >n, Fnftc. -?? Victoria. iml I <-%th*rttie, Mobilr. *? Kiwi. John 61 KoIh rt, and R Will taint. New Orleaut; llih "I*"' rn, (?} NYork; 9 Hirlw, tin; 12th. KHinburK, Motit ' 'l! I NVo ?; 14th, Sidilont, dr.; Itrrman, Mo Sfleannt Jerikinv fw; 15th, Helen, do; Brit mint. (a) Burton; ifith Chant, NOrleant; Laurel, tiavannah. Art f aletfiiie, NOrleaiii; 7lh, South CtfoUai, do: Athetu. 6'*o?i Suren, and K firmly, Mobile: nth, Scotland, trie, and now ??*?, Charleston; Helen Mir, Savannah; Riuon. Amiarhicol v'Kit^io, NOr|rnu?: JelTrr?)u. Jamea Hivfr; lltii, OlivtBmek nd Ellen Brooka, Savannah; Hoar, and Root Isaae, Apalacm oh; lllth, Atlirrii, Jamei River via Glasgow. Knt lor Idr loth, Itffiatio. I'hiladelnhia: llth, Columbia, do: KrJUieoma. loiton; lath, Kairftrld, NYom; 13th, Greet Brit tin, io; 15th, ? Dntison, NYork; AI^xmhI* r. nil ti more; 16th, H<>?4rth, New York; 17lh, J Kdward, do; 18th, Independence, do; 'aleatioe Boston; United States. uo. Old Adirondack, NYork; l?th, Europe, do; Tarolintn. do. Hid lotli. North America, luirortar, and NortliumiirrUud, N. York; Lefiuh, Philadelphia; Brti^nl, Boston; Aulnleou, do; Irli. Jane Augusta, New York; L^uiorfr, do; 12th, DeUware, Shalup are, and Istac Newton, NYork; 13th. 14th, SiiKiiifhanua, fhiladelohia: l.'?th. Roociu*. NYork: New \orL 1o; "10th, UtbrlU, ?io; 17tli, (Jlrnview. "o; 10th, Cornelia, Jo; Lrotiorc, Boston. 8M 1 llh, (-oronef, Wilmington. P?l; luh. klsrindols, and Sobioski, NOrbana; ICth, Hvury B'.i**, N\urk anJ Quebec; Irt'li, St Mark. Sar&iumh. Hi ll, May 16?Arr HnmWr, Boston. LoNUiN. Way 11?Kut for Utf, Ontario, Now Voik; Toronto, Jo; Nile, Boston; Pre<vosft, do. Kut inward 11 lb, B.ituli Kinpiit*, Cb*rl? stoii; N?i'luiu\ do; Yorkshire, do; fails. Ju-novation, New Orl .iiia; \V\ lliu?toii.C harleston; 7tl?, CorioUnus, Baltimore. CI J lliouly, Calcutta. I'oKT-iMotr i h, May it?Off, WW minster, NYork. Arr 12th Ilcndrick London, and sld fui NVum. I Plymouth, May 9? Oil, Columbus, Bremen for New York; M nihil tali, N YorL t..r Aimti rilam. Dm, May 13?Arr Columbia, Bremen for Baltimore; Hud,ou. Bfiiieii f'?r New Yoik. Si,I J5th. Hortensiv, (from IJ-.ltimore) Amsterdam. Air I Ith, Ambassador, Loudon, .nil ?N1 for Kio Janeiro; 9ih, Genii, Stockholm, ami .Id for New Yoik.? An 2d to ith, Fanu., N York, mid aid for Amsteidara; 5til, Nvplntie, Charleston. (?RiVi ik.Mt, May 7?Arr Hebe, St Domingo. Falmouth, May 11?Sid Concoidia, Lynn. Off, previous to 8tt?, Thetis, N Orleans for Cron.tadl, Dartmouth, May C?Off, Washington, New York for Hamburg. Off Tbiqnmoutm, May It?Elixa Reilh, New Orleans, ami aid for Hull, alter being supplied with proviiiona. Cover., May 7?Arr Cronsiadt, Slslanaas; I lib, Talma, do; Ittli. Sam Boy, do; I7tli, Canonirus, do. SiitcLiia, May 9?Arr John, Boston. Orr Swaisaos, May 7?Grare Brown, Biltimorc for Amsterdam. h Pentland Frith, April 29?Ann k Mary, from Stockton for NYork, with ivu.eugers, Dublin, May 11?An SirC Napier, from Liverpool for New York. Coax, May 14?I'm in, Normaudie, for New York?master being.ick. SM lllh, Lord Kainsey, NYork; 8th, Thoa Bell, do. Off Ith, Wm Olen Anderson, Savannah and Bermuda. Belfast, M iy II?Arr Conuitution, NYork; stli, Charles, Lee, Liverpool for NYork, with pai.enger.?lost top and miaen nia.U aff# b-iug time weeks at tea,haa come up here to re* pair. Sldith, Lord St miry, NYork. LoNDONDr.aar, Mays?Sid Indus, Philadelphia; 10th, Lady Colehrook, NYork; 3d. Lonl Maidstone. Phil ulelphia. Oslwat, May 4?Sid Redwing, NYork. OarKNorg, May 3?Pu' inthi. day, the Mersey, of and from Liverpool for N \ ork, with iwaaengera, leaky ; put back from lat 40, Ion 33, and must go into dock for repain. The Mersey sailed I'm Liverpool 3d ult. This is the second time she hits put berk?her rargo ha. b, eu on hoard nearly five months. Clydc, May 3?Ait American, Charleston. Sid 13th, Janet, ay ?"'? aitriiix, uo; liociiiiijd, ati. v\rr jiii, oiueioru, Marseille*. Gotterburg, May 0?An Gazelle, New Orleans; Charlotte, do. Stockholm, May 4?Arr Laura, Rio Janeiro and NOrleans; 0th, Tayperheteu, Charleston. Copenhagen, May II?Arr Nautilus, Matanzas f?r Tkxbl, May 0?Arr Cyuosure, Boston; Hertilia, Charleston; Trenton, do; 6th, Urnnd Turk, Brazil; Manhattan, New York: Fama, do; 7th, Angrliqtte, do; Oth, Ocean, NOrleans; Gmce Brown, Baltimore; 3d,Commissary, Charleston. BatMKa, May 6?Ait Levant, Havana; 12th, British King, N York; 7ch,, Juno, Charleston: Apollo, do; Paoli, Baltimore; Marianne, do; Copernicus, NOrleans; Emma, NYork; Vesta, do; 2th, Le out in**, NOrleans: Powhattan, Virginia: Willing*ly, Mobile; 5th, Ferdinand, NYork; Caroline. Richmond; 3d, Republic. Havana; K-hecca. Bal'iuior*; 1st, Wastphilia, New York. Sid Albert, Baltimore. Ccihaven, May 4?Arr Henrietta k Loui?e, Boston; 5th, Catha-ine, do: 0th, Junius, Havana; Merchant, Matauzas; 7th, Experiment, Philadelphia; Washington. NYork; 0th, Ospray, Havana; 5tli, Riga, do; Gih, Godeffroy. New Orleans; Princess Louise, do: Charles, do; 7th, Calder, Matanzas; Stcphaui, N York; 4th, Hermann, do. Helvoet, Mav 6?Ait Paris, NYork; Mentor, do; Herald, Baltimore; 7th, Wallace, do, after being adiore near tlie Kwark Point: 9th, Najtde, NYork; 5th. Maria & Adrians. New York; Gen Harrison, Charleston; 3d, Carlotta Colons, NYoik. Elsinore, At nil 29?Arr Ann, Wmnsr for B ?ston; 30th, Audacea, Stettin for NYork; 27th, Baltimore, Christian sand for Hernosatid. OptWardrmurde, April 27?Dolphin. Charleston. Tratemunoe. May 2?A x Arab, Charleston; Helena, do. Amsteuoam, May 10?The Thomis Meyrick, fm Philad for Hamburg, according to a letter fm Niew Diepe of the 7th May, was str uided early in the morning near Calaiidsoog, and will probably be loo, the fore put ol the ship b-ing high on the strand?crsv saved and hope* were catcrtaiued that part of her cargo also would be secured. Antwerp, May 10?Arr Heinrich Theodore, New York; 3th, Navigator, do; Theseu*, NOrleans; 7th, Albree, Boston; 12th. Marion, Charleston; Ith, Catharine, Baltimore; 6th, Harvest, N York; Antonius, Charleston. Pprkirk, May 4?Arr Agnes, Charleston. Havre, May I?Arr Emerald, NYork; Shannon, Rubicon, Ville de Lyon, Eliza Thornton, aud Augusta, NOrleans; Venice, Mobile; Henry, do; 5th, London, NOrleans; Konohassct, do: J as Perkins, Charleston; 6th, Warsaw, do; Statesman, New Orleans; New England, do; Kensington, Savannah; Olendow rr, Apalnrhicola; 7th, Caiio, and Creole, New Orleans; Persia, Charleston; flth, Friiironia, Mobile; St Clair, and Rochester, NOrleans; 9th, Baltimore,and Rhone, NYork; 12th, Washington, NOileans: Mary Kimball, St Josephs, Fla; 13th, Defiance, Charleston; Allioth, Apalachicola. Vessels up?Emerald, N. York, 16th; Warsaw, do 20th; Baltimore, do 24th; Rhone, do. Juii" 1; Augusta. NOrleans, ??n: r.liza Thornton, do do; V. tie Paris, do do; K' loirvtton, Charleston, do. Arr tltli, Hwiwii, NOrleuis. SM loth, Burgundy, Bombay, Flora,and Blrming; htm, NYork; Rover Sherman. N'Orleasu; 11th, Jupiter, Savannah; 12.It, Constitution, Philadelphia. Marseilles, May 1?Air B?n/or, NOrleans; 5th, Oen Harrison, Charleston; till, Tiber, N'Oilvans; Oth, Nashua, NYorlt; Citizen, and Eleauor, NOrleans; J,ilia. Mobile. Borheavi, May 10?Arr Natchez, NYork. Rouen, May II?Arr Adelaide, Charleston; Victory, do. Fowzr. May 0?Arr Honor, Charleston for Rouen, with loss of b 'Wtprit. Cauiz, A"ri! 30?Arr Clyde, NOrleaiis; May 2, Cumberland, do; Henry Knecland, Lisltou. 81a April 23d, Victoria, New York. Far at.. May 2?The Sihbee, fm NYork for Cadiz, put in here 21st ulr. leaky, and must disclianre. The .Kolus.fin O|>ortofor New York, also put in 21st, with loss of rudder, and must discharge. MaoriSA, Ai ril 13?Arr Mesiean, (lihraltar; Sally Ann, Virginia. Gibraltar, April 30?Arr Elizabeth, NewOrleani; Niagara, do; May 1, Chna Williams, do. MiLtnt, April 20? Sid Macon, Leghorn. Smtrra, April 21!?Arr Catharine, Boston. Genoa, MayG?Arr Pilot, Boston; 8th, Bevis, NYork. Sid 3d, Thalia, Leghorn. Trieste, May 5?An Italy, New York; Concord, Jara and Bo.ton. Oram, April 23?Arr Oscar, Antwerp; Ganges, do. Sid J Ern'-st, NOrleans. Algiers, previous to April 21?Arr S Eli*a, NOrleans; Maria Celine, no. Carr. or Oooo Hote, March 13?Arr Oenl Scott, Sydney, NSW. Horart Town, Dec 8?Arr Maria Tharrsa, Boston. Halifax, May 30?Arr Irene, NYork; 27th, Jabez, Philadelphia. Neutitas, May 20.?In port. Washington, loading for New York ; Moxy, do dodo ; Amanda, do do do; Henrietta waiting cargo. United State* Port*. Portland, June l--No arriral or clearance. Arr May 31. Arrnzaint udi, Richmond. Cld Franklin, Ouayama, PR?and sailed, Portsmouth, Outer Harbor, May 30?An Southerner, Attakapaa. II I A I V.;. 1.1 I Kill. ?l, Ann, ?Halifax, (where she arr 31st, 3 pm) Hit, 7H P m?a** "'am hip Acadia last night at 13 o'clock Arr Ph*rsalia, NOrlrana; Congaree, Charleston; Ware, Richmond; Ganges, and Sagauaw, Albany; John B, NYork; China, do. Signal for 1 shin, 3 brig*. Cld Wm Schroder, Nevrhuryjrort; Levant, Portland.? Arr Mary Ellen, Canton, via NYora; Sliasvmut, Rio Janeiro; Engineer, Elizabeth City. EdoaRtowiv, May 2D?Arr Exact, Norfolk for Nantucket 30th, John Spofford, NYork for Boston; Increase, do for Portland. Slil 31*t, Lima, Pacific Ocean; Exact, Nantucket, and Other* hound rant. In port, Waldo, and Register. Phovidencc. June I?Arr Indiana. Philadelphia; Columbian, do. Came up, Cuba, fin N'Orlean*. 8ld Prniroln, Feyal". Olivia k Virginia, Fredericksburg; Calcutta, Philadelphia. Brixtol, June 1?Sid Sarali Lea, James River; Emetine, Pictou. Hartford, June!?Cld Oregon, Philadelphia; Merchant, N York; Celeste, do. Philadelphia, June J?Arr Wm I Watson, Savannah: Win Pitt, Pearl, and Russell, Boaton; Mandarin, M iUnxm; Sarah, NBeiKord; Harnet k Hannah, Troy, Premium, NYork. Below, Alleghany, Liver|io,-il. Cld Echo, Birbadoes; Iinogenr, Portland; Packet, Portsmouth: D ivid Duffel, Fsll River; Vlex:co, do; Gen Tacon, Boston: Cleopatra, West Indies; A Lord, H irtford; Powhittan, Proridenee; Oneids, NYork. BaLTtMoaK. June 3?Cld Irad Ferry, Cowea; Mary, Kingston, Jamaica; 1st, Sarah, New York. Sid Powhattan, Rotteidcm. UaR4Taria, La. May II?Arr Warsaw, NYork. PORTUGUESE :FEMALE FILLS. rPHESE far-famed and celehrared Pills, from Portugal, are, A we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisement ou the last column of fourth page. ml is TNR. BRANDRETH'S PILLS.?" There are faculties,bodily 1' and intellectual within us, with which certain herbs hare affinity, and over which they have power." Let all who are afflicted with sickness, give the BllANDRETH PILLS a trial; they are recommended by thousands whom they have cured, when all other means aud medicines had proved unavailing. L?t invalids read the following account of a Sailor cured of a complication of afflictions iu nineteen days by the use of the Brandrclh Pills. There are herbs in nsturr which have affinity lor the can >e of the disease, and Brandreth'a Pills are made of the in. R;-ad and be convinced. Tike the medicine and be cured _ EXTRAORDINARY CI'RE OF RHEUMATISM. DIARRHCKA. AND AFFECTION OF THE LUNGS. Jotta Shiw, of Pembroke, Washington county, Maine, hciny dnly aworn, aaya, tlwt he waa taken violently lick about ait montlif vince. The paina ir hia head, hrraat. hack, left aide and imtep, briny an bad that he waa unable to help hrmaelf, and waa tik* n into the Chelaea Hoa|>ital in the city of Bovtnn. That after briny in raid hoapital five weeka, Doctor Otia aaid lie did not know what waa the mattrr with him, and that lie could do nolliinz for him, nor could lie proacribc any medicine. That he therefore, waa conveyed from the t'h' laea Hoaidtal to the Snlor'a Retreat on Sraten I?l ind. Thvt he waa there phyaiced with all aorta of medicine for a period of four montha, aunt-riny all the time the moat heart-rrndimt .niaery. That, beaitlra hia affectiotia of hia honea, he waa troubled much with a diaeaae of the liinyv: aomeiimea he would at it a nnart of phtrym in the day. Beaiilea tliia .affection he had a bad diarrhoea, which Ind mnreo leaa attended him from the commencement of hia airkn aa. That at timea lie dreaded a atnol worae than he would have dreaded death ; that lie c hi compare the leeliiiy to nothiny aave that of kni'ea placing throiiyh hia bowela. After aulTeiiny worae th in death at the Sailor'a Retreat on Slateri laland, the doctor told him that medicine waa of no uae to him. that he muat try to-atir about. At thia time lie waa aulferiny the (reateat miaery. Th it hit bono Were ao tender he rould not bear the leaat pMMn upon the elbow or npon the kner, that hia inatep waa moat painful ; that aa the doctor aaid he would rive htm no more medicine be determined to procure aome of Dr. Brandreth'a I'illa, which h" did, from 211 Broadway, New York : that he commenced with fivu pills, and aometimea increased the doae toeizht. The first week'a ttae an much benefited him that the doctor, not ktiowiny what he waa uaing, aaid, "Now, Shaw, yon are lookiny like a nnn acain; if yon improve in thia way, von will anon he well," That lie found every doae of the Brando-til Pilla relieve him?Irrat they cured htm of the rain when at atool, anj they licit cured the diarrlxra, ami finally the piina in hia honea: that the medicine act m-d to add strength to hint every d?y. He told the ibictor yesterday. the llth iliatant. that he felt himaelf well and alao thai he owed lita recovery to Brandrrtli'a Pilla under Prtivtdenr ;that he hail lak' n the in<diein" c*ery day far lb tlaya; that til- doctor told liirn if he had known he had bet-n taking that inrdieine be ahould not have atayed another day In the home, lie cotuidera it is hia duty to make thia public itatement, for the benefit of all similarly afflicted, that they may know wlierr to find a inedicitte that will core them JOHN SHAW. John Hliaw lieiny hy tne duly awom thia 12th day'of Al*ll, 1142. did deprate and aay, that the foregoj'nf/HvilEFLKR'? Commissioner of DreAs. BRAND RUTH'S PILLS are told at 2'? cents per boa, with dirtctlona, at the followtny t?iaee? in New *orH. DR. BRANDRKTH'A PRINCIPAL OFFICE?2D Brne.dway. Bowery Office, 971 Bowery. I^OSi Hudson afreet. 175 Second trrrf. OI???rve the new labels, each hating upon it two %itfii*iitrM of Dr. Brandnarh. Ho each ho* of th- yc nnine ha* fit aiyn ouret Three Benjamin Brmdrefh aftd three B. Bmndreth npon it. Be*id? * ttir label* are full of amall printing done in red ink thnre bein* ??n the JabeU nearly three hnudted wnpreaamiu o? Benjamin Bmndrrfh'i nil*. J*1 R#r INDIA CAgHMERE OR CAMELS HAIR SHAWLS ? ' ,f'I *?Mn?ton .trert, Bounn^V.f? tale Hitv India HhiwH; rolora green, red, and whit# -1? qaare?pricea from twrnty-five to five hundred dollarAUo^ several F.mhr >ider*d fin"a Crape Shawl K1 TBTh ?taw tin in?#r LMIKNTH DYKINIJ A(JKN7*"IF.S-0. \V. HumtutiK | r Maiden laor, N. V.; J.?i. H. eJ. 113 Fulton ai. Brooke A. Hit,ton, Nvvr H iveu, Dyer.?Tne public are reaperMiMy informed (hat lite above ??labli?hment baa been ill ?ucc*?slul operation lor many years, aud lull con tide nca can be placed K> lie in for riebneaa of 6ni?h euMnnrtuality in rcnirnim.Bovua.? vf? reliant, end lb? public lArally will liliil ilUitlirir ad*?w: ijrc to give tlu in llirlr ouljji )*' hn*r \iri?NDBKFUl. DI9(/OVK.RY.?A. COT, the m.?t tela Y h rated Cloth Aeourrr and H-uov >r of :h ^reaent day, if happy to announce to hu old cu??omrr* and tb?*ir Iririidi, that he h*? returned to ihu (XNiutry. liter an aharttcc of six year*, and lor ted hiuueif it No. 18 Centre street, thr^e doors from Chambers, imr the Poet Office, Now York, frr the purine el recotiuni nciviff bu?inrts in an art which he f;.u much jwrfected by having had tka idviatiKP of * i?itime the mtnufHCturint iowit? 111 Kuroite, and obtain!**: a kuowh utfe of the uut used iu the inauufactnie of cloth, arid leartimi; the most li?rmleas preparations to restore col r with, ut injury. lie lia beeu emcafcd roiutantly in the business in Londot. during hi a hie nee from -his city, where lie met with tin mo it flatten 111; succouiaiid eBr<v.ira#p*in-ut from the Mobility, gentry. hi/! cuinuitui u community, ami i,?? li i.? again to met i with that liberal juimu'. which lui ever be, 11 extended to him by tiio New \ orkers. \!! w\L rs ;mnctni!!y attindrl to, bvdi-erting to A. COX, No. i? Ccilrc stree?. Repairing anil altering done in the n> atc-.t m.iiiiirr ami on the mo?t reasonable term*. To tlio Public?Caution?A. rox is the original Cost Renovator in tilt United States. jet2(?r rpo LF.T?The whole or part ofa iinuae, with furniture foi A the stimuli r, about two mt'e? from the Hob 'ken Ferry, Tin- situation is very desirable. For t'urilur 'Hirti'.uUia, adilrvss country at this office, stating nam. ami address. jr4l * WANTED?A Chief Cook with an unexceptionable character, for H. B. M.'i steamer "British Queen." Apply on boiri! between the hours of 10 and 12 or J and 7 jet 4t* ARCH STREET THEATRE, in Philadelphia-To Let the Arch Street Thratre for the seasons of 1012 aud 3. A| ply to P. M. Lafonrcade, 100 Crown street. SAML. BRAUSON, Secretary. Philadelphia, June 3, 1143. jo 4 Irna AIT"ANTED?A Boy in a Lawyers office. Apply at the office * * of Bigelow St Sichels, No. 77 Nassau between the hours of three and lour P.M. je4 lt*r AAONSfOUTH BANK.?The note, of the Monmouth Bank. New Jersey, (ucw issue)are rcdeeuud at 14 Wall st. by jel lm*c _ EARL Si CO. BRITISH QUEEN.?Letter bags for the steamer British Qiieeu, for Autwer,> and Southampton, Eut-. will close at Harnueii Ik Co.'s Express and Foreign Letter Office, No. 3 Wall st. on Tuesday, June 7, at 10 o'clock, P. M. .iejjr r HAUNDF.N & CO. \7,ALE!VT1NE lias removed his Card Enrra?ing ami Printiuc Establishment from JO John it. and 100 William street to 4jl Broadway, nearly opposite Tattcrsall's, Wedding and visitim. Cards, executed m the first style of the Art, as regards the superiority of the engraving, neatness of the printing, and the whiteness and brilliancy of the cards. Cards printed from engraved plates, in the most approved and fashionable style, silvcrplated and brass door plates and numbers, seals, stam|x, Uc. Firemen, Temperance and Society badges and medals. Temperance Societies throughout tile United Stales, that intend celebrating the Fourth of July next, the glorious anniversary of our national independence, can be supplied with badges suitable for the occasion, on reasonable terms, by sending a letter to the subscriber, stating the name of their Society, ami theif motto, or any inscription they wish printed on the badge ; aud if they wish, the portrait of tiie Father of their country, the immortal Washington. Those badges are elegantly printed on blue or white satin ribbon, in the most beautiful style. The portrait of W ishington alone, after the pnsceision, to frame, is Worth twice the amount of the price of the badge. Address VALENTINE, Engraver slid Printer, j4 It* c 431 Broadway, New \ ork. "DILLS OF EXCHANGE on all parts of England, Ireland D ami Scotland, in sums of ?5, ?10, ?13. ?20. tosnv amount, for tale at S. J. SYLVESTER'S, je lc 22 Wall st, and 110 Broadway. OPANISH St PATRIOT DOUBLOONS. Sovcrriug.. >7 English Silver, and Bank of England Notes, Imught and told at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, .jelr 22 Wall st, and IW Brnulway. COLLr.i' 1 1UNH on all put* of the Uultcu Stair# marie on ihc bcit terms. Treasury Note* wanted at a low discount, at S, J. SILVESTER'S ' ;? tl Wall at, and 130 Broulwav. AN INTKHKSTlNfFWORK ON'.THE EABT.-Jua' fa. ('llbli bed, by Carev & Hirt, Note, of a Tour through Turkey. O eece, Egypt. Arabia, l'etima, to the Holy Lawl, including a to Allien., Sputa, Grand Cai-o,Constantinople. Thebes, the Red Sea. Mount Sinai, Petri, the Edom of Scripture, itc , by E. Joy Morii., in 2 volume. 12 mo? with plate.. OPINIONS OF TIIE PRESS. We commend it to the public aJ a sterling work of travel.? U. S Ocette. Tlx- author has contrived to give to his descriptions of places, scenery, and events, a spirit of fre.lmess and vraisemblance, that cannot be too much admired.?Spirit of the Times. We dniibt not lint these two i tile resting volumes will be eagerly sought for by the public.?New World. The work is preciiely such an one .a. a man ia glad to lake Up when he desires information upon the subject of which It treat..?Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant, unpretending account of ram Me. through regions about which every intelligent mind d-aires information, and it is furnished in a style which every one will fiudagreeable. ?Peansyl. ani n. Tin re is not a nagc in the work lliat is not interesting and iustru'tive.?Del. Journal. We think this book destined to become extensively popular, and we cordially join with our brethren of the press in commending it to laipular favor.?Dailv Chronicle. For .ale by WILEY It PUTNAM, jel3w*r New Vork. SHAKSPEARE. IX PARK ROW. fPHIS obi and well known rslablishimnt. having been J- thoroughly renovated, avill he opened, for the ecrotnmodation of the public, on tlia evening of Mond ly the toll June. It will be conducted under the immediate personal superintendence of the stiiwcriber; who pledges himself to use every e*.-rtion to please th.ise who may favor him with a eall The Larder will always be supplied with the choice^delicacies of the season; w hich will be served up in a superior manner. at prices in accordance with the times. 1 he Bar will be stocked with wines, liquors, lie., draught and Scotch alri, London porter, and segars; all of the very best quality. The proprietor trusts, by the excellence of his viands, liquors, wines, lie. with strict personal attention In bu.iness and moderate charges, to miintain the high reputation that the Shakspearc enjoyed even in its most palmy dsys. Private rooms for the accommodation of dinner anil supper panic. (Signed) EDWARD WlNDUBT. 3d June, 1812. )et l*rc BILLIARDS. tPHE proprietor of the Saloon in the Arcad" at Philadelphia. X lias fitted up our of the moat extrusive and elegaut rooms in the world. Its central locality. (Chestnut afreet, imimdiately opposite Jones' Hotel,) will he found convenient and worthy the attention of gentlemen travelling, who iudnlga in the healthy exercise of BiMiarils. Philadelphia, June 2d, 1042. jel 3t*r Worms5 BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 400 WATER STREET, FOUR DOORS KAST OF CATUARINK MARKET. rPHE Subscriber harin^ in hi* manufactory, and under his A own immsdiatr superintendence, some of the oldeit and most experienced buildup in this city; ami the best of materials for building every description of boats, which enables nim to furnish, at the shortest notice, Boats of the most approved model and workmanship, on the most liberal terms. BUILDEK of the Sultan of Muscat's Pleasure Bun, the Ware, Gazelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, lie. Also, the Ann, of Peekskill, Washington, of rotuhkeenaie. Duchess, ol Hyde Park, Sylph and Wave, of Mob-le, Geo BttR art, ol Louisville, Madame Celeste, of New Orleans lu*. Also ? The sail boats Wm. Crolius, Fashion, Zannui, St..r, and Ldwin Forrest, In-., Itc., lie. jellm*c MEDICAL AID. A LL those who are in nesd of medical aid of a certain d< -fa. scription, should, without fail, obtain a ropy of a liulr Itook entitled the Rubicon, with engravings. This little work wa< written and iniblished by Dr. Gregory in 1839; in IIS I he published a second edition, with many valuable improvements aud alterations; and in 1812 it ha* been still more improved and enlarged. The engravings arc beautifully don-, and are accompanied with suitable czplinitory remarks. The author it now in estrnsise city practice at 31 Molt street, nearly opposite the stone church. His having been constantly engaged in combating diseases of this cha.rater for many yrari |>a.t, enables him to treat his subject not only theoretically but practically correct. The |ieticut is here guided in the selection of remedies according to the respective circumstances and condition of the case. The plan of the book is to show the ordinary symptoms occurring in common cases, with the best method of cure. It then shows what other symptoms may ami do frequently nappe n. with appropriate treatment and remedies to be adopt-d in ruse these bad symptoms should occur. The [nice of the hook is 'a) cents. It is worthy of remark that many persons instead of being promptly cured, continue on from day to day taking various nostrums tiuder circumstances where medicine alone could never make a cure. Now it is very im|mitarit to the pativnt that he inform himself upon this pellicular subject, and at it is one which cannot be more paitieulsrly ezplained in a public priut, those interested will find it in detail on penning the little hook to be had at the drug store* in Fulton ?t, numbers 53, 79 and 100; and also at both corners of Chambers st and Broadway. Dr. Gregory has established himself in the practice of medi* citie and turgety at 31 Mott street, which is not a drug store, about 100 yard, from Chatham t>|uarv, nearly opposite the church. Dr. G. does not limit his attendance to a few hours; lie is at home and may bti consulted at auy hour of the day ot L. iirri from the country, describing symptom*, end enclosiiut a fee, will be punctually attended to if |>o(t paid. jet lm?r LECTURE?The Mibicriber will deliver a Lecture THIS EVENING, and Friday. Saturday and Sunday,at the 10th ward Military Hall, at 7 o'clock. The ulijeet matter of thi Lecture will tie toe Antir)iiitiem of Southern, Central and North America. He will endeavor to reconcile them with the Mo*aio account* of the creation of the world, and will al?o attempt to prove that the earth is vaatly older then it i* generally com puled to be, toiteth-r with an exposition of Morinouiam, allowin< the fallacy of the book called the Golden or Mormon Bible, or Joe Smith's Book; together with the ri?e and progress of Joe Smith. Should time permit, the aubacriber may alancr at variou* other subject* of import mio- to the human family, such a* conscience may dictate at the time. Admittance 2b cent*. JOHN FOREMAN. Ticket! at the bar of the Halt, and at the Barclay atreet Ho tel. j2Jt*r "T'ENliOLLAKH REWARD-Lost laat Wertoeaday even. J in* at Niblo** Ginh n. a red morrocco l>ook ol lance site, coiitaiiiimc l< ttera, hill* and other paia-ra, of no value or use to any one but the ownrr. Whoever ?ill return the tame to No #'< Liberty atreet, up stairs, aVmil reretre the above reward. jc3 3t*c ? PURE VIRGIN WINE.?The subscriber ha* now landing direct from Cadi*, one hntt of wine, m ule from the pop Virgin Gra|>e, frcin the mountain* of Amlrlnsia, without aleoholt thi* it for church n?e, .ir any other n*e. Alao. One Poit for iiiinmer u*e, and a little of that very eld Brsndy for lick iieople. Apply to GII.Bk.Kl l)A\ H, ii Hue ?treet. Ten quarter c?k* AtaartiUado Sherry, anperior ipiality, I *nd- \ iinr from ?*m ve**el, J*1 3tr rWTNF.RSHIP Dl.SSfjrrTl'rtN.?Notice i* hereby gi/in th*t Uhsrlrs II. Blair hating voluntarily withdrawn from the firm of U. C. Wriieht k Co., on the 13th instant, the un I rtirned are anthoriand to t>*y and reeeive all it onirs and settle all accounts connected therewith. Tl,< ?til-*cii!?er* w'M continue the mannfactnre of STEEL PENSin theritvnfNew York, under the firm of C. C. Wright Jt Co.. Agency Office, No. tlJ Maiden l*ne. ( . C. WRIGHT, jriw'c JEREMIAH HOTUHKIHft. /"ifhPARTNERSHIP.?The iin||eriitnrd. <iicrr**ors to the v/ late firm of Dmfre, Ti?dale k Hahicht have tto* day entered into co-partn r?hip nnder the title ol TISDALE k BORDEN, for the truuarriny of a G lit ral Communion No. m W?, r N*w York, l.t J?n,. (in. wlftlM MORDKn!'E* J!'.r.rjCT Company of Fall Hirer, ior the ,r;,:kw ;? ? <*? N?, GW d'H' l.iu.l iKrre 1 r^?*'neM ,B lhu oit> wi 1 Hod>. SUp.,, Hnofa ikr. * 0,11 """rtmcnt of AuU. i pIKKM>'\'s * BORr)KV A?*wfc jfeWrtev*. ^ t nv ... tefsrfesu, i t <?>': VlX Cprf,r- "r'/r.r,? do No. , r K. I I ?I '*' >-'>*?" do No. 31 h?rle? J, H'rm, do No. *. "eoira W v.ri.i. do do No. 2j. A lo?hyn Bopart, Jr., do ijo No Tt IVm. H ' olrrrll, "Mirlera'* r|o do No 15 jr " I AMUSEMENTS. HIBU>'a GARDEN. <> aad Udi Nisht. THIS EVENING, Juiw t?Thr e*<-uin(a i*rforui?nc? touaui mrucr w>tli ?,THE PROMENADE MrsK ALK. ?? yiuiiriiH nil": h;i mi irtvin, Alter which. k *uj?.r1 r( ibitiun of KIKE WORKS. To conclude wit! A SECO.O THOME ADE MCSICALK. Ticket i?0 cen *. Door* upt i it hali MV ii o'clock, Eu.crtaiiiuient* to commence ar eirlii. PAtk THICAI IMCT THURSDAY. June tilt. Tlie public ire ft'ji.eUi'ulI > iiro/rnod ilwt the Theatre w ill he loaed tlri* evening in conic jiitn.'e ol' the treceiMty for* night irhcarntl of the ballet of LA BONNAMBULA. Momlty-M Mtntrra' Farewell Benefit. The Manage.- !.r* the pKww ofaniPMineiug an engagement for til night* an ' ie al'ively no lonir-r, w ith MT.LK FANNY EL8SLEB. ivhose fir?t appe nance will i*l." |>lace on Wednesday, June 8th, in the ballet of LA SONNAMBULA. A m i ii ?. M'lte Fanny F.Ualrr CI I ATI I AM TMKATRK. The Old Price* Rraumed. THIS EVENING, Juur 4?The performance will com me ere with WILBRRT THE DEFORMED. Wilbcrt, J H Bcott | Walter More, Hield Lucie Lambkiu, Mr* Thorne After which .. ? ONE HOUR OK A SOLDIER'S LIKE. Mr Price rrettymau, John Sefton | Fred'k Filral'en, Hield Mr* Prettyman, Mr* Bltika To conclude with THE NIOHT HAO. Dary Logan, John Hi lton | F. rgu?U.niipball, Weld Jeanie Logan, Mia* Sle^tarer Doni? will o|ien in future at a quarter past 7 o'clock, and the curtain will rue *t S o'clock punctually Pre**circle, JO cent*?B??c*. 2J?Pit, 12^?Private Bout, (I OLYMPIC THE VTIllf. Benefit of Mr Corbvu, THIS EVENING, June t.?The pert'onnancaa will com* THE ROOF RURAMBLER. Swelvino, Edwin | Rliodolpho, Huaaatl. Liny, MraTimm Alter which, NATURE A THILbSOPHY. Father Philip, Mi Everard | Colin, Mr* Horn Man*, Mr* Titnm After which PLEASANT NEIOHBOR. CUriatophar Strip, Ortlnm I ihom<*>, . Everard L idy Elixabrth Howard, Mr* Watt To rouelude willi THE WIDOWS' VICTIM Mr Twitter. Edwin | Jeremiah Clip, Graham Jane Chatterly, Mr* Tiinm Dre*? Circle, JO cent#? Upper Bote*, 23 vanta? Pit, la.?Pnd rate Boxea, (i I The Door* will in future open at 7 and the Curtain will ri half-pnat 7 preciaely I 1I1LL'8 NEW YOttlt MfSBVH I (Formerly known a* Ptale'*,) I Xu. 'MM Broadway, opvoiite the City Hal f Tnewpenoi'tt iTTifirTiov i ivrDc ' I VELTY ! I Two Performances MONDAY, Muv 30 aiut every evening dur YANKEE HILL AT HOY 1 Grand Exliiliilion of the worn POI.YSPASTES VIEW J , J list im|>orted from Eurepe, by Mods J f .a, and to be pf?J tented 10 the public for lite firtl lime 111 thti countnr. Last wi?h?s of the Emperor Napoleon, reprcscutea tit ten magnificent Polvsjwste* Tableaux.. Among llir other vlewt to be exhibited will be found? , let?LaVuurde Nr?le 8d?O?mi>o Veechio at Rome, 3d?Ruins of the Ahby dt 8?int Bertin at St Outer." Uli?Louechr, and L' Oemmiin three Tablenux. On this occasion will aL-.o be rxliibited a new Daguerre's Diorama. Mr. Hill will deliver his lecture* on the habiu, customs, man ners, kc., of the Down Enters?tnd conclude with a number of his popular Yankee Stories, Anecdotes, Imitations, Ite. The wonderful Dwarf for one week longer. Two exhibitions daily. The afternoon exhibitions cuBimrncM at 3 o'clock P. M. The evening performances at half-past I. Admission to all 21 cents. ui3h AMERICAN Ml HKC.M. riORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? ^ P. T. BARNUM. m.unger. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WfcEK, commencing on Monday, Mar 30. Best attraction in the city'. Day visiters admitted the lame evening FREE. MASTER JOHN DIAMOND, the great and original ua gro daneer, whose renown has induced others to sssuine bis name, hasjust returned from atwo years' absence at New Or lenns, anil will appear ill his wonderful dance* and breakdowns, accomuuiied by ill'" celebrated Hr, WHITLOCK, with his utirivaSrd Ethiopian Melodies and Extravaganza* on th* B.1NJO. One more week of the mysterious GIPSEY GIRL ! 8ha can la* privaWdy consulted during the day. 16 INDIAN WARRIORS and SQUAWS ! dressed in the NATIONAL COSTUME, are engaged for thia week only. MISS ROSALIE, the Vocalist; IJINSING, the Comic Singer ; CELESTE, the Dinner i ANIMAL SL1GNRTISM, NIAGARA FALLS, ALBINO LADY; GLASS BLOWING. Grand Cosmorsma, and more NOVEL CURIOSITIES than are contaiued m any Ate museums iu Ainertea. A splendid day performaiice every Weduesday and Sattuc'l7 aflrrtioon Admittance to the whole 23 cents?children half pnes. m22 c NEW YORK SACRED MUSIC SOCIETY-Oratorio of Divid and Goliath.?In enns-quence of the unfavorshl* slate of the weather on lh" evening of the Mth ult., and at th* earnest request of ? large nnmlrer of tile friends and 1VIirons of the Society, this splendid Oialorio will be repeated on Tuesday evening, June 7th. Hi? st the Bn> ilwav Tsorrnaelc. CHARACTERS REPRESENTED. A inter of David, Mr? Htrotur Michal, dan*lifer of Haul, Madum* Otto David, Mr ('omfi (rulinth, Mr Bennett Haul, Mr Maft*ef( Jouathan, A Member Hixh Print, Mr bell Mowi tiger, A Member Chora* of Shrphtrds, Warnori, LeMale and remain Atti ndam*?by ihc Society. Conductor, Mr U C Hill.. Organist, Mr D R Harmon Pcrfoi*m?tnc?' t> commence preriarly at tt oVlck. Single ticket*, Si. Ticket* admitting a lady and gentleman, to be had at the Music Stores, and at the office of J A. Sparks, Secretary, 111 Nassau Street, and at the door, jet 3t*c FIREWORKS! CRACKERS, &C. FOURTH JULY, 1842. /COUNTRY and city dealers in fireworks, will (tad it to thair Cv advantage to call and rnminr an extensive assortment of the best quality. at R. AVLIFFE'S old aatabliahment, M Chatham street. A large qaaiitity of fire rraekcre iu.t received. Remember th? sign of the two mammoth ahy roeketa and gold key mil tj>4*r QELF-PROTEGTQRS?TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSEKEEPERS?PA TENT BELK-COCKINQ REPEATING PISTOLS?For Travellers, House and Storo keepers. Captains. Planters, Public Officer,, Contractor!, and otbrri, they arc an indispensable article, aa persons, both male and female, can with thia pistol protect their lives and property if attacked by many persons, a? one of them ia equal to near a doren of the common kind. , Thia piatol can be discharged tic timea with almoat the rapidity of thought. The whole operation of corking and discharging ia done merely by polling the trigger: the cliamber and barrel are in one piece .and therefore cannot lilow apart like enme repeating aiato|<. The construetion of the pi.tnl ia perfactly aimple?they can be drawn from ilia pocket and need with one hand without the low of a moment? lit ahote ran be fired a. last as a man can e-ook his nrr ger. They arc no larger ihail an ordinary pocket piatol. Oenllemrn are 1,.riled to call and ex mine the aame, aa their irnidieity. being warranted not to get ont of order, and their perfect aafety wvl certainly recommend tham over all othan. For tale whole.ale and retail, by J. O. BOLEN, 104 Broadway. jeJina 6t*r between Wall ami Tine at. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.?Noticeishanby given X that JOHN KEYNOLDS and SAMUEL RAlNEY.hava thia firat day ol June, 1842, di.aolved partnership by mutual conaent of each; and that the .aid bu.inrn. will be hereafter conducted by and under the name of Samuel Rainev. JOHN REYNOLDS. SAMUEL RAINEY, N. B. All thrwa having claim, againat the former firm of Reynold. It Rainey, will be ao kind aa to present them, and those indebted will settle with thu present proprietor, jel Itaw tw*r 8AMLEL KAlNEY. THK MONT DF;L1I;1LTFI:L REfjOKT QF the citixrna of New York, it beyond doubt HOBOKEN The inoat faahionanle aud favorite excursion it> th>- rummer,, ia to ita extensive anil heautifullv direrailied public and gronnda. Theae have recentlv been greatly embellished, by which the plaee ha. been rendered more lovelv than It ever was before. At the Elyeian Field r, there ia the additional attraction of excellrat iratnnnental muaic, in the afternoon, on Monday a Wednesday'. and SaturdayV The Hoboken F erry Boats are liandaomely prepared f-rr tire rummer, and ply constantly from Bar.Ivy, (.anal, and Christopher street". A ferry boat runs to Canal street in the evening until Id o'clock. jal Iw ins*re NbW 11 All 1. JRABINEAU informs his frienala and the public that Ins New Bath ia NOW OPEN, at hia ol?l station. south aide of Cattle G irden Bridge. at the Battel)', where he will be pleased to aee them all. Me miicht ad 1 much in reference to hia treat and eatenaive Swimming Bath, the vcv commodious Private Hatha, the neat, retired, and ?afe Ladies Hatha, with pure aweepint run of water thrnuth the whole building. But come and aee?judge for yourselves. Added to all thia ia the ei\jO)r<ment of one of the pleaaanteat viewa and coolest ae?ia ahont New Vork in the Great Saloon over the building?well aapidiud with every comfort, from a iliah of tood coffee to the apart hot rhaiaiaitnc. Oirectiona for bathing, under an ei|ieneiiea of thirty odd yeara, alwaya freely given. Alao Shower Baths aa Banal and improved. jti lm*r CAMPHENE. WEBB, thrnuth hia inventioiM ol the articles known ae Cainphane and Webh'a Burners, Mas thrown too mocn lufhl throughout thia country for years post, to admit of an aa lightened public being led away hy any advertisements which inay seem to convey the idea the'. lf)e ta nnine Campriene eau be obtained at mr establishment in this city, eicept at the old established EMPORIUM OK LIGHT. 1IR Broaalway, comer Canal street, which ia conaluetethwid, r the immediate supertutendencc of the ubachbrr, who is well knowu to be tlie anginal inventor of the same. A. V. H. WEBB. General Snpt. m2t?wia*c SIR Broadway, cor. Canal at. HUMAN HAIR RESTORA TIVE. THE HAIR OF THE HEAD CAN BE HESTORED. I) EAT) THIS, jndgr impartially, ?eo the fciriwoniaJa, bear in mind that no mUrepreaentation n offered. bat a fair fnifhftil The follow in f will mffice?-a thouaand ofher teatimouialt ronId be offered:? From J. 8. Baker, E*|., K R fl I, Fellow of the Royal Scientific I'Kfiflltioti. The Royal 8ci?ntirtc Ii.aftftilion ha* been favored with a perimrnof Jon#V Oil of Oral C irca m i, for the porpoae of tenting il? recommended qii?lir?pa,?ml repni^ aa fi>llow? ?--M We have minutely ciamined and reatcd Jime*' Oil of Coral Cirruiit and find that it con?i?t* of compound* dec idedI y favorable for nouriahing, aofteninr, causing growth, curing d/uidniff, and ci ving a dark appearance to the rnir, I wing the r|nalitie? moat recommend' ?l hv Mr. J.?ne?, whi h JHm Society find perfectly irtie, and in virtue thereof award Mr. Jnne? the above t? *timonial." (Sighed) J. 8. BAKKK. K. IC 8. I. Portmao atreef, Pmrtman 8 pi w, Condon, add hy T. iowef, \ign of the Ameri~*ii Eagle. r? Chatham frei t N. v., at the r<e*onihle pne- of J, * or S abiding* a boftlr. Be ear* fal to aee that T Jonea ta ?igm>d in handwriting oa each label?following are aernta?131 Fulton at, Broohhn; g7 f>oek ?f, Fliiladt Int'ia; 110 B dtimore i?, Ualtimor- . 57 State ?r. Alhmv; ' Sta* Boaton. jel lw*c MBPAir II II v S.T A 1 II A NIT M* % \lilttn mtrmmt MMna||? i* the Cn*tom INw.-J, bon'nard It p. delaMottk i lime thr honor to Inform thrir acquaint turn and the |>nblir in fivral, that th-y harr added to their old eatahliahmrnt. known for npwtrda i,f two yrart nndrr tb* firm of J. Bonnard, thr -r>Siloon on th? firrt floor of thr aamr lion?" , and harr br.iili i arrtmrrd irrml |o??rr Balootu for thr areommodjtion of iniritr parti** and aorirty dinnoaa. Thcjr will p-ij th (TTr?tr?t aitrntion toordrra fear Ptnncra atwl Stini^rr in anv iwrt of thr <-i?T- . , . . It ?>m? anil Offlcn in thr nprwr afonra of thr umr nontr nuv bo had of them at ??ry moderate rrnta. Jel lm* T\R. JAME* \Lf;XANDF.R HOUHTON ha? rrmorrd M hit t'onatt.T t.*n Otnc*. to No. 1 Mr a < in BilLDi-t#1 corner of Nanmu <uid Ful'on iiffU )t2 Dm uia a

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