Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 5, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 5, 1842 Page 1
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fmjr ~ Wmmmmmmmmmmmrnrnm TH I " Vol. VIII.?Mo. 155.?-Whole Me. JOM. ~ regular packets. " MEW UN* (iff LIVT.ffFOOE I'AUffETS. ; \ ' '? *'ffT?s'n New York on the 2jtli and Liverpool uatblHl if tot* month. jfiSc Nrw^^uT^ Ship SILK 111 DAN'Captaui V. A. Dciwyatiir, JSth May. Ship OARftlCK. fcapwin Wm. HkidJy. **li June. Ship KOSCIlS, (' ipMin J?l.u follois, tilhJuly. Slop S1DDON8. Captain K. IS. Cobb, ?lh August. Khom Livnraoi.. Htup 8IDDON8, CaptainK. B. Colib. 11th June. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Deiwyster, 13th Ju|y. Ship liAKKK K, Captain Wm. Skiddy. 13th August. Ship KOSCIU8. C uitaiu John I ollins, nth S-pttmUr. Tliear ihllw art' all ul tin- lint class, upwardi ol' IIH>0 tout, built iu the city of New York, with ?ui'li ii:i|?roVi ineuts iui rufubior Kitit a|i<tr(l witli mitiual comfort for tiLthrufrra, Every cite has ht'vu taken iu tin* arraiigriiient of their accommodations. The price of luusagu hence is $100. for which ample store* ? ill bit provided. These atrip* *r>' commanded by exin-rit need rnutrn, wlui will make uVrry exertion to give general s.n faction Ni ilhrr the captain* or owtit n of the ilii|w will be rexparuible for any letter*, parcel* or |*irkatte* sent by them, unless regular b'lla of lailiiu; are signed theiefor. The* ni|M of this line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar couatrurtiou give* the in security Uot imateued by any other but vessel* of war. fr'or freirnt or passage, airily > E. K. COLLINS 4t CO., South St., New York, or to WM. Sc IAS. BROWN !k CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the |>acketa will be cl trued fi>, cents p< r situtle aheel ; U) rents |ier ounce, :md lie wsptper* I cent each. in7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOlflJ LINE.) jjfjy ]fi& IlirXpaof thii liurs^lu ^arLrrraT. New YOrTtln the luaud Havre ou tin* 16tli of ?-.m:Ii month, as follow* : ISo'H New York. From Htnre. Tin? new ship ONEIDA, ^ Ut Marrh ^ If,Hi April Jame* Knock, i 1st November ( Ititli Dcceu|ber Mhip BALTIMORE. t Ml A|>ni l mill May Captain X 1<1 AiiLMUt < Ifith Septeilibrr Edward Knock, ( 1st Pecceiii'rr 16th January Ship UTICA, \ Itt May I 16th June Captain < 1st Hrptnnb'rx It.tli Octnbfl Krede rick Hewitt, f 1st January f Itilh Kehruary New shipST.NICOLAS, i l.t June I lOih July ( apt.tin < 1st October < Kith Novrltlln-r. J. B. Pell, flat Eebriiaryf IGto March The acroinmi elation* of the*, alii|ia are not surpassed, cornbiniui: all that may be irquired for comfort. The price of cabin passage ia HUM. Piwnrii* will hr supplied witli every requisite, with the eareptinn of wines ami liquor*. Goods intended for tlieae vessel* will be forwarded bv the aub.rribers, free from any other than the ex|teiues actually incurred on them. Kor freight or passage, apply to BOYI) MnCKEN, Agertts, ad 9 Tontine BnUdfnip. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OK PACRKT8. Kor rlu- In tier accommodation nf shipper^ it ii intended to de?i>arch a ship from this port on the 1st, 6th, huh, IMh, 20th, anil 2Mb ot each mouth, comun ncinx die hull October and roiitiniiiti, until M u , when regular days will In- tppoiqled fur the rein.. iutler of the year, whereby great delay* and disappointment* will In prevented during the iuminer months. The following ship'. will cnminence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain llilliard Shin LOUISVILLE, CaiiUin Hunt. Ship 8HAKSPKAKE, Captain Miner. Ship (JASTON, Captain Lalliam. Ship JIUNToVJLLV., Captain Mumfoid. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM PHIS, Oa|it.iiri Knight. Ship LOUISA, Ca|itaiii MuMbrl. These ships were all liuilt ill the city of New York, atpressy for packets, are of light draft el wwler, have recently been a ?ly C'ji[?crcd and put in splendid orofer-with accommodations tor passengers iineqielled for comfort. Thi-v are commanded by experienced master*, who will make every eiertian |o give Seneial aak'faction. Tkey will at all times be towed lip and own the Mississippi by sieamhoat-. ! Neither llie owners or captains of these ship* will be riiponsible fjir jewelry, bullion, precious stones, siller or plalei| ware, or for any It Uers, parcel or imckage, sent by or put on hoard of them, unless regular hill* orlailiug are taken for the saute, Shd tlie value thereon expressed. Kor freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., 46 South st., lit HULLIN ktWOODKUKK, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their aildresa. The *ni|is of this line are warranted to sail punctually^ as advertised, and great cart will be taken to have tne goods oorrectly measured. _ ! ui< _ STEAM NATIf5V.N ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, rM-SO VTHAMPTON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Knur, CoMMi.Mm'H. Th* days of dt paitur* of tliii weilkimwu Stcaindup, have 1 kf i ii fixed aa follow* : F.oin Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, ' On 4iti MbV. WIS, On 7th May, 1H42, On 7th Junt, 1842 I ium, 10th July, " 7t!i Ami, " 7lb Sal*. " lath Sept. " 7lli Oct., " Prior of iiaxsage, meal* not included, in SouthainiAou or Antwerp, $7(1?Steward' feet, P' (SH- Tlw meals will be M-rrel ou board, ?u Cie plan of a c hotel, in t|e beat manner, and at fixed And moderate prices, iwsaengers be lib: only -halved when partaking nl the >ain- . Tire price of paataite to either of the above porta can Alan be engaged if preferred, with mrala and steward'* fires included for Vfl gi^c-cuta, exclusive of win, a. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ahip.' Kor freight or passage, or any further information, ap|*y to hTw. T. lb H. MALI, Ageuu, j2?#tn*r 41 Beaver afreet. IMPORTANT T<> WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IKON BOAT LINE For the Traiuiwrtation of Goods between Philud. Iptyiu and Thia improvement in tmnanortaiioii a thirds to \Ve*l. iti Merrlianta peculiar advantages. 1'he co..d* In-ing carefully packed In the lioata at our warehouse, No. 3T,i Market atrert, Are carried over the Columoia and Forbore Uailwaya transhipment. Careful captain* and crew* ale employed, who take rharge of the goods at Philadelphia, and eoutiuue aviifc thetn the entire route, thus avoiding delay* aud the liability lof lota being separated ou the way. N. U.?Paaacugcrs forwarded to Pittsburg and TolU, every day, Sunday 4 excepted. H. STORKS, AgeAt. a 12 1m* 7 Washington afreet. RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. F\'lTNl?wTOfr. rpHF, NF.W JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComA pany have eatnhliahv-d a Freight Line betwern New Branaw ick and New York, which they intend to run permanent)?. Leaving New Brunswick at 5 A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) aud the foot of Lilierty street, New \ oik, at II If M. * To country dealers and in. rehanU the above liue is very deiirahle for the speedy ana cneapcnnveygnce ol tnercfcjndlse of every dcnyriixioti, ami more particularly to Drovpra and Dealers in Live Storla, who can have L10 head of rattle flouveyed between New Biuuawick and New York, the same day whenever reunited. .. iTUntile* or | pit' trui*i>ortati<>ii of cattle, honvf, innlcs, all.??Tlirr limit of merchandise *fi- \ ery -few, Defer l irre^ihini ateanrlioaf prices. 'Merclrtlhllsi' ftfit'br tin, Mm* it m* nvhteei to vry estra . " * ' - ih'i ru??iu*alie ?o?th-Uiver,ee? . ? The ;i? New IUmwA !?!**>? 1.: !iu ik ^ iwreiriT^n ur*iiV. **>? ? ?4* * ? ? ^in] f '.iih**' _'* KRKIGH1 AW) Xi? jMtT?himoKAVS l.|T?r " ? Tin* jiro|inrtrti* ol' Biatrhanr'* Trar.spoi ration l.ine te Pittsbunt, ante 1i?*?ce in the Mnrchaata of New York, ami i|i oilier parsons shiirine to the W?*t, thd llieir line it now it " U'r oper.v.ior (1. .ids coosuiud to tlieni (ot teiu to po In th< 11 Dr.e,j will be tprwvfled ss"H'? despatch. Owner* or ?n?J)per* of fcoods, desfini il for tb# Wcstim Bister, who have no event or enosiyliee M Pittabnrx, will pleas* c.insim their praxis to William Biinrtwui, Piftabtinr, who will an end lo ai|i|niiK all turli oxi-itciinn lit. without JUIiv.' ' ' ' All goods should V marked distinctly on eacn 0?ck*fe BfKGHAM'H LINE. * For ties of freight, which are-n* low as any other line, *|iply o ... WM. Tj An/in, No. C West Wreef, oppnalte Pji r No. t.} N- 11. N. B. I' laomoi fprwpid?d to Pittsburg and I'otl.ville.etery day, Sundays rsrejscd. ~ R. < rovbp, Mir Co. ;?8. T. NkcaH." FmntJtfeet : Plwlos, Dmur k On., Kulioii stibet ; Spydaie Hirlwl; whf RnhSnePntyan fcdtri. Newark. . on, 3m %k' M. M. PASiAOfc KKOM KNOLAND! IH.KT.AND. (SCOTLAND AND WALKS. PKRSONH det trows of loaknr; rii*rfg*ntenu for (Viands to emigrate (bom the Old Country to ine United Stiti? and who may wi.h to secure for them despatch and comfortable w romin..iUtions. will hinl it their nil reel to annlc to ike mb arnbcta, who ate M all timet nrrjwred ?.> male aurh iranermrnmn* will RuaraMer n,,n. Thr rrurl. cot?i?>*irii tW* Hnr vr *11.Il It -fin! <1*14, oil., of w Inch leavr i Jofrrr*,,,] ' ' Weekly. ?yUf?TW1'ly >11 delay at lh?. |?r1 n|" rinhark tlnui la iiiiiiM. At mi 4?i<)'i Mtl ru.tomary with llua liney whru il.osr rtllril lor decline coming out, tn. |iaa*arfe m .:i.| ra refunded, without apv deduction. I'armar |- r ?l. on r frt>m tlxV afloat poru of lr. land aati Scotland, can lilirwiad lie trcun-d. Kim further particular* *|'|>!y to SAMUEL THOMPSON, Old Kutablwheil I'a.wagr Office, f7J IVarl at.. Or to C. OSIMHMAW It C?. 10 llmrc ISiuw, l.irikaiol. Kirhatigr or draft* at eight, and for any amount, ran likewise be furnitl.e.l ou the National nana of Ireland, Noril.ern Hanking t,n., National onia >>l H-iwiaud, iwva.ur at a/i torirtt. lire kranrhe*. also, oil Tl. C. (ilyn ?k Banker*. h.n.lon, . 11.1 (' I tnnt.h.w M i ,... t,n cr....' ... I Jm*r A4ry~ foil I.IV'KItftiti|, . I.m. ft ??*^Vl,arkrt of ?dh Jane.?Tin- t|drudt.l (i*rlit tl.n. JpbUKaO ARlilf,K, flapaaiii Writ. rtb.ddy.of Ittai t>>pa, will aail a* alt.tTr.her regular day. For freight or pa??**.r .JlwiTiiig arrnmm..d*ri<>ii* unr.|ii*]lrd |.,r a|il> or r..nifort, agply on board, at Urlcini iiimx, irx.i 01 vt aii ?irv. r ur 10 I t. K. COLLINS It CO. it Hontli uri.t. Prwe nfj???aiirf tll*l. The packet nlup R04CII S, Captain f'otlim, nf IK l r?n?, will ?u^re< J tin-Otrrick, an<l tail litli July, lirr ,r?gu ir fl*r. Pipwwrera may rely on Ow atiM* of tin* line aailii* pu rttullv -??*JWkWI: . ? v.- "Oti' PAtJSAOk, KUK LO*Doiv?i?a Pan k , .-ThoyWfy,ol.ud,dp?kri,W HOYAT SQVKRiTfO TJ? JmWHlie walker. aaiki pnaitt?eiv an ttVwf Vi ifrwtar' day. ?Ia?inK inrf ?np' riur ac-coinmodattona li* c? on, ?ecoml cabty, ahA ?farri?jiv- "pawr-nder*. ? I Aw fatee for iwagr itlT application ihould br ma<l? on hoard foot of Old Hip, or to W. k FY. TAPSt O' T Itlr ? Peck tlif>, below 9o?li it. mim&P&m. ir.* yWBnmirnt* E NE' i Aw - KG A DS & STEA M BOA TS. UAHNDtN k CO.?GEKMAN AOENCV-TU Tub- | ' 1 scriber*reapertfully announce an arraiiKi-inrnt wluali they liaVr recently in-fit- with Samuel Haighl, Esq., U. S. Consul : at Antwerp, lor the purpose of ttlablishlDll a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY it ilist place, for the transaction of Forwarding anil C'liniB teaiou Uii.iiiK.sf. and lor laellll^tlnv the increnaini; commercial interl UUW liei ween this country ami Continental Euro|N-. As Antwerp it situated ill the centre of tin- inanufuctiirnw ! region of Europe, it at onl> IS hour* distance from London, Jn lionr* from Pans, in the immediate vicinity of tloilauti ami tiers main-, and directly connects with all by railroads or steam | rickets, its loc.iU. ll allot,Is the CM Itrst ad\ JlltSlp. lot pll'lchuintt and forwarding Continental itoods. All orders received at our otfiraa in Bust-ill, Albany. New York and Hiilmlelpliia, in season lor tluii purpose will be finivarded by tlir Belgian ateamer BRITISH ill EES', on the ilh of June neat, and will gencralh be r (touted in aeasoti for tin return of the same alt atner, which will leave Autwrrp ou [lie mill July. luinoi(era of Germau books are particularly rc-iimited to notice this. HARDEN k CO. New York, May 17th, 181?. ?nj?r_ POMKROY C U.'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. a regular E(|>reaa ever llaihoarU to ami from Alhano and Buffalo, and the inienne bate places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the nt- > iimal speed, regularity and sufi is , elioiee Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, I in |Hirl nit Pa|H-rx and Valuable I'jclt-utes?-Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or |ias iiienl of Bills ol Kachante, Notes, Drafts. Accejdancas, Accounts, rea.nahle per eeKtaf e?eiecute orders for the purchase or s lie wl Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Article* of evtry description, personally. in tlir l> wuson their route, through Messrs. IIA R.N DEN k GO'S EXPRESS to NewYorU and Bostcm^and ^ uiv-ssm. im?TL,r.i <x * w. r? r.A riir.?r? !.? and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago snd intermediate pticfH?forming at one* the most direct, s|N?edy and perfect cum muni cation to and from lie va?teru aud western cities, f"r tli* negotiation and transaction of all mercantile aud professional business, remittances, exchanges, &u*. lie ( retires? Erastns Corning, Thomas W. Olcott. Watts Sherman, A. D. Pateliin, Noali Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies-Bennett, Backns li Hawley.Utica ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. U. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd. Canaiidai.vua J)avid Hoyi, Rochester; John McKeuster, Lock port; J.A.Clark, Batavia : Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMXHOV & ( 0\ No. 5 Exchange Buildings. Albany, .ill :t Wall street. New Yerfc PAKE AND FREIGHT REDUCED.' rkuKar mail M^TEoR BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following 3U|w rior steamers, running in connection witlybe Stouingtoit aud Providence , and Boston aud Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAGANSKTT, C *|*ain Wools* y. MOHEGAN. Captiin Vanderbilt. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays extented) from Pier No. I, North River, Bam-ry Place, at live o'clock, P. M. Fai* to Boston, %\ AO Deck passage, $2 25 do. Providence, 2 00 do. do. 1 50 Abhatvgfmknt. Tim NARRAGANSET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and E ridays, for Stoning ton. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thumiktfs, and Saturdays, for Stoiiington. Passengers oil the arrival of the steamers at Stoiiuiytou, may hike the Railroad Cars aud proceed immediately to-rrovi dence and Boston, ai*l for the aeconimodation of persons travelling between New York and Newport, the train* will slop at Wickford long enough to leave aud receive passeiiFreight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at $j 50 pur toll, aud on measurement gbods 7 cents per foot To Providence, on measurement goods5ctnts per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtaiucd at olice 22 Broadway. wi ll 6m OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY.] FARE REDUCED! ! Pnsiogf 10 rrnts?Ilrrth* 50 rent*. FREIGHT TAKEN AT RKMJCBD PRICES. fiSk The commodious Steamboat WAS RING^ 1 h#TON. Captain J. M. Brown. hav ins made T arrange me uu to change her nays of (paving i New York, will hereafter leave tlia fiu*t ??f 1 Liuin-nnWtmet New York, every Monday, WidneAay, anil Friday afuknoon, it 5 o'clock, a?d Albany, every Toeiday, Thursday, niid 8* ntrday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing (inner ixurirr a.ieh wayit tlie foot of Hammond street, Ncwburali, I'oughktcpsie, Kingston Point, ('.ittskll and Hudson. For frcithl ?r jawnaire, UHily to the C i|?nn on board, <>r to D. 1 RANDOLPH MARTtK No. IK Writ street. ?n#c T. POWELL & CO.'S LINE. a? FOR NEWBUROH. landing at OALDWELL'S. WEST PdlNT WD COLD V M 3LsPHINU.-Tlie?ieamboat HIGHLANDER, I .apt tin Robert Wardroti, w ill leave the foot of Warren street, New York, every Monday, 'i'hnradav and Saturday afternoon* vt 4 o'clock. Returning, tlie Highlander will loave Nevthnnth every Mond ly utorniug at 6 o'clock, and Tuasday and rnday afternoon at ?o'clock. For freight or passage, apply to the captain on board. N. B.?All baggage and frcighi of every description! hank loll, or specie. |>ui on board this bout, mint lie at the nskjof the owuera utereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is signed Air the same. mt5 aMn joa PEOPLE** LINE FOR ALBANY'AND ffli i 'Til 1 daily at seven o'clock, I'. M.( from jL?-rfil iir the Steamboat Tier between Courllauilt and Liberty srteels, ( Sundays eternted.) the steamboat ROCHESTER, (apt. A. P. St. John, ilearea Monday, Wednesday, slid Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock. Tlie steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brtiuard, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at seven o'clock. The steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M. H. U'rueadi-U, leaves Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at live o'clock, for Albany and intermediate places. The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished Willi -tenant stale rooms, ami in all res|>ecu are unsiirpasand anions I'n Hilda in Rivei Cramers. FoijMsssitc or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Scholia, at he office on the wharf. fci30c 4MM THE RAINBOWMOKN'fNO LIlfEfor f?L A LB AN V.?-The low presiture StrAinboAt f tttf RAINBl)W. will Iravp the foot of iirtf^ every Tuesday, Thurtday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. m5 lm*r __ _ _ _ jji^' KOU 1,1 VKRI'()(Min ?i ?l tb well known Ship Talbot, CapMiu Storuy, will moft withj quick for the above Port. For frwubt or pay*p;e in ( jbin, at* ootid Cabin or Steerage Jhaving excellent ncrotAmoda* tiocs, apply on bo ird tlie ship, at ru r 12,Ka*t River, or lb JOHN HKRDMAN, f?l ftnuii it. N. B.?Passage from Ureat Britain and Ireland, (viaJLiverIk>oI) ran at all timet be ternred. and drafts furnished fjr any amount payable throuKhout the (fuited Kingdom by appliinu at above. In 29c i . TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, la lemoved from I \i Broadway to No. 7 Astor Honor. ECONOMY T IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Uarmenta of a most Elegant and h aslununl.le kind I a sating of Ml per cent for cash. r|,HF. advertiaer deems it unnecessary to resort tJ the htck1 neyed system of giving a list of nomirusl pn.vs, pn-sjihiiig that I he length of time he lias been established, togcihor with the eitrnaive iiatroiiage besuiwrd on mm, win prove a sum rient voucher for His rapabiliti-s. Poises^iior ilie aiivanKg* ol being eoiiiwi tedbvidi an estcdiivecloth establishment in Europe he ni nli,lr ill I v nsset i that he caiL&iruisli clothes wliich. on eiaie* * .will oa lower than vijr other hon-te wtal^nu up the h?-st dtwcripClotu ol'dress. iny[^n K. PHILLIPS. 7 Attar Brp?<lWa*> . RE'fRENCHMENT .THB , ORDER! OF-THE DA Y.I 'I'ltF. Suktrubt r, Willi IV,?.? Ill mutiny IW. ? VI *< itriri ?( A ihe timr*. ha* nudr arranitetneiitt whereby he will Intwe' forth b< enabled to fiirmah ||aitii*UU of the *e ry ImkI >|ii dily, ?t til immenve laving from former chargea. Hit in; nude bit purehaaea eveliuively for ruh, he it determined to rbin|>elK with tin- r!ii'a;it ?t.(iiii the ready money tr nieiple only.) wtiile he pledget III in tell'to runt mm the *tiue ctrieitanre of li-.'auce tti<1 iiiinetu ility whie.h for the l.?t tlfleeit jeara ha. tliuictrii' ai d III! etlalilltlnui nt. t bulletin n are relrrred Ui the afcneied lut o( price*, with the Mtamncr that the article* enumerated li.tll tie ei|ual 111 'jti ilit. and atvle to the too*! com! Diett coau oftaper wool tlyed clotha, from $IH topi. Paula, do do runtime re, ft toil!), Veet*, of rvery fathomable variety, .1 id to 5].'i0. Oeotlenirn wiinnn to furttith their own material* cin lrt>? their itarmi nrt made and trlftuned in tin tatne .lyleol elftitn.tcr, wrienurirtion to the above. J 4 N. B.?Mr. Uabcock, Ionic known at one of the moat lialffrtn' able cnltert, coiitinuet in the ettahlithment. ] . (^HAS. <J OX, Sign ol the Oolden Kleeri^ - US' lm ill > i. in afreet, neat Maidenish#. ~ MA-GHtNE POWVMTV ' WTtECiKH. TAfbOH, H. r. hv'i?dA; 'riil*iu*r?rtn flirtrt ti> Rm frieiM< iffiwniirii ir ln-te'air, ' AVh-ifc?r llwT'tjc f?? in r ' Tin- |>i?4Jir lou, bolii fu ami rifar, H- yr j i)m'? every poe lo )m*r, 'I h it in Hmidway hi liu a *hop, n which l?'*M to hare them |>hp. Ami should thev want coat, tctt or r*v?ti, Nh ?m* can hi rhein if' ft* mitt. j Pi ice* low to suit tin tun ft*, (JliHh, too various for these rhymes; In short youII fii. l no oilier Tailor. Ho sure to please you a* A WIIEr.LRH. inn line Bro idw . , u sum MAUTI.VS l'*ah Tailoring K?lahllehmrnl, ! T? Hemornl It 151 Willi*it tlrtrl, riimrr nf .1nn ijrrrt. rPII>. aiilhrril^r, in uiiionm nix the nlxvrr l<? bn fri.-fe<W mi<I 111.- l-.ihll I. .....r.l lab.. r.n.n. flunk I. >r till IiImtjiI i*ttr<ni?Ke l?r*towrd oh him at his f#rtw* pUfl <?f q*m, Mid a??um iW. rn thai atcry artirlr oruered of hiif MH. .M^irrrtoforr, br rtij, ami trimimd in lh? nra|rr.t and moat avvliah mannrr. Tf?#? mat ml? the n*wr*t amlbaaf in thr mark't, ;?n?l at a poMtivr saving t?f "M prr crtit. Sii:wm *r?f to rail anil flkmln#, GrntWinni wImi |irrJW iwrch iiiim thtir own rlotli, Br.f ran luvr tlM in mado ami liinnrv l in th* < ryt' that ha* ?iv*n anch ?eiu.*t'il satisfaction (taring thr lati lour yjus. JSvctvfgnrinent .tarrant ><1 ti) fit, ayd uud' By th?* brat vaorhim u al tlia oflow- I imr prices, fir.:-* l>r?*?C*ut? nofo%R n ViiK-fcCoaU 2 ih) tp 9 n Pants and Vasts* 2 ii Ovef Colli ;, ! * % Ou to 11 i 0 No Karim JpU rtanv inadr?all madr to ordrr, ar j t unit ? r,N I &H IR TST ' I CJUIRTS m-").- tobi*/ iMAm1 FhkII j O CuMom. Qfrnltnea1* ftrnwnu of ?ll >W-in1|jtno wwWro Sl'irr IT itruiffl M*id?n1?w> rW?l?r? i n'V""' u iu n\! COLl INd. J r^)LWfrbWrV-trjr.?. ?fthlv.tJi??.. i I ^ 4k m>.t f?*or?t.U i?n?w,br SYLVESTK 1 ni4e 23 \V?l1 ?t. *n?l 19 Bri>ilway. ' I .'I L. 1 W YO SEW YORK, SUNDAY M l<('KMTl:RK. GEORGE W. DAWSOST" IVhokuile and Retail /furniture a ml General* Furnishing fVaJ thou**, No. 67 Chatham utreet, earner of Duune utreet. New York. *1X7 HERE hr keep* for *ale a lantc uiortDkat of the lollowv? iittf iiticles.'ri*.: Sidrboardi. Buri iua, Bviktridd Col?, Tibki, Chwri, Offirr and PoiIhMc Dirtlu. Book ()*** ; Looking (*la*scn, Diuiuir, Centre. 'I ea *nd IVr trnbleJ, Piano*, Soft B??Lu- uifc, Bed*. Bending. PaleaHf ik Mlt* Irrtirit, C?rprti( Oil ('loth. Matting and f?ire Iroiwi Wwli Stand*. 'I oiu-l Tiblw, landie*. Bureau B? #*teads Dressing Bureaus, Sale*, #u\ Alio, a Uru' assortment of men and women'* Wearing Apparel, ucw and second handed. All th?* al*?ve article* are offered to the |K<hlic tat very low price*. in waul of said article* w<?uld tiiad it, to their adv tillage to make au early cull at the above t ituilifhuielit. Shipping order* punctually attended to and e?cke<| co the shorts At nonce, aun on reasonable term*. Mattresses, Ifcddiug, ktc. for titling out vessels, comuantly on Kami. All orders to tlie above establishment will be p*.ictu4ll/ attended to ami th ink fully received. N. B.?The highest price* will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen'* and Ladies'ca?t oft' t'lothma. n'it 6m* r ] IOSKPI1 PKCKOVKU, Fancy Cabinet Maker, .Vlijtliemat*' ami Nautical liutrumeot Case Man* farlurer, 2tif Water street, New Y<*k Chronometer note* of a superior make, baromotpr, tle rmometer t'nme*, <yiadrant, sextant; survi vors, surgical, degiist and ilnwiiu itaNtriiinent !???* * tn.tile rnd ilu'Li iI in * neat vtvlc re, clock, gun *1111 pistol MWI ol' *11 description; tllUUrirolyp. H|*airutu. aud inrdioiiir cUita, surveyors rodjt, ot any Icinitk andiiiukr All kinds ol' fancy work, made or the best uiatruaki mil workmanship, warranted. (tep.iiritvt of <b'?'ri|itioii s-iecuhhl with neaiii?4<, punctuality amTdispitrh,French polishing and varnishing. M tuufaitnr. uu li. ' I' air I . 11' ?'j Kstubls thinrul., bvtwt'en Dover street ?nd IVck ally. Ricrr.Hr vHta. Messrs. I".. It G. W. iilutit, coinser of W ler street olel Builinit alip. Mr. A. Meitarey, I<10 VituriUtrt. Mr. Demill, 2:B PeatI street. in lit lw*? CHI N A G L ASS AN D EARTHENWARE. 8ASTOII HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Services, 115 pieces. |25 00 VHiile Grimite, do do 112 do 13 w French, or Rii;'li<k TorcfUSn T?*t 8a(4, 32 do 4 00 Dinner l'lates, French porcelain. ,??er dozen, 1 94 Do do Granite, blue or do I '>0 !&>up, do French I'orctlain, do 2 0<l Do do Gntnite. blue or white, do I twi Tea 4'iijw and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelain, I -V) Egg ('up*, do do 37 Glass. Cut WiutJS. per dozen, from I 50 Do Tumblers, do do t ftO Lemonade.*, handled, do 2 25 Tabi.K CuTunr. Ol the finest discriptioiu, in sets or dcr.eni, at the Idwprtoe of $12 the set. Just oiH'iicd, i haudsoine assortment of Toilet Ware. R S' VlltSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Sini|>*<tt)T* Ear Cornets* lor the relief of deafiies*. rnK ! m * C CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. rl,HE Subscriber i. now opetirnu his Syrinx supply ol 1 HARDWARE AND CUTI.ERY, r?c -iveil |ht lats ar- | rivals from Uirininulkin and Sheffield. Tottelht r will) a gen*r?l assortmentof Domestic tsooo. wnirhlir is pre|surd to offer nl the very LOWEST CASH PRICES. Tin* attention of Country Merchants, Builders, t abidst Makers, he., ia solicited to *11 .lamination of hi* stock and yriyes, as be is confident tlicv will liutl it So llivir interest to I'avor bun wilbacall. ALFRED F. LAIIRAVE, 210 Urecnwirh. comer Barclsv, Now York. A i.ifulsr supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Cooivr'iOlae, Also?a complete a*>ortmeur of Mtvlianies' Tools, Jsmcs' Screws, fcc. !? > ?* rPRIAL OF BOOK SApkS !) ?Several trials uisuu Iron A Salin, ofililfnem maki rs.hiwn tv-n bad in lurna?>s, and certificates iriven by rusnucluM* .WreamKs, in lasor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander Swfr. The Sales so tried, together with the Committees' report, and other testimonials, ran lie sy 11 .iMOie Iron I heat Warehouse of the Subscriber, the only place uitoeaity where Wililet's Sala manlier Safe' can be had. Chests of other makers,surli as have heeti liken in part pay meut for tin-Salamander, for sale at Ir.s than half ul the first cost. SILAS C. HERRING, m22 2wo lib Water Street. MOTT's P.VI'ENT "PORTAIH.K. VlTllNAcfc, and WaaIi Boiler, admirably adapted for washing, can placed! in flit***> Ihf ar.-a .tr Hip t-i.r.l Patent AgriculturUu, Furnace and Cauldron,. in siz?;*(?f IS, 30, 10, 50, 60, HO, 100, 120, and 150. ThcM furnarci require! only' a piece ofj??i>e to fit them for me. No article har ever gijvcn better tatisfaction to those farmers who hare uied them. Patent Hard Coal Furnace, a new article fo r lumnrr use-? will mak** a neat little stove for winter. Patent Chii> or Charcoal Furnace, from new t wtterna. much unproved. These are lined with firebrick. Alio a vie ry low priced furiuce witliout lining. Combination and Fuel-Saving Cook Stoves, at kiimin*r prices. The combination i* the only legitimate stnrYe that conuucti the steams anil smell from the kitrhcii. They are equally well adapted for summer a winter. Dealers supplied on liberal tern *. J. L. MOTTT, jel 1m*c 9S4 Water and 15 Bowery. DRY GOODS, &c. SHIRTS. TTNITKD STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,ir Wily I lain iticrl, comer of Liberty, N. Y Notice- is hr.-eby gircn to Mrrchants and traders in general, that the proprietors of the above establishment have adopted a new method of nuuiufactoring which enables thern to sell their shirts DC a leheaprr rate th.n any other home in tlii. city. Tin. statement will l?e affirmed by the |i,t of prices as follows:? IV r Itnt. Kine Muslin Shirt., w i:h Linen Bosom, and Collars, - - $*,.10 Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,0# Do Colored nne pale rut, large nixes 1,(10 Also, a large uuaiility of Bosoms ami Collara ronsi.Hiillv on timid, which will lie offered cheap fo cash. m29 Im'r THE SHIELDED VICTORIA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important arficlc for use in the nnrvery ami osa fattening to ladies' shawls, cloaks, Stc., pnrnp-il in ilia United Stales and in Europe, for sale, wholesale, l-y W. H. CARY !l CO., 196 Prerl strret, New York, ami by the |>*tentee * the manufactory, l"i Jay Brooklyn. 'I lucid uid needle stores, ami dealers in fancy articles, supplied on liberal term.. _ 111 111 III r STRAW GOODS. rp BENNETT, imiairter and manufacturer of Italian and l English Straw Goods, respeetlWly informs his customer, thai he ba? removed his eaUblishinenl from 99 William ami 2# Piatt, ta 19 John street, where he continues to keep a aplendid . and extensive assortment of labieV fashionable Straw (roods, I Ercnch aud English Duiistahles, kalian Rutland., tine Tuscan, Kaiu-y Slu IIworks, Prinre Albeit Straws, Stc. Ike. Also, an entirely -Jest article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses all the styles aa ywt l litre (lured, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m!l_lm*in TO THE LADIES. CARHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The pronrieF tiess, Miss 8 KING, daughter of the celebrated ('ail King, affc rs for sale a most select ami choice assortment of Millinery Good, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the pale lie, both as regard, the ipiahly aud cheapui ss of the | rtiele. Thr assortment consist* of the following ;? The celebrated SILK MAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OR- , LEANS, a. wool hv La Dtichesse D'Orleans, of H ranee , , "MED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?-Aud Lawn Hau do do?An tutite new style o Hats failed " MODINE CAPOTTKS, ELSSLElt cottage.* KiMctjfh JfAJiCY STRAW?, M the fi.|e?l tei> rare, in great TaKiot^ i * . c Tin- l*rn|irii'trr?? rr?;?*ftfullv fnliyit* lh- Ij^lri fn (" true her * vjull araU,ai*l,??nmiiUerelj yant ajuf i anril ?tr?.k < (' MiJ- , lra*-rj' fur. (Iwnwflvei Jwwe w)' pnrHieni HlWjrhe.fe, ? it will or a-great anting lAthem i:i u?u e laid * grfaladva uU(>* '? " '' regard* tlifimnety htnl yiialiry ul" flie roml.*. , . . . . , ,1 .e , MISS S. KINO. M*?T/ Wnrir... : , jinlf Im'r ' .'JW^Bn-ailway. 'siTMSttiusToCKs: SCARF?* ('If A VATS. AM) GLOVKK ri'ST RK< 'F.I VKD, a rich -uwiy of th^ above artirKii, c<*n* k' liatiwof i v#?rv It^liv aim! (imtir i(nrk, for the imain months. Al*?? Hnirfs unl Crtvafc,in ?r<-m virrrt). A larae aasortaietit of Bilk, Thr?nd# (button and Mmfciii ("lloVfs?at the old eitHblhdiment 211 Broadway, b?tw? #11 Park Place ?i?d Murray Mjn? PAKSF.LL8, Agrnt for J. AiiATK, N. B. CousUufl) on hand an e*t?iulYr assortment of Linen and Muslin Shirti, Liueu Diess Fronts, Linen Collar*. Under j Ojrwn wti. fcc. Ike. , in n fm* .1 | MILLINERY GOODS'. CAlll. KJNO, the well k noyau and ceUbratedMiJIirJ ry eud Iwtibe. S|mw Hit ManuCirtitrer to ITer Majesty the , 0UKKN OK HVNOLANU, t, jim-i* liilly heflt 1 eave .to Announce to the*Ui*| hr Ins I Iitur I ftliott aerfi-Ii?fId and laalootlalile ix,ort?iieiit ul' Il,adie*' Straw xU Milk II it*. Tie1 Straw Hats are nianuf&ctiii ed to a Bloat fnacinaliiiit aitl U rongar -tiatw rilled . ; Tflff xlsRIKHI C6TTAU& - ' itMOifSy'ranilri i-Swiii Flare'ammi-l jho front- The bmijla rlieae.llara.arv made of i? of the m>-*t ele~*nl il.ttema, th. Albert filrairiil ixIriirnlaV i*j.afT.uAwi| ky * ' til'BKrN VICTORIA. Tin- ?ilk <l*i*>rlmeul 11 (oyJu 'Vtl 111 the Bloat niy.ue nil and J lent)' iMilUiH ri, lull lo i i|U*IIi L Tile .ilka an . ftli* nrwent ' *|\ Iire an iiru-irted, TAmmint .mm Flower* to rorne?ii6nd. ' Thoae who w nil TO rAneirire tliemielm may rail at. So. 'J? ! Canal, heir Bm-Wlwav, and 17 DlTiiinn itre?u N. It.?His Kirn Ril.tmna and Frenrh Flower*, are of llie I I Heat style, andean lot inireliatr.l at ml In r of'hi* ealabli-jimenta, at wnotraale oi l retail, on ceaaouabk- trrioa. ml n Im'r I MM'i BOOTS?i.ATKMT KIQKiNi H 4l^PaBTYIyB.?'Tim (illUwnIter mike* lu onlrr| It--..i* ofrie- alei?e -It an i|4io|i, of din finest ijualily of Krriteli t 'alf s[kin1 a|id lollu-I?U.-.I ?')le, anil al n ry rr itrlrea.? I Oi?nurrw?ll wno nnt# wt n in mrmrm ni p'yinceYinirmjm r for infrri/ir nrhrlrt hrr r??|u ??* ?I fn /"nil avnl hfrnjumn d t :4mr In-: prices tvr fwtn un to tweiftf per Iwliiv othrr ? %Unt% in thr uruli^irlnKHl Draw met taiu* Uk?w? ??l* t%?- ft'ff, ami a pair ol lul* kept ?<v ?.*?:)i uncr, ikirrv u mo ?lfAmity in KrO.utt a Imiujomj V?l e?>? It. I ( uustaiiih on hind, a ljur?e **lorttnent or rulitonaliR- rr*dy at|ri.'? v,nh* Kntn TWO DOM. ARS f'lVTt v I'F.NTA TO 'lit l)OI.I,ARK; HOf Bitot*. llmCorsi Stfio**, i I'umn, Hliiiprn.Jtr.dtt.atoqnally Wiwmntoa. I d JOHN W. WATK&S, IU Jtolt rltl., ? ai 3m? ft, .1. N I- MM Old Dullhal*. , - *? ? L'uVsi'i H IMJ-OHTRD <tAI'i*KU$ of all rn ' ol' Kaihinn; kV'tirli hiv(? anil pitt-n]lr*rh?-r ? " i, ilri tt ?W?, iraitrn, wartime .hiw* anil fnmp*, flu mm, ' itoiTiind HdliltHA. Men.' ami buy*' rli<*]> hoot* fm|> (2 75, a I jj i h! $1 |ki pair. Mom' ih?r* 71 to l(M and 12? |>?r ' J, ijv. i?W* jll In 75 r? nt? anil $1. and warrant*! ir?nd. l i.ailil* rmaai* ami rlulilrrli.' *ail*r honta, jtockukjn*, fc ilklliK I .lumaaml tlipvrr* of all color* ami !*? , It lent faijnkn, t?c*. ^ Miaknia anil alii*, 75 ffnta to II. food li *lip|?ra. (Attn- and , *d0o emnl aointiknt ol'Urn ??>Jr artudo* nl ?l laud Mrort, f fPtM of Broodww JOiil ?t aw Cwl ?. north-wo* tfirapr of t lfiui*oi> . ml. WalkerV ^ . ,T '| - i 'ftfKB B>8*1 M BH O V K-O *8 L1 UyMi * .Mc*a*t-iitv-It r i?r I *? cant. |r? than! i rrtofoir. Tim luwtriwr *>** |?"W j>n. . W&H k*l ifcmlrr?. wlarir|da*ti? nf 0*mfdritw ? M i*ril?.in t ' itaRou. <**i|4?>r>tMt t<? 1j fatt*. <.* ! and Mai|n*r lot Miomritmot No. Ill (Hand nnrl.uiii door too# Bri>Ai?*T- I X. B.?>11 I,,ml, of ri-1, hron cffif *n<lTrp??r?l P * I tn?* ?Ttdvte<! uAtlcr, on rrM n.ihl* terms m3Plm#r fJ-uMUj - I -iftn.. . . I' RK I ORNING, JUNE 5, 1842. BOOKS AND STATIONERY TO PAPER MAKERS. DF'RSEE k BROOKS, Na. M Liberty street, between * Broadway and Nassau street, N?*w York, ini|*ort direct from tlie Manufacturer* the f<-?llofYim; articles, fix:? Bleaching Powder id' Boyd 2k Soii'# make?warranted for uniformity and strength, ?.ju.iI to any in this country orOreat Britain, and for flu* tain of which they ai? sole agents in the United Bute*. English Cylinder Machine Felring of very superior quality, 36, 40, 16, ijt,. 72, and 81 inches w ide. Dr\er Felting of strong fabric, and of width* (totally required. Blue Sinalu.?Having the agency of the Sutton Company's Blue Small*, they are enabled to ?uppl\ FFFF., and FhFFE; in any qiuitrtici. Wire* for Kourdriiiier and Cylinder Machine*, manufactured from the purest in?ul?also, Jacket*?Wet and Brett Felis. Pulo Screen*, Not, 1. 2, '.i. of hi mm metal. Orders for any of the ahovo article*, together with Foreign and domestic rags, Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, Ike. Stc., will meet with prompt attention n MEW GUITAR MU8M-GEORUK H. UEHVVOUT. T* professor of the guitar, No. 138 Canal street opposite the St. John1* church, has the honor to acquaint hi* Trieuds and the public that he hss published a variety ol* new and |H>pul.n aiiu* tic, arranged with easy accompaniments for gttjlar. Mr. D. will alt?. arrange and compose music for orchestra, guitar, and other instruments, and give i lis tn??. lions to small ttn on thi pi uio forti md iioliti.* myt * i PAPER HANGINGS. MA. HOW ELL k C()., 367 Pearl street, are now receiv ing from tlieir manufacturers at New Brunswick, an tensive assortment of Pap?r Hangings, Borders, 6*.e. of the latest and most apnrovcd patterns and styles, suited to the city and country trade , which they otter to dealers at Hie net tnauMlactorv prices. A fan their usual variety of French Paper, Borders, Fire Bo^ro Prints, Views, K.C. Tne best workmen to put on j?aper in any |?art of the city cau be hud at the dim ;t si notice. felloodtm r HOM(EPATHTaS WORK 8.?Just published by Wm RADDK, 32*2 BroadwM), John's New Manuel of Iloinmtwtlyic Practice, edited, with annotation*, by A. Gerald Hall, M. D., seeond American, from the thin! Paris edition. This indispensable bonk to houuepathirtts is now complete in 2 vol*.? Price ill jmpcr a full bound cony $7. The kamily Guide to the Administration of ILmupptf In* Remedies, third edition, from the second Louden edition, with additions?Price 26 cents. Popular Considerations on Homu))Kithia? by Win. Cullen Bryant, Etti., belivered before the New York Honunputhic Society, Dec. 23, 1811?Price 18% cents. Also, just published, llydiiahck, or Manuel of the Water Cute, as practised h> Vincent Priouiiiti, in Grrrleab^rz, com piled and translated from'the writings of Charles Muiuk, 1). Aestel, D. B. Hirschel, an.I other practitioner*, by Kraucis (Jrirlfr?Price $!? neatly bound. This little neatly j?riuCf il bookeoiitaiu* an exposition in what miutier tliis simple agent has been foiiud reou lial. m l lm*i BOOK BINDING"" I'AI'RH HUM-NO. f J IRKLAND, So. 120 Na&aan street, liavim: an entire yew I stock of Binding Tools anil Killing Machinery, of flu* Litest ainl most appro*? d patterns, is now prepared t?? riecuic all orders in the mot durable and handsonw maimer. MerrliMiU Acccouul Books and all other kind* ??l' Hlankwork rul? d and bound to any patterns, and in i style that is warranted to give satisfaction. Any w ork ordered can be done iu^ihe'Riiglial i mode if rei|iiirt d, as H. I. has had Ion* experience ill both method*. FOR BALE?Two second hand Copi>erplate Presses. A|v plyasabove. mm iin ~ HATs'.^ HATS! HATS! HATS If BROWN Ik CO'S Out; Trice I!at Store, uhoUsaU and re J tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where bullion, hemity, durability and economy are combined to adorn the he ail. The proprietor* have the pleasure now to oiler tn .addition U> their recenth unproved ihort napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely resemble* that of all furs the most roll, Hid beautiful, tint (h-dilfi'it nee 1-i not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one Kice cash system, which enables us to fnruitli a verv sujwrinr at lor the price charged. In Presenting these Hats to the jHiblic the proprietors think they nave rem hod the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. rn4 3in# " JEWELRY, ~ WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. 'PHK Sabarriher is veiling all Jrrcriptinn ?f (Jell? J Silver 1 Watcher, Gold awl Sllai r Pewits, (J< 11 ( /*;?*, Keyr, Ac., at retail, lower than at any other olrce in tt:? lity.? Gold Wafohca ns low it thirty |.? foitv I'jllui net*. Watcher and Jewelry cxchauctr) or bought. All ?Vi' r.rc werrant*4 to keep good tirar. or the imwiry i, turned. Wltffcn and Clock. rtirtired in rt*:* beat manner, I it J wamrtuj, at :nurh Iras than the naitai artfaa ty cm <o Ithe tinert wnigmen in tlie city. G. C. ALLEN. Imie.rtur of Watches nail Jewelry, wholeaale aud retail, 11) Wall atrrtd, u|i ataira. nifHIm'in I WATniKs, JEWELIO . CUTLERY, fcc~.-Th. "? arribera lieing ileal mua of materially reducing their atock, offer lor ante at li!i|Hirtntioii roat, for caah or approved alurrt Cprr, Ki'lil anil ailvef watches, gold i hums, peucila, ringt, 1114 Mills s, diamond nina and riaga, tiuis-l diamonds, put* atonea, plated, Japan, and (Jertnan ailver wan* ofeftjy deat'riyatioo; ns ants on cards and in slovens, |ien, pocket aim dirk km era, ic ia > ? !. ..f .altlr ?ln, allvrr spectacles, ikimbli a, pencils, tooth nicks, pick!** fork*, plated canines, rhaists, rintra, loeketi, e> e ria'aea, motto seals, pocket books, aeitar caaea, ct.rkacr. wa, Ac. St. . b. J. NF.USTADT it BAkNKTT, m7 Itn* c 42 Maiden lane. cTjewellkrm. min1ature painters. *c.C. U j. hartnett, No. 2 Conrtlandt ?trc?t, near Bio nlw Wholeaale and Retu! M molar! lire ra of '1 rarellinit. Writing, Dressing and Jewel caaea, miniature cnara, and arltiinta, llutr, locket, watch, rim;, and pin caaea; cases for ailrer (date, neatly arraniced to order. Alio, traya nadc and filled to Jewellers' allow caaea, to contain watrhea, chaina, nugs, keya, piiM, thimhlea, jieticila, At*. Ac. Ac. A variety of the ilmve art idea constantly on hand, add made 11 order, with neatness ami <lea|iaU*h. No. 2 Conrthmlt aire. i, New York. ni?ilm*c REMOVED ? III,AIRE WALTER, igciii and lArtner id tlie home of Berio-r W titer, the only manufactory of Watck Gaunt in France, No. 27 I'ar.idia Poissonniere street. Paris, hat the honor "f informing Mssrs. dealera in watch wtffka, and all article. roimecteil ? itli the line, aa alao Maara. dealers in cat glass, that their eMahlislimeut of walcli glasses, cut *la?., (lit anlrohin*d, fancy article, Ac. Ac Ac., ha. lately keen te moved froin No CO Maiden Laue, to) No. till William irreet. Gentlemen deairona of purchasing from the only depot of the factory, are reapectliilly invited to mil r-c;-u!|-'*-whore w ill In* found an niiiifallesl aatortment of the abdve mentioned goods, which will be dia|Niaed of on the moat reasonable terina. ml2m*r NOTICES. New Yon* ?.d Ai.h.nv Rait, Koau('o.) Office Na. 2 Park Place. < NOTICE n hereby (iren to the Stockholders of the New York and Alhanv Rail Roail Comiians* ')|Mt an eleriion nf Iftrt >-?nv< to v.aiil Contmuy. will take uac? at their Otfce, No. 2 fNrk Place, Oft Monday the fci*th ofJutie tieit. The Pol la will be open at 10 o'clock, A. m., and Continue open utittl I o'clock", P. M. I The Book a for tin- tr.nifer of Stock are cloard, on J will >o continue notll tlw 7lli day of Jnna neat. . By order of the Board, no; i ii i JOS. E. BLOOMt'lELD' lUcfrUiy, Pl'kk VIRGIN wink. ? TS? Mibacribcr kaaMwludnfl direct fioui ( tdir, oac liutt of wiue, made from tin |>nr>' Virgin On|ir, frotn the mountaina of Andeluaia, witlinnt aleohoi; thii la lor clmrrli u?e, or any other tree. Alao. fine Port [or -oniiner me, auJ a lull, of that very old BramK* for aick i-eoid. . Apply to (IILBKRT DAVIS. ii I'inc ktrrrt. 'fen quarter raaka Amartillado Sherry, superior quality, landmi; from aaine vi-aael. ., jc3 31r DARTNtf'JiSjIll'TJiHSOLl'TjJJlN.-Notice ig harehy yiJ ven tjiv X h uTca II. Blair hautiz TuTutilaril}' withdrawn rrpm fnetfrm of Wright at :rrT, tail the tytfrirfatant, the iiudiflrifio'il-'Kri- .-tnaiioi iadd lo pay* aftd reteitr' aH tBotiir.r.aud m ulc all Ju'oounl, (pinoit.d i|i.r* walk. , . IM 'o., AgonCy (WRjy, Nio.'U \4irMen. lane. . Jw.?\ L ' '"'J y '?H\, f~i<M,XR.TjrEHs|tfp,~?lii'',ui).lero?urJ, incceaaiWa to lire v.'/ Jatf IrlH il'dnmia Tridah- Itf Hifm-Hl, "hate tloa ttay internal into rn-pwttier?ln|i undi r the title \d 'MsDA I.K at HI lltOKN, for llie Iran-aciim.' oi a licurral i;<>i*u>imiou Buainaaa. at Nra 2lt Waler street. . , H'rl.I.IAM S. TISDAI.K, WIIXIAM BORDKV Now Vork, lat June, I812, Notice.?The Fall River Iron Worka Company of Fall Rarer, Maaaarhu.< fit;harm* c?uhli?hed an a/ency at No. 'ilk Water Ureal, lor the tmuaacuu/ of tin ir buainras inthiarlty will ,i oi criiutaiitlv on han i tluire a full assortment ill Naila, Rons, Shapea, Jlonpes, Stc, Id iwafc riSOAI.K'k RORDF.N *ccma. (Mill \ IM )S pni|in<4iir of |li? SkIikA mi tin- AiTailr ?' I'lnlddr-liiliii, I h?> liiird uf i>yr wf tin inori rakiuti'- and flag ml (noma in h? world. t . IimviIiiv. (Cluxlnnt atrawf itmnrillat.-lv ?ip|KMitr !<? *'Uotrl,) will v ??"|nd roprviiiyul apd worthy tin atu-nwn .y'^Mitl. mii^j uattjlnig. jtyi ni'iulg* inilit lvc?lfliy f*wflifia .1/ l|ih(V, JtliiM ?<l, Tbl?. * 'r.u^' n ? :i : jilJt'r L'NVRAVINO HY'IIHK OM N'lllttAWI kfAi. III NT..? I * ill Kit, Jtl.NKS 14 < <_)., IM Broadway/-corner til' John Ilrril, N.V., Vl?<"l'>ri-d t.i rnitniri- all lunda of Majwj Chart*, Plana iM Murray*, or any work of that rlnaa, in tin* unjat htattlfltl atvlc, with mijuralh-lwt i-t|irrtit>oti, and at |irirrai far lw |.it llwae cluryrJ I'or aimilar aaorkwaerutt-d by haml mKrarng?tharoat ill Jim- atari or mmier plau-a not ricrrding Liliocratdiio work. N. B.?ftiwriinana of tha work dona by Kip Omnigtaph ran M> i-iaaimrd at rba ntfire in Broad way. iiitRlmr piano Fortes \ \AAM l.y A. If. OALfcA CO.,lab N. V. k" Pinno ?>rt rA.-! nrchi<in Hi* invited ?>idnt[n^ Hxir ' ittfireMoek twf'ort* iiirrhnnii: rUiwhf-rr, At their \|tnt?fkciury uiwi WArt*. Uoxu,, Third Avenue, eoroor td Tlprt#*nih Ireet. N. B. Price* tofrnif the jrI Impia* PIANO FORTIES. [ ^Ot iTHKRM DF.ALKRH it t!i?tcw>?fr?lMioiaMvWiU find ' It to choir adTMifagi- t I till IT it ttwii"? lAnu laiortniant if tin-abota articlr, n>mi<riai:iy a C.aoatr ol <> and djjj l?u?riw, f roarw/Kid aud mahogany, Witt, .-Tsui jrlioti, acrolll aland*. ml rrtry niodrrn impr-n ,:t fctJ. TJiey: itunr i n.-uu fcr.-waranird to la- tonal to any it cflf. 'ltd Will b? ntWlJ for low... ... I .- -l . .1.,,.^ ai vV,at boa* llitlrrfl, brfwiwe Killli I N. B.? Piano Fortra for *rxi iawntlACf *f I\oro for I iir <tl tli* mmitifftrtawr j* *7*. r?fniKHtXt-ftXfrP, No. J Na??au atrart, iinwaBo F itoNNAHi) k p. prLA^^rv. >a?a Itw hoanr lo inform rtn ir * ? ,K<' If"* ; moral, ih.1t rVv l**aad.M totforir nld wtablidimntiij known l.r of nii'lrr thr firm of J. Bonrtard, the rreni Kal.vwi km thr ??? floor of ll?<- nm* honor, ami hara hoid*aarr??*n4ori.'n?lifaa*r tUionaw R.f I he coonuno.kiinii of Wtrald iwriW??M'i aoeintjr dtuawaa. J ' Thi-V nill i?|- tha- nr. atrat dtttntkM to order* tnr ra and wLii... dfcr \?HM tkKkf. - 1 (t>.?mr-'?d OnU*a an. lit* un"i ^mrvakoC ilia U."? bote*. . ^ISfcsr^-r AVpKP thr bri* Ohio, fiun Ha.tna, oflnptrio la ouanty. for lata in lota lo aurt ruiYhdaafra, at rcaaotvibl ritM. B M IVAnVft, M < Watkambtnrat. n.10 I t." % [ERA ' 1 LonUvlllc. [Corruk|touJonce of thu lleraU.J LnciavnxK, May 29, 1&42 Arriiutl of Mr. Van Burnt in iMMtvillc?Hii toarm Rirrjitum?Anmiutt of IajtiI IMurjttth?l^fii Mmptth tlrn'iitg the xlu^r, tchijt in Knnd.intoixxi'ngton, J.OIRsG. BKNNKTT:? ( >b Sulurduy veiling of the 2rtth instant, olircitizens collected to u great number, out by the Wuodland t iarden, which is more than a mile distant from the outskirts of the city, to meet ami welcome KxI'resident Vim Buren, who liad stated in his letter, to the committee, that he would arrive at that time in our city. All kinds of vehicles, might be: seen, at an early hour, wending their way to thd place appointed to meet the Ex-President, consequently a large crowd was gathered long before Van Huren arrived; anxiously did the motley crowd look for the approach of the Lexington stage, in widen Mattin was expected. At length, little Van is announced by the whisper ingsnf the crowd to eavlt other, all stretching their necks and straining their eyes to see the littlej Magician. Some looked for a sandy-haired, fpx-like visaged person, hut saw none other than a venerable grey haired man, whose snow white locks shows both the mark of time and nge. Garret Diincun, (whig) and one of the committee, was previously up (minted to address the Ex-Preaident and welcome liitn to our city. The address was both suitable to the occasion and eloquently delivered. it was greeted with applause and shouts from the crowd, and received with satisfaction and pleasure from the Ex-President. The military, consisting of two companies, the Blues, Cant. Ormsbv, and the National Guards, Cnpt. Ilelfrick, struck up their martial music and escorted Martin through our city. They proceeded down Jefferson street to Eighth, then up to Miiine to the Gall House, where Martin from the balclny re-, turned his heartfelt thanks for the warm reception tendered him Dy the citizens ot Louisville. The Hon. II. Clay, did not accompany tfie KxPrenident, as was anticipated ; lie will, however, he here next week to witness the races, las lie scarcely ever looses the opportunity if at honje. The unassuming manner 111 which Lord A|??rj>eth travelled through oui State, has elicited the warmest expressions from our citizens, uud entitle liim to the distinguished reception, as a gentleman, I which he has received from the citizens of the I'nited States, and of the various places through which he has passed. When the Lord visited our city, several of our fir-a bloods endeavored to persuade him to remain and be present at the races; and to wiyi him to this jiersuasion, Col. Oliver, the proprietor: of the track, invited hint out to take a survey of the ground. It chanced to be the militia parade day, and they were out at Oakland drilling. As they proceeded out, they met the militia returning to the cjty ; as they untouched them, Lord Morpeth inquired the j meaning ot so great a crowd. The Colonel re| marked, that they were the raw militia parading in j their citizens dress, and without arms, but that there was not a man among them but what could [knock out the bulls-eye, with a rifle at fifty yards, every "pop." . j Another no less amusing, and Characteristic of the man, is told of hint as he proceeded to Lexington. After the stage had left Versailles, lx>rd Morpeth, who was travelling incog, got up on the stage box with the driver. After setting sotnc time] he requested the driver to allow hint the privilege of driving, as lie was tolerably good at it. It took a great deal of persuaaiton on the part of the I^ord to induce the driver to grant him the rains, as it was against the rales n! the company, and he stpod in danger of bring discharged for so gross a neglect. Finally, Lord Morpeth overcome his scruple*, and lie handed him the reins. The driver was perfectly astonished at the case and skill, with wliich lie managed the bores. He drove like 1111 experienced driver and one accustomed to handling horses in that way; and as they naared the city, and on ascending the hill just this side of Lexington, Lord Monxth inquired of the driver which street he should enter ; the driver strongly remonstrated as to his driving through die city, and begged ot him to give up the r ins, as he would most assuredly be discharged, if h<* rtiouldullow linn to ilnvc through, a?the proprietors would see them. Lord Morpeth gave up the reins, mid as !i<- did ho. uuictly pushed into tlir hand of ilit- driver a guinea. Vou can picture die ustonisliluncnt of the driver at sucli a lustrous denouement. 1 lis difsyuiee no longer concealed liia person. Martin Van Btiren will stay till the races are over. They commence on Tuesday, the Slut. Look out for "crack tinte/^ Lonsvrr.r.K. City Intelligence. PtcarocKET oh r? Mr. Joseph B- l)oe, of 100 Pearl itreet, was engaged in the reading room ol '.lie Merchants' Kxchnnge, yesterday afternoon, ho mined hispockut-lxjok, containing a imall sum of money ami tome valuable papers, and suspecting a man who had been standing near him, as being thu thief, lie followed him out of tlio building down Williiim street, to Old Slip, w boil, up.u being accosted, tlio rogue very quietly pulled the pocket-book from under bis vest, and handed it to the owner. Ho was then secured and taken to the Tombs, where lie was recognised as an old bird, named John Morris, abas Master, and fully committed for trial. Burro Own. -In accordance w ith the suggestion in Friday's lleruld, Alderman West of the 16th ward appeared before the Mayor yesterday, nnd maJe an affidavit relative to the nuisance existing at the corner of Hth avenue and '2.1.1 street, by persons engaged in blasting rocks to o|ien the street, through which means a man w as killed on Thursday last. A warrant won immediately i?sucd at the lower police for the arrest of Terreueo Koen, the foreman of the work, mul he wns held to bail in the sum of Vj.otKi to answer all charges alleged igaiast him. Francis Kelly, the contractor for opening the street, entered security with Koen for the amount. Th*t tcrol* for the Tombs, or the Irame work intended for its construction, was levied upon yesterday by one of our city marshal*, loj a debt of $87, due by the ^tn'.^artoy, Alon/o WV?t, njnf the .municipal portion of it 4"..tot*tJ glf" midge, hio#?rder?. And iticking up in Owl xeStitoille o${hllurikltiag,''W* VlKtgeeredlfie following ' Br virtuoof a fi. la. execution, lAvlll expose for aate at ' . pabbe wejuliie, on WrHnaaday, the Mh day of June next, .itton u'cioflt ia the feranoon, at the (nil* ol JM?ti^?v .Cclllre street, u ipiantity Of pliw-ttmliar.'kn. WM. M. HOWKLL, Mar?haJ. Dated Neui Vork, June-Jd, KM 1. Any hotly, therefore, who wlnhe* to buy a cupula ruidy made to order, had better attend the sale on U'edne*. day. Bi.ank Wxtrit Rr.Tr ax*.?The watch retnrn* forwarded to the lower police other each mornirtg, contained not a aingle Commitment on Thuraday night. Thi* ireuiastance has nrtt tranaj.ired before In nrvrrnl year*. A I.nirci Jrnor.V'-rOnn of the biped speciox, named George Blytlte, wgi caught and caged yinter.laf, on a charge of ttenling y trunk containing money and clothing, valued at $dtt.'Withe properly of Qivcn Mitchell, of No. 11 Ro*e?trPcC None of tby^gnoda wore found in )u? pov*es?. ion, but huhayiqg been ven to take the trunk he w a?fttlly committor! foe trfol. , t Mn'ioUcr.i.t on A Mr. Warroki raaclerxl a *ort-of-akui l of-aK'haUtuigo from a Mr. t.iereland erHnwdny, and i delivered the docum?h*lo Jaatiee Maaanll, Whoaettled the nlfiir according to the rub* of prttfee, without calling in the aid ol the rule* of honor. There being no t?o*itt\ f evidence that Cleveland wrote the letter, llarrold waa very wiii'lf rvi'in to satmiy nimwn 01 mat iaci nesoro In-rotilit sustain a complaint, as the probability t*m that th?* letter was n hoa* to frighten him oat of his wits or breeches, if poMiblc. Kos/sduIimm.?A white infant was fottnil j efcterday morning in the area of No.-I Bonil street, nicely t *-1 up in it bundle. It was conveyed to the fifth district watch ln>ti?r, by a w oman who louml it. anil in about an tour afterward*, * colored infant was rumcyol to thnlbi rth diatrirt watch house. it having boon found on the itep* of No. 'Mil Ninth atroot. The little innocents were sent to the Alms llouae, christened aud placed with I tillable nurse* to rear them. Court for the Correction of Krror I. Ji iv. 4?The court met In the Board of Aldirmen's room, at the fit) Hall. Present, the Lieut, (lover ior, (in the chair) , the Chancellor, and Senators Birth- t, Docker, franklin. Hunter, Paige, Scott, Vaiian, Varn-y.ftnd VVorka?If. A i|uocum not baitig present the court adjuttrnnd to mesttou Monday forenoon, i.t || o'clock. The ronrt is composeil of the Lieut, flovemor, the Char i rllor, iho three lodge* of the Supreme Court aud thiity-two Senators. The Hitpreine < ourt lodges do not cote ia _j ;4-peni l in- nimiiMmu* q oration, in nil pif l> ilnlifA.W n<*' conM' *P f?r onin data. the " relator* '?(the wh^ai?being in no hnrr> to linn* it on. In th - n??n 'nnc, if the Judges And unnecetaary delay cahibitn in the f matter, they may feel authorised t?> quaah the ma i.lnmu* 'ltogether. Ch.irlu" O'Connor, and ?rr helieae "th -r rmi- > nent e-enmiet, tvitf pppfar.on hrhalf oftlir Mayor. !j -.? ! .... rinnll Canrl. ' The nrdrt aiante.t U* J'l.lfn. "Kent, on a|ip (ration tl of D. D. WilfiamMtn, requiring the jmeaent ? o n pit oiler to ?how c;iu?e why he due* not reeigL. In' ? tir.n, ia returnable to morrow iVtnoday) forenoon, at lb< 'clorh, when argument on the tuliject trill probably he . lira ?i.?I , l JT <] i 1 i .'1 'i^ ' I ?7J ' LD. Prtct Tw? Cenu, Important rtoM Yccatan-?Wu have received a tile of late Yucatan papers, from which we leain that in consequence of the refusal on the part of President Santa Ana, to ratify the treaty concluded by tlio Commissioners at MuriJa, and the hostile step ol forbidding Yucatan vessels to em or an) of the Mexican IiortS, tin- floveruor hail convened an extra session of the Cong, e.s, who, at the lust dates, were discussing the imwsun? in ccssarv to lie adopted to secure the state from Mexican np'L ression. All tinproceedings appeared to be mark' 1 by narmouy and cool deliberations?Arte Qrleani bulletin, May J#. Kitssiiii: Kikk in Nonrot-x? Hoists titsisoYi.u.?A lire broke out this morning at half-past i o'clock, in a wooden tenement on Little Water street. next to the ceruer of Woodsule's lane, w hich spr< ad with great rapidity to the adjoining buildings and w as not subdued until it hud swept through to wide Water street, carrying in its destructive career, every building in the space between Holt's lane (East) and Warren's row, in the rear ol the Exchange. (West) including Lacoste's block, in which was the I. States rendezvous. The row of buildings belonging to the estate of James Woodward, Esq., and the large brick house on W. W. street, of the late Mrs-Leppin. Kimball's house was the only one destroyed on the north side of Little Water street. We ha\ o not time to ascertain the precise number of houses destroyed, but believe it does not fall short of JO They were all of brick except two, but w ith old shingle roofs, very dry and combustible, and mostly tenanted ny very poor people?whose condition is truly deplorable? and a few sailor hoarding houses With few exceptions they were on leased ground, and we boUave mostly insured. The F.xehange was in imminent danger ; but experienced the same good fortune which attended it ut the memorable lire* of 17W> and 1804, when the same spot wn (wept by tha destructive element?Norfolk Herald, June 3. Sicxncss in KcsTveir,?The " Kleniiiigsburg Ken tuckiiui"of the 'Jlst ult. savs :?" It ia an unnaually sickly time in this plurc, especially among children. Scarcely a family can Ik* found who have not more or leas sicltne. i in it. The hooping rough and measles have prevailed in rather a virulent form, carrying otl several children to their long, long home." Movimcsi or Troops?Chrbbinu News prom Ki.on:os ?I11 our lust we notice.) the arrival here, on their way to the Northern Frontier, of four Companies of the'Jd Regiment of 17. S. Infantry. On Saturday, three more Companies of this Regiment arrived here lor the same destination, viz: I 'ompanius K, It, and I, commanded hv ("apt. Kingsbury, Lieut. Penrose, and Lieut. Lyon. The remaining three Companies of the Regiment are expected here this day. The trans|>ortation ot all the troops to New York has been engaged by tbe f^aartei master. The news by tbe last night's mail is again most cheer ing. O-ti-a ki, tbe refugee Creek, has met Halleck Tustenagger's peace talkers, and acceded to their proposition)-, and has promised within ten days from yesterday, to bring the whole of his band to Cedar Keys, and surrender. Hal leek is sure of the sincerity ol O-ti-a-ki, in consequence ot which, the five companies of >Jd dragoons litre burn ordered out, and a further reduction is ordered of the Florida establishment.?Savannah Hejiuhliean. or Troops.?To prevent misapprehension and misrepresentation, it is proper to state, that in consequence of the removal of a large numbor of troops from Florida, and in order to bring together rompunien of tins same regiment for exercise and drill, many changes are in progress in the garrisons of various forts. Among otheis two of the lour companies now at Fort Adams, New|>ort, Rhode Island, are ordered to other positions, and their nlaei * are to be supplied by an equal number, vit.:?one light company of the -Jd regiment of artillery, and one light company of the 1st artillery, by which these two companies will bo enabled to exercise on the \ cry advan tugcous ground at Foit Adams.? Maditonian. Or etc 1 si. Nsvai. IsTi:i.Lir:sN< Nsvv UrpsBTMKNT, June'J, lK-t'J-?A board for the examination of Midshipmeu in the Naty whose warruntx hear dute prior to the lat of Jiuuiary, 1837, has hoeu directed to ho convened at the Naval Asylum, rbilAdelphia, on Mouday.the 13th instant. The Board will consist of Oommodorrs Jas. Barron, Ja<. lliddle, and (leo. C. He,id, and Captains Daniel Turner nn l Isaac McKeever. Naval.?It is rumored that Commodore Morgan, now in command of the Mediterranean squadron is ubout to he relieved, and will return in the Brnndvwine. That the Potomac, now on the Brazil station, will return home us soon as a relief cun he sent out to supply her place. The Coliunhus. "4, now at Boston, w ill shortly sail for the Bratil, touching ut Madeira, and the probability is, thnt Commodore Morris will thence proceed in her to the Mediterranean station. The Delaware, 74, may be expected to return to the Uuitod Htatcs in the cmrse of the month of August nevt.? I'hila. Lrdgtr, June 4. graes crops hi Minna Court Calender. Tlia Supreme Court opens on Monday. There will be nodav Calender. The following is for Tuesday : Nos. I, 3, 1,4,8,7,8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 110, 14, 17, 18. 20. Common Plus.?2d part, Mondny at 4, P. M., f4), V> I to. Part 1, postponed to Tunsdny morning. Nos. 113, IS, | 44.117. 126. OCULISTS. "" THE EYE. DR. WHEELER. OCULIST. INFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EVES.-DK A WHEELED, Ocmlwt, 31 Orvtuwirh itiopi, New Yorkrespectfully the (hii?Ii?* (tiec in of hi t practice having bfcotne enlarged to ?-. teat an * strut, he 1* compelled to confine hi* QAcp Bttrn<! ice strictly b? tween the hour* of 8 A. M. to I P. M., after r I . i hour* he visit* nut do??r patient*. Notwithstanding that among the m . hundred* of case* which Dr. Wheeler has attended, rnai * been operated on by other professors without success, ?i ronottneei by thern incurable, yet he has never failed to ? u ife the disease, and effect a perfect cure, despite of every d; isdvanUure which may Hate presented itself, and in vmur. instances almost against hope. It is this unprecedented success in hi* rreatinent of th* various?hitherto considered incurable?disease* of thw eye, thm enable* him with confidence to refer the afflicted who may be uiiaripiaititcd with him, ami his mild mod* of treating P ? disorder* ?>f this organ?to numerous restored isitientN in the fin?t clas* of society, respecting his professional skill and abilities as being pre-eminent for his success, a* a scientific Oecnliiu < hroiin* irirtsmwialion of the eyelid or sore eyes, however Ion ? staudimr, can be effectually and |* rmancully cored, films, and specks, removed w ithout surgical ope ration. STRAB ISM US. rollr.i Mqiiniliiiif, and CATARACT*, re moved?iu a few minuter?with acarcrly any inconvenience or pain to the patient. To rare trouble, rorrrvpntidcntr art informed (hat letter*, ui Dr Wln'eler, will wot he taken from the Port (Wire, unlet, po?t J] The vul number of caart which nave been cured by Dr. Wheeler, hare already vitrei him a wide ?|iread reputation, and fired it a haaia a, la?tiruc * the irrmitiidc of thme whom be hae reacued from a "ll tin* death." Of the nituiherof car tifiealei, which patienta hare offered la bun of iheif own accord, he aetecla the following, not that ihe eaaea are more remarkabla titan many oliirra, bntbeeauar rltr ner?on? who wrote them Appeared to be ^ tit.ti d-hy a rorawieodahle iMtol | " lMtbropy, in reeking to make known, for tin- food or (heir fellme-rrveit. the bene.1t which they bare rrceived from Dr. WSrlar'. treatnfrnl. ml . _ - > NnwVui, March 1ftli, III?. To Dr. winder, Oculut, 31 i?y at. >rtii Hr* i on in.iv, if )ou t^unk. proper, make pulila*ll knaiwrrTtlc hl*h'i Mmi?ion in vHiicn I hold yi. u aa an ocI b?K I'jifif >o?. in adibrun i.i i#y y*r M arknowl iIkiik iiU ot til'; biuulil tou liaic c'liiUri. d Ufay* im* aa a rntlenr, tlii< WTiftn ?vn*M o(.krt? K'ip1. you lor rrat"nuf dtio aiylil at' tnv |k>?r little rhil.l Ittim tlw. fl*. ngcioui diaordr-r w lurli I i|*l> nlflirti'd >/? ?i*h(. 'I'hr i tiilil %a? of nirli tender VMit, aiiiLiU di?c?*? ?|y at ilk *1 irininc 4 elm lfli r. dial I Impaired, until tol.l 01 your ?*ill in anon matter*, 01 e*er I.ltlainilu anv remedy fur her, and die more eajwrially ?i other idiyallluie md afforded her 110 tviief. I am haaipy, how *11 r. rtua to i*nile?? III it you hare effectually cured her, and I cordially, heartily thank 5 ..u, lor > our liiyl|l> auei'i ??ful fin tioni. Voura rH|>ertftilly, , MAKTI.N WATKM, 111 lUmmeraley ?t. City and County ol New Vo?k : to wn : In tlio hope 01 being rniri.atl# 10 uiM of my afflicted fi l low croaWrri, I hereby rolniflarily offer my prateftal teirimo m ill to L>r. Wheeler, the I IrlilMI. foi featuring mo |u |wrfrrt light. (from 1 otaI himduei*,) alter having before been nniuc caaafully fretted Miff At* rated upon by upward* of twftnty of die miMt eminent and celebrated medical men of Uiia city and different parta of tin- fluted Statu. Illiwiiiiraa whereof. I rnaka di|ei?iltori, 11 inter imth, to it? t*uth, and hereunto enl>*riibe mv nam*. * IAMK.H f) y tnttt't mi a Awarn before me, the Juth dav of March, i|4*. a vlo, Imurd, (Vm. Dfrdn. r. ??. a, . . 7NiuiaitrHL f.hv ?ti?l r<?ntr nrNrw Tftrk I'm. l)<?t id PoWeli, l5H Jarktnn street, Brwilllvn. l&iti|T duly *"0m, tay* fk?ai*be waa ?(fvrmi eijbr y9nr* with the Rgyj? fiau o|>th.uiiu*. and ttj< ra in th#- eye?,and though under f>oe ?*f tie that ?>ennat* irtlf^ Rj"^ Inlirwirv four and ? half yean, n? cvpr rWnwl Ho relief, hut tnVame blind, in which atafe he wu ; dared mi.N r the treUnn nt of Dr. Whi rler, OrulifT. !H Ore en ?*ich aire* t, who hat entirely reatored hi* Night. , , DAVID POWKLl Habactobed and tWom tf> before me, this llat day of March, D*f. Johw Bin.aire, Com. Deed*. II Wall ?rreer. < it v ai.d <' otiotv of New York: %?. Mary Ann Pirley, daiifhter of Mr*. Wim?le?,No. 94 Catharine atrpat. heiny duly sworn, any*, that ah# n ?le?rt time anffrred deradfullv from a iliour 'lilN'wn, Uf HnKillf. (u ik|>ownt M informed) to he Amaurosis, which rendered n?*r i|aife blind. Although ?he had the best avdi'anrc that could be afforded her it the Eye Infirmary, (a* w all an from ail eminent ocnli?t m t>ua oity, who avrntuaJIv laid her th?* could never he reiAirr<l) ill*' iH'U r rm-in J any csaenuaJ benefit until she w %? |.tared under the rare of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, ti Ureeuwrich afreet, whnw kind and alulAit trtwtmen^ r#?torud Sworn before me, thia l5fhjdaV "I Aiwih ! <* f a ac P. ManTiia,* om. Decda, It Wall streat. City and County ofNew York: w. Mr. B. f adv. IS Hntb struct, I rof idamw, R. I., bcin* duly rworn ?Hr? fnat he r ?foll>- blind in hia left eyv, for tun* re r i h? ).<-IT *!? ?i?t? ?> ? tr?iti!a?. f. iH' cs^idaisa a- - A&tsf 4- .ml C?-?H ?J 2iS?rtfe^A <?T K^tc?rt&f'^K o. ?h' ??h ofH1MSL522J ? o*c.?.;;t> ? , M? oM. hwl Tn, Whri'l''. ??*MVirIJil? fc I?lfr?W SSi??"",,,,a" ?*,v> caw^Tonj^Jf.', .** Omml *iirt*A?v "f Aprtl. ??? fetommWfe" ? " ?,?.? ""it Nu<? ?!? * .nWI**'

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