Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1842 Page 1
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I I lU J I . II II Mil rr TT I 11 . Vol. VIII.?Ho. 133.?Wbole No. 300<i. KAIL ROADS & STEAM BOATS. pjAUNDEN & CO.?CiKRMAN AUENCY?Tj>? tub hava recently made with Samuel Kaight, Esq., U. S. Consul j At Antwerp for the purimse of establishing a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY . at that place, for the transaction of Forwarding and Coinmiuion Buxiiwss, and for facilitating the incrruine commercial in tap- i course between this couutry ami CoutimnUl Europe. A* Antwerp is situated in the centre of the maiiufactunnc region of Europe, is at only IB bours distance from London. .W hours from Paris, in the immediate vicinity o( Holland and Germany, and directly counecta with all by railroads or steam IMiclo-ts, its location affords the greatest advantages for pur* chasing and forwarding Continental goods. All orders received at our offices iu Boston, Albany, New York and Philadelphia, in season for tliAt purpme. will Imj forwarded by the Belgian steamer BRITISH QUEEN, on the 7th of June neat, and will generally be executed in season for the return of the same st? ainer, which will leave Antwerp on the loth July. ... Imixirten of German books are particularly requested to notice this. ? . HARDEN k CO. New York, May 17th, 1841. 'm itsI8r ORITlSil QUEEN.?Letter hags for the, steamer British D Queen, for Antwerp and Southampton, Eng. will close at Hariidcu k Co.'s Express and Foreign Letter Office, No. 'i Wall st. on Tuesday, June 7, at 10 o'clock, P. M. jet 4t r HARNDEN & CO. POMEHOY C O.'N ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. bers are now mnaiu^ 2 regular Express f?\? r tin Railroads to and from Albanv and Buffalo, aud the intermediate places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the utmost ?;**ed. regularity and snl'etv. choice Goods. Hnerie. Bank Null's, Important Papers noil Vain ililu Packages?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or itayinent of Bills of Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, Sic., at reasonable per cealage?execute orders for the purchase or sale mI Merchsndise, Produce and Manufacrured Articles of rvttry description, jiersonailv, in the tswni on their route, through Messrs, HARNDRN k GO'S EXPRESS to ft e w Vork and Bos ton, and Mess is, IIAWLeY St CO.'S express to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, s|ieedy and |<erfcct communication to and from the eastern trod western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges See. References?Erastti* Coruinc, Thomas W. Olcott Watts Sherman, A. D. Patchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus & Hawley, Utica ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. cargo, Geneva ; J. it. Shepherd, Cauandaigna; David Hoyt, Rochester; Joliu McKenster, Lockporl; J.A.Clark, Batavia: Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. rOMEROY St CO", No. i Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 3 Wall street. New York. "" FA It IS AlNL) FKKKiUT KKDIJCEU. REGULAR m\ii. line Foil rROGI)en(*k a.nd BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEAVTORT. composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection withthe Sinning ton and Prm ideuct , and Boston and Providence Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Conutock. RHODE 181.AND, Contain Thayer. NARRAOANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHEGAN, Captain Vunderbill. One of which will leave New Turk daily, (Sunday* excepted) from Pier No. 1, North ltivcr, Battery Place, at live o'clock .P. M. Fare to Ronton, $'l 00 Deck passage, $t 26 do. Provideuce, 2 IMI do. do. 1 M Arkanukmv.nt. The NARRAGANKET, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, for Stoninslon. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, for Stoninslon. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stnuingtnn, intry hike the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi Inure and Boston, and Jor the accommodation of pe mot is travelling between New York and NeW|>ort, the steamboat trains will stop at Wicitford long enough to leave and receive |>ossengerv. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates To Boston, on goods weighing forty ihmuhIs or upwards to the cubic foot, at Si .10 per ton, anil ou measurement goods 7 cents |ier foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 r> tits per eubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. m3l Km ~ OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Pasaasre 50 cents?Berths 50 cents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCHD PRICES. >01 The commodious Steamboat WASH INCQ? rid*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made 3Ev9HEiriju?arraiigeineur* to change her days of leaving New York, will liercafter leave the foot of Rohinsou street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Pa turday afternoon, at i o'clock, landing on her passage each way at the foot of Hammond street, Ncwburgh, Poughkecpsie, Kingston Point, Catuuili and Hudson.^ For freight or iiossage apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTlN. No, 18J West street. mile T. POWELL Sr. CO?S LINE. jgjl FOR NEWBUROH. landing at CAT.Dft.,?nMLC3?WEUL'S. WEST l'(JlNT AND COED steamboat HIGHLANDER, (aiptaia Robert Wardron, will leave the foot of Warren street, New York, every Monday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons I at 4 o'clock. Returning, tiro Highlander will leave Ncwburgh every Mondsy morning at 6 o'clock, and Tnesday and Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock. For freight or passage, apply to the captain on board. _N. B.?All baggage and freight of every description, bank hills or anecie, nut ou board this boat, must be at the risk of the owners thereof, unless a bill of lading or receipt is signed for the same. mli fl^^Uc-3?ALBANY. The low pressure Steamboat 3E^aaJMC3E-RAlNROW, will leave the foot of Robinsou street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock, mi lm*r 1 A1L.UK1JMX. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, ]i removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. economy in gentlemen's dress. (varments of a most Elegant and KaahiattaUe kind * t a saving of 6(1 per cent for cash. rPHE advertiser deems it unnecessary to^ resort tJ the hackA neyed system of giving a lint of nominal prison, prcsarviirtg that the length of time he hits been established, together with the extensive patronage l>estnweu on mm, will prova * sum I*irnt voucher for his capabilities. Possessing the advait'age ol being connected with an extensive cloth estabfishiiient in Kurt?|>c lie confidently assets that he can furnish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentle men's dress. invlSm R. PHILLIPS, 7 Astor House. Broadway retrenchment- ! order of the day. rPHE Snbmcribtr, with a view of merlins the exigencies of A the time., has made arrangements whereby he will henceforth be enabled to furnish garments of the very best quality, at an immense saving from former charges. Having made liia purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to compete with tile cheapest,(ou the ready money,ir aiciple only.) while he pledges himself to continue the same nhsersauce of elegance and punctuality which for the last lifleeu years has characterised hi. establishment. Cseiitlemeii are referred to the annexed list o( prices, with the assurance that the articles enumerated shall )>e equal in quality and style to the most costly. Oiest coats ol su|>er#ool dyed cloths, from Sift to it. Pants, do do casaimere, S to in. Vests, of every fashionable variety, .1 50 to 5 50. Gentlemen wishing to furnish then own materials ran have their garments made and trimmed ill the same style ol elegance, in proportion to the above. N. B.?Mr. Babcock, long known a, one of the most fashionable cutters, continues in thr establishment. CHAS. COX, Sign of the (tolden Fleece, mi Ira fa| Nassau street, near Maiden lane. machine poetry. WHEELER! TAILOR, hereby sends This information to his friends, Or enemies, if he h i* uiy, Whether they be few or many. The public too. both far and near, He wishes every one to hear, That in Broadway he has a shop, In which he'd like to lisve them pop. And should they want coat, ?cst or pants, Nn to.,' run fir fL-.w if I... Prices liw to suit the lime*, ("loth, loo various for thrse rhymrs; In short youH lind do other Tailor, So rar? to please you u A WHKELtR. mil lme l(i7 Bn>adway, np stairsMARTINIS CmIi Tailoring KutahltaHment, It llimnrrl to 1M IVilluim tlreet, corti'r of .Inn ttrret. rPHfc snbarriber, in announcing tin- above to los ffiamLs and * the public in general, takes leave to return thanks for the lilwral pstronage bestowed on liim at Ilia fanner pi are of business, and asanrrs them (hat every article orderrd ol him shall, a* heTutofote, he cut, made, and trimmed in the neatest and moat stylish manner. The materials, the newest and best m the inaruet, ami at a positive savin* of TO per cent. Strangers are requested to call and esamine. Oentiemen who prefer piirtluuimi their own eloth, kc., ean have them made and trimmed in the style that lias given such general satisfaction during the last four years. Every garment warranted to tit, and made by ihe best workmen at the followiug prices, via.:? Press Coats $7 00 to $1 ,V) Kiocji Carats S M 10 9 TO INnts and Vests I 7.7 to 2 no Over Coats 9 0(1 to II no T75*" No garment* readv made?all made to order, and a suit "rJ;.::, OF 1UE UTMOST IMPORTANCE tPO pitrrhasers of Mtrlhall'i Trwy Shirts. Bosoms and Col1 lars. In consequence of the many mistakes hiring been made of late by strangers and olbera, in finding our only Troy ohirt Dei**, we are tlierefore obliged to made imbiic the estise fi.r the hem At of all ill pursuit ,>l air highly reputed J ro>_ J*hirf4, BtMOins ami collar*. it i* inn., /% wore itu lately nan painted on their window, and wont their premise*, * iikii i?urportina I# be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inlmrn all. they ilo not neep oar Troy Shirts, Boeom* ami Collar*, ami at a ruirt i|ulKt miatikM that iim occw in futnn ou account o| thii new sign at the corner atore, therefore, *? ahall circulate eitemively the following can!, and for the benefit of dealer* in ourpondt Thin i* to inform dealer* and other* that Marehall'a <m!> Troy Shirt Depot in tin* rity i.? about litteen door* from the corner of TVaH and Chat In in areet^ <?n the right Innd sid?* in pasting to the City Hall?No. 'WJ i huham street. Tliia i* otir only Troy Shirt Depot mrthe receiving of our highl> reputed Troy Shirta. Bmnmi and Collar* in the eity. We ahall Came thia to he ??*trn*irely eirenl.ifed, in con*e?|netic?? of many mi*It. i..rti-?.l?r I., ? MARSHALL'S, I.n thi-window kIwi)JjI?0 llv r.illowin*? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DKI'OT. on < hid,(im No patron?|Ti- Mk'-d of fliov who hen down. New York, Jm.r 3, ItIL jr'i Im'f /"SOLLKCTIONH on*ll parti of the l!nitr I Ataln, mid. un Y-> i!\? moil fatoriMa U'tmi, by S. J SYLVKSTKR, nitn 21 Wall it, and t:M) Broadway. I 11 ! I i I Ml II H I i - IUI Iriggg E NE FURNITURE george W. Dawson, Hitoltsale and Retail Furniture and General Furnishing IFarelwuse, Ao. 67 Chatham street, earner of Duane street, Attn York. WHERE he keeps for sale a large assortment <?T the follow' ,, ?6el?t, vix.: Sideboards. Bureaus,, CoU, Tables, Chairs, Offici and I'.irtahle Desks, Glass (.'**<>, Honk Caws, Lookinc Glasses, Dining, Centre. Tea ni l Pier Tables, Pliuoa, Solas, Sofa Bcdsteads.Beds, BrJdnw, Ptlrt'ininJiUltresses, Carpels, Oil Cloth, MaLting and kire Irons, Wash Stanus, 'ionet Tables, Candle Sl.Uiis, Bureau Bedheads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, Ike. Also, .i Lrirr assortment of meu and women's Wearing Apparel, law and second handed. All the ahove articles are offered to the iridic at very low prices. I'rnic.os in want of said articles w.uild titid it to llieir advantage to make an early call at the above osUhlishment. Shipping ordprs punctually attended to and p.cked til the ahortrst notice, ana on reaaouable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, tic. for fitting out vessels, constantly on hand. All orler* to the above establishment w ill be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' cast off Clothing. agj din*r JOSEPH PECKOVEK, Fancy Cabinet Maker, iMatlieiiiat?' ical ann Nautical Instrument Case Manufacturer, 2uD Water street. New York. Chronometer botes of a superior make, barometer, theimoincter frame., lyisdrant, sealant; surveyors,, dentist aiul draw ing instrument boxes, made rna packed in a lie-it style? timepiece, clock, gun and pistol cases of all desnriplion; daguerrotyp* apparatus and medicine chests, atlrvi eors renin, of ,iuv leumk and make All kinds of fanes work, ma le of Ilm best matei.aki 1111! workmanship, warranted. _ Re I wiring of *vary <ieacriptioi* rlMiiriil with neatness, |? ily anil dispatch, French polishing ami varnishing. Manufactory* in (?. Taglealnie's Establishment, between Dover street ?ud Peek slip. llKriMNCtl. Messrs. E. & G. W. lllunt, corner of Water street and Bulling slip. Mr. A. Megarey, 110 Waterstreet. Mr. Dei?ilt,_239 Pearl street. inl.'i !m*c CHl.VA'GI.ASS AN"!)" EARTHENWARE. 8ASTOR HOUSE.?Frcuch Porcelaiu Dinner Serriees, IBpmtt, IsJ White Granite, do do 1'2 do 1J nfl French, or English Porcelain Tea Sets, Si do ion Dinner Plates, French Porcelain. per di'/t'U, I <M Do do Granite, blue or wliite, do I on Soup, do French Porcelain, do L (Kt Do t do Urauite. blue or white, do 1 iui Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 ."HI Keg Cups, do do 37 Glass. Cut Wines, per, from I M Do Tumblers, do do 2 on Lemonades, handled, do 2 2i Takli: Cutlkhv. Of the finest discriptions, in sets or dnie 11s, at the low price of $.12 the set. Just opened, a haudsouie assnmin ut of Toilet Ware. R. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Cornets, for the r> lief oi' de ubes*. ni!) lm?e CHE A P I1A KL)\V A R E STORE. Till', Sulprriher is norv opening his Spring sui>ply of 1 HARDWARK AND CUTLERY .received |* r late arnv tls front Binninglnm and Sheffield. Together with a geueral asMirtinein of liom-sric rsoiMis, ? men lie is prepared to offer at the Very LOWEST CASH TRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, inc., ii solicited to an eiaininatioti of his stock and prices, as he is confident they will find it to their interest to faror hitn with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVF., ?I0 Greenwirh. comer Bsrrlav, New York. A tegular supply of FALL RIVER Cl'T NAILS, and Cuoners Gllle. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, James' Screws, kc. in2 Am* PPRIAL OF BOOK SAFF.S1I!?Several "trials ti|iou Iron P Sales, of different makers, hove. teen hail ill (urnaces, and ..1. . ., 1,, _..i ,!.i!. vi#:... :.. iirn.i. er's Patent Salamander Safe, Tin: Safes so tried, together with the Committee*' reixirt, and other testimonials, can he seen ?sVie Iron Chert Warehouse of the Snhn-rilicr, the only place in the city where Wilder'* SaU uuinler Safe* can lie had. Chest* of other makers,such as hive been taken in part Jisy mint for tho Salamander, for sale at less than half of the tint cost, SILAS C. UK RHINO, m22 2wc IW Walrrsheet. VffOT'rs PATKNT PORTABLE FURNACE, and It J. Wash Boiler, admirably adapted for washing, can bo placed in the fire-place, the area, or the yard. Patent Agriculturists, Furnace ami Cauldron, in sizes of 15, 30, 40, 50, 60,80, 100,120, and 150. These furnaces require onlv a piece of pipe to lit them for use. No article has ever given better SAlisfa'-tiou to those farmers who have used them. Patent Hard Coal Furnace, a new article for summer usewill mak" a neat Tittle stove 'or winter. Patent Chip or Charcoal Furnace, from new patterns, much improved. These are lined with fire brick. Also a very low priced furnace without lining. Combination aud Fuel-Saving Cook Stoves, at summer prices. The combination is the only legitimate stove that conducts the steams and smell from the kitchen. They ar?- equally w*-II adapted for simtiu r as winter. Dealer* supplied on liberal tern s. J. L. MOTT, jel lm*c 261 Water and 15 Bowery. ' DRV GOODS, " " " gHIRTS TTNITED 8TATKS SHIHT MANUFACTORY.77 Wilyj limn street, coraer of Liberty, N. V Notice i? hereby liven to Merchants nnd traders in general, (hit the proprietors of the above establishment have adojled i new method of manufacturini which enables them to .ell their .liiru it a cheaper rate than any other honse in tliia city. This statement w ill be affirmed by tbc list of prices a* follows:? Per Do/. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, S7.J0 Ho stitclind in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored ntie pstems, larae sixes 7,00 Also, a Urge ousiility of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, wliii a will l.e otTen-d cheap I. > in29 lm-r THE "SHIELDED VICTORTA SHAWL AND DIAPER PIN. ANKW and imimrunt article for use in the nursery and as a (asteniiiR to ladies'r.hawls, cloaks, &r., patented in the Lnited State, and in Eurn|ie, for sale, wholesale, hy W. H. CARY k CO., 196 Pearl street, New 1 ork, and by tin- patcntee, at the manufactory, 146 Jiv ?t, Brooklyn. Thread and needle atorea, and dealera in fancy article*, ?ui> plied oil liberal terrna. in 14 In^r straw goods. T BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw Omnia, rejiwctfully informa hi* euuomcrs that he leu remored liia establishment from 99 William slid !!6 Piatt, l? 39 Jm MNM, where |m r ottlMM to kgep a q-lciidtd and extensive aaaortmets of ladies' fashionable Straw Gooda, French and English Doll,tables, Italian Kutlanda, line Tuacars, Fancy Bhcllworks. Trince Albeit Straws, Ike. ke. AUo, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses all the styles as yet intro duced, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m24 1 in *m to the ladies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The pronrieD treaa, Mias S KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl king, nffi rs for sale a mo-.t select and choice assortment of .Millinery Good., for the sprinc trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as rugirds the quality and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK 1IAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, a.s worn by La Duclirase D'Orlrans, of France, SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An ttuire new style o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES, EL.SSLER COTTAOE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with seal), and examine her elegant and varied aloek of Milliners-lor themselves, before tlw y purchase elsewhere, as it a*ill he j great ing to them in |>rice and a great advantage as regards the variety and quality of the goods. M188 8. KING, magazine de Modes, mil lm*r Broadwse. summer stocks SCARPA. CRAVATS, AND C.LOVKS, I UHT RKCClVFsD, .1 rich sand v of thn abov** article*, con " ?iatia,i of n wry light <Uk1 tdasiie ?t?*:k, eifirrwly for the summer month*. Also? Hrarfs *im) Cravat*, in ?rrat variety. A Unf assortment of Silk, Thread, Cotton and II .slain Gloves?at the iitil estvhlivhmeiit 'Jl! Broadway, Ihiwmu Park Place and Murray street PAR9KLLH, Agent for i. AGATE, N. B. Convtantlv on hand an extensive uairitntnt of Luieii and Muslin Shut*, Linen Dins Front*, Linen Collan, Pnder GvrincnU Ult. . inlllm'm MILLINERY GOODS. CAHI. KINO, the well known rihI rrUbratrd Millinery and Sunt III! Manufacturer lo Her Majesty the QUEEN OF ENOLAM). reaper-fully beys Irate .to aunonnce to thr Ladies that he lin on hand a most splendid and fashion iblc assortment of l.adirj' Mtraw and Silk lists. Thr Straw Hat* are manufactured to n most fnsciuatiwt and bcf uripc ?bapr, calh d THE ELSSTLU < OTTAOK, with Gipaey ?i<lr? and a Swh< Flare around the front. Thr braids these Hat* are made of ii of thr moat ileKant patterns, the Albert Straw inr>artirtilar as patronised by QUEEN VICTORIA. Thrailk department ia condarted by the moat ingenious and tarty milliner*, not to be eqtisllr J. The allk* arr of the ne wrat style, fresh imjairitd. Trimming and Flower* to correspond. Those who wish to conn net- thrinaehrs niay call at No. M Canal, near Broadway, and 17 Dirioon street. N. B.?His Pari* Ribbon* and French Flowers, are of the latest style, ami ran be |Hireh.y>ed at rather of his establishments, at wooleaalr and rctgl. on rraaonable trrtna. ml t Ini r hukTs boots?Latest French ?*B*ii^BTVLK.?The subscriber Itiakps to order, Bmiia of the aboee description, of the finest qnsllty of French Calf Skin, and ill the lal< St si vie, and al tery reasonable price*.? liyMletnrn who have been in tin liahil of r .yilif fit rat want [ tiers foi mfc i,>r irti, Iri a,, re,i nostril to call and he , niviie , ,| MM Ma i rifn from ten lo twrmi |* i c?nt below other inn's is tlir ncitnhnrlKKMi Drawnm Ih-i^k takrai nf the tret. ?" ' (?*lr of l*?t? kept for < acli customer, UMre u no ilifln ullv ib Jetting a handsome yet easy (if. (iiijMr'tly on hand, a lar),e aiaortnr-ii* of fashionable ready ri v r.To'V.'iTv tw^i"'',rnm TWO DOLLARS FIFTY ? BI- ? '? OOLLARH; Half Boot?, Gut-rj, Shoes, Pump., tflike.??..t eQB.||r |?? o,,cr,. .1 im JOHN L. WATKlS'8, 114 Fulton ??.. ?_!? _ Bctsicrii Najuatiaml Dutch ?ta. W*eHVfcDOAifBHS ?f .11 co ^'V v^?I<M?. I* l? hooli arni r <" nl hoy. anHrhiblren! '>W' .rU",V ^ SI. $1 V. an. >1 |-r |?ir. SU,J ,7/^ a I li. ir I.''" r, nf Jl To^To'd TC, Imakim and 7i cent, to ?C good ,, '.lirn r. <!?? ""j ^54 a ?<wv' *momiihmiI n| lln* abo??* article-. m 42 str? #r 'Vmirr ol Bcwdwiv, ami m 206 at, nortlk-w??t ce.r&e-r of I |tif|?nn ulrcct. at V6 *lkerV ml!Sl?r?-i WEBBH IMPkoVKI) HI * It \'KMS, ? -fi,; cflit. Ira* than I ereiolore. The anharriber lux iirrw,,n hand a general aaaOrt nent of the imported Bunirn. whlrhhe n?w on< r? at the abnre redored j-rir. ?, A lh>end aiacntim allowed all dealer*. Beat totality of Camultine at rgl o id* per irrllnti. Camphorated Uw 7J cent". Call and tiamirte foe vonraelrea at No. 114 Grand afreet, one door fir.m Bow,war. JAMF.S HINDS. N. B.?All kind* of I.amp* altered, bronzed, gilt and renaired at the ahorteat nntire, on reta inable term*. mil lfc*r W YO * NEW YORK. MONDAY B0(>KS AND STATIONERY^ TO TAPER MAKERT. DERSKC Ik BROOKS, No, M Liberty street, between ^ Broadwa* street, New York, import direct from lb" Manufacturers the fallow ins; trtides, vilj? Blenching Powder of Boyd fit Boa's m*ke?warranted. for uniformity and strength, equal to any in this country or (?reat Britain, and for the tale of which tliey are sole agents in the United States. ErigTi-h Cylinder Machine Felting of very superior quality, 36, 10, 43, l?*i. 72, and 34 inches wide. Drye? Feltin;; of strong f.ibric, aud of widths usu.illy Irequired. libit* Smilt*.?Having the agency of tli*? Sutton Company** Blue Smalt*, they are eu-tbled to supply FFFE, and FhFFE; in aav 'j'iniififjr**. Win-s for Kouidiinier and Cylinder Machine*. tnmufaciured from the purest metal?also, Jackets?WVt and Press Kelt*. Pulp Scrwiw, No*. I, 2, '.I. of brass metal. 0. !?*rs far any of tne articles, together with Foreign mid domestic ragst Soda A*h, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, fiuj. See., will in with prompt ttetition in Ht MEW Ol ITAR :?!l si< -'.KJUiiK H. DKRWoBT. ^ professor of rtie guitar, No. 133 CiUisI street opposite the I St. John's churcn, has the honor to acquiint his mend* and the public that he has published a variety of new at?d popular music, armuvrr.l with easy accompaniment* for guitar. Mr. D. will iils<> arrange aud compose music for orchestra, I ffoitir, h id other mstrumenti, and give instructions to amateurs on the piano forte ami violin.* m\'l*+r+r j T AW RKPORffcR FdK~JUNE. IM, This Day rm>lu. - | ed.?Uoiiteots : Or? enleaf on Evidence* Bankrupt I/iw. i * pole Foster, win* re in the validity of attachment* or the property of Btiikninti, on mesne process, is discussed with the* mini ability ana discrimination of that learned Jurist, Justice Story; Washington Bulk vs. ShurtlefV; United Stated v*. Dobbin*; Digest of English eve*; Intelligence and Miscellany ; Bankrupts in Miin**, including .ill vsliohoe petiti* n to he dcclar-d Bankrupts in Maine t.p f?? M i '.1'. 131 ?whole number, I;iO.> ; H atikrupt* m \i vMcbin.n* rontiii-.ted from natfe ?2, iucludiim Hie* names ul' |ietilioiicrs fioin April JWh, to .?l n 'Altli. I,'Ml ; \tM Pnbli'Mti?.u? ; 01??ln,tr> Noliot s \ The l^ist of Bankrupt* in New York will be continued in not ninuhi. BRADBUHY, *>OL)?n\ ?. CO. Mi 10 127 Numu ?t. N. Y. and 10 School sr. Ib>-rnnu | PAPf.ii HANGINGS. MA. HOWELL Si CO., 307 Pearl street, are ik?w rcceiv tug from their ininuf.trfiircrs ol N- w Brunswick, *u eiUiuiw tMOittdfnt <U* )'H|f r il iniiti^, Boitl. r*, tic. of the latest and most ;i|H)rove?l puttin* nid style*, ailed to i! < < ity and country trade , which tiiey otter to dealer* at tin* net ibanulao* torv prices. Also their mud variety of French Paper, Borden, Kiio BncrU Prints, Views, kc. Tnohe.;t workmen to pti'nil |>aprr in iny part of the city can b* b id fit the shortest notice. at.'I eo.P'm* r Hi)viaSpa in woiiKSr 5u i J?-m.-i..a by WSi RADDK, 32*2 Bi wlway, John's New M-iiiuel of Ifoinro* nathic Prietiiv, edited, wifb iiiinotiitiotei. by A. Gerald Hdl, M. I)., second American, from the tliinl f.iris edition. This in- ] ditpciMibh bonk io ImnuepKiiiiU is now complete in *2 vols.? Price in nnpyr $r,?a full hniiinl copy $7. The Family Guide to the Administration of HoiiKfpftikid ( Remedies, third edition, from the second London edition, w ilh additions? IVicc 26 rent*. Popular Coiividerations on |{omcpp.ithi??hv Win. Cullen Bryant. B>|., Iw litem! before the New York Homtepithic m?cirtv, Dee. 23, 1811?Price Ml* cents. Aljo, just died^ Mydriatics, or MunuiT of the W*f?r Cure, .n practised by \ meat Frie??iiilz, in Gnvfrubery. com piled *nd translated frim'th - writing* of Charles Minnie, L). Acstel, D. B. Ilir.ii ln 1, .\ud other practiiiotieF*, by Francis J (?i I* tei -P ice $1?ii* itfj boa id. Tins little neatly printed Iwiokcontainrf an exposition in maiiuci (Ids simple a ..r has been f Kind remidill, mil lt?*r BOOK" HINDI \ i, PAPER RULPNP. nivtiMiA No. izu Nassau s?r??*t, iiarin'firmtutu? wrw nfnck of BiihIiuic Tools and Unlirt ; M*c!ifnt?ry. <d the latest hiii) most approved Mtilerns, is now prepared to eiccutu a!! ordt r.. in iho most durante and I ndsom-. manner. Mi*rc hints 4recount Book? and all other kinds of Blankwork ruled mill {found to an\ patterns, and in a style that i?. warranted to r.ive s.Uisf&ciiop, Any work urderedenn he done in4!lie Kneliai: mode if re<;itiied( as II. 1. has had long experience in both methods. KOR HALK?Twotrcoml hand Copperplate Presses. Apply as above. mill lm _1'1{ A TS. " HATS! II ATS ! HATS FT BHOVVN & CO S One Tri.e H?t Storr.wliol.sal. ?u.l re! tail, 170 Chatham Squire. corner of Molt street, where fashion beauty, durability .and economy arc combined to aJeni tin- bead. The proprietor* have the p'eastm now to off.'r 111 addition U) their recently unproved snort napped II it. a liew style, the imitation of beat err, which *o closely resemble* t hat of all furs the most coitic and heanriful, that the difference I* not easily perceived. Price three dollar*. We stiicrlc idliere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior Hat for the price chanted. In pre icntiiiy these JlaU to the public the proprietor* liiink they have reached tlm ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. m( 3m* JEWELRY.^ WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. 'PRE Subscriber ii relliier ill Jeacripti'rw >1 Ofl I SI d Silver X \V*trhf*. (fold and skiver Pencil*. Ijr I i biiiw, Keys, ke.. at retail, lower than at nnv other lifts ill the city.? Gold Watrhea n* low as thirty to forty I jll'.ra itec. fYetche* and Jewelry eschanxed or bouiht. AH lb ?;die I tts warranted to keep fooj time, or the money it torr.ed. Witches anil Clock* rtpaitrd in the best maimer, and wamttei. st aiueh the city. G. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and jewelry, wholesale ami retail, 30 \V?lt street, up suirs. nil lrn*m l\fATCHlTs7TEWELRy, CUTLERy, kc.- -TI.e sub' * srnbrr? beiiyt desirous of materially reducing Gieirilock, offer for ?alr at importation cost, for rnah or approved short paper. gold ami silver watches, gold chains, |ieucils, rings, and broaches, diamond pins and rin/s, tinsel diamonds, pas tie stones, plated, Japan, and German silver ware of evtjy descrip tion; ra zors on cards and in do tens, |H-n, | wicket ami dirk kniv -s, sets.; MM, S?lt Off table euth i . ; al-o, silver s|wetach ?, tl ilnhles, IH' lie sis, tooth nicks, pickle forks, plated earriuita, chaiiu , riuirt, lockets, eye glasses, motto se lis, pocket books, seta. eases, cork screws, kc. kc. 8. J. NEU8TADT k BARN El'T, inT l in* c 12 Maiden lane. TO JEWELLERS. MINIATURE VXlNTEttsTke.? s. C. k J. HArTNETT, No. 2 Court land t street, near Broadway, Wholesale nnJ It- till Manufacturers of It ravellint, Writing, Dressing and Jewel cases, miniature cases, and settings, llute, locket, watch, riot, and pin cases; caaea for silver plate, neatly arranrej to order. Also, trays sud fitted to Jewellers' show cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pins, thimhlrs, j?- Ifils, kc. kr. kc. A variety of the above articles constantly on hand, snd made to order, with neatness snd despatch. No. 2 I atr>e!, New Vork. m?d lin'c pEMOVEDr?HXLA1RE WALTER, atsnt ami i tailnar ail It- the house of.Berger Walter, the only manufactory od" Watck Glasses in Kranee. No. 27 Paradia I'otsaouniere street, ruts, has thy honor of informing Masrs. dealers in watch wo.-lts, and all articles connected with the line, as also VIssrs. deale.-a in cut class, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glaus, gilt and colored, fancy articles, kc. kc. kr., has lately brsrn re moved from No 40 Maiden Lane, to] No. 90 William stnwt. Gentlemen desirous of parrliasuig from the only depot of tk? fidory, .ire mffCtfiill) invited to sail at oar - "itfa , where will he fonnd an unrivalled assortment of the above mentioned goods, which will br disposed of on (lie moat reasonable aiamMnanmaMMmmaaaai^MmBmMmaamvqnanrmLwaMs NOTICES. HEW I ORK AMI ALRA1T IVAlb l\u*u f Office Ne. 2. Park Place. y i NOT I OB it hereby jci v*-ii to tin- Stockholder* of the Niw York rikI Altany Rail Road Company, that in election of Director* to -aid Onpuy. will take place at their Office, No. 2 Park Place, on Monday the sixth of June next. The Poll* will he open at !0 o'clock, A. M., and continue open until I o'clock, P. M. The Books for the transfer of Stock are closed, aud will #o continue until the 7 th day of Juno next. Bv order of the Board. mCi t.?6 c JOS. B. BLOOM FIELD* Secretary. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLUTION.?Notice i* h-rebv gi1 \en that Charles II. Blair loo in:? volimtaiilv withirswn front the firm of C. C*.Wright U, Co., on the 13lH iiut itit, the undersigned are authorised to my and receive all mouifj and mitie ill u him coi n< ' 'i th? n \> itli. Th? subscribers will continue th<* invuifneture of 8TKEL PENS hi the citv of New York, under the linn of C. C. Wright fii Co., Attncy Office, No. 92 Miaiden lane. C. i WRIGHT, j? I* i JKKEMI VII HOTf HKIHS /"N OP A RT N K JlH I11 P.?Tin nndt miirncd uircn rs-to the late firm of Durfee, Tiadale & Ilahicnt. base this day enter d into co-partnership under the title ol TI8DALK, k BORDEN, for the transecting ol a General CoininisvDti IhuinoM, at No. 218 Water street. WILLIAM S TIHDALK, WILLIAM BOKDJEN. Nrw York. Itt June, !8I2 Notice.?The Fall Hirer Iron Works Cofftiutny of Fall Hirer. Mafvachtisett*.having established an agency at No. 21H Wafer street, for fhu transacting of their business in this city, xvill ........... ......i ir# . r?n it,?.iit iif \ Hods, Shape*. Kpot^i kc. riftl ILE k rnltiM \ \c?nt billiards. 'Pill, proprietor of the Salnou in the Arr?d? at Philadelphia, A 11 ah t*l led <i|> one of the moil ei't nsivt and < !.fT*nt rimtna in the world. ... Its centm! locality (Che.tnnt, immediately 0|i(x?ite Join..'Hotel.) will he found convenient aihI wnrlhy the att'n tinn of ffrnih men travelling who indulge in llie healthy e*rr ci?e nl'Billiaida. Philadelphia, June 2d, It: 12. jrtjt*r_ PNGRAVINO BY THEOffNTOlGCFH"MACHINE.? BURR, JONES k <>0., 1W Brvndway, corner of John ItitI, N.Y.,arr prepared lo fDKitvr hM kind* of Clwrti, Plana And Surveys, or anv work of lhal cla*?, in the moat l>eantmifitvlr, with nimralhlfil ^tpedition, and At |nrire* far be , low (ho** charged for mmilar work evecu&ed by hand engravmi?the cost of floe steel or copper plate a not exceeding Lithographic work. V. B.?imeii? of the work done hy ab*? Oowigraith can bn \ imim d it rhe aIRw m Bi wmIw Ik *' I . -1 r PIANO FORTES \fAJU7KACTURED by A. II. UALE k. CO., late N. Y. ** 1 t'iano Fort* Co<-PiirelM?er? ara invitMl to ?ian|tM their . iii ... '* bi foi parrhfuiint else win r- if their Manul k lory and Ware Room*, Third Av?we, corner or Thirteenth street. \ B Pricfi to ivit th# tliiH1!. jel lm#ina c pi ano fortes: COTITHK.RN Df.ALEHI *t di?icn?**tf irojwrally will And O ,i to llu ir ?il? iiilAje lo call u.J rtiUKM a claii.e rlm.ot of ill. ahor. article, ompi Iftnl t VWWtr ol t. and lili rcurn, of iw?o?i and mahogany, Willi grand sotion, acroll Manda, and .< n modem improvi tierd 'fwe matf.r'.iAlt'.. are warrallied 10 lie equal In anv II. the city, and wall t?- wild at tne l.nv FSl pnt?|IMf i*?i CT? >:|T7 ? , , ,* vw.i utiinr. i. t -iwc r ii Kiiiti t ! ^ivr wm N. B.~I'i iiki Knrtee liir llfne?A iiinta.'i.lfrf r?v? Km.tea lor liirr at the mautifai tore at tn L'RKNt II 11F.ST O JUNT, v.. vsi. mt.IwI' mi... nir I fill' ( l|?t.ill) II.mill . ?j. bonnakd k p. DKI.aMoTTK ! ??. i'i'- in iut'inn thi it .. ;n urn in. I ?!n- |.n 1.11 :n tteuoral, that they have added totb.-ir nk) ntiMnhni.-nf, kti .vrti for upward. nf twn yi i'i tui'li r tli" firm I. ll .nnard, the treat Saloon on th. firat Moor of the ninr home, and hitr be |||. ? irr.n;. il arTrril I. irr Saloon* for tin- i' Umi....iil|..ii .1 I'!*"' part"* ?H ?ori.t\ dintirea Tln-v will pay the great. if attention to. -deri for Dinner* ami tanjuvf < in an i ia.t or the ritv. fl.'omi nn.I Offi. ri in iIk upper rfMrirl of the nine home "lay he hail of them at reiy moderate irtiti. jel lm? RK I MORNING, JUNE 6, 1845 OCULISTS. 'rrrp r<\rr< incj li iv PR. WHEELER, OCULIST. TNFLA.MED, DISEASED AND WEAK EVES.?DK. A WHEELER, Oceulist, 33 (mfiiwicli street, New Yorkrespectfully informs the public, that in consequence of his practice having become enlarged to so great an eitent, he is coin|M*lletl to confine his office attendance strictly between the hours of 8 A. M. to 1 P. M., after which hours he visit* out door patients. Notwithstanding that among the many httndreda of cases which Dr. Wheeler Inn attended, many have been operated on by other itotfessor* without success, and pronounced by them incurable, t h< h is n?? ?i : tiled to n idi< ite tli disease, an I effect a perfect cur? , despite of every disadvantage wltich may have presumed itself, and in many instauccs almo?t against hn|ie. It is this unprecedented success i i bis treatment of the various?li therto considered incurable?disease* of the eye, that enables liiui w|ib confidence to refer the ntfiicted who may U* unacquainted witli him, and his wiild inode of treating the disorders of this organ?to nunieicn* restored patients in the first class of society, respecting his professional skill and abilities as being pre-eminent for his success, ua a scientific Occulisu Chronic inffam-Miattou of the eyelid or sore eyes, however long ssainlni.', can be e?)Vtitnily and pt rtnanetitly cured, films, and spcckv, mmotad witliout si leafoporaiion, s t it a in s m u s. Commo.Jy rllra Squinting, *od CATARACTS, safely re moved?in a lew minutes?with icarceiy auy inconvenience or pain to tin? patient. To save trouble. vcorres|hiu lent* *rt informed ilitt letters, nddr??.edd> Or Wheeler, -* will not be taken from the P??<t Office . unless pent paid.. 'T) ^ / " Tl?c v ist number of cases nave been cured by Dr. \Vlu-elcr, h ive aln . ly giv-Jj him a wide spread reputation, and fived it ttt^Fu a i>csi< .u h-.tinrj * llu* gr?iitmlo of those whom he Itu rests u-d frou* a " living ueiih." Of the number of certificates, ?>' dch pali i!s have off? red to him of their own accord, he *? I *ct tie hdlowiug, not tlint (h?5 cases arc more rein irkable tj ?.i n.M. otlrrs, tmtbocaiut rhe im isous who wrote them nppea >cd U> L* actuated b^a coiuamuiuable spii it of philanthropy, to kiie/ to oiike Known, for the good of their (VHow-meti, tlir hrij? *,t which they have received from Dr. Wheeler's trcr. tm? tit. NkwYiai, March litii, 1812. To Di. Wneelrr, Oculist, 3.'l Grueowicu *t. t)*;\n M k :-"Th t you liny, if you thiiih proper, make publicly known toe high estimation in wlticn I hold yen as an occiilist?lis c to ci*e von, in addition u? my veroal arknowl imUkm'mIn utPc iKMirtii \-f?i hate conferred upon nu* K*a patient, tJiU w ritjeii avowal of my crr*t you Tor restoring rhe lifflitoi mi poor little cluid Iron ilu dangerous diaordoi fhichlatel] < d it ight 'I'hta childwM 01 such tender v?? r<; ami its ?liwar of ?uo\ alarming a character, that I flivsi?ii:?ol, mi?:J tolit of your sKill in sucn matter*, ol evirohti inn t anv remedy for her, and ilu* more especially nu other i?hj sn?i an* (mi afforaed Ihm* no rnief. I am happy, how ever, Uui to roufi s-i tli it you liave effectually cured In r, and I cordially, trtily think vni, tor) our highly successful exer I tlow. ^ oum rvapttctAtll y MARTIN WATERd, lltfHammundcy*t. City and County ol New York : to wit: In the fiojw of bfinit sen ir(silde to vfitto of irty afflicted> fel low crfnturoa, I hereby voluntarily offer my crateful iratimo iimU to Dr. Wheeler, the I ?cnliat, for iwHtorins: me to perfect (Irotn ton! blindncKS,) after having before been uns?jc ca?stulU r 1 ind operated udoh bjr upwards ol twenty of tlv most e 111 uient and celebrated medical men of thiacity and dtffomut parts of tile United States. In witness whereof, 1 inaku depoHltiou, uudar oa'.li, to its t*uthv and hen* auto subscribe my nam**. JAMES O. KARKRLtTSSd Attune. 8iWi bnfow Mi tin MCbdnyoi March, lln. Geo. IhkI'ANIk, ( ora. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : m. David To well, 158 J&cluba street, BnSoklvn, being duly sworn, say**, that he was afflicted eight years with the Egyp turn op'hvmit. ntnl ulcers in the eyes, and though under One > ( |ae fir.t <* ulists at llw Eye lidmnarv four ay.d a half x ears, ne \?>? rienovd t?? n lief, but became Mind, it. which state he was placed live I. . iliu ireatnieut id Dr. "\Vhyefcii_, Oculist, 33 Or u rvicli street, who has entirely restored My night. DAVID POWELL. Bubsciibed and sxvoin to before this 3|st day df Much, \\V2. Jon* Bulslkt, Com. Deeds, 21 Wall street. Pity anil Comity of New Yonk: st. Mary Ann Pirh-y, daughter voC Mrs. Wim*le*,Nn.'M t'athnnue street, being duly sworn, a y*, that sie* a short time suffered dread full t* from i disease *ki ujwn, technically, (as deponent is unformed) to he Amaurosis, which rendered her ?pnte blind. Although r.he had the lint ast it lance that could he afforded her at tin* Eye littirmajy, (as as from au eminent oculist in thi* city, who eventually tol I her the; sight could never be re; atoned) the never received any essential benefit until she was placed under the cue ?d Dr.. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich j s react, whose kind ami ?kilfi| f treatment, bin entirely restored ; f vr. MARY ANN PULLEY. Hworti before me. this 15 .h day ol AnriJ. 1812. I?aa? F. Martin^ (Join. Deeds, 14 Wall street. City and (bounty of New Y<*/k: sr. Mr, 8. Cady, 85 High strfH?t, Providence, R. [., bring duly -s'iciii, vu <, thai h mm io?]y U!im in nil leneye, (Sxluai iM!in; tht ctuie of the !?:? few M was cauu id; (ha! he applied to .'Or. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Ore*nwich street, who, ^by hi O|?fition tft? id d b> i rvlittU pain mud in ouvemence, and art(boat daiifft r,} haa htnfeeth restored his shpit. Under saoh circumstances, lie |e*-lt it hi* duty, to state his gratitude, to the Doctor, for the iin\>t unable bun-fit which his skill ha* conferred sap^>vi him. 8. CADY. 8worn before me, this Xith day o fApril, 1812, uforgc llkla!?dt Jr., Cora. Deed*. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York, n?: Cm the 9th of last month, I placed my little daughter, three years old, who had sore eyes, and was romplrtelv blind of the left, under the care of Dr. Wheyler, Oculi?t, 33 Greenwich st. To the asUimsTimeut of all wfio ?n< w her,her sight i* jH-rfeeilv restored, and her eyes are well. In the hope ofleadiiig others to tho same blessing that 1 hare enjoyed, 1 voluntarily make this statement under oath. CHIII8TOPHKR BURNS, Grand street, comer of Thomson street. Sworn to before me, this 2r.rii nay of April, 1012. W. H. Bi:khk, Com. Deeds, m!9 lm*r Hi Nassau street MISCELLANEOUS. SHARON SPRINGS. rpHE PAVILLION.?Thi? new commoilioaa Hotel will be I op.1 for lite reeentio* of Tiaitdnoa mm ab dm fr?t of June neat, it the Village of Sluiron Spring*, Schoharie County, New York. The purr water of the ipringa, greatly rraemhling tho.i- of the whitu attlplinr spritu. of Virginia, bare hern proved to he highly eflicariona in Rheumatic, Cumneoua, Flili oni and Dyaneptic complaint*; ind in the euro of Erwupelaa, Hallrlteum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and gra^yal debility, and in many alhnr rcpect*. po*?<*? (aa certified by iiune of the mo?t eminent ttiorlieaf |>rofei?ir, in the United States) medicinal and treating piopertir* nn.urpasaeil, and Relieved to be unequalled by any in thia country. A 1 .-k f ?..<?? r 1 rillfK, in tl?* s*ir?ii??fv va,. >n..on. a-i!ln??. estrnsive views, neighboring caves urn romantic scenery arc among the many utTractioiu ottered to these seeking in the heat of summer, either lu-dth or plrMin. Time springs are hut a few lmun? ride from Rwoton, Troy, Albany, Ac., and are arressabh- front Cenaiohnrie on the Albany anu Utiea railniad, where carrir.ges daily await the arm il of lite meriting ears from Hchenectuoy and Utiea, to carry Matters to the Springs, a distance of ? bout right miles, arriving in time for dinner: the Allriny and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-live miles s?cat of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Bath j furnished at all timet, either of th .mineral or fresh water, r ml every attention given to render the stay of VMili p -erreutde. An abtnulance of the | hi rial inonntain spring Ice is stored for the season. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTTCL.?This Hotel wll he opened at the above village of Bhsrosi Springs, for the reception o| visitors, and combining all tl ,e advaiilngi .s of this delightful summit residence. a? l?wtuw r WILI.HM E. IQNV.S. 'PHK COLT S PATENT REPEATING KIKE ARMS * ?Rifles with Eght,Chambers. , Carbines w i th Si x Chambers. Shot Guns or V ow ling pieces, with sis Chambers. Pistols, Po< .-get. Belts and Holsters, with five Chambers. And an es tn? cylinder with live inore charges. As also, |>ei s-ussion caps, balls and powder, itnproied cap primers and p- i? der flask i, are now offered for sale at reduced criers, at No. 171 Bro-ulw ay, ?ud door below Court I andt stre.r. Purchasers / rum abroad can be supplied with any reasonable .pisjitityon short notice. The great advantages of these fire arms over anv other ft re arms now known, as well as their siijieiirw workmanship tttid i|uality < if materials, is so well established that it is not u< cessary to dssctilv the sum* now. Jel lm*c A WONDER AND A BLESSING T(? CLRAR THE SKI.V. rP HE ITALIAN CHEMICAL HOAP.-?esrt tin- -,sohiA titm vieeed hy lli#e M?dic*l Council of I'/ris M \V?'con' / 1 M. V . iDrim ci e iti tl Dhilaothroi iai ol iti- . mid hit I'filnri f linnical J'o ti? at a pcrfV ct mirarfc to hut .my eruption 'ir diiftftreineiu of th" akin. Th*- Itrtlinn (hcrnical Hoap i? v mthlnitly recomin !:<!"d to tlw public to cure the following : I uimplct,frrcklet, alt rf train, nrv>. uin, movpheif 01 ittiftnni, cry?i|*?.vt, 01 ri, ? nypfioii. It will c.hawce the color of j larl yellow or mud irtit skin to a bc.niHfnl hcaltni ct**irm tlt? imblic may rrlf n It, it never liiili." Sold f?y T. Jonaa, 1 f th? Amcri i i*l? ! ( hatlMin Mr?rt 11i ??. ? nta i I ' le-omertt on rich InWl ihr signature ol \1. Vctprino, tho Inventor, aii<I T. .lottos m the General A rent. AfcnOr-IJD k iilt- n street. DawMya; fflTD ?ck *f. V>Viiln?lcl(4ii ?; <5 ute at. Dcwfiui . 110 Baltimore at. Baltimore; 'j7 Spite it Al'*1? PATKNT PRRSKBVKD PORTABLK h'llKRH PHO* VISIONS, warranted to keen any length of time, anil in any elinntr, tif ?Preaervrd LnhaU r?, Hallibut, Shad, Salnim.Oyatei* anil Olamt?lla*fi Motion, I.amb, Duck. I'hirki n, Turkey, Gooae?Uerf Soup, Vlnllim Bmth, Chicken Smip, Ox Tail Soup, Vegetable Soup, Murk mid Green Turtle Soup* ?Green PeM and Milk, for <ri Toy-agel. N. B.?'i'hrae proriaioaa are ?H ready cooked, free from bone ar.d can he u?ed cold, or, if preferred, warmed in a few min'''.n. Manufacinred and aold wholesale and retail, hy ml 1m* in W. MI'LI. SNK. 82'a Naaaau al? New York 1>KARSAM/S OAK KSTABI.ISHMKNT. founded in I l?38. at 102 Water atreef, tin doom nhovn I atltanne mar lea I. the only eatiMiahment of ihe kind in the I'nited State* rontiuuea to aupply the Navy. the American, Rii-aiin, anil Spaniah war ateainora?iiaa aiipplied all the r??e boat* ami olnh lv, it* for llw laat four yeara?and ha* now ihe larneal aworltnrut of oar*. awreyw. ?nd ?eiilU eter rolleetrd in one plac... N. B? 'The Branch Oir Hlore on the North River tide, ia ahot np, and rrmoied |o 402 Water atrret; add aa I aarr all ihe rxpenart of one atore.l w ill aell enough cheaper to ihoae who come from ihe North River aide to pav them lor their Imnhh . Race boat*, clnb koata, oara and aculli told Mprr cent 111 than laat vear. m^tm'e OTAINKD GLASS AND WINDOW SHARKS - II \N l5 NINOTON St CO, ZIJ Broadway, near Rraileat. Ola?a Slallfra and decorative Pvinl.-ra rearta-rfflille Ulliol f.mille. and other*, titling ii|> their dwelling*, to in* pert their rtoek, which for style and <-*ecatiMi of work i* not to bo ?nri???r<l. an.I at liiicoa to *tiit the time*. Waaiiahl* window ?h*dra from one dollar lo ihi richest utile*, wjnally cheap in proportion. Architect* and other* fnrni fied Willi dcaign* for xl iim d gl*M for ehureh window*, dwelling*, he. on the ?hortr#t notice, and orders citcutol with economy anil deagatch. WANTKD?Anartnt. nanlto decorative painting; aho an apprentice. insjnlinr i onn ami nckLis. in nwktti ? lo suit cu?fom< < ?? I , 1,^UU,UUU A*?ort.d fvkle*. I at.o,., Hanrr* I're nertea, and Kiulith M n.lerd, of a .npenor quality ami low price : Cider ami White Vinegar, bv tin- gallon or Iwrrel j Hour Krout by the harrrl or keg; I rrarrred Mr*u. Soap* Oyater*, Fowls, Milk, he., w arrantcd to keep *nv length of rime, ami in any climate, eaceUeni for alnp "tore*,** rhey afford errai l?Turynin rrM?iu?ble I?pCf ; firotttid OoRfi, warmnird purr ; W*lui?t, M broom and Tomato Imuiip, by Um gillon or doijn. . y. D --Litrtre !* Plckloomriocffi. by WKLLB h M1LLKI, t WltoWtale and Kefail Warrhoa*e* for Pickets, mil Jm* l!>t Water and M2 Front street I I .LI Ji I IIL ^ILIUL'UJI .I LI J IERA I. LoutsvilU. ICorretpmidencc of the llorald.) Lonsviu.u, '.Shh May, IS 12. k'.in Hurra in I.ouitriUr?Arrival of Mm. Sutton? SiL'iuir Naqd?Monti/ Affair?. D::.ut Si a? Our towns|>eop|e, or rather such of iheni as an* net Whigs, made a strong muster yesterday, to greet the honorable Martin Van Buren, who arrived about five o'clock. Many say they have never seen so In ge a procession in our city. Martin looked in good health and spirits, having much increased in Ih ah since 1 last saw him, but poor Paulding, the teetotaller, looked very slint. It appears the change o' climate, and the Mississippi and Ohio waters does not agree quit*- so well with him as the honorable gentleman. If I might hazard an opinion, it is precisely because Murtin is no tee-totaller, and seldom, ;< ........ otm..... ... i i.i ? u:_ ... 1. l... u ? ?i, ouuno niutJ lu mv *JUIU UU IUO PlUIliaUU vy taking it pure. The procession was composed of our military companies with u band; Ladies in carriages, and gentlemen and niggers oh horseback. In this way, Martin and his suite was paraded through our principal street to the Halt House, where as is us lal in such cases, being called u|>on, he made a speech, signifying nothing, which mighty few heard, and all cheer**!. It is stated here that lie is travelling solelv to see the country, having never been to this section of America. It is very possible that he may be only travelling to see the country, but 1 rather guess it is to sec how far he maybe able to revolutionise the Whig Stutes. lie may depart in pe ice, however, from Louisville, and let Kentucky alone, for the Whigs predominate to too great an catenl here to give any hopes. All h<; will he able to do here is feasting and courtierising, at both of which lie isan adept. Mrs. Sutton, the eminent vocalist, arrived at this place with her husband, on Thursday morning, and went immediately on board the mail boat for Cincinnati. They were in the greatest possible haste and proceeded. 1 understood, alter a Steamboat on board oj which Mrs. Sutton had left a portable case containing all her jewels and money to a large .mount. They returned yesterday morning, having he'Mi succes.dtil in recovering their lost property.? 1Tlu*7 nniHt have lost no time, as they left Nagel and lady at Nashville on Tuesday morning, n?d euuie by mail to this place, -proceeding to Cincinnati and returning here on Friday, barely I days. .Mrs. Sivton remains h"re until the arrival of Mignor Nagel, when our musical folks will be deliRhtcd by a succession of concerts by these great artists. Airs. Mutton's reputation as an enunent singer, Hnd Nagel as a violinist, gives an uHUirance of a musical treat unequalled in this city. From New Orleans all along this section of the country, the public have been the victims of a system oj plunder, originating doubtless amongst flie brokers, via., the constituting of tight hitx, ten cent /h rex m- ilirnei, to the dollar, making only eighty cents, thereby saving 20 per cent to those who have flooded this part of the country as above with this vv., I....... .?i? - ..--.i i -_j will have our 100 cents without being shaved. To show the immense profit made by brokers,I was told the other day by one who is very wealthy, that out t>t $10,000 lie could mtike #20,000 clear profit in one year. That is what 1 call doing business. The weather here lias been very changeable, the tr insitions being sudden from, heat to cold. When \trs. Sutton begins singing, and Nugel begins fiddling I will write you more. Cincinnati. [(sorre&potuteiicp of the Herald.] Cincinnati, June 5,18-12. The weather is growing wnrm here?tha river is getting below par?tbe Herald is much sought after ?Van Buren is expected in law* to-day?and the ladies (Heaven Lilesn theni) smile with more than their accustomed loveliness. By the by, sjicakiiig of the little Kinderhook Lion, reminds me that on yesterday, a hellmun, alter sounding the alarm both long and loud, proclaimed that " Van Buren would be in tow* to-morrow! No good whig or honest iiip.ii should go to see him, or do hiiv thing to fuvor his reception I That the rats and the mice would hide their heads at his approach, as even they had been nearly starved out by the influence of Ins impolitic measures." i >ur citizens will, nevertheless, pay him that resiieet due an Kx-President of the I'uited States. So mote it be." S. Still Later skom Bii:xo? Avars.?By the William Davis, at Boaton, from Buenos Ay res, wo have received tiles of papers to the 0th April. Affairs seem to have remained in the same state. The b-Uigerant Meets) in the river had not yet met in battle.. The following paragraph, giving the latest advices from the army, we extract from the British Packet of April 3 : " Letter's from the army aro to the date ol the 31st ult., at the post of the Lobaton, on the conGnes of Santa Fe, upon which point the whole of the divisions from the interior have concentrated, amounting to alioiit 3000 infantry, 4.'i00 cavalry, aud 4S pieces of artillery. An advance corps under the commnnd of Colonels Sosa and Flore*, attacked and dispersed u body of Saatefecino* under Orono, on the 27th ult., at the Demochadoa, (Estanciadu Correa,) killing some twenty of them. A few prisoners, 3000 mares, 1000 head of horned rattle, and forty carts, la-sides a considerable number of families, fell into the hands of the Federal forces." The anniversary of the birth-day of (iovernorde Rosas took place on the 30th of March, iind was celebrated in great style by salutes of cannon, a display of Hags, mnrtial music, illuminations andbonlires in tbe evening. Two elHgies were burnt in the evening, in one of the principal streets, according to the previous public notice given? ..... ... ....... . < |..r? .. 11..11 . ....... i.|. , u.:u mu Uljll'l Jo*.' Maria Pa/. They were suspended from ropes nnd consumed amid the loud shoots of nnnterous spoctators. The fireworks in one of their transformations exhibited in a blaze of light, " Viva tl Httlourador de lot Reyes! Matron lot to trusts I'nitariot." Titbiti ttsm Tkias-?The Neptune, nt New Orleans, brings news from Texas us late as the *J.'ld ult. The times were getting rather worse than letter in Texas. Failures among issuers of shinplnfcters, w ere talked of, nnd neither Government or People appeared to have much money. A report was in circulation that Bexar had again lieen captured by the Mexicaus; the story turned out a liunihug. At Corpus*Christi,the Wolf-hunters mustered about .'<00 and there were alwut nOO more iu Houston, Galveston, tec. President Houston persisted in declaring he would cross the Hi,i Pel Norte in July, ut the head ul as many volunteers as should offer. Considerable opposition, and unkindly feelings towards (ieneral Houston, are said to be manifested by many of the most influential men in Texas. The |atople there look to the people of the United States lor the money, the implements and the stalwarth urins that ure to invade and conquer Mexico. Nkw Chi r< hi s. The corner stone of a new German Catholic Church was laid ill Pittsburg on the tMth ult. The church is to tie one hundred and fifty feet in length, and seventy-one feel wide, with a steeple one hvndrrd and seventy-tour feet high. The sermon cn the occasion was preached by the Rev. Mr. Alexander, of Baltimore. The dedication ol a new Methodist Church in boxington. Ky. was to take place on tlio 'J*th ult. The Tier. 11. II. Bascom.of Augusta College, and the Rev. Mr. HemMine, of Cincinnati, were to officiate on the occasion. General Orders, No. IlKAD<(rshti'.as or Tilt Aassv, Adji-tant Otsssii.') f>ri iii. Washixiitois, June J, I*4J. 1. Tho3d Infantry, on its arrival at New Vork, will proceed hv detachments to relieve the 4th Artillery, as ai?o inflight company or tnr I at Artillery: wnsii Ihe companies of the i f Infantry will stand diitriputrd m follow* : Four in the barrack* at Buffalo , one in fort ,\i agara ; one in fort Ontario, Oswego ; three in Madison Barracks, Haekett'a Harbor; and one in Ihe Barrack* nt Piatt* hurg. I. Being relieved by the Jd Infantrj . the 4tli Artillery ? ill proceed b> detachment* to garrison the follow nig work* : f ort Monroe, w ith *i* companies , fort Wash inrton with two; fort Severn, with one; and fort Mrllmtry with one. 3. Ob the nrnval ol any company of the Ith Artillery at fort Monroe, the company of the 'id Artillery, now there, will proreodto New York harbor, in which four companies of the latter regiment will he. |>o?>l?d, aa heretofore, three (including the light company) at fort Adam*, instead of the four now there ; two at fort Trumbull, New I.ondon : and one, as now. at fort Mifflin, Delaware rirer. 4. With a view to untied instruction in the higher inaDOMivrr*. the four light companies of Artillery will tie brought together in pairs, at points which furnish grounds the best suited for that puriaise. Consequently the light .ompanie* of the itd and 4th Artillery will ronatitute the tierminent garrison of fort McHenry ; and the light coir, allies of the 1st and id Artillery, ou lieing relieved, will i roceed to fort Adams, to constitute, two ol the four rom anlos assigned as the permanent garrison of that |*i#t. f?. The other companies of the 3d and till Artillery, nd the companies of the -id Infantry, will he designated ' or their new stations by the rommarders otf those regi- ' nenl* respectively. t>. The three Held officers ol the jd Artillery will take Mist nt forts ( olumhut, Adams, and Hamilton ; and the ' hree of the tth Artillery, at forta Monroe, McHanry, Hid Washington,resportiraK . ' 7. The commander of the'.M Infantry "ill lake post nt he Buffalo Harrncks, and the Major of the rcgimant at dadison Barracks. . , u 8. Commanders of Regiments and Boms sre charred yith the prompt esncntion of thi? order. By command of Mnjor General Scott. It. JONI'.S, Adjutant General. 1 LD. Price Two Cents. Kerlew of Hooka, i Pictorial IiIiideto Wiagaiia talls.?huiuhurv (> Clnjiji, Buffalo.?This is fh?* most beautiful little book we ever saw issued from the American. It contains about .">0 moat capital illustrations by J. W. Orr; they are superior to anything we ever saw front the American press. It throws all the othor Niagara guide books into the shade. Science ok < Iovkrn.mknt.?Ailing, fiothttler.? This is an introductory work, a very clever one, and ought to be perused by persons ol all ages. 11 tits avn Trucks.?Strong, Bottom.?A small work, full of capital galley yarns and nautical small talk. Bextley, for May.?Mrt. Mhmm? A capital number, with live or six sti|>erb illustrations. Some of the stories uie rich in Itunior. Knickerbocker,for Junk.?139 Mauuu itrrct.?A very good number. The Editor's Table is unusually rich. Metropolitan.?Mrt. Maton.?This magazine seems lulling off. Hint's Maoa/.ink for June.?11*2 Fulton ttrrct.? One of the most valuable |*?riodicals in the country. This concludes the sixth volume. Its commercial articles are of the highest moment to merchants at home and abroad. The article on the Commerce of :?yria is well written. Democratic h kvikw.?I.anyley*, Brothnt, 57 Chatham street.?Decidedly the best printed |>eriodichI in this city. The nrstent publisher dceerva credit tor their punctuality and enterprise. This nuinher contains a capital article on our Naval History. The plate of Bulwer is good, but is it appropriate. Is he a democrat ? Blackwood kok Jcnk?Mrs. Ma ton.?It is useless to praise old Christopher; it is always food. It is only sufficient to say that the reprint equals the original. Knctclopedia Americana?Curr v,155 Broadway ?This comes down to Dudley; ana is the cheapest and best Cyclopedia in tho country. Bacon's Works, No. Pott, 88 Bou-cry.? Most admirably got up; a beautiful edition of thia fine author. Scnrr's Works, No. 22.?Pott.?Almost the close; it should be in every library. Timer's French Revolution.?Port.?The beet history ever written, and well printed. I're's Dictionary, No. 8.?Applttm, 200 Broad. iroy.? Very valuable to all classes. Mf.kkt'k Mi'ski .u pur Ji ve.?Bradbury tr So~ itrn.?Every family should have a copy of this work, and every child should read it. Yorvi People's Book.?Pott, 88 Botctrv.?The contents are valuuble and instructive, and the illustrations very good. ladies' Companion for Junk.?Snencdtn, hj0 Fulton*!.?The literary contents are very superior; the article on Francisco Bartolomeo is very good. The illustrations are well done, aud the work improving in every respect. HicctorOTIalloran, and Andy Handy?Applcton ?Two more numbers of these humorous works They improve iu interest as'the story proetcds. Boston^ Miscellany?Bradbury tj* Sorden, New * i/ia ? i ins wont in gm iii) 111 most capital style, anil (lie illustration one of tne best issued thin month, it deserves patronage. Journal of Institute.?We perceive that that able work, the American Repertory, baa been joined to this. Mapea is one of the most ecientilic men in the eounley. Madame IVArblay's Diary?Cmy tf Hart.?Part two of this tine sterling work ie out. It is beautifully printed. People's Library, No. 9.?Put, HH B">rfry.? This concludes Othel Churchill, and commence* Vivian Grey. The plate of L>*Jsraeli is admirable.'s Magazine? Fraiuit, Brvaduvy.?Tou good to need recommendation. New Music.?Atwell has just published " Merrily o'er the Waves 1 go " The spell is broke," and a new Waltz. They are got up in a very superior manner, particularly the first, which is No. 1 of the songs of the sea. Arrest for Treason.?William If. Smith, a Suffrage Secretary of State of Rhode Island, has been arrested for treason, and thrown into |>risou. Naval.?The I'nited States ships Brandywine and Preble were at Gibraltar, April29. Fall of Pricks.?In Muskingum county, Ohio, hogs sell at sixty cents a piece, four home wagons at $5.50, hones $8, and cows $1.50 each. Cheap enough. Starting Hock Changed.?The New Haven boats now leave at six o'clock everv morninr. Mow.m?-.%t? ii Riionr. Island.?It if understood that several cannon hare Won brought over the Worcester Railroad for the use of the in*urgent* collecting in the northern part of the State. It it rumored that a quantity of musket* and ammunition have Wen provided (or them, hut nothing!* known positively uj>ou the subject. Our impression if that the movement if got up without any vervkfixed plan*, but in the hope of producing intimidation. They will nee how much the government T? intimidated, the moment that they get fettled in their new quarters. If " General" D'Wulf doe* not have a chance to Wat hi* hlitld into a Cap-stone and hi* *word into a "hoe-knife, it will probably be became he can beat the therjfT at running ?Providmcc Journal, Juttt 4. Cam. Smixlcv and MmCaooHA*.?A St. Louie paper, after alluding to the va*t amount of sympathy and indignation that ha* Wen launched out upon the abduction of Misa Croghau, discourse* at follow*: Mis* r. was at home sometime previous to the marriage. During the whole of her *tnv there, she was pensive, tad, and evidently love ficK. She was very retiring, would not go into company, or receive the attentions of ) oung men, and often spoke of Captain S. as dear, sweet, captivating Captain 8. t She returned to achool, and in ev ery letter that she wrote home afterwards,had something to say about sweet Captain 8.1 In a word, her friends haa every reason Wfore her marriage, to believe that she was deeply attached to him. The captain it just fel ; it hale, hearty and handsome, fascinating and elegant in manners, antl might easily pas* for 40. There is no accounting for taste*, hut the truth is, that the union was full as much desired by Mis* C. as Captain S. Mist C, is more than IS, and manv girl* at that age are fully ripe in their judgment and tecling*. She ha* written to ner father that ihe ia exceedingly happy, and nbnuld W perfectly *o if her father will forgiveher. Thi* he will probably do ?oon, according to account*, and the elegant captain will be aaved Iroro the reported a**e**inatioii, or horse whipping, and received as the son-in-law of CoLC. And so this terrible mi*rhief will end -' Fashion* sue Movkmknt*. -Mr. Van Buren and Mr. T'aiilding left the residence of Mr. Clay on the -*?h tflt. for Co). Johnson * residence in Hoott County, and after remaining w Ith him a short time, proceeded to Krankfort on their way to Louisville, where they have arrived. Aaoinr* Stiamsoat kiri.r.xiov?Last evenin* the steam tnwboat Porpoise. tautened tu the ship I'anthee, hound for Havre, with a number of paaaengrra, blew up ; that is, her outside boiler exploded and ?u thrown ovarlinarrf This occurrence consed the death of the steward and three other*, hand* on hoard ; two of whom wore named Smith. besides theso saveral were more or lose scalded. The captain nnd the two engineer* were not on board at the time of the accident. The wreck of the forpolar was afterwards towed down to a landing. The e?ploamn aet the I'orpoiae on fire, but the eaerticna of tke multitude prevented it from spreading beyond the towho?L?Xew OrUann HuJUtin, May J" Kiar. ix T?ir Woooa.?We lrarn from the Cheshire (N. II.) Hrpiihliran that the extensive tract of wood and limber land in Allentowii, took lire laat week, and between one and two thousand acrea were burned over,deatroying a good deal of timber, and large ipiantitica of wood that had been cut and piled up, ready for anarkrt. Wr?T? ax Oaaixo.?They are about to try a young and beautiful girl in Weatmorrlend county, re., for burning a barn belonging to her laithleaa lover Ti.Mrt.aaxcs. at tn?- W??r.?The town of Trey, in Ohio, was the scene of tumult and riot for several day* during the last week. It aeemt that, at the latetanu of the ceurt ill that county, several |>ersona had been sentenced to a line and short imprisonment for a previous pelting with egga of some temperance lecturer. Altar iheir commitment, about three hundred " insurgents" an lered the town, armed with ? ? the., ?ickle?, ke? demanding their releaw. Anticipating *nch an attempt at reecue, the military were on the ground, and the althir appear* to bare terminated in a romjdcte triumph of the civil antkoritie*. rn nrmi Tin NT w Ji an ? Pn.oTI brought ID daring he month of May ?0 viwaeU from *eo, 57 of which wort akrn nut fight of land, and took out M. WiM. ?We remember being at a " Conference Meetig,''onre, in Yankee I.and, when oneofthedeoconi came round aaking people if they wanted aalration. Near ua, it a buteher'* boy, of nineteen year*old, about ee emenele to miration, a* a lamb In hit handt would have been to ercy. "T>o you want inlvatkm 7" aaid the deacon, leaking into brutal face. " No, dam you ? I want <t?l Skinner, and the tevten on't let me take her out till meeting'* over." Then wii the tim? we roared " aome."

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