Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1842 Page 3
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2 ?harca Urns. of North America $0,90o i> *# ?M? Kiitwdelphia Bank J ,000 <k i i.i .io Mechanics' Bunk of PliUaJcl^Uia 4.92H (r 1 do Bank of Pellusyivuuia 400 11 do U iukoI United Slate* 1,100 o U do North American Insurance Co. 460 C 2 do Ponasylrania Insurance Co. 800 Ot 100 do Planters'Dank of MiMlivippi, 11,077 C 200 do Agricultural Bunk of Miss. 23,701 * 10 do Gritud Oulf DhiiW of Mini. 942 (H ISO do .Mer. and Mac. Bk. of Wheeling 16,025 <K 260 do Mcr. end Met. Bk.of Pittsburg 14,302 <k 200 do Planters' Bunk of Tennessee 22,100 2.' 160 do Union Bank of Tennessee 16.2(12 it 100 do Bank of Mobile 11.027 6< 10U do Bank of Louisville 10,526 10 do Chel. and Willow Or. Tump. Co 1.000 (x $1020 Philu unit Wilm. Railroad Itondi 940 0b $116,369 62 Those stocks were estimated on the 27th .May. 1942, bj '"narlet Macalister, Thomas Wickersham, and Joseph Swift, brokers, tube worth, at that time, $4d.705, showing 101 estimated loss of *911.03 4 62. A promising little boy, about ton years of age, ion ui Mr. Jamas N. Dixon, painter, coiner of Kighth and Arch street*, died {yesterday morning of that dreadful disease hydrophobia. from having been bitten in the cheek by u 'mall ilng about six weeks ago. As the dog wan not known to be rabid at the time ol' bitiog the boy, but little was thought of tho occurrence until Saturday last, when the boy complained of being unwell, and upon taring ottered water he was thrown into spasms, screamed, und ran from it as offensive, and exhibited every symptom of hydrophobia. It Mas then that the truth hashed upon the minus of his physician and friends. His apasms and sufferings continued to increase until yesterday morning, when lie died There was just now some disturbance in Dock stree' among the firemen. A few blows were passed, but no very serious injury 1 beliave was sustaiue 1. A small amount of business was done in stocks to-day. and not much change in prices. Latest i-rom Klohida.?The St. Augustine llerald of J7th ult. contains more particulars ol the Alachua Mas sac re. The war is not yet ended. A coriespoudent at Newnausville, under date of the 23d May, gives further particulars of the horrid barbarities rnmmittod by the gang of Indians that passed through Alachua county on the lith inn. They attacked the house of Mr. Absalom Snuwdou, and killed him and three children, and Mrs. S. they wounded in seven places, ami left her fur dead. After selling the house on fire they took the children about 200 yards from the llanies of their dwelling, and shot th ein one by one w itli arrows, in sight of their mother, and lulled them all before they molested her! They then tho; her with arrows and lett her for dead. She swooned anil has no recollection of the departure of the Indian*. It is believed the will recover. She is under the care of Dr. J. P. Crirhton. On the morning of the 17lh they killed two soldiers near W'acahootee, and on the same day, Lieut. Brltton was in search o( the party, and came upon them while in ambush. The Indians tired on his advance, and wounded three men. They fled precipitately. The citizens and troops are in search of tnem day uhd night. On the 21st inst the Indians were at Cul.'K. R. Sanchez's plantation, lit San Felasco hammock. Captain Hewell and a party of citizens had gone out on the hunt after them, and had not returned wheu the mail left. The store house at Picolata was burned on the 2oth ult. Supposed to have been the work of some evil disposed person*. Tbooss from Florida.?Another batch have left Ss vannah lor New York. See passenger list. A Card. {OJ- THE PUBLISHERS OF "BROTHER JONA THAN" would respectfully submit to the public the following; letter from their London agent:? North ard South Americas Coffee Hot'ic, ( London, May 19, 1842. s Gfrtlemer?In reply to your order tor nn early copy of James's New Novel, called " Morlev Enistein," I would rate that Messrs. Harper, the eminent book publishers ot New York, have arranged by a contract with the author himself, that the work shall not be published Itere until the 36th (aeat week). It will therefore be impossible for me to send it by this conveyance. You will, however, receive it per steamer of 4th pro*., without fail. Yours, See. Having given notice that they should promptly republish this novel in n cheap form, the Jonathan publishers are now induced to abandon their contemplated enterprise, for the fallowing reasons:? 1st. No copy could have been honorably obtained in London previous to the departure of the Great Western. 2d. Two copies of Harper's edition were offered foi sale at the desk of the Jonathan office last week, which the publishers bad reason to believe were stolen from the ruins of Harpor's publishing establishment, at the time ol the fire. S). Immediately after the lire, the publishers of the Jonathan offered Messrs. Harper a large sum for a copy ol this novel to publish, which offer was declined solely on the ground explained by our London agent's letter, subsequently received. Under such circumstances, we did Dot believe that o copy of the Novel could be possibly obtained for republication, unlets such copy haabeeu stolen, either from the ruins ol'Harper's establishment here, or from the London tiiiblisliers?and as a r-hean edition of the work is an nouncod from another quarter, we have'concluded to de clinc its publication altogether. 'J im public's most obedient servants, WILSON AND COMPANY*. Nkw York, Glh June, ltltt. The Kremlin Dining Saloons, 111 Broadway. fitf- ABOUT THREE O'CLOCK YESTERDAY WE railed at this most favored place of resort, and there, lot the first time, heard of the pre at defalcations on the pan of one of the o the em connected with a Wall street Insurance Company. Acoupleof old "Grey Heads"were dis cussing the subject with great earnestness, occasionally edging in n word or two in favor of the wine they were tliet; sipping, but more particularly its cheapness. We wer< determined to go on n more economical scale, and consequently called for roast beef uud plumb pudding, and >< small bottle of claret, and what think, you gentle reader was of the dinner bill only 3s? A fact, but go aud judge for yourself. JO- NO CHARGE UNTIL THE HAIR 13 RE STORED.?Although Seal's Hair Restorative will not turn grey hair to black, or make hair grow where nature has not intended it should, vet the proprietors offer to forfeit from two to five hundred dollars, if they do not restore the hair on any person who is bald, said party to pay th< like sum if successful, or to supply the article on the term?. \o charge until the hair is restored, on which terms they are now supplying a large number of gentlemen. to whom they can give personal reference, and a* to its succors have a long list of certificates, certified to b< cfs'ii n iiia> hv nnr lfltp ivrtrfhv \1n?ni* Anrnti f.Inrlr N.B For those who do not wish to contract on the tdiove terms o. use it as a (tornado, (as which it is nn acquisition to the toilet of ladies anil gentlemen, which will never be dispensed with hy tlioso who Itnve tested its admirable qualities,) it is offered tor sale at the depot. Onion's Biiraar 173 Broadway, corner of Cortlandt street. Price $1 pei bottle, $3 per jar, which contain* rulHcient for a test in any case. The Proprietor is in attendance from I to v o'clock. Wholesale hy T. Baxter, 8 Fulton street. vgt- TO 01' It RF.ADF,R9.?It is our intention tc iilace before our readers from day to day, until the public lias become acquainted with the wonderful effects of Dr Fleming's Medicated Candies. His Diarrhea Candy, is r certain, safe, and speedy cure for all bowel complaints ; it is most soothing and salutary in the diarrhoea attendant on the last stage of consumption. His Worm Candy, is ? most effectual remedy for the total extermination o] worms. HisCetbnrtie Candy, forms onn of the best unl vorsal physics, is very pleasant to take, is mild, but thorough in its operation ; it is superior to all other medi cines fc>r biliousdiseases, fevers, foul stomach, sick head' ache, fco. His Dinner or Tonic Candy, for eostivonoss indigestion, uneasiness, fulness, or distress, after eating heartburn, kc This preparation possesses the most valuable tonic in the vegetable kingdom, it gives a healthy appetite and vigorous tone to the stomach. Sold whole, sale and retail .'it 133 Nassau street. Agents, 79 Fulton street, J73 Broadway, 110} and 188 Bowery, 38 SthAranue JitJ Greenwich street, and 73 Fulton street, Brooklyn. U/? SHERMAN S LOZENGES ARE ALL THE OC now.?If you have a rolil, cough or consumption, fcher m:m"?Lovenges arcraroinmended to you. If a headache palpitation, or sea sickness Sherman's Camphor Loaenget will cure you in 0 few minutes. If awrnk hack, or pain or rheumatism,one of Sherman's Poor Man's Plaster will relievu you in a low hours. Nothing like Sherman's Lo lenges and Plasters. See you get trie genuine?100 Nas tan street is the place in New Vorlt, and 3 Ledger Build in<;s, Philadelphia, and S State street, Boston. ft f- WANTS REACH ALL STATES AND COCN TRfES?A change of elimato demands a cleansing of tlic system, in order to aecure that perfect state o health w hich is ne eesaauy to enable nil claases of person' to undergo their daily labor*, without sullcring from ant of the iliseaso* which arc engendered in our atmoiphere Emigrants should remember the diseases which mostly arise from a change ofclimite are eoughs, colds, and con sumptions. In order to have these disease* eradicate! from the system some medicine that is slightly purgntivi in lt? nature, and sure in ita operations, should betaken a the first appearance of any of thrift disease* ; and we say go at once to Pease's, t.i Division street, and purchase somi of their Clarifiod Eiscncr of Hoarhouml, which is plea sant in its tu*te, and unequalled in Its < iiicacy in removing the above complaint*. This caady is recommended ti ' Emigrants, as they are exposed to sickness upon theii landing in this country ; and a timely use of thia pleasan medicine, may he the means of adding year* to their life Sold wholesale and r< tail at 45 Division street; 10 Astoi House; 110 Brotiiw ay; Owen. 3, 0th Avenue; Bingham corner Houston and Avenue D, and Haya, 139 Fulton *t. Brooklyn. dj- LI', ER COMPLAINT.?This ihvease, which ii so prev alent in this country, is easily cured by the ori ginalanrl genuine Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort from 37.' Bowery. It has been used with great supers* the last nini years, and will by Its own intrinsic virtues eitahlish ar undying reputation for the speedy relief and cure of thii linirrriiiir ihsi-ise. fur couiths and colds no one should hi without it in thehou?e. ** cough*by neglect *ow the firti wit* of that drnal difea'P, con?omption. Therefore check it before it *ettlc? on the lung*, and no medicine enr he made that will entirely cure ?o *oon ns Dr. Tavlor'i Balaam of Liverwort. It ii recommended by the Medina faculty, lupported by the Clergy, and *hould be in thi house* of every one." To those who really cannot pay for any medicine. shall have it free of charge, n* the tru'i proprietor at .T7."> Bowery, will do any thing to relievi the *irk nnd indigent, but be sure and find the ri;h' piece, a* counterfeiter* bare tried to injure it by every menu i la their power?Mark 375 Bowery. fUT- AMERICAN MITSBI M AMD THE GARDEN Bamum ha* now got hi* paradite of a garden in ful Idantonthe tnpol'the Muifitm. Thoae who vieititonct will be nitre to go again, for it is really one of the moat dc llgbtful place* in the world. The entertainment* thi' < eek arc rich and diver?ilied. Among the performer* an Mirs Ro?alie, Mr. Fennl ;, Celeste, Collin*, Whttlock thi bnng? player. Master Frank, the |>rine.e of negro danoer* vr. The myHteriou* fortnne-telling Gipoey Girl al*n re main* a ?bort time longer. Adnu.tnnee to the whole Museum, Oanlen, and entcrtoinmeot*. i? but it cent*. I ^^s^smssssss^msssBsssmssms*sa^m JfJ- EFFECTS OF HEAT.?The irritation and inItammaUori frequently produced upon the MiiflM ?f Un Skin by exposure to the tuu, ia no lea uuplcutant to tin feeling' than generally destructive to the appearance. TL only preventive and preeervative of the Hands, Face, and Neck, from tbi* disagreeable liability is " Rowland's KAtTooa." The Kalydor?a preparation from the mos-. delightful e-totic?, not only (by t s use) insures the skin from the etiect ol Bummer. scorching heat, but it nevei fails of resionug the sain n? its pristine delicacy ant: whiteness, while, ultimately, it bestows upon the countenance a soft and delicate bloom !?Bee Advertisement. ,n__ 1 14 '(ff^IRON STEAMBOAT! -We are given to understand that a company in thii city are ahont to put on tin stocks an iron steam passenger boat lor the South, to Ubuilt on the improved plan of Kerr kCo., of Pittsburgh. Prom what we have seen :utd heard of thi? mode of con?truction, it appears admirably adapted for the coasting service?combining, as it does, great strength with sutficiert buoynney. Thenumerous accidents u liich have occurred to coasting steamers make us look favorubly on this enterprise. As to n boat so constructed, such accidents could not occur, and we look forward to the time whrnthe) will be in general use. We have now lying at our different navy yards ueariy eleven million dollars' worth of ship building umber, the groat expense of which is cutting, sawing ami tnmsj>ortation. By substituting iron we would develope the resources of the country, have a material which could easily he obtained at any point in the I'nion?from its small bull it could be easily' and safely stored, and cut and prepared in such a way as to be of the most rapid construction. The advantages which iron presents over wood must be obvious to every on- who thinks on the subject ; and should our government adopt the English plan ol building vessels, and lettiug them to individuals until they maybe required, iron, in our opinion, must be substituted?as the building materials are much lighter, and from itsdurahility, much cheaper. 00'- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Mr. Marble make* his second appearance to-night as Sam Patch in Francr. in hi* prize drum a of that name, which last evening ?n< received with loud and continued marks of approbation. The entertainments to-night are for the benefit of comical John Scfton, on which occasion Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Timm. of the Olympic, have volunteered their \ aiuahhservices, a* has iilso the wonderful llei liriesbuch (who w ill appear for this night only with his lions and tigers i and Mr. Joseph Sefton, a brother of the beneficiary, who makes his first appearance as llarry Hammer, in the drama of the " Golden Furmer"?Jemmy Twitcher, by John Serton, who also enacts Prico Pretty-man, in the vaudeville of" He's not a Miss." New York Pont Office, June <>, 184*2. (ay- ALBANY EVENING MAIL?An additional mail will tie seat to Albany on and after the 9tli instant, every day, by the 7 o'clock P M. Steamboat. Letters can be deposiied at thisoltlce until half-im?t 6 P. M. je7 lwr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. City Despatch Post, 46 William S-raF.r.T. Pkincisal Office.?Letters deposited before half-past 6, half-past 1-2, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at9, l,and 4 o'clock. Rbamch Offices.?Letters dejiosited before 7,11, and '2 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIG. Agent. MONEY MARKET. Monday, .Tune <1?0 P. M. Thetwo English financial luminaries, Sir Harsley Palmer and Samson Ricardo, Esu., made their appearance in Wall street to-day. The former gentleman commenced his business with the North American Trust and Banking Company, but wo apprehend he will find it a tangled skein. Mr. Kicardo, and all those who hope to reach State credit through federal interference, will lose their time and labor. They will find that sovereign and independent States on this continent, although allied for mutual welfare and defence, will suffer neither dictation nor coercion from s^gr quarter whatever. The only way for those gentlemen to procure payment, is for them to show, by indubitable evidence, that their claims arc bona fide and were legally contracted according to the laws of tinStates when; they originated. When those facts are established to the satisfaction of the people who are called upon to pay, they will pay of their own accord, hut until their judgments are convinced on this head, ull time and trouble will be lost. The people have been shaved all sorts of ways. Among the traditions of Wall street is one that a Western Commissioner placed a certain quantity o^ bonds in the hands of a Wall street house to sell on commission. These were sent abroad and disposed of at one price,and the commissioner was settled with at another, the difference $3-2.000, remaining with the broker. Now this may bo said to be a first rate transaction?nay. n prime operation, and very lucrative; but whether the people should consent to pay for it or not, "the wise may make some dram of a scruple, or indeed a scruple itself." The New York American, excellent authorit) on such matters, states that a defalcation to the extent of $100,Odd has Iteeu discovered m the accounts of Jas. R. Srhermer horn. Secretary of the Ocean Insurance Company of thlcity. The capital of the company is $350,000. It is farther stated that Mr. S. has been Secretary ofthe Company for many years, and possessed its unbounded confidence. Of course credit operations cannot take place without eon fideuue. At the stock board this morning the sales were very (mall, hut prices wore generally better. Indiana bonds rose J; Delaware and Hudson J; Illinois G's I), New York Stater,yt J; Harlem J; Canton The runner of the Long Island Bank had his pocket picked this morning in Wall street, of a liook containing $25,000 in cash. The Bank of Baltimore has declare 1 a half yearly dividend of three per cent. The Reading and Philadelphia railroad is proving eminently successful. The receipts during the last month for passengers, and freight on merchandise, is stated to have been but little less than $20,000. The banks of Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, consisting of the Lancaster Bank, the Farmers' Bank, the County Bank, and the Columbia Bank and Bridge Company, the representatives of which, in convention, met at Lancaster on Wednesday last, June 1st, resolved unanimously to resume specie payments on all their liabilities, on the 1st of September next. When in our article of Wednesday last, wo pointed out the extent to which smuggling would probably counteract the object sought to be obtained by the imposition ol protective duties, we did not expect so soon to receive arguments from the other side of the water confirmatory of those views. The great speech of Sir Robert Peel, in support ol hit new Mil, delivered in the House of Com mons May 10, contain* a most masterly exposition of the 1 practical bearing of high duties. The candor and fairnets with which he has endeavored to meet objections,and t his obvious desire to sink all party feeling and party exultation in the consideration of a vitally important social question, met w itb universal approbation, and completely disarmed even the carping cavillers who lire, move, and have their being in fault finding. On this side of the wa ter hit t>giral deductions and luminous expositions have been asaaded by a venal press, in th? employ of interested parties, with wholesale vituperation and course abuse.? The high tariff advocates bared their claims, for that , which they think is protection, upon the high duties ef England ; and now to find the ministry coming \oluntariIjr forward and largely reducing those duties, upon the ' plea of necessity, seem* to have filled them with rrxa| tion. It removes their only cloak, and republican America stands alone before the world, as the ad vor ate for oppressive taxation, while the old monarchies of Europe find it impossible any longer to persist in them. IV* will here quote from the speech of Sir Robert Peel, a paragraph,showing the practical operation of the high duties in ' certain articlas :? . I allude to the reduction of dnties on articles of foreign manufacture. I say those high duties arc n mere delusion. Thev don't constitute a protection for the home inanufner" Hirer; he rests entirely on a flourishing support, independently of those duties. The check is the smuggler; and I jt is a mere delusion to tell the home manufacturer that , you pay a duty of SO or 10 per cent on the import of the , foreign article, if he is robbed of that protection by the intraduction of the same article in an illicit manurr. Just ? let me read to the house?lor this is important, in order to x mo\ r nn unoo leciing irom tnc mind 01 the homa man. ufacturer?ataiui fid* letter from u smuggler (a laugh)? a large ami very e'\ten?ivi smuggler. I want to give yon a conclusive proof of the powenessneta of high protrctiv-) duties to keep foreign goods out of the market. This is a letter, of courie not addressed to me (laughter), but I guarantee it to he a bona fide letter, addressed by a man of large meant and capital, in regular intercourse with this great city ai a smuggler. It is dated December, 1911. After oflering hir aort ice* on the goods from a certain port, he adds :? " I am also able to forward to you, evary sve< k, blondei and larea (I mean articles manufactured at Lille, Arrna, Caen, Chantilly,Itc.) at a very low premium, by the Indirect channel (laughter). The goods would be delivered in London the same witk of the reception here, by a sure and discreet individual; my means are always free of losses and damages, or I would not use them. Here follow the price* at which 1 might at present undertake the passage . P*r cr.nt. Blondes, by pieces, according to value, 9 Blonde veils, according to value S or at Laces (Lille ditto), ' 8 or bi Silk gloves, II to 1-1 KM gloves, to ,3 And generally, all silk good-, an grog ,)e Naples satins gros de? Indes, grot de Paris, jewelry, fce., for which arte cles price* would he to be determined, but certainly n great deal under your Custom House duties." Now,certainly, could there 1* a more lucid exposition that you are not conferring a benefit on thedomesnc manufaeturer of this country, by imposing duties on the foreign manufactures which can he avoided? Is it no! clear that it would be more beneficial to the domesti" manufarturei that he should know the extent of the comnetiiion to which he laauMecti d thai ha Aaail ha aware ' I of It, unci not be eubjected to on illicit, unseen competition. I apuinut which he can take no precautions! I Theie are fact*, which it it difflcnl'. "to dodge.-' Let the I American manufacturer, having obtained hii protective duties. cant hi* ayes over a up, giving the line of frontie bounded by the river Ht. Lawrence and the northern lake au J ask luaisuli, tak iag into con .ilcrauou our inviUcien customs regulations, and the multitude of steamers ply ins on those water*, affording the utmost lacIUiv of commun> ration. Let him ponder upon thie and then ask himse'whether these facilities to the smuggler will not counterbalance the duty levied for protection. For instance, h asks for SO |ht cent upon cloths the compromise tarili makes the duty 'JO per cent after June; that iO per cent will amply pay oil the expense of smuggling through I'anaJu. and the JO pe, rent wiUba a sufficient bounty to the operator. It will be well lor the government to take the tame facta into eou-.iderai.wn in reference to revenue. The 20 per rent duty would 1* collected, but the ;*> per cent will be evaded. In rclution to positive injury which high duties indict upon the industry of the country where the duty is lev iei upon article* too bulky to smug' gle, Sir llobert lVrl makes the following interesting stalement :? " A foreign power was desirous of entering into u "ery large contract for the building of several steam-ships. Application was made to this country, ami the only objection made to entering into a contract for the building of these steam-sh'ps here to a very large extent, was on account of the expense of coppering and fastenings, and preparing the steam-boilers in this country, as compared with prance and Belgium. A demand was made to give a drawback on the amount of copper required, or to permit a quantity of copper to be introduced from foreign countriei duty free, equivalent to the amount needed lor ttao-e ves. sels". It was impossible to accede to those demands, although it was stated by the parties concerned that the contract must be transferred either to Rotterdam or some place in Belgium. 1 believe that course has not been taken; 1 believe the decision as to the place in which the contract shall he entered into has been suspended untilthe determination of this house shall have been made known (hear), and I have every reason to believe, in ca?e there should be an adequate reduction of the price of copper in this country, a? compured with thp price in other countries, that thai contract, instcalof being transferred to a continental port, will be takun in this countrj " (hear.) Here is an authentic practical illustration of the manner in which countries of low duties undermine the business of those which arc oppressed with " protection." The same principle carried to all other articles gives un equivocal cause of the present stagnation of English trade. As on illustration of the motive which governs the minister in the proposed reductions of duties, we give the following in relation to imposts on oil:? " Thn present duty on spermaceti oil is ?M IMS. per Ion, and on train and blubber oil the rnte is the same. 1 propose to reduce the duty, in respect to train and blubber oil, from TMd IMs. to X6 ner ton. and that on snermnreti oil to thus admitting compotion with oil prepared in America, in ctuea where the price of oil in this country is at an extraordinary or extravagant amount." The object is not to exclude foreign competition ; but to court competition, or in other words, to enable the inann faotuieis to buy it where they can get it cheapest, and (or the following reasons :? "Of late yearu we have had to sustain a formidable competition w ith the United States in some branches of manufactures, and they have had this advantage over us, that spermaceti oil could be procured there at 3s. to-Is. a gallon, when in this country the price wns 8?. toffs., or 100 |mt cent dearer. The reduction of duty we propose, while it will prove highly beneficial to manufactures, will not injuriously afiect the capital employed in that important branch of our commerce, the sperm fishery. At the semitone it is important to take a security that 'when sperm oil bears the price it has reached of late years, there should be some competition with the produce of other countrier, which will reduce the price within moderate limitR." What an enlightednnd liberal policy is hero developed; And how strongly does it contrast with that whining, mendicant cant, which runs through all the tariff" propositions that have recently been made in this country. To read the various report* in Congress, at home leagues and in venal prints, one would imagine that our manufacturers are a set of starving lazarone, who periodically hand round a contribution box to the other interests for their supjiort. Soles at the Stock Exchange. $2o0O U. 8. Loan C'? 100 tft " do h#n 29 1000 N. York 3%'s, 1801 80 JO " do 28% 1000 Kenliickv6\ 1871 79% JO" do 20 low Illinois Bonds 1.1 2j " do 2II7;, lil.OOO do 18% 10 " Anli. Syrac. 8? 1000 do 18% 2J " Csdton s90 T! 10,000 Ind. SlerV Bds 10 10 " do 22% 1000 Ind. Dol'r Bds 21 luu " M.irlem II K 13% 10,000 do 21!* 21j " do I3!| j shs Bk of Ami r's 83% Its) " do slO 13% 10 " Stale Bank 7C JO " do ?1J 13% 20 " Bk of Com. scrip OS 23 " I,. I. Railroad S3% JO" D It H dif <>ft? >90 00 JO" N.J. Railroad 67 2J " Farmr's Loan 28% Second Oonrsl. $20(JD Keulurk) ?0 MOO " 1870 11% J000 Illinois 1200 II JO slis Harlem ?2 13% MftR or iraue. A moderate amount ol" business liu b?en done to-c ay n the general market :, aud in some ca. .-s an improvement iii prices is manifest. The ret. ipts of flour to-day wurs large, anil was met by nn improved demand, both* for the Kast anil foreign account'. Sales of Western $6, ; Ohio, $6. Salesof ashes, $5,06 for pots. In cotton the market i? uiori! llrm, but sales are uiuileinte. St oar?Hogshead sugars are abumlnnt, ami prices fulling. GOOhhdsof I'ono Rico were taken at 4tnfti ctR ; there are some prime held at 6)t cts ; 300 New Orleans sold nt 4 J nlj cts ; 130 St Croix at 5ja8} cts ; 50 lihds and 150 bbls Cuba .Muscovado at 4 j cts : SS0 bxs Cuba brown at 4j aCJ cts.?Natal Stork*?Good lots of North Co. Turpentine have been bought at $-.1,76, nnd some to arrive at the same price. Wilmington at $3 ; Tar at $1,50 bbl, and Southern spirits at 3t2a:tS cts.?Oils?There were sales of about 3000 bbls Whale at 3-Jl cts cash. Linseed has fallen n shade, sales at T9a80 cts cash, and 85aH6, 6 mm. It is freely (lis posed of in small lots. Some Shore Oil ailoat is held at $13. Provisions ?Beef and Pork remain at the prices of Inst week, except Prime Pork, which fell to $6,-J3 for Ohio ; rt-insMcted Mess Pork is in some demand at $7,50. Lard in gujidemand at Djart cts for country, and 7a7J cts for city. A lot of Ohio sold nt 3j cts in kegs, and 31 in bids. Sweet Butter has been made" scarce by the Eastern pur chasers; the Goshen pail* sell at 18} eta ; sweet dairy at 15nl7 cts. New cheese is coming in freely and earlier thin usual, yet it sells readily at 7aHj cts lb. Corn Trade. ' There have been a few transactions in this market for shipment, induced by the low freights, but altogether, not over twenty-live hundred barrels have been taken out of the market for this purpose. With the exception of this little demand, the market has been dull and drooping. We give the following as the last quotations :?Genesee flour, $6 ; Ohio. 5,75nH7 ; Michigan, J,"Mb} ; Georgetown,6.113; Western wheat, $l,2Gal,30; Rye, 63a66; Jersey com, 56 ; Northern corn, 64a.'ri ; Northern oats, 37f.o3Hj. In other markets there is no change, except in Cleveland, Ohio, where prices were advancing. We have date* thence to the 1st inst. The quantity of whest sold tlurc in the week previous, for prompt and future delivery, was estimated at upward" of 40,C00 bushels, the price rangiug from 100 cts. to 101 cts. according to quality, and thibetl samples would still command our highest quotations. Flour had ndvanced.thc principal demand having been for the Buffalo market Sols* of Cleveland City Mill* have been made at $fi,'ZS, and other favorite brand* at nlthough buyer* are not very deairou* of taking hold freely over i>i. Corn had been sold at 31 ct?, hut it was difficult to get otfer* for a large quantity over 2W rent*. Not much doing in Oats?22 rent* offered. American flour wx* selling in Montreal on the Qd in*t., for 3-2 shillings a barrel without inspection. In Koche*ter, on the 4th innt., Flour, best qualitv. was quoted atf$i,7t<by retail?and $5..Why wholesale. Wheat wa* lelhng from the wagon* at $1,24 per bushel. The wheat crop in Western New-York, especially In the Genesee Volley, is uniformly stated to give promise of one of the best harvests ever roared. We have no unfavorable new* (rem any section of the country. We give below a comparative statement of the expor** of Flour and Wheat, from Cleveland, for the month of May, 1?4I, nnd IS42.? tail. 1SI2. flour. II ~\tat. Huur. HTit.i', U.S. Ports, 70,271 113.9RU 01,626 IS,122 Canada. 2I.C0I 4,713 34,1 It* 102,u;c 2%,301 06.3ft 166,ill It is seen by this statement that the expoau have lallen oU' all round. Cattle Market. The itippiv 01 came lo-uny lias ueen small. I noro ware only about four hundred beeves, six hundred sheep and lambs, and fifty-two cow* and calve*. Nearly all these wer# sold. Beef cattle improved in consequence of the small supply, but others remain unaffected. Sales of hoeve* hare been made in some instances as l.iifli as eight dollars? thence down to live ond a half a hundred weight. I.ambs fetched from $1,50 to a,75 ; sheep from $3 to 4,43; and rows and cairn* from $35 to $3s, each. Sale* of the latter dull. Illesl, On Sunday afternoon, 5th in*t., aged 41 years, Antiiow Bi.( tears Eilisox. eldeat sou ol Krnnci* Harman Ellison. 'l'he relatives of th? family, and the friends of hi* father and brother, Lieut. Francis B. Ellison, arc res|>eetfiilly invited to atteml his funeral thi* (Tuesday) afternoon, without further invitation, at 5oVlorlc, from 113 Sands-si. Brooklyn. On Saturday nftertoon, Ith in*t.,ofconsumption, Ssxsii Ass, wife of Alexander W. Marsh, and grana daughterof Mr*. Sarah Brown, aged 33 yeart nnd 15 (lav*. On Saturday evening, 4th inst., Wii.i.ism P*ioh Alls.*, ton of James and llelcanor Allen, age?l 4 year*, 0 month* and 9 day*. At?Troy,on the 3d inst., Hon. Isssc (Tihsuv, aged 91 year*. At Fithkfll plaint, Dutches* county, on the C$th Maj last, after a short and severe illnes*, JaMrs M. Joist*, in the 63 1 vear of hi* age. On Monday. the 5th June, on the 3?th year of her age, Mr*. Ylsnr Bt*T, a native of Halifax, Nova Scotia. On Monday morning, flth init., Mr*. Dtaoasn, the wife of Charles C. Phillips. youngest daughter of Benjamin and Mary Mott, in the 30th year of her age. Her remains will nr taKen Irom her iw residence, llH Hummcr?lev-?tre?-t,thi* (Tuesday) morning, at 7 o'clock, to Hempstead, L. Inland, for Interment. Hi* friends and those or her father find family, am invited to attend without forth or invitation. On Monday morning, ftth inst., al ter a short illness, Ann. relict of Mr. James Chinery, aged 46 years. The friend* of the family and tho?c ot her deceased husband?alio the member* of tho V. A. O. D., arc requested to attend her fu*ei*l thl? t Tuesday) afternoon, from tor late re*ldence, 406 I earl-atrect. In Montgomery '.ounty, T?\a*. in June. 1941, Jon* Par.rrr, R?|,, late'of New-York who superintended the F.mmelt monnmeut, and much distinguished a* an artist in this country and Kngland ; and in September lollowing, ,Mr?. Msmtim Pattnr, hi* wife, beta nativnof V Wall* Hp was a useful and enterprising citizen. a gooneighbor, and kind-hearted man , and his low will lambe deplored by hi* family and friends. One who kneu bim well offer* I hi* tribute to liu> memory. On Sunday afternoon, ufter a short illue**, tun VV., daughter of John O. and Margaret Tibbet*, aged 18 yeara. The relatives and friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral from her father'* residence, 136 Grandstieet, on Tuesday afternoon, at i o'clock. At Port rtichiuoud, (Staten Island) on the 19th May, Gbbtmudc M., wile of U. H- J ad ah. aged 31 years. She was an affectionate wife, a kind mother, and a sincere friend, and has left two children, who are now too roung to be sensible of the irreparable loss of a tender mo ther's love. In the dying hour, after taking un affectionate and last farewell ot her husband and children, sin closed her eyn Ibrner upon this world, |?erfecUv trailanil, in the t'aith of the good Abraham, resigning to Israel'* God her " immortal part,"1 with the consoling nope of receiving, what a well spent life ?o richly merited, that recompense which has been promised to the pure in heart, ttnd to the " just made perfect.'' At I'hiludelphia, 011 '1 hursday evening last, of n| oph xt , Usiu. Gra. Jolt a D. OoOdwin. in the Mth year of his Mgr. Gen. Goodwin had, for several years, commanded the first brigade of Pennty Ivanin Volunteers?wna formerly a member of'the Legislature ol'that State?had filled many important rivil and military office*. and in all thu various duties that devolved upon hint both aa a puhlic mnn and a private citiien, he stood pre-eminent for his Integrity and all the principles u hich characterized " the true m in." Ilis decease is deeplv deplored by the city ami county < i Philadelphia ; and during the funeral solemnities which were performing by the first division of Volunteers, Unwind*) populace participated in the grief which afflicted his bereaved family and relatives. They testified witli heartfelt sorrow, their respect for his memory a* an honest man and u valuable citizen. mm mBHuaMaBBwauaBaanswr. snruaaaRW PassrngiTs Arrived. London? Packet ship Switzerland? Mr H. iirv and lady, of .Jersey, f'.ny: W Roy sml lady, Miss Mitchell brothei, 1! Kuyluid; Mr (iwyn, (inula; Dr Jarktou, NVork; S Pcane, of Philadelphia; Mrs (J W Adams, of Boston?and 174 iu llic steerage. RarMKN?Ship New York?C H h'. tiler, K (' Wei kui.l, 1 A i'aiotl?li!ia llie sln-rigr. ? , 1 fun*? tiger* lo Arrive. Ohahi.f trox?Ship Oihaiirif?T i'ofl'm and family, H Lowndes, larly mid *?*r\ant, W Biruie and lady, J Walker and luly, Mi* Bi ll. Mri Wood, Mrs M B Emmeit, Mm Timtnnie. Mrs H Middle ion amilaervinf, Si L? C Middhton, Mix* .Mellon, Mita Pardon, Mini J Lowndes. Mini .M Lowndex, Miai 11 Lowndes, Mn A Lowndes, I)r J I' Einmett, \\ Mi dob1 ton, G RCaitcr, K J Bmwn, J Kocchieb. \V B Uecd, J B Lamtw ri, H E Chilly, L) ll joiiri Jcffrv, J Rok. Savannah?Shir* Cetla?Mm ll ukell, Alr>* P?MirOJf, Captain Kin^burv, Lieut Penrose, Lieut Lyon, Mr Hoffman. Savannah-Ship Unimi?Major Fl\ ipi Iuu and serv ml, C u t K K Barnum, C*pt .1 K Smith, Cinl K It Bir<b.\il, Ldy, 2 children and servant, Lt G W Pntfon, lady, 3 children and servant, Lt W Allium* au<l lad\, Lt J W Martiu, Lt A Ridley, T)r S*r terlec, and 208 troop* In Imitfiuj; to compMiir; B, O, and IC, 2.1 itfcinuoit V S Infantry. Savannah?Biijr L Baldwin? Mia* A ?' 11 nnilton, K Blair, EE Hill, A Lock wood, J s Arnold, II II Woodruff. Mi Wood?20 in steerage.

Foreign Importation*. Loudon?Shin Switzerland?Unkgi J M Oimcnheim?0 E Giiuth r? 1 Dubois k to?1 IL Robinson?1 1 Humkco?7 Kushlui Si A*yinw.ill?10 W Vy?t?2 T ll??okw< II Si E Si G W Blunt?2 I) Iluddou & son?2 G Bull & co?0 J IL. ley-3 W T??rry?2 Wilcv k Putnam?I Goodhue jico?I J S Wait?1 (J K Ilobin?ou? I Meters k Markoe?it Rootfield k Stonop? 220 A Hunt?15 G B Morewood k co?5 II II nick?! N 8t ifford?32 Sit!"kin, Iroiuides k co?.1 Bailey, Ward k co?25 Don, Johnson & co?150 bale* hemp ?i In xc* 20 batfi 7 cases 2 pkg? to order. Brkvikn?Sliip New Yoik?I cheat* W Wattier?> lo'tfi (' A l G Km/er?3 okic* S Bonxird? 2 E Glat7.?5 J W Hollertun?<? C D W Lil!iend??hl?5 bxj 10 ci C Mullet?1 bx r 1 B Dori^-I T D Walter?I c* F Victor?12 bxs T C Emctisnutch ?8 G F Meyr? It do 72 p)?* Heuaeheu k Limarl?1 box Bruntlein, Koop k co?5 J Napier?12 bales W K Weld?17 do 22 oh* 4758 bars 3D btllx 150 pc* cotton Ot lrichx k fCru^er? 1 bx? Eokbartb k Mcrb?7 pk*:* Ileiuchen k L'nktrt?01 pkgs mdn to order. "MARITIME HERALD, ~ Departure of the Atlantic Steamers. HUM CNGLAND. FI10M tMtRll'i. Columbia, Jiidlciui Jinu* lb G. We.lem, Hosiceii J.iu? 16 Brilaunia, Hewitt Jan* I July i Caledonia, Lull Julie I'J Jill,* 16 Aeiiilin, Ryrir July J Auk. 1 O. We.teru, Hoskfii July ') Auk. i II. D. M. .trainer Queeu,('a|it. M. M. Ke.lie,will Ivaie thi. port ou Tuc.ilay, June 7, lor Southampton, KmUnd, and Antwerp. To Ship Masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if caiitaiux of vess< la arriving; here, will Kite to Commodore K. S. Martin, of our news Heel, a re|Kirt of the st11[ ;>1 m; left at the iwrl whence they Hailed, llie vessels spoken on their passage, a liat of their cargo, ami any foreign newspapers they may hate. Commodore "vl artin will hoard them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate he favor in any wuv. PORT OF NKAV YORK, Jl \i: ?, is**. aurt 4 35 I MOOV bisvs 3 i at'iv hits Si | itioh waTia 7 ti Cleared. Hhipm Hilah, liaminoml. New Orleans, Johnson \ Lowdru: Saratoga, Russell, do, Win Nelson; Anton, Br rlcin>>i, Charleston, Geo Sutton.?Brim Saratoga. Bedell, N?n ?s, Jim Ogdcn; Anna, (Sicilian) Carmelief, Naples, Word?ev k Woolsey; Coral, Murray. Tohnsco, Nesmith, Lee hit Co; Km mi. Waile, Mararaibo, Bouchaud it Theljaud; Ruliy, (Br) Stokue, Wuebec. I. (k 1 . S. Winslow; Zealand, Coomb*. ThomaMon, Se.tnitli, Leeds N Co: Gertrude Morgan, Boston; Clinton, I.yon, Savannah.?Schr Juliette, Woglatn, Petenlwrv. Arrived. racket ship Switzerland, Chatfwick, from London, audio days from Portsmouth, u ith mtlse, to (irimicll, .Minttirn k Co. No d it--, 1 it It; o;, Ion 37 tit, spike --hip Krsncis 1st, from lfaviY for New Vorh. May IA, lit 4!) 23, lou tilt, saw a turk, under jury f ire and main ma<t, steering K. Bremen ship New Yyrk, De Hirde, from Bremen, April 2'J. with mtlse, to O'diiclis la Kiu n r. British brig Billow, Curry, 13 tlays trom WituLor, ida.lei , to master, Schr Cambridge, llall, 4 days from Boston, with mtise, to J. Stevens. Schr I'lie lie & Eliza, Oaborn, from Alexandria, w itli Hour, to m ister. Schr Paragon, Chancey, from Plymouth, NC. naval stores, to master. Schr Virginian, Walpole, 7 days from Norfolk, with mrlse, to master. Schr Thomas Martin, Wood, from James Hirer, with wood, to master. Schr Genl Scott, Doughty, from James Itivcr, with wood, to master. Schr Reaper, Smith, 1 dayi from Berlin, Md. with corn, to master. Schr H. P. Havens, Turner, from Berlin, Mil. with corn, to master. rwnr 0UI1I1? i nenf, vtouircy, iitwi i??r* ixivcr, wiin woou, to matter. Schr E. P. Horton, Bnrbank, from York River, with wood, to mMtftr. Schr Edinburgh, Deckrr, from rorli Rirer, with wood, to master. Schr Win McGUnsey, Mapfi, fioni fork River, with wood, to master. Schr A. P. Edward*, Brown, from Virginia, witli wood, to mnsttsr, Schr Wren, IlaJI* v, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr B. H. Field, Van Odder, 9 days from Havre de Gratsr, with iron. Schr J. E. Pott*, Hoffman, 2 day* from York River, with wood, to master. Schi Hetty Ann, lienni^n, 3 da>? from Yo?k River, with wood, to matter. Schr Mail, Howrn, 3 days fiotn Chcsapoake, with wood, to master. Below* One brig. Wind fre%li NW, Geneml Jloeortl. Packet ?hir Or.o. WnniftCTO!*, for Liverpool, will >si| to day at 12 o'clock. Her letter bags will rinse at Gilpin'a at half-past 11. Bmo Asmi.rt, Sherwo<*l, from Charleston for NYork, with If cabin and 9 steerage passenger*, and a cargo of rice ni<] cotton, sprang a 'enk about midoiiht of 1st ioat. btior?0 miles from land, and wa. driven ashore next day .-.l 3 p. m. ab m.i r i, i|?* north of Wright-vijlc Inlet, and about 9 milM from Wilmington, NC. Five ladies of the p isr.enyrTs rr-.ched the "horr same e\eniug in the small boat, and the residue of the i?a*sen::t is trrived daritnr rh* same night and morning of the 3*1. Vessel must he a V?-tul lose, a* tnere w is.t very heavy sea running, with stronu wind blowinc on shore. The cotton, it i? thought. will hn saved. The brig made 18 inches water in the I oat hour, though the pumps wert all going. Brio Horace. of Boston, from \? w York for nv.j Orleans, got ashore Vflfh nit. on lb'- Toriuir it, was got off by the wreckers, an 1 takf-n into Key West on the 23d. Her enrgo consist* of ^carriages, 200 ha lea oakum, 3 boxes dry goods, a lew hbla whiting, ntida quantity of naving "tones. The ves?e| ami cargo Imd been libelled, arid the ( ourt would fry the cave in a few day*. The Port Wardens held a war rev nu tin ?easel, and pronounced her tight,staunch and sound. The salvage money wnseipecfed to he paid, and the ie*se| proceed ??n her vo>age. ii rio Laura, for New OiIc-ims, before te ported st Key West, probably left ou the 26th ult. having obtained her salvage money Irom Havana. Brio New York.?The cargo of ih New York, consisting of 2ta) hbla molasses, w as re-*bit?l?cd previous to 2jtli nit. at Key We*t, per Signal, l<?r NYork, the agents having arranged the jm> incut of the saivugc without,; of any of the cargo. Brio Romulus, of Providence, for Boston, while on the by liyhtniiu, evenitu of the Sltth nil. which shirareJ the royal mtat, and rent the heel of the m.iin topiu.jl, took the com in* nir lire mainmast, aliithtly aplit th d?rk in teveral rl?ce?, and then went air Irani the forward port of the restcl. No person injured. SMirnoo at CitAM.r.sTO!?.?Harbor Mmtn'i Report far May:? Arrival';? 26 ahip?, 6 huh*, 23 brice, tj schooners, ji steamho it*. Clearance*?16 "hipt, 0 bark*, 33 brig*, Ji lohooneve, I aloop, 19 steamboats. In port 3IM till.?IS ships, I bark*, 12 briir*, 20 srbt>oii*r*. i steamboat*. Ahkiiai ? at Qri.NECe?Comparative stftterri nt of airitaU, toruiaite ami pa**eiitfer?, at the port of l^uiotc, front ?ea, in the years 1811 and I8!2l? Vriifli. Tonnue. Passengers May 31, 13 2 H7 ',3.76.', R.loS mil 190 i 11,921 Less Ihia year JU 120,619 2,918 flehouti'Ta from the Lower Porta art not iut-hidt it in the share statement. Whalemen. At Bay of 1*1.nit].*, Dec I, Chariot dWtrren, \ in a .,ul, no oil. Had l'i*t firal ant] second mates on the passant*?one bv disease anil th*oilier by aerident; had ynt their place* supplied and wn to aail t,e*t day on acrtii-e. Spoken, ah nil Dee 20, in Monmhiqnr Channel, Mary It Map* tha, Plyinanth, 90 bbl?. May *2, hit i.'i3fl, Inn 91 30, Willi*, of Maltipo!trt\ \ uaeks out, no oil. Spoken. I): rwicu, I mm ((.Iran* l..t Havre, ,al i> lat . ..u. ion 79 Ml. Superior, 7 daya from Mobile for Havre, May SI, Onn Kay Liuht K M mill t. Ilrai.le, is J?-? flV,m Philadelphia for Havana, May it. < fT th- Mow. pi ll Wilt,hire. J Wei ll from Liaerpoot, wiihe mutant*. May 9, lat 1110, ton St in. Iotrit, NYoik for fliaal, May It, off D If H Kevi. Korelj;n I'ort?. VIoilKUt, June ??A rr Vriper, London; B- Hi Hart, I.ire pi Mil. Air Jd, Mine in. Liverpool; Anilnw Whiti, Jo; Wii* iherlv, Newriatie. fill Mer er, Liverpool Uyritr, June I?Air Herrnlea London; l.oniaa, Cork; Ann Jefferj, Water/oral; Amilr, Aberdeen; k'.arl I trey, l.-ith; Miainlimp, Siinil. rliml. The fnllowinc veiaeli, wiih paaaen-.-n, nn reporied at Oroaae lile;?Doli-hin, Nrwry; Gratitude, <|o; Carlton, Olaayow; Lord Canterbury, Brialol. Cld Centurion, Louden: lllenhuriiie, Biilefonl Marinea. M*y *7?*?'o Dam ? i biter, Anlwarp. Id port. Cll>worth, for BoatoU, 1 ill. Tt **? in.avo, May lib-No Amrnnn re??el n Orand Turk, A i Salt Buy, a ?rhr from NYorfc, nnlnow n. I.rrrar >?, May to? Arr Heotia, Caroline,and Wm Goddard. Mehile: Mir C Napier, New Orleana; Dimaseio. flabm, and Ruckin^liem, do. JB.MU Li FniNrTH, Mir iM)lf, !lnd.?i, f.nm Brrmeti i??r New Vorit. Orr tiik Start, M?y 15?ileiuJitok liutUu, Loiuloii lot .V \ oik. O* r Halc jMJU, AUy 17?Iluiienj>ia, BTfttrtncrr. Llii.vuhs, May 14?TJh; Hermit-*, from Charleston for C* fwnhafcn, go* juhore on fh# 9win*b<>fU?ivt, lfthkiut. but etro< off ycftteia%jr and proceeded. An lJch, Pica, 1Mcon for St IVtrrtbor*. T?*KI. May 13?rid Coirmi**JurY, Bin^or. Km i, Mty f*?Arr Jupiter, H cnbtiK. HaMbl k<;, May U?Arr Clnrl*?, New Orleau*; Ki.t, H.f rana. I< Kr P?.%/iiyn. Miy 1"?Sid ( Imaiian VMI, Boston. a mitki u \ m, 31a; it?at i. ynosure, nosrou ; i rcniun. Chail li n. A.ntmlmp, Miy 15?S!?l II W Taylor, New Vork; Zei'liy do. * ' lUvr.t. Ma/11?Sid Sheffield, N Orleans; Potomac, Uiltintoie; Allunri', Wiaca?a*t. Macao, Kcb lb?In |>ort, lieu , Piatt, for Wduuuix?t, noxt day. liilirtl Ktutew PorlK. |, June 4?Anr Mary, Maun/aa?had been tliuO ! by Jiffhtuiiitr. !om main ;.ilUm mail iiid nwtiu fonma?t. BotTOit, Juii- i? Arr Commerce, Tuik * I lun-!; Wind"' | Havana; Jo?e|*hine, Mat an/a*. Philadelphia, June $? Arr M ?mh?* 4?w. Palermo; Annti Barbftdoea; llonirr, NVork. Cld United States. Boston; C>v* ne?, B iiurnr. Al.Kt anuria, nr. J??nr I?Arr Helen it hlinU-lh, Ihmartn; Alexandria, NVork. Richmono, June *i?ArrCliaihs, NVork; Lynchburg, ?1??; Olive, Smifhtield. Norfolk, June 1?Arr Meteor, NBedford; "id, Kagli, Portsmouth NH. The John Mnraliall, from Ah tan Iri.i, In v? !? u; James River. Klikarkth Cttt.NC. May 31?Sid Whitlow, West Indies: M tiin, do. Wilmimo to!*, NC. May 2??Anr St Simons, B rinud.i; Kch??. New Vork; tilth. Alderm tu, Boston. Old 30cla, Aurora, Surinam. Arr 3lht, Julia, NYorkjA r Thorn, do. Cmarli.iton, June 2?A?r Tvlxe, NYoik; Calhoun, Perry, ami iJeorKe, do; Araduni, (Br) Hililiix. Cld Wettchealer, Liv? i jxm?1 ; ( or a, liwrr; Zciiobu, Providence. Arr !ld, Dimotn NYoik. Cl?| Marion, Havre: 01 > mint, do; Roi lUmidon, W Indies; Charleston, Bremen; Ilrctor, Li\m;-ooL Sid Kin^st ?r?, (s) N\ ork via Norfolk. Sava.nxam, June 2?('Id Pliilura, NVork. Arr F.xtvl, do.? Cld 1st Clifton, NOrleans; Union, NVork. Sid (Vlia, do; L B< Mwin, do. Momii.f., May JO?(* I d Chain*, New Vork. Arr Cowper, Boston. \r.w Oki.KA.xt, May 27?CM Camindr.i, Liverpool; Scot land, Cowcs and * inUt; Ilowditch, NY'irlt; Tenter,do; Rrnfli.i, I uranu; ! 'r?-< !.ni'l. Cunipeacliv; Alabama, (a) Havana. An Merchant, llnmhury; Ravnmud, Thiniij.tou; Abraham Otborn, NY'ork. ? i.i m . PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 'PHE8F. fnr-fnmrd and celebrated Pilla, from Ponucal, are, 1 we |?*rc.irr, to be obtained in this country. See advertisemftit on ilii* l??l column of fourth parte. m3 i? DH~.)AMKS ALFA'ANDF.U HOUSTON ha." retm hi* (Jomcltiki Office, to No. 3 JIehalo Building corner ?>f .nid Kultou street*. jr'' 3ui in* c WANTED TO PUIU HASE?A fiutn ofit! t flft> ici ?' l?ar|v woodland, with or without improrem</t\f< n tlrnorthern ihorr of 1. um Ulniul, and within lilty niilrs of N. w York. Addrr** S. II. W. pott office. j?v'>u*rr | f'ftF.EN Tl^tttLE SOUP.?A tupmior Ciwe.i Tunic will | vT hi- ?rrvcd up in soups and atctb, in Sandr'n h*?*t ctlye, thi. div, at Welsh's Lunch, No. 233 Broidway, next door nhovc ih?* Auicrirsn Hotel. jv7It*c STRAW PAPER"-3WUr??uia Crown and double crown stfjin wrapping. for tale by PEI188F. \ RliOOKS, : ? c No-II I.i'-' rty ir-1t, nLU K SiM A LTS?10 fmks KFKK Bin* Smaltt, for tale b\ : . PF.R8SE & BROOKS, G1 Lib* rty?L THE BRANC II ?\ ujperSiu lot "i Otmi r r? in ? prime condition (Vom *?/vt;al noted bed*, at the Bound., where 1 hope to merit a coni'nuincc of public natron ikc. THOS. DOWNING 2-16 Bnndway, second house South of Munroc striet. N.B. I have a new if ck of amerifti Wines. jtf ?t r "TFIE COMPLEXfON & SK"IN7 ROWLAND'S KALYDOR. An Eiutcrii Botanical Dinrovrry of Snrprlalnu Kllicncy. ASA CREATOR AN!) CONSERVATOR OF THAT O. most ili.tiiicuikht'd rh.irui of female loveliur.t?a tramprrent fair akin, Rowland's Kal>dor mav be said to exi-rr an almost matical power. Compo-cd for, the moat part of Oriental balsamic etotic, to th. utter eicluaioo, of nil mineral admixture. it i>. di?tiiixui?lied medicinally for in exrreme bland, pttrilyitu;, and soothiny action upon the rkin ; and, by aetiutt upon the poi'L-s and minute seeretory vessels, expels all impurities from tlr utrfsce, allays every tendency to inflammation, and, bv this means alone, efierto illy dissijatcs a]l redness, ran, pimple . .pots, freckles, tunDurii, and otner unsightly cutaneous vi. sitations, ?o inimical to female beauty. Its eon.ta'nt application will chance th" moat bilious completion into one of radiant whiteuess ; while to the neck, baud, and arin, it healowa a delicacy and lairitess, which it. continued use happily protect*, w ith every appearance of youthful charm to the most advanced periojs of life. It is invaluable as a renovating and rafirabiiiK wash, diirini travelling, or exposure to the sun, oust, or iiinh winds, ami thr heated atmosphere of crowded assemblies. To gentlemen afflicted with a tetiderttt** of the skin in shtving, tin* application of the Kalydor w ill lie found to allay ail cutirular Irritation. Kowlnud's (hlonto, or. Pearl Dentifrice* This is an eifieimit White Powder for the Teeth, solely prepared from Oriental Herbs of tliu most delightful odour, and of sovereign virtue for strengthening, preserving, and thoroughly cleansing the Teerh. It eradicates tartar from the teeth removes spots of incipient decay. iNtlisli ? nod preserves the enamel?to which it gires n pearl-like whiteness; and. above all, from its disinfecting properties, givi a sweetness to the hrentli. As an antiscorbutic, the gums also share in its fr.inscci?<lint powers. Scurvy is eradicated from them, a healthy action and redness are induced, that offer to the notice of the medical practitioner the most indubitable ,ien? of their healthful state. FACTION.?On purchasing, Beware of Counterfeits!!!? See that a small label is affixed to each article, bearing tienames of tli subscribers?thus, " Messrs. DODGE, Cl'MMl NO k CO., ko., Only Agents, New York.*' w ithout which, dom?am genuine. j?'' ltoowHwa(l)r /tip BROADWAY, corner Canal <tre*i, has be#n, snd i* * IO .till, the depot for "Webb's Improved Burners" ami "genuine Cdni| hc|je,w manufactured under the immediate ?upertulf tidence of the original inventor. The improvement almv. refeired to, tog* th?r w ith the reduction in prices, render the*MBtanw?n matchless io Point of ctuwHur, ilmplicitj and brilliancy cf light, over and above unv other article ?>t the kin.I i ur introduce d into t!*< country. For sah at the .!.le*tablise* til immj -i ium of light, tlu Broadwn, comer Canal si. a. v. h webb, . | gsi i (?> 111 I Superiuten .? it ] awyer's dTKK< tory.? Contaipiwi '?. name* sud "-S pieces of liu?irt ss of all of the pou ti.-al L*w yei>?, Judges, Cominissinuers Of Deeds. Notaries I'uhllc, iiMm?*? of Judgr*. Justices, ami place* of holding Court* in tin- city of New York ami Brooklyn, ami M ?sirr? ami Kxamitiers in Chancery. Also. 1 the mime < of the Bin rifts and their Deputies, and lh< ir places of business, in tlie city of New York, Kings and Queens cour.. imoat complc U tkittc t>%ei ptablista <1. The nami < were all taken since tin* first week in Mly, and corrected the l?ht week in May, are now ready for delivery by the publisher, HENRY THIS ON, sEtnttV Office, je7 3t*r 21 Citv Hall. r|MIK Firemen of New ^ ork friendly to the ticket headed A Frederick D. Kobler for Chief Engineer, are requested t" attend a meeting at Broad way House, this evening, 7th iMat., at 8 o'clock. A general attendance u rti|H'Uf(l, ru business of much importance will In brought before the meeting. N. B.?Tickets will be ready for distiibution on the above errnirr. .? 7 Is * r KLl(iIBf.K KA.VIll.l JtKslDt'.N(JK.-Frrr~ir"? To ?Tm t*o story brick house aud lot, in Barclay'treet me, JVl'wL Broadway. Possession may be had immediately. For purlieu I rs nppl if No. 72 Pipe at reef. j?7 lw_sodini*r? nFHt HAMILTON Hoi 8E.-*Tl?Ii? establishment is now A oj>eii for tin i* ception of company. If has been lh<>roitghl\ renovated and lurnished anew, uik>i? a scale of liberality commensurate with the demnnda of the public. The department of the cuisine has been nlaci-d under the charge of a rsps-.ble and experienced artist, who will lark no upidie* that the market > can afford. To ihose unacciuainted Willi the location of tin Hatmlfcn House, it is only neresiary to say, lh*t it situated at the ocean entrance to the Narrows from eight. U? ten mile . from dn ci y. n Hn himi western bruffot Lotur Island. e*m> manding a noble view of the lower Inv and the Atlantic and landward, ihe highly cultivated and fertile shores of Statru and Low* 1'l.nd, *iiil llm h.rbfrnl Nrw \urli. Virhiiif Can ?, eeed llic ImiuhIv of lie: profited in every dirccli..n. Tlir nl? hrioUl air at ill ir?<.?!? of file d.y, flic ruv seres< liv u?i steambuat, ind the rntnylrd life nud retirement of tic f.i, render this cuabli-lunf.! acond to nunc within a hundred miles,)" New Yotlt. The aimrltm uti arc cumnmdious and air\, and ihcir ar.rommodstion.a in .-irked contrail with i|in?e of similar hmi?e? heretofore in Ihe vicinity of the city. Xhe rides in ih' nrtnhbnrhorid. tin- iisliin; grounds, billiard rrx.Div. ten-pin ?!ley., and other ace< s-orics o( re-re.iiou, leave little, it is l> -. lit e.*d, to In wished b;r by any (UMt, h'airiliea drsiroui of sec urine roouii lor the season Would do well to mat e.iily application to the piopintor. ,ie7 Imr GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIE8 NEED NOT J?ESPAIR TNH. A. C. < AST/aF',D#*i?tkf, ?07 Bro.ulwn* S'ew York, L/ h st ft M ilieou ris?te, for fUlirur ih cayrn h >lh n eth Tr is i. rlVctl" lif>nnl*:ij in iti composition, mid can be put ir.r th* most tender tooth without pain or iuconvrnience, and #*:rh which itbeconui impacted a* on* solid body, maintaining i* original appraranc* mid inra for lip*. Th" ntim?*roui t-stirnoniik from ladles in the f?rs? ci.r.i of soeirt- apeak in ?h* most srlowii'* trims n.? to in offiescy. The li>enini{ Po?t,22?l Mav 5?n>??' If i* admirably *d.ipt*il for sore or t*nd? r to-lb, and f > err on a [>er*on*, and Dr. 4. V> Castle o|?eralen on thctcrtf w ?th ijre.-.t cure anil ability.'' The follow in;;, fiom the New Orleans Picayune, D*c '?'b. sutn."* ntly siwtK"* of Dr. C.'-j thill a* .i merhaniejil dentist: "Limit. , who was employed in iho Florida *enrire, dui me hi engagement, ha?l one side of hi* lower jaw and part of the nppf-r shot a way. It was ft a red thst the loss would Or j?*i insnrnt. hut meetihu with l)r. A. C. Castle, of New Voik, en artificial substitute, with t*cth, wn rnsde and t?ti*d in, and the officer h*s now the rmfect uhc of this til* tterrd bu* irnoortat:' firman. Dr. A. C. C. intr rN teeth on lb- principle of pdhesion, b> v,?o?ipheiie juresttic, f;rm on* to an entire set oftet th." Tootharho Pills, one ol which put in the painful tooth will effect * perm.anent cure. Dr. A. C.C. rulers to the Spanish Arnhissador, Spanish f* r sal. .Mis. Geusral Gain-r, Dr. F. U. Johnson. President of tit Medical Rueie?y, and the *e?rr*l Professors of tb New V ol Unirersitr of Physician* and Suryeor.*. DEIAFnKsS.?Dm. Castle jinilKdwirds. Aurisfs, ?9T Broadwsv, attend to the cure of denfae?s, and .all diiesees fiertainmr to threats. Acoustic Drops, sure care for incipiein deftfliess. lin.'fg, or coiifciinni i?? tnr ? nr. iri im~' BENJAMIN BfcANDKtTH'S PILLS.-Tbis iwubf<*nd truly innoc? ?t in??Iirinf I'UHIFIRS THE BLOOD, mill iuurifdi ?t< ly sUva the furtlwr or nr?r*iK in lit*-bodies of thnu \fho?r |i<n\11* of life aic not Already ?* linttstrd. Wljer^ hwiinn m< aim rtn I. thrrr ?rarrrly is atiy r ?*uti I'ttiw, or jnrm of Hrkut-ss, thai the dh4*DR?.TH ?io nol nn>l vriifrolly cure. Alllioitjfb ihm? pill* iirodurc a KNOWN EFFECT, that rffc-t is not to prostrate the body. a? with ojh. r ?n?tiicinm, but flu* Inme ?- invi*or?Ud liy tin- ntnofn! of rhf cease of wcaJ*u*m, lh#? wo.Ud, the vitiated hu? mors from the ATUnE *' " m y to throw out the ocjwion of air knets from the body; and they renini no alteration in the dirt or rlothin in ffl'-t, tlie hnman bodr is n<-rtrr iblr to tinum, w about ?? jury, the inclemency of tlw weather, while und. r the iu/iuenr. of tbi* nrrotio* unj uotiKi, diiiaik lbadu atj*<j Mruicim, lhM?onr priitniwr. Tlit it* pot fine < 'if Uraudn fli ? P,lI for teamen and trattllei it, ?li. rei<<Cf, aalMvidenl. Uy rlif nirif Iv tni? medicine how much mm it hiki litaniM might we tint prevent. < olda, Biliou* Affcclioni., Tiphut, Hearh't mid Ket c> of ill hind , would lie unltnova :i, Bit' wli -rf icknra, doe* dial, let no lirne ho lent, let the BRAN DRKTII PILLS III at once m ot for, that the Remedy may l' anulied, withont further luaaol time. ' TO BE REMEViBKREDThnt Brandrrlh'ii Pilla hava atood a aeven yeare' te?t in lie United Statea. That'hey are a veg. table and innocent medicine, yet al powerful lor the removal of diaejae, whether chrome i.r rec*ut. infertioua or otherwise. That they [.vilify the Idrod, and atay the further progTata ol rli.enao in tlu-human body. That in rnjriy eaa>-a whete the dreadful ravage* of nlcoratioi had 1 aid hare ligament and hone, and where, to all ai.;f?taiice no human meana could aaVo lif , hare p :tii ota by the me o the*- piila. been rea'oier. to ^ood health, the devouring iliae < having hcen cnmpl tely eradicated. That each of the genuine haa upon it THREK COPYRIGHT LABELH. That each label haa two >ignatttre<, of Dr. Benjamin Brand ra tli upon it. That ther* mntt he nnon nth hn, three aignalttrea, thna:? B BRANItRETH, M.D. And three aienatnrea, thna t? BENJAMIN BRANDKETH. B Bnaidra the lahela ar- full of fniall printing done in red ink there benov on th" lab< la nearly three hundred impreiaioaa Betdainin Brandrath'a rille. ..... i Tin- BRANDllETH Plhr.Bir. told.a? li per bo, at Or. Brandrrth't (irnwdiwl oifi.e. No. Ml ." ""'"."'.v tween Park Tlaee and Mnrrar attuel ;*lw> at hit retail olftcea 771 Bowery, ir)>, Hud.on atreet, nrar t aual.ajul l/J Heconc atieet. J'Tlt-e .TO"! ?-R B - '*v. <t r ;i. u*14 I i . AMUSEM&INTS. OARDE1. _ . (i eml tr*l? Nietii. Itlls E\ UMNO, June 7.?The evening i*rionua??t tu c?in? menc? w>lh tightrope evolutions, By the wimlerlnt Rn el Family. HOKTKNmIC, In H I'ich >1 lie f '.viM obtain four character.., THE TOO MEN APE MUSICALE, CONJUROR'S OIFT Don Panchi. n??-i CiivalifroOriDaldj, Amoirv Rural tj.-thri**) Kwei Lit*ii?, !Mi?s Willi Mvrrna, M'me J? iome Ravel Ticket#?30 ccu'i Docrt ui?n at Kali J.*jt Bfveu o'clock, EuUruoumnuis ui eminence at eight. _____ ~~ PARK THKATHE. " IMS EVENING, Jun?* 7?Tbi ptrribrmaueei coimueti-.j THE MAID* OF SAXONY. Count DaiitsUa, Miaun I Karl. < K H.ifti H*rr?hl. Mr. Setmiii Sophia Man*fielJ, Mm. C. K. Horu. To conclude with BOMBASTKS PTRfOSO. Chut ral Bonihantrs, Placide | Futbo*, ? An?hvsv ? Dut.itirn, Mr* Vwiioii Doom o|M-n at senn?performancea will commence at hull put seaon. Bote*, % 1?Pit, VI cents?(Jailer*, '!? rent* CI i A TI lA.MT H K. ATI IK. The Olil Price. K<*.tinted. THIS UVEN1NO, June 7.?The |>rrt'oiuuiK:? will coikmencc will. UK "S NOT A-MISS. Mr Price Trett) man, Joint H-fton | Fred'It FifalVn, UirlJ Mri Prettvtnun, Mr? iilnili* After which A LADY AN17 V OBNTLKMAN IN A PECULIARLY PP.RI'l.K YlS'O I'llKDICAMF.NT. A Mr. Timin | A Gentleman, Mr Mitchult AUcrwhieli SAM PATCH IN KRANCK. Saul Pitch Marble | Priest Herber, Bridxirl Mr? Tbm'iiii After which A cel.hitiled Combat bv llcrr Dri.hach. To 'onrhiric with f ^ OOI.DKN FARMKR. J. Iin Srllnti Gulden Farmer, Thorns Elizabeth, . M'u* IrlMUyrr Dood w ill open iu I'ature ( t ijaarl'i p**t 7 o'clock, and the curtain will rise at 1 o'clock punctually. Or. si circle, iO cents? Boiea, 2J?Pit, 12k??Privais Butea, fce lilLL'K KRW VOHK miRKtlAi. ( Formerly known aa Pealc'i.,) Vn. 'Stl Hroadway, opposite the City Halt. GREAT AND LEGITIMATE ATTRACTION ' Tim Manager hen leave to announce that lie h?? encased, for liuiiia.l i-cnoj, tin herurifut ami accomplished Ballad Hiu< i MISS REYNOLDS. Who will link, her first appearance on MONDAY, June (*L, and erery erenini; dtirinc the week, in conjunction with .MM. T. D. 8H AW, (From the Mobility Conccita, London.) The tirai..I Fiencli Pictures lor one week more. Musical Director Mr O Loder. I'ROOIUMME. Si t.f?" The Pride of Kildare,-' Mr Shaw Ballad?'" When wilt thou inert me. In**,". .Mi*? Rtymldt ( omic Son;?The way th? money roc*,*........ Mr Brue? Sony?" Mv heart's in the tliylilardi,*1 Mr Shave Scotch Ballad? Miss R. ctiolda fhwnic Sony?" The nice ynnnif Man,' Mr B urn Favorite Sore?. Mr Hli.w Parody on the " Fine old English Gentleman," Mtaa Reynolds Orard Evhihitinu of the wonrlerful POLYSPASTF.S VIEWS. Amontt the othaa r iewa to be ?iliibilcd will b? found? 1st?La Tour de Nesl? ?d?Fatnpo Vecchio at Rome. iul?Huins of the Abby de Saint Berrln at St Omer. 4th?Loncclie, and L i Qeratniin three Table wit. On thia occasion will al o he cthihited a new Daguarrt's Diorama. Sacred Concert every Sunday Evening, under the direction of Mr. O. Lodcr. Admission 2b cents jl'. AMKHICAN~?iriKlfM AN6T?Ifi0K!ft. pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? yy P. T. BARNL'M. manairer. EVERY DAY AMD EVENING THIS AVfcEK, commencing on Monday, June; 8. Best attraction in the ciry ! Day ruitera admitted Uiei same ecenine FREE. The manager it moat happr to anno. .to the public that the verv liberal patronage bestowed u m hia establishment hat induced him to incur a still yveater n for their cr?t'des tion. and that ha h'sjuit completed 1;. ND1D GARDEN uii i..r ?T ... tun .MiiHcuMi pii" toe mi timl'linji no tlr-Ml wav covering an aria of SEVEN TiIOC SAND SQUARE FEET. Ouo more well of the mvjtenous GIPSEY OIRL ! She can be prlratrlr consulted dnrinr the day. The NEW YORK BRASS BAND hasI eenrtiEisad, a?d will rlay a variety of national airsetreiy eyeninit in tne ge.tden. MISS ROfUILjr., I he Vocalut; COLUSS. the Comic Sine.-r; CRI.F.SVE, the Dancer ; ANIMAL M.1GXKT1SM. NIAGARA FALLS. ALBINO LADY; GLASS BLOWING. WHITLOCK ami Muter FRANK. An inierniiiaion of half an hour far promt nado and refreshments. A e|,n<ir seene hv Mr. Bennle, entitled IL STUDIO, OR LIVING STATUES. tirand Coatnorama, end more NOVEL CURIOSITIES than are contained in any fits mneettma in America. A eplendid day performance every Wi dnraday and Satmu-7 afternoon Admittance to the whole 25 canta?children half price. pHWlLv^r'TTlliATR^C^JoTiN SRFTo\'iT&RNE- <m ^ FIT, To-Morr^w, (TomhUv) June7. ot? whichoecatiou IIERR DKISBACU, (Th- celcl.rat.-d Lton Tamer.) MH MITCHELL, (ofthe Olympic 1 MR D MARBLE, MRS TIMM. MISS SINGLETON, MRS THORN K, MR JOSEPH SEKTO.N, 51R THORNE, 5111 HIKLD.and JOHN SEFtON, will appear. jultia*r "A RCH STREET THEATRE, "in Philadelphia?To Let -tl ih-Arch Si reet Thcarrr f??r the ncmoui of 1342 and 3. Ap ply to P. M. LifourcaJe, lot) f'rouvn i tn-it. SAM I,, lilt AI fiON, Hecrrury. Pldlwdi It hla, Jnn> 1M1 i jni fSAOl'fKHt<K.O'l VII, \v\V PATTKUV AFPAHA V TUS.-F. A ARTAl'LTk CO., WWli Fulton ?tw.-r, opposite Sr. Paul's churt h, have rree't'ecl Per racket nhip Arao, and offr for *aU at low mice?, '<00 French plates, lanse ?I7?\ U I inclu a half on G half; t.? complete Daguerreotype apparatus, m* iMttern; .10 icpiMtie len ?? -. made ?t Paris, by Aipbonatt fiirnnt Ik Co.; tna bottle* hyn nlphitr of rodi. AUu, Diindi of vcnii*-v uodinc, chloride of i.idiuc, bromim . bromine of iodine, chloride ot uold, and the in \v accrlentiun BlihsUnce. jei Jui'u FIREWORKS,ICRACKER^&C. FOURTH JULY, 1842. COUNTRY and rity ilealrni in fireworks, will find it to their advantage to call ami examine en cstenairr assortment of the lie.t ijiiality, at R. AYLIFFE'S old ctshlishmcnt, ST. Chatham street. _ A latyr <,luridly of lire crackers itiat rerrtrrd. rtem?mD?r ?ticn or fltr two m.immoth iky ro?*k* u and sold ??v Im21 Ijv4*r A !*PHAl.Tt'M AND MINERAL TAR.-JOHN LO-fr. WITJ5.No. 2 sVjtl treet, Iiaa ronilutl]r on hand natural Aapli-.1 Hi in Rock and Minrrd Tir, which arc used for the follow irif purposes G.arih lis .Mid sidewalks . Florin* of Bulbliiig, ?nj (rlhrs. ?h?rr the ttclinior of moisture is required. 'anals ?t..l Biiilgea. I'irn, Wharfs and Dorks. Vaults. Hatha, Aqueducts, Reservoirs, Beurrj. Terraces, Roofing. Coaling of imu woif, to pievriit its ondaiion by air in I water. Coating of timber work, an-l at railroads. lir Markets, slaughter houses, and Bunding wsrehoujee, w here the < xclnsioii of terminisc onireil. je7 Itn'r IITANTKR?A partner, with h ra?h capital of Siwo in a re "* tail grocery and liqnorstore, The stand ia one of the boat in the rit\ , the liquor salrs w ill pay all eiprrses, and beint: situated in the moat thickly t npnlatetl pan of the rity, allien there are many sailors and emigrant bnuslin* homes .a greet inanv groceries uiay lie aohl et a fair profit for eaali. The rent being very low, the above i- a mre chance for an indnstriotta man that will give hit whole time and ittetuie.n to the busings Beat of rt'fa rences given and required. As ply No. 71 Jn, ?s treat, corner of Oak. je73t*r 'fHB CLIMAX EATING HOI 'fH~Ts' novi open, i?q>7lk ton apd 1)^ Annst?.,on the plate plan, under the iodic ions mansgemeiit of Mr. Lam'o and famdy. The lnarrt ol good roast heef, plumb pudding, ^c., will bai suited in tula at tlw above place, ronsl to any ntht r establishment of tha kind tn the city. The imltlic are requested tn call atel satisfy thim selves. JC6 3t?c KA OH?lot) halet English K "*, fo- ta'c hr je7r PERSdF. A nilOOKB, rt f.iberlv st. RAFVLTu?A bvsuttfill jili till! lit si IPS it Sail Brstl. 2(I feet keel and 7 f> el beam, with eonnfer ?re-n end cutwater, live oak fim?, hitill in a most su;*>ri r manner. A remarkably sa1' Irrai, will prove a fast sailer, and lisjht draft of aaarer. Aprly irnnirdiosly, aitlv l<st will reman open but a ft as day, at No.70 tv?l,l?sl Iws.t m. .. Is. .e... i.rtWSe WASHINGTON TIOTKCB.ICOAPWAV; NKtV YrtRK The titidersi rned in pretention himself *. the t-rotriato' of this favorite hotel, bcr. to irilnrm his Mirrerr-js fri. uds and aerjMaitilencra, l! lie it the |>crton eo lotiK and litnnlil'l.nown to the |* of the ahov-- establishment, as "John." Tli- boose has under/one various alterations ??) THo rooms ne aly furnished anew, sild will b let without hoard, by the tiny, week, or month, at terv mo<ler?te prices, ?o a* to aerord With the limes. The IukIi reputation of the Waahuietou Hotel for it* w ines and liquors, will be stttuioed, and notions ih.iil be Wtntitic on t'ie part of the proprietor, to make comforts blr partiri who may honor him with thejt iwtimisfe, JOHN MARRIVEK. N*. B.?The Assembly or Rill room, i? at preisnt order the rioeeis of renueatiop, when fttijiliol will prewit to the l*w. holder a room for dimensions and bannr.?will lw second to none in this Dobm?will be let with 01 ?id.out the room* adjaetnr toil, for eon- rts, balls, dinner pnrtiea, club*, committee*, I itblie meetings. Ite. jei Iw A VOICE FROM LOWER CANADA. MONTREAL, January 15, 18t'h?(ientst?Yon will be ojrpnod when I inform you tint a Isryc bosly of Cockinawaiiici Indian, came into my store and traded mocraaina, skim of fotes and otrera, foryoui randy, sshicb would base amounted in cash to lifts dollar*; and 1 am happr to ear that the Car. i diana now rr-rard it a* a yrneral restore'ire; also, that my ?tork is Iiearh . sbmated. We have a larce n . ,-e of the British arms here, also, w ho have acknowledged i' ; p -eminent merits. In fart, [ cannot inpplr the demand, and ,,, must continue totph-iiish my storV. I sit ill convert thi f'i into ea h, arid sand yon an iinmediar- reinittanee. Your., truly, DAVID ASHNWALL To Meaars. J, Pease Ik Son, 15 Division at, Brooklyn. Der.JT. 11-11.?Gentlemen:? I de< m it but jmtic M yon, h'vwr ver nnmofesaional the net tnay he ronndered, te> app. i.eyou that I narr h d. for tsvn months past, a pcrion tiruler try rharitr laliorlnir moat al.-irmimrly under the mrtnence of consumption, ei idently the effects of esrfr intern per 'Uire, I r- -orted. without rhe leaat hopes cf *urre*a, to evert* remedy j tit dr.- niarse e. uyli continued to increase?aisehsaTM from 'he Inner tva. rare and attendrd with convnliive spasms? he apt I tite fail, d?tin- how ell became ponstlpated?ami a re It -Unit tie*, preeailed over the frame. When I nad eehsuated all rrsifessional remeilies, I yi. Id'd to the friends desire to allow Pcsae's H?*rhotmd Candy. With r Incuiiee I permitted it. Intihtliil of its mrriff, a* wrll ? prrntrp ifr nirnvovin inability. My wrpri**, *? w?-t| a* hi* ?rirod?. at an im i ?-ri?at? rHtnye, wa? nita;*"ik*blf. Hefhat h-il reftled all hi* uorhlly fait . aid rr ignnl hrrhfri* i ?lr rn fair. *rt * hour 'h? wed jt r??j tom? ofreoofoty, Hi* > reathine ?* in ed ^rrm all ifcforil tijfhfnoi*. Th he* m' deretrd, the A|tprlito u ' >or!v iitcrr/iiine, and mv Impes of I u recovery confirmcd.^rtouirr* lhi? Iribnfc to your dinroirry. r, . H. HUNT, M. D. To 2^|*MV.r^llf ii How, f . Pitlftion at. Kc.? ?*t- -Reddin<r, No.* fcr?t- *nvrt. Boston, Yma H,*|, & To. ',7 Rf ft ?frret, Albany, N. Y. ZieSer, Ph?lad?* li hi*, Pk R..h?nion, No. nil Baltimore street, Baltimore. U4 Lnaiivillr, Ky. Took. Pio^lwinth, Pa. John ,f ijpriun.d. Ohi'i. C'TW . -T.r,,V M,eh H. J W.rwlwf.f.l. 8t. Lo??,M?. rm-hff. W *<h>nytnn City, D. C. PA r'1'*1''** "f ?S? cminr Horrhoaftd Caady ?"v"i . EASE h ION. U Otrutm h>m. N. B ? "edl.r. ?ad eonfevtioiw r. ur not u>i?>i r?d .mil, JO lint|