Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 8, 1842 Page 1
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w n m jl_ i ii i,ij ! i TH vol. vni.??To. tsr ?mole no. 3oos. ^ " furniture. GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, No. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duone street, New York. TTJHKHF. hi? keep* for sale a laryr assortment of the followlug snides, t u.: Sideboards, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Uots, Tablet, Chairs, OAce ?n?l Portable Desks, Glass Cases, Book Ct*?, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre. Tea and Pier Tables, Piauos, Sofas, tiol'j Brditeali.Brds, Bedding, I a)?a*lers. Mattresses. Ceriwli. Oil Cloth. Matting aud Fire Irons. Wash htasos, 't oilet Tsuies, oandie 81A1J*, Bureau Be.ltteadi Dremiug Bureaus, Safes, Sic. _ Alto, n l?r*i assortment of men end womenhi Wearing A|e I?rel, new and second handed. . \I1 the above axucloe are offered in the P-sblic at very low prices. in eut of aaid articles would find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above eaUolislement. . , . i . . Shipping order* punctually attended to and p?cbed t-n the horte?r n< it lev, ana on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, fcc. for littiuiLout vessels, constantly on hand. All orders to the above eslabluhmeot will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest |?iies,e will ne giveu for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladiea'caat off Clothing. nyiUm'r UtilCI'll PKCKOVER, Fancy Cabiuet Maker, Mathemaiicil ana Nautical lustra me nt Case Msnufscturer, 389 Water street, New York. Chrouomcter hoses of a aaperior make, barometer, thermometer frames, lyrailrsnt, sealant; surveyors, surgical, dentist and drawing instrument hoars, made rod lacked in a neat style? tnnepivce, clock, gun and pistol cases of all desm|*ion; dagucrotyp uppuritus and codisiue cheats, surveyors rods, of any length and make All Liiuls of fancy work, made of the best mateiills and workmanship, warranted. Repairing of vvery description eaecntdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch. Frrnah imlishtng and varnishing. Manufac(or;,in <j. Tagleabue'a Establishment, between Dover street and Peck slip. Rnsatmis. E. *i O. W. Blunt, corner of Water street and Bai? Illlig Mr. A. M# ;%rey, 10U Water street. Mr. Demiltj Pearl *trort. m!5 !m*c "C HIN AGE ASS AND EARTHENWARE. 8A8TOR HOUSE.?French Porcelain Dinner Service., 115 pieces. $35 00 mite Granite, do do lit do 13 00 French, or English Porcelain Ten Sets, 33 do 4 00 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per down, 1 94 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 100 Soup, do French Porcelain, do Z 00 Do do Granite, blue or white, do 100 Tea Cups and Saucers, (21 pieces) French Porcelain, 1 50 F.fg Cups, do do 37 _ __ Glass. Cut Wines, per dozen, from 1 JO Do Tumblers, do do I 00 Lemonades, handled, do t 35 Tall* Ci'tlmy. Of the finest discripcioiia, in seta or dosans, at the losrprice ot"H2 the M L Just opened, a handsome assortment of To'let Ware . R. Sf MPSON. N. B.-A.eem for the seJe of Simpson's Ear Comets, for the relief of deafhess. m8 lin?c CHEAF HARDWARE STORE. HTHE Subscriber is now opening his Spring supply of A HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, received per late arrivals Iruro aad Shrrfieid. Together with a generel assertion.., ?( Dy-n- -tic uuuw, which he is prepared to ofter nt the very LOWEST CASlf PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, fee., Is solicited to an tsaniination of his stock and prices, as ha is confident they will find it to their interest to fsror him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 313 Greenwich, corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and . Coof-erN Glue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, Jaiiics' Screws. Ite. m2 3in* TRIAL OF BOIk SAKE? H'.-Several trials upon Iron I A Safes, of different makers, have, bt*e? had in lumaees. and certificates iriven by rest-notable MVruu.wsts, in faror of Wilder'. Pafiil Salamander Safe. The Safes so tried, lucelhtr with the Committees' report, and other testimonials, can be ai^en at-the Irou Clu-at Warehouse of the Subscriber, the only place iu the city where Wilder. Sala mander Safes cau lie had. ChrslB of other makers, such as hare been taken in part payment for the Salamander, for sale at less than half of the first cost. SILAS C. HERRING. m22 2wc 139 Water street. MOTT'S I'ATE.NT PORTABLE FURNACE, and Asa Wash Boiler, admirably adapted for washing, can bu placed in the lire-place, the area, or the yard. Patent Agriculturists, Furnace and Cauldron, in sizes of 15,39, 40, 50, 6(1,1-0, )H0, 120, and 150. These furnaces require onlv a piece pfjiii* to fit them for use. No article has ever given better satisfa- tion to those farmers who have used them. Patent Hard Coal Furnace, a new article for summer usewill tn ik a neat little stove for winter. Pa cnt Chin or Charcoal Furnace, from new patterns, much improved. These are lined with fire brick. Also a very low priced furnace without lining. Combination and Fuel-Saving Cook Stoves, at summer prices. The combination is the only legitimate stove that conducts the steams and smell from the kitchen. They are equally well adapted for summer as winter. Dealers sum-lie.! on UWntMa* J."LT BdtffT. jel lm?c 261 Water and 1 "ttouij#,1 Ac. shTrts; TTXITED STATES SHUtT MANUFACTORY, 77 WilC Hun sirrvt, corner ofLiherty, N, Y Notice n hereby civrn to Merchants end tr4Sf? in general, that the proprietors of 1 in- uiiot e establishment have adopted a now method of manufacturing which rnatilrs them to sell their ahirta at a i-hea|>er rate thin any other honae lu this city. This statement will be a (brined by the list of prices as follows:? Per Dot. Fine Mttslin Shirta, wilh Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,.V? Do stiti lied iu the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored une palern., large sites 7,(1# Al?>, a hirire ntiintity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, whieh wifl be offered eheap fo cash. m20 lm*r the shielded victoria shawl and diaper pin. AN E W and important article fot use in the nursery and as a fastening to ladies'shawls, cloaks, Ac., patented in the United Stares and in F.nrope, for sale, holesale, by W. H. CARV A CO., 196 l'earl street, New \ork, and by the patenter, at tin- manufactory, 146 Jay st, Brooklyn. Thread and needle stores, and dealers in fancy articles, suppl:n<l on liberal terms. m!4 lai't STRAW GOODS. rp BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and 1 En. iisli Straw Goods, respectfully informs his cnstomtrs that he ha. mmoved his establishment from 99 William and 36 riatt, to S3 John street, where he continnas to keep a splendid and extensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw Ooods, Frenrh ir English Dnustsbles, Italian Rutland*, fine Tuscan, Fancy She II it ori s. Prince Albeit Straws, Ac. Ac. _ Also, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?it surpasses ail the styles aa y"t intra ducrd, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. m2S lm*m i'd the ladies. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY CiOODS.-THe prorme" tress. Miss 8 KINO, daughter of the celebrated Carl Kins, pliers for sale a most select aud choice assortment of Millinery Ooods, for the sprint trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as regsrie the quality and cheapness of the articles Toe assortment eousists or the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D' worn bv Ls Duchcsse D'OHeans, of France, SUED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE An I Lawn Hats do do?An emirt new style o HaW oalled " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Psrisianaod English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tern lure, 1J great rsriety. The Proprietress ir spectfullr solicits toe ladies to faror her with s call, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Miltuiery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a treat saving to them in price and a great advantage as eg.ardsthe variety and onality of the goods. i-llhS S. KINO, Magazine de Modes, ell Im't ___ 2933, Broadway. "summer stocks. 8CAKFS, CHAVATS, AND GLOVES, TU8T RE< E1VED. r rich rannlr of th? ihnvt Mb ' s;<nn. .1 i .It .-nt *ii.l i stork, ripreealy for the wmnrr month*. Also? Scurf and Ciw*u, ig great vanriy. A Urge ?ssr?rt.iu?;ut of Bilk, Thread, Cotton and Iloskin (Hot**?nt ?h* old ?st*hli*hm*ct 241 Broadway, between Petit Piter and Mnrrmv itre t PARS ELLS. Agent for J. AGATE, N. B. Conmntlvon band an ettenaiee assortment of ^itten and Miulin Shirts, Linen Dreta Fronts, LinenC-ollara, Lmlei Oirm'-uti. Ac. fce. rail lm*nt MILLINERY "GOODS. Ch.ABL KINO, thr iv.llhn wnand celebrated Mil'ineryaad J Ladira' Straw Hat M niut n-fitcr to Her Majesty the fl\IEF.N OF ENGLAND raairec'/'illy b- IS If <v# to aiinnnnce to tlie Ladiaa that he hat on nana a mnet splendid mid fashionable aaaortment of Ladita' Straw and Silk itata. The Straw He's are mane lectured to a moel fuscinatinc ami becoming rbane, called the f.lsslEh wttaoe. vrith (ri?**y ?ide? ?rvd i 8ni?? FWf firmmd th? frwit. TK* bratdi tlirw Hnr* arc of it of the mott kgaot pacta ma, tfra AlKrt Straw *? Th??ilk department is conducted by the m?e* iiweniona and laVy milliners, not Sfte equalled. The sillu are of the newest atyle,fmrh imported, trimming and Ftowera to correspond. Tor.*" wlri wil l to r nvmre thcnselera may call at No. M Canal, near Broadway, and 17 Dirision street. N. B.?Ilia Puis Ribbon* and French Flowem, are of the lati at srvle. and can be purr based at either nfTiis establishments, ?t ? ,mitotic and p tail, on reasonable (rrma. mil lm*r I_ ?^ JJHEB8 BOOTS?LATEST FBENCH ST FLE.?'Thr -nhvriber make * to order, Boota .ifineT'i ic dear-notion, of the ^finen quality of JFrench Calr n sihi in i"e ' " ?> r? *wiiini^ pricea? OcnUcnrn who have hern in the habit of c'.yine ?atravagant prices for inf. -ior artsrlrs are reii?e(ted in afl and he rntiTinred that liia prior* are fmn trn l? twenry |wr cent brlow other atom in the neuhhorhood Drawings twine taken of the t'rrt. and a pair of last* Iwgit for rarh ruatonser, there i* no diffmhv in r. i'iui a handsome yet eaav fit. (inbitawly on hand, a larue aaaoranrtit of feehionaMe read/ mad-- R -ota, at it; ices rvrvinz from TWO DOLLARS KIKTI CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boota, Gaiter*. Bin ?a, I'll rare. Slim-era, kr.ltr.m e pi ally lownrieea. JOHN L. WATKlS'9, 114 Fulton ar? <1 Jm* Between Nassau ami Dul. i ata. FRKNCH IM PORTEDG A1TERS of all eo of Faahinn; French boots ami pvteu'J-ather shoes, iln-?* shoea, raiters, walking aluiea and |>uin|is, for men, laiyr and rbfldren. Mens' ami boya* cheap boots from $2 7J, S3.' .VI and 11 pa: I iir. Mens' ahoea 7s In ina and 12? per pair. Bnasahoi* yi in 7J cents and SI, and warranted rood. Ladies, names and r'lil^nns' gaiter boots, buckskin,, walking shew* ltd iKji. i of in colore a:id sires, latest fashion. Pes. tonkins and atips, H renti to SI, good 4a slippers. Come and son a good aasortment of the above articles at II Canal street, r. co' r ol Broednai end at MS Canal at, north-west corner of I Hmlaon ret. at Walker's mil lm*e | \irT.rjp s' iMrRoVT:f> burners at. aerenty-tire t>er I '? rent, less than I rretofirc. The subscriber has now on | hand auonoral ariort rent ol the imported Burners, which he I now olTcr" at t'.e ahoer reduced prism. A liberal discount al- I l.iwi j ?i derVra. B t quality CumphiiM- at Mi c?nia y*r I r-.11 r-.t fia? TA c~nt?. Cr>II anil filmic- for I youi It No. IK Graud meat, on? doer f N. B ?All kimt? nr Ltmro?Jter?<l, bronr?d. Jflt anil rapairad I ai tha abona* ttnitta, on rtnonakla wrmi mil lm*r ' I1 "i"1 "."i .JP'11 . fir ; ' " ; I E NE" NE ' OCULISTS^THE EVE. DU. WHEELER. OCULIST. DISEASED AND WEAK EYES.?DR. WHEKLLR, Ocoulim. 3!l OMfliwiHi irrost \.>w VnrU taptctiUly inform* the public. thai in uieqnpim ol b.s pietiejB Mviai btfoni luugta lo bo n l ui < -' mt, he is compfllttd lo coiiiliio - oAce ittvudincii itrictiy betwM tin* ho ui "I 3 A. M. i" i i'. M., i/Ui v\ i.i. ii Iwurs :.v vUiu (Mil poof pfttientB. NotwithsUndiiig tfmt wone ike (Bay I i; Iredi ( cam*, bhkli Dr. Wlieek ui i.d, many b?v< i oi?ratN& ?;. bywtlv.j yroJb . uiiuoul success, and, prououuerd by tlmin incun'>!#?, yti u? bis never tailed to erailicite lb. di'.eisa, and fled a (wrfoct rurw. duspm* of every disadvantage winch tn?y liave presented itself, and iu many instances almost against It is this uupiece dented lucctm in in* ireatttyiit of lh? ftartou*?hitherto considered incitrabb?<Ci?k?us of th* eye, ! jhnl enables him wjlh confidence t;? refer the afflicted who may be unacquainted with bun, and hu mild mode of trusting tRc disorders of this organ?to numeroui restored. patient* in the first class of society, respecting his professional skill ami abilities as being pre-eminent for his success, us a scicntific Occulis*.. Chronic inflamkuatiooeof the eyelid or sore eyes, however long standing, can be effectually and jx eminently cured, films, and slacks, removed without surgical operation. STRAB1SM U S, Commo-I jr callcu Sqainliu'.', and CATARACTS, u>M>* re moved?in few minute*?with *carceiy any iucouveuiatice or ywinto the patient. To *ave trouble, corre.pondenta art informed thai loiter*, addre**ed 10 Dr Wheeler, I' will uot be taken from liie Poat OlRee, unlet* pout paid../TU . J~/~ The raat number of caaea which aaee been cured by Dr. Wheeler, have already n iieai him a wide spread rvjmtation, and filed it ti[>ou a bun hi hujiiij a. (he Knuituue of those whom he hai reacued from a " livime death." Of the number of corliricatea, which patient* have offered to lirtn of their own accord, he *elecuthc followiiut. uot that the ca?e* are more remarkable than many other*, b.ithecauai (lie neriutu who wrote them appeared to be actuated by a coimeirnitable *pirit of i>hiliuthropy, in >eekin>; to inake known for the good of their fellow-men, the lienef.l which they have received froin Di. Wheeler1* treatment. NrwYi a* March 1 Sri* luit>. To Dr. WheeUr. Oculist, 13 Orarnwie.i si. Dear Sir :?'1 hat you may, if yon Dunk (""C*'-iraH'' licly kii'wri the hiifh estimation in wln. n I hold ft i an an orenlist?1 be* to tire you. io addition i.> my vet al acknowledgments of the benefit you have conferred u;ion ni? uiiv Itiriit, this written avowal of my great iudeb'uiliiesf to yon for restoring the sight of my poor little child torn the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its sight The rhihl was of such lender vera, and iu disease was of sucl Manning a eltaracter. that 1 despntrcd, until told of your skill in such matters, m ever obtaining any remedy for her, and .he more especially as other physicians had afforded her no iviief. 1 am happy, how rvcr, thus to confess that you r.are illy cured nri, and I rordtally, heartily thank you, lor your highly successful everlion*. Yours respectfully, MARTIN WATERS, 118 Hammersley st. 'City .and County ol New York : to wis: ' In the hojie of being serviceable to of ink' aflicted fel ,low creatures, I hereby voluntarily offer my grateful testimo alia Is to Dr. Wheeler, the < culist, for restoring me to perfect sight, (from total blindness,) after having before been ansae iresafully treated and Ojwraled upon by upwards of twenty ol (the most eminent and celebrated medical men of this city and different parts of tlia United States. In witness whereof, 1 make d?j>osuion, under oath, to its truth, Slid hareuuto subscribe mv nam*. JAMES O. FARREL, 78 3d Arenua. Swam before me, the 30th day of March, lot 11. Geo. Ireland, Cum. Deeds. 7 Nassau straat. City and County of New York : ss. | David Powell, 158 Jackson street, Brooklyn, bring duly sworn, says, that he was afflicted right years with the Egyp tiati opthalmia, and ulcers in the eyes, and though under one pie first oculists at.the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne experienced no relief, hut became blind, in which atate he was j'tacud under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green iMCh street, who lias sutirely restored his sight. DAVID POWELL. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 31st day of March, 1*42. John Bllri.ey, Com. Deeds, I L 21 Wall streat, pity and County of N?w York: at. Mary Ann Pirley, daughter of Mrs. Wim*les,No.04 Catharine Street, being duly sworn, says, that she a short time suffered dreadfully from a disease known, technically, (as depioiieut is Informed) to be Amaurosis, which rendered her quite blind. Although she had (he best assi'tance that could be afforded her hi the Eye Infirmary, (as w .11 as from an eminent oculist iu t>xis city, who eventually told her the sight could never be restored) she never received nnv essential benefit until she was placed under the care ol Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich t'reet, whoag kind and skilful treatment, has entirely restored I tr. MARY ANN 1'IRLEY. Sworn before me, this 15th dav- of April. 1842. Isaac P. Martin, Com. Deeds. II Wall straat. City and County ofN'ew York: ss. Mr. 8. Cady, 83 High street, Providence, H. I., being duly UNront, says, that he was totally blind in hia left eye, for nine years; the cam* of the blindness was catsract; that he applied Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Greenwich street, who, [by hu operation attended by very little pain aud inconvenience, end Wtthoat danger,] has perfectly restored his sight. Under such circumstances, he feels it his duty, to arate his gratitude, to the [Doctor, for tlie inestimable benefit which his skill has conferred tipju him. t). CADY. Sts ,rn before me, this 33th day o (April, 1842, Georue Ireland, Jr., Com. Deeds. 7 N,msau struct. City and County of New York, sat On the flth of last month, I placed my little daughter, three 1>V?rmUl.lba?j^4irm: mieffcr. Oculist."Xl Greenwich ?t. JTo the .utonishineut of all who knew lusr, her sizlil it perfectly restored, and her eyes are well. In the hope of leading others In the same blessing that I have enjoyed, I voluntarily make this statement under oatlu CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand afreet, comer of Thompaon street, i Sworn to before me, this 28th day of April, 1812. W. R. Bccnr., Com. Deeds, ~~ MISCELLANEOUS. I SHARON SPRINGS. " titIIE PAVILLION.?Tlria new rommodioqa Hotel will he I * ojien for the reception of visitors on and after the lirat of June neat; at the ViPns-c of Sharon Springs, Seln.harie County, (Mew York. I The clear p?rr oarer of the springs, irreatly resembling those of the white aulplnir springs of Virginia, have been proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bililoui and Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Krwiptlai, Saiirhcrrin, Scrofula, Liver Comrliint, and general debility, and in many ether reelects, ihjsscss (as certified by tome of the most eminent raedieal professors in the United States) mer'.icibal and lieslin* pro|iertiea unanrpaased, and believed to be unequalled by any in thin conntry. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, evtensive views, neighboring eaves ana romantic scenery are hmont the many attnetiona ofiered to these seeking in the treat of summer, either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride frov.1 Saratoga, Troy, Albany, itr., and are aeeessable from Canaioharie rpi inr Alba Bv and Utiea railroad, where carriages <Uily await ilia arrival Of the morning can from Schenectady and Utica, to carry visitors to the Bpiing:", a distance of about eight miles, arming in lima for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry V alley turnp.kebydvly stages, being about forty-five miles west of the tity of Albany. Warm, cold and ahowrr Baths furnished at all times, either of lit - mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain spring lee is stored lot tiie season. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.-This Hotel will be oP.nod at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception 01 visitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer ro?iden?e. a? 10w2taw?r WILLIAM K. JONES. A WONDER AND A BLESSING TO CLEAR THE PKIN. npHE ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP.-Raod this rosolud lion pass- d hy the Medical Council of Paris " We eontuler M V??pnnt the greatest philanthropist of the age. anil his talisnChemi'-al Soap as t perfect rairacla to cure auv eruption tir disfigurement of the sltin. The Italian Chemical Soap is tpnlldently recommended to the public to cure the following : pimples, freckles, salt rheum, scurvy, tan, inorphew or sunliuni, erysipelas, or any em|ition. It will mange the color of dark yellow or snnburnt skin to a beautiful healthy cltamaas? the |itiMic msv rely on it, it never fails." Sold fiy T. Jones, Sign of the American Esglr. ft> Chatham lUvtt. price 50 centa a coke?obae-ve on ea< li label tlie signature of M. Veapnao, ilia iuventnr, and T. Jones as the General Agent. Agents?139 Ku I ton street, Brooklyn; 87 Dock st. Philadelphia; ( 8 Stale ft. Boston ; 110 Baltimore at. Baltimore; 37 Bt'te st. Al- . hsny. jl lm?? r^RAND SPRING MEDiCHNfcT?VVHITWELL'S TEMY PERANCE BITTERS, WITHOUT WINE OR ALCOHOL.?Reader, hare yon DO appetite J Do yon not rellah lour fo-irl 7 Then use theae bittrrt ; the) will alio greatly oasis! digestion, and of course remove dyspepsia, jaundice, sveakneta of the stnsnaeb, debility, ke. Tliey purify the blood ami iiiligorate tlie whole system. The bitters are extremely mild and pleasant. Try them. Price ?J cents. Bold by A. B. k D. Sands, druggists, No. 79 Fulton, corner , of Gold street, and !(*) Knltoo, coroerof Willism street. Also sold by Abrem. fl. Sands k Co.. No. 271 Bros Iway, corner of ] ? barn be rs street . Dai id Bonds k Ca., No. 77 B rui. i w > y, corovr of Martlet sties tin*m | P 19'IH, at 112 Water s'reet, Jvi^ doors above pallia rine < romintirt lo supply the Naty, lb* American, ifiiMtno, anil Spa;ii*h war *team<j-s?has supplied til the rsne boata anil club b'>*t? for the lam I'oar years?ind has now the large** assortment of oar*. sweeps, and sculls eyer collected in on* place. N. B ?The r ranch 0?r f'ore on the North Hirer aide, ia ahai up, and r*niu*?d to 402 Water atrret: and as I sate all ill* eipen?sa of ore ...ra.l will sell enough cheaper to thoae who come from the North Hieer eHe to par litem for their trouble. Itaee Itoats, club boa;?, oars and seal la aold M per cent leas thr.n year. m51mec QTAINEt) OLA88 AND WINDOW SHADES.?HAN *5 ,NINOTON A CO, M Broadway, near Head* at, O'.aa* J Htrttnera and orcoratWs Painters. resp*rtfiiHy aolicit families >' land others, fitting up their dwel.inga^ to itii|iect tlieir stock, 1 i which for atyle and . ieculiou of worlt it not to be auritasseij, j jaud at ii.icei tti suit the timet. WashaMa ?in I n* aJwWa from . ,one dollar to the richest *tylr?, equally cheap in pro;ie>rtion. Ir ren*e?ul<' " '"era I' with design* for stained glass |lor church windows, dwelling*, Ac. on the ahorteat notice, and * ordsrs aaeruled with economy and despatch. v An artiat, uaej to decoratire painting; alto an a "pptenttee. _mv?fl tmr ? 1.200 000 PICKLK8, in nack u(i lo suit customer**? F , .. . A??ort??| HckK'n, Catsup, Hauct'i, Pr? v nrir# * "?*nor quality *nrl low t ?n?r k i h. Ik. 7 ! nr"r. by the gallon or barrel; , flcmeW Tnwl.M.iiyt1 or k'? ' Presersed Meats. Soups. 1 Kj'sji"etTliforf I S. B.?Largs iiu PirkWsfor grocer*, by I an., , , n ? * M1LLO, " Wholeesle and Retail Warehouses for Pickets f f?11m# l? Watet and in Front .treit t 'PHE I OLT S PATENT REPEATnsfTTIHFAilMl" F a?Rifles with Eghtf hambere. ; Carbines withjlii Chambers. Shot Gum or Fowling pieces, with nig Chnmbeni. Pistols, Pocket, Belts and Holsters. with firr riiambert. 0 And an extra cylinder with fiee more charges. ' As also, percussion asps, halls am! powder, improred ran " primers and (.owdrr Masks, arr now offered for site at redaced a prura, at No. 17J Broadwai, 2nd door below Courtlandt Mrert. r. IhirchateTt from abroad ran be supplied with any reasonable t> quantity on short notice. < The great admntagts of thrs* fire arms o?er any other be enr.s now known, as well aa their superior wor'.aiauahip ana quality of materials, ia ?o well astahlished that it it not wise * tarr to drnenhe the aanit BOW jel lm*l rl j "1 I \? m?,?J?,?i?I^B 117 T7 A H I U :w YORK. WEDNESDAY COL. MONROE EDWARDS. Extraordinary Trials Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kent and Aldermen Balis and Hutilnld Jcn? 7.?Long before the time appointed for the opening id the Court the room was crowded to rullacnt'on, being quite as lull as ever it was during the progress ol the trial of John C. Colt for the murder of Adams. Then was, however, a very remarkable difference ia the description of the spectators, the majority being of the higher classes, and not ol the "common rttfihle," a* the unfledged lawyers teem the laboring and industrious classes. At twenty minutes past ten o'clock the hero of tha scene, Colonel Monroe Edwards, entered, as blooming and as Iresh in appearsuce as it just turned out of a hand bos.? He was dressed In precise] the same manner as yesterday, nnJ seemed just us unconcerned, exhibiting the greatest nonchnlunee ir-:aginnhl?. Among the spectators we no(iced Mr. Brown, of the firm of Alexr. Brown jx Co., of Baltimore and England, and several of the leading bankers and financiers of Baltimore and Philadelphia, bosiJes tha most noted of this city. In n ldi'ion. there wore all the most celebrated lawyers present, including the venerable ex-chancellor Kent and Joshua Spencer, and a number of per?ous, who came merely out of curiositv to see the reli brated Counsel engaged on behalf of Monroe Edward*. There were a pre at many inquiries made to ]>oin! but Mr. Marshall, who has attained such threat notoriety through his exertions in the Temperance cnnsc. At twenty minutes to eleven o'clock the Counsel for the defence entered and took their seats opposite tho bench. Iu addition to Ogden Hot! man. there are engaged to assist tho District Attorney, Joseph R. Hart, standing counsel for the shotitf, Oliver M. Lowndes, agent to all the hanks, and G. F. Allen, of Philadelphia. At a quarter to eleven Judge Kent and the two Alder men entered, arid the Court was opened. The Judge then announced that for the information of the Bar 110 civil causes would be tried this term, nod non-enumerated motions would he adjourned until Saturday. Hi* Honor then called on thpease of the People against Monroe Elwards, to which the District Attorney replied " we are ready Sir." Mr. Vandcrvoort. the clerk to the Court, then railed over the panel of jnror?, when out of 00 rhe number summoned, but 1? answered, which not Iviug a sufficient number, the District Attorney prayed a tales, and his Honor ordered a tale* of 'Jo jurors to lie ummoni 1 fee tkwith from the county at large. In order to give the sheriff time to summon the talesmen the Court took a recess till 1 o'clock. Aftz*xoox Srsiinx. At a few minutes to one o'clock the prisoner entered, in the custody of Smith and Colvin, the officer', and at one precisely Ilia Honor an 1 the Aldermen entered and took their seats, none of the counsel, either for tho prosecution or defence, lteing present. -M jtwenjy one Judge inquired iTthe Sheriff hnd returned the precept, to which the clerk replied he had, and proceeded to call the list of Talesmen. The Case of the People vs. Monroe Edward*, otherwise called John P. Cnuldwell, otherwise called H igh S. Hill, was then formally called 011 an 1 the names of the Jury, men having been put in the box the Clerk took them out a? follows:? The first called on the stand w as? Oliver Jones?Excused 011 account of illness. John Seamen?Sworn (I). Russell XV. Neviim? Summoned by a wrong name. Reuben Parsons?No answer. I.evi Chapman?Sworn (J). Charles F. Knmns?No answer. Thomas Brewster?Excused, lives iu Williamsburg. I.orainc Freeman?Sworn ;3). Charles C. Merchant?Formed an opinion and s?' aside. John C. Coachman?Sworn (4.) C. L. Tiliany?No answer. Thomns t. Wilson?No answer. Edward 11. Wood?V/rong name. Isaac Saymaur?No answer. Daniel McLaughlin?No answar. John B. TiUu?No answer. F.crhcrt Kcndder?Formed nri oninion. Joseph Merrill?No answer. Robert l?. Johnson?Formed an opinion. Isaac L. Elton?No nnsu rr. Hananel D. Jackson?Hworn (5.) Caleb Bru^h?No nnswer. Sylvester Esrle?No answer. William F. Buckley?No nnswer. Samuel Tucker?Sworn (0.) Solomon Warriner?Formed an opinion. Sylvester Sparkcv? Formed oil opinion. John Hopper?No answer. John Ford?Excustd on account of illness. Benjamin R. Theal?Sworn (7) James E. Hadden? Formed an opinion. William Tracer?Said he had expressed an opinion but could not say he had formed one, set aside. William J. Penny?A young man appeared for this person and shewed that he had an excuse. Spencer Staftord, had stated au opinion that he did not think, a jury could ever agree; but not having formed any other opinion, was sworn. ;d.) Dixon Stansberry?No anstvar. Solomon Townsend?No answer. Harman Dcry?Expressed an opinion. Oeorgo Tiem'an?Excused, because he did net understand the language sufficiently wall. James McDonald?No answer. John W. Howe?Sworn. (9.) , Charles Hone?No answer. Richard J. Bradford?Sworn. (10.) , Reland Tinkham?Said he was not in tbu habit oi he- , Moving one half he saw in thu newspapers, w hich Mr. Emmet said showed his good riente. Sworn. (11.) , Alexander RnrntOell?Tried to lie excused as a member j nf some company of volunteers, which (oiled h;m. He i laid he had expressed an opinion, and was set aside. Jam?s Watson?No answer. ] John Van Beuren? No answer. j Edward Farley?No nnswer. Alexander W.'.McAlpinc?Wrong name. t J. A. Vcrnol?No answer. Kandford Cohb?No answer. Anthony Moffat?Bworn. (19.) TV' jurr eras now completed, and consisted of?John 'came*, Levi Chapman, Loi aine Freeman. John C. Coach- ^ nan, Samuel D. Jnckaon, Samuel Tucker, Benjamin It. j rhenl, Sponcer Stafford, John W. Howe, Richard J. DmJ- r ord, It* I and Tinkhum, and Anthony Moffatt. , ilia Honor Judoi: Kkxt, then inquired u^hoopened the :??*, and Ot*. F. A~l*x, Ee<j., of Philadelphia, rote and ; laid :? t If the Court please, Gentlemen of the Jury. I am here t imployed in contequrnre of the moat extraordinary for- g feriet ever perpetrated either in thi? or any oth"r com- 0 nunlty, whether we regard the boldness with which they , wore planned, the ability with which thay ware executed , ir the large turn* which were obtained by meant o( Ihote / orgerie*. Forgerie*, gentlemen, are ordinarily commited in thethapc of bills of Exchange or hank note*, but in p hie extraordinary caae, it if not merely a forgery of hil!? f exchange, but eotnmercial letter* have also been x orged, and not only the signatures, l>ut the body of the ettcr. and the manner of writing, wore imitated." These ettrr* were alto written in a businetx with which not n aany arc familiar, except those in tlie daily practice of K rriting them. and they are written in the manner of one ? ceuttomod to *uch cnrre-mondence. The nmoiint* which ti icre obtained by meant of them were two lumi of twenty- p; vcthousand dollarieach, making a total of fifty thou- a and dollar*. Von will perceive by the evidence which j, vill be lirotight before you, that th'ia i* no onlinary man. j le hat displayed ft familiarity with l>u?in??t tranaactioni r. vhirh but few posses*. He hat in those letterx adopted ,, ven the *tvle of w riting and composition an completely at j. o deceive those beat acquainted with the writing 01 the w eal individnalt. He ha* ditplayed a boldnett and tonicity ia hit o|ierationt which have given vigor and effect p o all hit other talent*. If tbo abilities and talent* which f, ig hat ditplayed, had been devoted to honatt endeavor*, j, hey are tuchat,would atturediy have led him to wealth n, nd distinction. Gentlemen, those talent* have, howevor, j| miainnl led tied the r nnienuence of that misannlirn- 1, ion ii to bring you together to-day. It 1* not to bee*, tected tint the priaoner, with all hi* nkilitiea, would , eave many Iran * of bis operation*, and where conceal- ,) nonteould be prectieed, that hewonldnot avail himaelf p f it. It ia almoet impo'tible ?o trace the operation* of y uch a man, and it will be found *o of rotirie in Lj hi* rtitc. It will alio be found that the meant Horded of rapid change of place by our raiload* and other ronvevance*. have been put In roquUitlon (t J th* prisoner to aid hint in hi* operation*. He will be ?und to have been in one place to-day, and another the a*t, far diitant. Here to-day and tbera to-morrow. 8noh nd eo many have been h<? journey* to and from, to ea Ion* hi* disguise*, that I doubt whether he could him?elf ?i RK H ' MORNING, JUNE 8, give a correct account of them a!). If it would be a ram i task to himself, how can 1 attempt it 1 There will, how- > ev cr, he certain of tho-een* ? which cnti brought home to | i him without any doubt, w hich will enable you to imdUii- , stand in what way these operation* were carried on. You [ 1 will remember, gentlameu, tlntt obnut a year ago, romo ; I forgeries to a s ery large amount were committed, and individual* were detrau led of large sums in tuis city , Louis- I ville, and other places. Whether they were theolfaprinjr j < of the party before you, or whether lliey were committed ! ' by u separate and independent party, I cannot ray ; but it 1 it singular, that when Monroe F.dwards was arretted, the ; i ma?tei loirtt teemed to have disappeared, and all the lor- . geriva w Inch hare since I.e. n committed have been of the j > orilinury |>etty description which nr? ordinarily of every day occurrences There is one circumstance to which, ! | gentlemen. 1 would cail your attention, lor although it is not material to my rate, it stili throw* t? light on the case. 1 < It is that the firm of Maunscll, White fc Co., of New Orleans, tignatures have hern forged, received aome < timuin Julv last a letter tigne I II. S. Kill, which stated < that himself and his brothers hr.d large plantation" in Virginia, and that having *<irno bnsinr s to transact in New I York they would like to here it done by their I agent, in Now York, if they would let him know who the correspondents of Maunsfll, Whlta It Co. < in New York vei and dlrr-i thi ir letter to Boltimora.?- j | In reply to this letter, dauustill,V.'h:?a k Co. wrote an re- < quested, an ! mentioned the I': 11 of Brotvn. Brothers & Co. I and another in New York. This letter, dated Nfftv Orleans '24Mt July, 1*11, wo? duly poctsl, and in due it cour?e, delivered at Balliniore: but Mtunsi 11, White k Co. invnhi waited for a lejlv, which th*?y hnd led to I expect from the tenor of the lofter they ha' recalled.? There <t dropjieb, niii! they heard n?> more of it. Whether ' hnt wits tlm commencement of thin trattssntioB yon will < be able to judge itotn tha courte of the evidence which ' will bepretetit'-d to you in (!:" ?<*urso of this trial. At | thin period I'. T. i iill h avoc the stagV, end now enters .John 1'. Caldwell, ond now commence the ."sctoal per- ' ' Ibrnuuices, for until now all iirs beau preparation?(rentlemeu, f hatq ho doubt vnu all know the firm of , Brown, Brother* L Co. of this city. Mr. Keickhoefer, th' ir confidentialclerk, will be proJuccJ before you. lie will prove to you that i! in his custom to be at the counting hoti .c before the arrival of the partliars, and that the Pust Offica Ch rk goee in the morning to the Post Office, ' aqd hrlugs tka le'.tcrsi w hich he lava ou hie desk before ] him. lie w ill pros r to v ou thn on "the morning of the -13d Aug. lie found on the dealt nr his urnvs! e letter purporting to boar the New 0.lra-<* port mark, addressed to Brow n, Brothers Sr Co. < ol purporting to be eigne I by Maunsell, ' White h Co., of New Orleans, and to have twen written nt ' that city en the 10th Atig.lfill. It informed them that their friend, John P. Caldwell, of ^Virginia, was in want of lund?. thot lie had in their hands rather moro *ian one thousand baler of cotton, worth dt least fifty thousand dollars, tliut any advance predicated oa such cotton would be perfectly safe, and requesting that it it would suit their convenience they had authorized him to draw ou them tor not more than thirty th usand dollars, mi not more than thirty days sight. ThU letter was worded in the Usual style, and written in the usual style of commercial corres|>on(lt!uce. This was, however but the harbinger of whntwns to come, find nn the 27tli I August,Brown,Brothers b. Co. received a letter purporting l? l?.o, ll.o nnnairlifW In ?i 1 written In John P. Caldwell, and dated the 34th August. This refers to the letter purporting to be signed by Mtiinroll,White i. to. and sat s that the writer finds it necessary from the state of affairs !u the south, to raise from twenty , five to thirty thousand dollars, and requesting that they would advance it and negociate the hills of exchanges. Enclosed in this letter w e\ e two hills oT exchange for thirteen thousand dollars each, oild ct. thirty and the other at !' sixty days sight, drawn on Maunsell, White h Co.. nud it also endured n letter to Maunsell, White It Co., request- | ing them to hold the cotton referred to, at the orders of J Brown, Brothers !t Co. This nllair was nil conducted and appeared to lie in the usual cotlrSc. On the 38th August Brown,Brolhei < k Co. wrote to Maunfel, While k Co. enclosing thn hills ofexchnngc and the order for the cotton, ?ud they bought Vii giuia and Baltimoru funds, und on the | 28th August they alio wrote to John P. Caldw ell, and en- i closed checks on Bank* in Baltimore, and Richmond in i Virginia, which they addressed to Joho P. ( aidwell, Alexandria, Delaware county. The iimodnt of Vir- j ginia nnd Baltimore funds tliu* transmitted, agreeably to a desire expressed in the letter from John P. Caldwoll, ; that they should be in Virginia funds, or if that w as uot convenient in Baltimore funds, was fdd.llfl/.t. These transactions are now nlxiut to tie closed and j otl may j jacge of the surprise of Brow n, Brother* It Co.?I should ' however have mentioned that 011 the 4t*1 of September { they received n letter from John P. Caldw ell acknowledging u receipt of these funds. Yon may, however, judge of their surprise when on the 8th of September Utnwu, Brothers kCo. received a letter from Maunsell, White Si Cd,returning the bills which had bee protested, nnd the order , lor the cotton, which was of no use, and stating that they t did not know John P. Caldwell, and never had any rottoh belonging 'o such n person, find tlift Drown, Broth.-r* and J Co. must have been defrauded. Immediately on the re- ; ceirtjvI tJi .w letter, steps wete taken to slew,'1 ' *' ' .lie CneckA, If ,, .j, ay well conceive they w ere too late. Oh arriving n' Baltimore, they found all the checks payable there hnd been presented on the 31st August, and proceeding to Kir hmonu, those payable there I hud been paid on the id September. It now seemed til- k most impossible to trace the person who had defrauded I those gentlemen, and you may conceive their surprise w u* I increased very much, when one ofthcdriteighbor* showed I ..leill ? CI UUwIIIi UUJUIVSie COpiC* Ul llll! II'HITS IBI'V IIH'1 recdved, anil that n like cum ol twenty -five thousanddollars had likewise been obtained fiom th< m by tbe like fraud. For a long time it teemed impossible to trace the perpetrators of these Iraudt, and it sat feared that they wen; about to escape triumphantly with their ill-gotten gains. These transactions nstoitndeJth'-commercial world. The ability with w hieh these frauds had been conceived and executed, threw distrust ever commercial transactions. '1 he uncertainty of commercial o|>eration?, at all times hazardous enough, was made still more so. and persons were afraid to lollow out tho business which they had pursued <dr tears. There i", however, gentlemen, a Providence which guards us, and though Ju*tlce mar sleep for a while, and guilt may seem to l>? triumphant, yet it is hut sleep, ami is sure to overtake the violators of the laws sooner or Inter, and the criminal in this case found that the causa ol his triumph was tho very cause of his detection, and will lend, I trust, to his removal from that class of society, of which lie is one of the greatest tatts that ever lived. Gentlemen, we shall produce evidence to show you the receipt of these forged letters, the purchase and , remittance of thest funds?we shall show you that the naltitnorefunds, which were collected on the 81st August, were collected by a person who w rote John P. Caldwell on all the checks w hich he collected ; and, also, that the Richmond funds, collected on the 3d September, were collectcd by a person who wrote John P. Caldwell on the checks, and we shall biing witnesses to prove that the person who collected these checks, and u ho signed John P. Caldwell was Monroe E twards, the prisoner at the bar ; and, furthermore, that funds were found in his possession, the proeeeds of these, frauds, and about the amount; nnd having produced this evidence wo think the case for the prosecution will have been suiticientlv established; and one would think that in the fare ol such evidence they would linrdly uttonipt to set up nnv defence at all. But, gentlemen, the boldness displayed, and the care exercised in the committal of these monstrous frauds, and which shine so conspicuous, forbid us to think ! ?o. We see the prisoner comes here surrounded byable nnd intelligent counsel, who have come from j the halls of legislature to prevent, if possible, the conviction of this man. Such witnesses as will he produced for the prosecution w ill have to pass through a severe ordeal, to which we cheerfully submit them, and if the evidence it not sufficient for his conviction or this crime, wa ask you to let him go free; but I ask you likewise to put the evidence which w ill be produced for the Jefcnce to a like ordeal?and it will neon the most rigortins scrutiny of this t iourt ami Jury. I will not, however, undertake to anticipate the defence, indeed we are not rert&ln what it will bp, the truth, however, is simple, and It Is one, while falsehood shows itself in a thousand forms. " Counsel have been brought from till nan* of the conntry, J to defend him, nnd his defence may be safely left to their 11 linnds. If, however, we establish what w e think we can I it w ill require more ingenuity than I think even his cotin- 1 ' 1 ixhs-'si. to free, him and let him loose again, to nrev on n he community. ' Mr. Paicr.?Will Ihr conn"-l ttato the tection oi the 8 ict under which he proceed* 7 '' Dutrict ATToavrv?Forgery in 3d degree. *' The tirst wi'nev* 'or proaocution w?* II.TKirntHorrra " vho, bci: g duiv r.worn, depou d?I*in ll.u employ rrn ut ?l " trowa, Brother* fc Co. la confidential eorre*pnnoaiit and " lerk ; they are In the eommi?*ion bu*ine=? : make ad- c nnceaon cotton; have bouse* In Liverpool, Philadelphia, " ml New Vork, end connection* in Baltimore, formerly a Wander Brown k Co. Mr. George Bmwr lire* in Bal- w more. Thi* ia*letter purporting to be writ'ee by Maunnil, White St Co., of New Orleans: first saw it 23d Au- '* net; woalefton my dealt among the letter*. The (mat p dice clerk bring* ibe letter* first thing In the morning ' ad lay* thara on my deak, end 1 found thU among them ; 'j hat morning. That ii my handwriting: "received 03 tl vtiguat." The letter waa here read by the counrel, of which the " allowing ia 1 copy ' Ntw Oner***, 10th Aug., 1111. ' tr??M. Baowa llaornrai kCo., .New Vork. V I > tl Ml > I' Otirlriend Mr. John r.C.nldwell. now on n viait to Virgiia. write! ua " that ho wiahca to command 'ib or 30 thou- I and dollar*."* Aa the heat menna of meeting our friend'a " riahe* we have taken Ibn-. a to rncloac him a letter of in- * oduetion to you. with a requrtt that you afford him the rl m ilitira he require*, provided you find it convenient, ia&>, * nd profitable to yonr*elvc?. Mr. Caldwell ha* in our and (tubjei t to no charge*) one thomand and elevenOil h 'lea of cotton, weighing 48.'),000 lb*., quality ave- 1' ^ii'g " good fair," auil worth in the market, at pre?ent rice*, at least filly thouaand dollar*. Thi* cotton arrived 1'einthe city, and by our advice ha* been held to rell ith the new cropinit coming in. Mr I ?M .. ..11 an.1 Ui. tl.? -?rr 0.?r ** lanters of this State who ar e imtirely free from debt, onil e is a solvent ami very wealthy gentleman. The cotton i our hands constitutes the last year's crop, and of Mr. C. id his mother, and the whole of it is subject to his order*; irrefore any arrangemen's he may tnnke predicated on lei ic cotton in our hands, will be perfectly safe. If Mr. Caldwell can do no better, he is authorized to slue on our house tor any sum not esreedln? thirty *' iou?and dollars, (at not less than thirty day s sieho and 1 isbills 'ball heduly honoredand pro'crtel. Should Mr. Ca aldwelt eonclnde on this course, we shall fee! greatly hliged to you if you will procure the negotiation of any O. IDs drawn on our h?u*e by bim to the above amount fl We shall also be thankful for any attention shown our J" lend during his stay in yonr city. With ranch rrspect. we remain fir Your obedient set-rants, MAUNBELL, WXITt h 80 1 Addresses!? I Ml ears Brown Brothers It C?. New York. ! to --11 ..'I' I . '.111. --I 1 [ERA [2. The District Attorney then said that the wilneM mut*. . tand on one title u hile this tt as proved to he a forgery ; | and Kobcht Mil aw being At om, denoted I it-nine iu i NowOrletiin; ?m ?partner in thi flrm o! .'.Iauin 'li,\'t h lug. or shipping cotton according to orders ; do not know H. 8. Hill : hove seen this letter ; it was received by thu lirm onthe l!Hh JuivtlMl : it is ? sled Philadelphia, 'July ), 1341, unil signet) H. 8. Hill , don't know the haniisriting. Ms. Emmett?I conceive the counsul are proceeding in i mange end irregular manner. It strikes ua it in not :on)[>e'etit to go into any incidental enquiry until the fuioerleteris proved to be a lorgery, and we are prepared o object to him w hen offered us a witness lor that purlone. District atto?r?kt?We purj>oseto prove this by nirans if tli is letter. Mn. Em how will voti prove that the letter sign I Mannscll, White St Co." is a foigery by producing tinnthcr h-tter signed H. 9. Hill 7 District A noiski?We propose to ?how tliot this lot cr wan the means of procuring ihe information by which .he signature of Mnunsel, White Ik Co. u as lurgod. Ma. EststrTT?We are ptepared still moie strongly to >h]ect to that course, now we know how they mean to procee I. We are not prepared to allow them to prejutice the minds of the jury in this manner by ailtaiging his contrivance. The Court allowed thn production of the evidence, to shich decision Mr. Emmutt objected. Examination ler-umed.?Thut letter was answered. 1 isve a copy ol the answ or. His Honor said ns there was a break in the testimony, be Court would adjourn for an hour, and every day the Jouit would adjourn for dinner lrom 3 to4o'clock. Aetkrxook Sesiiox. Robkrt Shaw continued?That is a copy of my aniv. ? r. It i? diiti d 'Utb of July. '1 lie original was sent to U. 9. Hill. Exchange Hotel, Baltimore. Lf-tti rOth July put in und marked A. The answer to it was marked B. Letter signed Moan soil, White & Co. was marked C. by Judge ICenL Dated ltlth August. J-'jmninatioH con/invtd?That Is a forgery?it is tho li tter to Brown, Broihers. No other correspondence took plnce between us and U. 9. Hill. Emmett objected 10 this letter being said to re e torger) . Kewt?It is dsne, sir. Emmett said that the witneai was * partner in Maun ell. White St Co. ?nd could not properly prom thia letter :o he a forgery. Examination continued?Don't know John P. Colwell. Nevergave him a letter of introduction to Brown, Brotl.era St Co. .No luch person had a large amount of cotton in our hand*. B) Kest?Not a single hale. Examination continued?Have read thia letter privately. There Is no truth in tho letter. Wmnnu?Ws propose to read this letter, and the answer of Maitnscll, White St Co. to it. Letters shown to defendant's counsel. Examination continued?The signature to this letter is au imitation of my signutuie. D< fendsnt's counsel laid their heads together. Esimktt said the letter \\ uf said to he from U. S. Hill to Maunsell, White St Co. He didn't know U.S. Hill, or that there was such n person upon rnrtli. He didn't know litis thing about these letters or such a person. .Mai.?ii?li.?It litis nothing to do even with Caldwell. wished the cause to be tried fairly, and by tho rules of law and evidence. Whitiso spoke laintly, and an omnibus going by, drowned his voice. The Court thinks the letters are irrelevant. A forged letter was received by Brown it Co., August 10, 1841, purporting to lie from Maunsell, White it Co., which ia ptovid to bo a forgery. '1 he fact that a letter was received by M., W. U Co.from U. S. Hill, on a certain day, and au answer retume I to it, is admi?aible. Emmutt objected. Examination continued?The aniwer to U. S. Hill's latter of f)th July, was signed by ine. The forgery is an imitation of my signature. Never addressed any other letter to U. S. Hill?never received any other?never found out who U. S. Hill is. Cruee-txaminrd?Maunsell, White, Cuthbert Bullitt, llobert Shaw, Theodore Ryan, are the iiim of.Maunsell, White it Co. That signature appenrs to be nn imitation of my writing. When I write in a hurry ) ou can hnrdh tell the? fiom a c in the word Maunsell. " The indictment spoke of Maunsell as being spelt with c e. Mr. K icrKiinrrr.ii examined?On the 23d of August our clerk spread our letters ou our desk. Don't know that . .: f > 11 m l,;... 1. i.?,i mis icuer irom ?i?uurai, >?. , n?.i .... (. ...... .. on it. I answered the letter. The answer is on page 402. Tin- answer was directed to Mauusell, White Jit Co., New Orleans. ' Mr. Suasv?'That answer it now in New Orleans? Didn' think it uceearary to bring it on. Letter show n to u'hnesii. ,, ? r ... uinnllnn rr?tltlVed?l!\H letter W UK ICCOIVC'I by lit 27th of August, marked K. It is dated 2<Vh ol August, and purport* to i.?i written by J. P. Caldwell. I received that letter through the pott office?and answered Itntxi day?directed to John 1'. Caldwell, Alexandria, 1). C., and put into post otflee next day. 1 he answer was marked K. Examination continued?The enrloruics in the answ er ; of Caldwell ate two Bills of Exchange for $ 13.CCU cu< h, | attached together, marked O and H. The other half ol' ' 'he latter was an order on Maunadl, White & Co. (narked ! I.) My anawer contained checks on different part* of Virginia, "and certificates of depo.ite, amounting in all to $25,119 62. Emmktt objected. Kxamiitalion continued? My answer contained 17. MiiiHii.1.?17 things. Whiting?No, Sir, 17 pieces of paper. 17 eheecks ami certificates of deposite shown. Esimett?l)o yon propose to mark all those pieces of paper. WII IT INS?Wc do. E.mmttt?Then the alphabet wont serve you. Masmiai l?Add the Greek alphabet. WiiiTiao?Iloruorcfour more pieces?part of the 17. Marked N. O. r. Q. Three more pieces rhotvn as part of the 17?matked It. S. T. F.xamination continued?The next letter we received was on the 4th of Sent. It is dated Fredericksburg, Sept. I, signed John I'. Caldwell. (Marked U.) Received on other letter Irom John P. Caldwell,?has no knowledge of him, nor of his handwriting. Examination continued I generally found the letters on our desk when I came down. Our post office clerk is Thomas Voughell, a clerk of Brown, Brotheis, St Co Found the lefers thete the morning I speak of. Know he got letters from 'ho port office that Voughell is in New Orleans at present. He is atlll in our employ. Our eounting house is in Dorr's Buildings. Don't know whether I received any other Utters from New 0> bans that morning. It is on the first lloor. Mr. Voughell always went for our letters unless he w as siok. Ms. C. C. Jamif.son, examined ?Re?ides in Baltininrr.? Is Cashier of Dank of Baltimore Was so on the 23th of August last. (Check shown.) Thi* draft of the City Bank of New Pork on our bank was presented at our hank on the 31st of August, at ten or eleven in the morning. The teller told the perron that presented it he should not par it unless he could show that he was the real John P. Caldwell in whose favor It was drnwn. Mr. Caldwell then came to mc and oinpluined thnt the teller would not pay it without demiftcation. I told him it could not tie paid unless he dentified himself, and lie as n man of husjnria must see he propriety of it. He said this would put him to a good teal of inconvenience, as he was nn entire stranger in Jaltimore, and had no one who eotiid identify him as John Caldwell. 1 If was noxious to k ave town that evening, md Unit if I insisted on jt, hr should have to go to Washnpton and pot a member of Congress from Louisiana to dentify him. As h -wns going out, he inid he had transctions in New York villi Brown, Brothers Ik Co., anil he lelieved they liad n brunch in Baltimore?1 told him tliev ind. I r.iid if ho rould'pet Mr. Brown to snv it wn* all ight. lie lrftatnl returned with Mr. Brown himself. Mr. Irown said he waa a stranger with John P. Caldwell, but etc.) had shown him on account current with Blown, IrothersJc Co., and letters from the house which went enuine, and in this account current this identical check >r f 10,000 wns charged. Mr. Brown said he thought I (ionic! be justified in pay ing it; 1 paid it. The man enorsed it a' John P. Caldwell in my presence. I had sree Interview s with P. Caldwell that morning ,'n is first intars tow he Saul he had a chock, and asked d we oull give him gold, or Virginia luiid.e ; I told hiw I rottTd give him either, or a cheek on Richmond, Vo., at certain rato. He snid he'd go out and see oftho brokers ihat the rate was. Tho lirat interview lasted n quarter f an hour ; he u na gone nn hour ; the itcond interns'? isted a quarter of nn hour. I had a good view of him. .fter paying the check 1 neat saw bim last October ; came' on here to identify him. when he was iken up as Monroe Edwards. 1 saw- him In e early part of October at the Tombs in this ify. I sue him now. That's the parson sitting ere -(pointlog to Colonel Edwards)?Mot's Jakn P. 'aldwcll (Here Colonel Edwards colored deeply, hit his p, chewed some paper, and at last drank oil some wrt?r.) i lr hen ? went to the Tombs, I scent into tho room I exected Caldwell would he brought in ; hut when I got | sere, 1 ?aid John P. Caldwell is already in the room, and i pointed him out from 16 or twenty others. The endorse- , lent on the other ( hecks appear to be in the same hand , -riling ill that of John P. Caldwell, who endorse.) the i lieek in my presence. (Two checks shown marked K. M.) t Whitivo proposed (o read the two checks. Some other cbsifk* shown. Letter N. dated Aug. 19, , HI. 0. August M, 1841. P. August 37, 1841. ; IL August 1841. , Mr. Jisimot?Consider* ill the endorsement* In the me hand writing : and the three following . (I. August 10, 1841. , K.August 13, 1841. i T. August 09, 1991. , It. i? a certificate of deposite ; 9 ii a check j T. I* a let. , r of credit. , Several letter* thosvn to wltue**. t Ezaminnlicn contimni? Beljuve* them all to be in the ft me band. , Letter E. is dated August 3d, 1911, and signad John T. ? dd well. d Letter 1 i* the enclo?nre being a consignment of cotton; j|, & II. are the same date, and are bills of rachsnge, * 3(100 inch. Letter U. is dated ?ept. 1, 1S41. signed hi hn P. Caldwell,dated at Fredericksburg. 1r Propo'ed to real in euldrtiru le'*rr II. of Ang. ?*tn, J >m Caldwell to Brown. Broths 1 A Co. a Rending suspended till after croas-eaamiratlon. L< Crosa-eaamlned?Never saw Caldwell Mil that (! ?*"" hs s asking for Virginia funds was not unusual; nothing m draw attention partienlarlv to tha individual. I saw ! L I'-i-MiL.11-J . LD. Prlie Two Ccnra. that li? wu a nan of business from his ImbiU uin'. man I... u lik . 1.... situation; don't rcmtliber thnt 1 ever at id w hat color hi* whiskers; rrvor beam i* saio that hi* v. hiskcrs ?t? . . JlowitU brown; 1 ictill lot Mr what color tin hair um nor the shape of lira iiom , never saw him write t lit oner. Every one of our depositors n oM write hi* Dime in one ot our book*; have looked ut Caldwell* signature ?o af. ten, that 1 should easily know it ugain. TLe Browns atkecr niato come on hire belote the Uiand Jurj : Mr. Low ndt a came on to Baltimore to collect etideiice; 1 loid blm 1 thought 1 iliould feabie to recognise John K Caldwell again, it 1 could are hiir. once; 1 lit art! of a lew aru often ed lor bit arrest, and 1 read it in the papeic; 1 don't recollect reading any description of bit- person. V b:tino piopOM-u to n ad tbe latter a. Here Caldwell kept on chewing. Whiting rend letter of August 26th, 1241, dated ale*, audria, and addressed to Brow u Brothers k Co., containing two fills of exchange, and a consignment of cotton. He ah o read Urn consignment of cotton and the bill* of exchange. Cori ok Lkttch. AnaxANoau, D.C., Aug. Cfl. 1841. Sia,?I am In receipt ol a litter dated lOih rust, from Messrs. Maunsell, While JcCo., oi New Orleans, enclosing n letter of intioduction to j on, and in ? hich I am inloi nied thry havt written you to advance me ihe funds 1 w >ut en t he seen city ol the cotton in tin ir hands, or to get mv bills upon them discounted to the amount of thirty Ihovtat A dollari. 1 should come dh in p? rsoxi to New Yoik, tut am prevented from so doing l y the datigeiotis illneta of my v oung brother, who is with me iu this neighkoiboot!, linn n now lying in a very preim iuu* mmiuiiuii, >u in, indeed, Unit I cannut leave Inm tor a tingle day. '1 liuicircumstanced, 1 heiewitli bond y nu my billi ol cxchot ge on Messrs. White & Co. for f26,0t0 at 30 and CO day* fight, which you w ill jilcnst;get discounted at the beat late, and forward tin* proceed* to me to thin place in o bill, or t ills upou Richmond. If, however, it would be on object to hove the cotton in the handa of Messrs. White It Co. shipped to your agency tit Liverpool, that plan would suit me a* w ell, having several times shipped ourrropa on our ow n account; and ill order Hint you may avail ol it il you like, 1 also hand you tin order on Mersr*. White 4: Co.. to be used if you prefer, if you accept tliis proposition. I want $26,000 advanced: the cotton can be then (hipped, and when fold, the residue of the proceed* ran be placed to my credit, and Monro. White Ji Co. advised then of. I wont to buy some hand* for our plantation* here, anil .tm very envious to aentl them out immediately, a* tl.ey mey assist In gathering the new crop; 'tis therefore o! vest importance to me to close this transaction at once. If rtillable hillt cannot he had on Richmond, they will answer on Baltimore or Washington, but Richmond would be preferred, &a 1 want touie Va. funds, and if Found billi cannot be had on either place, than a letter of credit diret tLd to one of the Uichmond banks from one of the New Yoik banks, 1 presume will answer. Your early attention to tlia foregoing w ill confer on me a very great favor. 1 am, gentlemen, resp.-ctlullv your serv ant, JOHN V. CALDWELL. Brow*, Brother* k Co., New York. Whiting proposed to read the asfwer cf Drown, B t others Si Co. Emjkctt objected. Court decided it could be read. Whitikg road the answer ol Brown, Brother! & Co., and all the cheeks. Haass, Brothers, Axswer. New V?i, 2bth August, 1641. John P. Caidweli., Esq., Alexandria, I). C.] Dkar Sir :? In acknowledgment of yrtir fnvor '.'Sth inslar.1, wc liasten to apprize you that we prefer making the advance you require upon your 1011 bales cotton, in the bauds of Messes. Mannse!),White kt'o. ofNew Orleans, to negotiating at this time drafts on that place, and v. e shall, literature, direct laid friends hi conformity with your order, u hich u e this day trnnsmit to them, together with your bills on them for <26,UliO to ship y our cotton to our Liverpool friends, Brow n, Miiply and Co., giving ua or Ihem timely orders for insurance, and on receiving from (ht m B lading lor the shipment, w? shall then value on Liverpool for the (.mount o! our advance, being $'14,603-lb-IPO? the cost of the enclosed funds amounting to$'i6,l It) 62-100, as per nnnexud statement, which w e hope will be rstit 1hctorv. We feel much indebted to Messrs. Mutiiisell, White una Co. for the pluesure of your correspondence?!Thit in tuitu ri raart of Imvtkter in Court.)?but regret exceed tngly the. enure which prevents us from tusking jour personal acquaintance, though we hope still to rec ive n visit from joil on tome, Inter occa'ii n. We would suggest your addressing our Liverpool friends through us, with your views as to tliu disposal of your cotton, and in meantime remain. Vour.s respectfully, BROWN, BROl HERS A C O. Wc regret we were unable to get so few Virginia funds, hut we have cleared the maikel both fort here as well at for Baltimore funds?of the latter wo could aot get 810(0 mote under 1{. .Yerehaiii's bank rfVa., Richmond, Stl2*92 ijialc ban!: of Nev. uk on Jetties Bit. of Ve. looo Ui 2129 92 Off J'v discount, 71 u 2MB Ci "?c, Kent, cashier on Frmi'aBk of Norfolk fr'U 00 1;. It. D IV 0; l.u., en Bo III: Ol Viiviliia, :it.l 97 ( , e. Rank ilo, at Fodi 'tckshuts, lira I 35 Audi. VitiiKheii. tih'r i Cajiaei's Bk. V?., 7 j Ml Mercht'.v Ex. Bk. on B!i. of V Richmond, .V.iO (.0 Ah" . Tent) kins. co>!.'i rn Ft', lit- ol Vs., ist.ti to vlitn" it re. on bi. hk. id Va., jVlratwrj, ICi" 00 Hst'.fi .il bk. on Farm's bk., ftiMutton", 133 79 B'>. of Va. reit.f. of dtp. 'er Gniei n Freeborn, 1:2 12 Ilk. of 8. of N. V'oik, ou Exc. bk. Ru hinoud, 134 Hi . ? 658,1 60 At 3% discount, 2It 16 City bk of N. York, on bk of Baltimore, 10,0(0 00 3 j?r ct. discount, 200 00 ? ! 000 00 Oarnn'tr V Vermil j c on Carter, Mourton k co. JK 0 CO Beche e (t Pars ha II on Lu(tlow,Parshai| k co. 1100 CO J. T. Hmith kCc, on K. Mickle Ik Co., 3'0i .'.3 do on Johnston Ik Lec, 494 49 6400 00 At 2 pvrcl. diaennnt, 121 (4 272 06 824,9(13 4* CsLPWtM.'s Av<?r.s. Fkcdxik naapRu, Va., 1st Sept. 1341. Siaa :? , Vour favor of the 28th ultimo came duly to hand, containing checks, Ac. to the amount of (830,110 nay ^Ts.,,s. I..,?,n?.r ...... k..?,l.,..l I _l 1 f.S-ICO dollars Virginia and Baltimore fundi. I was at Ball. yesterday and am now on my way to Richmond to arrange my business there. My poor brother ii still Is a very prec arious situation, and 1 can only leave him for a lew hours at a time. The facilities you have afforded mo will enable me to lave several hundred bales of cotton, aa we had planted very large crops that we could not havo ?avrd without this timelv aid. 1 havo written Messrs. White k Co. instructing tlicm to promote your desire In regard to the cotton without delay. Alsoin compliance with your suggestion 1 enclose a letter to your house at L. pool in regard to the tamo, which you will please forward. I am respectfully, Sirs, your obt serTt. JNO. P. CALDWELL. Messrs. Baow*, Baoriicas k Co. New York Kcukut M. Let)low called and sworn?I reside at Baltfc more, nm a bullion and exchange denier; the firm is Ludlow, Parshall fc Co. There was a draft presented to ma by Caldwell. This is the draft; it was presented at Baltimore on the 31st August, about 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning by a person calling himself John P. Caldwell; ha came into the office, took out his pocket book and the draft from that, endorsed it and presented it. and I paid it. It la irtynble to hlin, and not to order. I gave him this check (produced) in payment. 1 saw him twice that day. Tka tir?,t time 1 saw him he wanted $4000in gold, and w anted me to furnish him; I hoil not so much Ly me, and he left the drnft for me to see if I could get it. I could not, und offered him Virginia money, which he said would not suit him as he wanted to purchase negroes w ith it. It was nlioiit an hour nfterwardi that I saw him the second tima. The next time I snw him svns on the 26th or 2bth December in thia city-rthot in the man (pointing out the priaoner.) VJbxxci: & Paasiui.i.s, ) Pullioi and Exchange Office, MJ Wall at. t fftw Vos.k, Aug. 'ib, ItMl. Pay to the order of Mr. J no. P. Calomel), in current fhnda, alxteen hundred dollar*, value received, and charge to the account of, Yomrt, respectfully, VfcXBr.l: 4 PAR8HALL. To Lt Dim, PaaanuLL 4 Co. BaltimoreBaLTtueaa, Aug. 31,1611. [No. 415.) Uatoa Vtwii er Monvs-sxe. Tajr to Mr. J. P. Caldwell or bearer, sixteen hundred dellnra. LUDLOW, PA It Ml ALL k CO. $1600. Thia check waa paid nt the bank end returned to me In lh? ordinary conrae of businese. Croif Kxamination?I came on at Christmas to aee my friends ; had never aeen John P. Caldwell In fore , he remained about fifteen minutes the first time and alouf five minute* the second time; It it not our usual practice to [ray checks for large sums without knowing the person or requiring a reference so as to know tin in. The cheek was, however, two or three days out of course, and noticing the letter addreeeod to Mr. Caldwell in hi* pocketIronk, it put t*c off my guard, but 1 took particular notice of the men ; I have given descriptions of John P. Caldw ell to Mr. Brown *n I other persons: I have **M to a?,me persons that his whisker- w ere different to what thev are now ; thev were not so black as they are now ; I have describel them n* dark brown ; I bare conve red with Mr. Jamieson on the stifj"?t; I knew Mr. Jsmioson well j ant ?a> positivelv, but I think I have had a conversation with him on this subject in the general course of remark* ; I first saw Mr.Lownilea w hen he first came on to Baltimore, leforo I came to New Vsirk, 1 cent tell the time ; I am aciiikinted with Mr. Brow n of Baltimore ; 1 waa not naked oaerompaiiv Mr. Brown 10 rhilmit ipl.ia after thi* man in.) tmeii arretted ; he knew I lia.l p- 1 !*>' defendant; ,n,l no ronrereation with hire on th" mbjoet of thii man'* .rr?on*l appasrtmea prariowa to that examination, nor i ith miy perron ; it tva? l?efor? the examination in Philaalt-Ma that Mr. Brown and Mr. Lowtvli i raited opon me; rant Mate tho conrrraation I had with Mr. Lawndaa ; ho anted to know whether I had paid the draft and I fold m I had, and nhewed him the draft ; hi? object waa to id ottt the man who had prexeotrd the 'raft , eanS *ar heihe-he a?lted even If I civjlrt id>ntif> .lol.n P. Cald*11, but think it vey liUe!> lie would: ?r.w Mr. >wndea hut or.ea prevloua to coining to thia ritv ; hava id nereral converaatloni with Mr. Brown about t?l?. It ia tely I undertook to deacrthe the portoaal appeiBfcneaa of ihn' P. f" aldwell to an me perxnnx I data any It wae talkad

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