Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1842 Page 3
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:y- Ult. S. II. P.,iy:K'ri I NFlitMARY FOE THfc Relief mi<l Cure of tiruvel and Stone in the Kidneys and Bladder, and all those diseases arising from the diaorganiiation of those organs, ii successfully continued at No. 70 Natsau atreet, New York, where attendance is given daily to 7 r.M. Letters (post-paid) describing symptoms, will receive due attention. References In tno city, and letter* and certificate* from distinguished clergymen, physicians, judges, members of ('on<re**, and others, are to la- seen by the sceptical at th? Infirmary. Fees arc adapted to circumstances, and always hi?- ANIMAL MAGNETISM, by many persons, is thought to !>e one of the most in.mirt.iut discoveries the invention of man is capable of limling out. Some even go so far in their theory as to heal the ?ick : of this however we have tome little doubt, anil in.leeJ if it were so, hut few u'. the present day could avail themselves of its benefits, but Covert's Balm of Life is within the reach of all persons, and is a certain cure in Dyspepsia, Bronchitis or Son Throa', ami all diseases of the Lungs and Windpipe. Ot this the public have become lully satisfied, particularly those who fcav o tos'ed its virtues, and we would now recommend all lho??i w ho ere alhicted with any of the above diseases, and have not used this medicine, to call immediately at 13ft Nassau street and purchase a lavtvle o the Balm of Life. Sold also at Hi Water street, 79 Fulton, 36 William, 110 Broadway. 10 Astor House, 273 Broadway, 63, 110}, 168 Bowery, 39 Division. 36 Eighth Avenue, 942 Greenwich?7ft Fulton st. Brooklyn. CtJ- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?The assiduity and libernlitv of Mr Barnum of this establishment,is exemplhlcd by the fact, that last week a gentleman arrived from Germany with the industrious tleas, and he engaged a room in Broadway and got out his lulls for exhibitingithem, charging filty cents for admission, but Barnum at once paid the exjainses he hail incurred, and hired him and his small caravan for the Museum, where they will be exhibited wihout any extra charge. These tieas have been instructed so as to be harnessed to carriages and other vehicles, which they will draw with as much precision as a carthorse. Signor Blitz is engaged here this week, also Mr. Bee, the vocalist, Celeste, the dancer, Miss Rosalie, the Gipsey Girl, and other novelties. An illuminated b? loon will ascend from the garden on the top of the Museum, every night at nine o'clock. Great doings for two shillings. New York Post Office, Jane 6, 1844. tiO- ALBANY EVENING MAIL?An additional mail I will be sent to Albnny on and after the 9th instant, every day, by the 7 o'clock P M. Steainbont. Letters can be deposited at this office until half-pa?t 6 P. M. je7 lwr JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. City Despatch Post* 46 William Btsi:it. Principal Orricic?Letters deposited before half-past 8, half-past IS, and half past 8 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at9, l.nnd 4 o'clock. Bbavch Orncits.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and S o'clock, will besentout for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. GREIG, Agent. 1IOIET HARKKTT Saturday, June 11?6 P. H. At the Stock Board this morning sales were moderate in extent, and prices in some instances gave way, Harlem declined J per cent; Stonington J ; Mohawk Railroad } ; Patterson improved}; Long Island Railroad }. The Bank of Illinois at Shawnee town is to resume specie payments on the 15th instant, and unless the State Bank is able to resume on the same day, her charter becomes forfeited according to law. The policy of those who control that institution in Wall street and elsewhere has been of late to speculate in their own paper, that is,by depreciating the paper as much as possible,buy it in at low prices themselves, and thus pay their debts with a small percentage. This is one of the tricks of banking that is supposed to be for the beneGt of the people. The State of Michigan,it will be remembered, issued in violation of the Constitution, Statu paper called "Scrip,'' to circulate as money. The issuers of this fraudulent paper were well aware that it would soon depreciate in the market. They also passed a law at the same time regula ting the business of brokers, under heavy penalties. It is now charged that the brokers have caused the depreciation of the illegal State paper money, because they buy it for what it is worthjfcnd they endeavor to throw upon it those who sillier the o^fcmof the transaction. If the State had honestly paid its^rbts in the first instance, there would have been-no illegAiisper to depreciate. A large sale of lU^oal Bonds is to take place at Philadelphia, on the 22nd imt int, consisting of the following : Redeemable?113,001 Phils., Wilm. and Bslt. R. R. bonds, G percent, IBM?1'J,5(ii ,, and Readin* Rail Road bonds, " 1&50?206,600 These Bonds of the Reading Railroad are convertible nto company shares, at the option ol the holder, at any time before 1850. The interest of both descriptions payable semi-annually in London. We extract the following from the New York Daily Express of this morning :? The Committee of ways and Means propose to repeal the /.and Distribution Lair, which is the great peculiarity of their project. On this will arise the great contest in Congress, to be dignified with much more importance as a rcvenuematter just now than it deserves, inasmuch as the revenues for hinds are not now of sufficient importance to afford any great income to the Treasury, or to materially effect whit should be the proposed rate ol'tduties upon any articles. The two lines we have italicised contain an instance of the flippant folly withwhich commercial matters are treated in the Wall street papers. The editor who conducts that part of the paper, with the most self sufficient gravity, proceeds to discuss a question of which his statement proves his entire and surprising ignorance. The 25th section of the bill of tho Committee of Ways and Means is as follows :? Boc. '25. And be it further enacted, That the proviso to the sixth section of the act entitled " An act to appropriate the proceeds of the sales of the public lands, and to grant pre-emption rights," approved September fourth, eighteen hundred and forty-one, bo, and the same is hereby, repealed. The following i? the pron'to to the flth section of the land hill Provided, That if, at any time during the existence of this act. there shall be an imposition of duties on imports inconsistent with the provisions of the act of March secon 1, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-three, entitled " An act to modify the act of thefourteenth of July, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-two, and all other nets i-"oosing duties on imports," and beyond the rate of duty fim* I by thai act, lo toil, twenty per cent on the talv.e o f en* .I t mporte, or any of them, then the dietnbution provided in thii act iha'l he iuepended, and shall so continue until this canse of its suspension shall he removed; and when removed, if not prevented by other provisions of this act, such distribution shall be resumed. The tariff bill of the Committee of Ways and Means raises the duties on imports to an average of 35 per cent, instead of 90, consequently the land bill would be inoperative by itsown proviso, but with the trickery, vacillation, and deception*which always marks the legislation emanating from " Harry del occidente71 that proviso having been iserted in the original bill to secure its passage is now to lie repealed by a clause in the law, the prospective creation of which was the cause of the insertion. It is such disgraceful mountebank legislation, that destroys the credit of the country at home, and its dignity and the respect due to it abroad. So t irtuous is the course of our public men, that their partisans never know the nature of their measures. To be sure the editor above quoted was never remarkable for any degree of shrewdness, nor is it necessary that he should bo possessed of it. The party press for a quid pro quo agree to support n certain politician, right or wrong, and it Is therefore not necessary for them to scrutinise his principles. The New York Courier and Enquirer has at the head of its column the following mot a: - imicipin noimeu. \v nai ine iigmncation 01 the<e wo nit may be, probably the worthy editor haa not ascertained. He poiaibly thinks it tome missile used in the regular army. Accordingly,we find his editorial columns uniformly supporting the broadest principles of free trade as those best likely to promote the welfare of the country, and at the same time that man who is the rankest advocate for high and oppressive duties on foreign commerce, is supported for the chief magistracy of the nation. Now, whether it is " the principle or the man" that the redoubtable editor contends for, may puzzle the simple minded.? It it such leaky vessels as these that keep the mercantile community in constant suspense in regard to the action of Congress upon commercial matters, and which stagnates trade, and paralyses the whole business of the country. 8?l?s sat the Stork Riehangr, *tnnn N York 8%, UK2. too shares Hurl. RR rash 18 S1000 do s. 1881, tt8*a jt do do cash Iti1, ^ISffi Ol.iof., ISM, rash SOhJ 45 do do 1C jtlflOO Kriimekv r,\. 1871. 81 Si Inn Lone It. RR h 15 dt MK 5 shires Bk ol Com. full I7J lie do <|n h IJ Hs .'iO', B km. Es. B ink btmt 00 2?n do do hmd* jo'J 10 Farmeri* Loan ? too do do b 17 ds in'. Its) do ilo Ti'i US' Pstrrton H R hood. 54 1110 do do bOOdi l:K) IU0 do do rath 14 75 Mohawk H R to loo do do bonds jiw >j do do b:W dt 10 Vs i25 do ilo cash 5412 10 lUrlem R U rath IfiV 2> Sionineton R R 17'i 10 do do t 1(1 dt Iti'J llO Canton Co b J ds 2J M no do cn%n hit* 10 do do 23 15# do do a It da I'i'g Second Board. #0 ahar** Canton Co. M n'i lot anaret Long la. UK nv JO do do 23'a State of Trade. We cannot notice any marked improvement in the itate of altair*. In cotton the purehaacr* have not been willing to comply with the demand* of holder*, and the tranaactiona hav? therefore been amall. 1 he lalet, which ahow no variation in pricea, 1700 halea Upland and Florida at #4 a 9$; HOO Mobile, 0 a 10^; 300 New Orleana, a 10; and 3d Text*, 7j a 3J cent*, making u total for the week of ft'.W halea. Codec remain* dull, hut no variation in price* i* perceptible. The iale* include #00 bag* Brazil at SJ a 10 cent*; 249 Maracaiho, 900 l.aguayra, 9J; 17# Cuba, 0a9|; 100 Sumatra. SJ. all 4 mo*.; 474 St. Domingo. 7 a 7; ten'a, c,jl !> ; and 106 bbl* Porto Rico, on te'm* no; mai'u i ubiic. Proviaona?The demand for Beef and Port la mode.ate, bat price* are without change. Lard cor. ii'iur. Ill pool! -jeiiiaiiu ai o(a o iur prime waMern, and 7 canta for city rendered. Smoked Ham? are telling at 4 8 7 rente, according to quality j emoked Hhoul leri, 31; nlckled llarut, 31 a 4. onJ Bacon Side* If centa. New Cltawe arrlraa quite freely, but there li little or no demand Kb- - ? >r it, and we reduce eur quotaUm to d a ?) centi. New ) utter U alto lower, with a plentiful tupply. Naval tore#?The taleof 700 hblt north country Turpentine, diced in our lait, thould have been $2,0-1), inttead oi 1,62), at it then appeared. We notice tince farther unlet f 1000 hblt of hetamedoacription, at $1,0-2); 600 do Tar, 1,62), 200 do Ro?in $1,12), all cash and lor export. 100 a*k? Splritt Turpentine ?old at 32centton time. M tri'inl. r>n Thurtdav mo: ain*. Jum 0:H. ho II. v 1. ( hoover, L* Cea> ?n j.oi maeon u. Av\ Lwlisa, doughi-roi S. WiUistuu Iti, I.-] til olthis city. Died. On Friday e\ oning lOt'i ins!., Mn. Caroline J., wife of Or. Wm. T. P!h": ?r .J 4J veins. On 10th inst., arte" > long uml severe Buffering, Mr?. Locim Franch, ige.11!? yt'K, \\ ie ?if Peter de Norelle, In this city, in n*t? Mrs Loc>> A, wife of Jonathan I.envitt, in the29th vear oflierugc. Friday, tOth instant, Captain Jua Eennet, in ths 73d y car of ni? age. Friday, 10th instant, John P. HaRsln, iu tho dhth year of his age, son of the lote Cornelius At Brooklyn, Friday evening, IGth instant, William Henry, sou of George L. WillnrJ, aged 10 months, aaw aamMpBMBMMaaaHBMBaaa Passrngrrs Arrived. Savannah?Ship tl'iian?Mijor Plvmpton and servant, Capt K K Banium, Capt J H Smith, I'm F. R Binlsall, lady, 2 children anil servant, l.t O W Pntion lady, 3 children and servant, 1,1 W Alburns and lady, Lt J W Martin, Ll A Sulley, Dr S.titcrlee, and 2ilR tro >i?s helonxing to companies B, O, and K, 2d regiment U S Infantry. Princess Island, Africa?Biir Maty Paulina, at BoaIoii? Donna Brilo, lady ol the Governor of Pninceaa Island, and serv ant, to take iiasaafe for I'ortngu, Paaaciigera to Arrive. Mobile?Ship Warerly?Mri Dauirl Wheeler, five children and servant, Mrs Montan (htdeii, child and servant. Miss McLauichliu, Messrs J G Kills, D Filler, E A Shrrve, J 8 Denyse. foreign Importations. Palermo?Brig Glide?50 bales rigs 23 libit sulphur 35 boxes litpiorice paste 300 liags sumac 61 do filberts 8b bxs almonds GOO do lemons 1710 do oranges Filch It co. Domestic Importations. Mobile?Brig Linden?66 bales cotton Hiclu it co?85 do VV Barnwell?120 do O W Staples?II do 1 pltg Stunres It Clearnun?58 bales cotton Holbmok, Nelson it co?50 J Lee itco?19 H Willard?2 W 8 H istie?18 tibia tallow Nacy it Holdridgc? 50 pkgs H Lai in;?21) bkts wine A Gntcie. MARITIME" HERALDf~ To Ship Masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels QHving here, will give to Commodore W. A. fiassett, of our nrwt fleet, a report of the shipping left t the i*irl whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their )>assage, a list of their canto, and any foreign newspapers they may have. _ Commodore Bassett will hoard thein immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate he favor in anv wav. PORT OF NEW YORK, JUNE ltd, 18411. sun 4 34 I Moots SETS 10 38 SUM SETS 7 1:6 | MICH WATER II 33 Cleared. Ships United States, Britton, Liverpool R. Kermir; Gardiner, Bradatrect, Cadiz, Nestnith, Leeds it Co; Satah it Arsilia, Fletcher, Rotterdam, Boyd it Hinckrn; Roval Sovereign, (Br) Wa'ker, London, J. Kevourn; Chieftain, (Br) Langton, Quebec, Roche Brother. St Co?Bark Ever ton, Mayo, Marseille., Boyd It Hincken.?Brisr. ClitUi, Anthony, Aimterdam, Schmidt ItBtlchrii; William, Bacon, Teneriffe.^John El well; Adna, .-"ii-riiiau, s/Muaira, nniHHn, WTO! & l>o; Button, (ISr) Wood, Stettin, Wm Wtiuri; Citizen, Clay, Neuvitns, Brett & Vow; New Orleans, Ald?n, Jo, Badger & Peck: Infanta, (Br) Klsijx, St. John, NB. P. I. Nevius A Son; Billow, (Br) Curir, Windsor, NS; Ocean, (Br) Lcnnerlon, do; Granite*, Oilelirist, Charleston; Lawrence, La'lieu, do.?Solus Azi?, Baiter, B irteoi, Cropsey St. Oilmartin; Halcyon. Paterson, Geo'town, SC. Bulger A Peck; Jot. Marsh Poland, Grand Caillon, La. A. B. Cooley Si Co; Millicent, Cole, Baltimore; Tuscarora, Sineek, Richmond; Josephine, Robinson, do, A. B. Cooley St Co: Magnolia, Seaman, Philadelphia, Brett St V'ose; Grand Island, Harding, Braintree, Mass- Rosario, Tavlor, Portland; Rienzi, Doain-, Boston, Foster A Nickerson; Grecian, Chase, do; Homer, Kent, do. Arrived. ? Ship Atalanta, Hart, 14 days from Mobile, with cotton, 8tc. to Slocnin Ik Co. Ship Marianna, Phillips, 16 days from Apalachicols, with cotton. to Post A Phillips. Ship Ui.ion. Russell, 9 days from Savannah, with cotton, Ac. to Stunres A Clearman. Brig Glide, McAllister, 72 days from Palermo, with frnit, Ac. to A. C. Rossiere A Co. Brix Lapwing, Losada, 19 days from Carthagena, with hides, Ar. to master. Brig Henry Lee, Collins, from Central America, with mdse, to H. A D. Coiheal. British brig Wasp, Leavitt, 44 day* from Sierra Leone, with 40 tons camwood 2000 hidra 1 ton ginger 100 lbs arrow root to P. 1. Nevius A Sou. Brig Sarah Brown, Hoiton, 21 daya from Mobile, with cotton, to Stnrg' i & Clearman. Brig Linden. Livermore, 12 days from Mobile, with cotton, to Surges A Cleumau. 26 31, Ion 84 30, snoke U S ship Levant, from Prntacola for Norfolk, all well. 1} passengers. Schr Valiant, Farrow, 6 days front Washington, NC. with cotton. Sehr Rio, Gilford, from Newbtrn, NC. with cotton, to the master. Sehr Ann, Cropper, 3 days from Snowhill, with com, to the master. Schr John Polk, Arnold, 3 days froin Norfolk, with mdse, to the master. Below. Itsliau brig Fortune, from London, w ith mdse, to Wintlirop A Co. Also, I ship, 2 brigs. Wind NW. Marine Correaponrlence. G*zr.TTr. Omet:, ) New London, June 9, 1812. > Ait Phtrnir, fm Crozettes, 31 days fiom St H- lent, with 2700 bids oil, 2300 lbs bone. Spoke at Crr./.ettes F< b2j, Washington, NY. 9 whales; Siepl.aios, NB. noon: Kuceu-, Stoniiigton, 30(1 bids; 19tli, Mes*eng<1, NB. 900;(3d, Chelsea, NL. 9 whs; March 2, Peruvian, do, 9 whsjRth, Moutezuuia, do, 1200 hbls; 9th, Connecticut. do. 830; 17th, George, tin, 1200-EleCtrt, do, 12110; 19th, Mentor, do, 2100. Sid from St H.-leiui May 7, J ?son, NL. 2000; Finland, NB. 2300. Left at St Helens, Portland, 8H. 2100; Gen Worth, do. 2100; France, do, 1300; Bayard, Ojeenport, 1200; Monmouth, CS. 1830; Delta, Oreeupoil, C? spin; Irette, Salem, 1000 wli 904 tp. Spoke June 7, 1st 30 30. Ion 71, Otrauto, Westport, no oil, tound in. May 23, 1st t 23, Ion 39, saw ship Car[ thage, of Salem, bound NW. General Record. Letters kor EpRora.?The iiacket United Su'ci, for Liverpool, will sail to-morrow. Her letter bags arc at Gilpin's, ill thr Exchange. Whalemen. Arr at New Bedford June 9, South Carolina, fin Dartmouth, to fit for whaling. At 9t Helena April 30, Jason, NL. 1900 bbla ?h oil, and just finished trying out a aperm whale, which yielded 115 bbla?rriiortcd Dec 21. Mayflower, NB. t *ln: Jan 29, Columbia, Fairhaven, (probably of Sagliarbor) 1100 bolt; Feb 1, France, SH. 1700 (reptd same dale 1350;) lllh, Hamilton, Bridgeport, 4 win; 27tli, Connecticut, NL. 000 bbla; 28th, Chelsea, do, 9 wha; Mar 1, Montezuma,do, 1100 bbla; 2d, Peruvian, do, 700; 8th, G m, SH. 1800 ; 9th, Fenelon, NB. 2000. Alao in po.t, 1'ortlaiid, SH. just arrived, lull. The Jason would aail for home in a few dava. Brig Uxor, of Myatir, wan loat at Croxette Islands, (no date.) Crew saved. Spoken, May 30, lat 34 10, Ion SO 25, America, of Warren, 300 bbli sp. June 1, lat X, Ion 64, Cornelia, 14 days from New Bedford? uo oil. Spoken. Robin Hood, 123 days from Bataria for Boston, June 7, lat 39, Ion 09 2w?and was seeu evening of 8th, off Fishing Rip. Curtis, ::l days from NYork for Montevideo. May 10, 1st 2 10 N, Ion about 25. Olive Branch, from New Orleans for Ouailaloupe, May 31, lat 2TI28, lou 60. B M-zzick, from Philadelphia for Antwerp, April 30, lat 47 13, Ion 14 36. Foreign Porta. Ql'ebec, June C?Arr Amazon, Newfoundland; Mar tuis of Huntley, Gibraltar; Elizabeth. Livrmnnh Join, s, \4... v? ciatle; Bridget, Loudon; 7th, Vuliina, i'tdstow ; f('li nnoioii, Sunderland; Triton, NYork: Robt k Isabella, Gilualtar; Kiutt William. Sunderland; Josephs, Belfiat; Nelson, Dublin; Nero, Limerick. Mata.xxss, Mav U?In port, Almira, for NYork, 1 or 2 days ?and other* as In (ore. St Thomsi, Africa, April IJ^No American Teaacla in |>ort. Cc Inn, lor the South Coast, sailed shout It days previous. Manilla. Feh It?In port, 8t Paul, for Salem, Ida; Belvidera. Boston, ih>; Tho* Perkins, do, 2 orl ds. Morra, tor NYork, sill lutli. aud passed Java Head, March I. United State* Ports. EsirrnaT, June I?Atr Matilda. NYork; 2d. Fidelia, do; Olive, Alexandria; Esther Elixa, do; 5th, Lord of the Isles, Baltimore; Teaxer, St John, NB: 7ti?, Ionia, NY k, and aid for Ht John, NB; 8lh, loir, and Texan, N York. Sl.l 4th, Tsdlmsdge, Philadelphia; 6th, Teaxer, NYork; 8th, Calais, Philadelphia; Matilda, Wilmington. Ellsworth, Jan' V?Sid Aurora, Poito Rieo. Portland, June 9?air Robt It Rossi onl, Philadelphia. Salstm, June 3?Ait Elixa, /.inxibar March ii, via St Helena April 30. Boston, June 10?Arr H A Applrton, NYork. Signal for a brig. ('Id Carib, N and 8 Atlantic Oceans; Chatham, Bsltimore: Mail, Nesv York; Ontesie. Scitmte. Arr 9th, Bfeiglitt, Manilla; Mary Paulina, Princess Island and St Thomas, Africa; Clio, Matanxas. Fall Rivra, June t?Sid Clariou, and Shamrock, NYork; Wis Hawkins, Philadelphia. Paovior.ivrc, June 9? Hid Herald, NYork, via Newport. Bri?tol, June 9?Arr Excel, NYork, via Fall River. Hartford, Junrt? Arr Velocity, NYork. Cld fcoia, Philadelphia; Peru, Boston; Jane, NYotk. Philadelphia, June ii?Arr Bold Bolden, Bremen; Only sis ...s iui - ? ? i 1 i.iuia, i/n> niir, i nriinllu ; .tin lima, .A 1 lira; naUaatall, Portamnuth. Cld Sarah. Hull; Soluite, tpawicli, iVlaaa: Liberty, Providence; Diiaty Sally, t^ninrv. Arr rn the Hrhuyj kill. .Jacob Story, NYork; Norman, dot Metamora, Kali River; A Mar-lull. Greenwich; Columbia, Piovidenro; Glide, do; Control, Doaton; Clinton, do: Kair Dealer, do. Baltimoiii., Junr '.i?( III Kineat Ik Ou>tav, Bremen: Sea Bird, Writ Indira. Sid llarer, Numii, NP; Hochtater, New York. Richmond. June 9?Arr Jidin R (Gardner, NYork. Brtow, Lronline, Ho. Sid Michigan, Ho. No*?oi.a, June ft? Arr Wolcott, Swaiuboro, NC. with nat al Iiont, ImiiiiiH to New York, put in in ili?lrts?, with Ina* of jibboom, jib, flyiwt lib, onl mainaail, aad wtl M daeb load. In Hamilton Ronda. Florida, A|?lachieola, 16 d iy?. bounH t? New York?put in on aeoonnt of nHvrrae wimla; alao. Dou r. Maltha, anil, Baltimore for Button; Henry Franklin, Bartutable for Baltimore; alio, Hannah Sprairne Liverpool for Baltimore; a thin reported from Baltimore for NOrleaw, and brig ??. Br nihil, fm ilo for Bailmloet. Wamipvoto*, NC. May 31?Arr Raleiith. NYork: June I, Samaritan, Philadelphia; 2d, Globe, Boalon; Martha M Fowle, Sarah It Abigail, and Smith, N w York: Ca luer, Boston; 3d, Marcia, and Anaconda, NYork; 7th, Galena, and Pampltco, W Intliea. Cld Id, Raleigh, NYork: ith, Saiak It Abigail, and Smith do: 6th, Martha M Fowle, do; 7th, Globe, Buati n; Two Brother*, NYork; Sth, Marcia, do. CxaaLKaTott, June 0?ArrH Allen, NYork; Gavi lie. Matanza*. Sid Eliza Warwick, Liverpool; Hector, (Br) do; Leland, Boaton; Roi Hnmidcn, (Ft) Goree; Falcon, N York. Arr 7th, Sullivan. Mamillary. Sata.vham, Jnne T-Cld Ezacf, NYork. Sid Larch, TriniAral u micola, May ?3-Arr Trenmnt, B ten. Cld 21th, , \-?-"mpany Fall R'-er; Wave, Newport; 2Jt!i, Wm I aV lur, ?S i ora; V.A Or tat la, ,i?. It ! v ''ei'oa, NYork: Aleiatider, Newport, Ml; < nevwller, Portland Ar, Hat. Zampa. NaOtea. Cld Noim in, Havre anU mht; Alhambra, fm ate: VVr.verlv, New H??? Dr"C*,i0 "' UnfM,lIi ?. < I.I MiMhMfrrNVnrt,%Tm?;L.rv?; Dot. ioVUr>l.!^fi?"I',pS,7 Oiiff lh, B if?nt Frederick J icoh, Br-we,.: I.i."- R,,ru -3 .? York; AptUarhimtU, Timoier ?n V< ra Cm*. C|.| Col l ii Antwerp: H<n<p.trn, B Col nil. b im, <'o: Orcr i, wv ' Alkmxr. do; Mn.llvi YV t.liiinctoii. Tiirtu-; T?ineu-nil I t. tool; Av.ron, N'York; Hohart, ilo. Atr J' n* I. \|nj irt__. :*ml, N York; IJrnrKie, do. Cld Lerrrponl; Oeorai! tn?, (Br)do: I'onhtc , Bremen; Wm Hnrnbur* /? ?,?L. POHTUOUEsJE FEMALE PILLS. PHLst far-famed ami celebrated Fills, fn>ni Portugal, are, l>?rerive, to be oblaiued in I hit couutry. See aoVertlae'"eot OU 'be lut column of fourth page. m3 is r)R, JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON has i*more<l his Coifti'LTirro OrricE, 10 No. 3 Herald Buildino comer of N4??iiii Ami Fulton streets. jr2 3m ih* c CjQ HE WARD.?Lost, on F ridty eveniiix, on tfoimc frm? . ll.t l?^ll lo No, 41 Chnrv 4 (inviii li 4f, ptintel 1 ? Willi the letter# li. D. on ilk bottom of it. The b.iic '1 * with do 'i nuirkc i i) tui?-l tired. The i.n i?r, by it jeiYitat |?OR SALE - -i' n . , I at Livens 1 ')i 1 Coal. i' T I ..u n plication to GLOVER V McMUKKAY, loo 'it.: Jflir BRACELET LOST.?Lo.t y;slenlay uioruiug, r in (me of llit W n rly omnibus stages, or iu Chainb -? sirsi t i garnet biacc! The liuil. r will be suitably rt-?:u !nl 1. leai ititf it at 213 1'earl street, up stairs. ji 12 I'*c IN C HA NC'ERY?Before the Vice Chaurcllor of the 1st Ciis coil.?John HcrJman em. John K enan ?Hilt for account in Copartner-hip. (to. and lor Injunction.?J. M. Webster, Cornel .unit's ,*v 'i itor; .1. W. C rard, I".,.i. of Counsel.?JjIiii K -en -n, the ih Cendant in this cause, whose place of ri-siilrtiL ' u ... the St tie of New Jersey, ii renmed to appear in this c.ios by the uinrteeuth ilay of Se,,teinhor nest, or the bill filed lieu ii will In- taken as confessed by luni. Albany Evening Journal please copy anil charge to J. .M. Webster. jell ti?3w c 8EIDLITZ AND s.IDA POWDERS. VERY superior articles to What arc generally sold, put up if nresaly for family u?e. Kor s?ir, wliolcsalr and rctsii, by WM. WATSON, Chemists' and A|ioiiie<'?rirs' Hall, 36 f'atIn-line street, N. B.?A large assortment of the choicest |ierfumery. je 10 1 In BILLS of exMiianijv oil all I saris ofK uylilld, Irefand and Scotland, in tutus of Xi, i. 10, ?13 and ?21), to any amount, for sale at S. J. SILVESTER'S, jellC 22 Wad si, and IKi Bro'dvssv. | LUMBERMEN'S BANK NOTES wanted ?t S.J. SYLVESTER'S, je tic 12 Wall st, aud 110 Broadway. COLLECTIONS iuall parts of the United States made on the most favorable terms. Treasury Notes bought at the best market rates. Drafts on all tssrU of the Union for sale at S.J.SYLVESTER'S, jellc 22 Wall at, and 130 Broadway. A NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHMENT FOR SALE CHEAP.?The type, cases, imposing stone, lie. Stc., of a comph tc dally newspaper e tablishmei.t for sale. The type is of the brevier and nonparie! sines, a-d is nearly new, as only about 7000 copies were struck off. Inquire of JAMES CONNER, Type Founder, jrellc corner of Ann and Nassau sts. INCREDIBLE, ByT~^TLif~TRXi~U?8plit Straw Bonnet*, ' 30 cents to otic dollar each, at 111 Hleecker street, lour doors from Carmine street. Mrs. Baker 0|irtu this day several fresh cases, just icceived, at the above vrry low prices. Ladies who would avail thi-lnselves of these prices must be tnrlv in their aptdicatiou. This offer cannot be renewed. jell lw*r TVAVERN AND CHOP HOUSE.?CHRISTIANS!) N A lab- J. Stous-all,9 Ann ItlML?TW best of accoimmdafiou*, best of refreshments, brat ol li'jUors. beat of attention, anil, what 'a tnorr, the b- at anil moat agreeable society in tnia city ia always to lie at thr above establishment. English ham, cold cnta, chops, atraka, kc. fcr. An oruinary diily at 2o'cloek?charge moilerate. jell Imi W'ATCITESTI:LOCKS, JEWELRY AND SILVER WAKK.?The undersigned have a lance aaaoitinnit of fine Walrhrs, of every description, from aome of the brat manufacturers ill Euro, r, all warranted drat rate time keepera. A splendid aaaortmi-nt of line French Mantel Clocks, alao warranted fiat lata tt tiinr. A lance and valuable aaaoitmrnt of rich diamond and other jewelry. And Silver Ware, a lance assortment, all warranted of the fllleatsilver, and beat of w jrlnnaiiahi|>. All of which they are determined to aell at pricea very much reduced from former ratea. ?. k 9. 8, ROCKWELL, No. A Aator Houte. Watchea of every description carefully repaired and warrint ed. jell lw*r riRAND STREET AND PECK SLIP FErtftlES.-No* J ticc.?The Williamsburgh and New York Union Ferry Association have now in operation on Gmml street and Peek slip Ferries, new, commodious aud swift boats, navigated'.)) cmIierienced, skillful and careful men. The association, scouted y a ilc-iie to correct theciils m Ionic experienced, have obliicated themselves to apply the net profits of thr frrrirs, above legal interest on the eapitil inv sled, to advance the improvemenu, aud 10 reduce the rales of ferriage a< soon as practicable. Thin the entire community will psrlici|>alr in the be lie bis conferred by the Association. In a word, these ar? the People's Fi-nies. The following are some of the prcsrni lales on Graud street ferry For coach, with two horses, 23 cents. F->r gig, or one horse pleasure carriage, 12k " For man and horse, _ rah, " For wagon, loaded with hay or straw, 23 " For wagon returnimc, empty, I2i{ " For market wagon with two horses, lo. ded, lg;4 " For do do do do rvtilrning empty Pg?^ " For do ilo do one do miilcu, 15 " For do do do do returning empty til " For cattle, per head, bc*jt? " jel2 lit'r BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long ami well known boiubng and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosurs upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of enmpauy during the season The great extent of private beath on this shore?ihe oerfect security in bathing, even for ladies ami children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the m iii .m. )? the shady, cool and dt-li^htfnl locust grove adjoining the house |rICMiiL liurs 111 IIH MM 111111111111- Cl'lUlir 1?UlC PU'Wlflll fishing ground* and other sources of healthful recreation and amu?em>nt?th-beautiful view of the Ail n.ic ocean and the lower bay, almost aorutantly enlivened by numerous veaaels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev Ty respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, the rooms airy anil the tem|ieMtnre. cren in the warmest daya of summer, anything hut oppressive. The conrenichee ofcoininiinicatiou and diit.ince, (bring hut nine mill * from Brooklyn.) the access bv stages at hours acemn mode ted to Union* render it peculiarly well aiU|rted a* a residence for gentlemen of business in New York, jeU2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FRANKLIN SALT WATER BATHS. CASTLE GARDEN. "C*LIAS THOMAS re.pertfully informs the public that he l J lias completed, and placi d at the above location, one of the most extrusive and ornamented B ths for ladies and gentlemen I that ever floated upon the American waters, planed and hnili by Mr. Calvin Sole.wd, and adapted to all the purposes of health, recreation, and instruction. This Batli measures in extreme li uath ir.l fret by "J feet. The ireiitlenirn's Bsth is 94 fret by 19?the ladies' (to which is also attached several private ones of various depths) 43 by 49, and a juvenile swimming school of considerable extent. The shower baths are urnu a new constiuction. simple, rfErient and improved ; and the n liole int-rior with a saloon, comprising rvrry luxury and reIre.hiip-nt, under the experienced management of Mr. Otkle ,*, of BrookL n, desiKned in a strle of comfort and convenience suited to 'he wauts and wishes of the visitors. Elias Thomas a|ipeals to tliose liiend. who so warmly sustamed him last summer, when manager of the Kiaukliu Bath, (now placed at the foot of Meistgnin-ry street,) suppor' that encouraged him to embark in his present much more enlarged euts-rpri/e, and trusts for the support that hix|merits may claim from trie citizeus of New York aud its citizens in general. je!2 Imr ~p,ooo REWARD. CTOLF.N' in the city of New York, a packet containing from 43 $9,(wo to $9,000, in bills of the Long Island B ink, of various denominations, from one dollar to oae thousand. A reward of SI,304 will be paid by the Batik for the recover)- of the whole of the money, or a proportionate sam for any amount thereof. And a further reward of $">00 will be paid upon the conviction of the thief or thievui. The pacaet contained also various checks on the Long Island Banks, which can be of no nse to an. iierson. payment of the same having bern stopped. $200 will be pain for the return of avid cheeks to thr Bank. June 9, 1112. jell 2t? SAFETY CHECKS. rPIIE attention of bapks. insurance companies, merchants, A die., ia retpectlnlly invited tn the sbove chesk.. They are to arranged that it ia impossible to make any alteration in the amount without ita twin* perceived. Booka of any amount of quire., in green, carmine, red, brown, or blue inks, bound and ruled to any pattc n, with nains in mirtlin, can he anppli. d, I'rintiuK of every description neatly and accurately ei'-cuted. EDWIN A. CLATTON. jelJI2t*c 41 Pine atreet, near William. CAUTION TO INSURERS. MERCHANTS and othera, who are inanred in the Hartford Eire Insurance Comiuiny, at Hsrtford, are advised against insuring in thia Company. The subscriber ileema it Ilia duty to inform the public he wvs unfortunately in?tired, (or rather |>aid them the |>remium (or insuring bin ,) on hi. hvr.lvvsre, cutlery and casting., st Detroit, and mnaming a loaa, they related to pay for liia ca.t ah el, bar lead, iron, lie., damaged, on the unju.t, illegal and de.pirable ariniud, that the.- article* " WERE NOT HARDWARE," thinking, probably, lh?y were groceries. erock.ry or dry goods, and thus evade tip payment ofajuat and honorable claim again.t them. Merchant, must now indge for themaelrea, whelhrrit la their internal to iiuure in such a eomiMiiy or cot. To guard against, andaa an art ol ju.tice to the ".TUn?" and "Protection" Fire Insurance Companies, of Hartford, the subscriber feela hound to add. (hat the above caution baa no application what' ver to either of thn.e Companies, but applies only to 'The Hartlord Fire In'Urmre Com;*vny." of wluch E. Terry ia President, and James O. Bidlr., Secretary, je? tm*r A. H. NEWBOCLD, No. oft John .t, TO EMIGRANTS. QUDDEN CHANGES IN THE WEATHER?PHIEO b> SOPHICAL CONSIDERATION.?The probable weight of Fecal and So do. ir Particle, that ought to la are the body 4?ilv, to in.urr or maintain Health, Catching Cold, Ac. Tn .olid food daily conaumed by an adult, may l.e rati mated to average two pound.. One half is converted into chyle,which ?up|ilie. the watte the blood .u.tain. in building np ibe continued decay of lli- body; supposing that we do not in weight, and thtt we kern in health, aye mu.t di.po.e of two pound. of food |ier day. One pound will be evacuated by th? bowel, and kidney., and the other will supply the w.ute by insensible perspiration. Hence, we cannot fail to perceive liow invariant it I. tint this ordination of nature .liould go on with regularity and prrci.ion. We know that if the perspiration be suddenly checked, onr n.ation. moti sound the alarm. Why is this I It i. Iiecau.e the |ier.iaration i. thrown hack into the blood anil How. with it. occasioning in person, whose In.die. were already prediapoaed to disease, that feeling of shivering which is commonly called " catching cold." The sudden change, of the w< atlier, will therefore be iirodnctive of much sickness, unless |ieoplo are careful to attend to the .late ?r tlie sloniseh and luiwel. If tiiis ? .time no jlaneer .. ill arise; hut on iir*t feeling of headache, pain in tli" ide.lmck or bowc k iinmri]lately tend for a twenty-live cent hoi cf Ben* lainin BnndrethN Vegetable Univernal Pill*. Yon ran obuiti them at his priiici|>al office, 341 Bioidway, and the p'acet men* lionrd htlow, Take of thcar innocent and harm!cm Pills four or five, or r?en more, if the cue require it, which altogether ilfprndi upon the symptoms, if they are very severe a large dose should be tahen, ifthey are slight a *rnall dose will do. Thousands hive, by takiior an occasional do*e of this median*-, saved themselves months of sickness, and often from an early grate. The Braudreth Pills should be used by all emigrants : they will thus ensure their health fiont those accidents to which, from the change of climate, they would b? otherwise subject. The o rational an oi this medicine i* almost a rh trant' e against attacks of disease* of every kind?and if an attack should overtake us. wc; shall soon be restored to health by a few dose* of Brandretn Pill*. For t!?e action of this medicine is to re* move the cause of disease out of the body, and those who have relied m?on it. bi\e >???t rest* d up ;i * brok* n ret d. The fkaiiihe'h Pills will, if used during the prevalence of any came of disease, generally prevent fatal results, because they remove through the stomach and the bowels all morbiiic matters ti hsv< a* uimtlited in tlr *,strm by inhaling impure air, or fiom eating unwhoUaoroe food. It is at all times ea .ier to prevent than cure disease, because by taking a preventive course we do ih?I debilitate the natnra! functions in UR rnnrr?mutjiH?,n nun m?mi Men. The BBANDRETH PILLS are 21 cenu per bo*, at Dr. Braiidrrlli'a principal office. No. 241 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray atreet; alao at hia retail officia, Hi Bower)'. Hndaon atreet, near Canal, and 171 Second TO BR KEMEMBEREDThat each of the * nuinr haa upon it THREE COri RIOHT LABELS. , _ That e-?cb lihe! haa two aiknatnre? ?f Dr. Benjamin Brand 1 'v u .it it. Ilial th're mint he iilhui ach ) 'l twree at^uatarei, tlinav? B. BRANDRKTH. M.K And threw aiftiam.ea, tjia* J? _ . BENJA MLV BRANDT) KTH. Betide* the label* full of miall printing done m r?d ink. I isStsjam, C ACTION.?The I'utiln: no cautioned i r. > n in : ' following rlwcki on the Long Uland Bank, jtolen witu otlrera not yet aacrrt lined, from the porter of the Bank ou III morning of the t>tli nut., iwymrut of which haa been slopped, eii A check drawn by William 8. Herri man, for Stilfi 21. 'I'll" New V ork and Br< okl> u I'nion Kerry Co., SMOO Nathan Young. $71 S3. Hobert B ich, $I,*W. John Brmnu, (110 'id. An^'.mtw Sir' , ?:o. V. . H J. w. lieiir> . Ii ?l 9i. John , $',>.? ?3. t' rmau, Vilcuinir H Co., (136 30. I) ion 1 Couloir . ?,! .10 3.1. (. lilt, I) 11.1.a s. <. . $,oii. I'll, m*,J. t? :.*1J, $11.7 27. I .jiic Hjdi' J. , $1,7 K. Coruin; * S o SfW TO Win. H. lit rji ii&o, .* I * " J??i|li Mi'Muin), b iai. C.I . Slivkor, S ? J vnus Julilu'. ii X Co.. $.'20. .Mm Bni> n, $li' Bruokiyn, June 7Ll842. ii-8 1W*k ABEHVETHV S BOTANFI' A I. I'lLI.S.-L-i too uiioittuuste rest a-i?urcd thai there t* no ex ^geiation in a- n it" in# th< i i!!> to b i ipei . nl radical cure for G uoirl Gleets, Irritation of the Kidneys, die Tliev were for se\ert! years prescribed by the, celebrated AberW'hy jtl all stag* of the ab;n c dLcascs. In the first :.ik? ; oue box if. usuallv sufficient to effect a cure in a few day*. In lotnr protracted chronic stage*, ob;? i iu.i r? Kbits. ffce.. they are equally certain, having i cured hu dreds who had been taking other medicines for mouths, which tended more to destroy the constitution than to curt disease. They never leave the pans subject to {he troublesome weakness, which so frequently occur altr. using other medicines. Tluv have no unpleasant taste or smell; au> me taking t hi* in might frequent the most refined society without having their misfortunes su*|?ected. They are composed entirely of vegetable ingredients, which invigorate tie- system generally., >or*?le only in New York, by WM. \VATaON, A^ithf i iiriei' H ill, 30 Calh irine st. jelO lm*c i NKW TARIFF.?As ii is now almost reduced to a moral certainty that a high uriflf will be laid on iini?orted crockery; it follows as a consequence that an increase of 20 to 25 j?er 1 c* nt in price will take place. It tnrrcfore becomes advisable tor (MMptnoMWioiN to want of that iodiapeti*ablo article i>> 1 supply themselves as early as possible, and there is no where it cau be obtained chrapri or better than at the following places? 1 No. 7 sixth Avenue, near I armine st. ' No. 56 Cortlandt street, near North River lauding. No. 109 Fulton street, opposite Dutch st. ( J. HOOD, Proprietor. N. B.?Grocers and dealers supplied ou the low est terms. je!0 3t*rc HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO Farmers. Hliutcrs and Horticulturists.?The compound Chemical Wi. de Oil Soan inav be considered in the ore sent moment, thr !?fst | teparation th^t ever was comjiotindcd for the total destruction of eVenr species of insects infesting the vegetable kingdom?maggots, slugs, rose bugs, peach* nectarine, , apple and near tree insects, cut and army storms, snail, cabbage lice, and all the smaller insects which are parasitic on indige- j nous and exotic flowers, such as the oleander, eactuficns. cy- , cus, mescmhri uitli inum, gerania, erica, rosac** i, may all by a , proper implication, be thoroughly exterminated. Besides the extraordinary cheapness, a most important item in economy, renders it accessible for all puriHHcf on a large scale?11)00 peach trees, or 50 acres of l and, may Be kept free from the marauding inject\ for the trilling expense of one dollar. r> armers raising corn, oats, rye, potatoes, turnips, cabbages, may at the expense of a few dollars realixe hundreds by saving 1 their fields from the devastations of the vermin. The Compound Chemical Whale Oil Soap may be had in bulk, or in jars of|lour pounds, a dozen of w liich are packed in a box. Ai ply to PR. LEWIS frEUCHTW ANGER, jc2 lm*c Chemist, No. 1 Wall street. WELLINGTON A. CARTER Commission and Wine Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door from Wall street, (agent for the ancient house of Lomelino, of Madeira) offers \ for sale, ill Marcels to suit purchasers? 150 pipes, hhds, ami small casks, of the celebrated Lomelino, South side, Madeira Wines, Malmsey, Reserve, ami oilier qualities, the whole of direct imputations, some thirty years old, under custom house lock, anu entitled to drawback. 400 baskets Anchor, Hirp, Windmill, Cabinet, and all other choice brands, Champagne. 340 cases of Claret, St. Julien, Chateau Magaux, Sic. Also, commou table wines, at low prices. 100 cases of Muscat Wines, assorted Cordials, Absynthe, ic., lite. I'M) baskets fresh Stllad Oil, Meinschina. A acholics, Capers, and Pickles. 5(? Indian bbls of Malaga Sweet Wine. A constant supply of the best double and single refined loaf. Also, Lump Sugars, from various rcfiucries, lor which W A. Carter is the agent. # 1 Advances made on saleable merchandize. As one of the house of Lomelino embarks by an early convey ' ance for Madeira, o.ders for those celebrated wines, of any age i or .quality, will be forwarded, promptly executed, anu the wlue < sliipped to order, at very favorable prices. jeA lm + k i A 1Q BROADWAY, corner Canal street, has been, and is j *xlC) still, the de)>ot for "Webb's Improved Burners" and , "genuine Camphene," manufactured under the immediate superintendence of the original inventor. The improvement above referred to, together with the reduction in prices, render these "Burners" matchless in point of economy, simplicity and brilliancy of light, over and above auv other article ol the kind ever introduced into this country. Kor sale at the oldcstablisded emporium of light, 410 Broadway, coiner Canal *t. A. V. H WEBB, je7 2w*r General Superintendent. THEMESMERIC MAGAZINE, OK JOURNAL OK i ANIMAl. MAONETI8M.-UR R. H. COIXYER will publish July I, 1111?, the lint number of a periodical with the above title. It will he devoted exi juaively to Mcimemm. 1 or Animal Magnetism, and will contain ample directions and instruction, for Mea-nerisiiiK, wiih iccniate detail, of the extraordinary and intere.liuif Mesmeric cases, and experiments tnat have occurred, cither in tlri. country, or in Europe, for mailt year, past. The curious, and indeed wonderful vis-ions and revelations of CUirvovancc. rtspcrtiuK the Heavenly Bodies and the Spiritual World, will constitute a prominent I portion of the Maaazine, . i It will be published monthly, and each number will contain >2 royal octavo pases, with d mble columns, of the exact site I urn style ut ine miiron miscellany. I Tunis, $3 per annum, payable in advance. Letters, comimiuic'lion* and orders. (post paid) add raised to Dr. R. H. Coll vr r, Mesmcrisvr, 27 School street, will receive i prompt attention. Tin- New York Tribune, Herald, Pennsvlvanian, Public Ledger, iiiltitnore Hun, American, Richmond Star, Charleston Mercury, New Orleans Picayune, Louisville Journal, Cincili mti Republican, Portland Advertiser, will inier.i twice a week for three weeks, ami aeml their bills to the Mail office, or receive a eopy of the Magazine, and auch other public journals as are driiroua of receiving the Magazine will ituert as aforesaid, and aend a copy of their pai>er to 27 School stiect, Boatou. je92law3wr CKOLIUS' BOAT ESTABLISHMENT. 4<)0 water street, FOUR DOORS EAST Of CATHARINE MARKET. opHE Suoacriber haviui{ in bis manufactory, and under his J. own immediate superinlemlen'c, some of the oldest and most experienced builders in ibis city; and the beat of materials for building every description of boats, which enables him to furnish, at flic shortest notice, Bn its of the most approved model and workmanship, on the moat liberal terms. BUILDER of the Sulusn of Muscat's Pleasure Barge, the Wave, (iaxelle, Victoria, Atlantic, Wakona, Re. Also, the Ann, of l'cekskill, Washington, of Pouiilikeepsie, Dac)ess, of Hyde Park, Sylph and Wave, of Mobile. Geo SttiW'-t, of Louisville, Madame Colgate, of New Orb ata. fce. Also.? The sail boa's Wm. Crolius, Fashion, Zanoni, Star, and kidwin F?rr<-?t, &r., ke:, Nr. letlm'c The following trotting purses *fr d?cl?i?d to come olf, commencing June Ifiln, ami to routiiiue three days:? Fir*t day, Wednesday, June 16.?A purse of $100, two mile lieala, in harness, free for horse a that never won ove* $100.? Same dav, * purse of$J0, mile heal*, under the aaddle, free for horse* thai ni vrr won over $100. Secoudday.?A purse of $200, free for all, two mile heats, in harness. Sinie day, a nurse of $100, mile heats, best in five, in harness, free for horse* that never trotted for money. Third day.?A purse of $200, two mile heats, in wagons, free for all mate.i horse*. Ssine day, a purse of $.00, mil? heats, under the saddle, free for horaes that never wau over $100. je? 61* ?*1 . TWENTY-FIVE DOLL A liS REWARD for .hawI a Win. Dow ney, who has stolen from the p,emisM, of ' I - tiie suliserilwr. corner g7th street and 5th avenue, on the night of June 1st. or the morning of 2d June, a light bay horse, about 15>? hands high, has a sermrh or scar on the face, a switch tail, ami I white feet, a little heaved, nhnut 10 yenr* olo; also, a barouche, with leather top, tlesh colored lining, and double seated, with elliptic springs, anil harness; also, a few cotton w arpt, with other things. He, the sai l Downey, is almost i feet 9 inehes rather good looking, fair hair, with-ut whiskers walks bad in consequence of a strain in one of his ancles, a few frrcklea on his fsce. He is now sunpoaed to be on his way to Can da. The horse, barouche, and harness is now supposed to be on Long Island. The above reward will lie paid for the horse, or the stid Downey, by applying at Kit Maiden Lane, Win. Minn or D. Holliday. ieU r?r THE NOTICE. fl IMMENSE REDUCTION in the price of Hats, at J^^No. S Wall street, between Broad and New streets. The five dollar BEAVER HAT REDUCED TO FOUR DOLLARS. A laudable taste for beauty and iiratnes* may now be indulged in without departing from ttie strictest economy. No establishment can eicell, in tno?e thrr?* all import Mit r?a* nthU, that of WAEBUHTON Ik WEBB'tJ, jelO lm#c .0 Wall street. HORN'S PATENT A KG AND LAMPS AND 1 t* c mi 11 t a t ntrn \tt? n n liVirJittlAL. DUlUNlLlta. 'IPHE Subscribers would call the attention of the public to the / nijterior qualities of their Klas*ffount%in shadowless impendins, side and other Lamps. Their glass fountain* being non-con- J doctors never becotnr netted like those of brass w hich arr in use, consequently there is 110 expansion of the contents or escape ( of uneonuiined vapor into the room, wholly different from spirit gas or other eomjioiinds for illumination. Morn's new Chemical Oil is not only,tr*'?*pxr and ?tairdet4t hut devoid of scent or ?m#dl daring combustion, and entirely Ireefroin smoke or danger ol'eaplosion, yielding! light which fcrslendin'ws, intensity. learnes. and beauty cannot he 'pulled by the best carbnrettrd hvdr ?grn gas. These glass fountain lamps require no attention after h-intt once filled and ignited, and will continue to burn ten hours in succession, giving durum the whole time a light equivaletiw to the flames of not less than ten sjxrmaceti rinul's, and this too at the low price of only half a cent per hour ; Horn's patent bwrwr's being so constructed that a fresh eurrent of air ts constantly cin-ul iting within tha very body of the oil, that linuid is thus kept ronatantly C'nd in all temperatures. N. B?Mom's Chemical Oil, gh?bcs, lamp glass* t, wicks, cms, Ike. tkr., sold wlmlesalr and retail l?v EDWIN B. HORN fc Co. je!-!m^swis*e .'>J Kolton street < nrr < iiff. ASI'II.VI.'i I M AM) MINERAL l AK -JUHN "mT Wl i Z, No. i \v*ll ?tr.ct, haa tduibglly on hind natural A<|>h<ltum Rork Mid Mim ral Tar, which arc u,rd for the lollowiiu |Hir|>o?.? :? < Oard na and aidcwalk*. Klorinir of Bnildinn and Cellar*. wh.r. lli. c?clu?ion of < mmiturv U rrnuiitfj. Canal i mhI B:nUr*. , Pier*, Wharf* iimI Dock*. V anlu. | Bath*, Aqnrdncta, Rcaerroirt, Sewer*. , Terrace*, Roolinit. t Coating of iron work, to prevent it* onda ion by air and | water. a Coating of timber work, and ?t riilrovd*. Ire. C Market*, alanahter hnu*e*. *nd ... r Bonding warenoaaei, where the delation of vermin i* re- | ijnirrd. je7 lm?r | SPLENDID DI8'"VEUV KOH LCAMNIMl TO c PAINT AND DRAW FROM NATURE.?Amateur, fc mar aee. at No. 231 Biwedwar, a n??ber o( aamplea of painting ' on wood, velvet, ailk, mu?lin. paper, 4rr.,!iv a proceav for which J the inventor has * premium of two tbouund dolliri from the French governnn ,.u fl.r imiti'ionaof oil painting! ire ao perfect that no paini i , .in Imtltte them without learning f|if prnrrM. By litis meth?d, any artist or othrr person may " in a **rr few to p-iinf mini iiuret to a perfectioi. ?ilflrnlr to ?n Irritant without sec irw fhr Mim?|pt, or taking a 1 ingle ! m?h of Vtr. VIC 1 OR ERNF.TTE, painter to t'?t nnits of F rnnrt1 Rim * ia^ ace. je* lm%e i r) THE LOVEKrt OK PL'I EltlOK DLACK 1 EAHowijua'. .Mii'tire !?Thia ti remeljr ileftnous and aiirarallaM Tea, to highly re lehram.l In China and Euro;*, just im Sffi3Sr^? : .WtTION SAI.KS. ~~ BY THOMAS BKLL. 1 Slortt Not. 21 Jnn and ll.'i Fulton ilrrtt.) MONDAY, Al 10H o'clock at tlir >*lr room*. Lari;e Sale of (' arc tin* and UpboUtereri Stock?Will be ild a ?rry I me lot nl c?i irlinf, nearly new. rompriiinx otir ' ?0 heauti nl ti, i a, t-xl in tbe B-ivrrry theatre fo. London Aeuri.n-el dm, /I U- .n' tuI Wiltou, B.-iuaali, injriain, xonir aug atair eaimu. ana .-.I l.nh. Also, 27 f.rat r.tetivr mutmiei, beds, beddm*. pall.) .(tit. f curt iii* >t i I'tilow ?, Sl< All tiw abote will Ik* i<rra? .clinthe Ful' a lUieluoit, fu >'uc form, an I Svhl >11 l"U ?' soil. JL?DAV( At ioL< Mi n it tv r omi. SpUu'ii '. St? k ..f i/rv O. K-a. > Af Itf.?\n't* ' tin- ami cl.'gsut stuck? I I ./, v, 4c aiidtca*onabic Jr. * hj . comprising * rich s.ia* on* ittiici b? ?yiifnl auiclt$tvl .11 ilociint iou* in the In . ,u? 'i . 1 <. * I . .i .. ^ Also, vlovrf, ho -'cry, iu iHi.Jtis, uujbre JU?, various unc articl iki*. Nl?fl<>rtO KURNIUM'E b'fv7.iti<WA ? HIN t. TON MEKKj*. No. 31:, B ' > n*it il. !1 vvowhl draw the attention of the |' bhc V will Mill spl* ! | did CwMl Furniture at lu in r cel. . less th.m V urt > i .itr . i of work il uow selliux it the auction.?cm tin. of ft. .v I Couches, Sofia, covered m diflk in colmcd plnshi itim, and hair cloth, of the latest Sprint:. tirnv dlfiGm Alao, au lot of atincii second hand furniture, I loda fouutaiu, 2 tilrliiiiK lathva, tee. RAILROAD N )1 ICEn MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. rpilE NEW JERSEY Railroad aud Transportation Coma. |?uiy hare cstabii-lird a Freight I.iue between New Brunswick and New York, which llley intend to run |?rtna enily. Leavinx New Brunswick at S A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, at 3 I'. M. To country dealers aud merchants the above line is very delirable for the speedy anil cneap conveyance ol merchandiae af every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, who cau have IM head of cattle convey il between New Biunswick and New York, the same day whenever required. Tin- rates for the trans|>ortation of cattle, horses, mules, iheep, hoys, See. and all other kinds of merchandise are very' low, never eiceedinx steamboat prices. Merchandise aent by this line is not subject to any extra charge in crossinx 'he North River. I The Company have tittwd up a larpe storehouse nt New Brunswick, adiominx the lUiliimd l>rjM>t, which will always hfopen for the reception of ineichaudi.?f. Fcuseauceis purchaftiug their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive feny tickets gratis. (T^ Freight for Newark, Eluvbetblown, Rah way, West* ifh!, PUinfM id, Scotch Pit ><. H. undbrook and Soraerviile, ii conveyed by the above lines, and delivered tlic same day when received. _ mil 3m% FOR I1A V V* A?f)IRV.( T.?T1>? ton and well known itpoinihin NATt UE8, Win. Miller. conn iniit-r. \\ II s n! lor tin- . . ov<? nort abnut ihe l.'illi <if fun. cFor |um.< ge only, hiring elegant nnci su? iwrior iccomin.Kf ition?, apply to JOHN B. I.ABALA St CO., mJO I7tr <tk Bro xl it. "" STATEN ISJiANU lEitRY. Foot of Whitehall atieet. 'J'he .teamen STATEN ISLANDER and SAM SON trill run u follows, until further notice Leave Staten Island New y ,-;k. At T\ o'clock a. M. A' 8 o'clock a. nr. " 9 " " " 9 " " " io " " 10 " " " 18 " " " 11 " " lH " "2 " r. m. " 3 " " " 3V " " " 4H " " " 4 ' ' I. " " 6 " " All goods SMirpcd are required to be particularly marked, and are at the ri?k of the owners thereof. Je3 0 "l'CTsTEAMBOAT OWNERS /X I ?' Fin* strain boat a between New York, New I Qm 4*B'iuhton. Port Richmond and Elizabeth Port, T |CS i 'Vin*f been discontinued between the hours i f a <pi.4rtei after three r.n 1 a half after six o'clock, to the- {Treat incouvenh iiwt of* i* r-ons residing on Staten i I md .uid at Kin In- blown, any good our' thai wo??I<l l< -ve the city for those I daces at I ?\ lock, P. M.. to carry iwciigers in tune for the ilinner al the l'aviliio.i. New Brighton, would meet with genernl encouragement, and ini,ht have aim st all the pa s.?e liters , going to Port Richmond, returning so as to leave Now Brighti>n at half past *ix or at seven o'clock she would bnutf ii.iek all the day visitors, aud during the sutum? r mouths m<tae a vcr> good bunnies*. jc JO *Jt * r PEOPLES LINE FOR. ALHANV7 sjta The new and commodious steamboat fl|iT_i Sar WOKT11 AaM E111C A. Captain .M .11 Trues fr'J a?n leaves the steamboat pier, foot of Court* laiult street, ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afteruoous, at S o'clock. For pyiice or freight, apply on board, or to Y. C. SCHULTZ, At <hr iiTic on the wharf. N B.?All kind. of property taken only at the risk of the owners thereof. je It) 1 ^WDl fid* EVENING LINE FOR ALBAW-At tfy.,,. o'clock, leaves the piei between Court** ^ ^ i ?...?? *n<l Liberty srteets, The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, st seven o'clock, i The steamboat ROCHESTER, Cant. A. P. St. John, leave* ( the above pier Tuesday, Thursday anu Saturday afternoons, at icven o'clock. The Rochester and South America are new and substantia! boats, well fitted up and furnished with state rooms, and for ipeeu aud accommodations are uot surpassed by auy boats on the over. Foijvassaur or freight, apply ou board, or to P. C. Schultx, at the office on the wharf. jelO tajopposition line for albany Jfk ^ bsl! ^"L a vn vl'W vodit i .? . i.- ~r Hammond street, Ncwburgh, Pong'likt-epsir, I Kingston P?-int, Lankill and Hadwii?P<hi.'i; M rriu, berths liO cciiU ?Tin splendiditranirr WASHINGTON. Captain J M. Brown, will If arc the piei at the foot of llolmisnn atrcet for Albany rrrry Monday. Weduesday and Friday, at J o'clock, i P. M. i Leave Albany, foot ol Lydua street, for New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, st i o'clock, I*. M. i For ivtssagc or freight apply on hoard, or to D. 11. Martin, 132 Wall street. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. i To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren st.-eet pier, NIL A;1*1 y in, Iniaril Washington, itidiinsnii st. ;i '.i h'i*rr ~x?i~ FOR I IVKUPOOL?V * I.ii. -iti ' Um hrjTT^of 'he 2itls Join?Tli" s|ilendid pa bet slii| (jAltJtfSiftisRICK, Capt. Skid.l,, 1000 ton, will positively sail as aliosf her regular day. For freight or i asaage, ha* ing aeeomraorl *fions niiisjus'leil fur splendor or comfort, apply on board, it Orleans ** hart, Innt of Wall street, or t.. E. K. COLLINS Si do.. 56 South street. Price of passage *100. The packet ship Koaeios% Capt. J. Ool'ina, of 1100 tons, will succeed the Garrtck, and aall 25th July, her re .nlsr day. Passengers may rely on the ships ortliis line sailing punctually as advertised. _ _ je!2c fsw FOR NEW (ORLEANS?Louisiana and Neas kKJlVWYiirk Line.? Positively first lGgulir Packet?'The fast jMHAhaailing naekrt ship OCONEE, Capt Jackaon, will positively sail as above. For freight or passage .having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on boar J, at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall street, or to ?E. K. COLLINS It CO M South st. Oreat care will be taken to bare the goods by tliia line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, Hiillen k Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. je|2 c PASSAGE FOR LIVEiyOOL.?United J.Tne WdMfW Packet 12th June.?The splendid fast sailing, superior JtUMnliackrt ship SCOTLAND, Capt. Robinaon, >ails jx??ilively as above, her regular (lay. She has inisuipasscd accommodations for cabin, second cabin anil steerage passenger*! which will be taken at moderate rates. For passage early application should be made on board, foot Burling Slip, or to W.kJ. T. TArSCOTT, 43 Peck Atlp.. The well known pftckrt shipCoitnc, Capt. Outerbridge, will tuccecd the Scotland, and sail immediately. Person* wuhiug to *eud to tiic old country for their friends can have them come out in?ithcrof th" above, or other first clajkx packet*, sailing weekly, and drafts given for any amount, payable on dt mund in all the pripcip *1 to v. lis of Kngland, Ire laud, Scotland and Wale* \| . ! 1 illr FOR LIVRRF^OL-li gulr Commercial ? wTShite?The fir#t cla**. w< II known ?hip rJ WHhSiBOT,Capt.Story, will be de*?M: bed t* r ?h? ih( |w?rt ??i? ihc ISth inM. filtip a v?*ry d?*siraide conveyance^ w ill positively *s ad\< rtiacd, wind ami w# ther |. tminirtjr. For freighter passeae, which will !># i*k*net Mm* iow rat rate*, apply to the captain on hoard t) ? ship, at pin 3 h H.orto JOHN UK RDM iff. CIS .itii ?.r. N. B.?Person* sending for tJicrr Irn ri'N residing i:i Great Britain or Ireland, can h ive them bronchi < ??t bv either ct" the tegular-packets,'or by first cla?. transient ship* h-.ivi'u Liverpool weekly* Drafts for any .tniuuiit can also be furin-l.<*d, l>;t).<blc throughout the United Kingdom, by applying aa ibuve. jelOr "A?& OTP LINK OK f*A< \KTlRegular Packet of th'* IDth Jftm The iiMKui^rciit, rP*TwAs" M known, very lut *?n>lintf packet ship ENG L.iN D, ( at t. Benj. L. Wait'* will (hwiiiw 1> rail on MouiUy, th?* 2uili of June, her regular ilav. The accommodationsof this line for cabin, second cabin and itee/age passengers, ire well known to be far superior to an> r>th? r. For terms of |m stage, apply on board, foot of Beekman street, KOCHE, BROTH EH H It CO, 35 Fulton *L neat door to tbe Fulton B oik. N. B.?Persona sending to the old country for tfcrir I (fends, pan l?av* them hrou*h' ut in the England, sailing from LV rerpool on the 7th Aioit, or in any of the alum oompriamc the Old Line, sailing from there on the 7th and 19th >4 rl? month. F<?r ttrnw of pas ipi ?* ibove, *1 0 aXAORANOh HO I KL. Bu V rr>, St w Jerae Tin % meat <lc*Ii li'fuP , romantic summer irticnt in in full readings*, wr U sto' l d with fruit and flower , and ab*?v? ilj <* tine kitchen garde n. The bar i* well supplied w ith choice wines and liquors, ale and |*>rL*r. Also. **u.w? of (Im- first ?4u*lity. John Pmison, the pmiiriefoj.sincerely rrfurr.s !?? gis'rfi . th inks to his trievida% and trie public in Ken* ral, f r rheii liber ?l t*atronarcc for the last nine year*. The ftcatirifui steamboar B?.? ton, ('apt tin T. V. Pa' . ck, leaves fool of ( ual *tr?*?f foot times a day. The public ran rest wired iJm* they wiP n. t or di**p|>ointcd as he rcPd'oif, toe <?wmnot toe boat are ii? lerinin* ' ed to rriiiitarh as advertised; for further lauticulara ?ee the Son. 0**ntl? men can he ar omin Kiate l w ifh the lwst of i and lodirin* at fite dollar* |a*r week, aud have their dinner at 1 what hour they ph-a" , evc-pt Rundav, always at l a'clock.f. ' M. Military companies on Urirei emr*lotn wdl find ir to theii i advantage mid pleasure to *isit the above idace aiid try the far- 1 ret | iml and Ponson's g< d lini Iti* , lies? * at i <l inf lo the films. J. P?i?ii is a I way a at home,;?ml will h? hap py to ?? ' Lis lM?-nf.s and i mio'S? jclMin#r I ELIGIBLE FAMILY KEHII>EN< K.-F.-r wTeTa fr-TB two story brick house and lot, ia Barclay street n?*ar Bmadn.-y. Piwae??i"ti in?y MMalmmedi itrlv, For I poiticnUr* appl* l N U j*7 Iw rod ina?rc I jktA TO ' !. I' A rin-llrnt .'lire for .1 |>h\ w;nn in ? I flrl food part o( the ity. Ala?, a fnrniahed room for on" or . .JgL two jnnlrmrn. Apply at JIO Broom* atrert, or lor, \a<<anit _ Ifll lt*r ','IIK HAMILTON HOUaK.?THn eaiabliahrm-nt la now I opt ii for iln- no prion ol company. It hat been tliorouf hi> .-novated anil fnrmahad anew, niwoi tcalr of liberality com nmirMr with Un I maaMaftM Mwi. 1\? ^umlinnil ni lie eniitnr Km hern placed under the charye of acapalileann iperiencrd rrtiat, wbn will lark no auptdiea that the market . ii il. To unacqMinteri w ith the location Ol th Umillmi 1 lunar, it it oi ly nrceaaary to My, that it it titn.iU " t th* ocean enframe to the Narrowv. from eight to fin m'ler rum the city on the high weatern hltiffof Lorui Nlatvl, ruin Handing a noble view of the lower bay awl the Atlantic ano andward, ill* highly rnlti* veil and fertile thorn of Stateo am, ?on? !?l mil vnl tin IntVaf N"W fork. Notion* "in ea red the liranly of the prOdixi i in rvrry dir?i tinn. The ?atuiiMtt air at all i of th- day, the eaay aeceaa by ttafe ?r,d teamboat, and the ra'.*u.|etl life ind retirement of [he (p it. rem ler thia rar?b1i?tiinrr.t twond to none within a hnmlted milaa o? , few York. The apartment are * minodinita tndairt. I ?' heir areoinmodatioiia in fi.aikad mntnat with iboaa of atmil t lonaea heretofore in the riehoty of the rity. The r..l*? in tm leighlrorhooa, the ftthing grouiida, billiard rt* ma, ten-pi# at?ya, and other aceeaaonet ol re reitiuo, leave little, It le ? >?ed. to lie wi-h*d for by anv fiie?t. , ' Familira dt?iro?t ofucnnne n?-ma for the tr won woal <1 ifto "lc. earl" armliealmtl fo th* [Itopnajjfc ? j'7 htv-an-a a.xdi'iirxcirk segahp. j MRAOKR. i? 0,?.hnm K?? ffcti?rd, bj th? 1 . uont 100,OpO of hi. ecijbrtwa U Norm* *'??", * ?ir,fcr ** '? ftr AMUSEMENTS. MBLO'S UAKOEN. (iitml Oils Niaht. MONDAY EVENING. Jim. 1J?TTir eve?iu? r*rform*uee Ut hk!I A GRAND OVERTURE. T'Olir ROCK EVOLUTIONS, By i:. ;W,,,ulert>ii R4W1 family. Till: 8ECONo ciu'lVIKVAI)HM^SITALE. r L r?L VOYAGE. tickets?jO ? . Doors opru a. hjf jit in-utV; eV, Euf 1' tmgci.K t ciWiiuim at eight. ch: riiAH 1 ir .A 1 h?7 'I'hc (J' I Clic . r.l,IOM) ?VlfjM^O| Jo!J. li' ' If til alir. v ith THE EYE Of DEATH. Jll ' k Anpu? tVn I Wat Hi ?. . Hi. i! i.i b Mia# . ! jv '.Iter win. li (MIDSHIPMAN ?AS? Mi Mi iihM.iphil . 1 u?t Mi Ri?? Mr Mij I.i.i.iiiii La*y , J'n l'li u> After w hich VANKEE IS TIME. Jicob Jrwihvp Mar Mi- j Gtorge Morton lll-ld I'eitfj U I' huh lit lil Mm Th 'n" To mnclnde with NAVAL ENGAGEMENTS. Doors will open in lutiirr at a .pierrci |nist 1 o'clock, ami the cui'aiu will ri.i it D o'clock punctually. Urea*circle, VI r> nte?Bozea, 2i?Pit, I2li?Private Bosci, fl AMKaiCAIY Mi'HEUM A NI> UAliriENN. pOKNKK OK BROADWAY AND A NN STREETy-J P. T. BARNUM. manager. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS VV'kEK, commencing on Monday, June 12. lii 'l aitrar lion in Uie city! Day weileas admitted the same evening FREE. Greateat unieltira in the city. The manager 1'** rug n'ej for this we k only the following aplendid attraction*: tne I.NDLSTRIOl'S FLEAS. These inaect* Hay* been uuglit l>y a gentleman from Germany, and rendered so docile aa to be harnessed to carriages and other vehicles of several thousand times their own weight, which they will draw wilh aa much precision as a cart hone. 8IUN011 BLITZ. the unrivalled Magician, Venrrilo<|Utst and Plate Daucer. An 1LLUM1NATED BALOON wall aseenrl from the Garden on the trip of the Museum every evening at 9 o'cloek. The miniature STEAMBOAT HYDRAULION which works without i?ddlea, screws or wheels, will lie in constant motion, the engine ami machinery all in operation. Miss Itesnlie the singer, Celeste,the Dansrtise, Mr. Bee the Vocalist, naiinal magnetism, Niagara Falls, with real water, and curiosities. One more week of the mysterious GIPSEY GIRL! Bhe ran be privately consulted during the day. rand Coainorama, and mure NOVEL CURIOSITIES than are contained in any live museums in America. A splendid day performance every Wednesday and SatmCt7 afternoon Admittance to the whole 23 cent*?children half prir*. i..s UILli'St 1EW YORK MrSEUltl, (Formerly known as Peale'*,) iVo. 362 Broadway, opposite the City Hall. GREAT AND LEGITIMATE ATTRACTION ! The.Manager beg* It ave to announce that he has en^ag* <1, for a limited peri oil, the l?e;t'if iful and accomplished Ballad Singrr MISS REYNOLDS. Who will make her first ap|H-arance on MONDAY, June 6th, and every evenin* during the week, in coiijuiictiou with MR. T. D. SHAW, (From the Nobility Concerts, London.) The Grand Fie licit Pictures for one week more. Musical Director Mr G Lodcr. PROGRAMME. . , Song?" The Pride of Kildare," Mr 9haw Ballad?" When wilt thou meet me, love,"- .Miss Reynolds Comic Song?*1 The way the money goes,"* Mr Bruce Song?" My heart1* in the Highland*/' Mr Shaw Scotch Ballad? Miss Rex-iudds Comic Song?" The nice young Mau,' Mr Biuce Favorite 9o*g? Mr Shaw Parody on the " Fine old English Gcntlemau," Miss Reyuolda Grand Exhibit ion of the wonderful POLYSPAHTE8 VIEWS. Among the other views to be exhibited will l>? found? 1st?La Tour de Neslo 2d?Campo Vecchio at Rome. 3d?Ruins of the Ahbv de Saint Berlin at Ht Omer. ?4th?Loueche, and L? Gemnii in three Tableau*. On this occasion will also be exhibited a new Dagueire's Diorama. Sacred Concert every Sunday Evening, under the direction of Mr. G. Loder. Admission 26 cents. jft AKCH STREET THEATRE, in Philadelphia -To Let 'a- tin- Arch Street Theatre for the seasons of IB12 and X Ap pl7 to P. M. Lafourcade, H?0 Crown street. SAML. BRAUSON, Secretary. Philadelphia, June 3, 1842. je 1 lmx plUCUS-WELCH k MANN will pUv in ltodwater, ^-y on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 23?1. 21th and 25 fh; Caledonia, 26th: Genesee, 27th, and Sparta, 28th. CARD AND NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS, and the Public generally, resident in the. State of New Votk and Western Division of the country. Messrs. WELCH 6c MANN hope and believe they can pre sent to the lovers of tho noble science, Horsemanship, a most splendid Circus Company of Riders, each a picked equestrian and a star in his own department. The.Grand Tent Saloon is new, spacious^ and highly arcom modating; the housing and decorative trappings are rich, novel, and of the very first order. The Orchestra comprises the best available Native and Fo reign Talent, and will enable the of music to hear the finest composition* of the Great Masters admirably played.? Among the performers will be fnuud lie names of the utiri'ertally celebrated C. J. ROGERS, the Star of the Sou Jt, in all Itis beautiful $h. k*peart an and magical one horse .*c t??1. J Cad.lHadei, and his wonderful pupil, John Gleiiroy, jw 11 h-our tray their beautiful one, two md Uiree horse acts ol operatic ballet, aided by the foui Misses Wells, the most taleutvd and interesting children iu the Uiiiou. The astounding Italian Gymnastic Scena of Mr. Risley and his infant son, must electrify all who behold a series of such wonders ! The magnificent Poses of the four Hungarian Consina 1 The fashionable and astonishing Equitation of an tlovant company of Ladies, headed by the accomplished Mr. ' ?HN SMITH, cannot fail to evite s sensation as surprising as de lightful. The greatevt livirg Acrobat, Mr. G. Sweet, willd sp'ay his superb Equilibriums and splendid Dances on the Tight Rota. The first Comic Singer of the Day, Mr. Dickinson, will orr jsio?,ally introduce a series of the nwst |?opular songs?ihe jw?vt Ea/.t Indian Nerroni. *\c. Feats by ylr. Jennings. Most ?uperalatiy?* Egyptian Pyramidir al Vaulting by a fully taleuied frourx'?aingle louse act* of da?h aud dare, by Mr Howard. , ^ Twenty performer* will represent Grand Historical Cava* cade Pageants, with tin* beautiful stud of Hors?*s. And in acroidai ee with the taste of the day the most excel lanl and popular specimens of Negro Song and D^nc* by that monarch ol Hi el and Toe, ihe incomparable John Smith, aided hv light heeled Tommy Cob trail, tlie great B n\jo Plager, W. Che?tut. *ud th** Prince of Vaganinnies. It. HotTman. a? ? | \ \<il ERRE< VT ? i E NEW PA1 TERN APPARA i' TUB.?F. A AHTAULTSt C O.. 1US F?'<m .t. t , opposite St. r&ui't il)Urrhl(luVf <,-c< ived iier nirl:c! .Id;, Argt , ;iml offer for isle at lniv plies, 300 French pi.te, Inge ,to , U iiiches half on t> half; 2j complete Dsgurtreot;, |?- hi ran-.ttis, K w pattern; 33 irronutic lunar*, m -de at Paris, by Al| h..u?e Oiroux St Co.; lori billies liyi o?ul; lute of t'xia. Also, tripoli of reiiisr, online, rhlori>le of iodine, hrommr, Imiminr of iudfee, chloride ol gnlj, and tin- new accelerating subsLnce. j.i lin-o FIREWORKS," CRACKERS~&~ FOURTH JUL Y, 1842. COUNTRY and city dealers in fireworks, will find it pi their ad vintage to call and examine an ixtei,,ivu ft m ,t of the best <|ualttv. at R. AYLIFFE'9 old rstablieVmrnt, "S Chatham street A large quantity of fire crackeis iu?l rccirt d. Remember the sign of the two mammoth sky rockets and gold key Imll t jyt'r FIREWORK S. GA8SNF.K Ik YOUNG, No. 132 ChMhim street, have on h*nd their usual extensive assortment of warranted Fireworks, which will be soli] to dealers mid others at the lowest iMMtKMi pracs?. Also, a lance supply of .Mr. Isaac Edge's fireworks, for * ihi* birtons, at laboratory prices. jt?l2 tjvl*r FIREWORKS SELLING OF CHEA P, AT fiO MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS. .L"'2 !2Zi^LFIREWORKS." . IE most extensive, varied and brilliant eihibitional FreL a* orl'i ever manufactured in this or any other count.y, are 'v re ids for delivery, on th?- low? st lrriri?vin lots to suit commi' * -'lil parties for the cltbrition of the tlh of July, st the Uu?i"l ? L >tj<?i4tnr> . Jersey City. ISAAC' EDGE, .Ir , Pyrotechnist. Ord. r? I# ft sf NiHIo'i Gird- n, 6# Maiden L tif, 132 Chatham .. ... *.||^..| St.. -ft. to nut |>?ff .f tlx rin frre nOipruer. !*f& tjy 1 *r THE Mf?T DELKiHTFUL RESOllT I if i v ? 1 11.. i? >- ?1 ' IIOBOXKN " 'Tlir ui ?i ful>i t .iix! CnvoHlr n<-ur<i<in m the outturn r. to Ma ?i? n?i> w I hr.iUifully di?rr?iflfd | ublic tv.llt. .mil iroumlo. Tlx I rrxititl) hxrn grrallv . itiltrllioUxtl, by wl I. tin ,.i tr. !i !.< ?! "-.ilrrfH motf loTfly tluon it ??tr wm Im-Ii-k'. At t).- Kit.i ni Kli-l>lo. th.-rxiothr additional attraction of i . -.11 .t tnott..... i)t tl imuic, in the all' moon, on Monday'. W?iui*?J.\'? oiid 8 .iiinkt"t. The Ilobukrn Kerry Boot* oro 'nudooimly | fi-u-d f.-r tli* onitintxr. and |>ly consUntiy from Bar lay, Canal, oinl Christopher .frcta. A f?rr> Unit run. to Canal atrrrt in the earning until 10 oYI'vk. jeS ?w ina*tr A VOICE FROM LOWER CANADA. MONTREAL. Jaiinary 15. I8?2.?Oenu:? Yon will be ?ur privd when I inform yon tl?*t a large body of Cockina vriuyi Indians eintf into my store anil traded inoccastna, skins of fntf-t and often, for yoor candy, which would hmare amount* fd in caah to fifty dollar*; and I am happy to nay that the Canadians now regard it a.* a general restorative; alto, that my stock s nearly eghansted. We hare a large force of the British anny here, also, who hire acknowledged it* pre-eminent merit*, jn fart, I cannot supply the d< maud, and you must continue to re plenish my stock. I shall coufertthe fura into caah, and tend I on an im.*n? diate reminance. Yours, truly, DAVID A8PINWALL. To Messrs. J. Peas* 6l Hon, t'j Division ?t. Brooklyn, Dec. 17. 1811.?(gentlemen;?1 deem it bat j vat ice fo yen, bow rn r unprofessional the act may he considered, to i|?iii*eyou that I have Ivd, for two month* part, a raraou itiul'T my charge laboring moat alarmingly under the influence of consumption, evidently the effect of early intempsr mce. I revolt* I. withnwMhe least Itopcs of success, toesery remedy i the dry lioarae cough continued to incr* *^e?discharge From the Innvi was rare and attended with convulsive spasms? the appetite railed?the bowels became consulted1 vmJ a c? Id ilampues* pr? vailed over the frnuie. VV! eu i i.?d ethausled all professional remedies. I yielded to the '.-leuda desire f? illow Pease's Hoarbound Candy. With reluctance I permitted[it, ilonUful of iu menu, ?? well a* pi uimptivc of my own inability. Mv surprise, aa w? II a* hi* f i ai an immediate w:<? i stili- licfiiM had si'(led -ill l?If worldly '(fain, mid <ii/tird him**!! rrliytoiwly 'n fate, '?7 Imflr ahowrtl ny jmi :ont of ri onterv. Hi* lirnitliiiif i* free u in ma.I pectoral tlfhtn<??. tla: Hj. mml . tid, the aporm. i? hourly inrreaaiiur, iml my liiif'W *(,liu irrowrv oonhiMC Juilicr rrqiim Uiii tii!*# l? '""'"IMO,J{'r'uufJT M l( To M. eere.Praee h Son. t.i Diri*mii U 4nr!?Tt-h?Wina. No. ? turn ?>n?. Hand* k Co. (17 Scto ?lreet. Albany. T. Rol^iUV,Nn!''f?Ril(i"oi? afreet, Baltimore, Md Hildmnari. taniaeille, "VV.hvi1 No'.'jwBk Cliarlce treat, New Orlaaaa. Welaoft. M-mi lie-. Tenr,. A-Uroi ?< Blunt, llnnlavi l.\ Ala. wlr! 'I iP"' lis NaahviHa. Term. r?b- y, .ircmneti. Oldo. Pi' reij'elVr, n-tr .it, .Vifh. it. J. Woodword, X'. I.ouia, Mo. F'..rbi*r. tV'?*lnn?ton City, 1). C. "7* |&?<h of th<- u*t.iiiti? Horrhomd Cudr I r. PEAfcE k SON. is Diw?ion N B ? I r'ili w and eonf < minora ara not antwiolod arant "v II PLEASURE llATli ITS POISON TOO, A A> I-VERY ROSE ITS TIloRN. IMIOP E who I., to riprtanerd, U?? trllKf M ? !! aa lh?' 1 , I h' ttoTr <|ioph<*"rr>n. ?r* mnat ir-i**! tlnlly o ir. <1 trio iMidola to ihr jmiacn, and Ibo ?fcil|f?t aatmtf.o n I'll m Mmin, mar b? obramrd an-l ?pOf'j'ly < Iroftpd at i? 'Tf'l knnrn old and f tabltahrd oftca of Di. AHrfl VER, No. 4 Pt. k alia, whara manr thooaand* harr t*r u mada .."Is>g,v,^,.r(i^tef?.'a" tertir " Tin / .*

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