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June 14, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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Washington. hC?ri iqr*Nter90 M' the Heal J . ), Juno 12. t^uadUlou of A Antra in longrtu-Tat Scat PrtaMrncjr-Hr. Tyler and the Democrats -Change Inevitable and Indispensable. The session contincea to drag its slow length along, with hardly a purpose or object but to promote some personal or imrtiiian end. But one idea is in every mind?that unless by accident, no good can result to the country from its deliberations or measures. Patriotism has deserted the halls of Con .great, and party politics rule and overrule every design and every movement. To make the next President has been the business of all, with the exception of a small minority, who have been powerless from the beginning of the session. Fearing Mr. Tyler, the Clay men have done their utmost to destroy him, and are ready now to continue and aggravate the public distresses, lest lie might gain credit by the adoption of any sanatory measure. A large portion of the democrats seem to adopt towards the administration the same Clay-like attitude of inexorable hostility, and to act under the same apprehension that Mr. Tyler may acquire po(>ularity. This war on the administration has led the President into numberless embarrassments, and prevented him from taking that position before ihe country which he cannot inftch longer delay to assume. Of what is left of whiggery Mr. Clay is the acknowledged and uncontrolled head,1 manmuvring for the succession on the bank question and its kin dred influences. On the other hand, the democracy are in a singular position, and with the whole country in their hands, they would be in danger of early and uiterrum, irom tne tolly ol their leaders, waa it not the character, and somehow the genius of thai party, to rule and save itself in spite of tliern. There are at least four fractions or factions of the democratic party, whose leaders are now seeking a nomination, each with liis lieutenant at his heels. There is Buchanan, with King of Alabama?Johnson, with Gov. Porter of Pennsylvania?Calhoun, withjWoodbury?and some say that Van Buren with Polk of Tennessee are at the same task. But the A'an Buren men are too discreet to commit themselves to any couree, at this early day, which future event9 may embarrass?and unless their inaction may be called an effort, they are not in the field. Mr. Calhotjn is the most active, and just now, the most formidable. His friends outnumber any other man in the present Congress, but this is'a mere accident, in tnis Congress of accidents, where every thing is an accident, and it is not so with the people, nor can it be in ihe next Congress. Clay and Calhoun are the antagonist men of thin country, and have beeu for the last twenty-five years. Each represents an opposite extreme, and not the mass of the people. By their intellectual power they are the heads of their factions, and occasionally, foi a short period, of the parties thay are in. But neither can long be the head of any great p irty, nor the successful candidate of any paramount party. For success with either of them would be certain ruin to a party that should elect him, as to give either of them power, would be to carry outhis ultra notions, and no party can stand in this counfrv which rests on ultra doctrines. To the honor of the country, the people are moderate and iudicions in their principles, and honest in their wi(,hes They are not for extremes on either side. They fear Clay and Calhoun alike, and hence neither of these men can be the candidate of the two great parties; for the common sAnse of the people on both sides would rise up against it. Success with either would be hopeless to his side, and if by any intrigue they should be run against each other, the good sense and sober patriotism of the people would revolt, and some third man, around whom the great interests of the country could rally, would defeat them both. Before the time to nominate shall arrive, these views will become universal, and neither Clay nor Calhoun can be the candidate. As to the candidate of the Whigs, it is a matter of emial uncertainty and insignificance. He must fail, whoever he is. The country is essentially democratic, and the democratic party must therefore prevail. It rises to new power and strength whenever it is purified by a defeat, and is even now largely ascendant all over the Union. Who will be its can didate is an important, if not a difficult; question ; b,*? what are the probabilities 1 'xTiere wiH be no ultimate division of the partv, as m.'H"1,at first be apprehended from the multipli city ot fhe aspirants. All the difficulty will he in tb? nreb minary arrangements. The genius of the party, arm '" " jnnarahlo ,?.;u i?.. , united on th*? nominee, and its numbers will be increased by all <bf friends of all the men who seek and strive to be that nominee. Mr. Ruchanancannot be thejinan, for Pennsylvania is hardly his, and the charge of advocating low wages, is fastened upon hitn for ever, right or wrong. Colonel Johnson, from the grave of Tecuinseh, might pluck the rone of victory, bad not the recent bitter disappointment taught all parties that the warrior's plume is perilous in the Presidency without the accomplishments of a ^civilian ate tound beneath it. Mr. Van Buren, then, is the only one remaining. Considerations of policy might, under other circumstances make him the man; but the jealousy of rivals, and the fact of his disastrous deieat, va ill probably preclude him. Then another alternative might present itself, equally satisfactory to his friends, and more permanently beneficial to the part viand the country. Let us see if any mch arises in oar Tin on of the future. The calamity of this Congress is, that everything is forgotten or sacrificed in a mere right for the next Presidency. All the public questions would have been settled and disposed of, and the members at home two months ago, but for the political management of the leaders. They have labored to keep everything afloat in the hope of depressing Mr. Tyler, and elevating themselves. Now this must continue until some line of political succession is marked out by the people,for if you elect any whig or any democrat that we have named, he cannot run a second time. The same strife will be instantly renewed for his successor, and thus the whole concerns of the conntry doomed to almost endless agitation.? Ilepoae?|>oliticaI repose, is what the country wants, for then only can it be had in business and all the other interests ol the people. That repose it must have, and will have, and if the democratic party do not give it, some other party will arise and do it. But again, the course of event* must inevitably, and soonr too, throw Mr. Tyler into and upon the democratic party for his support. He cannot avoid it. The leaders of that party cannot prevent it. Fate, political fate, ordains it. He is a democrat, heart and head. He cannot coalesce with the whigs. He cannot relv upon them. He must rely apon the democrats. He must soon make his cabinet more democratic. This is inevitable in the nature of things, and cannot be avoided, and when accomplished, all future appointments must partake of the same character The whigs will be powerless in the next Congress, and j the President cannot conduct his administration , with dignity or success, unless he unites with the democracy. Substantially, he is in favor of their ( measure s;auu mcy arc rt any iu ? any uui an uc , desires. There is nothing left for them to quarrel about. He has vetoed the bank, and they honor him for it. He will repeal the Land Bill, and they j will honor him the more. He is for a revenue and judicious tariff, and so are they. He desires to ad- ; minister the government on truly republican princi- ; pies, and to have honest and able republicans in office around him The people are beginning to understand this, and will soon force it into ex-cut ion, in defiance of the ambitious leaders who have hifherto prevented it. The uiet and reflecting men of tne democratic | party,wno have no object in view but the success of their principles and the good of the country, are turning the*e things in tneir minds, and already sickened with the disgraceful scrambles of Congress, they are pondering on the taropriety of meeting the President at once, or in tie next Congress at the lateM, on grounds mutually satisfactory?of making his administration their own?of re-electing him President, andSn-xs Wright Vice-President, with the avowed and open understanding that Mr. Wright must be his successor for the two following terms. Many considerations there arc wliich point to this result as probable and desirable Mr. Tyler, by his vetoes, has disarmed all democratic hostility, nn^ as the whigs denounce him, so his integrity and mornl firmness rise in democratic tavor. Between him and Mr. Wright there exists tlie best pereonal feelings, mums!confidence, singn lar identity of opinion, and great coincidence ol sentiment with the mass of the democracy ol the conntry. The counsel and aid of Mr. Wright would he invaluable, and he would be ripening in age and experience for that elevation to which hi? talents and services entitle hint. Hut above all, this determination of the democracy would insure not only success to the party, hut rej>os?, now so much needed, for ten vc irs, to the country. It would re-establish a mild, moderate, anil di<creet administration, and save the people jrom tho?e va?t and vicious changes that must ensu* if any man of the extremes, like Clay or Calhoun should succeed. Hesides, such a ticket would consolidate the I'nion. Virginia is destined to become the great bulwark and bond betwv. n the Xorth ana the South, in the collision of their interests. Her position and intercut* indicate this, and she bid*, fait to revive all her ancient io flue nee and glory, as she pas-es through the transition from her present com- ' pa rati ve ingpoverishiuent. to that elevation which awaits the dcvelopcmcnt and action [of her vast resources. '*555SSE559B9iBEH9EHSB5SSSB99B9E5^1 BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Utht kkom \iw Omjcan*.?Our dates Irwin New Orleans re to tlie oth inatant. Every ttiirwr Lii confusion and disorder, mill uiiitit remuin so for everal days. The following Is nu extract:? Tiik U.\_\k.s.?\\'e .ue strengthened iu the uj?i uons we ventured yesterday, as 10 tne ability oi tne itecit paving banks to continue in redeeming their ihligationis in money. There is, we think, but little Jouut now that they will persevere in this praiseworthy course. Every duv will, we are sure, add to their strength, and to tire favorable opinions ot ttie public in tneir behalf. It would be equally presumptuous as vain for an} one to attempt to penetrate through the existing chaos, and speculate upon what may occur ere har mony and order be restored. The complex incon gruity of redeemable, irredeemable, repudiated, and broken bank paper wntch our present currency presents, bailies reason and denes calculation, as to what may occur from day to day. It is ini|?ossible to foresee secondary events; but however they shape themselves, they are the mere contingencies of that general and final doom which surejy awaits all those banks tiiut have been found wanting. The statement of the Board of Currency furnishes nothing to encourage a more favorable view ot things. The " deadweight" will,we fear, prove too heavy a drug for a healthy "movement." In the extraordinary state of things at present existing, the public mind is as wavering and unsettled as are the causes which produce it. There is ever) description of conflicting feeling abroad, growing out of iarring hopes, fears and interests?all showing a lamentable want of concord in the public nnnd. Much good might arise from a meeting 01 our merchants, and an expression of their opinioi upon the matter in question. Their great influence, and the practical good sense they could bring to bear npon the subject, might have great effects fot good?Advert iter. Washington. [Correi|>ODilcnce of the Herald.] Washington, Saturday, 2 P. M. Proceedings In the House. The Senate is not in session to-day. The Senatore had become fatigued and adjourned over.? There is an immense mass of business before the body, but a little work goes a good way with the Whigs, and they must have a play day. The mo. tions to adjourn from Friday to Monday are always made by Whigs. On this point, at least, the democrats are guiltless. In the House, a private bill had been made the special order, and it is doubtful whether any public business will be transacted. Baltimore. [Oorrrnponitance of the H'rnld. ] Baltimore, June 18, 1M2. Mr. Editor :? David Urquhart, Esq., who, with Ins daughter, had recently arrived in this city from New Orleans, died very suddenly on Saturday afternoon last. He had stepped out alone to take a walk, and being ta lien with apoplexy, fell down in the street. An inquest was held over the body, after which it re ceived the proper attentions. The cabinet tnuker shop of .Mr. Jamea William-, waa partially destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. Since the tall stalks of rye mentioned in my last. I have seen others measuring eight feet eight inchi s, ind it is presumed that these are only a circun stance to what we shall have the satisfaction of seeing. The weather has been unusually cold since Saturday. I am told that frost was experienced in the country pretty sensibly. G. W. Reed, Esq., is to deliver a lecture to-nitrhf at the Universaiist Church, which will em! ic> n history of the Right Rev. John England, late Eishop of Charleston. Viraintu monait Una atill I. ,v.I n. ,tn quote Wheeling at 8 per c< ml, and tin notes of all other Virginia s at 24 a 2' discount. The trial of Monroe Edwar. as reported in tin Herald, has been much -hi for, and read with great interest. It is tnu< In >t report given.? From the evidence it is gen rally thought he will be convicted. Naval.?The U. S. sloop ol war Falmouth Copt. Mcintosh, will sail in a few days from Norfolk, with our Charg? d'Affaires, to Bogota. Aiiitthor (Shlllltipr WnVf). EXTRA DOUBLE BROTHER JONATHAN TO-MORROW?WILL CONTAIN. "CASPAR, THE PIRATE OK THE INDIAN SEAS,' A Thrilling Tale of the Ocean ; embracing high-w rough scenes ill the lives of those bold bad men, the Pirates? being one of the moat exciting works of the kind we evei read. It Is just issued from the same press where originated those admirable tales, CHARLES O'MALLEl. HARRY LORREQUER, JACK HINTON, Ac. Ac., ano without doubt the pnost ]>opular publishing establishment in Europe. Price 134 cents, or 10 copies for $1. The usual discount to Agents, w ho must send in their orders and cash immediately. {&- SHERMAN S ORRIS TOOTH PASTE, LIKE his Medicated Lozenges, is |th? bestfthing in the world. It cleans the teeth, keeps them from aching, hardens the gums and sweetens the breath?no one ever used an} other preparation, after once trying this. Always be sure to get Sherman's. His office is at 106 Nassau street. Agents, 8 State street, Boston, and 3 Ledger Buildings, Phila. WEST'S PATENT CHLORINE COSMETIC AND PILLS?A aurc, safe and speedy remedy for tin most obstinate Ringworms, Saltrheum. Hcaldhead, and al Cutaneous Eruptions?Now at 71 Maiden lane, is thu spoken of:? Extract of a letter from the Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Cox, now of Brooklyn. Nr.w Youx, Feb. 13. Dear Sir?In conformity to promise, 1 write to infom' you that the prescription seems thus far to hare done rca good to my daughter. Hitherto it has done her more goo< than any other application ever did. Copy ola communication fom Thomas W. Olcott, Esq, President ofihe Mechanics'and Farmers'Bank, Albany, dated Albaxv, March 37. Dear Sir?I received in due course, and return you mi thanks for your esteemed favor of the 13th inst. WesA Chlorine Cosmetic fully answers your recommendation, and it gives me great pleasure to bear testimony to its healing qualities. My two youngest ?ons had been afflicted with eruptions ana son s from head to foot lor somi time, and the inveteracy oi the.i disease seemed to baffli all attempts at its recovery, until \vc applied the. Cosmetic received from you, which appears to have performed n perfect cure. To render success more certain we havi this day purchased another box. Wishing this ointment to be as extensively known as I believe K to tie raally useful, and that my fellow-townsman, Mr. West, may lie rewarded by a patronage as liberal as it is deserved, I remain, most gratefully, yours, itc., THOS. W. OLCOTT. (W- WE SHALL GO ON CONQUERING TO CONQUER. Our enemy is disease, and cure certain, so long as we use those effectual weapons, Dr. L. D. Fleming'Medicated < andies. His Worm Candy is a most effectual remedy for Worms?his Diarrhoea Candy will rnre the most stubborn ease of bowel complaint ; his Dinner or Tonic Candv relieves indigestion, CostivenCM, Heartburn, Re., and his Cathartic Cuaudy, as a universal physic, is not behind the best remedies. Sold at 133 Nassau sirsiet wholesa'e and retail ; also at 79 Fulton St.. 373 Broadway 140J and 198 Bowcry, 3d E'gth Avenue, '343 Greenwich st. 104 Thomp-on st., and 70 Fulton st., Brooklyn. N. B. Dr. Cooper'* infallible Corn Salve at 13d Nassau afreet. Q&- DISEASE OF THE LUNGS CURED ?I was very ill with this disease, and had got so low that my i nysiciai Ti'i mvy couin no no morr lor me. i men pen1 f.?rthog< 'dieDr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, at 376 t immediately commenced it* u?e. and hefon I had ti'ed one tiottle It helped me ?o that t was able to leave my room without a<fistnnce. I continued It* tin until 1 was completely rentored to health. To thi* remedy alone do I owe my sound restoration to health. I hould lie happy to hsve tha incredulous call on me. WILLIAM GREY, 143 Rivington street. toughs and Cold, and all affection* of the chest and liver receive immediate benefit by the useof this fine medicine. Coughs, which have for years withstood all other remedies, are in a few days immediately cured. If people will still continue to suffer when this article can he obtained, then the testimony of those who have been cured ia of no avail. In conseqtienceof the numerous articles purporting to he Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liverwort, and to come from Tin Bowerv, the genu! o medicine be obtained in thiacity only. Mind only of th- sole proprietor, 375 Bowery, and of Agents?Mr?. Hay lie1 Fulton street, Brooklj h; Dr. Lowerec. Newark. H. Rawlsk Co., Albany; R. H. Coleman Is Co., Baltimore; E. W. Bull, Hartford; D. Mitchell, New Haven; H. Hall, Bridgeport. (C?- CLIREHUGH'S NEW ROOMS.?We under stand Clirehugh's new suite of Ilair Cutting Rooms, 306 Broadway, are to be opened to the public to-morrow or next. It we ware not so well acquainted with Mr. Clirehuph s great taste and judgment of the line arts, we would be inclined to donbt the accuracy of the report that has reached u* touching the splendor and msgnificence ol these apartments. The walls of the principal saloon, it is saidLare in panel, painted alter the manner of Wattrail, Bouchett, he.; the show cases inim?. ?.i.i?, ??.i Ottoman* are o run men toil in w lute and gold the whole delinned in the rtyleof Loui* 14th of Franco. But aa tb? whole city will, of course. vUltthem, they will judeefor themselves. 8 (67-WK HAVE never witiie??e,l ?nch a motly group o( noveltie* as are crowded into the American Muicutn Signer Blitz, with hi* vetitriloriui*m nnd necromancy, th> " fndu'triou* Flea#,'1 taking the place of coach lior'-.i steamboat ?ailing in real water, propelled without acre w# whecl* or paddle*, the myrterioua Uipty liirl, revealing the event* of the future, ahaloon ascension every eveninc from the top of the Mu*aum, wonderful experiment* in Animal Magnetism, #outfs and duet* liv Mi?* Hoaolie and Mr Bac, dance* by I.a TVtitc (>le?te, < attract of Niagara w ith real water, and .*00,000 eurio*itie*, and the whole exhibited for 04 cent*, Day viaitor* are admitted free in the evening. last evening attracted a crowded audience To-night an equally attractive bill m otfri exl, eouiiating of the drama (Ilia ltiiM-uberg. Rice's 0|? -a of Boiic 8<i 'tb. and the moral and effective drama ol Jack. Bheppora. The Chatham Theatre, from the admirable advantage it ha* for ventilation, will be foun I to l?e cooler than any other itanllai establishment iii the city. New York Poet Ofllee, Jane 0, 1*4#. 317- ALBANY EVENING MAIL.?An additional mail aill be sent to Albany 011 and alter the 9th niiiant, every lay, by the 7 o'clock P M. Steamboat. Letters can be deposited at this office until half-i>a*t G P. M. je7 lwr JOHN L0R1MER GRAHAM, P. M. City t>< <patch Poet, 46 Wii.LUM Strict. Pai.scirst. Ofnr i l,< ttere deposited before half-pas' half-past 13, and U. i , . t 3 o'clock, will be sent out foi sell very at 9, 1, and 4 o clock. Branch Ornccs?le tters deposited before 7,11, and v 'clock, will be sent out lor delivery at 9, l, and 4 o'clock. ________________ ALEX. M. UREIG. Agent. MONKV MARKET. Monday, .June 13?0 P.M. The market has been heavy to- lay, influenced in some degree by the news from the South. The prices of sound State Stocks, however, continue to look up. New York State 0 per cents arc selling at 95, and 7 per cents are selling at 101, dividend off", which is equal to 103} prom? Kentucky Stock improved J. Fancy Stocks are nurturing?Delaware Hudson fell J; Mohawk, Harlem improved }, This stock is still looking up. The vigorous proceedings of the new direction are placing its affairs on i new lootiug. The Board hud under discussion to-day he payment of the interest on the four year bonds of the "ompauy issued to the contractors on the extension of 'he road into Westchester. This will probably be done. The late defalcation at the Ocean Insurance Company has excited a good deal of feeling against those whose luty it was to prevent such occurrences. The dclalea'.ions that are made public are by- no means all that occurThe disastrous losses by <Kane a few years since, are still fresh in the memory of the sufferers. About two y ears since a defalcation of 40 to $50,000, was discovered in a Marine Office, and the Secretary- being dead it was smothered lest it might injure the standing of the company.? Now that nearly all the companies are going into the Mutual Safety plnn there is a chance that the Presidents, wh"b have fat tularin*, will condescend to mnfmlier their duty <o much an to examine the ca-h accounti. Honest men lavo nothing to fear, hut would it not be well to'institute inquiries into the President*' accounts. The incompetence of many of them for their stations?their ig.loranro and impudence arc too generally known to need (remark from us. No wonder that dividend? are scarce. Their conduct not only injures business, but disgusts '.he public who hnve dealings with them, and the juries of New York never lose an opportunity to stamp their conluct with their rcprobjtion. Exchange on New Orloans to-day varied from 10 to 16 ner cent discount. On Mobile the rate rose to 30 per cent. The buyers in consequence of the state of affairs in the 'ormcr city refusing to operate for the present. The Comptroller having redeemed all the notes of the Chelsea Bank except $696, and for which he held Arkansas bonds for $1000, has given notice that these bonds have been sold, ond that he is ready to pay twenty-five ents on each dollar, for the amount of $696. In a recent article we mentioned that the instalment of tie distribution of the public lands, according to the act >f the extra session, was to take place on the 1st proximo nd at the same time suggested the probability that the proceeds of the lands, iustead of being in the Treasurj i eady to be paid oi cr, according to law, had been absorbed or the current expenses of thn government. This appears now to be the case, and if that most untoward pro,ect of distribution were to be persisted in, the government would either fail in its engagements to the States, or would be obliged to come into the market and borrow money at I percent to di .tribute among the States, while its own ialiilities aro in arrears. Of course the President, after m ing signed the distribution act, on the expressed condiion that it should become inoperative as soon as the ncssity for violating the compromise should become appnureut, and also recommending its repeal when that necessity was manifest, will promptly veto any bill which shall -inbrace an unconditional distribution. It it now the niddlc of June, and on the 30th of this month the opera iiVii ui Uiv CUlllJJIVIIUM* LUM11 ibm UCVUIJir* |K.tii;iiwi.? Thai law was to constructed that it require* to be extend ed by legislative enactment*, otherwise the powers of the government to collect a revenue will cease to exist. A motion to extend this power to the 1st of August ha* been introduced, but to it is appended a clause authorising the .r hi,, j tl.i. novemeut i* of course a iwlitical one, and designed to listrcss the executive into a compliance with the wishes if the Congressional m ijority. The effect is likely to be i t miscarriage of the n vBiue project, and leave Ilia jioits >pcu to the importation ,!'goods until sonic revenue pio act cau be adopted. Tbi? will for a time set iously embarrass the Treasury, but it will be a great thing for the principle* of free trade. The manufacturers and high tariff men will find the market* no glutted with goods free ofduy, that they will lie fully able to estimate the injury which free trade is likely to do them. Heavy importa.ionsol goods into the country will probably induce arise in the exchanges, hut on the eve of a most luxuriant harvest in all part* of the country, so promising thut even lotv price* are failing in unticipatiou of it, it may lie hoped that produce w ill prove the best medium of remittance ibroad, and the people will thus be relieved of large quantities of produce in exchange for foreign goods at low pri .e*. In consequence of the reduction of the stocks of produce by foreign sales, the home value of the remainder vill be much enhanced. There is therefore room to hope hat much practical good will yet grow out of the tricks >f the politicians. The condition of affairs in New Orleans is one of the gravest consideration at the present time. It may be lookid upon as the final explosion of the banking system ol hose sections. The fact is to be developed that no agricultural product can suppport the enormous expense of hanking ou money borrowed at high rate* of interest ? The very basisof the system pursued in Louisiana carries with it the soeds of its own destruction. As we stated vesterday, fire banks of New Orleans have capitals unonnting to $17,000,000, borrowed in Europe on the faith of the State, guaranteed by the real estate of the stock* holders. That real i * atu is valued at t2a.400.000. This yielda to the bank) nn income of *2,000,000, which *um it partly lent to England annually, at ft tribute for the ure of the money l>orrowed. Now, in it rea*onableto suppose hat the land can produce cotton to aurh advantage an to illow of the payment of 8 per cent of it* own value for the u*e of the capital to carry it on? The crops of 1839? to was the largest ever produced. In that year Florida, Mobile and New Orlcani sent forward large crops. At all these places the banking is conducted on nearly the same principle. New Orleans, however .{receives the cotton of Arkansas and the River States If we add the borrowed hank capital of Arkansas to that of New Orleans, and leave out that of Mississippi, which is repudiated. e may construct the follow ing tab Is Ctpilal liorrowti Cmv of Collnn. P'alur Crop. Louisiana, 20?')0n,onti balvsVtt.lOO ItU?,uW Mobile. lt,'A?l,<XlO 416, It?' Florida, 3..><*i.mXI 133,712 4,146,003 $3i.J00,?.41 1,530,010 47,431,060 This crop pays to the banks $4,000,(100 per annum, or JO percent on it* home value. In that year, however, the loss on the whole cror> ir. consenuencp ol the fall abroad was estimated at $lfi,f>00,000 How is it possible that a huones*, based oil such a foundation, can he prosperous?? It was apparently in this view of the case that Mr. 8. J. Paters, President of the .New Orleans City Bank, and one of the ablest financiers in that section, in a letter published last winter, expressed himself as follows, after proving that Louisiana, and other States, which he names, are in no better condition than the State ol Mississippi. These are the words used by him :? " Mississippi has already adopted the alternative of a maxim, that a country must settle its foreign debt by coin or bankruptcyand ail the other States named, it is to be feared, mat tic forced to ocsupy the same discreditable position. What can be done to prevent so great a national calamity / is a question that must interest every American who l?veshi*ei>tintry, and feels proud to sustain her honor untarnished."' ' It is very evident tl ..! no basinets can sustain such enormous burdens, ar. .1 t hat itiiet i uin must sooner or Ister be the result. Hales at the Stork Ktrhsngr, jfl shares DeLftffiid. tfld 02 3(1 slisri ? Luna Is. H R SO', 2j do do ilda 'ii\ Vl do do IiKmIs 30 k, iii I? ink of Ainrrira (tl 30 d" do es-li oflsj 23 Kara rr? Loan r?> 133 Harlem li 11 rssii li, in Illinois Hisp- Bank II1.> 30 do do si ids ir, 10 North River las, till 100 do do winds 10 13 Canton Co. Tl'i "" do do cs*h li'.J? 3d Molmwk II R s lad N'l MHO Illinois R .nils esuh 10 23 do do cssh i'1'a 3000 NYotfc 7's.lBlS, op* 101 21 do do e.ish 39 di 6's.l?W, III1,. 100 tin d . e?.sii 1UMS0 do do IS I 11 *? ~i"IIiiiyIOil f\ iv I ' '? ' -? ?? ^ VI r'?i<-.-.>n K R <mIiM I'"*1 do do ?1S 100 ill) do Md ilH IOW Kriitiirky ?'? til S 10 Hjraiam It Utica II" Km'ihiiI Uonril. 75 *hare Harlem K P 1 i tl than * HailetnRK It1. "lull' of Trarlf, Tire failure* in Nr." OrWn* have, for the moment, cau? do heavy feed ing in tin market* which ore however vert Q"jet, and e* per tat ion of a good fall linaineaa ha* ton Indulged hi. Flour la do? n fairly to fd for all ?ort?. Thi receipt* of the week were light, being only Ifl.Q.Vi bhl* o( II aort* dot* n the Hndaon, making lor the ?ca*nn *o fai IS0,07obbl? Southern. Coffee?A lew *alc? of Braiil are making at S)J a 10 eta., lb., St Domingo at 7 tif La^uajrra at 9^, Cuba at 9 a 9^ Ac Tohicco?The demand ik light there have beeu uo ?alua lor export Thaic w ere some eales of common <iualitita luunulactnrcd ut 6 u H eta. Sales by u i lion of 19 lihda. old crop Kentucky, part unmerchantable, at 31 a7 j eta, average0,OH; thirds new crop do merchantable, at 3-( ?4j, aveiage I Ob ; liolh 4 months. Wool?Small lots ol the new clip have come in, ami sales were mad* at jo a 35 eta. Foreign Ik dull, with u large stock. 50(i hales Buenos Ay res and Cordovo are being shipped to r.nglatul. Vork Cattle .Mnikct. There w as an increased supply of cuttle in mark it tolay. About seven hundred beeves, twelve huudrcd and eighty she?p and Iambi, and fifty cows and calves.^ We leuin that the beeves fetched from $tj to 7 00, and several of superior (piality as high as $8 a huadred weight. The prices of cow* and calve* ranged from f'JS o $3a earli. Of sheep from $2 to $4 50, and lamb* fiom fl AO to fit 75 a head. These prices show that mutton ha. become much < heaper. Of the above there are between one and two hundred beeves, one hundred sheep and lambs, and ten cow* and calves left unsold. For the information of farmers in the interior, it is perhaps uecessary to slate that sheep, whose quarters weigh from eighteen to twenty |>ounds each, bring liom $4 to *S. Not the latter price, however, when the market is glutted. To-day, it is to be seen, note went above $4 AO. BM, On Momlav, the 13th iust, ot sudden illness, Marv, laughter of Wunci* Hannatty, in the lHth year of her age. The friends of the lamily, and those of her uncle, Edward Klannigatt, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her father, 28 Sherriif street. On Saturday last Mrs. C'ai Doha*, wife of Francis Oorau, aged 30 \ ears. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, 127 Mott street. On Saturday.the ll'.h iust. James G. Ci mmhso ol Delaware county, N. Y-, aged 24 years and 4 months. On Monday, after a few hours illness, Mr. William l Rorr, in the ?7th y eav of his age. On Sunday, Ellex McGee, daughter of Mr. Rose McOee. On Sunday,after a lingering illness, Willis H.Steaiipis, in the 36th year of his age. At Lexox, N. Y.,on the 31st May. Col. Srrrnr.x Lr.r, in the Odd year of his age. At St. Louis, on thu 21st nil., ftivitt W? asTr.a, of Haverhill, Mass., aged 20 years. Weekly Report of Inferinenta In the <"itv end County of New Ynr!:, ft. in the lth day of June to llu- J 1th day of June, 1(112. 21 Men ; 31 Women ; 31 Boy* ; 3? CHrls. Total, 110. tnsr.Asi *. Abaccaa, 0; Aneurism, 0; Apophny, J- Asj>h>-*in. n ; Bleeding from Lungs 0 ; Cancer, 0; Unolcra Morbus, 2; Cholic, 1; Connmption, 21 ; Casualties, h ; Convulsions, 7; Croop ni Hoes, 2; Delirium Tremens, 2; Dysentery, 2; Drojay, 3; do in head, H; Jo in the chest, 2; Drowned, 2; Erysipelas, 2; Fi vcr, 0; do Intermittent, 1; do Puerperal, I ; no Remittent I: d" Scarlet, 10; do Typhoid, H ; Fracture, 0; Hooping Cough, 1; Inflammation, (!; do of Brain, 7; do of Bow els, 3; do ol Chest, 3; do of Lircr.0; do*5f Lungs, 4; do of Stomach, 0; do of Womb, 0; do of Hrait, 0; Insanity, 1; jntempc-ance, I; Jaundice, 0; Killed or Murdered, 0; Lues Venerea, 0; Mortification, 0; Marasmus, 5; Malformation, 1; Measles, i); Old Age, 1; Organic Disease of Heart, I; Palsy, -I; Rheumatism, 0; Rupture, 0, Small I'os, 3; Scrofula, I; Spinal Disease, I); Sprue, 0; Suicide, I); Teething, I; Tumor, I); Unknown, I; Worms, 0, auk. Under I year, 22; 1 to 2 ye-rs, II; 3 to ,1, Iti; 3 to 10, #; 10 to 30, 12; 30 to 30, 13; 30 to 10, 13; 10 to 30, 6; 30 to Ml, 3; W) to 70, 3,70!to 8"' i; '-1? 100. 1. rt.acrs of tSAnviTr. United States, 00; Ireland, 17; England, 3; Scotland,!); Off many, 2; France, I: Switzerland, I; Spain, 0; Prussia, u; British Possessions in North America, I; Unknown, 2. WalesO. Of the above, there were from tile Hospital, B> llevue, 7; Penitentiary Hospital, I; BUckwell's Island, 2, Sm II Poa, 0. City Hospital. 2; Long I laud, 1; Aliiisliouse, Bellesur.l.

Westchester.h. N-w J. rsey, I. Colored Person 'J. WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. City Inspector's Office, Jane II, IM2. Passengers Arrived. Haver?Packet shin Burgundy?Cart oil Livingston, M: li W Livingston, Miss S Ivie Living ton. Miss Mary Livni'tstou, \1i%s Stephanie Livingston, Vt Jut Liviugstou. Di Oro*se Livings! iu, Robert Listn stou, Lewis Living,ton, an I , ven si rvants, Jacob Miller and lady, Miss Ann Powell of NYors; Grenville C Conner, U S Navy and lady; Stephen Cornell, New Hoclielle; Thus E Hsrrison, Baltimore; Mrs (Jryin-s and three servants, Mi?s Medora Oryines, Miss Athenais Oryinei. Hippolyte Trepanier, Ness Orleans; Madame Sophie Hicks, Henry A re nds, Paris; Jeremiah Mayer, Germany?273 in the steeiage. Nassau, NP?Sclir Esse*?J S Johnson, and Miss Mary O'Brien. Nassau?Schr F.rinina?A Johnson, Captaiu Francis, and J Moure. Paha?Brig Black Hawk?C B Allen, 1 8 Consul for Maranhain, M Uowru. ArAt-AciiicoLA?Brig Florida?Capt Tomlituou, R II OoadIstt, Mrs Holmes and child, Mrs FJlis, child and servant?I in the steerage. Passengers Sailed. Liverpool?Packet ship United States?Mrs A Britton, TL Cluster, New York;. Capt Browne, lljlh Itrgi D A, lady, child and servant; Wm Bimie and lady, Charleston: lames Burke Mobile; Jaines Drnce, South America; Pedro B Fern index and servant, Havana; Wm Crcighton, Toronto; T Liddell, Scotlaud. Foreign Im]>ortntlotta. Hsvnr.?Ship Burgundy?I pkgs B Vivian?17 Kenard 4. co? 2 E Jarrossav ?3o P A H ReiiauQ k co?I A Lev,?2Brustlein. Koop St co?1C Valentin"?23 Buurry ri'lveinois?I Uodetiald ann o ir U-..L.-j I. Iluooii?:i J Willi4nv??I J Migdon Jk co?7 L D linol'e?31 Morau is lseliu?I Luta Fo res?I S mty r Ilk IV rroi?1 K Sill plirrd?2V K Cnltin-tt?5 F Thorsia rkrti Si co?2 Keaslrr k cir? !ti Lncschigk Si YVisendonek?1(1 (J Hi s* a- kco?6 I N .pin Si oo?2 J Hen?2 J Gk E Bolter?tl W B Draper?5C K-?y ? I H Etcher?3 H B,'diner jr?1 E 1) 8 ran;e?2 E M Davis?1 li Oriimvll? 1 T 8 Farley?1 G Tiiekii'T?I H L l'? te* ?25 i> >1 ullar ?V V H Meyei?2 B'ii<ceau Si Kuu'li-1 W V)se?3 Schulu Si Bliednru?27 K It iniitrrling Si co?2 I, icli use Si Fouehe?6 Rnss R,others Si co?li T R Si H Mahler?I AFC Mourose?3 V Cailleux li son?12 l iaillrus k Laiirioy?IH K Kaii|??17 C DoncHct?2 Beni Si K 'uf?l F Colliard? I S Cochran? I Townaeiid. Simplex Si CO?30,0110 franca specie 8 firewater?2 | lure J Giraud?1 E Souier?1 Ilatm*?10 O Eiistaphiov.?2 G Rout Si co?I E Foley ?2 J K Roberta?2 E B "s?iig<?2 T Kim?2 Mrrian Si B- ovril ? I Ruaaell Muttison k Taylor?I F B Rhodes Si co?Id Umber Ik D inihmanu?17 II Hennequin?II Moran Si faelt't?2 F Si J Helmut achei ?I Certj Beer Si Nuj?2 Brae Si co?2 O Orilletl ?2 L I'letlsun i?I W Brewer?20 C Lou bat? 3 T D a Ait ?1 Deraisitir* Si Boizsrd? I Albcra Si Burn?I C Vaientini? ?in bku wine 4 ok*. P A Br'iihaupt kl'huu?I Nanning, Roster Si o? I T A Voiz ii?(i < Fiy?1 O llnsciibur;?I Young, Hnii'li Si CO?13 Ellwaula Si Blod.laid?3 Bcliurbart Si S.rr?I 8; iea, Christ Si , o?'3 F D Mullei?I Lane, Lvmaon Si co?7 Dorr St AII'M ?I Viet rack, n Si Li' i igstoh?I C Bolt n?1 Lawrence Si co?I R Bemey?S Dc L unn Sic ?6 Oay. Limac Si Noel?17 F Coitii ett??j B ok* .15* Hnttou?7 to order. Mkmixa?8h p HePaStKint?1230euitara brimatoue 500 bags un a - 21 cks polish, d sione ."0 begs canary serd 23 do almonds 40''o w alnuts 3103 bxs lemons 30i6 do oranges 6 < k* old copier 8 B . om. I'aa.i?Brig Bliclt Hawk?1077 hid. a 71 ca rubber shoes 12 Mil balsam 200 baga cocoa 36 bags india rubber 68 baskets aniietu E Corning Si son?I box Q B Ironsides?23 bvs india rubber slioi s 201m Allen Si Paxson. Poise*?Brig Monaco?222 hlids 100 blila sugar OS lilids molasses K P Buck. Poise*?Brig 8t Marks?226 hhds sugar Maitland, Kennedy Si co. Poser?Brig Mohican?(Reported yesterday)?82 hhds sugar 88 cka molasses S W Lewis?'32 hh'ls sugar Rowland Si Aspinwall?5 R I' Bock. Domestic Importations. ArauaeHiroua?Brig Florida?nobs cotton Bogart k Kneeland?II do E J llintorth?J5 G Collins?28 H J Band ford?82 Earl, Porter Si Collins?88 Center Si co?12 J Norton?2 qr cks wine Dc Laze Si co?l pkgi 8 W Fowler?10 hales rotton E D Hurl bat. Otoiutt i*s-Birk Claremont?601 hbl? Hour Dunham fc son?100 J Hsrpei?100 Underbill k Hatishvirsl?677 W k C Hitchcock. MARITIME HKRALL). ~ To Ship Slaatri's. YVe ahall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, w ill give to Commodore YY'. A. B isieit, of our news fivct, a report of 'he shipping lell -t the port wh< lire they sail, d, ihe vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, soil any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bi?sett will hoard them immediately on their arrival. YVe will reciprocate he favor iti any wav. I'OHT OK \K.\V VOK K, .It V Id I! 1MB. apta ar?E? 4 33 I Hoot irri 11 :ii in 7 27 I hioh water 12 2(1 Cleared. Ship Coemo, (Br) Ontcrbridtf, Lircrpool *0(1 Briatol, T. k T. S. Win?lo?.? B-trk 14f 1 <) , II.'<<! I'r.itland. M*. H.l'oler* wood.?Briga Koaca Helena, (Dill. I ) Poat, Si. Peteraburi.' Srhmi Itk ft ileh. n: Modi.on, J uea, Mvannah: Wa.hinirlin, Faulknrr, Wilinintfton, NC. Nesmiih, Lerda kCo; (ieonriana, B del', Norfolk; Atlantic, Ward, New Hareii) II. nry Lerda, ' Iniui hrff, Bnrkaport. Mr. Nr.mith, L?nl? k Co.?Bririah arhr Kii. ndahip, Mahon, Windanr, NS. Bool*, Whitnev k Co. \ i rlTril. Packet ahiu Burgundy. Wo ten, from Hatrr, Ma/ 1(1, with nniee, to C. Bolton. Fox St Livjngaton. B;ink' 12lli nil. ahip Waahingfon, 41 daya from NOrleant for H.rnj 13th, bark Ellaworth. Apali hicola fn; do. 18th, |> a?nl KokIi.1i bn.' Thomaa WorthingMn, walrilivtril ami abandoned. 1Mb, a|?>ke ?ln|> Ant.rliir. *1 daya fin NOrleana for Harrr. In lal 42 VI, Ion 4'i to 51 3d, It'll in with an immriur uiimber of icrbri;*?wrrr 3 <lay in naiaing through thrm. Ship Hrllrepont, A.lama, from Mrnim. April 22, patted Gilr raltar May 15. with nid?r. to S. Bro. in. Left briit Monroe, for ! Ch uireton, next day?only Aweiican iraorl. Baik CUrrmont. Robiiiv.n, from Georgetown, DC. ami 2 lata from tli* Capri, witlj llour, to in later. B.i. Blirk HiwU, Robiliaoa, 17 daya from Para, with In.let, fcr. lo K. Corning A Bon. Sailrd in ro. with hrig Marion. Cartar. for Salem. f..?f> bngf NorthnmbrrUinl, Conn, for Salem, uar; Roxana, fill), do do. Bug St. Mark?. Williama, 14 daya ftom Ponce, PR. with qgar, to W. W. Pratt. Brig Monaco. Wording, 13 daya from Ponce, PR. with an-ar, I to It. P. Buck. Brig Florida, Crocker, 2(1 tlava from Apalachicola. w ith cotton. lo Po.t tt I'll lloo. Brig Vngniia. Hrihel, 3 daya frotr Norfolk, with wood, to itn Irr. Brig St< rling, Pierce, 4 daya from Norfolk, with wood, to the irta.tT. IIBriti.h aclir Brmina. Kdgernmh from Naaaan, NP. ?ia Elentie tm, 13 daya, with (mil, to J. It (J. I.nwrif. Ki lt at N. ?cht Jamca Forward, of Baltimore. Brig New Yntlt, of and from Baraunah for Sc. J*gn ilr Cuba, fonndrri-d on the 4th nit. to the l AMWaid of French Ki-ya. The captain and rri w were niched up in their lion la hv tin nreckera, -it before reported. ?tli metlal 2R, bin 7'i "10, tpok* aelir Floiiala, In nt - fnr Elentbria; jib. ?*i zv. ion 7 ?:;n, wmii Oriff J l?I* 11,01 iki>???u?, ..... u*? n 2 wl?al?*?. Bchr Nick? raon, Gdiv? from Na**au. NP. with HrfKi nwni |,u?r apple* ^ turtle 12 d\? wood 2 do imninn tit ? I ck* copper 7 (Mtm anon* to K. S. Tuck# r. Left M-hr Roe. of and for \ York, h'hrMar.Ji* M. Fnwle, .Nad.ii. t da,a from \\ *?hoi*i.?ti N< . with 11ar.1l ?ton *. H hr KhcrRy , Thnm**, from Folly Landing, with mm, to li. P. I! 1T IIS. fc' h/Wm Young, Hobiiwoii, I day* f">m Richmond, with CO) I fo muter. , y hr >Ury hli^aUth, J daya Iroin York Kitcr with wood, to mlMcr. Bchr Manchester, Worth, from Rn hmond, w ith fionr, to Alien k Pi vaon. Kclir Hannibal, Newbury, from York Riter, with wood to miflter. 8chr C. P. Cooiwr, K< lly, from Y oik Hirer, with wood, to mPcT?r Warren, Hopkins,4 daya from Baltimore, with flour, to w lifer. fchr Rubicon, Kdwarda, tdifi from Virginia, with wood, to mirier. \ BirdtaN, Bi ' from Vim ? mavf' | Hehr k. A. Slexnu, Bun>. 1 Jaj-J from Baltimore, wtti troar. to master, fichr Wdi fhomt<?'U, Jdanfroi.1 York l.ner. with wood, ti muster. Silu Ami kit**, houins, t (by. from Richmond, with toil la iinuti r. Schr Mum fitiu.ui, Toxrtueud, from Kiehiiioud, with cowl, t< nutter. Hr lir Two Kiiruda, l).rr ifrom V*i Jly Laaduiij, with corn, to matter. Hchr Phebe, Smith, 3 ila> - from Virginia, with wood, to tin matter. Sehr Purdy, Suuili, t',, m loizalith City, NC. Willi tvivwl Stores, to in* >ter. S r I tlhariU'. AV":lo. x, t do i f, on Kiiinnoud, Willi n al, t. tvx rer. Sclu E. Lndicott, Endieott, J da> * fiom Viifciuis, w ith wood, 8chr 4<alrct, Powers, 4 Hay?, from Richmond, with coil, to master. Si hr Model, \\ days from Virginia, with wood, to muter. S? hr I.miU, from York Iliver, with wood, to ru&Mcr. flkeii, Wanipanoa,-, from Porto Rico for New York, June J, Ut 20, Ion 67 30. P?reli{ii Port*. Qi rurc, June 7?Arr Ui.nia, New< oil.; fth, Arabian, Brk Auxiliar, Dublin; H-leii, Loud tidtwiy; Falcon, Bible .; ti, Pern beltoust Alpha, LivrriKMil; Blanche. Dou^ii .i; nil, B imli Stewart, Belfast; Naparinia, Dublin; Comwnlli , Walerford. Moaricii., June 10?Arr Ken', GIwrow . La GiavRa, May 27?In port, Camera*. from Philad-Iphi* war,' Irom N York, arr Kill, uiic. T 11 Briton, wa, i>. ? il lot Porto Cabello, Ifiith, but in getliuK under Kripi. part.-.) her ruble, and remained. United State* Port*. Hartford, Juue II?Cld Excel, Baltimore; Chriataua, New Yoilt. Pnii.*i>Fi.riilA, June 13?Arr Saluda, llio Je Janeiro; Oeul Parkhill, N Yink: Orion, La Guayra: Lincoln, Bo.tun; F nn< do; Reaper, Portland; Herald, Newoury|inrt; Two Brother. Lubec. C'I.I GenI Glover, Si Barta; Randolph, Porto Rico Delaware, Weil Iniliea; Rua.ell, Pearl, Oallio, Jane Yale. VV;,i Hunt, Eclipse, nnd Ph.nit. Bo.ton; Envoy, Pmtland B.audvwine, Newkork; J F Crouch, do; Eclipse, C'hclaca, Alhasduil, June III?Bid Virginia, Birhadoe*. NonF .i k, June 10? At Eleanor, Charleston for Balliinori? mil in in hnil emigrant* for Liberia; Union. Bo.tou, Sid Sydney, W, ,l lo.lies ?ud from Hampton Road*, all th* outward bound ve.w 1,. The sleamer Kingston, which left here yesterd.u lor N York, after proceeding a few itiile* outside the ('ape*, .u.tlined .nine J mi .Rtf to her machinery, which compelled her to put bark, and *hc came to anchor this morning off VYillnughby < Point. \Vilminoton, NC. June 3?Arr Chan E Thorn, Now York. Chi Echo, Newport; Si Simon., Boston. Charleston. Jiiii 10?Arr Soulhpor', N York; Fermx, Boston; Harriet, Frankfort, Me. Cld Welliimtoii, Liverpool.? Sid Marionj Olympia, and Core., Havre; Sutton, and Jefferson, New \oik. t'hl llih, IVrry, do. Savannah, June ?Cld Crnikslon Ca*ile, Liverpool. Pr.nsacola, May 20?Arr New Euclaud, Boston. Nrsv Ori.kan*. June f?Cld Pariolita, liar re; EdiuunJ Tcrkips, Liverpool; British Kin*, rlo; Superb, Trieste; Jacob Pen* n. II, Rotterdam. Arr Amaeou, NYork. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. 'PltESE lar-famed ami Celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, * we i* rceiye, to be obtained in this couu'rv. See advert isemenl on the last column of fourth pane, tn3 ia OR. JAViF.S ALEXANDER HOI S I GN ha. removed lli* t unji l.TINO Of'fii if., tl) No. 3 Ilt kai.i) Bl'tl.dino r.tni't tic .1 i mi i-11: i. 11 <i i ivi .. ll.' Ull III-l' L* N' LI8H M Alf.?Letter ' ags lor the Royal Mail Steamer i--i "COLUMBIA," Irorn Uo-tnn for Liverpool, will close nt II un-U 11 Si Co.'a Kspna* Office, No. 3 Wall itreet, on Widnes day, June 13, at o'clock, I*. M. jeUJtr HARNDF.N St CO. '' \\T h a8 B aLMa MIC f'ILLSC"-just received from *' London.?M. O. Wray, No. 118 Holbo.ultill London, has concluded airan.enicnis through hi. agent. J. 0. Fay, in New York, to supply that oily, and the chief cities in llu Union, with his Balaninic Pilli, which nave so long superseded in Li ndoii ih< use of Copavia, Culutu, and other nauseous medicine. These pill; are certain, sale, iH imalient, and most effectual cure for Gonorrhu-a, Gleets, strictures, seminal weakness, wli tcs, local deliility, affection* of the kidneys, irritation of the hlnilder or urethra, and nil the various di.r,.s. s of the uri uary passives. They act ai?cifically on the urinary passages; md from their tome properties lend to strengthen the system, rnd improve the general health. Retailed at No. 7!) Fulton street, and at diuf store Broadway, corner Chamber a'reet. jel l lt?c PREMIER WIG MAKER. IMPERIAL WIGS & SCALPS. f CHIS i AHDO, 6 ASTOH HOU*K. in Urotd*iy, ha lh< bono- tit iniitxlticiiu to tlx wf* wemill* inblic. 'wt tii'nrK new iuv.nrioi.s?\ i/?THE PATENT ENAMEL I.ED PARTINGS AM) CKOVV^S, .ltd the n? \ei blinking $K1N (* >ss \ VIEH ^ ET n >: two ini#i ; nit that .! ic ?k?i. lVig? so high in tlx i' u of ct nnoiseur*, an to be t. ll-. .lic, i] til,. KK plc n t'll ha of the a. I h? i rices arc ao excc?<iiii-.l> low i# to defy couipt-titinu. .) II lnt# r III IN KF1T TO TI IK TTLIN 1) IRISH MAHPKR VNl MBKKof gentlemen met at the l ily Hotel on Tun* da v evening. the 8th inntatit, to aid Mr. Walltthe Bdnd Irish lltrrxr, in giving a Concert. They appointed Mr, Michael Burke, ( hairinau, and James F. Brady, Secretary, To the 21st instant, was designated as t.hc tiiiu for 'In; ( Jtteert, aud the City Hotel as the inace. To secure Mr. AVali a substantial benaiit the price of single tick# u was priced p.! One Do I Ui?tickets Jo adinif a gentium in and one or or two ladies, Tu t Dollar*. Mr. Wall .announces that sewral dif tingui-h'd performer* had most generously volunteered their services in hi- h,.j Rf. The gentleim n whose nanus are append ed to Mr W11 IN dint publication, are requested to meet at the City Hotel, oil Tti'idty tin l lth instant, at II P M, when the preliminary arrangementi for tlx- C<-ueertw ill he completed. MICHAEL BURKE, Chairman. Jamki F. dnadi. Secretary. j? h 1' * (1 RAND" MUSICAL "FESTIVAL.?'The Vocal ami Instni; ^ unntrl Talent of this Citv are ro be combined in itimm Mti ;ir rl Performance, at the Broadway Taheri.aele, on Thur* ,i?V r.v.Miiinr, Iin nitii him.> "lion nn 1.1- ii ni.nii' u itakr llii- Krutiul what it nboitbl bt?a mutriii'i i iil.flair. I Mill i|ieii with h .plrii'lid ..vruir" by Hriniicli. from m or HiiaiirjMwoil ability mid p. ni r. llii craml . onM. ' hutm w ill al>ol?- yirrii from ?b oratorio of tin " rilrrim I'' in-n," by a of GO o lm toil -in." m. Tim soprani Inl b; Mail 'Hi Sjiilir Z ibii. Minlain Otto, ami Mm. Strom'will l>. imp; ort' il in tin- bawo(i?ii?r?, ami altor by pmf. ?< r? nio am..' nr? ol acknowledged at'iliii-. Ticket. for -air it tin principal iioiiii' ?torr?. Kor otlo r p irtii ulaii ii-o on II billj. A full u'liraraal will tab.' at In " climb ui VV'riir"-?'la\ innro in- iiib Tob rnaclr, None but the Orrlicitra and tin-linger will !w admitted. )U lt*c WHILST ii i* admitted on all -i'ic? [bit Striv.L rriamin Cream f nil tin ino.t lo al'.by and ilelii ion- nutuiio nl tb'.ei.on, and mulce. at almost I Very o.rii' 1 i.n ite our citixena I ', 1 doubt whether om of them in ithuuil i rvrr listed straw berrie* ami cream. Stranbcrriv. aid mil (if so it can be called) are common enough, but liru , ri 'b d. I cintu crtain, tin- natural dement of the itrawbcrrv, i? ' raritj indeed. And you will doubt, Mr. Ldjior, whether, in tlio limra, aucb a iniinr, in it. beautiful, imturul atati, ml pure a " the" ita kept ill, cau bo found within the boundarii I of ibis city, and, what is most niarrrlloi's, in Wall street, tou Yet, sir, so ii is : Slid lor the troth of what I say, reference i made to " The Clirystal" itself, at the corner ol Broad am Wall street!, "pponle the ( iistom House jM lt?c BY ONE Wild HAS TASTED. MOFFAT'S FAMILY LIFE MEDICINES. Fis no longer questioned, either by rival proprietors or'In medical faculty in cenenl. that l)r. Moffat's Veip-tahL Life Pills anil Pbenii Bitters nave become tin* mint univ, r*i! family medicines in the United Htates, and that they accomplish a greater number of cures, and conduce iiiom to the health of our population, than any others that can bt named. Vet they have never been extravagantly rccommendeC by the proprietor, b?t have won their renown ami respectabilit) by their powerful efficacy alone, and their sound and intrinsic worth* No medfeal proprietor either in thiecotmtry <?r in Kn ro; r lias a greater number and variety ofVdMMive testimonial to the actual cities they have performed, aigj although tlie?< amount to miny thousands, they doubtless roiin but a tonal portion of their extensive and unheralded usefulness. Then certificates, however, which all hear the signature atirl add res ^of the persona enred, unanswerably demonstrate that they al \nostlTivarlably cure not only the ordinary functional derange iiRntv, tnch as bilious and l;ver attacks, habitual and occasions rostireness, serous and bilious lm>sne?.s, dyspepsia, flamletic) and distressing disturbances of digestion, hut -cjaachronic am ignammatory rheumatism, fever and ague, other intermittent ftven, 'Muiitiict . gravel, scrofula, m its wor?t stage*. dedinasthma, broucheii*. quinsy, headache, nervous and waiting weakness, erysipelas, and all eruptions of the skin, settled iminu^in the sides, limbs, shoulders, hark, head, and organs, cholic, p dpitafion of the heart, determination of blood to the head, m l a host of other frightful mal idles. And the reason why they .trr so comprehensive in their *f fret*, so unusually infallible, as compared with other medicine* is th it they are an original compound of the rare t specific remedies that ire known to science. As aperients, thicy aw most fft ctual, yet mild in their opmtion. occasioning no m -shan th i or pain, although th - mo-t powerful purifier in th? vtor d. Fi ?r they invigorate all the functions of toe system si most fr<>m the commencement of iliejr work, and fill ever, j a ticnt with that delightful sense of renovated healthy thai whici no earihlv li i line is more blissful or highly prized. Preparer ud -.I'll); I).. \V M. B. MOFF AT, TT.I Broadway, N. ^'..rk For -air if most of Iht- druiwisrs in 'I"' city, je 11 ?h n. I is'r OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE TO puioliasers of Marshall's Troy Shirts, Roaomt and Col l?r.- Id cnnser|uetioe of ill- many miahk'i having hen made of late by atremrars and others, in finding oar only Tro] Si.irl Depot, *r are tlserefnr obliged to made miMie the csus. fo, tin- benefit of all in ptirsnit of ou highly reputed Tru' Shirts, Bosom* and dollar-. It il thil. A store has latel* ha painted on their window, anil about thei. pfrmines, a then nat l>ortiiig la b? "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we .nfortn all. tndonotkerp oar T.-oy Sliirtt, Bo.oms and Collars, and as cuard a,'ainst mis'al < that may or? ur in future, on account c thisnrw sign at the corner (lora, therefore, sse shall ciculat eatenaisel) th- following eard, and f. r the hei.efi, of dealer* i our ic'rOil* :? Tio? < to inform dealers and others that Marshall's ntd Tro> Slnrt Uc|iot in the city is about sixteen doors fiom th coiner of Pearl ind Chatham street*, on the right hand side i laosing to th' City H ill?No. 90 Cn?tham street. This Is on only Troy Shirt Depot for the receiving of oar highly teptst" Troy Hhirm, Bosoms and Collars in the city. Wc shall cans, this to be extensively circulated, in cons, rjuence of many mis takes hating been tnadr of latr. Be particular to see the nsme MARSHALL'S, on the window <tl?? ; also the follnstingMAUSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DKrOT. 90 f hath am stret t. No patronage asked of those who beat down. New York, June 3, 1842. je.1 Im'c SHI R T S. QH1RTB made to order. the most approved French ^ ' fashion*. Oentlemru's Garments of all descriptions made u order at the shortest ootid', t hrntlemenN Furnish us? Stole 07 ami 09 Maiden lane, rornri of William street. .... ml'j lm#r VV ILMAM COLLIN8. / i HfcAP LAWN Jiiftt received, liMiri vi ry rich Pr* ucf V-' Lawns of superior quality - id strle, just imported, via :? 3 cases Balforinet Lawns. 10d. 2 do colored grounds, yd wide. If. 2 do verond motirtiina aiid Ma^k. te. 3 do yd wide, beatinfhl foods, It fid. % do "Hp hand ?om? i' r y #*r imported /? and 2a fid. AUo. a heantifnl assortment of iitin nri|?, plaid and y, .i'e muslins, for dresses. Received recently, 30 ';**? * piints, fix 5 fast color* id. fi do several different styles, ? l. in do n' " i*-?f?- *i -*. fen handsome fid aid M. 5 do fh/d md p| tin M?*rrmarH?, 9d. t do new style r? il L ,??ioi? wuruunl, :* Also, several r un fnrniftirt ? himi,0d, ?ld Ifid and Is. hei ting* and Hliirti* M? avy Mown sh'-efiwr. Id, fid, id and I0d. Kitie -diirtiritf, ol, fid, fid, I0<1 and Is. n-?l Tick 'M. KM and l?. Lhrek* and a mi: hi in fM, Jfid and l?. Hoaterr, a I rfe ??"iltm ni at ? irr pair. UAUhKR Ik TOW! K. J? ,0 e?.'l'lt#C No. ;i Catherine street. i;?m v h i?\ kin i iks * M iid' o lane V.; J. t*. Kt, h i K iltou ?i, I> ok.\ ?. I A. ILiaaoii, N?-w Haven. O; cr.?'l he nnh'ir ?r,. r? ?| ecti'ui! informed that th? ale < stahliMhtnent h< I n in mco <fn foi in full i .if ' ; . 1; '? it ol fundi .< -0 ini.t i . urn Men aula and the tin Idle Ivifrill) % ill find It to lle-ir *d? an 1 i i them their ailn ? L* t*;-?ii.o . t L t_*/ ,.t ^ , ... . ~i Ti? i r.r,,. i.r.r., nr ^ l.r r.' nr.n ? i<-?lthy Hmvink mhI Utrnioi L< i ;,< ?. f ,,-? >!? " ' tail, *ery ic?-n*bl?, orr*u liillv 11'! "5 WM. WATSON, C< m.?? V Kwwi"' ? f.n lm*? Ai ..h?- rt. ' H !' ? ' Jr ' TWTnk.?,u<i - ini( ? rninplrte s??nimi nl of rio#, lirrrMW. ""I '7',/ ' k'l ''mi i ivv v ... , I..-- I AMI SE MEATS. DARDU > attraction.^ _ MONUAV r.V t.MNO, Jmrn H. The eroMMf prrforn.?uce wj'l romiti. uc.j i eartTjr at I o'clurk, A GHAN!) OVERTURE. Aft -! wliT'-h _ . TIGHT RO. E EVOLUTIONS, By the W underlul ItI V v.?)y ??d t 1^1. ? Winthrr. After which n French VaudenUe, wii.ti-n .wnwssly for the I.nnlwi'l l)w nft , ,11, .1 J,A PENSION |)K. >l.\ KfF.L'Tl. ft, Which Mitui t'AiiLO and Milt CAilOLloA will guttata three rliarac era. fHall'an Honrs iMermisrion.l Xj'THE PROMENADE .ML SiCAl Which t",vr to much satisfaction last a. sou, will k.ain !?>, n the t,eri?,. ,> ' intern toon, and i,i< rdr r to r rh-rrhi ,1 nurtni nt worthy the musical ch-raci r ol the wtablishini it, - Py!, ndiJ (trrhrslra h ' h- cu ecu re'l. MobtrlV Si!. i ll' ' OscrWrc to /nibriflotr. 1 wieln-lc with M. DECHAI L'MEAU. \1. Lironce, Lett* J ivelli | lln.-jii i.rt, Gib' I Hu. Iu!>?, Ant, in- R.vil Finoi Francois lUic! j, ; ?, CUrlt 1 M'm 6ii?in, MW A. Ri 1 >1. t)i ,'liiiiim, x-t, J Kjv< I I M'llr Olivier. M'ins J. Ru?'l G. 'itotMiss Welle Actum Mitif.-cr, Mr. f in,ip> mule. Mm ,. ul L' .il r jii'1 Director. Mi E Woolf. Tickets?rjo ?eui? Doors ,>|m <i M half |*si ? vcti o'clock, Entertainments to commence ..t cifcht. IMltK THt'lATHE. THIS EVENING, June It.?Tut |>erlormance? commence I THF FAIUV AND THE PItlNCE. Qtneimfthe Fairies, Si,I'll, Kauuy Klssh-r The Pi lure, Motis Martin I Princess, Mad Merlin After which. DEAK AS A POST. Old Walton, Bellamy | TiisUm Happv Williams Mn I'lmni-ly, Mrs Whextlry To conclude with a grand dance entitled . EL BOLERO, By Mil'lle Vauuy Kluler and Moos Martin. Doors open at aevcu?perloiiuauccs w ill couiuieucu at halt |last seaon. Boxes, $1?Pit, id Cents?Gallery, 51 cents CHATHAM THKATRK. " The Old Pliers Kesnmtd. THIS EVENING, Juno 14?The peifiirtnuice will com menc* with ELLA ROSENBERG. Rosenberg. Mr Thoine | Col Mountfort, Hicld Ella RcMsnhcrg, Mrs Thorn.Alter which BONE B^I ABH LIABLE. Bone S.jtiash, Rtcn | Jim Bruwn, Herlwrt Jnnietta, Mrs Blake To conclude with JACK SUE1TAR1). Jack Hreonaa I, Mrs Thoruc I Jonathan Wild, Hi* 1,1, Mrs Herbert Doors will o|,en in future at a quarter past 7 o'clock, nod t* e cuitain will ,isi' at II o'clock punctually. Dress circle, .10 cents?Boxes, iti?I'll, I2hi?l'r'vnte Boxes, Js HlhL'li NEW YORK. lU'SEUM. (Formerly know n as Teale's,) No. 06'.' Ilroun .cot/, umnis.'lr i/ie City Hull. NOVELTY . NOVELTY 11 NOVELTY *'! Sicoiid night of the Olympic compani Mia Waits, ,,1'thr Oljmpic Theatre. Mrs Loll, r, of'In- OI? mjic Thcathre. Mr. Bait, r, oflho Olympic 'I h-aire. Ml l-l.r.r.l ,.f <'. e CXI e Tl.ei,.. Mr Brucr, tlir f.lotlU rcilnctjiau, eutl Mr O Gnlunt, of tlw Olympic T*n.?U; THIS EVENING, ami dining the werW, the tlxivc talculej and [<0|iular peifortnevs will appear in a trrin of conn, lectures, 4t.\, in thi t Irani) Pictorial SaloonMr Marshall, the artist and worker ill (.tlrus, w ill lie in atUuJalio day and eveliiug. Tlir tenant* of the f orest, Sea anil Air, Mineral Woniii'i* , and tli* Vaal mimlur of .Portrait* of American Worthies. An F.nyptiau Mummy?In perfect preservation; wrapped in ita ancient cert inrnta and fully 3000 yeara old. Previous to and afler tin I norm. experiment* in Electrieiiy, witii one of tin most powerful machines in the world. Performance at half-past 8 o'clock. Sacred Concert every SumU) fc.\.-nu.K, under live tlirrciiim of Mr. G. l-oder. Admi-ton 25 cents. J14 Isv AMERICAN MVMVM AND GARDEN*. fiOHNfcJt UK BROADWAY AND ANN oTKKI/l P. T. BAHVUM. manager. EVRRY DAY An! EVENING THIS WEEK, commencing .011 Monday, Ju? II. Be?t aft net ion in the city ! Day *i?ii?iH *d;i>itted ihv -mi* veiling KKEE. On Hies! ii"> hi- h iu t'?r city. Th minagiThat enR* ?i In. \vm?'U only thr (oitt.vvin^ .,.h*i;dul at*. 1 the < N DUSTUIOlin FLEAS. im'-rt* h*\e Iwn tuj.lvi In a gentleman from G? rnunv, ?tud >-r? dercd mi docile ;u to bo hiiimmciI to Curri % rid other vihic!t*a ot iever ! thm-iiui nine* thcii own weight, whihtE w ill d" w wi'h . ro-ndi pimmmoii a* r. c.ut home. HIGNOH BLITZ. the unrivalled M'*ifirKri. Ventrloqiiiat and i'l.v 1) ucer. An 1LLUM1NA* TED BALOON will ascend from the Garden mi thy t? p of i:i MpM-iirn ?t\ rr?.?iinir at <f uYI?>o?;. The ininiatu: I S t EAMBOAT lITDRAl LION whiehwoAa without poddleB, screws or wheel-', w ill be in coiiitunt motion, the rapine nnd machinery nil in opcatim)* Mis* Rosalie ti??- aluger, CcIrate, the Dhim no-, Mr. Bet >lie Vt'cdiit, uaiiiiil via^itetum, Niagara Talis, w ith real water, .and dUO.OOO riirioaitiea. One mort* week el'the rn>?urtnua OIl'&EY GIRL! Hlie can b* i?rt% ately consulted during the da\, ?ran J Cvatncmyia, and more. NOVEL CURIOSITIES than contain* din un^ flie inurteuuis ? * Amcric??. A ifdi'ndid day |H*r for manct eYcry Wednesday and betuti .7 afternoon. Ad nituince to the whole 2b cento?children half price. ARCH STREET THEATRE, in I'hiUdmhta -To L? 1 the Arch Street Theatre for ili? 'ton* of UU and 3. A*? iiy to 1*. Me Lalourcado, JUtf Crow n ^tle. n i BAML. BJIALBON, Heerrr-ry. l'hiladcli hie, Jane 1, UlU. __ d?-' f im* ! plRcUs-WELCH k "MAN3T will ployTu koclun-r, v>/ on Monday, Tncsdav attd MrViliu *day, 21d. L411 a and 'iat??; ' Caledonia, &>th, Ocneneo. 27th. and 8|>hjt?. 2HMI. CARD AND NOTICE TO TRAVELLERS. k iu thn Pul)lic generally, resident in the Slutr ?>f New "V ork. i?d Weefrrti JDivwii ?i of tin* country'. Meaara. WELCH MA N N hope and belie** the* ran pre 1 <u-nt to the lover* of the nuldx aciioic1, Uornenuaiahii . * n* -1 splendid t^ircut Comimuy "f Riders,? ? h a pu ked f?]MCBtnaa mil ? v ?r in in ov. n d- i .i.tmenu The Grind Tent ShIooii t* ru'W, >paciouil and h? nl\ a* ? vi n-'ditiri^. the Ilotwin?; end decora!ire traiTimrs tvu- uch, i-o?? I. and of the lerylirat Ordc:. The fto h.-atri rompriici thi heel deniable Natre. '"'1 ! " > ,u 1 ileiit iinl vi ill i ir.lil- flic I. ier? nunc to h'trthe ' iiir eo:i",'iaitiou* *?f '1?* itri* ii Ma.ter* vllnl: .My pi*: e.i.? An .u,'.he i . tfonneri will n. 11mud tin tinwrt oi " " ><> . wily .-vl.bMir.Jf. J. UOGK.US. tti.. HuroflW ..11 ' hi. * ?-:ia'iTmI .ii. ami nii-'ieh her*eaot??I. I ' C ,'ilv r, and ln? ? niubrtu! mull. Jolm (Menr.o,, p , 11, nr IMV tin ilhbe Ultiflll l .l> , two .111 I ll.r. r home m il >! . yvJ- 'IC '' ballet, aided by the lour Miaaet W. lie,the moat tabmied ?II.I * inter* itiinc childu n in I lit' Union. * The astounding Italian Omnia., tic Seen* of Mr. Utah > .i. lii. infant *011, iiilul electrify nil who behold * IfHw of ? ? Ii J Woden. ! ' The ma.iitficeiil Poeea of the four If .riparian Unimu. ' Th? anil aMO'ii.hiuc Kjuuarinn of an clet?rt cnmi'-'ni ofUa.lte?, headed by thi ictiimrliiluil M|> .'?HN SMITH, e.nnot (hit to r?.ite a sensation... aurpruitii, Ho tu.-l.ifol. The prraleif lint* Acrobat, Mr. ft Sw.-et, wiMd.i? I lay hit su|c rb Faiuiiibiiuiu* anil ?j I undid Dauccson tlie TiiiM Ronr. [ 'Ihe firar fomic Singer of the Day. Mr. Dirkmtou, will oo eaaionally Introduce a .?rin of llir writ pojitlai smuts?the fn at Kait Indian N'erem itic K'ats b- Mr. J' nni^c* Moat ?ii|wr*Jnti?? Esi pClu I'yranii.liral Vaulting by i fully I talrnlrd troupe?single "horse Kola ol daali and .larr, by ,'.lr Howard. Twenty perform, ra will represent Orand Historical C*rn!| cade I'aifrants, with toe beautiful stud of ll"nr?. And in accordance with tlir Mate of the Hay th1 tro?t eai el lent and poi.nlar specimen* of Nerro Rmut and Dance'y that I monarch of H??el and Toe, the iiicorutuiralile John Sm ifh, aid- d by light heeled Tommy Coleman, the great Banjo Tlnj er. W. , Chrsnut.and the I'rinee of Paganiunii *, H. Hnfl'inar. a" . i F1 REWORKfCcRACKERS, &*C. , FOURTH JULY, 1^42. I /COUNTRY and nty dralera in firework*, will dud it to their a-' advantage fo call and examine an eati-mir# assortment of tin- lient quality, at R. AYLIFFF.'S old establishment, DC | Chatham atn-et. A large quantity of fire crackers iust n r. ired. Remember the aian of the two mannnoth sky roeketa and fold | |mv |mai t j yt * r FIREWORK S. GASSNF.W It YOVNO, No. IJJ Chatham rtrrel, lurr on hand their usual eatensife a*?nitiiienl of r. arranted Firewnilta, which will be sold to dealers and otliera at the loweal in.nufjrtiirera prim. ! su <?, n J*TZC ?upi ly Of Mr. firework*, for biMor*--. tt laboratory pric**. jr 12 F I R E W~OR~ SfsT 8F.LJ.INO OJCHEAP, AT o) MAIDEN LANK. IT STAIRS. iel2lj>-4*r i FIREWORKS. 1 rIMiJ. inott retentive, tarii d and brilliant eihibitioiial J re1 work. ever mahiil'.cliirrd in thia it any ntlter r,ninny, ar. now ready for delirei y, on (lit i-.We.l |ir?n?,ili lol.itoinit remrttiit*-ea --nd partie- forthe relebration of the 4th of Ji?y, at the United Slatea Laboratory, JrrKv C|t? , ISA \l J.DtJE. Jr , P5rHerl1t. tr Order- left at Nib'o'a frard- n, tiO Maiden l.anr. 132 Chatham , s'roet, will meet wnli immediate aftrntion, and food. delivered to mt part of the city JW ofeipau" . >12 Dyt*r FIREWORKS. F O I I' T II O I' .1 i; I. Y . 1JMMEWORK8? New k orh Lebotalory.?M. Ber.u-tr, lyo " Front .treet, two door. ?orrh of Fulton?The moar c?ii nah e and brilliant aaaortment of Firew-rba are now offered ar the above pla?*e, ron<i?ring of Honorary and Si.nal Rochett, with nold and ailver i on; Sunt, Fatta. Palm Tree., Pvraniirl., P. rutiati Cfoatca, Oct, Trianal-., V erne;,lea, Mint yof Serpent, .nd Star., Maroe>tt?. B'li.yo'a Lifhtt, Roman Candle., Itrae and .mall Sementa, Pin Wheeli.(Jiaihupiei?. Pott Fire , Bine Liffhta, Scroti Wheel., Torbillion., Pigeon., Torpedo., rulliug Orarkeri, Double header.,, Canton Roekrta, Itr, Country nn iehanlt. ami d, aler. in general, are reqne.t -d to call and examine the above -to, k. N. B ?Committee, for ?.afy and eonutry ditplay, military and private |-arti( t; nn bo atipi-lied on the inmi libeial term., ttith the above aittelea, warranted?the in aterral. haviinc In en leeted vtiththt n'moat cope. jei4nii>4*i DM?rKHHEOTYP? NFW PATTKRN "APPARA -iis?i/ a Atixat i t v < <i met .i i ?p,..>Mtr St. P?iil t > hurrli, Imva k ot'v.i/ rvr imrk. t ?lni. Arieo, "r' ' ''r *' '',,w pnrt?, I'lftrrm. n pln<-?, l?rv n/. U up hrq Mil nn f. ; .''i <-< -nc!-1' D.'ffcerrrntypp ?i>.'r?t?n, n?w l?tt?rnao wrtimnic imdr at K;u, tiv AipHoiimi (lirmn **<-< t?, botMpthTnivul^,,!, nf it*. , 'nroli oi ifniM, wxunf, chloride of iodine. fcr mine, ucniiiDf* of tod^ie, < hWnnk' of jmI/, *it l the new *r< U r+hiuc l 'nUtinre. j ~'TnR sir^T^rnimrTO.m'^n OE1^ r''?7? *>? - f N't * \ . rk, if ht- oikV d'Hthi HOflOKKV ^ P hvmI atirl fii orife e*nir*.ii?n mi*'. -.unionr i i ? mu t-f t>'n^i vt* ?mj U-riuf tlnlly utCrmiheiJ iiiWif v ,?! otiri'f*. Tin v !i'tV" recently h^fn jjre.Ai?! .'.o< Mhdied, by wh;e]? tU#? i.*? Imm ti tender^ 1 inor? Jutefv ?H*n ir ? v?i ?t ?? ' irforii. Ai rtiw Kuni4ti Ki- M?. tiwr' iBtlic ddiibiU'd * ? .m.?i? f excellent i:r.r rtinif r.t?i mum . mi Jir *[' rmwB, nr. M'mmUy'* V\V<l|ic? 'l and N*11ink Y Tin b \ ?* Mf? ?? h*tirUr>m?-tv rfrpveil !*>f th# miner. m l pf> liorn I'-ucl-iy , ( mi.iI, mid ( hft*hn?hcr a'reef*. A r-iry boat run* to I fin it .. tw cwnin* until 10 ../flock. jrtfiv Im'ic 91 'O 91 V< t L KOH $ T fcNA n el#- ,-,^i H ?U ol roCMW I All ?H li id ???' flit I < r A' I A Ifelv . ft?nil?' t -I (?r Iff I'uirjjln ?l, ,'iW with or v%ifh nib- irl, in ?|*rmf# /unity, tt !fo. fe White ' ?irM?. Ah -*r? mi ?-r r r wmi-Mf |-rr?i n'7|-r#r j liAVA.N'A AM> I'UIMjPK H MAP'S I \f H A!> ?> < iinm -iii r, n\ Ti*?<1, hv tJie H? | .VI i, n j, Mt< ('hi-i t : fjt-1! |?.i N.- i n?. < < ?? , niniui I ' "I ?ii| in i No'S .it I'.t t IViurl). " .'in, whirli |i?- i.fler* f, I- iM?on?i>ir )irir'?. i ? |m?f < '1 i- M?'.' DMruVKliV I -I' I < J PAINT AM' l"MW KV,<>;? NAlfr1.- fn-t, .,? may ?? . *t Xi> ''31 IJ, ,ilw?y ? , n?.-r >1 ?n.i ! ?#>' ) ? "> >* n v of! f' lv. m I- . ) [ -p. n 1 , i-i *<>i u[h l' tin pit i.f >i ii.ii % j j n'i11;* <?f t tboM-|ii>' nt from *V Ficurb goti rrim m. Tb ??r ml n*iiitin?co ?n- ?0|?pf|fii i!ut bo j^hiUr ran iJm m witlMMf ?pfwiiimc Ilir,f?r?R\ tbU mr ?f*i?f ??r ofl?*r |t r If* II. ill *1 VftV IfW If* ?i, .ii I ? i t < !in|| <!ub 't|r lo an !*MUti4 * - b. (<' . m ??K?* mnb ?'ri\'<nm, a -imfb l?**on of Mr, VICTOR KHNETTfc, ? to th* ? mirt* of Kiince, Ruiti?, lie. J??l lm*f * ^ * 4

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