Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 15, 1842 Page 1
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T H V?1.VI1I.?II9. 104.?Whole No. 3015. ~"REGULAR PACKEl^ NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ^ S.'lfrosi New York ou iho sad Lnerpo.d ou the 13th <?/ each month. rn.rn.MmpKiilM NfWIOlllL Ship SHEniDAN, Captain F. A. Ihiieyster, 2Jlh May. Ship OARRICK, Captain Win. Skirluy. Htli Jum. Shit. KOSCIUS, Captain John Collin., tilii July. Snip S1JDDO.NS. Contain E. B. Cobb, IBili August Know Livgnrooi.. Ship SIPHONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th Juno. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Dem-yaier, 13th July. Ship CiAlUUCK, Captairi Win. Skuluy, 13th August. Ship HOSCIU8. Culain John CulJui., 13th September. These shins art all ofthe lint claw, upwards of 11*10tons, built iu lh? city of New York, witli snch im|*ov?uteiiU as conihitie great speed with unusual comfort lor passengers. Eierv care has bet n taken in the arrangement oi their accommodations. Tin* piles of |asut. hence is $100, for which ample store, w ill be provided. These siliiw are commanded by ei|?.'riciiced master*, who will make every exertion to give gt ueral satisfaction Nt'irher the captains or owners of the ship* will be res|?naihle for eny letters, psrcels or jwekages sent by thein. unless regular b lis of lading arc signed therefor. The; nips of this line will hereafter go armed, ami their peculiar construction gives thein security uol possessed by au> other bur vessels of war. For freiclit oi pusage, apply > E. K. COLLINS (k CO., M Sonth St., New York, or to WM. & JAS. &ROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be cl urged ttK chu(s persiiutle heet; SO cents inrr ounce, aud newspapers 1 cent each. n?7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) ;!?& JH: Mz The shi|w of this I iue wail hereafter leave New York on the Island Havre on (lie lfitli of each month, a? follows : From Nrtr York. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, I 1st March I Kith April Captain < lit July < lfitli August James Flinch, r 1st November t lfitli December Ship BALTIMORE, l 1st April I Kith May Capt lin < 1st August < 10th September Edward Funck, f lit Deccem'rr lfith January ShipUTtCA. list May l lfith June Captain < lac Septemb'rt lfitli October! Frederick Hewitt, (1st January f ltitli February New shipST.NICOLAS, i 1st June ( ltitli July Captain < let October t lfilh Notember. J. B. Pell, t let February ( lGtn March The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all thai may lie required for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Ksmeiigera will be supplied with every requisite, with th<* exception of wines and liquors. Quods i lite rule A/at these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred on tlicin. For freight or passage, apply ts BOYD & tilNCKEN, Agents, a8 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. J&- Jffi. t$fy jffr For tire better accommodation nf shippers it is intended to de .oatch a ship from tliis port on the 1st, .'ith. With, IMh, 20th, and 25lh ot each month, commencing the 10th October and cominutns until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* will b? pres enled during the \uminer months. The follow ing ship-, will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell.. Ship OCONEE, Captaiu Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Siiip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAK9PEARE, Cajdain Miuer. Siiip GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Million]. These ships were all built ill the eily of New York, eipres:y for packets, are of light draft of wafer, hsve recently been a ivly cigrpered and put in splendid ordWiWith accommodation* 101 passengers unei|iailled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make eTery exertiim to give Seneral sati>taction. Tney will at all timi i lie towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these shiju will be responsible (pr jewelry, bullion, precions stones, silrer or plated ware, or trfr any letters, parcel or jAckage, sent by or put on board of them', unless regular bills ot lading are taken for the same, 9id the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage apply E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South St., or HULLfN 4 WOODRUFF, Agent in New Oileans. who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually a* advertised, and gteal care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. jnl 8TF.AM NAVKL^^^^^^7EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA?SO UTIIJ) Ml'TOX. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. heave, Commavoki. The dvya of dtparium of this w<tl-kuown Steamship, have been lixed as follows : From A'liwerr, From Southampton, From New Ymk, On sih May. 1&42. On 7th May, 1812, On 7th June, 1812 ii?s. 10th July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Sept. " 10th Sejt. " 7th Oct., " Trice of passage, meals not included, to South.imp'..n or Antwerp, 570? Steward's fees, $2 C2}i. The meals will be served oil liosrd, on (jie plsn of a continental hotel, in the best in uiuar. and at fixed and moderate prices, piAseiig-Ts being only "liargeu when nartakin .' of the same. The price ol' passage to either of the above twits can also be emra;rd if preferred, with meal* and steward's "fees included for $97 G2lj ccub,exclusive ofwiues. ea|>erieneed Surgeon aceomi>auief the ship.' tor Irtight or ptuuaKc, or any further inform mon, apply to H.TV. T. It II. MALI. A genu, a72 6m*r 41 Bear?r street. - - KOR HA VA-i A?f)l RK7:T.?The fine and well known sceamahip NATCHKS, Wm. Miller, commader. will sail for the above port .ibnui the litli of June. 1 F?r iiammje only, lnviny elegant and superior accommodations, apply to JOHN B. LA8ALA It CO., mid 17tr 49 Broad street. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS* RELIANCE TORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE Kor the X raii3|?'it*tion of trooda between Philadelphia and LSsSaSl -S6 :?i^-S??PTliia iinproremeut in tr iiisjsirtuiou affords to Wiitrrn MrichaaU j?-<ot!i rr advantages. The unuda being carefully packed III tile hoitv at our vvarchonve. No. 30} Market arr? et, are carr cd ov r the Columbia and rortaire Railwaya without tnnahipment. Careftil captain* and crywa aie employed, who lake cuirge of the itoods at Philadelphia, ?:ul continue with llwm the entire rout' , thu? avoiding delays and the liability of Iota beinsaepapited on the way. N.B.?Passengers forwarded to Pit la bunt and r?ttarille, evcry day , Sundays eacepted. H. STORKS, Aireiu, v 12 1m* 7 Washington street. FREIGHT AND PASN.VUE TO PITT8BVRG, BIN" II A M 'S LIN E. The proprietors of Bingham's Tiatwpnrtiiion Line to rittsbntt. (lie notioi-to the Merchant* nf New York, and all other Veneris shipping to the Wast, that ihrir line is now in arrive oiaratioi' I) orts consigned to th< in (or sent to go in their line,| will In (nrwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, .sho halt' no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please eonogii their goods to William Bingham, Pitlslmrg, who will atiend to snipping all such consignments without d,lay. All eo.Ms sltituld he marked distinctly on eacn package BINORAM* LINE. for ltd of ficiglu, which ate as low ae any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent No. R West street, opjHisite i'irr No. 2, N. U. N. B Psisenger. forwarded to Pittsburg and Potut tile,every day. Rtindays excep'ed. Refer to R. Crooks, American for (Jo.; 8. T. Nicoll, front ?tr "t , Pheln>, Dodge h Co, Knltnn stieet ; Sop danS sue A Co; Win. Rankin, Dnrvee at Co, Newark. tnfi 2m STATEN ISLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. Tht sietniers STATEN IHLANHER and SAMSON will run as follows, until luriher notice Leave St ttrti Island I .sard N?wY?:k. At 7X o'clock a. M. At i o'clock s. x. ? 9 .. .. .. , .. o ]9 o n <i ts " ? " " " II " IX " r. m. " 2 " ? n. ? 3,c '.I :: ?." 4* J . - A " " " 6 " " All gnosis snipped are required to he particularly narked, tail are at the risk o?lhr owners thereof. ;ej c ^ 1,1 M LINL Mill ALBANY V-?AM) NEW YORK?landing at ;ba foot of m BUHammr.".! iton, Nrwbureh, Pon*hkeep,ie, Cine.on I' lilt, l ?1??.|H anil Hudson?r<?wr io rents, bertha il roots -llir si.lrndid ?t. im.r WASHINGTON, I'sptaia .1 .1. Brown, will 1/ ivr the pier si tin- I,.,,t ,,f Robinson street for Vlbo.y eirry .Monday, Wednesday anil Friday, nl 5 o'clock ' M. Leave Alhsnr.foot ol Lydna street, for New York, every ["uevjsy, Thiirsilic anil Saturday, at Y o'clock I'. M. for pars di? or freight apply on board, or lo D. R. Martin, 182 iV.sll street. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pier, NR. Aje (ly i., hoard Washington, Robinson it irdlin-rr tfm. Afl (TuTE1P'ROM f.N(iI.ANn jWLTND, SCOT LAND AND WALKS. JERSONS desirous of making encajementa for friends to ewiip'.t. fr on tli- Old Country to the United St#/s and rho ins\ wish to serine for them d.-spjti-li and comfortable ac.imiioidal'oiis, will find it their interest lo spnly to the subrrihera, wh arc at all Iwn' s prepared n. make ?ueli srranjrelenis as will taniBir satisfaction. Th- t-es? l? < nit lis line ar all of the lirrl rlaas, one of ? Inch |<m i l.iv. ry*i . eefclv, r >o.. rfurnilv all del*> si tit" prut if mhnksip n Is \s b.? always been ciistnmari with ihn line, wh'ii pise filed for decline Comma nut, the proserin V I. r II led. with ? unv deduction. I ssue' p. r steim' r fiom the sriom poets of It'IsliI and Scotland, rsn likewise be ?e L roi lunncr panicuinr" v to r. v. SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Elt&b.uhed Ptaur Qtfir r, 773 Pearl at, _ Otto r. orimsijaw & co. 10 (torre, l.irrmonl. b.irbm** or draft* at -u'it, and lor .* inwnMit, can lik*wt?e furniilii il ,m r?i- Niti . i'l P "ik (if Ir land. Northern B'likt1 Natioml b in* , 1 >r,,,, i" aun at ?n r ne -1 > III- n <. aim, mi n. C. f ' ,1 V. C?., Banum, t.ooVn id (' Oriid'hiw ft Oo? mS 'rn*r PASS\OK "Oil i,ONnO>-K,ri I'-irk,"t.-Tfi; flMPy 11,1. ndi.l par It! ,i. i ,50V VI. S?OVI. til-:iI iN, C'.irt. "lihitai ' 'Ik' ' nil' pontivtly ?n <th of June, tic i.-Kiilar iV. t! nil" t rv <it| ,nm a-r, nm n? fur i tn?. *, :. I i-itnn, , , ! p n,- - ill l?w nt' ifir |ni rl. aiv'i '"'"'i -.h.inl.r l>? mad. ..n hoard font of Old Slip, or W. ii J. T. TAPS! OTT J'l ' <9 Pack flip, below fkniill it. , E NE N oculists." == the eye. .)R. WHEELER, OCl'LIST. INFLAMED, DISEASED AND WEAK EfES.?D1L I WIIKELEil, Ocruliftt, 33 Gn<*uwich icreet, Now Yorkrcspcctfully inform* the public. that lu coUAcpioiice of his practice having bncome enWrgt-d to so ere at -n extent, ho is compelled to confine his office attendance stricll} hot worn the hours of 8 A. M. to I P. M., after which hours lie \isit* out door patients. Notwith >t finding thai among the m my hundreds of eases which Dr. Wheeler has attended, tnmy lute been operated on by other professors without success, ami pronounced by them incurable, yet he lias never failed to eradicate the disease, nud effect a i*rfect cure,despite of every, dis nl vantage which may have presented itself, and in tnany instances almost against kofN). It is this unprecedented success in his treatment of the iarious?hitherto considered incurable?diseases of lh?? eye, that enables him with confidence to refer the aillirted who may be unacquainted with liiiu, and his aiild mode of (rusting th? disorders of this organ?to numerous restored paticnu in the first class of society, respecting hit pioitv.sioual sk'il and abilities a* bong pic einineut foi bia succc.-, as a scientific Occuliat Gbionic mHamwiaiiou of the evalid or sore eyes, however lone standing, can be effectually and permanently cured, films, and specks, rtunovtd without sun;teal opciauon. STRABISMI) 8, Cotnm<M?ly calico Squinting, and CATAllACTa, safely re uioved?In a few minutes?with scarcely any inconvenience o# punt to the patient. To save trouble, correspondent art mi nr.ed that . letters, addressed to Dr Wheeh r, C.""?** ^ill not bJ ta.tcn from the Post Offec, unlet* post poid The vast mini her of case* which nave becnc:ar 4 1 * Dr. Wheeler, have already gild) hun a wide spread rcpuPi i "iid ti&ed it u(M>n a basis r j lasting as tV gratitude of those w t he has rescued from a *' living dr.silt " Of the number u^? Uticaies, which patients have offcred lo him of their own ac cord, he sol vets the folio wins, not tliat (he rases an* more remaikabU lhau many others, mitbtcausr (he ncrsou* who wrote them appeared to be actuated by a conswierwWjilc spirit of phi laiilhropv, in ccrllDi to make known lot the good of Uxor fellow m*u, tin- which they have received front Dr. Wheolei's ltcatw?utNicVtm, Marcdr ljili, 1812. T? Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 GrvenwiCn sf. Lime Si* :?That yon may, if you th,ntr nrnp-r, mage poblicly known the liifli estimation in whir n I liolJ ycu as in occulist? 1 bee to Eire yon, in addition i?> iny vernal acknowledgments of tbe benefit you have e mUrred upon me as a patient, this written avowal of my grrst indebtedness to you lor restoring the sight of my poor little child rem the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted it* sight '1'he child was of such tender years, and its disease was of suci alarming a character, that I despaired, until told of your smll in sucn matters, o| ever obtaining any remedy for her, and .ho more especially as other physicians had afforded her no iriief. I am lioipy, how ever, thus to confess that yon have effectually cured Iter, and I cordially, heartily thatik you, for your highly successful eier bona. Yours respeetfully, MARTIN WATERtl, lIS.Hammcrslcy st. City and County ol New York : to wis : In the hope of being serviceable to w?ne of nvy afflicted fel low creatures, I hereby voluntarily offer my craleful tc.timo nials In Dr. Wheeler, the ( culist, for restoring me to perfect tight, (from total blindness,) after having before hern inisuc ccssfully treated and operated nuou by upwards of twenty of the most eminent and celebrated medical men of this city and differeni parts of the United States. In witness whereof. I make deposition, under oath, to its tilth, anil herennto mhtrribe my name. JAMKS o. FAUUKL.7J 3d Avenue, Swain before me, the 30th day- of March, IS1'?. Clr.o. lnvLASO, Corn. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : ss. Day id IVvfttll, l.di Jackson street, Brookly n, being duly sworn, aays, that he was afflicted eight years w ith the Kgy p liau opthalmia, and ulcer* iu the eyes, and though under one ef tne ttnst oculists at the Kye Infirmary four and a half years, n* rtperiencad no relief, but heeanie blind, in which state he was placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oeulist, 33 Green rvtch sures t, who ha* entirely restored his sight. DAVID POWELL. ouuKnmi) aim muni io wmre m<*, mis :tin nay oi march, 1*42. Joh.i Bulklkt, Com. Deeds, 21 Wall street. City and Cnnnty of New York: u. Mary Ann I'irtry, daughter of Mrs. Wim?les,No. 94 Catharine street. lciug duly sworn, say*, that she a short time suffered dreadfully from a disease known, technically, (as deponent is informed) to be Amaurosis, which rendered l)er quite blind. Although she had the best assistance that could he afforded her at, the Eye Infirmary, (as will as from an eminent oculist in this city, who eventually told her the sight could never be restored) she never received any essential benefit until she was placed under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Greenwich street, whose kind aud skilful treatment, leis entirely restored 11r. MARY ANN PIULEY. 8 worn before ma, this ISth dav of April, 1*12. Isaac P. Maktiw, Com. Deeds. 14 Wall street. City and County ofNew York: aa. Mr. S. Cady, Si High street, Providence, 11. I., bring duly sworn, lays, that Ire was totally blind in his left eye, for nine years; die eausc of the blindness was cataract; that he applied to Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of 33 Greenwich street, who, [bean o|terstiuu attended by verv little ;>ain and inconvenience, and without 'iciiger.) ha* perfectly restored hi* sight. Under such circumstances, he feels it his duly, to state lii.s gratitude, to the Doctor, for the inestimable benefit which his skill has conferred upo.-. him. S. CADY. Sworn before me, this day ofArril, IS-13, Gstonng Ihi'.land, Jr., Coin. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. City and Cnnnty of New York, is: On the 9th of last month, I placed my little daughter, three years old, w ho had sore eyes, and was completely blind of the left, under the care of Dr. Wheeler,, 33 Greenwich st. To the astonishment of all who knew her,Iter sight is perfectly restored, and licr eyes are Well. In the ho|>e of leading others to the same blessing that I have enjoyed, I voluntarily make this statement under oath, CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand street, corner of Thompaou street. Sworn to before me, this Jflth day of April, 1312. W. R. Braar., Com. Deeds, mIS Ini^r il Nassau street MISCELLANEOlTS._~ siTaron springs. THE FAVILLION.?This new commodious Hotel will be 1 open for the reception of visitors on aud after the first of June nest, at the Village of Slaron Springs, Seholiarie County, New York. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bilisous and Dyspeptic coinplaiuts; and in the cure of Erysipelas, Saltrheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility. mill ill many .tiler rosnecbs posees. (a* Certified by tome of the nw>?l eminent mi'dieaf profi-wor, in the United State") medicinal and Ivaliin: projH [lies un.cirpaueil, and believed to be uncqualled b in ill thi" COMi v. Added to these, lh^ net n the vicinity, numerous villages, e*?"njirr views, neighboring cave* and romantic scenery are among the many aitrietians offered to theae seeking in the heat of summer, either health or pleasure. The?e springs are hut a few lioura ride frm.i Sarolngs, Troy, Albany, Ve., and are aecetanhlr from Canajoharie 011 tn< Albany and I'tira railroad, when carriage" daily an lit the arrival of the morning can from Schenectady and Utira to carry visitora to the Spnng*, a distance of about eight mile*, arm in* in time for dinner; .also by the Alhary and Cherry ^ alley tunapike bv daily stage, being about torty-five milea weal of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and ahower Baths furnished at all time*, either of tl> .mineral or firah water, and every attention given to render the stay of v'titor* agreeable. An abundance of the purest monntain spring Ice is stored for the season. ISAAC O. WILLIAMS. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel w ill be opened at the atiorr village of Sharon Spring", for the reception ol ei"lton, and combining all the ailvantagei of this delightful summet residen?e. s29 iew3uw*r WILLIAM E. JONEB. A WONDER AND A BLESSING TO Cf.F.AI! THE SKIN. rrHK ITALIAN CHEMICAL this re.oln* (ionMiwd hy ikv Medical Cxinril of Pari* M We conrider M. Vet prim the pbiltnthromst of the age, and hit lulnn Soap m ? perfect miracfc to en re any eruption or ditfj^drvineiu of the tLiti. The Italian Chemical Soap it confidently recommended to the public to run* the following : pimple*. freckle*, s.rit rh^um. tenrry, r?n, mnrithew or sunburn, eryripelat, or any eruption. It will rhtnt?' the color of dark yrfjow or sunburnt skit* to a beautiful healthy clearne**? the pub'ic miv rely on it, it never fails." Sold oy T. Jones, turn of the American Caclf. Ki Chatham street. price 50 cvnU a cake?observe on each label the signature of M. Vtiprino, tins inventor, and T. Jone* a* tfie Oeurral A rent. Axente?139 Fulton street, Brooklyn: 07 Dock *t. niiladel|>hia; (t State st. Bo?tou ; 110 Baltimore if. Bedtimore; 57 Stvte tt. Al baity. jl lm*c riWAND SPRING MKDiCVNK.-WHTTtf GLL^fPrKM y rftllANCR BITTER*, WITHOUT WINK OR ALCOHOL.?Reader, hire >ou no appetite ? Do yon tot relish your food I Then n*e theae bitter* ; they will alto greatly m i?t digestion, and of course remove uyspepaia,Jaundice, weak mi m tin if mutch, tlibility, he, Tm| pwiij (k bloii ltd lurigorate the whole system. The bitteni are extremely mild and pleasant. Try them. Price 25 cunt*. Sold by A. B. k D. Sand*, druggists, No. 70 Fulton, corner cf Gold street, ?nd 100 Fulton, corner of William street. Also old br Abram. B. Sand* k Co., No. 273 Broadway, corner of 'hainocr* street ; David Samla k Co., No. 77 Broadway, cor.1. of M *rk? t strei r. i?2 tin 7 m PEkRSALL'S OAR ESTABLISHMENT. founded in PKW, ?t 102 W iter atreet, ft*? d'tort above Catharine mar kft, lne only estaiHuhmeut^ ol Um mihi i;i the united mates, continues to supply the Nary. the American, Russian, and Spanish war strainer*?has supplied ell the race hosts and ohib hosts for the Inl lour vein?and has now the largest n*??iment of ??ars. iwf'is, at)'I skulls ever collected in one plfr?*. N. II?The Branch Oar Store en the North River aide, is shut up, and removed to ?U2 Walt r street; and as I save all the eapensra of oue sum*, I will *? II enough ch? aner to those who come from the North River sole to pay them for their trouble. Rare hosts, club boats, oars and sculls sold M |>er cent l?4b than last yesr. 15 3tn* QTAINKD ilLASft AND"WINDOW SHADE*.?HAN ^ NINUTON fc CO, 293 Broadway, near ftr id? ft, <JI?* Htainers and decorative Painters, reaiwctfully solicit families and others, fitting up their dwellings, to inspect their stork, which for styh* and etrcntioii of work is not to be su-pastsdt and at iyiee? to *ui? the times. Washable window shades from one dollar to the richest styles, equally cheap iu proportion. Architects and others furnished with designs for stained glass lor church windows, dwellings, he. on the shortest notice, and orders ciecuted with economy and despatch. naed to deeorativ* painting; also an ' ? * ??ufB Um 1 200 000 '7' l?<-kic. ? i<> .uit rtKtorn- r.? ?. h'J *'* * ', S^ncr.. Pre r ^ l w . ' * "l-rior '|H?liry in<l low r k ,? > hv K. l V,,"L?>,? ???? IfTlloi. or bitrirl ; rfonr Kiosit hv the barrel or keg ; IVssfVaii uAm.t Ovrterv Fowl,. M ile. ke.. a .?Z** Ai?"wl rime, and inany climate. e?c?l|e?t fnr ,Mp nnriV mWt Afford * l"?J,rv ?t? reasonable r>m ; Um?r,l Co doirn Mnanroo* and Toman. Cara.,Pl l>/ the gallon N. B.?Large tue Plekleafbr grocery Wholeaale and Rotail Wnn hoiiae* ftw'fnd^R* mJI 1m? I'M Water and 111 Front alreet Thk f d''T s rAfT:St ftF.i'la11N(TT'TRE aRMI a ? Rillrt with htthlCh.imhrri. Carbine* with Hit Chamber*. 8h?t liiini or Fowling piffci. with ai? Chamber*. Puioli, Pocket, ft*"lt* and Hnfatar*, with lire Cnambar*. And an eafr* cylinder Willi lire mor-.' rhinr>i. Ar alao, perenriion cap?, oall# and powiler, improred cap primer* and powder l!a?k?, are now offered for rale at rednoed price*, at Mo. 171 Broadway, ?.nl dour Iwdow f onrtlandt atn-rt. l'urctiaw r? from abroad can be aii|>|dird with any reatonahle iniiitily on abort notice. The great adrniHaget of theae fre arm* orer any other lire armi now known, ** well at their anjierior workmanabip and analily of material*, i? ao well e?tiblt*hrd that it mi not nerev ary to describe llie nia> now. jel lm*c W YO EW YORK. WEDNESDA "books A NI> STATIONKRY.. TO PAPER MAKERS. T>KRSKE & BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street, between A Broadway and Nassau street, New York, import direct fro in the Manufacturer# the following article#, iix:? Bleaching I'owder of Boyd k Sou'# inake?warranted, for uuilormity aud strength, equal to any in this country or (treat Britain, and lor the sale of which they arc sole agents in the United States. EnglishCylinder Machine Felting of very superior quality, 3G. in, i?, 66.72, aud 91 inchc. wide. Dryer Felting of strong fabric, and of widths usually required. Blue Smalts.? /living the agency of the Sutton Company's Blue Smalts, they are enabled to supply KFFE, and F*FF E; in any quantities. Wires for Kon.diiuier and Cylinder Machines, manufactured from the purest rm i \l?ilso, Jackets?"Wet and Press Felts. Pulp 8 :re< us, Nut, i. . i brass uitlil. Orders for any of the above articles, together with Foreign an I domestic rag.*. Sod i Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, fcc. Btc., will meet with prompt attention hi 3lc ME-.v GUITAR Ml .* i? '; KOlU i K H. DEKWORT, professor of the guitar, .No. lit# Canal street opposite the St. John's churtii, ha the .honor to acquaint his friends and the public that he Ih# ,.itMidied a variety of new and |>opulaj inusi". arranged u ill. ?r? ?y .iccoinnauiincnU for guiur. Mr. I), will aU*'e and compose music for orchestra guittr, and other instruments, and give instni?iioui to amateur* on the forte and violin. m\;?i>w*r PAPER HANGINGS. MA. HOW EI; 1. & CO., ri?>7 Pe ul street, are now reeeir ing from th?*ir Trumfarturenv .it New Brun-w irk, nu eitemive assortment of Pvpwr 11 tn ring*. Bor#l*rs, Jkc. of the latent and uio>t approved j?*u< rn- end nyh v, suited to the city and count y trade , which they oiler to dealers at the not mdnufaotorv prices. Also their n sit* I variety of French P*i?er, Borders, Fire ?.i r?i Prints, Views, Ike. Tile hejt woihmen t?? put on piper in any part of the city can be 11-it! Hi the short' -i nwir. . at.l eo?Um*r HUUCKIWI MI V< WORKS.?J:i?i |"j! * 11 >hed l?. VVM HA DDK, Broadway, Now Ma. rn! o! lbnuc*im'liir Practice, edited, with Min-'Ytiofn, by A. Genld Iftifl. M. D., second Ancrica.ii, iVoin the third Paris edition. Thi* mdispensablc book i?> ho men j cubists i.* now coiuplt'lv tn 2 %,ds*? Price in iwi|wr full bound cony $7. The bairitl) Guide to thr. Adini.iistrntioii of II'imepafhir It rpedios, third edition, from the second London ? uiiiou, wi(h addition';?Price 25 cent*. Popular Considerations on Hnmrapsthii?by Win. Cullen Br van', Esp, d liv? .? <! befon- the iNew York Honvrpathic Socirtv, Doc. 23, IRll?Price 1SX cents. Aho, jiM i?tt!i!i.shrd, Mydriatics, or Muinel of the Water Cure, as Practiced by \ineent I'riy^tiitr., io < to ef-oilM r,? corn luted and frvisUfed from 'lie- writings of Chwles Muttd*, D. (Krtel, I). B. llusehel. and other practitioners, by Francis Grader?Price SI?n? oly bound. Tins lif rle neatly printed book contains an exposition in Mr In I manner this simple n*ent has boon found remedial, mil Itn *r BOO !C B 1 N D I N G PAPKI! lllJLtXlr. IT IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau street, bavin*an entire mw II* Moelc ol* Binding Tools and Buline Machinery, ot the latest and most?approved patterns, is now prepared to execuft all orders m the most durable and luimlvtmv manner. Merchants Acccnunt Books and all other kinds of Blank work ruled and bound to sttiv patterns, and in .*? style that is warranted towiv? satisfaction. Any u?nlt ordered e ui be dour iu4?he Encliih mode if required, as M. I. has bid Ion* experience in boUi methods. KOIl SALE?Two second hand Copperplate Pie>m >. A|>ul v "* above. in lH 1tn . JilllLL'. '1L J Jl HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS FF DROWN k CO'8 One Pries? Hat Store, whoUsale a?dr?tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn thebeud. The proprietors have tlie pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently improved snort napped liaL a new style, tiir imitation of beaverr, which so closely resembles that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. I'rice three dollars. \Ve strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables nr. to furnish a verv superior Hat for the price charged. In ureneiitius these Hats to the public the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort* m4 2in* "~ .1 KWKLRY ' ^ WATCH F.S AND 1 WW'MAW, VERY IJJW. 'PljE 8ib*crtl>rr i> rt-llua'.11 l.'?crij>ti ? w )l'i I i t. I Silver i * W*trhr?, Mold awl Hilcrr Pencil., < ii 11 I I.IUJ, Key., he.. at retail, lower t'-.v? ai ant* ??th*.r if*/.* i?. ?;*? ? Gi?(d Watches as low .astr.irt, id (oilv I ifru rre.'. tVjt.hcs and Jewrlry exchanged or haught. All A Hot r? jig n'.-twited to keep good time. cr the tneuey nluirrJ. ft <t:rr . mid Clocks rrinitcj :i|b U.t ?auu.-r,?nd WtuiJUtal. it no eh leu than the nuwljtk'M ,iy :r. u I In- line if wr.rn.ruii In the city. O. C. ALLEN, linieoier of W itches awl j. welry, wholesale And retail, 3(1 Will itrr.v, up stairs, n.i'i ! >* > 'I'd JEWELLERS, MINIATURE P AIN IK. Its. . -* C. k J. HARTNETT, No. 2 Courtlandt rfr<?t, mvir Broadway, "Wholesale and Retail Manaftcfuror* of Travelling, Writing, Dressing and J?*wcl chrcr, miniature casn, and ??ttiiatrs, flute, locket, watch, rin?, and p ti ct*os; cases lori.ilv t* r mUe, neaUy amnjeu to order. Also, trays mads and fitted to Jewellers* show coses, to cont.iui watches, chains, rincs, keys, pins, thinddes, pencils, &<'. kc. fce. A vmictyof the above articles constantly on hand, and made to order, with neatness and despatch. No. 2 Courtlandt street, New York. m2l lm*c t) EMOVED.?HILAIRE WALTER, .ntclil and |wrt?rr ol TV the house of Brntrr Walter, the only innniif.rfnry of VVstck Glasses in France, No. 27 Faridn Poissonnierc .trret. Purls, his the honor of informing dealers in watch works, ami all articles connected with the line, as also .'.luis. ilrslrrs in cjt glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy articles. Itc. kc kc., hs? lately been re mured from N.> 40 Maiden Lanr.tol No. W William street. U -nilrmen desirous of purchasing from ih? only depot of the factory, are rcs|?cclfnlly inrited to sail ? car ratabi't'?!!'*"', where win b? found an nnrirailed assortment of the above mentioned goods, which will im disposed of on the most reasonable trrms. ml 2m*r NOTIONS. ^VrU K OF THE Al'BURft k HocilF.STFR R. R. Co. ) C in uidi'sui, June 2, 1812. { AHcmi Animal Dividend of Five per Cent will be raid on the Capital Stock of this Company on the first Jay of July next. ... Shareholders whose Stock is registered in the City Transfer Books of this Coninany, will receive payment at the Bank of the State of N? w York, in the Citv of" New York; and those whose Stock is not registered in tnc Cit> will be paid their Divid< ml at this Office. By order of the President and Directors. jc5tojylr ('HAS. SEYMOUR, Treasnrer. NOTICE TO CLERKS, and all other iwim m whose Imaiuc** C4WI then to he constantly on tbrir In t.?By calling at th" old exclusive Boot Store, III t'halliain-strrrt, ehev ran b<- accommodated wiili tin-invaluahte ortirlr, ROGERS' ME*Lt I.If: ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every |??rtieiilar, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The following areaom- of the many advantage* the Elastic Heels have orrr every otln'r kind : Fim?The elasticity adds neatly to the durability of the Bool. Secondly?They make no noiae in walking upon ike pave! ment. Thirdly?Tliev prevent BooU from running down to the he "I. F.urthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much lent fatigue. Fifthly?They do not cot or tear rarpeta a* do Iron or nailed lleela. Siathly?Tliey can be worn with comfort by thoae having tender fort. Aa mini, constantly on ImidI all kitida of Boots at w Indeaala and retail at man 11 far to re r '* price*. jefilm'c C'NGRAVING BY TH E OM NIG HATH MACHINE.? t-a BURR, JONES It CO., Ih? Bmadwav, comer of John treet, N.Y.,?rr prepared to riigrive all kind* of Mi|?, Chart*, Plan* and Survtya, or any work of I hat class, ill the moat hraotifulstyle, with unparalleled raje diiion, anil at pricea far Inlow ihoae charged for similar work narrated by hand cngraTIlia?the enst or fine ateel or copjrer platea not eirerrling Lithographic work. N. II.?S|H-ci-nena of the work done by the Oinnignmli can bv examined at rbe other in Broadway, m2t|hnr PIANO FORTES MANUFAt Tl RED bv A. H. OALE St CO.. late N. Y. r'iano Forte Co.?Purchasers are invited to ea-mine their ealeoaire slock before |*ir--h i*ing elsewhere, at their Manufactory rud Ware Rooms, Third Avenue, corns'r of Thirteenth atrrei. N. B. Prices to anit the times. jel lm*ina e PIANO FORTEtST w1m i nr<n.i 1/ i j >i-' * y* *? ' vu s-jt?_j ..i ? ( y tt 111 iiiiq O ii to their adrantac* U e*!l ?: d rMtnifa a ?d*>it o isacrtment of the almre article. coinpiin.i* ? xtrH tv of (mil (>?rctavrs, of rmrwood and rnho|ranc, w.'t. yr.uaJ V.1311, rcroli standi, and erery modern impmr rt? *!if. /imh iiulrd^ii-nU are warranted li> he e^nai to any ll lh? city. UH will be ?)l I *l llie lory, at pmnhle i*icea for < aah, <1 the t?*irifict?r/( 41 Witt Fourteenth itrrrt, between t lltl) and Srathrtvuioaa N. B.?I'tano F ortes for Hir>?A tfo"*! in3r!*.?ct of T?vo Forrea for hire at the tnamiluttiwr a7 .tin 1,1't : lir.fli M H \ T N.I. , N ....If,... 1'that .'.torn llotiae.- J. HONNAIII) k l\ DP'.l. A M Of TP', hare the honor to Inform their aei|ijaintmci a and the imlilir in *ener>j, that they liaae added fotheir old establishment, known for nptrarda of two yeara under the firm of J. Bonne rd, the Itreat Saloon on thr tint floor of the Mine houae, and hut beside* arrant,', d *ereral leaner Hahnna for tlte areolamodation of prieatf patii a itt4 aoclety dinne#?. They will pay the rr>at*at attention to orders for Dinner* and Snmtera in any yart of the city. Room* and (Intern in the Tiyrirr atones of the tame house may he had of them at aerv modrrafe renta. jel Im? COIirORATKIN NDTIl K. -I'nhljr no'n 'is ;iren that a aile of proyierty for uoiiaid Uses will take inare at otihlie auction at the Ctty Hall of the city of New York, on Tuoadny, the ilay of Jmie nett, at 12 o'clock, noon, and lie shall',? a.ld' anil that U.'r diliilH itattmrnl of tlw Uim tad proporty toho 'idd ia pnbtiahod in tlir Now Era, a nrwa|wpor pined am) iHjbluhed ?V^K^iV^VmT^H. Comptr ollor. CnrwntrolWr's Office. Vi ril SB, IM2. a2? lawl4wtti,yr NO 111 K.-Ti? Off...- f.'.r KUANI IS' I'VI'KNT I.IKK BOAT U from lit to it Bmadw IV. in24 n()R sAl.K 1,111"IH I holt l.iroriiool Orrii ' al. llliMI, r on application to OLOVKR A McMI'RRAY, ion Pino ?t. jo 12 r ^ ROAItn?(Jontlomon and ihoir wivoa, or intlo yontlomoii, can h. tictnnitnwUtrd with Rood rooms and board, in a ploa tan! an,I fliRibl- situation. No 21 l?oy itrort, o? iraaonable iotiti.?fooi 't furm?hod or iinftirnmhr-d. jot Imr 'IMVI KN \M> ' III 'lr Hf>r*tP,.-( HI! I Mil ANsoy 1 lato J.C. ftoio all.W Attn strort.?Tim boil of h?t of irfioahmonti, b'st "t li?yimr?, boat of altontlon, ami, what . moro, 111, b at and moat agrroable aociotv hi tola oity is alw ays to be found at thr aboro yataliltal mont. himliah lim, cold tnta, chntw, steaks, fco. fcis , An ordinary daily at In'i I <- - ' 11 1) AO<t-|on bairs Eneli-h !? < ! '' *V 'r lEttSSE V H'UIOKS. 61 Libert? it f N C HA he ER V?BrTcre the"v>e Choice llor of tbv 1st tir* c John Hcnlmm *?. John Krrnnn.?Bill k?r account in Copertnt irthip tkr. ,ind for Injunction.?J. M. Tvebater, Compitman?'* Solicitor; J. W. (kmrd, of CotmteL?John K- entn, t*>- defendant in ihit CIlMf, whote pl?oe of retidrnce i? in the State of New Jfmv. it required i appear in ihit ruitr by the nineteenth day of September neit, or tire bill filed herein w ill be taken at confe?aed by him. Albany Evening Journal pirate ropy and charge to J. .VI. Webtter, jr 12 Uwtw c llK E Y MORNING, JUNE 15, 1! ______ GEORGE W. DAWSON, Hholesale and Iletatl furniture and General Fnrn inking Warehouse, No. 07 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, New York. WHERE lir krrpa for i.ilr a Ur^c* aaaortinrnt of tlir followin, ?nicK-?, rir.: Siilt-lioarda., BnUivaria, Cola, Tablra, ("liaira, Oifici and I'ortjblr l)r?k?, (ilaaa ('?ji *, Bonk l.iuti.'itur iitu >:.r ?|? I ?- S"-0. j Pianos, HofWs, Sol* Bedsteads! 6e<L, Btf<ldiiur, I'lletttten. MatI treiMii Ckri*eU, OilCloth, Matting and |< in- Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tabifn, i.amlle Btdhds, Bureau Bedsteads Dresstug Bureaus, Safes, tk.c. Also, a b*ro assortment of men and women's Wearing Ai>paicl, new and second handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at very low prices. in want of said articles would find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above esUtdishment. Stripping orders punctually attended to and fucked en the shortest notice, anu on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, lie. for tittup out Vessels, constantly oil hand. All orders to the shove establishment will be p* actually at* tended to and th inkfully receiv- d. N. B.?The liiicbest prices will be givc ii for Second Hand Furniture, *:ul Gentlemen's and Lad its' cast off Clothing. a ?2 in r JOSEPH |'K( KOVKTl Pan 1 ibtnet Maker, Mathcmat?' ical una Nautical lu^iruinent Case Manufacturer, 269 Water street, New Y<uk Chronometer n<n** of a M^rior make, barometer, the r mom tu r fi .. ,.i d iM ' rvevon, snrjrical, dentist and ilnwiiu i??trti nl iml | bed in a neat style? i timepiece, clot k, pm -inl pistol cases of all description; dagnetrotyi* Pi ' m Jieiiu chests, surveyors rods, of any lenir'h and tusk** All binds of fancy work, made of the be-r mateuabi and v. orkmaiithip, warranted. rtcjMirUuf of v \ rr> <1- scrtpiiim evccutdd with neatness, punctuality and disptf- ' Finn It ludtshiug and varnishing. >I anufaenn n <?. Tagleabue's Establishment, between Dover street ?*td IV ?h flip. lUrSSKNCKI. Messrs. E. 8i O. W. Blunt, corner of Water street and Dinling dip. Mi . A. Megirry, 190 Water street. %li. Demilt, 239 Pearl street. _ m!3 lm?c C H1 N A G LASS A N D EARTHENWARE. O AflTOTl HOUSE.?French Poicelaiu Dinner Services, O 113pieces. $23 00 White Oramte, do do 112 do 13 00 French, or Kinjivh Pore-lain Tea Sets, 32 do 4 00 Dinner Plates, French Porcelain, per dozen, 1 91 Do do <3rmile, blue or white, do I 00 Soup, do Fn iich Porcelain, do ?00 Do do t it mile, bhn* or white, do 1 00 Tc i t'upa and Saucers, (21 piece*) French Porcelain, 1 30 FocgCupv, do do 37 fit. ASS. Cut Wines. per dozen, from 1 30 Do Tumblers, do do 2 00 Lemonades, handled, do 2 23 TAHLK CiTTLrav. Of the finest d (script ions, in sets or dozens, at the lownrice of $12 the set. Ju. t owned, a handsome assortment of Toilet Ware. K. SIMPSON. N. B.?Agent for the sale of Simpson's Far Cornets, for the r. In I of (le it'll e i. in ft lm*c CHEAP 11A IU)W A UK STORE. fPHE Subscriber i.v now ?i* nrng his Spring supply ol I HAIIDW \KE AND t I'TUKKV. received ft r late arrivals from Birrriiiirieiiji and Sheffield. rogefher with a u??n?rr<l as?orti;:r.?( nt' l'oinesile (t'KMH, much he is prepared to offer ?tthe vei\ LOWEST ( ASM PRICKS. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet X:.' i _ tnlii'i'. il 1.1 >ii u?aininilu\fi .if liiu -??i?l price*, ha h? ?i coidhh-ut they will lind it to their intrrest t?# far or l.iut with a c.t'l. ALFRED F. LAGRAVK, 210 Ofeeuwb h. corn, r R*rchvt New Vnrk. A rryul-.r aitifly of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, -ml Cooper * Glue. Also?a connate aahortmeut of Mechanics' Tools, Jws1 Siti-.h *. Ike. m* 3m# IVfOtf'H 7' VTK \ T PORTA BfK FCrRNA<;K, and 1VJ. WHsh Boiler, admirably a?1ii?f **! for washing, can be placed in the fire-place, the area, or the yard. Parent AicriculkiirUti, Furnace and Cauldron, in siaetof 15, 30, 40, 5li, 900, I'JO, and 150. These furnace* requir< oiilv a pi ce ofjiipc to tit thriii for u-e. No article In* t vrr i;iv?*n better Mtisnction to those farmers who have iim d them. Patent Hard Coal Kuril ?c? , a new article for summer viae? will mik*- a near litlK itorr tor whiter. Pate nt Chin or Charcoal Furnace, from new natterus, muc h improved. These ?tre lined with (ire brick. Alio a very low priced furnace without lining. Combination and Fntd-Saviinj Cook Stove*, at summer prices. The combination is th. ottl) legitimate .stove that Conine'* the steams and smell from the Kitchen. They are equally well adapted lor summer oh winter. Deal. * supplied on liberal t-ru s. J. J*. MOTT, j-.-l !mfc 201 Water and 15 Bow. ry. drv goods, shirt's. TTNITKD STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY, 77 W.l'' 1 iatii *tr<*.4, ' oner of' Liberty, N. \ Notice i* hereby liven to Merchant* uid trader* in general, that the pr<>|Ti?'toi* of Uic above c?t iQ|t*hfnrut have adopt! d a ne w method of inniufarturitiK which enables them to sell their shi.ts at a cheaper ra'e than any other house in this city. This statement will be af'iitme.l by tlic li t of prices ?l? follows:? Per Doz. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collar*, $7,50 Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar b.'Hl Do Colored one patertu, lar^c sixes* 7,00 Also, a l*r/e quantity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will he offered cheap fo cash. m29 lm#r TH E SHlEi:i)ED VICTORIA SHAWL AND-DIAPER PIN. ANEW and important article for use in tin* nursery and as a fasti niiitf to ladies'shawls, cloaks, fee., pareutcd in the United States and in Europe, for sale, wholesale, by W. H. GARY fix CO., 196 Pearl street, New York, and by the patentee, at the manufactory, l(fi Jay *t, Brooklyn. Thread rod needle stores, and dealest in fancy articles, suppiied on liberal terms. mil 1m#r STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, imjorter aiul manufacturer of Italian and English Straw Goods, reajwctfkFly informs his customer* that lie has removed his establishment from 99 William and 26 Piatt, tw J9 John street, where lie continue* to keep a splendid mil extensive assortment of ladies' fishioiuble Straw Goods, French ar I English Dilutable*, Rutlands, line Tutcars, Fancy Shell works. Prince Albert Straws, lie.fixe. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair tsonri'-t. lor cue summer?-u *urp&ss<w ?u inr siyirs n.i yea inirv ducrd, being extremely light, bt uitiful, white and durable. in2lhit*in TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOOD8.-TV proorte" tress, Misa 8 KINO, diiiirhKr of the cclcbnlnl Ctrl Kim;, (Ten for sale ? most Mlf't an,I choice aaaortmenl of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the |iablir, both aa regards the quality and cheapness of the article. Th<- assortment consist* of tin1 following Thr celebratedMILK HAT. CALLED CATOTTE D'ORLEANS, as won b? u Dickriw D'Orl'iit, of ftnet, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn llau do do?An entire new it>leo llau called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLEK COTTAGE. racial an and English FANCY STRAWS, of the fined teitnre, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicit! the ladies to fa v or h *r n ith a rail, and caatniiM' her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for ihemarlvrs, before they purchase elsewhere, is it will ne a great saving to them in price and a great advantage as regards the traiirty and finality of the goods. MISS S. KINO, Magazine de Moles, nil Im*r Wj Broadway. SUMMER STOCKS. SCARKP, CRAVATS, AND CLOVES, 11ST RTJ ELIVED, a rich sum4y of the nborc articles, cva " fiixlin^of a vurv light and elastic Block, fi|irrMly lor thr mnni rBVMfii*. \L - S<arfs Mill 1 r ?\ tf-H, ?? irrr \ ii i? i \ . \ large aMortment of 8ilk, Thread, Cotton ind Hoakin GIotcs?at the old stnblislini' Ht 2I1 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray stveet. PAR8ELL9, A sent for J. AGATE, N. B. Convtaiitly on hand an extensive assortment of Linen and ! . |;m Slii.ts, I,in, ii Dh'M Fronti, Lhh ii ( ??|| itn, l inb r (i iriru.ul*. & . Kr. m'M I in * rn MILLINERY GOODS. fNARL KING, the well known and celebrated Millinery and C bailies' Straw H*l ManiifaetiiJ-i r to Her Majesty the QUEEN OK ENGLAND. reanecTuIly begs leave ,'tn announce to the Ladies that lie ha* on hinds most splendid and fashionable assortment of Ladies1 Sp-tw slid Silk Hats. The Straw Hats are manufactured to a most fascinating and hecogndngsluiie. called THE ELSSLEK COTTAGE, with Giraey tides and a Swisa Flare amnnd the front. The hrvids these Hata are made of ia of tlta most elegant pattern*, I the Albert Straw injwrticnlar a^'atrnnisid fey ni. tii luniA. I Tl r nlk department n conducted by th$ moat irwenioua and f-'v milliner*, not lo be equalled. The villi a ire ofthe newrit if v le, freih imported. Trimmiwc and Klovirn to correspond. 'I Iimt wk'i Tiin to Marines them*?lvea may vail at No. 10 < 'ttul. near Hromjway, and 17 Pitiaion utrert. 1 N P.?Ilia Pari* Kibhon* and French I lower*, *re of the |.Ve?l ir>U and van !?r purchased at either ofhia rtlabliihiniiita, i 1 >nd retail, on reaaonahle unna. mil tm*r DHKM BOOTS? l.ATEHT FRENCH aatfmv^TVLEi?The Mib*rriher m.ikca lo order, Hoot* of ibe .llen e description, of the ll'leat quality of F renrh ('.ilr Hkin. and intlie lalclt ityle, and at aery rcrinunbln prirea.? t Jentlrrncn who hare hern in Ihr habit of p'.yinn nitruraitaiK prim for infe-ior article* are reqnritrd lo rail and r>? rouainrej that Iiit niM are Ana tan to la an cent below other atorea in the m-ichhorliood Dnnian Nltw IiIim nf the feet, anil a pair of laata kept (or each cnatomi r, there la no tUAcailty in yetting a handsome yet eaav lit. Comtaatly on hand, a lar*c aaaortment of faahionahle ready made Ilnota, at inieea raryinirfrom TWO DOLLARSFIFTY CENTS TO SIX DOnLAnSt li ar Boota, Ouiten, Shoat, Cumin, Slipper*, 4tr. St<. at equally low price*. JOHN L. WATKlSs, III Fulton at., *1 3w* B- twi eu Nassau and Dutch ?ta. FRENCH IMPORTED OA1TEHS of ill on | of Fa.,hion; French boots and |rrteut leather hoes, dreaaahoea, caitera, walking shoes and panpa, for men, boys ami children, Men*' alul boya' eheaji boot! from $2 71, I SI, $3 V) and $1 per |?ir. Mnn thoei 7a to Ida and li? per pair. Bnv* shoes St to 7S renta and tl, and warranted good. i Ladle*. mieirsand rhihUviia' gaiter boota, buckskins, walking ahoea and slipper* of an color* and aiaea, late?t faaliion, lie*. r buskins and *li|n, 71 eenta to SI, good la slip|iers. Come and son a gieel Uaoriment of the alnnre articles at 42 C*n*l street, f comer of Broadway, and at 2nd I anal it, north-aa?if comer of . it...i .. \a/?iL..'. ml!lm?r I WfclfB* IMrtftOVF.n ltru\Ht* . , cent.1mlh.nfer<-tnrm. Th? 2 hand ,r. n- , .1 a..?l net* of tl* imported J '1) ? now off. ,.?t the above reduced prf-- r ? ; , rv, gallon. ( ?mjihoT*tM? uw, W rem*. f ? Rr.^..wit VonrwWflM No. 114 Grand *tr*ei, <>n? *? j. Ili.M)^ *' \ R -AH Wind, of Lmiii* ?lt*rtd, bronlod, Kilt ??d reared " ?w ,. .VAN \ \ ^ I PRINCIPE SEOARS MI14DKR it, Chitham .freet, hn? received, ?.y the llrll??- ? . on ft no oi*> of hi- o<lehratcd L. Norm. Recur., * ?-?> t ^:XTT^r No.,I Km* Prineiw 9?*m. c wM*h hi offer. fo- ..I- at ywbl. prme., /?* In?c T~NE\#SPAPKR ESTABLISHMENT FOR 9A1.F. A /heap -TV trix-. r??". impo.tnc .tnof, kr- lto , of , rVm,-I " '.h.IV n-w.tiUr r-t^i^M. for ,.lc. tl..-Ifpr ? .f . hrrvier ?nd nonr"ri' l "*?, ,-d i. ne,rly new, n? only ""J.;?foitWHTv,. Founder, ? jt,el|r comer of Ann .nd N???*u ?U. 8 t l/< U 1 EL -MJJ JL&/ ZX . 342. Court for I lie Correction of ICrrors. J1ink II.?Present, the Lieut. Governor, the Chancellor, ana Senators Uurtl it, Bockee, Dixon, llartl. Hunt, Nicholas, Peck, Ruger, Sherwood, ucii Works. President, Directors, 4*c., of the Commercial Bank of' Albany, vs. Ernstus Corning, sureivor. This was an action to recover #03,000, bring the* amount of a note drawn by II. Bartow, formerly cashier of the Bank, and nl-o cashier of the Savings Bulk at Alliany, on the 3d Dec. 1831, and endorst d by James Porter and Erostus Corning, the defendant, and originally discounted at the Bank of Atneric i in this city?also lor #10,000 furnished by the said Bartow, cashier, to purchase Buffalo Commercial Bank stock on their joint account, of which lie made no entry on the hooks, the whole amounting jo #73,0110, with interest since 1331. The frauds of Barlow upon the bank, and his absconding to Texas in 1385are well known to the public. The note in question was discounted by the Bank of America in the hypothecation ol t>20 shares of Bullitlo Commercial Bank slock. They were taken up, afterwards, by Bartow with funds belonging to the hank, but no account made of it on the hooks. The note, after it had been received at the bank in Albany, whs struck with the Teller's cancelling hummer, and the words " charged II. Bartow" placed on one side on the margin. One of the modes pursued by Mr. Bartow, as cashier, to further his s|icculative views unknown to the directors, was to cash checks and furnish money without making entry, but comiadling the teller to keep the checks and tlis receipts in his possession as so much cash. The teller frequently remonstrated, hut Bartow would silence him hy saying he had funds in New York, and would take up the checks and receipts, and give hint the money in u day or two. Of the parties thus favored, were J. C. Ketnble ior mw1 limn $"211,000, and J. \V. Jfisliop tor #7,1X1". both of whom wore insolvent, but were member* of tin? Senate in 1835?there was also a check of John \V. Edmonds' for #5,000, 2,tW0 on which was afterwards paid; the SI",1000 alluded to for the purpose of buy in J? Buffalo Commercial Bank stock, tee.; also several other drafts?the whole amounting to #53, Wi t 9Re. On the 28th Sept. 1835, Bartow took from the teller the package containing these drafts and receipts, and debited the Bank of America in his own handwriting with "Banknotes, $53,<)4t l)3c," The 1'ank of America afterwards said that tliey had received no such sum,and in this way the frauds were first discovered. Bartow aosconded on the 30th September, and died in Texas the following year. The Buna received an order from bis father, to obtain whatever effects fie might have left, and expended nearly #800 in sending out, but found nothing. His defalcation amounted to #119,570 41c. lie was snpjKised, in the early part of 1835, to be well off, and worth at least 25,000 or #30,000. Mr. 1'orter died in 1839, and the Hank claimed of defendant, as survivor, payment of the #73,000 and interest. it never having been i<aid or received by the Bank. The Supreme Court ordered the subject hefore referees, who reported in favor of defendant, with costs, which report was confirmed. The cause is now brought tip on a writ of **rror, to compel defendant to pav the amount. Th* argument occupied the whole of the day. At the usual hour the Court adjourned to this forenoon. Vice Chancellors' Court. Before Vice Chancellor M'Coun. Junk 14.?Decisions?-Charles C. Handy vs. Mew*. Sand font.?A bill was filed by complainant, setting forth various grievances, and the euse has been twice tried. A third is at hand, at which the Vice Chancellor said the complainant would have advantage of the views presented in the derision at the Supreme Court, and be enabled to present his claims. The principal object of the present bill is to obtain relief from a contract on the ground of fruud. The Court, on a review of the case, has not been able to find the allegation supjiortcd. Bill dismissed UL-itli costs to defendant. AUtrrt A. ]\fnrtin va Jnh I. Illnrls?An nnnlinn. tion was made* on behalf of Mr. John L. Graham, to he [Mid tin- arrears of rent due to llitii on house Vo 215 llleecker street, and occupied by Mr. 11. The application isuguinst Simon P. Huff*, a receiver, who was appointed, und who took into his possession the proi>erty in the house. Mr. Gntham got out a landlord's warrant, hut the properly had heon placed on carts by direction of Mr. Hull*, who is an officer; previous to the distress warrant being served by Mr. Ramsay on Mr. Graham's behalf. The question is, had Mr. G. aright to take it from the possession of Mr. lluft, under the law which authorises | a landlord to follow furniture for 30 days. The re- ' rently decided case by the Supreme Bourt, of Frisbcc vs. Thayer, reported in 25tn Wendell, (said the Vice Chancellor,) comes directly in |>oint. A landlord is not entitled to recover from n creditor who has lawfully obtained 'possession of the property and removed if off* the premises previous to the distress warrant being served. Prayer of the petitioner dismissed, with costs, to be taxed. Harriet I). Cruiser and other* vs. Edward C HaUu duy iiiu/ other)'.?This was a demurrer to complainant's hill in relation to the apt>ointmont of trustees ton will. The Vice Chancellor observed that the demurrer was not well taken, and ordered that it be overruled with costs, and that defendants have 20 dnvH to answer. Peter (Heard Stuyrcmnt vs. Rnwlanel Davie*.? Motion to set off the costs due to the complainant on an action for ejectment in the Superior Court. The Vice Chancellor considered that he was entitled to the set-off", and made an order to that effect. John IV. HannntrtltiJ, vs. Jeremiah Cot/in*, Oca. P. ttarhe, anil other*.?A motion is made on the part of the complainant to coiii|m>1 Mr. Buehe to complete a purchase at a master's sale, or that the property he resold on account of the purchaser. Ordered, that the subject be referred back to Wm. Mitchell, Esq , one of the Masters in Chaneerv, to ascertain the balance due to the complainant from the defendant Ilache, and that unless the same shall he paid within ten day* Hftcr the confirmation of the master's re|H>rt, together with the coats, that the master proceed to resell, charging the defendants with the difference, Arc. <?riicrnl Session*. Before the Recorder, Judges Noah, Lynch, and AIderinan Davis. Wit,t.tav, Esq. Acting District Attorney. J cm: 11?Rrrtioini'Stolen Cinodt?.John A. Market was tried for being (lie receiver of stolen goods, knowing the same to have been stolen, viz : a watch chain, seal, anil key, worth Jf^tiS, and which had been stolen from Peter Hampton, of No. Ilk)Canal street, on ill" It'th of last month, by a woman, named Catharine Ilotf. and sold to the accused for #1. The woman, 11 off, acknowledged the taking the watch, i.n being arrested, and setting it to Market. M rket alsie acknowledged that he bought the property, when before the Grand Jinv, giving #1 for it,'and selling it for $5, but that the watch was broken. This declaration of the accused was testified to by Mr. Sheldon, who was foreman of the Grand fury at the time the bill of indictment was loittid against 'ncr for the offence of stealing the watch. Mr. Haurr-iv testified to the watch being stolen Irotn hirn. I or the defence, a girl named Mary Brick was railed, and testified thvt the watch was given to ( ithcrinc Hull, and not stolen, and Catherine testified to the same effect, stating that she received it from Hampton, with v horn she had been on terms ol intimacy of that character over w hich it is fit to throw a veil, her evidence being improper lor publication. \\ lines.i i \\er>- called In prove the good chnrac I'T ol the accused, sin?l tlm jury, under all the ripunwjnriw in ease, found the accused not Ruilty. , . Arraicnrrf.? Several prisoners were brought into court tol>" arraigned, among*! whom whs liichard Nobhs, indicted for th" murder of the hoy Jnnip* i'rice, but the f'ourt dip-ctcd liim to he rent to the t tyrr and Terminer, where he must he tried. (band (jnntny.?Catherine Hot!" was then put on ier trial, indicted for stealing the watch,tec , from Mr. Hampton, the subject matter of the previous rial. Mr Hampton-, as in the other cane, testified to osinc tlm watch, w hich was taken out of a hack o<>m in bis house, and missed soon after the accn< d had h it, and who had been into hia store on an mini, asd on his finding her dwelling, accused o rof the theft, and she conducted him to Markets vherc she had sold it, on his promise not to proseote her Mary Bute* was also railed for the defence in this use, to prove that the watch was brought to the odgwpsof tfie accused, in Orchard sireet, by the rosertitor. and by him given to her on the occasion >f one of the several visits that he paid Iter. The irv found the prisoner not guilty. Am rimm mi F'ra'th r.?On motion of Mr. Xxigherty, William h. T'rall wan admitted to praeice as ah attorney and counsellor at law in this ' ourt. Adjourned to to-morrow (this day) at 11 o'clock. I'mwri/owk Visitor.?Jack Frost all over the ' ountry. He has visited nearly every orchard and arden north of Mason and Dixon's line. LD. |Prlee Two Cent*. West Point. [CorreiiMtmirnce uJ'tlw Herald.J West Point, June 12, 1*12, Ikvrij tionof the Point?E rami tuition oj the Caiklt? 7heir Average Capacity, 4*?- 4"fJ <1. Bennett, Ksq ? Dkau Sir :? A voice from this retired spot, surrounded as it is l>y natural beauties of the highest order, will not be unacceptable to itinny of your readers. It is impossible to look uroimd the prospect presented at this Hotel without the dee|>cBl impression of admiration. Such a >|?)t, had it been found in the Old World would assuredly have been selected at a remote epoch, by the votaries of Monastic sanctity. Its absolute seclusions, its enclosure by wood covered hills, the tranquil and majestic Hudson meandering through it, and u thousand other circumstances, would have pointed it out for a place of religious retirement. IIow different has been its distinction. UUU IIUW ll|P|KJ?UC uir JHirpOSCN 10 WIllCll It 1H now devoted. Instead 'of the Convent boll summoning the peaceful inmates to their Matins and Ves|>era, the roll of the drum, the braying of the trumpet aid the roarofthe cannon reverberate from hill to hill, summoning the future leaders of the national army to those studies and exercises so well suited to prepare (hem for their duties. Insteud of a Convent, with its gloomy and ascetic tenants, a splendidly furnished Hotel [not so wel| manuged, however,] peopled at this moment with the guyest and the most fashionable, and the fairest from all parts of the States, is perched upon the woody brow of the most prominent hill. In a word the annual examination of the United States Military Academy is in progress hete, and the hourd of visitors, with numerous friends of the Cadets, attracted from every quarter, crowd the hotel, and share the hospitality of all the residents of the Point The examination, which being public, we have daily attended, is one which offers results creditable alike to the school and the nation. The number of Cadets under examination is 218, consisting of tour classes. The subjects oil which they are examined are in the Sciences, Natural Philosophy, Astronomy. Mineralogy and Geology, and Mathematics? in Philosophy, Ethics? in the Arts, Engraving and Drawing?in professional business, the science of Wur, Tactics, Artillery, besides History, Languages, fcc. The unswering has been most creditable among all the cadets to whom we have heard questions pro|iosed; none betrayed any discreditable deficiency, and the large majority proved that they possessed a thorough practical knowledge of all the subjects prescribed for their examination. Comparing them with European establishments, which we have had some opportunities of attending, we should say that the average amount of acquirement here is greater than in Europe, but that individual cases of very brilliant answering is leas frequent. It is right, however, to observe that this may possibly be owing to the manner of conducting (lie examination. The object being upparentlyto test the industry and application of moderately gifted minds, rather than to determine those of the most distinguished talents. These interesting examinations will be continued until about the 2(>tli .lune, after which the summer encampment will be formed, some notice of which you may expect to receive. Viator. City Intelligence. A Ciui.n Puownkb in a Cistern.?Shameful Neglect?The Coroner on Monday evening held an inquest at No. 12*2 Houston street, on the body of a very interesting little girl named Laura Christina, uged ft years, (lie daughter of Joshua Hodgson, who was missed from the house that afternoon about live o'clock, and shortly afterwards found by her father in the cistern in the yard, was taken out but life was extinct. Verdict of the Jury, "came to her death by being drowned in the cistern in the rear of the house No. 122 Houston street, in eonacquence of tiie box of the cistern being constructed only 16 inches in height, and that said child's death is attributed to the parsimonious conduct of either tha owner or builder of the house on said lot, and that the said premises ought to he indicted as a nuisance.'* H owing a Money Drawer.?A man named Tho* mas Foster was yesterday arrested for robbing the money drawer of Christian F. Hipper, corner of Watt and Vurick streets, of He was fully committed to answer. Kohhino a Stranger.?A colored woman,named Henrietta Jones, was yesterday arrested by officer McComb, for robbing a person who at the tune was in liquor, ol a bundle containing three shirts, a jmir of drawers, some collars, two and a half pairs of stockings, and two white pocket handkerchiefs,one of which was silk. The woman was committed to prison, and the owner will apply to the above oiFicer at the Lower Police. Highway Hoiirkky.?About three o'clock yesterday morning, two men, named William Smith and Francis Jones, seized a man named Jacob Amos, of No. 144 Iveonard street, by the throat, and dragged liitn up un alleyway in < >range street, stripped 111111 nf Ins pont lmofs ii n H vi'Mf ufnlr* 11 in vvnfrh Irntn ifir fob of his pantaloons, rifled his pockets of three dollars in money, nil of which they made off with, leaving their victim in a state of nudity. < officer McMahon, during the day, succeeded in arresting the two men, and recovering the coat and vest ? They were fully identified by Mr. Amos, and were fully committed for trial. Assistant Prurigo**? Navy Department, June II, IH?t ?The Board of Naval Surgeons which convened at Philadelphia on the 4th of April and ad jourm-d on the tith inst. have reported their proceedings to the Department. 'file following named gentlemen were examined and found qualified to discharge the duties of Assistant Surgeons in the Navy, and classed according to their relative merits as follows:?No. 1, Win. S. Bishop, of Pannsylvania; No. 2, Samuel M. Kdgar, of Tennessee; No. 8, Joseph Wilson, Jr, of Pennsylvania: No. 4, Charles K vers field, of Mitrvlnnd; No. 5, Hlishn K. Kane, of J'ennsylyvania- No. 6. Edward Hudson, of Pennsylvania; No. 7. Richard McSherry, of Maryland; No. H, Wm. P. Canning, of Massachusetts; No. 9, Ephraim J. Bee, of New Jersey; No. 10, Joso|>h L. Burtt, of Ohio; No. II, John T. Bartow, of Georgia; No. 12, Alfred Holt, of Georgia; No. 18, James Hamilton, of Marv land; No. 14, Charles II. Oakley of New York; No. 15, ltcuben N. Jfncr, of Pennsylvania. Assistant Surgeon Kiehard W. I^eecock was examined and found qualified for promotion. A lone on niK Ocean.?Th? Newhuryport Herald says that the James Cnskie, Pilsbury, at the? port, from Cadiz, picked up adrift in en open boat on the (K-enn, about 100 miles from Cape St. Vincent, without oar, rudder, provision, or water, a young Portuguese about fifteen years old. His only aid was a broken spar, used as a mast, with an old piece of canvass attached, lie was taken on board in a nearly starving and exhausted condition. When discovered, it was blowing quite fre-li, the brig being under two reefed topsails, and in the course of the following night it blew a hard gale, when, but for the providential rescue, the Ind would have been lost. Being unable to speak at all in English, he c nnnot give any account of himself 'n the people on hosnl. HnKumjt.?On Friday la*f, n wn of .lona* Pennelmkvr, of tin* virinity, Hged '1 year*, 3 month*, and IHdav*, was found dead in the now mill, which had been left only torn few moment* by its father, mutilated in nahnckimr manner. it* right arm sawed ofl in two |rlacea, and the left nearly revered with the saw and it* head horribly lacerated and bruised, having fallen into the pit of the sawmill.?Miflh*lotm Spy. TAILORING REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILOIH\<; KSTAHLFSHMK.VT. la rrmovad from HA Brovtwaj' to No. 7 Aalm Hoot*. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. i ?mimm "i ' * ?-? r Mi i?rccnt for cuh. 'f'HK mWertiM r dr'in it tin irct .-?r> to re.oit ti the ha?kI iif vfH nitrni r?f titintklht of n<iintni! itrrnnlinff l kit iIn l< r-fli >1 liiri' i" lieu been i ?l ibli?he<l.' wt?h Ike ntteiuuTe pnlrc>m?c brtlcwrO cm i.cin. will nm? e n'lin -ienl rowhc r for hit capabiliti**, r.i*ar?>iru the mlv.h_.3r of tint connec ted with mi > it?iM)Vrcl<itb(ttilHtihnriii in Kun*i ?in ennfhlettlv Mirti thit lie ctn ftirni.h rlotlin wbieh, on com moii, will he f"iiml I mi than miv o?her home makm* up he h??t <lr* oj ntlemeci'n !r. >?. my Hot V PHH.t.iri, T A?tor Bromley S HI UTS. 3HIRTR made to order, aft< r the mo*! approved French * faahiont. (Jt-nil' mnr* I firrv m* of nil de*en|*iona made to rdrr at the ?Horte?t nofire. OeBflenBrn'e Kit mix hi nit Stor* 67 and Maiden lane, corner f William street. m2A lm*r WILLIAM COLLINS.

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