Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. 105.?Whole No. 301O. RAILROADS &TSTEAM BOATS 7 I TARXDEN k CO.-GERMAN AOEXCT?.??!>* A scriber* respectfully auuouncc arr)ing?meot which they have recently made with Samuel 11 light, ?*41., U. 9. Couiul at AutWerp. for the puri>o*<? of est ildi-ihiug a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY at that place, for the transaction of Forwarding andC>mmission HusiiKtAi, aud for facilitating the incrruinx commercial interco?r?e between this country aud Continental Europe. As Antwerp it 'itualed in the centre of the manufacturing region of Europe, is at only IS hour* distance Irom London, hour* from Paris, in ll?e immediate vicinity* of Holland aud Grrmanv, an 1 directly connect* with all by railroads or steam pickets, its location affords, the greatest advantages for purchasing and forw wding Continental goods. All order* received at our office* in Boston, Albany. New York and Philadelphia, in season for that purpose, will (mi forwarded by the Belgian steamer BRITISH QUEEN, on the 7th of June neat, and will generally #be executed in season for flu return of the same stt amer, which will leave AutWerp on the 10th July. "7" Im-mrtersof German books are particularly requested Co notice Itiis. HARDEN k CO. New York, May 17th, lMf_. rolSr FOMEROY C O.'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRE98. XI mss* AodBOl Mm j*st IflTTllBWr frmmi ?L3s2c^ r_?y> riie nubicriKra are dow ruiuiiiig a r**rn1nr Exprws* ?<* the Railroad* lo and Irom Alhativ and Buffalo, and the intermedia* e places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the utmost speed, regularity and saferv. choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, Import tut Papers and Valuable Paeka<? s?Will attend to the negotiation, trauj||hrt collection or payment of Bills ol Exchange, Notes, DralS, Acceptances, Accounts, kc., at reasonable per centa,'*?execute orders for the purchase or sale el Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of #rary description, neraonaUy, In tire t?wns on their route, through Messrs. HAItNDEN k GO'S EXPRESS to NewYorkand Ro-tton.and Mf?n. HAWLEY II CO.'9 EXPRESS lo and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit .nil Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, speedy and l?HVcl communication to and from the .astem and western cilii for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchange*, 8tc. References?Erastus Corning, Thomas W. Oleott, Watts Sherman, A. D. Palchiu, Noah L??, James Taylor, Tlteodore Olcorr, Albany. Agencies?Brntiett, Backus & Hawley- Utira ; T. A. Smith, Rvracu ie ; A. O. Smith, Auburn; J. Kargo, Oeneva ; J. G. Shepherd, Cauandaigua ; David H iyt, Rochester; John McKeoster, Lockiiort; J. A. Clark, Bstavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMEROY St CO", No. 5 Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 3 Wall street, Nvw York. i-Aliir a n ITni e kiln^t e uucelT ~ REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR PROvlDKNvE AND BOSTON, via 8TONINGTON AND NEWPORT, comIKtsed of the following su|>erior steamers, running in connection with the Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Pi oviileuce Railroad-? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARRAOANSE'i T, Captain Woolsey. MOI1EOAN, Captain Vanderhih. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery llace, at five o'clock, r. ftl. A hrsnoemert. Th? NARRAQANSET, on Monday. for Stouingtnn, and Thursday, for Stuningtnn.Nrwport and Providence. RSTIk- MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday. for Stoninglon, New|ion and Providence, and Friday for Stouiugton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for stoiiington, and Saturday, for Stouiugton, Ne wpart, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival oYthe steamers at Btnningtnn, may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi deuce anil Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic loot, at $j M per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. m3l 6irr OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Passage 50 cent*?Berth* SO cent*. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. 4%Ofl yea The commodious Steamboat WASHINGfll.--.gWe> J*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made ne_^_*KC_Z_arrangements to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, anil Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Si turday afternoon, at S o'clock, lauding on Iter luusags each way at the foot of Hamu)ond street, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattslnll and Hudson. For freight or posssge, apply to the Captain on board, Or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 182 West street. _ ui9c jasl THE RAINBOW MORNING LINE for i il?-?e?i?ALBANY. The low pressure Steamboat 5E^2sCS_RA1NB0W. will leave the foot of Robinson st~..-t, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. mj lm*r _ TAILORING. * MACHINE POETRY. WHEELER, TAILOR, hereby senda This information to his friends. Or enemies, if he has any, Whether they be few or many. The public too, both far and near. He wishes every one to hear, ?rhat in Broadway he has a shop, n which he'd like to have theffl pop. And should they want coat, vest or pants, No ene ciu fit ttiem if he cant. Prices low to suit the times, Cloth, too various for these rhymes; In short youll find no other Tailor, 90 sure 10 piease you am j\ vv hlfillti. m13 Imc 167 Broadway, up stairs. maMWs" C.'nxH Tailoring EiitablUhment, T? Jlemoveil lo 1M William itreel, corner of Jinn tired. rPHK subcribcr, in announcing the above to his friend* mid 1 the public in general, lakes leave to return thnnks for the liberal patronage bestowed on him at his former place of buslle-M, anil ..sau re a the in that every article ordered ol him shall, as heretofore, be ei-t, made, and trimmed in the neatest and most styli-h manna. The materials, the newest and best in the market, and at s positive sai ins of 30 per cent. Similiters .lie requested to cal tnd examine. Oentlemen w ho ) .rfer purchasing their own eloth, 8tc., can have them made and trimmed in the style that has qiren such genera] satisfaction during tlie last four years. Erery garment warranted to fit, and made by llie best workmen at the following prices, it.:? Dress Coats $7 00 to S3 JO l'"iock Ooits 8 00 to 9 JO Panta and Vesta 1 7J to 2 00 Omr Coats 9 00 to 11 00 N'o garments ready made?all made to order, and a suit (u.lushed, if necessary, in 21 hours. wilt Imc MICHAEL E. MARTIN of the utmost importance rpt> purchase of Marshall's Troy Shirts, Bosoms and < olI lurs. In consequence of the many mistakes hiring been made of late by stranrers and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt De of, we arc inerefo c obliged u? mad* public the esuse fo. the b-nefit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is this. A store has lately had jninted on th*ir window, and about their premises, a siiii ourpolling t-> be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all, tney do not keep onr Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars, and as a guard ag mis', mistakes that may occur in future, on account of this new tigu at the corner (tore, therefore, we ahall circulate extensively the following card, and for the benefit of dealers in our goods:? This is ti inform dealers and others that Marshall's only Troy Shirt Dejiot in the city is ahout aixteen doors from the corner of I'- arl tnd Chatham streets, on the right hand side in 1 iioru to ihe Citv H ill?No. 90 Chatham street. This is our only Troy Shirt Depot fovthe receiving of our highly reputed Troy Shirt-. Bosoms and Collars in tin city. We shall cause | inn to be extcunveiy circulated, in coniwiuence or many mistake* having been made of lv?. Be articular to see the itainc. ' I YRRHALL'S, "ii the window Kl*t<; also the following? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. 00 Chatham street. No patronage asked ol those v.lio beat down. New York, Juue 3, 1B42. j?5 lm*c REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 1? runot'il fiom 145 Broadway 10 No. 7 Aitor Hunt*. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garment* of a most Elegant and Kashitnntle kind <"f a ?aviug of TO per cent for cash. rTMlE advertiser deems it nninciaury to resoit ty the hackA ncyeil system of giving a list cf nominal prifes, preajtdlinc t>st the length of time lie has been established, toxeiher with tne ext-nsive patronage bestowed on mm, win pros- m sum ncnt voucher for his capabilities. Possessing th:: advantage of be hut connected with an extensive cl<uh estahnshment in Europe he confidently asseu that lie can furnish clothes which, ou comparison, will be (Vaind lower than any other how.- making up the hrsf descriptions rif gentle men's dress. m\ 1 3in R. PHILLIPS, 7 Astnr House. Broadway SHIRTS. OHIRT8 mid# to order. iH.r U? most .pnrorril French WJ fashion.. (Kutlrmeu . Oarmetiu of .11 detcnpliou. 10 ord.-r ?t the *1 orte.t notice. Qontlemen*. Kuriiuhuw Store S7 .nd tt Maiden lane, comer of .treit. int5 1m*r Wll,MAM roi.MNg. "FRENCH UVEINU A<4ENCIEH-<>. 78 -I M liden lane, N. Y.; J. 44. Reed, 113 Knlton ?t, Brooklyn. A. Hn.?on, New, Dver.?The public .re re.pecrfully informed th.t the .hove e.ulili.hment hu been in iueeaulul n|wr.lniii lor m.ny, .nd full ennfidenee e.n be placed in them for richnem of fun di an* punctuality in returning , and the pnhlie generally will fiad it to their .don. tree til aire them their nrdw. jet lni?c I F.ECHES ! LEECHF.8 LEECHEi.-WOO eery flnelarye l-t healthy ttm Herman Lrerhe?, for tale wholesale or retail, rery rrunflBRe, or carefully applied hy WV1. WATSON, ( hernial !k rharmarenti , <18 1m*r Aoothrrariea* Hall, *, Catharine ? i ??. M'WIN F..?100 hales superior Briil|>ort manufacture, eompria' iitac complete asrortmaat of icine, herring, anil Kill net twines, 3K to 3 Iba, lor tale by. jr It K. K. COLLINS k CO., M Sooth ,t. MACHINE BLANKETS.-3 balra for aeie by win ef PF.nsaE k BROOKS. Hi LibertT t. DILLS < ' '* ban** on ail parts of Kngland, Ireland ami ScotU land, in auma of ?3, f ?13 and ?10, to any amount, for a air at 8. J. SYLVESTER'S, jet I.' 9 Wall at. and 130 Broadway. rPO SI N OLE llENTEfcMEN.?An elegant aoite ol rooma a can be bad together or aeparalely, formal,ed or nnfumi?hed, and with or aaithonl board, in a prirate lamiiy, at No. 06 White aueet. Alao. an npper room, on m one rare terma. ml7 !m#r cpeendTd~discovery for learning to PAINT AND DRAW FROM NATIjKE.-Amatetari may ?e., at No. 231 Broitlw y, a nnmber ol eamplea o? painting on wood, Velret, silk, maalin. p.i|>er, kr.,by a process for whiiTi the inventor haa received a premium of two thousand tlollara irmnni- rrnirn frnm?n!. nr immiiuni nj 'Hi I'Murin^are ?.o |M*rir ct rhnt no paint, r can imi:ate them without Iraminf the proeeta. By this method, any artist or other person may learn, in a Ttrr ft w lessons, to paint miniatures to a irrfertion liim^ulf to understand w ithout *?ring the samples, or taking a single lesson of Mr. VICTOR F.KNKT1 K painter to tU e our ft ofh sance, Ruaaia, Re. jrg lm?e I E NE' ? BOOKS AND STATIONERY. TO PAPER MAKEU8. pERSKE 8c BROOKS, No. f.l Liberty street. between -* Bmawti ind Nmivstreet,Now V k,Un| tonctkooi the Manufectu i tin following trticles, vi*;-? Bleaching Powdci i Boyd It Boo's mkii usiranfid. for uniformity and strength, equal to any in this couutry ?r Great Britain, uid for the ule ofwhich tin. I nU in the United St .t. English ( '> linder Machine Felting of very superior quality, M, 46, I I i m wide. Drver Kelting of st;oug fabric, and of widths usually required. ^ , Blue Sin-.Its.? tl iv ,< agency of the Sutton Company'* Blue Sindt . tli?< iic enabled to supply KKFE, and F6 Fr E; , in mm qii lattth i Wires for Kon.diiriicr and Cylinder Machine*. manufactured from the pure it, J ickets?Wet and 1 r? sa Felis. Pult. Screens, Nrw. 1. 2, 3. of brass metal. Orders for any of the above articles, together with Foreign I and domestic ra;;*, Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, Jke. Ice., will in et with prcLipt lUsnth n 1,1 ' Q| ITAK MI si( -'O.OIU.I. H. DKRWOHT, ? - pun?- ,st?r hi irti* ttimur, i>o. ijai uiai sin y\ opposite ilie St. John'* churcfi, ha* tin* honor to acquaint his frivmU ai?J the public that he has i?ublished a variety of new and populai music, arranged with rosy accompaniments for xqilar. Mr. D. will alic arraiuce auu comi>n?e music for orch-stn, J jrniur, and other instruments, au<I give instru-tions to iinatwii on ihs piano hits ind violin. my2 BOOK BINDING PAPER RULING. H1RKLAND. No. 120 Nassau strt et, having an entire new stock of UindiuK Tools and Ruling Machinery, ot the j latest ami most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute i all orders in the moat durable and handsome manner. Merchants Arccount Books and all other kinds of Blinkwork | ruh d aud hound to any patterns, ami in a sty le that is warranted | tojdve utiifketiflB. Any work ordered can be done iu4ihe Euc- ! j liaf: mode if required, as H. 1. has had long experience in both I methods. ^ I I FOR SALK?Two second hand Copperplate Presses. Ap? pl v e? above. m 18 lm NEWSPAPER**ESTABLISHMENT KOR SALE CHEAP.?The ty|H*, cases, imposing stone, &r.Si<\, of a I compl te dsily newspaper establishment for sale. Thetyie is | of the brevier end noopnriol siiee, a**d Mart) new, m only about 7000 copies were struck off. Inquire of JAMES CONNER, Tyj>e Founder, I jeellc comer of Ann and Nassau sis. "HATS. HATS! HATSTHATS !! I TJROWN & CO'8 One Price H*t Store wholesale and rrl O tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to aderu the head. The proprietors liaie the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved short napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely rest-mules that of all fuis the moucoeUr and bsnttlfbi, del use difference ia not easily |>erceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one inice cash system, which enables us to furnish a very sti|>erlor Hat for the price chanted. In presenting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they hare reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. mi 3m* t JEWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. fPHE Subscriber is selling all descriptijtts if field ar d Silver A Watches, Gold and riifver Pencils, (Jell f.iaraa. Keys, Sic., at retail, lower t'.raa at any other rlica in tlie lity.? (sold Watches as low as thirty to forty dgllcii each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged cr bought. All vValctiei ?re w-srranted to keep jooJ time, or the mouey Witch; sand Clocks rtw'.iirJ u tka best manner, Ind If.'.ntrte J, it much less than the usual j.ritis ,iy car (3 Idle finest wciK.tun in the city. G. C. ALLEN, liqjmrter of Watches and Jew ciry, nn'irHic umu retail, ju ???u iircei, U|i nam. m28 lm*m nfm) JEWELTERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS. *c.? A C. & J. HARTNETT, No. 2 CourtlaiiHt "Ireri, nr*r Broadway, Wholcule and Retail Maiiufaclurrra ol" Travelling, Writing, Dreuing and Je wel case, miniature ca.?ci, and 'ttlllKa, llute, locket, watch, ring, and pin cue.; cases for silver id -Ac, neatly arrauged to order. Also, trays made and filled to Jewellers' show cases, to contain watches, chains, riliii, keys, pins, tliimblrs, pencil., Ste. fcc. See. A variety of the above articles constantly ou hand, and made to order, with neatness and despatch. No. 2 Cuurtlaudt street, New York. m2l Im-e 11EMOVED.?HlLAIRF. WALTER, agent and partner oI XV tiie hoose of BetmWalteT, the manufactory of Watch Glasses in France. No. 27 Paradis Poissonnicre street, Paris, bee the honor of lnforatig Metis, dealers in watch works, and all articles connected with the line, a* also Mssra. dealers la rut gliss, tli it fluir establishment ol* watch glassus, rut glasi, gilt fttadCMOVed, fancy articles, &c. &c &c., has lardy he n ic moved from m jN Mum Lane^ tol No. on William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchaauig from the only depot of the factory, Sp reepecuutiy invited ito call at :;ur cr.fsy!!lw>*w>t where wlfl be (mum an unrivalled assortment of the abort men boned goods, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms. mt2m*r NOTICES. ~ kfic K or TIIE AUBt'rn 8c Roc hest Kit H. 11. Co. ) Canaiidaizua, June 2, 1842. $ A Semi Annual Dividend of Five |>er Cent will be n&id on the Capital Stock of this Company on the first day oi July next. Shareholders whose Stock is registered in the City Transfer Boohs of thk Company, will receive payment at tin Bankof the Slate of New York, in the .City or New York; ami those whose Stock it not registeredin the City w ill b< paid their DtVldend ;?t this Once. By order of the President and Directors. jeStnjylr CHAS. SEYMOUR, Treasurer. NOTICE TO CLERKS, and all Other peisons who&e husibcss causes diem to be constantly on their let t.-B v calling at the old exclusive Boot Store, ill Chathain-?tr"er, they can be accommodated with the invaluable articI , ROGERS9 ME'^LIC ELASTIC HEF.L BOOTS, warranted in every jiartlGular, and at the sami price of the ordinary Bool The follow iiiir air ?,m ..! ti. e .. . idvautages fh? E' %ti<- Ilet-L li ive over everv other kim1 First?The ?!- f it> adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. Secondly?They make no noise in walking upon the pave in?nt. Thirdly?Thev prevent Boots from running down to the lie i. Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much leu fatigue. Fifthly?They ik) not cut or tear car|>et? as do iron or nailed heel*. Sixthly?They can be worn with comfort by those having tender MM. As usual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots at wholesale aud retail at manufacturer's prices. jrfilm'c T7NGRAVINO BY THF. OMMORAPH MACHINE.? ill BURR, JONES U CO., I!>2 Broadway, corner of John street, N.Y.,are prepared to engrave all kinds of Maps, Charts, Plana and Surveys, or anv work of I hat class, in the most lieautifktl style, with uiuiaralleled expedition, and at |irices far be low thosa cliarferl for similar work executed by hand engraving?thi-coat of fine steel or copper plates not exceeding Lithographic work. N. B.?S|ieciinens of the work done by the Omnirraph can hv examined st rhe office in Broadway. m2'J|lmr FRENCH RESTAURANT, No. S Na?an ?tre.t. opprwite the Custom House.?j. BONNARD k p. DELaMOTTE have the honor to inform their acipiaintaneea and the pnblic in general, that they have added to their old establishment, know n for upwards of two years under the firm of J. Bonnard, the great Saloon on the first floor of the same house, and have besides arranged several lesser Saloons for the accommodation of private psrtveaand society dinners. They will pay the greatest attention to ordera for Dinners and Slippers in anv iwrt of the city. Rooms and Ouiees in the upper stories of the same house may lie had of them ai very WBQWItl rents. jet Ini* VTOTICE.?The omr? for FRANCIS' PATENT LIFE B< ) AT IS remm ed from II? Ill II llnwdw av. tn?l loir CHEAP HARD W ARFSTORE. rPHF. Subeciiber is now oieiimj his Spring supply of 1 HARDWARE AND CUTLERY, weeivrd per late arrivals from Birniiiigl*in aud She (field. Together with a general ai#ortinr.?i af Lumeum: ixnon- n men he is prrtiared to oftcr at the vrrv LOWEST CASlf PRICES. The attention of Country Merchants, Builders, Cabinet Makers, &c., is solicited to an examination of his st ick and prices, as be is confident they nill find it to their interest to favor him with a call. ALFRED F. LAGRAVE, 210 Greenwich, corner Barclay, New York. A regular supply of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, -nd Cooncrs Glue. Also?a complete aasorfincur of Mechanics' Tools, James* Screws, Itc. n! 3m* BOARD?Gentlemen aud their wivca, or single gentlemen, can be accommodated with good rooms and board, in a pica suit tai eligible ntutWB, N . ?i l)t > street* on rtawi ibis it rma?rooms fhrnbhi I "r untarnished. je8 Imr tpAVERN~AND TTfOP HOl'SF..-< intliTlA.NSON. J- late J. C. Stoueall, *) Ann street.?The best of acctnnmo* dationSi best of rln 1?111 111 <. best i?t liquors. best-if att*nt i ?ri. mi. wi. it ibo lodmoit fl|rt4 bit - relet. 11 tai city is always to be fottn . it the above establishment. English ham, cold cuts, chops, steaks, Stc. Ike. An ordinary d il> 'dock?c' srgo moderate. jell Irr.r l N ' HAN( ERY?Bsfore the Vice Chancellor of the 1st Cir1 coil.?John Herdmaii vs. John Keenan.?Bill for account in | t 0|?irmcr<iiip,?s.r. una tor injunction.?j. .n. sremter, (,omi.Uinsiu's Solicitor; J. W.Gcrsrd, Esq. of Counsel.-pJohn Kernsn, the defendant in this csiise, whose place of residence in in tlie State of New Jersey, it required to appear in (hit ratue hy tlie nineteenth ilay of September neat, or the bill filed herein will he taken us confessed by hiin. Albany Evenintt J "irual please copy and charge to J. M. Wrhater. jell lawSw e MONMOirril BANK.?The notes of the Monmouth Bank, New Jt.iey, (new : sue) are redeemed at 14 Wall at. hy et lm*e ^ EAIII, li fO. TJIANO FORTES?Serrral piano fortea of superior loue an * workmanihip, warranted in rsrery retpect. I1 or tale low to cloae a consignment. Apply 67 Cedar atreet, upttaira. jeJ2w*c IVT OTPlC PATE N Tt PORTABLE JlFU RNACE, a and l'J Wash Boiler, admirably adapted for washing, can be placed in the fire-place, the area, or the yard. Patent Agriculturists, Furnace and Cauldron, tn siretof 16, !W), to, SO. fin, mi, ino, lit), and I60. These furnaces require only a piece of pipe to fit them for use. No article has err girsn better satisfaction to those farmers who hare used them. I stent Hard Coal Knmace, a new article for summer nse? ss ill mak' a neat little store for winter. Patent Chin or Charcoal Kuruace, from new patterns, much ftprnecd. These are lined with fire brick. Also a rery low priced furnace without lining. Combination and Kiiel-Saring Cook Stores, a! summer pneea. Tha combination is the only legitimate store that conducts the steams end smell from t|,e kitchen. They sre equally well adapted for summer as winter. Dealers supplied on liberal ternj. t i \i/yrT ? 'm*C 28' Water ami 14 Bowciy. WEBB'S iMPiniV El> ill RNEH8 ,, ... cent, less than I eretofore. The subscriber has now mi h?n<l a ajaortTient of th* Burner* which he . .. .. ? ?? inn-rai umrounl alInwrd all urilfr*. Bt-at quality of < amuhinr at SO rrnta iwr jallon. Camphorated tin* 13 ranta. ('-all and naminr for yourarlrra at No. lit Grand atreat, on# door^fown^B N. B.?All klnda of I.ampa altrrrd, hrnnrrd, Kilt and repaired at th? ahortoat noli##. on r#a? nnhlr trrmr. mil lm?r ^LIIDLITZ AND 8UDA I'OWTTKRW. \TF.BV atipertor article# to whit ar<> K#n#rally aold, imt ?|> rr V nr#"iv for family uae. For ?a|r, wholeail# and retail, hy WM WATSON, rhcmiap and Apothccaricr' Hall, 36 Catherine atrerf. ... ? V. B.?A larg# aMorlmont of ih# rhoiraat perfumery Jrio !m% W YO 1EW YORK, THURSDAY WWTKUIM, PLACES, &C._ SHARON SPRINGS?" ^TBB PAVUXlON^-TUi mi iB dl vfllW A open for the reception of visitor* on and after the first of June next. at the Villain oi Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, NVw Yort. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur spri.igs of" Virginia, have been proved to he highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Billions ind Dyspeptic complaint <; and in the cure of Erysipelas, Sail rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, sad ill Maoy ather resiMCts^ | i i i (as certified by tome of Um most eminent meduul professors iu the United St ales) medicinal and 1 waling pro|wrtic* unsurpassed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the ride* in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring caves ami romantic scenery are among the many attractians ottered to these seeking iu the heat of summer,either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride front Saroton, Troy, Albany. &< ., and an- accessalile from Canaioluurie on the Albans and Utie i n*ilr>ml, wl. r?* carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and Ulica. to carry visii ibout eight milt i. u nt ing IB time lor dinner; alio by th'- Albany arid Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, bring about forty-live miles west of the city of Alban Warm, cold \n I *h ivver Baths furnished at all times, either of th , miner il or fresh water, nul every attention given to render tb?* stay <?f vhilors ?gr?-?-ible. All abundance of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the season. RORT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hot-1 will be opened at the above tillage of Miaron Springs, for the receijriou ol risitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer reside!) e. a29 10w2taw*r WILLIAM E. JONES. OATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well O known bonding and sea bulling e^tablisHin -nl, havi ;g rec ntly undergone numerous niproveincnts, among which is the I erection ot scvt ral eleg iul summer hosues upon the margin or the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season The great t xteut of private beacli 011 this shore?rhe perfect s-curity in Inr'mi;, even for la-lies ami children, (the hathinj houses bciu.: \vi<hio 1 clone's throw of the niiiisiou)? the sha-ly, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?fhe pleasant li-les in the surrounding countr;?the excellent i li-hitig grounds and oihtt sourer* of lmMthf'nl recreation and | amusement?th" beautiful view of the An luic ocean and the lowor bay, almost constantly ruthetu numerous vessel* arriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev *ry respect unequalled by atiye in the vicinity. Its accommodati.ais arc ample, rhe room* airy and the temperature, even in the j w annest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine mile* I from Brooklyn.) the access bv stages at hours accommodated j to husine** render it peculiarly well adapted a* a residence for i gentlemen of busir ss in New York. jrttftn'r VVTLLTAM BROWN, Proprietor. FlIRNmiRK. GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale and Retail Jh'umitiwe and General J\rninhing Warehouse, So. 67 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, Sew York. YITHERE lie keep* for sale a large assortment of the followiug articles, vi/?: Sideboard*. Bureau*, Bedstead*, Cots, Tablet, Chairs, OHict and Portable Decks. Ola** Cases. Book C-ises, Looking Glasses, Dining, Centre. '1 ea and Pier Tables, Pianos, Sofas, Sofa Bedstead*, Beds, Bending Pah-aHer*, Mattresses, Garnets, Oil Cloth. Matting and fire irons, Wash Suhuh, 'J ouet Table-, t audio Si mula, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Safes, tkc. Also, a Urge assortment of men and women'* Wearing Apparel, new and second handed. All the above articles are offered to the p.ddic al very low prices. Perse..1* in want of said articles w.mld liud it to their advantage to make an early call at the above establishment. Shipping order* punctually attended to and forked en the shortest notice, aim on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, See. for filling out vessels, constantly oil hand. All order* to the above establishment will be p*^ictuallf attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand FarntatM, and Qeutlt men'* and L>diic mec off CkstSi&%? &22 Gin** TOSEPH PECK OVER, Fkocy Cabinet Msktr, Mithentt* ical alio Nautical Instrument Cm Manufacturer, 2611 Water StNCt, Ntw V -uk Chronometer Tm>\cs of a so,* rior make, barometer, theimometer frame*, <iuadrmit, sextant; surveyors, surgical, dentist and lira win* instrument boxes, made rnd (*( k? d in a neat style? timepiece, clock, gun and pistol ea rn of all description; dagueirnty))* ajjpai.ihu and rnejieiue tb -U, surveyors nxU, of any length and inake All kinds of fancy mirk, made of tin. best mateual* and workmanship, n irnnf d. Repairing ofevery descii|Hi<Mi egecutdd with neatness, punctuality and dispatch, French polishing and varnishing. >1 (i. Tagleabue's Establishment, between Dover street ?nd Peck slip. Rff cnctvcrs. Messrs. K. U G. W. Blunt, corner of Water street nud Bulling slip. Mr. A. Megarcy, 100 Water street. Mr. Demilt, 239 Pearl street. ml'i ln?*c PI ANOFO RTES~ ATANUFACTURED by A. H. GALE & CO., bt?- N. Y. Piano Forte Co.?purchasers are invited to ex iininc their extensive stock before purchasing elsewhere, at their Manufactory and Ware Rooms, Third Avenue, corner of Tliirteenih street. N. B. Prices to suit the times. jellm*insc PIANOFORTE*. OOUTHF.IIN DKALtUS at dicicn?jfia noiy-raily will find F? it to their adrautatcr ti call ?:.d MH.uua ! choice laacrtmmt of the ahovn article, compifillC * reni'li* .)( <; J'.ui ?>J i cuvra, of rosewood and mahogany, wilt. .'Mud '.cttoil. rcroll itanda, sud .very modem improj tint lit. iVw llHtrj?.l<DU are warranted to be r<|iiai to any it Ire city, Mr', will h- '/ill at tne low. eat poaaible prioea for ci?b. at the MMi ifn.'t'rr,', 44 Witt Fourteenth atreet, between Filtt' all J t>tattt at'cuo* 1 N. B.?Piano Forte* for Hire?ii uood aatrt*.- ct of P.aro Foriea tor hire at the manufactory at li.i llAX'AXA A^D PRINCIPE SEGAlt^ A/f 11ADFR, 46 Chatnain atreet, hat received, hy the H.lle* t'-l [Hint loo,WK) of hia ceh brited La Norma Seaara, a. a'ao a beautiful lot of superior Nonl and I'erei Priuci|a- Began, which he often for aale at reaaonahle prices. je9 lm-c DRY GOODS, &c. ~ SHIRTS. TTNITED STATES 9HIRT MANUFACTORY,77 Williani street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is hereby given to Merchants and trvisrs in general, that the proprietors of the above establishment hive adopted a ne w method of manufacturing which enables ihein to sell their shirts at a cheaper rate than any other honsc in this city. This statement will be nJlirmcd by the list of prices as follows:? Per Dor. Fine Muslin Shirts, wish Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,.'>0 Do stitchod in the Bosom and Collar 0,00 Do Colored patems, large sues 7,no Also, a large ouanJitv of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which v* ill be offered cheap fo cash. ndB Imi*? STRAW GOODS. T BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and English Straw Goods, respectfully informs his customers i tnai ne naa removru nis tf?iauii?nint*m iruur^ ?niu.u:i4inira Piatt, to 39 John street, where he continues to keep a splendid and extensive aviortinent of ladies' fashionable Straw (4ood?, French a** i English Dunitablrv, Italian Hut lands, line Tuscars, Fancy Shellworks. Prince Albert Btriws, 8tc. kc. Also, an entirely new article, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, for the summer?-it surpasses all the styles as yet intrn duced, being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. | mh lm*m SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS. CRAVATS, AND CLOVES, fUBT RECEI v EDt a rich supply of the above articles, con" listing of a very light and elastic stock, expressly for the summer months. Also? Scarfs and Cravau, in great variety. A 1 irge assortment of Bilk, Thread, Cotton and Hoskiti | Gloves?at the old establishment 241 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray street. PARSELL8, Agent for J. AGATE, N. B. Constantly oi? hand an exte nsive assortment of Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen Dress Fronts, LiuenCollar*. Under ' hurnenta, kt. jr.-. all lm* TO THE LADIES. CASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The pronrier trcsa, Miss S KING, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offer* for sale a most select ana choice usortmrnt of Millinery Oooda, for the aprniK trade, never as yet presented Id the pairlie, both as reg irds the 1)11 ility and cheapness of the articles The assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTED'ORLEANS, as worn by La Ddchesse D'Orleaus, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn llau do do?An entire new style o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Parisianand Enplish FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture, inureat raricty. Trie Pptprietrcsn respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with arall, and examine her clrreit and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be grant sa? ing to them in price and c great advantage u regard] the variety and gualitv of the gnods. M!99 8. KINO, Magaainede Modes, mil lm*r_ "33^ Broadway. MILLINERY GOODS. CAR I, KINO, die well known and reUhrated Millinery and Ladies' Straw Hat Manufacturer to Her Majesty the QUE K.N Of ENGLAND, reanee'fnlly begs announce to the Ladies that he baa on liavida moat splendid and fashionable aaaorlment of Ladies' Straw and Silk lists. The Straw Hats .ire msnafactnn d to a moat fascinating and bemoan; shape, called THE ELSBLfcu COTTAGE, with Otpaey sides and a Swiss Flare around the front. The braids these Hats are made of is of the most elegant patterns, the Albert Straw in particular as patronised by QUEEN VICTORIA. The silk department is conducted by dig most ingenious and tasty milliners, not to be equalled. The silks are of the newest tv le, fresh imported. Trimming and Flowi n U> COfTespOM. Those who wish to convince themselves may call at No. HI Canal, near Broadway, and 17 Division street. N. B.?His Paris Ribbons and Krvncli Flowers, are of the latest style, and can he purchased at either of his establishments, at Woolesalr and retail, on reasonable terms. mil tm'r DRE98__ BOOTHS? LATEST FREN< H 1 I ne sunsrriorr mams m inner, dihiu nfthe ahote detention, of the florst quality of Frrnch Calf Skin. MM hlfhe latest style, anil at eery reasonable prices ? Gentlemen who hare been in the habit of r y ins eatrarairanl prices for inferior articles are requested to rail and lie ronrinctd that hit prices yr from ten to twenty |>er cent below other stores in the neighborhood Drawings beii.t takeai of the feet, and a pair of laata kept lor each customer, there ta no difficulty iu getting a haniiaome yet eaav fit. Constantly on hand, a lar*e aaaorrment of faahionahle ready made Bonis, at prices varying from TWO DOLLARS FIFTY CENTS TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boots, Gaiters, Shoes, Pumia, Slippers, equally low prices. JOHN L. WATKlSs, lit Fulton at., a! Jm? Between Nassau and Dutch sts. "jk^KRFv II IMPORTED OAITERB of all eo waB^^^lors of Fashion; French boots and pitent leathe shoes, dress .lines, aaiters, walking shoes and pampe, for men hoys anil chill-en. Mens' and hoys' cheap hoots from S3 7S Si, S3 .'lO and $4 |ier |*ir. Mens' shoes "is to 10a and 12s |ier pair. Boys shoes M to 7J certs and Si, and warranted good. Ladies, misses sin) childrena' gaiter boots, bnrkskins, walking shoes and slippers of til colors and - lies, latest fashion, ties, buskins and rlips, 7.1 cents to $1, fo ld Is slippers Come and tea a good aaaorrment of the those articles al 41 Canal street, corner of Rroeslwsr, and at 4 anal st, north- west corner of Hudson street, at Walker's. all fm*? T> XT r li IX I MORNING, JUNE 16, 18 A Hymn, To be sung by " the I,utter Day Saints,'' at Nativoo, on the anniversary of American Independence?dedicated to his friend General John C. Bennett M. D., Mayor of the City of Nauvoo, See., by James Auli.kuto.n Bevxf.t, of Arlington House, N. V. Tune " Hail C'olumcia." Hail ye Mormons?chosen band Hail ye Saints of our lov'd lainl! U'ho suffered much in freedom's cause, Who with > our blood has e xcal'J your laws ! And now fierce persecution's gone, Enjoy the peace your faith hath won. Let your religion be your boast, Ever mindful what it cost, Ever grateful for the prize, its jJltar reach the skies. Ciioiti ? ?Bo ye faithful, just and true, firothers, in the great Nauvoo; firm, united without fear. Worship in your temple here. Immortal Hasten, rise once more, ' Defend jour faith, defend your slioru Joseph, with the I'rophet's wand, And all the Saints who hold command, Kxpell the foes who dare invade The sanctuary of our dead. " Whiluotfering peace sincere and just, In heaven we place our only trust, That truth and justice must prevail," .hut all the schemes of bigots fail. Ctioat't?Be ye faithful, Sic. Sound, () ! sound, the trump of lame, Let Jesus with the Mormon name, Ring through the world with loud applause? Our legion shall defend our muse. ' Let every clime to freedom dear, Now listen with attentive ear," The Truth through all the world proclaim, Ye Elders, in your Savior's name ; While female voices sing the praise Ol Jesus in these latter days. Ciioat't?Be ye faithful, Sic. VII hail,ye Chiefs who hold command ! Hail, ye Patriarch of our baud ! Ye Elders?faithful Klders, hail! Ye Elders- faithful Elders, hail! Ye seek for Umpire over mind, IV seek for blessings on mankind. A voice from heaven, ye nations hear, The end of time isdrawiug near ! Delay not, stop not on the way, But join our standard whilo you may. Chuki s Be ye faithful, brave, and true, (Variations) Brothers, in the great Nauvoo, Worship Christ with holy fear, Praise him in his temple here. Mav J8th, 18VJ. National Academy?Cutting Criticism*. We continue our remarks:? No. 14il.?"Jonathan's Introdcction to Goon Society."?J. I). Clonny?That this artist isavery nice young gentleman, we believe?because we have heard so upon very good authority?we should else have come to a different conclusion, from his picture?and for the reason, tirst, that we could never yet convict one Mr. Shakspeure of error in having said?" lie that hits not tuirmony in hist mini is /it for"? several naughty things. Mr. Clonny has no harmony in his soul?if he had he would have put some of it into his picture, ergo, Mr. Clonny is fit,Arc. tcc.? and lor the reason, second, that the picture is in had taste, and indecent. Now,we believe thntton/r and iItrrnn/ are very little understood by those that paint, and those that look at pictures. To our notion taste is nothing more than true judgment, influenced by a heart that loves the beautiful?and decency, the unconsciousness of vicious thoughts. Nudity in art. whether in marble or print, is not necessarily in bad taste, because it may not be common to our eyes in nature. A Seraph, Sea-Nymph, or Goddess, may be made as beautiful as nature, or more so, and as innocent A Cupid, or an Infant, may be painted entirely nude?they are not indecent because they are naked, but because we are conscious of vicious ideas. Mr. Clonny's picture is indecent because the very point and object of it is to display this consciousness. 117.?'"Tin: CUM BT nt WAY Suit:."?J. n. Wrau!?k.?Is a very excellent picture, well conceived, correctly drawn, and riclilv coloured. The Contudina's, with their dark sunny faces, are true Italians. 1.58.?u Portrait in"rut: Chauai run Kosai.m."? H. P. Orai/.?A very good thing- in a style that none hut a master could succeed in. 180?"Stratfordupon Avon."?A. tt. Dwiul.? This is more like himself, and the better, because it is so. tkun his more elaborate Alpirre pictures. 1(?7. "Sketch in New-.Ikrhev"?I'. (i. AtulnLnii ?Very unpretending and good, although it would have been better without the figure?or the color of the figure. 179 "TiieCottaoer"?O. G. Rons.?The effect of light and shadow we would have thought good enough ; but the worse than child-like drawing of the boy's arm makes us look upon its better parts with disfavor, and fancy he has rubbed his lace with ink. 18-1. " Scene in a Lon<; Island Farmyard."? IV. S. Mount, N. A.?'The subject of this picture is a very good one?ringing the nose of a pig?not as a gentleman would have his nose wrung?but putting rings into a pig's nose. The accessories are the best parts of the picture?the man beating the nigs into good behavior with the cornstalk, and the boy that shows he has no ear for vocal music, are worthy of Mount's reputation ; the man and the pig had better have been left out?or better |>ainted.? Why don't Mount learn something from hdmonds ? He has also a portrait of a lady, No. 191, very ill drawn. 191, and 200, are two pictures of Tile Drunkard's Prikjress?by H Saiulcison?who is certainly no Hogarth in the telling a story. He paints well, and when he has found out his forte will no doubt make u clever artist. 197. " Portrait of a You no Hoy," as it is catalogued, (apparently about 16,) by U. IV. Flagg,? is a very excellent picture?well worthy the attention of ohegogue and Whitehorne. 2tT7. "Caiwnet Portrait"?(?'. Linen.?This iminter stands alone and uuapproarhed in small [iortraits?and this is very beautiful. 209. "View in New-Jersey"?Regit (Htrnour? Is a small Landscape of considerable merit. This is a name new to the catalogue, and promises fairly. 213. " Confidence"?T. I'. Rntsitcr.?This gentleman is in Paris, where he can improve himself in drawing. He must not neglect the opportunity. 214.?" The Bashful Cousin."?F. IV. Kdmonti*.?An exquisitely painted picture. Mr. Kdntond'a pictures tell their own stories without effort or constraint. The familiarity of his fair cousin has not only made the young man more shy. but his dog has caught the injection. The old |teople in the background are worthy the pencil of l.'wins or Leslie. 227.?"Mumble the Peo."?H. Ionian, .V. A.? This is another very capital little picture, painted with all the delicacy and breadth for which Mr. Inman is famed. It is second only to his own Mews Boy. 230.?Portrait of a Lady."? G. P. A. Heuly.? We call attention to this picture, only becuuse of the fame Mr. II. has acquired in Paris. 231.?" Portrait or a Gentleman."?IV. Page, S. A.?Mr Page has here produced u i<ortrait, that for truth and close imitation of nature, may vie with anv thing that ever came from the hand of man. We know not what to say of it, if seems so like life we are afraid to speak iruth, lest it should blush at being praised in in presence. No wonder thin picture should have been parsed unotmerved a thousand times?people go to look at pictures, not at roil I oona Puirn liuu Innff liPfn PVl'lflff rin/l niKKIirtrr n: the bait with which nature hut l?een angling for an artist. lie is hooked at last?lie may nevertheless break the line, for he is a floundering lish. 251.?"scene on the Mlnitehranean al 1EK a Shower."?T. Coir, N. A.?With as much propriety this might have been called " Lettuces," to the color of which it forms a close resemblance. In the Sculptare Gallery there arc several characteristic landscapes, by G. Harvey?some good drawings and compositions, and also some singular curiosities in paint among which are 212, and two other small abominations, such as no man ever conceived; painted by one whose name no man can pronounce?so much the better. To the above numbered picture he gives us a quotation from Gray's Elegy, where the poet describes the simple sounds that no more will be hiwrd by the rustic, to wake him from his sleep of death; and then lie displays to us in paint a subject that has no more connection with it. than it has with Long Torn Coffin's exclamation of" Starn all." when he harpooned the captain?the picture is characteristic, however, and must have been takpn from the little leaden imajfea that used to be imported ns works of art, to avoid the duty, or from his own brain. There are several rerv Rood thine* in the miniature department, andalso ainonRM the sculptures?luirtictlitrly the " Novice," by a lady aniHteur, aua the bust of Dr. Parnilee. In this description we may have omitted to notice several thinRs of merit and |>romise?as, wp know we have, many tint deserved censure?but our remark* have biVn more for the use of the public than for the nrti*'?. a course we have thought most l>roj>er in this heniURih"re, where the artists follow the imblic taste, instead ol leadinR if. The art* may b? considered " to hold their own" there are fewer Imd pictures than usual, and with the exception of twenty or thirty, no verv Rood one* I 17 R 1 JL A JLfSL i.JL . 42, ! [From the Richmond Star.] J I Lifk i.\ Kicu.uosn?The Swindi.kii Ha.miltom? ! Ills I'.xi'i.orrs?Tim all 1'otent Dollar.?Kich- I niond is tamed, nil over the country, as a place of . enterprise, spirit, gaiety and fashionable el. malice. | How much of tins is true it is not worih while, now, i to stop and enquire. About six months ago,a man, in the meridian of j life, ap;>eared suddenly in the city and look lodgings ! in <t very plain hou'-e, near the Bell Tavern, on a 1 cro.- street, we believe. No one knew him, nor did j he seem to have any acquaintance in the city. His j address was very gentlemanly and his appearance j indie ited rather the man of education and good | standing than one of the humbler class. He was an excellent companion, could toss off his glass and use a smooth tongue, and soon became quite a favorite. He gave his name as Hamilton, Imni Ayrshire, Scotland, a famed portion of the land o' lulls, producing lots of smart lads and sweet lassies. In due time Hamilton got fairly settled down,and few troubled him with questions, nor did his conduct excite cause for any. It was at this house that he became acquainted with Mr. tSpence, a gentleman dealing, we believe, between this place and New York. Ofhim, more anon. The Scotch are a wondrous clannish people. The broad intonation and full sounds of their native tongue, never fail to excite a ready response ; and it was not singular that the accomnlished stranger. ere Ion?, was a brillier Scot wi' them a'. He managed to make acquaintance with some of his most respectable countrymen, who, delighted at his intelligence, his urbanity and gentlemanly demeanor, opened their hearts and their houses to him, and in brief spare lie was a man of 110 slight importance among his countrymen. They liked him?how could they help it ? ana as he was a capital boon companion, who so right as he to a hearty reception at the social board. Hut this wus not enough. He was a rare fellow, and seemed not to want money, but "whardid hekum lrom?" There was the rub. His own story was that he was down here looking into matters and things, with the view to a s|>eculation, and very plausibly he told it too. Still time might have spoiled his plana ; but the cute Sawney knew his curds and riglil skilfully he played them, lie needed only to be known as a rich man, to clinch the nail of good favor he had already given. (>ne dnv be said to one of his most intimate friends, that lie hail some considerable funds, and lie hardly knew what to do with them. It was scarcely worth while to let them be idle. " Why not nut thein in the bank?" "Well, 1 suppose 1 had better." "How much have you?" "About $10,000." " Well, go with me, and 1 will introduce you." So to the Farmers'Hank they went, where Mr. Hamilton was introduced to the polite President, and negotiations opened. His money was in Treasury Notes?the very thing the bank wanted. The gentleman showed a good deal of tact in making his sale, which heing concluded on satisfactory terms, they bowed and left; the careful President, no doubt, thinking over in his mind whether lie should ask the gentlemanly stranger, who, in such times, had $10,0(H) to leave idle, to dinner and wine with hint, or not. Dollars soon settled the question, and Mr. Hamilton was asked to dine with the President of the Farmers' Bank. Why not? From this time all went smoothly. It was whispered about that a small quantity of thousands weru down in bank, to the distinguished Mr. Hamilton's credit, and he was a made man. a wrnlthy tnan. That was enough. Mr. Hamilton circulated about largely; took dignitaries by the hand, visited the (lovernor's house,was on nodding terms with men of dollars, was no small man at the Boz dinner, and in fact wus thoroughly and most comfortably settled for any small operation lie might*feel disused to undertake. $0 matters stood for some time, the worthy gentleman wearing his blushing honors meekly and discreetly, as became a man of wealth and standing. He seeaird thoroughly "nt home." Among other pleasant little parlies, to which Mr. Hamilton condescended to L'rant the lielit of his distiruruislied eountenimri was one, a dinner |iarty nt an cx-Senalor's, not unknown to fame, where many of the ton, among them the venerable and amiable President of the Bank of Virginia,(these fellows always have a great prnrhnnt lor hank officers) were present. At this feast of the select, Mr. Hamilton graciously attuned his pipes for the pleasure of his numerous friends, and sang for their edification, the very significant words, beginning ? " Little wot ye whn'g comin." a sentiment so true and apposite, that one cannot doubt that the accomplished and musical Mr. Hamilton was a bit of a wag withal. And now commences the joke. One day a kind friend wanted a little money, and as loose change was not in every man's pocket, he thought it a pitv that so much of the needful as that of Hamilton a should lie idle. The subject was broached to him, and his ready assent to trie loun of five or six thousand:. was obtained. In the negotiations he acted with consummate skill, managing his cards to perfection ; looking at the securities carefully, and giving his check in the most H|>uroved fashon. The blind was perfect; and now, who could doubt that Mr Hamilton was a wealthy, courteous, generous, obliging man?and an honest one, too. Things rested in this way for sortie time. At last the gentleman went to Baltimore, and came back with a fair story of having made sonic hundreds in a neat Coffee sjieculation. This showed him to he a thorough business man. Presently he had a word to say to his friend. _ He intended to undertake a siiihII coffee singulation, and to do this designed drawing on London, to which draft lie wanted his friend's endorsement. Of course, there was no bucking out; arid Mr. Hamilton's draft on London was endorsed with a name that we would be glad to have upon a thousand or so, our-*lf. Again the President of the fanner's Bank was visited, hands shaken, and negotiations opened. Bills on London were exactly what the Bank wanted?Mr. Hamilton was a gentleman?had deposited $10,000 in bank, and?the money for the draft was directly in Mr. Hamilton's breeches pocket. In the meantime lie was exceedingly busy unending tobacco sales: went about with samples under his arm, and had all the appearance of a thrifty, careful, industrious man. These matters went on pleasantly, Mr. Hamilton watt as social as ever, and he looked out .sharp, no doubt, for hie " Coffee speculation." One day, Mr. Hamilton sat in his room. He placed his left hand on his forehead, his right forefinger on his nose. 14 That draft," said he, 44 will be here directly. Enough, I'm off." He was a business man, cool and quiet. He made no extra fuss, but taking the securities he held for the money loaned by him, to his polite and obliging friend, the President of the Parmer's Hank, he said his Coflee speculation would require funds, and he wanted about $5,600 on the jiais'rs lie held. They were all correct, Arc. Arc Ttie President bowed; it was a done thing, and Mr. Hamilton got $5,601) to s|>eculate on Coflee, when probably many of our industrious mechanics and thrifty merchants were unable to pet a dollar on good business notes. It takes impudence to do these things. Modest worth is kicked into the putter. Mr. I lamilton went off on his t'offer speculation, and in about seven days his draft on London came back, pionounced a f'orgerv The President started as though he had been shot. A grand swindler, a professional thief and rogue asked to dine, in n social way, with the President of the farmers Hank! Tell it not in Gnth ! Tell it not at all, if you can help it. Such things should die, just as soon as folks get a good laugh out of them. The n< ws, of course, struck the gentleman who had been bit, like a thunderbolt. \o time was to be lost, and he was directly pushing for New York, as hard as steam could take him. And now comes the mr>*t furious 11:>rt of the whole. While there, lie met Spence, nnd set him upon the scent, with the promise of a rich reward if he got the money. In a jew days, Spence reached the rity with this account. lie met Hamilton in the streets of New York under the assumed name of Anderson. He accosted him as Hamilton, but if was not until he iiinted at the police that lie brought him to rea?on, and made him admit himself to he the man. They adjourned to a private room, where the polite anil gentlemanly Mr Hamilton disgorged, first the money for the draft, say $6,(MO, and then main being firther squeezed, tha reward promised. $1000 was forthcoming too; nnd all this to avoid seizure by the police, faience then left him, and ma^e traeks for this place with the funds in hand?a termination as remarkable as th" skill of Mr. Hamilton, and a worthy close to n plan laid with so much care and patience, and so successfully completed. Where the worthy now is. we know not?but doubtless he is playing the gentleman of wealth, and perhaps engaged m a t'offn speculation somewhere about; and it ni?y not to amiss for our contem|>oraries to hint at the |ua!ihrutions of thisperson, for the guard and benefit of their readers. Tnus endeth an interesting chanter on " l,ife in Richmond." Mokai,?When yon nifci x plausible man whom vou don't know, and nobodve|?*> know*, ifhe would be social, put your fmcer on your nose, and whisper? , " (>? wlmr did vou kttm from ?" - i Arrival or a Grots.?There are four ?tntues, i the Tnm O'Shnnfer and Souter Johnny croup, on 1 hoard the Chester,arrived yesterday from T?iverj>oo|. rpH r>? HI m?m jm js % Prli'i Two Cent*. (Iiarlcstoii. [Cnmi|Hiodcnci> oi tin- Hi'rold.] CiiAiii.LM'o.N, June 12, 1h}> Muvimcntt of John C. Calhoun?General /Jumiltc ? I in si mas?Put y?Moral*? Ililigwn . J. G. Bennkti-, Esq:? 1 >E.\ll .^iu ' ? Mr John C. C.ilhuuu arrived in this city this morning, and passed through to Augutlu, Ga Mis bu.-iue ? i.- supposed to be of a strictly private nature, growing nut ot his connection with a gold milling company in Georgia, though he may remain uiul attend the Georgia State Convention, w hich is to be held sometime this month. Ills friends licie expect that lie will he nominated at that Convention for the 1'residency. and feej certain that he will receive the undivided vole of both parties in that State, if nominated by a national convention. This belief is founded in the fact that the late Harrison l>arty have always been the friends of-Vlr. Calhoun, and the advocates of his principles; and the opponents of Gen. Harrison acted in unison with Mr. C. and the democratic party, at the last presidential election. That !"v Carolina will not move tiist,iu the nomination of Mr. Calhoun, is certain, though they believe hitn to be the best man to he brought torward. as a representative ol democratic urn hand from is deep-rooted popularity with all rinses of the |>eop|e, who huve had their eyes upon hint, an the honest and fearless champion of democratic measures, during the present session of Congtess.? But Mr. C. will not, nor sutler his friends to urge his claims, till it shall become certain that he wdl receive the sanction of the universal democratic party. General Hamilton is now in town. He has lost none of his activity or popularity?rises with the sun, and will ere long rise again from his fuljen fortunes. He is the first man, 1 will he bound, who reads he lit raid in the morning, and has been heard to declare, that no American pa|>er had a tithe of the popularity which the Herald has obtained in Europe?ttiat it ithero considered the best paper published in this country. The General was instrumental in preventing Earl Spencer from being further robbed by Col. Monroe Edwards, who is now on trial at New York for a great variety of crimes, by putting the Earl on his guard. The city is now cool as autumn, and very dull. Business is given up for books, and almost every man you meet has u copy of " Morlev Emstein" or Bulwer's " Eva" in lus hand. On Sunday morning an agent w'usdespatched to Columbia, Augusta, and the principal towns in this State, from your agent's office, with trunks full of these works, in order to anticipate every other establishment; and it is said that the booksellers will return their hooks to the Ilan^rs. Certain it is that the market will he well supplied long before the Harpers' edition will reueli here. The establishment of a newspa|>er ngency here, with facilities for furnishing early news and cheap reading, has created a complete moral revolution among the young men of this city. The theatre has bursted up?(and it is even said that the Trustees refuse to pay the advertising hill at the Herald office, to lease the Theatre, to your agent)?the gambling houses and gamblers, bursted?bar-rooms are languishing for support, and some have bursted up ?and so on, every kind of vice and dissipation has given way to innocent and profitable reading. So yon will see that the revolution in mind and amusement which commenced so long ago in New-York, breaking down theatrical business through empty treasuries?which broke up so many rum holes, and other fountains of vice and crime, has Ht length reached us. There, as here, it has snrung front the better food furnished the mind front tlie newspa|ier press. And the public are more irih-liti-ll t.i vim t'lir ihia arv:.t ri.vriliiti.m ll...n ...I man living ; for 'twas you who first brought up the character of the newspaper press, and made the community feel its|x>wer and learn its capacity for usefulness. The dull drones, before your time, had not advanced a step for a century. Where are they now ? Many have vanished before your enterprise and are forgotten, while many which are left behind soon must follow. Their days are numbered. They have been weighed and found wanting. We have been much amused with the defence < f the I'ostolfice recently published in the Ilerald.? Two words would make its author blush ; but it is to be ho|>ed that the grievances complained of will be removed?that a little more energy will be manifested in the public business?and tliut no more cause of complaint will he found. No enmity can exist towards the individuals, as such, connected with the l'ostoflice ; the only fault is found w ith the manner in which they discharge their public duties. This remedied, ull will be right. The mails still continue very irregular; and it is said that the cause is, the fine for laying over a trip by the is #70, while the ex|*-nse of performing it is #160 ; consequently, when there are no passengers, tlie boat lays oyer, pavs the fine, and the people have to wait the revival of travel to warrant running the boat with (he mail ! Strange times! General Neaelons. Before llis Honor Recorder Tallmadge, Judges Lynch and Noah, and Alderman ?tnith. William ^half.r, Esq., Acting district Attorney. Wednesday, Jine 15.?At the o|>ening of the Court, Dr. Chnrles H. Jackson, who was convicted several months since of misdemeanor, in producing abortion in the case of Miss Susan Sknats, was sentenced to confinement i? the City Prison for six months. Hnrtt 'Ihitf convicted.?James R iley charged with stealing a horse valued at #100, the property of 1 'r. William';. Wood, was found guilty owing to his own confession while in imisschsioh of the horse. Trin! for Dursrltiry.?A knowing rogue, named Samuel Dean, was put unnn Ins trial for burglary in ihe lint degree for breaking into the dwelling of Isrjuis^hwartz, 44 Chatham street, on the night oi the l!hh of May, and stealing clothing valued at $36 50. A portion of the i>ro[>ertv was found U|K>n hint, hut there was no evidence tfiat the house was forcibly entered; the Jury returned a verdict of arann larceny only. Dean who ma deep and running rogue, knowing well the material difference l>etwern the punishment for grand larceny and burglary in the first degree, prepared the following (uestions, which were given to his counsel, Marshall <?. Bacon, Map, to he put to the witnesses as they came upon the stand. They evince more legal knowledge of the manner to evaded conviction of burglary than half our Sessions lawyers were ever guilty of knowing:? fyiistlimit to Suiirtz.?Are yon Positive the guta was bolted! Was it possible lor A Person to Climb over! Was there any appearance of force having been used! Arc you sure the Door Was fustcn'ed upon going to bed! Mow was the Door secured, in general (by lock or Boll)! Was it not possible for Nunc one to have gone out, and left the House open! Was there any appearance of force in any Maner to obtain admiitance! T? O/ficrr lluihtiuitr?Should you ha ve supposed me capable of ttseing anv Artifice orCuning in obtaining admiitance situated as I was when Arrested By You! Was there any appearance of Force Hhout the place! Any thing found upon rne no much as A Knife to i nalil-' me to use force! TbMrrchant Tailor.?Second HandArticlcs What Are they considered as worth in your Trade! What is Second Hand! What could you afford to Make -uch Articles for! do you think them Worth more 'ban i Price! I know not according to the letter of the Law What it takea in (every reaped) to Constitute A Burglary, hut should suppose force and art of wich i 11111 u\ y i mi mil i 'hi y ii ?n> i aid nOi llpf ililf llirr wm I rnpnhle of useing them sit the time? niether was it A premeditated art. (Hut the Mere Working* of Chance, the impulse <>f (he Moment? and I n jierfect Stranger to the Place. It may be asked what brought me there (1 can only answ er by saying that A Man in the Condition I was then in < Jenerally Speaking is alwaia going where he has .No Business. Had the House or Hate havehren Secured? As every one will admit tliey ought to haw been? There would have been no temptation, and 1 Should have been guiltless, there is Hlamc to lie attached I think on both sirh sf And As for my own part reflection leads me to suppose that I was at that lime A f*reater Knnimy to mvself than to any one else? A Man i itent upon such a crime as Burglary would I should thmk seek for something that wsuld Com|>ensate for the n*k ?t Detection, and extent of Crime Instead of a lew Articles of Clothing Which it .'"'old Would not have amounted to one half the amount they ar- valued at. And Cent ? would Call your Serious attention in the value of those articles wich have been in A trifiag measure reduced Iroin their original Cost bv the Justice of the Police ort. But net sufficient to Comply I thick With the Validation of Any Maker or Healer in the trade and I have nodouh: but the Hon. Court have often heared the testimony of Different indvr'oals (mil Hilinittf ! th ni) that A S- o <I It ml -If vrf i not worth more limn l>.i|f |>r;or nod "ontftini -s tot that ()nr ol the articles hud hern 7 v* i?i in wenr. ho it in Mid thi- others not much. ! < vr nywlt in your H indu thinking yon cnn (i-ntlemen >f the .Ttiry in Ihity to <~?nd man nnd yourselves (71ear mc of nil Ch irtrce excepting that of Petty Lnroenv The ( onit then n^oumetl to this morning at II 'rlock ? - . _ ... i. .a<*Lh'-.

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