Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. ir>7.?Whole No. 3018 I^ATOWNG^LACES.~&C-" SHARON SPRINGS." TIIK PAVILLION.?This ntvr commodiotta Hotel will be open for the reception of visitors on ami aflcr the first of June next, at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New York. _. The cl-ar pure water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur spring* ol Virginia, have wen prove J lie highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, BillIO'.is i:ij D)'ijif|)tic complaints; aitd in the cure ol hry?t|ielas, Salt rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, ami general debility, and iu many wther respects, possess (as certilied by toine ol the most emiu nt medical professors iu the 1 nit* il Statess) mi ?li?iml and h- iling properties unsurpassed, and behoved to be unequalled by any in this country. , , Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring caves nml romantic scenery are among the many attractions ofn-red to these seeking iu the lieat of summer, itlicr health or pleasure. # These springs are but a few hours rule from Saratoga, Troy, Albany. fctc., and are accessable from Canajoharie on tin Albany and Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady aud Utica, to carry visitors to the Sidings, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by # the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-live miles west of tlitchy of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at ^11 limes, either of th .mineral or ficsh water, ami every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the season. HOBT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the aUive village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combiuiuc ail the advantages of this delightful summer residence. a20 lOwL'taw*r WILLIAM E. JONK*. (? iTdbTTr r \ihirv'T A i M uniTwi? "AT THE VINE O'RCHAHIT.?IO 12. npHIS romantic and fashionlble resort will be conducted durA lug the prescut si oson under the dircctiou aud supcriutendance of the subscriber. It hv undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is imw open for the reception or visitors. No effort will l> spared to inlintain the deservedly high charactei which it h#s her tofore acquired* As heretofore, its ubl s will be furnished with every delicacy that tin- New York mirk' t can afford; and every possible attention tint can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially thct part of it on the mouuiain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and ?afe. Messrs. A. b. B ach & Co.'s excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain House, ou the arrival of the boat-*. C. L. BEACH, Proprit tot. June 13th, 1812. jeU 3mr UOttT LEE PA VIL LI ON.?This beautiful and summer I " residence, is now open and in readiness for the reception of visitors ; the house being fitted un for gentleman boaruer3 and private parties. STEPHEN ANNETT.the proprietor of tlae establishment, returns his thanks to his friends aud the public, for their patronage bestowed on him for the last year, and he Batters hiinsel-i tint by hi 5 usual care and attendance to his business, to please those who may honor him either as boarders or visitors. The bar is lilted up with the choice*! liquors, wines, &c. Relishes and refreshment* on hand at all times. Private parties can be accommodated with dinner at the shortest notice. Target excursions and military companies, caa be furnished with dinners and wine 011 short notice at 02 cents. The public may depend ou toe boat running according to her advertisement. Refer to the advertisement in the Sun paper, for the trips the bo it runs during the month of May. Ihe steamboat Boston will make four trips per day during the months of June, July, aud August. mlft lin^r LAGRANGE HOTEL, Bull's Kerry, New .1 r?. v. fv.? This ne st delightfully romantic sumine'retreat i* in full Ji iJSuLreadiness, well stocked with fruit and flower, and above all a tine kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, segars of the first quality. John Pousou, the proprietor, sincerely returns his g atefnl thanks to his friends, and tlie public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last nine year*. The beautiful steamboat Boston, Captain T. Y. Bibcock, leaves foot of Canal street four times a day. The public can rest assured that they w ill not be disappointed as heretoforex th; owners of the boat arc determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Sun. Gentlemen can he accommodated with the best of board and lodging at five dollars per week, and have their dinner at whit hour they please, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military companies on target excursion.", will find it to their advantage inaph isurc to visit the above id ice aad try the t arget ground and Pouson's good dinners. Ilis prices are according to th? times. .1. Ponscn isalwivaat home, and will !?# Iian. py tn tee His friends and visitoig. jelt lm*r HMiK HAMILTON HOUBKw?TWt establishment uuow open for the reception ol company. It has been thoroughly renovated and furnished anew, upon a scale of liberality com^ in e morale with the demands of the public. The department ot the cuisine has been placed under the charge of a capable and experienced artist, who will lark no supplies that the imrkets can nflf??rd. To rhoae unacquainted with the location/)! the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated at the ocean entrance to the Narrow*, from eight to ten inilei from the city, on the high western bluff of Long I .land, Cum minding s noble view of the lower hay and the Atlantic and landward, ihe highly cultivated and frrtdr shores of Staten and Long Island, and the harbor of New York. Nothing can exeeed the beauty of the proem et in every direction. The !:ibrious air at all period* of the day, the ea?; access by stage and steamboat, and the miyicfc d life and retirement of the render this establishmentsecond to none witliiu a hundred inilei of New York. Tkeaparimciits are commodious and airy, and their accommodations in marked contrast with those of similar houses heretofore in the vicinPy of the city. The rides in ihe neighborhood, the fishing grounds, billiard rooms, tea-pin alleys, and otber.accessories of recreation, leave little, it is be licved, to he wished for by any guoat. Families desirous of securing rooms for the season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. jc7 lmr _ BATIl HOUSE, LONG ISLAM).?This long and well known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosucs upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent of private beach on this shore?the perfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool nod delightful locust grove adjoining the home ??ho plea ai.r rides in the surrounding countr/?the excellent tithing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and amusement?th * beautiful view of the A?I iwic ocean and the lower biy, almost eonstantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in cv-ry respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodate lis are ample, the rooms airy aud the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything Imt oppressive. rl'ho convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to basin -si r-nder it peculiarly well adapted .is a residence for gentlemen of basic *ss in New York. jel2sm*r VVTLLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, IVholesale and Ilctall i'umilurt and General Purniching Warehouse, No. 07 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, New York. WHERE lie keeps for sale a large assortment of the followVV ih<7 ne.?t?. vb u; n?r.?... n...I I. t Tables, Chain, ?)lfice ?? ! Portable Desks, Glass Cast ?, Bonk C uses, Looking UIumi, Diiiinir, Centre. Tim ami Pier Tables, Plsnos, Softs, Sol i Bedsteads, Bctls, Bedding, Palearters.Matt.-e?*es, Cartels, Oil_ Cloth. Matting awl V ire Irons, Wash Suwis, Toilet Tables, o-nJle SUhda, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing Bureaus, Sales, he. Alio, a Urgtassortment of men and women'a Wearing A;e parol, new ami second handed. All the above articles are offered to the public at eery low prices. ill want of said articles w.oild find it to their advautnge to make an early call at the abort- esUulishinent. Snipping orders punclnally at'-nded to and p.eked tn thr shortest notice, ana on reasonable t< rms. Mattresses, Bedding, he. for lilting out Teasels, constantly on hand. All ordeis to the above establishment will be punctually attended to .uid thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second (land Furniture, and Gcntlemeu's and Ladies'cast off a2J Gin* i PIANO FORTES Manufactured i?yA.h. galea co.jateN. y. Piano Forte Co.?Purchaser* are invited to examine th? ir <aitentivc ?n>ck before jnircli.isi!ij eUewhere, at their .Manufactory au?l Ware Roomi, Third Avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. N. B. Prior.* to suit the timet. jel lm*in? c "PIANO FORTES OOUTHKHN DEALfcHS at I'.-cteruu-.Tj rimMy will find O it to their adr uiiige tica'l V .d fftaitv .1 elruct <??crtment of the above api le, coraptiaui* t tartidriN tsMmiatim, mt rosewood and male [any, wtli nsul sot loo, MM) (Mads, and every mod?rn import sir ei.t. T'l irnrr.r.i-uU ire wtr* Muled to If eipi I to an;, il lr." ot'.V. tie! sSill Is" d I at In" Jo v. est possible | rtrcs for cssl , at t* "mu llv!t'777i ft W.-st Focrtee-itb street, lietWeen FUll, .' C?? N. B.?I'mho Fortes for Ilire?A gotu s,asl*'*.?rt o( pes;o Felt s (or hire at thi maimlartorv If** HAVANA AaD PRLNGIPE SEOARS ~ MllADV.ll. if. Chat tamstreet. Ins received, by the llellcs pout 100,01 K) of his celebrated l a Norma Secars. as aUo a beautiful I t of superior Nossl and PereX Principe Scgars, which he offers for isle at reasonable prices. je5 Im*c [ ajiu JU.II.M I.! .|?L II. DKY (iUUDS, &r. STRAW GOODS? TBKNXF.TT, importer and mannfirmrrr of Italian and F.iuli'h Straw (beeln, naprrtfnlly informs liia rtntomrra that he lua tvmoyed hh Mtnbliahmenl from 10 YVilliain and 26 IMrtt, to 39 J *hn atreel, where he continnea to hi ep a tplemlid and ntrtwirr assortment of lvliet' fuhionahle Straw tiootL, French if Kiitliah Dttnatahlei, Italiiu KutlatvU, fine Tuscan, Faney She II worlra. Prince Albert Stnwa. fcc. Ike. Alto, an entirely n* s? articlr, the White Siberian Hair Bonnet, fir the ?uim:i?r?it surpasses ail the styles > yrt intra Juc* d, l? in , eitrrmi ly light, beautiful, white and durable, mil tin'in Art nBF.SS BOOTS?LATEST FRENCH 8T\LF..?The subscriber imkea to order, Boeti of ibe almre description, of the finest qnslity of French Calf Wkin, and in the latest style, and at w ry reasonable prices.? (Jrtitlf pen who hare 1 pen in the halm of r yini rttrararant prices for itif "tor arts let are rt quest- ?! to rail and be roimncrd that hit prirrs are fr .tn t< n to twenty per cent l?e|ow other store* in the neighborhood Drawinua het .* takco of the feet, and a pair of I ista kept (or each customer, there la no difficulty in getting a handsome yet eary fit. OoiislanUv on hand, a lar*.- ataortment of fashionable ready toad* n,at pri -e' r rvinn from TW0 DOLLARS FIFT Y CKSTH TO SIX DOLLARS; Half Boota, Oaiteri, Shoet, Pu oi , l-'ipiiera, t'*Hial|y lowj>rn ea. JOHN L. wATKlNS, lit Fulton ?t., *1 Jiti" Between Na?*attatid Dntrh tt*. yMl.r.^tM I |)IS( in K.lll Hilt TU PAINT AM) DHAW FROM NATl IRK.-Amateura inay at No. 231 Bro.div .y, a number ol *ample* of painlini; ..n wo. ?d, Trivet, *ilk,miiilm, piper, Sir.,by a pi.vrrn for which tin inventor ha* received a premium nf two thnu?and dollar* froin the Frereh tcovernm nt. The imitation* of oil imintina* ere to perler! th-it uo paint*r ran impair them without learning**. By thm method, any *rti?t or other pvnon may leerti, in a eery lew I o-oin, to paint miniature* to a i erfertion ditB nit to nnJrr*t*nit withowt ?"eingtbe mmdri, or taking a ingle I. -on ol A|r, VIC i'OR EtlNF.TTE, painter to the roof. .0 France. Rn*da. ftr. jet lm*r DRaKTH Ol fRF.i.ANT), Jen?Drift* at lint, f,<r any m .i ,e.ivn ilivei on ihe It .yal B ink of Irel in.I, Dull* li.i al-. on the old t ilili?heil I anting hon*r of Maaar*. Trr*rot' f) - Amrv .V t o., ii r' . r-, Loudon, wliirh are paid Tree of ill- nt my rhirge u hituvi m in eyrrr prorinri or rutinte, ' ?i . ?ll lie inland town and t'-ron.'hont F.isrland. Irrlaui t !'ni l ..rid Wale*, ran at all innri lie hid by appl>nu IIOCIIE, BROTHKRS lit Co , V? Fulton *t, jelC Neit door to the Fulton Bank. F! TVFV H Tifxlii^ton. [Cocrapoudrnce of the Hurdd.] Lkxim.j in, June 9th, 1812. Great Teetotal Barbecue in Kmtmky?Harry Clay n Tcetotol Candidate?Sjtlentlid S/xcrh?S/dentlid deration?Grc:it Morn! Movement. J. <?. Be.WCTT, Esfj.:? The barbecue which !i:ts been this day given in lionor of " Hurry of the Wot," has nt length come oil much to the satisfaction of all who p irticipnted in the festivities of the occasion, and so far as my knowledge extends, it appears to be the unanimous wish of all men, of all politic il parlies, that its incidents should be spread far and near, and h inded down to posterity. nti evidence of the liberal an 1 gratel'iA spirit of the presant generation of Kentuckiaus, and their extraordinary passion for man worship, the committer up|>ointrd for the purpose of devising the ways and means of accomplishing so desirable an object, were ontlie point of giving up the matter in despair, when the fruitful imagination of Col. Stevens relieved their perplexities by .- imply suggesting the name of Henneit and the Herald, which are said to be held in greater veneration by him, than the names of Mahomet and th-- Koran byall good Musselmen. I shall, pursuant to instructions, proceed without further preface, to give you a faithful account of the most extraordinary celebration known in the annul: of Kentucky, though I cannot refrain from expressing my total inability to do justice to the -abject. The consent of Mr. Clay having been obtained soma weeks ago, to meet his Iriends on an occasion of this lund, a committee was appointed to make due preparation, which was done on a scale of truly nrineely magnificence; indeed, everything done by this intelligent and bountiful committee, is worthy of general commendation Vet 1 regret to say they have not received this act of justice, though no one doubts now tlu* purity of their motives. A m tjority of the committee being W'ushingtonians, resolved upon the entire exclusion of all alcoholic drinks from the ground, which has been regarded by many as a most arbitrary measure, who could only be reconciled to this innovation by the assurance of its being the only successful method which could be devised to draw out the fair daughters of Ky., to swell the crowd, and gladden the heart of the purest whig patriot of the 19th century. Though the locos may scowl and conservatives gnash their teeth with rage, in view of the unanimity of sentiment and ardent zeal, which now prevails in the whig ranks in Kentucky, it is certainly, or should he a source of joy to the latter in having grounds for the belief that this day's proceedings has met with the decided approbation of Ileuven The weather, which for some days past has been wet and cloudy, as sudden as unexpected cleared up this morning, causing manv lovely faces to smile withjty, while offering up to Heaven the unfeigned gratitude of their hearts, for the op|>ortunity thus given them of displaying those charms which nature has wisely designed for the eaptivntion of the hearts of the sterner sex. In accordance with the order of arrangements,all uu.-;nrs>M iiiiii.ii'9 iit-uig cmsrii, iiiuiuiuui'M ucgail to assemble nt an enrly lionr in th<; college liiwn ? When in the presence of thousands, a full length portr.iit of the lamented Harrison wis presented by a committee of Buckeyes from Columbus,to the wnig ladies of Kentucky, in whose behalf they, the Buckeyes, were addressed by (ien. ('ombes, in a strain of eloquence, which drew forth the most deafening applause, shaking the unfortunate edifice, (Morrison College) to its foundation, and transporting the in imagination to the very Heavens. He really looked as if he thought the day ol Judgment had coine. This interesting ceremony being finished, the procession, embracing all denominations of politicians of both rexes, white, black, yellow, and quartroon. moved with becoming dignity towards Maxwell Spring, half u mile front town, when preparations were made for their entertainment. The number of persons in procession has been estimated at IO,()iH), three or four hundred carriages, filled with the fairest ol the fair, outshone the sun in brilliancy, and yet, strange te say, when upon the ground, ii was difficult to say which attracted most attention, they, or the 20,000 pounds of rnenf, served up very elegantly on eight tables, eneli fifty yards in length, whieli were speedily surrounded, and their contents walked into with a degree of voracity which would havp put John Hull (or Vendovi) himself to the blush. This huge mass was made to disappear in a short time like magic. The ladies attribute it to tli" Catholics, who were on the ground in great numbers preparing for a fast on eggs and fi.-li next day,Friday. The stomachs of all, malu and female, being well gorg'-d and consequently in u happy state to appreciate a good s|ieccli, stowed themselves away around the stage erected for tin? orators of the day. The company being restored to order a number of precious sentiments, prepared previously were read out by Mr. .T. F. I.ay, in th" happiest manner imaginable. who was followed by Judge Robertson, in a speech, setting forth the merits and powers of the lion of the day, which it is altogether unnecessary to dwell upon, as it will doubtless long be remembered for its unparalleled i flights of eloquence and modesty of sentiments, facts which Mr. Clay, as well as the speaker himself, appeared to be conscious of. The Judge having resumed his scat, Mr.Clay rose up, and for the space of near three hours held his vast audience entranced by the exhibition of those vast jiowers, with which it lias pleased the God of nature so liberally to endow hint. He commenced by nn expression of the belief that the bounties of Providence of which they had just partaken so freely had executed u stranger intluenccon drawing out this crowd than the speech which he was about to deliver lie then commented upon the glorious revolution eficcied bv the t'-nmcramv cause, though ii was with much difficulty he roulr! conceal his disappointment at fh exclusion of that, which when nr >pcrly used, it calculated to gladden the heart and cxpniid the fancy, lie then proceeded to pourtray, most beautifully, t!tc present embarrassed state of the country, contrasting it with that which she enjoyed in the years '31 and '32, and gave old Hickory the credit of involving the country in its present unenviable condition, by the shameful use of the veto power. Fie then continued in a very animated strain,acquainting us with the purity of the motives which nrtuated him on all occasions throughout his long political career; drew forth the sympathies of his audience by describing the malignant manner in which he had often been persecuted by his opponents when in thedischargc of his duty After declaring most positively that lie was altogether void of ambition, and h id always been governed in his public anil private acts by the pure Amnr Pntritr, he wound tip by giving "Captain Tyler" the very devil for his treachery iri vetoing all the favorite rivasures of the whig;,urglngtliem not to give up the ship, but to take fresh courage, repriek their (lints, and thunder forth the big guns with a power which would reverberate throughout the whole length and breadth of North America. Assuring his friends that he had no desire to fill the IVesidrntial chair himself, as the cup of his glory was already filled to tliebrim.nnd ere long his spirit must go to join those of Washington, Harrison, and all the Patriots who have served their country, since the revolution. Only once was Mr. C. interrupted in his speech, which, if I h ive been correctly informed, occurred in the following strange manner. The old infantry, the bloody 42d, was invited to escort Mr. Clay to the ground, upon reaching which, they were requested to occupy a very eligible and dignified position, until the ladies had graced the lirst table with their presence, when a promise was made that they skonlJ >!,an Ira clltu tin Til I 4 lllf'Hfft> 1 r^fTTff tO f?y,"wa* shamefully neglected through t'uit selfi-hness which is raid to !>' the maial attendant of an empty stomach. Overwhelmed with indignation at this mark of disrespect, th" company determined to interrupt the meeting with martial music and sundry warlike evolution*, which carried consternation and dismay into the hearts of thousands of both women and children, and hilt for the intrepid front presented hv f!,ipt McOullonah nml his company ot gigantic Grenadiers, heaven only knows what would have been the result. The appearance of lain disj>er-ed the c/owd, causing Mr. Clay to stop quite abruptly. No accident occurred throughout the dnv to mar the pleasure of the occasion, save one fight, without blood, and the breaking down of a benrh. skinning several ladies' ancles. Yours, S.\.u Patch. BnffWlo. [CurrMrewltiif nf itn HthM] BurraiiO, June 13, 1812. 77if Wheat Trmh?Snv Private Banking House in to the Fall*?Hot<4% in liuffulo? i iirziw ' ?j t. Ihn* Brs-sETTr? ? o litfl#* ha? transpired here inc my last thit I have thought it not worth while writing. I?u?iness if dull?little doing in the way of trade among mer W YO EW YORK. SATURDAY chants; hut there exists a good d^al ol' activity among the produce dealers. lly lute arrivals, about At,000 bushels of w heat have been brought here from the west, a great portion of which finds a market h'-re?millers being present from Rochester, Troy, and ether places. Wheat brines good prices, varying from $1 1 li to $1 17, according to the quality. Tlmrc arc not m ".uy sales of f] >tir, it being mostly consigned to Eastern houses. It can he> said that we have pretty tight times here. %pk'-rs are busy in their way ; a good deal of ca^Fh-.l is employed by thi3class, but with what actual benefit to community it would lie difficti l to tell. I)hi ) an i l 'aaa la funds, through agents here, fend a large circulation. Oliver Lee, Esq , the most substantial mm here, has oatublished a hanking hon-i>, an! k-ciis a soit of hrancli to the Nlver Cr k I! mk, of which he is president?and 1 under-tand affords accomtii' Jation to many, distributing l-'s fivi-rs v?ry Impartially. lint lisle building i s b ing done, large numbers of mechanic-ii/ice id! The fact i - there is no need of bu-iuess builJi.i.H, in proof of which I was informed thi< day hv uu experienced master builder, that tlvru ur at this mam nil s -venty stores between Oeae-.c .-reel ail ill - dock without occupants; such being the c:u-e of cour.- there i ' no ,-.resent need of l: W ones. Travt t c moot y ft In* -ii l to !i ive h.-gnn. Thus fur ill Falls lire :i oliiu.lo?th r.' it many inducement ifi r v.-iu.r . the uccomm ?.lnir.M- b-'i r_r much c.xtfii !< 11 <:i 1: ill . i le- i ?< .. r. I Wliiin.'v vC Sons open belli 111" ll III s ml ill,- I Jc. .Mr. till'lien, til" form. r |H-jii:l ir in n > : < t tic 11 i^l, , h .in.' <s h the C'lilion J !<> iv o:i 111 i.' imul.i .-iJc, lib ot i trends WiI lind iiiai ' .it l.oni"" tikT The ( Western Hotel, a splendid houselately ' reeled t>v our ih-tii ;ni lied fellow tov/nsin m A*, lirit II. Tr icy, b-i|, open: in a day or8o. This t< " ili-T with ill ' xci*li"iit American and the Mansion and I'niti'il Sides?ill good houses?will Htibn.l good null luxuriant cute:tuinm nt to either the traveller for pleasure, or the l>;t.-iman 1 .idvise all travel1/ is to so to the iJrciit Western Hotel? it is the 1' st and most f i.-hicnul>le. Our wortliy Mayor, Hon George W. Clinton, surprised us a few evenings -inrc bv giving a splendid p irty. ' dot guessing the reason thciefor we were pleased to discoveruiiiong tlie e.uvd the accomplished lady of our .Secretary of War, who is mother to our Mayor's lady?of course it w.e- ,- briPiant nil iir. I recog ii/ed among the ladies Miss T n and Mrs W .1, beautifully dressed, they are sitters and daughters of on - of oiir priueip il ciii/.sns?th n there was MissT y, Mi -s J tt. Mi sH ?v, Mi-s A .1, the two.Mi.-sT, j. Are. Arc. I >t r. member win* I have wiine.-. -d so choice a collection?the excellent mu-ic "of the H S. lhind tended to iiuike the evening pass oil'delightfully? tic dancing wis continue J t> i son/who! late hour, and all wer.'in id ' hippy fioui the novelty of a party out of season I witness, d several of th officers present. The Theatre i- doing very well?llackett played a very successful engagement li t week, ami drew full houses. Erie. ISallstnn S]ir,. [Coirio|KiiiJ. m i- of toe Herat-!.] 11.I . tr .v . Tlinn It 1 S I > Dc$cri)<tion of the 8/>i??7s Vic:rt?I,n>ryrr??Is.idii f ? Hjuss?>" :'' Pi'-kh n?Pi ih'trt?Everythiiu7. Sin:? It is very surpri i it y ?u It ive no correspondent in this village, inasmuch as it is locate I on an inclined plane (the X. York G izeteer to the conltary, notwithstanding) in .Siratosa County, thirty miles north of Albany per railroad, and an hour's ride from'Saratoga Springs, received its charter in 1 <>7. contains about 250 houses and 1,8).) inhahitants. Ii has the County Court House and jail, which the citizens of Saratoga, urged forward l>v .1. A Corey, an attortiey-at-law and editor of a locofocn organ of considerable influence, r. cently made an in effectual attempt to deprive us of. The office of the county clerk is also at this plac , and is at present controlled^ by Archibald Smith, who is in m my respects a most extraordinary personage, lie will probably he succeeded by Mr. Horace Goodrich, a talented young man of great promise, and son of the late Alpheus Goodrich, .Smith's illu.-trious predecessor. We have n Presbyterian, a Methodist, an Episcopal, and a Baptist Church, where the meek and lovely daughters of Ball-ton, show, by their sweet smiles and laughing eyes, they are animated by grace divine, and that the prayers of the officiating apostles for the outpouiing of the hoiv spirit are heard at once and promptly answered. This village contains sovral select schools, 21 stores, one printing office, from which every Tuesday morning a bright luminary appears, imparting light to the dark and benighted minds of some three hundred subscribers, whose worst fault is their tardiness in kui raiu ?.?i n i*. , y IIIVII i > i uu.ti IIIC uuiir*ston Spa Gazette (whig), and edited by James Comstock. Our numerous mineral springs are similar to those of Saratoga. Therm* touci is a large commodious summer establishment, delightfully situated, bearing date from 1303, and is mostly the resort of the fashionable. Next in rank comes the village hotel, Ford's, Chase's, and Howland's inns. The ilallstnn Spa Bank was established under the general banking law by its abb- president and financier, .funics M. Cook, one of the most popular and wealthy men if the county, if we except Mr. I tavis, of Evangelical notoriety. Messrs Beach and Chapman, are our most enterprising men, and do more towards improving onr village than all others combined. As our legal advisers and protectors, I would present the nann s of Thompson, Scott, Meeker, Cue!!, and Young, the later being a promising son of lion. Samuel Young, onr present Secretary of State. It is worthy of remark that many who were |>oor young men in this village, say 10, 1">, and 20 years ago, and looked upon as possessing uncommon shares of verdancy, arc now among the most wealthy and respectable of the fashionables of Saratoga, thus demonstrating that talent and wealth are not the accidental endowments of nature, but the results of incessant study, close olwervuiion, and untiring industry. The statement of your Saratoga correspondent, " Kolhn," that we have " sustained a severe loss in the removal of Mr. 11 If. to the western part of this State," is indeed to* trii". Mr. Howard ackuow nils u?wn hh his lunnpicicr, is inr son ' i a worthy tanner and currier, was long and favorably known as un extensive merchant in Pearl street, and proliably known to you as a broker in Wall -treet. He [inally returned to Hallston, the pride of his friends, the prop of the village, where it was eonlidently hoped lie would spend the remainder of hiv days. The !eu? of an enterprising man of generous spirit, is at any tinn- a severe blow to u small village; hut it i.? the more deeply felt liere having n small amount of public enterprise, and situated within seven mile; of a formidable and fashionable rival. Of all his speculations, the "Howard Pickle" lias been the most lucrative, while it eonelnsively proves, that it is not the employment that makes the man, but the man that routers the respectability on the employment. His name is engraven in small capitals on the hearts nt mnny of our citizens; but blessings on his memory, in 'lie hankless city of Buffalo, he now sleeps in pence looked in the arms of his wife. Parson Miller the distruclionist and ghostly expounder of the prophecies, last winter notified us that the end of the world was nigh, and warned us to torn front the errors of our way . ? re the siilphuriotisdcnonment in lHfX His a hie lectures, backed as they have heeri by the convulsions of the earth in the republic of Hayti.the destructions <>f Wilcox's livery 'table at Saratoga, and the city of Hamburgh in (lermany bv lire, the horrible railroad disaster in France, together with the trnuie termination of the Dorr war in Kliode Island has made considerable impression on the minds of many of our citizens. Our ladies wear larger shoes and smaller hustles, than the gentler sex nt Saratoga, whose white slips hid defiance to the iuel-mi ncy of the weather, while their well shaped and fashionable toureanonns on the genteel desideratum, towards which th- Ballston fair arc gracefully approximating. On the whole I think theie r more prospect of our weathering the fiery ordeal en|ma*se, than of most tl?,. Ht>rrou nf rwnml twinInfion Kimm ***.?* IK ttri. provinf, money plenty, weather tine, afreet* crowded vviiii fashionable stranger* and robust trirl* from the surrounding country,religion par tolmlf (>er cent minium, teni|ienince at n "mall discount, politics none in market. I have the honor to be, ?ir, your, BAI.I.ton Ur-Poktrr. <~>nto R rvrn.-?The Cincinnati Republican of the 9 th instant ?ny* that the < ?hio R iver wax falling very slowly, but that th navigation remained uninterrupted. gHBEpgBBHL-L ') _ I [ RK I MORNING, JUNE 18, IS Ponghltoei'slc. [('omipoiukiirc of the HertM.J l'ouoiiivK^rsir, June 14th, 1M42 Mu. Jas. <!. Henxett:? iJl'Alt Slit ;? At the request of nunierou < friends of yon nnd your paper, I nrn intlucetf to write you these few lines, on a subject of some importance to you and of more to us, that is to say, witii regard to the publication of the Herald of Monday,13th, which did not contain any report of the Monroe Kdwarda' triul, or more properly, the summing up of the same, and your readers are referred to your Sunday paper tor the same. \Tow, we here, do not Ret your Sunday paper, although subscribers to your daily, and of course a'e much disappointed. With these few remarks, and a request from numerous of your friend.- to publish the same, from the time that .M arshall left in lii middle of his summing tin, until the end of the trial, is respectfully requested by us. l?y doing which you will oblige several at this place, if not all your subscribers over the Union,aud particularly on a subject ol such notoriety. 1 do not see how von can very well avoid according to the request above. Answek.?The request of our correspondent is fairly put?but it cannot be complied with. As well might a subscriber, who will not take tin1 paper on any special tiny, ask us to republish that day for hit benefit. Wo publish a paper every day of the week ?each paper containing the news for that day. ll any aub-criber wants the whole news, he must take the whole papers? otherwise he can't get it. There isno other alternative. We cannot change a genral sy te:u io s lit a special purpose. Goshen. [Corfespcutk'iice of the Il rnli).] Gosiikn, 24th May, IS42. Hole's? People ?. tristoirari/?Eric Railroad?Pipe In yen. 1)kar lV:\\irrr I arrived Ir-rp yesterday and took, lodgings at ont of (lie best' hotels I have met with for many a day It is lvc;>t by ('apt. Barney, who was so well knowr onlh" I In !?o:i river as the kind and obliging stew art) of the Mourner Notth America. His etforts it plense all who visit him will render the Kailroac I lot "1 the best in Orange county. Jin t I mast speak of its inhabitants, of which then ar about thirty-eight hundred in this village. Tht county is one of the richest in America, on necoun of its agricultural as well as its mineral productions Tiiis village is rather a sort of too jew In rnciiic place its monotony h isir, only relieved by the passage o the Krie Railroad through it, which seems to cal the attention ot all the idle people (of whom, ulg ins from appearance.', there are a goodly number whenever tile ears pass through. _ The society 1 an told is good, but .-mall, and a little sprinkled will aristocracy. What an amusing tiling is an ati-to crat in ?ueli a place as this! The noble familici being descended trom men who made their owt fortunes, cemtnencing with nothing, and leaving ; haud'otn ' competency to be squandered by thei children and grand-children, and the third genera linn left to starve. However, the society lietc r much broken, and many of those who were held ii| above the common level by their wealth, have scei their riches take wings and lly away. In consequence of the Krie Railroad Comptm suspending operations, a large number of tulenfet r?nLrifir<?r? li nt' l)'M ?i thrown ?>11f nf fnminv. ntent, without even rec iving pav for the sertic*! they rendered six liimitlis ago. W a pity it ithat such men as liowni, Hlalchford, At., overgo the in wiTgcni >nt of thi; great project! H id it m> been for extravagance, tii" whole road would hav> been completed long before this Hut the dav ol re frihtttion id at hand, and the " Pipe layers" will nice with what they little suspect The people iuterrstet in thi- work ure moving, and we may look for i speedy reformation in the of this Company and the work going on under more favorable aus pices. \ ours, icc. Sam. Key West. f Correspondence of tire Herald.] Kev West, May 25, 1^42. My Dear Sir :? The brig Horace of Boston, thirteen days outfron New York Cor New Orleans, with paving stones am a few articles of merchandize, was brought in chargi of wreckers yesterday. She lay twenty-four hotni on the Tortugas, in light weather, and has sustain ed no injury, She is libelled; her cause will bf heard to-morrow, and she will he on her voyagt again by the 2Sth. The master of brig Laura, mentioned in my last, attempted to sell drafts ir Havana, to defray salvage and other expenses.? Only JJift.OflO could be obtained, and as the salvage ana expenses of his vessel amount to nbou $7,500, a small portion of cargo will be sold tomorrow, to meet the difference. An expedition hat just returned from the Glades, commanded bv Lieut McLaughlin. The impression that more Indian* are in South Florida alone, than are supposed to be in the whole territory, seems to be general anion; his officers. Lieut. .MeLanghltn's command is very active, and gives the Indians no resting time. 1 has recently destroyed a Urge quantity of flour thrown ashore near .'fupiter River, from a stranded vessel. In haste, yours, Arc. | ru^ nnu, CT. v. [ Correspondence of fli#* !Irr*l<l.] Kdcekiei.d c. h., S. 0., June 11, 18-12. I>far Bennett:? The long controversy between Henry Shultz, tint the Bank of the State of Georgia, terminated to-dai at this place,in the Court of Kquity, Chancellor liar per presiding. This case has lieen in suit for twentj years, during which time Mr. Shultz has been con tending against a great nionied institution und r powertul array of talent, while himself had but littl< to depend on, save the just protection of Ins creditor and an honest cause, HI of which originated in the dispossession of him of the Augusta Bridge, and tin unholv crusade against the Bridge Banking Coinpa ny of Augusta. The question is now settled, and in a few month: we shall have a decree from the Chancellor in ih? ease. The sum in question is ?5fiN,182 91, wind from the proceedings and evidence in Court, will In favorable to Mr. Shultz, but to what extent it is not Known. We reinice with Mr. Shultz, that he hat obtained his rights for which he has been contending these twenty years, through all the degrees ol hardships that man is capable of undergoing. It n now over. f a mot'1 Anecdote of Braham.? 'J'be B \sfor Transcript gives the following: ? A somewhat laughable incident occurre1 the laittirni Mr. Itrnhum was lieru. The Incomparable vocalist hm In r.l so inarh about the celebrated Elder Knapp, that In one evening went, with tome memtiert of bit family, tc 1" m nnd sec the somewhat eccentric divine. Hn\ ing beer obliged, on account of the crowd,to listen to the si rm in at something moreiihftn'a 'respectful distance," the Princeo Tenors, w hen those who were sccl; iiig after religion were invited to come forward and teat themselves in the pew near the pulpit, wishing to obtain a nearer view ofthi priacher (not being aide, owing to hi* short-sightedness to distinguish a man from a mouse a rood from hi* no?n) and not understanding the pur|>ort ofthe invitation, w alk eil deliberately up tlie brood aisle, and seated himself it one ofthe pew* in close proximity to the ??ered desk. A he wa?, w ith the aid of hi* eye-gin**, scrutinizing the fi gure and feature* of the K.hler w ith the eager gan-ol eu rio*ity, completely absorbed in hit work, a reverend 01 lay gentleman enquired of him, in tone* of soothing ten derne.'s, what was the state ot hi* mind, and how he felt " Never better in my life, thank you," responded the vocalist, on the point of grasping the hand ofthe sttanger. who hail, as he thought, merely inquired after the state ol hi* health. r twit, Toli.s The toll* collected on all the canal* ol the State to the 7th of June, |*l| 1S.J-J 141,040 Difference in favor of 1*41 971,16-3 \avai..?'The United Sfato I'rignte Macedonian, Commodore J. Wilkinson, w nt to sen 1 rr?in IVnsoeola, on the 27th nit , with only five on the sick Il^' out <>l x lull f>m|iiPmrni oi iii'-ii. ami un- *11111 dean, swi rl, mid in line sailing order. She will cruiae off Cuba nnd tlie e< '.?t of Mexiro, nnd return nhont the Irf ol Jnly. ommodore Williamson and Iim oflieers hare been detached from the I'nited States* Ship Warren, nl present lyina off the s'nval Hospital, at Norfolk, Va. The following officers have heen appointed to the *hip: i ornmander, \Vm. M. Armstrong. Lieutenant*?Thomas Turner, < >. S. Gibson ; n< John A. Window. -T - ' ' " - V br * * fbpfe- -~*?0ii:.A i *tlf4 iera: City IiilcUlffciicr. A New < ui'Mi.urn i?The celebrated Kli/.a Severance alias Mrr. O'Brien, one of the qui ens of tin- Kogniackers, entered the store of PatvicW (unimiskey, :t:t t Monroe st., on Thursday evening, in company with the no less nolo, rims Bridget Farley, who was recently tried for posting counterfeit money, and acquitted, aiul otl'ered a counterf. it ?3 note of the Suffolk Bank of Boston, No. 161, letter A, in payment for some trifling articles she purchased, and in a few minntes afterwards they attempted the same trick at the store of James Dcmpsey, !92 Madison street, i ? hen Severance was arrested and committed to prison at the lower police. Farley made her escape. The notes are anew emission, and thu public should be ou their guard. Pcraons who have received notes of like descrip-. tiou, will ai 1 the com iction of these notorious women by giving notice at the police ollii'es. Look out von Mad Doos-?A dog, to nil appearances in ; a perfect rabi 1 state, came rushing on board one of the New Jersey ferry boats yesterday mofning, as she wus learingthe wharf at Jersey City, and entered the ladies' cabin, to the terror of the women and children who were there seated. lie was immediately killed by the hands of boat, and thrown overboard. The public authorities should be on th" alert to compel all dogs to be mu/./.lod or " done for," this hot weather. Important AnitnsT. ?Robert Ltnvly, alias Lundy Hewcs, just out of Sing Sing State Prison, and a young man named L. S. Morrison, who represents himself ns recently a dry goods clerk in this city, wern arrested yes. terday by officers Durundo and Stokuly, in n house of ill fume, ut No. id Grand street, charged by Adam Vultee and John Farley, bartenders in the second and third tiers of the Chatham theatre, with passing two $3 counterfeit notes on the Siill'olk Bank of Boston, on Thnrsduy evening. Thu door to the room was locked when the officer went into the house, by .Margaret Ann Smith, one of the girls on the premises, and ns they broke it open, one ofthe rogues threw several notes of the same description out ol a window, which were recovered. Two girls, named Lavinia Green, alias Mary Ann Stevens, and Margaret Ann Smith, were nlso arrested on the premises as accomplices of the rogues, they being in their company at the time the note was passed at tho theatre, in the third tier. They were committed, and sent up us vagrants. The rogues were safely caged for trinl, uud as some good money was found on them, there is no doubt numbers of these counterfeit bills were passed off on the tomeeve ning. Persons having received them should give imme ' diote notice to the police. Ahhtst or a Desperate Birolar.? OHicers Hilliket and King of the upper Police, caught a black fellow named Joseph Robinson, on Tuesday evening, in Thomas street, who is presumed to be the burglar who lias committed vn. [ rious robberies, and among others the house of Edgnr A. I.ning, lid Franklin street, on Friday night last of $175 worth of plate, Ste. All the property stolen, with the cx, ception of a sib er cake hn-ket, was found in the recolv| ir.g shop kept by Ellas Rodman and w ife, 80J Catherine street, to whom it had been sold by Robinson for $30.? Hodman was also arrested by these ofliccrs, on three different charges, and upon examination before the Mayor, he refused to admit him to bail. His wife was admitted to ) bail in the sum of On searching the premises ol i Hodman, a silver sugar dish, mai kcil B.A. D. 13. wasfound t und a quantity of spoons and silver plate marked C. B. C. T. and other article* with date* indented in dots. Also a 5 great variety of fancy goods and wearing apparel, consisting silk shawls, calicoes, handkerchiefs, lace edgings, Ita1 liau cravats, itc. Some of the silver plate found in ltod1 man's place has been claimed by John II. Bowie, of 73 r Frankfort street, whose house was entered on the 1st inst.; and also by Daniel Turnier, of 3H Vandewater street,-as well as other ;. A complete list will be given in a few da) s i ( f all the articles recovered. l Fri.t. I)r so.?A colored woman named Susan Ann Manncville, a servant in the employ of Mrs. Mary Kotchum, 18 City llnll Place, fell dead on Wednesday evening,while I in the act of ascend ng the stairs. An inquest was held on the body the same evening, by Alderman Underwood, which came t^ light yesterday at the coroner's olHec. Bii-i. Gaii-ahiier, no' Ned, the "pipe layer," was nriv ted on Thursday night for stealing a quantity of gi.s ' pipe and several vault gates, from the premises recently occupied by the Sun office. The rogue was committed. ' Rniimur. * Breeches Pocket.?As a Mr. Grant was procuring a light for a segar, in the rear of u house he is t building on Franklin square, on Thursday evening, a ) woman named Mary Bath, made a sort of a half-loving, l half-searching attack upon him, nnd finally succeeded in abstracting $3."> from one of his breeches pockets. She ' was arrested by officer Joseph, and a ]mrtion of the money found n|ion her. CiiAitnr.n as a Receiver.?(In Sunday night n room used bv Hugh Doyle, in the Barclay street Hotel, who keeps a stand for the sale of fancy goods, in front of the hotel, was entered by tape keys, and property valued at f3(KI stolen therefrom. No traceof the burglars or thieves could be found until yesterday, when officer McMahott arrerted Albert P. Sherman, ot Ids South street, and found It in his possession otxiut ft>0 worth of the stolen gooils, I among which! were dirk knives, breastpins, silver pencil eases, he. Sherman says he purchased the $.30 worth ol goods from a strange n-an, w ho offered tlieni lor sale, and s that he gave him *8 lor them. His explanation being very uusatisfactory, he was fully committed for trinl. Court Calendar?1This Da; . Si rcnioa Chert.?No?. I HI, 13, (13, (it, 113, 6.3, 60, 60, 70, 71, 70, 79, 81, 83,86,88, 90, 91, 97, 98, 100,101, 101, Hl.'i, " 106. 1 Itnnkrapta. SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK. Samuel P. Robinson, ship chandler, New York, now of I Brooklyn, July 16. George H. Baskerville, (firm of Baskerville k Williams) Wcl Ion, N. Carolina, now of New York, July '33. J Library for Girls?lias been established in i Philadelphia. ' Tiik Stool Pigeon System.?Still in operation. ' New Works, tfce. [ Liee op Dr. Fisk?Hunter*.?A superh book ; got up in most beautiful style by these excellent publishers, to whom the reading public are more indebted than lo any other house in the country. The paper, type, and execution are all first rate. Morris's Torn in tiie Last?Carry Hart.? Another capital hook on that subject of exh.mstless interest, the Holy Land. 1 Fun's Dictionary ok Arts. A'c.?At* Alton.? Seven numbers of (his invaluable work are out. Sekiaia?Curry, of 155 Bro-tdwty. has just publi-bed the conclusion of the Two Admirals, anil <>| r llumahy Ifudge. Also, No. 20 of Ilia <*Hj>it:i 1 Cyclopedia, and N'o. 16 ol the best Life of Napoleon , ever is. tied. Heath i'hom Pt'krocation?Lane-fry*, 57 Chat, ham street.?A valuable pamphlet, and most beautifully got up by the publishers. . '1 kmi'kuam k of these good tales are out. Laov's I5ook?Prist Curry.?Very, very excel< lent nre the illustration- for June. The letter pre ss is fir.-t rate. i ( u.uiam's Mil i/iMi?P<t] 4* Ctirrif.?The same may be said of thii?capital work. These illustrat tinns, alone, are worth the year's subscription, i Lady's .Mi sir tt. liiinutv?(leorgt l. Carry, 155 It ixiilway.? V e have before spoken with uii'pnilir li' d nraise of tin- very superior work. The jwesent i ni'inni r has fifteen i h"t? e pieces of music (or fifty rents. M.v 'tu.'UN Pkady- Applet on, 2tt0 Broadway.? I ,\ charming tale for nld or young. I'frftut nv or the Eautii?Mo/lit, 110 Canal slrirt. -There is not, or there ounlit not to be, any I (icrpptuity about this book. , I'd \nd SohrJletrfli Co., i1. Pu'r rtrnt - This , is tin third number of this really valuable \M.rk. The portraits are verve ood, and so arc the letter f press aci ounts <>! the history of Poland, and its het roes and heroines. H e have long v anted sueh a ' work. Mim i in 1H12. v illi an account of Texas and > ucnf'in,. and or inr Mima rec c.xpeuiucn, pim! listed bv Chitrlt* ./. f < tn?n, 10 Fulton trrrt, corner i of Prnrt.?This work commences with an account ' of the throwing oil' the yoke ol Spanish tmsgovern menf by the natives of" Mexico, gives n history of the various revolutions which nave taken place, and a lull account of its extent, climate, natural productions and commerce, with much interesting information and statistic-. The account of Texas has a full and interesting description of the war i which ended in the declaration of it* independence, with full particulars up to the present time of the Santn IV" expedition, and the narrative of Mr Combe It will well repay the perusal. A Tot n ritttoi on riir: lkwr, Iloi.v H\m>, \nwuA, I'l. ruotu, .Ve, in two volumes, by E. .toy \1uitRi* ? Carry <$" If'irf, Plularltijihirt.?Tins i* an interesting work, and contains a good dcitl ot information on various suhiccts, with some account of Mahommcd Ali, the present ruler of Egypt. Had the same number o| hooks been written res|tccting sny other eonntry as have been on Palestine,the subject would have been thought to be worn out ; but there is an interest attnehed to the native land of our Saviour, that enriosity rejecting it is as rife as ever it was. hll-Tlnvinv ... A.., m.?.. ,,-nIM VI) MtVK*. by Aiulrcw lfre, >/. ]), /{. S , Ar.. illustrated by 1211 lOnrrnvmrr>' Tin 7rh number of ihi? work In* renehed ii* from I) Appletnn >V Co. 3f)0 nr? way. they linvinst pnrrhn*d (lie inter'1*! of Mr. 1 Snnderlnnd, who rommenred it? republication in thm country. livery one who \vi?li>'M |o have ihr | he?r and I'll!'"'! inforinii'ion on the H'lhiee1 ,( v h t treats should subscribe for this work. Jh II . Prlte Two Ituta, Indian Wass.?Wu learn that recent advice* have been received at the War Department, which fnrniih ground for a rerious upprehenaion that n conliict will tube place between the Sioux and that portion of the united timet of the Ottawa*, Chippewa* and Fotaw ntamics, living near the Council lllulb. Humors, and a declaration by the latter of their fear* of an attach, had a short time ago reached the Indian oltiee, w hit li 1:1 need the Secretary ol War to order a company of dragoons to Council Blutf-, to protect the Indians in that vicinity, and to prevent the apprehended outhreah. 't he commuiiicntioiis now received give the mutter u more determined aspect than it heretofore w ore. The Ottawas, i Inppew av, iuiiI I'otaw at amies, have w ritten a letter, under date of 7th May, to the Delaware*, inviting them to unite in resisting the Sioux. The latter this letter represent* to | tie assembled, preparatory to a hostile irruption into the country of the unit" ! hand, and that they have sent runner, among the Sioux villages on the St. Peters' for iehiforcemetil*, to a* to be m strength sufficient to insure success. The Ottawa*. Chippewa* and I'otaw atomies inform tho !) law are-, that they have lfiO men on the border* of their lan d on the look out for the Sioux, and call lor assistance in the vigorous delence they intend to make. This letter was handed by a Delaware to the commanding otlieernt Kort Leavenworth, and sent l?y hini to the Indian agent who has charge of the Delaware*, through whom it reached the Indian office. Strong hopes are en tertained that a meeting of the hostile pin ties w ill he pievented. But the Sioux Hie turbulent, testh ?*. and delight in war. The utmost vigilance w ill lie ineffectual sometimes to stay the hands of wild men. '1 heir movements are secret and rapid, and blows ate often struck he fore it is know u they are meditated. In tlii* instance, however, the information leceived led to the prompt adoption ot measure* that, it is hoped, will have effected the object desired.?Mailitunian, June lb. Tssohti nats: isn Mviancholv Asrvm.?An allair, unusual hi ils nature as it was melancholy in it* result, took place at Memphis en .Monday morning fust. Mr. John Trester?represented as a wealthy and highly respected citizen of Marion Co., Indiana?with his two sou* and some lew hands, landed at the usual landing place, seine day lust week. On Mouday lust the collector stepped on hoard and, us is usual, demanded the customary tax of one dollar, which sum, a* we understand, tieeome* due imn cdiatelv alter the disposal or sule of any of the commodities continue I in the boat. This snm Mr. Trester refused to pay, although he had, as we are informed, commenced selling ; thus leaving it to the option of the collector w lietherto act in disoTiedienceof his duty, and by losing the I legal ta\ sot a precedent that might act injuriously to the future interests of the town, or proceed to the usual course of legal extremity, and gain it. Influenced hy a sense of duty as well ashy harsh and improper language, perhaps inadvertently given hy Mr. Truster, he chose the latter course. While endeavoring to ohtnin the necessary authority, with such assis'ance as might enable him to put the law s more effectually in force, the owner ol the boat imprudently cast oil' the fastenings and put out into thu stream. In the mean time the collector made know n the circumstance* ol the case to Mr. I.ocke, the town cousin hie, who obtained tuch assistance as he could hastily col. loot, not neglecting to cull upon a number of the Memphis Rifle Guard. Headed hy the con-table, they got on Itoard the ferry boat and put on' in pursuit of the llat. In thu middle of the stream the parties met, when an action commenced between tlu-m ; the boatmen making use of such weapons as thev could hastily collect ; consisting of clubs, broken pikes, ice., end disputing ull intrusion upon the deck of their boat. ( apt. Ruth of the Guards, was the lirst upon the deck of the delinquent, and the first to fall hy a blow aimed at his luad ; others followed, und wort) likewise stricken down. Upon this the guard made use of their guns and fired upon those who were } ct committing Mows ujion the prostrate forms ol their companions, and wounded mortally, as finally appears, the owner of the boat. The crew of the tlnthoat being overpowered hy numbers, sutmitMd, were taken before a justice of the peace, hy whom they w ere immediately acquitted?no evidence of crime appearing to exist against them. Mr. Trester was taken to Mr. Doyle's private hospital, w here he died, alter much sutl'erin g, on Tuesday morning last.?fort Pickering Eagle, June 4. Large Kinr in ontrkai A lire hroko out Testerdny afternoon, about four o'. lock, in an outbuilding near Mr. Tompkins's bake-house, in the Main street of St. Law renoe Suburbs. A high wind unfortunately prevailed at the time, which rapidly conveyt the flames to a number of the surrounding buildings, which, in the short space of three hours, were totally consumed. From the Maiu etreet, the conflagration spread through Lagauclictiere to St. Dominique street, ami twenty .live houses in all arc said to have been destroyed. We regret to hear that by this calamity, mauv respectable and industrious members of the community have been severe sufferers. As usual, there was a great deficiency of w ater at the commencement of the fire, hut this was afterwards remedied, and the exertions of the firemen wore most praiseworthy.? The cupola of the Montreal General Hospital,: hough far removed from the scene of destruction, caught fire, but from the vigilencc and activity of those in rhargeof the institution, it was speedily extinguished?Montreal Gazette, June 13. , Stonv is Cans da.?Yesterday morning, 12th June, nearly : 11 the tender crops were cut otfby frost. Potatoes, lit tuts, Pumpkins, 1 ndinn Corn and garden stuffs, all have suffered. Kven the tender tw igs niul h aves of the forest trees, particularly the oak ami a.-h. w ere as if they bad been boiled. The orchards urtd smaller fruit no doubt, have suffered. The effect on the grain crops is not so immediately perceptible. The present is the third succession ot frosty nights in June. The late frosts have extended to Montreal and Upper Canada. Yesterday morning, the mountains, nliout thirty miles inland, south ol the St. Lawrence, were whitened with snow ? Quebec Gazette, 1 Mh intt. Kbom Ti ck's Iilaxd. Captain Wells, of the Indiana, of this |>ort, uhieh was wrecked last mouth on lierpasFngn hence to Jamaica, on the Caieos, arrived home y estcrday , via Alexandria. Captain Wells left Turks Island on tho 30th ult. On that day, mother of the Hoyal Mailster.raers from England, via the Windward Islands, stopped at Turks Island. The steamer Tweed had Come up from lee ward, and sailed again for Jamaica, with the passeii"era which were en board the stcatmr Medina, w recked on Turks Island. The lurniture, kc. saved from her, were sold Inst month, the Purser buying most of it in. Captain Wells succeeded in suving about niiie hundred barrels of ihe lndiunn's cargo, which sold for the grow >um of about fAOPfl, but after paying salvage to the wreckers, and other expenses, the nett btihuiec was only at>out $1000. We learn from Cnptnin Wells that the salt rakiugs lately bad been very unfavorable, owing to w et w eather, and tho stock on hand v ry light. ? I'hila-t. Gazette, June 18. .'isiMii: ami Mvstski i a?Sometime last summer, w e publisiied n notice of the death of a young lady in Ihta city. Tha notice wn? handed in by her lather, a gentleman w hose many excellent qualities commanded the esteem ot all who knew him, and w Im> appeared deeply af flirted at the loss he had sustained. We have lately learned that the young lady's life was insured in London for *>10,000, and that the company have declined paying, on the ground that they have not been duly certified of the lady's death, and have written on here for evidence.? About the time of the alleged death, one of our physicians u ns rdlled in to prescribe for a young woman at the houae nf the gentleman alluded to. Ho did not think hi* patient dangerously nick?gave her some medicine, and know* nothing more. The soxton did not ?ee any corpse, and the otfieiRting clergyman says that during the performance of the funeral solemnities the coffin w a? cloved. From our acquaintance with the father, we cannot believe him guilty of practicing any fraud in thin matter,and in Justice to him n o think the ((rave should he opened by the sexton, an I an r\itmir.ulion made hv physicians and other proper and discreet |ierson*.? Huffalo Commercial. A SrnvM.t: Fish.?A singular animal was seen sporting in Charles ri\ er this morning, w as pursued and har|x>oiied between the how ell railroad and Cragie's bridge*. It was safely landed at the bath house, at Crngie'* bridge. where it can now bo seen. Its skin is like that of n speim w hale, smooth and polished, and ol n bluish c nst. It has a fin on each side, one on the back, a linked tail, and a S|>outing hole in the head, and weighs 3-Jft pound* /lav Stale De rn'irml. Piraar*' ia Nr w Oai.r.*a?. Wo hear reports of tho Congestive fever ard Small Pox h' ing In the city. .Men's minds, however, arc so much occupied with thinking on the currency, that we believenotllin;; short of an earthquake could turn away their thought!. N. O. l*ninant'-n ./uae 1th i Wn>Lr?.? A shoal of black fish, of about twentv in number, wrrr :"?n sn Monday hv f'aplalii Swill, of the packet sloop Sw ill, from Falmouth, near the entrance of New Uedlonl httrlmr. inside ol Clarke's Point bight. Some of them appeared to he of c large si/<\ and w ould make a barrel oil each. Jrsric rev Justice hu-; overtaken |)avid Hartley Alexander, who set fire to the barn of Mr. liatc*. in Worcester, Mass.. a few days since. Within the I succi eding seventeen hours, he was arrested, tred. convicted and sentenced to the state prison for fir e j ears. Wr.i aiiTlvr; St4TIoi?. -The Alexnnrbia Oazettr j We uiirltratnn I that the Si rrrtnrv of the Navy ha' directed the dlnenntiniiance of the Roe'rnithn? Station* for the navy forthe ?r<me rcavon that in luce I him roerntly < delay tlx launching of neveral v ?eUnow on the itooki. Mori- Tani ?i.r Amoio tiif CiiaaoKrrv.?The Arkania* Intelligencer l<:;irn? li<>m two gentleman juat from Kort < ribnon, that an atfray took place in the Cherokee nation |n?t month, in w hich Sand Watiennd lieigeman kill* i e<l Jamie Korman, another Inilian. Partioa are arming for ! revenge. A detachment of troor>? from Kort Wayne waa ! despatched to prevent further Mondahed. Mi urn nu. - The la o Benjamin Houghton, ol Krad* I iick?hnrg. Va.,h''; bequeathed J000 to the Bible Society, I *-jnon to the Tract Society, and other Ir^acioa lor the ben'eI fit of Sunday School*. lit it TV or Mi nnrn. We learn from the I'niontown [ (Pn I). imr i nt, Samuel I i. :>v. indicted for the murder of hi* ftufin-lnw in November I ant. hai !>ecnttied, found "iill> id ni'ii i r the in r i , ?cni?mced to the Penitentiary for nine \ t irf. Hi < i v nun t. In th" ? t> ' 'lie I <>? <rv hro frhl to rooni or Holt money pi?M for thi priro ntlofH to hu e f ron ! millionth < Ma not, i-i'-il t.i lor# the C!r. oni' Conn for thl? romiti . the (.iry returned n vrrdirl for ih' lot'riv .u nt? f.?- --I I,.'"" i'h inf from Mar h j .11,r. (int.

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