Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 19, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Wo. 108.?Whole to. 3010 RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. IJARNDEN & CO.?GERMAN AGENCY?The subA A scribers respectfully aituouncc arrangement wliicli they have recently made with Samuel Hxight, Esq., U. S. Consul at Antwerp, Tor the purinise of establishing a GENERAL CONTINENTAL AGENCY . at tint place, for the traiysction of Forwarding and C nnmission Bu iiiuss, and for facilitating tin* increasing commercial intercourse between this country and Continental Eurojw. As Antwerp is situated in the centre of tin* niaiinUcturinv: region of Europe, is at only 18 hours distance from Londonno hours front Paris, in the immediate vicinity of Holland and Germany, and directly connects with all by railroads or steam imckets, Its location affords the a rr a test adv.uit.tKes for purchasing and forwarding Continental ir?>ods. .? All order* received at our olBcns in Boston, Albany, New York aud Philadelphia, in season for.G?.*t i?? rxw?.h*-v will Ik* forwarded by the Belgian steamer BRITISH QUEEN, on the 7th of June next, and will generally be executed in season for tlie return of the same steamer, which will leave Antwerp ou the 111th July. ... O" Importers of German books are particuUdy requested to notice this. .. . ? HARDEN k CO. New York, May 17th, 1812. mICr POMEROY C OAS ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. ^^^TTibcN ire now- ruimiug p t'ilir E\pn ft tie Railroads to and Irom Alhauv and Buffalo, and the intermedia?e places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, with the utmost sja-ed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, "Important Papers and Valuable Packages?-Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or i>ayment of Bills of Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Account*, Ike., at reasonable per ceutage?execute orders for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every description, jteVsoually, in the t?wns on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN fc GO'S EXPRESS fr. V^wVnrL ... 1 ~ M"?n. HAWKEY k CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit ami Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, speedy and |?crfect communication to and from the a astern and wit.m cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges (fee. References?Erastax Corning, Thomas \V. Olenlt, Watts Sherman, A. D. I'atchm, Noali Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, j\lbaiiv. Agruuics?Bennett, Backus & Htwley Utira : 'T. A. Smith, Syracttie ; A. O. Smith, Auhnrti ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J, O. 8he|ihej:d, Cauandaigua ; David Hoyt, Rochester; John McKenster, Lockporl; J. A. Cl&ik, Batavia ; Thomas Blossom, BttfTalo. POMEROY k CO*, No. S Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 3 Wall street. New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ' BOSTON,'Av1a 8TONINGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Stniiington and Providence, and Boston and Providence Railroad*? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Tliayer. NARRAGANSE'I T, Captain Woolsey. MOHEGAN, Ca[it.iin V underbill. One of which will leave New York daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Place, at Ave o'clock, P. M. AttRANnr.MF.tST. The NARRAGANSET, on Monday, Air Stoninptnn, and Thursday, for Stonington, Newport and Pruvidence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, for Stonington, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Stoiiimrton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for stonington, and Saturday, for Stoniitgton, Ncwoqrt, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, may rake the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dence ami Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, on gooils weigniug forty pounds or upwards to the cubic foot, at $i 30 )Mir ton, and on measureineut goods 7 cents |>er foot. To Pros idi lice, on measurement poods 5 cents per enbic foot, ami specific articles as per taril* to be obtainsd at office 22 Broadway. m3t 6 m r OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY. FARE REPUCED! ! Pnmsngc 5(> rents?Berths AO rente, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. />a The commodious Steamboat WASHINOff. iH. . , JsTON. Captain J. M. Brown, hiving made T^~ Wndr -TTi?tr-n'i to change her ilavs of leaving; New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robiuaon street, New York, every Monday, Wtdticidav, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, ami Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and St turds/ afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her paasigv each way at the foot of Hainmnttd street, Newburgn, I'oughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Catt skill and Hudson. _ r or tretgni or passage, ninny to the t aptain on board, or to U. RANDOLPHMARTIN. No. IR2 West street. mflc an THE RAINBOW MORNING LINE for Ca. "W/ 4?ALIIANV. The low pressure Steamboat -J??iSLjE-UAI\HOW. will leave the foot of Robinson trect, every Tuesday, Thursday anil Saturday, at 7 o'clock, mi lm*r TAILORijXG. OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE T^O purcliMers of Marshall'* Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Col's lars. In ciuaequence of the many mistakes having beeu made of late by strangers and other*, in finding our only Troy Shirt Dci>ot, we are therefore obliged to made public the cause for the bene At of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirta, Bosoms and Collar*. It is this. A store ha* lately had painted on their window, and about their premise*, a sign purporting t * be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all, they ilo not keep our Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars, and as a guard against mistakes that may oecur in future, on account of this new sign at the corner store, therefore, wr shall cirrulate estensively the following card, and for the benefit of dealers in our good. :? This is to inform dealers and others that Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot in the city is about sixteen doors from the coiner of Pearl Old Chatham streets, on the right hand side in passing to the City Hall?No. 90 Chatham street. This is our only Troy Shin Depot for the receiving of our highly reputed Troy Shirt*, Bosoms and Collars in the city. We shall cause this to be estensively circulated, in consequence of many mistakes having been made of late. B* i-artieul ir to see the name. MARSHALL'S, on the window gii**;al*o the following? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. 90 Chatham street. No patronage asked of those who beat down. New York, June 3, 1812. jc3 1m?c REMOVAL! PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, Is removed from MS Broadway to No. 7 Astor House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Uaimenta of a most Elegant and KaahieuaUe kind It a saving of rpHE adrtrtii?r deems it unnecessary to rcsoit tj the hack* A neycd system of giving a list of nominal prices, pmuming thnt the length of time he hat been established, together wifh the eitcmivo patronage bestowed on mm, win prov- * mini eietit voucher fur his capabilities. P?>is?\-.iiu the advair v~r <>i being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confidently asseu thai he can furnish clothes which, on coinparison, will lx> found lower than any other house making up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress, mvl tin S. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor House. Broadway MARTIN'S Cash Tailoring Establishment, ft Remoreii to 134 H'illinm itreet, corner of Jinn itreet. rpHE .nheeriber, in announcing the above to lii, friend. and A the public in general, take, lenve to return dianks for the liberal patronage be.towed 011 him at Ilia former place of hii.ine??, and ssaaret them that averv article ordered ol him .hall, as heretofore, be cot, made, ami trimmeil in tli. neatr.t and moat atrlinli mannr. The material., the neweat anil be.t in the market, ami at r poaitive .avim; of 30 per ceut. Stranger, are rei|(ie>teil tn cal iml examine. Oentlemen who 1 ,efer their own elnth, he., em haxe them made and trimmed in the ?lyle that ha. siren .ueh general .ati.lactiou (hiring the lul four year., fcrery pnaeiil warranted tn (it, and made by die best workmen at the following pricea, 1 it..:? Dree. C.oate $7 00 to $8 30 Kiock 8 00 to 9 30 Pant, and Ve.U 1 73 to 2 00 Over Coata 9 00 to U (10 tC7~ No garment. ready m ide?all made to order, and a .nit iurni.hed, if neceeaary, ill 34 lioure. ai 13 line ' MirilAF.L K. MARTIN SHIRTS. OIIIKTo made to order, after the most approved Fretu h tJ l idooin. I Jen'lemeu'i Garment. of all de.enption. made 10 oruer m ine nortel* notice. <1 jdl.meii'i FiunuhinB Store C7 and 69 Maiden lane, corr.rr of VVntiam atrrrt. m21 lm*i Wlf.1.1AM COLLINS. SI 11 It'l'S. TTN1TKD 8TATM SHIRT MANUFACTORY,T7 WU11 in street, comer of Liberty, N. V Notice is bt rebv given to Merchants ami trailers in general, tnat tlie profTi; tors of tnc feluvr rstablUhlilnit hare adopted a new method of man"factoring which enable* them to fell their shirts at a cheaper rate tlrsn anv other hnvi**? lr iblg ?ity. This aUtemont will be alfumed by the list of prices .11 Wlow#;? Ter Do/.. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosomi and Collin,* $7..Ml Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored one patents, large sizes 7,00 A1*o, a large quantity of Bosom* and Collars constantly on IwmI, which will he offered cheap fo rash. m;Kt lm*r SUMMER STOCKS, 9cakfa, ckavatn, and olovkp, J l?RT RECEIVED, a *tch mnyly of tin- above articles, r..n Klini of a very light and ela.lic stork, ei|irv.,ly fur the summer mouths. Alan? Scarfs anil Cravats, in great variety A lanti aavortmeut of Silk, Thread, Cotton and llnvkin tUovr.?at the old establishment 211 Broadway, betwen Ps.k Ptue anil Murray atrr-t _ I PARSELLS, Agent for J. AOATR, N. B. ReMttntlyon Innd an evtr-ntivr assortment of Line* and MuSm Shirts, Line* Dress Fronts, Linen Collari, Under (j-irin. nta. a..-, k<. roll lm*m I^KfcM H IJYKINM A t JK N t IKS? O. W. Burnham, ?? . a Mtiilen lane, N. Y.; J. t}. Ileed. II] Kulton il, Brooklyn.? A lliiMon, Nrw Htrri, Dvii,-T(ie public are respectfully 1 ? ^ d tlint the abijyr eitanliahmeut hit been in aucreealiil Hi. 'A for many yeara, and full confidence can be placed in them * 41-nneaa of fin nil emt luuietuality in returiiime coedv? Mcrclii^ n l the public centrally will find it to tlieir idiaie Cnitln^ni tin their nrdev. jet In'c I ELCHfcAI.KKl HKS! I.KM IIKS.?witm ?er> iiueiaVe tJ healthy Snivyjn^ml ffrrmin Leeches, for tale wholesale or retail, eery itnomlr. orcarctully applied by WJL WATSON, Ch. mist St hiartnarenu t, metlm'"- Apnriiffarirt1 Hall St Catharine ei ret. ci'WI N I'..? !h! l< ill s n< i Bridpo.t in ttiul ui' ; i? I inn a complete anoiimnnt of icinc, hnriiu, and gill net twinei, V< to 3 lb?, for aal by. jell K. K. COLLINS It CO., M South it. Vf At IIIN K BI.ANKKTS , hal. i > . 1,- b7 A1 PKHSSK fc BROOKS. Hi Liberty t "DILLS of ex bailee on all parta of Knzlind, Ireland mid 8 t I* lind, in auma if C5, t!0, i.15 and CM. lo my amount, for ale it S. J. SYLVESTtf'R'sj jrllc ?? Wat! st,iwi i:*) Rro tilwuv. TO SINftCk71 EFTTTEMKN ?An elern n' imli ol rooms I ran lie ha I together or aepaiatelr, formal,ed or unfiirniah' d, and *.lb or Without board, in a pnrate family, at No. M White nrtC. Aim, an upper room, on mnen-u terme. ml? mi"! E NE , WATERING PLACES. &c7 SilAliOX SI'KINGS. ^TMIK PAVILLION.?This in \v commodious Hotel will be open for the recentiou of visitor* on ami after the first of June next. at tlia Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New i ork. The clear part* water of the spring*, greatly res* milling those of the white sulphur spriugs of Virginia, have been proved to lie highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cut tn-ou*, Dili* ions and Dyspeptic complaint*; and in the cure of Rryvip', SaJl rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, and in many #thcr respects, possess (ai certitVil by some of thy most eminent medical professors in the United States) mediciua! and liealitig pro|?erUe? unsurpassed, ami U lieved to be unequailed by any in this country. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring cav^s ar:<f romantic scenery are among the many attractions o fir red to llitse seeking ill the heat of summer, either health or pb asure. Tlusc springs are but a few hour* ride from Snrotoga, Troy, Albany. tic., and are accessible from Can on!, r? on tbt Albany anu Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival ot the nicrninjr cars from Schenectady and carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight mile*, arriving in time lor dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry V alley turnpike by daily stages, being about fort) live miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all tint' s, either of th ?mineral or fresh water, and every attention give n to render the stvv of visitors agreeable. An abundaucc of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the season. KOBT. HAMILTON. THR SPRINGS HOTRL.?This Hotel will be opened at the above s illa^e of 81wuou Springs, for the reception ot risiton, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer residence. tLTJ 10w2uw?r WILLIAM K. JONES. CATSKILL MOUNTAIN FI( riSK, AT THR PINR OKCHARp.-l8:?. rPHIS romantic and fashionable resort will be couducti d durJ ing the present season under the direction and superintendatice of the subscriber. It lias undergone a comidctc .md thorough repair, and is now oijen for the reception ol visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high chancier which it his heretofore acouired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delic \cy that the New York market can afford; -ml very possible attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The root leading to this establishment and especially that part of it oil the mountain, h is been rendered jierfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. P. B ach it Co.'s excelleut line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Propri? to-i. rune uiii, i?i 2. jell 3mr UORT LEE PAVILLION.?This beautiful ami summer " residence, is now Open and in readiness for tin? reception of v isitors ; the house be in? fitted up for gentleman boarders and private parties. STEPHEN ANNETT, the proprietor of the establishment, returns his thanks to his friends and the public, for their patT?>n*ge bestowed on iiim for the last year, tad he flatters hitnseU that by his usual care and attendance to his business, to please those who may honor him either as boarders or i uitors. Phe bar is fitted up with the choicest liquors, wines, &c. Relishes aud refreshrat uts on hand at all times. Private parties can be accommodated with dinner at the shortest notice. Target excursions and military companies, can be furnished with dinners and wine on short notice at C2 cents. The public may depend on the boat running according to her advertisement. liefer to the advertisement in the Sun paper, for the trij s the boat iu ns during the month of May. The steam boat Boston will make four trains per day during the months of June, July, and August. _ in 18 lm*r mLAt?RAN GK HOTEL, Bull's Ferry, New Jersey. This most delightfully rosnntle snmae* r* tn at is in full readiness, well stocked with fruit ami flower', and above an a nne kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, srgars of the first quality. John Pouson, the proprietor,sincerely returns his g-ireful thanks to his f riends, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last nine years. The beautiful steamboat Boston, Captain T. V. Bibcock, leaves foot of Canal street four times a day. The public can rest assured tint they will not be disappointed as heretoforex the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for farther narticulan see 11?? Sun. Gentlemen can be accommodated witli the best of board and lodging at file dollars |>er week, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at I o'clock, P. M. Military companies on targei excursions will find it lo their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target ground pud Ponson's good dinners. His prices are according t<? the times. J. Pouson is al ways at home, and will be happy t. see bis friends and visitor. Jeff lm*r f|MlK IIAMIl/rcN IlUrSK?Tills * iWi-I.tix sit is now 1 open for the reception of company. It has been thoroughly renovated and furnished anew, unou a scale of liberality commensurate with the demands of the public. The department of the cuisine hits been placed under the charge of a capable and experienced artist, who will !a?*k no supplies that the markets can afford. To those unacquainted w ith the location of the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated at the ocean entrance to the Narrows, from eight to ten miles from the city, on the high western bluff of Long I ?!and, com m inding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantis: ami landward, the highly cultivated ami fertile shores of Staten aud L?ong t.?inn<l, an.I flu? harbor of New korlc. Nothing can excccu the beauty of the prm!*?etia every direction. The salubrious air all |?eriodj of the d ty, the easy access hy stage and steamboat, and the mipcled life and rftiremcnt of the *pot. render this establishment second to none within a hundred miles of New York. The apartments are commodious nud airy, and their accommodations in marked contrast with those of similar houses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The rides in the neighborhood, the fishing grounds, billiard rooms, ten-inn alleys, and other accessories of recreation, leave little, it is be licved, to he wished for hy any guest. Families desirous of securing rooms for the season would do well to tnake early application to the proprietor. j<7 linr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.-This Ion* and well known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer homes u}>on the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season Th* great extent of privat** beach on this shore?the jierfert security in bathing, even for ladies and children, (the oathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house | ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding countr/?the excellent fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and arnu ;emmt?th beautiful view of the A?1 niic ocean and the lower bay, almost sonstititly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving >, ouiwMfd honad, Ttwdft tjkia sintlioa iac??n ra> sjxct uneijuilled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations arc ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (If ing but nine miles frons Brooklyn,) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well tdapted s a residence for gentlemen of busin -ss in New York. j?l22in*r WiLLlAM BROWN, Proprietor. "" FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, IVholesalt and Retatl furniture and General Furnishing Warehouse, !Vo. CT Chatham street, corner of Dunne street, New York. \ITHEUK. h<- keeps for .ale * lary- assortment of the follow* iuit arti<-le?,vix.: Sideboard*. Unre in,, Bednids, I'oti, Tables, Chair., Office an.l Portable [) e , k*. Glass Cm, , Rook Ciii-i, LooUiiur*, Diioiiir. Centre Tea anil Pier 1 ahlpi, Piano., Sola., Sofa Bedsteads, Betls, Beddinx, Pa leaner* .Mattresses, Carm-U, Oil, Cloth. Matliutf and k ire Iron,, Wash Sraao., Toilet Tabic., oandie SubiJ.), Bureau Bedsteads Dftuint Bureau., Safes, Iko. Also, a Inrvr assortment of men and women'. Wearing Apparel, new .ml secoiel handed. All the above articles are offered to the p..blir at very low |iriee?. IVrei. i. in w <at of said .irtirle. Would find it to their advantage to inake an early call at the above esuolishme lit. Shippini order, pnnrtnally ittended to and racked i n th" shortest notice, aim on reasonable term.. Mattresses, Bedding, Ike. for f'ttiuit out vessels, comtxnlly on hand. All orders to the above establishment will be pw.ictltallf attepleil to and thankfully rereivml. N. B.?The highest price, will he civeii for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies'cast off Clothint. laim'i PIANO FORTES \f ANTTFACTl'IlED by A. II. GALE St CO., In- N. Y. rain port# Co?<?Purchasers in incited to evmine tktif exteniiTi BlockbefonparcKtiiurdicwhsra,|| ili^ir MvrafK* tory ami Ware Rooms, Third Avenue, corner of Thirteenth itmf, N. B. Prices to suit the time*. jel1m#insc PIANO FORTE8~ OOTTHERN DEALERS W dxutcr.Mfitjr.-; ve rally will find & it to fh? ir advantage to nil i: d msmii:* .a dance lascrtment of the above article, coinpiimt i v.?r:- iv of C and i ctivei, of rosewood and m thorny, Wih. w'r.imi action, scroll stands, and every modern impros err eid. j'/vae itutrani^nU ar?: warranted to be tf)?xl to any it tr.f c.ty, %n?J will h- sol I at the loweat possible |>nc?-a for cash. at tt*f 11 Wcit Forr> teculh street, between Fifty end l*l\tt! aveilPfcs N. B.?Piano Forte a for Htr?r? \ giyxi of P*sro Fortes for hire at the manufactory *1 h.i II W W \ A iU PRINCiPfi SEGAR9. MRADKR, *6 Chatham street, haa received, by the Hrllea |?oi?t 100,000 of Ms ceIeorated La Norma Ben *r? a* alao a beautiihl lot of anperior Noval audi Pares in pe Bcnn which he offer* fur sale at reaaonable prices. lm*c DRY GOODS, &c. STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer and manufwfurer of Italian and A English Straw Goods, resp-ctfnlly informs his cnatomeri that he has removed his natabliihment from 03 William and 20 (Matt, to 30 John atieet, where he continues to k? p a splendid and cateiiaiiassortment of ladies' fashionable Htra"' Goods, French n I English Dnnitablea, Italian Rutlands, fine Tuscan, Fancy Shell works. Prince Albert Straws, Itr Ac. Also, an entirely aew article, the White Siberian Hair 0 uiH'i ( r r?1? surpasses all the styles as yet intra duced, be i ii2 eitrt m?ly hit hi, beautiful, white and durable. __ m24 lm* m na I i)llr.^S BOOTS?LATEST FRENCH ST V LE ?The subscriber mak^s to order, Boots of the ibui ' ' mailt f Frei h Call Skin, and in the latest atyle, an I at very reaaonable prices.? U iitlemen who hat . been in the habit of r yinf ettravacant prices for inferior articles an- reijueated rocill and beromtne J that his prices ere from t< n to twenty per cent he|<?w other stores in dm neighborhood Drawinir* heme takeai of th?* feet, arid a pair of I lata kept for cacti customer, tnere is no difhcu[i\ in getting ai handsome yet easy fit. t.oiaatatitly ?n hand, a larue assortment of fashionable ready ,mt vra'-r'A*ATr*! ^ryin*from TWO DOLl.AHS FIFTY P ?I ? '5 nLLAItK; Hjlf Boou, Outer,, Shoe*. rum,?. Blippm, fcr Vr ., r'.i.lj, |?w prire.. Mm* JOHN L. WATKINS, 114 Foltouit.. I QHlKIVTMD DISCOVERY roR LtAHNIM? TO O PAINT A NO DRAW FROM NATUKK.?Amyru.t ] m*vw?'. ?t No. 231 Broadway, a number of samples ofpaintina i on wooo, velvet, silk, muslin, piper, Itc. by a {itocpm for which inventor has n ! i premium o| two thousand dnllai from the French gore rnm-nt. The imitation* of oil (tainting* ire to perfect that no peiwttf rtti imitate them with.Nit learnitic the process. By th?t method, any artist or other person ma> learn, in a TtTjr few lessons, to punt miniatures ton perfection difficult u> .... Uni?i* w'"kiuK ? ingle leasou of Mr. v iC 1 OH KHNr.TTl!., painter to th? courts . t V 1 jei lm,o ! HA|. I s on IllLLAND, t)i d light in inj am on lit, dntri direct on the lUyal Bank of Ire Is rid, Dublin also on the old established hanking house of Messrs. Fresroll ?rote, Ames k < o? banker-, London, which are paid free of discount or ?nv charge >s bateser. inerrry p*nvinet or entitle hmVdri aft the inland towns and ihrougliont hngland. IreUod, Mcotland and Wales, ran at all timet be ha I hy apply ii+ RDl I IF., SROTHRRS A ' O. ?Vrnl''V'v | j,|, !>I?M door to th? FolVj-ii^nV. W YO NEW YORK. SUNDAY JV BOOKS AND STATIONERY. K7EW OUITAH Ml SIC-OKOROE H. DKKWORT. ^ professor of the guitar, No. 138 Canal street on?osite the St. John's churcu, has the honor to acquaint his f. lends and the public that he has published a variety of new and popular music, arranged with easy accompaniments for guitar. Mr. D. will *!s?. arrange and compose n.usic for orchestra, guitar, and other nutruuifnts, and give instructions to ant it urson the piano forte and violin. in>26*?*c BO <) K 111 N DING PAPER RULING. fT IUKLAND, No. 120 Nassau ?tr? i t, having an entire new I 1 stock of Binding Tools .and Ruling Machinery, ol the its M 1 1 mo ' ., rot d tti ran. i n >w prtpan <! to snouts all orders in the most durable and handsome manner. Merchants Acccouiit Bonk* and all oilier kinds of Blankwork r tied and hound to anv patterns, and in a style that is warranted to give sitixjactioii. Any work orderedcill he done in#ihe Knitlid: mode if required, as IF.. I. lus had long experience in both in* |h hIs. FOR SALK?Two second hand Copi?erplate Presses. Apboi O. inl8 1m TO P \!':.K MAKKHS. l)KItSKF. i*. BUOO'vS, No. fil Liberty* street, between I ILoelw v. and N-nsin street, New York, import direct from th M aim f.?Crn rets the following articles, viz:? D! aching Powder of Bovd & Sou's in ike?warranted, for uiiilorinit. nil strength, ? pial to anv in thL country or Great Britain, o I for the sslv of which they are .sole agents in the Unit.-d St-.t >. K-ivlidi C vlitnler Machine Felting of very superior quality, 3D. 10, l.'i, r.?i, ??, and :tl inches wide. l).ver Felting of strong fabric, and of widths usually requir-d. Blue S n a 11 (I 'Ving tin* agency of tie- Sutton Company's Bine Bunks J hey are enabled to supply FFFF., aud Fl'FFK; in anv quantifies Wires for V iu.di?iiii r and C P ider M ichiim*. tniutiTactured fr?in the pun t r..? ?!?.Lo, J ekes?.Vet *n M ivsi Fells. Pulp S Teem, N.e. I. }, of bra** metal. ()iv rs f'-r -lit> ? : to - iioV? ' iLiele s, togetli'*r wi'di Foreign and do ;je.atir rues', Soda Adi, Vitriol, AiUt.l, Twine, ke. \.e., a ill meat with pro..ipt att i m ;i<I v\<;it \ vi\<; in |W uMNuliiAPii niachInk.? U BLUR, JONKS ^ CO., log B/o.dw.ay, of J dm speet, N.Y , are prepared to engr.-ye .all k'tid* of M ip?, Charts, Pi ins and S irscy oi any work of that, in the nio-t beautiful s'r !e, \i iih un.>nr dlef-d expedition, an I .at prices far be I ?\v those dnr'.-d for similar work executed by band ? ngrayi:ig? the < ? >t of tine steel or Copper plates not exceeding Lilt. rIdc WoAu N. B.?Sp< cPnens of the work done by she Omtiigraph can h. ev indued at rh** office in Broadwav pHOTOOll\rillf UKE\Ji8S?.S-ii> !.? n-.n,.,? I proe'Ms?riken by Kdw ?rd Wtnte, I7i Bro-dwiy, opposite How.ud's Hotel. Lfkenes^e-A taken from ft A. M. till suiiu >wi?, i t a iy kind of \vMitli"r?cLar, cloudy or ntny. K. W. ke-|?s const uitly for si!e ty' most unproved Di: .aeotvpe Appai at tl.?, Pi ties, Lc'lll, Miuiatur:: Cues, Polii.sldng v. 1 N. B.?Imtrnctii 3 will 1?? zjvi'ii in tliii ari a( E. W.'s Room, I 17j Broadway. jcli lia*ie HATS."" HATS! IIATS! ilVTST! BROWN iv GO'S One Price Hit Store, whol air ^ii.I r?-V' t.*il, 179 Chatham S pprt', r rm r of .Motf treef, w'. r fiahion, beauty, durability ami economy .re combined to . lorn Th -proprietors have lite r!ea*ure now to offer in t'M-fit-n to their ifcvntly ?in j roved slant napped H it, a new atvle. the imitation ol* beaverr, which *< closely r? . .'JmIiIc.s th .t ol all furs the moit costly aw! beautiful, ththe difference i* not easily |>e recited. Price three We strictly adhere to the one r?rice cash sy*iein, which enables us to famish a terv superior Hat for the price chiriC d. In preientimr ther.e Hats to the p ?V?ie the proprietor* think lie ;, have reached the ultim Vain of '? ity. ilnr ibnity, cheapness awl rom<oit ml 3m* rpo i HE 8Fpw !! \ r ri: \l>- -1 h undo igrrd y Inviii^ deteriniw d to esfthlishii Bhyh-hou n? an 1 Mnue factory complete in !I respect*. j'i the m-i^liiHuhood of N? w Vurk city, invites .all interested in the Striw llu hnsin <*, to unite arr?linemen u with him. whi h he d.ubu not will he equilly t<? th i, and his adv and "otiifactmu. Hiving for ome vears hoi llie supcrifp-ii'! -rie? of the celt ' nt? d Bleach, illy Works of Thorn ts V> . in B diurd'.hire, fchutUnd, .:?d having nice in oh* further inve iti-_? itions \ with the most siti factory result.) into ?h im; 'rf ntt hr inch of B'eachiiu?hot!) in Kurop and Ann re --he i < ; . ? ir 1 t ? ,:\v? II s'r or nooils the ur most beauty both of color and tint h, of w hich the in iteriil in susc ptilde. TIIO i!.\S It K V .\ )LDS, jel3 l\v*r R. E. Corner of Iln ? ?? and York r,B>okl\ii. A N IMPOKFAN'I QUI rfON I n til -TV serious reflection of the purchas* ra of 11 1.. Is it con-istent w ith true ? c mom - I lam for a Beaver Hat, when tin* ame irticbeau b? hon^hr t.7 Wall street, (between and New .(.. < t ) f r KOI R DOLLARS This is no dpc.-jitivc n.-.vrtiou. A ia/h tiiil, or a nx in pection, wijliitiil he i ii< il 11it th? II- n Hat now offered is far from heim; t!i infi rl ?r srti? le o'tcn Id for leu th in ffre doll n. Ttie fiet I t th .. ed is generally not equalled, and in ii > innance ?u: pvsu d even at that price. Il is in conserjueuc of a r*du lion in the in i y of the raw material, together with the economical polu;\ ofthL establishment?and the proprietors em;inline personally in the manufacture tint tho pre?nt treat iuduccin nti un off red, such a* were never offered b* f.?re. WARBURTON WEBB, je 10 lm*r Hitl . w ill jewelryT uTPrnm'y amii TfTurunnr II 1?- A VII llk.1 ili l \ / J |J I I 1, I . 1 i 1 , VERY LOW. THE t:ib?erib*i i* trlhiur <<11 .lr?crit>tvi k if')rl 1 ?: J Silvrr 1 Wilrhri, Gold ud Ailnr P'-ucil*. If i I ( i tm, hry*. Sir.. at retail, lowvr than at iut iil'irr ilrt* ii: It s sit y.? Golil Watrhe* a? lo'* a? R.irty to forty lilt;!* i ?~f . iVatclii-i and Jewelry i-xct-an^tJ <!r bought. All iV jtliif-si rie n jrrantfl to gooJ time, or the money itlmrrl iViKfif j iml f'loelta rrirairrd iu tee b??it oinnii-r, <lid Mtitftii, )l much leai tlian the innal bit-. ?i ty :? < J t he lia*?t n in the city. O. V. Af.LF.S, iMtortir of Watches and Jew- I tiffj HMllit and r<, 30 \\ ^ll street, op stairs. m2.7 lin*m TO JKVVEI.LERS. MINIATURE PAINTERS. *c.J C. & j. HARTNETT. No. 2 Conitlaiidt street* nnt Proadway. \VI* T .?!? auJ Retail Manafictorrra of Travellint, Writtns, Dresiinc and Je wel cases, miniature cases, and wnan, Ante,locket, watch, riot, ami |nb tecs; caectforsIF er Mate, neatly uvan|td to own. All . ' 1 ! *:ml fit leu to Jewellers* show rises, to contain w ilchea, chains, rink's, keys, pins, thimbles, ^ pencils, kr. kr. kc. A variety of the above articles consUiitly on hand, and made to order, w ith neatness and despatch. No. 2 C'ourtlandt street, New Vork. m?l lin*c REMOVKI).?hTLaIRE WALTER, it and |Mrfner of I tbehomol Beiyer Walter, the only manufactory < 1 Watch Glasses in France, No. 27 Pandi* I'mssonniere street. Paris, has the honor of iiilortnirr M.isr*. dealers in watch w orks, ami .ill uticlee connected with tvu line, as also Msers.d< den incut glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut glass, gilt and colored, fancy MtKlcii Ic. kc Ac., has lately been ie moved from No 40 Maiden Lane, tot No. William street. , Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only depot of the , factory, an respectfully invited to call tx . : ! 9 where will be found an unrivalled assortment of the above men- | tiotied goods, which will be disputed of ou the most reasonable , terms. ml 2m*r 1 NOTICES. KriCK or tiif Arnrm k Rochfstvr It. R. Co. ) , Canmm) ihtu 1. Jane 2, 1841. s A Semi Annus! Dividend of Five prr Cent will he onid on Ihe Capital Stock of litis Company on the first Jay ol Jbly , next. Shareholders whose Stork is registered in the Citv Transfer I Books of this Company, will receive ptyinent at tin* B ink < f , the State of N'? w \ ork, in the City of New York; and those . whose Stock is not registered in tne City will be paid their Dividend at this Office. | By order of the President and Directors. i i# sr.?j\ Ir CHAS. SEYMOUR. Treasurer. { NOTICE TO CLERKS, and all other peison* whose bust- I ness causes them to he constant ly on their leef.?By calling t at the old exclusive Boot Store, 111 Chatham-street, tltey can ft he accommodated with the invaluable article, ROGERS' MK- s TALK ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every par- t ticwlar, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The fol- I lowing are some of the many advantages the Elastic Heels have J o\. r . \en dher Mod : First?The elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. i Secondly?They make no noire in walking nj?on the me nr. Thirdly?Thev prevent Boots from running down to the heel. K urthly?They etialde the wearer to walk with much less fatigue. Fifthly?1They do not cut or tear carpet* as do iron or nailed heels. Sitthlv?They can he worn with comfort by those having tender feet. A- usual, constantly on hand all kind* of Boots at wholesale 111(1 il If Ml Hi I ? tn fit es. je6lm*C HOARD- fi. M'Ieroen and their wives,Off single gentlemen, J ran he accommodated with good room* and board, in a ph i Milt and eligible situation, No. 21 Dey street, on reasonable 8 terms?rooms furnished or unfurnished jeS Inir rjfvAVEEN \ < fToF"7T?TT *F..--fltRl vrlANNON, , I i . I ' N? 11. I Ann street TH< beat oftccommo* 1 dsM-Mis, best cf refreshments, b' t rI liquor*. best of attention, J and, what * mnr , the b""t acd most eg" cable society in tnis h city is always to l e found at the above nUbliil ment. English J ham, cold cuts, chops, r.feaks, Sic. frc. : An ordinary daily at 2 o'clock? charge moderate, jell lm' b IN l H.A N't ER\ ?Before the Vice Chancellor of the 1st Cirt run?John v?. John Keeiian. Bill for account in g Copartnership. and for Injunction.?J. Mi Webster, Comniainarit'i Solicitor; J. W. 0* rard, Esq. of Counsel.?John c Kcmari, the defendant in tlii* cause, whose place of residence f is in the State of Near Jersey. is r(<ptired to appear in this t| cause by th" nineteenth day or Septrml* r neat, or the hill fib d herein will be taken i.conb - ?,d by bim. ? Alb my Evening Journal ph ? > c< py and charge to J. M. Webster. jell law.1w c * TJIANO V OR TEH?Bev? ral piano fortes of superior tone an v I workmanship, warranted in every r:'?pct. ror sale low to ? close a con* iuncut. Apply 67 Cedar L. '.npstain. ,, A Moti a patknt? roiri vf?i . ? i r ma< k nd f< Wash l? >il< r, ?dmirat>!> tdaptrd for w&fliinx, ran I/- placed " in the fire-place, the area. or lh? yard. Patent Affriraitnriats. Furnace nnd Canldron, in niiftof 15,10, M ' 11,11, 100.199, and 150. Th? fnroacea require on It a a pi?*ce Ol* ripe to fir th#-m for ?>e. No article In* ? v?-r givini tut- . ter ftaiisfjction t? ihoae farmer* who ha%e nvd them. ] Parent H ird ('Oal Furnace, a n? w article for summer n?c? ( will mal, a neat little afore for winter. Pa entriiinor Charroal Furnace, from new pattern*, much improved. The?e are lined with firebrick. Alio i very low J priced furnace without linimr. ('ombination and Fuel-Saving f'ook Stove*, at aumm?r price*. The combination i* the only legitimate stove that con- , la* ti tl imi and ametl fn m th? I itch* n. Tht j are equally 'J wejl adapted for summer as winter. Dealeri supplied on liberal tern s. J. L. MOTT, jel lm*e 214 Wafer and 15 Bowery. UrKBB'fT (MPROVRD Bt'llNKNM, at wienty-flre |?r nm.lrxliwnlmtofiirf. The ?no?crihor hi. now nn r Iijiii'I n l"?r<1 Mwirl iwut of the imported Bunion. which he HOW offer. *t the *bo?e reduced price*. A lim-r.l ill.count *1lot., .1 .11 dolcr., Bi.t'iuwlity ofCimehinr.l V) rent. |>er tal Ion. i; itnihotwt'il t i i? *1 cenw. fill ?n<l i.nune for vounel.ei at No. Ill Uriwi ilnrl,om loot from Bi....<way. JAM KB MINUS. v n -.n tui. .r T k ,. i _a> .1 i xl lh*? notice. on rexx ?n?Me term*. mil lm*r j, eidlI fz and sl Ida p< iwdeKE "" " \T ICR V inivnni article* to wlixt an- nrrally ?n!il, |,nt no ct- ' J?" **ly f?r family u?r. Kor ??lr, wholt nlr umt rrlxil, hv WAf. WAT80>, fhrmiiU' and Apoilo-canca' Hill, KMCi- ' tnrrinr xtrcri. * V B. ?A Ixnrc a??ortmrnf of the rhmcaxt n rfnmetv. J?IW Irn* (. \f'T'VR- "Th" offir' HI A MIS' I'ATK . ' 'I ' ""AT remortd from ill to 44 Broadway, ml* tmr RK E 10RNING, JUNE 19, 1842 OCULISTS. THE EYE. JR. WHEELER, OCULIST TNFI.AMKD, DISEASED AND WEAK F. f E.V-Dlt. A WHKKLKll, Occulisl, 33 Greenwich street, New YorkresjK Ctfullv informs the public, tint in cnnsc<iuencc of his practice having become enlarged to so ureal an extent, lie it compelled to routine his office attendance strictly between i the hours of 8 A. M. to 1 P. M., after w hich houri he visits oui door patient*. Notwithstanding that among tlie many hundreds of case a which Dr. VVheeler ha* attended, many have been operated on by other professors without success, and pronounced by them incurable, yet he has never failed to eradicate the disease, and effect a perfect cure,.despite of every disadvantage which may have presented itself, and in many instmces almost against hope. It is this unprecedented success in his treatment of the various?hitherto considered incurable?disease* of the eye, that enables hirn v*|th confidence to refer the afflicted who may be unactptaiut' d with him, ami his wild mode of treating the disorders of this organ?to numerous restored patients in the first class of society, respecting bis professional skill and abilities as bang pic einineut lot his success, as a scientific Occulist Giiionic lnfUmwation of the evelid or rore eyes, however long standing, can be effectually and pt rmanently cured, films, ami speck"., removed without surv? <v? nation. 3 T R A B J S M U S. f'oinn>?-,.l)' nllru Kijuiutmg, and (JATARACfi, wMy r? litovt d? in a lew minutes?Willi scarcely any inconvenience or |k???' liElhe To awe trouble corrcM|HnuK'nf4 art informed that letters, addressed to Dr Wheeler, will not bj touch from the Post Office, unit > ? post paid .^d) QL *" The faat number of cases Miirh nave bee new 1 Dr. Wheeler, have she. ly i;iv?ir him a wide spread repuflf i 1 aud lixctl it upon a h;*ii .. lasting as (We jrrsiitude of those w i Ul lie has rescued fiom a'* living death. Of the number o|t> rLilicalc*, which pat i its have o lie red in him of their own ac. eord, he selects I " following, not that tin* cases are more rein.likable thin many others, butbecaiur the Persons who wrote aiifcaieii to h. ictiiuiod by a commendable spirit of phiInMbropy, i.i seehiir-i to make blown I'oi lite .good of their Itlhiv* men, tin1 Irnciil which thev have received from Dr. Whcelei's Ucatiovnt Nr.w Yi ak, March 15th, 1812. To Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 (ireeii>*ie,i si. Di ah Sir That you may, if yon think proper, make publicly known tin* huh estimation in vrhie.u 1 hold ycu as nn ocenlist?I heLr to vrve you, in addition t.> my veual acknowledgment* of the beheiii vou have c mjerrecl upon ine as a paIn ;.t, this written avowal of in. great indebtedness to you for r< storing the sight of mypoor, little child lioin the dangerous disorder which lately afflicted its sight The child was of suvh tender years, and its disease v/as of aucl nl trming a character, thtll despaired, until told of your -Kill in such matters, oj ever obtaining any remedy for her, and die more especially as i oilier physit i.tna had afforded her no mief. I am happy, how ever, thus to confess that you have effectually cured tier, .and I cordi lly, he irtilv th ink you, lor your highly successful exer* 1 lions. Your< rmpeetfully MARTIN \VATKR4,118 Hammarslcy st. City and < ntinty 1.1 New York : to wit : : lu the hope of heing sen ici able to s??me of u?y afflicted fel ' low ciciiiires, 1 h' u by voluntarily oiler my grateful testimo ni il.? t.? I), . W. i 1: r, lie ( enlist, for restoring me to perfect sight,, (from tot\l blindness,) after having before been unsuc c.e-isfuily tr< .fed iie.l oper iti d uiHin !?> upw ards of twenty ol th? ino.t euiiiient ami celebrafeii undo *1 men of this city ami different jKirUof tile United States. Iii wiinev, whereof, I make deposition, under oath, to its t'utli, and hereunto subscribe mv name. IAMKS O. FAlUlEL, 73 31 Avenue. I Sworn be fori* me, the 30th 'lay of m. reh, IH12. tir.o. IrkLand, Iloin. Deeds. 7 Nassau street. C ity and County of New York * ss. | David Toe ell, i s Jackson street, Brooklyn, beiiifr duly | swogt, s iv th a in was niflio(c-?l eight years w ith the Egyp t?an o; Tli d m i, ami uh er> in tii eyes, and though under One ''i 1 t ie lirst o. ulists at the I' v Infirm u y four and a half years, nt I t sperieii e I no relief, bet be* me blind, in which state he was i piaeefTuud.-i .be t it pent ot D . Wheeler, O ".ilLt, 33 Gr??eu , vteii street, w!io has entirely i\ stored his si ;lit. DAVID POWELL. ' Subscribed ai d sw orn to In fore me, this 31st day of March, T 12. Jon* Bulkley, Com. D a ds, I 21 Wall street. < itv and C >iiufy of Nvf w York: vs. 1 Mary Ann Pir! v, ilan.rhtei of Mrs. WimMes.No.M Catharine street, lu cu' ?iti!>* ?worii, s;v*, tint v.!ir? .t iiiti?' \ IVo'it i technical! y. (a.? tie*] tone lit is m J) I ' A ,, which rendered lier quite )iliu<l. J A Hlvm rh diIn 1 the I ??t a*<{".nice tin? could lie afforded her > ai (lie Kyi* I i.'iiui uy. (as w li as from an eminent oculist in t'dn cif y', who evviilu told her the sight could never be re- , ?*.or?*<l) *!ie ii-v?*r r erived any vi i il h Hi-fit until she w v> l>i.iR?*d tin !; r the car.- ol I>*. Wheeler, () ulivt, ' I'iwicli street, wh<> ;c kind and skilful tr-nf out, I eiitir -lv restored 1 >r. MARY ANN IIJthKV. Sworn lit fore me, this I5tIt dav of April, 1C;2. ' Isaac I*. Martin, Coin. Deeds. I 11 VV-di street. , . City and County of New York: ?. Mr. S. Cady. 85 High street, Providence, R. I., being duly ' saroru, ?uy?, that he wt . totally blind in hi* left eye, for nine J ye ir*; rhe :-ii . of the Wli . mess was eatar ict; that h applied , to D.. U'li . ! r, O uli.?t, of :u Greenwich street, who, [by an ojk rttiou ft- tided by \ r little p tin and itioofiv<-nidiec, and 1 Without danger.] his t?e ! rlly restored his sight. Under such I c?rcu:n*tauceI, f. U if his duty, to s' .t; Ids gratitude, to the Doctor, lor tie inestimable In ueiil which hi a skill Ins ronf. rred upontiim. 8. CAL)Y. Swor.'l before me, tills 2tth day o (April, 1812, I GKonoc Iukland, Jr., Com. Deeds. < 7 Nassau street. i City and Count v of New York, sti * \ On the f)t!i of ! i?t montb, I placed my little daughter, three l y?ar* <*d, who h.d .;ore ey ' and was rmrod telr blind of the left, under the car of Dr. Wheeler, O'Mil; t, 3!I Greenwich st. To tin- astonishment of all who knew her, her sight is perfectly J restored, and her eyes are well. In the hope of leading others to the same that 1 have enjoyed, I voluutarily make this stale incut under oath. CHRISTOPHER BURNS, Grand street, corner of Thompson street. Sworn to before me, this 211th day ol April, l!i 12. W. K. Bfkbk, Com. Deeds, ttl?lin*r 81 Nassau street diseases oi THE eye and ear.?j. shanks, M. L). respectlully announces to the public 'bat he has removed his o/fice to 175 Hudson street, near Canal, where he will, as usual, devote especial attention to the, medical and ojk-rative treatment of all diseases incident to the human 1 eye and ear, and defects of vision, on Mondays, Wednesdays 1 ami Fridays, from 8 to 12 o'clock, morning. < Advice and inadicine to the |?oor (gratis) ou the evening of the above days, from 5 to 6 oYloek. ' N B. At all other times Dr. 8. attends to the general prac* | tin-of his ivrofession. mt7 !mend*c I MISOELLAXEOCS. A VOICE~ 1 FROM LOWER CANADA, t ]\/f ONTRKAL, January 15, 1812.?Gents:? You will be ?nr' ^ 1YI priced when | inform you that a Urge body of Cockina | wauga Indians earne into my store and traded moccasins, skins s of foxes and otters, for your candy, w hich would have amount- * ed in cash ?o fifty dollar*; and I am happy to say that the Cam- H dians now regard it as a general restorative; also, that my stock c is nearly eshaustej. We have a lar^e force of the British army j here, also, who have acknowledged its pre-eminent merits. In fart, I cannot supply the demand, and you must continue to re I plenish my stock. I shall convert the furs into cash, and send y eu an immediate remittance. Yours, truly, DAVID ASPINWALL. To Messrs. J. Peast 6l Son, 45 Division st. I wi t. ?I. .oil ?VJCUIICHI- II.? I UP' III ?1 i"?t lUMire i to yon, however unprofessionalthe act may be considered, to ' ippri ' you that I We Ikd, tot two ittpm put, .1 paraon * imi W my charge laboring must alarmingly under the in- j flu -nee of consumption, evidently the effects of early intemper j ince. I retorted. without the least I ipea of success, to every remedy; the dry hoarse cough continued to increase?discharge v rroin the Iurigs w < rare and attended with convulsive spasms? \ .he appetite failed?the howcls became eonstinated?uid a crld iampnes* prevailed over the frame. When I had exhausted all professional remedies, I yielded to the friends desire to allow I f ase's Hon rhoiind Candy. With reluctance I permitted it, f loubtful of its merits, as well a* presumptive of my own iria- ,, rility. My surprise, as well as his friends, at an immediate / :hange, was in i*j?e ah able. He th it had nuttled all his worldly iffairs, and resigned himself religiously to fate, every hour i bowed symptom* of recovery. His breathing ii freed from .ill i pectoral tightness. The cough has moderated, the apjH tite is murly increasing, anil ray ho|?es of his recovery confirmed.? lattice requires tnis tribute to your discovery. H. HUNT. M. D. ro Messrs, Pe^se & Son, 45 Division st. luKffTS?Redding, No. K State street, Boston, Mass, llaw Is & Co. 57 State street, Albany, N. Y. Zieber, Philadelphia, Pa. T Robinson, No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore, Md Haldeman, Louisville, Ky. Cook, Pittsburgh. P* Job-ton, No. 26 St. Charles street, New Orleans. Watson. Memphis, Tenn. I Adams Jk Blunt, Huntsville, Ala. W. T. Taimehill,.Nashville, Tenn. Tobey .Cincinnati. Ohio. , i Picrcy Teller, Detroit. Mich. R. J. Woodword, St. Louis, Mo, n Fischer. Washington City, D. C. ^ . rTr~ Each envelc * of the genuine Iloreliound Candy il igned J. PEASE It SON. 45 Division street. N. B.? Pedlers and cor feet ioners are not appointed agent . t jjm - fi OKA IIS ALL'S OAK ESTABLISHMENT, founded in J, ' at 102 Water street, five dnon above Catharine mar "t, the only establishment of the kind in the United States, oriintics to supply the Navy, the American, Russian, ana i> "lish war siearners?has supplied all the race boats and club '' lb ! t fi ui j mvi in ' I w n the largest a ?i mt ut f oars, sweeps, and fculls ever collected in one place. N. It?The BrbnHi Oar Store on the North Ki\cr side, is ti hut up, and removed to 402 Water street: and is I save all the , It, ? ? nl' Mfir M?rr t M ill ..II ,e?. r,. f I nine from ilir North Kiver side to |?y them lor their trouble. U'" hosts, club bmts, can and sculls sold 'A i*r cent less Inn lust year. tn^ 3m*c o 2 T MNKI) (JL iff# WD WIMMiW s||\l)^ -HAN ? NINOTON Ik l O, 233 Br tdway, near Ileane si, Ulna* J Iffperi ami decorative Painters, respectfully solicit, faniiltea r r. dol&tri, Auinx up their dwelling , to inspect their stock, rhich for style and eircntion of'^wnk is not to be snri>a*s? 4 v nd at p.*ices to suit the nines, Washable window shades from ?| ne dollar to th? richest styles, rqodly cheap in proportion. \ Lrchiu ct* .-n l others furnirh"il with designs tor stained kI;iss ?r church windows, dwellings, Sec. on the shortest notice, and rders eseriited with economy snd despatch. | If WANTED?An artist, nsed to dieontivs piintinr; iho an Upr-mice. mySOlJnr ' I Orih nOO ' ^ h I. I. s i n iwcbfcges to suit < i ton L,*lAJ.UUU Assured Hckles, Catsup. Sauces Pie ll rrres, ami Knglish Mustard, of a superior quality and l? w hi rice : Cider and White Vine far, by the gallon or barrel ; ]|, <oir Krout hv the barrel or keg; Preserved Meats. Soups, Oysters, Fowls, Milk, Ike., v armntcd to keep any length o| | me, and in any climate,? * ellcul for ship stows, as they afford lit great limiry at.* reasonable price ; Oround Coffee, warranted j)( nr#* ; Walnut, Mushroom and To mato Catsup, by the gallon 1 4l07.l't)? I N. TickI?*sfor jrior^r*, h\* __ . o] WKLLH fc MILLER, ! ,,, Wlioleialt and Retail Wart home- for Picket*, m211tn? |<M Water aid Sit Ffnnt ?t?.-et I 17. PHK ( Ol.T's PATK.S'I' RTi KA'MJStf Hit I. ARMS ft * ?liillc, with Kdlit ('hi in Her*. M < irhitte, nitii Si* (him'trr*. I l> Shot (iurift or Kowlintr piece*. with ?i* Chimber*. Piatola, P..ckto, Belt, and Holater*. with fire Clumber*. And in t aire cylinder w ith fi?e more rharxe*. A? aim, iwrenaaion c.>|?, Italia and |towd<r, improved rap ,|( itn t* ami powder flaak*, are now offrrail for .air nt reduced , rim., at No. 171 0. ii-lway, toil d'tor hrlnw Conrtlandt tnct. " 'ureh.i?er? from abroad ran be .upplied with an> reutoaable in uantity on abort notice. I The irr-'at advantnre* nf the,e fire nrm. oyer any other fin i now known, a* well a* their atijtrnor ami ' f nalitv of material*, ia ao well r?tahli?hed that n i* not mrea- | it iry to deaerihe the *aHM! nt, w. |e1lm*n 1 <1 ti|>\ ts|| :n In-,, latidii)'/ from ?chr I'erlhthirf, from ' ttl*% or.', and for ,a>t hy PRRME k BROOKS, b tl Liberty .tr, u. I j* [ERA Kit lie Ko^k, [Corrv*pondence of the HcraM.] Little Mock, Arkansas, May 25, 1812. 'Ifif Herald in Arku nstg?Drturijitiini of tic Ilork ?Tin Bunk*?I S. Aifiuil?Hotels?77k ftivcr ? Aiijuittu! of Me. Loon\ I ml in it Agent?Murders ft Pint Blujfs?77ir Postmaster?The 1/edict. .1. Gordon Hcwm, Esq.? i )kak sin? The pleasure 1 have taken in perusing your valuable Herald since 1 have, been in this place, has emboldened me to try my hand in a description of Little Kock, and what is>t going on in this country, hoping that you may possibly look with a favorable eye on my first effort, and admit my lucubrations to the columns of your celebrated journal, celebrated not only for the talent with which it is conducted, and the letters of your numerous correspondents, but also for the truth and morality you seektoiileill, nil VMM.- ?T, ?... ... ... .... . -/u. ? men aj'i>cai in*" IIIUIC conspicuous to us on account of being so directly opposed to the course of your lying neighbors of the Wall street press. The city of Little Hock is situated on a dry nine blulf, about 300 miles from the mouth of the Arkansas river, a'd takes its name from a small rock on the bank of the river and within the corporation of the city. It is singular, from being the only rock between this place and the mouth of the river, farther up the river rocks are common, and some of them, especially Big Hock, which is about two miles above this place, are distinguished for their majestic size and the romantic air they impart to the scenery. Lvery one knows that Arkansas, generally speaking. is a rich and fertile country: but immediately about this place, the hind is a perfect pine barren?hardly herbage enough on it to give the grasshoppers a fair chance for their lives. The only reason lean assign for a city being built here, is, that the land was too |>oor for any thing else but to build upon. Nevertheless, a town we have here, containing some of the most delightful residences in the country. Indeed, this nlace ap|iears to lie distinguished for the number and beauty of residences,hv gardens ornamented with flowers, and grounds with ?hrubbory of all kinds, which have been brought to this state of improvement by great care and labor? not forgetting the fatherly assistance of our two beautiful banks, who just about this time find themselves unable to pay their notes in specie or any thing else. However, we must acknowledge they have helped our town along some, by loaning money to those who have laid it out in building up and improving the city. But who, let me ask, nre now paying for all of llies-fine additions to Little Hook ! Is it not the ?>or working man. the honest farmer, who have ibis damnable trash, these shinplasters, in their >ockets, and which is bought from him at twentyfive cents on the dollar by these rag-barrens, for the purpose of paying off their debts in the banks ? 1 iliink it is ; and with the facts before me, 1 venture lo Fay that it will be along, very long time, before mother of these lion whelps, with chartered privi. logos, will be permitted to go into operation in this State. The 1'. S Arsenal in this place is a fine building, and no one should fail, in visiting this place, to call an my friend I'r. Totten, Military Storekeeper,who is always ready and willing t<> accompany them through the grounds and building, and whose po i: ic x win not allow luni to neglect lopoint out 111' I visl object of any fnterest to his visitor. At presr-nt there is only one building completed, in which tre stored some 10,000 stand of arms and equipments, ready for use at any moment. The uccontII ed itions in our three principal hotels arc of a very "iir character. The old Major keeps a house in lie " Ole Virginny" style, and is very assiduous in lie attention he pays his guests. Hut let me introI'tce to you mine host of the Union House, Mr. raham. and permit me to say a finer man ne'er squeezed a lemon. If untiring industry, politeness, good humor and a never failing desire to please, ever receive their reward, then Mr. tirahim, who is a landlord comlining in himself all these good qualities, deserves t ; everything about th" house is of the right sort lervanlsand all, and it's said Old Sam, the cook, can ise up any one in these diggings in the cooking line, ric.: river is extremely low and several boats are iground below, unable to get up. The Supreme Court have been in session last week, Judge Johnson presiding. The ca?e of Mr. Loose, agent of one of the tribes in the Indian conntrv, who killed Mr. Gillespie a short time since in a fight, eaine on for trial and lie was honorably acquitted. A fraeas oecurred a few (lavs since nt Pine Jflnfls in which two nten were killed, the names of the parties I have forgotten, so you see we have ?otne news of a local nature here occasionally, but >ttr eastern news comes slowly enough. I believe lie postmaster does his best to supply the good iconic with news, when he has it, but when lie has milling for them he does not like to he bothered vith the d?d mails. No one can say anything j igainst our worthy P. M., excepting that he wont irll letters on tick, they must fork up " the hard." A Hut may heaven spare me, Mr. Hennett; I had a!- | nost forgotten the ladies, lord bless the dear delightiil creatures, how anxious they will he now to read ibout themselves. Parties here are frequent.and the adieu are there of course. The lively and lovely diss P.s,fMiss F., and the beautiful Miss C. S., with i wreath of jessamine and roses on her brows?all (titers are cast in the shade when she appears. Miss V. nnd the voluptuous Miss C. who makes one feel hat No heaven I'd wi?h, but thy bosom, No home but thy heart. VII these and a crcat ntanv more " too numerous to larficularize," lovelv young lndicM with their lively j Invitee o| wit and humor, render 11 spice to our , ociety and serve to make it|> for tlie young gentlen?*n who stand uhout the room, and look for all the forld as though they had been stealing something f vhich thev had secreted in their coat tails, and t ere afraid of moving for fear of being detected, lint I think I have written enough for once, and j f this should chance to meet with a favorable reeepion, 1 may. should I remain here much longer, give | ousomething more interesting in mv next. r Success to the "New York Herald," and |n long ltd hapoy life for yourself, is the wish of your scrib- [ ding friend, Tires eyk. , Pittsburg. (Cormponilrncs of the Herald.) 1 rtrrsiii Ru, June <>, 1HJ2. rrm/>rrntur? ChuirhBnildini'?A fltn/irralr flirtation and Marriage?Lniri/trt?H>tc!$?/ran War Stcu- t mcr?Errlrniattiral, ' >ear Sir :? Since the publication of the last epistle from this , lace several things have transpired worthy of your j otice. The teachings of the Herald are regarded ,, re as the words o( a prophet, speaking from afar " fi* and tire alwayr beneficial in the end; for the it t i? undeniable that the Herald has more readers |( ere than any other pnp< r, not excepting our own. v The temperance can?", headed by Dr. Klder and iurleigh, of the Washington I tanner, has received new impulse lately. Several young gentlemen, II lately moderate drinkers, having overstepped r' tat frail harrier, rind "made night hitlenus," a tew veningssince.hy se re on dine in (rent ot the residence ? f some of our most respectable citizens. Ham- It anl imitations were done 'o the life, and every tine hunted hi* own song ; and so distrusted were they ? .tli tleiir own conduet, "n the return of morn, that It ie wltoi ."orrh 'sfrn" put their names to the pledge. tl inimated ufcfing* havebeen also held in our sister n ity of Alleghany; where, by the l>ye, an agency hs been established lor the sale of the Herald and ther p't|ters. One of the orators at these meetings, " nd a lie mber, so I am told, of the |egn| profession, i' enounced the Judge of the Quarter rfensions in the p ardest manner, for granting licenses. He should a ? more merciful, and remember the pitfall whence t e escaped himself; it will do no good. t The < ierman Catholics laid the corn*r-stone of a w ehureh,last week, in the fifth ward, which w ill a very large and imposing one when finished. A f rvice (*'( iilmr to thai pert was performed in the " d Cotton Factory Church, around which the new ( ie will he built, and while that wan being solemn- " cd, a cannon planted on the hill above at intervals ' hoed its thunder over the whole nty A prone*- 1 on afterwards marched to the Cathedral of Ht. n a 111 nn ( vr;?nt*? IY'lll Vlllt tKn U-Iw.lo nff.iy Utna frill P ni?y for a ?otrmn church festival". < ?ur eity has been blessed with a desperate flirtsnn ?"'' runaway marriage. A youn? lady, rf|e lc i tighter ol a rich old French gentleman residing I' i "A lleghany" whs to have been married to r. young ( nn %vho?c name | have not learned, on Sunday til turning let She appeared perfectIv willing 'bat e. ie hands should he solemnised, and every od<' ei touglit the match aerrpi?l>le, Hut lo! Sunday tit utile, and the bridegroom (tlint was to he) with J*, e? Ut alas' "the gallant enme late." To the astoh- tl hm*nt of all, ?h? was abeam, and at th? vtry mac pi i i ,_U T ,^j| LD. Price Two Cents, her "troth" was being "plighted" by another. The father of the lady immediately brings suit against the minister (Kev. A M. Bryan) for the penalty of the State law, for marry in" minors, J-1W sterling. A week ela|Kvs, after a deal of excitement, and the father prudently makes the beat of a hard case and withdraws the suit. This ruts n young lawyer pist from his apprenticeship out of his first case? his maiden one any way you take it. It is a misfortune that a fledgeling just ready to fly should have his wings clipped so unceremoniously ; and the fees too, hless me what a pity ! for such suits being generally brought for "wengeance"papas can a flora to he liberal with tho damages. Thert1 is n strong gulf stream blowing at present in the law line. The lion. F. K. Shook, late Secretary of State, of whom 1 have s|>oken in a former letter from the interior, has removed to this place from llarrisburg and formed a partnership with another ex-seeretury, .lames Findley. Esq.? Mr. Shank, it is said, is looking forward totne helm of succession to Gov. Porter. Several suiwreeded judges Irom the eastern part of the State will soon remove to this city; this will make the "minnow triton" stand about. Our mechanics are about commencing the new iron warsteamer,ordered by Congress for the Lakes, ond depend upon it we'll show you a "touch of our quality" in that line. > Our hotels are doing a fine business, especially tic '\Moiiongahela," the "Exchange," and the "Merchants'." The former fine building fronts on three streets, and is the point of landing from the National Bond by Brownsville, East, and for those also from the Ohio, West. The "Exchange," i.i more convenient to the Pennsylvania Canal, and near the landing of the steamers trading on the Alleghany?the last mentioned is in the centre of the business mart of the city. In conclusion 1 may mention that there is a whisper of a trial about totnk'' place shortly, of a certain ecclesiastic by his Synod, far something higher thuna misdemeanor, and of which 1 will acquaint you hereafter. i. liSTKANnKK uez .VIA1SOX. 8?r?tog?( [Cormpomlrnce of the llrralil.] Saratoga Springs, June 11,1842. 'Hie I leather?'llir S/nin^s?'Dirir virtu a mul relative merits?The Puviliini?Its Exrellenrt, 4"flMl!. KniTOR:? The self same wuather that blasts the fruits and Howe.ts, kills corn, and scathes |>otato vines, has a most inimical eflect on old Saratoga. Bloods and beauties, retired mil/itmeiires, and superannuated corporals, where are ye ! Must ye wait till dog days ere ye <]uit those dusty avenues ? Have these sylvainshades, these sequestered retreats, these healing fountains, less attractions because your hurdy gurdy city is a trifle less intolerable than usual at this season! While you lap, Fashion is languishing, Cupid is sucking his thumbs. Mirth prows dyspeptic, and Blue Devils lord it where revelry should rule.? The sound of a footfall in a hotel is as bad as a ghost in a castle. .Shall I say anything about the Springs!?those hackneyed but ever inspiring themes. Is it not matter of increasing wonder that waters of such qualities should year after year, in this particular spot, without diminution, and with little change, gush from the bosom of the enrth ! Where is the source of these Elixirs ! In what deep hidden recesses are they mixed and distilled ! What intelli gencies?what subtle chemists parcel and projiortion their ingredients! Mow are they charged with that potential essence which solves and suspends their mineral components, and by its expansive energy drives thorn up to the lips of disease, and flavor* them for every palute! These are speculations which must occur to every mind, and that always. There is so much rivalry here in respect to Springs, so much clanship as it were, that it is difficult t* make any discrimination without giving offence. Congress has the oldest fame, and well has it been deserved. Whether it possesses all the active properties peculiar to it in its hey day, I will not presume to say. But for the soke of its reputation, one may well wish it were less ojien to suspicion by its constitution. If it tprung up, ran over, and ran away, gallon on gallon, hogshead on hogshead, no blockhead could raise the silly cry of "suited? salted." But we muat be content with it as nature has made it. and sooth to say. the character of its proprietor fully avouches for the character of its waters. The Spring has been much improved lately by the introduction of a new curb?is purer stronger?yet it is rather heavy compared with the racy Pavilion. '1 he Pavilion ?here is a fountain whose delicious tribute we owe almost entirely to individual enterprise. It is an unii|ue - a ?tr j>lu? ultra?in the way of a Spring. Its globulus glisten and dance in the goblet, penetrate the palate, cool and quicken the stomach, clear the head, and help a body over h tlehuiieh, in u manner very remarkable, to make lite very smallest climax, fteltser water may b? clearer. but it is tasteless in comparison. You may drink the Pavilions not only without gagging or wriggling, hut with real pleasure and indubitable profit. I say, waiter, bring us a bottle of that water ; never mind, though, I'll down to the Spring and plunge my head in. The Pavilion is now in the hands of D. McLaren, the individual most active and efficient in the o|ie. rations which ended in itsprocurement, and a person apparently well calculated to do justice to the Spring and its frequenters. He is expending not a little in rendering it attractive, and with laudable judgment. There is no luck of accommodations for visitors icre. Hotels abound, and as the crowd augments, he whole village becomes one great caravanserai. \s is the custom, I must say of the house where 1 mi csconced, the Pavilion, that it is a most comfornble home without any quacking pretension. Aft<-r he renovation which Mr. Cross has instituted, it is is neat and sweet, mid elegant as any body could lesire. We have had a continuity of showers which have ?een of great advantage to this and the contiguous egion. The cold weather which had so nearly aralysed the vegetable kingdom has mollified, and >res stands a better chance. Still salads and lugutiinous sauce ure at a premium. " Jack, vonr wife is not so pensive as she used to >e." "No, she's left that off,and turned rx-pensive." - X. O. Pir. " Aristocracy." says a distinguished French ora or. " it the league, the coalition, of (how who wish o consume without producing, and live without working. Kfitv.vrio\ in i in Sandwich Islands ?In Hawaii, Vlaui, Ouhu and Kauai. there are 357 schools, in which the elementary (tranches, reading, writing, irithnietie and geography, are taught. In these, ichools there are o<V> teachers, and IH.II3I eeholurs. I'i \Nisit.?A person named (Kvcn Moore, once It his trndi smen somewhat unceremoniously, on rhich occasion n wag wrote? " lt*i a Moore hi>? ran u? ay, Owin' more than he can |" y " A Police Constable in t'lonmel was examined rspicling the i rediliility of a woman who was a , iini He, and said?" I know nothing of her hut what hi nrd the neighbor ?av ; and in nr. opinion, what . 01 11 n sav of one another is not worthy of heel." The Most on Conner'nvs nil old subscriber railed t ilieir office the other da\ and paid hi- hill, wliieh ad liecu due about t< 11 years. Why don't he adopt lie < ash st? 111. mid tlnn h' would have no bills smaining unpaid. Tor Sum,ii" hi "> 1 w I.ii.w \ di n't intend fo mki a vhow 11I li -inn an) inofc. I In ) have sued a unto ?tatiiu 'ha 'here will be m> more ublie meetings at thai p > the coming summer, - they found n great limit' r >! persons who came 0 gratify an idle curiositi. ( the disturbance ol hose who wished to ?m r-li ' in sincerity. Proph- t Miller quote- seripturi in support of his rpinion that the world is near its end ; mid Ityoni111 the tyrant, when stripping the it itnte of Jupiter Ilviiipu.-of a rolit ol m ?ivc gold and substituting 1 donk <>f wool, did it under 11- pretence . { taking are of Jupiter, saying?"Cold i- too cold in win iilUf fir?VV III "llllimT, n rrn'nni* urn r?# fftrrc rnro/ Jupiter." .May m l the |?r< pH?-l be filling bis orkrf.? under fh epretcacc ol winning eiiiiieni. \kw i.?u Uvt?r?>t h<<ria.?I?ortnr Hrlr, member of f|i.? Koynl Academy of Medicine, nri?, lately cnnttniiiiiriited to hi- rocirty, lhat in reer- ii is n | nirtii e to observe tlv tongues of lose p- rsnr. who have been bitten by dogs, be111*0 ill the en 1 of 8 ri 9 day- there iip|v>n?* on ieh ride of the i< write nm| ii.; irtli' uiiper|??rt. p?siltis rnlled |y -i"* by tb' flreek Tn; m* |X)vtii!ns tnliinllie wh? le rabirf matter, and immediately iey are rut out. and tho wminda eunteriaed, which event* hydrophobia \

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