Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1842 Page 3
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H.v K 1 MlLlKi MAY PROCt'RE THK FOLLOWmetliciatts genuine, nt t'lu Now York luiout .Meiiciiu ^Kirrhouso, No. Itt John street, New Y ork. Taj lor'* Balsam of Liverwort, sold by certificate from 373 Bowery, H Djott'* Anti-Bilious Pills, Veir -tahle Purgative ( 'omnnuril H Mavhy's iflWIWIli Plaster Clotii, Dyott's Circassian Eye Water, Hubert so ii'a Stomachic Elixir of Health, ?in valu H utile remedy, " \ egetatile Nervous Cordial, or Nature' W lira.ill IIimo:atuo, W ' (tout and Rheumatic Bnpi I " Stomachic Hitters, I Worm-Destroying Lozenges, I Vn ker's Embrocation, I ' Ointment fur ouro Tetter, Ringworm, lie. Dion's Vegetable Tonic BittCM, t ; oil's Vegetable Balm of Life, j ' Y? oi's IKiut and llUcimattc Diops, D ott's Toothi-Aihe Drop*, " U olie's Balin of Iberia, . ' Bran Irrth's I'il'.s, " Mutfat's Life 1'ills a id celebrated i'kesnix Bitte s, " Tgrbell's Vegetable Tills, " linodmun's " " ' Lpham's Pile Electuary, " 'i onic for Fever and Ague, " ' Anti-Bilious Pills, " Libby's Vegetabic Life Bi'.ters, lie. Sic. lie. Mr.nicis.n. CoMrosiTioes" (iran.lj. an's Bandoline, Curling Fluid, " " Composition, ' Kale's, of Boi-ton,Cyprian llair Tonic, " Hart's Vegetable Cerate, Essence of Tyre, " OldriJge's Balm of Columbia. Every otiicr genuine article ot Patent Medicino ami Per fumerv'u-tll ?>.. L ....1 n* arianoenienti are rnir.. ]>lete<l. No spurious articles will be kept on any conditions * liatcver EDMUND CHARLES Sc CO., No. 16 John st., ( }) Opposite Thorlmrn's Seed Store, N. V. (*7* THE CELEBRATED NERVE AND BONE LIliiment and Indian Vegetable Elixir may he ha.I in this citv ot the agencies, N. W. corner of Ninth aud Cheaout an t fcv E. corner of Third and Race streets, i'hila lelphio. KXTRAORDIXAllT CASK. l|<-Kac<, May S, ISIO. Devr Sib :?An article called Dr. Hewes'" Nerve ami Bone Liniment, and Indian Vegetable Elixir," came to my knowledge aliout two months since, through our men 1 Mr. ( ampbcll, and I procured a bottle and had used it for about a week without any material chnngo, until ou<- morning I found myself under the exerciscof very uncommon feelings, imagining that could I be helped up, 1 coul I stand and walk. I requested my family to aid me, but they vvi re unwilling I should trust myself on my feet, list having for the last fourteen and a half years ever even made the attempt to stand; but my confidence was so great that they consented to assist me from my bed. I found I could use my legs with apparent ease, but could not b -ar my weight on my feet. With support, however, 1 could place one foot before the other with a facility that astonished me, and all around me. They led me twice across the room; I sat down with feelings of happiness that I ncvar before experienced : the Idea that I w as once again to be restored to the world ran through my frame like an electric shock. My family surrounded me in tears of joy, and the excitement so completely overcame me that I fainted. The same day I walked three times across the llo'>r, again hearing a little weight at each time on my feet. 1 then used crutches for a few days, when my strength had liecome so far re-established that Icould cross the floor without the least aid. My advancement from this time has been almost incredible. I can walk two luudred yards and back with ease. You will recollect vow much bent together I was when you ware last here. 1 have entirely overcome this. It I looked us odd as I felt vv hen 1 began to walk, I would have been gazed at in astonishment. I have seen many of my old acquaintances, some of whom did not know me at all, and others would ccarcoly credit their senses, and would hardly have been more astonished, though oue had " risen from the dead." 1 have mnv every confidence that 1 am a well man. I think ll.ic:irt;<-l? la >1,.. -1 I i ? i? ?u; i ctci nrnni of, ai 1 if it is not extensively mode known to the public, 1 think the proprietor) are very culpable. If you know the persona in New York selling it, you had better show the in this letter, and let them refer to you, or publialk thia if you think it would aid the distressed. Remember rae to vonr family. Your*, very truly, ETHAN C. CORNiNO. Also to be had at 71 Maiden Lane, New York. (fey- QUACKERY.?There are a thouaand way* of palming off Quack Medicines upon the public. It may be done by a single individual, who knows nothing about medicine, or it may be done by a combined influence cl Doctors, for the avowed purpose of putting down quackery?when it is apparent that money is the sole object of pursuit. A medicine, the formula of which is secret, is termed a quack Medicine, and who among the common people understand the properties of those nauseous drugs i Iministered by the regular practitioner 7 la it not, to all intents, and niiriioses, and constructions, a quack medi;iue to them 7 It is true they profess to be skilled in the icicnre of Medicine, and ro are thoso who have recom mended Covert's Balm of Life for dyspepsia, bronchitis, roup, whooping cough, asthma mid consumption?we 'av of them, they are highly skilled in medical science, tome of tuem arc professors in Medical Colleges ; and be'ilea all this, we have the proof of the good effects of this uedicine, demonstrated by the wonderful cures it has perorated. and wo now say to the public generally, that we ire prepared to give proof to any and every one who w ill all on us at 135 Nassau street, where this medicine i? sold .vhoh'solc and retail, by the inventor himself. Agents, 142 Wntrr street, 79 Fulton, 10 Astor House, 273 Broadway, 3. l?oj and 188 Bowery, 36 8th avenue, 242 Greenwich, 10 > Thompson sta. (fey- PEOPLE BREAK INTO STORES TO GET ihcnuan's l.o/.engos. The Doctor didn't mind children |r\ ing for them, but ho has serious objections to being obbed. Hit lozenges are no common things, and we alvaya said so, for they do cure so soon, that it is fun to be ick. The Doctor is still at his old oflice, 106 Nassau trcet, repairing the injury done and serving his customers. (fey- A RARE CHANCE.?The proprietor of a neat, piiet popular and fashionable resort, in Broadway, beu con Canal and Grand streets, being about to laave the :ity, is desirous of disposing of his entire interest in the istnhlishment in order to close his business. It has been ecenlly relitted in the most perfect order. The terms end mode of payment will be fixed at a reasonable rate.? 'ihe opportunity is a rare one for a person with a small ifiount of capital, as the investment will yield a handsme income and alwsvs pnmmin.l mnt-? ?!.?? r,?. fc>r further particulars.spply at 449 Broadway. 3t {&?- THOSE WHO HAVE UNFORTUNATELY >en entrapped out of their money, will find the genuine jricopherous for the hair, at the Hair-cutting Rooms, 146 (roadway, corner of Liberty street?price 75 centa per ottle. Any other article of the same name, at one aoltr, is a vile* imitation, and an imposition upon the pubic. As a cool, refreshing and invigorating hair dressing, his compound is probably unequalled by any other. It is -co fiom the greasy properties that accompany the varius kinds of Hair Oils, and as a restorative strcngthenor nil beautifier of the hair, it, we believe, all that can be wired. (%?- THAT STEAMBOAT?The greatest curiosity re have seen of late it the Miniature Steamboat now c*ibiting at the American Museum, which is profiled rithont wheels, screws or paddles, on an entire new rinciple. The inventor is Mr. Stephen Bates, of Boston, ndit is highly recommended by many scientific gentleten, among wliom is Josiah Sturgis, Esq. commander in le U. S. revenue service. It is eminently calculated for vers and canals, is it passes smoothly through the war, without disturbing its surface in the remotest degree, he other attractions this week at the Museum are very umerous and novel, exceeding every other place of mnser.ient in the city for the low price of admission, 95 lints. A haloon is sent up from the top of the Museum, rery night, at the close of the performances. City Despatch Past, 46 William Btbcet. Phiiscipal OrricK Letters deposited before half-past half-past I-J. and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for livery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Bhaxch OrricEi.?Letters deposited before 7. II, and 2 clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OREIG, Agent. MONEY MARKET. Monday, June 'AO?O P. M. The foreign news did not seem to affect the stock marit in any great degree. Prices did not materially vary ; si lem declined }; Long Island }; Indiana S'a improved Canton} Delaware and Hudson}. It is stated that the rson who has been operating so largely In Harlem railad, has purchasod more than 17,000 shares, the whole ipital being31,000 shares only. Ho is yet to receive a rge amount of the stock purchased. It is also stated at having full control of the road, he has put it under ch management as will ensure its welfare. A MW direction h?i been chosen to the Karmers' Loan d Trust Company, and the expensive office of attorney the company, has been) abolished, alao the other of ictuary," salary $3000 per annum. The holders of tliia Kk at high prices, are now looking into ita alTair*. One the difficulties of the company has grown out of n insaction in Michigan stock, in which the oompany an t lr gent emrn were interested to the extent of >1,000,). The company sold out its share at near cost. The irri heM on until the stock fell heavily. They then, i HiJil-'e, wished to average the whole operation with ! company. The new directors will look into this mat. protect the iuterest of the company, and compel t "protector of the credit of Illinois," to pay np fair and sarc. I lie i i-rnllton Bunk of New Orleans has failed, leaving w hut four paying specie. The Treasurer of the State of Tennessee reports to the natc the following state of the Treasury On hand June 1st, 1S45, XHM.827 Tnav ailable, 460,788 Balance available, >101,071 To be received prior to August 1st, . SJ. iflO Total applicable to payment of interest, $358 531 IHvkh or Pnii.vnn.nils Mat 23 ?so Jrxr. 17. ISI". MmgTi. Jiint IS. far. 'I" euMaon, 1 ,<?< .<Mio i,i?R,o?n 123,970 tic, 2,Slfl,r09 ?,Hl,nno ? 4,000 cie f iniU, 7(17,000 7(r>.00u K.000 ? 'h nuv i fiom England yeaterday in relation to it.onot i:-. pre<ented no rnn erinl change from tho prcvlou < ft had been *uppo?el in rome quarter* that the ik tif'l nl would neain reduce the rate of In. lntt!?i>u?ual notice conlainel the tame termt a< 1 -i loo*one, continuing the tate ol intcimt at 4 |K-r i. The rrturn* of the bank to the 'lift of May, a* cornel with the fot mer return, woe ai lollowt Bl>S of Exglvhd. May?,. .1/11,1 li. May si. In, r'lt. Dtcr'tt irculdUou, IG.rut.MM 17,-iJj.tFU I7.JM.0U0 301,000 ? ' p>?itr?, 0,637 ,UOO H,*OttH*i K.i'lj.ODO ? 230,000 untie., ?>, MM 21 H*M,ni4) 21,360,000 ? ,332,000 lalhoa, 6,123,000 ti.Mt,ooo 7,u32,ouo 441,000 ? This gives a great rwluctiou in the securities lor the 1011th, indicative of the small demand for money for busies purposes. The feeling in relation to American irru. dies remains unchanged, and is expressed in a leadijg .ondon paper in the following terms It appears by the American papers lately received,there * un impression in th- U. 8'ates thut the leading Europe- -i ;*?!u * ???xn?s. tn Uwi <liiti>rminari(tn ni\t out. ? n o any contract fur a loan to Ihe United States, or a Statu roverniiiont, until effectual measure? shall have been tdopted lor the restoration of State credit ; and We are informed that declaration! to that t-ll'ect havo been made by bouses here of great influence. It the capitalists referred o<lid moke any such does not seem probable nut the Lnplish public would take the loan from them foriuvestmt lit. Stock issued by American States, whose resources ate beyond question, is at present without dcnaud ; which we can only account for, iu the utualion of our money market, by the existence of an apprehension .hat the principles of repudiation, in respect to public c..^ugements, evinced in some of the States, pervade the whole country. Danish three per cents and New York lives are at about the same rate ; the threes very current in.i thefivos unsaleable. There can be no doubt, however, that in population and wealth, New York very much surpasses Denmark. While the United States governincut is unable to raise money in London, it ia currently reported thut the government of Mexico have been offered an advance ol l.'?,000,000 of dollars by the Uritish merchant in Mexico, on condition that Santa Anna brings forward a Liberal tarilf. The state of public opinion hero hinted at is of gravo consideration for those who imagine that the credit of insolvent States can be improved by involving the federal government iu their insolvency, through the process of assumptiou. As a financial measure the proposition, to which we alluded yesterday, that of issuing a 4 per cent stock on the basis of the public lands -if we admit, for the moment, that the public lands w ill meet the proposed debt?is one of peculiar absurdity. Iu relation to delfts, the Status may be divided into three classes, vis : those without debts, those whose debts are amply provided for, and those which are bankrupt. In regard to the first class, of what |>ossible utility will a four per cent stock be to them I If unv share of the public lands belong* to them, they should hare it, without any condition*, paid over iu cash. They cannot be obliged to lrnd'it at four per cent. If they are entitled to a certain amount of money, as a part of the proceeds of the public lands, why not pny it over without culling it a dividend on a four per cent stock ? What necessity is there for complicating the matter by substituting a stock for the lands! It is plain no sound reason can be given. The object of suln'.itutingtlie stock is to cheat the unindebted Sta'es. The share of the proceeds of the lauds coming to the insolvent States is a mere nothing. If a stock is areated on the pretence of paying the interest by the lands, and then if the proceeds of those lands are found to be insufficient, the balance must he made up by taxation. The States whose debts are good arc similarly situated, liecause their stock being good, and drawing Ave and six per cent interest, the holders will not ho so absurd as to exchange them for a four per cent stock. They will, therefore, have an increased debt forced upon them against their w ishes. For instauce, the State of New York has a debt of $jQ,000,000, of a five and six per cent stock,and the security is infinitely better than would be a government stock of the description proposed. The holders of the New York stock would therefore be no better than lunatics to exchange them for a United States four per ceut stock. The State of New York has decided to create no more stock debts, but by the operation of this scheme she would have forced upon her $16,000,000 of a national stock, for whiok her citizens would be taxed near $500,000 per annum. If this government stock is applied to the redemption of the S'atc debt, no deminution of taxation will have been brought about, because the redemption must be in the relative values of the stork, and the amount actually realized from the public lands will bo the only benefit derived to the citizens?a benefit that will be more than counterbalance 1 by the enormous expenses of the whole operation. We now come to the insolvent States. These de. clare?some of them?that they are unable to pay their debts?others thai they will not pay them, being illegally contracted. We may trace the operation by taking one State, soy Illinois ; their debt is $ 17,643,000, bearing an interest of $93-2,430. Under tde Distribution Bill this State would receive $21,000 per annum. If $100,000,000 of national stock is created and divided among the States, Illinois will get $2,000,000, bearing a charge of $100,000 j>er annum. United States six per cent stocks arc now selling at par?at the same relative value the four per cent w ould be worth fid] |>er cent. For this she could retrieve $0,000,0000 of her own stork. She would then be taxed $.40,000 per annum above the proceeds of the lands, and have remaining $11,000,000 of her own dishonored debt. Instead of being taxed the $80,000 by her own State, the people would have the tax gatherers of the Federal Gov* ernment u|>on them. These three classes of States may be summed up in the following table :? Tabi.e Siiowixo tiis: Dest or Lach Srirr-Tur Pnn. portion OK a National Stock of $100,000.00(1, which F.ach State wori.D Receive?The Annual Ciuroe upon that Stock?Thk Proceeds ok the Public Land*, with the Difference to be Raiaed bt Taxation. To be Ratio of .Innna! Ratio of railed Firit elan. Debt. ?tg?k. charge, landi. by ta.r. Vermin', none ?,(ino,(* 0 I (*),(**? 23,750 76,250 N. Hami shire, ? 2.001,000 IOO.ikio 23,750 70,250 I'onnictirnl, ? 2,100,000 110 000 28,950 #1,050 Rhode III., ? 000,000 10,010 9,500 30.500 N..ler?.y, ? 2,100,1X10 110,000 2*150 #1,050 I) Uwa e. ? 100,000 20,000 1.750 15,250 N .Carolina, ? 5,200,ino 200,000 01,750 198,350 15,200,000 740,000 181,400 550,000 Second elan. Maine. 1,078,307 3,333,000 166,654) 3B.OOO 128,05(1 MauAehoictU, 7.272,839 tj.OOfl.OOO 300,000 57,(00 213,000 N-w York, 22,000,000 16,(8*1.000 800,000 11(0.000 610 (*0 Ohio, 13,724,755 7,600,(100 392,000 1(19,800 282,200 Kentucky, 3,790,500 6,IOO,UOO 320,000 GI,7j0 258,250 Tennrtaer, 3,016,96 1 6,100,000 320,000 61,7.50 250,250 51,503,122 49,733,000 2,298,650 522,100 776,350 Third clan. Peiinsylvinia, 10,00c,(HKI I'.200,000 560,000 1,12,810 427,1(1 M iryland, 15,316.000 3,200,000 lou.OOO 38,000 12V,000 Virginia, 7,'i51,l?8) 8,100,000 420,01*) 99,750 320,250 S. Caiolnu, 7,553,770 3,600,000 180,000 12,750 137,250 Ueorsia. 1,500,000 3,600,000 180,000 42.750 117,230 viijjouri, i.5(K,(**) 800,000 40,000 9,500 30.500 Mistiuippi, 7.500,(10 aoo.oao 10,1**1 9.5(*i 30,.no Florida. 3,500,(8*1 100,000 20,nfl0 4,750 15,290, 1(1,610,coil 2,(100.000 100.000 23.750 7(,.25(l Coiiitian*. 23,871,1**1 1,61*1.000 50,000 |5,(**1 15,000 Indiana, 15.000.000 2,800,000 110,000 59,374 110,626 Michigan, ,'?,000,0oo 100,000 20,1.1*1 4.750 15,250 lllinoia. 17,613,601 1.000,000 100,000 15.00(1 85,(100 Arkansas, 3,100.1**1 400,(*"l 20,009 4,7,0 15,250 Wisconsin. 100,(Ml 100,000 20,000 4,7.10 15,250 Total, 160,299,371 40,000.000 2,950,000 507,114 1,542,886 Grand total, 211,802,791 101,933,000 5,088,650 1,237,534 3,451,116 This i? a result baaed upon the auppoaition that the public loud* yield a revenue equal to thnt of last year, and that $100,000,000 of a national stock ii divided pro rala among all the Slate*. The operation, it tvill he icen, ia to increase the ex]ienditure? of the Federal Government, over and above the land revenue*, near $4,000,000, which mutt tie raised bjr direct taxation, under the pretext or relieving the States. The only partiea that can possibly receive any benefit bj atich a scheme are the holders of the depreciated stock, end to benefit them every State will be taxed two dollar* for one recriv cd. Sale* at tha Stock Eirhangr, $100011 Indiana Bds csh 22'* 60 do Htnninitl.iii HR lillulS 1(100 do do call 22% 16 do Utiet S Mclir'y I ii 6000 do do 22% 60 do Lou* IslItR t?V WOO Illinoi? lid, In* 60 do ilailrin RIt tw 1* 0*0 Ohio 0V lt6* 1-2 26 do ilo ctli If! 30*0 Kentucky O't R6 .60 do do >16 l!l 26 than Del It Hod >70 88% 100 do do >20 in 60 do do >60 GO 26 do do rsli Ill's 73 do _ do c?li (?% 60 do do e?b 18% In do Am Ki Bank 68% 80 do do ??ii i*', 26 do Canton Co csh 21% 60 do do If.d 18% 26 do do cjIi 21% 126 do do call If)1., 76 do Mohawk RIt II'. Second Board. $30o0 Illinois 6's.1870 10% 60 do do 17% 6(1 Mm ilvlem RIt 17% Corn Trade. Our V lour Market ii without any change. Western Klour findt purchasers 011 a vnmll scale at 16 06|. We continue to receive favorable accounts of the crops. Notwithstanding the injury done toCoi 11 by llie late fro'ls the aggregate production of (Srain w ill be I gt r this ,,, than ever before. The Klour and Wheat arriving at tide water on the Kmc Canal up to the Wh June in the years 1MII an I ISM .is as follows j Hour, khlt. It'hfa'. hut. I In April, 1*12 16.CXI 21.661 1st wn k iu .May 36,066 2.',\' i 1 Jad ' ' 81,12.7 11,.'2'8 1 *d " " 57.066 31.164 I Jth " " , >1,637 22,721 I ' < 311 li.Ttt *.n.l I Total to tth Jim., lain >- 1 mi.E.H I X " II I. M ' llecrriar in barrels flcur 21,41$ 1 Licit aw ill bushel* of wheal 87,'JT.' Which incrca*e in Wheat being deducted from the dce return in flour, ihowi ? decrease, taking the (lour and wheat together, equal to lO.Bftt barrel*. Cattle Market. 1 Both market* appearxsl dull anil inactive thi* morning, The o xv??tiio u?nal *upply offered, namely : alioiitrcven hundred Brave*, thirteen hundred sheep and Lamb*, and , fifty Cow* and Calvea. , Nearly all the*e were *old at price* currant la*t weak. Bcex on ranged from $5 to $7 00 a hundred weight, Hhet p ' from $1 50io ?I SO ; |,nmb* from $1 OA to fo 76 each, and Cowl and t'nlvo* from f2l to $*28 n hend Farclgn Markrta. + Havaxa, h rtc Oth, 1S-4 *.?The arfiele of Brown Pnpar? ' i* advancing considerably, owing to several larjc order* ( having rear heil the mark'i f, prinripolly from the north ot v Kuropc, and the increased existing scarcity. I'lnnter* in n ilmo*' even I in*t?n e refuse.I veiling, except half x\ bite*. M The crop i* now full) aaccrtainrd to lie short of that of ' last jcar, *?y about 1 to Jc, and holder* scent now ?>n- J( fuiiie of realizing higher prices in the latter part of the season. White Sugars weie slack. K'or Coffee the demand is good for tin gland, in conse<|ueuce of a reduction on duties tlieru, uud rates steadily advancing, and the stock remaining excessively small. Married. On the evening of the 20th instant, hv the R"V. Di Milnor, Rev. K. Bsssrr of N?w Bcit'on, Conn., t' Miss S illv V. Kimuks, second daughter ol the late Daniel Hindis nf Pmvi,l....n.. Ill - On the 1 titU Instant, by the Rev. Mr. Bush, Mr. Joseph K. olipiiant of Monmouth county, nj., to Miss Julia ItiiMiis, ol New York city. on the 20th instant, by the Rev. c. c. i*u<>, Mr. John fui to Miss Johanna c. Statf, all of this city. Died. On the 20th instant, ol int! iramaiion of Uin braiu, Maktha, >ounpestdaughter of John and Sarah It. Anderson, ujfed 11 months. The relatives and friends of the family lire respectfully invited to attend the funeral this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 15 i hompsou street. At Sodus, Wayne county, NY., on the 14th instant, after a protracted 'llncss, Mrs. Tamson Stone, relict of the lute Rev. William Stone. Lnt?st Advices received at the new york uerald office. Af ica April 10 Macao Feb. If an* i ayes April 22 Madras Feb. 20 Autmua May 1 m nulla Feb. 20 Bombay April 1 Montevideo *5 April 10 llilavia Jin. (1 Miranlwm March 2 Bermuda June 7 Minn/, is June i Bonaire ai-ril !? Miyague* May 20 Buenos Ayres May 3 Maracaibo April i Bdiia m ircli i Matamoras April 17 Bi lire. Hond. May II Neuvitas May 28 Baih.tjoes May 13 Nasuu. n. p. June 1 llo 'ota May 1 Oahu, B. 1. March II Beruice Feb. 20 Paris June 2 Ca|? Ilaylien May 25 Port au Prince May 13 '.'uracoa March 5 Ponce, p. r. Mav 28 Cisnfucgot May 25 Para- May 2ti Carthagc-na May i Peruamtmro May ii Caraera* May 17 Panama Feb. 20 Cliasrea .lily ' Rio del auciro April 22 tallio J"i. 2! Minvspnn March i Calculi* Maich 22 Sydie >, N. 8. \V. Au^. II pi iikirara Jure 2 hi. Ileleua April ii Fayal May !> St. Thomas June c Giuraltai a ill 10 si. liaitt Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Japo dr Cuba' April 20 ou lyanin. p. r. June i St. Johns, p. It. June f, Qoi rives Mas 21 si. i isus Anril iii Galveston June 2 St. Martha May 4 Havre June 1 St. John, N. B. June 8 Havana June 9 Surinam May 29 Halilai Juu?* 16 T<iitii>ico May 21 Jrreinic May 19 Tob<urn April 2.1 J^nnel April SO Turks Island May 28 Ki"*.{*t<>)i. Ja. May 14 Trinidad de Cuba- May 2J Loudon June I Vera Cinz May 22 Liverjiool June 1 Valparaiso April 6 La Guayra June 1 Yucatan April 5 Lima March 20 Zanzibar March II PnMcngerfl Arrived. Nki'vitas?Ba?k H'tirutta?O I* Maaon, Hutch McCaflfeity, i Alexander Crt shy L McCulpher, Dr Lorenzo Hubbard, Northampton. Mats ; J< nn He<tiv. of Baltimore. Nr.* Orlaans?B r!t Teaver? Mrs#r? W MeCrrbbtoii, E A Foru. F I 8pr?rr, Edward Dill, A B Parmelee, Kubt Philbin, anu E Williams. Mohilk?Ship Wsvcrly?Mr? Daniel Wheeler, five rbiblivn Had verviiut, Mr* Morgan O;deo, child ami servant, Miat NIcLangblin. M.:?*ri J (i Ellis, I) Filler, E A Slime, J 8 Denysc. Hunter. Havana?Biin KlitilHlh, nt Philadelphia?Mrs Sallick, T Rob< rts, E Martin, of N? ? Fork. Pusscngeri balled. Liverpool?Packet ship Encluid?Lieut J** C Johnston, of H B Nl shin Wsrxpite; Itev John Trippet, ot Hhir.ebeck; Titos H-dynnke, .Mrs .M ivrork, John D.voi, John Knitem, NYnrk: I Mrs Fittwilliam Slid, Mark Ilickrrtnti, Inly M.J dnn.-hter, KikIsimI; Wm II Filrnn, Lireriool; Tim. Tillntson, Slietfield; Wmt simll, .M ir* land; t leu L.eith, lady ami servant, Mrs Dixie, Mi s < Dixie, MrBnrnie, J Kelly, aiiJ >1 Ellintt, Canada. Kwreljfn I ru porta (Ion a. Mavaophz?Briu Nalitn*Vanta?2tl lihd* sutfti 37 do itimIassrs M iso11 bs Tlioniinon. Dniucstlc Importations. i^r.rr v/aur.ins?D im uMifi-jiw mini ;u?aryi oaios coiioti Robert* & William*?'.151 II Il?>?'( ?*. Mobilk?Ship Waverly?20H halt* cotton 21 cs Cental &. co ?66 hales cotton Fiber &. Bierwcrth?13 do N C PlaU?32d<? VV Blooduood?32<lo Boormut, JohiHton & c<:?I pkg* J W Sill Le iviti?l Uo C Bolton, F?ji St Livingston?W bvlri cotton to order. "MAKITLME UKKALD."1" Departure or the Atlantic Steamer*. FROM tltCL.NO. FltuM AMERICABritannia, Hrtvitt July 2 Caledonia, Loll Jim- 11 July li Acadia, Ryiie July i Aut. 1 U. Western. Hoskrn July 1 A'.,*, t H. B. Si. 8. 8. British Queen, Ctpl. M. M. Kcaue, will lore Antwerp on tin* 7th of July, for New Voik. to touch at South Vmploti, F.iik- on the Kith Packet* to Arrive. Packet* to Depart. FROM I IVF.RrOOL. FOR i ivi itroot.. Kuropr, Marshall, May II Otrrick, SkiilJy, Jun> 21 Independence, May 1*7 Oxford, Ilathlione, Jul) I FROM PORTSMOUTH. lull PORTSMOUTH. Ontario, 11 radish. May 20 Philadelphia, Horry, July I Toronto, Griswold, June I Switxrilsiid.Clisdwick,July 10 FROM HAVRE. . FOR HATRF. Baltimore, Funk, May 21 Francois J, Ainsworth, June21 Klioue, Johnston, Juii" I Oneida, Kunck, July I V. de Lyon, Stoddard, June 8 Sully, Thompson, July " To Hlilp iliaxlri'i. We shall esteem it a favor if captains of retai ls arrivinc here, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassetl, of our news fleet, a report of the shipping left -t the |?iri whetiee they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their carvo, and any foreign pewa|si|iera they may fiavr. Commodore Baaselt will board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in auv way. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign |iorts are respectfully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OK NKW YORK, JF.VH !4|, l it#. SUN KISF.S 4 12 I MOON SETS VI (UN SETS- 7 '.8lHir.ll WVTI.R 7 31 ] Cleared. Ships Quebec, Ilebard, London, Grinned, Mintum fc Co; Hannibal, (Br) Grvliam, Richihnclo, MB. Oloser is McMnr- 1 ray; Catharine, Berrv, Chaileaton, S<'. O-orge Sutton.? 1 Rsrll ll.nrv II...I tRdlLl.1 ?.iS Hi I..I... MO * ' then k Co.?Brig* b oriel, (Daned*) lionnf, Hteltin, Sehni'dt k Balchen: l'hriurn, Doaue, Savannah; Tuscan, Cofgiiia, Ells- ' worth, Mp. J I'ftpn Ic Co.?S< lira Maxcnpa. Pr< sr< it, Cwton, J A A Low; Virginian, Kfmandfi, Norfolk ;Tiovr a, Ward, Wil- ' mint; ton, NC. John Ogdt n; Mad, Loring, Boston. Arrived. Ship Thomas Prrkina^ Graves, from Manilla, and last from Boston Harbor, with a full cargo of hemp, fee. The T. P. an- ] chorrd oft' the Ho>k last evening. ' Ship Wnfrrly, Snow, It days fr>m Mobile, with cotton, to Center It Co. ^ ^ j Bark Teaser, Cr# krlt, f'om New Orleans, and 1 f, days from j the Uwr, with cotton, to master. 12th last. weal of Tortillas, spoke shin Vinrinia, hence for NOrlean . i Italian brig Etruvie Ba?si, Totcano.M days fiom I.-shorn, } Tit Gibraltar 43 days, with marble, to Thos. Stalker. I llrig Nahmakanta. B ?ker, from Maysguez, PH. June I?, with * molasses, to M ison * Thomson. Sailed in co. with Laik Pan- t chita, for Boston. Li ft bri?;s Cordelia, Rusaell; Porto Rict^ Cottercl, and Marv J no, Brook fie Id, all f.?r N York, in 2 days* schr I)d* id Pratt, do ? Brig Api>hi\H*e ?er, fi. m St. Croi*. I ubs, 17 diys, with . IRH sticks cedar, 34 hi 27 tierri? 9 bbU inula*** ?, 51 tierces 2 t bbls honey, t j Chaste lain &l Ponvert. Lefr no American. 7th, , iff the Alpines, *\Htk U. H. brig Dolphin, standing we?t ' Brig Henrietta, W ilson, P days from Neusitw, with221 casks r molasses to Holt Owen, 15 tons fnsttc Bietr \ Vose, II tons . copper ore and/i|,000 cigarsord r. Left s. hr Splendid, Swain, 1 of and for Halifaa, in 20 days; the only vessel in i?ort. Spoke. 13th in."it, off N E part of Salt Krv Bank, bark D imimriscotta, of Newcastle Me., from Scotland for New Orleans; aarne titn 1 and place, biig Franklin, <>f and 31 days from Portland of Ma* L tanzas. ' Danish brig C-oidor, Clo?ter, ft days front Muttnuv with 730 * boies tngar to Hpoflortl, Tie-ton It Co. Left brig Tho* Cutis, Perkins, for Bo>t-n 12tb, and others not recollwcted. !lth, tat ' 21, Ion 7f? 30, |>aised sclir Commerce, ftom Boston. J Hchr Ce?tu\ Franklin, 13 davs from Apalaehicota, with IWKI c staves 52 bales to Leiitilhon Si Co. 1 Hchr Anaconda, Williams, 3 days from Wilmington, NC. n*- , %al stores, to master. k Hei r J. Bradley, Jones, 3 days fiom Washington, NC. with naval stores. Srhr Arab, Pearsall, from Newbern, NC. with naval'.tores, * to master. # k Srhr Union, B illance, from Plymouth, NC. with r.avalstores, " to master. I Hchr Eli? ha P. Hortoii, B irhank, 3da>s from Norfolk, wood, to master. Hchr Hee .ide, Langley, 3 days from B>iton, with mdte to J. i Stevens. ^ | Hchr Catharine Amanda. Tccl, fa>m Philadelphia, with roal I v ?bennd U Mid Ik n, ct. Ilelow. j One aWji, nnknonn. Wind W. J ^Mlrd. ' Packet ?lnp KiikUikI, Waitc, Liverpool, ami other. Marine C'orre.jwiiitlener. 1 Coke*, June ?, 18P. Drt* Hie? ,1 Herewith I In lid yon a It*: of ami tailing* of Am> uran unel?. ?inre my l.iat of tin- 17th:? Ativrd?>May IB, Aik, Miliiun, foi ordtr*; Jilli, l>,bi ilur, ' do do, June 2, 1. igoiiia, do do; Rainiiiahail Roy, do do. I' Hailed?May 21. Swim Boy, llhi nl; 2Jd, Talma, I,onion: ? 2Bth, Canonicm, do. , General Ileeord. Pli EI T ?Hlf Qi r.?M-, for, Will K ill to-iU) .11 12 o'- p di rk. Her letter ha;;, will clot. at llir .Merchant.' Kvhan;e it hili"-|*<l 11. ci Hi. >. r P-.irtiaE inannacv ?T He*.?Tlic murk Intrepid, It nk It, wlnoli aailfd from ( harlr.ton on tin- Uili in<f. on i I i.limu riprditioe. fell in Kith on the IVIi, about :i"> milei HP.. ' n Edia'o, th Kim lino, of Hinitl town. Ir.nn Mobil.- lor N. ?' \ . -rk. KitII I I of a canto, roniiitiny of ? I.w ln|.< ,,f , ,.1. v| on, aome i'jvu, InmSor, ami a < of old iron, di.tnaitrd irnl eliand- nt .1. Th- p.. had U-<--n jin-ti ii\!> I- ml. ,l |,y a ?i lir ? , o> Hai .onill for NYork, which n . tl i n in -i?lii, ai,.t ?!,i n ^ >ad Laken off llie captain and rrrw, alao lirr mil", ' Mutiny and s itln-r m..\. able irllclri. (apt. II. |>ull<-il nji alotntiide tin- ?chr n hii hoar, end learned front the captain of th -rl-?ip thit .he eaa dnma.trd mi the 12th, b?ti?e<n ?nd t.liito,? apt. It. tin n returned in tin- ! >< i>, look lor in tow of the . mark, and arriv d at Chariot, n witli her on the evening of W he Utb. AVIinlr men, to Cld :.t Briatnl. June 17,,i?-r,nt, Atlantie Ocean. Spoken. Blonde, from Liverpool for NYork, May 22, lat 47 70, Ion IB. Tart ii, of BrMtnii, liont lla*re for NOrlean., .May 2B, Seiilj f,N P.. ,?i mile*. U Itimor-, Harie for N Voib, May 27, off the Lixard. Huron, Liverpool for NYork, Mai 22, lit IB 30, Ion 32W, An Ann riran .hip with Holyhead II iy. .leering wot\aril, May IB. lat ft N; and 24.1, an American ?hi|> with a bin. i.nal and r> d ball?hv a n ??e| u nir.l in the Tevel. Indua.from I ondind-iry lor Hiih lt t|-bia, May ft, laf 1.1 20. AlobMM, < f B hlmorc, May :f\ I t <fi V. Ir.n II ip. Forrljn Porto. Haror, M v A r A'ffn uon, Mobil": 23d, Srn I.inr, a">l I k??'or!itr. 2' li M iiVm ir' ' ; 2Vb. J I.. _ !??' r. ami llrlu ? >| ' ' *! I K y T" I'-tiT -niton, P JOil.- it..; Nov. K-i ! in-i. K im ! n. ??tl II ?i, *jt<lr?- atrt,. B?! 1,11011 , N\ I lk . T<)i, f nio. Nr f) loan ; ' I'" I'-irn, ito; IVr.ii, I' ftljtn: 23lb. f )>B lorrrr, (111 irlra" R'li, Rochr.tir, IJ". V.tvliii|? <Jf' 2r f,V("ki Jotir I; Kim i i.ii, i! - VilS ?|r 1. J/-'4'ri d*\ 10thi l.orcria, do, a.-on; London, ilo do; WiJ", flew Orloin, ivoii; Swnlan, ilo ilo; Morart. for do, Hill. ^ Hoc-hulls:, M*) 21?aid AVxuidre, NV'?rfc. Marikilui, May 21?Arr Klr/ubeih, NOili'<uu; 23 1, Kul i , do. Slil 20th, Louua, N Yor*; *3d, Cilitio, New Orleai: Bangor, do. l u'Tou, N8. June 3? Arr Ulrau*r, NYork; Hiroc, Kaaiport 111i, J H Chewy, 8* 1 moil River. CM May 31, Orion, FhiUdcl; June 1, America, do: WW Dyer, uo; 2d, China, do. ax, NS. juw 12?Arr Bemudiau, NYork* 9th, Sherrr, Thoin&ston; 3th, Gosper, Bdtitnore. Sid 15th, Bouudary, N York. Cld lltli, A radian, B utou. Qukkkc, June* Hi?Arr John Intro, Bord*-?ux; Forrester, (Jib; Lord Wen lock, Hull; Puwy Hull, Loiidou: Samuel, rv111ala; IVrcival, Cork; Irvine, Bristol; Venture, Li 1h?u; Mmitrel, LiveriNHil. Cld < 'ollius, Gloucester; Louisa, Cork; (id* mour, GI>?eow ; Wolf?'* Cove, d*?; Primrose, Limiritk; G -al (iraham, G.angemoi.ili; John U lianuuli, Liverpool; Inland, (Jloucaattr. Havana, June (t? In port, Louisa, fioin Philadelphia, di.,;.? Sid 7th, TiiriCf do Joinvill**, Baltimore. , . Poncc. I'K. June 8?In i?urt, II -llespout, lor N \ ork, ID day-. The Marion, of Norfolk, f #r Hav na, aid 3d. O vHi'? Marc h 1!?Tr? p it, Jo? IN abody. lor Kain?chat* *; Ni reus, Columbia h'irr, soon; L uiu, tVom Central America, ari Dth; rilot. Iro.u Kaui, dwjf. 81J Jam 16, California. Bunion? having repaired. InKcd Stales Fort#. F.strpour, June a?Arr Pocassot, Philadelphia: 14th, Chief S'tcliein. NY ork. SM 11th, Texan. Newark. NJ; tole, N'Y . rk; Pith, Olive, II ivie <le Clra e, Sid; Kslhrr Kllld, do. Bki.kasr, Jiita* W?Arr Tnmp :t. Baltimore; lltli, Hope, Ch irleston; Utli, Three Si?t< i%, Bdtiinorc. Maciim* I' -ht, Ju n 11?Ari Win Peun, N-wY'ork; J w?er. ih?. SI i I.ili, Chas Htnunoud, Work. Wu Hind, John llill. Port Rico. Portland, June 17?Arr . Woostrr, Thoiraston for N York. Nr.w Bkdkohi), June 17?Arr Fame, NYorU for Faiihavcn, to load oil for Knroee. i Holk, June ig?Arr Adamant, ( <itnfuckos for Boston; New / I Uostou lor Philadelphia; Susan Taylor, Norfolk for Boston; Neptune, Morris River for do. Tarpaulin Con:, Jam 13?Arr IL uowii, Oscar, and Mail. Boston for New York; Brilliant, do for Washington, NC ; Win Burke, dolor Richmond; Token, Cumberland, NS. lor NYoik; Copy, Nan|ucket for do; Vistula, NYork for Bangor; Equity, Boston for Brookhiven. PnoviDKNcr, June 17?Arr Paul Jones, Suffolk, Va. Sid K B Caldwell, Philadelphia; Equator. NYork. Bristol, June 1G?Arr Commodore Chesapeake Bay; Excelsior, Ron-lout. SM Wm Collier, NYoik; New York, do. HaRTPord. June 18?Arr James. Philadelphia; Surveyor, Richmond. CM A Lord, Philadelphia. PiiiLADKLPiiiA. June 20?Arr Cohansey, Gibraltar; Elianboth, Hasan?; C d lis, C tl ii?; Congress, Lnhec; Boston, Boston. Air in the Schuylkill, Win W Wyci, Pictou, NS; Larch, LuIm'c. NoRkoi.r, June 17?In Ilunpt ?n Iloads, Diiiqo, fni NYoik; Willi* Putnam, Pon?v. The Pauline, from J unes River for Bicmeu, hm gone to sen. Wilmington, NC. June U?Arr Rocket, Boston; Belle, N York,C1ias Thorn ?, Si Thorns*: Norway, NYork. Chahliston, June 17?Cld Dimou, New York; Ceylon, Bath. Me. Savannah, June 11?Arr Prince de Joiuvillr, Havana; Saul, Boston. Cld F.xcel, NYork. Sid CruikstonCastle, Liverpool. Cld 15th, Eli Whitney; do. Si AitorsTiNi:, June I?Arr Financier, Portland, ttid Id IOth for Indian Ke>. Pokt Lko.n, May 19?Chi Tuscawilli, NYork; 2ftth, Litchfield, Bo.ioo; 21.t, Mohawk, do. Ari Jl?l. Mtmuuticook. ('haileston; June 1, ('.imilh. Baston. Pr.xflAtoLA, June 1?An tCmpormm, Bn?'nn, Monti.r., Juue 12?("Id Senator, Boston; F.liznbetli, do. Nr. \v Ohlfa'hs, Juue 10? Ait New F.mfl.uid, Rio de Janeiro; royal mail aleam? r Sol way, England, via Havana. (.'Id Alabama, NVork; fMirir??rt. Norfolk; Kelly, Liveipool. Cld 11th, Commerce, NVork ; Callao, Nuilolk. ????? eOKTL'OUL'Si: FK.MAI.K PILLS. rpHE8K far-f?inrd and eelr'.iratril Pill., from Vomica), are, I we pcrcBive, to be obtained m thi? country. See aavirtMemintoii tlie Is?l folnmii of fourth imcr. mJ ia TSKrTAMEH Al.K.XAMH.H HOUSTON has removed -Lr hi> ('onai'ltino Ornt r, to No. 3 IIkkai.h Bi'iloino rornor of \ i-vi.oi and Fulton afiaat? jdMnie AT 11. WM. I.KVOE K i i( >t ii lii. 11ieuda u 1 J the public in gent ral, th*? lie will give a Concert, loi the l> ncfrt of a Young Lady tint blind, which will take rive. ;*r llcrmitai^e 11 all, corner ot H<u>tf>n %ndjAllrn-st.,~nn Wcdnrsday evening, June 221, 1?. fhe Young Ltdv w ill sing several j iccc* during tbe vvrinn.'. H ?.?r. open ?t la past 7 ; performances to cominenr at 'i. Ti ket* m vy be bad at W. Devon1* residence, No. 117 F"urth-*tr? ?t, and o 121 Second street, and at tbe Inll on the tb.ive *h? mug. Tickets 23 cents ca? )i. >egl ttr 1 JNIFOHM FOR SALK LOW.?An clerant ud COmpletl " ' uniform and home rouij menu of a general staff officer. hut very little uvd. for sale low, an the owner i.? about to remove from the city. Any one desiion* of purchasing, can leave n hne at this office directed to 44 Division," with address, w hich will receite immediate attention. jv2l 3t#r rpo LADIES.?Mrs. TRAUTNEIN respectfully in tonus -I the Ladies of New-York and aicmitv, that she continues the work of Fr-'^ch Plai'in^Fluting and Clear ntarcliiup, at No. 1(2 h.ldriilio' street, (on the (iret floor,) New-York. N. B. Colors received and ?lecutea with neatness and at tht shortest notice. A Do, (/oil u* for s vie. je2l lin#r VYOUN0 MAN of good character and iudustrious hibln, ami willing to go ?n the country, and possessing a small cspital of iboit len oi fifteen hundrci dollars, can hi trofi desirable location in le^ard to the mercantile hiisine**, by calling at (he store of Willi .m S. Co/win, No. 030 Broadway. The situation referred to is ab.iut sistv miles distant from ....... I J , nil.. M. ... . - XI ?.-|n?o.J- ?? ?UHIW an? UUiafcCa ll< n rr .* ' i 11 y elsewhere lo Uijnet with. Jr21 3t*r MADAME COSTELLOT f km alp: physician, INFORMS th- Ladies of New York c:ul Females, that she 1 Continue* to g;ve atlii'V and pre;, ire her popular stud effieacioiti medicine* for the diseasesof If at tics. Madam** C. is hi|l?y to announce that her treatment ha? much satisfaction In the i:u in runs patients who have relied upon her abilities?>1 Maine (', has"'lV!t li'-r-eirillil iCt <1 to undertake the responsible ofR it Fein ile Physician. from I on*; ixi?* rieiice an I tic'.Mnviii'g a knowledge of the structure of tie human frime, an ignorance of whirl) renders the utibludiiug pret*u?iou.s, and decoy in? iMnaccas of mercenary adventurers u? less, if not in* ;u iou*. Single and married ladies may rely with confidence on tier .-kill and maternal solicitude a* a teni tle phy-n i m. Ii??wever distressing ni ly " tin ir complaint* her medical acquiremi nts, will he found adequate to tin* case. In abort, the ground thii notice on th sure- ?;i'ul r suits of a thsroujh medical education, and reliance on appointed meant of imparting health, vigor and happiness to all who honor h-r with tlie.r cnufid-net, and ircrrcv. All letters )n?*t*paid. Office and residence 31 LtAj>eit4nl st. _ _ j> 2l 1m?c CURED FOIl ONE DOLLAR.?Such is the efficacy of Dr. Thomas's 8|>ecifio Fills, that thev are warranted to effect a peimanj u* and *|?< ?dy ? ur?? in ill direnses ??f one class.? Tin unqualified success tnef htyt mat with in the moit diffi* cult cases, at once give thein a claim to the attention of all those who may ooed the use of a similar medicine. For sile at 273 Broadway, corn- r Chambers street. 79 and 100 Fultcn st., 77 East Broadway; By me, (S3 Bowery, Price > I. jrtl it?i / ?ANKER OF THE MOUTH?Bon in ith from < inki. ulcerated or sore throat, pain in the hrej*t bone, arc speed1 ily cured by a few doses of BRAND RETH'S FILLS. These unpleasant mid gainful complaints arc all cured by purify iug tlie blood. Eight years have nearly elapsed since the Bratidreth Fills were fir-t introduced by Dr. Bei>j"niu Brandretli into the United 8l itcs, and he is flippy to sa) that they are still in favor with the American public, end that their reputation is still on the increase. It is scarcely necessary f r Dr. Brandnt-th to assure his friends that lie continues hii unremitting c re and personal attention in the fniiiufartoring department of t|ie Dr.mdrctii Fills, or that they are entirely free f om Chemical or Mineral ore pant ions; tin ?e fscts hrin? well known and understood to oe so. While mercury and bb eding n I other deleterious remedies ire liernmmg more .oid more unpopular, the Rrindrcth Fills are extending the inhere of their usefulness by the appreciation of a generous : ubiic. BRANDRETIFS TILLS are sold at 23 cents per bo*, with directions, at the following places in New York. DR. BKAXDRETirS PRINCIPAL OFFICE-2II B;oadw I. . Bowery Office, 274 Bowery. 189li Hudson street. 175 Second street. Oh*? rie the new 1 ibels, each his iug upon i: two of | Dr. Brsndrfth. So each box of the genuine Ins six sgnMure?. Tim e Benjamin Brandretli and three B. Brindfth upon it. < Besides the labels are full of small printing done in red ink, here being on the labels nearly three huiulrtd imjnessioiis of Benjamin Brandret IPs Pills. jetl 11* t riHURCII ORGAN.?For sale, a new ami "pirn.'.id Organ, ^ with 5 stops and an octal e of foot pedals, enclosed ma laudsoine mahogany c ?.se, wirh gilt front. It is a superior tonul iit-1.'iimerit, made of ttie best materials, and warranted to s ithst ind in) ' litn te. Also, for s dea very e|rmnt rosewood piano forte. Apply to JAMES JACKSON, Organ Builder, jetl lt?c i N ?. l it | *s I ( )( H ) f() * ort h of D \ (i khI? i r Oroci H . \i hi ed nlUvAl in etching* for stock in i firsi rat? Insurance f ?>., nit makes regular dividends semi-.inu.tlly, of I ?o 5 per rent.? I'h*' above is * ffr<? rite chance fru an inv*-?trnt nf. All coin- I mlnicstionsstrictly confidential?address "\V. " b..? ?:n vi., t r K..t jo 13 3t * i > po SINbUt UENTLEMEN.?MAS. HIL1rON HAVin*: fitted up at great expanse Hons*- 81 lLo.<dway, solicits ts inspect ion by gentlemen desirous of obtaining elegant fur- 4 ii he?| apditm'-rits. Mrs. H. dk?es not propose to keep a cheap III u I n tr 1 tr ?m K..I ..... ..I . .1 C.. V. . t I 0 far at the providing the b^at, material- tiid it rant-, with her iwp unremitted peranual exertion* r\u effort it. jc20 2'#e 1 VOTI''K TO < ARTMK.N-Thf rarttmii who look two ] * l??i?e tub*, line.; w iih copper, from f ho wharf of iV' k tlip . hi Friday or 8aUi'd?y Ivat.tA rrquritrd to rill at I.V) Mtidtn ' ^**11". jel7 lw*c ! SPANISH and Mciivan Dotibiooua nu n i hinh rate*, S. " hv S. J. SYLVESTER. 22 Wall ?t iml |10 B idw joi TTTaviboy stone waROTAni YX* f?>RJ ^ Th' Mb;r> i- rr h^t oil Iturl, .( ;'! o'ti rs tor ? I pncc?, | jener; I 's-tnrtm'-Mt of St.m- and Eirthn Wr.iv, Portable 'nrnae**, Flow r ro'i.Kire II.kc. ?l Dm.'ui ta and wan- ina?b- to order. c jrifl'ifr I). SA VRK. ?! Liberty at. RISl! BLA< K MARBIE?lfO bloel a of irry sitp' rior b'ack { Marble, the en'irc cajiro rf British hr'ir Redwitnc, f t m Oilray, for ile by PEU5>K k BROOKS, . j*IR i.l Lihr.t" ?? ' DAOKET SHU SHAKSt'l aI;kmm>m DTEhk Oi L C. luu ie? a by tin . ahip will pie ?* ?.<' *!. ii \ . *t?11 ? on <vrd, foot of D??r?-r st. All j?'oo<!a not permitted in live thiya { rill bit tent to the iwblicatorc. jrifl ? [jacket hiiit Horn ii s-i rs r.y itii. >?iTi p " oh i e send their prrmil* m hoard, at Orb *n? wliaif, foot a f Wall At. All (good not pcrmittf d in five day* will be *"ii; to . lie Pnblir Store. jelBr > V Ml ? I!"' n?Ti ISV ILLE ^ RO I NEW OH LEANS, ia <ji?rb train; at pi/r 11 KR, ('onaigiieea will ? lean a'tend to the receipt of lit* ir kooiIc. jHfl l| JOTIi V ' ?!>ebu < otifraetrd bv any t f fh? erew of British ^ bri?r Redwing will not be paid by captain orrotMiRnret. jell OTILK.? Ml | rrtotif are. hereby n 'ib ln t to trn?t >ny a i f the r w o| the B'. *bip (II rSTKH. from Lire 'pi k i f, v 1 no <1 bti of tluirr >nine*tn? will b? ??aid l?v ihr captain or ROCHE, BROTHERS Sc. CO. i??lt V) Fulton- treet. j >R. SHIP ( HKS PER. I) >\ b-, tna?tf-r, front tnvrrpo" .? 1( , . n,. I"irri?i it.M'in OV tun .nijiwill mm, r * I ,?nr In I inline tin if iH-rmiu on I?>tI mnier No.r. NR.. nr'o off,.-* * KOCHK. OHOTiir.RH k CO., I , , ,.?1t 3.1 l'n'ton > tn 11. I (I I 1 < I? A'I ,ier<. :> iwr lirn-hi r i-tim,r<! tint t> miinc h ^ i.r h-irlxti intr nv nl' P" rrrw bnlntnrinii :o tin* llr. ?lnj HI AN, tinpl. WliilfWnv, 1'iotn I.irrr|?> ?), *? no ?!? ! t* oftlirii 11 in'rartimt will !>< pai-l ci'h. r h\ |li? IN|*?in .>r c?r?k'n'<-. ?_ JiMlN IIKKliM \N, r.i - . >il,- t. ! K*ir ' KOH iJVKUPOOl," B .i I. SM4~-fU A. J." i ?"Mtr fi'irnr?l w?-ll ki.??\\ii i\%i r iliiitf Br. ?? ?P CHF.HTK.R, Jtiii. I) >vIf, will Uai< d*?p*il? r Hic nlKJft* pori. Korfr. i-1 s? &r. ipp1 v r > liOCHK, BUOTHFH8 h CO.. <n :?i K'ilr^tt-^rrr *r, M| Ntitflnnr to t*? Bin'. ttJ kt> hovt. trotti vo-rornsF ? \ s;r;;i , '?| 0 >,..U "??. inf. M ' ?~c : tfcll >;?y, i oV cV if the w>.*il>?r n?i**? f?vn"lr. ? ?' ?.> mm ? || !.. ? . h. in. !?< <'? Wfih rn, M I) f.,rrjl h. It. Sn'Mfvont, I I, I'n vri (, hi IIiiImxi Bt|. *u \ rrnimin t. hi. " < i C r*n? > in. J *' " ' 1 AI UTIUiN BY THOMAS BLU\Storti Sot. 21 Jinn ami 115 pulton WrreM tuesdaV. At IC^a o'clock hi the sale room*. Clolhiuk'. Dry Ooodi, Jewtlry, fine y and |>ledKr(l articlfi, St"., in git* it \ iririy. A'v?, Iim? time, ilir Block Ol a in* irlntit tailor. AUn, the fo1 lowing articles of mtrrliuidtte^ 5t *., by order ol i Receiver iinl the M d?.??l?I "(t .m'Ioiu VArniili, lb cn|i|if ra*, auMaulilv of clm-cc c<uu*v ud c'l- ny biaudy, 20 cuse?inc. Holland gin, peppaimtut. *-r^ ?.. ?! , if, All tl?? lb? . / I tilt ell >i >. v t , u .' , / h>>. , ^...| I tbt . lull!* are, cutlery, l'uriutuc, See. WEDNESDAY. A lo>a o'clock in U?e kilei room. Lrr;c ?*lo of v iliubb furniture of all dcsci lotion*. !riau F.u*? AUo, A valuable second baud ???d new piano lortr*, inclini ng * hujuth'ul cottage pianc by R. At W. Nunu'i, cost ?V>0. ATblX V ARrLrLAj7ltb, ~ this moltning. At 10'i o'clock, at ilu ?alt. loom. ?0I Broadway. Wiues, Li ,u >.i, ?thorn titi< of r?ry cli<?ice M din?f-y ml-, utb - i ?1 uruleirr ; Duff (??>r ou'r pale and bro *l?en> , port ami St Julien cUid ; ?tai and anchor chaOM? * 'n?? . l> i|ay bi ind in bond ; cordial*, ; rm ind patent al ? in lli Hal idi apo Pri ipe Hyitj ... fan (wich other articles in the lino, tu which th? itumtiou ??f pmau ia i liits ii invited-?to Ik? sold in lot* l?? si.i j o . ii. .. t . Also, 8 emitters and 2 cli? *ls T 11 ?i?<l imp-1. 1 Tea. Alto, a large assortment of twine, bed cords, pails, tub*, door malt, f tiUcap and letter Also, for srcomit of whom it may concern, a lot of ndiiu whin* and sewral pairs id pia'.ol*. Alto. 1 dox very supciior cognac brandy in houh-s, and lofi bxa undines. Notice ?In consequence of a death in the family ot the general Assignee, the bank rapt sale advertised i?? like place on Wednesday, 32d inif. i> imcpon ?' uu'il fn.ther notice. WKDNKHDAY, June 22d, At 101 ^ o'clock at the Auction Room, Summer Clotb'ii^?A.i invoice of etc* Unit seasonable clothiug, consisting ofdiap dVle, boiiibax.ue, and limn dres* frock co if , lim 'i ind ui laa-cloth blojnn p ut . vi h. 1 ? *?. I It made of the best matn-i lis. and in the in???t taahion able styles. At ID.1? o'clock at the auction room. Elegant Furniture ami Pianos.?A Urge aasartineut of tli? best nude l'a>hioiiih!e iuintturo, including lull and hf Finich mahogsny chairs, iiier, dining, tea and centre tables.\\ardmlio*, burcoiis, toilet tables, looking glasses, tufted and spring -e at *<fas, ottoman*. divans, rockers, dressing bureaus, Rather beds, mattresses and pillows, office desk, tc?*. Piano Forte?Also, sever tl splendid piano fortes, by rcdehrtp t< k makers, combining all the modem improve ment-. Alio, one splendid r* tie wood royal -eraphim, entirely n s>, mule by F.Uiucti, London. One ?legaut upright piano, cost $000, a Mipcii'?r instrument k. in perfect Older. # A'so, one vioiincello.oneguitar, and *? \titl violius. FRIDAY, June 24. At 10*? oVIo* k,at the auction room. A large sssortuvut of b .rdvvaie and cutlery, being the stock of a pirsou retiring from business. W.W. H1IIHLLV, Auctioneer. A U( TION NOTICE.?This Day, Tuesday, at 10U o'clock. at 122 Fulton street, near Nassau, house finmisFiiog articles in every variety 1-2, 3-1 and full French chairs, diiionr und tea tallies, 1 set of 2d hand dining tables, 1 set *1 2d hand dining tah'es. solas, beditea Is, looking glasses, 6u\ aquuitity of pressed ami moulded tumbler*. dslies, Ike., China and earth* nware, dinner and tea sets, girandoles, hanging lamps, cutlery and nlated ware, ingrain carpets and rugs, 8tc. Transparent window hadest clocki, oil paintings, fcc. 8 le positive, jeg] it*t NJOTM K TO FUKNIT CuTTllU'i'YERS-WASIIiMi IN TON MEEK9, No. 315 Broadway, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of the public tint be wilt sell splendid t Cabinet Furniture at Id p rctikli i tl n the iim quality of work is now soiling at the auctions?consisting of Draws, Couches, Sofas, covered in different colored plushes, satins, and hair cloth, of the latest Spring patterns. dIG 6m Also, an additional lot of superior second hand furniture, 1 s'idi (' 'iiritsin, 2 'urhlnv lathe-. Sic. PHILADELPHI \ AU( TION "s ALES BY WOLBERT k HEKKNESS, Pliiladelphia Auction Mart, Carpenter's Court, Clr stnut atrett, south side, between Third and Fourtli streets, Importi d Impiovcd Durham Short limns?Mr Whiuker'sstock ON FRIDAY. JULY 1st, At I o'clock in the afternoon, at rowelton, on the west side of the Schuylkill, near Market >t, Bridge, Three Unproved Durham Slum Horn Cows, sect t?> thi> country by Mr. Whit iker. Five Bulls two Heifer.* of different ages. i Kiloitu< lataale, j?15 ?d tojy lr PUBLIC BALE OF HAIL KOAp LOANS.?On Wt*> A iiosdav ev? ning, the 23d inst., at 8 o'clock, at ilie Philadelidiia Exchange, will be sold C 113,000 sterling of the 0 percent Borid* of the Philadelphia, Wilmington tud'Bsltitnorc Rail Mom Ct mpitty. lu bonds of ilkKI each, payable in i m'm. Amount s? cured in the mortgage lately given by the company. Also?.C02,500 stg o| the G percent Bonds of the Philadi tphla and Reading Rail llo.ul Company, for ?250 each, iMiyabh in 1850, and convertible into shirt s ut the option of the holder, at any time before the year 1850. The interest on both Loatu payable s* mi-iunuall v in the city ofLondon. lUCHARD & BISPHAM. The Atlas, and Diil\a Advertiser, Boston, Express and Coin- I merci il Advertiser, New York, American and Patriot, Baltimore, will ideise publish the above daily till sale, mark piics i, and en u n this office } io it r K AlCiUiAD NC fr\CE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NIAV i I'NMVICK AN'L? XI~W T< >i<K. rPHK NKW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com* |mfiy" Iiitc established ii Freight Line Ih-Iwumi New B un.ivicU >uid New York, which they intend to ruu j* nnv mi *. Leu in* New Brunswick at L}-% A. M. daily, (Sunduvs exceiled) and the foot of Liberty *in-et, New Ymk, at 2?.{ I'. .\1. To eoiiuti v dealer* and merchants the ahnve line is very de iiihU for uie ; l aim cneapconvey wee <! merctundi of every description, and more paiticularlv to Urovniaud Dealers' in Live Stock, who can bwe 1.00 head of cattle convey* id between New Hiunawiek and New York, the saint day arbenever required. The rate* for the transportation of cattle, horses, mules, *h? ep, hogs, Sic. and all other kinds of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Mcrcharjdi' e sent hv (bis line is not subject to any extra charge in < rowing die North River. Tin C/?>t:i;,ariy have lilted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, ndtoming the Ilnt.<?wl Depot, which w ill aiways eopen for the reception of merchandise. rasseti^t rs purchasing their tickt ts at the ticket offices, will receive terry tickets gratis. OCT** Kreipht for Newark, Elirahrthtown, Rahway, Westfield, rUiiitield, Scotch (Mains, Bound brook jmhI Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. mil Sni* NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. l^n.r ? From fit. foot of Conrtlandt r?r..t, Nr. York. ( Evrry d.v? Sunday d.l Lr.ivn Nrw V'>)k L.>'.irra N'.wuk At * A. M. At I P. M. At 7>k A. M. At IV P. M. 9 do. i do. 9 do. do. II do. lov do. 5,'J do. 6 do. T do. t do 10 do. ON SUNDAYS. Finn, tli. foot of Librrty ,tr?ef. I.t IV. N.w York, I,.Mr Nrwuk. Al 9 A. M.ami '.'i P. M At 12 Nooti.n l 10 P. M. NKW YORK. KMZAUKTH TOWN, WKHTFIKLD, PI. AINKIKLD, BOl'.NDItllOOK, SOMERVII.LK, U-. D nly. Leave N.w York. Lcnr. Klir. ib.tb Town. 9 A.M. 8','A.M. 2* J P. M. 12 M. I t*, P. M .1 P. M. * in; turns, i 11- oihitt 11 it* |? innmii Vyfi. CiiliniTi Willi iTir?c ' lint * each wiy daily, Sunday* ? xcept'-d. f'ssscnvcni art* requested to purchase tirkrt ; at the office. foot if Liberty street. Fare between New York and Klir.ahf th Town 25 cent1;, rate bftww it Jeraey Citi ind Homenille, JO <? nta. NEW YOIIK. RAH W \ Y AM) NEW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. 1 Leaie New York. Lea\? New Brunswick. ! At 9 A. M. Ai "X A M. i r. M. II A. M. I Fare between NVw York nid New Bitinswirk, *5 cent*. ' I' ihw v, M i ? nis Tile frit in the A. M. train from New llmiiswirk, and i\ ' P. M. train f rom New York, Has been ri ductri between s New York and New Bitmswick, to 50 cent*. and Railway to M The Philadelphia mid line passes through New Brunswick or N# w York t vt ry evening at 9 o'clock. (hi Sundays the 7)4 A. M. tri|x from New Brum.wick is , Knitted. |t Passengers who procure (heir tirk*-f.s at the ti? lo t office, rr- ! i eivc a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by tin contactor only on the aiy when purchasi d. i Iwi jga t' 11K AI' F. \ < LIISION in ilii'llii- Ki.'-ni; ! ZL? St'iy Btnki, everyday, Hsturd n * excepted, landing jBL?jiT?m Fort Hamilton. Fare in\?'cfv each way. The I ifeamer Napoleon, f'ap? llnien*, will resume |?er t.ipv t> the ; ih >ve places on Wtdm-sdav, June 15th, an ! leave * follows? \ 'oof of Canal street at 8 o'clock. H "tiimui I st 8'4, Pier No. I : I';, Pike st 9, J 1 at Serine Ferry Brooklyn d,1*. A Kind of music j n elicited. There is a J.uli-s saloon on deck, and a chambern i?l to attend to the ladi- ? The !?ir w ill be furnished with all 1 lind* of ref.< <hrnrnt? except intoxicating drinks, and Capt II. j sum s the public that h" will 1 ?d? aaor 10 render three t acur- j ions wort In of patronage. jell lm*c 1 M ASS Mfcfl'riNCJ ?>f the Tompkins* ill*- , gl ? ^ 7?S* W.T. SocieM will ho 1.-1.1 on Sr .P'i. I Und ' , r . ?leTf mm'Lm on 1'tiesday tip* 21 sr ilist. (this day.) Tie * lifTeri lit Tcnipr.ancr Socie.ies nr invited to attend on the ?k- j' isioti. I The St<v?mboa? Was r, with other boat*, will leave t ier N??. 1 . N'ytli Kivcr, throughout tlm d iy, f??r the accominoqatioti of In- differ, nt societies, commencing a? 8 o'clock A. M. N. B. The Temperance Meeting wi'.l go down in this boat, ''i r. nU. jr*?l 1 r r KVi UNO LINK FOK ILBANY1 ilK i.< i . , At ?*.*cn o'clock, P. M., from^ the t.aiplMMt ^ 11 "not iikstkk," i <rt"' a''i\ i' ll. John, Iratrr* Monday, W ' ?!nrt?Uv, and Friday iftirrjoom. ' , l*eieno'clo?i P. M. The SOUTH AMERICA, U?|?t. V.. W nratnanl. | nn the alxnr pier ft<rv Tnesdiy, Tbtiroday *r I Saf*ir?U> ; fVrrnoo?i, at ?rvrti o'clock. 1 r The bolt mwi ii m m ind BbfUoiiil e (bntiihetl with Icyatit ?tat- room*, and in cfery j.<ppftar?M n?nrj i**r?l among ! r he Hudson Riifr itrnncn. 1 p For pitaagf or freight, apply on bo.*r?l, or ro j* P. r, S( HIJ 1.1 Z, j r, At the oflire on ihr, or? ii bind, J P*atcnger? taking ? In,, of" f.n.jt?, will .it all times arrile ' I Albmy in lime i?*r tv- tint tru'i of nr* tor fiir ? i el t! rest. If 2lr i./ j. K()H 11 \ ^ ItI I I Dirk ALKXANDHK. A Bilard, in* i.r, r I Jhafcttr-. and ? o|h*t f'.v-1' t?< d, w ill be de ipafehrd innm-di atrly ?rTT?- ate v? poit. For freight lo 1 V Si UiW.'l IT". I \V?- ; .t. > x*> - i'X^SAU>r Kill l.lVKHPOOI^-l'inr -I l.m- V Jr9WS^ Packet, f to-'i "rriiu.?P"- cTrndid well kt>>wn J*T^r 1 IflBF.II.NTA, ('apt. Furlnr, will sail at above, "* rrrnpiiar day. This <ii|?eib bin, ?o is' l rioii* for-hurt pa, it it scarcely ?' ' iy, Ii i :n*r? mni??d fi ?nn for nblii, ? con ! r bin i.d star rag r pa??cng# r?, rincqtitfled for r? m'ort by ;iny other b dp. Thr number < f |?ia engrr* b -iiu limited. and th* .aire of tM .-r l??w, tho??- w idling to feritm |>. r'lm *)t< III ! ni'ikr M?y a 'I'licatl ii onboard foot of Bnrlioi? Tip, "r H V w. & j. T. TA^sroTT. V 13 Peck alip, corn r S ?i*b ?f. Per out w tilling to ?*nd Iwtbrlrfrto'dsranh*\# tl?r m l?rou -M wmml U> Tim" inomy M" I, ;iTiiV;r..,.l, H-ft. p.y.-l. r, ml .1. nil th- l"'"^ y w?? of Il.r UnitH K ',,p: *J ? n r. O LlVhlirIMil,-Biimh w ? ?1 "r v W^^lcK'Wn viiitnk' ^ ij* * HT.S'I KH. C 111 . j23r^O.I' .-1 .ib ' x.^rr. it iM.m Livrr;?o-1. iip- ^ f'?r that port. Kor f"''th^i( H'|-1 BUOTIIKKS V CO . I". r<tli?n ?i, \l H||| N?'*t ' " f tft ?V f ' ''' M B t(cr- VMHINO fAM KSl<")NlT-K.;"KKNHKl.r' fvK - I. 'i'ls " . ; I f-.. i K ' i' - An'-.r.itu? m. > "? : i:t. f Ok f.r-l .rj f. . f ,,r? tn . !w 'V in i< ?o 1 m nl l?* r m?M ?-<?0iitM? t rm?. , rrntivi*? ( II . (ii.-n"1t ?n<J 111* pnlilir sr. '"r ? 1 I-I nirnilnt I mitiirnl 1.0? 'n "2? iKS | J i. ' II K, . nr. Bui-1 ' 1" n , i i i l.'i , i , t Vi Kl ? Volt H %V v: 7 rf|V-"w<V" ' iim i) }. 1IIM h l.N \ WJK.M JP> ' " 0' M JL . J 1 I ' _ ^1; I MI!I.O'H (JAHUK.V. ~ K*l'BAOUI)l.SRV ATTRACTION..^ Ti KSUAY KV KNI1SG. Ju?i* 21. I ne rvcniu^ will count rticlly ?l I o'clock. with A GRAND OVK15TI UK. C V. *'|M |1, tllur l',i? m*, ..... LK <i\s( UN V ; ROH viSAGfc ! (?ibrn I Iwvil in loui ? U t. -w i. ,. | 'j ij. J h,-t K mi. J ftll hi hour* iuU*rniKMo i will 11<,v%* >t for Piouicniiltj &c I rHrt .>hiii(-iii .it, (; ? w.i. ... i 'r/ *'i'HK i itOMi;\ai>k -nrXLE. Which wave ao much -Ui.l'ictinu I u * jj; miii rulrtn '? iHtrio*! ??f iuUriTiiiioo, a..ti in or \ lej tfr.i* ?lcii.jrf?nr!" worthy Ci.e mu-tic&l ch *r<trtir ul llu hm?u . a ri. irrwii-! Orciiritrt h?* been Mcurvil. 1'.. ronr!utl? v THE INVISIBLE Jl.t <UIN. l!u:U<|tii;t (?lUvrf | I <n C . uul?r J*.im JUvfl Clown Autoim? flavi! i i i?- Mviuirr L^< >, Kami Fairy M'lU- t %roi;* i Acting Miuir^rt, Mi. Chtppon lalf . M?t?*icul LraairauJ LifrVClir, Mr K \\ elf TickfU?M) ceuU l/nora ?-pt ? ;t half j?.*m *fy oYJ?*ck, Junicft- iuw^nts 'o at cii;|il, PAllK lIlh i niK. Fir*f * pi** inn"- rf Mr B i? ?fi rtl. 'I III 5 KVKM.s(i -viil I" . ..? s?||]ilirpire's kfAMLhi. ? t Himh t, (frrm ih?- K<'inl.umnl L?.ii Ion BiWMora. uirh Till- il.IJ sTUUH S 9TKANUEK: 15 .?vl?? I?. W 11 Wit i i;n, 1 <1 .ii' , Fiih?/ 1 i?. Mi?.T.i>loi, i Kv.inu, Mr*. TemorDoors open <u se\ > u?pviforauuicv* w ..i iromtuco <n hail ; &?t . vjii. Box^a, $!?Pit. io rfnii?Ualbryjb rrni* _ CHATHAM TIi?ATRI?. THIS LVENINU. Juin* '.'Nr. ih?- miiniied Tlay of T11! '. srrtANOKH,, Mi. Thorn**, | ?1. . 11 illrr, Mist Clifloii. N ATTY NOL. C?|.t IVrry. W J.'iu-?, | N .tiy Nol, lli'l.l Uooi> w ill in I<aiiir?' Hi i i|U.irl< I |>*>l 7 o'clork, a;.'! tlm curt., in will ri.M at H o'clock punrtiMlly Drra.rirclt, ill, i-iiU?U.,iv?. l>?l'it, Ii,1;? Pruati- no?i ?, fl lllLJ/S i\KW YOillw MISEUin, (Formerly I.iiowii a* Praia's.) No. 2*VJ hroadtoay, ojtpositi the City Hull YANKEE MILL AM) THE OLYMPIC < OMPANY. Mia Watt*, oftlm Ol) mpic T'.# .?ir? . Air* L<h! *r, of the Olympic Tln 'i'irr. Mr. B*k? r. of the Ouinpie Tleati'. Mr Eiemrd, of trio Olvmpi- Theatre. M? Bruce, tn?. rumeUkMii, Mr G (jrahnn of the Olyinj ic md ilir .uv >inpli?h< il vocalist M?>* T*\*1oi. MONDAY EVENING, ami during the wttk, tbcal,\ talented ami popular performers all ap|#eai in a *en?si? rfcomir lecture., in tlir Gram! Pictorial ba'. rva. First pcrfoi nisncf, YANKr.E MILL AT HOME, With the Olvnipu Com; anv?LoU 01 Fun Hrrond performance CLUBS AUK TUTMPH Hi-icnlir*, Ajax, Gladi tor, At!?o?, and Grihjin Fancy (?l Blow up;, I o?moram\, K: v < tun Mummy, Elce' tiicity, Birds, Quvhupcds, ami snecim?ui of the whole Habitable (PolU. rerf? iriliaiiee at half-past 8 o'clock. Sacird Concert every Sunday Evening, under the dirt-eimu of Mr. O. L oiler. Admission 25 cent*. j 19 lw A MKUIl \\ MUSEUM AMI GAMOEAiM. pOKNKH OF BROADWAY AND ANN 8TREET ? p. T. BARNUM. minuter. EVERY DAY AND EVENING TIMS WEEK, commencing on Monday, Jituo 20. Bt'*t attraction in the city! Day visiter* admitted the sine evening FREE. Greatest novelties in the citv. SIGNOR BLITZ, the great Magician, V nrriIini*t and Plate Dnicur. The INDUSTRI01 S FLEAS. These inserts have been taught by Mi. G. W? i >, from Gerrran\. w ho h artjtd theii! to be harnessed to carriages mil other v hicle?which tliey w ill draw with as inn !i dociIit\* vand precision a* a cotrnnnii cart home. HALUUN AS( ENSION8 from the Oir.Vn on the top ol the Museum every evening at !> o'clock. The spl-ndid STEAMBOAT li\ DUAL LION enmuuehd on au entire new prinoidt, b<iu? propelh d by II , dr.iulic pow r, without screws, wheels, or pan uhs. The mysterious GIPSEY GIRL ,Cin be privately con suited a? an uraclo or foretellor of future evrncs. Miss K<?saltr the charmin vocalist; .1 L Petite Celeste, tb* beautiful dancer. Experiments in naiimit mamictism, Albino Lady. Splendid Girdeu on the top of the Mum u?n. Ice creams a a other relceslimeiiis. The performances in the Lecture Rooms will hr divided into two |>art*, by an int'iini*&ioti of h ill an hour, dming which the Bras* II uid will pla> a Tariff v of national air* in tncgarden. Fancy Glass Blowing; Grand Cosnn Tama, and 5O0,0tU curio -ities. Admittance to the whole 25 cents?children half pries, jel!) ARCH stITEEt "TTTEXTH K, iii MiiuT7Tr.Tr,.-To U th?* Arch Street Theatre lor the seasons o! IM12 ..r?d 3. Ap pi/ to P. M. Lafourrade, 100 Crown street. SAML. BRAUSON, Secretary. Philadelphia, June 3, 1812. j* 4 Lot FIREWORKS, CRACKERS. &C. F 0 U R T H J UL Y, 1842. f iQUM RY and city dealers in fireworks, will find it to their advantage to call and examine an extensive a sortn?ei?t of the h? hi tjiiaiity, at 11. AYLIFFE'S old establishment, gft f 'halhain street. A large quantity of lire crickeis just rcc? ivtd. ni intmprr un- *1x11 ui mr iwo mammotn any rorKtis hi j -ma key in2! I jyi*r FIREWORKS. PIUKWOUKfl.?The KuWrriber rlfen lo the public tl.o A l u?? sr *ti(J inon M u? assortmentol &f?woika now in the city, which lit v. ill *ell 011 flit* moat reasonable term*. Country merchants, de.tlnrs, end vcnJciR ill cciicritl, nr** rtqurnieil, before pun lulling cist whtif, to rail ;i??d ? xtinuir hi* stock. CHARLES W. VULTEE, je 17 'jy 4?r Chatham at. comerofUrwgl FIREWORKS. /^JA88NEU & YOUNG, ,No. 132 Ch*tl*?yi Hiret, Inrf oil ^ hind their u?inl extensive asonttmnt of warranted Fiie wnrkaj which will be sold to dealt is and other* a I the lo*i mamil icturer* prirej. Al.oj, a large supply of Mr. Kuc Edge*# fircwoikt, for rihibifionw. at laboratory price*. j6ll t)y4*C FIR E WORK S HKLLINO OK CHEAP, AT (JO MAIDEN LANE, Ui' MA IKS j-II tjy?*T FIREWORKS. THE mm', citcnsive, mried and h. Hi* nt rahib?t?onal Fre's works ever manufactured in thia v ntrvr C'tiutiy, arc now ready for delivery, on the low st , m l?;tu to nil com mitti-e* and parties for the celt brat i m ltri of July, at m* United Stale.. Laboratory, Jersey < ?: * ISAAC F 01 F.. Jn, Pyroter hru.t. Order* leO at Niblo'a (i *r?! n, til M u-imXane, I3i Chatham afreet, will meet with i mined i ite attciuroii/n .il good* delivered to any part of the city free of expense. !* 12 I iy 4 r FIRE WORKS. FOURTH OF JULY. ]7IHKWOKK8?New York L iNo'itory.?.M. Bennett, I!* I Front street, two door* south of Fulton?The ir.o?t ritrnlive and brilliant a?aortlpr it'r*f Fireworks irr now offered at tIf ihovf place, coii>i*tiiig of H^nonr mi! Si.iiul Rockets, with ijold and silver raiu: 8un*. Fun*. Palm Trees, Pv rani id . P? ruvian Clonics, Oct igoons, Triangle*, Vertiuulea, Mines of Serpei.ts and Star*, Maroons. H* ii^nfa l.;.;ht?, Roman Candle*, large and small Serpents, Pin Wheels,4irsshnpf-crs. I'oit Fires, blue Ljghtn, Scjrolf Wheels,Torhillioii., Lin-- Pigeon*, Tor l?e<io*, rull)n? crackers, U.ubie headers, Kirrcrackers. Carton Rockets, Sic. Countiy merchants, and dealer* in general, are requested u\ uall anil e*:iuiiiie tlit abov* stock. N. R ? Committee* for city nnd ronntrv display, military and privnJf j?irti? s; can 1? s,u. 1 i? ?! . w r'i?- ?i.? ,t Meal t-rm*. with f'.c aliov article*, wur.iuud?the ui.-UtuU hasm? lorn let .1 w irk thi i.? it car*. )<K to jyl#r DAOl ERREOTYTK NEW PATTERN APPARA TUS.-P. A. ARTAULT 5c CO.. I6#S Fulton street, opl'oaiti' St. Pail I'* church, hare recc?red per packet ship Anco, ind offer for sale at low prices, 300 French plates, large sue, li inches half on r, half; J'* complete PiKiterreotype apparatus, new pattern; in rrromitie len?ea. m<wle at I'sria, by AlptioU'r liirnuv te Co.; 100 bnit1eahyno*ulpbife of sod*. Also, trinoli yf rctilie, codine, chloride of iodine, bromine, nomine of iodine, chloride ol gold, and the new accelerating mbatntfe. jeS l?^ IMA NO FORTES Manufactured by a. h. gale* co..i?t*N y. Piano Forte Co.?Purcbycrs an invited to examine their xfrnsiv" 'ock before pu.rh .?;ng rUewhere, at tlieii Manufao ory and Ware Rooms, Thud Avenue, corner of Tnirtremh ire ct. N. B. Price* t(i <mf the times. jet Im'inr c PKURSE <Si BROOKS FAPElt WAREHOUSE, NO. ?il LIBERTY STI? EKT, ! * 17.' NF.W YORK. IMPORTANT TO THE" PUBLIC. (\ fjM* 1 tv r* inftfknMv ch* 'tpi it Wt t oa! *'r*tt, on#* door aeat of Hudson. AL?', a I*-/' i?iutmer?f o( Clo'h*, m-re*. Vmfinsr*, a:id Summer (Ji*ruU, from wl.ich Clo'binr; of til kiid?nr< m ?de to ordi r in the l?e?t manner at *er# reduced iwirra, Mi5 Canal ?fr rt. je 10 3w*r the shielded victoria shawl and diaper pin. \ NEW and imp?*rt*nt aricfo for u%* intlir nurarry end i* i fatt*ning id laditV *hawl*# tlnal**, Sir., (>*rent?d in thu ITnit-d Shl? ? -ml in Europe, for ??|r. wh*dr?*l*<, bv W H. "afly J* CO., ID6 T-ail rirert, N? w York, and by tbe paten . 'f if.r manufactory. 116 Jay street, Brooklyn. Thread and needle ttorej, and de\le i* in lancy article#, tup lie! on liU ril forma. je 19 6t#r "notice. IMIK Adrrrti . itif nt which Dr*d appeared in the New York ' Herald ami Tribune, apparently animadverting upon the hare (t . of Mr. 4 lir?hu,Ji and nn'mUo of hu family in a lanmr I am now aeniible vt.?t hirMv ihdocnrooi| and calmif*-*l not n I to *"finrl tlo* IVelm-;1* of thu family, bur ti n ? deveirtin .te wnjuo uid unl<M ud d arp-rviona upr;? thoir cb* mtn. I It-n b, publicly declare that *aid advertisement "op titled at- rtioiM lint 1 Ir.d no r? x?ot? to b* li??e wrrr true ml i'n 1'or- n-'pn-t* Mr. Clirrh?uh t.? accept of thia fn iv niw *v?im *.* caus' d by ? advarti* ment, ALEXK. C. BAHHV. 146 Droadn New York. 13th June. Ik'?. jrVj ttf? y \ f 1 in s a . 11 1 <.w ) u!\ v .10 i.ow - ri >it" ? arribrr it n Hinjc '-H d* arnnti "? of edd and aPrrr /afch? ?, jedd and silver pencil , ipdd clnin?, l.# v <*. * . it \> il, lower 1 ban a! any other dace 111 tliv citv. O- Id Ward > 4 I 'r?w i? i'? to 3> loHar* each. W trie-* m? I .J Wf'n r?< b 1 1 d or boiivl f, AllV/tb- an- r*r * d to kf?p . o'H turn , r the motny rt rti.m*d. Watch* sari CJn?f;a repaired in f' ? rat manner, and warranted, at mutrh 1e?a th n the u<u ' p;;-' . f one of fb Bneft workmen in the citv. fi. C. AI LKN.F'cliter of Watcheaand j'w* ? y, wind* x Ir .tnd rrfiL ** WMI r. rt, up ?*txir?. )r 1HJT;* V: vtiTU \ x 1. xloov ?w 1 H 1 < ntion of tb?* J I n'.dic to th Bill of P ?-1 <?1'fir ' Iinio. V'" i" nr? forlui iruti^y iImii * air ?'tfn r c '?!.!?*.I *n? or j;i f c T\ mm*, lif rrl? ni'tvl firp n??l t'?r 1:1 /*t I'omlfliuMf -?i , 'viug ino fH'rMKi*. opt- in F'nJ.fn *f.. ilic fl'hff in Ant. i'. 'e ?i will Ami a j |i ?ant l?r< ? ff u.on 1,1 '''V v<"i J"ii } >mr < I il?r foot* thwv* "1 be/ore yo* by t.i" ' n r hp* ,<u l? lj.,r ^Vr1,'l"bm"" ONE IIO IMS TPIED IT TITY~B6WfclSitir'JfAf/OON'. 112 Bnudtrn -Ire'i f. J ilnrnri ?Thit olrf rrtiblinlmd rUrn r>< ?i"?i?. in* n h J u* rrrfonf n fhnrowb rrn,ir lS?l it U"t ??iy?t # ! ?> nv H < ,. #f >? k?r>-l in th run tnr Prftprn rnr f?HV !? 1-nti.t tn c nl'nr-r ih, riTrt I ? hit of <"(> i?rv?? f f rr?l'li.e will imw l> fil>y r?nf- frr hr? id 1 hlif unl, ? "frill/. Titthf <>!il ?nl,ttiir e^ed ' iJ.lj-f'l :?r> Tl.'tTB the rhy mr hrrfi. <1 In r iP end ? ti'y m .Ire. Ml St*". v ii I'M:A2*ITHK MATH l'rs imi O ; left, a\i) lv.:uy i;>. j. its |f>"' , i,. , , . I. r * * r II *t fVv> 1' 'r. nf tMtWr ?yi , m .1 m ?<'Vlvnt.1 ih t '!. ,r |n l) | -1 ? t I" 1 it': W I. ' r '?. tr . lU irtitflf 'I mi) I n F* tin- <1" >, i ,tei .l?jf ? tfri-r-d | < 11! I.||.IW I ..J|? ?nil *itnMI Vt d ir... ,r p f* \ M < n K, v.'. I r.cV I, ?1 rrr n i'i'- ,1 ... I p|n.?_. i > Impp, .'.'lurm f , > .1 p . | , , . O p. r, o.ea till h..|.'iv- i t. P M r ... . I v

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