Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1842 Page 1
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I? . I TH I V*l. VIII.?H*. ltl ~WK*l< REGULAR PACKEl'S. newli.xe or"uvrKiooi, *a< * r? T" liiftva Naw Yam >aa iW Wk t?l LkiiiimI m> th? M / Ha* mmntk Ml m. F*"? Ni? Taaa . Wrip 8ll>.8inVN ? tputa Y A ! ,. yaapr tvt. Mar Ship ?)AKK1< K < ? ?IU ? t' -i J Ship K< II - ' , i Snip 8IDUO.N A < .at.x fc U a . W?, l*k A??v*L > ? Lit tar ' 4.. Ship flDDON*, <?.?.?.. I a. I *?? ? , . 8'..p 8HERIDVN. rHaW ' * 1Kb J?IT Ship litHKH *( ?.? ? k Slu; ROHi It ? I V J IW < ?* < - IM"?-I*?lh> TWrpr .bMM an til ?/3? ftnl < Uiha filial N?? t-rk.< ? > ??' ?>?n ??nu a. ???,?? Rat !? .1 ?ilia Htuaaaal paaal < J V~ * ' r> * < a i ?? Wa-at tafcrb ia ifc? *m?jl ?? 'Hanm lm?m I" pal aal . I I bv paollM I'iaa W I?a? '??aM?4.aJ a a;- I. ,.J aku oitl p?a?y ? nana a* gnm |mai Mate XtMiMr th* n uf 4m ailt W rvaf Mt Mr f..i ?n. Vltor?. |?rr?i? i imcmmt. mm b? 4bm, mil m l? f?Ui b 'U ?f Mtua M? " '?? tv' ni? ' '!? i'm * ii wwfc. |i. ?? i m4 4mw |*r? li.f k Biarx r"** 4mm mm. mm ( Mini 4 my my "tmi kl wk?ll bm. ?ur I.runl <* MMif, niJr K. K ? Ol.LljB (To. ktagL Km T?b.?K W\: k n< in. nv \ 4 .? UmmL i.i imii mr 4m >ntm ?4 ib n . . 4 -mm mm mbu hrrl ; M rrMi |?? <mm?. mnk a. Bir-n ?l "in. h ' NKW YORK AM> HAVRE f A< IO.T? (sr.rojfn uxr. > M M iCSTd-AMiT^SPiM'i"' ' v iujM hon mi |l? mu v mark >jmii< m . > . P'i rm .V-ir 1'irl f . mm N?fi. TIm mb ? ?!,. (INtlDA. imm.4 ii ' A il l iMjia ( i.i l?l> < hub abm Jmki I'lk.l. f IB N nuterf Mill 11' rrBMI lUnp BALTIMORE. II. A.-r.f i .. .. . i.l|4ul < IB a?iM { 1Mb fc-fWBVl EJ? ir.l V in t. ( IB i. MMk J.IHMIT Htiu. I'TI. A. 11* 4.i {mi. Jbr?|t?i? i., < > , mi ev i. >- i Err.Wrirk llrBWi, ( in Jmmiy f ! f* i ?bt Nm iIii|.HTMi (ILA*. I l? Jrr I ml }?> ta;4a.i I M l> i.'Wr \ >.B. \ *.Lrr. J. b. Fell. f im brbrbui / 1mb hms tv iumummmb mt 4mm iihi? * * mi w.|mm4, mm* burnt* all dm par v r??j?iMd i t .'..itii b *1 n* bin |<aua?r <i Bind. P.??< Kin Bill l? td.rj Bin mi) B qui.iu mil. Ibr r? rpn<? tm wAmm mt bjiM. iMrnilr.lJ ...... ' mkmmml (m prmv ?dbi ikm iv 'i!?mi k iamf m cuirvi] ua um-m. Fur ..r wi... u-. It BOYD k HlVi KA N. At- km, I T * B > iw? ~ Mill \Mf OKI.A. ANA LOUISIANA AND NEW >niU I 1.x- UK TAi H' in ttf> dtfi ^ % -fe K??r th* toller icf< i?iia??iTAl???i^Ti ?. iw ? ?> ?.*? I * dr.i.Rti h a from thu |*?rt *? ? iSr lM, V ?. With. | , Ji , .u i 2MI? uI ?*acli moiitii, ruinmru< in^ iIk l-?. 0< u \>*i ?u 1 . <? ? iiu mi ii M \ ? . tli. ?r 4rl*y? ? ?! *#***** will bt itfiaf tkm |mmw mm, fit I thi|M Will fomni"lx'r tlii? an?it?< Mrut J flliip YAZOO.'CM** 111 CoiwN. Khip OCONKK. l 4j*uin Jm-Uh.. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard, fttilu LQUlHVILljft. Caita... Hunt. Hlii,. 8I1AKSPKAHE. Curtain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham Hint. HUNTSVlLLk' C*|?U? MamM. Ship OCMULQEE. Captain I., -in. Ship NA8HVILLK. Captain I) L.aoa Ship MEMPHIS. Captain Ki. ?.I>t Ship LOUISA, Captain MullorU. Tliear ahipa wen. all built in the city of New V" k,eupiia?y for paclteta, are of light Ural! 'if v^rr. hat a nr. ml. Um a wly rn>pcreU uiU put in >i oiilil * lor paaaengera uurtiunllrU lor cnmfon. They air r..min* I. ,1 by experienced maatera, who tvill make < r< rv <arrti,i n.?i?t Xeneral aatiaj'action. Th> y u ill at all Uin.i W ay ,, t own the Miaataaippi hy at eamb uti. Neither till" owner. or capt.nni i>l" lli-ae a' ipa a. ill h, r. .- r blu l',ir jewelry, bullion pimmis si n , .I.e. plated wart, or fi/r any lettcra, parrel or twrkage, aeni bv pn' . n l? . ?l i tliem, unite regular billa of laUing art taken I'm tin aunr, ami the value theieou sprained. For freight or paiange, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., V> S nth at.. or HULLtN k WOODRUFF, N,w Oilrana, who will promptly forward all ?m?Ja 1.1 tt'.eir olilu a The anii<a of tliij line are i>nurlnell> a.aUvertiaeU, and great care will be taken v> hate tlie gooUi com-i ; ly meaanreU. mi STEAM NAVIoi^^^^r^F.F.N ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, V7jJ~SOVTIMMPTO V. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. M. M. KKAMT, I OMMAMUI a. The days of d<|*rtun> of tin* well-known Steamship, hare been fited as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On 4rh May. 1M1. On 7th May, lilt}, On 7th June, III} ttM. 10th July, " 7th An*., 7ih H?nt. " inrh Sept. " 7th On., " Price of pessagc, meals not in -latin!, to Honthmiyo.ii or Antwerp, $70?suward'a fees, HJ?. l'lie meals will t? served oil board, en the plan of a continental hotel, in the Iw-t manner, and at hxed and moderate prices, passengers being ugly liarecd wlit-n partaking of th- same. The price of passage to either of the above |?irts ran also be emptied if preferred, with inrals and stewaid's lees included for $'J7 cents, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship.1 For freight or passage, or any further information, apply to H. W. T. it II. MALI. A genu, a21<5m*r <1 Beaver street FOR HAVAnl A?DIRKCT ? l ii. line Lnl I 1T ^ known steam-hip NATCHES, \Viii. y2dl(s3|3KJ<!*S Miller, commader, will sail for the above |<>rl ^<2ZU91?|HZabout tbe litli of June. For pasaage only, baring elegant and superior accommodations, apply to 1 JOHN B. LABALA St CO., mil 17tr 49 Broad str -H. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of (foods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improvement in transportation i (Tools to Western Merchant* peculiar advantages. The ffooth la-iug carefully packed In the Iniats at our warehouse. No. 305 Market street, are carried over the Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful captain* and crews are employed, who take cnarge of tha good* at Philadelphia, and continue with tliein the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lou beimrseparated on the way. N. B.?fhuaoagers forwarded to Pittsburg and Poiisville, every day, Suudaya excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, all Sm* 7 Washington atrcct. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. The proprietor* of Bingham's TrAimrvirUiio.i Line to Pittabu-g, give notice to the Merchant* of New York, anil alt other persons shipping to the West, that their line is now in active 01* ntior (loads consigned to thern (or sent to go in llDe.r will be lorwarded with despatch. _ Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their roods to Williim Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend 'o snipping all sucb consignment* witboul dtltr. All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BIVOftAM'S LINK. for ales ol height, which are as low as anv other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. S West street, opposite Pitr No. I, N. U. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pillsburg aud Pottsrille,every da y, Sumlayi neiMd, Refer to 11. Crooks, American Knr Co. ; 8. T. Nicoll, Kront street : Phelps, Dodgy 8c t'n Knlton street ; Sii>iltn< Bag* It Co ; Win. Rankin, Dnryee ft ( >, Neu-.trk. las 1m ~~ faTATEN LSLAND FERRY. Foot of Whitehall street. TSie steamers 8TATEN I8LANDKH and SAMSON wiM its as follows, until further notice Leave Httten Island Leave New Y?rk. At 7* o'clock A.m. At 8 o'clo.k a. m. " 8 " " 9 " " ** 1# " " " 10 " " .. ? ? .. o ? .. 1R v. ?s. " 2 " r. w. " J " " " 3'( " .. 4)< ? .. o j .. - " " 6 " " All goods snipped are reinircd to be ]?rticnlarly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. jcJ c arm -a OPPOSITION LINK Volt aim \Y tt=^5&S*AND \EW YORK?Landiii at'thsT-"! >f ZB^mi^K3E_ Hammond strsrt, Ntwhumh, Pouahkn -if, Kiweiim P-iM, ( stillill mil Hudson?Passage M cents, bt rllis 40 cents ?Tbe sidraditl steamer WASHINGTON, I'aptaia J. M. Brown, * . ,**,* the nier st llip font of Kobiiitnu str, t fur Albuiy tttry Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 4 o'clock. Leave Albany, foot of Lydut street, for New York, eTery Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday ?t Jo'clook, T. M. For pass t?e or fremiti apply on board, or to D. H. Martin, IK Wall street. Krrijtht taken oathr most reasonable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pipp, nr. ply on board Washington, Robinson at. , _ |py |ni*rr m m-iB PA81AoWRO>fflN^AND,TRKLAND1 SCOTLAND AND WALES. pERSONS draimns of making piMjwpmi-ntt for frirnds to A emigrate from the Old Country to the United Star ind who may wish lo si cure for them despatch and comfort ible accommoaations, will find it liwir in ten it lo apply to iIip subscribers, who ate at all tunes neepucd to nuki such arramteinputs is will miaraalec satisfaction. Thp rpsscls compose* this line arr allof th-first class, oop of which Irarrs Lierr|ao. LI ,i.. -ii .1-i,?.i ?h_ > ..e ?L--I ? aeoided. A* ha* *!?'.ay* been ciutomarv with ihu line, *h?n Ulnae aetth-,1 fur decline com ill* out, iW |'u?ijr mni' ) ii refunded, without any deduction. Paaaaitu per ?tcam<r from the earioua port* of Ireland and Scotland, can likewue be aecurrd. For fttrther particular*apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Eatabliahed Paaaaee Ofllce, J73 Pearl at, Or to C. ORIMSHAW It CO. 10 fjoree Piazzas, Lircrpool. EirSatire or drafta at ?iyht,and for any amount, can likewise ke furnished on the National Bank of Ireland, Northern Rankin* Co., .National ttauulot Scotwuu, iiayaine at an tneir rcanectie* bracchrs: alao, on R. C. tMyn 4 Co., Banker*, London, . nd C tlrimaliaw at Co., Clierpoo' mj |m*e |?T PASSAOETOR LONL>ON-K.r.i IS.ckct.-The WjffV?p)e wild packet thip ROt AL SOVEREIGN, Cant. JMBfllmWalkcr, sail* positively on tth of June, hur regular itayT Having eery superior, accommodation* for cabin, se? rood cabin, an<) Mrrru;' paaaetwera. at low rates for pa?*a?e early application should be made on board foot of Old Slip, or , ^ to W. It J. T. TAPBCOTT n. >r,t 43 Peck alip, below South It. If - ^ 4* * E. NE" NE' KAllJiOADS^SrKAMnOA'rS. HARNDEN k ' n-iiKKM.\N AUKNCV?The mA rribi i% r ?|i* rtiulh uuwuincf an arrangement which they hot# re- nil mad* %% itli Samuel H lijfht, E>?|., U. S. Consul at Antwerp. l*. r the* lain* %? of r?t iMiAiinc a GKNER.xL ? ONTINKNTAL AGENCY I tint j4* ? . * r ti?. tTtiiiclian ?( Kurwaniiiu ami Comini**ion .. *i. I for tuilitatun; tin- increasim; lomntercul inierrownM t>rt* i thi% ? .miry and Kuiope. % A * he centre of th irunafnctarinf r% di *t in* from London. ;f> MM* frowi l^ni, in Uw imuiwdi tr > o n,it. ? !' ii IUn.1 ami Gerrt? v? tli all b) i tilroads ..i sic on it< t uilv .jut ft>r i'urAt^i forW^'lli^ f . Utlliriltxl K'KXls. \ f ; in li-?-t-?n, Albanv, New > . t*. ?hir nuriMMi* will be foii UHITiSlI tjl EEN, on the | T^l *4 Jaw* ft ?' " ! in season lor h will iw Antwerp on w?? Ii??, i nuf ikftnin bo. lu are particulvly requested Iw 1.- tire t..? HARDEN k CO. | JlwilAlhlBiilW. mi?r POMKHOY C 0.*S 41 -B %N\ B( k-KALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. ^ ^ L_ \ i ?im? 111 mi ? nmi? ' i K OHW \Hl>|\U, *t l??w ratrt, with iIm) lit j f '* ' m l ?i tv. rh?>*rr Oootk, Hj^ecie, Bauk \ I ?? ' t T - ?|, <> 1I11.1M1' l*a?'k a? Will attend / I i I . - It of hills nl Aa'fi'f it*i ? . ArmuiiU, fcc\, at rea| MMM* j- r . if?|i ?.1. 1'r 1 1? I if tin- pun has? muL id ?mliar, w4 \iaiwifWtwrrU Articles uf awry ?k* \ mi thru route. thioufch M \R\I>KN h CO S KXFRKS9 I u> NrW> ?k w?*i ft Hil.M, mmJ V.. HAWLfcY fc CO.'S E.TTHE8S j Wt ?ad f |1 * '1 I? 11 . 1 ! < hii*mc?i T-i 1: >. , ' . ?? : tl?. m i -1 ilim t. ?!> ' j- -1' Mil ,1. Ml <4 1 1 aixl from the tuttin and Winunt It nol ill iik rcAUtile and pill W'ail UlMN M * ' a. ! lifters h<\ ti? 1 ' ? ?? . > ? ? ? 1 ? Mini , TImsiu w? Qlfott. Wilts mm naw. A IV l*?u 1.11., Jant.a T*> lor, Throtliire Ol. <?, Lilian S. ' ;i .. R? 1 ? v || ?!. > Utica : T. A. Smith, > raraa* A t ti. .I! \ir<i I K n<n, < h-in-va . J. (i. "1. i,.m , |)im<I ll"M-lie?|i r ; John Mo I a I A Hut, BiUim . Th"in * BLwioiii, I HB rOMKBOV k ro-. No. i I'.irlivyr liuil.luui, Alliany. I all I Wall tUrrt, N?w York. *AiiK AM) KHKlUlIT RIDUUKD. - ' v" " !\i \ i' n^'IvVOH r.A t I I t! ( ,l . .. .r. ?o ! . intuitu in rnnnti'* n * wiuitli. ? nl ami l'i 1 iil< m i , nal il.i.lnll and I'M iJaar. R.i!. ...l? M A??a A' lirsr.TTS. r*.?>in <'nmtixh. KIIODI. ISLAM). < iiiniii TIHITI. V ABIlAtlAN^V.TT.r?iiuln \V.?,ltrr. MlWViiAN, I .||?in V.oxleibiN. ' % I , (Stiiida> ei1) f< . l'i. r \.i I North Uitrr, Biit? r\ l'Uc?., at Ave ..VI.-fe I \| Afefe *1?.| kit *?T. The N 4UH 4<1A N *V.Tt Mon?lsr. f >r HioiiitHTtnn, 4.1! I'ttMi mI?) . (tit #t ii'i.1 -m, N * |*?ft ?t|i| l*TMVuh-M< e. I I V * *s \ III -a| 1 1 i< I 1 > . 1 Stnuiiikt tn, NrW^rt'l Will Annuls (it * %M FlWIf JW Sti 'llilkf ! >??. 'V I .,? 'a , Itlll "unkt, Iau St )nH^t????. N. umI Ptuvidriri'. ntSN'MTT* rtw vh- ^ >' Hin t in, ??y fwk* ih. K nli ? i. I> u? l*n?si 4rau aiei D etisi. Kr??rHt lifer m at rkr fnll->s? mf mtieh red?re<f r*%t?-? To B'*' Hi, is k'*-U w? itlmgt forty |?o?u?l? or H|>wauit to fttCHHj Skftp Ml PHftC *? ! s 11 MMNMM K' 7 rrntt |wr fnnt. ... ..t, nir-As.T' iir -ion ?n i< r rupir foe*. \?td aj-rcif.c arti< le? *? |?rf Urif to In obtained at v(V?* 22 llroadw av. mil tmi OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. Fm EEPt'rHU! ! ?<> < ui*?u* "vo ?ni*. KKKI.rMl I \K > \ . IfcD < r.D I I I varii The ?'<)" in.tilt u? .H. >al WAHlllVid^T ^y| mf TON. Ca|4*m J. M. H >i n. Im itu tn*?|p Tr in HT * rr -r ' t h?!?i(f hei ilivi ? f lr oltii vi \ * : 11 h. ' i U ?iii- ?fi * f, &*-m V?wk,etrr> VI ... 'i>-. W\ datrtia). iih) F'ii?U., ? ? clock .?<> V , *?.. I .i . T nr ?? . . nr: Ht tarda/ aitrrmMm. at S oYh* W, Uu 'm?? ??u h?r ? a< It way If t *.? 1m. *11 ? t i ' V?VNl"?Ifci, l , *?r, Kinrf?f ?n P.?n?. Cattalrilt and Ilt??! ?u F i frrirV ??r jtuMcr ajady t<? *H- < on hoard, ?r t . D. RANDOLPH MAIlTlV N .. I*# W?.i . ? .?. -34 I II' It \ \ I ' ' \ <1. I INK ft* JC??JSU?_lt\IMi< )V\ . ?,ll I, ... I,. t .i .4 K ? .t a Urrol.rMn i'ut**i+ > , Tlt?irfk\ atld Saturday, at 7 oVitMk. nii ltn*r TA!LOUIN(i._ OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE rpO purchaai-ra of Mar?Uall'? Troy Mhitf* K - ma audi .1* liri. la CixurqitrMt <?f tlir in?n\ mi?uik? a hiTinc W#vu made of late l?> aUran;rrt iim! oiiit an finding our unit i r??y Hhirt Depot. we an* tvrrfo t obliged to u- -.1 > ul? o t>?? * fur tho b ii< At of all in purau't of our Infill) rriMU-d Tfuy StairU, Boa ? aid CoUara. I( n ihi \ M lately had painted on their window. ?n>l al> tit their j>h miirr. a imp r ? tliu I ' ! ' "Ti 'V Slnrl !?-j. ?.*' \ ov w. mi .n.i all. Ik* \ i mi i W' ; Ttoy Ihiita, ami Oallaru, and m a k'n ird agaiust miitakn thai may occnr lit future. oil arrounf of I tinitrvi ?ik'" (? !i ? it* . -Ion. Hinif r. . wr *1m1I rircnb?fe I vir,..wi I. ' NMViu* card, and for lb* brm 6( of alral* <| iu i hi r k* >o?I" : Tnia i% t-i inform d"ilrn and ofH*n lhat MariHallN ofi'jr Troy Hhirt !) .??< in tha city t? ?b Hit sift#-# ,? doo?* from the CoriirrolT nl oi l < itloirn l??iRu to the Citv llall?No. ftl t Latham atirri. That i* rur oul> Troy Shirt Or|??t f'M th? rrrrntat ?tf our h;^KJ) rrptCed Troy Shift*, Boaoina and f^OMa i in the c?t>. \V? ihrll - tine tlii* to > \ i CMMarih' of mam unatikM Invuiir li r!i noil ofl?i??*. H. larin uli. i,r!.. marhhall s, it,. ?iu,in;? ,'1. . 1-. ,..n M AICs 11 U.L S OM.Y TROT SlIIKT HKI'OT.W. hoikam ?tr?-ri. No palitmatre takeil ol th.we mini beat dow i?. N? w York, June 3. I8t'2. jO lm*f REMOVAL: PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, L rtmoraJ from 115 Bnailw > to No. 7 Anior Hou>r. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garment* of a nml K!? and H t.Siau..Ue kind /I a %avitif of GO j? r ciiit for e<?li. 'IMIK adre-titer d"-m it untirc^mr) to r*?mt ?> tn- hv k* 1 ne yed y r m I ihiwi 'Km the Irnitli of titit< luu xra Mtwiuiil r w to* t \ . n?n j' i? - i ? ' cu 111 mui In 1 I I I N ! . It ,1 . t heinic mini V.i w ith m nf. , . ] ? , inrM i h , he confidently aaacti that he can lurutah r'.wdma wMckf on roin|i&moii, will ?e found lower tkui any other h-wu tit ikon; up the U *t *1* ? ri|>t ii' >( I. ?i? .Ir .. irt\ 1 Jui S NULL!'**. f Aau?r Hottr. Bi^lvr M A RTIN'S Cavh Tailoring Kdabll'hmrnt, It Remit red / I .VI fi'iliutm afrrflf, comer oj ?tf*n &hred. ^T^HK tuhacrilM'r, in MMI'MIIU L?z tl?? *l?ote to l.ia friend* nd I ?1 < | w I., it . i.? t iU? !# ??. r Illiberal |*trou?jfe l?e tnw? d "?i him ?' lu% i -mh. < jl n r Mat, and aaaureg them thi? 'v., *.t,. . ' 'iini ?Im!I athcwffom, ba ? t. mule, ami ? nuMt ?tv )i?h mil ?i 1 ? > lite m timet, ami at i |?onti*? aaving ?4 19 |?ri cent. Mr?,i*rr? are requcated .ii.l ? tmnin U-iitlfiiH m who | iotef pwntnx uf their owi .loth ftu ran li t\ . ft . hi itm.!#- 01 1 ..? ' ' general aatutai tool .bum; tm I . ' > w.irrnnt^d to fit, ami made b> the best w.>iLm*u at the following pnrea, ?it.:? DrcaaCnata %1 ? to U tt Kiork Coaly lat-tvo Panta and Vi ?u I ?t ? I ? ^Orer C-oaig a t?t* II m 5 omenta read , made all made to .h4 ? and tail tiirm*li? ?J, il nrrraaary, in it hourv mlllma Mil IIAIX Y. MARTIN Sll 1KTS. SHIRTr, mailt- lo unVr, tft't llw n.'W > .' > l.aliinn. lliii:|rf.ii'. ll?i arou 11. all 4mii|4HW <h4 o order at th? aliortra' I irrjlVm. fi". I* iiitii.hiim floroCaadM ft laar, ?' ?#r of William atrfrt. mli Im'r WILI.I A M < " H I.IN" Sill UTS'. rNITED STATES SHIRT Mam >vi< MM * IUm Miirl, rwftrf ( l. Urt), V ) la f livft U) Msrchiali s?4 ir?ian m iMirsl.iMibMpiMi m im ikitVf rfUMislrtl of . J * mrthsi ?>l mhi? AMtnriiii whirh i ti^blrs iIk m t s? II 0.. ?>. ?t ?f i i >? * utf ll?4tl Ally ??lVr III till* r It) T! Is Olftl* MMMSl Mill fct Effinn-.l by tlis list of liters ** fell ?wo frt D**f Erne Mualm villi Lit' it li ?M?vris ot?4 ( l5*r? 'd |).? Uili h. I hi (! !J mi ?? !? Ur '* < Do ColtfN MV fvu riss, lsflfr stars 1 M Alio, ?Ur|i' jiivmtr <4 il % .?m **?i t "iun #????!*> ? til I tt I, oliirh Will l?r **Wf iVsji fci r*?l? !? ? SUMMER SffH'KS. SCAKKS. Cl<AVATM, ASH ?.|>?VKS, Il'ST HK.< KIVKO. %. k J MlM< ?l I ?** ' MbI fU?l* ' iiiniiar r m.-.tlu. Al??? < of? Jpi <'? ?.?? . aa " > -_ ? A l?r*? aMonw r* >' ? k, P 1 M kia <Hn?r???t thr oil ? HiJw'it SI lral? ? ?.* l uk rikcr *imI Miurat 1 . .... __ PA K A??.?r- I AOATE. 1. B. fimuiitli 'i &.? %n i ?!? * I ' ? Jul Stmlii, Hhiru, Luku U -M I n.,U t( - ' ?4?t 111. Ik. ij?HKN< H UYKIMi \'.1 V it - " * 4 IEmIM, V V., J.ti I ? \ lln.tnn N,? II,,, ,, h. ,?mn ma i iI??Bt > m ?i . ? v. . ?r* iv owafrwovlil , VJ- k? fit-4 >? III. in WMTMol ainuk ?ianl .. ?., r> . . ? ' % *L tur.-l ..W. "Vn, .,9 I KK<| I IK A I.KE mi- I.I.K* Mfcfl -mm . n <h.. W.a* lj 1 *" SI* I . Mail. ..ry "' "full, ?rHM ?. ?AT*0*. a i>. ...... k ?. 1rn?r Aixfl.rr.ri, .1 II,|| t , v , 'I'WINK -!>n halrt <B|ir n..r MnSiuo ?I I , ' M( * rninplrtB n?t .1 ,ria, _ , (winaOS ?< J lh?, ' i?-H t. K. < OLMWS fc r O m *?rh .1 MAC,y>I ? DILLS of < t huff oa all c<r'? f ilwj, LataM aa4 *, ? O land, iu iuiii* of Li, k lu. iU?'mI l*. u? ibi air at * J. STLyThvTc jrllt H' . T) SIN'OLK OhN'TI.LMKV?An ?! . ? ..i , ?? can had t??nhcr or rparatvly. farm '."i ? nnr'amiiS* I, and with or without board, in a pntafr (anulr, at V. (a Whit# i?r*rt. AJao, an npp?r room, on moa#rw? trrma. m!7 lm*r 1. * ' w ro W YORK, WEDNESDAY WATERING PLACES, feO. SHARON SPRINGS. rPHE PAVILLION.?-This new commodious Hotel will We I open for the ree<u>tion of visitor* on and kAei the Ant ol June neit. at the Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New York. The ch ar pure water of the spring!, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved to he highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Ililiions and Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Erysipelas, Baltrhi dm, Scrolhl?. 1 li i t om)4aiut, ui<l gen ml debility, and in many ether re pecis. pos*?:*.t (as certified by some of the most eminent medical professor? in the Uuited States) medicinal and healing properties unsui passed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to thcae, the rides hi the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring caves at.J romantic scenery are among the many attractions offered to these seeking in the heat of summer, either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride froi.i Saratoga, Troy, Albany, lie., and are accessible from Cauajoharie on the Albany anil LUica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and Utica. to carry visitors to lh" Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving ill time for dinner; also by Lire Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-live miles west of the city ol Albany. Warm, cold and shower Ratlis furnuhed at all times, either of th ?mineral or fiesh water, and every attention given to render the stay of v>?it<<ni agreeable. An abuudancc of the purest mountain spring Ice it stored for the season. llOBT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.-This Hotel will be opeurd at the above \ i||iiyr of Shioon Borings, for the reception o! visilor-, and combining all the ?iu*unU*?.s of this delightful summei residt u?e. 129 lOwSCaw -r WILLIAM K. JONES. CATSKlLL MbllN PAIN HOI AT THE PINE OHCIIARU.-1II2. rPIIi8 romantic and lasluouabte resort will be conducted dur* I ing the present inuon under lite direction and suiwpntendance of the .subscriber* It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, ami is uaw ojirn for tin* reception of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deseivedly high cha:after which it Ins heretofore acquired. A* heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; arid every itossible attention that can promote the convenience and ouioytneut of its patmiw will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mouutain, h.ts been rendered j?erfeclly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. ! . Uracil & Co.'a excellent line of stages will run at heretofore regularly betwecu the Iandiug and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BF.AC1I, Froprii toJ. June 13th, 18^2. jeH 3nir T^OHT LEK FA VILLI ON.?Th is beautiful ajkI summer 1 residence, is now open and in readiness for the recentiou of visitors ; the house heins fitted un lor gentleman boarders and private parties. ST&PliKN AN NK FT, tiie proprietor of the establishment, returns hi* thanks to his friends and the public, for thcur jwitronage bestowed on him for the year, and lie flatters hiuist li that by his usual care and attendance to his business, to ide*a? those who may honor him * ilher as bo irders or visitors. The bar is fitted up with the choicest liquors, wines, kc. Relishes and refrethtm lib on hand at all times. Private parties can be accommodated with dinner at the shortest notice. Tan ?( ricursinii, and military cnmiwnici, can be furnished I wilt, dinner, and wine on abort notice at 02 cent,. The public may depend on the boat running according to her edirrtitemrnt. Kefer to the advertisement in the Sun ni]* r, for the fri|>? the Uui mil. during the month of May. The utr.inboat Boston will inahe four trips per day during the moullis of June, July, wAapah inlSlm*r LAOSaNGK HOTKL, Bull's Ferry, New Jcru y. { a This most delightfully romantic summer retreat is in full dVjJL readiness, well stockrd with fruit and flower*, and above all a hue kitchen gardeu. The bar is well supplied with choice wines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, seffars of the lirst qualify. John Pou on, the proprietor, sincerely returns his g.ateful thanks to his Irtrnd*, and the public in general, for their liberal tiatrontge lor flu- 'a t nine years. The beautiful steamboat Bos ton, Captain T. Y. Babcock, leaves foot of Canal street four limes a day. The public nn rest assured that they will not be di?a|qiotnted as heretoforet the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as adverted; for further particulars see the Sun. I h nllcinen can he aremu mo<I ated with the best of board Aird bulging st five dollars per week, and have,their dinner nt whit b. ur they please, except Sunday, always at I o'clock, F. M. Milii iry roiuiwuie* ou t ?g?-i excursious will find41 to their dvsnt w idph ssuo to visit the above tdace and try the target ; round and Ponton's good dinners. His prices are according to the linti s. J. Poiison is alwsvsat home, and will he ban l?\ to see hi* fVi?*??? . ntul visiiooj. iel? 1?n*r I'll! HAMILTON HOUHK-This establishment u now 1 f??r the ( ft j'tiuii of fompwjr. It has been thoroughly n rated ?nit furnished i???w qiioii a scale of liberality com* mnuiiMir wiili the demands of tin- public. The department ol iiiue htt lu't'ii iihc 1 uii ! i the chinre of . capable tun tiwn i?' ? d ?rti?t, who will U< k no sup.die* (hat thy markets >aii 'fford. To those titiaccju lintrd with the location of the If ?rnilt n House, it is only necessary to gay, tint it is situated tor as entrant* t.? the Narrow*. from eighttoten miles fj ?? the city, on tl??-high western bluff of Lome I dand, com i u -Me vi?w of the lower bay and the Atlautic and ch u. highlycultivated ind ferule shores of Suinnand I ..iu ld.Mi l, and the harbor of New fork. Nothing can i i 1 n ofri i.*-ct in ? v, r\ direction. The talu* I pel kin of tneylay, the easj icces* by stage .nd ?' I tie itM.,-1. .1 life .ill retirement of the spot. ren* i this ibl'-brm nt second to none within a handred miles of \?w Vr?,k. Th? ipuliu nts are commodious and airy, and I,. i r a< i iini:i. .d it ions in v>aiki d Contrast with those of similar h etitf ' i the vi iuity of the city. The rides in the letJthorbood. the fkstitrc.' grounds, billiard rooms, ten-pin ali. . and other arc* sauries of recreation, Uavc little, it is be lirTrJ, loh wi4al far by aav Kucit. I imili i drsii if securing room* for Ale season would do well to make earl) application to the proprietor. | jet Imr nATII HOI Si ; < Nt .1-1 \ NU - Fh iong md w? fi ii li ' us esi iblishmetit. Irs?ing i< im fements, imong * hich is the e-? - ? r . ! % upon iIn* margin "i .< ? i- , i% n ?w oj .? for tie* r* rptiou ol company during the rh - nt f pnval u It on thy* shore?the rf its i .i b ' i:... tv? t foi ladies and children, (the Whine bowses bring within '* throw of the mansion)? t th* fy, cool and di lightfhl I wast grove adjoining the house - pleasant rid in the sttrrowndine oounfr r?the excellent and other *oor. e-oi healthful recreation and sMwaeaHili h mttfbl ?h * of the Arl t u i c ooaaii and the '.i ?ii-to::i> eu!i*?! 1 Ic, mim.-rou* v< **? b? Hill I, : lid. ' this N ! 111 > 11 ' 11 III ? V TV rtb my in thi % i< iuity Its iccommodati. ns ire ample, tkr .? .ns airy and the temperature, even in the f summer, anything but oppressive. The coniti i ani distance, (being but nine miles t?u? Brooklyn.) th . ss b st i it I mi - accommodated I ? h nin-ti ryn-ler it peculiai!y well adapted as a residence for il i. Is d Ni*w Vorli, FURNITURE. GEORGE W i)A WSOJN, llho/t<dr aril Hetatl tiuinktrt an J General Furm *Aing H arcAouir, A<o. (?7 Chat/mm etreet, carntr of Dunne *lrett, JVno York. UfHKHr he U? i ,* for ssle a lar.*e assortment of th" followin rti " I - * . . /.' Si h '? . r U, H *?r. is, Rrdstt ids, * i>ts, 1) Glass Cass*. Book l.i?. in. Oli??e?, lit sou.', t . ntrt , '1 # * old I'ur T.r Jes. - . ' si.. II. 1 11. . ; . V tt'? . ? ? < k A : in J biro Irons di l Untie > ft. -i, IJi; ,ni Bcdrti .vds UrsAStutf lion sus, ttifcs, fctr. Alfo, .i Lr?? \?s<<fti'i?mt of treu and woinio,? Wearing Appart 1. new and sertni-J funded. AH the * . *e art;o|r e oTered tn the public at yenlow price*, frrMi u in east of laid articles Wt#uId And it to (lit-ir ultsua?(< n> rriio ?d tally call at the above establishment. pin; ?. .? i - * .i- u .; 1 .* i ? sr.-1 l.,-?l # o thf th"ftr*l n-.ff r, .ii.o i.ti r?* *i.. .! ? Vims. M.ittre??es, Bedding, k' for I 'iim. of * s . U. eoiist?nitlv on hand. !# !? Srd to ?nd fhmWl illy K-rnv, J. N H?TIm f?n. mill !? li f?t Vcond Hand K'ur r?ir?, Atid uUt-n?f u'? mm! L*d?r?' ? ? oil CI vjnu%. PIANO lOKTi.:-'. OOI TIIKHM DKALk Hit m dicisaww?otPTi!ty will find ? ' it in tin tr i ii ui..1.. i i c ill i: a! in n.v r'# i ?.? iMCriUHnt if llic alu *r mint, r? i|.ifi.ti i I .*i 11' u4 li <urJ u>i <* * m> * -t I'nl in ; i>. a :f*. ?r in) - it, fcrwll it null, .ml rn !, in-?l'Mi i?pr. itti ? i > i I'rjnnU ?rr *irnb .1 in > # jual I ant ii ir? c"|, ain! ? "I >-il I ?l li"1 low.... im n IN amiiI i .ii Wiit K. tt iTI nil. Ill.ll, IjTt ? 11 Kill'i ?E ! ."HIP III.on " M 1 ... I 'i.i I?i r. ? .* . ,. mfftl,! tl I V'-n.i I- I t.i rr ?l III# in mill .i l.ifT l' lln PIANO FOR I KS \? VM>A< I I'UIlI) ?.) A. II OALKk lO.,Uf N. Y. ?' . ! ft*- I .-ft ... m .! .1 t'i t mn?r thru . * , i? v ; tit. 1 ....i.. ? .v. v%I.. i it ill' tr Maiiufsr%mj ?i4 Ware Ro*>nm, THinl AtviMf, ccraer of Thirteenth < (TP'. S ft I', i. * t?i ??* th* tjrt * jrl HAVANA A H? I'HINCiHK SKUAUS MHAtHCR, 44 a? tin Htllff i < ?hb4 L? V i ??. .H*..- at ! ? i I Ml!' i I - <, f) .1 \ ? ' <1 I'. ( A. I'lllii S. I ?r?, for m)p ?t fromoMr i*rtr??. jefl lm#r Din <f<k)i>s, STRAW GOODS. MICNKT1, iifiriff mU wyyfriyt of I? i n vi?l I . i , Ml tl . I f.-|..f r? ffe?t ho ho* ipO"*p>I Um e?? :it ImIIWImO an I * * t wLw h? tumw* t ? krtp ? ?|i|piidi4 o?otNM( <-f f ulyw?>Mr %?** (looii, *rr .. t? * , f)?iwK?fiot h tli kit lliijtu.ilt, fiftr Tu?('?re, r - ... nw wit i ?u .1". AImk < tMmli ? *' il? Wliiti fvb-rian lltii II ...anl, f x ...? - . ?it a... i *.1 tl? vt?Ui u )r| mln 4... x! -nM -atraMala l?K . WaalTal. oluu l ml Uittablt. suurv?UTTiT kirrNrn adPI^ITU.I ? Tv? >hIm nlri m-ki. In nntor. U?>la *b 10 * ? 4 ll? Aim .1 '( .?! Ill <4 y rr nrl. I <lf ?tm W ' ' ?i,l< mU m i>ri r?u'>iaMc <4...<U -? rW? ka. (-.? Ml lit. *M'?t *4 I IIWHInlHlM ,-> .. I< IMl "Vi H I'lW ( '! * 4h>. .M iwlV r?>.? llirrt UnI turn $h0*? Ml wi ? It I U Him ft rvM t- ? mkn M.?fn .? (lo lltiiwi liiiji itki i.4 >K? l??i. .^4 ? | .? 4 l?>' a i? (.? -ft, .? >*.. r 'Mit*w?Aian) Kpw Imli wi in mr it. i Wi>?l ? 111 I. 1#..1 w?w*. wi nf fMWtMbl' r?a.|v RM J- - , ?,?. tr..-* i, .. 1 U iHirUfeH HfTT I ?.\T* ru All |MH.I 1*1, 14.'I i'?rU. OaiUM. Mr?i. P...,,. It a * im. vwrrt. joh> l rim, ii? Pah.**.. I ! ?? .? NIHM ivl l>?. > I ?' mi. 'I>?i in v. ? \ >i tSn.. I* ant ,. . ... ? 44.ll ?U I iiui <* M? ual Mli MaWf.JR < nul .41 .rk >M > mi 4 IMM 4iwl. |1m> altKiti 4. 4 4,4..(I W |rR.4l| aatlan. 4 Ml Ml la I fa. f ma... . i.M..S|a AN !* ? .ha ?*> mat kaft Bmm. mt aaaarta a HI Aaa4 < a. Mn a4? luaag. a* auM Mm irial A. KNOX ll (a N B. < n4M>' r\ mmtr um a >a k| M tmtktmm m larai INDIA t)H C *WT.L? KAlt KUAWLlI I r ' it I. * iVm1..,.!.. .1...! I.i a, h.. i i uk i( ? ? ' ^'kl* KaM mmw I; Ml titfitt M AM I a. Mi 4 4-.H?r?. AUu.M?*ral baWii??41 oliaiCiaa? Maawl* klfil'V fl?? M >4m*? Tn l.i - 1 \'*7 VFTC". 1 II,. L?l . . I N - i i "?if, Uft <lM ficiui Hn'm ?ml CVwriHiitui, n N?. > * HIM (<M l?r >' > <t.4rri?r?t??4 *a4 ?*< b??mmi aa4 at i)m "'aJT'cXJ.* ?* . >?*! Ia*i * **+ R K II MORNING, JUNK 22, IS OCULISTS. _ THE EYE. _)K. WHKEI.hR. (<01)1**1 r TNKI.AMtD. DI?EA*EI> AM) WI'.AK >fr* r'K * WHLKLKR, O i s i * retiwrtlully iulnrnii the . tMat a: r .. *? * ? ??i ' ?? |?r icliot ha? iiiK Imi if n an * compelled to coiilim* hi* ? if> ? itt? udtn.. . I f. ?*. . the hours or I A. M. to 1 P. M.a afar which ItuMn 1m ii?ua ?t door patient*. VotwillutnKliiix that ammo; tin* in ny > < . Ir <L of < ? ? which Or. Wheeler iia* *f. n?I.J, many )<>% - i? ? ?>: **r ?t? ?l < i t by mUm r j r..|< - n Wlthoofl NC<M| MM pNMjUK iticurabb. \ t i <? 1 .! ; ? ? ' ?* >lwrif, awl j I riftfct a perfect onii*, i!ci|ii(r <tl oci\ <l??a<)%aiit t .< w '??< .? i ? . v i have presented itself, and in many iu.?Un< ? I i ? -t hope. It is this unprecedented surceaa in hit iit-itmril <>i (kv j i various?hith.ito mnddi-nd in<umM?*?<h ? ? t r'<* ?\*. i tltat enable* hint w{ih coufklunre to r? Or lh?- Ht? t? <1 wh?. t:t* I be unacquainted with him, and hit mild . >l ti? * the i disorders oi* this 0.-4*11?to nuttier >na re^t.-it d paiitnu ?<i ihe lirat class of swtieiy, rem* < ??' . pi n nnial a?.'l *?> I | abilities as be ma pic cm incut It hia succw*, *i a Kiruiilic OflMllin Chronic nirtamutt'ion of !)? fthil ??r -? ?\rs, h*rev?r lonu stainho;;, ?:au b effect :ii> *-??d p* rut uirtitly a an d, ill in j and speck.*. it rrowd without uurj. ?td U|* lit ton. | < S T R A B 1 S M II S. Common!/ c-dbo Siiuiuiitij;. fto*l CATARACT*. safe I \ re I moved?in a ft w in uutc*?with icarceiy an> iucout rule tier or ! pMBkto tbe f (icpr. To mt? trouble. correspondents *r? ml irrned that leti* n, ' oddressrd 10 Dr VVheci. ; / * will not to i.taeu flout th? ? r..?r Itifo . ?MI. v ...... i . T IT/*" The va.;t number of c<u> ? which aire Unio* > Dr. Wneelcr, have al??\id\ ;iv?aihi:n a * i?U* spread u imfVi 4 .and 1 fixed It Upon A h.: ii a, tatting lb- gr?tP.i; U* of th??*c w ? t | he has rescued from a *" living ?ie iih- Ot the number ?rtl* ? Uficaica, which patients btveoflcied l<> him of their ??wn <??* I cord, )u: aiilccb liic followiu;, noC that (he e Jit * are more ?* mulkable than many other*, trotbtcauM the who w .?t* them&ppe&! cd to be kciunted by a couiWK'ihv.Me ?|>irit *t Lnihropy, in act-kin* to make known fix the good of their fellow men, the kvuotit which thuv l*sve received from Dr. Whvulei'x ueatNKiitNkw Vi m, March 15th, IS 12. To Dr. Wheeler, Ocull.t, 33 Green wic,? l)i:an Kia Tint you.may, it you th.nk Proper, intke pub- , licly known the high e.-itimatioii in w hita I liu|,| yni ,u i:i ?.? - j I brg to give \ on, in Addition io my vera..I aekuowl* cdgmeiils of the Ifheiit\ou have c.mU rre.l upon me a* a ? , tieut, this written avowal ?>f my great in'l btodncM to you to restoring the sight of inv |>oor little child Iroin tin* dangerous j disorder which lately ted iis sight l'he child was of mi< h tender years, and its disease v.* is of sucl alarming a character, that I despaired, until told of your skill in audi matters, of ever obtaining any remedy fix her, and die more especially as other physicians had afforded her no relief. I am h ?i?py, how ever, thus to confess that you have effectually cured her, ami I cordially, heartily thank you, for your highly successful excr* tiottk Yours rosiu? tidily. M VHTIN WATERH, llCHammenlcy st. City and County of New York : to wu ; In the hope of being serviceable to inwne of ufv afflicted fel 1 low creatures. I hereby voluntarily ofter my grateful testimo 1 nidls to Dr. Wheeler, the 1 IculjAt, for restoring me to [K ili i sight, (from i tal blindness,) auei mvA| before b? n un*b cenrfully treated and operated uoou by upwards of twenty of the most eminent and celrhrijtcil mednM men of this city and different parts of the United States. In witness whereof, 1 make deposition, under oath, to its truth, and hereunto subscribe inv name. JAMES O. FA11AKL, 73 3d Avenue. Sworn before me, the 3Uih day of March, 1312. Ur.o. Irklanu, Com. Deeds. i 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York : ss. I Dm id Powell, 151] Jackson treat, Brooklyn, being yluly sworn, says, that he was atQicced eight years with the Kg) p , Oan oprhaltni i, and ulcers in the eyes, and though under una < f i tne first oculists at the Eye Infirmary four and a half years, ne ? experienced no relief, but became blind, in which slate he w.ti i placed under the treatment of Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, 33 Green | wich street, who Ins entirely restored Ivis sight. I DAVID POWELL. i Subscribed and sworu to before me, this 3l?t day of March, t 1142. John Bulk lev, Coin. Deads, i 21 Wall street. City and County of New York: is. Mary Aim Piiley, daughter of .Mrs. Wim*!ex, Catharine street, bring duly ovoiii, sav*. that she a short time .suffered f dreadfully from a disease known, technically, (x-. deponent u informed) to be Amaurosis, which rendered per quite blind. Although she hid the best assitVincc that could be afforded her ' at. the t,>?? Infirm try, (an ii.ll at from an cinin-nt oculist in this city, whe eventually told her the sight could n-ver he restored) she never received anv essential benefit until she was |?laced under the rare vif Dr. AVherler, Oculi^l, 33 Greenwich snrect, whose kind an I skilful treatment, has entirely rent >ied Itr. MARY ANN PIRLEY. 8worn before me, this ISih dav of Aprilj 1812. Isaac P Martin, Com. Heeds. , 11 Wall street. City and County of New York: ts. Mr. S. ('aily. 85 High street, Providence, R. I., being duly sworn, says, that lie was totally blind in his It ft eye, for nine years; the cause of the blindness was cataract; tint he applied 1 t* Dr. Wheeler, Oculist, of 3d Greenw ich street, who, [by an opeiition attended by very little pain and inconvenience, atiu without danger.] has iierfeetiy restored his sight. Uuder such circumstances, he leyfa it his duty, to state his gratitude, To the IV>otor. for the ineitiinable benefit which hi* skill ha., conferred opon Him. s. CADT. Hworn before me, this 25th day o f April, 1812, Guokue Ik eland, Jr., Com. Deads. ' 7 Nassau street. City and County of New York, **: On the 9tl? of last month, 1 placed my little daughter, three years old, who had ?Ore eyes, and was completely blind of the left, under the care of Dr. Wheeler, Ocnlist, 33 Greenwich st. To the astonishment of all who knew her, her sight is perfectly rnstored, and her eyes are well. In the hope of leading others to the same blessing that I have enjoyed, I voluntarily make this Statement under oath. CHIU8TOPHF.R BURNS, Grand street, corner of Thompson street. 8worn to before uie, this 28th uay of April, IB12. W. 11. Bkkhe, Com. Deeds, ml9 lm*r u Nassau street l)ISK\SK.H ()} THE EYE AND EAK.-J SHANKS, iNl. 1). respecting announces to the public that he has removed his office to I7.'> Hudson street, near Canal, where In will, as usual, devote especial attention to the surgical, m? dical ?nd operative treatment of all diseases incident to the human eye and ear, and defects of vision, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 0 to Id o'clock, morning. 1 Adv ice mul medicine l?? the |?oor (gratis) on the evening of I thi' above 1 tys. from 5 to 6 o'clock. N B. At It other times l)r. 8. attends to the general prac'ir? iWhi< i of" -sin i m 17 lnu ?.(f^r 1 MISCELLANEOUS. A VOICE ! FROM LOWER CANADA, ! Vf ONTRFAL, January 15. foil.?Gents;?You will be sur IVX priw d when I inform you that n la*ge body of Cockiua wauga Indians came into my .store and traded moccasins, skim ( of loves and otters, for your candy, which would have amount- | ed in cash 'o fifty dollars; and I am happy to say that the Canadians now ^egaru it as a general restorative; al.o, that my stock is n-arly fthnnted. We have a large form of the British army here, also, who have acknowledged its pre-eminent merits. In r fact, I cannot supply the deioamt, and you must eontiiuie to re plenish my stork. I shall conveit the furs into cadi, and wild f >ou an immediate remittance. , Yours, truly, DAVID ASP1NWALL. t To Messrs. J. Pcast Ac Son, 45 Division sf. t Brooklyn, Doc. 27. 1.141.?Gentlemen:? ! derm it hut justice 1 to you, however unprofessional th-set may be considered, to apprise y i tbit I h h <1, for fw?< in .nrlii pt-fo i mi under my charge laboring most a! irmingly under the influence of consumption, evidently the effects of early iatenmer a nee. I resorted without die least hopes of success, to every retiieuv; the ary hoarse 1:011411 c uumuru 10 lucrea*?discharge from tli?* lung* w<?i rarc nnd atti'iidcd with convulsive s|Kum>? the tppctite f died?the bowel* became constipated?-and a rrId t dampness prevailed over the fume. When I ftiil exhausted all prolrMional remedies^ I yielded to fhe friend* desire to allow I Prase's Iloarhound Candy. With rrluetinoe 1 permitted i(t t doubtful of iu merits, as will rut presumptive of my own in*- > hility. My surprise, a* Well a* his friend*, at an.imnx diVe I change, wa* unspeakable. He that had settled all hi* worldly iffairs, and resigned hiins. lt' rt-ltgiondy to fate, evury hour showed symptom* of recovery. Hi* breathing is Ireed from all !>ector?il tightness. The cough has moderated, the npjiefit'' is fiourjiy increasing,, and my hop *s of hi* recovery confirmed.-? ^ Justice requires tin tribute to your uiscoterv. j H. IICNT, M. 1). ! To Messrs. Pr ise 8t Son, 15 Division sr . Aok*ts?Redding, No. K Sure street, Boston, Mass, , Haw la 6t Co. 67 State street, Albany, N. Y. Zieber. Philadelphia, Pa Robinson, No. 110 Biltimon street, Baltimore, .VM ? Hsldeman, Louisville, Ky. Cook, Pin*bur/h, h. Johson, No. 26 Sr. Charles *tre?t, New Orleans. Watson, Memphis, Tenn. 1 Ad.un* lit Blunt, lliinuville, Ala. W. T. Taniiehill, Nashville, Tenn. # Tobey. Cincinnati. Ohio. Pierry Teller, D "troit, Mich. . H. J. WfMniwnrd, St. I.otiis, Mo. Fischer. Washington t"itv, I), f. r VCTT Kadi envt lo e of the genuine flnn-houud Candy signed J. PF.AKK b. SON. Division street. N. B.?Pedlers and confectioner* are not appointed agent 1 1 6 laa ] pEAKSAI.I.'S OAK Kri'l ABMWllMKNT. founded in * ITifl, at M.2 Water street, five doors above Catharine tnar ket, the only establishment of the kind in the United States. continues to supply the Navyt the American, Riujian, and ? Spanish war steamers?has supplied all the race boats and club 1 boats lor the last four years?and has now the largest assortment j of nirs. swieju, and s< tills ever collected in one place. N. B?The Branch Oar Store on the North River side, is ^ shut up, and removed to 402 Water street; and as 1 save ..II the spetufs of one store, 1 will sell enough cheaper to tliosu who come from the North River side to pay them lor their trouble. Rare boats, club boats, oars and sculls sold 60 per cent less < dualist year, m63m*c Q 1 MM- D <IL K SH IND WINDOW SHARKS.?I1AN O s.ivi:r/iv <m t\it >(.! n.n..u.. 11, .1 r*:'*.. S:??"ers and decorative Painters, respectfully solicit ftmiliea j a&dolktia, lilting up their dwellings. to inspect their stock, vlnfli lorityli1 .im] i trcution of work is not to be surpassed, ii to nit ih im Washable window al nitt frovi | one dollar to ilo richest sivles, equally cheap in proportion. t Architects and others furnuhed with d sift for tamed |li\u for church windows, dwellings, fcc.on the shortest notice, and orders t tecuted with economy and despatch. WANTED?An artist, used to decorative painting; also an i si prmtree. inyifl Im/ 1 Oftfl \ I'M KIjKS.iii package* to suit eu?toint rs? j 1,?UU,UUU A.-Ortrd brklM, C?uup. 8*ucr>. Pre , encs. aid Knglish Mtihtird, of a superior quality and low jj price . t'ider and White Vinegar, liy tlie gallon or barrel ; * if KfOUt by tl|p litrrrl or keg; Preserved Meat*. Soups. Qv sters, f>< wIs, Milk, fee., warranted to keep any lengm of 1 time, so 1 in an\ dim ite, excellent for ship stores, as they afford . s great lumry i?t -t leasoitable price ; Ground Coffee, warranted l? i-ire ; Wsinut, Mushroom aih! Tomato Catsup, by the gallon u or dotcn. ?"" P,eklMr?r fc VILLBB, y WholtraW and Retail W?rrhou?r? for PitkrU. mMlm* i<m W.irr ?4 M Fmnt 'plii rdlJT's-PATENT RF.PBATISO EIRE. ARMS " * ?Hill' s with Evht Chambers. Carton** with ft it Chamber*. . , HI,. I i riMts or Fowhuff pieces. with sit < ymbers. pi Put Is I'.w ket li lis sii-l Moisten, wit!? fire Chamnar?. n Ar, lindri w.ll. p* mora ch?r*r?. ,1 A? p. rr?M|.?n < <p>. *nH pow.lrr, improrrd r.ip p- m iij i. * ). ., imw ?IT<*r?il for rriliic?(J t| h w.v.fnd doOt hrlnw I oMitlanit ?lrret. , I l*<r ?, .,n frm ?!>. ?'l con t>* "applied with any rruohobtr p?st?tr> n short notice. . . T mil er ?h-se Are arms over anv other nrn | \ a*?tj?a?wu,as w. II *. ttwir superior workmanshipand I : f inti'.isj* is mi well esUbiislu'd that it is not rw cee- y mtt %m 4m* riW Uwjmuww ixw. W ltn*? '' QOOA A*H~ ? tons, Uniting from ?chr Ptrffoltire, frmn ? C?l?*a> iwl tni ui? by PKHSSF. k BROOKS, 1 itFt Liberty Mrtet. ^ r e r a : 42. BOOKS AND STATION EB Y~ V I w OltTAK MUftlO?'tKOROK H. DETIWOKT. . t * . 't ii. No. 138 ( 111<il >frei-f 0|q>o*it< :1 e ' " " ' *?? . ill*- honor to ar.jUjiini his frit 'id* au.l tk I h|?f ' ?? tthli i of itfw ai??l |H?|iulai mu? trc<1140lit* for t;uii?r. .Mr 4). %**11 tiit. ?n -Mid cimhj.iwi' uitisic for orehvsin, k t r . ?? t,.l m%% ui'tru?.(i ?11? (. .Iin.c l? ir* .?r* the j-itiio l??rT ;u,?| ? |. |m. iiiy2Gv?*e BOOK B 1 N L) f N G PAPER KlTUNi:. nlllKT AND. No. 1J0 No*n'?h iti? ? '?, h \ inn an rutin- mbvv i! >< !ii>l i5ii?J.iv* T? '* %!id tlulin*' Machinery, of the It- h i in i .t run ia no* |m 1 . fcuui i\\ m I it iii i tooiti durtl'ii- aikJ haniKomv nruuivi. \ : t 14.m k* iikI ill tin kiu U '! Blankwu k hl.? ! Ul<i 'H uilv! t?? UIV |?.Hfrfiw, llnl ill I .1 U ill.It I . v. . iMf tl ! (it. t ' I II. All \t<?iK Oil' P'iIi'aU il? tloiif iu4iliy Kli.'|. i - it i ininJ, u II. I. Im had i"i r etperience in hotli IMM'? i:?. n|< v \ |,K? I'?4o t? eoinl hand Cup|*ri'lati? Tn vu-i. Aj* I 1 II) IM 111! 1 to r makkkST pMi*hf k RIIOOK*. M Liberty street. between I * r i- v* \ imJ "s hi N w \ ork, import direct l'rom iti* vlMiNlnrturrotkr fMllnwiiiu utieh?, viz:? HI' hi mi I' w?U r ?'i 111?>?l Sou's make?warranted, for uiiM'niifiii \ *>i?l st i nfill, i ?i il r ? .tit> hi this country orilre.'it 15 'fur. oil l1 i in ili of which tlu \ arc Mile d^cnU ill the I v .i.?. i i'li < I n liiut I It ,, , ujirri.?i (pnliiN , H?. 40, t.'i, **?, 7?, .utd S-t inflict v% nli*. Diyei Ki lting of itronj.' fobm , and of width* um.illy rtluircd. IllHi.?*ltk il viti^ th agency of th'- Sutt. n ('omjonv'i (tin Sin. f>, th* ii ?ii.iblcd lo u*.ipjd> KKKK. anil Kb KKK; ii? an? <iu uittti' i. Win ?lor K n.diiiM'?r and ( > )ind?*r Mafliiln manufactured iron?11 irnrfit met il?alio, J ick? i ?Wet and I reu Fella. TiiIoHa.. iiv Vol. I, 3. oi hraii metal. Oi ri I'm any #.f (?< Aove rtrticlea, together with Foreign ?nd d.?i:it *iir i ii,' s.i* Vsli, Yiimd, Al<iill, Twine, Ate. He., will iii< f xx it Ii pro.. 11 i tin ntimi in lie I? NORAVI NO \\\ THK OMVjoRAIMI \ MINK.? Ul H It, JON EH & ( O*. iv il. uilvniv, corner of Jolin Cto'i, ,N,| . n ; ; i I i ' ii . ill kinds >!' M ipx, ('h.tfta, Plana .tod linrryi, <?r anx wmk ??!' th , I t-?., m |||? moat t" inliful ??ty , vx nli uM.wrslhl.drapr, and pricca he Ion ?!?.". clmtjpd f. i limilir work ctrcutcd by hind cn^ ivinn ? ll?- < '*' "I inn fttet'l oi o?j p? i plan h not eieecdiii? JLi!lo?;r ii'iur work. N. II.?S| ? ,m* of flu- xx.-rk .mi h> Ote Omniffranh f ill Iw evamined at rhet.rfn ? in Broadway* in22|luir " I (ATS. HATS! HATS! HATS!! BROWN Ik fO'S One Prhc Hat Sto- , wltoUsale and retail, I7*t ( Ii.i'Iimi. Sijuart*, comh i of Molt street, where Duhmn, I caut), dur ilul ty niul tc noiny combined to nderii the head. The proprieton Lave ilo ilif t*ure now to offer in addition to theii u i ' i0 Ix* in. x?.l kIm'I nipped, h m. \v atyle, the imitaih ? of be x? err, which an cliwly r. at in bit s lUat of .ill fun a tin in .-I itilx and beautiful, th it the diiTcrcn.'e is not i-dily pi'iiixid. P rice tin. ? dollar?. We at rictlv adhere to the one pri.'e cash ?>fii in, which enable* u* to furniali ? very ?u|M*rinr Hit lor the price charm d. In nievntiiiK these Ilita to the pu'dic i!ie propiiytor* think they nave reached the ultimatum hi beaut . ':"t ibilih cl i|?i >mf< i. mi Sin TO rill. STRAW HAT i R \ hK.--Thr ..-id , igp -i 1 I, irin/.l. ii r.nin. .1 1.. . .? !.l<vl. . Ul. M - 'Y t< I kidcrc in ill rrsperts. ii In neighborhood of New Yn.-k l it), iu\it'*? .ill interested in the Straw IIat business, to t^ur arruu'i'inents with him, whii'li lie doubts not will ho i|.n||\ f" (ii- i- *ti-l Iim .?'I\ .?..! ? iiiiil satisfaction. Having for i?niu? years h.ul the ?ii|K*rintc tidoiirf* of the celebrated Bleoh. tig Work* of TliOm w V>ie in B dtbnUhirc, England, and vavftig since made further invcsti rations (with tin* niostsiti*actory results) into the important bin itch of Bleach i ng?both n Europe .mil America?he is pr? pared t<? give II 'raw munis ht utmost ho mty both of color nun finish, of which the inxteiial s -o.c ptthlr. THOMAS REYNOLDS, I' i w i s. E. Cornel of Bn 1 u md York it, Bro tklyn. A N IMPORTANT Ql ESTION ii here prawn d i the toiioUft reflection of llin purchasers of Hit?. Is it couMscnt with true rr >nomy or eornmo i s-iiv to pay \v <1?*11 irs for i Beaver Hat, when the same article c iti he bought if .r> W ?11 itru-r, (between Broad and New street*) for four dolLARS f This is no il?T. pri\?* n.sertion. A sinje t?i:il, o< h inrre impccti u?. >vi|l s.itufv the most. *k> pti?. ?l 11. ? t'>r Beiver Hat now off. red t f from beinflu l?l\ iior article often "l<J for less than Ave doll us. Tie* lot n that (lie article how offer"it ti gencnll} re?t -milled, .Old i no instaiu e siirpi ?.?d ?vru it that price? It i i i oust [Utti of in :o uonini e pri e of In raw material. t?;;? thei with the economical potirv of'this rsabliMiment?an 1 the proprietors engaging personally in the Jiaaul tcturi?that the pr sent great inducement j are offered, im h u were never offered b f n . WARBITRTON & WEBB, jclOlm+f II ill . < W ill tri .J EWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW rPHK Babtcribrr is telling ill description Wlie! J Jtt J iyb rr f Watch.*, Gold and Bilver Pencils, (Jul Lr .*?*?, Keys, kr... at ri tail, lower than at env other Hro i?: ;!.? citv.? Liold Watches .? low ** thirty to furtv I II?.n tf f. Wstefn t. uid Jewelry etcbauircd or bought. All ?V stjj.-cf ne n - outm! to keep goo.l time, or the incur y ii turned. ?V and Clocks rtn'.ircd :u the best rnnnii-'r, Hid e/aijftttfj. st much ess tluu tnna} jsri'M ty cir n t:he Hnest Wi r?.i?<n in 'he city, O. C. ALLEN, [op^rter of Watch. * and dev. !ry. wholesale and retail, 30 Well street, up stairs. mgfl lra*m TO JEWELLERS. MIN1ATI U PA1M ER v. 1 C. tk J. HAIUNETT. No. I lo.irthvvlt str.. ? i,. ,r Brnadw iyt Whole* de and r? tail m inul.ii tm.* h ??i Tnvel. ling, Writing, Dressing and J. w? I a 's, ininiattire ra - s, and si ttings, Bute, lock :, watch, ring, unl p'n ? m s; ? i s Im Ivcr nlste, neatly arranged to i- ih i. Also, trays tundc and llttcil to Jewellers? show, to contiin w*?iches, chaiiifi, ringai, keys, pins, thimbles, pencils, Ace. Ace. Air. A variety of the above articles constantly on 11arid, and made to order, with neatness and despatch. No. 2 Court land* street, Nvo Vorl wB tg|<|| 11/ATl HKS AND JKUTI IM VMIY LOvVr.?'ll? Tut *V *ciil>. r is selling all d- *? *ii fion* of gold md ?ol\er Wntclies, gold and silver pi ncils, g< hi diau i, k?-\ s, An-., a: yi*ail, lower than at any other place in the nty. (v >1.1 Watch* ts low a* 25 to 30 dollars each. W.,feh? . on! I, u. ;c. i tch v(I'd or bought. All Wafelu's are * -n nt' il to kt-i ; i.o< Itiim , if the money rr fumed. Watches hikI < h?ck> repiin d in the >e5t mantle r, and warranted, at in mi ii irs* t!> mi tlir iio <1 i< o t?y one of the fhicst workmen in th -eity. (J. f. Al.l.I'.N , Imeirter of Watches and J'-wolry, wlioh s dc and n \ I, Su Wall itrect, up stairs. fa Hm#fc |) EMUV ED.-HTLAIRL ' \LTKIt. , the house of Bercer Walter, the only in m< !* rI i \ W % % 11mm in France. No. Z7 Paradis K?**. ntn< ?ti* ' !. f' t.i .. i vi titf honor of informing Mviri. (W?lcr< m v\.?r? l, w . ,i,.l ill article* connected with the !i;i?*, nsa!?.> Mw-. - 'n ? ,n ; I.-i i. th it their? it ibli him nt of watch ; < tnd colored, fancy' articlm, &c. St Sir., Ii h |r.-|y h ,i je noved from No 40 Miid?n Lain , to^ \ >. on Willi ?n. ?ti?'?t. (leutL-rm ii desirous of purchaftiinc fi.?ni tin? only ?! j of ?hr* artery, respectfully iiitto c ill r where will be found an uiimall' i i .?rhu<i.: of ?! ? *b?,\ rvuloutd good*, which will be dispond of on tin m? ?t r n'?.errnr.. to I 2m r NOTICES. FKICK OF T MR Al'Rflia k fine III *T? It It. It. ' ' ?. ) Canandiirua, June ?. m,>. { A Semi Annual Dividend of Fiv? per Cent \v ill be i t . m i ,>> ( Capital Stock of this Co:ri|?i;iy on the first ?! > ,f July levf. Shareholders whoso Stork is registered in the City Transfer looks of this Company, will receive |?i\ ment it tie llink f he State of New York. in the City of New York. ? . ! th vhoso Stock is not registered in tin City will l??* pod flu ir dividend at this Office. lly ordr r of the President and Dir? e'on. je5tojyli CHAS. SEYMOUR I f^OTK K TO < LKRKS, I II >th fa tie imU'c* tliem to he constantly on In t.? Ii calling | it the old exclusive B ?of Store, 111 Ch'ifhain--tr? >. t< -n ?e accommodated with the iuvalnn'd" article, llOtlKHS' M LlyiLIC ELASTIC HEEL HOOTS, winaut. I in . y ry j.... ictilar, and at lh?* *ame price of the ordimrv Boot. The I'dowing arr *ome of the many advantage:, the Elistie Heels hivc ?ver every other kind : First?The elasticity add:; gr? itly to the durability of the loot. Secondly?'They make no noise in walking upon th? pnve netir. Thirdly?Thev prevent Boots from running down t > the reel. Fcarthly?They enable the wearer to walk with ranch liu at i cur. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpets as do iron or nailed leels. Sixthly?Th* y can be worn with comfort by ihoae barmy endrr feet. As usual, constantly on hand all kin Is of Boot-* at w bole ?ls ind retail at manufacturer** prices. jertltn#c j N 'HAN' felfV?Before \ < ( in eIi I i! ii it.?John Herdtnaiivi. John Keenin.?fliil for ? ? u T ? | 'opartner?Mpllcc. and fr?r Injunction.?J. >1. H . |? f r, C i- ( I?mailt'* Solicitor; J. W. O nrd, Ks<|. of ("oiins? l ? J -Iiii . Ceennti, the defendant in this can ?e, whoo- | I?? * of ? - 'J#n ' i s in the State of New JersrM. is r?|tiired to h i- ii ??i this j : ?usr 1?V the nitiet' cnili cUy of Septi inber i.? *', or ?li hill I I- d t lereiu will tftki n a* confessed i?\ him. Albany Keening Journal i Ii im* copy and (hr?< to J. \J. webster. i \> ? . DlANO FORTES v . ,. * workmanship, warranted in rrery r? iperi. I* - -? 1 w to f lose a consignment. Apply 57 Cedar street, u;? i.uiM. je5 2w*c 1 V/fOTTH PATENT. POHTABLK # Kl RNAf K. , ,?! Boiler, admirably adipted i'or washing, < m he pi* d I in the fire-place, the area, or the yard. j( Patent Agriculturist*. Kumar#- ami Cauldron, in turn r 13. 10, 10, 50, 00, Pfl, 100, 120, and I5C. Tin_? fnrn*re?t require onlv > l?ic?cn ol'nipe to fir them foro#e. So article h.i? * vprrifin !? r- t IT tAjUhirfinn "> ibnae farmers wl?o J; H?? II .r ; fheni. # Patrnf Hard Coal F*lrnac#, a new article for ? rnmer n ? will mill1 un aflinl' store for winter. T Patent Chi.' or Charcoal Furn i< - . from ivw j.* ru*. ?? Hipmred. Tbr#c are |?m <1 with m brick. Also I tei, I ?w ^ 'ri**? d fnrmca without limn?. Combination and Furl-flavin# Cnolt Stores, *. niinm- , 1 ?ric# h. The c mhi".?*ti?n i- ih?- only legitimat#* stove that n- .* Itic* rha steams and smell f . ?m the kitchen. They are eqnilly a mil adapted lor Aiunmer as winter. I) a I en snnfdi'd ?>u 4 iliera) tern.s. f J. I<. MOTT, l' jel !m*c 2fi\ Wsltrsml IS U<?w. . t JOKBB'S I.\1>RoVED BUHNKkS. at ?. ,.-utv-fiv.- ,Tf cmt. IfM tlianh rrtolii i. T he snfncriWr l?a< ?nw mi I and a /fU'Ttl a.?s?irt t ent of the imtorted I) imti which hr ow offers at the above reduced prii:* ? A lioeral duemiiii* ?l- , wed all dealers. l#?-af quality of Cunnhiite -t 50 c#: . i ? r ' si Ion. Camnlmrated lias 75 renin. Kill and essnnne f?r i (MirtrUff at"N?. IUOr4lidktrf('(,orf ilom from Mr . J AM EH HIND*. N. B.?AH kinds of Lam|? altered, bronicd, trill and r? pairrd i tI. ?hort#tf notice, on nmHIk ? rm?. mil 1m % YOU NO MAN ?.frV and williwtf to a<? ?n the r?iiinir>, ?n?1 jh i otpnll ca- f i til of about ten or dlknn juttMlrri folkn. ntn kcirouiipi* . ilile location in r? ^ard to the tir*rc*n<ilr luniiien', by <* vlliritc (!?< afore of William H. Corva in, No. T? Bro?d* .. The tituiiMti referred to i<; ?*t> mill ? distant fi ?m i * ? if y, and tt bettered to pow .< aonir adt intii,ri not readily r hrii ,M. f villi I SKWT.'tTR \ \ i) n u .mV\\ i .j". * ERY nn^rmr arHr'i t to whit ,!?. c. ii i ill-. ' ' I. jmt urn ' J'rrxlv for f?mU H?r. Fnrt.ilr. vl I n-t.iil, liy n fXJ.WATBOIX, ( lieinnu' arxl A'*tli" >ri ?' 11.11, < I .. irnn* ?l/err. ? N. B.?A Urgo Auortmcrit of lli# tiimciit I* rfn n'ry. )r 10 Im* _ ' j("?TH K-lv'dlti.;- ?' ' Kit A Nils' lATKN'i l.jVR 1 ' BOAT i? nrmot'-'l (r m lit I" il Br mil imr J1 Price Two Cf4it?, K j . [C?orrra|inuiiruc? ol'tlic II- i.) L&XI.NOTOII, K> , Juul I.!, HI. 7' Clay Fttliuul?The FuJl JJctui *? M <-! ;/? Sj'rtrh?Mtumrivn?Tom MariialL >'; J. G. Ihrwrm, Esq.:? Sir:? In my last I informed >ou iliat 1 would give yo i an inkling of the anticipated C'luy Festival!; llic proclamation of Col. Stephens in relation to it, 1 ?*ii' yon, and which no douht you received, Indispen sable engagements have prevented tn<* from giving you the ear iest information vf the alVuir; this, however, will be of le-s moment us my friend Sum Patch informed rue that he wrote to you on th" evening of the fltli. For rev ral days previous to the 9th, the weather had been gloomy?the bright orb of Heaven hardly deigned to show his face, the wings seemed downcast, and evidently were fearful of a failure?notwithstanding ull this, by sundown on the 8th there hud been a mighty influx of strangers; our hotels were literally crammed, and private homes were opened for the entertainment of strangers. It rained in morning of the Ittli until about 9 o'clock, yet before that time every house and street was Idled with citizens, carriages and horses?the people poured in from every direction in perfect masses. It scented as though every "mountain, moss and fell" hud bean emptied into our town .At f) o'clock the sun had gained the uiustery over the clouds and dirpersed them, l ivery whig seemed elated?the girls, God hies* their souls, were lull of smiles, unci even the locov, "grinned horribly a ghastly pniile." At 10i o'clock the ceremony of the presentation of a full length portrait of Gen. Harrison front the whigs of Oluo to the ladies of the Banner State, took place on the College Lawn. On presenting the painting to Mrs. Governor Letcher, who represented the ladies, a nent address was made,which was responded to by the gallant lien. Coombs, familiarly known by the cognomen of "Potawatiniie." Mis response was happy unci eloquent, und delivered in his peculiarly impassioned style. Muring the ceremony Prince Mai made Ins appearance; his step was firm, and his eye full of lire, and the crowd made the arch of Heaven shake with their shouts. A procession was then formed, making a sight never before seen in tbesr parts, military, footmen, carriages, barouclies, gigs, buggies, stages, and every other kind of vehicle thai has ever been seen since the days of N'oah, forming a line 1| miles long, and three times the number being out of the procession that were in it We are now on the dinner ground, and from the large stand, placed under the shade of a glorious monarch of the forest.lct us survey the tableau. Around the stand, n space of some 120 feet in diameter, is filled with human heads; in their rear, in every direction, is about 350 carriages,in what seems to be most inextricable confusion, the horses nil disengaged and taken ofl". To the right in the valley are the tallies,eight oljtliein 50 yards long, each with a space of nine feet h|etween them; numerous small tables under the trees to the right, nil covered with snow white cloths. Plates, tumblers, knives, forks, and 15,000 pounds, by weight, of the most glorious beef, mutton. Unite, jiig, bacon, iVc thst this or any other region of country could boast of To the left, tretiie cooking pits, three ofihem SOyaids long c 'ck?t event! large j,nis containing 1(10 gallons each, with potatoes, pen , Ve.: arid under thu shanty far titer on,lies several thousand loaves of bread-?47 links are eumloyed, and 137 servants for the tublcs. The Sun i- .-hining gloriously yet, the tables are protected from his rays by the protecting houghs of the uees. Now all are at the table?three of them arc occupied by Kentucky's fairest daughters, and waited upon by as gallant and noble youths lib ever trod the earth. No liquor to be seen?the whole is a temperance concern,in truth and in fact. Mr.Clay, as well lie might lie, seemed delighted. But let u:i hasten; dinner is over?the toasts have been read not drank?the compact mass ofbodies around the stand look as though ttie'.' were pressed into that situation by Cornwall's 11, draulic press. See the smiling laces of the sea ot beuuty in the carriages around I pledge you my word I didn't see an ugly face, and although it may not he proiier to particularise, tust look at tin' carriage near the south corner of the stand, it was brought there by two tine black horses, mil in it lire seated three voting Indies. Cast yntir yes upon the two on the buck sent, the om* upon the right with n pink dress, the other's dress being a light colour. Look at them well and you will seen de ign for the painter who wishes to embody upon cwiivns". beauty, intelligence, grnce. rind all the virtues. To the northwest of the stand is an open barouehe, iind on the hack seat is a young lady in white, a perfect emblem of innocence, beauty and artles n<-a; judging front their ititimtiry i would eall Iter the right bower of tlu* lady in pink. The cp, ring.' with the two hlut ks gained its position probably by the gallant interfernnre of two of the Mar-hnlls of'the diiy If is. however, n verv convenient stand for one of rheni to locate himjelf. After th? toast complimentary to Mr. Clay, nreceeded hv a neat uddrevsfrom Chief Justice Hohertson, Heaven's wh it a shout from the multitude ! the earth > rente I to treinhlc. Mr. Clay arose?all is hushed? every noise in the mightv crowd is stilled. Mr Clay commenced by observing that Firnklirt h ul discovered the means of controlling the iliiit as yet no man had the power tocontroI the thunders of I lei ven, and that unless he pes-' (I th latter puv.i r lie < mild not ex|>eet to make, himself lie inl hv all of tlie mighty a.?^"mblagebefore liitii. lie ud his feeling led him first to thank Almighty Cod for all the hh'bsingn with which they were sitrronmli d. I|e, in his peculiarly happy manner, returned his thanks to the people for the hognr tliey had conferred upon hint, nf the same tinie saying he was not vain enough to sup|*?se that he alone w;ih ui?- unraeiion upontne occasion; sonic might iiavc come to seen nil hear bun?many, no doubt, to -< r >itie] converse with the mans of blooming baauty . before liiin. and perhaps not a few to indulge their iin.ictit'-.* with "II the Rood things which had been >1 roil In loro them, and c^ictiHllv to partake of a 1'iirt of lm friend Bcniamitt's white short-homed virgin hrilVrr, which had coat six hundred dollars, lie s,ndie nt the heavy ih-bi of gratitude hr owed Kentucky. and n!so spoke of glorious little RJiodo Nland. which State, he said, had nlways sustained him when hie name had horn before the people? " ivo a short sketch of hie life ftom hie boyhood until Ins first entry Upon the jmliticnl slugi . Me reviewed thr ne-tion-of currency, tariff Intid luil, Src. tVr., look ii|> the different charge* which had been made against himself, and especially the charge of ambition. Ills defence w as elootient, tdde, ant! conclusive to the whir*. He alluded to the actions and conduct of the leaders ol the democratic party? aid their course had inflicted n heavy blow upon the eon?iitntion, and ii mWained would eventually overthrow it. Ilis pi rnration was an address to the wings; and h'-rc, for ten minutes, his eloquence, si-em to electrify all present. It wssa mighty. n. grand, n magnificent cflbrt. His whole soul and rieantu mitul seemed to have Im.-n wrought tip and hi c-d for the mighty effort. His upeerh after two hours and a half is closed, lad yuti ever hear the report from a hntt- ry id forty-two pounders I Did yon ever hear the artillery of Heaven dining a West. India ? tonn ! If you never did you have twtconceputn of the shouts of the tnightv masi of people Bcpore him. 1 intended to have taken down the whole ipei'rh and scut it to you, but the position I occupied, ind f hej best I could get. was such as to preclude IV from attempting to do so. I saw a gentleman akin^ it down on the stand, and it will no doubt he ilt'illellfMl. The Nfnriil waa occupied by diatinfui?hed Kenuc-k<arix. andcommittee* ?ent from Indiana. Ohio, ind Mi - >uri, to rejire?ent them upon the orrnatnn die number preaent hn* lieeit '-Miniated variously rotn twelve to twenty thousand. Aft'rdinnrr 1*0 rt Inudx of frr-h meat* were distributed to tho inor Mesmerism ixnow ail ilia rage. A niimherni < nr roung men have ink* n no the wiener ?? urn. md havr performed wonder*, li i* ?aid that Col' nel * magnetised n home yesterday. All nurrhurche* ire in a calm The Rev. Mr. Winlhrop has been anociatrd with Rev. |)r. Friahback, a p**tor of lie large rkurcli on Water afreet The constituent* of the I Con Tom Mar-liall uiv lesrinnin* to *rnwl lone anil deep. I'leam whiwr > hint that they aav hi* place i? at ihe eupilnl? thy i>- in among the miasm* too off en, and they want hi* iifentinn to tlieir petition* ^ent on in inference to >ur hemp and ha**in?. The siiumier is hark ward; a <<>ol apru t " 'ill in renns, yet the crop* look profiiem*. There i? a "weyy promi*rumr*" excitement aa to lie authoroi the letter* from T-exington. My enuam md myself would have n<> objection to pl.n irg our eat natnea to the communication*, were it no? thai i would vex many to find they were *o timMnkcn in i-ir ''pinions a* to the author. Iwt aav. however. rm n i? not m ot w u , or th? m. i vith the bin whvkera, nrtther n ii J C , ervoy mdy cUe suaprctvd. '( 'II the (><>M mahterato wnd yourd .i!y u?nio r?;uhrlv: iin'esMt arrive* we fir el that *e nave failed n having our brrakhtat. Huor>** to your p*|?r an i lealth and prosperity to von mm! your finnlr 5A'

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