Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1842 Page 3
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ANd rilAMMACV wish it to he distinctly itnderstod thai they hare no connexion whatever with an incorporated compauy of Apothecaries denominated the "New York College ot Pharmacy-'?a (act sufficiently evident trom the diirereace in the titles ol the two Colleges. Neither can the " College of Medicine and Pharmacy" be connected with any other corporate hody, as inch, 111 this country The great object of the College is to Introduce a new era in M .dical Science in this country btr correcting the errort and abuse*, alike of legal and illegal practitioners, as they We termed, and that can only Ik- accomplished by pars* ing that entirely independent course, on which the "Col lege of Medicine and Pharmacy have entered. By order of the College, W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. Priucipai Office of the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, SI7 Nassau street?June 33, 191-1. (W- EXTRACT OF A LETTER FROM THE REV DrSamuel H. Cox, now ot Brooklyn. Nrw Yo??, Feb. 13. Dear Sir?In conformity to promise, 1 write to inform vnn that the nreserintion seems thus far to have done real t{oo<l to my daughter. Hitherto it ha? done her more good than any other application crer will. Extract ofa communication froin Thomas VV. Olcott, Esq., President of the Mechanics' h Farmers'Bank, Albany, dated? Aim"*. March IT. Dear Sir?I received in due course, and return you my thanks for ) our esteemed favor of the 1-th instant. West s Chlorine Cosmetic fully answers your recommendation, and it gives me great pleasure to hear testimony to its healing qualities My two youngest sons had been afflicteJ with eruptions aud sores lrom head to foot for some time, and the inveteracy of their disease seemed to battle all attempts at its recovery, until we npplied the Cosmetic received from you, which appears to have performed a perfect cure, to render success more certain, we have this day purchased anothurhox. Wishing this ointment to beexsensivelv known, as I know it to be really useful and that my fellow-townsman, Mr. West, may be rewarded by a patronage as liberal as it is desert ed. 1 remain, most respectfully, tours, Sic. THOMAS W. OLCOTT. The above is but a small part of the testimony in favor ol West's remedy for Salt Rhuum and Tetters, which ma> bo found at Comstocks, 71 Maiden Lane, and we advise its use by all those afflicted. HQ-A NEW THING UNDER THE SUN.?Dr. Fleming's Medicated Candy, for diarrhoea, and all liowel complaints, is an article worthy the trial of all persons uiflicted with those diseases It has never been known to fad hi performing a cure. His Worm Candv is a total extermivxotor M'AIWv.o its k I 1,nml .wl.slfo Uto ninnoe Tonic Candy is universally approved of by all who have used them, for costiveneM, indigestion, fullness, or disiress after eating, heartburn, &c.; and his Cathartic Candv is one of the best physics ever ottered to the puhli*. F'or sale, wholesale and retail, at 133 Nassau street. Agents: 140J and 1*3 Bowery; 79 Fulton street; 3a 8th Avenue; 'J4'J Greenwich street; 103 Thomson; and 76 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Hurrah, hurrah t?proved at lust ! WE CUT THE FOLLOWING FROM A FILE of papers to prove our statement of the article, that it will really make the hair grow, stay its falling, cure dandrull'; and we need not tell the public that r. Jones is proprietor ofthe Italian Chemiral Soap, so famous for cleaning had skin and all eruptions. From the New Voik Tribune, January, 1841. " We see that Judge Edwards, of Philadelphia, u msn over 70 years of age, the top of whose head was as bald us the palm of one's hand, two months since, has now fine dark hair growing fast, from the use of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia." From the New York Sun, December, 1841"A young gentleman, a friend of ours, living iu Bleecker street, and well known in Wall street, was attacked with lever?the hair on the top of his head was dried oft-the sides were covered with red rnsty dry hair, filled with dandruff?he lias now a beautiful head of hair; from the use of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia." Sold very reasonably, by T. Jones, Perfumer, sign of the American Eagle, sj Chatham street, New York. (0(7- MEANNESS IN PERFECTION?We have labored lor years in making a reputation for a valuable remedy for the Piles by the name of Hay's Linement, when some renegade w ho makes his living by counterfeiting mediciics, his, without a shadow of a right, stolen the nnme and is trying to vend some mixture on the reputation of our true Hay's Liniment,to which no other one has any claim hut such as attained by rascality. Some equally contpmptable puppv has counterfeited our splendid wrappers for the Balm of Columbia to restore the Hair or preserve it if fallihgAiH'. Honest men are cautioned never to buy either of these articles, unless they i.avcour nanu s uponfthem. COM8TOCK 4i CO., Wholesale Druggists, 71 Maiden Lane. As the counterfeits are spread over the city, buy only at 71 Maiden Lane or you will be liable to imposture, or injury. FAIR.?Previous to the dedication of the French Catholic Church, in Canal street, several French ladies have resolved to hold a fair in it to aid the funds for its completion. There will he a great variety of elegant, curious and useful articles in exhibition and for sale. The occasion will afford an opportunity ot seeing the interior of the building, which is beautiful. And there can be but little doubt that tho 7.eal of these ladies will be justified and approved by the generosity of a liberal public. Who is there possessing a taste for literature, that will not rejoice at having amongst tut a temple of religion, in which the language of classic France will be the ordinary medium of instruction 7 PRO BONO PUBLICO.?The extraordinary novelties and attractions put forth at the American Museum, may tiirly he said to be for the public good. A large portion of the public are daily gratified with a view of the interior arrangements of this establishment, and n still larger portion enjoy, free gratis and for nothing, the magnificent balloon ascension which tokes nlar.o ever,- nio-Gt (..? o'clock from the garden on the topof the Museum. This is positively the last week of the wonderful Signor Blit?., also of the Industrious Fleas. Miss Ilosalie, La Petite Celeste, and others perform, and experiments in Animal Magnetism are made. The wonderful fortune telling Wipsey Girl eontlnues to astonish all who consult her. (fiT- CHATHAM THF-ATHF-.?This theatre, which is umiuoationably the coolest and liest regulate 1 of a.iy in the city, presents nightly a brilliant array of beamy and fashion. The elogant Josephine Clifton draws crowds of admirers. Mho appears to-night as Julia in the Hunchback ; which by many is considered her chej d'om-rr. The after piece is the drama of False Colours. City Despatch Pout, 40 Wlt-I.IAM Strkkt. Prisc ir*i. Orricr.?Letters deposited before hull-past S, half-past 19, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 0, 1, and 4 o'clock. Br inch Orricts?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 9 o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OREIG. Agent. MOSKY MARKET. lYidiirtdn)-, Jnne !4*3?0 P, M. The Stork Market has been a good dual improved to. day, and price* have generally gone up?Harlem improved lj; Mohawk 1; Long l*lan I J; Illinois j; Indiana 1; Farmer?" Loon declined .> per cent. The failure* among merchant* continue numerous, and buaino** generally ic exceedingly dull in all in department*. The (tato of business is sensibly felt by the banks, which have lost the most profitable part of their business, consisting of the deposits of the small dealers about town. AVe apprehend that near three-fourths of the business dc rived from the deposit* of thatclassof dealers has eeased to be. Tho business of the dealers is confined in o great measure now within their own capitals, and they no longer percaivc the necessity of keeping bank accounts. As their means accumulates in thoir tills, it is disbursed for such goo ls as is necessary to make good their stock. They have ceased to depend upon banks for facilities, ami hence the whole ceremony of deposites chock drawing, See. he. is dispense ! w ith in * great measure. This is a natural and healthy operation of the progress ot the cash system The stagnant stateol trade is the necessary result ol the change going on from the hank credit system to tho cash system of dealing This latter will grow steadily and gradually as tho increased productive wealth of the country gives to its producers the means of procuring other articles in exchange. Our merchants are oppress. .1, because their assets arc due lrom persons who cannot pay, unless they can derive the mcaus from banks. The banks can no longer grant those means and prrserTe cash payments. Those who have sold goods on credit will not get tholr pay. The business hereafter to be doac must be predicated on the actual wealth of the interior, and to get this business, exerti'.n must lie made. Boston has put*foith her energies, an.! is already enjoying a large business The July interest due in thi* city on the Kentucky Slate debt has been forw arde.l by the Commissioners of the Ainking Fund. The progress o. the project for the assumption of the State debts may he seen in the follow ing paragraph lrom the National Intelligence! " Among the present visitors to our city is Mr. do an eminent English hanker, who is received on all hands with the respect and regard due to hi* character and lnl standing at home. The hopeful protect for making the industrious nav the items of the extravagant will scarcely *uccee?l. Should it .lo so, these United State* would become but a province of Great Britain, and Lord Ashburton a Viceroy, with absolute pow erof the property over the peopln. > The banks of Cincinnati refuse any longer to take any daacription ol fund* but sperie'and city bank note* in payment of debt* or on deposite. The Ohio country and Indiana bank note* are at a discount of 2 per cent for *perie, nod excbiuigeat a piemininof 4 percent. The resolutionof lie banks will purify the currency of Cincinnati, and reduce ? very thing to the specie standard. The prophecies of Mr. Bi bile are rapidly in progre sol fulfilment,and the "Penitentiary i* claiming it* own." In New Jersey an} indictment was found by the Grand Jury against F.. K. Biddle, Vice President of the Morris Canal and Banking Company, for a misdemeanor, in Appropriating funds entrusted to him, tor lus own u*e. Mr. Bid-lie snrrendaped himself, and appealed to the Supreme Court, where ho designs to defend the indictment. The money used by Mr. Biddle and Mr. Lord, brother ol Kleasor Lord President, at 16,000 of that expensive bubble, the F.r,o Rail Rosd, was in the prosecution- of anthraciti iron work in the Mits of Pennsylvania, a speculation that 11| mi ii i i imi i i |--n?r . ,1< a-i Ou'fnot by Nichols* Biddle iE?l'andjn; support of vhich that celebrated individuall?ome|yeara since madi it public dinners many patriotic speeches in relation to Un eric an industry, and forcibly explained why Ameitcan nterprise should be encouraged in preference to others .specially in the article of iron; however patriotic talk and. lowing speeches did no! answer for skill in manufacturing, nor did paper inflations facilitate economy in production; und notw ithstanding the enormous protection that business lias enjoyed, the speculation foiled, the funds ol 'he Morris Canal Company were lost, and the reckless iperator is indicted for the misuse of the funds with whir' u? was entrusted by the company. We may look back a little at the events which led to this indictment. In 1--3T when the Morris i 'aual t 'ompauv was newly organist under the Presidentship of Mr McLane, F-. R. Biddle he ame a director of the class whose time w is to expire in Ifl-M. In the progress of events, ami us the Morris Canal became more intimately connected with the United States Bank in its stock transactions. Mr. E. R. Biddle became President of the institution, ami F.dwin Lord, brother ol Eleazor Lord, Pre.-idi uiof the Eric Hail Iload, w as Vice President. Messrs. Biddle and Lord, about the same time became interested in some iron works in Danville and Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania. In the former place they snvMB tnrce lumaces lor me maiiiiiartiiri' ol jug iron, anil at the latter u rolling mill. These movements promised to he lucrative, from the method of making iron by the use of anthracite coal in 'elation to which a good deal of excitement was nt that time felt, and Nicholas Biddlc, Etq. addressed several public meetings on the subject, settint nh ilsgrcat advantage* in a pecuniary and political point of view. Mr. E. R. Diddle, being then w ithout property, on his ussumpt'on of tho duties of President, moved to this city, took a house in Waverly place at a rent of jdJOO, which w as furnished at an expense of fv<000. To carry on the iron works, the next step was to borrow of the Morriit'anal Company f.130,000, for w hich bonds were given payable in iron. This sum furnished the capital with which the iron speculation was conducted, for the profit of Messrs. Biddle and Lord on the funds of the company oter w hich they presided as officers. The bonds of Bt Idle were given to the State of .Michigan as part security for the balance of I he $0,000,OOP taken by the Morris Canal and made over to the U. 3. Bank. The failure of the Morris Canal, and the difficulties which surrounded it last summer, led to the ap]ioiiitnient of an investigating committee, composed of Messrs. U. \V. Fish and Kenny, of Newark, and James B Murray, who was the European agent ol that famous coacern the North American Trust and Banking Company, a fact of which the Hon. Joseph Hume, M. P., is well uware. The progress of the investigation developed mo?t of the tacts as vtuted above, ami accordingly the direction wrote to Messrs. Biddle and Lord, requesting them to resign. Whereat those gentlemen waxed exceedingly indignant and very wrath. They denied the legality of the proceedings, and refused to vacate. Nicholas Bid.lie, Esq. then came to this city in the fore ]>nrt of October, to remonstrate, ami to endeavor to gi t tip a counter investigating committee, but tvas unsuccessful. On the 16th of October the Dhectors had a meeting, and by vote turned out both Mr. Bidille and Mr. Lord. On the same day Mr. Biddie's furniture, at No. JO Washington squat e. Wnverly |dace, was partly sold at auction. Messrs. Diddle and Lord being thus ejected, published a card in the New York Courier and Enquirer, wherein thej promised to make public a full history of their transactions with the company?a promise, however, which they have never kept; but the Grand Jury, it seems, will now save them the trouble. It isa great point gained when unfaithful otlicers oj monied institutions can be brought to answer for their stewardship. If persons who entrust their money in companies would take care that the otlicers did their duty and draw no money from the institution e\ccpt the salary to which they are entitled, a large proportion of the losses and defalcations would be prevented. How many institutions are there now in Wall street governed by arrogant but absurdly incompetent men, whose purse-proud arrogance seems to increase in tho inverse rati* of their inefficiency ! These men surreptitiously make use of money which does not belorg to them, and on that mereti icious character for wealth, assumu the most ridiculous pretensions to financial wisdom. Sales at the Stork Kirhunge, Sl.WOiN York 7 11 cl.181!) Mil1, 2., do do -13',' 2.000 New York 6'?,1802 'Ilk, 300 do l'atrrsou ltR In,II 61 0, 1100 Kentucky 6'? G6 *J do Stoniiivlon Rlt 17 6,110(1 Illinois li s, 11170 1)00 211 >, 37 d.. Hulna KH l!!1 i 4,000 do do esn 20'4 26 do do esb IS'10,0011 do do :O0 20 .60 do do csli IK1., 1,000 lutlmis S's _ 2?s4 Iim) do do esh I') I.uwi <I" nil z j .vi ii.i <Io bin 19 1(1 slia* Del K.i.l r?li (19 25 du ilo *3 l:i% 50 do il.i sl.5 R!) VI do da bid 19 I'i do Bim'j Si Uiov lik 90 125 tin ilo lfl\ 25 do Kurmi'iV I.nan 2H loo tin iln Jil 18% 25 ilo il.i 1?I5 27% VI iln .In 18% 30 .In ilo 27 100 do ilo VI 19 4.i iln do 2tl'i 150 do I,.nix 1.1 Hit 49% 35 do \l ln?k Hit 43% .VI iln ilo ?KI VI 25 do do all) 42% IlKi do do .3 49% 5 do do 43% 19 do Nepluue Ins Co VI 25 do do iiw 43% Second llonnl. 25 slias .Moliawk RK 43 JO do Ilarlrni Kit 19% 25 do do 1.20 4:1% Km do do 19 25 do do 130 42% UJ) do do >3 19 fltate of Trade. There is no material rliiinire in any of the markets. Al aurtion the following sale has taken place Terms?Ninety dajs over If I (Hi, approved cndorscJ notes. Majeiras-Pearsall's at fft.50 per bottlo . Watson 4.12J, Craifc 3; Waliol)3 ; Kirby 2.76 ; Coles 1814, 3.2ft; do 1900, 4 .50; do 181 A, 9.4(1; do 1819, 1.9ft; A W Lawrence 2; Juno 1.05; Pouonia 1.44; Canton, snperior, 1.50; March Sc Benson 1.50 per dozen ; Braham 10.n0 a I4.A0; Sercial 12 a 13, Green Seal 7; Blackburn 9, Kduards 7; Eclipse 40 a 41; Gordon 1801, 19; Edgar I LAO per dozen. Sherries?Yriarte Pale $8 40 per dozen; llomano 8.25 a 10; Krancia 13.50; 1 i.cries 11.60; Tost Sherry 9 per bottle; Pale Mountain 5.75 a 6.95 p r dozen. Port f>4 a 6 per dozen; Lnlitte Clarette 11.75 a 14; Souterne 4.45; Metloc 3.2ft; Cole's Brandy 13; Peach do 1.50 pr Bottle; Lynch do 13.60 per doz; Cognac do H.ftO a 11 ;8rotrh Whiskey 3.7ft per demijohn. In Cotton?822 bales New Orleans and Upland were taken ful sliinmimt (n llav re a) **l r.n(. oil moo.: ti.? krt has (inhibited rather more buoyancy, yet transactions ilo not discover any improvement in prices. The sales for the three days, of which a . nsidcrable portion were for exjiort, include 2150 bales of Upland and Florida, at 5] n 9| cents ; S00 Mobile, 6 a 91; and 300 New Orleans, 0 a 10, together 3200 bales. Naval Stores?Sales Spirits Turpentine at 3*2 a 33 Cents, 4 months. Oils?IsOO bbls Whale sold at 32 cents, ca>h. 2500 gallons Knglish linseed sold tit 79 a MO cents, cash; 1500 at 9-2J, on time; and 1000 best American, so cents, cash. There is nothing doing in Olive or Sperms. By auction, 400baskets inferior Olive sold at $'2.31 a '2.75, cash.*) Provisions?The talcs of Beef and l'ork continue quite moderate at previous rates. The shipments of Lard, mostly to Marseilles, since the first of January will probaldv exceed MOO tons. Smoked shoulders sell at 9J cents; Tickled Hams, 34. and Bacon Sides 3 cts ; Buttpr and Cheese are almost without demand. Rice?Piices have a downward tendency. Misrrlrd. On the 90th instant, by C. S. WooJhull, F.sq.. Tiir.oviitLi/t Ctrir, of Philadelphia, to C*th*aixK C., daughter of Leonard Van Hocsen, of this city. Dies!. # On the 22d instant at his residence 33ti Water street, Jons ! Ilia friends are requested to attend the funeral, this (Thursday! afternoon, at 3 o'clock. On the 22 I instant, in the forty second year of her age, Fiiscii. wifeof John S. Simmons. The relative and friends of the deceased and o' the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral (without further notice) from ism Kim street, on to-morrow (Friday) morning, at nine o'clock. On the 31st instant, Ai.i xaisdi h Cmhsis, aged 3 years and 10 months. At Orcat Barrington, Mass.. on the 17th instant, ftvnvii Snr i: vvnno, age 1 Hi. daughter of William an I l.ydia Sherwood, Ol thisrity. On the 2?3d instant, 0?.oai.?. Farm sn x, ebb it child of l Henry a" ' Sarah K. ( tiniiiiigham. and grandsou of the lateO. F. Van pell, in the sixth year of hi* age. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral this afternoon at ft o'clock, from 17 Laurens street. On the rv ening of the -21st instant, of cou-um;d.on,alter a long and serious sickness, Ci.smim T-, wile ol Jam' v \1. i Waterhouse,and daughter ol the late Samuel U Ti'-iehlj aged *27 years. Passi-ncirs Arrived. Monti >ini o? Bjii! Uiinitmi?Rev Wm II \,,iri., I , i inn wrfSW; Fr*n< i? !. land, Inly, 4 . hildn n Ml I <1 , v*nt; Rnfuv Pal, n, VI..1 M AriiiIm. Xnr.ctHO?Brig Slrmmrr?R A Kn.hy. Sw wi vh?Brie Eirrl-W I. .I>tree, I> !> a,. I m .. . hildr< n; Mrv Panon* and >n, Mr? Waldl.urg, Mk ii Dirkin. M ii'KIl, S-irr, VVilili.iue. Menu, W.dlt. r, Jr, Hm.w, f r?dy ?3 ill th'- ttnragr. Foreign Importation*. MoRTCVioro?Biill I.rviualon?101 liidn 93 balra ?.ml 13.1a 37 mi. k? Ini. Bvrrliy St I.i. iiu'it"!!?119 liil.j m.lvi- W WD. Forret St rn-''.:tI l,,.l. , I Pain. All. mo?Brig Siftn;. r? lit) Wh?l M ..4, St I Innniry ?S cli 1 Birlx lu. v i.?. I St T L lurir. Dumi Htlr Import nt Inn*. "*r tn*ti[?Briu Kr. rl? Jtf, balei e.illon O Collin*?I2i Vie* ISurltvein?| ht Hohiiivoti, l'rili St i n? 1 trunk BirrUy St ltr?ta?to.t-| bx T J Vent-Mil. MARITIME HERA I.I >. '"? Mhlp Mnatera. " * (*T"rj.,|f enDtniu* of arm It nmrin. nr.: r1'/:: w. a. kw,u, ?r ....r n..,, report of the hipping left >t (hr lloll ,.1.,.,,.. ih.-v ?nl. .1 ihr rcit.-U i|>nkrii ..n ti.e.r i 1;., } ., ' y fnr..nrii ...? ,n ,i..? f ' * Hot of il.rir rargo, and am srvo^Tut: wivr,v on fe; .* To Correapondent* Abroad. 0,,r<;'>rrc?p<, 're rripeclfully rrgne.lerl j rojend hj .YetvTj.arl all tba marine iat*lli*.acr tfi"vrln obtain. Niuii. i! information. iy|, ?#y |,jn(i )ri)_ * *" tiding it (I lUie r.r ibr ?d*, will Kr thankfully r?-.,.vrd FORT OF HEW YORK, JlTHE *3V 1***. h'H ftliKt 4 32 1 moo* C 20 Utv 7 ?8 I HIGH W4UI 9 9 ci? i*r?d? Ship* Howard. (II bur*) 'sulaen, I tmburg, Schmidt At Balchen: New Vorl?. > Brrmi a) Hard* Bremen, Oclrich* Ac Kruger; Nonna, Ban i. Havana, Mosc* Taylor; Counti lotion, liSrjNeill, Our bee, H Thompson; Oconee, Jackson. New Orleans, Edw K Collin* Ac Co.?Brie I'u.iui!, lTlmer, Tnoinaston, John Oi?de<u.?Hrlui Sarah, Wallace, J&emel, l)e Psyrter k Whitinarsh; A Lownils, Prnuiaton, Baltimore. A B Cool 1 ni# iline. To v lor, Wilmington, N< , Mary, Edwards, Kichmond. A B Coolry Ac Co; Phebe Kli/i, Oaboru. Alrxandria, DC, Oscar, Biker, Boston. Arrived, Genoese bark Orbit.i, A ii i Marie, G2 days from Oeuoa, wifh fruit, Ace. to order. Bug Leimgtou, from Buenos Ayr*.. Apnl 18, and Montivideo 28th. with hide*. wool. Ait. to B trcU) Ac Livingston.? Vessels leil at Buenos Ayref before n d Left at Montrvideo, ship Helen Mar, uno: hark Pone* , for Philadelphia, I or 2 days; Hardin*. dug; Africa, do; Klizalx th. do and others not recollected. 9|>oke 13 th itut 1st 26 21. Ion Gil 21, brig Eclipse, I7day? out for Gmuliliupt; 2|at, lit J*? It, 1 ju72 46, schr rilgrim, Dodge, 6 days from Boston for Alt < indria?encountered i severe gale on the 19th, in which her otilv boat was loat. Brig Stranger, Brcvonr, D days In v. \i? cibo, 1 K. with sugar, to master. Left brigs Li*bou. for Boston, 3 days; Commerce, fr un Baltimore, just an; Eric, for do, same day; schr Eliza Meserole, do do. Brig Excel, Shaptcr, 6 .lavs from Sav?un?h, with cotton, to Sturges At Clearniatt. Bailed in co. with b.ult I/i Grange, Porter for NVork. Schr R. Tomlin, Maud, 6 days from Sr. Johns, EF. with pine lumber, to E. Atwater?15 passengers. Ld scni Panama, foi i niladt 1| lo , ready. Schr Mail, < Aiwell, 3 days from Ilvitford, with indse?bound to Philadelphia. Schr Triton, Francis, 3 days from Hartford, with mdse, to III I ? r r-1 Sailed. ?iup KuHkcIl ('lowi, LivcriNKil, and other* Whiilrinni, Air it Sai; Harbor, Juiu J7. Gem .'!) ?\ - from Sf Heirm, I3??0 l?M# oil, 18.000 lb* bone. Re|>orw Mircli VI. lat 43 50 S, Ion 61 10 E, Eugene, Si<?niiurton. Coo 1?M > oil. Ari at Plymouth Juue 10, James Monroe, Hay of Mexico, 170 bhls Hp oil. An at New Bedford June 20. lima, from W.indium A?r Atlau tic < > an si.11 has Fndi iefc. ni ific Sailed from Warren June 12, North America, f??i the Indian Ocean. Sailed from Nantucket June 17, Thnle, for the Pacific Ocean. Sailed Irom Table Bay March 21, Tuscamra, C8. having repaired. On OiT Shore Or.mud iu Jan. Lexinaton, Nantucket, Ilu?i bbl* oil. Heird from in Jan. Hero, Nantucket, f)0 sp; In Nov. Phenix, do, 66(1 >p, hound wr t. Spoken. Tuppanooly, from New Haven for Bail idoes June II, 1*1 33 40, Ion 71 10. I' ui ei^n Pot ts. Pit top, June 2? Old China, Philadelphia. Ql KB EC, Juue 10?Arr Europe, Cadiz: I7lh, Lord Oakley, Boi le.iux; Wear, Newcastle: 17th, Maria, Bordeaux; Rainbow, do; Elizabeth &t Catharine do; Ynyaituer, do; Henry, Montrose; Iodine, Sunderland; Trade, Se.irbourgh; Chietain, Larue; Onyx. Dublin; Industry, NYork; Amity, Lisbon. Cld 17th, Ma.;nei, Porto Rico; John, Liverpool; Dahlia, Plymouth; Po ruona, Leith; Llovds, Southampton; Triton, C irdigan; Ann Elliott, London: Welslord, do; 18th, Pna>ei vativr, Belfust; Curlew, Sunderland; Kldon. Newport; Wm Sc. .Man . Colchester: Countess of Durham, Bristol; Acadia, Liverpool; Sou i is, Dunlin; Sarah, Aberdeen. Month*: ai , june 18?chi Alex tndiiiia, Kock*hire, Ituni, and 1 it?li iii Chief, Liverpool. Caaf Hattii"n, June 10? Sid Rowetia, Baltimore. Iu port, Oralloo, for Philadelphia, next day. bi enos ayri *, nf.?v i?in |K>;t, Telunudi, Gliddeit, for n. York, mi**; Dromn, Pirk? rim;, from S-tlem, for Boston, 6 ?b; Three Brothers, for Stlein, 10; Amazon,%Wedge, from and for Baltimore, 8th; Oiwem, Gr< n, fin and for Beaton, same day; Delta, Marchant, do, 4th; Thetis, Saunders, for sale; Africa, for Boston, unc. Tlu Hiram, for Boston, sld April 30. Newport, Wale-, June 'I?In port, Parthenon, for Baltiim re, about 15th. Ari M ?y 27, Henry, Havre. Antwerp, June 1?In port, Albree, for New York, iu 8 or lti days. IjKcjhorn, May 25|?In imhI, Pilot, di?t{, to load for Boston; Due d'Orle.ins, for N York, soon; Backus, lor do, or PliiUdelphia, Idj; Macon, do do; (>,tn^rfrom Oran, suppnxud for N York. Gi.noa, May 2'J?1 ti port, Be\ is, expected to proceed to L?'g* horn. Kino Georoe's Soi'nd, NH. Jan 26?In port, Grotius, lot Swan River, next day. ( tilted St atrh Poi'tx, Portland, June 10?Arr Isidore, Hebron, and Jane, NYoik. Shi 2Mli, Oxford, Turks Island; Mary Pease, Trinidad; Daina?cu -, Chaileston. Salem, June 20? Cld Gaze lit*. Martinique. Boston, June 21?Arr Kate Thompson, Cape Il.iytien. Signal for 2 shins, 1 brig, I schr. Cld Uncle Sam, Pic ton; Desdt morn, NOrlaans; Josephine, do; Manhattan, NfYork; Pequot, do. Air 20th, Peru. Philadelphia; ('ornelia. do. New Bedford, June 20?Arr Meullue, Richmond; Company, Ajwlachieola. Shi Hcinrich, Bremen; Law rence H Adams, Newport. Holmes Hole, June 17?Arr Sabine, NOrleans for Boston; Susan, do for Fredericksburg. Tarpaplin Cove, June 111?Arr Win M Rogers, Boston for Philadelphia; J Gorham, do do; W Garrison. fordo; ??, Lowell, Boston for Albany ; Nimrod, do do; Roe, do for Havre de (irasse. Arr 15th-, Henry Curtis, Boston for Albany; Trausunrt. do do: Cicero. Dennis for N York; R?on Ricelow. Briton for do. Arr 17tl?, Henry Newell, Bmiiimv icl. Me. for HnmbtirK; Jamas Ellin, Plymouth. NC. for Boston; Mary, Rappahannock for Portland; Louisa, Nantucket for Baltimore; Compliance, Boston for NYork; Roxaiio, NYork lor Portland. Arr l?th, Columbia, New buryi?ort for Velocity. Norfolk for Boston; Brilliant. for NCarolina; M bze, NYork for Portland; A Lawrence, Boston for NYork; H^nry Chase, dodo. Arr 20th, Tallmadgc, Eastporf for Phila Jdpliia. Sid Henry Newell, J Gorham, \V Garrison, W M Rogers, Compliance, H Chase, Roe, and others. Providence, June 20?Arr Alexander, Mobile: Mettniora, NYork; Extra, do. Cld Zenobia, Turks Sid Or ray Tart. Charleston; F A Tupper. Baltimore; J W Errickson, Philadelphia; Tecumsch, NY'ok. Fall River, June 18?Arr Carolina, Wilmington, NC; Hector, Roiulont; W.ive, Apaiachicola. Wickforo, June 17?Arr Advance, Albany. Sid lilth, Convent, Norfolk; 10th, Kmilv, NYork. Bristol, June 20?Shi 18th, Savannah. Hamburg. Arr l')ih, Sally, Alhauy. Sid Patino.-, NYork; Hope, Norfolk. Sbl frn below. Emigrant, Atlantic Ocean, and a brig and two schr* fm Providence. New York, and Arion, which sailed JC?th l??r New York, returned yeilerday on account of head winds and thiek weather, and sailed t?w tin thi morning. Newport. June 20? Sid T. all, Alban. . Vigilant, Chcrlea, Rienzi.and Herald. N York. Philadelphia, Ju.> 22?A . Lord M Utoue, Lotidond?rrv; Globe, Pernainbuco; Cora, Mnaciiho; I'dm, Boston; Orb, N York. Cld Ariel, Per hiiiImico and a inkt; Mt tamora, Odron, Planet, Jane, Brilliant, ami Only Sou, Boston; Star, Bath; Planet, do; Lenity, Providence; Rob Roy, Norwich, Ct; Oneeo, Newport. Arr in the Schuylkill, New York, NYork. Baltimore. June 20?Arr Rowena, Cape Ihytirn; John Ah lyne, Stvar.nali?on lite 14th itist. at 12 M. about 2i miles EN E of Tybee Light, fell in with and boarded the wreck of sloop Emeline, Chad wick, from Mobile for Boston, ami succeeded in liking therefrom the i>a*semt?:rs, (live in number) c.intain and crew, 6 bales of cotton, anchors, chains, sails, Ike. Sid Henry Shelton, Havre; Carribean Baib.?d?>c-. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. n^HF.SE far-famed and celebrated Pills, Croin Portugal, are, 1 wiptnMve,tt be obtained ii thia cosatry. In orartiw inent on tie: last column of fourth page. in') is ni. JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON htt Tnnovtd his Consult two Office, to No. J Hfrald Building corner of Nmw ami Fulton street*. - 1 hfi ins c KTOTICE-41 'l'li Emerald Prote t Mutit ' Be?< it ?1 ha Benevolent Society of the S; ih ?. 1 New-York." The members of this Society at their last meeting, passed a resolution that they will meet in future on the second ai.d fourth Thursdays 111 each month. In conformity with this resolution, a meeting will be hehl this (Thursday) evening, at half past 7 o'clock, in the Apollo Rooms, 33 f'snal street,'for the |>eriiia> unit Ui?* of which an arrangement has b 11 made. JOHN ROBINSON' P..V up vnv u/inivcov c i???. H. THO.VIP8QN, St-c'ry*" " * P'o'tTLAR rKHibDli-Ai-S-l.is7jMiblishfd for lul.-Offir?. h8 Bowery.?God ey'a La*i>'? *)nolrt and Ladies' American Magazine, Edited by Mrs B.tmh J. TI\I??, Mr*. Lydit IfSicoumey, Morton McMichat I, and Louis A. (k)dey?EmWIlished with two beautiful steel engravings, and a plate of the f^hions, colored.?T? rnu, ?2 |>er annum in advance, or 2* cents a situ:lb nninlwi, published monthly. Graham'* Ladyi' and Uerttl?*tnau*i Maira/un*. taihellUhed with *v supe.b Mexxotnir t-n.-ruviiu; ?-n oe? I - mtifa! line engraving, and a plate of the fashi mis, colored "T"?ros, >1 (wr annutn in advance ; or 75 cu. i nin^lc numla., luhluheu monthly. The bati/i NVorld of Fashion, a Monthly Mayuuwof choice American Literature, einh-Hi*hi dailn fine meytotint engvavinc. and a plate ol the late*t Lond< n and Pan* K shion*. haiuLomrly colored. Terms, $9 i er annum. <-r !j;'v cent* ilnglf number,published novde ly, delivered 111 any par of this city and Brooklyn, and sent by m ill fn all mitt of the Uuitcd 'late* Mid th* C iiMdas, by it < Israel i ohi . b REGARD. ?Stolen t r. ir. the (*' be Hotel, K m N i x4, on the 20th or 21?t mat. the following descripion of money : F.'.hty.fiv dollars Smith Carolina, Thirt) *. ?e doll.os Alalian a, Forty ck II m in S.?v. reigns. jc2J It* (J% I f\A REWARD.?Lo*J. yesterday morning,, between 1"/V/ llndion sir. ef and Broadway, through Spring atm-t. a (socket book. containing about fdAOO in bills?S'lOfi \ erin nit money, SlfO Buffalo Commercial Rink, ?700 Km* liwurancc Co. Mtlwaukie, W. T. ; the remainder in lolls of sundry States. The finder will get the above rewaid by leaving tt at 282 Hadson-st. jo23 3t**r BE WATrHFl L "F YoUK HEALTH. 1 )K- BBANDRETH'R Office n uow27iii ivI * It from 27G. He rcipicsta his friend* to be r ireful I f?ti and impostor*, who ar>- an nous to dec iv< th-miis- , II mbi D 11 - ' tli Of 6 Bon jr2fl lin*c VI ()( Kl . <, t'; i:! - ?B twe# 10 an youn -* Bird . in rh- st "i I, ?!th and < omlition, for sale. Al >, I u ni " i ' in full * . All n ui mti d te I in i ht 1 thy condition. ApplyiU 4! Thomar-$t. jrWlw*r 'yo 0R04 I IIS KSO IM'.I UGIS 1 W I tion 1 w i lad 15 yea i ol Hte, of oncicejitioriablo character id Ir.hit in -' Oror# r, o T>r11k' S' If' vv ill In rxperird fo icidf vs ith h' - inn nt ili ilie lower p ot, ol the eily. AlG. R." at rf?e Herald Offin | NOTICE?Debts rent ratted by any of the crew of Briiiah b .. Ri dwing will i. H be \ li I b iptain i o m, in jell f |' <) \ F. BALES i f fentab b dri I . n wbn from their cohtinued sitting, t which their occu I ftttioue obligi I Item, an illrcted with native nets, which ivea ri?* i (>alpit itioii it tlo on I It h > ' th oi1. i< n. - mi of j h**avincus rxfrii 'in; oi er the whole head, intolerance of Ifvlit i and sound, n innhility of fining the attention to anv mental I ??( riiion* . rumbling in the bowels, sotacfiines a sen-e of rnflfbraiioii, i spr r ally after meals, vi hen iny ??v? rtion i u d, a? . in. ?)iii np airs; tvmner fickle; these are sympfoms u !., h . r Id at t" i lew d->;c? of B ui.lreth'? IMC TSu ( * i* ml it ' I fhn iit.idi. ine vv. i ld in i (1? il of fr? u- j hit-.old year* of iff ring. One, or two, or ereii three of the B andrefh Pill* just h? fore dinner, are -ft.-n found highly bentli< 111; many u?e them vrry advantagroiisly in this way; tiiey ai<I nid assist digestion, restore the Itowtds to a proper condi tiini, mlivrii the stiiriu, impart clearness to the comrdr-vion, purify 'lie hto?.d, and promote r, gem-ral fe? ling of health and happiness. a BKANDRETH S BILLH ire - Id af 2j reins |H*r hot. with directions, *i tlie foliow nig ^ e* in New York:? DH. BUANDRLTira PRINCIPAL OK KICK, < 211 Broadway. t B<?wery Office, 5278 Bowery. Ufi1/ Hudson street, and 17j Herond street. f TO BE Rh.MEMBKKKD? Tint there mustJiejij^m each _boi tl,r!*r fignafure , il.u ? II UHA.-NDKKTH, M. I). And three autnai irea, thin BKNJAMIN BRANbRKTII. ; Beiidea the labela arc lull ol' am ill printing Hone in red ink , ifwtc hew? on lite lalmla neatly three hundred impreayirin oi I Benjamin Brand reth'? Pilla. - I 1 I A. CfcffftN. importer of Reyan.No. 91 Na.t i-mi ?l I C Mnl-ntlv mi hand a general ftv.cilinftnt of il r hrat aim moot rh'ii' c brand II i " and Principe Si art, lw a I r of ' M tan7 u Scgaia, at $11 00* thooeand, ort* cent" a min li. I II will mecntc with mnmiitni-M all < rder* In may he favored a with, on the most wiwf irlotl leim. Ie$3 $t*c SI.KEI I OOL !!?The inlwriilwra are now n (and to illU'lv 'their custom' r< and tin puttie in mi neral w ill) their ? relehra?eil Han MalWM"ei. Bol?t<ri, PHIoWl, k"., at aecli low " prieeethnt all may enjoy llie Imury of al'-eping cool, and upon * rulM I'l the III nwhtf they will leel H |ier eeni beffer llian ahrr ilei'i iiur upon feallier?. Try, we >ey, try one of our m?ltre?ae?. and out w nrd for il ji.n will tieti-r * irh to uleep mi fe itliei again , in hot weathe r, at any lale | If P. St J. CiRATACAP, 1 t'plioletery and Pa|wr Hanging Warthrme, o j*212w#c So. 31 Mattle- !??? ' cttixat (,lass7 and 1:arTHENWARE. il^l I X ASTOR HOUSE. ' VSKNL'H PORCfcLAlN d :uncr ser i, r 1 , * While Oram* ' > fiirh or i |i > P ,rr. ) ,i,i T' 1 ft I W I)mncr Plau ! reach i' ,? < I un , < i dor.r i ,j Granite. blue. or whit*- I W Hotin ?* ? .. | Q, Krcnch porcelain, dor <>' ! Tea c?|s bih) aurrr?, IN piveri I j< i E.'lf cupa M 37 ' (it aft. Cut wtries, |K-r dozen, from 1 % ' Tumbler*, M M 2 im Lemonade* handled " t !' TABLE i'UTI r * <> <ti fiiu il >i< i' ripCioo mi m . . ...r, at iIm Ion , i il ... i . JiHtoirened a handsome Assortment of Toilet ware. H SIMPSON. N B r. i i!mUol Usptoo'i En < rntta for Un re I iefof deafness. jr22 lm*c DRAFTft'ON* IHETASTD S -! mount, drawn direr! on the K<>va) Built ol Ire and. Did i;? /?.. ?u- - i-. i- ' i.- J.... i r i. .. Giote, Antra Co., bank> r#, L-mdnu, wliic.h arc jiaid free ot di vomit, or any clurtre whatever in i vei y nroviuce ' nJ county, bf?id< |t)i the julatm tawm of Eoflmu Ireland fi ' in anil Wales, cm if ill t iocs ho Ivid o|> application to tbc sui ?cril>?r?. KOf'IIK BHOTHEK8 It Co. 35 Fulton Mr^? I, ntil d M>l I<1 I F It :i llBKi W'II.DKI:^ PATENT SALAMANDER FIRE PROOF '* SAFES 1 m intents of one of th ? Sifti btvi uevai been destroyed to fire th ughth y haft been expoeed to tht assault.* oi' thtt fiercest fiaines. The Public are RUM |u?iit:vrty a paired ev. n S,f lull'** run d liv Wild: i will equal t > an? thu halt* I> f( HI#.,!, They Ciii only be lnd ol" the authorised A. >, i tr : SILAS I . HERRING, New T-rh. J. W. STANTON kC.i., NVw Urban*. M.J. THOMAS 0 o., Alb my. f2l lwd U 1 ? SALISBURY, Troy. TR1SH BLACK M A Kill K?loo blocks ofvei : io blscl 1 Marble,thi ? at . ngo i Brttisl brig Red wine.firMn till way. lo, mIi by PERSSK * BROOKS, it M hi Lib* it v *t. t > 4 i' E TO, CARTMEN Phe eaitman who look tw< N 1 . tub 1 u I with , , i. (roaa the whan of Peck sh, ou Friday or Saturday l ist, is r? quested to call at I.V* M ,i<h n Lant j#l7 lw*e pi! >tOORATH!C OR-DAGUERREOTYPE 1 IK F * NESHES.?Mr. E. WHITE, ot* No, 176 Broadway, ojiu Howard** Hotel, has largt nd conreuient room*, where lie dailv devote* bis attention to taking likenesses by tb?* above simple but beautiful and accurate process. The whole tune required for the completion of a true and certain likeues* doea not eicefd jux or seven minutes, and his method of practicing ilie science i. ?f such n p culi ir chiract? i that it cannot be obstructed, even 1 v the most cloudy or rainy weather. E. W. llattersliinxelf that he can produce at hi* rooms some of the nio-' magnificent specimen* of Daguerreotype Portraits taken by him to ,t hiv?- evr been executed since ih? discovery of the K. W. keeps constantly for si'e the nio ! .improved Dtjffri'eO* type Anparatuj, Plates, L-113, Miuiatui" C?ue?, Polluhing Materials, 6t'\ N. B.?In?tructii s will be given mth Photographs art at E. W.'iRoom, 175 Broad way jelA lav*e pOMP PROLLER'S SALE OK STATE SJ tlbKsSlate of New-Ymk, C\?tli''iroller's Odir ?The Albirirr. ? B ik, ot.I th BUiK of Oleai bavin failed t pay tin ii eirculat liu notes upon demand at th ir i.-q^ctiv. bank in ; house^, is required by the act entitled "An act m authorize the business of banking," p.v.<.d mth Aorii, I '*.?.! to i.deem the s.*tnv at their sev* r.tI iv.e!?<*ie* in f lit ci i? s of Neiv Yoik or A!batiy. a* required b\ the act entitled " An act relatin g to tin redempt ion of bank note*," passed lilt May, 1810?N. -tice is there}.ir* In rehy give* , that the State Stocks held by the Comptroller is si emit) tor the circulating notys of said honks, or So much thereof is it hatlh deemed ? xpedieiit to n.11, will b- old at the Merchmtk Exchange in the city of N? w i'o.k, ou Saturday, the'Jd July next, at l^^clock, M? to wit: Km tin Alleg.i'iy Count . Bink?Stock account. 5 certificate* hid. int 6 ner ot. (Iiiterinl improvement) srocl;, l?dV Lt July for sltM'il r.teli, ^iOuO Stock md Heal Estate account. 5 crrtith-ates Lidi til a 6 per emu. ( improaoiu nt) stoek, pay. Ut July, 186:1, for SUKHI each. S'jtJfO S.Ahk) New York 5 |i*r cent. (Erie eul.uxemcnt) stock, pay. IH66. . SMUki Kor the Bitik of Ole in?Stock account, lem.ificale Indiana 6 jh r ct. (internal improvement) stock, pay, 1st July 1851, foi 1008 S^HNU) New York 6 |?cr cent. (Erie enlargement) stock, pa*. 8 u 00 Stock iiinl Heal Kitatf account. $20,(too New Fork 6 per cent (Erie enlargement) stock, payable 1865, ^ OttO 2 certificate^ Illiti ?iv G per cent. Illinois and Michigan canal stock, pay. 18G0, for $1000 each, $20rtu lOccrtiticaP- Illinois C> percent, internal improvement stock. n?v. M J n. 1070, for each, SW.flOU Alio, IS certificates of Arkansas c? per *ent. Heal F.*t ?f^ B nk stock, lure to {'ort* advertised on account of the St. Lawieiirr Bank, S IS,000 1) t"?l at Albany, t)?e 16th June, Ml*. A. 1 FLAlM), ( - n;j?tj AU r, HORN'S PATENT ARGAND I.AMI'S AND IMPERIAL BURNERS rPHK Subscribers would rail the attention of the public f > tin* A injxrior qualities of tin ir gift** fouiPuiii shadowles.", sn/pend* inff, side and other Lamos. Tiieir glass fountain. h.-in; icn-condiictori never become hunted like those of br.u* which nf ill nse, consequently there is no expansion of the contents or escape of urtcoiisuuied vapor into the mom, wholly different from spirit gas or of her compounds for illumination. Honrs new Chemical Oil ?< nor only tran*par ... ami stainless, but devoid of scent or snicll during combustion, anil entirely free from smoke or dan* gflr of explosion, yieldiug a light which lor steadiness, intromit v. cb-irm ss and beauty cannot be equalled by the best e.ubiirctteii hvdrogcu gas. These class fountain lamps require no attention alter 1m ing once tilled and ignited, and w ill continue to bum ton hours in Miirc<N*ion, giving during ihewhoh time a light e.jniVrtleir. to tin* flames of not less than ten spemnceti canulen, and this too at the low price of only half acuit per hour; Horn's intent burner's being so Oon?lj|u:ted th.r a fresh current of air is constantly circulating w ijwn the very body ofthe oil, that liquid i? thu.i kept ronstanthJFool in all temperatures. N. B?Horn's Chemical Oil, globes, lamp glasses, wicks, cans, &.C. fke., sold w holesale and retail hv EDWIN B. HORN :<<??. jeMmtiwU*c S3 Foltou itn j t, comer Cliff. OROTON WATER. I? WBANX'8 LEADEN PIPES. LINED WIT!! TIN.? In gouse. punier ofthe deleterious ettV ctj of drinking water, as well as de, eider, and other fluids,out of lead, the adoption of these pipes for carrying the ( *>t?oi w .iter thiough the dwellings of the citizen*, Ins been strongly recommended by the prolessors of f'licinistry in the University, Columbia College; College of Physicians and Surgeon*, fcc.; by the Mayor of the Cifv the State Commissioners and Engineers of tin- Aqiu duct ; the Superintendent, of the Pipe Department and Coinmtssionet for furuishing water to flu* houses; by Professor Hillunm, Di Chilton, and other eminent medical and scientific gentlemen To those who are having pipes, pumps, baths, See., fated up in anticipation of receiving tne Croton wat? r?to the friends ot tin temperance cause, and tne riti/.ms ?t l;n these pip?s are par- I ficuhirty commended, as well forth dr superior strength and durability. as well as for their qualify/if transmitting tins first n?* cessary of life free from the most insidious of poisonous solutions. The tinned pipes will be fitted up at prices varying hut slightly f'lom those charged by plumbers r,,r common ones. Like every improvement in the aits, ihey '?a*. had to contend, bflffi | here and in Europe, with the hitter hostility of those who im agine their interests affected by thein. All who desire in/nr mati'Mi respecting them are invited to s.nd for riiculais, and give their orders to _ THOS. EWBANK. I jf 10 rud lm* r 29 Sprue* or 93 Croahy street. TONO FORTKS " \f AJfVFACTCRED by A. II. (1ALE k CO., lit* N. V i'l pi.ino Foite Co.?Purchasers ire invited to famine their eiti usivo stock before purchuinu' elsewhere, at their Matiufactory and Ware Rooms, Third Avutiue, corner of Thirteenth itrtct. N R. Fricoa to suit th* times. jel tm *tn? c rn v ?\ < -r ?IM. -1 1^1 r I'IM ' ) at 1 o'clock, P. M. Purse, $,0 ; Mile ll.*at* , hi*si thr?e m fire, un?)ef the s old!*. W. S. Reed tntera gr. g. Snaffle, (J. Crane " br. g. Sam Patch, A.f oucklin, " h. g Homer, II Woodruff, ** br. g. Hector. i?-23U*c ~&fi& FOR LIVER POOC7 Bntirh Ship.-fThe A. ~i. fcTyJrV cow?? r fastened well known faat sailing Br. ship H'4WTi CHESTER, Capt. Jim. Doyle, will be ready to .. . eeiv? cargo in .i few d ?>s, and will have dispatch f?ir the abort* i?oit. For freight kc. apply to ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 36 Fultni>?tr?*er, Neit. Jot r to the Fulton Bar ' FOR n! V C!J! 1 CnS.?Lo*ii liana ind N * JwJJWrV. York Lin*.?1The fasl-s.ii'imr pad.*. t *diip OASTON iwUawi Cinr. Oliver EldrHere, i* now loading at Orleana wharl, ' \?r of Wall-street. k or treiyht or pasafe,hiring handsome lnr.ii lo 1 ;e cor.nnodatioii*, apply on board at Orleans, \vi trf, foot of Wall afreet, or to K K. < OLblVS. k Co % S mth afreet. (?.cat cire will be taken to have the woods b thi.? line correctly rn? aiureo. Agents in New Orb-ant, Ilnljcn k Woodruff, who will n 1' irward ill p da to tlieli Idrt lASb BRITISH VESSEL FOR FRR|7iflT OR V*?JV C|IAUT?U-The ? w Br. llri^ UKDWIMJ to I s ~jwm insjMa?fer, burtiw ii '/'Ml I oil>. will he ran J \ i<? f !{ . in ru n ma few diye Apply to PRHSSE U BROOKS, Jc LM e No. til l.i..rit? 'f-.-.-f. | ' *&? I'VSSA.iK KOK I.IVK'UI ouL?lTnitkR ! LINE?F.'.st packet this day?The sohndid well Jjwawtf^' wn fa?? sailing p.u ' 11 hio HIRKKNI A. < apt. Tor' er will *? ! as above, b r rcmUrdav. Tin . .-tnpr-rb ship, so notorious for makinp short pa.<?;*ges, it i? ft' cely iic ce? i t\ to say hers .omm??d. lions for cabin, a* cot,.J i d ate era p icng i n nnrqtullrd for comfort bv any o In i ship. The luinibe, of passenger* being limited, -ind ] the pr're of jn siy very low, wishing to sentr* burths ' should make early application on board, we?t sine Bitiiin,; J Slip, or tu W. k J. T. TAPP9COTT, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South street. Ter-ous wuliiug to *' nd f ?i their fiicnds, can hart th< m 1 brought out on ftvorablc tenn*, and thoar about ?<? remit tnonev ! ran he- up; lied with drafts payable on demand in nil the piincip il t ?wtm of Cheat Brifniti and Ir land. jr'j2 A/./,- FOR HAVKE ri.s unerior fast ilin^ Fr. lflWW ill k ALEXANDRE, A. Bil.i d, im-ler, coppered oid i fa?tened, will t>e c|c *|?t< h< d iinr.iediately | I ?r the allote | ??rt. For freight apply to jeclHM A HEI(iNETTK.7l Wit. r- t. | A AX- FOR LIV F.RPOOL?Briti?h Shii?I'l,. ?,|| te*!jH^knr>wn f?t Mtiliiro Rriri.l. *liit< t IIKS'I Kit, C?|i??,a aUNhal' I. .-Idly \ 11 r i I.n i|? .1 will Im?<- in. iw-'liiifi for |K?it. For fri^k'hi, V'- ?r>i'ly to llO( I IF,, RUOTIIKR* St l() , 3", Full n t, I jH6r Niit U<?orlo th* Fnh m B?uk Mx KISHINci KX< UKftlONfit.-I KKNFfFLP vffW N". I 0'? i?lnII 8<|u,ue, opposite the I* ( Ofliee, inl? I ?irn? hi<? !/in?iU ami the i nklir fh it lir li ?* |?r<" urn i?w ai|d rompl t" n ft? ot' Kulnn/ Apparatus, itiflmliii* Line*, j x kinu I'teinilfl. lie. of lln tirnf order. BteatnU> its. satliiitf veM?-l?, rook*, ami t:nhrs, of the first 'lass, always in r?- vlitics*, and mil he furnished to parib . oil he nr??t rruoniMr terms. ffii IVif nd* and the public arc inform**! that he * miinres f.i letommodatejicrmincut boarders and transient corapanv. 4, Cortihill S.juire, Boston, Mdy 23, I 8ia ,c I 6w *c *A?- FOR UVKKIwXl.?N>w It.";ut,.? MWfVtntli.t of 2.v!i Jnii" ?1 ho ?;>|on>it.l | ?< k. i - ^rr Milt! K. ( ill. Wiski.M; .ol |WH< lo,.., V nil u ah .v. . I.< I r. k'ttlar thy. For frriaht -.r |..., w. hivinj icromi.i'kI itinn* uu.Hpi tiled for *ph nd-?r or comfort, ?|'|'ly (?li knr?i, af Orleans wharf, b>ot of VVa 11 'fn-ff, F. K l OIJilN S .S, (A). 34 South sir# et. Pncf ,f ij\vn?p i Tb ?ti. t ^'iip KOSt H'S. ' <i fiin (ollin?, of 11 mm, , fill succeed tin-tJirri'k, and j?.fil 2ith Jiily, h r nytilir d?v. Vsae'itfers m iv rely Uie unt's ol tbu 11lit? sailing punctti lly i A mlvfilifrn. ? , . u. , i pAssAOb KOH LONDON?i'lirin t i*t July- * vrVrL Tli i' l wl' known fi%i siiliw Parks' Hnip PHII'AUK.I.f'HIA. f'sptain Hon-v. >il t? .iti>? ! , i ~k i~inptr. 11' i rrirnUr dar, Invini; splrfidtd ? cor>w< I f < fur ' "iImii, *-roud f'ahiii HW St>e. iu( I'.i !>.- ? r?. f*. ?r |,< ij,i I ,rlr linplieltlOfl nhoull) l?# ITIfdf ??f| llOffd, ?>T f ? 5 W. k J. T. TAPnr OTT. jri r 43 P r*k ?lip, r.ini-r Mth ?t. \ [lACKbl* <IHlV H6ii< H H?4"r.n?ijfnn5 by thin -Inn wjl 1 1 t'lefftf cud their nfrfllilf on, bminl, at Orleans wharf, frxvt fWall *t. All foods not permitted in tire days will be *rn? to jelfe i i- . | AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BKI.l ' Slorei Not, it Jinn, and 115 h ultoii ilrrtl.) VfilDAY. A' ln>? o'clock, at the (ilea room, Sal,-of drv cloiliiui;, l ine: tnj | ? ;?? Irr, walcmi, urtoiii'i, winn, liqucaia, ai gam, tit. SATl'HDW. At 10ji o'clock, at the wile# rooin, Lir*i' !??le of taluabie furniture (*fall description*. Ainu piano iorres, el gunt girandoles, lamps and lu?ti? s, 1 i 1 1 tt'iiii11fill mantel clock. Kc. \l?o ItteiceUenl sofas, lODlfUt.adi, 10 re frig era tor#, fl lafti, 10<* bftir Venetian bliudj assort? d niins, JO looking glasses. 20 I tietf tloliblt hair inattre ??eu, & J?22r BY fijfU* \ AUri\ LABll/i, I THL'RSDAY, Jan* 23d, Al 10)^ o'clock al the auction room. EU|iit Famitmi umI PUaoi -v ur| immomm I " 1 best mule fashionable futnituiv, including full and hi French irthogsny chain, trier. dining, Ua ami centre tsb'ns.wardrobe*, tmreoui, toilet able*, looking glass* #, tufted and sunm; ?eat so f. , ottomans. clivrtii, roc If era, drr# nightmans, feather bed#, uiatlresse# ,v..! j illowt, olli r d< ?k, Ur. > Forte#? Also, s-ti ral ?|?lt-tulitl piano fortes, by celebr* tek maker#, com I ining sli tlie modern nupr o fiuent#. AUo, one plendid rosewood ro> .il seraphim, enthrlt n w. tnnde by r . fi.? ? n, Loudou. One #1. ^ ?ui upright piano, cost a superior iiHtiument fcr. in rr rlect o.der. Also, oiu' fioliin-eUo >ne, and several violin#. FHIDAA , Juno 21. At 10 a ocla* ilu- auction room. \ Urge a>#ortnieut ot Inr.Ui r ami cutler), br ing thr stock i i of I 1 in i tirtuv I ont h i. . i * r*i? ? , JUlJf jilh. At It*}* o'clock \t tiif *.iU room I Oil Paiutiig;*?A fine Collection ot imioungi computing macy ! originals by the old master*, worthy th*- attention of priv r. geiuh men and tlx* trade. MONDAY June ?7ih, it the nl? s ro- on. General Assignee'* Soles?Bv > irtue of umiiv deerIn B iiikruptcv, issued out of the District roiutof il>- I . St*t< . ioi tli** Southern District of New -York, vesting in me the <cve j ral avid joint estates of the Bankrupt* therein **t forth, 1 vrill <ell hc public auction, it flic sales room of Rtell Ik An ulariu*, corne r of Broad w y and Dnaii# afreets, in the city of N \ > >11 Monday, the I?7fh at II o'clock, A. M.. the stock in tra?l? of a mcrcliini tailor, consisting of a great variety of cloths, ras*imere?, vesting*, summer at* ffs, trimming*, fee.? ALo, the future* and implements of trade. Also. th? Lock of i fashionable mill in ry eatsbliahmetif, countering )f a rarietv oi new ind fashionable articles, being nart of th# personal effects of sai?l Bankrupt*. \Vn?. I oventry H. Waddell, Official or General AiSICUre. TUESDAY, June 20th, At lufjg o'clock, at the sales rooin. 304 Bretdwiy, Wines, Liquor*. Ncgars, ike.?Con*i?tin:r of \ery choice Malmsey aud south side madeira ; Duff Cordon's pain and bro sherry ; port and Jr Julicn claret ; star and anchor champagne; Dupcyorsndy in bond ; cordials, sperm and patent alabaster can-Res, Havana and j'riiicipe Bcgars, various 1*1" and fin.-,with otliei articles in the line, to w hich the attention of private families is invited?to he sold m lots to suit purchasers. j?23r BY F. J. BEARNB, Auctioneer " 139 Fulton itrett. -THfrurr At 10 o'clock M the s J' looms. Dry ( >ood??A huge and ? legant assortmt ?<f of?loth*, c ?i- I m'-rer, vevtinsilks sheetings, shifting. hosieiv, glove,, Fr. i licoe*. lawns, lii. ns, ?l? lane*, worsted, shawL, lidkt*, hut* tou*. sewing silk and thread, sewing cotton, velvit, merino, eorrt, liilk, twist, See. ALo, a (pi ?tity of re idy-m tic clothing and L ??in*<?viter Boots and Shoes, and a double-barrel (stub and twist) lowltngpiece. Also, one patent-lever gold watch, a ?upe?inr article. } K. SPK.Nt Kit. .\1? .u n, 142 Fulton-jf. FRIDAY, at 10 o'clock. Sheriff'* Sale?At III Allen-stieet, a qUiii'it y of St* .on Machinery, which is now complete and in operation. Particulars to-morrow A i< ffpS KOTii t - WM. u. SHTHITSA AU a* This Day, Thursday, at 10o'clock, \'12 Fulton-str? et, City made < thiuet Furniture, in p rt, Dressing and other Bureau*, fulled seat, sofa*, }2 and full French chairs, bedsteads, secret uv bookcase. Also, dinner, tea, and toil-l.set*, a.i nvtorltrent of cut and moulded glass dishes and tumblers, clocks, vases, and f'ow.-i . ! .Amp . 1.1 . ' 1 ': ! I on| ^ LOI rut 1. , ii m* n oil lamps, ingrain carpeting. I second band piin> forte. HtoihWt in .io i. I union. NJOTB E TO F11IIX i i L UK BL Y KUHu?W ASHING TON MEEKS, No. 'IPS Broulwiv, next the Hospital, would draw the attention of the public that he will sell splendid Cabiuct Furniture at hi rn*r cent, les.s than the same quality of work is now soiling at the auctions?consisting of Diawu, Couch?*, Sofas, covered in different colored plnshc*, satins, and h in cloth, of the latest Spring pattern*. UI6 gin Alio, an additien .1 lot of suMrior second hsnd Airnitorti i sod i fountain, 2 turning lathes, &e. DOR SALB-TIh Y..ON-KA-IIY-E.?8b? u M Sei * long, 2-11 j feet be a in, and 12 feel hold. II?r cabins .ire exiMisive aud superbly fitted up. If not w ante d for a Yacht, she world be well adapted for a packet between some of tie? West India GlatuU?to the China or any other trade where great speed ii an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, and would convev a large cargo, tonihiiiiug mon- buoyancy witli sharp in ss, than auy other vessel illoat. Sin i> strong and stouiiy built, and would hc valuable a* a dispatch vessel, or us a tender to a fleet. She would convey a very he av y arirMineiit on her deck, from having part of her ball st, (it) tons) in an iron keel, by which h?rstability is greatly incre?*ed. For commercial puipos^s, she would require no other ballast. klaviiig satisfied myself that going to sea for pleasure may (without any very great sacrifice) ho dispensed with, 1 would dLiHVst? of her for very much le .* tlivn she cost uie. Her hull, sails, rigging, furniture, Ac. Ac. Ac., are in p? if. er order. Sixcan be sent rosea without a dollar's expenr.e. She maybe seen at P. rt? Ambov For further particulars inquire of Ira Bliss, at the office of the f\ and A. H. It. ( ompany, or to JOHN C. STKVKNS. i? " t "wi South Ainho|. PHfLADBLPHIA AU< HON BALKS. BY VVOLBBHT M HEHRNEBR, Hiil.ulelpliiv Auction Mart.C irpemer*.* ('our', Th-stunt street, south side, between Th'rd and Fourth street-, !iuik)rted Improved Dur'uam Short Horns?Mr Whitaker'sstock ON FRIDAY, JFLY 1st, At I o'clock in th?* afternoon, at Powclton, on the west ?M<- of the Schuylkill, near Market st, Bridge, Throe Improved Durham Short Horn f'ows, wet to this country by Mr. Wbitaker. Five Bulls tw o Heifers of different ages, t litaloam ?at ul<, jrBtod tojyli RAILROAD NOTICE^ MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. THF. NEW JERSEY lLiilroad and ^Tratwisirtaliou t'oin I paiiv have established a Freight l.ine hetwean New Prvu.Kw irk and New York, which they intend to run j?? rina0?lltl|. Leaving New Brunswick at A.M. daily, (Sum? >? e\ceil'd) and the foot of Liberty street. New York, at 2\ P. M. To country dealer* and mirehants the above line in very desirable for the speedy am! conveyance ot merctiamlica* > of everyt deacriptiott. am! huhm i?uit.ieularly lo Drovers and I . Dealers in Lite Stock, MdMC.iul.itf ISA head of rattle coiiny* 1 e(1 between New Biuiswick and New York, the aiiui day I whenever required. The rates for the f|-istis|?ortrri?-n of cattle, horsvs, mules, ' sheep, hogs, fcc. r>: ?! all other uf men h ludise arevei) low, m ver exceeding steamboat prices. I Merchandise, sent bv rhu ln?? is not snliiect to any extra j charge in cropping the North River. The Company have fitt^Soip a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Depot, which will always Yropeu tor the reception of merchandise. Pa<??aqjt u pure having their ticket* at the ticket offices, will receive lorry tickets grit is. r f Freighf for Newark, Eltzabefhtown, Rohwiy, Whifield* Ptsiiitield, Bioteh Plains, Putin Ihrook *nd Homer a- ill**, u conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received^ mlt 3m* NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND r'R K *5 POUTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND MAVAliK From the foot of Loiirtlandt street, New York. (Every dav?Sunday ns V|ir4.) Leavr s New York L.? ?v? -> Newark At 3 A.M. Alt P.M. At 7>s A.M. At I .P.M. 9 do. I do. 9 do. 31, do. 11 4\ do. Yi\ do. M, ?lt. A do. 7 do. 3 d-> 10 do ON SUNDAYS. Kioin ?l?e foot of Liberty street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 0 4. M. and !' I. M. At 12 Noon and 111 P- MNEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. V/EBTFIELD, FLA INFIELD,BOlLNi)BROOK, BOMEKVILLK, fcc. I) lily. Leave New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A.M. IH A.M. 2\ P. M. 12 M. 41. P. M . P.M. The ti lius of the Some rville Railroad Lo. conn* ct w ith these lines i ftdi waj daily, Sand lys excepted. Passengers are requested to purchase tickets at the office, foot of Libf ty street. F.iro betw een N* w York and Elir.ih.-ih TowuSA cents. F ire bet wen Jerscv Citv slid SorueinUe. M? cunt*. X E \f YORK. UAH WAY AND NEW HKINSWK K. Fare r( diired. From the foot of Liln rty sr . et, daily. Leave New York. Lr v: New Bruiisvti* k. A: 9 A. M. Ai 7H A. M. 4! P. M. ? ^ II A. M Fa ? betw< .n Now York and N?w Drbiutoffek, rurs. Rah way, S9 ce ni The f?' ni the > A. M. train 1 ron, N <\ B . - d k, ?nd i,C P. \|.ii :in fro.n New York, he* been redo* i d h?twe?n \? w York a'.i'l New II runs wick, to :a cmtr.. " at?d Kihw.iy to 3*. Tha PhiKdr I phi i in .il line pv>ef. through Now Bttnsv. i<-h for New Yoik t *ry v* i.itc' .it qi.Ylo-'k. On Sundiys the "h A. M. t?ij5 from New Brunswick is on.i'ti-il. Pac--en{en w ho prorure tlo u tickets at the tickt t oi'ice, nrei\e a fe.iy tick't-r .ti?. Tic! f* ar<* r?ceiv< d by tin* con* dorr ir old, on the day wh< n purchased. in ? 3m* FOR ALBANY, TROY,and intermedial*liPtc -.?'Plu splendid low pr? ..tire steamboat TT , SWALLOW. Lai t. A. M. Dn. w.!ll ?v? the f t of i 'ortlandt street, This (Thursday) artcitw ?n, June 321, at b o'clock. The above is h aub?tin!ial lioat, fitted uji w ith ePirant Ht.ite Rooms, and for accovninodiiLiotis i? tmrivallrd on the lludsrn. jc 16 a&L lHkapT:> i'u? F SaoC-'i yu'i rr k?.. i*v? 'v..14v. n.: strain*? N.ip.ih ?> , L ipt H>-w ill rrsumr h? r K?ip to the .ibove place* on \\ rdn "Isv, June Idth, an I lr ?vr as follows? Po??t oM'anal *rr? r' /ck>'k, lDmmond ?t Tier No. 1 3*t, Pike St 9. ( Whenn F? >r ll ooklyn O's. A lend of mu<i is cnsra/' il. jvis-m is a Udies saloon *ui deck, ami a rlitmber* inaid to atu n?l to the ladies. The bar v. ill he l imidti'il \* ith all kind-, of refreshing nfs ' scept wt so uiri.' driuks, owl 4 ij.f II. a^viirrm the puhli. that he w ill cudcas or lo render these r*cur Ji/Si-Tr- FOK LO N DON ?J'*. t Itiiy?'i l.? ' ' I H I \lir.i ''111 \ I. : r ?h|{U|| M.f* will pn?iilireiv smI a* r>Iir r? "u! ; <1.1 i '1 i'iu liumih.>?n? i / ?t * j?<>-?- << m I'almi s? i ( <iliiii ?'??! hirr r , by ^i'pl v i?i< )T2f JOIIN UKRDMAN. CI S? ?ith (. /Afc- l'A< KK'i'S FOR IIWIt K?(Second f..m).-Tl WM^W'llip Ollrilla, Junra f <n. li. Matter, Mill anion lh< J"l> KOV|? Ic IIIM KKY Aimi.f. J < Tomino BniMiny . rfill r.l9ElirOOL?Hf||iili packet ?l I 24tl *Fy}^'one?TK. (plomli-l ii' w la?t amino; psrkot akii fUlKm' ).\ Ritl' K, < I|il. Skidd r, will ?ail HI nlmvo, h'j ir y u lar iL.v. Tbii akip'a ar.eonimnd ilioru fur ralnn, aeronl ralon, and iter rare piwloir a, an .opeii'ir to any ntliei in port, (ipl Kertk 1 an l? i currd on niodrrtlr Ifim, by *pl'yif.., 01 V ird, font nf Wall *tn 11, or to OI.OVIR k McMI HR W. jrttr |rn Pine ?lroef. x?t>r l-'ok t.lVKRf-^OL?V.r?t '>' ,? M e U boom I kywJYfi 1 ^ailio. Kip si'. I.AtVRUM K, ( i pit in II.own #** -akVan'i \-:iir re ' .1 , ill !>rr r.o 011 board, ? ill In! dopa' 1 ri on 1K1 Mtk inat. I ir baaing ear-Men' an inmoaiatinna io ra''in, ? , bin ami ate. ragi , all of wKicli w ill be t I In I tec r 1 - ] ipplvon board the rliip al Mnr-av' waif, |V?,tWall afi a' >r?n TOMS' HF.ItllMAY 61,*7 ""f *' I'naiKP fiom l.irrrp.. .1 1 in it all Ho re '? a" " ( I ir Conuoeroial l.ine, a tiling an civ I'rotn ' Ir ilU ImnieKeil for an, amount payable ihaaial*"" "" 1 , KiiiK'loin, 011 ipi lieation ?? aKtier r D AI t f T Ml||; nMAK^PK A il f. f 7<7?l <-' v Kit. Ut>L I ("fiaignece by thia .hip mil p'"~ """.I'"""! " ' mod, foot of Doe.r ??. AH C"od? ?o' primmed in h>< daya [ will be .rnl In the public ?l"i' , _J'lh '' DAf'KKT ?m f I.Ol IA Vll. I I Y H< 1M 'NI-.VC Olj ' * I.KAN" i* discharging J< ?" II r.R, Coawgneet a ill A leaat atund t? th? rec?ii<t of Ihelr gooda. Jt 18 J: L'j1'. "f1*'.'j. II.imM'I m AxMuo^j* j..> l'.\ *? ^ ?Z?1^' _. f-y-- ? - , . - . *IBWri SiADU. jy~exthaokimnjjy attraction?/*n _, I HIS KVENJNO, J.iu. 2j. d I .ic ittiunf * wi!1 commence null/u 8 o'clock Wltil A GRAND OVEKTCRE. . vfu-r whichi vjeKSiii' nJix tioriniucaion THr. TIGHT HOPE. ... 1 l,i'?vKnur, Mu? \V?|I< 111 'U *.1 Ilium i .itormiuUm w ill be all. ,?<< <] for nmmeiuiie au<l "" OrUInl Sxl.Hill 1 winch ,I!H ik?MKNADL ML'HICALE. S3&& :rr,- ? *? "- -S3 ,?T" conclude w ill. ? , POLlCHlNEI. KN VOYAGE. Pundi I ZtImtfo Jerome Kavel Caleb Mr H Wells i 0*inya M. K?nu ?r?",be M' ? J K tv t*i b.UKir M'l-i.fWIu Amu* JJ&naevr, Mr. LhviwiuUI,. Min ic J r and l>iiertor, Mr E Woolf. Ticki-t?--,v cent* l)o, oj.-ii .if lu!f |W.vt arren Mock, l'.nUrt?liUJ)?r,U in eoni'iiruec at eight. PAHK THE i " TICKET MOHT. THIS EVENiNG rut K SUA V, Pie Colli.i]. TO MARK Y OK NOT TO MARRY SirO-win Mr. Rarrv , I Mi?. MorMand Mn Wl. .'ley, l.atc.idortli Kr.H'iirk.l H??ter Mi Bo!< i,l. After whichih. HAPPIEST 1JAY OF MY LIKE. Ilr. Oilmen William., I M?rv Mt?. Pnichard. with THE QUADRUPEDS. Ir'rnuri r , Fi'hcr | Percy, t* Imu i i, l in li, Mr* Pritclnjd Mo|i|>ereMa, A. Bedford D? >ra o|? ,i m * .ten?ytrfonnancra will eonnatuaii si halt p^jkt K'HOlli Boxes, SI?Tit, 50 cents?Uallety, 25 cent*. CHATllAM THKATllK. MISS CLIFTON'S TIlltlD NIOHT. THIS EVENING June iP<d, ihi dmjieu 1 lay of THE HLNI.JiBAf K. Mi lar Waller Tliorne, | Julia, Mix Clifton . To conclude with F ALSE COLOK ", or tlni Free Trador. P^'il lli. lrt | Mirk C Meatay.r IiiiwWaei Hiewivi I Phebe Misa Maatayer Dnnra will r.|ieii m Intiire at a ijuarlei yd 7 o'clock, and iho | curtain wilLnoi at 8 o'clock punctually. _Dn ?? circle, Ml ren't?Boxer, ?j?fit, 12^?Pri*at" Doim, (4 H ILL'S NKW IOKK Ml'SEl T, (Formerly know n a. Peala'a.l JVb. J.V2 llroatiwuy, opposite the (Sly He.'' YANKEE HILL AM) THE OLYMPIC COMPANY. Mia Walt*, of'he OI) mi ,c 'l'W ?trc. Mr? Loiler, of the 01) r.i'iic Hit itlue. Mr. B iker, ofihe Olympic Thevtra. Mr E?rr*rd, >f U>?. Olympic llir.tre. .Mi Bruce, tUlaimii t ni.- flan, Mr O Graham tlaa Olyun|nc Theatre, anil the accunplivbed vocaliat Mm Ta"lif!. MONDAY EVENING, and duiing the week, the anuac tile lite J and popular pcrfnrtneia will appear in a of comic Icctmea. *c., in the Grand Pictorial Saloon. Kint performance, YANKr.E HILL AT HOME, Willi the O'viiipic C'omimny?Lot* oi Fun. Sv, olid ivirlorm ,ere CLl'BS \RE TRTMPS H-rculir?, Ajta. Gl-tui tor, As1*., mJ Qrih'.r.i' V mcy G1 -.? ill..?in ,<'ihiho.nma, Egyptian Mummy, Kite tricity, Rii-J?. Qtudrupcd., ?lid tp.eimuu nl tin ?l..le H iliitahlr GioL,-. retrorumnre n; hall'-jmt 8 o'clock. Scried t oncert every Sttuilhy Erenitig, under the direction of .Mr. G. L ider. Ailmixion a.'i n tit*. .119 lar ~ am! Kit AN* aiiUtKII i*l A,\l> ~t al [ iTk ah. " ( of' BROADWAY ANU ANN STREET ? V ' V. T II \UNi M, mm wer. EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, commrnciuff on Mrfiv'ty, Ju. ? 20. lh M mi ?n in the city! I)iy mit* r* uiinvittrd tl?*? ?air\? cvoniiiK FKKK.. Gu 4Sc>t " >vrUi? ? in the cifv. BMT2. ?1?f M ly.iriin, Vt nrriin ??nst .uu! Pint* D-nfr. Tiie INDUSTR!OL< S KLbAS. 'I lume inneots have b?m Uu^lit by Mi. G. lV??m r?ennan>, \>l;o b anml ih* in 10 H-; ham<MR?kil to cmi r*(k?*R ami otlu'r vchiclcftwiiirb vliey \viil?ir*w with ? mti h i ,.i "nl iiGciiioii .?k ? i' niiu ii cut horn*. BAbOON AS<ifcNSlONS iVom thi* Gan'tn on tin* toy f-1 tbe v\ t-rv rvt-niiu 0 o'clock. The STEAMBOAT H YDHAULION conntnu t#*il on an entire utw principle, b'inic nropclli i! by Hydraulic pow? r, wit!?c.ut icrcw?, whecU, oi |va.i, ulcfl. The niyNtcriotiN GJPSKY GIKL ,c%n b# privniely colli :.?!teil .11 .in nrn?do or foreteller of future rvene*. Miat th - charminir \ ; nl^o Li Petite; Celeste, the beautiful dnncer. EupTimeiiU in naininl Hiaiturtimn, Albino Laiy. SidenJid (iarilen on the top of tin* M'Mtum. Ice creams an <?th?*r retre.iliuienta. Tl t rw?r<Virmiin*r- . l . . Hr^/*tr?a will bo divided, into two bp at. iMrnbsioo o^htlfui hour, duriru; which the Bra.?? Baud will - y a t urn tv of nstioudlair* in (nogarden. Fancy Ol is* Blowuu Grand Cosmoraini, and ^'0,rKiO cut unities. Admittance to tho whole 2'j cents? ov i half price. ) It# _ A H' 11 si'ftKKf fllV.Af I . , :!.? Arch Strr. Tlu ultc lor thr-fc-inn* of 1842 and 3. Ai> pi j to 1'. M. L.fourvadr, Iftw Crown aurrt. SAML. DRA1TSON, ficcreurv. PliiUdflphia, June 3, tftll'. j? 4 lti* ('nwn COM 1J H' S ? f HI \ V K i-. K L V?On ? new and "J Economical bystem?The |aihlic is icspcrtfully informed that Msssr*. Forshet and Kinuboaom have t km thj larfro and magnificent Saloon known is Concert Hall, 400 Broadway, and irttiul yiviu^ a grand Concert of Vocal and lnat?um?nfal Music, ou every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday each week ilii.ii * the season. Engagement* *k ?v. bcrn uudi' with a uumher o| the most popillar musicians, both vocal and instrumental, end so that all in ?y paiticipitc ill the grand milerfartYimrnt* that will ho given, tho i loprietrus hnye fixed the tiricc 01'admission at Is. The police regulation of the establishment will he of such a character that, la-lie* and gentlemen nuiv aitrud the Concert* with a thorough ausuranco that they will not bo subjected t?? any drawbacks itojn the attractions and aniusomcucs win. h 'a* 11 i1 pi emu ted to them while in the Saloon. FIREWORKS CRACKERS.&C. FOUKTH J UL V, 1842. pOD NTHY and city dealers in fireworks, w ill fin 1 it to their V-/ advantage to call and cjp mine nn ?vteiwivc assortment of tl?? bestquality, at 1C At I.IFRE'S old eatahliahmcut, Chatham street. A Urge quantity of fir? crackers lust rec?i?ed. K?mrmb?r th? ?iaa of the two mammoth sky rockets and gold key _ intl tjyt*r FI REWORKS. tMRF.WORKS.-The uhsciih? r .iflTen to the public lh# ? larirest and most n? ral assortment of fireworks now iu tiiu city, which lie. will sell on the most reasonable terms. Country merchant*,, and vender* in cueral, are requested, before pnrch uing elsewhere, to call anl examine hi? stork^ CHARLES W. VULTES, j?17 tjv4*r llfi Chatham st, coruer of Orange. FIREWORKS. f1 A8SNF.R k YOUNO,*No. 132 Chairiagi street, Ware on kJ hand their usual cXU naive assortment oI warranted Fir works, which w?d he sold to dealers and Others at the lo> til I in .Mit.K tnrert prices. AL ?, s lore supply of Mr. Isaac. Edge's fi e works, far exhi FIRE WORKS SELLING OK CHKA P, AT 60 MAIDEN' LANE, UP STAJRS. ie!2 tjv?*r FIREWORKS. rPHK mo t etf neire, varied nud brilliant eihihitional Fr?* 1 v *"' .naticiiat lured m ibi* or any other country, are I'm .V 11 dv ' delivery, oh the 1garrat term*, in lot*To ?uu ton? in'tu *| *?ie* forftie celebration of the 4th of July, at ike t uii? ' ! 4 - L ibtii lfot) , Jc ?'V ( ?tr ISAAC F.DOE, Jr., Pyroterhnut. Order* lef NiMoN Gtiden, t*o Maiden Lane, IT* Chat alicet, will rnr'' v 11 ? immediate atuniion, a*?d good* Jfliv ere J to ui,v y t ? ' tin eity fr*" of |!e!2 'v4#r FIREWORKS. FOURTH OF JULY. F'IHK.WORKS?New York Laboratory.?XL Benu'tt, 194 Front attest, two d??or* ?.^ith of' Fulton?The mmt eaten bv, wnd brilliant aaanrtmcvit of Fireworks are now offered at tli*- tbom place, coti-iitiDtf of Honorary and Signal Rocket*. \%ith gold and ailver rain: Sua*. Fan*. Palm Treoa, Pvnunida, Peruvian Co??*C5, O'tigoon*. Triangle*, V'trncnlai, Mine* of $nj an J Stir*, Maroen*. Bt .uroi.n Light*, Roman Gejidlr *, lanrc and sinall Hen"Ht?, Pin Wheel*, Graahopi era. PnrtFuaa. Blue Light a, S roll \Vl?*el*, Torlullion*, Line Pigeon*, Twin do*, f'ulhn; Crackers, Double header*, Firecracker*, Canto A It i'K? t , Ate. I Country merchant*, and ileal*. r* in general, are regaetted to call and evim)ne the above atocU. N. B ?Committee^ for city and * nnntrv d*?j>lay, military and pi i\ *?. i n tic*, can be lupplii '1 on the mcit hbml term, with t r articles, warranted?the material* hiving been ie|f < aith the uuno*l are. h Ml yl*i iSAUUKR REOTV i'K N KVT PATTERN .APPAJLA D TUB.?K. A. ART ACT.T k CO ica^ Fulton *iret, opposite St. PaoPa f li'irch, h. . tcCcterd i?cr packet ship Argo, and oil r f i Kill* at low | ri- ?, 30fl French plitw*, lane* sue. 8 fnrhea hall on G hdf; -'5 complete D^guenw.typc a*?rviraui*( n? w pattern; 50 aeromr'ir lentc*. made at Parib, by A1pnoti?e Gi "in k Co.: 100 bottleshyro>?il|>h?te f.f tod?Alio, tiinoli of ?? nine, rod Mi', < hloride of iodine, bromine, b:oniiic f iodine, chloride id gold, and the new accelerating *nlint*net'. __ ieA lm? ^ GYMNASIUM. " tFENCING AND FIMOTIXG GALLERY, Rrmtiwuy* (rot ntr of Anthony-st.) PMOl'o^l IN ba? the I ruor ?d tnf^imiug hie fr lend* and j ew Gymn i*m i ' i- ;,4 f.jM r 'i? u In. and lb 'beat'voicli ha* been vrt ?I'. f?.*M d to the A'ri^ilrtn jntblie. The if m* ,iral?i|i and well v?iifiia.rd, sshi? h jri?'? i thern i)idvmtise of heira alw*y? r I. V*r ?'?, P'Oii. vii*. ami 0< ailtmen, are invited to v.*<t tl.i r?ubli?!i?r.-lit, to which, ? ? ''km a? the CiOtr.n Water Wotk* will bi it) ojwtaMon, s*i'l hr Killed a sho fT bath, for t . i v j i? Hob*' ibera to tin Gyimnaefam. Tho ^bootito' Oillery being entirely nub-p* mini* of thn O. mnaAimn, p' a ohm* tn practice \ iifol fnit.? c*a do fco v. itliont Ininj: obicnb* r* to tlw Ovmn-uiiom F n? in* I, > on* ait en a* nsaal ' n.t*o Jorat* term*. Open at tl ly b.oik, and cloa* at half .paal nine at tight, j 22 lm*i TnfcT)PENWa"W CLIREHUGH'S NEW EUTAnMAHHRVr FOR HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, &'. No. 206 BROADWAY, f if.UIKIfUGlI h*\? in romierricri with his present pr< miv i, oi on d . nil of r. toUtine of h G1UXD fci VUKRY OF FASHION, ;cr -;" ? tf d rni?? ly f?.r Oeiitlf inen\ i rnttiue. T%is ?p!? * did room i* l.tu d tip in the style of L< ii* KlV- f f Frsi.' f bo , t (}i< \ l IJ, B' > t ! 11,. t', k" . ' ? <! it* i-p ?tton of the far-lain (lobelia's M|**ttr? . n.e o o.-crsei, mi?r.?r?, t ,hlrs, i tfoi!./in? vn?-i?? the r.rna -lyle of ornan.eiinl *lp< relicto, frioo- d .< sshitt en I ?'dd, orn.nitt a t< nt ensetdhli m si r seen in fh c antry, sw nut i.r ifiB lilt-, liAliir.n nvn.a i , , il \ ,i ... I i f? rn?.-lv. f >r h?i ' i- , '".Hi; 4 "fi Din, clirfo, kr., iii<f fnr C'n-r''"!''!! i r ll.c Ml.! I.c.'lih of tV :. if, mill i? fiif' J ?P Wl,n r?" f ! ? ? I" ?.?roinm"!"" .1'.'' "inl'.>rf. THK tJKVTI.K.HKV? WKI ;? for iWr will. ?i?h U> li I.iv'ti' ?h?n fitfiu# on ? m an I rill.-. c. inn i".' rmuiifc. ihm *? mi fur, ' rpnimifi i" hi? ri' l'i ??ion, flu1 rhiri. :nr of liii wiitk i? .uMfjlt .1 tit on i nivii) . " th'? hr in' i il m n.mki- i.nlv llv vi rv b.- .r vilj** nt>! i-?Ii?. mid ? ><' "nli. m to ihf tinri, the my loweft .. ? in.. 11fun* fulfil. ,Ir. i , wi'll* round *???) ?t In r?o "4 n ill gii*. ',1.4 ?i? -ml it'll 1 ol I Mfrmi .11 I" *11 who Ki li I 1 rhti r in fcf ?k? m? - < '< ' \ u!it BA IM IU iLlii NGS, no>'MKRI,Y Itl.NSHAWN, ? I V- r*. r trli i vp yid fit* I Infill Pc* R d.ii *.? uill It* ; in ilbv r'n? nilncrih(if on thf* 27'h Jnni>, If 1 4* i tfn *ly f > If?r??rj*i it* fovmi*i |?nuon* >t??! ?ht 1 *.?>>'?. 1? 1.i?f? nimi'ioi.* 1 -v - t| tk , .. im'f 'iti n r* lib i or* i ?? \: v, 1 v* if* !j* in romjilrfn ia*4i? i#m for 'hfif irroni nxIa i.n . Wi-iHill'.? !?* r'*? fii s* ill nftor-l, -vi" hoard nil if v vrfi ioiit- 1?r vn fc ! ?n*t?%?l of t?-n 4? ir< as fiviiv rlv. f ItfAre^ff e < 1 i?. ? ? .*( .* ? ?! ?' r*a itfkslffrtPr. l?.i?rfn'l IVo. ^ 1,50. In h m*\\ n ssti*: ' inji!* . in. I bit !i: t ?M?- ! ?! AAr4SHi,rv">4?fi'v < ni'J N u?l * > ,\r\ i'liig bm?rb, voif* j <??.!* DO?rr-jin i to ???inc': r? 11 ltd nrr litm?. jt2ilm?r JAMES pRt,L.W. 1I

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