Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?So. 173-?Whole No. 30:4-1. RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. POMEliO Y~C j0?3 CHICAGO EXTOES8. ~rt e smMcriber* are now nunilng a re- ular ?i;vo<i aver the It'll roads to and trom Albany mill lluilato, and the iiitcnnutlu'e placet, for FORWARUIN'Ui at low ratei.vvith t>? utmost speed, auil ? fety. clioi.i Good*, a or Bank oiik'i, Important Paper* and Valuable Packagi a?WillI attend to the negotiation, transfer, r vllerlion or payment ol Bill* ol Exchange, Note*, Draft*, Accrptxm.-?s, Accounts, Sic., at reason tide |*' r l uin*g( ?execute order* for tbe piurchaso or sale ol M -rchrsidise, Produce an<i Maoufacturoil Articles of every dose iplion, Jiemoually, in the t?wn* on tlieir roiite, tlirough Messrs. HARNDEN Ik CO'S LAPKESS to NewYork and B?*i,in.and ?i,n,in?s Meun. 1IAWLEY It CO.'S EXPRESS to <nd from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and interne-dial* place*?forming at onee the most direct, speedy and Iieifect eonimuuicatioii to and from the eastern and western cities, for Ihe negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchange* &r. References?Hrastna Coming, Thomas W. OlooU, Watts Sherman, A. D. Palchiu, Noali Lve, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albanv, Agencies?Bennett, Backus St Hawley,Utica ; T. A. Stniih,; A. O. Suiith, Auburn; J. Faryo, Genera; J. (5. Shepherd. Canand ligita j David Hoyt, Rochester ; John SlcKen*ter, Lockiwrt; J. A. Clark, ilatavia ; Thniin* Blossom, Buffalo. POME ROY It CO-, No, i Exchange Buildings, Albany, all 3 Wall street, Nsvr Vork. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. M A11. BOSTON, via 8TON1NGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior steamers, musing in connection withithe Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Pro viuruce jvaiiroaui? M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NARHAQANSKTT, Ca|<aiti Woolasy. MOHEUAN. Captain Vanderbih. One of wliirh will learr New York daily, (Sunday* eicep;ed) from Pier No. 1. Nortli lliver, Battery 1'lace, at five o'clock, P. M. Aunatontr-vT. Th? N'ARRAOANSET. on Monday, for Htouinglon, and Thursday, for Stoningmn. Newport ami Pruvid.n**. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday. (or Stouington, Nawport ?nl Providence, and Kriday for Siohhigtou. The RHODE ISLAND,on Wednesday, for stoniugton, and 8 nurday, for Stoniugton, Newjiiwt, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival of the steamer* at Stonin,'ton, may hike the Railroad Car* and proceed immediately to Provi tinier and Boston. Kruight taken at the following much rednced ratea To Boston, en goods weighing forty pound* or upward* to '. lie cubic foot, at $5 30 per ton, and ou measurement goods 7 cents pi r fiyrt. To Providence, on measurement (foods 5 cents per cubic foot, and spectnC articles as per tarif to be obtaiucd at offier 22 Broadway. nisi tour OPPOSITION LtXE-FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Pamatfv AO cents?Berth* AO cents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES, a*^^7 /SflL The commodious Steamboat WA8H1NOt/j iiftVjrs-eJ* TON. Capta'ii J. M. B rown, having made "a. a.-? .. change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wtdnesday, and Kriday afternoon, at J o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and 8 a lurdu7 afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing ou her imssaga each way at the foot of Hamtmiud street, Ncwburgn, Poughkvepsie, Kingston Poiu', C .ttsloll an.l Hud ion. For freight or jmsswe, apply to the Captain ou board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTlN. No. 132 West street. m9c .((Mk -J*THE RAINBOW MORNING LINE for ALBANY. The low pressure Steamboat "Iff iniviioie ...:ni .1? foot of Hobinsou street, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 o'clock. mS lm*t TAILORING. OF THE UTMOST IMPORTANCE T<0 purchasers of Marshall's Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Colf lars. In consequence of the many mistakes hiving liren made of late by stranger* and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt Depot, we are tucrefoie obliged to mad" public the cause for the benefit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is this. A store has lately bail C painted on their window, and about their premises, a sign I'llrporliug to be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all. they { do not keep our Troy Shirts, Bosotns and Collars, and as a I guard against mistakes that may occur in future, on acconnt of this new sign at the corner store, therefore, we shall circulate extensively the following card, and for the benefit of dealers in our goods:? This is to inform dealers and others that Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot in the city is about sixteen doors from the corner of Pearl utd Chatham streets, on the right hand side in passing to the Citv Hall?No. yo Chatham street. This is our only Troy Shiit Depot forth"- receiving of our highly reputed Troy Shirty bosoms and Collars in the city. We shall cause this to be extensively circnl ited, in consequence of many mistakes having been made of late. Ba particular to sec the pvme. MARSHALL'S, on the window rlw; also tbc following? MARSHALL'S ONLV TKOV SHIRT DEPOT. 00 Chatkam street. No patronage asked of those who beat down. New York, Juna S, 1812. jei lm*c REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, U removed from 115 Broadway 10 No. 7 Astor House. ECONOM\ IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Uaruiente ol a most Elegant and Kashienatle kind 11 a saving of CO per c nt for ensh. rPHE advertiser d"ems it unnecessary to resort t J the h'.ckf ueyed system of giving a list of nominal pnrcs, presuming I last the length of time henss b.en established, together with the eateusive pa'.rouage bestowed on Mm, will prove v sum cieut voucher for his capabilities. Possessiiug the advantage ol being coi nected witli an extensive cloth establishment in Europe he confident I v assets that he cau furnish clothes which, ou comparison, will be found lower than any other house nuking up the best descriptions of gentlemen's dress. ^ my 13m S. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor Hou?, Broadway . MARTIN'S Cash Tullorlnjg fC*t nbliNtuix-iit, Is Removed to 151 H'illiam streil, corner of Ann itreet. t"IMiE subscriber, in announcing the above to hi* friend* I the ptiblic in general, takes leave to return thank* for the liberal p-itronage Iwntowrd on him at his former rlace of business, an J raanres them that 'very aitiele ordered ol him shall, aa h-retofore, be e.-t, made, and trimmed in tha neatest and moat atslish laaunn. The materials, the newest and best in the market, and at ? poaitive savins of 30 per cent. Strangers are requested to cal ind examine. Gentlemen who j refer purrhasin* iheir ow n cloth, Sir., can hare them inad? and trimmed in tne style that lias giver such geuaral satisfaction during the last lour years. Every garment warrant-id to tit, and made by llie best workmen at the following |>.ires, i*.:? Dress Coats 57 W!to$8 30 Krocis Oo'ts 8 00 to 9 30 Panta and Vests 1 75 to 2 00 Over Coats 9 00 to 11 00 No garments ready made?all made to order, and a suit lurmshed, if necessary', in 24 hours. sit lmc M1CHAEL K. MARTIN SHIRTS. SHIRTS mad# to order, after the moat approved French fashions. Gentlemen's Garments of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Gentlemen's Furnishing Store 67 and 69 Maiden lane, comer of William street. tn23 lm?r WILLIAM COLLINS. SHIRTS. UNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 William street, coiner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is hereby given to Merchants and traders in general, that the proprietors ol the above establishment have adopted a new method of manufacturing which enables ihrm to sell their shirts at a cheape r rate than any other house in this city. This statement will be itlllraied by the list of prices as follows:? Per Do*. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, - $7,30 Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Color"d Liie patents, large sixes 7.00 Also. large quanlity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hand, which will be offered cheap fo caah. m29 lm*r SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS. CRAVATS, AND GLOVES, TUST RECEIVED x a rich supplyof the above articles, coni ^ siatinc ol vtty light tad eniiic nook, npnnly tor tht summer mouths. Also? Sea rib and Cravats, in pre at variety A large lAAortinant of, Thread, Cotton and Hoakin Gloves??t the old establishment 241 Broadway, betwccu I'ark rmce and Murray street. ? l'ARSELLS, Agent for J. AGATE, in!?'Aar^af - t" hand an f|f?MiwMiuillfient of Liuen ?i^iur-Q i/rtis i? ronis, Leinen coiiar*, l iiu?*i Ounn'iiu. fcc. he. m3l lm?m Re>T(>VA~L?UNITED STATES CHEAP CASH TA1, L.ORINQ EMPORIUM Iwu rumored from tnr ror lie: of Nuiit and lleektnan Uracil, to ill Broadway, room No. 1 nptuiri. J. BRUSH would wtah to inform liii frier la and 'be public ?t large that ha h*? t*k?n th# aboee room in uraMmf, in rnn >c;jBncr of Ihc high rents of stores, and by rtdurirw Kit ri |mpse?. T.'tll 1?enabled to compete with any etuMiabtnent, Inn h uregarda nntlity and price. For in.tan' ", be v ill farin?i a beautiful coat from $12 to S.S,and splendid pint-, from $1 to $9. N. II.?All garment* mad? at thia nttkluhinrnt at* done With neattiraa and despatch and warranted to f t. I'liaae r.dl _ ?"*' for Toorael'.a. ma, lm,od T7RCNCH DYEING Burak.m, ft r Maiden lane. N. Y.; J. O. Hod li] Hilton at, Brooklvn.Y IJusaon, Ni-w Useeo, liver.?Th? public are reai.rtfiillv fi Wed that the aboee establishment baa been u, successful orient ,?et for many years, and full Confidence can be plarrd in theraf > aMineae of finish ami punctuality ill returning goeda? Merchi w- *1"' the public gen-rally will find it 11 their adtanta*e I i Nwo tni >r ordean. _ jet im'r t OAfl f\t\h nachagra to aoitrustoiners? IpoUUiVW Assorted Pickles. C stsnp, Sauces. Pre erees, and English Miaturd, of a superior .ptility and low piice ; Cider and White Viuegar, by the gallon or barrel i rtoui kront by the barrel or keg; Preserecd \1cau, Houpa. Oysters, Fowls, Milk, ko.i warranted to keep any length ol tltn- . and in any climate, eicellent for whip store*. a* th. y a.Tord a gr> it luxury at a reasonable tnire ; Ground 0o!T, c, warranted pure , Walnut, Mushroom and Tomato Cauup, by the gallon or doren. . N. il-Urgest*. Pickle.for gtoce^b^ ^ WkAlw..!. ? ea.l W-w.kra.a-m- f. Pl-alamt. m21 3m I'M Wafer and 7>7 FVm? street QTAINED UtA^TSTDWlNTlOW SHAl>ES.-HAN aD NINOTON S? CO, 293 Broadway, neir Heidr at, li'ui k'siiera and derorativr PiinMn, resprrfnlly solicit faimliea atduthtis, filling up their dwellings, to inspect their stock, w tiich for ityle and emotion of worn is not to be surpassed, and at prices to suit the timer. Washable window shades from i ne dollar to the richeat styles, erpully cheap in proportion. Arehi'rrta and other* fnrniffied with designs for stained glsss f.-r chinch windows, dwelling!, fce. on tlx shorteat nottee, and orders eye ruled with economy and despatch. WANTED?An artist, med to decorative painting; also an apprentice. mv'eO Bankrupt* v?sami el t fw k n . coumt i For at L?w, li..s rr moved to 67 Nassau s'reel, the corner of Jnhli, a!?. - tie may he consulted on all matters in B.iukrii|*cy. 1.1 v. I ...i.f re \i*'f*Ttink til.ankkv?.-ihlie.T,.. slie'hf ~ ( i'l mlu < c rl.UShK k Bi'OOKS, 61 Liberty t. E NE' I WATERING PLACES. fcC. SHARON SPRINGS.~ T"HK PAVILMO.V?Tl.i. urw H.V..I A open Tor the reception of visitor* Hi ami 'Yer t > !'r*t of June ?:?*t. at tlie Village of Sharon Spring*, Schohariv County, N* w York. The clear pure w*T?r of the springs. .Kr*; -fly r. sem.d n? rhose of the wiiite sulphur spritix* ?d Virginia, have been pro! ml to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cut.-o >nu, DililOiuaiwJ Dyspeptic compUiu's; and in the c ure ?>f >vs...'hs, Saltiheutn, Scrofula, Liver ( "lnpUiut, an I general debility, and in many e.hcr rc-spee'*, pomljs (as C'-rtifted by vjuu of the most eminent medical professors in the Lnhcd States) mtdicinil and he&liuft properties utuiupasicd, and bclicwd lo be unequalled by any in ihi* country. Added to these, the rides in fl * u i.. ty, inn icrott* viil. ?? *, extensive views, neighboring caves and rn.ntuti'* a Mierv an among the many attractions ottered to the.* kin;: ui the heat of uimmer, either health or pleasure. These spring! are but a lew hours ride fr??u s.nuto^*, To?y, Albany, xc., and are accessible iV m C m dokat ie on V Ajb ny ii d i tic i i lilroid, wher^ urritiZfi (Ui rait the rriyal oi the morning cars from Schencctany ?.nd iTtica. to c u ry ! intors to the Springs, .t distance of about eight mil *. > irn iir: in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Che iy \ alley turnpike by daily stages, being about fotty-Uve miles weal of tlie city ?! Albany. Warm, co'u and show r Baths furnished at a!! times, cither of th . mineral or fresh \v iter, and every attention given to render the stay oi vaiton agreeable. An abundance of the purest inountaiu spring Ice is stor I for the season. IIOBT. HAMILTON. THE STRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel \v i I.- opened m the above village of Sharon Springs, for the wtcepi w u oi risitors, and combining till the advanta;;'* of this dciig ;L<1 summer residence. a29 10w2:aw*r WILLIAM E. JONES. CATSKiLL MOUN TAIN HO! csh, AT THE PINE ORCHARD?1812. THIS romantic and fashionable resort will be, couductcd dur. A itig the present season under the direction and superintendance of the subscriber. It has undergone a comnlote aud thorough repair, and is now open for the reception <<f visitors. No el fort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore oca ui red. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York mirk t can alF ird; and every possible attention tint can promote the convenience and unjovnr nl of br, patrons will be promptly bestowed. The mid leading to this establishment, and especially that part of it on the mountain, h.i oeen rendered periectiy smooth and salt'. Mi-hti. A. F. B *arh &. Co.'s cicelleut line of stag"* will run as heretofore regularly between the landing ami the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BP.ACH, Propihtoi. June 13th, 1812. jeliilinr >?4 laorangk hotel, n?u\<K.~irj, n ?"). ?.). fvW This most delightfully romr.ntic summer retrcr.t is in full ^ujjireadinesA, well stocked with fruit and flower*, ami above all a line kitchen garden. The bar is well suppled with choice wines and liquors, ale and portnr. Also, segars of the first quality. John Pouson, the proprietor, sincerely returns his g aief??l thanks to his friends, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last nine years. The beautiful steamboat Bos ton, Captain T. Y. BaWcock, leaves foot of Canal sire? t four times a day. The public can rest assured tint th v whI not b disappointed as heretofore t the owners of the boat arc d. terniined to regularly as advertised; for further particular* ree the Sun. Gentlemen can be accninxiodited wim the best of board and lodging at five dollars per week, and haie their dinner at what hour they please, eicept Sunday, ahv .ys at I I'clock, P. M. Military companies on larger excursions will find it lo their advantage and pleasure to visit I lie above place and try the target ground and Ponson's good dinners. 11 is price* are according to the times. J. Pouson is al wajs at home, and will be ha,r py to see his friends r.nd visito<s. id I lm*r rPHK HAMILTON llOL'St.?This establishment is now J oj>e!i for the reception of company. It ha* been thorough.> renovated and furnished anew, upon a scale of liberality cornmeii?urate with the demands ol the public. Tlie department >4 the cuisine his been placed under the charge of a capable ant! experienced artist, who will lark no supplies thy markets can afford. To those unacquainted w ith the location of tie* Hamilton Home, it is only necessary to i .jr, that it is situated at the ocean entrant? to the Narrows, from eight to ten miles froin the city, ou the high western bluff of Lon; l:d uid, com mantling a noble view of the lower bay and the Atl mtic and landward, the highly cultivated and fertile shores of Statrn and Long Island, and the harbor of New Ifork. Nothing can ex ceed the beauty of the prospect in every directiou. The saIubrieu* air at all i?erio<L of tne diy, the easy access by stage and steamboat, and the mingled life and retirement of die ipot. render this cU.tbli"hmeut second to none within a hundred miles of New Yora. Thr apartments are commodious and airy, and uicir nccummiMiaiious in contrast wiin UIOJC of similar how? Iwiiteferi in the vicinity of the city. Tht rides in the iif-ighborhood, the fishing grounds, billiard rooms, ten-pin alleys, and other accessories of recreation, Uave little, it i* be listed, to m wii bed for by any guest. Families deiirouj of securing rooms for lie season would do well to make early application to tin: proprietor. je7 lmr BATI 1 HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hoaues upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent of private beach on tins shore??hc iH-rf -ct security in bothing, even for ladies and children, (*he bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the maruinu)-? the >ha 'y, cool *nd delightful locustgrove adjoining the house ?the p!e;uaut rides in the surrounding oountr;?the excellent felling grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and amoseinent?the beautiful view of the All mic ocean and the lower biy, almost constantly enlivened by tiunieious vessels arriving or ou'ward bound, render this situation in cvtry resjiect unequalled by any in the viciuity. Its accommodati .us are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest davs of &u*nmer, any thing but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but niue miles from Brooklyn.) du tccnsi by itusial hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of busic ss in New York. jel>lm*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. MARINE PAVILION, ROC RAW AY. L. I.?The >nb acribcr would r.?pyoifully nmiounce 10 tin* puiilic that the hore est ihliOimnit w ill be 0|?ne<J for the aetuon tliii day, June 22, 1312. There bring a f< w fine ronini not yet rnsv.-ed for lb.- ?eoson, which will b? let to fitniiiea on very re.sou.ble terinj. All communication! left with McCoun ? Clark, J3 Wall street, will meat protnpt rwtetttiou. e2? It?c IHRA?1 CRANSTON. FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and General Furnhhing Warehouse, Ab. 67 Chatham street, corner of JJuane street, Aeir York. TTTHERfcl he keeps for sale a large assortment of the following articles, viz..; Sidebo-fds. Bureaus, Bedsteads, Cots, T .bles, Chairs, Office and Portable D?*sk*j Glass Cu? x, book Cues, Looking Glasses, Dining. Centre. ri "a and Pier Tables, Pianos, Sofas, Soft Bedsteads, Beds. Bedtime. Pal easier*. Mat tresses, Carpets, Oil.Clofh, Matting and Hire Irons, Wash Sunns, 'I n!let Tallies, e.andte Sukida, Bureau Bedsteads Dresiin* Bureaus, HaTcs, k:. Also, a Uw assortment of inen ami women's Wearing A|e pare I, new ,ml second bin Jed. All the above snuclia are offered to tlie public at very low prices. Persons in want of said articles would liud il to heirrslvaii!oge to make an turly call at the above establishment. Shi,i| na orilers punctually attended to atnl lacked en the shortest notice, ana on reasonable lertns. Mattresses, Bidding, kc. for lifting out Sessels, constantly on hanil. All ordeis to the abore establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and lieutleracu's and Ladies' cast off CloUiir.a. a22 Stn't BATHBUlLDmGST" "FORMERLY KHNSHAW'S, at Long Bmnch.-Thn ei? tenaife and delightful Sea Buhin? E?ubl!?hinent will be opened by the ftubtcrihrr oil the 27fh June, instant. If I*** respectfully to inform iu former pairout and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encrcj.nink; the comfort*, have bees made eHwi last yiar, md will bo in tompleu rvadftnem for their accommodate?u. Wubi u-:to l>e at reasonable n the time* will .afford, the hoard will 1m seven dollars net week is Is ( y ir, insti d of ten dob Ian as formerly. Chfluray>f a certain a<e and nerTi da half price. I! m lull i IT hoi os he may u wiibont inpsta* 'ion, that hi* table and a< commodations will 6e equ il to any on Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room, will find accommodating terms. j? ? lm?r JAMES GRF.EN. DRY GOODS, STRAW GOODS. 'P BENNETT, importer and manufacturer of Italian and F English Slrr.w (toed., r-sp'-i tfullv informs tiis . i>tonu rs that lie h is removed his es:abli<hment frvm 99 William and Is Plait, t? J9 John rtrnet, where he continues to keep a splendid asul extensive ossortmeat of ladies' fashionable Straw t hauls, Frenrbar (English UtiusuMea, k Inn Uuthnds, fine Tutcars, Fancy Bhellworks. Prince Albert Straws Jir. ;? . Also, an entirely Dew article, tie- White Siberian Hair Bon ,-t, for the summer?it surpasses all the styles sa yet intra ducrd. being extremely light, beautiful, white and durable. rr.31 jjn*m TO THE LADIES. tfASHlONABLS MILLINERY OOODS.-Th- pwine" treat, Nliu 9 KINO, d.<n(htrr ol'the c?lebm?nl C,|| Rim, ITera for ante a inoat seleet and choice Wwrtmeio of >liIlmrrjliiMih.ligr tin- i|irtnc trulr. iirru ? yal cn-muml t. the pole lie, botli *' rr,{ud? die <]ti..JiT> and civilian of the artrb. The asaortnifiit cotiaLfa of the fnilnwinr :? The celebrated S!!,K HAT, CALL LP C A POTT E nORI.KVNs ? Mn In I. Pnebeaf D'OrleMa, ? rrinrt, SHED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW ANT) ORIOINAL TYLE And Lawn Hau do do?An entire uiw ?l>!?o Hate called " MODINE CAPOTTEf* ET/5SLER COTTAGE.*1 Parisian and Rnflish FANCY 8THAW9, of cite finest teitarr, in great Thrifty. Tnt rruprietf^o n-apectlullv solicits the lylies to faror h*r with a call, awl examine her flecant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, before they purrhas* elsewhere, as ft will he a treat saving to .them ui print* anil a great ad vantage aa tegarda the variety and jnality of the copda. MISS S. KINO, Magannr He Mode., j?22 1m*r ?'*'? Broadway. T'O LADIES.?Mr.. TRXt'TVvElN rr?i>ecl7hll y inform* * the Ladies of New-York an ! vicinity, th if she ron'iniitrs the work of French Plaiting,Fluting and Clear starchi**, at No. Lldridge street, (oo the first floor,) New-York. N. B. Oidera received and viccutea with Realties* and at the shorten uorica. AJ?.., Collars for sale. je21 lm*r BOOTS:-LATEST FRENCH ! LE.?The nubarriber mikti to order, Boot, Kb ?,inr,lon-of Quality of Er. neh Calf V "t\ -K-'ar.*1 frle. and at very rr..o-nl>I rrirr., price, for infr-ior ari,|V,\VI T,7t nf ry"'? 1 that hn rnco. are from hr T"" "it*-*1 More, in the neighborhood l)^? ,vP"V '1'r "l" r .'i** / and 1 pnir of laau kept for rae n "f ''.'J ill ijetrmic a hand ome yet eiuv fl? * " 0,"'cu'li' Between Nj^?? ?ld Dutch ,t?. DKT | lire to Ami Boot, and Ki,oe.Ti^I^T ",n l W. nut nirc in N,.w York thTc .. . pUrTToKr I?l at ?t the Clinton Bed au.l Shoe Market wu rJUlS tieet, 11.fh I an corner ol Hndanti ttreet. Iltoae who ha. tried ip;iear to be; Can-rally .all.fied that tin. i? a (art T,n! aneatinnahte. All Un?? who in-y not hare fried our hoot, etnaa, or gaite*.. will tmd it to their *leaii|a*te ft, Ula*e th? trial SUUli. ,. ? , . A. KNOX at CO, N 15. ( ontitrr mrirhf III hjr the package or <lo*?n 1*Ik lm*r ff IO NEW YORK. FRIDAY M i jiool^s^N dstatTone ryT J \-K\v ( ! I 'AH MU51C?OKOROE H. DERWORT, ! ^ nroft*?*m- of the gui* *r, No. 1J8 Canal street opf>o*il? the j St. John's churi u, bn th?* honor t ? ac?jimnt hit irieudj ai.J the I public h?* liiM published . variety . new ai?J popular inu' tic, u: >r j. 1 with ? icc mtttftttasnii lor Mitar. j Mr. D. wil! al?c arnriige and compote mimic for orcheair?* euitir. au-1 other ifwtrume.itji, and give instructions to .im vteuraou il.. i- .1. myt BOO K LU N DlN G paper auLmo. M IRELAND. N*?. 120 Nassau Mro t, hivins au entirr <ie*v slock i?i Ihudn.g Tools .ml Hulin* Machinery, ol he j rrt ii m 1 . io<r u.'prDvi ti \ I'tern*. i* now prepared to execute ill order* in ?.c moat durable .?n<J Vtmlo>mw m.-.n ? r. | M?'rcli !lit* .\ "ccouut C??? and all other kind of Blankworli ruled an 1 bound t rx.,r* { .itttriis, and in .? sty! that k warranted 10 t;iw s tisfacti u. Any work ordered can be dene iuAhe ?nalive rmwiv i|" requiri J, H. I. 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The prisoner appeared in Court dresse l in a bluecout, white pants, w ith a blue corded stripe down the side*,quite ? lu lilitaire, hair neatly combed .' parted, w i'h a prominent re (He to his linen,extending itself from his bosom. During a portion of the testimony li s face presented a forced contemptuous grin, or p i istl. smile; but when puitially identified by Mr. Arnous, a cnange cutneo'er the spirit of Ins dreams. He sat between his counsel, J. M. Smith and 8 T. Mason,Ksqrs., and was busily engaged during the examination of the w itnessej, in taking notes and suggesting questions upon the cross investigation. The first wit nest called was James M. Hawkins, who i' supi>osc.i to have i een the tool of prisoner in passing oil the counterfeit notes. .fames Af.//[trains culled and sworn.-Is an Knglishinan by birth: I c ne from Liverpool in August last; I have been acquainted .villi prisoner about rix months; 1 met him in the office of John Fishhlant, No. 87 Liberty .reel, en Monday, February Olst. Somes then ask' 1 me If I would like to i. ike a >16') if I conl.l do it easy. I replied . es, if he would put me in the way of it. lie said he would, it I would say nothing about if. We then seprrated, w .h ah understanding that I would see him atiin in the . vening. I want there again in the evening, au t found Some and Sebastian Pollock there. 1 asked pi isoner ia what way I was to make tho money; he then took out lo. pocket book and showed me o hill of the denomination ol tfi-.'l) on the Union Bank of New York. I a ke I him if it was good. He enquired whether I could tell or not. itoblhim I was no judge. He said it w as a counterfeit, hut lie had showed them to a broker who had said they were excellent counterfeits, such as it would lie almost impossible to detect. He then ;ii'l il* I U'tUlii! tm?4 lifiv nf lltnrn ltn utaiiI/I rri?-s* mo onn hundred dollars; ho also said that they must bo passed oil'very quick, as there were no others in tow n.lnit lie diil not know how noon there might he. He said ho had just brought them fiom Philadelphia, and that a lot had been sent to Pittsburg, I'a.; ho wished me to commence 111 it evening, nri.l go an 1 boy a cloak for eighteen dollars. I hesitated, and agreed to give him an answer the next morning. I saw lum again on Tuesday morning, had a few minutes conversation with him about the business, end met him again in the evening. In the first conversation ho told mo lie wool 1 prepare a list of the names and n umber of stores w hero it would bo best to call to pass oil' the notes. On Tuesday night lie gave me a twenty dollar counterfeit note of the description named, and and a two dollar and one dollar bill Pennsylvania money, and advised that I should go out and attempt to purchase a hat, that if the-, lefti o'd to change the noto, 1 could turn the matter off by saydug that I ha I no other money that was current except that rote. I v cut to a lia; store in Broadway, on the right hun I side going to the theatre, hut perceis iog llia the e Was a broker's oltire alongside ul it, and fearing that I should be da'cchtd, I selected u hat and ton! theni to sen 1 it to the store ?>7 Liberty street. I then le'l the line stoic, w ithont offering the note, and met Seme*; lie sent Jve ton sec-king store in Nassau street, .vhi r; I purchase i hull a do/.?u pairs of -to-kings, and olfered tli twentv dollar bill Hint he had given me. The person behind the ouiitcr said ho was shore of Lh"tige, and I then have liini the two dollar Pennsylvania note, which he took, and -av ni'' the change I then met domes n or (i)ws os' Ilot-d; he told me to ;; to a lamp rlore in Nassau street, next door to th slocking store, and tell them thin 1 h id been buying storkiegs next door, tin 1 a k them to change the twenty dollar bill, which w as a counterfeit. A gen leniun in the store changed it. On lent ing the 1 imp store 1 met Mr. Pollock; 1 felt ngitiit*! nt the time, an I uske I if he had any money to pay lor a gln*s of brandy, which lit! sai l he had, ac.J we drank a glass in Fulton street. [Mr. Smith, counsel for prisoner, hero asked the Court In order that Sebastian Pollock, ono of the witnesses for the prosecution, tilwiiii to be referred to liy Hawkins, should lie requested to retire from the Court. 1!,: u as accordingly placed in the jury room adjoining, and the door closod.J Witness then continue.) as follows :? I te.en give Pollock the money to give to Somes?the reason fur this was that Somes had tol l me no' to be seen w i'h him more than possible by day ligh*. ns it wool I excite suspicion. Pollock had previously advised no to have nothing to do with passing the money. Mr. Pol'nck took 'hi money an 1 I told him to toil .Seine; that I ivottl I meet him at the corner ofthe street. 1 did meet hitn, when in gave me another bill and t I 1 nie to buy n co it in Maiden Lane; | went and selec t-1 a coat for v.'arid olfered the bill ?they sent out to a broker's for rhangc, and the ltul returned and stated 'list it \\ as a counterfeit; I told them to end it to the office at (57 Lib lit* street; thejr i at e Is I with mo but the olSca was closed, and I then told him to send tl'e coat in the moraine rm 1 I would rev for it. 1 I afterward* met Sorai t at the HowarJ Hotel, he sent me to ] the Park theatre with another $-10 note, but it u a? cloved; he then requeued me to go to a druggist* in Mai !<;n Lane to purchase somebody a pound ol opium 1 believe; llii? was about dusk; I went to the druggists but li.l not go in ?I returned and told Some* that they had no change, or some'b'tig like it; he then sent roe to buy a Mackintosh cloak in Broadway, on the left hand side towards the Battery; I went, selected one nnd offered a counterfeit bill; they sent it to the broker's ne.-.t door who ptonoun' it a bad one; I then gave them a wrong address. rs Somes bad previously told me I was very wrong in sen ling the tailor in Maiden I.ane to the store in Liberty street;the bill tviis hen returned tome am! I then wi nt to several place? where, thought I should bo likely to chnegeit, but without effect; I then returned to Homes; he sent me again to tli Ptirk theatre; I think I went to the Pork theatre twice before I w ent to buy tho Mackintosh; f went to the thcatr three times altogether; after the attempt to buy the lacinte'h Somes went with me towards the I nrk the iti e, ll stoo l nt the corner while 1 vent it; Pollock'hen np act said he had born following me; lie again warned me, and said it was a dangerous business I w nr engaged in, nnd that I need not cxpei t any aid from bo\ ,f I was arrested; he then left me, and I offered the bill at tin Park Theatre, which wis refused; 1 then met James ag.iir. and we walked down Broadwnj : on passing a broker's office, I gnve him the J>JO ba 1 bill, when he gave me VI goo I money with the bill again, and told me to go into the broker's office and ask to get the money ex. changed fot safety fund notes; I remonstrated to this, and told him that'lie broker w ould detect tho bail note; he said'that he w as no judge o( inonev; I then took the $i4, nnd asked for safety fund money"; tho broker seemed to doubt the i,jn bill, hut there was a young man in the store who also said l.c thought it was bad; they looked at it some time, and finally sent it out to ascertain whether it was good; the boy took it and soon returned, stating tlia' the hill was bad; they asked me where I got the hill; I told them that I had taken the bill during the day in payment for 1000 sogars I bail sold, and paid the difference in other money, this excuse I believe was manufactured by my* ill; I then met Homes again, and he proposed to go to Brooklyn; while going down Fulton street Someiadvi*. ed me "to step into a clothing store and ask tog tjone of the f-iO bills changed; while there Somes came in, and on my speaking to him, he turned ami went out without answering; I then tol l the person in the store that 1 must be mistaken in the person who came in, as he did not recogiiiac me; 1 was arrested in this store?the bill wns not returned to me. i rni' rri'ninfn ny nrfnrf.? i nrsT saw jinnies in Mr. Fisbhlatt's ottice, in Liberty street; this wn* in January Iff; 1 have ben in thin country nincc last August; I cam e from Liverpool: I have 110 particular business; I was In a boot and shoe store in Liverpool; when I came here I hr tight with me a draft of Baring k Brothers, for jCM; I first became acquainted with a Mr. Hoy nobis; I then became acquainted with Mr. Kennedy, who was a partner with me in the segar business; mv sogers were kept at the York House;the first counterfeit F'W hill I ever had was given me by Somes; I was not turned out of Mr. Kennedy's employ because I dealt in counterfeit moni'j'; I re. collect of having but $1 bad bill before the one given me by Somes?that vs as taken in my business: I became acquainted with Sebastian Pollock before October Inst; I invested my money with Mr. Reynolds; Pol'ock was nlso engaged with Rev nolds in the same wny that I was; Pollock nis been to see rne w hile in prison, about once in seven days; Pollock did not give mu a paper in prison whereby 1 should testify, nor did lie ever 'ell me what I should swear to; Polio k told me that an attempt would be made to implie.a'ehim; 1 never told nnv one that Mr. I'ollock 1 ottered the bill at tlta Tark theatre; 1 nevi .- said thai he 'old me tin would throw himself oil' the dock if I testified 'In', he did; he was in to toe ate day In fort; ye-drrdav; he neror was in thectdl except when I vi ns out; Pollock lid I no' see rne offer the bill at the Park theatre; I left Pish blntt's store nbout dusk; from ffi I,Ibrrty street i went to buy a hot in Broadway; I selected a hut but did not buy it noroflerthe bill; I left Somes in Fishblatt's flora, uh "ii I went ont to buy the hat; Mr. Pollock was there, and *?' rre'ent when Somes gave me the money; I'ollock might linvr heard all that Somes said atmiit mv manner of pis?ing off the money; when I gave the roll of money in the street la Pollock to giveto Somes, he did not ask mo how much it was, or anything ahont it. Krnm'nalion retumrii hy prattriitinn?If Mr. Pollock had anything to do with Somes in the business it was not to my knowledge. flsnair.i. A. Anson, was called and sworn. My clothing store is No. I4A Fulton street ; Mr. Hawkins called at my store on the 22dof February, and asked me to change n pJO note of the Union Bank of this clly. Previous to changing it, I sent the hill out by a colored man, an 1 it was pronounced a counterfeit. At this time Mr. Siimes came into the store an I asked me where Mr. Lamphier's place of business was, I replied that it was next door ;and the question was put again bv Somes, nnd answered us before Hawkins then turned and said to me there's a man that knows me ((Hunting to Somes.) hut Somes left without making anv reply or n-cognition. [Somes here turned pale, and the usual smile had tieen on hi fuco was cnanged to an expression of unite a different character.] My colored man told me w hen he came jo, that a man had tol I him 8t the door, that the per ?on iriiide had attempted topa?*ofl the ?ame note before. Itirtrt examination hy protmillan rwn/l?Thnt i? the tnnn *etting there who came into mv *tore. and who ?inre I have learned i? Homo* ; that ii him (pointing to Some*.) Th" Di?T*irT ATfotiTY here called the name of Ho. h*?tian Pollock a* a witne**. when Mr. Hmith rerjnentod that llawkin* who had previoti*lv given in hi* teatimoriv, *houll ho riy|Ur*t.'d to withdraw. Ho wa*, therefore, placed in the |tiry room, and the door eloaod. H?*??ti*"? I'ot.i.oc k -worn?I have formerly her n in the lrv good* nnd co.nmii' ioti htuinet* I am doing nothing now, Imt am applying for the hen. lit of the bankrupt law ?I know the i rim'iior?on thu Ql?t of February, the day before HawVin* wa* arr??ted I hoard pritoner oiliir togWe him >IOn it lie would pa'* fifty fjn hill*?on Toe* iny morning I raw llawkin* and cautioned him ahont Home*. (Home* here leaned hi* chair forward and ?tared wi'netg m+mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i W wpwii ,i I I n j w. ieea: dlroctly in the lace at a distance of about nix feet]?oil t Tuesday Somes sat e Ha wkim some money to go out tool j buy i< hat? I An not recollect ot taking any rctreahmeiitn with Hawkituou the aftcntn it of Tuesday?I did nottak' any money to Somas that afternoon, nor did I tr ee' Haw kins lit Inn Park Theatre?I nt't Sotn on Brooklyn ferry iont on Wednesday morning alter Hawkins had been t. . rested,ami no toll me be wimM Ket Hawkins bailed oil*, anil that 1 must say n itlui r n' otii it. Crott-examinrd by Defanrr?My native j?l?ce is tie- ma- , ny? i came "> r ugian a'.': uiei. i> mm country in )sr>7 I jo no* recollect that I kept mywdfeoi -coaled i> any time | while I v. as In If n. uirgli; 101 wh-a I was in England; I have been in the dry go ids mid coin-buwou bu-ines s.nce j 1 come to thin country; I was doing business with Mr. Reynolds awhile; 1 do not recollect that 1 drank wnlt I 11a. kinson the night ha was urieste.t, am' 1 swear )>ot| I!, tly that I was not in the Purk Theatre that night w itli him; I cam at mcollc -l that 1 took .- package or roll of uny ' kinJ from Haw kiiu to Somes on the evenii :g of the night he was arrested; ! know positively 1 had no eon vers;.- i tion with Hawkins on the steps of the Park Theatre, | I cautioned Hawkins against Somes. Somes ollereil to go | into portne; -hip with me, anil offered to adi ance 1 had no money , hut I was ;o be the hook-keeper and part- , ner. i nuiiorstood thai his money was ull had money; this conversation was in the otiiceof Fislihlott, and perhaps Ki hhlatt was present. 1 heard my father-in-law, Richard Srntr, say that Somes dealt in bnd money, find Wni. P. T. 'Vinslo". also told mo the same thing; after this was tol l me 1 did not continue my communications with him relative to the partnership. 1 do not thmk I saw Hawkins utter lie loft Kish'datt's store on Tuesday afternoon until ho was arrested; nomes called at my house in Brooklyn at eight o'clock on the morning follow ing the arrest of Hawkins; I never asked Somes to lend me SIOil to aid in getting Hawkins outof jail; I never tol 1 Somes that a friend of mino v. rs in prison, and it w ould ruin me if he was not gotout; the day after Hawkins was arrested Somes asked me to go to the City Prison and see him, but 1 refused; I went, however, afterwards at my own suggestion. The Court here took a recess until 4o'clock. ArTi'.BtsooN Session, The Court re-assembled at 4 o'elock, and jnim Kuhiilaat called to the stand ami sworn?I know Pollock, and have seen Somes come (o my ollice to see Mr. Pollock; I never saw Somes and Hawkins together that 1 remember; I have seen them at my ollice; I believe Somi s called to see Pollock about some partnership business; my porter's name v. as Burnett; ho is a public ;>ortcr No. 0; I um n manufacturt r ot" fancy lurs; Pollock requested permission to leave his hooks in my ollice;! also hud a store at 144 Canal street; I know nothing ubout the transactions between Somes and Pollock; 1 cannot say whether Somes, Haw kins and Pollock visited my place together, hut I have s " n them nil there; at one time Hawkins and Homes went out of mv ollice torrether: Abel Smith u ns there nt on. time with Some*; the conversation was relative to some soap ami tallow. Crout-examined by defence ?Abel Smith, the chnniller, wast hove at the same into that Somes anil Hawkins was: Mr. Tappau, the otiioer, cun.o t? my store and enquired ol rollock m hei a llaw kins got the fcjO "ounti net bill.w hen ho saiil lie got it from a person to whom he sold some segues, ami that he, Pollock, knew it. J >nx H. 1'owea, Ksq. wn called ns a softness on the part of the prosecution, lun objections hcing made hy counsel for defence to his to -timonv, on the ground that > itmss had no knowledge of any circumstances in tins case, except hii : ]? as was communicated to him us the counsel ol Sunn's, The Couht decided that if such was the case ho coull rot proceed to testify. l.i u Mott n :6 then called and sworn?I keep n lamp end nil s',0: : pt 1 -J 1 Fulton street. (The ^.'0 counterfeit I ill was hen i led ? :tne*s.) This in the bill given to me hy lla.'.kiris :o tie exehanged, and for which I gave him good rr inn : John H. Powers called upon mo alterv\ avds nnd oli'ei e.l to give ine goo I money for the counterfeit note, hut I refits' u to deliver it up. Jatl.v II. P.iivkb, K>i|. win again culled to the stand?1 was engigi ' to ilefeti 1 llawkins by Mr. Pollock: the morning alter he was arrested; I saw Hawkins, anil lie requested me to call on Mr. Mott nnd endeavor to get the ycju counterfeit nm. [The counsel lor defence here objected t? any further interlocution of witness, oil th? ground of his being engage I nt one time a? counsel for prisoner.] Quite an argument here ensued in which'Messrs. Smilli and Mason for prisoner,and Acting District Attorney Shuler for pron culion, took part. The linear then enquired of Mr. Power if, at the time of communications received from Somes, he considered himself engaged as counsel for hoth Somes and Hawkins; to which he replied in the affirmative. The Court then stated that the relation between counsel und client was adolicute one, and that the. rules of all the courts, as well as the law itself, was such as to cause the Court to decide that testimony received under such circumstances was i. admissible. James Burns wits then culled to the stund and sworn. I am a cutler, in the employ of Mr. Arnoux, tailor, in Knit on street. I saw a man in the store of Mr. Arnoux on Tuesday, 21 I of February who attempted to pa-i a VJh counterfeit note on the L'nion llank ol this city. While he was there, the colored man who hail been sent out with the note, stated that some one out of doors told him the man in the store had attempted to pass the hill before. A man enme in the store soon ufter, und said he wished to sec Mi. Lampbi'ir about a short cloak. He then went out. That is the man sitting there. (Witness here pointed to Somen, who w as silting behind the District Atto-iu y.) I I'll ^arn 11. Gndilard, railed and swarn.?Hawkins came ii.lo the store of Mr. Wcy man, in MaidCn lane, and wished t buy it coat, an.1 then oltered a $:20 bill oi tin Iriiinn liank, which was piunounccd to he a counterfeit, and tho , oat w as then sent m h Hawkins, nt his rentiert, by a boy to Liberty street. Hawkins returned with the hoy !o our store, ami requested that the coat should be ent theie in Die moriung, which was done, hut it was not paid for, am. the bov brought it back. Churls* ({.nrdnn, was culled und sworn.?My store is at It No., e; st see'. Hawkins called thereon the idd o ' I'ehriiaiy, and purchased some stockings, for which he lirst oilered some l'hilndel|iiila money, und upon being told it was it a heavy discount, lie then ottered a tJO rote oi the Union Lank, w hich I believed to be a counterfeit, end therefore refused to take it. The examination of prisoner before the Police, was then read to the jury, with the exceptions made by his counsel. This examination was made at his arrest on the ti8th of February. In this examination Some* denies all knowledge of Hawkins; mulatto asserts that he was not in the store of Mr. Arroux on the eveningof the tKd of February. Sehnstian Pu'lork w as called to the stand by defence. I endeavored to get Ifaw kins hailed out of prison, and of. fered money to effect it. Cross examined hif Prostru'ion.?Somes gave Mr. Power *-.'0 in Thorp n brokers oflice, in my presence, to get (lie *.20 eoun'i rfeit note from Mr. Mott. Somes asked mrn ii it would noi lie oeticr to get tne note in mis way. H<! Drfintt?Somes told me that Hawkins wai arrested. This was the first I knew of it. Some* tolil me to tell Hawkins '.hat II he would keep quiet lie would hail him out?he told me thi* while we were coming across the Brooklyn ferry?thi* wn* on Wednesday morning. When Some* first told me that Hawkin* was arrested, I told him that it we* hi* fault, and that he had given hint had money?he at lirst denied it, hut afterward* eoniessrd it 1 oflfemd to pay I apt. Trott to go hail lor Hawkins? Some* introduced me to Capt. Trott. The prosecution here rested, and Mr. .Mason proceeded to open the ease for orironor. The first witness called for Defence, was ,1bel Smith, who was sworn. I met Homes at Filhblatt's store, on Mond iv evening, Fahruary ilst?he said he had iust returned from Philadelphia?that lie had made out verjr well in his b'liincts?Somes and myself went to the Barge office together, where I looked at some tallow he had brought on from Philadelphia, and took the hill of lading for it? ! then went to the Brooklyn ferry, and saw liim go on hoard of the boat?thi* was about du*k, and Somes complained of being unwell?I then left him?I have often seen Hawkins and Pollock conversing togethar in Fislihlatt'.i hack room, as also i>t lie) nolds' place before that?I merely came to Kishbla't's office to get my rights out of which the party there had cheated me?Pollock's rhnraclcr is not good?I would not believe him under oath?he Is in the habit of getting goo is urder false preterite* -ftom w hat l have hear I of Pollock, | would not believe him underoallt in no case. fhnn-f ri. i-erd by prosecution.?I have heard persons suv that he we* net to he believed. I have had dealings with I'olloc.k; him and hi* partner cheat* d roe; Isold Somrs f MO worth of so mi for '-usli, nn<l he told me h" made *?0O on the article in Philadelphia. 1 had known Seine* hut a few weeks prev Ions to mating this sale to him; I helie* e ou my ontu that Somes made ?100 on the soap 1 *old him. Dv dv'< ti< *.?I am n tnlb>w rhou Iter; I calh-d ut 1 i hId iti s *ton- mi Tuesday morning, I ehruarv Hid, at (l o'clock, vrd ; vl<>-<1 if Snnii-? had been there?they said hi ha I no. cmeove ; I rallr l again in the afternoon, and Ki?h!da;t tol l tne tna* Somes had not been there; I taw I oi!;,rk n ;d II i .vkins in ! i?lihl?tt's office at the time, this v.n? about rusk on fi.e day evening, the same night that Hawkins * ?' arrested. }tu jn-ni -ii.'inn.?I dill not know enough to send the roa i lo Phnadelfhia that 1 so! I to Somes, and thus make ?.100 profit mi self; Some* was rather too fast for me at that time; I w a* alone in the hiisinrs* but am not engaged in it now ; my brother carries it on; I have not sold, it out; it wn* old hy another person for me. Mr. !' in m interposed hii objections to witness being examined as to his |>i i * ate b'l', and the I ourt decided that the inquire should he urged no further. Counsel for prisoner then asked the Court to send for John Williams, a prison*-r in the city prison, who was confined in the same cell w ith H iwki'n*. as he was n material w itness to prisoner. He was accordingly sent for. Son i i. Smith was called hy defence, and stated that the charae'er of Sebastian Pollock wn* such, from general repute, that he would not believe him under oath. t'<i nriii/r ill .in. I ma te (tie Rnnn ralil In Knnrmi for mr brother , I taw Some* pay him almilt $40 for the first purchase he .foils Wili.i ?m? alio* Kn';liih Jock, who ho* been convictedof patting counterfeit money, wn* then called to the *tond, h' having hern brought out of n'iton for that purpose Ho testified thnt How kin* told him in hi* cell that Pollock !.' ive him tho counterfeit money, nnd thfit J Pollock ho't also applied to Some* to hail him, and pru J tni?e.| to give Homes a piano forte and ?ome llutcs, if he j w ool I do It. HnwUinaalao *?id, that Pollock told him that I tho hc*t plan tor them to adopt] was to change Homes with J the crime of uttering the money , nnd for them to *we?r it j on to him. Cm- <.rriminr4 h>i prntruft'ee.?Mr. Ma*Oft, one of the cotin*el in this cn e, is nlso my lawyer; he is enlento Ing to carry the r.i*e for which 1 have bosii can- , vi-ted, p to n hitrher comt lor decWon. TnoMsa Hi * (i or cnllor? hjr defence and ?worn--The chnrnctc-of llswklnt i? uniVer*ally bad, a* al?o the ' Pollock and I would rot b-lievr ejth-r of th m tin roath '? ! ',1 IT' ?I i LD. ? "J Price Two Cents. 1'iiiLir T- Wiiiiuw v? as then culhd?I naver told Pollock that Somas dealt ill had money ; 1 have heard that hia character \vu very had; I would not helluva him under oath; my place of DUKinese is in Cedar sheet,up stair-'. Crott-cxamintd by Prot*cution?l buy and Mil goodsou commission; make advances sometimes on g-ods. 1 havu \< ry little acquaintance with Mr. Seme*. 11>.iiman < . Lincoln called and (worn?1 am a tailor by trade, 1-ut have no place ol business at this tine; ou I'ues ' ly reurig, Tl i Fabruajy, about 5 o .lock, Mr. somes cumii to nit house, aid asked me what I would ask to alter iclone f. liiin; 1 tul<l him f 16; he objected to the price; lie remained it iny place until alter dark in the evening; we then h it, tnd us henud ohiected to the price I had fined, la It ised him .o go lomett here else and atl. the price, and that I would then doit an cheap as any one; I advised him to go lo Mr. Booth's, and alio to Mr. I.amphier'a in Fulton klieet; i went with himlo Mr. Lamphir1*, who ie one0f the linn of Andrews and Lamphicr; ho went into Arnoux's clothing store first, came out, and said he w as miatakm, and then wont inta Andrews and I.anpbier'a afterwaril*. We tlien wentto the Brooklyn ferry, and ha crossed over. Croti-tiaminrd fry ''mteriilion?I w as once ?rresi,d for tearing u;> an order for MOO, thai had baen ohtai. ed for me by a man who owed me $_0O;thc order he obtained with a promise to raise the money on it; the (jrui.l J irv discharged the complaint; 1 do nit know eituer I'oll ';k or Haw kins; 1 liuve been to see Koines once or twice a u eek in liis cell since lie lias been in prison. John Ki msn.nii called by defence; I saw Haw kins in an exchange office, corner of Urtadw ay uud Fulton street, on the I7ih of February list; he wanted a hill changed, hut did not succeed in getting it, because the hill was pie u mod to he a counterfeit. Cioss-fjiiiiiiiieiH by firmti ulion?I do not (know of any such man as Frank Williams alias Bolton Frank; I never went bull for any such man; I think the man's name that 1 went hnil for was Reynolds; 1 live at 1'jO Christie street; I went into the broker'soltice to get a soveieign changed; I never saw Hawkins before that time; I recollect it was the 17th of February, because I had a pnper in my pocket afterwards of the date of that day week; that is the man that oll'urcd to pass the note; (;iointing to Hawkinr) on tho evening ol the f'id I saw liiin come out of a lamp store corner of Fulton and Nassau streets, and 1 said to mv companion w ho w as witli me, that is the man that attempted to pass the hud note the other night. Gakrett Dt'ss was called by defence?I know* Mr. Hawkins; 1 would not believe him mycelf, hut 1 do not know* what others would do. Kami ?;i. K. Brown, called hy defence?I am a clerk in a hat store, No. 160 Broadway; 1 recollect that a person came into the store about a week before the announce, meat of the arrest of Somes, and attempted to pass a $;0 note; but I cannot recognize tho nersoii in court. (Hawkins was sitting directly in front of witness.) The defence here rested. The prosecution called Isaac 11. Mead, who testified lie ,1 i,t it of tell either of the Smiths who had liten sworn that hu would not belivvo l'ullock undermrh; I cautioned Mr. Smith against him on account of the character of his partner, and ad\ised him, if he told goodi to him, to get his money first. Hume was called, but his evidence was not material. Herman C. Lincoln was called again, and stated that Somes come out of Andrews it Lamphier's store, on the evening of the 22 1 of February; ho said Loniphier was not in. James M. Hawkins was again called to the stand by tha prosecution, ami swore that all that John Williams, alia* Knglish Jack, had said,was false. Wm. T. JKNNisns u as called by prosecution?I would believe I'ollock under oath; 1 never heard hit character a'.led iu qnesiion; my wife is a relative of his. Ueobci: Manning called and stated that he would believe Mr. i'ollock under oath; I never heard anv thing aguiust him; for two years past I have known but little of him, however. John W. of 90 Maiden lane, stated that Pollock's character was good in his opinion?I was a partner with I'ollock in business; a man called upon me relative to Pollock some time since, and I gave Pollock a good name so lar as I know. The evidence was here closed, and the counsel commence ! t timming up at eight o'clock in the e\ ening. .They closed at half past ten, and the Recorder stated that he would charge the jury this morning at eleven o'clock. Acting District Attorney Shai kh, in summing un the case on the part of the jrosecution, alluded pointedly to the fact that the testimony- of Haw kins wus conhrined iu nearly all its material points by witnesses whose characters were not impeaehed, and, therefore, it should receive full credence wiith the jury. Messrs. Smith and Mason made an aide defence for prisoner, and presented the evidence in slight well calculaI led to ptr/.7.1e the minds of the jury, m * the formation of their verdict. Court Calendar?'This Day. Si rr.RioB Coiar?Nos. 81, 'JO, 33, 19, SO, ft?, 14, 1Ml, 141, 142, <3. 21, 6. Court or Common Pitas?Part 1?Nos. 2?, 66, 61,09, 63, 63, 63, 71, 73, 73, 77, Hi, S3, 38. Part'.'.? Nos. 166,160, 20 30 , 22 , 72, 74 , 76, 82, 148,84, SO, 83, 90, 92. Pi bi ic Morals in Mexico?The police report of the city ol Mexico, published in the Diurio del Oohierno, states thlO there were arrested during tin week ending J 16th April, 262 persons, viz : for fighting and wounding >3 men,97 women; theft, 16 men, 8 women; drunkenness, 60 men, 81 women; fornication, I man ar.d 1 woman; on suspicion, 16; carrying prohibited weapons, 2; gambling, II; deserted from *fi? garrison, 1, c'.so 1 m\u lor kil ug another, and I men for killing a woman, other kxcrstes, 21?being 48 more th"n the week previous. Naval.?V. S. brig Apprentice, hence on a cruise, waa 1 - at ... a... v.,.,,... in rs. it a I ............ , .......... "rai 'U( ... m ...... ' '5 Dolphin n iis Ttli inft. otr the lile of Piner, steering to the weitward. Pit tstmrjgli. (Correspondc ucc of tlib Ikr-ild.] PirrsBL'BttH, Pa., June 14, 1842 T'ic Bankrupt Law?Lawytrt?Brnham?'ffuatrirait? Re! ig~ton? Pal it irs. Ja.ue> Gordon Bennett, Esqi? Dear Sir :? When we consider the extent of the circnlntion your valuabie pH|ier has in this "Birmingham of America," we think that you don't do justice to us in keeping the world duly advised of what is going on mnong.-it us. Whether the fault is yours or that of your correspondents at this point, I cannot tell; hut certain it is that we have good reason to complain of neglect in this matter. Permit one o! your admirers, therefore, to solicit a corner in your vehicle of knowledge, while I enlighten all creation as to some of the doings of this great city of the west. It is now an exciting time among the Bankrupts of our place. The time lor the discharge of the first applicants has come around, and brought joy to some who were lucky enough to get through safe, but disappointment to others,who incumbered themselves with too much pro|<erty to cany safely through the "mill" with thein ! Among this latter class* is Mr. , who was one of the first to make application for the lienefit of the bankrupt law; he was getting along swimmingly, was about to (socket his"certifirate ot discharge" when some of his relentless creditors, discovering that he still drew his regular dividends from sundry steamboat stocks, and is reputed to be worth .-.ome twenty or thirty thou H.tllU UUlldff, iuiiiiiwcu ujn?ii man v? mi men uig mwvers, nnd are determined to ontmse him with unabated vigor to the last, and make him fork over the "assets." 'J in n there's a dry good merchant, who made an assignment, preferring n friend l?>r #20,000, soon after married an heiress, with nn estate worth some JO or JjtfiO.OOO, and in a dnv or two ufter, his name appeared in the list ot applicants lor the benefit of the bankrupt law ! His prospects, too, have l>een idly clouded hy nn array of opposition from some of lit" eo-'ern creditors,which "no had never dreamed of in his philosophy!" He honest and your neighbors v. til respect you, if you should be unfortunate ! That'.- :ny advice toallsuch. While a few honest men are relieved by the operations < f this law. many rogue* will seek to take advantage of it. Vet it is to be hoped that justice will be done to ail applicants, whetner the mffles of their shirts nrotrude from front or rear. I intended to have given you a sketch of the disciples of Itlack*tone, Coke and Littleton, but shall nave to defer it to some future period. Some of them are vcrv worthy members of the profession, hut by far tlie greatest portion are not so. The lbahums are here, delighting the music-loving portion of our community with their dulcet strains. Their concert, last evening, af Pliilo Jlall, was we'd attended by the elite of the ritv. Forrest, of yotir niy, h is been I'laving here during th" last week,to full hoin-es. Mw benefit came ofl last night, and it was truly a burne r?the theatre was crowded to excess with the b".iufy and fashion of Pittsburgh. To-night we shall h ivc the pleasure of witnessing lite nerformsne'M of Funny Fitzwillianis and .Mr. Uoekslone, who are engaged for this W I'rr rontm.?Th" llev John Iv fasre. "Elder of the Church of Igniter Day Saints," has been engaged |,j? labors of love amcngjt us for some time |>est; and I understand, is making some converts ltnong the eenimnnitf, tint h" will not set PitMburgh < i fire, however. The eilitoes hcie are agaie. qanireliing on the subvert of polities. We have no less than five parties fjere, viz nuti-in tie, wliig.denioeru'ic.C itfiolic, and "Tyh r too." The fir.-t is led on I v IV.icoti While, tli f > >ni! by Cm. Par',in. lie third by font. I'll'i ;-. J I >! Smith, tlie ' until IrV Put Mclv? una. . U'l lim Piddle i* the he. /ami f. ii of the j 7! *r r.nk* i mi ' inn in nnyc mv? ?i >?'? 11 r i i', <| k?f !. >? n''r?ur odifori I oofp?, lint niv i" i'- 'I not ..(linit . !' ;; t lift '"i ; Y.iv Co >n

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