Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Vtl. VIII.?IV*. 171.?Wholn Ho. 30'1A, REGULAR PACKETS. Nil\V Ll.Nh OP Ll^FHrt>6L PACKETS: 7? Now Yort on the 'iHh and Liverpool ou the IXh o[ each month. __ jgfc, ^ m iSt Nkw^NES^ . .. Ship SHEBTDAN, Captain F. A. Deuryitcr, I4tli Maf. Ship OAKRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy. l^th June. Ship RQSCIU8, Ca|itain John Collins. 25th July. Slup S1DD0N8. Caatain E. B. Cobb. 25th August Kbom Litckpool. . . Ship BIDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb. 13th June. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Deiwysier, '3lh July. Ship UAKRICK, Captain Wm. Hkuldy, ISth August. Ship ROSCIUS, Cuunin John Collins. 13lh S?-|>?eiiibrr. These ship* art all ol the lirat claaa, upwards of I minions, built in ilia city of New York, with such imiarovamatita a* combine great speed with unusual comToit for jiaaseiigers. Every care has bat it taken in the arrangement of Uleir accommodations. Tlie price of passage hence ia $100, for w hich ample atorea w til he jirov iiled. These aliipa are commanded by eiperii need inaatera, who will make every ctertMn to give geiieial aatial'aclion Neither the eaptaina or owner* of the ahipa will be reap .naible for any letters, |"areola or mckagrs atnl by them, uuiea* re" gnlar b lis of lading are signed therefor. The? .tip* of thia line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar construction gitea them security not possessed by any other bnt vessels of war. For freight 01 passage, npjdr to E. K. COLLINS It CO., 56 South at., New York, or to * WM. & JAS. BROWN It CO.. Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be cl srged UK c??ts P*r single sheet ; SO cents per ounce, and uewspapcra 1 cent each. iu7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. {SECOND LINE.) M M M Inpa of thia finewIlTliereafterleave Net^^r^m the 1st and Havre ou the 16th of each month, as follows : _ From Xno York. From Havrt. The new ship ONELDA, ( 1st March i 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Knnik, ( 1st November? IGlh December Ship BALTIMORE, (, 1st April 4 16th May Captain \ 1st August < Ifuli September Edwanl Kunck, ? 1st Deccem'r? 16th January Ship UTICA, \ 1st May l 16th June Captain < 1st Srpteinb'ra 16th October Frederick Hewitt, { 1st January ? 16th February NewshipST.NICOLAS, I 1st June l 16(h July Captain < 1st October a 16lh November. J. B. Pell, ? 1st February? ICtn March The accommodation* of these ships ere not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. _ The price ol" cabin passage ia $100. Passengers will be supplied with every requisite. with the escrptiou of wines and liquors. Goods intended fir these vessels will be forwarded by the aubscrihsrs, free frum any other than the expenses actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, apply f BOYD St rtlNCKEN, Agents, all 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. louisiana and new york line of packets. -piFor the better acconnnodation of sillSP'1 'Y11 ' intended to desoatch a ship from this port ou the 1st, ith, n)lh, lilh, 2l!lh, and Xtth ul each month, commencing the 10th October and n intituling, until May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will b? prevented during the vin>mrr months. The following ship* will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO. Caiuain C'inieli., Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK8PE ARE, Cajtfain Miner. Ship gaston, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captaiu Mumford. Ship OCMULOEK, Captain Ceavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship mem "HIS Captain Knight, ship Louisa, captain Muifoni. These ships were all built iu the city of New York, expressyfor packets, are of light draft of water, have srcetitlv been i wly c<$>pered and put in splendid orJbr^with accommodations lor passengers uuequtdlcd lor comfort. The) are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertivn to give 9 -neral satisfaction. They will at all times he towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these shifts will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or fcfr any letters, parcel or jwckagv, sent by or put on board <>t diem, unless regular bills of lading are lakeu for the same, rod rka viliia rher??nn ?*nr*?aa?<i For freight or uattagr, apply eTk/COLLINS k CO.. 56 Sooth or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleant. who will promptly forward all good* U) tli'eir addresa. . The ahipa of thu line are warranted to tail iiunctually at *d ertiied, and grant care will bo taken to liavp the good* correctly meitiirrd._ at OLD UNE LTV'EFpoOLTFATfvET.s. t pHE OLuTTnE of Pactel^or Lire<i>ool will lii reafler he de?patrhed in the following order rirejcii.g when the day of iriling fall* on Sunday, tin *hi|w will tail on the tuccecdiug day. For New York. For Liverpool. ,'The SOUTH AMERICA, k turn. I July 19 616 'oil-. < Oct I Nor 19 D. U. Bdley. (Feb I Mar 19 The ENGLAND, iJune 19 Aug 7 750 tori', < Oct tu Dec 7 B. D.Waite. f Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I Aug 19 sou nana. < Nor 1 tree 19 J. Ha' hbone, ( March I April 19 The EUROPE. (July 19 Sept 7 610 ton*, y No* 19 Jan 7 F. G. Marshall ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ( Aug 1 Sept 19 618 ton*. . Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. l.owher. f At ril 1 Slay 19 The NEW YORK, k Aug 19 Oct 7 900 ton*, < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B.Cropper.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, k 1 Get 19 Bifl ton", yJiu 1 I; eh 19 W.C Barttow.r May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, h Be,* 19 Nov 7 790 tow*, i Jan 19 Mar 7 G.A.Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, at irgardt the day jifaailiug, will brohterred aa heretofore. The price of <?atage outward it now fit <1 at One Hundred D illart, for which ample tioret of ever*1 description will he pioTided, with the rirrption of wine* and li.juon, I ? which will be furoi.beg br ibe ttewardt. GOODHUE k CO . #< South tt , or C H. MARSHALL, 98 Builing-tiip. N. Y. jell lyh BARING BROTHER* k CO.. L i>ool. PASSAGEFROMEngTAND.IRELAND, WOTLT.ND AND WALES. "DERSON8 detirona of making engagement* for friendt to ? cmiiimr irum mc uiw VWUIHIJ MI HIC vuuru .-sv^v.-*, ntiu who may wiih to aecnrr for thrin desimtch and comfortable accommodations, will find it their interest to apply to the rule srriberi, who are at all timet prepared to make attch arrangement* aa will guarantee satisfaction. The vessels compoa-pg thin line arc all of th? first class, one of which leave* Livcrjr 01 vrcekly, consarpiriyly all delay at the |<>rt of embarkation U avoided. A* haa alAays been customary with thia line, when those settled for decline coming out, the passage money ia refunded, without any dcductiou. Passage |irr steamer from the various |>orti of Ireland and Scotland, can likewiae be secured. For farther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Peail St., Or to C. GltlMSHAW k CO. 10 Ooree Piazzas, Livrrtmol. Eochanire or droit* at sight, and for any amount, can likewise be furnished ou the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Banking Co., National Dana ot Scoiiauu, payauie at an tneir respective branches: also, on R. C. Glya it Co., Bankers, London, tndC fc i,,,.. biserpoo' mt lm*r STEAM NAViai^^^B^TWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, V1JI?S O UTtLI MP TOM. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kka*f, CosiMttsnea. The days of drparturo of tins wall-known Steamship, have hrcn fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On tth Mav. I8U. On 7th May, 1842. On 7tli June, 1842 ' f; IOth July, 7lh Aug., " 7th Sept. " te?h Sept " 7th Oct., " Price ol i usage, meal* not included, rn Southampton or Ant werp, $70?Steward's fees, ? ?J4. The meals will he erred on board. ?n the plan of a continental hotel, in the best manner, and *t filed in/I mo b rate prices, [>**>eiig,-rt being only njwrtaklnt o th <*m-. * he pr re of passice to . itlv r of the above port* ean also be enlisted it prefer ed. with m i.s and -leward'. fees included for $ >7 62}< cuts.etctiisire of wines. An upaneiicad Surgeon accompanies the ahip. P Ireight or paassz*, nt ,.o lurrinN nilorut \ruin, atiply to H. W. t. k H MALT, Agenta, II Beaver street NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TKANdPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. T reSweod io iTcerwTT^ the foot of Caiytlanili street, New SoA. . At j v At: ^ "fivto&u. ;* t. k ft g 1ON SUNDAYS. " *> Fiom the foot of Liberty street Leave New YnA, Leave NrwaA At 9 A M- ami tjd P. M. At 12 Nni?n and IA p.'\| YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN. WEfITIELD rcAlNFIELD, BOUNPBROOK, SOMERVILLE. fcr. 1 IDiilr. Leave New To A. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 114 A. M. ft,. Th* trains of llie Sonerville Railroad Co. connect with these II.Mrs Mien way daily, numltvs earepted. I'ntenjatv are requested U> purchase tickets at the office. font nf Liberty street. K?r tir ?m N-w York and Elisabeth Town 2) cents. N'^rr be'ween Jersey City and Somerrillr, VI cent*. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND NEW BRUNSWICK. r?? reduced. From the foot of Liberty itittl, daily. Leare New YoA. Leaee New Brunswick. At < A. M. At 1,H A. M. <H P. M. II A. M. Fare between New York and New Brunswick '1 cent*. Bihway, VI ends The I'ire in the 7A. M. train from New Bruntwirk, and l\ P. M. train from New York, haa heen rrdered between New York and New Brunswick, to M cents, and ilthway to 17* " The Philadelphia mail line c uses through New Brunswick I for New k ork < ver renin* at 9 o'clock. On Sunday* rh? "1% A. >1. rriyu from New Brnnawirk it onu't. d. Tiaaenyera who procure their tickets at the ticket office, rrJritr a ferry ticket gratia. Tickets are received by the conicfor only on the day when purchased. m2B lm* "THE RAINBOW MOlfNI-NO LINE for jk-r3ba#ALBAVY. The low [vesrere St-amheat Kwewd&JK.RAINHOW, will leare the f>ot of Robinson timet, every Tuesday, Thursday and Setnrday, at T o'clock. " mi Im*r E NEj n; RAIL k() A US k STKA M BOATS. POMEROY G O 'S : ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO KXPUES8. J nr su lumbers are now running a re-ular Ltprets aser the KarlroaiL to and Irons Albany and Buffalo, and tlie intermediate places, for FOHVVAli DING, at low rates, wilii liie utmoji speed, icaularity and safety, choicn Goods, Softie, B:;nW Notes, Important Paper* and Valuable Parkajfs?Will attend to the negotiation, rranaficT. co'.lertion or payment of Bills of Kxi nanije, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, ke? at rea soniuie per centaife?-eierule onlcrs lor uir piirciiase or ?uie i Mtwhwltfr, FmIim and MutfieMn^ Articled ill' eiary desciipliou. inrdoually, in the iswita on their mule, through Messrs. HARNDF.N Si GO'S EXPRESS to NewYork ami B iitnn.aiul Mmn. HAWLEY k CO.'B EXPRESS to anil from Buffalo to Cle veland, Detroit ami Chicago and intermediate placed?forming at ourr the 11 HI-1 direct, apeedy and perfect communication to and I,run the raateru and western ciliei, (or the ueitotiation anil transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, etchaages, &r. References?Eraatni Coming, Thomas W. Olcottj Watta Sherman, A. D. I'.itchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Iheodore Oleotr, Albany, Axe notes?Bennett, Harlots Si Hawley L'lica : T. A. Smith, Stracuse; A. Q. Smith, Auhum; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. U. Shepherd, Caitau Jaigua ; Dav id IJoyt, Rochester; John MrKen?ter, Lockiiort; J. A. Clark, Baraiia ; Thotnaa Blossom, Buffalo. POMEROY St CO", No. J Esehanxe Buildings, Albany, all 3 Wall street, New York, FARE AND" FREIGHT REDUOEU. " REGULAR MAIL BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, coi.iposed of the following superior ateainera, running in coimuction with the Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Protideuce Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comslock. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Tliaver. NARRAtiANSE'l T, Captain Woclsey. MOHEOAN.Capt.tiu Vauderbih. One of which will leave Netv York daily, (Sundays eicopied) from Pier No. I, North River, Buttery Place, at lira o'clock, P. M. ARa.vnor.Mrnr. Tha NARRAGANSET. on Monday, for Stoninttton, and Thursday, for Stonington, Newport anil Provid. nee. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, (or Stmiinjton, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Stonhigion. The KHUDE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for Monington, and Saturday, for Stouington, Newport, and Providence. Passengers on tile arrival ol Use steamers at StouinKton, may lake the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Boston, on goods weighing forty ponnds or upwards to thr cuhic foot, at %i 50 per ton, and on measurement goods T cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement good* 5 cents per cuhic foot, and specific articles as |ier tarif to be obtained at olfice 21 Broadway. m'il Gmr IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS. RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the TransiM>rt&tinn of Goods b? tween Phihxlelphin and Pitubnrq. sisaliliS This imiirovement in transport itmu atfoid* in Wi ittrn Mrp shrills i>ei uliar advantages. The goods being carefully parked in thr Ikmu at our warehouse. No, MarLel street, are l"afred over the Columbia and Port aire II ol ways without nop shipment. Careful captain* and erews are employed, who take charge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with thrm the entire route, thus aroidius delay* and the liability of l*>0s beipg se|?raled ou tlm way. N. B.?Passuagers forwarded tw Pitu'utrg and Poiuville, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, sli 3ni* 7 Wnshiugiun *rr-ei. i FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSUUHG. B IN O TTAM S L IN fcT * The proprietor* or Singh nil's Tiajuisirtitiou Line ti Pittion?V, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and nl> othdr persons shipping to the West, that their line ii now iuarrii* mtior (lends continued to them (or sent to go in their ht?.,? will he lorwardeil wKh despatch. Owners or shipper* of goods, destined for the Westa m States, who have no wilt or conMgure at Fit tabor.-, will pleue consign thoir Ko,>ds to William riingharn, Pitd ,i g. who will attend to snipping all such coutnguiueiits wlogt ielsv. Afl gicr.!. should lie marked dirtinrtly on earn pac* it* BINGn \M'S LINE. fur alts of lYtight, which are a* low as anv other line, applS 0 . WM. TY.SOV. Agent, No. C West street, opposite I'ict No. 2, N. R. N. II. Passenger. forwarded to I'ltUhiirg ami FotUvtilv,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Croaks, American Kur Co. ; S. T Nicol|. Eront atra et ; I'hehe, umli, a lii,, Kidton ..Urct; 8ny<iam a iga Is Co ; Win. Ran!,.11, Duj yea M, Co, Newark. ml tu 8TATKN ISLANI' FBRK Foot of Whitehall street. .Ttws lewtrra STATEV ISLANDER and SAMSOi. will nin am follows, until fur'her notice Leave Htaten l-daiid Leave New Y irk. At 7X o'clock *. n. At n o'clock a. m. " 9 " " " 9 " 10 " " " in " " " ? " " " II " IX " r. m. "2 " r. m. " 3 " " " JX " .. ^ .. .. .. j* . o " e " " All roods snipped are required to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. ie3 c OPPUSmON^ Utf /oK~ ALBANY^ j rAiif. utui/tKo: : 1'nwaje 50 crntt?Rertlo 50 cent*. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. afl The commodious Steamboat WASHINOftt -ji - j*TON. Captain J. M. Brown, luring nook 1' Iff v arrangements to change her davs of Irani*; New Vork, will hereafter leave the loot of Robinson streef. New York, every Monday, Wtdueaday, and Friday alU-mooa, at J o'clock, tad Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and S* lurdsy afternoon. at 1 o'clock, I niuiiig on he,- m sage each w ty at llir foot of Hnmiqoud street, Newburgh, I oughLeepsif, Kingston Point, Caftslnn and HntKoti. For freight or noMscc. M>ply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. |*> We5 street ma/asi UPPOMTION LI>E FOR ALU.A.NV ^ ^ N,EW YOR K?Landing at lhtifo't#f JL_JthBSLH*iiiinon>| street, Xewburgh, Pouglikeei>?ie, Kiugsiou I' -int, Calskill and Hudson?I'sssu-r io crlita, l? rl|$ ifl ceiiti ?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON, I' rpt.nnl. M. Brown, will lrave the pier at tile foot of Roliinson street l*r Albany every Monday, Weduesday and Friday, at} o'clock, j-Leave Albany, foot o( Lydus street, for New York, every Tuesday, Thursd*> and Saturday, at i o'clock, P. ,\l. For |mi stage or freight apply on board, or to D. R. M MUii, l|2 Wall street. Freight taken on the most reasonable lermi. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pier, NR. AppK -> , board Washington, 1! -Iiins-.n i-i m*(c KVKNINTT LINE FOR ALHANY DIRECT, { fid.I At ?e\cii o'clock, P. aVIM from thr stramhofit J* pier lw*tw?*rii 4'OvirtliftiMii %i?d Liberty %treeC?. jLmJhLJL Thesteamboat KOCH ESTKll, ('apt. A.]'. Si. Jniiu, ie*ves Monday, Wednesday, and KuJay iftemooiv, at aeteii o'clock. P. M. The stesintiosi SOUTH AMERICA, Cnpt. L. W, Brainsrd. Icsvc. the above pier every Tursihy, 'lliumtlay a:?l SjJunUy afternoon, al seven o'clock. The above boat* are new and snhatantul ire furnished willi elcgvnl state morns, and in every icspectueu iisurpatteil anions the Hudson River steamers. Kor passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the wharf, or on hoard. Passengers taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the, first train of cars lor the east aid TAILORING. OF THE" UTMOST" L\iPORTA NCR TO pure humeri #f Mars full'* Troy Shirta, Rotomt and Collar*. In couiequeiice of ih?* many initUktM hiving b??n nodr of late by ttranzrra and other*, in ftndiiu our only TrOy Shirt Dr of, vrr are thereto e obliged lo mid -pub ic the cauae foi the b ncfit of all in pu'tuit of our highly reputed Ti#y Shirt*. Bo?cmi and Co1 Vara. It i* 'hi*. A *tor** hai lately l ad painted on th ir wind ?w, and aiieut tlf r premie**, a n,.n pmno ting la I* "Troy .Shirt De|?or.* Now we^ inform all. th^y on not keep our Troy Shirt*, BtHnnu and C.dl in, and a* a guard agnnat mi*!akca chit in iy occur in ftiture, ou account of this new tixu at th' forae alore. ttl*r*f'?re, we ahall rirculartt attentively the following card, an'l for the Ken? fit ol dealer* in our good* :? Tni* it fo inform deafer* and nthera tint M inhillN only Troy Shirt Depot in (he city ia ?boUl titteau doori from the corner of Petri aid Chatham street*. on the right hind aide in pa*!iiwt? the City Hall-^-Vo. 90 CrnVham ft reel. Tkia it <mr only Troy Shift Dtf;a>t for the rccmitif of our highly repati d Troy Shirts Bosomt and Collar* in the city. We thall caqac rht* to h* eitcnmrly f*ireitl.?ted, in c??n* queue# of many mi<* tetres tin uw \u en m?d?* of late. Ba particular to tee the name. MARSHALL'S, on the window jr I?a *; alto rlv following? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, 90 Chalk aru fr< t. .No patronage asked of those who beat down. Nrw York, June 3, 1812. jr3 tm#t? KKMUVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, |? rainorad from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Aator Ilnoae. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Qarmenta of a moat Klttant ami K aahtena! Ir kind rr a taring of per cent for email. TMIE adrertiaer deema it nenecea art to rr,.iii t> the hmrtr* ntyM ayttem of jirlr.* a ti't of pn.'. a, preatotin* thai iHr l?oath of tim. hi- haa o en -<1. Pweih. r v i'h the e*tr?.|Tr h.-,nwi-.i on rum. am pr-n* ? ?'im riem ?mieh-r f..r hit eapalnlitit. PoaaeaaiM the a>Wan?*gr i?l P*connected wilii an eiteuaivi cloth aauUlaiiment in Kurdpe ne round, urlr aaaeLi that lie r in fcrniah r'. the* v. Inch, on Coin nnaaa, n ,11 i,? fl)Und lower any olhrr honae wiakink ?P UN beat lieacriptiotu of 4cIU|rm,.?-, WTl Twl B.JWIII.UrR. t Aator Ttnoiw. Broad war ? . .MARTIN'S r,\\H*W7' !" *<?. corner of Jinn tfrerf. l .i atihecriber, in antumnring the ahoTe to hi* frianda iibar.ti%,;^^,b!r,,!>T'A"*Siiea.7 is. rf;r' '".'".r'ofTu ?h'^!nf,!""r" 'r.T m.'l'r'V.a him 'hall, moat atvliah "manue ' The 'mil; rij??"i)U nHwMtHnd&'.'in the market, and at ? ?v,nif 0( * crBl ilrtIiart arc re.jneatej to rat ..ul etair ie. fl nfUmen who | refer purr wvin? their own cloth.fcc. an., tliem made and tri nmi 11 I the at) Ir that hia ?!?m ,hrh aatialaetioj ihtrtlif tli laat f'?tr yea fa. Krrry rarrretit warranted to tit, and made ti> the hear workmen at the fnlljwiiik' pricet, it.:? Drcaa Ooam $7 00 to fa M Kio.ii hi iti I no to 9 'jO Panta and Veafi I 75 to I OA Oerr Coara 0 00 to 11 m 7 7*" Nojarmaota teada mule ?all ma.le t.. order, and a auit farniahr.l, if necraatry, in J4 honrr. mil 1 me MR HAM, F? MARTIN w vo EW YORK, SATURDAY J WATERING PLACES, &C. SHARON SPRINGS. TMIE PAVTLLfOV.? TliU ni*w rmniuudions Ilofel will))? A open for the reception "I vi-tor* on nnil after the linl of June n> it. at the Vilu*. ot feuaiou Spruits, Scholuric County, New York. The clear [ tire water of the aprirvjgs. jfreatly rmembling those of the whit* >ul|>hur springs ol Virginia, have heeu proved to be highly rdi.-aeioas in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, it li> u>u* and Dyyeipnc complaints^ an t in tiie cure of Kr> >ip. las, baltrliuuin, Scrofula, Liver ( omidun.t, and .> neral debility, and iu many other r.".;>erti. iioii -si (as certified hy voni- of tl'.i moit eminent medic il prof! .von in the United Stat.-s) inedicinal and Iwaliuv properties unsurpassed, and believed to lie uuiquallcel hy any ill tliia country. Added to tin ?e, the ride? in the vicinity, numerous villager, uitciiaive view ,, neighjioiiiiK cavea ami roiuautic Mtenery are ainoiut the many attiic' ofiered to the* cat himt iu the heat of summer. either tn-rltli or [dc voire. Theae springs an- hut n few Invun ride frov.l Sarntoea, Troy, Albany, Ite., anil are aereaaable from t". ma oharie on the Albany aud V/Ilea railroad, where carriages dailv await the arrival of tin; meruintf car* from Scheie cudy and Ulica, 10 eaitl viai> tors to the. Spi'tnai, adiatance of about riylit iuile*( arriving ill time for dinner; alio by the Albany aud Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, boing about forty-five mile* weal of the city of Albany. Warm, col I and sb wer Baths furnished at all times, eitiier of th numeral or lieah ? aler, aud every atteutiou itivcu to render the slay of S'.ili.ra ago able. An abumlaucc of the purest mountain spring Ice is stored for the season. HOBT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the uliove villaqr of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol n.itors, and combining all the adiauugc* of tins delightful sumu? \ r. i23 I0wltaw*r WILLIAM E. JONES. CATSTvIIX MOFN'TAIN llOL'.-ith, AT THE PINE ORCHARD-una. 'pifis romantic and fashionable r**sortf will be couduct?d dtir* iitK th*? present season midcr the direction and snpertntyii* dance of thr su't scriber. It liv nudeivOHe a complete *nd thorough repair, and is n?w opru for the re C|ition ol visitors. No effort will be *|M**d to inittitain the de* rvcdiy hiuhchatac* ler which it has heretofore ..ouuired. As heretofore, it* tables will be furnished with every drli< iry that the New York in trio t cm atfonl; find every jM>4hibl?* attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of Its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it an the inouutuiu, h is been rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. h. B ach fc Co.'s esc< llent line of will run thereto!'.'. re-ul.oly b.-twen t!?r l.indtn; and the Mountain House, on the ariival of the boat*. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June 13th, 1812. jel4 3mr ? ' a 7m a i.svtk , t? I. f ST"! f : jpt LAUivAnuL nut mj, pirn * rerry, ji ivy. pjB This most delightmdy romanticiumm?? retreat is in lull readiness, wtII stork* d with f.nit And dower, and above alia line kitchen garden. The bari* well supplied with choice w ine* mil liquor*, ale and rorter. Also, s*g?n of the first quality. John fun too, the proprietor, sincerely returns hia g nteful thank* t?? hi* friends, and tfie public in general, for thi ir Mirontgc for the hut nine year*. The bciitiiAji steamboat Boston, Captain T. V. Bibcock, leaves foot of Canal at ret t lour tin tea a day. The public can rest assured that they whl not he disappointed as heretofo.i-t the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars s*e the Sun. Gentlemen can he accommodated with the best of board ami lodging at live dollar* per week, and have their dinner at hat hou, ?hey please, except Sunday, alway < at l o'clock)!'. M. Military companies on target excursions will fnnl it to their advantage and pleasure to fisil the above place and try the tap get ground and Pou?on's good dinners. His prices are according to lite times. J. Pousnn is always at home, and will be h.qr py to see hi* friencs and vi*ito?s. je p> )m*r HAMILTON .HOysE,?Tills estaulisnuiciii is now 1 open for the reception of company. It ha been thoroughly renovated and furnished anew, uion a scale of liberality commensurate with the demamls of the public. The department c>| the cuisine ha* been placed under tlie charge of a < *i>aSU and experienced artist, who will lark no supplies that the markets eau ilford. To those unacquainted wun the location of the H-unllon House, it is only necessary to say, that iris situated at die occ m eiiir.iii*; to tin* Narrow*, from eight to ten miles from the city, on the high western bin IT of Lout Llaiul. Com (Handing a noble view of the lower ba> and the At! inlic arid landward, ihc highly cultivated and feit It shores of Stateu and Long Island, and the burlier of New York. Nnthtmr can ?x ceedl^ie beauty of the pr< Mucct in o very direction. The sain* brioui .??r at all periods of In* d ?y, the easy access by atage and steamboat, and the mingled life .and reliicmeut of the *pot. reir tier this csjablj-huseut second to none within a huinirvd miles of New Yon;. The a|iartm lit* arc commodious and airy, and their accommodation* in n-arked contrast with druse of similar houses heretofore lu the vicinity of the city. The rides in U?e neighborhood, the failing grouodi, billiaid rooms, ten-pin .alleys, and other accessories ol recreavion, leave little, it is be lievud, to he wLhcd for by any guest. ' Families desirous of securing rooms for lie season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. jc7 Imr DATI1 Hi K)3h), LOMf ISLAM),?Thi? long ainl well U known bearding and sea bathing establishment, having re-^rit!y undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of sevend elegant summer Homes upon the margin of the now open for the reception ?>f company during the seiauii The jjrtat cxtvut of private beaclt on this sliou?iSe perfect security in bdthiug, evt u for ladies aud children, (the being within a stone's throw of the mansini,)? the *ha*Yy. cool and uelightfh) locust grove adjoining the house ? h plea.#aur ride* in *m? surrounding oountr r?the excellent falling grounds and other source* of hctdtlr'ul recreation and amusein* aat? th toamiful viewoftlie Ail mic ocean and titer lower hay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessel* irrivitig or outward bound, render this situation in eviry respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommoditi ru? ire ample, ?ba rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest d ivs of summer, anything but oppressive. The con vcuieuee <>l comwunicirion and distance, (in-uig b?ii time mile* Irorn Brooklyn.) the access bv stages at hours accommodated to bii<ii:*n renavf it peculiarly w?ll mUiiuJ ?u? a residence for gentlemen nf busir kit in New York. WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. MAlliNB PAVILION, ROCK A WAT, L. l.-Tt* Mk scriber would resp, ctfully announce to the pa "lie that the abort establishment will be opened for lite irur ii llii.H day, J iitie 22, lk 12. t There being a fe w l.u . room* not yet engaged for the season, which will be lei to families on very reasonable terms. All eorntnunicatious left with McCoun ? Clark, jJ M all ?tr? et, w ill meet prompt attention. .e22?rOc HIRAM CKANRTON. _FUii\rrriiE.__ GEORGE W. DAWSON, IVholeml* and Retati Furniture arul Umera! Furnishing IVarthotiif, A<o. Ii7 Chatham street y cornrr of I mane */rrr?, New York. HTHFiRE he keep* for sale n lap^e assortment of the followy iuc articles, via.: Sideboard*. Bureaus, Rodst* ids, foti, T bles, Chairs, Office and Portable Desks, Glass < vi s^ Book Gori, Looking Ola- *es, Dining. Centre. Tea and Pier Tablet, Pianos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds, BeildinPaltrier., Mattresses, Carpets, OiJ. Cloth, Matting and hire Irons, >Vuh Hbtndji, Toilet TibJr*. ? indie btihds, Bureau Bei!*t< a<U Dressing Bureau;, SM. ? , &e. Also, a Lmt ass'.nm. ut of men and woinenk Wearing Apparel, new and *ei .d bunded. All the abort* .1 ? % are offered to the public at rcf> low prices. in \vmt of said articles w.?uld find it to their advantage to make an early call at the above esUolish'P' -if. Shipping orders punctually attended to and peeked # o the siiortoat notice, hiiu oh P-asouabie terms. Mar-Testes, Bedding. Icc. for fitting out % esse Is, constantly ou hand. All ordeis to tin almre establishment will be punctually attep led to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices will he giren for Second Hand Furniture, tml Gentlemen's and Ladies'cast ?rf Clothing. a2t bm r _________ BATH BUILIiVNGS; VORMKRLY HENS HAW'S, a Long Branch.?This e*A tensive and delightful fees B uhinir Establishment will be opened bv tlie subscriber on the 27?h June, instant. He bc|* resp ctfiillv to iofosm its former patrons and the public, t* at considerable additions and alt?-rati >ns, increasing the comforts, have neeu innde since hist ytar, and will h?- in complete readiness for their ac onvnodation. Wishiug to ho as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will he seven dollar^ ^er week as last y? ar, instead of it 11 dob f t -v lunnrnj . ? iinurMK/u n crri-ii i ?.? ana nnrnvw run pnrr. Horar* full fed, He hn|<?* hr nny mv wiiVi?"t im|>ucnlion, (hit lii? i*l>L and aojnmmod nionT ?ill I* equal to any on Lnn? Hriiu'h. You >i|{ |nm>i>1<? not ro<|tiiruu: loo much room,it ill (Wnl ace uniiiiMiiitinu u iina. j-T. Im?r JAMES QUEEN. DRY GOODS, &c. STRAW GOODS. rr BKNNETT, im(?iTt^r in^iAniiafiftarerof Itilinn and A Ooodi, respectfully informs his ruatnmar* that he haa removed hit establish men! from 99 William ami St Piatt, t*? jo John street, where he continue* tn k?*op a ftpletiihil auJ eitrnuvt uiorimt'ut of Itdirn' f?shiouable Stnw K cnch i English punst tble*, fcalUn Huilru??U, tir?? Ttntir*. Kmry flrit-llwork*, Prince A!b- rt Hrmv*., he. AUo, rnrtiv!) jmt vtieic, the tV ! Hibontri Hnr ll mrit t. fur tl: MiTnnrereHt *Ttrr<As?ea all the stylos >* it,:r? Sin (I, being Pltft-iwly U<hi, beautiful, white and ?lur*l>Ie. in34 lutein TO THE LADIES. i/ashionable MiLLisrnr goods-tih- r^tiri. tii ?t, sltt? 8 Kl\< j, d nuht-r of the c? lehriti <1 cy i TCi;u atfara lor ?ale a mint Telnet and clloire uTnurrtnvol of \tiiiin?rr Oovii'i, for the ?iirin?; trade, netcr it yet invri iitud to flu | air lir, tmth tt reiirda the ,11 ilitj toil che iftn >? of i Ik- aflile? The aTiortment ronTiTti of flu- fnltowiiu The eelrlwatedKll.K IIAT. CALLED < APOTTI. 0'ORLEANS. ?t tinri In Lt DiKhmii' D'Orli-m?j, of Frmi i-, sflfci) SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND OlUOi.VAL STYLE Ami La-vn Hat. d., do-Aa mitre nan ?t>Uo li lts railed ? modi me oa pott ks. elsslett cottage.' f*ri?iiinjnl lUivlmli FANCY' STRAWS, of the fme?t re?ttirj, in treat variety. 1 he I'roiirietraaa rPf: rrtfnllr olirira the Indiea rn (hem ho. with acall. ami aaainiBr h>r ?ant and mricd atork of \filliurrv for tliatnaalira, bcfora Lhry clacwliurr, u it will fir a eroat Maine to thrm in price anil a grvatadraiUncr aa rrearda the rariety and ntiality of thr t ion. MISS 8. KING, Mntaxinr de Modna, jet? tm*r Dr wdwar. i rf<O I, TTI trTTmX-irlyvetrnlTvTarnrm. ; " th? I.adira of N'-w-i iflc and rirrnilr, tfiat ?h continue a I ili, workofFrtieli I'la nnr.KIni n* in<l Llear itan !nn|, it N >. |i? r I driller atrrrt, (on ihe firit floor.) NawVoi*. N. II. (iijltnrinirol ,'.h1 rt ia'rJ with IK ainraa and at tin aliortfat notice. Ala?s Collar* for ante. _ jc?I lm#r PRESS itooi^-O'iKST FRENCH wotWs STV LK.?Thr aulrscrtber in.alu a lo ord? r, Boot* ut thr atnrr drarri|ition. nf t!ir lineal ijn.ility of French 4 alf Sinn, and inthr latrat atyle, and at very reaaoiiatde priori,? tie title men wlto nan- hrca in the liablt of i- ynur vBtrirairant I if a for iafi 'tor articha ar? rri|U"?t'd to rail and d? mutincrd that Ida price a arr from tan to twrnty |?r crut below oilier atun ainthi neighborhood Draw iu*a heme takoo of thr liar, and ' fair <>f laata kept (or ra:h riutomrr, tlirre la no difficulty in yttnir a hantiaornr yrt raay fit. I intan'ly on hand, a lart aaanrrmrnt of faahionaMe rr vly n ni Ki?ita, at price* v ir. hie TWO DOLLARS KIKTV . V.NTS TO Sl.V DOLLARS. IUIi H .i?, <l .iti .-a, SI,, ti, IS in Slit | rra. Iir. A' u i iualia low pr.cri. JOHN L. WXTKINS, 114 Fnltonat., at 1m* Bswn-ti Via .an and Dutch ?ta. if* i NO BETTKIl j lac- u ,ud P. ... a a and Bt.nea cheap, aa I y?r i ' ailtr t'ia in New \ ,itk thr,. i- an r a. . od aa it th" flint it B.rit and S, in Market,Ml Paaai tirrt. n. rth eaat totin ol Mud in afreet. Tho.e who m*r innl ijU'i trt-i ' aati.urd tii't llm .i Ian in tlt?r?li,H?alil?. A'll I'll- ho may not liaar trinl <mr Im it.. ahoea, or gaitm.w 111 And , t tin it -idranttir to mane tha trial wv,n. A. knox k rn, h?. B. Connrrv mrrrhanli a " hv th? package or doarn Jrl(iM*r RK I MORNING, JUNE 25, 1& | HOOK'S AX!) STATION'!'RY. ' VfKW Ol 1TAH >11 - ' -GKOJI<J? II DBUtt OUT. nrnf?*^orof ti.'-^ lir, So. IXlCtiiil o ^ .i'c tin St. John's churtn, ha* th* li.utor to aciju.unt bis rri?U'1i nnJ tfwpublic that he hju t-uhli>he?l a tarietyof ik w aiul populat mafic, arm ;e<l with easy accompaniment* fur guiltr. Mr. D. will aUc anil coiijKMe music fur orolMtitf^ liitur, - ? i owei itulrmneDts, ind mi ln*tfib*tiotis t?> ua> tour* ou the piano forte at?*l "ioiiu. my2 fiv* ?c BOOK B I X O rxT; PAPER RULING." ~ H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau str??I, having an entire uew stock of Binding 'l oo!* aud Ruling Machinery, ot the i.atest an l ron-d npproi d natter us. is now prepared to execute all orde.< in the most diir-fble <nd Vmdxmu in inner. Merchants Aeeroitnt 15 ?.?!; i antl all other kinds ol BUtikwork ruled and bound to any patterns, and in a style that is w muted to fit liifi ' \ . m ik ordered c i be n : r . Cu lisli mode if required, as 11. I. has h<?d lung experieuce ill both methods. KOK BALE?Twosecond hand Copperplate Presses. Apply m above. tn II tm TO PAPER ilAKElteL T)F.R8KE it BROOKS, No. tjl Liberty street. Between A Broadway and Nassau street, Nt*w York, im|?ort direct from the Manufacturers the following articles, via:? Bjeaching Powder el Boyd it Son's ui ike?warranted, for uniformity and strength, equal to any in this country or Great Britain, and lor llie sale of which they arc sole ag eats in the United States. EnglLh C\ lind r .Machine FY king of very superior quality, 36. tO, 15,66.72, ami ai inches wide. Dner Felling of strong fabric, and of widths usually required. Blue SmiUs.?ifaving the agency of tin* Sutton Company's Blue Bmalts, they are enabled to supply FFFE, and FhVFTC; ayv quantities M ires foi Foti.duuier am! Cylinder Machines, maimfacuired froth the purest un-tal?also, Jackets?Wetaud Press Felts. Pul'i Screens, Si,*. 1. 2, 3. of bra ^ metal. Orders for any of tri .v.hivi- articles, t? "/ether with Foreign and douiv tic ra>,^ Soda A*j?, Vilriul, Alum, Twine, ike. 4tc.w w ill meet with prompt ?tt? uthm in lie 1 1>NGUAV INti\Y\ HIE OMN1URAPH MACHINU~Z nORR, JON"ES St CO., 102 Broadway, corner of John street, N.Y , arc (irepared to euzrare all kinds of Maps, Charts, Plans and Surveys, or any work of that class, in the most beans tiful style, with unn-iralleled expedition, and at prices far be low those charged for similar work executed by hand engravs iiif?Hie cost of fine steel or topper plates not exceeding LithoyiMi?hic work. N. B.?Specimens of the work done by the Omnigraph cail bt es&mined *t rhe office in Broadway* m22 Imr ATS. ' "" HATS! HATS! HATS!! THROWN fct GO'S One Price Hat Store, whole**!* and re3 t> tail, 17!) Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, white fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combtii* >1 to rtdom 016 head. j The proprietors nave the plcaniis now to offer in addition to their recently unproved *m>rt napped a new style, Bid imitation of bcaverr, which so closely reseiiiDms that of all I'uri the most costly tntl beautiful, tint the difference is not ?*.wild perceived. Price three dollar?*. We ttrictls adheo to th? ohq price oadi system, which enables us to furnish a it rv superior Hat for the price charged, lu nreacittirig rtieo* Hat* to the public the proprietors rhiui* they fiave reached the uititii*.tun| of l?\ . dur-.i'iii: > , < !) 'piks . ?u I ? ^ Mini ?. rn .'i AN 1MPOK PANT CiUEaTION is here for the **nous reflection if the purcUa rs of II t*. Ii H consist tint nit1 tin uh m orC( mm in ni? to , y fivedo I >j a Beaver Hat, when the same article o;ui bo bought it 5 Wnlj street, (between Dioud ami New streets) for FOUR DOI.* LAKS 7 This is un drc.ptivr 4?n nion. A single tiwl, or a mt-rc iu^vcliori. wi|l satisfy tin' must skeptic d lliat the Beaver Hat now offered is I'.vr from being the inferior ar'nlc often sold for leu th*u lire dollars. The fact is that the article now nfrr ed is gi'ucrally not equalled, and in no iustaiife surpassed even at that price. It is in niiDcijneiicr of a rsdu tiuii in the uri. of the rais matorial, together pnl.ev orthise*UUlishuiflii?and the proprietor. rngairiiot tiersonallv in tiir niaaulaeturc? that the prr.rnl great inducements are offered, such as vvera never offered before. WaKBIIRTOV it webb, je in |m?r 11 .:i I, i WallUtti t. "JEWELRY." WTTCHKS'AND jeweiTRY, VRR.V faOW. rPHK Subscriber is *clhng all tWtcnptim >f <AoI j m d Silvor A Watches, Gold till ?cr I'eucils, Hal Ll.9?U, Kvyi, &c.. at retail, lower than at any other i.Jtcs ill I ft? :ity.-? Gold Watches .in Isiw a.-* thirty to forty blf/ii v-zt. Watch** and Jeuvlry uxchangvd or bought. All fVitfl *i k?p warranted to go.>d time. ort the money ufuiLed. Water*9 and Clocks rtuiirrJ 'y 1^ *?' (QAMu^r,4uil rrciifttteJ, it nation lest than the* it ma! j.ri< is nr. cd :;he rin#?*f AniKtm n it. the city. O. O. ALLF.N, lif>m?rt*r of Witches and JeWelry, wholesale and rvUil, JO wall ?txe*t, upturns. m28 Itn+m npO JEWELLERS. MINIATURE l'AINTERS. A C. Ik J. UVRTNE'IT. No. 2 Courtlmdt street, u- ?r Broadw.iyf Wholesale and Retail M inu facto re r* of Travelling, Wrfnn?. Droning and Jt wel cases, mini mire rases, and sfttim:*, liute, locket, watch, ring, and pm ca*ex; casts TorsiF Iff i11 ?:? , oeatl> arranged to order. Also, ti . i mad 1. illteif to J? welters* shtiv ewe*, to contain w ucliea, chains ring*, ke\?, j im, thimbles, p?ncua, &r. fcte. 4ir. A variety of the above nrtirlcs constantly ou hand, and inidi to urtler, with unarm *s and ti? No. 2 Courthiudt street,Xtw York. m24 lm*c HK9 and XEWlfLllli VERY LOW.?Tin ... . scribcr u selling nil 'b|iit>lion* of gold ami xihoi \\ mi l silver pencils, u'old chains, kr\ Sir.. at retail. lower'nan ?? any other place in the cii\. Gold Wn.-he* as low .v? 2.1 to 30 il 'ti-.s e.ujh. Watches and I-weUy . vc hinged or bought. All Watch' * are v.aivauteil to lo.t j? gnodtiincf or the inouey returned. Wstche* ami CI vks repaired in the heat manner, and warranted, at inuch less tlmi the nut t! rric**, by one of the (ineat workmen in rhecity. ii. C. ALLKN, In)portrr of Wit^hv* uid JcwvUy, wholesale and ret i I. 30 Wall ( freer, u > tttaiK. frlfl tm#n* D KrMOTED^HIl-AIRE WALTER, "juiitufr 4' - - mr n?>u - hi oLwr n mrr, hip n;uy mununcioryoi w.ucn GLvo h in France, No. 'S7 Par oils Pnissonui'-ie street, Parii. bits tin In n . iriMnforuiin^ .V srs. dealers in w atch works, mi*. all nrriel't o. tin d with tin- lint*, as alto Mssr*. dcao rs in cj' ul*>s, that ihnr < ^ ibllshmcnt of watch ^*las j, eul ! ?; , t:ifr nd col< red, Article*, 6cc. fcc lie., ha* 1 been ie moved from No 40 M i l n Lanc^to^ No. 90 William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the mil) d?pot of thc fbrtory, respectfully invited to call r.t sur where will be found annnrivailed assortment of the above m? ntit ue?! good.*, which w ill be disposed of ?m the most rc?i*OMh|f terms. hi ; NOTICES^ riOMITAOLLEU'S hale of statu stocks ? v-/ Srate of N?'W-Tork. CoinTArollt'Cs OflW?'The Allegan* CV>. lfank. and the B ink of Olc in, having failed to pay tin ir ci*eu! tfinur notes upon demand at their respective hanking hr*e*es,as required In fh?- act eptiilcd " An act to antUori/ai the be hi- ol I ink! ,wp * I A 1 t .. m tm s -m it In ir sevi r rl i ? - I n ie* of New York oi Mhanv. w.faqi+ffd bp the act ?milled " A i tot r htfine tothi redemption of baox nult'i/' passed 4th May, UhV? Notice L therefore hereby giv. , tluit the Stair Stork* held by the Comptroller n? security for the circulating not s of said banks, or so much 'hereof as t lnjlb deemed txiwdient t? s? II, w ill b* void at the Merchant's Exchange iu lie' city of N w York, ou Situ da>, tin* 2dJ?ify next, at I > Ylocl, M.,|o wit: For tne AHc^'iifiy Couiitv ii ink?Stock account. 5 cettWcxfrs I'Hlitua S i?er ct. (Internal improvement) stock, pay lai July ISbJ, for $iu0o each, $V?00 Stock and K al K*titc account. 5 c^rtillratr* Indi\n i 5 percent, (internal improvement) stock, pry. 1st Itily, 1961, for $lotio each, $Vjuo \tw York i jaw cent. (Erie euUiurmrnt) stock, pay. latt. $joon For the B ink of Olean?Stock account, leer incite Indiana ft per ct. (intertill improvement) stock, pay. 1st July I8W, for $3090 $1000 New York 'j per c? nt. (Erie enlarge incut) stock, pa# !tS5, |1C00 Stock and Heal Estate account. $2O,O0C? New Y"ik 6 per cent (Erie enlargement) stock.piyahlr jaii, _ $?0 00o > rcriinoira mm r. ;>-r c i t. ] 11 . ,|< | \l *,,- i , il icick, |>if. IIM, flir glniMi each, $9000 lOcertilk-o,<s lllinoia pi r run internal improrcment ato. k, oat. I t J n. 18 0, foi $ .01 each, $1?,000 Aim Ocerti'Vateaof Ar- Itt n5pfj eeoi. Rral Katiti* B o.k ?t.i k. Inrelo ore ajrertiaeil an iccon il ?<l" the SI. Luwreii': Hank. SlA/iiHi 1) itra at Albiny, tin' 16th Jure, Ifllt. ?j>2f A. < . FLAOO, Comptroller, reit r: orthk !k Kochie(T(H II. II. Co. ) ( in nil i mi.i, J iin- illU\ ) \Hrmi Annn-1 Di*id?n'l nt'FH |*r C'Of Will In- paid on ''? Stuck ol' thir Company nil the firrt <( )-nl Jul. licit. Slisr- hnlili-r* w Vwoe Stock it reifialern I i ill Cl'v Truiafer B'l'.ln nf tlrs f'n n * ii*.. IVill r-u i?i l 15 mi r.i it llif II .nk of h. S* ..( *. W fori. ? . t V fit *r Vi? V.*;.: nil'.*.Wh Sr ? 1 ik not re. 'ktr-i il ill tin City mil b.* (rid t A On .I unit Oilier. R\ n-b;r of III* i'rrt il' T.f d D i* "h ra. jetog.-lr C||A I. sRVMHUH Tre-miryr. VyOI'lCK TO CLERKS, and nil nther le-iaou. wl* > ? hu?t? i a urv? c.iUvi'v them'., he mv.mtly on their Ic< t.?B, Allns It the old ciclukitc Bunt S'*?re, III Chit linnet* ?/, t'.er c?n he accn-nmo'lirr 1 with the inevitable article, ROtTEUA* VISTALIC ElA*STIC HEEL DOO f$, vain*ui?J in ri it particular, ml it thi aim-prl?- of the orcliuir. B*> The fol Inwir* vrti i, m- of tin- many adaanta/ra th< Eliilie He?is hnti ..? r ra. ry nth. i km I : F r?t?Tlic rlaaticity adila greatly to (lie durability* of tin* n ?ts. S tonally? Tl.c> make no tviiin in it Ik my upon the pure tm in. Thirdly?Thir prevent Bootn front rnniiinf il.ttrn to the h?el. F* orthly?They eiiKhle the wearer to walk with mneli Icim fatyftn*. I' iilhly?They do not cut or tear carpet. at ilo iron or nailed hej?. Sitthlv?They can he worn with comfort bv thoae tiering tender feet. Ar naiial, constantly on hand all kind* of Hoot, rt wholesale and n.lnil at oinmla'*tnrar'ijiricca^_ jeAlm*c TN i.'HANf'ItnV?B'forr tha Vlee Chancellor of the let CirI cni ?John n?rilmin r?. John Raewan.?Bill tor account in Coiwrtnarahip. If', and lor Inj uiction.? I. St. Walirler. Coinplainai.t'a Solicitor; .1. IV. thrard, tu|. of Covnad.? John Kri lior, tin ill i. ikioii in thiac.uiw, whoet place of reaidriicc it in the Sute or New Jcrev, ia required to apircnr in thia r r.o' liy the umyti nth dav of Scptemher neat, or the hill fill d Ii r> in will k-* taken ar Ctnifeaaeil u\ him. Alh.any KvcniuK Journal | leaac < ?py and charye to J. M. Wi luicr. i.*IJI?wJwc BASKIUTT' V?M A Ml Kl. ()W F.N. < niinrclior at Law, har rrmored to ST Naaaaii alrert, rl?e conn r ol John, vrhr'r lie may b? cotieultrd on all mill?r? In Bankruptcy. rrCl. l'ireo,|ere Mtirrs rATc.NT. mKi.Mii.h, utinm k *i VVMH Riuh T, HthnifftM) wuHmmTi * fdici ' in th*1 firr^iliw, ilif nifi, or lh<* ytfd. r?rcnl A'jrirultiirUi* /..mAff nml ('^nldron. in %itrnof 15. 30. in, y>. ?!, H, inn, Ito, mnt ijo. TV? fnrmcny rnqnirr <->nly ? I'it'fr til (If tlii'm for ??* No article 1> ? Ttr gtrni bettrr ?iti*piotion to thr??'' (Vntwm who brrt nvil fliom. Pnfii* Hiri ( .ml Knrtw*, * n*w ?rtirlf for inmnn air? will m ilo i Kent lirtl?- ?fnvi- l??r " Hiti r. I'.i flit <^iii> Of Clurr i' I'u/nii*, rrwrn lew Kilt trot, rtnrh ittiproi'eil. Tin*' n? '? I ? will' nl* lirick. Alto * ??ry low I riri'il fitfiwrt MitKoiir llriltic. ?)iimMw>ri< n *iwl Ki"l-#*?in* ?>>nlt *tnv<, *t ?nmm?t r.ricm. Till- mliii ilinn i? fit- lily Wl?imiti> ??..?. ?l,nt i online* th' '*. ii* wid imi II I' tin- liiirlirn. Tory an- iwjii 111} mil ?il?|i'i I lot niinm. r ? wintrr. l)i? rr? miim>I|'iI on n>w?ral tfiu ?. J. L. MOTT, jel lm?c 2f,l W*fr *nd IJ rinworv. nil,l,s oTTiTKwf on *11 patfi of Knitfiml, tr?y*nil and Srot J I in t. in nimi of Ci, ? IP, Cli.iii'l izn. m nuy nmonm. i#v ?M'*t*(<tir. For wwlw by S. I. 'VI.VF.RTKR, J?'l 21 Wallit, an<l 110 Broadway, ?M?WWIT?W?? I ? I. E R A: 12. . .... v?>? Befori J u Jge (lakluy. Ji si H. - Pi well ,y Will' vs. The . Liffi iran Inmrnr.i r j <'vmpany ?Thv plain,...- kept a pu.*!i? t schooner, ('lie Olive) legnlarly pl\lag !?'t?i. i Im.-i (Hjit sail VViJmiligton, N. <' She vv insured + '.!M at defendants' ottlci ogmnsi a total lo t. On the 7th March, H41, she stranded i untsidu of I ape Fear mar, a'.wut Iwmtv unlcs below Wilmington,ntiil oil the \!Ud vvu- ahaudonrd'by (hi-owners. | Home ?aTvor* had gothrto |>oit, lor whirl)'they w ere to receive >-4X). The owners ha t ub nidonrd, *ud the insu- 1 rura would not accept tlievu- .1, tlm hitter deny iiii' i< total Ion*, so that she appeared to hitv<- 110 cl amant*. iei<t i was itbrlied mi l sold by the United States lor i Xptnses incurred, bringing at auction the -urn o< t-i'ui. Ac- i tion Is now entered to recover thu amount of inee. | It appeared ou tho trial that the cost ol repairs. would have 1 been ?o much at hi authorise the abaiid iiimunt on the ] art of the owners. The jnrj pave n ver.liet for pluntlftx in the amount claimed. For piuintills, Mr. ( . It. Me .re and M'.K, R. Cutting. For deb trlunU, .Mr. I'haile* UYouuor and Mr. B. Robinson. Betbrc Chief Justice Jones. Edward MirandeH vs. The Merrkanlt' Exrhmee Co.? Every person that ha* visited the new Exchange u ill have noticed the splendid finish of the w ith Italian marble. The plaintiff bring* action to recover a sum of money due linn oil balance for furnishing tacit. Hie compos\ refuse payment on the ground that the marble vv is to have been brought ln-re by plniiititl, but that "tier mtirhidelay ihey were compelled to charter -hip ami send to Leghorn for it thctnselvi s. The plainthr stated that it would be ready for delivery by the house there lor which he was acting, when the ship arrived, instead of w liieh great detention of the v easel occurr< I, and the company had to pay $19A0 demurrage. In addition to which tin: marble was not good, but veiny and had cavitim or holes in it, so that defendant* were compelled to piece it for the pillars- alio that it had been taken from the sur. face of a new quar.-y where it had probably lain exposed for ages, and was so wank that the company was obliged to support the mnin pillars with fillings in of granite. There were also other expenses to which the company was improperly put, sueli as the blocks being much larger than had been agreed u|ion, which caused much labor and time in cutting them (low u. An off-set for these causeH, was claimed from a part of the bill. No notice hnd hern givrn, hodrever, of any intention to plead off-set, nri/1 thn inrt !*% ilii-nctiivM rvf ?W*? noh?m ? ..'?? plaintiff, iu Ilia sum ul $4,?07, being the amount claimed. For plaint iff, Mr. F. B. Cutting and Mr. t'lias. E. Butler. For defendant, Mr. Bidwnll and Mr. George T. Strong. Court of Common Plena. Before J ii 'g<- Ingrahain. 2i.?Chariet K. T/iortie va. Chnrlri Del P'tcehio nnj .lotrpK 7V Vtcrhio.?The defendants owned n share of $360 iu tli*1 Chatham Tliea'rc. Mr. Tliorne being de- I slron- of patronizing them, ordered the defend ants to make lit'oil f () worth" 01 ornaments for the um of ttietln aire, which were to ho done on a particular day. They we'i n< t fini h*d In ?an?on, and plaintiff refused to take them. Subsequently U'- gave mt order to Messr". Del Veci hm to make two looking glasses for him o] certain dimensions, whieli tliey agreed to do. He pail them *?0 .n?h in advance, and gave his note at 60 days tor $H0 more, being in balance for tile glasses which we re to lie furnished. The difendants afterwards refused to niomifiic'ure tlieglnees, j alleging that they were entitled to pay for the ornamerns, j Oilil that the $140 would not much mure than eoirr that > amount, and a ?uin due to Mr. Del Veeehio a?dividend | and insurance Interest on his share iu the stock. The | present uction is to reeover.lnirk tin- amount, with inter- j est. Verdict lor plaintiff, $167 tin. For plaintiff, Mr. A. D. , Russell. For defendant, .Mr. II. I*. Barber. Before Jude Inglis. (,'Cn. .?. Goodwin v?. John (?. Ifrr. i, Jr ?This was an nc- j tiun lor false imprisonment, the damages laid at $2.1)00. The parties are young men, ami apparently respectable. On the lflth of Dec. iu.t, the Jolly hostnfthc Biown Jug tavern, Hudson street, announced one of the winter even mg's amusements in that region, viz., a raillc for tnrkoi s, geese, and other good things of the kind, yclept a raffle for poultry. The defendant attended it, and wns obliged to have recourse to hit pocket hook ol'tener than ho found it convenient. Fifialh , on making an application, he discovered the [>ockct-book to begone, nnnouneed that fome person had stolen it, and ptoposid that those present sjiuuld le searched. A man that formed one of the party i said it was no use to do that af-er one person ha.l gone, and . spoke of pluioUtf as having been there. Th'tv started tor ! the latter's house in ( harlton street, and defendant seeing I him on the ride walk, pointed him out to a wntehman us I hnving stolen his pockct-hook, mi l directed him to carry hituoil to tin. w utchhouto, which he did. Justice Taylor I was sent for. who suggested to plnintitf that hi* house should he searched, which he willingly acquiesced in. The plaiutill Lad a wife uutl child (the lutl. r about thiii months old), w ho wet e in 1 od when the otliceis arrived on the search, and the wife, necessarily . was much alarme 1. Kvory part ol the house whs examined, hut nolhii g found which could ranao the least suspicion. The present iction was afterwards entered fir the false inipriMuimeut, to say nothing about the lander. It appeared, from the j testimony presented on the trial, that the defendant sub- 1 se<|ttwtlv ohtallied ht? po ket book, having Odvertisisl thai the thief might keep the money (fid) which was in I it. if he would let urn the papers. Anonymous letters w ere sent to him through the po toll'ic. , n la Wiley, ami ! answered in one of the morning prin't. Finally the p icket-look was returned, ihioughllie same medium,no- i , coMpniiied by the follow ing note, written in a disguised 1, and addressed on 'lie onttide to John C-flam, jr. i nrringe maker, gui Mercer street, .New fork. " Joiitc C'. Sit\m, Jr. I return you vour pocket book, hoping that vou may again lose it, and 1 lind i'. with mure money than 'it had in the last time. Vmirs, sll ll) MI'. AD. P. S.?Take my adviee, and have ilie holes in your pockets mended, an.l ofl'ei again a more liberal reward, or ymi w ill not get it." Three appcnr. d to have hci n " > ere.use fur the hasty proceeding of the defendant, ! if as he was said to ben i elevei young fellow, and far fro.u rich, the jury dealt | with him liglitl'. . giving a verdi. t in favor of plnintitf for 1 *60damages, hieli also rnrrie-' eosts. For plnintitf, Mr. \V. 11. IIhim .1. For defendant, Mr. p. j P. Half. l iilteil States Mnralsnir* tflltee. Tunc 'JI.? A day or two since Cantuin Spear, of 'he brig Masey, was arretted on a. hargeofus vaulting hi. - few or with a danp rous weapon. Tin charge w as not full> <'i| I>u < ay , .i.tmur i Mlli keeper of a sailor's boarding home, was arrested on "ir , plaint of on>-of the United Stales officers, for endeavoring ! to prev tut liim suhpo.ii in g win On above cave (hat lodged in his houac. II wn* examined lieftire Justice i Kverott, hut there ill.I not n;?i<- i sullicii ut ground lor further detention, and ho was discharge J. General Srs-tiiitn. Before JUdues Lynch and No.ill, and Alderman Smith. William Siiali.h, Kb*., Acting District Attorney. Jl'isr. 21.?Trial ?/ (Itor^r Solflii ramluJed,? At the ' opening of tlie Court, the Recorder proceeded to charge the jury in the case of George Rome*, who was tided on | Thursday on a charge of tittering counterfeit mor. v, passed by James M. Hawkins. The charge occupied j ahout an hour, mid the evidence presented on the trial t w:t<t ahly and fully reviewed hy his honor, lie intimated i lhat such a ma*s of contradictory ti .hBiony was tart ly I presented to a Jury, and that the crime of perjury was I ' distributed among a number of the witnesses in a very I prominrat manner. I . Tlie Jury retired at twelve o'clock, and after :ui nV i senennf almtit half an hour returned a verdict of guilty On entering the jurj room, v. ? understand they stood I eleven for conviction and one doubtful upon one or two ' points of the evtjvncc. These were, however, soon explained to his satisfaction, and they returned with their verdict. J mils M. Smith, Km., one of (h counsel for prisoner, stated that before the verdict w as recorded, he should take exceptions to it onthe ground that tlie jury sepnra- ; ted on Thursday evening w ithout the consent ol couii el for prisoner, and al*o thot tbry were no'charged by the ! Court to avoid conversation on the subject of the" trial | luring su-h Iriierru'ssion. A D.strin A t. rti?-y fii\LSit. sla'nd that o. eof tli con II I of prisoner <Tiit' pre en' w tiun the (V>Tlr* a dr.".' | , on Thursday avenlng >w1 -hat h- made no >hj.. m te the reparation ol the jun . Oho of tho Jurors ttatnri il -n the C.uirl had ch* "' ?l m ' the commaiiciiasnt of tlie t ml. tl ',''he juro.f ' n|,| t , rain from eon vers ition rcto'ive to tliu " s?t, whit h they hat nlhered to morttenaciously. The verdict of the jury was then rc-ir.Vl. and connsel tor prisoner stated that th") sh'aid move for unarrest | 1 orjudgmcnt at the nex' term* Stnttm nl - - Tiie following person wei e then ?rraigred ' end sentenced :? Vranc ' done*, aonng man. eonvirted of high w es rob. ) bery On tho person of Jacob Amos, w as ?cntene? .1 t? ihe ' Rtato prison for ten I ruri, it hviag ihe towc-t *irm in 'he power of the Court. The pri-ouw " v much e*rlt< ! ini 1 tin- deliver) ol the sentence, an I left the Couri sullii > .1 . " with tears. I * Dennis McLaughlin, convicted of linrglary in the firat degree, for breaking into the premis' s ol Joseph 11. Ash. ? was sentenced to the State prison for five s ears. lb-at- I irwi|.l?tl I Joacph Holm, a black yclhv.v cjrj Inirpinr, r on vie ted 1.1 oftrrnnd tarcrny in 'hf thirl decree for hnnkinsr into i the clothing ?toraot Itnffh l.lvintriton, and attalinrru Urge I quantity ol clothing, u u# anil to the 8iat? priaoii for rite > year*. The naffrn Ii ft the Court with a gtin, e* much u in aay "I'm glad it* no more " j i Mavwell vol Wiilinra Walker, convicted ol bur- ' | fflnrv in the third degree, in hi i nking into the Imot and ' ?hoW ato-e of Peter I hwrrli *frre?, mi l atralirjg , therefrom a quantity ol hoot* an 1 ihoea, were placed in the ho*. The previout good diameter of Maxwell, n* ptrwnlal In witueaarauu hit trial, induced tie limit to ! icntcnre him to the Matt priaoW fm t'vo j(im. Walker *m lentrnced tor three. ' John Mafltiirc, the celebrated row thiei ivliowax eonvi. te.|o< 1 iii dirk'tt\ o .oju , the |.ri.j i'\ 1 of T1 imn? Killoi ,n tva* 'nit to fit- e ftfiaon f-,t . frit'. ^nii William', an ohl beat tip colored e.oaian, com i ted | ofhnrglxrv In lie *econd degree, for ci.tfi . - he I nilme he !-.? t.f K vhil i'd Bii'kt- and >'enlin."li< t . . ?en need tc, tin H'.ate Priron 'or tlve ?ear?. Tie Court abated that the eV i t. ere ? re iu!fi.'>iit '< ha 1 h?i f "rglirv in th llr?t <i ha ' m' r'meot ! < ii thn* Irarned. ,Nieli.i|;,i 'I ,y. jn . ...I \n'i- ' 'w- convicted of p -rii' ; ive'ii < ' " jr fd.t'.i'. the ;iropert> . ! K. ? in V i'i. known-* H to t. audi, wxa, owing *a hi* preriour good ' " '1 the City IViaonfor thirtt day *, and rtn- I the awm of ,t? t?, The Recorder remarked'that " ?M? would learn hi.;. u* a denl-r in junk, not to fwtv ?ilverT ITe roll,* up ht? v, moat wot ally when the Reeorder m. iiUone l fh,, ,, ,, t ot the (CQtence compelling him to pay the rum ot f ,jj j > ^ A .1^ % I'. I< c Two Cent*. This nam<* of Robert Gia&-.c<.i . '< >-aul( and battiy in briitiat; and breaking tb br "Hugh McI" ..' III1M '.LiiHi'llJ. but L.U. i.l.l fj. I ;, rni.m. /sin."i < were forfeited. W'lliam llockvv ell. late a seaman eii l-oard? i,; Moon, el ttped wi'li stealing }4I JO liotu the 10't > a. t l ot sst.l v '-<.!, it being the |?ro;? rty of Honry h. H iruliurti, w as di hai d on application ot his tourist . hecttite 'he complainant in Urn cua? cuutd not be found by the olhor of (lie Court. Daniel Ctimnicr lr, charge! with receiving the clothing stolen from Jacob Vinos. w ho was lobbrd tij b'raucis Join '.fiii J William Smith, the former of whom baa been con\ mbd Hn.l sentenced for the crime, came into court mo! pleaded guil'y to tlir irulietmeat ugaintt him. There bring no mher I .cim l/eloie the ( jury wvrcdischarged for Hie ttnni, and theC> nrt then adjourned loi thr rem under of tin* session. 'i he d??i term on .vltunlay, :bl' J h of July,u,<d 'Jie court will meet 00 Tuesday, the Jth. K|MClal Srsthuis, Before Indue Noun and Aldermen Croiint and Smith. Ji m 'ft.?A loafer name! Rdward Butler oe err up lor thirty t ay * for stealing forty-three putt ? et r.ruel lieet frot.i lames lost. William UsmckS'ti, s lii a n tor stealing i ennaty'hir.l and cage from B r? t t intal, wtot sent up for' sixty diiys. Daniel lm te si Man iiitig Kelly Were tried tor an assault and battel s .* * c I men John Harrington and Moses Oakley, t! i,epr ?.f \s liotu was severely hi aten. Vuyh u as rii charged mi jiniun'se to go to sc t, and Mtuiniuir wus it mm d f< i ti ?l 111 tlieOcueral Sessions, Charlet Hedges, Mat k tm .1inir two silver spoons from llebect n Steve.,., a v- mh up -ivy days. Two i tint customers name (ha-. Hughes and Christopher McDonald, for stealing a ln\ of :t vin? from Matthew MeKeon, was sent tip lor thirtr dor*.? Thomas Huinilton, Mack, for assaulting another colored man i anted J liomtis Tolw in, was sent up for tb'fty ays. Mary Jackson, Mark, for steuling or snatching fifty cents from .Margaret Ball, another she darkie, was sent up fur thirty days. One Net Lynch, ol the pugilistic cl:ts.-,fnr striking a colored man iiumed Louia Najiolton, or hitting him n " llttnk," as Nnjtoleon ctilled it, was sent tip forthir. ty day s. N'cb Koherts, an aristocratic nosed negro, u as tried for stcalidg a |H>cket book containing >11, front one ot his color named William Hudson, sv hilr sleeping in the same room with him at %> Orange street. Hudson swore that the money was all in silver, as he ncvat kept a note longer than he could get to ? hank to get it changed. Ho wus sent to the city prison for thirty days. Mary Smith, Mack, was sent up tor sixty days lor stealing about >11 from John Pierce. John Wamhy, for stealing Irom David Pirrson, was d.-charged on the request ot Mr*. Pierion, a m at looking little Rnglivh woman, who stated that shethought he was poor but honest. John Morrison, for stealing a pair of ennt hooks fix in schooner Rt. Thomas, was sent un for sixtv dm . He was eniieht about R o'clock in the morn inn, 'i ie.l anil sentenced nnlt sent to the I'onitentiary in three hour* afterward*. Jiime'. linden, a French sailer belonging m t1 eBcithh l ark Thomas Bell, # j?sentup for six months for beating ( diaries Davy, a seaman en lioanl of said \ rusel, nnil biting the first joint of ilepnm nth left lianil olT. lie u us also sentenced foi n like term for biting thofinger ol Timothv W'heatley, unothur seaman of the same vessel. Two Mack fellows named Charles Brow n and Ilohert Oakcv, who ha1 lieen previously convictedol stealing silver spoon* from Mrs. Lelfertv, were sentenced to the IVnilculIaiy for six mouths each. en j- Juts in^ettcc. Hcpfoscd ricxiroccKTS or tiik Lom?j T?lxst> Has* Poutsr skersttd.?On Thursday evening as ofticci* Stevens and Bowyer wcic in Albany, on their way north on important business, they accidently discovered a notorious pickpocket natned George Mason on hoard of one of the north river steamboats, and suspecting that oil vv s not righi pu' an eye upon him. In a few moments ho vanished ant! the bunt was searched in every quarter for the rogue but without success. The officers instead of pursuing their journey remained on board of the boat, and knowing that sue came dow n the river without stopping, and that the "bird'" was on board in tome snug corner, were dctonniuoil to nab hira. They communicated their suspicious to the captain of the boat, w ho intimated that he might possibly be in one ol the state rooms, but u| on second thoughts concluded that he was swung in hif suspicion*. Tin1 officers thought otherwise, by enquiling among tin* waiters, ascertained that there were two m< nin one state room, one of w hum u as in lied and bad ordn cd some liquor to he brought him while thci e. Tbny watched a' imeirala i.,til morning when Mnson made his appearance; he was accosted by Steven , upon op'i ring the stateroom foutul John Whitel "iw, aliar "theUnit.*." snugly ensconced in he'. They were immediately arrested en suspicion of boiii)* the per .oris who pirk'd the pocket of tho I'ovtwr of the hong hlatnl Bnnk of SJ6,iXX) in c-hork* nnd ' uiuk notes, and upon being searched yahO ?? found on oneof them and about t?400 on the other, The otticers of both the Long Maul anil i'ha rnx banks recognized them as the persons v\ ho w ore in their institution* *e\ ertil times previous "to the robhcVy, an.l w iio at the time the money" was taken, \v ore remembered as prowling about the d.oor* and inside of the hanks for sevrnal days previou s Tho [ ortcr also leeogiii/ei them n? pelmjiis he uev >e irul times while pa sing backu vrds and forvsaids to B.oohlv n from the I boons Hank 'Ibcy were committed fur fuitlicr examination. Thee spi ears to he btit little dotib! that they are the rogues, hut the difficult) smI! be to obtain*" proof sufficient to cons set them. Oilieer* A. M. tk nnd Jaino* Smith, aided by officer Von Vowrluos, of Brooklyn, arretted two of the gang concorned with the'ahose men, in Boston.oii We'mimdav last. lioTlii. *so VaM'ai.s n? New Veil a Csinii, during the lad several month , the composition omsinerita 1 ln-ed upon the iron railing" of numerous dwelling* in vo> riuus J aits of our rlly, have been wicnchitt and nnvc revved by ins'rutin nls that ?j;. wed to have heen tnsnn* factum! forth/ purpose?Urn* def-i.-lrg and injuring property ?o the value of ss vernl thourand dollars. D.fu i r? Jovepli and Rovhls)' took the matter in hm ', an ' ' v . ; 11,ont scnicli, a; h nglli din overed thst thsre larrenios !,f ' been committed hy an t zlensive gang of hot" uhoa? tH.'?* ranged from 14 to 19 years ; and that they had rfs'jm ?' of llicir pluie'er tit various j ink hops about tout at the rate >!" t\ Cents per gunnd. Thoy succeeded in arrts'nig tile Mlo-riug named l>oy ?, who ore now in p>rliu<u Htt| h Bognri, John M'Vlckcr, Andrew Morris, Joseph Aities, Morii Welsh, Charles Watson, Win. Mixture, Lemuel Griffith, William Cnrlin, Thomas kirk, John Boyd, Itenja min Well*. Derail Mahnny, Sanity M'llollnnd. and Thomas Conner. Thirc an- a number of others who are known to havo been cmrerneil in those morn rind row nrtlly thcfls.who no doubt will roon he ronghtaiid rngrj. These ornaments cost from 10 to If co.jU , r pound, nnJ the patterns of many of them cannot he supplied. Among other dwellings that hare thus been plundered, is the railing of the house of the. Mayor of our city. This is onu of the most conteiuptihlo kinds <>l larceny, and would >li> grace the Got In an 1 Vandals of former age . Mri sncTinf Bins Assr.STr.o.?The lierifl"of Chcnan go county in this aided by otlircr Kiiliy,arrested the ahoee named person yesterday on a requisition fnm Chenango rounty for his person. H" hos n ently mow ed n. " huge swath'' in this city , an 1 btti carried on business at j.a Water street. He hs? been engaged as n drab r in cenntn prude e, r ti 1 the peculiar manner In which ho lr- obtained lirgT q"ant''ies fr.n the finne-s .f that otinty, sa l no* naio for them, fji m? the Wi- of the hnTfe sllree1 nohist Mtn. ftc was eacsjpteJ towards the ihre of de'tnation las'?t nitty. Moar. N*it s t.. Ho: n H M J.ihr> Thompson of 0-t Ami s rest. ||' ti"?< at the luwer jsilire office vestndsr, md e.-'errl a charge of tourism and grand larceny I *i;i?t a h <"1 u u i anted Joseph Hohertsoii, v is low In prlso .. Thahiuse w as unoccupied at the thin- of he mhberv, ind ' * roffiie ni'hhis companion eari >sl i.Tcarjietlm sa'uei'at s|dO, a Frettnh bAtssra', w indow hadoe oil cloth, and other articles, togcthei t Jued it fl74. A pors;',n of the wrtre fan nil by ollien Kim* il Ci'lonsThitllilll'i, Its keeper of A hou*<: of ill-binte m hurch street, nitil at Timpsou's paw n broxer'" shop. reauii *? nam s.- -The Commissioners of I'nmmcn tchoota lorth.sclty, held a Meeting on "ITtursdsy, at the lily Hall. Oeorge W. Htrong was rhosen Preei lent of the lesrd of fiducatlon formed of the Commissioners, mm) " 'II || 1 ovrirnnilirri. /\ nminmirr l' >; ' r. v?? splinted to report at the neat meeting a ?rt bf rule* ir?r the g? imm#nl of thi' Board. The Deputy fltipeiin. endant of Srhoola, t'hnrlea Klamirf, ?ent in a rommnnieoion, which n an referred to a committee. A committee aft* apt>ointed to draw up a difcr! ol the whool law* tip dicable to thi* city. R ani mr -The atore of Mr. k- V- st?HjJar.!, No. ;V> IViMiam *fn et, w h* co'ere ! no Thnr?da* night fir el* Kriday morning, by mean* "f IW'e key. and robbed of rood* to ti,r amount of from one to two hundred dollar*. The robber* did not utrree I in Onrlinjc *??' money, nmlde ramped apparently in aorne hm-tr. A\ 0?i*r* i? ? anted '?r an old I'.nglhb Watch, mad* by drohm, No- I0~v Apply t oBicct Baker, Uj Duan'n ttreri. A* ftwara i? wanted fo-. n ic. morter, and thlr" v-thrco ,1*1.-1 door- .cuteliion*. taken I mm * man whoitir an p. o.-ed ha* stolen them. Apply at the lower ejllcaolfice, o oDicer* Joreph or BtwhUy. fotirt (nlenilar.Thl* I>i*y. Si ri ate* Cm rr.. No*. 3d, AO, jp, f.%, .jj y Bankrupt*, soi ttnrnn nif?tm<;t nr \fw yowc. Jnne lA.-Oldeon Mead, fintolm.tary on eomplnini of iuieon Draper. Jr., July 2.1. IMiti Hirrlkon, shipwright. New York, July 23. lame* fi. < ox. carpenter, New Ye It, July it. Hem v II. KevuohU. merchant King?ton, tT|*ter ennnfy ily-JS. ' '

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