Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1842, Page 1

June 26, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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Tit i IT J Vol. VI11.?No. 1J5?H'l ole No. 3OH0 regular packets. _ .NSW w.\e OP XTverpool rackets. S'lfroSl New Vork on the 26th ?ud Liverpool on the 13th ; "f each month. i $??> ?*?%. aVTMi MSyABBM r itom Nkw I uii k. Slrip SHERIDAN. Capuin F. A. Depcyster, 15th May. Ship QAURlCK, Capiain Witt. SUiduy, 23th June. Ship ROSCIITS, Captain John Collins, 2$th July. I Ship SJDDONS. Cnitaiii E. B. Cobh, 2jth August. From Liverpool. . . Hlup PIDDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 11th June. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Dri*-y*< er. 13th July. Ship UAUKICK, (Vq,tain Win. SkidJy, * 'h August. Whip ROSCIITS. Ci plain John Collin** 13 th St*|>tMiiber. I Thw#' jhilH are all ol rlie first class, upwards of iMOOtoits, built ( ill ll>? city of Ni w York, with aoclt iiniwoTemeiiu u continue | fin al 9|H*eii witli unusual comfost for iiaftsangtrs. Every care I iu bet-it taken in the arrangemrut of their accommodation*. I Tire price of passage hence i? $100, lor w.nch ample stores \\ ill he pro rid *d. These ships are commanded by experienced master*, who w ill make every exertion to give p uc.ju safi.;faction Neither llie captains or owners of the shipa will be resp.nsi- 1 ble for any letters, |*ircela < r iwckages sent by them, unless regular I lls of lading are signed therefor. The* nips of this line will hereafter go armed, and the-', th-culinr consrruciion gives them security uot possessed by All*y other but Vessels of war. For freight ot ii.iss.ige, apply io E. K. COLLINS & CO., 36 Southst., "v..w York <>r to WM. it J AS. flit OWN * CO Liven wnl LeUttni by the iiackt U will lie cl *iK'"'L 1?Vj nuts iwr.imtle he.-t , Wl cents per ounce, ami new.p ,.H.? | ot.llt ..j. i,. In7 NKW YORK AND II/^HE PACKETS: (SECO.VU line.) M. $5t & w? n**! iiiVt,'1','rv.wli' ^crcaRTrlTTr NtvvkoiPln the 1st in J Hain on I (C nf P,ir!> month, u follows : ?r. _ ... ...... From Vtc York. From Havre. The new?.h.., ONEIDA, ( 1st Mnrch I April . t'jptatn < 1st July < 16th August rumk, I 1st Nuremberg 16tli December Ship BALTIMORE, 1 Ut April t 16lh May Captain < 1st August < Kith September Edward Kunck, ( 1st Decceru'rr IGth January fthinUTICA, i IK May I lfitli Jnnr Captain i Ut Scptemb'rx 16th October : Kirderirk Hewitt, ( 1st January (llitli February New shipST.NICOLAS, I 1st June t IGth July Captain < 1st October < lOkli November. J. B. Fell, ( lit February? 16tn March Tne accommodations of those ships are not surpassed, roinbluing all that may be required for comfort. The price of ca* b.u passage is 81(10. Passengers will be supplied with every re* qui iite. with the exception of wines and liipmrs. Goods intended far these vessels \vj 1' he forwarded by the, free from any other than the eipetlses actually incurred on the in. Kor freight or passage apply f'i BOVD St HIVf KEN, Agents, a3 9 Tontine Buildings. If)R NEW OllLEANsi LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. &&1& ijffe r orthe hotter accommodation ol shipper*, it is tnti ndml to , despatch a ship from this port on the 1st. Srh, intlv, ljlh, 20th, and 2jth oi each month, commencing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular days will lie appointed for the remaiuileroi the year, whereby groat delays and disappointments will In prevented during the summer mouths. The following hips will commence thta arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Sh-,? MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hillierd. ggup LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAKE, Captain Miner. J2M? GASTON, Captain Latham. ) Tiip nu.t i D? n.i.r., v,.iiaaiii Jiii'iuud. 9 ii? OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMTHIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulforl. These ?hi|>s were all built in ilir city of New York, expressy for packets, are of light draft of water, lnve recentlv lieen J wlyc.giperedand put in splendid onier.tvith accommodations gor paiaengers unequalled hit comfort. Tlicy arc commanded by experienced maatrts, who will make every exerti-n to give ieneral {au.'fagiiqu. They will at all times be towe l up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the on uers or captains of these shi)<s will be responsible forjewclry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated waie. Or fiir auv !< Iters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board ol them, units* regular bills oflading are Uken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For fre ight or pass ige, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., W South St.. or I1ULLIN fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will prom|itly forward all gooja to their address. The shijis of this line are warranted lo sail nuuclually as advertised, ami great cart will be taken >.i have the good.; correctly treasured. ml OLD LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. THF. I^TnE of TackcU lot T-m* di spatch d in the following order, i seep ing when the ilty of sailing fall, on Sum! ty, the shirs will sail on the succeeding day. For New Yoik. For Liverpool. |The SOUTH AMF/IUCA, t lime I July M 616 tous < Oct I Nov Id II. (i. Bsiley, (Feb 1 Mar 19 Tie ENfiLAND. (June Id Aug 7 '.'0 tons, Oct Id Dec "< II. D.Waite. (Feb Id April 7 The OXFORD, SJ,,I>' 1 Al"( 15 ?00 ions, ( Nov 1 Dec l!l J. Rnthbone, ( March I April Jft The EUROPE, ( July ta Sept 7 610 tni>. (Nov 1ft Jan 7 K. G. Marshall ( Mar Id Slav 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ( Aug 1 Sept Id CIS tous. yl)ec I Jan 'ft A. B. Low be r. f April I May JO i ne n r. vv iuuk, l Aug 19 net 7 90(1 tons < Dec 19 Feb '7 T. H. Crnppcr.f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, (Sept I Oct 19 8M ton*, \ Jan 1 Feb 19 W.CBmmw.i M?r 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, ( Sept 19 Nov 7 7UU tuna, ( Jan 19 Mar 7 O.A.Cole. 'May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day {ifaaiiin.'. vv ill be observed a? heretofore. I'he price of pass ice out wan! is now fii-d at 0*r llnndr :d Dollari, for whicli ninpl- siorrs ofevere description will be provided, with the eieepTlon of wine* and liquj*?, which Will be furnished bvlhe stewards. OOODHUK Ik CO . CI Sonth St., or C. H. MARSHALL, 39 Burling-slip, N. Y. jeJl lyh BARING BROTHERS tit P.. L'pool. , JJandId, JL AND WALF.S. PERSONS desirous of making rapKBegli for friends to migrate from the Old Country to the United States, arjd who may wish In secure for them despatch anil comfortable accommodations, will find it their interest to apply to "he sutircribera, who ate at all limes prepared to make such nrrinucmrntj as will guarantee satisfaction. The vessels comporiw this line are allof tbsftrit claaa, one of which leaves Liverj/.n. weekly, *11 delay at the jrort of embarkation Is avoided. As has rlways been customary with this line, whan those settled for decline coming out, the passage money ia refunded, without any rlcdurtion. Passage |>er steamer from tl|c various ports of Ireland and Scotland, cau likewise be teen red. For further puticuhrsapply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Olfi e, 27J Pearl at., Orto C. OIUMSHAW Jt CO. 10 Uoiee Pi ', Liverpool.. Ercbs mrr or draft* at sight, am! lor any aimuiit, cm likfwigr be !'n m is lied on flir National Bauk of IrrUnd. Northern Banting i ??., National i9*uit ol ^cotuiiM,oawim? at an uteir rranrgtir# Hraiy:he?: also, on H. C. Olyn U Co., li.inkers, Lon<l<>n, *nd (' (triimr.iw ?, Ih?., Lsii-moo' m3 lni*c : STEAM NAVIGATION BETWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, I'M?S 01/7*7/.I MP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. KKANK, Commander. The days of departure of this well-known Biaamihip, hart Hern ft ted at follow* : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York. On 4th May. iH12. On 7ih Miy, !IM2. Oil 7t!? Jnne, 18il iiih 10th July, M 7fi Ami., " " lnih Srpt. M 7th Oct, M Pi ice urpaivar, meats not included, i? &oud.ainjit?>i? < ? Antwerp, >70?Steward's feet, $2 62^. The men].* will l>e served i ll board, ?>n the pUu of a continental hotel, in the best manner, atid at n* 1 ml moderate prices, passengers 1 tag only "haired win ii part* kin;; ol th same. The pr ce of pas*igc to either of the above ports can also he engaged if prefer ed, with meals and steward's fees included lor $0f 6?S cent*, exclusive of wines. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or parage, or any further information, apply to H. W. T. bL H. MALI, Agents, a?? r?tn*r 4 1 I5e .*?-r *i?eeL NEW jeksfey raTLIUUD and T&ansI PO HTATiON C( >MPA N Y. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. I'ni ? " I n. Erom the foot of ConrtUuih, New York, t (f'frrdir?Sunday i taut |4ed.) a, . *TS*N?w Yotk i.uir- Newark At A.M. Alt P.M. AtTS'A. M. At IK P. V. ,9, d * 4?- ? <> * ?S An11 1* >1?. ll)X do. 5>J li< . ? do. 7 do . do In do ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the loot of Liberty afreet. L?l?t New York Lear. W1rk At ? A. M. and i'i P. M. At 12 N , m.nV,]7n t* M NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Wt-fFIELD PLAIN FIELD, BOUND BROOK, SOMERVILLE kr D tilv. Leave Ne w York. Lnave El *?belli Town. 8 A.M. I', A.M. t\ P. M. 12 M. e, r. M s P. M. Th'traitmu the Soot'rville Railroad Co. connect with them line, earh way daily, Siindaya earrpfed. r*.?-nit?r* are re<|tic i'i I to i'llrebam ticktta at tho ofll'r. foot ol J.iberfy atmet. Kir n M-w York aM F.lir V?!i T"tcnt5 n-nta. Fore brtwwn ,Irr?? \ Oilvawl Amm r?ill? 50 ri-n!?. NEW VO'iK. KAtlWAY AM) NEW BRUNSWICK. Far* reduced. From th? f?ol of Laf? rt, atrn t, daily. L"** N'rw VVrk. Leave New Brunswick. A: t A. M. At 'M A. M. ?}, ??. M. II A. M. Far* tvtv . II N'rw York an.I N< w Dnao?W*ek, 'j fruti, Railway, W CrilTi The far* in thi A M. tram from New Brunawirk, am! I)? r. M. train fr.iin NT .? York, has horn reduced between Ne or York and NV* Brunswick, to 50 cent*. " ami itahway to 37)4 "" , Tn? TVIndrlpMa rnsil tin* |>a??. ? tliroatch New Drttnawiek for Nr'a Y' k r i -ry rvrnina at !i o'clock. On Sitttdaya tlie "!{A. M. rnj* from Ni w Brutiaw ick 11 omitted. Tux ^trra olio the tick> t office, reCeii e a ferry tiek-'t gratis Tickets are rcCeired b\ the cotvflare i-ronli n tiled- 1.1.- n inr-li ia*il. ri >i'im* aa?l '''HE RAINBOW MirRN'lNU LINE far C*-- - ' Ij-Jr \T,K \NY 1 1 low j-rrr-r/r rv niln.rt -fc..? ^l.jLl. 'I V ;? ?VA* Willi. .> 1- f.i.i if Itr1i,- . ,i at | , '. , 'I I, ii -n it , t?, l. 1 ' l-.iV E NE i l RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS^ ~ P< u1 i \ >\cT)?s " ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CI1ICAQO EXPKK88. i nc?iii)*cribcr* are now running it reiular Express ?v? r the it inroads lo and from Albanv sttul Buffalo, and the interim life place*, for FORWARDING, at low rate*, with the ..t'?o*i speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Rank \ote?, Important Paper* and Valuable Package*?\Vill attend '?> the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment of Dill* of tenant-, Notes, Dm ft*, Acceptances, Accounts, 4cc., nt reatotiableper centage?execute orders for the |?iirrhist* or sale el lyreh.odUe, Produce and Manufactured Articles of every dc iiXli.Nb''i'i'-'o's'KXPKKSS To New York and Boston, and Messrs. HAW'LKV k CO.'S EXPRESS t-? uid from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and in ruiedinto pUees?forming at once the mott direct, tjwedy and I".-.led communication to and from the eastern and western ilios, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges, lie. References?Knwt'vs Co ruins, Thomas W. OlcotL Watts Sherman, A. D. Patchin, Noah Lee, .lames Taylor, '1 heodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus k Hawley. Utica; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. O. Shepherd. Can and ii?rua ; David Hoy t, Rochester; John .Vicve isli r, LockiMirt ; J.A.Clark, Bataria ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POME ROY k CO*, No. 6 Exchange Biddings. Albnuy. All :i W ill street, New York. FA&fc AND ftttiJOHT &EDUC EU ^URWL.^"MA!!. itoWliE^i^W BOSTON, . it STONING TON AN1) NEWPORT, c?mpowd <>! it"' following injieriot Mmeii, nuimni In i lion with the Stouiiiytou ?nti Providence, and L,",("n ji:J Provideuce K.ilrm !>? .1A83ACHUSETTS, Cant .in Comstock. RHODE IS1AND, C.ptnln 1 haver. N AKRAUANSBTT, Captain Woolaey. NlOHEGAN, Captain Vamhrl.ih. On.* of which will li New Yoik daily, (Sunday* excepted) from pier No. 1, North River, Battery Viae.', at o'clock, P. M. An ham sr. sue* r. Thv NARRAGANSK'I . on Mnudiv. for Stoniimton, and Thursday, l>r Stuninjtmi, Newport and I'roTiii nee. The M ASSACII USE J'TS, on Tin ulay, lor Stoniiuton, Newport an I Providence and Friday f,.i Slonsti-jtim. Tile till' )!)E ISLAN D. on Wednc ,dav, for stoniliRton, and 8?mrday, lor Stoitingtou, Vinvniit, awl Providetu r, rn?<eiia:er? on tin* arrival ?| the .tenners at Stouinxton, may Ink. tbe Railroad Car. and proceed immediately to l'rovi deuce and D ..ton. Kreiirhl taken at the following mneli reduced tatea To Boston, on good. weigmuR forty poanda or upwards to the cu'iic foot, at $.'? iO per ton, and ou measurement good. 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement Roods 5 cents per eubic loot, and <|iecific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. nhll Cut r IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINK For the Transportation of Goods between Philadelphia and I'iltslmiX. -iS5 This improvement in transportation affords to Western Merchants peculi ir advantage*. The goods lipififf carefully packed ii I lie boats at our warehouse. No. 365 Market street, are carred over th?* Columbia and PorLnre Raiivvavs without Iran diipinrnt. Carrful captiim and cri wi an' employed, wlw uke coarse of tlw- good* at I'liilnitvlpliia, ami continue with llit-m tin entire route, tlius avoiding delays and the liability ol lota briii^ ?c panted on the way. N. II.?Passeetcera forwarded to Pittiburs and rotlrville, every day, Sunday* excelled. H. STORKS, Akoui, alt 3m* 7 Waaliituttoli atreel. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITT8BVRO. SSI .ptuB BINOtl.OI S I, IN R:?=3t^a? The proprietor* of Binsrh*m*8 Transportation Line to Tiitsgive unties to the Merchiut* of New York, and ;?.!i other rsom inipiiiiKtotiiv U'eit, that thrir line i* now in notice iiumtinr U. >?<Ls consigned U) them (or sent to go iu their tit.,*,) will be lorwardrd with de?t?atrh. . Owners or shippers of goods, defined for the Western States, who have no egent or consignee at PitUb'uy, will i?lci?e rniuign their goods to William 3itt?hain, Pittsbnrg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without AH goods should he marked distinctly on oacn package IIINGHAM'S LINK. fur atea of freight, which are as low as any other l'ue, apply o. WM. TYSON, Agent. No. West street, opposite Pit r No, 2, N. 1L V. TV Pasyngcr* forwarded to PiUsbu g and Pott*vtlk'?,eiffry .1 y, Hpud".y* excepted. Uefer to H. Crooks, American Knr C>?. ; S. T. Nicoll, Kront street ; Phelps, Dods* ik Co., Fulton stiiet ; Suyd<ur Sage h. Co ; Wm. Rankin, Durvre la Co, Newark. mo Jm STATEN ISLAND FLIUtV. Foot of Whitehall afreet. Tm Hiamcii 8TATF.N I8LANDF.R and 8 AM SON will run ax follow*, until further notice Leave Statin lilmnl Leave New V irk. At 7'i o'clock a. M. At 8 o'clock k. M. " 9 " " " 9 io " io " " 12 " " " U " " " 1>4 " . m ' t " r. m. " 3 " " " " .. i>6 .. .. .. .. - # " " " G " " All (tondx ?nipp< <1 are reqnired to be particnlarly marked, a id xie it tin riik of the on m n rbereof. Je3 C u! position One for albanY ~ FARE WEDUCED!! Paaaur 50 rent*?lici t ha 50 centt, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. .fttCV** ,.t\ Tl'"' enmmodimii Str-.inboat WASH1NOifL , ' . T(I\. Captain J. M. Frown, liavi.ic made a" to chinne her naya of leaving New York, w ill hereafter leave the loot of Kohmton street. New York, every Mouday, W< dne.ilay, and Friday afternoon, at 3 o'clock, and Albany, every Tnrxdav, Thurxd.iy, and S? turd ay afternoon, at S o'clock, landim: on her tillage each way at thi foot of Hammond Urcct, Newburgli, Poughkeepxie, Kingston Point, Cattxkill and Hudson. For freight or raniaee. a; ;4v to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLI H MARTIN. No. IB! We?t itreet. mle aWn id OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY NEW YORK?Landing at the foot of "^ * *1'"";""*"< street, N?-wburgh, Poughkeepiie, Kingston Point, Catfikill and Hudson? Pass lye jO cents, berths .' i cents ?Tin sidendid steiiner WASHINGTON, Captain J. M. Brown, will h ave th" pier at the foot of Robinson itreet lor | Albany every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, f- Leave Albany, foot of Lydu? street, for New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at rj o'clock, P. M. For i'*?.A.u(c or freight apply on bo rd, or to I). R. Martin, 1U2 j WsII street. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth*! Warren street pier, NR. Ap| j !y ?... board Washingon, R ibinsnn :,t. )? ' EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DTP EC! , ! /aq. At tt>V( . o\ lock, P. M., from the it< tmboat , cfrrier between '"rwirtlaviHr and Liberty streets. nr ~ VG ?L The steamboat ROCHESTER, Ca|*. A. K St. John, leave* Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons, at ?"?en o'clock, P. Th" steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cvpt. L. \V. Craii ard. lettM the abet h r t \. i j I'm-. . 'I'll, iday and Saturday afternoon, at se veil o'clock. The abo* ' boat* arv new anil r.ubsf.uiMal are furnish- <1 with i' ? .ii* t He ?oras, uxl in every i j u inu > ... mm ng t'.??* Hudson River >t< uners. For jwusage or freight, apply on board, or to 1\ C. 8CHULTZ, At |he ollice on the wharf, or nti boa d. Pa** 'Ulcers taking tin* line of boat*, will at all time* arrive at Albany in time fur lit ? fn?t trail) of cars for the east ai.l west. icjlr i ii1 i "awMMWMwwMwsrwgMMwaw??i? tailoring. Of the utmost Importance HpO purchaser* of Marshall1* Troy Shiita, Rosnms and Col* - i rs. In ct i |n dci of the n in] mistakes bavuM inaib of late by stranger* and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt Depot, Wc are then lore obliged to mad" ntiblic the came for the b-lie tit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Ttoy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is this. A store has lately hail painted on their window, and about their premises, a sign purporting t-? be "Troy Shirt UeiKit.'' Now we inform all. tin y do nor keep our Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars, and as a guard against mistakes that may occur in future, on account of tnia new akpi at th co ler store, iliertiore, we - hill circulate extensively toe following card, and for the benefit of dealers ill ou r goods This is to inform dealers and others that Marthsll's only Troy Shirt Depot in the city is about sixteen doors from the coi ner of Pe n I and Chatham treets. on the right hind side in pasting to the Citv Hall? No. 'JO Cri itham street. This is our only Troy Shirt Depot for flic receiving of oar highly reputed Troy Shirt*, Bosoms and Collars in the city. We shall cause this to bi extensively circulated, iji ( msequ n of man) mir tikes Invine b*en mwb oflite. Bs j-ir icuUr to .? ? the name. MARSHALL'S, on the window gti*?;aI<o the following? MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. 90 Chatham street. No patronage asked of those who heat down. New \ork, June ?, Iftll. j*.) tin* * REMOVAL. " PIIILI.IP3' CASH TAILORING E3TABLI II ML NT, li reiRorrd from HJ Broadwiy to No. 7 A.'or Hou?,. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. I nt, m .t VI--ml .mil ...Suii'.l I. bit.. .- r . nf f><: per rent for c .Hh. A<lvrtti^T it uhim ct*M?ry lo rr?oi* t? tnr h ..;!? L 1,-vhI iVfirm of giving* li*? of -wwimmp rh*t the length of little he Hy been r?uoli-b??l. i?i<???.. i wnh th? exteiwive pitronft/e beito'votl on turn, .vi:t |um" * tun i tient vourhrr f?r hi* c*\ 'hilttrt. r<mr*.irfcf th ??. Mi *t;r ol eitig r of in . frii vt i'\ an ? x' s i\ cloth e-.v..?Ii'.in: <if *n r.*< ; ' 1?e f<*nftil?n'ly ? lint he r*n luniuh c.oihi* which. on ' ?rnpiriion. will W fouiul lower ?h-?n *uy oth*f houit* mat* in* or '\w h< *t ('"^rription* <>/idr- tiMiinen* <1 r? *... fi. PHI Li.! "S. ? A iU :\ . I MARTIN'S C*?!? Tailoring EHlnhtUlmifnt, fi P' mai rrt to 154 William aire,t, tni'nrr .if ?fnri tft'erf, 'pHEtnlmntifr, in annonueins thr aNiVf to 1.1 % frit ir! 1 and ' th* 1 nbllr in general, ultra Ira'rtn retn-n th-,r.U . for the | I,her I patronage lM?rowr>i on hi j,i, firmer place of bn?ine.a, and a??nrea them that ry a.ticl. ordered ol him "hall. ? ttrielofore, be e.-t, made, *ni( trimmed in th* iwalfil ?n<l ino?t ity!i*h marine. I he. ni tt^riils. the iwrrest tndbdit in the marker ami it t po.iti\e wing ol 30 rer cnL Strmueri are requested to cal uw examine. Oenth men who I /*f r porchnine tlmirown cloth, fce.. on h i** thrm mail* and trimmed in th* style haa siren aue'i teuural aatislartton ihiriiu the laat four yearn. Kerry garment i' irrant >d to fit, and madr by th* h*.*t Workmen at the follow ng prieri, > ir..*? llrtn CetU ?7 nit to $(t Ktoek Coat* - I M m | y| Panta ami Vent* I ' > to > no _ Over Coata Htl to It <n " Noaaimnita read-, in idr?all made to order, and a ?nit rin lierl, if m reaiary, ill !l h a .. I mil lire.: *:HinKl. K. MARTIN ?-T??>Tf IB???I???? w y o STEW YORK. SUNDAY M WATERING PJ.ACEST&a | SHARON SPRINGR PliK PA V'LLION.?Tliia n? w commodious lintel will W csh-ii l?>r tlu* < !* \ itfitor* <ui 4iul after the iii?t of Iuii#* n.*it. .it tlie Vill of Sharon Spiing*, Schoharie County, Mew Yoru. Tiit* ch*ar pure w*t? r of rhe sprintf*v greatly resembling lit *?? of tin* white ?u!| Iinr springs ol V irgini i, have hr? :i TUVt'U IO ne lllgfliy ClllCaciOUS in liheUtlia'.IC, tUUlinni'ij li .11 ion4 and Dysjw ptic complaints: and in the cure of SaHiiitum, scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general ucbilitv, ind in many other rcsiiccU, |?o*&ess (a? certified by mine of the most eminent mcdUai professors in the United States) medicinal and healiug pro|>erlies iituurparsed, aud believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the ridea in the vicinity, numerous villages, it ensile \ icwi, neighboring eaves ami romantic scenery are irnnuff the many attraction* ottered to these socking in the heat of suimm r, either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride froi.i Saroto^a, Troy, Ui?auy, kc., and are accessible from Canajoharie on the Albany ami Utica railroad, wher carriages daily await the arrival of tlii? morning cars from Schenectady and Utica, to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-live miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of ih .iiiiurral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An ibuudance of the purest mountain spring Icc is stored fcr the stas.m. UOBT. HAMILTON. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This ,1b >1 will be open d at thenhov. village of Slu. on Sj?riuu>, for the reception ol r?*ior*, and coinInuiu;; r.II tint advantages of tins delightful summer i <idt*ii*e. a20 I<i\v2un ?r WILLIAM E. JONES. CATSKILL"MOUN"PAUN 111?DOfci," AT THK ri.\? ORCHARD.?lilt. r"PlTIS romantic an ! fashionable resort will he conducted dur' ijig tli< present seasou under the direction and suimminUndance of th su'?sC' |1kt. I' his, undergone a complete and di,noiv.ii repair, and is now open for the reception of visitors. No vifi?rt w ill l?t pared to ina'ntaiu the deseivcdly highchatactci which it liu h? r tofore acquired. As h o tof re, its tab' > will be fw roalied with every delicacy hat the New York nnrU? t can afford; aud every possible ntleiitio i rii it c in promote tl com enlei cy anil enjoyment of its patrons w ill be promptlv bestowtd. The road leading to this esuhlidunent and*-. ," > ! illy that part of it ou the mountain, ha* been reii'b : d perfectly smooth and safe. Me*?r.. A. 1 . B ach it Co.'s en lien* line of stage* will nin nahe.cioforv regit Lily between the landing and the Mountain lb use, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June 13th, 1312. jelt inr mLAOHANtlE HOTEL, Uull\, Kerry, New Jyn?e>. 1 his itis st delightfully romanticsummer retreat is in full readiness, well stocked with Iruit and flower*, and above all a line kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with ehoh e wines anil liquors, ale a id porter. Also, segars of the first quality, John I'ouson, the proprietor,sincerely returns his g atcful thinks to hi; trhnils, and tip public in for their liberal picrouige for the Inst nine years. The H. liiriful Boston, Captain T. Y, Bibcock, leaves foot of 0**nal sfrci t four times a day. The public en rest assured that they wi4l not he disappointed s heretofore, tl?? owners of the bviat arc determined to regularly as .ulv earned;, for further particulars sou the Bun. Gentlemen can he accouitm dated with the best of board and lodging at file dollars per week, and have their dinner at ichat hour they please, except Sunday, always at I o'clock, Jt\ advantage and pleasure to \ isit the above nbci* and try the tarpet ground and Pousnu'* go<?d dinners. His prices are according to the times. J. Pousou i* always ?t home,and v ill Ik- l?aj^ py to see lii.% friesir s and visifoig. ,jel2 I in * r r|MiK HAM I LTON, HOU&E.?This euabll^UMM ts now J- oi>cn for the reception ol company. It has been thoroughly renovated and furnished a ew, m?on a sctle of liberality com* mensurale with the demands of the } siMir. Th department rtl the cuisine has been placed under th chtr/e of i capable and t xperienced artLt, who will la? k no supplies that the inirk'-t* can afford. To those unacquainted with th? location of the Hamilton House, it ir only neccss&ry to suy, that it i? situated ?t the ocean entrance to the Nai >?s. from eight to ten miles from the city, on the hit!p western biulF of Loir/ hUttd, coin in uidinir a noble view of the I >w? r bay and the A11 ;utm and I mdwsrd, the hi hly cultivated and ferf 1" shores of Stati i and Long Lkmd, and the harbored* New \ork. Nothing can ex ceea the heauly ofthe piosiHfel in every direction. The salubrious air at all jwaioda of tlnmity, the eaa] access hy stage snd steamboat, and the m>usL 1 life and rt tin-incut of tin* *pot. render this rsrablishinent second to none v. iihin a hundred miles of New York. The apartments arc co;nmo li"ts tid nii y, aud their accommodations in marked contrast with 'I o>e of similar houses hen to fore in the vie nitv of the" city. '1 lie riles in the neighborhood, the lLhipg grounds, billiard rooms, leu-pin alley j, and other#aeccsories of recrca/ioii, b are little, it <i bt liered, to br wished for by any gtit?u Families desirous of securing rooms for fin* season w oul I do well to make early application to the prop/ieto/, j?7 imr :> ATI! HOI I ONO IHLAND.?This 1 a . , . D known bo ikuii^ and sea lurking e=l ihiislitrieiit. ha\ in/ recently undergone iiiunrrcais improvements, .au ?ng w hich i th" erection of s-v-ral e!-gm: summer hosu*? upon the m*; in i t iC c< ai?, is now open for the reception ?f <oin;ian: during the .- ason The g.oat xteiif of pnv*t< beach on thi.i shore?ih" 1 rfc< t it curity in b-thing, ev u lor U'iics and childnn. (?lu houses being within a stone's throw of the m * usi u.)? l ?e -in !y, cool and d? lightfnl locti grove adjoin in;; the hou ~ih ph'iMiit rides in the surrntiud ig qiumtr;?the excellent I hiit/grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and oni'.aenienf?tin beautiful vi-w of the Ail tuic ocean and the b-wer bay, almost constantly enlivenedby numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in e? ry respect unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommoflati.nis f auifii , . lit- .ouiiii air j aiii uir iriiij;rrtuiri*, rVM III lll?* n-irmett #1?v? of summer, anything but oppressive. 'l hc convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine miles Lorn Brooklyn.) the access bv stages at hours accommodated t" busin i render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of busir. t5 in New York. jcl22*4i*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. OUARON sriUNOS rXVlIXlON, SChOHAiile. t o. k ' Fourth of July.?Tito Ornti.1 Olieniiu; H<ll I'm |V, Si amii, v ill Ukr place on thf eveiiinu of the till July, at the Sharon Spriu** Pnt ilionl which ir now o,*n for tin* rrrrj.tiou of \ nit ,m. No pain* will be soared to render the entertainment eereenb'c. G. W. 1J. GEDNKY. jc24 t2rlj y""'"""i"xrr( ri:. GEORGE W. DAWSON, f Wholesale and Rrtatl Ftrniture aiul General Furnvshing WarehouMe9 No. 67 Chatham street, rorner of Dunne street, New York. ATT HERE he keeps for sale a tnryc assortment of the follow '* ins articles.'vis.:*. Bureau., Bedste.t'ls, Lots, T hies, Chain, O.Tict and Portable Desks. Glass ('as* s. Book (';???, Looking (Jlaases, Dining. Centre. 'I ea and Pier Tables, Pianos, Sofas, Sola Bedsteads, Beds, Bedding. Palea'ten, Mattr, Curvets, Oil ('loth. Matting and fire Irons, Wash Stands, Toilet Tables, t/BuUie, Bureau Bedsteads Ore-sing Bureaus, Sifes, Ac. Also, s Urge assortment of men and women's Wearing .App.reL new and second handed. All the shore articles are offered to the public al eery I ?w prices. I'ersous in want of said articles Would find it to their adviutage to make au early call at the above estiblishim-nt. Shipping orders punctually Attended to and lacked en the shortest nonce, ana on reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, Uc. for fif' itif out nncli, constantly ?u hand. A!! ord' is to the iliou- establishment trill be pH.icta.ill/ attended 'o ami thankfully reeeir* d. N. B.?The highest prices will he eiveto for Second llind furniture, aud Cientl men's and Ladies' cast ill* Clothing. a 22 6:n*r ___ BATH BUILDINGS, tfORMEHLY HENSHAW'S. at Long Branch.?This rt1 tensive aud delightful Ses Baihin EstahP ditnent wiM be ojieiied bv the Mi'racrih r on the 17th June, iu-itil. IL* be us leaprctfiillv t- i??f?rm it? form"r pnirons and the j ublir, tout >i< ids ib) ittoo id salts I m i rem mforts ha* ti ti.-. n p>ad' sin e la?l year, aud v>?il be in com, lete readiness for the if accomm* 1 ifi'.u. Wishing to be a^ reasonable as the times will iff ?rd, the board w ill be seven dolls . i*t w- rk it last year, instead of ten dol* I irs as formerly. ('hildreD ??l * certain age ml servant. half pries*. Horses full ieu, $1,50. !? hoj . ? he mayiy without i inputsI inil, that his tab|< ind ac.' ?niui >datioiu will ti- equiT to any ou L ug Branch. Young peo|>le not.eq Hiring too much room,will fin) ic<. jinmodaluik it r;ns. j *>tin?r JAMES GREEN. DRV GOODS. . STRAW GOODS. 'P BENNETT, importer and mniitTiciurrrof Itftlian and * English Striw Goods, rr-<;>ectlull> :nl *ns In* customers that h 'ns removed hi* establishment from Vj William and 2f? Piatt, to i) John street, whore he ornithines to keep a splendid ami extensive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw (iamli, French at* I English Dim..* vl>! ?, ltiliati R ttlftiids, line Tu*ears, Fancy Shell works. I'l inc Albert Striw.x, Stc.jtc. Also, an emirrly ucw article, tin* White Siberian Hair Bonn*t. for th* Miminc,*?it surpasses all the style-* *:> yet intra dnc?d, lieinic. atreinely light, b? autiful, while and durable, i i 1 nn m _ TO THE LADIES. 17ASIIIONABLE MILLINKHV GOODS.-The prnpriti t -el, Min S KINO, daughter of the celebrated (Nr) Kins', nfTVrx for sale a most select and choice axsnrtmmf of .Millinery < - . . t . ... , ing trade, never m yet | ewnted to C)m pile |i , both a* re'T ir?l the quality and cho vnca* of the articles The as sort m< or eons'x tx of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLEl> < M'OTTF D'OR LEANS, .?h worn by Li Doch'xse H'Orie&iis, of Franee , SIIKD SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL

STYLE??And Lawn Hats do do? An ?n.ire n? w style o I Lit* called 41 MO DINE CAPOTTRS. EESSLER COTTAGE.*1 Parisian xnd English FANCY STRAWS, of fh* finctttcf* tur . in u'Teat * aricty. The Pro;?rb fte*n reapectfnlly solicits the 1 ulies to fivorher e ith acall, an l examine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for theins' ' \ < ?, b rore they purrh i^e elsewhere, as ir will fie a great siviog to ihei.i in f?rir? and a gmta !vantage .as ieg ^rda the vsnety and quality of the go.. ! . MISS S. KING, Mag./ined. Modes, jt>nimir Gv . dxxsv. ' rn LXn'lEB.-TW; .TP xPHVI-T,' .. . ^. ' ,n> lit tor ma I the Ladies of N w*York and vicinitv, t'.it 1 com inn* x i work of V h I'l' 'in ,K!?"ing in I 1 | ig ?; ... ;0J Ehiri.l-e x' p* t, (on the (in. f. i. I N?*o-Vork. N. IL Ordei * receive il and cx? ? uv?i with ne.itf, y? and at tin horte?r n <?rlr?. Also. CoiIim for snle, _ji 21 lm'r X-a DRESS .oo ry?-LATEST I ilEtVCfl easS-wlJ ST YI. E' of the a on, f th fhn I qui lity <>i . n< h ( lif io. ? in In h t - and ?l verv r?Mj Mild" rrices.-? Ofiilli i li-ii wim hi?? I'f-a iii tlx* ht'*it of D'.yinr ratiunnrant , ri. r? for ibfrrint ?< t?l?* in- .r*|ur?u<l In ruft ami tx* rmiTinr<-il ihai liia prlcl fmwlia to tweli'v i?*r reul brlow othrr I * in ?!i? luuhbnttvml Or?t?iiu* p. 11 is talo-n (if tiir ti-rt, i:id a i?tir ?f h?t? ln*i> Iit <"'!i rii'i'umr, tnere is no difficulty ii victimi * SiiHi?<inii v i ' ? ' fl'. I ?11 i ,.rl, i ' !. >'?!? ,f of (V,riir,nnM?* r?* nly ?n I. n *.* ...t ,ii.. ?, , , 111>111 T A'O DOLLARS KIKTF I KNT? rCJ l)OI I VI'S; l!#lf B. la. (im. r?, Slim n, ftnioi 8npr-<-'?. fcr.ft . : .?!!> !i?w JOHN I,. WATKIS h, ill Fulton (., <| Vu* Iti lwif i Na?*.ni lii l I)nich ?t?. NOHKTTKH i'hr?t., 'ifid B'*"t md Si,or? eh* <|i, *" ' * ;,r' '' in N< ? Vnil; ih'ic i< an |i|.. ?. i ;i '*1 *.? it I In < lintmi Bo t nil 1 Hmxi M irln*',2ni C, mil ?fi I, ,i nh i -iAt mri.rrt lla'iiMtlnyt Thnia wlio hayi* iri ' i| i r t > I" -''i i 111V aui-'id tint lhi? in a fart min it i-irinlil i -. Ail if*"-'* * lio rn*y not liavr lui-il inn Imr.t. i.'*, i-.ii.utrr .illi'.iidi to 111' ir ndv oti*e U> mui lU trial A. KNOX A CO, N. B. ' .nti'ry w r, >r hy tl.r par* a, ,.t d/tarn " IS lm*r VI At lil \K i:I, \ t> .'1 - ' HI* l.v vl I ! . 'lilt IK S, i.| l.iU rt* t RK i ORNINGy JUNE 2<>, 184: BOOKS AND STATIONERY' ' \ N 1NTEUK8TINO WORK ON THE 1 * II . Y , , .1 i? : i., i t, ii ,r. v .-... ,.i . -r. . ,,>....1. 'I'm . kvv. Greeee, Egypt Arabia, I < me t, t? the HoiyLiiul, in< hiding a Visit t?? Athens, Sparta, Grand Cairn,Constant iuople. Thebes, ll?c Red St 1. Mount Sinai, Perr i, flic Edom of Scrip'ure, fcic , by K. J<?v Morris, in 2 volumes 12 wo., with plates. OPINIONS ifV T11K I'HKSS. We commeud it to the public a* a sterling woik of travel.? U. 8. (iiM'ttt*. Five til.or h as contrived to give to hi* descriptions of pi ces, scenery, and events, a spirit of freshness and vraisemblance, hat canuot be too much admired.?Spirit of the Titoes. We doubt not but these two interesting volumes will be t \ x ly* sought for by the public.?New World. Tin* work is precisely such an one ;is a man is glad to take up when he desirt s information Ui?ou tin: subject of which it t,i"e*u?.?Brother Jonathan. A. very pleasant, unpretending account of rambles through regions ibout which cv< ry intelligent mindd' or?? information, and it is furnished in a st>le which every one will hud agreeable. ?IVnnsyU'inian. There i? n- t i page in the work tlut is not interesting and instructive.?IM. J airtinl. We think this book destined to become extensively popular, an ! we cordially* join with our brethren of the press in cornmending it to popular favor.?Dailv Chronicle. For sale by WILKV PUTNAM, j?4 1w?r NT?w V?r A Fills T IvATF lNVKsTMKNT.?To be abhlai p.ivate -- a sale, a ctioK v. Cinct latino lihiiahy, consisting of 2000 volumes, ais >rted arranged, including Histories, Biographies, V.i\ . , .tin) Travels, See. Any young mm ihjssc -.sii.g a capital of $100 or $r)0f>, can buy tb*<e bo \s dirt cheap, and double his money in one year. For particular* eiejini of Thomas Bell, Auctioneer, Ann street, and Mr. Filth Librarian, I'M Nassau street, of whom catalogues can bt* obtained for inspection, and the books seen. je?^ luc VKW <il IT A K MUSIC?GEORGE H. 0EKWORT, ks professor of the guitar, S'c. 1-9 Can i! street opjiositt the St. John's chore.u, hta the honor to acquaint liis fueiuL and iht public that he h?u published a vari? t> of new and popul o innJc, arr e :;cd with ?u ?y accompat neiits for guitar. Mr. D. will aUc arrange and compose music for oichcair<*, guitar, other instruments, Hiid give iusfrwti<?ns to aimtem.s oil f!? piano ThUx* an i "'din. myt 6Hr*C "B 0 0K BrN~DJWG~ pateii H ULIN't. TT IRELAND, No. 12tl Nassau .strs cf, having an entire u?-w stork of Binding Tophi and Ruling Machinery, ol the late-t and most approved pattern . is now prepared to execute all onh rs in the most durable and handsome manner. M Tchants Acer >unt Books and all other kinds of Blank work ruled and bound to any patterns, and in a style that is wsriatjled ro give siUxficti ?n. Any work ordered can Ik* done iu*ih* lisn mode if required, a.; II. I. ha* had long experience in both methods. FOR SALE?Two second hand Copperplate Presses. Apply as above. in I8 1m I7NGRA\ INC B\ THE OMNI GRAPH MACHINE ? BURR, JONES ii (JO., 102 Broadway, comer of John treet, N.Y.,are prepared to rtigrarc all kiuus of Maps, Charts, Flans and Surveys, or any work of that claw, in the most beau* tiful style, wiih unparalleled expedition, and at prices far be low those cliarjjed for similar work executed by hand en .ravine?'ho cost of line steel or copper plates not exceeding Lithograjdiic work. N. B.?Specimens of the work done by the Omni graph cau bv esamincd at rhe office in Broadway* m22 hnr HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS !! OROWN St CO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and rr? IJ tail, 17^ Ciiathain_ Square, corner of Molt street, where fishion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adcrn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved snort napped Hat, a new st> !e, the imitaliou of heaverr, which so closely resembles that of all fur? the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dohar*. We strictly adhere to the one iirice <;ash v, >iem, which enable.*. us to faruuh a very superior Hat for the price charged. In nreietiitng these Hats to the public the proprief us think they liave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* A N IMPORTANT QUESTION is here presented lor the - A trriuus rcilectioti of the purchasers of Hats. Is it consisfeiitwith frn. economy or common sens** to pay five dollars for : a Reiver (hi, when the same article cm he bon&rbt at 5 Wall < . ieer, (between Bi-md and New streets) forKOUll DOLLARS ! This is no deceptive a'vertion. A single tii il, or a in* re ins pec lion, wijl situly the most skeptical that the Beaver fit now oir. red i. far from h ii.g the inferior article often -old |oi lesithsn five doll.. . T:. ficr iit'nt the article now offer* 1 i i e? ;. ? ?!ly notcijualled, and in no iiu .uKv surpa >s< d even at | rice. It is in consequence of a r. dm lion in the price of the raw mat t i!, tog l'nr with the economical policy of this t e tahli oime-lit?and I he prcpriel tug wing |h-r?*>n^lly in the oi'.i t rt?that tin pr ?eiit y e. t inducements are offered, Mich *s were never offered before. WARBURTON & WEBB, je'Oliu r llit.efS..') Wall street. JEWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWEI.fiY] VERY LOW. IMIE ?*:ibfcriber is ??Uirmr all JeasuriptiscH >1 'Ja! j u J Silver l C7o!?l and Silver Pencil*, lie j I f miu, Keys, fir,. at retail, Kiwcr thau it anv other rfrc# it: city.? < Jo Id Watches at low a* thirty to forty <1 ^ 11/is rref. Watches a id Jewelry exchanged or oou?l?t. All iVHsIicj at# warranted to keep good lime. or the money nhwerd. Vt iffh? i and (Jock* n.r'irrd iv. ?ke bet! ronui-r, md mziill 2eJ. it much lets than the nuuri i.rfiM .iy c?: <3 Ithe tinrif wr.ncitcn in the city. G. C. AJ-LF.N, rnn?rt#r of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale itwi retail, 30 \V*I1 street, up stairs, nil ltn* m WAT( HE8 AND JEWF.LR1 VERY LOW^-The ?ib** scrib r i* selling all descriptions,of gold ami silver Watches, gold anil silver {ifiu'ih, gold chains, k?-vs, !*.? ., nt re* tat!, lowei th m st any other place in the city, child WatcWis as low as 25 to 30 dollar* each. Watches and Jewelry etch in* Kcri or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Wat cite* and Clocks repined in the best manner, and warranted, at much less th hi the Him tl nrieta, by one of tlw finest workmen in the city. (J. ALLEN, Jmporter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and refa I, 10 Wall street, up atair*. jel9 1m*ic 'Pit JEWELLERS. VII MATURE EAiNTEilH. *c? J- ('. It J. HARTNETT. No. 2 Cnurtlandt str' er, near Broadway, Wholesale and lletiil Manufacturers of Travelling, Writing, Dressing and J? we! cases, miniature cave*, and setting , dute, locket, witch, riot;, and pin cases; cases for silver plate, ti' itly arranged to order. Also, frays made and lilt* 1 to Jewellers' sliow eases, to contain watches, chains, rin. s keys, pins, tkiinblcs, pcucils, file. &e. Ike. A varietyof the above artieles constantly on hand, and made to order, with and despatch. No. 2 Court I and t street, New York. m2l !m#c REMOVED.?lUt-A I llE WALTER, igetli and partner of the house of Beryer Walter, the only manufactory of Watrk Glasses in France, No. 27 Paridis Potssonnh re street, Paris. I has the honor ?>f nforinimj Msari. dealers in watch works, end I all articles connected with the line, at also .\l?sr*. dealers in <mt I glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut ghus, gill r-nd colored, fancy article#, &c. he lie., has lately been re moved from No 40 Maiden Lane, to] No. 90 William street. Gentlemen desirous of purchasing fiom the only depot of the factory, arc : cctiully invited to call r.t rstabvthT?!^*, v lie re wilt be found *n unrivalled assortment of flic above rr?er. honed goods, w iiich will be ?!:sjk>?? d of on the inost reasonable ti rtna. mi 2m #r "notices. pOMPTAOLLER'S SALE OF STATE STOCK*.? ' ' State of N'-w-Y >rk,'*'?? Mitrolli-'s OlF/ce-?Tin- Aihyiny (' * Bank. Hid the p.?uk nf Olern, having fatted topayfhmr circulat .ng tio:?? upou demand at their respective hanking hofl* , d iIm act 1 led ' An act to !<ii iirh of hsnl ' nr. ' |HM( J !3ih A'?ril, or to redeem the s ?m at their ?evt r*l agt-nrie ; in llie ? ui s of N w Y k or \|Inuy. as required by the act entitled ' A i act re1 itint t?> the ied. , j t'ori >f bmiK notes." parsed 4th M.ty, 1110?Notice i* therefore h -rehy piv?that the Stab St ?cks held by 'lie < omptroll-r as security lor the circnl .lir ; notes of hanks ir so much thereof as t ?hal! 1m deemed , vpedient to sell, will he ? Itl ii (lie Merclmul'* Earhai ye in the city of New York, 011 S11 ii'dii tin- 2d July twit, it It n'clock, M? to wit : For tnc A'leganj County dank?Stock m count. 3 cer'ilicitc . Indian i j r> r et. (Intern il improvement) nock, |*y I It July I Kit, tor $I?M ei-li, Stock and Real Estate accoaiit. icerlillcat-s Indiana i |wr cr ut. (intern. I improvement) nr. .el , pay. Ut July, IK3, for $|(>0<J each, $3<MA S't.ttn New York 5 per ci tit (Erie enlargement) ?tock, |.iy. !833. $>0011 For the Bink of .ir-runt, tci. iff ate Indiana 3 |nr ct. (In'rrnil improvement) .lock, imy.NtJtp] IM?Mf $>nott ft iMoNew York i per crnt. (Erie enlargement) stock, pay. Ift'A, , ?IC0ft Stock and Real Estate account. $.20,000 Nt w V' tk j |irr cent (Erie enlargement) itoclt, payable 1833, $!0 00<t 2 cmifieatci Illiulis C |? r eent. Illinois and Michigan canal stock, p 101,(1, for $1 K)(l ef li, $2090 10 certificates Illinois (J iiercent. int' improvement stock, ivn |.t J.ti. IST0, for $1900 ca -h, $|n, 100 Also, <i ccnirttyatea of Arkansas 6 tier 'cut. Real Estate Bank Stock, heretofore advertised on account of the St. Lawrence Bank, $15,Wi T)iteil at Albany, the 16th June, 1812. jWtoJvir A. C. KI.AGO, Comptroller, rrtci o? i III Ai HI KM -V Ho III 11 I n II. II. Co. 2 ( in -il I tieita, June (942- 1 A Semi Annual Dividend of Five p. r Cent wijl he isaid on the Capital S'ock of this Company on the (lay of July nevt. Shareholders whose Stock it registered in the City Trinsfer Hooks ..I this Company, will receive piyin. nl at the I! ink of the Stat" of New York, in the City of N. w Fork; and those whos" Stock is not registered in the City will he paid their Dividend at this Olice. By order of the President and Directors, j,-v n\ ;r t||\s. SF,Y*MOCR, Treasnrar. KTPTICE TO ( I.V.KhS and nil other pmaorta < lio?< Initl A. 4 i is causes tliein to he eons'' ally on thi ir leet.?By calling at the "Id cxelnaiei Boot Store, III t 'hithim-str ct, they can In- acaoinm idated svitli theinvalnaldc art1 le, ROGERS' META l.ltt ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, wariaiiled ill I rery partieula,, and it the asm price of the ordinary Boot. The fo| I winy arc nin- fthe many advantage! the Elastic II. Iihavc os..-r ev iv i tiier kind : First?The I illicit; adda greatly to the durability of the Boot, Secondly?They mak- no nsuse in waBtint tipon the pave me nl. Thirdly?Thcv prevent B ot* from mnnitis down to the hoi. h urthly?They enable tlx wearer to walk with much Ir s k 11t .iy?Tliey do not cut or tear carpets as do iron or naded , , ,e. . ... _._e. I f'tii.n?t ney cm oc imm tvnn cmitiurt u, ...... ......... teii,i?r feet. Ai tara., enn.tiiuly I all kiiida of Boot* at wholi ?..!* w r-tail at nianufactnrer'* price*. P >NKUr;'T',V-SA.MI I I. (I'A K-.. ' I 1 I. . w. I' hot r.'TiiMi.; to 67 Ntaa.n it reel. th> crwr . f John, w|irr?t he in ly lie eoinulted. ? all mtltrr< in Bankruptcy. I rr IVfOTT'S >A 51 POUTABLF RNVli 'MV iih Boiler, lilmirtbly til i.tnlfnr tv uhiutf, call b? placed in tli.- (|re.;i| rr, th? .r.-a. or the t iril. Pa' in A jricn'toriita, Ktnnr- and Canhlrnn, In aiieaof 15, *?, 1A, V), M, an, ion, I2D. ?nit IMI. Tlic?e furnace* only a 11. Ce III 14).,. 1,1 lie n.ein for ate. Nil article ht*?irr aiaen 6 6 I -r aatufa lion In thivn tar It) era who hate naeil them. Pai-nt Hirrl Co il Knniare, t new irtirle for ?iimir,er n . - will mil. a i t li"'|, ?tovr (or winter. I'm i, I III,. O. I *.ar >al Kiirnt.-e, from new letttriiM, mni h tjirnae I Tlice ire lined will) lire hri k. Alt a t. ry low I |.|.. e I In.-na tt.ilkiNt litaitac;. I (.'iambi" ' i and KiulSainy '..ok "Stav,.*, at letnr.i r eri? Tim mninstin it flir onli I. rilim.tte .int lliai r..n iiei? dte aieamt anil i?e|l from ikr kitchen, fhey Hf qttaily I ? > I iji*eit rVar ii.nmer v in", r. D'.iler* 'i <1 on '! 'em a I. I.. Mfi'l T, j' I Im *?* 261 Water and l'i Cow. rr. .11 . 2 Venezuela. [('orrc>iHJli(lcur>- oi thr Herald.] Caracas, .^iiy'21), 1812. Ho!ipar'sUrrn lint?31 n' >ter o/ Galcit:/Hu t -Sin :-u mi mm i i>f ji'm/'.i i rnmii. James Gordon Bennett, Kstj.:? Mv I>eak Friend :? Since my last letter, tit;; Congress of Vinczuela has l> used a law stating that the remains of Bolivar shall he wilt for and brought to his land of birth; you are aware of, 1 sujipose, thai this great man died and was buried at Santa Martha (Newt ireimda.) Three Commissioners will be writ to the spot to receive the remains and accompany them; they are?General Mariano Mor.tilla, the old General Manjuesdel Turn, and Doctor Jos? Maria Vargas, his second testamentary trustee; they will start from La Guayra the first of N( veniber next. The French Charge d'Affairs us soon us the law passed, offered a French frigate to proceed to Santa Martha and take the peiuains of the "L'hertador." His offer wa received wiiii t'.ic almost gratitude, hut the Goverameiit had (h eided that a national vessel of war should perform that duty, an I i;i communicating this arrangement, answered the French Charge d'Affairs that \ -nezuela would si e with the utmost g itification and pleasure, thut th" flag which covered the rests of the great NapoDon to his native land, should u!;-o join ami acciiiap uy the Kepublic's flag on (he great occasion of the return of the rests of the great Bob- tr to his native country. The French Charge d'Affairs, Mr. David, has written in consequence to his gov eminent: o ns to get a vessel of war here for the first of November, and the Government and (icoplc of Venezuela are preparing for the great occurence, which will take place in Caracas at the latter part of December of this year. The law passed Congress without discussion and the votes were unanimous. ilu-.., ,lu, j il... ..;< ...... illuminated. Thus justice is rendered at last to Bolivar after many years of passionate injustice and ingratitude to himself und to his memory. He was a great man; his mind was the most elevated und the liu st active; he never was abated in the greatest misfortunes, nor inactive when victorious, lie never had a t ent nor a pair of breeches of his own, he would divide between his companions and friends his last cent, and although he received immense sums front Peru and Bolivia, lie left only but a small private fortune?his generosity was that of a prince, 1 mean a prince of the good ol.l times,or like Nupoleon, for the princes of the present time arc more like shavers than any thing else. Bolivar, in fact, died like Napoleon, lull of love of his country, and praying constantly for its wellare, and full of afiliction lor the injustices experienced from his countrymen. Asl have told you, I am collecting all about this extraordinary great man, and you shall have soon another letter from A dreadful aet took place lately in the Province of t i'iayana belonging to this It epublic, in the city of Barcelona. < enerul ilores, the t inventor, was shot in his parlor, through one of the street window.?, by a t assassin whilst conveising with the old Bishop of Tricala. lie was lired at with a hubwk, r-cetved two shots on his leftside and had ul.o his left arm smashed; medical and surgical attendance w is given to him and amputation el tin arm performed, but he died the next morning at ten o'clock. The murder took place at naif-past eight o'cock the previous evening The general was a smart and exemplary man. very much regret ted by his friends. Two thousand p'r>on.< attended the funeral. lie was very strict in the iieiforiuances of hut duties; by his energy und intelligence restored the financial state of the Province of Gktavann. which wu abandoned for manv years before to contrabandists, and the Province which had to recivc a supply of funds for its su|>pirt, has arrived under his activity to dispense from that supply,and gives u balance to the Central Treasury of the Republic. It is reported that General Heres, who has left an amiable nnd large family, knew his murderer and told his name to his uHlioted wife, begging of her not to disclose it, and pardoning the horrid, assassin. Many attribute the uct to private vengeance, others to political parties, and I think it best and proper to wait inquiries ofjustice, the government having taken an active course to lind out the ussuseiit. The shocking event left the whole country in a great state of excitement, every one wishing the revenge of law, and disposed to help the government in the fulfilment of this great duty. Guayana was divided into two great pojitical parties, excited by the approaching election of a new president. General Heres represented one of the pirties, and his enemies the other. The < reneral was linn, and full of energy in his acts, and this created many enemies to him from those who were not accustomed to obey the laws of the republic. With those he had no mercy, and his natural military temper did not permit linn to bend in any circumstances; an I less when he was attacked by the press opposed to him and to his honorable course of having the laws obeyed and respected. His enemies, 1 believe,could not reproach hint for anv other thing, for hi< integrity niul honor were well known. The excitement produced at Barcelona by the murder committed, determined the executive to s, nd some iroops to the spot, under the brave and firm old General I'rdttneta ; but the Genera! refused the troops and started alone, and as nothing more but an excitement and a division of parties had t:*k?*n is believed that General Crdaneta's energy1, talent, prudence and bravery, will soon i'store |ieare irid confidence. This has been a new occasion to show the strong tie ire and love of tranpnilhfvundi>eace which aniinaVsthe nrtual population of Venezuela ; and I believe that cve-y thing will goon <pn< tly again. Anothct strange occurrence i<> k place in this city, ou the night of the 2!tth of .March lust. Mr. Joseph Cabrera, a very rich man of about forty years, educated iti the i. imea M il' .-, nut a crenie <>f thin place, soil of" the late and eminent f>r. Cubreni was fonn.l dead in his room, lying on n smill piece of matting alongside of his bed, n!i nuked, and hi-* body, in sonic parts of it, scratched and bruised ; some marks about and under hi* kme.s resembling those of a strong . onipreHsion made liy the fingers of a powerful hand : lit* breast and fao<strongly injected, as if lie had died from suffocation through till-* hands of assassins. A jury of physicians was e,died: they could not find out, externally, any sufficient indications that would admit a proof of having been murdered. The autopsy was ordered?the brain was found strongly injected, hut no lesions, only a strong congest ion?the lungs were a little dark hltie, but not sufficiently to prove an evidence?all the internal organs perfectly sound. A careful examination of the heart was going <>n, but a young milk sop physician imprudently and hastily cut the pulmonary arteries and vein.*; the blood from the cavities <>f the heart was spilt, although thick, black anil liquid, die examination of the right ventricle, and the mianitv it contained, became impossible, to such a degree, us to permit n positive judgment of the cause of death. The physicians declared that tin* death of the indi vidua! might have been piodured by sullcncHtion, through asiwi.-ins, <>i naturally, liy visitation oftiod. Neither the neck, throat, or nose presented mntks or violence, hut still the circumstances left a strong indecision ofthe exact cause of death in this m?n. It is well known that William I'urke and his accomplices, woo were executed in Scotland sonic yearsngo. had for many years killed daily from five iot -n individuals, selling the bodies to the auatoniieai schools for dissection. 1 luring five years that I this shocking trade la?te?i, not one of the great pr<|- , I-ssors, nor any of die numerous students, ever mi* j pvted the cause of death of the hod'e" th'*V were j cutting to pieces, thcr** wn? never found hov oilier apparent ciuschnt thn.e of un'< rdiurv asp|ivxi??, i without ativ external marks. They nseijth Italian niT-K, m ide of tin or iron, and fined 'aside with very soft cushions, descending round the neck, al c lined with cushions. A pring wou'd fasten the niaak w hen appli. d. and ihe individual left alone on the floor, dentil would eo*n follow, us the breatlv ing w is thus prevented. Previously they would p<it i I-- iii'iiviuiini 11 ii oi inmxicniion. ny souif 'trun? spirits. It h generally supposed that rf>"f Cibrern h< i murdered in'a similar way. Tlif criminal eonrt has been making active exertions to And out the truth, and the secretary of the conn j fold nie that all eh: members of the tribunal wrr tonvinc yl, morally, that the tnanhad been in'Tiletj I, but till now no material and positive pro' >" een detected. Cabrera hid an iron eh est m his oin. containing thirty thousand dnlJnry in Fr d. but ie che?t had nsecret only known to hini and ti. a i rman merchant who hud *>M itfo h'nt it could lot he op*ned by the a em suae- but it is believed l?y I! that knew him, ilia' a very law. Mini of money , 11 ind-,wei , m.l "in lift vdwal.les, liavf ... 1- ? m I * t"""'1 '?1 the till'" ey i OCk i D |?Osi!ICfc8 .-ll" v rp!.,i iiuu jewels of great valu.-. iiii fulher, who wus ,i v -ry clow nuin, had be (rem the cini^rauls of iliis continent, at the tinw of the Spanish war, and at ( urracou,where he practiced medicine with great eucce.-w, and where they all emigrated dincet. Joseph Cabrera wus married, but separated from his wile, a very virtuous lady, through some trilling can es. He occupied the house his I'atli r left. The house is a very large ?>ne, and he had no one living with liim hut lour negro servants. They are all four in prison, and going through an enquiry, Suipiciuna nave fallen also on individuals, strangers to his house and relations, but till now all is a solemn mystery. 1 must add, that iri death arising from auffo'-ation. the bruin is always found injected more or less with blood. Let its now talk ot business matters. The coffee crop lins been nearly one hall less this year titanp reviously; the trees bad suffered from ciiuvs not very common in tins country ;not withstanding this failure of the crop, coffee has been very low, the best qualitie-have been sold 111 ta the quintal, (the dollar ai H'.l cents of your money.) Title has ' auied ai great deal of uneasiness in tne ordinal) transafclioii ol the market, and money is worth |>er month, from two to three |>er cent out of doors, although we have two good hanks, one discounting ut nine per cent a year, and the olher at twelve. The American trade hut diminished greatly of late, doubt, to the state of things in the United St iter Tois has uleu a great influence over the productions ofthi.i country. When will you get at last out f,f your compliested situutionl there's now nearly eight years it is lasting. Would it not hebes* to break up at once the Union? If is generally beheved out of the States, by all those who understand the political iiuuiion hi countries, in.ii voura win never march again united us be I ore; and thUt time in not Urofl when a separation must take place. This is what 1 jienr nil around mo, although I mil (lielast to desire it; but things seem toniarch so strongly towards if, that ' don't see how it can be avoided. The French trade here hits increased to a rapid height. Fonr years ago only three vessels followed tie Lnguayara trade, new there's more than twenty. Vlt-o, l.ataecas only had twenty or twenty-five Frenchmen among its population, now we count nearly thfN hundred in four yea re, and gr?at number are arriving daily. We nave hut every few Ameiicins hi re; those we have are all rich. We are wry much in want of cabinet makers, chair makers, masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, boot and shoemakers, taylors. Arc. Two good merchant tailors, well furnished, would make a rapid fortune here; only direct them to me; hut they must be Americans, us tin y are reputed for the best cutters. There is room in this city for two large cabinet makers, bringing with them some journeymen ; we have hut two of any importance, and tney cannot furnish all the furniture in demand. I beg of you to make but one package of your Heralds to me by each vessel; when the numbers aie sent separately, some base newspaper thieves take from me hs many numbers ns they can, whether it is done on hoard the vessels or ut the post office I can't tell, hut better it is to moke one package of all the numbers ut the time for each vessel. 1 remain sincerely and forever, my dear friend, Yours affectionately, Zo?Zo. New Haven. [Corrri|>on<letice of the timid.] New Haven, June 16, 1842. Prorciswn of llic Odd FtUuwt to Bridgeport?An Inritlent. Mn. Kmtoh :? The monotony of our city was somewhat relieved yesterday by un excursion of the "Odd Fellows" to Bridgeport. The sleainboat Belle, left early in the morning, just at die time when every body imagini J, it was to be a superb day, und no one dreamed of the tremendous torrents of rain with which they were to be so thoroughly drenched before night.? The boat was literally crammed to overflowing, and every countenance seemed glowing with anticipation'--of the rich things to he realised upon their arrival at our neighboring semi-metropolis. There was an ap;>arent sprinkling of every body on bourd?from the gifted and intellectual Perciva) down to the flat,bacon-faced /rarvenves of street, and the other several whereabouts of the city.? Amongst the ladies there was u rare and unusual display of ugliness, with perhaps here and there an occasional qui loi'fage of beauty. There were two or three students from the University, evidently in high spirits, discoursing unon various topics, and. from occasional hursts of laughter and left handed glances at the ladies, apparently relieving themselves of their merciless criticisms upon the beauty and intelligence of that particular portion of their exclusionary companions. The music, consisting of two brass bands, was of the first order, and eon stifufed^ the chief delight cf the excursion. The several independent orders of the "Odd Fellows" appeared in their uniform, and displayed themselves to the best advantage, it was impossible to avoid contrasting the gorgeous trappings of some of their officers with the simple, f might almost say, poverty urirkcn apparel of I>r. Pereival?the one apparently delighting in ashow of tinsel, a mere outward display of the man, while the other, wrapt in his own profound meditations, seemed entirely unconscious of what was without and around him, except it were nt times, when recalled to himself by the inquiries of a student, who was, 1 believe, accompanying him on n geological expedition. We reached Bridgeport some tnree hours after leaving oureity, and found the wharf crowded with those anticipating our arrival. After being, scortcd to one of the principal hotels, the member* of the Society formed in procession, and proceeded to onr of the ehurchen of the city, where, after r^veral very successful efforts by the choir, an oration was pronounced by one of tins members, on the origin, progrc." and objects of the Society. The performance, though rather lame and imjiotent mparts, and tinctured occasionally with a feeble and sicfly sentimentality, w.ts nevertheless very ttlerable us a who'ii;. 'i evidently a. swered tli" purpose for "hichit was intended, and that is im re than run be said of most ordinary product ions. But tli" most nniuamit, if not instructive, incident connected with the excursion, was reserved for our return in the evening. < >ne of the young ladies, apparently of n very delicate constitution, and no doubt naturally subject tosen-sickners, was --uddeniy taken ill in conseqtit nee, as was supposed, of the slight rucking motion of the bout, and ;hereupon t?ok the liberty, as she had u perfect right to do, of reclining her hand gentlv upon the shoulders of a Mr.? to whom she had been, for some time, reputedly em: tged. They unfortunately sat where they were exposed to the rest of the passengers, whose brutality and utter heart lessnes* nothing could exceed, on the occasion. Seme individuals apparent)!' overanxious for the fate of the young lady in question, immediately sought the attendance ol a Dr. Lobelia on board, who, alter a careful examination of the subject, barbarously proposed to relieve tier by administering a uosc 01 m?-nir-in?-. mis proposition, as might have been expected, crest d screams of laughter, and well nieh confounded the young man, who was thus gallantly sustaining the weight of his precious and languishing burden. At length, however, iier cheeks glowing in the meantime with the richest crimson,she recovered. It was n Inippy return to consciousness, s?|f-pns*e*sinn, and lite; yet the envious,carping world, looked onand ridiculed two innocent and inollcnsivr brings for the folly of which none would ftand willingly guiltless. Adhia*. Bridgeport. [Cormpondeiiei of the lli rsld.} Brttv;i:i'ort, Cr , June IS 1^2. Thf H't'nlrf iit Bride*/ort?Matfrr* anil in (}i nerrd. JA.MI S. tionooN BENJIKTT, E*O.:? dkar si ii :? I ant .t constant reader ol your valuable sheet, mid notice the writings ofyour numeronacorrespondents in the different cities of the I nion. But I do not I i.ep that our l?eautiful little city is represented. But | to remedy this deficiency 1 have endeavor*d to | ieI r ut your readers some of the doing- of onr place, j The Herald, of course, t ikes well here. On the rrivul of the New York boat great is the rush fcr l_ i? 1.1 Tlie Udies are anxious to see vnnr no. .?r, tin (J e.'!*Ti:iliy during the trial <>f Kdwnrde. Triiiiwrnnr" i? *"T 01' hrnvelv here. Many of onr I fninktirrle have joined the \Va>-hir,stnn soeiefy. nicceee. I hop*1, will attend their etVorta to break (own kin? alcohol. Relision rrninina about the nrn ? n? u.-it. ' ?revival.* or out-pouring* of the tpiril. 'Her I'n i-? nnted here *noly. The foehinnnhlea ere in" P?.? fj. i|e ro n'tmerou* n* they were onee Vtiion? 'lie I'iv that are her? now are Mi? M?a ?Mi?* j;?> ij? k.Mi?e f.? ?a. the MUee* r-n r nH 'lie Vi** r?? f.-n, ot Rnel; Pock, i < litrhtlul rlaee in the vieini'v rl kVHrepnr? It r I-tvorlhy nf in tire |.le.i-e in ? rt it. \l. r- ttntni. \ nine, >'. ! ntr I' i a /

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