Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1842 Page 2
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SFM YORK HERALD. s??e lork, .Monday, June 47, 1*14. lie I ui<l lliilleltn at Nrwi, 1'Ui Ht iU Bulk iuof N'en?ii kept nt th? uoithlns: r i"... - of K'llton and N*ktau atrrt-U Ou tl.eki. iv'jl ot'tl riorniog mailt, al <Mghl o clock, A. M.?and ulsu >1 th< waning maiU, at four o'clock, f. M., the latest IntaUigenr uin all uar.s of the world, ma) be found ou the Hera! B u list in Board, at thin corner. Let every wayfarer slot and read. A.U crUwunenU of all kind* taken at the otfice Herald General Printing O filer. The 'leiien.l Printing Otfice, capable of doing *11 ?ort? . i pejut -lg.tuch a* Iiooks pamphlets. bills, canls of ul <criuiioa?, it now 0|>en at the Harild Buildings, antranc from Nu??u atreet?Joeeph, Printer. Highly Important?Slate of A Ifulra In Klwxi. 1 viand-l.atist Vi wi from un oi n?r -Trtm?ndi)n? Eacltemeut. Wear*' indebt -J to the kiiidneao of Captain VVolaey, of the N'arragaueett, and to Hurnden A: Co., for o full supply of p iper- and (dips from Rhode Island, Hiving intelligence of the utmost importance There is a big black cloud, full of electricity, banging over that little State, and in about one week it will explode with tremendous violence. I'b'i Xarragansett, which arrived this morning, if I urncd again at nine o'clock with despatches. We give below all the facts we have received Kvery thing looks serious and it is said that Majot Oavezac, the aid of (Jen. Jackson, at the battle of New Orleans, is in command of the suffrage forces. We understand that large <|uantitiea of specie r ached Boston on Thursday and Friday from Providence, and also many t&itiiliea, who are fleeing from the ritute to avoid the horrors of a civil war. The whole State, including the Plantations has h?eu placed tinder martial law. The colored population of 1'iovidence have organised a Battalion of City GuarJa. They muatereu ibout one hundred. We think they had better remain at home unarmed. [Prom Providence Jeurual, Junutifi.J Thomas \V. Dorr was at Norwich Thursday night.? William H. Smith was there, and Carter. The men who fame l' om New York with Dorr, had lolt Norwich, in what l ection, it was not known. Domed not leave Norwich in ti e morning I rain of cars. It was rumored by souse that he was to return to New Yoik for a greater force, nil ihoti proceed to Ohepachet. Th Genera) Assembly it will beseen, by our report of the proceedings, adjourned y esterday to meet in this city m i?, at ten o'clock, A. M. TUapresent alarming state of aff.irs lorhade the rising of the Legislature, and it was drsirabl* 'hat it should be as neavas possible to the scene of threatened danger. No di tinbunce occurred last uight. The latest atran .its from Chcpachat represent the href, assembled thereat about TOOarmud men. and 400 without arms; more - t? i-o sunl to be on the way. Dorr n said to hare arrived there at t wo o'clock tbis morning. The ateamhoRt Massachusetts brought up ISO men thi? n't.'nin;:, t:om Newport ami MldJletowil. A company ofanout M men from Johnston, arrived this morning, o get their muskets. A ni a. < r of companies are ordered out at three o'clock, art! it * ii- .i-v.d that the whole force in the city will he nn !?si tr iis nt tli it hour. It ii not known whether they nre nr r.-u -<ut for review, or for immediate service, but wt pre? tnrie the former. n fourth Brigade of Militin will arrive thia erpning. I' in a,l parti of the State, except the disaffected portions of Providence county, the people are Hocking in to maintain tho government, of their own free choice. The rr -11 is i turned lately at hand, and thu men who are now rillviiig mound the government w ill not bediibanded until the question is settled. We do not leain that the li^oral action of the General Assembly hns jroducod the slightest effect upon the men wham 1) >rr hits collected around him at f'hepachct. No oil' it surprised at this, for no one expected mything dilferaat. The act tvai not paiaed for thum, but for the pi tui-ahla, order-loving citliensof tha State, who sincerely desii .'d a change in the Government, whenever it coaJkl I t n ide in b way te show that it wnx not brought about bj intimidation. Pho men around Dorr nt Chepachet, care nothing for aimraife;thev tiefoi plundet and rapine. There ism cv ag -rat-on l'n this language; thev arc a hand of fierce, bi id-tturrty ruffians, caring nothing for the institutiono: the State, and,, knowing nothing about them, i-ut ixious onlv for coin .motion tua civil war. Guxtan. Asstwiit.v.? Ji xr Skssiox June -J.Y ? The H iu.u nn-t at ,?a o'clock. Mr Whipple presented lha following, which was laid on I e table with an ordet to print IdOcopir* : ? R olvcd. That all su-h persons as have committed of -e-t a{ni ?t the provisions ol the act of March last, er '. 'lei ' V-i \ t in relitijn to offences agsiust the sovereign p w-i ,f ?U;a," shall he exempted from all the pains i '..iti i: ct ounishments provided for by said act, upon .1n'T iVj'h the pa. wage hereof, a declaration in writing, b> hem kit scribed in the presence of a subscribing witness, of tlii.ii utte itiou to ben.- true allegiance to this State, an i i mm port the law not tliiw General Assembly, and shall bs'inrtly therein renounce all allegiance to auy pretcnde, conrtitittion or form if government of thia State:?Prohoitt, r. an I this art of amnesty is upon the cx, est condition that the person or persons subscribing f I) declaration, remain true ami faithful to his or their . gi o: Je to this State, from and aftor the time of filing rm a declaration. Vu ?<. t establishing Martial Law was introduced by Mr. ' he nod patscd. i ii Assembly then ajjourne i to Monday, at 11 o'clock, i . Q jvn nor or the presiding otticers of the tv. o House v " authorised to call the Assembly together sooner, if nc. cssary. The resolution of amnesty, it will bo noticed, relates inly to otTe.ires against the particular art indicated. Ot1 'ones against the common law of treason, Ike. are not in< lied. The resolution svs? laid on the table. We do noit now what are the probabilities of its passage. 'Ve le : n that Outre J. Pearce, Robert R. Carr, and ? icr prominent suffrage men, have published a card iu t ir Newport Mercury ol to-day, disclaiming all conue ti ei with Dirr, an 1 declaring thnt they hal nhau 1on< ell i l?a of acting under the so-called People's Const it utint (From Provllence F.xpresi, June 24.] l-'rom the latest accounts from Chepsrhet re-, ej up tn last evening, we learn that ths arm ii' a who hal quartered at VVoonsocket ha-l > s tu I that plice, and joined the forces encamped at ( ..? ' chet.tha whole number of whi-h eucampod, c..>ui- -. entirely of Rhode Island men, withouta single man l'. n nny other State, was estimated at about seven huatnaJ s id was rapidly augmenting. Grest excitement pr? > siir in both those'villages, and in the intervening and liar roil.t ling country, secular business was entirely *u? pen itil, and pi-nons of the most pacific habits had a?snm'the a- ni-,itiJ bsldiments of war. The warlike mustering cf soeiicrs, the gl?am of armo, nnd the notes of martta ma- c 'tad affected the ptmceablc citizens of those regions with denp solicitnde and apprehension for ilieirosvnim n ii . r al -t_v, an t lor tn* (liietul consequences which ni ensile, it was ?tat I that Governor Dorr was at Not wu'h o i rhur*d?y evening, anil that lie ha since arrive-' at or in the vi-inity of the encampment, hut, although it i. not improbable he i* present with the force*, yet it i? no* er'.a n ?o i;ir as w<: can h am, nor ore wo In any was .utile i.- ilintc 1 with tiis intention* or with the uitende .11 tv n-i - if tli: armed force* collected at that place. W igni) ! .lit of muskets have twen cniriod irom \Vooe>rk nl wagon ion Is of pro vision* Irom thia place ? the Ch a -het camp. Or. h" >'hcr hand. Governor King has iisued order* to h" mil ts v 'hronghout the Htatcto he reilv fn trarch ni a no '! it'? w arning, and a large force will he ?oon ar. -ji '!>? lefend thia rity if altacked. or to march to Cue. V'icliei i an ollen?*ve attitude. Tho condition of our comma uv is peculiar? di?agr-?able ; men, women an 1 chilli m r c in a state of painful suspense and apprehenfioii, rinv ir. eivingihu city, and many more are sending i-. sv lui'de eifect* for tnore certain security. Wi ' ml' i intout the cause of thi* State of thing*, but we haveiim* f*r no farther remark*. A in- X" I i* ni) net to provide for culling a Convention of the People of liiiode Island, lor the purj i e of tor sting n newr Constitution or form of government for the people thereof ; ? D u i a i 't 1 lie the General AaaamMy a* leliowa I. I'h-people ot tne lertral town* in this State and of ?heei?' of Provi Wee, qtialiflod to vote a* hereinafter pr i v , i herehv requested at town or ward meeting* u-I ien ii ihe 31 tueadav of August ne\t. to choose n 'ii. ie;a'e* a* the) will t>e severally entitled to ar: to lb provision* of this act, to attend a t'onven'init.i hi hoi.Ien at Newport on the second Mondav ol s" n ' neat, to frame a new constitution lor this, ei'he i.i whole or in part, with full lower* lor that purpu?? s- J. fhe constitution or article- agreed upon by the ' -t halt be submitted to those qualified to vo e .he proi i u is of the co stitutio i in open townoi ir me-t i ;? to he hel 1 on -uch day oi days, an 1 such t ne uii.t man- - r e?th. -<. ivention shall direct. Theoon t.itioii Ol arri.-let shall he eerfifl-d try the Tresi lent and He - remriei, anil 'he Journal end (*per* of'h Cot. lent o i deposited in the tuf too hecre arc of stoti w ihall imme Ii itely c' stnbnte to t :,r m-vi not" town an ! city .-In ks, ill *ue propor n.t n.? thoumr- I printed co I t - of the CMttitn'ion or nrticle*. in ia nphlet firm v ! n! v thirty 'h -im; I ballots .1 me si 1e si : h shall b, ir .ied' i -n inn inn. or Article pr.o\ i the Ton s .ilo i ii idea *>t V wport on the e-on Mourns of Menber ^ D i*4'' " en 1 ? the other si if thereof (hall b r.U'inr'T-i'iM'i wot ' a on one half f th thr vor-l ' H )* f i n the otlur null Hp ?h.ill a) ' < Tiif iiidriMiitilullon or trtiflolo V jmhWiid In an\ ' oth i man .? : th- l onrrt'.ion may yrpacrii It. rhp .leloirn pi to ?iiil cotiveo'inn shall bp clest. onah i? 01 popnleilon * follow*:?Rvrry town of ' in more i.ia i.fcM inhabit "?t*. mar two t!rl?gpitt o.prJOOO i.l mtover ft,0#0 three'delaifale* ver 6,000 i no! over lO.uo* four delegate*: over lO.OOn and not j . i i 0 '? .I.-I itr. <>\ rr I 'f.OOil, ?i? Jplog >:? . Sr f. in tli eh.n.-c . ! dolega pa to ? nil I'oni ration .towi?i le?cripti ine of ner* ?n* ?lialll?p admitted ] * \1. :li?i<|. win rp qualified to rde for Oftirnl (I on hy lie pt. i.itf law*, ami all na.i? p rltiTeti? !" ?'tr > <tvp?, <owe. i * ai raira.i-'tt Indian*. rnnrirv?, ,111' t , r'.m* ipi giixrtianahi] and non-oorn;^ m ' who en >f th' ?i*oo j| yoare and upward*. an 0 null .ai i II,.. i .iium permanent refidi'licr ? m on in-st p f t r the period .>i tn,.e - ear* n'x " f'' ii r - n . a.. tiu-to or olty wherrit on I I"'' (..i th iirr.o .. otio yi ~ next prr.'p ; . i< .i t ?t;ti(t, i' who ?hail l.avr had their nemr* rr1 < ? " I . Iirk of ' IP till. or <-.! - lift, h J' ? .a" Ott- "' . ' Ml proper tiooh* to hp krj ?a d > ?-n ir city c erW-io hat \ urpo* , at leaxt ti. . ot'ira th" lay of votms. ipou th? adoption or n n, uo <aid ojniilttitkn or arMclr in addition to then \o ere qualified to role for general olhrer* hy the e*. . / law* all thoee ?hall be admitted to Tote who aa-ill t? lifted to rote tor general officer* under thp pmn*ton o( I I lid constitution or ?r(lel<x. If In lbrc?,?bat thli provision nail not be construed to givr to 1 erson a right to vote it any loan oi' ward meeting, held under and by r irtur ol Uit net. uuousn) other nuejatow wr queitutnt than the )ue*tiont hrrata specifically nuinad. r'urt'irc |Mir(lcuinrH of the Unci brtwrrn Mar<ha>l and Webb. - f( oOesl-omlMaf of the lf< mlil.} Wu.uinotun, Del., Saturday, h A. M. The Ihul If I urea Marshall and Webb. De.'.II SIJ:? The duel between lion. T..F. Marshall and James Watson Webb, was fought tins morning all o'clock, it the old duelling ground just this side ol the State ine, about seven miles north of litis eitv. Mr. Marhall was attended by Dr Carr, of Baltimore, asae ond, and Dr. Gibson, of the saute place, as surgeon. Mr. Morrell, of your city, acted as Webb's trtend. The parties exchanged one shot without any iiiiurv. Marshall demanded immediately a second pirtol, and wounded Webb u|K>n (hat tire, in the tic-by part of the leg, sustaining no damage hiint?-lt. Marshall, who came determined to fight it out, demanded u iltird allot, but Webb could not stand it, and the matter was made up. It ta the general opinion here that Webb wan anxious to hearrebted before tlie tight, und Ilia conduct really accrued to indicate it. lie arrived here in the bout about nine o'clock yesterday morning, and before 12 it wns Known all <>ver the city tliut he came to tight a duel. Marshall arrived tit the cars at 2, but by that Uiue the irt'.iir obtained such publicity that crowds assembled to see them -tart for the ground, and they were fol.owed by at least one hundred and fifty persons in carriages and 011 horseback. Our authorities feeling disposed not to baulk the sport, after the Itonora- 1 bit* gentlemen had travelled one hundred miles for ! the purpose of the interview, made no effectual interference ; hut when the parties arrived at the de-1 -ignated place, there were found to be too .cany spectators |.resent, in case the meeting terminated fatally, and an adjournment of the matter was made .ill litis morning. Mr. Marshall was the challenger but there is a universal 1 egret expressed tliut by so doing he has nt last made \\ ebb a gentleman. In haste, I remain youra, O. P. Q. Another Account. The anticipate.', duel between the Hun. Thomas 1". Marshall, member ol Congress hum Kentucky, and James .Vaisou Webb, of the New Turk Courier and Enquirer, can.e off Saturday morning about daylight, at Nauman's creek, near the I'enusy Ivaula and Delaware State lines, about three miles from Marcus Hook, in presence ol several gentlemen from this city and a number of laborers .11 the vicinity. Dr. Carr, 0! Baltimore, was the second of Mr. M irshall, and Mr. Morrell, of .Missouri, the second ef Mr. Webb. After arranging the preltminariea, the choice of the ground, and the order to lire, being won by the second ol .Mr. Webb, the parties proceeded to the spot selected, both oi ui? principal* manitestinglbe greatest cooltieM and decision. They fought with pistol* at the distance of ten paces, an<l e .changed two shots. The first lire took uo cilect, the balls striking the ground a short distance from the leet of the principals. On the second fire Mr. Wabb was sliot in the back pint of the loft leg just balow the knee joint, and fell, his fire taking no eflact on liia opponent He was caught as he was billing bv the second of Mr. Marshall and conveyed from the scene of conflict, and irrived at the U. S. Hotel in Thiladelphia, nbotit 9 o'clock Saturday rtorning. We learn from a gentleman whe witnessed the attair that the parties hud arranged to meet Friday afternoon, but that in roiisaijiiencc ol an excitement among the citizens of Wilmington, it was deferred, the pat ties remaining in the vicinity ail night, Fob Webb and his friends in his carriage, near the ground, und Mr. Marshall und friends putting up at a hotel at Marcus Hook, and by arrangement pieceeded to the ground beforeday light Saturday morning. There waa no intercourse between the principals either before or after the duel, and dS a matter ol course no reconciliation took place between hem. Mr. Marshall manifested much feeling for feeding lul the grudge he bore his antagonist; yot throughout the whole nil.hi he demeaned himself with magnanimity, coolness and ci urnge. After Webb had fallen and it was iscerinincd that ha was only wounded in the leg, Mr. Marsh-ill expressed a determination that a third fire should ake place. This w as protested ugainst by Webb's surgeon, and upon further consideration and advisement on he part of Mr. Mai-shall and his friends the latter expressed himself satisfied, and seemed to regret that he had demanded u further shot. Mr. Marshall's brother whs near the ground, and after learning theresuit, said he " tbmiked tied ihut it had not a more serious termination." From all that we can learu, the duel w as ought according to the " code ofhonor,'' the parties hav. j ing agreed upoa the terms of ooullict, which w ere read jloud before the pistols were handed to them by these onds, and which w ere mutual'.y assented to in the pref>-ucn of the company, and when asked by tin- seconds whether they wet.- ready, both said in audible terms. we arc ready.'" The w ound inflicted upon Webb's left leg, is the result of tin* position in which he stood; the left leg being thrown forward, he standing with his side exposed to the fire of his antagonist. Mr. Marshall left the ground with his friends, and pro-ceded to Washington. The wound of Colonel Webb is not considered dangerous. (From the Philadel|>hin (iazetle.) A I)i ei?A duel was tuiight this morning at4| o'clock, in the State of Pelawoie, two miles In-low Mftroua Hook, between Col. James Watson Webb, of New York, and the Hon. Thomas K. Marshall, member offendress from Ken ncky; Mr. M. being the challenger. The ehallonge was p ven and accepted yesterday at DP. M. in Wilmington, to which place Col. W. had repaired for the purpose of reHiving any communication which Mr. M. might desire to nake. Two shots were exchanged, the firet without ll'ect. The second fire Col. W. received his antagonist's '>all through the muscular part of his left leg, just below ihe knee. Bath shots were exchanged, as we learn from i gc itleman who wo* on the ground, after the word fire | mil before the word one. What is unusual in this part ot he country, the meeting was witneseed by forty or fifty ?|icctauir* from the immediate vicinity. Process on the art of the State of Delaware was issued against Col. W., vhich lie avoided by remaining in the open fields till 13 o' lock at night, and then concealing himself in a carriage ill th? fight took place. Immvdiateh after the meeting. ?lr darshall and pnrty repaired to Wilmington, and Col to this eity, to which place he was brought by hi* lend Inviab H.iu<1h11, F.*up. who with several other gen. t- i?ti, (mends of Col. W., from Philadelphia, went down i -rsent at the meetiug. Mr. Marshall was attended Di t.arr, of Baltimore, as his second, and Dr. Gibson ot >. place, as liis surgeon. Col. Webb was attended by Morrell of Missouri and Dr. Tucker formerly ofViris i.i.vr of tliis city, as surgeon. The evening preceding fight the atfair unfortunately got wind, and a large i of persons collected for the purpose ot seeing tru irtatr, but thee were fortunately dispersed by a run it .errt of Col. WcVh, who took a boat from Marco* look, w ith the apparent intention of going to New Jerry. instead of doing which he went two mileadown tb< -.ver, mid then returned to his friends, whom he Jornada* l J o'clock at night. We understand from an authentic source, that Colonel Webb went to the field w ith the lived purpose, lianpet vhat might to himself, that he would not lilt Mr. Marshal! n a vital f ait. Both parties, w e learn, behaved on the ground with great coolness. Auntnm At cot-vt.?The duel between 'he lion. Tlics. F. Ms-vhsll of Kentucky, an ' Col Webb of the New York otiner, took nlace on Saturday n nrnine soor. after four 'clock, cn the State Line between Delaware and Penn<y Ivuuia. not fur (rum the villi ge of Newport. On the Sr?t Ore Mr. larthaii's pis.oI went oil belorc he had rv? *J it, and Mr. Webb's pistol ex ploded almost at the same I nomcnt, both balls s'riking the ground. At tho second M. \!-...l.,.ll\. I II i .? , 111 mnovvl. n ri'U 111 lllf It'g, I'llenng and passing out immediately tiehind the kneo, ? 'i ?*rinjr no artery, Col. Webb immediately fell to t'u ground (his pistol luring been previously dischargedin.I the matter here ended. Mr. Maishall and his friends or, ired in thia city on Saturday allrrnoon.? Baltimore American, June 'J4, Ori-hans', to-night at the Park Theatre, inti wi jrently mistake our community if the simple innoun.cment of tins interesting event it not enough to til! the house. We cannot lorbeur, en passant, making honorable mention of the distinguished Indies who preside on this occasion It is a rare tlunsr to see out lender* of fashion stepping aside from til-- idle vanities of their calling and giving them selves up to such works ol true charity?il is a noble example, nnd let the iris'ocracy of our sister cities " go and do likewise." ,\< to Fanny, we shall not praise her?she does not want it?her reward is in | I lie consciousness of doing all thi? good, that withI out her it conld not be effected, and to a heart like ! hers that conviction is sufficient happirn s Sin | will ilanoi- well and lightly to-night, tor *ht will br iiu y.iiit with the good thoughts sin it an act inspires -lot everybody go. I Monro* ll iwxHtn.?chtr readers remember tbe eelebrated entry on the books of (lie Northern If 'el, ot " llelctier V Edwards," on the fifth of Au .it, is II We have at last foil, id out thut Mr. iielher i < a . tnjenl in the 1 nit ersity of Vermont.? Mr. H. is a highly respectable >oui.g tuiuleiiiui? avsiie was on his way to \ uginia, bad friends in I th" city, ami one or two e.-? nings previously en'er! .,11.1, ........ -i ii x. .. %?rw4i iik ? ?i?" i m mr " ?viari> iiougf* mil slept there. At the N'ortliei n Hotel lie pepsin i room xx ah thre. bed*, xvn- alone in the mm inin. never km xx or t-.ixv Monroe i itwunle to li ? klii wlri'ire. \\i*tiit-.i Hkfai i.ti: -L. P. liu, klcy, late ,i col ,< < tor "f toil* on (he Ohio cjnnai nt Akron, xx u .lilt l'l< - ? H-r |||... :? ftv t eh r'-. on in- xx iv to Win <i.-r to (' p. :e ihis i.ion ?y, x"ftA i,iblx'd i fit, xx inch waofnl-e I ?t u,. and letaultern go to the |?-nirentiar> "he rnruUr term. Skrvbo Kk.trr. - lh'* tirand rnr. >t Tit?enloo?p \labnma, have fo ind a bill of indictment aganix he Captain and Fnf ine'r* of lite *vof)h. St?x. f?i their ini?i gnduct hi the latfrexploainn of the \'orih "^inr whieh tle"trnved th? lileof Charlaa P Conner ml othera ' rtt'.'tifeiMB'l-iU LftVVllfta. No I Saratoga Srumaa, 21ih June, I?l2. 1 am thus fur on my way on a abort tour for the ' enefit of health, nerve*, good and the may I chc ? of the young editor, who in improving every day, and is highly dehghtetf" with hisjourttey. On entering the fairy gardens of the United Stales Hotel. kept like a palace hv the unrivalled Murvins, he held up Ina liande in utter astonishment, and exclaimed ifi his expressive vernacular, " hoo,! boo 1 iioo hoo!" which being trutislatud meun* u this will do." On Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, just us the evening sun was flaming over the magnificent CatskiH, we reached the Mountain House, now kept by Mr. Beach, in first rate style. We came up in the Troy steamer, one of the finest boats on the river, and well crowded with passengers This boat b propelled by one of Lighthall's engines, and is one of the fastest on the river. Of this 1 shall have more lu say on another duy ; at present I must (-online myself to other matters, for time is precious, Harry City in the field, and the Congress spring much stronger than ever. The evening we spent at the Pine Orchard was most propitious. It was full moon?not a cloud was ia the heavens, and to see that glorious orb rise out of the distant mountains of Massachusetts,and climb tip the starry sky, hanging over the valley of the Hudson, which shone like a long streak of lightning under her beams, was truly a sight that dispelled all the recollections of the turmoil, noise, dirt, and confusion of the city without a government. If any one has a desire to enjoy the culm serenity of a summer moonlight, of the most elevated character, just jump ashore at Catskill, get into one of the stages. and go up to the Pine Orchard. Elevated above all the noise and hubbub of the dirty world below, he will find a foretaste of the tepose of heaven, and be indeed in the immediate neighborhood of that home of the wretched. All politicians shsuld go there once, for they will never get as near heaven hereafter. The Mountain House is now opened, and prejmred, and a more delightful spot to spend a couple of dayp cannot be imagined. On leaving Catskill, we caught the boat just on the eve of departure, and reached Albany at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Here wc remained at Congress Hall for the night, one of the very beat hotels in that ancient capital?a quiet, elegant, choice house for all travellers to stop at. There is a prodigious rush of New England travellers through Albany from Boston, during the present summer. The Western Railroad has opened a new world to Saratoga and the Springs. All the houses here are crowding up fast with Eastern fashionables, and thousands are expected that never came before.? Western New York will overrun with them before rethe season is over. The Railroads from Albany to Saratoga are in pretty good order. They require, however, a little more order and system at the de;*>t in Schenectady. Why do the managers permit ctowJs of loafers, agehts,runners, and all sorts of people, to crowd the stopping place there to annoy and mislead travellers so much 1 1 hope that this will he corrected, for it quires it much. The sea-on at Saratoga is hardly yet begun. The preparations tnade here are on the most magnificent scale, nnu me weatuer, wun mr exception 01 acooi shower at night, ismost delightful. The balmy atmo sphere is tlie most renovating medicine I have ever taken?not even excepting the restoratives oi tlie Medical College with all their preparations.? The Messrs. Marvins have lilted up the Hotel in the most princely style, and they can amply accomtnodate pr veil or eight hundred visiters, just as easy and is comfortable as they can twenty. There are now nearly a hundred here, principally from the EastThe waters are in fine order?the Congress spring has been renovated by putting down a new tube. I havt tried it, and found that a single glass has the same power as four formerly hud. A new and curious spring, sparkling like soda water, has been dis covered, which I shall try to-morrow. 1 am told that a Buy ucdsun is extieetuJ i ?Jiro.?#.?,vu.i adjourn, it is probable that Captain Tyler may visit this charming place. An rrvoir. I am for Lake George in a day or two. A Riot in Cent** Street.?Hast evening about eight o'clock, a poor boy who tried to get in the rail cars in Centre Street, near Pearl, fell under the wheel, mid was dragged some distance, screaming all the time, and finally was rescued after both legs and his body were frightfully crushed. Several of the Irish people residing in the neighborhood, assentbled, stoped the car, beat the driver, pulled htm ofl the box, and he was finally taken to the Tombs in order to save his life. Great excitement prevailed! When are we to have a city government 1 A Boy Stabbed, in the Park last N|(.?t.?Lust evening, about 9 o'clock, several of the wretched gang of loafer boys who infest the Park every evening, to the disgrace of our police, pursued and stabbed a poor innocent lad, who is not expected to live. Texas Navy.?The Texas schooner of War San Antomo arrived at Sisal front Mobile in six days, with dispatches to the Governor of Yucatan. The following is a list of the officers:? Win. Sergor, Lieut. Commanding; A. A. Waite, 1st Lieut.; W. A. Teuntson,2d Lieut.; M. H. Dearborn, Master; If. M. Clark, Surgeon; William F. Slawry, l'nrser; Janes Lnngworth, Captain's clerk ; J.Crepsey, William 11. Allen, T. H. 0<Jen, J. Remi ow. Midshipmen; Wm. Brown, Boatvwain; Kd.vard Phillips, Gunner. Mail Rubbers Arrested.?Two drivers, Jacob Steele and Isaac Humphrey, have been arrested at Poland. Trumbull county, for robbing the mail froin Pittsburgh to Warren in April last. Another Ocera House.?Caldwell intends erecL ing a magnificent Opera House in New Orleans in time for next winter. Ccj- We are indebted to Capt. McKinslcy, of the brig Forrest, for late papers from Mcrida, Yucatan. Theyconfhin no news of itn; ortanee Chatham Theatre.?The doinffsnt this cstnlilihli. mcnt continue to be very attractive. Aftera brilliant engagement of five nights. Mias Clifton takes a benefit this evening, on which occasion she will appear in two iiieccs, viz ;?an Rianca in the Italian wife, and as Elvira in Pizarro, supported by Mrs. t George lonesas Cora. This will be a rich treat to the admirers of these two highly talented and beautiful ladies. _____ Nini^s.?There was n fnahionable garden on Saturday evening. The Original increased in favor, and T. Flacide was very warmly welcomed; lie ta mi excellent comedian. To-night quite a list of euuriainments?the Kt vohing Statues, tight ropt. Promenade vlusicale, and tite popular new ( anUmiuie Pochsiitl en Voyage. Tiic whole Kavel e unily, Charles Weather, and Mias uud Mr. H. vVelU iv ?r. A great night. City Intelligence, ( < ? Issssticidi. A servant t^irl name.t Mir:.ire; On nil. residing in ft family at 78 bayard street, \s as arretted on SatuiJay evening, charged with deatroy ng her male intant cluid, anil throwing it into tlsennk. A shoe helnrgi'ig to ono of thp chit 'reti of the premiaea has ing been lest in the sink. in endeavoring to hml it. the tody of the rhiid ss as discovered. She w a* committed to pii?on by the coroner. JtkOi.scK Svohti Jet-nan.-A black fellow name' rat'-r \ a or.i n. v as arrested yesterday morn lag bjr?fl' Helve*. on board of tii" steamboat Swallow. C.-.j t VM.i' ie. eharg"d with atoaline -nd riPinir the t. unit o. Vn H.vl?tea.l, of Ness York, wnilo on the paas.gc do-s r to .nor. A |h i lot. of b" aetjc.c to .. had 'wen j l?< <*1 ill.- mink, w. re found in hi* posn.wkia.ieaaUn abh.-A -Icthelotts. ir-k valiae marl:.-. Chitts.ode ' r-.d : isihrelia and a-ordsanc. He wan fully committed. Hi wan AaaetriD.?Two man. na.nod Andrew Wil m an ' Uolavan Shaw, saere arrested yesterday by others Kelvea an l t)e niatou. charged with entering the k>! and thoe store of John Petrie, M Water street, on tbj ?h Inst., and dealing a quantity of boot* and thoea. . t os ?.,,I,4J."",,'~'''he ahip Mariposa, from New Oilean* I TTirrn M >orioiK on the in?t with ninetr-onn einif*nt?for Liberia, to take on hoird ikwr now waiting nt hat pi art for the ?nn? destination f I 1 gggSgSSaSBSBBBBgig11 1 TV Wltrttf CdWI. - ?'1 Before Judge Bett* Jrttr '6 ? Tht UnitcH Stoles v?. 3?i-?itli?r? hnltt rlothi Fraiiru Hlarkhurn, claiimou(;?Thi* wil a MyiimJa >lt Uhyt, 1 ate < ollfctar, who appeared in court he ?pHDi he counsel on the part '/f the government, hu\\inf reclined the practice of the law. stated tliut -o<Ut aAer his assuming the duty of Collector lie found that moat tinparalleled trend* hail been committed ujxjn the revenue by lohn Taylor, ir., as agent for Abel Shaw uud Thomas Shaw , James Buckley and Buckler llent. of England, and also connected with the house of Blachburn, to which

claimant belongs, at Philudi Iphi i. Mr. Campbell, one ol the Custom House oiiicers. was leagued with Taylor. The law required that one package out of every invoice and -me out of every '1$, sgonlil lie lent to llic <#u?tom House stores to 1>C appraised; The parties here mentioned would always tie careful to have less than it) packages in one invoice?one ol the packages would he sent to the store and found to be rorreet according to invoice, and market \ altie ; the others, although having the same kind of goods, would h? invoiced at les? than one half that amount, tmt nil bo ptaaej by Mr. Campbell. In this way, Tuy'or managed to evade the duties and flood the city with British woolens, the American merchant tied manufacturer were driven out of the market, mid the general wonder was how imported woolemrould be sold for less price at auction in N. Y. than they could lie purchased for on the other side. The importations by Taylor in one year amounted to an average ol CAinnno ...i.i^i, ii... ........ ,i..r,..j,,.i...i :.. a,.. way already nieutioneiT, of at Leant $100,000 duty. Mr. Campbell wnsWismitsed?Mr. Taylor found it convenient to i{o to Canada?and the invoice* afterward* presented a di't'erent appearance. Cloth* were seized at Philadelphia in the hands of Messrs. Blackburn, condemned and sold. The goods in this case were seized not so much on account of low invoice, as from a suspicion that Mr. Blackburn was a man of straw, acting for Taylor, had not made a legal entry, and that the parties had been connected with Mr. Campbell in the frauds upon the government. Attor the opening of Mr. lloyt, the testimony was pro eroded in. At die usual hour, the cause was adjourned to this fore aeon. Cowrt CalendaiwTMa Day. Cor?t or Common Pleas.?Part 1-?No*. 73, 3,4, 6, 9, MB, 33,61, 87, 91,93,96, #T. 90, 101, 103.?Part 4, at 10 o'clock?Nos. 20, 33,38, 90,94, 10, 94, ?0, 9d, ltM), 109, 106, I 108, 110, 119. A vf.rior Col-st.?Notices of issue for the ensuing term [ must be liled on or before Thursday 30th inst. for the argune-nt calendar ; and by the 3d July for the trial and inuuest calendar. No issue of fact except upon intptest and ou special order will be tried ot the July term. No order for a new trial at the next term will be grantro unless good cause can be shown before a judge at chambers. Mi bdees in the CucaoKEK Nation.?We have heretofore noticed some dilliculties between different parries in the Cherokee nation, growing out of feuds which separated the tribe a tew years ago. The following lelfcr shows that they have been brought to a fetal termination, aire there is cause to apprehend further bloodshed i? Van Blhf.n, Ark., May 33,1843. 1 havo just received the partinulars of the Foreman murder. It appears that Stand Watie, with his brother only, and not with a party of men, (he no>t expecting to meet Foreman, as 1 mentioned in my previous letter,) me? with Foreman and hisfriends accidentally under these.eir cumstances? Stand Watie and his brother wera at Kngland*! grocery, vhtu Mr. Foreman and some or bis friends came in. fleeing a bottle of liquor standing on the counter, Mr. Foreman said. " Whose liquor'" " Mine," renlied Mr. Watio ; " help yourself, Foreman;" and Watie filled their glasses. Foreman proposed the following, to be drunk bv them as n toast?"Here's that you and 1 may live forever. " Stop,'' says Watie, " 1 want some explanation first. It iscurrenily reported and lielieved, that you murdered my brotlier and uncle, and assisted in murder ing my cousin. (old man Ridge, his son, and Boudihot,) and that von are carrying arms to kill me." " Say It yourself," said Foreman, with a significant toss of the head.? Watie then threw a glass into Foreman's face, and Foreman struok Watie with a loaded whip. A sen (flu ensued, and Foreman stepped forward to pick up a board with wliich to strike Watie, when Watie drew hit knife and stabbed him in the back. Foreman ran round the corner of the house, and Watie fired a pistol at him without effect. Foreman exclaimed, "You have not done it j et;" but immediately after fell and expired. Great excitement prevails on this subject in and out ot the Notion, and many live* will be forfeited l*fore it is Anally settled. Foreman was much the larger man of the two, and deserved to din long ago for his demon-like assassination nf some of the best men that ever lived in the Cherokee Nat"an. it is said that Foreman waa one of the men who assisted in the assassination of old man Ridge, (the chief of the treaty party.) bis son, unil Bou.iinot. This all'ray happened in Benton county, about of twenty varus from the line, on Bcatie's prairie. Spring stun, a friend of Foieman'*, who was shot in the same place is not yet dead.?fit. Lmtit ]>*p*r. Fiae is Wr?Trin.T>, Mass?This morning a firo was discovered in Morgan*. Cowles' Block, occupied by Joseph fliblcy ns a ilrv goods store, wliich, w ith all its contents. was entirely destroyed. The tailor shop of 11. U. Gates, directly over the storeoi Mr. S. w as consumed with all its contents. G. W. Peek lud l'j.tKtO Spanish segars. The dry goods store of D. Converse narrowly escaped and his goods were saved in a damaged slate. Morgan & Cowles were insured?Wnlfitld JVcum letter, June Jt BsUt tiuare. [Correspondrnes of the Herald.] Hai.tfmorb, June 2D, 1H12. hmtraufi Officii?Military Com/>aHitt--Roi>6ris, fyc FftlEXD HkT*KTT? c-i.ivv inn new lorn nothing 01 consequence has transpired worthy of particular notice. I find business in this City of Monuments extremely dull; tn fact the wharves and the principal business streets uppeaT to one, on business days, like Sunday. The laiRest business done to-day was the declaring of n dividcud by (lie Firemen's Insurance Company o( six and a quarter per cent, on their capital, for the last nx months. This Insnrance Company nstonishe? the people of this community; having met with heavy loases lately, it was generally thought Uie> would not make a dividend for the last six montHs. The stockholders, of course, were agreeably disappointed This company is well managed. Two directors from each fire company are annually elect d to manage the affairs of the institution?a poor man can he a director as well as a rich one, and no stockholder has more than twenty votes for directors even if he hold a maturity of the shares to which each Fire Comimny is entitled; while a person holding five shares has five votes. By this way of voting the companies manage to get directors who go in tor the benefit of the institution, and not for selfnggrandizetnent. I have been informed that their surplus is large, and all losses are promptly met. -i t As regards preparations for the celebration of the coming Fourth of July there appears 'o be quite an apathy. T have heard of nothing, so far, but a military escort to a committee of citizens to Lancaster, Pa , who are to present to the Lancaster Fenciblce a fl >g, for tiie purpose ot diverting the Ceuestofp trade to ihUcky. 1 hope they may succeed, for i | assure thin city needs trade of some kind at present f The companies that arc to fonn the eeeort are the Independent (Jreys Captain Law. a fine drillad i company; Captain Law is ilw gentleman who run for State Senator last fall, and got beat so badly by I \Tr Vrii'lr lnfp t r?r fKia twxrif- VafiAw.,! ' Mtards, Captain iViestman, (a delegate to the State Legislature) and the Geiman Veneers, Captain Frederick, a very clever fellow, and proprietor of tly Waterworks House, a short distauce from the rity. I have been informed that the Greys are highly delighted to have these two companies accompany them, and give as a reason that the contrast in drilling is so great that they will return to Hallimore with the highest praise. 1 was at the court house to-day, and Haw those desperadoes who assailed Mr. Nicholson last February. and robh<*d him of some fen or twehre thousand dollars. They were brought there for trial, hut nothing was done up to thin time. 1 presume they will be tried this week, and no donlrt yottr regular correspondent will give you all the particulars. 1 have seen, several times, one of your ctisiom house oflicen. here IVfuU'* ot?*> He is a very good looking man, jnd 1 think he has a Me to his name. Yours, Arc. Lynx. Review sf Books, Ar. Mada.m* D'AHBiav's Lkttths and I>uny.?Carry tr Hint.?Part three of this invaluable work is out. It is very rich in anecdote. Handy Antit.?App/eto**, 200 Btvadwayi?No. 6 of this humorous tale is out. It keeps up the spirit of thr rt?ry. HittobOTIai.uoian.?Ajipirttr.k, 260 Bronhrai/.? This story of Max welft. excels all he has ever written. The ilium rations to thit number are moat capital. Six Nmirr* wrm ti-k Wanii'votonia'-s.?Curry, Ififi Broudtcay.?The Tavern Keeper is one of iht mosi thrilling f.iles we ever re. d. G.-aiiaaTs M.uia/inf, /or July.?X good ntmtlier ami the illustrations capital Put we nnxioeslv lopkrd for the counterpart to th?- be .r.ilul poeni "rerdili," so SnrrL'y sunken of in the last numberinstead of which we nave only a amah sennet by the ?ame author. Hut publish is (.honld keep their wo.ds, if fhev wrisli tlieir ma? .zincs to snccej J. Mr Pee Ims left this work. lie was a good editor and i had great talent, lie announces a ivw magaritte, !to be called the "IYnn Magazine.** We hots* he "11 succeed < IriswolJ supplies his place. Lady's Hook.? Potl. H.s Bonvry.?'The number ever issued. The ill istnuions. three in n l rher. art? very, very benui.iul. The Meiarv contents nre "i; n ' Xrfll'Wl. Kvcvci/vi .:TirA A rn^r:rr ,\ia ? fhirrit. 18fl IrOid " <1 ?No. 24 of this im ( i wi rk if o (, compin. igg the fourth \o|iifjic. No oik should '<? w ithout it. . T.auv's M> -steal, Limtaitv, No. i.? Curry, 1"f? hn yrffii/.?The cheapd-' ,ir..l most handsome collertion of music over published. Tidrteen br.-uufv.l songs, Are., for forty rent". Nrve Mrsic.? Atvii/, 201 BroadwrtyThe best music More in the city, has Just published "When the Moonbeam," the second of tlie Hongs of the Sea, with a beautiful frontispiece, the "Ladies Man," m I the "Fiiendnhip Walt* and Onllopnde"?all superb ptscas of music. rWTfa SO"TIfERV MAIL j i [Ctgfra|K>utle?<e of tlw HeraM<] AVahjiivi.wc, Saturday, 3 P. M. ** Congressional Proceedings. A t'OBrfrntnirntmii u presented in lite St-naff t lut morningfroiu i!ie Secretary oi St ate, in compli- : ince with a resolution udoptud some four or live , months baek, concerning the late examination of} die public buildings in this city. Also, a message i froftt til" President transmitting a letter from the 1 I* rench Minister, inviting the government of the I'nited States to utile whh the French in establishing a weekly line of steamers between New York ind Havre, for the purposes of oommeTce, carrying ' letters and passengers, together with the reply of Mr. Webster acknowledging the importance of the proposition, and promising to lay the affair before Congress. The Dancing babbit Creek Treaty business came next, and a hill for the reorganization of the army followed. This bill proposes a reduction of the army which would save to the government seven hundred and odd thousund dollars jier year. The proposed reduction is as follows:? la the twenty companies of Dragoons, 300 men In the fbrty companiei of Artillery, 310 " In the eight companies of Infantry, 1,400 " Total reduction, ?,MS Leaving the rank aud file of the artny at 8,884, iustead of 7,329, as proposed by the House bill. This will give an effective artny in the field, on an average, of about 7,008. The bill abolishes the office of Commissary General of Purchases and the Superintendents of Armories, Arc. Tin* House have concurred in the amendment of (lie Senile to ihd little tariff bill?so nothing is uow required to IDnhe it n law but the sanction of the Kxecutive ; but if the construction given to the proviso by Mr. ltivee and Mr. Buchanan be correct, Vfr. Tyl"r will not Vtgn it. lie will never commit himself 10 die uneondittonal distribution, liowever craftily the proposition is diaguiHe<L PtUlndelpHla, (Correspondence ol' the Herald.] PnrLxDCLrim, June 2C, ltWi The only subjuct matter of conversation hers, ii the luol between Marshall and Webb. There arc two points of surprise about the matter. One ia that Marahall should condescend to challengaWet>b, and another, that he should have been successful in retaining him upon the ground within ten paces of a " mahogany stock and percuaslon 3a|u." I never knew a case of the kind whera there wae <o little comralsseration lor the wounded man. None regrot Webb's fate, and many express regrets tliat the result was not more serious. Yesterday, the Colonel was cheerful and errn gay, ex* perieiicing'lrttlc inconvenience from his mishap. He ito*<lay suffering much from lever?unable to rauS his head irum his )ulh.w, or to use hie teg In the slightest. Some Apprehension is entertained, that some of the sinctvs of tge leg are injured, which may cause the loss of the leg. OQM-TFhE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by the ColL?nt of Mrmcirr and Pha*wsct, has. in serural cases, since the opening of the College, effected remarkable cures. The names and addresses of the persons thus re* . tieved may be hod at the oflicc. This most agreeable and powerful restorative and purifier of the blood, is a oombi nation of the most valuable tonics, and is recommended in the strongest manner by the College, u calculated to invigorate aiul strengthen the whole system. AU persona ?ulTering from debility and loss of nervous enargy,induced >y t\ hatesrer caure, are invited to make trial of this rentiv. Sold in bottles at two dollars and one dollar each, at 9i Nassau ft to-AN OLD BUT A HOMELY mOvXAB^-lt is an ill wind that does not blow good to somebody. We hear 1 of a party consisting of eight gentlemen, who diri1<.1 on the subject of C?>1. Webb going south on thererent duel. One party observed that the Colonel would not ffght The consequence was a be, waa mode for dinner, nines, ho. for th< company, to come oil at the Kremlin, vhis day. in Cotter's best style. We understand the " Grave Room" has been engaged specially, being rather n grave subject. We linrea'vord to say tojrotter iu relation to this dinner, namely, let it be superb in the extreme, the wines premier quality?so that the gentlemen shall nave enjoyed them.- Ives to the full extent, as all parties are much pleased that no lives were lost. Also, charge r good prior. We know the parties, they can afford to pay. Particulars of this dinner to-foot-row, and if not in as good style as we recommend, the worthy host shall bear from u*. \ot lee to Oar babtcrtbers, to- OFFICE OF THE NEW YORK BANK NOTE LIsX -iP? Broadway, N. Y?Those who take hills of banks tot reported in our list, must do so at their own risk. Some jackasses have stated that ourlist is incorrect jX'nW'ftifff cicnt tor us that the bills of a bank are redeemed at some broker's office in Wall street; we must be fully satisfied of the prohab)e stability of a bank before w? give h annotation or even inset t an advertisement that shall expose our subscribers to a risk of loss, bribes or threats to the ontrary notwithstanding. (i) CHARLES McINTYRE k CO. to- THE AMERICAN ANT1BILTOUS CATHARTit PILL.?This' medicine is peculiarly adapted to this climate. By stimulating to healthy action all the biliary apparatus and digestive organs,anil removing vitiated leretions from the syttton, it gives new tone to all the vital powers, and preserves from the inroads of that numerous -lass of maladies produced by indigestion and derangements of tho liver. Bold in boxes at 54 cants, and 2* cents each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. l*rincipal Office of the College, 97 Nassau street. Newark, Jan. 15th, 1+12. I CHEERFULLY SUBSCRIBE MY TEST 1 muunii ?iin li'C iriuiiuudc puuuslieu ny J. roase K aoll. I was pronounced incurable, in the last stages of consum tioa, and three largo packages of Pease'i Hoarhootid Can. <iv performed a radical cura, and loujoy better health than I have for ten year*. MRS. ANN DUV ALL, 13J itroad at. - My child waa at thererg* "f <he gnrvewfth the whooping cough; $1 worth of Pease's Hoarhoand Candy entirely reUeredhar. W. B. PAULS CRAFT, Cor. Washington V Christopher it recta. W. Roggers rucomrruuds Paaie'a Harohound Candy for the whooping contgh, an.l aayi that no familyahotild be without k. I was afflicted with a pain in the cheat, and raising of blood every time I coughed; 1 made tr<al of "ease's Iloarhounil Candy, and it produced immediate relief. ?. h. tiENNON, ?0C Pearl it. Thu U to certify thai 1 hrtc been troubled with a tevote rough mnf cold, and found n relief until T used Pease's lloarkotiiid Candy with good ancceai. W L- i RiSH, St Lodlow atreat. Pedlurs end confectioner* arc not appointed agent*. Each envelope of the genuini lloarhound Candy is ngneil J. Pease and Son, 16 Bit tlen atreet." Agent*, Ziclier, <! l>ock street, Philadelphia, Ta.; Redding, No. 8 State -tract, Boston; Robinson, No. 110 Baltimore street, Baltimore. (?- FEVER AND AGUE CONQUERED BY HHERman's Fever and Ague Lozenges, the chills do not return us thoy usually do when cured by other remedies. Dr. Sherman has established a branch at St. Louis/or the accommodation of the titizens of the west, who are more afflicted whh thtf disease than we are at the east. Ttt. Zobriskie, an able and distinguiahQd physician, has charge of the western depot. Dr. Sherman's office is at 106 Nassau atreet. ; ' , i 1 CC/- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, prepared by the College of Mroicisr and Phaemacy, and now flfat offered to the nubile, Is a certain specific lor tha<c maladies with which Vice visits her miserable followers. Let this class of sufferers try it, and sav* themselves from the baleful effects of neglect or maltreatment. Sold in bottle* at two dollar* and one dollar each, with full directions for use. W 8. RrCHARDBON, Agent. Office of the College, 97 Nassau street. (g?- THE INNUMERABLE FRAUDS PRACTICED by Druggists in counterfeiting family medicides, has long bean a source of revenue to the undertakers, and a serious complaint of the proprietors of such medicines, whose resort to trial by jury ha* been ineffectual from the impossibility of collecting costs, and thousands of our fellow creator** have consequently been driven to an untimely grave. This eril. we are glad to observe, is about to tie removed by the recent establishment of the New York Patent Medicine Warehouse, No. 16 John street, opposite th* celebrated 'i'horliurn's seed store. W'e observe that a lad is in attendance to wait ?p*n families, while the proprietor* superintend the other I ranches >f the business. If thu svs'rin is well followed up. it will secure the p?troBafltui tha i*ibllc an 1 the uood w ishisi of the Mtn-ie lot* of populai medicines. (.') (f- HF. d/RKABI.E--The " l?l>nited ? vprinu Ii?!To:i * prt'pt.i'.l by l?r. Fshs, ol Boston, "" t loil. r per triple, not only attract* the attention or Kipficla, of 'be Arena, but hn?corn 1.0 led an t > isive sale of the rtirlat the New YovU Psilei,'- Medicine Warehouse, 1C John ?t. op|Mi>ite Tliorkurii'a. fir?-fMFFLK FOR A SAIL rtoAT THIS AFTERNO'lN. -A R.iCle will take place Ibis afterno. n,a: o'rlocV, i.t No. TOWashirgtou sirvet. Any person Hilling act, >11 ce may obtain one on application at the alxtve place. Price fjr?- OFVTCF. OF TTir NEW YORK BANK NOT! LIST.'J.V Broadway. New York.? Ti. citizens of New i York are hereby notnieU, tha' we shall is< te Irom the ol Ice on Saturday nevt, the Public I"'gerr>uJ f leheral Ad- I ecttiaer, which w ill be continued w crkly, a . Ideiivcrol , gratuitously to cur subscribers, the hotrlv l< acti i*. sterna'aiais, ho. This m w*| uper Till contain our ntrst re| the money market, wholesale prrcea cm r n'i and recent nwnttrMt' ftnminr a weekly tnpplenent ti ccr V>t- Y-rk It nk Note 1,W. and wlu contain hil ?? 1 ndtle mvii witjt ivok Ikhl Hi*- ' m lire ?? will render the i'uhlic Ledger tii >ti*tiurtiTf and i iimimiie weekly journal, mado donhly palatable ?o the -cadrr? hr ita twin* ftir.iiahed at their Wore or rraMenee .rrr Saturday without charwe. CHARLES, MclNTYRE fc VO., 908 Broadway, New YorkOur charge for adTertiaing will he three crate a Une. tnd raohadeertiaemrnt of Si willheentitled to wyjl?""" it? of ]i%(ier? for prh ate rlrrnletmn not ? J and in proportion tor rto1f?r pA for ^ ing. * ' - fi'iii'ii 1 rsiKBammamammmtmmmtm *. o& THE NOeTKUM VENDERS WHO PRETENE to cms all diseases by the administration of aloe* and gamboge, are teuuestedto call at the principal office of 'heCnuiBg er aM PMrJUMi and receive oaac useful lea'oust By or.!#, W. i. RICHARDSON, Ajeut. 0(7- TO TRE FEMALE SEX?An invaluable Medicine tor the cure of all those diseases peculiar to the ?e*, and for the restoration anil preservation of the functions of the female organs, is offered in the Rbstobatitc Pills ol the Collcoeos Medicine ind Phabmaot. Sold in boxes At il.60 cents, and -la ceutk ear li. W S. RICHARD80N, Agent. , . (^lic^ oi; tjy: College, ffT,.N>ae?vetfe?a. gra- HILL'S NEW YORK MUSEUM.?Gnat Attrac. 'ion To-Nijfbt.? Besides ourfacetious,laughte^provoking, iuu-c renting friend, xsnkce HiU, i? the beautlpilt and accomplished vocalist. MIm Taylor, and Mr. Dunk, from thu Treroont Theatre, Boston, who will line severs! of tbair greatly admired songs, after which Yankee Hill will apnear in coitume in tome selection#from hit roost celebrated .iicces, Hssjstwi liy Mrs. WatU, Mrs. I.odar, Miss Wallace, Mr. Price, and o?fc The excellence Of this dettpktfal establishment hw heem found out and appreciated. ea<l Hill is getting up bill fast. This Museum has been h< fashionably attended as any plaoe in the city. Animal Magnetism every afternoon at i o'clock, andakost of other attractions. See bill*. (&- AMERICAN MUSEUM?The manager Ua* provided an unprecedented variety of novel attraction# this week, including every thing in the " wonderful" line which oanbo dueired. Among other novelties we perceive he has obtained permission from the United (Rates Government to exhibit for one week the ca?t taken from the head of Vendor!, the Fejee Cannibal. 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Jones as Core, Mr. Thome as Fixarro, and Mr. Hiold aa Rolia. W? understand that the preparation! for the production of the grand nantieal dramaofthe "Water Witch" having been completed, it ia to bo produced to-morrow evening in a style of much magnificence. City Despatch Post, , 46 William Stsrkt. PansciraL Orrios.?Letters deposited before halftwst 9, half-past 10, and half past a o'clock, will be amtonf for lshvery at9, I,and 4o'clock. Bus wen Omcss.?Letters deposited befortT, 11, and J o'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9,1, and 4 o'clock. ALEX. M. OREIO. Agent. . I - .L.-?-Jl.-UJi- ?Jl I...H IJIJ.I jm MOSBT MARKET. Sssndny, June illMi P. Id. Tli# following were tho clearances of produce from Montreal in one week for Oreot Britain :? MoSTSKiL? rpaSv.A.g0OMTMl: llTIS TO THg tOTR or Jews, lacLvaivc. . Kjcpertinx. A Namr. FortrlM port. -hheo. Flow. Pork. Mary filuir, Liverpool. 313 brio. St?7? Wis. ? Monarch, J.ondnn, 323 do 1773 do ? On feu Viclnria. Kidney, ? 36 do SOhrk. (.insds, Oreeuoeh, 51 do ltft do ? Apollo, Dundee, T7 do ? ? Atrey, Liverpool, 864 do do k7 do 1'iiiice ofWales, Newcastle, 37 do 30116 do 173 do ltbcksliire. Liverpool, ? 3380 do SK do Indian Chief, ,?ritu>, ? , 2640 do M do mum, vi mienrnvvii, u uo *5in? on ?~ Alexandrine, Sutidrrloud, ? 4817 do *Total, 1,09) 25,6 8# 708 At Boston, sale* of six per cent stock of that city of 1S47, sold at par. . r T> ' > The banks of Virginia are in the long run, probably the worst managed instittitions in the whole oetnttry. The bank* of Alabama are perhaps in the worst condition, but that is as much owing to the inherent tice of the Stale bank system, as to the mismanagement of the institutions. The State Bank of Virginia is governed by a theorist of the most visionary Biddle school, and of ocurso nothing but a prosecution of the irredeemable Systam can be expected from that quarter, end the other institution* take their tone from that bank. The following Is a re 'urn of the Exchange Bank Of Virginia, at different periods Kxcinv.t Ba.nk of Viivixii. Jan. 1841. March, 1841. 7<tn. 184''. Mun-klSUI I.nam. 2. (168.97 j 2,115,1* 2,109.5.15 , 2,358.541 Exeiw.iltc, 41.036 25.748 18,448 49,818 .Stale Stock. *71,784 218,891 852,426 200,045 SiupenMDelit, 7J6C 7,565 ? 20,500 Due fm B*ki, 230,910 IlTJ.Ttf 20t,748 268,078 Exp*HMa, 2,212 12,810 ? 12,123 B'kinit House, 66,146 ~i3,959 ?2,233 87.259 Specie 977,592 272,323 t'8,256 227,012 3,096,165 3,012,525 3,216*61 3,326,397 CwdTAuou, ' h'.ii ' tdii.kTB ' 7*2.7113 Mit795 Duo Bank., 134.670 1 14,867 470,051 140,727 i)c |H>siti'?, 411,004 450,182 486,877 601,676 Surples, 122,101 111,244 165.918 246.322 91.096,165 3,012,525 3,210,661 8,396.392 Ilcru are tile returns of the Bank since January, 1S4I, ihowing that ro far from making any preparation to return to specie payments, the concern is ia a mare extended position now thsn a', that time. The following are the available means and immediate liabilities at each pe riod Jan. 1311. March, 1611. Jan. 1842. Jfar. 1842. .Means. 049,478 131, ?56 471.444 56t,M? Liabilities, 1.852 534 1,215,431 1.1*8,783 1,441^83 ExCcm liabil. 603,056 783,578 S57.255 888,679 % Here ia a constant and regular Increase of tba axcese ef liaiiilities over the awrts, and yd these banks are con Linually talking of waiting for new crops, "until thetobacco ond wheat gcti to market to enable the country to pay the town*, uid the latter to diaeharge their debt* to the northerncj^es." i'his it the same idle theory that Mr. Bildieclung to, aM which ruined the Bank of tho United State*. Tt was to enable tho people to pay their ! debt* to the banks, by coaetantly lending them more money. R wat always the practice of the United Strtee Bank, when, through abundance of bank fcrilitiea et any mm kctiou, lue purchases of foreign good* at that point bocameao large as to eaa?o adverte exchangee ; Inst -ad of | removing the eiil ly rw'ncing the currency at that point, I it was always heightened by ine-eaaing the voluma of tbecurroDcy in order to relieve the praasnee routed by | the original false movement of the bnnk. Thl* chocked I theditfioulty for the moment only, to cause it to return | with incrcatcd violence. In mo?t sections of the south, the same peliey ha* been pursued, anil alway* followed by the same ruin which overtook the lata National Bank. The depreciation of the Virginia paper, cautnd by the fkleo movement of the inititntion*. ie appealed tb by toe very men by whom it it rau*ed, a* an evidence of the indebtedneea of Virginia to the north. Tl.ey Mate that they cannot pay their debt* until the rate* become more equabied. yet they continue the laaar cburse which he* depreciated the liilli, and which moat continue Mill further to depreciate them. The bank olhcer* Mate that the discount ou Virginia money is caused by ever purchase* of foreign good*. The President of the hank of Virginia In a letter to the committee on bank* Mated as follow* liven then it will require great abctemiousnec* in the ute of foreign article* of consumption during the year,and aeonaidarabia diminution of the discount* of the hank*, and that, too, at a time when the country is not prepared for a heavy pecuniary prtfiure. The pre?ent crop of tobacco, ottr great ftaple, although abundant, it to thought by tUo?e beat ijuahbod tojudga, will not yield to the Stat* a* much a? the pre* ioua arap by a million and a half or two million* of dollar*. It should be recollected, too,that about half of eur State del* ha* been within a few year* dtopoged of abroad, and then eerved a reaonrer pro l.mio, but that now initead of receiving we hove to pay for the int*reat. The discounts of tha bank* are the cauit and the moan* of the over purchase of foreign articlaaaf consumption. It i* in vain for Mr. B.ockenbrough to diaconnt the note of a tracer, and then adv ite him not to parehamany good* at tha north, becanieit is neceaaary far the Stnte to he eco I nominal, or if he ronewi the note of the trader it i* felly I for him to tell him not to tnirt the planter for nny more good; then hccan pay far. The planter runa in debt and puti otf p ymcnt a* long a* he can. He nolda hi* crop for I higher pun-' or u*? fhc proci ed* for other purpoae*. The 'radrr will not pi'fh liif customers ni long a* the i hark vill rel< ve him, the l.ank will releiva him r? .ong ! i- i. can avoid pry ing i'.? Ow v debt*, and no longer Tho 1 reatili ji that tho northern creditor mutt pty a discount on .ill he r-crive*. from (t to it? ner cant, which it added to tho ; ucoof the mod., he Mils to the Virginia trader, who inrrca?e? hi* charge to the planter to tho same eMC' f. The planter by delaying hie payment* to the trader thus improves ujHin himtelf n ta\ of *ay 10 per cant on all he consume*. Ruppoae the true policy w aa puiooed the planter would aeli liia crop and purrha** good* to the est<ot if hi* profoa only. The trader receiving hli p?7 prompt < ly woull eltochnrge hit debt* lo the bank ?nd the bonk con fining itself to it* togitim do b t*!ne?* would alway t ha-, e the meant of paying. Tha demand for ev-hange wottid | n vnr cscfwl the supply drawn again* eapoita of produce ' iwc iinw th* producer of thecropt and the container of th? I good* kept within hi* actual meant, and of course lh? * hole State Inetaad M being * beggarly debtor would be- f ( , 0m# a creditor- Thfe ia the caae in Nam England. Tho tKinku in tnai ? ? jtwi wn?ir, uv a ?tju>in?r ?-n<inen. The indnstrioua end frugal habits of the people h .reront them from IWlng beyond thedr Inromr. The re- E nit U, that ell the world to etell timee In deM to New , ;,g|rmrt. The rontreethetween the Kaetern end South- * *rn eeetiene to easily eeen in the following table rent piled * f i ion the lete crura* returae. , 5