Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1842 Page 3
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I , .11, III I I Vce. F ifUni, Snulhtm Xltiti tudoiU of luiliu': f $i!1 JH'Xit' ?W,Js7,JBl Tfipta! ran.ulali. 1J3W J.J13.181 a%ak rnrrriKT, :MPt.?7? st*.:Jebu, w>n,*j 2?,V?;,r7? The pro?j*rity of this section by no mount depcuds upou iu |>*pr:r currency, but upon the industry of it* mhabitunte anllhcir frugality. lit* currency ii a mara ma4 chine by wWh the wealth so produced is exchanged. That machiiok nay be a miserable rickety paper one, frequently out of order, or it ruay be a aubetantial metallic ? one, that wiilprrlerui ita functions* all traoea ami acaaous with uuduviatffcg exactness. The iouthern States ought to boa? perpetuus aa those of New England, to produc* $816,014,143 per annum. Whereas those States owe a debt or 10parj>cnt,tf thair annual production, while New Lugland owe* a debt of 4 per cent of it*produce only. Theae fact* are characterlatic of the two aecticm*. The uufsvorableness of Hie comparison to the south, ariae* in a great measure, fpom the vioiou* nature of the paper sy Mem. It not only liereaiea taxation but encourage* extravagant0 an I iloth, and discourage* industry. The Mutbarn State* alone low?it a low calculation $106,000,000 per annum, through the influence of the banlu. Baltimore Cattle Market. The aObriaga of Beef < attle at the drov e yard* on Monday araewated to 130 head, and on Thursday 70 more were brought in. The aalee of the week reach 200 head at price* ranging from $4,00 for inferior to $S per 100 lb* for prime. About Too head remiun in the market unsold. HogA?Sale* of Live Hog* have been making throughout the week at $4 a $4,36 per 100 lbs. There arc none now in market. ? IMesI, On the 30th mutant, in the 66th year of hi* age, Mr. Thomas McLean, a native of the Comity ofCavan, Parish of Kiltashandra, Ireland, and for many year* an inhabitant oftbwcjty. Hi* friend* and acquaintances and those of hi* brotherin-law, Mr. Jame* Sorehan, are respectfully invited to at? tend hi* funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from No. 30 Lu inber street. On the 20th instant, aged 82 years, Eluahrrii, wife of Robert Dillon. The relatives and friend* of the family are invited to attend her funeral, at 6 o'clock this afternoon, from the residence of hue son Robert Dillon, 06 Eldrldge street. P(i*s?'*gcrs Arrived. LivearoOL?Ship Tsroliuta?J IVace aud lady, Win Gougli ??l7 irf the airemL-i-. Barwis?Rsik Hudson?J L ftchrage and lady, AC Becker, lady, child and servant, of New York; C M Cranston, of New I oruiunq n vfiurtr, nnmourf"-iw swajre, Satahnah? Brie AmniU'^B GarHn^r. Uihr, 4 children and >*mMi John R Gardner and lady, H T Weed, lady. 2 children and servant. W R Symotia and ladr, H F Wood and lady, 8 A Ho.iker, lady and ttwo eiiHdron, G Jones aad lady, Mrs and M'-? Morrison, Mias Downing, James Safer, Paul Oroely and tersmt, F Oonpeck, A Mia. Paaaenfen Sailed, LrrsaeoaL?Packet ship CJarrick?John Carow, George B Mnrrwood, Alfred More wood, of New York; Chaancey Jerorn , Jr., E Perk, ('onoecticut; A F. errs on, Baltimore; Na'haa F Bslter. A Mitehall, Cincinnati; D Junes, Charleston; Robt Shaw, N?w Orleana; Josa Bosch, Martin Wayner, M Rcigo, Hav.ins; F. Beiire, C Bahre, Mexico; Thomas Btrdman and lady, London; John Borle. Staffordshire, Euft Frederick Rthamer, Germany; D ltnbede. Faralgn (at|tartatloni. LttKftpooL?Shin Fairfield?10 cs Lewis k co?1 Bird, Qilli . Van tt co?2J hal-s Wood, Johnson St Biirritt?10 Danl Oakey fc sons?3 J Robinson It an?I T Hum A ro?3 Ssml Denuistun? IR Wm Whitehead?12 Tooker, Mead fc co?2 Thus Vernon? 25 Ctmernn fc Brand?2 cks John A Newbould?9 da 20 crates Win Chaitneey k co?1 case Lewis Attrrbury?6 cks 50 crates E Csuldwull fc eo?137 crtt Banj A Mumford?112 bas tin 262 pigs copper Phplpa, Dodfe fc co?127 ingots of tin Hicks fc co?1 bxs 3 cks 13 caffOO hxi nn 100 tops j iy iron to order. Litikjool?Ship Tarolin'a?75 tons coal 2S cks John He rdman?W mates Grin el k Mintun.?6 caaas Samnel Thomson? 3 biles l|mith, Thurgar fc co?774 bars ?K) hills iron ()W urinui ?. uii" fu-.ii ni'iuiimil? Jl C UCH DU?| nilliam K CO ?100 tradeii HWiukley?10nkg* David H*ddeukS..n?55case? 4 pkn Joseph Rhode*?40 hale* Isaac Onodall?9T.8 bar* ICO bdls iron (ongdon It eo?301 cum Win Chanee, Son It co? 1014 bain* 117 bills iron B f"rook*?3207 ban iron khtlesonk Bittell?ttp railway ban Wm Mead?10 raaea Woodhall k Minttirn?10 try not* N rratr* 30 ea*e* to order. SiaaL?B to Forrest? 475 bale* 85 bf do heir p 47 itiek* cedar "i; do dvswood 5 ton* logwood Underwood k McKinlev?1M tiu 927 l?f do 1459 qr do extract ol? logwood I plrg A Palrnllo? 1 1'ahle Feai 4c eo. St JoHb*, TH?Brig Kngntie?116 bids sugar 177 clu molasses Mum k Thompson. Domestic Importations. BiUTKlH- BrigAngusta?03 bale* cotton A O Miller?ISO 8 Froruon-llOl (iTInlhns?85 C Barstow k Pope?90 11 Coitk co?tfl hag* feather* K Orarea. MARITIME HERALD^ To bblp Masters. We shift esteem it a far or if captain* of reaaela arriving here, will jure to Comuiodore W. A. Baaaett, of our news fleet, a report ufjh* shipping left at the psrt whence they sailed, the ve^el* spoken on their passage, a lis; of their cargo, aud anv funisn neprspapera they may hpve. Commodore Bassett will board thenar in mediately on (hear arrisal. We will reciprocate the faror it anv way. ' <t. To Correspondents Abroad. Onr rorres|>ondeut.t in foreign |>orts are respectfully requested to send by every veisel all the marine intelligence tney can obtun. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home ? " " POET OfTNEW YORK, JUNE 17, 18*14. st't* Rt?E* 4 33 I stoats 22 arts ?gTs--?c 7 S7 I Hint vit? 11 35 Arrived. HhlpFairleld, Wilsea, from Liverpool, May 22, with mdse, to Josssou k Lowden?270 steerage passengers. 3d inst. 1st 53, Ion if BO. exchanged signals willi an American ship standing to rhe westward, showinc a red, white and bine signal, witb the h-tiet it. llth. lat 43, Ion 16, spoke biig Monarch, from t a nz w?r names. i3tn, tar 41, passed 15 Icebergs, eztrndmp from Ian 19 M to 51 180, and uw number from the mothoao, both north and south. Hhin Taroliula, Smith, from Liverpool, May 20. with mdse, to (fcrmnelt, Mimum It Co. flailed in ro. with ship Europe, Marahall, lor New jfoili. Mar ?. lat 52 30. Ion W, James Btotliera. naatu, fofmuny of Richmond, Va. fell over board, and ra? d.owne I. llth lal41, Ion 55, saw bark Uulnare, of Boston, standing e??l. Swedish ahip Victoria, Brcekr 56 dart from Cadiz, With alt, to Boorman, Johnaon It Co. Bremen bam Htsdeeti, Hohotat, 14 day* from Bremen, with mdse, to E. It T. Popj?e British hark Bridget Timmina, Morrison, 59 day* from Carrnarthen, Wales, witheoal, to ma*ter?*13 passenger*. Br< men I ark Louise, Jensen, (5 days from Brem*', in ballast, to urdrr?lOt passengers. Italian hark Anomino, ( new, 74 (Hya from Palermo, with fruit, Ac to Lawrence It Robinson. 1'. ifarlt Ionia, Etc lit, 5 days from East port, with plaster and lath, in I* I. Noriua It Hon. Sailed in eo. with brig Oertn, for Philadelphia, and srhr Trxiai). {or NYorir. t6lh inwt. lat 40 30, Ion 71 '.5, picked up a cask spirits of turpentine, marked diamond BJWpaasengcre. IB rig Eugene, Drinkwater, II day* from flt. Johns, PR. with ailgnr, to master. Brig FoineWj McKirHrv. II days tjoin flta-d. with liroip, to W. fh Underbill. Lsft, 15th tilt. I. B Mi nirtcvim reorl Thunder. Capt. Edw. Uansrtt.fmas the Los Areas rocks, ssheie she had been surveying, all well?bound on a ctnise to windw?rd. Brig Augusta, Sherwood, 5 days front Savannah, with cotton, te Sturgee It Clearmsn. Sebr A. L. Aekrriran, Had, 5 days from Elenthera. with imo dnzeu pine a:mlaa GO walertneiotit so P. Balesi Left sehrs F.tirhantrem, for Boston, 3 days, and I hnrupioa, for Baltimore, f> d tyi. lolQWs A fintiah kork. o-w brig. Notl?? to DlaMner*. UoTTfcROAM. May 10.?The Director Oeneral of klarine baa notified, under date ihe 15th of May, (hat two su;all bnoyastre placed at two moat dangerous points of tbe rhannrl leading along the Schevlhockt Srudbaults. from tbe southern shore of the Ooeree to the Mjddlehsrnia?vis. one on (be NW. point of the s<>ct'fed Sclierthocks, Middlehank?bearings the steeple of lioer-e, between the farm of Widpwr Lnk-1*.and another farm, a house situate .' within the one of Widow Loiters; n second or .... ....i.?* ........ ij.i iv, mi ine ?ouni*t? po.nt ol tne .aititdtrh. r.k?twarin: . the church and mill .Mi Sndl-udam in oue au itl ir, ?nd |Ik iIM|4c of Owim two .hips' length west of a l.irjie .'arniho?a.e, outside ol' Strikeudaitt, both ia 33 nakwu water at low wate.; whilt on lbs gr'iands of the .oath sneer, which with hub water are at time: overflown. three beacons hare t. en placed; beatings ol' the first, or outermost, the .teeple of <> <eres and a .wnal) rot in one; and the .erwnd, the steeple of Goerra and large fiirmhonae uwtaide of Slelleadam; the north br.icon hearing athwart ilia second iium inside of Harden. dam. \i Ipoken. Ella. Boaton far Philadelphia. June II, Sandy Hook NW. 10 miles?hy pilot beat Fly. Forsl(n Port*. St Joita, \B. June 21?Arr Elinabeth, Philadelphia. Cld llth. Ionn. Eadtpnrt. ' Qt'Mnc, June It?Arr ic. Liverpool; Rnbt Monroe, Leith; Wmgrave.Glasgow; ttld, Luna, Hligo; loan. do. Cld IM. F.dward, Plymouth ; (. afirm, Liverpool ; Cliarloite, L.nraster. MosTitil, Jim m?Ait Brnnttle, AleirWiae, and Win.rile., Livcrtoul. M?Ta*r.t?, June 19?In port. Lotrw. from Salem, rust air: IJ Aymar, for ( Owe., ju J day.; Roman. !U?l ?rr; Falcon.t, for frt or rhart^; Washington, for Philadelphia, 2 d?; Angnit.,fpr Boston. 7; Franklin. Portland. 7: < onvert, Charleston, 3. Sid IBth, Wobnrn, f own; F.apelata, Philadelphia. baited States Ports. Cawuae. June It?Art Orion, ( harlntim. Shi 20th. Clintlaw, Key West, Fla; CintMia, Cbvrlv.ton; Il?t, N O Bonnie, do. Wi.caa.rr, J?1- ?-Arr Selma. NVork. ..T1?0.10Jniaals?Arr Susan Laiiwig, Richmond; 2Ut, V H.mia. B. at >n. PotTLaWB. June II?No arrtrsl or clearance. Arr Md, Drlaware, HntladMphan., JWn. n?Arr Clinton Phi'id. lrdii.; Mcitator, do. ? Algonquin, CienfueZ rTTeT ' JelecraiSed.hrig Pen a. Signal for t brig, ? Id Purer. Cqr Town .mf C.trnrt.; Krederlr Warren. Manilla; Mohawk, Bermuda, or elsewhere, win, ioialid : a. , nTin. ( hutaiihiirg; Sdm a. Uenja;Koiahr 1U, Norfolk; 1) law ,re. I'tul.uh Iphia: Y. are d l, Fair Deal. r, ,lo, Huwar. iw. Til, Nrw B'-giy-.a.), Ju?c 21?Afr Monitor,i1iil.wlH|.lim; luplti-r, Alhaut. I June la?Arr CaaVet,Mstiutat; Elvira,,New tirleaha. Sid Tremotjt, Boi.on; .Mani lla Ryan, fliiladrl,,Ma, SJd. M.ria. Norfolk. PK'ttPrirrfis, June ?j?Art .Roht Wain. J5ostou;i Below, , ... ., Kill CC*i,'Cl liri*. on IK' of tl.rfrtiart*; Alii.1 It.* > iiol <| < mala full ri.trrd brig unci * relet liolnvr W?|(I? Ho k; Acorn, Win Ifarrla n, two briga soil teteml artif* nnfcimrau, at Quarantine; !" rue? can e. and .. a.'J.r off V"*ratt1'. I'M fhio "i.-, Pi.. J. Janeiro: MancUcutei, An'ar.iv; Queen Victoria, Trinidad, Palm, Pauline, and Thnfn, B'nr..fir WrxiHIanda, ft Joint, NB; ( Vtur, Harm., fal ' .. , Jury .<(?Arr forcno,>oli(r, 3au Bla?. Wit.MT?rjT'.a, >? '. Inn* ?o?Art Catania, Iltrn.ncJa. Cld Rnekrt, im I ayea. f'naatcarn*. June ?3?Air Jacob SWaln, Mumxa.; Z?fhvr, St Pi. no, Mart. CM Feiat, (larrr; Anaon Work; Aea. licni, tHaari.jr; PrdaicJ, Hat via; Orator, Kail River, Sl.l Minn*'.1, I,i?r?fu ot; floirenae. Button; L L Stuncra, NYork. Savartjra't. Jnne 2|?Ari Ann A Pbrier, Haaana Bid Angnu, NYvrk;Y u) Bo,ten. Aral armcoLa, Jon-- M?AT A'abamc, Work. >tw Oatcarai June 17?Cld <J le-a-e. Hall; Manrarrt, Naa au. Art Miridiatna, Button; Tt ua?dot Auburn. Vi* York. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS 'PHtSE faf fcaad and celebrated Ptlla, farm Portugal. u?. 1 we Mrnaata, to M obtained la (hp country. Be, adaertweinanf on rl.a laat column of fourth naga. ml it Y)A. 3aM>.T aI.ft*AMftSh^SfifoN hi. remna^d JJ Ma < oneoannrn Ornca. to 'Wo. 3 Hraai.n Brivoaw enter of Naam aad Fulaou *trrel* jat fat tame *- i I First Dirblon *? Y. ?JU. DIVltlOtf OKBEM ? , Ne w Yo?k. June k, Uil Hie Major (isarral tutin*raoan'tan'0 tlie witer mnnir i?nea an official notice ol their lutruuon to introduce tlic voter or tlic Croton River iuLo the larm n xvuir at Yorkvillc, oa Monday neat. Uin .rilh ii -taut, ib-eiua it ijoncr to mark tliia important and tiMMt :;-atif> lit* aveltt U> nutablr deiuouatratioiu of public rciqMUu*. T " b Mm*-* a" I ni .uttadi' of ike jirr^ect, -rad the iiiiuiiia* a i<Yw In' . i|, nir? I* en eaacutau, arc worthy of die < Ur ijitlc ami jmldw: ey'ilt ol < Itr city, win hi the lileniiucr and advantage, iw be ilmivnl liuai it arc incalculable ami uirstiinabiu. Brioaijior Oru. .Muirm. coruanjuidiun iln: 8ixtL Brigade of Artillery, will order a amuble intacluucut fraou lu? Co turn ami lu flm a aahitc cf lUirty-cwkl gum, yorruapcoduig witl. the number of miUfalwlttaou tin- Croton Hirer and tlic icacvoir ajxai the imroduciron or the water into the rcacioir at Yorktillc, on, Mcuday alitinouu at Uiui o'clock, The deta.blueat will harm battery iiuoii tlic height dtrccllv youth ol" trie n-revoir at four or lock, P. k, 11. C. WuJlra VUj? ???? 8ANW-OHD. Sixth Brigade If. Y. S. Artillery. ORDERS No. 19. . New Yoax, June tjth, 184".?. The above dm.ioii orders arc promulgated. I* compliance d* rcwidi, the Eleventh R?(|nwtl will |wr?de at York vi lie, on tin- Xtth instant. Oolon-1 Smith wi'l form ttMUry and cxnarit net? ttriuxat tile lime and |dnc? directed b> the Major General. A salate will alao be tired on the ith day of July iirit, by tba UHlli Regiment, upon the introduction of tire Crutoii water into the distributing reaerroir, at 4*od street. fur which Col. Warner will receive the neee-eary intern. A in munition will be furnished bv the Commiaaary Oeaeral, upon the reqni?itoa of the commandant! of tlta 11 lit and 38th Regimeuu. By order of Brigadier General GEO. P. MORRIS C. Yarns, Brigade Major and laaprefor. Blereuth Regiment If. Y. S. Artillery. ORDERS So. 8. New.York. June ZJtli, 1813. In aomnliauco with the abore Brigade Ordera, tint Ret-iineut will paiut, fully uniformed audequipiied.on Monday, the 27th ihilant, at the Ar.eiul card, at oife o'clock. P. M-, for the purpitac therein directed, ay order of Colonel OEORGE SMITH. Jasrrs Sheldon, Adjutant. Thlity-elghth Rear latent X. Y. 8. Artillery. ORDERS. Nrw York, June 21th, 1848. In compliance witli Bneada Ordara of tbia date, the Company commanded by Captain Walli* in detailed for the duty of wing the salute on the 4th day of July next,ontne introducuou of Cioton water into the dhlributuis reservoir at 42daUeer By order of Colonel ANDREW WARNER. J- P. Dalt. Adjutant. i?'27 Itr T>Y"THE PRESIDENT OV THE UNITED STATES. D _In purauauac of the provisions of a Treaty made and concluded between the United State* and cha Ottawa tribe of Indians on the 31*t day of August, 1831. I, JOHN TYLER, President of the United State*.do hereby declare and malm known, that a public sale will oe hold at the Land Office at Lima, in the Stale of Ohio, commencing on Monday, the tweiity-alnrti day of Augu*t next, for the dis|*>sal of the lands wilhiu the limit* ol the former IndianReserves of *1*and three nib* square, situated on the oor;h ?lqfc of the Maumee nrer, North of the base line and cut of the mfridiaq. Fractional section* oqc aud two, iu township five of rauga C'^racJoiial sections one, eleven, twelre,thirteen, twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-fix. twent>-*ereu, thirty-fomr, and thirtyfive, and icctiiw tl|irty-six, iu towushiiisix Of ran^c eight. section* four. (|t?, and six, in fractional township fiva of range nine. . Fractioual township six, mcludiuy th? sixteenth section of ram* nine. Section thirty-four, and fiactiaqal sections twremy-two. thirty-three, thirty-far, end thirty-lit, is to wi ship seven of ranee nine. , , Fractional sections aerrn, eighteen, ana W|>feen, in town hip tie of raatte teu. Also, at the tune time ami place, w<II be offered for sale the treats of land hereinafter described, forming portions of former Indian Keserrrs, and which, under treaty stipul .tiom with the Indians by whotu tb'.y were respectively ceded, axe to be sold for their b-nefit, to wii:-? North of the base line aud aaat of ffie meridian. Fractional section sixteen, within the lteaerve at Ocquanoxas village, in township two of range four. Section sixteen, iu the Reserve on Blauchard'a Creek, in town-hip oueof range seven. Seriiou sixteen, in the Big Spring Keserration, in township one of rau::r thirteen. South of the base line ami east of the meridian. Section sixteen,'.in the Hog C rile U Reserve, in lewu>hip four of raoge six. Sections sixteen in townships five and six, in the Wapaughkoiiiieiia Reserve, of rauges six and seven. Section sixteen, mi the Lewislown Reserve, iu township seven of range eight. Also, at the same time aud place, wtll he offered at miblic sale the lar.ils belonging to the United States within the limits of the iontheast fraction of section eighteen, on the east aide of Sandusky river, in township two north, of range fifteen ease. The sale will be kept open for l wo weeks, (unless the lands are sooner disposed of,) si;d no I mixer: and ho private entries ixf land in the unvnahipj so offered will V admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. Oiven under mv hand, nt the City of Washington, this twentythird day of May, anno Domini, tut; JOHN TYLER. By the President: J NO. M. MOORE, Acting Commisaioner of the General Land Office. je IP Itaw toaiA dtiw rpO RHEUMATIC PeKBONSi-The Vegetable" RTienA tnatic Syrup prepared at No. 2g6 BowerT, is offered to your notice. We ask esery person who is afflicted with thi: discouraging ami painful complaint to examine and make inquiries about the medicine, anil if lie it not pertbetly satisfied, we shall he extremely disappointed. The proofs are all at baud, as any person may find upon application eiihcr at the offiee or at the residences of the persons who Lave b**n cured; Every day brings fresh proofs of its womferfttl powers. The proprietor asks no one to try it until he is satisfied by enquiries that it is all it professes to Ire, and that it is a perfect cure for Rheumatism, either iu its inflamatorv or chronic form. If anv nrrsnii after any in> ratigation he may make, should continue to doubt, we tay yoffneed par no money until the medicine Jus cured rmi. Only liir sictirity Tor if payment when you art- cured. Read the IhTlnwiuir, and many mora of a similar kind can be fhowru uiMtn ai-.ulir.'t'<%<i*t |l?j i.'dicf, , - ... tacked with a t iolmit inllaMmdtory rhemnsriain, whicli affected nearly alliny limbs U> such a degree thai lee pj.l nulatiriti bed and wu perfectly unable to sh-ep I'rom tin- pain, when u|k>ii utiut;one battle of the Rhuiunalic Syitip prepared at3W Bow ry, 1 km perfectly cured, wild b*l e remained free frmn it to Signed MARY MURPHY, bit Cauu-iu-Ireel. New York. June 13. 18-12. This rritihra, that in Uw mouth of Mar last I waa attacked with the rheutnatiam in my Itip and shoulders and anna, tabicrciwerad me 1-erteCdy h-lplese and confined trie to nay bed, be>ide whie.k ih< pain waa an veyer, at to make it alrnoat imixpaible for me Lo alee p. ] called in a doctor who did me no good. I then called another, hot did not recti** lira eliahtr-st benefit from uithurL and ray diaaaae waa continually increasing, whew my kusbnud boatKl a battle of the Vegetable Rheumatic Syrup at No. L-rii Uowcry. which immediately relieved the pain, and 1 rapidly irooTercd and am now entirely free from the disease. LYDIA COrFRY, 18th ft. -me door weal from arenae. The followtiut pcraona are alao refercd to, either baring been cured ibemaelvta or baring liad touae memberoi their family:? Mr. liirdaall, 803 Houstonatraet. near CJiutpiv Mr. Rver, corner of 7 th at. ami 3d a remit, and many other*. Tbia Syrup ran be obtained at only ana Ithaca in the city, and that La DM Bowery, cornet of Houston at. Remember, M6. jrJf7 lw*r <7*0 ALI, persons OF sbbUSTAttVHA^rr#^ l All iudividnali whoa# habit* arc sedentary, ar- liable to oatiaraaaf, whith if not removed by a mild and invigorating purgative. will occasion tin- moat dangerous a|>tiearancea of disease. It is this cause which makes literary, professional men, editor*, store keepers, awl all whoee minds ana dee |4y engaged, awl vvbota bodies ha ye little enercise, if sulyect to stone in the gall bladder. Tina, too often lalaj dncase, commanees with lasegukar bowelm pain in the pet of the stomach, often extending to tpc hack; frr<pi-M ronaitmc* uo any unnaual etertion, the dftie tlpun. faom tlw bowel* often white, tiie pain at lb* stomach aomciiraea c it an ding to the liter, and whan the bowels are. very coatinn spreadnw even to the region of the heart. These sviniitoms will sl< be removed by being carefill U> take three or four of Braudrrlh'a Pills, wlienever there is tke least disposition >0 coativeiies*, and when the pain* are seven-, foaror five should be used, and if needful even oiorr- Tbb I pracuoa will cur* tbf disease even tJUr (he atone is formed. Tor the blood la purified by the use of this raloatde madicine, aigl. a* the bile i* saqsetml fromih?blood, when that is pure, it is impossible for the bile to form any farther deposit# in tire gel I bladfitr. Thn Biaadreih Pills the blood, nmka tliat nmd of 111. tocireidsl* fleets-. nnwlikviw k?_ilk ? j: lodga biliary cajculi anil'Jaundice', eSTeetr char'afrectiiiia h..?-^--E?]gifcMT1,;, nLL, art ?oL) at gS cidu i*i box. will) tWcco?*, at tha followii? pU< ''^^ilUlSpilEtH'B pRLNCll^AL OFFICE, Ml Bond way. Unwary Office, *71 Bowery. Hudson afreet, ami 17i Second afreet. TO BE BEMLMBEIIKUiv. *?. ? Btatdra the labela in fuli of mall printing don* in md ink, thara being nn the Ubyla uaarly three huudrad impraaaioaa of a Offix in the BOWUtY in 271. NOT a?. j?27 li"r OTRANUEKg AND CITI/Eh? deslrwe of repleniehing ' their wardrobra wi.ti the newest atyler of gyring G.voda at a diaCoiMtof JSSjwreeat, ana reaprcftally iotrfrd trr rail ?t the Broadway l uh tailoring EsiaMohmrut, where tiny wilt hnd a ipl -mH.1 tuammit of n? awifsshis sable material* recently tmimilrd, ronaivtiiiff of the (*,11 Imhs, f aaaiinerea, Vearfug*. Caahm >n>t a, I)mt> d'etp, Ae. Ik", I atie whole of which Willi* found on iitspertioa to be mpial to any in the market, and will he made to ordrr in aatyle unuarpaaaad in therilv. at* diteovnt of 33S P?f <*enl from erviHi priera. A. L. LRVV, W Broadway. Between (otrrilandt and Liberty ata. A full an it furmeh-d la It honra. Terms?< aeh 00 deHreiy. je 27 II pAVn.IONTHARATQOA SPlfl^O?~The>?Vi^^^ X tienoaa ui the Pavilion fountaiu, and e<|iiidiatant from ( >nrieaa uia.i I,,due Spring., ha* beta thoroughly rruovatcd, and M note oprn for the rrcr|/ti<.n of ruiton. r or ronrrjiienee of location, beauty of tin grounds adjoining, rominodimienret of the rooms, and rtVorta on the |?tt of the prnmirtor l/v avals e hia liir.U comfortable, thia house, it ia believed, is not aiypaaeed. The charges for board end rooms hare been modified to meet. Hi s"uu degree, the d<;*eision of the timea. A share al patronage ia rreprrtfally invited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. StratQfi. tvpriugs, June 20. I1H, je27 twr PRIZE MONEY. TUB men who were on board the U. 8. Hnrreying bri; a Waahrart'Hi, or their anthorired agents, will receive tin ..mountof aalrage money awarded by the Stiprem.- (' our, f r the Sicilian achonaar Armistad, by apfdving to Mr. NATH'L THORNfc, at the City Hotel, between ill* hour, of 10 ami 3 o'd?b, aiml Saturday n-sl the 2nd July, alter which alt an. plirvtioui will be made to him on h.*erd the U. 8. brie, Waal.. ingtoa, wnenin |Ort. __ jiltl ftt'r OPIXIAL TO THK hXDftA.?At i am re|N ?Teiily hr.r v~ lug 11 om I. 'u . the dilTii'Ult.' they ImTe ii 111 ling roy I,a lp s rffi'i, h Sice Store. t? alio The i: firm lion given l" ll sir ri.Mii'ii.? I u" I, .vte'v nakt III same ... public and' bin il .nu'h Ik iBfdinm ni'llie prexa. Aliru'f .uperidr Lil.e ' Frewth 91.Of Store. TV Litprnard xtrerl, . !> ; irifi below Caital tKir Broadway, N. V.. 'iBerjorify of m\ ladle.' 'won and French ahoaa are ?u univcr aally known, I lit etl only tul.tnii th comi.t ndition of my feHwte.l employer., low retired ftom the hft.ifie.i;? h or yetting nn the arti le ..I 1 xdiex' .I' .o 'nil gaiter boot, we alwayt roiuidenrl Mi . Alh u frr WI|*/ior to inv other mu " iwtl In ottr employment." .. _ , THOS. LANK A SON. .v ?.?i.adiea will do well m i>tit th>? in 'In-ir travelling memorandum book. Bev.iifnl French Morning Slippers, at exceed rig i'rleca. jefl :it"r NATiqNALOALLKRy._T,,e lint annual KihMtM n 1 I'n*iJwHv copied IVnm the re?t mitm In tin National OtUrrv. L.widow, i. oiwn at Ik? N '.feet, < i coatinne throughout the fear. AetasUaann ?rati". Faery er|>Un*tlon tfveu by th* art^. Autograph* of die inguielwil li.iax art^t,''^?. ^'gj'|t M11* ?,u rod thf* ;>ublic *M( hi'. b?*iirftc will take nls< ?- VVVd ? . dty jou. a. lau, on whad, oec-tam yul.1" p. (wh< h'l kiinilv and i olanteerwd h.r aiaabte leniM., will perform, hetng her laat appearance bat una in America wrtl^nrh-r entertainments, a* wilt be eipffyawd in the bill, n p meat Brooklyn hrluwl^ulton fetry. f. nmifMei wi'ltpteair attend to receiptof thfir gooda. -w- . yeM Chom-4M BarteTa fct Lawfx Sxaam Mill, floor.' For aafc 1 I.T r. K COLLIN* ft ?:<>. j*W JO Month |U PAIR.?Pttfloui to tb? dedication of (hi French Cntholie Church, id Canal street, several F retch luuei have rtolvcd to held a Fair on Monday, fTth inat. to aid die funds for ita completion. There wilt be a great rangty of elegant, curious and uai lul aitlc a in eihibiuon and fi r aalr. The occasion will afford an uppo rurally of tceim the interior of tlie build inn, Wliloh i? beautiful. And there ran be hut little duubt that the atal ol time ladies will he ju,tilled end approved by iht gciierosily of a liberal public. Who it tliere poasrssing * t\?' for literature, tliat will iM rejoice at having amongat ua a temple of religiou, iu which the language of clastic France will be the ordinary medium of instruct! ' jeti 3tr I PIANO PORTE'S Yf AtUJKACTURCD by A. If. OALRA CO. law N, V"I I'uiio Porta t.<>.?Pmclui?i ? are Invited to examine then eatriieivealeclt before pure has ion alaewbeie, at their Mauufactury and Ware Room*, Thwl Avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. N. B. Pncea to suit the times. jel lm*ins e p| A NO FORTES F<5lCHlffj?.-A variety of u?..d urned ' Rano Fortra are constantly kept f it hire at th? insnufacrory Ne, 41 Weal Fourteenth street, between die Fifth and Sinh avei.nca. Also, a good aaaorfmeni of new Piano Fortea, of tu|>erior quality, with octavea of rosewood aud mahogany, for tale at I reduced pnce?. ?7 OANDS* REMEtfiryOR SALT SREuM-" WJ.m.iucl L-* to cure."?Salt Rheum, Ringworm, Tetter, Scald Head. Barbel's or Jackson. lieh, Ecxtnia, Piortosis, P.ilmaru, and Oilier dweSM-s of the skin, arc safely, certainly, and effectually Cured by tit* utc of Sauds* Remedy, which lias now been tested ill more thau sif thousand differeut cases of the above diseases, without having failed in any where the direction* arr attended to. The uii|tar>llel> <1 auccea* of thia remedy in curing diseases of the skin, ia w i (itnit equal ik tin- history of mt illcine. X'l? CoBymond Synip of Harsaparilla ia recommended to be need with the remedy, ai it ttmls to throw out from the blood and system generally all the nulie'ilthy hamor connected with the disraara. and the application of the remedy external I y at the aatne time, entirely radicatea it from the ay-stem. The innedy ia perfectly harmless in its operation, may be applied with safety even to fh* akin of the tendereat infant. Testimonials of it< efficacy are daily r?rmred, and the follow iuu are aelected for publication, which it is thought will satisfy the mind of reefy candid person of it* extraordinary virtue* : New Vottx. May I, 1841. Messrs. A. B. St D. Sinds?Cfrntlemen?Feeling* of thankfulness and gratitude induce me to inform you that I am perfectly cured of the Salt Rheum by the use oi' your remedy. The disease spread over both my hanus to, ui) lingers end-, and had been standing fourteen years, during which time I was under the treatment of inure than twenty different physicians, w ho all failed to give more than a tcuinmary relict. I was unable to nse my bands but little, and could not put them ill water, my n tilt rcpaalfdlv ranie off, audi was almost belples* from the 0 tnidapit. I tried In<Ugu Root doctors, but all to uo purpose, wutil last umuwr 1 was advised by amend to use your remedy. 1 with Utile faith, having tried so many things witliput producing any goqd effect. In a few days my hauds were better, and not n tthvt-sndjug 1 put'tliero iu water daily they continued to improve,, and In a few weeks were entirely well. It ia now mors than six weeks since the cure was effected,since which time they have basil perfectly well. Yours, respectfull)" LYD1A LiVlS, Newark. N. J. Messrs. A. B. 111). Sa ds?Gentlemen?I certify that 1 have bern cured of the Salt Rheum of ten tears standing, by the use qf your remedy and Syrup of Saraaparilla, and I wish every person <roublsu will) this dreadful complaint in any for... would rill on me, and I will satufy thera that yobr W*dl?ine will cure them pcfcctly. AN ^ MARIA WEIBALL, Residence, log Nassau-street, storv Li Fulton st. New York, J una 3, 13?1. Prepared aad sold wholesale and retailhy A. B. k D. SANDS, Druggists, TO ji?vl fOM FijlKn at* Sold also be Alnalwm It Sands k Co. 223. Broad way ; David BwdsltCo.'n East Bro dw*v ' and by William B,owu, 111 Wssiiiiwtoustn et; aud S W Fowls.33 Prince *treel. Boston; Joseph Bslch. jr., Providence, HI ! 1W Bull, Harlfura, Con; Dr. RW alikew?tni, Norwich, Conn; H Raw 's It Co, Albany ; J Gorham aad J Fowler, Xewbureh. N Y. Dr David .Tane.gthBoulh 3d, Philad ; G K Tyler, fialriuiore ; ? Treviu Ik Bon. Pouehkotspsie, and by druggist* generally in all the principal cities and chisf town* m the United States. Price tl. jettlmc TJ E ALINO MINERAL. WAT?R8.-Sharon Siuings il Whit* Skilnhcr W.termav be nador th?? Amdib. Dickifin RCo., 128 Butarni Rooms.?For then- nnrieslled curacy iu all Rheumatic, Cutaiieou# and Dyspeptic Complaint*, sore oyet. dpbiHty.ervaipalas, scrofula, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, Re , fetcveaa* (t,y lituir pet mission) u made to the following medical g-nllemen : HUOH McLEAN. W. rr? 4 Warren-at. Dr. BEDFORD. Prof, I iii*er*ity, .lied. Dep. Prof PATTERSON. Mud. Dep. Dr. WHITE, Cherry Valley. N. Y. ProLHADLICY, Ex Pres't Sled, ('allege, N. Y. Dr. DEL AFIELD Bleecker-au N. Y. From a certificate Qfg recent an lyai< made for the Proprietor of the Spring'. by one of the mo it einioeot chemist* in tlaia country, (Dr. Chilton of New?York) the followiug result* have been obtained from one gallon of water; Sulphate oi Magnesia 13 10 Sulphate of Lime HI 6J Chloride of Sodium 3 21 Chloride of Magnesium 2 10 Hydioaulidiuret of Sodium ) Hydrosulphurct of. Calcium > 3 30 Vegetable Extradite Matter. ) <60 trt Sulphuretted Hydrogen Ou. 10 cub. ir.s, Foraale by Meaara. Rushtoa R A-pinwall, at tlwii store*, Broadway, Astor H'mae, and William street : J. M lhau, Broadway ; U. H. Milnor, Broadway i A. B. Sar.di it Co., Broadway ami Chambers it. ; Dr. J. R. Chilton, Broadway ; H. P. Leeds, Faltou street, Br?okl>n. je,'l 3-t JB. TIMM'ERMAN, 73 Broad street, utter* for *al# in loo to *uit purchasers, Champagne, Damoue brand, inperior quality Poll, iu qr. caeka QUb e oil, in baskets OManperliu iu cast a, vintage 1834 and 1137 Chabltt " " 1B3I j*34 8t* O liX(iUtvE FOR A BALD HEAD.?Since the discovery of Dr. Jayn-'s Hair Tome, e? cry one may, if they chooae, preserve their hai< from falling off, or if already Jiald, may with certainly have their hair reatored again by a aithfulaud i<reacriiug application of this valuable Htir Tonic. Please to read without prejudice the foil .wing communications. which in addition to huudieda of uthei i equally respectable should remove the doubta of every reaouabla person of the uniform and singular efficacy of Jayne s Hair Tonic. HaRIi.toh, Feb. 13, IglO. Dr. D. Jayae? DeapShwl mnniir wv m* liait u rxtrnwal hot I /*?** ?nr tkst it appears to k( ii u rajiid a process of restoration as could reasonably lie ei|iected. I Had not finished the lirsi bottle,tie fine Ttk?-ifl?sArh?iiMniiMr nrihraRM ill ai hl&ipuC VWiiwifti like thnt of alt infant's appeared, and has continued to increase, and I have had it cut two or three limes. I have recently com'r.enc< d U|>on the third hottlr.hut 1 have been a good deal irregnlar in the use of the Tonic, from the first, and from this cause I apprehend the eJfvct is al present less than il otherwise would have been. I (vegan the use of the Tunic with little or no fuitli that it would ever he sucue-sful ou my head though 1 felt entire confidence in your statements of what it had none for others; and I was as each surprised as delighted when laaw the effect. You recollect the apprareuee of my lirad when in your office. 1 as.sure you tlie hair has been nearly if uot guile an inah long at the limns i have had it cut. uu thornparts were nearly destitute of any when you aaw me. It was, howcrer. very fine, though guile thick. J am Hushed with sanguine hones of final success iu the diliseut we of your Tunic, who h amidst all live hair humbugs, which hatne hern advertised in tlvr papers, I am constrained to believe is what it claims-to he. and thai it will make ihe-hair grow, and no mistake, at least on tome heads. UEOHOE W. KATON, Professor in llimiltoti Literary' and Theological Scmms-y Madison Co. N Y. [From the Snmmer?ille, N J Whig.] n . home time since I called upon Mr P Mason, of nummerville, for Dr Jayne's ceJebmtgd Hair Touir. io restore my hair, which was thea failing,out <laity. I procured one tvoulr and apptiad i's contents according to the direction. When the boule was exhausted I discovered to my great surprise and satisfaction, that tht ynaag hair was starting handaomety; I therefore purchased another, iiatiI I had used three bottles, and now as a compensation my hair is acthteft an ever. And What is more surprising, my baldness was'not occasioned by which case titer is greater hope of restoration - Inn was hereditary. JAS. O. BOUKU8. Methodist Minister. April It, 1MI. Mount Horclv, Summerset Co, N J. Jaym'a Hair Tonic .?After giving this article a fair trial we nuhrsitatinglv pronounce it to he what it professes?the best article, without any rxc ptinn, in use, for the restoration of the human hair. We know of numi-rous instances where hair has hern restored to heads which hsve been bald for yrsrs. a d we think we c.n.n'.t do agrralt r favor than to reroinmeml to all our p tder< whuam Iosiik their hair. ID make a tnal of tkia Tonic iiumrdiately.?Boston Mall, May 3th, 1841. PniLanf lviua. Ma.- 18,182ft. Dr. J vvm-:? I) -vr Sir?I feci that I can hardl y say enough inJavot of yv>nr Hair ' " inic. My hair had been falling off fur about two Vcsts, ami had Income very thin, threatening speedy baldness, when I commenced using your remedy- iu stwut one week it cnassd to fall off. I have used it now ff>r about three months, and hart as full and si thick a head of hairaa I can possibly desire. I have recomm-ndrd its use to a number of my friends whu all speak Well of it. If faithfully employed, I have no doubt of ite general -aceres. I may add that, before using yoor Tonic. I hud tried most of the articles employed for the hur, each as the Macassar nil .11 I? mm r n? mi vr .., i. Oii.fcr., wiJLiat eaperirtiriiu much, if any bench* Re?|*ctfully yourj, B. FITGH, M D, No. 179 Cbcatniit at. lianooxrir.LO, N J, Feb II, 11)0. Dr. D. J?yi? Sir?1 take Mil rUuun in informinc yon (hat the Untie of H?ir To?ic which 1 obtained af yon laat October. haaproved ino?t antiafactnry and aucciealfcl. My hair had for a Ion* (imp 1 b ru euiwdiag thill. Bat two or three yeora pail it hndaofalU-n OK that iny head had heroine almost entirely hi d. I ?aa under 'he a- caaaity of conccaliag the baldne.a by Combine my hair on the sideorrrit. Bat now, after onlaa about h?lf a bottle of ire Tonir, I have at tuiariant frowth of hair aa tor I had. c. c PARK Patter Iliidiat t hnrrh, Hiddnntield, .V J. Piaaaioi and aotd by Dr. D. JANi,, No. 90 Boath Third I'lrtL _ Bold wholeaaleand tatail by A. B. It D. Banda, Diueriata, No. TSand Ion Fultou-airert,?oddat retail by David Banda A Co., No. 77 Kait Broadway, Abraham B. Banda and Co., No. 171 Broadway, aart by drncgiaUfederally. Prtee $1. je2S Ianr T^OtHKRi, READ THIS, and aate the Lirea ol your I BaLTiMofle, March 17, UM. Dr. Jayue?Drar Bir Yon aalrwte what pmofa I met with of the eftcary rf your medicine. I can aay that I D"?cr preacrihcd a medicine for ho we I cmphiiati that ha riren meaotnach aatiafh now, and my paticUtt ao and (ter'rrf relief a* ihia. Whenrrer Introduced iltlo a family, it hccomra the atandiae rrntcdy for thnar aliwienta. and it Called l.rr iit*in and attain, which, I think, ii pictty pml proof of ira rffi'tcy anJ nwfelnea-. In the aummer comnhitiit ol children It haafrenuenlly anpeaied to anateh the little yirtim fiom the frarc. , ll eared the life of my child, aud tneh and nth a child." I !.?? repeatedly lieard it aaid. Indi'tnt- rir afTretiona of adulti I Hate new and ?ain aeen I' ac Hhe a oarm. and site p. rmanent relief in a <'w l.onra; I may a y in a few mimitrr. In one, it it a v.iluabir medic n , and no family ahould be wiihoat it. Heapectfhlly, M. L. KNAP. M.D. Late Phyaician to the Riltinn re Diaprnarr, and Agent for ih'Mart *ni Vaeeni l.ntitm on. Sol J by the agent., A. 'I. It D Aaada. Drwaarieta, 79 Kill ron at. rntnet of tiold, and inn Fnllou wbolrMl.- ??d n tad. A ' o aolil by Abraham B. Baiela 4 Co, 971 Broadway, O,-anile < Baildinaa. rorner of Chamber* pj, Darid Sand* It Co. 77 Laat 1 Broadway, corner of Mi he' at. Pritr iO cent... aeiSJ Imc ft SHTRTIT? , SHIRT a made to order. aPer the r.ioat approved French 1 faahiona. Orn-lei.-teii'a Garmenta if ill devcnptiom made to ' itd-r at the ikni'rat notice. Gamtieawn'a Fatniahinc Store (7 and 0* Mi! ten tat,,', corner 1 of illiam atreef. mtt Imor WILLIAM COLLINS. j SHIRTS. ; r , N'lTEp STATES SHIIIT MANI'FACTOJIT,'" Wil- , " Irani itreet, ?orner of Liberty, V Y Notice u herein i tit it To MrtrliinU orid trader* in general, that the proprietor* of above ejlablnl'Wnt have adopted i n* method of m^uiv j It .tiirlng rrMrhemMr athrnt to sell tlx lr shiite at a rheitpei . t I r than any other Idtnae in this city. Tbia statement will I t ! rm*d by tne liat of prices u foflowa:? __ , Pv i JA t. . I ine Muslin Shirta, with Lin. n Bosoms and Collars, Do atifrhad in the B.Vsom and Collar o,(* Do Colored . nr pate m?, large sirea 7,M Alto, a Urre ipiuoitt of Roaoiat and Collar* constantly or rutid. which win be offered liieap fo rash. m2llin*i ' "SUMMER STOCKS, 9C\KF"*, CRAVATS, AND GLOVES, ? IU8T RECEIVED, a nch aqpply of the aborc nticl %, cor. ' ilatin of a very lu >t arid rla.tic atock, apre?aly for th I .ummer monthr. Alao? Heart, an J Cravat*. in gnat variety A large aaaortmant of Bilk, Thread, Cotton and Hovltlb ? fMovea?at the old ertaMnhmrnt Ml Broadway. b*tw**a Pari * Place and Murray atreet t I'A it SF.I.I.H, Agent f?r J. AGATE. J N. B. Conatantlr on hand an evtonaire assortment of Linen * and Mn id in Shirts, Linen Drew Fronts, Linen Coitan, I nder r Garments, At. Ac. mil lm*? * i*S!!'9SSI!^?S!55ooa*m~ fflp WTHfUlifl TrarelL-ra |n Hanmgp rtpi-iugt, Lake (iti.rji , Wind li.Ul ami Lower Camilla. arc mlVinaad that they * ill uiiun ti> the nitrite

an eipt-oilioiw .nut plruini cnurryaBCa to the Spring* hy (iking the It 11 Riail ran at AI bam . HOURS OF DEPARTURE. Kioia Allianfr. Yf m Saratoga. At (> o'clock, A.^M. I At 7 o'clock, Af>M. J " P. *1. I '* iH " P M. Tli? 1*1 ta ui< change ot Coachc* or Bagvaicc Wagoua, or aloftins of Baggage from una Steamboat tu mother ou thin route. P'na' og. m on their arrival at Saratoga, nil) timl at gr coat-hat in reoiiucaa to cou*e>- tnem to Lake Qrotge ami Whitehall oi Lake Cli dioIiuu; ci> ttrctrug with ail the principal Noithcro an-1 Kaatrrn Sta -e route-. A Stage (for the ciurrenii nee of |aua*ucert who anir- b\ tiie atia noon train from Albeury.) leave* Saratoga at 5 o'clock .i. ,<i. unirt at v? inienaii in lime lot tne Uepa,ture ol the Cham,.lam steamboat ut me day, and brings eastern irav Uerv to Rutland, Vl early iu the evening. N. B. There arr biugmp' wagons always in readiness, at Al\ bany, oil tin. arrival urine sUaiulrCata and lail load ears, to carry trie baggage at iwsseiigtrs direct to aud I'rom the depot nd steamboat at (he rate ol'ti^a cents per trunk or package, or 12k& cents for ordinary travelling bagiragr. The den rliilcs tor the west are fixed for the season at 7l, o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN* COSTIOAN, SupcHrcrndent. Albany, June 87th, 184it. j i?7 3iw r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NET*H|\T^icK 'pHE NEW JERSEY Railroad auil Transportation CoinA puny hare established a Freight Line between New Brunswick and New York, whiph they iulcud to run permanently.. Leaving New Brunswick at Shi A. V,. daily. (Sundays excepted) and the foot of Liberty street. New Yotk,, P. M. To country dealers and merchants the above line is very desirable for the .speedy an>t cnrap conveyance ol lurroliautlise Of every, description, and more |niticiilarly to Drovers and Dealers iu Lire Stock, who call have Jlfl head of cattle conveyed between New Biuuswick aud New York, the sarin ihiy whenever ruonired. TV- rates A'r the transportation of cattle, horses, inules, sheep, hogs, Itc. and all other kinds of merchandise arc verylow, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by thin lino is uol aubject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Compviy have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad De|>ol, which will always roprn for thr reception of meichandisr. Passongei* purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. !J7" Freight for Newark, Elixabethtown, Rahwty, Westfield, Plain Iteld, Scotch Plains, Bonndbrook .and Bomerville, is I conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. mti jm? CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fislvne I ft1 sS 'da Ban?? every day, escept Tuesdays and FtiJewJa T?days?Fare 2i cants each vray?The steamer NAPOLEON, C ipl. Hincox, will niu regularly to the above place every fair day, and leave at follows?Foot of Hvmmontl street at 9 o'clock, Canal site* t quartet oaat 9, Market street hnlf pa*t 9. La,harine fcrry Bhroklyn SN, pier No. I North river at 10 o'clock. Oil 'J uesd.avt and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Hand, landing at Fort Ramilton and Hxlh?(the steamboat ral Jackson avill continue to run to the samp place every other day In the week)?and leave as fol Ibws?Foot or Hammond street at2 o'clock, Canal street at a quartrr paat 2, 1'ike street 2JL pier No I at 3 o'clock?Fan* 23 cents each way. The I mat will remain at Con*y Islauil oae hour ami a half, and arrive In New York by 7 o clock. ill 1m*c SMPI ffitEAP AND ' Lh-ASANT e'/CHTtT> HI ON TO RTATEN ISLANO.-The Z^mJAmmSL Steamboat WAVE will enmmnicr on Sat ttrday, 33th iu?t , making ter regular trijx, hjr leaving Stateu lalaiii) a! 7Mand 10 o'clock A. M., 1 anil 6 I . M.?Leave Pier fta I Nerh River at 8*< an I 12 o'clock A* M., 3^ anil P, M. Far* 6ht e.enla, Thu Wav. haviug h*en fitted U|i with new boil, rv au.l cop pered, proves to be the lastrat boat on the route ; anil het ?p.ciotva decks being covered with awning?, makes h.r very pleasant. N. R. Thi War* will make her eicuraion cvrrv afternoon to'he Lower B'V, on the 3j? >' I >ck trip, landing at Fori Himilton. Fare for the excursion 12>, cent? ; to Fort ton 23 pants. jti 3t*c .Mfi M N1AGNIFICe3Jt excursion of flpSr^ PLEASURE to Sault Ste Marie, .vlackinav, Ore in Bty,anil the Indian S-tth-nient*. Th? atileedid low prrnsur- stcatnboat BUFFALO, Captaiu Levi AMcn, will leave Buffalo on the above desirable plcasuie trip on Tburadsy, July 2l?t, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided with a line band of music, and every tiling that can rend-r the 'rip desirable and pleasant- The pastare round, 'rom Bulla ? and hack, ia fixed at the low price ol $24?other porta in pro|mrHion. Passage or Sta'e Rooms may be secured by application on board, Or at C. M. Reed's ofllee; Buffalo. io'JI tjygt 'MS OA I'LEASANT AND HEALTHY F-X ggI5JC-rijaCURS10\8 EVERY AF IERNOON TO X^acalfort Hamilton, bath, coney ISLAND AND NEW BRIGHTON-i> commodious steamboat GENERAL JAI'hSON, t. T obiaa, will coin* I meiicc on her retailer tripa to tlu. above places on Sunday alterteraoon. June 26th. and tun every Monday, vVeane-dav, l'liursdvy, Satunjay and Sunday, gnd the steamboat NAPOLEON, Capt. H incr.x, will ronton c?er? Tuesday and Friday during | me acawu, ir.tvniK me urn ui ^niiiivn sin-ri .? .1 quaiter liefore SoVlock. Himmond street at ll.Ciml atrenata qn uter pail 2, Market itrret at 2*(, and pier No. I Not'h river at 3 o'clock, reinainin;; a sufficient time at Fort Hamilton lor those who may w iihto view that rxteniivc fortillrition and the n.ljacent country. The boat will then proceed to B.uli ami Coney iiland, to land thorn who may hit unimus of vinitimr either of these healthy retreats. And then make an excursion around the lower inert of our truly noble bay, and return for thoae who may have lauded at cither of the abote place*, and then croes over to New Brighton, slopping a sufficient time at tliat place, and returning to the city at an early hour. Fare each way 2i cents. _ je2j 2mr FOR LIVERPOOL?To no I poai.ivt Jv to-morrow ymhTlelirttdM well known ahip BT. LAWRENCE, AjUllkSaiCapt.iin Brown, having all her c r;o on hoard, will Ik despatched to-morrow, the Nth fnsr. There is yet room left for a few more cabin, tdcahin and steerage bt'ade'oh'bieirU tSe' shin at Mnrray'i wharf. f<vuiifw*l| street, or to JOHN HF.RDMAN, 81 Booth at. N. B.?Persons settdins for their friends re?icimt III Great Britain and Ireland, ean arranee as tiniil for rheir pasingv at 1 mo h rate rate, and Dial's furnished for atiy amount, pa-aMi th-nnchowt the Uuitou Kingdom. Apply ai above |? 27 It &/FS- FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lint RckuI K?yWVpacket of 2.ith July.?The splendid packet sin, -<*lHst>fi?ROSClU8, Captain J. Collins, of lOnO tone, will [ uil as above,her recular day. For freight or pasaage, haviua accommodations unequalled lor aplrndor or conilort, apply on | board, at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall strert, or to K. K. COLLINS It CO. 46 South street. The pacfrr aRn IttJbONS, &*PUia E B Cobb, of 1100 torn, will nucceed the Jln?cm?, 41*I tail Wh Atffru*, her remilar day. Pataelifer* may rely on the ship* or this Hoe sailing punctuilVy fc advertised. ^ j26 P A ETI^HRiJniu/pa^ket o{^t'lit'nf^iK??h MUbi favorite, well known, fait tiifinc packet shin OXp OR P7 fbllrth?*n IMflVfHiai l.aiil. Jnhn lltfKlmttn a* ill muitif.. ly on Friday nett, the >?( of July, lier regular dav. Thr accommodation1, of the Old Line, for cabin and steerage passengers, are well kunvsn to be un^oualled by any other. Parties visiting the old country will stud* their own intereat hy electing tnia desirable conveyance. The terma of naaaa.i will be moderate, for which apply on board, loot of Brckman at. or to ROCHE BROTflERB It CO., 35 Fulton street, neat do.r to the Fulton Bank. NOTICE.?Any other person advertising a ship aa the- regular liner to tail for Liverpool on the lat of July, moat know the v are stating au untruth, aa the- Oxford, commanded by Capt. Itaihbone, ia the only regular packet tailing on that day. jeiJ c FOR NEW ORLEANS.?Louisiana m<l NewhMRV York Line.?The I'aat-sailing paean ship OASTO.N lhaI ijlfti Cap' Oliver E.ldri Igc h now Ion, line al O-lea it wharf, loot of Wvll-trreef. For freight ??r pottage,having handsome fuini-ited accommodations, apply on board al Orleana wrarf, foot of Wall afreet, or to E- K. COLLINS, It Co.. 58 Booth atroet. Groat care will be taken to have the goods b| tins line corredly nieaauren. Agents in New Orleana, Hirtlen 4 Woodruff, who will Promptly forward *11 g?od? to their address, I e33e FOR LIVERPOOL, British Shi,-.-The A. I, WTy3PV cooi or U-trncd Well ki own fast sailing Br. slop j^sUBan CHESTER. Capt. Jao. Doyle, will be ready to receive cargo in a few days, and will have despatch for the above port. For freight 4c. apply to ROCHE. BROTHERS 4 CO., 35 Piilloi -street, Next door to die Fulton Ban'.. jg- FISHING ExacrfsioNsT^fTTckT,HELD, hJywV No. 4 Cornhill Square, opposite the Pout Office, iuJ^gklmSm forma hit friends tm' the ; abllr that lie has procured new ai?dcoinplete aetft of Fishing Apparatus, inelnding Lioet, Cooking Ltrniils, 4c. of the first order. Steamboats, tailing vefsels, cookt, and lendi m, of the first class, always in readiness, and will be furnished to |?rtia-a on the moat reasonable terms. Hit friends and the public are informed that he coatinuei to accommodateneimanetit Itoorders and transient company. 4. CoiWhlll flnnare. Boston, Mayjn, Ktt2 Jed tw*e _KOR ttARHEU,L4Jt ?The superior bark 4VKR* WcjM^TON, Capv. Mayo, will be dispaieh* d ow or before < JMBallK! 15th June. Vor freight or passage, nr riv to ~ BOYD 4. HINCKEN. _m2Uc No. 9 Ton'jp.- B il.ling. ] IRON, CAST IRON, AND I STEEL : RENDERED RUST PROOF, FOR OWE CETT PER POUND ONLY III j rrur XUI1AI f lAlnrtUT* v r 4 n?r a??? . .... I.UVI.I. Jim nnu KII9i r.Hr j OF GALVANISING. \ Othrrwiae linking Iron, Ci i Iron, and Sieel, lie.,.. adr plain i ml ruy to evety o.i?, [ with ,.n narainta of the Tool* < nrceaaan in 'h in* bu,iiie?a;] I By <JKO' OE lOllNHON. j k'..rmrilv free M.'ivli.nt of (.atcutta. < Tlii? book ia fur ?ale at *11 ilw Bouka* here. I'.ica Hi anta only?oraddreaa in r Vitir. poai p.?id, Mr. (i.oi.'e J hutou,. am V NImi B tier., So I) (1 dj at ___ jr|6 | ??e i HARVEY Ul'RITEl.L., M. D. Dmtiat [formerly at (IT j ("html; raai,] fcaa r antiaeH to Nr. B on Iwat, romrt of ' franklin at r. |, eh-p- be It.? ix-nnam-ntl, lor itrj Iti. ofllr", llr. B an rl?- lirnicln-? if thy denial pro(>a,'i>? a. J meal, ami li.a ?ot atMrnilrned drnt.l peart ire, i.eiilir, i,n. rr. nominal, ted or il#ra ncommend hi, patrriu to any trier li ntiat.; l??,- , VfOCKlSO BlUD'1.?fl. twi-rn to unl (0 young .M.,* 1 Bud. in ll r L* at o he alth ami condition, lor >n r. Alao. i aiaw auiwrb bird. Ik full aonjt. A'i i?ain,:?t.d to fe in a heal i iht condition apply ?' 41 Toom?-.t. ir*9iw?o TTHE K NO WL t. DOE OF THE O E ftT; anl" \ VOTA OK ! * hatitrr 'dlhr rt'ir.. of .i few yrir? hyrotnr the fry niir of l act on'r tfie rotit nrntal Court., hot alao of thai of Knitl Old, I tad being now toa<id>-rtd ntdi.peutably Bece.<art (0 tin: nor- , :antHe ? wrllaa lb- leafn. d C'iiari, an <vjjorti'intv off.rt for 2 r. O'latnan and Indira In obtain, in the cunr. ,.f 1 aery ahoil v litre, a j* rfret k'mwlcdgr nf fliia rlrl, ami lie ntlful too, nr. , A O'Bnij man. fir men by birlb, brought lit at in., of rli crle- r > aled I ni?r*airir? of ln( Count-y, offer. to g;ir a, on Irani tia n hi. name Ivirmr r? vrr) ta iKOnahfe dam oida ttririn.' Ida itav InNrvr Y irl. Mairrraa'nd Mi.'n . ra ol' Srminarie., ?a '}' aril na an htanurrai eninmnnitv if N' ae York, 1 r r. minted In " iHdrr-aa. aitn n in m 1 of bra a. rV'e-.,fo I he oflloc or itir New k'mk Hi-rdd, under thr initials of U.K. N.B. Hattb.' rr.idnl for aomr v. art in the mctropoli. of fraiicr. and having d-amied a rrealdrtlof hi. ijnra to obtain a 7 *rfrrr knowledge nl the French lin.n.fre, In. rial-era htmarif lialihrar yi-iingl ulica anil gemleini'U aeko would Imnor bim ailh l!*,. ir attention, wotiM br aalufird with hi? moilr of in n' trnrtaon. o'V, i"r " r> THE ttEPEAl.Ff?B EMICA.-?er.u I C of Olrunn<*IP? H? up IUiI Hhr?w?b#r .with m.trt, 1 ii?t'>rL*ii and *tpl iiMi-rv. Vv toe Amrri an K .<uh-jii f ? ?' n*d ml for mV by th* ?i?i/ojri^r ?jiric; #<*}*?> 1 ^ fhieli n ay V rm HifirVt fill' ! tV Ff" Mifioii.ia n.n -K up'rior to .i.*v iMihh?b^f| in Dublin, u t' n'y u the f-or t ctnr. ' ,f if tH- .<1 tf???' ii^orMVi n <J-r ? 1 frr-n l?- nrior mHn ml r *imo No w ? ;4|^ ?a ig*> ? ??fH * He wr* of tn M.t? r? r u'j ! U oi? I r No Irhbm?n, no no of opjm*??cd hiimtnity hould Hi? ftBuorint of<t4 ronir>uu. It U in ?!l ) r >b?bili(y. tin j raatr.I mWtrt of Ihr errateaa Iriahman of Ihia or of any oih" wl at. The r.ia??l?if (Jtol'ntoa i? now inaertiW*. CAHERLt t |A# fJ??aauwf. 'fnrelia^ra moat b? elr^liiMk?ak for TJ< Jaaaifyl'jN rdition: aa no other haa tlirroirrrtiona oreipl^a- T rr MM A li'irril allowanre made (i.tatailt ri. and . tVra i*/ iv rcu JCWZl-f | j /* BY THOMAB BELL. 1 Stores .Vu 0 Aw a?J 115 FuMo? itrttf.) MONDAY, Ai IU>? o'clock *t III'- '?lr turn. Katcnaier 8?l* of Hrfrlgcratnra, Vi nrtian Blind", Sol't?,4tC., Will br mid without rcvrce, 17 valuable iippro*ed [utrut *?DDialing rrfpgrn'ort ; 1(0 pair Venetian blinda ; 10 meal aafe?, ami ome furniture. To Hportamcn and FiahinK tack'r minnfac rure??Ala?, ?| II o'clock prec'?!y, 25groaa aaaorted fishing linn, Itom 15 U)60 feel. Alao, heaurifVil tea cno tmut'iu Lars. TUEBD \Y. At lnW o'clo k. atthe uction r am, L-inrc Stock ol I, .uilon CI. thing?A , t Ui>, r it t naive iirl ?' alpoMo a'ock of London clot'iing, of d! d:?cil|itioua, an I suililc (or the a, aaoit, ju-t r?c ivrtl direct from England; comTlsiu hunting and .porting coita and jack, ta, dr- .i and 'rock coi a, clegaut v at? awl pant >loona, al>o fine umnv r drilli .g, ' gkt aumnier article* orwiir for geutlimm, bombasine coata, vrata, pantaloons, Sic. WEDNESDAY, _ At 10K oVb ck in th tale rooin?. klllelltirr?t.. nf.l.r. I C-V ! W1 - A- - ........ .1... .iKiimiiniiic mruiiuie 01 ail ueMrtptlooa. THURSDAY, Ai l?t? nViuck M I lie .ale room*. Large s. 1 of Piano Fort?. FBIDAY, At |Ali o'clock in He sale roo m. _ Summer Croihlua?A splendid variety of lentlemtn's clothinu suitable for the it i?<<tt. Elegant Furniture?Will be sold without n serve, the entire rich anil saltiahle furniture of a gentleman going to Kurojie, removed for convenience of aale, compelling an nssoitmrnt Of article* iu the line, unt tnrpassed; tvrrj article made to order. The cvriieia, mg?, Sic. arc rich ami beautiful; magnificent mantel clock, lamp* anil i *? *, tuperh piauofo 1-, Costly sofas arm F.-cnch chsirs, curtains, fust rate bedroom furiiitu e, kitchen it * i nails, china, glass, ami silver ware. Also, the owner being a a|c>risman, 2 real mantin guns, gold mounted; the best aettsr ilng iu the country; also a variety of ruriontira. Catalogues in timu, BY RIELL fc ARCULAR1US. MONDAY. June *7th, at the aalea room. General Assignee's Rales?Bv virtue of sundry decrees in Bankruetcv. issued out of the District Court of the 17. Stiles tor tile Southern District of New-York, vesting in me the several riiiI joint estates of the llinkntpts therein set forth, I will tell at public auction, st the sales room of Rii.-ll A Areularius, cottier of Broadway ami Duane streets, in the city of N. York, on Monday, the 371 h in*r. at II o'clock, A- M.. the stock in trade of a merchant toi|oi, Consisting of a great variety of cloths, casaimerea, votings, summer st'-ffa, trimmings, lie.? A'so, rhr fixtures autl implements of trade. Alto, the stock of a fashionable miilin ,-rv est tblishment, con*taring of a variety of new and fashion ihle article!, being part o' the |ier-nnal effects of said Bankrupts. Win. Coventry H. Waddell, Official or General A.signer. TUESDAY, June Sub, At 11^ o'clock at the sales room. Kit Broadway, Wines, Lienors, Began, fce.?Con-isting of very choice M ilmacy and south side madeira ; Duff Cordon's n-le and bro sherry : port and Jt Julien clsret ; star tnd nchor champagne) Utipey brandy in bond ; enrdi-Is, sperm and patent alabaster candles, Havana and Principe 8 Kan, various Wis and Tin .with other aitirles in the line, to whirl) the ts'emlon of private 'nrnili.-? ia iuvited?ro be aold ?n lota to suit purchasers, je2Jr AUo |ftubstk?l? an -rior Ch mpagne, Anchor brand. Also, 23,000 superior H <vsna S*rnr*. iefj WEDNESDAY. At IQH ?'' lock at llie aitctiou room. Elegant Furniture and Pimos?A latfe assortment of llie b*at made U-h'.,u*ble furniture, iocludinc lull and half Fr. nch mahogany cuu i. pier, dininv, ua and rcnt-e tables, wardrobes, bureaus, toilet tables, looking glasses, tufted and spring so.I solas, ottomsus, ditaus, rockers, dressing bureaus, feather beds, mattraasr-a and piliowa, office desk, Itr. Piano Fortes?AI*o, arvetal apleudid piano fortes, bv celebrated maktra, combining all th-mod ru improvements, and wnra"tod equal te any institiuien' made in this city?may bo examined one day iaretirm? to the aalr AUo, I splendid seraphim, London made. Alte, 2 nrtana, one of which is suitable fur a ehurch. Also, I larxe melod-nn. pl.t ing *evera] aire. A'so, a lot of table cut erv, bedding, ami a variety of other articles for ncoouiit of vrh m it may concern. Also, en elegant up. i,lit piano, made by Ftrtji, Hill and fond of New York. Also, l simphd e^t gUas ehmdelii r. BY"F. J. BEAKNW-' Aur.tioitr^r 139 Fulton sires/, WffWAY, At 9 o'clock, st N <87'b ei't'l at, Sheriff's Sale.?B.. outer of the Sheriff, a i,timber of stand ci'ske, quartrr caal.a, Itegs, series and traits, beer pumps, tillures, kc. ftc. A 10 o'clock, the auction room Jewelry. Oi-rmati Silver Ware, au Fancy Goods?By virtue of a landlord's warrant, a general assortment of the above named good-, const ittog of a large quantity of fashionable tar nnga, breast pins, weteh kevs, steel nens, German silver forks and butter knives, metal rings for drawers, lead pencils, music boxes, fancy goods, kc. Also, a large iron cheat, desk, book cases, counters, fixtures, kc. j27 lt*r AARON BUTTERFIE1.D, Auctioneer. Store* No?. i* Ann and III Fulton atreeta. (Jreet Sale of new Furniture, Piano*, Ac,?T1 is day, at 10 o'clock at tlie ?*lr* room,* quantity nl new and nec-tid htm' I i.anilurr, 10 bureau*, ?# mihogany wash* ands, I . fea, 18 tfltii a-, :tti in >}.!? b,d*feart*, 25 |i?liiit te-dstends, 6 dozen French cli |ir?, 12 tea table*, 12 trundle bedstead*, 12 clawfoot tallica, 12 cradle*, ti hair in*tties?ea, 6 ?traw ditto, 0 le ithcr bed*, 5 spring w it rockers, 300 looking glace*, ti dc*k?, F encil b"dtteail?, dining t <lile?, wardrobes rug*, carpet*, window ahade*, rocking chair*. girandoles, lamp*, Ac. 4l?o, tpcliwe a concern?A quantity of crockery, glas* war-, Sheffield plated u'n*. di?he*, basket*, Ac., knives and fork*, table aud tea spoou*. Ac. Ac. AI*o, 4 elegant piano loites of the best manufacture. Sale l*i- tiie. j-27 lt#ec lfllK tiALK-Tur Ya.-ht ON-KA HY-E.-Shr i< <71 leet " long, 24,'< feel beam, and 12 feet hold. H r ca'In* are eien*ire anil inperbly fitted up. If not wanted for a Yacht, ahe would he well adapted for a packet between *ome of the West India Idands?to ihe China or any other trade "here irrcat arced ii an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, ar.d would con*ev a large cargo, combining more buoyancy wph ?h*ri>. ne??, any ofbtr vessel afloat. Slie is str-ng aud stoutly built, and would In- v duable as a dupsicti ves*el, or at a tender to a fleet. She would convey a very heavy armament on her deck, I'roin having part of her ball st, (10 tons! in an iron keel, by which lieratabi'lM is gre-lly increased. Foi coinraereial pnrposea. she would require no other ballast. laving satiufnrO myself that ruing to sea for uleasurt m iy I.O.I.?,w, .- ., **r.u eaerill t)b. illsuen*-.*) With, | Dit*lil oi*j?oee of her lor very much lea* thin she cost me. Hi r ( nil, sails, ligging, furniture. Ac. A . Ac., are in pe f. c ruder. Sin c*n he sent M aea without a dollar'. . ?pt>nie. Ste miibrnn it I'ert < Amhoy * K r ur'hei iwrticit1*-* 11.11 ir.- oi Ira Bliss, at the i.ffic of die C. and A. R. R C> m: am , o' to JOHN C. STEVENS, je'?3 2wr South Ainlioy. TO PERSONS FROM THE OI D COUNTRY ' JO AND Oi HEKS?desirable investment?R?re | ' iflL ojn??rtunity r?>i nil active irun of moderate mean*.?-To Le u t t<> an eligible V nam, or the leano ? >ld to a person of mo JjTRte f t ital ^ an old aiH^well eitil lulled Hotel t and 1J arding ...... , ....... ? ?" i?cuini p?>i oi me cut, uainrl>, near Whiten II and the Balicry. The House I. large. nm eommodii usly fitted up, command* a dlUhifnl view of the Da>, imimmedi'lely contiguoua to the chi*f Ft rriea and lauding nan, and always commands a constant -ucc ssion of respectable good faying and inmat. t?in fact, the hods are nl ways w* II occupied, and th- Bar contionally Ml. The sole re .sun why the prt sent proprietor is willin. to di-pcae of this c'lgtMl' aud moat incrifive mreatmrnt, is declining heami, and a desire to withdraw from ruiblic lite to enjoy hia means. The furniture, stuck, food-will, and poas ssinn ofa ste <dy and thririiu hnsiness, may be obtained for about S20U0. which sum ! an active business m?n may reviiM iuono year. For parti '". Nr? nr>. I at Wi Peyl street, Franklin srjuare.N. Y. A'l letlean mustbe post paid. j22 t od 2wr MOFFAT'S FAMILY LJFQ MEDJOINEg. nis no Iwngrr questioned, either hv rival ipojirietovs Or the medical (acuity in general. that T)r. Moti'at'a Vcgrlshle i Life Pills and Ptienix Bitters hava become lite most universal family medicines in the United Stitee, aud that tliey Mcomplish a greater number of rercarkebte curat, aud conduce more to the health of onr population, than aey others that can be named. Vet (tiey hare never bean extravagantly recommended by the proprietor, but have won their irnowu aud respectability hy their powerful efficacy alone, and their sound and intrinsic wotth. N<> medical proprietor cither in thie country or in Europe has a greater number and vartrty of decisive testimonials to the actual cures they have performed, and although the*" am.Hint to tnauy thousands, they doubtless form bat a small portion of their extensive and unheralded usefulness, Thro certificates, however, which ;J1 bear the signature ami address oftlie parentis cured, unanswerably d*monstrat* tint they almost invariably cure not only the ordinary functional derangements, such as bilious and j.eer attacks, habitual end occasional roetireuese, s".one and bilious loosness, dvspepsia, flatulency and dutrcssiug diauirbaucea oC digcUiuu. out alau chronic and intlammatory rheumatism, fever alid ague, other intermittent frs "is, jimn Jiec jtmvul, scrofula, in ita worst sue s, deeljnr, asthma, luouclirtia, |iiiusy, lieadaolie, nervous and Wasting weakness, erysipelas, aud all en>|*ion* of the skin, settled pains in tilt'.sides, limbs, shoulders, hack, head^ and ortans, , inu ? in'; [" ml, 'JTi' nilinHIVU L'l PIOOU tO the lu nil, mill a host of other frightful nuLiHiea, And thr rranou why they aw ao comprvhenaive in thrir effect*, ?o umu.,ii lily iiifallililr.aa compared with01 her meil cinri, is that tiny are an original compound of the meat .peciGc remediea that are known to actrnce. Ai aierirnta^ llicy aro moat effectual, yet mild in thru operation, occaaionmg no exexhaiiauoti or pain, although th ino-t powerful iinrifter in 'he world. B it they iuvigoiate all the fiinctioiia of the ayslem al moat from the roniineneeuient of their work, and fill every patient with Cut delightful aenar of renovated h-alth, than wlnoii in earthly feeling i-mure Idiaafitl or highly prigcd. Pre pare it lad aold by Dr. WM, B. MOFFAT, Sri Broadway, X. York. For -all at nnwit of the drugging tu the oily. |elt iw rod ii*e rrilK I hfrrifbKaYkI> FAH1LV LIFE PILLS AND -I PHENIX BITTERS.?The renrrwn whirh theae great medicine* have acquired in ever twrt of the United Btatea, fa 1 roiiil and dwrab'e, becau.e not f -Billed upon nueckrry or e Xtravagrnt iirrtenat-m. lirrut uiion that fVdm xr'terv-c it ap'tiug, dietr good proiwrtii-x and u-.r .iliru i flicaci. Their field of iiaefnlncaa einbrwea a grexier nnmher and < apery of hum an complaint* than anv olh' l inrdici .? known, aven to the tal profexaion; WMMr t' ev ate crnnpnniidr-d of a KPf. r oomtivr of rhoi - and imworfut rein- diva for iioae complainf ilian ire emnhined in any other, and b. etna - the quality of th-- incn-di-nra ii the eery he;tihit money ran procure ami pha.m*vutical e'n-miatry produce, if no.- it U that they are fan on. Tor the prompt nod complete cure, not oujy of ordin iry h lioua . ind dya|iepflc aftectiont, coxtifeui s, din-aai-a of the lit. r. and lige-tive funrtiona, enativeneaa, aerout and UIkmi* ooaen-n, headache, n.xuaca, glddlnea*. fnllm ,* oft1 e ?-u?ui? renin ayatem, imponty.of the fluid), palpilitinii ol llirlieaji. lerrona wcakneaa, ind until althy apia aranc- ol the ikiu, Ml dan chronic and acute rheimiatiam, x?rhma, pilr ?, worma, ch-iic, cnptlo'ia of the akin, *crofh!a, ronaninptmn, aeliled paini, aamlice, acurey, a*lt rliemu, proaliated em nfy, w it* ofn?.h, ' onfirtned dyapepala.tand rtanilance and a long train of other | vilx. The core of thcac i? rrr-ifln! by thotiaamla ?l patient*, who rofubtaiify give their tiann- arid aifdreaa to the fail, ami im illieled peraon ran take theae inildly operating yet [-.werfnl 'tlntl'M. wilhont iliexprea".k'a aacufai Hun and itm* -r at 'irir bappv arid unp-'iil elfeai*. Pn-|seed aad ?,4d hr Dr. WILLIAM B MOFFAT, 371 Broad wav, N ink; alan by , h- dnnrgi'ta in t-ie rit\- genrra'ly. I* <!> tfwond a?*e A FlNf/iil V\Ct hMi AN E.N I.runutil.vo MAN t* The ir nri' lor ollhe beautiful noai.tnre BtiamboaX Myhaul inn, no* exhibiting at die Am-i-iem ,Mu eqjn,In* r m lai - li other buain -*, i? drairntil to iflapft-.- or ei,r hiTfofT',* lit.-real in '.er -O a faithful per* hi who \*mn?f hare ilie pnai e "f exhitnthn h n III Itiy- paP f h' I iilli d Btan - on'arm|'.| termi Sh |< 1tud U III *t> le anil hie f I , *>! thiilinn ?i I hi- oLra .! much oolliii winder -h. ' %. n.? , . /'lie prrn-iide - f i ov ut?i<oi i- not nl novel i,.(r i -a rieal.le, dtp. tli .at i il-llta ?l ini Ji'd. antfh fin ir I the ap; r. - , iilir.o ol aki'lfnl e',.iii ?r?. I o?i i id. .V- w 'I h- t >?t or : ha.ea rw a reapomible n .a.iil. !iir"ir- off). D Wend.-II, v'o, ' I' W-ter ataeet. NiW YnrU. ?-r S . |0ieo B -I ?. Ilo-iim. .1 .a rho w II alaei aall the right for tiong ihe principle .M h.n |n | lio boat. _ ji-IHKe'iltar 1 PHE " A Oft M:\ti RK i ' I he . tl th nI aaudawho hate i i'tt 'iled iri it, the m"?t iwi'eer, pfeaaanr nl ?*fe enr eat ;Tit for t i II .iri'i. i. ( fleet,. an 1 all anal, -i. f lion* of thr kidnmya. hlwMrr, ?ihI prO.trmt.- ^ n<i?. TV- | action of llw Ma*lc Miimn- ???nr?? no ryoiaitiinr iknrw il haa ruttM th.?l i.a.l (r<i<lril *?onr iln-r Jrratrorpt lor ?*ar?. kv th# hi Iw airfmnra, Itk-rr r onoilforv ilfl'c may t? nM<in-<t,) M V m wat r*lir< t, and -Ith* following t'aprrtahl* drill "or. ?V?. mnit |(? Fu't^n cortj'T Thnrth aid Cham'. r?, nam i*p nanl ?n<l B oy.lwar, *1 Bowrry, romrr Walk, r nvl D E n"H?i?. _ jJJI'r if'. MOV A L?t'.N i rut) J'' ATES CHEAP C A H TA. ! i i.onrvcs EMPoni; m h? n m w.' I of Ntitif iihI Bn kman ttwatr 'tn IP1 Dr ?''v 1 t I 0 I. n ?t"r*. 1 #Blf?ll ?,..,!'#(.h!an)hr tl,KfWt -t- ... lary.- 'h t h. r tii H Ma fti*?nr* r> f'tt* ? o" to *? 5 % ? , w *') h ?<*' ' tn + i- ? * .1 ' * !?'. , ., I, ? ,i .,, 'w tniiiiai roil rVotn $12 I" c(i|rt>di?) r?*.?T? from $ X < Ik. B.?All gartnaiila luadr at 'hn Mlahliahrartit at* dun v 111 nratnraa and d*>|4tch ami a.rnWM to flL Ploaaa C?l' ln'Ht? for vimrarlrra. Wtl lnitod IKE MUCK ?7P00 SrnUh of mprnoi yualitv. landin? fioin ,hi",rom OMow ^iiir?SRooR?. : ft No '? Ltbci'-y H. AMUaSEMENiTS. i / ET-EJCTH^ORniNHV ATTRACTION.wCO ? This ETKNINO, *u? If. 1 iw e??DUi^ pcrfuiuiaoca will uuuxi uc j r?>(tl) at t o'clock. Willi A GRAND OVERTURE. At rr which, REVOLVING *'i ATUES' B\ tiur U.i. l Vaiai.y. AXicr which Iritis' and d >rii '"nfor aaacaa on ? . THa.'11QHT HOPE. [Halt as hour* iniarn>i??i>>u w i? he Mluwad for promenade and "}" ' Hi'"U n i\w U.aud S-Uaw J rrT-TllE PROMENADE Which much satisfaction last s 'Uoti, will a^aiu enliven the neriod of iul* rmitiou, ami iuoiU?r to r? uder thin department worthy the musical character of the rstnbliahmeut, a BpUndid Orchestra lies txreu secured. T conclude with, POLlCHlNEL EN VOVAOE. Punch CJabri' l RiV' l I Zcrhcro Jairm* Rasrl Caleb Mr H Wella I Osroyn M. f'ena Z'-t-iIlw M'ro? J R*\. 1 Eliaor M'nic Ferin AcUug Maoaacr, Mr. ChipjwsdaleMusical Leader ami Dirrcior, Mr E Woolf. Tiekris?Ml cents Doors open *l half na*t " ?? n''"*" comincticeit eight. ' PARK rUKATRK, THIS EVENING June 27, BENEFIT OF ORPHANh. 2d act of i.A TAHENTl LE. ... ... , LuitUi Mo..? \l<rrii I I, n MdJe Kim I r Jdacicf LA BONNAMBULA. Mad. Micliaud Alad. .viarliu | nl**,. Gum otic Mil* OmjuUiu Thcrraa Mil* Fanny Elaalrr After which FAMILY JARS. , To conclude witn EL SAPATF.O Dfc t A DIE by Etsiler. Utxin npeii at *cvcu?1?itoiiuaucr? will coinmtuct nt halt paat aearni. Boiea, $1?Pit, 10 c?i?u?Gallery, Itffite CMAl<iHAM TIIKATR* MISS CLIFTON'S SIXTH NIOHT. THIS EVF.MNO. June 27-h. the'i'ngedy of ITALIAN WIFE. Bianea, Mi? Joaepliinc Clifton Al t r which, I'IZARRO. Cora. Mo (J J > e?IH-irt, Mm J Clifton To cone 'udc with HIB LAST I. EOS. O'Callaag >n, J uneeit | Charles, ILcld Doors will open in Intnie al a i|U*riei |?ut 7 o'clock, an,i the curtain will riae at 8 o'clock punctually Drat)circle, 60 cents?Bmea. ttWKit, I2if?Piieate Boats. to " AMKKICAN MVMKCM \\D UAROENS. EVENING THIS WEEK, amimrncint on Mouday. June 27. Beat attraction in the city '. Day aiaiicn aduiittod the itat evening hRlSE. INCRSiASED NOVELTIES. By pcrrni'tioh of >l.e Catted Biatea O ivrijfmen* the hand of VENDOVI. THE CAvN'lBAL. CHHlF fiom the Ft' IiU'KM. ? ** U-cu in the Ml * am for pu*lir exhibition, fr onr week only. It u ? iiue; ai?<i?11 t cast of tins ftftilorwftiiag r'.iief. 'lieu by oitler of |be goreinmeut, by IqOAU Homes, E q., the CJetSBted uli-t 1 thi. city, .Mr Boyce, the comic m-loiH t; Mr Btooka, the anrivulVd dancer; Miss Kmalit, tin cbarmtug vocalisl i ami L> tctiin t cicala, the baaulifnl dahstuae arc augagtd. Una week mote ?' The INDUSTRIOUS FLEA". _ I WT I a- I * .... i >irn inaects iiiw oeen ilium ll ) Mi. U. Willi, from Oennany, wbn Irarurd them to Oc lurneaaen to carr-agea and olher vehicles* Inch they will draw with aa mn.h docility ai.d precision as a conm n c ?rt horse. Tlii- ovttiiwtii UirotV < tlltL ,esn be privately consulted as an or?cle or foreteller of future events, U.t u^lioet il.e da.. Albino Lady. Splendid Ojrdru on the top ol theMus'Um. Fancy Glass Blowing; Grand Coemoiama, and HO,Old curio?OURTH "( JULY!?Magnificent preparations are making for tne e. Itbratton ot our National Independence. Admittance to the whole so cents?chlldreu hall twice. I "HTtla'9 mtw If OK It M I', (Formerly known ss I'c ue's.) Nu. JMi Br.iadtcov, opnnvi'e . rity HallNOVEL ATTRACTION. ENTIRE CHANoE OF I'ERFUKMANCE EVERY MGH I. MONDAY EVEN1NU, ml during lit- woak. A concert or vocal music. By M is Taylor and Mr Dunn, iiiteispeis- d with Cotnic Leetti es nd eel* rticun from ihe heat piece* o| YANKEE HILL AND A DRAMATIC COMPANY, Vi*:?Mis. Ta\ lor, from the Fait Tneai-e. Mrs Lode, '"mm the Olympic Thrathre. Mias IValli'ce, frotn the Park The*t?e, Mr. Duii'l, irom the '1 renvvit Thewe Boa ton. Mr. Biti a, th- eec. nt.ic conudian, and YANKEE Htl.l.. Fancy Olaia Blowing, Co,momma, Etryt tian Mammy, Elce triciry, Bi"eds. Quadrupeda, and apectmcns of thti whole H.bittble Globe. Experiments in Aninmal Magnetism, whi-h dsily rrei e the admiration aud nioniahni.ut of all, every all I noon at i o'clock rtrlortnauee at hall-iaut a o'clock. Sacied t'oncvrt neat Sunda, Eteiuiaa, under ttie direction or Mf. O. Lodm Aitmi?*ion 25 eanu. J27 lw TIVOLI GAHUI2N?Richmond HIU. UNDER the managem-nt of Mr. SAML'EL BTTTLER, of the Theatre* Roy el, Drnry Liuc and Co1 cut Oartf ?, i?na (Urcctaor to Madame the Olympic Tleulry, Loudon. Tl.r 8'lounand Oirdcn wilt ojv.ii on Weilueaday, 2*Jlh iu I. w ith GREAT NOVELTIES, O.hpna! Vaudeville-,Conceit., I'roincnade d'ete, Int?ieitiu,f Exl.ibitinna, and every variety ot eiueitaiiimcnl. will be produced in rapid ?u.cea?iun. FarticuUra in future adxrnrtiaemi nix. Adinitii< n in eeul*. Tocuuiineuoc ?t right Vclock, j<-26 31 *r _______ A RCH SThEET THEATRE, in PiiilaiWTihia.?To Le *?- the Arch Street Theatre lot the aevadni of 1812 and 3. Ap pi; to P. M. Lafourcado, |0C Cr.wn tre<*. HAML. l?r AUSON, 8ccrvi-r>. Ptiiladelphia, June 1. IM2. ie . Imr THE FAVORlTE <n>ldecidedly l"r inn! agreea'de Excur?ion in :he Su iner Hcaaon ix io Hub ken. No other plaiu of ret'nt in ihe vicinity of tha city can h. lulled ??itn auch f*> ciliiy or offer* ?o main iud lentm nta with I- i -ximrue. A i?it lothc I'ktei live and diver ified ground.- rtl thia uioat luValy of It rreitii l ipoli, of wliK'b itv beau iinl acen ry "I'd .la nv fine viewi are too wr< II known to require i'c? rii lion. camel fail to rivi' curat ule iail c to 'ho-e i the ci'y wll l,..e o c i loudly roll.rati , f>e?ltai., >a y the acruato cd and 'uii itin d vi w ol britk - nd > Mi. Tti Barcly.C u I anJCiri ,'opheiwtreet Ferry rrat- aie in c?"' lli'iif riler I 'f uMic accommadaii, n. Je2tw*c f"'itA^TTCONCERT8?TKl-WKEKL Y?On n.w and V Eci nnm'cai yalen?The | ublic i-. ira|? ciiully infomo d that Mraan. Fnrahe* an" R .inabuttoni have I leu the I irirr ami magnificent Saloon knowu a* Conceit Hall, B oavlwn;, ami i lend giving a giaiul Concert of Vocal and lmirunieiilal ? uxid. on e*?ry luaolay. Thunday, and Aatuiday each week du.iug the aeaton.'geim-nt*have bee u made with a luui Ilier ol the mu?l papular tiiiuiciau*. liolh vocal aud in I utncntal, and ao that alt m ,y participate iu the (rand er trrta-'tnr enta that will b? given, Uir proprietor* have lived Ihr i lie. of admuxion at la. The police regulation of th- eareblLbmrrit w ill be of xueh a character ihat ladiet and gentlemen may am nd the v*?ncrri? mini moinunn naaurance ih t tliey ?IH imlbe ?ubjeetrd to nnv drawbtvcka from the attract iona and amuaauuiua which will lie pieaented to them while in the Saloon. jriU Strode tjWANnLlN SAL.T WATTICBATH?<Foot of Montr o" mery afrevi.)*-J'he F.atmlin Salt Wa c. B* h, at the Of Montgomery atrert, U now nprti from i A. M. to JOT. M. Shower hathau| on an improved | tan. SwimBun* aehool, and auperior pnhlk end private hatha A>r tadie. and gentlemen. i *** tmi?r FlREWORkS, <Jh.ACh.hKB.&U. FOURTH J UL Y, 1842. pOUNTRY and city deaicra in firrworka, will find it to thai? Vv advantage |o cail and eumpir an extcnaivr aaaortmrni of the lien yiiility, at ft-AVLIFFE'S old establiahinent. M Chatham atieet. A large >|uantity ol fire crickeia ju?i rtcaitHl. Steineinber the aign of the two maumolh aky rocket* ami gold rv mill I l*r FIREWORKS. EMHEWORKB ?The anbactlber offera to the public the r lanrrar and mn?i aenerel assortment <u firework* now in the city, Which he will aell on the ?n?-t rcnai jahlr terma. Counfty meiel.inti, dealer a and venders m general, ?rr iv<ici?trd, In fore parrhaainc 'Uewherv, to rail a"d examine hl? atoek. HSSI.F.S W. VI'LTEE, jelT tivt,r lie Chatham at. corner of Orancr. ""FTTOWORKS. pASSNER Ik YOUNG, No. 1M Chaihnm afrres, have on l-J hand their u??il e**?naive a? orttnent of warranted Fir Wnrka, whieh Wi I bcaold to dealen and othera at the lowest manufacturers pricea. Alan, a larce xippty of Mr. Isaac F.drr'a fire worka, for exhibitiona. at lahnratoiy fires. jelZUyt'c R E viTl R K S SELLING OF CHEAP, AT 00 MAIDEN LANE, UP STAJFS irl* lin*r | FIREWORKS. ' THE mo*t eatenwvc, mried and bnllianv enhitiitional Fre l work* ever matmfactnred m thu or airr nth-r reuMiy, re i now ready for delivery, od the lowi at lerma, in Initio rait rt ir milter* and P<u(ie< lor r lie eelabrction of the Uli of July, at ti.e. UniM Statea Laboratory. J?-v C" ??. ISA-M- EDfilt. Jr , Prmteehniat. Ordcti left at Niblo'* CJ?' ! u, Gti M ndru l?.ne, JJ*> ?tte#t, will meet w'nh iirtmrdj-te attention, a .J rtood. delivered to any |?lrt of the city free of eapenae. Vtrt'afFIREWORKS. FOURTH OF JULY. PrFEWOPKS? .Vew York LabLrtor ?M. Bennett, IS6 * Frpn' "trert, two door* ?o?th ol Fikt.n?The ti"On?nlie, ?ml hrifMnl a ? Ttm; nt rf Firm r a ar? new nncred at the h <rr ply, conei tin* of H .nor\rv at,d Si,rial Hi ekefa, ? Ith void *na ??)rer ?nn*. F*na Palm 1 ree?, P jauiida. P. rnvian C;n?.e?, Octagon nu, TI larmley Veiticiilr;e, Mine* of Seipetif??nd Star*, maroOn*. B-nito'aLight*, H..m?n Candler, liree ?nd ?mall 8en.ent?, Piu Whet I*. Gruhopr era. Port Fjrri, lllue Lurhu, Scroll Wheel*, TorHlliOtu, lorn Pigeon*, Tori*-?lr>Puflln.: t'rtefkft, Double header*, Firecracker*, Canton Rr.ehcf*, lire, Country mi r. lonti, and 'train* in uaorral.are reqayaud to cal' inl riamllir 'he abot. ?tccl<. ,t N. D ?r'?itimliree? ftrr city and country dl?|.Uy, military and prtvate partie*, can be a'ipplied on the mmt liberal term*, with I i above article*, warranted?the tn?tenaU luring b >n ?r It ed with the i.tmo?t care. jet* to lyt*r 1> tgV&jgrxii: oj?|M?*iff S?. P?ol\ rhurrli. htte rrrrjTea pt r iwrki t ?bi| AfX?>. ? imI .ifTrr foi ?*le At low i licet, 300 ?,-< urh put**, !ari<? site, u infill 0 hMf; complete D?jfiterr*ot>|M* aii'umiuh, ?t w | ->rr? rr.; X srp>m*ric I* ai??. tn%4* *t ririt, by Alji.oi. .? Ciifohv fee On.; fOA h<> tle?>iyi At'Jliibi'r of *<hI *eitf#e, codilH-, rJilorri* of ioilii.e, hrmijue, brdmfie ' f i'WIfnr. ^hloriae of folil, ami tbr not arc- Ittvjiu; ? iri Jui* pun I UflltAI'llir on O A O V E K RHOTVf E LIKE NE^K^VI .t. WHITE. of No, US . i <%ii II w rt;' H< t I, ha l ?* inH ronwtik*iif i **? > , ,v *rr I . iltih >,?* fftf-?it on toukiutf likrur .?bj 't ' v.. iittph b*|t b?^mifu| mil itcnritF |Woo*t?, Tl >v*? ':r pquiiftliortlw f?mi of ?tnif m?l h- n n U -1 of ? t ' ?il ?i* k?r M'li't mlnut^v iml bit w fbrxi r.f , ? ? '?< ir>r rhc t^i"nre \* c?? < ic'? -i , mi). ?r ub rlfrfbif it c ' : SNfnu t .' I?v il? in iMt rlou'iy . r? m K VV ?:* n bin r!f that be r ?n pnxfria i hi rr# ?cw#- m!', I ' Hi -vf ill i .11 ? iii t|H Cim: D? of D ?VU ' 1 . ' ' 'T * t ' -ii hv him tint havr f\?r burn v ct.m'i #ic'e f'u i!i* v.iy ??f tl???rl. k. w. he- > con?tbn?iy 'or motj .# ..wl u r~ ? ...... ...VI v TI I" i-n ll< 8c*. N. B.?Ifl?fr?*?i< will be rivan lolbc irintnfTnrm'a>i ' T.. V H . ?r* !?"?> . I- \ 'r *. gymx a stum . rrsqisa. and khooi n< ai.m .j y. fit. fir<' 'Ii I . ("- I" if .!?.? .. > p or > n . .t i I. ' it f '?* I,A>i,?? ? \ 0 II- -- I lltMr 1 ' (l rv?. .i* . |? ? ) ? I. II' I i ii" H, ? I, ?'f<i it *i 'lMi?;, i , *>', on i v the I ,n',ii W.,r r ?r I. i .. i > i|! Ii ?.V 4i,^ ri Kith, r c 'fili'tff* fl' f ^uhif iliffil lb Of" iiflitr. h *ho i?iii< O lU r b in* cnti.- I* vnd n 'rnt nf ii > mnuinm. pt re nt wiibuig to piirtic# uiatnl lirta* t?n do i. *itliou? bribe f?UcnW? ?n lb* O .nvm'iim fVlKinc I will. KiTrn aaimial < n irmji ?!? Irrir-. 0| rn u day break, wit (low at hall' i?nl ulna at mrl.i. let" tm*r if OM?i# bblaa black >?w Oi' .i" T'l'm1' ' iU