Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1842 Page 3
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1 ? - I - ? * ?i?rtitl m?mI twtfOwio worse, aintrf- lours 00 poo.Is *ri, thither very groat, lit4 "til hare , influence opo> J \ the Kiiffluh mo.ket*. i I* at the Stock t)xchMigr. J t %xm Si*--, sj jn iwi. ti UK ii* \ I0ri?" ObiDtt',. ISmi 21 I3r J.- 15* JliM |UiiK>u BoutU Hi!, 150 in bli 151 ' 1 iL UlDuiiNltou ?Ju 17 13. tin 15 * m d.i 1*0 17^ ion dni U'tU 1(7 15 Alolnirk Rll 4(1 1U ( *u(uu < 0 t'J IOO ^arinn RK uvr U>? Sterol,d Board. M iklrm RK 15*4 75 Hirirm RK - 15 50 \ do *3 15 25 do 15 , an do ? do ,10 15 . State of Trade. Uiufneoo in all the different channels is exceedingly dull?JRugar eitlea. DO hhda St. Croix at da a centi; tfto Portoilico at 4 A cento; -J00 New Orlcani et t } ceata: 400 boxes brawn Cuba at 5} 6 cents: u saieoi r?>" leags Sugar by auctiou on Saturday, went oli" well. Tobacco?A brisk business in Leaf. Sales over 100 hhds. Virginia and good Kentucky at a a A cents. Low <iuality niw crop Kentucky brought 3 a 4 cents- # bales St. Jago Were soal at ttt-cant*. time. Sales by suction of ll hhds ndar crop North Carolina, unmerchantable at If a J? eta., average 9,43; 3 hhds new crop Kentucky at 3}. 3J and 3f ; ?4o old crop do at 2J a 5}, average 3J; all 4 mot; 4 cases ( KJbrida Scgar Leaf at 3 a 111, average Af, cash. Naval | Cores?Shipments are made of Turpentine at $2,73 for j aahington and Newborn, but buyers now refuse to give I ,' so much. Sales Tar at $1,A2}. Oils?The sales of whale I for export have been during the week 1000 barrels at 3U rents. Llr.secd Oil Is in fair demand at SO cents cash, and J 86, 6 mos. Sjierms are inactive. ( Corn Trade. We annex the priccss ourrent in four markets at the ; last dotes Taicc or Floi a raa bvrkki.. : Nsw York June 2T, S3,;i3a6,no Alersndns, Jtme ?4, a Baltimore, June 2t, J,50ai,7J Richmond, June 23, $3.Klti/jR ' j These prices do not Indicato much firmness In the mar- i kets named. And they are but a criteriou of all others in / the country. The anticipated large crop is seriously af feeling prices at every point. 1 MMHlMa I Cattle Market. There were in market eight hundred beeves, eleven hundred sheep and lambs, and ninety cowi and calvcsi Not all sold. The beeves averaged about $6,60 per hundred weight. Prices ranged from $6 to $7,60, sheep (etched from $1,60 to $4, each; lambs (rem $1,26 to $'7 75, and cows ami calves l'rotn $-J0 to $36. The sheep show a decline. Married. On Sunday, 76th inst. by the Rev. A. Perkins, Mr. Wn i.iam Crriiill to Mrs.; Bi sh, ail of this city. At Burger's Chapel, Port Chester, on Wednesday morning, June 15, by the Rev. P. S. Chauncey, Mr. Rent's M. Stivkiss to Miss Sarah B. daughter of "the late David I. Burger, of New York. On Monday, June 27th, by Rov. Mr. Benedict, Mr, Jo. skvh Wilson, oi Illinois to [Mrs. Sarah M. Phillips, of this city. In Burlington, Vt. ou the21st inst. by tho Rev. U. ti. In, gereoll, Mr. Amos C. Spear, of the Arm of Peck St Spear to Miss Cathahinie M. Howard, youngest daughter of John Howard, Esq. * Died, On Monday morning, 27th inst. Mrs. Sar.h Coles, in tht 30th year of her age, eldest daughter of the late William Bull. On Sunday, 26th inst. Cornelius |Hahskn, son of Lyman Rhoades, aged 5 years. On Sunday morning. thc56th instant, Siiinkv Al?.i ?tlk Holly. After a short illness, Mr. Hknkt Van Solinhkn, iutho 44th year of bis age. >.On Sunday evening, 3#th inst. John Jesnnett, formerly of Charleston, S. C. In this city, Mr. Joseph Leonard, for the last 4C years n clerk in the Custom House. ^At New Rochelle, on the i6th instant, William Stewrst, youngest child of Norman White, aged 1 year and 3 months. Near Railway, N.J., on Saturday, 35th instant, Joseph Martin, late merchant of this city, in the 44th year of his Weekly Report of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 10th day of June to the 25th day of Jtmr," 184$. 32 Men ; 28 Women ; 46 Boys ; 33 Girls. Total, 139. diseases. Apoplexy, 0; Burned or Scalded, (1; Bleeding I ; Bleedio*' From Lungs 1 -, Cancer, 0; Cltolera Infantum, 4; Cholic, 0 ; I Conumption, 32; Caaualtiea, 2; Convulsions, 11; Croop or Hftes, 0: Delirium Tremens,0; Diarrhoea, 1; Dropsy, 0; do in head, 0; Dysentery, l;DiahetPsl ; Erysipelas 1 ; Epih-py t ; Fever, 2; do Puerperal,. 0 ; do Reiniueut 1 : do Bilious. 0; da Scarlet, 1J; do Typhoid. 5 ; Fracture, 0*. Hooping Cough, 0; Inflammation, t; of bladder, 1; of Brain, 5; of Bowels,ifi; of Chest, 6; do of Liver, 4; do of Llings, 9; do of Stomach, 2; do of Womb, 0; da of Heait, 0; Insanity, 2; ilntemprrance, 0; Jaundice, 0; Killed or Murdered, 0; Lilts Venerea, U; Mortification, 0; Marasmus, 9; Malformation, 2; Measles, I; Old Age, 0; Organic Disease of Heart, 2; Palsy, 0; Rheumatism-, 0; Rupture. 0, Small Poi, 2; Scrofula, 1; Spinal Disease, <1; Sprue, 0 ; Suicide, #; Teething, 0; Tumor, 0; Ulcers, 1; Ulceration of the Throat, 1; Unknown, 1; Worms, 0. sac. Under 1 year. 33; 1 to 2 yeim.JHr 2 to 5, 15; 5 to 10, 10; 10 to. 20, 9; 20 to 30. 18; 30 to 40, 10; 40 to 50,11; 50 to 60, 5; CO to 70, 4; til to 80,2; 90 to 100, 0. places;or nativitv United States, 102; Ireland. 22; England, 4; Scotland, 1; Germane, 5; France. l^JJweden, i; Spain,!; Prussian; Brit (li'V 3; Waleau, tu<uinwn I. Or th e above, there were from the Hospital, Bellrvue. 9: Penitentiary. Hospital, ?; Blackwell's iLlaml, 4, Small l\tx, 9; City ?Hor.,illal, 2: Long Island, J 2; Almshouse, riellerue, 2; Westchester, J. New Jersey, 1. Colored Persons 10, WILLIAM A. WALTERS, City Inspector. Citv Inspector's Office. June 25. 1042. Latest Advice* RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Africa May 2 Macao Feb. 10 AuzCayei June 10 Madras . Feb. 20 .Amirus Ma^ I Manilla; Feb. at Bombay April 1 Montevideo { May 1 Batavia Jan. t Marauham March 2 Bermuda June 7 Mutant as June IS Botiaire April 9 Mayaguez". May 29 Buenos Ayrcs May 3 Maracaibo Aivil 5 ahia April 19 Matamoras April 17 Belize, Hond. May 21 Neurifas May 2!) Buhatloes May 13 Nassau. N. P. Juie ! Uonti May 1 Oahu, S. I. March 11 Beroice ? Feb. 20 Paris June "t Cape Haytien June 10 Port au Prince Ji'*'* March 5 Ponce, P. R. May 2 ; Cienfaegos May 20 Para May SI Carthagena May I Peroambuoo May 59 t'araceas ? May 17 Panama Feb. 29 Chagres July 1 Rio de Janeiro May 2n Callao Jan. 22 Singapore " March ;i Calcutta March 22 Syduey, N. S. W.* Aug. II Demarara June 2 St. Helena May ill Fsval May 15 8?. Thomas June 12 Gibraltar April 19 St. Barta Jan. 3 Guayaquil Feb. 13 St. Jaso de Cnba* June 7 Gnayaiaa, P. R. June 4 St. Johns, P. R. ?June 0 Gonaives May 24 St. Croii . ?. April 19 Galveston June II St. Martha May 4 Havre June 1 St. John, N.B. ' June II Havan| June 19 Surinam May 27 Hali&s ...1 .s.w.J utie 10 TampiCo ' ' ' May 211 Jerrmie May 19 Tobaaco April 25 Jactnel-.- ec. e.... Jnne 5 Turks Island June 8 Kingston, Ja. May 14 Trinidad de Cnba June 5 London Jnne 4 Vera Crur May 22 Liverpool- June 4 Valparaiso April t. ^a Ouayra June 5 Yncatan -April 5 ima March 30 Zanzibar - March II PasHn(era Arrived. Lonooir?Packet ship Ontario?Mias Harriet Livermore. on her return from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land; Mrs Lieut Col EHiot, Masters Win and Henry F.lliot and servacl, Charles W Cooper, all of Upper Canada; John F Hance, F Eichbuim. of iiu<iu(iui "nuni j o L>aconinre, rani; jatne* nrun, i nii.uieiphia;G -o 8 Mawwm, New York?and M*in the aleerage. Li?K*rooL?PWcket ahip Kurope?John Berry. John NeriK, I John Bmwn?21* in the steerage. Lieraroot.?Ship Cornelia?Philip Hehuylrr, Mra Schuyler, MiateaGrace, Catherine, Harriet, Clotilia, Fanny, anil Mary Brhnvler, Muter John Schuyler, Jamra Sler-juou, John Fretfall, Mra Jain Puller, Ralph Rhode*?106 in the steerage. LtTEBroot?Ship Oaceoja?Mra Barslow, and 27o iu the Llkxarool.?SMpHenfy Bliia?Mra Birdaall anil 2 children, Miaa Brew?2811 in the iteeragr. BtDr.roRD?Brig Lord Rauuay?Tlioa Varnon and lady, Mr Pewia?IIS in the steerage. Lo*nai?Dr.nitT? Bark Lady Calebrook?Mr Scott, Mr Armstrong?132 in the ateersge. Pout kV Palter?Brig Fairfield?L A HimIoq, J George, Jaa A Martrte. Goulard Agamnu, Antonia Villi r. Bcl'.t.V, Hond? Brig Paleey B Blount?Col Remi dc Burnt, Cap! Adrii n de Verey, Lient Win de Burnt. Joaepli Canrttt, F.mile Vainlerheelit, Adolphe Uibawiet, of Belgium; All red S Higgtna, NYork. . Niw Oni.r.4**?Ship Alabama? L Cnriiiwi. ladv, child and nurae; Mrs ? Franklin, ladv, child and nnrae: Mra ? Fraukliu, I children and nurae; A Franklin, Mw M White. W S Toole, J Da.anon, Mra V. Baldwin, child and nnrae?and 24 in the lleerage. ( Farelgn Importations. LoSDO^t?Ship Oot-irio?4ft hhdi jftrka IIW k 8 Baratow?20 pkga A Redden &>ou? 132 Clark S? McCaruick?44 G Meyer k , ron?i Jaa Conhon?8 J M OpieuUcim k oo?J C King k ei>?< R H idden Sinn?| J C Mryai?& Maw?on Brothers?IS H T Chapman?12 B*hl? ink co?a Parson*, Comma k c?>?7 Rose k Oareu?4 J Oihon ken?2 Mr HaUui?21 Farr. Powell keo 1 -2 G Heard?2 F \V Laasaek?i Dodge, Cummin* It an?7 J ' Hnrapy?2 0 Applcton?2 W Vyae?2 Brutil.tin, Hoop k On? I Grintiell, Miuturuk to?I Rn.hmia K A-piuwall?IJ D Wogl.t j ?1 Fifth k Ilill? 1 W,uUworth It Suiitli? 1 M D Walter?1 -i White k Hlitltield?1 W Fella?I MrStrimt?I Mr* Frvu ia-I J Mr J ade lop*?i Major Delalield?2 chronometer* A Stewart?I j ca J of* n> tr, order, ( L'vnneojM.?Sliipklnrope?71 pkga J Rene k Son?10 ton* '.?n nUg* Per?ee k Brook*?t'. Wong, Johrtvin k Burnu i Walt* kH.wriu-ratill.?230* bar* 740 lidl. iron K 1- * log* kco-lli uhg. J McCall k co?2 casks G.o Stacy-! W N 1 Seyrnoot-l IlMheook fc oo-l pk,a Lelfert.-J Don k Allen * Shaw Blake k eo-JN ^ ?e.~k co-4 Steel Daater k co- I I F S \lorae k rn-6 Wright fc Brown-I W G Hirnt k rtr-ft J Almy. P-rtiapn k eo-3 J ( Howe k eo-ll Tooker. Me wl h. ' eo?011 H idden k ?on-l L Atterbop j.-e Horey. William* ? k co?II Bird, GilliIan keo?12 grind atone* * ra*L* W M J I Wilde?2 pte* J Warreu-02 SanlT., IV* k ?-Vj <1 fc F (Jxf ' msr?7 Horrell. Wood k co?4 Ward, Sill k T)>oo.1-<?, -, o,,. ' *efl M'tiiaon k Tavlur?I- Wright. Smrge*. k HI. w -1 Free- ! land HulTinaii tk eo?I Rielden, Thoniiiaon k oo? IJRyv,,. ' r?ll at Son?Hi Woorel Wood fcI'oalei?tt J F.iielsten?VShel- ! .Ion St Pl?elw.?6 Ri?*a, Broth* k etc?2 Beear, Benjamin k eo 7 Hall Br >Hi??II J tilhrn k co?T J Hndaon?II ButteffirMfc ! Kialiei?i J Wataoti?38 Laffan k Rnlaaond?7 Smith. Thorrer k CO?2 J Uoberaon fc eo?12 D Haddrn k Soa?14 ttortau 1 1 J Smul-4 G Adaheid * en?I H T Cooper?I 8 H Nitrrii ? I 1 Ciithixic A Wilki'Mon?* J Pntnn k r??4 Pntnn (k Nrrwarr? ' ..! A Mil.bill ft. ci ?J <iedfrey, I'aMienn ik rn?2> Veil ft Ho incranili?J RwKaniaen Si I J Hetrhimnii?|n:W ' lmr-> 8?" IhIIh iron W SHo-liU?III ijo tijrleitnii ft B tUrHr?lii " |iks< lliitfMftioe &. 1 iffinv?t J w Mitrhfll ft ci*? if 1 >\ IK*J, I'Min.rxt ft Bnrrett?1(5 br.eri O H'iftn?1 m i, J Riclnrd, Putrick ft ro?'l J D Wini<e?* Wri.'Sr; Kiuriria ft Hlnw?? J M Liilkliem ft r.v?J W Herrnek? M Ptabmljr, r RiKi'f ft c<>? 7 Wnelit, Stnrtraa ft Hh*w?k J K W.irrnP ft inn a ?t IH-lil, Thompson ft eta?i A (i I ?rk Si r ?2 Robt Or kro- < run ft o-?arm bu B Mnorwood ft ro?1 rk K W Pi mtx-nixi? i 15 bk e? (iodrry, Par'ii .n ft CO?1 Wood, Johniinft Born-It? r j f ( ilio.i ft ro?7 K K A'rork?5 Walker, Br itkrn WIT lur> a in n < iim>in<lia-n ft Bu< 1 mnn?I bale J Wiuni.?W tonr )ia ( iron ft 170 b tn emilta ro order. LiTfkPOfti.?Hbi|i Oar.Moli-t?ICIo lingi UtO ainrercnrwi Oro. F Tr.inlilia? inOSavri n-iciw iti W-<li-r?I ia?clin?.'? Griffia S; I Unlm in? 27 >1? Kbetierrr Ciujdwtll ft [n-JI Jo H |i. Br th< n ??l riaea Jpnn Uihon?S n?ckui > Joseph Hnuron?7 Jj 8 ihU. , For ft co-^f do John Jickaou?St W 3 ft E C Mclatoah?61 iin f llano,- ft SlkgK?I (J A Heirne? M Cumtriui ft ^Bram!?I" do gjnith. Thf g%r Sr rg?II JJfepji Rlind? ?* do H?rU?nR. .n mil W?,??|f Bird, (jillllkffl bcp?J5 John Robinerm ft r 12 1 Wood, Sr Burrrl^w Tookrr, Mi ad ft co?i t. Baker J --Jj Lewie Alti-rbnrr?7 do 3* Mel 0 BMeatMfl) fi(ft|r r kv i* ' ?1"Jkr e^* " " ' **' ' ' 'Ik' ??? WrrrrWitftierdiiw it co?MOr?U?av ' ?"? ?fi*) < Wiu .'looke?At t kje Bat- UKh, W>C,'*" 5B do a 'V"L?T"y. i. roaida?C Onmihaw?16 ttkgl E Baker k co?23 Swelo. Ikv crfc Buah?t Jacob Rene li 8pW U W illiaui Roee Jl eo?I [?.?* Hirk^nn?nobbit Iberiaa k Brook?0J3 |.ka. 27 caak. IIV One |iik irou to order. . ... n . _ I.IVI ?roOL-Sbl|> Oecoolar?jO toll* mjt irou B 11 Ikiwiiiiip? ? do J T Tied ilt?7 crate* B A Mum lord?I I*fcj A Willmk I coil roi* Wu\ 13 (?< ? IJ IwU. Win W hi lew right? l"H4 hare-Joy ton* uijt do J; II Dgwiauji-333U hare do S Crooks? tsS'tdu* 1 -'I J I|>>d?oi?l:id eratrs Gniiii-ll,.Miuiuru kco?IK civet To"!-. . M-?l * v -i Jo'CI H ilujoell?.554 1OT 332 lulls imii stiwoj-l i U k Mrl.ullock V ci>?3 bar* II Norrie m ov?jl II r arhtiin &co?56 J Rludri?] rnrle* 1 bin J "TT flank?4l bales 33 case. II |ucka4.-t'* 2ti casks to I.l\ rKPooL?r?li?r> Hrury Blue?20 casks wlaite- lead 15V lour ralr 330 toni coal to order. UnUTni.-?B irk Briridi (Juren?377(1 bars iron 283JOO Batb hri< ki 36 cks 20 baa 1 bdl siudrt I |>kx 3 ba? uidae Broulu k co. I'oet At; FRtirts?Bru Fairfield?ItkHio llx lot-wood >08 Uuo. rotfer 5 burs mda Ski Minx k Ferris?II b tics coffer C W Smith?iC do / it co?In Brett Ik. V t*u?j# J 8 Browi* ?f 18 Barkeft It Brotn. r-?4Ai M Dcnnfy?30 f! N Stcbhiu*?b. Wilson, MiiU Ik eg?40 BtirUge Ik Hunter?1 box turtle ah?)l U ortMr. Potter.?Brig Hellespont?lOhh'U siKar B Aymnr St co?W A \ Mijo-lftO Al?op Si Cliauncey?100 do 32 cask* inolassrs 1* Hai- | moiiy St co?20 do 40 hhds sugar DgtMConib St Beck with. Domestic Importations* New Orleans?Ship Alabama?300 boxes H T Hiihbsrd?12 ( ?eds Buntow St Pope? 18 c* fi bs LiWitMt Sc Trimble?10 hlicU iaodhue St co?4 Im Trowbridgt , Dw ight Si co?7 4 hhtlt II Kelly?10 uxs K Rettard?28 Pljrt Motrin St Benard?41 bxc 3i> I lets T 8 Smith?459 bbls K K Oollius St co?228 do 291 hhd Vl.m laud. Kennedy Sc CO?1617 nigs lead J Mcl'all?3 casks P B Smith St co?I'M) purs lead 77 bbU B H Field?IS hhda Boor man, lohn?oii St co?40 li L MaitKnd?8 bbs J Mtcyk ion-0 bbla I k J N Smith?10 hds Ay mar St eo?ISO bbla lard Sitydain, Sage It ou?15 Ho 54 kegs 10 bales 7 bx% to -order. MARITIME HERALD. Utparlnrc of (he Atlantic Steamer*. FROM IKCLiMl. FROM AMERICA. Britannia, Hewitt-..... ? ........... Jpjr 1 Ltledonia, Loll Jtiuo 19 July lti Acedia, ltyrie July 4 An*. 1 11. Western, Husk-n July 9 An*. * H. B. M. 9. H. British Quern, Capt. M. M. Kranr, will leave Antwerp on the 7t!i <>f July, for New York, to touch at South mptnn, Eng- on the 10th Packet* to Arrive. Paeketu to Depart. t Hotel i.ivf.rfooi.. for Livr.arooi. Furope, Marshall, May 19 Oxford, Rathbone, July 1 lndei>etideiic?. May 27 P. Henry, Delano, July 7 from portsmouth, for portsmouth. Toronto, OrLwold. June I Philadelphia, Hovey, July 1 from havrk. SwitxerUnd,Chadwick, JolylU Baltimore, Funk, May 21 for Havre. Rhone, Johnston, June I Oueida, Fonck, July I V. de Lyoo, St.aklaixl, June It S*lly, Thompson, July U To Slltp Masters. We tlvtll esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arrivioc hsre. will irive hi t iommodore W. A. Uassctt. of our news tleel. a reiwm el tilt" shipping left ?t the pert whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their jwssage, a list of their carco, ami anv foreisen newspaper* tliey may hare. _ Commodore Basset! will board them immediately on their arriral. ffe will reciprocate the favor in anv wav. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents ill foreign |?irts are respectfully requested to send hv every Vessel ail the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully teCcired. POKT OF SiKW VOHK, J?5iB lMt'4. sure RISES 4 331 MOOS RISES 10 41 SUW SETS-* ? 7 37 I HillH water 13 0 Cleared. Shin Llisha Denisou, -Magna, Marseilles, K D Hurlbnt St Co. ?Barks Magi llan, (Belgian) Myer, Antwerp, Fairer St Bir rwertlr; Mari|uisof Bute, (Br) Fraaer, Quebec, Davis, Brooks is Co.?Brig! i'nion, (Veuciulian) Run-on, Marncaiho, A Arcngtircn; Aldrbaran, Comery, Nassau, NP, Nesinith St Leeds; A'olns, (Swedish) Borjenen. Alexandria, Boorttian, Johnson St Co; Androscoggin, Churchill, Wilmington, NC. J Elwell; Congiess, Crary, Mystic, Ct.?Schrs Ida, (Jr) Howard, St Berts and a market, via Yarmouth, NS. A Hubbaro k Co; America. (Veneznlian) Anderson, La Uuavra, .Mason 8t T!iom|?on; Manchester, Worth, Hichinoml. urn vrw, Packet ship Ontario, Bradish, from Loudon auJ Portsmouth, May 21, with mdsc. to Grinnell, Minturu & Co. 13th iuit. lat 42 30, Ion 18 30 to 50, jraased a number of very law iceberg*.? 19th, ar meridian, lat to 6, Ion GO 58, jiajsod steamer (treat Westem, going off in fine style. Packet shin Europe*, Marshall, from Liverpool, May 20, with milse, to C. H. Marshall, and Goodhue Ik Co. 21th insl. lat III 40, Ion 70, s|Kikebrig Sarah St MaryShip tonielia, French, from Liverpool, May 13. with unlse, to Geo. T. Trimble. Ship Osceola, Barstow, from Liverpool, May 14, with mdse. to Tooker, Meiul Si Co. 13th inst. lat 42 20i foil 52 11. passed law quantities of ice?had to stand eastward 24 hours to clear it?one island 300 feet lohg aud very high. Lat 42 19, loa 57 20. spoke British brig Maria, 39 days from Londonderry for Si. John, NJ3. British ship Henry Bliss, fiom Liverpool, May 16, with salt, to order. 25th inst. off Nantucket, spoke shin Francois 1st, hence for Havre, Same day, the Rev, Mr. Birdsall, cabin pas senser, died, and his body was committed to the deep the same events. British ship Jane Augusta, Clark, 47 days from Liverpool, in ballast, to Roche Brothers Hi Co?310 passengers. Ship Alabama. Bunker, 15 days from New Orleans, with cotton. to Wm. Nelson. 24th inst. lat 36 13, Ion 73 45, spoke schr Bctij Ross, for Boston. British bark British Queen, Thrift, 17 days from Bristol, Kuc with inilse, to Davis, Brooks ft Co?149 passengers. British bark Lady Colebrook, McClair, 44 days from Londonderry, with 130 tons salt to S. Osboru. 24th ult lat 47 39, Ion 31 53, spoke brig Grace Dailinc, from Lacuna for Cork, out 57 days; 3d .inst. lat 36 13, Ion 62 10, spoke whale brig Anawan, of Maltapoisett, out II mos, with 200 hhls sperm oil, bound to the \Vi stern Islands; 16th, lat 3G 13, Ion 62 Id, spoke brig Clio, from New Oilcans fiir Gibraltar; 26th, lat 40 23, Mi 69 IO,a|K?ke ship Ilenrj Hood, hciiee for B'. John, NB. r.,Bv::tJ'J:C'*,,iit'oLB*tr.-oviAirr5l.-Bil?/iiis"atr'c?/ afoiTill.Tal 53 53, Ion 36, spoke ship Lela, of Baltimore, for Liverpool. Bug Giraffe, Eldri-lge, from Peruaiuboeo, Mav 28, with 3,11 hhls sugar to Biff kins, Ironside k Co. Vessels left before reported. Brig Fairfield. Smith, 1(1 days from Port an Prince, with coffee and logwood, to Skelding h Ferris. Bailed in eo. with brig Maria. Stetson, for Philadelphia. Left schr Only Daughter, disi;?the only vessel. ^ Brig Hellespont, lUndall, 10 days fram Ponce, PR. w ith sugar, to master. Left brig Ponce, Gould, of Kennehunk, disc. Brig Pauey B. Blount, Howe, 13 days from Beliie, Honduras with logwood, fcc. to B. Blanco. British brig Angler, Haley, 21 days from St. Johns, NF. with skins, to Dunscomb k Beck with. Schr Sarah Ja.-w, flrookfiild, 9 days from Mayagnei, PR. with molasses, to master. Sailed in en. with brig Cordelia, and schr David Pratt, for NY ork. Left brig Marshall, schra Pilot, Pomfrat, and Ellen Perkins, for NYork. ocnr ununuary, sn?r?iopa, 8 aays Irom llaliPlx, to I'. 1. Nrvius fc Son?36 passenger*. Schr Julia i;. Martha, Pinkham, Tram Lubec, with lto tons plasti-r, to master. Schr Mary Emer, West, from Mobile, with lumber, bound to Hartford. Schr Pequot, Kelly, Boston. Below. British bark Lauchlan Bow. from Olaagow. Biig Cordelia, from Potsce, to P. Harmony It fTo. Also, 2 brigs, unknown. IVhalciuen. Arr at CoM Spring, LI. June 26. Moumonth, from the Indian. Ocean, with I860 bbl* Oil and 14.000 llis bone. Reports in the vicinity of the Croze He Islands, Feb 13, Columbus, NB 1360; Delnhos, Jilt. 1056; March C, Cadmus, SH. 700; ICtk, Nimrod, do, 1300; Atlantic. Bridgeport, 1300; Ssbina, NY. 1300. Heard from Sabina2Cth March, in co. with the Hamilton, Bridgeport, 780 lib's, both bound for New Hollaad. May 9, oif St Helena, Bayard, Ureenport, 1300 blila; Delta, do, 2 ? hales; France, SH. 1600 bids. Spoken, Tecuiusab.of NYork, fiom NOrleans for Bordeaus, Jnne 6 lat 30 14, lori 79 60. Foreign Porta. Ql'gaco, June 22?Arr Standard, Li'eniool; Jubilee, Westport; 23d, 4'ompton, Liverpool; Agnes Oilmour, NYo:k; Hugh Wallace, Bordeaus; Quern, Sligo. Bruize, Hond. May 21?In port. Ores, Emnaa, Qeo Casnnut, Mary Christian, and Pearl, fllil Brrry, NYorlt. United States Ports. I'HiLAnaLPitia, June 27?Arr Louisa. Havana: A'ini Reynolds, Acorn, Home, Wm M Rogers. Win Penn, Da*id Duffel, nud Wm, Bo<ton; Dntunnfe, Nawaii: Mail, Hartford; Jas T Hat tie Id, N fork; Ninetta. Consultation, Rich'd Ruth, and Jamea Barbour, Providence; Judge Hiuhcock, Newport; Peunaylrania, Salem; Lehigh, Albany. ( Ik Manchester, Antwerp; ( \ nu, Havana; Oneida, oi l Shark. New York. Arr in the Schuylkill, I ersert ranee, Salem; Tectimseh, Vandalism Niagara, M> tico, Oregon, Joa I,vbrand, Wm Rowlett, and T Ireland, Fall Kit. r; Carroll, N York; Amos Birdsall, do; t'mi> rem, New Xealaml, and F.scort, Boston; Liberty, Nidus, (fro Wbeatou, A Marshall. aid 8 R Painter, Provieence; Glum New Harm; Aitamaha, New Bedford; Mirror, l'awtiickrte J Harding, Middletown, Cl. NoHroLK, June 24_?Arr Ueorgisna, (new ) Virginian, and American Eagle, NYork; Lucinda, Richmond. In Hamptnu Road., Argon, from Ouayama9days, for Philadelphia?;ait in for orders. The Louisa, for ^totterdam. is on her way down James Hirer. A hok run, in from sea on Thursday. and paiM 0 up jamet Kiver. Tw.i I'rnin ! went ii|i the bay, and 3n nu n l>*rk e.inw down yetterday. Two Im*,. 2 tirif anliDra, and arTeralachra were at anchor under BeWell'i Point last ivcniDK. C'HaRnaTo*. Juuc 2'J?Arr Jupiter, Havre. ( l?t K. rac, Havre t Anaon, N York; Acadian, (ilaaaow; Poland. Haratn.? Sid Miuerr.i, Livcrimnl; Orator, NYork. SivaftaaH, June 22?Shi Saul, Bo.tou. < Id 23d, Sl?-rliiiK. Liverj iiol. Pout Lvov, Fla. June lit?Adrerti.ed, R W Brown, for N York, lotb Monti.r, June 20?Arr Republic, Work. PORTUGUESE FKMAI.K PILLS. THRIH far-faracd and celebrated Pilla, from Porto en!, ore, I we perceive, to be obtained in thia country See adrrrtiaerw at ' n (he la?t column ol f.iort'i nr> ml (a rSIT^jAM?S~*UgXAJfDTR"HOUSTON liaa remomd m-J hia CawirLTHva Orrirr, to No. 1 Hr.nai.ri Brtim.u rornerof Naiaan and Fulton ?tr.-eta. j?2 3m ina c pO MUWCIANB?Wanted a ( Valtre T mm pet i.|.i>er. Gir tin Bind of tin- I'. S. St,-am Fricate Vliplt "II board the -III" at tin Nil . t ml. lio, kl\ J eid lt"r L1 Ntil.l.iH VI All.- I i t I u.. 1 or In. i .1 by the ll.oal l-a Mail oeam. r, Bill trnra, I'mm Boatiin, as ill elo'e it,,ton t C l.'a Rtjirraa ami Foreign'er OHiee, No. I Wall ?tr, ft. fruity, July lit, at i% o'ehiek, P. .M. jeM ui jylt HARNDKN fc ' (I. Jt;'oHittCif.TiofRL.'Nii" ?T Br. niuiay.?At tlie rr.pi, L ^ of ictertl pvronuers o? Okii riChlUtiDUiot, the pro|Hi*t.?r* )w?>? disposed to please, made arrmmuuienu to have \ mblic table set froin 3 f?? 4 o'clock, P. M.. from Mm- first ?l>tv of lulyne*t,at the mode rat- prior of 76 rts w* r tor il. in ludiiif orlinsry claret wine, or five lulliny> without wine. Alio, to rereive boarders at from seven to ten dollars per week, areo fliug n ihe rooms they miv select. jega H?r KK.W A4U>?A Club Boat, poinO-d whire, with lTtlnr J)Ou ?tr--sk aronnd thr sides, tovrrher with ?WO|wlrnf Scull*. with aet *r upon th*iu. were Stolen fr?un a boat house on hr banks of the river, between Dobbs' kVrry and Tarrylown. rweiUy dolWri re ward will tie |atd for tbe conviction of ili?hieve#, and ten dollars for tl?e return of the Invar. Apply at 7ft iotith st. frM*t*r DOABDIN'O IN A VBI V> H V VMIl.Y - \ f. ? cciitrw'*0 """'d ,M drain u< "far ,.nr tiK a , knfiwr,?Ce of toe French la.iatinre, can D? lecom modi ted With "v"*BrrktMa ?tl?rt. TrimV moderate. Pit aal.. af me -l.tee. PurifiCtl I,\in:> OU, for family me, at . .i!?T I"*?- nfty'd e.-uti p? r Ctmntrr ilralpr. aup In d t the lowcat rue. je??lm-?i VI11 >;Dt ron -y ? win .' ? it.e Bild l|. ui-., A M tniertle j tt,. following nml7l2<Ll?,?2i1*^ L"? ??r year. ofa*e. am) hire been ?ino.t r |!- i ,r, i^.r 'b, ?mtirn vca.i, nnd coin[>ell.d to ? . at *"- Cl'ltniPltClt 3 heCr.lAf ....... -f If.-.l t fir urar!) ik? ni?.i,fh? rim!'"1 "f *hm, it,?i IWt now r. fiu.g .CI'Vi' V* lay ' U ft*' <W|??- nil who .If.irr 10 lw?I ..rlT . ln",, hr?rt,,lv %n-m of Ljllw. Albany, J?V. &'!. lo rn>i>l?y lt? Fold whoUaala and rrUulbv J. O FAV^h?' BTONF,. Oilmir'i O m; Hto,. Ni.. VrABr iilw. A?*"<i ?' Nr Vo l., u'Mn.^nML'.'X^r"' ? mmmmmmmaammmmaaBssB^sBsseBen fAtkS0NV}LLS B ANA-TV. Agency for radaemiM >hr , Bills of tha Bankhas been transferred to Metat?. John T Smith k Co , Broken, JO Wall meat. whara heraafter that *111V redeemed atl>4 par cant discount. jeji lt*r wAKf>:f)"A7iuirur uurar by .1 lady who Iim l?sl Tier in- I fatil Sh?- rrtides in a healthy part or Greauwicb Villaiir. 1 For refereu'*? a|>|>l to Kobert Sabrie. M. D., 43 Hsmnsond at, I or comer IK lint ami Seventh Avenue. ji-30 It* in oTlAHOrrhrrRINGS.?Thc Hotels at thU ur* watt-run I *5 .place, only our dav 'a ride from ihiacity, an now open fo, ilia it'Ci'iillou of yiailota. aud the proprietor of the Hjmiuk* haolit iiui-jf lM-rmuiuiii u> publish the follow ing certificates of ill* medicinal proiwrtiu of lite natrn Niw Yoaa. A|>ril >7 1212. My Dear Sir,?1 ha?r recently Hard the Sulphur Vf tiers of . Sharon extensively in my private practice, aud have no h aita- 1 lion in rcrtifyimt Out I entert-ia a high opinion of their Touir . and Alterative prt>|>rrtiea in chronic aflrriinnt of the ski u, tin , liarcr* and the joints, aud in neuralgic <<u ncrvou?) comiflatut-,. 1 proceeding from functional derangement of the digestive or- 1 From what I have witnessed and heard, I believe tlicy will, ere long. rank w itli tin most celebrated w..trra of our country. , Very respectfully, youf. kr. H. McLEAN. M. D. 1 I,visited the Sulphur Springs at Sharon the last Mimitu t, wit) ' a view to teet the efficacy of tne water* aud have wo hcsilatioi. f in stating that careful observation hav fully satisfied tne of thru ' great i alur ill riittlMOua, bilious aud other tnaladiei, for the re- c ief of which the Sulphur Spring* in Virginia, have hern so deservedly celebrated. In rheumatism especially, I have wit- 1 netted the mutt unikubted evidence of the curative effects ol the Sharon waters. U S. BEDFORD, M. O.. Professor of Midwirerv and the Diseases of Women and Children, t" the University of N'ew York. The assemblies lor the teasou will be o|ieiu'd by a grand ball on the evening of the till of July. O. W. B. OEDNEY. June 27, !!I42. yfl 2l?m DR. BRA N I)RKTH'S" PILLS. " "THERE are faculties,bodily and intellectual within us, i with which certain herbs hare affinity, anil over which they have power." Let all who are affiicted with sickness. give the BRANDRKTH Plf-LS atrial; they are recommended by thousands whom they have curad. when all other means and inediciiwt had proved unavailnut Observe the new labels, each having upon it two signatures of Dr. Br.uidretb, So ench bo* of tliu genuine ha* six signatures. Three Beiuumin Bruidrelli and three B. Btaudielh M. D., upon it. THE BHANPRETH PILLS are soltl at tt cents per box, with directions, at the following , placet in New York:? DR. BRANDRETH'B PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 241 Broadway, betwren Parh Place and Murray St. Bowery Office, 271 Bowery. lWltt Hudson vrreet. . REMEMBER?Dr. Bramlreth's Office in the BOWERY U 274, NOT S76. je28 It'r , RETRENCHMENT THE cd no d n 17 tub r, a V iv wr x 11 lit ijn x . "THE Subscriber, with a view of meeting th*- exigencies of X the times.lms made. arrangement* whereby he wR) henceforth be enabled to furnish garments of the vep- best quality, at au immense saving from former charges. Haying mule his purchases exclusively for cash, he is determined to compete with the cheapest,(on the ready inonev ?r uciplr only,) while |u pledges himself to continue the same observance of elegance and punctuality which for the last fifteen yearn has characterized nis establishment. Gentlemen are referred to the annexed list ol prices, with the assurance that the articles enumerated shall be equal in quality and style to the most costly. Dress coats of super wool dyed cloths, from $U to 21. Pants, uo do caisiinere, B to 10. Vests, of every fashionable variety, 3 50 to 3 50. Gentlemen wishing to furnish their own mats rials can have their garments made and trimmed in the saute style ol elegance, in proportion to the above. N. B.?Mr. Babcock, loug known ae one of the most fashionable cutlers, continues in the establishment. CHAS. COX, Sign of the Golden Fleece. je2B Im m til Nassau street, liror Maiden lane. 1-27)00 CASES IN A YEAR. USE the right medicine and he cured.?Ye who are weary ol suffering from obstinate diseasf or any kind of weakness of the urinary organs, and who iu disgust ami disappointment have abandoned all hopei of a cure, are strongly in?iffd4as a la :t resort, to have recourse to the justly celebrated ''Pr Cherty's Astriueent Pill," whose failure In removing the dishearteniiigeotnplaiut is unknown; more th'n 20,000 botes hare been sold in New York alone, and not one case of failure has been related to atiy agent selling them. Has such a lac' occurred from the .... ..V-Trf,. nil,., 7 A i.iM'.r v? ll.-O ..iff-r Sickness, or genera} wasting of the bod) from any cause, are speedily ameliorated, or iu a abort time cured. For gravel, loss of contiol of the bladdrr, pain in the back from disease of the kidney or prostrate glands,these pills are pre-eminently snceeisfnl. J. O. FAY, Wholesale Agent, New York?Retailed at 79 ami 1UU Fulton ?t ; drnc store Broadway corner of Chamber st; Church cor of Chamber; 127 Bower) ; 69 Bowery cor of Wallw st; 77 East Broadway; 188 Washington at, Boston; 376 Market st i'hiladelnlija; 4 Nfaidtti Lane, Albany, and of (Seo Pulling, Natchez. Price $1. Also?" Dr Poetfs Kradieator," celebrated as the most certain safe and speedy cure for gonorrWa, and certain complaints.1 je28 lm*r PRIZE MONEY. rpiie men who were on board the U. 8. Surveying brig J- Washington, or their authorized agents, will receive the amountof salvage money awarded by the Supreme Court, for the Snaiiis'i schooner Arm>?tad, by applying to Mr. NATH'l. TIIORNE, at the City Hotel, between the hours of 10 and 3 o'clock, until Saturday next, the 2nd July, aOer which all applications will be made to him on hoaid the U- S. brig, Washington, when in port. jeg7 fit*c PIANO FORTES Manufactured hy a. h. gale st co? late v. y. Piano Forte Co.?Purchase are invited to ei unote their extensive slock before purchasing elsew here, at their Manufactory and Ware Booma, Third Avenue, corner ol Thirteenth streer. N. B. Prices to suit the times. jel lm'ins c PIANO FORTES FOR HIRE.?A variety of go,,d toned Piano Forres are constantly kept f>r hire at tin* minufactosy No. 41 WeatKonrtaeUth street, between the Fifth and Sislh IMM Also, a good assortment of new Piano Fortes, of superior qualfelaJW|,,,VM "f~vi?o..-? ?.1 ?W.nv. fujJS^st I?RANKLIN SALTWATER BATH?(Foot oi MonuoA tnery street.)?The Franklin Salt Wa'rr Bvlt, at tip loot of Montgomery street, is now open from 5 A. M. to JO P. M, Shower baths upon an itii|iroved plan. Swimming school, and su|>erior public and private baths for ladies and gentlemen. Je2'i Iniisc Healing mineral waters.?sharon spong* Wnite Sul|>her Wjterinay be had ot the Agents, Dickson it Co., 128 Broadway, Btsemeut Rooms.?For their unrivalled efficacy in all Rheumatic, Cutaurous and Dyspeptic rntnplaints, sore eyes, debility.rrysipalas, scrofula. Iivercoinplaint, affection of the kidney, tec., reference (by tlieir permission) is 1 made to the following medical gentlemen ; HUGH McLEAN. Si. n? 4 Warren-at. Dr. BEDFORD. Prof. University. Med. Dep. Prof. PATTERSON. Med. Den P Dr. WHITE. Cherry Valley, n! Y. Prof. HADLEY. F.s Pres'l Me<4 (IsII.m NT v Dr. DELA FIELD Bleecbrrast. ST. Y.'""* From a certificate of a recent ?n lysis made for the Paoprirtor of the Springs, by one <>f the most eminent chemists in tlii? country, (Dr. Chilton of New-York) the following results hire been obtained from onr gallon of water : Sulphate of Magnesia <2 in Sulphate of Limit * 11I f>2 ('hloride of Sodium 2 24 Chloride of Magnesium 2 20 llydiosul,,buret of Sodium ) Hydrnsulphuret of Calcium > 2 211 Vegetable Extradite Matter 160 94 Sulphuretted H>drozen Oaa.; 16 cob. int. For aale by Messrs. Ruahion k A?jnnw?Il. at their Mores. Broadway, Astor House, and William street : J. M-lhiu, Broadway ; (4. H. Milnor, Broadway ; A. B. sands lit Co., Broadway and Clumbers ?t. ; Dr. J. B. Chilton, Broadwry ; H. P. Leeds, Fulton at.eel, Br.r>ki>n. Jelt 3mc Jb. timmehmaTTT 7i Br ?ad street, oltora lor aale in lots to suit purchasers, Champaipie, Damotte brand, superior quality Port, ill or. casks Gdw e oil, in baskets I Wu.niierlin in < as. s, vintage 1234 and 1237 ChildH " " It3l je?4 Et? 1 NO F.? Ldlf FOR ~\ baTd iTEa^x ?Since Ihe ill.eort ry of Dr. Jayne's Hair Tunic, r?efy one may, if liiey chseoa, lerserse Ine4r hair llso4n failing off, or if a|,e*d\ bald, may wilh certainly have fbtir hair restored ara'n by a faithful and preserving application of this valuable IIsir JV nir. I'leaseto read without prejudice the following rommni.icationa, which in addition to hundreds of othei.v equally respectable vhoul-l rrinoer the donbts of every rraoiiubfi person of tile uniform and singular e Araey of Jayne't Hair Tonic. Hamilton, Feb. 13, 1RI0. 1 Dr. D. Jayne? , Dear Hsr?I caunot say mv hair is restored.lint I can say tint itappeir. to be i t as rapid a procett of restoration ascould reasonably \tr eapected. I had ti >t finished the tirsi liottle.befoie s .1. ride 1change ? u maiiifr.t over the bald par' of tin- head to which it was applied A new growth of fine rbvssy hair, much like thai of an infant's appeared, atvl has continued to increase, ami I base hail it rut two or three timet. I have recently coth- , u.ene- d upon the third bottle,but I hare been a good deal irregri- i lar ill the u?- .if lire Tonic, from lie- tint, and from this cause I ( apprehend the effect is at present lest than it Otherwise- would hare been. ( I la-can the rise of the Tonic with little or no faith that it t would ever la-successful on my head though I felt entire con'idenre in you r statements of what it had none for others; null i Was as much surprised as delighted when I saw the effect. You recollect the apjH-arsoce of ?v hesd when ill yonr office. I assure you the hair has been nearly if not quite an inch Ir ; at the . timei 1 have had it cm, on tho.e parts were nearly destitute of < anv when vnu saw me. It was. however vers-fin.. il..?,,.l o, a chirk. I am flushed wilh somcnine hopes o( Knal itircre* in thr diligent use of your Tonic, whi h amid*! all the hairhnnilm;*, which hare bee n advertised in die papers, I am enuatrainari tp 1 lieliitva it what it (elaimsato be, and that it avill in?kc the hair ' grow, and no iniatakr, at Iraat on some head*. ( OKOHOK W. EATOV, i Professor ill Hamilton Literary and Theologies! Bemi|,.i-y J Madison Co. XV. a [From the Summeieilb'. N J Whi*. 1 Sunt* time airier I called uje.n Mr I' Mason, of SoTninrrTi'lr. for Pr JaTDi'i celebrated Bail Ttwil, o restore my hair* w i n was ibm Islliu: out daily. I procured one bonlr and applied fit | coot' uta according to the direction. Worn thr bottle w <* r?- , lieu-led I discovered tonay great surprise and satisfaction, thif HW iNtilMr ttia iSMMil nihomely I I thrrafen pafthueil an,.titer, until 1 hail ut'd three bottle*, owl njiw a* a compeM.itiomny lwiir is as thick asevrr. And what i? more surprnint. my baidart* waa. not occasioned by which ease tJier i. re .iter hope of r .loiatio'i- hut w as liereililiry. JAS. O. ROGERS. Methodist Minister. April It, IRII. Mount Horeb, Summerset Co, N J. Jayie ". HeirTnnie.?After it i vine this article a fair trial we I -ni.brotafinitlv proiiounrr it to he what it profess,the best I article, without atn rgce|>jioti, in me, for the restoration of tha d, human liair. W<- know ol ti"ineroii< instance! wh% re hair lias o 'an a restorsil ta le ads which hare te en ksld lor year*. a- d we t< think V* eannhi do a (rCaier fs Mir than to recommend tosll ottr readers who am bwio* their hair, lamilo a trial of this ToutC fr immediately.?Huston Mail, May Ith, ltd I. ai Pliti.aitri.riiia, May 10,IWii. la Dr. Jaynet? O Dc-ir Sir?I feel that I can hardly say enooyh in faror of your Hair Tonic. My h*'r had been falling off for aboui two rmis, w and hsil baenmr rcry linn, threatening speedy hahtnesi, wlien I ra commenced nsink yum ramedy. In abont one Week it erased to fall off. I hare used it now for show, three montlis, and hare as Ji full and aa fli'cl: a held of hairs* I can |<o??ihly dc-ire. I lis re recommended it* no to a number of my friend* who allsisalr tri well of it. If faithfully employed. I hare no donbt of it-irtnertl >t> siectH. I may add thai, before mlnic your Tonic. I hid tried T most of the nrtirle* einidoyed for the hair siteh a* the Macassar Ji Oil, all the different preparations of Bear < Oil, Vi Id table H air I til, kr., wiihmt evperh icni nineh, if anv lenrft. Kespocl itillV ? ???? *. FITUIJ, M D, No. 172 Chratmitat. Ifiqno^rin t>, ff J, Frlin>, i|l>. Dr. D. Jayna ?? Sir?'tik ureal olpaiurr in informing you tint tlir IkiiiIp of' Hair T'Xlic vrliit '.i I obtained of you laat Or'obrr, Uaa prnti f moat aatlafittory and ?"<rnnfu1. M> li k*<l for along iirii" b- n rtrri'dioit thin. Bid two or thrcB y; ar? r**t it bad wifill.n ioit tutf -n) tread hvlbi rnmr almo.t nitiri lt ty tl. Iwm tindrr 'In- n?rf?.l7of enireralinjr rhp baldnr.a by v nbiocmy hair on thr aidr 'itrt it. But now, aftn nafng abnttt half abotilr of tin Tonir. 1 liari ? luxuriant giowth ofltatra* cr-r | had. C C. PARK p [' or Baptiu Phnrch, lltddoniirld. \ J. ^ Preaarei ?nd ?>hl by Dr. u. JANE, No. >0 Month Third J" Itrrrt. o" Bold whnlraalii and retail by A. R.fcD. Band* Diugjiata No. 71 mnl 100 Kultoa-f?rrct,?told at retail by David Sand* I Co., So. V East Broadway, Abraham B. Handa and r o., "No tU Broadway, and by drnttgiara (apt-rally. Pricr Bl. Joti I ok J RAIL ROAD ?ALBANY AND SARATOGA MM mma a2J1 rmrellm t.. Bkrmloga Pgring*. Like <Murj!, Whitelull am Lower Canada. gre informed lint tlirV w in insure to themselsrs an siiwdilious and pleas lUt conveyance to llw Springs hy taking the Rail Ruail art at Albany. VI . 1(01/ Rg OF DRTAU'IURH. t? ' rrom Albany. rrrin Saratoga. (" At 9 o'clock, A. M. | At 7 o'clock, A M. ? " 9 " " ' " " In "-J P. M. | ?'3H " P M. *< There ii no change of Coaches or Bagg-age Wagon*, or shiftin of Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Pssseugers on their arrival at Saratoga, will Unit st?ge coaches n readiness to convey tnrm to Lake Urmge and Whitehall on ac .aire Ch uitdain; coioiecting with ail the principal Northern I turf Kastern Stace routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passe nam who arrive lir o' liu sfta noon train from Albany,J leaves Saratoga at S o'clock [* a. M. arrives at Whitehall ill time for the departure of the I in "ham,.I iin nfs irie day, and brings Cistern tigs lln fl o Hut land, Vt. early ill the evening. in N B. There air baggage wagons always in readiness, at A!lanv, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to ear- ai y the baggage of passengers direct to and from tlir dejrot uil tcoinboat at tlie rate of'il4 cents per trunk or package, or 12', ol cut* fur ordinary travelling Imggage. The deptrturts for the weal are fixed for the aeaaoit at?' tl I'clotdt, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COBTlOAN, Superintendent. 01 Albany. June UTtli, HHJ. |i2I Jin r RAILROAD NOTICE. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. ? "TAHE NEW JERSEY Railroad arid TransiKinatinn Com- 1,1 A puny have established a Ereigh' Line between New. ai Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run pi rrna- ei lentiy. In Leaving New Biuiuwick at lia A.M. daily, (Sundays ex- ?' sepjed) and the foot of Liberty street, New Yoik, at 2,'f P. M. To country dealer* and merchants tm above line is very de- ~ itrahle for the ajieedy ami aneapConveyance ot merchandise if every description, and more particularly to Drovera autl Dealers in Live St >ck, who can have laO head of cattle coaveyid between New Brunswick and New York, the srune day whe never required. V The ratea l'or the tratiS|>OTt AtIon ot cattle, horses, mules, sV liter i , lings, Lc. and all olln > kinds of merchandise are very P low, never exceeding steamboat prices. ei Merchandise sent by this lino is not subject to any extra oi charge in crossing the North Rivar. li The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at Newr Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always beopen for the reception of innichanuise. Passvngeis tuirchosiiig their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive feiry tickets gratis. O Freight for Newa.k, Eluabethtowo, Rahway, West- in field, riainfield, Scotch Plains, Boundhrook and Somerville, is in conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when hi received. _ _ ml i Jm* j. >331 CHEAP EXCURSION to ilia Fishoig ,n E* 'R Banks. every day, eaceol Tuesdays and KriJtmmmmKit iT. daya? Fare 25 Cents each way?The steamer NArULLUN, dpt. Hilicox. 'will run regularly totho above place every fair dav. and leave as follow*?Fobl of Hammond m street at 9 o'clock,.Canal *tie-l quarter p ut !>, Market street half past ?. Catharine ferry Brooklyn DV. pier No. I North river at 10 o'clock. On 'I uesdays ami Fridays tlie Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney, landing at. Fort Hamilton and al Bath?{the steamboat General Jaekaon will contwne to nin to the samu place every other day in the week)?and leave as fol- 01 lows?Foot of Hammond street , at 2 o'clock, t anal street at a quarter past 2, I'ike street 2L, pier No 1 at It o'clock?Fare 2.1 cents each wav. The boat will remain at 4'oney Hand one houranda half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. , jll lm?c y .mm ij fHtfcAP AND t'LF.AiiANT F^CtlTT. II filON TO 8TATEN ISLAND.-The * * ** Steamboat WAVE will commence on Sat unlay, 27th iiisl, making ber regular trips, by leaving Stati n Llaud at *'< and 10 o'clock A. M., J and f, P. M.?Leave Pier No. I North River at 8)u and 12 o'clock A. M., 3>S and 6.'? P. o M. Fare 6>a ceutx. The Wave having been fitted up with new boiler* and copJtered, proves to be the fastest boat on the mute ; and her spacioui decks being covered with awnings, makes Iter very pleasant. N. B. The Wave will make Iter excursion every afternoon todw Lower Bvy, oo the 3hs o' lack trip, landing at Fort Hamilton. Fare for tha excursion 12X cents ; to Fort Hamiltou 23 F cents. je2 3t*c _l_fl~i ja MAGNIFICENT EXCURSIofc OF '' fl,~ PLLA SI'IIF. to Sanlt Ste Marie, M tckina-, a " tw >7 n - B .y, and the hub hi S tlh incuts. The sitlecdid le w pressure steamboat BUFFALO, Captain Levi Allen, will leave Buffalo on lire shore desirable plrasun- t| trip on Thursday, July 2!st, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided w ith a fine hand <\l music, and every thing that Can repJt r the trip ilcsirable and pleasant' The |tassace round, Irom Bulft'oand I back, is fixed at the low price ol $21?other ports in propor- 1 tion. J Passage or Stale Rooms may be secured by application on v i. i .... / m o u. n,,ir.i., ;.oi ... ?i I _l_nn *A PI.EA8ANT AND HEALTHY EX ".! fl^-flNLC^TURSIONH EVERY AFTERNOON TO ? ** ffyL?HT HAMILTON, BATH, CONEY |, ISLAND AND NEW BRIGHTON?The rominodious steamboat GENERAL JACKSON, Capt. Tobias, will com- ,j mence on her regular trii>? to the abort- plarea on Sunday-alter- )( temoon. June Jfitti. antl run every Monday, Wednesday, Thurs- ., day, Saturday ami Sunday; and the steamboat NAPOLEON, Capt. Hancos, will run on every Tuesday anil Friday do rim: / the season, leaving the foot of Chambers street at a quarter be- J fore2o'clock, Hammond street at,2, Canal street at a quarter ? past 2, Market street at 2fK, and-pier No. ] North river ?t j o'- c cloek. remaining a snlficietit time at Fort Hamilton for those wlio may wish to view that extrusive fortification aud the adja- ,, cent country. The boat will then proceed to Bath and Coney Island, to land those who may he desirous of visitimr either of these healthy retreats. And then make an excursion aiotind the lower part of our truly noble bay, and return for lltose who , may have lamb-d at either ol' the abore places, and then cross , over to New Brighton, stopping a sulficient time at that place, * and rrtnruins: to the city at an early hour. Fare each way 2j cents. je2i 2mr * ~x*g?" TASSAGT. "FOR LIV ERPOOL?UNIT g.D I kJfWfV LINE,?'I he wetidid packet shin JANE It BAH- -I flVMKes BARX, Cant. Coleman, is now hading, ind wilt meet with immediate despatch. havintc splendid acconunodationa for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. For passage, early application -hoitbl he made to : dp- WI. X. TAf.-I UTT, si IV.t, slip. Mds FOR LIVERPOOL?To sail i-iisiiitely to morrow. MqWWThe first class well known ship ST. LAWRENCE, j>MUlltfa|VCa|itoll Brn-vn, having all her nnrgo on hoard, will lie duspatclieil tp-inorrow, the 2Hth lust. There is yet r.aim left for a a few mors- cabin, 2dcabin aud steerage passengers, who will be taken at reduced rales, if imniedi<ie application is made on board the ship at Murray'a wharf, foot of Wall strest. C or to JOHN klERDMAN. 81 SouUi st. N. B.?tersous sending for their friends residing in Great Bntaiii and Iretsud, can strange as imisl tor rhrir passage at s moderate late, and Urnl'ts furnishes! for any amount, pavabte throughout the United K ingdoin. Apply as ab ne. je|7 It < FOR" LIVERPOOL?New Litu^?R^ui^ NRCTVpacket of IWl July.?The splendid packet ship AHNKataORCIU -, L u l.ttll J. Collins, of ligations, will sail as above, her regular stay p . r -ivtghr or paasage, havinx accommodations tinrqu riled for splendor ir c-infort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to r ... E. K. COLLINS k CO. S6 Soutu street. rrtre of nai?Airr f 100. The packet ship SIDDONS, Captain K B Cobb, o lint tons, , wiR-sucreed the Hrtscttrx, and nit ?rh Antrim, h-T tegular day. Pane tigers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised. j26 |"j Afig- BI.AClC BAll, OR OLD LlSTTflT "ERPOOL A I'ACKETS-HcyiiUf iwkets-l.thc 1st of July?The b jpuWISjfarhiite, well kni-i^n. fast sailin; p-cki-t -hip OX- 11 FORT), (burthen lUhOtons) Capl. John Usthhou-, w ill positive- si l>" sail on Friday next, the 1st of July, her rrgularrlay. u Tltr accommodations of ill* Old Line, for cabin ami steengr e imiaeiigrrt, are well known to hi un < by any other. Car- Y tin vitiiine the old eounti y will attuly their own intrreat h\ electing this desirable re aveyince. The terms of iiaua^r w ill F he moderate, lor which apply on hoar I. foot of Bn Itmuii it. or p to ROCHE BROTHERS It CO., tl 15 F'trron feet, next door to the Fulton Built. w NOTICE.?Any other pernm advertising a ?hip u tlie irgu- ?i I*r liner to tail for Litcrpri d on the lit 01 Jul1 , inunt know r thev are itattnc an untruth, as the Oxford, commanded by Capt. I Rathh'ine. it the only regular packet tailing on that day. _Jei5 r ? FOR NEW OKLEANS.-Lotritiana and NewctjNFV York Line.?The fatl-tailinc packet ?hip (IAS TON JfeuaMna Capt. OliviT Kldridgr, la now loadinr at O'leaot r witail, (.rot ?f WulUlrtet. For Ireight orpn<.>aye.haebiE hue . omr furnithed nceomrnodatiom, apply on hoard at Orl -ant ?, wrarf, foot ol Walt atreer, or to ,j E K. COLLINS, St Co. 50 South a'reet. i Giealcare will be takrn to nave the goods by tint line cor- c< red'lj mraiureo. Axi-nti in New Orleani, Mullen St Woodruff, who will proirplly forward all it- h. to heir add re at. IH2.I' JtdFSg- FOB LIVEHPOOL "BritUiTi8hit ,-Tbe ,x7\, kflPMrv copper u-tened well town fa?i tailing Br. ahip CHESTER, Capt. Jno. Doyle, will bexeady to re- t reive caigr in a few da, a, and will hare despat' It for lie- ahote port. Forfreight Itc. apply to . ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO., ' 15 Full l -atreet, ,, Next door to the Fulton Bui'. c ~ikfTshIno excursTqns.-e. kf.n field c No. I Con,In'll Iwpiaie, op,?n?ita the Pott Office, in- "J JTlgftl- ' " ' hit frienda and rh? public that he haa procured lin lew anTepnpplete tetfa of KiajoBK Api'*mtus, ineluiling Linei, looking Cteutila, *' . of the lint order. I Steamboats, failing teat< l?, roolu, and Under*, of the finit o dart, ajwayt in rradiueM, and will he fomiaiiad to |iartiei on le he mott reaaonable termi. Hit friends and (he public are informed i}i,u he continues lo ra icroinmndate permanent hoardrrt and tranaient eoinpanv. e? t, Cornhill Wqturr, Bottom, May 2}, IMS je4t;w*r tit SAJ- FOR ViARSEILLEB?The superior bark EVER- *, rHHfWTON, Capt. Mavo, w ill he diapatrhed on or before i LnaSlCaa1',' I5th June. For freighr or pntiace, apply to BOY'd tx hincken, * HltSe No. 3 Tontfn* PriNling. ^ [JA< KCT SHIP ROS( I1 "v from Liv+rpooi ^iM^argtnf l iiisJrr k'? nrr%l ordf/ at wliarf, foot of Wall street. /Omiftneci v?illtdt m r rtttmil to rrr^iftt of thfir good*. )f2fl P A' KK r New Orleaiu, it dittcLri:* int: at Brooklvf. Vl?w Fill toft ferry. ComifQeti will pj. ^ lie ml to receipt of ilioir yooda. JF.Al-ON COURSfc?Trotrlnf. Monday July ith, at 3 J owdi >' M.-fWi5l>. Miti- lir?r? br?l three mi lii. , un?r the aaddlc. free fur *11 tmttinc l'nn?i, never wi n ? ptlrae vrr #IW>. [Mnmrr and Katr Horn in* e*eeptrd.|| three or in r< ?a i tnake a race. Immediately after, pnrar Jinn, mile hrata, heat three in fur, ee for *lt (rottiiut am) |?riii* horaea. I'aren to go in hum u id trotter* aa they plra?o, Ttiraday. July Jui, at 3 o'clock, P. M.?Pttme t'A. mile licit*, ? I rat three in fltc under (lie aaddlc, I'vr all pacing h.>r?e*. except J nei.l,, I l.i. I -ili,. ... m. i. i.. main- i r . Immediately alter, p r?e $100, mile heat*. heat three in five,!" * ago,.,, free lor all trotting h roi -three or m ,re'.i ntake a ,11 waipm? fn weigh 175 pounda, ou Entriea for the ?b..*r pttrae,. to lie ma le at the Bowery Cottage I v Ut.onFriilty rtrnnii by In'tlorlc. *, Monday Any".! In*cl.n-k P M. pnrxe S'lCl. free f. r ill siting hour*,? ilin e mile he*n inlnine--, with .n ininli ,. tke Of fcili": half It. t1?n hundred in r to the ae- ml holt loin, line or nn to mike a race. To el. <e nn Monday evening, AA ily llth, liy K o'clock, at tit? B iwory Cntliy- j-"'* lt*r i" '*^??lVroroi, <^*?/bi. Tou?m, M.U IW..8|"Tt' 't* V niifler fh* "dil", fhu <!><f, Junr th* 2ftk. at S o'H .cV 81*0?nw *nb?er:b?r?, ntmrlr:? . O. Or?inVbre Sum Patch."'' ? Mija WiitUnd'i b? Homer, ? . ^ - 'fl^WooHrtiff'? h I Brniidywio* , or ' Wm '? b ( Hector. ""* S'1 nue 2J?h, 1111. 1t?8l.T ??j m AUCTION* 'SALES. ! BY THOMAS BU.I, ' Startj /V?n. K and 115 ruhon sirret.) TUESDAY, A( 10's o'clock. at the suction room, l.inrr Siock of l.omlon Clothinr?An entire, extauaitr si iliuhlf stui k of Lonilon rlotliiiiK, of all deeorintitms. and sui- ] ble for (In-sen*m. just iMMVud dircci front Eacjtisl; rota time hunting anil snorting coals anil jackets. drear nu<l frock iaiB, elegant it sis aiui pantalooM, also fine lumnwi drilliut, (ht summer aittclcs of writ for linillt men, bombasine eoatt, sis, |?iitaloons. he. WEDNESDAY, At I0H o'clock in th. sal? rooms. E ileum re salt* of elegant ami fashionable furniture of slidenjitions. THURSDAY, To Sportsmen, Liuiaiy (i-iitlemeu, and Otliers?At U.Hi clock, in the late j room iij KnltOo street, will b? si.Id, the trtum of effects of a Keiitleni.iu going to Euronc. com iis if the private lihntn , included in two bndld brink east s, irniinK a most ileiiralile variety of ihe choicest standsid Works i elegant biiidinrt; alio, the book cases. At tlir same time, several splendid guns, made by Malitull I'l others; pistols, swords, Mini other |ieacciul implements. A'?o, spl< ndid paintings ami > ngrav ings, and Nations works r art. Spoiling Do*?At 12 o'clock precieely, the but setter dog in ip country. Tin vaJuJile furni'ure, clocks, 4tc. will be sold as advertised li Friday ami Saturday, jti the isle looms. KBIDAY, At 10ks o'clock in the sale rooms. Summer Clotliing?A splendid variety of gentlemen's clothis suitable for the season. Elegant Furniture?Will be sold without reserve the entire ch and valuable furniture of a gentleman going to Europe, rcKived for convenience of sale, comprising an assortment of Holes in the line, no' sr-passed: i very article made to order, lie rhrmM, rugs, Ate. are rich and beautiful; magnificent lantel clock, lamps and vases, superb pianoforte. Costly sofas ic French chairs, curtains, tint rate, bedroom litsaitti e, Ititcb1 u etisils, china, gla<s, and silver ware. Also, His owner ring a sportsman, V real mantin guns, gold mounted; the best iter dog in the country; also a variety of curiosities. Catalogues in time. B~Y R1F.LL& ARCULAK1U8, ~ TUESDAY, June U8th, At 10o'clock at the sales room, KM Broadway, Wine?, Liquors, So gats, 8tc.?Consisting of very choice lalnisey and south side madeira ; Duff Cordon's pile .and bro terry ". port and Jt Julien claret ; star and anchor champagne; it|>ey brandy in botitl ; cordials, sperm and patent alabaster inrtlrs, Havana and Priori;* Segars, various bd< and liu-, With herarticles in tbe line, to which the attention of; rivatc 'amirs is invited?to lie sold m lots to snit purchasers. je23r Also, ICU baskets superior Ch >mpagne, Anchor brand. Also, 24,000 superior Havana Seears. jef7 WEDNESDAY. At I0>{ o'clock at the auction room. Ele emit Furniture and Pianos?A large assortment of the best I ade faihionablc fund lure, including mil aud half Fr, mdi innrgatiy chtirs, pier,diniue, tea and centre tables, wardrobes, ire uts, toilet tables, looking glasses, tufted and spribg soil 'Iks, ottomans, divans, rockers, dressing bureaus, feather bails, l*iciiio Fortes? Also, si vwil splendid piano forte?, bv eelebnd malt-rs, combining all the modern improvement, and warmed erjul to ary nutinment made in this city?may be named one do prerion- to the sale Also, J splendid teranhiin, I.onion made Alss, 2 orgs us, one of which is suitable for a ahurrh. Also, I Urge melod, on, pin, inc several airs. Also, a lot ol table cutler,, bedding, and a variety of other tieles for account of whom it may eoncera. Also, nu elegant npiiahl piano, made by Firth, H ill and I'oi.d r New York. Also, 1 splendid cnt gl '? chandelier. BHUR8DAY At I ox o*. look at me i ala raoms Summer Clothoin*?An invoice of excellent seasonal lc olhiiig, co.isi .iiiur Of drap d'ele, boipbariue and linen dress ock coats; linen and a rasa cloth blouse* inuls. veals, iar kr [ c., made of the best materials snd ol the most f?sit|onal)l< ,yle?. FRIDAY. At 11 o clock at the antion room. General Assignee's Sales?Bv virtue of sundry decreo* iu lankiuptcy. issued out of the District Courtof the U. St tei >r the Southern District oi New-York, will be sold at public action, sundry articles of household aud kitchen furnituru gcid nd silver waichcs, silver woe. piano oites, books, he. Also?1 trunk gold and gillieWclry, fce I'HILADKl.PjilT-AUF'Tl7f\ SALES. Bi WOLbERT h HEkKNES*. liiladelphia Auction Man, Ctrpeuoti's IVur ,Ch smut streel, south >ide, be, ween Th rd -.nd Fourth streets, mported Improved Durham Slunt Horns?Mr Whitakcr's stock ON FRIDAY. JULY 1st, Lt 4 o'clock ill the afternoon, at Powelton, on the west side of llic Schuylkill, near Market at, Bridge, l nrir nmnuiDU uu;nain ouuti nuril vuws, act I Kl'inw COUD* y by Mr. Whiuker. Five Lulls two Heifer* of different aire*. CataliH.lie*?tisle. jelieod tojylr ?riR~ SALE?The Yacht ON-KA HY-E.?She ii H Iret long,2llj feet benrn, and lJfeet hold. H-r cabins art ex n*ive and sn|ierbly fitted up. If not wautrd for a Yacht, she rould be well adapted for a parket betwern lome of ihn West tulia Islands?to the China or any other trad# where ureal peed ii an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, ar.d would t'tirev a lame cargo, combining more buoyancy with share* e??, than any other vessel afloat. She i* Strang and stoutly nilt, and would be raluable a* a dispatch vessel, or as a tender > a tleet. She would convey a very heavy armament on her rrk, from harinc part of her ball st, (10 tons) in au iron keel, y which her stability I* greatly increased. Kor couimrrcial, she would require no other ballast, slaving satisfied myself that going-In sea for pleasure may without any very great sacrifi e)be ditta-iised with, 1 would iaiaue of Iter for very much-less than she cost me. Her hull, ills, rigging, furniture, kc. 4lc. ke., i,re iu perfect order. She an be sent to sea without a dollar's ca|ien>e. Shu may be sr. u t I't rta Author- For further particulars inquire of Ira Bliss, l the office of itie C. autl A. R. It. Company, or to JOHN C. STEVENS. jat3 ferr Bmh Anfboyt. a"! ( "f|iin NOTICE. 1 jirgp Snl?- of Londou Clothinir, V. C*ri**t Bjk*. tlirs 'lay. ai 10^a o'clock, iu the rooms *42 u?n hikI 116 Fillioil iireet. jejftr THOS. B'.'.LL, Auctioneer. I RON, CAST IRON AN i) STEEL RENDERED RUST PROOF, KOR ONK CENT PKR POUND ONLY 1 IJ rilE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY OF GALVANISING. hhrrwur Iron, Cast Iron, and Steel, kr., i- ailt plain and easy tOe.erT cme, [with an > ngravin, of the Tools necessary ui th anew hu.ine-.;] By Or'.O. Gfc JOHNSON' K rmerlyfrie Merchant of Calcutta. Thi* book is Iot t*lr at all the Booksd'ers. P, ice 24 cents ?nly?pt a?l iress per 'rtter, post paid, MP. George j Union, cair Messrs Bulhr*. No ft Qola nU j? 2t> lui*c Mocklso SlHi)!*.?b*iwrcn 3it aud io young Mocking birds m the brst ol health and conditiou, for sale. Also, ifew suiwrb birds in lull *UW. All warranted to be in a heat Uy condition. Apply a 41 Tnomas-st. j*?3lw*c "phk knowltdoe of the herman lanoi/aoh * havinr in the t^urae of a l>w yenra become ihr far.aitr of ot only in? cont nentaJ Courts, but alio orlthat of England, iki iwiiiir tow considered indisiansahly ntrrmry to tin- nicruntile a* well a? the learn, d classes, an opportunity offers for eiiUeiucu nud ladies to obtain, in the coarse of a very short [inc. ? ptrfeci. know iodic ol' tins rich aud brintil'ul tongue. l young man, by birth, brouithr up at one of tho cele at'j Ciuvemtiea of i,is ccuntry, offers to give some lessor, i hit native language "bttiv reasonably drmands during hit tav in ni w v'orK. Mjtter* and Mi?frea?e? of Seminaries, ns ell as an honored community of New York, are room ?t, d to ildrc?<. when iu need ol' his rvires to the nflue. of the Nesv 'ork Herald, tinder the initials of h.k. n.B. hitin.' reaided for some years in the metropolis of rsnce. and having devoted a gt^at deal of hi. time to ' htaiu a erfoct knowledge ol the French language, he flatiers himself nt those young i.dies and gentlemen who would honor him rith iSeir attention, would be .dtisfied with hit mode of ia auction. _ jeM ji ?c ndia CASlioiERE or camfcl.8 hair shawls.? e. k. newhall, ibs Washington street, Boston, htafir r tie lifty India Hhawls; colors green, red, and while?long mil juaie?prices fri'm twenty-five to fit" hiudod doll art. Also, several Emhroideied Canton Crapa Shawls, lek tfctii tow tm ma?t ^ ^ I V a <iAiii,ns ur i nr. *ll * '* ?Mr. #<K'J'()N, I pnI'll of the late celebrated KUuriet, Charles Nicholson, snug recently arrived from Europe, begs to inform the puhiic xsf ? is his itHenrmn to Htrmr * portion of' hit time ill giving i? ruction oil the Flair, according to tlx system of the above lebrared mists-r. For ter i ?, apply at 7? Charnh< rs-slref t, Broadwa", fpun the iiiih of B till it. __ jel?4 Inn oj'ro CROTON WATER. ? H HANK'S LEADEN flPES. LINED W ITH TIN.? a In tous-ijuence 0' the delete- ous elfeuls of drinking Water, i wt'l a, air. rj Irr, nod other lluida,?-tat of lead, the adoption I tlirae pipes lor carieia| the Crul?n water thiouith the dweltigs ol the cilixms, fvt* born strongly rrcommt ndi d by rt.e pro* -tors of ' nnni-iry in toe University, I ulnmhta College; olleyr of I'll, slciaus and Smgeons. it''.; by th*- Mayor Of ibe it.- the State Commissioner* and Kmrinerrs ol the Aqueduct; ic Sii|M-riiilP!ideiif of the Pipe Dep trimeut and Coinmis.iotier r furnishing water to the houses; by Professor Silliui m. Dr, hilton, autfother etniunnt no dical and acirntilic xrnilenu p, 0 those w ho are having tiiiie i, | unif*, hatha, lie., Iiued up in Ilieipation of receiving the Crolou water?to the frp-ndanl the mix ranee cause, anil tile ctiueiu at lirge, these pipes are pmuiLrly commended, aa will for their superior strength and dnbilitv. as w ell aa for their quality of tr uianvttimf the lirst iw -saary ol life free 1mm the most insidious of poisonous -.,>] Ums. Thetinned pipes will be hit-duo at prices Varying but itrhtly Itomrtiosi charged by pln.nbers for coinrnnn puer. Life 'i ry improvement in th?n-t? tltcy have hid to i out-ml, Imfh re and in Europe, with the hitler h .stilily of Ihosc win iin line their Interests affected liy them. All who desire inlor ation reaiwcting them are invited to wed for circular., and ve their orders to TIIOS. KWBANK, jclOi od lm*r Spmce or V) Crosby stre- t. SHIRTS. HIHl.11 made to iutr. . fter liir loos' app osed French 1 fa Ilium. Mi n'l- men's Garment* of all descnpliom. tp*J* to Jcr at' he-hurt, i notice. eieni.msn'. Furtiithimt Store 67 end ft* Mddrn laney coiuer W lUntie street. ui27 hi.'jr _____ WILLIAM f'OLLINS. SHIRTS. NlTF.D STATER SHIRT MANUFACTORY.77 Wili.nm street, corner of Lilx-rty, N. 1 Notice la hereby i li to Merch UJU and traik is in general, that tlxr | roprieiors of ;.bove istjihllsl.ment have adopted a new method of m<dutilling which enables them to sell their shirts at a cheaper It than any other house in this city. This statement will be , rmt d by the list uf prices aa follows:? Per Dor. in Muslin Shirts, wi;h Linen Bosoms and Lullars,. $7,*i Do stitched in The Bosom and Collar . 1,00 Do Colored ixiterns. large sixes 7,03 Also, a Urge quantity of Bosom* and f'ollani rorp'snily on ,?l. which s? ill h- oll'eicd 1-he ,p fo cast,. Hi/-1 In.* r SUMMER STOCKS. *?OAKF:? rilAVATS, ANT) (IJ.OVES, JfiT RE< F.IVED. ? rich aupply of the alxisu Aitu les, 1 on. sitting of a very light and elastic stock, ?t|W*?sly lor tk. amer months. Also? Scarfs sim! Cr.tvats, in greet variety large assortment of Silk, Thread, Cotton ami ll-ssii. ivca?at the old establishm. nt 211 Broadway, between Pari ee and Murray tfreei PAR9ELLS, Agent for J. AGATE. L B. Constantly on Ixsud in etr*n?iv* a*?irtilMnt of Liner M11.Iin Shuts, Linen Dress Fronts, Linen Collars, t'mlri rmen's. kc. fcr. mil lm?m OTHERS, HEAD THIS, and save tire Lives ol your v.,?""" u?itimo*i, March tl, l*Wn qii?Y. u a?v m< what pi'Hift I *WI ??.n ' lr. Jivif?U'-*r Mr >' , . t in - nl.< ,m, V'"-"{"'".ITi J,V t V. , ?' ' , .liriiie tor b?*'l r"'n ' InJlrts .il l perfect rein f ?? ,fi timi, -Jul myp^tMti 1 iSmilv ?' be cf> ?*?? * lb . w HitrodiiceJ ?nio ? fr. ,<*m ?. remedy fnr *Mm? n? , ^(.y 9, alne',.1 rtjii.U, 1% ?Xr; o)rc/il,lr^ I nMv .... 'i.i.l to *natch t' llilf *1" m h , ri?id. I?ri 11..- lift; of mv ehi.d. ai.4 ?< < 'fj-,, (1,,rn of "J* ' . repeatedly V a"l It *!?. n. "i'1 "" rn. ,rc nmr and aeon ?? " 1 * . , f>? n.i"?? * ' . NII f ?" * frw ' \ur,i 1 U"<J -h",,d " '11 u* ,,,"hR.T^ctfuh;u u KNAr. M.v. Late rhrawiMtn th^W'JJJ' VaMtinr oh, hy .1, J&'*A%X Tlie evrnijif p<rij?rin0i)c? wijl ^oj>iquiruce rx at 8 o'clock, A fillAND OVT.RTURK. Afttt whiofa, I K MORT SOUS Li r>? ELLA/ WiUitui*. l lOtvt i ( M.wihntchr, ^loiiDuTcrpe I tVIBMI J Ravel J Lw>iril, AoWMce R^v>| * DifiM 1 ,Vlims Carlo i Ann* H on Ft m Alter *nich. l.r.uul 1 ?4r hi ux I'rom 4>\ M? H &. Mis* Wells A uJ?eit 11 Ttblfiax will litfn uiiv?i umtd CAIN AND AHF.L. Chaneien by the R.'el Family. [Ilali an houx* iniennK-.ioii will br allowed lor promanade and *1* roe iit* III the Grand Saloon] rC7* THL PRO.ME s AL>fc MUSICALE. Which gatr *o much *at i*faction la t % aaon, will %ain enliven lh? oeriod of inU M.niou, tool loor<i*r lo r. nd.r liiii <Ui.? rf, worthy the musical chiracter of the < vtabiishmsu , a Splendid Uichettra has bceusecured. T" conclude with, VOL-AU-V EST! Characters by the R.vel Famil. audCompany. Actn a Manager, Mr. Chlppendati. Musical L( air r sud Director, Mr E Woolf. Tickets?JO oeiita DoOrs bjvu ar half |>?at acrtn o'clock, Entertainments to commeuee at richr. , HA Hit TU EATRh.. THIS EVENING June 28. Benetit.of Mit CU8HMAN. [ To commence wi h KA1NT HEART NEVER WON FAIR LADY. Ruy G oner, Mr Howard I Duchess, , Mm Malta.oe Otto taill sing "My Native Laud." Aft. r which A ROLAND FOR AN OLIVER. Alfred, Howard | Kivture, T PUcidc Mrs Fixture, _ Mrs Ay lea Mr e-i sum will -.inn "Noii me andrai. After which LOAN OF A LOVER. Peier Spyk, T Placide '"oimr aouy. '8<eam A nr' Mr Williaiua. To conclude with I'HE CRITIC. ruff. Mr Abbott Doora 01*11 at aeren?performances will cummeuco at l alt total aeaou. Boaea, tl?Pit, M Celita?Galleiy, 25 renla CHATHAM THfeATHN.. THIS F.VF.N'ING. June 2*-h, the Drama of THE WATER WITCH. Tom Tiller, J R Scott | Von Hererot. W Jonas After which MARANIELLO. Mnaamello, Hield | Elvira, Mrs Blake Doora will open in future si s .juartet put 7 o'clock, and lire curtaiu will rise at 8 o'clock punctually. Dreas circle, JO cciila?Boies. 2J? Kit. 1JH?PrtsUte Bulee, it AMKRICAN MUSEIIJI AND GARDKNH. ' /CORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN a'lREET^ P. T. BARNUM, manager. EVERY DAY AND EVENING TIIIS WfeEK, commencing on MomUy, Ju ,e 27. Beat attraction in the city ! Day vwilera admitted the asme evening FREE. INC HE ABED NOVELTIES. By pcrmitvinn of H.c l'uir-d Stairs Government, the head of VENDOVJ THE CANNIBAL CHIEF! ftosa the Fe<cc Llaniis, naa been dciositcu in the Mattum Urr pun ic exhibition, f r one week only. It la a tree an.: tin1 cast of this aailcr-ea'inif chief, iskeii by Older of the goye.cment, by Thoinu Hoimea, Esq., the celebrated artiat uf this eitT Mr Botce, the eomic mrloill.t; Mr B.noka, the nnrivtillrd dancer-, Mia a Hnaalie, the charming voceMrt; ar.d L i'etito Celrete, the beautiful dmir.uuae arc eogagtd. One Wtak mure The INDUSTRIOUS FLEAS. Theee i..?erta have beta taught hy Mi. O. Weiee, from Grrniapy, wuo learned thrm to be iiarueaaeil to earriagee end other vehiclcawhich they will draw with aa much docility and prt-ctaion la a common cart hoiac. The Iiivitr.iuu. (ilt'SKY GIRL .can be privately consulted aa ail onele or foreteller of future event*, throughout the da.. Albino Lady. Hpleudid Qardcn on the toy of the Mui> um. FaucyOlaa* Blowing; Ottnd Coarnoiama, and 510,OcO lUiioaitie*. I* OURTH ol JlLYI?Mae.iiftcct pveparationa are malting for the c. h-bralnm of out Naliuia' Independence. A'i'"iii..|Kb to ui< in nuu?. rniuieo tiail uric* je2?e HILL'S NEW TotfiTflllSgCJi (Formerly known aa Pcale'a,) Nr. did Urvadwiuj, oppnritt the City Hull. NOVEL ATTRACTION. ENTIRE CHANUE OF PERFOHMANCE EVERY NIGHT. MONDAY EVENING, and during the week. A CONCERT OF VOCAL MVsIC. B> M n Taylor and Mr Dunn, iuteraperaid with Comic Lcc* tine* nil act' rti< n? I'mm the hrat pieces ..t YANKEE HILL AND A DRAMATIC COMPANY. Vit:?Mtsa Tat lor, fnim the Put Tlieafe. Mrs Loder, from (he Olym|iic Thrathte. Mite WwlUei, from the Tark Theafe, Mr. DunH, Iroin the 'i rcmeul Theatre Boeton, Mr. Bitra, th< crc> utiic comedian, and YANKEE HILL. Fancy Glass Blowing, Coamomma, Egyptian Mummy, Eh-c tririty, Bipeds, Quadrupeds, and apegimeua of the whole ' Haliitirole Cllobe. .. E(|>eriniriirs in Auinmal Magnetism, whirh daily eici e ib? Performance at hail-patt H o'clock. Sacied Concert nrtt Sunday K>emurt, under the direction of Mr. O. Lodet. Admi??inn tv eents. j27 tw UTLER'8 VAUDKViLLE8 k MUSICAL PROME NADE, at ihw Tivtvli, Htchmni.d Hill. Mr. butler, of the Thrum Royal, Drufy Lane and Cov> nt (iardeiould aurceworta Madame V >.erii,at llie 0'< uitnc, the moat celebrated vaudeville theatre in Loneon. hi* fitted up lie above named nine-in all aire nit ?nd cotnmndioua manner for SUMMER AMUSEMENTo, and respectfully aomifirce* to ihe t.a'lea ami Ofntlemeii of ,N. w voik.chu it Will open on Wednesday next, June !'. 11, 1811'. Aioptfar Overture will c itnintnce the amu?em?uu of llie eveiiin,?vheuati attempt at bamboozling w ill he laid h- fore the public After hi, exposure hair an hotir will b" allowed to f'roinvuailr, tin- Baud I'ltviiK i the,New Orchevtra sever*! overtures?dud the hurries* ofthe evening will wind up with the WINDMILL?(a new one) Xnrthrr ill future advertisement*, dmiaaion SO rent*?Private B .arc S3. To commence at It o'clock. A few aenaoii ticket* m*y be h?d. jr2Hlt*m ARCH STREET THEATRE, in FhiUdehkia-To 1al the Arch Street Theatre for ihe aenaona of 1842 and 3. Ap t(7 to P. M. Lafourcadr, 100 Crown atruet. RAML. BRAUSON, Secretary. riiiladelphia, June 1, 1842. j? 4 linr AA11. SIMPSON Ip. y. leave mm ctfullv to mfortn hi? friend* A'J. and the pnhlie that hi* benefit will take plaee in Wedoeaday, June 29. 1812, on which oc< aion Milt. F. El-a er (who ha* kindly and itra.tiiitou*.ly loliinteered her taluablr services.) wjll perform, bciug her U*t appearance but one in Am. rica, with other entertainment*, a* will oe exprraaed in the hill* of th" day. Je27 Itr 'ThTTFTVoToTTT nd decidedly the moat agreeable IlxcurA tiota in the Su? mer Season i? to Hob- ken. No orher plarei of feaovt to the vicinity of the city ex" he visited with tncii ftciliiy or offer* so mxnv inducemeiita with le?* expuoae. A tail to the extensive and <liver?ified around* oi thia inoat of terrvxtri-I i|wi>, of which it* K an iful acrnery and it* ivyfine view* are too WtII known to rvijuire dea notion, car.not fail to ifive grral pleaauie to ihn*e in the euy wh-> like orcaI Z'n"?"y tonveatpr friahair, ami vary the accustomed and cou J fined View of brick and mortar. if " relfViCaual andChrixtopher-.treet Furry" bout* arc in | erCi-llent order for public accommodation. jufi >w*c I VI DL'\\JVani/o irSn . -Niriai.e. ,, ~ i iiviinv UHJVO, &U. FOURTH JUL Y, 1842. pOUNTRY and city dealer* in finnarki, will And it to their advantage to call and el?iiiir>? an exienaive aaanrtinen' of the lieat quality. at H. AYLIKFE'8 old ratahliahnirm. fifi < hatham gitl A MM quantity of fire rriekn. inn rcerl*etl. Krim inbn the ?in of the two manimutli aky rorkrta and sold key mtl I j\4*r FIREWORKS. hp 1 REWORKS.?The aulmcaiber olTera to the publie th? larva'.' and moai general aniortnent of Arewnrka now in the nty, which he will irIt on the most re??oo ible terma. Country merclianta, dealer*, and tender* ni t'heral, are requeated, la fore nurelviiiini laewhe.*, tg Co'I *"d rxatuine hi. atock. ? HARLES W. VU1.TEE, Jel7 'fvl*r tit! Chatham at. comer of Oram; a. FIREWORKS. GA8SNER A YOUNO, No. 132 Chatham atrtet, hare on li .ud their uanai eirenaire aa.nrtmriit or warranted Kir works, which wijl he aold to dralrn and otheri at the lowcat uianulacliirrrx price*. Alan, a lar*e inp|d> ol Mr. laaac Edge'i fireworht, far exhibit tone. a* lain itorv price a. je'"it l'i E1 R K >V O R K S SELLING OF CHEAP, AT GO MATPEN LANE, UP STAIRS ~ FIREYVORRS. " rpllK. moat eitenaira, varied and brilliant eahihitional FreI 1 worita ever in inufacpjn d in thia or an) other ooiuiti), irhow ready lor d< livery, on the terma, it. lotatoeuit coir imttrer and parliea forlhe r. Irbratioii ol me 4tb of July, at ti a I Uuiud Sute. Laboratory. Jmer Cite. ISAAC. EDOE, Jr , ryrolerhnnt. Ordcri left at Niblo1! Garden, SA Maiden L.m?, 112 Clmtham at reel, will inert with iarrmrdiate attention, a .d itooda <l?liver> d to any i?it of the nty free of esprnar. VI2 I>v4?r FIREWORKS. FOURTH OF JULY. EMRF.WOHKS? New York Laboratory.?M. Bennett, lai C Front afreet, two doon south of Ftl'ton?The an' at eitenlite and brilliant a?anrtmen< of Firewoyka art now ofcrrrd ?r tin *t>??r pl*c<-, con?i?:in* of Honorary and feunil R^cLm, with gold ami ailvrr rain: Ben?. Can*. Palm Tree*.*. rutuD Orf Ti.aiicle*. Vertirulr., Mini * of Serpoata and Btam, Maroon*. B-ngola Light*, Roman Candle*, larV* ami amwl! Here* n**, Pin NVhr* U,Oiuhopi ar*. Port Eire*. Bin* Livhta Srrnll Whrrli, f orWliOBi, Lint Pigeon*. Tor. prtl *, r.illinv Crarkert, Double he ,d* ia, Firecracker*. Canton Rochet*, Re r*?itiifry niyTih?nja, and dealer* in general, ara-re*i"<*<' <1to all 'ud clMuia lie above Mock. J*l. B.?''ommiir*-a? for city and ronafry dianlay, miii'arv and private partie*, can b? anpplnd on iha moat liberal lr*rtn, w ith r e above arllrla*. w> nam. *?(ha malanala having h?. n ?e li e rd ? nh the utlaoat cam. lall to j) t*r TAAdn'EBREtfT Vfjr- NEW PATttRjT AITA 11A 1J TUB.-K A ARTACLTk CO., IfdV, FaJt.m #tr. at, o|*poeite St. Pant* chur' h, have '?* ajfad par i>arkct ahlli Aran, and nlfc-r ftw ?a|e at low price*, 300 French plate*, lar^a alt*. 0 inch*-* I ia I foil G half; 23 Complain D igiicrri ntvpe aiaaotiu, ii* w |Mttamt JO mmmatic Icnara. made at Pari*, by Alpnun.e (iimui It Co.; IQn boitlcaliyi'Oaulphi'r of aoda. AI*o, irinoli of teniae, aodine, rhlorida ol iodina, bromine, bromine of iodine, chloride n< mid, and lha new arrefemilng aulMt'ora. irS lm* r~ ioToORAPHIC OH DAOUERREOTrPt LIK KNKME?*? Mt.E. WHITE. M No. I7i Bro-dwa. I 'Mitf IliiK ffi'a Hotrl. Ha* Uri(*?nd cor.renirnt r*v?in?, r*h*rr ne dfltiiY devot?* Hi* ntt'-utton to taking Hh??n? by fb** iibor** imple but braiiiifnl and tccuratr pn?c?*r?. Thf wt??l- tim.* r<*|uir?d for th* Cov?t*letion of a true and rertiin Irkrn m ilnti i>o( ? '? or wvpii ininarp*, m'l hb nv*tJi??d w pr** t??:in^ tlit* ?c?*uce ?* of a (urcalUs rb*r?rfer ?h?r ft e*ntiof Hr > \y?tnir#r<1, cvpp by tba itiont Howdy orwiNf f*.W. fUMer* hitnarlf ibar tie e-in prodnt' *? roofjt tome ol the rno*t munificent Vwcimeji* of D iciii rrcotpie fortrtiii Hr him that hart evti Mm ?iecur*d imr?- ihr ducovary of rl?^"V. W Itrepa eowjati'ly for *nl*jh?. moat Vinoved P u, rre.y. ttpe A^par?tua, Plate*. L'U*. Mloiafnre Caaea, I olliahint ^N*S.?Vnatrncti' aw"' he rivon tn the Photographic art at E. TV'a Reo o 17* Bn-adwav. )*U IW * r GYMNASIUM. FKNCIVO AND fHOOTISO f.'ALLERY, XtH H)ftnr/irnii. of Antbm y-it.) P MOUi.lit IN h thi nor "I mf niiii*. h . fi i.-mfa | tl.a puhli in ? n* ia!, thai hta tie* fi inn.iinm i? i ov ii rra'ion. I' u li^ lir^r al ud the he?t wiiieh 'ia* lo en i -t ol* * d to the Arleiican i ul lie. The ro m* are Ur?e m d i**-!l ,-.,t, .., h p'-e. t'tem ih< *l?-nt?-.' <d l? it l?*y. I. Par id*. P'i>i?-aaor*. and (> linemen, a-e irra.ted to *iail oja . *iahl Miimytit, u? wbifh, ** BfKin ttir 'H ifer V+t * trill b rn offrtthiik i*fli b* HiWp ' * the er h ji, for f c nr. m- nrp ?k. rifm..?* ?* H? "Softnini O l'*n b-tn? imiHy in.l?,?n'. n< of th? ??? ?*. prrwifN ?i?hin> to ) r?rtlo? i.|arol Cwn* CMn do without b-tug tubtrrfbrn to tbt- 3tmn*ji>iiti F?nomc Iwmiu uiw-n u mull on lodtntr trrm?. Open it day hrrilt, ind rloif ( h?lf p*'t nlti* at uighf. A OSlT-M baj*> tilark .\?w"Orlwns Mo~. rl? t. h C?LLIN? k i <*. '* * * South it. r

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