Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. 17*.?WhoU No. 30:: 11 RBGULAR PACKETS. Nglf UNK OP LIVERPOOL PACKET >*7" T? ailftosi New York nil the 2Sth uul Liverpool on the 13th of taah month. AiCS: JfiER. Mrar ^EnaiS N?w Tui^^ . .. hip SHl'-BID AN, Captain I' A. D?r>?y,trr, 15th May. Ship OAKKICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, Uth Jam. Ship RO8CIO8, Capuin Jehu Collins, 25th July. Ship 8IDDON8. <Jai>uiw E. B. Cobb, Jttih August. Krom Livkhpool. , , Ship 8IDDON9, Captain E. B. Cidib. 13th June. Ship 8HERIDAN. Captain F. A. Dei-eyjier, 13th July. Shu OARR1CK. Captain Wm. SkbUy. lMh August. SlUp R0SCIU8, C'uilain John Collins, 13:h September. TbSae shits, am all ol the lirst claw, upward, ol luuu tous, built in tht city at N#w York, with ?uch iminovenwiiu u combine mat ftjwcd with utmAual comfort for jtfuaeugera. Every cam vua bouii uken iu u?e arrangement of their accommodation*. Th? |??ce of pa*aag? hence i? $100, for which ample stores w ill bo provided. Tlieae ?hi|w commanded by exnerieucvd maatara, who will make every exertion to give general talis faction Ntithor the captain, orewnera of the ahipa will be responsible for any letter,, percol, or iwckige, teul by them, unieaa regular b'll, of lading are signed therelor. Thes alps of thi, line will herraftei go armed, and their peculiar construction girea diem aecurity not poMessed by any oilier but eeeeel, of war. *?rrt?pR Mb'* a?aN,w voa.orto WM. It JA8. BROWN It CO.. Liverpool. Letter, by the packet, will be cl srged 12>| coin, per,ingle aheet; SO cent, per ounce, and uewspapers 1 cent each. in7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) Ml ML M. M. thiaffi^^Sf hrrean^rKve Nei^Yoiffju the lstund liar re on the 16th of each month, aa fbllow, : From \rw Yaric. From Havre. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March ( 16th April Captain < lit July < lfitli August Jam?? Funek, f let Novemberf 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, v Ut April I lntii May Capuin < lit Auguat < 16th September Edward Funck, (lit Deccein'rr lClh January Ship UTICA, { 1* May I 16th June Captain \ In Septemb'ry 16lh October.' Frederick Hewitt, flit January f 16th February NewihipBT.NICOLAS, i Ut June i 16th July aptain < 1st October \ lGdi Norembor. J. B. Pell, ( 1,1 February f 16tn March The accommodation, of these ahipa are not surpassed, combtuiug all thai may be required for oomfort. Tlie Price of cabin Manage is $100. Passenger, will he supplied with every requisite, with the eaceptiou of wine* and liquor,. Goods intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the aubanrih-.ra, free fremi any other than the exiieuaea actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, apply tu BOYD & IHNCKEN, Agent,, al _ __ 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Ff^^^^7l(?r APPiiHiiiKM'fflTiU^f ihiniiirn. if *A > desuatch a ship from this i*m on the lit, Jth.^th, 15th. both, and axii nt rich month, commencing the 10th October ami continuing mull May, when regular days will be ap|>ointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays ami disappoiutinents will b< prevented during the auinmer month*, lite following alilps will commence this arrangement : Ship I AZOQ.Cantain Cornell. Ship OCONEB, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Billiard. Snip LOUISVILL?, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARK, ( higain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Cajitaiii Mumford. Ship OCMuLOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMfHIS, Captain Knight. Sh|p LOUISA, Captjun Mull'ord. These aliipa were all built in the city of New York, etpvresyfor packati, are of light draft of water, liave recently been 2 wly coppered and put in splendid nriler.vrith accommodation* I or paaaenger* nnegwdled (or comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every ?xorti?u u> give a general mlirlkctipn. They will at all time* be towed up and down the Mississippi by ateamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be reipotnible Ipr jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or pitted ware, or Mr any letter*, parcel or iwckage, sent by or put ou board of them, nmeas regular bills oflading are takeu for the same, and the value thereon expressed. ? For freight or passage apply ?. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South st.,or HULLJN fc\V00DRU?K, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to Bieir address. The ships of this line are warranted to tail punctually as advertised, and great oar* will be taken vo lure the goods correctly measured. m< OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. && rI,HE OLD LINE of rackets lor Liverpool will in ruafter be s despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of tailing falls on Sunday, tin ships will tail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, C lune I July 19 61C tons, \ Oct 1 Not 19 D.O.Bailey, (Feb 1 Mar 19 Tha ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 730 toni, ] Oct 19 Dee 7 B. L.Waito. (Feb 19 April 7 Tha OXFORD, I July l Aug 19 800 tons, < Not 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, (March I April 19 The EUROPE, iJuly 19 sipt 7 (10 tons, \ Not la Jan 7 E. O. Manhallr Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 Mi. \ Dec 1 Jan 19 A. B. Lowber. (April 1 May 19 Tha NEW YORK, ?Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, \ DeC 19 Feb 7 T. fi. Cropper. ( April 19 June 7 Tha CAMBRIDGE, ? Sept 1 Oct 19 830 ton?, \Jvu 1 Feb 19 W. C Baratow.r May I June 19 Tha COLUMBUS. ? Sept IB Nov 7 700 tows, < Jan 19 Mar 7 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 July 7 Punctuality. at regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of oattege outward it no w file,] at One Hundred Dollars. for wliich ample stores ofererv description will lie provided, with the exception of wiovt and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE* CO. 61 South ?t., C. H. MARSHALL. 38 Builit?-tlin. N Y. Je2l lyh BARING BKOTHER* Ik CO.. L'pool. " ^ ~ Jm' PASSAGE FR03^E^GCAND,IRHRV<D, SCOTLAND AND WALES. T3ERSON8 desirous of making engagements for friends to X emigrate from the Old Country to llie United States, and who may with to secure for them despatch and comfortable accommodations, will find it their interest to apply to the subscribers, who are at all times prepared to make ttich arrangement* as will guarantee satisfaction. The restelt composing this Una are all of the first class, one of which leaves Li veiyeol weekly, consequently all delay at the |>ort of embarkation is avoided. A* has aldays been customary with this line, when those settled for decline eominz out. the passage monrv is re funded, without any deduction. Passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, ohm likewise be a^ lawd. For further parti cult reapply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Oilier, 273 Pearl at., Or to C. GRIM8HAW k CO. 10 Goirr Piaixaa, Liveri>ool. Exchange or dralta at sight.and lor any amount, can likewise be furnished ou the National Bank of Ireland. Northern H inking I/O., National Oalia ol Beotiauu, paynme at an tnetr irsnectire branch**! also, on R. C. Glyn It Co., Bankers, London, nd C Onmshaw at t ... 1/iirriioo1 ml lm*e STEAM NAVIGj^^^^^^^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, rr.4 -SO UTHJi MP TOM. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kratrt, CoWMAirnra. The days of departure of thia wtnl-knowu Steamship, hare barn hard as follows : From Antwerp. From Southampton. From New York, On 4th Mar. 1141. On 7th May, 1141, Ou 7r|> June, 1841 >uu. loth Jaly, " 7li- A?g., " 7th Sept. " I?*h Sept. " 7th Oct.. " Prior of iiaaaaer, inrala not inclnd?d, to SontV a.nptoti or Antwrrp, $70?Steward's fers, $2 #2><. The mra'a will be aerred cm hoard. ?n tiie plan of a continental hotel, hi the lieat manner, and at fixed and moderate pricea, p**?eug./rs being only 'barged when pat takint ol th* same. The pr e# of paeaigr to rithrr of the above (girts ran alto he rngaaedif |irrftrrrd. with cv all and steward'* Ires included lor $1T 62H centa.exclustre of wines. An eaiwrlenced Surgeon accompanies the ship. For freight or pasaege, or ai further tufonsMBOn, apply to H. W. T. It H. MALI, Ageuta, an8rn*r 41 Beater street. NEW JERSEY RAILKOAT) AND TR.ANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK gyjjffjj SS32) iDJil Kure mltared to 44 cents. Froet the'fool of Ceiinlandt rtrert, Nc* York. (F.\erv day? Sunday a J.t-riited.) New Tom U?tn Newark At A. M. At I r. M. At 7,S A. M. At IS P. M. ? <> do. 9 Ho. 3S do. " X do- MS do. 5s a. . do. 7 do. I do 1A A | ON SUNDAYS. ??Fiom the foot of Liberty afreet. Leare New York. Leave Newark At 9 A. m. and tjS I. m. At if Noon and to P.'m NEW YORK. ELIZABETH TOWN, WKSTKI'ELD PLaINKIELD.BOUNDBROOK, 80.VlERVILLE.fcc. * Daily. Laara New York. Later Elitahet', Town. ? A. M. ?S A.M. 2S P. M. if M. 4V P. M J P. M. Tha trainaof the Soinrrrille Railroad Co. connect with Ui'te liiirt each way daily, Snudaya etcaided. rvorrifara ara fecjueated to purchaae tickata at the office, fool of Liberty atreet Far? Iteiwaen N-w York and>eth Town 17 rent*. Kare lie'wern Jeraey City and Hninrrrillr. VI rent... Ntrvr vrtair mutiriv a a. n .VIC Fire reduced. From the foot of Liberty afreet, doily. Leaee New fork. Learr New Brunswick. At A. M. At 1% A. M. 4K P. M. II A. M. Fore between New York nnd New Brunswick, TJ *erit?. Kohway, Jti tenu The fore in rhe 7>j A. M. troin from New Brunswick, and tX P. M. train from New York, hi, been ri tlnced between New York and Nrw Brunswick, to Vt cents. " and lloliway to VX " The Philadelphia moil line passes through New Brnuawick for New York erary evening at 9 o'clock. F?n fclunosys the 7,Si A. M. trips from New Brnuawick m omitted. Passengers *ks procnra their tickets at the ticket office, receise a ferry tirAat gratis. Tickets are ruaaieed by the conductor only on tha day when imrchaaed. m26 9p, c, rr.ioht on cniTmnr-The nor b7. Bsrk BAKaII ANN, ( out. Fortune, burthen J77 ffT^rV Apidy to ?LOVKRIt McMVrra*. jallr 100 I'lus strut. ^ E NE NI RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. ~~ POM KHOY_fTo7s ALBANY. BUKKALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. I In- iiilmnbrrs arr now rmmiiiK a miliar Kxvioaa a*er tliu Kailroada Io and from Albmv and Bntlilo, and tin* lliterutt*tfiat* |iUc?m, for KOllWARDlNG. at low ratra^with the ut Notes, Important Peters at..t Valuable Pscktgi *?'Will lUttnd to the urguti.tliou, trAiuicr, collection or payment of Bills of Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptations, Account!, Sic., -it reatonblf per centi','??execn'e ciders lor the purchase or sale ?f Merchandise, Pioduce and Uauiil&ciurud Articles ol' w?ry description, je-rsoual I v, iti tlio on their route, through Mean. IlAliNDEN A fU'S EXPRESS to N?W York and u.and Mimv llAWLEY & CO.'H EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit aud Chicago and intermediate places?forming at otn t tiiu most direct, speedy and |mjifeet conununication to and from the -eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges. Ac. References?Erastu* Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, Watt* Sherman, A. 1). Patclun, Noah Lac, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albanv. Agencies?Bennett, Backus A Ilawley, Utici: T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Utaieva ; J. O. Shepherd. Canamlaigtf* : Darid Hovt, Rochester; John MeKeniter, Lockpcrt; J. A. Clark, Batavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMEROY A CO', No. 5 Exchange Buildings. Albany. all 3 Wall street, New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REUlfCEL). Bos^li'iN,'V' pOMd of the following superior .learner., rinieiiue in c.>nu>?lion with tlit- Sloiiinglou auJ Providruce, and Boaton and notidence U tilroad i ? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Couulock. RHODE ISLAND. Certain Tiiay. r. NARKAOANHETP, Captain Woe,Ley. Ai OH KUAN, Captain Vanderbih. On." of which will It-are New York daily, (Sunday, itcrierU) from i'ier No. 1, North Hirer, Battery l'lace, at five o'clock, r. M. AmnnrMtnT. The NARRAGANSET. on Monday, for Kioniugton, and Thursday, lor Stonimjton, Newport and Prorid- nee.. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tne.ilay, Stouinxlon, Newport and Providence, .unl Friday for Stonfci^tnn. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for st?nini;ton, and Saturday, for Stoninston, Newport, and Providence. PauenRera on the arrival of the .learner, at Stoiiiucton, may rake the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi dence and Bmton. Freight taken at the following much reduced rate. To Bovlon, on good. weighing forty jiound. or upward* to the cubife foot, at $j JO per ton, and ou incuurcmrtit go ?d. 7 Cent, per foot. To Providence, on meaanrenient good. S cent, per rnbic foot, and .pecific article, a. i*r tarif to he obtained at office il iirnaawav. i?rr.r LVIl'OKTANT TO WESTERN~NlERCHANt"S RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Trauatuitntiuii of Good. between Pliilxlrlpliu and l'itnlinit. This improvement in traiisi>ortiiCioii afford* to \\ **tern Merchants jk*?:iiliar advantages. The* good* being carefully packed in the boat* at nnr warehouse. No. Jfti Market street, are carH?;d over the Columbia and r?>rta/e Riilwavs without tvaushipment. Careful captains and crews are employed, who take cn irae of the goods at Philadelphia, and contiiiue with them the entire route, thus a voiding delays and the liability of lota being separated on the way. N- B.?Paaswagers forwarded u PitL.burg and I\>tt/ville, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, a!2 3m* 7 Washington street. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITT8BUK6. bin gTTAM^S LlrJltT? The proprietors of Bingham's Transport at ion Line to PittabuTf, give notice t? the Merchants of New York, and all Other person* shipping to the YYrest, that their liue is now in active oik raiior floods consigned to them (or sent to go in their tir.c,; will be forwarded whIi despatch. ,, \\ [ L , I, or snippets ui gotms, mxim-n tor tne vv rsrerri States, who have no egcnt or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign tlieir goods tu William Bingham, 1'iftvburg, who will attend ro snipping all auch consignments without dvlay. All goods should he marked distinctly on eacn package BIS'GUAM'S LINK. For ates of freight, which ate as low xs any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, A if cut. No. 2 West street, opinisite I'irr No. 2, N. M. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pituburgand Pottaville,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to II. Crooks, American Kor Co.; 8. T. Niroll. Front street ; Phelps, Do.We St Co., Fnlton street ; SuvJ.itr Sage St. Co ; win. Rankin, Duryee it Co, N'-wark. mfi Jm STATED ISLAND FOLRK. 'rjJ* Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers 8TATEN ISLANDER and SA.MSON will nin as follows, until further notice Leave Slsten Island Leave Near VIlk. At o'clock *. M. At 1 o'clock s. M. .. 9 .. .. .. , " 10 " " ' 10 " " " II " " " II " " " l>? " r. M. " 2 " r. M. .. j .. .. .. 3!|< .. ? ? ? 6 ' ? " " " < " " All goods snipped are required to be particularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. je| e OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! Pawtage "id rruta?Jtertltn :><) eentl, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. The commodious Steamboat WASHING'T"p,~*-~f*TON. Captain J. .M. Brown, losing made w chsnre her day, of leaving New York, will hereafter h ive n| Robinson vtr< et. Neve York, every Monday, Wi dnesday, and Friday aftermxin, at i o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Tlinrsday, and Sa turds/ afternoon, at J o'clock, lauding on tier isvaa ige each way al^ the foot of Hammond street, rNewburgn, i'oughkec|>eie, Kingston Point, Catt ikilt anil Hudson. Kor freight or povsagc, 'pply to the Captain on board, Ot to D. RANDOLPH MARTt.V. No. !n2 West street. m<)c .Mfl sa31 OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY fl. <7g?AND .NEW YORK?Landing at tlw fg-t of WW ms V n street, Newhunth, Pouchkecp-ie, Kingston Point, Catskill and Hud-mi?Passage JO cents, htrtbs JO cents ?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON, Captain J. M. Brown, will lease the pier at the foot of Robinson street for Albany every Monday, Wednesday aud Friday, at J o'clock, P. M. I _Leav? Albany .foot oILydus street, for New York, erery rnMdiy, A'hurstfay and Saturday, at .1 o'clock. P. M. For |*ft<uige ot freight apply ou board, or to D. R. Martin, 1C2 Wall street. p rricht taken on fhr most reasonable terms. To Let? A steamlioat berth at Warren street pier, NR. Apply o ? hoard Washington, Robinson *t. i? 9 Iwyic EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIKECT, ^-ni At seven o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat fl- between Cnnrtl.ndi .nil Liberty street.. V "J Tllr ?rwnhnat K< X II KhTK.K, C?pt. A. P. St. John, Iravea Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon*, at .even o'clock, P. M. The iteainboat SOl'TII AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Drainard. leave* the above pier vvi ry Tuesday, Tbur*?lay and BnroriUy afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boat. ar? new and snbatantial are fmniahed with lefatit .late looms, .unl in every rv*|>ecUit'U u*ur|ixv*ed among the Hudson River stt amers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 9CHULTZ, At the otliee on the wliart, or on board, PaMengnri taking thu line of boats, will at all time, arrive at Albany in time for the first train of car* for tlie east and west. n'Hr TAILORING^ OF THE UTMOST IMPOi? TANCE rT",0 purchasers of Marshall's Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Col* A lars. In conssqueucr of the many mi Makes naming been mad** oflito by strau^er* and others, iu finding our only Troy Shirt De;?ot, wp are therefore obi urea to made nublic the pause foi the leu.In ol all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collar*. If is this. A store has lately had (Minted on their window, and about their [ remises, a si. n nur porting ts bs "Troy Shirt DeiHif." Now we infirm all. tney do iprt keep onr Troy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars, ana as a l^imrd against mistakes that mrjr oscsr in futare, on of uin new aicn Hi nv- corner nlorr, ttivrelnre, no ahall circulate e?tr.i?irrl> the follow iu? card, owl fur lb.! of dealers in oil; *01 iiln ?? la In inform d-alcrt ami albert that Utrtlmll'a oidy Truy Hliirt iu llie city ia about tit teen d.e.r? fh.m thn corner of Pearl unl Chatham itreeta. on the rleht I.-gel tide in [noiiv to Ui- ('iyr H til?No. 90 Clnthain itreet. Thia it our galy Troy Shirt Dr|<ot fortht rvcntin* of our birhly repulrd Tray Shlite, Bnenmt nnd Collar* in the city. We thill came tliia to be eiteneivcly circulated, in cona.-.|He?ce of many niijtnkei tnriii* bei-n mad.- oflate. B? pirticwlar to arc the mint-. MARSHALL'S, on tint window yl a?; alio th? following? MARSHALL'S ONLY Tl!<)\ fmlRT CtHOT, 90 Chatham itmtt. .No patrmai-e aaked of thmw who bt-at tlown. Ni ? Yoriti^ne_J, Itt 13. joj lm*c REMOVAL. rHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ME NT, U removed from 145 Broadway to No. 7 Aator Hoote. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. (Jarmrnta of a most Elnfant and KiihiannUe hun! rt a aarln* of GO per cent for caah. T'HE adwrtiter deemi it inunct-ttary to retort t.? the hackI 11 y rd t> itrtn of (i'lDlllilt of lluinia-u prima, prnumina that the length of time he hat been c*t*bii-h?*l. together with the retentive patronage bellowed on nun, will prom ? tuin eic nt voucher for hp- ctt>ahilitiea. Po. .ei.iiur the tdvaiiTa^*- ol being connected with an eitenaivecloth ritahriNlimrot 111 K.iirapc he confidently atieU that he can tumult c'.otbca which, on eomjwnton, will he found lower than any other holl.c making up the heat deecriptioria of Kentlrmrn'a dcras. 8. PHILLIPS " W.o IIBrowdway ? _ MARTIN'S rn ""J1 Ttllorlng KmIiiIiIM) nt<nt, e J\itf 1? 'William tlretl, corner of .Inn itrttl. I .ii tn announcing the abore to hn ftietob and A the public in general take, ,n r??,n ,hmWi for ihe liberal |citron?*e he towe l on him ? hia former place of huaineaa, and MWiri them that or. ry ?,lc|e ordered ol him aliall. ?i h-ret..fore, be cot, made, anil trimmed in the m at. at ami most tyhun m*Tir>< In# malarial- ?i._ - ? ?,TtT- upwwi una ur*t in the market, %n?l at t poattnre win"* 0f ,^r ct.lU Btrafcgara ar^ ret|U?'?U*?l f?? > ?*1 nw Oanllrman who | .Tf< r purchasing th? ir own cloth, kr,, ran haar tlirm made and trimmed in the ?t> lc that hn? riven audi general Hln'wllon during the laal fonr vi m. F.'ery g 'Trieill warranted to At, .uid mad? by the beat w nrlcroen at the lolloiting pHcea, 'it.:? DrceaCoa* $T00to$?* jfroci '/ouli '* "> Jo P.inta ami Veata I TJ to 100 Oeer ("oats onto II 00 VCf N? nrmrnti ready made?all made to order, and 0 ?nit 'WC', "rV 'n " b?ttMICHAEL ?. MARTIN. s " r". ; ' W TO :w YORK. WEDNESDAY WATERING PLACES, &0_ SHARON SPRINGS. H'HE PAVTLLION.?Thia ikw cumnodioii Hotel will 1 open for the reception of eieiton on end al'trr the fir?t of June iwit. et the Vilu.-o of' Sharon Spring, Schoharie County, New York. The clear pu>e water of the apniuti, greatly resembling those of the white en I t>imr springs oi Virginia, have brcu proved to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Biliinus auit Dyspeptic complaint*: and in the cure ol' Erysipelas, Saltrtu utn. Scrofula, Liror Complaint, an I penrral debility, mm hi many winsr rriiwcu^ poiit? u (as certified by tome ot the most eminent medical (irol'etioh in the United State*) inedicinil and liealing properties uitsuipisMii, and believed to bo unequalled by any in lliia country. Added to these, tii*r rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive virwi, neighboring caves nua romantic sceuery are among the many attractions nliered to these seeking iu the heat of summer,either health or pleasure. These spring* are but a lew hours ride frou Sarotogs, Troy, Albany, kc., sad are ic uabli fi m ( iui|obmi um Ajbie nv and Ltica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and utic*. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight in ilea, arriving in time for diuner; also by the Albany ami Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, boiug about forty-live milts west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and o2io\rar Uatlks furnished at all times, either of th emiiientl or fresh water, and every attention giveu to render the stay of visitor* ayiueabie. An abundance of the purest mountain string Ice i? stored for he season. G. \Y. D. UEDNEY. THE b PR FN OS HOTEL.?yDus Hotel will be oinu-ii at the above viYa-e of Sharon Springs, fbr live rcc.eplioo ot ?isitors, ami comtnuiiig ail the uJ?wn;ag?.s of 'his delightful summer residence. JOHN V'. ETTEN. aCO 10\v2taw*r cats?rn .m7t:-.t.\i\ house, AT THK I'INK ORCIIAHp-I8ri. nMIIB romantic and fashionable report will be conducted ouring th?? present season under tlie direction and superintendence of the suliacribor. It hts uwh sgo<?e a complete md (borough repair, and is uaw open for il. - itcrplion pi visitm*. No effort w ill he sp.ned to in liuuill llu deservedly high character which it h is heretofore .. <uired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; and every |x?s?ibtc attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment am) especially that put of it ?u the mountain, has been rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. I*. B arh St Co.'s excelh nt line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between lire landing and tiic Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 19t2. jeJ-t 3mr ML A U K A N UE HOTEL, Bull'* Kerry, New Jersey. This most delightfully romantic summer retreat is in full readiness, well stocked with fruit and liowen, and above all a tine kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice y.iiice and liquor J, ale and porter. Also, seg irs of the first quality. John Poitson, the proprietor.sincerely returns his g.arefn! thanks to his friends, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last nine years. The beautiful steamboat Boston, Captain T. Y. UiWcock, leaves foot of Caiul street lour times a day. The public can rest assured that they will not be disappointed as heretofore^ the owners of the boat arc doturmilied to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Sun. Gentlemen cau he accommodated w ith the best of beard and lodging at five dollars per week, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military companies ou target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the tar ground and Ponson's good dinners. His prices arc accord in* i*? nit- timos. j. rvusoii naiway* ai uuiim, ?uu win m imj>py to vr hi* friends and visions. jel'2 lm*r rpIIK HAMILTONHOUBE-?This estabhshmaut imm.w A opMifoidii raception of company. It ha* been thoroughly wnoTstnd in! fiiniiaVad snmr. niimi a acale ofliberolity com* inensurate with the demands of die public. The department of the cuisine has beuu idacod undei the chtrgu of a capable ami experienced artist, who will U' Ic no supplies that the markets can afford. To those unacquainted with the location of the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated at the oeean muhni to the Harrow*, from eight to ten nilea from the city, on the hiifli western bluff of Lmiq 1.1 uul, Com manding a noble v i?*w ol the lower bay and the A'Uiilic and Inndo'Hrd, ihc highly cultivated and fert'lc shores of Staleu and Long Island, and the harbor of New York. Nothing can ei ceed the beauty of the prtMnecf in every direction. The salubrious air at ail periods of the dvy, the easy access by stag* and ?tu imjhoot, tod the minded life aitd n tirenacnt <>f'ipo|. pen* d?*r this establishment secoud to none vriihin a hundred miles of New York. The apartment* wre commodious and airy, and their accommodation* in (narked contrast with iltosc of similar houses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The ride* in the neighborhood, the Aahing ttoonoit Mlliara rooms, ten-pin al* leys, and other accessories of recreation, leaf a little, it fa b? licved. to he wi .bed for by anv guest. Families desirous of securing rooms for iie season would do well to make early application t?# the proprietor. jc7 Imr BATH HOIM:, LUM. ITLATD.-rt?., ion* ..iu weii known bovdigg and sea bathlug establishment, having rec?ntly undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosiies 111*011 the margin of the oeean. fa now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent of private beach 011 this shore?the perfect security ill bathing, even for ladies and children. (*he battling Iioum s being within a stone's throw of the nnihi M.)the shady, cool and ?J*-Ii^htfNiI locuif grove sihoiuiug the houiie ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding oountr/?the excel lout fishing grounds and otfai source* of netfUhful recreation and amuse meat?the beautiful view of the Ail nac ocean and the lewei bay, dwwii epaajtantiy enlivened by apmaiona vgeeefa krnving 01 outward bound, render this linauon inev*rj re* sject unequalled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations air ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even 111 the wannest da^*s of summer, anything hut oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but uine miles fiom Brooklyn,) the access by stages at fatui accommodated to be sua render it peculiarly w? 11 adapted a isesidanca for 4? ntlcrneti oi buair m in New York. jel2 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. QHARON SPRINGS PAVILLION. bCiiOHAKlfc, CO. Fourth of July.?The Grand Ouenitig Ball for tNe Season, will take place ou the evening of the 1th July, at the Sharon Springs Pavilion, which is now open for the reception of visiters. No pains will be *i>ared to lender the entertainment agree- | able. (J. VV. B. OEDNEY. jc2( t?djy " bath buildings. FORMERLY KENAHAW'S, at Long Branch.?This ev I tensive and delightful Be* Bathing Establ'sbment will be opened by the subscriber on the 2? r|> June, instant. He begs respectfully to info in its form r patrons and the public, that considerable additions and alterations, encressing the comforts, have been made since las? year, and will be in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wi.ihing to be as reasonable as the time* will afford, the board w ill be m \ r*11 d ills ?pf \\e k as I it year, . .. tte id of t? a dollars as formerly. Children of a certain age and servants half price. H<?rscs full fed. $1,60. He hojmi he may# say without imputation, that his unle and accommodations w ill he equ il to any 011 Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will ibid accommodating terms. PAVILION,"SARA 1 OOA 8PKINU8-1 iut i'?* noncontiguous to the Pavilion fouutain, an.l equidistant from Congress and Iodine Spring*, his been thoroughly renovated, and it now oik-ii for the reception of viiiton. For convenience of location, beauty of the grounds adjoining, comtnodiouaness of the rooms, and elTorts on th" part of the proprietor to make hit guests romfortahle, this house, it it h? lieved, is not surpassed. The charge* for board and rooms have been modified to meet, tu ?o?nt degree, the depression of the times. A shaie of paUotroge it respectfully invited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. Saratoga feprings, June 20, 1812. jrt7 gwr """ DRY GOODS, &c. " STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, importer ?nd mnnufactiir.r <;f Italian and A . Eiialith Straw Goods, reapectfiilly inform, hi. cuaromcrs that he li.u n-iant.J In. establishment from 90 William awl 28 I'latt, to 3!) John street, wln re he continues to kr?p a aplcmliil and ciU'tiairr aasortmeiit of ladies" fuhionahle Straw Oooila, French w I English Dunstable*, Italian Rntlanda, fine Tuacaia, Fancy Shell works, Priuce Albert Straivs.kc. Sic. Also, an entirely new article, itie White Siberian Hair Bonnet for tile uinmer?it all die style* a* yet intra ductal, Dei lit; ealreimly light, beautiful, white and durable. mat lm?m TO THE LADIES. UASHIONADLE MILLINERY OOODS.-The protirieI tress, Miss 8 KINO, daught r of the celebrated Cnrl King, nfftri for sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, nercr n yet presented to the pnb* lie, both a* rrgtrd* (lie quality and cheapness of tire articles The Assortment consists of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, as worn l\ La D'Orhius, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Flats do do?An entire new sftleo Hats called MODINE CAFOTTE8. ELS8LER COTTAGE.1 Parisianand English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tetter^, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to faror her with a call, and examine her elegant and varied stork o? Millinrry for thern?el*i s, before Uwv parcinse elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to tin m in price and a groat advantage as regards the variel} end quality of the gondii. MISS 8. KINO, Mag'atine de Mod<w, jefl lm*r _ B^adway. TO LAdm.-Ylra. I'dArTWBTT reuwctftally informs A the Lsdies of New-Yurk and vietuitv, tn it abe continues the work of Freeh Plating,Fluting and Clear stanhiigg, at No. ! 102 Mdridge strai t, (on the first floor,! New-York. N. B. Oiders r?cciv?d and okecutcd with n?aiiK?a an I at the shortest NOfict. Also, Collar* for saU. je2llm*r CPfcClAL TO Tilt'LaMT."C-A?T?ci r. ir .i. div hear I in*' from Ladies the diflcnltr they hare in finding my Ladies French Hhoc Store, as also the information given to i ? a i 1 . ti iwik( san n . .? II. public and plain thmtiyh l?" nmdrirn of the pro**. Allen's su! i?'?r Lvlos Fi'-nch Shoe St i# 70 Litpcn&rd street, one *rrfr-r h?;iow ('anal street, near Broadway, N. Y., and as tin* rity of my ladii ' bndUAwi Fit ich shoes are 00 univcr ally known. I need only subjoin tin- commfnditlon of my re l?*eted employ trs, now retired from tin* business;? 41 For getting tin the article of ladies' shoe* and gaiter boot*, we slwtj * considered Mr. Alt< n 1 ir snpeiiof to in oUm rntn we ever bad in ??ir employment.99 TIIOB. LANF. k SON. N. B.?Ladies will do will fo put th?s in their travelling memorandum book. Beautiful French Morning Whppers, at eiceed.ny low price*. ji r 3f r DHKSS "BOOTB?TATt?T FKFjM H ,^PB?TV.KrT he subscriber makes to order, Boot* of FTie above desorijition, of the finest quality of French Calf Skin, and in the lal- if style, and at very reasniiahl* prices.? Gentlemen who hive been in the habit of p* yinc extravagant pri i * for inferior arhHes are requested to call and De convinced that his prices gre from t? n to twenty |?er cent below other stores in ?h*- nriifnbochood Drawings being uk?Hi of the feet, and ? pair of l ists kept for each customer, there is no difficulty in gftriug a hsndsome yet easy fif. f onstantly 011 hand, a Isrt- assortment of fashionable ready made Boots,at prices vary?ng from TWO DOLLARS FIFTY ( F.N'I S TO SI V DOLLARS; IMf Boor*, Oaiti rs, Shoes, I umiis, Slippers, lie. kc. at "pially low prices. JOHN L. W ATKlSs, in Fulton St., I ?m* Between Nassau and Dutch .*ts. vdfjwrf A * > BFTTF-R place to find Boots and Sho^* cheap, an I w? me le ur. thai in New \ nrk the.e i- any p| ? ? .... * .od is at the ( linton Boot and 8tm? Market,201 C mial stieet, n-.nh easi comer ol H?nk*oii street. Those who have tried o?j'i r t'? h, K*n?i.Jly satisfied that this is a fact un* <pi? tumble. AH ft' se who in*) not have tried our In?ots. shoes, or gaiters,will hud it to their advantage to in ike tl* trial ,0?n' A. KNOT A CO, V n ?e hv tl,? nr ll.?? jrfB |m#f Machine bla^krth:?ai?*u. f..r?*u tv j mil) r PERSKR ?i RHOOR8. #1 Lilmrtf t pLOCR-M? limit It C?iT. Mill, PUr. P??1V r by E K COLLINS 8c CO, j?*0 M.Soulhit. "* ji ,?A - T*'J /* (j.' '. r.i * It k .[-] MORNING, JUNE 29, li HOOKS A N 11 STATIONKR V. AN INTERESTING WORK ON THK EAJii.-Just puoihhed. by Carey 6l ii<u(. Notes of * Tour through Turkey, Greece, E'ynt Arabia, retriea, to the Holy Land, including a Vi*it to Athens, Sparta, < Irauri Caire,Constantinople. Tlttbes, the Rod Sea, Vlouni Sinai, Petri, the Edom of Scripture, Sic , by K. Jov Vfnriis, in 2 volumes 12 mo., with plates. OPINION'S OK THE PRESS. We owmncud it to the public its 4 sterling work of travel.? U. S. Gazette. Too author h.t>? contrived to aire to bis descriptions of nliQe*, scenery, and events, a spirit of freshness and vrni semblance, that cannot be to-? much admired.?Spirit of the Times. We doubt not but these two interesting volumes will he eagerly sought for by the public.?New World. rue worn is precisely such an one i> .1 mains glad to take up when he desires information u,?ou tin; subject of which it treats.?Brother Jonathan. A v . pt? 11 tnf, un m ten linp account of rambles through regions about which every iiiVellrgeiit mind desires iuformathai, and it is furnished in a style which every one will hud agreeable. ?Pwm y I vaniam There is not a ??agc in the work that is Uot interesting and instrartfre.?Del. Journal. *" We think this book destined to heroine extensively popular, and we cordially join with our brethren of the press in commending it to popular far or.?l)ail. Chronicle. For sale by WILLY 4k PUTNAM, je4 3w*r New Ynr AK1HST IIATK IN VIFTST.MKNT.-Tu be HjUi I'll* ,te sale, a chotck Circula rinu Library, consisting of 2000 volumes, assorted and arr.iiue h including Histories, Biographies, Voyage* and Travels, &? . Any young nun posteaiiivg a capital <>t $u)o or $.'rt)0, can buy these books dirt cheap, and double his moie} in one year. For particular* enquire of Thomas Bell, Auctioneer, Ann street, and Mr. Little, Libranan, 121) N u?.?n street, of w hom catalogues can he obtained for inapt-ction, utu the books seen* j 35 Iwc 1 ONGWAiHl irs NLW YOUR CITY DlKLt roRY is m ibitsh 1 and fur avU at the Np. 118 Nasssu-stfoet^ 2 ! fhuiv, directly opposite the American Bible Society. ji'24 U*i _______ _ N'i'AV C l i'Mi Ml'SU ?Uf.uKU.N H. UKltvviMil. prof- .. >r of the guitar, No. 1J3 Canal rlrvry n^ositc the v: . ; hu fttti ii ha the I >nor to acquaint hi* friends and the pub':" tin' be 1m? published variety of new ami popular iiMi* si**, ?rrurged with easy accompaniments for guiUi. Mr. D. will disc nrrango and CO.: ; ^e music for orchestra guitar, and < titer instra meuts, and give instructions to ants* teurs on tbe piano fort--ami' i(din. mycfWc | BOO K b I N 01 \ (, PAPER llULtNG. HIK I'LAND, No. I.Hi N v- >au strict, having ait entire mow stock of Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery, ol the lateet and most approved pattern*, li now prepwa to exdcute all order* in the moat durable and handsome manner. Merchants A< eco iut Books and all other kinds of Blankwork ruled Mid butuil to any Uniterm, and in i style that i* w ^ ranted to aivc satisfaction. Any work oidered can be done inNbe Eiuliwi modi- if required, as II. 1. has had long experience ?? both methods. m 18 1 in I7NORAVINO i;\ THK OMNIORAPH MAClilNI ^ BUKIL JO.NEH 4*. CO., 192 Broadway, rumor of J.-hn street. N.Y^are pre jn red to oiu'rati* all kind* of .Maps, ('huts, Plans .-i. 1 $u.i veya, or anv woik ol that class, in Uu m st pcatt" tiful stele, rri:lMUioiirillel'*l expedition, and at pvirr-t far he low trios*. charged for similar work executed by hand tMigrating?the cost ol fine steel or copper plates not exceeding Lithographic work. N. U.-^Specimeiu of the work done by lite OmiWKrsph ran b." exainiued at rbe office in Broadway* m22 Itnr 1L~"~ HATS. _ ~HATS"! HATSTTIATS !! BROWN fk CCTS One Price Il&t Store, wholesale and rr* tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Molt atxcct, where fashiom beatify, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietor* bare the pleasure now to offer in addition to (heir recently unproved abort trapped H*L a B6W styld the nutation of beaverr, whick ao clo . ' retenibift tb t of all turs the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is not i ly perceived. Price three dollars. W strictly aohert to tlifotio price cash system, which enabh ii to Atrnhli t ren mpbriof liat for th** price chared. In ureieiitinthese Hats to the public the propi ietnrs think they fiive reached the ultimatum I of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. rpl 3m* A N IMPORTANT mJEfiTlUN' in h'-rr presented lor the I serious reflection of the purchasers of Hats. Is it .oni* tent with true economy or common *111*1: to pay five doll u . lor a Buffer IUt, when the same article- g in he bought at 5 Wall *trre?, (heivn-fii Broad and New street*) for KOUll DOLLARS? This is no decrutivc assort ion. A single, or a n? re inspection, wijl satisfy the most skeptical that the Beaver Hat now offered is far from being the inferior article often sold for less than live dollars. The fact is that tlu: article uow offered is generally not equalled, and in no instance surpassed even at that price. 1L is in conoNjm-nce of a reduction in the price of the raw material, together with the economical policv ol this establishment? and the proprietors engaging personally in the manufacture?that the present great inducement* are offered, such a* Were li ever offered before. WARBUKTON St WEBB, j?liUn*f HUtefs, 5 Wallitraib 5 .1 KWEljliV." "* WATCHES AND JEWELRY, VERY LOW. rpffK l ibscrihtr is celling all descriptor*; HGolJard Silver 1 Watches, Gold and rfifvar Pencils, GciJ keys, Ste.. at retail, lower than at anv other i Irce it: tr.i' siiy.? Gold Watches r.a low as ttjrtv to forty' -hllus rr.ct. I>alches aud J*wclry exchanged or bought. A'.l iVstches tip warranted to keep good time, or the immey it turned, dvifciv. } and Clocks repaired in the best noma-r, md wrrruffe-J, tt rriueh less than the muni i,rfcs* ;y rm io i.ho finest wnrmmh in the city. ??. C. AlACN, importer of W.uches and Jewelry, wholesale aud retail, 30 W *11 street, up stairs. m28 lm*m WAT( HE s A N I > I ? W ELKY V?RY \a > WTha ini ssr.riber is selling all d? scrinlion* of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, kt ys, Ike., at retail, lower tIvan at any other place in the city. Gold Wafches a% low on 25 to JO dollars each. Watches and Jr-welry exchanged or bottght. All Watches are warranted to keep gor?J time, >r fh* motley returned. Watches and Clocks rejiaired in the he-?t manner, and warranted, at much less tit ui the usual prices, by r?n. of the f?u".*t workmen in the city. G. C. AbLF.M lin(Mart* r of \V ?t? liasand Jewelry, wholesale and ret a I, to Wall s treef, tpst iii s. __ JtiJ Itnwrc I) ? -1 > IV j.. -i 111. \1R? WAL i i. i!. Mg<nt and paaid i >< lv tl#hpu*"ol Bergrr Walter, the only manufactory of Watc h Glasses in Fiance, No. 27 Paradis Poissytiniere street. Paris, has the honor of informing Mssrs. dealers irj watch works, am! til articl D4 tid with th line, t- v1 i I mi ?. #h ids i in cwt glass, that their establishment of watch glasses, cut ght<uf yilf ml colored, fancy articles, ficc. Uc fitr., has lately be n i? uioved from No 10 Maid u L\nc, to! No. 00 William sirc? |. (P-otlcim it desirous oi purchasing Irorn tli only depot ol the factory, ire rwpecifnlly invited to ctll &t9a: L-zii where will Ik- t uinl r.vntmirnllt'i) assortment of the above men* tinned goods, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable MM. i !> r NOTICES. pOMP rROLLER'S SALE OF STATE STOCK8^"-J Sf%te of New-York. Comptroller's Office?The Allttfiny Cv Bmk. ami the Btikof Olein, harfn? failed to i.ay their I circulating note* upon tie mat id at their rr<jirctive banking houie?,e?s ref|ii?red hy the act entitled M An act to authority the bus in ss of hanking," pas*ed 18th April, 1830 or to re lee m the om?' at their sev? nl agencies in the cities of New York Oi Albany. as required by the art entitled " An art latin* Jo the I redemption of hank notes'' passed 4th May, 1810?Notice in therefore hereby given, that the State Stocks held '?y rite Comptroller as security for the circulating note* of said hoiks. I or so much thereof as t hall be deemed eipedient toselLwill he sold at the Merchant's Exchange in the city of >?? w York, ou Satunlay. tlie 2 i July ii- it. at 12 o'clock, M.t to wit: For the Allegany t -onnty Bank?Stock account. 5 certificates Indiana 5 per ct. (Internal improvement) r<>rk, pay 1st July 1TO, for $1000 each, $6000 Slock and Heal Estate account. 6 certificates Indi iiu 6 per rent, (inte rnal improvement) stock, pay. 1st July, I.TO, for $1000 **ch, $6000 $6000 New York. ^ per cent. (Erie enlargement) stock, pay. 1865. $6000 For the B ink of Olean?Stock acconnt. I ct r ificate Indiana 6 i**r ct. (internal improvement) stock, pay. Ut July I1G3, for $6000 New York 6 per cent. (Eric enlargement) stock, paf. 1866, , S 11(H) Stock and Ileal Estate account. $20,000 Vew York 6 per cent (Erie riilirg' ineiit) stork, payibk IIS, 8 certificates Illinois ft per cent. Illinois and Michigan canal tock, pay. IflftO, tor $1000 each, $2000 10certilicatfs Illinois ft percent, internal improvement stock, t?av. 1-t Jin. 1870, for $1001 each, $ffl,00o Also, 16 cerrific it? aof Arkansas G per *ent. Real Estate Bank stock, heretofore advertised ou uccouut of the St. Lawtence Hank, $16,000 Drfed at Albany, the Ifttli June, IB 18. 21 to jy2r A. t . FLAQtf, (km trojler, renir of tiie Avir?!i in Kocheitii 11. 11. Co.1, f'anand urns, Jun? 8, RI2. V \Srmi Anonal Diaitl. .id olFiac |-*r Cpnt will hp pod on the Capital Block of tliu Comiway on the lint ilay of July Mt ... Sliarr.hohWri whoa* Stock ii rogiatered in tlic City Trainfer Hooka of lliii Conipmy, will raoeivc payment at the Hank of il"- Stat* of New York, iu the City of Nrw Y#ik; an Itboao wlioap Stock it t.ot rr.ji.nrcd in the City will bp paid twrir Dividrud nt thia Oilier. By ordar of ill* President and Director*. : .lr ' HAS .. t'. YMQUR. 'I'm- .igrer. \TO I If HE 111 cucftiis, ami all other lananna wboa* tiuai- I a ' iii ti c iiiup i tli?m to lip I'.onatax!f y on i.'inr IppI.?Bcalling at tli< '.Id p' lniit# Boot Store, III Challiam*atnKt, ilmi can I.P a nnmod Hi I with til* in'aln . il- rliclp, ROOE11S' .SIKtai.h' EI,astic ITfEl, BOOTH, w trum-d i i. ry tltnlir, tad at tin' aim* pric* of iIip ordtnari Boot, 'lip lid* inwrimr ar* aoin? of Ilia many advaniag. a tlic fclaalic fleelg lin to ovr pvprv other kind : Kirat?'I'll# i l.ntirity adds greatly to tlip durability of the Boot. Secondly?They inakc no noise in walking upon the pavej mrp\. Thirdly?Tlcv prc?en? Boot# from running down to tha heel. r nrthly?Tliey enald* the wearer to walk with much Ipaa *1, ?TWy do not cut or tear carpets ** do iron or aniled I heM*. ffntMv?They enn Ik-worn with comfort by those Iwirin* U'ttdar fret. A? nsti. constantly on hand ill kinds of BooU at wholesale aud retail it ? tm?V .. DANKKU'PTCY?*AM'(JE'i oWfcO. of fUw, ha? removed to 67 Nassau itrfvt, jtir corner of John, where he may be consulted on ?ll imtun In Bankruptcy. tn% I infifH re M<?;i rs vEN F Fun FablE *. inack.J ?mi Waah Boiler, xlinirihlv adipt'dfor wseiiiu^, c*u b?- ill ace d in iht* fir'-idam, l!it* ir i ..r lit- \ 'id. I'tt. id Anri iiltnriiita, r irnn ? and f 'liMron, in tiro - I I?. 10, 10, H>, W, Kfl, 100, 120. and IW. Tim." f?m*?m? rr/jnir- only a plan- of nip. to tit thrm for ?n'. V articlr ha" u r i n on lr?tler miofr ii'>n i<> Tl??>fi rrnri. w]i<* ha*' in' 'I 'ham. Pitonl Hard ( onI Knrnart, w arm la for ?ummi-r?*?i? will inik anrat |it IIm st'.vr <v.r wintrr. Patrnt Chip or 'harm*! Kunur*, from n-w fiat'ani", tnnrh irnprio'l. THmo. ?ra littad with lire brirk. Alto* ?ar|-low piin-l fit'ifo wiihoot linn','. Combin ' ?n I Imi l-Ha?ine ( ik Sweat, nt nrioi . Xhr ruinbiuaiton it tin-unlv li;.?niiiMti' Ultra that mt ilurn tlit >(earna ui'l ninoll from ihe kilch'i. Tbay ?,p . ntially wall u lipto! for mimmAr a* wintrr. Dailrra atinpliid on liharal t rn?. J. L. MOTT, , jti IM*? m WIttf ttnl is itowtrr. HAVANA AiND PRINCil'E SKOARS. "" ] MHADI.II. to Chatham atreat, h.u rrmitail, by the Italia*- , twMif 100,1100 of hi* fralaortletl La Norma Si-ifara, a* alio* | mtnrifiil lot of ?n|>anor Notil ami Par** Priiicijm Stuart, which h# olfar* for ?*ln *1 rnwmM' firiaat lal I r* ?r BOARDING.?ATrW tpli t board nwifl fwt?lirTla( (t* ' am) rviptciabit family. Aunlt at No. JW Ruling at, ^ [ERA 342. - - - - ? Tlic Lklu t'lny .HcrtlnK. We give to-day three of the extraordinary letters read at the late Clay meeting tit tlttt- city. That of Mr. Bradieli in important, us expressing his views of J the next Presidential election, us lie is to he the whig candidate for governor next fall. The letters of Messrs. Botts and Stanly become of interest from their outrageous abuse of Cuptuin Tvler, the vulgarity of the style, and as being a fair specimen of the fee-lings and conduct of the ultra v iuv wings in congress:? ( how libi t. cov. brxllllii. Nr.* \ ok*, Juno .0, |H4j. (jcwTLEMKN ; I have honor to acknowledge the receipt ol'j oar note of the 16th instant, inv Ring me, iu helm It of tin; General Committee of the Democratic W hig I'uity in the city of New York, to attend a meeting to he held on the tlJd of June instuut, at Nutioiml llnli in this city, for the purpose of presenting the name of the lion. 1(lmiv Clat Oi Kentucky, a> the Whig candidate for the Presidency at the next election. You are also pleased to express tho hope that 1 will address the meeting on (hut occasion. Profoundly grateful lor this flattering attention on the part of the (ieueral Committee, and m ist cordially sympathising, us I do, iu the object of the meeting to which it refers. yet my sense of duty will not permit me the high gratification I should, under other circumstances, huso had in accepting your invitation. I am at pre ent in NewYork discharging my judicial duties, us President of tho Court for the Coi reotiou ufK.iron . We have already, and are about to have for some day s to come, under co isi lerutiou. in that Court, questions of great deli -acy and peculiar interest to the community ol New York, and involving principles ol great general importance to the whole I'tople of the State. They are question' afl< etiug important political, as well as Constitutional Rights ; quivi'ms | too, which unfortunately have ulrea ly become mingled I with the heated conflicts of political party. Iu the midst of the consideration of these question , to pass from tho ! judicial bench to a public and active participation in an important political and party movement, might bo dermed at least indecorous, and perhaps improper. To this senie ol propriety I feel it my duty, under existing circumstances, to lsnv ; nnd thus to deny myself a gratifieatioifwhich 1 should otherwise have been most happy to enj?> Rut although personally absent from your meeting, I shall he most cordially with y uu in feeling nnd sentiment. The important movement you cont mplate will he but giving form to a derision already made by the people, ami mi tilde expression to a sentiment deep in the heart ol every true whig in the countrv. Ko -'rong and universal is the currant of this i>opular fueling, thnt it has already become irrepressible; and we theivlore see it, in every part ef the noiliitry, gushing up in vui iotm form-:, mid must every w here lend to an act of popular jui. tie e ua widl d< ?< ,ved, as it has liern too long delay ed. Begging tlint you will be ?U is d to nocept for yourselves, nnd communicate to those you represent on this occasion, mv grateful aektiou ledgnu ins for (be flatten g Kinilni-.s ol your invitation; a d misting that you will duly appreciate the motive which prevent* my acc< pting it, I remain, gentlemen, with sentiments of respect ami esteem, Yotirob't servant, L. ii RADISH. To Jacob Acker, Joseph Ho\le, Charles M. Graham, ( Crane, umlD. Austin Mnir, K.sqrs., Committee. FIIOM ?10. JOIIS M, UOTTS. llni-sv or Ki'.PHutsmivi i, June 111, |s4J. Okntlriikis,?By this morning's mail I received your communication informing me. that you hail hceu unpointed >t committee to request my attendance at u public meeting of the whigs ol New York on the j-Jd inst. for the purpn e oi presenting tin; iinrau of Mr. Clay as the Whig candidate fur the Presidency in is 11. I am proud to believe that it would be a needless assurance to my whig friends in New York to speak of the 71ml and enthusiasm with which I have already embarked in the same glorious cause in which they propose to eng .go; ami every day's observation el mismanagement and misrule, temla (July to strengthen my conviction of the nece*iity of calling that distinguished and practically useful statesmen to the helm of public all'aii s in order to right the ship of state, which is now in a leaky and sinking condition. Never at any period has there been n greater necessity for activity,energy and union among the whigs, than the present. In 13-10 the great mass of the wisdom and virtue of the country decreed to them n w big Senate, a whig House of Representatives, end a whig President, thus jilucing the law making power m tlieii hands, with means to carry out their great measures ofreldrrn in the government anil relief to the distresses of a patient and suHering people; of this power they have been ch'ntcd by the ha- e..t ,;iul most heartless treachery and fraud that lias ever disgraced the page of history since the days of Judas the betrayer. Phis lias been the fault neither of the whig party, nor of a whig Congress; with (he law-making power, divided as it has been, ( ougri'Ss bus been powerless, hut to prevent mischief. If measures wise and wholesome for tue body politic have not licon promptly n.ioptc-J, it husouly hem because w e w ere anxious to avoid such a conflict with the Kxecutive Department of the (Soveromcnt as would he calculated to sink those into deeper ntflorin;* and distress whom it was our duty hs it wns our desire to relievo; and it becomes the honest and patriotic, now more than ever to exert themselves not only to rescue their sacred Institutions irom the corrupt and polluted hands into w hich by accident and calamity they have fallen; hut above all, to show their utter detestation for ikt) puerile vanity, self ambition, and vicious depravity that have characterized the author of our wrongs, and to show it in such colors as will serve to terrify all public agents w ho may contemplate treachery "hereafter. What luigAf have been the condition of Christianity, if the faithful deseiplus had deserted the Saviour of the World when betrayed by one of his followers? What would have been the condition of Liberty if the true patriots had laid dow n their urms when Arnold b? > ly skulked into the enemy 's cunip and offered the sacrifice til his country mid his country men ? And what will he the condition of our country and its institutions if the grrnt Whip pal ly should suffer the patriotic enthusiasm of info to settle down into apathy and indiffer* nee, because John Tyler has deceived, nhainhuiej, and betrayed tho;e whom he courted, fawned upon, and flattered into the belief that lie was a Whig ? I'ardon ine, gen'lemen, for the freedom with which i i speak offlie Grral Krti uyri of high public trusts, fur such must lie lie w ho seeks und accepts a Whig nomination fi oni a Wiiig Convention, w ho first imposes himself upon the party as a fit instrument to carry out their measures, and then in a few months after his election to office obstructs the passage of the most w holesome laws, throws himself across the path of his friends, and w itli as much shainelessncss us impudence, proclaims through his nnthorized official Court Journal that it was a " SranHalum Magnatum" to suppose that he had ever been n member of the Whig party, ni d is at this moment vainly courting the co-operntion and support of onr political adversaries, by declaring thist he more neat ly approximates their principles than the principles of those w hose favor he sought, and by whose suffrages lie w as warmed into life, and elevated into importance. If the language I have used is strong, is it not iriir ? and being true, why should it not tie spoken ? It is because I feel deeply the wrong he has done the country that I express it freely, and In my opinion H is such language ns it becomes every Whig to employ. II 1 am accused of haishnrss towards Mr. Ty ler, I beg it to be rrmi nibere.i that he has the least right to complain, as he indulges in daily vituperation, and coarse and vulgar abuse, |of alls whom he is pleased to denominate as " Clay Whigs," and keeps a hired press to aid him in the dignified and grateful employ meiit. My impression has always been that the great panacea fur nil our national difficulties was to tie found in the passage of three laws: 1st, a well regulated Dank of the United State*. 2d, Thu distribution of the proceed* of the tale? of the Public Land*. And. 31. A free and liberal Tarilf, that by proper discriminaiion would furni'li incidental protection to our domestic interest* and munufaetares. The history of our ellbrt* to establish the first i* too rrut' to ho recalled. The second which was adou'i I nl the Extra Session, tinder the recommendation of % 1 r. Tyler, he now demands to have repealed, before it lis ;/on into operation, and the third wo have too much reason to apprehend, from indication* thrown out In the odu lal organ and other* in the confidence of the Kxerutivo, (at if to intimidate and nrre*t the a tlon of Congress.) mas share the fare of the first, unless we will consent to let the President dictate the terms of legislation to the Rcprvsen. tatives of American Freemen. The Veto power, an instrument that fullv snd vvi*f ar not to tamper with, liecan?e thev cannot appreciating < danger, ari l which tyrants are pleaded to exercise, In ratasf- ' thev prefer their own dispolic will to the happiuc-* of , millions, i* threatened upon the ino*t necessary measure 1 for raising revenue fot the iidminiitration of the govern. , ment, unless the Legislature will take it ns the President , may direct. Mow long does thl? man expect to tamper with the pa- f timieeofs |ieople who have already en-.tired so much S* t hi* hands? 1 f But i* there no remedy for all the misennduet and high ! ( misdemeanor* in ofllee that may he and have lieen com- f , mitted, other than that of patient endurance or revolution ' : I answer, yes! Let the representative body east aside their sickly sympathy, w hich clo?e? the dooi to full inquiry ' into Executive abuses, and ginnts immunity to error and vice, and then turn their attention to the fourth taction of ' the se-ond article of the Constitution and !ir- I J charge their duty! Let the public mind Iwcoine fainili-iri/ed to the term impeachment, and let all vain, weak and vie ions men in high public trusts, tremble at the romal. I I shall rejoiee to he with vouoti the Interesting occnvktn I i fhrr-d to, if the business before < ongre.s, which i? now t 'suming an extraordinary inters --t will pi rmit; but I feur i that the discussion of the tariff qtie?liou, to which 1 desire i lo give nn undivided nttenlioii, w ill forbid; but ifl ran tic t here wkh propriety, 1 will. In the meantime believi me 1 i :o be with the highest respect, | , Vour fellow* citizen, and brother Whig. J NO. M. BO'J TS. r i : ranw iion. rrxvAHn <unu r. W*?iiiNnroN cirr, l*th /inn, I#I2. '* or vi li mi .. i haw had tho lionor to rcr<fv> i I'-ttar j com von rnqiinatini: mt? to N-proarnt a> i public mot-ting oho he l i on thetMd in?t. at the .Vim-mol Hall n tlieriu >f Now York, for the pitrpore oT pft,ffwtlojf thp rr<me of j . ho Hon. Henry Clay, of Kentucky, ??tho candidate of the ; Whiga at tho neat election. j I regrcttory much that laydiitiea h? re require my at out ion, ami forbid mo to loavo t ha city. t moat cordially approra of tho nhjoct of yottr mooting , It i? du? to tlio Country that th-i i oiec f N? " Yoi W *1 o'tW J ?' , ' */ ' LI I. / PrlM Two Tent*. tie hear J at thia period. It iadue to the statesman who so eminently deaenrea our gratitude for a long life of devotiou to tlm heat interest* 01 the whole countrs . After on attentive obcervation of evenuii I > months pn-', I fuel confident from tnuny evulein'e*, tiom various I art* ol the country , that .Mr. Clay in more popular at thie day thau hu hat* over been. Of this you mat lie satisfied, ate) hat e no ' tilit ot ei vcd the cheering matnleataiioiti ot public regard and confidence. Of the course ol North Carolina, relative toanomina tion <?l a can li in < foi the F'rusidenoy, I am proud to speak. In the darkest hour of our trouble, is hen despondency uiul despair seemed to have overwhelmed the Whig*, she-did not falter or hesiiate. At the eurliost meeting of the people, from different parts of the State, she exprcs-ed u illi enthusiasm und unanimity her preference lor Mr. Clay. 'I here is no State in the l/niunexcept Kentucky, whoso people are so ardently attached to Mr. Clay as the people of North ( uiolinu. t on may rely on the North State tuat she w ill he true to her principle*. She haa always been attached to the Union, and cannot refuse the trihuta of her all'actionate ndiniiution fur the man who, through a long lite, in adverso and prosperous political circumstances, hu been uniformly devote 1 to the inteiest* of hi* whole countrv. No man ever heard from him oua whisper calculated to foster sectional feelings or j njuuites? (littering widely in this respect from other prominent jiolitirians. llow creditatilu to him, how honorable to the country, is the present mnnifustntlon of good teeling in his behalf! He litis retired to the shndrsol Ashland?without pntioungc?without power?w ith the w hole w eight o! executive influence exerted to destroy him -his absence regretted by all good patriots, and welcomed homo by thousands of honest hearts, testily nig the abortion cheritho toward him by the people. In a majority eftho States, the feeling - ems to he blunting out spontaneously in his iavor. Not. ii ii standing the ell flic 11 It i?'M u h it* It ti > Dchery hu*. brought upon us, we have muiiy causes of rejoicing. Our audidate has been tried ; n l found faithful and true. Wo are gaining strength daily, with a candidate w hone rapacity, patrotism, diMUterestsdness and fidelity cannot he impeach cd by his bitterest foes. Our opponents lire divided, and their divisions are becoming greater and more apparent every hour. Succeeeii thereforeel our command, ii v. a choose to make the exertion. As to th?opposition from the weak, deluded, nndpitiaillit 111.lit HfHV nctino" 'ill Prpc l.lottl I onlinl J# ne nidi, inn Since the first month of hi* unexpected elevation, which has turned hi# brain, he has beeu diliguntlv endeavoring, tiy unscrupulous menu#, to form a party. What progres ion hns he nindo lie has not now uix friend# in Congi-es#, " |'?:r se." Not even onr politico! opponents will have him ; ?nd hv stands, a Masted victim of hi# ow n depraved ambition, In united with public l upiohu'iun for his unparalleled treachery, t> reproach to hi# country, an oty.-ct of pity to nil parties. The iniigt igoi# not harsher tl::iu is dt .it rw.l. The papeia undiutiod to enjoy the confidence of this man tire industriously ciiguged in attempling to bring Congi o#? into di#ri pu(?', 1 j tlic most unblushing fnlst Hoods. 'I hoy ait- paid to tiadore thn representative* of the people, that the preacut occ upnnt of ih<< w hite house may escape public censure. Other men,w ho have presided over the deat inlet of this country, have hiul their liuills and eommllted errors, hut the pr< sent inenniI.out In the only man who ever attained ro high a suliou, whoaeconduct has been so MamenMr nsto compel gentlemen to refuse to associate with him. Even a Senator fioni his own state bus said, "His conduct had formed a bar insuperable to nil personal respect and communication." And thisi# the man whose organ* ure daily denouncing Con res#. Andptere let me say, there never was a Congress rt lilclr transneted lutsiness of importance w itli greater despatch, or w a# more industrious than the present. Therewas never a party, heretofore, who lind greater difficulties to contend with than tho present whig party. Beside the opposition to he encountered by the wnigs from nti organised band?the setf-nty led democrat*?w e have the executive ngainit us. Even note, his friend* in and out of Congress, and hi# presses, orethreuti ning he will vetothe most important bill ol the session, unless theDlslii! ntiota B-ll is repealed?a tiill which met his approbation, v hicli ho never opposed until he saw- Mr. Clay had the credit of us passage. It is honorable to the American people, tliat, in 'heir estimation, "a T) ler man''is ii term of reproach. How me Itree frl nd? in North Carolina, mid away from the immediate influence of his office holders, ho strnds in like condition in other Stater. Hut let iik east aside nil thought of thecn tempornry annoy auces. Let ua look, a? w e ought, w ith cheerful hvurta to the future. Our old enemies are divided, nnd Lave Irrecoverable lost public confidence. The present ftdministration in too insignificant to be regarded, ^lorpath, then, iR clear of uuv iiiRin mountalile obslaclrr. Li t lis raise our hnnner, with the name of Henrv Clay, unfurled lo the breeze, and *ucCom awaits our e fib its. With high respect, yotir oh't svt,' EDW. STANLY. Inrol) Acker, Jo iph Hoxie, ( harles M- Graham, (J. B. Crane, D. Austin Muir, Esq?., Committee, 8sc., N? York. Court Calendar?'I'lila Day. t 01 ht or Common Pi ??. Part 1.?Non. 48, 61, 10W, 11... 117, IIP. 131, ttt, 7, 11, ;?i,:?t?. 131, 13.'., 137. Pa it r 'j.?sob. 130, 131, 134, 138, 13S, 140. 145, 148, 161, 158. Troy. [Correspoiidenee of tli? llrrald.] Troy, June 27th, 1842. dr. 'lurdwrv lcrturct?public meeting. T. <i. BeNNKIT, I'm).!? Bear Sir,? This city lias been thrown into an unusual excitement !?y the lectures of Dr. Lurdner, delivered here during the last two weeks. An individual named (iotild, a lawyer, ventured to attack die Doctor in the Troy Whig. Tha philosopher received tlie assaults as a philosopher ought to do, but the hundred* composing hi* audience were not <|uite so patient. In fact, the whole respectability and intelligence of Troy were congregated at these lectures, and a public meeting was held to-day in thu Court house, the result of which I now enclose. The Doctor having left for Boston, hU answer is not yet received, but no doubt the resolutions will nppear in the Troy (tapers of to-morrow. Yours, respectfully, O. P. O. Trov, New York, June 27th, 1M2. To Dion Lardnkk, L.L.L. It alibrdanie great gratification to he the medium of eoiimiunicating the accompanying pn "codings of a highly respectable meeting, convened hi the Court 11 ou-e this morning. Aware that very slight and auperlicial knowledge of science, hy substituting technicality for truths, and theoretic wanderings for settled prineiples, enablcH n lecturer to mystify hiH subject, and confuse his audience: von have ronfirmeit mil- i. i.iiin ili-< profound knowledge and intimate acquaintance, with its most abstruse and intricate path* can alone qualify a teacher to simplify and communicate valuable information to the unlearnt d pecking knowledge. The earnest attention of y< tir numerous auditors may have convinced you of tin desire to obtain information; it is Iio|m d this expression will convey how amply you have administered to it. Wo are anxious to record our approbation in such terms as may he gratifying to your feelings, for it is the only tn ins your early departure leaves us, to re. turn a portion ot tin gratification lor which we ar<? indebted to you. We are so c< nfideil ot the certainty, that it is utmost ?upetfluoii to ex piers a wish*for your future success. Our countrymen nro sedulous in the pursuit ot knowledge, patient of its attainment, unwearied hi its acqniniion. inu euu open tile way, remove < .! - liirlrs, a I euinoth tbeir path. We earnestly ho|e-vou may he remunerated in sortie degree proporth 11 il to the benefits you con fir. I have the honor to be, Your obedient servant, lloHATto A. Wr.. \. .Ai a lnrr^e and respectable meeting hel l at the 'ourt House an Mon ! y 27th June, 1HJ2, The Hon. ?lenrg" 1! Davis was calf I ' > tic ikoir,and Ilomtio A. Wilson appoiued cr t .r>*. The oh i'ct of this ni"<-tinK win set forth i ?' urn -ffcfuml pertinent remarks bv David L Seymour, ICsq. The gentlemen commented with t pr<>>riety and commendable forbearance n tl " itntenerons and illiberal attacks uimej at t! < i attic character and nttainments of I?r. Dai ii"i. not he less to be deprecated that the useful labor ot rears has so established bis reputation nn to render lieui innoxious These sentiments were heartily esponad to, and il was Resolved, Tlist committee of Ihm member* ts' ?ji- , oioti-J by the chair, to prepare and Mibmit resolutions cvireMivn of tkc feeling* < nd oi joct* ot the rici til r- D. I.. Seymour, Ewp, C. H. J. tfoodrlrh, M. !?.. anil S. II. Terry, K,were opjsrintod*aehcomiiiKtse. The follow inr r'-ofitici* were rmorf d ninf lnanimruaiv adopted t? Revolved. Th?; Imvi"'; #??< ii1 tin- eoiiran of nctum* i-erntly deliver- i t>v I)r. hw Iner, inthl?cltv, we riwforhenr the pllMie evj,ie??-i< n of our high grttifira on in listening to the hurne.1 arid eloquent di*eo?r*e* < ith ?)r-h ho h?? both inxtr ictrd and enleitainot hi* inni? rons hearer*. Rmolvod, That we trader to the learned arid profound liiin*or>her, our heartfelt thank*, for the promptae** with hieh ne acceded to onrwi?he?, hjr ri peati-'g hi* lirat. r n r?e of lecture*, and for the ** diniu atten'i' i ondmn . Iy akill hy which he hti* more linn i-v it I o'lrhirh<* >xpactation* in illustrating the sublime tmh* of nntnil '. oii'itce Ri-wrlred, Thnt the proceeding* he signed hv the ofl'rer* 'the meeting anJ flint a copy of the *am? ha tr..i united i the secret iry to Dr. Lardner. Resolved, That an authenticated copy of the ??nu' l a ?hll*hed in the paper* of thi? city. The meeting then ndroiimed. tiro. H. l>AVt?, rhnianiait, llor. i A. Wit.?ei*?, Secretary. < ?- '

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