Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1842 Page 3
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\ II M l i f r?-UTT-" 4?J William SrRLST. CuncirtL Ol rice. -Letters deposited before hell-pat S, nali-post 12, end Leil |,iut J o'clock, * Ul be d ot out hi delivery it 9,1, and 4 o'clock. Bunch Omen?Letters deposited before 7,11, and J o'cliok, will be lent out for deliv cry at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock, v ALEX. M. OREIO, Agent. - " ? HONEY MARKET. Tneiday, Jane 38?6 P.M. The slice it the Stock Board have been ttnall to-day, exceedingly so, and pricea have not materially varied. Harlem rase j ; Stoniugton J ; Kentucky fell J ; New York 7 per cent stock sold at J a 1 per cent premium. The state of financial matters is gloomy at the present moment, arising in some degree from the unfortunate state of affairs in Rhode Island. The mere fact that seven hundred men are under arms in opposition to the consti tilted authorities of a sovereign State, is not one that should cause much uneasiness to a nation like this ; but there are many attending circumstances that give the affair vast importance. In the first place, whatever may be the opimou concerning Gov. Dorr individually, the principlee for which hii adherents contend are light?that if to say, they are such as are recognized by the great democratic party of the United Statea. Several Statea hare already given their countenanae to the faction in arma, and aeoner or later their cauae must inevitably prevail. They have been drawn to the head of open rebellion by the unwise course of the charter party, which, instead of threatening, should have compromised. The rights and privileges which they claim cannot be retained in this country, and must sooner or later, be surrendered ; and if they succeed, as they undoubtedly will, in putting down I the turbulent assemblage at Thepachet, they must, after all, yield the same points which, had they compromised in the first instance, would have deprived the factious of all pretence for an outbreak. In Europe the matter must assume a much more formidable aspect. The financial aud political state of the Uuion has before been looked upon as in a precarious condition : and now. when a division in n sovereign State liu ocourred, upox principle* of democratic government, to an extent that require* the State to be proclaimed under martial law, the enemies of American institutions may make uae of the occurrence to the detriment of the interest* of the United State*?more especially when tho weaker party arc theie which contend for universal suffrage. Thi* may be an additional reason why money should not be trutted with republican institution*. That ariitocrot* and. the agents of foreign money changer* should feel particularly ferocious, and cry out " shoot them down?slay, hang and drown them," there it no cause for surprise ; hut tho great masses of the people remember that ours is a government of opiaiou?that wherever serious differences arise, both parties msy in some degree be wrong, and therefore both ought to bo open to oonviction and compromiso. The "divine right" of rulers is not recognised, and when any class of people clamor for what it conceives to he Its right, tho matter should be investigated, and if they are right, they should be gratified Turning a deaf ear to their claims, and crying out " shoot them down," will not answer in this stage \ of society. The frequent defalcations by officers of banking institutions have of late reached a most alarming extent, and call for some prompt and efficient action to protect the property of those who place their means in corporate institutions. Our files of Glasgow papers g!ve us the details of the trial of one Robert Smith, a teller in the Olasgow and Ship Bank, which institution he defrauded of ?10,000 in a manner, it appears, very similar to that practiced by the officer of the Ocean Insurance r,nmn?n? in !?! city. The witnosa for the prosecution gave the following acccount of the fraud* :? On examining Smith'* book* more carefully, found an entry ofmK 1,000 against Pollock, Oilmore St Co., written on an erasure. The remuneration had alio been erased, and ?7,133 16s marked, instead of ?5,130 16s. On finding these erasure* in the cash book, he wa* induced to examine the blotter, when he found that the sum marked was ?6,130 16*; but on the debit side he had marked ?7,130 1 69. Witness also found two page* of the blotter together?on one page a list of notes of several banks was given, amounting to ?56,000, and should have been ?46,000. The difference was produced by altering the first figure in the column. The entry for the Clydesdale Bank was altered from 1 to 6, and that of the Western Bank increased ?5,000. This will show the nature of the fraud. The defence was that it was not a theft, as charged in thu indictment, but|a breach of trust. The Lord Justice, however, in his charge stated that the law formerly had been unsettled on that point. He stated that the duties of a teller or cashier are not discretionary, but are specific and defined. The money of the institution is not to be taken out of the premises of the bank, but to be kept in the drawer for the use or the customers. That there is no separate custody in the eye of the law. That it was received, not for the purpose of being employes! at the discretion of any one officer, but nothing could be done on his part without a voucher or order from some other parties. The duties being no limited and so clearly defined, if he took the money it was a theft, and not merely a breach of trust. The prisoner was found guilty of theft accordingly, and sentenced to be transported fourteen years ! Ho will be sent to Botany Bay, and he made to work in irons on the public roads. We have briefly given the faets of the case as it will prove interesting to know what the English method of procedure is in cases that have been alarmingly numerous in this country. A breach of trust is clearly signing away the property of an institution's through carelessness and culpable neglect, but where monoy is used for private purposes, it is theft. The late disastrous Are in Hamburg may make sorila* tice of the trade of that city interesting at this moment**^ Hamburg has been called a city of brokers, because from the small extent of its territory it has little or no trade Of itself. Its commerce is one of transit almost altogether, and depends upon the regulations and fluctuations of the kingdoms around it. Of late years Hamburg has increased in commercial prosperity in consequence of the improved state of mnnufacturesgin the interior of Germany, producing an increased demand for raw materials, such as cotton, yarn, indigo, fcc., and the great shipments of com to England, which increases the export trade, and at the same time gave the means of increasing the import of raw materials for the use the manufacturers of the interior.? The establishment of steam veuels, which have placed Hamburg not only in communication with the great ports ol Europe, but with the centre of Germany, has also largely contributed to the progress of its commercial prosperty. The following tstomor.t nf Ik. - U ; - -: - ~ ~ f ?? - ? ?- ? ?'" ?l Hamburg i* mad* up from official return j of that city itaelf. Th* total (hipping and navigation of Hamburg during thayaar 1(48 waa, in airivala, 4CM, the tonnage of which #01,477; in departur**, S?38, of the tonnage of 646.784. The arriralf aqd departure* from and to the different conn trie*, with which trade ia carried on, without reference to the national quality of the (hipping, (taud in the following proportion* :? mwa*d(. ocrwaarrs Skips. Tonnage. Shipt. Tonnage. Ureal Britain, 11% 213,221 lit/. : 02,00# Prussia, 2444 17(1,013 2P"2 140,498 lltnnvar, #14 32,094 604 29,72* Denmark, 340 24,419 2?1 20.149 Holland, 332 21,701) 307 19,991 France, 142 24,40:1 ll< 19.1T73 Waal Indies, lit 24.4#2 97 14,412 Brazil. 129 21,119 0.4 12,2211 Sweden and Norway, 49 6,971 114 13,396 Belgium, 104 7,614 % 7,732 llan-aatic Cities, 160 0,797 101 6UI0 United States. 36 7,61* 34 7,034 Fast Indiea, 9 2,741 24 7.332 Portugal, 34 4,699 3* 4,910 Htuaia, 19 2.231 41 4.4C2 H*)ti, 24 1.1196 IS 2..VM Columbia, 14 3,040 . 12 2,311 S|>ain. 22 2.924 14 1,024 Other countries, 119 18,820 107 16,814 A* compared with 1837 theae figure* ahow? Skips. Tonnage. increase Inwards, 421 62,4179 laerease outwards, 407 47,784 The groas amount of import* and eaports for the tame year, 1838, was in round number*? Imports about 3.11,100,000 22.24.4,000 Of which to and from th* chief countriea with which trade wa* earned on in and about the following proportion* Import?. Rrpovf* fireat Britain, ?7,(roe,000 C 1,0IS 740 Prussia, i,?l!o(*i Hanover, J.Jbl.iOO 3,9l9,r.0n West Irnliea' 1,347,200 1,421,2'in Brazil, 1,300.6(0 602,imw D.Mim.irk, 6I'I,2I0 eaa.tir. France. 1,016 1*10 378.72b The import* and export* together aa reapecta the United mates nnu noiiaini amount to less man Al.ouu.mar wan each?Belgium and the Kingdom of Sweden and Norway lest imports and export! together than ?100,000 with each, and 10 on for other part! of the world, enumerated hafore in a dtacending scale. The chici articles in thia commerce, consisted of? Impnrlt. Erpot It. Valnt inreund numlitn ahnul Linenjand hempen manufacture., ?3,112,600 ?2,761,001 Cotton Fabrics. I.WM.iMi 1,(40,1 H' Woollens. 447.200 120,4 P Cotton yarns, 3,.413.7211 3,361,7V Woollen yarn, 712,32# fJ 4.04< Wool, 2.433,700 2,069.00< Sugar 1,799.210 1,490,72 Hardware, 1,1X7.726 1,2Ws,7*i toffee, 1. S6,000 1,266,3* Corn and flour, '*0.100 901,700 Indigo, 083,000 79M0* Tobacco,... : ooo.oso r>Oh,aoi Wines, braudy, he.. 331,760 435,60' Aacomparnd with 1807, an increase is exhibited in fa' rorof isae, of Imports about ?9,115.4(30 ? *x porta "2,7*6,160 Jr . f I The effect of tht rtpld prcgrosi of the Oei mau mauufac urea in diminishing the demand lor British good* i* seer, in the following tefolo of the export of cotton gooda anc: yarn* 1830. law. Incr. I)tr Cotton goods, yard., i:i.803,t07 :W,!*MfiO ? 4,BIO,#!Cotton lioiit ry, laer, lie. vain.-, I.872.CII I.I3I.'I82 ? Cotton yarn, ll?> 3\7*\J77 36,339,141 13,J99.314 Tliia give* a grout falling olf in tlio ov]>orts of manufactured gooda to Oermaiiy, but a large increase in that op yarn, which 11 worked up into good* in the factories of the interior. A singular feature in the trade between Hamburg and Great Britain may be seen in the following official returns :? HAMBI'HO RKTIRX KOR 1838. ? _ Import! from Export! to,mi, ?7,1x10,000 jlI.018.73i British Rktvrn. ,, _ Export! tn Importi front Hanse Towns, ?6,718,833 ?1,913,677 The exports from < irent Britain to Hamburg are cor j rectiy given, the low duties at the latter port ollering no j inducement for concealment. The exports from Hamburg | to Great Britain ihow the fact however, that the "proteotive"duties of the latter government cauie more goodi to be smuggled free of duty than are imported through the Custom House. This is a fart for the protectionists in thiscountry to chew upon. Sales at the Stock Exchange. $2,000 NYork 7'*, 1849 *3 101 100 do sg 15 SI..'.Oil do 1IIIB llll V 0 do I? ?1,000 do I3III 100% 50 do *10 15 SI.0OO NYork 6'*, 1H62 !13 10 do 15% S mo OhioC's, 1850 82 .50 da. r**h 15% R 1,000 Kentucky 6'* 81% 50 do *15 15% e'i,tu>0 Indian* 5% 22 100 del *2 15% 21 tin l)el !k Hudson cash 88% 50 do 15% 10 do till 50 do 'Jd< 16 ? do 88% 150 do *3 16 20 Uuiou R.'tuk 101% .60 Mohawk KR 40 9 Bulk of Com full 8,1 5 Auburn St Rnrh RR 0.5 100 Farmers' Loan 25 25 Stoninaton RR bl5 17% 150 Harlem RR 15 50 Canton Co 23 Second Board. 50 Harlem RR alo 16,% 50 do *3 16% too do 16% 25 Mohawk 40% 50 do 16V 60 Jamaica RR lot 25 .50 do *3 16% 150 do l>3 25 50 do 16% State of Trade. We do not notice any groal change in any of tha markets. The following solas of Real Estate have been made : ? A lot 33} by 32 feet, being part of a block No. 50 in the South Village of Black Rock at $60. Cattaragu* County?Karmerville township?362 acres in tract No. jOofthu Holland Land Co, 1} miles from the Village; with buildisgs at 66 cents per acre, cash. Timber, Ike. at Auction, for cash?3 inch pine plank at $19.50 a $24 per M.; 3 inch do at $37,50 a 36,50; 1J in. do at $33,50 a 39,50; 1 inch boards at $13 a 34,50 ; 3 in. spruce planks, at7}ctsft; at 13 cents; box boards, pine, at $9 a 13 por M ft-, pine timber with somn spruce at $3,35 a $7,75; pino shiugles at 67} cents a $1,16} per bundle; 3 It. cedar do at $6,60 per M; 10 a 13 ft. oak laths at 3} cent,. eRch. Died, On Tuesday morning, of acarlet fever, Ch*rlei T. Krt lt, ng?d one year and ten month*. The friendi of his father, John \V. Kelly, arc Invited to attend hi* funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hit re. idence, 184 Nineteenth ti. On Tue*day|evening at 7 o'clock, Frederick Sht mam>, Esq. in the 78th year of hit age. The friends and relatives of the deceased, are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, at 7 o'clock, on Thursday morning, June 30, from the residence of T. It. Hibliard, 238 Bowery, from whence the funeral will proceed to Yonkers, West Chester countv, for interment. On Tuesday, 28th inst. Wm. T'idbkt, infant son of Samuel and Elizabeth ilainey. Their relatives and friends arc respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his father's residence, 04 James st. this day, at4o'clck, without further notice. Passengers Arrived. New Orleaxi?Steamship Neptune?Mrs Moore andser vant, Mrs liollins 2children and servant; Mr Merrirt and lady. Masters Merritt, Mr M L Smith anil lady, Mr Winthrop and lady, Mr Goldsmith and Indy, Mrs OorJon and 4 children, Mrs Wood folk 2 children anp servanir Mrs Rusht.'n and child, MrsEadson and servant; Mrs Faust, tlo; Mrs Soulrt, Mrs Aaron and child; Mrs Allen and 3 children; Mra Sweet and 3 do; MraJ Smith, Mrs GH Metcalfe 2 children and servant; Mis W Catlin and child, Mrs Hdlcand 2 children. Miss StormMits Buckininster, Miss Hoiner, Miss Warner, Siisi Sleight, Miss Rehn, Misses Shelton, Soulet, K? lley. H Oriffia, Footr Xuasel, Messrs M Philips, J Aikui, I Gordon, J Southwick.W Penton, S Hone, W Y Piersen, P Stack, C A Cnshman, John Kerf, Ilouth, Matiiuson, Knight, Davis. Bourgois, Ogden.WarT pies, Weldin. Wilaon, Tufts, Taylor, Cc.chracne, B Walters,D Torrey, W h Hyde, J Dumas, J, Hunter, J Norrnander, Sheldon, O Cromwell, A Hill, A Deminc, W Mc lloi, C W Parker, PPeck, T Peck, T Caireu, D Don z, Win Hoss( J Campbell, J Ine, Stephens, Rice, Aedrews, Jackson, Morrison. Moore, Johnson, Borih ii, To'ly, liassell. Shannon, J D Bench. J H Wharton, W Waldo, C B Lange, R O Anderson, J M Caldwell, Manlove J H 8crant"n, J P Darg ami servant, H Bermcr, C Calvin, F Brisen, J J Wilcox, D Hodge, J John<ou, FC Custin, J L Taylor, Kaifliu, MxNulr, IIR Browning, C Laighe, Bigelow, Ilider, Wagner, Seaw, Maims, J Stewart, Smith, J Richard', Mn Orden, Lewis. Claude, Brady, W J Lng.u, Drvenm, J Gican, O Oilwillular, J Parker, J H Covill, F Oillaid, J J Gillen. L Brookes, J Pratt, M King, J Clerk(M Stum, b Come, A Home. Killer, L Nlooney, Pitkin, Watrr>, French, Saekwo*d. R> ma< n, J Van Antwerp, J Malcomsou, P Seelev, A Ayrea, Utile,, Mallury, J Hull. Gl*?uow?Br bark Lochlibo?Mr Audi rsou, Dr Kurgeson and Inly, ami 3(10 iu alrer rge. St Jario DC CiBs?Brig Violet? Mi? Nowlan, Muter and Miss Nowlan and servant. Foreign Importation*. Rio 1?: Jakeiho?Ship Saluda 10 hlnli 2 bales seal skins 720 hair skins to ordtrl>ome*tlc Importation*. New Orleans?Steamship Neptune?155 bales cotton M L Smith?2 jacks 9 Souiliwich?2 horses G Morgan. New Orleans?Ship Commerce?3400 bgs coffee How land k Aspinwall?l(NX) sks wheat Allen k Paason?60 do J Huiaer? 225 bins porl. Mason k Thompson?22.5 Janvier k Co?tj bis cutI tou Harm k co 39 do (Ml hlids tobacco R L Maitland 17 do Thom|i*ou k Adams?42 Boorimn, Johnson fc co 7..0 hhds II Southmayd k sou. , ^maritime herald To Ship Master*. k W* shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriviri t, will give to Commodore W. A. Bassrtt, of our news Bret, a report ol the shipping left rt the |?rt whence they sailed, (In jmik Spoken on their passage, a list ol' their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bassett will board them immediately on tneir arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in iuv way. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondents in foreign ports are respectfully requested to send hy every vessel all the marine iutelligenrr they cau obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OF IHKW YORK, JUNK 20, Kitti. sunrises 4 33 | Moon rises II 5 sun sets- S7 I NiiiH wit en 0 47 Cleared. ^ Ship Ajmirt, Thayer, FortUnd, H Underwood.?Brigs Hel ..... ?Hn?ln| trwumun, ri<in-ri nun, vficilir, Hill * vntnuf and market, B Kirhatdv; Bolide. (Sw) Wesfermartl Ainalcidam. Win Wciaaer; Commerce, (Belg.) It drarr, Antwerp, Scmidt A Balchen; Claranvuit, Robinson, Biaal.N'raniith,Leeds A Co.?Bchra T K B-tten, Travii, Baltimore, A B Cooley A Co; Mary Bright, Bright, do do; Spy, Somen, Richmond, do. Arrived. Steamship Neptune, IlolliiM, from New Oilcans, via Ke West and Charleston, Willi 111 bales cotton to M L Smith. Left Balize June A), it 6 a m; arrived at Kev Writ June 2', at 1 p m ?atnp'd 12 hours and Ult at 8a m on the 22d?made Oniric-ton light Saturday 21th, at 7 a in: left Charl- aton at 6 p m of 25th head winds prevailing. Passed off Look Oul Shoal two packet bligs bound south, showing signals. Made Sandy Hook in 62 hours?in all, 167 h mra from Bilize to NYork. Ship Saluda, Sliute, from Rio de Janeiro, via Philadelphia, 0 day-, with camwood, ke to P I Karuain, Ship Olive Branch, Dyer, of Savannah, from Liverpool, 26th May, with 203 tons salt bound to Bovton, put in to land 117 |?a rngrrs, Br ship Importer, McPheraon, from Liverpool b und to Manmasher, put in to laud 271 ateerage paa-engris to Glover A MtMurray. Swediali ahip Audvcia, Valley, 10 day* from Oefflr, with 130 tons iron to order, 11th June, latll 10, Ion (XI, eichanged signal with a ship -how ing signals red,re J w hite aud blue, and red and white, standing East. Same day, let 41, JO, Ion 19 30, apoce ship Roche iter, hence lor Liverpool. Br shin Eveline, Thompson, from Glasgow. May I, with 3IW tout coal, to order?121 -If eragr passenger*. 16th June, |m?rd an American -hip showing number loot, standing K, Ship Commerce, Duling. of Philadelphia, 10 daya from New Orleans. with wheat. Ac. to onlrr. Br bark Leehli'ro. rsylor,11 daya from Glaagnw, with 200 toua coal 700 d ) iron :o Maitland A Kennedy. 21th, lat 111 17. Ion 67 11, exchanged vigualv with an American ahip allowing No. 10. Br bark L<"d Stanley Appleton, from Belfast, May 8, with 120 tona iron 30 do bleaching powders to Davia k Brooka?I.a. passengers. June 3 lat 10 1i, Ion 13 21, apnkc whale ahip K-aev of Briatol, Me. 22u, 11 23, Ion 66 20, ship Kranklin, 2 da from Boaton hound to Wlndies. B irk Monmouth Hodgea, 17 daya from Indian Ocean, with oil to J H Jonea Br brig Sarah Brrrv, Canigall, 68 days from New Caatla,with mdae to Bnelae A Livingvton. Biig Violet. Nowlaad, of Philadelphia, II daya from St Jago de Culia, with 202 boiea augar 110 bags coffee, to M Taylor. Left brig Gen Brooka, of Salem, juat arrived fin Boaton, with a load of iee. Br brig Helen Mar, Card, 10 daya from Windsor, NS., with plaater. Schr Tegan, Layton, 8 daya from Kaafport, with idaater, to tlie maatrr. Bohr Te*a*. Capt , from Lubcc with plaater, General Iteeorgl. Seiioosta Wm. A Jottw, Sawyer, from New York, of and lot Mathlaa. emme M> bhl- tlour nailN baskets corn, wm aahorr at tli' WW pail "I BIOOS Mux!. prei n>u< to -!Ir11 m.t nit. About SO libit flour and MO bn corn tared in a dimwit itati The aclir baa K'inr to pirera?mi inanrancr. (The flour urn b) the Hadaiaul, it Portam..uth, adrift, probably came from lima attaint r. Whalemen. SMfmmNrw Bedford 2Mh iuitant, Roman, linliati anil Pacific Ocean; MilwiKxl, I ml i an Ocean. **!*? 'wt. Fenelon, linliaii Ocean, 8t Helena May 4(li. MOO bbla (MO nil anil 21,0(10 Ihi bone. Spoke Wb 10, I it tj ifl H loo, JO 10 K, R, |phu> |2 ? |,<, |? aid from Feb 10, Oootl Return, NB, 3 wli>; Laicmla NB, 1 inoa out, 1100 bbl?; ?|iolti 1 !?fcr i i J'u",11 felephania, do, I wh, bnitud K; Ml. 30.tHmlaon. Mithatb*r. I JIIO bbla; lllli, Sabine, N 1. 1/00; JOtb, huii'im, of Htoiiiimtnn. RiO. E-lt at 81 llele ?iu r.y,1' 1 f!Ki'i8*?!,.*rh?T. 'MO *>bla; Bayanl, Orreti|iort 1300; Delta, do, 00 bbla; all to leave ne?t day on Crimea. Sl-okm lull, Monmouth, of and for CS, 1850 bbla oil. Arr at Warren 14th, Oalen, Pacific Ocean, I tat f,n Tahiti, 170t UlMK Spa Sid fm Bat Harbor peer. to 22,1 Rornolna. Croaette lalaad. Spoken June 10. U.K5I, l?? 81 II. Fairy, ?f Princeton, f.on Bay of Menee for Weatern lalanda, 3 moaont, no oil. poken. Qak, of Boaton. fin Button fur Philad, and St John for Norfolk, ou 18th mat, U inilea Sf-dT thr Hi*hl?nda. ' r *>0' Portlgn Ports. Font Rural., Mart., June ! .?Report, N F F'othinfham, N Qtieanai Oareo'a, I'm Bantor, jnat arr; Annawan, fm Boaton iliaff, for L'8 20 daya; Bowditcb. fm Bantor, iliat (Tnltrd State* Porta. EttTPOST, June 20?Sid F.mrrald, Philaa. Ma<mat, June 20?Arr Etamplr, NVcnk. Cy tuet, aud Ma v, do. Sid Mar* Hill, St Ti.'uixi and i ;nkt. Ju -u J di t -it i ;?iu, Wn Ptia, Nlon. Bax(;or, June 24?Air Abigail. Fort Royal, Mart.; 2lst, nr Vmb ss.idor, Koriiidout. I Bi ckspoRt, June 21?Arr Pharsalia. Boston, to load ice foi NOi leans; Hy Leeds, NYork; t'l?a.i Ileury, Bait. Portra*i> Juue 25.?No arrival* and clearances. 24th, air j American, Trinidad de Cuba. Li lt, Aruo, for Cowei in 3 days, Candida, for do, n*t day; Wimisliickon, just arr fm Jamaica to load for Philad; Theodore, for Philad, uxt day. Cant Adie i.? believed t > liava made the inlckad v??y*ce from alia port t?> Trinidad that has ever been made. He lias been abseul but 49 d*. ' I -m.i. Fall Bitei. | Newcastle, June 22?Cld Rio Grande, New Orleans, with ice. Augusta, June 22?Sid Middlesex, NYork Bath, Jun ; 21? Arr Ami Maria, Kapi>*haimock; 22d,EmpiTe, I St Croix. Portsmouth, June 22?Arr Shetland, Bait. Sid, Oan Wairen. Philad. Newburvport, June 20?Arr Two Brothers. Philad: Joseph NYork. Half.m, June 25?Arr Mary Helen, St Jago via Boston; 30th, Elizabeth, Philad; sld. Post Boy, NYork. 27(h. irr Leander, (late Potter, who took charge of the Hunilton) i nubia, Afrie.i, Jflth ult. L? |> Robert, tor NYork, soon: ll u. Iton, lor letward; [tassed in tin* river, Adario, fm le.-ward bd ; MhIhum,fn? Salem, ar 25th, and *hl for Bissau; Otzelle, for S em, nsc,wv ii Iti i Nunez, Ma? 28: Naumkenx, fin Salem, w. at Bissau. about May 1. Juiif 22, lat 36 30. Ion 67 60, Ch - St Hen| ry, I<u Bait for Martiuiqti"; 2ith, lit 39 20, Ion i.3 60, Bruce, fin j Camden for Cliarlcafnn; 26th, lat 40, lnu 69 10, Lord Stanley,Br. I fm Belfast, for New York, with passengers. Also arr, Eh u H Henick, NYoik. BorTorr, June 27? Arr John Cadmus. Mobile; Constitution,N New York; Talleyrand, Charleston; Monsoon. Trinidad, 10th inst. Sid in co with Caailda, for C owes, and Theodore, for Phidrlphia: Porto Rico, Maynguez; Majmleon and Fimr. Philadelphia; Wm Hart,and Republic, do; Keeside. New York; EuarVee, Roudotibr?telegraphed, Monhegan and Mary Ann. 26lh, arr., Saxon, Havana; Aurora, Pictou; Himpdcu, New. Orleans?18th insf, 20 miles S. off Gape Cartiarval, saw Byron, Russell, (in NOrleans for Loudon; 23d, lat 39, Ion ?, aschr 3 j ds heuoe, understood the Byron; J no OdHu, Cicufuegos, 5th 1 inst?Exchanged signds with a ship standing \V, June 24, lat i i 40, Ion 60.S'. showing a sL.nM red, white and l?lue *tii|?e*, hori/ la); Adelaide, Trinidad; Talleyrand, Vi .... ; Be adrift, Richmond; Edwin. Norfolk; Elw Prcbb . Ah xauaria: D?nl Webster, t'biladelpnia; North Carolina, do; Fort Hill, Wilmington, D; Amanda, Norwich, Condor, and Talent, Albany; Champion, Forest. Columbia, and Syrian^ Hondout; A.M. Hale,I Oscar, and Berry, New York: Miami, Philadelphia; 26th, arr, Canton, Pictout Columbia, Alexandria; Eclipse, Philadelphia; Eliza Matilda, Albany; John B, N York?Old, Steiglitz, Havana and a nikt; Antare*. Philadelphia; Orleans, Fredericksburg; Grecian and Trio, NYork. New Bedford, Juue 26?Arr Index, Albany; 23d, Emma bt Eliza, Charleston, SC.; 26th. Republic. NYork. Nantucket, June 20?Arr Elizabeth. Philad; Nancv Finly, Albany; 21st, Myrtle, Phi Ituh 24th, sld Augusta, Philad. HAnTroRu, June 26?Arr Eunice Rose, NYork; Hy Brown, Phil id; Delaware, do: Jane, NYork: 26tb, Philadelphia, Philad;; 97di, B L Pariier, Allnnv . P111lai>ki.e111a, June 29.?Arr, Espelata, Matanzas. June 19, Shi in c<> \vi:b VVril?.m, fur ('owes and a market- Left B Aynor. for ( owes and r market. J. Cohen, Jr., Boston: Palm, ' do; Sarah Ann, do. Below, at the Lazaretto, Panama, from St Johns, EF., with a cargo ol lire oak timber?is detained at the quarantine in consequence of two of the crew being sick. Tbt vessel is undergoing a cleansing, and will be permitted to piss today. Cld, Orson, Boston; Rebecca, do; Tecumseh, do; O izelh , do; Pensacola, do; Citizen, do; Nidus, do; Washington, Piovidenc- ; C M Thomp?on, do; Alexander Mitchell, do; Ninctfa, Hartford. Arr in the Schuylkill. Increase. Boston. Baltimore. June 27?Cld Napier, Amsterdam; W A Caldwell, Trinidad. Arr26th, Columbia, Bremen: Kensington, N York; Katharine Jackson, no; Boh! Bohlen, Philad; T Street, j NYork; Token, Boston; Eliza Merseiole, Arecibo, PH.; F A , Tupner, Providence, Rf.; Tryall, do, Mjlliient, NYork; Maria, do. Cld. Casper, Bremen; Fame. (Br) Barbidoas; OomieU te, (Br) Demanra; Monroe, Bath, Me.; <6ion, Nassau, Nr.i J Power, do. SIM, Faliius. liio de Janeiro; Eliza Hand. Provi deuce; Casper, Bremen; Monroe, Bath, Me; Famc.Barbadoes; J? Power, Na??.?u, NP. Norfolk, Jane ".'?si.I j W Ketspton,NYork; nrfMii Fil* lowship, Turks Island; Ellsha Ruckinan, NYoik. WASiinvnTort. NC? Jun 22?No arrivals since our last. We hid very hicli tide* f??r several days diirinif I*st week, and we fear that a he avy blow has been ripericneed on th" coast Chi UUh. Col Taylor, Boston; 22d, Galena, NBedford; Orion, N York; Faith, no; Patron, d?. ( hah^citon, June 23?Cld Harriet, Savannah; Emilv, New York; Sullivan do. SIM, A u?ou, d.?. Arr 21th, Watuinpka, Mobile for NYork. New Orleans, June 19? Cl'd Lord Seaton, Liveipool; Cor. Mir, d , Potomac, RotU rdam: Monsoon, Bostoni St Louts,d ; Alvina, Bremen; Joseph, Phi lad; M.i ry Silsby, NYork; O ta? no, Nonolk* Anr Olous, Bit men; Ocmulfee, NYork; Lucj Pennlman, <1"; viTorke, Bremen; JuHumi, do; Oen Omnt, Falmouth. PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rPHESE far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, A wc |H?rc?ire, to be obtaiued in this country. See advertisement on the last column of fourth page. m3 is DIE"JAMES" ALEXANDER HOUSTON hat removed liii Coniui.tiii) Office, to No. 3 Herald Bi'tLoino rornerof Nunu MM Fulton OMR jet 3m in, c POST OFFICE, New York, June 33, Itil2.?Britauni* Steamer? Lett r bag. fur Liverpool, per .tenner Britannia from Bn.tnn ou I lie 2d proximo. will clove at Upper anil Lower I'otl Office. on Friday, the lit day of July, at I'. M Tilt overland postage of I8^f cent" on e.rh single Inter must be t (?id. JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, P. M. j.29 3tr TMSEASKS OF I HE EYE & EAR.-J. Shank., M. D? J-r Oculist and Pr?fe*?or of Ophthalmic Anit' inv and Surgery Diaease. of the Eye and Eu, and imperfection, of vision, 175 Hudson si m ar C inal. Other hour, from 8 A. M. to 12 M., and from 5 to 7 P. M.daily, Sunday, excepted. N. B ?Doctor Shank, will give advice and medicine io the KHir, (gratia) every evening from 5 to {o'clock, at hi< office, 175 udson street. ielt!i Im eod ?c BRANDY CHEESE? 12(I0 Pound* of Old Brandy Cheer.? For aale by S. C. HERRING, je29 lwr 139 Water street. TRON SAFES WANTED .-A Urge double Iron Sile A wanted. Apply to S. C. HERRING, je29 lwr 139 Water street. BEDFORD MIN'RAL SPRINGS?This wedl known watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be necessary to say that they are situated near the great Western Turnpike, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphit to Pittsburgh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. , Every thing has been provided at this watering place to rentier ' a sojourn pl.asint to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. ( Amusements will be found suited to all tastes, and a good b ind of music Will be in aiff mlsneM The liberal patronaze extended to the subscriber the two last i seasons, will induce the renewed exertions the comiur season. June JOth, 1812. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. je2P eod lmr Proprietor. NOTICE.?A Special meeting of the Stock! Iden of tlie- ! American Patent Friction Match Company, \ ill b* held at the Company's Warehouse in Boston, on Thurso the 21?t day ot July neat, at 9 o'clock, A. M. Aiunrtual at^ *udance is requested. Per order at'the Directors, GEO. C. GOODWIN, Secretary. Boston, June 27.1812. j292w*r P HOUSTON. M. D. DENTI9T-Hm remored to ?43 Broidway, between Park Place and Murray street. je29 eod Im*r DR. RRANDRETH'S PILLS. fff'PHERE are faculftes.liodily and intellectual within us, A with which certain herbs have affinity, and over which they have power." Let all who are afflicted with sicklies.*, give the BRANDRETH PILLS atrial; they are recommended by thousands whom they have cured, when all other means and median** had proved unavailing Observe the new labels, each having upon it two signatures of Dr. Brundrct!). So each box of the genuine Iras six signatures. Three BeiU'imiti Brandreth and three B. Brandreth M. D., upon it. THE BRANDRETH TILLS are sold at 25 cenu per box, with direct ons, at the following places in NtW York:? DR. BRANDllETH'S PRINCIPAL OFFICE. 211 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray st. Bowery Office, 274 Bowery. 189J-4 Hudson street. REM EMBER?D<. Bmndreth's Oflhe in the BOWERY is 274, NOT tlV. je29 It*r AHANDSOME SUITE OF UOOMS>an be bad. with or without ho rd, at 86 Wliite street, situated on the first of second llo??r. AUo, a room on the th rd story, on moderate terms, to sing 1* gentlemen. je29 lm*r VAIaS COWAN respectfully informs the ladies of New Vork ?*A and its viciuity, that she continues giving le*.ous ou t!?r Piano Forte, Harp, Guitar ami in Singing, and w ill be happy to rect hrc her pupils a' No. 06 White, or attend the re*i?ectiye hous s of those ladies who prefer receiving lessons at their own residence. Hirp and Piano Fortes for sale and on hire Also a very splendid ratio Forte for sale. jc29 ln.*r INFORMATION WANTED -Mr HENRY ROBERTA SON, Veterary Snrgcoe, a na ive of Ediuburgh, Scotland, who was in New Yoik four years ago, and has never be? u be ru of since by his relations. Any information cuucerning him, will be tli inkfu 11v eceived. by j21 lt*c DAVID STIRLING, No.7 Hubert st, New Vork. BOOTS-BOOTH A ND SHOES -The cheapt and best assortment of *his article in the city, ami w art anted. Ladies', Misses' and (Children.*' Boou, Shoes and Slipjiers, of every style and fashion, che*t?er than ever offered, CAn lie found ul 367 Broadway and 92 Canal street, all c! their own mat ufaeiuring. Geniletneii will not be disapimiuted tn calling at - lie above store, as they will Mtht Very Ifticl# they want Boys, do you call, as you will br. suited to * T. j?t> Ifc GREGORY v < AH1LL. LIVERPOOL COAL AFLOAT?230 ton* Pt inbertnn, and 3'j tens Oirsl Coal, all carelullv lnw.r^rt in the Imld. k"?.r stlebjr JOHN HERD MAN, jr2?c 61 South street. OIL PAINTING* AT AUCTION?A. LEVY will ?Vil on Thursday morning, at IM Broadway, at !0>? o'clock, a valuable collection of Oil Paintings, many of which l?a?e never been offered in this country. The public generally are invited to C Jl and view lltfm, now ready for examination. j?*29 2t*c DR. MOFFAT'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES. OF the many and various kinds of meuicinet now in u*e for the cure of all diseases which falls to the lot of poor human nature to be afflicted with, none hate proved so highly efficacious in every instance in which they have been used as D. MOFFAT'S UNIVERSAL VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS AND PHENIX BITTERS. They are undoubtedly above all otheri the most effectual remedy citant for the cure of all and every disease to which man is subject, even of the most aggravated character. The ur at virtues of these medi* . im - in prori d b| thousands of anao lefts d t? itimotiials from respectable persons and families in every part of the Union, who have been perfectly cored by them alter every other r? medy had failed to give reli f. They have not gained I. eir great celebrity by any resort to puffer) by the proprietor, but their own inestimable onaliti* t hare caused their renown t ? fly from fain Iy to family throughout this vast republic with almost the rapidity of thought. They expel all impurities from the blood?are extremely mild in their operation, and y* t are the most pot' iiw of all remedies in cases I the most inveterate aud aggravated maladies. In all dernngemt tils of the digestive or* H .us, as well as in many cases of acute or chronic diseases,! heir effects are so complete as to excite the greatest wonder. They are a gentle and yet a most complete remedy for all and every malady known to medical science. As a tnild and occasion tl purgative they ought to be made use of by everyone, and be kept in every family?m a powerful and certain remedy in the worst stages of the most inveterate inal idy, they ought to be urn vers ?ll y n sorted to. No owe ( iRfivi them ? fail ins! with* out experiencing the vast Wuefits arisiug irom their exceeding great virtues. The following are a fi w #I the many diseases in which th'ir efficacy has bern tested. They embrace the most alarming and lingering esses of Scrofula, Piles, Dyspepsia. Jsundice, Bilious and Liver Complaints, Acute and Chronic Rheumatism, Astl> ma^Bronchitcs, Bcrohilous as well as Murous Consumption, iiaiiiium > m 11 mi it, aaonni, mnm-cn inil llowrl 1,'on.pi tint* ol' _ all kindl. Headache, Giddinete, and Nrrfmu Debility, Eruptiae Diaeatea, ami all c'ouded. tallow, appearance! ol the ekin, arising from aarinua riuxi cl ill health; |e?i r ami aiH, of every ririaly ; settled pain* in tl i ode, bark, orgaria, ami lit.ib?; bunion, ulcers, foul breath ami iuwsrd fevrr; night twcata, and general nr ihnrn nml lost u< appetite: the iniunpt, twocllen lace and giimt; alfrctinnt ol the bladder, kilm |, , ! M laiplMai lad at lletlllWI laCr dent to females, together with a gn at number of ether inaladiet, too nirneroui to mi ntion. These inestimable lemediet, I again repeat, ahcitldbe kepi in i aery latnily throughout the Union, ti the n.reti t.frgnan against the abore tiiniinieralde dltraaet; and el at the |x *1 renovatrrt ol a tound and rohnit constitution. I hey are amgulaily ideaaant ill their oja rition, and though eft rlual, net, raute any prottratiou, which generally follow* the ate o coarte ilraatic purget of calomel. I'reimrcd am told whole ale ?nd retail hy Dr. WM. B. MOFFAT, J75 Broadway, N Vork. For tele alto hy theagenti. ji-W Init*e -po AMATEUHfl (JF THE FLUTE.?Mr. nejttu.a 'pnptl of the late celebrated Manual, Charlet Nioboltrt* '' tiaring iKrlitlf errited from Europe, begt to inform the pubth that it it liia intention m devote a |?>ttiou of hia time in girin. intimation ou the Elatr, according to the tyatem of the aboa. < celebrated matter. ( Fortertfit. apply at 77 (,'hambere-itreet, Broadway, from tli I hour* of I till J. jeM lmc>d*rc RAIL ROAD-ALBANY AND SARATOGA. ffwMfn Ortifa traveller* to Saratoga Springs, Lake Gt-unfi*, Whitehall and | Lower Canada, art* informed that ihev will insure to thcm Iv' - in r-difi. u> and pltMs >ut t >i?v. mn to tinSpriugs by f iking the KtilH>adc*rs at Alb my. HOI U8 OK DKPARTITHK. From Albany. Fn in Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A.^M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M. M 3 r. m; I 3H " r M. There is no change of Couches or B iggage Wagons, or shining of Baggage from one S; tmboat to another on ibis route. r?*s> ngers on their arrival at Saratoga, will And *t 'ge coaches in readintai to couvey tttem to L*ki ( I Whitehall Lak- Ch <ini 1 tin; c ? u hting ttitli all th principal Noitlu rn and Ktslem Stage routes. A Stage (for fne convenience of )>a**eiigers who arrive b\ thssfti npm train from klbanj ) leaves Ssratoga^t i o'clock ,\. M. arrives at Whitehall in time for the departure of tin ChampUin steamboat of s me day, and brings eastern trav ller to Rut I .mi. V ; ?rl> in the \ euin . N. B. Tht re are big'age wagons alwav* in readiness, at Albany, oil tin- arrival of Hi st? a'* ml tail! cars, to catty the baggage ot |m?s* ngers direct to and Iro n the d< pot ml

steamboat it thentsoftmosati per crank or package, or Mj( cents for ordinary travelling hagg.t e. Tk. .1? e-- .u 1 * - , m Uri> n?r> nil ? art' iixt'U mri:1" ?ea?<>n ai i o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN ("OSTIOAN, Soperin'ctidcnt. Albany. June 27th, 18-12. i 27Jinr_ | KTail.KOAH NOTIDK. MARKKT AND KHKKiHT LINK. n i Itk. 'PIIK NKW JERSEY Railroad and Tr*ii*|>ortiiti>ii ('om* pany hare established a Freight Line between New Brui.#nick and NrwYork, which they iutend to run j* rin oeatiy.. Lctvini New Bmu wick at A.M. daily,(9nndin u* cented) find the fnnt of Liberty street, New \ < il?, it 2% f\ M. To cocntnr dealers ana merchant* the ?i v?- line i> 1 rj ' irmhlo for the speedy aim cneaji conveyance 01 merchant]!** of every description, ami more particularlv to Drovers a i?! Dealer- ill Live Stock, who cm have 13'J head of cattle c< ?v< ? .1 . . w t ? : 1 N w II' .Old NeV. V"i|:, fh?? d.\ arhenevei required* Tlu.- mles for the traii*iK>rt&ti an of cattle, hoi.?w?, mul? > sheep, hogs, lie. and all other kinds of merchandise, are vt n tow, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise sent by this line is not subject to any extra charge in crossing the North Iliver. The Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Rail.oad Dc|h?i, which will alw ay. fceopen for the reception of merchandise. Passetipeis purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive terry tickets gratis. n"/p* Freight for Newark, Eluabethtowc, Rahway, Westfield, Th ilu Id, Scotch Plain*, Boundbi h k ! Some trifle, is I conveyed by the above liues, and delivered the same day when receiv* d. m!4 3m* frj^k FOR A LB AN Y, TIK ) V. and intermediate flgrr?places?The splendid lour pressure steamboat T af^Z-SWAhhOW, < ?pr. V. Mi Lean, will leave the foot "i< "it land t street, This (We di ' ) afternoon, June 29th. at 5 o'clock. The ibovi i- \ substantial boat, h elegant State Rooms, and for accoinmodati< n* u uurnnliol <?n the Hudson. je29 .Mfl zgi OCEAN TTOUHK, L ?u^ Branch, Kurmon, ?*i Brow-n% Ho. !c, Middlet?)W n, I I'uiiMvrn Dock 7p ' i itMtmSSLm cid K d Ban) . Shit she The imhi it IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will lc-;.ve New York from Fulton Marset Slip, E?*t River, every itnuniiuf at C o'clock for Red Bank (except Thursday, on which day the bout goes o? Eaton* town Dock.) Returning, will la at 1 o'clock each la The Iolas will rnu as above, navigation and weather permitting, until further notice. All freight and baggage at the lisk of the owners the**of. .June | . lilt* )i2.". ini /CI CHEAP EXCURSION tlx- Kuli'iip fSc l'f~*73a Bank., ctrrv day, vxccut Tuesdays an I FtlW i i ?Fare 2.1 cent* earn way?Tbe Heamcr NAPOLEON, Capt. Haricot, will run regularly to tin- above place every lair (lev, ami leave at follow^?Knot of l| immind street at It o'clock, Canal s&e< t quarter past 9, Mark'I a'rret hall' past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 0*4, i'i.r No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On I ursdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make al'teriioou ricuniniis to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steamboat Oeiieral Jackson will continue to run to the same place every other day in the week)?and leave as follows? Foot of Htrninoml streit at 2 o'clock, Canal street at a quarter past 2, Pike street 2Ji, pier No I at :t o'clock?Fare 25 eentseaeh way. The boat will remain at Coney I-laiul one hour and a hall, and arrive in New York b> 7 o'clock. jit lm*e /Mfi oa STaon I fiTENT-*; xTTCRsi ON^. of fflf 3*rLEASUKE to San It Ste Marie, Maekinac, ireen Bay, and the Indian 8; dements. The snleedid low pressure steainhoat BUFF ALO, Captain Levi Allen, will leave Buffalo on tlie ahove i esirable pleasure trip on Thursday, July 2l?t, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided with a line hand ol music, and every thins; that can reiid- r the 'rip detirable ami pleasant- The passage round, from Bufla'o and hark, is filed at the low price ol $21?i llier ports in proportion. Passage or State Rooms may bvaerured by application on board, or at C. M. Reed's office; Buff lo. ? ic21 tiy2t az1 PLEASANT AND HEALTHY EX fl- lTJUS3?CL'USlONM EVc-HY AFTERNOON TO 3E^JBSLFORT HAMILTON, BATH, CONEY ISLAND AND NEW BHIolITON?Tlie commodious steamboat (JENERAL JAClkSON, Capt. Tobias, Will eon* mencc on hrr regular trips to tin above places on Sunday alterternoon. June 26th. and run every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; and the atcamboat NAPOLEON, Capt. fiancoi? will run onetw Tuesday and Friday during the Sanson, bavin.; the fo >t < 1 < 'liainht rv > Uvrt at a quarter before 2oYl()ck, Hammond street at 2, Final street at a qr. irtrr past 2, Market street at 2V. and P>?'r No. 1 North river at 3 o'clock. remaining a sufficient time at Fort Hamilton for those who may wish to view that extensive fortification and the adjacent country. The bo t will then proceed to B ' h ind Coney Island, to 1 m l those who may he drsiioiH of vi .it in.; either of these he.ilthv retreat s. Ami then m ike 10 esenurtlOQ trOUDtl the lower part of o ir truly noble bay, and return for those who may have landed at cither of the above plaee^ ami then cross over to New llri hton, stopping a sutTicirul tune at that place, and returning to the city at an early hour. ! Fare each w y 26 cents. ji 23 2mr f/fg' FOR. NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New kMPPVYoik Lin .?Positively first Regular P irkrt?The fist ^BggUl2auti)ing packet shin GASTON Cant Oliver Eldridge, I* now loading at Orb ans wharf foot of Wall s . Fur Ireiirht or naxs???i*.haviiii/ fiirni*1?t<1 ??>dnmm/v. darinns, apply on bond, St OrfilM>S wliiif, fool oi Vflll MIMti K. K. COLLINS k CO 56 South at. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line corr?-? tiy me irand, Agents in New Oilcan*, Mullen k Woodruff, wbo will | promptly forward all goods to their add rets. i*20 c FPU LIVERPOOL?Thr lutMilins ro|!rvi^u7i<1 KvLtV- copper fastened Packet Ship SHAKSf EAKE, Cnpt* aS&MpEsi Allen Miner, will have despatch, r ?r freight or pas> *'-, having aii|?enor accommodations, apply on bond, at the foot of Dover street, or to je? c ?. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 Sou that. 'xfig* UNITED LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS mHMPV ?Pack? t of 1st July?'Th superb, new and fast sail aJBteUWU Packet Ship OHIO Captain Lyon, will sail pii not it nil v as alehei r< u n I ir day. PtnOQltbotlt visiting the old country should not lose th" pretent opportunity of runiniof od< of tlie moot commodious and com ton able packet ships afloat. She lies at the foot of D r street, ioa is fitted up fnwvttly for pnenffw. Cibin, second Cabin and Steerage, in the most comfortable manner. Those w ishing to secureT?erth?, should m ike early application in ord -r to secure 11.? In ?t .>n h?> n<!. '>> r - I I) >v? , . et, ?>r to w.k j. t. tappscotl', 43 Perk Slip, cor. South street. rrr~ Passagessecured from any i?rt of the old country in fir?t class Pack't fihips, sailing weekly ; and drafts lor an> (unount, ptyable on demaud in ill the principal towtiof England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, cau be had by applying an above. ji 0 ia99aoe kor liverpool-unit ed I LINE.?The splendid packet ship JANE St BA?<ii i^ Uwi BAH A, Cant. Coleman, is now loading, and wnl meet wit i immediate despatch, having splendid accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers. For pa*sage, i ?ily application -h ?uld be mide to jVj.t r W. k J. T. TAPeCOTT, 43 Peck .lip. *OH LIVERPOOL?NewTTm??Regular VfJPjyWpacket of 25th July.?The splendid racket ship JBHmuMII < tuu J. < ..llnis, of 1000 lout, win sail as al?ovc, her regular uay t r i.ight ot passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor <r c mfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO. 36 Sout.i trtet Price of passage $100. The packet shin SIDDONS, Captain E B Cobb, o 1'00 tons, will succeed the jlnscii.s, and sail 2oth August, her tegular day. Passenger* may rely on the ships of this line sailing puuctu lly a* adrerfiits, 44^: KOH Liverpool british ship,?Tie a. i, kTjMFV- router fastened well known last sailing Br. ship itnUlmm CHKS'rER, Cupt. Jiio. Doyle, will lie ready to receive cargo in a few days, and will have despatch for the above port. For freight kc. apply to Hol me, brothers & co., 35 Fiilton-streef, Nnt d??or ? th. Fult m B ink. 1^" PI8HINQ EX< I I'S|D\S,-K. KEN FIELD, krjMfrV. No. 4 Comhill Square. opposite the Post Office, in,?vM?Hc*s forms his friends and the public that he has procured new ami complete setts of Fishing Apparatus, including Lines, Cooking Utensils, ke. of the first order. Steamboats, sailing vessels, cooks, and tender*, of the first elw, always in readiness, mdwill he nuroUli ! to parties on the most reasonable terms. Ill* In* nd* and the public are informed that lie continue* to accommodatej>ernriai?cnt boarders and transient comnati). 4, Comhill Hqaare, Boston, May '?3, Ifti'i je4 4hy*r pACX? I Ship Miatsaaippi, from New Orleans, U dischsrg1 in/ .it Thome'* whtir?, Brooklyn. ( nmngoees will ph ase, attend t<> receipt of their good* Itn mediately, jr 2SI PA I K KT BMir ROSriUtl, I m Liyi ri >1 under general order at Orleans wharf, foot of Wail street. Consignee* %?ill please attend to receipt of their go i 8 P A? Kfc r BHTP Mf*8l IS! 1 I from N? w (> l< a ia di durum? at Brnoklv n below Fulton Ferry. Consignees will pi mm itteee to r etipt ..t tlx ?r r'?"?l immediat# lv. je28 I LWOLI9H SfAIL?Cefter Gag* for Liverpool Wj ilji Royal Mail s'eamer, Britannia, from Boston, will clo e at ILrmirn U Co.'a Kvpret* and Foreign Letter Office, No. 3 Wall street. Friday, Jnly 1st, at l>i o'clock, P. M. jolt to J y If HARNDEN BEACON COURBE?Trotting, Monday July 4th, at 3 o'clock P. M.? Purae $60. Mile heats, best three in five, under the saddle, free for all trotting I ones, never won a purse over $100, [Homer ami Kate Horn not excepted,] three or more to make a rare, ImmediattI) after, purse $100, mile hi ats, lieat three in fi*e. frt e for all trotting and ptiing horses. Pacers to go "? harness and trotters aa they please. Tuesday. July 6th, at 3 o'clock, P. M.?Purse $68, mile heals, best three in five under the saddle, for all paring horses, eicept Oneida Chief?"three or more to make a r*re. Immediately alter, puree $100, mile hent?, l?e?t three in Are,to wagons, free for all trotting horses?three or more to make a race. Wagons to weigh 175 pound*. Entries for the above purses to be made at the Bowery Cottage July 1st, on Friday evemng bv 8 o'clock. Monday August 1st, at 4 o'clock P. M.. purae $600. free for all trotting horse*,?three mile bears in harness, with an inside Stake of $600; half ft, two hundred t'? g" to tlie second best horse. i nm ormnir to ni ik. a riri . 1 o ci? on >loiMiay vriiinir, July llili, by 8 o'clock, ?t ilic B iwery Cotu^e. j?28 U*r 1 " ' OBIf IK'WWT'TRnTTI n O '' o r H s F \ i r1 Mil* ilppiw b*?t thirr III (iTt, frcr f ? a 11 l>..r*ta That n??> i won |*ir.r orr (Imi amount, I.adv linf'tr not rfrr|4? rt. i . i ">mf off on ThnTidey licit at I o'clock. F. IN net air Im I. nib the dty yrraioiK at ihr Kail Home, or at Hr. Kilwaul foMt, Br.onJ Waril Hotal. jrJtlt'rc AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELL. * Stem Jinn and 115 Fulton street.) WEDNESDAY, At I0K o'clock in the salt? room*. Kiirative m1? of clriaut and fdahmuablc furniture of all tic* icnud?. THURSDAY. 1'.. S|Ntr<unco, Litertry OeDtlemin, iod Othars?At 10 t ' i ! . i i Cm ! i! | room 115 vBltoaitnct, will boaokhtlM portion of" effect* of a gentleman going to Eurone, conipiis prim libra i cl1 I i tu itdtndia hook casts, : a moat desirable tiuit tv of 'he choicest standard wsrk* hi elciptit bindings; also, the h \ eitft. At the tame tiinc, several jhndid gutia, made by Mantnn Hid other*; putoli, >wonts, and ? her peaceful implements. Also, splendid paintings and . ngravirigs, and various works Of art. SI.n.?? At ? ) .A.U-L : -I-. -L I_ . . j _ |itctictiy, inr ursi seuer aeg in thr eonstr) The valuable furniture, clocks, Ac. will be sold as advertised oil Fridav and Saturday, in tin* sih* ro una. Also? Fishing line*, sporting prints. telfcscoix', Ac. Kill DAY. At 10^ o'clock in the vale rooms. Summer Clothing?A splendid variety of Keulltncifi clotk* ilia suitable for the ivon. Elegant Furniture?Will be sold without re?me. the ?tin rich and i lusblt i nitui of a geuf''man going to Europe, moved tbi cout uienct I rale, eoopniiaji ui aalortmi nt 1 articles in tht line, u uq used: even article made tooid r. The carirefs, rugs, A<\ an rich nil beautiful; magnificent mantel clock, lamps and v.t**s, sii|ierb pianoforte, costly sof is anc French chiirs, curtains, lir^t r?te bedroom furniture, kitchen utensils, chilis, gU?s, and silver w ire. Also, the owner being v sportsman, 2 real inantm gun*, gold mounted; ibe best setter dog in the country; also a variety of cuiiositir*. Catalogues in time. BY UIKLL k Al(( I I.AIUI 8, WEDNESDAY. At 10* o'clock at the auction room. Elegant Furniture and Piuios?A Urge assortment of the best made fashionable furniture, including full and hall French ina; hogauy chairs, pier, dining. tea and centre tables, wardrobei buieaus, toilet tables, looking glasses, tufted anil spring seat ioi u, i ttom ms, dirgns, rockers, drt ising mum atu, fulasf In da, mattraiaea and pillows, oAce d< ik, kc. Piano Fortes?Also, several splendid piano fortes, by cclebrati d makers, c< rubining ill the modira itnprotep nta, and war* ! ranted equ il to any iustrutnent made in this city?inay be cxaI mined one day previous to the sale Also, 1 splendid seraphim, Loudon made. Ah*, 2 organs, one of* which is suitable for a church. Also, I large inelodt ou, pla\ing several airs. Also, a lot of table cutlery, bruding, and a variety of other articles for account of whom it may concern. Also, an elegant uptight piano, made by Firth, Hill and Poud of New York. Also, 1 splendid cut gla?? chandelier.. BHUR8DAY. At 10* o'clock at tnu sale rooms Summer Cloth ing?An invoice of excellent seasonable clothing, consisting of drap d'etc. bou bazine and liuen dress frock eoaU; linen sud grass cloth uloiues taints, vests, jackets, Ac., made of the best materials snd ol the most fashionable st ylm. FRIDAY. At 11 o'clock at the aution room. Oeneial Assignee's Sales?By vii lue of sundry decrees in Bankruptcy, issued out of the District Court of the U. Sf ites lor the Southern District ol New-York, will be sold at public auction, sundry articles of household and kitchen furniture.geld and silver watches, silver ware, piano .cites, books, Ac. Usi -1 tiupk gcud 'od gilt i. welry, A?*. A I i TIOS NOTICE?Thursday, W 10*o'clockiuibessJe i\. jo, nii? To sportsmen, literary genienn ti ai d otlurs?Will " Id th.* portion of effects of a gentu inin going to Eur*iMa, -omprisiug the pri .ate library, included i: two splendid book c.v-es, forming a most desirable variety of the choicest standard works in elegant bindings. ALo?the bookcase. At the same time, several s. londid guns,made by Mantin and omrrs, p sto!s, *word?, ami other pcceful implements, works of art. sporting dog. At 12 o'clock precise!v, the best setter dog iu th? country. ALo?A lendid gold lever watch. je29 _ TIIOS. BKLL, Auct. AUCTION NOTICK^-Exteniivf 8 I*ofelegantivddtaxi of all descriptions, this day, at 10H o'clock, in the rooms 32 Ann and 116 Fulton street. [ j?29r TIIOS. BKLL, Auctioneer. | If OH SALE^-Tlre Yacht ON-KA-HY-E.?She, is 01 leet I " lung,91^ feet InMUft jnd 12 feci hold. ll?*r cabins arc extensive. and sii|?eiblv tfBBl up. If not wanted for a Yacht, she would he well adaptivi^p.i packet between some of the West India Islands?to lire (/Tha or any other trade where great speed is an object. She is an admirable sea-boat, ai.d would convex tluyi ftugo, ...... hum * aon Imofiney with shaipiieas, than any other vessel She is string and stoutly built, and would be valuable ax a dispatch vessel, or aa a tender to .< ib rt. She would convoy a voy hiivy armament on bar deck, froin having part of her hall st, (IU to in,) in at) iron keel, by which her sUbilrv ih greatly increased. For commercial purposes, she would require no other ballast. slaving satisfied mi self that going to sea for pleasure may (without any very great tacriA ? ) he disputed with, I would disi?o?e of her for very much less than she cost me. Her hull, sails, rigging, furniture, ItC, See. &u\, in in pnlVct order. Bhl can be sent to sea without a dollar's expense. She may be seen at Pert** Amboy. For furthei particulars inquire of Ira Bliss, at the cilice of the C. and A. K. R. Company, or to JOHN C. STEVENS, je23 2wr South Amboy. IRON, C ASTIRONTANIJ STEEL RENDERED RUST PROOF, FOR ONK CENT PER POIND ONLY 11! TI'E WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY OF GALVANISING, Otl'rrwi.r linking Iron, Ca?t Iron. and 8trrl, tic., ,oade plain anil raiy to rvary oim, [with an i nioaviriK of the Tool, ncceuaryiu*..;] By Uf-.O 'GE JOHNSON K .rmi rly fire Merchant of Cairntt*. Thii book ia for ?*lr at all tfw Bookacllrr*. 1'iicc ii cent, only?or addm.jwr 'cttcr, |>o?l paid, Mr. Ororer J hu.oii, caiu Mi nn II 'IIti, No 8 O d'l ?t. jrl!6 lm-c BOOK-KEEPING. 0 0. MARSH'S counting ro ?ns for the study of practical book-keeping continue open Goin eaily iu the morning until 9 P. M. Terms?For the complete course of piacticr in Single Kutry B ?>k keeping, hooks, stationery, fco.v, inciudi d. $7 Ml. For the complete course of prac ice in Double Entry Bookk< eping and Mtresotih < ilcnlations, including books. gc<. |li There are no classes?each person is taught se|*arate|y. rmspectuses may be had at the rooms. jc29fii *c 127000 CASES IN A YEAR USE the right medicine and bo cured.?Ye who are weary of suffering from obstinate disease or any kind of weakness of the urinary organs, and who in disgust and disappoint im tit have abandoned all hopes of ioure,tn strongly invited, as a Inst resort, t?? li ?ye recourse to tin* jtmtlv celebrated "I)r Cherry's Astringent Pill," whose failure in remorinir I lie disheartening complaint is unknown; more th in 20,000 boxes hare been sold I in New York alone, and not one case of failure has been related | to any agent telling the in. H is such a fact occurred from the use of any other medicine 7 An*Wu.r, ye that suffer. Sickness, or general wasting of the body from any cause, are speedily ameliorated, or in a snort time cured. ForgraVfl, lots nf' contioi of tin bladA r, pain in the back ftsm disease <H tha kidney or prostrate glands,these pills are pre-eminently success* ful. J. O. FAY, Wholesale Agent, New York?Retailed at 70 and 100 Fulton t ; drug store Broadway corner of Chamber st; Church cor of Chamber; 127 Bowery; 63 Bowery cor nf Walker <t; 77 East Broadway: IHH Washington *t, Boston: 370 Market Philadelphia; I Maiden Lane, Albany, and of Geo Pulling, Natchez. Price SI. Also?"Dr Poeit't Eradicator." celebrated as the most certain safe and s|* ?dy cure for gonorincpa, and certain complaints. je2fl 1m?r PRIZE MONEY. rPHE men who were on l?oard the U. H. Hurraying brig WaahinnUMt, or their authorised mb, will receive the amount of silragc mouey awarded by the Supreme r the S| anisn schooner Armistad, by applying to Mr. NATIvL. THORNE, at the City 1 Inter, between the hours <?f io and :i o'clock, until Saturday next, th*- 2nd July, aPei which all an* id i cat ions will be made to him on board the U. S. brig, Washington, when in port. j? 27 6t*c PIANO FORTES M anufactured by a. h. gale r co.,in* n. y. I'iano Forte Co.?Purchasers art* invited to ex mine their extensive stork before purchasing elsew here, at their Manufactory ami Ware Rooms, Third Avenue, comer of Thirteenth street. N. B. Prices to suit the times. _____ if' 1m#in*c 1)1 \ \o FORTE!" Ft )H MIRK.t V tariet. oi go 3M#d ' Piano F rt< s are constantly kept f i hire at th* mwufactory No. 41 vVest Fouite, nili street, between ihr Fifth and Histh avenues. Al o, ' good assortment of new Piano Forces, of superior oua1,1 v U,||, nr-lmvmm nf rn.? uul f, 11 reduced price*. a7 3inr CT. GEORGE HOTEL, No.d Broad*. ay.?At the request * ' of several pa'ronisers o this est .blishtncnt, the proprietors s dispose J to please, hive made arraugi mcnts to have * public table set from 3 to i o'clock, P. M., from the first dav of July next, at the moderate price of75 eta wer meal, including ordinary claret wine, or five shillings without wine. Also, to receive boarders at from seven to ten dollars per week, according to -he rooms they may select. jrX8 3l*r T7KANKLIN SALT WATER BATH?<Foot ol Mmit*^ * mery street.)?The Franklin Salt W.cei Ba'h, at tin* fo??f of Montgomery street,is now open from '?A. M. to 10 P. .?!. Shower lmthsupon ani improved plan. Bwiir.ming sch? I, and superior public and private batlw for ladies and gen'lcmcn. , jrtSt Imi"* SEIDLITZ AND SODA POWDERS. UERV superior articles to what are gvnerally sold, pur up ei- , * pre*sly for family use. For sale, wholesale and retail, by WSi. WATSON, Chemists' and Apotnecanes' Hall, 36 Ca | then nc street. N. B.?A Urge assortment of the choicest perfumery. jw 10 lm* l>0(^ HK.WAHD?A rrSTTBoat, painted whit*, with a Ho* ?JpOv/ streak around the sides, together with two pair of Sculls, with a star Upon them, werr stolen from a boat house on thehauksof the river, between Dobbs* Ferry and Tarrytown. Twenty dollars reward will be piid for the conviction of ihe thieves, and ten dollars for tne return of the boat. Apply at 70 loUhflt jr?3t#r pOARDINtTIN A FREN'CTt FAMILY.?A frw smilr- i O men who would be demon. of ac .uiniig a pisctiraJ knowledge of tne French langusge, can b icconmodated with r hoard at No.G9 Be* kman street. Trims moderate. For sale at s?me lace, Purified Lamp Oil, f?<r Umily use, st \ the lo? price of 62>a cenUper gallon. Country J- alers sup lied at the lowest rate. lm*m M YC EDITOR?'You will confer a favor on the Dild Ilea led by inserting the following I her by certify that I am fifty years ofafr, and have lieeti almost entirely bald for the last ten years, and compelled t?? wear a wig. F?uinnately I heard of tlie great efficiency of Wyeth'? Cre-rri of Lilies, for the restoration of the hair. By the use of if ' i 1 . 11 i . I in . j-, ! , i.i m> fro nds to 1 I #.rlie.a, that I have now a f?n? growth ??f hair, and most heartily irfrisi n|i w n d sirs ? import int a n |?stsa! ti rati j th 1 Cream of Lilies, Albany. July 1811. 1 yt i j it t \ n ifONt ; ? uii nn'urwir nn? rrfsil l?y . 1/. r A T , t#rlM*MI M ' M?inor'* Dm* Store, No. HI2 Brondway, rind at No. vj Kulton Bfret't New York, II Maiden L*ne, Albiuiv. it? r J Oi/JAli- I'JJhhil ft r?-t filial it \ N? w Oil? n% Such 1 n.'iinw ^ Iroin ship i, for ?<tir by i*V\ K K COLLINS k CO,*. South ?t I \a<i\ kiinF.oTvi K nkw pattkhn aipaua If TUS.-F. A. ARTAL'LTA CO, IMS Fulton atren npprwite Hi. Panl'a rhurrh, liaTe recclTea per naeket ahip A ik? I anil otfer for aale at low nricea, JHO Freneh pu'rlll*;ir,l t inches half on 6 half; 25 complete Dajpierreoty airaratua ' n> w pattern; 50 icromitic lenae* made at Paria, l>y Alpmmi.' Dirouj it. Co.; IOh bolllrahyio. ilplnlr of soda. Alao, tripoli ijf ti-iii .*, rodiin , Monde of iodine, bromine bromiue of iodine, chloride oi s Id, ami the m-w acce I r retina nilntanr*. _ jei |m# plIOTOOllAPHIO Oil DAOT'ERRF.OTYPC LUCK 1 x NKSHEH.-Mr. F.. WHITE, of No, 175 Broalwav, of'; HowardVl Hotel. haa larar and cnnTeinent roonia, when r lie il illy deiotea tils altrntion to taking lik?nraa< b', lor anoa r iiinplr mil beautiful and accurate |irocea?. The whole tiro rr pined for the completion of a true and certain llk? ll'li'lo not exceed ail or seven miiiutea, and hia iiKthod of piactiriii y llie arienre u of aiich a prrulirr rlnractei tliat II cannot he nl ilnicl -d, < Ten by ih* moatelondy or rainy weather. F.. it Hatter* hiinaelf that lie can produce at nia rooms some of 11 .. moil miyni '.'rnt a|ierimrna of Dagnwreottrpe Portraits tiki by him that hare ctct hen. eieroted4uce the discovery of t) "k. W. kee|? conalintly for aale the mn?t approied Il-gerrr. tvpe Ai'iwraim, Platea, Lena. Miniature Cm*a, Polliahin ? Materials. kr. ... , ... , . \ M, Inalrtietir ' I will he (ivrii in tin I'lailr.^r iplm ail at f ' IV.'a flooiti. 171 Broadway. jet! Im*c i?ki. * ~ OHIO'S (iAIlDI V '* [T7-EXTRA ORDINRY ATTRAI riOIf^Q THIS EVENING, June ?. l evening performance will eommen d ctly at I o'clock. with A GRAND OVERTURE. I To be follower! by L, THE ORIGINAL! /'' D?*t? i ? hinpen . 1 , Mi i Li *ewanxi, Mice 9 ingle ton Clwj Mobray, Tot nirr | Jack Noniuricl Mr C Howard [Half an hour* iuterrniwion will y allowed f??r promenade aud ? refraaV.mciit* i.j the Grind 8*locu J ?1# t n^TIIK PROMENADE MUSIC ALE. Which gave ?o m ?-|i ..iaiji! .i I ,t . i?on, will i-tilivan the itenod of intern.iiion, ?; order to r nder this department ] worthy the mutual clurtc'v. of the t-iUbJuhmeut, a Splendid Orchestra Iim been teemed. To b followed by THE Nfc v FOOT VAN. I Mr Capftecium. . Lviiad I H?ar) Garden,, Toomer Mr Sourcrout Chipt >enua'?e | Bobby II window, Placide Polly Pi* ui, MiuAyrei Mm Sourcrouf, Mr. Bruadb y conclude avid*. MAGNIFICENT FIRE-WORK A. By Mr Isaac EJ,-e Acting Manager, Mr. Chippendale Mas teal Leader and Director, Mr E Woolf. Tickets?30 cent* Doom ojtrn at half |ust kvcu o'clock, Kntartainnienu to commence at eicht. - pA"HK thkatrk. THIS EVENING. June 8Benefit ofMr Simpson Tpcoinmrticr wi h THE THREE AM) THE DEUCE. Three Singles by . Mr W R Blak* Madame Otto will sine "Vion diletto r inciella Itiua. ' After wliirli NATHALIE. Nathalie, .M'lle Kanuy Elvsler After wli'cli A DAV AKI Ett T1IE WEDDING Col Kreeloee, Abbott | 1,. rd Rivera, Claik Madame Otto n ill sine "Then ii i n borne like tny own." To conclude with LA POLACCA. By M'lle Kami) Klaaler. Doora o|>?n at ac??u?iierioriiiaiicea will commence at halt paat aaaon. Boses, $1?Pit, SO cents?Gallery. 2s renta CHATHAM TIIKATHL. THIS EVENING, June 29th .the Drama of THE WAT EH WITCH. Tom Tiller, J R Scott I Von bevnot, W Jonea After which Samuel Daais Andeiaoii | Paul Davis, Hall Matron, .'diss liearmia Doora will open in future at a ijuarb - pant 1 ? clock, and the curtain will nso at I o'clock puiietuall). Darss circle, 30 cents?Bor.ea. 23?F i Private Bnaea. M american IIVSKVII AN i) G ARITKNH. OORNEH OK BROADWAY AND ANN STREET ? P. T. BARNIJM. manager.' EVERY DAY AND EVENING THIS WEEK, commencing on Niouday, June 27. Brat attraction in the city ! Day .'siter* admitted the tame evening FREE. INCREASED NOVELTIES, Bv permission of the Unit vd Stales Government, the head ef VENDOVI. THE CANNIBAL CHIEK ! fvom the Kelee Ldaiida, hae beeu dei ositeu in the Muerum for piiiBic exhibition, I r one week only. It is a true and etta. t cast of this sailor-eating chief iskru by order of the government, by Thoinas Holmes, Es<|., the celebrated artist of this city. Mr Bnyre, the eninic m> Indi t; Mr Bronlu, the nnrivulted danrei: Mio Itoeelie il>. "I.. ,. .. ?l 1 - w - Celt tie, the beautiful <lun?*u tr, are engaged. One week mure oi The 1NDU8TRIOU8 FI.EAP. These insects have bveti UukI.I by Mi. O. Writs, from Germany, who Irarued them to be haruesaeit to carriages and other vtnich">w)iich they will draw with as much docility and prerinino an a comm >u cart horse. The m\*teriou> UII'rtKY GIRL ,can be privately conaulted as an oracle or foreteller of future eveblt, throughout the day. Albino Lady. Splendid Garden on the top or the Mvmuid. Fancy Glass Blowing; Gr*Jid Cnsmonuna, and 600,000 cujio ities. FOURTH of JULY!-?Magnificent ?;r? p-irviona ai* making for the Cc Itbration of our National luncpcuvt ucc. Admittance to the Whole '4J uiiU?cl.ilUfeU luiil 4 rice. je2fcc HILL'S HEW VOItK Mt'dEViU, (Formerly known aa Peale'aJ Nc. -Jb'i Uroadway, opposite the (sty Hall. NOVEL ATTRACTION. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE EVERT NIGHT. MONDAY EVENING, mid during the week. A CONCERT OF VOCAL MUSIC. By M:i* Titylur and Mr Dunn, intcrapermrd with Comic Lecture. >ud ?el ctn in from the he.t piece* of YANKEE HILL AND A DRAMATIC COMPANY. Vix:?Miw Tn lor.lVoin the P.;t Theal-e. Mr. Lodei, from the Olympic Theathre. Mix Wallace, from the Park Theatre, Mi. Duud, from the Trement Theatre Burton, Mr. B.ite>, the rrn ntiic comedian, and YANKEE HILL. Fanry Blowing, Co.morama, Egyptian Mummy, Elec tricky, Biped., Quadruped., and aiiecimena if the whole Habitable Globe. Kitierimeiita in Aninmal Magnetism, which daily rxei'e the admiration and lutoni.hmeut of all, every aft-rnoon at 1 o'clock Performance at hall -pail 8 o'clock. Sarrrd Concert next Sunday Evening, under the direction of Mr. O. Loder. Admiaiion 26 ceuti. .127 1w UTLER'S VAUDEVILLES It MUSICAL PROMENADE. at the Tiveli, Richmond Hill. Mr. butler, of the Theatre. Royal, Drury Laue and Cerent Garden, >nd aucceaaor to Madame Vi ?iri?, at the'OI nipir, the moat Celebrated vnudeville the aire in Loudon, liaa Gttcu up ihe above named place in an elegant and eoinmodiona m inuer lor SUMMER AMUSEMENTS, and rc.pectfully aunouncea to the La lie* and Grutlemen of New York, that it will open on Wedneaday next, Juuo 29th, 1842. A j.ipular Overture will rainmrnre the amuaemcnta of the cimin;?wenill attempt at BAMBOOZLING Captain B imboozlc. Mr. Butler. Kinilv, Mi*. Butler, will be laid hi for* llw public. Half an hour will b* allowed to Promenade, fbe Band pl.iv> imp l.. thr Nrw Orclintri vveral orri'.urea?and thu huauieu ol the evening will w ind ir> with the WIND?' L?(a new one) Samp/on Low, Mr. Graham. Marian, Mra.Timm. Admission 50 cent*? Aivalo Boxes S3. To commence at 8 o'rlock. A few reason tie'ru may be had. An efficient police li.u bei u enpai;ea to |>reierTr rfood order ana decorum. i*IB2t*c VRHT STHF.KT Yll?ATKF.rin PliilarletTW*-To l7 fa tl,e Arrli Street Tlieatrc for the seasons of 1842 and 3. Ap p.7 to P. M. Lafourcadr, 100 Crown street. RAML. BRAUBON, Becreury. Philadelphia, June 3, 1812. jc 4 lint M~R. beg* leave respectfully to inform hi* friends anil the public that hi* b?nent will take place oti Wednesday , June 29, 1W2, on which occasion Mile. F. KUairr (who h i* kindly and gratuitously volunteered her valuable service*,) will |?erform, heiny her last apnearance but one in America, with other entertainments, as will he expressed in the hill* of thr day. _ j?77 3tr_ KAVORl'l E and decidedly the most agreeable Fscuraion in the Hummer Season is to HolKken. No other place of resort in the vicinity of the city can l>e visited with such facility or offer.* so many inducements with |e*? expense. A visit to the extensive and diversified grounds of this most lovely of terrestri ?l s|?ots, of whirh its hcamiful scenery and its ? *iiy fine views are too well known to require rime notion, cammt fail to give great r.leasuie to those ii< the city who like occasionally to breathe fresh air, and vary the accustomed and con filled v i? W Of I.rick arid m? rt*r. The Barclay, Canal and ChrUtoplic r-sfreet Ferry boats are in excellent order for public accominodati^L__ je2l 2w*e "POIIRTH OK JULY.?Arrant-ernents on the most extensive k and magnificent scale are now completed ?t tl ?* AMk Rlf AN MUSF.UM AND O^RDEN! for the proper celt brat ion of the Olorioas Anniversary of OUR NATIONAL INDEPENDENCE ' Performers of the greatest celebrity have been cng* i ?l xpres*ly for this occasion, and the whole day will here be devoted to the xiiihitiott of Magnificent Curioritiet .' IVomdcrful Nov. 'tic* ' f and S/dcndid Performance* ! ' f ,TT The O.rrien on the top ol the Mn.etiin alToriL be lim ?t view of the city, harbor, and ad^'inii country, of any public hiiilditix in the riiv, nnd the eligibl loce'lonof toe Mn .e no. with it. Iinirlny balcony ndiu-uly O' - Hundred Window.! uivc .n iinevnrvipleo rtnnity of vie* irg *11 if* Mll ivluv * vn i .vu- onopv.'tiovo . the whoie of which pise tliiw i oin:. The d? coral ion i, mntir, mtertairimei<U and all the errsfements will b? sot op in a style of magnificence and ?nl*...! jtnc?er !>< foi? equalled, ft For detail of the ? ntertaiijm?ntc nr bill* of th" day. Performances will commence early in the morning m the lecture rooin; and b? rtpcatrd at interval* throughout the day. ^Adt"i?U,,n to the whole will remain at 26 cent*?rhildren lialf price. Fi RE W 0RKS, CRACKERS. &C. FOURTH JUL Y, 1842. COUNTRY mill city dealer* in firaworka, will find it in thr .r adi amiKr tn rnll and ejamme ?n aiten.iv- aaaortment of the bent <|tinli(y, ?t K. A YLIKFK'H old eatabliahment, M> Chatham itrrrt. A Urge ijnantity of fire rracker. mat receive .1. Remember the ainn of the two mammoth aky roeketa ?i.d gold key mil tjj4*r FIREWORKS. EMKF.WORKS ?The mherriber oITiti to the pnWir the " Urye.t and moat general a.'onmem of fin wurlu now in the city, which lo will ?rll on the moat reaaonable lutni. Conniry merchant., dcalara, and vender* in general, are rerpiotrd, hefore parrhaaing nlaew hare, to r.ll *ei| riamiiie I i n < k. CHARLES W. VL'LTF.E, Jel7 rjv<?r III! Chatham at, eo-ner of thrar.te. FIREWORKS. rjASSNKR ft YOUNG, No. IJt Chstlam trret, hav? on U hand their usual eftcosire as ortment of warranted Kir works, which wi I U- suJd to dealers and others at the lowest riisiiufrit tuiers prices. Also, a large supply of Mr. l*H|c K.lice's fireworks, for e*hiIritloiii, at laboratory prices. je!2 tj.y 4 * c F1R E WORK S PKLLINO OF CHEA.P, AT fin MA I HEN LANEMJP STAIRS " )elltjy?*r FIREWORKS: "PIIF. moat ?ate naive, varied and brilliant eihibitional Fre1 worka ever nntnifarturtd iu tliia or anv other country, are ow ready for d> livery, on the loweal term., in Ijt.t, ad t ro:r nittrea and paitiea for the celebration o( the 4th of JBlv , at l! Jnitcd Atatea Laboratory, Jeraa-r Citv. ISAAC, F.DOE, Jr , Pyrotechmat. Ordera laft at Niblo'a CHrdrn, fit Maiden Lane, i n Chatham treet, will meet wiih immediate arnntion, a ,d go.nU delivered 0 any part of ihe city free of ripente. !elf t 'Vt-r FIREWORKST FOUUTII OF JULY. JIKKWORK8? New York Laboratory.? M. Ihnnetf, lift 1 Front street, two doors south of Fuiton?The imst ?ifeoit* and hrillUnt assort ment of Fireworks are now oTffret u he *Ik<%u ulacr. consistinff of llftnor*rv and ftisnal Rnrl<t f?. litllialil ii?l uliei run: Km, Fm, hljf I.T' 'e rut tan Crosaea, OctII t, Tiiirurlrs. yerwcnlea, Mtnea or leri**nla and Htars, Marts* ns. B''*'!'1 Komau Csnulea, ante and unali Her|>?iits, Pin Wheels. iir*w>P1 era. Port Fires, line Lnrhts, Hrroll Wl.e. Is, T"rbillioni, Line lljieom, Tor*<|os, Pnl'lnr Crackera, Double headers, F irt-rr is karv Canon R*?cke??, fcr. Country merchants, ami deals rt in leneml, ara rreineau-d to all ami raarninr 'he shore stork. X. II ?Committee* f >r city ami ronntry aiaplay. mil'tary etui .rirat? parries, ran h- sup;'I M 'he m.ral liberal t-rms, witli e ahirr articles, warranted?the materials liaairu; h en a rc'erl witli the n'mwl care. jell to !>. I?r " GYMsASIUM. ~ FENCING AND SHOOTING GALLERY, 3.13 Bwhitiy.(rorntr nf Axthnuy-rt.) ) MOUa?m'IN haa tor honor o| info mini hit fr lends end the public in ?cm ral, that Ins new Gymnasium la now in era'ion. It is the largest *>.d the !>e*t winch has been yet ofesl !o the American public. Tin '< tus are |s-?e and well ui'la'eil, which ti?ea tl em the ajrantaxe ol brine always >i I. Tar nw, I'mfeaaore. ami G nilrmrii, are Incited to s i?tl js eeublishin* nt, to which, aa anon as the Cmton Water fntss will lie in operation, will In >*dde.l a aho cr halb, for ie rone. niaiirr of the btiSsriibera to the Gymnasium. 'I he Shooting <) tilery bring ergirely i,-n!e|tenrlent of ibo miittium, persons wi-fung lo practice pistol firiruf ran do without b* ina anbaerihcra to the Gimnaainm F i netn? leaaona gircr. aa nsual n moderate terms. Open at rlny break, and close at half ia?l nine at inch!. jr?J lm*r f 088?if. bales black Sew Orleans M.? for sjleVr '1 K/K COLLIN* fc C6. jeW * South at.