Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1842 Page 1
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V - m W*" " ;\ th Vol. VIII.?Wo. 179.?Whole No. 3030 RAILRQA PS & STEAM BO ATST PC) MKItO YOO'S ALBANY. BUFFALO AND CHICAtfO EXPRESS. nu.:..uc . , ;"!? Ei|>r??? Railroad* to and Irom Albany and Buffalo, and ll* uiiornipUi.'r place., for FORWARDING, at. low rate., with lU* utmost speed, regularity and safety, choice Goods. JI5J p?.aea?-?.a! vr.i,.a|,|*. i'ar ka**e?W11 lattu nu 8 the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment ot HiUs o! ichangs, Note*, DrmAi, Acceptances, Accounts, fee., at reasonable par crntage?execute oi<ler* for the purchase or isle al Merahaudite, Produce noil Manufactured. Article* of arary deacriptioB, personally, in die lavrna on 1 r..rvofi'p oS"* Mossix. HARNDEN It CO** EXPRESS to New York and Boston, and r,Vniieo? Maaara. HAWlEY It CO.'S EXPRESS to an4 from Buffalo to Cleveland. Detroit and Chicago and intermediate place*?forming at orace the moat direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from the eastern and western citiea, for the nagotialion and trenaaatioti of all mercantile and professional busiuess, remittances, exchanges. Itc. References?Eraataa Coralltl, Thomas W. Olcott WatU Sherman, A D. Patchta, Noah Lee, Jama* Taylor, Theodora Agiauciaa?^erinatt. Backus It Hswley Ulica ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. O. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fvrgo, Genera ; J. G. Shepherd, Canandaigua ; David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McKenster, Lock port; J. A. Clark, Bhtavia : Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMTCRQY It CO', No. J Exchange Buildings. Albany, all 3 Wall street. New York. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. Regular MAIL f.rWftll BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, cotna poaad of die following superior steamers, running in conaeo tioa with die Stouington and Providence, and Boston and Provide nee Railroads? Massachusetts, Capuin Comatock. RHODE ISLAND. Cawalu Thayer. NARRAGANSEf T. Cv|<ain Woolsey. MOHKGAN, Captain Vanderbih. One of which will tears New York daily, (Snndayi excepted) from Pier No. 1, North River, Battery Place, at five 'clock, P. M. AxBAKOrMKNT. The NARRAOANSET, on Monday. for Stoniugton, and Thursday, for Stomneton. Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSE TTS. on Tuesday, lor Stouington, Newport and Providence and Friday for Stoitnigtnn. _ The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for ^tonitigton, and Saturday, lor ntomngton^ New'Diga, and l rovuieuce. Passengers on the arrival of tne steamers at Stonington, stay take the Railroad Can and proceed immediately to ran dence and Boston. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Bjston, on K?*ds wtighjiig forty pound* or upwards to the eubic foot, at (S> M per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement gooda 5 cents per cubic tool, and specific articles as per larif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. iu'J!6mr IMPORTANT "TO WESTERN" MERCHANTS. , RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE " For the Transiurtalion of Goods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. This improeement in transportation affords to Western >Ierchauu peculiar advantages. The goods being carefully packed " in tlie boak at our warehouse. No. 386 Market street, are carried oeer the Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment Careful captains and crcwa are employed, who take enarge o? the gooda at Philadelphia, and continue witli tliein the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lota being separated on the way. N. B.?Pasasagers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottayille, every day, Sundays excepted. < H. STORKS, Agent, a!2 2m* 7 Washington street. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. BINOTTPOTI. " The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pirtskucg, give notice te the Merchants of New York, and ah other persons shipping to the West, that their line is uuw in active upemtior G.i.idi consigned to them (or sent to go in their hu, ,i will be loryrarded wkli despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, duspned for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will i please consign their gooda to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will atisud to anipintig all such consignments without daisy. All goods should be marked distinctly on eaca package BINGHAM'S LINE. Fur ates of freight, which are as low as any other tore, apply o , WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 0 West street, opi>osite Pier No. 2, N. K. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pi Us burg and Polls vi lie, every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nieoll. Front strecx-.PheliH, Dodge St Co.. Fulton street ; Suydair Sage Si Co ; Win. Rankiu, Ihiryee St Co, Newark. m? 3in STATIC ISLAND"FKUBV. Foot of Whitehall street. The steamer* STATES ISLANDER and SAMSON will ran u follow*, until further notice :? Leuee Si Urn Island Lea re New Y >:k. At 7N o'clock A. M. At t o'clock a. m. " 9 " " 9 " .. u .. .. .. ? .. .. ? .. .. h ,, .. " IX " r. u. "2 " r. x. .. f .. .. .. 3X .. I .. .. M .. J .. " t " " "6 " " All foods snipped are required to be particularly marked, aad are At the risk of the owner* thereof. jeje OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! Pawage 50 rente?Berth* 50 rents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. .Mm aa The rommodiou* Steamboat WASHINGgM.'?jJ?TON. Captain J. M. Brown, baring made 3E?jMCai.arrungrmenta to chance her day* of leaving New York, will hereafter Icaee the foot of Robins, m street. New York, eeery Monday, Wtdik-iday, and Friday aftemoou, ja at i o'clock, aad Albany, eeery Tuesday, Thursday, and S* tarda'/ afternoon, at 5 o'clock, laiidiux on her twarure each way at the foot of llamtmmd street, Srwburgh, Poua'iikrcp?ie, Kingston Point, CattakDl and Hud .on. For freight or po**aei- apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 1*2 We.| *rrrrt. mle .MM am OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBANY d^^VJZ3?AND \EW YORK?Landing at shv foot of ZK^? CE.HammnndMreet, Nrwburgh, Poughkeepaie, (I?In. P..inl I'.t.Llll 'J1 - M crnta ?TV splendid neninfr WASHINGTON. l'*|.Uin J. M. Brown, will Irirr the pier at the foot of Kobiunui itrnl for Album every Mouday, Wednesday and Friilay, at i o'clock, P. M. Lease Albany, foot ol Lydus street, for New York, eeery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at J o'clock, P. .VI. For pais aire or freight apply ou board, or to D. It. Martin, 182 Wall street. Freight taken on the moat reasonable term*. To Let?A steamboat bi rth at Warren street pier, NR. Airply o-. bird Washington, Kobitisou it. jr9 l:n*rc evening line for xlbany direct, ail At aeseti o'clock, P. M., from the steamboat betw-en Courtlandt and f.ibarty streets. jehcl The steamboat ROCHF.STF.R, Capt. A. P. St. John, Ion Tea Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, at sevsa o'clock, P. M. The steamboat WOUTH AMF.RICA, Capt. L. W. Brainsrd. leases the limes pier esrry Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seten o'clock. The those boats am new and substantial are ftirniahed with elegant atate rooms, and iu eve: y lesjwetarcu oaurpaaaed among the Hudson Riser steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, At the office ob the wliari, or on board, Pasaengsrn taking tins line of boats, wttl at all tiinea arrise at Albany ia me for the fust traiu of car* for the eaat and tailoring. of the utmost importance . rpO purchasers af Marshall's Troy Shirt*. Rosens and Col1 lars. Iu cousaipieoce of the many mi t ikes basing been made of late ky atnuijrrs aad others, iu finding our only Tioy Shirt De; ol, we are the refine obliged to III id- public the . ruse kthe b-uefit of all in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy irts, Boaomi and Collars. It is this. A store has lately had , painted ou their window, an I about their premises, a snrii our porting te be " Tray Shi rt Depot." Now sra inform all. they oonotkeep anr Troy Shirts. Boioms and Collars, and as a Suard against mistakes that may oe. or tn future, on account of lis naw sign at the corner store, tlM-raPire, we shall rirculaf* eiteuaisaly the following card, aud for the benaflt of dealers iu our reads ;? This Is to inform dealers and others that Marshall's only Troy Bhln Depot in lite city ia about sisteen doom ftom tlie corner of Peail and Chatliam streets, on the right tiapd aisle in poaaiaw 10 in- v. iry mil ? >n 'JO Chatham ilrrrt. Thia ia our only Tray Shirt Driwt forihe reccirtiiK ?f oor highly rrpaM Tray Shlita, Boenma and Collara in the city. We thall came thia to ha attanairrly nrrulatad, in cona~r]nrncv of many millakeaharlae barn mailt of lata. Da particular to art the name. am atrert. Nopwunaaaa aaked of thoaa who brat duwu. Naft York. Juua l. ifat. Jej Im'e removal. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, b ramortd from 1 UBraadway to No. 7 Aator Hcrate. economy in gentlemen's dress. Gwmntta of a moat fclwiant and h ashienalle kind . c a aariny of CO (>rr cent for caah. adaarttarr derma it unnrcratary to rraott tJ the hack1 ntyrd s> iirm of amna a hat of nominal ;irt.*ia, praajtmnc that the Icnfth of time he haa brrn rat ibli?hod. Uucrtlirr with thr riteTiam* |wtrona<r kot"*i d on rum, win |>r?>? - > auin etent toucher for lot capalnlitica. f*<iiira*nijt tit? aiLan'isr ol brinf connected with an rit'iiaire cloth eatalilialim'nt in Kurayc kr ronAdrn'ly aaarta thai ha Cau fitrutali clothe? which, on com(atrial>U| will b? found I. n?r tlon on other ' atar making tt|i thr Iwat laacnyttoii# <if rriitlema u'a ilr'aa. raylim A. PhILLH'8. "> Aatnr llotum. Broadway martin's (' alt Twlllll-llior IEilBlllllllmi.a< I, Rtmtrni to 1M fVitliam itrrrt, corner of .inn threat. rPHE anhernber, in announcing the iborf to tna frionda and I thr I'tiblip in uf n-r il, tnki ? leave to return thank* for the liberal patronage l>e?t,.w'il on him ?I -hit fortnor place of bnain??, and unirri th?m tint rv arti-le order- d ot him ahull, u heretofore, he e.-t, nnl?, and trtmme.1 in the neatral ami mont etvliah minor. The m.-.v ruin, the wkmI anil boat in the market, ami at I pomiiro aa< mg of 111 per cent. Strangeia are rrqnnroil to ral ind tnmno. Gentlemen who i ref r pnrrh uing their own cloth, ke., ran hat* them made and Irimmril in toe atyle that luin given nurh general aatulartioo daring tne laat four yeari. Errr> ginnt'iit warranted to fit, and made by llie beat wiirkmeu at the toll-wing price*. Dreae C.ula fT M to $1 to toelr 'Joata InntotM raota and Vrata I TJ to 10* OyerCoatg 9 00 to II m , ItT" No pnnrnli randy made?nil made to ordra, and a emit * ftarauhod, if neeeaaaty, in 14 hour*. ill iom MICHAEL E. MARTIN. m E NE' n: WATERING" PLACES, &C.~ I SHARON SPRINGS. : 'T'HE PAVILLION.?Thii new commodious Hotel will We x 0|i?? lor Ine recriitiou of visitori on and lite iir?t of NewT'r^ 1"**? ol Slurou Spruits, Schoharie Couuty, The dear pure water of the sprurys, greitly rraemblnut those of th? white aclplmr springi of Virvinia, have been fuvaa to Ibe highly eliicaciout iu Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Dililoui ud D/jDcptic comi'lliat^ ami in the cure of Ery?l|te.las, Saitrheiini, Scrofula, J.iter Complaint, ami general debility, ami iu many ether reepecu, poatt-ss (ai certified by ?oine of the most eminent medical professors iu tlte United States) inedici U*l -in] Healing properties uieuiipanscd, and believed lo lie unequalled by any iu this country. Added to tlieae, tin- ridr* in the vicinity, numerous village*, extensive view*, neighboring cave* and romantic scetieryare among the many attraction* otierrd lo the** Melting iu the neat of summer, either health or pleasure. These *pring( are but a few hour* ride from Sarntogs, Troy, Albany, be., and ore accissable from Catiapiharie on lilt Albany aua Uttc* railroad, wh-re carriage* daily await the arrival of the morning car* Iroin Schenectady aud Ulica, to carry visitor* to the Springs, a diatauce of about riglit mile*, arriving iu time for diuuur; alto by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily atagca, beiug about lorly-live mile* wtil of llie eilv ol Albany. Warm, cold and ehower Baths furnished at all time*, either of th .mineral or frritli water, and every atteuliou given to render the *tvy of suitors SglMSInS An abundance of the |Mire*t mountain soring Ice ii stored for the ?>-a*on. G. W.B. OEDNEY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?Tlii* Hotel will be opened at the above vilage of Sharon Springs, (or the reception 01 ruitor*, and combining all the advantage* of 'hi* lefiehifiil mmuier residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. *29 10w2taw*r CATSKTLL MOUNTAIN HOUSE., AT THE PINE OR( HARD.-I8I2. THIS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted durum ilia present season under the direction and superinteuiMM of the subscriber. It bv? uiidetgone a mmImimI thorough repair, and i* now open for tbe reception of visitor*. No effort will be spared to maintain Uie deservedly high chaiseter which it has heretofore uMtiind, As heretofore, it* table* will be furnished with every delicacy that the New fork m irk. t can afford; and every possible attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of iu patrons will he promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment andespecially that part of it on the mountain, lias been rendered perfectly smooth and ?afe. Messrs. A. b. B -arh b Co.'* eicelleut line of stages will ran as heretofore regularly betwreu tfte landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812. jel4 3mr JbL L.VGRANTsf. HOTEL, Bull's Ferry,"New Jereev. ma Thu mint dclighttullv romantic mmmc retreat in lull Xjfl, readiness, well stockr <1 with fruit and tloweri, and above all a line kitchen garden. The bar is writ supplied with choice wines and liquors, ate and |?>rter. Also, segars of the first quality. Joint Poumiii, the proprietor, siacarely returns hi* giitrfnl thanks to hit friends, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last nine years. Tha beautiful steamboat Bos ton. Captain T. Y. Babcuck, leires foot of Canal street four times a day. The paMic can rest assured that they will not be disappointed a* heretofore, the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for furllier particulars see the Sun. Gentlemen can bo accommodated with the best of board and lodging at live dollars |mt week, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at I o'clock, P. M. Military companies on target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target ground and Pouson's good dinners. His prices are according to tire times. J. Pousott is always at home, and will be happy to see his friends and visions. je? |m*r T'1110 HAMILTON HOUSK.?This establishment is now o|>eri for the reception of company. It has been thoroughly renovated and furnished anew, uinm a scale of liberality commemorate with the demands of tun public. The department ol the cuisine liaa been placed under the charge of a capable aud experienced artist, wno will lack no supplies that the markets can afford. To those unacquainted with the location of the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated at the ocean entranue to ths Narrows, from eight to ten miles from the city, on the high western bluff of Long inanding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantic and landward, die highly cultivated and fertile shores of Stateu and Long Island, and the harbor of Naw York. Nothing can ex ceed the beauty of the prospect iu every direction. The salubrious air at all period i of the day, the easy access by stage aud steamboat, and the minded life and retirement of the spot, render this establishment second to none withiu a hundred miles of New York. The apartments are commodious and airy, and their accommodations in marked contrast with ihosc of similar houses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The rides in the neighborhood, the Ashing grounds, billiard rooms, ten-pin alleys, and otlier accetsories ol recreation, leave little, it is be Sieved, to bt- wished for by aur guest. Families desirous of securing rooms for tie season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. jeT lmr OATH HOUSE, LONG ISLANU.?This loug aud well I' known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosiie* upon the mirgin of the ocean, is now open for the reception ol company during the season The great extent of private beach on this shore?the perfect security iu b; thing, even for ladies and children, ('he bathiug houses bciug w ithin a stone's throw of the iniutioi.)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoiniug the home ? lie |iir?.oiui I4Ur? iu inr snnuuuuuu' c??umr.? uir cxceiU'lU fnhiui; grouiul* and oihoi ?otirre* of In -Url.t'ul rerrauinn and amaiemt-nt?th lH?autiful ripwoflhe Atl ruic oc<*jii and thv lower bay, cnnttantly enlivened by numerous veut-U arriving or outward bound, render ibis situation in evrv re i?^t un*<j'iai'rd by any, iu tb? vicinity. lea ?oco?un??da?i n% are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature. efen iu the warmest d-u*s of summer, anything but onpmme. The convenience or communication and distance, (being but niue miles from Brooklyn.) th?- aCMM tn BttflDM Si hours MCOlliaodttMl to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gcutl* men of basic -ss in New Ycyk. jcl2 2in*r WlLLIAM BROWN, Pronn^tnr. SHARON 81*111 N US T\V1LL10n, MChUilAHIfc. UO. Fourth of July.?The OrauJ Oi-cuing Bill for the Season, will take place oa the erening of the tih July, at the Sharon Springs r.niliou, whkh i. now o,.eii for the reception of ri.iten. No pains will he sjiari d to lender the entertainment igreeable. O. W. B. UEDNEV. j?21 t2djy nEDEoRD MIN'RAI. SPRINGS?This wrlllrn .wn water iug pUee, situated in Bedford County, Pruiui Irani*, i. now open for the reception of ri.itnn. To those wliolure never ri -ited the Springs, it may he D"Cesj>ry to vny th*l they are situated near the (treat Western Turnpike, which pi.r s through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pitlthurwh, a IV w unlet tail of the chief deration of the Allegheny Mountains. Every I In up hit been prorided at this wsterirrg i lire to render a sojourn pleasant to those who ire seeking heal A or enjoyment. Ainnseinents will be lound suited to all tastes, and a good baud of o.niic will be in attendance. The liberal p-siroii.iee eiteiided to the subscriber the two last seasons, will induce the renew 'I es-rtiini (lie eonunp season. Jnue itith, 1(142. WILLIAM REY.NOLns. jeibeod Imr Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSHAW'S. at Long Branch.-Th's esI (entire and rleligliilul Sea Bathing Euabl aliment w ill be opened bv the subscriber on the glili June, instant. He Less reip- clfullv to inform it. form r patrons and the publie, tnai considerable additions ami alterations, enervating the comforts, hire neen tr.adi si or last year, and will be iu complete readiness lor their ac< nm n idation. Wishing to be as reas.iu.ible as the timet will afford, the board w ill be trren dollars per week as list year, in,lead of ten dollars at formerly. Chihlrvjaofa certain age and tenant* half (irire. He hopes lie may aiy wiihoot imputation, that hit table and accnmnm latinos w ill be rquil to auy on Lung Branch. Young people not requiring too much room.will llud accommodating terms. j>-22 lm*r JAMES GREEN. PAVILION, SARATOGA SPRINGS?The Paviliou, coi?I ligiOBi lo the Pavilion f Biitun, .nil rqnidtsUuil from ( kmtcss an J I dioc Spring*, .1.. ?? . thorough!) KBOTitt<|, and 1 i. >n , 1 foi the ro< eptfoa of' v litors. For :onvenience of I"- itioo, i? nut v -.I" the irovnds adjoining, c munodioiisneM fthe Mtit, and efforts 1 n ill 1 perl of the pro* 1 rt#r to aahe his g?i?-sU comfortable, this houit*, it is htliert-u, i? not surpaMcd. The charges for bninl and rooms have beeu modilud to meet, in eonu oegrer, ihe <1 pn sai >b of Um times. A sbare of natronsgi is respectfully invitrd. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. mmHisBMHHilaamniMasnflwaBmmHii^BBemamnmmBmiiHmaB DRV GOODS," STRAW GOODS. rT' BK.N'NETT, imjmrter and manufacturer of Italian and 1 English Straw Good,, r. pcctfiilly inform, In, raitomrri that he ha* removed hi, e,t*bli,hmriil from 99 William sud X Plait, le 19 John street, whrre he continue, to keep a splendid and eiten,ive assortment of ladies' fashionable Straw Goods, Frrnrhar (English l)un?t able,, Italian Rutland,, tine Tuscan, Fancy Shcllworks, Prince Alb. rt Stnws.Ac. Sic. Alio, am entirely new article, U.e White Siberian Hair Bonnet. for Ihe summer?it surpaur, all the styles an yet intra dm ( <!, being eilrctnely ligltl, beautiful, wlu'.e and durabla. 0i2t lm*Di TO THE LADIES. p* ASH ION ABLE MILLINERY GOODB.-Thc prnnneI tre*,?, Mia? S KING, daughter of tlie celebrated Carl hnig, elT? n lor a?le a moat aelect and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, fur the spring trade, never a* yet pnrsrnted to the pale lie, both aa re,aril. Jie ipiahty and c lie apnea, of the articles The assortment consists of the following >the celebrated SILK HAT, (.ALLLI) CAPOTTE D'ORLEANS, aa warn br U Duchesne D'Orleans, of Franca, SHEi) SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hsu do do?An entire new ,tj!ao Hsu called " MODINE CAP( /TTE8, EL89LER COTTAGE.'1 Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of ttie florat lav tar*, in great variety. The I'rop.iatreaB reepertfnllr wdtcale the fad re* to favor byr with aeall. and esamme lo r elegant ami varied stork of Millinery lor, before they purehai* eleewlierr, a, it will La t treat saving to them in prior and a great advantage aa regard, the eariety and .unlit, of the goods. HISS S. KINO, Magatipe de Mode., ji?B lm*r M3b< Broadway. ~Ajj^ R()OTS?Bof)TS AND STIDES ?Thr rliesp^flf^B^gevt and b si ae.orlineni of iht. article in the city, aim warranted. Ladies' Miaae.' and Children,' Boon, Shoe, and Slippers, of eeery atyle and feabion, cheaper than eeer offered, can be found at X' Broadway and IW Canal rtreet, all of their own mai ufartnriutr. Gentlemen will not he disappointed hi railing at he aboee ?tore, ?, they will find the ?ery article they want B ivs, do you call, a, t n wt'l hi aimed to T. yen Iter QHEOORk * i AH ILL. .lilt Ess . BOQTS-?LATEST FRENCH ii M ST> LK. ?Tbe .mbacriber niakft lo/gdrr, r the abmf detrripthMi, "f th? fluMt .jaality of b re nab half Slim. and In the Utfat atvlr, til l at Terjr mimifOle prior*.? (I nil.-n.-i, w!?, hara hern in th<-habit of l. .ymr mraraeant l<rirr* for inferior attack* arc rr;|ti*?ted to nail ai?l u? tounnead that hi* prieata frnmlni to> P-r ecu* below other torn in the^iieiubbofhood Drnwiu.* beiai taki-.i of lite fret, ml a pair or last* kept (or rvd ruatornrr, n err w uo diltcnltr in }?!"?* ? hamleom,. vn nn flt. Couatan.Jy "U b'txl, a lar*-*?nrtmrur nf fv-ionablr r ?dy 0 ' JS:' Two nou tnj I'Ktr ( K.MH rn AIX DOI.LAKS: Hair U ' ^I, Oiitera, bo'o.i, Purnt*. "'[.pert, "ttialfy low priori. JOHN L. W ATKrVS, III F:ilton?t., at tm* nctwaru N nam .ind llutrh *t*. jftyl NO Bf. ' I'lan" 10 (lnd Hoot. amiHi.or a ehe^p, an I we t.t not ante (bat in N. w York tlie.r i? any placr to K od u at tl.r Clinton Hoot and 5n.? Market ?ni Can .) t.rrt, n. lib on*! rr.ri.rt ol lln Imwi atrret. Thoar who hate iro ri .pj. ir to lir itrnrtallv Mllifwil th?t ilua i? a f?.| un. qtirtlionahle. AH tiaoae who nv?y r t I.are tri'd our boota, a bora, ot nait t?, will final it I* ih-ir a.lranUie to makr lb* trial A. KNOX It CO, N. B. Country mrrchauu ?c b> Ilia package or d .arm jp|tIm* r MACHWa.LAN?ffl^^r^a, ^ puoua-r. b?i.?le... -j^jiyjjjfj, B-Ij,2i JO South 11. w VV V o EW YORK. THURSDAY " books "andstationer vT AKIItST RATK INVKSTMKNT.-To b- y..Mat piiva.*?lr, choice Cikculatino Lihrary, iv>usiitiii? of 2000 rnluiiLc. mjil jrr.iiil'.'iI mi-linlin.r Iliitim... Ri.t>r.k> i?hi??, Voy tges and Travels, etc. Any youiiu inan iiossessitig a capital of $fOO or can buy these book* dirt cheap, and double his money id cue year. For particulars i*iM|Oir? of Thomas Bell, Auctioneer, Anu street, and Mr. Little, Libralian, 12*J Nassau street, of whom catalogues cau be obtained for :i. ;p. ? 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"We were apprised, in some measure, of the gross impositions with which emigrants to the West hud to contend; but we had not the most distant idea that it was curried to such an extent until our arrival in Albany. There we learned that a vast many who had paid their passage in Xew York to Buffalo, hud to pay it over again in Albany. The Capluins did not recognise the acts of the N'?w York blacklegs, and self-constituted agents. These agents have runners in boarding houses in the city, where foreigners put up. Strangers, therefore, should be exceedingly cautious of these prowling wolves, who prey upon tlie pockets and purses of poor foreigners. Mr. John Bradley, wife and child, paid twenty dollarxin the lower part of Courtlandt street, for a pu.viage to Buffalo. If they had gone to Albany it would have cost them only four dollars. Mr. W. C. Lecke paid in the same office eight dollars for a passage to Bullalo in the packet boat, as he imagined, but when in Albany he had to take a betth in a luggage boat among a number of filthy Germans, who |>aid only $2 51) each. An ignorant Englishman and his wife paid twenty-five dollars in an office in the lower part of Front street, for u passage to Pittsburgh, the nearest way, as they were in iuiiik-u in me uiiil'c in .nicmgan. nun mi" amount would have taken them there. The only sale course is to proceed to Albany and take the first boat going to Buffalo. There are three ways by which they can go; one is by the lane boats, which carry freight; the other by the Railroad; and the third is by the Packet boats, whichtnke passengers without freight. The latter in the end is cheapest and more comfortable than the former, as you cannot sleep in the ears. The bouts go from Schenectady to Buffalo, price $7,25. hoard included ; so that a trip this way to Niagara Kails would be about #8,75. The price to Detroit from Buffalo in the cabin is $6,50 with board ; deck, $3,(It) without board. The boats all touch at the various landing places, such as Dunkirk, Erie, Huron, Cleveland, Sandusky, Arc. They generally take twenty-six hours to cross the Lake. Detroit is a fine city, with abundance of every thing but money. It wus settled in 1670?population about 12,000. The American is un excellent hotel, and very reasonable. The Canada shore is on the east side of the river?distance about half a mile. It seems to be very thinly settled. The Queen has a regiment of runaway slaves there?you can, on this side, distinctly see their red coats and black (aces. No doubt smug?[ling is carried OH there to a great extent, as Woolen goods, Arc. are as cheap in Detroit as in New York. There are two routes from Detroit to Chicago?one by water, up Lake St. Clair and acroaa Lake Michigan, which is tedious and tiresome? the other is through the State of Michigan. The distance is ahout 230 miles?80 of this by railroad ; the remainder, through u lovely country, is by stages and steamboats. The latter is the cheapest uuu ini/r5i ^i^n.iuni way. iiici'- arr runner- nil along the canal, from Albany to liutlalo. an fr o the latter to lletroit, on the Lake, who tell tlie iii -t frightful stories of Michigan 'tidre|Tf- it lllmoi \~c. as a perfect Paradis' i- itom i proven rsons from going thri iu In-ingan t" Chic.i; as that route would ruin trade. The price from Detroit to Chicago, on route, is about $6 oO? to Jackson, a distance >i eighty miles, $3 no. The railroad t'- tackson is high in itscharges and poor in accoiini n. us hlucks and whites, rich and jKtor, youn., old, are all thrust into the siuiiecnr; thousand t laborers and working men would go west if the steamboats and railroads would take half the present price, which would pay well. The tirst pretty little town from Detroit is Dearborn. The government have a fine nr*enal and military station here. Ypsilanti is the next place we come to ; it is a beautiful sjait, situated on the river Huron : population about fifteen hundred, with three large dour mills and several saw mills, also a large woollen.hi J carpet in tnufactory. We saw th * stee. pies of several fine churches. We then started for Ann Arbor. The cars stop in Ann Arbor about one hour. At the depot we had some tine coffee, cream, pies, custards, Arc. We stayed here for the night. The Exchange is the only good hotel in the place.? /inn nroor is reauy a urughllul town nntl verv healthy, especially for consumptive persona. It stands t?n an eminence which gives you u line view of the snnrrounding country. There are some beautiful cottages and country seats ubout here.? The church -s tire large and the congregations re-pectable. But the ."State University and the professor'." houses are a credit to any country. Through the politeness of Professors Houghton and Williams, we, 011 our return, visited this institution. There is hut one wing of the building completed, but when the whole is finished it will be equal lo any building of the kind in the United States, except (lirard's College in Philadelphia. The library is good, (hough not large ; the collection of minerals, birds, amtn ds, Arc., are equal to any in the country. The whole state contributes to the support ol the University, bo that, in fact, tuition is cheaper here than in any part of tie- world ; the whole course of classical instruction for the four years is only ten dollar*:? hoard can be had at $1,25 |>er week, $270 therefore, will bring a young man through his whole classical csur.-e iu the University of Michigan. The young editor innst certainly be sent there.? The population is about three thousand, with two large flour mills, a paper and saw mill, a woollen factory, and several other factories, and a number ol fine large stores We spent part of our time here nnsl ulrreeiililv in tfie Imu iif..bin m m-i.. r\f Judge Thoinj*?on, who is exceeding kind and attentive to stronger*. We then left in the ear* f"?>r Jackson, a large town with about 2iMM inhabitant.", situated on Grand K iver. The State Prison is located here, a tine, large atone building, surrounded with a high wall ? Th"re nre about I.W convict* engaged in minufucturing the same as with u?. They broke out some time since. Their leader was shot dead ; the others were retaken. This seem* to he a place of large business. There are several hue Stores well filled with all kind* of merchandize. There are several large churches and hotels here. Thv American is the best and most select. Here we were rather surprised a* well as amused at seeing w ild turkey*, geese, cranes, eagles, ipiails, and, nr prairie liens donicsttcatsd. < >ne of the la'ter we took fifty mile* on our way home as a present for the young LL. I). ; but unfortunately it got killed on the road bvadog. We shall, however, in July or August make another attempt to procure one. We started from here in a North-westerly direction On our way, w had a fine view of fhc Oak Opening*. They present one of the most delightful and picturesque sceneries in the world. The fieautilul lawnsund lake", hills and vallies, the vast quantity of wild llower* in the fields, and wild struwlicrpes, the murmuring stream* of the Grand lliver gliding gently along, and the tall cedars rising up majestically along the banks, form a most interesting contrast. You would really imagine yourself passing through a gentleman'* domain in Europe. From here we pusscd into the timberland, where our attention was attracted with wild turkeys, deers, rabbits, squirrel*, partridges, gronre, quails, woodcocks, nnd snipe. We experienced some difficulty in ero* ing the rail bridge*. They are made of trees laid down in length and in width across marshy ground. These artificial bridges are exceedingly disagreeable, a* the wagoii jolts yon almost to death when crowing them. Wo finally arrived safe in \Tn?nr. it.* oo.intw lown of I,..,!...'... I. 1 ?.11 place, l?iit defined lo be lurge. There in a good hotel, also a large flour and saw-mill, and two potash factories. The land in this county is heavy timbered, und equal tmjany land in the United States. It is a dark sandy loam, with a rich limestone bottom, it requires no manure. The soil in the oak openings i very bad for pasture, and difficult to break up.? The harrow i used here instead of the plough Thia section of the country t- healthy, lr -e from swamps. The water is excellent, equal to any in the world. Maple sugar is made here in ubundanrc The pasture is fine, and the cropo of wheat abundant: in fact, Michigan i- destined to l?e tlie ! best state for farmers in the Union. Last year this | little State, which is only 260 miles in length, and ISO in width, produced rcorc wheal than all the New Kngland States put together. Provisions are exceedingly cheap ; beef may he had at three cents per lb., pork, two cents ; eggs, three cents i>er dozen ; batter. eiirhi rents ler UOtind : llour. S'S.-V) l> rhiirr I : pota'oes, on'* nhillin* per bnshel. Th?- < If nit ml for laborer* and mechanic*is great; wn?e? for fanner* ?12 j>er month an;) found ; carpcntere, 81 50 n day } mason*, ^2,00 and found. I The climate is mild, the winter* are r-h<>rl, and hut little anow. The thermometer seldom in hiiiiimerriaea higher than 75. Consumptive person* enioy better health there than in any of the other State*. There arc several fine settlement* here of [ERA 12. English, Scotch, and American*; nil kinds of fruit and produce grow in abundance ; nuiuulai lures are increasing rapidly. There in one lulling mill in each of the following counties:?Kalamazoo, Lenawee, lierrien, and Case; there are two in Macomb, and two in Wayne,!capital $111,(101); St. Josephs has two lulling inula, and a large factory nearly finished. The number of sheep is 200,000. My next trip will he to Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, und Wisconsin. Klrhiuond. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Hiciimvno, Va., 22d June, Hl2. IVhtiit?Currency?(Sen. Hamilton?Rev. Mr Maftitt, Tariff, 4*r. Dkak Bennett:? Wo are now busy with our wheat harvest iu tins region. The weather lor the Inst few days has been unfavorable, it having rained almost constantly, with a very 9ultry, disagreeable atmosphere. .Strong fears are entertained that the rust will be ntost ruinous, although yesterday and to-day are favorable, which, if it continues for a few days only, a crop will be secured that will help mightily to extricate the Old Dominion out of some of her difficulties. Our currency has improved very much of lute.? Exchange on New-York can now he hud to any amount, for from two to two and a hull percent., and if the banks here are disposed to be honest and puy their debts, they can do it at once as well as to wait for the 1st ot November. Gen. Hamilton was here on Monday, and arranged his difficulty with the James River Ganal Co., 1 understand to the satisfaction of all parties, in the most amicable manner, lie lelt for your city on Tuesday, and sails lor Europe on the 1st July One of the General's sons married during his* sojourn here the accomplished daughter of the late Col. John iieilt, of this city, und are en route for the North and East. The tariff gentry held a meeting on Monday at the Kxnhnnffp nnvwnl rpcnlnttonc.irwl ? d...i .. morial to Congress, of just such n character as one might expect from this benighted region, that is about filly years behind the times, in order 110 doubt to keep up their character for consistency; they being such admirers of the tactics of Kip Van Winkle that the next iiiedul of the seven sleepers will surely be awarded to the chairman and his committee lor i their astonishing and enlightened production on that occasion, which you will find fully reported in the Richmond Compiler. The chaplain to Congress, the Kev. J. N. Maffitt, has been holding f orth hwre for the last three wtek.almost daily, and he has succeeded at last in getting upjust such an excitement as he glories in producing. The Kev. gentleman and his friends claim u glorious harvest of souls under his powerful acting ; having converted during his engagement about 20(1 of the ungodly from their wicked and sinful wuys. He huscouipletely distanced Brother Kirk. He may " hung his harp upon the willows" for the future us regards Richmond ; he stands no sort of chance with a melodist who can chant so divinely " Come rest in this bosom" iny own " Sally dear 'i ours truly, POWURAH. Newark. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Newark, N. J., Thursday June23,1841. Grand Ball by the Governor of New Jerny. My Hear Bennett;? Thu belles of our beau momlt have been on the i{in vtvt, and the demand for dressmakers has increased wonderfully since last Monday, the 15th, when a ball was announced for Tuesday evening, the 21st, at the Governor's. Mr. Pennington, our present Governor and Chancellor, is the son of h man who occupied the gubernatorial chair under the banner of democracy, but for the sake of being i v.mioiui-ini uiinui iuiic, iiismjus nave eric.-ieu miner the old federal standard, nnd a man about my size occupies his lather's chair by the vote of the legislature, not of the people. The ball, however, was a grand ullair lor our town, especially since the great revulsion, which prostrated our faculties in a measure, front which we I have not as yet recovered. A hand front your city furnished the music lor the merry dancers, and ont of our confectioners the supper, which was very bountiful. Among the ladies Aims W?t,the daughtet of one of the celebrated firm of Smith and Wright, stands lirt>i. ller dress whs very becoming; and hei [ reputation us an Iteire.-s, drew a crowd ol admirers around her. The next was the beautiful Mist11?d of Philadelphia, whose charms seemed to fascinate every one. The twins from Elizabeth Town were Jttfe id||J|d ; and their sister's urtlessnesr pleased alf 1HV-K?s' beautiful eyes were more bright than usual, and her merry laugh more gay. Among other ladies were Miss K?s, Miss li?t, iViisHll?d, Miss (J?t, and .Miss O?n from Paterson, and many others " too numerous to mention." Mr. T?r was very conspicuous, as also Mr. E?t>. Mr. S?t seemed to monopolize the Philadelphia beauty. The tall Mr. 1)?n, the son of our District Judge, seemed to make himself very agreeable to all the pretty ladies, married and single, and basked in the sunshine of smiles. Mr. 1'?n^ the son of oui host, entertained the gentlemen with niueh ease, and the Governor's pleasant face enlivened even circle. Mr. F? n's open and manly countenance sent an arrow to the heart of one lady, whom we noticed watching him from a corner. He is the nephew of the Chancellor of the University of _\ew York. The moon shed its mild light over the garden and promenade, favoring the flirtations, which proceeded finely, and everything went oil'us merry as " the marriage belt." At three o'clock the crowd began to thin, and at four all were dreaming of love and beauty. So goes the world in these latter days. Yours, truly, An Observer. Boston. [CorropoutJeuce of the IhraM.] Rm r, . v I r. i I? L? The Trial of 11. T. Emery, member of the Suffolk Ihir, hit former Character,aiul to forth?-Flow find drain Market, <$v\?Sale* oj. Stork*. J <!. Bk.vnktt, Esq.:? I have returned from the iiust, and agreeably to niypromeise to the le jeune tditmr, without any far. thcr " explains or circumcutions," us L)r. Valentine would say, will proceed to resume my correspondence for the inimitable Ileral l. Since my departure from Boston, many btrunge things have been transacted, of which I shall say nothing at all, but come right down to the present time, and "catch the manners, iiving, as they rise." The trial of a member of the Suffolk bar, for forgery, has been the most stirring event of the week B. F. Emery is his name. lie will not receive hisentence, in accordance with his request, until tin next term of the Court, in order to give him an opportunity to nrrangc some business matters. His, wife, whom it is said he has abused us much, if not more than any other pcr.<-ui, rpent several hour: in hiscell the other day. During his trial he displayed the moat unfeeling stolidity; but latterly, the near proapect of his soon being an occupant ol tin1 Hat* Prison, has induced liim to droop a little. He is a native of Kastport, Me., and I believe received In educational Brunswick, studied law with Hon. John Holmes, afterwards removed to Dixmont, where he practised in his profession, then removed to Dexter, and from that place to Boston. In all of the above places he sustained a had reputation ; but it was re served for bun to receive the reward of hi* rascality as u member of the Suffolk bar. The market for flour has hern very dull throughout tlis week. _ The cloning rate for good (?enes -e. common lirand, is ?0 1*2, . tt<i tiincv 4'rt '?1 ? ;< irPhi Inde!|?hi.i, 75 ,>ei ca-lt, and *1 ill ui d dit; Baltimore City Mills and Frederick buij. have been Mild lor export, at #6 a 4;*) 12fc per brl , I mo.' ; Howard street brings 00 [?'r Cti.di; fleorgctown 4''? 5<>a ?fi H2 I nios. drains all kinds, ar<-dull. Coin. Southern yellow, stands at title., an I whim f? << ca-!i The demand lorcotton i* dull? dull. No riupiiry for tlic article worth mentioning. The riles Ht the Stock Kxohnnge to-day exhibits1 the following re suits:?27 shares Bo#ton and Worcester Iluilroad, dividend on, sold for in |>cr cent; dividend oil. j; 2*i do Providence Itoilroad 01 0-t percent; to Jo We. tern. <?; 10 do Pastern, 9f \; 10 dodo, in V 11 . !) I: It do Portland, Sam, and lVrMlmu h, * !; 10 do Wiuirseinnict Ferry Company, 194: 07,900 f'ity Five per Cents wcr-' olfered, and only 4 I'd*) sold at par. I have some incidents in regard to certain theatrical gentlemen and ladies to communicate to the public, which cannot fail to he interesting. Hook out (or them the first of the ensuing week, flood bye. Yguro.&c., B. L11. P? w-4. r? - - Tin: o k mat i ; :n < a <1:. JtouKTH Day. United States Circuit Court. Beiore Judge BetU. Jtiae llniil.tts. itienletn package* of cl*thi?Mr. Cox tramintd U u clerk iu the Custom House, (paper shown him.) This is the original paper ot the appraisement of the clot lis in ijuestio.i; I jut ilowu the figures my sell. Tliti* was no ul'itr eouy made. Crotftxamintd.?The appraisement wui made alter 1 o'clock iu the ultcinuoii. The paper w as nut signed by the appraisers at that liuie. It w as not usual to. Komi sum recullud.?Did not muke the extensions on the day ot appraisement. I nowrecollect receiving the papers 1 loin Mr. Cos to uiake the extension. Cannot any when I finished the extension. We generally make out Ihu list fro in pencil marks, but this appears to have been an extraordinary case. 1 thought when I swore yesterday that I did make the copy from pencil marks, This appears to have been an exception, (paper shown to lnm.) Them were no charges put on this paper by the appraisers. 1 put them theromyself. Ms. Vooats examined.?Is in the employ ol Mr. Francis Tryon. Me lett the city on the Isth of June. Is expected back next week. The signatures to these papers (appraisements shown) are Mr. '1 ry M*a. Croti-txamittei?Know u Tryon three or four ) ears. Before lie became an importer he was a tailor, with Derby and Farnham. Danish. Sullivan examined.?Knew Abel Shaw. He wasiui importer of woollen goods. Me lelt this city severul years ago. John ray lor was in his counting house. Ji.ssr Hovt wanted here t? drug in irrelevant evidence as to u conversation between W'ni. Blackburn and seinebody else. Ji DOE Butts stopped him and could not allow that kind of evidence, unless he hail first shewn a connection or conspiracy between We. Bluckburn and Francis Blackburn. Unless he could do so the declarations of Mr. Wm. Blackburn were good for nothing. Sullivan recalled.?Boarded in the same place with Mr. Shaw and Mr. John Taylor twenty yrariaro. Mutt, (astonished)?Not later than that, sir 7 Sulliian?No, sir. ll.,vT ill. vs. (u,.li:-._ . i-i i-A ? ?" ? "ft". , ' luuuglll youM kuow more than that. [Jesse Hoyt here offered to show that certain package of cloth, marked " Diamond B K." A3 to <19, imparted i the Independence, July 11, 1889, by John Tl^lor, weiss < sized in l'hiladeli>hia, in iHistmsicu of Wm. Blarkhura. Objected to by Miller. He mid thot Mr. 'l ay lor co signed a part of the goods he imported to Philadelphia and a part to Baltimore. John T. Fbhoi'son examined?Was deputy Naval Oft cer. (Paper* show n.) These entries were cheeked me, after having been sworn to before the deputy Collec tsr. Cms-examined? Donl know w ho swore to them, of own knowledge. The JcoiiF koid the entries w ere not evidence till t hand writing w as proved. Jesse Hon asked the Judge to advise him what was Uia next best evidence. The Jcour: told him. Mr. Loan asked if it was proper for Mr. Hoyt toiuuko the Judge a counsel in this cause, and continually to as hitn for advice how to get ou with the cause I Jesse Hiivt?The coiiusol for the other side bos rcgre ted thut the United States has had no one competent to tr this case. Now, us I'nt so incompetent, it is I ssk th Judge from time to time the proper mode of procedure. Mr. Morton swore to John Taylor's handwriting. Hoyt offered nine entries of various importers ia 18 uiul '38, which he had picked out from the Custom House where Mr. Campbell did uot send thohighest packages the public store for inspection. Mr. Lord objected. Mr. Hoyt tlien made a rambling speech, in which h spoke of the British importer* as " tin se fellows." Judge Bern said he should exclude the testimony. To prove that Mr. Campbell did right, in ceituin cases, does not prove thut be did wrong in any other case. Jesse Hovt asked i' be could not introduce negativ testimony to make ullirmutive testimony stronger. Judge Betts : aid it did not strike his mind so. Thin of something else. Mr. Millbr then read from lifteen entries Just proved o John Taylor's. They ran thus :?of the first threeeutrie two hnd the highest package seat and one hud not; and > e this wnsin 1836, when Mr. Hoyt says there were no Iraud of this kind in operation. Ot the entire 1A entries, ther were 9 where the highest package was not sent, and si where the highest u as tent to the public store for inapeo tion. Mr. Davis recalled?nave examined the entries now in my possession; thev are iwoni to by John Taylor. Al t ear date of IKW. There are invoice* with some o them. Mr. Fimcii called These three entries wire rvvoin to before me by John Taylor; one on 27th Mny, 1839; one on Stli May, U-39 ; one on ltflh of July, 183'J. '1 he rutiy by the Oxford is triangle B. of two packages, one liale and one other. The one by ship Colombo*, is one package triangle B. No. I. The one by the Independence ia two package* diamond K, No*. 57 and 67. The 'iivoice* are not with them. Mr. Mm i eh objected to Die introduction ol any entries subsequent to the time spoken of by Mr. Simpson, Feb and March, 1839, when he had the conversation with Mr. Tin lor about the 140 package*. 'f he Cocht said they could rule the entries out ou tha t ground. I Another long pause. Judge Ilr.tts?Cotne Mr. lloyt, have you any further evidence in the case. Hon h re offered three entries made by John Taylor in IKW, of 3d package*, where Thomas'Shaw was thu owner. 1) ?t is railed and proved the entries. There were H packages marked H. and all passed at the Custom House of Aug. 10th, Is1*. Another of 3 packages marked p. by the ?tiip Columbus. Another Aug. 6, l->3*, containing 14 package* marked H 721, toll. 7sft by ship St. Andrew. Hn hard P. Bnowrx examined?We usually estimate that 26 per ceat will cover charge*, insurance, and interest in the ordinary rate ot bringing goods to this market fiorn Liverpool. The item of| rharge is made up of cnmmKssion, transportation, purknge, finishing, expense of package, exportation duty, commission for shipping. These vary in different descriptions of good*. It's impossible to say in a general rule w hat those charges w ill amount to on an invoice. The export duty is one half per rent ; the commission is 2 per ci nt ; finishing, Ike. is 4 or > percent. The *u*tomary discount lor bills is 1; percent; the credit is 3 months in the north of Knglaud cloth n ticket. Have imported goods therefrom Irum H2H to 1-39. Couldn't suy to w hat amount. Have been in Yorkshire? not in Huddlcworth. Unless cloth* decline A per cent, it would hardly he perceptible. Cloth* declined the I " part of lsUtt. The market in I83!? had improved 6 r 30 per cent over the prices of the spring 1837. This v aifo low and medium cloths ; that is, those Irum 3* or ft-1? ?*. Have bought cloth* drum John Taylor sometime-, f, om 1*38 to ItCMi. Could purchase cloths of a less cost than 4s. cheaper here than 1 could imjioit them. It w us not confined to Mr. Taylor, but two or three others. C'ror* examined?About the fall ol 1836, I ceased purchasing <f Taj lor, and also nfthe olhei grntlcmcn. Some of the invoices contain the charge* when they csme frein the North of F.ngiaud ; in other* it is very couvenu hi > forget. I never practised this myself, lint ie. nOovernmcnt officer now within the last 12 months, I have had to add the charges to the invoice. I should not fix any amount of per cant: go for charge*, but should calculate for myself. The commission for shipment i* 2* Gb a package ; 21 per cent commission lor agent to nun base. I have lxuight goods of JmieS lliownk Co.; don't h member whot charges I paid on goods bought from tlieni. I never paid any thing for linishing cloths which I bought from them fhave paid for lettering. "Hie counsel for the United Htutes here closrd, uud Iha Court adjourned. A 8cc?e i* Tin U.S. Covet?Smith Thompson one of th<* justices ol the U. S. Suj re rue t'ouf t, [ re?i . < ut tl.u Court now in *e*?ion ut i ar.andaigua. The Inrt work w as almost wholly occii[ ie] by the trial* of person! charged ? ith mnil rnhhorirs. 'i'hc argument of Joshua Spencer, the I . S Attorney,On the last of these mail robbery triala, Kit roncltu i ohout twelve o'clock on Saiuidav night?the I uit having been in set'ion from eight in the morning, with enly n brief iu lei-mission. The court house w at crowded during tho evening, and tin-weather was sultry. After proceeding for a while in hie charge to the Jury, Jinlge Thompson suddenly censed, through Mutneis.' The opening of window s and doors, and the application of some colli w ater, revived him; and he then resumed hi* charge in n sitting posture, in o low nnd slow tour. He continued in this way for a few mutates, whin his voice suddenly failed?his head dropt on his breast?nnd his appenranre led to the most serious fears for his life. Judge Thompson wts then removed to a part of the court room, w here restoratives were applied ;an.l the \ onerable Jurist, in a ?hort time, w as sufficiently restored, to rcqnest that Judge Conklin would conclude the cli irge w hich he had commenced. Tho advanced age of Judge Thompson, might w ell, in connexion with th'-so fainting fits,occasion serine nlarm for aw hile among those who remembered the v iddenneM with which Clinton, Krnmett, and other eminent mm ia this State, havn been ushered into eternity. It ia satisfactory to k now however, that hewn nearly In his tisunl health and strength on the following day. Judge Thompson is now upwards of seventy years of age. lie has long filled important stations in the public service. He was for some vrars Secretary of 'he Navy, and was flic cnmpetitui ol Mi. Van Burenfor the office ot (Jovcruor of this State in I8W. lie vn* transferred from the Navy Department to (lie Bench oft lie Union as onu of the jus'ices of the Supreme Judicial tribunal olthu laml.? /'# ! lour I i nimum-?-'i iiim ihij. Const or Commo* Pir*?. - Part t.?No*. *4,1(4 I lu, lil |7.t, ?n 1.11, l?V 147, H6.10, 47,07, #9, r**i 3. No* iM, i:r, no. Bnnkmplii, HOI'THF.UN DISTRIC T OF NEW YORKllcnry K. Willard, N. Y., Soot. 10. Alvnh 11*11, N. V..A''|? c. Chart*!* Walter, N. V., July 2*. Anitrov, Nixon, N. Y., Jnly 3S. Andrew Near, N. Y.. Julv 'is. John Smith. N. Y., Julv ;JS. fJoorde H. Vernon, N.Y., July 20. John E. Miller, N. Y. <lo Dnrr.illni Ransom, (late firm R*n?om It Hpelman, N. Y., and Drnv?, C??ey 8tCo., Mobile. July ?0. E4w-nr?l Clark, white lead manufacturer, late of Rrrties, now- of V V.- Julv 70 Jam'* K. Bctt*, broker, N. Y., JuljrW.

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