Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1842 Page 3
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r ' I m simsim MKiW^ ?m fiswaWisiiiispiMiii MH O ' id den aot ' 'tiitti *bc iltitnbuUou ?m lit* it',. hues unconditional, LctUio Ptcsiduat h?r, in Lis tptei. ?? '!;?, recommended the unconditional repeal of th law, and if he now signs a !>il| extending its operation, . . i- tantamount to roaiguing It after rec jumieuding its i< |val. If tin'hill, extending the tarlrt laws, contained . clar.j.i repealing the distribution law, might meet will the approbation ol the ITcident. We do not sec, ho* ever, ho* he can lie expected to countenance the extei won ol a law -o llie existence of which he ta opposed. Th veto ol the bill may there!, re be e\p< '.ed; and with it In probability ol the enacting a new tarilt lull before tin regular suasion will disappent. That |>oint being inttled aome activity among thu importers may be looked forwar, to They will then know that for some months at lead | X, not more than -M per cant can t<e collecteil; anil some high * i -gal authorities ure of opiuion that none can be collected An increased activity among the importers, growing on: is* n( these ciroumstuices. will improve the demand I'm money, which is mow exceedingly dull. While closini this paragraph, we have received notice of the \ ctoof the hill, the details of which will be found ui unother Co. Inmn. Tb? It inks of the city have their unemployed iumls ac cumulating on their hand*. Their deposit?* are very * small, and in many cafe* the ipecie held by the New York Bank*exceeds largely the amount of their bills in circulation. They are slowly collecting their outstanding debts in all part* of the country ; and the proportion of their capital now remaining unemployed preclude* the ? possibility of their declaring large, if any, di\ idenda. The ^ merchant* of the city are exceedingly cramped by the restrictions of the x\ oatern uud southern Banks in their eirort* at resumption, which deprives their debtor* of the ineatisof romittance, at the same moment it decreases the demand for bills drawn against shipments of produce, v hile bills for specie aommaud low rates. The following are tho rates of bills currant to-day :? rmas.srf Katfs or Bank Notts can DoMKtrir Bn.i.s. Hank Soles. Exchange. Aafstv Fuud tkc | Juiu 11:12. Security Banks. \n I New KuicUud- ?,*'g Boston ? al4 V. S. Bank - al'eust-lvauia ,'ial'i Philadelphia -par a^dic New Jersey 1 , Maryland . .. . 'j,*1: Balr imore par a S Virginia Ilkhinoml ... 3 a 3V? il. North.Carolina.- ? a 1 Snrili Carolina. V^a J tieorgia ? a 1 Havaimah I'ta 1?^ Augusta I'?a li? South Carolina.- 'i\\ 4 Charleston IU? Mi Florida ? a? Ap daehicola- a? Manama tt alio Mobile ;M a3tlli f I. aiisjana 4 a i New Orleans... a 8 Kentucky a? Louisville. if in 2;'., rHiinesas*Ifi al7 Nashville <j ?H) " Mississippi-.. ,. So ?Pii Natchez a? Missouri 7 a 8 Sr. Lnnis , in ali Ohio 8 elO Cincinnati ),'< 1 5 Indiana ti a 7 I a 5 Illinois .--IJ ati v.- ? a? Michigan....... 25 atO Detroit < > ..... ? a? Tho disasters at Now Orleans have given a temporary excuse to the Banks of jTennosiee, and the Shawneetown Batik of Illinois, todolay their return to specie paymcntsTheir ability to do so is very questionable, and their promptness at seizing upon any pretext for delay, is confirmation of their utter insolvency. The Banks of Virginia, as a whole, are probably in as desperate a condition, as also those of Alabama. The probability is that were specie payments rigidly entorceil, Tennessee, Illinois, Virginia, and Alabama would be without a Bank cur roncy. The progress of events will shortly bring about this result ; and those who have the leant connexion with the tottering institutions will suffer in the smallest degree by the denoutmtnt, which cannot lie distant. Sale* at the Stock. Hxchange. $500 N. York r?'18in ?#9 Jefferson Ins Co Ifli'J t?30ixi Kentncky Bonds 81% 100 Stonington RB b60 18 60(10 Indiana Bunds ?'(1 a 50 tie 17 H 1000 St* Bonds 23'i 25 Harlem HR 16\ 5.1 Pel St Hudson 88l? 100 do sl5 16?.i 50 do stO 80 25 do blfl 17 25 do 8') 50 do 17 10 U S Bank 50 do *15 17 12 Illinois State Biuk 10 250 Long Island Hit 50 Second Itoanl. 1000 State t's, 1861 92>? 15 Harlem RR 16i? 50 Fanners Trust 25 50 do IB?i 25 Sloningtnu 17Js 50 do !>') 17 State of Trade. The demand lor produce for shipment to some extent is utmost the only movement in the markets at this moment. The following* sales have been made at auction :? Brandy?19 hf pipes Rochcilc, per bark Alexander, at 95 n M ct?, Imos. Sugar ? 35hhdt N. O. at I}a44 c. 3 oud 4 mot. sale stopped. Lemons?500 boxes, per brig Sophia; nt 69] n 87}c, cash, sale stopped. Teas, per Clarendon? damaged?13 chests, 32 hfs, ami 12 boxes Voung Hyson at 13 a Id cts; 15 hfs do at 14 a 40) 1 do at 71; 6 chests Hyson at 40 n 41: 1 hf and 4 b\s Gunpowder at 40 a 56; 3 hfs and 11 boxes Imperial at 3d a 59; s hfs Souchong at 33 a 3.5} : t oll'ee? 11# hags Rio damaged at 0] a 61. Tobacco?36 boxes end 3 kegs manufactured at 3V a 3j. Paper?950 rear:., straw paper at 19 a 30cts. skiap?10 boxes mottle'1 Castile HtOjalO}; 10 do white ot 3} a ;>}; 15 boxes damaged at 51. Pipes?.10 boxes ot 6 groce at 14 cts, groce.? i >!?? - too boxes American window glass. 7x9 r 14x30. at 65 a 165 cts box. All cash. Sugar?4)1 hhds Porto Rico at 1} a 3} Cts, 4 mos; 7 boxes brown Havana at 4J, cash. 4 Brighton Pattle Market. Moxoxy, June 27, 1943.?At markot 320 Beef Cattle, 1 pair* Working Oxen, 30 Cows and Calves, 1500 Sheep, and 140 Swine. Prices?Beef Cattle?A small tulrancc was realized.? We. quote a fev* extra 55 75 a $0; first quality >5 50 .econd quality $5 a $5 25: third quality $4 50 a $5. Working Oxen?Sales at $75, $95, and $90. Low* and l aires?Sale* at yJ'J, yil, $25, $17, and >:10. Sheep?Lot* including Lambs were sold from $l 2ft to fl -lb. Swine?All at market were small pig*, and were sold for 3 and ftle. Married. On Thursday, 3Bth June, by the Rev. F.dward H. May, Mr. ThsMas to Mis* Jennet M. Fcttiqrew, daughter of Jamo* Pettigrow, F-?q. of New A ork. * Died, On Wednesday morning, at a quarter before 1 o'clock, A. M. of congestion of the lung*, Stei-iien Haviiof. Worts, youngest sou of Mr. William Worts, formerly of London, aged Id months. The friends of the family arc respectfully inrited to attend the funeral on Friday (this day,) at ft o'clock, P. M. from the residence ofhis uncle, HO Laight street. On Thursday morning, after a long illness, Hannah, Wile of Oeorge Tillman, in thejftth year of her age. The friends of thu family are respectfully invited to at. trad the fur.eral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her brother-in-law , K. J. Hinckens, 02 Suifolk street. PasKngers Arrived. , London?Packet ship Toronto?J R Wolff, ladv, child, moths r snd terrain, of New Orleana; 0 K Damn*, of the Briiiili Army, lad) and servant; J Sanquinetle, ladv, mother and errant, Montreal: Mrs Ann Carroll and aon, F J FetVfferljr, Jos roudin, R W tintne, New York; Frank limrrr, t 8 Nary; Wbi K Palmer, I" 8 Army; HolmesCnuta, F Rogers and lady. Miss Rogers. Q Qua if.- Mrs 1 aOnKm^n find *on, joi^ph Cowltv .nd lady, J D Humble, lady and three children, f* .ndmi; F J Hefne, Pari*; Wm J Shaw, John Shaw, Yorkshire?120 in the ?tMngr. * ?Parker thin Baltimore?Mt C Chrintaff, Mr* J Alt ork, H Alker, New York; Mr* A MiinJon, O Viiindon, Loii Ioii; KB Bilfwll, Baltimore; P Laharte, I'iiiUd'-lpliia; 4'apt A tjonvti, rreucn rvavy; * neviere, f Lcsueiir. Pans?251 in the steerage. Brf.mfi?Ship Moiart?Ernst H de Langnitelle, 11 A Warnfknn, Eln?>i?ore Leder^r, Adolphe Ledere.?and 207 in th# ?t? THR' . BHr.Mr.i-Bark Republic?Kprali Maudelhatim, Mist Susan Forth, V n-llrr. C Casparie?105 in the itremrr. Glasgow?Shin Congress?John Kennedy and lady, Dr Robt l-cggat ami lady, Miss M L-gget, of Scotland; Tlioa M 11 aslain, England?154 in thr lUprasr. Mapaii i?i?Brig Wilsoii Folbr-O Boyd, lads and child, H J MilUr, II Clapp, L A Leggy, R Barber, O W Cook?P in the ?tre rage. Foreign Importations* London?Ship Toronto?103 nkgs E F Sanderson?5 Ward. Sill St Roberts?13 W Vyse?3 E Leveret?22 H Joseph?16 J QibonIk co?'J A O AuUrd?20 Dodge, Camming St ro?2 A Plunk ft?8 D Apple ton It co?2 T Sand?2 Onpenheim a CO?2 CO Ourthas?2 Rose kOwen?50 H W k'l Bsrstow?1 T W S"hvaidt?126 tons chalk John Oriswold?15 butts 22 cases to Ver. Liverpool?Ship Elizabeth Dtnison?1911 bars 16 belli iron Henry (k Bleeclter?3819 bars 20 bdls do (J W Shields?2S0 bxs I n Stokes, Gilbert St co?8 casks WoodhuN St Minium?8 case* Hall Brothers? 11 bale* Wood. Johnson St Burritt?8 do Sauls. Foi It25rrts J Le??77 Giinnell. Minium 8t co?6 casks I l>ale H F < ?.apman?360 bis Stokes, Gilberrson St co?390 sacks sajt S Thompson?1491 bars 46 bdls iron 50 tons pig iron 6 rases to order. Havre?Slop Baltimore?13 pkgs K Col lieu t St Son? I V Colheux lit Lannoy? 23 C Douche!?2a A L Kroscli?I J E Delprat?> Wight, Sturges &c Shaw?6 J K St 11 Mahler?7 F < I Jiard?!t Bfiri fit K?*e~ae?13 O I) -ctnann?2 Alhcrs fit B >rn?II I. Fav?1 K <*!? r fit ro?10 H Weiiner?2 G Hr*srnbiirg fit ro? 1 0 Soucin? l Morlot fit Scheffer?25 Boiceau fit Huscn?1 Duboi?, Jacot fit i o?2H Dmirry d'lvi-rnois fit co?1 I' T Lnacher? ( Gnn?her?1 Savage, Crosby fit ro?13 Crrf, Beer fit May?I Barrard fit Mondon?2 Uelmnnico fit fi'rfrri-fi I) Mortu-31 Monn fit Isalin?l French Conanl?ifi Noltemus fit Pavenatedf ? 1 H Hos^rt?1 E B Htr?ine?'?1 J C Howe fit co?fi Almv, Pat1 -nonfico?II W B Dnjtr?4 fc M Davit?1 D C Pnrlcr? 1 Chatfelan?1 Brustlcin, Koop atco?1 J A Rohe?2 Foasard fit William*?1 H fit H Hai^ht?I Davi?. Brooks It co?I E. Bossanre?103 B^iikard fit Mutton?0 L Delmotti?2 J 1 H Dttflol?4 F C. "('ritai?1 J A Voiain &. co?I Loeacliixlt fit Wiaenuonck?4 R JanrAy fit co?6 fifties, Christ fit co?1 A Henau.d?1 B car. Benjamin fit co?l O Varet-18 A Loubat?j H k- ?cl*er?10 C Id?-tnmeriti ?- 2 L B Binaae?1 Soutcyran fit Perr n?1 Firth fit H*jJ?2 Bailly.Ward fitco?3 Schmidt fit Andrea ?2 O GrilHft? I Edwards fit Stoddard?l Yonng, Smith fit co? t Co'vill fit Khmiuf? 1 finuillatd, DeHtic fit. co?16 lTinb?'r fit llanthmaiilr? I E fit A Wnrb? nt?4 J J Orkman?2 J RHt Felii -19 F M fi- hwidf?5T 88chie*aingi*r?2r? Oav, Lussac fit No?rl I J ( . t?'J F B mdanl?I J Miirw-lo A Barh y?1 A fit G A K ndall?2 fi Dnper?V Lncicn Mailhrd? l T Boudard?21 Kennard fit co?0 Lariiaitf fit Fatiehe?1 Olriwird fc Laramie?I K Hemnierling?3 Mah iieui, Gourd fit nH W Linoet)?f F.n *' r fir Fol?v?'? ^ L Froach?*2 E Hen?2 f Muhrr?i Dan\w fit co?I J r Howe at O?3 PfeiflVr fit Wiaamann?g .1 M Orpriihein fitco?r C Fay?2nd bkts w ine (4 Mohr?3G pkgs to order. Hatni?Shir \V*r??w?fij ijrin'lstonf' Bcrrt k Kccip? 1 (?, Br\l?rdk Dr.loTn".?(ibnlr (oordir. ? ?.*, Oi.a?oow?Ship Conn. "m* pig \\ C Maitland ? liickt J Reyborn. Bh. Mr*?Stop VW.irt?18 bale* 3t'i m",c Oj nrln V Knitter?1 bn Ch%? O Ounthtr?JBtllin V Laudci ? 1 Erkhanlt ill M> rk?10 Griniifll, Mintitrn ko>?71 ! "> order, Bukaii.a?B .rk lUpiMii^NS b*t ripe* H-twelirn k llnknrt -6!i i.*> iodic C.'i u AWnfcbu?8 ck? ?kiui (i F Pf?lfrrU?I bt m.l?? C W Vorwt rk?3 F Tlior.|>ork?n k co? 3 ck?' t it H Krri;inlM rs k o?1 b'.i'o. iJrr Oonie?tlc Importation*. SatastaH?Brig Wilton Ktillci?lb rk? rir? C Bolton, K"X fc LiTin*<ton?311 totton T rnrlpMI E Partrr k Colin. ?72 Bootuno, JoIiiiaioii k Alt"?177 ilo I trunk H Coit k co? 2 hhd? 1 ohfii t ) >? Dilution k Dimon?4 L M Hittcm?1 H II I), mill?i K. < Bi'lnrrk?I r??# HID Lwliroi^-IO bale, cotton A (? Millar?IJ J Wood. St Joitira, f.F?Sclir Ea*lf?M ludrt 3 hdl? ilarr >kin* 3f*pf feet lumber to the mnfter , * , * ?..,, a maritime herald. 1 To Ship Blasters. I Wt ilull rftfcm il a foor, if rantatn* of r*ml? amvn here, will ifife tnComtnodiiie W. A. of ourtuws rte? i ii left I i? | >L? I'M M ? i 1 i < 11, if.).;. I foreign new ?, r* they ? .?* h i\? v < inmodor* B uarU v, board 11 v*- ?*i i m?f? .-ir!, ?ti lht .>.ival. We will reciprocal j I the favor iii inv w ?v. To Cot r*?f>ottduiit?? Abroad. Our correapundttils i i foreign |?oi'? ;?,c reapcctfullyrequest! I ?- ! all t!.c marine iutallig n . . obx in. Niuti information oi kj ltd fi im odiut; at h? ;nr or ?br? au, wi.l ho tl. .nklully received. POUT OP 2VEW VOKK, JULY 1, 1H14. UN 4 31 I MOON ||. H'N 7 !sl? I Hir.H war n * i Cleared* Skins Oifonl,, Liverpool, (' II Marshall; Ho lade! plus, Hovey, London, John (Iris wold; OneiCa, Knock, Ha*re. H ?vil a Hincken; Henry Bliss, (Br) Smith. Quebec, W < Mauland, Jane Aiitcusta, (Br) Clark, do. Hoc he Brothers It I ; Britannia, ( Br) MrBe.tu, St Andrew*. XB. Birrla> 5c Living at?n.?Barks Sunn A Sarah. (B. ) Mill*. Quebec. Birr lay K. Livingston; Watt. (Br) Lock. do. John Herd man.?Brias Ai vede, (Fr) Girandean. Havre. Boyd V Hincken: Tain Oftaanter, Allen, Curacoa, J Fonlke k. Son; Frances Ainy, Park. H ivana, fi L Meaeham; Wampanoac, Colson, Sr Thomas. Badger A Peck: S? a Flower, Northup, Georgetown, SC. Bidder 5c Peck; Virginia, B-thell. Jacksonville, Fla; Patriot, Rich. Bo . ton; Frei^literl Blanchard, Portland; Neptune. (Br) Atkinson. U lit bee, Ciiuinrigliam &l Buchanan.?Schrs Alliance Plirturll. riltnington, NC. John Ogdon; Queen, F.ldridfe, Boston, II Underwood. Arrived. I Packet ship Toronto. Griawold, from London nitd Portsmouth. June 2. with md?c, to John OrUwuld. June 7, lat 49 21, Ion I?. tn^cd signals vvirli brig Corinth, bound e.-ut; Kth, lat '0 It, Ion |?, i0, spoke ship Rebecca, of and from Bremen for Biltiniort?hip Grace Brown in company; nth. lat 13 3o, Ion ri, saw several larce iceberg*; IHth, lat 13, Ion 62 40, large quantities of ire in sight; 21ft, lat 4J. Ion 68 Sl.aaw a steamer standing ra*t. Packet ship Baltimore, Funk, frori Havre, May >3, w ith mdse, to Boyd k Hincken. June 2. Cape C lear N. 26 mile*, ... i.- ti?. sr.u*i.i, r..r Livenavd. 28th, Itl 40 *?, Ion 56, exchanged sik'tiah with steam I ship Great Wnt-nt. The B*ltimore Ins been 10 days this side J of the Bunk*, w ith nothing hut calm*. | Ship Coturresa, Martini I, 32 days from Glasgow, with md?e. to Nesmitft L*ed?. May 2ftth, brig < 'amen, of Hit! from Boston, for Lronaiabt, out J8 days, 1st 36 30, Ion 15; May j 1st, lat ?l 35, Ion IB, Br hark l!4tarl?'i? of and front Belfast, for N York, out 10 days; June 5, nasaed Br hark Kuciid, of Liverpool, standing east; Jun* Ml, hat II Id, lou fu, spoke ship Ciocinnaii, Barttow, of New Y"rk, lro?n Havana for Antwerp. June 1?, lat it, Ion 55 30, ship Leonora, Brav, of Newburyport, from Liverpool for Boston, out 3? days; June it. lar IS 20. Ion 61, passed a steamer, supposed to he 1 ue of the Boston and Liverpool packets, standing cist; June 21, lar 12 50, Ion 61, passed Br Imrk Bi Queen, standing ea?t; Juno 21, lat 12, 58, lou 61, poke hark Pontons, of and from Nets York, out 36 davs; June 25, lat '2 10, Ion 65 10, schr Maria, from Boston, for St Johin, N K. out 4 days. Bhip Manhattan, Wetherill, from Amsterdam, with l?7(l bag offee 1.1 Pfeitfer it WissmaiM. Left ?h T ?? l May iO, an I passed the Orkney* Jtii)6 !4f l&t 43 4l? lou 19 15, paused near too l.irge icebergs. huip Warsaw, Haw kius. from Havre. 5J;y 20, with md-.e, t* A Kuok, J1 -136 passengers. Breuteit Me/.srf, Wachter, 38 days froto Bretueu. with mdsc, to Oelriclis k Krugcf Jttue 16. lat 42, Ion51, passedlargi quantities of ice. British ship (Jlcnview, S titers, 21 days from Liverpool, with 180 tons coal to Tavlor St Merrill?211 steerage passengers. Ship Elizabeth Denison, Post. 28 days from Liver|K>ol, wilh mdse, to E. D. HurlbntSc Co. June 15, lat 12 48, Ion 43, exchanged signal*; with steam ship British Queen, hence for Antwerp. Lat 42. 'on 50 30, ft 11 in with drift ice and sev? ral iceberg*. No date, lat 41 36, ion 51; saw ship Marion, from Charleston for Ihvre. 257 steerage pa^eugers. Ship Carroll of Carrolton, Bird, from i-is erpool, June 1, with 2100 sacks salt to H. J. Walker. June 7. lat 49 50, Ion 13 30, spoke hark Tennessee, 21 davs from New Beufotd for Amsterdam.? On llut I7?h and 10th June, lat 13 30, Ion 48, saw foity large Icehygs. Ship Birmingham. Rohinson, from Liver|?ool, Mty 28 with 200 tons coal to Tavlor tk Merrill-?:230 steerage passengers. Shin Maryland, Simmons, 45 <Jayt from Bremen, in ballast, to E. A T. Popps~i6?" paisrnarrs, Bark Pomona, Edw ards, 10 days from Amsterdam, with rud?< \> l-'. < kbhird ^ Co. Bremen bark Republik. Tegeler, !W days front Bremen, w ith mdse, to Henschen Sc Uttkart?5 cabin and 105 steerage pas-teng rs. June 40 12, Ion 70 12, spoke ship Johannes, from Bremen for Baltimore. Belgian hark Zephyr, Wittevann, 41 days front Antwerp, with mdse, to order?in 1 passengers. T\ S. brig Oregon, Overton Carr, Lieut. Contdt. frotct Rio de Janeiro, May 22. British brig Phoenix, Langston, 42 days from Greenock, with mdte. to Wood hull & Minturn. June 10, lat 15 50, Ion to, spoke British schr Jollv Tarr, 46 days from Liverpool for NYork. Brig Robert, Cook, 25 days front c >ast of Africa, west side, with a quantity of *|recic, 17000 littles, 400 bushels groundnuts 30 leopard skins, 36 ivorv teefli, lh? tons camwood, to Gillman Smell 8c co. Left brig Gazelle of Salem. The brig Hamilton of Salem, sailed to leeward coast, 1th. The hark Adario, of and for New York in 1 days; 25th, off Gambia, spoke brig Malaga of Salem, hound south. Brig Wilson Fuller, Cobb, 5 days from Savannah, with rice and cotton, to Dunham 8c Dimou. Schr David Pratt. Creech, 13 days from Mayaguez, with 171 hhds sugar 10 do molasses to Mai (.laud, Kennedy 8c Co. British schr Mary, McKinzie, 8 days from LhtriHMd, NS. with hark, to master. Schr Min.'rva, Eddy,7 days from Eletithera. with 3600 dozen pine apples to Acker Sc Ackerly. Left no American vessels in port. Schr Josephine, R ibcrtsoii, 5 days from Richmond, with rn?l for the \'?vv V.?rd Schr Oiivia Brickell, llidard, 5 days from Richmond, wit!, coat, for ill. \avv Van!. 8chr Traffic, Webster, 5 days from Baltimore, w itli corn, to J. & N. Brip?s. 8chr Eiu'lf, Gleiilharn, froin Si. Johns, KF. with hides and lumber, fo# master?6 nasio tiger-. Schi Elizabeth, Billings, 10 days from Lnbec, with plaster, to master. Schr Chanty, Smith, 3 days from Philadelphia, with c.?al, to master. Schr D. M. Meancreau, Young, f: ?in Philadelphia, with cor.', to m uitr r. Schr John Polk, Arnold, 3 daya from Virginia, with wood, to master. Below. One ship, two brigs. General Itecord. For F.rRopy.?Th- Osford for List--rp??ol, Oneida for Hatr. and Philadelphia for London, will sail to-day. Their letter bags are at Gilpin's, in the Exchange. Spoken. Minerva, St Andrews for Jamaica, Jim 13, lat 20, Ion CO. Foreign Ports, Halifax, June 1ft?Arr Hoi?ewell, Philadelphia; 2Lt. Lucretia. Alexandria. Cld Piinre Oeonre, Canton. June 17?Anr lo, Liverpool; Robert Morrow, Leith. Cld Toronto, London; Minerva, Liverpool. Porto Cahkllo, June 15?In port, Com Warrington, of and for Baltimore, next day. The Howcn.a, of Philadelphia, arr at LaOuayra 1 Itli?no other American vessel in port. United States Ports. Tort-lard, June 28?Arr Pioneer, NYork; 27th, Franklin, Philadelphia. Cld Laurel. Sydney. Boston. June 29?Arr Caroline, Havana. Signal for a hark. Cld Plymouth, Havana; Medium, Port au Prince; Sarah. Jarmcl; Panrhifa, Newburyport; McLellan. Bath; Clarion, New York; J Cooley Sc Co, Fancy, and Mail. do. Fall Rivkk, June 25?An '8ta?ik>t Delaiard.' Pictou; Independence, Philadelphia; Excel, NYork; 20th, Susan & Sarah, Pictou. _ _ Hartford, June 2fl?An* c<?is, nuladelphia; Laura. N>w York; Velocity, do. Old 20th, CbniiMtra, Amanda, Eunice Hoar, for New York; Exchange, Philadelphia; II 1. Parker, Alii. tm I'liiLADKLFHiA, Juoe 30?Arr Ocean, Amsterdam; Genu, Tnllinadkr., and hula, East port; Ella, Oak, ami stranger, Boston; Seaman, Virginia Trader. Red Rover, Phebe k Margaret, Agawam, and Talma, NYork; Marv Jane, St John, NB. Mary r Stevens, Hartford; J Brick, Providence; Emperor, Taunton; ^ Iranhoe, Newbunjjort; Harrv P Fickle, Bmgor. Spartan, Frankfort; Pioneer, Taunton; Susan, Portland. Chi Hercules. Montevideo; Win M Rogers, K?cort, and Congress. Boston* Home, Halifax; America. Salem; Runner. W Indie ; l.'?o, Elcnthera; New Jersey, Albany; Mexico, Fall River; Liberty, Providence: Venn*, NYork. Arr in the Schuv 'kill A Lf rd, Hartford; Henry. M izcpna, lnd? i>end< nee, and Squirt 6t Brothers, Boston; R Wilhain*. New Havens Peter K Canary, Troy; Hope W G.indy, Fall River; Planet, Texian, and Brazilian. NYork; Augusts, Nantucket; Glide, ami K J) Caldwell. Providence. Baltimore, June 28?Arr P I Nevins, St John, NB. CM /nrie Hi I own >; M< n*. r n, i. Brazil in.I i Btkl; ( hIt in St Thomas and a mlet: Stan.laid, ( Bi) West Indies; Corin* . KleuVhera. Sid Napier, A mater.lam; W \ ( ahlwell, Tnnidad; Helen Mar, Portland. Alrvandria, .Inne 77- Shi fiopbronia, Birhad??er. Norfolk, June77?Arr Kmilv Kllh'nu, Porto Calx ll<?; Kill* k William, Stoninrron; Pearl, Bristol. In Hampton Roads, Massachusetts, from lames River for Bteiuen. The LnriMa, for R?>it"r?lam, went to sea from Hampton Road* veMerd?v.? Arr28th, Felicia, Matanzas; Celt stino, do. Cld Oirigo, Martipi'itie*. Saml I it nrv. Antigua. Wn.MiKiTnv, NO.June 22?Arr Cassitif, Bermuda. Cli) Rocket, Am Cayes. Savannah, June 25?CM Wilson Fuller, NYork; Cordelia, Boston. Sid Sterling, Liverpool. Nkw Orlf affs. June 20?Cld Bornholm, Antwerp; Dalmatia, Amsterdam; Valhalla, Marseilles; Amerika, (Sw) Gottenluirg. Arr Woodside, Havre; Swstara, Philadelphia; Ocean, NYork; Oakland, Liverpool. Cld 21*1, Regulus, ('adiz: < hamplain, Liverpool; Severn, do; Came Mas. do; Merchant, Bristol; Pennsylvania, Rotterdam; St ('loud, Boston, Charles, Halifax; Charlotte, Mobile. Arr Roger Sherman, Havre; Qov Dana, do; Shaw, MaUmi-ras; Elizabeth Frith, Boston; Prentice, Troy. Reform, and Delia, NYork; Mallery, Newcastle, Me; Mandarin, do; Wrn Ladd, Natchez. |N)RTUCUJE^K FEMALE PILLS rpHE8E far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are. ? we perceive, In l?e obtained m Ihu roun'ry. See mix-Hue mem on ihe last column of fourth psrc. m3 u D^UUwBLXwo'Orrwil to No. 3 Herald Btii.diiio corner of Nassau ami Fulton streets. je2 3m ins c U HOUSTON, M l). DF.NTISl'-Has removed to 343 I Uronlway, between I'iiik Place and Murray street. jr2>i cod I in* r "THE Members of toe Mercantile Library Association, and J Clerks in general, who are injlvvor of advancing the cause o| Tempaiani e, are rc?|iei Unlit solicited to attend a ineeritig, to lie held in the Lectn.s Room, of Clint' n Hall, on this, I i nlay es cuing, hir tli |iur|H>se of forming a Temperance 8ocietv, on tot ,1 abstinent. i?TMia-i|?'e* New Yoik. Jiilyj, I8G. jy| u?c SlHIP ONEIDA?The pasae tigers is ill please to embark i-r at 12 o'clock. M . precisely. at Piei No. 3 N II The mail w ill i lose at the Post Office and letters b. taken Irom the Reading Rooms at 11 o'clock. The slcamer Jacoh Bell will low ihc ship to si a. jyle WANTF.D?A situation iii a prisate f unify at cook, or to do general houseworlt. Apply to Mr. ( enin lly, 171 Washington street. Good city reference can lie given. English seivanl. JVl Iff D tHol i II FOR sAI.E -A w. Undsome ettanslontoi Dflatonche, bnilt hv K W. Cramer St CO. to older nml'hiish i d in the best manner, will be aohl ,i great bargain if immediate application is made at N. Y. Tatlersalls, tni Broadway, , where it can be seen?also a spL-ndid set ot double harness. II not sold previously ai private sale, it will be sold w i houl r* serve at auctiou at Taltersalls, oil Tuesday jth Jul v, at Ho clock. J> I 3t ec pOliTTvFFIf K, New York, Jnn* 23, I8l2.-Biiiiniii? ' Steamer?Li lt i haps for Livereooi, per steamer "ritanni" from B"at n on the 2d proximo. will clos" at Upper and I.owcr Post Offices on Friday, the 1st day of Inly, si .'J P. M Tin oveilsn.l poatage ..I \llji i e? ts >,i ach aingli letter mitsl In paid lOllN I.ORIV.ER GRAHAM, P. M. jsfj 3ir BRANDY CHKE8F.?IBM Ponnds vf Old Brsnilv f'hreas..? For sslc by S. V. HER KING, J' ? lwr l?i Wat. r st e. t. MOTICjt ?A special meeting of the Stockholders of ih . American Patent Frietion Mi'ch Com. any, will b? h lit at Ihe l ompany't Warehouse in Boaln >, on Thur day the 21st day Inly next, at 9 o'clock, A. M. A i u .rrnvl atlendaii'.e is r- <yu. sled. Per oider of Ihe Directors, n , , GEO. C GOODWIN, 8'creta-y. Bo-ton. Jane ?, m;, j21)2w*r LUKE B It I UK. 7000 Scotch nl superior ijtiality, finding fron 1 ship Peranum from Glasgow, and for sale hy ' PF.R8SK k BROOKS. P" Pin ei Librrty St. ("sHLURlDk. ME?ttgl laatia BoT'l's sil| rnor "fill a-r rids of Lime, for sul hv J'Xic PF.R88T fc BROOK 8, tl Lmerty st. COAL AFLtMT-RO toss superior <|nahty Welsh Coal e* Bf. hark Budget Timpiins?far sale low. hv jeW J T. TAP8( OTf, S3 peck slip FOURTH OF JULY CELEBRATION AT TAMMA F NY H ALL -Mr J. PARKER has tha pUaaifa *0 ai loum.e to hi* friend* and the public that h iAtfQM cclcrratiu he Fourth with a < trend Bill in r1?e evening. the *ooin will I* lightly decorated wrth Flag* and Burners, in order to keep i u caul .1* . Dim iiik' to continence at V o'oock and col iuu 1} until a late hour. Tic ket* for adini??ioti $1. to admit l>cnt'.-*mari and hi* L .di *. The company will leave ? fi?r , riewof tlie tpb ndnl Firework* in the Park. Mr. Wallace* lltod u engaged: Air. Howard will L? - well provided with le I .ea?'u ana Fruit* of the i.-nou. Captain ('rait % new High land t'umpanv have an imitation and w ill attend in their spirt lid . wtuun . . i u ( PI ON NELL M HKPLV I'O K CRL HHHKVV 8Bl R\ ^ ?Authentic Edition?The subscriber hat received froa 'he LilwM'or'i publish* r in Dublin, a coihirntncutaf thi< celt brate 1 work directed to be went here by the distiiu:iiishvtl lUtin liiinself. It it tuperMy printed. Those who w ish to have th 'rnuiiis work, neither emasculated by corrertkinsnordisAgurci l>y absurd uotet, will|huyfthit edition. Titos# on the contrar wh want in ibridfmetu which it it , lioful fi raad ooiccmii miaerable piint and paper, will purchase that put forti with th? i movr.Mt.iTiol' the American editor, Patrick t'a^ icrley. Miud, however, thi* it tne ouly k 'linine edition, th pthtn being to much ;mproved l?\ the American editor, that i it no Iohl'ci (Pfonn* IP* reply. Those, therefore, who wi%l t!?t* real work of O1! onnell w ill 1h* careful to order me Dubli Edition. JOHN DO\LE. 3t*r I> .. . i |Q9 Broadway. THE RAP N All \ D fo THE ( Ol N jpER. When i individual to vi n couapicuoua for liitrh classical attaii meuts, so very remarkable for site and delicate |x*rceptioin u right ana wrong, ?tn?l to eminent)) distinguished lor ic upuloti tdheience to truth, a* Mr. John Doyle, bookseller, [N. Y,.J condescends to criticise the liti rcr> uu rits of a piin.hiet publish.* by a rival, t?>nie very extraor linn developments may be cxl?r ted, to astonish the public in geuerel, and hiidi* jedet in p*iUjrul ii. ( h?. trifling ?|N;ciirieii<>( his hoe of the rnnrvelh in i eiv? ti below ; hi* t** sense < ! right and wrong may wel1 b* continued to h.t ow n aperid keeping;?iiul an evidence o; hit |>oliie an I clcyaiit accomplishments, as a scholar or n gentleman, maybe anxiously exerted lp a wondering world, whenaver it can Ik* shown tie hat the sliuh e?t pretension to cither. AMKRIt AN EDITOR O't ONNKLl/S REPLY, w lie re as, ia an ulvcrtisement whieh appeorc *1 mi the IlerJd of Thursday last, Mr. John D ?\ I , book- ' ? i ii m im nude nth n>*? . ted that the A in r?. an edition .a' *'(1*1' ...IP- 11... Ii i Shrewsbury," issued by* Caaseriv ^ Sou*, i* M an abridgement and uuloiitit'r OToiinell^ R? ply. Ia hereby testily, th? furet?oiiiK aueitionii altogetner destitute of truth; as tie entire test of the Dublin edition Ii-vh [with the exception of tie uci'i utry tyjHi^ni|)iitcxl corrfCtiaiu| been ?crut>ulou?l> I . i I It litrmore bf lievt that Mr. Doyle most hart knowrti the t TTI R KALtiTY of tin assertion, when tending hi' advertisement to the "Herald." /\nd in refereuct to his assumption, that " it is painful to read it. on account of the iniserthh print and paper, ?1 will leave it to the public tojud/r n it i- not >uim not u> many of hii own i ublic itioru nt whi<1 he 11.m vaunted to much. WW. B KIT/GIBBON. 'I Printer, I City HaM Plae | (\rj KK\V A Kl>?Wh<- re as, on the night ol June 20, tin I 1 VJv/ p.iv ite riHim of the subscriber was broken oj?eii and sundry articles stolen therefrom, this is to giv< notice that lie will tl ? the abo e reward for'the recovery of t lie'property, and t2a for tbe spprchrtuion and ?,on> ictlon of the thief. Tin articles stolen consist of 20 Telescopes marked Fraiunhafcr N L'tzsebp. idrr. and soino of tliem marked lilosxal, of Vienna; 50 r CH Opera ( Masses double, and four dozen single; l doz< n ol j.;< id framed teperucle*, and 'J dozen of Eye Glasses, single and double, gold ; 18 dozen of silver uo; 2 dozen of Tortoise shell; hall dozen Aruuatic Microscopes. marked Blossal of Vienna ; ' d< /.eu of mlittle Microscopes; S or fi dozen of steel framed 8|iectacl? s; 1 dozen of small Telescopes w ith double glasses, marked Frauenhafer ht Ulzchiieider. rhe subscriber has also been robbed of sundry oilier article* which he cannot now distinctly >|?e, ify. Adr.ovr containing about $12, consisting ol out livy doll ir hill ol the Bank of Baltimore, a piece torn oft' the comer of :u? trn dollar bill[of the bity of N*w V ? rV nud some other notes o? i... n tT.'1.?!'j i "in.' ; ut person(iviotf suchinf nnitionu dniuxiM to the reco try of the property IialI 1h* rewarded as above, and all dealers an- caijtiimed against hnyinic any of the articles marked as above *i?ecined. jy 1 !tt r JOHN C. SACKS, Optician fr<>tn Vieuiu, 251 Broadway. pOMPTROLLEPH SALE OK STATE SIOKH. -Th? vy State Stock*held by the Comptroller intrust for tbe New York Banking Company, will be sold at the Merchants' Exchance, in the city of New York, on Wednesday, the 6tli of July next, at 12 o'clock, M., to wit ;? 10 Certificate* of Illinois Six per cent (internal improvement) stock, payable 187u, for $10110 each ; $10,000 10 Certificates of Illinois Six percent stock, (for public buildings) payable 18*1, for $i0*6 each $10,000 G Certificates, of Michigan Six per cent (Detroit and Pontine Rail Road) stock, payable 1050 lor $1000 each $6,000 ^ \. C. FLAGG, Coin) t. Aliawv, IkWuin, 1842. iyl jtr SHIRTS, SHIRTS. rt.sited s tates shirt manufactory,77 wiihain stieet, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is hereby given to Merchants and traders in general, that the proprietors of the above establishment have adopted a new method of inanufactoring which enables them to sell their shirts at a cheaper rat < than auy other house in this city. This statement will be jtfiitned by the list of prices as follows:? __ _ Per Doe. Fme Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosom* anil Collars, $7,50 Do stitehud in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored i?ne (talents, Iarge sixes 7,00 Also, a lu^e quantity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on hud, which win Im onrad eheip ibr cash. Jyl Imw ~ETR:MOF^AT'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES. AK the many and various kinds of medicines now in u*e for V-/ the cure of all diseases which falls to the lot of poor human nature to b afflicted with, none ha>? proved so highly efficacious in every install"" in which they have been used, as Dr. MOFFAT-8 I N1VEK8AL VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS AND PHRNIX BIT T EUR. Th?> are undoubtedly above all others the in<?st effectual remedy eitant for the cure of all and every disease to w hich inan is subject, even of the most aggravated *haracter. The ur-at virtues of these medicines an iiroved by thousands of unsolicited testimonials from re;|?ectaUe tn-rst ns and families in every oart of the Union, who have been perfectly cumd by them aft r every other remedy hail failed to give relief. They have-not gain d t*.eir great celebrity by any* resort to puffery by the proprietor, hut their ow. inestimable onalities have caused their lenown to ||> frotn family to family throughout this vast rc public with almost the rapidity of thought. They expel all impurities from the blood?are extremely mild in th# ir mi ration, and yet are tin* most potent of all remedies in cases on he most inveterate and atjrn>atetl maladies, l.i all deraiim ments of the digestive jigaiu, as well as in many nun of acuu* or chronic din- *4oa,lhrir wlfects are so complete as to excite the grvate.t wonder. The are a gentle and yet a most complete remedy fora'l and every innUTy known to medical scieuce. As a mild . nd occ: -ional purgative they ought to he made use of by e very one, and be lu i?i iu every family?a* a powerful and certain remedy in the woist stages of the most ^inveterate malidy, they*_ongl.' *o he universally resorted to. INo one can give their :t fair trial >\ licit < *r*erieiirinf the v.ut benefits arising from their exceeding great v irt? *. The following are a few e( the inan> dim uses in which th ir efficacy has been test- d. They embrace the most alarming arid lingering r ises of Scrofula, Piles, Dyspepsia Jaundice, Biliouand Liver Complaints, Acute and Chrome Rheumatism, A at' ma. Bronchi!***, Scrofulous an well an Murom Consumption, Habitual Costiveness, Worms, 8tom*ch and Bowel I nmplaint"* of all kinds- Headache, Giddiness, and Nervous Debility, Kruptive Diseases, an l all clouded. sallow unhealthy appearance* of the ok in, ari?ing from various causes of ill health; fever tod guy. of every variety; settled pain* in the side, bacK. organs, aiul liinbs; humors, ulcers, foul breath and In ward fever; night sweat . lad pat ml weaknesa mdl 1 appetite : the muinpt; swonlbn fare and smuts; affectidiis .>| the bladder, kidney spleen and pleaa; aud the sicknesses incident to females, together with a great number of ether maladies. too numerous to mention. These inestimaole remedies, I again repent, should be kept in every family throughout the Cnion, a% the surest safeguard against the above innumerable diseases: and also as the best renovators of a soun?l and rotiust constitution. They are sin* gulaily pleasant iu their opt ration, and ihoftgh effectual, never cause any prostration, which generally follows the use of Coarse drastic purges of calomel. IVpared mihI sold whole sale and retail by Dr. \VM. B. MOFFAT, 375 Broadway, N. York. F??r sale also by theagents, jeffllwi*"*' DR. URANDRETH'S PILLS. tfl'HERE ar- f.i, tilttr>,l>oilily .ml intnllectu.l within u?, I with which certain ht-rb. bare adiuity, ami over which they have power.'* Let all who are afflicted with virion-.., mrc the BRAND RET H Pli.LS atrial; they are by thon-anda whom they hare cui?il, win n all other no-ana and medtciuea had proTcd imavailins ... Ohn-rvr the new label-, each having upon ittwo aiguattirra of Dr. Brand.e:h. So each Ihii of the genuine ha* si, mgiiRtnre*. Thru Beiti-min Bmndreth and three B. Brand.-th M. I)., upTIIK BRANDRLTH PILL* are aold at JA p.-nt* per bo,. with direcm.iia, at the following plaeea in Ni w York:? DR. BRANDRF.TH'8 PRINCIPAL OFFIt E. /ii Broadway, Im-iw.-ii I'arh Place and Murray r. Bower}' Olfice, if7l Bowery. Iht'a iluda.-n aliael. REMEMBER?Dr. Brandreth'a (tifi e in the BOWERY i?V., NOT nr.. r, I .t* HI A NO FORTES MANDFACTl RED by A. II. (.ALF. St CO . late N. Y. 1'Ialio Forte f'n.?I'nrcl.a 1a an- invited to i a .mi:.e their extensive -lock before purcha-ius elaewhere, at tlieir Matiufactory an.I Ware R-.-oma, 1'liird Avenue, corner ol Thirteenth atreet. N. B. Tiicea to suit the time,. jel lm?ina e_ pTANOFDlfTES FOR HIRF..?A variety nl no.?d toned I Piano Furtea are count utI> kept I n hire at the m mul artory No. tl Weal Fourteenth itri-et. between -he Fifth aud Siath avenue.. ^ _ Alao, a good as.ortinent of new Piano rortea, of aujotrlor jualitV, with t?W octave, of roaewood and mahogany, for tale at a MOSS?8C Italca bl tck Nr* Orletua M?* For ?alr by K K CfJLLlNS U CO. |e2fi ?South at Jrdg- FORtIRfENOCK?Packetol ?th?t, Juiy.-ThMHMFy ?l'b nili.l r-?*t aailing nacart aliip New Vnik, I tpuin will an11 i niictiinlly a* abort, and haa ven c.nnlui able ami cnmmodioua aceommotUtiona for cabin, wninl raliin, ami afeerage paaaensi-ra, if rally application br made on board, loot ol Dam alreet, or to W, i. I. T. TAPSCOTT, jy| 11 IVc k Slip, rnr Southat Milt ROTTERDAM?The aaparior roiipeied m^wvahip FLAVIUo. <?a|tUin Jonaa. ha< nearly all lirr jybvalfLa aryo . iiy iynl, ami will lie iliapatrhcd rrry promptlypi^ieighta of a few tona brary good a or a lew piuacngara, ap. nl to the captain on bonril, at loot of lloaeTeli at. rt, or lo 1 ' BOVl> V IIINCKEN, jylc )Tontiue Boil.liny a*/.- H>i< LIVERPOOL, Hritiah Shi,.?To- A. I, uBytJFV copier la-trio d Wi ll known laal anting Br, rhip Jf^umm CHESTER, Capt. Jno. Doyle, will be ready to reel ive cargo m I lew daya. and will liar* dea|iatrh fur tbe alrore port. Korftaruht fcc. apjily to HOC HE, BROTHERS St CO., 35 Fiilton-atreef, jylc Nerl door to the Fulton Bank. i,ftd FREIGHT or charier, tlir A I Br bark BRIDGET TIM.yllNS, 100 tona burthen, J. 0. .SPiMMbMoiria in, master, will br ready lo freight in a lew day*. Apply to W St J. T TAPSCOTT, ^eJO II P-rk Snr. KISHINU EXCUKSIONE. Kfc.NrU.LD, IffySFV No. 4 Cornhill S.|U.oe, op|to-ite ihe Poat OAci , inJBHHBa I'orina hi a I lend* and tli public tliat he baa pi icureil new ami complete anta of Fulling Apltaratua, including Linea, Cookiint Uteiiaila, 4cc. of tin lira! 01 !er. Hteamboata, aailo.g vto,.rI i ooolta, >nd tenilera, of the fint rlaaa, ilw iya ill rradlliraa, and will be lurriiahrd to partlea 01 the moat reaaoiialilr terrvy. Ilia frtemla and tlir public are lufori ieii tlrat he conLiunes t> accommodate permanent boardrra and tran.aient company. 4, Cornhill B'|naif. Bo?uni, Slav "3, Igtil Irl'a* PAt K El Ship Miaaiasippi from New Oil-ant, n inn at Tborne** whari, B-'iokly n. Conaig'ieta Willpl. . utend to teoeij f f thaii yoorla mo "1'atelv. p *r pAf~KET SllfP ROSCIUB, frim bill ;'P ,i, M doolur., l un lerifenctnl order ?'Oilean* wharf, loot ol Wall ??tr Cotraigi.cra * ill plea-e attend lo receipt oi' it eh ... ... L'NOLISH MAIL?Letter haga tor Lie. r.oo ,.y III- koT~ Pa \|.|i! an amer. Bri: rnnia, ton. Bottom will clo at H r> . tt C .'r Eaprta and Fort ig . Let'cr Office, No.'4 Wall atreet Friday, Jul/ lat, at I1* o'clock, P. M. lei 'tojylr HAIODF.N X CO. T HON SAFES WAN l*F.D.-A large looU. Ir>u >, 1 wanted. Apply to fa. C IIERRING, jej? I ? r IT) W Iter afrr. f. WINEbFOR SuSlMF.K LUfc-Hocaa, >lo.i,?, I i, ,,. iiagnra, Claroia, Bnrgnndiei and pale mountain Sherir ,, oi draft or in kotilea, for aale by GILBERT DAVIS, 15 Pine at Alan, for the aiclc, old auperior Pott and and Cognac Brandy je.K)3tr HANfl^i/i I'aTT.fl.?JO.nW) ponmla low priced pape.. I aale by J? c rhRSSF. St BROOKS, ?l Liberty it. j LONG ISLAND RAIL ROAD COMPANY."! -Sig^iL-515? On and jJh r Wrdne?Xiy^hr i#?iiJuly. MIA thej"rau?? wi' leave * ? fo'lows, %ii>-t Leave Thompson at t> A. M. aim! P* o'clock, P- M. d> DerParU 6li 44 ll! d? Hi,k?%?llf. 7% " 2'i do II'i?i|>s;? .id, 7'4 2'a 44 I d? Jainiti'i, i; " 3 41 , Ltate S.Ferry, N V.ddc ti'i 44 44 do Dio'kI vii, ?m 4li 14 srvDAV TKAINs. Lfitr J t?n?"*a. * AM and-i'i o*clo k. I' N do South Kerry N a' *i?i? , %s\ " 5K? *io Brooklyn, h1 j '* 5)* 41 do I) nhrk, - 3 d > 11 icitvvi lit- ,iud llemp.^rau, KAKK FOR TICKET* At the Ofllce, B.ookl n, y follow*: JatiuicA. 25 cu I WeitKiry, 6C cts Bitulmllc, 37 | Hicksvi fe. 6* B-anrli, 5o Farming/ilr. 75 1 11 inrnicad, 5G DeerPuk, 88 Carll Plait-, jti I Babylon, $1 Ou Thompson, $l.oo. FaufOit'CM are desired to procure tickets befon takin. seats r the cars. STAGES Will be in rr ad loess on the ariival of the Train . at Jamaica, to take ytastengcrs to Ro<K*?*ay. Branch, to Cowm-ck, Mauhasset, Hempstead Harbor, 4n Cove an.! Cedar Swamp. i llcrnpst'-ad, to Oysterb.iy South, Jim Smith'* and Kaytm. 90?|h. ' Huksvilh , to Jericho, Norw ich, Oyster bay, Cold Sprii i a d 1 Huntington. 1 Thomson, on the North or Sound side of the Island, t ? C. mac, Smithtcwn, Quoram, Setaukct,, Soutliold, OreeH|?orS and Orient. Deer Park on the South or Ocean side to Babvloii, l-dip, Litf. Snedecor4*, Patchogue, Carman's, Fireplace Mastic, Muricli**, Quogtt, Siuth and West H?m,i(on, Sag-H?rl?nr mid Moiilntik. tforkaway passengers will ohuiu ticket through at the Hail 1 Road Oilier, Brooklyn, nod at the ham of the !*. \ I lion. Sta^* and baggage wagons w ill he in rendiut ss in the Depot Yard at 1 Jamaica, ti convey passengers to Ilockan.iy. Far- through to H< >ckan ly 75 cents, lt*i RAILROA0 W( >TI< E. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINK. flto TlTI xl^lBl TMIF. NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transit nation Corn 4 pany have established a Freight Line netWi eii New Biut.*wu-k and New Yoik, which they intend to run perm," 1 oeutk. Leaving N, w Brunswick at V1* A.M. daily, (?;md .v? et- I cepte(1) <> ! 'lit* foot ol' Liberty street. Xc? York, at 2\ P. M. I _ To ('iiiiiiUi iirilrn ftud n -rehauls tlx* liue is irri" desirable for the %p? > dv ukI em ip conveyance r>l nirrrhaudi-e of ?Ttry it escripti >|i, not it. f <|ai(T fi flro, ers .01.1 Dealers 111 l.i 11- tftoi k, nflm have JiOlu'.uTnl cattle cnmeyad between NVw Brunswick and Nt iv York, tin Mini Jay whenever rv.tuiiid. Tlir nries fur the tiantpcruiiou of ill tie, horses, unties, beep, hoys, fee. auJ all oilv 1 kinds of r.itrchtuuisc uw very low, never eiceuiting stcambo-t prices. derchaidiie sent bv this lint- is not subject toiuy.itis chaigi in crossiiu; the North Kivei. riu < "n| any have htteil up a lai,co *U>lehoui,e at New , Biuiinwick, atiioniitiK the Railroad De|iot, which will always beO|<rn for the reee|itioii of meiyliawhae, P>.ss?au[eis puicl.tuiim their ticket. at the ticket offices, will frceii e terry tickets yralis. Freight lor Newark, Elr/.abcthtown, Rahway, Westfield, Pllinmdd, Scotcli I'laitis, 13oitu<!bmok Qviul Smprrvillf, i.i Co"v"vi ^ lilies, ainj delivered the same day when received. mlf Sin* path itr-t 'N A Xi' Nl:u' VnKK Koi rti/ of ' j n. vA a nit an ok. \i k n t. On Monday. Ith m| July, the I 11s w ill ! ive I'ATERSON DEPOT. NEW YOHK. t, o'clock, A M ! " nV'i'eV A XI 0 " >' lit to " " | 12 " M I] ' M I 2 " I' M 2 " P M 4 1 6 " ,. .... , 7 .. [IV" Passe libera are 'advised to be at the Kerry a few minute* hi fore the hour ofsiajiu* 0^-KAUE VIKTY CRNTS.??J] jyl 3t ins'i KOrilTII AM) KIKTH OK .ll l.V KM I 11MON To N i:\VAH K. Three trips ^rom "A0*1 KARE O.M.Y 12V ( ENTS. The splendid and commodious steamer PASSAIC, Captain John Oitfiy, w ill leave aa follows, on the fth atjd i!n days of July Centre Whirl', N. wark. Knot of Barrliv St, N York. 7)4 o'clock, A M I 10 o'clock, A M 12 " M | 2 " I'M 4? "I'M I , I'M The rifuic ?ill lud at Berjm roin'on her half-past seven and half-oast t o'clock trips down; and on hrr 10 o'clock ami halfpa.1 | o'clock trip* up, i> 1 3t*c FARE " CENT*. aggcal I'LF.,VS~ ,'T" EXCURSION FROM TilK CITY Oh' ,NKW YORK ON" THE FOl'RTII Oh' J'TLY. The ?i< inera Win Youiw. Ca|' \diianc-. and Boston, f ipt Batx-ock, w ill inali" ievrn trips to Bull". Fcitj toil Fort Lee, on Mondav, tth Julv, It.. ink ihe looi of Ca i ll t. New Yo k. LEAVES NEW YORK. LEV ES h'dRT LEE. C . 'clock. I o'clock. 8 | 10 III " I'd " i ? * ? r. 8 REFRESHMENTS ON BO.VR1), Sia<<will run in conuectem w i li the boat to convi y patsen* gcis r . I?idrrn r The II i?. Fali Moon* deliftr* an oi.ition at Fort Lee at halfr 1 ' II "< ! . u Tlii* ! * iimiurstionably lie* most |?l*A?ant launt in the vi inity .f Nrw York. The prosiu'Clhom the t lilt at Kort Ln: i? beymnl d- h?'ri)>tion. Tl?i* I'.liff i? the ommeucrment of the celebrated l'iiliailci, turd is n humir? J feet aim* e the It * I of tlir ?ea?it command* ? rn'l *i w of the city of New Yok,t?n miles distant, and also of Yauil I 'and SouimI, with iti of vhit< sail*. ILuMjite, ami all iKe adjacent vill tee*?til rtiiutf a in?>re drlichifnl |? o-|?rct than any s] oi within li mheds of miles of New Y'-.k. It is the site oftnc F >it eircteM by CL neral Ii?e, in the war of the It volution, front whom it take* its name, and near tie old fort i* the rock tin w Jiich the immortal Washington stood, and wifneigen the storming of Kmt Wiuliitigtoii. Oil Hie i>i>|K.?ilc mil' orthe riicr anil mi full right. IVI 2l?r FOURTH <>F JULY EXCURSION. NEW V( >R K AM) PHILADELPHIA Tile New Jersey Ktil U<mi1 nm] Transportation Company intend running Three Excursion Lines between Philadelphiaand N?* w York, on the third and fourth of July. First Line will start from the loot of Liberty sfree', at 0 o'clock, A M. on Sunday, cross the river to Jersey City, thence by Railroad through Newark. Elizabefhtow n, Rahway, New Brunswick. Trenton, fee. to bordentown, thence by steamboat ?arriving in Ph'lad? lpliia 3 o'clock, P M. Second Line will s arf from tl so foot of Liberty street, at P M, tin Sun .ay, cross the rm-i to Jersey City, thence b\ Hail lloid through N? w nk, Kluabcthtowii, lldiway, New Bum*wick, Princ ton. Trenton IJ >rd? utown, 8tc. to Cain(fcti?arriving in Philadelphia at II o'clock, I' M. Third Line, leaving New York wri Mon lay,0o'clock, A M. sanie as the fust. hi tu in inf| from I'luhn I. If In. i,the * i n ticket v-ii1 Ceived in either ol the line:; leaving Philadelphia on the even itig of the I tli, at 6 P M, or oil th- taoriimg oi ike Mb at 7 o'chick A M. or on the evening of the Mb at i o'clock P NT, t Faro for the Kicuraion $4. )yl 4tr " STATEN ISLAM) KEHKN. __ a* Foot of Whitehall stre et. J The Steamers STATEN ISLANDER itul SAMS()> will'cave New York and Suten Island < very b .ufrom 8 \ M tu 7 p M. All goods are required y1 he oai cularly marked, and arc at the ii>k <4 the own' i* thereof. The rate of fare 6l4 c?ut?i jy! F('! KTH (IF II L\ EX( 1 Rsfi ?v ^ Thr new ?? d pkndid steamboat \V N HRF.N. fa n-eH -T--J* ( aptain J Mai.sel, will leae New \ rk. foot JE??y7 MT of Very stiett, (.ii .Monday, July 4th, at 10 o'clock. Amos street at and make an ?. ii urs>i> n'round St ten Island, stopping at H-^^v.flc a siilhcieui time lor recreation, and return t New York at i o'clock. A F .tit bo.(lis engaged lor the txcu sioh. Refreshments pro\ ided on boa id. T jre f r thr trip FIFTY CENTS. j vi re FOURTH OK TPT7T K\CU ii a ION TO SHHKWSBUUV, Long Ocrun Fy-rsn House, and lied B ink.?The steamboat 21L*Jtt3L.IULAS, < attain AI lain , will leave New Yoik from Fulton Market Slip, at it o'clock A M. Returning, wni .- Red Bank il kali-past i o'clock, r M, landing at V ort Hamilton, Ocean House, Port Washington and Middlet. .1. , . n. l. jni\ i. fm. i\i k?c ( HAJAP KX< ! HHION o\ THK KOI KTH 01 M Lt ^1 TO WK.ST POINTfk NKWBURUH. illf* Steamboat 1 Jiw'hlanilcr.C^pt 11 YVmtlr jp Tr ' T leave tlu* pi?r r?>'M ??| \Vlira*ii Monday morning, July Ith, at half-pa-1 7 o'cliM'k, fool ol' Hsininond trect, quarter before 8, on an rxniriion to West Poin and N'ewhitrgli, giving passengers a ituMicif'iil time to view the ? iieatnpment oft ndets ar West Point, mil the beautiful scenery in ami about both placet. llcturuieg will Wave New burgh at J o'clock, P M, and arrive in rim* for pit?engt rt to view lli? firework* or visit ths other places of public amiiM im nt in the evening. Fare each way 25 cents. A good Band of Music i? engaged for the occasion. N. B.?The Hijhiatider will leave foot of Warren st, Tin's* I i\ morning, July 5, at * o'cl < A i lm ah 1 tt*r< /flra FOURTH Of II CV KX't I Rslu.VTo B.i>U> |>orl, UiiiIiiik nl Horacneckami NnrTln ai, inn-r Ml MHOD, will leave K.aat aide Catharine niar* k 1 slip, Monday morning, July 4, at ?i< o'clock, ind I mil *t RorUynccIc mi I Nnrw ilk. Rwurniuf, leave Hri deeport at J o'clock, P. M., Norwalk a', at ijuarter |n?t four, anil Knckynerlt at fire, P. M l< are for the trip to eitin r the abort plae' i one dollar for a ticket, to to and return anmt day. jeill 4tc CHEAP EXCURSION" an THIRD AND KOI UTII OK JULY gy?^-,4-,4rEXCURSION TO STATES ISLAM).? Wi I kTi V The aleainb >al? WAVE and WILLIA.VISBl IkC?ll will on SonJiy and Monday m-xt urn from pier No. 1 Ea?t river, every ' our, comim iicirg at 8 o'clock, A >1 ?fait 6'*Centt. 1 here b,ata have new boiler., a d are the faateat boat, on the route, and eo i'tiiaoji d by1 old and eiiitrienci d cap- I taini, and the public tn.ti <!e| en ton i aaieeiid apcedv ei nv yrnce to Htaten I,land, where thry will find plenty of refrrah. nunt provi l d by the , roprietoi of the PI inter.' Hotel, th<- I'a vilion, and L uton Oaidcii. Remember the Wave, ihc lire 6Vi ' cents. j. **o t? ,-c I A?5c- IILACK BALL, OK OLD LINE LIV ERPOOL ! PAl KUTS?Ite^'iil ii patl.e'ol Hit lit of July?Tt,. , Mfw ' mllkotwn, laat aiding i?ieket ?hm OV r tilt D. j luinlien 'dOOtoun) Capl. John Kitlihon will poeiure- | lv .ail on Friday neat, the lat n| July, htr rruular iIh>*, , The accoinmod lOna r>l the Old Line for i abi.i and aieeragc |W?i-n*rni, are well simwn ! > be un' inailedby <uy other. Ptj. tie, vititinr the old country wid .tatlv tluir own in'eroat by .elt C'Mij tram deairahlerotr eyanee. The i- rm.of ruua will | he m .derate, for which ajn 'y on Imar l. foi i nl Beekm m al. oi to ROCHE Bit OTHERS Ik i (>. Fol'on ?trret, m at ilonr to lb? Fulton Bank. NOT' E ?A.iy th r |? raon di. nun. inp at P n un- 1 *r liner to .nil fo Liverpool on the Ut of Jiilv, mutt hi. * ' her are totimt an nntiutli, na the Ovford, commanded by C pi. " (I Mil. ne, it the only rteular iMtk. t tailinz on that day. jy*? , I! EOF LP. r K OOL P ?t oEt a 'VjrSryh -Packet, flat July-"P. auia-rb, n wandiiAoi. t Picket Shi; OHIO Ciptaiu Lyon, will mil .miiicui illy aa .l ove, her regular day. . \ Peraora about viainnit the old country ah mid not I oar ' nrj.rr ??nt opp. rtn iiiy of eaae-iinin* Ji t'w m"*! uovunirKliout y ind corn j ac'. tt ahipa aBoa'. Sl.u ? ?' |p?t 0 . Dov r f'reet, ami la liued tip e?pi. ?aly fo. jwaa. netra. Cabin, I lecond Ciliin and Stctag*, oi fn- i?o?t .'omfor' ibie mmn'r. Thoa? wiahinj to aernre b'rlht, ahool'l nnke early appli?,il un, Q in order to ae. lire the heat on t an', foot ; PA?,r attaet i . to S W St J r. TAI'PSt OTT, * ii Pei k Slip, cor Sourh atreei. ir/a. Pat igraieriired from any |iari .f the old country in / flrat rl*a? Pack't Shi|? antlinf weekly; ami drafla lor aur ' amount, parable ?n demand in all the pr.netpal lowna ol Ent- v I nd, Ireland. Scotland and Walea. can h? had by apolrioe aa h above J?30 C t AUCTION SALES. EV TIIOMA8 PELL. ' St 'fei Not. +4nn nmj Ih b'uitoti itrett.) Ell IDA Y, At 1?S o'clack in the %al. rjoms. Summer Clot)no*?A ^j>lt*ndi?i variety of grntlenu 11 % ?loiL;uv ontahl for the i, i F.L -ani Furniture?Will be iol<l witlw*'it men *. liie entir* rich i*uJ * aluald h.uii.t ?i . initlrmaii i;oiua ( Eu > in.'\r?l lor i'inn? iiicii< . < l .ah . comprising ?tu . . ' tilo'lrs ill the line, not ?l; , \ r\ article made I ordoi. The vJri*Is, ru?;*, x.. ?rv rith aiul beautiful; m oriole ut in.ii f'-1 ti. ok. 11 nj?-? ,n,, ,h 1.i.?i,o:.>rtf, costly t?c Kfflirli i'liiiiN, curtain*, ihtt . it !?e?h.,. un l<uriilUik, kittle i-rt Ultu.iU, cluiu, kU.v%, ind silver vwi ,\D. , thrown i 1h iiai; % sportsman, 2 ? ?l msiitin ? u?, w.?hi uimmtmi; the U ?t writer (Iok in l|?? country; also i viiidv ?uii.? itii-.. Catalogues in lime. SATUHP\V. Splendid Furniture, sale in c?;i?tm?ut*oii, will \? coutinu* J the tale of splendid ami elegant lumun.r .1. II ?}? , mi .inu., tli?propcrt} of n iietitleinoi going to Ku Ai 1l1* o'clock i*r?ci*tlt. ?ri the Kulfon t> . Summer i lotion*1?A beautiful 1 ?t of London and cit> mad> wearing apparel for cent lain* n, conipriong a 1. .irab(e ? .?,rtincut of the rntla kino of >ii. h . Aba?Vt h&shri* chmnpii.:i?*, B\ jUBLL k AIU UL> liul KKIDAY. At H o'clock at tin* aution room. Gru??ral Assignee's Sabs?B\ virtue of sundry ?l*rreua ir Bank runicy. issuedlout of t lie District Cuuu of the IJ. 8tOr? lor the SoiUii?riu of New-York, will In* sold at public taction, sundry article* of lionet-hold and kitclifii furniture,^.I I ind stiver watches, siher ware, piano oil. s, hooks, Ike. Also?I trunk to hi and u il 11? weli\ kc. ADo?OOcaipd ha*'*. ?n I-c w * tl .up rn?rt?uiiks. HATl KDAV, July *1, At 10^ o'clock, at ?hs **d? * ro.uii, ;tOI Bioadu av, Winr*. Liquor*, -( oiisu'iint of wry ?!?? .. Miliru?\ and south siih* >i ahiia; On IT (Vn don't pdcairlhio then; ; rot ( and St Jtr if*a clnrt t; slur and audio, cl.. rnp ignt ; Dupu) Inniuly, in bond; cordials; sperm iiul patent alahnst' randier; Havana and 1 Vincipe vku,, Tarioii* brands and I'm**, with other article* in the line, to w iiich the attt u'ioftt of privet? fainilii.s i, iuviud To he ? Id in lyU to suit jmrchu?Also, 70(1 b askets Ih lliii^i; ltiamj?i^ue. anchor brand, jit ' landed, said to to s\;pri??>i sn\ w me in t.n: i-i ukef. Also, \{\ half pice Ottrd, Dupuy kt Co. tiMfuly, in bond Also?A lirst rate setfei- oc?vi i'h warrantee. WEDNKSD \Y, At 10ja o'clock, in the win ton room, Elegant Furnitu re ami Pianos?A i ir^e as?oitm-nf of the best mad?* [V hieuahlr fnmitur? , nicluJiu,; till and ?nl* K in h in.? l?o?;-:!?y riinir.'; pier, (fining, lea and < riti table-. w t drohc* tunem v toi.t t titles, looking alas* >, tuff 1 ; .id spring se rf lotas, cttomau-i, fi\ aun, i ?'kc?-.,i!rt ' sin* huc-i^s, It* .J?. r beds, ni-Ut r<u??* uuil pillows, nit d**?V. * Piano Fortes?AU* *>pwi ?? ?! i tyn fu.t*,l; ^el?* br fed i, ak .. iombi'1 all tip im dern linpiet* mem.uid afrxu . u pul *<f uv i-.? ; tniv ul tnitli* in tiu> eity? no h. i x mmi ? d . ... da pri t ioua to If j\ls?>, a lot uf tal b rutuiy.t'Uditu- and & variety o( sih?r w. teles, lot account of ivbom it may concern. Also, an el* it ant piano. B\ H BE AH N ft> AucdoBNi l'JO Pulton *treet. Jay, ( Kl?.V\\ At in o'clock, *? tin* Auction Room, Grocetio^^- A wenertl assortment of groceries, conaistiigof Leas, sugars, coffee, w ine*. gi . brandy, spices, tobicco, m la>*t s, See. Also, a quantity of soused bniinou.iti kitU *?.id in good < .drr; also, a l? of heiring. H* part?A superior article of Lanorma, Regalia, and other bt'Huils, in h 11 nod qiiait r boxes, Soap?20 boxes sncerim white soap. A'so?-A lot id'old I'ort, Madeira, Pale and Browvt.&hftry wines in demijohus, suitable for private u*c, beiag cf the be*t i|iiality. SATl'HD K V, At 10o'clock, it 139 k nitonit. Furniture.?A Mi neral assortment of household and cabinet furniture, belonging to a family going into the country, r? movru for cunt enience of sale jvl it*c LpOK BALE?Tni Yacht un k \ ll\ K. -*8h< \ .. *.. " long, 24Is feel beam, and 12 fret hold. H r wabfns *re leiisi\e and superbly fitjWM up. U Uot wanted for a Yacht, she would be well adapted i>r a packet between soine of tin* Wrsl India i.lands?to tin* ('Irina or any other trade where treat speed is an object. She is an admirable st a*hoat, ai.d would com ev a large cargo, combining more buoyancy with sharie nets, than any other vessel afloat. She is str*tqj yt\4 stoutly built, and would be > tin able as a dispatch ?e?,e|, or as a tendei to a fleet. She would convey a very he avy armament on her deck, from having. (tau ofbvi hall Ht, (40 tons!in an imn keel, by which her stability is greatly increased. For commercial purpo?t?, she would require no other ballast. slaving satisfied myself that going to sea for pleasure may (withoutany rirj greatsacrin e)h< ui iwiiaad with,! would disoose of her for very much less than she cost ine. Her hull, sails, rigging, tuiuliure, fee. See. Stc., nre in perfect order. She can be stui to sea without a dollar's expense. She may be seep at P* rttt Ainbny. For fnrlbei particulars iiquire of fry IUm*, at the office of the C. and A. H. H. Company, or w. JOf'N v . HTEVLN8, jc?3 '2\\[ South Am hoy. phTladrlpiiia auction balks. BV WOLBKRT ^ HFJiKNKS- . Philadelphia Auction Mart, Carpenter's Cour ,( I* stunt street, south side, hei ween Third and V'ounh streets, Imported Improved On rl am Short Horns?Mr \V hi taker's stock f)N FllinAV IITI.V Ut At J o'clock in tlx- afternoon, at Powrlton, on the west side of the Schuylkill, near M irket *t, Bride, Three Improved Durham Short Hon- C<;wg, tc't to this country by Mr. Whiukrr. Kive Julia two of difTi rent I itiloi u " . ue. jelfl " ! to|yh Hazard house, tompkinsvi le, htaten 161 VNDe-Thu newspleudid Mansion, recti h 1 by the subscriber under hi< own itmnedivte su; ?*i\iuiot , and dssicbed ?\pre?>l\ lor a ? I?"**t privute hotel, is now ready f >r the recei'ioii of person41 desirous of i be.utiful and plcavfil summer residence. If is furu *hed hi a uperior nw nn-r, and r? t.kfc with veiy coi.v? nit-noid ? n.ilort I 1 families utd ?imcl*" Mriitlemeii. I's s.tuation affords the most 1 * uttiiul pi pert on tin- ULnd. commanding a full view of the Ji, from tti< Narrows to N'-w Vo-k. ?"nhi iri* a ih? il scent drore*, added to th- sr attraction ? its proximity to th sea shore ami steamboat landing?, tend? r< it a mui'li mi >erior lcsidencei for :ther jarson* l ?? hu ines* t' an any mht r situ ition runt '.tuouh to tie city. 'I lie mi timber will devote hi* p? i*ou*| attention to 4 In- r?taldul men*, and v ill at all time 1 i-deavor to piomote th* * >1 foit and couvrntobfi his pstimti. j \\KTTE 11 ?1 SK -- s VIlATOG \ Si K! 5tTs Lj Rio.tdw ..y, i't the urw l ite the t< 1 . li u 1 the 11 lit llo d.?T. II. UK ARIf hrcncli Re*!.?ur?..ut his lie41 lv fitt d lip id e? 1 11 ^ed l.i ?'U< meat, whei <?t? * % may i?r constantly accommodated 111 the liest st\ le W id i n. s a 1111 \ keep 011 had a crest vaii? 1 > ? ' the deli. < n of tie m-,?501). anil a table seised la Ki . mil A ie 'up. I' * Wines snd Liqnors will be of th* first quality. Those ptn ? win) will lav >1 him with their p.itron-ici * ? ) > 1?-1> 11 1 a n..,last and ?tr ct att? liti? n to promote th i. cotnl >,t. 11 >* dony tics will he found polite anl at t? nti) . im 1 OT. UKOROK HOTEL, No <;i Br. id-. a> -At 1 < ie.,u ?t of several pa'roniu'r* of this establishment. the nr< uit.ior*. a 1 way* disposed o iilran1, h ?'f made ^riangt-inent* fu have a imi' In Uble art from 3 to t o'clock, P. M.. froui the first day of July next, at t!?c inodrrate price oi 75 ct? )*?r meal, including ordinar) claret wine, (?r five shillings w i'hout wine. Alao, to rereive hoarder* at from ?even 10 ten dollars per week, according to the room* they may select. jyl lit * v AM ATCli will corne off over ihurnurse day, July the l?t, two mile h?M? i?. haim Mi for $:00 AL<?, a , ?rac will come oi at I < '- lock, with two subscribe**, Tom Jones and .Sir Lov ll, mile heats, best three in live, in harness. Jnlyjst, 1042, jyl it*r pKAf'OV rO!?R9K?Tier inc. Mr mI.jv July lib, at 3 o'clock P. M.---I in - *50. Mile he*ts. ne*? thre'' in iW, mi* d'T the saddle, |'ri;6 for all trotting forse^, iif t r \v? n a pwse over S'OO. [Momer and Kate Horn not excepted,] three . or ore to make a i Iinmeib ,?# !; after, purs' $100, mile hea'-,Leit ?hrrp i i dv, free for all tr> ilin< and pacing horse.*. IVvrs to go in harm sa Holier ?S they pleas. , Tuesday. July yh, 0 1 o'clock, P. .NT ?Purse $50, mile heats, beat three in five under the saddle, for all ptciair hor*%s, euept Gneid rhief?thue or more t.? make h r re. Immediately alter, purse $100, mile heaU, best three in ' ve,to wagon , free for all trot:trig h r*e??-ihiee or more to make a race. Wagon* to weigh 175 pounds. Kntries for the ahov? purse* to he made atllie Bowery Cottage July 1st, on Friday rs nng h Ho'chek. Mm -lav August 1st. .it fo'clock P. M.. nurse ?5u0. free lor all trotting horse*,?three mile hriti utheinrM, with in iniidt *tak* of $500; half It, two hundred to go to the * coi?d b?*.?.t bor??. Three or more to make a race. Tu cl"*e on Monday evening, JiiI \ Hilt, by 8 o'clock, at the B ?weiy (Jott igt jeH ic_r a TO LKT.?A Deatiful Country resilience on (I wantti Heights, Brooklyn, adjoining the Greenwood I emetry. situated on 23ra street, mile* from the ft'vith ferrr. Tlie house contains 12 room*, 2 pantries. vaah, wash hon e and every com etiience for i large Uuulv.ift. en. d i* a good at ? hie 'Mill large garden, all in emeriti ot order. The house and ground* conimand a moat extensive and uninterrupted view ot fie- Biy, New York, Slaten Nl tid.ktr. Unonire of It. Martin it Co., 20 John street, New York ; at the toll house foot of Court street, Brooklyn; or of Mr. Ma vim on the premises. lw*c Ml MIC HOI VKS TO l.r.T \ new ?w< i ' 2wj story Colonnade Cotug . near 12.0th >tre*t and 1st Avi jVJmLnue. A double two story House, with stable atntnbh lor a sellout ?r r purpose where much room i? required. A|*o,.mi elegant tliree story Hons , with table and g <deu, a?j very convenient, and near the ?*?t li ver,hiving b< wtilvd prospects, and delightfully *i*naf?d H.-nt w i,! ?riV' low to approved tenants. Knquire <*f O. Chenfernun, 125th street *n i L'd AVflf. jyl lt?re f VPR1 \GL KSi) IIORSk s' KOH SAU I jm TLr property of MmCUf Fanny Klssltr.?The * ^ \ . nm > 'f or (andean. and a pair of tine Way I rwijtlie property of Mad'lh F anny Rlsshrr, ar? otfered for *Me. 1*1. carriage ha* Iwru hut little used, and i* a very ? "?y oo?. 1 he horn * are young and valtiab'e All muat be sob. nrcr to th15th instant. They are to be seen at the stables of Henry W*le t 111 LiidIh i street, back of St. Oeorga Hotel, ^iALl1 i x \ii\ ?RIlk 11 YI'I Nl W 'v r KHN IPPABA U TVh.-r. A. ARTAUL'l k CO., I?H fultoii to et i<pp.? if. ''auPs < hiirch, have r? C iicd j I k? t whi,i ?.id tfei f ir sale at low pn< ' ?, J0?i I" n< . | late*, Lrw. >17' inches ha'1 on * half*, 25 cniiipb Haguerg dype AmwratiM, 11% w pattern; 50 vroinatic ' -uses, m d* ' ' arts, by Aipnoitte la i roil \ ii ro.; 10" br ttle* hyi/osul "* ? ol ?o> A. Al* ?, trnoli of venise, codine. < "blonde ol ,w in*, bromine nomine of ioibvir, chloride >>f go d, ami , hi n-w accelerating rabtt .ic * )*51m * DHOfOOBAHlir OUDMU EHTUiOTYPI L.IKKI \ f.-M F.WHITfc, ol No, Rrotdwtv, . losit M< ' 1 - 1 i- 1 hi 1. - 1 <-u?ititi t morns, wh#w h rliily devotes his attention U> likenr sea ly th? alnvvr iinipUl t* ?? C a I . a^cur ur j T' Th? avhnh 1.0 . in. 1 vj ' ' 11 1 us ai ctftain l?k n doe* * vrn mirnt' . .d hi 1 thod of pia. tie w r ? 1 v, ii'ii ? p in., ir rj net/-, ^ a it .1 .ru t a h> most 1 *, n..iy weatln .. it. . . hiioo-lf mat hi r n ; odur? it reruns some of tie i, ,t rn Tioncent specimens of D igitetrcotvpe Portrait* *ak? v 11,4 dvat hav*. !> 'n 1 ' 4 ,c the di?cnv?ry of in t*. W. keejm ci,ii4iaiMi/ frr ?^lc ih nri^sl a proved D #rtl* \i>1?ajsau, Plate*. Len*. Miuiatnrt Cases ia?er? U, Sic. % he siveutuihe Photograrhir an 'f v.'s Kiniis, |7S Bros Iwav, iel5 1t?s. ?H AN KLIN SALT h7ATLH BATH?f F"?ot of Mouu merv streri.)?The Fian Jin Bait Wa'e Bi h, at tha fo f M^ntgoinery s'rect, is now open t orn 5 A. M. .o l , i Ihosver nafhsiipon an improved pUu, Swimmings 1 ' nperk)T public, and private baths for ladies ani -*n letnar jt25 ?mt*e -XII I AIM V s A i tcc i fON a II'. V Will - * on Th?r..H?y mornink-, ? 111 BrO"'lw?y. %l |n'. .iVI.wk aliiabl.. cnllrrimn of Uil r?ini.nui> m,ny of nliifh li?r? n<i. olTfT'd in .hi. rnunlr.. Th' public j' u?r?ll. >? invii* i? c*U and 'itw tbfm now wndf for f *?aun*tioii. j-**1 ?* c " . A*?i.l.. JA>. ~ \'i iTiT?? v CT.~ "i* ' O-BXTPA Min rv > >( ; io.v.. TIUH tVENINO Jul, i I h? vvvuiug p*-rlorinam i' IV'til nwiiimu r > at f 'dork. A OHAND*OV kRTlTRj? To U* foil' v* 1 kv LI1 VlORT, SOI> 1... Sf El.l.t . Will. .,.. I it.iv.-l I Vo I l?l>C, V M|\ DllV' ,rle Lkvuii II ^ i lit**! i I *t . I \ ?. i,,. i,, | Daniel., vlon. i Oo I A'j?u, MV? F.? u A rl\ i > hiC't, Grand Pnd< 1? irt fn m v?n . ?? Mr li I Mm Wr \ i Hall'an Kotir* i.iwil.n,- ll*? ?v?- i in n?. .teibulc . ..J rpfrrihrn nf? in il.< Grmd m? i HIK lliOOK>AUK. VlUHH a Lit. Wind ," ?r? hi turn H la.;t , .m?i . will anain ci.'1*i u (lie ?*-ri?nl of liiUrn i?iou? tod montcr l<> r iwier llu? tici rtiiu i.t worthy th#* chirarft i < i the l iblUhniriif, * V? >Ui??J.d Orciietira hn* beru grenmt. To iu|! >w * ! < UN JI ROK'? GIFT. I) mi I'anrlii, Jtoih- PivcJ C; valictxj GilU 'ltli, A itoinr K \ I i.'.limn, G ?n I II . J hiVina, INlio Wtil, M\r:u?i. M'me J -nmn' R.v??{ kiinuud *n* Muf'n To conclude \ Pioitu oaJc Muku'd ? iu llie Ai oilo on. Acting Manager, vlr. CdiippriitUl*. L?*?t<rr and Dirrcior, Mr r. W oolf. Tick* f -?5o ct'Uti 1 >.? ?r* <i n at half | ;nt artcii oVI? k, i&?*cr* ?i oomrnt M ?- A It It I IflhA l'Hlu. rilisi KVt'NING '??') I, Bem fitof ilw- T!i> ; ui ,?i Fund, ami F.iuuy X>ls*Kr'.i h a/* l ' lranct* Am. rica. Tii r#uim?n< . vi i j. iVi?- >o act of L\ V1LLK M \L u\HD..K. Lua, NlM'c I* nu> Flash i S uk> ' Tim D< ;.'h ul V..v niiou,51 Mr Pcaraun. Af ci which, After whuh LA CilPHLV. i'iie <t|gt#y K s ler I n* Moil* \[ u Af..r which THE KEMiEZVnf'd. Oilnkti 11 u I"'.' > THE 1 vim A *L> r.ti x. r. QllCtrU ?>l V i ????, I.i.n'U, Com c >oonfcTh? V ? .?,:* Arm, V i.Ii.pi*. T 1 COivrlU'l'- Willi L V C HAHlVU >.St, hy m\L Fa my F.U?1r, iti whic'i sh w?h ?. n.i l?.vD>?on? oj?eu it .i Vfii?|iiuun?.ui' wnl noun, , .w u ,..h |HlSt >ca ?u. flgwi, $i?Pit, HI Cim*-?Odthrf , i! W CHATHAM TH'S K\ENINU, July .. the 0.?r.of llOli Ro\. R b Roy, J R u" i I >'i.i t Vn.i. ti, Mt? Tiiuroo After wbi' )>. Ml' :< MRS nil. <il F.. RrurHni If, . ,V ,1.1. | Jul).. O u. i, 11.? To roncludi willi Cjl'tliKhN m the WOOD. Walter, J 1( Scott | Sii Rowland, And r?on Ud'h vviM open in lu uac .u .? t ui 7 'ciocn u< .m curiam Wl'l ru* *r 8 ck punctually Dreas circle, M) i :in ?i>o\w. ?r?fit, l^g?Pruni* ft?? - it AMFU1CA\ MlMKlM AlVIi (iAkb .AN poHN hh OK BKOADWAV AM) ANN MUii.,.| Vv |V T, BAR NUM. naumcei. LVLKV |)A\ WC KVKNINli THI> \VK K K, coutiueuciuK on \|om' . Jn . *7. Best attraction in tb* ctfv Din vi?iier? rdnoru :1 tn me etriitm; KllEt, IM HCASk&u NOVELTIES, By penriaain* of die L'uileu S'*te* U tvritm -n*, the head of Vt.NPOVi, THK CANNIBAL < IIIh K ! fiQm the Fr ut I?l.i"?l*. n?t.? been d? iiniUt. in the ,\lu m: ? for l>u die eihibitnm, f r one week only. I; is a tiu< anui&act i ait uf this inlooca' iliK rliicf a en h> md< r Ot nrneiit, by Thomas Hjinien, Lo<;., tin ye let rated .utnt 1 iln city. i Mr Boyre, the eoinlc melodi t; Mr Bionkn, th* ?r.r vu"? ' dancer; Mis* U**%li?, the charming; vocalist ; a ?' L ??r?t Celeatc, *i?* beautiful daiucufcc are eni;agi d. One wte limit at Tin* INDUSTRIOUS FLF.A* These insects have been Ouwhi by \li. O. W. i s, fi m Germany, who 1? arut?d tln-m to n** harnt-sseO to can ml Other vehicle*which they will draw with iis muiii docility aud precuion * eomm -t* c irt horse. Th - lut.l.rl....- 1-ll'Hl.A V ~ * ' , -.. ..vmvu. vnut- i "im ,can or privately roiiN.'iit d v* aii or?cle ??r foret* ller of funire event*, il r ugl out t. ? di?. Albino Lady. Splendid G?>vd?u on the top uf the.Vliuoum Fancy Gl*?# Blowing; Grand Cosinurama, and 300,060 ?.uno* Y OURTH *>y JbLY!?M ignific* ?t nrcparatior.* arc making for tnv lel'Miiou of our National Itioepemieixe. Admittance to tilt whole ad ccuu? "Children hull nru ?. Me HILL'S \KV\ VOilK NUMEUi (Formerly known t-? Pt rtir'?,f \a. J/>'J brnadwui,, apiiiimtt 'fit Cify HailNOVKL ATTRACTION. ENT1RF CHANUE OF HKRFUH ?iANCE EVERY MIIHI. MONDAY EVENIN<t. mil ihi* week. A COM ER: OF VOI AL , By Ma* Taylor mid Mr Duou, muss,* d with Comi' L* and ?el'-rti? n? from the belt i ie-'e* ol YANASE HILL AND A DRAMATIC COMTANY, Viz:?Mia* Ta> Jur, from f"e Pail Tiiea:re. Mn Lode , from the Oly rnpic The thre.C Mia* Wallace, from thr Cam The*t?e, Mr. DuihI, ironi the Tremmit Theatre Boston, Mr. B*t a, thi erc? i.'jic cothedir ri, and YANKEE hill. Fancy Gi as Blowing, Cc*niin-.nys, **?r ; Inr V in:my Lle< iricitv, B.r?ds, Qu ufrupedk *1.0 apenaeu* of ihr wl oh Habitable Gic'je. Ke;?riirent. hi Ah imal Mmrnatom, w1 iVh <L , cscic'.ha admiraticn and .uionuhiut-iit of m, rv(.4, aft luooti z\ j 'cV ^ Performar'V at ball- *st 8 oV- k. S.crtd Cor *Tt i" it H .uday Eeainp, nnUer the .rect ou of Mr. G. Lodej Adn?i??ion 25 Cents. TI w AH II bTh?kll' TllkAfKi, iu t'Mi.i.ui, hi* ? La - L ?hy Aich Sired Tbeau> ; r the eiaoj, of 1*4 i tinl Ap I j / to I'. M. Lafourrade KM Cr? v, i. ; L. .liA. N Sc. I . I oil kphi 1 I an< 11 mi koi RTH I?F~ 11 n Pl'AM* 1 lebratioiul Am ricau lude;.e: da :c \rU of thr I--1 '..irodu .n il oi thr foot* n >Va r Hit' hi?c Th" fii lepttid'nt Traue* am* Civiw frocitrie., wi'l f rm i*> ? Bond iti? t. ?it 'clo K. V M, uiid taka iiiC)" I'lactu j in 1 I the folic* 1. - orht 1 ? ' Kii >t? i'h r-'.eam 11 te, B. J., it, h thaj* ri h? ?n ihu Bow. N, t Sir ?t?T ILbe. 11-J. B. S., Ip e left of *.h Boiltr Ma| I. * ?. I To I?The Nl ? l . St >ue C'Utt;i of \-w \orL,L ol. Li.? .p?t ifpi CTty. | poiinn?\ in J nr. 1 yini'ii b'1 ne Cutte.i of Nev. York, d >WI u. and Jer*i y Lit . V't ii -The Juurt!tytit<-:i Marble Cutters of the rity uinl ilruiit . At half-i i^l ? iaht uV'i k, the proc?-?iion *aiil 1 rocrc-l ' wn llroady-.ay aud lloon^h t anal and Gieanwicii to m Hov.I1..1; Grttii, n,. UfoadW'iy loihathaii , and through Ka?t Br in way to its unction with Grand, th ujsh Grind ?.nd the Bowei ti Yiuxhall Garden, win ? the S 1 ti.s will realfo hall ai. h? ur. Tliey v". j11 proceed Irom 'In ure up to i|th?t. down lath tot lit 11 rtVtnue, up to ltd" ?t, down 10th 10 the Othaviuu , th* ?.ct through II irts'iu, Uroome/I hoim?*oii,\Veat Bioadw y t' Chambers through ChaMihttr* Mid Cc ti to G.and, th? n ui-o Brrfuiway, on tin ir return to Montgomery llatl, wh rc t'.e Societies v\i I r di-not* d GILBERT CAMERON, or Butte fn-: r , jvl Ifc J? -nd M 1 i.. .. M flE KAV UK.'l E -in decidedly the most agrreah!- I A- aion in the hie mer 8t aaon is 10 Hob keh. Noufhtip1 ? of rra'-rt in tin vicinity of the city can by yiaitul ^itb t,o? r t cuii) ur uurn iu nwny ihuucevuriiii hiiii A t-u tolhf t )tfnisiv??nd 0|ver?ifn d ground* oj ihl* tno.?t it wl\ i terrwtri l ?| 0U, of which it* beau idil accti' ry l-H fine vn wa *re too well known to n qtrrc ..** ri iidii. caimor fail to give greet pleasure to ihonr it* the ?;if> >? b" imv lit >ii*? 11 y to bi'.iltt- fre*hair, r. x.?1 very the i.ccustot* eel mid <tu fulfil vi. w ol buck and snorter. Tim Harcl.i), Canal and Udri%to;?her?c.trect Fer-y ho*l? cit fXCfll. ut rdff for public accomino'.atiun. j? ;i? -iw UOl HTH OF JULY'.?Anran^ementa on the h *1 \U n w 1 and n.a*<.iM nl ?rnlc are i u\* conn h ted t Mm AVUUICA* ML SF.I'M AM) GAltD&N! for the i ioi>fr . I -If; t ?on of tuts O oriona Anuiv,?. -r> of t.l ll NAT IONAL I.NDtPf M KM V IViformc r? of thf gp* t lentbrity here bee 11ci gaged *!*' 5 * Iv for this occasion, and th?- ah !? day wih rift bt devote.. i.? the ihibitiou of Magnificent Curictritirg !l\oe.r}crful Xovdtns' uiui Spic wl id Pcvftf M, in tint ! ' ! r<"^"The Garden on th top . i the Mu tfi.. aifoidt. k- fme?r %i w ol"rhr d?y, harbot. nd nboi ing>,??l anv public j building in the city, and the eligbl 'or ijom i the >liu< urn with it* lenrlny balcony oid neailv ().? Hundred m. oa.< f kivo au tin>x? tripled oi rortonitv H'tewo all the MIMTAKV AND f I VIC !'HuCRSSlONgv flic who!, of which p**r t. in oint. 1 !? d? <* ..lion,, inn i?*, , rate uiunriit and ir theerreyrm nU. will be eo? ep ?u *?t)ie { of *na?iitfic? ticc and s> lender never n lore *? 4 i* ltd | For dt t .il of h*; entci talunienta a? c biila of ih .dayIV, fir . uce? w ill fomim nee early iu th? r un in ; ii. ?S? Ire 1 tort r< om; and b? icp?a edar intcrta! tbr ncf" nt - i-i'im | Ad?i i?m n to the wboiewnl r* main at 26 cent*-C hi du n I t'tif* . j *r I F1KEW ORKSm CRACKERS, A, C. FOURTH JULY, lfc42. P* OL N TRY and cu> dealer* in fin-work*. w ill find it t?. in* ir j L-/ Advantage to coll and elftmire <?!? eitt-);*ivt a**ortl<<* : i of the l t?t ?|"alu) , at R. AYLIFFK'8 old eituhlut n.. <i, m. Chatham street. A large quantity ol fire Crack r? juat rt? t ivi tl. lieineinber fhc ai?ri of the two mammoth akv toeket* ainf k* Id ' FIREWORKS. ' piKKWORKS.?Thf nb.frb r to thr tbc j C lud mill .rurtll UK t mil tf ir ?nrk? In w n tl cI .-ity, wl.ich lit. will itll on ih?- mo-t tt"-..ii?i 1^ t rtn?. C > i t y inricli.titt, tlrklara, m.J .ruilrra n uniftiil. K. r. qtt. tul, b I fore pur. *l?ft?liere, to call ?. <1 > tatnn.f hi. .to. k. | ? HARI.C8 W. VIIL1 K.r, | I lo Clutli.oi <t. corner of Ur?;i.r. Pd REWORKS. ^A^SNF.H Si YOl'NH. Nv. '1^ ( ?tre??,ti r <o j n mi mt-ii 14sii 11 n ensivr ? uiiurm 01 warranted hi* woiks, which wi ) fold to dtalfrt and others hi tin lu^rw nianiiUUtirrfw prices. AUi, lir<r ?itji|'ly of Mr. Isaac Edge's finwuik*. for xhlbiuon* at |ah*?raioiv prices. jt*12 ' " F) K E~WTTR K S MILLING OF C H E A AT fti MAIDEN LANE, UP-STAIRS I ! H ij-- 4*r FIREWORKS! r|MIE mo*t ritemivs, Tsrifd ami brilliant eihihirtor I Frt* I 1 works ever manufacture 'I ivi this or any oiber n \ m > , ire \ now ready for delivery, on the low eat terms, in lo** to uiV . < rr mitfr es ami parties for tba celebration of the ith ol July, at tk? United Slates Lalmratory. Jersey Citt. ISAAC EUGE, .fr , P\ rtiThnNf.^ Orders left at Nibtn's Oh.den, GO Maiden Lmk fit Cba? . m street, will mpri wiib immediate attention, a <J ; ixb drljvried *o any jWrtofthe city fr#-# ofeiprmr* !el*tM I r FIREWORKS. F ou RT II OF JULY PI REWORKS?N? w York Labo-at.-r*.?M. Bom I 1- rom street, its lo nth ol rhlt* b?TIm i?ive and bri'i iatU uiaorr in nt of Kin works a?# u?-w * n M?t -hove |dar# , consisting of Honorary ;in ' S? n '( ts, withhold tiid -ilver i ?ii Sim?, K rm. Palin r ? da. Ptntflsn Ctos > Oct i is, rritUMtlra, Ti I ttl H rtcrpentn and i I f E ny. a I i hi Roi ? t r Nrirt ud m .all S# "IIS, ' M A I K Ot ;.?. es Rlne L'^bts, S ioll \\ ii . M. . - En Pi. m i oi I" Pi llllu' ( truer*, f. > h d ' * 1 " oh R-'CatU, Ur rO'ii ' \ !... ill nr t. il nd ' ;iiiii ? i ? 1 * f N. B *' nirrnutee \ ity >r P ru ?v- |%ltte? hi "*,* ! i ?K - * t v ' ah. 11 \rt? 'es w * - ' ' h j e e- w it', th O'lWO ' ?! ; GTMNASH Vi KKXCIVO A.y l? 'i.v 1 \G il iRRi li'OH'tU /}. ( nr, . .i.t , P" .OU??V' '> hfts *'' h# i i I: 1 \h-, pmMlf ill ge'-' hi' H iK w 4, 1uR %,r v* o 1 irt'ifia. It is the Urge *i.y b* Ivs v 4 o'.? hi. j 1 v. t fitwed w th# Ai'.ericisi ut lie. she an .?r ! .>-? ...? wr.l - rt'la'ad. if hi h tb* 10 the iia,> ?*l l?- * ?1* ?ys c. 1 I Fare??Is, Profe sor>. and G-mlimi* , arc incited ia ?i?rt ? ri'ililinnn*.nt, to which, soon ilia Orotoo W.i r W. rk? will h? ia operation, >vill u added 1 shn er l/ttlr, for 'l?e convenience oft' ^ Snl iber* toil*# IKaiWisli ?n. The Shooting Gallery beina eiutfely nitK-pcnd# nt 'tf fho OftUMilnm, prnsnt f?j.rrutic? nistol Oriii| cmi w to without being ?ut)?orihrrs ;#? di 0\annTnm Fencing lessons gifen as te?inT n o h cife rerrn ;. Open ar d?y hi tali, and cf^e a. haft I ninu je2t lm?r ^V4 < i

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