Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 2, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 2, 1842 Page 1
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r? . T11] Val. VIII.?ilo. 181 Wlaoln Ho.3034. f ra1lr0 ads & ste amboatst p- pomelfoy c o.*s * . ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. , ?^2 Tiic subscribe r? ar?- now ruuuiliK a Express ever the Railroads to And from Albany and Buffalo, and the intermediate (ilirct, fc>r FORWARDING, at low rites, with the nt- | mi?ti|x*p(i, recuUrity and s*fetv, choice Goods, Soecie, Ht.ik i Notes, Imiifrtant Pa|?arj and Valuable Package*?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or |>a>ineiit of Bills of Exchange, Nutsn, Drafts, Acceptaurs*. Accounts, fcc., at reasonable |H?r ceiitage?execute orders for the purchase or sale of i Merchandise, Produce aud Manufactured Articles of arary dr- < scrurtiou, in rsonallv, in the Uwns on their route, through Massrs. HARNDEN k CO S EXPRESS to Ntw York and Boston, and Men. HAWLeY It CO.'s express to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate place.?forming at once the moat direct, f|*-edy and I perfect communication to and from Ike eastern and western cities, for Uic negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and fr professional Utilities., remittances, exchange* kc. I References?Eras!as Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, Watts I Sherman. A. D. Palchin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore I UlCUd, AiuaiM . ? Aftnciea?Benuett, Backus & Hawley.Utica : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fsnro, Ut*tiurs ; J. C3. < Snephrnl. Cansndniu'ta : David Hoyt, Rochu*Ur ; John Mc- < Kenstrr, Lockport; J. A. Clark, Bata* ia ; Thorns* Bl ossoin, 1 Buffalo. POMXROY Jt CO-, I No. J Eltliuue Buildings, Albany. >11 3 VVall street, New York. FAttE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. ! regular maii. r.IVK KoTl ric. > va i >iTn'<*V. an d BOSTON, *i> 8TON1NGTON AND NEWPORT, composed of the following superior strainers, miming ill connec- ' f lion withthe Stoningtou and I*rnv,dt uce, add Boston anil rroVideucr Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comatock. RHODE ISLAND. Cantin Thayer. NARRAGANSETT, Captain Woolsey. MOHEOAN, Captain Vanderbih. One of whirh will leave New York daily, (Sundays eicented) from Pier No. 1, North River, Batti ry Place, at five 'clock, r. M. _ Abraivofmetit. The NARRAGANSET, on Monday, for Symington, and Thuraday, Kir Stonington, Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tneaday. lor Stonington, Newport and Providence, and Friday for Stonhigton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for atonington, and Saturday, for Stonington, Newport, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival ol the steamers at Stonininnii, may t?k? the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to Provi denee and Bo.lon. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratea To Boston, on goods weighing forty pollnds or upward* t>* the cubic loot, at $5 JO per ton, and ou measurement goods"/ crnta per foot. I To Providence, on meaaurcmeut goods 5 cents per cubic i foot, and apecific article* aa per larif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. m31_6rrir_ , IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Goods between Philadelphia and Pittsburg. i This improvement in transportation affords to Western Merchanta peculiar advantages. The goods heiug carefully parked 111 the boats at our warehouse, No. 36J Market street, sre carvie.d over tlie Columbia and Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and crews are employed, w ho lake cnarge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with tliem the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lota t being separated on the way. N. B.?Passeagrrs forwarded t* Pittsburg and Pottsville, eve, ry day, Bundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent. a!2 3m* 7 Washington street. FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. The proprietor* of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittsburg, (ire notice in the Merchants of Ni w York, ami alt other persons shipping to tin- Wrst, tluit their line ii now in scrive qj* rmior Goods consigned to them (or seut to go iu their lie., I will be forwarded wkh <bsp.urh. Oirnm or shippers of goods, destined for the West" m Slavs, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without wv, All goods shmild be marked distinctly on eacrt nacxage BINGHAM'S LINE. For ales of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, op|?ni(e Pier No. 2, N. R. N. B. Pass tiger* forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsvillr,every I day. Sundays excepted. Refer to tt. Crooks, American Fur Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Front street ; Phelps, Dodge k Co., Fulton street; Suydair age It Co ; Wm. Rankin, Duryee i* Co, Newark. m6 3in OPPOSITION LINK KOK ALBANY^ FARE REDUCED'. ! ?* so inns?Mrrths AO rents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED rillCES. ,f .Maei ,rm The commodious Steamboat WASHING4 p? . "k?'i # TON. ( iplain J. M. Brown, hating made SC^jKawE-arrangf meiita to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave tlw foot of Robinson stm t. Newt York, every woodsy, Wi dnesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa lurday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her passage each way at, tlis foot of Hammond street, New burgh, Poughkee|uie, Kingston Point. Cattskill and Hudson. i For freight or pnvsace, apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTlV. No. 182 West street. mic_ wWtQ /Bta CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fishing Banki.esery day, esccpt Tuesdays and*?Fare Zi cent* eacfi way?The steamer NAPOLEON, Capt. Hancoi, will run regularly to the above i , place every l.ii r dav, and leave as follows?Foot of Hammond I street at 9 o'clock, Canal strr't quarter jiast 9, Market street I half pa?t 9, Catliariue ferry Brooklyn Ll ., pier No. 1 North ri- i ver at II) o'rloek. On Tuesday* and Fridays the Napoleon w ill make afternoon i eicursions to Coney Island, I Hiding at Fort Hamilton and . Bath?(the steamboat General Jarknan will contnuie to run to i the same place every other day in the week)?and leave as ftdlows?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock. Canal street at a I quarter paat 2, Pikcstreet 2\, pier No I at 3 o'cloak?Fare 2A manncn wav. inr nnat will remain at OD'y Island one iinur and a half, and arrive in New York ky 7 o'clock. _ _ j 14 lm*e Tmm ort-osition line-koR-Albany AND .\EW YORK?Landing at Ili. foot of 3C^I3B2-Z-Hammond street, Xcwbitrgh, Poushkee|isie, { Kingston Point, Catskill and Hudson?Passage JO mils, bertha jn cents?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON, Captain J. ( M. Brown, will leave the pier at the foot of Robinson street for , Albany every' Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at i o'clock, t Leave Albany, foot of Lydnt street, for New York, every , Tuesday, Thursdvy and Saturday, at J o'clock, I'. M. I For iMssage or freight apply on board, or to I). R. Martin, 182 i Wall street. . Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pier, NR. Ap- j ply o board Washington, Robinson st. |e9lrn*rc I Evening LINE FOR^.LBANY~IMRI;<?F, .MQ /BS """ o'clock, T. M., from the steamboat Am vA^d'nier between Courtlaudt and Liberty streets. jtniCK. The steamboat ROCHESTER, ("apt. A. P. Hi. Jonu, leases Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock, P. M. I The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. L. W. Brainr.rd. i leases the above pier every Tuesday, Thursdav and Saturday ] aftcmoou, at seven o'clock. i The above boau arv new and substantial art furnished with | . elegant state rooms, and in every ies[>ectareu nsui, assed among * tlx Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on hoard, or to t . t _ V. C. SCHULTZ, l At the office on the whart, or on board, Passengers taking this line of boats, w ill at all tunes arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for lite east ami . TAILORING. OF'"" THE-UTMOST 1MP0K TANCE TO purchasers of Marshall's Troy Shirts. Bosoms and Col- , lars. In consnquence of the many inistakna having been made of late by strangers and others, m finding our only Troy Shirt Depot, we are therefore obliged to made public the cause foi the benefit of all in pursuit of our highly reputrdTroy Shirts, Bosoms and Collars. It is this. A store lias lately hail painted on tin ir window, and about their premises, a sun mir- 1 poitsug ts be "Trov Shirt Depot." Now we inform all. they 1 ilo not keep onr Troy Shirts, Bosoms anil Collars, and as a ? 5uard agstnst mistakes that may ocrur in future, on account of t lis new sign at the corner store, therefore, we shall circula|e I esteneively the follow ing card, and for the benefit of dealers in ' ourgoods :? This is to infe-m dealers and others that Marshall's only | Troy Shirt P?j>ot in lite city is sbout sixteen doors from the I < corner of resri aml Chathim streets on the riglit hsnd tide in ! iwtstag to the City Hall?No. 80 Chatham street. This is oar I I ostly Troy Shirt Depot for the receiving ol our highly reputed Trov Bhlrts Risrmi <, ?.! is* ? , .. .... >ii hit- 1117. 77 t in*i 1 cause this to be ertenulrefy circulated, in consequence of many mistakes luring beer. nijr of late. B? particular to see the n\mr. MAHSII Alil.'fl. on the window alias: also tin- follow in*? ' MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHlflT DEPOT. 00 Chatham <tnrt. No rtlrnnafa asked of those who beat down. New York, Jsnr 3. IMS. jei im*a 1 REMOVAL. : PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MKNT, la rawoyad from 14J Broadway to No. 7 Aator Hons*. ECONOMY : IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most Melt int ami l? ashianal.le kind ?I a saving of 1 | fit) per cent for ctsah. t I rPKK advertiser d-' im it HMMM t.. r-s.-tt t i the liarkI 1 neyd nyslrra of giviuit a list of nomnid! jiniV*, prcsjinina 1 vKmv the length of time h<* has been tocrJicr with I the rftinalrt pitroDife bntowed "n nun win prm* ^ itnfl cieut voucbtr for hit capabilities. P<w*r*7imr thr of ' being connected with an fitcntive cloth e <tahiuhnir>nt m Ktir<*t?r he confidently that he can furnish clothes which, on coin- * mntob, will m fankl lowei thu iai otlvei M9mmbri?p 1 th** h? ?r drsonptioiu ..t ir?ml. i?. i\.1" tnVt :lm S. PHlJalJni. 1 Astor House . Brnsdwur MARTIN'S ? Cash Tailoring EatablHbment, ? ll Rrswrnl to IM H'illiatn afreet, omrr of .1nn afreet- C rpHF. subseriher, in announcing the ai ore to hi. friends and ' 1 the public in general takes leave to rrtinn thanks for tit* liberal patronage bestowed on him at his former place of business, end assures them that *r*ry article ordered ot him shall, as heretofore, he r.-t, mide, and tninmed in the neatest and , most stylish manne The materials, the newest and best in | the market, and St r positive saving of 30 per cent. Strangera 1 are requested to cal mil eaamine. , (lentlemen who | refer purchasing their own doth, lie., ran ? have them made and trimmed in the style that hat given aueh t I pnvnlsatisfaction during tin last four years. Every garment warranted In lit, ami made by tin- beat workmen at the following prices, it.:? Drew Coats 00 :o $* St I 00 to 9 JO Pailtaand Veata 75 to 2 no Over C-wta 00 to n n# *TL No garments ready made?all made to order, and a suit I I farniihed, if necessary, in 21 hours. mis ime MICHAEL E. MARTIN. E NE" N wateringTlaces. Tcr" SHAKON SPRINGS. nnHE PA VILLION.?This uew commodious II ?trl will be A o|i?*n for the rrcention of visitors on and after tli? tir?t of June . at the Village of Sharou b|iriRfi, S? hoharic County, New York. The clear pure water of tl?e springs, *r? \tl>* r? fmblinf tie *o of the w hite sulphur spriiu'* of Virginia, have been proved to l?e highly efficacious iu Kin univtic. < iitan-out, Ililiimifl aud Dysoeptic complaints and ill lh? cuie ol Kr>>i|*das, Sallrm-utn, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, ari l ureal debility, and in many other resnecta, puss ? *? (as certim J b> some of the most eminent medical professor* in the Unit d Stales) m??liciml and (waling properties uihiii, .vwscd, and believed to bt unequalled by any iu tins country. Added to these, the rides iu the vicinity, numerous rill up *, extensive views, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are among the many attractions oftered to these s*< kmc iu the heat of summer, either health or pleasure. These springs are hut a ft w hours ride fro?.i SamtoM, Troy, Albany, kc., and are accessabU from Canaioliarie on tin Albany and Utica railroad, where carnages daily await lite arrival r>f the morning cars from Schenectady and Utica. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about eight nitlm. arriving in time for dinner; also by the Albany ami Cherry V alley turu[?ike hv dailv stages, being about rorly-iive miles wrsl of the &.\rn\. coKi and shower B iths furnished at all rimes, rithci >f ii, . mim r\l or fresh water, anil every attention git en to reni?sr the stay of visitors agree able. An abundance of the purest inouutai" soring Ire m ?t foi th* loison. (? W, D< hhDNKY. THit SPRINGS HOTEL.?Tliis Holt I will br opcueii at he above village of Sharon Soring*, for the r : *i? ?? <?l mi:ors, and combining all tlie aiftani.tgrs of this ' fiahttni ?nm? mer resident. JOIIN V. ETTKN. a39 IfwK iv\ r CATSKlEL fifOl NTAIN MM M'., AT THE PINK. OIU'HAKI) -HI3. rUS romantic and fashiou&hle retort will be conducted during the present srasou under the direction and superititeulance of the subscriber. It his undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is new o|?eu lor the reception of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deacrvrdly high chancier which it h?s heretofore bcmiired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York intrk-l cau afford; and every possible attention that can promote the coiivrniciicc and rnioy ment of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road Lading to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has been rendered rfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. Y . B-*ach Co.'s excellent line of stage* will run as heretofore regularly between rtie landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812. jtl!3inr jjgA LAORANGE HOTEL, Bull's Ferry, New J.raev. jg This most delightfully romantic iiunmi" retreat is in full J4 JlLrcadint ss, well storked with fruit and flower , and above all a line kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines and liquors, ah- and porter. Also, seg.irs of the lirst <ju alitv. J|ohn Poueon, the proprietor, tincerelj returns his x ntefiH think to his friend*, ind the public ib ivdwu. for tbtu libei ?l patronage for the 'a*t nine years. The beautiful steamboat Bos ton, Captain T. Y. BaWcock, leaves foot of Canal street four times a day. The public can rest assured that they w ill n >t be ili ,apjH?inted as heretoforex tint owners of the boat arc determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars sve the Sun. Gentlemen can be accommodated witn the best of board ind lodging at five dollars per week, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military companies on target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place anil try the target ground and Ponton's good dinners. His prices are according to the times. J. Pouson is always at home, and will be happy to see his friends and visitors. je 12 lm*r THE HAMILTON HOUSE.-This esublishmeut is now A oten for Ihe netpdoB ol fioaptny It has bsra thorooghlj renovated and furnished anew, upon a scale of liberality commensurate with the demands of the public. The department ol the cuisine has been placed under the charge of a capable and experienced artist, wno will lark no supplies that the markets cau afford. To those unacquainted witn the locaiiou ol the Hamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situated at the ocean cntranoe to the Narrows, from eight to ten miles from the city, on the high western bluff of Long Island, com minding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantic and landward, the hizhly cultivated and fertde shores of Stateu and Loiys Island, and tin- karboref New ki>iU. Nothjjycnn ex briou. air at all periods of tlie d.y, the rtv accc.. by sta{? and stc ont'cMt, ami tlip mincled life and retirement ol'tlir .pot, render till: esubli-hinent second to iiodp within * linndr.d mil? of New York. Thr apartment. are cominoiliou* and airy, and their n. eemmodation* in marked contravi with ihoaeof similar house. In"etcifore in the vicinity of the city. The ride* in the neighborhood, the fulling grounds, billiard rooms, ten-|>in alleys. and other accessories ol recreation, leave lit'.le, it is be tiered, to lie wished for by any guest. Karttilirs desirous of securing rooms for ftir season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. je7 tmr RaTh HOUSE, LONO ISLAND.?This long and well D kai iwn boarding and sea bathing establishment, having re- I c?ntly undergone numerous improve menu, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues U|?o?i the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent of private beach on this shore?iSe perfect security in bathinp, even for ladies and children, (the bathing houses be ing within a stone's throw of the marmot)? the shady, cod and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding countr /?the excellent fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and uBoaimtiit?the bimiwl view of the Ail ide ocean tod t&e lower hay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev*?ry respect unequal! I by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, rlie rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest d*y? ?f suinmer. anything hut oppressive. The rciiiofcc of communication and distance, (being hut nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours ereotomooausd to business rentier it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of basic ss in New York. jetf 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN, Propri-tov. QHAKON S"RlNGl PAV1LLIO.N, SfhuHAHlK CO. kJ E.urthof July.?The Grind O .nine Bdl fur the 8e??o:i, will taka place on the evening of the 4th July, at the Sharon Spring. Pavilion, wliich i. now open for the reception of visiter.. No pain, will be spared to render the entert tinurent agreeable. O. VV. B. OEDNKY. jt at t2djy B~T.DKOKD MI.S'RAL SPRINGS?Thi. well known water itar place, situated in Bedford County, Penns> lvania, is now Djwn for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be nrces??ry to *sy that they are situated n'*ar the great Western TurniMkr, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Allefhany Mountains. Every thing h is been provided at this watering place to render i sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusements will l>e found suited to all tastes, ami a good baud jf music will he in attendance. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last teasous, will induce the renewed exertions the coming season. June lOth, 1812. WILLIAM REYNOLD*. jeZteod lmr Pr-qwrielor. BATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY HENS HAW'S, at Long Branch.?This ex" tensive and delightful Sea Bathiw; Estahl shment will be opt nr.i hi the sftbscnbei on the S7th Jim, intlsny. HeWp respectfully to infirm its former patrons and the public, that roiisidcrable additions and alterations, enrreasing the comforts, have been made since last year, and will he in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishing to lie as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will he seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dob ars as formerly. < hihlreo of a certain age and servants half once. Hlorw-t full$1.50. Hr hop?s he may say without imputaion, that hi* table and accommodations will he equal to any on Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will Snd accommodating terms. j? 22 ltn?r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. N. J, T KWI8 F. HANKINSON respectfully informs his friends D and the public thai he has fitted up in the belt style the total formed) ccupiedb) Jacob C ortes, at the ftbivs 11 it la he mi>st heathful situation on the sri coast, aboir 7 mile* from Red Bank, and fourteen from Higstown. Stages |?aii through uid fro to meet tin Philadelphia car*. The terms of hoard will found \er\ BMMCritl. Also, stabling, Ike, for horses, on rery reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of his will be wanting :o render tho e who patronis* him comfortable, and that his rouse w ill be found equal to any along the coast. ic30 I in r PAVILION; SARATOGA SPRINGS?The Pavilion, conf tS 'uous to the Pavilion fount tin, and equidistant from Jotifrcss and Iodine Springs, ha* been thoroughly renovated, md is now open for the reception of visitors. Fur convenience >f location, beauty of the ground* adjoining, commodinuanets iftlw rooinr. and effort* on the part of the proprietor to make ris ?w*-sts comfortable, this house, it is believed, is not surpass>d. Thr. charges for hoard and rooms have been modified to nret, iu mint degree, ihe depression of the time s. A share of latrotiage is respectfully invited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. Saratoga Tsnrimrs, June 20. Ifl'tt. je27 2wr DRY GOODS, &c. TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-The pronne tf",', Mi?i 9 KING, daughter of tin celebrated Cvl King, i(T> r? fof sale i moot select ana choice INOfMnt if MilllMTy ioaiU, for the spring trade. never u yet presented to the pabif, ti i? u regards the quality *n'l cheapness of the articles IV assortment consists of thr following :? The celebrated SILK MAT. CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORuhANS, u worn by La Duchesse DOrtesni, of Trance, >111,1) SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL ATI LI. Auil Lawn ll.iu J , do?An entire tuts sty le o HaU called 44 MODINE CAPOTTER, EL.SSLER COTTAGE.*1 Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest te? ',?r<r. in great variety. Tne Propria trr? rre|?ctfolly solicits the ladies p> favor her with arall. and rvininir lirr elegant ami varied stork of Mililiery for themselves, before tin v pun lisse elsewhere, aa it alii lie a treat sating to them in prire anil a (real ad vantage aa egarda the variety auil jnality of the gn.xls. illSS S. KING, Magawne de Modes, je22 Itr.*r 293i< Broadway. BOOTS?BUI ITS AND SHOES ?the cheap and best assortment of this article in the eity, nut warranted. Ladies4, Misses' anil ( hiIdren*1 Boots, Shoes ml Sli|i|iert, of every SI> I. and fsthion. rh> err than ever offered, ran lie found at *7 Broadn ay and 9! Cannl street, all of heir own mar ulaetiiriug. Gentlem-n will not b-* disaiUHjinteil >> falling at he abuse store, as they will And the very article hft want Bays, do yon c i:l, aa yii w ill In suited to a T. jeWlf c GREGORY h CAHILL. - - DRESS Ml UTS?LATEST EBENCH -a"**E/ST\ I.E.?The subs, iiber mal;. a to nrib r, Boots ?f tlie above deseription, of the finest quality of 1'rein h Call Akin, and in the latest style, and at very' reasonable prices.? Jentlenen who have hern in the habit of jp'.ying eitravagant rices for inferior articles are requcited to fall and he convinced ha: his pricri are from ten to twenty |ier fent lielow other torn in the neighborhood Drawings beijg t.ikcti of the I'ejrt, nil a pair of lav's kept (or each customer, there is no diff.cnfry n getting a handsome yet easy St. Constantly onhnid, a large assortment of faskionalile ready nade Boots, a | -ices varying from TWO DOLL ARB FIFTY ;ENTS TO SLY DOLLARS; Half Boots, Gaitera, Shoea, ump?, Slippers, k> . equally low, ,, . JOHN L. WATKlStS, lit Fulton st? *' 1m Between Nassau and Dutch tt?. BETTER pFac- to find Boots and Sr.nes cheap, C^^^g and we are not anre that in New York ihe,e is any lace to good as at the Clinton Boot and Shoe .Market,ifftl Canal tieet, n. rtn cast corner ul Hudson street. Those who hate ned appear to genii illy satisfteil that this is a fart nniiesisoiiahle. All thoae who m>y not have tried our hoots, hoes, or gaiters,will 11ml it m their advantage to make the trial OOQ. A. KNOX fc CO, N. B. Country merchants a >e b> the paekage or dmrn inm lu?er LI AC IIINE BLANKETS.-A bal., for .ale t,v >1 m III e e rF.RSSEh BROOKS. *[ Mheety r. i,LOtrR?icnjsrrcls StTotSs S?uam"Mil|a Flour. For sale by LK COLLINS h CO je36 tt Booth at. w ro EW YORK. SATURDAY BOOKS AND STATIONERY. An interesting work <>\ thk k vs 1 -j .<t l*iibli <ht J. Iby Carry & Hirt. Notes of ? Tour through Turkey. Greece, Kgynt. Arabia, Petnca, to itie Holy Land, including a Visit to vm-i.'i, Sparta, 4?r \ml C*i * Const.intinople. Tin* bos, the Red Set. Mnuiii Sinai, Prtn, tin V.Join of 8cri|r tore, Stc , by K. Joy Monis, in 2 volumes 12 mo., with plates. OPINIONS OF TIIK PRKSS. We commend it to the public a* a ?teiluig work of travel.? I S Oat TN- aot'.or li.aa c?uitriv? I fo triv?? to hi*description* of places, scenery, and ? en!<. a apirit I lYe.luicst #%?? ! vrai semblance, tint c inn >t be too murh admired.?Spirit of the Timet. We doubt not bur these two iuiereatinir volumes will be eagerly sought for by the public.?New World. Tin* w ork is precisely such an one a.-- a man ia glad to take up \vh? n he desire* information u4?on the subject of which it tre *t*.-^Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant unpretending account of rambles through j region* ah nit which every intelligent mind desire* information, j and it it furnished iu a sty le which every one will find agreeable. ?pMinaylv ani<ui. There i> not a i age in the work that i* not interesting and iu- f stru< tivc.?Del. .loumd. 1 W. I, r 1.i- .!- ...?i w 1?i.. .. - ?. ?r?iiirc?i IW uvnuiiw r*Trn?iTriy [?>|'uiU| | j nl ? cuMlnlly j.nii wnli iuir brrilirru of the (irci* iu coin- ( inwiidiiK il to iio|'uUr fivor.?Daih Chronicle. For Ml. by WILE? k PUTNAM, j. 4 1w?r V.? Vrtr 1 THK MKSMfciff? MAGAZINE, OR JOURNAL UV I AN I M A I. M V(i\K riSM-1)11 R. 11. LOLLYEK 1 will mi hi ifh id. 1,1812, th Into f i periodical with I flu* ..hove title. 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Deep anxiety s os manifested to hear his argument, and the crowd, in rousequence outside of the but, w us eo great as to render lie situation of those forming a |>orlionofit any thing hut somfortable. Like Mr. O'Connor he doubtless made a food many enemies und a proportionable number of rieuds, for the time being, by the boldness of his renarks, as they might suit the views, or otherwise, of hose who heard them. He occupied thu Court on Thursday to the hour of adjournment. The crowd yesterday was as dense as ever. Mr. A. L.JoaDA* rose in behalf of the plaintiff in error, tnd in conclusion of tha argument. The lollowiug is a jrief view of his remarks :? He said they fully ooncurrel with the necessity of guarding the elective franchise, and that he couusel on he optHisite side had said many things aliout w hich there s no disagreement. On the other haud much has been isaerted not susceptible of proof. We do not deny, said Mr. J., to the Supreme Donrt the right to act U|k>ii elecions in certain cases; hut we claim that the sole right was "cited in this case in the Common Council, la order :o entitle himseli to a peremptory mandamus, the relator must show a title to what he cluims, and he must do so at he time of making the application. He cannot afterwards ;o bock and do so. lie must show a clear prima facie ight, and do so at the time. Wh it do the relators claim I They claim to have the oath administered to them. In irder to do this, they must show a title to the ottkee. The n every pri son that comes along ami claim* to have been deeted; uml if there i> a doubt x. to that claim, the writ of mandamus rould not be resorted to. The .Major lias no right, by law. to go into the investigu'ion. It is the duty at the candidate to show that he has been elected. There treonly two moles |ioiiitc<l out by whi''- the Mayor can loll?the one the legal return of the iciurning ollieets; the other the judgmentot some court of judicature which Ins scrutinized the claim. 1 urn now addressing the court iolcH on behalf of the Mayor of New York. Wc agree that the last ballot makes the officer elected, hut he is bound to show the evidence to that effect, or the ministerial officer is not at liberty to administer the oath. The mandamus could not he applied for till it is shown there In* la i n a default. It is a principle of law that there can l>c no remedy till there is a ilelunlt. Perhaps, had the time lights been exhibited to the Maj or that have since b en shown, he might hare done different; but even that we do not say. The Mayor could not go into the ballot box. There must be evidence laid before him such as he la botaud to take notice of. Ho shun hi not be subjected to i peremptory mandamus for uut doing that which it clearly was not his duty to do. The utfidavits placed before the Supreme Court were all made out after the application to the Major to be sworn. Them is nothing in those affidavit* to show that he had anv evidence presented before him that the relators hid been elected. They never applied to him to he sworn t.fier those affidavits were made out. I apprehend, said Mr. J. that the Court will perceive that the Muyor could not lie put in fault and be called upon to perform a duty which it was not in his power to pet form. The return laid belore the Mayor shewed no legal return of the election ofchartcr officers io the Sixth w ard. The return is a matter of record and must he proved the same as any other record. Mr. J. then alluded to the various laws in relation to the returns for charter officers, and presented a chain which ihi-wed that the law of 1313 still governs. By this the int pec lor- me required to make return to the county clerk, iu which he names of persons elected are to tie w ritten at length, and entered by him or his deputy in a book to he kept for that purpose, an I tiled. It therefore becomes a matter of record, and the candidate must present his certificate to show his Ciaim. This Is the sole evidence thv law provides. The Mayor is not authorised to go beyond it. If a can lid ate is dissatisfied with a return he Ins . right to apply for a m rit of mandamus against the mspi tors to esquire into the merits of the election. The nsse. ion of assumption of power hj the Mayor falls to the ground. The gentleman I-'gilt have gone into the very towels of the ballot box,nun have scrutinized every thing in rernrd to it. All this excitement, therefore, amounts to nothing. If you are dissatisfied go to your quo warranto an 1 yoa get redress. Neither the assessors nor the Council are subject to the Supreme Court. The Common Council have jurisdiction of the matter. Thcv can sit down immediately, without the delay incidental to t rourt -f law, pus- upon the light of their members tu their seats, and immediately proceed tu business. Volt mu-d have the x.ljmhrntion of the Common Council in audi matters before you can go to the Supreme Court. 1 will venture to sav, that if Mr. Morris, who has been ac he void at the Merchant ? exchange in the eity ol New York, on Saturday. the 2d July next, at 12 o'clock, M., to wit: Knr ine Allegany County Bvnk?Stock account. 5 errtificatev Indiana J t>er ct. (Internal improvement) itoek, I pay Ut July 1863, for SlOtm each, JJOOO Stock ami Ileal Ext tie account. , icertiflcatex Indiana 3 percent, (internal improvement) tloclt, pay. lit July, 1863, for $1000 each. $jl)nn j SdMKt New York i |*r cent. (Erie enlars?tncn*) itock, pay. ' laii. $50011 For the Bmk of Oli-u*? Stock account. Icerificate Indiana 5 per ct. 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They eneh'e the vrearer to walk with much le* n cased 01 uu s?rt* 01 nar.i tilings, iy runny, usurpation, niui there in no knowing what nine, ami which conl I only have been used lor the purpose of iutimidalion, had been placed in possesion of ordinary evidence, he would have -aid nothing about it. There i* n law governing the solemn duties of election, w hich provide* for a return being made in the elerk'a office, but which law, gentlemen t tw in , touM lH3 liudlr ] Uk u nullity. In <tk. lution to the idea that the Mayor was bound to adminiatei the oath on the return from the other three districts, Mr I. allowed the danger of such a procedure, and how east it woald tie for inspector* to control an election, by getting ome ruthan, who could lie obtained, a* was raid by tin gentleman on the opposite ride, at any time, for the prict of a presidential dinner, to hreuk the ballot lioxer oft particular district, leaving the return in their hand* finally to be acted upon by the .Mayor. If the Coinmoa Council could n it decide upon aca-e like the present, tin trilo course w ould then be a new election. Our adverse ries, said .Mr. J., have all the time tieen lighting a shadow They seem to have made up their minds that we weri going into a state of revolution. The counsel spokeof tin guillotine in France, the horrors of South America, and that the City Hull w as in danger of being ransacked, an,' all because the Mayor would not swear in a perron he had no right to swear in. In relation to the right of the Recorder to administer the oalli, Mr. Jordan showed by the language of the revised charter, that he wu?not so. In ordinary cases, under the constitution, every recorder, and many others named, have authority to administer an oath, but the charter expressly states that the Mayor or clerk shall swear in the members of the two Boards, and in the event oftbeir being absent it could be done by the Recorder of the city, by the 1st Judge of the Common Pleas, or one of the Judge* of the Superior Court. As to the holdover clause, Mr. J. denied the positions of the opposite counsel, and contended that the power was not taken away. He showed the impropriety of such. I'esti. lence, or acmeother calamity, might occur at the time ol the election, in which rase the city would be w ithout a government. He thought that none but a black letter anlii|uarian, who derives his light from tha dark age?, w ould for a moment pretend that such could be the en*' There is nothing in the section which says the mi 'iers shall lie elected for the ensuing year, that does aw with the idea that the hold-over clause should remain ruII force. If it w as intended that this gi o 1 old charter iiciii i iiu iiiu~ mil rti'i, iiie w hiu umy auuiii hiivi urrn ippended to the words mailing, fcr. I do not, in conclulion, laid Mr. J., consider it neeesaary to ref*r to the i-vful consequences 6|>okcii of by the opposite aide. The uin will continue to shine even if the gentlemen do not [?t possession before they get it in the legal way. We lave heard mueh about the danger to popular government unless the ( ourt chastises the Mayor, the returning illicert, and every one elac. It ia as necessary to protect i valuable vigilant officer in his dutica, as to prevent one rem eneroaehing upon ground that ia not lawful. The ndgmont, 1 hope, will be auch as to settle what kind of hings these returns are to be. Whether one half or one hird the districts are to he such aa shall form a record in he clerk's otficc to be applied to in all time to come. 1 iop? while harmony ia preserved, that the power given to mr officer) will be properly defined, and that they be irotecte 1 in tin1 exercise of the privileges they possess. Mr. Jordan concluded at 1 o'clock. The Court then lecided to adjourn to 11 o'clock this forenoon, at which ime judgment is to he pronounced. Ucncral Nrulons, 3e!orc his Honor the Recorder and Judges I.ynch and NonV .lomes R. Whiting, Kssj. District Attorney. July I.? H'illiam Wiirleworth, formerly ol the firm of iVardsworth V Robinson, who was indicted in April last, :n a charge of obtaining *JI3 Kl worth of millinary goo Is rem Horvuy Farrington, jr., nn ler false pretences an I reireaentations made to Mr. Clennan, a clerk of Mr. FarIngton. w as discharged, three terms having passed withnit his heiug brought to trial. An n Iditional complaint Urged against him for perjury. growing out of the same ireum'tance, was also dismissed. .I .nhnm Cohen, charged with petit larceny, in stealing , pairof boots, was also disrharg'-d, it being shown to the ;onrt tliat they were not taken with a felonious intent. ft charii IF", lit J fir Irf, late cashier of the Commercial tank, who is indirted for ember/ling the sum of F5fiUOO rom that institution, and w ho is also charged with perjuy before the Bank Commissioners, wns admitted to bail in he sum of fin,000. Jamtt Srhrmerhnrn late secretary of the Ocean Inurnnce Company, indicted for ember/Icing 5103,000 o' he funds of the. institution, was also admitted to hail in tlium of 510,000. The grand jury came into Court, and stated through heir foreman, that they should conclude their business on ; iturdav morning at lOo'clock, to which timrthe Court djourned. Rprrlal Meaalon*. Before Judge Noah, nud Al tcrmen Crolitis ami Smith Jriv 1 ? lane Williams,|blnek, for stealing three 'hilts rom Margaiet Keef, and a frock from Margaret Dowling, . as senMipfor ninety davs. I ihn Dougherty, for steallg plank from a new building to be erected In Mulberry 11 ect, was sent up for sixty days. Catherine Martin, for tealing a shawl from the store of Jured Mack, sent tip lor hirty days. John Swrum, for stealing an axe and shovel rom Mr. Randolph, was sent np for a like term. Joanna miner, a little girl, was sent totlic House of Refuge for leabng several blacksmiths punches and other tools, from l-njamn (Jtldersleeve. Valentine Still, charged with rawing a knits upon William Oibbs, and I.etitia Haggerv, with stealing a small quantity of lead Imm Dsvid lines, were discharged, and the Court adjourned to Tueeay next. Dai win Gibson, formerly a resident in Mobile, and afTwiirda cashier of a bank in Georgia, has been put on rial in N'ew Orleans for uttering two forged certifies ea fdeposite, fir 51100 ami 5Wd respectively, purporting i he "fthc t'nion Bank of New V'ork. No evi lence was llerixl for defence?the accused rested on n flaw in the idlctment. Thcjury Hound him guiltyninn. the Mo-xstkh.?Bird, the wretch who fastnej liix wife to the elinirnnd lire to her clothes ,hiuh caused her death, line been found guilty of mnalaughter only! He was tried in Pittsburg* iera: 42. TH B G li EAT CLOTH CASE. Last Da v. lTnltr<l smten Circuit Court. Before Judge Bctu. Mr. I.oui> commenced the summing up. lie said the amount at issue w as more than A'3000. In H3tt Air. Francis Blackburn bought tin so goods of Thomai Shaw and Abel Shaw. Theae gentlemen hud liought the ame good* of J.Hues Brown k Co., and co|>ied tlieir int. ices, making , them out Blackburn liought of Shaw, instead of Shaw bought of llrown; and they added to each package le's in some instances, uud Hi'a in other instances. The goods ai rinsl here. Mr. Rlackburn came on to enter them.? Mr. lloy t violated the jiower conferred on tlie appraisers; sent for Mr. BlackUuru, am! examined him on the 'J 1st of August; he didn't conliue his i;uestiuns to tIn- legal jniii ts, but went on an.l demanded of him to show his laioks. By the advice of couu> ol.he refused to do so, am! refused to answer any more. Weil, after all this?after he had raised Mr. Iloyt's ire to a very high pitch,the appraisers pasted these very goods as correct on the ?J8th ol August. Mr. Host got live or six sets of appraisers to value these goods at different times, and they all agreed that they were ftiir. ly invoiced. But Mr. Hoyt, determined to worry this man, ransaekud the whole city, and at last succeeded in getting two men, who put the goods up in one ease sj per cent, an! in another fifteen per cent; now the ipiestion at i-sue , are the goods falsely valued' Are thov invoiced ut the pri^o which Francis Blsckhurn p ii 1 for them I It is not a (Uestion whether these Yorkshire-men are all smugglers 01 all cheaters of the revenue! But are these goods entered at a fair value' If these ,ri,wl nl ft,.. u, L'mnri. 111.,'t.lMirii paid for then, then no matter what frauds Hoyt, or wilier, or Taylor ni ly have committed or not, and if my client hod licen connected w ith the frauds of IS3S, is that any reason why e should he charged in I S3'.' with fulsc entrle- I If a mutt vho once makes a slip is never to he allow uj to retrace hi-steps, then u man had better go on committing crime till the day ol his death. But my client hud no connertiou with the business of 1S.1H. The collector charges that those cloth frauds were done through the connivance of Campbell?well, lie left the Custom House in April, 1S38. Then came the purr reign?thedynasty of lloyt, Now, is it reasonable to snpIKise that aft? r Campbell lift?after the cloth seizures had taken place?after Jottomley, Bent, anil especially John Taylor (allowed to !>e the smart) st and shrewdest importer that the Custom House had to deal with,) is it reasonable tosupposethat Mr. Blackburn,himsell a \ orkshireman, would attempt to have his goods falsely invoiced ; and after the cry of mud dog hud been raised aga nst John Tay lor, nud he was a marked man at the Cu?tom House, is it likely, that Mr. Blackburn would have his goods consigned to J?hu Taylor. Now as to the discount for measurement. We find iu theftrian le T. goods liought of Thomas Shaw, this feature does not appear. And in the Abel Shaw B. K. goods it sometimes does appear ; and with this deduction, the B.K. goods were not put up by Woodhcad so much as 1(1 per cent; w hilst Thomas Shaw's goods, the man who never had any connection with Campbell, the honest man, arc put lip 16 per cent. Now Mr. Hoyt suid that the discount ter measure was itself evidence of fraud, and on this he gut in all the testimony he could i and yet X-ounaberry, Mead, all the other witnesses hut one, sw ear It wns a general rule. And that one, " Mr. Brown, swears he never heard of the rule, and when pressed by Mr Hoyt on this point, swore that if it had been a rule, he should have heard of it. And y d Mr. Hoyt knew of it himself?had disallowed it?then hllu-.od it? then there was a great commotion about it in the Custom House?and at Inst it w-asdisallowed lor the last time. Then Mr. Brown swore the charges lobe 6 percental least, whil t the regular appraisers swear that they made a uniform rule for charpe* of 11 on hale goods and 1J on cases. Mr. Brown did not mean, 1 believe, ?o sweat f.ilso, but he has certainly shown himself to be unfit for an appraiser. If an error of judgment is made by his Honor the Jud e, r an "irorof six cents he made in any of our small court', I can get r remedy in a higher court? but If a Custom Mouse appraiser puts up my goods 2ft per cent, I must pay it, end have no ren !dy, although it may ho the most unjust thing imaginable'. Now Mr. Woodhead, the only witness brought here w ho put up the goods, sw ears honestly that lie can't tell the value of goods within ten percent, and he only put up the goods of Abel Shaw H i-3 per cent, und the goods of Thomas Shaw w ere only put up 1,1 per cent. If there wns no evidence to rebut nil this, you never could take this property nwny from the claimant on such testimony. But we have six wi'.nes-cs, all of whom swore positively that (he goods w ere fairlv mined and invoiced. (lien Mr. Lord reviewed the testimony of Mead, Loimalw if. Smith, Savage, ji .) And yet in the face of all this?with the decision of the government appraisers jtgu.nst him?Mr. lloyt tak s the responsibility of seizing tin se goods because Mr. Bluckbiirn hud dared to ofl'end his ignity. And then Mr. Hoyt's gross assumption and abuse of power, in culling up Mr. Blackburn, and ordering him to produce his hooks and private papers. Why, it wa* the grossest violation of priv.-.te rights I ever heard of. Innocently done perhaps, hut such as no man, except hi \t as ns ignoru.% as a horse*, could do without know ing he was tlutng Mion^but it m just such an net as a grossly ignorant man woqgl do. I do n't waut to hear hard on Mr. lloyt, hut hvdid n't scruple to trample on every thing like law and all that men hold dear ; this whole proceeding ; was a gro-s, abominable use of iiower; he aetra like a petty tyrant lording il over his fellow-men?If not wilfully, i most igiiorantlv and shamefully, showing that he only i wanted the knowledge to lo any act however disgraceful. , If ever there was a case which calls for the jury to give i the claimant the goods w ithotit leaving their seats, and for a judge to refuse to gis e this collector a t -tjl.cute of "probable cause." which may protect hitn from the consequence* of this illegal seir ure in another place, is this ; and I do therefore hope, that if the jury acquit there goods, you will refu*o this Collector a rrrtifirat- for probable cause. I Mr. II-vt said, that the causo for suspicion was that >!i Blackburn came to the custom house and claimed ' sods mark*d diamond I) K, which John Taylor w as in he habit of entering at the custom bouse. He also dwelt j long time on the Inct Dint both invoice* were in the same iin l-writing. Iln was going on a: n great and extraordinary length into the domestic relations of the clamant, when the Court stopped hiin Mr. lloyt said if he had done wrong, he begged pa* dot of the Court ; he hud'ut 'I""..' ' ? > i?, ?" ? ii" ?ui'|KJ??i ii? unimiii m.ik. but a poor hand of it. He laid that Mr. Lord had -wiled into a si/ct.iat he never saw his figure Hss-imc before ; and put on an air and manner perfectly theatrical, and for stnga effect calculated to excite the anger of the jur egHinat the late Collector, because there wasn't a new spaper in the city?and (iod knowthere are enough ol them, that has not had something to suy against the late Collect <r. But Mr. Lord had a right to swell hi-small ft m inti size as big as Daniel LamLei it he pleased. I don. complnin. But Mr. Blackborn i aid to havi goo I uncles?kind uncles?inch tin t it I hope you . ill all have such uncles, and I hope ;'ii have one to S| re 1 hope you'll give him to me. Mr. llo>t -aid that Mr. ' lithwas the Jester in the Custom llotl-e. Mr. Lownshttry he said had been taught his knowledge of goods hj tirofessor Bottom lev and professor Wood, nnl professor Taj lor, and adjunct Professor Dayton. I'rnlessor Bottomley hail goneto Kngland ; professor Taylor had the sagacity and the talent (lor he has both,) to remain here. Mr. Hov t 'hen ma Ic a curious rambling speech, in which lie said he took the responsibility of all this measure, s|N>ke of the i trrency, the credit system, General Jackson, Mr. Lord's speech on tlio steps of the Exchange, King's Jester, the ingredients of a good lawyer, and pretty much every thing under the sun. He said if Mr. Blackburn had made an error ol ?5, oronly 5 cents In the invoiced value of the goods, the goods must be forfeited in the eye of the law, although this ?15,000 was for the sake of ?5. Merchants mils' be very rarelul in makng out the full valuoof their goods; for, by petty frauds within the last 20 veam, the government has been robbed ol ?50,000,000. lie went on at some length about giving the value of the goods. Ji nor. Br.TTs corrected him. and told him that he had forgotten the 7th section of the act. It was only necessary that the goods should pay duty on the market value abroad, w ithout reference to invoice price, or any other price. Mr. Mow thought the law was different. He could not find some papers, and the Court adjourned. Common Council. Bnvnn or Akiitisi .? \t - July 1st, IH41?Present?Daniel Word, President, in th?* rhair?Messrs. William", Shul.r, Nash, Ilrown, Waterman C. J. Podge, F.squirnl, and Pett'jjrew. Prlilinni.? Dy \!r. Pettlgres ? Telitiwn of William D. Murphy and .VOOO others, ugl.nst nllowing the tub- ct spirituous lii|uor* in the booths around the Turk and Battery o.i 'he Fourth of .Ittlv. Referred to the < nmtnittee on tho Celebration of the Fourth of July. Rsiofufinnt.? By Mr. Ilnwn?the following preamble and reaolntion", to wit ll'lfiu, Mon lay next beingthc annivcrsay of Amiuiran Independence, a day worthy aad demanding the cclebra ton of Amu>m freemen, in commemoration of the great principle* pi\ -Inirnrd be our forefather* ?ixlv-?ix ( year ; ago : A-d herein this Hoard of Assistant Alder- i men did on the JOlh of June pass a resolution making an ( appropriation of AlflWfol the purpos. of celebrating said i .lay. conditioned On the concurrence >f the other hranch of the Council : And whereas no action ha* been taken on the roMwjt hv the other bran. Ii cf the ' ti t .vinctl which n tdertthe action of this nomd rugae-y therefore. Resolved. That the citi'/en* of this city are hereby request ft to celebrate the Fourth day "I July, instant, in neh n moniur a* will . unnnslratc that they regard the nnniversi. t af American Independence os a day endeared to American fcrein.-n hv the aio-t "acre lionds of l.iberty. III" .lie I That his Honor the requested to direct the national flag to he -'isplayed fiom the citv eapitol, mid from nil other public place* under the control and direction oftlic citv autho itirs, where it iscnxtomary for the >?nieto lie displayed. Resolved, That persons hasing in charge the several church bell* of Hie Mid are hereby requested to cause the some to he rung on Monday next, one hour at sunrise, onridian, and su-isct; and that for all expense incurred thereby, to rob i n the patriotism of the Common Council for the payment of the same when duly or. ganised. Which preamble and resolutions w ere adopted. On motion of Mr. C. J. Dodge, the Board then adjourned. fiviM/F.n.?One of the Indian trihes on the border of Arkansas, is stited to have a system of common school education much suprri >r to that in the ?tate of Arkansas. Vkip, Ktxn ? All the planters in St. f'roix have r exprt scd the pious wish fhnt the temp? ante men ^ may go to Heaven immediately. Reason? their rum trade is ruined. '' LD. Price Two Cent*, t li, I iitrlllgrnre. Tmk C*otom Watkh will be let into the distributing reservoir at Aid atreeton 'lu- Fourth of July, commencing at 10 o'clock in the morning. The receiving reservoir at Yorkville i? now nearly lull, and the w ater it cool and refreshing to the taste, having no noxious qualities evru at to short a period of time since its introduction. The upper reservoir has the appearance of a small lake, ami I* in sire equal to many of the so called likes of Kurope. Accommodstixu The steumbeat KmeraM, Captain Kctchum, fur the purpose of accommodating the increase of population in the northern part of our city, atop* at thu old State prison wharf, foot of Amos street, every Sunday morning, on her passage to l'eekskill and Caldw ell's Lauding. Captain Kctchum comprisesthe gentleman audcom mander, and his passengers receive that attention that their comfort demands during this oppressive weather. Mom. Imported Bi roi-ars < ai out During thapresent iium. h the saddlery store of Thomas <), Bucknisster, 547 Unison street, Ait* tittered by 1 Urgiurt, ;.nd *409 worth of horn.> *. .. tolen therelrom. Abo, tin- ?tore of John l.ittell, 30 uiv' Avenue and *157 v arth et similar gouds taken, Am. a . it if y in tools, belonging "David 1. tones. The *t?l .i'ot Nuthnniel West, at loi Uoerck , hoi also been mite; land rubbed of a >ud of tiled clo'hes, at well av the s'ntde ol Wm. Pearch, house carpenter, in (ioerck street, and a bay l.orse \voitit $to, ,m a set of wagon harness taken therefrom. The carpenter shop of Stephen C. Fowler, ?t If3 (ioerck street, alto robbed of a small quuutity <>1 tools altout the same time. Cir. citmstanres induced suspiciun to fall upon aa F.nglishniau named Tbontaa Wray.o stone cutter, and an Irishman, named James C. Burnt. Officers Tompkins and Jan ea 8. Smith, of the upper |Hilice, tracked the rogues to a shop in Houston street, near the Union market, which they had rented, and uberethev nad opened a store for the sale of harness am! saddlery, furnishing it with their stolen goods. Through the energy of those officers nearly all the property stolen, with the exception of the horse, has been recovered, and on a filial hearing of the! rogues, before Justice Palmer, they u ere committed on three charge! of burglary and grand larceny, and two of burglary and petit larceny, tnc hail in all the cases conildnt 1 being >5,100 each. bfpdkx Dkcevsc.?Aroloretl man named John Dav's, a native of Virginia, aged 48 years, diod suddenly yesterday from disease of the heart., broke* i r.?A hug in the shape of a woman, named Marin llugltea, who has kept a brothel at 100 Mercer St., and who has been in the practice of decoying girls from twelve to fifteen years of age, I om Montreal to this city, ami then prostituting their persons for her gain, was arrested yesterday uud committed to ) risen. A nnn named Francisco Fortecu, and two little girls from ' anuria, o.itned Jane Oauliene and Amelia Jaenuee, v.'ire also fowl ii| ou her premises, and held to bail as witnesses against her. The Forgery Fixed?At the time that the young man, Argustus Macduiiald Robinson, .if Boston, was arrested on a charge of attempting to purs a lorgetl draft upon Martin Shea, put porting to nave been signed by the firm of bombard it Whit more, of Boston,it was supposed that no such firm existed, am', therefore li ro"Id not be hel I under the complaint. Ithasbecn i.scertaineil, however, n letter received yesterday, that Robinson was in the c.ipluy of that firm 'vu'le residing in Boston, ami the forgely is therefore conclusive. A Kogkiacker Cai i.iit.?George Beardsley, the leader of a gang of counterfeiters in New Jersey, was arrested on Thursday night by officers A. M. C. ami James L. ^11.III., mi a i|iimiiiuii irtwi me uovernor oi mar state.? He has been caught once or twice before, but has managed to ear B|?e before trial. Frakcm CoLLiai?A long.ahore loafer, who anya hi* name is Krancia Collina, w as arrested yesterday by oltire* Durundo, in the act of sell ng a silver watch that be had stolen, w ith threeolhers, John Pitkin, of A3 Nassau etreet. Hu wa? fully committed for trial. Accident? Felia, the boatman who plies olf the Battery ataira, while sciing on Thursday in the North.River, u ns capsized by a law of w ind. Lord John Hay, of H. B. S. worspite, aeeL.p the accident, immediately put ofl' to hia asaiatance, and having rescued him from hia danger, and righted hia boat, took Mr. Kelix in charg- in hia o>vn jig, as well aa hi* boat, which ha to wail usiiorc, where both were safely moored. Man Don Willed yesterday af'ernoou, at the store of J. k M. Gaasncr'a, corner of Greenwich and Kulton st eet*. Bankrapta, SOUTHERN DISTRICT OK NEW YORK, July 1. John S. Graham, (late firm of Jamet Graham fc Jon,) X. York. Nath'l. Withercl), Jr. (firm of Witherell, Am?, Si Co., merchant*.) Albert Hi i*bane, clerk, N. Y. Simon Kranft and haac 11. Broncr, pedlars (firm of Kranft k Broner,) N. Y. , Daniel <Centre, Catfkill, Greene co. Wm. V. T- Moore, marrincr, N. Y. Abraham (i. Ogrncj , Pleasant Vallev. Jacob si rant, carriage maker, New llavcn. Xachariali M. North, Kondout, Ulsterco. Wm. Hall, clerk, N. Y. Stephen 1). Dean, N. Y., lateof Bufl'i.lo. Ailua II. Southwick, manufacturer, Ponghkaepaie. Nf.w German Church in Boston,?The corner stone of u new German church wm laid in Suffolk -trcet lust Tuesday, with appropriate ceremonies by Bishop Fenwick, of the Homan Catholic Church. Knoni Mexico.?The followi-g extract of a letter dated Mulamoraa, June 4, ha* jmt been received by the way of New Orb nna : ' This part of the country at present remain* perfectly tranquil ; the only political new* of importance in thia ipiarter i? the resignation of Arista a* commander in chief of the Northern Army, (lie resigned the JHth ultimo). Hi* resignation waa no doubt caused hy tho duipotic act* of the present governirent,which are tending towards a Dictatorship. Oen Yaidro Ileye* ha* been appointed to succeed Arista?a \ ery weak man, and totally inadequate for 'ho .' on. The Great Army of the North (including thr troops 1 ere, IsttO men) con?i*ts of about V"oo men, rank autifi scattered over the village* of the tin Grnade. Of the ft, , men, 1000 are raw reci nits, and 's no probability of Mexico being enabled to her army on this frontier : ?o you may judge if Texas h is anything to fear |-om an invasion bv" Mexico. It i* reall v laugha'de to * e the (itlso ?ta*cmen'.? published in 'he New Oili-an* paper* about thi* great Northern invading army .whioh ha* ncver ye: exceeded 6000 Mexican aoldicr*." Latest raoM Tiir. Wrst Indies?We have received Kingston (Jamaica) pajier* to the Sth of June. The 7th was observed as a day ofrcligioui solemnities at Kingston, in memory of the terrible earthquake in ltt93. There wu another riot, not of very serious character, however, at Kingston, on the 31?t of May, growing out of an attempt to arrest an escaped convict. The Counteaa of Elgin hail been very ill?at one tints dangerously so?but waa recovering. From Canada. ?Wehave Montreal paper* of Tuesday, the, 08th, and Q nebec of the 'J7th, by Jacob*' expre**. The Quebec Gazette contain* an account of the reception of the Governor General in that ancient capital ou Saturday. It was imposing and gratifying. An address from the Mayor win appropriately replied to by the Governor General. The Canadian papers are divided in thoir views in relation to the course of the Governor On neral?some applauding without discrimination, and others equally indiscriminate in their en sure; whilst a few nwait events, and profess to judge o; jnini by his acts and appointments. Hon. Charles Dewey Day ha* lieen appointed ep?. of the jiiRtire* of the King'* Bench at Hon* eal--nn appointment said to he highly approve I hy the har ajn' the public. Another Anamination.?We learn f'om the Clerk of tho steamboat Trident, which rrived in port yesterday from Kort Smith (Arkansas) that in nn tll'rr.y which took plae? at Webber'* Vail* between ("apt. Jonas Bigeluw ind a half-bred India i named Thornpaon. Captain B. was ?o severely wounded by a Mali with a buwie kuife, that he die I *oon af'er. Capt. Bigelow kept a store whe.e the tiftoillty originated, unit while he wn* in the act of getting over the conntcr. (ho wound w a* inflicted?he drew a pistol. however, and shot Thompson, anil weuld undoubtedly have killed him with the butt of the pistol, if other Indians had not interfered. Within IB months a brother of Cajit. JJ. lost his life there in the name way. i ii. m|""n, nnii': in?i account", was getting will. W i also learn that Col. Mason, commanding at fort Uihmn, had ordered all unemployed w hite men (incltid ng many gomlilers and other gentlemen of leisure) to leave he Indian country forthwith, under severe penalties..?.V. Orleans Huilelin, June -J3. Tav.Mr.Nnot" Hail Srnssi?On Sunday afternoon last, he town? ol Men!/ <ml Sennctt in this county, were vilited with a terrible I ml ?torm. It w a* atioiit a nnle aad a half in width, it" l< ngth we have not learned, ami ita coOr*e Was from Vor'e wejt to Southeaat. Tiie crop",fruit. Sic along it* path are entirely destroyi d, lu many place*, window i, hi n l?, and sa? ica, were alt broken, |t'om ot|-h? hall atonea measured sis inclie* in cirr i- iferenc H. rvc and cattle that were out were very niu< h bruised la. reraled, ami fow Is were killed. It was the moil ?t vera s'orm ever known in thi" vectinn. The hope" of many farmer" who were anticipating first rate crops of wheat, grass, Sic. arc entirely blasted. Home of the hail "tone" which fell in Mcntz, measured mo "r than eight inches in cirrnmlercnce. The storm extended weal as lar a? BMavia, but in a much milder lorm. In ita Progress east :t is sai l to have norrowed its track, and increased in se> 'ty We have not heard how far it attended e??t. The destruction of property is immense, probably exceeding lOO.iKHI. A punster, speaking ol the amount of glass broken ?aid the hail took some panes to enter houses. Loads an'1 loads of hail stone* ware vet lying on the ground yeverday morning, some of whir ft then moasnied more than four inches in circumference.?.duAsm Pm'ritf, Jwir 19. A'inrcvat r to Jrnnr Hill.?fJoTiieal Jackson, in a eeent letter in reference to his fine of lOOli. and martial aw in New Orb an?, savs:?One of the details nftheorder leclanng martial law \va?, " that the lamps be put out at ine oVIoo',. anil all found in the stre !? after that should >" apprehend* t. carried to the ppmnst guard fore**, flination." This rule proved inconvenient to tho Judge, f ho was a bachelor, and spent his evenings w Mi, the kilies.

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