Newspaper of The New York Herald, 2 Temmuz 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 2 Temmuz 1842 Page 2
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NEW JfOHK JtrtRALD. Uiv YnrK, Snlnrday, July '4, 184)1. H. rtld tin llci in of Krw?, t" !N...l Bkl't'in of Nowa ta kept sit tho uoith-west 'p.oI i;h> a uu . N-?-?u streets. Oti the arrival ol the ll . .1...; , ai eight o'clock, A. M.??.u<l aiso of tin ? \d!? at fottro'rlock, P. M., tho lat?at intelligent' t" t , .'its of '!? worlJ, may t>? found on the Herald ' 'it, at <lii-corner. Let every wayfarer hoi t... . .vi i. A. ortitemeuu of all kinds tsken at '.he office. P. ?;?? ! L'tnt ral Printing C/lli r. T.r e:i: ri'ttipy Oxhce, capable of doing all sort. ?! < h e. l*>ok?, riiaidilets, t ills, ca-is of si. i ' c".\ ' 3' 'o at tiv Herald Buffings, ontranre . irO"tv **ri-t.?Jj.eiih 'Cilice, I'-'-'er. Tan .:.v : '_k >i.u.?This in inline, at lit e'eii'etr tL c'.iy il- icld will lie published, eonf .r>ii i, nil the ru <v.H ir.nn Uliode Island, the \ cto ti'iniV linir.^tCi', ,.nd ;h .lie important Jocei "'el 1 i- * ?C. (lie x. eel ?price (14 eeiiM. Tin. 1 '.wkt ?-Tb mini* r c tins i?opular j. urnJ > u i- Mo.uin.i. 1 tniiii ncea the second vo'utin-, 1 o. une-i '--..v " wd .'nnuully nt !}3 per | unnuui, or tw live >111 hys* volume. Lluch volume contains upwards ct (our hundred closely printed p.;i?e:. <! .1 Je octavo The Lancet is thus the clua;. t perk.iu il in existence, Persons inay now su! 11.1 .or the curr.v.* half yeur and ?o obtain the second volume. ! ! past half year, the following courses of Ucnirt- i'u\ ' appeared in the Luncit: Dr. Fokry's on Ci.ainte Dr. ALahshall, Hale's. <>n the Nervous 1 v;ein : Dr. Mttt'a, on Surgery; I >r. Keveke's on the : piaal Merrow ; Dr. A. II. Steven's, on D -est ot the h?ctum, (:ha celebrated Abernct.ian ! autre?) ; L'.\ Swcrr's, on D'seatte* of the (.'liv.-i ?.nu *h - Si' thorcope ; Dr. Detmold*?. on Or ,?ec'.? ,?ojv " ' h:i beu'.ititi'l engrnvi ; am! .K' .ons :rc..i the < i.uical lectures of ."roft-.-xor i I . u i. .'.if T , her wi.u r.ieje valuable ours . "in" 'tuve n;)|teared re it'.vsnnd notices t . Pi. n. . ! ute .it'ire ot the tl ly, hofh in ivirope At" ; .u ; otol ti.e ilinn/i s in thijeitv ? novel and crir&uidinary ch?- s? .nimble oiiginul ]\ii>eis?r.m' a complete synopsis of tie. most intere.-tiii.: ' .r.t nts of foreign and domestic lni'dicnl periouic.iLs. Tiie Lancet is now acknowledged to be the most u.eful and |. -titular medical work ever published in tl,: country, and will soon he, as we predicted, in tii-1 hand. <>f every physician who wishes to keep i ice with he progress of his art. From its presentin," so mucti information, and that in a very accessible h-ine, r rp.-ctins topics of.iteriical jurisprudence, the \i oik i: .'Do calculated to be of essential value to the la'.vyc-, whilst its scientific character give? it unequivocal claims to u place in the library of every literary nr.H scientific man. .V few copies ol the fi. t voluint, nuatly bound, will in a few days be for sale at the desk ot tne publication ollicc. Xi'ttn fi'uiu Kurope. To-morrow wi mu.I1 probably receive the news by the t'J-'donia. She will bring fifteen days later intelligeiic,\ L.\:st kuom Undo: 1> ho|>e we shall have done vvi'h the allaira of this State after this puh-ietiiion. We give tips last news, which winds up the trouble and turmoil:? [F- m i'm- Providence Journal, June 30.] Heiu Cluurteri,Divi&Miu of Khoile Island Forces. Tock'aottos llotist:. Pbjvuhm r, Jul.o 31), 1M3. The Mi.ior-Oimoral rani sanding, iia* pleasure in annuiu.-ing Hi it taera i> now no immediate call lor a contiutian ? -l ill: patriotic servicesof the troops in the field. They arc the, lore at liberty to retire, for the present, to le i; rusp.Hlttvchome* where they will aivuit further orders. Tli" tiiiartermjiter'* Oepartnient will furnish the proper transp.itation io facilitate the execution of this order. I .- .II fn;-t'i?r directioss, 'h-U"a l-Quirt?rs of the Majw General Will Imi continued at the'l'ock v otton House; ? ' Ointusnieutions will accordingly he addressed to the Aifju.a : General, as u*uaJ. lit orJe. of M <j.?r General McNeill, LLliilA DfEK, Jr., AJjatant General. Our ulvie.? from Woonsocket are to yesterday alter l. o i. A i iusu-T*. ut l,ar:J headed by I) Wolf, with the nx fvn.uL-i , o l between thirty and forty others, ha t'. r> -lot ol a stone house in Burrillville, a feu mile fro n ,t* >uii ockct, and declareil that they would no he taken, 'i'l.ev were prepared with muskets and fielu o.e> Tn>> Sea Keuc'hhis and a detachment bl the Cai'e . mt. out lo attack thr place. Oil' ad.' eta from Pnwtucket are to last evening. Then were m t, rations of farther disturbance.although we hop! T?> lcrcL the*" will prevent any thing serious. Tjik n wcttatiojt of Pork's Garrison.?The mi meruit* contradictory statements relative to the of the euiTrage troops nt Acolt'e Ilill rails lu: tli following, which is correct in all itpanictilars, we having received it from one anions t!.e lift on the battle ground. The troops, numbering ouly about 259, were disbanded by Gen. Ik ('otMtiiandrr-in-Chief. under the orders ol Governor Dorr, at 7 o'clock on Monday evening. dttiii n'-.u ! 'hjj?ai het for the Connecticut liner, with in cfC'irt ol fourteen men. Ahotit two hundred of th. sulhuge troops rcinainet! njion the hill. or,.i ,. ?.i? -i?.?i m:-i W.ii?h Coin.nun.ier-i.i-Chief of the forcep, and solemnly Jet-imined to remain unil meet the eons*>4?i-iirei*. They, however, begun to diminish duriiv the night, and .1 3 o'clock in the morning, when th roll was called, but fo><, wer found to answer. L thisciv.? acy, Gen. Walsh concluded that a re treat was tiie better part of valor; and alter settin" fir o th" nlhcerj' liiiruee, securing the stand art h i J lh.t'ed over the garrison, the sword pre NT.*"d iii.n b<* C"i. Huskctt, his pistols :.nd his pipe limy marched into the village of Ch"pachet as day b i.n to The enemy being in the vicinity tlvy rallied an additional force before reaching tin Connecticut linns, which was about c ven miles distant, and h ally readied M.tsonville, Conn., at i> o'tiock i.i the afternoon of the same day,: nd from then proceeded in the Norwich railroad and steamboat line 10 th .1 city. The companions ol tleneral Walsh, who remained with him antil th*. last horn bl? w, were Francis McLaughlin of tliis city.Cliai 's Newell and Charles Caider of I'rovidsnce, and one other person, whose name cannot he recollected, but who we understand i? u Virginian. ;i w . 1 bus In. ?t nfhat the charter troupe, although nui : ring abou: tw j tlrv. md, who were in the imm :i : v icinity, did not obtain possession of th< uflrage c in,, until it had been entirely evacuated, tn" nili111 irqut.-B and t -nts burned to ash t We ei. 0 r.ndc refund that at no time did th s> ulnae foops exceed two hutulrcd and forty enrolled men.. \rw, Ict-rnal.?The extraordin ary and iinprvcHcntod success of the iVeic York I^mcrt has is! mi lie! medical Dublishem. And rite fnrt th it a -T. atifie work has attained in six months s circulation, probably equal to tint of all the others, devoted to t.n xi;;ne interests, in the country put tog-ther, i very naturally somewhat surprising t< those who do not understand the secret of the sue cessofthThat journal his succeeded becans no e.v"nse 1 as bv?n .-, ared in its manage m-nt?bcc?u?i- it bus pursued a p-rfecily independ in cours-?and because it has been uniformly coi, <! u i- 1 v. itn talent, energy, and experienced humntn : ict. It i- "u.' .n^il that th- Bluyvesunt lii.-nuii ,TeJical School, encouraged hv the prosjM-rily of th< I.iu ', nJ to commence the publication ef . journ al to he devoted to their particular interests. W'c have n .ird it hinted that the editorial managemeat of this ,>eriodioiil is to be entrusted to Preferaors Mott and Bedford, und however unwise this faculty may be iu eup|**iinc that a journal devotei to it little rliqne can succeed, yet we must acknow lech'-, without hesitation, that the choice of then gentlemen as editors evinces no little sagacity. Thi Jit'-iAfT and scientific character of Dr. Mott has heet tlabb-boo ooyond cavil in his book ol travels an his !-i :ur in tli- Lanrrt, whilst wherever Br. Fed bird is !. n wn,he is considered to he a man ofsingu i-ir.y !, 1 ,:tid ori/ira! genius. We hojw taut do coi'teii),: .'.-J journal '"rii oon tan!:- fU-ppeair-" <uiU we l.?:\ i ro doubt 'h it and -- 'he auspices o L>rs .Mott and Bedford it will prove to be remarkubly unique and entertaining i rwmTAVT.?Ithasbeen decid-d that Bankni|ts must pay pontage on all letters to their creditor Paoa*v:ssor PmarmaCCTTTIcal Science.?Anothet important movement for the advancement of the important Bcience of pharmacy,has juet been made, AVe allude to the announcement which the Faculty of the Ssuyvestant Institute Medical School have published in their annual circular is-uied the other day, of their intention to open a large drug <tore and " school ol harmacy/at their " College Hail," Smyvcsant Institute, Uror .way- We und rstnud that this esta Midine ut ? i!! have no connection with the New York C> i. : t Medicine and Pharmacy, the latter being founded en independent principles, and not iicin' intended to be subservient to the interest* ?.! in; v mer" school of n."dicine. The to he opened and conducted under the iiueuce of the Faculty, will be merely what these gentlemen state?" n new and cleg nit drug store but the " College of Medicine and Pharmacy," it appears to us to have taken a much ttioic comprehensive and useful course; for they design toyoymfiW;- the whole science of medici. and by preparing for each class of maladies the appropriate remedy, accompanying it with full directions for use, to rn.iWe every man in truth his owu physician, Still, however, the Stuyvesant Faculty deserve great credit for this new movement, and we have no doubt that their motives and conduct will he duly cMeemed and justly appreciated by the great body ot apothecarieB und druggists ineitv and country, and also by the medical profession. We add the following extracts front the announcement ol the Faculty, in order that their new scheme may he clearly understood it is stated that there will be " Ottered for sale, for cash or approved city acceptances, a lnrgc and ? ell selected assortment of Drug*, .MtHiicinu*, i in tniCHis, F'erfumery, Fancy Articles, Saratoga, "Union Sj>ring," and other medicinal waters. "The establishment will he fully supplied with the new Uhemh >i preparations, aul at all times with the best o! K'lropean leeches, (lieatcare is bestowed in selecting these in)|iortant articles, that the Inrmcr may he genuine, jndth"latter teeently itnpo-ted Irom their native beds. The leeche will be no put up in clay, that they maybe tr.ui-.jH>! te.l to any part of the U. States w itli pert, ct safety. Orders frotn abroad uill be ax ecu toil with promptness, and tt" n.aicles sent but of the best quality. The extensive aaa ricn collection of Materia Medico will t^e thoroughly applied by the objects contemplated by the course of instruction, as s. t forth in the Faculty's Animal Announcement. A moderate fee will be charged for this important course of instruction."?,1niiouncement i;f Lectures, Session 1*145-43,/. IS. AW-shall certainly watch with attention the progress of the " College of Medicine and Pharmacy," and the " Sluyvesant Institute School ofPharmicy." Fourth of Jrt.y.?The democratic members of the Board of Assistants met last evening, and passed resolutions recommending that the hells be rang as usual, the expense of which should be paid. The people tire recommended logo on and enjoy the day. No appropriation, however,was made; so that there will be no good punch in the day, or fireworks in the evening, at the City Hall. Military Movements.? We learn that the "City Guards," one of the finest and best of our excellent military Companies, will leave this city this afternoon in the Croton, for Bridge|>ort. Connecticut. It is the intentiou of this well drilled corps to be absent about ten days on camp duty. They are under the command of Captain McArdlc, and will unquestionably have a pleasant time. We wish they would do the country some service while in Connecticut, by catching Gov. Dorr and "that sword," und delivering the same safely into the hands of Gov. King and his distressed council. The Last Night of Fanny.?The audience assembled yesterday evening at the Park Theatre, really astonished us for its respectability and numbers?considering the times and the weather, it was a phenomenon, and the last we shall see for many a day. The enthusiasm knew no bounds. During the evening, Mr Barry was oldiged to present him-elf to beg the indulgence of the audience not to oblige Mdlle. Elsaler to repeat the Sapateo. After dancing the Craroviennt, as it seemed she never danced it before, she was called out?the auJience rose as she came forward. She said:? 1 would fain say a w?rd of this night's undertaking ; but I have not theneart to do it. Lei nie coniure you to be faithful to what you have so nobly begun. The hour of parting has come at last, and it well-nigh overcomes me. Musi 1. then, bid adieu ?an eternal adieu?to a jteople who have poured >ui ineir Kins upon m? nae water?wno nave never wavered in their generosity or kindness from the moment of welcome to this gloomv one of separation 1 To my native Germany and adopted France ( owe much ; but how express to thee, America, ill the obligations that now overwhelm my mind ind heart ! Accept the humble offering of my tratitude, thus moistened by my tears. Farewell, iind friends: farewell, America. Living, I will cherish thy memory ; dying, 1 will bless it. Her delivery was frequently interrupted by her tears, and never did we listen to such tones of heartfelt sorrow?she spoke as though her heart was hall breaking. There was not a dry eve in tke house. TlientrlcalN In the fulled States. The theatrical world in this country is in a very curious state at present. Nearly all the large theatres are shut up. The Park being the only one th at is open, and as Llssler danced her last on Friday night in this country, we presume that the Park will soon close?at least for the season. The engagement of Fanny F.lssler, like all her engagements in every part|of the country, has been i most brilliant one. Every where the same?she las drawn crowded houses even in the midst of summer. She returns to Europe $100,000 richer than she lvft it. The Braliams are out west, delighting all who hear them, and reaping a rich harvest. Forrest is also out West. When last heard from he was playing a brilliant engagement at Cincinnati Mrs. Fitzwilliam and Buckstone have not yet reached the city. Brown, the celebrated light comedian, lias returned to the delight of his numerous admirers. Billy Williams is still a great favorite at .he Park. Chippendale is managing Niblo's thentre v\'ith great skill. Mw Ay res is a great favorite nt Niblo's; sh<* looks as young as ever. The Chatham will close a brilliant Benson shortly for a brief period, to give time to re-decorate the louse. Niblo's is doing an immense busir.ess. The Tremont and Chesnut theatres are closed. Bit of Advice ?It is proposed to hold a National 'onvention of Negroes in the United States, for the mrpose of" expressing their sentiments in regard to heir rights and privileges as freemen," and for a variety of other purposes, such as proving that black is white by the rule of three, vVc. The Convention is to assemble 111 Philadelphia, on the 30th of August iext. We recommend that these negroes hold heir convention in Vicksburg, Mississippi, instead Philadelphia. Several important questions ellccting 'heir interest would be decided much quicker there. Galvanized Iron.?A Mr. George Johnson, fornerly free merchant of Calcutta, has, as our rcad rs will perceive from ail advertisement inourcoimns.just published a pamphlet explanatory of the tillable and interesting process of rendering iron nd steel proof against the ravages of rust. It is aid that the process has been approved und is emiloyed by the French Government/or the preservation of military stores, ammunition, Arc. Arby very amiable and interesting adv has been lecturing for several evenings at Albany, on the subject of slavery. It is a pity she is not i companion of the Kev. Abby Polsom, Ksq. Increase op Kmihration.?'This year 22.I01 emigrants have arrived at Quebec. Last year 1f>,U71 rrived. Increase tv.tOn. Shocking?A mmi named Smith, who keeps ; tvern in . iclimond, recently whipped his wile u mo*'shocking and brutal manner. He gave htt me hundred and fifty lashes, some of which cut m> ortions of the Fire at Cot.dwater.?The distillery of M. F Frink, in Coldwafr, Michigan, ws* destroyed !> ire last week Lo*? t*3,nun BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. , Washington. * (Corr<-s|H>ndmcr of the Hrrald.) Wahihnoton, Thursday, 3 P.M. Proc<-4'dlii(;<t In t'ougrt ?*?I.tght lloiuet. In the' -nate this morning, nttc *he routine busith , bill c.)tn,?\i-'tin Masutcl melts 1? tin -crvices ut her m .itii tin ? tin* war ot 1Hi2, t ??>:? up. The hill for red' i.^ the army c nee next I This is a dull uay in the Sen- ' ail intcre.-t oeing it'ract *J by th: debate on the veto message in tin Hows. Timned! ttdy the jonm-.l was read in th' House, Mr. Fillmore, from the Committee of Way ind Moans, offered the following resolution, which was adopted without opposition:? Re solved. That the Sec ret cry of the Treasury be required to inform this House whether any order, direction, or circular for the collection of duties after the 30th o June, lt>4i, has been issued bv or under the direction of th- 1 Treasury Department, and if so, that he furnish the Hours with a copy tbeiiuf; uud that he he also required to in form th< H one if he is still of opiuion, as expressed in hi previous report at the commencement of this session, "th*" it may well he questioned whether any adialortm duties con he collected after the 30thuf June,''and if his opinion v has undergoue a change, that he will communicate the reasons which have iudticcd the change. Mr. McKlon offered a resolution directing the Cotnmittec on NavalAflairs to inquire into the e\j>ediency of awarding some compliment to Lieutenant Wilkes, tor hi* discoveries while on the Exploring i Expedition. This was objected to, and goes over. f Mr. WEi.t.FU offered n bill to continue the exi'tinc j tariff laws in force until otherwise provided by law. r This was objected to, and a motion to suspend the ' rules was lost, after a rail of lite House, by a vote * of98 yeas to 10H navs. Mr. h kiskvki.t offered a bill to remove any doubt? I that ni'ght exist as t<> the power of the Secretary t" t assess duties and collect them under existing luw? Tlt's was objected to, and a motion to sus|>eiid wunegutived. The debate on the vetomessajre wastlien resumed, . Mr. Bturias, of Massachusetts, being entitled to tie doi.r. He spoke moderately but with much d-'cision | against the President. Mr. Stewart, of Virginia, e followed on the s atte side. Mr. Puofkit replied with j great force, and Mr. Wise is now speaking. The committee on Commerce ol the House have ' made a report on the Light House system of the t United States, for the purpose, as it would seem, ol 5 patching up the official character of Mr. Pleasunton, s the Fifth Auditor, and his coadjutor Mr. Window . Lewis, both of whom had been considerably damaged by the speech of Mr. Proffit. The Committee apparently concur with Mr. Pleasanton and Mr. Window Lewis, that science is of no use in manag ii ing the Light Houses, nnd that the less a man 1 knows, the better is he qualified to superintend them f " Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly toJbe. wise." Mr Pleusonton, with the assistance and advice of t Mr. Window Lewis, bee been managing the Light | Houses of the country, with the most perfect sell * satisfaction, and in the worst possible manner for a great many years past. Perhaps it was cruel to disturb the self complacency of the gentleman, but he j must not complain if he suffers a little where there is a great public benefit to be secured Mr. Wins i low Lewis, in commenting upon u statement in the i Herald, that many of the light houses are in a di lapidated condition, says?"There is not at this s time, and never was, any reduction of light in any c light house in the United States, on account of any , defect in the building." Rather a curious state- * ment this. The dilapidation is not tenied. That was too notorious for contradiction ; but defect in a c building is no injury to the light. Why did not the gentleman carrv his idea a little further, and assert that the worse tlip structure, the more useful to commerce ! But the statement of Mr. Winslow Lewis is incorrect. A light house at the mouth ol the Mis- ! sissippi tumbled down the night after Mr. Mr. Proftit's speech attacking the system arrived there, and tiie keeper is still in doubt whether it was the , soeech or the action of the water which destroyed r the edifice. p ii Baltimore. [Corresjioiidcnce of the Herald.] t! Baltimore, July 1,1843. u Mr. Editor,? . " A very powerful and terrific thunder storm passed over ,, our city yesterday afternoon. The rain came down in K torrents, whileonu flash of lightning succeeded another '' in awful grandeur. A house near Uovanstown, occupied by Mr. Khultr, was struck by the fluid, though none ol ~ the inmates were hurt. A schooner in the bay, J am told, was also struck, nnd her masts very much shattered, p Heaven's artillery rolled out the anthems of the grent con. jj cave for the space of an hour in sublime eloquence. 0, To-.lay the licence law, putting a tax of three thousand m dollars per annum on brokeVo, goes into ettect. It is their Bl Intention, as 1 have been mrormed, to cense doing all business, and to have the constitutionality of the law tested as speedily as possible. Kor this purpose it may he requisite lor some one of themselves to he the informer. The community (however gren nn evil brokers have been consid- " eredb'v the stupid and ignorant) it is admitted will be ? caused to suffer very much. A mad hog was seen yesterday a short distance in the n country. It attacked a gentleman named Robinson, and " would doubtless have bitten him had he not been on 1 horscbark. It was in pursuant of him over three miles ? The Union Bank ol this city has declared a dividend of It percent for the last six months. This institution declared no dividend for the six months previous. Nearly f ail our banks, in fact, have recently made their regular dividends. 11 The Baltimore Patriot came out yesterday, in strong, high-toned and unequivocal terms for Henry Clay, and placed his name in bold capitals at the head of its columns as a candidate for the next Presidency. . The trial of John Linton, is yet progressing in the City jj Court. It is very tedious, and will probably consume another day or two. Yesterday was tho warmest day we have had. The " mercury about three o'clock, P. M., stood at 90. It was ^ not enough almost to melt an adamantine rock. We shall have a scorcher of this too, from present apjiearances. " There is no alteration in Virginia money. I quote Wheeling at 9 discount ; all other hanks 3] ; City six jier * cent stooks, 69. Exchange on New York and Boston, par ^ a | discount ; Philadelphia, par. Harvest has already ? commenced. The crop i? not so much injured as w as nnticipated. Yours, RODERICK. ^ Philadelphia, [Correspondence of the Herald.] s I'mLADVLrniA, July 1, 1S42. e Merciful fathers ! what a hot uay this is. Yesterday s was thought to be a scorcher ; hut it w as no touch to this. J1 By Monday night, should this weather continue, the fiDan- p cinl situation of our citizens will be fully tested ; all who arc then found in the city may he safely set down as too poor to get out of it. Extenave preparations are making * for various 4th of July excursions, and for longer visits to t the country. Cape Island, Saratoga, and Brandvwine t Springs, are the principal points of attraction. The Mechanics' Bank commenced its resumption to-day and maintained it without the slightest difficulty. A very small amount or coin was demanded in comparison with 1 the amount deposited with it. I felt satisfied that it .would j be thus, and have now some hopes that same of our other j broken banks will follow suit. A small amount of business was done in stocks to-day at prices much the same as y est ml ay. A bill passed our State Senate on Thursday, which In- t tcrestsvery materially the creditors of the United States Bank in Philadelphia. The bill was got up for the benefit ofcertam debtors to the Branch at Erie, and provide* that unless the a?s]gn?es of the United States Bank will agree to receive its own issues in pas nu-nt of debts due it, all property by them seized, for the collection of such debts, shall not be sold, unless it brings two-thirds of its appraised value. The b'll was op|>osed bv Mr. Spackman and others, and passed by a vote of 17 to 16. This will materially affect the iuterests of those w ho hold the assigned nssctts of the Bank?thougha righteous not. Several persons have been arrested in the city to-day, charged with passing counterfeit bills on the Bank'st Princeton, and notes of the Commercial Bank at Mil. lington. altered to notes of the C ommercial Bank of this Oil] Our city is remarkably dull in all busiuo?s operations; markets lull of Cvery thing good to eat, drink and wear, at pricesquite low,or rather at prices that w ould be low, could our operatives get enough to do at even present w ages. The " Rainbow," steamboat, goes to Cape Island on Monday. Her fame for speed is fast filling up her passenger list; 1 don't know but I shall go down in her myself. If 1 knew which of the several boats kept the best w ine and the coldest ice, I should be able to determine at once. For thf. Far West!?Where is it! No longer Missouri or Iowa, nor the Hockv Mountains, hut wiltl and fertile Oregon?the margin of the Pacific ! NiBtxj's.-The-N'ew Footman" will make his second appearance this even ing, having established a good character on Ins first. It is a most amusing piece in which Mr. T. Placide and Miss Ayreshave full sco|>e for their comic humors. "Love in Humble Life," one of lh-' best written btirlettas exi mt, and a superb display of Fir- corks by Ldge, make up a g-eut bill. Look out, friends, for the Fourth. (57- THF, < OLI.KliK OK MKPl'TNK AND PHAH macy are under the necessity of requesting their < orrt-?. pondents, who apply fur medical advice, to |<ost pay thei; communications, or otherwise from the great number el 1- t rs rc e-vei', coiis'dceble expense would be inetirre.1, w hich is the more necessary to be avoided, inasmuch a? ii many cases the sum inclosed (one dollar) is not sufficient to defray tha umountof medicine ordered by the consult Img physician The Collegearc, however, willing to submit to the latter loss, anil trust that their disposition lo dr ?o w111 b-ad their correspondents to cheerful acquiescence , with the request contained in the present notice. P-r order, W S. RICHARDSON. Agent, f f>7 Nassau st. New York | ttjK THE SUNDAY MERCURY OF TOMORROW uIT3d, will be a rich number indeed. It will contain i umber oi beautiful wood engraving*, with deacriptivi erse* by Spoony and a full aeconnt of all the amuse ient? of the Fourth of July that may be advertised in it? olutniis. An extraedition will be stricken off. The editorial article* will be more humorous and inter, sting than iiMial. Among such article* willthe fo owing?Temjieraiioe, a melting ditty; City Character', ;h*r! '? O'Connor, Esq., by \Va*p; Machine Foetry, Ind *n fence Dav; an interesting letter from Chcnvari; Li. lc's hotter*, No. 1., a burlesque; IJow Jr.'* textThere are beauty and joy in the light of a smile. rhoNow*nBp.T Mania, and other humorous, witty, an arcaitic things by Ladle. New*, local, general an therwise. The latest from Washington, &te. jf. Office 13 Bui k- an street. I'rico 3 cent* a muglo Copv I for eight r.:o- h-.t'iitin wrapper-: to any part < 1' tl i rorld. Advertisement* received till 10 o'clock thi?eve ling. (SJ- FOURTH JULY NATIONAL CELEBRAT10> -Many live* will bo jeopardized, much suffering esdtinx nan) people disfigured, Bud but for Dally'* I'ain F.xtrat or, many lives will be destroyed. This im; orient sah ?ill, in all caaes wnere applied, if accident occur, eve: if tho most disastrous kind, relieve from pain instantly aid (fleet a cure without tear, where all the faculty c s'ew York, if collected, cannot relieve in any point?the ?, it will always cure If the vital parts are not destroyed kpply at 71 Maiden lane, and have it on hand. Of- HOW Ml NIF1CENT IS N V RE IN FED iding the miana of obtaining relief from the torturing mbraceof pain! With what beneveleut solicitation loe* she come to the poor sufferer, and offer him the soothtig halm! And with what grateful rare should icienci tileavor to discover and properly combinetbose aaodytn ubntanco* thus provided for suffering humanity ! Oneo; he happiest of the combination* thus effected by pharmnsertical tcience i? offered in the "Anoilyno Liniment" ol he College of Medicine and Pharmacy, and which iio\v meeting the most extensive approbation. For all oeal pains, such as rheumatic, gouty, syphilic, and chrolie painful affections of every description, colic, cramps, lervous headache, tic doloreux, and so on, this "Lininent" will be found an unfailing specific. The Coi.Ltc.r nvite a trial ol its virtues, and feel confident that they \ ill !>< admitted with enthusiarm?Sold in liottle* at 76 ents each. W. 8. RICHARDSON,Agent. Principal OlHon of tho College of Medicine and I' Narsau street. WARM WEATHER.?The increasing effect ol xt emc warm weather upon the human frame, ii com..tly allowed te be lebilitating to the health, and inimi. al to"tne charm* ol beauty. In the latter respect, tin iair (in particular) often suffers considerably, if timelj irerention he not had recourae to. f)f all the specific vrr invented for strengthening, sustaining, and beautif) ng the hair, none, it may he said, have given general sat taction that has universally been evinced by the use ol Iowi.anp's Mac amah Oil. lit warm"weather, in particu ar, when the hair is more liable to become weak, dark mil discolored?splitting at the ends, coming out in comb ac, the application of Rowland's Macassar never falls in a hurt time to infuse a grateful nourisament to the roots, ind re-produce health and beautv in the hair. 4 8 13 19 33 ___ ft?- ? PREVENTION 18 BETTER THAN CURE." -'Phis maxim has received, as it deserves, universal ere lence, and is the dictate of sound wisdom and precedence, ro no more important subject can it be applied than thi (reservationof our health. A vast amount of human sufcring might be prevented, and many valuable lives bt irolonged, were the generality of mankind to excrcist hat rntioual care of their health which is evinced in guarding against the inroads of disease. At the present cason this duty is peculiarly incumbent. The state o! he digestive organs should be carefully attended to, anf ill the vitiated secretions removed. For these importan mrposcs no Jmedicine can he so efficacious as that pretared by the Coli.eoe or Medicixe asd Pharmacy, anr ermed " Sir Aatley Coorer'a Pill." This is not a vioent purgative, but acts as a mild aperient, keeps the di ;estiveorgans in ahcalthy state, and by maintainingth egulur exercise of those most important functions ol tin kin, by w liich its excretory organs are relieved of theii onten'ts, this remedy contributes in a very great degrei 0 presei vo the enjoyment of health. Sold in boxes a' ft cents each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and I'harmay, 97 Nassau St., N. Y. Important to Unmarried Females and Toting Men. 09- WHOM DO WE LOATHE MOST IN THI.iff' We cannot hulp it?'tis in all our natures to like tin landsome better than the uglv. How truly dead to senst oust those be who might be handsome but will not. Fo: i.stance, we see persons with the vilest eruptions on tlieii ellow and sunburnt laces ; or with hair, such hair?old ustv, grey, filled with dandruff, and falling out. Sucl crsons are not liked by the man or woman ol sense. Now vc do not wish to puti' any nostrum, but if they usedorn ake of Italian Chemical Soap on their skin, and one hot le of Jones' Oil of Coral Circassia on their hair, the) rould be improved in looks one hundred |>er cent. The oap cures all eruptions, and clears the skin. Theoil it >o well known to need a word from us. Both these truh xcelleut articles are sold bv Jones, Sign of the Americai lagle, s-2 Chatham street. Try these once?you'll he wel 1 eased. 07- MEDICINES FOR THK SUMMER SEASON. -During the present period of the year, the health is lisle to be endangered from several causes peculiar to th< ason. All who wish to prevent tho access of any of thi revalent maladies, such as cholera, diari lia-a, dysonter) idigestion, lassitude, loss of appetite, flushing of heat ii le hands and feet, flow of blood to the head, redundanc) r deficiency of the biliary serretion, Sec. txr. arc invited ti ake trial of the Toxic Mixture, asd America* Aisti iLiofs Pill, prepared expressly for the present season y tk?CeLlfi(IK OF M r I>IC'|MB AMD PuiMMtcr, W. S. KICHAKDSUN, Agent, 97 Nassau street. <Jt7- WHAT HAS DIl MOTT SAID I- *' Thai Ja\ rery disease nature hat provided a specificSen report* fhis Clinical Lectures in the Herald. 1 he learned Protfsor has thus uttered a sentiment which almost even ew discovery in chemistry and pharmacy confirms, nm i which the Coi.lrok of Medioinc and Phasmact fully cquiesce. Acting on it, the College have prepared r umber of compounds adapted for the cure of many o lie most distressing maladies which atllict humanity. Al tie preparations oi the College are compounded on scintiflc principles, and according to the most approve! irmulas?several of them being the result of the carefui ivestigation of members of the College. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College, 07 Nassau street, N. V. {?> RHEUMATISM.?The unprecedented success ol he Vegetable Rheumatic Syrup in the cure of both in[amatory und chronic Rheumatism, has tempted* retain persons to issue a counterfeit sy rup, which contains lot one particle of the virtues of the original syrup, vhich is sold at only one place in the city, and that is 29C lowcry, corner of Houston street. The following perons are referred to. having been cured by its use within he last three weeks :?Mrs. Coffey, 19th street, one dioi vest from flth avenue; Mr. Ry ens, corner of 7th st., anI'hird avenue; Mr. Birdsall, 303 Houston st, naar Clinton; drs. Murphy,09 Caunsn strec"; Mrs. Strceter, corner oi rhird avenue and 7th street, and many others will be menianed ujion application at the office, which, recollect, if SG Bowery, corner of Hou ton st. 2t CT7- NO WONDER SHERMAN'S LOZENGES SELL o rapidly, for they are not onlv the pleasantest but most 'tlicacious Medicines in use., liis Camphor Lozongncur easickness, headache, or lowness of spirits in a lew mililies, and his Fever aud Ague Lo/enges cannot be beat hey cure so quick, and the chills do not return . IOC vavsau street is the warehouse. C9- THE ANODYNE LINIMENT PREPARED by he or Medicine and Pmanmact, is an infallible emedy for rheumatic pains?sprains?bruises?pains in hejoints?cholic?nervous headache, &c. fcc. Sold in mttles at 73 centi each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office of the College, 97 Nassau street. Qq- MEDICAL MEN ARE REQUESTED TO CALL it the Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy,97 Nassau street, and convince thetaselvoa by personal examination of the safety and efficacy of the ireparations of the Colleire. By order, V/. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. jy- mult oil*. urenreparcd bv the College of Medicine and Piiaiima \ I* particularly adapted for general use during the preicnt snuon. This mild and gratefnl medicine, by removing he vitiated accretions, ana nt the same time conferring lew energy on the nervoua system, is eminently suited or ail those unhnppy aufferers who are tailoring under lervous complaints. It is composed of choice botanical igunts, whose virtues nre extracted or combined by a diili ult pharmaceutical process, and is altogether different Yom those deleterious preparations, of which the chief infredient Is alcohol, in some form or other, and by the use if which the most injurious appetite lor stimulants is cretted. and the health in too many casos irreparably ruined, for low spirits, lassitude, debility, loss of appetite, sleepessness. indisposition for exertion of body or mind, prelispositiou to consumption, and other distressing affections Tonic Mixture is confidently recommended, fold in hotlies at and f 1 each. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Office of the College of Medicine and Phnrma:y, 97 Nassau st. 5(7-THE TONIC MIXTURE, prepared by tha Col lege of Medicine and 1'iiamiict, has. in several enses, since the 0|>ening of the College, effected remarkable cures. The names and addresses of the persons thus re lieved may be had at the office. This most agreeable and powerftil restorative and purifier of the blood, is a combination of the most valuable ton id, and is recommended in Ihe strongest manner by the College, as calculated to Invigorate and strengthen the whole system. All persons suffering from debility and loss of nervous energy, induced by whatever cause, are invited to make trial of this remedy. Sold in bottles at two dollars and one dollar each, at 9t Nassau st. 5(7- FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINf ?S, AND WE now hu) that whatever statements we make in reference to Covert's B.ilm of Life, we hold ourselves ready to prove. Facts which can be proved in favor of this medicine, are, first, that it will cure Consumption il taken in season.and according to direction; second, it will cure Dyspepsia in almost any stage of the disease; third, it will cure Bronehites, or sora throat; fourth, it will cure Asthma, whooping cough, eroop. To prove these facts, we have tlx testimony of witnesses of the highest respectability, and tho?e too who have made use of the article and know its value. Sold at Mr. Covert's office, 13* Nassau strre'.? \ gen's?70 F'llton stree', 149 Water street. No. fO A"'oi House, 97.1 B.-oadwv, A3, MO}. 188 now ?ry, Oft E ghtl avenue, 943Greenwich -treet, 10o Thompson street, and in Fulton street, Brooklyn. 5(7- MEDICINE AND MEDICAL ADVICE.?All persons desirous of obtaining skilful medical advice can obtain it, and one dollar's w orth of appropriate medicine by forwarding a letter containing a description of theft nsr. and one dollar, to the agent of the College of Me nieivr son P'uaviry at 97 Nassau Street, N. V W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent (fy- HA1RJ CUTTING.?Clirehu(Ch'?Jit-w system ol utliuj gentlemen's hair, is a desideratum by which it' uxurianre and beauty i* rendered truly ornamental I'he design and execution differ entirely from the uaua) ractice of hair cutting adopted here, as also theex|>ediion and gentleness with which the operation is per>rmed. Tho first artists in London and Paris have ae. nowledge.1 its utili.y and adopt it in their practice. H; he beau m inde it has b< en denominated a scientific art, whether for llio pulpit, the bar, tho Senate, or tin tage, its elegant end classic arrangements will add dignity nd grace to the w hole conrava of la tele llumaintThe patronage already extended to him since the intro lurtionol his system, and the flattering encouinms pro ouuced by all who hare changed countenanrc undei lie magic of his touch, induce* him to invite all gentleieii u i,,i, pnrantnl apnaeieiiriii in Ike sllu lenta of fashion, to place their hair under his charge, i5 ured that one trial will prove his superioritv over ol. ther comoetitors. fsrand (.allery of Fashion, !2Go Broadway. Cr?- THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, repin e,, by the Collhif. of Medicimk and Pharmacy, nd now first ottered to the public, is a certain specific tor hose maladies with which Vice visits her miserable folowers. Let this class of suflererstry it, and save thenielves from the baleful effects of neglect or maltreatment ?oldin bottles st two dollars and one dollar each, with lull li't ctions for \Y S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office of the ollege,97 Nassau street. GRAND DISPLAY.?Nothingin the pyrotechnic linethntever was witnessed, will equal llie exhibition which the proprietors of Castle Garden promise to entertain their visi'ors with on Monday evening. The bombardment of the Castle of St. Juan De Vlloa is ts he represented at the close, and a sight of that alone is worth 'he trouble of a Sabbath day's journey. The officers ot 'he Hritish frii'nte Warsnite have been invited to witness it. ? ' QQf- VAUX1IALL GARDEN.-Vauxhall Garden performances on Monday evening offer the moit novel and attractive entwrtaiment that ? u ever prevented to the American public. The Golden Festivals or I hinesc Ball*, where visiters can dance without being obliged to dofl 'heir boots, Ac., but as they ?ee fit to visit the festival Edge has |irepared the most brilliant display s of Firework* 'or the occasion. Ballets, Songs, Dances, Ac. Ac.; in thi aloon visitors arc sure to meet variety enough to plcast hem let their tnste be what it may. 0t?- AMERICAN MUSEUM.?One of the best day performanens that has ever taken place here, comes off a 'hree <'clock this afternoon. These day performances of for a rich treat to ladies, families and children whoennnowell attend in the evening. The only complaint mad< against this institution is, that the manager gives entirely :oo much novelty and amusement for two shillings, far' load upon cart load of boxes, fixtures, mysteries and wonlers were taken into the Mu'eum yesterday , preparatory to the glorious Fourth of July. No better location foi viewing the processions can be conceived than the Museum, and the performances we know (for we have thi secret) will by far surpass in magnificence, variety, and splendor anything ever before produced at any one estab lishment in this city. Thecool and delightful garden on the tep of the Museum, with the awning to protect visi ors from sun and rain, is a perfect Pnradise. and on th? Fourth will be a grand retreat for ladies and children. A balloon ascension this afternoon at fouro'clock. (&- HILI.'S NEW YORK MUSEUM?THE OR C1IESTRION, the greatest wonder of the age.?Thi' magnificent musical instrument of immense sire and power isol French invention and execution, and is unrivalled as a specimen of mechanical skill?nothing cai be conceived mote truly beautiful, and it is impossible without beholding it, to judge the powerful effect produ ed. It comprises within itself the combined effects of 1 'nil baud playing several overtures and selections fron he most celebrated Operas. The performance will commence at 8o'clock with this instrument, after whirl Yankee Hill, Miss Taylor, Mr. Donmnn, and Mr. Lod nan will give a great variety of performances in th Lecture Room. Mr. Hill is using his utmost exertions it 'he getting up of one of the grandest and most astonishing entertainments for the celebration of the glorious Fourth of July ever presented to the public. ftT- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Nothing can exceed 'he interest and variety of the performances announced tor this evening. Hush performances by the best dramatic talent in the city, must ensure a crowded house. The most brilliant and appropriate preparations are making for the commemoration of our National Independence on Monday next. City Despatch Post, 46 William Street. rsixcirAL Office Letters deposited before half-pan 1, half-past 1ft, and half past 3 o'clock, will bo tent out fv lelivery at ft, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Offi? km.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and i'rlock,will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock ALEX. M. GREIG. Agent r- ?:?? MONEY MARKET. Friday, July 1?0 P. M. The sales at the stock board have exhibited a furths Incline. Indiana Fives fell New York Sevens New York State Sixes, 1; Harlem Mohawk j; sales of bill on Philadelphia and Baltimore, par; Mobile 31 a 33; New Orleans specie paying ft}; 011 those banks expected to pay in November, 10 per cent. | This is the day on which the Compromise Act waste I have come into full operation. The neglect of Congrer o provide liv law any regulations by which the dutk were to have been collected, has thrown upon the execu '.ivcine responsiiuuiy 01 proviuing lor me couungunc} I'he lateness of the hour at which Congress acted upoi the subject, has compelled the several collectors to }>ost pone until the 5th of July the receipt of any entrieae joods, by which time the inatructiona of the i'reaident wil have been received. By the existing lawa, no duty highe ban 30 per cent can be collected, and that rate to be value' >n the eoat of the gooda with all charge* added up to th moment of entry, inatead of on the foreign cost only, a heretofore. Thia will make tho new 20 per cent dutequal to about 30 percent as heretofore levied. These du .iea will probably be paid in under protest, and in event c The suits being decided against the Government, must b. reimbursed. Thia will probably be better for the government thar any tariff that could have been devised. These dutie will, no doubt, yield the highest a rount of revenue that i the present state of affairs can be collocteJ. The proceed will all come into the treasury for the use of the govern movt. And the present Supreme Court ia of aehnrarte that will be governed by the spirit of the compromiso act and tho necessity of the case, rather than by the politics claptraps that have governed paltry legislators. Stric justice would decide in favor of the government. The fine Havre packet ship Baltimore w*nt to sea today full of freight and passengers. She carried out 1600 bale of cotton and 400 bbla ashes. Ai we surmise*! m our articled Wednesday, KedUcli' he defaulting officer of the Commercial Bank, has beet admitted to bail in $10,000, and also Mr. Sclicrmerhorn ii a like sum. This is a most astonishing procedure. Th liabilities of the latter person are at least $1113,000, and h gets clear for $10,000. If he had contrived to save but hal of the plunder, it would have been a splendid operation and prrfeotly in accordance with Wall street morality Rogues henceforth are to understand that all they pltinde over $10,000, belongs to themselves. This has been bill day for the Boston steamer, tha hag for which close this afternoon. The demand for bills ha not been large. The rates have, however, in somedegre improved. The remittances of interests on money hoi rowed abroad have affected the rates, hut not to such a: extent as would have been the case had all the States ras their payments. The rates have been as follows, compart with previous dates: ? Rates ok Foscics Bri ls ix New Von*. Jiirril 1. Hay II. Junr U July It! i.undon, 5.S ?7)? >.il \ 6j?* 7 7 a") France, J 37b, a ? J 30 a 5 3? J 37>,t5 10 iVHuiJ Anxterd. 3*S a 39* a 3&.VJ 39 ? 395,' 3RV a 3 Hamburg, 3I.S a 35 35 a 35V 35 a 35 31', a 3 Be mm, 75S a 76>i 76 a 7GV 73*4*76 75l, a ,53 The currency of the south is rapidly growing worses the suspended points, particularly at Mobile, where speci has been at a premium of 40 per cent, and war at 39 pc cent on the Slid inst , having advanced S per cent in short time. This is the result of the operations of th banks of that section to meet the interest due to-day, whicl was done through the purchase of cotton forirredermabl paper. The same result took place on the payment of th dividends last winter, and the depreciation was never r? covered. An explosion may shortly be expected in tha quarter. An arrangemont was recently entered Into at convention of Bank delegates at Mobile, by which th banks were to receive their owu notes hereafter at a Irs discount in payment of eastern exchange. The Stat Bank at Tuscaloosa, and the branch at Decatur, how evei positively refused to sanction this arrangement; on th rontr try, they refused to receive their own bills in j nj mont of exchange, except at an increased discount. Th othi bank* of course fell into the umc measure. '1 hi 'tati ' of thing* cannot continue. It i? evident the although the bank* of Alabama have strained a point t meet the interest now due on the State bonds constitutin their capital*, it is highly improbable that another cv? will be paid. The following are the failed States, as the now stand :? Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, Michigan. The market! for State stock has been heavy sine* th departure of the last steamer. The sale* have been as fo low* : Pairrs er Lr.ADinn Stocks in tiik Nrw York Mai . i Rrdtrmliatr. nhlr. .lug. "P. J'inr IS. J?fu i, United Stiffs, 51*10(1 10(1 alMCj '.Si i '17 <1? , . (i IW ? 10(1 a 1 ( I ? i. , in New York, 7 la IB ? ? a ? im , New York State, r. 1AU) 100 almi'j SC.i /?., 5,'t ? ?I*4?W BB't.t ' " 5 IW5 S3 a 05 SI a \n PS a f " ' 5 10(6 S3 ? M St a Pi ;9fl a ' " " " 5 1847 SS a S5 91 s 71 <jn a < " " S lKlO 91 a Si 85 s H6 si^a I 5 I(155 Bfi a #7 11.5 s 06 RCa* f 5 IR5B IS IIK'i U UK SCi* f ' ' 4H '8"9 "J * 77 7? s no 1| C r>ty 5 fire Hl'tia B.5H HI ? 83 * water BtSa ?5V; HI a B? HI a i .1 .... 7 1837 ? a ? ? ? ? -? inj ?I09 ? ., b'd?6 1 year ? arm 00 alOO 99S? 11* Brooklyn City, ? M yra 100 al65 90 a 87 I 83 a 97 J _ -l9 ,10 44Ha 41 - a 47 ?!?io> 1850 94 a ? St a 13 - a? 8 1036 04 a 95 82 a 821a 79 a 81 8 1858 01 a 95 82 a 82V, 79 a 81 ? 1060 1M a 95 92 a 80V ? a 81 , . ' IKJU 84',? S3 66 a 70 62.H ? C6 i. ' ~ 81 a *5 81'ja 8IH ? a44fci .... ? *b d,?4'? ~ - 73 a 75 :t0 a 50 N ' ''ar? * I.KJ ? a ? Jo a 60 ? a 56 \...auaaa. b-jyrs Jo a 62 35 a 50 ludnna sterling, ? 5?; ? j7 195,a 20 23 a?3H ' MUr. 5 ? M ? 55H 2?H? 22^ 93Varj'V Illinois, tcrliris, 6 1660 ? a ? , " doll, b'k loan, 6 1660 56 a 56,V ig , .. w ja Bj,.i " sterling 6 1670 ? a ? _ ? _ " dollar, C 1870 55 a 55V{ 19 a 1?VT ML a 21 ll.-l it Hud. bond. 6 4 yra, 1U6 alOOV 95 aioo uo a 97 'tit i f< lu., N.Y. ? a 93 on a now rn , i : N'.V.L. it '1 rual Co, 150 af-0 110 alio 1 jj- a jjy The tv oat em batiks v ill, with exc e,' !on of tlio Illluoia Bank ot Sliawneetown, maintain specie payments. The failure and liquidation of that concern will leave IlUnola without banks to furnish paper currency. Michigan and I llinois will then lioth be in condition to recover ?o far as to do something for their foreign creditors; they being re? tiered from the enormous oppression of banking institutions. The banks ol convention, finding that the law compelling resumption w as imperative, resolved o resume on the 1st July; whether they will be able to maintain it 1s a question. Their telucitince is nn unfavorable augury. Hale* sit the Stock Exchange. iSoou N. Yorh7'a, 1818 100 166 Mohawk BR 40H 2906 do lufll. .56 Harlem UK nto 16* 3006 do n SIS 50 do r 16* 1166 do IikiH 50 do e 16*i 260.1 do 1349 10CH .VI do 1'J 16*. 1000 do f.'a, 118,2 92 160 do c 16* 1066 Indiaua Dol Bonds 23 159 do b60 17 V llinfl do alo 23 25 Syracuse 10 1660 do .10 23 15 Auburn and Syracttae 87V ">nn. ~ d" r4*h 23V 50 Stonituttou b30 18 15 aha Del 8t Hud b'KI (19 36, do sun 87 ii. . mmr 31, wera olirreil at 3Ti on time, no liuyrf*. Cotton Trade. At the extreme South the condition of the currency is such a* to have a great influence upon the market*, particularly nt New Orleans, where all traiuaction* are formed on stipulations in relation to the exact character of the funds in which payment i* to be made. At Mobile the currency continue* rapidly to depreciate, and the prioe* u governed accordingly. |n the market* of Georgia and oiih Carolina the season is so far advanced os render i, ,ions sluggrh, although the new* br the Britannia, which bad tv.en received produced a 'favorable 1mpression. The following is a tnble of transactions at the trading ports Stocks, Sn.r.t, rater* isa Kcsuaas. Stocks. Sale I. Price,. Remark,. New York, 31,000 4,000 3*^*9,^ Adv. N. Oilcans, Jnn. 22, 43,i08 3,800 5a? fiim. Mobile, " 1!2, 4.083 700 Sleiflla adv'nR. Savannah, " 23. 3,513 230 4a8 fine. Aucnsta, " 23, ? 300 04*8,1* " Columbia, S. C, 25, ? Market cls'd. Charleston, " 18 , 3,10 1 2,100 3at0 firm. The following tnble will show the comparative pricea ot r Liverpool classification at the lending port* :? Faicr* Cottox, Lr i.rpool. Cla?sificatiox. N. Orleans. Mobile. Savannah. Charleston. lufeiior, 4 a4?A 7 aiV 4Ha3>? 4tia3V Ordinaij:, 394*8 7!??7J* 5?a6* 5?ia6)? Middling, 6,v4?7 R.Sat) ?La7V uVa7lit Middliux fair. R a8S* OSaIR 7s,a7'\ 734a8 Pair to fully fair,O^alO ? 8 aHli ? Good fair, 11a ? ? ? Good and fine, 12 al3 ? ? ? The prices at Mobile are of course governed by the currency which is depreciated 40 per cent for specie. The receipts of cotton arc now very light at all the jiorti. The following is n tnble ef the receipts, exjiorts and stocks of i otton in the United State* :? kkceipts, ? sports and stock of cottox. 1811. 1812. Jnrr. Deer. Receipts, 1,57!).8I8 1,038 901 39,083 ? Exports to G. Britain, 772,226 868,306 <6,080 ? fl France, 306,976 364.381 37,605 ? " other porta, 1)9,991 102,011 11,020 ? Stocks, 169,031 133,136 ? 33,873 Corn Trade. This market continues inactive. The only sales of flour of any consequence I wove been for England at $6.76 ibairel lor Ohio. Twenty-five hundred barrels went In fie Philadelphia to-day for London. Genesee flour la down to $?,94;,Oeorgetown *6,12$ end Ohio and Michigan 36,97J; Rye floursells at $3,30 and Indian meal at $2,87$ a J, 10$. In grain there is a little doing?wheat brings $1,37; corn >7 cents; rye 64 cents; and oats 37$ cants. The market 1* well supplied. In the flour and grain market at Buffalo there have been ome changes within the week. Flour is not so firm by en cents aoarrel as it was on Tui*day last, and wheat has ettled down nominally to $1,121. Corn i9 in demand,and , aken at 34 cents. Oats 25, by the cargo. Dtirinr the first two weeks in June there were shipped rom Michigan city thcfollowing articles:? Whrat, buth. Com, both. Pork and Flow, 44/. 13,030 31,400 3,333 Most or which were consigned to Buffalo. Bread?tufis continu* to pour into Canada from the rich west. The following shows the amount passing through he Wclland Canal, from the opening of navigation to the 1st June, for 1811 and 1813 :? JtrttcUo. 1011. 1013. Ine Flour, barrels, 43,761 72,617 1R,W'6 Wheal, bushel, 322.808 3/2,701 ^.tll Corn, 113 32,126 3>,#'? Oats, " 131 8,103 7,762 In Richmond, on the 28'h instant, no contracts had been made for Wheat, and there will benene made for delivery. The alarm in consequence of the late rains caused 'ha farmers to odd n little oa their asking price, while the millers, -till coniMpnt of a large enrp, UeW ?Sf. now encourage! the idea thBt the injury is not extensive, by a great ileal, as was anticipated. ? 'Salt s of flour at fsj for auperlina ; extra quality fl} to 6$. " Arrivals very light. Thecropa continue to promise well throughout thl? "ountry. Upper Can^la papers complain of the backwardness of he season and the injury done by the frost, the crop*, however, were improving under tbo rains and milder venther which had sittee been experienced. Provision Market. Our Butchers are hardly paying expenaos, and thoie who have here ofore sported a two-in-hand on our fathonable Avenues are content to ride any way, or stay at tome-.the fact is meat goes a begging in these'hot and hard 1 ',m"s. Musk meltons are lor sale in'the markets?the firat were sold yesterJav; the nutmeg are very (loo. Water mellona ire largp, anil when ripe arc wholesome. The Vegetable Market continues to be well supplied, and we presume is more profitable than ever, at the faciliies are great for retailing, only two cents per <}*y being charged for room rent each stand. No Oysters are sold in the regular market, but many vc sold ofT the boais near by; the law does not affect tlem. Strawberries are qnite gone, hut fine Rasberries, both garden and wild pro luce, are brought in in abunennce. raters or Provision*. Beef, per lb I a 12 Trine, lb ? 6 POftcrHMM (HIM II a? rrbbasret ? ? f, Sirloin, lb ? a? BertsTnunch ? a 5 Beef, |wr cwt $00 a $0 Honey, lb ? a 18 Mutton 5 a B Pork, per cwt StVa ifi ,*mb, |* r 11? 6 a 10 Veal I a 7 .'nrk, per lb 1 a? Fresh Cod ? a 8% Ulacknah, " tl a B Cellery, bunch 8 a 12% Flounders" ? a 5 Hickory NutU ? a 3 lalihut, " ? a fi Watrrcrcaara, qt ? a fi ? a 23 Old Potatoes, bushel? a 30 ilrifcd Bw, lb Ii*a*? Turnips, " 15 a 30 < aiwi Cod Lo listen- 8 a ? Apples, " . 73 a ft tloi 12,%a ? Clams, 100 23 a 37% Eels 8 a 10 Cranberries, qt ? a 8 , Ruck 12 a 2.7 Etrjf*, 11 ?>r ? a 12W Fowls 30 a St Pried Applet, bbl a tlC Chickens 37%a 78 Pried Peachra, lb a 18 , Purku-s $1 a $2 nns, roaatcra ? a $1 Fresh Butter, lb 18 a 20 A*narurus 12%a l ? Firkin 18 a ? Picltlet 100 ... .. jo' a 68% Ssus.nces ? a 10 Rhubarb, plant ? a 12*4 ' laird, qt ? a 0 Piitrona, do?........ ? a $1% ' Radishes. hunch-.? a " Orern Peas, hfpeck? a 18% Cherriea, lb 10 a - New Potatoes, bush.? a 90 n Cucumbers, dot- .? a J7'j Ou Ooosebemes, ql.? a ? Ureen Currant*, qt*? a ti R.-r*herri?.? qt 12% a 18V , L.I. Walermelioiu<23 a 22 .Muakun-Hou 8) a ill Married. 1 On Thursday evening, 20th instant, by the Rrr. Mr. Mcrria, Mr. Josr.rit L Swainsok to Miaa Isahllla Pobtam, ? all of Ihi* city. f On Thursday, at fit. Bartholomew's Church, by the i Iter. Leu is P. W. Balch, IIiuht H. Bi'TTESMKaru to HaL lis, daughter of John fimith, Esq. all ol this city.i it On Thursday, in the Church of the Ascension, by tbo Rev. Manton fcastburn, D. D. Rev. Oblaudo Ihiaiair, ' Jr. to Coaxm-ir, daughter of Dr. John Neilaon, of this i city. * Died. ' On Thursday, June 30th, Philip Ltpet, youngest sou h of John P. and Eliza Jan* Morse, agc?l 17 months and 13 j. day*. On Friday, July 1st, after long illness, Matiic*t Tris' rixT.sonolElan and Michael Tcmpeny, aged 2 y ears six s- months and 7 days. !t His funeral will take place from his father's residenc*, 80 Centre street, this day, at 4 o'clock. All his friends arc requested to attend. * On the 1st inst. Mabv Axxr, infant daughter of John is Augustus and Mary shea. On Thursdav, 30th inst. Mr. Johx Fcimstbb, aged 78 years. r< On Thursday evening, after a lingering illness, Thomas ? Sloveh. aged 43 years and 3 months. r. On Friday, July 1st, aged 4 years and 1 month, Johx Jacob. son of Adam J Levy. * On Thursday, the 30th June, William Wilbsb, sged i 43 tears. On Thurs lav, after along illness. Hits mi, wife of Geo. Tollman, in the 35th > ear of her age. J On the 20th ultimo, after a long und painful illneas, HaP RAH MlSOX. r At F.nfield.Conn.on theisth ult. Mr. I.xoraiiam, y in the udth yenr of his age. I'assrngsrs Arrived. | ITax rs? Packet ship Hlionc?Meeirs Biker, Case nova, and Misso? 1R1 in tin* steerage. Bm mux?Birk Caroline?F Vietor, and lid in the steerage. t Amatf.roam?Bsik Pomona?A H Packker, and in in the strcrsffe. < Cn < ai r?Tnx?SHp Anson?Miss J Dupre, Miss S Dupre, M s O'Brien, Miss E Migee.Miss M Magcc, Miss Goodman. A L Goodrich, Isdv and child, J L Goodrich. J C Goodrich, W t '1 Goodrich, Miss H M Clark, Wm Ode, two Misses Pcrs-e, , ti ra Miller, Luther, P. O Brnn ii, Crowclt, Priinrle, and J It i I'aylor. Passengers "oiled. Hivar.?Packet ship One ids?Mr. Ssnc'io, lidy, 3 chl'd,- n no semi t, Mr. Fancho, Jr., Mr. (,' K> , Isdv, '! c itfeu e vant, of Vers Cm*; Mus Piekersijill, Ballir.iore; Mr. J T L?i??ra, M Z'unnrs, Misses L Z"sora. M Z uora, D Zan n, J Zana?ra. of Havana; Mr. W.ii.ler, of G rinauy; Mr. S'iseo Maitin and f. "ily.cC If is,ins. t Lnxnnx?Pec'ft ship n i adelphia?f.t C IF. Bas'cn. SOth I' est. and lady: Col. Kohiuson, 8ith reft; Mr Osley, Mrs ward. I P.dse I Lsnu'e'l Mr Handera. Mr Fison, Levin Josephs of I nndnn; Mrs B Clark, Mr Clark, of Kinsrston, U. C; F Oil* II. F Beiineiljck, of Genrv-nv; Mrs Conapgpr, Harsh Ann IS Traham of N'ess York, Mr Fassa d, of FVariFe. I '

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