Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 3, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 3, 1842 Page 1
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TH1 Vak VIII.?!*o. 184.?Who!* Ho. 3o33 REGULAR PACKETS. .VEW L/SK ortTPmi'OOL I'AC KETi. To ^afroai New York ou th? 2*J? and Liverpool on th? liih </ rat A wan/A. jft ? ife iffi NiwTmT Ship "Uf Bin \N. Captain E. A. Deiwyster, ttth May. Ship OARRlCK, Capiain Wm. Skiddy. 2}lh June. ?U. R08( ICS, Captain Jelin Collnu. StSlh Juiy. Step SIDDQNS. Cantain K. U. Cohb, JCith August. Kkom I.iv tamoi.. Ship 8IDDONS, ('aptaiu E. B. Cobb, 13th June. Ship SHKRIDAN, Captsiii K. A. Deiieyster, 11th July. Shin OAKRK'K. Captain Wm. SknlJy. 13th AukusI. Ship HOS<4C9. Captain John Colliiu, I3'.h September. Theae ihip* are all oi the first class, upwards of IliOO tons, built la the city or New York, with such imieoveinrnts as combine mast speed with unusual comfort lor passengers. Every care has been taken iu trie arrangement of their accommodations. Tin |THcr o( passage hence is (100, for which ample stores \ill I... gad. Those sliips are commanded by eaperienced , Waaler*! who will make every ciertaou to Hive geueial aatialac* Neither tfie captuiu or owner* of the ship* will he responsible for toy letter*, parcel* or lacks^es seut by them, aides* regular b:|l* of lading are aigned therefor. The* jip* of this line will hereafter go armed, and their peculiar conatruction give* them aecurity not po?*e**ed by any other but vaaael* of war. For freight 01 passage, apply m E. K. COLLINS It CO., 36 Sooth *t., Nrw York, or to WM. & JA3. BROWN It CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be cl srged 12}{ emu per tingle beet; 30 cent* per ounce, and newspaper* 1 Cent each. m7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) Mb Mfe. &> TheeluiTif thi* huewlll herealterl^ve Nev^^jrkon the ktand Havre on the 16th of each month, a* follow* : From Nne York. Erom Havre. The new ?htp ONEIDA, ( let March I 16th April Captain < let July < 16th Auguat James Funck. f let November r lsih December Ship BALTlMdRE, i Ut April ( ISth May __~Captain < let August < 16th September Edward Funtk, f l*t Deccem'rf 16th January Ship UTIC A, flat May C 16th June Captain \ let Septemb'r < 16th October : Frederick H?wlq, ( 1*1 Jauuary f 16fh February New ahipST.NICOLAS, I lit June { 16th July ' Oaptam < lat October < IGMi November. J. STPell, ( l?t Febrnaryf 16tn March v The accommodation* of three ships are not mrptased, com' pining nil that may be re<|uired for comfort. The price of cabin pa**age i* $160. Puveiigem will lie aupplied with every requisite, with thr reception of wiur* and liquor*. Quod* intendedfer theta vessel* will he forwarded by the ubacrthyn, free from any other than the rxpenaea actually iueurred on them. For freight or passage, apply te BOYD It AlNCKEN, Amenta, as 9 Tontine Buildings. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. M. m. m. ^ Mr For tin; better accommodation of shippers it i* intended to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 3th, Pith, 13th. 20th, slid 23 th ol each mouth, commencing the 10th October and continuing until May, when regular daya will be appointed for llie remainder of the year, whereby great delaya and disappoiurmatita will Ik prevented during the summer monllie. Tlie following ahipv will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Silip LOUISVILLE, Cantiin Hunt Ship SHAKSPEABE. Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVIlLE, Captain Mumferd. SCip OCMuLOEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASH v ILLK, Captain Dickinaon. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain knight. Skip LOUISA, Captain Mulforl. Theas ships were all built in th* city or Now York, exprvss}for packets, are of light draft of water, have xiieullr been J wly capered and put in splendid order, with accommodations tor pwaeagers uiieniailled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced matters, who will make every eiertisn to give atitl satisfaction. Tkey will at all times be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these lbfc* will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, preoious stones, tilver or plated ware, ' or frtr any letters, parcel or package, sent hy or put on board ol thew, enless regular bills of lading are taken for llie same, Mid Ihe value tliereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS 8c CO.. 56 South St., or HULL1N sTWOODRU^F, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to Uleir address. The ?[u|? of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad srtised, and great care will be taken So have the goods correctly measured. mi OLD LINE LIVEKPOOL PACKETS. M M M rphe uL^lCTN E of PacCTt^or Livevpoo^wiinweafVr He J- despatched iu the lotion iug order, excepting that when tlie day of sailing falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail eu the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, 4 J:> le 1 July 19 (16 'ona, _ i id<=t 1 Nov 19 D.O. Ballsy, r pet) 1 Mar 19 Ttie ENGLAND. a June 19 Aug 7 /So tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Waits, r Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (July l Aug 19 . too lous. < No* 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 lon?, ( No* 19 Jan 7 E (J. Marshall ( Mar 13 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA. (Aug 1 Sept 19 618 tons. {Dec 1 Jau 19 A B. Lowber.f April 1 May IS TW. NEW YORK, (An* 19 Oct 7 SO* tous, < Dec in Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, (Sept 1 Oct 19 890 ton*, < Jan 1 Feb 19 W.C Barstow.r May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, (Sept 19 No* 7 700 ton*, , J.ui 19 Mar 7 O. A. Cole. (May _ 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality. ae regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of uaataee outward i# now hied at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample atorea ofever* description will he provided, v.ith the eicrption of winee and liquura, which will be fumi?h?d hv the steward'. GOODHUE k CO, 61 South at., C H. MARSHALL. 33 BuMinc-slip. N. Y. jell lyh BAKING BKOTHfclU 8t CO.. L'pool. "MP ASSAGETROJi^NGTAND.IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. "DERSONH desirous of makia* engacemaiits for friends to T emicrmte from the Old Country to the United Steles, and who may wish to secure for them despatch and comfortable accommodations, will And it their interest to apply to the subscribers, who art at all times prepared to make such arrangements as will guarerwee satisfaction. The vessels cnmix>s?r< this line are all of the first class, one of which leaves Liverprol veckl*. consequrruly all delay at the port of embarkation is avoided. As has always been customary with this line, when those settled for decline coming out, the passage money is refunded, without any deduction . P.nsage per steamer from the arioua porta af Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secursd. For farther particulars apply to p r SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established i'aasage Olhce, >73 Pearl St., Or to C. ORIM9HAW k CO. 10 Goiee Piaizas, Liverpool. Eichange or drafts at sight, and for any amount, can likewise he furnished on the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Ranking Uo., National tsaua ot scotiaiiu, payauie mi an ineir respeenvc brane}?asj also, on U. C. Olyn k Co., Bankers, London, I . nd ('. Gnmshaw u iy?., t,i?rrpo<'' ml I m #r STEAM NATIQ.^^^^^TWEEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIJl?8 O UT11.1 MP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. M. M. Kiast, CoMMA.sDuu. The days of departure of this well-known Steamship, Iwtve been filed as follows : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York On 4th Slav. 13(8. On 7th May, ISO, On 7th June, 18ij /law. IDtli July, " 7th Aug., " 7th Sept. " Kith Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, meals not included, to SoutJ ampton or Antwerp, $70?Steward's fees, $? 62JU The meals will be served on board, on the plan of a continents! hotel, in the best ' -barged when partaking 01 the aim-. The i?r ce of p uetgn to either of the aboee porte ran ?l?o be engaged prefbrred, with m 'alj end ateward'e (bee inchidrd for $?7 82S ci'iite.exrlueiTc of wiues. An eiperienced Surgeon aceompaniee the ehip. For freight or t?lege, or ?m further mfornmaon, apply to H7W. T. k H. MALI. Agenu, ?Mla*t tl Bearer etreet. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. "bw r?fl?red to lit oenli. ">"? 'ha Ibot of Cmartlaiidt rfreet, New Vorb. a ^ JX fc. 10H do. 58 <lo. 7 do. ONVnpav*. 19 do" ^ T* NEW^VQ^K,' KLL& B V PLainfikld.bount Leaee New York 9 A. M. JX P. M. . ?K.P M The treine of the Son... lioee each w*y daily, 8 P,?ernger? are requ?r of Liberty etreet. fere between N'-w * Fare between jereee N1VY YORK. RAH' Frew ? ' Leaee New Y< y-.wwetn I*. eenta. KJy 0 tent* rW MM. ' 7 '' ?f " Brnnaviek Brnnawich ia ma* 3n.e etreet. I 1 I E NE1 i RAIL ROAQg & STEAMBOATS. POMEKOY'C 0,*S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO KIPRK88. i Tlie suD?t vi!?urs art* now ruimini: * rrrular Express over tiie Railroads lo ami #r??rn Albany and Buffalo, mid the imarme- tl dia?? place*, for FORWARDING, at low ratea, with the nt- P most regularity and safety. choice Goods, Spacie, Bank ?J Notes, Important Papers and Valuable Packxgi ??Will alUud tw the negotiation, transfer, colhniton or payment of Bill ol * Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, Ac., at rea- n sonahh* per centner?execute oid? rs for the purchase or sale of n Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Articles id* every do- H CTiption, j? rsonallv, in the t?wu?on their route, through Messrs. ItARNDEN A CO* EXPRESS to N?w York and B tnn.and * .Messrs. IXAWLkY * CO.'S EXPRESS o to and from Buffalo t . Cleveland. Detroit and Chicago aud intermediate place*-?foriniug at once the most direct, speedy and * perfect communication to and from the eastern aud western u cities, for tiie nrcotiatiou and transaction of all mercantile and o professional business, remittances, exchanges. Ac. t Refsrencss?Era*t?s Corning, rhomaa W. Olcott. Watts t Bi-'".*- s n iv.r^luit IVooh Lki1. James Tavlor. Ihcodore I Olcott, Albany. . c Agencies?Bennett, Backus la Ilawley.Uuca : T. A. Smith, Syracuse; A. O. Smith, Anliuni ; J. Fargo, Ucue?a;J. G. o BUepherd. Cauaudaigua : Darid Hnyt, Rochester ; Julia Mc- <J Kt niter Lockport; J. A. Clark, Ban via ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMEKOY fc CO", t No. 5 Exchange Buildings. Albany, all 3 WallUntt| Now York. I FARE AND FKKUTHT~itEOtjCEDl t UKOULAR MAIL LINE FOR ruOYlDENlri AND ' BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, com- . posed of the following superior aletmen, running in coiiu.'C- 11 rion with the Stonington and Provide uce, and Boston and Pro- l. videnee Railroads? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, CapUln Tliaatr. NA RRAGAS SETT, Oaptain Woolsey. MOHEGAN, Caidain Vnnderbih. One of which will learu New York daily, (Sundays ex- I copied) from Pier No. I, Noith Hirer, Battery Place, at lira J o'clock, P. M. 1 AraANGrMTtnT. Tha NARRAGANSET, on Monday, for Stonington, and 5 Thursday, for Stonington, Newport and rruvid.-nce. ' The MASSACHUSETTS, ou Tuesday, lor Stonington, Newport anil Proridence, and Friday for Stonffigton. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for stonington, and Saturday, for Stonington, Newpoit, and Proridence. Paaaengera on thr arriral of the steamers at Stonintflon, may rake the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to rrovi dence and Boston. Frsittht taken at the following much reduced rates :? To Boston, ou goods weighing forty pounds or upwards to the cubic lout, at SJ JO per tou, and ou measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Proridence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per larif to be obtained at office 22 Broadway. m316inr IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transmutation of Goods between Philadelphia aud Pittsburg. i mi improvement in transportation attorns to Western .Mrrclnuits peculiar advantages. Tha being carefully packed in the boat* at our warehouse, No. 3t>J Market street, are carre.l ovei the Columbia and Portage Railway* without transhipment. Careful captaim and crewi are employed, who take charge of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thin avoiding delay* and the liability of Iota beingscparated on the way. N. B.?Passn?gerx forwarded t* Pittsburg and rottavtll*, every day, Sundays exceptedH. STORKS, Aicent, all 3m* 7 Washington street. lUKIUUT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBt'Rti. B I N OTnlK^l The proprietors of Bingh tin's Transportation Line to Pittsburg, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and aJ> other persona shipping to the West, tint their line is now in active operation Goods consigned to tl.ein (or sent to go in their . In.. ,i will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all auch consignments without Day. All goods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For atcs of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent. No. 8 West street, op|>osite Pit r No. 2, S. R. N. B. Passcngeri forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville.everT day, Sundays excepted. Refer to U. Crooks, American Fnr Co. ; 9. T. Nicoll, Front strrel ; Phelps, t>da- Ik Co., Fulton street ; Buy.lair Sage 8t Co *, Win. Rankin, Duryre at Co, Newark. M iin opposition lin e >r alba n y . FARE REDUCED!! Passage 50 cents?lSi-i-tlin 50 cents. FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. aWW wa The commodious Steamboat WASU1NGffia ed* TON. Capt-.iu J. M. Brown, Laving made " Ju?g-arrangeinenla to change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leare the foot of Robinson street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at S o'clock, and Aibanv, every Tuesday, Thursday, and S t tur.la7 afternoon, at J o'clock, landing oil tier isusigw each way at, the foot of Hammond str.?i, Newburgft, Poughkee|isic, Kingston Point, Cattsktll and Hudson. For freight or possvee applv to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTI.V, No. in West street. m9c aMQ *01 CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fishing J P| ? rirrrv day, eicent Tuesdays and Fn- t J 'tsy?Fare 25 cents earn way?The steamer NArULLON, Capt. Iiiiicoi, will run regularly to the abovr s piacr every lair trav, ana reave nt follows? p oot ol IJimrnonil r street at 9 o clock, Canal street quarter past 9, Market street I half past 9,Catharine feny Brooklyn 9\, pier No. 1 North n- g rer at 10 o'clock. On Tueedayt and Friday* the Napoleon will make afternoon a eicursions to Coney Island, finding at. Fort Himiltnn and i Bath?(the steamboat General Jackson avilI comitate to run t? o the same place erery other day in the week)?antl lease as Mlow*?Foot of Hammond street at 9 o'clock, C >nal street at a s quarter past 2, Pike street 2%, pier No 1 at 9 o'clock?Fare 2.1 rents each way. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. ill lm*c aMf) 0j\ OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY Q~ .si* AND N,MV YORK?Landina at the foot of 1 jCmh&mL.Hammond street, Newburgh, Poiiabl:eep-ie, Kingston P-int, Catskill and Hudson?Passage y) cents, berths o 111 Cents?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON. Captain J. r M. Brown, will lease the pier at the foot of Robinson street for c Albany every Mouday, Wednesday and Friday, at J o'clock, k P. M. b Lease Albany, foot ol Lydus street, for New York, esery Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. I For |>assage or freight apply ou boanl, or to D. R. Martiu, 182 I Wall itrrrl, 1 Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. t To Let?A steamboat bertliat Warren street pier, NR. A|>- I ply o . board Washington, Robinson st. )e9 lrn*rc I EVENING LINE FOR. ALBANY DIRECT,- At seven o'clock, P. M., from tbe steamboat -**v-? J*nier between Courtlandi and Liberty streets. sT iff" iT The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. P. St. John, leaves Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, at seven o'clock, P. M. r The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Braiuard, leaves the above pier esery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday alWnoou, at seven o'clock. The above boats ar? new and substantial are furnished with elegant state rooms, and in every res|>ectareu ntuqwatrd among the Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, At the office on the wharl, or on hoard. Passengers taking this line of boats, wTll at all times arrive at Albauy in time for the first train of cart for the east arid TAILORING. " . OF" THE UTMOST IMPORT TANCE '"PO purchaser* ?f Marshall'* Troy Shirt*, Bosom* and Col* ? A l*ii. In cnusaqutncr of the many mistake* hiring been Mjkoflaub itrugrrt iml other*, in finding our only Tro> Shirt Depot, we are therefore obliged to made I ublic the rauie < for the benefit of all in pursuit of oui highl) reputed Troy , Shirt*. Bosom* and Collar.. It i* fliit. A store has lately had , painted on their window, and about their premises, a sikpi pur- ( porting t? be MTroy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all. tncy j uo not keep our Troy Shirts, Bosoms ami Collars, and a* a , Stiard igauut mistake* ihat may occur in future, on account of | it* new sign he cornei I eftrr, we shall < irculate . eitensively th? following card, and for the benefit of dealer* in our goods Tni* is to inform dealer* and other* that Marshall's only a Troy Shirt D?'i?ot in the city i? about siiteen door* from the corner of IVarl *nd Chatham street*, on the right hand side in l>a.*sipw to the Citv Hall?No. 00 Clutliaiu street. This is oar oul) Troy Shirt Depot for the receiving of our highly reputed Troy Shirt*, Bosoms and Collar* in the city. We shall can*e thi* to be eitensively ffrrnUted, in com-?pirnce of many mis* . take* ha?tag been made of late. Be particular to see the name. MARSH ALL'S, on the window glt*?; *|?<> the following? 1 MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, DO ( hath J am strei t. No paUim***- asked of tl?o*e who best down. New Yoi , Ju jc3 lm#c I "REMOVAL." PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH* ! WENT, " f U removed from H5 Broadway to No. T A.tor ITouie. 1 ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. , OumrnU of im*i El<*.nt and Kaaht.itaUc kmJ rt a m?iuc of Ml per cent for ca.h, v "'HE advertiser deem. It unneeetanry to revolt tJ the hack- I nryed ty.tcm of *irin? a list of nominal pnfi., pre. irrtii* v . rhe length of time he haa been Mt.Mi.ltM. together vri'h r itrnaive patronage hr.towr. on him, win prova e ?uin it voucher for nil capabilitiea; rosacituf the advantage nt .1* connected with an e.tcnuivo clothc.uMl.hmrnt in Europe confidently anefj that he etn furni.h clothe, w l.ich, ou romaria?/?. will he found lu?< r th in any olher hou?r making up ? Jw beat d<MCriptiona ofjerntlenvn'. dre.i, I rnyl3m 5. PJllELIf'8, 7 AalorHou*. Bioadwav * MARTIN'S \ * null Tailoring RMtnlillaUmrnl, rr*l\v'mV"{ 10 llrtel, eeriur nj < Jnn itriet. 1 SJ" bV7'H?r'in announcing the above to hi. friend, and Iiltei.! >?', in general, takea leave io return thank. for tlig . .-IT ITl1"** ba.towed on him at hi. farmer place of bn.f a? h-retofore"'II !" '*"1 "TPrV article oidwed ol him .hall, mo.t .tvli.h 'miL W * trimmed in th? neatest ami , rhe m,:i;' ,ndT,n: n"W"' "t in 1 are teqneted toe J ^Mmi^ ^ Str^er, , havV^eTmadXjd^&iS^'^1'ln,hitf r?" I general antialarnon dnriu* *c ?. r'TTL ' p" C"r" r nwJ* bv &. ?x?sisr^ PiTCk^oIu .V.'.V.V.V" !'.v. r on to M 50 a- So garment, ready tnada?ji toad. I r ah?d, if uectuary, in M hour., ' '"u, * ,n" I \ mil imc MI( HABL K. Mabtin. I 1 * , W YO NEW YORK, SUNDAY A watertng plac?s7&c: sharon springs. PIIK PA V1LLION.?This uew commodious Hotel will be l open for the rrceiition of visitors on and ?l\cr tlie first of ( une neat. at the Villige of Sliaruu bpriugs, Schoharie County, lor York. , The clear pure w iter of the apringa, greatly resembling ] koae of the white -ulpliur springs of Virgiuia, have breu | roved to he highly i tfietcioui iu Rheumatic. Cutam out, Bili>uj and Dyiir-ptjc complaint,; ai.d in the cure of trnip lni, , lalulirum, Scrofula, l.iver Complaint, and general uenilily, lid in many ether respects, puss* s (?a e rtilieu by ?ome of the lost eminent ulcdual professors in the United Stales) tnsdici*1 and Icaliug properties unsurpassed, and believed to be une ualh-dhyauy in tlna eouuti-y, ( Added to Uteac, the rides Hi the vicinity, numerous village,, iteiiaive views, neigl.lioriiig caves avt romantic tcenny arc , moll,' the many altn Item ..tiered to tin a.: seeking in the neat f aummcr,either liealth or pleasure These springs are but a few I. nil rids butt Sirft*tfTi Troy, Ubaiiv. (sc., and are acces I l? fr i < n. ii.trie iui tin Alba- ' ,Y and I'tica railroad, whsr can usee daily await the arrival f the mo.'iiing cars from Bclienectady and I tics. to carry ?Uinta to the Springs, a distance of about t iglit miles, arriving in ime for dimior; also by , tlie Albany and Cherry V alley turn- I like by daily stages, buiug about (brty-fivt miles weal of tlie i ity of Albany. Warm, cold and ahower Batlu furnished at all timet, either I if ih . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to re tiler the stay of viailora agreeable. An abundance of the puieat mountain amine Ice i, stored for S, ,-?mi 11 fl/ it rl rwi'V t THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?Tl,i? Hotel will >? opru.d *t i !.c above TiHaje of 8h.?n>n Sjiriujfj, for tb? reception ot n?i- I u;s. ar.d coiiibiuilia ail lha ailvaiitaena of tin. (lelial.Hiil VIIJOnerretiiiente. JOHN V. LTTEN. alt9 10w2taw*r CATSKTCE M(irVL AIN HOl'SK AT THE PINE ORCHARD -184* IMUS romantic .,u ftahiouibli resoii will i?? condnetid during tho present season under the direction ^t??l auperinteiilance ot* the subscriber. It hu undergone a complete and borough repair, an ! is n?w open for the rtctptn ;i ot visitors. So ? Ifort w ill he spared to maintain the dc ? . i vedly high chaiac- , cr which it h is hen to fore ion ui red. As heretofore, its tables wil. t?e furnished with every delicacy , hat the New \ otic mulct can afford; and every possible^ateution that can promote the convenience and enj ovnv nt of irs iatrona will be promptly bestowed* "i';- ad n :?> this stablishment and especially that part of ii ??u the mountain, h.u . >een rendered perfectly smooth and tale. Messrs. A. b. Beach tk Co.'s excellent line of stajres will run i* heretofore regularly between die landing aud the Mountain riouse, on the arrival uf the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. ' June 13th, 1812. jeN 3mr al.AOlfANGE HOTEL, Ball'. Errry, New J. r*<-v. This moat delightfully romantic sum mar retreat is in full readiness, well stocked with fruit and flowers and above , ill a tine kitchen g ?rden. The bar is well supplied with choice vines and liquors. ale and por'er. Also, sejjars of the first qnalty. John Pouson, the proprietor, sincerely returns his g ate fill hanks hit friend . public in general, for theii ir> ml mtronage for tlie last nine years. The beautiful steamboat Bos on, Captain T. Y. Babcock, leaves foot of C tnal street four lines a day. The public can rest assured thit they wis I not be lisappointed as heretofore( the owners of the boat arc deiermiu'd to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the $uu. (ieutlemen ran be accommodated witn the best of board ind lodging at five dollars per week, aud have their dinner at i?hat hour thej please, sxcept Sunday, always at i o'clock, P. M. Military companies on targei excursions will find it to their idvioUft and pleatun to visit t is above maee u: try tho tarfet ground and Pouson't good dinners. His prices are accordng to the times. J. Pouson is always at home, aud will be liapty to see his friends and visitois. je!2 lm*r rPIIE HAMILTON HOUSE.?This establishment is now A open for the reception of company. It has bet u thoroughly rnovated aud furnished anew , upou a scale of liberality comneu.urate with the demands of the public. The detriment ot he cuisine has been placed under the charge of a capable aud Mperi-nced artist, wno will la^k no supplies that the markets an afford. To those unacquainted with the location of the riamilton House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situatwd it the ocean entrance to die Narrows, from eight to ten miles rom the city, ou the high western bluff of Long Maud, com ninding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantic and i and ward, the highly cultivated and fertile shores of Staicn and [ Long Inland, and the harbor of New kork. Nothing caa ex I :ced the beauty of the prospect in every direction. The salu- ' irioui air at al! periods of the day, the easy access by stage and iteamboat, and tlie mingled life aud retirement of the *pot. reiiier thia es'.ib! i hincnt second to none withiua hundred miles of New York. Tke apartments are commodious and airy, aud heir accommodations in marked contrast with 'hose of similar louses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. Tlie ride* in die irighborhood, the ftshiug grounds, billiard rooms, ten-piu aley*, and other accessories ol recreation, leave little, it is be (eved, to bi wish d foi by any gust Families desirous of securing room* for iie season would do well to make early application to tlie proprietor. je7 linr IJA1I1 l1UU5rM LU.>iU ISLA.MJ.?A his long .tin! well '' known boiriling and sea bithing establishment, having re* :* ntiy uudergotie numerous improvements, among which is the rectionof several elegant summer hosues upon the margin of he oceaii. is now open for the reception of company during the lesson The great extent of private beach on this shore?the irrfect security in bathing, even for ladies and children, (the nth im? houses being within a stone's throw of the minsioo)? he shady, coo! ami ut-lighlfti) locust grove adjoining the house -the rides iu the sanouudiug countr/?the excellent i?hing grounds and other sources of neitlthful recreation and mi?amal th bmriwl fiavofdu Ail itk mmi ml da ower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels jiivingor outward bound, -under this situation in ev-ry repeel unequalled by any, in the vicinity. Iu accommodations ir?* ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the vannest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The conreuieuce of communicstion and distance, (being but nine miles "ron Brooklyn,) the access by stages at hours accominodnted 0 business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for 'tntlfinen of basic ss in New York, jell 2ui*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. 3HAHON SPRING* PAVII.UON. SChuHAKiK K), ^ Fourth of July.?The Grand Owning Bill for the Season, ail! take place 0.1 tin- evening of the 4th July, at the Sharon Hprings Pavilion, which is now o4?eii for the reception of visit?rs. No pains will be apt. >d to render tin- ruterraiumeiu ngreeibl#*. G. W. B. GEDNEY. jvti tldjy OEWoRD MIVKAL SPRINGS?This well known water G cr^' j li' e, situated iu Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is uow >1 en for the reception of visitors. To those who hive never visited the Springs, it may be neces?ry to say that they are situated near the great Western Turn ike, which passu through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to 'Utibursh, a lew unlet ea^t of the chief elt-vatiou of the Alii;hany Mountain 1. Every thing his been provided at this watering rl*cc to render 1 sojoui n plea> int to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Vmusements will be found sniud to all lutes, and a good baud if "lasir will be in attendance. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last easona, will induce the renewed rx> rrions the cominr season. June iflth, ltu. WILLIAM REYNOLD*. jc29eod Imr Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Lon* Bmneh.-Tbi* tensive and deliglul'nl Sea II nhina E.tabl''aliment will be ipened l>y the subscriber on the 27lh June, instant. He btga rap ctfullv to Inform ita former palrous and ihe pnl.lir, t'.ot nu i.lrrabl' additions and alterations, enrrsasing the comfort., lire lie. 11 in id. since laat year, and veil! b? in complete readileaa for th?ir amnmtnodmoa. Wishing to be aa irasonable a. the time, will afford, the board ivill be seven dollara per week as last year, instead of ten dnlara a. formerly. Chlldnu, of a certain axe and servants half price, dorses full fed. SJM. Hi hop.. he may say without imputa- < ion, thai hi. t inl an t accommodation, will be equal to any on Lionx Branch. Yonng people not requiring too much room,will arid accommodating leiina. I j. ?lm?r JAMES GREEN. | BOARDING." " i AT DEAL MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. LEWIS K. HANKINSON respectfully inform, hia friends i and Ihe oublic that he lias Hied up in the heat style the louse formerly occupied by Jacob Corl??. ai the above I lie most lo athful situation on Ihe ,ei coast, about 7 miles from lied Dank, and fourteen from,Hijatown. Stages pa,a through 1 md fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The term, of board will 1 if found very moderate. Also, stabling, itc, lor bursas, on rery re i toualile term,. L. F. H. pledge ; himself that no effort of hi. will be wanting <i render ihn e who patr uii,, him comfortable, and thai hi. loure will lie found equ il to any along flic coast. jeTfl Im r T'HE FAVORITE and dccidvdly the moat agreeable Eicur?ion in the S?i tner Seaion i< 10 Hoboken. No othrrplace if re?ort in the vicinity of the city can b* viaited with each futility or offer* *o many inducement* with lev* qwinr. A ?i?it ?the rxtruit* and diversified ground* of thi* mott lovely of erreatri'l *|>oU, of which it* bean il'ul tcenery and it* "?n> 1110 view* are too w< II known to require deteription, eanuot "ail to fire pleume to thov* in the city who like occasionally to breathe frr*h air, and rary the accualou.ed and con rtned view of brick and mottar. The Karrlay, Canal and Chrivtorher-*treet Ferry boat* are in ncelletit order for public accommodation. jijl 2w*c_ pAVILION, SAB ifOOA SPBJNOS-The Pavilion, e in1 turnout to the Pavilion fountain, and equidivtaut from Jomrrett an I Iodine Spring*, hav been thoroughly rrunrated, ilid i* now oiien lor the RMflica of VliitOf*. ( or convenience if location, beauty of the gtouii'la adjoining, Commodiouvneiv ifthe room?, and offort* on the part of the ptoprielor to make in guevtv comfortaMe, thiv home, it i? believed, it not *arpa** d, Thr cbargev for board and mom* have been miwlifii d to met, in ? mi degree, the depreation of the lime*. A aliara of mtrouage i* re*|iectfully invited. JOHN CROSS, Paoprietor. Saratoga Wpringr, Jnne 20, 1H12. jeS7 2wr DRV GOODS,' it,:. TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY 00ODS.-The propria ' I tr? v. Mitt 8 KINO, daughter of tlM ctl^brttrd Carl Km*, iffrr* for vale a mo*t velect and choice avaoitmi-nt of Millinery 1 loo da, for the apriul trade, never a* y?t pr?**nb'd In lliv pabic, b i& a* regardv the quality and cheapneva of the articlra 1 rhp aasortment rniutvta of the following The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'OR- 1 -KAN!, u worn by L? Dttcheivr D'Oilcan*, .if France, MED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL ITYLE And Lawn Hal* do do?An entire new *tyle o i lata called " MODTNE CAPOTTEP, EL8SLER COTTAGE. Pariiianand Englinh FANCY STRAWS, of the Aural tet?ra, in great variety. | The F roprn-treev tenpectfully (olicita the ladia* to favor her nth acall, and eaamine Iter elegant and rarivd ?H>ek of Mil- | "t'-ty for themavlte*, before they pnrnhave elaewhare, *a it i treat aaviwg to them in price and a great advantage aa < "garde the variety and quality of the gooda. MISS S. KINO, Magavine de Modea, ( je22 lm*r 2MH Broadway. I ?JL JM/rBITTER pfar* to And Boots ch#?p, I notiurs that in New York ili^ie is any l&cr bo gnOd a* at the CI hi ton Bo??t and S??o? Market, 2fM C ^nal t tieat, north ra.<t corutrof Hudson itrvrr. Thoa* who hare " ri*d appear to b* generally aatiafltd that fhii ?a a fart n?- n ji' ihoiiable. All, thus* a who m*y not have tri*d onr boot*. c bona, or gaiter?,will tind it to their advantage to make tha trial r oon. r A. KNOX A CO, t N. B. Country rchanu *? by the package or doaan n SHIRTS. SHIRT3T [TNITF.D STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 Wil- , G liam Vtrent, ror .er of Liberty, N. Y Notice tv hereby ive n to Merrhant* ami trail, r* in general, thar the proprietor* of ,, he above rvtahluhnw nt h?ve adopted a new method of manii- , acTnring which e.iablet thetn to veil their vhirt* at a cheaper v t than any other h-iiiae in thiv city. Thia etatement will be I .(filmed hy the livt of pnee* a* (hllow*:? 1 Tar Dot. ? \To*i ?' " I' ''r - Boaomv and Collar*, - - $7,M> Jo ..a ?utl Collar 1,00 . Do ,Cv wdlr' uge *ix*v- 7,(Hl ( * it and Collar* oomtantly on e-i-l -_nAh vdtekrvje V :v.r . for ewh, Jyl lm'r M JllSodKi;:iL,wn7, 1 j? ?fi. RK I CORNING, JULY 3, 1842 BOOKS AM) STATIONERY. TO PAPER MAKERS. DKHSKFl ic BKOOKH, No. 'jl Liberty street, between 1 Broadway and Nassau street, New V?>rk, imjH.rt uirecl I'rom he Manufacturer* the fellow iuu articles, vi?.:? Blewchui* Powder of Boyd it Son'* mtkt?warranted, for luiforini; y and atreugth, equal to any iu this country or Great Britain, nid for the sale ol which they are sole amenta in thi United States. Ln?li<h<> limit Machine Felting of very *upeiii/r quality, tG. 40, 45, ?>T?|72, at I HI iucht . wide. Dryer Felting f strong fabric, and of widths usually rcjUlied. Blu 3uiilt*.-? slaving the aic< acy of the Sutton Company's Blue ^inslts, they are enabled to supply FFFE, and FhVr X, u an* quatiriti'4 wiica for Fomdrinior and Cylinder Muliinc* manuftcturcd faun llu pun-?t itieial?at*o, Jacket*?Wet and I res* Felt*. Pulp S 'yen*, Nos. I. 2, 3, of brass metal. Oi. i . I -r i r,\ eft1 a' ?ve irticle*. together with Foreign iiiU domestic i u;? Sods Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twuim, See. wilhn i - . 11131c I a T? INTKKs riNTi WUHK ON HUTTIM.?j~ ^ publi lud. by Carcv it lUit. Notes of a Tour through Tu.- | key, Ort?*c?-, r.^ynt. Ar.bin, lYtr.i*\ to the Holy Lsud, ind tiding a Visit to Athrni, Sparu, (Land (' tiro.CtmsUinfnwple. Tlwbes, the Hid Sea. M?.nut Siuii, IN tra, the Klom ol Scri;>ture, fee , by E. Joy M in,, in 2 volume* r> tno., with plates. OPINIONS OF THE PRESS. We commend it to the public a* a -sterling work of travel.? U.S. Gauu?. TU' author ha* coutrivi d to irive to hi* descriptions of placus, ice nary, arul *\vi* , n spirit of freshness and vniitemblloci\ that I 5 iftht l imts. We doubt not but ti? ** t wo interesting volume* will be e.? ih nought I r by tl.j ublic.?New World. Tin* work is ;?n*i iiely ,u.h an one it a man it uUd to tike up when hi* desires iliforuutiou upou the subject of which it I treat*.? Broth*!; Jonathaii. A very plea. u.t. uupretcudinjC acconw of ntnblra through regi ins about which every intelligent miud d? irrs information, bi> i it u furnished iu a ?tyle which every oue will fmd.ig.ucabltt. ? !'< rms> l\anion. TIi'tm is not; pa,.'** iu the work that u not interesting aud instru 'riw.?Reh Jourinl. Wf think fkl. book destined to become eiteimvcly popttlar, Mi l we cordially join with *,ur brethreu of the press in comnit-iidiiu it to popular fat or.?Dull v Chronicle. For >ale by WILEY & PUTNAM, if 1 3w*r N*?w V r rPIlK MESMfTiUr MAii \7I\TL ok joi k.n.vT, of 1 ANIMAL MAONKT18M.-DR 11. II. COLLYER will inudi?h July 1, 1812, ih* first numberof a periodical with the .in ive title. It will be devoted exclusively t?? Mesmerism, (ir Auirral Magnetism, and will contain ample directions and instructions for Mes ?eising, with acenrste df tails of the most extraordinary and interesting .Miumoric cases, and eiperiments tint have occurred, either in this country, or in Europe, for many years pasL The curious, and iudaea wonderful vislions and revelations of Clairvo, ance. respecting the Heavenly Btdics and the Spiritual World, will cotisritute a prominent portion of the Magazine. It will be published monthly, and each number will contain s2 eoyil 4*ct 'V0 |w*b? s, with double columns, of the exact site and style ?.f the D -ton Miscellany. Tt rins, $3 per annum, payable in advance. Letters, communications and ordeja. (i?ost paid) addressed, to Dr. K. H. Collyer, Me ? me riser, 27 School street, will receive prompt attention. The New York Tribune, Herald, Pennsvlvanhn, Public Ledger, Baltimore Sun, American, Richmond Star, Charleston Mercury, New Olean. Picayune, Lounvill Journal, Cincui uiti IL publican, Portland Advertiser, w ill n.nM a week for three weeks, and send their bills to the Mail office, or receive a copy of the Magazine, and such otker public journals as arc desirous of receiving the Magazine will insert as aforesaid, and send a copy of their paper to 27 School street, Boston. j?92Uw3wr 9 BOOK BINDING" FA PER RULING. H IRELAND, No. 12Q Na??au ?triet, having an entire i?? stock ul Binding Tool, arul Ruling Machinery, ol the lati ,t and moat approved patterns, i> now prepared tu execute all order. ill thr moat durable and handsome mmurr. Merchant., Account Books and all other kind, of Blankn ork ruled ,nd honnd to any pattern., and in a atyle that it wsmuited [ogive satisfaction. Any work ordered can be donp in*lhe Enc* liali mode il" required, aa II. 1. haa had long ? i|writ iK* in both methods. mm BOOK-KEEPING. CC. MARSH'S counting room, lor the study of practical bowk-keeping continue open from early ill the morning until 9 P. M. T> rina?Forthe camplete roune of piacttcc in Single Entry Book keeping, books, stationery, Stc., included. $7 "ill. For the complete course of prae*iee in Double Entry Bookkeeping and Metcaatilc Calculation., including hook, ie.. $Ij Tlicre are uoclaaie,?each person is taught separate!,. rio. pecmses mav be had attln^mom,. leyiCii-c Liiiirnionv. \k.vv vork piiin riNti in;; m Vn UFAC I'OKY, its Roar street, comer of D.iaue (OiJ Soear Printing l.ik of all eoh.r. w jrr,..l. .1 e.o.,1 o, .n. constantly on html an.I offered for sale on reasonable terms deliverable to any part of the city free of cartage. Printers and tenders arc solicited to make a trial of this article. jy 2 3mr HATS^ HATS! HATS! HATSTl BROWN Ss GO'S One Trice Hit Store, w hoi, salt-stand rej tail, 179 Chatham Square, comer of Siott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adero the head. The proprietors have the Measure now to offer in addition to their recently improved slant napped HaL a new style, tlx imitation of heaverr, which so closolv resembles that of all fun the most coetly anJ beanrifnl, tint the difference is not easily perceived. Trice three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one price cash system, which enables us to furnish a very sup. rio Hat for the price chanted. In presenting these lists to the public the proprietors think they leive readied the nltimatuoi of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort, inl 7m* A N IMTt UTAVr C41: EMTIO N is here presented forthe serious tetlecrionoi the purchasers of Ilita. Lit consistent with true economy or common sense to pay fire dollars for a Beaver Hat, when the same article can lie houitht 15 Wall si reel, (between Btosd and New streets) fur KOl'K DOLLARS? Thta is no deceptive assertion. A single trial, or a mere ins|iectiotl, wijl satisfy the most skcptiesl lliat the Beasrr Hat now offered is far from heinf the inferior article often sold for It ss then Ave dollars. The fict is that the article now offered is ii. nil, not equalled, and in no instance surpassed even st that price. It is in consequence ofa reduction in the price of the raw .ti sterial. tos-lher with the economical policy of this establi hs.eut?an I the proprietors rhg.igink' personally in t!ie manufacture? that the present great inducements are offered, such as w ere never offered before. WARBURTON fc WEBB, jeMlm'r Hitters, J Wall strest. ATCHE8 AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.?The nb' urnbr.r h selling r.U *! tiom of fold and silver Wafchcs, gold and silver p? ncils, gold chains, key*. kc., at rrt*il, low or thwi at* ny other plate in the city. Gold Watches a* low as 25 to so dollar* each. Watches and Jrwelry eschanted or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep good time, or the money retained. Watches and Clocks repaired in thr he?t manner, and warranted, at much lr?* than the usual nriee*. by one of the finest workmen in the city. ii. C. ALLEN, Importer of Wetchesand Jewelry, wholesale and rvta I, 30 wall street, up stairs. _ jel9 1m*rc I) EMOVED.-HILAIJIK WALTER, agent and P*fUpr oi I* the house of Berg r Walter, the only manufactory of Watch Glaaaes in France. No. 27 Pandit PoiMOnniere street, Piria. has the honor of informing Mnsrs. dealers in watch works, and all articloa connected with the line, an nl*o Maars. dealers in cat class, that thrir wtabluhment of watch glasses, cat gl*.t*, gilt ind colored, fancy articles, Ike. Ike Ac., has lately been it moved from No <0 Maiden Lancelot No. 00 William atreet. (Gentlemen desirous of purchasing from the only depot of the factory, are resjwctfally invited to call at our where will be found an unrivalled assortment of tlie above mentioned goods, which will b? di?t>ostd of ou the most reasonable terms. m4 2m*r NOTICES. pOMPTEOLLERS SALE OF STATE STOKH.-Thl y Stat-- Stock, held by the Comptroller in tru.t for tha New Vork BtnUing Company, will be sold at the Merchant.' Ethangc, in th> aire of New York, on Wrdwwlijr, the 6ih of July n?it, it llo'cln.k, M.| to wit It Certificate* of Illinois Sis per cent (internal improvement) itock, potable 187ii, for $1000 each $10,000 10 Ci r.i c. of Illinois Sii nercmt stock, (for publi buildings) payable I UK I, for twit each $10,000 6 Certificate! of Michigan Sit per cent (Detroit and Poutiac Riil Read) stock, payable I8.'iS for $1000 rich $?.000 A. C. FLAtiO, Com, t. Ai..a*t, 2-lth'Juae, l#l?. jvl itr ^OTlCE TO CtEUKS, and all other prisons whine Ou.lL ncs, cuts thru to be i onstanily on t! (ret.?By calling st the old eiclmivc Boot Store, 111 CHatharu-streat.lhe' usn be accommodated with the invaluable article, KOOEHS' ME* TALK- ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in . very particuUr, aud at the same price of the urdiuii v Boot. The following arw some of the mtny advantages the Elastic Ih'tli have over every other kind : First?Thv elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot. Secondly?They maks no noise in walking upon the iwvej Ml, Thirdly?The v prevent Boots from running down to th? heel. F. nrthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much leas fatigue. heela. Siathly?They can be worn with oomfort by lltoaa having tender ftat. A- nanal, constantly on band all kinda of Bnota at wholraalo ad retail at manufacturer^ price*. jr6lm*e NOTft E.?A meeting of the 6r cltfiolifeis of the American I'.f nt Friction Match Comi any. will lw liclilat the Com|iony'a Warchouac in B.iaton, on Tlitiraalay the 2iat day of July nvlt, at 9 o'clock. A. M. A i unctnal attendance is niu. at? d. Per oilier of the Dir'Cfort, GEO. C OOODWIN, Secretary. Boston, June 27, UMt. j2P2w r PtoRPORATION NOTICE.?Ptthlu n .in . n in ? .ir?n that a vale of p?o|iert) for unpaid faaaa will take juare at mhlic auction at tlie City Hall of the city of New York, on luaoday, the 36th day of June nail, at 12 o clock, noon, and be XWi inuea frijtn day to ilay until the whole ot the aaid prO|wrtr ihall no a Id' and that the dalailed atatement of th? laaea ami iroperty to tie m Id ia pnldiahed in Uie New Era, a newapuev irinted irid ptihlulied in llie cjtv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Oomptr oiler. Comptrollers Ofllre, Vpril 26. IfHJ^ <?R lawHwtltjvr nORPbR7\TlbN NOTICE?rnblic Notice iTliareby glti n, that a tile of Property for unpaid tajtaa will take place it Public Auction, at the City Hell of the City of New York, in Wadnraday, the 2Mb day of September neat, at 12 o'clock, toon, ltel be continued fmm day to Hay until the whole of aaid rope: j ah ill be ?o|d, and that the detailed atatement of the mi, ind property tob* ?old. it imMnhed in the New Ero, a lew ?p par printed and piihli,lied in the city of New York. ALFRF.Q A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller'! OOice, May 10. 1312. jciii hwtSr; t28 c HAVANA A Tali 1' RINCU'lTSKOA RS URADKR. 16 Chatham street, ha* received, bytlie HaUew pont 100,060 of hit celebrated La Norma He?ar?, aa a'ao a leeurinil lot of auperier Noail and P. r?r. Principe Began, vliich be nltera for aahi at rowmwMa pric, reO Im'c DILLS of % hanze on all |iarta of Fnohtnif. In l?ud and Scotle land, in tutna of tl, ? 10, ?16 and ?20, to. auy ymoOnt, foi ale at S. J. SILVESTER'S, jelle 22 Wall and 116 Broadway. "t Ilit)RIDE 67LIMF.?300 C6?*a Boyil'i tuperior " Chl> ?brooks.,iuWJ, pn.0D?H? ?* ? Ss ^ jtft X South u. 1 * IF. R A Court t'oi- the Correction of I rror*. Tin" Lieutenant Governor in 'lu* Chair. Jul* %?Dtcition on the ilandvn. ?It h iving been an.i .tinted that a decision would lie rendered in relation to tii ' Sixth Ward election, and the ointment of clerks for the two boards, en Immo-e throng assembled in ef torts to witness the proceedings, but a small pro|>orti. .1 of whom, it may be readily supposed, eould obtain admittauce. There are plaint IbOO inenlioh .ngphi ir aituationa from the City Government, neiirly -Jill of whom hud already been remosed, and o theis appointed in their plain s On this decision resti 1 the validity of the prodecure, h .J the hopes and fear . t I those iiurnediu't 1> interested in-ir strikingly portray a the anxn tj marked in their nspcotive counttnai. . The Chancullot p nod the ball by reading a written opinion. He eonu ' .1 the sal prt a posseting >nan) poin'sof doubt, and In would aot be surprised to witness a dillerance of opinion among the members. He culle.i Upon thorn to deridr without [a litienl bias, mid from 'U' roeorde nr?nteil in itsm frssm iks 1 tums hslnw w.? ih l> .'acceded to examine the facta in tbe cat-- A< to Mr. I i rolius, the Chancellor consii!<;. i thut his liav iug been elected is sufficient title to hu 'ting possession of his * at It is a rule of law that n p-rion having a sutlicient number of vote* is untitled to office nottt ith-li?n<Jin|f n mistake on the pat t of thu returning officer Tin w ant o' the tint district return was no g. .1 reason whs the canvas i is should not niiihc -i retuni from tliu other liiree districts The Hoard of Aldermen could have cut it hack, had it not been correct. This is in conformity with the im>\ purs tied by the St te canvassers, ml i? 111 < straicd in the election ' 'tween Governors Clinton and Jay. The Ward canvass': f the 8th should have made up their return from the . torinls presented to them, as wm done bj thecanvaaMi ul the 12th, who, however, erred in a por tion of their duty, which the < haucellor iioinU-d out. The return, so I'ar as possible, w as made, and authorized the ministerial officer to administer the oath. I cannot agree, tfpwe.ver, with tlic Supreme Court, that the tbeeurdi-r had aright to administer the oath previous to the meetinfOf the board. The Montgomery charter pointed out ii particular inodo, which was continued in tlui res i- I charter. Even if thu Mayor and (. lurk refused, I do n-. consider that the swearing in by the Recorder before such refusal, is J alid. Crolius should have waited, and hud thi Recorder present, ready ?o act in the event ot the other declining. Still, h iving been elected, and en tered upon the dunes of h's office, he is alderman dt fat to and could only be remove! by a writ of 9110 warranto , and hi' arts are valid us rrgm I parties. Mr.Tsvloi showed good prima facie evidence to the Mayor of his appointment, and was entitled to be sworn in. " In respect to Mr. Shalor, 1 have come ta the conclusion that his . netted right to hold over cannot be sustained by the revised Charter. That instrument savs the members shall be elected for 0:1c year, and that tfie election shall bo annually. I can see no good reason for his holding over. It was intended to avimilate the legislature of the city to that of the State. I therefor, conclude he had no right to holdover. Mr. Atwill was elected, and entitled to his seat, and his acts, also, are valid as to third purties. Th (| 11 est ion of assessor* itdisposed of in the same way. I do not say that power doc.--not exist in the Common Council, but th fit dues not deprive the Supreme Court of a right to look into the circumstances. Thu relators are only obliged to make out a prima facie case to produce a mandamus. The plaintiff in error seems to have acted on the erroneous opinion that he must have legal evidence of the election. He was wrong. For the reasons presented I will vote in atfirmaiieu of the Court below on all the ca=es. General Root then rose. He said thev were called upon to avoid being influenced by party considerations and this casu, more than any other in liisrcollection, calls upon the incmhera firmly to do their du'y. There is an axiom that where parties are equally divided, judges should decide. The Government of Nsw York is in theory a democratic one, the laws of which are to bu enacted by the people and to be carried on by the people. The exe cutive uru but its agents. The judges are made indep- ndent of the people, so thai they may not he sway ed as circumstances may arise to change their opinions,tint fearlessly to enforce thu law s that the people huie euaclud. This court is constituted somcw hat different, w here in the last resort the people should have their own tribunal in which to correct the errors of those independent fudges. In that vuy we are bound to carrv out the Jpeoplu's will as they have shown it in their social compacts. If thu people' rights have been trenched uuon. this Court should sbtmm it?Judge between the people on one side, and their tyrants on the ether. Judges should benignly act. As a democrat yesterday, to-day, and forever, 1 feel hound to protect the people's rights. They have no way to show their views but through the ballot boxes. '1 hat is the index through which it is expressed. In the Oth Ward it was proved clearly that Crulius was elected. Would you have that election defeated?counteracted by technical rules and technical forma 1 1 approve of preserving proper rules, but if thos forms are doubtful us to law, wc arc to construe them in favor of liberty and the people's rights. In Tt; lor's enso t'rolius was nuthorared to set, and his appointment and sweari g in by the Recorder are correct. I dissent from the Chancellor's opinion in that respect. The Montgomery charter has had no influence since the revolution, a law concerning oaths having been passed as early as 1777 or 177:b City otlicers, and all, had to tako a new oath, abjuring fealty to foreign powers, aud in lavorof supporting he laws of New York. The general then spoke of other l a, among them that of duelling, which no said was not made till the fatal collision on the other sale ef the water, Hnbokrn) between vocf the gif.ate?t lawyer* (Hamilton and Burr) in the onntry. The new charter, it is true, wae passed in the form ot an amended Montgomery charter, but it \va? formed by a convention of tne people, that stripped from the Common Council all its judicial powers. It pros ides that they should r. u- t as the legislature does, ami that th< members should 1 rworn in by particular otlicers, but it did not my that they could not be sworn in by others. The provision is u.-roly that these ministerial otlicers shall attend, but not that the oath is invalid If taken before any one else. The board was properly constituted, and the Mayor hnd no excuse for not attending to the evilenca Taylor presented of his a pointmrnt as clerk. In regard to Mr. Williams, it is said that Atwill did not have his seat, hut thai Shaler held over. In the revised charter the hold-over clause is omitted, and w as evidently intended to makethe duties moi - conformable to the new constitution. The Aldermen nnd Assistants are to be elected lor one year, and to hold legislative powers In tintwo boards. Shaler's term of office had expired, but even if the old charter had been in existence, Shaler could not hold over, as A'.well was already elected. 1 (hall vote for affirmance, sir, on all tho cases. Senator KvaMsts also presented his views, lie said that the manjamus was the proper remedy. It relates to the officer, and his right to be sworn, while quo warranto is connectcil wi h the office, to oust a person ta ho Impioperh holds. Them Il i Videace to ihow thai the Supreme Court hu a right to jurisdiction, and that tttch ha? been taken away from tl.e Common Council. Without the intervention of the Supreme Court, In the present cane, the city miglC have been left without n government Inr the emceoling year. It is the election, and not the canvas, which give*authority, and although the law is precise, it will not permit the returning officers, through fraud or inadvertence, to prevent the person elected from having his office. It would net hive been proper to order a new election. An election is tut intended to show the correctness of a retc-n, and is not necessary. The canva sers ot the Sixth Ward were bound to mske a return to the best of their ability; they were not called noon to make return as to a riot. A loss of votes cannot deb at an election;unless it can he hown that they would have changed the result, which is not liera the case. 1 lie Mayor was in error iu supposing that there hid been no electioe or was void. That was for a ju licial enquiry. Ha should have satisfied himself hey on. 1 the return, as the preme Court has done, and administered the oath. The Senator entertained similar views with the Chancellor and Senator Root as to the hold-over clause, ami thought the ll?corderauthorized lo administer the oath. In technical matter, the rtfutal of the Mayor is snthcient to support the ide* of absence under the charter. Hie remarks were much extended. He daclaicd himself in favor of affirmance on all the cases. SttssTn* F.htii rose and {made an able and highly effective speech. He thought the Supreme Court han cried in drawing into this case any more affidavits thnn hit been placed before the Mayor previous to ht? rrlusal to swear in tbe rclatoi a. He illustrated the print by suj posing that a man applies to the Court of Common Plc.?, nut is refused action on the ground of not producing sufficient vrima facie evidence lo sustain his case ; ami that he collects new matter, and applies to the supreme Court for a mandamus to compel the Cemmnn Haas to procew' Would it he proper for the supreme Court to receive that new testimony, and grant the mandamual Would it noi be more likely that it would tell the applicant to returr to the Court below, and lay the cms before 1: as he had it then prepared. The Rent'or objected to a pi ecedent being rained that the Supreme Court lias a right to enquire into collateral matter. Ifthiswire allowed, the officer might as well tppljr to the Wtipronu Conrl at once. without saying any thing to the ministerial officer. The Vnvor, however, lie thought, had sa fficlont primn farie evidence, before ha refused, to go on and administer the oath. In that refusal he considered that he . trod, uud be would votefoi affirmance. Sena'ar DirnKvsnv tin 1 tho Lirt: r?Mn Oovr.ttvnn aha pre.'.e., . d their viawa in favor of alfirtnam < on,I the i.> cesr.i.y >f considering an election in?t .id ol technical matte, s,the basis on which a ministcrhl oifi, ot should act, and that it was bis duty to inquire into the facts of the case. Theqttet'lon was then put in relation to the assessors Messrs. Heath and Rooms. Hha I the Judgment of the Su premeCourt be affirmed? The ayes and nays w ere called, when 'he vote was unanimous in favor ol ronfumiug, l.eing .11 to 0. Tin Court consists of 37 members, ol which the 3 judges of th Supreme Court form a portion, and who have not attended. The throe other- " ho did not vote, were Senators Faulkner, Taylor a-.' V or fan. The first i imed wa* pre? cnt, hut had hot heard the argument, and did not vote. Senator Tay lor < aick, and Mr. Varlan had been suddenly called away the day previous to attend upon his father, who it lyisg at the pom' .. death. It ws> then revofvi'l that the lirst vote should govern the r?st of the c ens, and thus ended this nugh'v mnt'er, ep.i that too, w i'hout the aid of Col. Webh, or his regular army. The Whigs manifested considerable oteriovons itproysfery, hut on the whole they bore the " shock of victory" exceedingly well, and deserve some credit. The trouble between Messrs. Smith and Williamson, in rela t'on to the (Umptroller, will now v respects the former be nullit in bonii. I ?????. Fiat at Woosttr, Onto.?Quite a serious fire occurred < at Woovter last week. Itnrir i.vte l in Itotui ?on Si Jaco'V ' warehouse, the work it is sup|iosed of an incendiarv. I. Quinby'a new warehouse w as soon in flamas. and thance h *be fire spread to tht small shops tn.1 warehouses The * ts westerly aourse deettoytJ the stebles In the rear n WollnrdV end the stables and warehouses of th> g .*4 About fl,900 worth ol propertjedoatroyod 4p.> la I L J>, Price Tirn O'liti, Boston. f ("ou*?pomlf in f ol" tin- H?til<l.) Boston, Juue 2b, 1H4? M^-u-huutts Horticultural Society Exhibition? The lAiiitt present?Theatrical* Deaii Bennett :? Yesterday, in company with a friend troni Manchester, I attended the annual exhibition ol the .MuDhuchu-tettH Horticultural Society, at their rooms in Tremonl ->tre< t, and well did it repuv the walk not only on account of the fragrance of ilie llo\?< ra ulanr, but the beauty ot the ladies with which the rooms were thronged; indeed, it seemed rather au exhibition of beautiful women than ol dahiiua and pueunia.-1, that are only l?rettv to look mmn. In ma crowd 1 noticed the pretty lit tie Miss A. ol'T. street, in company with a voung gentleman, to whom report says she is engaged; ul-o, MisaT" 'f'*, lately returned from h Southern tour; Miss 11***, of B. street, who eloped with a young midshipman tome two year* ago, but was pursued and overtaken by her father, and the match was thus "broken off," as the girls express it. Were you to see this young lady, you would not blame any one for eloping with her. The accomplished Miss C's weso present, in company wiih their ~oi other. These young ladies are "known the city through, and for twenty miles the country round about" by their loud talking. The Miss K. of H. street, Miss G, of T. street, and many others I recognized, whose names 1 cannot now recall to mind. Among the specimens of fruit, the strawberry naturally attracts the attrition first, of which thot e olierrd at thus exhibition were the largest that L ever saw; and hut for n lady standing near them, so ^tronglv scented with musk that I could smell nothing else, 1 might have formed some iden of their flavor. The largest were those presented byK. Vose of Dorchester, Hobby Co., and Mr. Bigelow, of Medford?those of the former, 1 think, are entitled to the preference. Near the strawberries, upon the same tuble. I noticed leveral varieties of er?|?eH, from the vines of Dr. Joint C. Howard, of Woodland, Brooklinc, which were very large, and of delicious flavor. There were some cherries offered, but of very inferior quality; indeed, I have seen no good rhctries this season. Mr. J. l'\ Allen, of Salem, was on hand with a sample of the finest looking peaches ever raised in Massachusetts, which I found on tasting one ol tin m, with which he presented me, were of the most "Jeltc tons tlavor. The ladies seemed to have taken a great fancy to Mr. Allen's oraches, and it was with the greater difficulty tliHt ne forced his way through the crowd in order to present tne with a few. Mr. A. will undoubtedly take the liighe. t premium, no other peaches having been offered, save u few front another part ot the State of comparatively inferior quality. 1 noticed also a lew encumbent'measuring two feet in length, ottered by Col. Perkins. Also, sotne salad, green lm'hs, and other vegetables not remarkuble for their size. The exhibition of (lowers surpassed even the splendid variety that was ottered at the last Fair at N'ihloV. The largest bouquet was from Wtnshjp'a garden, composed of various colored rt es.paeonias, Vic., and meusuring at least eight feet in length, hy live in width. The flowers wern nil large and healthy, and were arranged with much taste. Mr. John A. Kenwick. was also ptesent, with u splendid variety of loses, paconias, fee. front his garden at Xonamtum Dale, Newtown. Mr. Kmwiek deserves great crdit for the pains that he haa t tkett in the improvement of paeonias, and will, doubtless, receive, as lit justly merits, the highest, premium for the best specimens of that beautiful flower. I'nvvardaof forty varietieaof the rose were presented by Mr. P. Wilder, which, though well worthy of premiums, I believe were not ottered for that purpose. The assortment of dahlias wassmall and very inferior: the largest were those offered by A A. Hroadwooa. Some line specimens of hardy rosea were ottered by 11. Matou, of Harvard Hill, but were so wilted that they had lost much of their beauty. There were many other sjtecimens of rose-*, pre >nias. dahlias, <3co . hut the crowd of visiters rendered tliem inaccessible. My English friend, who has been in this country only a few days, was greatly pleased with the specimens of horticulture that he saw, and aekaowleaged with a candor rarely to be met with in his countrymen, that the fruit was much larger and the flow ers prettier than any that he had ever seen in his own country. 1 remarked to hint that if his countrymen had not been misrepresented, he was possessed of more ingeniousness than the generality of them and related the etory of the Hng!i-hm:in whose attention w as ealh'd to a vine of large gord . l.v un American, who asked his friend from a/ road, if tlio hell pears grew to such a size in England, to which the latter replied that they did, and much larger. My friend from the land of John Bull was much pleased with the story, and remarked that if not true, it was a very good joke. There is no theatrical news of an interesting character to cominanicate The Olympic closed just week. It has been a loosing concern, if all the reports are true On the occasion o| Miss Fidier'a benefit, Mr. Fenno, the manager, and Mr. Merryfield, the prince of comic singers, refused to perform on the ground that the proprietors were in arrears to them for several weeks pay. Mr. Field performed Fenno'a part, and .Terrv Merrvfield. who. bv the bee is a good natured fellow, and a great favorite here, finally concluded to perform his part, and informed the audience in a neat little speech, that ax the reemnts of the house were for the benefit of Mi l Fifilter, he would place no obstacle in the way, but the malingers were in arrears to him for several weeks salary, which they had repeatedly promised to pay, hut violated their word in every instance. So much for the Olympic. Herr Drishach and hia animals, nre nt the Tremont, where they are drawing good lion . At ihe termination of his engagement, the theatre will be closed for the season, unless rc-opervd tinder new auspices. The rnnnagers ?tHte that they have had no difficulty to meet every pecuniary ?j;g ment that lias been made the I .? season, which if true, speaks well fortheir finan-iu! ahilit Mr. Ilempeter's eor.eert at the Mefwleen last night, was pretty w II attended, anil Went nfi" \ rrv well. Mr. 1) sang Epcs Surgent'a -ong calk d "The Death of Warren," md several of Hums' - nrOn Monday evening, Moris. Syl- tin, "T . fee. Miss Fanny Jonei-, and Mademoiselle I'etnt. appear at the National in " Nathalie." Marshall h is advertised to open his "new theatre on MondayneTt. He hasgotanexcell nt company, and as the price# of admis?ion are verv low, I haw very iittle doubt, that he will succeed. I'? ihy. <t the National, )w- (Teterrnincd to keep open all . unitiuc at reduced rates. There is u (*Teut want ol such an ocfre :? ii this city aa Mrs. Timm. We have not a single m l' s here that can sing a good song, nor a comedian that one can laugh at without great exertion, unl it ho Jerrv Merry field or Nickinson. Youre, Arc. Avn. MiDtiiifMi s - The following ha? been lian led u? a i correct list or Midshipmen a? pawed by the Naval Bused. The Board adjourned on Tue?dsy, hav ing tiumti. .1 their labor". Oeorgi Kf. Rogers, Wm. B. Mu?o, John H. t ar. krr, laracl C. Wait, Jams* W. Riplev, Richard Allison, Henry A. Clem son, John K. Dner, Edward I WinV;, Hamkle'on F. Porter, John P. Decatur, Tlion a? t.. Kinlock, E Iwsrd T. Nichols, Chsrle* R. Bmith, W. B. r. s. Porter, Frsncla Alexseder, Edward V. B-ale, John H. Brown, John Brooka, lasso N. Morris, John *. Tnvlor, An Ire*Weir, Henry Rolando, Daniel Amnv n, M?ni*on Ruah, VsfiR. Morgan, Wm. E. Bou limit, Edward I' r?, John C. Howsll, Sil?? Bent, K. Tv'. Murray. Thorns- tl. Patterson, James L. Blair, Cnt??by Af>. R. Jone?, Charles sinklsr, Thot. H. Btevena, Thoai M. Qeopsti - I'HIaJrlphia Chronicle, July 1. AvroiirtMiffT bt tirr OoviRt"*?I.B-vis Wrt^'iet, of Albany, Agent to rnceivi. the ulinr. f the Stntr Vw York, under the Inv of the t'niu.l Sto < i.: it lcl "hi act to appropriate the proee? I? of the ?n!e of jMio land*, iitul to grant preemption rignt." i TO CROTON WATER. L'WBANK'S LEADEN 1'JPLS, UNED WITH TIN.-E* In consequence of the. deleterious iff'? t* of drinking H it; r, as well a* tit*, rider, and other fluids,out of !?.*d, th< ador-ti^a of thne pipes for earning the Cnh+n waierthrojigh the dw? m ings of th* citia^ni, ha* heen strongly rrcomroepded by tV prof? ?aors of 1'hrmiAtry in the Lrnn?rsifv, f'olumhm Colhve; of Physic i/uie and Surgeon*, far., by the Mavoi of ' H? Cif\ ,th# S'.tv rommitMonrrf am! Kiurine* * of the A'tu? h-et; rt.f nnt? ndrn: of the hi* Department and ('.ommiw nr r for furnishing water fo the Routes; by Profc?*or Sdhi* m, Dr. Chilrnu, ana other emiimnf rnntiril and scienter g? ritlenrn. To *ho*e who arc having pip**, |>um|*, hath*. St. fitted up in anticipation of receiving the Cmtnit wu? r?to rhc frien<Uof the "mix-nnrr ran*e, and rh* rititens at !**< . ?h#*c pip** ar?- pari. it 1 ?rlv commended, as w? II for their superior strength iud du *blhtY. as well as for their quality of trsn* try thing the first n- eaaary of life ft*e from the moat insidiou* of |N'i*or?<o?? solnipn*. The tinned pipes will ha fitted up at prices ran in^ hut lightly Aom those charged by plumbers fhr common ones. Lih? rery imorofement id the arts, they hare had to contend, bofh arc and in Europe, with the Wtter hostility of those who im gine their interest* affected by them. All who desire Milor latiou respecting tliem are incited to **nd ftp', ire their .rders to THOS. E WB ANK, JelOeod lm*r 99 Spruce or Crosby street, ^

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