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July 3, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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k>ackcti to Arrive. PackeU to Oeport^ pkom litetpoei.. foe liverpool. ' New Yoifc, Cropper, jnuc 7 P. H ory, D July 7 8iddon?, Cobb, Juue 13 S:(field, Allen, July 13 PROM PORTSMOUTH. Pod V >RT?M"UTK. WMfioNy,Mpotr, Jun< 10 IwuMibo k,July 10 prom havre. for mavra. ( V. de Lyon, Stoddard, June 3 Sully, Thuiniwou, July It To Ship Hooter.. We I hell esteem it t favor, if certains of Vsssels arriving tow here, will gitr In Conimodoie W. A. Bass'-tt, of our uew. 1, rejort of the shilling left 1 l'?e I""? *'>e'"-e they sailed. the , scuds spoken on their i>u*sage, * lijj "1 their cargo. auJ any ( foreign urw,|>a|>rrs they may nave. I.ommodorr Bui tt will i board tlicm immediately ou their arrival. Wc will reciprocate I the favor in any way. i To Corre.potttlen*. Abroad. Our corrrs|>ouilrnts in foreign |??rts are res|>rc'4ully requested to send bv every >t wel ell the marine intelligence they rail ' obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one re- 1 aiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. < PORT OP NEW YORK, JULY 3, 1844. on Rises * 311 noon risks 12 21 ' son sets 7 '*6 | hioh 3 41 1 Cleared. I Ships Maianna, Phillip*, tilasgow, Post k T'iiillips; Clarrn don, St'.ddard. Boston, Uoodhur It Co; Sutton. EUgry. Charles- ! ton; Marylauu, Simmons, Alexmdria, DC.?Brigs Fortunato, 1 (Sicilian) Cacace, Naples, H T Wind.trr; Florida, Crocker, Kingston, Ja. Post Ik Phillips; Atlas, McCallum, Windsor, NN; I Exact, Johnson, Savannah; Franklin, Patten, Bath; Rowland, Adams,do, John Elwell; Sua, Hamilton, Boston; (Jenl Marion, Harjuwell, Me. Neainith. Leeds k Co.?Schrs New Union, i 111V, uuayams; uuinmtr r, iving, Baltimore, A a Coolry A Co; Km ma, Cole, do; Planet, Terry, Petersburg: Conroy, Casev, Newbern, NC; Michigan, Trrry, Richm< ml, A B Cooley k Co; Cathariue Amanda, Teal, Phtla>lrl|iliia; Vauda, Pierce, Bangor, R P Back; Cambridge, llall, Boston; Pequot, Kelly, 1 Boston. j Arrived. [ Shin Isaac Newton, Spalding, from Liverpool, via Cork, June c 5, witn 225 passrngers to Olover & Mc Murray, and .W torn c coarse salt lu bulk, for a market. IBth nil. from lat 16 10 to 16, f and from Ion IT to 30, passed many icebergs, extending as far as | Ilia eye could reach?some very large. f Ship Ani(elir|ue, Brewer, from Amsterdam, June I, with coffee, to Schucliardt Ik Karre, and others. Sailed in co. with barks Hortensia, for Baltimore, and Hersilia, for Boston. Left ship Peter Hatterich, just arrived. June 13. lat 1!) 30, Ion 21 30, pasted ship Howard, ot Kennebunb; 20fli, lat 16 to 1310, Inn 16 30 to 19 10, piassd at least 130 large icebergs, from 13 to 100 leet | high, a"d from 100 yards to one mile in length; Wd, lat 13 13, loll 32 10, passed (our lance icebergs. , , s BntislishipLeauder, Stewart, 31 days fiom Liverpool, with 120 tons s'lt to J. S. Ireland?#11 passengers. May 26, 1 it 17 30, ' Ion 21 30, spoke ship Carlisle, from Boston for Rotterdam. , U. 8. brig Poryioise, Lieut. Comdt. Ringgold, from Rio de Janeiro. May 22 _ Brig Enni, Smith. 12 days from Rio de Janeiro, with coffee, to S. II. Sise. Vessels left before reported. Brig Odessa, Gtllagher. 17 days from Rio de Janeiro, with coffee, to Bsrclay is Livingston. 29th ult. lat 36 30, lou 70 35, 1 spoke brig Orion, of Philadelphia. French brig Augia, Duprt, 19 days from Guadalonpe, in bal- I last, to order. I Brig Star. Karuham, 9 days from St. Thomas, with specie, to s A. Hubbard. I Brig John II. Stephens, II ill, 6 days from Bermuda, in ballast, t to W7 A. F. D ivenport. Left no Amerirau vessel I . British brig Princess Royal, Hay ward, 9 days from Bermuda, ill ballast, to W. A. F. Davenport. Sailed ill co. with brig Alexander, for New Haven. I .eft brig Hamilton, for Baltimore, next.lay. Brig Georgia, Lambert, from New Orleans, June 10, with when, Itc. to Dunham St Dimou. Sailed iu co. ship Vermont; brig Lime Rock, for NYork. Brig Tallas, Bleu chard, 19 days from Attakap.u, with live oak, to Nesmilh, Leeds k Co. BrigSulliran, Brown, I.1 j days from Charleston, with cotton, to G. Biilkley?37 passengers. brig Emily, Sherwood, 1 )i days from Charleston, with cotton. to Dunham k Dimon. Dutch galliot De Vrcede, Wiesmann, 65 days from Cetlr, France, with wine, to Boone n Graves k Co. Bchr Cliiel Sachem, Matthew, 6 days from Easftiort, with s piaster, to master. I Schr Msry Patten, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to I master. ; Schr C Storer, Ellis, from Newbern, NC. with naval stores, to master. Schr Purdy, Kimball, 3 daya from Deep Creek, with shingles, ? to master. 1 Schr Charles E Thome, Smith, from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. ' 18 :hr Tartar, Carafield, from Philadelphia, with coal, to the ' master. Schr Regulator, Classon, 6 (lay* from Lubcc, Willi plaster, to < muter. ? Schr Phebe D, Smith, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to ? muter. < Schr Fomfrel, Lewis, 3 days from Virginia, with fruit, to llm muter Schr Thomai Martin, Wood, 3 days from Virginia, wood, to muter. ; Schr Copper, Weakes, S days from Virginia, with wood, to muter. Schr Heroine, Coatei, 3 daya from Virginia, w ith wood, to . master. [ Schr Chief, Williami, 3 daya from Virginia, with wood, to i matter. Schr Samuel, Rorkhill, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to matter. Schr A Browu, Duzey, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to , muter. Schr Rebecca, Edwards, 3 daya from Virginia, with wood, to m'tl-r. | Schr A P Edwards, Dyer, 3 dayt from Virginia, with wood, to inuter. , Schr Meddle, Wuran, 3 dayt from Virginia, with wood, to / muter. Below. Ona thin, two bngt. < Sailed. . Ship Niantic, Canton, and others. Wind SSW. t Marine Correapondence. ( Rio df. Janeiro, May 31. American vessels in port:?Mary, ('dark, from Montevideo, i unc. juit arrived; Datid B Crane, Walker, from, I ditg; Mentor, Little, from Montevideo for Philadelphia, wtg cargo. I St. Thomas, June 22. t American veatela in port, and recent departures;?Lewia, fin i NYork fir Ouayama, to tail tame day; Tnoi H Benton, Drma- i vara for Ponce, ueit day; Baron, from Martinique, was bound i to Washington. NC. put in on account of springing a leak, whick eoutntuea?caiwalu itiuugtii It ueiter to rr-tlnp her cargo < of molasses, and abandoned the brig for account of whom it t may Concern; Norfolk, from Demarara for Philadelphia, to ?ai| i In 2 or 3 days; ('lii|?>1 o, from Brrbadoes, unc. up for fr' orclitr; Norria Stanley, from do, for Philadelphia v.ia Turks Island, to I sail neat day; Llewellyn, Guadaloupc via St Croix, for Foxardo, sailed tame day; Wm Purrington, for Guayama, sailed day I before; Ocels, for Turks Lland, do; Olive Branrlr, from Ona- i daloujc for Thomsaton, do; Marblehead, from Boston for Port au Prince, in 4 or i days, dug; Lycurgus, from Antigua, up for frt or ehlr; Orandre, from Wilmington, NC. diag cargo of lum- < ber; Alpine, from Ouadalouiie for Turks Island, tailed day be- 1 fure. General Record. AnniviLi at Nr.w Yong.?There arrived during the month of June, 2S2 veuels from foreign jiorts. Commerce of Boston.?Arrivala during the month of I jUnt lijjj ? Ships. Barks. Brigi. Schn. Sloops. Total. Coutwise, 11 in 67 337 16 439 Foreign, 17 21 77 137 252 Of the foreign arrivals, 19 brigs, and 113 sclira were British; 1 ship Danish; I hark and I brig Swedish; 1 brig Veuezulian; I trio Piutsian; 1 schr Prussian. Clearances; Ships. Barks. Brigs. Schrt. Sloops, Total. Coutwise, ? 17 54 126 9 214 Forei.n, 6 II 41 106 171 Of the foreign clearances, I bark, 12 brigs and 93 aehrt were British; 1 brig Danish; 1 brig Noiwegian; and 1 schr Venezulisn. The Acadia cleared and sailed on the 1st. The arrived on the 2d, and cleared and sailed on the 16th. The Britannia arrived on the Igth. Whalemen, Sailed from New Bedford 30th ult. Cortes, Pacific Ocean; South Carolina, ludian Ocean. The Portland, at Sagharbor, reports in addition, off Crosettee Feb 21, Peruvian, NL. 600 bblt; March 3, Hamilton. Bridgeport, 600; loth, Mentor, NL. 1950; April 26, off St Helena, Marcus, bll. 150 sp; Roanoke Orrenport, 600 wh 225 sp; off Bermuda June 17, Columbus, NL. 550. Spoken, June 3, lat 16 42, Ion 41 25, Essex, of Bristol, !on a cruise. Spoken. Wubington, from Newbern, NC. for Surinam, no date, lal 34 31, Ion 73 40. Betaey.of Boston, from Frankfort, Me. for Beaufort, NC. 9 da^a out. lat 37 4, Ion 74 20.^ ^ ^ ' ^viuhivui. Hum uruiuuur nrw vnraiu, June 10, on i or* IllOi. 1 Brighton, from Havana for Cowes, June 20, 70 mile* SE of I Halteras. I Taaso, from Boston for Havana, June 13, off Key Sal. Foreign Porta. i Halieai, June 21?Arr Eveline, Philadelphia; 22J, Saldan- 1 ha. New Orleaus. C1<1 21st, George, (Br) Canton, with coals, ' pork, beef, ilte. St John, NB. June 21?ArrChsllcnge, NYork, am) eat for ' Id* 27th, for do. * Quebec, June 28? Arr Piescilla, Plymouth; Devi-reaits, Li* ' eerpool; Carricks, Sligo; Mary, Belfast; Velocity, Waterford; 1 Jsne, Cork; Eliza Ann, Whitehaven; Mary Alice, Newport, Wales. ' Montreal, June 2D?Cld Dahlia, Lirerpoel: Andw White, ' London. ( Eleuthera, June 18?In port, Enchantress, for Boston, 23d; c Harriet Smith. NYork, SOth; Minerva, do, 2Id. Chariot, for ! Nassau, sld 18th, to discharge, return to E. and load lor Boston, to sail about July 4. , Khsoiton, Jim. June 14?No American vessels in port. ( Ponce, PR. June 18?In port. Ponce, for Boston, Ids; Nonpa* . rail, Baltimore, 3. I' n I ted State* Porta. Bucrsport, Jnne 21?Arr Freeman, NYork. Wiscasset, June 21?Arr Geo W Oiffoid, Tnnidad. Cld Helms, do. ' Bath, June 23?Arr Quiniiekaug, Charleston. Cld 28th, Ceylon, do; Margaret, Cuba. Sld Adelaide, St Domini;* City. ' ^'"' urtrort, June 30? Arr Panchita, Porto Rico; Herald, 1 Philadelphia, 1 Irawtcit. June 21?Arr Francis, Philadelphia; 2lth, Cliailottc 1 Ann, do; 27th, Harriet, and Scituatc,do. ' Salem. June 2?-Sld Fairfield. NVork. BO'TOIS. July 1?Arr Promts, Baltimnie; Patapero, do; Pe* , rtinan, Odeon, Palm, Hylas, J Knsling, Magnet, Cleopitra's J R?ri* a' Jr"" u Hoo.wr, Only Son, Jane, Brilliant, and dEtna, Philadelphia; Santa Fe, (Texian) Onlvnton; Saul, Ssvannsli; ' Pamlico; Waahi^ou.NC;Orleans. Georgetown, bC; Luciii- ' da Snow, Norfolk. Cld Saxon, Ht Petrreburg; Nauiilus, Malta audMilaga, y tola, St Thomas and a mki. Arr June 3H. Snl- 'J lan, Havana; Cuba, PhSadelphia; Delta, NOrleans; Oneeo, do; 1 Horteiur. Charleston; Alderman, Wilmington, NC; Lincoln, 1 Elliot, and Only Son Philadelphia*, U-nj Rush, Eleuthera ' Tianet, Richmond; Harvest Fredonck.burg; Cinderella, Bal- f timore; Eagle Havre de Grace, M.I; J,?,, Potomac Hiver; Arenzamendi, Garden, and Reaper. Patladelidiia; Niagara Al* 2 bany; S A Appleton, and B'nj Hive low, NYork. ' New Br.Droso, June 3b?Arr King New York. Sld Hirriet r Porter, Philadelphia; Wm Hus ell, NYork. I TaaeauLiis Cove. Juna 23?Arr Mary Maria, Thomaaion for 1 Richmond; 24th, Boston, Nantucket Tor Philadelphia; 2'iih " Alhiou, Hampden for Baltimore; Wolcott, and Rrainaril. B >? l ton for K York; Atlanta- do for Philadelphia; Augnsta, do do; Elect, Nantncket for d(. 2tith, Manhattan, Boston for New York. ti Providence. June 3r?Arr Foster, Bangor; Norway, Wi|. R mingtaa, NC; Union. Baltimore; Lenity, Philadelphia; Wash* 11 iiigton, do; President, Albany: Planter, Rnudout: Jaa I.anchor, Amity, and Harsh Brewster, NYork. Sld Roehambean; Eira Wheeler Philadelphia. 1 Fall River, June 28?Sld Sr Pelamor, Philadelphia. J Philadelphia, July 2?Arr Siroe, Ptetou; Pseific, Ponce; r Lion, Boston. ('Id Commcree. Edenton, Palm, Gazelle, and a Independence, Boston; Perseverance, Hatem; Notus, Wars* i,am; Palestine, Jersey 4'ity; Lydia Adeline. Bostort; Glide, li Providence; Augusta, Nantucket; Star. New Vvrk. Arr in'lie ri Hehuylkill, C iroline, R,st,,n. Ann, NBedford; John F Crouch. a Henry Lemuel, l.'>nua, Thos Camtey, and 0|>era, all from N j] York. Baltimore, June 30?Arr Nonpareil. Ponce: Emily Ellicotl. La Guayre, Morton, Portland. Cld Eleanor. Charleston. Hid I Standard, West Indies. Cld July I, Texidor,NYork: Argyle, Valparaiso and a market; Delaware, Port au Prince. Air Orb, Kingston, Jam. and Havana; VVankinco, Newport: Champion, / Eleuthera; Excel, Hartford; President, NYork; Princess, Hi- \ rana?saw yesterday morning, Cape Henry SE 7J miles, lm* l>wUe. Harana ior Baltimore. Richmond, June lb? Arr Iwanowna, New York: Adeline, , Portsmonih. Sld Nasaan, NYorfct Ann Eliza, do; Wm Burke, ? Newport. Charleston, June 2A?ait Ken ington, Havre. Cld Com* mere., Liverpool. _ Mortlt, June 24?Cld Marthe Washington, NYork. Arr t Belle, Hasina. 1 New Orleans, June 23?Cld Tiiwecanoe, Bordesnt; J H si Adami, Bremen: C semen, NYork Beaver, Marseilles, Core. ? Liverpool; Emblem, Maumoras; Oew Grant, Bermuda. Air >cw York, OalmioB, PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. T*HE8K far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, 1 we irrcMve, to be obti*in?-?l in this couutr>. Set ajvertiae neiit <>u the last column of fourth pa^e. in3 is I )Tt. MMfcS ALEXAN Or.W HOUSTO N h i rvuotn I U his CoifiuLTtwo Orricc, to No. 3 Hekald Buildiwo wuerof Nassan and Fulton street-. ir2 3?n ins c p houstonTM. r>. dEntist-h., t \ zru-j 1 Btarnlw iy, between l'.uk Place and Murray street. ji-yj end Im'r t) AllOl CH K)K SAI.K.?A.era handsome eitriiston top LJlliroucho, built by K. W. Cramer k Co. to Older, and liuuh <1 in Ibi' bet manner. Hill be sold a great banr-to, il'imine* hate application i? m ule at N. V. Taller, ill., I Hi Broadway . where it can be seen?also a splendid tet of double harness. It lot sold previously at private sale, it Mill lie sold without riterve at auction at Tatteraalls, ou Tuesday itb July, at II o' lock. jy| Ht'ec lirANTRp?Inform ilion ?t where KKANCIS D. I OCIlHANK may he Ion ad?he was t Cout ractor on the Wa ash am1 Erie Canal ill May, 1810, and is siippoMd afterwards i) hue colic to Illinois. Any information r. six'rtiric litt'i adIrrssed to WILLIAM COCHRANE, M0 IVarl street. New I.ok. will be thankfully received jy> It'r lV'OTICE.?All persons an- c.onioned against trusting the ha crew of the Br. hark Bridget Timmini, J. O. Morrison, nistr-r, as debts of thrircoiitractm; will not he paid by the Cap* .ain or ransianvrs. jvJ Drafts on enoland. ikelanp, bcotlakp AND WALKS.?Persons about u> remit money to toeir *i iends can be furnished wirh drafts foi XI, kit, C3. X5, XIO, C2U. XSO, orany summit payable on dem slid without discount, it ail the pr i n.'i isil tow us of tireat Biilainaud Ireland. Applp o W.k J. T. TAPSCOTT, jj2 <3 Peck sli|i corner South street. POR'SALE?SOUC'UsTifbeat Scotch Coal, afloat."Apply to H : IJLOVEK Ml MI RRAV. log Pin. ,t. artificial teeth, ON THE I'KIM IIT.ES OF ATMOSPHEKIC PK K8SURE. tcorv.J rj A VINO lately lost two oicutpuhli teeth, I called on Mr. ti Levctl to?u|i|'lv their placet with artificial one*. and if afords me much pleasure to testify to hit skill and ability as it )eiitial. Indeed 1 have never seen teeth Inn) anil tiltrd with note etactneas, anil at thr same time with lot painful pressure in the gn".l*. I cheerfully recovmrnd that grntlrm in to the s|>ecial notirtt of thr mr liral professiou, at m II aa to thr pubic, feeling satisfied from my ow n etperieuce that they may conidently rrly on hi' 'kill in nit jirnfroaio- . (Sinned) GRANVILLE S. PATTISON, M. I). I rofeasrr of Anatomy, Univeftity of N? w York. February 13 h, 1812. Cojry of a letter from Judge Jfoah to Dr. I.errtt. Nkw York, Msv2t, 1812. Jfar Sir? It it both a malirr of duly ami pleasure to state that the %r\ of trtifirial teeth, on the principle of atmnvpi erie pressure .w hicli ,-ou made for a lady in my faniilv, hat succeeded in every ret>rc:?in appearance, comfort aud ut lity, aud has given entire atiifactiou. I am, dear air, your obi dirnt, (Sinned) M. M. NOAII Mr. Levett, Dcntiit, 2?>0 Broadway. c rner of Warren at. jy3 Ini*r [".NISI K\M K At; VI N ST FIRE," BURGLARY AND 1 ROBBERY.?New Yotk Equitable Inturance Companycapital 3txi,tNH) Dollars?Office N". tfi Wallttreet, nearly oppolite the Merchants' Esrhai ge?Thia Compat y eontinurs to ininre against h ta or damanr by fire, iwellinz houaea, war* ouses and other biiildinnt, merchandise, ahipa In jioit and heircarfoaa, hnuteholii nmukt, and every description of iroperty, oil aa favorable terms aa other offices. directors, Abraham G Thompson W n B Lawrence Henry Ystes C II Sainla Sheperd Knaps Harvey Weed La-mert Suydam Joseph W Duryea Silas Holmes, Frederick Deminn Paul Siesff rd Geo-ge Ra.elye Daniel Ehliets, Jr. Hubert L. Smith John P Nesmith Henry 11 "land Samuel Bel', James O Ward Thainaa K Merftin, Jaines Gille>pie Gardiner A. *age. LAMBERT SUYDAM, President. JOSEPH STRONG, Secretary. This Coinpouy has recaiiiiuencril the businett of insuring igainsl loss and damage by buiglary or honscbrcakiug, and robwry, duiiuic the absence of the occupant, and closinn of their louse... jy33t*r f IKENESSES BY THE DAGUERREOTYPE PROLi CESS are taken at the room', corner Broadway and John a superior style, with all thr modem improvements, without any regard to toe weather, the result being always the lame. Instructions in the above beautiful art given, rud nyparatu. uruished ftt a moderate price. N. B.?All the apparatus used iu the business may be obtain d at the above place; also, every description of miniature rases, lenses, plates, the Specimens may be seen at the rooms it a y time during the day. jy 1 '< T ULIET."? There is a letter in the BrooElyn Post Oder " for you, froin jy3 1t?c THOMAS. FOR CLEARING AND BEAUTIFYING THE COMPLEXION. nHURCH'S GENUINE VEGETABLE LOTION,recoup ^ mended by die faculty fur all diieases of the fact- an I skin. It eradicate* Un, pimples, freckle*. *| ou, redness. ringworms, Hid all cutaneous eruption*,gradually realising a delicate, clcai, 10ft skin; transform* even the ino*t sallow complexion into adiant wliiteiiess; render* harsh anil rough skin beautifully loft, smooth and even impart* to the face, neck and arms, a icafthy and j tiveiiile bloom and by due I?ersereranee in in aje dication, the result w ill he a beautiful euinph xion. The Lotion s exceeded bv no other in the world. Sullice it to say, that it lis beetw-useu with great siicre-s in the U. States ana West Indies, without a single complaint of its efficacy. For sale at Church's Dispensary, IBS Bowery, corner of Spring *tect. 'rice 7rent* ner bottle. iv3 lnOr J.CAA REWARD.?CROSS* SPECIFIC MIXTURE ? Forth* Cart* of Goiinorrhces, Gleets, Strictures an" malogous complaints of the organs of generation. Of all remedies yet discovered for the above complaints, this is the most certain. k makes a speedy and permanent cure, without the least rei friction to diet, drink, exposure, or change in application to butineas. We give no long quackish recommendations to "deceive the public. If the does not not speak for itself, no one shrs.ll speak for it. Our object is to notify where it can he had, n?d the proprietor challenges a single case of recent Gounorrhesa to oe Drought, in which the miituie will uot elfect a rapid :ure, under a forfeiture of $.>00. This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of so ciety?high, low, rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They ire here presented with a remedy by which tliey can cure themlelve* without the least exposure in the shortest time possible. Further, the disease cannot he contracted if a dose ot the nixture is taken si night on going to bed when exposed. It is put up in botHes with full directions accompanying it, at |1 a bottle- One bottle lasts a week, which generally cures? nany are cused iu two days. For sale only at Win. H. Mflnor's, 192 Broadway, corner of lohu screet, opposite Frmsklin Ho?, New ion; J Jodh, ornerqf Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; and at J. VI. jimith's 138 Washington street Boston. iy:< I in* DR. MOFFAT'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES. (NF the many and various kinds of medicines now in use for L/ the cure of all diseases which falls to the hit <>f poor hunan nature to be afHicicd with, noue have proved so highly fficacious in evrry instance in which thev have been useu. m Dr. MOFFAT'S UNIVERSAL VEGETABLE LIFE PILLS AND PHENIX BITTERS. Tliey arc undoubtedly ibove all others the inost effectual remedy extant for the cure if >11 :t mI I.f.rv .lu..R?^ m wUA n,?. i. f .1 - nost aggravated character. Tha gnat virtues of the** medium* are proved by thousands of unsolicited testimonials from resectable |?er?oiis md fnmilie* in every nart of the Union, who have been perfectly cured by them after every other n no?|y had failed to give rvlkf Thv) haven I gained their i cat celebrity by any resort to puffery by the proprietor, but :neir Own inestimable finalities have caused their renown t'? fiy Yom family to favnil throughout this vast republic with alao I .he rapidity of thought. The ye xpi I all impurities from the ilood?are extremely mild in their oik* rat ion, and yet are the noat potent of all rem* dies in cases or the most inveterate ami iggiavated maladies. In all derangements of the digestive ortans, as well as in many casts of acute or chronic dis?-*?Mi, f heir effects are so complete as to excise the greatest wonder. They ire a gentle and yet a most complete remedy for all and every nalady known to medical science. As a mild and occasion ?1 NOfgallva the] OUffottO bo MMBN of by every one, and he Kept in every family?as a powerful and certain remedy in tin arrrrst stages of the most inveterate malady, they ought to he mi* email y resorted to. No one can give them a fair trial with>ut experiencing the vast bcucfits arising from their exceeding treat % irtues. The following are a few ! the many diseases in which their ffieacy h is been tested. They embrace the most alarming and iuk? ring cases of Scrofula, Piles, D\sp?i?sia Jaundice. Bilious uid Liver Complaints, Acute and C hronic Rheumatism, Ast' ha. Bros bites. Scrofulous oi wall is Murow Consumption, fiauituil Costive ness, Worms, Stomach and B?iwel Corn* dailits of ^ all kinds. Headache, Giddiness, and Nervous Debility, Kniptive Diseases, and all clouded. sallow anlealthv appearances of the ukiu, arising from Tarious causes of II health; lever and ague, of every variety; settled rutins in the ide, bsca. organs, and limbs; humors, nlcers, foul breath and nward fever; night sweats, and general weakness and loss 01 inpetite; the mumps; swoollt n lace and gums; affections of no bladder, kidney, sple nandplaaa; u>d the sicknesoes inci* lent to females, together with a gn at number of ether mala- j lies, too numerous to mention. The?e inestimable remedies, I again rej>eat, should he kept n every family throughout the Union, as the surest safeguard igainst the above itiuuineiable diseases; and also as the best enovaters of a sound and robust constitution. They are sinulorly pleasant ill their operation, and though effectual, never niv. ! proofr ition, which gene ill) follows the dm t oarse drastic purges of calomel. Prepared and sold whole ale and retail b\ Dr. W.M. ft. MOVKAT t: , Rm..U.? \: fork. For Male also by tl?e agents. je2?) lwii*c 1 'VCONNELL'B REPLY TO KARL SHREWSBURY. ^ ?Authentic Edition?The ?ub*criber ha* received from , he Liberator'* publisher in Dublin, a consignment of this cele? ( irated work directed to be tent here by the distinguished author nm*lf. It is superbly printed. Those who wish to have the j ;enniti work, neither emasculated by correction? ttorditfignred >y absurd notes, willtbuy.'fhis edition. Those on the contrary a lio want an abridgment w hich it i* painful to read on account ?f the miserable print and pa|*r. wilt purchase that put fotth ? with the i Mr nov km ? .a i of the American editor, Patrick C**terley. Mind, however, thi* in tne only getiuini -edition, tie 1 >ther being ao much improved by the American editor, that it * no longer OH < nnell's reply. Those, therefore, who wish 1 he real work of O'Coiinell will be careful to order the Dublin Edition. JOHN DOYLE. jyl 3t#r Book ?-ll* ir/i Bro dw i . j ]! 1 HA REWARD?Whereas. on *he night of June 20, the 1 Jp 1 VJV/ private room of the subscriber was broken open arid mndry articles stolen therefrom, this is to give notice that he a ill offer the abore reward forth* recovery of the property, < tnd $25 for the apprehension and conviction of the thief. The f irtuTe* Stolen Consist of 36 Telescopes marked Fran, nhafer Ik ( Jtischneider. and some of them marked Blossal. of Vienna; .VI ir CO Opera Glasses double, and four dorm singlet t dozen of c ;t Id framed Spectacles, and 2 dozen of Eye Glasses, single and | louble, gold ; 18 doteii of silver do; 2 dozen of Tortins* shell; tall dozen Aromatic Microscopes, mark?d Blots il of Vienna ; n ! dozen of single Microscopies; 5 or 6 dozen of steel f amed Spectacles; 1 dozen of small Telescopes with double g I asses, narked Kraacnktler It Utzrhneidcr. I'he subsi riher tu-% also )een robbed of sundry oilier article* which he c.muot now dis? J iiactl> specify. A drawer rout lining about $42, Con*? 'ting of * He five dollar bill of the Btnk of Baltimore, a piece torn on he comer of the same, and one ten dollar bill ??i the bit v "I j Jew and soi.H- other notes of the Bank of New London. J 'onnectkut. Any i?erson giving such ml* rmation as shall lead a * the ri covi rj "i tm prom rt> nail lx rewarded ae ind II dealers are eautioned against buying any of the articles larked as above specified jyl Jt* r JOHN C. SACKS, Optician fmm Vitnna, _____ 251 Broadway. ?1a no Port e's'FOR HIRE.-a variet y of go?d toned " J*1140 Fortes are constantly kept f >r hire at the msnufsrtoV rid. 44 West Fourteenth street, between ihe Fifth and Sixth venues. of new Piano Fortes, of snperier ooaWI '' ocUv** of rosewood and mahogany, for sail at duced prices. _ a7 3ntr yf OSS? 26 bales black New Orleans Mom. For sale by * e K COLLINS k CO, |e?0 y- . i Rr I)|Y'f,rHEEBE~IW# PonBd? "TOW Br.tiily. .? _ 'W&fe, ' y ?'sa ",.11;.: r " *- " ? ?' =? jfAHIIH IH)UILtH>N? .AEIW-At fWoTBai * rat*. Al?), all kind, of aprcie rnrrtiaaH and for aale I.v ?. j. Sylvester, lr%> c n W-ll Mr.ft ami 130 IIroadway. (,K CAMELS HAIR SHAWLIU J |E. F. NEW HALL, IOT Waahington atrr.t, Boatnn, kaa for -f il* filly India Shtwli, color, irron, ml, and nhil.?Ion, and ? from Iwi ntylivr to five hundred dollar.. " Alao otwI Embroidered CaMon ( rat* Hhawla. I ht TfcTW turn tm ma'r t. FOURTH OF JULY.-Rsblncan's Warm and Cold Baths, F foot of Dr*tbroft??*s street, third pier south of Canal street, V. H. will l>c open on the morniir/ >?f the Fourth one h? ur carlier in usual?1 o'clock. The incf ttp towards n il enjoyau nt >i?. aid be directed to ihltqtiuler. For 12>i cenU > ?u c ii coin nee the day twia&raiugly. j v 3 If r THE abwriher will aril his inter*.it ot the 8 one Ware Pot' terv. comer of John an 1 Jackson >?reeta, Brooklyn, wi ll ill the niiurti conno-ud with if, bein? inil'i II ot?peraii ?n, and wrell calculated firthe business ol making Stone Bottles and Bricks of eterv description. Also, a young Horse lour y ears old < art and Harness. For particulars, apply on the premises. j> 3 Dlt. HltANDRETH'S PILLS. tt'I'HERK arc faeulties.hodily and iuirilcetu il williiu u?, 1 with which niuin ktih. lun nihility, and o?<r which they ha*. power." Let all w ho are afflicted with ntlnu'ii, give the BUANDKETII I'li.LB a (rial; tliry art* recommended by thotu.iuds whom tliay harp euied, when all othpr mean. and medicine* had inon il una.ail* "it illume the new label*, each haviug u|M>n ii two .innature. of Or. Brandrrth. So earh bo* of the uruuinc ha* .it titfiiaturra. Tlirr. Benjamin Br.ndrcth and three B. linn.In.h M. D., upon it. THE BRANDRETH PlIXS am .old at Si prnu per but. with direct'nrs. at the follow iim placet in New York;? UK. UKANimK.TH'S PRINCIPAL OVKICE, 211 Broadway, between Park I'la.n- and Murray at. II iwen Ofli c, T7t Bowery. IHII1, Hull* Ml atrwt. REMKM IiK K?Dr. IJiandreth's Oifi-p in the BOWERY m 771, NOT 2IC. i>3 It*c DOCTOR GLOVER BEOS to inform those who have recently t n<|uir?*d if he Iiaa left the practice of lot profettiou, that he continue* to pTMtcribe for such as reouir*-Hi* aid a* usual. Those difficult and protracted run which require )uaciical eyerieiict to ensure success, have been the piuticul ir objects of hit itudi. The recent improvements in \ hat e put into hi* liauut seversl new and important remedies winch hate escaped tlic ohsertationof the let scrutinising physician Dr. Glover's primary education enable, kitn t? keep pace with the iiniuotcnu'iiU of the day, beiuu a graduate in the mr.lir.l i.mfe^i.m The ,............ . -I. ..O I I. r tli* host of si*11" named Doctors and prctendvrs, some of whom aspire to be authors of little books upon subjects of which they air totally ignorant. Office, No. 2 Ann it?private entrance, 4lk door from the Museum?office hours until 8 o'clock P.M. j>:i ]m*c FOURTH OF JULY ANDSUNDAY ARRAN< . MEXTS. June 30 1812. On the 4th of Jnly nexi tlie Morning Trains w ill come down to the City II til <i* usual; b"? atYer 12 o'clock the cars will atop at, and start from the cormr of II >wery an 1 Broom streets every htlfhour till halfjMst 7 P M B tween the running of the trams,ears w ill leave e\TV 1? minutes to carrypas-ieugcrs to the s, it ndid ' xhibition et the Watei V^orki At 12 ! --t The cars of this Company will not hereafter on Sundays run below the corner of Broom street in tie B >wery. They will leave from this point every hour on Sundays, as usual, till I o'clock, P M, and after that, every half-hour till half-past 7. P The Coint?aiiv are now ready to commute for yearly and quarterly rid inn in their curs. The l-rms will he in ide known at their office, Tryon How . By order ol ihe B >ard, j11 it. B. COX, Becretar) RAIL ROAD ALBANY AND SXBATOGA. Travellers to Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Whitehall ami Lower Canada, are informed that thev will insure to themselves an expeditious ami ph as nt conveyance to the Springs by raking the Ril Road c irs at Albany. HOCUS OK DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At C o'clock, A.(M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M. M 3 ' P. M. I 41 3>* 44 P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of igc from om flietmbnt to iq thci on this route. Pusengeri on their arrival at Saratoga, w ill find stage coaches in readiness to convey tnem to Like George ati?l Whitehall on Lakv^ Ch'inplaiu; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passenger/- who arrive by t)>w afternoon train from Albany,) leaves Sam toga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in time f??r the departure of the Chainplain steamboat of s tine day, and brings eastern trav Hers to Rutland, Vt. early in the evening. n. u. i iicre are traggage wi^im always in readiness, at Albany, on tliii arrival of the steamboats ami rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and from the depot Mid steamboat at the rate ofr*'* cents per trunk or package, or 12% cetiU for ordinary travelling baggage. The dep trtures for the west are fixed for the season at 7% o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. je27 3m r /XA OCKAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Kumson, U| ?^| 'jj* Brown't Dork, Middletown, Ettontown Dock -w aHr ii..a n...L Shrewsbury.?Tbe steamboat IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, East River, every, morning ate o'clock for Red Bank (exceot Thursday, on wnich day the boat goes to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock achday. The lolis will run as above, navigation and weather permitting. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. June 21. 1842. p 20 tine TmiH a* MAGNIFICENT EXCLUSION oV fojv c J* PLEASURE to Sault Ste Marie, Mackinac, n- Bay, ami tin* Indian Settlement*. The tpleedid low pressure steamboat BUFFALO, Captain Levi Allen, will leave Buffalo on the above desirable pleasure trip on Thursday, July 21st, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided with a tine band of music, and every thing t^t can render the trip desirable and pleasant- The passage fori ml, from Buffalo and back, is fixed at the low price of $24?? ther ports in pro|?orlion. Passage or State Room* may be secured by application on bpi.-<l, or .it (M. U cdHi offiet llufiMo. Ic341 AdtdST FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and Ne* fcMMrW Yoik Line.?Positively first Regular Packet?Tbe first ailing packet ship GASTON Cant Oliver Eldridgc, is now loading at Orleans wharf foot of Wall at. For freight or nassige,having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on boiud, At Orleans wharf, foot of Wall afreet, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO 16 South st. Great rare will be taken to hare the goods by this hue correctly measured. Agent* iii New Orleans, Hullen it Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. je39 c Ad?- FOR LIVERPOOL?The faatsailing coppered an*' wwfk copper fastened Packet Ship SHAK SPEARE, C*i t Allen Miner, will have despatch. For freight or pi? > u.'e, ha\ iu>( superior accommodations, apply on board, at the foot of Dbver street, or to iri&c g. K. COLLINS k CO. Sloathat. ' &<5?- IASSAOE FOR LIVE R POOL-U N1 Tt I) NnPaV 1-1N E.?The splendid packet ship JANE Se BAItMatlni BARA, Cant. Coleman, is now loading, and will meet With immediate dispatch havitiK splendid accommodstious for cabin, second cabin and alee race passengers. For passaiie, early application should he made to je23 r W.kJ. T. TAPFCOTT. 43 Peek slip. FOR, LIVERPOOL?New T ,me?Regular MnWWp-arket of 2ith July.?The splendid |>arket ship 'aiTi i' ''* ' IU.S, t.nt.mi J. Collins, of 1000 Ions, will sail as almve, her reirnlar tl.iy 0 ,r freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled lor splendor i r c mfort, apply on board, at Orleaus wharf, foot of Wall street, or to F-. K. COLLINS St CO. 16 Soutn street. Price of passage SI00. The ineket shin SIDDON8, Captain F. 13 Cobb, o 1100 tons, will succeed the Roscins, and sail ZSlh August, her tegular day. Passenger* may rely ou the slops of this line saihug punctually as advertised. j29 !? PASSAGE FOR I.ONDf)N-To .aiH^rthe 8th dffw July.?The line new brig REDWING. Jas. Evans, ?k&WKw'i'* ter. bonnd to Cowea, can accommodate three cohlii |ias-ei.g< rs, at a reasonable rate. A) ply to the captain on board, foot of Hector s . Noith llivei, or to I'ERSSE k BROOKS. 61 Liberty st t'MTEl) LINE OF I.I V Kltl't to I, I'A wHWV?Positii'h 1st Packet ?Tli superb, new and fast Jwa^Eaa'ailing Packet Ship OHIO t apt,no Lvon. is now loaded and ready for sea, hut will be detained until '1 uesd.iy, 5th July, at which rime she will lOsitively sail. Persons ahont visiting the old country should not lose the present opportunity of examining one of the most commodious and coinforiable packet ships adrsat. She lies at the foot of Dover Slreel, and is filled up SIRI ssly for passeugcrs. Cabin, second Cabin and Slerrigr, in tne most comfortable maun r. Those wishing til secure bertlis, should make early application in order to secure the best on board, foot of |)over street, or to W.k J. T. TAPSCOTT. 43 Peck Slip, cor. South street, if Passages secured from any part of the old country in first class Packet Ships, sailing weekly ; and drafts for any amount, payable on demand in all the principal towns of F.iir.I.and, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, ran be bad by applying u almve. jy2 c FOR LIVERPOOL?Ouly regular pocket of the ItYTffV 7th July?The splendid new fast sailing pack't TTi PATRICK HF.NRV, C'apt. J. I), will ail positively as above, her regular day. This ship's arroinmiidatiniis for cabin, second cabin, and t?< rape passengers, are fitted up in a style superior to any Other in port, and berth*can be secured on moderate terms, by applying on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to GLOVER & Mc.MURRAY. 100 Pine street, crime, ,,f P. 8.?Persons wishing to send fjr tb?ir frl ndcan have them brought rer the above ship, or any of the regular line, by fcpptyirur above (or by letter, ix>tt paid). j>2 r 44,^- FOR LIVkMPOOL- Fi S J Jnr^4fVnew ship LIBERTY, Captain Notion, will be deSBMflJKM*patched on the tith instant. She has superior accommodation* for cabin, second cabin and sri'tra^e passengers, who will be taken at 'educed rstcs if early application is made JOHN HKRDVT A \ , s ith - KnR I ONDON?Regula 1 bfflMPV?1'h?* t?ol? ndid n w fast -ailing pac ?ttbip SWIT/*m|qN??K!IL A > I), < '.iptam Reili? Chad wick, Will sail |H?-,iturly asabove, her regular dty. This ship's accommodations . for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pa*i< ng? rs, are fitted tip in a ' ityle superior to any other ill |*ort, and berths can be secured on I mode rite terms, by applying on board foot of Maiden lane, or to {/LOVER fc MtiMURRAV. 100 Pine street, corner of South. P. S?Persons wisbirg to send for their friends, can have hein brought per the shove ship, ?rany of the regular lines, by ipplying as above, or by letter, i*ost paid. i\2 FI8HINO EXCURSIONS.?E. KEiNfJELD. hTffV No. 4 f ornhill Square. opposite the Post Office, inwmtimm forma his friends and the public that he Has procured n w and complete setts of Fishing Apparatus, including Lines, I booking Utensils, 8cc. of the first order. Steamboats, sailing vessels, cooks, and tenders, of the first lass, always in readiness, and will be furnished to parties on he most reasonable terms. His friends and the public are informed that he continues to ccommodate permanent boarders and transient company. Cornhill Square, Boston. May 23, lfW'2. je4 Gw*c 4'ifc; PACKETS FORTlAVRE?(Second LineL-Tim wWIV??iip BALTIMORE.Edw Funclt ,Ma(n, will ??il on Wniilr i'i?r ix aniiuii. BOVD v IIINCKKN. A*. lytc Tmiliar Sunning.. DA< RET Ship Miwiiiiiim imm New Oil<*n>,ii i!i.<>mil' ing at Thorn- '< whirl, Brooklyn. Consignees will please ilteuil to frceipl of their good. immediately. jt 20 BEACON COURSE.?Trotting, Monday July 4th, at 1 o'clock I'. M.?Pune $M>, Mile heat., beat three in fire, .tiler the naclill-. W S Reeil ntrr. ,r g Sn iffle, H Woodruff enter* en m Ka e Horn. John Spicer ir DonJnan. Immediately -after, pnrar tint, mile heat*, beat three in (Ire, re* for all irottiDg and puring hon.a. Pac.ra to go in liarn.M nid tyOtter. as they pleair. H Sereranc* enter, eh g Oneida Chief, jyff k*r I) Bryant enter, gr m Lady Suffolk. AunC^ TV I'rorerlv <lf MniflU h'nnny EluUr.?Tl" LXg_A?c>iriage or landf ill, and a pair of fine bay In- ... I'-iroperty of Madnlr Fanny Els.ler, are offered for .ale. I'he urrmge ha. been hot little- med, and i. a very rax one. Tin Shi ar. young and ralu.b'e. All mii.l be .old prior to th t* instant. They .re to be ?een at th< .table, of Henry Wall

rr, In Lumberitreet, baek of St. Oeorgr llotrl. jyl tfb railroad notice. MARKET AM) FREIGHT LINE. .iglMfc'f; THE NEW JERSEY Railroad ami Ti asportation one piny I 'ie eatable.!. <1 a height Line between N*WBrunswick ami New Vutk, which tlicy intend to tun permanently. M Leaving New Biunawick at A. M. daily. (Sunday* elecptad) and the loot ol" Liberty ?tr?-*t, New Y'otk, at 2V r. M. To rountrv dealer* and nirrcliaut* the above line i* very' desirable for toe t|M'edy ami coeap com i-ynnce ol .e of every disruption, and more |mrtn iilarlv to Drover* and De tier* in Live Stink, wrlvi can ha** I.'ji be id of rattle eoavey*d .a-1we.-n New Uiuiuwick and Nnr Yuik, (In aamt d?y hi never rri|iiir?d. Tin- rate* for tint transportation of rattle, liort**, mules, sheep, lings, Ac. arid nil other kind* of merchandise arc very low, never < voiding ateamlioat price*. Merchandise arm by tin* lino ia not aubjeet to any ritra charm iu croaaiug the North River. The Company have filled up a luge atorehouie at New Brm.wirk, ldioming the ibiil.nad De|H>t, wh ch will alwaya kropeu for the r?. eptiou of metchaudUe. 1'auvaueia purchasing their ticket* at lire ticket office*, will receive ferry ticket* gratis. [r"7~ Freight for Newark, EllT.abethtown, Railway, Westfield, riaiufu Id, Scotch rialuj, B.oimlhrook ?jid Somrrvillr, is conveyed by tlic above lines, and delivered the same day when rer. i veil. tnIf Im* PATERSON AND NEW Y<IRK FOURTH OK JULY ARRANGEMENT. On Monihy, 1 ill nl July, tin? Cart ?ill I* l'ATERSON DEPOT. NEW YORK. fi u'clock, AM H o'clock, A M u " " 10 1(1 " " 12 " M 12 " M 2 " PM 2 " PM I " ( " " 6 " 6 " i 7 " (l"/~P*?>cni;m hit [iilriicJ to bf ?t the Kerry ? few minute, before the hour of strut inc. 17* FARE FIFTY ( KNTS.^Jj jyl 3t itu*r _ _ FOURTH AND FIFTH OF II LY EXCURSION TO NbW.UlK. Three tri|* rom each place. FARE ONLY* 12* CENTS. Ti e pplendid and commodious stunner PA88AIC. Captain John Hitl'ey. will leave u* follow*, on tin- 4th and Mh day* i?f Jul) Ct litr* Wliirf, Xpwi k. Foot of Barclay st, N York. 7lt o'clock, A M I 10 o'clock, A M 12 M 2 " P M 4* I'M I G* PM Tlie l\u*uc will I .ltd at Bur<en Point on her nalf-nast seven ami It alf-o ist t o'clock trip* down; and on Iter 10 o'clock and half* pu< Q o'clock trip* ip, i> 1 3t*c FOURTH OF J" LI EXCURSION. Ni:\V VOItK ANI> JMllLAUKLlMll.r The New Jersey Riil and Transportation Company intend ruuniuff Three Excursion Linen between Phil nU !| hia and New York, on the tltird and fourth of July. First Line will start from the loot of Liberty street, at 0 o'clock, A M, mi Suuday,cross the river to Jersev City, thence by Railroad through Newark, Kli^abethtown, Railway, New Brunswick. Trenton, kc. to Bordentown, thence by steamboat -*-arrivunj in Ph'laih Iphia 3 o'clock, P M. Second Line will s*rt from the foot of Liberty street, at P M, t>ti SuiM?y, cross the liver to Jersey City, thence by Kail Koatl through Newark, Flizabelhtown, Kahway, New Brunswick, PriiiC'ton. Trenton, Bordcntown, lie. to Camden?arriving in Philadelphia at II o'clock, I' M. Third Line, leavinf New York *n Monday, 9 o'clock, A M, tame as the firs*. Rutin hi.from Philadelphia,the excursion tickets will be re ? vM> u i.i niiin ?m imp lines iraving rniinoeipnia on me even* iikic of fht? 1th, at 5 P M, or on tha morning or the 5th at 7 o'clock A M. or on the evening of the 5th at 5 o'clock I' M. Fare for the Excurti >n $4. |yl 40 LONG ISLAND HAIL UOAD-FOl KTHnl H LY. < < l^?'i.di'Mi tf .J 111, 1M-I, .(till Kimiio^ Kxrur - lull to the Great South B ty an.I Ocean. The trams will run as follows:? Leave Brooklyn at 8Ht S^.aud A M-Jiml 3HL Jjand 14 at night. Returning, leave Jamaica at 7, 8M, and II A M ;and2, 3>L and 6^ I1 ST. The half?j>axt OA M and 5 P M, regular train runs through to l)e#r Park and Thompson, as usual, and take ?tag? s I miles to South Bty and the Oeean. All other trains run to Jamaica. Fve to Jamaica, 25 cents. Kockmwa pnmngcr* will t iU?- the balfput I im halfpast nine morning trains for Jamaica and Rock* way, and all the downwaid trains. Fare toR?ekaway, 75 cents from New York. jv2 2t*c " STATEN ISLAND FERRY. 'oot of Wliitrliall street. ^2' IV Strainer. STATEN ISLANDFJI uul SAMSON will leave X?w York and 8 tit en Island every hour, from 8 A M to f P M. All go ids are required to be P*rti< ularly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof. The rate of fare cents. . 1 ~ FOURTH OF JULY EXCURSION. ora The new and splendid steamboat W A HREN, ?jy- ^e-Cantain J Mausel, w ill leave New York, foot w i tTT7*y of Vesey sticet.on Monday, July 4th, at to o'clock, Atnos street at KR4 and mike an excursion around State u 1 si and, stopping at Roftsvtlle a sufficient time for recreation, and return to New York at 4 o'clock. A Full Baud is engaged for the excursion. Refreshment* provided on hoard. F ire I r th< trip FIFTY ( KNTS. iv ] 2*4 ?rc OA PLEASANT AM) ifEALTIIY EXfy l^vr3?r:URSION ON THE nh JULY, to the ijr qy L'i,s??;.,.. Light.about 35 tniles from N- w York ?The Md i.did new and suh.staut al stsaner MUTUAL SAFETY, will lr-a\t- the I)i\ Dock, foot of 10th street, K. K., on Monday. July 4th, at 8 A. M., stopping to receive passengers m tooi i.f Market st half put 8. foot of Canal t. at sud l. ar, piir No. I, N. Kiver, al'tjf, and pr reed down the Bay, stopi?i"K at Fort Hamilton at 10, pas* Sandy H ?ok. and out to the Floating Light. lletur inc. will stop at Fort If imih*>u at 4 F. M an! arrive at the city at>otr half pant5, leaving passengers a* the landing n'acc*. As the Floating Light is stationed about 15 miles frotn S mdv Hook, this excursion will afford iwusen* n i mi< opportu n\ of fu ssing the Ooaaa,aawallaathe beautiful scenery along the lower B ?y. Fare to and from Fort Hamilton 25 cent:;, and for he excursion 50 cents. Refreshments can he obtained on boird. iy3 lt#c '-ww\~aak~ TLkasant and health v >;x A. flAQiCUBlHONH EVERY AFTERNOON TO v V LMii-r hamilton. bath, conev ISLAND AND N KW BUD >HTON?'The commodious steamboat GRNERAL JA< KSON, Capt. Tobias, will comn i , on be regular tripa to th ib - plac? n Bnodsi iltt ternonu. June 2f?tli. and run every Monday, Wednesday. Thursda , Saturday and Sunday; and the steamboat N'APOI I 0 s < apt. II im i x . w til run on < \. I in ! i id the season, |ea\ big the foot? f Chambers street at a quartei before 2o'clock, Hammond street at 2, Canal street at a quarter put 2, Market atreet at 2'.., and pier No. 1 North rivfi I clock remaining a suffi. lent time at Fort H million for those who may wish to view that extensive fortification and the adj.t- , cent country. The bo t will then proceed to Bath and Couey Island, to land those who may he desirous of visiting cither of i these healthy retreats. And then inake an excursion around the lower part of o jr truly noble hay, and return for those who may have leaded it eitherof tin ibove places^ ana than i urots over to New Brighton, stopping a sufficient time at that place, and returning to the city at an early hour. Fare each w i} 25 cents. ji25 2inr fourth ok july excursion TO SHREWSBURY, Lang Branch, Ocean C"? House. and Red Bank.?The stca nhoat jELmmmJSELmmjL- IOLA8, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Mark* t Slin, it 8 (/clock A M. He turn in;, wiil leave Red B ink at h ill-pant 1 o'clock, 1' M, lauding at Fort H onil.nn, Ocean House, i'ort Washington and Middletown, each way. July I, UHt. Krl 3ur ' HLAF EX< I RSION ON 'I HE I Ol R1 II ()| M I . TO WEST POINT!* NEW BURGH. & - ?The Steamboat Highlander,Capt R Wmdr ?p ' Tfli -W w ill leave the pier foot of Warren afreet,Monday morning, July 4th, at half-past 7 o'clock, foot of Hammond imartcr before 0,on an excursion ( > -t Pnfn nd Newbiirgh, giving passengers a sufficient time to view the ? u- | cammnMil ad ul..t? W?? P.d.o .....I rl... ? I in *nri about both placet. RetumiNfC will Iwavw N^wburgh at 3 nVlork, P M, and arrive in tunc for pt&MMixers to view the fireworks or visit the rtbvr place* of public amtucinvnl iu the evening' Fare each way 26 cent*. A good Band of Mimic it engaged for the occasion. N. B.?The Highlander will leave foot of Warren at, Tuei<1 . . in oning. JuI> V r ' !oek. i< V n !. FOLRfH OK Jt'CV K.\( I KSION.CV J?i', jf To Bridgeport, landing at Ilor.eni-ik aud NorTh< -ti micr NIMROD, will leave List aide Katharine market alip, Monday morning, July 4, at six o'clock, and land at Rockyneck an.I Norwalk. Returning, leave Bridgeport at 3 o'clock, P. M., Norwalk at at quarter pa-.t four, and Rocky neck at five, P. M. F arc for the trip to either the above placet oue dollar for a I ticket, to go and return .vine day. ji-30 4tc CHEAP EXCURSION. > ac\ THIRD ANL) KOI RTH OK JULY flr-^raJ,EXCURSION TO 8TATEM IHLANI).** J ft- ?tea,nl>.at. WAVE and WILLI A.MSB( lit III will on Sunday-and Monday next run from pier No. I East river. every hour,commencing at 0 o'clock, A. M ? fare decent*. 1 lien1 boats natft new bmlcra, a?'d are the fastest boit? on the route, ind commanded by old and experienced captain., and tin- public may depend on a vafe ?nd apeedv conveyanceto Ht.itcn Maud, where they will find plenty of refreshment provid d by the proprietor of the Planter.' Hotel, the I', vilion, aud Uuion Uaidcn. Run inber the Wave, the tare 6'. emu. jekl 4t*rc . ss. i E X' I RSI ON TO HARLEM on Svndav flU Wk- J*and Monday next, 3d and 1th July? Fsrt I2l, Sly- m J ?The new ateamle it JAKOB HK.Lt., Captain Rit hard Yates, vviN in ike two trio, day, leavui, the P er foot of Oonvernenr street it half-past 9 ii'rlo. k. A. M . Pike .treet quarter la-fore 10, Ron.evelt .treet at 10, and Delaney atrx-.-t at half pnat 10?leave, H irlem at 12 o'clock. Afternoon, leave. Oonvernenr .treet at 2 o'clock. Pike .treet quarter past 2, Roosevelt .treet half past Earn! Delaney treet at 3 o'clock?le ive. Harh-rn at to'clnck. The ahove triji. Mill afford to the ritixen, of New York a fine new of the nver, Hurlgnte, and the .iriout public building* atBlaeknill. I, I and. the Lottx Island Farm,, itc. jYtlt^C OLD ESTABl fSlftD PACKET'"OKKlCt. Sh- M- iE tftSpASSAOE (ronM^iliritain ntTToT [via -1 The tubicribs r continii.s to bring out pass. ng~rs who may be engaged here by llteir airinu?either by tie well known regular pick-t .hips sailing to aud from I,in rpool, weekly, or bj fint i la.a transient vhipa baaing Liverpool every few ilay,. V rotn hi, promt < a< client arrangements, he lUtt.r, hlinaelfhe will lit able to give (meritl saliaiactiim to those who may favor him with a preference. Drafts for any amount can also be furnished, payable throughout the United Kingdom. For further particulars apply, if by letter (least paid) to JOHN HKKH.VIAN.til South at. Or to hit Agents, as under.? P. HI(?<ilN8, No I North Market ?t. Boston Who c.ti arrange to bring iiassengers directly fiotn Liverpool to Boston. F TIMMINS, In.. 171 South Front ?t, Philadelphia. JOSEPH KIRKIA1KIKK Eso. Piit.hnre I'a. P. MILTON, Buffalo, NY. M. McQl'ADK, I'tica, N Y. T. U. ELLIOTT. K.q, Detroit. Michigan. HANS UIBLIN, Estt, Louisville, Kentucky. WM LI ? DSAY Esq, St L'inis, Missouri. O A NOON AN, Esq, Milw -iikte, Wisrnmin Territory. < K \ 1111.1.. Esq, Peme, itiinoix. C1IAS M CAKINO. Evt, Htthoke, |.,? , Territory, j)I - EDWaRP K I \ V V I- st), < 1'ie-nii it'i, Ohm FORORtENOC K-Packet of 6th of Jnly.-ThJ kfTfV-iii-ntlid fast sailing packet slop New York. Captain JdhWhtoNiven. will sail punctually aa above, and has very comfortable and commotltous accommodation, for rahin, second cabin, ami steerage paasmgi-n, if early a|>plicatit>n In made on board, foot of Dover street, or to W. A J. T. TAPSCOTT. IT j _ 411'eck Slip, cor South st. AAA FOR I!" I I 4 M il \ M I hr .upioior ~77pp^?3 ^wyshtp FLAVIL S, (),ptain Jones, hvt nearly all her MiMKa'irgo nig Iged, ami will be dispatched very promptlyFor frt ight, of a few ton, heavy good, or a few passengers, ap. ply to the captain on bonrd, at loot of Ko.evelt str? et, or h> BOYD A MINI kEN. So ? Tontine Building. ' AUCTION SALES. .BY THDMAb BKLL. No$. 22 jft.u <inti I! h\ilton iff ft M WKD\;:hday~ At lOfa o'clock in th- -ilt room'. Larpc tale of ele? tntfuruiu.* of .did* >ertpij. iu, k 11:10 i looking i- los?t *, bid*, bedst* bt t 1114,^. Till li.BUAY. At lOSj o'clock iu the :?*lei rcf ?n. Splendid Painting and hiiitrtvinii, Wort? .?t' Art. kc.?The entire nnkpie, rare and saturable collection of the ch>ic* ?t alio. nt ?ul 1 toili rn paints 1 >, inwiuvt, rm lii . . \ tin property of a ^etitk tiiiiii ointr to Enrui t. Mil DAY. At IOS o'clock in the sales roonu. Largo tale of really superior summer wearing* I ? 1 .11 description*. j)ir U\ Hit ! L .v KUi I 1 \KU W'fclDNKMJ AY, At 1B% o'clock, iu the auction room, Klegaiit Furniture and Piano*?A jars:* a**oitinent of the best nude U?hiftuable furniture, including full and hill French matai i pi 1 . - tea nd itn aai huie.uis, toil* l .able*, looking glasses, tufted and spring m i! runs, ottoman*, divans, rockers,are*?ing bureau.*, leather bed*, Matti.u*? * and pillovss, office d?*k, Ike, Piano Forte*?Also, getcral splendid piane fort-s, by eel* (1 moors, combining all the modern1 imprevetneaita, and warranted equrl 'o any instrument made in this city?-may Ik 1 mmiued one day ovt sioiii to the sale. Als , a lot of table cutlery, beddiin;, and a variety of alher articles, for accouuiof whom it uiay concern. \ . 111 e lev list piau??. jfOH 8 M : flu \ ht ON-KA-liY-* I long. 24H feet heamaond 12 feel hold. 1r ca tns are en(enim-and superbly (jujJjLup- If not wanted for a Yacht^ah* vtimiiu i ?r ?r-n ail II'U'II ttTT U |HU:KPl IK'lH't'Il iOm? Ol \T\t W India Maul*?to Inc 01 any other iradt when* great kl t eil 13 an obj?M*t. She is an admirable v a-l> ?it, aul would convey a Inr-^e cargo, combining more buoyancy wi*Vi *hftri? uc**, than aaiy other vessel afloat. 8he is htr?*ug and stoutl> 1 ill. and would be valuable as a dispatch vctsel, or as ? tends to .inert. She would convey avuiybeavj armamrnt on h?-r deck, from having part of her ballast, (1u tons) in am iron keel, by which her stability is greatly incic<>? d. Kor commercial purposes, she would require no other ballast. jluviug satisfied in) self th ?t going to sea for pleasure m i\ (without any very great sacrirt- e) be dispensed with, I would | - f her for very m ich tin than aha coat ma. i I<1 u sails, rigging, furniture, Ike. Sic. Ace., are in perfect order. ftb?can be srnt to tea without ?i dollar'* expense. She may he seen at Pt rtn Amboy. For further particulars inquire of Ira Bliss, at the office of the C. and A. 11. li. < ..miaiiv, or t r> JOHN t;. STKVKNH. jc23 2wr South Amboy. ~ mbia?'S ?;AIU?KN. FOURTH OF JULY. GlorloiiN ( tl<-brat Ion of Amerlt'itn Iii<lri>tii(!?i>fr. The, arrangements Tor the t t.nnl Entertainment, to tali' iil ic. in tlir Theatre and 0|>i'n Garden, an' rn a scale of magnificence I'tr sntpassing all former occasions. The iierformancei will take place in the theatre by the Ravel Family, rain ?shine. Tliey mtiMxt of ihr*. of tin i. Iir.t ami ino.t amusing ctiteiuinment, vi*:? Wonderful and Doing I cats of the Turin Hope! I AComii \ aodevilU, by the talented Liptand 1 > .i'..<n which i M'llr Cainlina will -u-uin four chiracter-.. These propie are only three feet and a halfhiith, , And the new Pantomime, w ith new irruuiy, dresses, ,,nd decoration,, died THE MAGIC PILLS. In which the whole HAVEL FAMILY, TWENTY IN NUMBER, will appear. In addition to thH. Mr Edge, tin- unriv died artist tu FIRE WORKS, hat at an enormous outlay, been engaged many month, in pit paring an exhibition on an extended ?c*le. During inc the evenings GRAND ASCENSION, Will he made on the Tight llope, by Leon Javelli and Chalks WilliIn r from the north to the south (f tideQ, surmiinilvd by Fire Works, BeiiRola Lights, Sc. The Performance will commence at eight oVIoclc precisely, with elegant and daring feats on thu TIGHT ROPE. After which t > tudrville entitled HWR PKNSE. The characters by M Carlo, Carolina, the Celebrated Lapland Dwarfs. To he followed by the TERRIFIC ASCENSION Of Mon, Leon Jivrlli ami Mom Charles Wintbcr, on tli ( Tight Ho|ie, surrounded by Fire Works. An intermission of half an hour will be allowed for refreshments and the Promenade Musical. Mr Edge, the unrivalled Pyrotechnist, will then give a BRILLIANT DISI LA\' OF MAGNIFICENT FIRE WORK'S, Which has been many months in preparation. Rockets will be fired from sundowa until 9 o'clock, w hen lie disp.ay of Fire Works will oiarn w ilh i w o s. lendld AFFGHANI8TAN LIGHTS'. Illuminating the whole interior of the Garden. The lollowiug design, will then be uictculrd:? PERUVIAN I ROSS, MAGIC CIRCLE, ok TRUE LOVER S KNOT, VICTORIA'S SEAL, STAR OF INDEPENDENCE. PERSIAN GLORY, and A SPLENDID CHINESE PAGODA, ILLUMINATED. The exhibition will conclude wi'h a splendid Mosiac TEMPLE OF LIBERTY. Dedicared to the Anniversary of our National Independence. The whole to conclude with the I aiiioiiuine of the MAGIC PiLLS. Color*#, Gabriel Ravel [ Klvina, Miss Well. Purine the evening a variety of Overtures by the most eminent pnriormcri. N<? expense will be spared to Celebrate in magnificent style i * Glonoas Anniversary of o?v Amone? n Independ net. Th Garden will open at 7 and the peiformauces will commence ul B o'clock precisely*. Admission to the whole of tin- Entertainment* ?0 cents, jv2 V I 2tr VAUX1IALL GARDEN. n HANI) GALA NIGHT, in commemoration of the GLO' ^ RIOUH FOURTH OK JULY, 1778?First exhibition in America of the Chinese Halls or Gold?n Festivals?Grand an i uorivailed exhibition of Fireworks?For pariiculani of which i imall Bills of the uiy?11 Grad Entertainments in the Saloon?all on the same night." Those not disponed to join in the Grand Hill, will find in ?re variety than at any other sv tahliriuneiit. independent of the B .11?Commences on Monday eveiiiiu. July tth, at 8 o'clock, with ih*CH1NESE BALL, OR GOLDEN FESTIVALS. Master of the Ceremouies, Mr. E. 11. Conway. Performance in the H-tloon at the same hour or the new Bullet of the PEASANT AM) THE PRINCE. After which an intermission of30 mimics, tob.- followed by .? GRAND PISPLAY OF FIREWORKS, by Mr. Edge. \fier which a New Bulb l. S?. I? 11,< <*, .. t. conclude with the (hand Ball. jy2 cod 2t? r Tickets AO cents.1 FOURTH OF JULY 'CHOSE who ?rr ilr.iruu, of becoming 1 5KKEE AND INDEPENDENT On this auspicious occasion?para from .11 insidious di?fa?e?, , and IvDirtlSDAlsT of all their I>\iiiful future consequence-. .if respectfully invited to call on DOCTOR S. CARPENTER. Who announce, til, intention ol eel. br itiu. tin, eventful eyx < I, in bi. usual quiet and unobtrusive manner, at old ealablial ed and well known DispenseV, NO. FOLK PECK SLIP. Heine well convinced It'it in no other sittntinn ran he ?o > ffecCtially promote Ilia own interest and enjo . mrnt, and in tin meantime po serve the safety and welfare of the rr/ruhlic, (i d ] save ihe Commonwealth. j>2 2tn* r ~ Vol HTH OF JULY. GRAND Celebratiou of American Independence and of th. inlroduetion of the Crotou Water into this city. I The Independent Trade, and Civie Societies, will form ill Bond street, precisely at Uo'clurk, A M, and tak. inrir place, in line in ihe following Older*.? Firat?Tlie Steam Boilers B. S., with their right on the I Bowery. Seeotid?The Hibernin B. B. S., to the left of the Boiler Maker". I Third?The .Master Stoue Cuttsriof New York, Brooklyn. J and Jersy City. Fourth?The Journeymen Stone Cutter, of New York, Brooklyn, and Jersey City. . Fifli?'The Journeymen Marble Cutter, of the city and I vicinity. , At half-past eight o'clock, tlia prorc- i ijwill proceed dou n ( o[ >hi ,vny lino rnmuun i.anai arid aireeiiwicl to tin- Bowling ] Green, U|> Broadway to Chatham, ami through Kul Brosdav j, to it* ' ii<-1ion with Grand, through Grand and th? Bnwery i Van thai I Garden, a* here the S. .ci- t ias will M' it tor half'an Inn They will proceed from tin nee up to Uih at, down I4(li to the . Iltli avenue, up In !!?lh at, dow n Hlth 10 the blh l w line, tlo in I throiiirh Hnd?oti, Broome, 1*1*0111(1*011, W> ?t Rroadn ay to < li m hern, through Chamber* and Centre to Grand, tlienee in c Broadway, on their return to Montgomery llall, where tin- J Societies will lie cli*?ti**ed GILBERT CAMERON, of Stone Cutter-, jvl Jt*r Grand Marshall. cplendid'exHibiTIon of) hTatCarv, u Broadway, Ik he opt ned on the t'-li July.?Arith nou'i ceh brated Statu rry, the work of ti n yean, comprising the foil, ( iug figures, ait TAM O'SHANTER, v on liis grey mat* Meg, large aa life. B This unrivalled piece of Sculpture it illualratire of a acei." , in the well known poem of Tain O'Slnnter, from the pen if '' the immortal Burnt. The figures in this group, three in number. were ?M out of one itooe, weighing sigteen tons; 1 t whieh atone, nnd< r the ehiael of the itiimitahlr Anderson. h ,* keen reduced to four, Th-y eompiiae the horror-struck Taut " on hi? grca mare Meg? A better never lint I leg," aa illi the witeh " Cuity Hark," grasping the animal by the tail. The emrosion of the whole Is true to life, of whieh nodi eription, however labored, can give any idea. Alan. THE UK'11. AM) THE EXCISEMAN. Thia group i* really a triumph, and beyond all inies'ion It > sufficient to stimp the artiat with immortality. It batHe* all di scription, ami must lie teen to be appreciated. Thia, too, i* i illustrative of one of Burn*' humorous poems. u And lastly, p WATTY AND MEG. This is a seetie frotn real life, which ia so inimitably described by Wilson,the great American ornithologist,tinder his poei i *< of that name. We do not know which of the two, the poet or n the sculptor, is mn-t indebted to each other for thr bringing on' , ?I of each othi i's tilruis. Certain it is, if the poem of the one , and the sculpture of the other Were the would he imperishable as the everlasting hills. ?ehildren half priee. i\2lw*r | J CMHRTH OK~JI LV-eth of July?Sthoi . GEO. L! ? ? HH A IV'S Mnseittn Bsr Room, renin of Nas-ao and J ark- . son -treets, Brooklyn, where ean be seen some of the gre atest M ruriosities in the world, and wh re tw o wr three hours can bt I s spent in lia*?uig awsv die great ami glorious day with the great- ! y e*t satisfaetiou to rhosv who mat favor him with a call. The ullest Pnnehe*, Liqnors, Hegait, Ac. fee. tlul can h- p found in ?ny diggins, and done up in large style. jy 11t c GEO. I*. SHAW. J" 1TOURTH OF JL'LY ( EIETRATIGN AT TAM MA r NY HAI.I. ? Mr J. PARKER h.. ih. -1. .< ? - 1 - nounce in hi* friend* ?nH (lie public that he inteniU celelirati,. the F'mrth with * Or "I Ball in the en ninij, the room w ill t ,, liahtly decorated wi'll Fl*n* and Rainier*, in order to keep it tl a* root a* poaaible. Daneinr to commence at S oYiOck and cor.- |, tintic nmil a late hour. Ticket! for admi?*ion tl. to admit , (fentl 'tnan and hia Ladina. The company will hav. ? fu view nf th- aplendid Firework* in the ParU. Mr Wallace'* Baud i? encaijMi; Mr. Howard w ill he well provided with I"' " (.'ream* and Fruit* of the aeaaon. Captain Crai*'* new Hip-liland < ompany have an invitation and will attend in their ?plen. ' did coatiiine. , V I tt r- '' I-JAOI/.KHKOTVIK NF.W PATTF.HN APPARA " 11 S.?F. A. AR rAULT & CO.. 1HW , Fiiltoi >rrfci ? opnoijt. St. pAi.r* church, hate rri w r; tck?-r thi|? A 1*0 and offer for talc at low pricw, 300 French j fatea, larvy alio. 8 inches half on ft half; 25 complete Daftierr* otypr a.inarMiih, new pattern; 50 u it.malic lm*< *. made at Ptha, by Alptuma* Girou* fc Co.; 1M Kittles hyposulphite cf fods. f Alio, tripoli of Teniie, codiue, chloride of iodine, bromine, hromine of nxftne, chloride of fold, and die nrw accelerating ^ substance. )e3 1m* f? pHpTOURAI'MIC OF DAUtfcHHF.OTYPh. LIKK A NFaASKHa-Mr. E. WHITE, of No, 175 Broadway, o| i it< Howard'a Hotel, ha* Urge and convenient jooim. whnr ?hil- !? >c Hia uteniion to nhinf lilmeeaaeehf the ah??Ti ^ it heantiful and accurate jarocsas. The whole rime #j required for the completion of a true and cerfain lik- neat/foe* y not ficeed sit arseven miuwtea, and hit method of practician the acience i? of Such a peculiar character that it cannot he oh- . at meted, even hy the moat cloudy or rain\ weather. K. W . Hatters hunaejf that he ran produce at Km room* aoine ol the m?>at magnificent specimens of Dag lUWreotypff Portraits t*kcn by luui tnat have ever been eieeatcd 4kice the ditaovary of tlx | H "t. W. keep* cnnatantlv for .ah lha mo*t approved Pic <??<>. j, ivpe Apimraraa, Plate*, l.ena. Miniature Caaaa, r<dli*miut ; j Material*, kc. , . m. . u- .a ** N B ?Inatrncti/y a will he fiv.n in the Fhotofraphic art at I.. W.'a Room, l?> Broadway. JMJ lm*? ' AMUSEMENTS. ~""r ' ~TTTii,<v?Tu VftljK*."* * K.ktrn > tlliutry llavrl family, Received Wight y icith .Vio?(., r.>/' 1st tighter and Aj>j u*i, in their variant PLKNDID ? >:..!<' PANTOMIMES, Re. EVI.N1 -< . Jul;, ,0i Hi" i. ?'jmii . itta aai.l cj.nuit.iiiu nilh A GRAND OVERTURE, exactly at IIo'vlot k. Tn i>.- loiluwcil by lito ORIGIN Al.. Quarter ot an honr'a in'ermia.iou will h* all. wail lur prowial,.,J. .,n,i rufi n. !? I . tin la i,.J SjIih II i Ill I..II..W , I,I THE NEW h OUTRAN. To COBelllll' ? tn THK PROM EN A Dili ,i!D S1CALK. ' T >e |nr>|irie(0> reaitcctntllf i-.t una the public. Out in . iinipliaii.' Willi th* wianra*? :.h"i u . 'iin-ri, .1. mull a m i <1 |u. i .it ill,. ,ii(t rtainmi ui*. will In- cir. i ?li,r t!ic |?-if.itauiii, . in Oir Sal,, ii aru <>r.r. Acting Manager, Mr. Chippendale. Muaical Leaui i and Director, .Mr E Wotdf. Ticket.?jii t enia Doora i.|k n at I,.If put acreu o'clock, EiiturLiinneuta to noinmelir* at eight. ?' i UK I UKATHK^ MONDW EVENING. July i. Commence wi'.li JOSEPH UK \(?. J M'I'll lira*. Uutk.i.,1,. | Mi | liultamyAfleiwl, cli. WIDOW WlOOlS'S. In which Mr? Eittwill, in, will muni lit taanrCu. Toe nicluJu wi ll 111.I E BK VHl), Alxmieliuur, t | lliiakan. Either D' or* up, II at aeicli?ft ilouu tncaa will committee at l.altlai.t arann. Botaa, Rl?Pat. 10 cat*?Gallery, ii , .m CHATHAM TIIKAIHK. " Sixty-Sixth Annivrrtary of' Ami , in /?'.;.<? Utur. 0A\ I'r.Uc Oil.M W ? . MONDAY AF? EHXOON. tU- i?-rfo:n . ? v u ... ???c? wiili tie- Hih? rnun drama ?*utiiIt ii BUI AN BOKOIIIMK. O'Douohuc, Mr J K Sroit 1 Rode ick, M t Erina, Mr* BUke | Emma. .Mi, Li*ih, rt To conclude with JACK ROBINSON. J.ick Rotimou, .Mr Wjml i Miuhi fug, Ma*.. \V. J bad Mrs Mt r >r t | Jam. .. LAST Mi .HT OK TH K SKA SON. MONDAY EY EN1NH. wr?|| be p? rf?< m?d the Jrama <?f AiKK FKKISCHUT/. Caspar, Mi Siiuml Linda, Mrj Dlaka Al'ur which, FALL OK THK ALAMO. Col. Crock ti, J K ftcott ) 1'altY. MrsThftrne Toe ruluilt witli PHILIP Ol.'AKL. Philip Qmrl, Mr Wood | The Mousey, M inn Wood Uoora will open in future at a .(unrter put 7 o'clock, ami Um curtain will ilid al 8 o'clock punctually Dn -r-1 >0 cents?li ? .? i '. t ?P al< e ft# AHlRliK AN Mi'SRlM AND UAUDKYai. pORNER OF BROADWAY AND ANN STREET? Oj , osite St. Paul's ( hurch. Fourth of July I Thi Hoi Attraction in Sew York Admittance to all only 25 cenli Tf e sj.leiidi'l location of this immense building, with tins beautiful Garden on the top, flu- long Balcony in front, and early ONE HUNDRED WINDOWS fronting oi B.oadway and the Taik reader thi* decide*ly* the best piece in thn city for view in* the MILITARY AND CIVIC PROCESSION* all of which |ihka th Mu.-enm on the Fourth. ,/' The manager li.ts engaged a great tint I performers, who n ill in the course of ib< ,r, give TEN DISTtXf T PERI ?R 1 - . The firstperformance w ill 2onun 1 ?ek A M. ami be repeated ?' interval* through" jng. K M I OI s LAI'V, who has in 1 Loin Europe, will make nerfi ippftr* ane? in tl m < * ? > loi this v onh She ?s 1 - ite-t w :idt r in the w<- ! I. hne will readily leclaie t una of - 1 -? produc-? any i erson among the au ji .Mi ?iu sit'itig w ith her ba , towards the .indieiue*ttl< J hi ther t*f rente oT lb'1 le.-tu room; she >vi 1 nl?o aiiHwenjn. ,uoni in*, rely whist ieri ,1 (a D' I. s|? i. t tlie aamu lime aalis(a torily out ! In arn . \ uate ides can bw formed of her extraordinary It he witnessed to he believed. Mr. WH1TLOCK, the unrivn r Master FRANK DIAMOND, the unri Breakdowns, are engaged. Also, La er, and Sir. White, the CHINESE JUCJ4. Mr. BEE, th popular vocalist, will i Natiou* al Iftong*. The celebrated leuned GRECIAN DOG, APOLLO, will go through ti* performances, play dominoes jnd cards, 'esignate any card named by the audience. Sic displaying a sagacity scarcely credible even to an observer. Also exhibiting.tor this dav onlv. t? e great boa constrictor, linoueslionahly the lirarat ever >h?wn. GRAND ITALIAN FAL'STOCINI, or celebrated |??rl??rin> ra in miniature, in wiucli a number ol" automaton tkurcs, with all the actum i f life, are introduced, < 41 li grunt thrriun various performances. Alio cin biting, tin* Albino L idv, Fancy Glass Blowout, Ktyptl in Muinmv MJ'U jean old,Oral d r osin.-rann, and Five Hundred Thousand Curiosities. Ten snlendid B illnoni will be unit up during tb?' <lay, an I it tec o'clock 1'. M. a mammoth balloon, measuring thirty-six fes i. cin iimfercocc, will bt unit upwitli lire works attached. I. /** Si r bills of the day. Admission to 'be whole Museum, Garden sud '/ntrrtainmcuts 25 cents?Children half price. j>3 2ust HILL'SN KWiOHtt '.MCSKTJHT ' (Koimsrly known as Pcsle'a.) No. Mi'2 hroadwau inipifitr 'Ac (Sly Holl. NOVEL ATTRACTION. ENTIRE CHANGE OF PERFORMANCE EVERT NIOHT. MONDAY EVENING, and dtirinit the wrtk. A CONCERT OF VOCAL MUSIC. By Miss Taylor and Mr. Dunn, intcrsp rsed w ith Comic Lcc? tores and selections from the best nieces of YANKEE. HILL AM) A DH vMATfC COMPANY, Via:?Miss Taylor, from H e Put Tbeat-e. Alra I.oder, from the Olympic Thrathre. Miss W.illeee, from til" l ark Theatre, Mr. Dund, from the Tn moot Theatre Ru'Win, Mr. ft Ilea, the eeeenhic cotrtsdiau, and \ ANKEE HILL. Fancy Glass Bl using, Cosmorame, F.ityntna Mnmmy, Elee trieity, Bipeds, (^siauiiipeila, and specimens ef tin whole Hshitable Globe. Experiments in Auinmal M ignctmn. which daily esei'e the admiration and istouiahment of nil, very afternoon at 1 o'clock Performance at hali-parl 8 o'clock. Sacied Concert next Sunday tu ning, nudcr tlie direction of Mr. G. Lodcr. Admission 25 cents. .187 Iw Butler's \ yudevilles and fromenasf, corner of Vaiick and CI ailton streets. Fourth of silily. GREAT NOVELTY ?NE A PIECES. A rrometiailc will lie opened on th s occasion repirs, ntmg the TH.1MF.S TUNNEL, and to afford an oppo Minify for erery oae to eeioy the entertainment |TI pared lor this holiday, tho puce of admission will be 25 cents. On Monday, 4th. and Tuesday, 5th, 1812, a Royal Commission from Pans * ill be presented by Mr -srs. Butlar, Kit lungs, RadclifVe, In . Vlesd tines Tltnms, Butler. Stc. Then the Promenade for half ati hour, the Band playing Niional Aus. To he followed by a grand ORATION. The Star Simngled Thinner. WASHINGTON. Hail Columbia. And Mr. Kichiugs will sine, for this night only, SONS OF J HF.F.DOIf The WINDMILL will lie set in motion by Messrs. Graham, Iladcliffe, &.< . and the whole enueliidr with iluzza for ('olutnbta, and Yankee Doodle. Admisiion on thia occasion >5 cents. Omnibuses pass the door. ArraugrineiiU are inxde with tho Police II keep the strictest order. jy3 3t*r.3 A RC'II STHKtTjTHEATRETin Philadelphia ?To Le - - ,r?i W. i-urri i. " rr inrinf araaOBS Ol 1 MI aud 3. Ap >t7 to P. M. Lafooroade, 100 Cn wn 'tret. 8AML. BKAUHON, Secretary. Pl?il i ! Ii>hi?, June 1, 1142. klREWORK^, CRACK ERS7&('. FOURTH JULY, 1842. ^OUNTKY and city dealers hi fu? works, will find it ' their ^ advantage to rail and ex.. mine an extensive .u?<ir?m#nt f the best quality, at R. AYL1FF1C8 old m hath mi stnit A ltffi quantity ??i Art. . k* ra n?t n ci iitdL ieniember the si(u of the two mammoth sky rork. i? tud v Id :ev _ m2i t j \ 4 m r__ FIREWORK GMKKWOr.K^.?The subscriber offers to th?- public tke ^ Urgent and most general s*s< rtment ol $r? v\ < r U?; n<-w in she ity, which he will sell on the most reasonable terms. < ' "nnv nerchnnts, d? alar*, and venders in general, are t. *n< fd, inure purchasing elsewhere, to call ai d ? somme hi- f< k. t'HARLKH \V. VI LTKK, je!7 rjyl*r 116 Chatham at, corner ' Oning*. FIREWORKS. A9SNER .* YOUNG, No. 132 Cli.lh.ii> r'r?"\h*v or, ' hand their n.ual ? *f>-n?ir>' ?a?ortni? ?t of warranted Ft, Vriil<?, winch WI I Ik .old to di aler, and etlwia al lir low -at uaii'ifdrturcrs prices. , , . > Also, a large supply of Mr. Lane Ldga's fir? works, for xhiitions, at laboratory prices. e!2 1 FI RE WO R (v S SELLING OK I N Ei A f, AT HO MAIDEN LANE, UP STAIRS FIREWORKS. rIF. mo?t *tteii*i*e, *aried and brilliant eal.ihv nnnl work* ever wumiflclurrd in thi* or anv other cunti, it ow ready for J? livery , on the lowest term*. in lot* u> *nit < >.tr utteea and i arm* for the celebration of the 4lb of Jul> . .it 'ie ,'nitrd Statu Laboratory. Jerney f'itv. ISA AIKIHir., Jr., Pyrofr ihrn-t. Order* 1*0 st Niblo'a Girdin, 10 Maiden Liw, IJ* t'n itlnei ,rrr^ will mrrt with immediate att? ration, avl gi?-.l, .1 'i\. j i any |?rt of th* oity free of ' 12 i ,t FIREWORKS. FOl'UT II OF J U LY. j"IHEWOKKH?New York Laboratory.?V B<to" I2S Front alrci t, two doors south of Fulton?Tl in.. r e*tc*i*p and brilliant aaaortno nt of Firrworlia an i, w ..fercd it i* above place, convi.tms of Honorary anJ It .-Uta, 'ith fold and s.lvcr rain: 8an?, Fina. Palp Trrea, Pjgniniila, rnivian Crnaars, Octagoona, TriatutUa, Vcrtii iiba, Mo? or erpcnt* and Stara, Maroons, Br 11grill Light*, Roman ( omIIi a, irge and amall Si rr-'tita. Tin \Vhr rli, (iiaehopi r r- Port b Ilge Lighti, Brroir wheela, Torbilliona, Lin Pig on?, Tor<-doa. Polling ("nckara, Double header*, Fin era* ..era, C. nin R irketa, tu. Country merchant*, and dealt r* in (i tMfal, arr n qnen.-d to all and piamnip tli* above stock, N. B ?Committee* for city ind country diaplay, mill'?ry *nd riTale partica, rau be supplied on the moat liberal far r , ? Ub * *bo?n article*, warranted?the material! h**it? '"tu ?e rcted with the utmoat car*. i'H PIANO FORTES i/f ANUFA' Tl'HLI) hi A II. UALEfe ("OJ-t, N y. ** Pi-mo rort? C#.?PBfch?*?ri w*if'''l to et ??rim? lu t* (Ubiifp luvk <iflbri purrRuinx Irawkerrt, at Mtoufra* )ry And Win Roo*n?, Third Avnm?', corner 01 Thirty nth N. B. Price* to rait thr hw i. _ m ! in*tin ovmnAsiUm. FENCING AND RH DOTING GALLERY, 333 Brntuirra^. (rcriur of Jnthony-ii.) ) MOl trQ' IN h<? tW< honor of irl'ota oig h:? frl?nd< ' id . the public iii general, that hi* new Gymnasium t? r.ovr in icrsrion. It ii he largest rod the beat which hai be? n v! oft red to the American public. The eo<*n* aiat Urge and well ntilatrd, which gl*e* them the adrantage ot heme rlwsyt ril. Parents, Professor*. and Oentlamen, are in* 1 ted to 1 rait a establishment, to whith, * ?oon a* the f'ro'on Waagr orka will be in operation, will lie added a ili"*n betb, for conecniance of thr ftuhaenheri to the 0\tnnaiiuni. Ih* Shooting 0*U*rv b?in? entirely ieil?L*r>dggt <af the muaaram. person* waRiing to practice pistol driug c*u do without being tuhaeriher* to the 0< tnnasmm fencing leaaon* mean aa usual on'modente term*. Jpen at day break, and clo?a at half iwnt uhw at night. let? Im*r _ ION SAb t.S Van I IlU- A iatg~ douldr 'lSaip wanted. Apply to S. C. llbRKINli, *29 Iwr ___ _ "* WUeratnot. AKfllVti fAPb.R.? pound, low priced p.iper, fop ''V PURSUE It BROOKS, tl Libsrtyat,

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