Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1842 Page 1
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( THJ Vol. VIII.?W#. 115 ? VVliola No. 1MM7 FVKGULAR PACK ITS. f ? ail'-n New York .w. the ?>th and Liverpool ou Uie IJth iif each muitfh. ilf& New Tu??. Slap SIlK.niDAN. Captain F, A. Depeyxter, 2Stli May. Ship (MKMCK. Capnin Wm. Skidily, JWi June. Ship Hi)$r|l'S, Captain John Collins, Jiih July. S:u? S1UD0NS. Cantahi K. B. Cobb, ittth August. Knom l.iw urooL. Slup 8IDDON9, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th Juno. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Dviieysier, IJhla July. Slop liiRlUCK, Captain Win. SUiitJy, I Itli Augu.t. Ship 11OSC1V S. C-ytain John Collins, 13l!i September. These .hip, am ill ol the lint clau, upward, ol' luoOlims, built in lb* evty of New York, with such improvements as combine gusat sj??i.d vsr.b unusual cuinfoit for pa,,sogers. Every rare has been saJbnn in m- arrangement of ihrii accommodations. The piice ?f jswige hence i. $100, for which ample ilnrm a ill be provided. These ehijis are r> in man Jed by experienced mail em, who will laake every exertion to give general satisfaelion N. ilhcr the captain* or owners of the ahip* will be respvnsible for any, parcels . r jackaget aent by them, uuiri* regular b'll* of lading are si^n.^d therefor. Tlirt ,iip? of (In- line will heroallrr go armed, and their peculiar roiutruncoR give* them security not possessed by any other but vrasels of war. ior freight ni passage, apply m E. COLLINS fc. CO., VI South st., Ne? York, or to WM. & JAS. 6ROW.N St CO.. Liverpool. . Letter* by the ptcliu>l? will k? ekirged 12* cents per single hell ; 56 cents per ounce, ana nuwipn|iera I ?-ui ><? in/ NKVT YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) Ig$? M- jMML The ui|w of thishurwjl hereaiT^lrtee NewTorTui the litem! H it re on tlie I6th oT each month, as followa : from Nno York, ftom Havre. The Lew ehip ONEIDA, ( lit March t Hth April C rptiiu < lit July t I6tli Aujuit Jam** Funck, r lit Noremberf 16th December Ship BALTIMdRE, I lit April ( 16th May Certain < lit August \ '111' September l Knock, f lit Dueeem'rf 16th Jauttary Shin UTICA, l lit May l 16th June Captaiu < lit Septemb'rt 16th OctoberI Frederick Hewitt, ( lit January r 16th February New ihipST.NICOLAS, I lit June I 16th July apt.iin < lit October < 10?h Norember. J. B. Pell, { lit February t Htn March The accommodations of then- ihipi are not *nr|>as?ed, combining all thai mav be required for comfort. The rwiee of eabia passage i, JUKI. Passengers will be eipplird with ereay requince with lb. eoceptiou of w iuei and liquor*. CJ ui.It i?temle<y'ur these reueli will he forwarded by the ubseribers, free ffasai any other than the expenses actually incurred ou them. For freight or luusagr, amily to BOYD la HI NCR E.N, Agents, afi !i Tontine Buildings. FOK NEW OKLEANsl LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. sis- fts- jjjfc ??i? For the I.utter accommodation of ihtpperv it i^iutemled to deiuatch a chip from this port on the lit, ,6th, mth, 15th, 20th, naid 2Jth et each month, commencing the IOlIi October and continuing until M y, when regular dayi will be appointed fur the remaim!-r of the year, whereby great delayi and disappointments will bt prereined durtuf the yunmer months. The following ihipi will commence tlui arrangement : S!up YAZOO .Captain Cornell. Ship CONEE, Captain Jackson. Slop 11 I SSI SSJi'Pl, Captain liilliard. Ship LOU19YILLE. Cart-tsi Ilnnt. Ship sHAKSPEAHE, Ciyitaiu Miliar. Shui (JA9TON, Csfain Litharn. Ship IIUNTSVILLE. Captain Siumfurd. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Lea?itt. Shrj! NASHVILLE. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Kuiglu. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mullurl. These ilujw Were all built tn the city of New York, expressyfar |>acketi, are of light draft of water, hare recently been i wly oappered and put in splendid or.Kir, with accommodations tor puiweeten uncalled tor comfort. They are commanded i by experienced musters, who will make erery excrticti to gire I Seueral inMalaclutu. T?ey will at all times be toared up and owu the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither tlie owner* or captaitu of theie sbfca will be rcsponsible ter jewelry, bullion, precioui itonei, surer or plated wart, or lor hit let ten, parcel or package, tent by oi put on board of them, etiless regular bills of lading are taken for the nunc, and the ralue thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. KTCQELlNa i( CO.. 56 South ?t., or HULLlN A WOODRUFF, A^ut ui New Odeans, who will mromptly forward all grwxls to their iddmi. The shipr of this line are w irrauttd to sail punctually u advertised, and great cart will be taken to hate uie goods correctly measured. ml OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. r-fofv iHSrpHF. OClrl^iE of Pacfcrls lor Liverpool will hereafter be a- despatched in the follow nu order. icepliug that when tlie day of sailing falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail ou the succeedFor New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, C 1 July 19 610 tons, \ Oct 1 - Nor 19 D.'i. Bailey, f Feb 1 Mar 19 Tbe ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug 7 750 tins. 4 Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L. Wait*, t Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, k J?ly J Aug 19 sou torn. < Not i Dec 19 J. Ilathbone, t March 1 April 19 Tbe EUROPE, Uuly 19 Sept 7 610 tons. . < Not 19 Jan 7 E O. Mamhall ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, ? Aug 1 Sept 19 61S tons. < Dec 1 Jau 19 A B. Lowber. c Ai ril 1 May 19 The NEW CORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 90U toiw, \ Dec IS rel) 7 T. H. Cropper, r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE. <S?; t 1 Oct 19 050 ton", < J in 1 19 W.C Barstow. f May 1 June 19 Tha COLUMBUS, ? Sept 19 Not 7 7U0 ttrn^i, \ J.ill 19 Mar 7 CJ. A Cole. ( aMiy . 19 t J?|y 7 Punctuality. aa leg&rds the day of ?ailinf?.will l?e olieervedI as heretofore. The nnce of nasssj;? outward i* now fixed at One Hundred DoUam. Tor which ample ttom of r?erv description will \ t> luovided. with the exception of wiue* and luiuori. which will be furnished l>v the urwiidi. GOODHUE a CO, 61 Sonth it., V. H. MARSHALL,, 3S Burling-slip. N. Y. je21 lyh RARING BROTHER* It CO.. L'pool. jst M M~ PA SHAUE ^ROMENOTA ND.IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. PERSONS desirous of making engagements for friends to emigrate from the Old Country to trie United States. and who may wiih to secure for them despatch and comfortable accommodations, will find it their interest to apply to the subscriber*, who are at all times prepared to make such arrangements as will guarawee satisfaction. The vessels composing tin. Tue are allnf thafirsl clam, one of irfich Irarei Liverp*i weakly, conroiiueryly all delay at the port of embarkation u aroided. As ha* always licen customary with this line, when those settled for decline commit out, the passage money is refunded, without any deduction. Passage per steamer from the various |>oiu of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be seeu red. For farther particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established i'assaire Otfice, 373 Psarl St., Or Co C. OR1M3HAW fc.CO. 10 Ootee Piazzas, Liverpool. Eiohinge or drafts at sight, and for any amount, can likewise he furnished on the National Bank of Ireland. Northern Ranking Co., National Dans ol Scotoma, nayanie at an tneir resneeUre hrauejits: also, on H. C. Glyu St Co., Baakers, London, nd C (himaltiw at i.o., Litrrpoo' m3 Jm*e STEAM NATIOA^K^^BTr^EEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, n.i?sorTH~i vp Toy. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kcsn, CoMsisoa. Till days of dtpar?r? ol this well-known Steamship, tiare betu fired as follow* : Kr.nn Antwerp, From Sonthsmppin, From New York, On 41h May. If!l2. On 7th May, lgtj, Ou 7th June, ISti "law. 10th Jaly, " 7tb Aug., " 7th Sept. " 10*'" Sept. " 7th Oct., " Price of passage, metis sot included, to Ssiuti ampion or Antwerp, S7l>?Steward's fbes, 63V Tlie meals will be served wii board, ?ui the pltii of a continental hotel, in the best tn inner, and at ivsd an I moth rale prices, iwasengers being only bargee wh'-n partaking of the same. The pr ce ol p .asige to cither of the shore ports ean also be en? if,-referred, with m ale end steward's Ihcs included for $ i7 6':L, c'asitv of wines. A a I'tjeiir nevd S region scoompenin Am ship. Il^iar I r?a I *4 if IT" - . . r . e. ./V .H..e anele ea urw-.T"* ii"w<cn:\??uir n."t 'lt?*r 41 Atreet. NEW JIRNEY~ RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NRW TORI AND NKWAKK. from n.? '<>et ?f Cearthadt rtntet, New Berk. (|Mriil>r-S?lfcrii? spted.) *.. IrrT*.yrm. A.rSrrinrk p.*. i * i. t d* t ft.fc *?. 7 do. I do B do. _ ovrunpatb. . from the foot of Liberty street, i'u.'I'a L*?rt NpwiA. NEW VofiK ELU&JB^VH*' TO VFN*,*Wt%T ft'ELD, fIaIM-ILLD, BOUNDBROOK, ROMBRVILLE, ke. Daiiy. Lir-re New York. Lease Elisabeth Town. ? A. M. m A. M. JN P. M. II M. W p. M ? J P. M. The trains -ir the Soyerrillc Railroad Co. counect with throe line* each w*v doily, Sundays excepted. Pssaenffeis hp requested to purchase ticket* at the office, foot of Liberty street. F ire l>e wren N-w York ?nd F.liratHth Town IS cent*. Fare hp-rw?'cn Jersey City and Hnmerrille, SO cento. new vork. rah'pVav and new Brunswick. Fare reduced. Front toe foot of Liberty street, daily. L'ttp Npw York. Lcasr< New Brunswick. Ai 9 A 1. At 7>i A. JT ?X P. M. II A. M. Ftre hetwern New Tork end New Brunswick, *5 cents. Rsbwmy, 50 cents The fere in the 7X A. M. tretn from New Brunswick, end \% P. M. tretn from New York, hes been reduced Iretween New York end New Brunswick, to M cents. " end Rahway to 3TVt " The Philadelphia mail line passes through New Branswick for Nsw York erery eretiine et 9 o'clock. n Sundays the 7X A. M. tripe from New Brunswick is omitted. Pe?eeiut>'re who procure their tickets st the ticket office, reeel re s ferri ticket crstis. Tickets ere receired hy the condoe tor ot^-onthedeyw hen purchased. mM Jni" AAtr rfiirmrtDnT OR ititafrncrr-Ths ^?? Bt. WtJWW Berk sakan akn.AkBS-Tonnne. biutheiL 777 tsn. Apply te LITmIR k Mr vnluKAT, ji-Mr F>0 Pine street. E NE RAILROADS & STEA M BOATS! POMEROY t o.'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO KXPRESb. 1 he sutibiniHTb art- now rmuniifc n regular Expniss ?ver the Bulrotus to and from Albai . uid Buffalo, ind the interoiedts'e placet, for FORWARDING, at low rates, w ith the utmost apeed, regularity .and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Ban* Notes, Important Paperi and V aluable Packages?WW attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment of Bills of L*' ij!ikp, \ ,t< Di i' > \ in' \ ' souable per cental??execute orders for the purchase or sale of Merchandise, Produce aiyj Manufactured Articles of every description, m i tonally, in toe ts w ns on th< ii n ute, through Messrs. HARNDEN It CO'S EXPRESS to NcwYorkand B>?ton,ai.d Moun. IIAWLKY k CO.'8 F.XPUF.SS to and from Bull'do to < leveland, Detroit and Chicago and intermediate places?fo,unnw at once the most direct, speedy and i?erft.ct communication to and from the eastern and western cities,foi tlx negotiationmltimnptifttt sM mcfcannls mc buAvness, remittances, exchange*. &r. Erutas Corning, Thomas W. Oicott. W atts Sherman, A. D. Pstchin, Noah Lee. James Taylor, Theodors Olcott, AJhanv. . , __ . _ . _ . . a Ua.-i,mi A Hswlev. lTtioa ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse; A. O. Smith, Auburn; J. Fargo, O-sova ; J.G Shepherd. CanauiUigua ; David Hgyt. Roctoaler ; JoJia Mr. Kc^r.Loekpou. J. A. CUrk, BVaga^JW ^Ig-om No. 5 Ejch*nge BuihUiigt.AILsuy. aU 3 Wall ?tr??t, N.w York. FARE~AND FREIGHT ~REDUCED, not'rol'st'ini^^a^ piuud of the Dillotying su|*-rior (teamen, ranking iu ronuoo tlou with the Stouiuglou and 1'iov idcnce, autl Bo.tou and Pro vide net- Railroad*? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Coijulotk. RHODE ISLAND. Cantata Thayer. NARKAO ANSK'I T, Captain Woolaoy. MOHEUAN, Captaiu Vanderbih. One of which will leaw New York daily, (Sumlays <s* cepied) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Haee, at fivt o'clock, P. M. ApRanOEMENT. Tlte NARRAGANSET, on Monday, for Stonington, aut Thnraday, for Stoniturton, Newport and Pruvid-nce. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuesday, lor Stoningtoo Newport and Providence, and Friday for 9toin?igtnn. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for atouington, ant Saturday, for StOliington, Newpqtt, and Providence. Passengers on the arris al ul tun steamers at tjtoningtnn may fake the Railroad Cara and proceed immediately to Provi dencr and Boston. Freight taken at the following mnch rrdnccd rates :? To Boston, on goods sveigliing forty pounds or upwards t< the cubic foot, at $6 50 per ton, anil ou measurement goods' cruta r foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubii foot, anil specific articles as pur tarif to be obtained at office Z Broadway. _ m31 fmir IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of I foods between Philadelphia am Pittsburg. gtfi ss, W-? Thij improvement in traiLsporUlioti (tiloid* to Wentern Mer chanu peculiar advautages. The cood? be in* carefully packet it the boat* at our warehouse. No. JH3 Market street, are car r ed over me Columbia *nd Fortaire Railway* without Iran ihipmenL Careful captains ami crews arc employed, who talu coarse < the i;oods at I'liilaJelphia, ami continue with then tlu entire route, thus avoiding delays ami the liability of lot beseparated ou the way. N. 11.?-Pa.?e?ujer? forwarded t* PitUbur* and PolUville, eve ry day, Sunday* excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, a!2 3m* Z. aihingrton street* tliUlGIiT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBIRG. I he proprietor* 01 Li urn lum ? 1 Miisi.oiiilum Line to ruts burg, give notice to the .Merchant* of New York, and al> otlin person* thiprtUCU> the WMt, tlwt tlirii liue it now in acliv opemtiop w.:.?&s consigned to them (or scut to go iutliti licc.i will be forwarded with despatch. Owner* or shipper* of good*, destined for th* Wester States, who have no agent or consignee at rittshurg, wil please consign their goods to William ilitvgham, rit'.shurg who will atinud to snipping all such couugmneuts wilhou delay. All goods should be marked distinctly on racn packag BINGIIAM'S LINE. For nes of freight, which are as low as any other line, aupli o WM. TV SON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opposite I'itr No. 2, N. K. N. R r.tssenger. forwarded to Pittsburg and Potlsville.evrri day, Sundays excepted. Refer to K. Uronks, American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nicoll Front street; Phelps, Dodge it Co., Fulton street ; Suydatr sage v Oo; We. nankin, Duryeo & Co, Newark. ta " UPl''l m iN li\t; f< ?H ai.i'AN y. faiie reduced! ! Passage 50 et uis?Iteitlis 50 cent-,. FREIOHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. aM-'l OA Tin- commodious Ste.onb.aat WASHING TON. Captain J. M. Brown, letting mad. 36d^uBHt5eL.arrangements to change hor days oflcaviiii New York, will horeallcr leate the foot of Robinsou street New York, ever/ Moatlay, Wtdnesday, and Friday afternoon at 5 o'clock, aad Albany, erery Tuesday, Thursday, and Si tur Ia7 afternoon, at S o'clock, landing on lier lstssaga each wa: at, til a foot of Hammond street, Newbuigh, Poughkeepaie Kingston Point, Cattsliill and Hudson. For freight or possace, apply to the Captain on board. Or to D RANDOLPH MARTIN, No. 182 West street. mlc /aSl OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Knin-on kggee- D ro w it's Dock, MidJIetown, Es'onrown Doc I ? i^EwdKLeand Red Bank, Shrew, bury .?The steamboa IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fiiltoi Mirer t Slip, East River, every morning at A o'clock for Rri Bank (except Thursnay, on which day the Itoat goes to Eilou town Dock.) R. turning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The Iotas w ill rnn as above, navigation and weather permit tiug. until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the'eof. June 21,1842. |amc jta CHEAP EXCURSION to the TUh^ O*?-cXVj? ,j* Banks, every day, except Tuesdiys and Fn XI , Hi* wr days?Fare 2j cents eaoh way?The steamei NAPOLEON, Capt. Hancox, will run regularly to the abort place every fair day, and leave as follows?Foot of Hsmmont street at 9 o'clock, Canal street quarter past 9, Market streel half past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9ji, pier No. 1 North n ver at 10 o'clock. On Tuesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make aftrranor excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton ami Bath?(the steamhaat (ieneial Jacks** will rontiune to nm tr the same place every other day in the week)?and Uavc as fol losvs?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, Canal street at i quartvr past 2, Pike street 2Ja, pier No 1 at 3 o'clock?Fare 2J centseaeh way. The boat will remain at f'oney Island on< hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. j 11 Im*c aSk UITUM I IU.M MISC. FUU ALBANY AXD NEW YORK?Landing at tha foot o Ti Iff liTr Hammond itnd, Nt-wbunth, Poii|tlikei'p?ir Kinxarou P-int, Catakill and H'.idaon?Paaaage 50 n ut?, hi rtln 50 centa?The anlendidateamer WASHINGTON, Captain J M. Brown, will leave thenier at the foot of llobinaoti street f<> Albany every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock l-eare Albany, foot n( Lydua atrcet, for New York, ever] Titeaday, Thnradty and Saturday, at 5 o'clock. P. M. For paaaage or freight a|iply on boanl, or to JD. K. Martin, IK Wall atrcet. Freight taken on the moat rnaaonable terma. To Let?A ateamboat berth at Warren aLreet |iier, NR. A|i ply o>, board Waahiutfton, Robinaon at. )e9 tm*rc " TAfLORING. _ OF THE UTMOST IMPORrr i \Trm 1 AiNUi''yo purchaseri of Marshall's Troy Shirts. Rnsnmi ami Col A lar*. lu consequence of tin- mauy nmrikw hiving bed made of late by stranger* and other*, in finding our only Tro] Shirt Dc ot. we are therefore obliged to made nubile the causi for the benefit of all in p?r*uit of our highly reputed Tro] Shu ti. Bosom* and Collar*. It i* I hi*. A *tor* ha* lately lux painted ou tlv ir window, rind about their premise*, a si.u our porting t# be "Troy Shirt Depot." Now we inform all. the| do not Keep our Troy Shirt*, Bosom* and Collars, and a* I Suard against mistake* thit may occur in future, on account o lis new sign at th.- corner sloe, then f. re, m hill cireulatr riteruively the followiug card, and for the benefit ol dealer* it on r goods :? Tin. is to inform dealers and others that Marshall'* only Troy Shirt Depot in (he cit\ i* ihout listeen door* from tht corner of I'esil unl Chithvu atreet*. on the right hand tide it passing to lli-fAte Hall?No. 90 Chatham atr et. This is on only Troy Slnrt Dc pot for the receiuug of our highly r?pnse? Troy Shlrta, Bosoms *nd Collar* in the city. We *hall tin* to he evterwisely cireitl?trd, in corwequence of many niie take* hvviag tveti ra ,de of late. Uc particular to see the name M\RSHALL 9. on the window gii**:ai*o the fhllowiiig"MARSHALL'S ONLY TROY SHTftT DEPOT, 90 Chat* Mil *tre?l. No patronage asked of those who heat down. New York. June J. 1312. Jed lm*c REMOVAL* PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING EST AD LI. II ME NT, 1* removed from 145 Broadway M No. 7 A*tor Hmiw PCClKinAf v ViU 1 IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garment* of * moat Lb <;*'>' and I" ajN*nat le kiml rt a earing ol 60 per cent for cuh. cTMIE advertieer deema it'innecetaary t* rewnt tJ the her.)? A neyrd ayalem of girin? a lial of nominal pnree, preamifim that the length of rime he liu been eapibliaSed. tmrrthrr wlrr the ertenaive patronage beetowed on nun, will (note ? autn eiant voucher for hit capabilities. I'.>aei a?iiw th- advan'Age ol being connected with an eitenaire cloth ealahltalimriit in Eurep* he confidently taaerj that he can ftlrniah elidhea which, on com pariaon, will he found lewer than any "'her howae miking Of the beat deacnptiona of gentlemen's dceaa. rnv I 3m A. Pflll.LlfS, 7 Aator Hmtae. Broadway "MARTIN'S Cnnh Tailoring Relnbllnhmrnt, r? Removed to IM WiIlium ttrret, corner of .tnn itreot. '['HE subscriber, in announcing the above to hia frienda ant u the public in general, takee leave to return thank* for tin liberal iwtrnnage beitowed on him at hi* former |d?ce ofbliei neat, and .assures them that averv article orilered o( him shall a* heretofore, be cvt, made, and trimmed ill thr neateat ani moat aiyli.h manne The ma'rrials, the new- at end heal it the market, and at r poainre rating of in per cent. Sirengen arereqneaieil local md examine. Gentlemen who | /efar imrrhaeint thenr own eleah, Str., cai nave them made and trimm* d in trie aryle that h . riven aucl general aatialaciion ihu-ing the fonr year*. Even" ga/meu' trammed to fit, and made by th? beet workmen at the follow ing prices, i?.:? Lr^krrof?: M??W ? ? no to 9 W Ore? 1 7J to 3 (W r-v ? no to 11 no r J k I" Prni' nu ""'Iv made-,II made to or.ler, and a ani furnished, if neceaaary, in u hour*. M int A k'.f. MA WTIV I V' FV NK & H AI'!' K'im U- V1F-L ^ ,1AIR ^TavvuT: I CO. i i Lv i i aalengton atreel, Beaton, hu for tale ftftV India bhiwli, colors green, red, and white?lone end eqnare?pricee from twenty-fife to five hnudrt-d dollars Aleo. aereral Embroidered Canton rare Shewle je3 TkTh 2taw 3 Ina'r W YO IVEVV YORK, FRIDAY JV WATERING PLACES. &C? SI IA U< )N SPRli\( <s |MIK PA VILLION.?'Thu uew coin mod! m- Hotel will * I o|H*ia lo. the rttci'tion of visitors on tad after the lirst of June ii**it. at ihe Village of Hti.irwn ?, Schoharie County, N* w York. The clear pure water of the I'riiigR^ grf dtly rtaenblyig those of the white sulphur spring-* ot V irginia, have been proted to be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Billinus and Dy-UK ptic complaints; an I in the cure of Eryaipelu, Salt rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and l,'corral debility, tod III Q b) t IUM 1 I IM moat eminent mcditfil professors in the United States) medicinal and liealinc properties uitsuipa.iSed, aui believed to be unequalled by au> hi tins country. Added to the*?, the rides iu the vicinity, munereus villages, eiteusive views, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are anion* the many attractions nfiered to these seeking iu the heat of summer,either health or pleasure. These ?pnnx* arc but a few hours ii^e fro.u Saroto^a, Troy, Albany, kc., and are accessable from Cauaiobarie on tnc Alba, nv and Utica railroad, v%h? ? oarriaces daily await the arrival <M th m mg eai ham - tad ind i rttaa. to tin. iiai* ton to the Springs a distance of ibotal eight nilN. atnvhl is , Dine for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turn, pike bv daily suges, being about forty-five miles west of the chy of Albany. Warm, cold and shower B hIls furnished Lt till notes, either [ of tk .mineral fiash water, and every atULUou given to lender the stay of vhtAW agreeable. An abundant* of the purest mountain r-tn inir Ice i? stored for 1 the O W. B. OkuDNEY* THK SPRINGS HOTEL.-Tiiis Hotel will be opened at the above V U,ge of Sharon Spring., for tbn reception ol n.iton, and combining all the ailtiutaget of tlii. H?T,ghlful ?uminer rx.ideiiM. JOHN V. ETTEN. aJfc) 10?2t?w?r CATSKiLX MOUNTAIN HOUSE. AT THE I'l N E onciIARD.-l8l2. f '"PIIIS romantic and fashiouahle resort will b? conducted durf ing tlie present s? asou under the direction and siiperiulan| dance of the subscriber. 1' his undergone a coeiidele and thorough repair, and is nuw open lor the reception ol visitors. No effort will be *|red to Maintain the dean* verily high ciuiiucu?r which it Ins heretofore required. As heretofore, its tibl * will be furnished * itli every delicacy that the New York market can afford; and every |M>*tible atLuntion tint ran promote the convenience end t moyment of its l>?amus will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this " Mitahlishment and especially that part of it on the mouutain, has beeu rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. b. B .n il St Co.'s excellent line of stages will run i a* heretofore regularly between ^ie landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival ol the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor June 13th, 1812. jeH 3mV I >ri LAOltANGE HOTEL, Bull-* Ferry, New Janey. pjCI This most delightfully romantic summer retreat is iu full , JVjyi readiness, well stocked with fruit and llowi r, aud above all a hue kitchen garden. The bar is well supplh d with choice w ines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, segirs of the first quality. John Pouson, the proprietor,sincerely returns his g.ateful > thinks to hit friends, and lire public in general, for their liberal 7 patronage for the li*r nine years. The beautiful steamboat Bos U>u, Captain T. Y. Bibcock, leaves foot of C tnal street four times a day. The public can rest assured that thny will not be I disap|Hiiiited as heretofore t the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Sun. G?ntlemeu can be accommodated with tin best of board and lodging it live dollars per week, and have their duiuer at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at i o'clock, P. j M. Military companies on target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target ground and lYmsou's good dinners. His prices are according to the times. J. Pous >n is al ways at home, aud w ill be )iai>py to see Ma friends and fisitoia. jei2 im?r aMiE HAMILTON HOUSE.?This establishment is now ' *- open for the reception of company. It has been thoroughly renovated aud furnished .mew, iiihjii a scale of liberality commensurate with the demands of the public. The department ol the cuisine has been placed under the ch irge of a capable and experienced artist, wno will Iv k no supplies tint the markets 1 can afford. To those unacquainted with the location ot the s Hamilton House, it is only uvcessary to say, dial it is situated U the #cmb entrance to tha Nan ws. from ighttoten nilei from the city, on the high western bluff of Long IMaml, com m inding a noble view of the lower bay and the Atlantic and landward, the highly cultivated and fert'li shores of otaten and Long Island, and the harbor of New kork. Nothing can ex ceed the beauty of the prospect in every direction. Th# salubrious air at all jieriods of the day, the easy access by stage and steamboat, ami the mingled life and retirement of the .pot. render this establishment sc -ond to none within a hundred miles of New York. The aigurtmenU are commodious and airy, aud their accommodation* in ..?arked contrvsi with tlio*c of similar houses heretofore in the vicinity of the city. The rides in the neighborhood, tne fishing grounds, billiard rooms, un-pin ali leys, and other accessories of recreation, leave little, it is be i Ik vm| to In wished for by any gust, i Families desirous of secariug rooms for tie season would do r well to make early application to the proprietor. jeT lmr _____ '! OATH HOUSE, LUMi liLA.NL>.? 1'ln. loug ?uU Hill D known kt?iii?udiN H"i .lUbliili in ot, hiiiai n* j c-ntly undergone nnmeroua improvement., among which i. tha erection of .er ral elegant .ummcr ho.uri upon the margin of . llie oceari, i? now open for the reception of company during the Mason. The great ntrnt of private beach on thu ?horr?ihe perfect Security in bathing, even for ladle, ami children, ('he bathing being within a .tone', throw of the in ansion )? the shady, cool and delightful locu.l grove adjoining the hou.e ??ne pleasant ncie* in me surrounding counrr/?uie excellent ' fishing grouuds and other sources of healthful recreation and imuiemmt-tl?* beautiful view of the All Utic ocean and the lower bay, aluunt eoniuntly enlivened by numerous vessel* arriving or outw.ud bound, render this situation in every resect uuf'iualled by any in the vicinity. Ir* ac com modal i,.us rre ample, the ro?.m airy and lhe teoipcrtliire, even in the aarmt it (iMTt of r, auytld;.^ but niipressite. The convc .< nc of cinnmunicatiou ana dist ?nc", (being but nine iniles from Brooklyn.| ttv acc* by stakes at h uirs accommodated h'iKiu?ss rrnuvr it peculiarly well adapted aa a residence lor .vutl' inrn ol bnsii s? iu New York. c jel2 2m?r WILLIAM BROWV, Pronrytot* ' OHARON 8PRINQS PAV1LL105T HChOHARlf. c6. ' O Kmirtli of July.?The OrauJ O.tiling Bill for the Rea.on, ' will take plac ou the evening of I he till July, at the Sharon p Spring. Pavilion, which i. now o,*it for the receptinnofvi.itrrt. No pains will be .pared lo reuiler the entertainment agree' able. O. W. B. GEDNEV. i, je2l t2i|jy BEDFORD MIN'RALSPRINGS-Thiswell known water iik |>la''c, situated in Bedford County, Pcim.)Ivama, it now ? open b>r the reception of vi.itnri. t To thoae who hare never vi-ited the Spring., it may he ncce?i t>ry to say thai they are situated near the great Weat'm Turn1 pike, which |>a*i ? through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few mile, earl of the chief elevation of the Alleghaay Mountain,. Evety thing lias been provided at this wsl-rinz place to render a si journ pleasant to thoae who are .rrkiug health or enjoyment. Amti.e mvnt. will he found suited to all laatea, and a good baud of music will be iu attendance. . The liberal patronage extended to the suhaeriber the two last teaaout, will iiulucr the rein ? I . notion. the coining season. June Kith, 18(2. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. , je29eod lmr Proprietor. ! BATH BUILDINGST FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Branch.-This eis tensive and delightful Sta Bulimy Establishment will be j opened by lh? subscriber on the 27th June, instant. He begs respectfully to luftmn its form-r patrons and the public, that ' considerable additions and alterations, enrntssing the comforts, have been ir tde since last .year, and will be in complete readi! neas for their accommodation. J Wishing to be as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will n NTrn dollars ner wt * last j ar, insl f of ten A I* lar* a* formerly. Chihlrejaofa certain age ami servants Half price. Horses full fed. $ t.50. it hops-, he may say without imputar tiou, that his uuIh an l accommodations will bo equal to any on f Long Braiuch. Young people not requiring too much room, will find accommodating teiins. ? j?28lm*r JAMES QUEEN. ' BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. . T EWIS F. HANKINSON re.nectfally inform. his friend, ' Li anil the nulilie that he fix, titled up in the be.t style the 2 bona, formerly occupied by J icob Cork., al the almve pi mja the moat licathful .ilualion on the sr. co.iat, about 7 mile. from ncu o-tiiK, ami lunnet'n inim m;*iovrn. aiages pais inrou^n and fro to nu-et the Philadelphia car*. I'he term* of board will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, Ike, for horses, on try rsuaoibfc Itrai - L. F. H. pledgei himself that no effort of his ?ill he wanting to render tho -e who patronist him comfortable, and that his h >uso will !" found < jii ii to any along the cna i. j? .? 1m r = rrHK FAVORITE and decidedly the most agreeable HicurA sion in the Su .mer Season is to Hobnken. No other place of resort in the vicinity of the city can he visited with such facility or offers so many inducements with !e?? eipense. A visit to the extensive and diversified grounds of this inost lovely of terr<*.tri*l spots, of which its he.iu iful scenery and its w?any i fine views are t<ro well known to require des -nrtion. cannot '* fail to give great pleasure to thoio in the city who like occa sionally to breathe fresh aii, and vary the accustomed and con r* fined view of brick and mortar. J The Barclay, Canal and Chri*tO|?ber-atreet Ferry boats are in ictllto h forpBblh aci mmodatkm. jeH 2w*c [ 1) A VILION,SARATOGA SI'RINOS-TheTavilTon.ronJ I tiguous to the Pavilion fountain, ami equidistant from Congress an I Iodine Springs, Ins been thoroughly reuovatrd, and is now or?e?i for the rect ption of visitors. P'or conv enience 1 of location, beauty of the grounds adjoining, cotiunodiousm *s of the rowns, and efforts on the i?art of the proprietor to rrvake , hi* ginsta comf >rt*b|e, this house, it is believed, is not surpass_ rd. Th ch irtre* for board and rooms liare been modified to meet, in s<>m? drgrei , ihr d# pr? ssion of the times. A share of [ patronage is respectfully invited. JOHN CROSS, PB pnrtor. ; ferateca rvprings, Jnne ?0, 18,*. je?7 2wr DRY GOODS, Ac. TO THE LADIES. P'ASHIOJNA|Hi>;i^l/l.'>?*RT (JOOn8.-T1?. pwjt-.. * irc%?, a ivirl?, utugru'r ui wr c?iei>rmreu l xci Mh*, i off%r? (Tir tale a moat select and tliadoe assortment of Millinery Omnia, fur the ?priii/ trade, nerer u yet presented lo tlia pahhp, bout as regards the quality and c^eapm-ee of tlie article! Thr assortment coiuiabi of the follr nine The celebrated ftILK MAT, CALLED CAPOTTR D'OItLjfANS, V weru by La Duchtare P'Orleiua, iif Fraiicr, "iflED SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIOINAL f ft rTLF- Anil Lawn flats do do?An entire new style o Rata called " MODINE CAPOTTEP, ELS9LER | COTTAOE.'1 Parisianand Enaliah FANCY ftTRAVYS, of the f.oeat teller^, in areat rariety. The Proprietresa respectfnllr solicit* the la>liti* to fhrnr hpr with a pall, and examine hereleeaul and raried stock of Mil, tinerv for themselves, before they purchase elaewbarr, as it will lie a great savin* to them in price mi. a great ad van! age aa regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISS S. KINO, Magarine de Modes, je22 lm*r iWX Broadway. Nfi BtTlT.H place ir, find Boots yid Shoes aheap, and we are am vure that in New Vo.h theie it any place vi g.rodaa at (he Clinton Bo.laud ft' .ve Market,30I Canal I at.iet, n. rth ea?t oornerof Hndaon atreet. Those who have > tried appear to be generally satisfied that this is a fa. J tinqnaationahle. AM those who m'j not hate tried onr boots. . ahoea, or ttiitera.wfll find it to their advantnse to ma*e the trial I aoon. ' A. KNOX k CO, i V. B. C uintry wierchar.ta a 'e liy the package or fh ran : ' " shirts, shirts. ! TTNiTED STATES ftMIRT MANUFACTORY,77 WilL" liain atreet, eorner of Lilierty, N. V Notice 11 hereby given to Merchant! and trad.ira in general, that the proprietors of the shore - atabliahment have adopted a new method of manufacturing which eniblea them to aell their slnrtj at a cheaper rate than any other he,we In thia eitv. Thia atatemeut will be , affirmed by the list of pricea aa followa:? Per Dor. F ine Muslin Hhirta, with I.inrn Bosoms and Collars, $7,00 Do atnehed in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Color,?l one paterna, large aires 7,00 Also, a large ouaruity of Bosoms and Collars aonatnntly on hand, which will be offered cheap for cqgb. A/f ACHINK BLANKfcfft.-j laOea for aaJa by mlOac PERS3E It BROOKS, 61 Liberty t. RE H [ORNING, JULY 8, 1842. B<I' I;C.-TA VT) STA r10NERY. ~*TO PAPER MAKi;U?.~ F'.RStiF, V BROOKS, No. HI L.berly street. between 13.... !? (> and N i"i.i street, Ni w York, import direct from the Manufacturers the fallowing articles, viit? Ktearhiux Powder ol' Bovd ft Bow's make?warranted. for uniformity and strength, equal to any iu this count. y or Oitai Britain, and for die sale ol which they ore sole mtiuU iu the United States. Eiuj'idi Cylindr Machine Feltiug of very superior quality, 36, <0,1.'), 66.72, at IMinches w ide, j Dryer Felting f strnttc fabric, and of widths usually rr' ijuired. I Uluc Smalts.^ ri tviuic ihe agency of the Sutton Company'i | Blue Smalts, they are enabled lo supply FFFE, and FhFFE, | iu anv quantiua Wires for Fi u.dtitiicr and Cylinder Machines, manufactured | from the purest mciil?also, J ackets?Wet and Press Kelu. I Pulp Screens, Pfoe. I. 3, 3. of hiy.:s metal. I Orders lor any ol tlier above ?mel?*, together with Forentn | and domestic raws, Sods Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, 4ic tec., tiblUlimetit?Till 11 if proprietors riij{,i^inB pcnuiulljr in thr ui*?uf,?i'tun.?Chat tin- prrwnt frut induceineuU are offered, uclias were never offered bed ire. WARBUHTOV & WKBB. jel01m*r II liters, 5 Wall Ureal. "JEWELRY/ WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.?The.ul* scriber is ?*?I|inc nil <1**script ions of sold and silver Witches, gold and silver pencils, (fold chains, keys, Alc., at retail, lower tlevn at anv other place hi the city. Gold Watehin as low as 25 to 30 doflsrs ?ach. Watches and J-welry eichaiiged or bought. All Watehcs arc warranted to keep good time, or the inotn y retained. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner, and warranted, at much less than tin- usual uric.*, by one of the finest workmen in the city. C. C. ALLEN, Importer of Watches and Jewelry > wholesale and reta 1, 3o Wall street, up stairs. je!9 lm*rc D EMOVED.?HILAIHE WALTER m " d ptrtyr of ** the house of ber?re r Walter, the only manufactory of Watcu Glasses in France. No. 27 Pandii Poissonniere street. Paris, h is tit H ile in vi t .. m n, i i all article.* connected with,tin- line, as also Masrs. dealers in cat ginu, that their < tablishii i>' > i watch glasses, eal glass, gilt and colored, fancy articles, . fcc. Acc., has lately been re moved from No 10 Maiden Lane^to^ No. 90 William street. t ? ?.!I' men dei i i is of i n ch uing from th ml | . .? of the factory-, are respectfully invited to call at Mr where will be found an unrirailed assortment of the above menboned goods, which will be disposed of on the most reasonable terms. ml 2in*r NOTICES. pOMITROU.KUS SA'.K. OK STATK S'lTiKh 1 V-/ State Htork* held by the Cnmpttnlla In trgat for ttir N?w York Banking Company, will be sold o the Merchant*' K. achana'e, in the city of New York, on Wednesday, the flihof July neit, at 12 o'clock. M., to wit ID Certificates of Illinois Si* |>cr cen' (internal unpruv.mi at) stock, payable I87U, (or $1000 each $10,000 10 Ctr ifieates of Illinois Sii percent stoak, (for public buildings) pa, able 1801, for $iIK'O each $10,000 C Certificates,of Michigan Si* per cent (Detroit and I'nntiac Rail Koad) stock, |iaya?le 1858 for $1000 each $8,000 A. C. FLACJO, Coin11. Ai anr, 2tth'June, HWI. jyI Mr NOTICE TO CI.KUKS, rid all other pesons whose business causes them to be i?'iutai>tly on their leer.?By calling at the old e*clnsi*e Boot Store, lit Chatham-street, they can lie accommodated with rhe invaluable article, ROGERS' MKTAI-Tc KI.AS ru; HKF.l, BOOTS, warranted III every ,wrrfrcnl ir, aad at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The fol tow my are v tne of the miU) advantages the Elastic Heeis iwve over every other kind : First? The ehuticity adds greaily to the durability of the Boot. Secondly? Tlwy maka no noise in walking at?>n tlie pars' ""Vhinlty- Thev prevent Boots from rausiing down to tlia beat. F nrtlily?They enable the waarcr to walk with much leas frU|US. Fifthly?Thay do not cat or tour ssrpcn as do trou or nailed heels. 9i*lh)y?They can be worn with aomfort by those having Knder feet. As usual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots at wholeaala and retail at manufacturer's prices, jetllm'c ^TOTtf'K ? A |?msi inectina of the fltOcklioTiiers of-the i-a American Patent Friction Match Coin nan v. will be held at the Comimuy's Warehouse in Boston, on Thursday the 21st day of July mat, at 9 o'clock, A. M. A lUnrtual attendance is requested. r-r order of the Directors, GEO. C. GOODWIN, Secretary. Boston, .1 tne B, IMS. jB2w*r CORPORATION NOT1< F. PaMi notice khare given uthlt a sale of prrqierty fijr Cases ffjj^tllltjqp at mini" m;uf>n ni mr < uv UHll o| in? riiy Ol ,1PW TOTl.Ofl TUif^?lny, i)h- 91 th day of June r?e*t, at 19 o clock, noon, MM be rootnmen from day to day until the whole ol tli^ aid property shall Of *.ld' and that the detailed atateme nt of the Uiesaod prpperty to t*? hold in published in the New F.ra, a MWi|e|ier printed and published in the eity of New York. ALFRED A. 8M1 t\I, ComrtT oiler. Comptroller's Office, \; il 96. 1849. all Iawl4wtl4iyr pdRPOflATION NOTICR-Pnbli Notici 1 that a sale of property for unpaid tmes will take place at Foblir Auction, a' tf?" City Hill of the City of New York, on Wedn ! , the 20th d*i of September nest, at 19 o'clock, noon, and be continued from day to day until the whqle of said property shall be sold, and 'hat the detailed statement of the taves, and prope rty to be sold, is published in thi Nt w Ei %, a Ufiv r> per printed and pnMi.bed in the cit\ of New York. . At.FHKD A. SMITH. rnmnrrMI-r. Comptroller's Office, May Hi, 1912. jc&j Mwtfl?'pt2H c 1 H A VAND"*I>iCi PE i*Jt< 4ARS, " MRADKR, 46 Chatham afreet, ha* reeelted, by the Ifelles nont 100,000 of his celebrated La Norma jjevsrt, h.s also a c besttrlril lot of superior Notal and re ret Principe Wefirs, jj which ^ie offers for sale at reasonable prices. J*" TW1 c ^ TlflLS of eyebanre on all parr* of Knsiand. Ireland and Sent- ^ B UM. in .urn. of XV XI.. XU ?V?tEvtMEiFii: f?' i jpllU 27 Wsll st. and I to Rtih<Iw*v j pHLORpcTl' LIMP.?S?tO mparior " CMo> O nd. ofLim.," forBROOKS. 61 IW , FLmTK^JS lamb Si LMEIM" MTlla I h* r.K COLLINS k i n, ? Jrjg X Poath it ( AN INTERESTING v ON THfc tAS'J published.]by CtifV & Hart. Note* of a Tour through Turkey. Greece, Egypt. Arabia, IV tries, to the Holy Laud, including a Visit to Athetis, Hpaita, (fraud Cairo,Constantinople. Thebes, tire lied 8e.i, Mount Sinai, Petri, the Edom of .Scripture, lite , by E. Joy Mori is, in '! volumes 12 too., with plate*. OPINION8 t,)K THE 1'KESS. , We commend it to th* public a> a terliug woikof travel.? U. 8 Gazette. Toe author has cant .i red id cite to his description* of places, scenery, and events, a spirit oi freshness uid vnusemblauce, that cannot be too much admired.*? Spirit of the Times. W? doubt tint hut these two interesting volumes will be eagerly toiuhl ? r by th* public.?New World. The work is precisely sneliau one as a man is yl ul to take uj) wliri. he desires information upon the subject of which it treats.?Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant, unpretending account of rambles through region ikont which ever) in'siHgint minddieii s information, and it i- furnished iu a sty to winch every one will find allocable. ?Pinit*) h ani in* There is not a nage in the w ork thai is not interesting \ud instruct! v e.?Del. Journal. We tivink this book de#f\ijrd to become oxttusively popular, and we cordially join win oni brethren of the prcea in commending it to popular favor.?Daili Chronicle. For sale by WILEY fc PUTNAM, je4)w*r NVw Yor TIIE MESMERIC MAGAZINE. OR JOURNAL OK J ANIMAL MAGNETISM.?l)K R. H. COLI.YEH will inibltsh Julv I, 1812, the firat ntimher of a i>e nodical with the above title. It will be devoted exclusively to Mesmerism, or Animal Magnetism, and will contain ample direction* ana instiuctions for Mcsmr rising, w ith seen rate d? tails of the most extraordinary and inter* Min^; Mesmeric cases, and experiment* tnnt have occurred, either in this country, or in Europe, formany years past. The curious, and indeed wonderful vissions and revelations of Clairvoyance, respecting the Heavenly Bodies and the Spiritual World, will constitute a prominent portion of the Magatine. It will In published monthly, and each nnmber will contain s2 royal octavo paces, with d >ut>le, of the exact site and style of the Boston Misc< Many. Terms, S3 per annum, payable iu advance. Letters, communications and orclexg. (i>oat paid) addressed to Dr. R. II. Collyer, Mesmerisvr, 27 School street, w ill receive jnrompt attention. The New York Tribune, Herald, Pennsylraniati, Public Ledger, Baltimore Sun, American, Richmond Siar, Charleston Mercury, New O*leans Picayune, Louuville Journal, Cinciu u\ti Republican, Portland Advertiser, will imsr.t a week for three weeks, and send their bill* to the Mail office, or receive a copy of the Magazine, aud such otkar public journals as are desirous of receiving the Magazine will insert as aforesaid, and send a copy of their paper to 27 School st<eet, Boston. j?9 2law3wr BO 0 K BINDING PAPER HULhNO. [T IRELAND, No. lvo Nassau street, having an entire new IT* stock of Bimliug Tools and Ruling Machinery, oi the latent aud most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute all order i iu the most durable and liaudsoine manner. Merchants Acccount Books and all other kinds of Blank work ruled and hound to any patterns, aud iu a style that is wsnranted to give satisfaction. Any work orderedcau be done iu*tlie English. mode if required, as H. I. bos had long experience in ImuJi methods. mlH BOOK-KEEPING. Uv-. ..i-rki.on o i uiiuuik njuma iwr ?n? aiu.iy wl practical bowL-kecpiug ciibtinue uptu I'toin ?aily in liic morning uulil ! P. M. Trrmi?Forth' complete conrae of piaclic in Singl. Unlry Book keeping, hooka, stationery, &to., included. $7 JO. For the Complete course ef prae'.iee in Double F.ntrv Bookkeeping and Mercantile Calculations, inclti 'itig hooka ic . $15. There are no classes?each |>craon is lateg h t aepurat el y. I'roipectnses may he had at the rootna. It'?.) 6' -r T KiHTHODY'ti NEW YORK PRIN I'lNo INK .MANUFACTOHY, 28 Rose street, comer of Duaue (Old Sugar H ouse) Printing Ink of nil colors, warranted equal to any, I constantly on hand and offered for sale on reasonable tcrinsi deliverable to any part of the ciiy free of cartage. Priutere and vender* are solicited to ?nike a trial of this article. jy 2 3mr * HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS!! rjHOWN CO'8 Ot?r I*iice Hat Store, wholesale and rr! 1' tail, 170 riutliain Sjkjuarcs corner of JVIolt sire-t, when fashion, bounty, diaiability and economy are combined to adorn the bead. The proprietor* have the oh asnre now to offer in addition to theii recently unproved Jenl napped Hat, a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely reienibliii that of all fur* the most cosily and beautiful, that the difference i* not ttasil) perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly, adhere to tlto on* Wire cash system, which enables us to furnish a very saperioi for the price charged. In presenting these Hats to the public the proprietor* think they have n iched the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* AN IMPORTANT QUKSTION is here presented for the serious reflection of the purchasers of Hat*. consistent with true economv or common sense to pay five dollars for a Deafer H ?r, when the same article ?au be bought at 'j Wall street, (between Broad and New streets) for KOI*11 DOLLARS? This is no deceptive assertion. A single trial, or a m*re inspection, whl satisfy the most skeptical that the Deafer Hat now offered is far from being the inferior article often sold for Jess than five dollars. The fact is that the article now offered is iicnerdly not equalled, and iu no iustance surpassed even at that price. It is in consequence of a reduction ui the Price of the raw material, together with tlio economical nolicv of this rs [ERA] Washington. C [Coireipoud iicp u! the I.] a Waflii!.notJuly 3d, 1S-J2. Fine Prospects at tin Presidentlluil Coats untl Ii.hmI Manner*?Plrt u>e? and nutut ? !< A chance for all to he at once Jtisi and II- v herul?An Artist encouraging itlululry? tj Intellectual Conversations ? lleauttes of ---I the Promenade and lleautlesof .His. Sternroil's Album?lH-inocrallc Appllcallous ol' '* illiule. For some time past, the weather has sti nt.*d to al envy Washington. It has looked particularly tulk> on most of those Thursdays and Saturdays when the ? b dies and their admirers? every body?have been w most desirous it should smile propitiously ;?like a tl wayward child, it has always behaved worst, when there was to be company. Fvn yesterday, it look. H| edso out ol humour, thai, Ht tirwt, in the President's st earden there was but a meagre show?men sprawling on the eminences, with here and there a gown ol yellow, pink or blue, dotting the space., between n ine lazy lords ot liie creation,?whil* Utile children 11 Bported up and down. The musicians, with their red coats, are of late cast " iroru their lush estate in other words, detliroued from their platform, and ? stt, penned in, like so many sheep, on the centra' 11 level between two of the copse capped mounds. a Upon one of these we ourselves stood awhile to It contemplate the enchanting views around ; tra- " vel tar as one may, seldom will aught he seen ntore * enchanting. The point of land which terminates d the mall, running out into the i'otoumac? the liroad v sltei tof water beyond, over whose surface the little vessels were glancing back and forth?the long (j bridge, the canal, and the richly wooded rising grounds on the other side of them in the horizon, ?. among which towers the white column fronted | mansion of the heir of his Country's Father, took a our attention for awhile off from the object of our a visit?and we were surprised, on turning back to it, to remark how vastly, in silence, and from every gate, the area had filled up. All ages?with a pro- e lusion of the two extremes, young and old, had s gathered and were, some, coseyly promenading, j and perhaps not a few among them saying more than it will do for us to report; while others stood ' in full groups, gazing up at the Executive Mansion, J, or at their fellow visitors; and durkiss and urchins, j grinned as they stood listening around the band. '1 The setting sun by starts poured a flood of radiance ' upon the leaden clouds opposite, and touched the ^ masses of foliage, here and there, with a magnifi- \ cent contrust of dazzling light and deep and shadowed green. t. We, who must look upon the high and mighty, at adi-tance, watched for awhile the various visiters h who went up to make their bow to our President; and curtsip* were rlrnnneil unit hatu were n<V ii ?rr? - a abundance ; and who knows but some of the most obsequious had scarcely turned thetr back before they began to curi< nnd sneerl Mrs. Kobert Tyler ^ appeared, and depraved indeed must he the hearts that do not pay her homage. Much was said by many who were looking up at her, as she did the honors of her station, with so much modesty and grace?and republican impartiality withai?about that splendid party she gave awhile ago in honor of the bride, the late President Monroe's grand-dough- v ter, nt which appeared one president and one ex- s, president; the relict of one former president, and the daughter of another ; besides foreign diploma- '' lists in abundance, and the entire home squadron (| ot ministers, and grandees, and belles. b Dancing hearts on that occasion, kept pace with >' dancing feet; there was what paddy calls " hospi- J' talitv, no formality and yet there was eleganee n and order. At the splendid supper table, gorgeous v with boquels, snd the united illumination of can- ' delabrums and bright eyes, there was nothing ehil- ^ ling but the ice ; and the least ostentatious of the i assembly was its host, the captain. i "That is al wavs the ease" snirt a hv-stnn,l?.r. * is certainly the most democratic of Presidents. 1 \ noticed hits reception just now of n pair of the od- \ dest looking and oddest dressed chaps I have seen this many a day ; and I was strnek with its cordi- j ulity. Hut I waset|ually struck witli the propriety of the men's de]>ortinent. There was neither servility nor vulgar familiarity, nor loitering to monopolize time and attention, upon whiehMb- demands were evidently so multitudinous." "I saw you at the window and remembered you ten years ago in Virginia when you were senator," said one: "we thought we should like to shake hands with you," said the. ft other. "God bless you, sir," cried hoih ; "the people won't forget their friends 1" And so they with drew with a respectful ennsideratrncse, which proved that the worst dressed people may sometimes supply a valuable lesson to.those who consider themselves as the best bred. ti We sauntered near some acquaintances, earnest- c ly conversing. *" A noble triumph, was it not 1" exclaimed one of them. " .She resolutely refused to hear a word against*******, unless the accusation and the accuser were openly confronted with him, which. nnt h#?inir Hnnp ahp mnrrin<l hi**? ? ? Thursday before last. It has since appeared that the girl was striving to prejudice her friend against *#****#. was on |,y a disappointed competitor of his, and by hitn, duped to take the course she did, out of affected tenderness for the honor and happiness of one she so esteemed. It has since turned out that the imputations attempted by the secret slanderer apply notoriously to his own character, and not in the least to that of him he strove to injure?which has the added glory now of having been detected in playing the snake in the gri--. I where it was imagined there could be neither e - j cape nor defence." We found that it was en incident we mentioned in our lust notice of those prornenadws, which was here alluded to; and the result only confirms the morm we men ueauceo n. many ot the imputa tions upon secret and irresponsible and i-xparte testimony, whiah operate in our secret lesions niKjii character at the capitol, spring frotti sources up corrupt asthoEc which si tight to deprive the lady ot u husband, and would oftener meet the same result and recoil upon the lago of 'he plot, were our Conscript Fathers, us firm and warv a? the honest hearted bride. A grotty passes down the steps from the President's. They are all talking rapturously of the pictures they have just seen there,?Healey's pictures ?one of the President?one of little Miss Alice Tyler, .in engaging young daughter of the President, all life and heart?and one of Mrs Kobert Tyler, which promises to do justice to the face of that r?ti tnableand lovely lady. King, the so long ?rui m long esteemed resident artist fiere, was by; and with the liberality of true genius, seemed to exult in the triumphs of his young friend?enlargingstill farther upon the talent displayed hy him in s picture of >e tr> n.itor Preston, (<*r the NatK?na) Institution, and (>l n< the gentle and intelligent and engaging Mrs. Pres- o( ton, for the Senator himself. _ , " We shall he rieh in the productions of the fir.t arts here, presently, observed one. Ti e stutue of ai Washington, which Pettrich modelled for the HhiU- u, delphisns, and of which the loss of the subscription '' money by some misadventure prevents the rumple- tl don in marble, is here, and w ill be set up on Thur* K day in the National Institution. My the way. would '1 it not be a becoming sort of tribute, under the cir [ umatnnces, were every one to volunteer some payment for the view of this statue, notwithstanding he sculptor's plan of making the exhibition gratui- ,h oust Surely something handsome might he pctomplished in this way. Let each member of Con- I,, ;ress give a dollar for a sight, and every beau pay th in extra dollar for the pretext of such a promenade villi his belle ; and some hundreds might thit he fathered forthwith, and in 11 way to which the it- mi st. sensitive ns all genius is. ovged not to object. v" " Haa Pettrich returned, then 1" "* " Yes, weakened bv his wounds and woes, but letter. A little sou of his, in the Black Huntsman's iniform d his father's native land, was nt the Presi- mg feat's a day or two ago, with his pigmy cntla's and ly. ?? ?mj L D. I'rtrc Tito Cento. .irbine, and went through l.i. in.cii.ul i-xti.isr, ith tlio adroitness of .1 v ui" " i remember thut child, lielore In- could talk, s used to stray from home hue and get I,;?t; to tiriclihad a morocco collur fastened w cth a pad,,-k round the child's neck, and inscribed on a rilr plate with the child's name and |>l?oe of rfteience. that he might be restored whenever he could wander." "One would say that Washington was u rare ace tor children to thrive in, however much the iverse grown folks may find it. Wli-t u su.ierauiitluii th -a pretty little wretches one .ecs [I around here !" "Taikuij.; > : pretty little things, a very petite figure i black, with a wakeful, intelligent eye,has crossed ly path continually to-day?who is she t 1 was andering round, looking for the lovely repres-eniave of St. Louis (not meaning Mr. Lenton) us this liniature madam often glided by ; but neiiher Mrs. ** **, nor t)Pdunlul young daughter of hers ppeared. As for her neighbor m the alphabet, she 'ua< determined to exercise the old pi overt) on iin. " the nearer the cbnreh the farther In in Ilcat*n"?mid to imagine it will scarcely be like moving even in thu alphabet?it she only moves to the ext door. For this reason we have rather doubted she would stop so uigli as at the next door but ne, and let C rroir over B strong reporta to the con ary notwithstanding. This much seems certain nottgli. Whoever is permitted to provide her name itli h new initial, may rank hiinsell uniong the lorlnateB." ' 1 see Fenderich here, and thut reminds m of report I hear, that he is drawing the lace of&lover widow at the opposite end of the alphabet. Fenerich is an admirable artist, and an accomplished entleuiun ; hut he ought not to tempt us to a breach f any of the commandments; and, indeed, there is nnger of it in the present instance ; for if hie ' uracil image' of the lady in question, is as nearly re?iiihling her as most of his drawings are, there is no ye for beauty but will feel greatly inclined to 'bow own and worship it * " " Did you say in at G * * * ?? was the name of one r both of those ladies 1 Where from 1 Maine !? Fell, there is genius, and dignity, and grace there, am satisfied, whether they be from that region, so hounding in worth and beauty, or any other, or I m no judge of mmner and pnysingnomy." llow the beauties, grown familiar to our view in iiese promenades, are sw arming now. 44 Veto! veto!" wasupon every lip oawe passed; specially upon those of the fair ones, who have trong natural sympathies with the veto, and honor t us the only remaining badge of their indepenlencc. There are three out of tour TV, so much the dsigtit of Washington,?and who ever suit to a T. the nost fastidious tastes, whether at the tea party, oi my other fashionable convocation?we observed lira. Geueral T4*****, Mrs. < i**A and Miss Mrs. (Hhode Island) "]>******** , ias not apjieared JThe beautiful Mrs. ilso graces tlie walks : and the mtrllectuul Mrs. >***.? aIKj j|je Miss M* K*** and others of tho rV'est L'nd, so affluent iu charms. Keally, the majority of the conversations on* leura at these places is truly edifjing. Take a spa mien :? "All, Mrs. ******** (running up and shaking nnrlt-) I am very glad to see you indrtd." " Well, how do you do." "Very well, I thank you. It in very windy, tolay" " Yes, very windy. I thought it would rnin." "So did I Very windy. Hut it has cleared off uitr pleasant." " Yes, it has cleared off quilt pleasant." "There are n good many people here ta-day. " Yes, a good many." " We have had a great deal of rain lately." " Yea, a great dtaJ of rain." " Where are you staying, my dear I" "At "Thank you. I'm glad to see vou looking so tell." "Thank you. lam very glad, Mre. ** <? * t<> . e you indtcd. Hut there are, now and then, choicer gleaning* to p found, even here. For inbtance, there's a little not, st tod around a volume, under that clump of ees. What is the volume I Oh, only a lady's Alum ; (it was that of ihe Hon. Mrs. Meenrod) hut rout.itns autographs of all the members of both ouaee, for the purpose, probably, of conveying to iture ageathat there is no member at the 'present inrture in the national legislature who cannot . rile his own name To trunciniifirtfr thlu'. - ? 6 1 m" iiuj*ui I Milk ruth, however, it proves another, ill more innliinentary. It shows that there are not a lew m? ntiei>. wlio, literal minded as they sometimes went n debute, really write very good poetry, and write t off hand, too. \\rc pencilled iff a lew of th?*w, vhieta had been scribbled with the promptnessol the mpruvi-.utore, and while the barkings and the i*lttigs of the mud and other missiles ol modern debate vere flying round the heads of the writers. Here, or instance, isa specimen of the versatile talent,hut, mm youth.tin?iuenched ardour, of the venerable Kjt'resident Adams. Fair lady ! eouM'st thouk low the heart Of every hand assembled here, And did'st'thou but possess the art To mark the faitblul and sincere ; On which of all would'al thou bestow Wore thiDe to give that heart of thine, Come! whisper m?in accents low, Come! toll me?'.ell me, it is mine ! Then comes tin Impromptu (dated July 2, 1842.) om the lion. C. J. Ingercoll, of Philadelphia?? A liuo fur a lady 1 never have Who wishes it wrote in her allium. In proae might be thought eacewivtly mean ; An<l ?b well a* I can with a mule quite in thraldom, 1 w ish lmr in verie, 'wherever tnegoea, All life'i iwceteit poetry?none of its prose. And the following, replete with deep feeling and rue [Kielry?although penned in a place and un-f-. ireuinstances so ill HUitKfto either?from the lion, leneral tleorgc M. Keim.of Pennsylvania:? What ii life f a lingering breath ! The anguish of decay ! A quick step in the march of death ' Greatness of yesterday ! An<l what ii rl'eath 1 go ask the tomb. The silence of our woii , Thepieui pilgriin'i peacful home, The weary w orld's repose ! Eternity ; lay, what art thou ? Dew-drop of thousand years ; The ipirit'i reit, the i itriot'i vow, The halm of sorrow'! tcari! And what ii hope? a twinkling star? A promise set in heaven, A radiant light that shines afar ; A pledge of sins forgiven! When palling through life'i fitful dream Death romei at lait in view, Eternity unfolds the scene, '1 hut hope hai blest for you. Here, again, ia a sweet little effusion of the I ion. >V. O Ilutler, of Kentucky, "To die spirit of thn Solum Harp:" ? That strain ! that g?ntly soothing strain ! D it of heaven, or earth, or sky, Or far-off murmur of the miin, That aoiee of matchless minstrelsy t Tell me, thou fair Invisible, What angel-miiiion brought thee ham ; Did Seraph's hand* attend th v shell, To 'gillie (he heart ot sorrow's tear? To chmen hope too fondly cherished When Ufa ? as in the ikewy amrn? from blighted lost and friendship perished To plnek away the goading tbarft. irr com pi mwn ?*. u ma. suviowg strain To * in in? bark '<? boyhood* bo wars, That I may nandaryet again. Amidst ths-ir e?an?s?ent (lowart? Lo ! in the waste ol memory Softened by tint*, how pure ther bloom ' Say, are they not fair things to Ale ? I.ook once again,auch ia their doom. Then turn from earth, thou sceni'st to sav , " 'Tit all a lying vanity." " Seek tream re* that fade not nwoy,"' Bright air of immortality. But to return from the mutes to the graces:? 5o gratified seemed tin* assemblage, that the proen ide was nnconsciously prolonged to ueuriv ruble the usual term. The hand, who uniformly ten upon these oeessioBS with " liaihCsluml i.. em to have hit upon a republican distinction hrveen their performance at the President's (i.irtim ad that of the Capitol, at which latter they br'.ik ) with "Ynnkee iModle"; but eonsideting 'he resident as Mend Servant of the People, they beat i" retreat from In* excellency's with "Clare de .itchen!" To this sublime melody, we, nnd .11 te rest, took ourselves and our raptures, home. Lirr. ? ROM Boctii Ami ate*.?The editor of the rhiladphia Inquirer hat faither Intelligence fiom Santa Maria. Symptoms of discontent ha been manifested by o n si ho enjoyed the amnesty proclaimed by Ot-neral ctran, and there was pome apprehensions that it would eak out in open resistance against the established anoritie*. As Ni iprsT.--Yester.lay a small boa?, in whirh was a mi ami a small boy, lying 111 the track of the tr?n.?..>'.t w rhilat^lphia, a hurt distance above Bristol, in atnpting to raise the anchor, capaire I and left its oceunts no alternative but to hoU nil the bottom. Capt. nkle, of the ataamhoat, sent out his toat and named m. The little fellow aang out, as be saw the boat <-omf to their relisf, " Hold on, daddy, they'll ft* n? .Prrrt I'hiladtl]>b? Lfdgtr, July 7.

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