Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1842, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1842 Page 2
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\ lav YORK HERALD. I <> k, Friday, July g, |H4'4. llelHliI Bulletin of \rwa. H llerall Bulletin of Nawsiskcpt at the north-we.' ji.M.ri 01 Kultou and Naimi On the arrn :il of th nunuing mails, at eight o'clock, A. M. and also ol th. < oning mails, at four o'clock. !'. M., the latest intelligenc trorn all part* of the world, may he louud on the Hurel Bulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wajiarui stop and tead. Advertisements ot all laud* taken at the olti. i lie re ill (leiieial Printing Olllcc. T he limrral Printing Ottice, capable ol doing all sons o( printing, such as hooka, pamphlets, bills, cards of ?1 descriptions, is now open attha lleralI Buildings, entrain from Nassauatreel?Joseph Elliott, Printer. Brit lath ami American Ktlatlon*. Ill looking carefully over our tiles ol Knglish papers, and judging front the tenorof our private correal ondence, we tind that the Hritish government are unanimous in their anxiety tor an immediate eeiilenient of the Ihuuid.irt (.Question, and that all further quibbling will be obviated by the negotiations being carried on with vigor, und tree from those const.inilv occurring delays, wlticli have marked ull former periods of lid agitation. We hear that the party now in power are undying thenisr|vt-? to the question with the utmost diligence, and v. h sincere hopes < I such an adjustment as w ill be a! honorable and satisfactory to both countries. Of the arrival of the Acadia in England, with in: nee of the appointment of Commissioners hy the State wl Maine, a '(decided impression was created by the news. It was hailed as a most auspicious furtherance of the views entertained hy the government, and was generally construed into a di?, lion on tire part of America, not only to aid in the adjustment of this particular difficulty, hut also as betokening a wi.-li to soften the asperities 011 other matters which have unfortunately been allowed to occttiiy public attention Inr beyond their real merits, and to have assumed an apparent importance which no circttinstances attending them have in any degree justified. The commercial community in England are now t ally alive to the bearings of all the questions at issue ?and among the leading features in producing the present peaceable aspect, we are happy in noticing that steam navigation is universally allowed to have bi -n mainly instrumental. The North American sT< liners and their unvaried performances are now the subject of observation throughout Europe, and it cannot be questioned but that their establishment is ivw tie: leading feature in the political and commercial r< lations of the country, and it is die equally boundsu duty of both to encourage the fulld evelopemeat of such a mighty enterprise, as it is the interest of every one to promote its fullest and most complete success All trilling cen-iderations of local prejudices must be forgotten in considering such u question, and let us not seek to mar the results of one of the greatest achievements of modern tunes, by giving way to any selfish feelings, but rather let us cheerfully unite in rendering a full measure of justice to ail uudcriaking fraught with such inconceivable blessings. Although a vast deal has already been accomplished in bringing tha public to acorrect understanding of th interests involved, and of the changes necessarily oceuring through Atlantic steaming, still there are many prejudices yet to be overcome, and many absurd notions yet to be dis|*-lled. Since the tunc of its first establishment its full success has inn degree been retarded, in conae pience of the cloud which has so long hovered around the political atmosphere. Every department of trade has suffered front this cause, and it is the present seeming certainty of its removal that causes us to congratulate the people of both countries on the better pros- 1 pects awaiting them. We teel assured that as the ' various in att rs of dispute are one by one disposed ' ?.f, wil interests continue benefitted ' and improved, mid we shall then be placed in a position 10 re ap a!! good that can be derived iroin the r ~1 and speedy steam communication now s< firmly established. Tlic Ciinnrtl l.luc of Steamers. We have, and we believe the people of this couu try generally, have, been much pleased with the remarks of the London Standard in relation to the above line of steamers. This excellent journal has from time to time constantly urged the vast importance of every one uniting, to promote, by all possible means, the interest and success of such great natioual projects. I hi the occasion of the Arcadia's last arrival in England, with the news of the appointment of commissioners on the part of the State of Maine, the Standard hailed the announcement as one ot national importance, and in commenting on the manner of its promotion, had the lolloping remarks on Atlantic steamers. They an -o peculiarly applicable at this present moment, that w e apjteud them. j l'ue continuous punctuality in the receipt of 0111 , \tiic i an advices is now again instanced in the Acadia' i; rii ?l. an J the occasion atiur.U fitting opportunity of call- ! in_ it en.ion to the inanv public benefits unit advantage, i a. r..--.i I.-. ..-?-I - r . . .... u?.ii>vw vintua wni|itnv miu pvncci lunumm Ol ev urv lutv connected with tins extensive branch of steam com- ' mu.,ie ntion, an I it giv ,-s ut extreme pleasure to render | Kin li . o ig. atui.ition as we feel belongs to the spirit? managers of thi great national undertaking, for the unwearying manifestations ot energv which the whole eon i Joel of ;iie- ships so abundantly and signally displays.? I a our situation of being conversant with most ol the resol" accruing trom such enterprise-, we cannot but lee. -i ply intei caitt-J in their successful issue ; and in our fro j i. on the perlortnatices of these North Ann tiea i steamers, we have had eonstant oeeasion to recor -u h mechanic ami scieutiiic achievements aa huve aston- , isln-d tin- whole world . an ' which, although now cont in or 1 for several sears, are yet maintaining the sam. 1 in .rvellnus execution 01 voyages ami with wonderlullv i g a i vantage to the great countries they have ?< uglit together, from the day ol {heir first s ,n tie e his been no deviation from the strict line o: .buy i. 1 lulling, or desire not to incur tho very utmoic res,. Misilulity . the whole business lias gone .as with tin sani al nimble perfection, and with even more regular! th in oar inland mailt, and indeed ii we make nllow i - < lor 11 ' .. e travelled; we shall !i:i 1 the delivery o .. - American letters, m t only as standing first in the scnlt ..I me hi .i.ty, i ul a? bearing the pre-eminence over v .v se heme with which the public service hat be.-n conii i e . VV'h-i we look back on the irregularity of tormei mail d. liveiic , nu l contrast the present position w ills that ol t,-pis?, w< ar- most .orcibl) reminded of these modem i triumph , (in although the goo i als eudy developir u ti.c establishment of the NorthlAmen. an line, J1 i leg. ee almost be) mid the comprehension of pers .n no intimately ac pi.tinted with the various mercantile and otln-r relations ot the countries, yet persons conversant w . I. i n-true bearing ol the great national interests involve!. w ill agree with us when we state, that the benefits yet to be obtained are far greater than those which team nas alread) placed in our possession. If Ike v o) ages of the North American line of steameis had boon in any one case unsuccessful in performance i th. re arc not wanting parties anxiously waiting to lake I ,i.. an tug ol the smallest irregularitv. as ailhrdiiir testi- I muny u'liint th geiaral accomplishment of their dutir II .wev.r, instead of any murmur or complaint, we hear ft! n mn< ti it commendation of the mm iri a1 ityiuR kind . i i. ry , ..iiic iiUeient ha* dcrivi I it* share ol good Irorn ami tnn*t new cheerfully award the coi 1 nidvrtaking such tribute avis their just and V ell-n.rl ite tjdev-rt. " till-i it ar.ivnl, numei u* ailJresses anil m > 1, not only from Canada, but also ?-v< i ' >' be Aim i an I uion, intreating increaaod eivi -e Ir tn til- -( oner*, and Mating the many blessing all !i ive i -ill fatten t > the countries, as reasons for I" ther nil; .in- to ti- - heoie ol the Not th American "t. l in- matter i- now to paging the attention o' u <.oL--rcautile public ah- ad, and we feel assured hi i? iv* approi .Hun; lor it to in- taken up w ith inere ??'i eii ioy bv all pa tie* intere?t< ton thi* tide. In - n itter -'ich n. th.? no 'peculaiiveschemrs are m l artost l! i* ii 'lational concert: in t very point ol view .and. having faithfully discharge 1 ovary duty In the aervice alreadv -r tei ' - i" I. < [ > . ? to be carrie i out to tha fullest extent to it a.-: i it can be made available. TrtA*au<Jivirr> in Ruodk Island.?It appears, t>> , iociiinnti(>n,tliat frovurnor liing and aouneil, havi n :d tti j 2let inalant, for thank-ging and prayet having escaped front (Jovernor Hu*r and "tha; word." : ' t:ir;. Loi.i'n t aa?.?Wo learn from < apian V.'t, tin--, of the Hucla, frotn St. Kitu and St Tltom is, tti..''he ahock of nn earthquake w an !< ! h' .-i Km* on tin 2"?th of June, and that the inliahi tar -n out of their houses dow n to the *"a -liort \u Itvi a lost, and only one stone wall thrcwi down Atlantic Si-lamkrv?We -hall have four atean era this month. The Acadia, at Boston front Lit etpool, satled thence tlte 5th instant?the Hriti?l 'jueen, here from Antwerp and Southampton, t? -ail thence the 10th?the (ireat Western lrom lirit tol, ihe IHih?and the Columbia at Boston frot Liverpool the 20th. i'laniy of steam nnd pient ofjtewa. k M????? MRT BENNETT'S LETTERS. No. IV. M.imreai-, l-l July, 18J2 We arrived here yesterday morning at elevei 'clock, from Saratoga, Lake George, Ticonderwga. Lake Clmtiiplain, St. Johns and La Prairie. The nil,it- , - tin- ino-t delightful I have travelled. Wi met on our way all kinds ol beauty, wildncss am pii tnre~|iie scenery On Tuesday morning we lei ilie I'iiit * I States 1 Intel at Saratoga, in one of Keen V P. line ol stages, running to t Menu's Falls am Lake i-aorge. Tina line is formed of Kf>L-nditi cat lie-, and fine horses?accommodations to thravelling public* ol the highest character. We started at three o'clock in the afternoon from Saratoga, and reached Caldwell at sun down. The road was extremely good. There had been several gratslul showers on the day belore, and the dust was as low und quiet as tancv stocks in Wall street, or purity and patriotism in Washington. We were also lavored, expressly to order, with a very fine thunder storm, and a lew very capital peal- ol thunder and flashes of lightning. These gave interes! and variety to the somewhat sombre ucene. We crossed tilenn's Falls in a burst of evening light, coming from between two dark clouds, and no one could view that interesting bunch of cataracts in miniature to more advantage. The road to Lake i leorge from this place is truly beautiful It passes along some of the ravines, or "sleepy hollows," between the bills that separate the waters of tlie Hudson and St. Lawrence. Nothing can be imagined more beautilul than to see the last rays of the evening sun falling over the fairy-looking woods that cover those hill tops. The deep green of the foliage seemed to have caught |a silvery appearance. The apprnuch to Lake Georg ia V|'I*V i ?f a III ll III. It u }|V lr..^li :. 11.1 n.*ve to us?we having,never becnjin that purt of the earth liefore. The " little fellow" shouted as loud as he could, as soon as he espied tlie clear, blue and green water, glancing in the descending sun, from the brow of tho rising ground that forms the ridge ot separation between the north and the south. We stopped at Caldwell's Lake House for the night, and it is without exception, one of the cleanest and finest houses that I ever entered. Every piece of furniture is as pure and fresh, as if new. It is kept in first rate style, and is a most delicious spot to linger in for a couple of days. Here is the head of L ike George, surrounded with the mostro. mantic hills, covered to the top with trees, and wn'Ung forth a fragrance truly refreshing. During the full moon the appearance of the Lake, with the small steamer laying at tin shore, and the calm pellucid waters shining like silver beneath, cannot be surpassed in die wide world. Soon after our arrival, one of the big guns was lired oft' from the deck of the steamer, and the report was reverberated from the hills for several seconds, and seemed like a long peal of thunder losing itself gradually in the distance. In the morning, we rose early, probably at five o'clock?and in going out and taking a turn in the village, the fragrance from the mountain woods came down so thick and refreshing, that one would fonor it /./?ii!.J l\u r?nt !? ??/* vliir* oli?/?u ?'?'? l' -- breakfast. At half past six, we sat ck>wn to a most excellent breakfast, rendered the more delicious from the balmy atmosphere, the clean house?the tidy and attentive servants, and the tmU tntemble of this most admirably conducted establishment. Hero you have fresh trout in every possible mode of cookery. On taking our leave of the Lake House, we then embarked at seven o'clock on board the steamer Win. Caldwell, a beautiful little boat, kept as clean md bright as the hotel. The morning was truly deirious?a line cool breeze?a bright sun?a few white clouds to moderate his brighter beams, 'aptain L-.irruhe commands the boat?a very quiet, gentlemanly, intelligent man. In her cabin, he had i new chart of the Lake constructed by himself on a large scale, and the principal islands, headlands oid ii I'unluins, all named and marked out One ol hem which we passed, not being as yet christened, we gave it the name of Dome Island, from its peculiar torm in rising out of the water very like the dome of the Capitol at Washington. The name was accordingly marked down. The voyage down the Lake is truly delightful at this season of the year. The clear water, the translucent wave, the picturesque islands, the wild mountains?the steep rocks?the rugged ravines, every variety of scenery passed by, give the traveller a perjietual feast in the beauties of nature, if lie has a soul capable of enjoying such scenery. 1 do not believe there is any country in Lurope that can surpass?perchance hardly equal the beauty anil picturesquencss of Lake Irorge. Many of the islands are delicious little spots, chosen places for pic-nic and fishing parties. While we passed down, we tgued a fishing party from Aliany on the shore of We of these islands. There was the tent?their cooking npparatus?their little lag (lopping in the wind on the top of a pole?their mat drawn op on the beach, and they themselves >usily engaged in preparing their breakfast of fine, it, fresh trout, caught by themselves from the ver\ waters in which they were washed and cooked. 1 ould siiend a month about I.hUm Cenr?? ..n<t -hores, and every day would be as delightf ul us tin preceding. About Id o'clock we reached lite landing at the border end ol the Lake, and took the stage lor Ticonderoga on Lake Chuinplain. Here the road crosses and recrosses the streum that run" out ot Lake George into Lake Chutupluin. We stopped 011 our way, and took a view of the falls formed by this stream. In about an hour we reached the old tort of Ticonderoga, where we dismounted, and took it view of the ruins?the broken walls, the decaying arch?and the oid gloomy caverns that ar* now open to the light of day. At one o'clock, we arrived at the Pavillion, a very tine hotel on the hanks ot Lake Chain, lain, where the Whitehal st -aui' i - Mop an .I take up passengers for Canada ami 'be lovver end of the Lake. At this place there is a . it 11?* grove on the shore,culled the "Elssler Grove." Hut 1 must stop short?the mail is closing. Drar> ? The Rev. James March, IJ. D. died a' Burlington, Vermont, on the 3d. instant. 11orrihi.r .State of Society.?We cut he fol It wing from a speech of Lord Ashley'sin the Mouse of Commons, describing the state of society in Man chester, England:? I'aw nliroki ri to be I39 Beer-houses, TCP Public-houm-i, 19s H...O...I. ? . . inn llrntheU lately suppressed Ill Brothel* u her* prostitute* itrn kept 1*1 lloii't i ol ill-lame where prostitute* resort,. . 'M srreet-w alkers in the boro 'irh, 7t>:t Thieve* known to reside in the borough, who do nothing hut m-iti 'JM Feraon* following some legal occupation, liut who are know n to have eommitird felony, and augment their gain* hy habitual violation of the law l'lO House* for receiving Molin good*, si House* suppressed lately 3-J Home* for the rasort ol thieve*, 10.1 Home* lately- auppreaaed, !W l.o Iging-home* where the sexss indiscriminately sleep together, 10*1 Niwaa'a.?The Ravels appear in throe entertain'Hi -.ihi* , Vt ning?tin., alone is sufficient to till tie',,i: ' n I lie ,\Ju1'illa is alioul to I"' laid iisut lor forthcoming novelties, jnl as it is decidedly onv ' " tii.e, ,nt. u hi overproduced in tli c in rs, I host who have not seen it should a\a 'la II,.lies o| 'lie o; Ittuiilly, those SvllO hllVS W'i sure to ;:o again.' Vnudevillea to-in<?rT<>s >iikitt iln*?"* light and ple.i *nt pieces are receive, with tr:? t applause. I'lia ua.u Tkcatuk.?Thome announced his it. 'i.-nt .not clo-uig the lmu"1 for a short tunc in u kr to retii and decorate, but owing to the expred wislu of many friend* lie has concluded tocoi linue the perl rniani es, which is done with the us d spirit and excellence. A magnilicent hill is pri sented for this evening, consisting of a galaxy < j talent combined in the two pieces of " Wild Oats rid "Ambrose fiwenctt," Mr. !t*cottaaJohn Dory with Mrs. Thorne as Jane, supported by Mrs. Hie'u as Lady Amaranth. Superior < turt. > Before a lu ach. Jcly 7?oromoas?Htriu. J'horno v?. V. <?. 4- F Ca< net?The defendants who w agants to Mr. Thorn eonti acted for a supply of slat 1.1 1 elation to sonic hutli. ingi about to be put up for tin mthe burnt district. O: returning to thia city, Mr. T. jected to the aliteona> count ol thu expense, and Mton. Cames agreed to kee; it tbumtelve*. Some dispute occurred, and action wu brought. The ruli-rees gave iu lavor of plaintiffi Tlie pn sei is .i motiou to settlie rejairt aside. Motion denied. ! <i'd llowe ?. the Mayor. 4 c , "/.Vsic York.?Dumagi h?.' ci n awarded in favor of plaiutitl l'?r iujuiiea receive w lulu riding in the evening throu :h Fourth street, in roe setj .? uce ol earth baiug leit liom the excavation of a wail The ( ourt stutcd that the Corporation was not|liable lo ili"' acts of it* officers, ? hose duty ? as defined by statate but such is not the case here. Motion for new trial >1< tried. John Foorhiei vs. Joseph It'ooley.?Judgment lor plain till conlii nir.l. Thongry, Zachrision, and others, vs. the 7Vi/?n fruui ancr Company.?Refusal ha.i been made to pay a losa oi account ofan attachment which lay against a principal although the agent had stipulated that the money, in tin event of lost, should lie paid only to himself. The Coui held that the agent hud such right. Verdict for pluintilf. Win. *1. FAIrry \s. T'ios. .'1 .'iteiander, and others.?/ note w;is churned, after execution, belonging to the Morrii Cannl Company. a foreign corporation, w ho, in this case are the real purlle The Sheriff vv as not aware ot tin- noti at the time of serving the execution, and had not rcturnei it iu tiie schedule. 1 he Court held, therefore, that lie ha no right to it. Judgment for plaintiff. Cornelius (1 Fun Rensselaer vs. Charles flurrill.?Tin pluintill' had endorsed a note, vv Inch was discounted at till Westchester liank. but not paid when due and sued. Tin attorney for the Hunk subsequently wrote to plaintiff thn it wits paid. It had bean taken up by another of the par ties, Mr. Sedgwick, and judgment obtained by him agalns Van Rensselaer. The latter declare* that ne was taker by surprise. New trial granted, on payment of costs. John f. Wolf vs. Fait Mine Manlier.?The 'defendan had leased an office to plaintiff, (which he had orcupici as an agency to forward passengers to DtilFitlo,) with tin understanding tliut he was to give lip the business undo ltcndltv til miviiiir nnv ilamntri* that mirrlit omriintn nloin till'. Wolfdhf not occupy tin: office, and could not show any damage ihft' ho had sustained, other than that he wa a stockholder in ft forwarding company, for which, how ever, lie w as not employ ed to act. A nonsuit w ns entered and motion ma le to set the nonsuit aside. The ( out t heh thnl In would have been entitled to six cents damages, hu that is not enough for w hich to set u nonsuit aside. Mo'.ioi denied. Fied'k- P. Joints vs. Rob;. I Inward anil (Jarre! 'I' Hijck man. ? A draft for ^400. drawn by 11 man nami d Joyce, a sixty days, and endorsed by How ard and Ry ckman, wui cash* i by Mr. Smith, brakor. Payment was refband 01 the ground of asury, Mr. S. having chargwl $40 for dis counting it. The draft had been endorsed by Ryckmun in the name of the firm, to take up a previous one by tin same drawer, which he had individually endorsed. Thi referees gave in favor of defendant. A motion is made tc set the rc|>ort aside, on the ground that tho note had pass ed to a third party, and tin. Mr. Smith, previous to dis counting, had called upon Mr. Howard, who acknnwledg ed it to be their paper and a business draft. The Com held that the new law vitiates a note or draft on which usury had been received, although it may have passe, into the haads of innocent third parties. It also thought Mr. Howard had n right to the plea of usury, not withstand ing his declaration. Motion denied. I nine Packard vs. Uoher! Hootlse mid Oaritl Jacohus.? Mr. Packard had acknowledged having in his hand money belonging to a contractor, but afterw ards denied it.? Judgment was given against him by referees, 011 account of his admission, and the present is a motion to hare Hit report set aside. Motion denied. Kdward C Haiti day, adm'r, ads. John \ohle. ltelativi to money which was in the hands of defendant's latt lather, belonging to an insurance olRce. Judgment fot defendant cn the demurrer, with liberty to plaintiff to re ply tie novo on payment of costs w ithin 10 days. Rugene Lentilhon and Frederick Martin i s. Charles W". t'orwirk.?A broker named Schult/. had procured ol plaintiffs hills of exchange on Paris, to the amount of tj.900, w hich were filled up in favor of defendant. The bills were delivered to Schult/. without the cash being paid. Alter the packet had sailed, plaintiffs sent to Schultz's ottice for the money, hut not finding him there demanded the amount of defendant. He refused, having already paid the money to Schutz, who misapplied it, ntid hall committed suicide that morning. The court held, that if plaintiffs considered they held defendant as a principal, they should not have delivered the hills to tuehrokii without restriction, ns they did. A verdict had been found fur defendant. Motion for new trial denied. ( cncml ticsshitis, Beibro his Honor the Recorder Tallmadge, Judges Lynch and Noah and Alderman Leonard. Jomes R. Whiting, Esq. District Attorney. Jilt 7?William Scott alius Wells, an Englishman, aged about 30 years, was tried on a charge of grand lar cony tor sieanng iw in gol. in<l silver coin, lrom the trunk of Wm. F. Bradley, on tt. .'1st June. The prison er boarded nt the house of Ni r?. Baxter, corner of the Bowery and Walker street, im ?mpany with compluinam and the evening previous to .lie time the money was missed Bradley counted it ill pr> -ence of prisoner and replaced in his trunk. Scolt inarmed complainant the dnj previous that he had no money, and after the tiunk hud been rilled, Bradley hearing money rattle in prisoners pocket w out to .Mrs. Baxter and told her that he :usp? cled Sro'.t ha.lstolen his money from this circumstance, as lis had ,?revi?usly stated lie was short of funds. She rcphed that it coul 1 not be so, as he had just paid her for a weeks' hoard, and on showing the money which was in half dollars, Bradley immediately idi nti'fied one of tie pieces us having been in his trunk, from the tact that a piece had been cut from it. A skeleton key that would unlock the trunk of Bradlay was found in an out house in the yard, and asmall threo cornered file was also foumi in tho room of Scott, stuck in the ceiling. When the prisoner was arrested about $16 in apecie was lound upon him. Bradley stated in his examination that hu come to thiscity for the purpose of going to London, to recover jCJ30,000 left him and his father by a deceased relative in England The defence conducted by Wm. M. Trice and J. M. Bates, Esqs., presented n letter purporting to have been written by J. L. Hawkins, of Connelsvillu, Ta.,on the 1th of August, 1341, and addressed to Josiali Steen, of Washington, 1). t'., recommending Wm. Scott as a portrait painter of considerable talent. Henry Peters .Gray, jiortrai painter of this city, was called to the stand on the part ol the prosecution,and stated that the prisoner applied to inn. for assistance when he, thiough the aid of the Artists Association, procured the sum of fiii, which he gave him and advised him to Re back to Connclsv iIf, Pa. The prisoner was ably defended by Mr.Price in summing up. and the prosecution tvas equally sustained by Mr. Whiting in a short sprech to thejurv. The Court charged the jury hrietfy.and after an absence of about three quarters of an hour they returned a verdict of not guilty. Margaret McKinney, alias Fee, was triad on a charge of assault and battery, with intent to kill her male infant, on the night of the 20th of January last. It was proved by prosecution, by the affidavit of VVilliam Calhoun, and the testimony of 'i'homas O'llare, that on the above named evening about 6 o'clock, they saw prisoner proceeding towards the foot of -.'1st street, with a child in her arms. Rn 1 thnt when she reached the wl urf she looked about to s.-e if any one was in sight, and then threw tha handle she hail in her arms overboard. Calhoun immediately r;ui tow arc's the water, and on recovering the bundle it was found to contain a lino mnle infant, whose immersion in the cold water had caused it to scream lustily. O'llare stopped prisoner, while she was in the act of running away, but she denied all knowledge of the transaction. The defence, conducted by Messrs. Shaler and Price, asked the reading of the prisoner's examination before th< police, in which she admitted the truth ot the allegations made against her, but attributed the act to partial insanity existing at the time, produced by the abandonmen' oflier husband. Joxvthvx Lovr.jor, dentist, with whom prisoner had lived as a sen ant on the 1st ot Januniv, at the time the child was born, testified that after the birth of the child she behaved very stubborn -n I refused to answer questions put to her. She left his house on the 3d of the same month and lesidol with ( atlianne C ah art, who also stated that she appeared out of her mind and acted very st lage tow aril* her child. J nix J. Phillips, who was keeper of the female prison in the To--.lis at the time prisoner w as committed, state I that he Co.isi.leml tier partially insane and ordered her to be watched for foar she would destroy herself. She remained so for many w eeks afterwards, but finally recovere t. and at present w as one of the neatest and best behaved , ei sons (-online 1 in the cells. Wvi, M. Pit it i , Ksq. in addressing the Court, previous to the delivering of tho charge to the jury by the Jteoorder, contended that as partial insanity had been proved in a most satisfactory manner, at the time the crime was committed, the intent, so necessary in the ev e of the law to prod u.-e con vie lion, was shown not to exist, and therefore a verdict of acquittal was the only one the jury could render. in'i oun rn.r geu rnai mcjcviuriicci 01 insanity on the part of prisoner, ns produced in court, were very slight, and the jury, after a.i absenceol live minutes returned e verdict ol guilty,! ut recommended lier strongly to the mercy of the court. The court then sentenced her to two years imprisonment in the Stale prison, it being the low est teun in their power, and then adjourned to Kiiday morning at eleven o'clock. Coininoii Council, IJoai.' o> Asmstaxt, July 7, HO Thu i'ri ii.lent, Mr. Am i- in the t;hair. All the members present except Assistant Alderman Eiquirol. Several petition' w ei presented, among ihem the following : <11 I lios. K. Peers, for a hase of Castle tiarden.Kcom the Captains ot th > ith district watch for additional posts Ot John M'Glensey, at Orsntp- street, asking remuntrntion for injury done to his hi on the evening of Pith April. Of Daniel Burrett and other nve Washington Market lighted with gas. All reft in Improchmtnl of the Mayor, t o motion ol Assistant Alderman Scoies, thi | xmtih uu resolution offered by hint last evening, w as taken n Mr, S. made some remarks in their support, they mg called lor, he thought, by the course of tne Mayet'. As8istnnt Aldermen C. J. I ,l Mill WirtlMes sail a few words in answ er. #Mr Wen t:Mi\ moved that the preamble be strick< ' out llethought it unjust and uncalled for. Mr- Hcole> opposed. The aj e? and nay s were called, an 1 the prean. 1.1c -ostained, 9 to 7. ,M W. said he hoped thu resolution w .wild not pa^s t'r t I've' ng. He ktiiw important motions laid over last yt 'or week at a tir.u at the suggestion of some member o he 'In n min ilv. lit moved that the resolution he agat aid on the talile till next meeting. Carried int., 7. S?v eral papers from the other Board were referred t appropriate committees. R-solutions from the Board ol Aldermen, retiuirin Messrs Cowdrey and Kiting, counsel and attorney for tin *>ot |>oration to make over all the papers in their possessio I 1 i longing to the city, including suits commenced, So were laid on the table till nex meeting. Some opposite 'o this had beca manifested by some ot the whig mi e ' fr?. tut Assistant Alderman "Nesbit said lie felt it h uty to accede to the request for such, there being get lemen in the Hoard now w ho had been as part of a m.ijo tt) scrupulous to sustain the riglits of the minority durin the past year. * ' "/ the IVatch.- The ordinance from th otner Board, taking the appointment of lire member* 11 t- m??????i? ??????bans * *h? city wateh from tto Mayor, tad rotting it In tho con mtuc* of both board* on Police, Watch and Prison# wo. I iid on the table?a* wai that taking the appointment < the bell ringers from the Mayor and vetting it in the Com 1 iitlee on Fire and Water. The resolution fr ont the other Board complaining of Al iermen Purily and Leonard, tec. in reference to opimting he new w liig organizationon the firs; day, wan also, f?; the presi rit, iuid on the table. C'ify .iiromili.- A re olution requiring tho ybi iuu . oil cers to keep the account* lince July 4, teperale from tin > |,rct iousones, u a* also read. Hat Urn Hail Huud.? The report of theother Board non corn urring with the special committee ol this board, ?r deling the iuil? to lie taken up south of ltith street, wa

1 ordered on file. Kusulutions for regulating certain stteets, Ace. wen referred. Assistant Alderman Baowv offered a resolution callinp upon the Commissioners ol the Alms House to repotl ih names of parsons appointed by them, fcc. Assistant Alderman PtiTTioaaw wished to amend by having the salaries appended. Mr. ScoLr.iinquired what the motive was. After remark from Mr. Bkow.n, the resolution was t withdraw n. Pmwnhroktri.?Mr. Brown otfered a resolution calling i upon the Mayor to report w hat pawnbrokers, keepers of i junk shops, ic. have been licensed. Mr. neil it said there had been much difficulty in regard to tlnm, anil lie believed that nearly all in the city t w ere going on now w ithout anv license.?Adopted. 1 Taint.?Assistant Alderman feasor otferad a resolution for the ajqioiiument of u special committee of three to apply to the legislature for a law to abolish the office ol Ward collectors uud collectors of arrears of taxes, anc ; have one collector appointed for the city [wonder if it t will be Tom Lloyd) with a sufficient number of deputies . to do all the business. Adopted, and Messrs. Scolas, Biaf 11 v a .1 WaTernnin. \wr.-:n.r><?int.-.l i Afai/.-'s Firit Marshal?The Comptroller made a report agreeably to the call of last evening, in which he stated t that the first marshal, Mr. Ward, has paid $fl,50t? to the 1 Chamberlain, and that he also handed $5,000 to the Mayor, wnogase it to the superintendent of streets (no appror prist ion having been made) to ulace lime round in the gut tars and koen the streets healthy, itc. The Comptroller says as this is an unprecedented proceeding, it is submitted, Sir. It- lerred to the Counsel of the Board. Assistant Alderman NrtaiT moved that when this board adjourn, it tie ?o to to-morrow evening. Mr. Pettigrcv, i amende i to Monday evening?Carried. I A 11-.ilnt 'on w is referred, providing for a desk, in the i IS i) Hull for the Board of Education. The Hoard then adjourned to Monday next,at 1 o'clock. t City Intelligence* Tin Matoh's Vr.To.?Many strange notions exist as to the pow er of the veto of the Mayor of our city upon the passage of ordinance* or resolutions by the Common Coun. cil. After an ordinance or resolution has passed both , branchns of tlie Common Council it must be presented to the Mayor for his signature, and unless returned by him in ten days it becomes a law without his aid. If he refuse to sign and interposes his veto, it must be read in each i hoard, entered upon the minutes and published in the cor1 potation papers. After the expiration of ten days, the same question run be rcco aside red, and if passed by a inn jority ol votes becomes a law notwithstanding bis veto It will thus ho seen that his veto power is inoperative against a majority. Jf.wi.llkht Recovered About id months since Messrs. Baldwin it Co., jew ellers, of Newark, N. J-, shipped ( their agunts in New Orleans, by tho ship Tattoo, ? box of jew ellery valued at alxiut $3,000. The vessel arrive! in safety but the jewellery and box was missing, and no trace of it could be discovered. aincr transpired that induced officer Bowyer to investigate th< matter, and he therefore, on Tuesday, arrested ThomaCarliu, who wits mate of the Yazoo at the time, and found in his possession 1 quantity ol the stolen jewellery, amonf which was a gold watch and a number of valuable bruos' pins, kc. They were identified by the Messrs. Baldwin, and Carlin was entombed for trial. Us.sclt os Intsmpiiiaxce.?A woman named Ernes' t tiae Matthew s, one of the besotted denizens of the Points , was found dead yesterday in her bed at the house where , she lodged. The Coroner held an inouest on the ho,lv im.i thr jury returned a verdict of death from apoplexy. ' t New horn Child Murdered.?A male ialaut newly j horn w in lound en the aide walk in Amity street, y eater day morning, with hit mouth and throat tilled with dirt and gnaw, that it is presumed was forced in to destroy ' lile. ' f Drowned and Found.?Tha body of Joshua S.Christian , of t old Springs, in this State, who fell overboard from the steamer Superior on Saturday last, while engaged in hit ' capacity ns a hand on board, was recovered yesterday and i interred by the Coioner. German Kmiorant DaowNro.?Judge DeKav,of Hudson county, hi. J., held an inquest on Wednesday last, at 1 the " Slongha" in that county, on the body of a Gemini. ( emigrant taut had tioatcd ashore there, whose name waascertained to be Heinrick Stun. Krom papers found in j Ills pocket, it appeared that ha had been a linen weaver and wus born in Uraunschwend, Hesse, Germany. Thai he left Ddrmstuadjon the thjd of April for this country to purchase find for his famiiy, and in all probability ha lullen Irom one of the tow bouts in which he hud lukt i passage to Albanv. , The German VV'inc Horn: in '.'1st streut, near Broadway, was entirely consumed by fire yesterday morning. u George Zee, a calorod rogue, belonging on board the v schooner Mary of Halifax, was arrested yesterday bv olh j cer Joseph of the Fourth Ward, charged with stealings gold waieh belonging to the captain of the vessel. Hi w as committed for trial. Death eroM Accident on the Fourth.?During thmorningoi tlic4th inst. while Mr. John McKinlass, of 187 Grand street, was handling a pistol it accidentally explo- ( ded, and the contents entering one of his hands injured i'. | so severely as to cause his death, at the hospital, or. Wednesday evening. ^ Suicide nr a Lunatic.?One of the inmates of the Lu- . rmtir. .... II loo Iilun.l r'-.v :... Dclaud, committed suicide on Wednesday last l>y Strang ( ling herself with one of the sheets of the bed. She wu.- ] admitted to the Asylum on the 23d of June, isio, and nt intervals was greatly excited from the effects of insanity, and had a desire to commit suicide. Court Calrmlnr?This <iny . ( No*. 48, -19, 61. * !. M, '>6, .39, 60, 62, 69, 64, 67, 70, 71, 4, I 37, 7.3, 76, 77, 79, 8?, 61, 82, 63, 84. lurobtsxt fbom Mkiico.?The U.S. frigate Maredo- 1 nian. arrived at Pensacola last Monday from Vera Cruz ( When > he left, the yellow fever was very had. deaths 30 or 1 10 per dav?and was very had also at Tampica. Commodore Wilkinson furnished the editor of the Pensacola ' Gazette v ith several interesting documents, lately issued J hy the II. xiran Govcniment. Thoy are all aimed against i Texas, and against the United Suites for allowing so much 1 aid ns has beeu given to Texas by American citizens within the United States. The first paper is a circular to Mexican diplomatic an. consular og nts in Europe and America. It states the constant solicitude and recent preparations of the Maxicat government for the *' re-conquest of the Department o. Texas'*?complains that "the g vemment and subordinate and local authorities " of the United States have " tolerated tranquilly,contentedly and impassively.the numerous public meetings which are held, the armaments and other aids of war that hsr citizens send constantly to Texas," ami announces that Santn Anna has " protested | formally and repeatedly against such an open violation of the principles of the laws oi nations, and of the treaties el 1 friendship which havo been formed." Inclosed in this circular are circulars addressed to theDiplomatic ministers ol England, France, Spain, Prussia, and the Unites] States and a special note addressed to the Honourable Daniel | Webster, Secretary of State of the United States ?bath dated on th? 31st of May. These papers are direct- ' ed to be published a* fully as possible, hy the Mexican agents throughout Europe and America. "The circular addressed to Foreign ministers is full of ' reproaches against the United States, for having suffered. I in tl, . I.r nf its ntithnriti... tho iwnMss nS ing of volunteers, and furnishing of munitions of war against Mexico anil on behalf of Texas?status the formal and repeated protests|ol Mexico ngainst these breaches of the law of nations, and the faith of treaties?and recites that these explanations are made to the end that the other ' governments may be apprised of such acts, and know that ] " Mexico, without desiring to disturb the relations which subsist w ith the United States, well knows how it max be proper to manifest and canst to be appreciated the justice w hich accompanies her, and w hieh she considers hasrd { upon the law of nations?making use of all that her honor anil dignity Imperatively demands." , 1 This smacks of war. These are something like the | manifestoes with w hich European nations used to precede the declaration of war. Tubxsdo at Nrnna V alls v.?A tornado swept through 1 Nunda Valley on Saturday af'ernoon-last, which has ' done much damage. It seemed to have originated from t the meeting of two clouds in the valley, and swept i down the creek to the northeast, moving houses urn! i hams, and prostrating sheds, fences and trees, nnd every tiling in iu course. Large (piantities of timber has , been blown dow n, ai d much damage done to the fences is'-. One'lingular freak and narrow escape, is worthy of notice. A house in w hich a family, named Mason, resid- 1 est, w as lifted from over their hea ls, and carried aw ay, ' leaving the family *x]*>scd but uninjured on the first ' floor! The main curprat of tir is said to have been troni ! .'al rods to half a mile v ide. It w as re|iorted In-fore our in* I formsnt lef, that much damage w as also done by the tornoli- initscnurse at Oroveland. It there turned | into a severe hail storm, and broke down the wheat, and injured sheep, cattle, isc.?Cattarautut Htvtih. Fortification at Savsxxaii?Fort Pulaski, atfias.irnah, is now well nigh finished. Already some twenty 1 jruns have been placed in battery, nnd the w ork is propressing In such n such a manner as to justify the expec- ' tat ion that it will be completed during the ensuing win- f ter, or muoh sooner, it needs be. The body of the work, r or inother words, the different bastions and curtains, will mount 101 g'ins. including both the cas. mated batteries ' nnd those, an barbette. Tin out-workl(redan) will mount '( some si venteen pn-cas of 1 nvy ordnance while on the si award side there willl a mortar battery in addition to 1 the at>os?. * Va rt-rl. i'l Bir.flM - i'm Tcxxn isd( atlbx Lakf .- 8 T bis beautilnl little lake i.. iu Kinderhook coimtv, in this C State, nnd about 9A miles di-tant froai Warsaw. It is aitu- r ated upon a high dividing ridge, and at the upper i art o! c tilt lal?e is similar in shape to the upper part ol the tunnel he circumference of w hich at the mouth, is atiout out hundred and fifty fee', and atiout ten at the bottom. Aftei descending ,K) or 40 feet from ihu natural w indiiig stairs, we came to the inouth of the cavern leading to the lake, w hich is the eliptic circle. We entereil the silent cavtm, 1 and bad another descent to make of some forty or lifts st eps before we stood at the brink of the waters of the Inki < The surface of this sheet of water contains about twi thousand square feet, mnl the cavern has some appearand i of being the work of nrt; but its high nnd vaulted chnm < hers, and its stupendous and mngaificeiit ceilings as of th< j .nipcneirahle adamant, prove to man that man Knows bu' little of the tiowe's of the earth. The cavern lake wouh ; tv a ri 'i nnd pleasant treat to the tourist or geologist, am' \oiil,'be wsiieil bv all the lovers of nature. -- Omit* (Me- 1 I I'allty, 1 BY THEISOUTHERN'MAIL. | Wa*lilnKton. [Coneai-oadrnce of tilt- Herald.] Washington, Wednesday 3 o'clock. Ill the Senate the debute is in progress on the bil providing punishm-nt for erinu - and offences ae in.-, the United St-ites 011 the Ingli sea.-. Mr. Berriei spoke very fully on the bubjeol, and the bill paa. ee lo be engrossed. A meinoriul was read from Kichard Peters, He porter of the Decisions of the United States Suprenit Court, informing Congress that no provision ha been made to puy the Heporter of the Supreme Court hereafter, his couijensation having been omitted in the several appropriation bills. In tke House, it has been voted, on the motion o! Mr. Fillmore, to take the tariff bill out of the committee on Tuesday, the 12th. Mr Triplett made a speech in favor of the tobacco interest, and Mr Mark A. Cooper is now discoursing on Ceorgia politics. Meanwhile a violent tempest is raging out 01 doors, which hids lair to be a repetition of the Philadelphia storm. Baltimore. [Corre?;?inilence of the He raid.] Baltimore, July 7, 19-U. MB. Rditoh :? It ii with regret that I announce the death of the Hon. Thomae Veazey. Ex-Governor of Murvland. Ho died af his residenae iu Cecil County, on Thursday last, uftur a very severe and rather protracted illness. The Independent Blues, Captain Law, returned yesterday from an excursion to Norfolk, Va. They hod a most glorious time of it, and wore mude to realise fully all the: proverbral hospitality for which tho Virginians are preeminently distinguished. Their military brethren showed them every attention that oould possibly be shown. The presentation of the tiag at Lancaster lias created a great excitement. It was a most interesting occasion. The remarks of N. Too, Esq., of this city, an presenting the flag, were sublimely beautiful and profoundly patriotic. He is a gentleman of finishodfacquiremants and promises ere long to rank most eminently as a lawyer. I have always esteemed him, and to say less would be -o disregard truth, as well ns to do injustice to my own feeliags. Our Cadet boys, as thoy have boen termed, are making extensive pi eparatione for their visit to Boston. They are out drilling late and early every morning, except Sunday Tell your Boston readers to keep a sharp look out for them. They will be along according to promise, and if they drilled well at the celebiuted encampment,they will do up things much better in a month hence. Homes, I'urpur and Senton. the Nicholson robbers,were sentenced yesterday to ten years each in the I'enitentiary for that offence, and I'urpur five additional years, for larceny of which he was also found guilty. The O rand Jury has adjourned. J know of no more important cases to come before the city Court, except a license case, which 1 am informed has been purposely made by the brokers te test the constitutionality of the licensolsw. They arcdoing no business whatever. 30ti hhds beef Cattle were offered yesterday and 150 sold it prices ranging from $1 a $6 50; nliout 50 head were driven north. 1 quote Howard Street Flour at $8, very little in market ; City Mills is also about $6 ; sales of Susquehanna were made at $6 H7J. Nothing doing in Orain. The weather continues inclined to rain. The farmers will harvest a better crop than they had anticipted. Yours, RODERICK. Philadelphia. [Correspondence of the Herald.] I'll 11. a on. rms, July 7, 1342. Wnhavo wnnl linr.? from P.nnu Klaml tVint tkr>ro ara hat fashionable watering fplnce at tliit time al>out 20< | ,'isitora?not one-sixth the number that inay comfortably >e accommodated there. Within the la?t year there hat ieen an addition to the number of hotels there of a largr md splendid establishment, under the charge of thr Messrs. McMaakens. Those who hare visited it speal. lighly of it. To-morrow and neat day three boats will ilart from here for the Capes ; and though the weather is o-day against any great number of passengers going lown, I have no doabt they will aonsidcrably add to th< lumber at present at the Island. It will be a safe calcuation to say. I think, that four hundred visiters will be or. he Island at the opening of the next week. It is a delight ill place. At the latest information from nur l..rrielat?,-,. 1* l.-.l il. 5ill for she relief of Domestic creditors before it with lit le more prospect ol a favorable termination of it than ex.-teil a fortnight since. The Judiciary Committee by (i in ip >111 \ lis i km tnitraetad to report a bill to abolsh the ( ourt of General Sessions, and to report it by tili > lay. A communication was received from the Auditor General, in reply to a resolution of the Senate, informing lie Legislature that the whole amount of the funded debt f this State, as registered in the Bank of PcnnsylvouiG, vas divided us lollows :? ,oans held by citi/.cus of this State, $9,636,613 47 .. foy citi/ens of other States, l.fb'0,337 0.1 " by subjects of foreign kingdom*, 23,739,200 On Total, *34,461,366 47 Matthias Bowman was held to hail thi* morning by At term an Smith in >100, on the charge of having shot the lorse of Paul Knablack, of Kensington, on Monday night Phe alderman admitted testimony for the defendant, am' wo or three witnesses swore that he was in the city until 10 o'clock, and was last seen going to lied. Mr. Kern, for mere than twenty years deputy collecto if this port, died at Wilmington, yesterday. As a tokei -espoct for his memory, the custom ''house flag was di>played at half matt. There arc already, before he isbti ried, several candidates for his vacated olhce. A son of Mr. George Meteer, of the Nerthorn Liberliei j while fishing at Willow street wharf yesterday, fell Int" : he river and was drowned. Ue was al out 14 years'" I ige. A laek boy about the same age, was drowned th same day at Gray's Ferry. There was a pretty fair amount of business done in docks to-day for these times, though without materia rhange in prices. After board, the following sales were, nade :?60 shares Commercial Bank, 30; 31 Wilmington Bank, llj; 16 Girard Bank, 2 ; 13 Mechahics Bank, llj : 15 Annuity Insurance,69;50 Reading Bank, 3'fj, $5500 City Sves, 1804, 9* ; and $200 PenaryIvania fires, 1964,40. tt'Our theatres are vary thinly attended?even the lioa md other animals have not strength enough to draw. Snrntogn. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Saratoga, July 4,1842. Mattfrsan/t Tlnnct at Saratoga. J.G. Bennett, L. L. 1).? My Dear Oi.d Doctor :? 1 arrived here just one day too iate to catch you. die belle and lc jeune Kditeur. Well, you havlled to Lake George tor the rounds. On my way up the river some part of our p >culiar American manners presented thernsi Ives in a niort peculiar form. It is a fuct, thit on board the steam r Troy the Capt. or bis representative had to stand in the dining room door to step the most gentee! passengers from rushing in to the table before th regular announcement of the fare, and this too, c. . two different attempts to demolish ull on the table 0 tcmpora, O Mores ! And among these was one of your most distin unshed members of 'the New York bar. But to d. Iiiiu justice, he went like a sheep after other sheep and hungry wolves who rushed on before. The company are coming into this place in hundreds every day. There are a few German officerhere, and several of the wise men of the south, niii the lion and lioness, just at present, ap|tears to be Minor General James Arlington Bennet. L. L. D , ! md daughter, of Arlington House, who drink their champagne in their private apartments, as it appear- | to be unfashionable to touch it at table. Such a , change in regard to wine rould not have been con i ceived bv anv person whohas been in the Imhit noting the Springs for the last 30 years. 1 lus watering place has been almost wholy renovated within the last two years. during niv arisencin huroae. The style of architecture is entirely hanged, though not vet truly oriental, lnsipad ot the bedpost columns supporting the entablature tn the ( ongress Hull, we ltuvc now quadrangular columns of tolerably good proportion, nnd one or tw< buildings of tliedorie order, quite ris|>ec table. Stop ?at this moment a lady is |a-rtorming a piece ol the mn?; ( harmed music, trulv of the Cerinthiar: jrder. This is i, lite a gala day for the country people? 'v are n trching and countermarching the streets * Oil nil tin patriotism that can be produced by the Congress water nd sour cider societies of th? vilage. There arc persons now meerhilying in the >p?n air, in dirterent quarters, while the little canions arc rouring like popguns. As to die style and fashion n( hotels, the I ntte.i hates, with its grounds, stands unrivalled. The oh ,'ongress is next in order?the Pavilion next. Theluee are for the somebodies, the nobodies bein. dsewhere. The iienlth of this place and its yi?itors. are s. food that comparatively little water i* drank, eitlu athartic or tonic. |As to the crops on the river an< oad lands, they are extremely poor. The when rop being not one quarter what it ought to be.? rhe meadow is the best. Just at this moment a very genteel Yankee ha msheil himself nptn the centre table where I writi ind hasTacttially set liis gnnblet eye on tny paper .vhieh I am compelled to cover from his most iinpeincnt "curiosity." This genteel chap has actual!' Irove me to the window, inkstand nnd all. The railroad to Boston will cnni|ie| the souther /s tors to label th ir hacks a la Dr. Franklin. Thei 'curio dty," notwithstanding the progress of the ag> n knowledge and refinement, is insatiable. 5houl you not insert this 1 shall compel yon to fight th' whole regular army when its members shall eens< lo be lame ducks. Yours, Ami-Cailniveroi'S. I?III, [Cocrt pondence of the Herald.] Bctfzlo, July 4, 1842. Fou/7/i of July?Butineu? Travelling?Hotel*? Military? TkeatricaU, <J-r. lb: ui Bennett ? I am now writing' amidst the roaring ot artillery, shouw of the populace, firing of squibs, intermingled with bands of music, military, fcc. I j&sura you that were you here, you could find no fault with the patriotism of our citizens, taking them from the beautiful ladies down to the merest children. All are in the midst of the exoitement; one thing, however, strikes every one favorably?that is not a drunken person is to be seen. All the publiti dinners being given on temperance principles, und all who once thought it an indispensable part of the celebration to get drunk, strive to do away with the custom. Our military turn oat finely?the oration (of course excellent) by his Honor the Mayor, Oeorge W. Clinton, Esq. The evening will terminate in a great display of fireworks, balls, Arc. The theatra is giving a performance this afternoon, and willgiva another this evening. Business cannot be said to ha ve changed much since my last. Money matters, it any thing, easier ?this is easily accounted for. Buiaio was among the first to receive tha shock, and ever since she has been recovering therefrom, so that at present w# may be said, to be in u pretty healthy condition.? Business men are of opinion that money is now more abundant than a year ago. Wheat remain* firm at $1,12&, considerable quantities arriving daily?I mean that to be the price for first quality. Flour lias keen sold last week for ?'5 ) rts., yet it is quoted and commands something more. Travel has commenced in good earnest?the houses ut the Falls are full?the steamboats from Chicago come full?the southern jieople to a sreat extent conic by that route?indeed it is considered the hest. The < JreatfWestern and Illinois, both magnificent bouts, brought about three hundred each? mostly southerners. Lord Morjie'h caine hy the Western to Detroit, and went thence through Canada to Montreal. Our hotels are doing an excellent business, the Western particularly?it has just opened, and full well does friend Haulaway satisfy his guests that his splendid hotel shall be a home to them?indeed hII who once stop will be sure to stsp again. The house is well located?good attention, and excellent fare and accommodations, are to be found there, all too with prices to suit the times. This is said with no disparagement to other hotels, as we have several others very good. Nothing new in the fashionable world. The 4th Artillerv stationed here for several months has been relieved by the 2d Infantry, under Lt. Col. Kiley? there were many gallant spirits in the 4th, who 'we grieved to part with, and nope to find their places filled by the war-worn fellows of the 2d?they are just from Florida. The theatre is going forward pretty wsll, Mr. llice, the manager, has effected an engagement with lidivin Forrest, Esq., and the magnificent Josephine Clifton, who play together in the course of a lew days, rareweii. Yours, truly, Erik. Bridgeport, Conn. (Correipondrncr of the Herald.) Bridgeport, Conn. July 3, 1842. New York City Guard?Camp Duty?Civ Hit its? Salutes?Torch Lights. Mr. Editor:? This is u very nice place for a small parly; every thing is so neat and quiet. It is a flourishing town too, filled with amiable and lovely women. We are now honored with a visit from your city of a new military company, called the City Guards, the best drilled and the finest looking corps we ever saw. It reached here on Saturday evening and was received with a salute and cavalcade by torch light, headed by the Greys of this place. We are determined that the Guards shall not forget ua after their arrival back to New York. The Citv Guards numbers sixty-one men, rank and file. Their appearance is truly magnificent and does great credit to the several gentlemen who have been most active in organizing and sustaining the spirited corps. There lias been nothing left undone in order to make this the crack company of New York. We understand from several sources that the historv of this company, although short, has been brilliant; they have organized and equipped themselves entirely, and have even equipped their band in white coats and new caps tn the short snace of seven months, besides carrying away to tneircamp the above number of men, which we believe is larger than any company has taken from your city for several years. We heard a prominent military gentleman remark that he has seen several military regiments in this country and Europe, but never saw a company equal this. We ourselves observed that the general appearance of the men und officers were verv good. We understand that a grand military ball is to be given, to which all the beauty and fashion of Bridgeport will go. If possible I will send you an account. So lookout for saoiethingrich and racy. P. Naval.?lT. S. ships Fairfield and Preble arrived at Gibraltar May 28, and sailed same day, destination not reported. U. S. brig Apprentice, Moores, from Buzzard's Bay, arrived at Providence on Saturday last. Interesting.?North Ameriea is 6-100 of the whole world. CtT- ON THK THIRD OF JULY, MR. WALSH, 83 ritt atreat, was shot in the face by the sudden discharge of a pistol, filling his eyes and face with powder and wadding. Drs. Cockron and Merkle were sent lor, and on the next day declared they had no hnpes of his living. By the earnest solicitation ot Mr. Scwell, 47a Grand street, thev were with difficulty induced to use Dnllev's salve, and"the moment it was upplied, a small quantity "at first, it gave instant pleasure, and Mr. Walsh begged for more. It was sprwnd over his face, and he recovered rapidly, and is now well, and will give testimony of these lacts, as also can his family. Miss Shnurman, Houston street, near Ridge street, hail her arm badly burnt by the bursting of a spirit lamp, which at the same time Willed her mother. The daughter it was advised, would have to lose her arm, but Mr. Sewell went to the house and urged them to use Dalley's I'nin Extractor, and in two weeks she was healed and well. In Bloomfield, V J., a child three years of age, was so much burnt by its clothes taking fire, that its life was despaired of. It was the son of Mr. Landaa, and Mra. Sewell hni'iwnw! tn h* thpr# nml nnila.???e ? and they sent to New York ami procured it at 71 Maiuan lane, and used it, and it aaved the child, which ia now well. THOMAS SEWELL, 478 Grand atreet. Thomas Sewell being duly sworn, deposes and lays, that the above statement by him subscribed, are true. O. Y. GILBERT, Commissioner of Deed*. It may be had of Mr. Sewell. The only office ia at 71 Maiden lane, w here it is sold w holesale and retail. QQ- THE SUMMER RESTORATIVE AND TONIC MIA I'URE.?Thi? grateful and powerful restorative, aud strengthening medicine, prepared by the Collcoe osMioicim: and PriAitstAcr, ia meeting with the moat unprecedented sale. Numeroua cases of its effieacy in restoring the tone of the digestive organa and vital powers generally, have already been met with. The " Toxic Mixture" is recommended with the utmost confidence to all the martyrs to dyspepsia, to all who suffer from debility, hewever produced, to thoee predis|>oaed to consumption'end to those suffering from the numerous class of maladies denominated "xervous." Sold in hottles at $-2 and *1 each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy 97 Nassau street, N. Y. (H7- ASTONISHING?Yesterday. Dr. Joseph Heine, of this city, 164 ( anal street, presented a respectable patient of hi'fat our am w hom we received tho following statements: He had been afflicted for several years wltha number of ulcerations, his throat was in such a condition that it prevented the sw allowing of his food w ithout (lie aid of a tube ; his joints ware stiff, and tho pain in his bones so severe, that he was confined to the hou?e; he had tried the best medical and surgical skill that could be obtained in this city, but received no relief until he w ns recommended to Dr. Joseph Heiue, German physician, 1B4 Canal street, who aured him in the short time of tvvo months. We make this statement, because it is our duty to do so, for the benefit of those who may require the Doctor's skill. We w ill give tha name anil residence of the gentleman to those w ho may w ish it, if thvy will call at our office. MR N. BROOK, 1 #5 LUDLOW STREET, has given ur leave to refer to him, and wishes to let tha world know, that may be afflicted w ith rheumatism, that liuwasiu such a state onw w eek ago, that he could not take a step, and hardly sit in a chair. Seeing the notices in the pnperof Hew cC Liniment anil Indian Vegetable Elixir, he was persuaded to send to 71 Maiden lane, and procure them, w hich he used, and found grrst relief from it. II it now s.i well that he walked down town this morning to tell them tlu great effects of it ; this w as also related in this office this morning by him.?[U. 8. A 1vortisi r. tyj- IMPORTANT NOTICE !?Agents aro now wanted in city aud country to dispose of tha preparations of tha New York CoLLeok or Mtatcisr aid Pharmacy. As the demand for these medicines is now very great, and rapidly increasing, and its a liberal commission will he given the present notice must be deemed important to all who are disposed to enter on a profitable business. Bv order W S. RICHARDSON, Agent. ' Principal office of the rollege of Mediciae and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau street. {H?" AMERICAN Ml'SEUM.?The friends of tcmpe ranee are making splendid arrangements fur the Great Festival, which takes place hereon Wednesday next, day and evening. ThcMuseum continues to be thronged w ith visitors, day and night. The Mysterious Gipsy Girl?the sweet singoig Rosalie?the sylph-like Celeste?the comical Morris -the Balloon ascensions?the splendid Garden on the ton < f the Museum, and 500,000 curiosities, are attraction enough for twenty-flvs ccnta. Day visitors ad muted free in the et cuing.

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