Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1842 Page 3
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pe f ~-~sBmaKSss==s~sm= i in i n i1 . CS^ SHERMAN'S LOZENGES ARE STILL IN TH ascendant? thair popularity U beyond conception, am th good they do incalculable. So all who are troubled wit a ."ugh. rolil. headache, autnmer complaint, or any othdisease, thou Id go at once to 106 Nassau street, or to son one of tin- Uoctoih agencies and get a lHixofhis Lotengi and health will surely follow therr use. (^CHATHAM THEATRE?The entertainments ; this-1C. . ?*ful theatre tonight roiiMst ol the admintbl comedy t>y OTCeefe, deuominited " Wild Outs," in wbicl acoti .ippeara us Juliu Dory, llield as Rover, Mrs. Thori as Jane, uud Mrs. Hield a< Lady Amuranth ; and the pope liir drama of Ambrose Gwinett, Tliorue enacting AmbroI iw inett, C. M est ay ar as Gilbert, and Mrs. Hield as Luc;. Euiilove. This lady's line talents snd commanding a, pearuneu will render her a very valuable acquisition to Ike already talented company attached to the theatre. City Despatch Post, 44 William Street. PnftscirsL Orrica.?Letteia deposited hefora half-paa 8, hall-past 19, and hall past 9 o'clock, will be sent out lb' delivery at 8, 1, and 4 o'clock. Basnets Offices Letters deposited before 7, II, and v o'olock, will be sent out for delivery at 9. I, and 4 o'clock ALE*. M. ORE1G, Agent. MOMEV MARKET. Tlnarasluy, July 7?<1 P. St. Tho talus at tbs Stoek Board have baon small, and prices iiavu generally declined. Harlem 9)?Mohawk Delaware and Hudson Indiana i t 1?Illinois j. The following sales of New York city ti par cent Stocks were made to-day liiuu w Blur d |>er ^ jwr ocui. 3->#0 do do . W do One ol the moit astonishing delusions of the day U one which ha* had sufficient influence upon thu legislative authoritie* of various state* to prod use law* ot the mm! absurd nudridicalous tendency .| It isfthe supposition that where the paper promise* of any state or orporation have become depreciated in consequence of dishonor, or tlu< disgracclul sets of the promisors, that the brokers, who stun 1 between the holders and uttercrs of there false promises, are the causes of that depreciation. Whea, by absurd mismanagement, the Banks of Georgia vi ere unable to pay their debts, and the evidences of those debts worn scarcely available at any price, but purchased hy the brokers at a fair price. Thebankinginstitutions.had tin address to cast the odium of the loss sustained hy the holder upen the broker, and absolutely procured the pas' age of a law, exempting the hanks from the obligation <> paying their debt* to brokers. In Indiana the banks made the same plea to avoid resumption ; and the statute* of thai State *re disgraced by a law abrogating the right* of persons engaged in business a* brokers to claim debts due them from the banks; and two branches of the State Bvnk avail themselves of this most childish provision. The State of .Michigan issued an irredeemable and unconstitutional scrip to circulate as money, which immediately iol. to 13 per cent discount. The brokers were attacked and assailed on all sides, because they would not give par for the worthless and illegal issues of the State. In New Orleans a still more arbitrary and ridiculous enactment has been made. The municipality issued some paper money, which they could not redeem, and which, therefore, speedily depreciated. The Banks remained suspended four years, and their notos fell in value as oomparcd with specio. Instead of the city government honestly paying their debts, and the banks being obliged to pay their debts the legislature, with a monstrous absurdity that can scarcely be credited, have imposed a tax of $4000 per annum ! equivalent to prohibiting the business ; and this is allowed in a community professing common sense. The city govufnmenl fails and cannot pay its debts, the poor holder of its promises finds them unavailable, and is ex posed to inconvenience. There ii no certainty when the amount will be paid. The holder offers to sell the note to a broker who takes the risk of the payment upon his hands at acertaia price. The loss thus sustained render.') the people uneasy, when the government, instead of remedying the evil by paying its debts, turns round and destroys the brokar who relieved the poor holder in the hour ofhis necessity, and still refuses to pay its own debts. Why will people submit to such foolery 7 We have received the followiag communication, which we insert for the benefit of stockholders:? Her. 7 of an act of the Legislature of this Htate, passed Mav '20, 1S41, declares that " If the Dank Commission?!'* shall at any time, upon examination, believe the assets ut anv such moneyed corporation (having reference particularly te the Safety Fund Banks) to be of n doubtful character, so as in any degree to impair its capital, they may is their discretion, prohibit any such corjioration from making any dividend lor such period as they may deem prudent, and the safety of the pablic may require*." Although this law does not render it obligatory upon the Hank Commissioners to exercise thisdiscriiiun* they have considered it to be their duty to interfere, and in doing so hsve declared the three and one-hall per cent alrcadviontributod by the Banks to the Safety Fund, and which they have here:ofore estimated arooag their*as*ets, as lost, and proper to be charged to the account of " profit and loss." This, in addition to other losses, w ill preclude most of the Banks in the State from making dividends during the present year. The Bank ot America has surmounted this dilticulty, declared a dividend of 3 per ct.,by having purchased in the market ) of Corporation securities at 90, and I estimating them amona their assets at par. In connection with thia subject, w? would inest that wheneverit hall become necessary for any Bank W pass a dividend by reason of its capital having been in any way impaired, a general maating of the stockholders should be called, and a sufficient amount subscribed by each in proportion to the stock held, to makeup the deficiency; this would not only enable the Bank to continue its regular dividend, but would go far to increase its prosperity'; and, in general, stockholders would immediatelv receive back more than the amount subscribud|in the shape of a dividend. This would certainly be much better than to obtain the character of a non-dividend paying Bank. We would recommend this course to that heretofore popular institution, the Mechanics' Bank. We apprehend that the non-payment of dividends arises in a great measure from the inability of the institutions to employ to advantage the means they arc now possessed of. Increasing thosa means in the manner suggested, weuld net reader the business of the bank more profitable, neither can wo perceive the advantage it would be to the stockholders. For instance, the Mechanics' Bank, to which our correspondent alludes, has a capital of *2,000,nn,i It it mt ,!??' 'iinJ that iha stock ii actnallr worth .> par cent, or that it* bail debts, including uvery thing in any way doubtful, amount* to f 300,000, <ir 1ft per cent. The institution i* in a v*ry strong condition; and were business generally so active a* to create a fair demand for money, ?hc would work out in a short time ; but, prolubly, a large proportion of her present fund* are unemployed. If, therefore, the stockholder* were to pay in the lft per c*n+ raise the credit of the institution, it would notenablr u* bank to pay a dividend, in common prudence. li the capital doe* not earn a dividend, it cannot livid* one. It ha* been rumored that the dir*cter* intend to apply for a redaction al capital to the extent indicated. This would leave a sound capital of $1,700,000 on which a dividend would be declared according to it* earaiag*, which would depend upon the general state of comm"rrr. There is not now a demand sufficient to employ ono-hal' the capital now employed in hankiug in this city, and pay n foir remuneration to the proprietors over the expenseswhich have bean reduced but in a very small degree since banking business was in its most prosperous state. The prospoet of a revival in the demand for money for buiinees purposes, dependsjaltogcther upon the action of Congress in relation to the tanfl. All tiadr, the value of all property, and the earnings of avsry operative in the Union era now at a dead stand, waiting the pleasure ofthn politicians at Congress. Nothing prevents the enterprise, activity, and skill of our morchants from producing their usual results?that of vivifying every department of business?but the utter uncertainty that attends the notion of Congree* upon the tariff. The loss sustained byJtheVountry through the wilful negligoaceof Congress in not settling the revenue law* on a permanent basia, is not to be measured by the mere salaries paid to the members. It is to hemwasured by the earnings of 17.000,000 of people, whose business and industrv lies been uarnlvred for a nnrioH of is monthi at least. In that time $40,000,000 have been loft to the country ft.y their altominalile neglect?more wealth than can be ilcrivad from tha public land* in 90 year*, according to the eitimatei of tha Secretary of the Treasury. To those miserable trick* of the politicians alone can tie ascribed the present prevailing distress. The broad fields of the west are teaming with luxuriant crops about to coma to market, while the granaries of the farmers, anl the warehouses of the merchant* are overloaded with the surplus ol former yeara, causing pricea to stand ascending lew for the season of the year; on the other band, tha warehouses ol tho manufacturers are full of goods at very low prices. The stores of the importers, ia all the Atlantic cities, are groaning with good* at ruin nuily low rates. Why, then, i* there no interchange of these commodities I Why docs the merchant rest supinely ,u liis bock, leaving the merchandize mouldering in the ito es, sad money idle in the bank*, and the storehouse* ,fthe >tarior burstir g whh produc*7 Because his hands are tied ny the criminal want of action on the part of 'ongiets- Vile partisan* parpnelr createdittrass among he masse* of the people, i . the vain ho; iof listening the idium of that distress upon their political opponents. Kales at the Stools Kifbange. N, w \ arlt >'?, If'.J VI she Harlem UK 18*j itii or. Witri Loan, '* 71? do I* WOO Minnie Bunds J1X SO? do 17. Mini Kentucky 6* 0 110? do 17>? 71 .hi Del i Hud ? M - do I.J 18 n _ do slO 88?i ? do .1 IR o; ? do nw 87 M IOC ? do 1^0 l*J? 11 ? An bum It Rnch'r !>IX 100 ? , < '> , . I6"17!' 21 ?Moh.wkRK mX 1*0 ? Lon* Ulead HR 19', 21? do ?30 19 10- do 49' o ?HsrlemRR bJO I'jX M ? do *10 49\ 50? do !?* * 10 ? Stoningte* too i?3, Srroad Iloarri. 21 Mohawk J?X 100 Harlem l?'-i r, ?IP????? I State of Trade. Ashes?9inc? our last salea seere reported of about ICt barrels of each hud, ai $6,34 for F*t?. ?"?d for I'eai , Cotton?The market ii quiet. Klour?Thereia nochang ii the juice, ami but little doing. We quote canal a * Illicit ton Cuttle ilarket. Jclt 4.- -At in.> Uot ijj beef caiile, 30 cowi and calvtr *2100 sheep, ail I in gv. iuu. $'i;;\ beefcattle and severs, hundred sheep unsold. Pan as?Beef Cattle?We again reduce our quotation , Wa quote extra $8,50 u $5,G2. Kirst quality $4,76 a *5,30 second quality *4,50 a 4,78 , third quality $1,00 a 4,60. I Cows issfinki?A lew .ale. only were effected, an ' , w e shall omit the prices. Surer?Dull. Sales from $1,38 to $3,60. A few choice ,| weathers at $3,60 a $4. | lot of old Hogs at 4c, and a lot of Pigs at 5jc. Harried. I On Wednesday, tith instant, by the Rev. Lewis P. W. 1 Balch, Ssml'kl Casus. Esq. to klaav, eldest daughter of . Henry Jackson, Esq., of this city. Died. On Thursday, the 7th inst, of consumption, Piio:be Janr Va* Zasut, wife of J. A. Van Zandt. Tha relatives and irierds of the family are requested to 1 attend the funeral to-montiw afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, 305 Allen at. On Thursday morning, Mrs. Elizabeth, relic of Dan- , nia McCarthy, in the tWth year of her age. I On Thursday, 7th inaiaut, Mrs. Elle* Uakia, wife of John Cleavelaud, aged 30. On Tliunday morning, 7th instant, Miss Elizabeth c>, in the 46th year of his age. Passeiigers Arrived. LlTKeroni.?Shi|i New York?Lieut Harvey, Royal Aitillen, Mrs Harvey, 2 children and servant, Miss A Harvey, J will %!_' vl'.l! \t .. \1 v... 1 v r i i* 'i"..!.,.- ' Mm Taylor S Ritchie, ail of England; Mr# DAT Bighra d i 2 rhiM*eti, of Albany; E Sheegog. of Tennesaee; H Grim. I) I A P r, of Pennsylvania; H B Kimball, J B Murrv, of N i York; E Turner, \V Hinchliff?:324 in sleenje. 1 died and I born on tbe parage. Nr.w Okliahj?Bliip Huntsville--T M Donnell, lady two ? tohs and >ei v^iii, M %* Brnvdre. MiiiCox, Mi*# Hepim*, Mr f 'utnmin*. I dy (wo child t1? and -.errant, Mrs John Krhrin oi I child and servant, Mr Jain-s, Mils Liscomh, Mrs Pahlgreen 1 two children and ?crv n? Mis* Dahlgrcen, Mrs F.aser and tw I MiuKrurr>i, Mia* Wildes, D < <>nyhani, Edwtrd Fehrmin, I P 11 (Jillney, W W Thompson, A loin.y, and 45 in the steerage. I TrRKi Island?-Schr Exchange?Mr Pitchner. i Foreign Import at Ions* ^ LrvKRrooi.?Ship New York?10 c* Ingoldsbv, Rousseau & J c - Sck ILarman, McQown It Haysc?I W It JT TuseetM I n 1 bl (?k T (Jar*ter?1 case L I Vvyeth?I J Napier?J eks A I Van N -st?2 Wight, Slurgeik Shaw?1 Richardson k Watson ?15 do 1 parcel Kris, Brothers k eo? I bbls Cameron k Bmn 1 ( ? I R Kcrmit?13do 1 cs Sands, Foi k eo?2 do I truss B rd ( Oillil in k co?2 ek# 7 cs A k S Willets?17 do W Whitew? ighf ?5 do J Pearce? 1 csk W Bartow?890 bars 689 bdU iron Wet- i more k co?2 cs E Noltenus k Pavmstidt?12 Lou.hes k Wes- I endoiiiik?I A H k T Tlio?p? 1 J Cowii??3291 bars68 bdl? iroi I bob! k Crufts?10 cs 12 bales J MeCall k co?1 do Butterlield kco?I cs 1 bale J Hudson?1 do 5 cs 8 Swarts?3 cks W I N s? mourn eo?11 - F A Huntington k co?1 do 5bales ! pi ce! Hall. Brother* k co? I cs W (S Hunt & <*o?I do N Bei- t trand?I bo* T Stalker?868 bars f||5 bdls iron O W Shields?1 i cs Smith, Thnrgar k co?1 csk J Cooper?8 bales 2 cs S Denni - 1 ion?1 do J Walker?3 do S Thompson?loo tons coal 2845 s?ck- \ a?!tCIl Marshall?I cas- containing Dr Franklin's priutin i jressj B Murray?107 cases 4 casks 10 bales 1 |tared 67d bar. iron tt) order?3 chain cables Ay mar k co. I I Domestic Importations. j New Ori.kams? Shin Himts\ ilJe?250 pigs lea 1 C H Rojem < ?472 do ami 4 cases B it Ki Id?282 do lead Jam* s M. Ou'h ck? i 116 do W R McCullock?241 hhds sugar 123 bales cotton Robert k Williams?55 hlids sugar 185 bbls wheat 129 do torn E K i Collins km?205 bids pork Skehlin k Ferris?166 do Wood. i Johnson k Buriitt?11 bbls lard Jss E Woodruff? 32 bbls oil 60 kegs lard Dueve k (Jreacon?6 hlids tobacco A A Alvord?22 j bbls beans J L k N 8 Oriswold?10 halt s cotton H k L) Parish | k co?5 Smith. Mills k co?-6 bales moss R Bogert?10 b?b > -sisaiiatiila H argons, Brothers k co?3 ciroons indigo O D \ Bildwin?4 cases Wm Montr ess?2 do J F Depey tcr?2 hf pijs | Wet more, Benedict k co?19 bales corton 2 peltries C II Mai- 1 snail?8 hhds tobacco Van Antwerp, Hyde k co?I case watch- < es J E Hyde k Co?18 ? hales cotton Beirne k Bernnde?1806 I nigs lead Phelps D odge kco?5 pipes 4 casks II bales cotton 2 bales duck 60 sacks pepper, to order. " MA R1T1ME ~ HERA LP. To Ship Masters. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of vessels arriving here, will itive to Commodore vV. A. Bassetl, of our new. Heel, a report of the ?lliUSUI left at the |K?rt whence they sailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a list of their cargo, aud am foreign newspapers they may nave. Commodore Bassett will iiiriu iiuiiicuiairi) uu uiru dirttai. ?tc **?i? icci|nucair the favor in any wav. To Correspondent* Abroad. Our correspondent* in foreign i?orts are reipec'iilly requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, will he thankfully received. ( PORT OP NEW YORK, JULY 8, 1843. SVIV RISKS 4 37 I MOON RISKS 3 37 I SOU SKTS 7 ?3 I NI'.H 9 6 Cleared. Slop Argo, Anthony, Havre, W Whit lock, Jr.?Br?in harh Louia, Jansen, New Bedford, Burliigeli 4t Hurler?Dm Brig Condor, Cluster. Ilotterd-m. Salimidt it B'hlirii; brig Roarer, Corning. Maraaliain and Parak E Coming it Son ? Si-Firs Bdti- , more, Auger, New Haven; K*?cx, Nickersou, Boston. 11 Underwood; Krie, Matthew., Philadelphia; Kichinonil, Chester, Itiehmoml. Arrived. Packet ship New York, Cropper, from Liverpool, 7th of June, with tndr.e to Goodnur St co and C H Mai shall. 18 63, Ion 26 26, exchanged signals with bark Florence, bound east. June ' 24, lat 41 20, Ion 17 40, to lat 43 18, Ion 60 36, saw a great number ' of large icebergs. Br shin New Zealand. Penniman. 30 days from Belfast, in ballast, to Thompson It Witherall. 260 paaiengers. Ship Muntsvillr, Mutnford, 13 days from New Orleans, with cotton to K K Collins St co. Came over the hat in cutnjian} with shin Merchant. 26th, South Point WNVV 40 miles, pas.- 1 ed shin Pennsylvania, O oss for Rotterdam. 1st inst, Loo Key NNW 16 miles, passt d ship Miry Phillips, and ship Sheffield, of B ith. Bark Hecla, Williams, from 8t Kilts, 26th Jnur. and 9 div < from St Thomas, iu ballast to A Hubbard. Left June 27, brig Chipped a, Lane, of Philadelphia, for U.irbadoes, unr; Delo., I Lckfeldt, of Philadelphia, for St Martins; schrs Lycitrgui, Leeds, of Warren, for Antigua, tine: Lvsinder, Cousins, o! Silem. from Wilmington. SC.. do: MarhlehesH l>,, > ,,i Marbl head, for Boston, do; Port Leon, Little, of Bath, I'm , Porto Rico, nest day; brig Leon, Patton, for do do. Lrft at Si Cr >ii, West Knd, snip Emily, Crane, for New York, 15 ds, ( Br brie Juliet, Kandy, 15 days from Newfoundland, in batlaat, to Dunaeonib k Beclcwith. Bug J me Allison, Card, 13 days from Witidaor, N S, with ' plaster. Brig Splendid, MeKenzie, 9 daya from Lubec, with piaster to Smith It Boyenton. 3 masted ?rhr Htnmh, Tavlor, of Newport, 17 daya from Manzinclla, Cuba, with 5000 bunches palm lcai'251 logs crilat WO do inaho-any 27 tot,* fustic, to B Lasala. Left schooner Charlotte, of Ca;>e May, for ,V York, 2 day?. Schr Eaahange, Blakelv, It) days from Turks Island, w ith 500 bushels salt, to M Piatt. The brie Fsvorite. Mas'rra, for Ale* older, aid day before. The Br ship Nesmith, of London, w as Cont'd by the wreckers on the rocks wrat end of Corcus, ( abandourd. Was supposed to hare been there some time.? Some sheep with their thtoata cnt were on the deck. The wreckers brought t? Turks Island the captain's chronometer | and som" of the cargo of sugar. Schr Tsro Marys, Rtrh.ird?oti, from Newbern, N C, with nr.ral stores, to Bryant Ik Maitland. I Schr Albion, Mitchell, 2G days from Altaeapas, with Won feel i lira oak, for Nary Yard. 2Cth. off Key West, saw tchr Warsaw, from Attsespaa, for N York. Selu Dezr-r, Mason, IS days from Port an Piatt, with mahorany to S W Lewis. 59 logs mahogany 217 bales tobacco J Ay , new. Left no Am vessels. Schr Elvira, Simpson, from Washington, N C, with nsv.-tl Stores. Schr South Carolina, How-land, from Beaufort, N C, with naval stores. oChr Win Gaston, Christie, Saranuah, with cotton. Schr Reeside, Langley, Boston, mdze. , Schr Attdremede, Bute, Lubec, plaster. General Records i KoFEiots Letti? OrsicK.?The letter baga of the Patiiek ( Henry, lor Liverpool, and Argo, for Havre, will clase at Gil- i pin's, in theEvrhaiige, this morning. Sloop Wat Russell, for New York, was struck by li rhtning ! tn Long Island Sound on Saturday night last, and slightly dain igcd?no one injured ou hoard. Spoken# Al lisnee.of and for Wiscaaset, from Savannah, 2.1 39, I Ion 75 20. I Octorara, from New Orleans, for Liverpool, June 4, off the DH-sKrt*. I U io<lwin, from New Orleans, for Liverpool, June 9, lat 31 I, Ion 78 50. Whalemen. WakehaM, July 4?A'r Merdian, Atlantic Ocean, with 10 bbls oil. Tlir M lias been absent about 12 mouths?has not Sfrti whale for 8 im uths past. _ Kmmasld from New Beilford 4th insl, for Atlantic anil Pari Be Oc**na; ' Hector, N B, April 10th, with I6M bid. spm oil, all well, 17 1 months out. Canton Packet, \ B, no date, J mo* out, no oil, all well, t. all to, A| ril 71, B-nj Ru.h uf Warren, oil not MB 0. Junior, N II. ha<l liei-n ill and lauded tier captain, wlio wa- sick.? The J ??? expected in aa'aiu in a few days. . hac.trd from lu February, Omega, Nant, MM) hbla ap oil. Spoke Slay It, lat 32 S. Ion M. Seine, N B, 19 ino" out, 630 bbla oil, anil an 83 bill wli alongside. S| oke Jime I lat 23 jJ, luu 87 03, Carter Braxton, Province(own, U ban oil. foreign Porte. I.oxdo*. Juno 8?Kntereil inwarda, Ho.alind, Boeton. Ilth, Ark, M.l-nxns. 11th. Gibraltar, do. C'ld I7tli, Bt Jamea, New York, l.ilu. Montreal, for do. I.ivi i.rooL, June If,?Arr Athena, N York. _ ' CaLCWTTa, April 7?Arr Hamilton, from New York, for I Slalea, |rli;. March 77, Seuator, Boeton. 29tli I'hilo, f on Madras for Boat on; Asia, for do, lu a few da) a; A i belli, for do, big: Ariu, for do? had been loaded, and afterward. sprung a "1 leak from injuriea receiTrel on Iter arrival in the rirer, had discharged entirely, and none of the cargo fnund to be injured.? Sid 17th, Apollo. Boaton; IBlh, Isaac Hi^ks, Salem. Boviaar, Apul It?Arr Nant.aakel, Boaton, for Macao, ldg. to tail in 13 or todays' Ilth, Brendi Bortan. via Zanxibar ami Colombo, for Sluaeat, Zanzibar and Salem 13 or 711. Siaoaeone, March 13?Sid Louvre Bvtavia. Ki noi nri . .Man li 26?Arr Senator Biwloii. 78th. Chilo, do, * via Madraa. April 7, Hamilton, N York. Manxti March 31?Washington, Calcutta, and aid April 2 I for Philadelphia. t Matin, April r?Arr Whig, London. Karat., May 24?Air Kdw Blake, Bangor. Nairn**, May 20?Sid Cathaune, Candiaand Boston. . Pat.r.nMo, May 31?Arr t'ercne (Sic) N York, pnxua, May '29?Slrl K D Wolfe, .Madeira. , Lcoiionar May 26?Arr Boris, Genoa. Lianon, Mv> 31?Sid Arabian, Charleston. j ./'aoir, M.y 29-Arr Stl?h,e \ k-.rk ria Kayal. Sid 78th, " ly Kneehnd, N York. I ue 2. Clvd . liotou, OiBttAi.Tan, May .1:?Sid Ni vg.ra, Cadiz. t IvlAH'ru.Lv?. June I?Arr Knnhrrt.a, New Orleans Sailed t lay 23. V i ron hi, Palermo. T'tlli, aid 1 iter; Si Orb-ana. June It, Nashua, do. I aairrratn, May 23? Art Pico, Boston. 79th, Nicholas Sarin. N York. Jtrrwy, rutfnonrt., N Orleans. Ltsixnrtt, May in?-Air Fritz, New York, for Stockholm.? ' t,-fui.o, do |nr dp; /otolf Haran ,f rCronstndt. Julie 1st, j arih.-.g- . a I'd Fiber, Ir-.n I Ude.t for .In: M- xban, M ' tie is lor do. Jtn, Kroi.pri .da Oscar, Stockholm, for New s York. Bib, Jas Calder, Havana, for Stettin. 7th, Mason, do * lor Cronstadi. e II ? as Hi no May 31?Arr Tihariaa, Matanzaa. Nld June 7th. '1 Chan* *. < harlesfoii. ft i \ iNAVftif, May Hb? 9Id Bremen. Philadelphia. 6th, Hte- a phaiii, N V oik. BiCMCPr, June :i?Arr Louise. Baliimnrr. 5th, Constitution. i< New York. Sid from the It* Kids Mh, Cnpeniicua, Btkimoir C Lf untitle, do; John OfOffr, .N York. a A^TwrRf. June 10rh?Arr Lacy, New Orleans. Ilth, Wts* ** *arumcon, Havana. Mid 5th, Harvest, N York. p Ghfivt, Jnne 2?Arr 9wis? B#y, Havana?had beta ashore in TcrneRse Channel. HfLTorT, June J?Art Francis Sun ton, Baltimore. I*1 Kipr**. Hivaqa. ftch. Meumors, do. Sid 4th. Oen Hamg^ New York. 6th, Hfral< Boltnnojc. 11th, Heur>* CUy. B; men. Tzxcl, June 11?-Sid Pecahoutas, Newcastle. . Clyde, Juui* 5? Sid fclglniton, N York. 8th, Waadawort'i Jo.^ 13th Americau, do N'rwFom, June ii?Ait Apollo, Liverpool. _ Bwt?i ol. June 9?Sid Wilkinson, N York. 16th, St Ocoiv end Amelia, do. Hull, June 2?Arr Historian. Seville. Shiklos, June 4?Arr Grand Turk, Amsterdam. 9tn; U* rey, and Cyclotw. Hamburgh; P w hat tan, Bremen; Liin Antwerp. 12th, Riga, a? d John Hale, Htnburg. I3lh, Mc?* ant. do: Oak, Am it edam. Itith. Croiutadt. Antwerp. SI lJ, H W i'yler, Havana. 16th, Will ingsley, Sf York; Levant I fl vana. Portsmouth, Jut.e 10?Shi WaatminUer. from Loodou, lor S'rw Vi rk. On June <d, Minerva, James River, for Bteuier. Cowls, June6?An Stat;, Htvant, and ?ld 16th for Arnsterlatn. 7lh, hliu, .Ylaiaiizas, and sld 12tn for Antwerp; Galileo, i ivaiia, and aid loth for Cronstadt. Orr Porilanu, June 7?Warsaw, Malanzas, for Hamburg. Off IUmkuii:, June 8?Sit phaui, Hamburg, for N York. Off Falmouth. June 2?Arr Elizabeth Hall, M ?tanzaa, lor In men 6th, Corinth, do, for Rotterdam. Sid 9th, Louisa. Amsterdam. Off WiciHT, June 9?Washington, from Norway, for New fork. Off Eddvsto.nk. June 6?Oceanua, from Havana, for Am* lerdam. Off Dartmhi tii, June 4?Jehannah. from New York, for kmterdsm. Off Lonutoft. Juiu* 3?Veata, Bremen, for Baltimore* Cork, June 14?P.iaa?d, Jane Augusta, o| Dublin, for New fork. Br:ai m ihis. June 8?Paaaed Louisa. from Bangor, for Boa* on. 9th, Commissary, from Bangor, (o? Boston. In Diiiigeuess West Bay, June 10? Rauimohuii Roy, Malju* a?, via Cowes, for btettiu. 12th, M Helena, Baltimore, for Sremen. Havana, June 11?Arr Timor, New York; Taaao, Boston.? 10th, sld Alicia, Baltimore. 22d, aid Impulse, Baltimore; Priii* :ess, do. 23d! sld Orb. Ba tiinore. United States Ports* Nantuckf.T, July 2?Arr Union, Alhiny. 3d, Maaaaehu* efts (m-w, 308 tons) New York; Nantucket, Kingston, N R; Smith &. Da ling, Philadelphia. Boston, July 6?Arr John. Newcastle, Eng; New England Vtobile; Marshall, Philadelphia; Nimrod Albany; Pe.juot. N fork. Cld Shawinut, Rio J un iro, via Bucks|M>rt, Me; On* i. t, Surinam; Texan ichj Santa V Gslvi ion, Tessa( rii [1 llowcll, Me; Mnrcia Chaves. New OrVans; Congaree, hirCfton; Sylph, Philadelphia; IVmlico, Washington, N C; vvmurl, do, with part of her inward cargo. Arr 6th, Roanoke, 'lymouth, N C; Long Wharf, Proviucetown. Sid Union, for Sandwich. Ih innis Port, July 4?Arr Mary Stanton, from Boston, for ; I tin o ; Otcai AM Hale, and iCoole) fcl do fof N w fori; Niinrod, and Sagaoaw, Albany, for Boston; Kaucy, and tiyp rnnkhn, befoie reported. Nkwhcryport, July 5?('Id J.ts (' , Richmond. Providence, July 4?Arr Star, B iltiimm ; Glide, PhiladelJtiai Oregon, do; Si*l? inlitl, Rondout; New York, New York. Jld I. ciaua, Philadelphia. 5th, Arr Geo Wheatnn, Philadelphia; < Italics, New York; Rieuzi, New York; Meridian, N lfo<k. FallBitcr, Julv 1st?Arr Hector, Rondout; Capitol, and Im O iliira, do. Bid Wandot ,m.s.ho, Baltimore Arr 2d, Irene, I lydney; Geo Washington, (airryfield. 3d. Cas.?ier?, (probaMvCuiiu ) Wilmington, N C. 4th, Girlmd, Virginia. New Bedford, July i?Arr K'len Rodman, New York. 4th, Jaleiia, W ashing ton, N C; Gen Washington, Charleston, 8C; Cornelia, New York. Hartford. July 3?Arr Tennessee. Philadelphia: Gen Brai* i rd, do; Daniel Godwin do. 4th, Cabot, New York. 5lh. Ceeste. do: Jane M?iia, Albany. Cld 3d. Teitor, New York; Htnay.uo; Aurora, Philadelphia; Token, New York; Speaker, lo. 4th. Oregon, Philadelphia. 5th, Mary Kmer, New York; Laura, do. Philadelphia, July 7?Ar Plato, Rntt rdam. From lat 45 o lat 12, a id hetween long 4 I aud 4H, pass* d upwards of 50 large cehep;?the raiue of the th?nn<>inefer while in the r neighbor* nmd h-it-g air 46 to 10, water I t to 37?the temperature of the sratci to tne eastward averaging 51, and to the eastward of the ceCO. May 26th. spoke Briimnia, ol New Y??rk, 40 days from ^>alachico1a lor Liverpool; 26 h, spoke Evnhar , of and Pom Bremen, bound to Balt'mor*. Norl lk. Si Thomas, 25th Juin ; 11 L?wi?, fin Boston, for Guayatna, PR; Delos, just arrivd; hip'da, tin Birbtdoc*. wtg freight; Thomas 11 B? nton, fin [Jemerara. for Ponce. I'll; Lvriirgns, fin An igua. wtg freight; Jrandre, fin Wilmington, Nl", dtschp; MarbhTu ad fm Boston, or S' Domingo; Caroline, fin Washington fm Guivama, PR. Norris Stanley. St 'J homas and Turks Island 27J: June On ha 4th, lat 35.'>0. N, long 78 ?0 W, spoke Montezuma, for Baltimore. Joseph Cow;k;rtawait, Cienfuegos, 23d nit. Left Pilmm, fm St Jago for Boatou, Idg; Fornai, fin Barbadoe* ior Boston, do; E Burgess, frn and far Bosom, dischg; Andrew Ring, fm Jamaica for Ne w York, Idg; Morning Stir, fin St Js^o for NYork, to sail next day Saw an Amerieau oarqtie roing Into Cienfuegos on ihe same af'**rnnoii labella. Calais; Porpoise, NY?>rk Cld?C trace as. Birhadoes aud Lafiiayra; Paul T Jones, Charleston: Wm Prnn. Boston; Spartan, Quiary, Mass; May Flower, Boston; H W Gandy, Newburyport; Porpoise, New York Baltimore, July 5?Arr, Ocean, Amsterdam. Spoke, June 26th, in lat 39 40, long 69 10, whaling hark Millwood, from New Bedford, 30 d is out. 1th in?t, exchanged signals with brig Montezuma, 30 miles outside the rapes, bearing west; 4th iust. pasted Rebecca, coming into the ra|*es, f r Baltimore, Grace Br wn, Amsterdam; nas-ed off tin Galloning lightship Alice, >f Newburyport; saolce in long 66 W, ClnrTe*, frn Belfast for N York; passed in lat 49. long 6, Corinth, of Nhwbnrvport. Forest King, Boston. Sid, Columbia, James River; Baltimore, Rio de Janeiro; P I Nevitis (Br) St John NB; Token, Boston; Delaware. Port an Prince; Mariner, Nantucket, Georgetown, S C, Jul* 1?Cld Juno, N York. Charleston, July i?Arr Brazilian, Frank|h>rt, Me; Pre m mm. Wilmington. 1st instant, off Cape Roma in saw C L brig Moon, Haves, from New York for this port. Arr 2d?Gi|>ley, Hiva.ia. Left Swan, wtg freight; Marion, forCienfueios: America, dischg; Namshon^, for Baltimore; Agnes, for freight. Cld. Ontari". foraportfin Buha. Went to sea yesterday? Sonthport, Havre; Wetninpka, New York; Philanthropist, Boston. Mobile, June 29? \rr Chatfahooche, fm Boston. New Ori.eans, June 28?Cld, Montpelier, Trieste; F.liza ind Susan, Marseilles; G n. Wayne, Thomaston; arr, Adrian, Boston; Will am, D'inariscotta; Ann Maria, Campeaehv; cld, >7th, Plymouth, Loisdon; Caledonia. Baltimore; Viola Boston; Strrbo, do; Caledonia, St Marks; arr, Diadem, fm N York via Urand Torre. PUKTUllLLH'. FLUALL PILLS. I1IIIMB far-famed ami ulebaliid PlIU, from Portugal, are, l we [lercaive, to be obtained in this rouutiy. Sec advertise nt on the last column of fourth page. in3 it l\ll. JAMES ALEXANDER HOUSTON hat removed U hit CoftattLTiNO OrricK. to No. 3 Ili:r,sLi> BriioiMit orrier of Nassau anil Kulron streets. j?2 3m int c D HOUSTON, M. D. DENTIST?Has remon d" to 243 1 Brotdway, between Park Place aud Murray ttreet. jrMi'oil Im'r FOU OH. FEUCHTWANdER'S Compound Chemical Wnale Oil S >ap, infallible Poiton for Bedbugs,Motht,Rata. Cockroaches, Flies Ant*. Moschetocs, for his Fly Paper, anu lor his numerous chemical preparations, tee latt pace. j\7 lmis*c HAT COST?Between the first ami seeoml ante on the Jamaica Hoail, between 9 and 12 o'clock, on tTir 4th inst, a black hearer hat The liniler will be handsomely comper sated by letting it at thi? office. jti?2lc I NKOIIMATION WANTED?Left her home on Tuesday, I ami hat not since been heard of, Mary McOivney, between II and 12 years of ace. II til on when a e left, a white muslin lelanc friu k, and a grout silk hai, Any information respecting the said girl will hi thankfully received by her bereaved uijiher, CATHERINE M.tilVWEV, .it B Itf 343 Hudson street WINE FOIl SALE?3?il casks anil hall casks Wine, red and white, discharging at pier No. 9, North River, for lalehy E. V. QUIDORT, jt B 4t*rc yt Clinton street. THLBL'HY FOR SALE?A superior London made fashion Tilbury?ha, been in use two seasons?for sale at a very rrdurert prior. Am Iv to JOHN A. MESSENGER'S Stable., j \ 8 '2 * *c 58 Luintwr .trrrt, ne.r Rrctor. I IVF.RPOOL COAL FLOAT?130 tou Pemlmtoiit Coal, carrfully lowered in ihe hold and for aale by JOHN HERDMAN, jy6c _ 61 Bom hat. A "iraae for a term of ycara. within the city limits, a building with an < name of forty or fifty horse power. One containing *i to I'oUi runs of buir mill stones would be prefered. Address B. G. K. it this office, on or before Saturday next, !>th instant. New York, Jal) 5th, is42. iy64t?re r O .N SIGN EES |>er British bir|ue Countess of Arran from Liverpool, w ill please send their pi-rniits on boaid, |iier K E R or to the office of the subactiber without delay. A I good, lot permitted in five days umst nnasoi lablv he sent to public itore JOHN HERDM \N, jvtir 61 South st. PACKS I' Ship Mississippi, from New Orleans, is dischargitnt at Thome's whari, Brooklyn. Consiitnees will pie i?e Ittend to 'eceipt of their goods im" ediately. jeW Sl'GAR?2110 hhils. prime New Orleans Sugar, for .ale in lot. to sjit purchasers. Apply to jv7r F? K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South st. MOSS-20 bales blank M os?, for nalt- by jvTr E K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South ?t. TUIK MAGIC MIXTURE, unrivallr<lloTii? extraordinary I dMMjf in & nil * Mft pImmbI istiiiiiibineiit of gonorhea, and all affections oi the sexual and urinary organs. If taken on the first approach of the complaint a few ilnses suffice, and in cases of longer standing it is justly esteemed for its universal success, never leaving disheartening and troublesome weaknesses after it, as it is well known so often :>ccur from other remedies. A single trial will convince the most sceptical and the over delicare. Sold at the proprietor's private residence, II Vandewater street^ and the following respectable drug stores?53, 79 and 100 Fulton street; corner of Church and Chambers; 63 Bowery, corner Walker, and 77 East B md way. N. B.?The Doctor's office is at II Vandewater street, shf re lie ca be consulted professionally at a'l hours. jyg l'.*c pi HEAP rriIOL8TRV-U. KEED. m Broadway, he^' t We ell White and WafVrr (trvil.?(' arpets of every de- I icription made and altered to fit the most intricate rooms?Curtains made and alter* d to the latest *t> Matrasses, sofas, and pasy chairs, made to order to match anv description of furniture. The {subscriber n o har i ,g expenses of a store to pay. is enabled to make any of the above articles at such prices to suit the times. Persons purchasing Carpets and Oil Cloths can have a word if advice, by calling as above. Paper Hanging. Carpets rleand. t ?re.*se sp ?t i v j ft Im'r.r ASPHALT! M AND MINERAL TAR. JOHN LOVVITZ, No. 2 Wall-Street, tTAS constantly on hind natural Asphalttim Rock and MineII ml Tar, w hich are used for the following purposes t tariff li< ftli.l tl aIL?. Florins ol Buildings and Cellars, where the exclusion of nocture is required Canals and Bridges. Piers, Wlierfs ml Docks. Vaults. Baths Ajurdnci r,Reservoirs, Sewers. Terraces, Roofin:. Coating of iron wi ik, to present its oxidation by arran safer. Coating ol timber work, used at railroads, &c. Markets, slaughter ho net, and Bonding warehouses, where the exclusion of vt rmin is rrinired. jy8 Im rod*r The Anti-Angular Myitem of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWF.LVF. TO FIVF. DOLI.aUS ! VTR. BRISTOVV (for Ihi? season oti ly) las okduced his IVrm. from 'I aelvr to Firs Dollari. thus bringing this Jxefui Art within: so means of ALL, and is guaranteed to be aught in T we We Li none of an hour each ! ! A'tirirmy No 285 Broadway, rwnr Park Plart. Gentlemen of all aces are positively taught a /ni/d./rre, rx rditinus and finished business-like stvle of Writing: no matter iow illegible or cramped the present hand may be, (See slice io us at Jul Bioadwav.l ANrt THE LADIES k neat gnd handsome, delicate and fashionable Running Hand IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS' T VISITORS in New York cau take a causae in Three J ays !?Mr B. is to be seen from 9 to I A. M., or from 4 to B \ M. n " BOOK-KEEPING tan riit by double and single en<-y. P/ ' Evening Classes from 7 r.. f j,B lui*c I) 0 C T OR BE L CT |"\OCTOR TELL devotes his personal attention (daily, 1 Lc nnlil 1 P, M.) to the removal of private diseases in every tag*. All suffering uniicr protracted cases, aggravated or tinureeesfiillv treateifb> lne*|ierieuced or pretended praetilionn?those (shoring under the deslsnctive effects of mercurv Ol uack nostrums, anil all who suspect the trniains of dimeasr irking in the system, may consult Dr. B. alufal s with a guar itee of a cure. , 1117" Persona contemplating marriage, wno have been the sub ets of delicate diseases, msy consult yr. bell with honorahh onfiilcnee. Post rain Utters, deterifuiig the ease of pernor . t a distance, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatnte. I ever exooeesto suspicion, and is Weil known to be safe anC en?ota t. ir7" Private office, 4 CCURTLANUT ?TREET, twr ore from Broadway. jtBlfe SCHOOLEY'S?KMOUNTAIN, EAS * ' 15 TOWN, pk'nv ~ 1 j Daily, (8uudi>? excepted,) v u-E iix*bt tbi ?v%n uuU Snncrvill Hailioad Leave pier 1 North Kivr^, Mt #'? o'clock, A M, by stvamln -t tr> Elizah* tli|M>rt. or leavr the foot of Lih?-rty street at J d'cIo' . I \ M, tal e th?- Philadelphia train lo Eliiabetntow u, there * connect \a itl* the* l??r Soimrville; coaches from thence a.* r wtig at Sehoolev's Mountain earl\ the same oltrrnoon, ; t Eistou bv Go'c'ock, Bet It-htm at "?3>a o'clock, ami Allcntowu J at o'clock the saine eVelliutf. For sens or further information, apply to A D HOPE, Mer- | chants' Hotel, II I ourtlandi s'ret, at tlie Railroad Office, foot of Liberty street, oroa board the boat. Fare through to Hehooley's Mountain, $2,25 K ston. $2.00 B?*ihelein, $2,75 " AlletPow n, $3,00 N B-yF?lras provided at the nhorlrEi notice. P 8?This route on account of the short duttnee by coach h commends itself to the public patronage as being by f&r the ino%t pleasant and evpeditiou^. jy6 ltn*c RA1LK< )AD N< ITICfc. MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. Till. Nf.W JKHSy.\ Railroad am) reimport,Uinn < outl>aiiy Imc established a V,eight Lille I tween New. Grunswick ami New Yuik, which they intend to ruu permanently. Leaving New Brunswick at JA. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) and tlie font of Libei !} .treet, New 1 oik, ut 2% I'. M. To country dealers and nie.ji.auU the ahnve line is very rtcsiralde for tlie speedy slid cneap conveyance of merchandise of every', description, and inure particularly lo Drovers and Dealers ill Live Stock, who can have ISO head <>l' cattle .?il b?tWN8 N?W Biuiuwick and New York, the taint <1 y whenever required. The rates for the tntusi>ortatioii of cattle, home*, muh s, sheep, hogs, Sic. and all other kind* of merchandise are vt ly low, never exceeding price*. Merchandise sent hv ihi* line is uot subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. Tin Company have fitted up a large storehouse at New Biuiuwick, adjoining the R.uhoid Dej?ot, wheh will always btopen for the reception of merchandise. I'dssini^eis purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive lerry tickets gratis. VQ~ Freight for Newark, Kli/abethtown, Rahway, Weatfield, Plaililield, Scotch Plains, Boundbrook snd Somen ille, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the same day when received. m 11 3m* BAIL ROAD -ALBAN1 1ND SARATOGA. mMmmaA Travellers to Sinitogi Springs, Lak< Gei m, Whitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an eipeditiour and pleasant < onveyance to the Springs bv taking the Rsil Koa cars it Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At ii o'clock, A. M. | At 7 o'clock, A. M. m 3 m p. m. I M 3 ; p m. Then* is no change of Coaches or Baguage Wagons, or shifting of Baggage from one Steamboat to another oil this route. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, w ill find stage coaches in rcadint *s to convey tnein to Lake Geurgr and Whitehall on Lake Ch**mi?Uiri; connecting with all th? principal Northern and Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afie> noon train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in turn for tlto departure of the Champlain stcimboat of s .me day, and brings eastern tr?av llers to UiiiIhii I, Vl early in the i veuiug. N. B. There "i? baggage \v.? mis always in readim hr, at Albany, on the arrival ol the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to .and from the depot Hid steamboat at the rate of f?l4 cents per trunk or package, or 12,1 a cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The dep Ttnres for the west are fixed for the season at 7}? o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIGAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, IMS. je27 3m r EVENING LINE FOli ALBANY DIRECT, .MVI -a5l At seven o'clock, P. M., from th?- itwhflll Jk t Jpnier between Coorrlaudt and Liberty streets. ** m The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. I w ii,. 1 l...u. a.u .o.. ... m i-- \tr i. i ... and Friday at seven o'clock, P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tue&day, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial arq?iruUhcd with elegant state rooms, and in every res;>ectareu usurpasaed unions tin* Hudson River steamers. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SCHULTZ, At the office on the whirl. or on boacd, Passengers taking this line ol* boats, will nt all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for the east and west. iy| 7 17 ^TATtiN ISLAND FfcRljV7~"" Foot of Whitehall street. The steamers STAl^N I8LANDFJ1 and HAMHON will leave New York and Stateu Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 P M. All goods are required to Ik- i aiticulairly marked, and are at the risk of the owners thereof, i'lie rats of fare 614 cents. j y 1 /OS\ FOR ALBANY. rROY, ind interim Ps rices?Th# Hjdendid low pressure steamboat jLnJULi2.BVVALLOW, ('apt. A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlandt street, This (Friday) afternoon, July 8th, at 5 o'clock. The above is a subst intial boat, fitted up with elegant State Rooms, and for accommodation* is unrivalled on the Hudson. jy8r jo MAGNIFICENT EXCURSION OF i 4*PLEA3UHh to Saulr Sir Mane, .Mackinac, ^ ^ ^ IS ty, and the Indian Settlements. The stdeedid low pre -lire steamboat BlTk I1 ALO, Captain Levi Allen, will leave Buffalo on the above desirable pleasure trio ou Thursday, July 21st, at 10 o'clock A. M. provided w ith a tine hand ot music, and every thing ib^t can render the 'rip desirable and pleasant* The passase round, from Bnffa'o and hack, is fixed at the low price of $21?< tber ports in proporlion. Passage or Stale Rooms may be secured by application on board, oi at ( M. Reed's office; Buff I k m 11 tjy 21 OA PLEASANT AND HEALTHY EX & ^?Jl3?CUHS10NH EVr.RY AFTERNOON TO ,M Z-FORT HAMILTON, BATH, CONEY ISLAND AND NEW BKIt ?HTON?The commodious steamboat GENERAL JACKSON, Capt. Tobias, will commence on her regular tri|w to the above places on Sunday alterteruoon. June 26th, and run every Monday, Wednesday. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; and the NAPOLEON, CapL Iianeov, will run on every and Friday during the season, leaving the foot? t Chambers street at a quarter l? fore 2o'clock, H vminood street at 2, i'mal sheet al a quarter put 2, Market street a* V\L ami pier No. 1 North river at :t o'clock. remaining a suffi rut time at Fort Hamilton lor those who may wish to view (hat ? xteiisive fortification and the adjacent envoi ry. The bo t will then proceed to Bath and Coney Island, to laud those who may be desirous of visiting either of these healthy retreats. And then make an excursion around the lower part of n jr truly noble bay, and return lor those who may have landed at either of the above places, aud then cross />vertoNew Brighton, stopping a sufficient time at that place, anil returning to (he city at an early hour. Fare sach w vy 23 cents. je26 2mr OLD ESTABLISHED PACKET OFFICE. ill. fr# Mb pAo8AO? I ro n^GreatB ri tain an^lrelancL [via LiverpoTTj * The suhsciihcr continues to bring out Passenger* who m y be engaged here by his agents?either by the well known regular packet ships sading to and from Liverpool, weekly, or J by first class transient ships leaving Liverpool every few day*, kiom his present excellent arrangements he flatters himself he will be able to give general satisfaction to those is bo may favor him with a prefe.aTe. Draft* frr any amount can i.l*o be fu dished, navable fliroiml out I he 1 nited Kingdom. For further inrticuUri aiii'ty, ifhv Utter (iwi.t i>ai<1) to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 South .t Or to hi. As< tii?, us mirier:? rF.TF.U HIOOINS, Esq. No 1 North Market >t, Boston. Who ran arraiijjr to briint (asseiigi rs direct from Liverjiool to Boston. FRANCIS TIMMON8, Esq., 171 South K'ontsl. rhilsdelpht*. JOSEPH KIRK PATRICK Em. Pi tstiurg. Pa. r.ATRICK MILTON, B.iHalo, N Y. MICHAEL McQUADE.Esq Utioi, N Y THOMAS R. ELLIOTT. Esq, Detroit, Michigan. DANIEL DEVI.IN, Esq. Louisville, Kentucky. WILLIAM LINDSAY Esq, St Louis. Missouri. J. A. NOONEN, Esq. Mil*. uki-, Wisconsin Territory. C CAHILL, Esq, IVme, Illinois. ( HAS McCORKERY, Esq, Dot Miotic, Iowa Territory. jy-1 r EDWARD KKNNA, Esq ^'uicinnatti. Ohio. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and .New hTjrJVV'ork Line.?Positively first Regular Packet?The fust AmURm! "tiling packet shin OASTON Cant Oliver Eldridge, is now loading a? Orleans wharf foot of Wall at. For freight or passage ,htving handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO 56 South it. Great care will be taken to have the goods by this line cop* r? . ri-vcip '. Agents in New Orleans, Pollen St Woodruff, who will promptly forwar I all g Is to theii ? I !r? ss. j* c XAjt' FO LIVEH PC)()L?The last sailing coppered an^ copper fastened Packet Ship SllAKSI'EAHE, Capt. Jfmkijmm All. II Miner, will have despatch. For freight or passage, ho ing superior accominodalions, apply on board, at the foot of Dover street, or to je 29 c E. K. COLLINS k CO. 56 South st. KOH LONDON?Regular packet of the 10*H July krjWfW--The snlr ndid new fast mailing packet shin 8WIT/?Kjiy|?'ERLA ND, Captain Sefh Chadwick, will sad positively aTabove, her regular day. This ship's accommodations I ibin, td cabin and teeragi | ? irngi i, us fitted up in a style supi i-M ' my "ff" i port, and berthi ? in be sreun d n moderate terms, by applying on hoard foot of Maiden lane, or to GLOVER k Mr MURRAY, ino Pine street, corner of South. P. S?Persons wishing t<> send for th' ir friends, ran have them brought i?er the above ship, er any of the regular lines, by applvHi- ;u d. -\. , r I. I t(.-r postpaid. jv2 FISHING iXi I KSION^-E. KENFIELD, KfjrvP^ No. 4 Cornhill S.juare, opposite the Post Office, inform his friends and the public that he has procured new ind eompl Fishing Apparatus, including Lines, Cooking Utensils, Ike. of the first order. St'-auiboali, sailing vc <>rls, took*, and tenders, of the first class, always in readiness, and will be furnished to parties on the most reasonable terms. His friends and the-public are infoi med that he continues to accommodate p?-riiian? it boarders ? ' ! tiansient company. 4, Cornhill Square, Benton, May 4 \, 1812. j?4 ttw *e V vTi iti >T'f p it n iii-Ti.; ?j )|5Wy*iip KLAVH'S, Onptain Jonas, li>< iinarly all her JpMMMr*,En engaged, end will be dispatched t?ry promptlyFor liriglita of a lew tout hear y good. . >r a few passengers, ap. ply to the captain on board, at loot of Hnsevelt afr- et, or lo BOYD St HlNCftEN, jylc g Tontine Building. M*- FOR (.IVKltrOOL-FTrat British Shin^The MC#?Vw. II known fiat sailing British aliip < HESTER, -aptaia John Do> le, having a large portion ol her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch for the above yiort. K? r bilviio of frit-glit, or cabin |si*?age, having liandaume furnished state room accommodations, amity to hDI'HK, BROTHERS ?t ?;o , ? Fulton at, jy7 r _ Neat door to the Fulton Bank. *?5?- FOR Ql'Ellkc, vaitn d im ch The apl> ndol TtSStV^"1 : 11 - at i t a iling ship LOt'liLEBO, Cap:. Tat . *iH ?> lor tin- above povl without delay. For I right nrpi.stage, ss nit h will be lakr n at tlir very low e?t into if iiaakatlfaie aj'pfieati >n l? mad, on hoard, or to GLOVER k McML'KUAY, I in fine meet. Jv7c l-nrnernf Smith, ift* VMi.wAGK EtlH IIKKK.MII K, H< t)|i,AM>. 7#3MtV~The splaiiditl pi lo t vlnp NEW YORK Capratn .*W> -'^SGV i? ii aaila | miiively to-morrow mo.ninr. Spine it in a iMiln odvtionv foi ci hi ii, ai rood cabin ami aterrage jms? nit' ra. For aaaagr, early application should be made on board, foot of Dover at. or to . , j v 7 W IT, TAI'Sf'OTT. ? Peck sl'p. A4-A- PASSAGE FOR LONDON i lfWfVJllr,-Tlii< line new brig RE-DWlNO, Ja?. Evans, pjWJlGw'nas'rr, hound to Cowes, an accomim date tl ree cobin passer.g. rs, at n reasonable rate. Apply lo "ir captain 01: boaid, fool of Rectors'. North Rivei, ,, , .. jyj I'ERHSE & BROOKS. f,l Liberty st VTOTH'E?All persons are hereby notilie,I pot to trust any 01 ATI trie erew of the Britiah hanjue I onntrssof no debit of their contracting will be paid by ''joi?n* H f'rDVI VA' jySc 91 Sonth it, AUCTION SALES. BY THOMAS BELL. {Stores Sot. 22 jinn and 115 Fiiltwi street ) FRIDAY. At lftV? o'clock in the sales rooms. Large salt- of really superior tuinnit r wearing ap|?arrl 01 all descriptions. J>'2r Alan, < mini.. iHiauiiful summer wcauug ?pi aid, * ?j it l*i>ts. jacket* and eoata. A'so, 211ui?k . > odd* and cuds. 2 ships, curiciilivii trai tiling trunk-, 72 best Cnvyl o g?, &ii4in iliiu*. Also, hosiery, doves, SATURDAY. Atalul? o'clock iu the sale rooms. Splendid Furniture Sale Will be told, uri^mive ai d elegant an assoil?"tttt of Ucw and secoiul baud household and cabiuel furnitute of all descriptions at has been for so in e tunc prtseDlrd to che housekeeping public. BY RlELL k ARLULARTus. SATURDAY, At 1?H o'clock, st the auctiou room, Elegant furtiitu c, Pia"OS, kc. Also, 4 Urge siie South American haimnocks. LM>K SALF.-ThV"Yacht ON-KAH Y-E.?She is 94 feet A long, 21,lg feet beam, and 12 feet hold. II' r cabins are lenaii uul erbly Atti d up. Ii not m mi d foi \ u hi would be well adapted (bra packet between some of the West tin China or any other trade where great speed is an oh)ect. She is an admirable sea-bost, and would 1 convey a Urge cargo, combining in ore buoyancy with sharp- 1 Mess, than auy other vessel She i* Strang and stoutly 1 built, and would be valuable as a dispatch vesael, or is a tender to a licet. She would convey a eery he av y at in; incut on In r deck, from having part of her balhst, (40 Mm) iu an iron keel. b> which her stability i? greatly increased. For commercial purposes, she would require no other ball.ut. 1 auvini nti Bed njntll thai going 11 sea I m | i i an mai (without any t cry great sacrifice kdbe dispensed with, I woul 1 disiKiae of her for very uiuch lesCTtiau she cost me. Her hull, sails, rigging, furniture, kc. kc. kc., are in perfect ordur. Sli* can be ?t lit to sea without a dollar's eipeuse. Sin* may be seen at Pcrtn Am boy. For further particulais inquire of Ira Bliss, at the office of the C. and A. R. R. Company, or to JOHN C. STEVENS, ie23 2wr Smith Amb.iv. CLASON'S POINT, ' , IN THE I COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER FOR SALE, %1nd Twtntf Yearn Credit i^iven Jar twwthirds vf the Purchase* AUGUSTUS W CL\hON, o^uer of tin* valu^r r hie eitan*, oilers il for si'e. It i> situate on the East a'Ji Hiv?r, or Souid, about twt! vrmiles Iroin New York, oi?|h'>i'c College Poiut, contains 'J O acres of laud in a high state of on,two Dwelling Houses,a large wh jrf, bains, cattle ho use j, and every convenience. fruits of the rarest kiuiU. Fish, oysters, &.C. are takeu near the door. The situation is not equalled by any near the city, and as there are several superior sites for building, and the front on the Hound is extensive, the land will be divided to suit purchasers, and the price very moderate. Apply to AUG. W. CLASON, oil the on BUMS. <?r to yt lm* JOHN K. PRLAPL \ I N K. G8 Wall it, N. \. CORNS. CORNS, CORN S. U Murray utrrot. MONS. AND MADAM K BERHAHD, {'aro Dortvrg. from Paris, 1)KG LEA Y E to inform the inhabitants of New York, that 1' the) will be ntppv to wait npon -ill \*i o My dtiin t .. i services. and Ma I. Uerlnud hive h? en practicing in the ' United States tint a ft-\v months, and in that short time have recalved t itiiu< unit from aonte of mm moat mini mi gantleman anil others, aa to the benefit and contfo t which tn< have reived since they have been attended b\ them. They have tin honor to inform ihe public thai b> a new and peculiar method tney extricate Hard and boft Coins, Bunions, Callosities, &c. without cuttiug.. Mom. and M ub\ B. do not attempt to oner a noii in requiring secresy 01 faith to ensure its efficacy; but coil, dentiy assure those Who may suffer from troublesome and paiuful Corns,that they m?v have the sa isfaction of carrying away their tonnt litor, the Corn, iu their hands. Mc ns. and Made. B. have iu their possession upwards of two thou and certificates from tho-e who have e > pert el iced relief at their 1 lands* Mods. iq<| Made. B. haveira their profession for several years in G* rm?ny, France aud England, and l.ave artpurwd great skill anil much practical exjierieiice?a fact attested by iiumenus certificates from the most ceh brated English, French and German physicians, as we 1 as from several ef the in i Li I it y and gei.ti> o| tin se c< untries, de'iveied to them alter four years cure. The operation will not occupy more than ten miuutc's, and the relief i? so instantaneous that the persons thus treated can immediately put ou their shoes and walk win..nit lie leasf lUCOnif nonce. Ladies and gentlemen will be waited on at their own rcsidt net , if' the> in giro it. At home in the morning from U till II, and in the afternoon from 2 nil ti o'clock. Office at Boston, 151 Court st? __ j> 8 linr TO THE FEEHLE AND"THE SICK. rlMIE feeble and tin- prostrated with sickness often exclaim J- how s' all we recover health aud strength f Hearken unto reason and ye shall know. When the hum?n constitution is disordrre ?, it is derangement in s in of the LlFK-oiviita powkks of the l> d>;,not having sufficient energy to ihrow the offending humor* into the organs of the atomach anil bowels; or, from the stoin cli and bowels themselves not brill* sufficiently strong to throw oil' the impure humors tin them nllcct d. This produces a stiuggle " twi en the principle ?!' life and the principle of corruption. We inu-t assist ihe principle of lifi must adininistir Dr. BENJAMIN BRANDRETH's BILLS, which ?oassist the Bkincipli:ok Life that disease of ever) description is soon ertoic ited* It would be superilous to say that the Bkaxdiiktii Fili.s are recommended by all who use them, as this is known to he so, by all classes of the community. That they are the most pleasant in their operation, the most ? Hernial in their cleansing, in their puiif> inir effects upon the blood; ihat they have raised many persons fr m a bed of misery to health and happiness,and tli t tin y are ol consequence more used and more approved than any other medicine,is a fact so w ell know n as to almost amount to fully to name. If the powers ofl.fe he not entirely exhausted, if there remain ?ii\ foundation upon which to renovate the liody, every tiling can be hop* d from the use of Dr. Brandreth's Pills. I t ?'ir, th n, ho| i? th*t those who do not kn?w the Bran* oki 'h i'd i b, and who ire snflferinn from sickucss, will be indiicfd to h?-e?i what has b cn said. Hi tin ruber the Braudrelh Pills purify the blood, and stay the further piorress of disease. THK BKANDRETH PILLS are sold at 2j cents per bos, w ith directions, at the following places in New York :? DH. BRAN DKETH'H PlilNt IPAL OFFICE, 241 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray st. Bowery Office,271 Bowery. 18!) 1-2 Hudson street. Remember, Dr. Brandreth's Office, iutlie Bcwery, is 271, not 270. j y 8 CHARON SPRINGS.?The Hotels at this new watt-ring 0 pi i?. . .m,i v ..ii. <l.t\'. in!, from this city, are now opbn foi tli. reception Of Visitorr,. mil fill- pr<?pi h tnr ol tlo S|.i iii^'s Ins obtiiued permission to publish ihe following certificate! of the medicinal properties of lite water* New York. April 71, 1812. My D?*ar Sir,?I have recently used the Sulphur Waters of Sharon ext? nsivel\ in my p.ivate practice, and have no li? aitation i? certifying that 1 etitert in ? high opinion of their Tonic and Alterative properties in chronic affections of the skin,the \ iscera and the joints, and in neuralgic (or nervous) complaints, ceding from functional derangement of the iigMOve oe gaii.s. From what I Itave witnessed ami heard, I believe they will, en long, rank with tb most celebrated waters of onr country* Very resi?ectfullvLyoiir?, lie. li. McLKAN. M. D. I visited the Sulphur Springs at Sharon the last summer, with a view to test the efficacy of toe waters, and have no hesitation in stating that careful observation has fully satisfied me of their great value in cutaneous, bilious and other maladies, for the relief of which the Sulphur Springs in Virginia, have been so deservedly celebrated. Jti rheumatism especially, I have w itnessed tin- most undoubted evidence of the curative effects of the Sharon water*. G. S. BEDFORD, M. D? Professor of Midw ivery and the Diseases of Women and Children, in the University of New York. The mm ' i tih Msonwillhe optnf dk) a| indball ...I thi \ening of tie- pu of July. (J. W. B. UEDNEY. Jwne 27,1842. j77ft+m 1 Ll'CINA CORDIAL. TO TIIE AMKH1CAN PUBLIC. TT is now barely three years since tre u* ju ral intrndudtion of 1 the Lucina Cordial into the United States, and in that period it has not only spread its usefulness throughout th|3 hemi ph?re. and Mistauied the vast reputation which it had previously acquir cd in r.urope. hut Iras also added to the renown of its illustrious ilTtOtOf by tlif mi mailed pnwefl 'i liaa bctO dtCOn i .1 ?> | . se?s in the cure of incipient consumption. The kuowlcikte o< man frame, first suggested the idea of using it in this way ; a# uJ the remit it, tl at a MdkiM his ben am ?l r<> the csukjtn t<* (I,- cure of incipient consumption, which places the disease, with dm preentioif nw the control ef m pidnL It is scarcely necessary, at this period, to recommend the Lttcitia Cordial, aa an all-sufficient remedy In case of (Jleet. Floor A1bus difficult or painful menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, and all diseases arising from debilitation of the system, where an mi ||| ev 01 utontiTfl it waited xee throughout rlp? United States it has taken precedence of all other medicine in such cases, and b aves nothing further to lie hoped for ; iu cures l?? inf speedy. perfect, permanent, and effected without pain 01 trouble. Sltould there, however, be any person lilmring under the above complaints, who are doubtful of its almost universal!) tested tnerita, I re co mm mend t to them with Uh m fide nee, im on my own personal r> sponsibility, feeling assured if they girt it the retiuirad trial, that health to the afflicted, Mel rratefaliH * to Dr. Magein, will ! dw luault* lint, as is also the case in Kurope, the immense American reputation of the Lu< 1 nfi ?l, is j im ipallj ba <l on its thi r < >:* ? in* estimated, indiihitable, and generally admitted |tnwer to enahl* females, who had been considered Iwirren to bear offspring, ami to restore virile |M)Wers in males, when reduced to utter and ajv parent I y hopeless prostration, to perfect health and activity. When I first received the agency of the Lstciaa Cordial, from Dr. Magnin, notwithstanding its imrnensef oreign celebrity, and the great amount of respectable testimony that arcorn|>aiiied it, I declined committing myself individually, by giving any per sonol assurances in these particular* : but now, after the enormous sale of upwards of one hundred thousand bottles, coupled with the receipt and certificates and testimonial* innumerable. and much knowlrd.-e founded on imtmmmI obse. ration, I ran unhesitatingly warrant it a. fir rn-> i>x in , mint .ana h< pM, or ever tli-> illustrious inventor* promises, in I he fulfilment nl tlir most imiiortant ends for w hich it ia recommended, and liaa b?come so justly and universalis' popular. T.. In- aa explicit as possible, I repeat, anil hold invself personally r?s|>oti.i hie for tin- assumption, lliat the Lueina Cordial ran in tic orate the virile powcra in mali-t, and make them focundaut, where nature has hi ru deficient, or when the, have been proatrated by artificial me nu , and alao that if ran produrt that state of the system in femalca, who h?d been prts lonaly unfruitful, and imagined barren, which will enable lliem to beor children. I regret (hat I hare to sin ak so plainly, on anrn exceedingly de licall mattrra, but feet failed upon to do (a, lnl it mt|M he miaunderstood, and aa a fall guarantee for the great responaibili ty ss hirli I hare cheerfully asintned. with ferlingt of sincere giatMiole f"r the cxltii n - p ,tin i ig. ? hn li, a. (In a*- lit of tfieLnctM Cordial, haa bei n headed U|?in me in snis country, I re main, tne Public'* "cry obedient humble servant. JOHN WINTER# HOLDER tVklU., M 0. Price 13 per bottle. V'or salr at till Broadway, and 9t \aHao trret. Naw York, and M North Buth street, flaWrlHita jyliaftr _ . 1 lASHAOK Kf'til I.IV K.KPOOI ?NTTf.P J ?#3brVLINK..-Pafhetof Monday,IIth July?The first class M*S?rt>acket .hip JANE fc BAKU AHA. C?pt. f olemin, f ie now loading, and will lie des|iatelted as above. Having j splendid accommodations for cabin. second cabin ami st?era*e t passe tiw r?, for passage, ??il>* application should be made on t board, foot of DowVtAI'K OTT, ? Peek .lip, I jyjj rcrner I Mouth alreet. \ e JET, pAkfl \(.I FOR NEW OHLEANH?Kir.t Park 1 1 It, tills. Line.?The splendid well known I 2ll4i-,,,rket ship AHK ANAAH, t .ptain Dennis. ism a ? Pndn^u?d will |*witively sails ** above. Having splrndid I accommodate n? for cabin, aacond rmbiii, and stecragc paaacif ? 41'Ki'ir I a .sag. I '-Ir applies.,.oi^ho^.^he^msd^mM^rd^nr ? I Jyt 1 ? Peck Slip. w ro PERSONS FROM THE OLD f ODNTR . A ND OTHK11S?*'ost dc^irabl** investment?II f f J /fl, oppoifMini \ I'.m nn activr man of in* -lrrntc means.?'I ? ,r,. I, r r.. .iti flivi!?f< f n.Ttil f ??i-tin* |???sf .-dd to a |icrs<>n of i< y l?-i.?( r >i itil. an "Id and wrll o .tnl liHlifd H*>t? I ami H ?ard?; I If >ii * , in 11 ?? bun left, and most pleaaniit part of th?' city, nnm* r. I near Whitehall and the Battery. The Honse is I a rife, m I rominodionsly fitted up, command! a <1 -i*.litfuI view of t' Bay . is immediately eoritivufuia to the chief Ferries and l*i" I f ing Pier , ittd always commands a constant ucc ssion of n ilH-clahle good | ayuiK visitors and inmates?in fact, the be r are always w? II occupied, and Vhr B?r continually fttll. Tl n sole r< ison why the presfiit proprietor is willing to di?i*om - , tin a eligible and in??*t lucrative investment. is declining heali v and a desire to withdraw from public life to enjoy his mea! n The furniture, stock. good* will, and possession ofa steady ai ti thriving business, maybe obtained lor about fWHU, which sn. n< an active business man may reJiie in one y parti ai lars spplv at 1?f? TeaiI strtet, Franklin square, N- V All let- f ten mustbt postpaid. jH*?d Jwe tUJ-l'L I-" JIIUM" AMUSEMENTS. NIRLO'K GARimV7 """ " " Kxtri>oi'illnwr> ttavil Family, Rtctivtd Ai#/if/v with Shouts oj laughter and Aj>jMautr, in thrlr vuriout SPLENDID COMIC PANTOMIME#, Ac THI9 EVENING ul> t'.tli. tin per'oti inn.rj mil culitlmriici- w I'll D'miaetti'. tin*' Ov.ltuh-, I.A KILLE 1)1 REGIMENT To be followed by the 'I' eani and daring ix-iformauii.- on THE Tir.HT ROI' by ibt- Until. A it.i Whuh, the celebrate ! Tableau* Vivint >!' the ITALIAN BKIGANl)S. Chara.tera by the Kav. I K ?ii|y. Quarter of au honra inU*itniv.inii will be allotted lor ilrfresh rneiita ill tin- <Sr.ii l 8 Irvn,. A ORAM) OVKSVTURK. After winch THE CONJCRU?t H Ciirr, Darin* the Pauloinime Bnanuh Paade Htm, br Miaa Well, and iVihrii 1 lUtrl. The piece will trrmii, ,t.- with e GRAND CHINESE DIVEKTI8EWENT. To conclude w itb THE PROMENADE MUSR ALK. . fJ7~ The p uprietor rcaiiectfully i.toiniv the public, that 1.1 roiiiiilnnr with tiie wialie* of numerrti* Tutf *ra, thi. mnrh v'inired part ol the entertainment!, will be given after the petroruiaiii'e<i in the Haloon art* over. Actn 4 Manager, Mr. t liip|*ndaie. Mu.ical Lead rami Director, Mr E vVoolf. Ticket.?141 cent. Door. u|>?ti at it veil o'clock, tuiertaiulin tltv to CODim/lico at eight. J'_? I* A It Iv THE VfRE. THIS EVENING, Ju'v P, *iiI in p?i formed, A KI?S IN THE DARK Mr Petti bono. Mr Buck.ti.m | Mr. IVuihon f, Mr* Barry" Ait* r .vl.icb, THE BELLE OK THE HOTEL. (Written mpr? ??!> lot Mi. Kit/willum) To . ..uciitdi- tiiU Ml HI'11 IKK MAKING. Miliii* Mmr'tr, Mi? Ki zwillium i NirlmU- >' II >> i .icm* Doort 0(ieu at ?etm?tierfortniuite. Mill ccmtiU'-nre At !nll[ui?t ?e?m. Poles, 81?Pit, SO ccntv?Gallery, ?5 ? ? ti; t CHATHAM TllUATUK. THIS K\ KNI 5. wll h? pe* formed ih? pliy of WILD OATS. John Dory, J U Scott I June, Mrs Thome Hover, llield I Lady Amaranthe, 1 i?r ;?i rT<> cnnchnl wi'h A M B H r)SK l? W N N KTT. Ambrose (Iwiiiuutt, T borne I Lucy, Mrs H'*M Ned Gnyliug, 11 i d (rnu I Doors will open in future at a<n arler past 7 o'clock, ami iiiu curtain will ri*?> .it 8 o'clock pun- inally Dress circle, AO rcuts?25?Pit, I2fs?Priva^ l',? -? < ,. SU AMRHICAN AND OAKlHt S*. pORNEK OK BROADWAY AND ANN 8TKM.T ? ^ Opiosite St. Paul's Church. ^1'LKMUl) NOYKLTJE*. The ma* ueei has engaged for this we? k only the t Ik popular perform ors ? Master Ditmoiid, the unrivalled Dancer. Mr Whitlorl', the Celt > rated Maiijo I'Lvir. Mi- i Rosalie. the sdinired siiiKvr. Li Petite l-elcste. tint potxilar Mr P Moiris, the "elebrriteu Coin?uM*lod*rf. The Mysterious Uijaty Oirl will remain a short Pi" l.^yer. She c*vn lie privately consulted as ran oracle el foreteller of future ? %i nu lliroii.liovt die Ja\. She i. the %rrr>.ii *t won ! r M the day. Balloon Asrcnjions ctery evening from ine (?ard?:i ou the top of the Museum. Day performance* every Wednesday ai.d K ttunlay, Commencing at i o'clock. AMi) exh biting, llt<* AlbiilO I.^iy, Ksnc; Bio?. nig, Kuyplian Mum nit* 3000 years olJ, Gratd Common, ma, ati i V ivc Hundred Thousand Ctiri'-sitie*. Admission to flu; whole Mu.cum, Garden gicl Cnio ia in in. ita ' - nl hildreahalf pn }y<c 'I 'll. NEW : rRAND N A T I O !V A I- MII S IC V M . AT the junction of the Bowory, Chatham and Division J\ streets, now-open, in th? largt oniMiug known 8:. ith'x Clock KstaWloliineut comprising the largest, rani* iai? n? *ti..g and inagnificeut colleeth n of WAX FIGURES ever exhibited in the United Sutex or any other par* ? f tho world. Tin proprietors of tire National Museum, having heeti engaged icviil months in fitting up their estab'i ihineut tt an ormoiit einense, are now prepared to exhibit to an adriiutiK world, a collection of FIGURES AND STATUES from it*- hands of i' e most emit nt arh?r<, ujmui ? plan noe*before, attempted. The Figures ire icpres* ntid mmin^. r?...I brea hint: so perfectly as to impress the h?*lu hi* ? with a heinl that lie is looking tinntt a scene of real life and uniinntii r; J he" are arranged with tin* gr? itest skill and de>ign thi iul'' . .I decorated in a style, f . taste and neatness, i. t to be *urpi.*-orl. It in the iut ii ?ion of the proprietors to ? nlrrge and v u. their collection of Figures and ent? rtaitnnents as Out a .1 ax often m time and circumstances imy permit, making it at ill tun? an interenfidg and pleasing resort for flic public at large. Admittance to the whole 25 cents. Kutrance No. 7 1-2 I)< w ery. _ jy7 5t-r *T?HE NEW ROCHESTER THEATRE i. now oiwi, (V,r ' the .umm.r m-moii, ladie. and jfent Irm.-n of nl.nli lirti l'rof.'..ional icimtntion.who il> ?ikii y hi twin Butfnlo or Muni oral nml w.h to take Ruche.ter in their w.y, will |.|ease ad.l.e.s ihe subscriber. EDWIN DEAN. Rochester, July I, 1812. jyG Im ins*r RCH STREET THEATKKTin FhilwMpki*.-^Tu U the Arrll Street Theatre f..r rhe ...ainni nf 1119 ....I ? A . y\7 to P. M. Lafourcadc, 100 Crown r.ircrt. AAML. BRAUHON, fkcTt-L-iv. PhiLdHphin, June 1, 1A42. je A Imi \ < ARD.-MR8.FANNY F1TZWILLUM ... TV lv inform* hci liiewts and tin* public, that her FAREWELL BENEFIT, priort<? In r departure for ?uiop?t will t.ikr p?.ice ? :i Mopdiy evening. ilth July, when she will make htr Lm app< u net, r?iid produce he? new ti-oii<Jcguc, callej THE BELLE OK THE HOTEL. in which she will *u*uiii *i* characters, v i/. : nj Knzjjsu I. ij ? in American Fire-boy?an old Scotch Moms* writing n bo h on Amciica?an Italian ?inking wivtei?an Irish d at an hotel?:iii?t a IMiisian dans Use. Mr. BIJCKSTONF will appear in a in*w C?>mie Lh Also w ill be i iesente<L h popular fan e oi OUT OF PLACE, in which Mrs. Fitiwillivn will peilonai h<-r original character, sing >evrral Sonic*, and dance a burlesque Cracoru one. Bo* Book now open. j*. " ttr I URNR88E9 BV THE I)AO! EIIHEOTVPE i HOL* CESS are taken at the room*, rornt r Broadway a?ut John street, in a superior style, with all the m.a!*m impn ,%rm .as, w ithout any regard to the weather, the result bcin*, alw av tin* same. Instructions in the above beautiful ait given, nnl appmnu furnished at a moderate price. N. B.?All the apparatus used in the business pi.iv be <?!> tilled at the above place; also, every d. ftcription of inifmaire cases, lenses, plates, Ktc Specine n? iu*V L?* aveu *it the io. ins at a y time during the day. iv:| ijIIoTOGUaiTTk on DA<Ji kkTIF<)TV.f Li A NES8E8.-Mr.E. WHITE, of No, i;i n,, ,,! , iyosite Howard'* Hotel, has iorke and convei mt n> m:, litre he daily devote. his attention to takiu.' lilo "? *;, by tie* shorn simple out beautiful and accurate process. Tin whole limn required Tor the completion of a true and certain like>ic?v doea not eaeeed si* or seven minute,, and Ilia method of : tieiiuc the science i. of such a peculiar character thai it caiuiol lie ohitrueted, even by the moat cloud} or rainy weather. E. W. rlatt.r, hiliix lf that he can produce M hi ro. in* s. i of th most marcuificent specimens of D.j?ina'-en'.v,>c 1'crtruis taken by him that have et er been eietuted Aid. tne dt,cov*r> of the art. E. W. keep, constantly for sale he moat nnprotctl J>ai rreotype Amieratua, Plates, Lens, Miniature Cases, Pofli-.oini Materials, lie. N. B.?ins true tir a, will b? siyhu in the rhol rarapU'r'avt ? E. W.'s Koorn. fi.'i Broadway. I n* GYMNASIUM. FENCING AND SHOOTING GALLERY, &13 Broadicay* (roitirr of Anthony-sJ.) MOUttQl IN Las ihehoiur ol iufoimii.^ his frU in!* and * the |>ublic iii *: ncrnl, that hi* ik w U'/rnp'ouam i-u win operation. It mi^ 1 irgc*' mJ he beat which )?.?'-> been y - f offered to the Ainfnui public. 'I he v?cin* are lAn<?. aid w. II ventilated, whi< Mflk Jh"m the advantage ol bring aivtaya cool. P.ireula, I'TiWWtfs, and Gentlemen, ire invited r?? visit this eiublismni nt, ft) which, aa a# the Crohn WatT Work* will be in o;>cr*i?? n, will be added a h!hi?ier bath, for the convenience of the Subscriber* to the Oyttiu.&aium. The Shooting Odler)' p iug entirely indej ndm* of the Gymnasium, person* waiting to pra? *>?c niafol f rhi? can do to without be?ng ?ub*eriber* to the Ov*i?.ii?.*tu n Fencing h saon* riven a? usual on*modani?e tern's. Oiwn at diy break, and cloae at half |**t lone *t ni^l.t. J??_lrn?r_ _ ? - piano fortes MANUFACTUIIM) by A. II. OALKk f'O.JateN. V. I'iano Forte Co.?Purchaser* are invited to e*,minf iheii* eileiui . e stock before purchasing elsew here, it rh^i. ' Nnufictory nnd Ware R>oins, Third A veuue, corner ?#i Thirteenth treef. \ . R. Pri. ? s to ^1)1 I lie time*. J ?1 |>l a\<> rORl E8 FOR HIRE -A va * Piano Forte* arc comt.intly kept f >r hire at the rn .u'V*r>ry No. 41 West Fourteenth street, between ihc Fifth ?nd Ssxili avenue*. Alao, a good assortment of new Piano Fort'-*, of up?ti v ? ?! lity, with octaves of rotwwood awl mahogany, for * d* .t reduced price*. ? our D(u ill.:. M TION HA HPS - J?. I, . In ??e? at 3"i Broadway, ? vi rv . U ?i n .1 H >rj> , v?-ry fine and brilliant lom-il, ant! fiui.bed in 'lie nm*l tij tm.r and beautiful alyle. . .... j\7 3.*r _ j. F. BHOWNK ' CO. Lm.l..ii .1.1 >..IVk. HORN'S PATH NT AlfOANP I..AM"n AND IVfPRUIAI UfTRV KliS rPHE Subscriber* would call the air.-ntioi. of tl^** rlitil " lo t]..* f auiicrior qualities of tlu-ir gla?? fountain st.-HK ur I'*V ?r uj. inir, aide and other Lamps. Tneir k'v < founts ins ! injf hoh-c.miductora never become heated like thoseof brass which ar nt B?C, consequently there is no expansion ol the contents or . sonpo of uiicoiiaiiincil vapor into the room, wool I' dilfi rent from ?|itrn. gas or other cointatunda for illumination. Hori.'siM w (Jhcniu*ni Oil ia not O...V traiu>|?' . and atail'lesa, hot devoid of n'ci,: ,,r smell during combustion, ami entirely I re e from smoke or .lunger of explosion, yielding a light which forstiadoos, intensity derma. and beauty cannot be .quailed by the b' st evioii . t'-d hydrogengas. Th< o .Ian fountain Ivmi rc qtii.e no.nte.nioo after bi ing once Ulled and ignited, and will coqpiine to hni? ien hours in succession, giving during the whole time a li- quivalni; to the tlamea oi not Icaa than ten sprrinaceti? atoll sat tbivtoo at the low price of only half a Cent per hotn ; flnin'a patent burner'a bciiui ao conatructed that afrceh c . inn ..I ,.o I, constantly cirrurating within the very body of the oil, that liquid ia lima kept conatantly cool in nil tempt-raturea. N. B?Heni'i Chemical Oil, globes, lamp glasses, wn In, -ana, kr. fce., aold wholesale and retail by KDWIN B. HORN fcCo. jel-lm2awi??c 63 Fulton street, corn.. Cliff. MOFFAT'S FAMILY LIFE MEDICINES ~ [T it no longer questioned, either bv rival uropru'o.* .. r)io mrJictl 1 acuity in geium!. that Dr. Moffat'* Ve,- table Jfe Pills and Phenix Bitter* have become the moat ni. v. r I amily medicines ?tt the iTnitrd Ht*tei, ml that th? .??dlah a greatei number of remarkable cure*, and coikIwcc mora o the health of our population, than any others that can !m mined. Yet they have ncvet been eitr?v .% fitly reemtmvmU d y the proprietor, but have won their r? now.i i & n*| .. Lability ?y thair nowtrfwl efflcary alonat and tin ir eoucd UJ int:.i.?ic ivorth. No medical proprietor either in thie country or in Kuope ha* a greater number and variety ol decisive f- rtim- ni*I? > the actual curea they have pcrtbrvn'-d am! ilthomh f!.? imotmC to mvnv thou* an da, they doubt!"?* |c i ?t II xyrtion of their extenaivy and nhheraided u? Julc i'l.' . e. certificates, how?\er, which all b? ar the i rratm > Jiddc < >f the pcrsrn* cured, unanswerahly demo .-;r.? ? "?t tfi* Inoht invariably cure not only the ordinary I nrfifiid derane? nenta, such ?s biliout and I.ver attacks, hMs'ti *! *u 4 'ml oativeneaa^ aeroua and hit ion* lonaieM. dv*? f? 14, fMuU u? nt' distressing dia 'urbanerr of -11, I ? '? ' I nilimiiiatory rhruuiii' .r |r ir and ?> ? . i?cr :i initt* uft evera, jaundice, gravel, aerofula iiM.or*' > ?W-e!? r% i.thfna, brouchcti*, ouin . hcadaclc*, t? ua u v in. vealtncaa.eiyai.nU*, .mi H "M m >.on t tin* in the atdea, fchonlrterd, l? iaJ, . ri hohc, palpitation of th^ I ! * r??*i *t*<?n ??i pi , to tha ie*d, and anoat of other irirhilul n?;?l nie*. And the reason wh\ the are ?o co . |> '.e' kire in iheii eferta, ao unusiMlly infallihle, aa cnmjgrf ? with Other m? dicitica, that they are an original compound of the rarrtt hU emediea that are known to aenrnce. Aa ipeiienta. .iiev am fio*t effectual, yet mild in their operation, ixra^ioitin^ t?e eiihanation or pain, although th?* moat powerful rnrif n the rorld. Bat they invigorate *11 the functions of the vyatem almat from the commencement of their n-?ik. an I nil err p\enf with that delightful sense of renov ued havlth. rl an w loch r> earthly feeling 1* more hluaful <?r highly mixed. l#o j*ared id sold by Dr. WM. B. MOFFAT, r, Br.fldwa>,N. or *a1e at moat of the dntgniita in the- city jell 2w cod ii#c y

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