Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 9, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 9, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Ho, 1S7 - Whol, No. 303* REGULAR PACKETS. WLTN E Ok" LIVERPOOL PACKKTV tilfrutn New York on the 2Jth anil Liverpool oil the 13th of each month. Khii. SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. Orueyster, 2Ath May. Ship OAKRICK, Captain Win. SkulJy, iftth Juue. Ship UOIil'll'H, Captain John Collins, ibtb July. Sin,, S1DD0N8. Captain E. B. Cobb, Ikitb August ! 'km 11 litkrfool. Slop SIPHONS. Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th Juno. Stop SHEIUDAN, Captain K. A. Dcneystrr, 13th July. Ship tjAUUICK, Captain Win. SkiilJy, 13th August. Ship ROSCIUS. I ipUin John Collins, 13tb September. These ships arc allot the lirst class, upwards ol lUOOtons, built in rho city of Net, Y'ork, with such iin|rot*m?uu a. combine Bat s|*< J with turn,ual comfort for passengers. Every care been taken iu me arrangement of thoir accoininodatious. Thr place uf passage bonce is $UM, for whieb ainplo stores w ifl be provided. These ships are commanded by eiiierionced masters, who will make every exertiou to give grucral satilKclion Neither thr captains or owners of the ships will be rrspeosiblr for any letters, parcels or packages sent by (hem, unless regular b'ls of lading are signed therefor. The; nips "I this line will herealter (j ara.ed. and their peculiar construction gives llirm security uot possessed by auy oilier bui vessels of war. For freight 01 passage, apply (a E. K. COLLIN S It CO., JO South st., New York, or to WM. ?t JAS. BROWN & CO., Lieerpool. Letters by the packets will be cl irged lit* Cents pel single sheet ; 10 cents per ounce, and newapa|iers 1 cent each. in7 new york AND havre packets. (SECOND USE.) .iji. The ships of tliis line will hereatte^^ve New^jrkou the 1st and Havre on the IGth of each month, as follows : /Voi* .Veir York. From Hovrt. The new ship ONEIDA, ( 1st March I 16th April Captain < 1st July < 16th August James Fuutk, ( 1st November? 16th December Ship BALTIMORE. I 1st April I 16th May Captain \ 1st August \ I6ui September Edward Funck, ( 1st Deceem'rf 16th January Shin UT1CA, l 1st May t 16th June Captain \ 1st Septemb'rs 16lh October! Frederick Hewitt, f 1st January ( 16th February NewshipST.NICOLAS, i 1st June I 16th July CaiKain \ 1st October < I6*n November. J. B. Pell, t 1st February ( 16ln March The accommodations of these .ships are not surpassed, combining all that may be required for comfort. The priee of cabin passage is $100. Passengers will lie supplied witn every requisite. with tin exception of wines and liquors. Goods intended fer these vessels will he forwarded by the subscribers, free from any other than the ripe uses actually incurred on thein. For freight or passage, apply t? BOYD St hinckkn, Agents, a8 9 Tontine Buildings. for new Orleans! LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. Sib- M- igt For thr testier accoinmodstion of shipperw u is iuteiu'.ed to desnatch a ship from this port oisthe 1st, Mil, nth, 13th. 10th, said 2jtli el each mouth, commencing the lOtli October and continuing uaiil May, when regular days will be appointed fer tha remainder of tha year, whereby great delayi and disappointments will b? prevented during the yiramer month*. The following ships will commence this arrangement : Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell, Ship CONEE, Captain Jackson. Bhrp MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hjlliard. Ship LOUISTILLfe.CaPtani.HuHt. Ship SHAKSPF.ARfc, Captain Minar. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham Ship HUNTSVTLLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULCIEE, Captain Leavitt. Stop N AS1I VII.Lb.. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM Pill 3, Cajitain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulibrl. These shi|w were all built in the city of New York, egprgssy fur packets, are of light di.i't of water, have recently been i wly coppered and put in splendid order, with aeceinmodalious tor passenger* uneqmlled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will makccviry exvrtiau to give general satisfaction. Tkey will at all taints be towed up and own [ii? nimiMippi Dy sirfliimoai.t. Neither the owurn or captains of these shg? will be responsible (in jewelry, bullion, preoioiti stone., silrsr or plated ware, or ftfr any litter., parcel or package, sent by ur put on board 01 them, unless regular bills of lading are taluu for the same, aid the ralue thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS it CO., 56 South St., or HULLIN IkWOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to UTrir address. The ships of this liue are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. m4_ OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. THE ^STTnE ofPa^feLirerpoiM^mN^eafter he despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing falls ou Sunday, the sliiiw will sail on the succer diug day. For New York. For Liverpool, The SOUTH AMERICA, ( lune I July 1!) 616 tons, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. O. Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, tJune 19 Ang 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 Dec 7 "B. h.Wsits. ) Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug 19 800 tons, ' Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Rathbonc, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, ?July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jan 7 E. G. Marshall ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, t Aug 1 Sept 19 * 618 tons. < Dec 1 Jau 19 A. B. Lowber.f April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, t Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper, f April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ( Sept 1 Oct 19 850 ton?, < J in 1 Feb 19 W. C Barstow.r May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, (Sept 19 Nov "00 tons, < J in 19 Mar 7 G. A. Cole. ( May 19 Ju|y 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now filed at One Hundred Dollars, for which ample spires of even' description will he provided, viith the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE a CO . 64 South it., C. H. MAKSHALL 38 Burhmpslip.N. Y. jeJI lyh BARING BROTHERS k CO.. L'pool. m m. M a " PAS9AOTHfRO>^ENOL AND .IRELAND, SCOTLAND AND WALES. T>ERSONS desirous of ngakiag engagements for friends to -L emigrate from the Old Country to ine United Sufcs. and who may wish to secure for them despatch and comfortable accommoiUtioiM, will find it their interest te anidy to the subscribers, who are at all times prepared to make such arranjtemnnfe as will fcusranfer satisfaction. Tbe Teasels coinjxnr^ this line are all of r^e first class, one of wtfch leaves Liverp-wi weekly, cotwequemly all delay at the prut of embarkation is avoided. As has always bee customary with this line, when those settled for decline corning out, the passage money is rcwithot* any deduction. Paiugc per steamer from the various rorta of Ireland and Scotland, ran libwup ha */ - cured. For farther particular* apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 2TJ Pearl at, Or to C. ORIM9HAW A CO. 10 Ooiee riaitai, Lireriiool. El change or drafts at licht, and lor any amount, can likewise be Mm mi th>- National Bank of Ireland. Northern Bankinc Co., National baua ol bcotianu, nayauic at an tneir renoeelivr branches: also, on R. C. tllyu k Co., Bankers, London, nd C On malms lit a.,.., Luterpoo1 ml lm*c STEAM NATIO.^^^^^^^EF.N ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, F/.l-S OUTUJIMV TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN. M. M. KFANI, Commaudbii. The days of dt purlara of this widl-knnwu Staamskip, hare been filed as Colloids : From Antwerp, From Southampton, From New York, On ?h \Uv. 18ta. On Till May, 1842, On 7rfi June, 18 12 (? ?. 10th July, " 7th A"j.t " 7lh Sept. " lllrh Sept. " 7tb Oct., " Price of pease ire, meals not ineluded, t? Souti ampUin or Antwerp, $70? Steward's fees, $B <a%. The masts will be screed on board, an the plan of a continental Imtel, in the belt manner, and at need and moderate prieaa, pameug.-rs being only -barged when iiartaking ol tie same. Tne pr ce of passage to stiller of lha abnee ports ran also be en* ire, I if prefaered, with meals and its Ward'i IVes included for $07 cents, eeclwetre of wines. An espenenaed Sar$aon aeaom part-a "Sa ship. For freiglit or inetajra, or rwe lartiisr jtfWm.nou. apply to H. w. T. ?t fl. MALI. Agent., aT7 6m*r 41 Beater street. NEW JERNEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NRWAI.'ir From llm foot ?f CiiAdt rtritct, New Work. {%? t.dhp?nar??. * pt o d.) - L?avesNew TOYk i ,>!? Nowsrk Al I A. M. At I f M. At A. M. At IV P. M. i?~ 9 do. IV do. " jX do. I<V do. M dc. do. 7 do. do H do. ONSUNDAYS. From the foot of Liberty street. I?e*ve New York. Lrav? Newark. At 9 A. M. and IV P. M. At 12 Noon and tn p. M NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, WEH+KIELD rLAlNKlELD,BOUNDBROOK, BOMERVILLE, Ac / Dailr. New York. Leave Elizabeth Town. 9 A. M. 8H A. M. 2V P. M. 12 M. P. M 5, P.M. The trains of the Somerrille Riilroi.lOo. connect with these liuea each way daily, Sundays neepttd. Pis .timers arc militated to purchase ticket* at the office, foot of Liberty alreet. . _ . . _ ( are licrwren N-w York and Elizabeth Town V>cents. Fare between Jersey City and Somerville Jfl cent*. NEW YORK. RAHWAY AND HEW BRUNSWICK. Fare rednced. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. . Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7V A. M. 4x P. M. II A. M. Fare between New York and New Brunawiek, centa. R.vhway, ^ SO eeuta The fate in the TV A. M. train from New Brunswick, and ?V P. M. tram from New York, haa been reduced between New York and New Brunswick, to M centa. ' and Rahway to J7V " The Pliiladelpbia mail line passu* through Ntw Brtnswick for New York every eveninn at 9 o'clock. Oil Sundays the 7V A. M. trips from New Brnnawick is Paaaniffera who procnte their tickets at the ticket office, ree?-i?e ferry ticket iratia. Tickets are received bv the conductor only on the nay when purchased. m?6 Irti* T TVERPOQL fOAT. AFLOAT??sn tone P.inbcrton' Li t O.I, earefnlly I weed in the held and t-r^chy ^ ^ j , fit 61 So ith at. E NE1 N] RAILROADS & STEAM BOATS. POMEROY C 0.*8 ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. The subscribertarcnow rit lining a irg til ar Eiprwiu ?ver the Railroad* to aud frotti Alhauv and Buffalo, and the iutertne dw'e iJicri, for FORWAHDINO, at low rate*, with the-atni? at <|W! ?l, re^ul.irir \ .md %h\'v\y, choice i i 1 -, Si?eri?\ Bank Nutc ,, I:u;i?i;Uilt Paper. and V tillable Park it," ?WMI 'tteild to tlie u< ,oti itiou, transfer, collcctiou <>r |?uyim nt of BiU* ol Eirhaiue, N..u?, D.alts, Av ce> *, Accounts, &c? U reasonable |n*r centagr?execute orders lor the purchase or sale *( Merchandise, Produce and Manufactured Article* ot every description, jm rsouaJlv, in the t wus ou their rouU. thrott|h Mvssn. HA UN DEN * GO'S EXPRESS to New York and Boston, and Messrs. UAWLEV * GO'S EXPRESS to and front Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and (_ nicago and iutervnediate placet?form iug at once the 1110*1 direct, speedy and perfect communication to and from the ?<tj rn and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction 01 all murcautile and professional business, remittances, exchanges, Ac. References?Krastns Coming, Thomas W. Oleotr. Watt* Sherman, A. D. Pate hi n, Noah Lee, Taylor, 1 heodore Olcott, Albany. . Agencies? Bennett, Backus at Hawley^Utica T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. II. Smith, Aiihurn ; J. Fargo, (jeurva ; J. li. < Shepherd, Canandaigna; Dafid Hoyl, Rochester; John Mc- ? Keiistrr. Lockport; J.A.Clark, Baiatia : Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POM ERO Y k CO". t No. 5 Exchange Building*, Albany, all S Wall (tract, New York. 1 FARE-AND FREIGHT KEDUcEI).~ @?.,? MMM BOSTON, via STONINOTON AND NEWPORT, <<.m|K)?eil of the following sufierior steamers, running in oniincn- r tion with tin' Stouington anil Providence, and Boston and Provide ore Railroadt? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock. RHODE ISL AND, Captain Thayer. NARRAGAN3ETT, Captain Woolsey. MOIIEGAN, Caygain Vanilerbih. One of which will leave New York daily, (bndayi ex- I cvnted) from Pier No. I, North River, Battery Oace, at five f 'clock, P. M. 1 AiuitoiMiav. The NARRAOAN8ET, on Monday, for Stnnington, and ! Thursday, for Stnnington, Newport and Providniee. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tneaday. lor Stouington, Newport anil Proviilenre, and F ridav for Stnnaigtnn. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for Monington, and Saturday, for Stouington, Newport, and Providence. Pasai tigers oil the arrival ol the steamers at Stouington, may mku the Railroad Car* aud proceed immediately to 1'iuvi dence and Bo*ttm. Freight taken at the following much reduced ratei To 15 'mi, on goody weighing forty pounds or npwarila to the cubic foot, at $3 30 per ton, and ou measurement goods 7 Cents |>rr foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as pur larif to be obtained at office 22 llroadwav. inai 6mr IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Traniiairiation of^ Goods between Philadelphia and Tliis improvement in transportation affoids to Western >lerchants |ircnliar advantages. The remit being carefully parked la tlie boats at our warehouse. No. 363 Market street, are carried over the Columbia and Portage Railways without trsu hipmeut. Careful captains and crews are employed, who take cnarge iff the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays aud the liability of lots being si'|urated on the way. N. U.?Passenger* forwarded te Pittsburg and Tottsville, every day, Sundays excepted. II. STORKS, Agent, ?I2 3m* 7 Washington street. FHEIOUT AND PASSAUK lO P1TTSBURG. B i N OTTAM" Lifir ? The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line to Pittsbu"g, give notice to the Mercliauts of New York, and aJi other poisons shipping to the West, that their line is uow inactive apeiMior Goods coiuigned to them (or sent to go in their , lice,) will be torwarded with dcs|iatch. . Owners or ship)iers of goods, destined for the Western States, who kave no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their roods to William Biugliain, lattsDurg, who will attend to saipping all auch consignments without ( delay. All good* should be marked distinctly on eacn package t BINGHAM'S LINE. s For ates of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply i o WM. TYSON, Agent. I No. g West street, opposite Pit r No. 2, N. R. t vj n r.... l?i .-vsi'..' l ?in 11 -- ? day, Suu<lay? excepted. f Refer to R. Crook*. American Fnr Co.; 8. T. NicolJ, a Front street ; Phelps, l)odt? it Co., Fulton street ; Snvckup I |l|( li Co ; Win. Rtiikm T)iir> vV I '< , N- u irk. ?, tin OPPOSITION LINK ALBANY. J FARE REDUCED!! , I'lUMKCe M W cmt?, s FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. I ja The commodious Steamboat WASHING- t g^JgpTJtTON. Captain J. M. Brown, havmv made N jC^2BKin2?arrangenirMs to chance her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the Toot ol" Robinson street, t New York, every Monday, Wi dnrsday, and Friday, I at 5 o'clock, aad Alhanv, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sa , tttrday afternoon, at J o'clock, landing on Iter pass ig? each way f at. the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, l'ouKhkee|>tiv, , Kingston Point, Cattakill and Hndaon. a For freight Of postage, ajiply to the Caiitaui on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTi.V, No. IK! Weslatreet. m9c OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Kum.on, <? _ Brown's Dock, Middletown, Eatoiitown Dos k . a .r^and Hi d Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat , IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, East River, every morning at II o'clock for Red Bank, (eicept Thursdsy, on which day the boat g >es to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, wilt leave at I o'clock each day. . The Iolsa will tun .is above, navigation and waather permitting. until furlher notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners the-eof. June 21, WfJ. jr?Hinc fQ CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fishu.g Banks, every day, eiccnt Titetdayi and Frt r " fil. i* .1 ! . s -Fare 2J rents eacn way?The steamer NAPULKON, ( art- Hsurox, will run regularly to tin- above place every fair day, and leave as followa?Knot of Hammond street at 9 o'clock. Canal street quarter jwst 9, Market street half past 9, Catliaiine ferry Brooklyn pier No. 1 North riser at 10 o'clock. I On Tuesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon 1 excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and o Bath?(the steamboat General Jackson will rontitnte to run to n the same place every other day in the week)?and leare as (Vd- c lows? Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock. Canal street at a h quarter past 2, Pike street 2j?, pier No 1 at 3 o'clock?Fare 2J n cents each isny. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a hall, and arrive ill New York by 7 o'clock. v 114 lm*e II .W") OA OPrO?5ITlON LINK FOR ALBANY } C+- - jjs AND NKW YORK?Lauding at thefotitnf . 'S-r ' ll..? i strei t, Newhurxh, I'llUgllkeepele, 1 Kingston P-int, Catskill and Hudson?Passage .10 Cents, berths 1 JO cents ?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON. Captain J. M. Brown, will leare tin pier at the foot of Rubinson street for Albany every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at J o'clock, Leave Albany, foot of Lydus street, for New York, every 1 Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at J o'clock. P. M. J For iwssage or freight apply on boawl, or to D. R. Martin, 112 h Wall street. Freight taken on the most ressonahle terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street pier, NR. Apply o-> board Washington, Robinson sl |e# lm*rc TAILORING. ~ = REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTAPLISH; MENT, Is removed from I1J Broadway to No. 7 Aster House. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garmeuu of a moat Klcgint and Kashienable kind , t a saving of i>0 per csut for cash. rPHE advertiser deems it unnecessary to resott tr the he.ek-L nt yed system of giving a list of uoiriiinvl pntvs, prcsanting thst the length of time lie has been established, together with the extensive patronage bestowed on mm, win prose . -uin eient voucher for his ca|>abilities. Possessing tile advatragv ol being connected witli an extensive cloth establishment in Kurepe he confidently assets that he can funiish clothes which, on comparison, will be found lower than any other house making up the best drecriptioiu of gentlemen's dAss. my I 3m R. PHILLirS. 7 Astor House. Broadway "MARTIN'S Cash Tailoring Kfttnlillshmctit, 9 ft Removed to 154 William streett corner of 'inn street* rP 14K fubtcriher, in announcing the above to hit friend# and I th?' public in general, take* leave to return think* for t1u? ~ liberal |wtronage he*towe<i on him at hit former place of busine?s, an<l attitrcs them thit ?vtrv article ordered ol him thallj ^ As nfrrunorv, or c?*i, manp, ami ininmtM in inc wairsi ma | most stylish mantle The materials, the newest and boat ia 1 the market, and et f poaitivc ageing of 30 per cent. Strangera are requested to eel ind examine. ... ! Oentlemen who | .a-l'. r purchasing their owe cloth, he., can h ha?e thrwn made and trimmed in the styOe that has given such 1 general satiaMction during the laat four years. Kerry garment warranted to fit, and made by the beat workmen at the follow- l ing pricea, ?ii.:? Dreaa Coata $7 CO to M H H Frock Co>ts 0 00 to # 50 h ranta and Veata 75 to 2 00 Oear Coata #00 to It 00 (t^* No rarmeuta ready made?all made to order, ud a auit r. MAUT.N. ?' RET RE NCI I'M ENT THE ,1 ORDER OF THE DAY. THIE Suhacritier, with a riew of meeting (he exigencies of ? the timea, liaa made arrangement- whereby lit will henceforth he enabled to furnish garments of the very he t pialil >, at nn immense earing from lorrni r charges. Having made his M purchases exclusively for carh, lie ia determined to cmn|H le with the cheapr.r,(on the ready money rr *n< iple only J while he pledges himself to continue the same coservaiice ol rlogauer. ,. ml punctuality which Ihr the last fifteen years haa charaeteriled his establishment. (ienlleinen are referred to the anneied i !*t1?'.l'r,cea, with 'he aaanrance that the artielea enumerated hairbe equal in quality and style to the mo.t coatlv. Uresa coata of an tier wool dyed cloths, from Sit to 21. a/Jl. r "" do caaaimere, I to 10. Veata, of eeerv (aahioaiahle variety, J 50 to 5 50. .kiiT?U!,"!n. wl",'|hg to furnish tbeirown materials can hare ? J JUT? ? mjde and trimmed in the tame atyle ol elegance, in proportion In the above. T .ki eli.VT,. 'i-P.Vr0*1, ,onF kno,Tn ? one of the moat fashion- ' able cutteri, continues in the eatahliahment. a CHA9. CO* Sign of the Onldc.t Fleece, tl 111 bl Nassau street, near Maiden lime. I'l IV'iV\Wvf !,K W ^Mkl S "*'* SHVU I S I "en' y ia, I , 1 W%,h'"sr'"n al.eet, Boston, has for al sale fifty India Shawls; colors green, red, r.n.l white?long and square pro es Irom twciiiy-fiv. to five hundred dollars K Alain several k.mnroidi red ( tuton Crape Shawls, le t TfeTh ?ts>. > m??. HI I.I.S of rx ban- on all parts of I'li.-lsnd, Irela ..I an.I Hcm> land, in sums of ?5, ?10, ?15 and ?20, to any amount for sale at Jj. J. sFLVKS f Klt's| A jellc 22 Wall at, and 130 Broadway. 1 W YO EW YORK, SATURDAY WATERING PLACES. &CT SHARON SPRINGS. rHE PA VILLIO N.?This new coin modi cms Hotel will be o|ieu for the reeeiuioti of visitors on and after the tint of lune neit. at the Village of Sharou Springs, Schoharie Couuty, M-w York. The clear pure water of the springs, greatly resembling hose of the white sulphur springs ot Virginia, have been troved to lie highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Bili"ih ind Dysp'-ptic complaints; and in tlie cure of Ery?i|*das, ialt rheum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, aid iu many ether rr&iiects, possess (as certified by some of the noiii eminent medical professors in th Gutted States) inudiciial aud healing pro|>ertlcs utikuipasacd, au.l believed to be uneIQillc d by any in this couutry. Added to th?**e, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, tensive views, neighboring caves ami romantic scenery are m. >n? the many attractisus ottered to these seeking iu the heat if siinimer, either health or pleasure. These springs are hut a few hours ride from Saratoga, Troy, \lbany. Hc.t ?ud are accessable from Cauajohane o?i tlic AJbaIV and U tic a railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival ?! the morning ears from Schenectady and litica. to carry vision to the Spinigs, a distance of about eight mil**. arriving in ime for dinner; also by the Albany and Cherry Valley turuijke bv daily stages, being about forty-live miles west of the :ity of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all timet, either if th . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to renler the stay of v'tilnrs agreeable. An abundance of the puiest mountain spring Icc is stored for he season. (} \V. B. (1EDNEY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at he above viy?<^.? of Slinron Springs, for the reception o! nsior*, and combining all Lot a Want u,ra of rhis delightful sum* f. i ??<1' ii". JOHN V. ETTEN. a&J I0*2?iw *r ( ATSKlCL Mill \ V.U\ YjoHSkI AT THE PINE ORCHA Hp ?Ig42. IMIIS romauticaul udiimshl* resort v% iIft Im coaiiucteil dur* J ing tlitt ? tftoij under the direction ana superinteulancr of the subsc ihur. |f Ins unit.gone * complete and borough repair, ami i* u?w open for the reciption of visitors. S'o effort will Ik* spared to m dnuin the deservedly high chancer which it has heretofore auuired. A* heretofoie, iu tables will re I'umiihed with every delicacy hit the New York imrket can afford; and every imasible atention that can promote the convenience and emoymetil of iu uUrnn.s will We |ii mpth BtttOWMi The load leading to this ?ub!uhinrnt and especially that part of it ou the mountain, has icen rendered jnwfectly smooth ami safe. Messrs. A. h. B -ach St Co.'* eicellent line of stages will run i* heretofore regularly ktwrn the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. 0. L. BEACH, Proprh toJ. June I3ih, 1312. jrM .'Imr jfcjA LAGKANGF. HOTEL, Bull's Fcriy, New Jersey. [ '"y This most de light fully romantic Humine' retreat is in full readim **, well stock* ! with fruit and flower-, ami above ill t :tne kit/dim gai Jen. The bar is well suppli* <1 with choice iuea ami liquor*, ale and imrter. Also, > gars of the tirst qutl<y. f ?hn Pou<nn, the proprietor, sincerely returns his g atefol hiriks to hi frieii Is, ami tin* public iu ^ni t il for thciHiberal latron is?* lor the la> t ninu >? ir . The 1 ?unii'iil steamboat 13ns on, (' T. Y. Bibcock, leaves foot of Cuial strc? I loui iinrs a day. The public cm rest ouured tint iliey wwl not hlisappointed is heretoforex tin* owners of the b?? a are deleriniii?d to legularly as adverted; for further particulars see the Sun. (?/ntlcnen cau be ic ommodated with the best <>l board md lodging a*, five dollars per week, and have their dinner at that hour they please, except Siindty, always at 1 o'clock, P. V1. Military companies on targei excursion* will find it to their idvatitaite and pleasure to tisit the above place and try the tar ft ground and Ponton's good dinners. His pnces are accordng to the times. J. Pouson is always at home, and will be lwajv>y to srr his friencs and vi?it??s. jet? Im?r THK HAMILTON HOUSE.?This establishment is now 1 o)x-n lor the reception of romi?any. It has been thoroughly enovated ami furnished anew, upon a scale of liberality comnensurate with the demands of the public. The departmect ot .!?? cuiiiue hat been placed under the charge of a capable and xperi need artist, who will la'k u<> supplies ihat the market* :au afford. To those tu>a<N|iiaint?d with the locaiiouol the !i uniltoii House, it is only necessary to My, tint it i? situated it the ocean entrance to the \ i row from eight to ten miles ro a the city, on the high western bluff of Long 1 Jan I. c?m namliog a uoble view of tin* lower hay ami the Atl mtic and andward, ?he highly onltivatrd and fertile shore* of StateD and Long Island, ad the hurl iref New I itk. Nothing cau v :e?-d the beauty of the pfosiiecf in every direction. The salu>rtau> air at all periods of tie* ds , she easy access by sta<;c -in! iteamhoit, and the riinu'h d life and retiri meat of the ?l*>: r? tiler this establishment second to none w ithin a hundred miles of New York. The apartment* are cumuiodious and airy , and heir accommodation* iu ciorked coutrtst with tliose of similar muses heretofore in tin; vicinity iii* the city. The rides in the leighhorhood, tin fishing grounds, billiard room*, teu-pin aleys, and other ?cc' ss'?ri? * o, rccreaMon, leave little, it ia be lieved, to hi wished for by any guest. Families desirous of securing rooms for #ie season would do well to make early application to the proprietor. je7 Imr OATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This jot* and well '' known bo ndiug and sea bathing establishment, having re* v ntly undergone uumerous improvements, aimmg which i ; the rrectiooof several elegant smniner bosuts U[?oo the mar/iu of he ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the casoti The great extent ?>f private beach on tin* shore??'ir lerfect security iu hothuu, even for I t lies and children, ('lie lathing houses being wiJiin i stone's throw ? i th- m-o i n.)? he ?hady, cool ami delightful locust grov < acljoiioii r the house -The pleasant ride* in the surrounding conntr .?the excellent idling grounds ami other souri '-iof healtiiful rccreuiott ami musem'nt?the beautiful view of the Atl mic ocean aul tlm DWrr bay, almost constantly enlivened by nuni v is vessels rriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev ry repect unequalled by auy in the vicinity. Its accommodations rc amplt, the rooms airy and the t? ?i11? r*lure.ts\ I ill the varment (lays of summer, auythiipt but oppressive. ^ he Mi* enteflee or communication and distance, (being biit nine miles rom Brooklyn.) the access by suites at hours accommodated 0 business render it peculiarly wall adaptsd as a residence for ;?ntlemen of busk ts in New York. j?ltlm*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprletm. AHARON SPRINGS PAVILLION, SChGlIAHlK ? O. ^ Fourth of July.?Tire Grand Ooenin^ Bill for tNe Season, fill take place on the eynulng of the Hh July, at the Sharon springs Pavilihnt which is now open for the receptioti of visih r?. No pains will be spared to render the entertainment agreehie. G. W. B. GEDNEY. je24 t2djy BEDFORD MIN'RALSPRINGS?T1 'I ku >wa water i-' luu |da*e, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now pen for the reception of visitors. To those who have never vi?ited the Ppringa, it may he tieces?ry to say that they are ?ituated near the n-if Western Turnike. which passes through Ponnsylvania from Philadelpbi?to iltsburuh, a few miles east of the cliief elevation of the Aileiny Mountains. id very thing has been provided at this watering place to render sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health <.r enjoyment, imtiscineiits will be found suited to all tastes, and a good baud 1 music will be in attend UMCi The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last ensous, will iipluce the renewed exertions the cominr season. June 10th, 1842. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. je29eod linr Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Branch.-Thi* exfpl.tiv.. ?n.l 1 I..I R.rl.i... b J ... ill s? pened by the subscriber on the 27rh June, instant. He begs espectfullv to injt>rin it* former patron* .mil the public, that omidcrable additions and alteration*, encreasing the comfort*, re ih hi uU aim leal year, and will b in < om| U ruadiru for their ac. omminhrinn. Wishing to be a* reasonable as the time* will afford, the boird rill be s Ven dollar* per week as last Mir, instead of t. n do|. 1-m a* formerly. < hi I are a of % certain act* and ?errail? half price. I<>mos full fed, $J,50. fl* hope* he may* say wiihont imputaion, that hi* table and accommodations w ill t>c cqu il to any on -onz Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will nd accommodating term*. jeg lm?r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J, r EWIS F. HANKIN90N respectfully .informs his friends Li and the public that he ha* fitted up in the best style the formerly occupied by Jacob Corlcs, at the above lie most hvathful lltBltlOA 00 the am OOi>L tbOW 7 mile* from led Bank, and fourteen from Higslown. Stages pais through nd I'm fii rnret the Philadelphia ran. The term* of hoard w ill e lonml ftfY moderate. Also, stabling, &c, (or horses, on ery reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledge* himself that no effort of his will be wanting 0 render tho-e who pitroms. him comfortable, and that his will b found equal to any along the coast. ' ? I m r PHE FAVORFTE^snd decidedly the mo tsgn bh i ii ur 1 tton in the (hurnnir Season ii to Hobwlten. N<? othei placi >f resort in the vicinity of the city caw be visited with .such fa* ilify or offer* so many inducements w ith le-s e*pei?*e. A visit othe extensive and diversified ground* of this most lovvly of crrHstriil spot*, of which it* bean iful scenery and it* many n- viaws are too well known t<? require dee imi n. cannot ill to give great pleasu?e to those in the city who like occa* loudly tonrcathe fresh air, and vary the accustomed and con ined view of brick and mortar. The Barclay, (-anal and Christopher-street Ferry boats are in icellent order for public accommodation. - 4 ?w *< [>AVILION, SARATOOA SPRINGS- Th Pavilion,con* tiguous to the Pavilion fountain, and equidistant from -oncres.* and Iodine Spring*, has been thoroughly renovated, nd is now open for the reception of visitors. For convenience f location, Beauty ol the groumis adjoining, commodiousness f the rooms, and effort* on the part of the proprietor to make is guest* comfortable, this house, it is bcliev^a, is not ?ur|?assd. The charge* for hoard and rooms have been modifit d to leet, iu some degree, ihe depression of the times. A share of atrouage ia respectfully Invited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. Saratoga Bpriugs. June 2fi, MM 2. je27 2wr __D RV GOODS," TO TkE LADIES. |MSHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The pronnstr?s*. Mi's S KING, cvlcbntcU Carl Kiiik, Iftrs ftir tale a ino.t select nml choice i?ortm?rt of Millinery )oo?Js, for ln? trains trad*. ncTor as yt-l prestof-d to th? pnnc, boOi aa r?','araa the quality and cheapness of the articles 'h-' assfrtmcnt consists of the folloTvitur VI. 1, V?...1 III . HIT ... I I r \ \ c i nnTT. rv.. ,n iKANa, m worn by La Dochesac ll'Oh an*, of France , MED BILK. ENTITU.LT NEW AM) ORIGINAL! iTTLE?And Lawn fla-a do do?An entire new aryle o lata callnd " MODINE OAPOTTES, ELSSLKR COTTAGE.'" Pariiianand Knrliah FANCY STRAWS, of tiie Anest teiire, in great variety. Tin* Proprietreai re?pertfully mlicits the ladiea to farnr her ritli a rail, ami examine herrleeant and varied at or It of >li|. ncry lor themselves, before tin y pinthaae ellfwlnrr, aa it rill w i great saving to them in price and a great advantage aa 'garda the variety and quality of the goods. MI88 S. KINO, Magav.ine dr Mode*, ji-22 Ira't ZOilh; Broadway. die d N'O Ii I". 11'P.H place to And Ilonl* ami Mi,oca cheap, an I we are not an re that in New Vorlt theie in anv lace an a od aa at the Clinton Bootaud Shoe Mirk. t.201 Canal !teet, north eaat corner ol Ilndaon atrert. Thoae who Intve ied appear to be generally satisfied that thia it a fart untieationable. All thoae who m'y ttol Itavc tried onr boot*. Voea, or gaiter*,will And it to their advantage to make the trial von. A. KNOX k CO, N. B. Country merchauta a '< by the package or doaen jet* lm*r ""shTrts, shirts. T.VlTED 8TATER SHIRT MANUFACTORY, 17 Wilv liam atreet, corner of Liberty, N. V Notice la hereby iven to Merchantt and traders in general, that the prnprietnra of te above establishment have adopted a new method of manure luring which enable* them to tell their thirTa at a oh. vper He thin auy other houae In thia city. Thia atatcmcnt will be IF.rmed by the li-t of prices aa follows:? Per Do*. tni Mnalin Mhirta, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7. '?0 Do stitch* I in the Bosom and Collar <*,00 Do < ,dor <1 i ne palerna, large sixes 7,nfl Also, a 'arse anantiiy of Bosom* and Collan constantly on ml. ? hu ll M ill lie olferi d I leap for cagh. J I lm*r f ACHINE BLANKK.T9.?Jhal.Ti 1 mlOec PF.R8SE k BROOKS, 61 Liberty t j RK I MORNING, JULY 9, 184 "BOOKS XND STATIONERY. to paper DKHSKE BROOKS, No. 61 Lih'-rty street, between i Broadway and Nassau street, New York, import direct from the Manufacturers the fallowing articles, vis:? Bleaching Powiler of Boyd it Sou's mike?warranted, for uniformity an.I strength, equal to an" is this Britain, and for the sale ol which drey are sole agents iu the United States. English (') liude Machine FcltinR of very sU|?erior quality, 36, to, 45, 66. 7_4 iu I 81 inches w ide. Dryer Kehihit f strou.' fabric, and of widths usually required. Blue Smalts.?rlavitu; the agency of tin Sutton Company's Blue Smalts, they arc enabled to supply FFFE, and FtTFEl in anv quantities. ! Wire ? for Fon. Jiinier and Cylinder Maehinos. manufactured Crorn the pun*it metal?also, J icketa?Wutaud Prta* Fclu. Puln Screrw, Noa. I. 2, 3. of biass inalal. Order* for any of the above articles, together with Foreign iMiMMrtit rate, s..,ij Aah, Vitriol, Alum,Twine,lu Ic., will meet with iiro.opt .trt? uti*-?u in 3lc N INTERESTING WORK on THh kas I.-Just publiOwd. by Carey n. Hart. Note* of a Tour through Turkey. Greece, Egypt. Arabia, lVtraea, to the Holy Laud, including a Visit to Athens, Sparta, Grand Cairo,Constantinople. Thebes, the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, Petra, the Edom of Scrijv ture, 8ic , by F.. Joy Mortis, in 2 volumes 12 mo., with plates. OPINION'S OF THE PRESS. V e commend it to the public as a sterling work of travel.? U. S Gazette. The author lias contrived to give to his descriptions of places, scenery, and events, a spirit of freshness and vraisemblance, that cannot ha too much admired.?Spirit of the Times. We doubt not but these two interesting volumes will be eagerly south'- f??r by the public.? New World. The work is pr? isely such an one as a mm is glad to take up when he desires information upon the subject of which it traaU.?Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant, unpretending account of rambles through ri riona about wh h evi r> iinellm ut ininddi - i.? a informati m, and it is fumirheu in a st)L* which every one will find agreeable. ?Prnnsylvanun. There is in a page in the work that is not interesting and iustructue.?D? 1. Jouru il. We think this hook destined to become extensively popular, and we cordially joiu with our brethren of the press in commending it to popular favor.?Dailv Chronicle. For sale by WILEY k PUTNAM. j?4 3w*r New Yor rpHK MEfBERlY: MAGAZINE. OR JOURNAL OK 1 ANIMAL MAGNETISM?DR R. H. COLI.VER will puididi Jul\ 1, 184S, the Aist number of a periodical With the above title. It will be devoted exclusively to Mesmerism. >r Animal Magnetism, and will contain ample directions and instructions for Mes nerising, with accurate details of the most extraordinary and interesting Mesmeric cases, and experiments tnat have occurred, either in this country, or in Europe, for in at) ye irs past. The curious, and indeed wonderful visions *.nd reM I,itions of Clairvoyance, respecting the Heavenly Bodies and the Spiritual World, will constitute a prominent ihoM azazi nc. Ir willh published mouth'y. wxid each number will contain i2 royil oetavo, with <1 >uble columns, of the exact size tud style ,,f the Boston Mise Many. 'Perms, Si per annum, payable in advance. L? 'tors, coiroMUiiictiiM.s and ord?jg.(|K>st paid) addressed t?? Or. R. H. Collyer, Meainerisur, 27 School street, will receive prompt itti ution. Tlie New York Tiikuni , Herald, Peniuvlvanian, Public L* dffer, B ? I imore Sun, American, Richmond Star, Charleston Mercury, New O'lram Picavuut^ Louisville Journal, Ciuciu uati Repuhlicaa, Portland Advertiser, will im a waek for three weeks, and send, their bills to the Mail, office, or receive a copy <>f the Magazine Bid such other public journals as arc desirous of receiving the Magaxine will insert as aforesaid, and send a copy of their palter to 27 School sticct, Boston, j ?9 tUw 3wr BOOK BINDING PAPER RULhV'r. I.J IRELAND, No. I?n Nassau strt et, having an entire new Id* at? (?* of Binding Tools and Ruliu: M.tchiuery, of the atcM and tno tappr \ed patterns, is now prepared to execute all order in the most durable and hxniLsotnv manner. Merchant.' A'ecount Book1 .>ud nll otlier kiuds of Bl tnkwork rub <1 aud hound to auv patterns, and in \ style tint if wsrrnnted .ogive sati - . ?u. Auv work ordered cati he <h rie in* he lCflKIi-J; mode if inquired, as 11. I. ku had long * xperience in hnrb method*. mli BOOK-KEEPING. f~1 C MARSH'S rnuntinz m.lm. for tin- of i.r.rl ' ' boek-kccpiutf continue open from early in the morning until!) P.M. Term*?Forth* complete courn ofpiactiee in Single Entry Book keeping, books, stationery, Itc., included $7 '0. For the complete course of prae'ice in Double Entry Bookkeeping and Mercantile Calculations, inclii'iiig books. itc.. $1.7. There are no classes?each peraon u taught separately. Pros pe closes may be bad at the rooma. _ Ji-il9 6l+c Tltt Ant l-.ViiRtiltir System of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. KH"M TWl-LV K IO KIVK DOLLARS ! Mr. brlstow {for thin neosoo only) > u hkthtcd his T? rm.? froi:i J vt-lvc to/*7</ Dollui a, thus bnrntm*; tiiL IJsefid Art v. itliin i?* in- <ns of A Die, and is ?'4i.;rautctU to bf taught m TwvIvh l.^ss<?iis of-?!i h<mrt-it'll ! ! Academy iV'i. 235 Bt oadtray% near Park Place. (Ifin* >i .?f ,t!| .icfi urt* positively tan.lit t% bold, free, ra> "editions and finished btuinets-likr style <?f Writing! no matter tow illegible tar cramp< d tl?e presi :it liand may be, [8?e ipeci atu? at 23*1 Bummiwuv. i ..AND THE LADIES X stent ana K*m?fmnu . nml fndtioiisblc KnnniB; Hittl IN "TWELVE EASY 1.ESSON8! K7" VISITORS in New 7 ' . a:t take a course in Thrae Days !?Mr. B. ia to hi seen from "J to 1 A. M., or from 4 to t P. M. rr? BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. U/"" Erein nt (Ins. ? from 7 to ) jy.'l lm*c IGIITBOD Y'ITnK W VOItK i KIN fl NO INK*MANUFACTORY,211 Roae atreet, corner of Dusne (Old Sagar House) Printing Ink of all colors, warranted equal to any, constantly on hand and offered for sale on reuuuabte terms, deliverable to any part of the city free of cartage. Printers and venders are solicited to make a trial of this article. ,i y 2 3mr HATS. HATS! HATS! HATSTT BROWN St CO'S One Price Hat Store, whol.salt ari l re-' tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and ecouomy are combined to adorn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition to their recently unproved short napped Hat, a new atyle, tin imitation of beaverr, which so closely resemoles that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, that the tunc mire is not easil) perceived. Pnce three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one BJiN cash system, which enables us fo furnish a r?V suj" rmt Hat for the price chanted. In presenting these H its to the puhlic the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. m4 3m A N IMPORTANT QUESTION is here presented for the A serious reflection of the purchasers of Hats, Is it consistent with true economy or common sense to pay five dollars for i Be*r?r Hat. nc article be bought 5 WaB streer (between Broad ami New stre?U| for FOUR DOLLAKt) ? This is no deceptive assertion. A single trial, or a mere inspection, whl satisfy tho most skeptical that the Beaver I Cat now offered is fir from being the inferior article often iw>ld for less than five dollars. The fact is that tliss article now offered is gmertlly not equalled, and in no instance surpassed even at that price. It is in consequence of a reduction in the price ut the raw material, together with the economical policy of this establishment?ana the proprietors engaging |>ersonally in the uiaauficture?tlmt the present great inducements are offered, such as were never offered before. WARBURTON & WEBB, jeI0lm?r Iiitters, 5 Wall street. JEWELRY. WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.-The sub^ scriber is selling all descriptions, of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver jwncils, gold chains, keys, Ac., at retail, lower thaai at any other place hi the city. Gold Watches as low as 2.3 to 30 dollars each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the best manner, and warranted, at much less than the usual price*, by one of the finest w orkmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN. Importer of Witches and Jewelry, wholesale and reta I, 30 Wall street, in- stsir*. jt* 10 lm*rc NOTICES. pOMPTROLLERS SALE OF STATE STOKB.-The But* Sto hihtmtf Ctnpmjw in inut Iw Hm jww Vork Banking Cominny, will be mid Mt llie Merchants' Ex* change, in the city of New Vork, on Wedariday, the dthof July next, at II o'clock. M., to wit 10 Certificate, of lllinoia Six |ier cent (internal iinprurrmrnt) stock, payable 187o, for (1000 each $10,000 M Certificate* of lllinoi. Six |>er cent stock, (for puhlic building.) payable 10tI, for SilC'O cash $10,000 6 Certificate. of Michigan Six |>er cent (Detroit ami Pontile Rail Road) stock, | '. able 1858 lor $100(1 each $0,000 C. Kl,AGO, Conn t. At.naUT, 24lli June, HM2. jyl itr ^OTICt?A special meeting of the Stockholders of the A ' America Patent Friction Match Company. will be held at (' Company'i Wan home tn IIotto \ on Thiirulay the 2l?t day of July next, at 9 o'clock, A. M. A i nnctual attendance ia reiftteited. Per order nf lite Director!, GEO. C. GOODWIN. Scretarv. Boston, Jnn. 27, IMt. j2:i2w*r CORPORA 1'ToN NOTi< I . Public notice h here girei that a tele t/ptnperty Ml unpaid Uim will uke ixaer at public metion M thr City lull of the city of New York, on Toraday, the Jtth day of June tierl, it It o'clock, noon, and be continued frtym day to day nnfll thr whole ol the Mid property hall oe a .Id' and (hat the Mtlflctl statement of the taaaa and property to t>e euid it puhliahrd in the New Erm, a newapepcr printed and publiahed in the ejty of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptr oiler. Comptroller'! Ofliee, April ?*>, IRia. \2R lawltwtUivr /CORPORATION NOTK K-I'ubhc Notice iahrreby jiren, (hat a talc of prnn-rty for unpaid lares will take place at Pnhlir Aurtioii, at tne City H <11 ol the City of New York, on Wednetilay, the 2/tthday ol September nert, at 12 o'clock, noon, and !? ontinned front day to day until thr whole of tanl property ah ill he aold, and that the detailed itatemcnt of the Utet. and prn|M'rty to he aold it mihlithed in the N. w Era, a ncyrsp per printed and tathlitherf in the eilv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller'* (Mice, Mtv 30, 1812. jrUS I-istiS. ptt'll r I N i HANGER V?Before the Vice Chancellor of the i t t i.. I cuit.?Joint tl rdnMii va. John Keenan.? Bill for account in Copartnership,!^. and for Injunction.?J. M. \V< bttrr. Com! plain tut'* Solicitors J. IV. (Jt raitl, Eaq. of Counsel.?John Keenan, the defendant in thia came, whote place of rrtidrnce it in the. State of N<-w Jeraey, if required to appear in ihia raute by die tiineteenth day of Sept-mlier neat, or the bill (lied herein will he taken aa contested by him. Albany Kvcninu Journal pleaae copy ?ud char** to J. .w, IVeliater. )el?law2w? MONMOUTH BANK, N. J. THE not. ofthe Monmouth Bank iyned by B J. Hathway JeMw-V1 "* HAVANA A.yJ) l*K INCl'l'K Shit j Alt:* MHADK.ll. .r.Clnrham street, hat rrc trrd, hylh. H. Ilea taint 100,nno of Ilia eel# hrated La Norma Sea. rt, dto a I beautiful lot of aer-enor Not it and Pi ri ?. Septra, wMrh h. ..(Tert for .tie ?t reaeonahle twtcce icA lm?c /CHLORIDE 6V Li WE?JMeatkt Boyd'e upcrioi' " I hi v trw'e nl ' ,r pril'^sr. It BROOKS. (I Llnerty .1, PLOPJt?lr-0 Birrel. ?t Lo?|a Stcsm Mills Flour. For ? It r by E K COLLINS h CO, i ye 26 56 South ?t. IERA 2. Mobile. [('-orrttpoodeiice of the licmld.] Mobii-f, Ala , June 27, 1*M2. Judge Everitt? Tombttonri?Mitt llamblin?Fight ?Adultery?Exchange, 4"<JAA*KS (JoRDON BkNNKTT, Ls<>.!? Dear Sir? We have just consigned i<> his place of " cold obstruction," the lust remains of the Hon. Judge .Tno. K. Kveritt, of this city, who died ut his country residence on the 22d. lie emigrated to Alabama from Georgia soon after the last war, in the southern campaigns of which he served us a captain in the regular army. On its being reduced to a peace establishment he moved to this place, which he has several limes represented in the Legislature ; and through the partialities of its citizens has rejiealrdly held the offices of mayor and judge. A native strength of character, in which a strong niind and decision were conspicuous, distinguished him in every relation of life. 1 could not resist the opportunity now afforded me for examining the memorials here constructed to the dead in every variety of architecture and inscription. Here and there were read flourishing sfiitinipnt-a?anm?>iit??oo ? .....1 ?I)M5H;,?IIU HI nio.-t cases elaborations of irreineiliable regret and corroding despair. In the right hand division of the enclosure, which is shaded in cedar and cypress, are to be found lying in almost recordless ruin the stately head-stones of muny of the early French and Spanish settlers, whose remains have long since fled the rioters of the "grave. The left hand division is densely |topulaled with the siient bodies of persons, who, lured hither by hopes of wealth, have hud all their schemes haliled in an curly grave. In this portion of the yard every city and town in our (Tnion, and every occupation arc represented. In the rear division are the graves of the poor, the greater portion of whom are Irish and Dutch, interspersed with the letterless grave of the unlettered negro who, in common with his master, awaits in the narrow charnel house of death the last summons, when each will appear before the maker ol his body and judge of his spirit. Here ends the drama of life : the brow that wears the laurel, that burns with the fever of ambition; the heart that thirsts for power; the wiles of the traitor; the pride of place, wealth or family; all, all thui frets unci fevers the mind, strengthens virtue, or demoralises the heart, find n terminus in the grave yard, that climacteric and end of all things. Onthe22d ult. Miss Hamblin, atiag Mrs. Swing, whom newspapers have represented hs having drowned herself in the Ohio; having cut her throat: and as having sailed for Jamaica,or'as being in your city in mail's attire, mude her appearance in Court. It is now known that she has not been absent front the city, hut It ts been secreted in a negro goal, kept by Messrs.Zunts and Vance Johnson, her paramours. A patient hearing was given to her counsel and wit' ne.-sesby the judge, who admitted her to bail in the sum of $3000, which was readily given by her twe: keepers, who, in spite of the sleepless vigilance ol the law, have until now, when scarcely any of the witnesses are here, screened her from its custody. Dr. Devtrt and Dr. Kelly gave as testimony, thui Mr. Kwing did not die of the wounds indicted by Mrs. Kwing, but of aneurism This may be true in .o muny words; but would Mr. Kwing have died of aneurism at the time lie did, hud it not been fur the excitement produced by Mrs. Kwing's stabbing him ! The coincidence is a strange one, uud will not in medical jurisprudence place the prisoner remote front the cause of Kwing's death. In November the trial will come oil, when many persona cogI riix-.i'it <>t tin. ielir.1/. Ir??^l?,? .....I ..<* .1 ~.U; gate and dfs|xTHt?* character of the murderess, will Bp present. A day or so ago we had no lees than three fights in the open street*, In one of which pistols were drawn by one of the parties, and a run id retreat effected by the other. 'Tib said that liad the lattei stood his ground the medical general would have cooled his ire in the gage refle.tion that one livinf man is worth twenty dead ones. Mr. F., calculating the probable range of a pistol ball,gave one nn modulated bellow, and made haste to screen him self in the custom house. The military doctor's over-boiling rage has settled down to the bottom o the )Mit. lie has paid his fine?been laughed at b\ every hoy in town ; and has pent up his spleen ant >ile in sober cowardice, and talks of settling 11 Texas. This blood less feat has, in town-talk, givrt way ton talc, which on credible authority is spokei of in every circle. Mr. (? , who last summer eloped with the (laughter of Mrs. 0.( was recently on a visit to the relations of his wile in the iipjier part of this county. While there he rode out in coni|>any wnh Miss if, a cousin of his wife, to whom he made illicit overtures, which she rejected with merited 6corn, and communicated to her elder sister. A family consultation concluded on making known Mr. <t.'b eonduet to the young lady's lather?who, hy the bye, is little more refined than an Indian, among whom he has lived much, lie procured a ritle, and started immediately forthe house at which CI. was stopping I'uscen by ft. Mr. H. entered, and was just in tin act of shooting him when Mrs. (1. intervened am saved Iter liu-hand's life for the time ; hut that Mr 11. will kill t_>. no one doubts, as Ic is untiring it liis< ff'orts to obtain revenge. Mr. I', acknowledge.' hi" error, and consents l? l>e cow-hided, but noi killed. Mr. II. line given him liia choice?Texas <>i death. Our exchange is daily growing worse. Hills, lit days, -Hi per cent premium ; at fight 42, and specie hi. State Bank paper has fallen in the meat mark" to .r?0 cents in the dollar, and is daily growing worse Your's See. very respectfully, Lk Bai.m. Charleston. [Coimpendence of the Herald.] Charleston, June 29, 1842. Wtather? Sh i/i wreck?Busi tie* s?-Ra ifrextd?Shipping?Literature. J. (J. Bennett, Esq.i? Dear Sin:? The weather lias at length become settled, ano ihc thermometer to-day stands at ninety, with a fint breeze and a clear sky. The line brig Gen. Sumter, from Baltimore, i ashore oti the liar, where she has been some twentj four hours. She will probably he got oil" withou material damage as soon us the wind changes which is now from south-west, fresh, with consid erable s?n running Site has a cargo ot lumber which it is difficult to discharge, and contidcrabli doubt is entertuincd, I have just learned, ns u whether she will be saved. Her passengers wer< brought p to town this morn'ng by the packe bouts. The planter" in this vicinity state that the cottor and rice crop" this year promise to be excellent?thai they never looked better. This is the great hop- oi this section. We had a tolerably mugnificcntfnilure a few day( sincp, say a house engaged in the woollen and hugging basinets. More may reasoaahlv be expected. from recent indications. Various establishments have been sustained by hanks and individuals in the expeetation of a change of times for the better; but hope being cut off?no change appearing? securities used up?they must totter and fall. But a lunar IC .1. .llncl In it awn linrm IIS \'l W me. thods ofdoing business will be introduced?long credits will be abolished? economy and energy exercised, nnd we shall pri'"ni a better Iront and stand on n better basis than ever. < >n Tuesday next the Western l.uilroad opens to to Columbia, and the stockholder*, and many of our citizens, will make a trip up, to celebrate the opening by eating a dinner given by the Company. It is n sort of stock operation, no doubt, as the roa J is thrown open, and the dinner thrown in, free ot exl?cn -c. The stock of this roud cost $100 per share; it sells for $26, with no^good prospect for improvement until a new tariff ot nrices shall be adopted on freight, which is now so high as almost to excludn the agricultural productions of the interior from this city. Without business, without dividends of course. There is now but little shipping in port. Only two, I believe, New York ships? the Soutni?ort and Superior. The brig Moon, which sailed from New York some sixteen dnvs since, is not yet in, and some fears arc entertained lor her safety. The brig Kmi'v, which sailed in company with bar, came out in four days. Two magazines, the "Southern Quarterly," snd the "Magnolia," have recently been hrousrhi to this city for hurinl. Still another paper i.- announced to lie printed, and I hoi>e I may live to see a volume ol that. Vours. respectfully. ' i .1 Hi. i - '11 i I LB. PrUe Two Cents, fcexlngton, K > . [Corrra|>oiul?ncr ?l llie Hrtalil.] Lexington, June 23, 14-12. Henry Clay?Atkiand?Col. Johnvm?Vnu Hnren? Vie Xext Pmidtnt?Bnmitu?Bull?L::-rts~ 1 Ratine?Elopement. Srr. James (I. Hennett, L. L. V-:? Sib 1 rejoice with your other friends in these | ..rts that your menu have been ajvreciuled by the Murmoil fraternity, ;iud 1 give you, us in duty bound. your 11tie?1 have no disposition to Halt *r you, bat I speak trutli when I suv that you uini your paper are belter known und more favorably ejM>ktn of i than scores of your enemies who em y your talent and energy. (Jo straight ahead, liennt tt?ioik neither to the right or to the left- lu> on the where it is needed?stand up as you have done tor the |>eople?expose hy|>ocricy and truud ably as you have done, and the people will urltiin you. '11?is a rainy morning and 1 conclude that a I? iu i :n in the neighborhood of Ashland might he ot u,; - ini tercst. Harry of the West is in t. wn alnmn every day? 1 have observed him aud his actions ulnt-ojy : moe i the Barbecue (albeit, 1 am not exui tly of b,.- pol.iiI cal faith) und he seems to he in better spin's and health than he has been in for yars. lie talks of public matters with great freedom, hut with moderation; he have lost that bittern* a which he was wont to show in years gone by. Ife bus been charged witii being an overbearing, hat gl.ty and tyranical leader in the Senate of the I >in d States. 1 know not whether the charge is true?I can say that in his intercourse with the people he certainly shows great affability and less of a n'ova ncering spirit than any great men I know of. lie is now a farmer, in fact, and keeps the whole of his extensive and beautiful Ashland ir. a state of cultl" valion and repair that wou'd vie with any oth**rfarm in the country, lie save he has not as yet got hi* own consent to permit lus name to be I'feu ,e a can1 didute for the Presidency. IV sometime*? s; d; 3 of Captain Tyler, but ,s very moderate in lu? anituadf versions upon his course to what yon w<u.!d su;, ?ru from the papers. In his speech on the 9?h however, he showed some little fcitternuos. If you desire it 1 will keep you advised cf hit movements and doings. We have the good Colonel here vcrv often. Col. Johnson resides upon " that" farm, e'>out J miles front this, lie is a very pleasant gentleman in ins intercourse with his fellow men. Quite polite utter the old fashioned style, and less of the great man in his appearance than any other I know of. if lie had a moiety of the talent flint he has of enemy, hdnsiry and zeal us a business man, he wrn.-l r-ok A No 1. 1 w'os ut his lunise lately and w as bI.ov. uby his agent a number of curiosities k< p* iirilr 'nspeetion of visitors. Among them the sword voted to him by Congress?the Colonel docs not d?-;>]?y good t:\ste in permitting the rurt 'o accumulate upon thr? hlurl^ I wna silkn -;hnvl?i> fkut" r.ufol t which it in said the Col killed Tecwinsch. It is a venerable looking w eapop, hut htfi uot a " mahogany stock;" probably as he was not in the " regular" service, he wua not entiled to mat distinction. The Colonel says he i^ out for the Presidency and that Van's visit west is no go, cui that he can't'come it. As the time for s/Preudcutirl nomination approaches he walks decidedly l.-.mer than I liuve ever known him to do. lie pay decidedly less attention to dress than his n. ighi-cr. Prince IJnl. Probably this is owing to the fact unt he hut. no wife. The distinguished gentlemen named meet b>t' seldom?tin re is no love between them? their k influence in these parts keeps Gapt. Tyier in the vocative. Nothing doing in the way of business; hot we -re thankful that Providence ln?? wniled us in | granting health, and the prospect of one oi the .c?t bountiful crops ever harvested in our country. One half of our grain has already been rut. We haw- a , rich and beautiful country, and seven o: eight at i good Mr Adams roads leading from it, as were ever ) made. It gives to those who can aflaru it, a pleasant drive troin town in every direction. '>n alt these roads, there are meeting houses several miles from town?these on Sundays aie patronize' by all j onr gallants, especially since the introduction of " hiiskpt doings." ThietPrm is pro.iabiy fireek to i you; but at leiam, if you desire it, I will give vou an account oi a basket meeting which may be in* ' tercsting. 1 attended la-f night a bnll nf Ala?* riic Hal!?the ' attendance of ihp regular ball-goers wa.? rather s'itn ?the weathei being liot?the nights short, and \"a fpnrce. There was some beauty, though not that galaxy thai I have seen. Some c'" the gcntLmrn -bowed oil decidedly with greater fi/at thaw the iadies, (I ask their pardon.) Among the tni-v. conspicuous wus our young, worthy aeri handsome ronmionwealth attorney?hie dres*. wa? u?ul i..d chaste, approaching however, too near a clerical style?lie was decidedly u favorite will- the ladies; 1 neard one lady any tnat he wk but as i?e is rather diffident, 1 will ajsre hi? blushes. Silk stocking row had but few repicscnlatives. W.S tj. who cut a swarth extensive and irresi-iah'e; l!. S., I a neat, pretty little man, (a word in vour ear, l>;~k, d'?n"t chew tobacco in the li.iII roo.ti.) Mods. ^n icholas showed off'the luteal Italian .-t'/l*-, with ""to ; and Mona I, with hi - rhort inJi ,.;siu!"s ami silk stockings, tiiade a decided hit. .1 J I. T., waad' p* ly smitten, or a lady is mistaken. <~>nr City Judge was present, and as full of philosophy end profound . cogitation as ever. Our worthy Mayor was 'liejc. I saw more than one lady castiny n t'de glance at him?he looked well amfs tia.-d nuldnt -s and suavity peraonfitd J. C looked and acted as he slways is, the perfect gentleman ; he has a mrteptd l<% heart, and whilst he desires tt- ,-rrpetral. mat;inn ny, *hould*kcep out of the verge of certain eyed. Our circuit court is silting; our county o irt ?f twenty-one judges has just adjourned, f wit. ><! at leisure to drnw you a picture of both. In lite t t'rr court log rolling is necessary often, and H K. <1. is decidedly irresistible at the business. It In c. old only succeed as well with a lady near a IWktt Meeting I louse, lie would be a hi ppy man. II diis should meet Iter eye, I lio|>c she will have convutil l< iu tin .lit iiln, The #5,000 ii -i'lr match between Zenith and Mi.19 Foote is made, ; ;i| to coinc i fT on our 'r*t k. A married Hoc ior ran oil' with a fair young lady s from Nicholas!il'n last week, bound ho doubt to , Tcxhh, oraoine oiii.-r Hoa (Hirt. Oh,the wiekt(iii"nh of this world. Labor, Lord Hsnnett, or you will ' not be able to reform it. , Yours, sincere';* fU">oN*. flcrtot;* Affair at Swr iluavroRT.?A n>?n named Kar, rington, who rA?fde- ' * West Jftrwhury, ?iiucl N? iry port Oil Moncty rfternoon, ?nd becoming int. -n alert, was garrotinded by ?g""K of boyavho an -ored low* until ' hi* pitienre w?? g*l Tif'i d, who ho ditir : kni..- .mil - stst hwl o?r of the** In the abdomen, and h..other 111 tho haad nanrthe tompje, H? Mao wounded ? toil from V?*e?t New bury, namrd Full, who wai endeavoring .o pom. Jo him to f" home. ia the h?nJ. The toy win. 's wounded i m the aietomen to not ex[>?ct<?d to roci.ver, Hi: i an.e ? , Thorr??<J?rvln. Karrii gton kh arrested and coniuiitte l I to prison. Its i* Mid to be a man of V>ad character and inte:ep?raL hab'ts. N'n Sm"?n t'sin*?The Union, now completing at the Nary Yard, under the directi.vmot Lieut. W. V.' iltia. ter, of the Naw, teem* destined to w ork a !?r. e? ch .n^-e upon our water*. The comtt notion ot ber h.,11 or well * the application of t.or power, I* smLrolv new, both originating with I.ieut. II. Her entire tntcuir err , ? ho i. i* very ximpic and hcaatiful, i* placed Irelo w the w*t.: line , and it to proposed, should the building of anotlie.* veaael he authorized, to place the cylinder immediately ab.-ve the kel*on. Thi* re*?el cannot he viewed nr an or.n, rinient, rince the ?m?ll boat first huilt hy Lieut. It , he performed a passage from the Cntaapcakj 1.1.0 the I. jrtherti Lake, i* at thu moment running succcMfuliy u*. a packet. A* a veiael of war, the Union apnear* to j*. ow advantages over any vessel hitiierto constructed, ami u* a tng boat or fieighling vc-sel he advatr.dg'* rre im..i manife*!. vVc therefore venture to ;.rc Mr* for hrr *..,.h general approbation, that i earners of a Jltlrreii' eon* ciction will won he unknow n hi our water*.?.1*/. I Utll. Axothf.h racai ii.?A breach has occurred in the enbnakmetitof the Ohio canal, on the fee,!, ar level about a mite above Oenigoto.v n, is stp.iis. ed to have been occa?ionod by mnakrat*. The ten.lent to already actively engagod in repairing the ,tH. mage, and we are assuredthat tha water will bis again admitted and the navigation reitored, by the 20*.h iu t. Passu. Riimaiv*?We examined, on Monday n. .rnin^. some cnriou* *pecimen?, which were found in makiig an excavation of clay and gravel for a culvert over the stream running aoutbeast of the Penitentiary. These ee?ri()>ctjoiu cou?i?t of large and small ?h rk> teeth, (.out. of them nicleii'e I like (r aaw, at said to t.cVrtq to animal* not ni" in exist em < ,> utid a t nvi., a hunt a f .ot long, vvl i h rem* to have IxdoiiKcd to tin rbpb :nt, or *oire similar animal. They all in complete [ire?e ra.ion, h >t the , Misk is qui'.. Vi'aek. The level of the vellnr e ' eri they* J were found correspond* with the dcrp well mi the yard ut , the Penitentiary,in which, near feri. y?.ir? nK'', * iti.Iar specimen- were found, rrri.l tie crihed hy Mr. Wilt ill thu I Br itish Si y."?RirhmonJ JPoy.

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