Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?Wo. IMS -VVlioU No. 3030 REGULAR PACKETS. NEW USE OF i.ivK.iii'otm. PACKETS T" aiifrors New Yvrk on ihr Uili and Liverpool on the 13th of each month. M.A M M r mum Nkw 4 oitk. Sliip 8HK.NID VN. Captain F. A. Deneystrr, I5th May. Ship OARUICK. Cap; tm Win. RlcitUy, Uili June. Ship RQSCII'S, Captain John Collins, Ui i July. 8bip SI I) DONS. Canlaii. K. B. Cobb, 2iih August, b bom Lira iipoul. Ship SIDOON8, Captain E. B. Cobb. UtliJune. Ship 8HF.RIDAN, Captain F. A. Dciieyster, 13th July. Ship (iAKKK'K, Captain Win., 13th August. Ship KOSl II. S. C tpUin John Collin*, I3lh September. These .hip- art ill..I the first du..s, upwards of liHMMous, limit iu the city of New Vorlc, with such improvements as combine freal stieed with unusual comfort for passengers. livery cam as bet n taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of hence is $100, for which ample stores u ill be proviikd. These slops are commanded hi eiin-rii aged masters, who will make every exertion to give g. nrral satfllaotion Neither the captains or owm r? of the ships will he respvMible for any lettuta, parcels r iwkai^es sent lay them, unless b'lla of lading are signed therefor. The* .lips of this line will herer-fter g.i irn.ed, and then jieculiar construction gives them security not possessed by auy other hot vessels of war. a For freight to passage, apply m K. K. COLLINS A CO. v> South St., New Vork.orto W.M. k JAM. BKOYVN At CO., Livens,ol. Letters by the pack, la will lie charged 12^ cents per single Mitel; \AI cents |?T ounce, uul newspapers 1 cent each. M7 NEW YORK AND HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) iSt JHb JBEt Jfe Tin slop* nf t'n* line will hrreanerUTre Nin*iorkou thr Inland Havre on ihe 16th of each month. as follow* : Fro,11 Sew I'urk. From Havre. Tlie new ship O.VEIDA, I 1*( M ircli C 16th ApriI Captain < lat July < Ifltli August James Kum k, r lat November I 16th December Rliip BALTIMORE, 1 I t April i 16lh May Captain < 1*1 August < Itiili September Edwor I Funck, f 1st Di ccein'rf 16th January b ipUTICA, its! May I 10th June ( aptain < 1st Septeinb'rc 16th October; Frederick Hewitt, ( 1st January r loth February NewshipST.NICOLAS, t 1st June 1 I61 la July Captain a lit October < I6M1 November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February ( 16tn March The accommodations of tlieie ships are not .surpassed, combining all tint r-.ay he required for comfort. The price of cabin passage i* SH'O. Passengers will be supplied will! every requisite. with tin cs-ception of wines uul liquors. Goods intended f rr these vessels will be forwarded by the subscribers, free froin any other than the expenses actually incurred ou them. For freight or passage, apple to BOYD ti HINCKEN, Agents, all 9 Tontine Buildings. " FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS. ^Ijjy For tliu nelter accommodate n of slupjier^ it is intended to despatch a ship frillII this port on the 1st. 5th, ftth, 15th. 20th, a-.ul 2,'itli ot each month, comim neing tiie loth October and continuing until May, when regular days will be appointed fur tin- remainder of the year, w hereby great delays and disappointments will bi prevented dining ihe s.uinmer mouths. The follow iug aliips will i:iimmeiK.i this arraiigeiiieut : Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, t iptnin Jackson. Ship .MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hiliiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Giyitain Miner. Ship OASTON, Captain Latham Ship HL NTSVILLE, Captaiu Mumford. Ship OCM ULGEE Captain Leavitt. Slop NASHVILLE.. Captain Dickinson. Ship MEM " HIS, Captain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mullbrd. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressyfor packet*, an of light draft of w ater, have ncanUvlMaB 0 wly coppered and put in splendid order.with accommodations iur passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertien to give Seneral satisfaction. They will at all times be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these sliijr, will he responsible fpr jewelry, bullion. pncio is MOT,, silver or pi ited wan . or fitr any letters, parcel or package, sent by or put 011 hoard of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value thereon expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS 8t CO., 56 South st.. or HULLIN a WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all gooda to lueir address. vsrlised, mil grr it cart will be taken to have the goods correctly meamreil. ml OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. f]'HE OLD l.iNF. of Packei^or Liverpool will hrreafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of nailing falls 011 Sunday, the ship* will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, I luna I July m 616 'on?, < Oct 1 Nov 19 I). G. Bailey, f Feb I Mar 19 Thw ENGLAND, {June 10 Aug 7 TWmnv, < Oct 19 Dec 7 B. L.Waite. ( Feb in April 7 The OXFORD, I July 1 Aug in 800 torn, < Nov 1 Dee 19 J. Rathbonc, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, {July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jan 7 K U. Marshall r Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, {Aug 1 Sept 19 018 toils. 1 Dec 1 Jan 19 A 11. Lowber.t April I May 19 The NEW YORK, (Aug 19 Oct 7 400 tons. < Dec 19 Feb 7 T. K. CrOPrer.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, { Supt 1 Oct m 8J0 ton>, J <n 1 Feb 19 W.l'Barstow.f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS. {Sept 19 Nov 7 7l0 tons, < Jan 19 Mar 7 O. A. Cole. ( May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed ai One Hundred Dollars, for which ample stores of evcrv description will he provided, v.itli the exception of wines and liquors, winch will be furnished bv tbe stewards. OOODllUE Ik CO , 61 South st., C H. MARSHALL, MBurllng-slip.N.Y. _j?-21 lyh BARING BROTHER* fc CO.. L'iotoI. PMAM, AND WALES. PERSONS desirona of making engagements for friends to emigrate from til Old Country to the United State, and who may wish to secure for them despatch ami comfortable accommodations, will find it their interest to apply to the subscribers, who are at all times prepared to make such arrangements as will grtarsiucc satisfaction. The vesacls cnmpo>il'g this line are all of t' e first clast, one of which leaves weekly, coiwqu-iuly all delay at the port of embarkation is avoided. AsJtas always been customary with this line, when ttoac settled for decline coming nut, tue passage money is refunded, without any d duction. Passage per steamer from the various |H>rts of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be secured. For further par.ieulari apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Oilier, 273 IVarl St., Or to C. OR1MSUAW 81 CO. 10 Goiee I'iitzas, Liverpool. Exchange or d.alts at sight, and for any .imount, can likew ise be furuisbnl on the Natioual Bank of Ireland. Northern Bulking Go.. National OaiiK ol iacorimii, nayaiue ,11 an tneir respective bra lies: also, on R. C. Olyn t* Co., Bankers, London, 1 ml C fi.imshaw at Go., i.iinpoot m3 lm*c Sl'EAM NAVIU^n^^KT^KEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, 1 /. iso urn. imp vox. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. Kkank, The days of ilepartura of this well-known Steamship, have been fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Hnnthnmpton, From New York, On 41 li Mm-. I IMS. On 7tli May, IMS, On 7th June, IRIS ..... 10.Ii July, " 7th An?., " 7th Sept. " 1?th Sept. " 711. Oct., " Pri e of passage, ineals not included, to Southampton or Antwerp, *70?Steward's fees, $2 62,44- Tli* mnli will be served on ho ird, en the pi rn of a continental Intel, in the belt m inner. an.I at filed m l m.nli rate price*, pis-cut r* being only "wijteo when partaking oi tin saine. Theprceof pustgeto either of the above porta,rin also be Hi, -eil if preferred, with Ileal* and steward's feea iiu. hided for $n7 tj}\i ceiiU.eaclniiTt of wines. An *?|*rienc<-.l Surgeon accom|ianie? the ship. For freiisht or pa asge, or u> timber uitortn ition, apply to H. W. T. I* U. MALI, Agents, ?92 Gm*r 41 Beaier street. new jersey railroad Tnd"transportation company. new york and newark. k aim the foot of Can rtlnndt street, New York. (Eserv day?Sunday tin epted.) Leaves Neat Ymt ucavei Newark At 8 A.M. All P SI. At 7?< A.M. At IS P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 0 jtf do. 11 IN da. OH do. ii, do. ? ??o. 7 do. 1 do 10 do ON SUNDAYS. Fiom the foot of Liberty atreet. Leave New York, Leave Newark -At 0 A. M. will IS P. M. At 12 Noon and in I' M NKW VDIIK KLIZYBFTH TOWN, WESTFIELD. 1'I.A IN FIELD, BOL NDUROOK, SO.V1ERVILLE, kc. Daily. New York. l.e.ave Town. 9 A. M. IH A. M. 7% F. M. IS M. 4 jJ F. M J F. M. The train* of the Nom-mile RulroadCo. connect avith these lines each way daily . Sun lay* excepted. Passengers are ri .pi est I'll to purchase tiikets .at the office, fool of Liberty street. Fsre be wren N w York and F.lir.ab. th Town 25 cents. Fire between Jersey City and Somerville 50 Cent*. new York. rahwAv and new buunswick. Fsre rrtlurrd. From the foot of Liberty street, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. At 7}< A. M. 4K P.. M. . II A. M. Fare betwetn New York and New Brunswick, "5 cents. Kahway, 50 rents The fare in the A. M. train from New Brunswick, and IX P. M. train from New York, has been rtdnced between New York and New Brunswick, to 5t cents. " ml Rsl way to J7>< " Tb* Fliiladelphia mail line passe, through New Brunswick for New York every evening at 00 clock. On Sundays the 714 A. M. trips from New Brunswick is Oiri-ted. I'?s? in,em who procure their tickets at the uckit office, receives ferry ticket eralis. Tickets are received by thr m?. iset 1 4 f wh?B ynrahwad. SIM ltt.s I IV KRFOOL COAL AFLOAT?150 tons temberton' J-t artfully I weted in the hold and for sale Ibv JOHN HERDMAN, jy 6c VI Bouih st. E NE RAILROADS & STE AMB()ATS. tomeroy c o 's Al.BA.NY, bukfa',0 AND < HICAtiO EXPRESS. i \? in now naunuiiiivthui s. ?oi i th: Itsilrosds to Miitl Inun Albsnv vid Bnllalo, itml the intertiii'K'u (dares, for FORWARDING, it low riles, ? itll tin* titlost speed, rrtfulsrit) Kitdufrtv, clioicr Goods, 8t?eie, U 'ik N'otrs, liii|M)rtaiit Pijh rs u,.l V ilo iHi Pari. i<r.?Will ttmd I the negotiation, transfer, rollrrtiou or (>*wnent of Bills ?d Esehange, Nott s, Draft ., Areept mri s, Ar counts, Ar., at it- 'liable |>ercrntiu;.?rseeiilr orders for the i;urcliaae or salt- el Vlrrrlutidise, Produce and Manufactured Aitiolrs of firry de* t rii'lion, I? rsouaJIv, in the I. win on tin ir route, ilirr.iiuli Messrs. MAHNDEN E <H)'S EXPRESS 10 New York and H".lnii. and Messrs. HAWt.EY ik CO.'S EXPRESS to ami from Buffalo to Clt-\rland, Detroit a I Cl?u ?ico ami int riiifdiift |fl.tciv*?formiug at odo' tin- most lirect, >* and inrfect communication to and from tb?* v >h*rn and western Ui***, for tin* iwnoU itiou and transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges. Ike. Referent e*?Krast? t Corninx, Th??mas W. OlcotL Wiitli sii. nnan, A. I). Palchiu, Noah L?e, Jame* Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus in lliwh y^Utica : T. A. Smith, S\ ncusp ; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd. Cantiid.iigtta ; David II jyt, Rochester; John Mo Kenster, Locki>ort; J.A.Clark, Bafavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. , , POMKROVfcCO, No. b Kxelutixe Buildings. Albany. all :i M ill >!r. , i. NVvt Vi lli. " Fare and fu ekuit ueducdo. RKOUl.AU M ML LINE MiR I'RnVTllKNO'. AND BOSTON, via S'l ONINGTON AND NEWPORT, ninposed of tlie following superior steamers, running in coimrc* lion wilhthe Slouiiiglou and Providence, aud Bo-lun and I'olidence Railroad*? MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Ontnstoek. RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer. NARKAOANSETT, l apuin \V'.?? Ley. MOIIEOAN, Captain Vandrrbilt. One of which will leave New Vnrk daily, (Sundays excepted) from Pirr No. 1, Norlli River, Battery Place, at fixe o'clock, P. M. AHtRutmar. Tlw NAUUAOANSKTj on Monday, for Stonington, j Thursday, for Stoniuxton, Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on 'Tuesday, lor Stonington, Newport arri Providence, and Friday for Stotiiluloii. Tin* RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, for o'oninxtan,and Saturday, for Stoniuxton, Newport, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival "I the iteameis at Stoninx'nn, | may take the Railroad Cars and proceed immediately to l'rovi dener and . Freight I ;ken at the following much reduced rales To Boston, on poods weighing forty pounds or upwards to llie cubic loot, at $i 00 per ton, and on measurement goods 7 cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods 5 cents per cubic foot, and specific articles as per tarif to be obtained at office 22 Uroadwav. mill dmr IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the 'Transportation of (inods between 1'hilvlelpbia and rittsburx. Tin- i 11 i. r. 11 11r in t-'T.-i .i, ft i 1 f. chants iwculiar advantages. The stood- being catcfully packed i.i the boats at our warehouse. No, 3^.1 Maruet atteet, are carred over the Columbia md Portage Railways without trandiipment. C ireful captains and crews are employed, who t ike oi.anre of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with thetn he entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots 'icing separated on the way. N. B.?Passengers forwarded Ce Pittsburg and Poilvville, ev?y day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, >12 3m* 7 Washington street. KKKIGHT ANI> PASSAUK TO PITTSBURG. B i N <; Ti"(V'F i."^^'ZaC The i?roprit?tor.i of Biiujlnm't Transportation Line to Pitts'Jirg, give notice to the \l?rchwits of SVw York, and all other .ersojis shi|<i<iii;Mo the Wr*l, that th< ir line is now in active .iir.ui <?' .is ' I t< iin (or tent to go in their Owners or shippers of goods, destined for the Western states, who litre no .'unit m consignee at Pittsburg, will please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without ! lav. All go.tds should lie marked distinctly on eacn package IINOHAM'S LINE, for ales of freight, which are as low as anv other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, op|?site Pii r No. 8, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Piilaburg and Pottsrille,every 1 iv, Sundays excelled. Refer to H. Crooks, American Fnr Co.; S. T. Nicoll, Front street ; Phelps, Dido St Co., Fulton street ; Suydair Sage St Co ; Wm. Rankin, Duryee St Co, Newark. m6 3in opposite ?n One for albany. FARE REDUCED 1 ! PnMRtfe 50 Itrrtli-j 50 cents, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. //3 The commodious Steamboat WASHINGt^V? TON. Captain J. M. Br >w*ti. living myle *i! 7 in '1. in- ? ? < In nee lu-r <! of I- .lving New York, will hereafter leave the loot of Robinson street, N'c\v York, every Monday, Wednesday, and ^Friday afternoon, it & o^lou, and Albany, ever) Tuesday, Thursday, ind 8* furdny afternoon, it 6 o'clock, lauditm on ner passage each w ay i the (Mtt of Hinpt id txect, NewbuigE, Poughkeeptte; Kingston Point, Citt s :| ind Hndj mm F?t freight "r'\ t?> the Captain on b erd, "r to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. m West street. ?n9c_ /^1 OCEAN ili >i' s , Long Branch, Rum on, cry k. *yf* Browii*s Dock, Middh town, Eatoatow n Dock lr i fefif Sf and Red Bvik, Shrrwaburv.?The sirimh.ial IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New* York from Fulton \! .... ... Cliw v . i>:. - ... - " . X. - VC rj?i n liuuilliu ai H O CIOCK H?r lit'il Bank. (except Thursday, on which thy the jjoch to Katoulown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock ach day. The IoU| will ran m tDOV^DAVigilk)! tiki ytith rparniit* :i,i.. ant il further notice* All freight ind i' igg 11 it the 1 i-k of the owmis thereof. June 21, 11H2. jti293mc f-s7\ < HEAP EXCUKSIOIS to the fkMpc i. ry day, eiccnt Tuesdays tnd Fn* 1 7 iSLrfl-tliys?Fare 25 cents each ' ay?The steamer NAPOLEON, CapL Hancox, will rus re uhsj to the al iv< ; lace every fair <lav, ami leave as follows?Foot of lliinm<iid *freet at 9 o'clock, Canal street quarter past, 9, Market stieet half past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9?a, pierNo. 1 North ri1 er at 10 o'clock. On 1 uesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon . xeurvions to Coney IsUud, landing at Fort H imilmn and Bath?(the steamboat General Jackson will continue to run to Mini place every other daf in tie* vetkHuidk it ialbl? loW3?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, Canal street at a quarter past 2, Pike street 2%, pier No I at 3 o'clock?Fare 25 rents each w ay. The .boat w ill remain at Coney Isl&ud one hour auda half, and arrive 111 New Y?vk by 7 o'clock. ' j 11 1 rn * c /*2I OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY 4* AND NEW YORK?Landinc at the fo'?tof f Ifltr -*V street, New burgh, Poughkerpsie, Kingston P^int, Catskill and Hudum?I'tssage 50 cents, berths 59 cents?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON, Captain J. M. Brown, w ill leave the pier at the foot of Robinson street for Albany eiery Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, Leave Alb any. foot o( Lydus street, for New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock. P. M. For passage ?>r frt ight app'y on board, or to D. 1C Martin, 18f Wall street. Freight tikon on the most reasonable terms. To Let?A steamboat berth at Warren street j ier, NR. Ap111 .. . b lard Wm ifogti a, R6W isonst? e?Itn res* a.yjssasjwKaKw^^wa^uu^twa 1?1?w? ? TAILORING. REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH: MENT, U r.mored from US Broadway to No. 7 Asioi Hons,. ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. Garments of a most Elegant and Fashionable kiud /t a siring' of 60 per cent for casli. 'PIIE advertiser deems it unnecessary to resoit tj the hacki uryed system of giving a list of nomtna! prices, pres.mnrw thnt rhe length of time he has been established, together svifb the extensive patronage bestowed on ntm, win prove a stun lent voucher for his capabilities. PoAsesnin^ th advance ol being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Euro|?e he confidently asseLi that he ran furnish clothes which, on comparison, will lie found lower than any other h Use Uiakitig up the best descriptions ofgenllenx i's tlr?ss. I lm H. PHILLIPS. i Astor House, Bi MA RTl V' n Cauli Tftilui'liif( i;?tnMlslnin iif, It lUmovrd to 1 >4 William tIrrrt, corner of ,4nn tlrrrt. rPHE *uWriber, in announcing the above to hi* friend* and ? the public in general, take* leave to return think* for the liberal |> inmate on liiin at hit former plare of bvtnine*.. and aaaUre* them tint every article ordered ol him ?hall. u heretofore, be rot, mole, and trimmed in the neale?t and moat ?tyli*h nanne Tin material*. the neweat and beat in (he mark't, and it I jioailive aaving of JO per rent. Strangers are rrqneatpd to ral tnd eianiine. Gentlemen who |/rfrr purch*?illf their own cloth, Sir., cm have them made and trimmed in the atyle th >t hva given ant h general aitialartinn during the U*t four yrirv Kvery nrmrnt warrant nl to fit, and made by the beat wniltmcn at tl*e follow* ing i tirra, ' i?..:? Ureaa* *7 ?nto*8 ri Frock'Io ta ? no to ? 4? Panta and Verta I 7,5 to 2 no Over Coata ? 00 to II i? No garment* ready made? all made to order, and a auit furnished, if 'leceaaary, in ?t hour*. >Uimr michaei. k. martin. RETRENCHMENT THE . ORDER OE THE DAY. PHK Subscriber, with a view of meeting the txitffiwiet of . p? tinu i ? '? imuigenietiti win wi*l firth I 'ii ibI d to ( rtxi ih - unu at fthc i best vi immense savin; from lormrr rhinre.i. Havifiz mult his archnsoi lunirel) for < I !?. h< ? mined to - impcti with thu cheap* it,(on the read) money jr -nciple only J w hile h< pledges himself to continue the same cmrvinct m elegance and I*:?nccnilir-v w liirli f??i llu* l.nt lift? ell y li s In-, ch.i (* h's establishment. Gentlemen ire re tea (I to the inneied pr oi prtcet, with the aaauram that the articles enumerated ' I 11 " . '.I 'I IM i? .!, , 1 l/ress coats of tnper wool dyed cloths, from *18 to 21. v . ' f r, . . eiatimrre, R to 10. .. . I- . ' : '' 1 ' wishm ?o tu: in tit their own imt'-riaJi ran liavi ' ' - inrl' n,?<* 1 tmmed in tni ime ?' !, o1 leu . . . / B.?.Mr. II Ih' m U, Inn* known aa one of the moat fashion' Mr en. f. -> f> .'inn. ? i.. il,. , ,? |,.|lM(. t: n A ' N'wvii. , \\ ? I tNDIA (>JS II M Kit. (Hi i: A H M It MIAWI.SF.. r. Ntw HAl.l., . > Waahiniloti .Iieet, Bo?t.,n, ha* for lie lift. i Shi? i ; < dor* gre.-n, red, ?ml white?long and ; i .n?I'll**. from M iv-liv. to five hunilr'd d.dlir* AI?o, "I'nl Kinhmiderr I Canton Crape Rhawl*. iel TkTh 2mw I I?r OILI.S ol .1 hang' on all part* of "gland, Ireland and Re"'. ' .id, in jiua of ?7, ?.0, Cliand CSS, to anv neon > r,r deat ? J. 8VDVES1 KK'S, j e 11 e 22 Wall at,kud 130 Broadway. w \ o \EVV YORK, SUNDAY P WATERING PL \('KS. x<i SHARON SPRINGS. PIIE l'A VILLION.?This new coinmtwlioti' Hotel will b? I open lor the reception of visitor* on anil alter the first o J tin** lie\i. at the V iliage of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County New York. Tin- ch .tr pure wafer of the Apm.K?v greatly rcsrmhhm Iiom* of the white sulphur jfj mint* of Virginia, have heel proved to lw highly rfnnrious in* umatic, CiiUlieoui, Bib ion* and Dyrivrptic complain: t; and hi the cure of EfVaipejas tahrhtum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, urii ? i-t debility and in many rth< r respect*, pou^t (as certified by some of tin . . "tt niru ut medical i'it?l".s?ora in tin lrnit?-d Sruleal medio iial ami Iw-nliug properties utuurpa^ied, and believed to be uiu* quailed by .tu) in this country. Added lu these, tin rides in the vicinity, numerous villages xunsive \i W3, neighboring cave* au l romantic c.eiicry an .uiong tl?" tna'iy attractions uttered to these seeking in the heal of iuinrnt r,ciihor health or ph t^ure. These springs are but ? few hours ride frov i S.trutoga, Troy Atbanv. Acc., and are arceitable from t anajoharie on tru Alba m tun Utica railroad, wlicr*- carriages daily aw ait the arriy 1 . ; ninf can ft i 8ch< tei 1 id i 1 i. to curvy ri^i tors to the Spriugs, a distance of about eight miles, arriving it time for dinner; alio by th< Albany and valley torn pike by daily stages, being about forty-five milts west of lh? city ol Albany. YV.inn. cohl and shower Baths furnished at all tinu s, eithei c;f ,'i . mineral or fresh water, and every atteutiou giveu to render th?' stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the pureat. mountain mtiiiz Ice is stored foi the sr.isi-ii. (? \v. B. CJEDNKY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This IX *;* I will he op-nro at the '!'< > Hag or Sharon Sprint 1 reception ol fiii t >rs, and combining all the advantages of this ?l?-fiszhiInI sunv mer residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. at9J0w2taw*r CATSKILL MOUNTAIN HOUrflk, AT TIIK PINK ORCHARD.?lilt. rPHIS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted dur *- ing the present at *son under the direction and superinten' dance of the subscriber. It lit* undergone a complete tiw tliornii.h repair, and is iww o|?en for lb** reception of visitors No i Ifort w ill be spared to in vintain the desert edly high clique tcr which it has heretofore acouirt d. A . In i? t? f?nr, its tabh ? will be furnished w itli every delicacy that the Nt w York market can afford; and every possible at ti ntion that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of ?t3 patrons w ill be promptly be .towed. The road leading to thii i stablirhment amle?p',ci illy that part of it on the mountain, h<u h ; n rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. fr. B ach ^ Co.'s excellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between rise landing and the Mouatait House, on the arrival of Uie boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietoi. June 13th, la 12. jel 1 3inr DATH HOU^K, LO.VU ISLAND.?This lou* a?.l ?rll JJ known bonding and sea bathing establishment, having recully undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erection of sev? ral elegant suimner hosucs u|H>n the margin ol the now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent ??f private beach on this shore?-?h< perfect :o curitv in bathing, even for ladies and children, ('he bathing houses being within v stout* N threw of the ininsioi.)? the shady, < ioI ind uelightful locust grove adjoining the Ivdiim ? It pie isant ridi . i flu ai undi coo iti ?the exi< li? nj fidting grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and i nu em i*: ? th? be unci Ail i w ol ths \ I o ic i ceaa aai tM lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels or oil*.ward bound, under thi* situation in ev ry re* spect unequalled by aiiy in tr vicinity, Its nccommoditi n? are ample, the ro<>ins airy and the tnnjwralure, even in the w inncst days of innon-r, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine mile? fiom Brooklyn.) the access by sl ices ?t hours aceoin nodatyd : b tin 11 idcr it pt ' rlj *1 " i' I d i i ' boi f<n gentlemen ol bale -t* iu NV?v Y ork. cl2:m'r Vv Li.l\v1 BKMWN, Tro, ri? tot. T> EDFORD MIN'RAL SPRlXf J.S-ThL well ku- wn water Ad urg pia c, situated i . Bed. . 1 Count) , Pen us. lvauia, is now 0| en lot the reception of visitors. To those whoh ve never vi ited tha springs, it may be necessary to .a> thu they ?re -iluiled n irthc great VVest-rn Turnpike, which pass- % through Peunsylv \ui i f orn Phil idclplii t to riitsburgb, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Allegheny .Mountain-. Every thing Ins b?*en provided it this vv it ring place to render a sojourn pleatdtit to who ur seeking health or enjoy ment. Amusements will he found suited to ill tastes, and a good hand of nutic n ;M be in mendutce, The liberal patron i est? n led to the stibic.iber tin* two last seasons, will induce the renew- .1 \ rtinns tie* cominr season. June inth, 1012. WILLI \.M KEYNOLDb, ic29cod ltnr Pr prietnr. BATH BMLDl \ GS, FORMERLY HENSUAW'S. t L - . B.inch.-Thi* eif tensive and delt^h'ful Sei B ithin ' Kttabl*" shine lit will be opened hv the subscriber on the 27th Jiiur, instant, lit? be/s respectfully to inform its former patrons aud the public, t ut considerable additions and alteration*, em*r?r isin^r the comforts, have ben (Milt since la?t year, and \a i 11 h in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishiiurto he as reasonable as the t ime:, will afford, the board will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten d<dI f'ta? former! v. Children of a certain ue and serv.i-its half price. Hones lull fed. $3,50. lie hopes h- rn ty say wi?ho'?t imputation. th it his lanle aud accommod uion* will tie e.ju il t?? any on Long Branch. Young people not reijuiriiik' too tnuch room,will find iccoromodatinj; terms, je22 lm*r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH CO. N. J, J KWIS K. HANKINSON respectfully informs his friends *A ana the nnhlic that he hn tit?1 up in the beat st vie the home formerly occupied by J \cob Gorb s, ai tin- bove place .in tbe most br.uhfiil ?irunion mi the .n rniit, nhou 7 KiiW1* fnuii lted Bank, and fourteen TrbinHigitown. Stages ?iw through ami fro to inret the I'liil.vlclj liiia car#. The I'-rmi of board will founil very moderate. Also, stablin.', kc( for hones, on very reasonable term*. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of hi* will be wanting to render tho a who patronis* loin comfortable, aud thai hn li >11 \\ l ' I f. Illl'l < | U ll I i i " , 11 < M | ^ til-* i'iM DAVILION, SARATOGA SPRINGS?tlie P>viIH>U,CU? A tiguous to the Pavilion fountain, and equidistant from Congress ind Iodim Spring*, has been thoroughly ' tn and is now open for the reception of visitors. For convenience of location, beauty of the grouudi adjoining, cominoili umi**s? of the rooms, ami efforts on the pert of the proprietor to make his guests comfortable, this house, it is believed, is not ?*d. The charges for hoard and rooms have been modi.i?d t > meet, in some degree, ihe depression of the tim? s. A share of n itron ige is rt ipei tfulli iuv tied, JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. Sn ii.i- i fepring.i, June >?. IK12. Jc27 fwr t \. Ai.liAMiK 1IOTKL, poll's Ferry, Nan I This tnosf delightfully romantic summer retreat i* in full readme**, well stocked with fruit and flower , and above ;ie kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines ind 1? r ors, tie and porter, Also,arjurs of tlw ttrst quality. John Pou .on, the proiirietor.siiicerely returns his g atefnl thanks to his friends, and the public in general, for their liberal puronage for the la:;t nino years. The KeautiAil steamboat Bos ton, Captain T. V. Bakcock, leaves foot of Canal street four ciinrj a day. The public cm rest assured that tla y wMl not be disappointed as heretofore t the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Si* ii. t?? u lie in en can he accommodate d wiu? t!?e Inst of board ind lodging ai live dollars per week, aud have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sundsy, always at I o'clock, P. NT. Military companies on target excursions will find it to their advent ?ge and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target ground and Ponton's good dinners. His prices at#; according to the limes. J. Pouson ii Always at home, aud will l?e liappv to see his friends and visitors. je!2 lm*r MA TKEMONT HOUSE. Chesnnt street, between vTt? Third and Fourth, Philadelphia.?The subscriber havtaken the ahove h use, lately in the occupancy of C ?pt tin M ijrtiu. respectfully informs his friend*, and we travelling public, that he is now prepared to furnish comforts and accommodation* unrivalled by any establishment in the country.' The a|?artn?' nt.s of I lie Tre mo tit are large and airv furn-shed with new bedding, and attended by the most rareuil servanti. The proprietor flatters himself that lie will not lose an\ of the reputation so cheerfully accorded him. whilst in inissession of the " Indian Qnecii." The Larder shall l><- kept constantly supplied with h 11 the choice production* of the market, together with veget ihlea grown upon his own firm, in the vicinity of the city. The Wines, (many of which have been above thirty-two yenrs in bottles,) are of the proprietor's own st lection. or were imported by liirn from the oldest and most celebrated nou e? in ilofi part 'I II . The e oaks in >hs Trsmont Hotll I among the most skilful anil celebrated in their line ; and the other servant* careful, attentive and obedient. The whole es tiiMiMiinenf. !)?inn under the immediate superintendence of ihe prtstorhioM If, wlrich?(witJi In ftoMj and well kn wneipt rience in hotel keeping, will ensure to nit guest* -ill that their every want will require. The location of th home being in the immediate vicinity of the Kichaii-.'e ?nd Po?t Olficr, wim the various steamboat land* iugs ami r il roail deiots, the theatres, and other places of amusement*, offrri to tl??* man of business or of leitUrc, Hiigularfygr at facilities for the prosecntion of their designs in visiring the city. Kor the better accommodation of Ladies, a private entrance is studied to the home. opening nu Ch*simt street. Kgular hoarders will he f ken on the most acommoiliting terms. BERNARD DUKE. The following pnp? r* will ublj*h the shove, and send bill*, with paper marked Tremout' Ho i*e B rks and Scl.uyl ill Journd. Keystone, II irrisbar^, Lsucaiter Intelligencer. Pitts bur.: Oizette, Wheeling Times, Bihimore American, Washington Globe, do. Midinonisii, do. Intvlliaencer, Savannah Geor.iati, Charvesto!) Mercur'*. August 1 Chronicle, Po\leitoavn D^moersr. Vork Press, f olum'?n S ?y, Trent 'lEnixe nu in. New VorhHerall, York Truth Teller,'sbur,' Stanhiru, Or mint own Tt !* graph, I) liwir. Oarette, i .1 DRY GOODS, k> . _ TO THE LADIES. 17ASHIONABLF. MILLINKRY OOODS.-TV proi-ru" tress, Mi?: S KINO, diiif htrr of tlic celebrated Ctrl Kmc, '?ff. rs for sale ? most (elect and clinic, aaaortmeitt of Millinery (JooiL, for the spring trade, never ** yet presented to tli. pttnlie, both as regards tn. quality and chespnc-a of the articles Th/' assortment consists of the r<>lloaviuic TV celebratedSI LK IIAT, OALLKO CAPOTTK D'ORLF.ANS, as worn by l.i l)uelir?s. P'OtUau , of France , -HI'.!) SILK. F.NTIIIF.LV NKW AND ORIGINAL STYLF. And Liwii Hit. do do? An entire new itylr o Hats called " MODINE CAFOTTES, ELS8LER COTTAOE.' Purisianaiid Knifti.h FANCY STRAWS, of the finest trltnre in great variety. The Pripeietresa respectfully enliclta the ! idi.s to favor hei with call, and eaamine her eh**nt and varied itoek of Millinery for tlwniselves, before tiny purchase elsewhere, .u it will n. a great saving them in price and a advantage a. regards the rariety and quality of tli. gamls. MISS S. KING, Mod.., j,M lw*f Hff Broadway. jfoar-4 JTIYBTlTTF.H pliee to I;iiTTtiinl, Si.ucs clli -1>. anil nc arc tintiiire thai in New York there is any plat < an odas at the Clinton Boot uul Snne Mirket.jnt Canal .tiret, n. rill ea?t corucr o< Hudson strcer. Those who hav. tried ippc ir t > be jr.neially .ati.fied that tlire i< a fact unineitionahl., A'l those who m*> not have tri-d our boots, shoes, or gaiters, will find it te advantage to ma*, tin trial soon. A KNOX fc CO, N. B. Country merchants a 'c by the package or doaen join lm?r SHIRTS, SHIRTS." f TNlTF.O STATKS SHIRT M A NI'KACTOUY, 77 Wilham street, corner of Liberty, N. Y ii hereby iiveato Men h mla sud trail r? in general, that the mdtlon of !|. shove .stablishmi lit hav adopted a new method of imnii. Ac luring Wirieli einhlea thetn to sell their slorts at a cheaper rv i th iii any other house in this city. Tliia statement will be -(firmed by the list of pricra as follows:? Per Dor. Fine Muslin Shirts, with Linen Bosoms and Collars, $7,50 Do .titehnd in the Bosom and Collar n.nn Do Colored one pateros, lanfe siles 7,00 Also, a irtf. quantity of Bosoms and Collars constantly on and, which will ho ottered rheao for e*?h. jyl lm*r vi ACH ink BLA'NKF.TV.-'. oaie . IuTm!."tiy "A mlOce PF.RifSK ?t BROOKS, 01 Liberty t, sr III I II ??? III . IRE I rtOKNlNCi, JULY 10, 184-J BOOKS AND STATIONERY! TO PAPER MAKERS; |)ERSEE & BROOKS, No. r?l Liberty ?treet. between J. I Broidvvu and ?t, New York, imjKHt ilirecl from 1 flu* MauufiCtnrer*thefallowiuk trtich ?. viz:? Bjeachinjc Powder of Bowl \ Son's uiake?w arrauted. foi niilormity and strength, equal to a:sy s;i I Urii .tin, and for the salt- of which they arc sole agents in the 1 ; I'ailed State*. English Cyliude M ichino Felting ?f very superior quality, ? , Ri. <0, 43, ??6. 72, .u I HI inch*? wide. ? ! Dofi" Felting f rtroug fabric, ami of widths unnlty re1 ui red. " ! Blur Sin tlr??.? (1imk ihe agency of tin- Sutton Company's Blur Sm th ., the> m en.tblrd to suppl; Kb h i'., u?d KtKP'rl; ill .I'l qu nit it i ? Wires for Fou,dinner and Cylinder M ch ? *. manufacturer! Ir on the purest, .1 tekcU?Wet and Press Felt*. f Pulp Sen ens, No?. I. 2, J. uf brns metal. Older* f'?r any of the above uticlos, together with Foreign ami domestic raw* Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, fee. file., j w ill meet with |?t<f apt att m Sic \\ IM>:hksii\i, WUKK ON THtt EAS1 -Just , published, by Carev ^ llait, Notes of a Tour through TiliUry. iireece, Kw'ypt. Arabia, IVinen, to the Holy Laud, n?. rill ling a V t it to Athens, Sparta, Grand < tiro,Constantinople. Tlu-'bes, the Red Sea. Mount Sinai, Petri, the Kdotn ol Scripr ture, Ike , by hi. Joy Mortis, in 2 volume* 1*2 ino., with plates. OPINIONS OK THE PRESS. V e commend it to the public as a sterling work of travel.? f U. s 0 Tl>e author has mntrivi d to give to hiid? scripfioiia of places, L scenery, and events, a spirit of lYc.hnes* and v raise mult nee, that cannot he too much admired.?Spirit of the Times. ..... inn IIII* It"*i uiu utiiniiri Will or eagerly sought for by the public.? Ww World. The work is precisely such an one as a in ui is glad to lake up when he desires information upon the subject of which it treats.? Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant, unpretending account of .rambles through regions about whien every intelligent mind d'*sire? information, and i: is furnished in a style which e?? ry one will find agreeable I ? !Vimiyh%iii*n. There is not 1 page in the work that is not interesting and instructive.?Pel. Jouru .1. We think this book destined to become extensively popular, and we cordially jony with our brethren of the press in coinmending it to popular favor.?Daily Chronicle. ? For sale by WILEY U PUTNAM, i jr I 1w r Ww Vor 1 T'HE MESMERIC \l MJAZINE, OR JOURNAL OF 1 ANIMAL MAUNLTISM.?1)II 11. II. COI.I.YER 1 will July I, 1812, tlie lint number of a ihtkhIi.*1 with 1 flic above title. If will be devoted exclusively' to Mesmerism, or Animal Magnet is in, and will contain ample din actions and instructions lor Mesmerising, with accurate details of the most extraordinary and interesting Metmeric cases, and experiI menu tnat have occurred, either in this country, or in Europe, lor mauy years past. The curious, and hided wonderful visdons and revelation* of Clairvoy ance, respecting the Heavenly f Bodies and the Spiritual World, will oonstitule a prominent portion of the M uniine. It will b? published monthly, ami each number will contain > it myal octavo pages, with double columns, of the exact site ind style of the Boston Miscellany. ? Terms, $3 |?cr annum, payable in advance. Letters, communications and ordeja. (p?st paid) addrn*icd to I Dr. R. H. Collycr, Metmeriser, 27 School street, will receive prompt irt nil- n. i The New York Tribune, Herald, Pennsvlvaniaii, Public lielgtr, Baltimore un, K in< rican, Richmond Star, Charleston i Mercury, New O'leiri* I'icavuiie, Louisville Jouru <1, Ciuciii ? inti Hi publican, Portland Advertiser, wilt imrr t t'w?ce a week lor three weeks, and send their bills to the Mail oflice, or re1 ccive a copy of (lie Mag ?t'ite. and such oth? i public journals a% I are desirous of receiving the M igazine will insert s aforesaid, r end send a copy of their piper to 27 School street, Boston. jeSTiUwJvvr B 0 OK BIN DING CAPER RULING. TT I RET. WD, No. !*?(? street, having an entire new stock of Binding Tools and Ruling Machinery, ol thi itest and most approved patterns, is now prepared to execute -II orders in the most durable and handsome manner. Merchant* A? ccount Books and all other kinds of Blankwork ruled and hound to any patterns, and in a style that is wsrrinted give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done iu*?he English mode if requii?*d, as H. I. ha* had long experience in both I methods. mlfl * lit* A ill l-A ii;g(ilur System of ... UIUYAI tVlMM khnm twelve to five dollars ! \{r. biustow (yv?r this sro*on only) \ as reduced his a Term* fro'ii 'I %viv< to Fit t Hollar <% thus bunion* this Useful Art within it4 mean* of ALL, and is guaranteed to be i in Tvm |> l." iso is of an httfir each ! ! jlrarimiy J\ro 205 Bruti'Iir<iy% near Park Plate. Gentlemen of all a?:es are |>otitiv?iy taught a hold, free, ex~ mi/ Aniam u bulin sa-like at1 I" of Writing: no MittM iuw ille^ihlt* or crunpt d tlw present hand may be, [See special 23*> Broadway.] AS6 THE LADIES A tie t *?id handsome. delicate and fashiotjahle Kuiunn.' Hand IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS! f?7" VISlTpllS in New York ran take a rourae in Three Days !?Mr B. is to be it en from 0 to I A. M., or from I to 8 P. M. T7* BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. '" Ew 'iiiut I .< f11>!11 7 f<> 'i Jyt 1?*C l niHTBODY^S NKW YORK PRINT 1 NO INK MANLi UFAC I ORY, 28 Rote street, corner of Duatte (Old Sucar House) Printing Ink of all colors, warranted equal to any, ronstauliv on hind ami offered for aale on reaaonablc term*, deliverable to any part of tin- city free of cartage. Piinten and * < u le*. are solicited tc make i trial of-this article, jy *i :hnr SVWS 111 III ?imw a?? _ HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS !! DROWN f rO'H Our Price Hat Store, wholesale and re? ' tail, l?*> < .i.itliam Square, comer of Mott street, where f?*tiion? U naif, durability and economy are combined to aderu thjOMi. TW v?.| rn tor* have the pleasure now to offer in addition i" i# e? ?itl> unproved snort napped Hat, a new style, tin inula'. of Kriuif, wb?(h wi closely resembles that of all furs (In M<>?t c. ?*tly and be uirfttl, that the difference i% not eiaih. i* i < it? !. Prt e ?hr? e dollars. We strictly adhere to the one ?'ice rash system, w hich enables us to furnish a very mperio it f??r the price charged. In nre-ieiitiuv these Hals to the p ihlic the proprietors think they have reached the ultimatum o( lea .. lurabilif i hi i| m - ind comfort ?ni fm# \ N IMPORTANT 01 EST ION is h? r? ores nt d for Uw I\ serious reflection of the pun*hast*rs of Hit!. Is it con ostein with true economy or common seiis* to pay five dollars for a Beaver, when the same article ?an be bought it S Wall >t'ier( (hit .tin Brnnd iml New streets) for FOUR POLLAKH ? litis is no dec^dte assertion. A single trial, 01 a mere inspection. wi|l satisfy the most *k? priest that the B< aver Hat now offered is far from being the inferior article often sold for h as thui five dollars. The fact is tint the article now offered is generally tu^ equalled, and in no instance surpassed, even at that price. It is in consequence of a reduction in the price of the raw material, together with the economic..I policy of this establishment?mo the proprietors engaging personally in the manufacture?that the present great inducements are offered, such as wcrv never offered before. WARBURTON St WEBB, jelOlm^r H titers, Wall street. .1EWELRY. MTATCHES AND JEWELRY VER1 LOW^fC >.u ' V scribe r is selling all d? scrii tions of gold and silvei Watches, gold and filter pencils, gold chains, keys, See at retail, lower than at any other place hi the city. Gold Watehcs as low as 25 to 3t' dollars each. Watches and I*wclry esrhinged or b-"light. All Watches are warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches nnd Clocks repaired in the hest manlier, and warranted, t much less than the usual price*, i the ' U4 it worknM : in that ity, B. ( . ALLEN, im* porter of Watclu-saud Jewelry, wliob sale and reta I, 30 Wall NOTICES. LAW NOTICE. I COMAS and A. OHKEN.Jr. Attorneys at Law, ha*e " nude arrangements by which collections in the cities of New York and Philadelphia will he promptly attended to, at the ra'fs of the city w here the account is received. Claims miv be left wrh either of the undersigned, at their rcsi>ective offices. JOHN LOMAS. Ill Fulton at. New York. ASHBKC OR KEN, Jr.M Walnut st 'i ? Phil i U I I' E.? \ -i' '' ' efii of th? Btockholders of the ^ Anvririn Patent Friction Match Comoany, will he held at tilt Company's Warehouse in Bosto , ? n Thursday the 21-st day ol'July next, at ') o'clock, A. M. A r uuetuil attendance is requested. P'T order of the Pirec'or*, GEO. C. UOODVVkN. Becretaiy. B??iton, Jnrie '.V. 1812. j:^2w*r OOHPOHATION NOTICE.?Publie noiice is here ' given lint t s ile of |?rojKTt/ for uni aid tin * will t iler imic.* .11 i???hlie auction 1 tin* C|iv 11.11! of the city of New York, on Puesday. tb? 35v! day of ,fnn? n? if, it 12 o'clock, ik>oo, and l>* emit ii'iifl fit) n Hav t ? d ?v until rl??- whole ol tin s.xiJ propivrt* II o 1 . nil tlwxt lied stall it of ill 11 i'* pr-perty to tv? -ol?' ir. ouM;*h?d in 0 ? N? w Era, a new.Hjwper pruPed and published 10 the city of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptr oiler. ? ompti-oll*-i". Offi< , \ i11 I , I ' 1 :"i I 1 w t; w 1111 v r pORPORATION NOTICE?Puhli< Notice - hereby fE ^ veil, th ?t asah- of i?roj? rty for unpaid lage* will rake place *t Ptibli " Auction, at tn? Cit> II II of the City ofN? w York, on Wednesday, the 2.1th day of September in at, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be continued fmm div to dry until tlv wIkjic of said property shsll be %< Id, and that the detailed statement of the taxes, and prop, rtv lobe sold, is nublidted in the N- *v Era, a Qtwiti perpnnti 1 and ????l?1i%>?? d in th cityof New York. ALFRED \. SMITH, Comptroller. < nnpt t ).Tk . 1I1. to, i.i'. ! ?'? ktw tS? j h ? CAUTION TO INSURERS. MERCHANTS and others, Who are 1 iuu red in the Hartford Kir- Insurance Company, at Hartford, arc advised against isunn/ hi this Company. The subscriber deem* it hi* duty to inform the public he was iiifor'urntrly insur-d, (or rather p?id them the pr inium for in?urin< Inn ,) on hi* hnr.iwarc. cutlery and casting*, at Detroit, ?nd sustaining a loss, thev refused to pay for hi* cast steel, har lead, Iron, kc , damnued, on the uoiust, illegal and dr-spicablt %round, that the*, artile* "WERE NOT HARDWARE," kinking, probably, they were groceries, crock'ry or dry ?onds, Hid thus -fade the payment ofajust and honorahfe claim against thm Merchants must n ?w iud^e for themselves, whetheMt is their mferrst to injure in ?ucn a company or To jemrd agiinst mistake, and as an *rt of justice to the " A^tt?a" and "Protection" Fire Insurance Comiwuiiea, of Hartford, h' subscriber feci* b und to add. thai th? anovr caution ha* '? ? 1 indication whatever to either of those Companies, hut *p'<lie* oniy to 'The Harlord Fire Insurance Company "of which E. Terry is President, and Jame? O. Nolle*, ^ecreiary. . . VI! NK\VR< )\ I.I) N " M MONMOI TU BANK, N. TIIK, note, ofihe Mnnmonth Bint", .ivned hy B J Hitljw.y I or .1. ti. K.11I. ?. OA.liift, me r. <1. riiv >1 at <>nr | ?*ry |r4 .w*r EAKL * < " W,ll " n \VANA A..I' 1'KINi IFE 11. MRADKR. 40 Chitham sirert, l? w recciwd, by the Helios | ont |00,0?0 of his celebrated La Norma - r*. a* a'so a K-utifol lot of superior No* il and lerex Prittcine Hegars, vhieh he offer* for sale seasons Me prices. jeO lu'r /"NHL OR IDE OF LIME?5ff0ca*ks Boyd'* su|*rior Chlo, rwK,' 1,1 pkRjLf. * BROOKS. 61 Lio. rty ?t. nLOL'R-M S,rnfi!l Irwii ll-.m >t I'* For ?*lr P hv V. K COLLIN* k i n, . VI yni?h tf. QT'GAR?fWhhd* ffntonalify New Oileana Sugar, land ng . from.hip Mi.'lMippi. for ?*'? by I j* 28 10 K CT)LLIN? k CO.* South* I IE R A: < liarl( Hloii, 8. C, [Com i|<ouil?i? <- of (lie hciam.j ('hakijmto.n, July 3, 1X12. '/he H tHjrnti Celebration?llunt'i V. S Hotel? Anc< dote?Const rets?Elections ?the I'ojie?Potent Jamks Gordon Bennett, Esi>.:? Dear t*ir:? The celebration of the tipi-iiiiijg of the r.iilrond between Charleston and Columbia, in Kichland district, c tine off on the 28th of June, with real barbecuic splen lor. The distance between the commercial ami legislative capitals is about one hundred and thirty miles by this road, which may be accomplished in eight hours. The old road to Augusta is followed to Branchville, say sixty miles, from thence the new one starts. The last is vastly sii|>erior in execution, and it runs through a country loaded w ith corn, cotton, wheat, rye, Arc. The people look healthy, and the cattle tire in line condition. It tn.iy he well culled Richland! It is the land of' the Hamptons, Singletons, Felders, llammons, >\:c? , Columbia exceeds in magnitude the idea of many < who have not seen it. It is a healthy place, com- ' mandingly situated on a height rising from the Con- 1 gaiee, surrounded by u hilly fertile, well wittered. ' and wooded country, and is destined to be a place of trade, science, and thickly populated. The people received the Charlestonians as brothers?we felt that the road had blotted out the distinction of up 1 and low country?that we are one 111 feeling, inter- ! est and sentiment. Our mayor and council led an array of eight hundred. They were received by the . mayor and authorities of the line capital of Rich- ' land, and four thousand of its generous and warm- ' hearted inhabitants. We passed through their gallant riflemen?we were surrounded by a squadron of cavalry. The sounds of martini music?the thunders of artillery?th? hurras of this line people greeted us to tables literally home down by the riches of a soil that teems with plenty, us it glows in beauty. Happy Carolina ! You are, and have a right to be proud of your soil?of your sons, and of your institutions! No land welcomes the honest stranger with more cordiality?nor repells insult with more indignation. I could talk of this generous people for ever, and leave unsaid something in their praise.? We returned, highly delighted, every body eulogizing Columbia. If your good fortune should ever guid you to Columbia, Hunt of the United States Hotel, will make you feel at" home." I put up there; was glad to he bedded in a room where more was not to be desired : yet bis gentle way harmonized every thing. His servitors, bis supplies are abundant, and of the very best articles. Resolutions of pleasure were re eiprocated. They forgot one?ro thank the Railroad company for inflicting on the passengers showers of fire! and the committee of arrangement for the attention paid to those who were late. I,ei me give you a look at i he inside of our baggage cars, 1 where were stowed hundreds of the sovereign people. \ young collegian, not quite free from the fo^ of the frolic, bowed to an old gentlem in, with "8ir, you are reading the second y dmne of , allow me to have the pleasure of giving you the firstI The old one looked itiefiubly over nis spectacles? t "I ant satisfied, sir, with what 1 have got." " Why . you read like a crab !" " No, no." quickly gleamed the senior, " say like an eagle. 1 gaze all round 1 and strike " "But I have not been struck."? "True," said the old gentleman, " nor has the crab 1 fallen back " The youth took his seat, he had hit a file ; lie sat down and chewed the cud of reflection The company enjoyed the rich joke. Tinold gentleman seemed to be a queer one. We have one or two gentlemen willing to take / the place of Mr Holmes for Congress.? Hon. James t S. Hhett, is a democrat?a man ot talents and ol ' business habits. Messrs win, Findlay and Dr. Irving:, are candi . dates for ilif Sheriffalty. Omit is a prodigious good ( fellow, and industrious. _ < The Po|>e, Gregory the XVI , with whom is the ' appointment, has not us ycl named a successor to the renowned Rishop John, of Charleston. As this T dignitary is the civil administrator of the diocesiuti revenues, and as from his station he is connected, and has influence with a large number of our citizens, for evil or for good, all sects look to the ap- ! [ ointment with interest. Claim a patent for the followingLet a fovntain he contrived to play over the stork chimney of i i locomotive ; it will destroy the sparks without in 1 juring the ventilation.?I ant Serious. The Railroad lias two companies. It can support but one,?that's certain?be it Tuppe's or Gadsden's. The R ailroad Rank, it i? said, lias been found to be a very convenient treasury for sonic diiectors, who have not contributed much to increase the stock; but the trong common sense of n community, that may not Irtii.g be played upon, without being paid for it, will reform these evils. Rank stock still improves; real estate is not looking down?our prospects are not darkening?our . ,H?ople are acting under the conviction that, when Almighty God doomed Adam ami his race, to labor lor their bread, it was given them as a maledic- ,i tii.n I>? t',,li;i,iu nniv fniin,l In tin n hence, a hog und a vagabond are the only gentlemen >f leisure. who put up tins standard of doing no- ' thing as the text of gentle blood and breeding. 1 am yours, Dear Sir, Gadsden. Chemung. (f"orrr?|iiii<lciiee of (h* IlrvaM.) Chrmuno, N. Y., Jane 20, 1812. Mattrrt atul Thing* in General, eon net ted with tin Erie Railroad. J. Gordon Bennett, Esif.? St k? ? A convention of stockholders of the New York und Erie Railroad came off at OwegolHSt week.? Out of curiosity) I attended as a spectator of that j memorable event?memorable, 1 say, because 1 think it the closing fee no of the very greatest humbug ever experienced bv an intelligent people ? Rcnly, sir, there is no such thing as stockholders in tins improvement. 1 here lias never tieen .tf.rtM) < paid by individuals in the whole southern tier ol counties. This collection of some fifty i>ereonn war chiefly composed of comnTissioners, engineers, ntlorneys, contractors, Arc. Arc., for the purpose ?f concocting some nefarious scheme to further fleece ' the people ; the inost impudent and nctive personage there was a Col. M unone, whose commission bears date, not far from the time certain letters of one Jo fykes, which appeared in the New York ! Commercial Advertiser last fall. To give you a brief history of this gentleman and his operations: His first appearance in public life was some fout years ago, as fireman on a steam piling machine, ' n the I'licn and Syracuse Railroad. We next hear of him as one of the firm of Mamone fc Higi botham. contractors for the grading, bridging, ; Arc of 117 miles of the New York and trie It ailroad, from Hinghutiijiton to HanWwille, known rs the >u*|uehunnah division. This htm has received, ol the $3,000,000 which has been fraudulently obtained from the Slate, aboir $500,000 Those conversant with the prices, and , iinoitnt of money paid by them to sub contractor [h;<| others, think thev have not pocketed leal than $150,000 The sub contractors ciiietlv craned ope- r ration about the 1st of January last, bavin.;,' their r payments due for two months, and a considerable ^ 11 lion tit of retained percentage on former work? a Tli? word wax that M,miotic was in New York, and ti would return in two weeks and pay oft This story N and others v/a- told a I the winter and spring Ahont v the middle of May the gentleman was made known He had been luxuriating ut the A^tor House. New Vork. nil winter, while the poor laborers and their families on the road, were starving for the common nece-saries of life When application was made to himfor p?vm*nt, his story was, that the company I had not paid him, that the company had not paid him, that he could only pay 20 per cent, but would give due bills for the remainder. The answer of ih' sub contractors was, nay ns what money you can, 1 and we must wait No, was the answer; unlcsvoii will take due hills, and give us a receipt in full, we will pay no money, as we want matters settled up. The contractors were compelled to ' "xperting that the due bills would be of some value, 'hat they would in some measure receive them, and 'he laborers and farmers along the line. Tltry are as follows:? i a# i (/.nrnsiefiet and Cart.) j <, j ?-2 !*o. T40. M*v 7th, t.-*42. I There will be due from us to .1. j i 153 O'Brien, or ltearer.when the New York ; !*-? ind Krie Kail Company pays us m? | le= work done by os on the Snsfjuehannkh j j'-Cs Division of said I!ail lioad FtrTfirs -DoT.t-.vns*|!?? . . ! . s | j- l/iei*hr,thtur^^ T LI). Price Thu Out*. There are #1&0,U00 dollars <>l such trash, not in -irculation, but in the hands ot fanners, rub coiitu torj, ami laboring men, who o nix t get a lout I bread lor a paper such us I he above, i have no ioubi but thai ail investigation into tin frauds comnitt d by this firm, will be ?J? mand <1 ol the Legislature ..t the extra fe.-.-iou. Il they will ihoreughv examine into it, such n muss c-l corruption will H> as will u8t<>ninlt|(lie people. When Mamone . up.i led to by the poor luhoters lor something to >u\ oread, in place of his worthless trash, Ins reply * that he is going to attend lit the meeting of the Legislature, and have a hill pissed to start the road ind pay them otl,\c , the mnple ignorant ereature. SoSykts has ulin< tt n.ade a tool of him? inch a man a* him to influence the Legislature of lis State of New Y< rk. Considerable lia.i been said about the ellect the m*p< tiding of opeiiitiotisou this improvement will lave on the next election. 1 belong to the drnio ratic whig party, and I am confident that the elec ;ors ot thut party in the Southern tier arc almost jnanitnous in opposition to any lurilior Legislative till to the Now \ ork and Erie Railroad Company. Many intelligent men ot' both parties consider this work a imelesaexpenditute ot money, ike Erie Canal being Inlly ample with its pn dimension* to Jo all the currying that will oiler, as in a tew years [he business of the Eakoftinust he divided between ihe Pennsylvania and Maryland improvements and the Wellnnd Canal. If the citizens of New York fear the trade of the West being diverted to Boston, let them immediately build the New York and Albany Railroad, and it there is advantages in railroad transportation over r inal, let them extend that road to l'.utlulo and Dunkirk, which is only about the same distance by Albany as by the New York and Erie Railroad, and have the advantages of a level or descending grade Ironi Lake Erie to the Hudson, a very important ronsideration, as the descending is soma six or re.'en to one, to the ascending trade The New York ind Erie Railroad has a verv considerable distance if heavy grades to and from tide wuter. The jounty through which it passes is uneven, and some art mountaineoup, and will cost double the money hat a road will cost by Albany and the valley of lie Mohawk. One very important fact the citizens of the city at New York should bear in,mind is, that Elmira, which is on the line of this road is by the Elmira und Willi an amort Railroad and Pennsylvania improvements. forty miles nearer Baltimore, and by the Pennsylvania Canal Commissioners' report one utile and a half nearer Philadelphia than New York, having a descending grade eastward, with an exception of about twenty miles of quite light ascending grude, and only requiring forty-six nnies of railroad to form the connexion (Elmira to B; 1st on) If the New York and Eiie Railroad is made, it will soon he more generally known, at least the Western part >f it, as the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Erie Eail oad More anon. : Yours, respectfully, A Farmer of Chemung, N. Y. MISCELLANEOUS BOOK-KEEPING. ri C MARSH'S counting rnomi for the study of practical 1 y book-keeping continue open from illy in the morning unil 'i P. Iff. Terms?For the complete count- of ptactic* in Single Entry Sonk keeping, books, stationery, Ike , includt <1. $7 0. Foi the complete tcourse of practice in Double Entry Booktee ping ind Mtrcantih Calculations, inciu ing book i. lie. ,$b. Ttier#* are unci uses?each person ii taughtseparately. rrot ertusee may he had at the rooms. je?9 6t*c SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS, CRAVATS. AND CLOVES, JUST RECEIVED, a rich supply of the above articles, con' %istiu.' ot i very ln;lit and elastic stock, evpresaly for the uinmei months. Also? Scarf* anu gnat variety I large ttsanrtmeut of Bilk, Thread, Cotton and HikKiu Doves?at the old establishment 241 Broadway, between Park 'Uce and Murray sneet. PARSELL9, An* nt for J. A GATE. N. B. Cotm i a fitly on hand an eitensive as*< rtmeiit of Linen inl Muslin Shirts, Linen Dress Fronts, Lim u ( 'oil ?n?, Lndsr Garments, Her. lie. m'll ln?#m 3F"THE UTMOST :IMPORTANCE r) purchasers of Marshall'* Troy Shirts, Rosorns and ColIan. In consequence of the many mistake* hiving been nade of late by strangers and others, in finding our only Troy Shirt Divot, we are therefore obliged to inad? public the rauto n thr benefit of ill in imrsuit of out highly repnt?d Tmy 4hirts, Bosoms and Collars. It m this A store lias lately had Minted on th-ir window, and about their premises, a si.u inirH>itiiiir to be "Troy Shut Dr|M>t." Now we inform all. they lo not Keep our Troy Shirts, Bosoins and Collars, anil a* a guard against mistakes that may occur in future, on account of Ins tivwr sign at tit corner store, theref? re, we shall circulate xtentively the following card, ami for the hem fit of dealers in or goods:? This is to inform dealers and others that Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot in the city is ihout sixteen doors from the rorner of Pea11 tnd Chatham street*, on the light hand side in issing to th?* ( ifv llall?No. fM) < ti ith.mi street. This is our >u!y Troy Shirt De|?ot forth* receiving of our highly reputed Pioy Shift*, Bosoms and Collars in tin city. We shall cause his to be extensively circulated, in cons qurnce of many misakes hiviug h?n in ?dr of late. Be particului to see the name. VIA It SI I A LL'S, on tin wind w gjiss; also the following? VIAKSHALL'8 ONLY TROY SI1IHT DEPOT. 90 Chalk rn street. No patronage asked of those who heat down. New York, tune 1. I?12. t ? ; m c I'HK HAMILTON IIOL/SK.?This establishment is now I open for the reception of eom|?any. It ha* been thoroughly -novtfd ami furnished a*<ew, u-?m a scale of liberality com? iitursle with the dem.iru'a of the pnhlic. The departineiit of v. cuisine has bet n nlseed umh r the chsrire of a ea|?ahlc and iprri* need artist, who will |a?-k no supplies that tlie markets an afford. To ihos< nnacqutinU J wifli Uie location of the I rniHc.ii House, it is only necessary to say, that it is situ itrd t the ocean entrance to the Narrows, fo.rn eight to ten tnilet mm the city, on the high western bin IT of Lon . U1and, com landing a noble view of the lower hay and the At lint ic Mid andw <rd, the highly cultivated and f?-rt'lc shores of Statin and .ong Island, and the harbor of New lork. Nothing can ex eed the heauty of the prOM*ect in every direction. The saintrimis air at all periods of tlu* d *y, the ra.s; see* a* by stag*- and team boat, and the mingled life and rrtir. ment of the . jx?t renter this establishment second to n ?nc within a hnndred inilu* of V'?w York Tke apartment* are commodious and airy, and heir accommodations iu marked contrast with 'hose of similar muses In rttofou in the vicinity of the city. The rides iu ihn irighborhood, tne fishing grounds, billiard rooms, ten-pin ally's, and other accessories of re ere a MOO, leave littl?,il is be ?ved, to he wished for by anv guest. Families desiroa* of securing rooms for flie season would do ell to make early applicat ion to the proprietor. j?*7 imi _______ \\T ELLINGTON A. CARTER Commission and Wine ** Merchant, No. 5 New street, one door Irom Wall street, agent for the ancient house of Lomelino, of Madeira) offers or ^.ilr, hi tiareels to suit purchasers-? 150 pip s, Mitts, and am.dl casks of the celebrated Lomelino, South side, M tdcira Wines, Malmsey, Reserve, and other qualities, the whole of direct import ttmns, some thirty years ild, tinder custom house lock, and entitled to drawback. t(Hi bask' U Anchor, ll trj, Windmill, Cabinet, and all other thoiee brands .Champagne. 340 eases of Clar* I, St. Julieii, Chateau Magaui, Ac. Also, tommon table wit low prices. 100 cases of M cat Wines, assorted Cordials, Absyiifhc, I.>0 baskets freali 3al!.id Oil, Mcitu?chma, Anchovies, Capers, iml Pickles. 50 Indian bblsof Malaga Sweet Wine. A constant supply of the best double and single r* fined loaf. Also, Lump Sugars, Irom various refineries, for which W A. ''art* r is the agent. Advances made on saleab1-* merchand'xe. As one of tiir lin.ic uf I,'?nr!l'in emh irli, h\ -ill r.rly conv.y* uce for M ir?.' Uci, fir iliJUr c. l.-brnlcil wm?, of ?ny **r *r i| irtlil> , will t?f orw.r.l. J, |?r'i :J| *I> rxrrntoJ, And lh?* wine ihi|.|wd to nrd.f, I f,v orabfe prifti. 9LKKP ! !? i"b? Subwiib-n ar.- now prefmrcd to ^ ?U;.|ilv their cnslciiwr, in I ll?- piiblir in ?eneral with their rl.'hraled M ._:rr. ?ri. BoNr. r<, I'ill '*?, &t at tiicli low irii ci til t nil inn fiijoy tin" liitnrv of .Irrpiiu; cool, anil u|?>u silly; in the morniiiR they * It ? ? ' SO |?-r ecu' bettor than altrr Iroi'itn; foathrn. Try. we ?av. try one of our Inattreoiri, indour word foril, ton "ill uovrr with to sleep mi fettheri issiii: in hot weather, -I My i?l'(J P. it J. OR AT AC A*. I'phmetery and Paper Hant|ina Warrh me, j<23?w*e Nn. II Maidrv lane. CPLK.NUID DISCOVERY KoR l.kiAKMMi To S PAINT AND DRAW FROM N A TURK..?Amateur, nay tee. *t No. 2'*' Broad w?y, a number of sample? <> i .aiming id wood, velvet, ?ilk, muslin, fcc., hv a process for which he inventor has receiver! a premium of two thousand dollars rom the Fre-tch jov? mrm-nt. The imitation* of ml minting? t- ao|ier!er( rlirt no painter Can imitate them w'thout learning m-process. B\ 'b?* method, any trfisf or other p*r>nu m > ant, in a vrr> few lesson?, to paintjnt mature* to ? t erfection itfirult to nn i ratal)*' \s ithou' ?* dTTd: fh?- sample?, or taking a mrlele^on of \lr. VII TOR KKNKTTK, painter to ihf turfs nl ftrauce, ltussia, fgr. jpfl Jm?r jUKsi II ;>YKIN(f AOKNCIEH-O. W. BiirnhamT 76 M.rirlen lane, N. V.; J,O, Hrer). 1-13 Kit I ton *t, Brooklyn.? I fusion. New Hlfen, Dver.?The public are reaiierffully 1 ? Med that the above catanli hrm lit ha? been in successful >ei i %?i for many year?, ami full confidence can be plan <1 iii jeinf ? ? ft m 11 i nil h ind punctu hty in returning goeds.? l?rchi^ and the public generally will find it to their advanuge to jiiT?? their nrrlera. iel lm#c PttftftiK mtooivs, PAPER WAREHOUSE, NO. K1 LIBERTY STREET, jcPc NEW YORK. _____ [ARAFTS oT*nrREA nI>7 Ar.-rfra't. at. ?icM, f w any Ls amount, drawn rlir< ct on tie H ?yal Bank of Ireland, Hubin. H o on the ?>|<| ? ?f <h!i?ht <1 hanking house of Messrs. I re?>t*. Orote, A me? fs. Co., hanker?, Loud-n, which are paid free if discount or any < barge \sh .fever, in every Prmtlnr,l nrcouuv, l? ?idc? all flic in and town? and throughout England. Ireind. Scotland and Wales, can at all timet be had by applying ROCHE, BROTHER* k < o . 3; Fulnui at !fia d '? r to the rulTonRank. 'lATules anpr rmr Bri 'port manufacture, fompns* fug a com pi te /?i#orPu6Ht of *ei*e, herring, and gill net u fries to 3 lbs, for si- lo iel I K k fOM.IN't y ro ? ..... ,y -iOltt.CnoN H.?'i'lo Huhfcribcm will covert te >l>rr0- Acceptance?, Certifica'es of Deposttes, Itc. (through ' %(r? Il ' n It'), from New York to Albany) upon any flip 1 il inv places, ami vuarnnfec return? to the city of ; ? V i r to right Hayi. \ . t, r.nandaicuv Str isp, Hocheafer, ^ A-"": .i, I'atatia, (ivmv.i, Buftalo. Hr?rpiit 'i ... r.f r- C-i,n ,11, lhc! -j -v.f7x7Kftov'?Vo. * 1 >V ill <rV, v Yo If. CI i' StU. i *"** " .'O I w *?' "" '' n",J^' ^ h-i - Y- ' "*? # i*"1 h wr wiB-?<u<wa mu

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