Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1842 Page 1
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TH Vtl. vni.?No. l?u- -ft'fcoli Ho. 304O REGULAR PACKETS^ s?w Li\e gynvERMOL PACKET*. T<, aiKruni New York mi tin- 25th and Liveriaiol ou the 13th of tacit month. sfffy t hxM NEW Yottit. Shin 8HF.BWAN, Captain V. A. Deneymter, ISth May. Ship OAKRICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, ititli June, ship ROSCIL'S, Captain John Collins, ititli July. Ship S1DDONS. Caotain E. U. Cobb, 3ith August. Khom Liverpool. Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th June. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneyiter, 13th July. Ship (JAIIKICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, liltli August. Ship ROSCIUS. C iptain John Coliina, 1'Jth September. These ships arc allot the first, upwards of 1MH) ions, built in thv city ul New York, with such ii:i|aovu;nenu as combine great speed with unusual cornioit lor jiaaaeugen. Every care lias been taken in tne arrangement of their acrointnod itioiis. The puce of iwssagu hence ia $100, for whieh ample stores as ill bw provided. These ships are commanded by eiperietmtd masters, who will make every eiertiuu to give KrucrnI satiflactinu Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be respeusib!e for any Irttere, parcels ..r packages sent by llietn, unless regular b'lls of lading are signed the re tor. The* ni|>s of this line will here iftei go am ed, and theirperuliar construction gives llietn security nut possessed by any other bat vessels of w ar. i"or freight ot passage, apply r> E. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St., New York, or to WM. Ik JAS. BROWN lit CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be cl irgrd I2>i cents |>er ainrle Aaaf 'it iw-r nnnrt* anal na*winatmet I ounr ?ahV> ?.?? NEW YORK A NT) HAVRE PACKETS. (SECOND LINE.) The slii|>* i>f this liue will hereaftrrUiTe New York oti the 1st sad Htv re on the 16th of each month, ? follows : From NVie York. From llavrt. The new ship ONEIDA, C 1st March ( lGtli April Captain < Ut July < Ititli August James Fnnck, f l?t November r 16th December Ship BALTIMORE, list April { 16th May Captain < Ut August < 16th September Edward Knock, ( Ut Deccem'rf Itttli January BliiuUTICA, ? 1st May C 16th June Captain \ Ut Septeuib'r v ltilh October Frederick Hewitt, ( Ut January f IBtli Kebruary New shipgT.NICOLAS, i Ut June I 16th July Captain \ 1st October < IBsli November. J. B. Pell, ( 1st February f ICtn March The accommodations of these ships are not suriwssed, cone biniug all that may De reiiuired for comfort. The price of cabin passage is $100. Passenger* w ill be vupplied with every requisite. with the eiception of wines and liquors. Soous intended for these vessels will be forwarded by the subscriber*, free from any other than the expenses actually incurred ou them. For freight or jutssagc, apply to BOYD A rtlNCKKN, Ageuu, at 9 Tontine Building*. FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW YORK LINK OF PACKETS. FuM^M^te r aecommoJl^^^^shtppery it to despatch a ship from this port on the 1st, 5th, 111th, 15th, Mill, rod 25th ut each month, commencing the lotli October and continuing nmil May, when regular days will be '.ppointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disapixviutiiieiiU will br prevented during the summer mouths. The following ships will commence this arrangement ; Ship YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONE E, l aptain J lckson. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Sliip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAK8PEARE, Captain Miner. Shin GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE, Captain Mmnford. Ship OCMULGEE, Captain Leavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Sl)i|i LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expressyfor |iackets, are of light draft of water, have recently been I wly ccgipered and put in splendid order,with accommodation* lor passemters nnequfcifed for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertien to give general sake-Mac!ion. They will at all limes be towed up and down the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry | bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for anv letters, narcel or fwck&ffe, sent by put 011 board of them, uuiest regular bills of lading are taken lor the same, and tiie value thereou expressed. For freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South sr., or HULLIN A WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* ?o llieir address. The shiin of this line are warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great care will be taken to hare tlie gooda correct* ly measured. m4 OLI) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. JSt. M. &L rpHE OLdTIN'I. of Paettet^or Liverpool will hereafter be -1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the day of sailing fall, on Sunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day. For New York. For Liverpool. The SOUTH AMERICA, ( Inne 1 July 19 616 Ions, < Oct 1 Nov 19 D. (I. Bailey, ( Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (Jane 19 Aug 7 750 ton.. \ Oct 19 lJac 7 B. L. Waite. ( Feb 19 April 7 The OXFORD, (Jnly I Aug 19 800 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Ratiibone, ( March 1 April 19 The EUROPE, (July 19 Sept 7 610 tons, < Nov 19 Jan 7 E G. Msr.hall ( Mar 19 May 7 The NORTH AMERICA, (Aug 1 Sept 19 611 tons. < Dec 1 Jan 19 A B. Lowber.r April 1 May 13 The NEW YORK. (Aug 19 Oct 7 900 tons, ( Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B. Cropper.r April 19 June 7 The CAMBRIDGE, ? Sept 1 Oct 19 ?30 ton', * J in 1 Feb 19 W. C Barstow. f May 1 June 19 The COLUMBUS, (Sept 19 Nov 7 700 tone, a Jan 19 Mar 7 G.A.Cole. (May 19 July 7 Punctuality, as regard, the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now fixed a' One 14istailr..,! nnllnr* f.^rwhirli niiiiilf tYfirpx ill pVerv (b-srrinfloll 1 will he provided, v. ith the exception of wines and liquors, which will be furnished bv the stewards. GOODHUE Si CO ,61 South st., C. H. MARSHALL, 31 Burling-slip. N. Y. je?l lyh BAKING BROTHERS St CO., L'pool. sl^^ND AND WALES. "PERSONS desirous of making engagements for friends to A emigrate from the Old Country to the United States, and who may wish to secure for tlierri despatch and comfortable accommoilarioiis, will rind it their interest to apply to the subscribers, who aie at all times prepaied to make such arrangements as will guarantee satisfaction. Tie teasels cornposirg this line are all of the first class, one of which leaves Liverpml weekly, consequently all delay at the port of embarkation is avoided. As has always been customary with this line, when those settled for decline coming out, tne passage money is refunded, without any deduction. I'as ige |icr steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, can likewise be seen rd. For further particulars apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 273 Pearl St., Or to C. ORI.VI8HAW St CO. 10 Ooiee Piax/.as, Liverpool. Exchange or dralts at sight, and for any amount, can likewise be furnished ou the Natioual Batik of Ireland. Northern Banking Co., National paux ol jUcolntuu, Payauie at an nicir respective branches: also, on R. C. Glyn it Co., Bankers, London, id C Griinsnsw at s,.... unerpoo1 in3 lm*c TEAM NAVIoi^^MBETWKEN ANTWERP AND NEW YORK, VIA-SO VTHA MP TON. BELGIAN STEAMER BRITISH QUEEN, M. M. KKAKC, Commanpi.H. "Tlgv days of dcpaiurra of this well-known Steamship, hare hems fixed as follows : From Antwerp, From Srnthampton, Froin N, w York, On 4th Mav. 1012. On 7th May, 1312, On 7t'. June, 1R42 diw- 10(1. July, " 7lli Aug., " 7lh Sept. " inrh Sept. " 7lh Oct., " Trice of passage, meais not included, to Souii ampton or /Antwerp, $7U?Steward's fees, Si '..'A- The in - r > v. iii manner. ami at liveJ ami moderate pricca, pajsenc.:ra bring only "fcarged win n partakin.- ol t1??- aatne. The pnce of inuinge to either of ihr above porta ran alao br engaged if preferred, with mial* and steward's feea included fot $'.l7 62X cents, exclusive of wiura. Au experienced Surgeon accuinpaniea tbe ahip. For freight or passage, or in further uiftiruwrinn, apply to H. W. T. It H. MALI, Ageuu, a22(m*r 41 Braver atreet. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOllTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. ?*rc rcflnrril to '4.1 retila. From the foot of Court).indt ?tr?et, New York. (E?era-day?Sunday tit .pied.) D'ayra New York L,oarea Newark At I -.V M. At S. P. M. At 7X A. M. At IX P. M. * "A 4,. ")" 9 do. 3X do. " d?. MX do. S? do. ? do. 7 do. I do ia do ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Lib. rty street. Leave New k urk. Lease Newark. At 9 A. M. and IX *. M. At IJ N.joa and in P. M. ??????? Daily. New York. Leave Khziheth Town. 9 A.M. IX A. M. 2V P. M. II M. 4XP- M. 1 P- M. The train* of the Somerrillr Railroad Co. connect with theae line? each way daila-. Sunday* excepted. Paiaengera are rerjueafed to purchaae Cirkrta at the omre. foot of Liberty atreet. , _ Fare beiween N w Y-'rk and Klixabelh Town 2.3 rrnta. bare belsvei a Jersey City miJ domervilje. .W r eiita. JfBW YORK. HAHWAY AM) NKW BRUNSWICK. Fare reduced. From the foot of Liberty afreet, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M. At 7X A. M. 4X P M. . II A. M. Fare between New York and New Brunawick, cen . Ralrway, 30 crnta The fare in the A. M. train from New Bmnswiek, and tX P. M. train from Ni w York, baa te en rednerd between New York New Brunawick, to M eenta. ' and H ihway to J7X " The Philadelphia mail line pisaes through New Biunswtclf for New York every evening at 9 o clock. Hp Surdaya the 7X A. >1. trips from New Brunawick i* omitted. .... , t _ Paaaenger* who pvoenre their ticket* at the ticket ofrce, receive a ferry ticket gratia. Ticketa are received ky the con. doctor only on the day when pumhaeed. m2san,? f IVFRPOOL COAL AFLOAT?230 tons PemberUu.' J-< Coal, ea re fully lowered in the ''HKRD^Sa!^, jyfl? ' 01 Boutli at. E NE RAILROADS^ STEAM BOATS POMEItOV C O -S" ALl^NY, BUKKALO AND CHICAGO I.XI'RKHII ThfiijbicrilK'riire dow niuuin Riiilrwus lo \ ? plmc 1 K(>RWA ic:)i \ "V *1** ''I. ' 'i! ii. i .. . : . , i , 11 Nutwi, lnij' 'I , P W '' t'? to llu- tuti. ii, f r ui?l? r Exchtiigr Note*, Draft \ > ? AOnable prr ceutagt?eucuii onien foi i ,,r? 1 ' * ' Merchandise, Procure ui<l M mull. tur? ?1 Artirli - ??f * ?t> J Nriiition.MnoDally, in the !*%tm n their r.?m. , mugf) MItAKNDGN * < om GXPRKHH to NewYork mil lt?>tori.n..l Mr?n. iiawLkv u co:n xxprgss to aiid from Buffalo to Clev*UuJ, D* t:oil ?, * i* . tennrdiate placei?forming n hi perfect communication to iuH from the m i i ut<1 *??i cilicH, tor tin tit*j<>ti ition n l tiarn wh?i? ??!' i1I i ? 4. profession\l busiMM, remittances, riirhnii:* ?,.^4 Refereuctfi?-?ruta? C^ruiuz, Thomas W. W% Sherman, A. D. i'atclaxi, Nwali L??, James Taylor, 'i hr -o UICOU, AIOAI1V. Ageucies?Bennett, Backu? Si Hawley,Utica: T A. * Syracuse ; A. O. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fupi, Geneva ; J Shepherd, Catuuidaigua ; David H?yt, Rochester ; Jot.n V Kriutcr, Lockporl; J. A. Claik, 1.1; Theini U Buffalo. POMKROY * ' <? , No. 5 Kirliuict Building? Albany all 3 Wall ulreet, N?w Yovfc. FARE AND FREIGHT RhUUChU mail 1.1st. ftir riv>viu BOSTON, via STONINGTON AND NEWPORT, pond of the following auperior itrtnirn, ruimin.' in u ... tion with the Slouiitutou and Piovideuce, and II ? n and P vidence Railroads? M ASSACHUSETTS, Captain CouiHock. RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer. NAURAGANSETT. Captain Woclaey. MOHEGAN, Captain Vanderbih. One of which will leave New York daily, (Suudayv < Ceptcd) from l'icr No. 1, North River, Battery I'lace, at fi 'clock, P. M. AHRANar-McnT. Th? NAURAOAN8ET, on Monday, for Stnniintton, a Thuiiday, for Stoniiuctou, Newport and Providence. The MASSACHUSETTS, on Tuevday. I .r StouintttNewport and Providence, anil H'nday lor StoiuiiKtoti. The RHODE ISLAND, on Wednesday, lor stonniKttm, a Saturday, for Sloiiiugiott, Newport, and Providence. Passengers on the arrival of the ?te inters at Atoninxw may take the Railroad Cara and proceed immediately to Pro dence nnd Boston. Kreight taken at the following much reduced rate? t U DUSIUII, UU VY eigUlUg toil) JH>UIB14 (ir H11? ?I<|? the cubic loot, at M |kt tou, and on measurement good? cents per foot. To Providence, on measurement goods5cr?ifs per ml foot, and specific articles as jier tarif to be obtained at office Broadwftv. in ;i Gmi 1 MP( )BTA NT TO WESTERN MERCHANT RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINK For tiie Transportation of Goods between Philadelphia a Pituhnrg. Tliis improvement in trimiKj rut ton .fluid* to W'.Hitu Si ch.ut* peculiar adviiita^s. Tin* l?04kL being carrftilly l?ao!i III tlie; at our *virchou*e, No. 36) .Market street, art* e r e<l over tie- Columbia ami I'uruice Railways witliout tr< shipment. Careful captains nnd crews are employed, who la cnarcc of the coods at Philadelphia, and continue with tin the entire route, thus avoiding delays aud the liability of It bein," separated on tlie way. N. B.?Passengers forwarded ta Pittahnrf and Fottsville, ei ry day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, a 12 Dm ? 7 Waahiuaton stri ct KHKlGiiT AND PASSACK TO PIT'li BURG. 1 BiNt; The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line tc Pti burg, give notice to t!ie Merchants of New York, nnd ai? ot! persons shipping to the West, tint disii line Is now In icti opcrnlior Goods consigned to them (or sent to go iu tii line,) will be forwarded >vnh despatch. Owner* or shippers of goods, destined for the West? States, who have 110 agent or consignee at Pittsburg, w please consign their roods to Williun Bingham, Pittshu who will attend to snipping all such consignments withe delay. All goods should l>e marked distinctly on eacn packa BINGHAM'S LINE. F or ales of freight, which are as low as any* other line, ape o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opposite Pier No. 2, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville.eve day, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nico Fiout street ^ Thelps, T)odg? fit Co.} Fulton street ; Suyditi X. ( <> ; Win. Bankm. !?nr \ . X < ... V \v nnj 'i. OPPOSITION LIsi: Voii" ALBANY! FARE REDUCED '. Pnshagc 5.1 rents?Bi rths 50 cents, FREIGHT TAKEN AT REDUCED PltiCES. -ads?""*]!1 .;>*! The commodious Steamboat WASHIN J?TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having ins y. \nwir nrrangemwnts to change her (lays of leavi New York, will hereafter leave the foot of Kobiuson stre New York, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternot at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and I turday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her uassige each w at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgh, Poughkecps Kingston Point, Cattskill and Hudson. ?W'y lo the Captain on board, or to RANDOLPH MARtIn. No. 182 We.t ,ireet. mDc fiOk OCEAN HOUSE, Ljng Brauch, Uurnsc * "V"v sf* Brown's Dock, Middhtowti, Eitnntowii Do Red Bynk, Shrewsbury.?The strarnbi IOLA9, U tptaiu Allaire, vv ill leave New York from Knit Maraet Slip, East River, every morning at 8 o'clock for R Bank, (except Thursuay, on which day the boat got** to EaU town Dock.) K? turning. will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The loins will run a* above, navigation and weather perm ting, until further notice. All freight and bagg igc at the rLk of the owner* thercof. June 21, 1842. je293?nc /a5l CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fishu Qi - every day, eicent Tuesdays and F ^1* STr lirr days? Fare 2J cents each way?The steam NAPOLEON, Capt. II uicox, will run regularly to the aho place every fair day, and leave as follows?Knot of H unmo: street .at 0 o'clock, Canal street quarter past 9, Market ?trt ll.'llf ll.'l.t Q CnllltiilK. lYrrt It riu IL' 11 -11 X\<Z ..U, Vn I V.x.rl. ~ ver at 10 o'clock. On Tietdtyi and Friday* tbe Najioteoti will make afterno excursions to Coney Mind, I online at Fort Hamilton a Bath?(the steamboat General Jackson will continue to run the tame place every other Hay in the week)?and ieave at f low \?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock. Canal street ai quarter past 2, I'ike street t\, iiier No 1 at 3 o'clock?Fare cents each way. The boat will remain at Coney Island o hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. _ j 11 lin"( .~as\ OPPOSITION LINK FOR ALBA> ft. rt-k-l-gU AM) NEW YORK?Landing at the foot ty* .*J it............ i street, Nrwbitrgh, Poughkec |? Kunts'.on P--iut, Catvkill and Hudson? Pastt.-e .V) rents, herl 5C cents?The splendid steamer WASHINGTON, Captain M. Brown, w ill leave the pier at the foot of Robiaaon street i Albany every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at i o'cloc P. M. Leave Albany, foot of Lydua street, for New York, evt Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For pass vge or freight apply on board, or to D. R. Martin, Will Meet. Freight taken on the most reasonable terms. To Let?A steaiqboal berth at Warren street pier, NR. A ply <! board Washington, Robinson st. )t-9 lin*r< TAILORING. REMOVA L. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLIS] ME NT, It removed from UJ Broadway to No. 7 Astor Honse, ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DRESS. GarmenU of a rnont Eletptntand K&*ht*uallv kiud H leaving 80 per cent lor cn?h. THE advertiser deem* it annfceiMry to roott tJ the h*< neyed system of giving * lul of noniin ii pn.vs, |?rce imi th*t the lepgth of time lie ha* been established. together uri the ?*Umsive patronage be towed on mm, wm prov* * *u cient voucher for bis capabilities. Porscviin^ the advaiirtge being connected with an extensive cloth establishment iu Eurfl he confide nfly assets that he can furnish chillies which, on co pariioti, will V found lower tlun iny other house making i the best description* of cntlem- n's ss. myl :im S. PHILLIPS. 7 Astor House, Broadway MARTIN'S Cash Talloi'luz Estnlillshinrnt. It Remnrrit to 154 William itmt, corner of .Inn ttrref THK aubacribcr, in annonuciug the above to hi? frirmU a thr public in (fencrvl, take, Ic.ive to rpium thinks for t libtnl pitroiMtt bpiUmrd on him ?t hi. former place of bu nr.., and M.ure. them that averv article ordered nl him ?lia aa heretofore, be cot, mole, ami triinmcii ill the ne ttrat a mint st, li At mantle. Thr material,. the newest and best the market, ami .at ? pnaititre .?a?iu* <* SO per cent. Strain,-! are reiinrateil to cal mJ examine. Gentlemen who | /rl'er purchasing their own cloth, &c.,c haic them made and trimmed in tlie at,le that hai Kit. n mi Keiieial aatial iction during the last four y-ara. Bvery >Mnnt Warranted 10 fit, ind made by the beat workmen at the folio imf pricea, ?it.:? Ores. Coats $1 00 to $8 50 Rrock Gout# 8 ihi to 8 10 Panta ant! Vesta I 71 to 2 00 Over I 'mat* 00 to 11 00 (T7~ NogarinenU ready made?all made to ord. r, and a a ClVlUKI- M.MITIN " RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. THK Subscriber, with a riew "f mcftinif thr exigencies 1 the times, lm made arrangement h whereby he will hem forth l?e enabled to furnish garment* of the very best quality, an immi'iuf saving from former charges. Il.ivin; made purchase* exclusively for cosh, he is determined to comp with the chea|HV*r,(on the ready money ?r 'nciple only.) while pledges himself to continue the same ni>serT.inee of elegit and nimetualit) nint h for tin- lmt lift*m year* has chanct* ted nis estaldishment. fKuilemen are ret erred to the annej hat o| imees, with the iusnmnre that the art tab * enwmeral snail he equal in quality and style to the most costly. coats of siip?>r wool ayed cloth*, from ?18 to 21. I ants, w do CJUsinere, .1 to 10. ve .ts, orcTenr.fashionable variety, S 50 to 5 50. f rentlemen wishing to furnish their own material* can ha their k < meats made and trimmed in the same style of elegit in pro portion to the above. pi. B.?Mr. Bibcock,, Ion* known as one of the most f&shii able cuiUr., continue in the establishment. Cil 'VS. COX, 81411 of the Golden Fleece, je2fl ltd m l l ^ . 01 Nassau street. n< ir Maid n I i,.i-WV W Vu- y-iK, s "air shawls 1 B. r. NBWHALL, 192 Washington .treat, B wton has I .ale fifty India Hhawh; color, green, ml, ind ?1'0? , .|niri?|iricc. from twrnty-liTi to fi.e bumlrr-it dollar.. Alan. several Embroidered (J.nton Cnt. Hhewl.. ial TkTh 2MW 2 BILLS of exchange on .11 parts of England, Ireland and He T.ihI, hi will 01 ?3, ? 10, *11 and t20, to ?ny ainoant, | ..lent S J. SYLVKSTKR'H, jail, 23 Wall *t, ami m Broadway W YO NEW YORK. MONDAY M WATERING PLACES, A< \ 4 Sll \ IM >N SPRINGS: 'I'Hr. MVItlWN -Tin a>? mm 4m. H .I W I I ?** ?? lk? iw?fi -M ?MI'? Hi MM Mm Am af I |a laaa ^'V* '*** '*P?<*MM Mwt??c?1>. h. TW rl'H I* ? -? ? at tS? ?r *?* " ??tf f. H- Ifc-HM <4 rtM * . ? >d!|Hh> ?, .' *? V..? MM. M't feraa tajka .?r?H Mi K>. 'Ml ? . * ?. ?!? a* fMJM IhjMi ?**?,,?. , i.i ? ?) ... ... KiMiflM, i,.| 1. -fcU 1 #*? ( att<4a mJ i.Mni irtftnr, ui, ?|h . Vm iwi l>* H- ilK.Ml?l.i ?l i?.l,.ii (.<-, Hi | ... I ... M *MIm I iwil. * 4 Ml ?M?I lv?!?MM I ,...1.. . . J Ml HUl.i W W MM |*. 4<i?h*MV. ia. Mi nil I M'.'. A4'Mm<IWM 'iwnAtM MM ?. ?, IMMMI mlici, )? . .. *MIM ' ? . .../ ? i |WM.'>|M ' < lW? Mir. ' l?" "A. a W U-M trrU? W tM W?t ml . 'iMr.MiKMl lif. ?* ' .u- 'I Un? M. Mi. MMIM ?...!? .t4> * kMM, Tar. imI AlMuiij K . a.. I > < ... / * hum Ai twill ay ..J ll? ?.* - ? ? y. ... .. iW? arm I ' nM at Ih.- idi.m < ' - "* t> Mil ' .? ? > ? Wt li Ar laMM -ri Aim) Hi!.a. MiMM Mi IU IihIiiJ. hi, >:al! Ii.? V. til., V.ll . m? i f?- lilt W ialy i'mim. .?> ? i'mi I .iiAm aufci a?at A m Oil ol AlkuV. h, W?"?. l I ii. 4 ' ">? . >f r f U. ff k . ani wl w fwli mum, hJ hut MMMN|>i.aaiH. a lr* A. i tl.i ?* ia of fmfmn Mgfaaaliili-. 1 .a. An kut..luw. mf th? -at a -umiii l~ m.h-4 fca , Ah mm a. Ii W B ?.) Il\f I ilia. arHisoa inirri.-ri.. h -.i . . .. ..a -> * til* !?>>?? ikiac "I Wl.*.a? *( k I,. Rum ?<<4 w , ? kx?, ? I roOTUauug all ifc* *u> >?i ?*" .4 t?.i? 4rl? i?l MW HMWut. JOHN V KT ON. lA _____ I CAT**llJ. vi I N | vi \ f| , , * AT Till. HNt. <>H. <i vi., ij. ! ^5 fMf IS riMHM tl< HlJ fHlll.WlM. "irlwiktMkrMid' I lu. I . ?. < .! < , . ... , . r%;- . ? tf. 4mrr .'f tli. ?'?* iH?. |i Km ? ,1. u4 ^ llior.-H I, ic| ,.r, aiMt n a r ikr , Nil tf it a ill B* *|'*r'4 i !?? IK. 4*c i.h.Kai*.- I t*r wT.icti M W?t ! r*t..i.,i. ? . Will ? U,*.i.h*4 ? ?? AIh ? v I llm llir \. a % rh ani l f m if .1 . , *1-1 It1 uti.rtt tlint CAM t-f. n *i lit* riiHifii-* 'i' 1 .*4 .Iiraal II' ? I >(. IMlmii* will Itr I -'.mplir W|i?*nt | W . . !? : .?< .1.. ft r*tahli*hmral . i?lly u> ,1 put aa a* b'l-ti I'. Ill 1 lit "! . ill n ml ?>. M-.r*. A f U Ilk < ?? -it Mm <4 *.?**? iM |?? ?j ? lii.ii.tof.wi. innUr! W 1 a.. 1, lit* UuJuaf *u4t? M .alaii, I||I|I*C. OB Utr Ullltl ul til* iHMt*. in, I L lt.V< H, Ft g?iti*i. Juur 13' 1, Kit. j? 14 Vol i.d IJ A I II Hill M l.i'M. lAt.V I' kn v* 1. 1 udim <Ultl M ? ti*lt>liitf r At '11, cnt!) IBmOM iKHNutrtfifiiU. st?o?8 *Hkk is t*W vi erection of '-ml t )r mat miMrt iKtsa^ Mfimi rtn Mfllta ? l!i<* ocean, is (?<'* 1 ?? e>|?li m Onon-noy 4u?mi ' etftoa Tit* Imw ? rim ilww??ib* to ih rf. t seeurit. Mi .??>. ?? uf i . lUnt. |4l 1 7 httfluiitf lu)U*f? b- iiiff within a st.n ? V ?li *s ? f th? ??? ?i ?*>? the kllAtlVi cuul sImI drluiMni) luTHit (Ml? i . < .{ t'- li iW lie ?'li* |)lrasiul litbi in Ine serr?M?ndint ron ? li l? liim: wr. If !* r 1 . , h. ?i.?i r_ iiiiutfint in? li iuwtm.ltil ?. * ftitr \l * ( ?? ? li4 tw q lower bay, almost s i -ntlv t *. o. .? * irriv iiik ??r ..?? .. ?ul l> nit I, mult . i . . UUPijtitlleii by an> v' "iitv. lu I nd tr?' amiite, I be ro?vma airy <*ud the ?mi4-, ? Aruu'>t il . of suiumrr. an\tliiM but omits v - ? M. ? ? ?enicnc? ol comtn'inieation and diaianrr. Otririg buf ninr rj r,. ITl 11, M.klv II ) lilt If. # % pL t?? bus i ' . 'ai'lcl am rsrsMMM M9 1 I N \ ... j< i. tm*t vvn.t i v ?r. OEDFORD MIN'RAL 8PRINU& i w?ilk raw* ill- in : | 1 ? ' ? 1 l?i H kt. open for the reception of i mion. ,in T? ttrim* who I vc u vi t 3*U ? ?ry to say that they in ?itu pikr, which pis*. ? thr 1 .? re. Pittsburgh, a I w milts . i : i Ml. ghany Mountain*. Every thing ha* been provided it this w terms 11 m ? t. r. udcr , a sqfouru pleasant to those who if *? ckm.' or t n \ meut XiiOneimuti will Im- 1 'i'il *uit- ! ! .11 * . !* of music will be in attendance. The ii!"" '1 p Iron ire ciundpil to i we I*?i j m-ii-., will iifclm I June 10th, IttU. WILLI \\l UKVNoLO*. B j*29 rod Imr Proprietor. " BATH BUILDINGS, ?et IfORMKKLY RKNMHAW'S. ?t I 11-r" I, - 11,. r, I lenaii. ind d< lighiful K?a 15 elf opened bi the subsc;ribtr on tin 27th , iimUii H espectftill 'ii oi it fount *rn considerable additions and alter.tliou*. eiui< uin; tic- o m! ?iti, ill have been made since last year, and mil be in complete r? sdi r tit, nasi for their accommodation. I >ut Wishing to be as reasonable at the times will ?ff rd, the hoard , will be seven dollars per week as last >? ir, instead t t> n d?d- ^ *e lysas formerly. Children oft certain ace and servants half price. II th' s lulI i? (l. ii >h. 11. iio|?? hi may at] wi , dy tiou, that hi? t idIo and acconunod itiotis v% |t| t?e nju il to any ?.i? * Long Branch. Young people :i<)( refiunik fe?.? Iiui u. U find ccommodatiag terms, ry j? 22 hn?r JAMES ORKKN ?. BOARDING. AT DEAL, MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. ? T KWIS F. HANKINHON respectfully luforms hi* friend* L< and 11?? uublic thai he has tilted up in the beat at vie tin house Cormeriy occupied by Jacob Coili ?, at th ibn 1 the most h ithful situation ou the co ut. about ? milr% from W- 1 (link, and fourtet n from Higatown. S? ?g. % p??t i!?? ? l< n and fro to meet tlie Philadelphia car*. 1 > 1 " j In- found ver\ moderate. Also, Milling .v I i I very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of his will be w uit.i. t l? to render lho?e who patronis* him comfortable, am! that Ins !n* house will be found equal to \:\\ ' the ? Ita t { ? OA VIM ON, SARA ii m . i SPRINGS?Th? I'o 11.7.7T, 7 7... Ie trguous to the Pavilion fountain, arid equidistant from Congress and Iodine Spring*, his In* en t boron lily renovated D, audi is now open for the reception f visitors. Fo ?eni . * of location, beauty ??l the grounds adjoining, comiiiodiinisur *. ? of the rooms, and efforts on the part f h , otu >n.i his guests comfortable, this house, it is believed, L not onpt - 1 c* ed. TIk charge* for board and lOotnj bare been nmdifitd t<> >at meet, in some degree, the depression of the times. A share ot ol* patronage is respectfully iuvited. ?? JOHN CKOS8, Prop.irior. ,D* Siratoga Tipruig.*, June >0, KUL j?27 2wi \ LaOKAS'OE WOTET, Bull . Yt ri.. w I i.'ifl nwst delightfully romantic summer retreat u in full ^'jiflLreatliiic^s, well stock* d with fruit ami tlower , and ah ?v? all a tine kitrlien garden. The bar is wi11 supplieil with rhoi< ? t ? wines and liquors, ale and porter. Also, seyprs of the first quil- i [>g ity. John Pouson, the proprietor.sincerely returns Ins g \ ri- thanks to his friends, and the public in general, i u tin u liberal ? r patronage for the liut nins years. The h?Muuliil ?fe tmboar Bos ve ton, C&ptaiu T. Y. Babcock, leaves foot of C-mal strertfoui nd rimes a day. The puMic can rest insured tint tlu-y wilt ii"t be ?-t disap;>ointed is heretoforet the owners of the boat are dt tertnin- r ri- ed to regularly as advertised; for fu.ther itarticulars see tlo ri Sun. Gentlemen can Ik; accouimodited w ith the b?.-st of board x oti and lodging at five doll irs per week, and have their dinner ai nd what hour tirey please, except Sunday, always at i unlock, P. to \f. Military companies ou targei excursions will find it to their 1 ' 1- idrsntagt md plea ire to visit the ibovt nlaca tnd try thi t a get ground ;md Ponson's good dinners, ilia prices are nrn?rdmc to the times. J. Ponton is al ways at home, and w ill be b.t|e lie py to see his friends and visitoia. jel2tm#r >eL TllKMONT ll<)I si;. < t twe< rv Tl,inl ai,t' Fourth, Hiiladelphii.?The snbsrriber h*v- ^ 1 . t iken the above h* m , lately in the occu.?ancy of y .?' Capt.tin Mirtin. respectfully iuforn?? his fri' iul*, ai.d the traV* veiling public, that n?- is now prepared to furni-h comforts an I . a?.< Uiiut4iau Uj ?u> t -Ill in in in. > .*' country. I [(Jr The apartments of the Trrtnont .v large ami ?i." fnrn?sli?J ^ with ii?w bt'ddiiii;, aud attended by the most* ireful servant*. . The proprietor flatters himj If that he will n I 11. nr reputation to cheerfully accorded him. whilst in possesion of ^ ic9 the M Indian Queen." The L-iriic i shill bea kept cou?uutl)a tl lo~ supplied with all the choice productions of tin mark, t, ftgetner v i'.h vegetables grown upou his own farm, in the vicinity v of tin* city. Jp* The Wines, (many of which have been above thirty-two year* ill bottl* ?,) ir.- of the proprietor'* own selection, or were T W* imported by him from tlie oldest ami most < clehr-tled hou e* in various i*irts of Europe. The coo^s |n fh? Trernont I! u?e an e among the ino*t skilful ami celebrated in their line \ and the }, ? other servant* careful, attentive and obedient. Tin- win I ? < p t <bli*huieiir, being nndrrthe immediate superintendence of the proprietor hint*. If, which, with hi* lon-z and well known t ape- * rj rience in hotel keeping, will ensure to his guests ill that their ? every want will require. .... s The location of the house being in the immediate vicinity of j| the Eichange and Tost Office, and the Virions steamboat laud- ?, ings and rail road dci<ots, the theatres, and other placet of ^ amusements, offi ri to the nun of business or of |ei;uref(sin^u* larly gr. at facilities for the prosecution of their designs in viai- u timj the city. ... ' of For the better accommodation of Ladies, a private entrance \ is attached to the house o filing on Cheannt strict. a k- Regular boarders will be taken cm the m<??? acorn mod sting m terms. BERNARD DUKE. ifh I he following papers will publish the abrtre, and <fnd bill*, in with p^iier marxed Treiffount Home s-'Bi'rkt and Schuylkill ol Journal, Key-tone. If *rri*l>nr.c, Linctster Iutelli^encer.Pift* I pr burg Osiette, Wheeling Time*, Btliimore American, Wash- , in- ingtoii Giobe, do. Maditonian, do. Intelligencer. Snviii:??di g up O.orian, Charleston Mercury. August* CTimiiicle, Doyle*.town Democrat. York Press, < ohimbi i Spy Trenton Emporium, New York Hribl, New York Trurii lYIIcr, If diJeyt* ? bur ' Stand^m, Gt i manrown Telegraph, Delaware Oi/ettr, r Wilmington. j?22 law iw r n Lj DRY'GOODS, t TO"THE" LADIES. n.l OASHIONABLK MILLINERY QOODS.-Th- pr.wn.- h ill * tte-.s, Misa S KING, duuchter of the ct Uhraled Car! . rs ?lf< rs f.?r aale a moat soleet and choice ass ?rtm? ivC of Millinery * Good*, for the spring trade, never a* yet pre** nted t? tht pub- d an lie, both as regard* trie quality and cheapness of ll?e artn les si i h TVy assortment r msi-*t* of the following :? v nt The celebrated SILK HAT, f YL.LI D CAPOTTE D'OR J, w- LEANS, n* worn by Li Duclu D'Ori Y France, ?HKl> BILK, ENTIRELY NEW AM) ORIGINAL n STYLE And Lawn IIni do d,i?An entire ikw .tyleo * Hat* called ?' MODLNE CAPOTTES. CL&SLLR < OOTTAOE.'1 " ul P.irnianiivl Engli.h KANC Y STRAWS, of the Hunt Intare, in great variety. ii Th? I r iprirIre., rr.pertfullr .oliciU the Ivli.a t" favor h.t with *e ill, and examine her tktatil and varied atork of Mil- r liner)' fur ihi mwltr>, before thry piirrhane el.rwh-f, i* it . will De a greatfltving to them in price and a great advantage a. J resnrdi the variety and gnalitj . f the ;t<><>d?. ,)f MISS 8. KINO, M??[a7.iii.- de Mode., I c,.. je?2 lm*r Bn.adWay^ " at ' NOTJETTF.U place I ml Bih.i 8 Reap, il |,ia ?&?9^9 :,iid we nre not ?iire lliat ii. New York llie . < any d to plan- tolpi"d a. at the Clinton Bunt and Shoe Mirlnl.201 Canal , lie at.eef, in. rill <a?l corner o I lluJ.on ttrc t. Tinne who have , ire tried appear to he Mnemlly MtintVd that Ihia ia a fact tin- . ri- qne.tioiia le. All ttioae who in-y not have tried our boot*. ;eil tnoes, or gailevi.will find it to thei/advantnire to malt* the trial < led aoon. . n A- KNOV k CO, c N. B. Country merclianU a 'e by the package or do*eu n jelR1m*r ii ;v* SHIRTS, SHIRTS. J ' TTNlTED STATES SIIIKT MANUFACTORY, 77 Wil- * >n- ^ tiam street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice is hereby f] aire i? to Merchants and triuh rs in general, that the proprietors <>? . the .. h..v? riuldishmeiit have adopted a new method of mami* r! factoring which enables them to ?eil tKrtr shirts .tc ? che*pt r r^'c than any other house in this city. This statement will bo f |'0. nffirmed by the list of prices as follows:? r nd _ P?t Dos, f Fine Muslin flhirt*, with Linen And Collars, $7,.VI i Do stitcbsd in the Bosom snd f olUr 9,00 ' Do <^olora.*d one (utrrns, l irge sues 7,00 11 ? Alto, a'urge ouanlity of Bosoms and Collars cenatif tly on a lisnd, which will be offered cheap for cash. jyl Im*r n . ACHlSE SLANKh^f? .?5 bab s for sale by I J 1*1 mio e c FJCK88E k BHOOKB, ! Liberty t. " 11K H 0RN1NG, JULY 11, 1842. Irewl Tyler Celebration of llir Kourtti of tr M? k >?Ti Baiiwi | PlilliJilylHii i> A" t* ;?. >.-w m li ning ? national aalnte of thirteen *!' ii.?, w j? nr.-1. thakuix the wrlltiii and tending up J" ' >min tlir Lin. At two I'. M., precitcly, . k? to ah Ikrir win j: ibi-tiblri, i|>iea<l under D iwnir mug emuii^ the trrei of tliii romantic re- w ' >- . iji i., (ive hundred peikuns, but tl??> umber |.irMiu waamurh greater, though no one wasu l- ?" MNod to ihegtrWu ? ithoui a ticket. J vt ...II. . | ii.pie,..led avtiate.l by a gieat [i1 . Vnu. I'he chair occupieil by Cien. _ i too wattti. - mi. "t.e tormarly uted by William Penn, vt then ... rfe.fii.oi an.I |.r?| leurjr ul tb.-Colony ol Penni I. a. li? p e. 1 1 ii. In- hi ?t legulmii it OOuncil. The } blr in tr : ' |.ie.i :. ;t aa.covend v. iili the flag of 11' >m !> en i i I.,, i. |,t a:ij IfA vivnl thr eoun " " s , ... I. 4lit Dragoons, during the . ' - " I" i .'? ? !. reir.ifth. liair, were enoir- a' . ? 'i ' ' . ' mat en. to tli b it of whirh waved r" k> it** > '.. ID . n. : . In . i.*U .| le of the ini* J!' ' H t!.e ti v.ionalflagr, and in 'lo oi ii regiment of I'nitod State* J lllan >. I N " ?' > Ue.-l'tratiou of Indtv "c i. . l. . . . i ii e :,({ voice. which wa* 1 1 i I li regular touttt were then read. *jl *i( '.ui . Pi. .. nt Tyler waa followed " i * i * e- , t--. -il.-i.t .if the day. in " i'.i (ii. ...... 1 i 11 . ,.i ' the court.'of the Preai. eJ <ot en ? eh -eiir . uj, in the aelt of the d'r? it i.'i eitl I kI.Mture. If each of I .1 .M I'y. >n 1 1. ne I ' be Pr. -ideiit a. I huroktinwn nan, tut only at llu t h.ef Mag, title of the L nion, bnt tit I 0 - i 1 man. von would feel tt" . I ... be tie e .elav ejioa ard htm by ttt | i < a i . ii i eiti legnlatui e. What *' Ii in . ml tW.erntion ? Vetoed jn' t e.i . ,, f ? '.? ,.ii ii It ,.,'s That 11 , ? i f.'rtb t I.. ha-I Ken culled a ?' ?. i il ?ry .it <_uitb<*ta e*? . ? ' -ii Mr. Trion then "" i. I . ' 1.1 111. ? Mix . We I . ,1 I, II' m II i,.teller lo .1 "" i it. i .. l.itri tUe Vi. ii I'n i Irncy *? nl' I! i if.- ..if >n. M that mm !" i hi* II .'ft i * I > III ' I I. t . ; a H t>I 11> i * ?II1?- I 1l ? - ....?* ,i i ht . 4 ta?? w?f 4 I ?y mut Hc ill !". ?!'e. >'i?liM>MihR tho Mktl- 'i MIM?( krritM Ml Ti Iff. tmA tnUrly with view to he itratUM oi ?u. h in* art aa ?aaM mmnommm.? I rwrtaoi dtArrenr# Wtwwv thr ?ir?i of th? '! fb-rwlati n I ma of the ?hif putt ; Mil . hw T) l< ' ha ! . ..i s< Ir.-ti.l au*. h?r wat known t?? a Ill a I! lilt. I It a. i i ' In-CatlU' thsknow > J.1 Mgoofthat <h?*t tra* rortain to 'nearr hit (Wl'oa hy thr |. wopl'. anil mpaiI *f in.gih e?Ml i. i i ral liitriaun.? 1 t*. *.. a- ii. i . . . ; .il I . hriia.1 tieen rail- ' ' J <i*i t rg 'li<* .ii i..i'H of 0 ifii inr Magistrate, i aa I# !? oatr.i. t??.| tor -it uhwn.t. img tit. very (.rlnri|.-t w U?h lia.1 tauuj It i...uii:i < i >,i ?i' ar-. tarml hit I'H*t . !? ' h it trta if hr * i.l V". I the I'lll th vetoing f wMrk M (?tn n?la <i? lit nor, no on.* hrlln r* * l www I.I hata went ut'v oworatio**. Uut Kr.t lay wiliwl ho ataiiliahMwnl of a National Bank, an t ti.inl.rr Join 01 [*y Irr Wat hn>. .i.| *o oh i i ho ma ..lofr ' ' Thaw aro the ?aiimvt:i?, if w?t th* lauKuaor <4 ih? ultra whig party ? ' i|?r<> .I." .. t . ... i !n i f Magistrate ha? torn " iMjiarall' lInt It rrm i* to la* i ii ahether th* a ithor* " Attach aonuwi. i.'iatiallHr inum an: t. amtuh-iwithraul '' bti?>plt. Kf|'?*u. tnakaUal) to 4m thoir duty to jnrr. :it i i. H a r" Mr.Tv mmi waa h*a I ihruugh * Ith quiet jitretloa. nr. "* ..noiiail) uiteirujUad with vp.ive . "it the iaiiu>i??in l ? tl. U?. ? i? in tienJouv. The l.u(<' niaas V* it people a *. ed le Ml fro Hrflkr kratai MfWef the an JJ >' 11 ? tit ant it* tribute la III* general appUiite. After tin <! i g ha I i i' -i'i i, thi following letter ' ? a* tr*! Inn tin "ti !i't..ftS? t Hil %<tii in reply ' an* BaJ reveal htm by th? c> mnittar an i*nt?Mni: WiiHlviln Jul. J, 1*11. I_ r? N'|"1 III . . hi Caiii.i :t, I .'.-h bi.J Tai Wr, luwiuiit'ti . (? iili tnn I an ii.l mu g.cdly accept your iavita- tl lull to 1.1- po <1 I'f M Ittk you oil th. approaching relet.i?. Vl i.'U j( tlic Anniv er?nry of A mi n an fit i* 'ma, 1 do J( o < uniiti n ly Mi'li | it til iiymm. It. Tin ?* ton f Ml he aware rew.lrr it tmpo- ihle , ant | ran therefore j, lo n i mote than return Jo i my thauk* lor your polite at- < tmtio. lu the J< af ; itilic attain I k only to ,, arry out theeo.l an i d? u(a ol that <n ?t rrrdatwa you >tupos? to celebrate. t in I. .p uum nl llir people. found- ,, si on iaea<uiu* calrakW to alienee th? t- prosperity, ? lioulit tie till high object of all thaac *lltru<ti >1 by the (|l mo pie with the admin tralton ot their affair* VTUh th.v tl 'lew I lisl to fougrcM mare than *? >cn monihv igo.apUnof finance a I ot currency, which while it |( I'Mll.l . n-.itrilitltc 1# reliete till- Til |-'| . would, in tny ; ipiakoa, ftiratah a Circulation ?|tiaJ la i aloe to gold and r liver. At the tame tiair. I urged the adoption ,.j a leiill ,u >1 Jutuw i Inch, while it would MKtaia tke l atilla cr.-dit, rt ion 1J Jl ir 1 to till I Ii tall tuuug intuit iti a apta ail. I , l?o mvlte l the attni H.n a< C . i<h"? a?o?t u ?i"ii|y loth* o, s-nJilton of the puhb 'el. area, a..J iv?>h>.1 their art in t( iffe.iry In (l> ing to til* two g-eet .irim of the Ml tonal >Ur n MM??he araip ail'1 the nnv . mpb e efficiency ; cat , [ h n .rjvcal. 1 to tVrm urg n- <oln vnvaa, thai milium (1 if a ileci !e.| diai*. ler. ationl I l<e a iop . il to lestori tin , ulilic cioilit mil to the atandatd of Ilia puM*. j, ?ilh. II nothing ha* been l. or io accom li?h any o or ot brae object<, the lault la not w ith the utne. M 'or having I llaal of la e to waita la gmugawava ,, ruitfitl aoiu. e ol revenue |r?m a Trta-my which fia* r tecoatc nearly eahantieil. 1 hu?. hr.-n . ha'god w ith a le w ire to illctate tot .ingreia, w hen my ?o|?et>|rct i? to carry |, tut a law ol tin* verv I unjrm or the auhiia-t oftlie put.. # ir Ian i?. Thi ..ik.i is male to traou.ul w ith chaigc* ,j >1 I.see.r.u* I., is. I ,u?. inK aeen (ausi .j ippiove the repeal oi aaapnision of a i a t pa' ?e l a* late a* y V: l i ? t i eply I*. It. iiit it waa right 0 pear that ect then. It ni 'si lie w roog to rrfieal II now, ,. 1 tenth Tl ? te jui * Ihf nv? of*t ry ihilltr which J t can ti-.'hti 'lyil . I've utlve dntatmu! I repel the r, mpatatlon. I 'watihi ?l? ly hartaaniaa with t'ongu-aa In lie ea? tmenl of all vm'fetry awnina, If the maierm t too M permit me. Mut gladly would i;.prvt? any tall p, laving levcnua lor Its ohjeci and the pi ?h irni ot man' lM actiiniig iudu*try aa ilv inc..teat, which alionhl ha pre- ( ente.l to nn , uactiimes lt*l w ith inattei > hac tug uo Beceamy affiliation and whkh ara onh . to enihat- as aat the eve tlttce artion. K.?'h hran h of thi t? - ,) nent I* itn'epeu If it ol ? et v o*|,#r, andheasen o tu t thr ,p he day alisull ?' r come wham etthrr Can dictate t > th. |(| ilher. The never dt .g-ied that the rami- yy iveihouM hi'a mere cy |ili?r. On thi con'ra't.H u t engrem the nghtle paaaay low without h>v approval n -there'y inipartunr to it, lor wi? p?r|.o.. a, an actin ,( iirenrc In :ill li irnl i:n>ii. I Racua* 'Ik uhwriirtioiK wluli the 'W*r ? I III and On J ircumrtaiicr* ol tin um>- m-meil* m4 Krr|* < urmnroa, rcutl. mm, of ra> nttfar 1 f.?r ea'-h of \? ?? iiiJii.luaJlj. JOHN TTI.FH ,, tli 1 > tV-r- v.iI r? f "t\ M. ... I'ji.!, . ? Whiter, Wlehliil'i', an J Lffiiv of the cohmet, Mr. r> ?i 'ellmedgo, NVi*e, and Irn in, of ? ongret- , Mr. * II I lark of the IVmit) It aula l.etri.lafure; Jnlga icw Vark; >' . J W. I. ir II i . e Bin i. 1r. Jom*, of the Madiaou, mil o'her di.nrgui.liel gen- J lemon. ? The 'oatt Cumj h solitary to the linn. Mr. ProlUt, who | ia*prc-sent,drew forth from that geti'h r an a*peecb, in rhich he Inlly ruttaiurl hi* pri ?ioua ftputation a- a h >ttblic ?tienker. > Mr. I'aorrtT nil, the eiiUtn'nt nprrnfl w a* mmr ompenaation 6>r the ahute which hi t licen h? ened upon ' iim by the leader* of that party he ha J anntr.l to r*i?. lit* power. It w a? g: I' if? ing til till' get .Inur of tha n 'eileral Arch diachaigin* leer lee* I > tirr duty, without raking to conaequt'iicc. He would *pcak on thi* occ*. *i ion, a. he haJ ever apoki n, aad ti ll the truth unflineh- I' ngly. It war a tout f pride to hi n tha* In I.< Ion*;. II ti what w ?? termed the Mf i-porel'* g iar.1"* in Oo.igre**. m Vr in I'? it'i. '''If P nri ' In il.anri guar ! fthn grrat army of the people, and I Tii*r the people w ,.i ai o their duty toward* t' who n?t to do their* ' VI ., . . fh..' ? t. ... ... ... . .. 1 t thu tap of the drum, to 'i-itMiXr J >Sit 'I a ler. bill '? urea, and his friends, wl.iie they uro I?: ?c '? the puM > i orriee? An* they l?or< I tn.. ? Ot >u ll?. ?? * ho ' ' < hemf Art th^jr mon faithful ? the piil.lir interest! t|,a.i ?l am1 Who wa< it that was ovlird to We-' b ' r en the * m*f thr l*it rrtiMi-nlljl iltrtMn toadti-** Ito# i? * oni I Tlira it *? tki k 'Y Pn rti' ibe fe?i l? p-. 1:1 t ?l -the eloquent Prollit? hut now, beraiiir I w il l not he- * ray my country, lam lib* John Ty ler, a traitor, aasd a t onrgade. (Applause.) They h?n proved Ibeinarlt .a to I* ir ot dcnoorib, Iwt inriut rati?(thr In [ ??( Jya. tor* ho *> itdrmocr i I Smli I under** ind > * higtn M brfcuo the M lection, but I do not so understand luin to l-e a '* L deii.oerat it one w ho . mHi? w i'h ' r.. t A ? r . ire whole people I | ? i<h I onald >?\ a mo h I ?.. a rbig leader*. An I ? ill vou toller yourselves to be led y these men 1 t ome out lor y .?nr rorrrrtry, and talatn ' er against th - machinationa nf these men 1 Ayvlauar t l'r are met to raYl.i the ? irt1 ' < . S . I . op* nd mice. Mi lapi'mlaeiire for nbat ' tnnaihtba ?tr. a * nd broad green ' ?ld?, or nste, i. Icare oi tool ? 4 i et, II j on tut dart toditplay th't Inlej i? rye a" k otinrcd tt traitors and deirrtert Irom y nor ( ?> y p?e ' vy ?e|f 1 defy any one to >ay that I h ST. < net * ? ingle principle. [Apnia lae ' If fl n~ral He mo bad II ivrd, the tame |U?ri?l ? I * ? ?rti. ? I railed to aee ? J-neral ll?iri?on slter hit iaMfurtUM, jat' at I vat < trout returning home to eater ?f?a ir?,ie> tor i?-s4v iou, air I lottao him vurroan ' I btr ttbtf *, nboaete org- | U ng ri|on him the lucavitv of m tkmg a t- ... b emoo.ra'a from olllee. Rut wbtt ?a bit r. a ? ?. ? ehpmc Clod, gentleman, *ooner fhsn do *a ar- f?.h . ivtice, I would resign mr " I r.-urn h i * ?h b a ftar they had take* ftrfr <ie| arlam. lleeoarmu< t a A <. ng the roota for soutntim>i in t ttste of rrrat r .rrtem. nt ' Hrottitt (he -.aid) Ike Fe 'eral port nan of tbe j art are ew? savoring to tain the rug.iaof gomni.M r ' .. ib<? ? o, they will drive in alt to per,the hi.'' I ay lb. tan It ioar?" Let the federal ? higa nbtaia paw ttina of tboae ernme.nt, and they will diive in all tv | rttb.n " ? Cheer*.] The "Corporal'-finar.1 k 1 ' ' * .'aWi Cuihlng, If- nry A Wise Willi m 'V Irm * < nor and Mal'ory. A i l ire tha*e mm ' n.>??n?is 11 nn-r iher prefer the Interest* of the conn- ryr fa f r m t ?i aukintf I [Cheer*.] I're-ideat mnVir *' II row til d it t. I hare *oen >i ?I have felt it? iudiionee?and I Will (I am nothing to do with it. 1 was ?rnt to ( i*r* '* i?!atr, not to make Prcaidint* ! That it fe; y< t?-t. to kit*) no i what trill . u ' i tha f r ' -n hi* e Miration > Why that it ?" ' i " r * ' ?lf do/an, hilfataraed adiee boldoraand o? U( tnd what w ill he veld of ma t A few tooi it ^tv morailama! Hot thay hat- aboard tee an m-irh a!- it. eady that lhaveahile like a rhinoeroa-l have alifln to t renal h vet left, ami will emleavor to give them a How- it, and for their Oliver. Jaba Tyler a tyrant! Why gm- ?h lemon, hit great fault ia, that he haa too goo I a haart, Iri ml thought all a? honest aa himself-hut he got or lintnken. [Loud Chr-er* ] He is aeco?ed of an aVu?a er f the veth power, liecauae he will not aaeri. w co hit consumer, and the lutercats of hi* coua w ERA] y at tho shrine of party. General Harrison ox pre s- win declared that ho would nover ho tho President of a party, w oti id yet it is required of John Tyler that those w ho voteu opei r Van Huron should bo thrown ott. li antli men uroto ?-lt tve the ascendancy, u Russian despotism w ould be pre- (Ch rahle. If nil) one now ev an goes to taku a glassof nine It it la the President, ho ia charged with being engaged in tiou iving them up. Mr. Tj lor i< culled ovorjthingb.i l, tin id that loo by tho party who claims all tho decency. (A 1 " ugh.) Mr. Prollit, examined at ww length the powers exti anted to the President by tho Constitute n, and defended 1 fi'on (exercise of the veto. George Washington not only hi lit teed bills on constitutional grounds, but from expedi- rica icy. llo vetoed a law reducing the army, because ho ! A ought it inexpedient. As to this veto (tower?the ho- I Mr. itois a veto on the House?tho House a veto on the he- and ite--tho President a veto on Congress?the Supion.o w jurt a veto on tho President, and the people are a veto on ! Mr. 1. And yet we hear the cry that the veto poweris i Pro' iniug the country. (Applause.) Mr. P. w as very severe ' a'i<l : lie course ol the majority In reference to tho tVuifTatid I >'* stribulion bills. Tho whig patty voted that if the duties ; out over JO per cent, there should he no distribution. si his, liowew r, though their n-ine- are registered, they ' y] i .V sav is all n lie?thov never intended imv sueli thine- I ?? must have distribution. It is very evident, Mr. Piolfit id, that the whig* are determined not to be satisfied with 13i1 e President. II lie sign* a bill they abuse him?if he toes a bill they abuse him?if he wink with his right '"J, 0 lie must do it wi h his leil?therefore his only UIII| nirse is to shut both eyes and go it blind. Mr. Brit of lit Slid that tho whigs had spent six weeks of the Uni rly part of Congiess discussing whether tliu question _ the Tat ifl'shouhl be referred tw the Committee of Ways *iy id Means, or to the Committee mi Manufactures. They u;r last decided this grave question, and seut it to the Com- Bl ittee of Manufactures. It took that committee some liv# Bin onths to prepare n bill, nnd then the w liigs ordered one in a b? prepared by the Committee of Ways and Means; ^ -o ordered the Secretary of tho Treasury to prepare 11 j![ II, and Mr. Habershaw reported also a bill, ua<1 Mr. Sim- q mis another; so that after seven months of legerdemain unl id caucusing, Congress lins Ave Tariffbills jumpled up wih gother, every article cross and pile, twisted and en- ? ined like a basket of eels, no man being able to tell the /r id or tail of any particular lull. But what consistency k< y here displayed by these mtn professing sue h great enpalities of legislation. After ordering the Committee ol |u" nnulactures to bring in a hill, they toss it aside, and take re > another, and then ask that the whole may lie set aside, V 01 bring in a thirty day's tariff bill, and which monthly IT. t Mirtiou is to savethe nation. The truth is that the tariil T torest il sacrificed to party expediency. It ie purposely a'lifioed?knowingly, wilfully?all the difficulty with lose " architects ol ruin" is to try and conceal their plot- eIu. ng?. Kor this purpose they lire loud in their dentin- T itions of John Tyler. They passed the Monthly Tariff whi ill. knowing that it would he vetoed; they wished it to , rteu tvet ird, it is a part of their scheme to create excite- ^ n-iil, an I to conceal w ith their by pocritical lnmunto'ions leir wicked Joy at the success of their manoeuvres. They _p ill adhere to theit policy. The people may mourn, but '1 ii ii lamentations will pass unnoticed. They may re. stir ion st rate, hut their voice will be disrogurded. And now V 1.1 Mr. P., 1 ask my fallow citizens to look at another He In the drum. These plotting politicians rejoice to g e the people excited. On that professional politicians ex- ja t .int lite. They wish to seethe honest unJ disinter- rp~ ' d m i hauls an I farmers quarrelling and embroiled. 1 in'v rejoice to see the hickeiing and dissensions of the will v. in ' f;?- nii-an urna we nivf r uiio turn our eye co tiio " h i . of Ax' land, und tlu it ivc see Mr. Clav and Mr. Van ",r urcn n-cllning in the shade drinking their iced chamigne and laughing doubtless at those whom they have met to their In uctit?(l.ottd cheers ami cries oi that's a i.e. the people begin to sru through it.) Mr. l'rottit said ;><1 xv it t>ei tivtlv laughable to see the airs |mt on by mem- ,io^ i? ol t ongrcs . They aeem to think that till tile |io\vers p the government w ere in their safe keeping. All must r w to them the Kxectitive, the Supreme Court, the State ml g.-lalurrs. every head of department,?and this assurnp- I .. ..f Unix i i - nl power w us claimed liv a ten many of whom ' ic th: o x n into Congress by the accidental losing of a po- ' * * il chance, olten bx u majority of soma half a Ju/.i n '"j mil ul>en without any other than the merest parti- [,i i in merit, but no sooner there than they lord it most tra- Me i i x hold high their mighty head*?dictate all action, < **' h to the pi pie, and to those \vho are their equals by piovixion, and pompously folding them lie. in Congi ewionnl dignity, exclaim, liko the Indian ,n,| i tuel, Big man, nie Captain Billy." (Here the jr i,htm xx a tremendous.) Mr. P said ho wished he had me f gix v a graphic description of certain Congressional mis and msin.'Ux hugs. Ho thought from experience could do so with something like a master hand, liut rr n e would not permit. Mr. ProBit spoke eloquently IT i tlii' subnet of the action of the admin titration. ite u convinced every man present of the ability xll i the x?mous hi ads of department. Ho challei g- ^ I the eneni.ea of the administration to produce in the his- * ix oi the country any cabinet which, by its message, i " i "" > r" ? ? ? mm Is i in .? nf the nns y ?tin- nrm\?thi' nbilitv of the .i? ?i-n? . ul-the success of the diplomatic negoi'i ?li:< It Mi. 1*. ssil hi1 understood In lie nil in 11 in irau' il'lr i.n.l honorable stv.oof adjustment?all the ?:hmi? ijiu-mhin* ol delicate interest, nnil dangerously in i .n* which hut arisen dining the lau tu.nty i ? would In' settle-1 liy litis administration with honor \1 s the country (loud and prolonged cheer*). And all thi*, ^ >-> ins .'liar under the administration of John Tyler, L v . lin in ret in :i for his devotion to the interest of the. peo- t>u || u ik r i|)rd liar?traitor?villain - iinhocilu?hy politial liUiyaliaai, w ho were ?' iooosifdeal as the] ware ?r(1 , irliiil. But hi all lhi?e trial* John Tyler stood firm, ?? ml ing to ihe too].lr and the people alone (loud cheers, .n<; nd cries ol three cheers fox lohn Tyler). Mr. Proifit sclare.l that nearly ull the important others under At n dm eminent w? re now tilled by persons opposed to tr T> h-r. He n-Vrrwd to a recent appointment ofa Judge i the i .-state* District < ourt iu Indiana, to shew that tile p. ' P point merits of the President were uniformly made with- T lit m. roiii's to parts (ridings or predilections. A varan- ? | had occurred hy death, au.l hi-' dp I en the l'leudeiit I I recommend and urge as sucresror a man for whom per- ' > 111 \ he Mr P. lied the highest legntd. " I fear Mr. *0>r diit.' said the President, " that you suffer your feelings j' j1. this matter to influence you." " He is strong for Mr. ' I k " replied Mr. Proflitt. "Then,"said the President, jy let . Afoniuieuin he madeout nt once ; let us have no was h '.etH ', ,,| iierty feeling,** Indeed there is scarcely an 'ii nt ..ny kind throughout the length and breadth of hoi I Dial l? not held by his |,olitir;il opjonents. Look ? i e hi* ii;,)'niittni nts to foreign embassies?to Jenifer, "sil ly Tie j.-., i Burrow. Buher, and other*. And thi' he iiiau w iio is al'iisid fur pro'criliing the friends ol n, P.i included by urging nil to stand by u , IT ?i tent and sustain him in all iih amies for the puh- rus' si ell are Del es or, (sul.l he the first apostles of truth th? he lark "i even martyrdom stared t<)j . r .. -he Is e ' |l you cannot lueea tnujority in Con- j,nj i* , jon will vet : isi -uffieient power to sway either the arty. W Stsh UUth unities, and watch them closely. It I per a h-d sign to >< ? those who ? few months since were .'m incing II n M ? -i i ic linit John | ' or . ! .1 I ?nj . .. ..T.-punj . ((..near..; q[ | > ' Miti . thru . ii 11 >1 ihr : >!!?? iii? toaat:? Tkr 1%'a ?A p-rh-nt po? ? i in tklkliutl of Um Prt-ii- 4'\ lit, hut m i, ! in the o( the pontile. Tli?*> ! I' i' li'? I i i i'i >' Mi.-t (tem-rvo to hiitrv it up- i F1 1 ~l '. thrtr ?< i- oi lo til- ru?. It v ?lri A ? utii' < j Itt entary to Dr. Thntnin Dntm Eiiff- M ?h ?Molur< M<iMtn||?|i) that talented anil eneigutic TP Or lie mi! tli ii* I n province was not at the (native honrrf, it if win r ipjn the ittimp-though he would .t I ak m*i ' t 'i Mi' It *11. Ion. Ila ha I observe I that thr na tutw'Ct had Iki.ii ratbiT ni-irliTtoKl . inadvertently, no tab unto l>ut neaer'h. |, m neglected , and that was tlieiw tlon In * hu h lohn T) h f a- d tho friends of J hn Ty- * 1 r ano I tn? anta tho Tar. if. I | on no other point, aa!d j, I gu?h I., I th" ( intern of the President been to mm in I tnitrepr < <t) ! ? hit oncmief. Theywotil I make te t ni "i I re that Mr. Ti lor it a frlen.f to free trail#-, ad wedded lirmi la>ll) and aooli eutiallv to Ita falla <a. Ilh ?t holt lift-. a? w- II a* hia late actions, (five tin- II r to tnrh a rharpe. |a?M hlhtMlf I lHwrlaHMlMtt|f *' ii I n'urirtte |"i? e.'.rtbe n< ral rrrenue, nnd hi "i lo.iiaili t.i.?to t natjri in.luiiii ' . ?ii zll tnai.u- . ...... ... i.. i " i ,i ... t, .1,111 " 1 * ' .. .I ?'? . .I. W?l< ?% i I. wliith nn'urr kil l given u?. or bulh. He or I I J I.' |>I I . III. Ill* * ! ' I..H leg I to Willi III i* ?' :.I 'I lli' | Mi i lii wonl.l | rotivt ?>' II ini>*mr?rtniTni nit lion t regard to what r* cnt 'i' v Hi r ooirgi" gr . o? murk j.m- m, ?*tiHi to the m .Ur* < of Co. it rli?n>| .* i a? to hip ? n nn-ir i. ighi.-f Mr. I v Irr a Iwra'i I a ?v iti*n> hi. k w on III hum lli oil" !? I'M II, ran 4411 |i inimu at . . ia|i[?tV4 mm. whieh. fi?aitintrt?i(iorr, ?j onld alwaat tod a ?traof. U not tko otrnwgrat parti 1* I . w if 'I * m ii i*v nippnrled it for a lime, It "h* ?>i; I Mm i U-'W.i iw.v in K>HM* ol tk.* I'.inituitl) nc* ' J 'in:ntr tnloa of md th<*n tl w lio had em* ,ue at W ed in Imiiaow mrr of it* protection, wort* rnritm* | ' ? * ikotc Jnatdnti awton ad. and thr ImItroaatrv waa rotood. Too m? >'* '< " i ' ( mi a k?h. hot a llol taiuf (l keen, aod a role. | *t P Tkaih ik# i it ? "i The} wattr.! a atohf* pair)- thev ua^ a "? ' l?*ra i i-ii" ?? i i.o ooljr our rai"oWa af ata* ni*ii .,* I v I. * i Il.fc' * 4 loat ? . h a I" 'l-'T 1*1 aa John Tiw wipari I la gfv> tin ' Lee re n,? I" k ' . a * 11*. i \ W i" ' o' Henry i U>, h white tho. oaani I hie patory Iko " Aa??n-aa } - , m* < . ' gweedth' fre.-k r-vi aaan , A ' " u *. naoa' rao?? ititola waa aaf ul u? vi h . I. > . . . . .t In t law ?, ,t .*1 ai .|i k r r t|i>nM eerr- * ad Wkp waa it*a a i.e. tnvr < *' Ml i la "h* 'h*i ? '* ?f ?h?t' ilana who T ..let a ' lh?t '* ' topioro-r the to* an* m d ihng . f a ? * h- ><*, ? M 'hat fhrt %Il, a , . V ' Il| f?tn? an t |*ol. torea vpokr rol- lew Wdie hiwa k?-valewtikal ao chained thtm; an I tho ?r.. i .#0 of k* alar " >t wot"'** njwa the eora lawa, iai ywrt iifh*'i t < " which eaetn ted foreign breed-molt'. !"i mat." al.loa g?ioent?'< prore tk henat) of an .< . ?< ? * a i.l'i' y iTk'n-ra.) Ho. we am a \ .?* a Wr ro.(* i*p| lalvof |?>l|rv to yrot.rl im laHke MlNerlaw w (fc? npea??al Ike iii ker Mr t "a ?' Ink r?.lo*? migk !* wei lonnofk to. lirvat ** 7* i? ?<al ; >r fee* <?t M<>oral 4n rura w r w ante t (he w too. '* "tefvM On 4 (ker an anew ( %*ntto*a? i-oUry of Inhn Tv lav . 7.Jy drke.-n- i lie k#d haaan idoaaawl, roo'imiet |#r. - X?i k at Ihr r? oot ?( aaaw* nf the at aianw Tkey kad )? aar out tMiarih lor as okl*ia?k*' ' kick tar#, aa<l aa l.faakiwne*< Ha' tonal Bonk The* k. 'known n* all I*.,I.e Ike. kad kaolwt Iowa thrir (alaar "fori . 'f i ikeir hlark log lotke fc?r? Tk? . roodnn waa tk|( of alniw Thrt aeaa*--' t? hara fmhtked tb< rrrot(?""i? '' ii tkol the pnipk of thl< itaalao ami an kroilv ? edde patty, that the* k?l fa 10a Hep k OH rat pntrlpkl. La* to imam to tkM lofmina Lot ikefli rlomkei andrt o odow ul thi? e, afurtaMa ay fa too. Mowl* atleo'lj hot |) raalatitvl* will Ik'- g'woi ream of papalar op alon !** I, catkoringtka tkourand atraotn* to fMooOrm. k'o*' Hi a wottU H grow, w aigktior woohl it bei-oiaa. JP*' Jot on 11 bo w .?It ( tl e.1 kv (he *11. lit mn* ! ouU >Ui**to aocapo fraaa lk? adfa of U.?* frocipiMOi' i *> ggass=g-JL =a? L 1>. 1?: -r? rh it woul. paaa.Mid tfcajr *?- r > I M ? < khrn ?i*ul ? vl n .... i wiiiui t.x> uu-u?c> ??uy *. ikion, to foel and know tfc.-i <t ( *!?.) r. Kiijfiiklt w ound up hi? by r , uial (iroj?j*. ii, aniJ tlw <t>i '"> * ( follow tn? loovt The Tariffol John Tyl*r-miJ?a> tw eiuoaof trim tra<t?i and a IhjIi tariff, it both, it l>v it- m< 'n .tior. ai i [y, th<'hti|rpiut--. i.l tH<- Anwii. .n p.- fl n people willau.tdiii l-.tli it end it> |" very Miund, column >< i r | ? < I. ? Thom&ii Contiel, in reply to a r?. mplitt" ? elicited touch applaut. M< ??. mi t g number* of ( ungio- \n\ rm > Proffitt and the r< ?t of the < i t ' r leedinga altogether xmii- i . ... looked tvelllor " Lap:in.'1 ) ! . , .... t -u;> anio. iOOKS AND STATION K!tY. TO PAI'tii. MAKhK.--. 1R8EE St BKOOKi. N . ?l L Broadway aud Nassau street, N< w V Mani|facturcr* the fallow m* ?it u if., * .I^ I caching Powder of Boyd k Son"- m < ?%? oimity aim] strength, ? 4u&J io it; -tin, and lor the talc ol v\l?icli thr> .?: ?< I ted States. uglish C)lindr, Machine Feltiug of tery ,lM 0, 13,66.72, ai I 54 inches wide ryer helling - f strong fabric, ami of widtn* cd. lue 8m*li*.-? Having On* agency of tin- Sutt n i c Smalt*, they are enable-d to supply KFKK, . ?i i t nv quantities *iiis for Kouidnuier stnl Cylinder Mr.rkiin* *. ma ii the purest metal?also, Jackets?Wef ami Pr? ! 11 nil* Screens, No*. I. J, 3. of biass metal, rdcrs lor any of tin above articles, together wi I domestic rag* Soda Ash, Vitriol, Aluui, T? in* . -x I meet with prra.ipt attention o N INTKKKSTINO WOKK~l)N TTIK"las i plihlished, by Caie\ Sill It. Notes of a Tour thi?>?n:li 'I l- iv' *' VI Iflid , "I I.M t.\, Iiuk a Visit to Athens, Sparta, Grand f.'airo.f'nnstaiitihr'pb* bei?, the lied Sea, Mount Sinai, Petri, llic Kdoin nl Scrip, fcc , by E. Jo\ Mnrii*, in '' volume* IJ nut., with \ latr . OPINIONS OK THE PiiESH. f commend it to liif public <u a sterling work of travel.? he author lias contrived to give to his clc script ion* of j lacrs, icry, and eveuts, ? spirit,of freshn?s* n d v raise mblance, cannot be too much admired.?Spirit of the Tim* ?. 'e doubt not but these two interesting vc iuim ? w ill be I rly soukht for by the public:.?New World, hi work is precisely such an one as i u an is glad t > take up n he desires information upon the subject of which it Is.? Brother Jonathan. , very pleasant. unpretending account of ramble through inns about which every iti'clliiretit mind de-ire* information, it is furnished in a style which every on? will find ai'H nbb. cntisylvaivian. 'here is not a r?age in the work that it not interesting and 111ictive.?Del. Journal. Vv think tliis hook destined to become attentive I) \ ?pular, w> cordially join with our brethren of the pre:>? 111 com* uding it to popular favor.?Daily Chronicle, or sale by WILEY U PUTNAM, A tw*r Ww \ ir HE MESMERIC MAOAZ1NE. OK JOl li'NAI. OK ANIMAL MAUNET18.M.-UK K. H. (Ol.l.VI R I t>uhli?h July I, 1JJI2, the first tiuml>*r of a periodical with above title. It will be dsvoted exclusively to Mesmerism. Itiinovl MggnetUm, and will contain miple ?'inetjoiis and ructions for M< ceeriugri:, vvilh accurate details of ihe >t extraordinaiy and cnuYcstinjj Mrnin 11?: cast s, r*|? iiit tnsi have occurred, either in this country, or in Europe, many years past. 1 be curious, and indeed w nderful viai and revelations of Clairvoyance .respecting the Heavenly lies and tire Spiritual World, w ill constitute a prominent Lion of the M.<ua/.ihe. will be published monthly, and each number will contain oyai octavo pveca, with double columns, of the exact size style ..f the Boston Miscellany. 'erma, S'4 per annum, payable in advance. . Iters, comirtliliic >ticNiiH and orderg. (post paid) addras ed to H. II. Uollyer, Mesnierissr, 27 School street, will p reive rnpt attention. 'he New York Tribune, If- raid, Pennsylvania!!, Public Iger, Baltimore Sun. American, KichnumtfSur, Cnarlcstou icury, New Orleans Picaviine, Loiii?viile Journal, Cun in Republican, Portland Aavertiier, w i!| lotar i tw .c? week three weeks, and send the ir bills to the Mail ? .flirt, or rc e a copy of the Magazine. and such other public journal* am desirous of recti v iug the Magazine will iitrert as afoissaid , send a copy of their paper to 27 School stieet, 15 -ton. (f 2taw3wr _ BOOK BINDING PAPER RULING. IRELAND, No. I"0 Nassau strict, having au entire in w stock of BiikIiiik Tools and Kuliiu Al.tcTiinery, of the st and most approved patterns- is now prepared to riecste vrder> in the u? t <!??; ible and handsome m inner. U-reliant* Acccount Books and all ? ther kinds oi BUnkwork d and [mumi to any patterns, and in a tl> le that ih vi rallied ivi- satisfaction. Any work ord? redcan be done i;.# he Knsmode if required, as II. I. lias had Ionic ei|*rieuce in both hods. ntlli The Ant ft-Angular System ?>r WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. feum TWH.O 10 rivr. dollars '. H. BRT8T0W {for this season only) I is n orckp hu * Term* from 1 gelvc to Fit e Dollars, thus biinittnu* this cfnl Art w ithin* ?e means of ALL, and is guaranteed to be ght in Twelve Lessons of an h<jnr each ! ! Academy No. 235Broadway % near Park Plait. lentletnen of all aqes are positively taught a hold}/rtrt e*fitious and finished business-like style of Writirjr: no matte/ a illegible or cramped il** present hand may be, (S?e specilis at 2X'i Bro.ulw a \ .1 AND THE LADIES leat and handsome, delicate and f t diionahle Running Hand IN TWELVE EASV LESSONS' y* VISITORS in New York can tak? a course in Three v ? !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to I A. M., or from 4 to 8 VI. BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. Evening Classes from 7 to 9. Jy$ Il iTTHTBOOrtl NEW YORK PRINTING INK MANUFACTORY. 2H Rose street, corner of Duaue (Old 8uHouse) Printing ink of all colors, \s man fed equal to any, slant I v on liana and offered for sale on retainable terms, verable to any part of the city free of cartage. Printers venders are solicited to make a trial of this aiticle. 2 3mr HATS. *" MATS! HATS! HATS FT ROWN Sc ("O'S One Price liat Store, wholesale and it2 tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Vott street, where uon, oeauty, uuraoiuty ana economy are combined to loom head. 'he proprietor* have the nlrunrr now to offer hi addiri-ni heir recently improved start napped Hat, a new *l)le, the talion of heave ir, which so closely resemnfas th<t of all fun moat coat I if and beautiful, tint the difference is not eaailr reived. Prin three dollaia. W?- strictly adhere to the m,.*e cash sysltm, which enables us to furnish a very su; ? !? / t for the price chared. In presenting these Iiata to tin* die the proprietor* think they have reached the ultimatum beauty, durability, cheapness ai I comfort mf hn4 N IMIOKTANl Q\ ESI ION ? I , f tiled f rtbe sennit* reflection of the purchasers of II t*. Is it con?i?t with line economy or common sense to j iy f.vpdollar h>. ; icci Hit, when the tune irtich can be bought at 'j Wall ret. (between Broad and New streets) f.?r KOUH DOLiHS? 'l itis is no decretive assertion. A u.,1 tii i t re in.sp* clion, w i|I satisfy the most skeptical tl??i the IS. is r t now off- ltd ih far from beinjf the inft-ii. r arte le ? fen ! I less th ?n five dollars. The ftct is that the arti< I now . ff? i is generally lint equalled, and in no irnlancv Mirp.?4*rd ?oen that price. It is hi consequence of t radii fi si in the price of raw material, together w nh the economical policy oI this r* * lUhiorot?and the proprietors engaging i- r-. n dly i ? tie ufacturc?fliat the present great inducements are <?ff< d, has wen never offered before. WARDURTON & WEBB, i?I01m#r Hittrrs,5 Wall . -W .1 KWELRY. TATI 111 ^ AMI JKU KlVUA Vf.l: i' .1 <'\V.-T' ,.i ?. ril>er in lling all ?l.*?crii.ii<>' "f i "i?l sih. tell. 1, K?M ami *llv.T |*noil?, I K- > I*.'-, at t , lower ill Ml at nr.v ntl.rr I'laC'1 Hi th>- c. .. t? < tl W rhe? i.? .. ?t -m .1 .( I. W.t. ', . anil J- ?t!rv lorb.. i4'ht. All VVifrhr^ irr vm pi M k"rj. k Jrim**, Lhf moil'V nutrru il. VV r< u ** ml C i ' ; r? j urn! in 11 ? t miotcr, ??ri?J wi, intrti, t much I" * iJnu ?ho ?imi if i , i, on?- of rhe fuirit w rl.-mi n in tit-city. <}. (.. ALI.K.'t, It trr of W .icIk ?and Jc^tlrf, wholciale and rt-ta I, % V*iil ct, up stairs. r l'Mm*. mmmmmmmmmmmsmmmnHmiwmt an. mm naimBjs iu i -? NOTH/ES. OTK'K.?A ipecul mi-ctui* "C i'"" 8lofkli?il<!r. of :1,? Aii' rirni PitAnt Friction Mitch CnrniiMiy, will W h ' .j < Tii|?n\'. Wait Imn,.. u, H. ?n>. ,.11 Tli, i rt',,. *|. i, l.,l ,nt, it 9 o'clmlt, A. M. A I tt'.i iml in, v, i, trd. p. r II, (Jet of the Director*, GEO. C. GOODWIN, S-rr. ,r*. . t-n, June 77, lAt7. i'Cl7? ' r IK I'f > K A T H )N .fi OTI< K-?Public Notice i.hcrrhy n> a .lit of itoih rtv for unpaid tio i will,!t, ;,l c iiblt An, to n, at the (if II II ,.f I,.- C,t\ ?f NV? \,k, A elm wlny^ th. JBtltilUy nl 8c|?tnnii? r net', at I? nY!.., h. it. in,I he continued frotn il.iy In div until th>- whole of ?tiff wfty .'mil he told, in<| that the di tail-d atateineiil of the ?. iiwl property lobe antd.i*'inbliahcd in tin \, w Eta, A n? phrprinvd and onhli.lo .l in th- , it ?t New Y?,<. AI.VHED \. SMITH, < mitr . rvmptmller'l Offn MiV 10. Ill J. jctt biWtS> Wo CAUTION TO INSURERS!" Mtl HAN I'S ami nthori, who ire in?urt*d in tho H.rtfiiril Kir Company, ?t Hartford, An: advim d -. imt m if hi tin. I'niniwnv. ';> .iil?-.i-i ilwr dermc it hit duty to inform the public he wa? i-rtw-rtely ininred, (or rather paid them tin pr' inlutn In; in* oi* hm .) r-.i hta hardware, cutlery And calling*, at Dot it, 1.0,loin* I tio.1, ttir Y Willi' d to pay fur hi* CA.1t tfi el, r I., n. ho . lUnuuo d. i tin-uwu.t, illeenl tol dMpii-ftbto A lid, that Orel. Article* "WEKE NOT HARDWARE," iliitK. probably, they Wen- grnccrtri .crockery or dry aOoit., tli in i ??|e tin i-ay in r ill of a ju.t and horv nihil- claim iK*:o?t I'll r, int. rmiit n il iini.e for ihem.iTre., whetherit i* tlo n ii ?i to imiivw in uoh a corn] in) or c v. i an 'r' i -nut milt-he imli. in net of,uitii-e to the " All ml 1 I*i rtimi" Ki. Imuran Cnmimni.,, of Hartford, f., i, i, I m . I.I. that t1- iliorc CAHttOn h*. n? In III II m h 11 1 r If liter of ill a t nmpaniea, but Api-li . I-' Th. n*iti-nd 11" UiAUr ioc. (. ompiny. of which E. , i. P . .|, n' .od J?-t f? Bi.lli ". Secretary. \ 'I Nl. . UOIil.I). N? .. MO.VMOI''I'M BANK. N. .1. ~ \ \ ' I'm ' i i h P - ilk . siv i ?<1 by IJ J H-n ? 1/ *r I ?' y ul, aa aabiri, ar? u?crf al r?r.# iht e> i f by llv'r K AUf. \ ( On II Wall n. BK WATCHFITL OK Y<>l?K HEALTH. I BHANDBKTH'H is now f7lB ?w? r>, hiviny rr a^'irrd it fmm 17% Hr his frieaie ''?!> * oar. fol o| a|? 1 nn|MMitop?. who intHms to ?! -<* * fh< udmciv r Di Brinbrfi Ofllcr is 171, not 17<> Boi?rry. ........MM,*'..*.!.

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