Newspaper of The New York Herald, 12 Temmuz 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 12 Temmuz 1842 Page 1
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TH V?l. VIII.?H*. 100 - - Wltol* No. 3041 RAIL^OXDS&STE AM BOATS. POME ROY C (VS ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. The subai ribers are udw minimi; a let ular Expreaa aver the R-tllioails Id .ml I. >m Alliiiij sod Buffalo, and the luu rinvdiu'e places, for FORWARDiSili, at l >w rater, with the utmoii ic'^iilantv and safety, choice Goods, Specie, Bank Notes, Important Papers aiid V aluade Packages?Will attend to the negotiation, transfer, collection or payment ofBillfol Exchange, Notes, Drafts, Acceptances, Accounts, Str., at realuuiMr p. r ccutaai?execute orders Itr the purchase or aalr ?l Men iiandi.c, Produce aud Manufactured Articles of every description, ]? raonally, in tne li?u on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN Ik CO'S EXPRESS to Nsw York arid Boston, and Mcisn. IlAWlEY k CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to t'levelaud, Detroit aud Chicago and intermedi ile places?tormiug at once the moat direct, apeedy and perfect communication to aud from the .eastern aud western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional husvuess, remittances, exchanges kc. References? Eraatna Corning, Thom.ia \V. Olcott, Watta Sherman, A. I). Patchiu, Noah La*, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott. Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus Si Hawlry Uttca : T. A. Smith, Svncute ; A. O. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fmo, Genera ; J. G. Shepherd, CauauiLiigua 1 David Hoyt, Rochester; John McKr utter, Lock port; J.A.Clark, Bataria : Thomas Blossom. Buffalo. PO.NtEROY Si CO", No. 5 Exchange buildings, Alliauy. all 3 Wall street. N*w York. IMTOKTA NT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For the Transportation of Goods between Philadet|>hia and Pittsburg. Tliia improvement in traospurtatioo affords to Weitem Mnj chauu iwcnltar advantages. Trie goods being carefully packed la the boats at our ware house. No. 365 Market atreet, are carried orer die Columbia and Portage Railway# without rran lupnient. Careful captain* and crews are emidpyed, who take cnarge of tile goods at Philadelphia, and contthue with them the entire rnutu, thus avoidiug delay* and the Liability of lota bein.; separated on the way. N. B?Paasmsger* forwarded ta Pittsburg and Pottsville, eTerr day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Attent, a!2 "tin* 2 Washington atreet. FKKIUIIT AND PAHSAUE TO PITTSBURG. SiafoSaii The proprietors of Bingham's Transportation Line to Fittshint, give notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other p? rsnns shipping to the VVast, that tlieir line is now in active optratior Goods omtsigned to them (or sent to go iu their 111.. ,i w i'l be forwarded with de?|wteh. Owners or shippers of gooiU, destined for the Western Slate*, who have no ageat or coiuiguoe at Pittsburg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such conaign ueuu without delay. All goods should be marked distinctly on cacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. Fur ales of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply 0 WM. TYSON, Agent, No. S West street, o; (>ostte Pier No. 3, N. IL N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Putuville,everyday, Sundays excepted. Refer to R. Crooks, American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nicoll, frout street ; Phelps, Dodge It Co., Fulton street ; Suydan age ik Co ; Win. Rankin, Puree* & Co, Newark. m6 3m RAIL ROAD?ALBANY-AND IfAKATOQA. m mmM Travellers to Saratoga Springs, Lake Oei rge, Wtulrnall and Low er Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselre* an expeditious aud pleasant < ouveyance to the Springs by taking the Rail lln1 cars at Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. Frem S iratoga. At 0 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A( M " 3 " P. M. I " 3H " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting of Burgage from one Sit ae boat to another on litis route. Puuengers on their arrival jt Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readin**s to convey tnrui to Lake George and Whitehall on 1 ?L. CI, .,,,.1.,.. .,k .11 ,1.. V,..?l,.,.. awl Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (lor the convenience of iwssengcrs who arrive by tin* aftenoon train froin Albany,J Ititri Saratoga at i o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in for tlie departure of the Cli imi lain steamboat of i mi day, and brings eastern trav lleri to Rutland, Vt Mriy in tlie evening. N. B. There are burgage wagons alwayi in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the strumboitr and rail road ears, to carry the of passengers direct to and froin the de|iot nd steamboat'? the rate of i'i\i cenu per trunk or package, or 12J? Cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The den i tun s for ihe west are fnad for the aeaaon at 7*4 o'clock, A. M. _ii<l 7 P. \t. JOHN C08TIQAN, Superintendent. Albany. - legryrftr Ul'BUamoN LINE KOK ALBANY. FARE REDUCED! ! Paaaatto AO cr nt*?Bert ha 50 cents. FREIGHT T AKEN AT REDUCED PRICES. -ztH The commodious Steamboat WASIHNOrVj. !7t' ?. -.a TON. Captain J. M. Brown, having made w IC tr irrangcments to rlunge tier days of leaving New Vork, wiil hereafter leave the toot of Robinson street, dew York, every Monday, W, dnenl-.y, and Fridav alftrnootl, at 5 o'clock, and Albany, every Tuesday, Thursday, and 8 a turday afternoon. at 1 o'clock, landing on ner passage rach way at_ the foot of Hammond slr-et, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Kingston Point, Cattskill and Iludi on. For freight or iiorsige. apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RAN l>0t I'H MARTi.V. No. IK'.Vest street. ml e -a* OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch. Rumson, Cy? r*L_.J?Br)aii'i Dock, .MiJdletown, Katontown Dock r* in? m* -n l Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat lOL Ast, I iptliu Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Mrr-et Slip, K'-t River, every morning at 8 o'clock for Red Bank ( icept Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatontow n D < k.) lb turning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The lolas will run as above, navigation arid weather permitting. until IkitWr notice. All freight rod baggage at the risk of lha owners the-eof. June 21, m<2. ]r293inc . ^rt CHEAT EXCURSION to the Fishing M" Banai. every day, eicent Tuesdays and Kn^ ? 2d rents each way?The steamer NAPOLEON, Cat I. llancog, will run regirlarly to thr above place every fair dav, and leave aa follows?Foot of Hammond stri ct at 9 o'clock. Canal street (ptartrr past 9, Market street half past 9, Catharine Icrry Brooklyn 9>i, pier No. 1 Nortli river it 10 o'clock. , On I uesdaya and Fridays the Natmleon will make afternoon .. Mr.)..,,, In I'nnr,' .1 tfo.t It.mill,Ml slid I Bath?(the steamboat General J icksen wiH continue to nm to tlii* same place every other day in the week)?inrt lcare a* (V>llowv-Footof Hammond atreet at 2 o'clock, C'inal atreet at a qeartrr past 2, I'ike street 2V>. pier No 1 at 3 o'clock?Fare 26 crutsracli way. The boat will remain at Coney Island one hour and a hall, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. U Ifctm'c AS! OPPOSITION LINE FOR ALBANY /CZ^A^tjcAND NEW YORK?Lansliug at the foot of Z?__Hammond street, Newhurgh, Ponghkerpsie, Kingston Pwitst, Ca'skill and Hudson?Passage 30 emta, berths 30 cents ?The soleudid steamer WASHINGTON. Captain J. M. Bniwn, Will leave the nier at the foot of Hobiiisou street for Albany everf Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, r M. Leave Albany, foot ol Lydns street, for New York, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at i o'clock, P. M. For |>asssge or freight apply on board, or to O. II. Martin, 182 Wall street. Freight taken on the moat rraaonablc terms. To Let?A steamboat berthat Warren street pier, NR. Apply o board Washingtrgi, Robinson St. je9 lm?rc ~~~~ T A1LORING ~ "REMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH! ME NT, It remored from 146 Broadway to No. 7 Astor Hotun, ECONOMY IN GENTLEMEN'S DP.ESS. Garments of a roost Elegant and k'asbtatial Id kiu It t a taring of CO per cent for cash. cpHE advertiser deems it uimacesaary to reaoit t J the herkI ueyrd system of giving a list pf nominal pri.'ra, preaJittimt thai the length of time he has been established, together wills tlie eileiisive Iiatrmiace bestoweO on nim, will prove e sum tirnl voucher for his capabilities. Possessing tho advantage ol being connected witli anestenaiveclothratnhfiahment in Europe he conlldentlv assets tint be can furnish clothes which, oil comparison, will In fbaud lewer than any ether honae making up the l? <t dearri|Kions rdjr.'r.llftneira dree", myl 3m _ S. PHILI.IPR. 7 Aslor ILmae. Broadway MARTIN'S Ca?h Tntlwring Establishment, f? Rem need to IM fITi/iana Street, terrier of .fnn afreet. 'PIIE anb-niber, in announcing the aK re to' hta friends and 1 Uir public mi grneral. takea leave In return thenks for the liberal petron gr bestowed on htm at his farmer place of bnsiness. and aasnrea tbam that ?Very article o rue red ol him shall, as heretofore, h> c.d, made. ami trimmed in the neatest and most stilish rnanntr. The material., tfo- newest and best in the market, and at ? ra??l?e aaving of Tl per cent. Strangers arc* r<* |ur?t<*?l to cnl ?nd nmW. Gentlemen whe , .ajev parthpalaa thru own rtneh, Ac., can base them made and trimmed in the rt dc that baa given inch general sitisUcrton ilnrtng tr? Inn font years. Every garment warr.miad to lit, and made by the bevt workmen at the following prices, I*.:? Dres. C Wtof* 3* k tuck E R 00 to 1 3* r lltf* Alill V ... I 7a lo 2 00 Ojr1 Co** <*to u <* n ^ N I P-arirlP lit K mi V 111 I'*-?It ll mil P In urd.r .w.i m Ifermthfl, if in W In'ors. >m i'n michaf.t. r.. mahtin. RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OE THE DAY. tTMIF. Snhs.-iibor, with a eiew of meeting iIip eiigenPies of 1 die times, has na<t?> unnirnieiili whereby hp wi!l heneefortli b- enabled to furnishyarrneuU of the etry best mi iinoeose mt ins from former Charges. Hating mad* his pnrrheats ritlmitely for cash, hp is determined to compel* with the p'i v?*M"ntlt* rosily money-ir'nciple only J while he pledges hiirvtelffo pominue the seme ojserasnre of elegance an I punctuality which for the last fifteen years has characterised Iris ?'.itsblis'inu'iU. Grntl men are referred to the snneied list of | .ices, with the assurance that the article* enumerated shall he equal in qitility snrl stvle to the moat costly. Dteaa eo.ats of super wool dyed cloths, frotn $19 to 21. I* iiits, do do russimrre ft to IP. Vnst?, of i verv fashionable sariety, .1 to to 5 Jft. fleiitlrinm wishing to furnish their own materials can hare their gsrim n's made and trimmed in the same atyls of elegance, in iimie'ttion to the ahore. N. B.?Mr. Bih-och, long kniwn w one of the most fsshionahle cutters, mntinors in the establishment. t HAS. OOX, Sign of the Ooldrn Flewee, joglt In. m _til N '??a.i street, near Msi.len lane. Sll 1 RTS. C'ldlT'i made to order, after the most apwoTrd French fish*, na. t f. nUetnen't (ferment* of i H ilescnt tious Aads to or-.l-r at tlu- ahoryst notice, III e.t" mi n's Furnishing Wore 67 and f? Maiilen lane, corner of V illtain slrpef. >e*i 1st' WILT,1AM eoi.LINS. E NE watering wm^wr SH A RON SI'KTNUST TMIE PA VILLIO.V?This new commodious Hotel will W * ope? Ibr Hie reci'tiou of visitors on ami after the* lirst of June lit;it. at the vMage of Sharon Spruit*. Schoharie County, New I or*. The clear pure water of the spriuffa. greatly r?sembl?n:; thoiu' of tha white sulphur springs of V irgmta, have been proved to be hiahly effic i<ious iu Rheumatic, Cutaneous, limits ti?d Dyspeptic complaints; and iu the cure oi K.r) .iH o, fjaltrliritm, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, ami general tie ni lily, and iu many ulher respects, possess (as certified by some of the most eminent medic if professor* iu the United'Suttes) malicn n il and he&Iiug projxities uiij.urp.uscd, atwl believed to be unequalled by any iu this country* Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous viMaces, extensive views, neighboring caves auu romantic scenery are among the tnany attractions o fie rod to these se citing in the licat of summer, either health or plexsure. ^ These springs are but a few hours rfde frovi Saroton, 1 roy, i Albany. *c., add are accessible from Cangtohanr on the Alba* uy ana utica railroad, where carnages datlv await the arrival of the morning cars I'-onj Bchetiectaily and I Uc i, to carry visitors to the Springs,?a distance of about eight nulcs. arriving m time for dinner: alio by the Albany and Cherry V alley turn pikeby<!u1y stafefi wiog twit forty-five uuiei we?i of Lhr city t?r Albany. ^ . Warm; cob! an 1 jhower B itlii fiirnisn^a at al! tjrnr,, either of ,K ?mineral or tVeah water, am! every attenltoii tfiw a to render tbe stay of v;?itop* w-cable. An abundance of the i?uie?t mountnin nonrijt Ice * for the tnuon. O- ^V. B. GEDNKY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?Thu Hou-I will Ik; i/pco?Ni *i the al?ove viMa^e of Sharon Sprint;*. Ibr the inception ol risi* tora, and combining all tbe aoVan'-affos of fhu^lirfnl tnw oier residence. JOI1N V. ETTKN, a20 10w2taw*r CATSKTLL MOUNTA1N HOUSh, AT THE PINE OR<.TLARD.-:si2. rpIIIS romantic and fashiouahle rr.ort will In- coudiielod durI ila,; il>?- preseut season under tin- direction and supvriutendance ol* the subscribar. It Liu undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is new open for the rccptiou of visitors. No effort will In* spared to maintain the deservedly high character which It has heretofore Acquired. As Iteretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York m irket eau afford; and every possible^ ittention tint ran promote the convenience mid enjoyment of its |uilroiii will be promptly by-stowed. The ro< t Lading to this establishment and espet tally that p irt of it on the mountain, has boM rendered perfectly month and sale. Messrs. A. F. B.-ach Si Co.'s exovlleut lim-'of stages will run an heretofore regularly between the lamliug aitdtue Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprh tot." June 13th, 1812. p U 3tpr BATH HOUSE, LONU ISLAND.-This long .o l well known boaidtng and sea bathing establishment, hating recently onJurgorte numerous improvements, among w hich is the erection of several elegant summer liosucs upon the margin ol the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season The great extent of private beachon this shore?1 he perfect security in b-athing, ereu for ladies and children, ('lie balhiug houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool ind drlightfhl locust grove aitjotning the house ? 'In- pleasant rides in the- surrounding cniintrf?the no lli lit fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and amusement?the beautiful view of the All mie ocean and the lower bay, almost eonstantly enlivened by IIMMMM VWMll arriving or ouiward bound, render thie aituation inev-ryrespect unequalled by any in the vicinity, fts accommodations are Matin, the MW airy and the temperature, even in the wannest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience ofcominunication and distance, (being but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentl'-inen of busir. -ss iu New Yor)i. Jtl2 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. Bedford mivkal spRiNOs-Thu well ku... water ing place, situated in Bedford County, I't-uiis} lvauia, is now Oinpi lor the reception of visitors. To tlsosc who hive never visited the Springs, it may be neces. ry to sn> that they are situated near the grrat Wcsreni Turn pike, which pass-a through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia tc Pittsburgh, a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. , , Every thing has been provided at this watering place to rendei a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking healr* or enjoyment Amusements will tie louna suited to an tastes, aua a tfooa banc of music will be in attendance. The literal patronage extruded to the subscriber the two laai seasons, will induce the renewed exertions the coiuini* season. June inih, lilt. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jeJOeQil Imr ProprietorBATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSRAW'S, at Lon? Branch.?TM? ex " ten- ive and delightful Sea B ilhiuu Eslald shuit-ut will b< opened ky the subscriber on the 27lh Julie, instant, lie beitrespectfully to iuC.rtn its fonn?r patrons and. the public, tliai coiisidt rati! additions and alterations, enrre tainx the comAirts hare been made since last year, and will be in complete readi uess for their accommodation. Wishiun tu he as rc.isonible as the times will afford, the boarii will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dot la- 4 as formerly. Children of a certain ajje and servants half price H.irses full fed. He hn|?s lie may say wi>ho?l imputation, that his talde ami accnmniodttiOns will De e.,uil to any or Lou;; Branch. Youuk |>eople not requiring too inucli room,will Ru l sceitnuuodalina terms. jr-22 lm'r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING." AT DFAL, MOaNMOUTH. CO. N. J. T l!WIB K. HANKINSON restn'cifuiiy informs hi? friendi and the public thai lit* ha* up in the besl atvle tht house .oivncrly occupied by Jacob Corlr?*at the above uucv.if the moat hcathful situation on the ? * coast) about 7 miles fron aud fvo id inret the Phj}ad??)|?h?ft etn. The tffmi oHxnrd wil he found very moderate* Also, stabling, lie, lor horsei, 0! very rrashuable terms. L. K. H. pledge* liinvself that no,effortof Ui* will be wanting to retailer tho e who patronise him comfortable, and that hi. Iiousr will l>e fonml equal to any along the coast. jelO 1m r PAVILIOSrsiWATOOA SPRINGS?Tiit- IVii.on.c..u A tidings to the Psrilion fountain, ami equidistant fron Congress *111 Iodine Springs, has been thomnghly renovatpd and i. no* open for the reception of visitors. Fur conyruienci of location, beauty <>l the grounds adjoining, commodiousneai ol'the ino(ns. anil effort* on the part of the proprietor to make hii gHe.tacotnf.irtabh'. this house, it is believed. is not surpass ed. TIkI chaiwea for board and rooms lave been modified t. meet, in pun. degi e, the depression of the times. A sbare o patron go is respectfully invited. JOHN CROSS, Proprietor. Btrwtog* Springs, June 20, 1812. _ je21 2Wr LA(JRAN'(>E HOTEL, Bull's Ferry, New Jersey p|| This most delightfully romantic suinme' letreat is ui ful i' 1*1 well stork, d with fruit and Jluwer*. and ahovi all a tine kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines amlili<iuors, ale and porter. Also, segars of the first rpial ity. Jrthri Ponana, the proprietor,sincerely returns his g at.-fn thanks tt> his friswda. ami the public in (swnl, for their libera patronage Ifor thr last ni*? years. The lu imiful steamboat Bos ton, Captwn T. Y. Bibcock, leaves foot ?f Canal street loin times a rlty. The public can rest assured that they will not b. disappointed as heretofore(the owners of the boat arc d< tcriniu ed to regularly as advertl.ed; lor further particulars ire th. Sun. Ovnt Irm-n can be accommodated with the best of boar. Ind-lotlgin t a: five dollars per week, and have th. ir dinner a what hour tie , please, except Sumli). always at I o'clock, P M. Milita y companies on targe, excursions will find it to lliei advantage in 1 pleasure to visit the above place and try the tar gel ground an! P.mson's good dinners. Ills prices are accord inginthe imra. J. is always at home, and will be bap py to see h is fnemis ami visitois. je 12 lin"r JM T RE M ONT HO USE, Chesnut stre.r, lu-twrel nrJw Tlii td ami Fourth, Philadelphia.?The subscriber hsv Jt^j^ing aken the alxive h use. lately in the occupancy o Captain M mill, respectfully informs- his friend., and tin; tea veiling pul lie, that lie is now prepared to furnish comforts am accomm ad itious unrivalled by any establishment in ttu country. The apai pnents of the Tremont are large arid airy fnm'shr with new I rdding, ami attended by the most careful servant. The propri itor fljtt' rs himself that he will not lose snyol th. repnI vtion lo cheerfully accorded him. whilst i. |?>semsiou o the " India t Queen. The Lanier snail he kc|d constant!] snpplic.l v iih all the choice productions of ihe market, to geiher whl vegetables grown upon his own, in the rtcinitl of llw city The Wiles, (many of which have been aboTe thirty-twi years in In* ties,) arc of thr proprietor's own selection, or wen inn tnlcd h r hi in from the oldest ,.n I in >.l lelirrled Ih.u cv i various parts of Europe. Tlw cooks in hw Trrmont Iftutar nr among thcrmost nkilTill and cell brafcd in their line \ ami th< other lervuLtt carrfol, attmliTf and obedient. Tit# ww>IH cs tablHhnirnL brine tvnJer the jtnm* cliate; suprrintendaDct' of th< proprietor lima* If, which, with hi* Innir and well known t x|>c Hence in hdtt I keeping, v\Ul ehiurc to liia gueals all that tliei . \ 11 y want \> 11 n luire. The location of the h?>u?e being in the immediate vicinity o the Etcharwe and Pout Office, aud the Win mis steamboat land ing* and riil road depots, the theatres, and ntner places o amuseun n't. il re the mmh .it lm or ol leisure, singii I arl >* art at facilities for die prosecution of their designs in vui ting the city. For the hotter accommodation ol Ladies, a private cnuanc ia attached the house, opening on Cheaviot street. Regular hoarders will be taken ou the most ac* >m*nod atiu: terma. ^ 7 BERNARD DUKE. The following )>a|>en will publish the above, and send bill* nth paper |tnrb?<l Tremount and SchusPHI Journal; Key*toue, H irri<hi?rg. Lancaster Intelligencer, rirt* burg Owettj, Wheeling Tinv s, B 'ItiihOre American, Waal i met on Globe, do. MadisoMin, do. Intelligencer, Ssvanusl (ieor tan, Charleston Mercury. Augusta Chronicle, Dj^Ici town Drnukrit, York Press, Cofbtttibia Spy, Trenton Empri rUm. New Vork Herald, New York Truth TtrUer, Holidtys Inint Standwii,' O tmantoWn Telegraph, Dcliwvr- Oixrtte f Wiiininjrtoffc law 1w r dry goods", &c "to the ladies. T7ASHI0NABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?The prnr,n? a tr.M, Mi? S KINO, daorhtrrof rite celebrated Carl Kin* ollt n? for mI? . inn.t aelert and choir. auortnn nt nf Milliner OootU, for U|>' .princ, never u yet pvrrnHeil to the |>ali lie, both u regard, the jn .111y .ml clir iplicM of lite article! Tlv: aMortineiiK-omiita of th. following :? The SILK MAT, CALLED CAPOTTF. D*OR LEANS, a. worn bv L* Ducl>.?. t)'Orlean?, of Franee SHKM ,*H.K, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIOINAI STYLE?And Lawn Hu, dodo?An entire new tfjleo Hill Called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELS.SLKR COTTAGE. Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of th? flneit tet tnre, in great variety. The I rn|iri,tre*s respectfully solicit* the ladiea to favor lie with acall, ami examine her elegant and varied itock of Mi littery for tKmuehei, Ik.'for. U>> y i'iirehare rUrwharr, vs w'll be . great aKVing to them in price and a great advantage a regard* the vgriaty and quality of the go'td*. MIH8 8. KINli, Magazine de Mo>|e., 1m*r ?1H "roadway. BRTTBR pltt? lo lind DiHiti and S'nnM ehr?| ?V w.are not.ora that in Nrw York thr,e it an iJaceI ?o a. 0.1^, at thr f Union Bootatil Bhn. Mark.tjKll Cam i'f* mrurrol llttdaon atrrtt. Thotr who hav '1 lr?,V"",,V, lHat ihia U a fart ui l""? hU?A?^ ,w,m J15J7 m,t '""" triad otir boot jho?. or Kut^ra.will fin.I it ta thrtr advantaer to mak* tha trii V w r~.i . \ KNOX k ?;o, iri? im*r * V m're,'*DU ** b> in? l"Oan or doaei SHIRTS, SHIRTS. J J- V.TKD tfTATK.S BMIjlr MANJ^CTOUY.n W, V' "w V* 5?""' of, Llhnrtv, N. Y Notiro {, hrrrh V '! MTy,n n^r"1.'rvV'"" eenyral,that that proprietor, r Ihr alma* rj.Altahrornt harr adopt.,|a ?PW 3J2 0f ??? factonrw whidh rnnbh-g them to ?HI r1?# ir nl?irt? tfachrmx* rv < than any Jthar ho,,,. in tht. rhr. 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V KANC1 S, OCULIST, NO. 10 BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of the ( AslOr Home.?His yrep .ratiou-. are a perfect run* lor all ! inflammatory disease oft'ie c\e^ weakness of sight, ** . ? never (ail oi remov??? nebulas of the longest Mandii-g, wlthcmt ! any surgical 0}?ratU)U . CERTIFICATES. I I certify tint J cob V dentine, a }out'? of about fifteen years of age, was brought to my bouse I ?t I 'll, .o .patently blind. He c tiled o*4 me to-iAy, ami? tales that be has In-?u the pslirut ol Dr. J. Ffanchr. whose treat in nt h-?* been the mean*, under God, oiffcstoiiug his sight. J \wES MILNOK, Rector of St. Gcorgek Ohm . h, Beekrnan st. This is to certify that two of my c ildren were afflicted with i diseased eyes for a length of time, one of them y?^aalmost blind ? with nebat is, Covering the sight. Every remedy was resulted \ to with*'it anv rood t ffVct, and d^spaiird of them cv? r hems i recover'*!, ih.-v are now perfectly restored to fl?nt by Dr. J. i Francis* celebrated preparation. ' | DANIEL S. JONES. 4?r? Pearl ftriet. i 1 wn almost blind for twelve re i* and in jive seeks, uu?k*r he ?k<lftu treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per r feeU y g.>d?l and strong. I MARTHA BROWN. ITT F rsytli stm t. , I certify to tho above being atrue statement. GEORGE BENEDICT, Pastor of the Bunion street Ch ?reh. 1 1 was nearly b'ind for twenty y. -if* vvitli arataiact in each I *\e an I from the use ofDr ErincR* wonderful | r .paratiQft lor * that dho w.*, my mi are now perfect! vfycovettd. ! H&8TER JOHNSTON, 4l RWrirfyettreet. We, theundersi.ned, having witnessed fh*fc uttonwhinf cm" cary oi Dr. Francis* |?re|wraliofts lor diseases of the eye, r unhed'atihgly recommend them to the notice of the juldic, as valuable rtineui' a. t L Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of Mel) uigJil st. Church. S H. l-one, Taator of the First Baptist Church. John P?rk. Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jieoh-Brouner, Pastor of the N-^rfh B* tiaf Church. Joseph Amireade, Roman Catholic Ptical of St. PeteT s Church. Nntnerrjns certificates ran he seen at tlie office. Prepare? and sold only bv Dr. J Francis. W Barclay street. New York. Artifissal Eyes inserted, which cannot-be dutinfished from th- natnrw, without giving ?fe slightest P*?n. Dr. J. KfnnrtA r?\'.p< cnuliy loftirm* mis frrcndfl am* tnr mime, f fhst in coin* pirncc of !>?? inert of In- bttgintst, Dr. <#!? tin\, * Mtmb+r'tf tV Noval College of 9ur?cons,(Lou?l'inf anil of thr New York Mnliwl *ncjrty, f as joined him, an I ev?ry confi; drnce ran be ftlafrrd in l?is prof.srional skill tu nn Ocuhat. ' Office li'inrm i'torn 0 A. M., until f>P. M. Jy 10 S?n#c 1 " 1 , I | JEWELRY. - VyXl'l tikis" AND JtWKLKV VF.KY LOW.?The not* ' scrihfcr is aelliuit ail detcriplMina of. (old and silver " Walehca, (old and lilter pencil.i, ijolil chai n, keya, he., at rr1 tail, lower than at any other placr ill the city. Gold H atches Ji a* low aa 3D to J? dollars each. Watch" anil lewelry tachauKrd or bonfht. All Watch" arc warranted to keep (ond time, j or th> money returned. Watcluaaod Clocfca repaired in th? | beat raaaurf, ami warranted, at much leaa ihm the nm il price*, ' hy one of Ac fiueit workmen in the city. U. C. ALLKV ]m. porter of \J itchriaud Jew. Iry >\ hoh sale aud lata I, 111 Wall street, B|j a^aira. jel3 lin*rc [ NOTICES. T VTOTIci?A special mretwtf of ft., gf I. 11 n of th. a-'' Amerie in Paiont Krietinn Matrh Ormrnnv will he held at a ill" I I i;i i(\'? Wao homa 111 Doaloc, .Ml'J'hn ilav the (l?r da ' of July neat, at 9 o'clock 4. .M. A > *tleiid.ui.:i i. rea lUeticd. Per otrlerof thr Direr'sia, r OKI). C. GOODWIN, Secretary. r Bo ton, Jline 27, IRt?. __ j?4 2iv*r pOBPOICATiON NOTICK-rTTtol.'" No.,; i.":. KIO ami, that aisle of proivrty for uncaid tone ,i'l take oiacc " at Public Auction, at fne City HAII of the t'i' of,VeW Yark, on Wednesday, the 2ttth day of M,pr<mbci nr t, at It oVIock. r ooon, and be continued from day to day until th - \ hrjde of ii<! i projicrty ahall be> sold, and th..* the detailed atiternenl oi the C raxtMl, and ppipert. tohc rohl ia I uhlidied in d'? New Fha, a L newaii per printed and pnhll-Vi' in the ritv of New York, ALVRKD A. SMITH, Comptroller. Comptroller's Ofllrc. May "hi. Tgfg. jcV.'i MwtSeptal c ' CAUTION TO INSURERS. * VAKTICHANTS and oiS^n, salin art- in-uit*d in me Hartford L?1 yir*? Imiinnp" ('ompmiy, at H.uUord, arc advi*td drains' ; itHiirin? in (hi* C' The *nH?rriber deems it bis duty to inform the jniHHc he wi? anfoitunstehr innnnd, (vr ralb?r |*M them tlx* pr'minin for in[" ?uriun Inn,) on Ins li.uarv^re. c.oticry and casliw <%, at Detroit. fl mil SBntainiiig sj ' rid yfyj . M ft*. I, 4?>i? lead. iroi . tiC , flim-MM (1. ti ID, Illegal <i|su UcspKiUiis I grout)J, that lli'?- -crfirt. i ">'. NOT HARDWARE,* thinking, |"'|I 'I'iy. ill- v i?c:- .III. , v or dry goods. ir>?] thus triK tli-' pay rneul of o just snd honorable claim against ? tliarm. Merchants m?f nor for themselves, w hellier it ? theii int-rrit to insure in stlrli a r rmp ny or i - To guard \g dnat mistst and as an acr of justice to the " lEt m* and "Frmevtinn'' Fin Insurance ( ompanirt, of ITirtfo-il. the rubacriber feels bn'ttid to add that the atniPe ranttnu liu n. iMilicttioy '.Thitr'cr toijtiirr of those t >rv> nes, but applie. fily to 'The Hcrtlcrd Fire 'n-u-snvj Company.'' of ihirb K rrry ii President, and J unos 0. Holies Secretary. 'r jeC lm*r A. H MgWBOLLD. No. M John at. BE WATCHFUL ' OF VOITR ILEir.Tll. ^ T"kR. BRANDRETII'S Office is now 4JIBowery, having re , * ' inorrd it from 775. Tic ri jticsts his friend* to Be careful ?l Kg" is and imtxsatnr*. who in anriom to d-reite *be uuwaiy I c member Dr. Hran lrr ih'? Office is 471, not 275 Bowery. j r 20 1 m c T 11 If roNRflV I'n'linif Tickle \fa?o-faetii'r?, info'"" ' his I'miuli and the lorer* of anwlihy'l-i hr a fnl! "id (treat variety cl la kle, the prprs to suit the times: there (mi .' hern an nr IV on. Impression spread aorond that I,is articles ' ar.- d-arer thin otlo r store s, he a: ails fiimn If of this ad?rrtisetnetif In s <v ftlot tneh ft not ihc cfs-. 1 - v ill e"iriot?? to J ae'l a - cheap if n ,t ehrsp'r tlnn etft h' purchased rlaciviwrc, snd his I our eypesinre in the linsiro 'S warr-nt* him in saving thai his riclila u made of the best material Hods an.l reels al all piiecs. 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Co., wuild tedp elfnlly ii.Tiaftr r ilwir fiiend. nd fe publi;, that ihey aie preparesj to furnish e limh r of, v ry deac i ti -.'tis rt notice, anil osi as rev iHrthle terms as ?nv es'iiilishtn'hi in the city, it then N-.u ' St im Saw Mill, fo t of F u trenrh -tn ei. N ,ih Itiirr. 3y II lw r 5 pflNSIMNEKIi per British hsrpu < "u?ieis of Arini ii .ni n I,irerpool, will please send their permits on hoard, pier t4 F. R, or to the office of the subscriber wjlhoet delay. A'l goods e not permitted in flpe dgyrs inner nris^y^Md^^srm^io.joshlie ' W HI Booth s?. RK F CORNING, JULY 12, 184: Uoard of SupervUoia. The Maror in theChair?all the Supervisors present, 19. JfLT 11?A hill of the Corouur was presented. Alderman Ditim?There are no committee! to tliia Board? 1 move that the hill lay on the table. Alderman Balis?The Comptroller my* it ia correct. I move it he pai l. I'erhups, however, it tatter he referred to one of the Committee* of the Board of Aldermen. The MaT'Hi -Wu better liavu comtnitteea of ourown. iu.iiiv 11 uvuit lie scul ioioc cuuiisol of the Board and Comptroller. Alderman CaoLirs?The Coroner is anxious to hate hii pay, and I am anxious he should liuvs it. 1 hope it will pass. It w as referred to the Committee of Laws of the Board of Aldermen, with power to direct its being paid. Matob?I have received word that Mr. Kiti-green Hillock. has resigned, ami Mr Charles Stuart appointed (subject to the action of this Board) Deputy Supei nitcndent of Common Schools. 1 have ulwa bill from Mr, Stuart for (67 30 lor expenses and time. Laid, by motion of Mr. Davies, ou the tableMatroa?There are the IkiihIs of two constables of the Sixth ward to ho.approved. Referred to the h inance Committee of the Board of AN del men. Bill of A. M. ('. Sinitli for (II?same referrence. M svoa?Had we nut better start at once on c inmittces of our own IkxI) I You can lurm them yourselves. A h 'ter was read Staling that John t-'rccman hus been selected as a pupil in the Institution for the Blind. A communication v. as received from the Comptroller with an account of the Crier ol the Marine Court (S inon I'. Hull ) from April to July, 7i days, (117. This account is new to me, the Comptroller remarks, and claimeu under a law of 1913. Helen ed to appropriate committee when formed. Billifrcm th? ('o/nplrollsr.?Of M. NJ. Noah, salary of a Judge of the Session, (3000, Jai. Lynch, salary and costs, (4303 41, and -several others. Rceoani.a?T1 at emhraeos bil'l of JulgrsNonh and Lynch. I oiler a resolution, thai they he referred, the nmouni of costs, Jtp., osctrtuined, and a report made so that they can he paid. One of the Aldermen spokeof suits which had heen entered by Judge Lvuch. .Mayor.?Run ho prosecuted the Beard of Supervisors or the Common Council ! 1 have been sued three or four times as Mat or, but w e have been told nut to peyJudgc Lynch, as there are injunctions by which the money is to go another direction. AUIetmnn Ltor-vap.?The Common Council and the Board of Supur.t isors hare both been sued.?Referred. Alderman I.koxard.?I have a number of bills In my hand as chgir nan of the committee. Some of the parties have waited for their money u leug time. Among them one from an \ssistant Alderman, Mr.U'-orge F. Neshit, fur engraving two souls, (&o. Alderman n.v*ias,?I think it ought to take the course w ith the rest. Alderman Pubut?The hills havo been in the hands of the committee about six months. Aldermun Lkojuhd.? Mr. Nor. bit was anxious that I should report this bill- 1 belie',e he has earned his money, and I told him 1 should do my duty in the matter. Alderman Divm thought that us Alderman Leonard tiu.l ,.i,K .1.1... 1 l? ?AI n. i.,.li.i.l..?l 1 ' tint committee, thu bill* ought not lo pats. Alderman Li.c.?Tito seal* arc in u?e, aid the bills ought to lit* paid. A1 letman Jomh.?I think thu I ills ought to be handed up by tlicir titles and referred. Uiil ordered to be paid. , Bill of Mr. Cullender, clerk of ]>olice, for #113,19- This said Alderman l.eonai'd, has alio been in iny hands some time. Ordered to be paid. Mr. StokeW for expenaaa incurred in the purs ii' of sundry fndividuali. It hu< been sworn to by the p, , magistrates. It is for $77,83. The certificate Of Justice Parker Is attached to one of the bills. Mator.?That is the time he liked to have blown up all our plans by his over anxiety. Alderman Lkoxanu.? I move tlsat t1 ubills be paid. Aldemiau Joans.?I hope thcv will not thus be paid. It haabee# u-uul to refer tliern. After remark in opposition to further reference, the motion wa? carried, ami several hills Uuaded up to thu clinlr by Alderman L. M v\ m.? Here are a lot of lulls to be referred, when coumitiees are appointed. This is the day .. hut we should do something about Grand Jurors. Rkc )>n?: p.?Ila l we not better do something about tills Deputy teuperintejidunt of Common Schools. Had we not butter go into that Indole thu Grand Jurors. The 3d and 4th wards supervisors handed in their list of Grand Jurors. Aide, n un would nominate Mr. R. 8. K. r'on for the oilice of Deputy Supcrintcndaut of Common Schools, nominate Win. L. Stone. Maroi.?I will nominato the gentleman unpointed hv theclurk. Mr. Stooo, 1 believe, is now eno of the Commission qra of Common Schools. Alderman Dawks?Ho can lesign, and probably would I do so, were he elecied to this. Alderman I.koiamd.?1 nominate Mr. Ronton because be is thoroughly aci|ua<aU d with our public school", and is the only man who has received a salary from the late eoinroi "doners. lus heart n> bound up in the caiinc, and I propose I him when Mr. Halleck hail I wen appointed. Alili ritau Puapr ?I hall second the motion us to Mr. Sit'art. A vote was taken by hailot, Messrs. Underwood and Lee were appointed tellers. Nineteen ballots were cunt, of which Mi". Stone had 11, Mr. Section 4, Mr. Stuart 4 ?Stone appointed. Alderman B?lis?I o/Ier tho following resolution, and move its adoption ;? Resolvtd, That all power ?r authority which ha* been heretofore copferri .1 upon or delegated io John P. Tme? lell, Thomas 11. Kellinger, and VVillium 1'. \torsc, ascotlectors of arrears of taxes, cither by appointment, watrant, Or otherwise, by this board, or any of the mem hers hereof, lie and the mine is hereby revoked, and that the Comptroller I* directed to give a public notice hereof, and to prohibit all peisons from paying lo the raid John P. TruesdelJ, Thomas U. Kellinger, and William P. Morse, >r either of them, any arrears of taxes which may have heretofore a cruud. Alderman rranv?'We ought first to tee if we have the power to do so. I think the resolution ouglit to be referred. Alderman Balis?'These gentlemen were appointed three years ago. They ?r? holding over, and say they w ill go oh and collect "the taxes jor It?4l. We say they have no right to do so. Br.cosnr.s?It Is a question of some magnitude as to how far the. new appointments shall succeed the w arrants aliealy given. >uron-?-They are appointed by the Common Conncil, I believe. Balis?They are appointed collectors of arrears of taxas, for no particular year or period. Ri.coaor.R?1 ho(ie the resolution will be referred. Alderman Cgouvs?I lioj>e it will be acted upon imrne. liately. My father w as removed at once and Jonatunn I), dtevenson nppointed in his place. He was obliged to refund his ff s for two months, and give up what cost hir.i in immense deal of labor. Alderman*?This takes away none of their legal rights. Mator?We may be acting on a matter which is not legal, and perhaps some little time had betti<r be given To it. Alderman Doiki-The collectors arc appointed for arrears then .due. The old olfieers refuse to give np their situations, tin 1 the Comptroller should be authorised to publish tlitt tliey have no right to collect. AUlermsti Penny?It would be well to have the qncsion definitely settled by a commit'ec. imd their views tip. on It madelinown. Alderman Sikwaiit said he agreed w ith the passage of the resolution. Mator ? I tlo not know on what ere-ml these gentle ] 'i cl;iim to continue iu ollicc. Ukv''>ri>cr?I do not, and my desire for .1 reference ft to that end. Alderman Crolii's?Mr. Miller, of the 9lh ward, was 'he first collector of arrears. When he was removed and Mr. Caldwell put In, Mr. Miller pave up without hrsitati<Ai-so with Mr. Cal lw cll when superseded ?.y my fa'her. Whsn Mr. flteveuMtn was appointed my father rej-.l? ''( ) a little time, but it was not granted. Mima- Whether we pan# a resolution, o,- not, it w ill make 110 difference on the question as to the legal rights of lho?e gentlemen. AL erraao UvnsavrooD?Thcro ia no dispute hut that the Common Ceunril, has control, nor that these gentlemen wi re appointed, and their commissions were afterwords | revoked. The.y hold tinder the warrant! of the 9th of May. Alderman Datias?It was unnsual to give warrants on the Dih of May. I hope the resolution will pass. Msroa? 1 shall vote in the negative, because latent information. Resolution carried, 11 to Alderman Cbouius?I ha> o the old liat of Orand Jurors in my hand, hut am not prepared to offer any nosr. Alderman Joaas? I shall be ready neat meeting. Km move w hen we adjourn that it l?ato Wed. nesday next at fl o'clock. Amended hy Alderman of the Hth Ward to Thursday.? Carried. Spvi ral lists of Grand Jurors were handed up. lln. mira -Shall we not proceed with the apjiointment of the eommitti cs / One of lie - member moved that the mayor appoint them, agrv My :o 'landing 1 vsolution. Msraa?I do not know that that resolution is binding} the Board it ad better appoint its hwt? committees. It was decided that the Mayor should appoint, and be ready for next meeting. Al I erman Raits?The stn'nte provides that at (he first mooting of the llmrd, a ehairmnn shall he selectsd. It hut been omitted heretofore. I move that wago Into tha appointment! Matob?Id h? been moved and seconded that the Board go Into the election of a chai' Aide man Poser?I hellirr r that the stntnte allows it, but fheortctg having now taken his seat, 1 think it is unnecessary. Msror ?Op, that does not follow . It has been the rut om ie Vow i'ork the' the Mayor Should preside, and In Ms absence, (that tha Racwder should, (such, how ever, hTP >t been according to stn'nte, hnt gr^w Out of n-age. Aldermen ri ser?liiominste Robert!!. Morris. Alder-nan Bii.fs?I nominnte Frederick A. 7 tl ma.lge. The Mavnr declined rating. Alderman nird? said he 'inped he I 11 not he e*? "re''. Tin Mayor r. plied, be .i ll 1 oh- in'd the matter hv voting Msnlt. The hatlnfc were takmr by the sergi nnt-af-n. ms, and onnteil hv Messrs. Underwoosl snd, te'le-s, whin here ware 1 for Frederick A. Tallmadgej 8 lor Robt. H. .Morris, blank I, and C. Balls .1. Msroa ?There is no etretfon. rt requires ten. Ocntlcmen will klen?e prepare their ballots. Rr.roiosal-U gentlemen would eanafder how irtronsjsterif the situation 1 hold would he to performing these [ERA 2. duties, they would excuse me from I wing a candidate, i audi hope they will do so. A s-co:id ballot was taken, when Iloht. II. Morris had 8 votes, Calviu Kilts t?. Frederick A. Tallmadge I, and blank 1. M i voit?No election. Gentlemen, please prepare their ballots. K?> jrth ballot?Ilohcrt 11. Morris 7, Calwu Halm 13, blank J. I ali in ljslis whs declared to be elected. Alderman IL?li? w as then calleil to the chair by tba | Mayor, who retired, and the Hoard adjourned to Thursday ; next. City* Intelligence. Rcvoltixo morning a man who says bis name is lost pit Stratton, a baker by trade, and w ho resides at 103 Bedford street, entered the t'oroner's office in the Tombs, and Informed Mr. Mllliketi, the Deputy Coroner, that hi* wife bad murdered her infant child aped three months, on Thursday last, by throwing it into the sink in the rear of Iris premise* and forcing it down v, ith the cistern pole until life became extinct. The statement seemed so improbable that at first it was considered that the man was insane, but tt|>on hi* re-assni mg Mr. Millikctt of the truth, of his assertions, and also that he had taken his wife to the house of one of his relatives ui West* Chester county, uttd that his brother had since advised him to reveal the murder to the public authorities, and thus prevent his arrest us an accessory after the fact, he una taken before Justice Merritt and committed as n w itness against his wife. Deputy Coroner Miilikcn then immediately proceeded to the place where the child w as said to ' have been luft by the guilty and-unnatural mother, when the body of aline ami to all appearancesformerly healthy 1 infant was found as stated by Stratum. I)r. Archer the coroner, immediate!) ordered a w arrant to be issued blithe artist of the mother, and officers were dispatched last evening for Ik at purpose. No cause is atti tinted for till* revolting uct, which is certainly the most atrocious of any that our city has been the scene offer many years. Chotom Wxtkh UriT.?We perceived yesterday a spring water curt drawn thiettgli our strei'ts with the ' follow tug label painted on the cask :?" Spring Watar su periorto C'rotou lor Health." Owisr.ns ate w anted at the Lower I'olior Office for o ail ver patent lever watch, made by \\ tlliamti, of Liverpool, | No. 119. AUo, a black aud a iilue overcoat, with vols ct collais, and an olive color, d cloth cloak, with f ir collar, supposed to have been stolen. Apply to otiirer* Bowycr ami McOrath. Some difficult)' ?n? experienced by these officer* in obtaining the above goods from the t aw broker'* establishment w here they bail been left bv the thief, ami it it occur* again the n it me of the gintleniuu Mill lie served tip for the public benefit. Sivij Stun Status I'hison.?From Deputy Sheriff A.M. Smith, we learn that there uiu now confined in thi ahov c named prison, *51 males and 70 females, 14 of whom will be discharged this month, and among them two Jul i. Smith*, one of uhom has previously served (Ire ) eai*. Jamuc McFull, who was sentenced oh the 1'Jtli of Juiiuuri IS39, for three jear* and nine month* on conviction of burglary, has been pardoned, but is unable to Ircvc 'In prison, he being in the last stage of consumption. f.din Ward, whose term expires on tiie lAth in?t. died lost week. The convicts "are extreme!) health), there being but five mi the sick list among H'Jl w ho are confine,) within its walls. Kukhkiit ox thu Fourth.?On the till instant, while Mr. James Ilcancy, of 4t Washington street, w as asleep, his |*>ckets were relieved of $130 in gold and sib cr com, and $-fOO in Central Rail lfoad Bank notes of Georgia. Officers Welch and lluthwaite yesterday arrested a niiitt nunied John Mnhar, a pedlar by occupation, who was stisported of having some know ledge of the business, and on u. arching bis trunk the whole amount, with thuexaoiaiou ol u few dollars, wua found iu his possession. Since coinmining the robbery, he lias taken unto himself a " better half,"mi.i paid the priest with $4 of thu stolen money. She w ill now be enabled to obtain a bill of divorce froui her guilt) husband. He was fully committed for trial. General Sessions. Before bis honor Recorder Tnllmndge, Judge Noah, anil Alderman Leon ai d. William Siials.r, Esq., Acting District Attorney. Monday, July II.? At the opening of the Court, John Mitchell was tried (or an assault mid battery on Dennis Driscol, on tin; 123d of Muy last. The tow commenced w ith the wive* of the two parties and ended with the principal*. The witnesses so mystified the ntliay.tliat the jury brought in a verdict of not guilty, and John Mitchell waa discharged. StnlcnceH.?Catherine Riley, alia* Mclnt) re, pleaded guilty to stealing a uuanlity of clothing from her employer, Wm. B. Douglity, ol 104 Third avenuo, w hile a servant in his family -, nn.t ou account of her previous good character uttd the length of time she has already been routined in pi ison, the Court sentenced her to twenty days in the city prison. jilltuipttii Hurfliry.?A young Englishman named John Taylor, aged l!? years, a mat maker by trade, was tried on h churge uf buiglary in the third degree, in attempting to enter the distillery of Charles Be) mottr, 173 Wes* 10 ii-street, on the 17lh ot May last. He had been previously ?c-a-H attempting toforceone of the wiadowt ..pen to obtain admission, and on the night of the 9th, w as crawling into the window when ho was knocked down by a person who was on the wa'rh, and escaped, leaving his hat and boot* in the yard He was caught the next Monday, and recognised as the burglar. The jury found him null v. and the Court sentenced him to three \eare in he Htst? i'rimn. The Recorder then staled that a* thi? w?* the day cf meeting ol the Board qfAupt-rvisor*, he wa? compelled to attend in liia o ftt el*Pflnwray a* a m?|ithcr of tlio Board, and owing to the nt|ir#i<.'%f Judge Ljnrh, the Court wouldth?'iefore he coVoju lied'to adjourn uutil Tuetda) morning at II u'elorU. \Vaahlii)(toii, [Conrsiiondeiicc of the II. raid.1 WjtsniN(jToi?, July 10, 1*42. A Ifcw Field for (he Pletnrcsqiic, ahoald there be n Sew Dr. Syntax In (he fieldhovers' Mettlngn?-Benatlra from Italy, Spain, America, and Rise** here?a Temporary Change of Presidency at the Whltr Home, but neither Wrought by Bolts nor his Itnpcaehmcnl, if there bcasy l)r Syntax lierenbout with o taste fur the |iioMirorijue, he need uot iravel in scutch ot it away from Lome. It starts up to the eye everywhere in thin neighborhood, (feorpetown heights arc for it ; hut in the President's garden yesterday, nt fh'- mhsie, we were fascinated with one or two specimens' of it, which would form delightful studies. There was a full view of the Capitol through the trees at ft point in one alley, and a glimpse tp another of those ol the columns of the new Treasury buildings which ure attached ; not its the dhwn-caster said, to the j izurro in front, hut to the j'urtorico behind, either of which seen** ..... ...?rtlw nf t),? ,r,.vct otflnd u.1 i.f We thought we were by ourselves there, ay we were revelling tn one of these engaging proepecte, when our attention was another, closer ot hand, but by no meurts has intcret ting. It wavlliu lUiexpect .'tl meeting of ucertain young ladv of with a gentleman from -?, who. rn a tit of despair, hu<! withdrawn hin>elf to cure, wfuf, till that moment had appeared to him n hopeiew passion ; but, poor fellow, lie had experienced the truth bo quaintly told by an ancient British b.ard Short aim ncr hurt him mora Anil rnmle hi* wound far greater than Lcf>ra . not long rmuigh to root out quite All loro, luereare* lure at second light. And we predict, from what we witnessed, that lie in destined to reap the re nrd of his in voluntary devotednesn; of which, ere long, we anticipate the formal iirarhtmntion in some of fho?e mysterious little invitations for an evening party, with white ribbons to the seals, announcing heart* surrendered, and often proving die harbingers of mischief to many more* ye.t think themselves rofiqtirst-proof. In the I.iet register of our rambles, we dwelt upon the in'erest exerted br 'be first letter?<l the alphabet, but to-day|th? seeoad mine ont in no lirtle strength. There whs the beautiful iMrs B*""\ of Georgetown, with her ambassador husband, giving dignity I and grace jo the scene? And theijr was " the ureal Globe itself," the arch nnd intelligent Miss li****. The lovely Italian Countess, who is now Mrs. atttractcd no slight admiration The ftpanish wife of the late Minister to ?p?in, nobly upheld nt our court gnrden, her own native land's renown for beauty. And Mr-. 1< * * *** , and Miss V** \**?, most worthily iwpresetited some of the American branches of the same family. We mi?Mr! from th" patties, the ever welcome presence of Mrs. Robert Tyler. Her health lias wiibdrnwn her for tlu- summer to her lather's abode in Pennsylvania. In her plare stood Mrs. Temple, with all the blended loftiness and loveliness which Pettrieh has admirably copied in his often praised ha % rc/ief ? ' t '* t f UA-1JIX.LJLJ 11-. --JX , , . . tr LD. Price Tiro Cents, aha i? of the beet blood, yet bolters it With all th< g> aces of en excellent f;>irit :J MilJ the iviaut rose, end innocent As when heaven lent her u?; lit r raind, iU w ill At face, it vet a neredlte untainted With blemishes. Soni"' one by onr ride remarked that her vj.'tt, which in t? he brief, will lie tuccrrdtJ by one from her hitter. Mm. Waller, of whom we so frequently discoursed ere she changed her naine. The excellent lady of the President, eat near her daughter, in tin- door way leading out into the poiti. co, though still, to the regret ol all who can appreciate worth and ainiablencas,?too much the invalid, personally to dispense hospitalities, where, onerous though t. ey niubt be, I out the multitudinous claims, they are ever tendered with alacrity. The sprightly Miss )< **** , hating newly arrived, was with her ftiends, the c\er interesting M l . oe lk IPSrn u. !~ofl?by way of digression?there goes . A hint to you, my friend. ' ll our affections cannot bo compelled Our actions may." The weutlcr put on it- sweetest em lie just in time for the music, and wc have seldom seen u mote numerous nssemhlng \ and among them, more beauty of every station?nor, indeed, more ot what are coifed the'high aristocracy. Of course, such a crowd will contain some of all s<nt3; and we chanced to stop among u gioupe of snurters who were gazing up at the White House just as the air ol dismissal w;as phi) ing by the bund : and heard various lamentations over theomist-ion of Mr. liotts to get John Tyler dltmimd front tii -1 u prern? rule, us it was reported he meant to do thut morning. Shreds and putchen of newf|>aper abute were echoed hack, tftid forth with fluency and exultation ; and v the l'rctident stood, untouched and unmoved, chatting' urd laughing among his visiters, it occurred foup how he and others, wdio are rirniiarlv beset, mid hiuckened I y envy, might at'opt the following extraf' from I en Johnson, with which we will take have.of .tie &r>unds and of our remans? till ncxi time; so, here they are : They talk, a* they aie wrvnt, not as 1 merit : 'irj'lui t by cust-ie, lis must dogs do bark ; Da nothing out of j.uguu ut, bui disease ; Speak ill, oecause tl.ey aevex could sp? ak well: And who'd be augi y wilh these lace of creatures' What wee physic an hnvc we ever wen, Mov'd with a frantic man I The lame effects That lie doth bear to hi* kick patient, Should a right mind curry to such u* these : And I do count it a most rare revenge, That 1 can do thus- with such a swset neglect, l'luck from thetn all the pleasure ot their malice, Kor that's the mark of all their ingenious drifts, To wound my patience, howsoe'er they srem To aim at othur objects : which, if miss'd, Their envy :s like an arrow, shot upright, That, in the fall, endangers their own heads." Hoc ton. [Correspondence of the Ilcruld.] Eostom, July 9, 4 o'clock, P. M. Great Travelling to and from thr Kant until?Straw boat Competition?1 re spier am /.WoOfisin..' *r Mr. Redding, the enterprising agent of the II raid?Slock and ether Mark* t.?Ex<hai.h i, qrc. The travelling to and from Boston at this ,:nv jqunl, if indeed it does not exceed all former pu cedent. Especially is this the cane in regard to arrivals from and departures for .he cart. This U partly owing to the extreme cheapi. esof fares, and partly to the fact that people have not much else to do ? There are two lines of steamers now between this city and Buttgor, Me., which ( au-? this cheapness. One line, which is the old line, runs three bouts, and the new or " Independent Line," but one, to wit:? the steamer Telegraph, which is owned in New York, and commanded by that popular commander on the eastern routes, Eapt. S. H. Howes. The Telegraph, lam told, gets a majority of the p&et enters. She left last evening with about five hundred. There ia no great news here to-day, and 1 w ill proceed to give you the state of the stock and otfier markets, after saying a few words in favor 01 your ,*>pulnr agent here, Mr. Geo. W. Bedding. He has one of the finest eKtiiblii-hitienls in I'ncle Snm's dominions, and the way the Heralds go of Bftrr the irrival of the mails, is a caution to some other papers I know of. lie has a splendid store, a first rate situ.itinn on State street, in the very centre of ihe iiuwnessand bustle of the city ; is ugent for the pertcdiCalsof this and other countries, and what is of equal mportance in this warm weaiher, has the best syups, and soda and tnead. to be found in the city ? I have said thus much in justice to an enterprising and deserving voung man. wi.,. f " a..11 ~-a )u , .L.?? Q.V. i.?I Iiavr changed hands during the week. Florida, /nod q utility, brought 8 I-2d per lb. 6 months. The *nlcs of Codfish have been light, at old prices. Vfurkere!, 2'sund 3V, are held at ?8 and $4,50 per iibl utid but few have yet arrived. In the Flour market there is little change, nnd the supply in imnle. Generce stand* at #6 n for common, i n<i !jj;h,12 n <j>6,18for fancy brunds, ca?h. 200 bbla. FredericktboTg, extra Eagle brand, eold for per >bl., cash. There has been but little variation in the prices of grain. Southern yclb w, Hat, stands at ?!) a til) cents, and white 56 a f>7 cants Bill* on London, 60 days, 7 a 7 3-4 per cent prem.; France, 6f. 36 a 31". *42; Holland, fW per gilder; Hamburgh, 36 per M. B.; New York at par. Philnlelphin, do a l-K discount; Baltimore, do do; Charleston, 1 1-2 a 1 1-8; New Orleans. 3 a 7: Savannah, 2 a 2 ! 2. The sales nr the Ptock Exchange this d?y, were i? follows:?30 shares Boston and Worcester Bail I'c,. d si!) 1-2 ii 9 3-1 advance ; 20 do. Providence Hull iioad, 88 ; lido Western ]i ail Road, 65 1-2; 10 do Chat lest'vvn Branch, B9 3-4 a 621-2; JO do Knst Is .ton Fcrrv Company, I 3-4; 10 do New 'pgland B?nk, % 3-4; II) do Cnilcd Slates l and Company, 4 1-4 a ft. Yours, \*c. 11. T?k Late Gkm ip s Ai r of Fanny Br.sst.EX.? We puhliaii with pleasure ihe following letter from Md'ilc I'annv Els b r, 111 .1 the public mar we thnt she has honorably fulfilled her part?it no w remains for th<-o vho have so gen-routly undertaken this iicrsaverc till success crown their hopee. This is the last net of Md'lle Fanny, in the l\ States, and it i.) every way worthy ot her. To Miwrs. Pifii.ii' H', <tco. P. Morris and Thomas Barky :? t-jkmi.kul'n : I liHve been informed that you have very kindly consented to take charge of ihe various kutiia coleeted in behalf of the " Theatrical Fund _ of New York." The ready zeal and generous indifference /nu di-play lor the troubleattd responsibility of such t oburge, entities you, not alone to the grateful hunks of the recipients of this bounty, but to the sport of nil friends ol |>liilitntH?phy. Pet in it me ' > make my humble contribution, the net proceed" >f last night's benefit at tftc I'ark Then, re, to this vcrlhy object, pith the erpreaeion of my ardent hope mat IIlia Institution will grow i,nd prosper like n goodly tree, and that hnngr* thousand! ?uay partake ol the fr"tt# thereof. Keepertftally yonro, Fa nVY Et.? : i n. New York, Tnly 2,1^12. Oj.d Wcarrr .?Lieehr old women arc to young onra what rn?san* aw to fresh grapes. flrrvtm at Roenwrrn.-'J here was a terrihle thunder nnd lightning storm at Imehesrer laaf Friday. Mrs Keaeler war kilted by the lightning , Two minhti.m iyiilck ?v Liou.wtwo.?On Sunday *a?t, says the Stamford Advocate, a thundei-holt fell upen ho Church in North Stamford, at the moment the Iter. Mr. Fuller, aaaivtril |>jr the Her. Mr. Buffet, ? n wringthe Sari anient to hia people. The electric fluid entered the chimney of the building, followed ths Move uipe down to elbow, nearly over the aiale, when the ptpe waa hurt!, and both of ?h- Rrverned gentlemen wore stricken to the floor?no other imllv (dual* Iff fh( ron* re ' ation were injured. Mr. Boiler noon recovered from '.'to vhoek, hut it wu tome time liefere Mr. Pullet tahihilad any signs of life. Ha ia now- doing well. nunkmpia. SOUTHERN DfiTRirT or NEW YORK. Int. r n.n v?.. v.?L Soi.temher I. Henry W. HtfTK.-St* YoVk. September 1. John Mephorrron, Net# Vork, Srjttinher I. Daniel S. Hmhh,!f?w forli, Wrpfemher 1. Dunbar 3. Dyren. New Vcrlt, September I. "William L. .Northern, N^w York, September 1. (leor*e W. 8?'i!e, Ve* Ye.k.SeptrmNT I. Win. < . (Jir'ner, N^w Yo'k, Hept.*.:>er I. Bmhrod Wxtfor, Vork, Seniemb r I. N Q'lerki-'iliwth. W ^lianu' ?<Kfa. S, p- mber I. JntrJi ?!. ? olcmn.., Kiidfwn, bi1. It - i nriUr, Bruokl) r, emptcmUt f. Court tnltttar. Thl? Oar* Corat or C ommon Paraa.?Mo*. 31, <1, 194, 140, 157Chktit COvst.?No*. 51, 70, 77, 7?, *>3. n, ?S, 9?,loi, 104, 106, JO, <0, H7( 35, ? . h7, SI. 1"? * 110 IS, *0, )1? 110, 190

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