Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Temmuz 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Temmuz 1842 Page 1
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TH Vol. VIII.?No. IU1 - 'Whole No. 34)44 RATL^ADS^ STEAM BOATS. pom Kir(> v ~c (vs ALBANY. BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. RailroaiU 10 aud trom Albany and Buffalo, ami the intermediate places, for FORWARDING, at low rates, w ith the utnio.t speed, regularity and safety, choice liooda, Specie, U uik Nntrs, Iui|K>rtaiit I'aperr and Valuable Packugi ??Will ulli nil to the negotiation, transfer, collection or pawm-ut of Bills of K.fhanse, Notes, Drift., Acceptance*, Account., (Itr., at reasonable per rentage?-execute order, for lite purchase or talc .1 f Mco IimuIup, I'roducu ami Maiiiifaclurrd Article* of every disruption, persotudly, in tin tstar 11* on their route, through \l.un. IIARNDEN & CO'S EXPRESS to New York aud Boston, and Men. HAWLEY fc CO.'S EXPRESS to and fnitn Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit ami Chicago and intermediate places?forming at once the most direct, *|vcdy and |a-ifect ronununicaliou to and from the eastern and western Ciller, fur the negotiation and transaction of all inercanlile aud professional buiisicu, remittance*, exchanges &c. References?Kruln* Coming, Thomas W. Olcolt, Walt* Hheriiian, A. D. Patchiu, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olrotl. Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Rarkn* 8t ILiwhy ITtica : T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. (J. Smith, Auburn; J. Fargo, Oeuera ; J. <i. Stephen!, Caiiatiiblgua : David Hoyt, Rochester; John McKuuster, Lockporl; J. A. Claik, Batavia ; Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POME ROY it CO", No. 6 Exchange Buildings, Albany, all I Wall * treat, New York. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE For tlte Tr.tu?|airtation of Onnds between Pliiladelphia aud Pitta burg. mwm Tlii? improvement in transportation alfoids to Western .Merchants iH-ciiliar advantages. Tin- goods Im in? cap-fully |>acked III tlx- In 1,1 u at our warehouse, No. Jfi.1 Market street, are carried oyer till- Columbia ami Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and crews art- employed, who take charge if the goods at Philadelphia, and continue wiih Rietn the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability oi'lota belli? separated on the way. N. U.?r.ia?t??cra forwarded t* Pitta burl and Pottaiille, every day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, Agent, alJJtn* 7 Washington street. VHK1UUT ANJD PASSAUK TO PITTS^ BURG. mist ?#t*a BIND TTA.M hi I, IN FT The proprietors of Biliglum's Transportation Line tc Pittsburg, give notice to the .Merchants of New York, and all other iwraoiia shipping to th? West, their line ? now iu active oj* ration (j.-.ods ornsigneil to lliem (or scut to go iu their line,) will be forwarded with despatch. Owners or shippers of goo-Is, destined for the Western Slates, who have no agent or consignee at Pittsburg, will ph ase consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, w ho will attend to snipping all such coujiguineuts without delay. All goods should bo marked distinctly on eacn package BINOflAM'S LINE. For ales of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply o WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opi?>site Pit r No. 2, N. R. , N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to 11. Crooks, American Fnr Co. ; S. T. Nicoll, Front street : Phelps, Dodge St Co., Fulton street; Suyiluip, Sage It Co i Win. Rankin, Duryee at Co, Newark. mt; Jin RAIL ROAD -ALBANY AND SARATOGA. Traveller! to Saratoga Springs, Lake (Je< rer, VVhitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they wi(T insure to themselves an expeditious and pleasant t ouyeyanci- to the Springs by taking the Hail Rm I cars at Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga, At 6 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M " 9 " " " " " " 3 " P. M. I " 3? " T. M. There ia no change of (loaches or Baggage Wagons, or shift a UK w. i hhii uur ovcninnoai iu wiuiiicr on mis n?uw. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, will find stage coaches in readiness to convey them to Lake George and Whitehall on Lnk?^ Cham plain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Eastern Stage rOQtCfl. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afternoon train from Albany,) leav. s Saratov i at 'j o'clock A. M. arrives at Whitehall in tune for the departure of the Champlain steamboat of same day , and brings eastern trav Hers to Rutland, Vt early in the ? VCXUDg* N. H. There arc baggage VI Igont alWtTS in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of tlie steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and from the depot and steamboat at the rate of H cents per trunk or package, or ct nr x forordinar) triTt lling baggage. The depirtures for the west are filed for the season at 7>a I o'clock, A. M. and 7 !\ M. JOHN COSTIUAN, Superintendent. \lhanv, June ?7th, U1 12. j? 27 SilD r RAILROAD N< rriCE. MARKET AND VRKIOHT LINK. f|'llK NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation Com* I- paiiy have established a Freight Line between NewJ Brunswick and New York, which they intend to ruu ptrinaBHd%T? Leaving New Brunswick at ^ A. M. daily, (Sundays excepted) aud the font of Liber tyntreet, New York, at P. M. To country dealers and fnein.mU the above line is very desirable for the speedy ami cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and - Dealers in Lire Stock, who can have 150 beadof cattle conveyelbeiwitu New Uiuiuwick and New York, the same day whenever required. The rites for the transportation of rattle, horses, mules, ah , , b ? . ikr. Mid -II ..ti,, , k m u:i rchaudisc are very low, never exceeding steamhont prices. Merchandise sent by this line is uot subject to any extra charge in crossing the North River. The Company have fitted np a Urge storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining the Railroad Depot, which will always keopen fin the reception of iftcichatidise. IWfonipers purchasing their tickets at the ticket offices, will receive ferry tickets gratis. K" Freight for Newark, Elixabethtown, Rahway, Wotfield, rtainfield, Scotch Plains, Bonndhrook and Somen ille, is conveyed by the shove lint a, gad delivered the mmm dei n m a received. ml4 3ut* . rL.\ in | \\ MOI sK. L ?ng 11 m< It, Rumson, fcv g ;Jv Brown's Dock, Middletown, Katmitown Dock jumSSmkLand Red Bank, 8hn wsbturv.?The itcamboai lOLAS. ('aptatu Allaire, will leave New York fi m Pal ton Market Slip, East River,ever) morning at 8 oYlork lor Red It mk, (except Thtir ua , nu wtiich day tin boat goes to Eitoo* tow ii (rock.) Returning, will leave at I o'clock each day. The lolaa will run as above, navigation aad woathei permit" ting, until further notice. All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. I.* u iii* zi, i it i c. uptime <xw*tt /*a cjbex? ex< ur8ion t.? t?.. FUhtuf ft 3S&3*B*nlli, c*rn day, fiffjit Tuesdays ana Fnf gp '- ?Fare 2/I rents earn way?Tin- steamer NAPOLEON, ( ?i'i. H incot, will ran regularly lotto above place every^ fair day, and leave as follows? Knot of Hammond street at 9 o'clock. Canal *tie? t quarter past 9. M arket sir* * r half pant 9, * 'atharine ferry Brooklyn 9^, pier No. I North river at IM <?'cl"? k. On Tuesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steamboat <?? iiem! Jaekson will eontinue to run to the same plaee every oilier day in tie* week)?md leave as f\dIowa?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, < anal street at a quarter past 2, Pike street 2A?,. nier n?? I at :t o'cloek?Fare 'It ceiitaearh way. Th* ho it wilt remain at Coney Island one bour and a half, and arrive in New V?vk by 7 o'cloek. tailoring. removal. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT, U removed from 145 Srtwdw.v to No. 7 Astor Iloixe. economy in gentlemen's dress. (iarmeiits of a most Klegantand Fashimtable kind i\ a saving of hi inbi i ml for c isli, ^plIE advrrti*er deems it unnecessary to revolt t) the U .rkl mydi *??n ..i giving a list of nominal prices, pre* ml us that i be leiia*n f tim? b? baa beeu caublisiied, togeih r with tl?e extensive patronage bestowed on mm, win piova * suin ru nt votn brr lor Ins capabilities. I'nwatinv the advantage n| In inw eoiim ted w ith ir **unsi\ * clof!? r i'ahlishni* nt in Kur?|?e lu ui id? lit t issi ts that ? in fttini 1 1 ' tbea v?hi* h, on < inp*r?? n, will K l ?ml lower thin any other h Use making up the best descriptions iii'tr* utlerneii's dress. nr. i In * PHILLIPS. 7 Astor Home, Broadway martin's Cfiali Tnllorlnjg Estahllshmcnt, T< Hrm^reti to DM William street, orner rf Jinn street. rpHE subscriber, in announcing the above to* bis friends and L the public in general, takes lcar? to return thanks for the liberol patranigw bestowed on him at hi* farmer place of hindami *?*ofp. Ihrin t!i?t -?Tcrv *rH< Ir nrd?r-,|,,( him aliall. Ill irlofore, ! c.-t,", ami triniip, <1 in tin iirai< ?l ami w<'?t stylish irsnnfi I lie material^ ?!> newest and best iu die mark* t and at # v sitm s*vi iff P per cent. Ltian^crt are requested local inn examine. (rentlefftcn r ho | refer purchasing thrirnw* e!?fh Ike., ran have them mada and trimm d in th* tyl that ha n en such m 11 s i ac 11 " Ks garment warranted to fif, and trade by ire bi rt v rkrren at the following prices, ?it.:? Drr?? Coif $7 AO to fit 30 Ktock Co it, A no to 0 5, PoiOi .nil Vr?U I 73 to , 00 Ovrr Cost* y 0 UO lo 11 (?) |f?n>4<hi'ii, iT leeeiMrv, in 24 injurs, mil imo Wl( H AKI, E. MARTIN. RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. rpUR Subscriber, with a view of DirninK ik flitof I the time*. has made amusementswhereby In wi:l h ncefort ! be enabled i *? furnish garments of the \ rry best unlit \ .at iving from former chara a. Harinj made ma j..p? ms? -i etcltiaively f??r c.i?h, he it de?<ni?in? d In <:mn|>ele v if!. i Ik ?pest (?>iithe reul. moi >r n< i| Ironl ) while I e l?|f ?l.. s liii?? - If t ? cmilivttvf- lh?* ahnic no*t . \ hiht o| elegance nil'I I'liin*in'ji'N which for the Ir fifteen \? in In? characterized III* e-.tabli*hin? tit. Hentlcmen are referred to the aitneted li,? "f prices, with the assurance that the article, nunn :atcri kit ?ll be ( i]iiaI hi ?(uriity and style to the m<??t cosily. |)m >? coat* ol fciyn r wool dyed clot lis, from $18 to 21. I'ants, no do rtssinn rc, 8 to 10. Vests, of ever V l**hi?Mi *h|r variety, ;i ',0 to 5 50. nth in ii \ri sliin^ t Iniui-4h thrirown mat* ri*h r in have tb ir x irmcnt.. made .?n?l trimmed in th? *.tine it> lc of tl?g.'ace, injmmortioti t?? the above. dr. n ' ' able cutters, continues in the e*tihli?hincnf. CHAS. COX. Sign of the Golden Fleece, j. 2.1 lm in Gl Nan.-ui sin to, near Maiden lane. SHIRTS. CHIRTS trvl.. t/> Old I flrr lli? mii'I ,|i|>rnri'I Kfnrh 1 i . j . > (Jurin' iii^ uf *1! il-v niHi -a, m?il? to on1' i 'i H'? ?h?i initio*. I.'. imii'.Ku i.'toc Krorr ST and #9 Maiilrn l?ii?, eorn.r of W illimn ?irf?t. Jr",? lm* WILLIAM COLLINB. E NE N X / // //A ^"GRFO/lt, / ,Jhc^. I / w* 0 / vf / WATERING PLACES, &C. SHARON SPRINGS. rPlIK TAVILLION.?TI?U new commodious Hotel will We A o|?eu for the reception of visitors 011 and after the first ol June next, at the TJlilff of 81*11 Spring*, kMnM County, New York. The clear pare water of the springs, greatly resembling those of the white sulphur springs of \ irgini.i, have been proved to be highly efficacioui in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Billions and Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Frutuadas, Salt rlonm, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and g'tieral ilenility, and iu many uthcr rnsiiectx, |*?s*es* (as cerfifieiF by souir of (In most eminent mcdivai professors in the United States) medicinal and Itealiim properties omurprti.sed, and believed to be uucquailed by any in this country. Added to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villa*#*, extensive views, neighboring caves ant! romantic scenery are among the many at tractions ofiered to these seeking in the beat of summer,either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hour* ride froi 1 Sarntoca, Troy, Albany. 6c., rnd are arcessablc from tUuaioliarie mi the Albany anu Utica railroad, where carriages dsily await the arrival tors to the Springs, a distance of about eight mile*. arriving in lime for dinner; also by die Albany and Clierry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-five mile* weal of the city of Albany. Warm, coin and shower Baths furnished at all times, either of .h , mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors wprrihle. An abiindanre of the mi rest mountain si?riiic Ire is stored foi th? season. (v \V. B. (JEDNKY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the recent ion ol visitors, and combining all the advantages of this dciiuhtftil summet resident*. JOHN V. KTTEN. alt 10 w 2 taw ?r CATS KILL MOUNTAIN HOUSE. AT THE PINE OR( HAKD.-I812. r|MIIS romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted durI iug the present ason under the direction and supcrinteu?l ?!?? . ,>i tho ?bscrilir. It undergone complete and thorough repair, and is n?w open for flie reception of visitors. No effort will l?e spared to nviint tin the deservedly high character which it 11is heretofore icouired. As heretofore, it* tables will ho furnished with every delicacy that the New Vork intrket ran afford; and every possible attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its pairous will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to tliis establishment and especially that pirtofit on the mountain, lias been remlered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. h. Beach k Co.'s excellent lint of stages will run as heretofore regularly between the landing and the .Mountain House, ou the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. Jtm? 11th, 1812. jelilmr BATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well known boarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvement*, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosue* upon the mar/in of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season. The great extent of private beach on this shore?ibe perfect security in bsthing, even for ladies and children, (rhe bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? tlie shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding conutr/?the excellent fishing grounds and othci sources of healthful recreation and amusement?the beautiful view of the Ail n*.ic ocean and the lower bay, almost sonstaiitly enlivened by numerous vrssebt arriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev.ry res|?ect unequalled by any ill the vicinity. Its accommodations are ample, (be rooms airy and (lie temperature. even in the wannest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but niue miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accoinmodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted aa a residence for geml'men of busii: ss in New York. jel2Zm?r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor I1EDKOHD MIN'RAL SPRINGS?This well known water ' i?k pi v r, mmi iced in tsniioril Uflunty, rcniisylvanift, it now Ojwu for tin* reception of Tilt tort. To those who h*ve never visited tlic 8prints, it may be necet r. tlw\ arc sifinfni nr ir the gn if WrstTn l"?iri?oilre, which pastes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to rifuhtiruh, a few miles rut of the chief elevation of the Allegheny Mountains. F.vrry thing hat hem provided tt this watering place to render a sojourn plc iouit to those who arc seeking health or enjoyment. \ nt w.ll Poind hinted : ? .til intc**. ind i k<" I hi .<1 of irtisie will he in attendance. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last MMsoni. will hnluce the renewed ? xertions the coiniur season. June 10th, 1IU2. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jr20eod lir.r _ Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, l?ORMERI.Y HKNSII WV'S, .t Urns Branch.?This pi" tensive and delightful Spa Bathing buhl' .hincnt will be opened!by tin- subscriber oil the 27th June, lints At* He l?egs rp.|? ptf.illy to inform it* foimPt iwtrona .nil the pnblic.that considerable additions end ellerslions, eiirrraain; thp comfort*, have been made since laat year, and will be in complete readlne?. I'or their accommodation. _ Wiihiaito be aa reaaonable ? the timei will afford, the board will be *even dollar, per week as lut year, inatead of ten dollar. a. formerly. Children ofa certain age and (errant* half iiriee. Ilone. full fen. $1,50. He lio|*. br may ?ay wiihnnt imputation, that liia table and aecommodition. will be equal lo any on Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room,will find accommodating trrma. jp? im'r JAMES OBEEN. BOARDING. _ AT DEAL. MONMOUTH, CO. N. J. I . ? HANKINSON re.nectfully inform. liia friend. J and the public that he ha. titled up in the beat Itl le the hou.p .ormerly occupied by Jaeob Corlrs, at the above it I"n" I aitnation ?n the art roaat, about 7 mifp. from ir' * fourtpen from llirstown. Btagc* paw through and tro to meet the Philadelphia can. The term, of board will r found very moderate. Also, .tabling, fcc, lor horse*, on very reaaonable terms. . jdrdge, himself that no effort of hi. will be wanting to render I hoe who patrnniee him comfortable, and that liia house wrill hp round equal to any along ihe poaal. jeKI Im r j>T+k UAOHANOK HOTEL, Bull'. Kerry. New Jersey. foiM r in"1" romnnlie summer irtreat ia in fitli ?**" ]>**, Well atocb..l wuh fruit and llowrn, aud above ill a hue kitchen garden. The l?r i. well .applied with choice w inn ,111.1 honor., ale and porter. Ala.,, ?(v< of the hr.t quality. John ronton, the proprietor,.inr.rcly return, hi. g.atrful thank, to Ida friends, and the public in general, for llu-ir liberal patronage for the It.t nine yrate. The beautiful aieamhoat Bo, ton, Captain T. Y. Babeock. leave, foot of Canal .tro t four time, a day. The pnhlic can rr?t aaaurrd that tlwy va it I not fa. disappointed aa lie ret.,fore, the owner, of the boat are drtermbied 'o regularly aa advertised; for further lairtirnlan see rh? Hun Gentlemen can be nceimmodaleil with the heal ofboard and lodging at live dollera per week, end have tli. ir dinner at what hour tlioy please, eleept Sunday, alwaya at I n'clock, p. M. Military com|w?nie? on target eirur.iona will find it to their ?dVant ige and plpaaure to the above place and try the larger ground and Ponaon'e good dinneva. Hi. |>rire? are aeeording to the timet. J. ronton i? alwaya at home, and will be happy to aee his friend* end visitois. jell lm*r W V o EW YORK. YVEDNESDA" MAP OF THE NORTH STA f a +JLjpff&*r"Lan /i I JrJL TRKMONT HOUSE. n.omt sinn, b-twrea '[ Third ami Fourth, i'luli ieljd?M.?Tin- iil^-r li *taken the above It u?.r , !.,ii lv ill tli?-ocruiMticy of VrtvTiIll Martin. rv!i|?v<:tl'liIIy informs In fii- ?i ! , end the travelling public, that hc ii liow pr? pan il (o form h ronilort . .iu<l accommodations unrivalled by any (nabliilrtiunt in the country.' The apartment* of the Trcmont are targe ami tirv furnished with new bedding, and attended by tin* urost e.sreful ?civ nil-. The |?ro|?netor flatWs him."*' If that he v, ill not Inst any of the reputation so cheerfully accorded him. w hilst i i pos saioti of the " Indian Queen." The Lanier shall St- kept constantly supplied with all the choice productions of the market, together w ith.vegrtables grown upon his own farm, iu the vicinity of the city. The Wine*, (many of which have Iweti above thirty-two \ irs in bottlt i,) ire of the proprietor's own ^ dectiou. " m :< iinjHirted by him from the oldest ami most celebrated hou el in various |*arti of Euro|a?. The cooks in ?hw Tremont House are among the most skilful and celebrated in their line ; and the other servants careful, attentive and obedient. The whole e*r ibtishmenr, beinjr undei the Immediate supi rinteu lenci of 11 proprietor hirnst If, which, with bis Ion- ami well known < xpe. i. nee in hou I keeping, w iil entnse t.? ion gtu >: ill t!. ?t tin ii every want w ill require. The location of the house being in the immediate vicinity of the Exchange and PtnH Ofnce, and the wrioua stearnL<jnt laudin;i and rail road depots, the the aire*, and other plares of amusements, offers to the mm of business or of leisure, singularly ureal facilities for the prosecution of their designs in visimi j the ? it.. For the better accommodation of Ladift, a prirata entrance i* attached to the house opening on Cheanut ifrrrt. Regular boarders will Im* taken on (he must acenmrnodatin ' terms. BERNARD DUKE. The following papers will publish the above, and tend hills with paper marked Tremount House Berlct and Hrhtnlkill Journal, Keystone, H trrbhurg, Lancaster Intelligencer, riffs burs O.irette, Wheeling Timet, Baltimore American, Washiiigtnu Globe, do. Madisnnian, do. Intelligencer. Savannah Georgian, Charleston x I cu . \ u uiti ('hronirw, I I U town Demoerat. Vsrlt Press, f ohtmhia Spy Trenton K?n|?orium, New York Herald, New York Truth Teller, Ilolidaysbiin? Standard, Germantown Telegraph, Delaware Gazette, Wilmington. je22 law Aw r DRV GOODS, &, TO THR LA 1)1 RS. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.?Tfie proi.rietreu, Miss 8 KING, daughter of the celebrated C trl King, offers for sale a most select and choice tssortinrnt of Millinery Goods, for the sprine trade never a* yet |?r; .vented to the public, boUi as regards the quility and cheapness of the articles Hp mortment consists of tlie following ? The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE IVORLEANS, a* worn by Li Duchess* D'Orhans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE?-And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called M MODINE OAPOTTES. ELSSLElt COTTAGE. Parisian and KiiglLh FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tutu re, in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with acall, and examine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themselves, Imfore they purchase elsewhere, as it will be a great saving to them in price and a imat ail vantage is regards the variety and unality of the goods. MISS 8. KING, Magazine de Modes, je22 1m*r 2035* Broadway. BETTER plac** to fm<T ffoots and Shops cheap, ami we are not sure that in New York thro- is any place so good if at the Clinton Boot and Shoe .Si o ket,20l Canal stjeet, m.rth east corner o( Hudson street. Those who have tried a pi a-a r to In* generally satisfied that this is a fact uniiwestioiiable. All those who myy not have trhd our boots, stars, or gaiters,will find it to their advantage to make liiv trial soon. A. KNOX A CO, N. B. Country merchant! s *c by the package or dusen jell lm*r _ _ SHIRTS, SHIRTS. UNITED STATES flHTRT MANUFACTORY. 77 William street, eornrr if Lihrrty, N. Y N?ticp l? lirrrby tin* ii to Mrn lianU anil Trailer, in Krurral, that tin* |iro|iri;-u>r* of the sborc p?tnbli?hmrnt hare adopted a iirw im-lhod of manufactnrimt which rnablra thorn to ..11 tin ir shirt* at ft chraja't ra> r thsn any other hcosr In tlii* ritv. Thi* alatcinriit will be affirmrd by the Ii?t of piic?s as foHow*:? Ter Dor. F inr Muslia Shirt., Willi I.inrn Botomt and Collar*, J7.W po *titch?d in tho Doiom aad Collar 'UK) Do Colored mii- p?i'trn*. lamp *irr? 7,no AI*o, ? l.rtfp (inatnity f umom* and Collars concUntly on hand, whi- 'i will lw oftVrfil rhijiu ; SUMMER STOCKS. SCARFS, CRAVATS AN']) <? LOVES. 1 UBT RECIVlffD, a rish supply of the alwivr articles, con ' sitting of a very light and elastic stock, emrrtsly lor the mm met months. Alio? Scarfs and Cravats, In great vatii ty. A large assortment of S'lk, Threat), Cotton ami lfor?kin Gloves?it the old establishment, 211 Broadway, bclwetn Park riaeo pad Murray street. PARSELI.9, A gen' for J. AOATI' N. [5. Constantly on hind, in etteniirr .assortment of Linen and Muslin Shirts, Linen l>rin Front*, Limn follies, I'nder Oartnents, A.e. ftr. jrP> tm*r AT cT bT CHALLENGES rcmpetition with all. The impoiur.ic which all ?jfp? have to th? Mr* I of Hair i* idtll imloi of the value ?ct upon peraonil figure, ami when bv aome rapr cimu freak of Nature the human form is Hinrivtu of it* fair proportion, Art is resorted to, in order, by artihrial meaW. ; i ru Hi net ban win u tho ? womUrfnl diie-ivrirr which bid Nature defiance. Biriy's Ventilating inflUouaiaer WIGS AND SCALPS, or real ll?nd? of Hair, whirl; can be had at I Id Broadway, cornrr of Liberty afreet, tin staira. _ In all rase* of failure in tin- growth of Hair, BARRY offer! a Remedy, of hia own, unknown to Vnlgir I'rartition r?,? led those to whom Natnre has been bountiful in hrr di.intuition of Hair, wllldo well u? place laitnimMMri Inmb*

reilsnr,. Prices Co suit the tiniei. jy IJiim,r MKIIII \l. CONSULTATIONS--IWtnr Burnett, It Vanilew atn street, near Krankfori, is |?rol ssionallv < r.n j lulled rt all hours during the <1 iv and evening, on all iliiea.# denominated " private," I Jnnorrliira, (Her t, itrietnir, be., in lit their virions stages. Dr. B having for many years d'TOIrd h*a tiiontrrrnpted attention to this hrinch ol the prrfeision.renI'ertfWlly solieiti a rail from nil those who desire an . gjiriii need, e moderate and cnidid physician- Hi- success in those c.i ft that haee foiled (he inri|irrirne d lias Kern arl nowl, daed i with uratitndr bv upward* of two thousand indiv idnal , Pa- i t ent, sway from tlw eitv, dricrihing the symtdomi lliev laleir I iinds r, h; letter (if post oaiil) enclosing a moderate fee, will he promptly attended to. The n'moit seeresv oh.err> d under ill ! cirrnmitam-e*. tvlllt*r \| \< HINK. Itl.ANKK I S.-', hsle, f,,r by 11 ml# e o fERSSK k BROOKS, 61 Liberty t. RK Y MORNING, JULY 13, 1 EASTERN BOUNDARY. I ~~~y ? f i V :TF ( " > yp 1) /Sh BOOKS AND STATIONERY.} I7NULISH 1 ' BLH VTIONS. . ??~ of .1 | I 4 fir*** it ml per .icvrr tui'*' I'M y find c ou.oaiif einp'os *m nt w ill' I f ?ir rriiHinrT4ii*'U, iti tlir nle ofihv most popular peri?*bc L |.< the day, by application at tin* ollici'/Ji Nassau ?tuef. next t< I tin- H-rald M. . IP t: . to paper Hakeks. TJERSEE & BROOKS, No. G1 Liberty street. betwredi Broulwiy and Nassau street, New York, import direct I'mn the Manufacturers the following article*, vir.:? lib aching i'owdrr of Boyd &c Son's make?warranted. flu uniformity and strength, equal to ?! ' is tb'* ?? !! ry' vr* -* Britain, and for the sale of which they arc sole agents iu lh? United States. English Cy lindr, Machine FeltiliK of rcry superior qudit) 30. 40, 15, fiO. 72, ai I 81 inches wide. L>i\cr Felling '? stiwug fabric, and of widths usually re quired. Blue Smalt*.? rlavimr the Agency of the Sutton Cotnpiiijv,> Blue Smalt*, they are enabled to supply FFFK, and FtKlf'K iu any quantities. Wires for Foa.Jiitiirr and Cylinder Machine*, m inufieture from ttic jairest metal?also, Jackets?Wet and rrtss Felts. Pull) Screens, No#. I. 2,!!. of brass metal. Orders for any of the above articles, together with Fore up ami domestic rag*, Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twiue, are. Juy will meet with pnsapt attention m 11c AS I\TKKI- STI\<. WOKK ON THK fr 181 In* published, by Carry tit f I?srf. Notes of a Tour through Tutkey. Greece, Egypt. Arabia, fYtrjea, to the Holy Land, including a Visit to Allien*, Sparta, f lraiul Cairo,4'oiwtaiilinople. Thebes, the Red Sea, Mount Sinai, Petri, the Edom of Scripture, lie , by E. Joy Mori is, in 2 rolnines 12 rno., with plates OPINIONS OF THK PRESS. V. e commend it to the public as a sterling work of travel.? U. S. (Sarette. . The author has contrived to rive to In* descriptions of places, scenery, and events, a spirit oi freshness and jnraisern61.iucq, that cannot Ik* too mach admired.?Spirit of the Time*. We doubt not but these two interesting volumes will hi eagerly sought for by the public.?New World. The work is precisely *uch an one .1* a man is glad to take up when lie desires information upon the subject of winch it treats.?Brother Jonathan. A very pleasant, unpretending account of ramble* through regions about whicn every intelligent mind desires information, and it i? furnished in a style which every otic will find agree able. ? Pemisylt anian. There in not a oagc in the work that is not interesting and us tractive.?Def. Journal. Wc think tlii* book destined to become extensively i?npul?r, and we cordially join with onr brethren of the press iu coin* mending it to popular favor.?Dai! v Chronicle. For sale by WILEY fc PUTNAM, jH Jw*r _ New Vor I BUUK B I IN lJ 1 IN It PAPER RULING. [ I IRKLAND, No. 12ft Nassau street, baviitf in entire ww II. stock of Bin.ting Tools and Ruling Machinery, ol tlnj latest and most ?i?provea patterns, is now prepared to citcsti all order* in the most durable and nandsomv manner. Mr reliant A cr count Books and all ??fher kinds of Blanks oik ruled ind bound to any patterns, ?ud in a style that is wsrratih-d to rive saris faction. Any work ordered ran he done iu4ihc Chip Iisl: mode if required, as H. I. has had long cxperieiics in both i .1 ithods. wit The Anti-Angular System of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWRLTK TO FITS 1)01.1, aHP ! Mil. BRISTOW (Jor this season *nty) Ins skiuti d his Terms from 7 relvr to Fire Dallam, thm bringing tin.* Useful Art within: ic means of ALL, and i* guaranteed to he taught in Twelve lessons of an h?a?r each ! ! Academy No. 235 Broadway, near Park Phu t. Grnllem?u of all ages are positively taught a hold,free, expeditions and finished business-like stile of Writing; no matter now illegible or cramped the present baud may be, [ Sec specimen* at Broadway.! AND THE LADIES A otat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Running lland IN TWfcLVK EASY I.FSSONS ! VISITORS in New York can t*ke a rsnrse in Three |)n^*s !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from 4 to fi QCr* BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. ^ Evening Classes from 7 to 9 jyfl lm*c OCULISTS. DOCTOR T. ril \N~CiS, OCULIST, ^O. ift BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of tH? Astor Hoine.?His Preparations arc a perfect cure for all Inflammatory disease of the eye. weakness of sight, iisrerfail in removing nebula*'of the longest standing, withobt anysurcicnl opererbn CKRTIT ICATKH I cwtify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen year of age, w as brought to my Iiomsc last fall, apparently blind. H?cslb d on me to-day, and states that In- has been the patient of Dr. J, Francis, whose treatment has been the means. under God, oliestoring his sight. JAMES MILNOre, Rector of flt. Oeorue's Church, Beekman st. This is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with , diseased eves for a length of time, one of them w is almost blind | with in hulas, coveting the sight. Every remedy was resorted i to without any good effect, Slid despaired of them ever beilis j recover, d. They ar** now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. I i* ranctA' ccienrated pre juration. DAN ILL 8. JONKS. 4W Pearl atrret. I wm almost blind for twelve yetrs, and in five weeks, under I the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now |?er fertly good and strong. MARTHA BKOWN, 177 Forsyth street. i I certify to the above b? ing a true statement. OKORGE BENF.DK T. Pastor of the Stanton street Church. I was n? srly Wind for twenty years with a cataract in each [ eve and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful prcj aratiog for th it di?easc, ntv eyes are now i?erf??rtlv rrcovercrl. WV.HTKR JOHNSTON. 41 Cldr.dge ?trrrt. We, the tmdersi?ned, having witnessed the astonishing crtirscy oi Dr. Francis' preparation* lor diseases of the eye, titihesiratingly recommend them to the notics of the juhlic.a* ralnalde remrdi'*. . , Duncan [)i?nHar, Pastor of Mr Dongs I st.( hurch. H. II. ('one, Pastor of the Fit*' Baptist Church. John Pack, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jac \b Brouner. IV for of the North B-'itist Ohureh. J ? .h Andrtad-, Rom in batholic /Meat of St. Peter's Cllftnh. . i * r? 1 Num. rows ?erfideates ran he seen at the office. Prepared and so!d only h\ Dr. J Francia, in Barclay afreet, New York. A.ttf'.ai il Eves firs, led, which Cannot lie distinf ui died from th na'nnl, without *i? titer i\ e slightest mis. Dr. I. Francis respect fully informs his friends and the nuldic, ' th ?t in < oi?sr ?juence of the increase of hia hnsinesa, Dr. (Jlrnn\, M? niher of the Ro\ il ('o!lfgo of 8 a rye on*, London, and of the Wew York Medical Society, ha* joined him, an I every confidence can he placed in hi* prof. \si. nal skill as tn Oculist. Office hours from*) A. M., until 6P. M. jy 10 3m*c IE R A ] 84^. e: ?. q _X| ^ \ r^ *c\ i JEWELRY. \UAT< UKS AND JEWELRY VT.KY LOW -Tl?. so ** .. riber is selling all ilficriiilioiii uf gold and silver Watch* s, gold and silver jwnctls, tfold chains, kevs, lie., at re' ! tail, lower than at any other place m the city, Gold VVatehes I as In* <\s :'5 to 3tt dollars racli. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bou .'lit. All Watcht * are warranted to keep good time, or the money retained. W tclusand Clocks r< |wired in the Inst manner, and warranted, at much less than the usual once*, 1 by <?nr of the finest workmen in the city. (?. C. ALLEN, In porter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and ratal, 10 Wall | street, up stairs. jel9 lm*re NOTICES. "" V[ otic k - a spsdil neuni of th< Stockholders ol t1 J-N Ainerieoi Patent Friction Match Company, will lw held it [ the Com pan)'a Warehouse in Boston, on Thursday the 21st day of July next, at 9 o'clock, A. M. A i uuctu .1 attendance is r? rju. sfeil. Per order of the Directors, GEO. C. GOODWIN, Secretary. Bo- ton. June 27, IHI7. - hi r pORPOHATION "NOTICE?Public Notice is hereby ti^ veil, that a sale of Property for unpaid taxes will take idafe at Public Auction, at the City Hall or the City of New V-rk, on Wednesday, thw 2ftth day ol September next, at 12 o'chwjl . noon, and In* continued from day to day until the whole of slid property-diall lie sold, and that the detailed statement of tlie tales, and property to be sold, is published in the New Er;i^ a ii? wsn ihtprinted and publisher! in the eitv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH Comptroller* Comptroller's Office, May 30, 1912. je25 towtfh "CAUTION TO INSURERS: VA ERfHANTS and others, who are insured in the Hartford IVI Fire Insurance Company, at llartford, arc advised again it insuring in this Company. The subscriber deems it his duty to inform tl?e public Ik wl s unfortunately insured, (or rather paid them the premium for Insuring birr,) on hi* hardware, cutlery and castings, at Detn jt, and sustainim; a loss, thev rr filled to nav for his cast steel. Iw>r lend, iron, fcc., damaged* on th< uqjuiti illegal aod di i I iround, that tlifio articles "WEIIK NOT HARDWARE," ' thinking, probably, th*y wen- groceries. crockery or dry |Oo4 , and thus \.?de the paymentoftjnataud honorable claim again.t them. Merchants must now iudge for themselves, whether it is th^ir int'Tt *t to imure in surh a company or not. To guard against ini t ike, and a* ,v.i art of justice to the MA8?? ini" and *'Protection*' Fire Insurance Companies, of Hartford, the subscriber f?? I* hound to add, that the above caution has a ? application w hatever to either oftho?e Cnmpuiite*, hut api'lilt only to 'The Hart tool Kire Insurance Company," of which I.. Terry i* President, and Jamea (?. Bolle*. 8ccrr?ary. > 6lm#r A. H. NEWBOITLD, No. 90 lohn -t VTUTirk: TO CLERKS, and ill other ptrum ah iioAc.iiiif? them to Ih- rotistawIv on their leet.?By calli*.: at the old eieluuve B?w?t Store, Ml Chatham afreet tliey c* i be nerotnmnd ?ted with the invaluable article, RCMtKllS ME* TALK- K LA ST l< HEEL BOOTS, warranted iuevery pt tiruDr, and at the s*ine price of tliu ordinary Boot. The fij'lowiug are some of tlie many advantage* the (Clastic licet* have 01 er very o'her kiud 1 Fir.t?The elasticity add* greatly to the durability of tH Boot fleeoudly?They make no noise in walking upon the |?ai iI inetif. | Thirdly? * hey prevent Boota fr >m running down to tljc J heel* Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much lei* fa'itpue. ! Filthly?They do not cut or tear carpet* a* do iron or nail*?1 I heels. Siithly?They can l>e worn with com Out by those having I tender leet. A? usual, constantly on hand all kiud* uf Hoot* at whelcsafr and retail, at nutnufar.till* r's drices, i Itcalm* 'THE ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP IS WORTH TWICE ITS WEIGHT l\ GOLD To Cure niiy Krnptlon or DlHf)t(tirfuicitt of the Hkln. THE THOUSANDS this ha* cured in this city is really surprising, ft w t* iustly termed by the medical counsel ?f | Pari*, n * miracle, a wonder, and a blessing to clear the skin i ft is confidently re corn mended for the following: pimple i, I frc-cklev, blotches **lt-rhcvm. scurvy, heat spots, tan, unburn. I mor| hew, n*i|N las, ? r any disease of the skin not mention* A I lure. It n ill ehauge the color of dark sunburnt or yellow sk n t?i a beatiti'ul, lo althy clearness. Among the want wlr*hax* lie* ii cured lit this, we ire allowed to refer to the following K \ . .LII Prime, N. Y. T. Power grocer, Brooklyn; Iv Pan Iding, farmer, Oraiige county, and hundreds more who te I : deli ate in hiving tli*ir name* api*efur. Tin ptiMic are not I fie. I that ini JHi Ting or misrepresentation I is often <1 or intended. S 'ltl by 'I . JON EH, sign of the A me* rican I". gte, 82 Chatham street, New Y?rk- -price 30cents * cake--Ac ?ps, IJ? Foltou st, Brooklyn; Redding, ? IJUtesr, Boston ; to Dock t .(Philadelphia. Captains .and travellers a I v ...| a lib* mI disi nut. iLBtgg BE WATCHFUL OF YOUR HEALTH. r>R.DnANnilETII ? OSce i? n"" 27tll.>w.-ry, Win*r.> I ' in.,v..I it UII. reqne?t.? In. Inend. lobr c.rrfnl I ros-..? si"! nn|H.?fof. who ?r>. ?u*.i<>nj "> '"-""IS '?' ????V Kt-mrml?r Or. Br.mlr. tht Office is 271, not 276 Powery. TOHN CoSfiW I' i T??-t<l>- .Vl*niif?ctiiriT, in!. rn>, ' liu friend, Mtj thr lo" r? of ?n(lili( lUnt h. imm .1 fnll .n I en-*l vtrirty of ta..kl<-. Il" rnr?'? " ?*? ? lim.*: tlw rr h I,.-,-n ,11 rrri'meoii. im/>rr<tion ?pr. i.l ?bri>?<l ilmt hi* urticl. * are dearer than other stores, he avails himself of this advertisement to ?av that ?ueh is l?ot lite case, lie will guarantee to u lliiciiripM n.t cheaper than can he purchased elscwlirr, , end ln? lonf fpcrince in the business watrants him in nrlpit thath>* tackle is mule of the beat material. Rods and rida at I all mires. Cornel of 1'llff aim Fulton. TO,1*0 Siainish silkworm ant, aellinit cheap by the 100 or inert l.'pobiiiilmo Hod*, I (ely received from Calcutta, and selling at nearly Coat pi ire, jyfllw'e I IJIHTIIODV'H NKW YORK rRINT INO INK M AN a I rAI'TOIiy,28 Rose atreel, corner of Dunne (Old Rugar I loose) Printing Ink of all colon, w arranted equal to air., constantly on hand and offered lor sale on reaaonable term*, deliverable to any put of the e.ity free of carlatce. 1*1 inter a and tender* are solicited tc mike a trial ofthi* article, jy t Imr / K.OKO" I ,.M THOMAS DLOARD, anee. * * aori to Lew is B. O. iflln fc Co., would re?|>eelfully inform their friend* *nd the public, tint (hey are prepared to furnish timber of every deaorfpti ir, at a* abort notice, and on a* re i i sonablr term* at any establishment in the city, at their New I Ste?w Raw Mill, font of pi.miri nth street, North River, , jyll Im't . ( J f~< f IN S|( j\KF',S per Dtiliah bar pie ('nnntrsa of Arrau ti" i I * ' Liverpool, will please send their | ermila on board, pier .t K R or to the office of the subscriber aitho?t delay. All *no s not 11 limited in live dayt most nnar. idably be saait to public I ?orr. JOHN HEKUMAN, | j yfjC 81 South at. 1 LB. I'rh t Two Cent*. The Urcnluicd. Bound in a dull, uubrokcu sleep? A ship U|>on the wove Where chained w ind and stagnant deep Defy the liold and bravo? lb M?lettered an by viewless bain Ik That bind, but not deform, The ailent Heart in ruin stands? A wreck w ithout u storm. Tliahillows' play ia curbed and pent The air batli not a aound ; Salvatiou's foot, in mercy sent, Hath here 110 pathway found. But Anguish at the helm stands pale, And Misery at the prow, And sighs are here the only gule That speeds the eternal?Now ! Hour after hour its passage takes ; ' Huns rise?and set again ; No welcome cloud in showers down breaks On the parched lip ofpuin. And will is strong -and i>ow er is winkAnd Love hath feeble sw ay ; And there are plugue-a|iots on thcchn k With none to hiss uway. No praj era to life or motion urge That calm, but dreadful, wave , And Hope?w hose breast had smoothed the singe, Kinds here no fabled grave. Dut Doubt with cautious stealth draws near, And tills the cup of care, For lips too passionless for tear? Too liteless for despair. Thus, powerless, on the tide of Time, Steered by an useless chart, Sickening in Lite's unhealthfulclime, Flouts the quelled human heart. Oh ! well such heart may liftitscry From that w orst deep to save? That hopeless, tearless agony? That sea without a wave ; Memphis, Ten 11. [Correspondence of the Herald.) Mk.mi his, Tcnn., June lltli, IH12 I .Mi milltix- It* luriilitu?WwiunV#? 1.... Scenery, i\c. 4"<. DKAH lfKNNKTl? I remark with surprise that you liuvu never yet puhli.-lietl any letter from Memphis?a place so thrifty as this should certainly not he without a reprek mtative in your extensively read |>a|>er. 1 have remarked also the ignorance of Eastern people, generally, with regard to our city?its relative size, its standing, its prospects, and even its locality. Situated so advantageously as Memphis is, apon the great river of America, being tin* port for such a fertile country around, and sustaining so fair a character in the South West for industry and steady growth, why should we not feel desirous of being known aud properly appreciated by our brethren of tho North and hast 1 And whut journal can give us notoriety speedier or surer than yours ? Imagine yourself for a moment, it you can detach your thoughts from the cures and attractions of your royal city, standing among us, walking our streets and euting at our hotels?or if you prefer it, you can enjoy the hospitality of Davy J'urk, and luxuriate upon hia oily nnd continuous speech?also feast your eyca U|>on the beauty and intellectuality of his household. 1 take your arm at the twilight hour, and from our principal hotel, liteen rods will bring us to the edge of the bluff, upon which Memphis ia built. Northward, to a distance you neither wish lengthened nor shortened, stretches the guiet, mirror surfuce of the Mississippi, girdling beautiful islunds ; southward, also girdling islands not a few, it passes in its ralm and mighty, yet uncertain current to the gulf, (last your eye down to the base of the bluff, and you see moored there scores of flat boats, filled with the produce of the Ohio Valley ; also two floating hotels? called whurf boats?at which the numerous steamers of our western waters receive and discharge their freight. How tianouil is the seem-' ihovmiM moon, just recognised by the hours, looks coyly upon all. Hark ! the roll of drums and the faint squeaking of the "wry-necked file" is borne to our ears? the din deepens : anon, glazed undress-cap infantry appear?nether limbs cased in white ; young soldiers, ambitious <>f military tame, ambitious also to be seen of the jadies ; marching with equal step and tall strut to gain their approval, through thick dust and sun's rays, sweating profusely ; (hey are drawn no now on the square fronting the Exchange Hotel; their captain will exhibit to the citizens their proficiency in military exercise and discipline; fliey march and countermarch, und wheel and perform ail the evolutions which the captain now remembers ?well do they perform, these young soldiers? eclipsing by lar the company called Kifle Guards, their seinors by ten months in military tactics, whereof E. F. IInth is captain?prompt, courageous officer, who hacked by a dozen men, boarded a flat boat at tip- risk of bis life ; refractory flat boatman refusing to pay Corporation license, and apiieariug anxious to kill each and every man who should come with the Sheriff to seize him ; he. also, lias his hackers?hardy sons, dcs|>eratc as he. Iluth effects & lodgment on the boat, hut is bome instantly to lint hark, and beaten seriously he manages, however, to wound his opponent with the dull point of hit* sword : his men are now aiding him ; in his struggle lie bids them fire ; a random shot strikes the refraetory Hat boatman, and lie falls ; his sons give up the contest; their father, because lie would not |>ay the reckoning of a dollar, is sent to pay his grand reckoning at the bar of the Infinite. For this defence of town authoritv n hnsty subscription is raised, nearly two hundred dollars, that prompt, courageous officer Iluth may be presented with flag and sword at th approaching annivcr ary of Independent*. Shall we not make his head loftier by tins 1 Ilatl In* not siitlicicnt complacent importance before ! I'>y tliis hasty Mibscription we see that Aiiicrican enthusiasm is not lost in the inhabitants of Memphis; for the existence of this enthusiasm ( here, take another example?when the news from Texas came of a Mexican invasion, the sanguine and fiery editor of the American Eagle with exnldermnn Stuart promised a s|*edy eontrihuiion of men. ammunition antf money; Stuart, with forcible, impulsive speeches, without ornament, urging vigorous action, rousing men to enlist in the Texiau service to prosecute a " (Irand Wolf limit" and seize the spoils of the tempi* and the iirotajlic currency of Mexico ; sanguine and fiery editor seconding StuHrt, declares Ins readiness to tnko the field in person; will give up the management of his paper, will part with his wife and child, will engage immediately in the eaiise of Texas; will, if need be take command of men from this place; yeu, will if need lie, take command of llio entire Texian army:?sudden enlistment of two hundred men is procured: all will not go, however, lint upwards of an hundred go ; sudden contribution of two thousand dollars is made ; moreover tins soldiers are equipped and embark without delay ; sanguine editor going as commissary, whereby trie community lose their heat editor, for he knew how to use Ins talents and,his pen; the other editors? one using chiefly scissors, occasionally his pen, when by accident h<* finds himself away from th" society ofladiee; the other giving birth some six or seven times pet nnnunito a witty thought, withal a sensible man yet heavy in hm mutter. And these Texas volunteers! after much drilling with and without muskets, after listening to many stimulating uiir>i>r>ltr>o ollor uwi.t i tU? - ?1 'Y'v,,v"' hi' iim^ in me wimiht of Hi tempts at iferche# by Joe Wright, unsuccessful candidate for tnayor.thcy embark with lii^li hopes of glorv nndgoin, each man provided with a blanket, amid the hearty cries of "(rod speed ye" from many worthy citizens, and the pathetic entreaties of Joe Wright to keep their powder drv and run clear of Indian nmhn?h ; many do run clear of Indian urnbilsh, for on reaching the country tit y nre to fight for, their nrdor suddenly sulfides. and finding ti n dollars in their pocket they return home with an accumulation ofwisdom much greater than when they start'.I. Iav us return to our hotel; I lisvo talked myself dry : sit we here in th? spacious piazza; that m nt pilcp wns capital : they understand these thinga here now ; the house has lately changed managers; one can easily disc'rn that, who was here four months ago; every paper of interest in the United States mav be found in oar reading room, chief among which and securely fastened in its plate you may notice tha well thumbed Herald ; formerly no pai>? r was seen here ; a renovation Complete; and (he table ! none now wish a better ; Tom Johnson i? the man for audi business, courteous, portly gentleman; industrious, thorough; highly |Mipul .r with its, descrvingly so. Notice yonder smoothfaced, liovt?h looking man with a riding whip; no nun in Memphis lives ea-i<r than he; no one in Memphis can enjoy life better; a man with very few enemies; hi?n toned geneosity of feel.'ng ; liis lady a fulent"d g ntlewom in : they r a | ir?' I'*! night at wiiieli all flic beauty and I is|ii<ot ol l ie plac were assembled : bard to proii >iiii'> upon the most be uitifill, without manifest > irti i!i'v. wb> r? so many were eipnlly beautiful; I will iutrolu vou to soim* of them to-morrow; wut ball u lge fur vonr<elf| for the present??m -rob Ti;luu?. -

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