Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1842 Page 1
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It n; Vol. VIII.?71a. !!?:, - -Whula No. 3II44 WATERING PLACES", &.(! SH ARON SPRINGS. THE PAVILLION?Thi? new eoinmodiowi Hotel will We oprn for the rrcroiiou of nsilora on tot) niter flit* linit of June uril. &t the VilU*e of ShAjou S|tiii*i, Svlioharie County, New Vorl. Tl.- ..I.,.- ....v.. nf rli# atirttica ffrpiiflv nspmli iiiff I those of the white sulplror springs of Virginia, have been proved to be highly rlBcacioos in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Billlout and Dy.iwptic complaints; and in the cure of Er\>u>elaa, Hiltrlu um, Scrofula. Liver Complaint, and general ilclhlity, anil III many other reil*fH, jioaaraa (aa certified by some of the most ' iniuent uiedisal prole??or? ill the L tilted States) medicinal and liraling proiwrtics unautpaaaed, and believed to be unequalled by any in this countryAdded to these, the rides in the vicinity, numerous villages, extensive views, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are among the many attractions otiercd to these seeking in the heat of snmmsr,either health or pleasure. These spriugs are but a few hours ride from Saratoga, Troy, Albany, Btc., and are accessable from Canaioharie oil tin Albany and Uttca railroad, where carriage# daily await tlie arrival of the morning cara from Schenectady anil Utica. to carry visitors to the Springs, a distance of about right inilra, arm iag in lime for dinner; alao by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily slagea, being about forty-five miles west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at til tiinrs, either of .h . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stav of V'litora agreeable. An auunilauce of the puteat mountain spring Ice is stored for the se.i?ou. G. W. B. UEDNEY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will be opened at the aliove village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combining all the advantages of tins delightful summer resilience. JOHN V. ETTEN. a29 I0w2taw*r CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN HOUSE" AT THE PINE ORCHARD.?1BI2. ^TMIIS romantic and fashionable resort t?ill be conducted dwriujc the preseut *? ason under die direction and uj?eriiitendsnce of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is now open for the reception of visitors. No pffnrr will be* fitMr?*<l tn r...i..fv..t. rbs. .L.s.nmil.' I....Is cI.smc Iter which it ha* heretofore jciiiiireii. A? heretofore, it* table* will he furnislit-il with erery ilelicacy that the New York market can afford; ami every (Kissiblv atteution tin! can promote the convenience and enjoyment of it* imtroii* will be promptly beitowed. The rosil (vscluix to this establishment and especially that part of it on the mountain, has beeu rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. K. Beach 4i Co.'* eicelleut line of stages will run as heretofore reaularly between tile landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietot. Jun# 13th, Bit jell 3mr TDATH HOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This loug and well D known hoarding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the j erection of severml elegant summer hosues u|?oii the margin of the ocean, is uow open for the receptiou of company during the season The great extent of private beach on this shore?ihe perfect security in bathing, for lidioi and children, (the bathing houses being within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in tne surrounding country?the excellent fishing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and amusement?the beautiful view of the Atl niic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in ev?ry resj*ct unequalled by auy in the vicinity. Its accoininod ati.?na are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. 1 he convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen of basin *s iu New York. je!2tm?r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Branch.?This ex" tensive aud delightful Sea Bathing EsUbl'shnienr will be opened by the subscriber on the 27th June, instant. lie begs reiprctfullv to inform its former patrons ami the public, that j considerable additions and alterations, cncreasing the comforts, Iimu for their accommodation. Wuhitnr to be a, reaaonable ai the timer will afford, the board will be aeven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten dollars aa formerly. Children of a certain ai(e and servants half price, llorses full fed. SJ.50. Hr hopes he may say without imputation, that his table and accommodations w ill be etjUal to any on Louu Branch. Youui: people not requiring too much room, will find accommodation terms. J* 22 lm*r JAMES QUEEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH, CO. N. J, T EWIS F. HAN KIN SON respectfully -informs his friends and the public that he has lilted up iu the best stvle the house '.ormerly occupied by Jacob Corlcs, at the above the most he&thful situatioii oil the sea coast, about 7 miles from Red Bank, and fourteen from Higstown. Stages pass throui^h and fro to ineet the Philadelphia ears. The terms of hoard will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, be, for horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledge* himself that no e(Tort of his w ill be wanting to render tho?e who patronise him comfortable, and that his house \vill he found e?pi *1 t<> any along fin- eo ir.t. H'{() Irn r jk LAOkANOE HOTEL, BuIK Pi rry, New JeiMV. ffjW This most delightfully romantic summer retreat is in full JJLn^uieH, well stocked with fruit ana flowerr, and aboire ail a tine kitchen garden. The bar is well supplied with choice wines ami liquors, ale and porter. Also, segars of the first quality. John Poii >u, the proprietor. si in #<> l\ re turns his gtttefbl thanks to his frienda, and the public in general, for their liberal patronage for the last uint* years. The beautiful steamboat Boston, Captain T. Y. BaWcock, leaves foot of Canal street four times a day. The public can rest assured that tliey win not be disappointed as heretofore the owners of the boat are determined to regularly as advertised; for further particulars see the Sun. (Jentlemen can he accommodated with the best of board and lodging at live dollars per week, and have their dinner at what hour they please, except Sunday, always at 1 o'clock, P. M. Military companies on target excursions will find it to their advantage and pleasure to visit the above place and try the target ground and Ponson's good dinners. His prices are according to the times. J. Pouson is always at home,and will be ha;r py to see his friends and visitots. je 12 lm*r JmR TREMONT HOUSE. Chesnut street, between p*2H Third and Fourth, Philadelphia.?The subscriber hav '"KP|'" 'f*' ; " i5ot6 house, lately in the occapancy of Captain Martin. respectfully inform* his friend?, and the traveilinu public, that h?* is now prepared to furnish comforts and acromm ulkioim utmvilUd by any establishment in the country. The apartments of the Tremont are Urge and airy fwrti'shed with new bedding, and attended by the most careful servants. H The proprietor flitters himself that he will not loee inyol the ^^m repntauovi to eheernilly accorded him. whilst inposseesioi of the M Indian Queen." The Lanier shall he kept constantly supplied with all the choice productions of the mirk. t, together with',vegetables grown upon his own farm, iu the vicinity of the city. The Wines, (many of which hare been above thirty-two years in bottles,) are of the proprietor's own selection, or were imported by him from Am oldest end most ceU brated nou*es in various parts of Euro[>e. The cooks in ?hr Tremont House are among the most skilful and celebrated in their line ; and the other servants careftil, attentire and obedient* The whols ee? tablishment, being under the immediate superintendence of the proprietor hiins* If, which, with his long ami well known * spy rience in hotel keeping, will cnuire to his guests all that their every want will require. The location of the house being in the immediate vicinity of the Eichaiue and Tost Office, and the wirious steamb?*t landing* and rail road depots, the theatres, and other places of amusements, off* rs to the mail of business or of lebiw, *ingularly grt at facilities for the prosecution of their designs hi visiting the city. For the better accommodation of Ladies, a private entrance is attached to the house, opening on Chesnut street. Regular boarders will be taken on the m?>?r accommodating terms. BERNARD 1)1 KK. The following papers will publish the above, and send hills, with paper marked Tremount House Berks and Schuylkill Journal, Keystone, Hirrishurg, Lancaster Intelligencer, Virts hurg Orniotm, Wheeling Times, Baltimore American, wide ingtou Globe, do. Madisoaian, do. Intclligeecer, Sa\auuah Georgian, Charleston Mercury. Augusta Chronicle, Do>lestown Democrat, York l'r? , ( olumbia Spy. Trenton Empo riuin, New York Herahl, New York Truth Teller, Holidayshurt Standard, Gcrmantown Telegraph, Delaware Gir.ette, H Wilmington. je22 law Jw r I " DRY GOODS, &r. " I TO THE LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOOD8.-The proprieH " iimj, Mm S KING, diuithtrr of the celebrated Carl Km*;, fSn for w, ?a.t ulect mm cmIm MortaMMofMilliMry H Good*, for the ipring trade, never a* yet prriented to tli. p.bH lie, both a* regards the quality ami chi apiies* of the article* H Thr auortmcnt ron*i?t* of tin- following Thr celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CArOTTK D'ORH LKAN8.<? tvnrn hy Li Ducheur D'Orlrau*, .f France . SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL H STYLE And Lawn Hal* do do?An entire titw stile u Hat* called " MOD1NE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.'1 H Pariiiarund Engluh FANCY STRAWS, of the fnetttci tare, in great variety. H Thr PrnprirtTe** n ipectfullr solicit* the Udi.a to firnt iirr with ae.tll, and evamiue hrr elegant and varied it or It of MilH linerv for thrm.rliei, before thry purchase rlirwherr, a* it will hr a great ?ai in* to thrin in price and a greet advantage as regards tile variety and anility of th> gootti. MISS S. KING, Magarinr dr Mod.., ^^ ^ 2-J3K Bio.dway, air notinrr that in Ni-w VnrklReie i any place to *.n>d a* at thr Clinton Boot and Shoe Markrt.301 ( inal fttirrt, m.rth rut corner ol flndioii tirrrt. Thosr who have tried ap|a-ar to he generally tali.tird that tliii i? a fart n?uiiritioiiahlr. All thiwr who m.y not have tried our ImioU?hor., or gaiter*,will find it to their advantage to mane the trial oon. ? A, KNOX h CO, IN. B. C ountry merchant* le by (he package or doien jelg im?r SHIRTS, SHIRTS. ITNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,TT WilU liarn meet, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice la hereby liveli to Merchants snd trade*rs in general, the pro|irietnrs of Uie abcive establishment hare adopted a new method of manufscturing which enable* them to sell their shirts st a t i rv? uwaany owrnm in OMa city. This atatiMat wili'be affirmed by the lut of prices as follows:? F idc Muslin Shirts, wifh Linen Bosoms and Collars, 1750 Do stitched in the Bosom and Collar 9,00 Do Colored line psiertn, krjp siirs 7 00 Also, a Urge QB?n)itV of Bosom* and Collars constantly on htftil, which will he offered cheap for cmI^ SUMMER STOCKS, SCAKF*. CRAVAT* AND li DOVES. I UST RCCIVKD. a rish supply of the above articles, con" sisting of a very light and clastic stock, eipretaly ior chc nimnv r months. Ala?>-?<rf* ?nd Cravat*, in vaii?u. A large ussorimcnt of Silk, Thread, Cotton and Ilor^kin loves?it the old establishment, 211 Broadway, betwet n Park Place and Murray street. ? . . ^ _ PATlSrLLS.sAgent for .J. AGATJg. \. B. ( oMtsnth on hand, in evtenaive isaortmt nt of Linen and Muslin Shir' Linen Dress Fronts, Linen Collars. Under Garments, Ac: !> jy 12 Im'c CAST OFF CLOTHING. ( KNTLCMEN <. I im ll< ! . mg aside articles of wwiM T apparel, Mid wivhing to diqimr of the same for rash, can obtain from the lubacriber 20 i>er cent more than from any other p-r?on. To ladies and gentlemen about leaving the city being enetimbered withasuperfluous wardrobe, w ill lind it much to their advantage to .end for the ?uhacrihcrx who will attend tl.em at their residence by appointment. A line addretacd to BOX 1(17 LOWER POST OFFICE, will he punctually atleip'ed to. iyl3 7t,i CvOaTTaFLOAT?zSTtons superior quality Scotch Coal ' for aale hy OLOVER Ik McMURRAT, lOfl Thac at. cor. of South. jY Ilr E NE BOOKS AND STATIONERY^ ENGLISH PI BLH \ HONS > dress aud porseverauce ma> find constant employ in-ut with ! fair r? muueratnu, 11 the sale of * lie in oat |?opular prriodicds ul , the day, b\ application at the office, Oi Nassau street, mil M : the He raid office. jII3l#r ~ ~ To PAI'Ell MAKERS. pERSEC St BROOKS, No. 61 Liberty street, hetweec A Broadway and N'aiMiu street, New York, iini>ort direct from .the Manufacturers the follow tug articles, \ iz.:? Bleaching Powder of Boyd At Boa'* make?warranted, foi unifoftnit) aud strength, eqnal t . Britain, and for the sale ol which they are sole agents tu the United States. English Cylinde, Machine Felting of ?ciy superior quality, 36,10, 45, 66. 72, ai 1 ttl inches w ide. Dryer Felting f strong fabric, aud of widths usually* required. Blue Smalu.-* Having the agency of the Sutton Company1* Blue Sinalt*. they are euabled to supply FFFE, and Fb FFF. in any quantities. Wires for FooiJiinier and Cylinder Machine'*, manufactured from the purest metal?also. Jackets?'Wot and 1 rets Felts. Pull. Screens, Nos. 1, 2, 3, of brass metal. OrJers for any c?f the above articles, together with Foreigi ..wl .I.U.v.1. A.I. Vlirinl A 11. Ill Tun., All- Kr will meet with pn/.ipt attention m 31c book bin ding PAPER RULING. H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau ?tr. having oil entire new stock of Binding Toots aud Ruling Machinery, ol the latest and most . 'I patterns, is now prepared to elecutt all order* in tl ue.o dm .Me aj?d hamUomi; n.'.nti< r. Merchant* A-< II aid all otlier Li:. U of Dlankworl ruled and Iwiurel to rut inn << nv, and in a sty la is warranted logive sati-lV t. . At.. k ordered can ka done iuM.o Eng lisli mode ,f rr<|Mr?d, ?H I. lire, had lo..g experience in luiui methods. n_iU (lie A lit I- 1 .tuiilar tiysiam of writing. . great reduction. I Ii M 1 wi l.y k TO riVB DOLI.Ahl ! TV^TL BRISTOW /.?) season only) l,u ckdi'i Up Term* front I v< Iv- "Five Dollars, thud bringing thii Useful Art within o- i< >u? of ALL, ami is guaranteed to be ttnght mi Twehi i saona ol ui Mir eacn ! ! Academy So. 2J3 Broadway^ near Park Place. Gentlemen of all ages art* posiiiTtljr taught a bold, free, (& ^editions and liuislu-d lm<ni"hi-IiUc -tyl. of Writing; no itKiitfi now illegible or crampsd the pn ol hand nay In , ( 8m apt (? incus at 85 Broadn J AND THE LADIES A neat ami handsctim. <l- ln it.' am! fashion it?! Running Hand IN TWfeLVE EASY LESSONS! \l_/~ VISITORS in New York can lake a course in Three Day* !? Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M., or from t to ( P. M. [?*" BOOK-KEEPING tanght by double and .ingle entry. Cv"' Evening Classes from 7 to 9. jyll lm*c oculists^ ~ doctor j. francis", oculist "W"0. 10 BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of thi ^ Astor House.?Hispreparations are a perfect cure for all inllaininatory disease of the eye. weakness of sight, he.. r .?? never fail in removing nebulas of the longi st standing, w1th?mt any surgical oi>e*ttion CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen vein of i|t, vii brought co my houae last fell, apparently blind. Hi called on me to-day, and states that he Hat bieti lbs patient "I Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment h;?s been tie- means, undej God, of restoring bis sight. JAMES MILNOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekman st. This is to certify that two of my children were afflicted with tli.? ned eves for .1 length of time, one of them wie almost blind withnebuiaa,coyering die Bight. Every remedy waa retorted to without anv good effect, and despaired of tliem ever being r?covered. They are now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL S. JONES. 4W Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelve veirs, and in live weeks, undo] the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per fectly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true statement. GEORGE BENEDICT, Pastor of the Stanton street Church. I was nearly blind for twenty years with a cataract in each ayi ami from thi nee of Dr. Franca1 wonderftil preparation foi that disease, my eyeiira now perfectly recovered. IfESTER JOHNSTON, 41 EUndyc Mrret. We, the undertism-d, having wituessed the astonishing efficacy of Dr. Francis' preparation] lor diseases of the eye unhesitatingly recommend the in to the notice of the public, ti valuable remedies. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McD '-ugal st. Church. 8. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fiist Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mission Society. Jacah Brouner. Pastor of the North Bar fist Church. Joseph Andreade, Rom in Catliolic Piiest of St. PeterY Church. Numerous certificates can he seen at the office. Prepared and j Bold 0*:i > b| l>r. J Francis, '(| BanU) Bin< t. New York. I Artiiiaifl Eyea inserted, which cannot be oiitingutshed frotn the natural, without giving the slightest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his fiiends ami the pttb'ic, j tit it in consequence of the increase of his business, Dr. Gleimy, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Loudon, and of the New York Medical Society, has joined him, and every confidence can he placed in his professional skill as an Oculist. Office hours from ' A. M., until <> P. M. jylO hu'c NOTICES. CORPORATION NOTICE?Publn Noiicu U hereby g; veil, that a sale of nroi?erty for unpaid taxes will take place at Public Auction, at the City II ill of the City of New Y'^rk, on Wednesday, the 38thday 8e|itomber .next,at It o'clock, noon, and he continued from day to day until the w hole of said property shall he sold, and that the detailed statement of the tales, and property to be sold, is published in the New Era, a in w .p 'per printed mild published in the cit of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptroller. f <i?II |.f r . !!. i \ Office. M u ;io. I i ?. , :, l-tv. :S. pi 2d e CAUTION TO INSURERS MERCHANTS and others, who are insured in the Hartford Fire Insurance Company, at Hartford, arc advised against | insuring in this Company. j The gubscrpter deems it his duty to inform the public lie was unfortunately insured, (or rather paid them the pp-mium for iniurii| hiii|) on hit hardwire, cnneri isd castings, at Detroit, | and sustaining a loss, they refused to pay for his cast strcl, liar | lead, iron, &c , damaged, on the unjust, illegal and despicable around, that the*- articles WKRK NOT IIARI)\VARK,n tUinkiunr, probably, thty were groceries, crockery or dry goods, vid thus evade the payment of a just and honorable claim ag*ius! th?* rn. Merchants must now judge for themselves, whether it is their interest to insure in such a company or cat. To guard *g ?inst mistake, and as an act pf justice to the MA?t' i md ** Protection" Fire Insur mee ( onn inies, of 11 rtford, I the subscriber feels bound to add, that the above cautiou has uu application what* -r to either of those Companies, bat polh ouiy to "The H.rtio 1 Fire Insurance Company," of whicn E. i Terry is PresM . ?u, and I ?G. Boltes, Secretary. je61m*r \ l-f VKWBOULD, No. 00 John St. ' "M" OTIC ? TO CIJ ill other persons whoa bus! 1-^ nesic ' i t 'hiii' " "v.. nt 1 y on their feet.?By calling at the old * v ' i,,r B s? . m Chatham street tliey can he accotntii i- vide article, ROGERS ME* j TALIC KI.ArTW !IV !. HC'OTS, warranted in every pa ? - j f the orninirv B >ot. Tl?? following arc advantages the Elastic Heels I have over e> . < >: lit*r!; md I First?The !.t Ms greatly to the durability of the I Boot. Secoudly?'T: > i U?> 1 > noise in walking upon the pavei menf. Tiiirdly?a he; ,u\eut R iots from rtinuiiig down to the j be< I, j Fourthly?They enable the wearer to w alk with much levi fa'iipie. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpets at do iron or nailed hi el i. Sitthly?They can be worn with comfort by those ha* iiig lend r feel. As usual, constantly on hiad all kinds of Boot; at wlo-lesilc and retail, at manufacturer's drtces, j5 It eolm11 THE ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP IS WORTH TWICE ITS WEIGHT IN HOLE To Cure any Eruption or Disfigure incut of t Vie Skin. TMIE THOUSANDS this has cured in this city is rcallv surprising. It U*s justly termed by the medieaLcoiiir.*'! <>( Paris, a " miracle, a wonder, and ablr>*imt to clear the skin.'' It \< confidently recommended for tie following : pimples, freckles, blotches salt-rht um, scurvy, heat spot-;, tan, -ntnhurn. morphew, nsipelas, or any clUcase of the skin not m-titi -neu here. It w ill change the color of dark sunburnt or yellow *kin to a benuti ul, healthy clearne? \ Among the many wli?? have b? en cured bv this, we are allowt d to refer to the following Rev. J. 11. Piime. N. Y; T. Power, grocer, Brooklyn; H. Paulding^ firmer, Orange countv, and hundreds more who tcel d- i ate in hiving th ir names apoesr. I The public are notified r 1?at no nrfBu-f or misreiircf.*-ntafinn | is offered or intended. Sold by'I*. JO.N KS, s i l* 11 ofthrAoieI riraiiKiglr, 82 ) liitliain street, NvwYork?price Sflirntsa I <ik ? Ag.u's, J39 Fulton st. Brooklyn; Redding, (1 State ?t, : Bslon t 97 Dock st,(Philadelphia. Caytailis and iiavrllrr* alI lowed a liberal discount. jv 12 1 *c I JOHN CONHOY Fishing Tackle vlanm'ertiircr, mlorms I " his friends and the lovers of angling that he ?*? a fall anil great variety of tackle, the prices to suit the times: .there h u been an erroneous impression spread attroad that his artii les are dearer than other stores, he avails himself of this advertisement to saw that snch is not tlie casr,h?will guarantee to tell i. eh sp if not chea|o r thin can If |atrt5ha? -I ?l-ewltt re, end his long evjierilice in the business warraits him in savtn< tint his tackh: is made of the best mats rial. Hods atnl re. Is at all prices. Comer of Cliff aim Fulton. 30,0110 Spanish silkworm gut, selling cheap by the inn or ISO bamboo Rod .lately received from Calcutta, and selling at nearly coat |niee. JvO l?*l I KJHTRODY'S NKW HiltK PltlNTINO INK MANUFACTORY, 2H Rose street, comer of Duane (Old Sngar House) Printing Ink of all colors, warranted e jurl to auy, constantly on hand and offered for sale on resaonable terms, deliverable to any part of the city free of cartage. Prmtrri and venders are sidicited to make a trivl of this art.tie. _j Y 13mr ___________ / F.ORtir ( <>L\ i . I'lloMAS Dl OARf),suttees sors to Lewis B. Uriffin St Co., would respectfully inform their friends and the pubic , that they ate prepared to furnish titnh?r of every drirripli >n ,t as sh.nt notice, and nn as teasoiiahie ts-rms as any establishmeiit in the city at their New Steam Saw Mill, foot of Foiiiteinth street. No [til lliver. Jill lm*r H< )T AND C< >Ll) - SET W V1 ETH TJABINKAI Npw Hm and Cold St It Water Bntln, at ! tin* font of DeibroMfi street, I third pit*r south of ( ' rial I f ,,'V North Ki\er.) are now o]>?n for the -ccommodal ion ol 00M1 Ud?? s aud tftnLlomeu. Open from suurist until 11 o'clock I at incut. I N. B. The water where the hatha are nt&liom-d has beer I "r';'.-!"" >X7h,chj?ndersdl as pure as .-in nth- r .iluaiion in the ' 31. . X.iNrw YorK- ?" Tuesday's the II -I : eachi.ivrly tend^k. Iws MlillP.Sl, A hand of initur' n ill to in at ,7 ,,lc <"'t evening. Price of a cold bath 12^, eta I w^rTTT',a'n* ? > ir1'iin*r I )ISI WS ,M. rffK Kvu In F. \ H I Slia.ik . M l? ni. hkl y 'i'v"' Anat -my and Surgery Di??*a*ea of the E> r and Kar, and imnrrfWtmna of rision, !7i Hudson st iiearC inal. Office hours fn.rn a A. M. to It M., ami from > to 7 P. M.daily, Bund t\% ptcrptr-d N. B.-Ductor Shanks will give advice and medicine io the poor, (gratis) every evening from S to C o'cloek, at his oilier, 173 Hudson street. k,, ,m dc sro SINtil.F. <JK Yi;I.KM F.Sf-A, ?it. of Hoom, c can he obtained with or without Board, on the 1st or 2?l floor, at 86 White street. Also, an up,*r Room, on moderate terma. JyUlmr ' fc*- IH m\ Biiiai ar *-rv^u?>x JEaMM?S?lSdQSl W YO NEW YORK. FRIDAY M FURNITURE. GEORGE VVT DAWSoU, Wholesale and Relrtfl t\irr.iture ami (14 rural Furni*hing Warehouse, IWn. t?7 Chatham street, corner of Duane street, AVm York. WHERE hr Lti-| ? for ? 1 ir*- mtm.iit ??f tht f< Mowin^ iilicles, > bideU-.,r?N. Bureau*, BeiUit \.ds, f oto, ' T.bKs, ( \iM}? OifLt rtii.l lVnul.h I). r, . Book Cases, Looking Dimity, Cent.*. 'I ? i:ul I'it r Tiiblei, Pianos, SoidA, Sol * B? L?teatl*, Beds, Btddiu;; r*le?Hcra, Mai* trestcs, Carpets, OItCloth. Mattinac arid Iuft Iron*, Wash St.iuuii, Toiut TnUri, candle Sr.ii.U, Bureau Bedsteads Dre .siiik' Bureaus, S.vfes, ike. Also, a Ur*c ortmeut of tmn and women's Wearing Apparel. nuw and second handed. All the above articles are offered to the p..b!ic at very low prices. Penous in want of said articUs wetiid And it to ' their advantage to nuke ji early call at the above e?UOliih rn nr. I Shipping orders punctually attended to auJ p-cked t.*\ tlr 1 shortest uouce, au<i on reason d?le term*. M utrrsses, Bedding, bet; for fitting out vessels, constantly 0:1 hand. All orders to the ibov e establishment will be punctually at* ' temled to and thankfufly received. S. B.?The highest prices will be given for Second Hand Furniture, and (Jeutlenu n's and Ladies' cast off Clothing. 6m*r CHINA, GLASS, AND EAK; Til EN WARE. , 8 ASTOll IIOUSi:. KHENCH PORCELAIN Uinu? r ?. nicus, 115 pes, $15 00 " " I u? I* . i Fwnich ??r liliuiish Furcelai., Y ea Seta, 32 44 4 00 Dinner Flates French 1'orCt i?*iu per dozen 194 > 44 M Grautfe. blue. or whito 1 00 Soup 41 " . " I 00 Freach poreriain, doi 2 00 Tea cape ol<1 saucers, 21 pieces 44 1 50 Egg cup* 44 37 ] GLASS. Cut wiuu per d<arn, from 1 50 4* Tumbler*, 44 2 00 Leinouados handled 44 2 25 tari.r, 1 Of the finest description, in stu or dozens, at the low price of ! MtMNt. Just opened a handsome assortment of Toilet ware, U. SIMPSON. N. 11. Agent for the sale of Simpson's Kar %.nn for the r relief of deaftai ss. toe* i n c CHEAP HARDWARE STORE. i f PliE Subscriber is now op? nrm his Spring supply of 1 1 IURDwARR AND (H Tl.KUY. received p*r lifearrivals from Birrn in irlftun and She ift? Id. flogether with a jpmio, ral asvortjarui of Domestic oihmh, wnirhhe is prepared to of1 tertfWie veryLOWEST < KSIf MIRKS. attention of Country Merchants, Guilders, Cabinet p k itc., is solicited to an examination of ids slock and jthe is confident they will And it to their interest 1 r him with a call. ALFRED K. LAORAVF., 210 Oreenwich. corner Barclay. New York. A regular supply of FALL KlvEll CU T NAILS, and Cooner s Glue. Also?a complete assortment of Mechanics' , Tools, James4 Screws, tkr. in2 3m* pllEAP tXPlft >L 3THN"vV".~K8ED, 388 Bro dwsy, m ^ tween White and Walker street.?Carpets of evciy dc, scription made and alter'd to fit the most nitric itc rooms?CurI tains made and altered to the late it st> l\ Matrasses, solas, and easy chairs, mid to order to match any description of furni' uire. The dubiciibt i not having expenses of i store to pay* is enabled to make any of the above articles at such prices to suit tile times. , Persons purchasing Carpets and Oil Cloths cm have a word , of advice, tiy calling as above. Paper Hinging. Carpets <le.mI ed. Ofeasi ipotv extracted,lie. j\Glrn*e.c HATS. HATS! HATS! HATjSM DROWN & GO'S One Price Hat Store, wholesale and re? J tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, heauly, durability and economy are cor.ibiutd to adorn the head. The proprietors have the pleasure now to offer in addition t-? rheh recently ttnph>ved soprt tupped HaL a new style, the imitation of beaverr, which so closely reseurtjles that of all furs the most costly and beautiful, tint the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the our orice cash system, which enables us to fomi h a very superior , Hat for the price charged. In presenting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. u*4 3m* JEWELRY. \CAT( HES AND JEWELRY VEK1 LOW.-TIh ascriber is selling all descriptions of gold and silver Watches, gold and silver pencils, gold chains, keys, &c., at rotail, lower than at nnv other place in the city. Gold Watches as low as 2rj to 3D dollar? ' \eh. Watches and Jrwelrv evchan 1 ?! or bought. All Watches are wBrrutted to keep good time, i or the money rt turned. Watches and Clocks repaired in die beat manner, and warranted, at much Jess than the usual price*, by one of the finest workmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN, Iioporter of Watchmand Jtweiry, wholesale and nu.l. so Wall itiMt, up itain. ' 19 lta*i e MISCELLANEOUS. BOTNTO S(T(i \ R, WINKS. . fir EL LI NOT ON A CARTER, Wine and .?mum*iou VV Merchant, No. iN?w itrret, one door ffopi WaU ?cr?iet? ha* ju.?t recei ?d from the refmcrv j\ quantity of nu]ierinr double Mid sin le refined Sugar, in small loaves, which he will sell at his 11 iii a I low rite*, in |nrci'U to suit buvera. W. A. Carter's assortment of superior Wines cannot f * it to please. The old Loinelmn Madeira of 1C12, ill bottles and in ; pines,hhds. .in I qr. casks of various ages; ch uunagne,clar? t sad ' other light Wines of the choicest or.inds, always on sale at low prices. Orders for any kind shall he faithfully executed, i j>7 lm*r ECONOMY, ELKGANGK, AND GOOD LIVING. rpiIE undersigned his, at a gre t * t peine, fitted up one of the A largest and most splendid Coffee and Ealing Houses in | N w York, in whicli one hundred persons at least can sit down to au excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from the choicest supplies of the markets, with a hill of fare not excelled either as regard* qu ilitjr or number of dishes] by any hotel in th- United States, and varying in prices from six cents to one shilling and eighteen p-nce i?er dish. The purest Java and Mocka coffee and tl?** very best teas, and served at only three 9aftU par cup. Ud all othcr*i ifn ihxn nts 11? ipoitii n. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may be assured of fed ing in this establi btnent quite ".?t home." In fact, every department of the business i.-, under the su per in tendance of compcteiit overseers, whose sole care ami attention arc directed to the comfort and conveniences i cast tncri and guests. HENRY GOSLING, Proprietor of the French and American Kiting House, Nos til and GO Nassau st, between Jshli si and Maiden Line. P. u 9u idays foi b ijriaat, dinacranq t-a. jcWtar 1 Or\(\ |W\1 \ PICKLES, in packTorcs to suit customers? 1,*UU.UUU a lorn d Pickles, Catsup, Sauces Pre serves, ami English Mustard, of a superior quality ami low price : Cider ami White Vinegar, by the gallon or barrel ; Sour Krout bv the barrel or keg ; Preserved Meats. Soups. Oysters, Fowls, Milk, fctc., warranted to keep any length of time, ami in any climate, excellent for ship stores, as they afford a great luxury at a reasonable price ; Oround Coffee, warranted pure; Walnut, Mushroom and Tomato Catsup, by the gallon or dozen. N. B.?Large site Tickles for grocers. by WELLS & MILLER, Wholesale and Retail Warehouse* for Tickels, ni*>l 3m. 1 ?*4 Wafer ami ll9 Front street THK WHITE SIBERIAN HAIR TlON NET.?This splendid article is generally acknowledged to surpass all the >tvies introduce I this season. For the summer wear, it has a combination of advantages never he lore united m one style of hat. If is a beautiful snow white, extremely light, at the same ttie saine time very strong and durable, and will clc-n like the Tuscan, dec. Also, in extensive and fashionable assortment of Ladies' Straw Goods, vu* French and English Dunatibles, Italian Rutlands, Fancy 8chcll, and Imp* rial, (a beautiful article) tin Tuscan, Sir. Sir. The above articles are oTered at much reduced prices, by T. BEN NET V. 3b Johu street, je 14 ! mi * r Utt Willi t i md Jf? Tlart sts CJTAINED GLASS V M) w i \ I u > W s 11A7> IS II\N ^ NINdTON X CO, 293 Broadway, near Reulest, Glass liners and decorative Tainters. respectfully solicit families andotkcri, fitting up their dwellings, to inspect their stock, which lor style and execution of wont is not to be surp us* d, ind at it/ices to <uit the times. Washable w indow shades from one dollar to the richest styles, equally cheap in proportion Architects and others furnished w ith designs for stained for clmrch windows, dwellings, Sir. on the shortest notice, aud orders executed w ith economy *nd despatch. WANTED?An a tiit, used to decorative painting; also aii apprentice. | | IJEAKSALL'S )AK KSTABLIMlMISJfT. founded l I 1988, at 102 Water street, live doors above Catharine mar ket, tiie only establishment of the kind in the United States, continues to supply the Navy% the American, Russian, and Spanish war steamers?has s";*plied all the race boats unl club I' Mts for the last four years?and has now the largest assortment of oirs, iws'is, and sculls ever collected in one place. N. B?The Branch Oar Store on the North River side, is bin op, and removed to 402 Wafer street; and as I save .ill the ententes of one store. 1 will sell enough cheaper to those who come from the North River side to pay them for their trouble. Race boats, clnb boats, oars and sculls sold 30 per cent less 1 than last year. tnSlm'c IRON, CASTI RON, AND ! STEEL RENDERED RUS 1' PROOF, FOR ONR t C.\T PER POIND ONLY !! t 1 TB WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTEIO OF C, MX I .MSI.XO, Otherwise/.inking Iron, Cast Iron, and Steel, Ac., made plain and easy to every one, [with an engraving of the Tools By OKOKGK JOIIVSON, Kurincrlv free Merchant of Calculi*. Thi" book i* for sal* at all the Bookseller*. I'rirt ii emu only?or address j?r letter, po?l paid, Mr. George J hiison, rait Mruri Butlers, No? G.lil <1. .l-Ni l-n?r IMPORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. \LL who wish to 11 ilocni/.e an nlit nil < lulhiuz of the hi st Itiility remarkably cheip, at 201 ('anal street,one door 1 west of Hudson. Ai i, a lar.i assortment of Cloths, (s,i. I in. irs, Vestings, ami Summer Goods, fn/iii which Clothing of I all hinds arc mi le f? order in th? beat inaimtr at d ry reduced prices, 205 (J am I Knot. jell digy ASPHALTUM AND MINERAL TAR. JOHN LOVVITZ, I No. 2 Wall Htreir, NAS r n .t.111 y on hand r.atnra^Aaplialtiiin Hock and Mint- I . ral Tar. which arc used for the lollowinic purposes Garden* and side* Iks. b'loring ol Building* and Cellars, where the esclusion of moist n re is rcomrid Canals and oiid-es. I'icra, Wharls Mid Dock#. Vaults. Batlia, Ai|Urducta,Heicrvoir?, Sewer*, j Terraces, Roofing. Coatintt of iron wi tk, to prevent it* ondalion by air an water. i Coating of timber work, used at railroad*, he.. Market*, slaughter ho net, and Bonding warehouses, trher* lh? eiclnsion of vermin is re- . quired. jyg Im eod'r Si Sv S [ORNING, JULY 15, 1842 Boston. [Correspondence oftlit Herald.J LIostu.n, July II, I o'clock, P.M. Rev. K. N Kirk's iVmo Church?Sett inn apart <>l hi* four Deacon*?Refusal of (lor. F'tirjirld to mil Fieri ions far Coni;remnant this Fall-?Norfolk I >otrict? Theatricals, Spc. Yesterday wan Lord'* Day,and in the afternoon 1 repaired to the Masonic Temple, to >ee and hear the Rev Kilw.trd N. Kirk. The new society over which h is installed, worship for the i resent at that place, but it is entirely too small to accommodate all who wish to attend on the ministrations of that talented and eloquent divine. The services on the above occasion consisted of the induction into office of the four deacon-; ofthu new church, and the celebration ot the sacrament of the Lord's Supper. Brother Kirk was more than ordinarily solemn and impressive, and the new deacons were (in /(lit in their office ot pa-sing round tlu* bread and wine.? The Reverend gentleman was also quite liberal in inviting all who loved the Lord to partake of the symbols ol Lis body and blood. The whole congregation could have partaken had they been so disposed, us the command was "eat and drink ye all then of." By the way, Brother Kirk's society must build n large cli treb for him immediately. The sooni r it is done, the better for the chureli and the world. (!ov Fairfield, of Maine, has determined not to call elections for Congressmen during the coining atituntn. The whins of the Ninth ("on:;re.?ional District in this State, have nominated Shimui I (I. Goodrich, of Hoxbury as their candidate to supply the vacancy oc.' i-ioni (1 by the dcatlt of 1 Ion. Win. S Hastings. The nl'Mitioni.-ts have nominated Mr.'Jackson, of Newton. The locos, I believe, nominate to-day, and the election will take place on Monday next ? There will probably be no choice on the lirst trial. The National and Ragle are the only theatres now open. J. If. Kirby makes his appearance at the latter thisevening, in tic character of Damon? W. G. Jones plays Pythias. Little Miss Gannon hxsjnst returned to the city from a very successful eastern tour. Dempster, the ballad singer, and Love, the Polyphomst, were at the last dates performing in conjunction at Bangor, Me. The I! .liner family are engaged lor a few nights at the Boston Ma cum. Kimball is the boy "what knows liow to cater for the nmuscment <>f the public." The business of the week has hardly opened upon us. No market ruports to-day, as yet Yours, iVc. B. Boston-, July 12, I P. M. The Irish lime Prevented?lie moral ot the Tdcerra/'h Station?Mi iMs?Sales at the Slot k Exrhnns*e. Tlie "utmost a light" between the 11Catholics and the Orangemen, which cimie near being consummated yesterday, was only prevented by the timely interfert net- of the Mayor, Jonathan inaii, Moii., and the city police. The Mayor addressed the mob from his elwise at the junction of Broad and State streets. Several military companies received orders to hold themselves in readiness for un emergency. A few bloody noses and scarred shins comprise all the damage which accrued from the 14 blarney" of the two belligerent parties. 11 til it not been, however, for the prudence of the city authorities, a bloody riot must have taken place. The weather to-day is remarkably warm, and business is rather eo-so-ish. John B.Parker, of the marine telegraph station, hoisted his signals for the first time, this morning, troni the cupola of the new Exchange building. The present station is not so convenient for the mercantile man as was the old one, as the signals can be seen from hut one side of Stale street. Cotton?No sales, and little enquiry for the article. Mackerel, No. 2'.-, bring 87 27 a >7 ."at; \'o. 3's, 81 2"> a 81 ">' per bbl., cash; no No. I's in m irkrt. Flour remains i'i moderate demand; < !onesce, common and fair brands, sells t stl (Mi a 8l? 12 per bbl, cash; tJtU) bbLs. t >hio, sour, for export, brought Vjit 7<?|.ri , imuiIi. The sales at the >tock Exchange this forenoon, exhibit the following rates:?10 shares Charles Ii tver Bank brought 75uHO tier cent |ier share; 5do Market Bank til .J; 11 do Peoples' Bank, UK; N do North Bank, 79; 25 do Kailrond Bank, (Lowell) !>b; 52 do Manufacturer's Insurance Company I2j il 11 js-r cent advance; 5 do U. S. Ina. Co. Itik; 10 do Lowell and Nashua Kuiimad. 151 iierernt advance: II do Eastern Railroad, 111; 5 do do in N. H., 874a 88. Thus you will perceive that a majority of the stocks are i'.ir, very i'ar, below |iar. while the minority are far, very far, above par. Well, so we go. Your.-', fee. B. IJovov, July 13, 1812. Biminem in Benton?Mount Aulmr.i?Freth I'oinl? Bunker Hill?Mum um? Thc/ilrintlt?The liceinert nt the Boston Mimeum?Free Comert at IauxIU fyc. fyr. Fkiknd Bennett:? 1 left our good city of (lothani a week since, for the land of steady It ibits I find that business in Boston is decidedly lictter than in New Yoik? whether this is owing to Yankee cutenetis or some other cause, is more than lean tell?1 leave that problem for financiers to solve?my turn you know being more for pleasure than business. < )n Sunday ia-i, in company with some friends, I visited Mount Auburn, the great " city of the dead." It is some live miles from Boston, and contains one liu.idn d and ten acres, beautifully laid out in Square and family vaults?each square being surrounded with iron fences of various lULtteriiH, within which are hundreds of specimens of powers, rare and beautiful. Mount Auburn is for the most part a grove, and the vast area is intersected with gravel w alks and earriage paths, which are much used after church on the Sabbath by the proprietors of the cemetery 'old their invited frienda, no oilier persons being permitted to visit here on Sunday. ' a Monday we drove out to Fresh Pond, a fashionable resort, eis ht miles from Boston. Ft has a tin*' Ik. if, * 1 o-ifivp uiili. rw 1111 1 i L i? a-/ ' n.l is well attended by* th" pleasure?seeking portion <d the community. w visited Hunker Hill and wended our way to the top of the monument, tin elevation ot some two hundred and twenty feet. The view from here, is of course very extensive, beat inn liar mini's t lar'en all hollow. \W looked and wondered and philosophised till 9 o'clock, full of glory, and then came down again. Mr. Harrington has been selling out his extensive museum ut auction.? Among tho bidders for the last three days, I noticed Mr. Liurnum, the indefatigable manager of'the American .Museum in New York. He is making good use of the $'2ti(IU, which he took on the fourth of luly. I observed that all of the most valuable paintings were, knocked down to him, and some great bargains he had, too. Some of the finest and largest ortgir.nIs, which cost Mr. H. from $104 to 9150each. Air. Barnuin bought for less than $5*1 each. I nut iced also that he purchased many ot the most valuable among the curiosities. But I need not have mentioned this, for as it is generally understood that Mr. B. docs not hide liis light under a bushel; we might have reasonably exacted that in due time he would have given ail necessary information regarding the additions to his museum to the public. Theatricals are of the dullest kind here. The Tremontstands tenantlessonce more?the National is doing a slim business?the Boston Museum is doing well. Mr. Kimball, the manager, is one of the finest fellows alive?he has decidedly the neatest estahlishttient <>f the kind I have ? vt-r seen, and the whole is arranged with the most consummate taek and good taste. The limners an- engaged at the Museuin this week, and of course large, fashionable and delighted audiences attend here. Let me recommend to nil our friends coming to Boston to stop nt the American House, in Hanover street. The proprietor, Mr. Mice, is a gentleman of the first water, and his establishment is reminded with neatness and good order. All friends of good living had better stop here. 1 have just returned from Lowell, where I went yesterday evening, to get a look nt the "pretty girls," and a fine view I h id of them, as well as a jelightful walk through the various _lactones, Are. in ace Hint of which I must reserve for ? future letter. A free concert was advertised to be given at lie Citv Hall in Lowell last evening by a Mr. 11' r irk I dropped in there and found the room crowded with some twelve hundred persons, three quarters if which were ladies Tliev were listening to ' professor" Herriek, weo, " solitary and alone" occupied a little cubby hole wh ^e he whined out 1 * IERA ) - % ilit* moat miserable ducord 1 ever heard, ut tin- same time pretending to accompany himself on the piano As his i-iiU'eliiiR constituted thewhol" of tli?-? n< ?n I tmiflc l'r??* to give huu a hearty hi.-s, in wliicha good portion ol tin audifnc-c joined, and I It ti thrin hissing liim w itli hearty good will. How the fare concluded I am not aware, hut if the fellow trot of! without being pelted with aged e^^t, and a ft ride 011 a rail, I congratulate hint oil his good Inek, lor Inhie groat reu.-ini to be thank lit 1 that he did not meet his deserts. The Merritnae I Intel here is <>ne <d the b \-t in the State. As ever, your , Vkkita*. F.iriOim% on Dtl.tlii) rue Eiin.i.-\VV published ) <s terday a brief account of ttiis disaster oil the Western water*. * The fcllowing particulars are trom tho St. Louis Bulletin and Hepuhlicaii of the 4th in?t.:? The K Ina rear his I the mouth of the Missouri river about o eio'clock on Sunday morning, and landed on the outside of the steamboat latun, which was Jj ingal the mouth. At i)av light both boats made preparation* to start, tint the Kdna lay in such u position that it was dillicult for tin latan to get aw ay from the shore. After w aiting neurit or quite hull an hour, the latan. with some dittirniie ! away ami proceeded onward. 'X'lic Edna shoved oil'im mediately afterward, and the bow was about or.e hundred feet from the shorn, when lioth Hues of her larboard boilei collapsed, scalding sixty -three persons, and blowing ovei board soinetwo or three. The Hues collapsed, one nt the foru aid, and the other at the alter end of the boiler, sweeping the decks tore and alt. The latun immediately d.opped buck to tin Edna, and towed her to the Illinois sbora, when the Annawan took her in tow, and the Intan cuoie to the city with '.'ti of the wotindud in her cabin. Tha Edna had been working hor eugino out of; . jr toll half an hour previous to shippiiig her w heels, and it had not been stopped more tkan ten minutes at the outside, w hen the accident happened. The ronejusion is irresistible, thut thu water was obslruoicdin the supply pipe, or that the force pump was out of older, so that the boilers become short of water. ( apt. H.nton states that he is fully ofopinion that the staam was not unnecessarily high, as lie heard it escape from the safety valve, and it did not make that appalling noise which invariably attends the escape of high steam, ('apt. K. is disposed to think that the accident is mainly attributable to the unfitness of llie ironof which the Hues were made, lie say s that an engini er. a good judge of the (|ualitiesi>firon, had given as his opinion that the iron was mush too brittle lor Hues. As the .atan and Edna were lying together, and both bound up the river?it might be stippused that the accident resulted from a desire on the part of tin Edna to boat the latan up. ( apt. Eaton informs us that it w ,is the express instructions of thu Captain of the Edna not to rice w ith the latan. and for that purpo.e suffered the Intsn to go out ahead of her?and as the latan w as light, or in good running trim, and the Edna heavily loaded, it is not to be supposed that the E tna would have selected a time for a trial of speed, when she tailored under such disadvantages. Whatever lilame (ifit was the result of carelessness! is lo be attached to this unfortunate disaster, should he altribntable, in our opinion, to the engineeron duty?w ho, in neglecting to try the guagr cocks, w as solely culpable, lie has paid thu forfeit of his life lor his neglect, if it was an act of carelessness. V. S. 11 sVlo. k, P. M.?YVe understand that 113 of the scalded have since died. The unfortunate sufferers by this accident were chi-Hy (id man emigrants; u few of the crew ol the Edu in w ere scalded, among them the s^jgond engineer, who is badly wounded; many jumped overboard, n^d liom the confusion and distress u lib h prevailed yt -tvrday, it is difficult v et to tell how many were lost, or w ho they were. None ol the cabin passengers were injured. The number nscei tallied to he badly scalded are "t>mn, 1.1 women, and II children?I I>oy killed. It is the opinion ol' some of the pin sieians that a majority of them ? ill lie. The following is a list of the Herman*. They were chiefly from neat Dussehlorf, on the Hhine, Prussia ; and wlint renders theircnscone of peculiar hardship is, Ihut this accident, ao fatal nml serious to nil. should have nrcttrred w hen they had hruved the hour oi sepmation front their friends nml kindred, passed thu ocean an I its slot tit -, nnd w ere ii|?on the Inst bout,within about 130 miles of their new hoim s:? (Jmimash.?Adnm Ilosellen, August Wen/, Jaeol Sclinell'er, Peter W'ankum, William Wankum, lie in hard Ilosellen, Heiaricli, liirchcuum, Arnold Kwr, ( inpat Kreper, Peter Tnn/man, Johan' ISNrhofi, llcnrich Bischotf, Matthias Stradcr, Peter sell, Katharino 8clitiller, Anna Mariali Ilosellen, .loon Ilosellen, K ithariiiu i I ire li linum, Klizabeth Woukum, Katharine Struler, Cecilia Strader, l.iielnn 8' Kntliaihin 'i'nnr/niann, Jacob IVter Trun/inanii, fieri rude Trauziuunn, Bartiura Trait/.mnnn?7 children, front 1 to 8 years of ape. Ami an is-.? Klinhn I'reston, Livingston Co., Mo,; Win. M'-(,'orninck, St. Louis; Joseph H. Howard, Clinton Co.. O.jM. B. How ard, do; Mason J. Parks, Arkansas; MarvIiiil l < turret, Callow ay Co., Mo.; Ilobert Duel, New York; James Bln/e, Va.; Kdw ard llroa Irtilf, Maryland; It. It Kit 1ton, New York; Auguste Pigeon, Vole Poche, Joseph II. Shad. Lesingtnn, Mo.; Charles M. Fuller, Cutaway Co., Me.; Charles t'onner, ? I Kngineer, Louisv ille, Ky.; badly v. eluded, not dead: Hennley; K.vens, th ud; Antonio Vincent, M' siro; JOtin Jaitlin, Lauenahirc, land. '1 men. J women and I child, bronchi to the Hospital dead,ami I Jock passenger and I li reman blown overboard and lost. I'oi.num Piori.i:. N. l'nles, S. Baldwin. Total?'A3 Germany 12 American*, I Ktcneh, I Mexican, I English, 2 colored people?ii. Mr. Duncan,ol Portland, Mo., n cabin passenger, i3 missing, supposed tn have jumped ovet hoar.I. . L'f> to the night of the n.l inst. it \ta>> announce 1 that X; had died. It w as expected that several others would die during the night. It was impossible to distinguish who of the above are or are not dead. The de id rooms of the hospital were filled, and it was almost impossible tor the relatives to distinguish some of the corpses. Tin: in New Jeie ur?The rase of Jas. Low, accused of the rnurderof Isaac Winaiis, (at Hallway, on the 1st. instant,) was called on this morning, Chief Justice llornblower and Justice N'evius presiding, and the whole tiaiiel summoned to try the cause?forty eight?was exhausted in making a selection of lOjurors. Thirteen out ol die whole panel wete challenged peiemptoiih , and the rest wureexcluded liy reason of thi-1r having formed in expressed opinions as to the guilt of the prisoner. Tin ? opiaions iters formed upon reading an account of the in the nee spapet s.or it|?m conversations w ith persot s Irom the neighborhood. The Court discountenanced tht rejection of jurats simply became they had derived at impression from thcstoiii" they had heard, founded on the hypothesis that thosa stories were tine, without giving distinct credence to the facts t alated. Winn the panel had ben exhausted, I'llrs ilf rircw. ilantibu* w ere summoned from the bystanders of those In longing to the general panel of the term, an 1 the panel for trying the prisoner was completed. At er which tin Court ad journed to half past 'J; P. M. Ot o. P. Mailt son. attorney general, and Kranris Out wood, district attorney, appealed for the State, and Mr David Ornham, lr., of New York, and Asa Whitehead, ol this city, for the prisoner, i The prisoner is a v niing manied Englishman by birth, and ha. lined mi New York some y am with his la ther, who keeps thi Robin Hood house. Among the anxious listeners in the crowded court room,is the young w if< i with a child in her arms. Xrwark fhiHy JMrtrtitrr, July IX Toe jury having hem sworn, the District Attorney opened thecaae 011 the part of the Statu in eiibstanco a follows: Kur a number of years ; asl, and until very lately, then lived in the township of Railway, a retired citizen, win nlway s bore a respectable character : but w hose per Hilarities w ere the suh|octof frequent remark. Isaac Winanwas the individual, lie thus lived until the gBth of Jinn last. He w as known to have money, and that be carried a belt containing a large amount upon bis person. Ol the 29lh June he was seen in bis livid hoeing corn, but toward night was missing ; the next day search w as made which resulted in the discovery of the body njion his own premises. TbeOranil Jury of the (iounty being then in session, found a bill of Indu tment against ihe prisoner at thr bar. Jaines Low, for the murder. Mr. Chetwood then rrn.t tin indictment, which charges that on the J'.ilh day of Jutu last, James 1.m. u illulls, Slc., shot laacWinans with ? double barrelled gun, laden w ith leaden shot, in the back between the shoulders, and upon the upper part of tin head, and that he died of the wounds. The prisoner, until this spring, resided and belonged in New York. A few weeks since he came tu Railway and took up his residence nearthat of Winans, but had no ostensible employment; was in the of going round tin premises of dr. Winnns w ith his dog and gun. (In tin morning of tin-.lay in whirh the murdei was committed. I he went into the Hold in which AVinans was murdered. At .1 o'clock he w as seen leaning against the leni e n> where Winan* wa- at work, with his gun, ? iln few noI nntes after he went Into the woods: aeon after waists tw? ri'iMirt" o( a ifiyi were heard in preeis?ly the direction in which Witian* was, ami the smoke was seen; after that the prisoner was seen with hit dog, hut v ilhout his pur Clam being questioned, he rnld ho came out morels t" where game might lie hid. lie al'terwardf changed hi clothes it home, and went to i hotlte near where Mr. U w a* murderoil, and enquire I how he roil I get a eel made out. Alter leaving thia liouto, he met a person to whom he sai l he had mi 'e the hott bargain over made in Rah war. lie stfltisl to other f reont he met that he had pure hated the (a; rn and ?to. ol -.r.W.. and that W had gone to tlir Woi, and would never lie seen there again. About eleven o'clock lie went home, and requested that lie might he awakeni-d very enrlv neat morning, at a (lerson w*? going to meet him at Itahwnv to make out a deed tor 111" prnpirt). M atone the ui xt morning Vers arly conU " > to h > usual custom, and nhout five o'i lock was sern coming fiorn the place where W. wa? found, Willi i a.i. a l.itei period In wintlo i ik- | a e -ion of the faun, search w is then m.ide for Mr.Wlnan .oil! . went to the place w In 1e 'he prisoner lived, hut could 1 ereive noun user, t >n looking one of th room* found the prisoner concealed under the bed In his js.c. ketwas finitul Winan's knife. At the entrance oi the woodsla 'mining ttle cornfield, i rpot v is iound with the appearance ol a man's having lain tlier?; Id oil w i also Iniiiul, and a short distance from it heho'i of Winars. lightly cot ere I, 1'lie mortal wound eaten I from the luwei part uf the nose to the Ironta) lsin'- i i t tliemtt/ le id the gun must havelieen near to his face. These an the principal facts ujion which the State relies t'oi th. m t iction of the prisoner. Several w itnesses were 'hen eaamined, t ringing the testimony down to twelve o'clock to-day, noon, w hen th> Court ad journed for dinner. The court room is crow dnl. ladies being present There are numerous witnesses yet on hoth sides.?firic.irk Mrtrlittr, July 14/A. P.M. L D. I*? lee 'i tio (' iita, circuit Court. Hvlore Judge Kent Jvi'Y li?Joeejth Coiling and Robert Rutin son, pta /< lijfi in trior, vs. Chariei Atftiueury and Charles / '. Si%. ... to v, de/rndantl in error.?This ss a* a i'Iiw ut appeal, ?. nt liom tiiu Supreme Court, to last the luci? n? to w Ik lor Jus' i h Gosling was an infant on the!'th August, |x. In l>:wniid |m sir. G.contracted with Mr. Putteison to mit up a t lot 1. of buildings in Tenth streets Mr. I w,.- at that time prisiJint ul an Insurance company in it nil stri ct, u ho, the counsel remarked, like hank - lideuta arc generally eondJeied pretty cles or ielloss s till !h' > ere found out. lie put.I .Mr. Gosling (who ia a laipentii Uy trade) mnsUs in notes, which tho latter endorsed, and passed oil. Mr. Patterson failed, and the notes las over < ine of them, for atiout ?too, fell into the hands of Nlessra. Sigourney , who sued, and recovered judgment i". '?v Court of Common Pleas. Kxceptioa wus made on ft* ground that Mr. Gosling was at the time a minor, and, coiisei|UMBtls, tli'it lus endotttnient svas not valid, and the case svas cm ried to the Supreme I ourt on a w rit ot erri.e The testimony presented much contradiction. On the part of plaintiff, his lather testified that Joseph WW lu.rn at Philadelphia on the 21st Octolnr, 11-> 1 m. which would not make him dl till the lall ol 'lit), lie wus i oulideni >ti to the time ,mil his recollection was more vivid from thn fact, that he (witneis) was afflicted at the time with !? white swelling. An attempt was made to disprove thin by an untm ior declaration said to lias e la-en ma li by tlio father that his son would he|91 in the fall of ivw Ado position ol Mrs. Kli'/abcth Adams was read. She states that in a conversation with the deceased Mrs. Gosling, the latter remarked that Joseph was two or three months older than deponent's son Samuel, who will tic !s n,i?i January. This declaration, the Court remarked, w mild lie the liest evidence, provided it had come dirertlv trnm Mrs. Gosling, (the mother) hut emanating from a thn 1 party, ss ho professes to givo u conversation it loifi mill ui 111 | in 11 ij i iriiit-i m ii n L'lvni ifntui ^ to show that Joseph (ioslitig hail declarud to be ol auagethat would have rendored him 21 at the tinu; of ? i?ili)i ?mti the note in question. Kitbrt was made, also, to impeach the character of the father. The Court re. marked that thia ii one of those oases which <' not ptesent themselves under veiy favorahle aspects. It inn t, liowrv er. t>e decided ujion the tact*. Judge Kent then reviewed the evidence, and concluded by stating that if the jury considered that the plaintiff was nut of age on the !>:h August, Kin. they would find in his laror, otherwiso for the defendants. The jury, after n short absence, returned a vordict in favor of plaiutiif, thus enabling him to pay his debts as spi cdily and ctleetually as even the Bankrupt ("'out t itself. Several classical romplim'tits passed between thu counsel in summing tip, lending to an nppi ehension that there uill tic some untoward "calf shooting" before the end ol many day*. It may, however, puss oil under the ilea that "all's fair In trade," or rather in argument, which, truly. \v ill 1 e the w isest course. Kor plalntitr, Mr. Judah. Kor defendant, Mr. Watson. Jri.v 14.? Frederick Tracy et al. vs. Clarisca Howard. The defendant reside* at Brooklyn, is a w idow . and possissrs an income ol some <;il)0 per ami. She accepted an assignment ftom II. t'hilliin, late dry goods dealer in Chatham street, w ho afterwards left the city . und w hose course was the subject of considerable remark. Tim present is an action to recover the sum of $413, on w liich she appear* as an endorser. She declares the endorsement to he a forgery. This did not avuil her, however, as the note was mentioned in the preferred schedule, and she tiecainu a party ;to it. It was then contended that she had not been notified in season aftci protest. The Court charged that tlm protest was dated Otober 1ft, IH4I, should have bean mailed to her on the lti:h, hilt doubt existed u briber it had been so till the 17th?if the latter it w as too late, and the endorser is cleared. Mis. II. will, doubtless, be n great loser b\ her son-in-law- The case w us ably contested by Judge Sanilford for plaintiff, and by Judge l):krman, of Brooklyn, for defendant. The Jury, at u luto hour last evening hud not agreed. ( cut rnl Sessions. Before his Honor the Her.vrdrt Tslln n.liru hide.. nml Aldermen Leonard. \V11.1.iam Shaikh, Esq., acting District Attorney. Julv'II Elizabeth Corns t or k alias Wary Finch, ndieted for grand larceny in stealing silver plate und a diamond ring, valued sit ?.113, lrom Aldeinian Uirharil F. Carman, on the a'.stli of June last, entered a plea ol guilty-, and u tis ientenccil to f lie stute prison fortuo y ears. She i* a young, good looking girl, not over 1!? yuois ot age, and vv as engaged ns a servant in the family at the time she committed the larreny. 'l'here are tuo other charges of Petit larreny alleged against her, for Healing fiom lamilies where shenlso resided previous to tho commission of the crime for ? hich she has lieen sentenced. Sriitnni of Charlei F. Mitchell.?Acting District Attorney Mmler, moved that the above named person receive the sentence of the Court on the charge ot forgery lor which he has been convicted, he having been surrendered by his l>uil for that purpose. The Recorder stated that they should prc cei il to pass sentence on Friday morning at the opening ot the Court. Trial of FYmji isCollincJor Grnnd Larceny.?This mail who claims a r?e-idenco at the coiner of I eiitre and An hony streets, and whoiayshc is a native of Massachu setts, w as tried for grand larceny in stealing two finished nnJ one unfinished silv er watches, valued at being *he p.ope.ty of Henry lilkon.of No. M Anthony street. The unmiisheil vv atcli was offered for sale by prisoner to Jared L. Moore,hut the finished w utche* were not recovered !Tisonci introduced a w itness named John Myers, who tends an oyster cellar comer of Anthony and 'autre, to testify that the iintiaished watch was given him to sell l y a p.-i on who came into the cellar. The jury returned a verdict of not guilty, and the Court discharged him with a repriinan ! relutive to his habits and previous oflenci >. Hurglary in the Third Degree.?An Englishman named Thomas Wrny, w ith Fitzgerald for an alias, and who say* he is a stone cutter by trade, was tried on a charge of l url l.irv in the third degree, for breaking open the saddlery store ol Thomas (). lluckmaster, of -J II Hudson street, on the night of the 9th of June last, mid stealing therefrom about ? 100 worth of saddlery and harness. He w as impleaded in the case with a man named James C. Hums, who has also been indicted for the same nml other burglaries in which prisoner is concerned, and also w ith a man named John Taylor, who lias not yet been arrested. Tiie burglary orthe premises, and loss of the property, was proveil by Mr. Iluckmaster, and officer James S. Smith testified to the finding of three boot* in a shed in Houston street that had been stolen from the premises robbed, and were claimed by Mr. Buckmastcr as his properj ty. A portion of the harm*. * was also found in a store on i the same premises, but no evidence was introduced to diow that th'' prisoner had any tiling to do w ith the building whe'e the goods were discovered. Judge l.jnch charged that the case was singularly deficient of testimony that should have been brought forw aid to sustain the prosecution, and intimated that there wb* scarcely sufiiricnt evidence to justify a conviction. There an four other indictments against him for 1 trrglar.v, as w ell as hi* associates in crime, Burns and Tay lor. The billowing important w itnesses for the prosecution were not stih|Hrned m the case :?Mr. I.. Silvers, of It-J < hnpel street, to whom some boots were pledged, the ticket for which w astound in possession of a woman who claimed to be prisoner's w if?. This woman w as al. o riot siilij.. nod a* a w itr.ess, nor the person w ho rented the pi cmi-e-to prisoner and his associates where the property stolen h?d been exposed for tale. The jury nftcra short absence returned a vlrdict of not guilty . anil the Court a h journcd till Kridny morning at n o'clock. Aid. Smokf..?Forty-two cases of goods w< re returned to Mr. A. L. Kroech, by tire Cu?tom House, having liecn toiji1correct alter in\c>iigation. (Ify I lit el I ly;cti<-e. Isdii tucst or Shci ti.?( horles lb Scott and John Vandewater have,bcen indicted by the giand Jurv for publishing " The Hash," which is pres. no : a* an obscene sheet. Thadetis W Mcigbam, pntli hvr of " The Rake," forved ditto, and < h-orge Wooldridjfe, of thu " Whip," ditto, ditto. Court (nlcmlnr?Tlil? Dity. Iimurr I'm nr. -No#. I. 15, 7. 'i9, At, 7 1, I! .'?, Ij-J, I'M,, 1'iA, I'it*, l is to l td, I .Hi to 141. OMrlal?- \ rmjr denernl Order. iii*i mi oiidtm, |HnDi(i iiTi?i or th* Ak\?y, No. 4u. ) Adji'tast Okskkai.'* Orric i Wainiaoi M.JnJy li, is' . Thu following arrangement of military ifeoKraphical department# huvinff l>#en duly submittal end upprovi-*l, under the foregoing instruction#, tha mine i? herd > j itiI.slit-d loi thu " 1 "I "1 thu Ai my : dki'ahtmut No. 1?Wilt Florida, ami the Stifle* of Alabama, Louliianii, Tfnne*se#,and K- Sicky II.., I yii.nti I ". fiom lliu firvt of November to the <. if juii.i, in each year, at New Orleans,and for thu rum.under of the ) #iif ?t the Boy of St. Lonin, ot Baton Rouge, hi the commander mny elect. I)** AMI MKMT No. i 'flu country *i:it of the NT;?slrrippi, north of t.oiii*ianj ntul Trxa?, anil south 01 :tTtIt dee i'i i ot north lattitu le. Head Quarters, Fort Smith. Dkuah No. J.?The Statu of Minouri. uihove the 37th duff i vo ot north latitudu.j the Statu of Illinois the lorn a Territory, that part of the Wisconsin Territory v. a of the 1:1th degree of longitude wu?t Iron* Washington, n I the Indian couptry north and w eat ol the linen mdirati !. II uh.i Quarter* Jefferson Bnrrwrk*. DreioiMrsT No. I.- Tin State* of Indio'iB, Oki> an.I Michigan, the part of the Wi?con?in Territory i In 'id in Department No. 3, ami the Indian country north llend quartan, Detroit. Demi nrniiT No. A.- The State#of I'eniisy Ivani# N. York, Vermont, Now Jertey Connecticut, and Ithodo Inland. Head Quarters, Troy. N. V. Dh'aktmam No. B. The Mateo of Massachusetts,New Hampshire. and Maine. Head (Juartei*. Portland. l>?r?RTMr*T No. 7. The fltate* of Delaware, Maryland and Virginia, lie Quartern, Kort Monroe. IlirmiMiiT No. s. -The Ht?t< ? of North ' arelina. South Carolina, an I Georgia. Hi-h.1 Quarters, Sullivaii'x Maud, harbor of i harleaton. DirtmarnT No. 0.?(Temporary.) Eaat and Middle Klorula. Hi-a<l Quarter* in the fluid. Hi -\ et Major General Oaine* is, for the ptt srnt.ftM-ig .1 to Department No. I. and Brigadier General Wool to Dr partment No. Th<- neninr officer in command of troop* in a departn - it will command mich department until an ollicer of higher rank almll I"' "' lit to the ?ame. Commander* of tin- re?pectire department* will not lenvetheir Head Quarter*, on tour?nf in?peclion,w itli -ut giving the earlieit notice thereof (in anticipation, it pr.ic! ticable) to <h-neral Head Quarter* They will alao pi ninjitlv report their return, together with ?uoh ohsei vat ions r? tile mate and condition of the troopf and the frontier* inpected, a* the good of the lerv-ee and the General Regulation! for the Army mar require. By command of Mnjor-Oeneral Sroi r R. JONES, Adjutant U o.-, 4, I

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