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July 16, 1842 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 1
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TH] V*l. VIII.-?No. 11)1 - Whole NO.304S. WATERING PLACES, &C. j SHARON SPRINGS. i 'VHE PAVILLION.?This uow commodious Hotel will he A open fur tlir retention of visitor! on and alter the first of June next, at tlie Village of Sharon Springs, Schoharie County, New York. The clear purr water of tt.a springs, grex;|y resembling those of tlie white sulpliur springs ol \ irgiiin, hake Urn 1 proved to he highly < Ificarious in Rh -lunatic, Cutaneous, Diliions mid Dyspeptic complaints; and in the cure of Eryatpclag, i 8a!trh< um. Scrotals, Liver Coinplamt, and general debility, ami iu niauy nther respects, |<osa?sa (a* certified by some of the most cniiuent medisaf professors in the Cuited States) medicinal and healing protierties uusurpaased, and believed to be unequalled by any in this country. Added to these, the rides .in tlie vicinity, numerous villages, eitenaive views, neighboring caves ami romantic tertiary are among the many attraetisns ofirrrd to these seesiug iu the heat of summer,either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride from Sarntoga, Troy, Albany, lie., and are accessable from Canamliarie on (Jie Alb inv auJ Utica milroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the morning cars from Schenectady and utica. to carry visitor! to the Springs, a distance of about eight miles, arm lug in time for dinner; also by the Albany anal Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-liv? unlet west of the city of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furnished at all time*, either of -h .mineral or froth water, and every attention given to rouder the Slav of v-sitora agreeable. An atiur.uauce of the pureat mountain ?nring Ice is ator'd for tlie tea sou. (i. VV. B. (itDNEY. THi; SPRINGS IIOTEL.-Thia Hotel will be opened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the rei rntioti ol risilors, and continuing all the advantages of il.ia delightful summer residence. JOHN V. KIT E.N. a'hi lilvrV'itvv'r ~ CATSIyTEL rtOLfSii, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.?1812. HTMllS romailttr RIlll t I ninn tlil.- r?.c..r? a* ill Km < yvs. 1 iis>r< rl slur J- iug the present s? as on under tlat* direction and superintendence o! tkt Hihicribir. It his up'lorgoae i coanleir ?nJ thorom h repair, and is ?*w open for the reception ol visitors. No effort v.-ul be spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it h<u heretofore ibntiired. A? heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New fork m?rk?t can afford; and every i*>*sible attention that can promote thi couveuien and enjoyment of its patrons will he promptly bestowed. The road leading to this estahhshineiit and especially that part of it ou the uiouiilaiit, has been rendered perfectly smooth and .<afe. Messrs. A. b. li. acb St Co.'s eicellent line of stages will run as heretofore regularly between flic landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the boats. C. L. BEACH, Proprietoi. June 13th, 1812. jell 3mr DATWHOUVE, LONO ISLAND.?This long and wTfl '' known boanli iig and sea bathing establishment, having rec? ntly undergone nuinerous improvements, among which is the erection of several elegant summer hosues ujvon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season. The great extent of private beach on thU short-?ihe terfect Security in bathing, even for ladies and children, ('he athing houses bring within a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, cool and delightful locust grove adjoining tin- hoim* mithe piemai din in nsitnomdiM eouajg*?the t^pelhat fhfcing grounds and othai sources of healthful recreation end amusement?the beautiful view of the Ail niic ocean and the lower bay, almost constantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render thk situation in ev-ry respect uyquelled hy eoym the vicinity. Its iceoeimodafi ns are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest days of summer, anything but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (being but nine miles fro?n Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted as a residence for gentlemen ol busiE u in NVw York. j?Uktn*r WILLIAM BROWN, Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, Formerly renshaws, *t Long Bra?ch.-Tht? exlefisive and dcIi(h<l'ul Sen B.ubmz K*Ubl:shnu-nt will be opened by the ?ub?criber on the 27th June, He beg* respectfully to inform its foira?r pnlrou* .mil the public, that considerable addition* and alteration*, encr.asiug the comfort*, hire been made *ince la<t year, and will be iu complete readine?* for their accommodation. Wishing to be a* reasonable as the times will afford, the board will be NTH dollar* per week as last ) ear, in,It ad of ti n dollars as formerly. Chi'are, of a certain age and errant* half price, florses full fen, S3.1X1. 11 hopes he may say without imputation, thai hi* table .and accommodations will be equal to any on Loin; Bratich. Young people not requiring loo much room,?ill find accommodating teiin*. j. 22 l,n*r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL, .MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. T EWIS F. IIANKiNSON respectfully informs his friends *J and the public that he has fitted up iu the best style the hotU6(ormnny oetnpitd by Jmod CoHfi, at th6 above u 100,in the most beathful situation on the? ata coast. about 7 miles from Jted Bank, aud fourteen fr Jin Higstown. Stages pas* through and lio to meet the Philridolidiia ears. The term* of board will be found verv moderate. Also, stabling, See, for horses, ou Very reasonable terms. L. F. H. |4edge? himself that no effort of his will be wanting to render tho<e who patronise hi in comfortable, and that his house will be found equal to am along the coast. je30 tin r NORTH CANAAN. (Conn.) July 11, 181*.?J O Bennett :?Dear Sir,?For several days past I noticed in your daily, (which bv the way I receive regular) -cnption of Fashionable Watering places, and 1 looked them all over but did not find any mention made of OCR HOUSE. Now very likely you have never heard of this pDce, as I built it last autumn just in time to take a small -uniuklr of the winter travel from New York to Albauv, and by the wav h-veral gentlemen from your place, thought they would call this summer **IT ape no ? few weeks, but as I general!} satisfy a man that calls once that he cannot do better than to call again, I doubt whether I will see one of them uiuil]ncxt winter, then I am sure of them, as this will be about as good a route as they can take, as the rail road will he comn.eted from Our House to West Stockbridge, and that perfects the chain of rail road from Greenbpah t<> Bougeport. Now, ?u, 1 wish you t<? undent iod something of the |>artieulars of our location. We arc within one in Ie of the north line of the State of Connecticut, surrounded b\ the tallest kiud of mountains, and on the ton of one of them ii a splendid lake, that abounds in full almost as tall as the mountain itiolf; ?f have oilier vrry line lakes. The Hnusat?nic River one hall" mile I'rnm us, and the tributary stream* of which I h i?.x,rtl nothing in saying for Trout and Pik- flailing, aie uot second to any in Net* England, il in the world. Then there it no arbitrary lair about bi ds in our ?djoiui ig town* in MlssarhusUs, peihap* a few could be caught, and put a few of lli-ni with planty til liaii, and we will hare a tidarab'e dinner. The way to get from your place to thia, ia iw-t to dri?? to Catharine Market slip and tak- the tUanor Nimrod, (which by the way ia a eraft hard to heal) and on your arrival at BridRC|ioii take the cara on tin* Housalnnic rail roid, which will let you off at oiirhouaeat preciaely 4 o'elock. P. M. Suppose yon eall up youaself, and aak your friends to come. There are the f?lls too, an mi' fifty foet perpetldh illii, tnore or l-?s, that might be named, but I am not diaiioaed to tell you all about thia aeetion, aa ] h ul ratlier people ahould look it over lor thems-lvea. By the way, nay your fare on hoard the boat through, aa you save half a dollar in the fare, it then being only 52.30 from New York to herr. The cara leave Our Houae ally, and passengers breakfast here and dine iu New York. Yours, with respect, j 14 2w?c JOHN BARSTOW. BY 12KURD MINERAL SPRINGS -Thi. well known watering jilare, situated in Brdford County, Penuay Ivania, ia now o|ieu fir the reception of viaitora. To th i?e who have never viaited the Springs, it may be necessary to ay thai they are situated near the great Western Turnpike, winch pv>s a through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. a lew indea east of tile chief vies ation of die Alleghany .Moiiniains. Every thing been provided at tliia watering plaet to render a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be fonml suited to all tastes, and a good band of .nnsie will be ill attendanee. A daily stage will leave Chiinb'rsbtirg in the morning, and ariiyr at the serins a the sane evrniuv, or if |>ersous prefer the Baltimore and Ohio Rul Road to Iliucock, will have daily convey inces from th'-re to the apriutsa. The liberal patronage eati tided to the subscriber the two l.aat araaona, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, for t e amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jc29eod ltn*r Proprietor. __Z DRY GOODS, &c. TO THE LADIES: FASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS.-Tlie propriea trey, Mist S ICING, daughter of the celebrated Carl Kiug, offers lor tale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, both as regards the gua.ity and cheapness of the articles Thf assortment consist* of the following :? The celebrated SILK. HAT, CALLED CArOTTE D'ORLEAN8, as worn hy La Ducheaae D'Orleans, of Kriinee , s- livn VVTinvi V muj a vti ns lot v s i BTYLR And Lawn Hats do "do?An entire new style o Hsts called " MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLBR COTTAGE.' Parisianand Knelish FANCY STRAWS, of the finest testate, in Breal variety. The Proprietress reapectfnlly solicit* the ladies to favor her with a call, and examine her elegant anil varied stork of Millinery for themselves, before thy >* purchase elsewhere, as it will be a Blent savitiK to them in prire anil a Brest advantage as regards the variety and quality of the boikU. MISS 8. K1NU, Magazine de Modes, jeW lm*r 203!^ Broadway. bRTTIR ace U) liml Bunta and Snoea cheap, I anj we are not surr that in New Ynik their is any place so a* odas at the Clinton and Slioe Market.Mt Canal stiret, is rib easl corner of Hudson street. These who have tried appear to he itsneially satisfied that this is a fact naqiiestiouabli . All titose who any not have tried our boots, shoes, or Baiters,will liud it to their advantasc to make the trial soon. \ KNOX St CO, N. B. Country merchants s k by the package or dosen J SHIRTS SHIRTS. UNiTKD HTATKB SHIRT MANI KAC:TORY,77 Willimn corner ?>f Liberty, N. Y None** m hereby Itivf ii to Mcr l? uita and irao. r? in *rn? ml, that tin- j?ropri. tor* <?l the above it ibliahment h n adopti <1 a new method <?t on tonne fivriiif which enable* ihem to veil their shirts at a c)m p r rn' * than any otl>?-r hon?*e in thi* rity. This statement will b?* o (fumed by the lut of prices m follows:? .... _ Prr pox. Km. 4e?lia Rhirta, with Linen Bosoms ind Collars, $7,50 I)o stitched in the Bosom and Collar n.oo Do Colors une pat erne, large siirs 7 00 Alio, i Umt onantitj of Boioma and dollars tmtnuh on liy^jahirh will be offered cheap for ^aahy , ^ SUMMER STOCKS, kiniui.s rmi'ATs ANII uiiiv'pu jl'ST RROIVICD. ? ru'i ?ir|ilv of the above articlea, conaiatiny i.f i very light anal i l utic atock, ripreaaly lor the aamtner nmnllia. AUo?Srarfi vnJ Cravat", in freat variety. A large ??"r of 81k, Thread, Cotton and llnrrkm (iloics?il llif" old ruhliihnrnt, 211 Broadway, between Park Place anil Mnriav "trcrl. I'ARSELLS. Agent for J. AOATK. N. R. Conoantlv on ban.I, an - vtmaive aaaorlnvnt ol l,inrn and Mo din Shirt", Lioen L) eaa Frouta, Limn Calw, L'nder Oarnien; , 4tc.Sc. _ Jy 12 Itn'c 1M I'OKTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who w ia'i l'1 rco'iomitn ran obtain Clothing of the brat qrinliry ratinatkahly ckaift M 205 Canal door writ of II id. >11. -AUo. a lar? aavirlment of Cloth", < i??lmrrrr, V??tiicr". ami Sninini r (fools, form which Clothing of All ki iiir arc n idc to order in the beat manner at very reduced pr.-ca. 2^5 (' til .1 -if t. jell :ii| *r MONMOtTTH BANK, N. J. THK notra ofthr Monmouili Bank, aigned by B J. Hathway or J H. Karl, aa caaliier, are redeemed at on* per cent by let aw r KARL k 'II . II Wall C'OAL AFLOAT?200 tona a iperior quality Scotch Coal ' for ail* by OLOVER St McMCRRAY, 100 Bine at. cot. of South. Jy I2r E N E7 N HOOKS AM) STATI()XKRY._ " TO PAPER MAKERS. phRSKK & BKOOK9, No. 61 Liberty street. between A Brot(hvt) And Nassau street, N w York, import direct from the .Maiiulaclurers the Mllowin,' article*, vix:? Bleaching Powder of Boyd ^ Sou's make?warranted, for unifortuity and strength, equal tor:- iath5 c.Mtclry or4J*eat Britain, -md for the sale oi w hich they are sole ag? nts iu the 1 United Stut? .1. English C>linde. Machine Felting of xeiy ?ui?erioc quality, 36, <0, -15,66.72, at I ?t inches wide. Dryer FcJti.if f ?tioug fabric, ind of widtha usu.illy required. Blur Snrults.-* Having the .agency of the Sutton Company's Blue Smalt,, they are enabled to supply KKFE, and Kf Kr&; in any qoannriei Wires fur KoQiJiitMefaad Cyl; ler Machine*, manufactured from the purest Hiatal??!?<>, J Let*?WetandPrea* Felts. Puln Screens, No?. I. 2, J, of bras* metal. Order* for any of tin* anovc article*, together w ith Foreign and domestic ra^? Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, &c. will meet with pr?f apt attention _ to ile 11 0 0 K B 1 N DING PAPER KUUXG. H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau strt et, ha vim? an entire new stock of Binding Tool* and Ruling Machinery, ot the latest and most approved lottertu, is now prepared to execute all order* in lite most durable arid haudnomv in inner. Merchants Acccoutit Books and all other kinds of I ruled and hound to any | atterns, and in a style that is warranted to give satisfaction. Any Work ordered can be done iu#ihe Hugliar mode if required, as H. 1. has had long experience iu both method*. m 18 Th? And-Aiigulsr MysUm of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWELVE T FIVE DOl.l.Alt* ! , R 8IUSTOW (for tfiii tea>on vn/y) I ** redccfd hit , aYA 'IVrnw I'rom 'J velvc to i-V/ ? tl.u> bringing this I UsefiJ Art within' ve mcain of ALL, and is guaiante d to be taught in Twelve Lessons of an Utii each ! ! ' Academy .Vo. 2H5 Ihotuhnm, ittar Park Place. , Grnllcmnu ofall agoare po<itiY<-ly tsu ;!it a bold, fret, expeditious an.I finished buiin'tvlikr ?t\ Ir of W'ritinif; no inattcr ( bow illegible ur oram|? if ilw put-hi hand may l>?, [Sre sycci- , at 235 Broadway .1 AND THE LADIES A neat and Handximr. di li h i .mil i i.liinn ?lil?- Knnnini; Hand IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS' I?5"" VISITORS in New York can ! ike a course in Tliree Daj^a !?Mr. B. it to be teen fruui 9 to I A. M., or from t to I | frj" BOOK-KEEPING tan,hi by double and single entry. 1 fiyeaioK Clatsis from 7 to 9. jyt tra*c LIGHTBODY'S NEW YORK I'KIN I I N(i INK MAN- ' UFACTOKY, 2# Rote street, corner of Duaiie (Old Su* j gar House) Printing Ink of all colon, warranted equal to any, constantly on baud and offered lor sale on reasonable terms, deliverable to any part of the eiry free of cartage. Printers and venders are solicited to make a trial of this article, jy 2 3mr 1 OCULISTS. I) O C Toirmu JNfC IS, OCULIST, "VTO. 10 BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of the ! LN Astor House.?Ilis preparations are a perfect cure lor all inflammatory disease of the eye. weakness of si^Ur, otc., +.u 1 never fail in removing nebulas of the longest standing, wlthrAit any surgical operation CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of abont fifteen rears of age, was brought to my house list Oil, apparently blind. He called on ma to-day, and states that he has been the patient Dr. J. Francis, whore tnatm nt has been the lueans. under God, ofiestoring his sight. J AMES M1LNOR, Hector of St. George's Cliurch, Beekman sf . This is to certify iliat two of my children were etllictcd with diseased eves for a length of time, one of them vv is almost blind with nebulas, coveiiug the sight. Every remedy was resorted to without ajjv good effect, mid dvspaiied of them ever being recovered, iliey arc now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. Francis* celebrated nrei*)ration. DANIEL S. JONES, m P.-arl street. I was almost Mintl for twelve y?* n. .* >.! in 1":vr creeks, tinder the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now i**r fcctly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above bciug n tru *r itemeut. GEORGE BENEDICT, Put >i of th Stanton itncl Church. I was nearly blind for twenty years with a cataract in each eve and from the use of Dr. Francis wonderful preparation for that disease, my eves are no v. nerfectlv recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 11 Eldridp? street. We, the undersigned, having w itucssed the astonishing eflicacy of Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, unhesitatingly recommend iliein to the notice of the i ublic, as valuable remedira. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of MrD'Ugal st. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fiist Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of the Home Mi ;sion Society. Jac:jb Broutier. Pastor of the North Bt fist Church. Joseph Ainlreade, Itomui Calhohc Piiest of St. Peter's Church. Numerous certificates c-ui be seen at the officii. Prepared and old on'y hy Dr. J Francis, !? Bxiclav street. New Y??rk. Artificial Eves in**- ed, which n not be distiiikUidicd from th- natural, without iris in the slightest I'Mn. Dr. J. Francis respectfully int?rm ; hi. fiiemUand v puVio, tV?t in consequence of tin* incie:s of Iris business, Dr. Ctlenny, Member of tka Rov.d College of Surg* :oim, London, and of the New York Medical Society, has jointd him, and every confidence can he placed in his profession:.! skill as in Oculist. Office hours from A. >1.. until t> P. M. jy 10 'hn*c NOTICES. (CORPORATION NOTU E?fnbhi Node* is here! *F veil, that a sale of property for unpaid tales w ill take place at Public Auction, at the City Hall of the City of New Yark, on Wednesday, lh*? 2tt(h dav of September licit, at 12 o'clock. noon, and be continued from day to diy until the whole of said property sluilI he sold, mid that the detailed statement of the taxes, and property to be sold. i? nublidted in the New Era, a He wsp'per printed and ouhfithed in the citv of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH. Comi?roller. ' MerVs Of M . jc?5 Mw tS . \' c IT ICE ro CLERKS, and II k1i< : in non i?m Lv nets cause* them to b constantly on their feet.?Ilv calling at the old exclusive B or Store, 111 Chatham street Ihcv can he aerominod ?ted with the invaluable article, ROGERS' ME* TALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every particnUr, and at the h one price of the ordinary Boot. The follow lug are some o! the inmy advantages the Elastic Heels Inre orer ercry other kind First?The elasticity adda greatly to the durability of the Bool Secondly?1They make no noiae in walking upon the j avement. Thirdly?A'hey prevent Boota from ruiming down to the heel. Fourthly?Tlvey enable the wearer to walk with much lean fa'hpue. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpets as do irou or nailed heels. Sixthly?They cau be worn with comfort by those having tender feet. As nsual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots at wh? le .alc and retail, ?t manufacturer's <1 rices, jy 12 eolin* ( ' EORGk ( OLYE?; ind THOMAS Dl UA1LD, vJ sors to Lewis B. O ifFm Ik Co., would respectfully inform their friend" and the public, that they air prepared to furnish timber of t very d? scupti -n. at as short notice, and on as rev ?onable terms as any < ?rsbmhment in the city, at their New St-am Saw Mill, foul of Fourteenth street, North Kiver. j> 11 I in* r LOOK OUT. He who steals mv purse steals trmsli, But lie who fi sues fjom me of my name It 'b? in? oi tint which ti ?t enriches him, But makes mepoorindeed.?f^hikipt n.e. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TItOY SHIRT DEPOT, No. no Chatham lr?et, mikes the above ipiorvaou, bec iuse others endeavor io filch from him his good n in-;, fvine, and reputation. We have more than once made public the many impo itons prar iscu'mi ucnirr*, waimcr* aiiu miicm, in |nrsim 01 ?n?r uigui) reputed Troy Shirts, Bosom.*, and Collar*. But now that ?mFositions are on the increase. therefore* we shall keep these icts before the public, which will e*|>o*e imposters, and may mi off tli ir wicked designs. M to no n takes th< Marsh.ill's only Troy Snirt lb p t" in painted on our awning and window. B<* paticular, however* to see th?- name '* Maishall V' on our window and about our store. No. '.H), our only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from 'h corner ol P?*arl and Cintnam streets* an.I on foe right hand side in Chittiam street, in p>tsi g to the City If.ill. See the nume ft/" MARSHALL'S "1 md von ar- correct. CATALOG UK OK PRH KS. Strong tna le Cotton Shirt*, with linen bosoms, collars and wrist bands, wavrtuted, it per ! tt n >r?~ 0 - ?8 M-9 10 60?11?1??If .Vt?15?16?1A 50?17?10?20?21?12 50?24?25 26 50?27?20. All Linen Shirts, per do/. $20?20 50?25?27 50? 30?2250?36?30. IMain Cotton Shins, per do/.. $5 5<e?0?7?7 50 ?8?9. Coloied Shirts, p.* do/.. $'>?5 50?0?7?3?9-10-11. Collars just received?In dd'tton to our former large ?rock of coll irs of * very deacr ptimi, 1000 dozen, all Linen collars, at 50 cents per dozen, 62. ?7jc?27r?$1?I 25?1 50?1 75?7?2 25 ?2 53?2 75?2?3 25?3 50 and 4 00, including cur '.ew sfvle. Marsh'IPs Byron Co'liif, wh ch have been highly api r?v?d of. These goods, w ith our plain and ruffle bo?o?ns. can he foand si m u ol m pi ini dymi lint u itort tni . (fitthemannfactui da I only Troy Shirt Depot. N(?. 90 Chatham street. New Yora. We eat*'ion deal* rs and others acainst the many mistakes that have been toad a1t i n 1 i 11cketcd prict in i I th w . !> lit <it, i o n. rketl or ticket nrir s are to be seen in ou" window. But 11*i.inNs r ?hi?? t o* < ?' nl nilrdorr, with i!><- lu-ir., mm< brii, will be riirol lor llie hrnetit ill ill. Til. nil flrrul'n only m i) be im n n wn w i11 1 iw ; iii I, l*iiill. rm ire, w tilt ne num. ?ee ihe n ime anil number, \1n (halt's No. 90." No patroMK* mhrd of tie .? wlio iIowd. jilSlm'r TO SECtJUK THE EN.IOVMENT OK THE JIEAT TH, j T?HEE from the nnm r i complaints with which it is as ul id dorio| thi 1 ' ,M 11 in medicine has attained tie* erlsbrit)?the uminlltW ?nr? cess, and ho established rtsctf in th** confide lire of the public bofh in the United Wtate?. Writ Indies, ami South America, ii hu Dr> wktiler,i Bilun of Moi iU II .as 1 mild and Mil imedi ("i" tba cart ol thi various di 1 r ausedby and a rial ns Tram a dia< rdircd itat# of ih< digi tin organs, lo wit: d>spr|si*, cholera inorl-aal? colic, spasms, diarrhoea, convulsion*, iktuiumicu, and pain* in the bowels, the effects of drinking cold water, the suinme.- complaint of children. &c. Sic. Thfie arc speedily removed by thi* invaluable medicine?.ts efficient and certain action hai secured for it the patronage of every chii in society, iii.aainucli that I)r Whealer does not withhohl the secret from any mercenary motives, Imt th*t he rather chooses to prepare it him<elf, certain that \eara of experience in doing so vniut make it more perfect tli n it he trusted it to be j ej ik d by mexiieric n "d person*. ' erttficsfe* of iaffile mini persoii?, Kenny puhhdnd, arc *ufinir.tiy convincing, when uiey ire voluntary offered, of the i t?atiinont> a1 ?n favor of ir? great merits. Dr. W. ha* tl??* gratif;cation t > add tie following nvnrut {"t n.s references M^jor C. Mjprv l\ %. A.: Gmi. Ward, M. C.. Westchester 1 ii rw 1 p Mor??* w P. Hillett. E ijm C. tfetchntn. C j. J. p. Uodd, E?|., and many nth r< of eguil standing. Thi ni. limine > (br?d. ntDr. W.'.oflU. 33 On-enTrich .tn tl, whu !. < ' It ma il b hid at lb following ifl NI r ,F. Mil hoi, Messrs Rnshton & ?> M. P. Dickie, Mr. J. B. nri.1.1, .ln?ici?Hrt?, ?ll in Br.?.1w,V; l)r. ||,r!. H.nliouiu, M.?r? .A i ?'n 1 iHudJOUil.; Dr. Colli,n, >HI Mt-.-rk-rM. ntnl ?t Mr. |.rn I E'.il b,.1,li.,i.:Ur.(W BnweryiMr. J. C. Welfurd, 121 ?, Hill ,t.. I)-./'bri I...., J r.. i ( n v; 1) . W P. Blugrorr, AlUntie Ht. r,d m-. I i i,'iwe, r niton s . IKoouimi. 1 /*" NO riCE.? The Rahamof Mnscatello is not the an ri!XK .article ualess accompanied with a iMinohl't containing iniiner ii* testimonial*, as also directions how it should he used, as also the bottle . being stamped Ly^Wlieelrr'i Balsam o j/JJ llll * 'I'd SI M .I.E. 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Price of a cold bath 12^ cts, a it i m r VfA( NINE BLANKETS.?5bsl 1U mi?ec PEHSSK <t BROOKS, fi Liberty t. RK E MORNING, JULY Hi, 18 Kuxrx Oyer antl Terminer, Trial of Jamkh 1a>w for the Mi'Kdeu. or Isaac Winans. The first witness examined ? as An m.h Wmaks,a cousin of the deceased. Deceased was a bachelor, aged lit, living alone on his form, more than a mile from town ; saw him the day before the murder; he was iu e.i-y circumstances, and curried hi - money about his person. It w as near a ) ear since ho hud seen him have any. In the morning of Thursday, the day after his death, two neighbors? D iv id McCommon and Kills Leach- informed him deceased was missing,and they went 10 his firm and discovered blood in passing through the cornfield, and the place w here some one had failon ; 4l? leet lai'lhcr they discovered dirt thrown up. and at eleven o'clock the body, cov?re I just enough to hide it. On the cross-examination the witucss said Winans was somewhat ineluuchoL , and kept much ulone ; they found $.V7 in silver tied 01 a stocking leg in an mien chest in the house. Prisoner w us arre to I in ball' an hour. Dr. D*nn 3. Craiu, who had know n him from a hoy. attended the inquest a.1.1 id. ntifiodUhe l.odr . (lied ol gun shot uounds ; one I out thu spi'uo to the left shoulder Made) took te.o common sited shot from it ; another wound extended four inches Ironi the outor corner of either eye. three incites wide, a piece of the frontal bone mid the tin of th e nose being carried aw ay ?and Oil* would have killed him instantly: he inserted It is hand and fell the brain, from w Inch he took a shot ; he waslutg and rolnut, and it innn of goo 1 and peaceful habits, att.1 lived .ipiiutl} alone; never heard of his quarrelling; the body lay as I. >erihed by first w rite ? . no ap| .in.nee ot struggling in the -tail among the outs w hero it ajipe ne ! to have fallen and whence it was dragged. Pun ir Tin : : a testified that Aimer Win ins culled on him!'. . .en 11 and 1* o'clock with the discovery, and w ish" I him to go ')'1 thv. nv for constable*, which hedtd, and having watered a coniplaiut, were instructed to arrest in. nail',: ltd Wm. llownh. a. whose house he liil been fining; found hotli a lion art's'*, Low being under a btvl; could not speak when eked why ho hid himself; How arth'a double-barrel >n wu . found in thu burn, and on the breech were two m. t-i of Idood; did not ex .mine w lietlier it w as loaded or not; W ent to IlowartU's houso between I'd and I o'clock. Thomas it m.tolpli asked Mrs. II twarth where Mr. II. was ; she "aid she diu'iit know; h" then asked for Ins man ; she said he w as not in; there worn six or eight with us; don't know whether anyone saw us coming or not: I did it <t see hi in when Itw w as lound. WoodruM said that Isaac Vinaiis It ml been killed, liowarth then asked if lie was arrested for thut; I tol l liiat yes; he then said W. hat) gone to New York with it Mr. i'ensant to sign u deed for his property, and get the mono) , for he waa going out west; when I tol.l Ilowarth what they were arrested for, l.ow came forward and sni 1 if they w ore arret leu on r vouni in \i Imms tiiev colli I ensilv gel cleat; tliis was half an hour In loin wo went to win the body was found; 'Squire Silvers requested piison01 to sit n;.on thelioily; it was uncovered and laid naked; can't say how long he there; Uow.irth sat there also and pla 'ed his hands oil it; they <1 id not however Isilli -it there at the time; can't say which sat there lirst. Thomas K. Raxdoli'ii sworn?Am a constable of the County of Kstex. Arrested Low and llow arth on .Iftlh day of Juno la t at his house; found him in the liackioom of the house under the bed; told him to come out; he asked me afterward what I had against him; I told him I would tell him w hen we went to the magistrate: he asked me to show him my authority for arresting him, it 1 had any; examined him and found three knives in his pantaloons pockets; can't say whether I searched him when I first arretted him, or w hen I got to the tavern; don't know that 1 ever saw prisoner hut once before I arrested him; it was ten or twelve days Ueloro, n llownrth's l'.eld, pi corn; have seen a gun of this appearance brine; it had ttvo spots of blood on the iron ol the breech; didn't set any auk upon it, but believe . is t be tie- one. Ham irtn told me w here it was in the barn, snd I went ai d got it; dnn'tsoeenv blood upon it now ; think I have seen a gun like it before I saw it there; don't know whether there whs any powder or shot upon the prisoner, but there w as a shot bag near the clothes; don' know b it the spots of blood might have been orea ioned by hunting. The gun was left nt Woodruffs after I hud w iup| ed it up in a cloth. Neither ilowarih nor prisoner had access to it oftet w ard. Thebloo 1 seemed to havecome therefrom the lingers of tin- holders. Wm. Howarth sworn?Live in Upper Hah" ay; have lived there about three years; have been in thu vicinity about eleven years; knew Isaac Winans ever since I came to Railway ; saw him last alive about two w eeks before his death, in the rood; saw his body on the Jay it v as discovered; it had been brought upon the hill; have known Low ten or elevun years; first knew him in New Vork; first saw him in Rafiway about ten years ago; lie u-ed to come out a gunning once or twice a year; lie generally stay ed a; my bouse when lie came out; don't know that he knew Isaac Winans before this season; lie first became in i|iiaiiited with him about two w eeks before the murder; be e .one In mv boa- e about tin m.. Li :m 1 llir bis ? bi - fore the murder; In: tol l me lie cnni i out with intention to buy a farm; 1"'' pent the most ol b-.s time working with sap, and somclimas lie went i hootiag; I hail 110 contract with him, amidiil not pay kim any wages, two weeks helore the murilet he took mj home to go dow n to Eli/'belli, tuw 11, to see if he could bily Dr. Geo. Cliet wool's farm; don't know what he did about it, Low was not at work oa Wednesday, dOth June; he started to go to N. York; he laid he was going to see I'enaant to get money to buy n farm w ith; he didn't take the dog and gun; he didn't then say of whom he was going to buy it; about 11 o'clock lie came hack; he said he had met Pensunt and another man in Elizabcthtown, and he went to the Doctor's with Mr. Pen. sunt, and the Doctor asked him $:) t?(K) for his fplnee; Mr. IVnsant said it was too dear, hut offered him $d 7.;>0 rash down; be said that the Doctor refused to take it, and Peasant said they could get places cheaper thuu that; that lie lia l left Peasant, and us lie w as coining home he met Winans, and he had talked v. itli him uliogt his place, and Vv jnans had partly agreed to sell it to him. We then went to Mr. brown's to grind mv scythe: thi n came home an 1 went to my tvoik and left him in my hoiist ami did'ut s. > iiiin again till half past five; 1 saw him then when I went to the house. 1 told him he would he too late lor the cars; he then put on his clothes went for the can; I went into the barn to stop the lowls from laying eggs on the new hay, and the gun w as th* re : there wne no caps on it; on Wednesday night I a?ke ! him w here In had been, he said down to C las ton (i ekill'i; asked him if lie took the gun and he said no; I looked nt the gun to see il it was charged or not; there were no caps on it, null thought it bad not been used since I used it myself; I then put it on the stable floor ; then went to band meeting ; ?t eight o'clock came from bund meeting with Thomas Thompson and got home about eleven o'clo-k.? The prisoner come up when w e got n light struck, and I asked him liow lie had got on; lie said very well; lie had bought Isaac out; that Isaac had been down to the depot ami that he had shown Peasant and him $700 in specie,and that he hill it in a kind of a I elt around him; landerstood him that it was in silver; he said he hail bought thi place mil that Mr. I'cnsaut was going to pay him otl in bright gold; 1 asked him if he hud tin- deeds made out and Ill' ->ai<l III'; 1 llli-il .U1U lll.ll laiUl UIUIW I II lllf IMiilT CUUIU do tho<u kind of things .try handy: hu said Wi nan* objected, because he had a sister in Ran way whom In" did'nt want to know any tiling about it; and tiiathu would wiiti to them when he wanted them to know<t; he said lie would go to New York and havi the deeds made out there, and afterward start for the Wi .t. He then aske 1 me if I would wake him op in the morning, (he did'nt say what hour,) he said he w anted to go auu see Peusant and Winnns lielore they went away, for lie hod left them down there; he and Thoniaston then went to lied and I went !o mine. The next morning he Rot up before me w ithout any awakening; I sitpjiose lie got up belw ecu 3 and 4 o'clock; I got tip litiout half past 4 to wake Thomas to hoe corn, and lie said howhad gone about an hour before; 1 wont for my horse to go down town and catch them all in a bunch, us 1 was afrai I of their cheating Low; got back aliout and prisoner came up the road, and I tot 1 liirn I was going down to see what tli y were at; he said I w ould see no one but Pens uit us Isaac had gone in the lust train; and he said that they had made their bargain at McOuire's the evening before. Between 6 and li, auci brc.ikl i-t, wo heard the cow bellowing very loudly; I asked if it waa Isaac's cow, and said it wanted milking; lie said tint lie did'nt belii i e l?aar camo hoine the night before,and asked me to go down with him and milk Iter, I told him that I had no objections if all wm right, and he said it w aa; we wont arro s two of our lots,into thoroad,and came past Leach's, opposite Winans. lie wanted Leach to take the {two hogs for the pasturage of tho cow, wishing him to take her; I tul 1 him w hen I s?iv the deeds and the keys delivered to him, 1 would take the cow to my place; we went from there to McComrno.i's, the next house, and there we found Leach,Mct'ann and the McCommoni, with myself an ! Low; and there he told us all the same story lie told the night before; he ask* ed McC'ommnn it hu was goinu down to Newark that day, and said that he had In en there two days before, and then told the sumo story again; and that lie saw Isaac the night before, witli bis dirty clothe : on, and lie had "f.7l?# in specie in a in It. After shis we w ent home. Low went to lie down ia the children's trnn ll" bed, in (lie same room; previous to IhisM Common tol I us 'hu' we would be subpienaeddown to Newark, to appear ngain't a woman for selling rum, and I told my woman to tell th" men, when they came, that I was not in: I then lay down and slept lor in hour, and when I awoke I heard some one talking in the house, and 1 opened the door, nnd Randolph said? " Billy, I w ant you;" I came out into the big ro m, and the constable came and fetched Low out; he then asked m? if I had a gun?told him that it w as in thifleirn. I told him w ere the gun lay, nnd ho fetched it, and some of them said there was blood on it ; I then sai l it had liecn in the barn some time, and might he nittvd; think this is the gun; it belongs to Krekiel Wilcox; w e used it to shoot the crows; 1 borrowed it in the forepart of May, in planting time; Low had a shot beg at his house, but no powder horn; I had one; Low had been in the habit of taking tlugun whenever he wanted it: Low usually rose aliout G or 7 in the morning; wo uauaJlj break taste I ntnlT) Low didn't say what Pcnsant's first name was; Low is an own cousin to my wife; he told me h was kee; nig house nrvl his father hoarded with liim: he told me (hat h,- and bis I father ha I tinner I shout a judgment tlist hjhnd urainst hi* father tor t'JOOO; have known him for t?il years; ha* only been doing btr ines* finer May lad, jo'my k> >>? It; Ige, lie tol l me hcfhad money t? buy a m l that Pennant una jfoinof to hen first rate friend i to him, and would advance fl.iOO Turit?n?r Mor*i*0, July 14. The examination of IIowartii was resumed at ten o'clock. Have se. n this roat (which u an here shown) before at our home; it belongs to Low; have seen him u . ar it three or four times within the la?t two weeks; Low wore a Mack h?t when he started to go to New Vorlt on Wednea lav morning; don't know what kind of appsrel he wore in the latter |>art of the day; he commonly wore a straw hat; don't know what kind of n hat he usually wore while hunting; sometime* wor. one and'ometimcs another. . CVoi> sraei'iirrf Have been in this country about iwelve j ; in llahw ay rim en yen. TV Ion that timi I lived in Belleville ; know prisoner* father, he lias hut [ E R A. 4 'J. thUohiM : know his mother, the is in the Lunatic A<y 1'iin nt H llei no ; never saw his w ifu am) < lulal till v rst.'i day, liut h.iv e keen his wile before that. Lakt saw- the pr,soner Wore the munler aliout s< veu o'olock in the m e n. iug, again at eleven, and again at one o'clock, then at hail past live that night , believe ho mined with mo that day . w e were ahout half an hour at dinner ; usually dined !? tween twelve and one o'clock; chii'I say whether ]< oner w ent out immediately utter dinner or not ; he did not wot k any that afternoon to my knowledge ; when I saw him at half past ti\ e o'clock I lind just come in from mowing; when I saw the gun in the barn it was don. seven o'clock ; it was near the pl ace where 1 put it, but no< exactly ; 1 borrowed the gun jn the w inter and not in May, as I stated yesterday ; (the witness was very contused in las answ ers) ; we hud no regular place to put tin gun in : 1 i xaminedan I found there were wo charges in .t W hen theoftieers came into my house 1 luid no snspicioi that they were coming ; w as sound aslceu. Low v. u in theaame room. Mcfommon told us the night la-fore that we would sll be subpiened to Newti k us w itn sses in cus. of ? Mrs. Watts lor selling rum ; sai l 1 would tell my w ife to tell them 1 was not in, il I should he asleep wliei they came, j 1'risoncr had on when he went to New \ ork n block ha' and coat, and blue panlg ; don't know w hen In changed his dp -s ; don't know that In changed tiny thing 111 ini-iM-iiiag I'VMiir it.* klim ; tins nts iilinut Ii.ilt pM t'u i o'clock. While i ivat in the buck room mi the day oi arrint,can't say whether wife came to the dojr ami iolil iih the otliccrs were coming, or not. She might have Jone it. I never actually sat U|>on Isaac Winan's body ; I only kncciel iluwn by it ami placed my haul 011 it; I w upinioned with n rope ; I was not to hi what wouM be tin etlect of placing my liuml upon the lioJy. Mrs. Howaetu sworn?Am the wilu of the la.t witness, ami have known Low from n child ; he is a cousin ; In rnme to my house 11 rat this spring, 6 or 7 week ago ; al way a staid in our house when lie came to Kali way ; tin moruing before tin* murder was <llaoovere 1 (We.lnet i.iy Low set out for New York tit 7, having on a black coat in xt saw him at 11 in the forenoon ; he came hack to out houSo ;"-aid lie ha t been to Kli/.abethtowu ; prisoner went, away from the house at ; he was homo at dinner that day ; don't know what clothes he wore; next saw hint about 5 l 'J ; he Wus in the house ; did not see him come in -he only remained there two or three minutes ; he said he was then going to Railway to meet the cars ; lie did not drink any tea w ith us that night. Think it ua* about 9 o'clock when next 1 sawfliim ; he was then eating hn t and milk at the table ; he staid home about half an hour ; lie then said he wus going down to tow n to see I'euiuiit ; did not roc him again that night, but think 1 heard him in the house at 11 o'clock. Saw prisoner next morning about A or tl, and he told me he had jus', been dow n to sei l'i nrant licfore he went to New York. [This brings the testimony down to 1J o'clock. Threi other witnes . s were examined,w hen tho rourt a ionrm for dinner. The court room is crowded, several ladies being pi c-ent. Then- are numerous wituesrea yet on both aides.] A ti l>n en. [Correspondence of the lfrrald.] Auburn, N. V., 12tli.Tuly, If 42. 'J'lir State Prison?'JVieolospiral Siiaiiuirv- Re.h a* ? Polit i/'t? I feather'?Ci <ys, ft'1Doctor Hkn^tt? Dear Sir :? 1 uni now on my tour west, and have arrived oul as far as Auburn, when* I have been staying tor fh> past week ; and really a beautiful village it is, so clean, so pleasantly laid out, with beau"iful streets uud large airy mansions, big stores, built of lu strine, and tilled with big assortments of goods, which necessarily make in the aggregate n busmen of the very biggest kind. Population nboul boot). I was much uurpiised upon vi.-itiiig ihe prison L iiiiu * >ciy vt1111r-F iiinimnuMi liild JMTiC't.'lIV Urmng ed. It is kept apporcntly much better and look much neater than when 1 visited it sonic three years since. The convicts, about 700 in number, look generally healthy and robust, ^ind seem disiwu d to labor without urging ; in fact, they evince an uncommon willingness to work while the day lasts : for in so doing they receive mucii praise and favor from their employers. Mr. Gridley, the clerk, I an; told is an ornament to his olfice, salary #700 |kt jear. (no .-tenlings or pickings,) ,.n honest, straightforward, high-minded gmitleinan, and conducts the business of his office with exuctiur-3 and dispatch. Ttw prc-.ent agent: are .Mr. l ook and .Mr. I ulhtiiiiis, liiiih gentlemen < t standing and energetic hu siness habits. 1 next visited the Theological .Seminary, built sonic So years ago. It is a fine airy stone building with wings, and ituated on an eminence at a shui. distance Irom the turmoil, strife, dirt, duM, mid business arising from secular pursuits, that gt\e< it nltogethcr '!ui,r an imposing appearance. Tire Mu dents iiumlier about 5b, and generally young men f talents and promise. The professors are )loctoiRichards, Mills, Dickinson, slid llalsev, men of th highest order of talent and moral worth. Here we have then the contrast presented of 700 wicked sinners confined to hard labor within the walls of a prison, |>nyitig the utmost farthing of a punishment irnpo-'il on them by legal enuctinent, and 50 pent tent, hopeful, and praying young men, d'-voting uh their mental, moial, and physical energies, given tliern bv the God of nature and of grace?J' gi vim. uiouj mi una uiim hup u> giwie meir caning nnt> election sure"?uttering thanksgiving, prayer, and praise, by day and by night, for their suf- deliverance tr<>111 the bonds ol sin and entices of satan, and for the conviction, conversion, and ultimate winctification of these vrry criminals and all mankind. Truly a glorious and melancholy contra:-!.t lod speed tlieni in their truly philanthropic r tit. Last Sabbath A. M 1 attended divinw service at the 2d Presbyterian church, and heard an cxcellei t arid well-timed discourse from the pastor, l)r. Lath rop? his language very pure and chaste, and hi. sermonizing evinces a powerful array of talent ami eloquence ; hut his delivery needs vivacity and force, a general waking up ol the whole man. Is an idea that presents iis< If to every stranger who hearhim: but I ant told that he is decidedly the 1110. t popular divine hi Auburn. The aish s of the chuti i are carpeted, and the whole internal arrnngeineo is got up with taste and ( mfort. The elite attenthis chnreli pr< tty generally- Among the mat.. ' pointed out to me, 1 observed Judge (1 and I milV, I'ol. d and daughter, a young lady <n enchanting features and form ; .Madame Kttmor snvs she is cm the eve of assuming a n? w name The favored swain 1 ant told is a young genth tin n engaged in trie mercantile busine.-s in tint villagi \Jr. is 11 y, a gentleman ot great w ihl Mr. W , a gentlemen of busiue.-v :and wen't'i also; Mr P arid only son, a young gentleman who bears extremely well a short ucqimiiiunr whose prospects I hear are certainly prontn-iu, in a |?ecuniar> point of view. Win J n, . young gentleiiian of good size andprtmossing appee ance?lie really has a lu-eious pair id whiskers; h; brother W I n, Ks<|. a very heavy dry good mere-hunt, of great taste and popularity with tlie ! die-, and it i- said is about leading up to tl altar a ynimg'ludy of surpi ising beauty and eb-ir no in the person ol .Mins S W .1, near rail r< e. depot. The organ at this church is played with la coming taste and harmony by a young genlleni m, clerk in one ot the banks, Mr. II . The yom lady, I understand, that uniformly sits n \t t 11 organ, is one of th. best singers I have listened i.> since I left the rnctro|>oli9. The cx< wore a! well performed and impressive, and reflected ;;re. credit ii|Hin nil, both pastor and people. A Clay club is about being formed here; this is a very struns whig village, all pretty much on one side, like th" handle to n jug Among the most prominent and influential of the ultra < lay men, and upon whom rests very great responsibility, are I). Britmn, and W. Ivisen, Ivipc, young men <d rgreat sigiicity, and tliorougldy informed in political matt rs. Then-are two or three very fine and commodious public houses whieh grace this villa. The " exchange Hotel,"kept hy Mr. Witherell. The "Auburn House" hyMr. Seely, and last, though n< t least, hy any means. The " Anieri< in" hv ' ere ml Wood, n gentleman in every sen-e of tliewor i: his profuse hospitality has been l?>ng established hi this region. At this house I have In *11 stopping tor the Inst ten days, undj therefore can speak trout u< tuai participation. . ... Yesterday thermometer ranged as high a- !K> in tn s|iad ?the hot weather has now commenced in earnest. The crops lock well, particularly wheat, hut I am told that in many places the rust is beginning to make its inroads upon this staple. Yours, xc. \V. S. Cx ri t i: Simw at Ai.iiany.?There is to ho a ("nttlc Show and fair at Albany in the last week of September. The exhibition will continence? On Tuesday September 37, on which day the tiinl o( Agricultural implements will take place. On Wednesday and Thursday the 28th and 29?h, the general exhibition will beheld. On Friday the 30th, there will be a public i!e of xurh stork ax shall hp Kent In lor that purpose. It is expected that there w ill be a large number of high brod animals ol nil kinds otfi'red.eatalogiiex of which will bo circulate I a day or two previous to the sale. C*xxi. Toti?.?Received on the New York State (?ona'c up to the 7th July 1830 JW48.384 18-10 .vet, J!) I 1S41,. 7 l7,stxi ?W,.>47 Diminution fiom last year ?ll7,nw, and from ! V *18,000. L B, !* I< * 'I'm a ('< lit*. r>lllWIHl ?>. \ . 11. [Correspondence of lilt Herald.] Portsmouth, X. II. July 10, 1-S42. I . S. Navy Officer* on the 4th of July. Ok Ait Bennktt :? In cruising about 011 the -itli of July, to t e what fuu w&sgoing on, my eye fell upon the frigate (\.ugrc-ii, sitting with the grace and majesty of an Alabotraa in I'ori-niouih harbor, with lings Mieuruiiig from every iiiu.-i head. < hi board 1 went. The ?.!tieers and crew were all in linnr gala dreaa, un.l t*uy ofhe irt. Decks were chalky white, and gutts shining black. Kvery thing was ready fora tight at a moment's warning; titty long pounder* were ready pointed to hurl deliuuce and du.uructioii at ail < tie my; and vet they seemed us it they wen* only there to ornament the beautiful drcks of that splendid frigate. There was room tor ado/.en more of I'aixhuii calibre, liul the' Navy < 'ommisHiouer- would rath *r let the ruiM gnaw them at Huston Una have titeni mounted in tl.wir places. When the . an reached his meridian, the frigatu opened her heavy battery in honor of the day. lollowed by tin* batteries of the Fort and Navy \ur.l. la the alt< moon, in an hour's timu, all the .par deck . baft tin mainmast was converted into a curious and splendid ball room, canopied and curtained by tIn* lings of all nations. Glittering muskets, tastily arm: ged, served in candelebras, batilo and signal lanterns lor chandeliers?shot boxes for ottomans?cushions covered with flags over the hatches, for divans, strewed with flowers,where the fatigm d could lounge, and the sentimental inake love. And still, amidst all this, the guns were clear and looked warlike, and the decks were chalked in as many devices .;s the fl>n i s of a l'ompeiiui house. At live o'clock the ollicers appeared on deck, iti full dress, and the crew in their whitest frocks, to receive the officers of the Yard, Marine Barracks, Fort,'and Engineer Corp.-. all in their glittering uniform-. Five harge. glided to the shore, and returned freighted w ith the elite of Portsmouth. And so oft did they repeat the expedition, that you might suppose the city contained not another belle or beaux. Fathers and mothers, sons and daughters,belles and bcanx, old and young, all lloeked to this novel scene of amusement. Several ol the wives of ths ollicers had assembled here to take a three-year farewell of their husbands. Among them was the charming lady of the gallant commander,who presided as lady hostess with queenly elegance, ably sustained on either side by the accomplished ladies of the other otlieeis. At half past live the lirst Lieutenant, of Apollo form, l<'?l ofl the Captain's lodv, t? open the ball.? N'or was Capt. Voornecs himself behind, but into the luuce he went, with the lady of the 2d Lieutenant, withfas much Rail tin try unci elasticity ns when hn trod the decks of the States, with the immortal Decatur, in ln*r victorious conflict with the Macedonian Quickly nil the gay were moving to the mu-icHiii numerous cotilous. This was intended for an nfternoon ball, that tha I nlics might not tie caught upon the wuter alter lark, in this unci rtuin climate. Hat enjoyment put the climate at defiance, and on they danced, mid whirled to the graceful waltz?flirted betwsen tho guns?lounged upon the divans?talked sentiment, inil made love?drank punch and champagne?cool d oil'with ice creams and substantial*?and thus they kept it up till midnight. The cabin, wardroom, and staterooms, all had their groups of lovers, Cupid required us many ?yea -is Argus, to watch llierii all. An ernj hatic salutation of the lips, in one of the staterooms, produced uprcrous laughter. "M hat a scamp to kiss so loud!" xclaimed a lady. The only w rong that appeared to h r, was the expo ure. A sensible lady that ! Atio.hcr i xclaine'd in .1 : uppn -ed tone, "uon't squeeze | me so lianl Mr C "?**." No objection was made to the squeeze, but only to its strength. Another sensible girl! liul shortly afterward she helmed waltzing, because it looked too much like hugging. "1 ant surprised tliut you object to it on that account, said a iiandsonie middy,knowingly. tsiic looked guilty, and took ins arm for a. promenade. A young married lady, who had re. reived the devoted attentions of a rosy cheeked middy for some time, and would have given the world to waltz had she known how, said, "should ever a daughter of hers waltz she would cut her legs eiF." " I thought ladies had 110 legs," said the middy, ^lie put her handkerchief to her luce, to make Inm believe that she was blushing at the hipsis /i/igm*. "Ladiesof the south are fond of waltzing," she remarked to an elegant girl that had just ceased her ...l.iflu A M.I ft... ?... v .. ? said one of herbeaux significantly. "Iain, nt h att," -aid ill'1 beautiful waltz it, with an air of defiance. " None but officers could have got up such a splendid nflnirns this," exclaimed a beautiful gill, with, delight beaming in her eyes. " What irresistible fellows they are 1" " You pr< l'er buttons to brains.'* -iid her j< alons attendant. "No, sir," she quickly replied, " 1 prefer the combination of three ll>? brains, bravery and beauty, which we in the ofiioi rs." Though tin it were many that could not |oin in the waltz, there were many more that could? that figured pre-eminently last winter in Washington. There was the glorious Miss W who has hern admired and courted by so many eminent men, and her le.-s commanding hut heautiltil t ister. \\ ith oyeg ia I irge and blat k ai the 82-pound balls tfiat roll bctween the cannon ; MissS. of Salem, who was a lielb- among the belles last winter ill Wa-bingt' n, when the nation wus so superbly rciircsciited in tiie. bail rooms, and so badly tn the halls of Cot*:. : >-a : the joyous and graceful Mrs H.. and the gay ana map- tic Mrs. 1'. front the same plate; that heautiiul sylph, Mrs. W. of New York?aye, and many of the northern ladies who had sc. n the wurlil, whirled nloiJfc^^jrnooth decks with the 'ontlicm ofliscene Forwar^^m^H^^rowdeil together the i.'ois, observing mTI tlw^^^fciiig. I.iitc, tilting and -landing, grouped togcihei in < very nitii.ii. r, did they look on with delight to the last, :rid make their remarks. " I say, Tom, who i- that craft v. ;'h meli a beautiful miMcring frock on, !i il ' b nil i ailn-ad* for till the world like round she: dip, d > llour V* I tint : III'' purser H Wilt;. ... ( :iifit - < in: ny guns lor liiin, though he i- i iin.- limn - it'm tn good tobacco." do \< n know wh ; fifty on'- that is, waltzing with i ui 5:h I.nil. wiili hoaifrnils that shine n> white a-. r..un una i? ml' cvry time ..|?o opens li'T mouili " " 'I'liatV itj<- daughter of one of our old Secret .ri . and ilie only p< < d ha ever did us was sending se< h a merry pirf on lionrd to dance with our gallant <11 tern. I v. i*h they rould always have each a < Juno . "And who is the Captain waltzing W'ith . "The 2d halt's wife? he might liuht In- r in !vr lilaek e\. - he is well Imiilr to", either tor sailing or service." ,\nd our 2d Lull' eau't keep clear "t the Coiiinuxii re'a daughter?I don't Maine him ; lor she is a henutilul clipper, though she has got a eotntitandcr < f her own." "Vou don't sr,y that child is ni.itiiedV* " Vee, and has a child ol her own." "She h ?no foot. ' "No, hut ahe has lour inched, and that's enoinrh for In-r to wall/, with like th" Mini fanny." " The wile o( our junior huH heae fanny?she goes It great." I h it them at it at hull' past eleven. _________ Ariki,. Mim>F.i.?:??. -Margaret |)un<ti n. of Java, Ve ie comity, was eormnittad to prison on th. -jTth nit., to ha tried for administering anionic to her hatband, in conx?i|ornrn of which he died, v as I ?iri.-J, ?li*ii?teri > .1, and a port mortem examination had, hy which pros ion* tatpieioiiN w ere confirmed. hTiivsor. Occ ciiax-wi.?The Hudson Obtervn ?t .tea that two travellers, *trangers, were found drowned ill Brady's Laka, two mile* west of Ravenna, on the Ph. It :?p|u arm tnnt tney were (i ;j\ oiling 111 a ting, i , ?n i n?i thair bor*e by the road aide, and went into (ha lake to bathe. Probnlily wn* in danger, and the other pontlied it tiling to renetiH him. Home fl. TOO were lound with their clothe*, but no rlii by which their nemo* or teaidencc could he aaeertained. Oi.iai H'Hi: Rt.?A gentleman named Klnah Brown, merchant of New York city, lately from the Wen, on hi* Way to Button, npn rgn i i the Afternoon train of rara on the But'uu and Worn ?'er rail road, on Monday, had hi* pocket hook, containing $0200, c ut front hii pocket, auppuaiM between We?tboro and tliia city. The money consisted ol VwVnk city, Ma-*acliii?ett?, and .Cannecticul bank hilU of tin; d' <initiation of $100, $M, *20, $10 an I fa. lie did not dis rr hi* lots until arriving at the hotel at which ho put up.?llo$/nn.1tlat. Tm? Brat*i.t --1 oe warm and delightful weather for the In* ten nv* h H brought large number* of reliant* to the place, w hiali give* to our hotel* a more brisk and In ely appearance. There arc nearly or unite at mnnv people now in the village :t* M ii> former teuton, socailv in the month* of July ; and we hare no doubt 'bat within tho next fortnight every boarding house will be filled to oi i rllowing. The whole number of strange rt now in the village is about 90no. and they arc hourly Increasing. Snrafofn Senlirirl.

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