Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1842 Page 3
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disamwiuted. Thrn^t t (>xn( change, not on'y in our condition, but still greater change in the condition of i the whole commercial world within the iusl twelve years, w hich we cannot overtook iu framing our ta\ laws, or I any system of policy which is to last. Tku doi dine that a high taritf is neoessarv to preserve onr specie, is an ignorsiit assumption , and i! it war* true it would produce j an iujurious eftcct upon the w ages of laliour, and the per- | inauent and steady profits of capital. The only true just and wise protection to domestic industry, is in fired anil stable If filiation, with a fixed mil stable rm resuy- These ' ure the great propositions which I believe to be true." ( Sale* at the Stock Exchange, Sllion N YorkT's, IBID ISO Hi do L Island Illl b30 SO I nil do mo - _ do I'strrem it It rl, in l.'iOU do lau'a HI do Stoi.iiutou Kit IT4 SIOO N Y Fives h liilSGO B.'S, IMl do lUrlem KB bll 2tK, nasi Kentucky ti'* 72'., HI do do ?7 20j? ] IIKK! do 77', 33 do do rh 211V, ' IIMMi do 72HI do do sl3 W., ' KnOU lllluols 6's.lo7n 17'a HI do do Mil 21)1, IfWU ludivua StV Vs, ,3 21 hi do do S?l 20 1 HHMi Indians Fives II HI do do ?7 la , 21HI0 lio ch 21), HI do do cb 2U't I inm> do s KI 21 HI do do ?3 2n : HI shu Delk Hud hi ? :?? <!' > < s, 7'. do do mil w HI1, 200 do do rh IS'. do Bk of Ann r 7B Mfl do do hi I*', HI do U 9 Bank 3 30 do do bill IBS ! lisi iio Farmers' l.n IBS 323 do do I IS , :,n do do ?3U Hi I" do Mohawk RR 37h, do A. l?>a ? *!" J" jtt 1 4 ilu (llllo U i. I " "" ,!" I"\" . 34 tt.'f 34 <?<? do ch 37<i J Jrt do oh 92m 4 do ( anion Co 30), btioiid Board. 24 ill... lUilt'iic KK 17 40 do do >10 IG < 24 do do ItiV 34 do Delaware fit 3.4 do do IG1* IU0 do do 114 I 124 cio do 10 140 do Mohawk Hit 37', 40 do do >10 10 24 do do 37), ' Slatt- of Trade. t'oftee?The market lor this article' continues di-roid of i animation, and tile sales hid confinod to the supply of immediate w ant?they tbcltide 400 bags Brazil at -ta9jrts; i G30 I uba, 9a91; 140 I'oito Rico 911 340 Laguayra 1 prime green uo9J: 176 lava 11, alt I moa, and 140 Ht. Domingo 7 cents, cash. Sugars?Muscuvudoes remain dull ; * prices, however, are no lower than in the early part of the I week. The sales embrace 300 hhds I'orto l'tic.o, at lu6f ^ cts: l'.'O New Orleans 3<al}; 10 St. Croix 7)09]; til hhds and 57 Mils St. Martins for retiniag, 4; 100 lihls brown Bra- 1 4j,and 100 ltoxes brown Havana 6)a?j, all I mos. By ( auction, 140 hhds New Orleans sold at 3] cts, aud 3!' I'orto , HiCO -IJa-ll, 3 and 4 mos. Tohaceo?the mark.-t for Kentucky and Virginia remain quirt, and a few sales only ^ have been made. Of Foreign, 117 hales new crop St. Domingo sold in lots for home use; and almut 300 bales new crop Baracoa, part for export, on terms we did not Warn. < Flour aud Meal?On Wednesday and Thursday, ow ing s principally to extremely light receipts of Western Flour, 4 there was an almost total suspension of operations, the i transactions being confined to small lots of <lenesee, part- J ly |from store, at fti : Ohio via Canal, $4,74 a $4,07J ; and I 4 a 000 bbl. Michigan, a ^S,S||; the former price / lor parcels liahlc soon to become sour. Vesterday the ar- " rivals were estimated at 0 a 7000 bbls., but ow ing to the inclcmeucy of the weather there was none landed -, and, r as far as wo could learn, no sale made, except that of llH) bhls. Ohio, a laacy brand, at fvd.OGt ; a parcel of Ohio, via ] New Orleans, remains allnat, unsold ; 300 bbls. New York t Mills, from old Wheat, sold for shipment at $6. Philadelphia Cattle Market. ucir Cattle?101 head ottered for sale thin wrck, sales front 4J to 5$, a few extra sold at 6c; 19 head left over. 710 1 Cattle were sold at the yards over Schuylkill. 166 went J lo New York of the above. Cows and Calves?217 at ' market; sales from $16 to $27; extra $33--Springers $10 1 to $17. Dry Cows sold at $3 to $9?Calves $1 36 a $2, j extra largo $3, by weight on the Delaware 3 a 3J, live weight, ilogs? 227 at market, sales 4 a I}, all sold. Sheep ?13.">0 at market, sales at $1 62$, $1 7ft, and $2. Married, On the 12th instant, by the Hcv. Dr. Wainwright, Mr. Wii.i.iam B. Northruf to Miss Cassaxiiiiia, daughter of the lato Richard Straight, Esq., all of this city. Died, On the 29tli of June, in this city, Mr. Ruiskli. Wells' aged 17 years. On the Ifttli instant, Mr. Simon Marls , in thciOth year of his age. Summer Mall Arrangement. Jlrrivet- riosrsd (treat South Mail, daily - 3 r. ?i. 7,'i a. m. An estra South Mail, daily, eonveys matter for riiil.idel|diia, Baltimore, and Washington City 12 m. 3J? r. m. Tiie South Way-Mail, daily, conveys matter for New Jersey - ; .- 3 r. m. 7>? a. m. An estra South Wav-Mail, for the principal towns on the Railroadl?> Pliilatihia- 10 a. >1. 3)* r. m. Tlte (treat North Mail, including all matter in this State, North aud Wi si of Albany?that part <>f the State of Vermont lying on the West side of the Orcen Mountains?all Canada, the whole of Michigan, those four counties in Pennsylvania lying on tin* borders of Lake hrif?that part of Ohio lying on and adjacent to th# shores of Erie, and the Territories of Iowa and Wisconsin* 61 n. 33a p. m An extra North Mail, daily, except Sundays 6 p. m. 6 A. M. The Way-Mail to Albany, including ) <? a. m. all the principal towns on the Hudson >6 A. M. it ; River ^ 3>? p. m. The Great Eastern Mail, via Htoniiigtnn, Providence and Boston, including New Hampshire, Maine, part of Massachusetts, par.t Vermont, the Eastern British Provinces, daily, except Sundays** 7 A. M. 3,'a p* M The Mail by itr^mlnrnt to New Haven, and by railroad from thence to Hartford, including those offices adjacent thereto, daily, except Sundays 2 r. M. 6 a. m The Mail by the Norwalk and Bridgeport Steamboats, connected with Hmisatonic Railroad, supplying offices in that seclion of Connecticut adjacent to the line, * daily * * * * * * 5 p. xi. The Mail via Yonkers and Sing Sing to Peek*UiIlt daily, except Sunday *** 2 p. m. 5 a. m. The Mail via East Chester, White Plains, and Bedford, to Danbury, Ct. daily, except Sunday 6 p. M. P? a. m. (0 A.M. 7 %. M. J The Mail for Brooklyn, twice a day < & ( 1 p. M. p. M. The Mail for Tompkiusville,daily, except Sunday A. M. | The Way-Mail supplying offices on the j East side of the Hudson River, bet ween I this and Albany, Monday, Wednesday, I and Friday a.m. The Way-Mail on the West side of the Hudson River, to Albany, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 1 p. xi. ^ The Mails on Long Island are closed as follows:? On the North side, Tuesday arid Friday 6 A.M. On the South side, Monday, Wednesday and Friday (1 a. M. < On the Middle route, Tuesday and Friday f? a. m. Jamaica, daily, except Sunday 6 a. m. i Flushing, daily, except Sunday 7 a. m. i Fort Hamilton, Klathusli. Ate. daily, except Sunday I p. M. * The Great Eastern Mail, via ntoningtoti. Ike. is closed on | Saturday evenings at 9 o'clock, and forwarded at 1 o'clock Sunday morning by land. Time of arrival Sunday evening, 9 1 o'clock. MARITIME HERALD. To Nhlp Jllanlcn. We shall esteem it a favor, if captains of Trait la arriving hi ir, will give in Commodore W. A. Bassett, of our news Bret, a rr|airtof the mlii|>|iiiitf left ?l tile |*irt whence they sailed, the , rent-la spoken on their passage, a list of their r.irgo, anil any foreign uewspaptrs they may have, Commodore Bassett will board them immediately ou their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in any wav. To Correspondents Alirontl. Our correspondents in foreiitn |Kirts are reaper"fully requested to send by every vessel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one residing at home or abroad, w ill be thankfully received. ' NftVOfllW YORK, JTULT 17. IMS* u n rises 1 12 I moon ar.ti 1? 12 sunsets al hioh water 2 22 Cleared. Barks Kmprcss, Hartshorne, (libraltar, II M f? oner.; Lord Stanley, (Br) Applelon, Quebec, Davis, Brooks Ik Co.?Brigs j Lapwing. Colby, Chagrcs. J Avc/./.ana; Mny, SjKar, Neuvi! , tas, Holt It Owen; Ladv of the Lake, (Br) Young, Demarara, via Halifai, Miildli ton ik Co; Frances Kllen, Berry, Bruna- . wick, Me. K () Thurston St I lo; Julia, Sawyer, Portland, Nc?. inith, L' eds St Co?Sclirs Mary Caroline, Lawaon, Nansemono, Vs; Milliceut, Cole, Baltimore; John Estell, Beasion, Petersburg, A B Cooley St Co; Carolinian, Treartwell, Nnr1"<>~k; Mary.ret. Woglam, Petersburg; (Tatar, B iker, Boaton; Homer, Kent,do. Arrived. Hamburg brig Itoberl St Willis n, G2 days from Ilimluirg, with mdac, to Mot/. St Pollitz?39ste 'rage passengers. Schr <_Viol, Stewart, 3 day t from ILutfotd, w itli product, to master. . Hchr Purvi yor, Smith, 3 day s from Haitl'oi.l, with produce, I to master. i Sloop New Loudon, Smith, 2dava fro.n New London, witli i oil, to order. nr. low. ? One ship, one brig. Wind N. Marine Correspondence. Hkrai.u Orricr, ) ? ? , . Norfolk, Jnly Hth. 12 M. S The Buili Lee, Cladding, from Bristol, Rl, in ballast, hound K*le ??n Thursday night Int. She is huh an?l dry, and will be a total loaa?110 insurance. In Hampton Road*, Tiber, from Msrteilln, 41 days. Report* that the t^o?ona?aef, ol Boston, from Havre, csinc in from tea t -day and proceeded tip James River. Capt C. informs iu I hat theft air which lie took on Aiinriay night last, and which continued ntitil last nichl, was unusually severe, blow nut with all the violence ol a hurricane, and was romp'-lied to ron under Sire poles a part of toe time?has lost aud torn several of bis sails. General Record. ramr.T aiiip Shfffiklo, for Liverpool, is still detained hv bead winds at Quarantine. Also, all the outward hound vessels, detained by the storm. Whalemen* There wi re seventeen whalers in the harbor of New London on the 12th in?t. di.charging and petti vis ready fos ??, Two! the Colombia and Helvetia, were to sail on the same day. One bad arrived with nearly .'*000 barrels of oil, the largest cargo of the hind ever known. Annata reports ill addition?At Port Nicholson, about middle Dee America. NB. wanting .'d bqls lo II. Sailed from New Bedford July 14, Charles Drew, for Indian t lef.n. Sailed from Warren, RI. July 13, Montgomery, for the Indian Sailed frnm Myatic, Conn. July 11, Mercury, for tlie South Atlantic Ocean. Spoken. Oacar.frnni New York fur Canton, no date, fcc. given. Rappahannock, steering cant, Juno, lot 10 20 N, Ion 17 Foreign Porta. Pn'Tor. NS. .Innc 20?SI I Iloriiitliian, Philadelphia. IIai.ifav July 8?Arr tlnine, l*l>il.deIplii.a; Burlington, lit!'"mavaoi-k/., Juno 30? In port, Randolph, from Philadelphia, Nvw huryiMtrt,u<>: Gallant Mary, of and from Baltimore, do; Ellen P? rkina, for NH.tvt n, 8 <Uy?. United Slntea Porta. Tiu*, July II?Sid Ware, Work. Bi K.roRT, July It?Arr a full rity.-d brig apposed thi Shan inut, frnm Boston, to In l i for Rio de Janeiro. IIiMinn, July It?Air K.dw Blake, 9t Michael; Peraaeola,, Iphla; H.lia, do. KK.aSKei'sa. July II?Arr Ponce, Toacc. P ari.ASta, July It?Arr Nancy Hewitt, and Am-rioa, New i Vurk. N?.w?L'*TroRr, July H?Arr Lvonyie, Uyjluu Cld Ja.m? Or*>. Richmond. I . mtl.Mu. Nr? York; SI. ?.M. <i". W M*rv Ana fc. ? ?r..luw. !.|I iiUjAin. Atr mil, P. Uwirv, rhiUd*H4m; t-ucland, N , k'urk, H,Harwell, Pirtmi; K"-ii?"kr, S*viuiMh; F. l?l mist'Hi, Itutil I pin ; vintage, Albany; Trio, N York; Auto. ??d?. do. N*:w Bkoford, July 14?Arr Kitiz, N York. LIolnu Holk, July 11?In port, J H Cheney, tall Rn er for 'ictou. Hhl licit, Oeina, from Philadel|diia foi Ihwioti; Robert 1-?t. R '?u?u for Krcderick*hurg; Philadelphia, Nantucket for *hiladtlj?hia. Kall iiio;K, July 11? Air Kug)i?h, Philadclphi i. Piovidk^i'K, Jill) 14?Arr Pirtuioud, Philadelphia; Tecumeh, NYorli; Herald, Mi Sid Voltaire. Thomson. J Nkwpoki , Julv 11?Arr CloruxU, Rondout; Augustus, Bo*on for Phi lade I idi is. Ksaui. Cl. July?8ld Manhattan. Turk* l*l*nd. ' N*w Haun, July 111?Air New H-twn. St Thomas. Piiiladki ruia. July 16?CM Louisa, Valparaiso and a mkt; New World, Boat*Hi;, Havana; Pacific, St Thomas; * ld?er, Halifax; Elizabeth, Nautuck t; Lukin. Weymouth; S ivari**, Kingston, Maaa; 1 oavert, Boston; L 'demit &t Eliza, j Maw B' diord; Km Wheeler, New Louden; Indium, ProviI* nee; Edw Krankiin, Hallowell; Telft*. Kali River. An in In- 8c I. u > Ik ill. Porto Rico, St Thorn u; Sulla, from the Dela- . a-a re ?id? . Baltimoiu., July II?Air Covin*toil, \'nst.rd on?JTlh ul*. , at m 30. Ioii 47 JO, |kis?ed severil large ic? b .n'<; I ' <iuint n'i'. c Mayugurg; Coloinb ?. O* ran, M iry St into ?, n d 'I' lloop r. lostow; N'auubong, lityaiia; C ondi. Slacliia?; Tlndd' us, C# - ,, ?*ste, Emma, and Premier. N York ; luduttrv, Now Bedford; j Wiiudopijiso, Kill |(ivrr; Kliia Hand. P.ovuh uc ; Eizibrth k Re he or I, AIImiiv. Hid B? ^t-Ul, Boato'l ti Ai.KUXDXII, Julv IJ?Sid It i\ aid, lldlfil. Itu, July 1J?Arr Chat Pitman, New V< rk; AMniil, t| Providence. i, Noiuoi k, July l.'l?Air S phi*. N \ oik; Kriuoi-, Call Rivi r; n Dolphiu, karutoulh; Mnuoo, Sii.?v\litll foi B? %lon?put in With ois of foremast, Rr. Sid l>olicii. nid Ceh >tii??, Malaga and UarreloiM, Rosabella, Sioilv. Cha*l?.?toi*. July I?? Sidi Sii Colin Campbell, Livcrj"*?; 'rua ider, do; Entelnir, N York. Mobiik. July ??CId Show, Nvw York; Stimuli, do. Arr Mary Run.nil, Thorn** toll. ' Nkh Ohi.i July G?CM Mary, B ilUuiove; him lure, N f fork; I), lit, .Martinique* | PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILI^S t PHESE far-famed and celehrni?-d Pills, from Portugal, are, 1 * we |?erc? ire, to he otuuincd iu lids country. Sve advertise* I neuf on the U?t column of fourth |*age. io3 is *" fidT'TAMES Al-EXANDftlt HOUSTON h > removed k-c his Cousi LTi.aa Orncx, to No. 3 IIkkai n Bi iiiumo , oruer of Nassau and Fultnu streets I IPs I I \j HOUSTON, M. P. DKNflst II . . . d to 2n k Broad w.i >, be twee u Park Place and Murray street. je29 ? "-I I in r | CQR 1)?. KKl'i H I'W S 4'ompotinil Chemical I ' Whale Oil So.ip, iiilallihle Poison for Bedbug .Mollis, Rats /oekrouches, FIWs, Autt. Mmche|oH,forhiA i'?i?? ;, um or his uniiierous chemical preiiaratioiu, see l ist iwce. :\T 1 rni.t*e [XTANTCB-Alitnttioo b^r a jrotuif girl to l I >i hpdren. Good reference given. Apply to No. Ii Sf in St. jy 17 2t ec ^ IT I ATION WANTKI) by two respect ihle voiiny girls ' StMiu^'rcssea, or to do griKrtl house work* PLase apply at 7 Peck Slip. , |1 DACKET SHIP HUNTSVILLK fo?.n New Orleans. k discharging at Thorite\ \Vhaif, Bnmklyn. C.oBsigiNies will ileait ft' nd to receipt of their poods imi ii ilittrh 13 c ' lOLLKi 1 IONS oil all parts of the I uited Stati i, madi uii ^ the ino?l favorahb* teruu' For.- irii Gold and Silver purcbtjud, and for *i?le at thi In i ates, by 9. J. 8YLVK8TEII, ; jylti r M Wall ?i. ami t:w w .? nill'S ok gXCHANGKon all parts of |rol?iul, i L> and Scotland, on *u ins of ?6, jLlo, ami J.2U, to auy iiikmilit, for sale by S. J, 8YLVKSTKK. j 16 r 2*2 WalUtrect, ami Wl Brn ?<1w*v. | ~ ENCOlJRAGEM EN T ; To THE AFFLICTED. Dli. BllANDRKTH wants no ColL^e?no institution: I these bodies, vhethtr curuoNb or otherwise, always lio- < tiz the ultimate oppression of the public in view. Bt-w.trr of ill professed corporate bodies?there is always dancer fro n > hemtthry are o|>|H'sed l<> the Spirit of Liberty, whether in IN - I itics or medicine. f READ! REFLECT!! ? I'm i ni) Soi'KTr, Harvaid, Ma?s. > \ July 61 la, 11112. S 11 Ri (peeled Friend?\ short description of a woiidcrfhl cure, )f which I the subject, ?'M givcldmnnlig other facta, more liana year since, in rep y In a letter addressed In this society, equesling an opinion of I)'. Draedreth's Pills. The Doctor lappciiing to leccivc, mil publish the letter,I lure been rr|* it- , tdly retpn iinl to tire more partirnlarly my own iinprruioua, J with which request | now comply I'rom a renvr of duly. I I had occasionally for the dangerous and distressing ( tumors described ill that letter, ever since I was sixteen years i ilil,(my age is now fifty-six.) For fifteen or twenty years past n I has bren exceedingly troublesome, mill rvrry spline I w as I ibliged to resort to the various remedies usually prescribed,but jo cure w as effected, and the h iek nirt of iny neck ami head ivas in a moat drcnilul condition, the pro?|a . l of terminating , iny life by the ravages of that itisuffrrable scourge of liumani- i y, the cancerous humor. Was certainly prevented by- the timely anil perseveting use of Dr. Brandreth'a Medicine. But I live been requested Instate initicularly the effect of this me licine in my ease. . To a person who has been blest with a mild, pleasant and ef. 5 ficielit medicine, when in the inoat restless, iMtnful and ilis- t irartening condition of body, when relief was least cx|>ecteil, ;he description is easy. I hail not taken more than four ar five boxes of tlie Pills be- I 'ore I began to experience the most encouraging and salisfacto y relief. The ulceration ceased?the violent dirtiug pain in ny head aril in ck pass-d nlfniv degrees until it was entin li pone, my sleep began to he regular, anil my whole system be:ame invigorated. Anil here 1 would nolforget losay, that 1 lave never in a Isug continued use of the Pills, felt that weakruing or debilitating effect usually experienced from Ccthartic nedieines. For a number of years I had been subject to sores ireaking in my head, previous to the breaking out or ulceiation ibove merinioned, and freqiteinly my face, neck, and arms .vould W so iullain- d, tlml it seemed impossible to stay the 'ury of tin- luimon. The tact is, that bv using the Pills, this lisagrt eablr and dangerous effect of the internal disease is in vented, as I hiTe no iloiiht, by cleansing the blood. 1 Jhave n ver had recnume to bleeding or any oilier remedy, to whirli his wonderful cure could he attributed for while using the Pill* I iiifd mt nthprmpilirliip ami ii?v?r siytasi/vf ?.? ?n l/m.r a. li- gtMiiiiu Bmuiftli Pill? can It had% } 1 roiM'hidt t!? u the chant* #?fT#?ctrd in my ijntfin in apparviit* J v PERMANENT and EFFECTUAL. and such ?? my cotifi- * Lace in th?* medicine that I do invariably recommend it in all t he used according: to the directions. j Betides my own. several cases have come within my immcdi- * itc knowledge, which, if represented, would give abundant * evidence of the salutary effects of Dr. Br&ndrctli'* medicine*. ] The Urwt'iNi; Pills are known to he harmless, therefore 1 hk ] l?r i r to ill stttiViiiiK from disease, purify votii hl?*od by a proiter iitcuf them. MARY H. GROSVENOR. I THE BRANDRETH PILLS in* mill "at 25 cent* |ht box, with direction!, at the folLwimt 1 place* in New Yore. DR. BKANDRETIP8 PRINCIPAL OFFICE, ' 211 Broadway, b> (wren Park Dace and Murray si. 1 Bowery office, 271 Bowery 180'j Hudson (Creel. Remember D . Brandretn's Office, in the BOWERY, i* 271. *ot 276. .117 II* By the president of tiie united states. ?In pursuance of llie provisions or a Treatv made .mil con In ilcil but ween the Uiiiteil Stale* and llie Ottawa tribe of Indian* on the 3Ut day of August, 1871, I, JOHN TYLER, Presiiltiil of llie United State*, do liereb> ilcclaie and mak. i no a u, that a public sale will be held at the Land Office at Lima, in the State of Ohio, cnnim?iiciiis on Monday, the wi-nij-ninlh day of Auxnst next, lor the disposal of the lands ivilhiu llie limits of the former Indian Reserves of six and three nilts Miliars', situated on the north side of the Mauinee rirer. to m it North of llie base line and east of the ineriilisu. Fractional section* one and (wo, in township fivo of r oute iclit. Fractional sections one, eleven, twelve,thirteen, twenty-four, IweiKntrr, twenty-*** i tweaty-aevea, thirty-four, sad dUrtffive, and section thirty-six, in town*hi|isix of ranse tizht. Fractional sections four, five, and six, in fractioaal township I five of range aine. I Fractional township six, including the sixteenth section ol | rang* nine. Section thirty-four, ami fractional section* twenty-two, twenty- ix, twfency-soven, twenty-eight, thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-five, and thirty-jit, in towi.ship seven el must nine. Fractional sections seven, eighteen, and nineteen, in township six ofrange ten. Also, it the same time and place, will he offered for sale the tracts of land hereinafter described, forming portion* of former Indian Reserves, and which, under treaty stipulations with tlx Indians hy whom they were respectively ceded, arc to be sold for their benefit, to wit:? North of the base line and east of the meridian. Fractional section sixteen, withiu the Reserve at Ocijuanoxas village, in township tw o of range four. Section sixteen, in the Reserve on BlanchanPs Creek, in township one of range seven. Section sixteen, in the Big Spring Reservation, iu township one of range thirteen. South of the base line and cast of the meridian. Sec I ion si 1 let ujiu the Hog Crtek Reserve, in township four of r inge ?ix.t Sections sixteen ill township five and six, in the WapiughkonnelM Reserve, of r unr*-* six and seven. Hsction sixteen, in the Lcwislown Reserve, ill township seven of rsnae eight. Also, at the nam time and nlace, will he offered at public 1 ml* the lar ds belonging to tlic United States within the limits > of the southeast fraction of section eighteen, on the east side of < Suidiiaky river, in township two north, of range fifteen gut. ' The sale will he krnt open for two Weeks, (miles* the land* ' ire sooner <lM|Mised of,) and no longer: and no private entries iff land in the townshri* so offer* d will be admitted until after the expiration of the two weeks. 4 (liven under my hand *t the City of Washington, this twentythird day of May, anno Uoiniin, 1212. JOHN TYLER. By the President: J NO. M. MOORE. Acting Commissioner of the General Land Office. ieiy itaw ton A d&w SAND'S S A RS A PA RILL A. fN offering to the public a new preparation of 9arsaparilln, it * is with much pleasure the subscribers are able to slate thav ifter devoting years to laborious chemical rx|?rriineiiU, they have succeeded in extracting the essential principles oil vviiich ihi ctivi virtues of Sarsxparilla depend; b> thv coMtVMtioi I of a new, scientific, and ingenious apparatus, invented expressly for this puhmmk?the successful one ration of which in ex iraetiint the < frluea of the tuui: ttaranparilU, render. it one of ilit- ureateat diacoTericaof the aire; and after again enmhiinnj,' tliii eilract with other article! .elected from the Materia Merit ca. it i< fermed into a eoraimund that liaa been proved by nmcti- 1 cal etperienre to poaaeai the important power of immediately I arreatmi the proKfeaa of dieeeae and rntoriiiK the patient to perfect health. ... , . ,. , All divaaea anemic from an nnpnre atate of the blood, or I habit of the ryatem, aneh aa Scrofula, ohatinite CulMroiii Eruption*, Pimplea, Chronic Sore Kyea, Khetimattam. Hintworm, enlargement and pain of the Bonea and JniaL, atnhiwirn i I'lceri. Sypflitir aymptoms, and .ill dieeaere ariamit from an < injudicious ttae of mercury, art speedily cured by m me. The patient, thciefore, who naea tliia mr|iataiion, hie all comhintd that can he tier fill for the mmoral of hia complaint. The alllir'ed arc inritcd to try it at once, and appropriate to themai |vea the heiietita tliia inralnahle medicine ean heatow. I're|?\redand aohl by A. B. Simla & Co., 271 Broadway, cor. Chamhernt. Sold afao by A. B. St D. Sanda, 79 Kulton at. cor. 0 .Id, and by D. Sanda,77 Eaat Broadway, cor. Market atreet. , Price $1. jy!7 lm*c , UACT8 ARE STl,'BBOR?TTill.N(i8. ft~T. a fact that | " Gonraurr* Poudrr Subtile mill iu*rmau?-utlv tndictU all hair from the part where it i? pidifa, without the <licht?*?t injury to the To b?? hnd at thr old rslablifthment, f*7 Walker ?trr??t, ?>() door from Bioadway. |??r lioule. A.ioilu i fart ia that Gouraud** True Water of Bmuty will thoroughly exterminate tan, pimples, and all I'liUmmia eruptions, elicit a juveniU bralthy appearance, and array the hand*, neck and , arina in radiant whiteness. nrwjre of spurious imitations of this celebrated coMiP'tic, containing mineral astringents utterly rninntu to the akin ;iml comji cxion. and by its renellani action injurious to Heilth. To he had ai above, fhie Dollar |ier hotCM)lJUAIM )'S VEGETABLE ROU( i E impart. a delicate roarate tinge to the enmpletion, immorahle h!>|l|7.n,P'rW'?n n,b,,'OR w',h * ,inen clot11. JO cents per ? ? c'GIit,UUD'8 BLANC D'ESPAONB, \l\ . ,I L e- T1"";1" ? hriithl, pure, life like alalia,t? r ^tut nrss to the ?lttu, irrr from the injurious properties n?- 1 n. rally con.h.mid with prrpuatuma for this p?rpoic. I'ut up in elegant boxes af 'IS rem* . acb. I Vx.nt.-rrm,d,ne . Dyer J,.; Albam. Guthrie. Maiden lane; N"w Hat en, Myers, t han-l afreet- llirtfnnl iv?ll. k Hnmphjey; PHncebm, HrnhroX Bn,io?, J?,d,n, '2 \juk at ; ' 1 1111 I' Iphia. M- n-.,wn, 78 ( hettmit at. iy17lm*r\ P|?|A? u' *!'" |Ub* Elyaian Field., ra Hohokeu, on Wadne.d.y, .Inly 27, ihi2 A priae of $ * Will b.- Riven to four oar.-d race lioala. F.ntram e jtltlearii, w inch will In- idd< .1 to th> pnte, and m,.., | the winning'mat. Alan, a prise of J2J will l,e given |?r a rac. In twei-ii IIMnOt working boat. ;lIhia pill, will h.- free for all working ImiiU not eicending 21) foot in It nstli. All Imat. wiahlint to enter for tliia race, w ill pltiaac lo i nu-r on or liefore Saiurili\, I he >1,1 mat.lilt, a? mi hoata will h .How, .| to enter aft*, i tin date. G iilleiiirii w laliin- to eiit> i llien lio.ila, w ill idea,.- to imdy o XT. McCAKXV, at the Elyaiau k H'JtU, Hvbvksu. jyl7 ln*? i SHARON SPRINGS. IMIE I'AVILLION.?This Brw rommodioii l will 1 o|k u for the reception ?? " risifnn u and after fhrst oi lu*r iiett. at the Village of Sttaruii Spuugi, St Indian County, vw York. The clear pare water of the springs. greatly resembling 1 'I ill** vs ti?rr sn||.fHir t|?fiiura <>l Virginia, h.iv* been roved fo be highly efficacious in Rheumatic, Cutaneous, odious and Dysiteptic complaints; and in the cure of Erysipelas* ialfrheuin, JsemluU, Liver Complaint, and genera) debility, iud in many ether resiiects, pouesi (an crrtiA* d by aoine of the rio?t eminent ine dotal professors in the United Stales) nudicikal and ficalnig proiwrties unsutpasscd, and believed to be uucu ill* d by any in thia gp?try Added to these, the rid?-s in the vicinity, numerous villages, ttensive views, neighboring caves and romantic aceucry art niong the many attractieus ofiered to these seeking in the heat f summer, either health or pleasure. These springs are hut a few hours ride froi.i Strotoga, Troy, Ubauv. fcc., and are v ee* able from < tuaioliarie on tin Albay and Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival t tie morning cars fiom Schenectady oid Ctiea. to carry vision to the Spring*, a diitince of ab??ut eight mil"*, arriving in iine for dinner; also by the Alhanv and Cherry Valley luruik' hy daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of the if y of Albany. Warm, cold and shower Bitlis furnished at all tunes, either f h % mineral or fresh water, and every attention giveu to rener the stav of visitors agreeable. An auumt'ince or the puicst mountain soring |cr is stored for ii?* s? ion. t; vV. B. OKI) NICY* T11K SPRINGS IIOTKC.?This llotyl will In o|-lied at lie al'o'e village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol eisiors, and combining all the advantages of ihu delightful stunfie I i"M?ki,.e. JOHN V. ETTEN. aJ9 I0w2t*w*r CATSKlLCi moun r \i\ ih>TT5BI tT 'IMIP 1'IV.L MIH II l l?a I Ml IK romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted dur1 ing the present st asoil vudcr tlx* direction ?nd su|?oriMtcn* bucw of tin :1 It his " iti ' !>i|>!i i? and ItoroMt h repair, and is n?w open for tlx im-piii ii of visitors. Vo llort will h* |??n \ to in lint.iin (lit- do *n v?. ?ll> hi|(h cbar.icer which it li ? heretofore iciiiiiicd. A-? In n iu Ubh < will In- furnished with every delicacy hat tlx New York ni'ik-t can ?d'?rdi *ud ? * *y possible ueilli.m? M?i! e t?i promote the coin en . .re md eti<??\ nietit of it* latron.s will he promptly bestowed. The road leading to this stabli loin nt and? sp? ' i*ll> Unit putol u on the i&iouiiUiu, lets M oil render* d prlfei fly smooth and s Ot . Mi *-is. A. I-. U u h & f'n.'s excellent lim of stages will Pill *heretttfoie regularly between the binding and the Mountain louse, on the arriv al ?f the boats. C. L. BKAf'H, Proprietor Iuim nth, ir,ia. !i ::nr Bath housk, Long island"-'!':..* "i. ?,. Tmi wVii known bondim: and sea bathing establishment, having recti 11 y undergo nt numerous improvements, am ng which is the fed on of severa! elegant smnu m iptin of he ocean is n<>w open lor llie reception ol ei.|,i|>ain donate the cast ii The extent of private hi i:li on ihi? short??he n. rfei t security in bcthing, * v? 11 for 1?V* and ehiMieti, ('he lalhiio. houses being w i.iii i t xtone's throw ' ti, mihi"i<)? lit* ihdily. cool and delightful locust grove a.joining dw house - li-pleaviiil iide> in the .surrounding count. ?llie e sci lh at I hi :u ground* and olht i healthful r-creation and mu >ern< nt?t lv beautiful view of tin- Ail inic.u - ,u ,uid the ower b ?y, almost constantly enlivened by initio a?us vessels niving or ouiw.ird bound, render lhi- situation ill evnr^ repect unpijiialled by anv in the vieiuitv. It.- acommodatlwiis re dii?tTe, the rooms airy and the lcin|H-raluie, even in the v nniertt days of suminrr, anything but oppressive. The cob euience of communication and di*tauc< . (being Imt. nine mile* om Brooklyn,) the access bv stages at hours an ?ininodnted 0 buvinois r ui ! r it peculiarly well .nUplt d i* i residence for cutleineii of btikiit ss in New York. je!'5?m*r WILLIAM BllOWN, Pioprieioi. BATH BUILDINGS, [^OK.MKHLY HKNSIIAWhS. ?t Long Branch.?This es1 tensive and dehglu fill Ke.i Bulling Kp.iM s'l.ment will be ipeurd by the subscriber on the 27th June, i i t nit. He begs es pee t fully to inform iti former patmti ? and the public, that inisider ibl- additions and alterations, ncrr isinr; the comforts, lave been made sine* last year, and will b iu complete readi* ibss for their aC( omm(?di'ioii. Wishing to be us reason ib'e is th? times will afford, the board vill he seven dollars nor week as I ?st year, instead of ten dolar..?.. formerly, ('liihtreu of a certain age and set vi ti h ijf price. liM?es lull led. $3,50. lit hopws In unty wi,ho"? impulsion, that hi* table and accommodation* will be equil to any on jotig Branch. Voting people nor repining too much room,will ind 'accommodating terms. i 22JU? JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. f KWIi K. IIA N KINSON respectfully uifoi iii Ins friends I J and fin public, that he has fitted up in the best style the muse ormeriv occupied by Jacob Corbs, at the above oVtce.iu lie most lie.ithful situation on s"? cowl, ah- u 7 miles froin ted Bulk, .iii>l fourteen from Higstowu. Sti;e* pits through mil fro to meet the rh.U.K l, hiacarj. The term* ol'lioanl will ?e found vnrv moderate. AUo, stabling, kc, br horses, on ??ry fanoii ?! !? term*. L. F. II. pledge* hinviclf tliit no effort of his will be wanting 0 render tlio e who patronisr him Comfortable, ami thai hi* iohh w ill he found >(>1 *1 t" ani along the o * t. i? .??im r t NORTH CANAAN, {Coin.) Joly u, IWt.?J <i Dear Sir.? For several day* pail I noticed iu your daily; (which by the way I receive regular) i script ion of Fashionable Watering places, and I looked hem all over hut did not find any mention made of OUR HOUSK. Now very likely yon have never heard of this place, a* I milt it last autumn ju?t in time to take a small aim inkle of the winter travel from New York to Albany, and by the wa\ tevera! gentlemen from your place, thought thty would call his summer a*d spend a few weeks, but as I generally satisfy 1 man that calls once that he cannot do better than to c.ill again, [ doubt whether I will see one of them uutil^next winter, then [ am sure of them, as this w ill he about as good n route a* they an take, as the rail road will be conin.t ted from Our House to IVest Htoekhridge, and that perfect! the clnin of nil ro?d from 3reenhush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, 1 wish you to understand lotnething of the particular* of our location. We ay within me mile of the north line of the State of Connecticut, stir minded by the tallest kind of mountains, and on the top of one >f them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost a* fall as he mountain itself; we have other very line lake*. The tiousatonic River one half mile Irom us, and fie tributary Ires in* of which I hazzird nothing in saying for Trout ami 'ik- fishing, are not second to any in New Knclatid, if in tlu vorld. Then there is no arbitrary law ahotil bi <U in our adorning towns in Massachusetts, p<rhipv a few could he caught, md put a few of them with plenty of li*h, and we will have a olerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is u*t to drive to Catharine Market slin and take the steamer Siinrod, (which by the way is a craft hod to In at) and mi your irrivalat Bridgeport take the ears on the lloiuatouie. rail road, which will let you off at our house it precisely I o'clock. P. M. Suppose you rail up yousself, atel ,i>k your filend* to come. Tlu re are the falls too, some fifty feet p?;ipeiidic uh?t , more or less, that might be named, but I ain not disposed to tell you all j lboulthis section, as I had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on lavird the Ih?h? through, as you save half a dollar in the fare, it then being only 12.30from New Vork to lure. The ears leave Our House saily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with respect, j 11 2w*c JOHN BARSTOW. T3KDFOKD MINKRAL " SPRINGS ?This well knowu 13 watering nlacr, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may l?e mcu* ??ry to MRv l hit the\ ir? blttMM RStf th* ITClt \V. stern Tu. niiike. which |>asses through PenusyIrani* from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. a few miles east of the chief elevation of the Alb Jr'iiv Mountains. Every thing has been provided at this watering place to render l sojourn pleasaut to those who are teeking health or eujoyineiit. Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a ^ood bum! >f music will he in attendance. A daily stage will leave Chainbersburg in the morning, and irrive at the springs the same eveuinir, or if persons prefer the B iltirnorr and Ohio Rail Road to fltucock, will have dail> :onveyances from there to the springs. The liberal patronage extruded to tlie subscriber the two last masons, will ensure the renewed exertions the coming season, [or tk e amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jc29eod lm*r _Proprietor. TO THE LADIES. T7A8HIONABLK MILI.INF.RY UOOD8.?The propria " trevi Misa 8 KING, danglitef of the celebrated t'arl Kim aff. rs lor sale * most select .nil choice assortment o| Millinery OkkIs, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to tlr* pwlr lie. botli as regards the quality and cheapness of the Article* The assortment Consist* of the following :? The celebrated SILK HAT. CAI.LKD t'APOTTK D'OR LK.ANS.a* worn hv La Dschrwr D'Orleans, of France , SHK.D SILK, KNTIRK.LY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLK And Lawn llats do do?An mtire new slyle o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES. ELSSLER COTTAGE. Frisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest tea tare, in Krcat variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladirs to favor he witli a rail, and examine her cleg in! anil varied slueh of Mil linery for themselves, bifbf iliry pincliasc . Im wIiho , as it will he a ureal saving to tlo jn in pi ice and a great advaut vgc as regards the t ariely and .initlity of the |i?hI?. MISS S. KINO, Magar.ine de Modes, jc22 lm#r 8MH Broadway. ^AgTNO I)K'l"i'KlC|ilae- to limininnt* and Shoes cheap, aa|0HSV and we so not sure that in New York tlieie it ani pi lice so good as at the Clinton Boot ami Sinn; Mark. 1,201 I anal .tie, t, gsfil r.isi corn, r "I nidtoaita r. Than mo batt tried .ipp> ,<r to he ganeially satisfied that this is a fart uap i est i. triable. All tlmse who m'y not have lii. d our boots, lures, or gniurs.w ill liud it to their advantage to make th* trial MW. . .-1- ? - - A. KNOX & CO, N. B. Coautry merchant* * 'e by tne package or dosen jf 13 lin*r _ SHIRTS, SHIRTS. UNITF.D STATES SHIRT MAN U F AC TORY, 77 William street, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice i? liereb> SirenM Merchant* and trader* in general, lhat the proprietors of the above establishment hare adopted a new method of manulacluring which enable* them to adl their ?hiit* at a cheaper rat i than any other hon*e in thi* city. Thi* tutcmeut will be jlRrmed by the liat of price* a* follow*:? Per Dot f ine Moslin Sliirt*, with Linen Bosoms and Collar*, $7,.Ml Do Hitched in the Hoaotn and Collar 0,00 Do Colored line patents, large *i*e* 7,00 Also, a large uiianlily of Bosom* and Collar* Con?tantly on liaml, which will be offered cheap for cash. jyl lm*r SUMMER STOCKS, " scarfs, cravats and gloves. FUST RF.CIVED, a rith supply of the above article*, con ' *i*titut of a very light and ela*tic stock, expreaaly lor the lammrr month*. AI?o?Scarfs and Cravat*, in (treat variety. A lanje assortment of Silk, Thread, Cotton and Horikin I Hove*?vt the old establiihmeiit, 241 Btoadway, between Park Place and Murray *treet. PARSELLS. Atrentfor J. AGATE. N. B. Constantly on hand, an c*ten?ive assortment of Linen mil Muslin Sliirti, Linen Dre?? Fronts, Linen Collar*, Under [Varments, tie. Ac, jy II lm*c "TMTORTANT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who with to economire ran obtain Clothin* of the he?t quality remarkably cheap, at 2115 Canal street, nna door west of Hudson. Alio,* large assortment of ("loth*, Camimere*, Veilings, and Summer Good*, from which Clothiint of >11 hi'id* are made to order in the be?t manner at very reduced price*, 20J Canal *treet. jell 3m*r SHIRTS. QHIRTS made to order, after the mo*t approved French O fashions. Gentlemen's Garment* of all devcription* made to order at the *horte?t notice, tjemicmen'* Furnishim Store <7 and SI Maiden lane, corner jSfe1 WILLIAM COLLINS. PASHAUk^RO.NffiNtTAND TUIXTNU, SCOTLAND AND WALKS. DERSONS doaimn* of maktnir rngsgemrnl* fm friends to x emit rate from tl>e Old Country to the United State", and who may wiah to ?>cnre for them despatch atid comfortable ae. eommndatiomi, will find it their intercut to to the subitrtbers, who are at all times prepared to mike indt arrangement* aa will guarantee satiafaetioti. The vesnels r >n|?i, u* thi* Hue are all of th" first clavs, one of which leaves Liverprot weekly, ronaeinently all delay at the port of embarkation it iroided. As has always been customary w ith this line, when those settled far decline coming onf, the passage money i* reftmde.l, withotrt any deduction. Passive |>er ttramer from the rarioti* |>or?? of Ireland and Scotland, cau likewise be aecured. For further nsrienlarsapply to SAMUEL '1 HOMPSON, Old Established I'aasagi I Iffire, *71 Pearl ?t , Or to C. URIMHHAW k CO. IA Gotee Pis/?.**, Liverpool. Kichsnge or drafts at *i(hl, and for anv amoujit, can likewise I# famished mi rhr National Bank of Ireland North rn Rmk PR Co.; National flan* of Scoti.n", utvaotr at an men*e branches: al io, mi K. C. Olyn k Co., JBaokci*. Loudon, irid C Onaukaw k Cv., JUit tipovl tnJ 1?*? RAILROAD LINK TO MORRISTOWN, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, E ASTON, OWEOO, ITHICA AND GENEVAMB VfORRIH AND ESSEX RAILROAD?New

?Couiuvuciug July fd, 1842. Leave Slonut"wn nt 6*4 A.M., aud 2 P.M. Leave New.irk at 9 A.M. and fj P.M. Ltavt N?** York at 8 A.M. and 4 P. M Kate bet wren New York and Murrut* ?w:i, SI 00. Passengers by the morning train will Ik* in Newark in time for the 9 o'clork train to Ntw York, aud also in lime for the \ morning ami afternoon trains for Philadelphia. Office in New York, New Jersey Railroad Office, foot of j (ourt limit street, where (he Agtut, E. E. Jickson, will Ik found to take change of (lie baggage. IW mrn leaving New York by the 8 o'clock train will always reach Morii*lown In time for any of the stages going north or west. j Stage* will he in readim ** at the 1)? poc on the arrival of the j ( art, to convey ikusctimers to eillier of the above named , places. I The strictest punctuality will be observed mthe hours of de- . Iiirtin in I ami il jy 13 lw?c IRA DODD, Supciioundcht. , FOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, IiAS JIN, 11 xoWN.'l'KMN^' A *'N \ Daily, (Sundays exerted,) via?Klir.ahethtowii and Soincrville i Rail.oad. Leave pier I North lliver, o 8fg uVlurk, A M, hy steamboat | t ? Klizanetliport, or leave the font of Libert y * tract at 9 o'clock A M, take the Philadelphia train to Kli/'d?ethtowil, there to J connect with the car* for Souierville; coaches from the net* arriving a( Sclimdry's Mount.tin early the same afternoon, at E iston by 6 o'c'ock, Ret loht in at 7 )a o'clock, and Allciitowii | if r?5 o'clock the same evt niiig. I For seats or liirthei information, apply'to A I) HOPE, Mcr- ? chants'Hotel, 41 ('ouitlamlt sir*(,the Railroad Office, loot j of Libert y strct t. or on IhismI tin* boat. Kate through to Seh >oley's Mountain, $2,2Y K is ton, $2.00 U the I# in, $2.75 M Allentown, $3.00 N H? h.xfras provided *t the diorlest notice. ? I'H?This muii- on account of tlx .short distance by conches com mends it***If l<; the public patronage as beinic by far the most i pit i- ml ma < ?|?ediiiou . i\? in oppi m i u In line pJ Ir albany KARF. REDUCED! ! cabin passage $100 DECK PASSAGE 0 in FREIGHT TAKKN AT REDUCED PRiCKS. r<The comuijv'.ious S;< n in boat WASHING* faV. ? *4* TON. Captain J. M. Brown, liavlnu made IV .'lis. ?ELarrwm merits to chance her days ofiearfii^ ' New York, will hereafter I* ive tlx-loot of Robinson street, ' Ni w York, r;ery Tuesday, Thursday, .uid Saturday aftei- { noon, at 5 O'clock, 'iH?l Albany, every Monday,Wednesday, and 1 Friday afternoon, at j o'clock, l.niditiu on her inmate earn way ,, at the foot of II.iMiiiiond street, NewburiJi, PouKhkeepsie, 4 Kittjffctou Point, Cattslcill and Hudson. Koi freight orjH)-s txc. apply to the Captain on board. Or to D. 1 RANDOLPH MAUTI.V. N* 182 WV.i ,t.,j > l , 1 ./;r.I FOK ALBAN Y, TKOV, and intermediate i r-yp places?The splendid low pressure steamboat , jLmJW jr SWALLOW, ('apt. A. McLean, will h ave the foot of Cortlaudt street, Thursday afternoon, July lltli, i at S o\ lock. Tlx* Swallow will leave as above, on Suuday, 17th at 5 o'clock, Tile above is a substantial boat, fitted un with elegant State Itoom.i, and for accommodations is unrivalled on the Hudson. ?\ llr KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. jmi The new and si?l? ndid steamer J. W. RICHMONl), Nathaniel Kimball, master, will JLm&UL. leave the north side of T. wharf, Boston, everv Tuesday and Friday cveiiinz at 7 o'clock, for Gardiner and Hallow ell; and re uniing will leave Hallow ell on Mondays am! Thursdays at ?> P. M , landing each way at Bath. F rc from Boston to Haltowcl), S3 00 " '' %i Bath, # 2 50 Stages w ill be in readiness on the arrival of the boat at HalId well, to convey passengers t? Augx..fa, Waterville, Bangor. Belfast ?n?l Quebec. Persons travelling for pleasure w ill find fe wf ideas iuu r route* than this one 'o Quebec, as it runs through a coxi.ti -.b- uixliiu in beautiful scem-ry?the roads are good, and the h ? .*!> well kept?the dist lire 210 miles. j y 10 2ni*c __________?. EVENING LINE FOR UJ3ANY DIRECT, 4j/A At s?f>c;i o'cl c't, P. M., from the steamboat ^XfVi^iiii-r betwrGourtlundt and Liberty streets. ~ Tin s;, in.: AI SOUTH AMERICA, ('apt. L. W. Braiimrd, leaves tlx above pier Monday, Wednesday, ox I Friday at seven o\ Ire k, P. M. Tli sf: linboat ROCH ESTER, Capf. A.St. Jediu, leaves tlx* il?o\e pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at seven o clock. The ab<?vc boats arc new and substantial arc furnished with eh.tfu'it state room;, ami in every respectareu nsurpa^scd amonj; the llinl. ou Iiiver f teamen. Kor pa*.tage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. SniULTZ, At the office on tlu vthurl, or on board, Pinaengrrs taking this line of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars lor the east ai.d west. iyl __ Staten [slang ferry. F'oot of Whitehall street. ^| Hit steamers 8TATEN ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York anil Bttteu Island every hour, from 8 A M to 7 P M. All k'oruls are required to he jtailirnlarly marked, oil ife it the risk of tin owuers thereof j> I a<\ MAGNIKM K\T E\< i KSJON OF C^r?? J* PLEASURE to Sault Ste Marie, Mackiuac. IT iff r *1 B iv, and (lie JiiiImii S' tilenient*. The snleedid low pressure steamboat BUFFALO, Captain Levi Allen, will l? av< Buffalo on the altove desirable pleasure triji on Thursday, Julv 2h.f,al III o'clock A. M. provided with & tine hand of music, and every tiling tjeif cau reiid -r 'In- trip desirable and pleasant- The |MK*ave round, from Butfa'o and hack, is fixed al the low price of $34?t llitr |M?rls iu proportion. Passage or State Rooms may In-sec ured by application on board, or it ( . M. Ik ed' office; Bull lo. ieB liyll -^^7 UA PLEASANT \M> HEALTH^ EX URSIONS KVr.ltV AKTK.ltNOON TO 3C^2a?^SLK()UT HAMILTON, 11 \TH, CONEY ISLAND AND NEW BHD ?l!TON?The commodious steamboat GENERAL JACKSON, Capt. Tobias, will cotninenee on her regular trips in tin above places on Sunday nitertemooii. .Jiaii?- 2f?th, and run every Monday. Weduesd iv. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday; and the steamboat NAPOLEON, (-apt. Hancoi, will run on every Tuesday ami Kriday during the season, leaving the foot ? I Chambers slreet at a quarter lwfore 2 o'clock, Hammond street at 2, Canal slreet at a quarter Iiast 2, Market street at 2l?. and pier No. I North river st !l o'clock. remaining a sufficient rime at Fort Hamilton for those who may wish to view that extensive fortiliestion ami the adjacent country. The boat will then proceed to Bath and t'om-y Island, ft) land those who mav lie desirous of visitinv either ol' these healthy retreats. And then make an excursion around the lower part of o Jr truly noble bay, and return for chose who may have landed at t idier of the above places, and theu cross over Co New Bri h ton, stopping i sufficient time it that place, ami returning to the city at au early hour. Fare each way 25 cents. jc23 gtnr FOR L1VKHPOOL ftck.t . i the bth J . X[,WfVThe splendid packet ship ROSCIUS, li?%'ir<u unaur* tSkwewfirvoassed accommodations lor cabin. .'?] r abin. ami st ;er age passenger*, will sail as above, her regular da)?those h isle i g to secure berths will require to make earl* indication to JOHN HKRDN1AN, til South st. N. B.?Residents in file Uuited States, wishing to send for their friends residing in Great Britain ami Ireland,can haw them brought out by any of the regular packet ships, *ml Drafts can be furnished for auy amount, payable throughout the Unit ad Kingdom by applying aa ibors, j y 17 c FOR VfARSEfLLEB -Pacjo Fof 1st Att twst?Tin i<TjWV very superior brig ISAAC MEAD, Capi. I). Stndley. If it very superior furnished accommodations for (wissciigers. aud iqiial in all resj?eCts to those of the o her European pickets from hence. For freight or passage apply to BOVI) 6c II1NCKKN, Agents, *) Tontine Buildings. Goods si lit to the subscribers for forwarding, w ill lie despalclrcd frcr of other than charges artnellj paid. jJ7 i MS* FOR NEW ORLEANS?I liid New hSoRrVV'nik Line.?Positivcl) first Regular Packet?The f.isl ASMHuas^iliog packet ship GASTON 4 apt Oliver Eldridge, L now loading at Oileans w liarf foot of Wall st. For freight or pussxgc,having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS * CO 6ft South at. Great care will lie taken to have the goods by this line correctly measured. Agents in New Orleans, ffulh n 6c Woodruff, who will promptly forward ill goods to their addreas. i\Ifi r PSHBAliE F()R LONDON - Par i t >o7b luh WrwVVTli' sidcudid fast sailing packet ship IIENDRIt'K 11 'I )S( )N, Captain Morgan, will positively sail n* above In r regular day, ami cm very com fort ably accommodate a few in >re cabin, second cabin, and *t*f.r.tge passengers, at moderate rates, if early application iVImade to W. * J. T. TAP8C0TT, 43 Peck slip, below South st. REMITTANCE TO GREAT BRITAIN AND IRKLAND?Persons about sending money to their friends in the old country'* can be supplied with draffs, payable at tht old rstvblished nankir# house of Jimes Buft. ooii 6c Co., London? Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool?National st.d Provincial Banks "I Irsland, and Bank of Scotland, which ri paid on demand, w ithout deductions, at the variont branches and agencies throughout the United Kingdom. Apply to jy 17 W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip. FOR TAMPICO?Th" w?ll known coopered and MTW^W. copper fastened Schooner D.'JRIC, w ill leave poaijgJkJmm lively on|tbe ?Lt July for the above place, having aCeom no daf ions lor passengers. Apply to the Captain on board, at the foot of Roosevelt street, for |?assage or freight. _ jy 16 6t c^ BLACK BALI.; on oTb CINE OFTTVRH?#Sqry POOL PACKK.TS.?The only lin.-i .nilinc mil July. i. ll<r writ known v.-r. fur unilint: iVkct ?lii|> NORTH AMKKICA, Copt. Alfred B. Lowb. r, will ??il I'o.idrtly on Tncioaf, the 19tli instant. Iirr regular ' *Tli e accommodations of the Bla'k Ball or Old Line of packet* for Cabin and Steerige passengers, arc well known to We tinequ tiled by auy other line, or ship now loading for Liverpool. Parties visiting the old country, will liud it their intt rest to proceed by this favorite packet. The tarms of r asssge will be moderate, for which apply on board, foot of B< kman street, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS It CO. 36 Fnlton st. | Next door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?Draits at sight, for any amount, on tlie Roy si Bank of Inland, or from the old established banking house of Presrcott. (Jrote, Ames 6c Co. Bankers, London, which are paid free of <lt*c<>tiru, or any charge, in every cottntv, ncsnle* nil the inland lownt of the United Kingdom. For .iafe at all time# h) thw 1I1-4 il?en|n? i'? ?\. I jl jjfe I'ASSaHk KOI! LONDON?I'm ki t of tl..- aiM, NTTiV July?Thi- .|>li iiilitl l*?t **iling Picket *hipHRNDjSp&itmi KICK HUDSON, Capt. Morgan, will unit a* abmc, her regular lily. Mm .plriidiri accomoilationi for cabin, Monad cabin and Me.rage panernp ri, wh" will be takrn at moderate ratea if earlyapplication i? made to jyMc JOHN HEKDMAN.til South -t. JT*3c- I NITKI) I.INK OK TTiVK.MPOOI. I'AI KKTS M?3(V"~The ,,rw superb Packet Ship IIOTTI.VJmNKib^I 'F.R. 1100 ton* burthen. Captain Ira Bursley, long ali'Ffavorably known hi the Old Line, will have immediate ifenatch for the above port. '1 he accommodations of* thi* shin for cabin, second cabin awl 4 re rage passenger* arc unequalled, and those persona nbont go eg to the ?.|d countiy should not fail to examine the asmmntotaiiona in t lis ship I fori i ngi| inc inan> otht r as the i< fitted up eipressly for the omtfenienjc of passenger*. Persons wishing tosecure b ith* should tppl) early in nrderto cents the brst For passage, which is very low, apply on hoard, Wfst aide Burling slip, or to W.Si J. T. TAP8COTT, 13 Perk eor. Hewth street. I IL/*" Person* w ishing to send foi their mends can harsr them o. ought cut in this ship, or any of the regular liners, at the low f t rale?, and drafts for any amy amount can be procure d, paya* file cm demand, without discount, in all the principal towns of <. Britain iml Ireland. Aiu-f as aborc. r 17s%:?FliTITS'O K^;Fftslrt!V#.-K. KK.SFfK.Ll., INo. 4 Coruhill 8<pt*re, <ipi?>?te 1r,'!t Onrc, toJmU^L form, hi* mend* and tin-public that he hy. procured iKwTilJgnmiiirtf ?rtu of Fiijiing Apparatiia, ilwlitillBl Lint ?, C <ikin; T'reirtil*. of ilm Hr*t orcler. ... Sfr*mli"tl?, -ailing icvl", rook., and tender., of th- f.rM cl.i**, nlwaya in re idiiir i, and will Inmttln il to rartie* on the iTmat re-ueiiiaMe terni?. Hi* friend* and the poMic are informed thai he continue, to tcronm'nUif ,iermanen? boarder* and trantirnt company. 4,1'oruhill Huiiare, Bo.lon, Ma\ 23, ih 12 ?, 4 r,?-r Bll.t HfH Ml- A frW ?<ll <1 ho oil; IS W ill lit lik. II HI , g, n i*cl and itapatubl. family. Aoply at No. 404 k ulton *t? 7 AUCTION SALEK BY THO.MAB BRLL. \Sii??n Yai. aam/ 11"i Pulton tiftti ) ~ TUESDAY, Ai lolgoVl<H*k in the sale room*. L irg< sale of dry goods, elegant clothing, fftlK'y and l?l?dgfU articles gnus, wdclxi, jewelry, cutlery, hoiUr)'* nJiliBcry, flue shuts, ice. BY K!r LL i. \i 1. \t:il S. MONDAY. At 10^ o'clock in llir sal** room*. Oiiiu, hard ware, cutlery, riding whii*. and a sanity of fancy an i< Irs. AIsOt a small invoice of Hooks, ataoug which an- Washing* ion living's -ind Coo|M*r'-> Novels. TUESDAY, At lO^t o'clock in lli? sale i room. Wine-, Lienors. ftfj^rn. 4tc.?Consisting of irry ch' ici Malms* v and Boutk ?11 Madeira ; Daff ti don | 1 lirown d??, port. St. Juliet) claret, champaum* of favoiilt lir.iitda, I>n|hiy brandy, Cordials, sperm and ymteiit alabaster taudlca, II nana a'-il 1*1 inci|?#- aegara of variom brand* and in*, with other articles in the liue?to be sold in lota to suit air chasers. Also, Bollinger champagne, anchor brand, just lauded, kU|iii?r to aov wiue in mar Kef. Alto, Ot.ird, Din uy it Co. brandy, in bond, li Cases Bsr?ac Wine, 10 years old, ki i ^>es S.iiiien e wiue eu > ears old. WEDNESDAY, At 10*^ o'clock at rbc Huctiot) room. Elegant Furniture ami I'ianos?A large assortment of the best nndt- f.uhionuble furniture, including full and half French ma* fitly < tit pier, during, t- i rod a ntn I kbit ?, * anli In lUreaiis, toilet tables, looking glasses, tufted and spring s? al so* is, ottomans, divans, rockg/s, dressing bureaus, feather beds, nsttrtho s and pillows, gjfr* desk, 8tc. fiano Kort-s?Als ? splendid piano fortes, mule by I foil it Have It, F'lth & II ill. William Lee, Jr., L Dederti, d V Cicgii-r, O V Biig'.s, John Broad wood it Hon*, and lieVew Yoik I'iano Forte M uiufaenitiug Coin|Mtiy. | Also?Jones' improved veutilnting r? fngcrators of various i/.es, suitable for lupe or small families, hotels, boardiu* , ons#s.itc. Joir-.s' reli iterators will prod nee a powerful re rig'rating effect wirli m *?najl po tinii of ice, and licv? r be oines foul. Mr. Joins' object in *eIling them by auction is to i utrodua I lie in to llw |mbtic. Bale punitive. j I UCTIO^J sm .k OK DRl GOODS?By vtaw 1 1 ' tviit ol Fieri F cina, to me directed and delivered, I will tpose to sale on Monday, tin- 18th dav of July instant, at In Vlnck, A. M., at No. 32 Maiden lain?a large and valuable Hoe It id" dry goo *, coitiptisiug a tcry rich assoi tincnt of silks, iat'ii*. de lane j, iNiiuba/iues, Kreach calico nrinti. hose gloves ices, cambrics. Irish liuei i, Swim and mul nuuiins. silk net, loth*. iMM'mrn MtlincUt vesting*, gamhroouf. table linen, herring .tin) shilling, together with a variety of other goods in lie Hi M. B. 1IAUT. Sheriff, h RKO K L VI LTEK, Deputy. j * < BILK JBANNERB, kc. I f ANMNGTON fit CO., 20.1 Broadway, near Read street, I 1 Respectfully inform the Order of I. O. of O. F., and their ririi'l.H gen rally, th it they are now prepared to execute orders or Flags and liaintrs in the mmt superior style for beauty, lurshility, and economy, having Bilks in ado for the express neve-ion that will mike tin largest banners without disfiguring it a it i a scum. Specim* its and Designs can be seen at their Establishment, 193 Broadway, or sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we rt IVr to tin-U i'v'k Burner, No. II, I, O. of O. F., us also to lireenwieh, No. 40, Harmony, II, Coveiiaut, .T>, Perseverance. 17, also Mil it try Companies and Sunday School Banners, and the societies St. Nicholas, New England, St. George, St Andrews, St David, file file. Window Shades in great variety, from $1 each to the richest and best, painted by the most eminent artists. Staiiwd Glass, after the manner of the ancients, warranted never to change color, with many recent improvements for ? hurt h windows and other public and private building9, steamboats. packet ship*,store windows, file fine. Imitations of Staiiu d Glass painted on muslin for church windows,very close imitation of the real glass,at a very trilling expense, or the glass obscured and (tainted ins brilliant colors, \ < rv iteribis and cheap* ly lti PERSSE v\- BKO< >ks, \ 61 LIBERTY STREET, between Broadway and la V / Nassau street, otter for for sale 101 Blocks ii ish black marble. 100 Tasks refined basket salt. too (/asks Bond's bleaching powder. 30 Tons sujM rfiiie soda ashes. 2 Cases i>atint leather. V) B iles Chesterfield factory brown heetings. 7000 German patent fire brick. 20 ('asks J and I F E blue smalt*. 2 Biles cottonrur rating thru* and four yards wide. 5 Bales Machine blankets. All of w hich will be sold at lowest market prices, jy 17c HIGHLY IMPORTANT [AISCCSSION MOHMONIBM aliaa MAHUMEDAN / IBM.?ELDER ADAMS, I!? Great Apostle and Ch n?l?ion of Morinoiiisni, or the 4 Latter-Day Saints,' (so called) mid- rt At s publicly to prove that the strange system which lradvocates is the only true Church in existence, while Dr. West, the uncompromising opponent of 1 mi t-1 it > and Morntouisui, undertakes to prove a. d demonstrate, not only the very revert', but alio that 4 Mormoni-un,'notwithstanding it* boasted 210,000 converts, inilit irvcoboiU, golden hild? angelic ministry, poli ical intrigues, and miracle-working pretensions, is in it of fset i s CQiid i d It ion of M .bomeaaniim, imply ing ar <l t MI ' 111 I /. 111II ' |'?U Illy > (It < ' | 11' ' 11, I) lira,! 11 < (?( | llirn, imibimi, nvastin-tiiii. muider, madness and iiithleli'y, and thcreforf onu lit in it to be t. It* rated or patronized by any Christian Government or community. Tin die: Miiou will eoiiumncr on Monday Evening, July in, i:m2 ?* N i'. M., in the New Hull, Grand-street, one door cast o! the llicnilwiv House. Ticket of admission at the door, lifj? cent* each. jyW 3t* c V[OTICK-i;Al)TIO.V- \ ! 1777 u|ilrc?i,d to T. L. Smiili, Esi., Register Tre;-?<nr> Department, Washington, con* raining 3 certilic?tesof L'unet. States Five and a hair per rent St?> k f?r One iIm>4>nd I) Pais each, dst d ..t Wasniiurtpii \os. i il'jr i:; *), ujfl, |y;i| and nil, Lsii- d to ('ainmnnn, Wiii'cm mu Co., and liraJuA rel itoia. ially to Georf jukl Joht Laurie, deposited in the lower Pout office in this, ci'v, on 1*' ini'lbt, hai not lit en received hy ihe department in Washington. Notice i* hereby uivt ii tli?t the transfer of said Certii.c.?tc? is ?loj?p< d, cwptinjt by Crminvnn, Whitehousr & I o in person, aud all prrsotiiaie hereby camion d against negociat?ng the note. jy 17 It *r DOBT OFFICE. New York. July 13, lf4t.?UNITED * STATES EXPRESS MAIL.?The rosiiiiastvr General, with a view to the accommodation of the public, and to increased despitch md security, has established .?n Exprt m Mail,to expedite w hich messengers will he einploved under the immediate tiiperiut tideuce of Mr. E. Jkkomk Hi mimirkt, for carrying the Mails Iwtwocn this city :?itd Buffalo, and the intermeuiatt places, (including Troy) with directions to cause the d?Iivtr> at th* earliest pnstibh- time. Letters w ill he received mi board the 5 o'clock,steamboats, which carry the Mails to AIImuv, Troy, and iutcrmediau places, until the time of departure, during which time posta^i can he paid. Letters w ill also be recened oil board the luiat carrying tin Mail direct to Albany, which leaves at 7 oYlock P. M. a lette box being placed on hoard said host, under the lock of the de parinu'lit. The Meneugcrs w ill go through to Buffalo, and are instructei to eiert the gienlest diligence in the per for mance of these du ties. The an imp rn? lit w ill commence ou the 20th inst. A(ter the 2oth nisi. letters by the 3 o'clock steamboat will b? received at litis office up to 1 o'clock, P. M., and letters for tin 7 o'clock Ih?.it iiutii i> o'clock. P. M. irl7fw r JOHN LOIUMKR GRAHAM, P. M. I NITKI) STATES EXPRESS MAIL FOR ALDAN* k AND BUFFA LO.?With a vieW to give the greatest pn*.ii . ttvenieiice, d< , tchaud ecurilv to tlioinco asing communication on the great Wes'eru Route from this city, the Postmaster General h u established, regularly, sworn messengers attached to tJie department, from this city to Buffalo, under tin immediate superintendence of the undersigned, to commence oil the 20th iliat. To carry out tot lie fullest |*o*sib!e extent these views of the Postm tsler General, I* iters will be received on hoard the regular A o'clock mail boat, (ami, if desired, postage can i?e paid) ii| [i? ;ii?' 11?ri? oi if* u?" . nruirr, ior vtliw'IH) , a my , himi mr uii<-im< (Mate po'nt*; nl?o ?m^ hoard tin* 7 o'clock host, for Albany am' all j)hp? *Wc?l, mid for Troy, on and after the 20lh inst. AM letters dcjioai ed in flic Post Office of this city for ihw 7 oVIocl" 1 ill, 'in - i dtp Albany .m l Troy, and Bnnalo and Ijitt ran* places, will In* forwarded from Alhmi) by the Expiev Mail, under charge of the same mesa*tigers. I'nldic uotic? i-? therefore hereby given of the above arraugi men!, and all persons concerned may rely iinou the iiticea*in. diligence with w Inch all mail matter will He forwarded a* above in the shortcM i ovdhle space of time, and with the ires; est security. K. JEKOMK III rMI'IIKKY. General Mail Agent. New York, Julv l.'dlt Ifil2. IV17 2w r MACMFICIAT ATTRACTION. SKA MONSTER ; SKA DKV1K. 'IMIK (JtiKVTKST NATURAL. CURIOSITY I' ' AMERICA?The proprietor of this immense f fieri met bey* euc to annopnee to the public, that he lias for Exhibi ti >ti, at rH< Bowery* Amphitheatre, tfie He* Devil, which wacaptured on the I'lith April, 1812, in the Harbor of Charleston 8. ( after a desperate struggle with 2t>men in 7 Boats. The proprietor of this monster feels corfidcnt that the lover of the curious and the fCHUlific will he highly gratified ii viewing this marvellous production of the mighty deep. A Calf, which was Ihuii after her capture, will also be ex hihitt d. They inay be visited by both sexes, as they are not ai all offensive,and every effort will be made to render the ex lnhition aim eable ami satislactory. jyf7 1m*c A I'HANOK OK Alii AND OK SCKNK it not onl) TV essential to health, but a great source of enjoyment in tin Summer season to th** residents of a crowded city. Kor this, nothing can compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKEN, t? those who can leave New York only for a few hours. Iti sliady and diversified walks along Hi? river?the invigorating from the water?the jiicturesqu* beauty of its scenery ?the mans due nrt commanding views (ire sen ted fiotn ClM summit of Ca tie Point, ami other points in these enchantim ggound ?the rum intic sit* of t' e Sybil's Cste?the delightfu veolure of tin Ely-ian Fit Ids, e. Iiyeued in flic afternoon 1?> ai excellent hind of music, ai) conspire to render ibis by far thi im>stfavoiite place of Hummer resort. Access is rendered cisj by the B rcliy, Canal, and Christopher street Kerry Boats which ply con*tantlj during tha da ind evening, jj i?2w i \ <>i NO MEN'S REPEAL ASSOCIATION -X'regMa ? nu cling of this Association will he held at Concert Hall Broadway,on Tuesday evening, 19th insL at half past o'clock. Several eminent speakers will address the meeting?an eler lion for officeis will take place?and a motion will be hrotigh forward to appropriate the proceeds of this meeting to the re lief of th** suffering poor in Ireland. r >*" Front Seats reserved exclusively for the L idies. JOHN T. DOYLE, 1st Vice.President. THOS, McMAHON,) Recording jyl6 3t*r _ _ JAMES LACY, SSerrrtaric* 'CO I. ADIK.H - ilrs. Tlt AUTWKIN r-M? < inlom. * th? LiJhm of Jew-Ynrfc and ricinifv, Ih.l ?h. conliuur tin- worti nfKr**cW I'l vtiiiK.KInftnK .ml Ulmr .tirrhiiir, *1 No I#2 Eldrid*. utrr.t, (on the first floor,) Nr rt-York. N. B. Oid> ra rrccivrd .nd rxrcutrd with Dr.uieu and at iIh h irtrit notic#. Alio, UnlUr.for mIc. jatl lm*r O BANISH DOU BI.OONS for aalr on fa^Mhk frrtn., at O H. J. SYLVESTER'S. H 16 r " W.ll alri'i < md I ?' H' o.Ik ?. CENTERVILLE TK< ?f Tl N< 5 ~C< )VUSE. A MATCH for One TIioiik-mH DolUm will cofUr off ovei the ?V>vr Co<ir*t, on Ttftdar, July 19th, at 3 o'clock, f. M.?two mil** Heat? to Hidkeya. Wm. Wh**l*n tiunfi h. k. CoaMcnrt, II. W Iniff u.iii . . b. . Riptoti. i?. '? ' 'PO GlTN DKALKHM Onn?7 Putoli, and S|M?tiuii 1 articles 100 Hin.*l * Barrel Fowling Piecea iro P. tiblr Ciitrta, imitation twitted 3410 do do real twitted and jwteiit Brtfclt. '- on Pii.t of PutnU?ntnrted?looditfeniit v in< ti< *. IWI"* nd Rifle BvteN?Cnckt *ttd trimming Oatne B W- Powder Klmka anil IVrciiition Ci|*a Bportinj article* renrrally. Tin above article will do aold af unheard nflow piicet by A. W SPIKS 8c CO. iylfi lm? c _2I? r. arl itrrct. i j K.lfrooL riMi m i " \ i - ? I oil, carefully lowered in the hold, m*r arnvM per tnip I) I ml for nafe l?f -J ^ . . , ,.li. JOHN HKH0MAN.4I ON K ? K NT IIK VV A III)?A m..Un? !? > '/ ' J "j Minr.l Alb. .1 r. ??r nfM. ^ ... (I.... ?l.r?il,. , mm .w.i> fro n (V -*?? "'< ?? ? '? i.iol^ibi.1 nil ,n ..oii. from li^'VriaklaT ttNDl.AY. mi account BOflfcili rij j"j Wt.tch.K./, July 13,JM3. . < "H lW 1 ' AMISKMENTS. MBW> >? ( AllDBN. ~ Kilru .ntllttoi y Itnvcl Family, Ri'tiiCii Nightl; with Shout* of Ijiughter and Ap' / /'(it*, in thrir vuriout SPLENDID COMIC, Ac. MONDAY EVENING. July luih, tli* prifuiuiuiCM will l ommnu r at H o'clock, with A (IRANI) OVERTURE. An i a I,i.'li CONJUROR'S (JIFT. Don Panchi, Jerome Rtol Cavaliero (JrinaJdi, Anloinc Bavot IMoim. < iahriel Itnl Elnna, Miu W.ll. Mvrilia. M'mc Jerome Rival Edmund Mnn? Martin Dunne ihc Panto tnima, a Miaim-di I'.n ?!? Deui by Mm Wnlla and ( tabu I Havel, ljuartvi of an Itour* iliUtnaiiMou a ill be allowed lor menu in lite Grand Saloon. After alurli, lite M. DECHALl'MEAU. M. Larou'c, Leon JavelllT Roqniuet, (jabnel Ravel Jule., Am. ine Ravel I Finot, Franc.iii Rtrrl J.uieea, Clark I M'm Olivier, M'meA. Ravel M. Dcchaltiineaii, J Ravel | M'lle Oliiier. M'mc J. Ravel Clou tote, Miaa Weill T" c.uicludr wttli THE PROMENADE MUSIC ALE. , T; / ' Tie |iro|irietor micctfully infonni lha luiblic, that ill coinplui.e with the aulo -a of uiimerotu viiitnra, line much admired |a.l o| tlieeiitertailtineula, will be ^iven after the yerfnrinaneei in the Saloon are 01 er. Artnii; Manager, Mr ( hi|>|>eiida]e. M.i.n.l Lead, i and Director, Mr E Woolf. Ticket,?M crnta Door* o|a'U U leveu o'clock, EnlertaininruU to rominriift at enilil. jy hi CHATHAM THKATKK. MONDAV EVENING. will l... irrftirmed the (JREEN MOUNTAIN UOV. Jeremiah Homebred, Hill I Handheld, Hieltl Aft' r which A WIFE FOR A DAY. Nathan Tucker, Hichl | Eli Tucker, W Jouea To be followed bv UNPLEASANT REFLECTIONS. Mrgiitn, J R Scott | Deration, W Jouea w Ith MULETEER OF PALERMO Mvrlillo, Mr Wood | Count Kietro, Hiald Dim.11 will ?nrn in future it a quarter put 7 o'clock, auil tho cnrlain will run at I o'clock punctually. Draaacircli. Mccim Poiri. Vi?Pit, IfH . Private Boica, VAIXIIVM. UAHDKK. ENTIRE N KW COMPANY! 'PIIK ft*rl? cr-il pleasure in announcing an en1 C'tgeincut for a limited number of nights^ with the justly celebrated ami illimitable Comrdiiii, J. 8. BltOWNE. Also for i|)?< season, with Mr. Aud.i-ws, of the Park Theatre. Mr. Brllann ,!)!' (hf Pali Tli^lrv, Mr. H, Russell, of tlw Olympic Mr. Sar/edas. of the Boston Theatres. Mr*. M one 11, of I lie Philadelphia Theatre*. Mis Jackson, Mr. Jacksoe, Mis* Homers, Mr. < -rocker, ami a mum r?*u* Corps de Ballet. The U It A N1) HALLS, which lnvit given surli entire satisfaction at litis Garden, wi I lake place each evening of tlio wet k. Monday and Tuesday Evenings, July 18th and 10th, first niulit of the GRAND ENTERTAINMENT ! Entertainments to commence in the Saloon at Co'clock Intermission from 'J o'clock, until half past 9. Monday Evening. Ji lv 18th. ih rfornance commences with ROBERT SlAI AIRE. Itobrii M-icir., Mr. J. 8. Browne After wliicli the Ail-iiaI will Im> irivru for COTILLION DANCINO! To be followed hy NEW WIFE AND OLD UMBRELLA. Urryury Uritllt, J S Biowit. To conrliiile with a ( RAND BALL in tlie open G.irtlru on the Kt-.tiv.! Floor. Admiuion to tb. wliolr Entertainment 25 Cent*, jylft 3t r AMKIIICAlTMUHKll)I AND OARDKNN. OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S CHURCH. BROADWAY. P. T. BARNHM, MANXOER. I NCR EASED N( )VELTIES!! Mr. Winchcll, the unrivalled comic drollcrisc. WhitlocF and Diamond in their Bamo Extravaganzas. The wonderful Uip?ey Uirl cau he privattely consulted throughout the day, without extra charge. The Model of the City of Dublin, lh? greatest work of art ever brought to this country It is so perfect, that any person who lias resided in Dublin can point out the very house iu which lie lived. Miss H? iaiie, the highly popular vocalist : La Petite Celeste, the beautiful daiut i#*y the celebrated Albino Lady ; Fancy Glass Blowing;and Grand Cosinorama ! B.dloon Aseen>.ions every night at ten o'clock. Day performances every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at J o clock. Day visiters admitted free in the evening. No charge for admission to the splendid Garden on the top of the Museum. Admission to the whole Muscuin, Gardeu and 'Zntertaintnents 23 cents?Childrenhalf price. jylflr f|MIK NEW ROCHESTER THEATRE is now open for A the suiniiivr season, ladies and gentlemen of established professional reputation,who design visiting Buffalo or Montreal and wish to take Rochester in their W*y, will please address the subscriber. EDWIN DEAN. Rochester, July 1. 1812. j> > lm ins*r EMtANKLIN SALT WATER BATH?{fa* of Moi.tgo" inery street.)?The Franklin Halt Water Bath, at the loot of Montgomery street, is now open from 5 A. M. lo_ 10 P. M . rvnower Haiti* upon an improved plan. nwnnmiiig school, and superior public and private batha for Indira and gentlemen. jeZV liniar DAG UK KR K (IT t I'K A PI'AJfATUH AN EH N STKUC TION, in tlie- most approved process, fur makiiic splendid INirtraita and viewa, by K. A. ARtAULT It UO. IH^Vnllnn alrer I, who have made arrangements to 0|>rn a elaaa for the re re pi ion of pupils, to coinmence on Monday. July, 11th. The elaaa will be open for two lioura earli day, from eight o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock A. M. and the pupils may conn nue id tlir class until perfectly aatiaficd. Term*?&23 in advauce. K. A. AKTAULT Si Co, have just received by tlie packet Rhone, froin I'aria, 1,00(1 very aii|?'rior I'lates; also, 2i improved Dauucrreoty|>e apparatuses, aa well aa an extensive supply of the pest Chemicals manufactured in I'aria. jy9 lm-r T UF.NESSESHBY THE DAGUERREOTYPE PROA-' CKSS ?ri- taken it the rooms, rornt-r Dioadway and John street, in a superior style, with all the modern i m pro v erne tits, without any regard to the weather, the result being always tha tame. Instructions in the above beautiful art givt'U, cud apparatua furnished at a moderate price. N. H.?All the apparatus used in the business may be obtain U at tha abovi inace; also, eyary daacfiption of miniature cases, lenses, plates, kc Speciiueiis may be seen at the rooms nt any time during the day. jy3 lin* piioTonRATHI( DAttuekiteotwkT]KK l NEH8E8.?Mr. E. WHITE, of No, I7i Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel, has larite and eoiiveiiient rooms, where lie daily devoirs Ilia attention to tnkiiiK llkeneaara by thr above simple lint beautiful anil acrurale p roe ess. The whole lime rctpiired for the completion of a true and certain likrneas does not eaceed six or seven ininutea, and hi* method of practicing the arience is of such a peculiar character that it cannot be ob, atnicted, even by the most clpndy or rainy weather. E. W. tlattrra himself that he ran produce at hit rooma some of the most magnificent a|irrimena of Daguerreotype Pertraita taken Ivy hirn that Irave ever been executed since the discovery of the art. E. W. kre|? constantly for sale the moat amiroved Daaerreotvpo Apparatus, I'latcs, Lens, Miniature Cases, Pollishiog M ill rials, lie. N. B.?Iiulnictir a , will be given in tkc Piiotographic'art at E W.*s Rwom. 175 Brondway. jrll ! *? n-'O AMATEURS ?>K THE" BARTON, J pupil of the late celebrated FUiitist, Charles Nicholson, having.recently arrived fmm Europe, legs to inform the public that it is his iuleuliou to devote h portion of his time in giving instruction on the Hate, according to the ayatem of tha above celebrated master. For terms, apply at 77 Chambers-street, Broadway, from the hoars of 1 till 2. je24 Imeoderc MlfiS COWAN rrsprclfnily iniorms the Intliesof New York and its vicinity, that aire contiunea giving Irsvons on the Piano Forte, Harp, Guitar and in Mtttging, anil will be happy to receive iter |iu|ui? no. Mi tTiuir, or auewi ine rrs|?eciive ItotMc* of those ladies who jirefrr^ r<t?iviii| Ipiiam at their own residence. Harp himI Piano Korten for ??le ind on hire Alan a very splendid Piano Forte for unit*. je29 lm#r G YMNASIUM. " FENCING ANI) SHOOTING GALLERY, :iXi Hroadwayt (forwr of Atfthony-U.) PMOUKQUIN has the honor of informing his friends .?i?d the public in general, that his new < Km nasi urn it now in opention. It i:? the largest and the l?est which has Keen yet offend to the American public. The h>ouia are larfie and well ventilated, which gives them the advantage of being always cool. I'arenta, Professors. and Ocinletncn, are invited to visit this establishment, to which, a* soon as the Croton Water Work* will he in o|*eratimi, will be added a aho er bath, for , the convenience of the Bulisefibers to the Gymiiaatuin. Tin- Shooting (Kllery being entirely indei* ndent of tliu C?yiriD v*Mim, persons wishing to practice pistol firing can do so without being subscrib* rs to the (iymnasmm Fencing lessons given a? usual on* mode rate terms. < Open a* day break, and close at half |?ast nine at Bight. , ief2lm#r ____ STILL FURTHER PROOFS 1 / \F*the < ificacv of Or. Moffat'*. Life Medicines in curing Li " " ver t'omplaints, Dyspeynia and Feirr and Ague. The following letter from Or. Caleb Carpenter speak* for itr self, and i* therefore submitted without further remark :? Bristol, July 1st, 1342. DfcT. W. B. Moffat? ? I am a regular bred physician, admitted and licensed and ? have like the rest of my professional brethren, Iwen prejudiced in fvvor of regular practice, so very peculiar to the physicians of the present day; hut having hern an eye witness of the cu r ina of several inveterate disens* s by the Lift Pill* ami Pheitt* Bitters, in mv own family and in my practice, I am constrained I to recommend the in to the use of every family, ss a whole i some, easy and powerful medicine?easy, as they produce no griping, as is common for cathartics?wholesome, as it is purely , vegetable? powerful, as it may he seen hv r common observer , tlint it in a powerful manner cleanses the blood from all impurities, which is necessary in every disease. And I would also recommend the Life Pilli and Phent* Bi'tera to every unnrejur ?liced physician. as I im confident that after a thoiough kuowi ledge of the medicine, physicians w ill use it without prejudice. ' Under my prescription I have witnessed the cure of one liver complaint, two of fever and ague, my wife of a severe cough, one child of worms, mid persons too numerous to he mentioned 1 who hstl been benefitted by this medicine. I have so high an < steem for the medicine that I aak you to send me a hundred dollar hot as soon as practicable. Yours with rvs|?ectf (Sigurd) r.ALKB CARPF.NTF.R, Ftivsic lai and Fur.con, Michigan. ' For sale by Dr. W. B. MOk FAT, 375 Broadway, and by his aTiits in the city and country j\I ? lmi**r 1 IEWaRD will be given by the Advertiser to ary iwrson or persons, who will deliver into her hands a *r?on rilling himself SAMUEL CUMMINO. from Petersburg, Viigniia, %ii|u>oted to have left this city yesterday afternoon for the city ol New York. The said Cutnmirig is from 30 to 35 years of, about five feet sit or seven in? lies in height, daik hair, small black eyes, Roman nose, had teeth, a scar over hi* left ''Vf, various scars on his hands, and of good address. (The said f ninming engaged himself to inarry a young lady of this city and under that riigagemcnt he obtained from her a Chdd Watch and Ring.and nilk Umbrella?or n prri|mrtioii of tli.' nliiti. reward will Im* iritrn for the r# turn of the above mm tinned articles. The Ne% York Herald and Baltimore Sun will insert die above three times, and charge Ledger OfBre. jy)<| it r I \Ohl OH III i hhl.KVV, who lii I'd i legal prsrfi* *-e turner |bf many years in this> be privately consulted at his office, 201 IKulton street. Those who | ut themselves under his rare,will Im treated with safe and p'easant means, and may have certain and needy enrrs wsmnted withnat the use of mercury. Dr. B.% patients are always pleased wit hthe treatment they ? i ivr. jvltl *t*r / <HOT05rWATKU B \ I lis V, ..mi .. -Tl. proprietor of the Broadway Baths In the pleasure to anuonnce to the public that he ? now i?o jmumJ to furnish Biths f from tile soft .Old pure Wall I of lie t r.eon III*er. ? Warm, Colli, Still hui, Bhowei Va, or, and tsrions Abdicated Bath* always ready. , _ The ladies'departingiids now prrpsrvd for tlieir reception with suitable attendant*. ut sjov uitdvi 5 jv 12 Iw is*n IIKNRl DI RKLL. ' ~Jtrl HiR s v i f?-A f?,?f l"?'l ?I'll '?? txi'l'lui.' (h< ifnil. III! III. nnrlli-rlt ? ' ?' nf W l'"? ??'? t. Known *> Nn J'JjjL ig |w|.i cm fl ?"l< liUirli .tin t, Ht in? ?: Irt l Itriil mid n .r, In l?? ft*''ii * |i"h. A'ri, < 1'i.c ' I ' i'' "" ' 1 "? <il, mil ..Ijonnim tin? fir iif'li- .1" * ' I" " ' M '<-.1 ?,.iarr with lhr ?ho,i llirrf n An'1'1 ! '* r" "I I* fr?t By tr. fret. in II-. ir.r nf lhr ImI l??. , Tli? k h >l? l'f?l". "y ' in? m nry ilrdnUn l<H-?ti?n for in?tiy nnri.>... Knr ;-irf'rnIir? J, To j,l?ti*r JOHN P. < 'IV1IK.Y, II* ftrrmmr.t. i j.'I VI ? A;.|i A Ol K -RI'HIITOTklASrtNWAI.L'H r TONH: MIVTI HI. Im? win Nma frf I'.x rn.nv >e*r* With I'll*.' .lice, ... 11ii| tin ii.rri i.iiiv rt* m.iiH fat it .iMiai i ...nun. Ml.. i.r.Hil III'(III. Mir.n \ of tin- |.,. |i.. num. II li*> b??n n . il in ill. viriuity of ll.rl, in. .ml in llir wcti-m |?it'T ihi? Bt.t*, wl,<T.. K.-H.T nil A H. ir.--.iilM ? ?n *? ? i?. ?ijn in '? "| ' I. I i. i'" f '' Ml I. ' I,.1 I.M"" ,1* Wl|. Ii.iii .tiri-l, I hi,ii , i...I in A.loi Hi?u.?, .lin *l?o liy moil ol t?i? Prutfgi.t. -.iuvwhvtU Um <.ou?u> )|U Am*"