Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 17, 1842, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 17, 1842 Page 4
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- ' * ; Y . PERFUMERY. ~ a rO()T|< WASH?IVri^rt il I nun th? miginal '? t No.l O Id ?. N v\ ifrolt?Th Oim Ti 't \* m . 1 | hi# uraparation, poneiiiM il??-i ,. i ti* o '- .i .v&.i.i nt uamaaa :?rx:j4 lh% gums to ? knlthy hUu , iuil iinvrntins any uupfeasaut t\st* at od3*r iu the noutli, whether triiing from decayed letth, 01 fiom a ic ranged state of the stomach. It is designed tub*- u-> d with a tooth brush, and will be found i i| ih !? ihr iuftnify if i i will r ping th* ! ?th ? l* in ! . . ' . It IS I - n il All y list ful ill i ?-? ? i . . u nr. \ H' thr "? t*i ? health) stitu, and causing th* m to contract around the it? : 11 In |?iiitiiTa(Teclioiuof Uie Ucth ind gums, i ising f r" ri|*o?.ir?- to cold, it will be found highly benefit ial It |> p*ir HcuUrly s* rvteesble to us* the Orris Tooth Wash at J"fht just IhToic* retiring to rest. This method is recommended b\ iu lit !. ulista, t * h> so doing all j*artich s of I which MCS* i.ri!.i. da ing th< day ar* entirely remofed u?d the mount kepi th sough the night in a clean, sweet, and health)" state. s-.uiid l- elh and white teeth are the Oiost saluahle j>ortions <?f poor humanity: but bow many neglect the *11,nti?>n nc?* ? try for th* ir prcservsiion, ? t en when surrounded n\ all i .? in. ui. tie* deil. Among thes, w?. know of uoi* more pleasant . tu 11 than th. Orris T th ? leaus* s and wlnteus the t* till, stnngtl,ens the guins. purifies the mouth, and awt elms th* br tfh. W. recomuu.mi it* use to all, young and old.?[ Boston Nloriniic Post. . , . Th. Orris Tinith Wash is the best detergent we eTer used ou our enamel.?[Boston Transcript. K*or sal*- by the principal ilrni'vnU in the citV Wl4 r Foil i'LKAK'IN?;_A\T) UFAUTIFY 1HG THE COMPLEXION. 4 (line II s i.KNt INK VKOKTABLK LOTION,recom' in 11 1< .1 by fie- faculty tor til diseases of the face ami skin. It ? i ..In ti* s r in, pinipli >, freckles. spots, redness. ringworms, . n. 1 .11 .ui ui. -mi. ru pt ions, gradual I y realising a delicate, ch ar, i :1. in- .( s.?II.. * eoiit|d lion into v.i.luut w hi telle**; renders baisli and rough sU in beautifully S' i' in.x ili and even imparts to the lace, neck and arms, a I,- ilthy iiel j in eiul*, and by due ptist\eram*' in its application, tin mmiIi w ill he a beautiful complexion. The Lotion ?> . *c? * d? d by no oilier in the woild. Suffice it i., say , that il h * ^ hern h < d W it h ureal kuci'^.* in the lr. Slit* and West Indi. t, without a single complaint o| iu efficacy. Korsaleat. S" tin roll's Dispensary. l.'UJ Bowerv. corner *if SmiiiA sin t. I'ii -> " . iii-1? [ In.III*. n 2 lin r VHA UJN'IS n-XKlTli ATEI> A MT1 I) A NDR1 F F . \a ivmviiXtj witn oye warm ire daiulritt completely !r? in m< n?44i. ami n miPFiiiu me tla?r penrctty sol im^ ?i;mv, ana at me futtiir (line luudUCllIK A (leiiiTtalUI VOOIIQ),' Sensation. m u oamcuiariv v imaoic ior t&uics ami eftiidreu, ana tor a ??uauiera ciimau* cannot oe surpassed. Manufactured solely by th? first imvznium Wig Maker,' KDWAKI) rilALON.214 B >?u!w.ty, N. V. The attempts made by various individuals to counterfeit this and other invention*of the Proprietor, liase tendered it neces?arv for him to adopt the following rule?None are genuine uu* !*ss ligBtc b) the peoprii toi in inU. ivi tm*o A. C. B. H A I* I*K V( iKS cc iiijhM ition vs itli all. The importance ^~/ which all ages have! ! > the of Hair i> a cleai index of the value set upon personal figure, and whtti bv none capricious freak of Nature llie human form is deprived el it-, fair proportion, Art is resorted to, in order, by artificial means, to -oipph the deficiency. H nee have aii.sni those wonderful fli^eoveru s wmch lud Nature deli.uice. B iny'i Ventilating and < lossaim r WIGS AND SCALPS, or n I Ih Ads ok H vlit, which call he had at 116 Bkoapway, conn i "I Li he it v street. upstair*. In all is. . ..I' failure iii tie growth of Jliir. B \ B It V offers a Itemed) .exelusively his own, unknown to Vuluar BractiHon rs, and th".se to whom Nature hi* he? n Ikmilitifut in her distrihnn n o| || or, will do w?l| to place iheumrlT-s under his surveiUnce. Prices to suit the times. ^ jy 12 Siii'c THE OPEN I NO OK CLIREH U G H' S HEW KSIAUMSIIUKVT KOU HAIR CUTTING & CURLING, WIGS, SCALPS, &c. No. 305 BROAD WAV, C1LIKKHUOH hs?. in ( oniiecti ?!i with his present prctnises, / oik-te d a suit of it*ioiiis consisting of a GIIAND GALLKKV OK FASHION, appropriated entirely for (tciitlemeii's hair cutting. This splendid room is fitted up in the style of Louis X I V. of Era tier. The w alls are iu paunch, painted after lite manner of* Watteau, U?nichett, 8tc., and iu ioittati it of th fan -l i Ii *s I p stry. The show-cases, mirrors, tab I"*, ottomans, Ike., are in the same style of ornamental alto relievo, finished in white and gold, forming a tour ensemble never seen in tins tountry. and not stir passed in Europe. THE LADIES* ROOM is private, and devoted entirely to themselves,for hair-dressing, lifting on wigs, curls, Sir., ?nd for consultation on the growth void he (Ith <?l the hair, and is fitted up w itli every rcg tru to accommodation and coin fort. THE GEXTLEMKN'S WIG KO(?V i> for tho>e who wish to be private when lifting on wigs and alp;. C. may here remark, that as in every deivntiii- nt of his profession, the character of his work is .oddislud for its superiority, so does he intend to make only the v? in In st wigs and scalps, and ask according to the times, the very lowest remunerating profit. Mi. < . will l?e found always '* at home," and will give his sob- and titidiv ided attention to all w ho wish to change couutemni under the magic of his touch. je22 r -CIN.S, (JOHNS. CORNS. r??kt HI reef. c and MA HAM M H E 11 H A E D, tSfrrn Doctor*, from Parity ^ LEAVE tu inform tin* inhabitants of New York, that tivy will be luppv t<> w lit upon all who may desirt their y-rvirrs. Moiis. auu Mad. Bi lliard have hem practicing in the Vnited Statea h?t a few months, and ill that short time have rereived testimonials from some of tin* most eminent Kantlemen and others, as to the benefit and comfort which fliev have rceeived since they have been attended by them. They have the honor to inform the public thai by a nt w and peculiar method fnev extricate Haixl and Soft Corns, Bunions, ( .illnsitiei, kc. without cutting. Moiu and Made. B, do not attempt to oiler a nostrum requiring srerrsy or laith to ensure its efficacy; but confidently assure thnaewho may suiter from troublesome and painful Corns, that they max* have the Mrisfaction of carrying a was their tormentor, the Corn, in their hands. Moiis. and Ma.le. B. have in tliciriiOMfsxion upwards of two thousand certificates from those who haw experienced Relief at i heir hands. Mom. and Made. B. have prat tired their profession lor He vera I years in Germany, France and England, and have acquired treat skill and much practical experience?a fact .iiiest'd h\ numerous certificates from the most celebrated En- ( tlish, French and (tennau physicians, as xvi ll as from s?:\ eral of the uobility and gentry ol those count rn a, delivered to them after four years cure. Tin. npcration w ill not occupy inorc than ten minutes, and the relief is so lu.xianUm otis that the i?ersons thus treated can immediately put on their shoes and w.ilk w ithout the least inconvenience. Ladies and gentlemen will Ik- waited ou at theirowu resi h'ii< < . if they desire it. At home iii the inoriiiu^ fnnn 8 till 11, and in the afternoon from 2 till 6 o'clock. Oilier at Boston, 151 Court ft* jv8 1m*r SO 21 IRK PLAi d ONE DO( >R FROM BROADWAY. TO VISITORS AND INHABITANTS. T E E Til ? I .M I'O K T A N T \ OTICE. \| ONS. MALI. AN, Surgeon Dentist, of the old cstablish-d H linn of Mon>. .Mallaii & Sons of London,. Liv? rpool ami Pari-., begs to acquaint the inhabitants and visitors cf New \ ork, that for the accommodation of his natietits and the pub lie. In; ha>> i>pcn?d an establishment at No. 2 Park Place, one door from Broadway, when Moiis. M. may be consulted daily. Attendance daily, from 10 till 5oY|ock. Minis. Mall.oi &. Son return thanks for the very liberal patron tli* v have received, and continue to receive, jeiiticularly to u inedii il profession of N w York, i their kind recommendations, ami advocating Mnits. M.S. Sou's improvement iu Deututry. CELEBRATED MINERAL FOR FILLING DELAYED TEETH! Moa*. M. X Son continue to restore decayed Ieeth, however larue or -m ?|| tin- cavity, making a stump into a sound Tooth, in 'ori cii iiiK th* Tooth, howevet* pliufat01 w it?itiv?, matching in point of color, the natural cortex or m om l of tin* Tooth. Tin mineral i* applied in a few seconds, without tin* slightest pain, in it, r pressure, ami I nf* for many years, prev?*utii?g the nece**it\ of extracting, which m so injurious to tin* Imiii.iii frame?that painful umdisagreeable operation lias such a tendency to shatter the constitution of delicate and nervous jK rsous. INCORRODIBLE MINERAL TEETH ! t Main. M. calls the attention of the nubli< and visitors of tin ntv of Sevs York and its vicinity to tneir celebrated Incorrodible Mineral Teeth, which resist the deleterious effects of . | ; j , medical prescriptions, or iny oilier known c?ti*r. They never break orb* coim lo?>w?thty have uo unnatural gloat?arc firmly fixed without wirts or Hfitam?no bulkv substance in the mouth?and in every particular r;?cmkl? the adjoining Teeth, in couformit) of shape ind minutest ibad? *! color. Placed from ow to i i mpl U rt, upon tin tbovt tmi I ind m i* ntifii prill iplt I ti intt ed to inswn - irv inirixtse of mastication ami articulation, |w*rth nlarly the faahility* to ifTvi* tjic proper s?rUud to the dent* livrnal do tble consonant TH. The) are so natural in ippe arance, and no ligain - hi ing us< d, ind -fill so firm in tht BM-nth. the\ <!wlv <! : . iion by the chm?*t observers. LOOSE TEETH securely and effectually faatened, arising i ither from the use of medicine or any other cause. ARTIFICIAL PALATES replaced upon a sure and scientific method. TO COUNTRY PATIENTS. SCURVY IN THE GUMS cured by a Lotion which cm he forwarded to a \ |?art of the United States, with protect directions for use, ai I guaranteed to answer. Also, a preventive ami cure for the most rielent Toothache. TO THE IT HI A OF THE UNITED STATES. Mon*. Mtlhufe Son arc happy iu being enabled to announce that by the kind consent of three hundred of the fir*t families of the I nited States, consisting of the first tnerchaxita, medical profession, clergy ami private citizens, to whom lie can refer as tin -"i 11 rity ol Mons. M/s celebrated mineral in prcfei ? nee to any oilier tlac> ha* e er? tried, and in tlieir opinion the l>est that ever came uuder their i ice. Their other improvements m-ed no coinim nt INVALIDS Attend* d by Moiis. M ill hi, Jr. at their own estahlishim lit. THE KA( I LTV AND PUBLIC Ar.* particularl\ im red to |?y Mons. Mallan a \ isit, to see the speciinnu of their in v discoicries in Dentistry. MO * MALLAN It BON May r.>osnlted daiL Iron lei till ft o'clock, at No. 2 Park I lace, one toot from Broadway. < HAKttKS MODERATE. H'ST PUBLISHED. lie* nineteenth edition of Mons. MallaiiT Treatise on tk? Structures and Dim-am* of the Teeth, to he had of rh? author, No. 2 I ark Place, CERTAIN CURE FOR DEAFNESS MONS. M ALL A Vs HOUND MAUYVFFR8-1NVItatitly.MUi uly*uteil*ce,ai<<t ol l,.m .,,,1 f,(V ,u?,|iluf ?i riiirnr uraincae, auu or nunc- wnuare dijitli dull of In Join 111 general oonvrrnation, *u,| to r.iitll the poind I if do t nil low peaker at * public .uwrni ly Tin y a,.- iho ?i/enl a ?ery SBIUI gold m?n nhilliug pure j and when in the < cavity ol lhi' i .iri, they are not in the lea?t i>etceptible, nor more uni oinliirt it'll tlmn having * *m ill pi-cr orfiflr wool in rtg place. Ami although ihi-y are *o extremely .mat), iet they able those ilBo'ted with extreme tleafnru to hear, in every reap CI, eonal to llioae of m >?t acute hearing. To be Iml of M >n?. MALLAN v SON, Surgeon Dentist*, sole amenta for the patentee, No. 2 Park Place, one rloor funn Broadway. . ... The above invention ha* been 111 une III Europe lor tome yearn, and i* strongly recnmnn tided, heimr one or the gri ate.i dinroveries of the age. n 11 Im'r HEALINO MINERAL WATERS -SI r , White Sulpher \V?lrrmay be hot <1 the Agent*, Drrk*?ti Kt'o. Ua Broadway, Banement Hoont*.?Kor their nnrivalleil rffn iey in *11 Rheumatic, CnUiieoua and Dyspeptic < >mI'LonU, .ok er en. debility,ensipalan. nrmlula, liver complaint, affection of the kidney, Mr., referettee (by tlieir perimtsion) In made to the following ni dn'.il gentlemen : Hl'IMI Mei.KAN.Nl l? , ? Warren-at. Ur UKDKOKD. Prof. Uinreraity, Med. Dcp Pn.l PATTERSON. Med. B.ji, Dr. WHITE, Cherry V illev.frY. I'rof. IIADLKY, Kx-Pren I Med. Colli gr, N. V. Di DELAHELD. r-?t. N V Ki"in ? certificate nt .i icrenl analynie made lor the Proime* tor ol the Synng by on. of the mull linrienl cbimilt in thu country, I.Dr. Chilton ol New-York) the following mull* hue been obtained from one gallon ol water : Sulphate ol Magnesia (3 III Sulphate of l.irne Ill *2 t'blonde of Sodium 2 li Chloride of Magnetiam. 3 10 Hvdioanlphtiret ?l Sodium 1 Hydronulphnret of ? rlnnm > 2 28 Vegetable Kvtraenve Matter. > If.n <W Sulphuretted Hydrogen tin 16 enh. in* t* *|c bi' Alennrn. Ruahfon fit A'finwall, it their -.f <ret, It liny, A "T Houne, anil Willmii ?lr<et J. author I' Iway , (i. II Milnor, Broadway; A. II. Sand* V th,., Iivry and f'h s m be r *t. ; Dr. ,1. R. I'hillnn, Brnudway t ' la eihr. Volt,>n nfveef, Br....kltri jet< |Irr \ Vi MINE BLANKETS.?S bxh. for ealc by lv' olflrr PERssEfc BROOKS, 81 Liberty i. HOTELS, HOARDING, Kiiy||ata A'lvcrtltviiunt. NOTICE TO RAILWAY TRAVELLERS. ANDERTON'S HOTEL, No. lt>4 FLEET STREET, LONDON. WIIHnm Harding Proprietor, Kr turns his thank* to the proffMiotial and commercial gentleincl, uiid llif public for the liberal si he has reccited sinrf occupying ilie above named Hotel. ami hopes by unremitting attention to retain tin* |atioMs? liithertn so generously afforded. \V. H. assure* Ins patrons that no endeavors shall be spued to promote their comfort, and flatter* hiinst ll that lew can compete with lain as far as regards Wines and Viands, it beinit his ambition to procure the choicest for the approval of In* siip}M>rters, and conducting business on the oat liberal lystem. Tbe daily bill "i ! ?>, containing the greatest variety, combined with moderation of prices, cannot 'ail giving general satisfaction. Breakfast* (pUin) 1* 3d each; lodgings 10s thl per week, i'ul'.ic Meeting anil Committee Rooms. a28 3m* M.\ its hall holse, HHOADWAY NEW YOKK.- The suUcnber r? crmly from the National Hotel, Troy. v% iiI rr->i|?-n the .Mir*hill H n?e on the 30th instant, as a notel and hoarding home ; it i* undergoing a thorough repair, and will he put in complete <?r<W-r, and fUrcisheu iii style. I Jim- Kcs'ioo is central, beinu ot) the Wf? isids ol Broadway ,NJ i?$,sr tV?# corner uf lit ?iu* itfft-t, a short dutnate ?Vvin \re Park and Post Office, <utd but a few iiiiuuN ? walk fc^ss YKall slice! and the part of the city The rooms ore commodious and pleasant, and it is the intention of die host to accommodate the trnyelluiK community and boarili is, iiu maimer that hall be sstislactoi y for the puces charted. Having; long e*|H riviice in rateiin*! for the pnhln -taste. lie can assure all that may favor h ,'lji h tf; linr pairunm' , thai his {> i en rlions will he made to pi< i ? '; and Ir -nv tie tuition, it i.i a desirable location for Board lie, and cannot but offer main inducement* to |?crani.a visiting the city to male the Marshall )io?i*t tie ir hoinThe hir will b< furnished with choice liquors, and tie larder with the substantial* and dt le t. ie* of tie season, and Willi attentive st i \ ants and every retMfd for the coin fort of his t'Ucsta, the uiider>nrned hopes to merit and receive a share of imtrniiH^e. my 18 3m*c E. S. MONROE. J WILSONS BOARDING MOUSE. No. 71 and 7:i C itherine, entrance No. I Monroe street. New Y ork?The i tcr-ictore tlfce arose e?ns::sr.ui? nt.?o rvturuimr hi* sincere thanks to his tri< nus anil the poMic tfetirra.ilv. for the ?< rv It Intra I patronage he has heretofore received, would take this om portuint\ of intoruiiUK masters ol vessels and officers, that he is now piwpared to receive permaiieiit or transient boarders on the most reasonable terms. N.B.?Booms furnished or uiifumir.licd, suitable for fa mifa jc2l lm*r I \l 1YETTE HOUSE SARATOGA SPRINGS. I ^ Broadway, in the liew huihlmif op]M>?ite the termination of the Kail Ko.kI.?T. 15. Klt 'AKD, e re licit Keslaureaut, has newly fitted up and enlarged his establishment, wbrre families may be constantly accommodated ill the host style VVill constant In k? ep oil hand a ureal v a i i < . > of the delicacies of the senson, and a tihlr served a la Kraneaise and American. The Win* > and Liquors will be of the first duality. Those imtsoiis who will favor him w ith their patroiiaire, may rely on his vigilsat and strict attention to promote their comfort. Ill* doines11 w : 11 bi found politi iml itti nt inc. j i Ini HOARDING IN A KKKNf II KAMILY.?A few L-entltI' unii who would 1m d. -irons of ae.iiiirui'4 a practical know* ledge of the Kreii^ language, can lu iCCOminndated with hoard at No.GO Bei in in street. Ti mis moderate. If or sale at ?iiio* | ace, Purified Lamp Oil, for family use, at tin low price of 62*^ edits per gallon. Country dealers supplied it Km 111 . tale. i. In m DOAftUiNG'AT THE 44 ABBY,' BLOOMINGDALE. *' ?A few r.jMrtuient, are yet discugaged nt this hmise, kept by Mrs. Ward. <1?* I iuht In 11 y situated on the hank of the Hudson river, i short distauce above Btryk* r'i hay. The situation is uniuk dily hralthv , and I'amil i s or single ?eiitleiiieii can be accommodated with Board on terms to suit the times, jy 14 lw?c I ODGINUS UPON THE El lit ME A N PI. \N?Gentle'J men desirous of furnished Suits of Aptirmcn's, with meals serv ed in their rooms, c m be accommodated at No. Hi Broadway. jylt8wt*od*e FOR SALE AND TO LET CLASONS POINT, IN TIIE COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER FOR SALE, .lv.d Tictnty Years Credit ziren far two-thirds of the Purchase* JtyA AUGUSTUS W CLASON, nutter of this vahtnI 'if hie estate, oilers it for sal*'. It is situate on flu- East ayBpUBvr, <?r Sound, about twelve miles I mm New York, oppo.-i'e College Point, contains !H?0 arrts of land in a high state of cultivation, two Dwelling Houses,a large wlurf, hams, ratiIf hotiNct, mid every cotivrnit net*, fruits of tin* rarest kinds. Fish, oysters, &c. art t iken m ar fhc door. Tin* situation is not t (|Uall< d by any urar tlir city, and .is their nrr several superior sites for building, and l!?? front on thr Hound is exteusivt, the land w ill lit divided to suit purch isrrs, and tin* pi irr very modrratt. Apply to Al <?. \V. CLASON, t?n tin' premises, or to jvR I in * JOHN F. DEL A PL A 1N K. till Wallnt., N.Y. turn \T HHE \K F ARM on statkn ISLAND FOB SALE.?A rcciMit domestic bereave meiit lias ill' duced the undersigned to offer his residence on St.iteu for sale. It is situated midway of the outer hay og the sen shore, eight miles from the quarantine fen v; thirr from that of liossvillo, and oqui-distant from two others?Seguinis Landing and Port Riclmiond The condition o| in? tartn, tn?* eiteui, value, and practical usefulness of tlie improv< luetits, atjd its peculiar advantage* are sufficiently known It has been unproved in a way to render it susceptible of six fanning divisions of thirty acres and upwards each, including 'inappropriate allottineut of woodland. Each division offering ? inoderaUdv elevated building location. The condition of the soil can it thi* time he best appreciated as its harvest is heavy and now g.tlhvt ing. Terms to suit the purchaser, the object is merely to change the investment for another susceptible of equal,product. iv 13 i?n m \N'. A. SEELY, 213 Fulton ?t. jWT hi MMKU ItKSIDKM K?T?? L t. with board to |T"?? niivati families or aitr- le gentlemen, a beautiful double j&m* v ottaga House, to whieh is attached a fine pleasure ground, carriage house, stables, fie. Said Cottage is delightfully situated at New Roehelle, within I?\?? minutes walk of the Neptune House, and of the Steamboat landing, commanding a most beautiful water prospect. Said Cottage is neatly and newly furnished, all in complete order for a gentleman's residence. Thr above will be rented by the week or month, with full board, the :,sme being under the direction of tin proprietor of the Neptune House. Those who hive not provided themselves with comfortable quarter* during the warm weather, w ill foul this an opportunity ?eldom to he found, and would do well to call aim) cxaminc for themselves. Its location is deeid >11 v most In ilthlnl, an?l scarcely to be eqiiilled elsewhere Terms moderate, mul easy acreto the city. For further illformation apply to tlie Neptune House, New Roclielle. jy 14 Iw c CIIAS. F. RICE. r PI LB I "H\ f*VMl SA LE?A superior London m.vdi fa non ? Tilfini \ ?in. bean In vat tw hmOm fei Baltal i rtrj reduced price. Apply to JOIlN A. MESSENGER'S Stables, jyS2w*c 53 Lumber street, near Hector. DENTISTRY. ARTIFICIAL TEETH, ON THE PRINCIPLES OF ATMOSrilKK10 nIE3SUR E. rcOFV.J LJ A VI NO lately lost two bicuspiditi teeth, I called on Mr. \ * Levett to supply their place* with ailiftci.-il om* mi l it afford* me inuela id. as ore to testify to his skill and ability as a Detttitt. Indeed I have sever seen teeth fixed and fitted with more exactness, and at the same time w ith less painful prea.sure on the uutm. I cheerfully recommend that ueiitliman to the i special iioto e of th? medical profession, a* vv? II its to the public, feeling satisfied from my own et|* r?ence that they may confidently relv on his skill in his inofessiar. (Signed) UUXNVILLES. IATTISON, M. D. Professoroi Ah.coiny, Univer ity id' New Xork. February 13 h, fH!2. Cojoj of i.* ItHi .- front Jurfgr \oali /?? Dr. hrcrff. N w York, May 21, 1812. Dkar Sir? It is both a matter of duty and pleasure to state that the set of artificial teeth, on the principle of stinoxpi eric itrcssatie,which you made for a lady in my family, lias utrci? deu in every r?*. pe?t?iii ap|?car?iiice, comfort and nt'lity, and lias given entire satisfaction. I axv, dear sir, your obedient, (Signed) M. M. NOAH Mr. Lei ktt, Dentist, 2P0 Broadway, corner of Warren st. jyS lm*r SURGICAL A N I) DENTAL INSTRUMENTS MANUFACTURED by WM. R. GOULDING, M Gold street.?A geucial Assortment of the above Instruments kept on band and made to order, of the moat approved pat/ems. Tin- medical professors in gene nil, and dealers are invited to cull ami examine before purchasing else where. Syringes, stomach and cupping pumps, splints and fracture hand and made to order. Colli ry and Surgical Instruments repaired in flic beat possiblr maiintr, and on terms. Rcferene#*?Valentine Mott, M. D. ; Grmvitle Sliarp, Patterson, M. D. ; Alfred C. Post, M.1)., and Johu C. Cl.ei .man, ML D. a26 3m m * DENTISTRY. REMOVED, FROM 8( TO 80 ( HA MilKIIS 9TRKKT. \1TM- THORN, # DENTIST, soliriu the attention of those wlio wear artificial Teeth, and those wliu may inquire the in to hit method of supplying the MatilUrv family, Ti/?f the Teeth. Knowing th *t there is a disagreeable taste in (tie innuth of those who indulge in acid*, resulting from the action of the acid on the Gold Plate. In ill cases that admit of it, he hiM-ru teeth from one to a complete set, without using one particle of metal of any description rt Cham I |?|| im?r GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. LADIES NEED NOT DESPAIR. P\R. A. C. CASTLK. Dentist, 797 Broadway. New York, has a Marntoailicoti Paste, for filling derayea hollow teeth. It is perfectly harmless in Its composition, and can be put n?to the moat tender tooth without pain or inconvenience,and with which it becomes impacted as one solid body, maintaining its oritfinal npiN F ico >d u ? s for life. The numerous testunonials from ladi in 1 ?;-v rim of soeiet> *|>cak in the most glowing term I I Post, 23d May, says? It is ad , . I ?r t'-nderteeth, and to nrrroiia |>er?oi,-. Ir. \ . i u , , late, on llie teeth with irreul care i>l 'i'V.'' The follow n " jV n (M nit Picayune, Ore. Sth, aAciaady ?f ilta of Dr. 1 mfcill - i mechanical deatiet: "Lieut. , w In) ?v i- e titf hired in the Florida aerrice, during an engagement, li? ! on .i of hi, hover jaw and part ol the upper shot avv.iy. It w v, ft nr I fh it the lo.i would w |*rmancm, but meeting witli Dr. A. 0. tootle, of Now York, an vriitii-ialluixlitiile, ?ith tei ih, mi undo and fitted in, and die officer ha. now the perfect u e of tlua ahatti red but important tvin. Df. A. C. th inaerte teeth on the principle of aJne.inn, byatMioa|di?riir jire.aure, from one to an entire ?<'t of teeth." l ootliathe Pilh, one of whieli pat in the painful tooth will 1 i Pjrmauent enre. '" A-C.t'. .efrratothc Spanish Ambassador, Spanish ("on? . rV/.i,0,'ral (Jiinea, Dr. K. U. Johnson, President of the "I'Tieal Society, ami tlie several Prolev.ori of the New York l')V 'V'"" ?ml s<"? " ? , I .At NKSH ?|)r?. ( juiImiimI Kdward*. Anri.t., 297 Broad*Vl' dtend to the eure of >1. on*..., and dl disease. pertaining ^S,!!|,r wrecarr fot incipient <J*aftieM, 5J"" iy* lBl*r |)1m 1 i ill. im ill \\|) swkk'i hkkvih? ad ? by daiua S1IKKVAN S Orris Tooth Paate ? Nothing can compare wiih u for rleaaia the Tenh keeping tl?rn* from 4?hiriK anrider ?\ ?vL - ? . in* the breaih. H-r iininend. d h/{)J \ i*" *,?1.' anBrnali* a iv, one of our beat d.uiui. Dr tl|,? , .hlT'.; B , I Oriilut. Prof. Ward, T>. M. Krv? kii aml'tl! i. t*' f h n II, .d It-war. ... ed L,. ?. .. S. *" V"* ^ou.and. who . \ 1 ""111". . I'i Sherman* nniee i? it inn Nassau ?t. Agent*,Kushi.m Si As piiiwall's I *' ??; Kind-., 173 Bi mlwaa mil 77 V *?( n 1, ; ( hurrli's.lllH ll.iw 1 11 , ni.l < 'tli 11 ;i.,ii'- ; j|?,? I Hiiti at fret, Boston, mid 1 Cedger Building*, ITdlaiMptii* ' IntTr TAMKS M.< OCK, I> .?*1 Hnmn.n. No. 1 Murray street", ? i-e?|iri tfull> igfcmt lu? friend* and thi pnblie generally', ' .( hit return from F.arop*, anil i> now ready to see all who may ,vnr liirn w ith their patronage. All operation* performed at >i? office will he done on the lalcaland moat nigirnard pi mi. jyf Im'c ____ OfsKAsV.* OF Tin. K.Y f. .v KAK.-J Shank.. M. I) , Ornli.taml Prnfeswie of Ophthalmic Anati my .anil Surgery :>taea-<?ofthe Kyean.l, ind imp rfertion* of nsinn, 17', ' I mi ami ?t in at Canal. Omrr hours from HA. M. 10 12 M.,and j n ato7 I1. M Anly, K01nl15.earr1.trfl. N 1; ?Dili lor Stunk. Will fITe ailvirc alnl tneilirine in the ir, (gratis) eecry errniog ftntn } to 9 o'clock, at hi. omre, 175 Ud.nn street. ! ? lm <? *? MEDICAL. LUCINA CORDIAL. ~ TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC. 1 PT is udir barely three years since trr general iutrodudlionof the Luciiia Cordial into the United State*, and in that period if has not only spread its usefulness throughout this hemisphere, and m t bin -I the * ist re pat uioa which it h id | r< * iooali m |uir rd 111 Kurope, l?iH has also audfd to the renown of its illustrious inventor by the unrivalled {towers <1 has been discovered to possess in tlie cure of incipient consumption. The knowledge ol I its wonderful influence in renovating and invigorating the human frame, first suggested the idea of using it in this way ; and the result u, tl at a medicine has been added to the catalogue lor < the cure of incipient consumption, which places the disease, ' with ?luo precaution, under tin- control of the pailetfc It is j scarcely necessary, at this iieriod, to recommend the Luciua ' Cordial, a* an all-sufficient reined) In case of Gleet. Fluor Ah bus. difficult or painful menstruation, Incontinence of Urine, and 1 IK i m .!. bilit itiou ol the 11 su m. hi re an 1 impulse, or a restorative is wanted ; as throughout tip* United ' States tl has taken precedence of all other medicine in such ? cas* s, and leaves nothing further to be hoped for ; its cures be I ing speed'. , perfect, perumnrnt, and effected w ithout or trouble, should lite re, however, l?e any person laboring under ? tl ' . red btful oi its almost univi n til*, tested merits, I rccomininend it to them with all confidence, and on my ow n personal re* jiousi bilit y, feeling as*tw?-?l if they give it the rcuuired tri'J, that health to the afflicted parries, and Krafel - toJDi M - iu, w ill bi (hi n ufiU But, as is also the case hi Km ope, the immense American reputation Luciua ( ftal, is pnucipally based on its thorough!) investigated. iihIut i table, and g* tit I illy admitti d power to en ibht females, w ho had been considered barren, to bear offspring, and to restore virile powrrs in males, when reduced to utter Mild aje nareutlv lio|ieless prostratiou, t?> perfect health ind activit . When t first recened the *u* ucy of the Lucina Cordial, frwm Dr. M.tgniu, notwithstanding its imnieiisef oreigu celebrity, tnd the amount of respectable i'ofimoiiy Uiat accompanied if, 1 declined committing myself individually, by giving any |**r outd assurances in these particulars : but now. after tlie in?rnioiiK sale of upwaidanf our bundled thousand boll Its, coupled Willi the receipt and ceitflicates ami t**liiiioiiiaU iiiiiiiuwrable, and uitieh knowledge found* d on |M-r.4ouaI observation, I can iiii1 hesitatingly wan "it it as far exo ? ding my moat sanguine Uo|h s, or ev* r tli * illustrious lnv t utors promises, m fh?? fulfilment ol the most important cutis for which it is recommended, and lias become *?? justly and titiivci vdlv popular. To be as explicit as possible, 1 repeat, ami hold myself personally respousi bit* lor the as .uinption, that the Lucius Cordial can invig orate the virile powers hi manand make them (nrundant, where nature Mas been Ur lie lent. or w hen thev ha?e been prostrated f?y aruucnU ineahs ; ami also ttiat 4 can produce that slate ol the system 111 females, wno inmi b* h previously unfruitful I'li: liiiagLUvj barren, wmch wit| enable them to beor children. i regret r? sc i have if ft- 1* sc 1 vinty. on iuci* exceedingly de t Iicale matters, our left r.Mtcd ut*.n to tlo su, le*t it .right be ! misunderstood, and as a full guarantee far the great rexjioiiftibili t ty which I have cheerfully assumed. With feelings of sincere Kiit(la(lel h m isiv? |?tron^|e wkichi w (he agcbi of the Luciua Cordial, has been h*- ?tl?*il upon mc in inis country, 1 re in. in, tm Publi i v< m i i lit htimbl >ervtuit. JOHN' WINTK.KS HfH.UKItWkl.L, M. D. 1 Price $:i jht bottle. Kor vtlr at 150 Broadway , ami 32 Nassau J street. New York,and 00 North Ruth street, rtiiUdelphia. c Jy8lm*r _ On Stricture and Its Cure. rPlIK present remarks will place before the public the fol-s limiuu interesting farts? vi?.: That the disease of Stricture frequently occurs, and i* the cause of other obstinate diseases, in those Who are not .it .ill hw \re of ifsesistence ; that there prevails aver)' erroneous notion respecting Stricture; liiaf ignorant adit iiisiug jn ople take advantage ??f thin erroneous notion j that tlu re are three particular circumstances by which a Strie?urw may always U known?and lastly, that the cure of Stricture is certain, free from pain, anil generally ac Cninplished in a very little time. It is >%ell known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated tion >rrhea If, for instance, that disease is suffered to continue on from month to m<mth, it slides in'o a gleet. Now, there is nnfpaiii or inconvenience in gleet, and therefore it is often suffered to tcin\iii indefinitely. But it should be known tliai gl? et implies a chronic inflammation oftlie passage, wliicli uaturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one |*rt i i thei oi tku i 1 is stricture ; ind, furthi r, thai <1 though stricture may lints re u.tin unnoticed for a length of time, I it is fir from laying dormant, hut is the hidden cause of many st riotis maladit-K, not only of a sexual, hut those also of a ner- 11 mis and dyspeptic kind. r But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder is the idea lint stiicture cannot ? \i.t so long as no impediment H to the flow of urine is observed, which is quite a mistake. A ' stricture often exists for years without producing any ver> 1 striking change in thi^ respect ; ilidt ed a diminished or iiitei- 'J r'lpteri stream of urine belongs only to the worst of casts, and " it is to prevent this very state that these renbirk* itre published. '' The advantage, hovvevt r, which ignorant advertising people take of this 1 rroueoiis notion is very cruel. Kvery body knowi 1 how men of this1 di.?eriptioii swarm about this city, and that 1 the*} w ill sell their nostrums as long ;l. an> one will buy,them. \ Now , it is a fact, and one which every real physician w ill im- 'J mediately ackiiov. ledge, that alI the medicine in the world, ' alone, e ui in ver cvie a stricture. In proof of this. nothing i% more common tha for the writer to lie consulted by persons who have been tal Jig all manner of thing<?as colored drops, ' and pills, and conl.als, and the like, for 111 uiy months togetle r, fl hut whom, 011 seeing the real nature of the case, he h is curcu r in as many days. With a view, therefor*', of preventing these imposition*, it * seems d? sirahle to lay hefor** the public a few tdaiii eircum- ' Minces by which a Stricture may lie Known, which can lie east- n l> done; for although the symptoms of this disease an* limner"its, there are three of etpcrial iui|K>rt, and these may he stated Very brief!\?they are the following : The first relates to ' Thtfuiiiam 1 ofwrinnting. itbaim^ualaiMlf lidthe itn im 1 need not he much diminished oi impeded, But observe ut< ulively, after it is finished and thu elothes arc readjusted, w belli- J era drop or two will ever steal away, so as to Wet a little? ' uothitig is inert indicative of .stricture. The next is The time a (Gonorrhoea has mnaintd uucurid,?It is dilfi- ' cult to say how long a Gonorrhoea or Gleet may run and not 11 produee a strictur , for one is naturally more dis)M>sed to strictore than another j but, as a geuc ral rule, if it should be suffered ^ to go on bt-vond six w 1 ks. t'lis alone would afford sufficient ground, at least, lor (lie suspicion of' a stricture. The last i?? The *Jfeet a stvictim ha?\ upon the mind?The effect of T Stricture is to depress the spirits, and to lessen both bodily ami \ mental activity . This also is one of its most common effect*. n Not, however, that it is seen alike in every individual, but it t* ,t *o common that the writer rarely sees a case of stricture (and fi he sees many every day) in which the patient does not complain {t more or less, that he is not so capable ofbusinr&s as formerly it is gratifying nlso to witness the remrn of spirits, and tlie disap pearilis oi other inataotes as ttic cure progresses*. c; With regard to the cure ofStrtcture.itinsufficient to observe |{ (and it is stated wirh confidence and pleasure) that this is cer- |i tain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a vary little f time. So much as this could not have Wen advanced som?- at years ago ; but such has been the improvement in this art, and vj .such the practical experience of the writer, that he lias reduced tc the cure of stricture to as many days as formerly it demanded months* For those, however, who wish to undertake the cure themselves, the writer, Dr* Ralph, has published a little volume, called 44 The, Private Treatise,'' in which not only stricture, J* but the cure of all those delicate diseases which require earncial care and privacy, is directed in the plainest manner. But U it is idvitavle that thoae who suspect a stricture, if possible, ? should eon suit th<- author personally, and nothing will surprise c thein more than the ease and certainty of his uuaus of cure. e Separate rooms, also, are arranged for those who may have to c' w -it litth . ?* It only now remains to say a word or two on the ground on " which the public, and especially strangers coming to this city, c may rely with confidence on w hat ha> been advanced. With J( this view Dr. K.dph begs tostalt that, beside his rank as gi&d- b uale of Edinburgh. Ate. Ste.?he ha? been engaged in the cure v of thrsf diseases, both in hospital and city practice, for more than thirty years, and has published two editions of a work ex- T< pressly on them.?Also that he has testimonial letters from the * most eminent physicians in Kurope to the most eminent in " America?as Sir Aslley Cooper to Dr. Molt. of New York, Dr. fhysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he is permit- 0 ted co refer to almost every I'hysiciau of eminence iti this itv. ... f Dr. Ralph is consulted at his private residence. No. 88 Green- J wich street, towards the Battery, hi any hour.?He may also he '' consulted by post. Tne little Volume above referred to is one J' dollar jy 10 lm *cc ? (SR. DaVID HRENNA has to* honor of fnformint hla , A ' friends and the public that he has removed from the Granite Building to 175 Chambers street, whom he will, without the . use ?>f mercury, cure radically,find in a few days, the roost in- r yeterate cases of syphilie diseases. Dr. Brenua's remedy is eu n tirely free from any corrosive or poisonous mineral, and when i taken according to his directions, will remove the nsiuftil symptoms which invariably follow the abuse (or ratiter the use) v of mercury, and other noxious medicines so universally admin- r utercd in those cases. Dr. Bretina's remedy is so sitnpV that it il can be ndminislt ted without the least danger of bad couse- v quences, the patient being able ?luring the treatment to attend f I Dr. Brennu's practice ii not confined to the cure of th? above j( disease, hut will continue to give his profession*] advice to pa ti?*uts, and to administer medicines on the homeopathic system, the only one that has or can eve r cure chronic diseases. ' Office hours, from 10 to 2 o'clock, and from 5 to 7 P. M.? ^ C Iw in hers street 175. _ j3P Imr BE WATCHFUL OF YOUR HEALTH. TA K- BRANDRKTH'S Office i> now 274Bowery, having re ' nmvtil it from Tift. Ho request, hi. fr o-! 1111* to bo careful ?l V rivgnci and iinpoatorv who aiu anainna to deceive tke unwaty i Heinrmtior Dr. UMiiilrilh'. Office u Z7t, not 2?ti Bowery. J jc20 lm*c I THE PERSIAN PILLS 3 ASSUHKDLY IIAVE healing virtues which no other me- k dirine in this couutrv possesses. Let no one he disconwg- I' ed until they have tried the Persian Compound?they have raised from the (greatest weakness and c,istrossl to health and happiness. Price 3114 cents and G23a cent*, two sire hoses. For sale by J. O. FAY, wholesale agent, at Yhlimr's drug . store, No. 192 Broadway, corner of John st. New York; retailed j at Nos. 79 and 100 Fulton street. Also, Jew Dm \ id's or Hebrew Plaster! to remove tumors, f wen*, king'* ev il, pain in the side, rheumatism, &c. 44 Married Ladies'* in delicate situations, find great relief from if. Also, The IMagm tic Battery % consisting of Kltctric Pills, Oalvani/.ed Plaster, Magnetic Aether. No. for consumption; Magnetic /Father, No, 2, for nervous diseases, intemperance, Ike. 4 Magnetic il&iher, No. 3, for liver complaints, kc. ^ Also, a remedy for thrush, ranker, and nursing sore mouth. I all and see the Agent, J. O. FAY.(ye that suffer) at Milnor's Drugfstore, IM2 Broadway, cor. of John street, New York iv 13 h J PRIVATE CURE \LL Sl'FFKIUNG under any of the symptoms of a secret i disc we. whether of long duration, or ol recent roiitrartioi^ | are confidently referred to Dpcror Jordan's 8|iecttic C ourscs? No. 1for tlie cure of Uoiiorrtuea, Gleets, Seminal weakness, Utc.; and Course No. 2, for the permanent eradication of diseases. These course* are specially prepared to enable the patient to effect a private and satisfactory cure, w ithout loss of inn' i cij mri ; to which end^ each |>ackage contains every medicine, wash, Ike., ever required either tor internal or esterital use?and for the guidance and salrty of the patient, is accompanied hv Dr. Jordem's private treatise, 4\Thv Monitor," , wheiein is full directions, with a plain description of the nature, *\ mptoms, eonseqiienres and treatment of secret maladies ?th? remedies proper for their ditfereiit stages?to which is nin.-l. l .luohU,... ?w..?nl I.m.N ...J ;*<jvicc, MiiU'tl iliiu'to tiif prt*H?'iit invilrd, an*) l?? those who y hating heretofore hern unfortunate, either contemplate marriage, or hare recently filtered into that state. f Tin- price of flu Monitor is 6<) rents One dollar sent, Post tffliI. ensures itarceei tion. | These courses are admirably adapted for strangers, . trasrllers, or residents in the country, being complete, com- 'J pS' tj himI Kuarant* ed to effect a cure. ' , ' "r Hold for the proprietor only, at Drtiff store GO Prince !' street, corner of Marion, 3d block east v>l Broadway, 1 Private entrance C9H Marion street, one door below draff a tow. |y 13 lm? r 11 DISEASED EYES ;! AND INFLAMMATION OFTHK KVK-IilUS, p ANYdi.ras. nr wi aknes* id the fyr, or inflammn on of the y< lida, r?? be i|iiirkly niiil aalely removed, by thai use * of the 'I ROMAN KYK BALSAM. Ii Mn Dans, No. 77 Kssf ? liwet, has hern rnred of inlluninali?n of the eyr-lids and w.ik pyea, of yen duration, by using t only III'jar of llir k'.*r Bilmi. Mis, Kit t OeraM, No. 2 Maiket street, bad for two or three yean been ?u iniirh a/Dicted with weak ami nil! mimed rio (hatal tune. she eould scarcely see to read- Hei rye, line r hern completely restored bythia Bilm, tftcr ill mlmr no m, h idftilid. Hundreds have Di its healinit a iitm s, he. n restored r, t-1 liuht. where total bHndui sa, earned In hii'mio in dominiums, hadI rusted for year*. <| I'll*- " Roman Kyi Balsam" has l? < 11 a lone nm oiril in private practice by tlie Inost emim III oculists in (In. and l'i i< un , Colln'ms, and its astonishing i ificary in lemonnsall die fi e i.e. ami inflammation from the e> e, lias rstahlithid for it a u i,ol oion far be\ m*1 tlm reach of any other preparation rl IN D1MNKBA OK SIOtlT. rained hv la d attention to objects, or by alone eijxwure in a shone light. and in , wr km s . riwrml loas "t sielitfmm ?' (pie.- 'ii II I i i -or, restor. r, and aluuibl lie u.ed bv all who litnl their .iitht c fotine without anv apparentiliieae-'. I tit nj. in amall jars with e roll dilution, for mi', I'rice .17). rents. IVi pared sml sold, , .1 and retul.hy DAVIB BANDS It I O., No. 77 Kasi It ? ,\w a\ , curlier sf, N.Y. .1 St.hi sl -.ihy A B It I) Hand*. 79 and 100 Fulton street, and by * B Hand nid Tr. "71 llr >idwa\, corner f'lmmber street. i l? I \UIKH m KM* n?? wid w o( eminent physician ?lli rs he I notices to the Ladies of this city, being fully ra1 ' '? ? it ? tfH ririice '|V.linv>rn*l? from the first ph> Jl " M.'i\ * J''wnc. a*??en. Apply at mi Urrenwirh street. 1 jy 13 imetKi r MEDICAL. DR. SOLOMON HEINE IirOULD inform In. iwlienu and the public, the he Mill adVV j,rl?, (l, hi. oriental iirii|?MMi<iii, lo receive oo^ money littler for mrdiciue or altcndauce unlit the patient i. Minified eitli hit improvement, and would inform tlirin that lie ha. rmo.ed from 118 Boiadway to No.&TReade dreet, op|H?i(r lie Marshall Hoiue, w here he .illicit, the attendance on the ibove mentioned condition., of all who have differed for a I iiiut lime under ill.cue. couaidered by thrin incurable. SOLOMON HEINE. M. D. ffnr the advantage of all who wi.h to attend die treatment if Dr. Solomon Heme, I would Hate that the only Doctor rtriur who has ever lived ill, or had hi. office in Broadway, i. ' lie one now re.iilinif at J7 Rrade street, opposite the iWialiall dou.e. . Thi. Physician came to tint country about ri|tht years mice. I have had the pleasure of kmnvillii hiin .iuoe that line, ami of witnessing many .urpriaiui; curt. performed >y Inni?he i. above the axe of ii yean, and i. the only oue if tiie name who i> a member of the medical Institution, of the Jity and State of New York. E. W. WETMOKE, M. D. sworn m-ioir m?, -iui ??i u. of April, A. IJ. I81?tin Hr: t o, Com. of Drndi. jvH lm*c dr. morrison. NORTH IIIVKR DISPKNSAUY.lOJkp KuHonitreet near <in i iiwi?-1?.? Dr. Morrison, Member of die Royal College >f Surgeons, London, nnd formerly Surgeon in the British Nary, coin in ii* s to k*t' emu II lied daily on all disease* of a delicate iaiore, and ill tn- *c diureming symptoms roiueuuenl on injtiliciou* treatment, and the imprudent use tif quaeK medicines. Or. M. Iia lud axi cm ieaci of twfVMi (wo vmii ? t wtillig Jelicate disease* in .ill tin ir various and complicated fountain! ise* \ mild. S'ife and infaliTblr >nle?iI'.ute |V>t mercury, cradicati mi the \ one real vini* with eeil.iinty, nil limit milu? cling the >.i(lent to allv risk or restricting him iu hi* usual diets or ourini?s w klie nia medicine* are agiceable in taste and smell. iVrn na nt obstruction* in the urt tlira, such as atrh'ture* and eniruemi-Htol' thn i rosl'ate gland, accotnpAiiit d w ith iiitteh irriation and dull pun about theac parts, are some of the conso]io nces of inal-trcatmcul. Dr. M. titsts sirictun s in a scienific iimiiiu r,.promoting absorption of llie ihick?ct <su-e*Ui itciiihrtiH a illioii t al?\ |?aili. constitutional DFJHLITY.-Tlioiuandtof young m il ire Mill* rinc Iroin the I'OIUM'tjiielites of indulgence in a secret destructive habit, on! whose nerve* are further injured from he use of nostrums,tuwl pretended specifics, which stimulate inly to induce greater depression, lit. M. treaU *uch case*on surely patholmru vl principles, and never fail* in establishing a ;ure?the strictest honor and confidence is observed. Letters iKist j?id. and containing a suitable fee, will ensnre 'ie correspondent full advice, and mrdieiup to any part of the L/titcn, by hi* giving a history of his case in detail. 20l>? ITnl< ii m r ir < *ie? uw srh. .? 19 lm*f madame costello, FILM A I.K J'llVSU 'IAN, f \ FOR MS the Ladies of New York and Female*, that she * continue* to gii e advice and prepare her popular and eflica:iou* medicine* for the diseases of females. Madame ( is hap* ?y to announce that her treatment has given iniieli satisfaction othe numerous patients w ho have relied ii|mui her abilities?Madame has felt harseIf induced to undertake the resmmsi>le office of Female Physician, from long experience and pracice.lli iviug a knowledge of the structure of the human frame, in ignorance of which renders the unblushing pretension*, and lecoyiay panacea* of mercenary adventurers tisele**, if not inuriou?. Single and married ladies may rely with coiifidt ? ?*? on ier skill and maternal solicitude as a female physician. Ilqw;ver-distressing may be their complaints her tnt diral acq ui rein uts, will he found adequate to the ease. In short,she ground* hi* notice on the successful results of a thorough medical < duiMlion, and lelianceou appointed mean* of impurliug health, igor and happiness 10 all w ho honor lie. with their confidence, iid strrrcy. All letters |*>*t-p<ud. Office and residence 31 Jajiciiard st. Jo9l lm+c ro secure the enjoyment of the health, yKKK from the numerous complaint* with which it is assailed during the summer mouth*, no discovery ever y< t made ii medicine Ins attained the celebrity?the uupar dialed *ucand so established itself in the confidence of the public Kith iii the United Stales, West Indies, and South America, s In* Dr. Wheelei's Balsam of Moscatello. as a mild and safe rill' M' lor Mir CM TV ??I Mir VailOlls 111' I uailgetolis ilisr .Ut *, aimed bv and arising from ? disordered ilatr of the digestive rgans, io wit : dyspepsia, cholera morbus, colic, spasms, iarrlnra, convulsions, nervousness, and imiiis in the bowels, m effects of drinking cold wafer, the summer complaint of liildrni, &?'. &r. These are s|?cedily removed b> this invalublr medicine?it* efficient and certain action has secured for it ir pitronage of every class in society, inasmuch that l)r Vheeler dors not withhold the secret from any mercenary moires, hut thM he rather chooses to prepare it himself, certain Int years of experience in doing so must make it more perfect mi if he trusted it to he prepared by inexperienced persons. Certificates of influential Permits, already published, are sufeiently com incing, w hen they are voluntary offered, of their *siiiiioiiifs m favor of its great merits. l)r. W. has the gratifi* at ion to add the to I lowing eminent persons as references :? Major ('. Map? s, II. A.: Gen. Ward, M. <Westchester 0.;< i.-ii. U.J*. Morris, W. P. llallett, Eiq., ( Kctchum. Esq. I . B. Dodd, Esq., and many others of equal standing. Tins ledieine is for salt- at Dr. W.'juflinc, 33 Greenwich street, who i sole proprietor. It may also be had at the following agencies! Ir. I. Milhati, Messrs. Kushton & Co., M. P. Dickie, Mr. J. 13. Jodd, diMggi"is, all in Broadway; Dr. ilart, Hudson sc., Messrs addiugtous, i'il Hudson st.; Dr. Cotton, 283 Bleeckerxt. and at Ir. hrael Post, book-seller, M Bowery: Mr. J. C. Welford, 121 ii oid st.;i>r. yCiloiskic,, Jersey City; Dr. W. P. Blagrove, At- I nti' si. and Mr. Ira Howe. Pulton st. Brooklyn. Ir"7 NOT1C K.?Tlw Balsam of Moscatello is not the iimv im article unless accompanied with a pamphlet containing iimeroiis testimonials, an also directions how if should be used! * also the bottles being stamped |C/*Wliet IcrS Balsam of loscutcllo. ^*1* "NOTICE, theundcraigned, actuated alone for the public.benefit. 1 v most earnestly caution the public from being imposed pon by a pretender calling himself Doctor, advertising and tin- ' er taking to cure certain diseases, by which many persons liave ecu ( is we are credibly informed) deceived, and their money ikeu from them, and their lives jeopardised. < We know iudit idually that there is but one person in the city | ml county who is a regularly admitted member of the Medi- | il Society by the name ol HEINE, am! he resides at No. 57 ] lead? street, and is the same l)r. Solomon Heine who formerly veil at No. I7'> Hudson street, a person who has, to on. iudi- | fdu i knowledge. pcrfoyd ? great number <>i \t? miianfy I id miraculous cures. Wc have uo desire to injure any indf- \, hut we consideriitan incumbent duly ou us a* citizens, > prevent the publio from being imposed uimn. HENRY V. VULTKE, THOMAS RODOKH8, Jy 13 lm*e JAMES H. VOSK. SANDS' REMEDY FOR SALT RHEUM-44 Waranted -* to cure."?Salt Rlu-um, Ringworm, Tetter, Scald Head, laiIter's or Jackson Itch, Eczama, Proriosit, Palmaria, and tie r di .eases of tlic skin, are safely, certainly, and effectually tired by the use of Studs'* Remedy, which has now been test u 111 mow than six thau*.iiiil iiitterciit c.isn *1 the a bore ?issues, without having failed ill any where the directions are at'tided to. The unparalleled success of this remedy ill curing is eases of the skin, is without equal in the history of nn diine. The Co in mum! Syrup of Sarsaparilla is recommended > he used with the remedy, as it tends to throw out from the lot id and system generally all the unhealthy humor connected rith the diseases, and the application of the remedy externally t the same time, entirely :radicates it from the system. The i rmetly is perfectly harmless in its operation, may he applied i rith safety even to the skin of the tenderrst infant. Testimo- i ials of its efficacy are daily received, and the follow iug are se- i rctedior publication, which it is thought will satisfy the mind i f every candid |K'rson of its extraordinary virtues : Nkw York, May4, 1841. I Messrs. A. B. k D. Sands?Gentlemen?Feelings of thank- j illness and gratitude induce me to inform you that! am noire tly cared of the Salt Kheutn by the use or your remedy. The iseasc spread over both my lianas to mv fingers ends, and had J een standing fourteen years, during which time 1 under he twatimnt of mnrr than twenty different nhy-siqjans, who all riled to give more I! a temporary relict. I ?? utialilc to I | iny hand* but little, and could not put litem iu water; my nils re|iatertly came on, audi wraa almost helpless from Ute ( >n,i>11nit. I tried Indian Root doctors, l>ut all to no purpose, | mil Inst summer I was advised liy a friend to use your remedy, commenced it with little faith, having tried so many thing.*, > ithout producing any good effect. In a few days my hand. 0 re lielter, nnd notwithstanding I put lliem in water daily they ontinueil to improve, and in a few weeks were entirely well, t is now more than si, weeks sinee tlie cure was effected,since i*liicli time they have been lierfeclly well. Yours, respect illy, LYDIA I.tTWlS, Newark, N. J. Messrs. A. B. St I). Sands?I senile men?I certify that I have een eared of the Salt Klieum of ten yeirs standing, by the se of your remedy and Syrup of Sarsaiiarilla, and I wish every 1 -son troubled with this dreadful complaint in any form woulJ all on tne, and I will satisfy them that your medicine w ill tire them perfectly. ANN MARIA WKIBALL, Residence, 100 Nassau-sueet, stors 4 j Kulton st. New York, dune S, lot 1. Prepared antl sold wholesale and retail by A. B. It D. BANDS, Druggists, 79 and 100 Kulton st, Sold also bv Abraham B Sands St (at. 270 B rival way ; David lands St Co. 77 K.ast Broadway nnd by William Brown, 4R1 Vashing ton street and S W Kowle, 31 Prince ?rrr"t, Boston; oscpli Italeh, jr., Providence, 11 I ; K W Bull, Hartford, Colt; >r. H W Matl.ewioti Norwielt, Conn; H KovU St Co, All iy ; J (.orhant and J Kowler, Na'wbttrzh. N Y . IIr David ane,20tftouth 3d, Philad : 44 K Tyler, Baltimore; p.'Previa l Sou. Poughkeci?*ie, and by druggists generally in all the rit,ei|?l cities and chief towns ill the United States. Price $1. jell I me SUMMER COMPLAINT. r\IARRH(KA, DY0KNTK1lY,nr1n.??uira?nfihe Bow-W, iV cur* <1 iua lYw minutes b. Sherman's KffitoRtivo Lo/eii? ?. They H rema kably plea iot, and lf< r immediate ri* FEVER AND A (3UE;?Sherman's Lozenge* fortius trains hikI distressing comrltint, an*, without exception, the onl> rtirle known entitled to the name of specific; for they always up', and the chill* do not return. WORMS?In both children and adult*, src infdlit)t\ dctroyed and removed by Sherman's Worm Lozenges?.t milion of hove* sold yearly, and never know n to fail. Ware Ionise 106 Nassau street. Agents?IDS Bowery; V East Imadway, 227 Hudson street; 110 and 27$ Broadway, and 139 'ulton street, Brooklyn. jv 10 r DOCTOR GLOVER [)K()9 to inform tlexc who have recently enquired if lie has L) left the practice of his profession, that lie continues to describe for such as require his aid as usual. Those difficult ud protracted cases which require practical et|irriciicr to enure success, have been the particular object* of his study. The rceiit improvement* in chemistry have put into his hands seveil new and important remedies which have esca|?ed the obscrationof tlie less scrutinising physician Dr. <Rover's primary education enables Won to keen pace nth the improve m< nts of the day, being a gradual* im tn? meical profession. The unsuspecting stranger should In*ware of lu* host o( self named Doctor* and pretenders, some of whom ispire to lu- author* ol little books upon subjects ol wbicli they re tot ?lly irnortm OtTire, No. 2 Ann st?private entrance, Ith doov from the flu cum "(ifler hours until 9 o'clock PM. jy3 im'r MEDICAL All). NVAIADS desirou* to obtain the best medical advice and treatment should not fait to obtain the little treatise called be "Rubicon," by Da. Gregory, of No. 31 Mott street. New rork. w here 11r lias hcen ftcvrral iciu c.fAhli.hcd in a .elect I ranch of his profemion, ami whi rr In- ala<> continue? (o admin- I iter, with entire surrr.s, mid very often, in rast-s where other ] nd Id. experienced phrjlcian* had failed. The Doctor doe* ot ?*y this to boaxl > I his skill, lint only to inform tlinve leek- 1 i- 'pond ?dii.'e, where it m.vv hi obtained. !> . Oreunry'. ' omicil i? not a drag more, it ia * private dwelling home, well < rorided and arranged for the comfort and convenience of In. t aUents. I)r. O. tloee not limit hii atfcnt.incc to a few hour., lmt is t home to is ait ii,. 'ii thost . i line," him at all liotim of the >\ Hid nuht. :il Mot| street is hitt a litte way oil' front * hat- 1 sin s>|in?re. One dellsr hy mail, fri c of |sistsce( will obtain the "Ruhion"by return mail, which shall iM lie pontage free, irl la't < THE PRIVATE TREATISE. PHIS i . a Iptb volume ou certain deHcate*d,sf.itcs, by Dr. ' ' RALPH, in which die most speedv and private mrans of nre are stated in the plainest i>o**ible manner. Ther?- is 110 las* of oatu nts tint docs not highlv value thii? little book ; but hose whose complaint h e< been suffered to continue on Irom lontli to month, are mill more deeply interested in it?the ?u*c of such delays, and tli? proj?er means of cure being careilly explained. Price $1. ... Or. Ralph also beg to st lie that he i* consulted at his private metier, no. K8 Ureenwtch itreet. at any txcnr. With .1 view, however, of obttiiiiw the confidence of straiten eomim: t?> thi*eity, he keff? hew to repeal, whit ho ha# aied in another column of this papar, ' f r 1r'\nY . 1 trirtnw, tliat,he*ide In* rink m O radii ale of Edinhnrirn, ac. c., he hi* been i n*,i2fd in the row of the*? di#*a*et, both in on itmI eity pi.ioticv, for more thin thirty y? in, and ha* nhlinhed two editioni of a wwk e*|?re*?ly on them. AI*o, it he hi* it ?ttmoriial letter* from the mof.t eminent idiysioiam i Europe, to the moot eminent in America?ii Sir Aatlry | ooper to Or. Mott of New York. Dr. Phytirk of Phil id, Ij?hii, , ml other* , and that lie ?* permitted to refer to almost t very hystcian of eminence in inin rity. l omtn ?a h , I a 1 ^ 11 H 1 i ( of 089?20 halrt hUck Mr*", for v?b b> *1 U.K. VivLuN* k < n. I Jy 13 c M Soiitli .tril l m * MEDICINES. THE PREPARATIONS OK THE NEIV YORK COLLEGE OF MEDICINE & PHARMACY WHICH HAS BEEN ESTABLISHED KOR THE SUPPRESSION OK QUACKERY, _ BY THE PREPARTION AND SALE OK GENUINE MEDICINES. The College with to save the ptblie from the dcee|*ious o f (quackery both in and out of the Medical Proftttion, and to make ever>- m<in hit own physician. A cure in all case* guarantee d. if the direction* or trie Collkor. be faithfully olnervl u iril .preparations of the College are cotni>nundcd by Is1 tcconliogto the most recent improvements in Phaitnactutlcal Science. The College do not offer mere hitter nine*, gamboge, and drastic imrgatites for the cure of the am i c ten. i hey say : Away with the brazen impost an who assert that the beneficent ( reator hat provided and intended lor the relief u t suizei ing huinanity only one or twojmrgativei. In tin wide sprnd field J nature there may b. found for eve r> ping ?ml each disease the appro|fiat* facile; bat it iatonly to the searching eye Of science that the** rreua'a s/:e ?n/o!dcd?not to the ignorant and illiterate pretender. The Coorga hart oivuad their principal omre at NO. 97 NASSAU STHKKT, NEW YORK, W. S. RICHARDSON. Principal Agent. Full eiplanationt ol thu uses and dote* of the several preparations are printed ou the lain It which are authenticated by the seal of the College, and the signature "\V. S. t(n hakdbon, Azcut, 97 Nassau street. New" Atnoug the Preparations of the College are the following? THK TONIC MIXTURE For the cute of all the protein form* of ()yspep*h, low spirits, loss of api*tite, Ivwiliidr, culanumis eiuie lions, and general debility. This grateful and valuable specific it compounded of five ingredient*, the \irun.i of each being concentrated and all combine d( by a tedious, e*? ih iisiYc- and difficult pharmaceutic process. The College eoiifident) recommend it at emmeutl) !a|*tcd ftu the invigoration of tin whole system and the complete ( ure of all the dintreaaiiig affliction* for which it i? ihe appropriate remedy. To all )K-r?oiP sufTcriuc from those unpleasant symptoms denominated "uervnuV the "Tonic Misliirr* uiil afford uneouivoea lird permanent relief. Sold in Imftlr* at $l rtid$2 each. THE RESTORATIVE PILL F??r th ?c?:e o those complaint* (xcnliar to tke fcmale sex. ami to rfitoi? a*i?l preserve tlie ifKuUr action of ine female organ*. Tli * paiitior, ho* been in uir by the most distinguished practitioners in Lnndou antJ Paris/ami its utility has been established beyond cavil.? By invigorating tbe system and removing the causes ol sterrility or barrenness, the tmc of this medicine has conferrrt inappreciable blessings. Sold in botes at $1,60 cents, and 2i Cents each. THK PARISIAN ALTKRATIVK M1XTURK. No cla^x of the alHietud h ive suffered more severely at tht hands of the quacks, than those laboring under those loatlisoinr maladies which unlaw ful pleasure entails ou its votaries. lie medics innumerable have been offered for their acceptance, ant soon, alas! tiavc been found to be indeed deceptive and useless The mixture now prepared and offered for sale by the College it composed of a combination of boitnieal remedial agent w hich exercise a iMwcifir effect on these terrible affections. Out of the member* of tbe College having been connected with t large hospital iti Kiiioih , has had ample onpoituoiiv * of obaer ling the one nation of this specific, and he lias been a iconipleie ly satisfied of its value, that lie has recommended and superili tended its preparation, in order that it may be sold by tl e agents of the College. A cure will, in all cases, be guaranteed, if th? directions he implicitly followed. In the treatment of second aiy eruptions, pains in the bwnes, See., the mixture is sufficient but to effect the cure of the piitn ?rv a> nintoins THK SPK< 1FIC POTION Of the College must he used. The Mixture is sold in bottles ai Si and $1 each; and the Lotion is sold in Unties at 5U cents j*i ' TIIK ANODYNK LINIMKNT. For the cure of rheumatic pains, p unfnl nffrctiomi of tin joints, colic, bruises, sprains, spinal disease, nervous headache toothache, &c?*. ike. A piece of linen or lint, to h" thoroughly moistened with the liniineiit, and applied to the affected part A truly invaluable remedy, and guaranteed to afford immediate and permanent relief. Sold at 75 rents jh*i bottle. SIR ASTLKV COOPKICS PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, 'chronic rheumatism, and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. This invaluable rented v, long and successfully used by the great in an w hose name it hears, L now first offered for sale in this country, in boxes of 50 cents and 2it cents each. THK A MKR1CAN ANTI-I3ILIOHS ('ATHARTIC PILL, This Pill?one of the happiest combinations of w hich modt rii science can suggest?has been prepared for the peculiar use of those subjected to the trying i tcisaitudrs and inmtcuccs of out American climate. The effects of particular climates on the healthy exercise of the functions of vital organs am only beg inning to he properly studied and understood. The excel lent pre United Stales, ha* been llie result of careful investigation hit* t lie nature and cause* of some of the most prevalent iiUeaees ol this climate, which are chiclly owing to the dcrauxemenU ol tlie biliary secretion. Unlike the disagreeable aud drastic purgative of the nostrum venders, this preparation does not irritate the bowels, nor produce piles and other distressing affections, hut by exciting the whole aliaun-ntary canal to healthy action, it carries off all the vitiated secretions, purifies the blood, and gives new vigor to the vital powers. Sold in boxes at 60cenu and 26cents each. \> itli full directions for use. THE PAPILLARY HEALING POWDER, For the cure of son- nipples and superficial excoriations of the skin. A safe and efficacious article, unlike the filthy and rancid oily pre on ratio! hi sometimes n?-d. During the application of the |K?wil<-r tilt- infant can be suckled as usiinh Sold in close lv stopiK'd phials, at 60 cents each, with directions for use. THE FRENCH ANTIPHLOGISTIC: MIXTURE, <itlm cure of G jitorrhosa, Gleet, and mucopurulent disbarges from the urethra. Guaranteed to cure. Sold in bottles 160 cents each. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT. Any individual on forwarding to the agent ot the College a letter containing a description of his or her case, and enclosing the sum of one dollar, will be furnished with a letter of MEDICAL ADVICE, containing full directions as to their appropriate diet, regimen, and ooe dollar's worth of such of the preparations of tne College as may be ordered by the consulting physicians. je30 3mc NO EXCUSE FOR A BALD. HEAD.?Since the discovery of Dr. Ja\ tie's Hair Tonic, e very one may, if they choose, preserve their hair from fulling off, or it already liald, may with certainty have their hair restored again bv a faithful and preserving application of this valuable Hair ToM Ph ase to read without prejudice the folbiwiug communication *, which ill ndditiou to hundreds of othci.1 eon ally respectable should remove the doubts of every rcsonable person of the uniform and singular efficacy of Jaync\s Hair Tonic. Hamilton, Feb. 15, 1840. Dr. D. Jayne? Dear Sir?I cannot say my hair is reswyvsl.but I can say thai it appear* to be iu as rapid a process of restoration as could reasonably Ih* expected. I had not tiuished the first bottle,befoie a decided change was manifest over the bald part of the he ad to which it was applied. A new growth of tine glossv hair, much like that of an infant's appeared, and has continued to increase, and I have had it rut two or three linos. J have irrently commenced upon the third bottle,but I have beena good deal irregular iu the us* of the Tonic, from the fust, and from this cause I apprehend the effect is at present less than it otherwise would bare been. I began the use of the Tonic with little or no faith that it would ever be successful on mi beadthongb I felt entire comA* donee in your statements of what it had done for others; and I was as much surprised as delighted when I saw the effect. You recolh ct the appearance of my head when iu your office. 1 as* tairw you the hair has been nearly if not quite an iurh long at the times I have had it cut, ou tho-e parts were nearly destitute of my when you saw me. It was, however, Very line, though.quite tluck. lam Hushed with sanguine hopes of linn! success in the liligeut use of your Tonic, wnieh amidst all tlie hair humbugs. which liave been advertised in the papers, I am constrained to believe Is what it fclaimsito be, ana that it will nuke the hair trow, and no mistake, at least on some heads. GEORGE W. .EATON* Professor ia Hamilton Literary and Theological Seminary" Madison Co. N Y. [From the Saminerville, N J Whig.1 Some time since 1 called u|h>ii Mr P Mason, of Summerville, for Dr J sync's celebrated Hair Tonic, to restore my hair, which was tlien#uUiint out daily. I procured one bottle and applied i?s contents according to the direction. When the bottle was exhausted 1 discovered to my great surprise and satisfaction, that the young hair was starting handsomely; 1 therefore purchased mother, nst11 I had used three bottles, and now as a coinjn iisationinv hair is as thick as ever. And what is more surprising, my baldatii wufnot occ uionad by lidtneM.iD whichetM tWff is greater hope of restoration?hut was hereditary. JAS. O. ROGERS, Methodist Minister. April 14, 1841. Mount Horeb, Summerset Co, N J. J sync's Hair Tonic.'?After giv ing this article a fair trial v? ii n In-si tat ivudv pronounce it to be what it professes?the best article, without any exception, in use, for the restoration of the hum-m hair. We know of numerous instances where hair has been restored to heads which have been bald for years, and wc think we cannot do a greater favor than to recommend to all out readers who are losing their hair, to make a trial of this Tonic immediately.?Boston Mail, May 8th, 1841. Phil adelphia, May 10,1828. Dr. Jaytie:? Dear Sir?T feel that I can hardly say enough in favor of youi Hair Tonic. My hair ha?l been falling off for about two years, and hid become very thin, threatening speedy baldness, vvhcu 1 commenced using your remedy. In about one week it ceased tc fall off. I have used it now for about three months, and hare ?? full and as thick a head of hair as I can possibly desire. I hare recommended its use to a number of my friends who all speak well of it. If faithfully employed, { haven* doubt of its general success. I inay add that, before ndug your Tonic. | had triet1 most of the articles employed for the hair, such as the Maeassai Oil, all the different preparations of Bears Oil, Vegetable Haii Oil, Ac., without experiencing much, if any benefit. Respectfully yours, S. PITUlf, M D, No. 172 Chestnutst. Haddontikld, N J, Feb 12, 1839. Dr. D. Jayne Sir?1 take great pleasure in informing you that the bottle oi H ?ir Tonic which I obtained of vou last October, liasprnvct most satisfactory and successful. My hair had for a long time been exceeding thin. Rut two or three ycam past it hadsofallei: ?>ut that my head had become almost entire ly ba'd. I was undei the necessity of concealing the baldness by combing my hair oi; the side over it. But now, after using about half a bottle ofthv Tonic, I have as huuriant grow th of hair as ever I had. C. C. PARK, Pastor Baptist Church, Haddnnln id, N J. Prv* pare J and sold by Dr, T>. JANE, No. 20 South Tltm! street. Bold wholesale and retail by A. R. k f>. Bands, Druggists, No. 79 and 100 Kulton-slreet,?sold at retail by David Sands k Co., No. 77 East Broadway, Abraham B. Sands ami Co., No. 273 Broadway, and by druggists generally. Trice $1. fetft I me DR. HORNE. /inVTIMI fVfl i.. I.. .. . .?It...I i :,n.. i.:_ w.. ?l Murray iim u Simwk* ^ *rv rr?|??ctfu)ly apprized that Dr. Ilonie, bfiDK If L'iiiIy bred to the iik ?lic.?l prnl<s*ion, in tin- city of London, has l)e?u aj?rariinu no ml>t r of the i<l (acuity of physic for Mi years, for the last 3f> in the city of New York. His practice from being cent ral, he confines to a particular branch of medicine, which enx-ik'fi his profound attention. His etp? rience is * cry great?his success astonishing. He cautions the unfortunate against the use of mercury; thousands are annually mcrenrmliAtd out of life?recent affections are, without mercury, rv tingutshrii hi a few days Sec your cases eradicated, not patched up. The It anicd I)r. Buchan emphatically observes?"Married persons, and persons about to he married, should be particularly catftious of those affections; what a dreadfel inheritance lo transmit to l?^ity.,, Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need not dcsjHiir of a complete recovery bv applying to Dr. Home. A residence of 36 years in New Yoim city has established Doctor Home's rhsracter as a of sterling honor, and based on real respectability and skill. Dr. II. offers to his patrons a sure guar ntcc. Dr. Home's offices are numerous, and patient* never *ome in contact. Attendance until nine o'clock in the eve"in?* NOTICE. rtT?? THOMAS O. HOKNE, ?oii nfthc lute Or. Ocnrifr T. Horn., rriqwrlfally *pi>rir.r* _ !?? public ihat h<- coining.* Iii* r.ilii r'.i mml ?neco??fnl practice *1 hi* r>t*Mi*hm< iil, No. 70 Mgrny street, ?wl m*y l>r eomnltnl lUily until 9 o'clock, P. \j., Sunday. I'l'-'l jcM Im'r f < HANI) SritlNO MKD.CINE?W HITVV EEL'S J'KM Oi I'ERANCB BITTERS, WITHOUT WINE OR Al. OOIIOL.?RcH.r, h??c yon no > |)o voii not n lii.h yi ni fend i Then uio till ? hiitn. ^ tin-y will .f.r, urratly m neat oT the stomach, debility. In-. They parity lite blood and inrirjnrate Uie whole system The l>tlt,r? art ?trr melv mild uii) (ilramnt. Try them. Fticr J) ccnu. Sold by A. B. Si D. Saudi, druyyufi, No. 19 b'nlton, cninrt id (Jnld vtrcct, and too b ultnn, romer of Willi.iniatitct. Also void by Abnm. B. Sand* K ^,fVv 273 RroadiTOy, corner of Chamber* street; David Sands Ik Co., No. 77 Broadway, cor oerof Market at roe I ,i'!im?in OPi KNDlf) I'lSt OVKRY KOU 1 K \ UMMI TO ^ PAINT AND DRAW b'HO\i NATL'HK.?Amateurs may toe, at No. 231 Broadway, next door to tin- American II itel, a numb. i of simid.'* of yiintiiur on wood, velvet, ?ilk, it. lnliti, |.vi>, , fcc. ii.e, l>y a proecen for which the i Mitor , . r. . i d n premium of two tlioosnnd dollars from 11 bV ,nli LOvrrtirmnf. The imitations of oil pninl inr* ire an |.erfect (hit no ) >a t 'I'lT can imitate them withont Ieinline lii" | r Bytlui method, any artist or other rwfwm mav Icirn, in a rcrr few lessons, to with oil, water col r, miniature, and also many hew and handsome , inventiona, to a (terfection ilifTiculi to understand w ithonteyiwK ty y inplea, 11 t.kimt a ailutle lesson of Mr. VICTOR r.UNb.l IK. winter to tin conrta of Usance, Rttssia, ?c. I'll. Artist. will remain only till the 1Mb of in xt month, ah. n he Intend* returning to b .msec. .... 8jfcimrn* miy be teen at the abort odrrn J>"1 ln? c MEDICINES. DR. SHERMAN^ MEDICATED LOZENGES. 'PHE8K crlrbralfil ariirl.s h.vr now brrn used for urulf 1 four years, ami tlie yrcalcst proof ?f ilitir rflic.u y in reino* ina the various ilururs Air winch th*v are recommended u, that llir linn.mi) for liutn has been rapidly incrcwiuf, and Errnons who liavr onre u?rd iTtyin not only continue their use, ut recommend tlirin t# 'heir mends. COUUH LOZENOE*. Are the best medicines in tlie world for coughs, colds, cob 'ua^'U'h%b,^6lkOEf^er,i Are the only article* which never fail in removing worms of every description. both from children and adults. THE CAMPHOR LOZENGES Are a sovereign remedy fl>r ?ea sicklies* and uervous headache, palpiutmii, lownesa <>l spirit*, and all uervous diseases. The Hon. Aaron Clark, Hon. Edw. J. Porter, Rer. Mr. H tiidcix k, Rev. Mr. Duidmr, of the McDougal street Church, haw used them. Oiftct l<* Nisi til street?Agents, flashton fc As|*ii?whII s three stores: ft aids'. *73 Broadway ,77 Eaal Broadway; Coddnntrion, 2V Hudson. bM c PEASE & SON'S COMPOUND CLARIFIED ESSENCE OF 1 LOR EHOUND CANDY. HMII8 pleasant medicine is formed by a combination of tweii-* t^-liv?- dillcrciil ingredients, all celebrated f??i the cure of cold*, cough*. aid pulmonary romolaiut*, aud by it* combination, if one nl theae article shoulif le Used ?epararlclv and afford no relief, ijj ihe eitiact of Ilnrehouud they are so ntnftlgainated that the bent-fit of the whole issi|uni<rucrd iu one COnipOUIld. About three year* ago this article was first brought before the public. It wa* hcntldcd with no |it*mou? ntuiouuo inent of its tin ritor value, but it w.i* introduced by the proprietor* of tlie community, D> HUndhy tl?? ir decuioii, as re*gard< d it* bent licial intlueiice. That decision h * In ? ii attained ill a manner almost uues|Ncted. The unsought acknowledgement of it* worth ha* |?rocerdrd >|?<>iitan?otisl y from lliousand*, who lliltf practically ex|a-rieuced ih l?eiicfil* throughout.the country Aid) w hy is it so ! Because ihe trial ol its qualities iu cough-. coliU, notrseue**, irnlntioii of the thittfl, croup, whooping cough. a^thina, catarrh, palpitation of the heart, liver complaint. night sweats, dimcult or profuse ei|iectnration, and *11 , di?cas?s leading to consumption, lots giv<n it a rilue that no I other similar medicine ever reached. Cointrrkki tkra at Fault.?The clarified essence of p Horehound Candy has become so famous aud saleable, that it I has been attempted to be counterfeited in more than one in j stance by base and selfish men, who would sell their con sciences for a mess of pottage, and who rare nothing about pcrf?Tilling a benefit to one's health, or effecting a core. But thci are now at fault. Messrs. IV. ask & Sow, original inventors and patentees of the Hordmuiui Candy, have, wiilnut regard to cijirnsR, had enI gn.?ed a new label, or wrapper that is invariably around their CiihJv, and by which purchasers, if they examine if attentively, w ill always detect the genuine from the spurious ariicle. This I wrapper we will dusciws for public benefit, first, an Kagle. supporting the American flag?oil tiie tlag is inscribed the won! "Prase*'?on a label issuing from the Ragle:s mouth and held by his talon* i* Clarified Kaaunce of Horehontid Candy?Just beneath the eagle, to the right and li'ft are two vignettes, one of which represents Hercules slaying the Hydra, or hundred headed sernent, (ach of which inav he considered a type of coughs, colds, asthma consumption, &tc.?The other vignette is tae scripture subject of the Good Samaritan,succoring the woiujdwl Uaveller, and affording him Christian aid. The ' whole design is beautifully executed?Immediately below the engraving is the fac simile of John Pf.ask At Son, 46 Divisiou i stri ct, New York. r It should ho recollected thnt it is entered according to act of Congress in the year of our Lord aue thousand eight hundred and forty by John Pnwr & Son in the clerk's office of the southern district of New York. Whoever, therefore, counterfeits this nndy is liable to prosecution, and to be jam oh. d in heavy ! damages. The proprietors ace detennim d tor their own sake and for the public good, to prosecute to the utmost extent of the law, any oue who ma\ be guilty of such infaiuy. The ilorchoipid Candy is sold wholesale ami retail at the manufactory, 46 Division street. \g? nts?Xieher, 87 Dork street, Phil adclphia. IC dduig.n Stale street, Boston. IlnvL fc t'o.,67 Stab' street, Albany. Johsnn, 2b St. Charles street, New Oilcans. Woodward. Si Louis, Mo. Kobinsoii, no Baltimore street, Baltimore. 1 I n it uid Harrow & Allen,'eAton. Holdrmun, Louiavilte, Ky. Pieici Teller, Detroit, Michigan. J. II. Thompson At Co., Wheeling, Va. jy6 loic KO^WAHl)^HiO??' Si'KtTm MIXTURKijpUvJv |or the Cure of Ooiiporrlitpa, Gleets, Strictures ana analogous romi?l<i'.rt* o i ike. < re a a tn fg< iteration. Of a!4 remedies yet discovered for lis rbovc complaints, this is the most certain. I K makes a hp< ?'dy and permanent cure, witling tt he least restriction to diet, drink, exposure, or change iu application to ha sines*. We give no long quackish recommendations to "deceive the I public. H* the mettieme does not not siieak for itself, no one shall speak for if. Our object is to notify where it can be had, ? and the proprietor challenges a si tittle case of recent (ioiinorrlmea to ,>e brought, iu winch (lie mixture will not ctfcct a rapid cure, under a forfeiture of $.'>00. Tins is a disease that unfortunately ix ryades all ranks of so ciety?high, low, rich and |x>or. matrimonii I and single. They are here DrcsenP-d with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least exposure in the shortest time jmssihle. Further, tire disease cannot he com ractwd if a dose of the mixture is taken at night on going to lied when exposed. It is put up in iMitdcs with full directions acrom|>aiiyiiiK it, at $1 a bottle- One bottle lasts a week, which generally curesmany are cured in t wo days. For sale only ?t Win. If. Mflnor's, 192 Broadway, corner of [ John street, opiKisite Franklin House, New York; J Jones, corner of (Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadelphia; ami at J. M. Smith's 138 Washington street Boston. jy3 Im* 1-2.000 CASKS IN A YEAR. TTSE the right medicine and be cured.?Ye who are weary L/ suffering from obstinate disease or any kind of weakness of the urinary. organs, and who in disgust and disappointment have abandoned all hopes of a cure, ara strongly invited^as a last resort, to have recourse to the justly celebrated *'Dr Cherry's Astriugent Pill," whose failure in removing the disheartening complaint is unknown; more th in 20,000 boxes have been sold in Ntw York alone, and not oue case of failure has been related to any agent selling them. Has such a fact occurred from the use of any other medicine ? Answer, ye thataufTer. Sickness, or general wasting of the body from any cause, are speedily ameliorated, or in a short time cured. For gravel, loss of control of the hladd? r, pain in the back from disease of the kiduey or prostrate glands,these pills are pre-eminently successful. J. O. FAY, Wholesale Agent, New York?Retailed at 79 ' and 1(M? Fulton *t ; drug store Broadway corner of Chamber st; Church cor of Chamber; 127 Bowery; 63 Bowery cor of Walker ' st; 77 K tsf Broad wriv: 188 Washington st, Boston; 37G Market 1 st Philadelphia; t Maine ii Lane, Albany, and of Geo Fulling, ? Natchez. Price $!. Also?"Dr Poeti's Kradicatnr." celebrated as the most certain safe and 5j* i dy cure for gonorrhoea, aud certaiu complaints. jegg lm*r _ _ TVAOTHERS, READ 'llllS, and save the Lives ol your ML Children. Bai.timork, March 27, 1838. Dr. Jaync?Dear Sir?You ask mc what proofs I met with of the efficacy ef your medicine. I can say that I never prescribed a medicine for bowel compl.iiuts that has gireu me so much satisfa'tion, and my path nta so sj?eedy anJ perfect relief as this. Whenever introduced into a family, it becomes the standing remedy for those aliments, and is called lor again and again. whicli. 1 think, is pretty good proof of its efficacy and usefulness, in the summer complaint of children it has freoncntly appeared to snatch the little victim from the grave. It saved the life of my child, and such and such a child," 1 have repeatedly heard it said. IddhentericsfftctioM of adults 1 have time and again secu it act like a charm, and give |?ermanent relief in a few hours; 1 may say in a few minutes. Iu fine, it is a valuable medicine, and no family should be without it. Respectfully, M. L. KNAP. M.D. Late Physician to the Baltimore Dispensary, and Agent fir the Mary and Vaccine Institution. Sold by the agents, A. B. Ik I). Sands, Druggists, 79 Fulton ?f. corner of Gold, and 100 Fulton &t. at wholesale and retail. A1 so sold by Abraham B. Sands Ik Go. 273 Broadway, Granite Buildings, corner of Chambers st.;#David Sands Ik Co. 77 East ^rpft'hV'-' y. comer of Market sf._ Price 50 cents. Jc25 Imc SOLID EXTRACT OK S A li S A PA H1L LA, mA pared by Dr. Otto Hot Ion. his proved itself a very valuable specific in cases of Scrofula, Salt libeum, andf cutaneous diseases generally, pirtieiilaily those arising from impurity of the blond. The Syrup, pn pared I'mm r|w Extract also, is far superior to any other Syrup of Sarsaparilla ever before prepared. Both may be obtain* *1 of Wm. II. Milnor, 192 Broadway, corner of John street ; T. R. De Forest, 42 Greenwich, cor. Morns street; W. M. Thtifman, Vafick, comer of Canal street; J. J. Coddington, cor. Soring and Hud-on street- ; A. McLeod, 309 Hudson street; L. A. H'vsenmillcr, 311 Bleecker, cor Christopher street ; J. W. Ba?sett, 611 Broadway, and of P. BOWNE fci CO. Wiiolesale Druggists, 8.1 John street, and jylO lm* t Agents for Osgood's India Cnolagognc. r TM OSS?20 bdlc9 black Moss, for sale by 1V1 fa K K.\S'& CO. 66 South*. ; TO FARMERS, PLANTERS, H()ll.TICUI/riHOSTS AND DRUGGISTS, i rPHK COMPOUND CIIKMICAL WHAI.K OIL SOAP 1 * may be considered iu the present moment the best I preparation that ever was coni|Muinded for the total desr (ruction of every secies of insects infecting the vegetable r kingdom?maggots, slugs, rosebugs, peach, nectarine, apple and iH-ar free insects, cut and army worms, snail, cabbage lice, and all the smaller insects which are parasitic on indigenous and exotic 1 lowers, such as the oleander, cactus, f,r,,a? CV* cus, meaeinhri-iiithctnnni, gcrania, erica, rosaces, may all by a f projHT application, be thoroughly exterminated. Besides the I extraordinary cheapness, a most important item in economy, render* it .tcceftKiMe for nil 1.11 mixes on a large scale?1000 peach , trees, or '|0 aeres of land, inay he kept frte from the marauding , insects for tin* trilling expense of one dollar. , Farmers raising com, osts, ryr, potatoes, tvrnipa. eahhagrs, . may it the expense of a few dollars main.- hundreds hy saving their fitIlls from the devastations of the vermin. The OomI-mid Chemical Whale Oil Rnap maybe had lit hulk, or in jar* of four pounds, a down at which arc packed in a hoi. | Poisons, warranted the only and safest ingredients to destroy and eaterniinale the moths, hed hugs, rose hues, caterpillcrs, cockroaches, rata, mice, mo*|nitoe*, fleas, tlica, ants, lice, and every other rermni or larger animals, wairmted to eriuficatc and to perform all what it is intended. Likewise Kly '^thousands of persons can certify to the superior rirtne ami rtiiialil) of all iny preparations, and corroborate to the truth of all the statements. Apply to DR. LKWIS KKlTCHTWANfJK.K, Chemist. No. I Wall street, Manufacturer of Acids, Diamond Cement, Chloride of Zinc, Ox. Silver, Spirits of llartshorue and Nitre, Copniva Ca|i*illes, Joilides of Iron and Mercury, Dagncrreotypr Chemicals, Ln liar Caustic, V.iher, Chloride of So la; Dealer in Leeches, Pla tim, Dentist's Oold Foil, Mineral Teeth, genuine Harlem Oil, Iodine, (il ls. Syringes, !ar. jy7 lm*C MADAME RESTELL, ^fKMAIsh Physician, otHcc and pp?? d< nrc 148 Greenwich trcrt, between r..nrtl?mlt mid Liberty street*, where lir ran In* consulted with the strictest confidence. and win re also her celebrated medicitiws can b?- obtained. All letter* must be po*t paid ami addressed to b??<< w>8, N. York city. Medicines forwarded bv mail. Boston office No. 1 Kssei afreet N. B.?Madame Hcstrll would inform Udie* irsidintf out of woiilil il, vol. iicr pciMHial atien?hti',?' upon tlu* in in any jwvrt of tn? 1 'nifr<l Suras uichivi reasonable *li|f anee. jy81 >n PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. M. l)K BOUDELOQUB, M?D., MHBON, PORTUGAL. rPHK Sc irntiftc combination of iiiyrrdiniti of whieh theae 1 Pilli arc coniimied, hnve rni?<lf? tlirm the wonder and admiration dI the v rid. They are known all ever Knrnpp to be the only preparation r|cr ilinnivrri'il tlct hai prttred iiirariablr Certain in prodiicniK the monthly Inma. Their rrrtainty. in all ea?r?, In inc ?nrh tint the a not In- used durim; prrttrnnrv, r.rtmM|h tlirayi mild, ??fe, ?ud healthy, tb?y arc certain to pi'Mhiee ininainaae if need dnrinit thai period. The iliwctiont are translated into Enyliah .and ate envi loped round witn the seal of the importer, erampt d. R?' ji bnr er>r.? ton thi .uininre ?t M. de "'"idehainr^ ami the Enclnh dr recticnr havi the nimaiini' af Dr. K. Mi.LVLAU, authorieed ay. hi for ihe coin no lit of Ainriita. They ran be trnnamittcd by mail to any pari of the Unttrd Hlafea. Letter* directed to Or. K. Melaean, bo* 24, New York, will unit with nnnn dmte attei.ti..!.. Ml letter* m??t be pott l?id. Sold by ap el'tinerit at 1*0 Cherry, near Cellnrine Ilreel Price f J. Half boxes $3. No half ho*e> sent by mail jyl tin*r PUBLISHED DAILY BY JAMEH f J O It :> O X II E If If K T T, s. w. corner, vulton and nassau streets. Ttrr N'i-.v Yonk lltru.n?A daily pa|? r, i-aoed i very mormon ill the '.vet E?price lirn rrntt per ropy, lioniitry auhae.lht r> furnished at the tame rale, tor any i|n rife period, rn a ri aei'in mi l No pit r sent, inili u paid in 1 T'ir VVi i ki y Hi n ai.p?l-.aned erery S iiiinlay morniny at nine o'clock?prire tor a nil * y writer < en'r iier <:n; J?funiianed ro eountry subscribe re at #3,21 l"r annum, in adranre, or at Ike aame rate for any a|teci(tnd period. I oiiri rrnaM.aTI are rioucaled to addfOM their letter* tr? I < Ma? fJoanort lt> "??r ti . Proprietor ami Editor?and all orl iier* on baaineat muat bo t?m ? ?'. t

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