Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1842 Page 1
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THl Vtal. VIII No. 19S.- -WHOI* No. 304 7. RAILROADS & S TEAMBOATS. POME ROY C (VS ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. riber* sre mow i union* a tcjnlur ?\< r the Railroad* to nod Irom Albany >*n?J Buffalo, and tlir intermediate place*, for FORWARDING, at low ratrs. with the utin ?t speed, regularity ami safety, ?h>?ice Goods, Specie. Bank Notes, Important Paper* ami Valuable Packaai??Willjttetid to tlir negotiation, transfer, eollsetioo or |*pnxut of Bill* oi E?rhiii*r, Notes, Drafts. Acceptances. Accounts, Ike., at reasonable per rentage?esrcutr order* for the purchase or sale ?l Merchandise, Pmduce and Manufactured Article* of rvary deacriution, ? raoually. In the t*wu* 011 their mute, through M-*.r?. ll.VKNlit \ kCU'S EXPRESS to New York and Bostnn.eiid Maura. HAWLEY It CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit aud Chicago and intermediate places?form in* at once the most direct, aperty aud lietfucl communication to ami Irom the eastern and western cities, for the negotiation and transaction of all mercantile and professional busmria, remittances, rsrhanges, Ac. itefereuces?Eraatus Corning, Thomas W. Olcott, Watt* Sherman, A. D. Palcliiti, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Theodore Olcott, Albany. Agencies?Bennett, Backus & Han ley .Utica ; T. A. Smith, S'.racuse; A. G. Smith, Auburn ; J. Far*o, Geneva | J. (>. Shepherd, Canandatgua i David Hint, Rochester; John McKcu'ter, Lockport ; J.A.Clark, Batavia ; Thomas Blessorn, Buffalo. POME ROY at CO", No. S Exchange Buildings, Albany. all 3 Wall street, Nvw York. IMPORTANT TO WESTERN M?K< HANTS RELIANCE PORTABLE IRON BOAT LINE Fur the TraiuiwrUtiou of Goods between Philadelphia awl Pittsburg. This improvement in transiwrtatiott afford* to YVcsUrli >1trcliauU |*cufW aJvauta^fs. The goods bein? carefully packed in tlit* l??)\is at mil >\ mliouc. No. .W5 Marki t r? et, arc carried over the Columbia Slid Portage Railways without transhipment. Careful captains and ere ws are employed, who take Cjtarxe of the goods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the eutire route, thus avoiding delays aud the liability ol lots beinifseparated on the way. N. lr-PlMMg?n r-.rwaidt d U Pittsburg and rottsville, evety day. Suudiy.??e,led. ? STORKS Arf,Ui a 12 3m 7 WyhlmlomtrKt. FKE1UUT AND PASSAGE TO P1U>BVRC, Tlie proprietors of Bingham's Tunsportntion Line to Pittsburg, gi*e notice to the Merchants of New York, and all other persons shipping to the Writ, that their line is now in active op* ratio!' (loads unsigned to thrin (or sent to go in their lino,; w ill l>e forwarded with despatch. Owner* or ship|*ers of goods, destined for the Western States, who have no agent or consignee at Pittahurg, will please consign their goods to William Bingham, Pittshutg, who will attend to snipping all tuch consignments without delay. All goods should he marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ales of freight, which are as low as any other lint, apply o WM, TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opposite Pier No. i, N. R. N. B. Passenger, forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsvtlle,every day, Sundays excepted. Refer to K. Crooks, American Fur Co. ; S. T. Nicoll, Front street : Phelps, Dodge & Co., Fulton street; Suydmjp. Sage St Co ; Wm. ltaiikin, Durye* St Co, Newark. inti 3m RAIL, ROAD?ALBANY AND SARATOGA. Travellers to Saratoga Springs, I. iU< O.-i rvf , Wluteimll and Lower Canada, nr.' informed that they will insure to themselves an eipeditioUi aud pleasant < ouvryance to the Springs hv taking the K<il Roi 'oars at Albany. HOURS OK DEPARTURE. From Albany. From Saratoga. At 6 o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A M .. 9 " 3 " P. M. I " 3V< " P M. There is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shiftins of Bay-gage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Passengers on their arrival at Saratoga, w ill find atage coaches in readiness to convey tnem to Lake George and Whitehall on Lake Ch'.inplain; connecting with all the principal Northern and Castern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the afteinooii train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at 5 o'clock A. M. strives at Whitehall In nme for tlw depaitut of ue Chainplain steamboat of s one day, and briufis eastern trav llers to Rutland, Vt early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the arrival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carTy the baggage of passengers divert to and from the depot and steamboat at the rate of 6)4 cents per trunk or package, or 12.hi cclits far ordinary travelling baggage. The dep .rturrs for the west are tiled for the season at o'clock, A. M. and 7 I'. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Supcrin'cndent. Albany, June 27th, 1R-I2. jc27 3m r RAILROAJJ "N OT1CE. .MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NA"'. HMIE NEW JERSEY Railroad and Transportation ComA piny have established a Freight Line between NewJ Brunswick and New York, which they intend to run permanently. Leaving New Btunswick at A. M. daily, (Sundays eiCe : i) .,ld r!,e f.ot oi" l.iber-v rr-i'f V.w VmL nttfV C \1 . i'o country dealer* and m??,lJUiU the above liu?* is very dcsirabli for the speedy and cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more particularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stocit, who can have l>0 beau of cattle conveyed between New Dmus wick and New York, the same day whenever required. 'The rates for the transportation of cattle, horses, males, ah fp, ho#?, 4*c. ami nil oilier kinds Ol" merchandur are very I low, never exceeding steamboat price*. Merchandise sent by rlii* line u not subject to any extra charge ill crossing die North River. The Company have titted np a large storehouse at New Brunswick, adjoining die Railroad Depot, winch will always beopen for the reception of merchandise. Passruigers purchasing their tickeU at the ticket offices, will rcceivr Icrry tickets gratis. ^CT" Freight for Newark, Elizabeth town, llahway, Westfield, riainliehl, Scotch I'lai i, Bouudhrook mid Somen ille, i* conveyed by the above lineJ, and delivered the *am< day when received. mil Jin* OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rumson, fa.. n,. Brow n's Dock, Midillelow u, E ilonlowii Dock i i) .1 ji.-i. Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton M irket Slip, F.i-t River,every morning at 11 o'clockfor lied Bank, (except Thimuay, on which day tiie boat g.vei to Eatontown Dock.) Returning, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. The loli, will run as above, navigation and weath- r |>ennitting. until further notice. All freight and b iggage at die risk of tlie owners thi-eof. June 31, 1812. jc293mc jtW&i ^aal CHEAP EXCURSION to the Fishing lV? S -a* Bjiik*. evrrv day, escrnt Tuesday, and KrlTr 51? I T days?Fare 2.i cent* each way?The steamer NAPOLEON, I'apt. Hancox, will run regularly lothe above place every fair day, and leave a* follow*?Foot of Haminetid stiuet at 9 o'clock, I anal street quarter past 9, Market street half past 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9%, pier No. 1 North river at 10 o'clock. On Tuesdays and Fridays the Napoleon will make afternoon excursions to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steamboat General Jackson avill continue to run to the same [dace every other day in the week)?and leave as |Y>1low,?Foot of Hammond street at 2 o'clock, Canal street at a quarter pait'2, Pike slreel !*?,. I'ier No 1 nt J o'clock?Fare 25 tent., each way. The boat w ill remain at Coney Island one hour and a half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. jll l;n*c _ STATEN ISLAND FERRY~ Foot of Whitehall street The steamers 8TATF.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will leave New York and St den Island every hour, from 8 A M tu 7 P M. All govds are required to be particularly marked, tailoring" "UEMOVAL. PHILLIPS' CASH TAILORING ESTABLISH ML NT, Is removed from 145 Drosdwav to No. 7 Astor House, ECONOMY UN IxEJN TJLiEJYlEJN'S DRESS. Garments of a most Klognnt mid Kaahmnutlc kind ft a saving of 6f> per cent for cash. ri^HE advertiser deenuil iuui?cest*ry to rcsoit U th? I i- nryrd system of giving a li*t of nominal pn."vs, |?retJHiintf that the length of tiro# he hns Meo h hod. together with the extensive patronage bcitowod OQ linn, win prove * sum eient voucher for hi* capabilities. Possessing the advantage ol being connected with an extensive cloth establishment in Europe 1 he confidently asset i that he can furnish clothe* which, on coin- ' pvison, will h.'-found l.m-r rW.i u.\ ?-' r;> c hOMMUnf the best descriptions of dress. in 13m S. fillLI.lCS. 7 \ r.,r House. Broadwar ^ iMARTIN'S I'aHh Tailoring Eatabllahment, It Rrmoreii fi> 164 William itrret, corntr of .1nn tlrref ri'ii! ii iiUM nM? ...j. ? uuuunanf the above to hit friend* and J. the public in general, take* lenvs to return th ink* for the liberal psOtNiftKo Iiestowed on l.itn at his former p| ??f huiii- 1 nuss, and ftsrans tlmm that *vcry article ordered oi him shall. m heretofore, be c,'t, made, and trimmed in Uu neatest and 1 in \ lid? in into i to m itcn U?. th< ne west tod be it in the market, and at ? positive taring of 30 j?er cent. Strangers ' ar<- requested to cal mo eanmine. Gentlemen who t rafer purr hating their own cloth. Sic., c.\n ' hate thern made and trimmed in the st>rfc that haa given aurh g.nsi d *af:?l n il i .hi i n>. I - - . . | ,,| v% irrant?d to tit, and made by the beat workme n at the follow- . ing prices, < 1 Dress fh its S? ft to ft ?o Frock t>nU 00 to 9 'A P int* and Vesta I T> to 2 00 Over ('oats 9 00 to U go H7- No garment* n ady made?all made to order, and a suit to**** "'"- "1 MiraiF.i. K vvnr.v. 1 RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. rpHB Subtctibtr, withavievr of mer'in: thr esinrncivn of ' JL the time,, ha* m?d? "rraiK'menu whert by he will lienorforth he i u-\ I" i':i.n>?h - ii" nf ihi i i v I" s. i|iialiiy, .it in nunriw ??ei'o* from formrr chartrs. H it in? made hi, pnrrhanrs rtrliwhnly for <*,?)?, liu in determined to compete with thectiri|<"rt,('W the reaily money irnri|de only.) while lit' I'ImWu liiui- If to continue tlni .anm o.>?. tunc' of i leuaiire ?i,j |.<>(?< : 1 1 hieli I"1 I?t fillren ) *,? li.i. rharti u<l ni* i ntablut.mtut. Gentlemen aie referred to the annevrd 1 ll?t oi price, with the assurance that thr article, enumerated i II, ,11 I ' . lie! "ft Ir ? 'ho rno-f roith I)re?a coats of super wool ayoO clotlm, from ,1, to 21. I ' 1'fHts, do do riuumcrr, R to 10. Vnli, of every fuhiouabU variety, 3 SO to J 30. Oentlem. 11 wieliiux to furnish tueir own materials can have tlirir Karniviils 111 i,l* mil trimmed 111 the name style of elt-aaoce, in proportion m thr above. 1 y. B.?Mr. Bibcock, Ion? known a, one of the most faihion- , able Cuttera, continues in the establishment. CHAS. COX, Sim. of the Ooldrn Heeee, , jr'lB 1m m 61 Nvmu street, near Maiden inue. E NE' 1> WATERING PLACES7&C. ~" SHARON SPRINGS. rFHK PAV ILLION.?Thja in ? tviiajnuUiM* ili'ul will bo * <H*B for the rtrijiliini of visitors 0*. nij tClcl I lie hut of June ilit Vil. i ;e of S!itmu Springs, !?ol wl >aiic Cbuut; > Nrw York. | The clear pure water of the ?| in**, rreatly rricfcliliuf timet- ol the white sulphur *pii.i-.s ul Vlrfillli. hue been proved to be lncMy i fiicui -us in Mi, unwtic. Cutan oui Bill."'d Dysrwytic comt'liuitv and ia th* cure of Kroapcjae, Salt rheum, Scndula, Liter CampKint, and Lonrral ihiMlity, ami in m uii etlier n !t>ei-r- (a* r, rtitV'l by tome bf In* most eminent mediae! pr-leavim in lite I nitcd Stalls) m-dicinil mil liealing pio|iertn.> umiupj-Jeu, toil believed to I' unequalled by am in Uu? country. Ail bd to their, the rid. ? in tin ticiuity, numeroue vllegrs, estettsive view*, ncighborm.- carte and romantic ' entry are ainntiK the many attractien* Iifieri'd to Uieec f01 king in the beat of atimmer. cither health or pi tarn re. These spritws are but a few I, mra ri.Ie Com Sarotora.iTrny, Albany. Sic., iinl at. .icci .table from Canajoharie on tin Albany swl Ulicu itilroini, where nir.n i s daily await the of the morning cars ftoili 8c!u unclad) and Llies, to carry visitor* to the 8p-m(*, a distance of about eight mil s) aim iny in time for dinner; also b\ the Albany and Cherry Valley lum pi Ik r* by daily ?Mgt-s, buing abmit forty-five mites wtii of tilt Cl^rni, co! l^Ind "liowr Bat lu furnished at *11 limes, either of .1? . mineral u\ f?? sit w tier, and every attention yivculo render the Rial' of *'?ilor? agreeable. An anunuance of the purest mountain soring Ice is stiffed for th? season H VV. 3. (JKD.MKV. THE Sf'KINCiM HOTEL.?^This Hotel will be opened at i!, iboieiiUayr oi jliiron Spciusi, reci i tion il *\ \tors, ami combiinug all liie advantage* of > I tin delightful summer re*ideiK<\ JOHN V. ETTLN. sS9 I0wtt?w*r CATSKI'LL M )U$ 1 Ai\ Hi M fSEL AT TIIE PINE ORCHARD.?1812. HMIIS romantic and fashionable resort will be couducted durA the present season under the direction and mjeriMtnda net* of the subscriber. It has undergone a complete aud thorough repair, and i? now open for the reception of visitors. No effort will he spared to in linlaiii the deservedly high character wliich it has heretofore tcuoired. As heretofore, iu tables will be furnished with every delicacy thai the New York nnrkrt can afford; aiH every j^osslble attention that can promote the convenience and enjoyment of its patrons will he promptly bestowed. The lending to this establishment and espectally putofil ou the lnountaiu, has been rendered perfrrtly stnoolh { !!(] sale. Messrs. A. b . Beach St Co.'s excellent line of stages will run at heretofore regularly b'tiveeu the landing and the Mountain House, on the arrival of the bo Vs. C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June 13th, 1#J2. _ jell Jmr Ba th hois:.. LONG r?L \ST5 T I>n? mi well Known boarding and sea b hi us establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among* which is the erection of scv ral elegant summer hosiies npon the makgiti of the ocean. is now open for the reception oi company during the season The great extetit of private beach on this shore?the perfect security in b *? ;.. , eveufoi Indies and children, (tin bathing houses being withiu a stone's throw of the mansion)? the shady, i > I n di ligl tlnl I < u * grove adjoining the house ?tiie pleasant rides in the surrounding country?the excellent fishing grounds and othei sources of healthful recreation and amusement?ih" beautiful view* of the Ail ntic ocean and the lower bay, almost eonatnuly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward bound, render this situation in every respect uopqualled by mi in the vlcimtjr. I i accommodations are ample, the rooms airy and the temperature, even in the warmest aa^ lof imm r, inything but oimresstTt. Tie convenience of communication and distance, (being hut nine miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to business render it peculiarly well adapt* d as a residence for gentlemen of basic -8S in New York, je12 2m*r WILLIAM DROWN, Proprietor. T> 4 TlTT TIT H T I\f \T/in JD^J ll J)U ll^Ul IMiS, T7OK.MKRLY KKNSHAVV'S, at Lotr< Branch.?T)n? r?1 tensive and delightful Sea Bnhinu Ettabl siupeiif will be opened by the subscriber on the 27th June, instant. Ije bug* respectfully to inform it3 former patrons and lite public .that considerable addition* and alterations, eucrcasiug the comforts, have hetn inade since last year, and will be in complcti reading** for. their accommodation. Wishiuiito be as reasonable as the times will afford, tlic board Will oescvfii doll ir* imt week as Itst year, instrad of t< 11 dollar* as formerly. Chi I area of a certain a?;e and servant* b Ui price, lionet full fed. S3,30. Ha hopes he miy say without imputation. that his table and accommod itions will be equ ll to any on Lopi Branch. Young pi opie not rmoirioK too much room, will find accommodating terms. je22 lin*r _ JAMES GRRKN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. N. J. LEWIS E. HANKINSO.Nre?[>ecifiilly inform? Ins fiiendi anil the public thai lie lias litt.-d up in riie beat stjvle the houac '.oriuerly occupied by Jacob Corli?, at tile above place.ill the most hc.ithl'ul .ituation on the =? . coast, about 7 miles from Bed Bank, ami fourteen from lliistown. Stage, pass through and fro to meet the Philadelphia ears. The teruis of hoard will be found Ten- moderate. Also, .tablinp, &c, lor hofsei, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pled*es himielf that no effort of his will be tt.iutinit to reudrr tim e who patroniar liiin r. intertable, and that hi. house will be found equal to any alone the coast. je'tO 1m r -v_a Kinn'ru o. u. .m fo T i-i? ?. ~ Bkn.nftt bear Sir.?Vor s v. ral days past I noticed j^aiuyout daily, (which bv the way 1 receive iv*ular) youi d??c>|ttinu of Fishionablc W&U.xing places, ami 1 iookeu tlic 10 all over but did not find any mention inadc of OUR HOIJSK. Now very likely you have never h ml of this pi ice, as I built it last aKtumii just in time to take a smalt sw inkle of the winter travel from New York to Albany, and by tV" way *~ver??lgeiitlemeu from your place. thought they would r ?fl this summer a*d spend a few weeks, but vs I generally satisfy .< in >n tliat ?alls once tl at I e > aniiot d in Met than to h igain, I doubt whether I will see one of them untiljncxt winter, :hcn 1 am sure of them, as this will he about as good a ronte as they can t ike, as the rail road will be competed from Our House to West Stock bridge, and tint perfects the chain of rail road from Cvreenhush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, 1 wish you to understand something of the particulars of our location. We are within one mile of the north line of the State of Connecticut, stir* rounded by the tallest kind of mountains, and on the top of out* of tin-in is a splendid lake, that abounds ill fish almost as tall as the mountain itself; we have other very lute lakes. The Hoiuatmiic River out half mile from us, and the tributary stresms of which I luzzard nothing in saying for Trout and I'ike fuhiug, ar? not second to an* in New Knglaud, if in the world. Theli there is no arbitrary law about bird* iu our adjoining towns ill Massachusetts, perhan* a few could he caught, and put a few of tlieni with plenty of li h, and we will have a tolerable dinner. ^ The way to get from your place to this, is jint to drive to Catharine Market slin and take the steamer ' \ di I, (which bj (Im w i . i> j enfl Mid to In .0 union yom i arrival at Bridgeport take the carton the llousatonir rail road, which will let you off at our house at precisely 4 o'clock. P. M. I Suppose you call up yousself, and ask your friends to come. I Tin re are tlie fills too, some fifty feet p* rpendi? uIp.i, more or I less, that might be named, but I am net disposed to tell y#u all about this section, as I hau rather |?eople should look it over for J themselves. By the way, pay your fare on hotrd the boat through, as vou save half a dollar in the fare, it then being only ' $2Jj0lYoin New York to here. The rajs leave Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here ami dine in New York. 1 Yours, with respect, ill 2w*c JOHN BAK8TOW. ntDFORD MINERAL SPRINGS?This well kn n | U watering place, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now 0(?n for the reception of visitors. To those wlio have never visited the Springs, it may be riecess>ry to say that they are situated near the great Western Turn- , pike, which passes through Pennsylvania from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a few miles <ast of the chief elevation of die Allegliauy mountains. Efeni thinu has been nrnvid*?d rl.i i snpiurn pleasant tn those who are seekimt health or enjoyment. I Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good baud of music will be in attendance. A daily stage will leave Chainbcrsburg in the morning, and arrive ai the .smiii.'n the saoi# ereninu, or il' persons prefer llie Baltimore and Ohio R'il Road to Htucock, will liaTe daily conveyance* from th*re to the springs. Tlie liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two la?t seasons, will ensure the renewed exertion* the coming season, for t e amusement and comfort of his iru'?t?. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. jeWeod lm*r Proprietor. DRY GOODST&c. TO THE LATHES. ! 1? ASH I ON ABLE MILLINERY (JOOI'S.?'The pronrte" tress, Miss S KINO, daughter rrf the oalehrated Csrl King, I rs for sale a mast select anil choice assortment of Millinery i Hoods, for the splint; trade, never as yet presented to llm pale ' lie, both as regard* tJie quality and cheapness of the articles I The assortment consists of the following:? I The celebrated SILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORI.EANS, as worn by La Duchesse D'Orleans, of Kranee , I SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIOINAL ( STYLE And Lswu Hats do do?An ? ntire new atyle o [ Hats called " MODEM E CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.' 1 rarisianind English KANC V STRAWS, of the Aneat texture, in ureal variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor hrr with acall. and examine her elegant and varied stock or Mil- < line re foi ttaamaolevs, nay prtrchnsa ataawnare, n* it t wilt be a great sat iug to ihcm in price and a gnat advantage a* regards the variety and nu llity of the goods. MISS 8. KINO, Magazine de Modes, i .ie?g lm*r Br adwny. c BETTER plac- to And Boots and Shoes aheap, f and we are not sure that in New York thai e is any c inn e so .iiiulas at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Marltat .till Canal 1 itiert, in.nh east comer id Hudson street. Those w ho have t tried ippe ir to be generally satisfied that this is a fart un- li iiieati inal le. All those who n<) not have tried our hoots iho s, or gaitsrs.w ill find it to their advantage to snaks the trial y loon. _ c \ KNOX fc CO, t N. B. Country merchants a 'e by the package or v jelSloi*r 11 SHIRTS. SHIRTS. UNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY.77 Wilvv 11*m strrrt, corner of Liberty, N. Y Notice l? hereby liven to Mcrch mU nnl traders in general, that the proprietors of the nbovo muMbthii^'nt have ailoptrri a new method of manu- 1 factoring which enables On in lo sell their ahirta at a cheaper I mu than any other home i i this city. Thi? statement will be illumed by Ihe Hit OTprtcn ax lollow,:? DoJl ^ Fin. Mn.l.n Slnrt?, wi ! 1 .. n r no xfirrhv l in t?i?* B >- mamlCoU" J.o< L><> Colored i.uii |*?< m?, Urue ?;*** V Alan, a 'irv-e Munntitv ?f Buaoma am! Collar* conxtsnllj 011 tand, which will be nff.iv.l cheap for raiK. jvl im"' SUMMER WVOUKS, SCARFS, CRAVATS AND CLOVR*. It'Sr HKMVM). xrii .MiM.iy ol th? abne artielM. con ' tUtinf of * *tr> liuht %n?! elastic stock, e*i>re?sly tor the >nmmt*r montlu. Also?Scarfs anil <-'? ? in grr U vanet). A ItrK'! wor'itfnt of Silk, Ti.. . L Cotton mo Horskin (How*?? th? old esfablishir.rut, 241 Broadway, between Park i Place and Mur 4V Slrci. I'ATISRLLS, Ajpntfor J. AOATL. N. D. Coir?tantlr on hmd, in ttten^ive naiofiroenfc nl Linen umI Muslin Shuts, Liom Dress Knots, Limn Collars, Under Cssrmenui, 6ti. k?. jy IS lm#c I M PC) RTA NT~rFO "THE PUBLIC. A LL who wish to teonomitv can obtain Clothint of the best il. qu.liry remarkably ch?apf at M Canal street, bn* door JIii-1 n. i |.?r/i itsiortuifnf. < .1 < b '!? ., f . .i- i inert'*. Vpstim;*, and Summer Ooods, from which Clothititf of I ill ki it! < nviil' t<? il. f in thf bt-?t maimer at v^rf reduced ^ , ri , 205 C'm i| r.ff f t. ^ Jp|9 3ro*r c SHIRTS. J SHIRTS made to order, after the moat approrel French f txhioox. <i?iiil> men ? (J*rma?t? of all tWacnplioqa made 10 tl irder at the xhortext liolice. j r t? m? n't F"riiuhlti(t "ti'tc 87 *nn M Maiden U?e, corner o if William atreet. _ J. F jej0 WILLIAM COLLINS. tl W Y O JEW YORK. MONDAY J BOOKS AND STATIONERY. ~ TO PATER MAKERS. lJt.KSf'.f. & BUUDKS, S i. (.1 Lib :ty ?lrcot, between I liruadway and Xj.mii >ireet, N>-w Vork, iiuivrt dirtci from tli? Manufacturer* th? follow in.: articles, \i/:? Ul' iclum Powder of tinnl it Sm'? n iki?warranted, for uniformity ?ud strength, tyial to ^rt" in th* f Britain, and for the .ale nl which they are telle rurr'uU iu til* United State*. K Kiidi ( > lindi Machine Felting of v.:iy superior quality, ?!. tU, 4i, Wi. 71'. *?.i 1 ?1 inch' ? w ide. Dryer Felling f st:ou.', ai.J of wiJth* usually required. Blue Smalu.? diving tlie agency of the Sutton Company'? Blue rimaltj, they are eu.iblrd to nqiyly KFKK, and FrVlO,; in any quantiti, , Wire! for Fou..l,inier and Cylinder M adiiti'?. manufactured from the purr it metal?alio, J irkcli? Wet and I'rcsi Fella. Hull. Screena, N??a. I. 2, 3, of bran metal. OrJm f..r ant of die ale ae article , to-.-riher avitli Foreign anil domestic rag.. S..d? Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, Ste. Sic., will meet w itii pi f.i, t ,i:t.-ntl i, iiillc BQO K B I N D i N G PATER KULKNG. LT IRK LAND, No. 1 \j Nas* .u *tr? <t, K viug ?iu entiif Mew 1 1 lock of Biiidi i i thfl Utt'Jt awl moit ni>pro>?'il uatteriu. i> now prepared lo execute *il nnler* in the most ditr.-olc am! liaiid?oiiiv ui nun r. Merchants Aocrotmi Books aihI all oilier Liu.I of BUtikwork rub ii *i??l bound to any pattcrui, ami in n ?i\ Iu lu-ti i? wx.Tanted to tire aliilactiuu. Any work onlered can be fl ; iu\he Ki.? ii*). mode il required, ?u H. I. luu hid long txiw-iituce in h?>u? methods. mig The Antl-a\hgular Sysicm or WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FIKVM TWKITV: TO KIVF D0LI.M11. Mil. BR1STOW (for tin's season fw.'u) ! ? trnuiTD hit Trims fro in 'J welvo to Five Dollars, thus bringing tins Useful A.t within: it me an* of ALL, i i ;uii'UU*?d to be taught in TwbIm l?c<fOiiA of ??ii hour etch ! ! Acfblrmy Aro. 235 Broadwayt near Pai k Place. (jrntlem*?n of all ages art* positively tauub' 4 l ol>l, free, f.tveditious and Anuhca businesslike .style of Writing; no uiatter now illegible or cr imptd tie* present nand may be, [Sec specimens at 13* Broadway.! AND THE LADIES A neat and handsome, delicate and j4*l?iou ?ble 11 inning Hand IN TWELVE EASY LE88ONS! 7T?" VISITORS in New Yoik can take arouist- in Three Days !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to 1 A. M.. or fioin I to 8 P. M. [1 j5* BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and tingle entry. Evening (Hauch from 7 to 9 jy8 lm*c 1 hiriTBODY'B NEW YORK PKlNTfNGINK V!AN UFACTORY,2tt Hose street, corner of Dunne (Old Sugar House) Printing Ink of all colors, warranted equal to any, constantly on hand and olie red for sale on reasonable terms, deliverable to any part of the city free of cartage. Printers and * ruder* arc solicited to make a trial of this article. jv 2 3m r ^ OCT LISTS. IDOCTOH J. FRANCIS, OCULIST, NO. 10 BARCLAY STREET, wilkin t\v > ili>or? of the Astor Hou?e.?His preparations tur ;i perfect cure for .11 inflammatory dtMtpatif the (H. wnkwn of ilrkt,etc., i -M never fail in rrmoviu* nebulas of ihi- longest standing, without any surgical operation CERTIFICATES. 1 cartify tint Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen vers of ' re, ava? bronchi to my liousr lot fall, apparently blind, lie railed on me to-d y, and tales that lie Ins been the patient ol Dr. J. Francis, whose treatment li.s hi . n the means, under God, ot'ie.toring hi* sight. JAMES M1LNOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beekinan at. This is to Certil'i that two of my children s era afflicted with diseased eves for a length of time, one of them waa almost blind with nebufiu, coveting the sight. Every remedy was resorted to without anv good effect, .nd despaired of tli.m ever being recorered. TTrey are now perfectly le.tored to li||ht by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL S. JON'K.S. <99 1'carl street. 1 w is almoi t blind lor tw elve ye in, and in five week*, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. I' rancis, toy sight is now per feclly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Fonytli street. 1 certify to the above being a true statement. GEORGE BENEDICT, Pastor of the Stantou strert Church. 1 was nearly Wind for twenty years with a cataract in caeh eye and from the use of Dr. Franeis' w onderful preparation for that disease, mv eves ar" now iterfectlv recovered. ?ITESTER JOHNSTON. 41 El.lrulge street. We, the trndersttued, having witticssedthe astonishing efficacy ot Dr. Funcis' preparations lor diseases of Uie eye, unhesitating!) recommend them to the uotic* of the juhlic,.u valuable rcin.dii s. Duncan Dunbar, Pastor of McDnttgal st. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Fil.t Baptist Church. John Peck, Agent of the Hume .Mission Society. Jacob Bioiiner, Pastor of the North Ui list Church. Joseph Ainlreade, Roman Catholic 1'iiesl of St. Peter's Church. Numerous certificHtcs en he seco nt the office. Pre Pi red and only by Dr. J Francis, in B irelay street.aNew Y?>tk. Artificial E) e? inserted, which ca not be distinguished from th" natural, without gi* in*/ tbe slightest twin. Dr. J. Francis rcspoctfully inform* his 1 fiends and the pub'ic, tV .t in consequence ofthi nacre imofhii basfoeii, Dr. ulenn . Member of the Kn\ J CaUt'itc of dnrp?*oru, Londmi, ami of the N?w York MraicwS(HS;ety, has joined Mm, and every confidence can be placed in his professional skill as in Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. M.. until 6 P. M. jylO 3in*c NOTICES. rronroliATidSf noflci:-Fubi'i~Notice i? ?&?> *? v-/ Ten, a sale of property for unpaid tans will ralti* pi are at Public Auction, at the City Hill of the City of New Vark, on Wednesday, the 38th day ol Mtptrmbir neat, at 12 o'clock. 1:0011, and be continued from day lo day until tin- n hole of .aid property shall be ?old, and iba; tbe detailed atatrine'ut of the tales, and property to be .old. 1, luMivlieil 111 the Nt ? Km, a lien* an per printed and puhll.ln il in the city of New York. At.FRKD a. smith, Comptroller. ( ninptrollei's Office, M l\ J;, ":i*. |e2.'i low I Si NOTICK TO I I.KHK-:. m.l I! , f?. - i?i'1,1,.e micnuri thein to lie constantly on their left.?By calling ?t the old eidu-ite B.nir Store, III Chatham street tliev ran be acromrnod "led * iththe invaluable article, KOOKHS MKi'ALIC KLASTIC 11EKL BOOTS, warranted ineirry |?r[icular, and at the name price of the ordinary Bait. The follow in* are aoine of the many advantage, tue F.l.ntk Heel, bare over erery other kind Ktr.t?The elasticity add. greatly to the durability of lite Book gecoudly?-They make no noi.e in walking upon the paleIllS-llt* Thirdly?.hey prevent U ioti from running down to the lircl. Kourtlily?They enable the wearer to walk with much let. r.tiri:-.. Kiftlily?They do not cut or t" ar carpet, a. "lo iron or nailed heels. hutlilv?They can be worn with comfort by thoie hating A* usual, constantly on hand all kinds of Boots if wholesale md retail, t manufacture i's <lrj es, #. Im* GKOROf ( OL\ KB, ! THOMAS D1 (MRI), sti sors to Lewis B. Griffin \ Co., would respectfully inform their friends and the jpublic, that they aie prepan d to furnish Limber of every description, at a* short notice, and una* rcaloiiahle terms as any cst<?blishniei.t iu the city, at their Ntw St am Saw Mill, foot cf Fourteenth street, Noitli Riier. jyll lm* r _ LOOK OUT. He who steals my purse steals tra*h, But he who liiftrie* from me of my good name il"bs m? ol thai which n ?t enriches him, But males rnepoor indeed.?[Shiktpeaie. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, No. 90 Chatham Tret, inak* s the shove quotation, hcrnitse others endeavor 10 filch from him his go ?d name, tame, and reputa ion. W* pave more than once made public the many irnposit oi?s prac lined on dealer*, strangers and others, in pursuit of oqr highly reputed Troy* Sliins, Bosom.*, and Collars. But now that impositions are on the increase, therefore, we hall keep these firts before the ptblic, which will expose imposrer-i, and may rut off their w iot* d design*. Mnke no mistakes therefore. ' Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awning md window. Be pa ficnlsr, however, to s< ? the name *' Mardull'*" on our window and ahout our store. No. W, ,otir only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doors from the earner of Pearl and Cleat tie m streets, and Oil the right hand side in Chatham street, in pissing to the City IfalT. Seethe iinme MARSHALL'S .and you are correct. CATALOGUE OF PRICKS. Strong made Cotton Shirt , w?th liuu bosoms, collars and a nu hand*, warranted, at per dozen $7?7 50?fl?ft '0?9?b?? 10 ;>0?11?12?12 ?IA?10?10 50?17?18? <0?21?22 50?24?25 1150-47?28. All Linen Shirts per doz. $80?20 50?2$?77 5018?32 50?36?38. Plain Cotton Shirrs, per do/,. $'? 50?$?7?7 50 ^8?0. Colored Shirts, pet dox. $5?5 50 6 -7?u?>-10-11. dollars just received?In addition to our former Urge stock of :olltr* of very deser prion, 1000 dozen, all Linen eoltars, at 0 cenis per dozt n. 62c?75c?07c?$1?1 25?I 50?1 75?2?2 25 -2 50?9 75?3?3 25?J50 and 4 00, including onr .ew style. Vl .tribal I's By roil Coriars, which Have b-t n v? highly approved < Tic < . w ' "i. |ihtiu tin! rn'ib- .... i i '.? bund ?t man) of n? principle ready ma e linen stores throughnit tin-city a n!|it th. manufacturers, Mars -all's only Pr Shi.t Dep. t. No. 90 Chatham s'reet. New York. We au.iou dva'irs and others arainst the many mistakes tint have ieeii m d of ate, in eoifesequrnee *of seeing ttcketcd p ires in nine of tin windows. Keen Meet, no marked or ticket'd trice* are to he seen in oil" window. But remember tins the ut of our \tore, with the prices .attached, will be circulated for he he ue lU of all. These circulars only maybe ieeii in our tind-jw ; in 1, furthermore, w advise ag.t'ii, see the name and itiTT'i>er, " Ma shall'*, No. 90." No patronage asketl ? f those vho beat down. _ i\ 15 lw*r AHPIIALWM AND MINKK \L I AK. JOHN LOWITZ, No. 2 Wall-Street, LIAS constant)- ? i? hind natural Asnhaltum Rook and Mine11 ral Tar, w li'c.h tr u># d lor the lollowing purposes :? Gard? lu Mid sidewalks. Flo ring of Bu Idi id f 1 . w hi n thi it lusu n i I nouture is required i'snah and Bridges. Piers, Wrisrls nd Docks. Vault*. Bstha, Aqu< duci?.Reservoirs, Sewers. Terraces, Roofio.. floating of iron w< ik, to prevent its ondalton by airau satrr. I A . ,r.rM# r.t fimKar ur.n L mi#<I nt r*ilr..4?l? Ire V irki'ln, daughter ho i?ca, and Ihnnliug M'uehoiui't, where he i tcluvion of vermin la remind. iiitmind*r tttl.l.K.I I It IN S.? i'h. Snlp.r i - , trill collect Note 'e'Dratir. Acr.-plane ?, ('< rtilie ?r< "I I)< ). -.ilea, lie. (through ' \n n 4 ' p. Train N> w Vnrk lo Albany) m imnv ( id' lolljwiiig til.pp:ea, ami r'u trainee rritirna to the city of Jew Villi, ill frltm tia to right days. lTlica, f inamlaigna, Hyntciiae, llixiieater, Auhnm, Kataria, Ocuevi, Dntinlo. Iff rrf : Kraaiim* Corning, 11 onuu tV. Qlcotf. Albany rO.MKAOY ? TO, 1 Wall afreet, New Vnrh. fit i>r?et_1ttta sml M trlii t atn'vl*. Albany. LSKAKSALjVs >Alt h> rAUI.IXIIMKJSl-. founded in r ijB-t, lit ins Water atn-et, Tin ilnora above Oatharin, intr rt only eaialdiahmrnt of the kind in lite United Slain, piii'iinir H I., lupjdy Nary. the American, Ruaaian, anil Ipaniah w ir ateamcra?Ina applied all the race hoata ami club oatt for the laaf four yeara?a nil ha* now tin- largeat aaaordm nt f onrt. ?wee[>a, auil aculla ever collected in one place. N. D ?The Branch Oar Store on the North lliver aide ia inn np, and removed to 402 Wairr afreet; and aa I aave all the aie-naea of one itore.J will tell enough cheaper to Stoic who nine from the North finer aide to pat them for tln ir tmnhl, . lace hoata, club boate, oara and acnlla aold SO |ier cent leaa tan laat year. tnS3ni*c RK H MORNING, JULY 18, 1342, furniture. ! george w. "Dawson, H 'holrtnlr ami Hi tall r'umiturc urn) Genera! Fvr- J niihing (Yarehoutt, A'o. (>7 Chatham utreet, corner of Ihtane street, JXeto Yen k. I UTHKRE lie kcf,>r sale i large assortment of the I'ollow'? in- rtieles, run: >tdehnaid.,. Bureaus, H, d.r?ad?, I'ots, T bles, Cliair,, tllHci and Portable Desk*. Ota*, Cmi Book r C K'i, IjimkiUk. (Jlames, Urn,iik, l-eiilre. les ,nl rier Tables, I'uuo*, Sofas, Sofa Ui dsteuLi, BnU, iiruiliti-', l'alca?ters, M,t- 1 ^ UtlKi, Carpels, l)il_ Cloth, Malting and hire Iron,, Wrish St,io n. Toilet 1 ikin, Caudle Snkijc, Bureau Bedsteads h Dressing Bureaus, Sir.., Su\ Also, , large aisortmeut of men and numrn'i Wearing Apiwi'l, lie,, and necoad li Hided. All the above irtii lea are ntfured to the p-Uic at very low price,. 1'ersou, in w ut of said article.. Would find it to their advantage to make on early call at the above esunliihm nr. Shipping order, punctually attended to and p., I.ed ,.<l the vhortrat notice, ana m, r< un eilde lennv Mittfrsses, Bedding, Sic. for fitting out vciaela, e?in.tamly on hand. All ordem to tlie ilton- establishment will be punctually attended to and thankfully received. if. B.?The highest prices ,viil he given f"i Second Hand Furniture, and Ucntlein. u' md Lidies'cast otf Clotliina aiti 6in*r china, (ti;ass, and earthenware. S ASTlli:. UUl.'Sl-;. m li IIMlLf,L/\l.\ <1.1.,i. I - ivicm , I 15 pC4, $25 <*> , 1 Willi.- li, mil.' " " \y> ' IJ on j'rtnch or r?ir<-l .in Tt\ Si'?, Ji " loo r Dm.u-r I'litn Krriirli lVrc Uiu t r 0 >r.ra 131 " " OrRiriti. hluc. or whit# I on r! Soup " " ' I on 1 i< .'-ncli porct'Um, ilox 2 no v 'IYa i-upj ami iiuun, 21 pl.ce. " 150 a Kg* tiii<? " 37 OUU. t Cut wiDes, per doc*n, fr"m I 50 I ' Tumhl.-m, " " 2 oil r L cm otiadc li-iii'lli'tl " 2 25 T no.): n ri.> rv, Of the fun-it (lt-icription, in xn or do* m, at llie low price of r il V 00 llu- ?rL Just opi-ticJ a h.uitUom<- .uioittnput oTToilet ware. , It. SIMPSON. 1 N. D. A-.'ont for the tale of Simiwoii's K*r orm-tj, lor the B rail of ol lUafneu. ^r#ilm*e ^ CHEAP HARD WARE STORE. ' THK Suforriber is u< \v oie ning hit Sprins? supply of HARDVVAltL A.\l> ('I Vl.hlRY. rec? -ived p? r late ar- \ from Birtniiiicltun a.?d Sim tli? hi. Pogi-tlicr with n m*n? L ral atsor'jr.riJL of I^otni snc M'n.tis, iv inch he is prepared to offer ,?*he veiy LOWEST \SH PRICKS. T attention of Country Mrrehant*, Builders, C-ibinrt - ? kc., it solicited to &o viminalion of hit stock ! f ?he is confident Uu?y will iind it to thsir interest r lain with n call. . ALFRED F. LAGRAVK, 210 Grcenw irh. eoniyr Barclay, N#w York. A regular rupplv of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, aim! Coontrt Glue. Alto?.? complete assortment of Mechanics' Tools, J it Met' Screwt, kc. n*2 1m pllEAP I'l'lTllLsTYfY?W. HKED.MIl Broadway, ( tWffit White liiid Walker street.?Carpet* of every description nude and iltered to lit the most iutricate rooms?Cur- t tains made anil altered to i!*> latest style. M aims-ies, sofas, and | easy c!. iirs. mvde to order to inatch auy description of furniture. The Subscriber not havbu? expenses of .\ store to pay. is | enabled to make any of the above articles at tuch prices to suit the times. Persons juirchasin^ Carpets and Oil Cloths can have a word of advice, by calliug as above. Paper J l luging. Carpets clean- 1 ed. Grease *,iots extracted, lie. jy 6 ltn*e.c ( FMKK PROOF IKON SAKKs ? i m jc can be no greater . evidence of the nigh ?' - inflation of the public of Wilder'* Salamander Safes, t1 < m th< f vet since the inventionof them I and their sulwequii. tri lis and tests lliat every thin* made for the purpose of sec urinj; ?alnable book* and papers, inn called I by ttieir makers xiut venders, Sal nnander Sales. ^ The followiutr gcntleinec;e>*ed ^ a committee of mer- v Hi tl>.> trial .it' SulVii in a li?i"?ia/?.. nt fti*. l.w?? nf I IVall street, anTilrcidrd in favor of Wilder'* Patent Salamander S.ife, which wai ihe oirfv one tliat wlood ihetcst, via Mci?r?. WADSWOBTII tc SMITH, BALDWIN St CO. < MINTL'KN St CO- i MAWSHALL, Ks<i 1 Wilder'* I\?tert Stlainvmhir Safe*. which have never I'uUd ( to nreicrv* their content* in c??e of tire, ar t to be bad only of 8.1 IIKHBINO, General A,int. No. 139 Water at, N. Y., 1 and hit duly nnthoriaed ait-nta. M. I. THOMAS & CO., Albany. 1 K. C, SALlSwl'ltV. Troy. , J. W. STAN TON St CO, New Orleans, jy 12 fitr t REFINED SUGAR, WINES,&r. ! Itf ELLINGTON A. CARTER, Wim* and Commission ' ?? Mr rchant, No. 5 New Htrcet, o:ie door from Wall street, I, has ju^t r? ceiled from the refiners* a quantity* of superior double and finrle rutin.*d Sugar, iu.miali loaves, which iiu will sell at his usual low rate*, in p arcel* to suit buyer*. W. A. CdileiV AAsonuuu t of superior Witivs cannot fail to plnitsi*. Ths old Lfonelino Madeira of 1812, in bolths and in piiifs.hhds. and qr. OBsks of va?ions ages; champagne,claret and other li^ht Wines of the choicest Orands, always on sale at Ion piicrs. Orders for any kind shall be faithfully executed. 7 1 m*i GOOD SI MMER WINE. T B. STOUVENKL, importer of French Wines of J Use most approved nramf*, Borirnn* Claret and other Wines. He has removed from hie old stand, CI Nassau street, i XI A:.:, tree! (n ir N o iru tit. Always on h nd, the best and mnht. rrrhtrrhe Wines, St. Jnli Montferraut 8t- Est ve, Lafitte Viedoe, Ice. in barrel , half casks and cases. Also, 4 liaiopi.-ne, various brand-; Burgundy. 11?-milage, ke.; superior toga tc Bnndy; best quality (Jin, roit Wine, Portugal <*ud Swaiiisli Wines. J. R. S. will also sell by the uozen bottled Wine for private families, which will lie sent to any part of the city, aim by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with their patronage. No Wines are impure sold by him, as lie imports them direct. J. B. S. has opened a boarding house at Ifohoken, op|w>? site Vauxhall (Garden, on the main road, wheie is kept an assortment of the be<t Wines. Private parties supplied with mxd dinners and refreshments. jylt lm*c HATS. HATS! HATS! HATS!! DROWN & CO'8 One Price Hat Store, wholesale and rr? 13 tail, |7y Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy arc cumbiued to adorn p the head. Theproprietors have the i leisure now to offer 111 addition to their recently improved snort napped Hat, a new ityle, the p imitation of l*ea?< rr, whir!* so closely resamoles tint of all l*?irs p the most costly and beautiful, that the difference is uot easily m perceived. Price threeihdlarH. We strictly nifhere to the one price cash systc m, which enables us to furnish a very superior r rlat for the price chimed. In presenting these 1 tats to the t publi he propri thi i . : tin ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* Jewvaaiy"^ *"9 j WATCHES AND JE WELH\ VEH1 LOW.?The.sab- ! tcriber is selling all d^sci lotions of gold and silver Watches, gold and ?il\cr pencils, (jolil chains, keys, at re- * tail, lower (hvn .it any other place ill the* city. Gold Watches t as low as 'IS to 3d dollar* each. Watches and Jewelry exchanged or bought. All Wdtclu-s are warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches and Clocks repaired in the I best manner, and warranted, at much less than the usual price*, | hy one of the finest workmen in the city. G. C. ALLEN, lin- . porter of Watches and Jewelry, wholesale and reta'I, 30 Wall . street, up stairs. jcW 1m*rc ' MISCELLANEOUS. ! economy; elk ^ance, and good 1.1 71 no. r|MIE undersigned Ins, at .? grert expense, fitted tip one of the I ! st oil ,ii ?i splendid ( ff< o an I fiidng Hon New York, in which on#* huturr <1 persons at least can sit down to au excellent and substaiiti ! breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from the choicest supplies of the markets, with a hill of fare not excelled either as r# z ml* qualil t <v number of di.-hev] by any ho- i fel in th" United Sfat#*, and varying in prices from six cent* to one .shilling and eighteen police per dish. The purest Java and Mocka coffee and the v# ry best teas, and served at only three J D*nU per cup. And all other refreshments in proportion. The waiters are uniformly civil and polite, and even visitor may he assured of feeling in this establishment finite '4at hoiro." In i ict, - \ ry depai nu of I business is under the sttperintandenrc of competent overseen, whose sole care and attention are n directed to tut* comfort and conveniences of customers and guests. HENRY GOSLING, tl I Proprietor of the French and American Eating House, , No* 61 in(I G6 Nassau *t, Mwcrn Jehu ?t mid Maiden Hai, u |V >. So kfist lj m< . ! t< ?. " 30 Ifffr rpO G( N Df iLERS?Gwu, Piitoli, and Sporting 1 Article* ri 400 Hi'nil- Barrel Fowling Pieces WO D >ub!e Gum, itirt'ift >n twisted SfMl do do ri ?i (wj?t?ii <nd (uitint Breech, || 4000 Pair* of Pnfols?assorted?100 different varieties* (titles and llif! B t reU?Locks nd trimmintra o (larnf Bn^Powdfr Fl ?k**nd Percussion T ip* i Sporting arli' l < u?-i'?;rilljr. The above article* will b sold *r unheaH of low piices. n by A. W. 8PIKS fc CO. 1 ivtr# h,i# c 210 IVarl street. ? IRON, CAST IRON, AND ? STEEL R K N D E R E D J RUST PROOF, c KOR ()!VR C C\T PER POdNil OIVI.Y 111 r THE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND MYSTERY a OF (}.11.VAXISfNG, Otherwise linking lion, C**i Iron, and Hted, Sir., made plain and easy to every one^ I with an i ngrat. ^ .t the Tools p necessary hi this en ho iik.j Bv (IKtht(IE JOli \ SON. t K inn"ily fn e Merchant of Ciicntta. This hunk ia for sate at all trie Book**-Hers. Price 3.1 rents only?< address \>-<letter, post paid, Mr. George J?4illAon?cafe I; Mi r?r* Butl'r , N > ? Gold *l jey Im^c . HOT AND C()U) SALT WATEK RATES, p ViHNl&AL'S New Hot and Cold Halt \T.iter Barhs, at ^ ti < foot of Desbrnsae* street, 'third pier south i f ('aiM .h street. North Hivtr,) are now open for the accomrrupi.ition of ' both ! u!1?s and gentlemen. U|>< n from iuiiri*e unul 11 o'clock Li at riu'ht. N. 11. The water where tire hatha are stationed haa been K' deepened. which render., it a. pnr n? am- other sit nation in ihe i.. vieinity of New York. On Tueaday'a the Bath la eaeluairely devoted to ladiri attrl 3 P. M. A bend of minir''will he in at- ||| tendance every 1>I? anal evening. Prlca of a cold b?th OH eta, warm hatha 2.V iel 3m ?r it CO A I. \ Kit >A 1? .ill i in i, tcii CnJ i for vile bv niiOVEU & Mc.VlURRAY, 11*1 ?no at. cor. of South. at iv Or .. CONSIflNKKS per Brin.h bieiiir I "iinte.s of Arran from Liverpool, will Iileaai aend iln ir |n nniu on hoanl. pier l? In F. It or 10 the office of I he anbacriher without delay. All irooda ma permitted in fire daya niu?t unavoi Ublt be ?ei,t to public .tor,'. I0HN HERDMAN. jySe (1 South .1 ftnl.l.M i lO.NS . ed State., madr on ^ ihe niont f4?or<bk irrm*' |>j For. i*?i f*oW wml filter fur ?Mh*- b*%t . ,i; rate,, by S. J. SYLVKSTKH. " J >'? ' W Wall ?t, and 130 Broadway. ? [ E R A Mobil*. (.Corfcspoudeuce of th? itciald. j Mobile, July 6, lt< 12. Hasinas?Anotlm Murdrrer Hung? Tcmjhianr?? Military, fyc. Jiuu Bennett? rJ (linking that our absent Mobilian.* would like to mow what is doing out here, I take the liberty of iddrcssing them through your very valuable i>?|>er, is they will be more likely to see this epistle in it, in account of its wide circulation, than in any Every thing in the shape of business here is very lull?unusually so; and the only thing we have to nliveu the time is occasionally a small light? the wual summer amusement of the place. The negro man Nelson, who wn -convicted at he last term ol the I ?istricl Court, of stabbing four lien, was executed on Friday. 2 Hit ultimo. The Fourth was unusually dull. The temperance thaps tried to get up u procession, but made .1 failire of it?not more lltan sixty men in the proeesiion, and about one hundred small boys followed, rhey were escorted by the artillery to the L'resbyerian Church, where, after divine service and the eading ot the declaration of independence, an nation was pronounced byJ.W. L t'lnldcrs, I'.s'j L'lic procession then adjourned to the Corintiiinu, vherc the "Juvenile Temperance Society" were ddrcssed by Mr. Kufus Creenr. The military uade a " poor showing." Tiie Washington Eight nfuntry went a few miles out of town to fire for the ri/.e. Air. Charles Lutreyar, lor many years a highly espectable merchant of this place, died yesterday. The original still sells liyrses, cattle, iVc. at aucion, at the sign of the " Classic Pillars." and was iboiit to sell one of the Boston temjwrance delerates, who was lying drunk in front ofhispreniscs. The city continues healthy. We have an uhuiilancc of fain?indeed it is leared t'liat til' tall will le sickly on account of it. Yours, Arc. Cm c ks. \orfollv, Vn., July 12, 1812. X. tnil hit til i tii't'?Mrd it errant* a Ht/umlron?CY/clira!it>,i o/the Fourth. The C. S. ship Brandy wine, David Oeu-seuger, commander, arrived here front tiie Mediterranean station, having performed het allotted cruise of tieary three years. The officers and crew in good health. This ship left Malton on the 19th April, with the mention (after stopping as usual at Gibraltar) of preceding direct to the United States, U|>on her arival at the rock, Captain tleissenger was requested >y the American Consul to remain until he lu ard fom Commodore Morgan, at Mahon, to whom the Mooisol-War Preble was sent with despatches, rcative to a misunderstanding that had taken pluce ictwcen the authorities of Tangier and the Ameri tan Consul at that place. The Brady wine and Pre MC J1.IWU& lUiis n 110:11 .iiiu 10 iUiiui'ii, uir Commodore left oa the first of May fur Marseilles, nthc Sloop-of-\Vnr Fairfield, having on board the \merican Consul and daughters, being bound on a rutrintonial excursion?arrived at Marseilles atJd lie Commodore was married on the 8th to Miss ticlie, the diiugliterof the Consul of Mahon. The 'rebF arrived 011 die ifth. and r -turned luiniediattv to Cibraltar. The Ooiilino-iore und lady joined he Fairfiefd on the 14th, a tid following, arrived oil ribraltar on the 20: h, wniiout coming to anchor, roceedcd in company with the Brandywjne. and 'reblc. Off Tangier*, in coire^ucnce of its blow ug heuvy and u high sea, w? re not enabled (to communicate with the shore. Captain treisserger liavng obtained lierinission to continue liis hone-ward assage. Left on the :51st Mny?the Fairfield and 'reble still lying off and on the harbor of Tangiers; uK-ountering a succession of cult ua and head winds :ausin gher to have a passage of? days. The Fairfield still retains her character ol La ' llelle," her spar-deck being beautifully ortmuient i), and every thing kept in the most perfect order; the now is, and probably will remain tho flag-ship tntil the arrival of a larger vessel, being the first rear of Iter cruise. lJer officers and crew have seen kept very busy in getting things in order and neatness. Ity sonic it would de thought wasting itne and trilling to see so much bright wet.k, and .-leaning going on day by day on board of a vessel nlended more for the protection and defence oi her ountry than for show, but this depends, in a great neasure, upon the disposition of her officers and tl.-e tntioti on which she is destined to cruise. \r6 lottbt when all her officers are satisfied vvitlt Iter .ppcarance, their time and that of the crew will puss uorc pleasantly than being in continual liuiry and itistle without any ostensible occasion. lint to return to the Biandywine. The cwr to be ] evered anniversary of our glorioitH Independence, vas celebrated on board this vessel in a most exemplary Hnd orderly manner, being tlien about HTitt nilesfrom the 1'nited States?the weather pleasant, ["lie crew having |?ermissioii. assembled alter dinier, on the forward part of the vetacL, the Ltccluraion of Independence was rend by one of lire crew, several patriotic songs and tunes were sting and dayed by a band composed of the craw, an oration vas delivered by J\ Kelly, (seaman,) original, in ts kind,and incidentally relative tothe pmaeodings >f some of the Fathers of the Revolution, some of ivhich were new, and showed a decree of reading ind searching which would hardly be thought pracicable for one in bis situation. The oration and nunc was attended and listened to by the most ol :he officers who were highly pleased with tlv order v manner in which every thing waa conducted. In he evening the crew amused themselves with some mfloon theatrical feats, and at H o'clock having iplioed the main brace, reiired in the most perfect tarmony and order. Such a celebration was higliy creditable tothe crew, and will I trust serve as an xample to others hereafter. (t. ( . Lexington. f (/orrt'uprtntlrnr? cJ the Lexington, Kw, July 5, |H42. Vourlli n/ Jul// in Ixfingloii?Henri/ ('lay?'lYmyr mnrr Celthralion, ^-e. siiks (r. HknnktT:? Sir :? There is nothing doing here in the way of luisiess, and all have had plenty of time to attend to lie 4th of July celebrations. Twelve miles from itis, near the residence of Col. Johnson, there is a lilitary camp formed, composed of eight compaies; it is to close on the fith. 1 went down on Saturday afternoon and remained acre until last night. On Sunday morning the Rev. Jr. Matthews preached to assembled thousands uner the shade of a magnificent grove, n sermon up ropriate to the Occasion?he appeared to outdo liimelf?it was a masterly effort, and places the Ilcv'd entleuian upon a high pinnacle as a pulpit orator.? n the afternoon the Rev. Mr. Stevenson oftJcorgeown took a text and made a fourth of July speech : le discoursed eloquently about the star spangled ianner, the rights of man, the spirit of '7tf, magna Junta, the of liberty, the blood of our anestors, the god-like Washington, not forgetting to appropriate about fifteen minutes to himself, and his eelings, srid his fear*, and his views. It was supposed by many that he intended to branch out in he line, a* he brought to the stand rliat appeared l<? be n map of the visible heavens, itely published by aa accomplished officer present, observed that the Captain of the grenadiers, in nlicipation of an exhibition of hufalriped hyenas, ilar bears, and homed makes, looked f our inelies tiler, and his bear skin cap B' emcd two inches Ion ?r, and he looked ns though he could have whipped is weight in wild rats; but horrible to relate, when le scroll was opened, instead of the visible heavens was a fac simile of the declaration of iiidepeuMice. The speaker threw himself in every po sihle titude, ami no doubt to his entire satisfaction, and ten let the |>t'ople off. About 0000 souls were on ie ground?>ay 2000 being negroes. On yesterday the grand scene came off The rums beat?the military were formed in adjutant heppard's best style?drilledjas companies, and in attalions, and acquitted themselves with gtesf rret. Trie hon. C. 9. Morehead ofFfnnkforti deliverI (he grand speech, and it was really worthy of one L 5 >. 1*4 Ice t 41 It C'l til ol the graduates ol ancient Transylvania in hei palmy days, when a Holley was tin presiding and masterspirit of the institution, and before Foot, Pa vidsoa mid other* had been allowed by tin :r tinkering to reduce her so low, that not even the poorest wik do her reverence. While Mr. M. was s|ienking, a voice from the stand in a low loin- requested I the crowd to open the way ; of course, all eyes were | turned in that direction,?a single individual wa > en appr" idling th'-stand, and upon being invited upon it, there flood before the multitude. " Ilarrs ol 1 lie West." lie was about being scaled, when a half suppressed dapping of hands reached his en, showing adesiieio greet him, yet evidently a disinclination to interrupt the *|>caker. Mr. Clay raised his stately form, and dolled his beaver to the crowd. They could hold in no longer, one long. cnthubiaslic, and thundering shout, spoke the feelings ol' the crowd towards him Alter Mr. M. had closed his speech, i'rmce Hal was loudly called for; lie arose and good humoredly olwcrved that lie lio|>cd to be excused from making a speech?In hud conic therewith others lo see the military pag ml, shake hands with old Iriends, eat some bacon and corn bread, dunk the clear crystal liquid from nature's fo intnin with the temperance men, und untri mm*. taken glass of old llourbon with those who might invite him to do so. lie was of course excused. I .et inhere oh-crvc that 1 w i- inforiucd that old Tccaa -. a v, as ah.-ent in Indiana at an electioneering ttli ct Inly gathering, tiovernor Letcher, (iciierhlCoiiibe, t>en, rnl llndlnv and .alinr miltt.. - lumen were on the ground There was also present the magnificent and qiuni like Mies A. W. of Scott. The charming Mies II. of Georgetown, who caused many hearts louche. Miss M. with her angelic expression ofcountenance and lustrous eyes: Miss M. I', of Versailles, whown.-. radiant with beauty and health, and disj>ersed her smiles in her usual graceful, unaiiected and winonnr manner. Since ntv return lu re. I have been informed .1 the Ladies' Temperance proceedings hereon yesterday The dinner whs prepared upon the Clay Festival ground. I am told the procession was a brilhunt affair to look upon, hut u part of the doings badly managed on tht ground . The ladies were al Um table fir-t of course. Did you ever see the erase (all hefore a mower's scythe, or the golden grain fall before the : ickle if vim have, you may form an idea of what 1 have been told was the destruction of the good things 111 win the table under the pressure of their masticators. There was little lelt tor some ol the children, and a great many got nothing, yet if all tit cakes, candies, legs of chicken, raisins, A'c., that certain ladies stowed awav in their work bags and hundk rebiels, had been left on the table, it would lit?' relieved a hungry child's stomach. 1 have sot room lor a full account as detailed lo me ; suilice to say, that a number ot the lady mariagsts showed off, no doubt to their entire satisfaction ? Two of them, it is said, came near fighting about whether the bacon should be placed upon the tnblo in joints or sliced up. J. \V. T. of duel notoriety, took part in this bacon game, with the sisters he Mopped nailing hisplanks, and became ?o exceedingly excited, that he said he would 44 leave his hammer," and not conte buck again. Jo R. had long been looking for an opportunity to distinguish himself, and tiy his acts on yesterday, gained a name and reputation worthy of himself, lie (Jo B.) took upon himself, in the exercise of his high prerogative as a good baptist, to order from the ground the Sisters of Charity, and their interesting Catholic charge, they (the Catholics) being unworthy 1 suppose, of stand- . iug in the same enclosure with this pious disciple. Well tor him the circumstances were not known until alter the meeting dispersed?tar and feathers would certainly have been in requisition. Let m? any he is not a Keiituckinn?he came from somewhere toward sunrise, und 1 think he is now taut going toward sunset. Iir>'tlirr 1 leering beaded the procession, and here permit me to say, that every perse n in our city should make an acquaintance with this aniiulile iiih.ii? he is lull of that sociability and those fine feelings that are given us to aid in making each other hajipv : the meihodists should cherish him us a bright and spark ling gem. J. C. B. was near him with his mild and h.ippv countenance, a pleasant gentleman htid ait amiable inan. There wasnome pretty girls upon the ground?some of tie in v, ho have been bcauttiul are lading. Look ontgirls; don't lose a chance. I want to describe one ol heaven's most magnificent iritis to earth, in the shape of a voting lady from , hut she mighi consider it tlatierv, so let it pass. 1 hope your trip to the Springs has done von good. My well wishes towards you. " Sruosw." LoiiIITIIIC, K y. [Conrspundence of th? Herald.] L juisvili.e, July 5,1*42 Fourth of JuJij in Louisville?Cot. Johnson?Military?Gram! Hall?77k DtUct Their, Src. The anniversary of our national birth-day has i>a.ssed oil hi tins city gloriously?all passed a happy and joyfull time?all hearts were made glad by the celebrnlion of this soul arousing anniversary. A barbecue wax given to Col. Richard M. Johnson, ex-Vice f resident of the United States, at New Albany, at which a large assemblage of persons were, gathered, and a very lengthy speech wan delivered by Mr. Tulling. and replied to equally in length by the happy Colonel. He reviewed his whole life, from the time of his childhood to the present momentous and critical period of bis life. The pre par I at ions for the vim tor* were not ample ns they should have been, for many were compelled, by some ingenious ruse, or tilth, to acquire food for their craving appetites. Tlie tierinan company escorted Col. Dick to is'cw Albany in splendid style, tlie other companies having sojourned to different parts of the State to oi eatnp duty; some to < Georgetown and nth* rs to.lie >e Oriidizes,about nine milen front the city,on tin Lexington road. Tins squad started on Saturday, which was the day the Colonel was to arrive in thceity. As they proeeeiied an their way along the turnpike the stage came in sight. The commanding officer accordingly drew up his soldiers in martial array to receive the ex-Vice in soldier style. The stage drew near?the order, " present arms," wns given. The stage was crowded with ladie* and gentlemen !wt contained not the Colonel. The soldier-, after this Iihi.k i>aa, resumed theij march to the enmp ground. < >n the Fourth a large number o| carriages left the city, containing some of the fairest of Louisville's fair ladies, "to trip the light fantastic foe on the green sward" at the grand military bull given at the encampment. The young ami handsome country girl was there, revelling in Iter brightest charms snil happiest looks?whose lair cheeks, of roseate hue. and complexion rivalling the whitest snow, anil whose dress of sweet simplicity formed n beautiful contrast to the panip red beauty witli decorated goer of the city belle*; and n? for collcuuial powi is, tfi-y proved themselves in no way'deficient ; they |, |<1 converse with the most exquisite and refined with a much Hgreeableness an.I coniposuie an any court beauty who is flattered by us many person* man hour ii? there are second* in the minute Vet whs it not he-panged with the high and loflly sounding words of tno fop, or uttered with the toft undulations of the sweet yet poisanous voice of the Hatterer ' All were gay and happy?the past forgotten and to the future h thought was not given Nomerouswere the belles on thi* occasion; th te was Miss II , of the country, unadorned by thn gay and fancy giincrueks which the would-be-ballroom-belle biede?.y.cns herself, but habited in plain and simple black, which showed her figure to tin he*t advantage; the Mi- i * (>., al*o from theionnIrv. who seemed f? ? h ive li?n mm-* I i 1 the sharacter of their dres-yet they looked beautilul, and left n deep imprr->?toii uj>ort many hetri-: Mi*- H.,front the country, dressed in pink, not mu?fyinp hertaste to nppcur on the door, she rem-line.I seated, conversing gaily with Mr* Van W.t o the city, who kept the tunny that swarmed around her in convulsions l>y hct reparti c, wit, andgraphic criticism of several lops mid f - quisites that were fluttering ubsuf; tin it there wmsMi? II. f5 , also (roin the noun try, whoac dirk and hietroiiH ey?. added more heatity to her features a* she became animated in conversation or excited by threading the gay maze? of the dance. She wa. dressed in light guaze, in p-rfeei simplicity, and her rounded formean?? d in mv an exclamation of ndmiratiott from not a few. There was Mi* li . of this city, by far the evt of the gay," and who had quite a train of admirer* constantly challenging her hand at the ronclusion of each set. A prof" ~ the ladies have a very disagreeable way nut ficre of making engagements at halls and parties. Tlcy not niifrequently have a dozen or more engagement* before the concluMoii of the lint set. and not iinfrcquenily resort to a card and pencil to keep i faithful statement ot litem This is a bad fashion they have got into, and the sooner out the better. Vfy limits are not sufficient fo pursue this subjeei, vlrtich I am very loath to leave. Locks vtLLK.

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