Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1842 Page 1
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THi T?L VIII.??lo, 197 ...Wbou No. 3048 WATERING PLACEST&C. SHARONSFKINGS. ipHE I'AVILLION?Tl.i. iww tommodi'mt HomI will Vopen lot tliv refl'tion of ruitori on and after (lie fifit of June licit, at the Village of Sliarou Springs, acholuric County, New York. , The cleat pure water of the springs, greatly resembling thoce of the white sulphur springs of Virginia, have been proved to be highly rftcscions iu Rheumatic, Cutaneous, Uiliiouj and Dyspeptic complaiutc; and in the cure of Kryai|irlas, Saltrhrum, Scrofula, Liver Complaint, and general debility, and iu many other rrsiK'cts, |?oisess (u certified by come of the mosl eminent medical professors in the Uuited Stales) medicinal and healing properties unsurpassed, awl believed to be unequalled by any iu thia country. Added to theae, the ride* in the vicinity, numerou* village*, azteuiive views, neighboring caves and romantic scenery are among the many attractions oficred to these seeking in the heat of summer,either health or pleasure. These springs are but a few hours ride frov.1 Saratoga, Troy, Albany. kc? and are arcessable from Canaioliarie on the Albany and Utica railroad, where carriages daily await the arrival of the Biurtiiug can from Schenectady and Utica. lo carry visiton to the Springs, a Jutauce of about right miles, arnvmg in time fur diniier; alto by the Albany and Cherry Valley turnpike by daily stages, being about forty-five miles west of the city or Albany. Warm, cold and shower Baths furuished at all times, either of .h . mineral or fresh water, and every attention given to render the stay of visitors agreeable. An abundance of the purest mountain spring Ice it stored for tha season. G. W. B. OEDNKY. THE SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hotel will bo opened at the above village of Sharon Springs, for the reception ol visitors, and combining all the advantages of this delightful summer residence. JOHN V. ETTEN. _aS9 10w2taw*r CATSK1LL MOUNTAIN HOUSK, AT THE PINE ORCHARD.-1242. rpms romantic and fashionable resort will be conducted ditr1 iug the present season under the direction and stiperiutendance of the subacriber. It has undergone a complete and thorough repair, and is nan open for the rece|rtion of visitors. No effort will be spared to maintain the deservedly high character which it has heretofore acquired. As heretofore, its tables will be furnished with every delicacy that the New York market can afford; . >d every t'Osaihlr attention that can promote the convenience and etuoymrnt of its patrons will be promptly bestowed. The road leading to this establishment and especially that part of it ou the mountain, has beeu rendered perfectly smooth and safe. Messrs. A. I. Beach It Co.'t excellent line of stagrs will run as heretofore regularly brtween the landing and the Mountaiu House, on theatrical of the boats. _ C. L. BEACH, Proprietor. June 12th, 1142. jell Jmr "DATfTHOUSE, LONG ISLAND.?This long and well lJ known boaiding and sea bathing establishment, having recently undergone numerous improvements, among which is the erecuonof .several elegant slimmer hnsues upon the margin of the ocean, is now open for the reception of company during the season. The great extent of private beach on this sliotc?the E'ret security in bathing, even for ladies and children, ('he ing houses beiug within a stoue's throw of the mansion)? ihady, cool and delightftal locust grove adjoining the house ?the pleasant rides in the surrounding couiitrg?the excellent Ashing grounds and other sources of healthful recreation and amusement?the beautiful view of the Atlintic ocean and the lower bay, almost aonstantly enlivened by numerous vessels arriving or outward hound, render thia situation in every respect uupqualled by any in the vicinity. Its accommodations are rinpTe, the rooms airy and the tcmiierature. even in the wannest days of summer, auylhing but oppressive. The convenience of communication and distance, (beiug but uiue miles from Brooklyn.) the access by stages at hours accommodated to businesa render it peculiarly well adapted as a reaideuce for gentlemen of basic. ?s in New Yorkjel2 2m*r WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. BATH BUILDINGS, -FORMERLY RENSHAW'S, at Long Braneh.-This exf tensive and delightfal Sra Bathing Establ shmrnt will be opened hv the subscriber on the 27th June, instant. He begs respectfully to infirm its former |?alrons and. the public .thai considerable additions and alterations, eucrsasing the comforts, have been made since last year, and will be in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishingto be as reasonable as the times will afford, the hoard will be seven dollars per week as last year, instead of ten .lollarsas formerly. Childrtua of a certain age and servauta half price. jToisrsfull fed. S3,60. He hopes lie may. say without imputation, that his table and accommodations will be equal to any on Long Branch. Young people not requiring too much room, will find accommodating terms. je22 1m>r JAMES GREEN. BOARDING. AT DEAL. MONMOUTH, CO. N. J. LEWIS F. HANKiNSONrespecifully informs his friends and the public that he has fitted up in the best style the house Connelly occupied by Jacob Corlrs, at the above place .in the moat hrathful situation on the sea coast, alnjut 7 miles from Red Bank, and fourteen from Higslowu. Stages |>au through and fro to meet the Philadelphia cars. The terms of board will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, tic, lor horses, on very reasonable terms. L. F. H. pledges himself that no effort of his will be wanting to reudt-r tho-e who patrouise liirn comfortable, and that his house will b- found euual to .wv along the coast. ir30 tin r I ** NORTH CANAAN. (Conn.) July II, 1811.?J O p--? BgnngTT Dear Sir,?Fur se veral days |?u I noticed Jiitlain your dsiljr, (which by the way I receive regular) your discriptiou of Fashionable Watering placet, anil 1 looked them all orer but did not find any mention made of OUR HOUSK. Now eery likely you have ower heard of tliia place, a* I built it laat autumn jual in time to lake a small anrinkle of the winter liavel from New Vork to Albany, and by ihe way aeveral gentlemen from yonr place, thought they would call this summer tad sjK iid a few weeks, but aa 1 generally satisfy a man that calls once that he caunot do better than to call again, I doubt whether I will see one of them unliljnext winter, ihen I am sure of them, as this will be about aa good a route aa they can take, aa the rail road will be competed from Our House to West Slockbridgr, and that |>erfecU the chaiu of rail toad from (Jrceiibiish to Bridgeport. Now, air, I wish you to understand something of the particulars of our location. Wc are within one mile uf the north line of the State of Connecticut, anrrounded by the tallest kind of mountains, and on the top of one of them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost aa tall as the mouatain itself; we have other very fine lakes. The Honsatouic River one half mile from us, and the tributary streams of which I hazzard nothing in saying for Trout and Pike lishiug, are not second to any in New Kugland, if in the world. Then there is no arbitrary law about Lirda in our adjoining towns in Massachusetts, perhaps a few rould be caught, and put a few ef them with plenty of fish, and we will have a tolerable dinner. The way to get from your place to this, is ?st to drive to Catharine Market slip and take the (tramer iiurod, (which by the way ia a craft lurd to beat) and on your arrival at Bridgeport take the e.ars on the Housatonic rail road, which will let you offal our heme .at precisely 4 o'clock,. P. M. Suppose you call up yousself, asid ask your friends to come. There are the falls too, some fifty feet perpendirulm, more or less, that might be named, bur I am net disposed to tell you all about this section, as 1 had rather people should look it over for themselves. By the way, pay your fare on leiard the boat through, as you save half a dollar in the fare, it then being only i2.50 from New York to here. The ears leave Our House aily, and paaseugera breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with resnert, jl4 2w?c JOHN BAKSTOW. DfcDffORD MINKRAI. SPRINGS?This well knowu " watering nlaee, situated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is uow o|ien lor the receptiou of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be necesiiry to nay thai they are situated near the great Western Tumlaillp. wKifh tdlUJi fKrnnirh Puniisvl vnnin r.-ranra PKil?Ll?l.i. ?a bittsVrgh, a flaw miles east of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. Every thine hu been provided at tliia watering place to render a sojourn pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good band of music will be in attendance. A daily stage will leaTe Chambenbunt in the morning, and arrive at the springs the same evening, or if persons prefer the B dtimore and Ohio Rail Road to Huicock, will have daily conveyances from there to the springs. The liberal patronage attended to the subscriber the two last seasons, will ensure the renewed exertions the com i lip season, for t! e amusement and comfort of his guests. WILLIAM REYNOLDS, jelfleod lm#r Proprietor. DRY "GOODS, &c7 TO "THE" LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY GOODS.-The propria" treM, Miss 8 KINO, daught-r of the celebrated Carl King, afTrrs fir sale a most select and choice assortment of Millinery (londa, for the spring trade, never as yet presented to the public, boih as regards the quality and cheapness of the articles IV assortment consists of the following :? The celebrated BILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTE D'ORLEAN8, as worn by La Duchesse D'Orleans, of France, SHED SILK, ENTIRELY NEW AND ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn Hats do do?An entire new style o Hats called " MODINE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE. Tansianand English FANCY 8TRAWS, of the finest tcitnre, iu great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor her with a call, and examine her elrgaiil and varied stock of Milliucrv for themselves, before they purchase elsewherr, as it will lie s great saving to them in price and n great advantage as regards the variety and soalily of the goods. hlllS S. KING, Msg.i7.ine de Modes, je22 lm*r 29J)$ Broadway. _^^NObfcTT*ir plac* to find Boots and Shoes aheap, 1 and we are not sure that in New York thrie is any place so good as at the Clinton Boot and Shoe Market,20) '.'anal etieet, ni.rtk east comer ol Hudson street. '1'hose who have tried appear to be generally satisfied that this is a fact unquestionable. All those who m-?y not have tried otir hoots, snoes, or gaiters,will find it to their advantage to mag* the trial soon. ? _ ? . .A. KNOX It CO, ?LjL_ConntTT merchants s >e by the package or dosen " SHIRTS; SHIRTS. TTNITED STATES SHIRT MANUFACTORY,77 WilV Itam street, corner of Liberty, S. V Notice is hereby given la Merchants and traders in general, (hat the proprietors "f the a hose establishment have adopted a new method of manufacturing which enables ihein to sell their shirts at a cheaper rat. thui any other house in this city. This statement will b* affnmed by the lut of prices a* follows:? F me Mnilia Shirt*, with Linen Bonom* end Collar*,... j} jo Do ititrliHil in the Bosom and Collar o 00 Do Ceolor/d line patf-rn*, lance sixes 7'oo Also, a larfe quantity of Bosoms and Collar* cob*unity 'on hind, which will he offered cheap for rash jvi )m*r SUMMER STOCKS, ~ SCARFS, CRAVATS ANll GLOVES. TURT RECIVED, a rub supply of the above articles, eons' silting of a very light aud elastic stock, expressly lor the tumour montlia. Also?Scarfs and Cra?at?, in great eaiiety, A large assortment of S'lk, Thread, Cotton and Horskin Glove-?.t the old establishment, >11 Btoadway, bctwem Park Place and Murray street. PARSELL9, Agent for J. AOATR. N. B. Con.tantlvon hand, an extensive assortment of Liaen and Mnsliu Shifts, Linan Dress Fronts, Linen Collars, Under Garments, kr. Ac. _ jy II lm*c IMPORTANT TO THT PUBLIC. ALL who wish to economize can obtain Clothinx of the best iu .lity remarkably cheap, at 20.7 ''anal street, one door west of Hudson. Alto, a large assortment of Cloths, Cassimeres, Veilings, and Summer Goods, frmn which Clothing of all kind.. are made to order iu the best manner at ?eri' reduced prices. W Canal street. jeia 1m*r SHIRTS. OHIRTA made to order, afier the most approved French & fashion*. Gentlemen** Garment* of all descriptions made to order at the shortest notice. Gentlemen*! Furnishititf Store 6T and <W Maiden lane, comer of >* illiam *tre*f, je3Q im? WILLIAM COLLINS. E NE "books and stationery/ TO PAPER M A KE K S. T}F.HBF<R 5k BROOKS, (5j Liberty ifrrcf. between * m??aJvM> i:i?I Sa*+:ui itirpl, .V w Y"rl*. tm:? ?ri niroet I'nim the Manufacturers the follow in:; articles, Bleaching Powder of Boyd 4c gnu'* in ike?warranted. *'oi | uniformity and strength, equal ! ? :v ! cvr::?*y *?*? Britain, an-l for iht sale of winch they arc sole az- nfa 111 th? United State*. Ktu'ii'h C> linde Machine FY It i it*: v??iy i? ?r quality, 36. 40,46, 60.72, ai 11| iucHci w ide. Dryer Felting f strong fabric, and of widths usually inquired. Blue Smalts.- Having the agency of the Sutton C? mpn/i Blue Smalt*, they are enabled to supply KKKK, and FH' Ffc; hi any quantities Wire* for Foti..ltinier and Cylinder Machines, maunform red from the purest metal'?also, Jarkftj-Wrtand rrcts Felia. Pulu Scri'tiu, Nm, I. 2, 3. of brass mvu'. Orders for any of the above articles, together with Fo.e?#t? and domestic ns**, Soda Ash, Vitriol, Alum, Twine, Aic. Ac., will IPi ( ?\ . li |i f ,, t it:, ,,t, ii <n 3le BOO K BIN 1 > i N G PAPER KULtXU. H IRELAND, No. 120 Nassau atrtrt, having an entire new Stock nf Binding Tools and Ruliut Machinery, c.| ihe Iateat and mint approved patterns. i? Bow prepared to everute all orders ill tin* most durable and handsome in .lait-r. Merchants Acccouut Books ami all other kinds of Blankwork rilled aud Imiuiii) lo any pwtertia, and ill a style tint is warranted to give satisfaction. Any work ordered can be done inM.e Eng. jisTi inode if required, as H. I. lias bad long eiperirnc in both methods. ml 8 Tlie Antl-.Viin:t?l??" Syaleni of WRITING. GREAT REDUCTION. FROM TWKLVK TO FIYF. Dot LsR1 ! MR. BRI8TOW (Jar this season only) las a?:ni*rrt> his Trims from'I aelvc to fire Dollars, thus bringing tins Useful Art within! i? means of A I.L, and is gusrauteed to be taught in Twelve JLeasoo* of an hour eacli I ! Academy .Vo. 235 Broadway, time Park I'lnct. Gentlemen of all ages are positively taught a bold, Jirr, rxveililious and finished business-like slyle ol Wi'ting; no miller how illegible or namrrd the present hand may he, (See apeciineua at 23b Broadwav.l AND THE LADIES A neat and handsome, delicate and fashionable Ronton,.' ll-tad IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS! 'L/- VISITORS iii New York can take a csone in Three Da^s !?Mr. B. is to be seen from 9 to l A. M., or fiom i to g BOOK-KEEPING taught by double and single entry. \xs Evening Classes from 7 to 9- jyS l in * c LIGHTBODY'S NEW YORK PRINTING I \ K MAV UKACTORY, 28 Rose street, corner of Dunne (Old Sugar House) riiutinr; Ink of all colors, warranted eiiuil to any, constantly on hand and offered for tale on reasonable trriiu, deliverable to any part of the eity free of cartage. Printers and venders are solicited to make a trial of this article. iy23imr^^ OCULISTS. DOCTO R J. F R ANCTST, OCIJLTST NO. 10 BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of the Astor House.?Hit pre[Mr?Uotu are a perfect cure for all I iutlaminatory of the rve, weakness of sight, Ac., cm never fail in removing nebulas of llic longest standing, without any surgical operation CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of ahont fifteen vrars of age, was brought to my house list fall, apparently blind. He c riled on me to-day, and > tales that he has been the patient ol Dr. J. Francis, whose tr alment li?s been tin- iae ins under God, oftestoiing his sight. JAMES MILNOR, Rector of St. George's Church, Beeltmall St.' This it to certify that two of my children were afflicted with diseased eyes for a length of time, one of lliem was almost blind with nebulas, corning the sight. Every remedy was resorted to without any good effect, and des|>uircd of thvm ever being recovered. Tliey are now perfectly restored to sight by Dr. J. Francis' celebrated preparation. DANIEL 8. JONES, <99 Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelve vein, and in five weeks, under the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight is now per feclly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true statement. GEORGE BENEDICT, Pastor of the Stanton street Church. 1 was in arly blind for twenty years with a cataract in each eye and from the use of Dr. Francis' wonderful preparation for that disease, mv eyes are now perfectly recovered. HESTER JOHNSTON. 41 Ehlndge ?tre#t. We, the undersigned, having witnessed the astonishing efficacy ot Dr. Francis' preparations lor diseases of the eye, unhesit itingty recommend tlicm to the notice of the public, as valuabl remedies. Dun- aii Dunbar, Pastor of McDongal it. Church. S. H. Cone, Pastor of the Filsl Baptist Church. t?i ? r>_..L a.,..,.. ?r.1.- n...? arr..:?_ a?:_... Jacob Brotitier, Pastor of the North Bat tist Church. Joeeph Andreade, Roman Catholic Priest of St. Peter's Church. Numerous certificates can be ?een at the office. Preisired and sold only to Dr. J Francis, It) Barclay street. New York. Aimiaul E> i s inserted, which cat,not be distinguished from the natnral, without giving 'he sliKhtest pain. Dr. J. Francis respectfully informs his friends and the trub'.ic, that in coiisi',|uruc(St>f the increase of Ins business, Di. trleiiny. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, and of the New York Medical Society, lias joined him, and every confidence can be placed in his professional skill as aa Oculist. Office hours from 9 A. .NT., until t P. M. jylo Jm*c NOTICES. ~~ /"CORPORATION NOTICE?Public Notice ishrreby gia-' veil, that a sale of property for unpaid laves will take place at Public Auction, at the City Hall of the City of New Yark, on Wednesday, the 28th_day ol September next, at 12 o'clock, noon, and be continued from day to day until the whole of said property shall be sold, and that the detailed statement of ill* taxes, and property to be sold, is published in the New Km, a newspaper printed and published in the city of New York. _ alfred a. smith, Comptroller. C omptroller's Office, May 30, 1312. j?2i lowtSeptMc NOTK K TO CLERKS, and all otiier ivrsolls whose business causes them to be constantly on their feet.?By calling at the old . xrlu.ive Boot Store, I It Chatham street they can he accomtnod>ted with the invaluable article, ROGERS' METALIC ELASTIC HEEL BOOTS, warranted in every particular, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The following are some of the many advantages trie Elastic Heels have over every other kind First?The elasticity adds greatly to the durability of the Boot grcoudly?They make no noise in walking ttpon the pavement. Thirdly?a key prevent Boots from riiiiuiug down to the heel. Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with much less fatigue. Fifthly?They do not cut or tear carpets aa do iron or nailed heuls. Suthly?'They can be worn with comfort by those having tender feet. As itsnal, constantly on haud all kinds of Boots at whelesale GEORGE COLYER, and THOMAS DUUARD, successors to Lew is B. Griffin it Co., would respectfully inform their friends and the j>ulili.\ that they sir prepared to furnish limber of every drscripti n, at as short notirr, and on as reasonable terms as sny establishment in the city, at their New Steam Saw Mill, foot of Fourteenth street, North Riser, jyll Im'r LOOK OUT. Hr who uteali my purse stral* trash. But he who filahei from me of my food name K??be me of that which not enriches him, But makes me poor intleed.?[Ahakipcan. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT, No. 90 Chatham str-et, makes the ahore quotation, because others endi afor to filch froin him his go-id same, fame, and reputation. We have more than once made public the many iinpositoiis practised on dealers, strangers and others, in pursuit of our highly reputed Troy Shirts, Bosoms, and Collars. But now thai iinEisitions are on the increase, therefore, we shall keep tlicfe cti before the public, which will eipose imposters, and may rnt off their wicked designs. Make no mistakes therefore. " Marshall's only Troy Shirt Depot" is painted on our awning and window. Be particular, however, to see the name " Marshall's" on our window and abont our store. No. 90, our only Troy Shirt Depot, is situated about 16 doora froin the corner of Pearl and Chatliam streets, and on the right hand side in Chatham street, in pissing lo the City HslT. Seethe name (f^ MARSHALL'S ?O and you arr correct. CATALOGUE Of PRICES. Strong made Cot'on Shirts, with linen bosoms, rollers and wrist bsnds, watranled, at per iIit.sii. $7?7 jo?8?ft .'.0?9?10? 10 JO?11?IS?12 jo?U?If.?16 JO?17?IS?20?21?22 50?21?23 26 50?17?29. All Linen Shirts, err dot. $20?W J0-2J?27 3030?92 JO?36?38. Plant Cotton Siiirls, per dot. $3 .'hi 6 7?7 JO -HI?9. Coloied Shirts, pet dot. $3?J 50?C?7?0?9?10-11. Collars just received?In addition to our former Urge stork of collars of errry description, 1000 doten, all Linen collars, at 50 cenu per doten. 02c?7 ic?t7i??l?I 25?I JO?I 75?2?2 23 ?2 50?2 75?3?3 25?3 JO and 400, including our new style. Marshall's Byron Collars, which ha?a brriiai highly approved of. These goods, with our plain and ruffle bosoms can be found at many of lhe princ pie ready ma !e linru stores throughont th>' rity. ani$st the msnnftctnr it, (T 7" Marshall's only Troy Sbiit Dep..t. No. 90 Chatham s'reet, N'w York. We esuiion dealers end others against the many mistakes that have been intde of ale, ill consequence fof seeing ticketed ptifrs in some of the windows, rllecnllcct, no marked or ticketed prices ere to be seen in cue window. But remember this the rut of onrstore, with the prices attached, will be circulated for the benefit ol all. These circulars only may be seen in our window ; and, furthermore, we advise again, see the name and number, " Ma shall'*, No. 90." No patronage asked of those ASPHALT I'M AND MINERAL TATT JOHN LOWITZ, No. 2 tfill-linct, [JA5 constantly on lund natural Asphaltum Rork and klineml Tar, which are used for the following purposes :? Gardens and sidewalks. Flnring of Buildings and Ccllara, where the exclusion of moisture is required Canals and Btidges. Piers, Wharla and Docks. Vaults. Baths, Aqueduct*,Reservoirs, Sewers. Terraces, Roofing. Coatinit of iron wc ik, to prevent iM oxidation hy air an water. Coating ol timber woik, Used at railroads, fcc. Markets, slaughter ho ises, and oond'rig warehouses, where he rwclnsion of vermin is re ivglroeod ?r_ tyri NS.?The Huhicrihi ra will eollect Note ? L c.' Acceptances, Certificates of Depositcs, Sic.(through .' f k Co. from New York to Albany) upon any v l *nd guarantee returns to the city of New knrk, <n from six A right rlm/i. Uuca. Cannndaigua, Byracuaa, Rochester, Annum, BiaUvia, ^Buftalo. 0 iKrasmus Corning, f Ki'iej W. Oleott. Albsnv. POMKROY k CO, Jl Pf^^X^ee1?STABp1 *T f-'-ndedt m ket, Bie only e.rahlmhm.W of ie ^ in X l-niu'Ts,T. continues to supply th* aJJJSL ffi?.; -r?J Spanifth war ttcaimn?li.u w .-jl i,|| raU'hJi!} ?' ji boa,, for the fast four mr^n'd hj niw'X"^^ i? ""I '^P*. "'> 'I"r en"' fed in one ,,l.,c" N. B ? The Branch Oar Store on the North River aide ia hut np, and removed ro 402 Water street; and aa I save all the expenses ol one store I will sell enough cheaper to tlnwe who come from the North River side to pay them for their tronllc Race boata, clnh boat*, oars and scnlla sold JO per real (eta than last year. W YO NEW YORK. TUESDAY FURNITURE. GEORGE W. DAWSON, \Yholcnalz and lit tall Furniture and Genera/ Fur nhhing Warehovee, So. 67 Chalh im $lreeit corner of Dunne afreet, Sew York. WrilBRK lie keeps for sil< \ lirg'* assortlimit of the follow in-; . rticlcs.vii.: Sid< hoards. Bureaus, Hc(L<tns(lf, Cat* r hit's, Chuirs, Office -lul Portable Dc^ki, til us <'*srs. Booll C ses, Looking (ilas-rs, Dining, Centrt 1 ea and Pier '1 able* Pianos, Sofas, Sola Bedsteads, Beds, IhUduic. I'mleaHers, Mat tresses. Camels, OilCloth, Matting and p ire Irons, Was I St Alios, Toilet Tables, t aiulie bi^i-.U, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing bureaus, 8*fes, flu\ Als??, i Urgr assortment of men and women's Wearing Ai> jrivl, iicw and second Itainh-d. All the above articles are offered to the public at Ten low prices. Perw.-u in w ant of said articles would liud it t< tln-ii Ad* r).ta?;e to make au early call at the above establish m Shipping orders paticturJIy Attended to and ^eked an thi h' . test nonre, inn on reasonable terms. Mittrrs?*?*, Bedding kr. for fitting out vessels, constantly on ban I. All orders to tii* above establishment will be pw actual If at t to and th LiiXfiillv received. N. B.?The highest prices v\ ill h?- given for ?eeond Ham V, r ... ? I :. . i\ '-....I .1. . .14 . .1-...^ I - , * * - ?'V.? ..n II ? .-*im i.auirn ti:? ?#:? * i"uiiu?. aW6:ii*! 1 CHINA,"Gl7ASS7~AND E ARTHENWAltE. s astor uousii. IJRKNCI1 PORCELAIN tiiuifr nervier , 115 i*c*, Of " White Orsuiu 14 4 4 1? 14 i'J Of T.tiicI) or Kn^luli Pwerfatn Ten Sets, fi 41 4 0( Dinner Plat* \ French Pcrc-Kin per doten 1 01 44 44 (Jmtlitr. blur. or whiter I 0< Soup 44 44 I (V French jm)jci t tin, >liiz 2 Of Ten ?:?i:4 and >TUccri, 21 i>kr.ri 44 1 .V KflC CU^ 41 3; ( I. i *?. Cut |rr <, fr??m 1 ^ 4* Tumbler*, 44 - 2 1" L etnouade* handled 44 2 2. TAPLK rt?n.rav, Of the finest description, ill set* or d?*7< :u, at tin low price o f 1? no lb >el. Jus: oi-ciud i handsome assort tn? ut of Toilet ware, H. SI MPRON. N. B. Arcnt for the sale of Simpson'* K ir 0> in is, lor the relief of deafness. jrfll lm*c CHEAP HARDWARE STORK. r I HI K Subscriber i-. now oirnhie his Hprin* supply ?> 1 HARDWARE AND C1JTI KRV. evened |* r late ar ritaU fioni Ririniiultnn im.1 She (held. 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All yit> la not permitted in five ilaya mnat una' oi la My In ?<nl to public atone. JOHN HERD VIANT jv6c 81 South y /COLLECTIONS on all parti of tlte United Stater, madfon V-r the mo-i favorable terma' Foreitn Oold and Silver piirehaaed, and for aale at the teat rate., by 9. J. SYLVESTER, J jyle r 22 Wall at, and ISO Brnadwaf. IRK I MORNING, JULY 19, 184 Hedrmptlori of Safety Kuiisl Note*. L CoMrritOLLicB'a Orrica, t , July IS, 1842. J The contributions on account of the Kafety Fund to the lit of April, 1M2, amount to the turn of 51,069,143 4a There has been paid for the redemption of circulating notes of insolvent Banks, the following stuns, M7. : , On act. ofCity Bank of Buffalo, $316,626 00 i Wayne County Bank, 112,76100 , Commercial Bank of Netv York, 131,73100 Bank of Buffalo, 337,312 00 1 918,648 00 $150,994 48 In addition to the above amount, there has been present, ed to the < 'omntroller the sunt of $30,000 in the notes of tha Bauk of Buffalo, which have not been redeemod, for thu reason that they are believed not to have been in circula tion, according to the intent and meaning of the law, at thetimu of the failure of the Bunk. If the Cbuncellor decides that these notes are to he redeemed, then there will ri'IHRin of the I'anitnl of lhi? SiafssI V k'nn-1 ?nlw *1>MI IQ-1 -1*4 I which ii principally in 6 per cent stuck. The notes in circulation, or In-youd the reach of the officers of the hanks against which injunctions have been issued, are as foUolviz. Commercial Dink of ltutlalo, $199,267 00 ' " Osw ego, 290,209 00 Watervliet Bank, 120,779 00 . Clinton Count) Bank, 160,"203 00 Lewis County Bank, 132,000 00 ! fit,111,447 00 l The return for the Watervliet Bank includes only the , notes known to have been pledged : the hooks do not ) show tliucirculation ; it is believed, however, not to be large. No returns have been received of the circulation i of the Lafayette Bank. The cashier slates that none of ' the notes ol this Bank have l>een hypothecated. The Lew. 3 is County Bank is included in the above statement,although I there is au expectation on the part of its oihccrs, that it in <v be resuscitate I. fourteen hanks have commuted under the 12th Section of Chapter 247of the luws ol 1912, ami have paid into the ' Treasury, in the notes of insolvent banks, the suin of . $63,636.' In January, 1939, the Safety Fund Banks, ' 89 in number, had an aggregate capi[ talof, Di duct for the capital of ten hanks which : have failed, 2,900,000 00 t And it leaves $29,601,460 00 J The fourteen hanks which have commuted and paiil their contribution* in the notes of broken hanks, lor four ami six ) ears, have an aggregate capital of, 4,099,000 00 Capital on which one-half of one percent is to be paid $26,403,460 00 * The payments to tho Safety Fund on the amount of eapiI tnl now subject to the contiihtition ol half of one per cunt w ill produce $127,017 mutually, i There lire revel nl hanks v, liich have not paid the extra 1 hall percent called for by the Comptroller to he paid oil the first ol January l ist. These airenrages amount to $20,000. There are twelve hanks which- have not yet completed their pay incuts of the original three percent a !ii< h liioy are required to contribute to tho Safety Fund by their charters. The aggregate amount which those , hanks are required to pay hi i i-alter on their first three per , cent is $29,961. This sum added to the $20,000 due from m>: n?un i'uiiiv^ mi urn imih nan pn ceill cuill-ll lor III January l??t. make* h total ul $I, which is applicable, , win n received, to the redemption of the circulating noteji , of the insolvent hanks. I The account between the Safety Fund and the circulnt 'inft notes which are j ct to be redeemed, may he stated as follows .? Bills in circulation, $1,111,417 00 Halanceol Safety Kutnlon hand, $130,194 16 f One from sundry bank on original r t per cent < jnlrihutions, 49,061 ?K> 170,165 46 $941,491 63 1 This balance is to be provided for by an annual contri button of half of one per cent on it (capital, as before stated, of $36,403,460, producing $137,017 30 annually. The Treasury owes the Safety Fund, on account of revenue, a sum sufficient to pay "the salaries of the three Bank Commissioners for four rears, and after that sum is i extended, their salaries must lie pai l from the principal moneys received annually into the Treasury on aciount of the fund. j Whether the charge on the Safety Fund will be more or less than the notes outstanding, cannot lie ascertained i from the information in the possession of the Comptroller. But it is supposed that in the lirft instance the whole amount to redeem the circulation must lie advanced from ' the bank fund. Nearly tho whole sum which had been borrowed from the Bank Fund lor the use of the Treasury-, has been used in redeeming the notes of the Bank of Buffalo, although sail mm of thalu nnlM n hirK urn in It,,. tiAm.iiinn ul ll." i Comptroller are not yet rc.lermed. The residue of the Bank Kund capital, applicable lor the redemption of the ? circulating notes of insolvent hanks, consist of the follow, ing items, viz : f Kive percent. Astor stock, $92,000 00 e " " Black River Canal stock, 8,082 10 5 " " Oneida River state stock, 36,000 00 ? Bonds and mortgages at six per cent., 36,000 00 $1 60,062 40 Tlte last item above given is made up of a Comptroller's bond for $30,000, and a bond and mortgage taken as an investment for t he Bank Kund of $3,000. The Treasury debt * to the Bank Kund has been paid by issuing seven per ct. tionds of the Comptroller for one and two years. The rea inainiag $160,000 of the fund, as given alxive, consists of securities which were taken as an investment for the Bank Kund, and these securities must now be sold according to " the 6th section of the bank fund law of 1829, ami the pro' ceeds applied to the redemption of the notes of insolvent I banks. By the 14th section of the act for the redemption of the circnlating|notes of banks which have failed, puss -d s at the late session, the hills are to he paid according to the priority of the injunction from the court of chancery.? The fol'owing is the order in which the banks were en: joined, viz ; Bank of Buffalo, Nov. 3, 1S41. Commercial Bank of Buffalo, Nov. 16, 1811. Commercial Bank of Oswego, Dec. 7, 1811 Lafayette Bank of New York, Keb. 1843. The Watervliet Bank, March 9, 1813. The Clinton County Bank, April 9, 18-13. The Lewis County Bank, May, 1843. Before the Comptroller commenced redeeming the notes of the Bank of Buffalo, he wrote to the late cashier for a statement of the bills in circulation, and of those out of the bank for any pur|>ose. The cashier stated the actual amount of notes in circulation on the day the injunction was served, at $391,136. And bills redeemed and in hands of the State Bank, $47,897. I One of the Bank Commissioners, by order of the Chancellor, certified to the Comptroller in relation to the "Bank of Buffalo, that as lar as the said commissioners have been able to ascertain the same from the books of the bank, or the officers thereof, the circulating notes of sua nank which wore in circulation either liy hj'|>othecation or othcrw ise, at the lime of the failure of said hank, > amounted to the sum of two hundred and ninety thousand i dollars." The notes presented to the Comptroller up to the 9th of July instant, actually amount to (387,011 as shown in the preceding part of this statement; exceeding the amount I furnished to the Bank Commissioners on their oxamitiai tinn of the officers and liooks, by the sum of ninety-sewn thousand eight hundred and twelve dollars, and going beyond the circulation as given by the cashier, and inclml' ing the notes redeemed and in the State Bank, by the sfcm of forty-eight thousand seven hundred aud seventy-nine ' dollars. The Bank of BulTalo had a capital of (400,(1)0, and its circulation was limited to thut amount. It appears, therefore, that it had a fraudulent circulation Of (187,000, and how much more is vet to tie ascertained. It is i|uitn probable, from the facts presented in the prc! ceding statement, that after the redemption of the qut? stnndinguotes of|the Bank of Buffalo there will not fe1 main more than one hundred thousand dollars of the Safety Kund in the hands of the Comptroller, and thid in five per cent stock, which will give about (9,5,000. In the present condition ef the fund, and of the circulation of the Bank of Buffalo, it would not ho safe to apply more t|an (100,000 of the five per cent stock belon fing to the hunk fund, to the pay me.nt of the notes of the Commercial Bank of Buffalo, which comes next in order for redemption, as provided iiy the law of 1814. The outstanding notes of the Commercial Bank of Buffalo arc stated at (48-1,000 Deduct Safety Fund on hand, say ?9,ooo (403/000 And it leaves to he provided for by future contributions (103,000. This will consume the extra ami annual contribution* for January, 1043 I anil 0, except about (77,(00, which with the contribution in January, 1940 and January 1917, will amount to enough to take up the circulation of the Commercial Bank of Oswego, and leave aa excess of (67,000, which excess, added to the contributions of Ills, will rodeem the pledged notes of the Wntervlict Bank,and leave a surplus of over (lOOOOfor the ordinary clrcalation of that bank, the amount of which has not been ascertained. The contributions in January, 1947, 18t3 and 1949, Will be increased by the addition of hnlf of one per cent on (7,500,000, the aggregate capital of ten of the hanks which have commuted only for four years. This will enable the fund to redeem the circulating notes of the Clinton County Bank, after January, 19-19, and leave a surpltiy of about (109,000. According to this stotcmcnt, the notes of the Commercial Bank ot Buffalo will not all b? redeemed until aiter . January, 1940. ' Commercial Bank of Oswego, not until January, 1917. warervnri ijbtik, in January, isn. Clinton County Bank, in January, 1810. Lew is County Bank, (if it does not resume,) in Jantiaty, 1">I0 and 18.10. So far as the notes of insolvent lianks are rcdrente 1 from the Safety Fund in the hands of the Comptroller, it is re'|uired by th< serond section of the act, cTiap. 117 of the I .* < ol |MU,the.-e note* -Hall he paid in the older in w hirh the iujunc tioni shsllhave la-en planted against the several hanks by the ( hancellor. But section I'l ofthe same ant, authorises ant bimkilig >r|Hii alien, w Ithin 8 months aft, r the passage oithe law, to l-ay into the Treasury not less than two, nor more than three pet cent on the capital (stock thereof, in lieu of the contributions of half of one percent per annum, sod to make this paynient in the note* of any banking corporation against w hich ;.n in? [ERA 2. junction has been granted. Ami the bunks making ?uch commutation, arc entitled to a rebate of interval froin the tune of ?ucb payment to the time when the same would hs pay utile under the provision* of the Safety Fund act. The hank* am allowed until the 1 -2th of October, to commute and pay their respective quota* in the note* ot insult ent bunks. If they should all finally determine to commute, the fund on which the preceding eatimatea are founded, will be essentially diuiinikhed by the rebate ol interest allow ed by the Inw. Taking the aggregate capital of the safety fund banks now in operation, after deducting the amount owned by thoatate, at $39,606,346, and it w ould yield to the fund at three per cent, $866,167 44 The relmto on this cure, aay {from lat September, ia 139,493 67 Total to be paid by all,the lianka, $746,0(14 67 The amount of circulating notea to be provided for, after applying the avails of the fund, ia $911, >91 00 Deduct the amount of cemmutation, 746,604 87 And it leaves a deficit of $166,036 13 If, therefore, tli- banks ihould commute nud pay their contribution! in the notea of the lianka which have failed since the Commercial Bank of Buffalo, a sum equal to $106,636 13 of the Commercial Bunk notes could not lie rodcrmcd until the contributions for January, 1649, and a portion of those for 1660, came into the treasury. The 14th section of the "Act to provide for the prompt redemption of the circulating notes of insolvent Safely Fund Banks," authorises a sale at auction of the stocks issued on account of the safety fund and the exchange of these stocks on such sale for such notes as the Comptroller is authoiised to redeem. All the seven pel cent stock, referred to in the law, has already been issued to obtain the inuiius for redeeming the notes of the Bank of Buffalo j cr exchanged for those notes. The only be sold at present, is about $100,000 of live per cunt Astor stock. This amount might lie sold at auction in small sums, allowing the holders i f the notes to hid ugainst each other for the stock. Each holder could determine for himself whether lie would pay par or a premium in these notes for Ave percent stock, rather than w ait for the chances of redemption as explained in this statement. A. C. FI.AOO. Mew Ilnvrn. [Corrri|>ondence of the Herald.] New Have*, July Hi, 1842. Fourth nf July in Xrir Harm?Old Yah?Ntudrnlt ? I Juliet?Aecidrnl? L'. 8. Briq jip/rcntice?Tontine, 4 i >eaii behnktt:? What are all ??f your correspondents about that they have not written you a line lately from this place? We will not thus he neglected, for no paper is so popular here us the New York Herald. On the Ith of July, we had the most delightful time here imaginable. Thanks to teni|)erance, we had no riots, no lights, no fires, and nothing unpleasant. Our military turned out line; and nothing could surpass the beauty of the young ladies of Now Haven, who attended the various churches arid other places of celebration on this day ; but among the fairest of the fair were Miss M n, Mis L r, Miss J s, Miss 11 n, M iss S h, and the mugnificent Miss M A 7. Do you know that we are going to have anew fire proof library built in Old Yale ; and in it are to be deposited all those valuable works, of which this college possesses the choicest selection extant. The students here behaved well on the Ith, and have done for set tie tune. They have left off for a time insulting our young ladies when they are out walking alone. We hud an accident last night. The steamboat Kosciusko ran foul of a sloop belonging to Brookhaven, und carried away one whcelhouse and wheel, besides other dannge. The passengers were brought back here by the sloop to-day, and went on to Hartford on the railroad. The beautiful Tinted States brig Apprentice, with her lillipntiun crew, leaves our noble river on Monday, bound on a cruise She is a sweet craft, 70 tons burthen, rigged and fitted like u man-of-war, 1 11? i5k 1 auu uiftiiimi uy ij\i LM>y?. Let nte hope you will take New Haven in your route home ; anil if you do stoo at that splendid establishment, ttie Tontine Hotel, New Haven, under the direction of 8. W. Allis, Ets|. Having recently spent n few weeks at that house, and eiuoyed its conitorts and luxuries, the kindness ana attention of the gentlemanly ero(?rieior, and all connected therewith, 1 can SHtely say that it has no superior in this country. Furnished in the bfcst manner, with large and airy rooms, anil located in the most eligible and bcaufiful part of the cityi it presents the highest inducements to the traveller to make it his abode. Persons who are leaving New York, or other large cities, |or the purpose of spending a few weeks in the country, can find no better nor more agreeable place for a summer residence than the Tontine Hotel. Do come down here, fir. Bennett, and bring Ic jeune cilili ur along, and iiy word for it you will he delighted, or else never Believe Yours, J. SJ Kllzalteth Fort, !V< J. [Coirr?|ninlein:e of the Ilenld.] Ei.i/aukth Port, N. J., June 29, 1812.' Rail RoadArrident?Hotel?Temperance?The Court ? Grand Jury, fyr. Mr. Bknnktt:? Through your valuable paper I feel it my duty to expose tho gross neglect of the Superintendant of the Kail Cars, plying between thin place and Pomnleiville. A few mornings since, ns the car drawn^y horses from Elizabethtown to this place, approa died the Depot, the iron connecting the pole to ihe car, fastened by a small spike, dropped through, i nd separated the horses front the car, which rutin ng with greHt velocity on an inclined plane, must hive been plunged wilit its passengers (about twelve 11a,1...., 1 !... I, U...I ....... .... l. I linn ai.u hiiciih ii Ml.ii./ in.' u./vn, uou n iiui kiiiii n the baggage car, Htitn cIhik on the trHck. The shock on striking the otIter car was so great as to bren| it to pieces. The passengers were more or less injured, hut to what extent I have not learned; the driver informed me that he barely escaped with his life. lie hud no power to stop the car, lor the brake was Fntirely gone on the end he sat. The driver repeatedly informed the Superintendent that the car Was entirely unfit for use, to which no attention seefn* to have been paid. Such conduct on the part 01 those employed hy the company is unpardonnhli? it admits of no excuse. Tlie company deserve severe censure to allow one of their agents, by ig-gleet. to place the lives of twelve human beings also great a risk. j This place, Mr. Bennett, is a most delightful st|mtner retreat. For health, religious contemplation, real comfort anil economy, do place in the viciif ty of New York has nton; advantages. One steps fitmi his room to the beautiful piazza of the hotel, One hundred and sixty-feet in length, and at one vi*w the whole off*! a ten Island is presented with a variety of scenery, which is highly calculated to raise |he thoughts in hearth-It gratitude far from tliis hHsy, hustling world up to I Inn who gives usevery " good and perfect gill. New Brighton looks well in the distance, mill among the beautiful residences thrrs stands "Joseph's Folly" upon a high hill, a niojiument of the m idne ? of headlong speculation. Elizabeth'own a mile or two distant, appears likf a miniature city framed around with nature's richest drapery, and for thirty miles in the bfek country, mountain, hill und dale, here and there interspersed with the residences of the honest and industrious farmer, attord a most delightful view. Many of the wealthy famtliesof New York hive already engaged apartments for the season in the spacious and comfortable Hotel. Steamboats ply between the Port and New York six times a day. The economical arrangements are suited to every taste; and last, though not least, the very gentlemanly proprietor of the Ilotel^ M^jor A lunch, by his constant attention to ine w?n.T UI his makes every body happy around lum, whether tliey will be ?o or not. Come to Khzabcthport?a short ride upon the water revives and strengthens both body and mind Once arrived you w ill not like to go buck. If you can spare a day or two from the city do visit one will be more welcome. ? I must tell you, Mr. Bennett, of a curious movement on the part of a few fanatics here. They induced our borough court at Elizabethtown to refttse to grant any licen-e except to Sanderson's house ? This has so enraged our citi/ena that when the last (?rand Jury met they actually turned round and presented the Court as a nuisance. This has made rare fun here. Those presented arc as follows :? Wm. Chetwood. Mayor; Aaron WoodruH, Recorder; Elijah Kellogg, John M. Ropes. James F. Meckie, Chan. Davis, M. 1). President of the Bnnk; Ci I. Rrown, of Union. Truly, this in the very age for impeachment*.? The above, with Charles King were very active in endeavoring to prevent our people here from riding fhf Herald; und since then then* are ten Ileralda I taken w here only one was taken before. The general impression here is tfiHt Low will be found guilty of the murder of Winan*: and if so he will b" hung in a month. It was a shocking niurder. I will heep you informed of matters and fhirgs here from time to time. J. R? W? LD. Price Two CeaU. | Huston. [ Csmapoudciirr of the Herald] Boston, July 16?1 o'clock P. M. Sailing of tht Royal Mail Steamer Caledonia?Ucjnrture of Fanny Eluler?Melancholy Arcident? Two New Daily Paprrt?Market I, tfe. A son of the Rev. Seth Blise, .Secretary of the American Tract Society, wan instantly killed yeaterday in Commercial street, by being ihrown front a chaise. The lad's head struck the side walk. H?i was between five and six years of age, and was riding in company with his father and mother's sister, who were both severely injured, though it is believed not dangerously. Several new pa|>ers are about being started in this city, Two of ihent are to be dailies, via: the " American," a Clay paper, to be under the editorial direction of John 11. Waland, Ksq., late of the " New Hamiwhire Ragle," and the " Duily Circular," winch is to be published by Mr K. Mnrchant, late of the Boston Traveller, and edited bv Thomas Welles, lv<i , assisted liy his talented ludy, Mrs. Anna Maria Welles, so well known as a valuable contributor to the periodical literature ot our country. Mr. Welles ia a inun of extensive acquirements, possesses an excellent taste and judgment, and has had the advantage of much travel. Under such management, and with the assistance obtained, the " lhiijy Circular" can hardly fail of success, notwithstanding the great multiplicity ot papers within the lust year or two. The steamer Caledonia, Cant. Lott, will " steam1* for Halifax and Liverpool litis afternoon at tive o'clock. She has tw < nty-four passengers for the former, and forty-three lor the latter port. Among iliose lor the hitter are "Fanny Klseler and friend," and Mons. J. Sylvain. Lord tilannis has also taken passage. But three or lour of her passengers hail front New York. The AcadiH, it is expected, will not arrive till the 18ih, as she did not leave Liverpool until the 5th. The demand for cotton is most unprecedentedly dull. Sales far the week are only about 300 bales. New t >rleans sold for 8 3-1 a 9c. Flour is dull of sale, and the supply is abundant. Cenesee, good common brands, brings jjjiti a >, 12, and fancy ti. 18, cash ; Ohio, )$fi cash; Howard street, do. The prices of corn have fallen a little, owing to the large sii|?ply and limited demand. Southern yellow flat, 584 a 59c.; white, 55 a 50c. per bushel, cash. The sales often are small, \oung hyson, country, brings 15 n 00, and Cantou made dull at 30c.; gun I'Owu"r anu inqwriBi ore.; i oucnong ? u wtc., una Souchong37 a 42c. nerlb., 6 mos. Yours, Sic. B. Flushing, L. I. [ Comspondntcr of th? Hcnli).] FLrsMrNo, L. I , July 17,1842. Chmcder Part y?Am tttrmmh? Shooting?Fithing ? IVoollty'i, atfFluthing?Dr.Havkeo?Ladies' Bathing?Oyntrr Bay?Two Btdt in a Room. James Gordon Bennett, Esq. :? Dear Sir:? Seeing you have correspondence from different parts of the States, and myself being a regular reader of your valuable journal, 1 should judge you had correspondence throughout the world, except on Long Island. You notice the different wav the citizens of some of our sister cities enjoy themselves, but never notice us. 1 can assure you there are some of the citizens of Long Island who understand the way of enjoying themselves thoroughly. The first in order, in my opinion, is the Chowder Association of Brooklyn, having Mr. W. V s for President, and oilier gentlemanly officers, whose motto is, according to their notices, " For the promotion of health, sociability, and haziness." Their excursions are regularly twice a month, the first and third Tuesdays, weather permitting. 1 have been on the excursions frequently, and can assure you every thing is done up in large style, as 1 know you would acknowledge if piesent, and 1 am sure the association would be pleased with your company, as the President and his officers are good caterers, and understand the getting up of such tall affairs?Mr. J. A. with the potatoes, fir. See. But the most delightful part of the island is Flush lift, una me: muei pteasani nuusc in it, is oia Curtis Peck's place?the Pavilion, now kept by Harry Woolley, and every one Knows what a good-hearted princely landlord he is. This old established concern Harry lias newly furnished, painted and fitted up superbly, besides building new stables, &c. It is close to the steamboat landing, and a capital place for fishing. Harry hen plenty of boats |on hand, and all sorts of fishing tackle, made by Couroy ; the finest shooting on the island, lots ol woodcock, and good dogs always ready for his friends, llarry Woolley is thorougfily naetf to his business, and sets the finest table 1 ever saw. And what is better than all, the board here is cheaper than anywhere else for thirty miles round New York. There is good society ; plenty of sea bathing ; Dr. llawkes' whole school bathes here every morning ; so does a whole school of young ladies. Prince's Gardenia close by, and the aroma from that place, and the sea breezes, rentier this place a little paradise. Still, I must not forget Oyster Bay, where your friend Mitchell is spending the dog days, laughing and growing fat. One short year has made very considerable alterations here, as well as in many other.placea. tjeveth! new buildings have been erected, several of the centenions have gone to another |?radise, a number of marriages have taken place, and very many remarkably pretty girls are lamenting tne hard times with the city beau*, and oid Alcohol ha* entirely disappeared, except i> wee morseLfor private use as medicine. Could you not induce tome truly great philosopher to visit the place and give us the why and wherefore respecting the resemblance of all and every thing so closely to one another ? Would he very happy to ace your honored self and family. Most assuredly, sir, the Bay has no e<|ual in the Elates. It is about a mile wide, four or five long, and depth enough to float the universal navy. The shores are as hold and clean as the girls are plump and pretty. Then there is that most royal breakfast?the morning bath?sailing, fishing, and the like o' that?then the afternoon drive around a lovely and luxurious country?then comes the S o'clock tea. That is nice?it makes one feel good to see iiic Kiria enjoy 11. jluc i>rrm?n wn? invrmcu mm meal must have ilonc it exclusively for the ladies. Then there in the evening walk?yon inqy depend that that wan invented to please both sex^, purlieularly when it in in the vicinity of that romantic null pond (Canota, or Trout Lake.) < >n a Mill night you can hear the palpitation of heart* for rome distance?if you are clone by?ah ! Then cornea the sleeping part, which in not remarkably agreeable. Just think of two beda in a room. What man goea in the country to enjoy auch comfort T A* yet, however, tne place i* not very crowded ; but as usual I aiippn* socn will be, owing to the conveniency of getting to the city by 9 o'clock every morning, by ateamboat American hagle and the Long Island Railroad. Yours, &c. Nrjiro. I Tuk Trouble in the Cqxl Keoior.?The Miner's Journal of Saturday aaya?Oa Tuesday, in consequence of many peraona ea pressing a fear of being molested honld thoy follow their inclination* and go to work, our Chief Burgess immediately issued a Proclamation, calling upon the citlr.ena to arm themselves nnd hold themselves in readiness to resiat any attempt to violate the law* ; and also ottering all who wiahed to pursue their occupation* full protection from attack. Tbi? we* immediately folio wod by a aimilar Proclamation from the Sheriff and ome few in our neighbourhood u rnt to work on Wednesday. Notwithstanding the above Proclamation* a number or armed peraon* went to the mine* of Mr. Chri?t, near Wadesville, and succeeded by force and violence in driving the men away from their work. Information of this outrage being lodged with the Sheriff, he proceeded to the spot on Thursday, and succeeded in arresting and committing one ot the printipal i ingle*, -re, wbo ia now securely lodged in jail. We also understand that the Sheriff, accompanied by a iwae, went up to the eame place yesterday afternoon for a similar purpoae, with what reault we have not yet heard. MiLiT*av.--The folios iegTympanies of the U. 8. Artillery have arrived at Fortress Monroe w ithin the last few dav* f'omnanv g'. ''apt, Monroe, Lienla.|Wil liama, R. B. Oarnett ; Company C, La|d. Uall, Limit. (? *ty ; Company I/, l.iautt. Pnclpa ami Pemberton ; Compa ny P, Unota. Smnad Mid Deaa ; Company IC, Liruta. Bain bridge and Oarracha; Company IE. i apt. Marrla, and Unit. Eahnr'took : Company F, Hnnt and O'Brien : I. lent. Col. 1. B. Crane, Major F. B. Bi-tton, Adpit nt J. H. Millar. CompniM C, -Jd Anillory, C.apt. MrKon*Je, left Old Point on Thnraday, in tliearhr. Empirr, Copt. Kin all. for Fort Hamilton, Now York ?Norfolk Hnali.Junt Id. Drilii nr *1 01.0 Mii.toair A aijnaw. of the Militate ritie of Indiana, namrd Molly Breed, died at the enrajnpnent, oppoaite Indian Town, a few dara ago, at tba adi anced ago of 107 yma.-A. John Ntn> Brunnntkir.

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