Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1842, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1842 Page 1
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T 11 V?I. VIII.?-5a. 199 - IVIioU No. 30?0. RAILROADS & STEAMBOATS. " POM K ROY C O 'S ALBANY, BUFFALO AND CHICAGO EXPRESS. Thr ?ub.,Ti,jcr* ai* now ruiiuiu^ a remlax Elprti. ?ii-r tile Railrotdi lo an.I (rain Albany anJ IlulUlo, and the intermediate | Urea, for FORWAII DlNO, at low rat.-, will, the utmost >|'t-r.I, regularity andaafetv. choice tiooila, Sia-cie, Uaiilt Notes, Imjiorttnt Pkper* \i??l Vilosbif Packages ?V illI attend 10 then^ifotifition. tmuilVr. collection or payment of BtlU of Ei'iutugt . Notes, Drift*. Acceptances. Accounts, Xc., at reasonable per centaife?execute onieis for the purchase or sale <>f Merchandise, Produce and Maun factored Articles of every description. personally, in the t?wu* on their route, through Messrs. HARNDEN k GO'S EXPRESS to New York and B" ;toii. and Mauri. IIAWLEY k CO.'S EXPRESS to and from Buffalo to Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago anil intermediate place.?forming at once the Boat direct, i|a-r.lj- and p?neCl commainHn'ii iu ?iei IIUUI ii.r *.v,< < ' " ?au nnmn cities, Tor the negotiation anil transaction of all mercantile and professional business, remittances, exchanges, Ac. References?Ernies Coming, Thomas W. Olcott. Watts i Sherman, A. D. Tali Kin, Noah Lee, James Taylor, Iheodore Olcott, Albsnv. Agencies?Bennett, Backus St Hawlwy, Utica ; T. A. Smith, Syracuse ; A. (J. Smith, Auburn ; J. Fargo, Geneva ; J. G. Shepherd, Canaudaigua : David Hoyt, Rochester ; John McKenater, Lockporl; J. A. Ciaik, Baiaria : Thomas Blossom, Buffalo. POMEROY Si CO', No. 5 Buohangc- Buildings, Albany. all 3 Trail street, Naw Vcrk. RAILROAD LINK TO MORRISTOWN, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, BA8T0N, OWEOO, IT1IICA AND OttNEVAM ?i'ommeii -itij July 21, 11112. I.,-an- Slorristow u .1 A.M., and 2 I'.M. Leave Newark at 9 A.M. and 5 P.M. LeanNew York at A.M. and 4 P. M Fare between New York and Morristnwn, SI 1". Passengers by the morning train will be in Newark in time for the 9 o'clock train to New York, and also in time for the morning and afternoon trains for Philadelphia. Office in New York, New Jersey Railroad Office, foot of Conrtlandt street, where ibe Agent, E. E. Jackson, will be found to take charge of the baggage. Passengers leaving New York by the 8 o'clock train will always reach Morriatown In tune lor any of the stages going north or wear. Stages will be in readiness at the Depot on the arrival of the Cars, to convey passengers to ailiier of the above named places. The strictest punctuality will be observed in the hours of depirture and arrival. jyl9 lw*e IRA DODD. Supeiiutcndent. FOR SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN, E ASTON, RETHI.KH1.VI, AXL? ALEEN- | TOWN, PKNN. Daily,(Sundays excepted,) via?R.izihethtown and Somerville Railroad. Leave pier 1 North River, st 3>3 o'clock, A M, by steamboat tn Elizabcthport, or leave the foot of Liberty street at t> o'clock A M, take the Philadelphia train to Eliznbetntown, there to counsct w ith the cars for Somerville; cosches from tbrnce ar- i riving at Sehoo'ev's Mountain early the same afternoon, at Eaaton bv 6 o'clock, Bet' leht m at o'clock, and Allrntowii at 8Vs o'clock the same evening. For seats or further information, apply to A D HOPE, Merehvuu' Hotel, 41 Conrtlandt slrst, at the Railroad Office, foot of Liberty street, nroa board the boat. Fare through to Schooley's Mountain, $2.25 K iston, " Ileihelum, $2,75 " Allentown, $3,00 N B?Eitrai provided at the shortest notire. P 8?This route on account of the short distance by coaches commends itself to the public patronage as L, irig by far the moat pleasant and eipeditioits. jyfi lm*c | IMPORTANT TO WESTERN MERCHANTS reliance portable ikon boat link For the Transportation of Goods between Pniladclphia and Pittsburg. This improvement in transport uto* nfbml^^Y^Vr^AP^ chants peculiar advantages. The soodi Ix-ing caretully packed in tjie boats at our warehouse. No. 365 Market street, are carried over the Columbia and 1 .irlage dlailwat? without tranihipinenL Caretul captains and crews are employed, who take chance qf the Roods at Philadelphia, and continue with them the entire route, thus avoiding delays and the liability of lots brim: separated on the way. N. B.?PassMsiijers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottrville, erery day, Sundays excepted. H. STORKS, A*.cut, alt 3m* 7 Washington street, KRKIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PIT'I'SBURG. The proprietors of iiinchain's Transportation Line to Pittsburg, Rive notice to the Mercliauls of New Vork, and alt other praams shipping to the Wast, tiiat liieir tine is now iu active ope rati or Goous unsigned to them (or sent to go in llitir line,) will be forwarded with desjutch. Owner* or shippers of goods, destined for tho Westrm States, who have no aicetit or consignee at Pitisbnrg, will please consign their roods to William Bingham, Pittsburg, who will attend to snipping all such consignments without Mlsy. . All roods should be marked distinctly on eacn package BINGHAM'S LINE. For ales of freight, which are as low as any other line, apply . WM. TYSON, Agent, No. 8 West street, opposite I'i< r No. 2, N. R. N. B. Passengers forwarded to Pittsburg and Pottsville,every dav, Snndeys excepted. Refer to It. Crooks, American Fur Co.; 8. T. Nicoll, Front street ; Phxlps, thdg. k (>., Fnlton street ; ptiydnn Jage at Co ; Win. ft uikin, IJuryee it Co, Newark. mS 3ui 11AIL_ROAD?ALBANYAND SARATOGA. Travellers to Sarsttiga Springs, l,jki Gei rjr, Whitehall and Lower Canada, are informed that they will insure to themselves an expeditious and pleasant r onveyance to tht Springs by taking the llvil Ros I ran at Albany. HOURS OF DEPARTURE. From Albany. Fn ill Saratoga. At r. o'clock, A. M. I At 7 o'clock, A. M .. ? .. .. .. " 3 " P. M. I " 3* " P M. Thare is no change of Coaches or Baggage Wagons, or shifting nf Baggage from one Steamboat to another on this route. Pusmigrrs on their arrival at Saratoga, will fuel stage coarhri in readiness to convey tnem to Lake George anil Whitehall on Lake Ch?mplain; connecting with all the principal Northern aiui Eastern Stage routes. A Stage (for the convenience of passengers who arrive by the sfteiuooti train from Albany,) leaves Saratoga at J o'clock A. M. arrives at Wliilrhall in time for the de|>artiire of the Chami lain swamboat of s vme day, aud brings eastern trav Hers to Rutland, Vt. early in the evening. N. B. There are baggage wagons always in readiness, at Albany, on the ariival of the steamboats and rail road cars, to carry the baggage of passengers direct to and froin the depot and steamboat at the rale of ti-i cents per trunk or package, or 12!s cents for ordinary travelling baggage. The deptrturea for the west are fixed for the sea-son at 7}. o'clock, A. M. and 7 P. M. JOHN COSTIOAN, Superintendent. Albany, June 27th, 1812. je27 7mr j^jLROAD NoTjCE ? MARKET AND FREIGHT LINE. NlWrfcfl' TMIE NEW JERSEY Railroad ami Traiu>t>oriation ComA pany have established a Freight Line between NesvBrunswiok and New York, which they intend to run permanenr)r. , Leaving New Brunswick at VS A.M. daily, (Sniidaya excepted) sud the foot ol Liber tytrert. New York, at 2\ P. M. Te conntry dealers and me..i..snts the above line is very desirable for (he speedy aud cneap conveyance ol merchandise of every description, and more pailicularly to Drovers and Dealers in Live Stock, w!u> can have ISO head of cittlr conveyed between New Brunswick and New York, the same day whenever re pnred. The rstcs for tlie transportaiion of cattle, honvs, males, hrep, hogs, Ac. and all other km Is of merchandise are very low, never exceeding steamboat prices. Merchandise jeut bv rhis line js not (object to any extra charge in crossing he North River. 1 lie Company hare tilted up a large stn' honse at New Brnaswiek, adioiniug the Railroad Dcjiot, which will alwaya beopen for Uie recepti an of meirhuintisr. f'oaijiii purrhasiug their tickets at tlie ticket offices, will rvceiv. Irrry tickets gratis. Fretjtht for Newark, Eliaabethtown, Rahway, Westpaid, Plainiield, Scotch Plains, Bound brook and Somerville, is conveyed by the above lines, and delivered the aainetlay when received. __ mH 3m* a%nn ga MAGNIFICENT EXCURSION OF Cm jsT*eu* jwPLKASITRF. to Sault Ste Marie, Siackinac. jM^B^K^CaGreen Bay, and th? Imliin S-ulement?. 'I 111* snlerdid low nra.,,!., UITL'L 4 1 n I ? ? Levi Allen, will leave Buffalo on the above desirable plriwrt Irip on Thursday, July 21at, at 10 o'clock A. M. provide J with a 'in* baud "J muaic, and every thin* that can render the 'rip desirable aad pleasant- The passage round, from Buffalo and hack, it liied at the low prica of $21?(ther porta in proportion. Passage or Stale Rooms may beaeenred by application on boird. or at C. M. IWd's office; Buff-lo, je2l tiy2l KENNEBEC AND BOSTON. <*3. eAKsVa'* "dap'endid ateamer J. W. RICH fcajrr^*l> jf MOND, Nath-.nirl Kimball, muter, will w ? JK. leave, the north aide of I', wharf, Boalon, everv'I uv day and h ridav evening at 7 o'clock, for (rardinrr and Hallow ell; and re-timing will leave llillowell on Moniiaya and '1 huradaya at 2K P. M-, landing each way at llaih. Fare from Boatou to llallowell, $'; no Bath, 2 50 Stages will be in readineaa on the arrival of the hoat at Hallowell, to convey paaayucira to Augusta, Wstervil|r, Bsngor. Belfast and Quebec. iV-aona travelling lor pleasure will loul l'ew| uleaa.vnter routes thoi this one m, is it ru: a thr ugh a country abounding in beautiful scenery?the roads are good, and the notela well kept?the distance 210 miles. jj 10 2m?c ddl CHEAP EXCURSION n Fuh<ne ?Lr?Banks. .-ver. dtv, inept Tu-soiys m l f" ei3KwAre TP days?Fare 25 cents each way?Th- ati 1 >0 NAPOLEON, dipt. Hincoa, will run regularly to the ah-ve place every fair il.av, and leave as follow-?K*ot of II itnmenil street at 9 (Tclock, Cimal stre t quarter past 9, Market street half pa-t 9, Catharine ferry Brooklyn 9^, pier No. I N all river at 10 o clock. On Tuesdays and Fridays the Nipnleon wilt make afternoon eteursinns to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton and Bath?(the steamboat Oenci si Jackaon will continue to run to the same place every other day in the week)?and leave as follows?Foot of Hammond street,at 2 o'clock, Canal street (t a quarter put2, Pike street !i*f, nier No I at :t o'clock?Fare $5 cents each way. The Imat will remain at Coney Island one hour and ,s half, and arrive in New York by 7 o'clock. J14 Im'r. ~ STATEN ISLAND FERRY. A A^js Toot of Whitehall street The "iuim^T. BTATF.N ISLANDER ~d SAMSON will leave New York and Stsfen Island every hour, from 1 A M ts< 7 P M. All goods are required to be particularly marked, and aar at the risk of the owners thereof. |y I eTne N MISCELLANEOUS. TTMTEO STATES EXPRESS MAIL KROM NEW V OHK IO BOSTON?WitlmviKw to ^ivr tlif (rra'nt poaaiMrconyanicuce, il |ch?m|MKOtil) la il?? Ucwaiw commiiniMtloii fM-i'Vtcn (1 ;ion n ! this eitv, i!?? l'?Master Uenrnl I I -Cab l>!wU ir; aL.ll> w..rll .\1. ?? ,?v n .I! tclir.l to the D ptifm ut ir m this city to BoaIuq under um inm ui*ie Kupriiutoudcuct* i?f thj utAii* ritza* .1, to coiamc .ce onUm 20fh iu>I int. * To c i.r> ont t > the fvi.'est ( ..?!*!# lint, th- views of the Pi)?t W uli r I icucnl, it tU u lor U.'Coii, i'i iniiia'e au*l v ? > ! Hnlfor?! wi.lbr r. c ivnl uu !r?ul ih r? ;s * o . YU#ck Mail I Do :t, ( on] it i.i sired |H/ ta^e C4R be |inh ) I'loiu iiuli*i'Mt four o'clock u.? to the time o? us dvf ;riif? II t ?u. I'ublic no'icc it lii-relo cku- by 41 mi oi ? ?b >v? | ment, miJ 4II im iv iu 111 ly irl*'u < u . ?? ice ??* auue-uce with which a 1 miil ina'.Ur u ill b" 1 !\vir?l.d " > hov in the I ihertcit possible space of iiuie, %nJ \vjilav ft \ ?e<^u:ity. it ueril Slail A^? nti. Nt w \\rk. July ISth, 1 Ml. i? l I'M rED fcl A rKS EXI H H-i \l' i OM NEW ^ YORK Ik BOSTON.?P0.1 Office .Stw V .k, July 17, 1812.?'! lie Post M iMrr Gciit ril, with a fii w to 1 -ocoruni< dation of the public, and to increased tUfp t li ail security,ha* 1 establishes! an E?; r< % mail,to expedite whi..*!? s\? svu^rr* will M**..: .. Harudvn & Co., f..r carrying ti?- Mails b-iw -.uthu city and Boston, and the i lnjtoriani i t r*?.?*?Ji? r places, with direction* to cause lb** Unlivery at the e uliest p * bin time, j Letters ill be received on bor.rd th Snmi ^ton Line of ! Steamboat* which carvias the Mail Tin Kt n.inct'Uj ud P;oviI deuce t<? Bimioii, from half-pest \ o'clock until the ti <e oi ?1> part u re, during; which time |H>>ta^*- c.v.i b.-psid.? L 'Iters will ' be received at this office up to 1 o'elo k M. ! This arrangement will go into opt ration mi lite 20 :h ins\ i jy 19 2w r JOHN LORI MEU (ill \ma.\I. I'. M. POST OFFICE, N. w V.Trk. "Jiil". li, III.'.-; Sil EI) STATES EXHKE-S MAIL NEW VOHK, | ALBANY, AND Bl'KKALO.?The l'o,tm <i-*iieral. j with a view to the accommodation of the public, and to increased ! despitch and security, has established cu Expr* .* Mail, to cxp*-I diic which messengers will be employed under the immediate superint 'ndence *>l .\h. K. Jicromk Hi mpiiid.y, for carrying | the Mails between this city Albany Buffalo, au-1 the interior* diate places, (including Troy) with directions to can>e the de : livery at thcearhest possible time* I Letters will he rccoived on board the !i o'clock steamboMs, , which carry the M.*ils to Albany, Troy, and intermedial i places, from half-past 4 o'clock,!* >1, until the time of departure, during which time po?u^< can be paid. Letters will also be received on bond the b nt carrying th* Mail direct to Albany, which leaves at 7 o'clock I*. M., fiom half-past 6 o'clock 1' M, until the lime of dcyaiture a letter box bring placed ou board said boat, under the lock of the department. The Messengers will go through to, and are instructed to exert the greatest diligence in the performance of their duties. The arrangement will commence on the 20th iti'f. After the 20th inst. letters by the 6 o'clock stea.nh n ill he received at this office up to 4 o'clock, P. M., and lett ms for the 7 o'clock boat until 6o'clock, P. M. jy 172w r JOHN LORIMER GRAHAM, T. M. TTNITED STATES EXPRESS MAIL FOR ALBANY' V AND BUFFALO.? Willi a view to give the ure^apgi i>oa! sible convenience, despatch and security to the increasing corn| munication on the great Western Route from this city, the Postmaster General has established, regularly, sworn messenI gers attached to the department, from this city to Buffalo, under the immediate oipcrinteinicnce of the undersigned, to cornbmbcc mi dx >' Mi inst. To carry out Colli* fullest possible extent these views of the Postmaster General, letters will be n reived on hoard the regular 5 o'clock mail boat, (and, if desired, postage can i*e paid) from hal" nasi 1 o'clock, P M, unto the time of its departure,for Albany. r;oy,atid the intermediite points; also on hoard the 7 o'clock boe.t, for Albany ami all places West,and for Troy, fion* half-pa* t G o'clock, P M, up to the time of its departure. All letters depo.'i ed in the Post Office of this city fot the 7 o'clock Mail, directed to Albany and Troy, aud lo Buffalo and interim Mail, under charge of (lie l int* messengers. Public notice is therefore hereby given of the above arrangement, and :.ll persons concerned may relr nnon the loedsing diligence with which all mail matter will be forw-irded a? above in the shortest possible spare of time, and with the grealest security. E. JEROME HUMPHREY, Orneral Mail Agent. Near York, July 15th. 1812. jv 17 tw r SILK BANNERS, fcc. HANNINOTO.N St CO., 293 Broadway, near Read street, Respectfully inform the Ordrr of I. O. of O. K., and their friends generally, that they are no a prepared to esecute orders for Flag* and Banners in the most su|>erior style for beauty, durability, and economy, having Silks made for the txprcas occasion that will make the largest bin tiers without dishguring it witu a seam. Specim us and Deaigus can be seen at their Establishment, 293 Biovdway, ot sent to any part of the Union. For style, design, and execution of works of the kind, we refer to the Getty's l> inter, No. 11, I, O. of O. K , as also to Greenwich, No. 40, Harmony, 14, Covenant, S3, Perseverance. 17, also Military Companies and Sunday School Banners, and the societies St. Nicholas, New Kugland, St. George, 9t Andrews, St D ivid, Str Stc. Window Shades in great variety, from 31 each to the richest anil best, tainted by the most einineut artists. Stained Quaes after the wanner of the sadeah, warrmied never to change color, with many reeeut improvnn uts for church windows ami oilier public ami private huildiugs, steamboats, packet ship*,store windows, So-Stc. Imitations of Sta'.ned Glass, painted on muslin for church windows,very close imit-itiou of the teal glass, it a very trilling ex|*ns-, or th* glass obscurtd and painted ill bnlliaiil colors, vt ry tiurtmr nuu ri)ts(i. iy U ; Water CoMMltno*kk'i Oii'ict, ( Old Alins-House, July II. ifM?. S N OTICE i. hereby given, lh?l the CmUi:i Apirlurt Committer of the Corporation h?*e requr.lfri thi- W ater C"n>miv.ioii<.-r?, for the present, to rent I he Crotou Water, anil arrange tor making the necessary connexions to supply the citiaetu of New York with water. Til a following are the ratea at which the water ia at present furnished Annual. Charge*. Dwellings oftwo aturiea _ Sift Oft more than two atoriea 12 UO " on the n aroflota 5 ftO " with workshop or store 12 to 2ft Privilege of waaliiug pavemeuU 2 00 bath (where there are futures) i 00 Warehous 00 Boarding house 10 to 20 Stable, private per itnll 5 00 livery " 2 00 Paymen to be mide in ailveuce for tlir supply from August 1 to May I, neat? ub-eijueiitly m .<ii-innuall>. Large boarding houses, sublet, brew ties, tanneries, pubhr batna, parking or sailing hc uici, arid all other rousiimers, ?lii| ping, arc., will be charged in proportion to the <,u aiitity of t used, ou agreement with the enmmi sionern. Office hours from 9 o'clock A M until 4 P M, in the old Alois | House. Etilrauce by ceiitir door. SAMUEL STEVENS. JOHN U. WARD, ZEB'D RI N't J. B. BIRUSALL, iv20 2wr Water Lommiaiioners. M0KM0NISM!"M0UM0N1S.M ! !?Last 'Vrmi >, but me ofthc Great Ditcoaiinti httwoen DrVVfit ind Elder A Mini 5 ! on llu* subject of .vlormonism, or the Doctrine of t. e Lattt rday | Saints?the Bible, llie Rule of Evidence. The Chair will be taken by Dr. Benjamin C. Dacher, at R o'clock, th s, Wednesday f veuing, July 20:h, 1M2, in the New Hall, Grand street, one u or east of Broadway. D.vor* Open at half pa?i seven. Tickets I2?? cents, to be bad at the door, N. B?Tbe Discussion will close on Tnttrsday eveniug. jy20 2t*r ________ BILLIARDS.?The subscriber having leased the spacious building No. 140 Broadw ?y . corner Liberty s'reet, has fitted up "he 2d and 3d stories for Billiard Saloon*.with five tables. The rooms have b'.cn newly printed and furnished throughout. < A balcony five feet wide extends all around the huildimt, making il an airy and delightful resort for those loud of this healthy amusement. He feels confident that his friend* and the public need only call on mm to become satisfied that he is entitled to their supturt. . .u? g-i . _ lAOl'ntl 1 T? ? IV HAVANA AND PRINCIPE SEGARS. MRADER, tfi Chatham street, off in for sale 1110,000 La Norma Began. 30,MO Noval f'riucipe. 23 000 Woodville. 2.> 000 Rionda. Entitled to debenture. Besides a full slock of the rlmirett brands of Havana anil Principe Began. j y 20 l ji rod c f N Ft) RS1XTION WANTED hf Anlr.-w'WslI'rV, wtiVrrnA burked from the pari .h ofOaksford ami County of Rnihnnrgh hire, Scotland, on the 10th May, 1133. for Canada, and when last heard of was in New York, in 1(110. Any information respecting him will be thankfully receiied liy liis brothers. Adilr'is A. I,. Walker, Rob Roy Hotel, New Mirk, I, Mo-treal. M rnlreal, July I, IE42. jy20 3t*r PtfttSSE iV IMOOKS, ~ Mf) #1 LIBERTY' STREET, Broadway and la \ J, pjassan street, olfer for for sale 101 Blocks Iri?h black marble. 4 100 Casks refined bank't salt. J00 Casks Boyd's bleaching |n?wder. 30 Tons superfine soda ashes. 2 Cases palm: leather. Vi Bales Chesterfield factory brown sheetinga. 7000 German patent lire brick. 20 I asks 3 and I K K blue sinslta. 2 Biles cotton carpeting threi and fonr yards wide. 3 Bales Machine blankets All of which will lie sold at low rst market prices, _jy 17e A BOAT RACK will take place at the Elysian Fields", Hoboken, on Wednesday, July 27, 1812. A prire ol $00 will be given to four oa eil race boats. Entrance $10 each, i' hu ll will lie added In the prize, and given to j the winning boat. Also, a prize ol $23 will he given tors race bet ween 10 foot working boats ; this piize will he fr>e for all working boats not exceeding W foot in li nglh. All boats wishin* toenter forthis race, will pl-ase to ent- ron or before Saturday, the2Jd instant, as no boats will be allowed to enter after this date. Gentlemen wishing to enter their boats, will pltase to applyto W. McCARTY, at the Elysian Fields, Hobofceii. jv!7 Iw'it CIIOTON WATER BATHS, No. fiofl Broadway-Tha proprietorof the Broadway Batha hta the pleasure to announce to the public that he is now prrjwred to furnish Baths from the soft and pure Waterof itir Croton River. Warm, Cold, Sul| hur, Shower Yaior, and rariotis Medicated Baths, always ready. The ladies' department is now prepared for their reception with suitable attendants. jy 12 Iw is*re HENRY DL'RELL. nvvr\T A CITTM VJ I HJ ilill-'HJiU. FENCING AND SHOOTING GALI.ERY, 3X1 Broariivay, {corner of Avthnny-ft.) PMOUtlUUIN haa the honor ol informing ln? lilmdj and the public in g'-iieral, that hi* new GymnNsinm i* now 'J1 I operation. It it tlir l.irjfcvt and the best which ha* beeu y?t olj fered to the American public. The souins arc l*rg? aud wfii I ventilated, which gee* them the advantage ol D? ing aiwdjrs cool. Par? nis, Professors, and Gentlemen, am invited to usit this establishment, to which, a* soon as the Croton \V.?tet Work* wilj he in operation, will he added a sho *r bath, rot the convt- niance of the Subscribers to the Gymnasium. The Shooting Gallery (wing entirely independent, of *ne O/m.nasium, persons wishing to practice pistol firing can no so without be in 15 subscribers to the Gymnasium Fen ring lesson* given as itsvtsl on moderate terms. 0|*? at day breih, snd close at lialf 1 aat nine at night.' leiB ! m r | A YOUNG MAN AND A BOY were drowne d bv th< up setting of a row boat off < Jove inor'* Island, on Sunday, l'th inst. and have n?>t been fot.nd since, T he young man w*?* 20 years old, rather thick art, about 5 feet 3 inches in height?had | on a pair of light grey Aismhrnon pantaloons, a yellow vest, and : was at the t n?e without a co?t. The hoy wast years of age, I hail a straw hat lied under his chin, aud a gambioon frock rdat and pantaloons. A fiHidifrtne reward will he paid to any person tiring intyr ma* ion that will lead ' h ? recovery of their bodies bv th<-tr$f ilicted rclatioi.s, at 211 \V iljiam st. ivio |w*< rpO LADIES - ?1". TRAUTxVElN ramciinlly iMori M 1 the Lull" of f.w-York and ririnilr, that .lie runlim ta the work ol Krr-ch riniting,l? luting and atarrhinc, at >o 102 Klili ill*, at real, (on lh. firat floor,) N.w-York. N. B. < (id. ra rrreivcj and .irrnled with n.atnraa and at the notic.. , . ,. Alto, Col Ian for *al.. j.llltn'r W TO EW YORK, THURSDAY watering~place"s7&c. sharon springs. rpHt rAVILLION.?Tlti* new conni oile-ii* Hotel will We I open for the rtf i ti oi of ruitora > n .nj ifter the ftrtt of Juik neat. bt tli- v illige of Sharon Sputiga, Schoharie County, Nt'W Y(i:L 't'h? rl u pure water of the Sprinrt, gre-tly reaembling j th i'f of tli white aulphur iiuinga ol Virginia, have been provnl to he highly t tin-n imn in it! "m-itio, t'titineoaa, Bill* ' ? .u il Uyipri'lic eompl. Milanil in tie rem ol' Kryaipe) u, S.rheum, Scintilla, Liver (.'oinpla lit, ?n-l . ii-ml JebiKty. I liiii in many ether napeile, |vwn. |.ia ci-rtnicil by tome of the moat emiueut ine-Ji?ilnrufcMon in the United Stau-e) mciliciml Mi-i licaling properdin utkU|iuiej, uJ helii veJ to be une, ijti.v.lnJ hv .tu> in t'ue country. A-hh <J to I . th ml. . . I the virinitr, rumi-rom village*, eitemne vieWi, neighboring ctv-i in.I romantic scenery arc , among lie many attraction ofiereii to thcae tee kind in llie heat ' of aunimer.eith r he ilih or pleasure. i'heae springe are but a few houri riJe ltm.1 Sarotoge, Troy, \I'm:iv. &.C., i -I ir- aeceaable from ( -.:i.iiohvrie on trif Alba uy -iii'l Lr11 -I railuieii, where carnages eaily await the arrival 1 of th mo.ii.i^ i irn IVom Schciieel vdy -nit lice, to carry viaitore to the Spitng-, a i!i?taiice of a'amt e-aht mi!-*, arriving in time I : .linner; alio by the Albany ami Cherry Valley turnp;l>i hy ilaily atagi-a, being about forty-tie- mik-a Witt of the \V . m. i.ohl an 1 showt r Baths furnished at all times, either of .!?? mineral or frr*h water, wul every ?rtnation given to render the stsv of v:?irors agreeable. An atmno nice of the purest monntnin si r'ne !?'?* ?* stored for tha season. G \v. B. UKDNEY. THK SPRINGS HOTEL.?This Hot. I will he opened at the abovn village of 8h?r?u Springs, for the ret ention ol visitors, ami combining ill the of tins ?' -fijhiful summer residence. iOH.N' V. ETTEN. a20 lOwitaw *r OATSKILL SoU.NTAlN lit?Lrli, AT Tilt PINK ORCIIAIU)-is:;. I q<iiI3 romantic ami l i h.o.iah!^ it w ill be conducted dur* ing the present s< mod i*ciilt. the direction and superintcu; dance of tim subscriber. It h is mii W/me * complete .ind 1 thorumh repair, ami is now open fr the iccepiion pi vi iters. No effort will l?* spared t * :n lint 1 ithe des rvelly high chvac* ter which it !i is Ik ret*/ore (Liuiivd. Aj heretofore, its tuhli * will furnished with - v. ry *h 1; icy lhatthe New York mirk* t ran a If- < .); ?ml v. -y possild" ;* trillion thai can promote the couven e." o and . mml? I ?'* patmm will be |iromptlv bestowed. Tim ro.o '* <I?11; *r tliia establishment amies,H-cislly tlilt putm i ? n 'lie imui*iu:o, li u h mii re mined nci'ferlly snvoth ami . o.. Messrs. A. h. U irh\ tWiexci lh i: iine :? . will tun ; ashtMCtofore t?gi?!\rly he* wt n the i.iri House, ru th mi dl of the hoi". C. L. BE i\oi JuoalSth, 1lHt. Bath iioD^eTIJi^kFi^i.ani)^-ri?; i-.,ti. we.. known bonding and sea bat hit);.: e*i*bl>bm? ..i, having . i c< nily uu.lorgom numerous improveiiv i.Ls >oii ... which is the crectiou of sev ril ? les ?jit summer hones ./ > u- of I the ocean, is now open for the reception ? ! .mpmy during the ; season The rii? nt c.f private h? i on r'tii shore?ih? j perfect security in boil ing, even lor hi. ' ildie i, ('he bathinc house* being w i'hi.i i stone's tl. ' t'? *m i? i I? the shady. cool and u?*li*hifnl loeus! ? . 1 ." ' ?*?* ?'he pleasant tides iu tl.c *urro i?. Ji ; . e o. ? fishin:' "rounds and Other spureenn' h Ih hi PU'U i'.d irmisement?lh beautiful view oj*ih I to .1 the lower bay, almost constantly cnlii- : b\ i ro1" *.-s? Is arid vi ug or oii'n ?rd bound, rrndei ih? v; . . i\ resj?cct ii ?lic?t by .luv in the \i-i;utv. ii . ni.nodstiv.ny amine, the moms airy and llie temp* r twre. even iu tlie warum'-r divs of slimmer, any thin;' but oppressive. The roarenienrif' ?>i ooiiimunicdtion and distauee, (ht i:ig bur nine miles I from Brooklyn.) tho access b hour in nodated to business render it peculiarly well adapted v i for ! gentlrmen of busin *.s iu New York. . . WILLIAM BROWN. Proprietor. BATH B UILDINGS, l<UKWMiL-i i\ l'-?-S p 11.\ YY IS, at Ivmg lV-inrh.--Thi? exJ c tensive and delightful Sea 1) tibing Est .b|;shment will b* I opened bv the subscriber on t w ^7tU June, instant. He bens , respectfully to its torm?r patron* and th?- public, that considerable additions and alterations, rncreninj the comforts, have Keen vnidi- sine* la-it year, ind will be in complete readiness for their accommodation. Wishing to be as reasonable as the times will afford, the board will be st ven dnllara ner week as last year, instead of ten dolljk''< as formerly. Children of a Certain age and servants half price. FT ?r*? s full fed. $3..K). Ii? hopes he may say wiihont imputation, thai Ins t tide and accomrnoduions will be ei|Uil to any on Lone Branch. Young people not requiring too inucli room,will find accommodating let ins. j* 22 lm?r _ JAMES QHEEN. BOARDING. " AT DEAL. MONMOUTH. CO. X. J. T BWI8 F. HANKINSON ream ctfully informs hUfritMb Ei and the public that he Ins fitted up in the best style the house formerly occupied by Jacob CorUs, at the above the most lieatblul situation on the set about 7 miles from Hed Bank, ami fourteen from liujtown. states pais through and Iro to meet tlie rhtladelj hia car*. The terms of board will be found very moderate. Also, stabling, kc, lor liorses, ou very reasonable terms. L. F. II. pledge* him ulf that no effort of his w ill >?e wanting to render tho*e wlio patronisr It*in comfortable, .Mid that lithouse will be found equal to any alou.j tl?# coast. it* 30 Itn r JHl NORTH CANAAN, (Conn.) July 11, 1842.?J G i*>*m Bennett Dear Sir,?For several day* past 1 noticed in your daily, (which bv the way I receive regular) your discription of Fashionable Watering places, and I I?k ked them all over but did not any mention made of OUR HOUSE. Now eery likely you have never heard of this place, as I built it last autumn just in lime to take a small -winkle of the winter tried from New ion to Albisf, and by the want s?v?ra1 gentlemen from your place, thought they would call this summer aid ?;?eud a few weeks, but as I generally satisfy a man that calls once thai he cannot do bet'ertuau to call again, I doubt whether I will see one of them uuiihrn xt winter, thru I am sure of th* m. as this will be about as good a route as they can take, as the rail road will he comn ?ted from Our House t?? West Stockbridge, and that perfects the cb ?iu of rail load from Green bush to Bridgeport. Now, sir, I wish you to understand something of the particulars of our locatiou. We are within one inile i f the north line of the State of Connecticut, surrounded by tlie tallest kind of mountains, and on the top of one of them is a splendid lake, that abounds in fish almost as tall as (be mountain itself; we have other very fine lakes. The Hou.?atoiiic River one half mile Iroin us, ami the tributary str ums of which I I1.1z7.ard n?.thing in saying for Trout and i'ik lulling, aie not second to any in New England, if in the worjd. The utile re is no arbitrary law shout bird* in our adjoining towns in Massac h'ls'tts, prvhaii* a few c. ul 1 be caught, and put a few of them with plenty if fish, and we will hare a to|? ruble dinner. The way to get from your place to this, ls ju t lo <lriv.- to Catlnrii o Market .lip miJ tskr thp steamer Nimrod, (which by the way is a crstl hard to beat) and on yonr arrival at Bridgeport take lb ' Carson the Hnusatnnie rail mail, whi h will lei yon off at our use at precisely < o'clock. P. M. Suppose yon call up yousself, and ask your friemla to come. 'I'here are the I-lis too, so:ne lifty feet |ylpe|nlil lltl,I n o re <.r less, that niinht be named, but I am not disposed to tell you all about this section, as I had rather people should look it over for tin inselres. By the way, pay your fare on hoard the boat through, as you sarehalf a dollar in the fare, it then beinir only Siio Irom New York to here. The cars leaie Our House daily, and passengers breakfast here and dine in New York. Yours, with respect, ill 2*V JOHN BAKBTOW. BEDFORD MINEHA1. 8PRINOS ?This well known watering jdace, rituated in Bedford County, Pennsylvania, is now open for the reception of visitors. To those who have never visited the Springs, it may be neees??ry :<> w?\ that they are situated near the grrat W? *r#rn Turnpike, which passes through Pennsylvaniairom Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, a fww utiles tast of the chief elevation of the Alleghany Mountains. Every tiling lias been provided at this watering place to render a sigouru pleasant to those who are seeking health or enjoyment. Amusement will be found suited to all tastes, and a good band Of Mtie w ill be m attendance# A daily stage will leave Chainbersbnrg in the morning, and arrive at the springs the same evening, or if |?ersons prefer the Baltimore and Ohio Rril Road to Huicock, will have daily conveyances from there to the spriuvs. The liberal patronage extended to the subscriber the two last seasons, will ensure the renewed e*> rtions the coming season, for V e amusement aud comfort of his irwe?t*. WILLIAM REYNOLDS. je29eod lm#r Prairie tor. DRY GOODS, &r. E ? Third W Ir' 1 M" tint I .1 groceries, hardware, boots and shoe . hat?, erorh y g'aat, wooden ware and tin ware, stationers, clo'Sit-M, con! ctiourr-, watch and cabinet makers, and all other* who f * ! them>clvf ? grieved by the oppression and unwarrantable manner in which the city anthoiities permit a num rou? he? 1 ?f for* ?gn pedb rs to con^r-K^te throughout the ward in the sim-i* and on ihe aide* w tills, to the injury of our several trades, thereby depriving ui who pay rent and tales of our privilidife as citisens of miking an honest living to support ourselves and families,are particularly requested to meet at 215 Greenwich street, up start, on Thursday K veiling nest, at 8 o'clock. j* 19 3t#r TO THE LADIES. I7ASHIONABLE MILLINERY OOODS-The pr, ,m<1 trey, Mite S KINO, daughter of the celchrved Ctrl Kmc, tfi rt lor stir ? most select and choice s??ort-n or of .Millinery Goods, for the spring trade, never is yet I'Tr-si u-ii to the pal>lic, boar as regards the quality 'nil chei pilots of the articles Th/' assortment cpnaists of tlic followitrg The eelpbrnteaSILK HAT, CALLED CAPOTTF. D'ORLEANS, is hv Lt Dncln v?e D'Orlrtiu. of France, SHEI) SILK. ENTIRELY NEW AM) ORIGINAL STYLE And Lawn litis do do?An entire new style o Hats called " RIODLNE CAPOTTES, ELSSLER COTTAGE.' Parisian and English FANCY STRAWS, of the finest texture in great variety. The Proprietress respectfully solicits the ladies to favor he t with aratl mil examine her elegant and varied stock of Millinery for themseltrs, before they purchase elsewhere, as it will be great saving to them in price and a great advantage as regards the variety and quality of the goods. MISS 8. KINO, Msgarinede Modes, je22 Im'r njfj uroaaway. SHIRTS. SHIRTS. UNITED STATESHHIRT MANUFACTORY, 77 Witliam street, corner of Liberty, V Y Notice in hereby aiveti to Merchants anil trailer* in general, that the proprietor* of the shore establishment hare ailoptid a new method of mumfactoring which rnihle* thein to tell their thirt* at a cheaper rait than any other hottte in thi* city. Tint atatcinent will be affirmed by the list of prices a* follows:? Per Doi. FineMualia Shirt*, with Linen Botomt and Collar*, $7. M Do atltchsd in the Bosom and Collar '(,110 Do Colored line patents, large sire* 7,00 Also, a 'ante nitanlity of Bosoms and Collar* constantly on Jiand, which wifl be offered cheap for cash. jyl ltn*r "summer stocks, SCARFS, CRAVATS AND GLOVES. TUST RF.CIVED. a ri*h tnnplv of the abo*a articles, con" sit'init of a eery light and el attic itock, et|ire?tly lor the summer month*. Alto?Snarl* snd Cravat-, in great vaiietr. A large as'oriment of S'llt, Thread, Cotton and Horsktn Glove*? I the old establishment, 211 Broadway, lietween Park Place and .Murray ?treet. PARSELLS, Agent for J. AGATE. N. B. Cisns'antlvon hand, an itensirr assortment of Linen and Muslin Khiirs, Lin?n Dreis Fionta, Linen Collar*, I'nder Garment*, &c. A-. jy.11 Im*e ~I M PO ftT A NT TO THE PUBLIC. ALL who wish to economise can obtain Clothin* of the best qiuli'y remarkably cheap, at 20J Canal street, one door west of Hudson. Also, a large assortment of CI..lbs, Ca??imcre?, Vi stinits, and Summer floods, form which Clothing of all kinds art made to order in the beat manner at very reduced pi ice*. 205 Canal slr-et. _ i* " 3m r "shirts. QHIHT9 made to order, after the ino?t ?pi>roT<d French filar lion*. Gentlemen'* (hrmenu of all description* made to order at lbe shortest notice. Gentlemen'* Famishing Store 87 and 88 Maiden lane, comet of William .treet. jeJO la* WILLIAM COLLINS. RK B MORNING, JULY 21, 184 FURNITURE. ~_JT GEORGE W. DAWSON, Ifhotesale anil Ilrtatl l^tiniturt ami General Purntilling Warehouse, A'o. 07 Chatham strett, corner of lluanr street, Netci York. WHKRK !ie In ept for salt- a Ur*r utortmolit of the followiiiK articles, viz.: Sideboards. Bureau*, Bedsteads, CoU, | Tables, Chairs, Office and Portable Desk*. Glass Cast s. Book , Cases, Looking Ul&fsea, Dining, Centre. Tea and Pier '1 aides, Pianos, Sofas, Sofa Bedsteads, Beds. Beddiutr. Palea?trrs, Mattresses, Can-eta, Oil Cloth, Malting aud rira Irous, Wash Smmus, Toilet Tables, i .audio Sufti.u, Bureau Bedsteads Dressing D'iresus, Safes, &c. Also, a Itiice assortment of men anil women's Wearing Apparel, new and second Ir-tlided. All the above articles are^ offered to the public at very low prices. Persou* 111 want of said articles Would find it to their adv.intake to make an early call at the above establishm lit. Shipping order* punctually attended to and racked ta the shortest notice, ana 011 reasonable terms. Mattresses, Bedding, bic. for fitting out vessels, constantly oil hand. All order* to the above establishment will be pojctually at- 1 tended to and thankfully received. N. B.?The highest prices w ill be given for Second Hand Furniture, and Gentlemen's and Ladies' cast off Clothing. a*8 6m*r CHINA, _GL1 ASS, AND EAR- | 1 JiEiNWAKJS. 8 ASvTOR HOUSE. FRENCH PORCELAIN diuicr n?frvic?s, 115 pes, $25 00 l White (Irani i* 41 44 jig u <mi French or EtnJidt Force hin Tea Sets, 33 44 (00 Dinner Piatt < Kiench porcelain per doien I ?ji i 44 44 Granite, blue, or white 1 on Bonn 41 ? I (ni French porcelain, doz 2 0. Tea enpt and ameers, 24 piece* 44 1 \> En* cups 44 rj 1 OLAU. Cut urines, per dozen, from j 50 * Tumbler*, ? .? 2 (){. I Lctnouade* handled 11 2 35 i TABLK CtTTLfRY, Of the finest description, in :.tts or dozen*, at the low price ?f ? I.4 00 the set. J nit opened a handsome assortment of Toilet were, II. SIMPBON. X. B. Agent for th- sale of Sim;, ion's E.?i Gorm.-:*, for the I re!.e? ?> deifru ?s. jr??Jiifive | CHE v P HARDWARE STORK i rpHE Subscribe* is now o:?'ui:t* hi* Si ring supply of i I HARDWARE AND f t1 ri.KRV rer-i?-ed |?r late , rivait from Birrniny'ftim ;.e. 1 Shrdteld. Together with a *en*ral as?or::nt .k oi i / iMi >nc ?votMi. wntrnhc l. prepared to of ; tm.itfU very LOWEST CASH PRICES. e attention of Country Merchant*,, B'lilden, C. .binet > Ate., i* solicited to ;in simii nation of tits stock aiu! r:he it confuh nt liiey will fiud it to lueir interest j r him with a call. ALFRED F. LAORAVK, 210 Greenwich. cone r Rarrlaa, New York. A lekwiu *uppl\ of FALL RIVER CUT NAILS, and Coolers Olae. ,\1 .o?a con ??lrte na.iortmeut of Mechanic*4 T?'iL. Juines* Screws, Sic. nt2 !im* PIIEAr UMU)LSTOr^-W. HEED, 38H Bro-dwuy, betweeu White :iti?l Walker street.?Carpets of every dotr rip!ion made mil alien-d tofit the most intricate room*?CutInt.-:* mad" and altered to the 1 itest si) h. Matrasses, sofas, Mid { easy cLairs, tnidw' to ordct to match suy description of fitruT- | tine. Tlu Suli.Ciiber not having cijk ties of a storv to pay. it enabled to make my of the above article* at such prices to suit J the times. Person* i?urrha in* Carpet* *?> I Oil Cloth* can have a won 1 j of advice, hy call uu :?*bov... Paper Han;;in^. Carpet* clean- | ed. Grease spot* *ntr*cied, &c. jv 6 Im+c.o . REElNBf) Sl'(. A li, WIN lis, it,-. : IITELLINGTON A CARPER, Wine ?n<| Commission ' * Merchant, No. 5 New snect, ?>ne door from Will street, i hat just r- cei ed from the lelinefv a quantity of superior d>nj- | ble n I sin: Ic refined Sa,ru, in small loaves, which he will sell ni l??t | low rates, in parcels to suit buyers. W. A. CsrteiN ** irtmcnc *?f superior Wine* cannot fiil to pleosr. The o'd Ltmehno Madeira of If. 12, in bottles end in pipes hhd?. an i qr. casks of v i lousa^rs; clumpJU'i. ,claret and oilier Ji;ht Wine? of the choicest nrand*, alwa\* on sale at low p ices. Orders foranv kind shall be faithfully eiccuted. jy7 lm*r good summer wine. T D. STOUVBNKL. Importer of French Wine* of J ihe most approvt d brood-*, Borne tlx Clarst and other Wines. lie h u removed from hit old stand, G1 Nassau Direct, to No. 21 Ann sheet, (u? ar Nassau) basement. Always ou I rend, the best nul m?*t rtchtrche Wines, St. JnIiaii, Montferraut, St. E?teve, Lafitte, Medoc, &c. in barrels, hxlf casks and ens, Also, Champagne, various brands; Bu?gundy, Hermitage, k<\; superior Co jinc B..?utly; beat qu ility Gill, Vort Wine, I'ojhu il and Siauish Wines. J. ii. 8. will also sell by the dozen bottled Wine for piivale families, which will be *? nt to any pirt of the city, by the gallon or otherwise, to those who may favor him with their i?atronage. No Wines are impure sold by bun, m he iin|>oris thctn due. f. (U7* J. D. S has opened n boarding house at Hobokeii, opposite Vauxhdl God n. on the main road, wheie is kept n as* sortinentof the best Wines. Private parties sujiplif d wit *,oOd | dinners and refreshments. jyl2 lm#c "hats" HATS1 HATS! i I ATS! I 1 DROWN 81 CO'S One Piice list Store. wholesale and rej JL} tail, 179 Chatham Square, corner of Mott street, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorc the bead. The proprietor* have the pleasure r.'?w to off? r in addition to their recently unproved snort napped Hat, a new style, the imitation sf t>? averr, hich *<> cIom lyn enilvi ill it of oil fn the most costly and beautiful, th tt the difference is not easily perceived. Price three dollars. We strictly adhere to the one nrice cash system, which enables us to furnish a very superior Hat for the price charged. In presenting these Hats to the public the proprietors think they nave reached the ultimatum of beauty, durability, cheapness and comfort. ml 3m* miscellaneous. ec< inoMYT elegance, and good living. 1 largest ami most nplrndi?l Coffee and Eating Homes in New York, in which one hundred nrmotis nt least can sit down to an excellent and substantial breakfast, dinner,and tea, [from the choicest suppliesofthe markets, with a bill of fare not ex* celled either as regards quality or number of dishes] by any hotel in the United States, and varying in prices from six cents to one shilling and eighteen pence |>cr dish. The purest Jav \ and Mocks co(h e and the very best teas, and served at only three dents per cup. And all other refreshments iu proportion. The waiters an- uniformly civil and polite, and every visitor may he assured of feeling iu this establishment quite ''at ho'fe." In fact, every department of the business is under the superintendence of comix-rent overseers, whose sole care and attention ar?directed to the comfort and conveniences of customers and guests. HENRY OOSLINC*. Proprietor of the French and American Hating H?u?e, Nos 64 and Wi Nassau sf. between Jahn st and Mr.idea Line. P. 9.?0|?en Sundays for breakfast, dinner and tea. je3Q3mr AMUSEMENT.?Music and Harmony.?J he Orchestrion at the Oafc I)es Mille Lolonn s Saloon, 307 Broadw?v This magnificent instrument, rcci ntly introduced from Europe, plays overtures, and the most brilliant fantasias, pr 'during the effect of an orchestra of one hundred musicians. Finer or ino c correctly and harmonized music can never be f earl. The sri * dor of this instrument, as well ?ts the he.uit** and finish ? ] ih? mecanism, attract the curiosity and admiration of I! am .l' i of music. J. Piatenx, the proprietor of the rs? ih'i hinent, i order to afford the ladies, as well as the gentlnn. , i oppo.-*oliityol hearing this delightful matron*'ut, li ? determined t hive it played every day, (Sun<fsys eicepted) from 12 M. until 2 o'clock P. M. and from 1 to 6, and from fl foi 11 P M. The S iloons of the Cafe des Mille Colonnes are so disposed that the most fastidious and fashionable ii ed not scruple *o visit them. N 'thing f pay only for refrvthm uts. The Ices and Cretm, r!ie best the city affords, ^an at all !imes he obtaiht d, J. Pinrent having enstged an eminent artiste in that line, lat I arrived from the French capiul, exclusively for liis establishrn* ?it. First day of the \? rformance will he Tuesday, July Wfh, an 1 every following day. Jytf 3U od*r A' HANGfOP AIH AND < >F > ? v- ? M essential to hcnlih, but a great source ol enjoj menc in tli* numnv i season to the fsnients ol a crowded citv. rormie, nothing ran compare with a JAUNT TO HOBOKEN, t>> I hoar who can have New York only for a few 1 un. Its shady and diversified walks alon* tlir river?ill* invigoratis* hi rum from thr watt r?thr pictures pi- beauty of its scenery ?the manv fine and cnmin ludiii*' views presented f.o n thr tiinmil of Ca tie Point, and other points in thr?r enchant ms: tironntls?the romantic sit of the Sybil's Case?the drliiMiMsB f dure of the Ely>ian Fields, e li>rued iothc afternoon b> ^ cieellent hnd of music, all conspire to miner ihis by Mr dw in stl'iv it" place of Summer resent. Access is rendered c#; by the B rcl iy, Canal, and Christopher street Ferry Boat*, which p'y constantly donna the day tnd eveniii.-. jyl52w*r TO A MATE I KS OF llir.M.l IE-Mr. BARTON. f pupil of the late celebrated FUiitiat, (.hanra Nicholson, hiving ircenlly arriicd from Eorojie, hi g? to inform the public that it is hia Inl-ntion to devote a portion of his time in giving ins'nietion on the Flute, according to the system of the above celebrated maater. For terrra .apply at 77 Chambers-street, Broadway, from the hours of II till 2. je24 lmeod*fC r|'0 (JUN DEALERS (ions, Pistols, ami Sporting L articles :? ion Siurlc Barrel Fowling Pieces 100 Double (tuns, imitation twisted !K'U do do real twisted and (attent Breech. 4W0 Pairs of Pistols?assorted?100 ditferi nt varieties. ! Ilillcs and Kitle Bawls?Locks and t iminings (tame Bags?Powder Flasks and fcicursicn Cap# 8|iortine articles generally. Tin above articles will bu sold at unheard of low piicea, I by A. W. SPIES k CO. I jV10 lm* c 210 Ptarl street. IRON, CAST I RON, AND I STEEL i RENDERED RUST PROOF, FOR BSE t C1VT PER POVND OlfLY I!I THE WHOLE IMPORTANT ART AND .MYSTERY OF GALVANISING. Otherwise r.inkimt Iron, Cast Iron, and Steel, fcc., made plain ] and easy to every one, [with an engraving of the Toola I uueessarv in tli.a new business:] By (1K.OHIR JOHNSON, Formerly free Merchant of Caicntta. Tbia book is for aale at all the Booksellers. Price 25 cents \ only?cr ad !ress n* r 'ettsr, post paid, Mr. George Johnson, raie | Metsra Butlers, No S Gold ?t. .h-2ii ' n't , IfOT AND C( )L1) SALT WATER RATffs. p ABINRAIT8 New Hot and Cold Salt Water Bafha, * the foot of Dethrone* street, (third pier sooth of I ansA 1 ifrert, Nortk Rirtrdarp now open for the accommodation ol both ladies find gentlemen. Oj* ? from unriae unil! II o clock i at night. , N. B. The wafer where the hath* are stationed has been deenenrd, which rend#-r?it fte pore a* an\* other situation in the i nam:. nTNrw York. On TurwIiV* ">? ""J i?/ 'nu'iiHj (Irr.ptal to Udtot in til 3 f'. M. A binil of muiic will bf in ?t- | tfniUnc f Trry pl? want frrning. Print or * fold bath I2K rt?, warmbatln 25. _ tr> lw*f flOAL A I- I.OAT?200 ton* mpfrior qn*lit> S ,,ti', I >-/ for ralf by OLOVEK It McMI/RRAY. 100 Pmr it. cot. of South. jy l?r _ CONSK/NF.EM IV-r Hritiili b*r>|iu f "uiiti.n of A rmn from Llvrr|?ool, will plf ?? *fnil thfir pfrmit* on board, pi?r 12 K K, or to thr office of tlir iiilnrrlbrr without ill by. All lend. not iiftmittfil in (Ire day* mti t un??ni lably br ?ent to i.nlilir tore. JOHN ilEROHAN, iyte 81 South it [era: 2. BOOKS AND STATIONERY. TO PAPER MAKERS. TJEHSKL h BROOKS, No. SI Liberty street between ' Broadway anil Nassau street, New York, iinpoit direct Ir n the Manufactnrers thr following articles, via:? Bleaching I'uwilur of Boyd At Sou's make?warranted, f, i uniformity ami strength, e<|c: :1 10 it:' III'1ccu:;t?;- "r' st Britain, ami for the sale o! which they are ?olc ageut* in the United Stales. English Cyliodr Machine Felting u( reiy superior quality, 36, m, O, 66 7^, at I 84 iu?hc? wide. Dryer Felting S suaug fabric, and of widths usually ro,|trirr d. Blue Smalts.? Having the itgency of the Sutton Compam's 1 Blur Sin.ill*, thry are enabled 10 supply FFFE, and FK FKK; in any qn intitiea Wirei for Kou.dnnier and Cylinder Machine*, m inufaetnrcd i from the purest metal?alao, Jackets?Wet and Press Kelt*. Pulti Screens, No*. I. 2, 3. of brass metal. Orders fur any of the above articles, together with Foreign I and domestic runs, Sods Ash, Vilriol, Alum, Twine, Ike. kr,, j will meet with ptiy.ipt attention m 31c i BOOK BINDING PAPER RULING. HIRFLAND, No. 120 N.usau strert, having an rutin* new ?t ?ck of Tools and Kuliiw Macniurry, ol tltr 1 latest and ini tj proi r?| citterns, u now prrpiwrrd to execute all <?rdt n iu the most duriblc and handsonu maimer. Mercluuu A * count Booh* and all r kinds of Blankwork ml I and i 11 ui tteroi, uid ii i ityk thai U win med to give s*ri*lY'ti? n. Anv work ordered can be done iu*'hr English mode ii required vs H. 1. ha* had long experience in both . mi l hods. in 18 '''he \ nt !-A ovular System >?f v\ UiTLVG. CURAT ftKS>t i I'HiN i in i ro i.ivL to nvr uili ?: ; MR URtS'pO-V it',) i ' % .,?? til, i . umk Ft? bu , T. t\ I *|v to //'# nullum rhn* ti."n.:r.a C t ? I ...fnl An w .mi ALL. . ,| to :>. , T tuglll in J'vvelv Lr..?ii||i f HII lio'lr ? u > ! ! Ai'<virnky 4V< IIroadwa u, /ic ;r Pur.% i*lart. G? nt'emeu ,f *II u-? ire poufivei) taught a . 7.f,./Wf, <o> . H " .ii and i ; heu basin* ss*like si?le o( Wntiot* n< n now ? It . l?I? i ; ri tmp- d the i' nt hand may I**, (Hec* sp* i? "V.iH at 33a Broadw-y.l v\T> THE LADIES A u? t and handso ??. .1- ! rare ami iVhioniM* Running H -id in \ wy.uv -. easy lessons' ; " V iH|*i OILS in New Vork cm t^k? f? ronm* in Three IV>\?'?Mr B. i% to L. t,oe 4 /rota 3 :?> 1 \. M., o? iron; I to i P. \ l . IIOOK-KEKP1 Sfi t ui|ht by doublt and single entrv. Kv?i>inir('iiiH from7 to 0 jyi Iin? I foiji B(? Vi - NEVV \ ORK hTS L'INdl *K VI\\ I-* UK At i ORY,?'* ll?ia?e t. eet, corner f Du&nc ( Su- . gar II :.?! ) r.intiu.: Ink i Jl color.-4, warranted equal to an. , 1 rojutiiiMv '?;i Inn i ami oflTercd# for kilo on reisouahle terms, 1 deliverable to any part of the sity free of cartage. Printers 1 and vfiulro tie solicited to inskc a rrial of tnis niUcle. mmmammmmtmmmammmnammmmmmMm OCULISTS. !)()( TO Yr .i: 1 R A N C IS, OCULIST, \TO. 10 BARCLAY STREET, within two doors of the I y* Ast ?r House.?Hit preparations aro a perfect cure for all inJlamn ito dista of the eye. wstkness of sickr, ktii i never fnl in rem 'Tina nebulas or the loudest ?tanJiii?, without any burgn <tl o|?enit on CERTIFICATES. I certify that Jacob Valentine, a youth of about fifteen year* of ? *e, was brought i > my bouse 1'st fall, at parent)) blind. He c tiled o?i ine toil iv, and .-titcn that he baa been the patient ??I l)i. J. Francis. wno*e tr at in nt h.?? been tb" infin. under God, ofiestoAng his sight. JAMES MILNOlv, Rector of St. Oconje's Chunh, Bevlunau it. Tliis i? to certify that two of my c ildn n wer" alnietrd n i'.h diseased evc.i for a length of time, mie of tliera was almost blind with nebuiaa, coveting the sigl t. Every remedy waa resorted to without anv good eflfcct, snd despaiied of the in everheiuc recovered, ihey are now perfectly itstorid to sight by Dr. S. Francis' celebrated iir?'p*ntinn. DANIEL H. JONES, m Pearl street. I was almost blind for twelve ye rs and in five weeks,undar the skilful treatment of Dr. J. Francis, my sight i* now per icctly good and strong. MARTHA BROWN, 177 Forsyth street. I certify to the above being a true ? it. prut. GEORGE BENEDICT, Paitoi of tin* Stanton street Church. I was nearly b:i;id for twenty yean with a cataract iu each eye and from tit use of Dr. Francis' wonderful prr \ arntion for that di e jc, my eyes are now pr rfef tlx r<, .vt ied. HESTER JOHN'S i ON, 41 Eldridfe ftreet. We, the undersized, hav:u ?. itnrssed the attouiihing rificacy oi Dr. Francis' n i-t.Jtioiis I or diseases ?>f the eye, unhesitatingly rccomrm-ud them to the untie* of the public,*, valuahl rerm ili s. Du'i an DunWr, Pastor of McD- ii (.?i st. Church. S. Ii. Cone, Pastor of the Fiist Baptist Church. Jo) it Peek, Agent of the Home Missinu Society. Jacob Broum-r, Pastor oft lie N'-rth Ba list Church. J.y.?h Andre ad.*, llorn 01 Catholic lhicst of St. I'ttti'i uiiurch. Num< niua certificates ran b" ?een at the office. Prepared atid old only by Dr. J Francis. 10 Buclav street. New York. Arttfiwal Eyes inserted, which cv not he ihstim;ui .hr d from the natural, without giving i! ?*1 ht* ?t ?'n. Dr. J. Fi tn< is rcspt ct ully infarrru hi* t i ltd* an' the pub'ic. tV it iu coi?4?-.iuenc** of the ?t?er? t-e ni 1114 hu?ine-*, Dr. G'? nns , Member of th* Ro> il College of Sor-.M-oo*, Lo. d? n, aud of toy New Yv.rk ivtedical Society, ha? joioed him, ?*iiev? ry couti* deuce can be placed in hi* p.of.ssioipd skill ?u? a O* u'ist. ? Ml hou -1 M*? until ?!'. M. jyift !nt*c i i i ? ?? ??? ! i ii 11 ii ??a NOTICES. 1__ ( 1 )RPOli \ ! I' > \ SOtV E?Publli Sou is hcreb ^ \ en, that a sale of property for unpaid taxes will take place at Public Auction, at the City Hall of tlie City of New ? r!:, on Wednesday, the 2ftth day of September #licit, at 12 o'clock, noon, and lw rontiniied from day to day until the whole of said property'shall lie sold, and that the detailed statement of the taxes, and property to be told, is published in the New Era, a newsp per print* u and published in the city of New York. ALFRED A. SMITH, Comptroller. (*??rn|rtroller's Office, Ma> W, P'25 MwtSej SjOTH E TO < LBRK8, an I .11 oth* - r . ion* whosr h * uess causes them to be constantly op their feet.?By callim, at the old eicludve Bsot Store, HI Chatham s'reet thev can be accommodated w itVi the inv.tlu?hie article, ROGERS M ETALIC ELASTIC IIEEL BOOTS, warranted in every par. ticular, and at the same price of the ordinary Boot. The fo'lowing are some of the many advmtatci tne Elastic Jlet.'s nnre over every outer mini Fint?The elasticity nidi greatly to the durability of tie Boot. gecoudly?They make no noise in walking upon the j??% Bfib Thirdly? ahey preeent Boots from running down to the heel. Fourthly?They enable the wearer to walk with muoh It fariji Fifthly?They d a not rut or tear carpet* as do ironornaib heels. Bitthl)?They can be worn with comfort by those havin lender let t. A* usn il, eons'antle < n hi. 1 til kinds of Boots at wheb ?.i!? UN ; r as), tminsl teturi r9 ' ices, ' I ( EOHOf COLVKU, ,' i ;i - \ - i" < -\ im?, sn . nors to Lewi a B. (i.'flL. H ? o , would respectfully i .fori . their friend* nd i * titf , tha th-v ite |?r u I to furn.Ti timber of every descripli . 'a-. *V;ii n ?rier, and ou at snnable terms is any e<tabli*h;n??- in tin* cit; >i their New Steam Haw Mill, foot of Fourteen' li street, North River, jyll lm?r _____ LOOK OUT. He wini steals rny par?e <t?*4'ifrtdi, Bin h w o ti sues Com me o? ' /rood name Ft 'In rne of tli 11 w >irl? n ?t cnriHv- him, Bm in . k . me poo? indeed.?[Smik.-tpeiii*. MARSHALL, AT HIS ONLY TROY SHIRT DEPOT. N . 90 Chatham tr ft. mik's the shove q lojitiou, bee us * others cn-l.-avor o filch from In li. .is o ?; u m , i*u?'-, and njtit > ion W more than opee rntde gnOlic th** n tn impo-it om prae lised on dealer , stranger* and < th- r*. in puiu't of our high!', refuted Truy Shi'j, M jhoid', md Collars, fin ri# w ilia? iu?Pjsi'iou* an on the in<r< therefore, we kill llcfp tins facts before the pnblic, which will expose impo.i#rs, and may rtif otf tin ir wicked designs. Mike no mistakes the?# fors Ma hall9 ?ly Ti Jiirt Dtpni" is paiatcd on out wuin and window. Be particular, hnweter, to see the none' Ma shall'*" on our window and about our store. No. 00, our only Troy Slurt Depot, i< situated about 16 doors from (he corner? ' IVarl ad Chatham at rests, aud oil the right hand side in Chtlham street, in ptssi< g to the City Hall. See the lunn MARSHALL* . / , and you are correct. CATALOGUE OF PRICES. Strong ma le Cotton Blurts, w th linen bosoms, collars and wrist bind*, warranted, at |h r d >z?*n. S ?7 50?g?R '.0-9? !<*? 10 50?II?12?1?5<y?!V?16?16 50?17?in- 0?\>l?>2'0?.'I? 2050?27?20. Al Linen Shirt.?. j er do/.. $20?2050?25?27 50? 3<t? 32 50? to? 33. i'latu Cotton Shirts, p* r d i $5 50?li?7?7 .'?( $ 0. C oloredBliirt*. pe dot. $ ?'? 5#i 6*7"w0"9 10 II Collars just receivr 1?In iddition to our former I auto stock i collar* of very description, lOi-O dozen, all Linen olliri, at 50 cents i?er dozen. <)?c?75c?87<?$1?1 25?1 50?1 75?2?2 2 ?2 5v?f 75?2?3 25?3 50 and 400, including ??ur sew *t>lr Marshall's II; roti Collars, which have been v> highly approved of. These guo?U. with our plain and ruffle boso ns. can !?< lound at m.i'iy of rhe principle ready ma e linen stores tnrnu^p out the city, s <l)tt the manufacturers, , /** Mars nail's /"" ouTy Troy Hhi.t Dep. t. No. 0(1 Chatham street, New York. W? caution di h'? r* snd other* acainat the many mistakes tIwaf has* been made of ^te, in cousequsnce ,of seeinir ticketed price* in some of the windows. Recollect, no marked or ticketed price* are to be seen in oii~ window. But remember this th? cut of ourstor**, with the prices Mtached, will l?e circnlsted for the beneht of all. These circulars only maybe ?een io our window ; ?nd, f irthr rmore, we adsise iga n. see the name and numtxr, 11 Ma shall9 , No. oo." No patronage asked of those I who be^t down. jy 15 Im*c | ASPIIALTirM AND MINERAL TAJt. I JOHN J.OVVITZ, No. 2 (Vall-Htreet, LJ AS constantly on hand nsiumi Asphsltinn Rock and Mine* i 11 ral Tar, whicn are used for the following purposes :? | Hardens and ?ide%?ilks. . , . . I Floring oI Buildings and Cellars, where the eiclnsiou of moisture is required Canals and Biidgcs. I Piers, Wharfs rod Docks. Vault*. Baths, A?jucduri?, Reservoirs, Sewers. TfrrMci, liooiinu'. . Coating of iron vk ikv to prevent its oaidatiun by air an water. Coating of timber work, used at railroads, kc. Markets, slaughter ho ises, and Bonding warehouses, where be mrrlusinn of vermin is rein ir. d. i \' lin aodOf ^OCLECTIONS.'?THf Subscribers will collect Note i^DraBit, Acer(itincri, Certificates of De|tn*ifes, Sic. (through &-vn fUrndrn k Co. from New York to Albany) u, on any ?f the following places, and Kin ran lee returns to the city of $. w York, -?i from ti.r tn fight thsyv. yi'Ct. C'tnandaicua, nynrm#, Horhestrr, Auburn, Hststia, Genera, Bufnlo. HrrrvrKr^i Erasmus Corning, lrxr.iaj ?V. Olrott. Albany POMKHOV M l), 1 vV*l| '.tree!, Ntv York, Cornet St ?t nut Market <?ri . ? , Albany. pF.ARSALL'fl > \'t KSTABMftHMKNT. founded A 1'tfA, at tot Water t.ret, Ave doors above Catharine mar j ket, to only er?ablishin< i?r ? t the kind in the United But#a. wnttnun to supply the Nary, the Ann rican, Russian. and Rpani h war ?t< ajner ?has supplied all the race boats ami club b??ata for the last fonr years?and has now the hrgelt sssortmru* oi ?iars. sweeps, and sculls ever collected in one place. N. II ?The Branch O.w Store on the North Riverside,** shut up, and removed to f(K? Water street; and as I save all ipenses of one store, I will sell enough cheaper to tno?e wrv come from ihe North Hirer side to pay them : ?r their trouj'.i Hare boats, club boats, oars and sculls sold 5# per cent Jess than last year. LD. Price Two Cent*. Boston. [Correapoudeoce of the Herald.] Boston, July 18, 4 o'clock I'. M. No Flection in Norfolk District of Member of Connrt*t?Albany Artillery?'Die Next Regatta?Theatrical??Sjiecie, fyc. The next result* will come off at Chelsea on the 28th instant. (ir?.at preparations are no foot with reference to that event. The election for member of Congress in tha Norfolk District was held yesterday, and has, without doubt, resulted in no choice, (loodtich, the whi/f candidate, und Wilkinson, the democratic candidate, iia f ar as heard from, have about an equal num!? r of votes, und Jackson, the abolitionist, will hav? votes enough to upset the election. The Albany Artillery, accompanied by the Brass Band of that city, will visit us on the 22d inst , and not on the 25th, as I stated in a former letter They will be met at the depot by the Washington Light Guard, Capt. Washburn, accompanied by die Bos ton Brass Band, led off by l.dward Kendall, who will escort the Artillery to the Common, ?here iheir touts will be pitched, after which tiny wnlp?rta\e of a supfier at the nriiicr "fTI'.1 Li 'h ' r? '! Artillerv will r> ni < leave tor home on Monday iCrtiy ior .i ... 11 ! ! ' night Th 'ion e w wei; ide '. intw utie*. ndit.g the warm weather lie apjiea. again tonight as *.iuuo Utuunlly," II1 the 8ix degrees <>i Crime. Mr. Ucriing uNn ippeurent the seine establishment this evening, ?s '"Young Noivul." The Kannra are !-iiII ut tli'1 Boston Museum Signer Blitz is mIso engaged, anil w ill appear ntthis establishment to-morrow evening. Th- tsva saloons,'s, ?nd the Arcade on Washington street, are doing well. The hill Brass Hand ii-rform at tlie latter this evening. Tina is a cool and comfortable resort, ia nuite well fitted and arranged, taking every ihing intoconsid i .lion, and receive .ite n liberal patronage. 'i ie Ac idia has' riot yet made her appearance, 8he is on her fourteenth thtv out. I will give you the corn and flour markets and sale of stacks to-morrow The following are the present rates at which specie is bought and sold : Spanish dollars. 2 per cont pretnit'ti doubloons 81t>; patriot 815G2 a 815,70; sovereigns 8-1 H3-, guineas 85; Amerioan gold .J advance, treasury notes, 6's, par a j advance. Yours, fee. B. City tut otl jgrnre. Momc CogsTiiriiTi on iiik (kiminiH Bis??An immense "boodle" of counterfeit bills of the Greenwich Mink, of tliu denomination of 53, appear* to have bass put in circulation in our city, as well ai ia Albany and Troy, siuce Thursday last. Tliey are miserably engraved and those we have seen are marked letter A., and datsd August 6th and July 4th, IS4I. There is no description of them in the Counterfeit Detectors, and for this reason many have been received by persona who ware net goad jadgosof nuts*. Among others who have been arreated was a man named John behultz, who attempted to paae one of those notes upon Mr. Hogan, fruiterer, at 90 Greenwich street, in payment for some liquor. The note waa refused and ho denim! having any other money, but npoa being S?archti<l nnothor rniin**rf?i? r*f il>? ?o.?s J? round upon him and about $4 in good money. Ha wli therefore fully committed. duhnl4rili on thi menkah.?Numrroui burglaries huvo taken place within the pait eight or ten dayi, and large quantitios of silver plate, clothing, lie., have bean stolen. On Satnrday night, the store of Lea k Prlca MO Greenwich struct, was entered by expert rogues, who opened thu front door by turning the key, which was ow the inaidc'of the lock, with an instrument. They succeeded in finding about $56 in money, and also earried ofTpromissory notes, checks, lie., amounting to nearly $1000. Among the bills taken were one$'J0of the I'henl* Bank ol this city, and a $10 on the Hudson River bank, both of which were counterfeit. Officers Stokely and Sweet secured two rogues yesterday who were concerned in this burglary, and who gave their names as Joseph Cherry and Harvey Walton. Disu vhiim * SuarciT.?The. living skeleton who bes been exhibited at the new Museum at the corner ot the Bowery and Division street, died on Thursday evening from a surfeit of six oyftcr stews. ScnvED *s he ociiiit to be.?A Don vhiskerandoe, with imperial and moustaches, named James Oaraett, wan arrested in Philadelphia on Tuesday, and held to bail in the sum of $2080 for insulting behaviour towards a female while walking the streets in the evening. If our police would follow such an excellent example, unprotected females would bo allowed to move out after dusk without molestation from the puppies that throng aur principal streets. Asothsh CoKFLantT.?Josiah Merritt was orderad to bail yesterday in an additional sum of $600, having baen charged by Francis Reitr., of the Kighth Avenue, near 33th street, w ith passing h $3 counterfeit note of tha Greenwich Bank upon him on Friday night last. Mr. Merritt admitted having poised the note, as well as nina others, but deni-i all know ledge of their being counter, leits. Rr.rosM is tiie Te* Room.?We understand that orders will be issued at the next meeting ol the Common <.nuncn, tu ej tirom mc ica room nil tnr lott ngot * anil hanger* on, who genet ail) manage to ob'ain inn n 'he table to the exclusion of the member-. Thin i? nn it -hon!.. he?no, rpongei-n, lieu nro ; Vitr to TNt TuJim.? A urn L. eihcrra i f n Freuch nteuiu fiigat< Cr m i > ?u >> II. *i omh* yeater-uy, and appeal ed lutlCh pie'lte|iur'ic> w ith the female depu inient, which it in excellent condition. Tmr Kxd or Minr.kt.?A girl of tin. pave named Jane WiPn, of . 1'ieove in'.i ii pi rate habitt, put an ead to her miterahlc ex'Menoa on Tueadav night at the houte ol a colore I worn in named Vary Catli, 'ib Mulberry ttreet, by taking lainlsnum. A fhinit Thica.?Wnlchman Sellick nabbeil a itreet loafi r name I Michael Bi ll, on Tuetday night w hile in the act of nti-llng the hut of a poor devil who had got drunk ami IhIiI down on the udewalk in the upper part of the city. Bell was tent below to aatwar the hubby charge. r. W. 10*1*?Thin regno who for moatk* pant ha* plimited an almo*. weekly practice of committing grnn.l larceny by Healing clothing, lie. from hounaa where he hail taken tmnment hoard, w at arraigned veaterdav for the fourth time thin week, charged by Mr. Geo. Mooncy of 1 i?ig Orchard atreet with Healing a .pianlity of carpenter'* toola, lie. from him on the 9Sth of lait month, w in In boarding in the name family. He mu remanded for trial. I'm: Crotor WiTi.a it being introduced into our large Hotel* and eating hon<?*. without deley- Mr. Pettieun, of Ann and N.itmu ntreet, n-rvet it up ia all ita delicioutii **, .'oolly tempered with Rockl-nd Lake ice. We unernnod tli ii * ih. t'unhai'en Con. pan) intltt upoa the payment until Nnvenler next, in ?I1 retet w here the Croton w o: -, ha* be n introduced on preri Itet preview ly cupplied by them. By what right they claim thit we know not. Taicat uro* (uvi?***ti ?Tlie birdnofprcy who fatten upon thi emigrant* tha* arrive in thi* city, who are landed ut our whnrvt n in lighten, rent up from* the vettela at the La/ iretto, have engaged j.ertlee o men to bully end beat off tlie homut rartman and porter, while eadeavortng to obtain 11 livelihood, In tearch of tRnplovment in the eon vcyiince of trunka and baggage. Not a lighter arrival at our w barrel. hut ?he ii immediately Itoarded by the runner*, agentr, and bill Lira ofthrae canal line*, and all who interfere In their movement! are necked, beat, and driven from the wharf by brute force. We call upon the Mayor an,! the I'olicc magiitialea, to look to thii matter on the next ttrriral of an emigrant vraael, or our city will be the icenr of hloodihod. VVe apeak froaa the hook. Court Calendar?Thin Day. Ctari tT Cot aj?Noi. 169, 1H0, 190,197,201, 303, 203, 201,206 300, 307, J09, 310, 311, 912, 914, 210,217,218, 219, 230, OS. 77, 9ft, 102. CnMWoa Ti en ?Noa. ?, 67, 72 , 71, 74, 76, 70, 77, 79, 79, 99, 90, toOOinrluaira, 100. 91, 92,93,94, 96, 102. Cat oiiT.?George Thompson, the cold blooded murderer of Miii Hamlin, at Bellevue, and who madehii # * )> from the jail at Nortvnlk, Ohio, haa been captured aud taken back to hii old quarter*. N?vil?Commodore Barron ha* been relierad from orTing ai a member of the Court Martial ordered to convene in thiecitv neat Monday. The reticl tnat ii building on the plan of Lieutenant Hunter, will eoit one hundred and ten fhouaand dollars Her hull ha? been completed in all material re?pacta, for aixty-four thousand aeren hun 'red dollar*. 9be menaurea one thouiand and ter fona. kvoTiir.a Bnrvpin* qrutiii' i li? re ii a diipntebetween lllinoiaand \Vi?ron?..i respecting their bonndarv, the latter elaiiaing that hv the ordinance of 7*7, the ii entitled to ill thai poition of i onntry lying north of a due w rM I k1 frn n he ?otit.. ly bend or extreme of Lake Michigan. The ( namlationera to locate the land*granted h\ the !' 9 t" I'" bav '< g made the principal jaart of dicir-ele"tinni tin th of tef Ii e. Gov. p?ty ol \4i?cop,iM 1, ,. ?em i . '.I't ' i G iv. Ca\din of 111inoi", notifying him to ; in i from electing public lands for the use of that ft .i'e. w hi i the territory claimed by Wiicomin. Th" G ih-n.t Oaretic k \dverti?er aaya t?Thil leetn* to na to he a itep highly jndicioui on the pnrtnfOov. Holy , in fact, anything short of it hitch i n tit eject of dtitv. The atj )e and tone of the document 14 iftit w hnt it should be?cool and t*m|>erate, - ct I m and trci le I It w ill meet with general approbation here.

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