Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1842, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1842 Page 3
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JL" QCf- IS TEllE U I'tN'O C O R11K S I'O N D E'. C K ?TK\ PE?r IN A TE AWT? BI'K:-> TINO OK I JiE CKO TON WATER I'IFEH, AND YANKEE HILL. New Von* July 19th 1943 Ml P Y Baaxcri New York, St*, I lravod> ioyed writing to you untill the present m? moat, bn* I hope you wiil not be So uujukt it to thiuk tha 1 havo lorgn.teo toil. You ??j 111 a late number of lb "New York He uVi'tUutiuu museum will never heopu. 00 habha'U En mugs, this it all vol) well, but >ou hav aiuca said ili.l 1 require u license to act tncatriaal plai an j tbe such like to :1m* I would to nay to )ou to us? tfcwords ol a celebrated novelist Dent scratch a bear will lawa "either will I put up with any ol) our iusunuatioin, If 1 infringe uav 01 the lawa that ta my ow n busiu- < .in 1101 yours. Writing thlc merely aa a caution agnail forta?r iutarforartce I rec.;i:i D ?r Sir trul. >ou;a G H HILL Pealea Mutaum Americas Museum, July 19, lSii. Mtaaaa. f aitoai :? Among the curiodties daily arriving at this establishment, the above morraau w as received thia day by thi Despatch post. I have a faint recollection of having heard of this gentleman from various printers, publishers, Hag-makers, oiiiqioaters, pertormers, painters, carpenters, gia^-stamcr?, musicians. the City Hotel, Stc. who profess to have strong reasons for remembering him, and who represent him as a very spirited and promising gentlemen, and one eminently calculated to thrive in the world, provided hi has no pull hacks. Where the gentleman last came from, or by w hat conveyance he reached iho cit), unless he came through the Croton aqueduct, 1 am unable to learn. I certainly feel'verv grateful for the voluntary contribution of the autograph ol'such a learned and intelligent . personage; and truly a letter marked with such deep research. beauty of connection, and loarned quotations, is a valuable acquisition to nny rare collection of curiosities but s* the American Museum, with its late additions, i? no w overstocked with attractions, I shall let this oil', as 1 do my b llouns, (with fireworks attached) for the amuse meat efthe public at li'gc. I would remark, however, that I hal heretofore sup posed that the infringement of laws might possibly be tha " business" of sm-.s person betides the transgressor , and if I might be allow ! to guess, I should a ,y that the District Attoix v, am! certain judges, officer^ Jic. would coincide with me in opinion 1 inl?r irom the letter that the author claims to ho a ' t>?tr," aa I if the constant and undisputed pos eisAii ol ' b iro" w alls an ! benches authorise a person io t?*sumi ihst title. I onrtamJy am not disposed to deny his Just attainment of it. Very respectfully, P.T.DARNUMP. 8.? The original letter will be placed in a neat irame, and leg>oiito.l among the other novelties contained in the Museum for the gratification of public curiosity.?P. T. BQ? SUMMER RESTORATIVE.?The Tonic Mi* ture prepared b\ the Coui.ror. or Mrdicise iso ITuxmat v is particularly adapted for general use during the present season. This muJ and grateful medicine, by removing the vitiated secretions, and at the same time contemn), new energy on the nervous system, is eminently sui'efor nil those unhappy autferrrs wlm nru laboring tinde: nervous complaints. It is composed of choice botanical agents, whose virtues tire extracted or combined by a ditT: cult pharmaceutical process, and is aitogrtln r uiflt-reifrom those deleterious preparations, of which the chief ingredient iSRlcehol, in some form or other, and by Hie us> of which the rao.t injurious appetite lor stimulants is ereated, nud the health in too many cases irreparably ruined For low spirits, lassitude, debility, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, indisposition for exertion of body or wind, n- edisposition to eonsumption, and other distressing jth Tonic Mixture is confidently recommended. - n I- itles at #3 and ft sachW. S. RICHARDSON, Agent, Principal Oiflce of the College "f ; enndPharma cr, 97 Nassau st. ' rtr>- Til NOnVNV. l.INTN i PI tirn h, theCoLLr Mmwiniii) FntMucT, it u fallible remedy nuauc pain*?*prain??bruise*?pains in th* join ?iic? nervou* hcatlaehn, Sic. Ac. Sola in bottle* i cent. each. W. S. RICH ARDSON, Agent. Office of tjie Coll -e, 97 Na*?au street. ^-"PREVENTION IS BFT" A THAN CURE." ?This maxim has received, a urves, universal ere dence, and is the dictate of so and pre cdence. To no more important subje 'han the preservation of our health. an suf. t faring might bo prevented, and e? be prolonged, were the generality ol xercisc that rational enre of their health evinced in guari^ng against the inroads of disease. At the present season this duty is peculiarly incumbent. The state of the digostiveorgans should be carefully attended to, and all the v itiated secretions removed. For these important purposes no flnuvliciae can be so efficacious as that prepared by the CnLt.r.oE or Medicine and Pharmacy, and Urraed " Sir A Cooper's Pill." This is not a violent purgative, but acts as a mild aperient, keops the di gestiva organs in a healthy state, and by maintaining the regular exercise of those most important fuuetious of the which it* excretory organs ar? relieved of theii contents, this remedy contribute* in a very great degrei topreieive the enjoyment of health. Sold in boxes a 28 cent* each. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. Principal office of the College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nassau it., N. Y. THE NOSTRUM VENDERS WHO PRETEND to cm o nil oiararns by the administration or aloes and gamboge, tc ra^ue'ted to call at the principal office o> tneOoi.LCoc or McDiaina *xn Pfii*m*ct, and receive aim useful lessons. By order, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. 63- THE MAN WHO PERILS HIS LIFE TO AID liia lellow inan and reacue him from a watery grave, always receive* the praiae and admiration of the world. But the man who devotee yean of itudy and labor in endeavoring to discover some remedy for the diseases to which the human frame is liable, is seldom thought of beyond the moment his pains want relieving. Such was the case with ourselves; therelore we speak from experience. We had often heard of the Hoarhound Candy, manufactured by John Pease A Son, 48 Division street; yet trusted as little in its virtue as we would in an article we should find without name or history. We might still have doubted the virtue of even the inestimable Hoarhound Candy, made by Pease A Son, had we not been reduced to the lowest extremity, with a cough and cold that frequently reminded usoi the church yard. Whilst in this situation a friend in whom we placod entire confidence recommended, in fact insisted upo i our making use of this candy. The results of which was a aompicte restoration to perfect health ? Under these circumstances it would be an act of great injustice to withhold i from our patrons and thu public. To our own experience, too, can also be added the opinions o' clergymen of the first standing ia this and other cities al-o. Members of Congress and the State Legislatures, Members of the Bar and even Physicians are iiuw beginning to ar knowledge its worth and prescribe it for the use of their patients. IVase A Son have agents at 8 State street, Boston ; 67 Sta'e street, Albiny ; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia ; 110 Biltimoni stiec',Baltimore, Md.;33'2Bro?d street, Newark, N. J.; 13!? Fulton street, Brooklyn ; J8 St. Charles street, New Orleans. Noble flcnrted Generosity to the Poor. {if?- WE PERCEIVE BY AN ADVERTISEMENT in the 8ju, that w-th his usual kindness and liberality, Jones ofiais to supply tbp poor at lia'l price with the famous I.slian Chemical Rorp at half price, now so famous for curing eruptions and disfigurements of the skin, that is, if they produce tlie certificates of any respectable houvck^eper, Mating tbst they are poor, and unable to pay the full price. Thii soap is rr-eommended by the medical society of i'aris as an infallible remedy for pimples, freckle*. sal- rh -nra. scurvy, tan, tnotphew; and it will the color of dark, sunburnt, or yrllou skin, to a fine, healthy c!eai ness. It cures the bites of musnuitoes and insects, and is indeed u miracle, lor it gives the face, neck, and nrm? thi'most delicate clearness. It is sold by Jones. 8Q Chatham street, sign of the Ameriean eagle, and at 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn; 8 State street, Boston; 87 Dock street, Philadelphia. {fcj. Mr. HENRY HINCKLEY, APPRENTICE TO Charles A Baudouino, cabinet maker, 3.!2 Broadway, fall against a hot stone and burnt his arm to a blister, from 'h? now to the wrist?lie went to his boarding house, where I ey had sense and humanity enough to keep Dalles \ 'nine Est i actor, from 71 Maiden lane, in the house, s' i' lisd it applied. The pa n stopped almo-t instantly, an ' his burnt and blistered arm In aled rapidly. We won! like to know the number of families in 'his rity w ho v.ill persist in the risk of doing without this Salve in then nouses. Op- THE GREAT WEST IS BEING SUPPLIED w ith Hh> rtnan's Lozenges?The calls hail been so frequent from tlrat quarter, that Dr. Sherman has been inuneed to send out Dr. Zabriskie, one ol our first physicians, to supply the v. hole western country. Now is "the season for hit fever and Ague Lozenges, and all who taki 'hi m iv ill be sure ol a speedy anil permanent cure Dr. S.'s Oilier h at 10B Nassau street, one door above Ann, CC?" ALL MHO WOULD SPEND A DAY OR evening licligHtfuUy should visit the American Museum and (Jar Vn, viewtho endless collection of curiosities, and to 'h<' wonder* of the Oipay Girl, and the comicnlit n of 'he laughvrprovok ng Winchell, and the darkey repre?entatm ?. Wnitlock and Diamond. The Garden i? 0 perfect ! aril ise. It po*?e**e* a'nil view of the city, bay, rivi r-, and adjacent town", and ii one of the mo?t cool arid ih Ughtlnl retn-atato lie found thi-?ile of the north |?|e. The aJmia-ion to tin-garden being free to all natrons of the .Museum, twenty .Ave cent* pays the whole bill. Thil i* the Inst week of the fpiendid Modal of Dublin and of Mr. Wincholl. VAl XHALL GARDEN.?To-night Browne will hen- h .," 111 1 n characters. Viftora are Highly giceting him as be ' ? vi ?, with -howera of applause.? Never *ince lua appearance iii thia country haa lie noted wi'h fttch energy and spirit. Vsuxhall now possesses the! at Vaudeville Com; any in thia city. The Garden, too, la in a delightful state. Conway manage i the Bull, ince which there is no lack for partrera In the dance Near one hundred ladieaon the last Ball were w ailing for partner*. Tho?o fond of amuaement in ita moat perfect slate, mny now find it at Vauxhall, the cheapest and moit popular place of re> ort in the city. Ticket' to the whole amusement J'> crnis. (jjJ- THE KREMLIN DINING SALOONS, No. HI U ii 1 way .?At thia isphn season that gentlemen from the South the g-.'Ht commercial emporium of the North, O-.'tUam,'" I, iu company with a good many other*, arri. vc h? rc from Georgia la?t week. Having heard the bin i!i ?|>oUeii of very highly, 1 and my friend* were de1 mi >ed '? g've it atrial, and certainly we w ere not ills,ti d. flic coolnca* and cleanline** ol the dining ,1,'n , , . demand our jnat praise, but what i* of more iniI i n i 'these " iion time*,' the charges *o vet y mode, nf.e, notwithstanding the dinner, winea, Ac. were of the brat quality. We hive, therefore, adopted the economical plan of taking furniahed lodginga, and dining at the Kremlin A w ord to our Southern neighbor*?go thou and do likew ise. A. GEOKG1AN. Remai ka?There are many Mohiliana to whom the remarks ol the. Georgian mny suit Go and an#. ???????? (tp- CHATHAM THEATRE.?Thit is the third night f (lie engagement of Vuuk.ce Hill, when he appearing dajor Wheeler in the farce of New Notion!, ami as Seth Hope in the comedy ?f that name. A nuw drama of grea cei est, denominated Black Hugh id al?o performed,Scott In-hi, Mrs. Hield, anil Mrs. Blake sustaining the principal buraeters. <X?- HOC K A WAY?The firat Ball of the aeaaon will ;<e given at the Pavilion, on Friday evening next. Kainnrrer'a Baud are in attendance. The House is fast filling fashionable and agreeable guests. Persona desiring rooms must apply immediately. St HI HAM CRANSTON. Herald Hulletln of IVewa. The Hera! I Bulletin of Niwt is kept at the north-wee*, ?or of Fulton mid Nas-nn tr>?ta. On the ritiv hI of the >.;i rung mails, at eight o'clock, A. M.?and also of the auiue mails, at fouro'clock, r. M., the latest intelligence rom all parts of the world, may be found on the Herald tulletin Board, at this corner. Let every wayfarer stop ind read. Advertisements of all kinds taken at the office ileralil General Printing Office. The General Printing Oltiee, capable of doing all sorts if printing, such as hooks, pamphlets, hilla, cards of all leseriptieaa, is now opeu at the Herald Buildings, entrance I Tom .Nassau street? Joseph Elliott, Printer. The New York Lancet. (S^ A few copies of th? first volume of this work, handsomely bound, may now be had at the publication office.?Price $2. City Despatch Poat, 46 William SrarrT. Principal Orsict.?Lettera deposited befora half-past 1, half-past 12, and half past 3 o'clock, will be sent out for leuvury at 9, 1, and 4 o'clock. Branch Orricas.?Letters deposited before 7,11, and 2 'clock, will be sent out for delivery at 9, 1, anil 4 o'clock. ALEN. M. QRF.IO. Agent. MONEY MARKET. The stock rnaikit hat presented no new features to-day. Harlem Railroad improved I \ per cent at the board, and subsequently rote to IS], a farther rise of If per cent. 1 The conversation turnt almost exclusively Q[>on the iuip potod in sanity of the great operator in this cock, am! the j bears" seem to have arrived at the conclusion that sane or not, there it no liopu for the shorts but to buy when they j can. Long Island rote J; New York State 7IW18, J per 1 cent. For New York City 7'?, lft ycart to run, 1 percent premium was offered, and 6 per cent premium atked. Dank ef America rote j per cent. The Comptroller of the city of New York advertises for a loan of ??>00,000, 7 per cent stock, ten years to run, interest payable quarterly. The books of subscription are opened aitho Bank of the State of New York, C. W. Lawrence, Esq.betng Chamberlain. VVe understand that a motcrial par;.of th..i loan wat taken to-day at par,a natural effr. t of the abundance of money and the perfection of the ocunty offered. It will be remembered that when the r.ook w as opened for subiciiption bo the latt 7 per cent city stock it hung oa hand for seveial days, and finally there 1 were subscriptions to double the amount offered. That stock had fourteen years to run, and within a few days has sol 1 at 104 a too. To secure the present stock capitalists should lose no Unto. Tho New York State 7 per cents, is |9, sold at the board at 101, in small amounts. The prospect of u speedy adjustment of the tariff, on a basis which w ill afford an ample revenue to the government, has had a tendency to improve the stock market? that is, for sound securities. The prospect of a money pressure from external cauaes, is remota. The present low state of exchanges will admit of the import of specie er bullion from Europe with advantage. Sales in moderate amounts were made to-day at the following rates : Sterling bills, KM slOtT' Paris. f5,IJaft,42>^ Amsieidam, 3E.'-?.r Jl)'? Hamburg, 3I>.^31 \ BremeD, 74*ia 7V* These rates are much lower than those of the corresponding period of last year. The lollowing table will show the packet rates up to-day, sincegApril, 1H41 : Packet Rates of Koheiois Bills lis Nr.w Youk for each OF THE LAST &EVLISTEBN MOISTHS. 1841. London. F> ante. *1mt1trdam. Hamburg. Bremen. April 624? 8 f5 27 K 17.28,4 ? a3?2* ? a37', ? ?7?V. day 774? 1\ 5 21^*8 JH'iilWJk S57i*35j4 70^177 June 87?* 874 7.23 a5-27 39*4440 37j*'36 77 aT77s July 8fi* 874 7,27.Sa7.23 39S???X 77>a?77>1i Auk. 8>.jA 9 a.2.7 a7.277< 3?,7,alU 372?a35J4 77'*ai77, Sept. 97,4 9*? 5,182*47 20 40'.,. Ill-, 36>A to*? 78S?7I!\j Oct. 92*410'* 6.177s*5.18,Ha 40J,At0?, 307,4362* 78',*79 Not. 18 all,1-* 5.20 *7.21 711', I \ Ore. hXi 9*4 7 27 sS.26>? 39)44.T.i.74 37,7843G V)t*T<\ 1842. J Ait. 8 a 8>; 5.28.Vai.JO 39Ka39j? 35j4a3SJ4 7fi?<.i77 8>b. 8 a 8 7* 727T?<7 233* Jiktlil 37*4437% 76^77 1 arch 7 7* a 8'4 7.277,47.28>4 39%.40 373.-8734 76J..77 April 3Ha 7% 7.3;;,*5.40 39 aJ'i7, 37 a37'4 7j%a7r, day 8 a 8% 7.30 a7 32 :n%a39,S 35 aJjTa 76 a76', nine 6344 7 7.3774*5.40 39 a39',' 35 a35 77\a76 July 6Ha 7 5.40 ?5.4l 3li%*36% 34%a34** 75 a771., July20, 6 a 674 542ii.a5.45 387,4.183* 31,',.,347, 74%a75.'4 Last year, it will be seen, that from the month of April the rates gradually rose, until they got to a dangerous grade in November. At this moment, however, prices are lower than they were at any moment throughout the wiiuicui nit j car, una are uj ail per cent less mail in July of 1341, and for 60 day bills are about two per cent in favor of this country, giving a fair margin for the import of the precious metals, whereas at this period last year, they began ta flow outwards. It is very possible that the rates will rise in some degree before the new crops go forward, but not to a dangerous extent. Tho l&ilure of many States and corporations to remit dividends due abroad, materially decreases the demand for bills in this market. Our external commercial relations, therefore, favor the investments of money at home, which permanent revenue laws will do much to promote. It is stated that the debts of tho Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore Hail Road, arc arranged for. They are as follows Due. Extended tn. Lost $700,000 Julv I. 1812 Juu? 1, 1835 " 80,703 April 1, 1813 April I, 1856 " 878,700 Feb. 1, 1844 Feb. 1, 1838 3t|t ?113,000 Oct. I, 1835 ? Stg 182,300 Nov. I860 ? Total $3,078,887 These loans are mostly secured by a mortgage executed on the 01st May last to their trustees, on the entire Hail road, works,Jand all the property of the company,real and personal. The following are the h aling features of the Northwestern Bank of Virgiaii and branches :? North WrsTta* Bsrra or ViamviA tso Branches July 1841. July 1812. fncrrase. Deri rare. T,osn?, 017,006 8*11,070 ? 54,320 Specie, 100, '.M3 1 Mi,678 5,733 ? Circnl-linn, 433,761 308 080 ? 116,781 Deposit?*, 187,106 107,700 ? 20,337 From an official document wc have compiled the fol Inv. nig table of the value of domestic articles from the United States to certain countries, anJ the amount of du ties paid : ? Extorts or the Usitid States, with the Dvtiej taid abR"ad, it 1340. Value n/ Kafuc payment ,U ral Total dtUirt. Hheretn, artiele*. spec\pr ditties, dnliei. paid. (? Br tain, 51.10 , 305 30,504.2 8 00,718 28,310,128 B. A. colonies 5,939,608 7,103,716 607,686 187,020 W. Indies, 2,989,808 1,502,901 388,701 430,176 France, 17,204 889 16,820,160 103,400 3,130,614 Kr. W. Indies, 406,038 216,091 217,178 8.1,116 6p\in, 130,101 per centoge on filed val. 33,272 Cubi,ot 4,802,837 " J| " 1,712,313 rmiu ?!?;??, i?o,01/ 297,011 Rujii, " " " 15,700 !V<??ii, 4l.a.Vi 13,357 ? 12,2-0 Vi-tri", 1,300,756 1,567,810 ? 360,009 B' n am, 1,83'.829 1,830,201 39,057 :i0/0fi Jflo, . I, i:IM 1.180,933 ? 410.817 cily, >03.107 301,050 ? 255,889 ! im, 7 53.9711 487,085 111.558 > 0 tntls, ' I 335,880 196,593 *76,01)3 933,162,350 $36,577,133 [ Thi?prom-nil a curiou* fact, which it, that the duties im" posed upon United States exj>ort* b* foreign countries, cf | th m .?t despotic and oppressive government*, amount to about the tame general average a* our preient legislature j propose levying upon the imports into this eountry. It j appear* from thi* that the government of Franco raise* a i custom* revenue of about $3,500,000 from it* trade with j this country. An otfieial rejiort of the French govern" j ment for IS40, ihows the custom* deriveil fromth-- inifiorts | from the United State*, to have been $3,H63,904, which i* j nearly the aliove ralculation. From a French official do- | cument we have compiled the following table of the tra !e of France for 1310 : ? Isir-RTs *i?d EiroRT.4 or Fiuicr with r?cn Natiou i* 1840, eifiiaorisHisn tiik Srrcut **t> OtsraiL I ohMtsi e. IMPORT*. F.1PORT*. General Gum. Special. General. Sj ecial. Russia, 1.33,971,699 30,195,813 18,251.658 13,682,314 Sweden, 1,516,9 '8 1.47!.510 1,057,880 817,"66 Noiway, 13.352,519 12.4-3, 30 1,776,Ml 1,571,323 Denmark, 4.-71'.-It 6 3.7,ill 2,372,933 1,986,352 | Prussia, 19,V. 178 1-;.8"4*,18J 9,531,170 8.519,465 1 Han** towns, 1 ,-'?3,-,9( 13,901,823 24,1.56.552 18,133,162 Meeklenberg, 1,611.433 1,6.58, *97 168 321 381,2117 Holland, 28,918,18.1 11.831.617 21,515,961 16,063,184 Belgium, 85,119.561 76,322,165 51,900,790 45,-60,-8)9 England, 109.602,793 73,973,576 160,2-3,627 105.921,791 Portugal, 1,540.167 1,090,618 3,286,057 2,366,353 Spain, 42,661,761 34,152,382 101,67'-, 111 79,563,021 Austria, 16,943,501 21,778,553 9,097,8161 3,881,*70 Sardinia, 167,85-,671 72,867,233 CO, 119,085 36,81.5,997 Two Sicilies, **.0*7,798 15,562,460 10,879,.81 6,318 306 Tmc.sny, 20 -85,023 14,877,031 17,597,910 10,890,451 Rom. Slali-a, 2,716,103 1,724,918 3,055,8 0 1,913,557 Kwiuerland, 70,059,1-62 20,500,473 90,852,139 3.5,650,733 G.rman>, 51,166 761 33,0-10,62.5 44,183,387 60,142,418 Greece, 292,823 204,513 2 373,781 2,115,168 li"-key, 26,189,909 19,376 500 13,253,020 8,715 911 8-n-i, 14,983,395 11,017,212 42,830,2-5 31,574,6-*0 19. Initial, 38,791,3.,3 26,303,613 5,361 332 4,256,159 t-hma, 2,510,601 08*'I'll sob no Hiv i . S ,2! 138.1 IS,771 R0,7yj.v;i, Br ti?\i Am., t,W#^ ? >?<? rsfc: 7-$i ??? n'trl, " ?V?? A.OW.7V, 4, 17:4*7:17 NWo 7'r'^o ' ? I n 3*TT4,T3S "m'St ? ? 3, g ,K teu. ^ 9-ti ?? hill, ?. ' 3 1,209,85 14 07 8 270 19 (Jo'Ipl B. Ar"?i 7f,i,jts i.Tooigj a'luofii,' MonirnJeo, 6,2It 3 (1 4,<<!?I,3I9 4 170 771 1 7it m gr.Coioniw, 77,901, A ^TifiU 63,932,872 SO^al^ci Tout f.l.WWM.MK 747,140,933 1,01(1,<mjm Ml 9M 437 #197,703,019 110,140,103 109,347,972 | This is a moit com; rehcntive table, anil fullof useful ii I structiou. 'the imports are divided into head*. The gen eral commerce la that of all the importsof whlJowr kin . that arrive. The special commerce it that destined ft> ' consumption In France. The general export* arethoae (" i domestic and foreign goods. The special exports allud? j to French domestic goods, wares and produce. In con ; pnringjthe imports and exports to and frjin the Unite j Statas, as given in the tablo with those of the United State1 Treasury reports for the same year,we have the following rosult:? fViitti report. U. S. report 1 KlimiU fm U. St?trs lo France, ?il,gll.>. t tU.ti 7 9 " " Fiance to U. Slates, 17, .7'.876 VJ.'t! F.xcess exports taFranca, $7,74i,.it I This discici ancy arises in some measure from the ten j that the present year is from January to January, whih | that of the United States ends in October. A curious fact | is developed however in the trade between Spain and i France. From which it appears that France sends to S|iaiu (Jh percent more than she receives from her. \ It will be remembered that French manufactures are prohibited in Spain, in order " to protect" Spanish opera i tire*. The re?ult in that 65 per cent of the im)>orts ol : Spain comiat of the cottons, woollens, silk and Uncus ol I France! and 5-2 per cent of the exports of Spain to France | consists of wool, olive oil and lead. The chief articles ol I import and export were as follows, between the two 1 countries Importt into Fraticr/torn F.i ports from hYancr to Spain, Spain. I Olive oil, 8,547,445 i lotton goods, YI.Iil.lKS Lead. 7,319,703 Linen " 15 573,391 Wool, 6,176,3117 Silk " H,953,123 Fruit, 3,916,271 Woollen " 8,919,760 Grain, 2,292,382 Mules, 5,173,80V This is a beautiful example of the operation of the protective system. The high tariff of Spain operates only to flood the country with smuggled poods to an extent which I throws the balance more heavily ngainst her than|is the I case with any other couutry except England, where the 1 same cause produces the same circet, and the balance is 60 percent against England, a fact which has for three years U < put he Bank of England in constant fear of its coin,notwithstanding that near $20,000,000 is due England annuJ ally from France for interest on stocks. Snlc* nt the Stock Exchange. $500 N York 7'*, 1818 101 10 Mohaw HR 3tH $7000 1111iniis Bonds 18 22.3 Harlem RR 15 27 Uk of America 78l<i 150 do 15j? 25 Del & llud.on 8 *i 325 do 157* 325 do 8i>, 150 do bSfl 16 50 Farmer*' Loan 18 50 Long Island RR b30 50 25 Boston & I'rov Second Hoard. 25 Farmers' L A T 18 15 Harlem RR 17 25 Harlem Ult 17t< 100 do 18 35 do 17 V* State of Trade, Coffee?The market has been dull. 2 a 300 bags Brazil, j at S a9Jc; -200 Laguayra, 9 a 91-, 230 Cuba, 7 a 9; 50 $tima' tra, about 8J, 4 mos; and 280 st. Domingo, 6) a 7c, cash. Cotton?This article remains dull?priced gradually recede. Sales of the better qualities are now making at rates which show a drcline of half a cent per pound trom those current three weeks since. The transactions cmj brace 7?0 bales Upland and Florida at 6 a 8J cents; 300 | Mobile, GJ a 9, and 450 New Orleans, 6 a 9}?together I iow. i> lour 8i)(i viesi?sale* have been made to a lair .xI tent, mostly for city use, at prices w hirh have been quite steady and uniform. Genesee has sold moderately at $6; Ohio, via Canal, $5 To a $0 93}, with some choice brands ?t $8; and Michigan, liable to become sour, $ '> 75 a $5 81 J. For Southern the demand Uns been light, and wo have heard af no sales. Ship Stutf is selling in lots at 11$ a 12$ cents. Rye Flour is extremely scarce, and now commands $3 87$ a $-1, which is a farther advance, $4 having been paid for small lots yesterday. Corn Meal is without variation or sales worth reporting. Passengers Arrived. Gvatama?Briit Mary Averill?K Lard, of Guayama. Chirlkiton?Shin Catharine?I) Paul and lady, w H Gillilaud. lady, child and nurse, Miss K P Menilenhall. Mr* Doar, two children and nurse. Miss C L Cordi s, W G Lane and lady, J Pantor and lady, W Lindsey anil lailv. Sirs J Bachman, Miss C Bachman, Miss M Martin, Mr. .1 ll.rlam, Miss C Vidal, Mi-* R Taveau, Miss M Taveau, J II lleed, jr. lady, child and i nurse, J VV Head and lady, Dr M T Mendenh ill, S I) Doar, A I Taveau, L C Dewing, C M Arnold, W S Hull, 11 Vandcrxee, S S Britismaid. M B Sanford. A R Stilhnan, O Taylor, J Scliwerin, H T Str. et, J W Caldwell, J M Allston, S C Massett, O K Adam*, A Poorr?1 ill the ste. rage. PasseiigtlH Hulled. London?Packet ship Hendrick Hudson?M*i hew Steeds, I England; C'piai'i Cos. B.iiish Army; J unesO Cos, (varolii!' Cos. Roht Cooper, M Herb. it. John II lb rbert, Wm Cieswick anil lady, London; Mrs L I Cohen, Solomon Cohen, i Frederick Cohen, NYork; James Currie. Foreign Importations. Gvavama. rR?Brig Mary Averi'l?45 Idols sugar Mason It ! Thompson?78 do 14 cks molasses B l)e Forest St eo?18 hhds ' bhis sugar 26 cks mol sses H Soutlimayd St son?JO hhls sugai li | molasses Maitland, Kennedy St co?140 bajs coffee Meyer St ' Stuckrn. Domestic Importations. Nrw Orleans?Bark Lillins?244 hints sugar Hon land St son ?2000 bushels corn 350 do wheat Milhanks St co. Charleston?Ship Catharine?i box $10,000 specie J G Winter?30 bales eotton 11 L Maitland Stco? 27 Spofforil, Tileston St co? 1 Griffin It Pullinann?12 Poirier It Freres?1 case J S Pierson?1 Boweu, Jones St Oawtry?| hx A < omstock?2 do Harral, Hare It eo?2 Walker St M Kenxie?t R I, Maitland St co?1 trunk Pillot St Le Barhier?I Jas Lee St co?150 es wine A Bininger St co?t hf bbl H M Morris?I hx Smith St Henderson?1 Young, Smith fcco?lot Kdw WieiiCRe?t H S Holmes ?3 bales cotton Smith, Mills St co. MARITIME HERALD. To 8hlp Masters. ^ We shall esteem it a favor^if jcajdaius of rent Is arri ving uvie, it* 111 give (iiu ommooon w. /v. n.isseit, 01 our iirffi Tleet, a report of the shipping left at the ;?rt whence they tailed, the vessels spoken on their passage, a lilt of their cargo, and any foreign newspapers they may have. Commodore Bassettwifl board them immediately on their arrival. We will reciprocate the favor in anv war. To Correspondents Abroad. Oar corre?i?ondenta in foreign ports are respectfully requested to send bv every Teasel all the marine intelligence they can obtain. Nautical information of any kind, from any one reaiding at home or abroad, will be thankfully received. PORT OP NEW YORK, JULY 21, svis 4 4.') I Moon sitTa 3 46 SUN SETS- Si | HK3H WtTF.H B 13 Cleared. Bark British Quern, ( Br) Thrifts, Quebec, Dasis, Brooks &. r.i?Bngs Excel. Chapter, Savannah, Stiuvos A Clearman; Emily, S .erwnon, Charleston. E unham St Dimno,?Schr. Johati Conrad, (9w) I'lasder Antwerp, likT Poppe; Albion, (Jlr) Kenny Btrbadoes via Yarmouth, N4. OA J Laurie; Wm Burk, Gdden, Rappahannock, A B Cooley it Co; Sii|>eih, Shaw, Richmond, Vs., do do; Repeater, Francis, Wilmington, NC. Arrived. Ship Catharine. B-rry, 6 days Irom Charleston, with cotton, Co Geo. Butt u. The L. has been becalmed for the last four day*. ,, i link L.!i ?. Gilchrist, 23 da- s from New Orhsns, with sugar, ( to Badger & Peek?7 p.isr.en.rr*. Prig Mary Averill, llatch, fiom Ouavama, I'R. July 6, with sugar, to II. s.iuthtnavd & Son. Lett hark Lewis, B.ikcr.nnr; i brigs Wm Purrington, Migsins, for NYork, 10da>s; O-ti Ma t- i on, Biilfm, do, 4; F anklin, Gooding, diag. British hiig II trmony, Mcsserny, 16 days from Barbadoes, in ballast, to CEindhua St Co. Left several American vessels, names not recollected. Br g Mary Ann, Ramsey. 6 days from St. Johns, F.F. with powder for the comm Hiding officer of Governor's Island?J passeng-rs. British rchr British Queen, Simmons, 14 days from St. Barts, in ballast, to A. Hubbard. Left brig Pacific, ?1' Philadelphia, ' the only American. Schr Mar< Jane, McMath, from Riahmond, with flour, to Sturces St Clearman. Schr Express, Smith, from Brandyavinr, with corn mesl, to Alien fc Passon. Schr Rubicon, Edwards, 3 days from York River, with wood, to master. _ Schr Heeler, , 3 day* from V irginia, with wood, to the . maver. 1 Schr Rival, Jones, 2day< from York Hirer, with wood, to mister. " Hchr P. A. Rittcr, Anderson, C days from York Iliver, with wood, to master. Schr M*ry Elizabeth, Bugbee, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to m ister. < Schr Mary Gtllant, Thomas, from Virginia, with apple*, to t ma ler. I Schr Delight, Bomwell, 3 days from Suffolk, w ith ahiuglea, to in liter. I Sehr rontrol, Tomlin, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to i master. _ I Schr Tuscavilla, Smith, 3 ilaya from Virginia, with fruit, to ( master. , Srhr Chaa L. OAgr, Noel, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, f to matter. , Schr Empire, Brownell, 2 days from Norfolk, with indac, to master. f Schr Wm McOlaney, Mesaey, from Virginia, with wood, to master. ... r Schr Thomas Martin, Ward, from Virginia, with wood, t<> master. " Schr Ann Hammond, Totten, from Ncwbern, NT. with n.v " val storea. ? s l>r Specie, Cnrris, 3 days from Vir'inia. with wood, to the muter. a Schr Eitra, Overton, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to the ; master Schr A. B. Cooley, Camp, from Havre de Grace, with iron, to tna.ter. ... H Schr Thomas Tryon, Grant, from Virginia, with wood, to master. Schr Pomfret, Lewis, 3 days from VirKinia, w ith fniit, to the t, master. >i Schr Select, Grant, 3 days from Virginia, with wood, to the ] (, master, llilow. 1 v One brig, unknown. K Balled. U S biii Columbia, Rio tb Janeiro; packet ship Hendiick Hudson, London, and others. WinJNNW. I( Marine Corrtaponslencr, >i Tai.cahvaha, March H, IHI2. t! Arr (? ill Scott, of Fsirhavcn, from a cruise, w ith 1000 hhN ? sperm nil. Reports having seen on the 2d Nov. last year, the t< United States, of Nantucket, with 1 small whale. Spoke Kcb " 2fi, Canton, of New Bedford, with 2100 bids; Henry Astor, of i a Nnntnckct, 1200 v Al?3 arr, M nkar, from Newport, no oil. Reports having liecn in company with the Commodore Mmris on the 1st March, off w f' i| i llorn; and in lat 30, spoke Russell, of Dartmouth, neither of which vrssela had any oil. t( Also arr. UcsdrnioiiA. of New Bedford, with (130 bids. R< - v pom the Awashonka, of Falmouth, off Csllao, on I he loth Feb. with 800 I'Ma, and on "areh, in Ul XI S, Inn !K) W, h spoke Adeline flibha, with 3110 bids nil. tl Also air, Wade, of New Bedford, from a online, w ith !UMt ?p. i Reports Zen is Coffin, off CHiloe on the* 20th K? b. with IRon Mils m orio, and Magnolia, off MasafUcra, with 130*' hhla sperm d and 1000 whale. tl Arr 21st, President, of Nantncket, from a orni?eu wiih 1500 ri bbls apt-r.To H" ports the following vessels off Massiiiera:?J n it 2, J iv, New BodfnrJ, with75 bill* spin ; F.llia, Salem, no o I; 29ih, Japan, Nantucket, 100 bills; Feb 7. (Ih< d Mitchell, do, I (0; p Columbia, do, 70; Virginia, New Bedford, 800; Canton, do, >X 1000; IJth, Mclacom, do, r.d oil; 20th, Christopher Mit, hell, 70; i N Jain-a Monroe, 7J0 tp and 150 whale; Saml Ft hinion, NB 40; , S 23d, Harrison, do, 300; 23th, Mary, Nant. 1100; roeahontas, NB. ! ?l 000: Magnolia, do, 2000 apm ami 900 whale; 28th, Staiira, Nan!. If 2100 hhla; March 0, I'etomac, do. 130; Henry Atlor. do, 1200. B'b, Cadmin, no oil j Batons, NB. *0 hhla; IJth, Juno no, 230; ' Henry, flatom, nn oil. American ve?*> t? in i?ort, March 30?De*d?n>ou?, t? ?? 1 U, ou a cruise; Preside tit, to aail lo-moirow lor Nauluc** \mazon, tOiail in \ d ?v 01 tw>???:? a cruis-. (icnt riil Rfcord. Sena HtFRirT ? Capt Noel, of tht Charles I. Oaire.arrm h?\? I 'in Virginia, reputs tint lh?- Htrii* t, Chandler, I?? ? Virgiitia for NYork, i* mi nit in Little Ett>' Harbor. b*i<; Lydia, at Philadelphia f.?>m havini, e*n?nenced heavy gale ou the i lilt and 12th mat. in Ul 33 and 3fr*nhlltei cargo and 5<? fj 60 bbl* mol ?i i. Brio Omah.-Tin cui.,.)?>1 the Omar, from Bo?ton for A<" Cavet, had b< en discharged and \tor*d at Wood's ll? le on ^ i urday. Tht* vessel was not much injured, but would be hovi out, re4o ?.d and proceed. Whalemen* Arr at New Bedford July 10, Courier, Pa' iftc Ocean, wit! ,yW" bbta tp oil. Spoke Jan 4, lat 0 51 S. Ion 125 W, Hi u m M3. n mo* i?ut, 2300 bhls wh and 400 sp oil: 2010, lat 1 15 S, I . 13! 56 \V l'h 17 ?n<>? out. 150 sp; 1' r tnc# s H ti in 1550?p uh! IMMkttiboil. At Tahiti from \Un) ?ii) * miui, K .uklm, NB. ?* out, ?ju i?; Ome-za. N nt. If mo*, 7'u sp; London Packet, FH 2C mot, 1650,up; Milo, NB. 'd iio?, 2tf(iO sp; Atlantic, Nant. 3? inos, 1200; Ohio, do, 8 mos, 20e r,olijinhiu, do, 31 mot, 1100; Altntra, Edgartown, 28 mos, I960. E ie, FH. 15 mot, 500; Ale* Coffin, Nant. 18 ?K)0; /.nint, NB. 7 mo*, 600 vh; Frances, do, 27 mo*. 1350 sp; Bowditch, Providence, 8 moj. 1000 wh; Voting Eagle, Nant. 18 mot 1450 sp: Mount Vernon. NB. 15 ino?, 1900 whand 200 an. Lyme off Tahiti aame date, Chariot, Warren, 10 moa, 200 an and 'MR wh, hound to Sandwich Islands and from thence to NW lout; Cambria, NB. 31 inna, IP.ttft ap. detained for wa?t of men; Himcules, do, 30 mos, 400 sp500 ? li. At Emeo, Harvest, Nam. 18 inos, 600 a p. The Atlantic, of Nant. reported speaking Dec 25. near the line, Ion 125 W, Sarah Frances, FH. 27 inos. 1200 bbla. The ColutnbiM, of Nant. reported speaking, umc lat and Ion, about Feb !. VV alter ic ....v. ?.u. i.k? Passed kowu the Sound yesterday, a whale ship, supposed the President, of and tor Nantucket. A letter from Cant Taber, of the Bramiu, of NB. reports her March 19.1 at 35 8, Ion 41 \V, with I sp wh. Had lost one man, Sam IF Hoitrhtou. by sickness. At Tahiti, March 30, Frances, NB. 1350 spin; Young Kigle, Nant. 1150; Bowditch, Prov. lOOO wh?the B reported last of Jan Napoleon, Nant. wanting 3 whs; Feb 15, Washington, 8H. 1000 sp; 24th, Copia, NB. 290<) bbls, al>out GOO sp;26th, Danl Webster. SH. 1200 sp; Plouchboy, Nant. 1300 sp. The Young Ragle reports Feb 26, Wm & Khz*. NB. 28 inosouf, 1800 sp. Also at Tahiti Feb 21, Splendid, Edgarlown, 26 inos, 1900; Fnnkliu, N B. 32 inos, 800? had "sold oil a:d discharged crew?ha* probably 700 on hoard;"March 7, Milo, NB. 38 inos, 3000?reported by Courier, same d ate, Ike. 2609, bound home. The L C Richmond reported J in 15, Ontario, Nant. 19 mos, 1600 sp; Feb 8, Cyrus, do, I t mos, 700 sp. The Columbus reported Jan 30, W Scott. Nant. 14 mos, 200; M ?sMchu.sett*. NB. 15 inos, 700 sp.? The Ohio report* d in Feb. Parachute, NB. 15 mos, 2000bbls wh and sp; Dec 22, London Packet, NB. 13 mos, 100sp; Matilda, of London,7 mos, 00 bbls sp; last ol Feb. Cor d, NB. 32 mo* out, 2600 bids. Spoken, March 3. lat 43 8, Ion 170 E, Flora, NL. 1800 bbls wh ?hound to Bay of islands. The Uxor, of Mvsti*, Ct. Stevens, before reported wr recked at the Crozette Islands, parte d her moorings in a gale from N and W, Oct 23, and w?ut a"hore on 8oi.?h Prince F. J ward Island. She h 'd 130 bbls sea I--pliant od. The craw were saved with one boat?t cask of bread and a few pit-ces of pork and beef washed ash r?- on the beach. A boat's crew pulled up to North Prince Edward Islaud, where tiro found the schr Regent Packet, of ami for Cape Town. Six of the crew, including the second mate, embarked in her and arrived in Table Bay M uch 20, the remaining twelve awaiting another opportunity, or until the United States consul sends a vessel dow n ?they were all in good health. The Brazilian brig Fluminente, commanded by Capt W Stetson, which left Simon's Bay Aug 12th, on a cruise for sua elephant oil, was wrecked on the 29th of same mouth on the same island, having been at anchor but 30 hours. The second mate, Mr Wilson, who shipped in Simon's Bay, is reported to have been murdered six days previous to her arrival. Fourteen of her men, including the captain, were Crowned, and five only saved. Spoken. Corinthian, 17 days from Pictou for Pniladelphia, July 17, lat 10 28, Ion64 It Timor, for Hampton Roads, in ballast, July 7, coming out of H aviui t. Zotoff. from Boston for Havana, July 7, Pan of Malanzas S abrut 4 miles. Augusta, from Havre for New Orleans, June II, lat 29 10, loir 30. Abbott I.ord, 17 days from New Orleans for Cowts, July 3, Knuell, from Havana for Hamburg. July 6, lat 32 27, Ion 7G J7. Foreign Porta. Qirrar.a, July 15?Ait Druid, NYork; Indus, Philadelphia; Menus, Liverpool; Amazon, Hull: IStli, Constitution, NYork. CM lJth. Minstrel, Hull: l.ord Wrnloek. Loudon; Aurtlian, Portsmouth; Aim, Londonderry; Vslocity, Waterfrd; 16th, Rainbow, Sunderland; Elizabeth & Catherine, do; William 4s. Henry, Loudon; Queen Victoria, Aberdeeu; Harriel. Newcastle; Iron, VVaterford; Tamerlaue, Liver|>ool; Donegal, Cardigan; Maria, Newcastle. Havata.JuI' Sid 4th. Tiger, for Cowri; and Tioga, for Boston; 2d, Lyiba, Philadelphia; jrl.Dunlap, Boston. CtEUFt'Ettns, June 29?In port, Abby Baker, for NYork, 8 or 10 data; Fornax, Huston, 1 or6. Pilgrim, for Boston, sailed on the 24111.^ Aux Caves, July 8?No American resselj in port. I'nlted State* Ports. Cctler, July .0?Arr Glide, Philadelphia for St John, NB; Mary Adams, Calais lor Baltimore, hid 11th, Fred Pearl, and Mary Ad una; 12'h. Glide. Hallowpll. July ii?Cld Sea Flower, NYork. Newhpkvpou r July IS?Arr Uiuliis, NYork. Gloucester, July 18?Arr Niger, Surinam., July III?An Syren, K York; Post Boy, do; Increase, Philadelphia. Sid Eigle.and Olinda. Boston, July 19?Arr Eliza Burgess, Cienfnegoa; Emeralo, IIrvana; Majestic, Philadelphia; Stranger, do; Otis, Hsvre de Grace; Frane. s Il .llett, Rondout; Lexington, NYork. Telegraphed, Cowper, from New Orleans. Signal for a brig. Cld Kigle, G? no. ; Win Davis, do; I "ommeree, M lyagucz; Hazard, I'irtoii, NS. Arr tilth. Tartar, Havre; Forest, Havana; Allen, tin; Danube, A'tx Cayes; Gov Bscon, Salem, NJ; Balance, and Two Brothers, Albany; A M Hale, Macdonough, and Grecian, N York. Holmes Hole, July i:)?Arr Ionia, Nesv York for Eastport; 11 nry, do for Portland; Win Heniy, dodo; Port Leon, do for Kennebec; 'Cortes. Carter, for NVork;' D Pratt, New York for Portland; and all sld 14th. Arr Ittlh, Syren, N York for Boston; Catharine, Philadelphia for Portland, and shl I7lh. Providence, July 18?Arr Flash, Riehard Rush, and I1G King, Philadelphia. Put i. aui i.piiia, Jul v 20?Arr Mary St Jane, NOrleans; Lydia, Havana: Elliot, Lodi, and Fame. Bo.ton: Amy W Leeds, Hartford: Independence, Port! sod; New Jersey, Alhan) ; Erie, NYork; renneasee, Hartford; Victoria, New Haven; Joseph Brown, Fall River. Below, Columbia, from Liverpool; Viob-r, and L'Orient. Cld Sniquchanna, Liverisio': Russell, Kingston, Ja: Washington, Matanzts; Oneco, New Bedford; Peru, Sri I l.i, Charles, and Sum, Boston; Venus, NYork Arr ju the Schuylkill, St Thomas, Newbury[M>rt; Congress, and Thoni, Bostou; Oscar, Providence; Liberty, do; St Lawrence, I'atmos, Volta, and Swan, NYork; Copy, Southampton, NY. Richmond, July 18?Below, Tiber, Marseilles; Alabama, Boston; Globe, Charleston. un-tii. At St. Johns, on the 4th inst., Mrs. Charles S. Pierce, o' a daughter. Married. At Charleston, S. C., on the 1st June, Joseph Paanr, Esq.,of Charleston, to Martha P., daughter of Hiram Pierce, Esq., Lnprairie, Canada East. At Preseott, C. W., on the 29th June, by the Rer. Mr. Blakie, H. E- Russell, Es<|., of Brockville, to Miss Gras p Mc Qu r. i-x, of Preseott. At Raleigh, N. C., 12th inst., by the Right Rev. Leonidas Polk, Bishop ot Louisiana, Hon. Kenneth RzvNoa.of the House of Representatives, to Miss Si-saw Polk, daughter of the late Col. Wm- Palk. Died. On Sunday, 17th *n?t., At orsTt s, son of Julian Dro?, aged 3 years and 11 months. The friends and aequaintanees of the family arc respectfully un ited to attend his funeral, this morning, at 10 uwiutn, nu. zio 11 jiiiin siren, wiinuui mrcner invitation. POllTUOUhMi FK.MALK PILLS. rpHEBE far-famed ami celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are, we |?erceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisement on the last column of fourth i?*ge. m3 i? TflTiAMES alfixa.ndku HOl's 1 on i. namd his Consult in a Office, to No. 3 Herald Dru.mxi corner of Nassau and Fulton streets. jc2 3ni inn c HOUSTON, ~M. D. DENTIST?Has removed to 243 Broadway, between Park Place and Murray street. je29rodlm*r foil 1)1!. KKlVll TWA VliK.ICH < nrn .1 F WmleOil Soap, infallible Poison for Bedbugs,Moths,Kits. Cockroaches, Flies. Ants. Moichetoes, lor Ins Fly Paper, an#: lor bis numerous chemical preparations, see last page. jv7 ln?i?*c SUPPRESSION OF QUACKERY CO-IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.-00 THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE & PHARMACY RESPECTFULLY inform the citizens of New York that they have appointed th? following Sub-Agents in this city J. w. Basse tt, 611 Broadway. Dr. K. M. Guiow, 127 Bowery. Dr. King. 287 Hudson street. Elias L. rmkall. Uifl Grand st. Dr. Newman, 132 Cherry street. The Preparations of the College may now be had of those reutlemeii. Principal Office* of the College for New England,at 5 Tretnont flow , Boston Piincij a! Office of the College for New York, at 97 Nassau freer. By order of the College, j\2lc \V 8. RICHRDSON, Agent. IXTANTED by aYoung Man. a situation as assistant Clerk ** or light Porter in any wholesale or retail establishment or tflce. Tne adn tiser would serve tin lint three months gra- , i* and would he willing to make him elf useful itiany way to j uit his employer. 8a is fan lory reference will be given il re- | luirsd. A line addressed H. L. at t! * office of this payer, will u-rt with immedist attention. jy 21 it r | rffi? fRbA vi?(P..!.;... i?vta ... i I Niblo't Garden.?\liu M. A. ('A fs'i'jNK tuquiiriU respect- I ully ihe ladies of New York that she hfw enirau' d a good ar- ! i?t for Ice Cream from the Cafe d * Paris. Daily Ihe delicious 'lomhiere, so much relished by the fashionable world at Paris, j nd the luscious Charlotte a 11 Victoria, will he served. She toeofs by her endeavors, to meet the encouragement of the 'italic, andtc succeed with har enterpnze. j\21 3f r i/\ KNOTTI'T WAfEH'piuJOF CO.viPOsTriON for r> uderin* f?*lts and all kinds of woolens, linens, cott- in nd .ilka, waterproof without altering the color, 'heirsupple* ettor their luitre; without obstructing the air or persparation, uJ without their communicating any odor. r By th?- Academy of Sci? uces of Paris. the Royal Society of Agricultu ? of Toulouse ipptoveil ?y . A(.,<l(.Iny ?f gcil.ncei (>f Toulouse. By a Special Commission, at Toulon. ( By the Municiple Ailminialration of Toulouse St Ldopt-d j By the principle Manufactories of cloth* anil ( stuff's of France. Many processes hare been during a long time pant introduced i llie public, lor the purpose of rendering woollen anil other i-if* water-proof, hut until the prevent invention none nave illv Mi-onipiialieii the real end designed. The Imlian Hublieror Marl.nit ?h pmceaa, while ii a rv disagn cable ndo. to th ohieet* to whi h it ia applied, ive* them an unusual stiffnras; eniln it rendm" tin in also im- ! .i ttout to tha i ta.ructa the per.pintton aud CoiiaeiiMrm/ injures the health. Tnia invention, now lint olTerrH to Ihe American puhlic, , vea noth'ng lo de.jred; articles of e.ery description and 1 ?e, may be rtrnlered water-prool 11 pon the premium where ley ere man; factured or elsewhere. at a very trilling co*t anil ith lh? utmost facility, by a single immersion of the ohiectiu a solution of the com| oaition The result warranted to n - j nr.e all the ol irciioua whigh c*i?t in every other invention, , ml from which it may be distinguished by the following ail- [ antages. Cheapness?A yard of stiitrnf whatever quality,may be made rater-proof for fifteen cent*. Faelity of Appli stion?A sinijle immerri.-n of thr o'jeet in. a solution of this comi>ositinn 11 sufficient to r.nder it i.nperion* to water without destroying it* por.mty. Salutary F.lfec.s?The article *nminitteil to this proceaa sill e rendered entirely impervious to water, hor a* it w ill admit le ?ir freely, the parapiration will not he obstructed; and ihe Ifeeta are ciniiei)iienliy fa. rible to In site. One can easily comprehend what immense advantage* wi.l evolve by this diacoveiy to the welfare of the army, the navy, re cri men, the watchmen, the coachmen, the carman, the carera, th- wagoners, the laborers, the travellers, and Of all those, i.i word, who work in III* open air. . . This ia lha only solid composition for water-proofing that i. I so r.icil III France, and which hi. been approved I,y the Acsrmv of Seienres, at; and the nnlv agency lor the sale o( Ifnotti's Water-Proof Coui|?sinon eaUbliahad in ihe IJnited tates, is at No. 52 John street, between William and Nassau reets, Naw York, whwe all orders will ba atrtetly attended Sold wholesale and retail. One cake is sufficient fo rnske waterproof four yards of cloth, jj 21 eod2t*r Al CTION SALii:. BY THOMAS BELL. (Stores Wo*. 2J ,1nn and 111 Kultmi rfrref I THURSDAY. At I0SJ o'clock, ill the sale toomi, '' rue sale of Piano Fori ?, c?'|>? loiu, paintings, losingglasses, Utri|>s, uu ud,,|#s, lu.tres, Ike fce. , Uso, Jill!'. I slid t. . .ft!., t I ITU plated uo"ds, fcl ftc. FHIUA Y, At |a)^ o'clock 111 the sales room. Sal# of Dry Ltoods, c" ..itug, i. vselrv, watches, guns, cutler) J hardware, fuuey -n<l g. J anivl-., in rreat variety. Alio, 2ll,uOU II groi . I. M III. ,, SAT I' Il!>A\, At JOW o'clock in lit. i iIr roomi, Riteusire * ill* oLrlegsnt furniture of nil descriptions, carpet- I UU. piano forte*. lo> kinu glasses S BY RIEL1, k ArtTtLARuTS: -Jlll/KSUAY. At lOk^ o'clock in tin- sale roonts. llvtdvvare, cutlery, fovslin: piccf?. and variety of otlio article*. Alto, bid litii'ti aud ladies wearing apparel. SATURDAY. At 10f-? o'clock at the auction room. Klegttit Furniture and I'lauo*?A l"true ?**ortmetit of the l>e*t in,I most fashionable city mule furniture, including milmgaiiy chairs, pier, dining, It* and centre tables, wardrobes, I.ureaus, toilet tables, looking g'aui-s, tufted and siuing .eat sofas, Ottomans, diraus, rockers, dirssing bureaus, Iratlier beds, \ mat(MMoa and piilowa, affifi ,i .... ft , Piano Fortes?Also aevFiil splendid piano fortes, made by tt Haven, Firtli Ik Hall, William Lee, Jr., L Drderrr, M V Creuirr, Li V Uriugs, John Hroadwood it Sons, and the New York Piano Forte Manufacturing Company. Al Private Sale?An e 1. uant Parlor Organ, in rich mahogau) case, with 4 stops, pedals, ate. of extr-oruinary awe, loess snd i purity of tone; made by oue of the first organ builders iu this city, | AUCTION Hale of a Splendid Church Organ?Henry Coulter will sell on Saturday, the 2:kl instant, at 12 o'clock, in the store 42 Ann st, >11 the city of New York, a splendid full well Church Organ, of very desirable sue, and for tone and finiah not to be surpassed by any in use. Hie organ in new and w ill bt sold to t*l jse a conc ern. It can be examined at any lime previous to the hour of tale. This i? a very desirable opportunity for persons wishing to purchase,as the organ most likely will sail (or one half its value. m ions 10 l\ et huh. 7 feet front, 4 feet deep \ compass ol k? ys fioin GO to Kin dl. Splendid oak case, gilt pipe*, 6tc. Sale positive aud without reserve. j y 19 St^c OPP >81 ION LINE FOR ALBANY. FARE REDUCED!! CABIN PASSAGE SI 00 DECK PASS YGE , 0 50 FREIGHT TAKEN AT RKDl't ED PRiCES. 4C^ir'_"rpi I'ht comunwliouH Sp-nniboal WASHINO& TON, Capt mii J. M. Brown, haviuu madi \ "\WrnmmtLm \rion." im' ,u ic change her days of leaving New York, will hereafter leave the loot 01 Iinhiusou street, Niw Y??.k, avery Tuesday, Thursday, and S* urday afteinoon, at o clock, and Albany, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoon, at 5 o'clock, landing on her iwss.ige each way at the foot of Hammond street, Newburgn, Poughkeepsie, Kiugstoo r iat, Citt kill iad HndioB. For freight orjiossage. apply to the Captain on board, or to D. RANDOLPH MARTIN. No. 102 West streeL jy 13 lm*c EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY DIRECT, /a/l At seven o'clock, P.M., from the steamboat A. : J*rier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. 3L?JTr r The steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Cnpt. L. W. Brainard, leaves the above pier .Monday, Wednesday , and Friday at seven o'clock. P. M. The steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A.St. John, leaves the above pier Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday tfternoou, at seven o'clock. The above boats are new and substantial are furnished with elegant state rooms, aud in every respectueu usurpasscd among the Hudson River ^learners. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. 8CHULTZ, At the office ou the wharf, or on board, Passengers taking this liuc of boats, will at all times arrive at Albany in time for the first train of cars for the east and west. iyj 0JX FOR ALBANY, TROY, and Intermediate "H;-rrv places?Tin splrndid low pressure steamboat i m.../ SWALLOW, Capt. A. McLean, will leave the foot of Cortlaudt street, Wednesday afternoon, July 20th, The Swallow will leave as above, on Saturday, 23d a! 5 o'clock, The above is a substantial boat, fitted un with elegant State Rooms, and for accommodations is unrivalled on the Hudson. jygOr +mr\ OS\ EXCURSION TO THE FISHING (g?v -w BANKS. on Thursday, July 21st?The new W IW* <1 -.-l- ,| llMln,.r \H rlJ A I W A L'l."!'V Capt T J L) avis, will make a trifi to the Fishing Banks, leaving Dry Dock, at 8 o'clock A M .touching at the loot of Market st at half-nasi 8 o'clock, foot ol Canal street, N It. at 9o'clock,and foot of Marketfield street, at half-past 9 o'clock?proceeding to the Fishing flank, and remain there from J to 4 hours. Returning, will stop at Fort Hamilton, and remain there long enough to give passengers an opportunity of viewing the Fort, Stc, Fare for the whole excimion?Fifty Cents. A i>erso!i will be in attendance with lines, be. Bait furnished on Board. To those who would like to take a trip outside, but deterred from want of confidence in the boats that usually go to the Bank*, this would prove a good opportunity, as th steamer Si. S. was built expressly for the Sea Service, and the number of trips that she has made outside, has proved her to he a safe and comfortable uoat in a sea way. jy20 2t*c OA < HEAP AND PLEASANT EXCUHffli S1 (_)N to Staten Maud and the Lower Bay? ir Ss 3K The atea1 WAVE will oniof iftei tht 19th instant,comm-nce her regular exc ursions by leaving Sialen Island at 8 o.'cloek, A M, 1. 3 and f? P M.?Leave New York, pier No. 1 North liiver, 10 o'clock A M. 2, I and half-past 6 F M. Fire each way tj'4 cents. t On the 4 o'clock trip the Wayi w ill m ike her piea^ant excur*inn to the Lower Bay. which will proft ! ht lit!) sunt for fanulies during tht hoc mnunoi months. Fare for the xcursion tv elve and a h If cents. N. B.?Tne Wave bei provided with new boilers, has proved herself to be very fast, and is command.- d by an old and experienced captain, and has no connection with the Marine Hospital patients or baggage, so th it passengers tnay rc'y in being 111 no danger of infectious diseases from quarantine establish num. jy19 3t?c OCEAN HOUSE, Long Branch, Rurnson, Cv .ir-w^ Brown'., Dock, Middletowu, Eatontown Dock Red Bank, Shrewsbury.?The steamboat IOLAS, Captain Allaire, will leave New York from Fulton Market Slip, East River, every morning at 8 o'clock for Red Bank, (except Thursday, on which day the boat goes to Eatoutown lWk.) R. 11ruing, will leave at 1 o'clock each day. I The lolas will run as above, navigation and weather |>ertnitj ting, until further notice. | All freight and baggage at the risk of the owners thereof. I June 21, 1842. j? 29 line jgA PLEASANT AND HEALTHY EX URSIONS EVe.RY AFTERNOON TO 3C3C2-KORT HAMILTON. BATH, CONEY ISLAND AND NEW BllluHTON?The commodious steamboat GENERAL JACKSON, Capt. Tobias, will commence on her (Molartrips to du above pi icos op Sunday atterternoon. June 26th, and run every Monday, Wednesday, rhursday, Saturday and Sunday; and the steamboat NAPOLEON, Capt. Hancox, will run on every Tneaday and Friday during the season, leaving the foot c | Chambers street at a quarter before 2 o'clock, Hammond street at 2, Canal street at a quarter past 2, Market street at 2%, and pier No. 1 North river at 3 o'clock. remaining a sufficient time at Fort Hamilton for those who may wish to view that extensive fortification and the adjacent country. The boat will then Proceed to Bath and Coney Island, to land those who may be desirous of visiting either of these healthy retreats. And then make an excursion around the lower part of o ir truly noble hay, and return for those who may have landed at cither of the above places, and then cross over to New Brighton, stopping a sufficient time at that place, and returning to the city at an early hour. Fare each way 25 cents. je25 2mr ! SITUATION WANTED by two respectable young girls as Seamstresses, or to do gen?rdl house work. Tlcase apply at ( IS Pi ck Blip. _ *_ _ jy 17 j EMVK DOLLARS REWARD.?Lost, on Monday evening I last, a small I fair Braeelett, w ith gold clasp, engraved Kate. The finder will confer a favor 011 the owner, and receive the above reward, by leaving it at ti William street, up stairs. jy2U2fr TO LET I TWO HANDSOME ROOM 9-at 98 Ceder street. Enquire j A 011 the premises. jy20 lm*rc | BO.VRDINO AT.LONG BRANCH.?The iinderi signed having a beautiful location at Deal, Long Branch, I .^iiBjOaii accommodate a lew hoarders at his farm house. i TneTituation being on the a* a -hnre oilers inducements unequalled in thi. * it mitv for purity of air, *e i bathing, and every requsite desired by families, children, or persons seeking a ch *tige from the sultriness of the city; prices moderate. A note ( addressed to the subscriber w .11 nu-t f t#? rion. JOHN GREEN, Deal. Long Branch. NT. B.?For further particulars inquire of .vlr. \\r. 1 OR* I BETT, Grocer, lb Oak street, corner of Roosevelt street. The ptoitfietnr has stage* running daily from the steamboa' to j his home. jy21 T Slfk.W3t*r t GENTLEMEN and ladies riding out of town will find a pleasant stopping place in Flat Bush, L. I., about half way to Bath and Coney Gland, at the h e Cream eminent, opposite the beautiful park of M.Clarkaon, Esq. | j>20 lm*r j rpiCBTrRY FOR SALE-A suiwrb Tilbury ? ii aHy m w. I i * Sold for want of use. Apply at TO.ML IN SON, WOOD, & CO., I jyft St eod+c 410 B toad way near Caail si. MISS < O\V \ N i" * t.. I! ill . rms th? ladi? i < I N? w York and its vicinity, that she continues giving lesson* on the I Piano Forte, Harp, Guitar and in Singing, and will be happy to receive net pupils at No. 86 White, 01 ittend the respective houses of those ladies who 11% receiving le ions at theii , own residence. H up and Piano Fortes for sale and on hire ' Also a very splendid rtano Forte for sale. ji'29 lm*r MYSTERIOUS.?m7 o5 I lor, of Kenton, Hardin Co, Oiiio, h it this city on the 2ifh M ly last,intending to return [ direct!* home, since that day nothing has been lieanl of him by ' I his friends. Being a man ol excellent character, in very comfortable circumstances, and lift* ing in his possession when he j left here about one thousuid dollars of his own in rash, strong | fears arc entertained that lie has been murdered. It is supposed that he, [with a Mr. Ripley,] occupied st^te room K on Board tin steamboat Rochester for Albany,24th may. He was dressed w hen to I st en,in ? calf t mixed cloth fro U co it aodbuii iloons, blacks tin vest indbl k hat, is forty-five yt an old. Aai information respecting him, directed to John Taylor, of ( olurn- j bus. Ohio; to John P.Gordon Dudley, Harden Co. Ohio, or to ' F. T. IVet Ik Hitchcock, New York, will be received with gratitude by his friends. Pajiers in New York, Peonsylvanio and Ohio, will render a service to his ifflict family by publishing this notice. i "in , swn nil > , I M CI nvG WATCHES AND JEWELRY VERY LOW.-Th? .? ? ' seril>cr is selling -ill dr*crii?tioti* of (fold arid silver i Watches, (fold and silver pencils, ifold i hains, k< vs. &c.v at re- j tail, lower than at any other (dace in the city. Gold U ate he* ,, as low as 25 to 30 d liars each. Watches ami Jewelry eirhaii Kfd or bought. All Watches are warranted to keep goodlifne. j or the money retained. Watches and Clocks repaired tn tlie 0 best manner, ami wananted, at much less than the usual prices, by oue of the finest workmen in the city. G. C. ALLE \ J'n* jHirter of Watchesaud Jewelry, wholesale and rata I, 30 Wall rt street, upstairs. jy21 Im r TO TH!-: LADIES. MADAME OSTKM.O, rhv.i-i in, .till r<,n|iiiiip? to In il, w iili utmii.hing siirm.., ,11 4l? up. |?rn li.r to ? fi-m,li'?. . , i ? Hunprpuion, irrfjnl.Hly, nbitmrlion, *p. hy wh-ytfYfr p^ihp prodiiPfd, mil br rimorpd hy Mid'm* , vrr> .oil Imp. . Sln.l- m. I mrdir.l p.l.blf.l ??''' h??irif rind-nroiie thor< ii?h " ... , . ,1 Mr ?h> ?? " "minndumn ,.f he, nil me ii r ,.M|| I 11, .he I? li"? f-'l 1 ' !?'' lull ; 'Ml til- 1 point of c< iifineu.enf. or those whowivn to lr treated for oh- J Miuriiim ol 'heir monflly urr'iHl. , M J,me p-ii he inninltPd ,i li-r rpsidenpe No. 11 Li.ppn- d ,ril ?i, mi .ill time,, ?l'd * i?h the "Iriptp.l ri |?*id to ?pcr??y. All communication. ?nd litlpr, mint he po,t-paid. jy?l lm*r _ " MADAMK C,< U.TKLLO. ,, pEMALF. PERIODIC. AC PILLR, guaranteed in every cast ii i w hi i the inon'hly pernoK have been from rohl*. h or oiher r *use?. Their certainty of action has long he? n ac- * knowledged by the medical profession, and hundreds that bar uselessly tii'fl vari?.u? boasted remedies; iud< ed, so sure ar?these i ill* in their effects, that cure is sometimes necessary in their use. though they contain no ?m dic.tne detrimental to the t> constitution. Advis yiyen gratis to all who um th* pills, h> Madame Costello, m Lisjxnard st, where the pills are sol< genuine. I*iic? ner linv. is-at i piANO FORTES?Vor uU, % tew ilmant luciimrf lio a low comer h rench grand He lion piano lor ea. with til tlo ? Ute iinprovem-nn, warranted, ami kept in limn for I? month- * at 103 Walker at root up train. Th y are to b- di?P"'t d nl i, h '_nnv rpirnre of the owner leaving lor Kemp* in the mouth rf Any'ist. jv)92w*tc Vf OSS 20 bal black Moat, for aalt by m K. K. COLLINS It CO. K jyHe % Month alreel * T IVLRPOOL COAL AKLOAl'-no tow" iWbirioi 'r? j--4 f oal, carefully lowered in the hold, tint arrived per ?hi| Oaeola, and for tale by , Ca jylle JOHN HtliDMAN, II South itrttt. ^ I \ i i iS. MHLO'S UAHDHII. (extraordinary Ravel Kauilly, Received Xightly with ShotUt <1 Isiu Wu.r ami A]e. jihiuee, in their varimu BPLENDID COMIC PANTOMIMES, he. j THIS EVENING, July Xlsl, the ycrfu.uiaiiv.ta will commence at It u'cloak. ?ith | A GRAND OVERTURE, Alter which CHIMNEY SWEEPERS Diego, Jerome Ravel | Mill, r'? Man. E Ravel Alinaro, Gabriel Ravel I N'ocheuto, Am Hue ICnel Vivlette, M'll R Doutieulle | Juletto, (list Welle After w Inch Mont Jouqh Mawetli w ill kite lot CONTOH I IONS. Afror which THE THREE CH s ESE ON THREE ROPES. By O .bili ), J nit, an I Anton.u Ravel. Quaxtor of an I. ura intermission will b- allowed lor Hefrrsh menu in th GrMnl Suloou. Alt r which A GRAND OVERTURE. Alter which, the INVISIBLE HARLEQUIN. , , Don l Mtatnler, Jerome RtveLeClonrn, Ajrtouie Ravel llaib uiu, Gabriel Ravi | hairy, M lie U?xoliua Tin Monster, L Javelli Ravel I Columbine, M'ma J Ravel To colirlnde Wltn . THE PROMENADE MUSH ALE. IT"7*" The proprietor respectfully i.ilorm. the public, that in compliauce with the wisnr.of numerous fuitoni. tni. much admired part o! the entertainments, will bo given aitor lh? i??rfonnance. in the Saloon are over. Ailing Manauer, Mr. ( hippeinUJe. Mutu al L'-adir and Director, Mr E Wooif. Ticket.?iu cento Door, open at itveu o'clock, ICuteruiumcuU to coinmeuca at eight. | CHATHAM TIIKATRK. THIS EVENING, will be performed the BETH SLOI'K. _ Beth Slope, Hill | Hilly Simper, Mr. Hield To ho r.kiu.^ ?... NEW" NOTION&. Major Wheeler, Mr ilill | 8u?*ui, Mrs Hield To couciUde with THE IRISH til TLAW. Black Hugh, J H Scott I Hannah, Mn Hield Lio ns will upeu in future at 7 .i. ca md the curtain will riau at a cjuartei before t o'clock |iuuctually Drew circle. 50 cent*?Boxes. 25? Tit, 12+^?Private Boiea, ti VAl.YIIAI.L. (a A KI>K\. Weduearlay and Thursday Evcniuct, July 20th an ' 71st, Third and fourth night of J S B own and the I'ark Theatro Company. EntertaiiimenU to commence in thu Saloon at 8o'clock,with th? < omedy of FORTY AND FIFTY Mr Lily-white, Mr J S Brown After which BOMBASTES FURIOSO. B out hasten, Mr J S Bintv^i To conclude with a ORAM) BALI, In the open Harden. Director of the Floor, Mr E H Conway. Admission only 23 Cent*. jy70 2'*r IIIM/S IV KW YORK JIlHF.l'M, (FORMERLY KNOWN AS I'EALE'S MUSEUM,) No. 252 Broadway, opposite the City Hall. ]\/fONDAY, July 18th. and during the week.?First *| J*-'- pearauce of Master (tILHEHT, the voting American Juggler, w hose prrformanrex have excited the wonder anil astnn uhmiIII III' all w ho have witnessed them. Ls't week of e?rliiug experiments in Animal Magnetism, iluritiK which experiments in Electricity, with the Oalvauic Battery, and the Hone Slc'e Magnet. Sunn Hare t uriosities, not to be found in any similar r stahli.o ment; Exi"rimems in Mesmerism, alias Animal Magi etistu, will commence at half-past R o'clock, P M., at the conclusion of which, Master Gilbert will appear and go through his won derful teats, fust, Chinese Chopsticks?second. GtectauOatnes ?third, Crockery Delph. Ticket* 25 cents, children half price. Day visitors admitted on the same evening free. A Great Treat lor the public is in pretwxration at this Institii tion. jylB Iw AMERICAN MUSKU.M ANI) (JARDEIS OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, BROADWAY. P. T. BARNUM, MANAGER. INCREASED NOVELTIES!! Mr. Wiuchull, the unrivalled comic drollerut. Whitloclr. and Diamond in their Banjo Extra* aganzas. The wonderful Oip?cy Girl can lie privaUely consulted throuyhovt the day, without extra charge. The Model of the City of Dublin, the greatest work ol art evtr brought to this country It is to perfect, tliat any person who has resided in Dublin can noint out the very house in whieh he lived. Miss Il? iaJie, the highly popular vocalist : La Petite Celeste, the beautiful d?ns? im? the celebrated Albino Lady ; Fancy Glass Blowinjt;and Grand Cosinoiama ! Balloon Ascensions every night at ten o'clock. Day peiformauces every WedLesday anil Saturday afternoons at 4 o'clock. Day visiters admitted free iu the evening. No charge for admission to the splendid Gardeu ou the top of tho Museum. Admission to the whole Museum, Garden and Entertain* munts 25 cents?Children half price. jylOr THE NEW UOCHESTEK THEATKE is now or>?n for lli?- sunipt r si'uon, Indies nnd Knul.lmli nf umIjIlIiciI proft'isionnl reputation,wt>o di tigu rintmit Buffalo or Mon'r.,1 ami wish in take Rochester in their way, will pleate addii ta the subscriber. EDWIN DKAN. Rocheiter, July I, 1842. jyG Im iiu*r MAGNIFICENT ATTRACTION. SEA MONSTER ; SEA DEVIL. 'PI1K GKEATK8T NATURAL CURIOSITY. IN AMF.UK A?The proprietor of this immense pr ioieu beg* to announce to the public, thai hi# has f"r Exhibi(ion, at the Boweiy Amphtthe&tie, the Sea Devil, which was captured on tlic 2(>th April, 1U12, in the Harbor of Char.estoo, 1C., after a desperate struggle with 26 men in 7 Boats. The proprietor of this inoiuter feels confident that the lovers of the curious and the scientific will be lijghly gratified in viewing this marvellous production of the might) deep. A Olf, which was born after her capture, will also bo ex hibited. They may be visited b) both sexes, as they aic not at all ofTenaive, and every effort will be made to render the exhibition agreeable and satisfactory. j) 17 lm*c FRANKLIN SALTWATER BATJLMFoot of Mout^o" mery street.)?The Franklin Salt Water Bath, at the loot of Montgomery street, is now open front 5 A. M. to 10 P. M. Shower baths upon an improved plan. Swimming sc1h>oI, and superior public aud private ballis for ladies aud gentlemen. jrl5 Imisc TSATA ' KKRFOTi I'K, ArPA^T^TAN"DTN 8TRUC D TION, in the most approved process, for making splendid portraits and views, by F. A. ARTAULT It CO. 168ft Tulton street, who have made arrangements to open a class for the reception of pupils, to comnit nee ou Monday .July, Uth, The class will be open for two hours each day, from eight o'clock A. M. to ten o'clock A. M. and the pupils may conti late in the class until perfectly satisfied. Terms?$25 in advance. F. A. ARTAULT Ik Co. have just received by the packet Rhone, from Paris, 1,000 very superior Plates; also, 25 improv of ill*- best Chemicals manufactured in Pari*. jj9 lin#r I IXKNKSSKS BY THE" DAOUEIIREOTVTE PROU CESS are taken at (he rooms, corner Broadway and John street, in a ati|ierinr style, with all the modern improvements, w Ithout any regard lo the Weather, the mult being always tha tame. Instructions in the above beautiful art siren, end apparatus Airmailed at a moderate price. N. B.?All tliu apparatus used in the buaineaa may be obtained at the above place; alio, every deacription of miniature caiies, lenaea, platea, lie. Sjiecimeiia may be aeen at the rooms at any time during the day. jy.l Jrn* pifOTOtiRAl'flT?' OR "t)A<Jl)ERRFOTYTt LJKE1 NESSES.-Mr.E. WHITE, of No, 176 Broadway, opposite Howard's Hotel, hat large and convenient rooina, wKare lie dally devolci his attention 10 taking likenrsses by tlje above simple but beautiful and accurate process. The whole time required for the completion of a true and certain likeness does not exceed six or seven minutes, and lua method of practicing the science is of such a peculiar character that it cannot be obstructed, even by the moat cloudy or rainy weather. E. W. Hatters himself that he ran produce et his rooms some of the most macnifici nt specimens of Dagnerreotvpe Portraits taken by htm that have ever been executed since tin- discovery of the ML E. W. keeps constantly for sale the most approved Dagerrrotype Apparatus, Plates, Lens, Miniature Bases, Polluhiug Materials, lie. N. B.?Inslructir i will be given tu the Photographic art ?t E W.'sRoom, 176 Broadway. lelJ Im-e jAf FOR LIVERPOOL?New Lim Regular (CTV#Vpacket of 2'itli July.?The splendid packet ihjn flKtiefchllWI H *, C ii I.tin J. Collins, of llflO tons, will stii a* above, her regular uiy h r It. ight or passage, having accommodation* incpi. died for splendor ire mfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, <>t to E.K.COLLINS it CO. 66 Soutn street. Price of passage SIOO. The packet ship SIDD0N8, Captain E B Cobb, o. 1000 tons, will succeed the lloscius, and sail 2.6th August, her regular diy. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line sailing punctually as advertised j y 20 'togjtt TasSagK Foil riVEHmOL^SaifTTS Mou WMrJVday nr*i 2.0lb Jiily.?The well known very fast a <il JKpMSkiinK ship t HESTER, Captain John Doyle, will ?ai! pi mili v. Iv on .Monday neit the 25th ma taut. Haviug handsome fnrnisf #-<1 s'ate rooms for fourteen cabin passengers, w hirh will be tstken very low, and the between decks of this shin for stennk'e passt'iigeifl is over eight feet high. very airy ann spacious, therefore if is by far the most comfortable ami <!? nimble convevance for t'toae who are about visi ing the old country. For pass *e, w hich will be very moderate, apply on board, at Pier >o. 13 East Iiivvr, or to ROCHE, BROTHERS Sc CO, 3^ Fulton *t, neit door to the Fulton Cabin passage jy 19 c FO R" LIV K UT( )C >17? R i - New i.?. of 0m ^ ?The splendid new, last sailing |>scket ship Jh??KbROS<'ll'S, Captain J. Collins, w ill jKisitively sail This ship* accommodations for cabin, second cabin and itceragc passengers, are fitted up in n most superior style, and berth* can be secured on moderate term*, by applying on board, foot of Wall street, or to jlHc GLOVER & McMURRAY. 100 Pine street. FOR v IA ft HETLTr-H?I'scket of lai August?The very superior brig ISAAC MEAD, Capf. D. Stnd HTSn?Vr,,..,?l in alt respects lo those o?' the other European pirketvfroin hence. For iV'irlilor passage apply to BOVD h HINCKEN. Agent., 9 Tontine Buildings. Gooda sent to the subscribers for forwaidmg, will be destatchfd fice of other than charges actually paid. j 17 r FOh NEW OKI.LANS?Louisiana and Nr* gTVyV Vork Line.?Positively lirvt Regular Pirk'l-TV fait M&aPCaa- ulinic |?< ket ahin OASTON Cat* Oliver F.ldridge, i a fading at Orb ana wharf foot of Wall at. For freight or,having haniUnmp furnished, ?i ply on Board, at Orlcant wharf, foot o( Wall street, r to E. K. COLLINS It CO Jfi South at. f.reat care will be taken to have the gooda by this line carroily measured. Agents in New Orleana, Mullen 8t WoodiufT, who will .mi, 'K for? nril ill con-la to their obi revs. i> If. r AAvtr FOR TAMPICO?The wtll known .ponpered and Jfffy copper fastened Schooner RlRII . will Lave i i Mwlbi lively on the 2lat July for the alnive place, haling ccommodationa Inrtft passenger*. Apply to the Captain on board, at the foot of Roosevelt itrref, >r passage or freight. it UK C frSt CMTKI) LINK (?T I I VI It, tn.l. I M Kb. I s iJNWjfW?Tli n? w ami superb Packet HOTTJ.V illK.H, 1100 tons burthen, < aptamIra Burslf), long* ml favorably known in the OM Line, will hare immcd: ^tc e%Pttch for the above port and sail to-moriow. The accommodations of ibis ship fur cabin, second cabin ani tceragr passengers are unequalled, and thofc persons *b m eo i?K to the old country should not fail to examine 'be a .vnr.nioitioru in this ship before engaging in any other, as she u ntl*a peipressly for the convenience of passengers, I arsons wi ig to secure bcilhft should apply early in order to se? u.e the si For ptsssge, which is retjr low, apply on board,* st ide Burling all,, or to w & j T TArfiCOTT. IVck Slin, cor. South street. r.raon. wi.hing toaend forthrij riirnita r iii hvi e it in ronsht ost in (hi? thtp, or ih) ?? " '"wri' ?fiv?in\v >1 ntr?, mill draft" for ?nv ?ni) amount < in lie pro. nr.d. ;? I. n't d.tnand. without ducount, in all tint prin.iial town. r.| . i Britain Irrlaml. Api-rv H .ibovr. '7 x.tyL- roll NKW OKI.S ANS-f.t-K, toC il.r 2U? i -t. ivInPW? 'I ' -n parlor fait nailing nnckr t iliip THEN 1 ON, pliDikV B- mutt, will ?ail an anon-. And t in arrornm. , i: , '.I i'i n and atrrrage parirngrn at moderate rate*.if i,|. i. . |. i ii In mad. to i '< < JOHN IIERDMAN, f.l Month it. AdtA- K>H MALE. FREIGHT. or t HAKTi R-Thi f3r.fV"'l- ii'<'. ft"' nilin*., and i .intr lunntl KWtL hinrHARLES ( ARnfOLL. bnrthrn rat.. ula er, ! ioim. ouift in l(l?tt by Mimrt. Bt rgh Si Co. of li?H oak, loll, and cedar for a Hivr- narU-t. She ii in p im? order, ,vd ty b? ?ant to ?i>a at a triflim rupannf. For I'rmi ; ply t i iptlin Laa on board at R'. tor atraat wharf, o> to v*1 BOYD k HINCKEN, i Tontina Build mgr.

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